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Cinnamon Bun Bun

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  1. Pets are humanoid creatures that are hybrids of (generally) common pet animals.
    1. Non-domesticated animals cannot be Pets: no lions or tigers or bears, oh my!
    2. Some Pet breeds are more common than others, dogs and cats being the most common.
    3. The base animals the pets are hybrids of (such as rabbits) also exist in the world. However, they are NOT owned by humans as pets.  If the animal only exists because of domestication (for example, dogs), they will only exist as what they would be pre-domestication (wolfs).
    4. There are different variations of the same species. Think of all the breeds of dogs.  Some breeds are rarer, and in turn, more sought after than others.
  2. Studies have estimated the following information:
    1. Human to Pet ratio is roughly 8:1 and 3 out of 5 households own a Pet.

Physical Traits

  1. Pets have animal ears, tails, legs, and occasionally, other animalistic features (like whiskers/horns).
    1. The easiest example would be satyrs but of different animals.
    2. Sex organs are hidden under their fur.
  2. Reptile and amphibian pets retain additional human traits and are slightly different than mammalian pets.
    1. They have hair however only on their heads.
    2. Female (and Omega males when childbearing) will have breasts that are used to feed their young.
    3. Sex organs are hidden within their bodies unless currently engaging in sexual acts.
  3. They are shorter than humans, rarely growing taller than 5 feet tall.
    1. For the purpose of the story, take canon height minus 1 foot.
  4. They have better senses (hearing, smell, etc) than humans depending on the breed of animal.  
  5. They are intelligent creatures within a comparable range to humans.
    1. They can communicate with humans without any issues.
    2. If taught, they can read, write, do math, etc.
  6. Pets age at roughly the same rate as humans, and with a healthy lifestyle, can live just as long.
    1. At earlier ages of development, pets grow faster than humans physically but slower than humans mentally (0-2 years).  By the time they reach adulthood, the difference is minimal.

Quirks & Heros

  1. Quirks and Hero Society as a whole are still present in this AU.
  2. Pets can have quirks, but at a much lower frequency than humans.
    1. (Canon) human ratio of quirk to quirkless: 80/20
    2. Pet ratio of quirk to quirkless: 20/80
  3. People who had “animal quirks” in canon are now pets without quirks.
    1. *cough* Tsuyu Asui *cough cough*
  4. At the time of the story, there are no pet heroes.
    1. While there are no pet heroes, pets occasionally help in other hero activities. They’re just not licensed heroes.

Pets in Public

  1. The only required item of clothing for pets is a collar with tags indicating their owner.
    1. However, while a collar is the only required item of clothing, most pets wear clothing every day.  It is very unusual to see a pet without clothes in public.
    2. Tags have chips in them with addresses and phone numbers of their owners, some pet owners choose to also have a location chip added to the tags.
    3. Some “traditionalist” groups still walk their pet on a leash, but, like not wearing clothes, this practice is nearly nonexistent in the modern era.
    4. Some clothing items, such as pants, are specially designed for pets.
    5. Most pets prefer not to wear shoes.
  2. Pets can often be seen in public doing various activities and are allowed in most public places.
    1. It is common to see owners and pets on walks/runs together.
    2. Some pets do errands for their owner (such as getting groceries) as long as they have their collar and tags on for identification purposes.
  3. Pets can have jobs. However, it is rare.
    1. Jobs that pets have are normally low-level jobs.

Societal Pet Standards

  1. Humans generally like having pets for the social and health benefits.
    1. Think of therapy animals, seeing eye dogs, but most commonly for lifelong companions and as a part of the family.
    2. In the past, pets were treated more like animals or servants.
  2. Thanks to the hard work of pet activist groups, pets now have more rights than ever before.  Many commonly demeaning practices are slowly being put to an end.
    1. However, pets are still generally treated as a lower being than humans even if they can do just about everything humans can if they are given the opportunity to.
    2. In court systems, the word of a human is more powerful than the word of a pet.
    3. Even with all the effort being put toward pet rights, some less-than-savory practices, like pet breeding, are still legal.  Pet breeding is the act of forcing two pets to breed.
    4. Another policy these activist groups are pushing for is complete pet equality.
  3. Today’s society makes it nearly impossible for a pet to live without a human owner or benefactor.
    1. Pets do not inherently need human interaction, but most pets enjoy the stability, attention, and love that comes with living within a human’s household.  
  4. Pet adoption is a long process with many legal forms.  Upon completion, the owner has issued the pets identification tags.
  5. A pet can be adopted at several different stages of life. However, the most common and the most accepted are late teens.
    1. If people adopt from a breeder, they can adopt pets at a much younger age.
  6. Shelter homes are commonly filled with pets from many different backgrounds and walks of life.
    1. More often than not, they are filled with Alphas since they tend to be too aggressive for family life.
    2. Pets with potently danger quirks also often find themselves in long-term shelters.

History of Pets

  1. Pets started appearing at the dawn of human civilizations, long before quirks.
  2. No one knows exactly HOW Pets came to be, however, many scientific speculations have been made and regional myths and legends run rampant in trying to explain Pets.
  3. Different cultures over time treated Pets differently, some are very opening and accepting of Pets and others treat them as little more than animal.  

