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so call me (a bitch) maybe

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jeongguk thinks it’s almost funny just how much jimin refuses to fit the omega stereotypes that the majority of society constantly tries to push onto him. sure, a lot of people would agree with him that it’s outdated to assume that all omegas are placid and submissive but - the stereotype still exists. jimin is still seen as different.

it’s not really an obvious difference to the media portrayed omegas at first - jimin’s kind, polite, short and high pitched with a shining heart of gold. he ticks all of those boxes that make up the perfect omega checklist that seems to exist. it’s just that he’s also stubborn with a temper that makes way for his pettiness. “an omega with a backbone,” like a disgruntled alpha had spat at him once, irritated at being rejected bluntly.

the most obvious rejection of omega stereotypes is only obvious to jeongguk, however, only happens behind the closed door of their home.


jimin’s sitting in the armchair in the corner of their room, fully clothed as he files his nails into the perfect shape. he’s the perfect image of calm, casual, and collected. jeongguk, however, fits a whole different set of adjectives. completely naked, lying on his back on their bed with handcuffs keeping both his hands above his head. surprisingly, there’s nothing else happening. jeongguk’s just - vulnerable. it’s deliciously frustrating as jeongguk wants nothing more than to taste jimin, to feel him, to knot him.

“jimin hyung,” jeongguk tries, already aware that he doesn’t sound desperate enough. jimin likes him pathetic. as expected, his attempt just makes jimin snort in laughter, not even looking up from his nails.

“please,” jeongguk tries again, voice edging closer to a whine. that gets jimin’s attention for the first time in the long time that they’ve been in this situation.

“hmm? what’s wrong, alpha?” jeongguk’s almost ashamed that the scathing tone of his boyfriend has him feeling that burning heat under his skin.

“just - do something, please,” and it’s only after the words are out that jeongguk realises his mistake in not being specific.

jimin smirks, finally putting his nail file down with a smooth, “well, if you insist, baby.” he pulls his shirt off over his head, revealing his smooth, tan skin. jeongguk gulps, even now, after all these years, the sight of his boyfriend still has his mouth watering. he takes his jeans off as well, leaving his underwear on just to tease jeongguk even more.

jeongguk can already smell jimin’s arousal - has been able to since the moment jimin got home - but now he can see the slick that’s starting to dampen the grey of jimin’s underwear.

they haven’t even touched each other.

with a steady hand, jimin slides two fingers into his own mouth, sucking them in and using his own fingers to fuck his own mouth while his other hand goes to tease his nipples, pinching and swirling. jimin groans at the same time jeongguk does - but jimin’s moaning around his fingers as more slick dampens jimin’s underwear and his cock grows harder.

(jeongguk’s already half hard - has been since this started, to be honest.)

and jeongguk can’t help but imagine that it’s his dick in jimin’s mouth instead of his fingers but - it’s a heavenly sin to see either way. spit runs down his hand as he pushes his fingers in and out of his plush lips as fast as he can as he continues to trace his nipples. jeongguk knows from experience that jimin’s nipples are almost ridiculously sensitive to any touch.

it’s torturous. jeongguk can’t help but squirm with the want - the need to touch his boyfriend, his mate, his omega.

jeongguk’s voice breaks on his croaked out, “hyung.”

jimin’s breathless when he slips his fingers out of his mouth, a strand of drool connecting his thick lips to his wet fingers, “what? this isn’t good enough for you? you asked me to do something.”

“you know what i meant, you’re just being mean,” jeongguk can’t help but protest, even as a tiny part of him is begging him to just wait, to just be good and get rewarded for it. too late to go back now.

jimin’s eyes narrow, “oh, is that so? how ungrateful, alpha.”

he stands, “jeonggukie, baby, c’mon, you know who’s really in control here,” with slow steps he walks to the bed where jeongguk’s handcuffed, “don’t start thinking you can tell me what to do now.”

gently, jimin sits next to jeongguk’s toned stomach, running his still wet finger down jeongguk’s abs just to make him squirm, “my lovely alpha, how am i mean, hm? all i did was do what you asked, it’s not my fault you’re an insatiable slut.”

and that’s - that’s the word that gets jeongguk’s cock twitching, has him forcing back the high pitched whine that wants to crawl out of his throat.

jimin giggles.

“my slutty little alpha,” jimin’s hand trails up to jeongguk’s face, cupping his cheek gently with jeongguk automatically leaning in to his warmth, “i bet you’re begging to knot me, hm? i’m sure if you weren’t on your back, you’d be humping the sheets like the bitch you are.” he pecks a kiss onto the tip of jeongguk’s nose, ridiculously contrasting with the words spilling out of his mouth.

jeongguk can’t help but squirm again, that precious humiliation tasting so delicious.

