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It was that odd time of the year when Seokjin and Jungkook had different schedules, diverse activities, and just didn’t have time for each other. It was also cold, snowy, and the weather couldn’t get any shittier. However, life had to move and the two, though excessively rich, still had to work regardless of their opposition — Bang Sihyuk didn’t take any of their shit and simply promised lots of rewards for their sweetly done work. 

In the end, the couple sighed and decided to work their butts off and then take some time off. Therefore, there they were, exhausted at 3:00 am.

The difference was that Jungkook was just in his personal studio at the Big Hit headquarters while Seokjin just finished an interview. Both had woke up at ridiculous time — as known as 5:00am when the sky is still dark as coal — and had thousands of activities through the day. Hence, the boys were on their feet nearly 24 hours, way too tired to function properly and after way too many shots of espressos. 

“Coming home baby?” Jungkook called Seokjin, because the older was thinking of calling it a day and wanted to cuddle with his baby. 

“Yeah, I’m wrapping up. You?” Seokjin replied as he packed his bag and checked for the basics, including wallet, phone, and keys. 

“Ditto,” Jungkook admitted as he also began to shut down the computers. “See you soon, babe.”

“See ya!” Seokjin responded. Although he was nearly dead inside from all the work he has done, the idea of cozily chilling with Jungkook in their warm bed triggered excitement in his worn out soul. 

“See you soon, cutie pie,” Jungkook smiled at the spark of energy and finished the call. 

Jungkook was driving his sleek black Lamborghini as he drove through Seoul. He was peacefully making his way through the empty streets and suddenly, a flashing light caught his attention. Right in front of him there was a car accident. The ambulances and firetrucks surrounded the area. 

“Whoa, the accident sure must have been big,” Jungkook thought as loud as he was about to go around the commotion when a specific car made him frown deeply. 

A white Porsche that was oddly identical to the one that Seokjin loved so much and had bought just a couple months ago.

“There’s no way,” Jungkook tried to convince himself, but the closer he got to the car, the colder and emptier he felt inside. 

The car had the same interior — beige leather and even had a similar dog plushie that was hanging from the ceiling between the driver and the guest seat. Then, the plate was the thing that killed all of his hopes; it perfectly matched that of his boyfriend’s. 

At that moment of realization, he got a call from Sihyuk himself, which was odd, given the late hours. “Yes?”

“Jungkook…” Sihyuk trailed, his voice strained and clearly worried. “Seokjin was hospitalized. I will send you the address. See you there.”

“O-okay,” Jungkook confirmed mindlessly as his brain was flooded with the most worrisome scenarios, the memories of the aftermath of the car accident flashed in front of his eyes. 

What was Seokjin’s status? Was he stabilized? Or not? Did he hit his head? How badly his body took the injury? The car was flipped again, so there was no way he would be able to walk tomorrow. There was also blood on the pavement. Seokjin’s blood. Did he need more blood? Did the hospital had enough of Seokjin's blood type? Will Seokjin even make it?

At the last question, Jungkook shook his head, dismissing the thought. There was no way that Seokjin would leave him like that. After all, they still had to go that Italian place that Seokjin wanted to try out so badly. They also had to visit the Jeju island because Seokjin demanded to drink those mouth-watering cocktails again. One shouldn’t forget how they still had to replenish the food in their fridge and Seokjin wanted to go shopping together with Jungkook — that’s how domestic Seokjin could get. 

Therefore, there was no way that Seokjin would be leaving this world, Jungkook reasoned out.

The drive to the hospital was terrible. The road was creepily empty despite Seoul being one of the most busy cities in Asia. It felt as if whole Seoul was quietly praying for Seokjin to be all right. It felt as if the whole city held a breath, waiting for Seokjin to be fine for the population to breathe out in relief. It felt as if the terrifying silence was a sign, that perhaps the situation was not as good as Jungkook hoped for. 

It took Jungkook less than fifteen minutes to get to the hospital. He was immediately recognized — the Big Hit bodyguards were instantly by his side, the nurses were already guiding him to the operation room, and the first shameful people who started to take pictures were already asked to put their phones or cameras away. 

Finally, Jungkook was under the doors where he could see his baby being operated on by the doctors. The atmosphere was clearly tense as the assistants were frantically running around the room with various instruments and aiding the two sweating doctors. 