 Care & Grooming

  1. Each pet has needs indicative of their animal species.
    1. Hairy pets need additional time for grooming their fur to prevent matting as well as frequent bathing to keep their fur clean.
    2. Reptile pets require heating rocks and amphibian pets require water and a way to keep their skin from drying.
    3. Rodents pets need a means to keep their growing teeth short.
  2. Each pet has an energy level determined by the species of pet and personality of the pet.
  3. Each pet has a diet derived from what animal they are.  If a pet doesn’t follow that diet, they can get very sick.
    1. For example, dogs and chocolate.
  4. Pets mainly sleep in nests.
    1. Omega pets, in particular, need and make nests.  An Omega may build a nest for the following reasons:
      1. They are preparing for their heat.
      2. They do not feel safe with their surroundings.
      3. They are pregnant and preparing for their children.
      4. They are protecting/nurturing their children.  Note: Isn’t always their own child, or child at all. 
    2. Some pet owner allows their pets to sleep with them at night. However, Omega pets normally return to sleep in the nest during their heat for the privacy.
  5. Sleeping habits of pets are the same as the animal species they are.


  1. Pets live under Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics.
  2. The breakdown:
    1. Alphas are males 75% of the time and females 25% of the time.
    2. Omegas are males 25% of the time and females 75% of the time.
  3. Omega pets have heats one time a year at no set time.
    1. There are medications out there that can jump-start a pet’s heat.  Under these circumstances, a pet can have more than one heat in a year.
    2. Similar medication can also be used to increase the fertility of a pet.
    3. An Omega’s heat will last 5-7 days.
    4. An Omega will generally know when their heat is coming by the timing and other telltale signs.
  4. Biting is common in the mating process, but it doesn’t bond an Omega to an Alpha.
  5. Humans do not have secondary dynamics.

Pregnancy & Children

  1. The length of pregnancy, the number of children, and the birthing method all depend on the pet species.
    1. A rabbit has a 4-week pregnancy.  Humans have 36-40-week pregnancies. A pet rabbit would have a 20-22-week pregnancy.
    2. Rabbits can have a range of 1-14 kits per pregnancy. However, 6 is the average.  Human’s average is 1 child per pregnancy. A pet rabbit, on average, will have an average of 3-4 kits per pregnancy.
    3. If an animal has live births, the pet species will have live births and etc. NOTE: All species, even ones that lay eggs, still breastfeed their young.
  2. When two different pet species breed, the resulting children will be one or the other, not a combination of both.
    1. It should be noted that different variations of the same species will produce mutt children; think of dog breeds.  (Ex. Poodle + Lab poodle = Labradoodle)
  3. When two different pet species breed, the length of the pregnancy, the number of children, and the birthing method will be that of the “mother’s” species.
    1. This means it is possible for a pet dog to be born from an egg.

Human-Pet Relationships

  1. Humans and pets can breed and produce fertile children with one another.
    1. The resulting children often look more human than full-blooded pets, not having the telling animal ears, tail, or legs.  In addition, they generally grow up to a human height and have less powerful senses. In rare occasions, it can be nearly impossible to tell that a person is half pet.
  2. Human-Pet relationships are highly looked down upon society.
    1. Some people look down on it because they think pets are lower beings and would treat it like bestiality.
    2. Others dislike it because they do not believe there could ever be a healthy and truly consensual human-pet relationship with the current societal norms being the way that they are and because of the disparity in power between owner and pet.


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“Baku-bro!” A far-too-happy, spiky red head yelled far too close to Katsuki Bakugou’s ear.  Eijiro Kirishima quickly hardens just before Katsuki sets off an explosion directly in his face.

“What the hell do you want shitty hair?” the blonde complained, clearly run-down after a long, uneventful patrol shift.  Kirishima started laughing before replying, still way too happy in Bakugou’s honest option.

“Want to go out wi—”

“No,” Katsuki answered flatly.  

“You didn’t even let me finish!”

“You didn’t have to. I know that whatever it is was going to be annoying, a waste of time, or both.”  Katsuki finished changing into his civilian clothing. Kirishima quickened his pace so that he wouldn’t be left behind by the explosive blonde.

“The guys and I were planning on going to the ‘Therapy Pet a Pet’ event.  They have pets that are up for adoption and are looking for a good home, and people looking forward to, you know, relieving some stress, even if they don’t plan to take one of the cutie-pies home.  It will be a lot of fun!” Kirishima smiled brightly.

“Nope,” Katsuki griped as he threw his bag over his shoulder and started to speed walk out of the locker room.

“Come on, dude. it would be good for you!”  Kirishima said as he pulled down his shirt, trying to keep up.  Katsuki just quickened his pace.

“Studies show that being around pets significantly lowers stress levels and releases en-dolphins into your brain that make you total happy!” Kirishima said as if he was being given a sales pitch of the centenary.

“Endorphins, you moron,” Katsuki growled.

“Yeah!  That!” Kirishima laughed.  “Anyways, you should come. Maybe you’ll finally get rid of those lines between your eyebrows.  Katsuki finally turned around to face his smiling idiot of a best friend just to, once again, set off an explosion in his face.