“my lovely jeonggukie,” jimin mirrors his own actions by sliding two of his fingers into jeongguk’s mouth, smiling as jeongguk sucks them in immediately, swirling his tongue around the digits, “my big, strong alpha is actually just my little bitch. but not only that, he’s a bitch who seems to forget his place - that’s why i have to keep your mouth full, see?”

jeongguk nods enthusiastically, making jimin laugh for real for just a second because, of course, trust jeongguk to give anything his all.

jimin slides his fingers out of jeongguk’s mouth, resting the tips of his fingers against jeongguk’s bottom lip, “it’s okay, baby, i’ll let you make it up to me for that little mean comment.” jimin stands up, grabbing the handcuff keys that had lay teasingly on the bedside table. he uncuffs jeongguk, ignoring the way the younger frowns in confusion, head tilting to the side in a silent question.

“colour?” jimin’s voice turns gentle after he’s freed jeongguk’s wrists and is standing beside the bed, eyes soft and caring.

jeongguk rolls his eyes good naturedly, “green, hyung, don’t worry.”

jimin huffs, peeking just over the line of ridiculous as he folds his arms grumpily while still just his underwear with his erection and slick patch clearly visible, “don’t roll your eyes! i love you and want you to be happy and safe.”

jeongguk melts, like he does every single time, “i know, hyung. i love you and i’m really okay.”

“okay, good, just give me a second to remember what my plan was,” jimin admits, making jeongguk snigger, “shut up! i keep forgetting what i’ve just said as well, if i’m not making sense just - well, just pretend i am, okay?”

“hyung,” jeongguk deadpans, “my brain is literally in my dick, you could say anything and i’d be two seconds away from busting a nut.”

jimin leans over to give jeongguk a playful hit on his leg, huffing again, “and that is why you’re not in charge of dirty talk, jesus.”


“you know what you are in charge of, jeongguk?” jimin’s voice suddenly dips, the atmosphere changing and charging up in a split second, “you’re in charge of following behind me like the pathetic little puppy you are, begging to get your weak knot in my ass.”

jeongguk whines, feeling himself already slipping slowly into his submissive headspace.

“you even whine like a bitch,” jimin giggles cruelly, “now, c’mon.” he turns on his wheel walking to their bedroom doorway. jeongguk almost falls off the bed with how quickly he tries to follow but as soon as he’s about to take a step forward, jimin raises a hand to stop him.

“on your hands and knees, alpha, sluts don’t get to walk, they crawl.”

and that has jeongguk’s legs shaking so much that he’s almost relieved as he lowers his bare self down to the ground, face burning as he begins to crawl after jimin. he can see the wet patch growing on jimin’s underwear, the scent of his slick making jeongguk’s mouth water.

jimin nods approvingly and walks towards their living room, stance as casual as ever. jeongguk crawls behind him, the carpet feeling soft underneath his hands and knees.

“stop,” jimin commands suddenly and jeongguk almost loses his balance with how fast he halts. jimin just giggles again, patting jeongguk’s head.

after a few steps, there’s the command to “follow.” jeongguk obeys without a second thought, his only aim is to follow jimin, follow jimin’s wants.

they reach the main room - jeongguk’s almost expecting jimin to force him to sit outside but he says nothing. instead, jimin just peels off his underwear, the scent of his arousal and his slick fully filling the room and making jeongguk groan loudly. it’s almost unbearable.

“alpha,” jimin says, “you’ve been a good bitch, haven’t you? shall i reward you?”

jeongguk nods, even more enthusiastically than before.

“no,” jimin sighs, “use your words.”

jeongguk swallows but the words come easily, “p-please, jimin hyung, please, my omega, reward me, please.”

jimin just hums, “and why should i reward you?”

and that’s - that’s where the words burn beautifully in jeongguk’s chest as he stutters out the, “i - i’ve been a good bitch. i’ve been - i’ve been your good bitch.”

the smirk that adorns jimin’s face is sharp.

jimin sits down on the floor, his muscled legs wide open, across the room from jeongguk, “am i still being mean, baby?”

jeongguk shakes his head rapidly, eyes glued to the thick drips of slick he can see on jimin’s thighs - “not mean.”

“good boy,” jimin’s praise makes jeongguk flush, “you are being a good slut now, aren’t you?”

even though his first reaction is to just nod, jeongguk’s desperate enough to not wait to be told what to do, “yes, hyung. i’m - i’m a good slut, your good slut.”

jimin hums approvingly. suddenly, he moves, turning his back to jeongguk as he puts himself onto his own hands and knees. jeongguk had a perfect view of jimin’s dripping hole and he can’t stop his heavy panting that fills the room.


and jeongguk knows jimin well enough to know exactly both what that means and what his reward is.

jeongguk throws himself forward until his big hands are holding onto jimin’s hips - jimin lowers his torso down so his ass is even easier access.

jeongguk licks the dripping slick that coats jimin’s thighs, revelling in jimin’s high pitched moan. like a man starved, jeongguk thrusts his tongue into jimin’s hole, exploring that hot, wet warmth.

all he can taste is jimin, all he can smell is jimin, all he can hear is jimin. it’s heaven.

jimin’s whining in pleasure and jeongguk groans into jimin’s asshole, unable to resist. he can feel his entire face getting wet from jimin’s ever flowing slick and it’s disgusting in the best way.

