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I'll Wait for You Forever

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I could do it
walk down to the bus stop
seven ones in my pocket



lucky number i guess


I could do it
hop on the bus
never look back
hop on
go anywhere




I could do it

be the last one on the bus
eleven thirty at night
trying not to sleep
beating back the bad dreams
praying they don't start sneaking in under the wheels

the last one


I could do it

the driver would ask
where are you headed




and that'd be that


I could do it

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Neither of us loved ourselves.

But maybe we could learn to

If we learned to love each other.

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You didn't mind that I was broken,
held me even when you would cut yourself on my sharp edges
said nothing as you smoothed them down
until I was whole again
and it didn't hurt anymore

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I want to ride the train with you at midnight.
I want to show you the peaceful underbelly that I know.
I want to show you the soft lights and far away stars that I know.
I want to show you what I know.

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    I wish I could remember what
            you taste like

    I wish you hadn't had that
            lollipop when I kissed you

    I wish I could've tasted you
            instead of that sickening sweet sugar-taste

    I could barely remember what
            you tasted like before

    I wanted to taste you
            and not that sickening sweet

    I remember your smell
            like sweat
        hormonal teenage B.O.

    I remember your feel
            hard muscles under
        soft skin

    I remember your voice
                    a sore throat
            pitched high with emotions

    I remember your look
            messy hair
        tired eyes
            baggy sweater
        teenage dirtbag

    But I can barely remember
            what you taste like

    I just wish I could remember
            what you taste like

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I'd love to let you fuck my face
but I just can't stand the taste

I'd love to sit and smoke
a bowl or two
with you
but I can't stand it went I choke
as the ash floats down my throat

I'd love to sit and listen
to the music that you love
but sometimes I find I just can't stand
the way the songs are sung

I'd love to give you what you need
when we're alone in bed
But with my hands around your neck
I don't feel right in the head

I'd love if you could make me come
but medication fucked me right
I hate it when I have to say,
"Sorry, babe
I'm not gonna finish tonight"

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the smell of rain and wet hair
of green
a little bit of weed
the taste of sugary-sweet candy
a grape flavored lollipop
of milk chocolate
and the center of a tootsie-pop
the smell of sweat
and wet dog
B.O. and laundry soap
heavy arms and solid chest
holding on just a little too tight
just tight enough
filling the empty space up with your smell
until we can see each other again