He was so done with fucking winter.  Katsuki grumbled to himself as the wind picked up and the snow started to come down harder, chilling his exposed face as his hood blew off.  Everything today is taking shots at annoying him it seems. First, shitty hair wouldn’t leave him alone about going to the “Pet -whatever” and “how beneficial it would be” or how “he should get a pet of his own for it  would make a world of difference in his mood.” Like what the fuck is that even supposed to mean.

He didn’t need any “help” a pet could give him nor did he want the extra responsibility of a whining creature living in his house, always wanting his attention.  Besides, he didn’t have time for a pet. He just finally got into the fucking top ten in the latest hero rankings. He is not going to stop until he takes the number one spot for himself!

Katsuki clenched his convenience store dinner closer as he picked up his speed to his apartment.  He was almost too caught up in his own self-muddling to hear the telltale indication of trouble… a distressing sob.

“Shit.”  The off-duty hero quickly started scanning the area for the source of the sound only to see nothing, just a shit ton of wet snow.  He looked down one alleyway and another and then doubled back on himself.

“What the fuck?”  He started questioning himself.  Did I fucking image it? Maybe I really am too stressed out.   No. I heard something, I know I fucking heard something.  

And then, he heard it again.  It was small and weaker than the first.  But he zeroed in on the noise that seemed to come from a damp cardboard box next to a near overflowing dumpster and a small mountain of dirty snow.  The pro hero carefully approached the box before kneeling down to take a looking inside, preparing for the worse.

Vigilant red eyes met terrified emerald eyes.    A… a pet rabbit?  What are the fucking chances?  Katsuki held still, observing the situation.

The rabbit looked absolutely frozen in fear except for a small button nose that seemed to be trying to break a world record for twitches in a minute.  Long damp ears were pointed directly at the “threat”. His dark, curly hair was matted on top of his emaciated face; the rabbit clearly hadn’t had a good meal in a very long time.   Shit, just how long has he been here?  How is he even still fucking alive?

Katsuki carefully reached his hand forward, palm up, towards the frail creature.  The rabbit eyes followed the hand slowly approaching him, but before he any contact was made, the rabbit flinched away, falling back and letting out a pained yelp.

"Fuck, shit, it's okay,”  Katsuki said as he carefully reached out again.  The rabbit’s wide eyes were still focused on his hand. And ever so carefully he made contact with the small creature, who shook at the touch and once again tried to pull away.  

“Shit, just calm down.  I’m the fucking hero here.  I’m helping you.” The rabbit looked back to meet red eyes again, nose still twitching, but otherwise no longer actively trying to get away.  Katsuki took this opportunity to open his coat and swiftly pull the abandoned rabbit into his arms, being careful so as not to break him.

Shit. He is way too light, even for a pet rabbit.  Katsuki looked down at the rabbit who seemed to be in shock and was shaking something fierce.  Mind racing, Katsuki easily balanced the petrified rabbit in one arm while wrapping him in his coat with the other.  Katsuki pulled out his cell phone, punching in a number before starting to run.

“I need your help.”

Chapter Text

“Yo Bakugou!  I’m here!” Eijiro yelled as he pounded loudly on Bakugou apartment’s door.  

“Break the door and I break you,”  Bakugou stated darkly while opened the door to the smiling redhead, two grocery bags in either hand.  “What the hell took you so long?” Bakugou asked with a strange edge in his voice.

“Ah come on. I got over here as fast as I could. I was still at the Pet event when you called. I was thinking about adopting a pet.”  Bakugou growled as he quickly collected the two bags out of Eijiro’s hands before unceremoniously leaving the redhead by the doorway entrance.  

Eijiro laughed as he started to take off his shoes before calling down the hallway,  “It’s not every day Mr. ‘help-me-and-I’ll-blow-your-fuck-face-off’ asks for help.”

Eijiro heard the rustling of a plastic bag but no response from the explosive hero.    Weird .   He started down the hallway and into the living room.

“But, seriously, bro. Why did you want me to buy two pounds of fresh carro—oh.”  

Eijiro was stunned by the scene before him. On his friend's couch, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, sat a dark-haired pet rabbit.  His ears were up, honed in on the intruder’s direction, and eyes wide with panic. Even from across the room, it was clear the rabbit was terribly underweight and in a highly neglected state.

It was a juxtaposition to Bakugou’s comical stance—holding perfectly still while presenting a single large carrot laying on a flat palm to the terrified rabbit. He had a strange focus in his red eyes that surprised the redhead onlooker.  The normally explosive hero almost seemed… apprehensive?

“Come on. Eat the fucking carrot!”


The rabbit’s head swiveled to face the source of the sound so fast; it was a surprise the small rabbit didn’t give himself whiplash.  Bakugou held the carrot closer to the rabbit who in turn shied away, green eyes flickering between blonde and the carrot, nose twitching.  

It seemed like the whole room was holding its breath, waiting for someone to cave in first.  The rabbit’s eyes were now focused on the carrot. You could almost see his thought process in his eyes, debating whether or not to reach out and take the carrot.