“bet - bet you can make me come just like this, c-can’t you, slut?” they both know he can. jeongguk nods, moving his mouth faster and rougher, hell bent on getting jimin to orgasm from just this.

(jimin thinks briefly, like he has the habit of, that it’s a blessing that alphas and omegas were gifted with such short recovery periods.)

jimin’s thighs shake as his whimpering gets louder and louder, only encouraging jeongguk to try harder, slurping and sucking at jimin’s hole, drinking in his slick. with a loud whine, jimin comes from the movements of jeongguk’s tongue, covering his stomach and the floor in his own come. jeongguk wants to lick that up too.

“good boy,” jimin breathes out, “enough now.”

it’s almost painful for jeongguk to detach but he just wants to please his omega, just wants to be good.

“lucky slut,” jimin turns back around to face jeongguk, jeongguk elated to see how jimin’s pupils dilated, at the sweat on his forehead and the red on his cheeks, “so lucky to have me let you taste me.”

“thank you,” jeongguk rasps out, his cock so hard it hurts and his face covered in wet, “thank you hyung, thank you ji - jiminie.”

jimin’s smile is too soft for the persona he’s meant to be playing, “my good alpha, hm, my lovely bitch. got the perfect mouth.”

jimin knows his hole would easily fit jeongguk’s cock but he can’t resist to tease so he slides his fingers to his soaking wet asshole, slipping his fingers in to stretch himself more.

jeongguk’s responding noise is animalistic.

“just - just making sure i’m ready for my little fucktoy,” jimin grins, drinking in the desperate look on jeongguk’s face, soaking in his boyfriend’s pathetic noises.

“please,” jeongguk sobs suddenly, eyes slowly filling with tears as he’s desperate to fuck, desperate to knot, desperate to please and jimin knows jeongguk’s gone, headspace fully taking over, “o-omega, please, let me knot you, p-please.”

jimin tilts his head, letting out a pleased moan as he finds his prostate, “and why should i?”

“because - because alpha will be good, promise,” jeongguk’s vicious need to please visible all over his face, “alpha - alpha will knot you! alpha will fill omega up, breed - breed you, please.” it’s so broken that jimin can’t help but press harder against his prostate as the fact that jeongguk wants jimin this much just makes him wetter, gets him harder.

“my silly bitch,” jimin slides his fingers out as he crawls towards the sitting, begging jeongguk, “lie down.” jeongguk does immediately, almost banging his head against the floor but remembering suddenly to put his head down carefully. jimin silently thanks god that jeongguk learnt from the time he gave himself a concussion in his excitement to fuck.

jeongguk’s still begging with that delicious high pitched whine as jimin focuses on sliding himself down onto jeongguk’s rock hard cock. they both groan when he sinks all the way down. jeongguk loses himself in jimin’s wet hole hole once again, lets himself fuck rapidly into his boyfriend, so close to screaming.

“come on, alpha, thought you were gonna breed me,” jimin teases through his own moans, jeongguk’s cock hitting his prostate perfectly. it’s permission for jeongguk that he takes advantage of - jeongguk flips them immediately, the new angle allowing him to plow in harshly, fucking jimin like he’s in rut.

jimin pulls jeongguk’s head down to his neck - there’s not even a second before jeongguk’s biting as hard as he can, right where their mating bite is. it makes both of them shake fiercely, their bond wrecked with even more pleasure.

jimin’s hand goes into jeongguk’s hair and it’s with that sharp, painful tug that jeongguk finally falls over the edge, come spilling inside of jimin as the base of his cock begins to knot, the alpha inside of him wanting nothing more than to breed and mark. the feeling of the alpha’s come mixed with the growing knot pressing right against his prostate has jimin coming for the second time, so hard that he thinks he blacks out for a second.

jeongguk actually has blacked out for a second and jimin can’t help but laugh - the vibrations making jeongguk snap back to reality and the movement of his knot just makes them both groan in overwhelming pleasure.

“you good, baby? you did such, such a good job,” praises flow easily from jimin’s mouth, a soft whisper, “my strong, powerful alpha, i love you so much, i really do.”

jeongguk smiles against jimin’s neck, dopey and happy and relaxed. he’s sniffing against their mating mark, against the new bite he’s made. jimin has a small hand playing with jeongguk’s dark hair as he showers him in compliments and love, still connected from the knot. it’s perfect.