“Please sit down, Mr. Jeon. Would you like some water?” a nurse suddenly made him snap out of his trance, bringing him back to the harsh reality. 

“Yes, please,” Jungkook managed to answer, breaking out his words rather speaking them. He was too afraid that if he were to use his actual voice, it would break into uncontrollable series of choked sobs.

The idol obediently sat down on those plastic chairs and stiffly waited for the nurse’s return. He was too numb from terror to move at all. His body was afraid that if he were to move, he would crumble to thousands pieces or give up after the exhausting day. 

“Jungkook-ah,” Sihyuk arrived and spotted the BTS’ leader with ease — after all, just one person was in this scarily long and too white hallway. 

“Sunbaenim,” Jungkook greeted back, his eyes still casted hollowly at the floor. 

“It’s going to be okay. It’s Seokjin, you know. Nothing can stop him and he is way too perverse to not bounce back to health in no time. I think that there is no creature that can resist his stubbornness,” Sihyuk tried to cheer up Jungkook, who seemed ready to burst into tears at any moment. 

“Even reaper?” Jungkook whispered, his eyes filling with tears. The heartbreaking memories of the bloodied ground, destroyed Porsche, wailing ambulances, and Seokjin’s pale face on the cold operation table were eating him alive. 

“Of course, even reaper. You should know that the best, Jungkook. Hey, look at me,” Sihyuk pleaded, noticing just how broken Jungkook was without Seokjin. “It’s going to be all right.”



The promise was indeed fulfilled. It turned out that Seokjin was not harmed too much — it wasn’t as bad as during the first accident. Beside a mild concussion, sprained left ankle and right hand, he was overall fine. Obviously, he also had tons of bruises and multiple cuts. 

Jungkook apparently misunderstood many things. Seokjin’s car was hit by someone else’s vehicle and that driver was the one who had suffered heavy injuries that resulted in a huge blood loss. He also mistook the doctors’ frowning faces that made them look as if they were operating on something hugely difficult, for just a mere closure of stitches and examination for any further bruises; moreover, the doctors were sweating and had overly serious expression due to their own exhaustion — after all, it was after 3am already. All in all, Seokjin was going to be fine.

“Jungkook, I’m nearly fully recovered already, not disabled,” Seokjin whined as he glared at the spoon with the soup in front of him, held by none other than Jungkook himself. 

“Your right wrist is still recovering, so it’s my obligation to make sure it heals up properly,” Jungkook responded and pressed the tip of the spoon to Seokjin’s stubborn mouth. 

“But it’s already healed-” Seokjin was cut off as the spoon sneakily managed to penetrate and place the food in his mouth. Speaking clearly was a mistake, for it was a passage for the spoon to rudely enter.

At first Seokjin angrily squinted his eyes at his boyfriend and clamped his mouth around the spoon, not letting it go. He was just tired of seeing his boyfriend so overly protective. He had been treated like glass for weeks. It was already tiring to see whole BTS fussing around whenever he entered (like "How can I help you?" or "Do you need something?"). It was nice at first and he honestly appreciated their efforts, but now, what he desired was some autonomy. Was it so much to ask?

As Jungkook wanted to pull the spoon away, Seokjin shook his head and held onto the tableware as if it was his lifeline. 

“Let go,” Jungkook ordered, his voice threatening. “You need to eat to recover well.”

“Mhm-mm!” Seokjin objected, his lips still sealed. 

“Don’t make me do it,” Jungkook warned, a smirk creeping onto his face. 

Seokjin frowned, confused, but when he realized what his boyfriend meant, it was too late — Jungkook’s hands already made it to his waist, tickling him mercilessly. Thus, the spoon was freed in return for laughing and squealing Seokjin.

“I will always win,” Jungkook snickered, already preparing more food on the spoon. 

“Only because I let you,” Seokjin said after swallowing, and blew a raspberry. 

“Yah,” Jungkook placed the bowl away along with the spoon. “I’m still older than you. Is that how you treat your hyung, who was taking care of you, hm? Is this how you treat your beloved boyfriend?!”

“Shit,” Seokjin breathed out with a wide grin on his face and ran for his life, closely followed by Jungkook’s scary fingers, which threatened to murder him by laughing to death.