Eijiro couldn’t stand the cute overload, so, very carefully, he took out his phone and started taking pictures.    Definitely making this my wallpaper.  He then starting taking a video as the rabbit finally, cautiously took the carrot out of Bakugou hand.  He turned it over in his hands for a moment and then brought it up to his twitching nose and…




Kirishima was laughing heartily at the expense of the blonde.  If he wasn’t worried that the rabbit would shit himself out of fear on his new, not-exploded couch he would long since blown that smug look off his face.

“Well, you have to admit the irony of the situation is just too good,”   Kirishima said with a toothy smile. “You didn’t want anything to do with pets and you ended up bringing home a pet rabbit.”  Katsuki continued to bore holes into that traitor's head with his mind.

“Why did you bring him to your home anyway?”  

“I didn’t know where else to bring him.”  Kirishima cocked an eyebrow.

“You couldn’t bring him vet?  A shelter?”

“I have no fucking clue where a vet is, okay?” Katsuki spat angrily before realizing he was being too loud.  He Quickly turned to look at the sleeping rabbit.

It took a surprising amount of coaxing after the outburst, but the two pro heroes were finally able to get the bunny to start nibbling on some carrots and sipping up some water, which Katsuki brought to him in a soup bowl.  Kirishima was quick to burst into laughter, scaring the rabbit and annoying the blonde, before stating that pets generally drink out of a glass like most humans do.

Not long after the fourth carrot disappeared into the rabbit’s tiny mouth did the bunny’s eyes begin to droop.  Try as he must, the cottontail was losing the battle to stay awake. Every time one of the two pro heroes moved too quickly or made too much noise, they had the rabbit’s full focus.  If one of the two came too close, he would start to shake.

Now the bunny wrapped himself tightly in the blanket, completely oblivious to the world.  And when everything was silent, soft coos could be heard. Katsuki finally resumed speaking in a hushed whisper.  

“I didn’t want to dick around too long,” Katsuki continued, surprisingly solemn while watching the rise and fall of the bunny chest.

“So… what are you going to do with him?”  Kirishima asked quietly.

“What do you fucking think?  I can’t take care of him.” He paused for a moment, studying the small rabbit closely without the poor thing shaking like a leaf.  For the first time, he took in the fact that the rabbit had freckles adorning his cheeks. Then from the skin that peeked out from beneath the blanket, he saw scars that could rival the worse of his own scars from his job as a pro-hero. What kind of hell did this rabbit live through?

“Tomorrow I will bring him to a vet, then a shelter so he can find a good home.”

Chapter Text

A bang had woken up the sleeping Katsuki, who stayed up late the night before to read up on the needs of pet rabbits after Kirishima left.   What the fuck?  Instincts on high alert, he jumped out of his bed and ran to the source of the sound.

“Da fuck is going on?” Katsuki yelled, slamming the bedroom door against the wall in the process.

The petite rabbit was sitting on the floor, directly in front of his couch, blanket half wrapped around him.  Sharp red eyes met rounded green ones and held one another for only a moment before pure terror ran across the rabbit’s face. And in the next instant, the rabbit dove underneath the coffee table to hide from the blonde’s glare.

“Shit!  Stop that!  Be fucking CAREFUL!”  Katsuki screeched and quickly advanced over to him. However, it was too late.  The terrified bunny bumped into the table’s leg, knocking down the water glass from the night before. It dropped to the ground, shattering into a hundred pieces.

“Fan-fucking-tastic,” Katsuki growled.  

However, his irritation only lasted for a few moments before being completely put out by the light sobbing coming from beneath the table.   I fucked up.

Slowly, Katsuki came closer to the crying from under the table, careful of the glass that now littered his floor. Crouching down, he whispered, “Hey.”

The table jumped and a small hiccup followed.  Katsuki took a deep breath before continuing, preparing himself.

“I… I’m sorry.  I didn't mean to scare you.”. He responded with a small sniffle. Laying a hand on the table, Katsuki leaned down to peer under it.  Bright emerald eyes, full of tears, were centimeters away from his own face. So…

The rabbit flinched back and let out let out a yelp of pain.  

“Fuck!” Katsuki yelled angrily, causing the rabbit to move again and over the broken glass.



The sniffling, shaking bunny was currently sitting on the closed toilet seat as Katsuki furiously grabbed the first aid kit from under the sink.

“Now hold still,” Katsuki said with only a slight edge in his voice.  “I will have to take a look at the bottom of your feet.” The rabbit stared at him, observing the blonde’s every move as he drew closer and closer.

The rabbit was shaking violently but made no additional indication he was going to move, so Bakugou carefully took one of the rabbit’s legs in his hands.  Ever so carefully, the blonde raised the still shaking leg to take a look at bunny’s foot. The wound is not as deep as I thought it would be. That is good at least.  

The blonde barely rubbed the rabbit paw when a knee-jerk kick from the agitated bunny had him falling on his ass.

“Shit, that actually fucking hurt!”  A small amount of the rabbit’s blood was a blotch on his shirt, right where the rabbit frantically kicked him. Katsuki looked up at the rabbit who looked like he very well might piss himself.  His emerald eyes wide, gapping at a top pro-hero that ended up on his ass from a malnourished pet rabbit. What the actual fuck?

The rabbit’s eyes, for just a moment, darted from the hero on the floor to the bathroom door, his objective clear to the well-trained hero.  

“Oh hell no!  No way in hell am I letting you trail even more blood around my house!”  Katsuki stated while, in a single motion, moving his back to the door, effectively blocking any means of escape.  

If the rabbit was frightened before, he was close to hysterics now and nearly hyperventilating as tears started to form in his eyes. Katsuki noticed his mistake almost immediately, and quickly corrected himself so that the rabbit was no longer “trapped.”

“Shit.  I’m sorry. I am really no good at this.”  Katsuki met the rabbit’s eyes. “Running around with your feet torn open like that is just asking for a fucking infection.”  The rabbit watched the blonde with a look he could not describe. “So, work with me… can you do that?”

The rabbit looked directly at the blonde’s eyes with an almost analytical look, and after a moment of hesitation, he gave a small nod.  He let the moment stretch on to let the bunny calm down before trying again. In that next moment, it dawned on Katsuki that that was the first time the rabbit communicated with him purposely, albeit not vocally yet.

“This time, tell me when you want me to start, okay?”  Katsuki said, softy. After a few breaths, the rabbit responded again with another nod.

The minutes ticked by and Katsuki simply waited for the bunny approval.  While he waiting, he looks at the slight details of the rabbit’s form. For the first time, in the natural morning light that was flickering in from the opaque window, he noticed that the rabbit’s dark hair had a green hue.  He looked at the curve of the rabbit’s hips where the fur of his legs tapered off. He knew a lot of pets wore clothing specially designed for their bodies; however, it was not required.

He also noticed more of the scars that trailed along the bunny’s body.  Rage boiled inside him at the thought of someone giving the poor hare those wounds.    No wonder he is scared shitless.  Abused and abandoned, it was a miracle in itself the rabbit was still fucking alive.

His eyes trailed up to the rabbit’s face, his mouth pressed to a line.  When their eyes met the rabbit gave a determined nod that had Katsuki smiling unintentionally.  

“About time you let me fix you up”.


“Shit!  Wait a fucking second. There is still glass all over the floor.”  Katsuki hissed and the rabbit came to a halt, standing on his neatly bandaged feet.  Both feet were, luckily, only superficial wounds that, while a little painful, when properly taken care of will heal very quickly.

“You know, normally, it’s ‘You fuck up, you clean up.’” The rabbit looked up at him with wide eyes and then at the broken glass on the floor.  “BUT, I will let you off the hook this time, since I fucked up first”. What the fuck are you talking about?  After today you’ll never see this rabbit again!  

Grabbing the garbage can, hand broom, and dustpan, the hero quickly got to work on cleaning up the glass.  Grumbling to himself, he didn’t notice the rabbit until a small hand holding a couple larger pieces came into sight.  Sunshine shined down, illuminating the rabbit’s face, and for a second, Katsuki could have sworn he saw the slightest of smiles.

“What the fuck are you doing?  I said I would do this by myself!"  Katsuki said loudly, causing the bunny to flinch.

Chapter Text

It took him several minutes to convince the crying rabbit that he was, in fact, not mad at him.  Then several more minutes to actually clean up the dangerous mess, but it was okay since he had to wait for the vet to open.  

Looking over his coffee, Katsuki watched the bunny sitting on his couch, who was gently nibbling on an assortment of leftover veggies from his fridge.  During his late-night research, he discovered that pet rabbits don’t eat just carrots so he pulled out every vegetable he could find to increase the chances of finding something the rabbit liked.

While the rabbit did not seem calm—always jerking his head in Katsuki’s direction if he moved to fast or made too much noise while making his own breakfast,—he did seem content as he lightly chewed on some spinach.  

Katsuki didn’t even realize he was smiling.


The way to the vets was annoying. It was only a couple blocks from his apartment so he resorted to picking up the bunny and carrying him the whole way since he was walking too slow. The rabbit, now clothed in an old workout shirt of Katsuki’s, let out a yip in surprise at being in the hero’s arms once again.

Wide, bewildered green eyes scanned the blonde’s face, nose sniffing the air, and then he did something he has never done before. He tilted his head ever so slightly to one side, ears wiggling slightly as they brushed again Katsuki. The rabbit’s muscles were still tense as if any moment he was going to jump out Katsuki’s hold. However, he no longer looked like he was about to piss himself.

The rest of the journey was filled with ecstatic Ground Zero fangirls going gaga over the combative, off-duty hero princess-holding a pet rabbit.  The “I-am-about-to-piss-myself” look returned to the rabbit’s face as the fans began to squeal like pigs and started taking pictures with their phones.

Katsuki growled at them to fuck off and they squealed even louder.    What the fuck is wrong with women these days?  Needless to say, the last two miles to the vets was made in a dead sprint.  The rabbit hid his face in the blonde’s chest the entire rest of the way.


They arrived at the vet’s office just as it opened.  Katsuki was a little surprised that the receptionist was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed pet pony.  It’s not that pets can’t have a job; it's just rare, but he supposed that, if there was ever a place for a pet to work, a vet center would be ideal.  

The ponygirl gasped in surprise at the sight of the rabbit who was currently hiding behind the pro-hero.  With a heavily accented voice, she told him to fill out the paper and that they will be getting in immediately. No sooner than finishing the single page of paperwork—which he couldn’t really fill out that fucking much—did they get called back to the examination room.  

The room looked a lot like what he remembered his pediatrician’s office looked like, with steps up to the cushy examining table covered with parchment paper.  The rabbit looked up at him with apprehensive eyes. Katsuki rolled his eyes, carefully picked up the rabbit, and placed him on the cushion surface. The rabbit skittishly sat, eyes darting around the room, nose going crazy—most likely picking up the smell of all the pets that were in here before them.

“Calm down. Nothing here is going to hurt you,” Katsuki said with a huff as he sat down on the spinning stool.    Don’t give a damn if it is meant to be for the vet. Mine now.  Katsuki watched the rabbit out the corner of his eye as he played with the hem of his shirt. A soft knock broke the quiet tension of the room.

The vet walked sheepishly into the examination room, nodded to the rabbit, and then to Katsuki, and without a word of introduction about himself, quickly went over to the rabbit’s side, eyes wide. The rabbit immediately stiffened at the stranger being so close to him, pulling away when the vet offered him an open hand. The vet frowned.

Katsuki stood up and was about to explain the situation better than what he wrote on the two lines for “What is the reason for your visit?” on the paperwork.  The vet then pulled out a piece of paper and a pen quickly scribbled something down and showed it to the rabbit, who stared at the paper and, after a moment, gave a trembling nod.  The vet then proceeded to lean over the rabbit and whisper something into his ear that Katsuki couldn’t catch, and the rabbit seemed to melt.  Da fuck?  Katsuki’s eyebrows shot to his hairline as all signs of stress in the pet were gone in an instant and replaced with unnatural calm.

Katsuki watched in surprise as the vet went to work, slowly flexing the rabbit’s legs while the rabbit seemed zoned out.  Katsuki was surprised to find himself growing annoyed as the vet rub light circles into the rabbit’s hips. He shifted on his feet to peek a look at the vet’s name tag. Koji Koda, huh?  

The vet continued his check-up, measuring the rabbit's height, weight, and blood pressure.  He was even able to get a couple of vials of blood all while the bunny seemed to be in a dazed like state.  And when he finished, without a word to Katsuki, the vet left. And he was once again alone in the room with the rabbit.

The bunny still seemed to be in a daze. Katsuki concluded it must have been the vet's quirk.  Katsuki watched the bunny for a moment, watching his unfocused green eyes. Katsuki wished it didn’t take a quirk to get such a peaceful look on the rabbit’s face.

Katsuki didn’t even realize he was moving closer to the soothed bun until there was another soft knock at the door.  The vet returned with a clipboard in hand. Katsuki raised an eyebrow as the vet gave him the clipboard, a large stack of stapled of papers on it.

“Huh?  A medical report?” The vet meekly nodded.    What the fuck?  Is he not going to just tell me?   With a scowl, Katsuki started scanning the document:

Sub-species: Angora Rabbit

Gender: Male-Omega

Height: 137 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Age: (estimated) ~20 years

Katsuki took note of a couple items before skipping to highlighted points.

‘Acutely malnourished and nutrient deficient…   Signs of severe injuries most commonly seen in abuse cases… Superficial, treated wounds on the bottom of his feet…  Possibly mentally debilitated… Careful diet needed to regain healthy weight required… Requires household willing to dedicate time and effort to his recovery from possible mental trauma…'   Well, fuck I could have told you that!

Katsuki flipped through the pages. One had diet plans for the rabbit and another had the brief blood work that they could do here with a note that some were sent out to the lab for a more in-depth report. The next page had a list of items needed in order to properly care for this breed of rabbit and websites with more information. And then, finally, there were several pages on “How to Take Care of your Omega Pet.” Katsuki knitted his brows before glaring at the vet who shrunk away at his glare.

“All of this… I am not KEEPING the damn thing!”  Katsuki shouted, vaguely registering that the rabbit was snapped out of his daze.  The vet’s eyes widen and a sudden apologetic look overtook his face.


Izuku didn’t understand what was going on.  

“There is no way in HELL I could take care of a pet.” The man that saved him continued to rage.  He didn’t understand what was going on or why, suddenly, his chest was hurting.

The man always had a scowl on his face and seemed to be seconds away from another outburst.  He’s big, muscular, and would yell, swear, and glare at just about everything, but he was also… tense?  Every time he would explode, he would apologize, and even when he accidentally hit him, he did not hit back. He didn’t even seem mad.  He was… worried?

He wrapped me up and fed me and gave me someplace warm to sleep.  He waited for me. He gave me time. When he pulled me close, it was so warm…  I thought that he…

“You think Ground Zero would have enough time to play house with a needy pet rabbit?!”  

The man said he was a hero before.  Heroes have hard but amazing jobs. He remembered how,  when he was small and still with his mother, he dreamt he would become the first pet hero.  He always looked up to heroes and always dreamed that one day, one of them would save him from…

A tear escaped his eye, followed by another, and then another.  He hiccuped and sniffled as he looked at his feet, tears continuing to roll down his cheeks.    Why am I crying???

Voices echoed in his head.   “No one wants a broken pet.” Izuku clutched his ears and pulled them around his head.   “Useless. Waste of space. Better off dead.” The voice just kept bouncing around in his head. He didn’t realize that the room grew quiet.

“Fuck!”  Hands slammed down on either side of him, and when he raised his head, he was suddenly mere centimeters away from troubled red eyes.  

“Don’t you understand?  I would not be able to take care of you the way you need to be fucking taken care of,”  The blonde said hotly. Izuku felt the man’s breath on his face. He nodded his head but continued crying.  He is a hero, but I am too broken for even a hero to save.

“Then… then why are you crying, you damn bunny?  You’ll be going to a good home that will take care of you.”  Izuku’s head felt fuzzy and his stomach turned. “It’s only been a coup—”  Izuku didn’t know what came over him, but he launched himself around the man in front of him and hugged him tightly.

“Wha…”  The blonde begun, completely bewildered.  Izuku tightened his arms around the blonde’s neck and then wrapped his legs around his waist in a death grip, openly sobbing on  Katsuki’s black shirt. After a moment, the blonde tried to remove the rabbit with gentle hands, but Izuku would only tighten his hold.  The pro-hero sighed.

“You are really not making this easy, you little fucker,” he said softly into his drooping ears.  Izuku hiccuped as he looked up the blonde trapped in his hold. His persistent scowl almost seemed to soften and his mouth twitched with an unreadable emotion. He felt a heartbeat pick up in speed, having no clue if it was the blonde’s or his own.

“God fucking damn it!”  He yelled, looking up at the ceiling to hide his face from Izuku’s view.  “What the fuck am I going to do with you?”


The rabbit was still in his hero’s arms as he took them home. The rabbit’s eyes were half-lidded, fatigued from all the crying he did.  Katsuki mind was racing as he tried to figure out his decision… a decision he made even before the vet, who continued not to talk to him directly, explaining how sometimes, during stressful situations, pets are known to imprint on their protector, even when it has only been a very short amount of time.

Katsuki remembers those round emerald eyes filled with tears looking up at him and he couldn’t think of anything other than keeping the bunny clinging to him for dear life safe.

“What now, shitty rabbit?”  Katsuki jested, mostly to himself, not expecting a response.  

“Izuku,” came a delicate voice that had Katsuki stopping in the middle of the road.

“Huh?”  Katsuki stared down at the bunny now looking directly at his face, a nervous conviction in his eyes as he opened his mouth again.


“Is… is that your name?  Izuku?” The rabbit nodded, eyes still trained on his face.  “Well then, shitty Izuku, ” he said with a smirk, “from this point forward, I, Katsuki Bakugou, am your owner.  You better not regret your fucking decision because you are stuck with me!” He stated, definitely not reflecting his own emotions.  Izuku smiled softly, eyes closed as he leaned against his shoulder.


Katsuki will fight anyone that said he had a fucking smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Upon returning to his apartment, Katsuki laid the dozing Izuku on his couch, once again wrapped in the fluffy blanket, allowing the rabbit to take a nap.  After a short moment of collection, Katsuki grabbed his laptop and the packet the vet had given him and sat down on the other end of the couch. The bunny looked up at the sudden sway of the furniture. However, after seeing it was Katsuki, he curled around himself and, once again, closed his green eyes.

Katsuki fired up his laptop and started with the first site the packet of the paper suggested.  “Before getting your pet…” Too fucking late for that.


Over the course of the morning, the snoozing rabbit slowly shifted his way closer to Katsuki with all his tossing and turning.  And when Katsuki went to pet his curly mop, green eyes shot open, a hint of fear still behind those emerald orbs. Katsuki grumbled an apology.    The little fucker attack hugged me but petting is a ‘no-no’.  

Katsuki sighted.  He shouldn’t think like that.  He probably has not had very many good interactions with people touching him. Even the blind could tell that the rabbit has been through hell.  Really it was remarkable how quickly the rabbit was warming up to him.

He then looked at his laptop, tabs upon tabs open with different needs, requirements, and tips for owning a pet rabbit.  Who would have thoutht there was so much shit you need for owning a fucking pet??? Why did no one tell him there was actually so much FUCKING PAPERWORK to be a pet owner?

Katsuki groaned.    There are so many things I have to buy now, too.   Such as a fucking nest because Izuku was an Omega and they need the enclosed area for his heats and comfort or something.  He then tried to push the thought of heats out of his mind. And clothing because he is NOT letting him run around in the nude.    I don’t care if he is technically still “covered” with his curly dark fur.   Not in my house.

He felt like slamming his head into a wall… or blowing something up… or maybe both.  He was seriously considering whether or not he needs that ugly paperweight of a present Kirishima got him a couple years back for his birthday when the loud noise of a growling stomach filled the room.

Red eyes looked over to the rabbit who was looking down at his stomach, avoiding eye contact.

“Guess I should start making lunch, huh?”  Katsuki asked the rabbit as he set down his research material and walked to the kitchen.  The light padding of paws alerted the blonde that he had a little shadow.

He quickly got out the fixings for a salad and the ingredients for a spicy chicken sandwich for himself.  Large green eyes watched as he skillfully cut up some of last night’s carrots as well as the other veggies he noticed the rabbit enjoying and added it to the salad.

“Here,”  the blonde said, handing over the bowl, and then returned to making his own lunch.  Izuku started grazing on his lunch, still standing in the middle of the kitchen.

It didn’t take Katsuki long to finish making his own lunch which included some carrots—he had to use them up!   As he brought it over to the dining table to eat, his shadow followed him.


“First things first, you look like shit. You need a fucking bath.”

Izuku’s ears twitched while looking up at Kacchan, whose red eyes were glaring at him.  He felt himself shake under the pressure of those eyes.

“Can’t have you stinking up my entire house with your funk.”  Izuku’s nose scrunched. Do I stink?   Kacchan’s eyes softened, and he reached out and touched a piece of Izuku’s hair.  He stiffened at the sudden touch but didn’t pull away and just watches instead.

“Maybe we can do something about all of this,” he rubs his fingers along a particularly larger patch of matted hair.  His hair never behaved for him before but it got much longer during the time he was… alone, and after a while, he just couldn’t keep it from matting.

The blonde, as he walked down one hallway, opened a door and grabbed a towel from a stack before doubling back on himself to head to the bathroom, Izuku following behind him the entire time.

“I could have sworn I picked up a bunny, not a baby duck,” Kacchan hummed to himself.  Izuku tilted his head to the side. And before even thinking about it, said, “I am a rabbit?”  

Katsuki promptly turned, nearly causing Izuku to run into him, a snicker escaping his crooked smirk.  Before Izuku could process what was happening, a warm hand was petting his head. It was nice.


Izuku was freshly washed and in a clean, old shirt of Katsuki’s.  The rabbit’s hair was a good deal shorter, now framing the rabbit’s head instead of reaching past his shoulders.  The entire bathing experience was quite an ordeal, especially when he had to bring out the scissors, but not a completely unpleasant one.  The happy look on the rabbits face when he was finally able to run his hands through his hair without it getting caught was more than worth the fuss.

The blonde decided to turn on some hero documentaries, for some background noise, as he went back to filling out the pet ownership forms.  Looks like he will have to schedule another fucking appointment to keep sure the rabbit has all his shots. It took another hour for him to complete and print out the papers that he will need to bring downtown.

In the time it took for him to finish, the rabbit went from actively watching the documentary with huge excited eyes to napping with a happy smile on his face.  He brought out his cell phone and quickly took a picture. Definitely not because it was cute. Fuck you!

He then proceeded to text Kirishima to meet with him in half an hour.  Looking down at the list of items he will need to buy at the pet store, he grumpily acknowledged that he will need a hand.


“I still can’t believe you decided to keep the rabbit.  What happened to ‘I can’t take care of him?’” Eijiro asked the blonde as they walked into the pet store.  He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the idea of his best friend giving in to ANYONE.

Bakugou had a slightly crazed look in his eye as he said, “Saying I can’t do something is admitting defeat.  No way in hell am I going to be defeated by some rabbit!” A few small explosion came from his out-turned palms.

Eijiro rolled his eyes.  “Sure sure, if you say so.”

“IT IS SO!”  Bakugou nearly screaked back.

“Um, excuse me, dudes… Oh sweet!  You are totally Ground Zero and Red Riot, aren’t chu?”  A beautiful young woman with shoulder length blonde hair and wearing the pet store’s name tag reading ‘Camie’ said as she walked towards the two.  Eijiro rubbed the back of his head, and Bakugou mumbled under his breath something along the lines of “fucking fangirls are everywhere.”

“Yeah, we are.”  

“What brings y'all here?”

A smile came to Eijiro’s face. “This big softy just adopted a pet rabbit and will need all the supplies little guy needs. He is just too shy to admit it.”

“I am going to blast you through the ceiling.”

“Please no quirk usage in the store,” Camie stated before clapping her hands together, “but I can defin's help you angry boi.”  

Bakugou grumbled, “We are going to another store” and turns to leave but Eijiro catches him by his arm; he was honestly surprised by how he was not getting blasted for it.

“Let’s see. Do you know if they’re like an alpha or an omega?”

“He is an omega, and I know what he fucking needs so I don’t need your help!”  Bakugou turned away angrily.

“Sorry, he has anger issues.”  Camie just laughed.

“It’s sokies.  Let’s get started with picking out a nest for your little fella.”


Izuku awoke once again, curled in the fluffy blanket.   I must have fallen asleep again. As he sat up, he looked around the room he was quickly becoming familiar with.  Kacchan’s laptop was still on the coffee table and the tv was still on some old hero documentary albeit the volume was turned down.

Izuku flexed his ears, trying to pick up the soft noise of Kacchan to determine his location—maybe the bathroom or the kitchen in order to start preparing dinner.  And as if on cue, his stomach made a loud growling noise. Seriously all he seems to do it eat and sleep, but Kacchan said it was okay since he was recovering his strength.  

Slowly standing, leaving the blanket on the couch, Izuku quietly padded around the apartment.  It was really big—or at least from what he was accustomed to—with large, floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the city below.  The kitchen was also a good size, with all fancy stainless steel equipment, and the adjacent dining area had a surprisingly-beautiful, large hardwood table that could easily fit eight or more people.    No sign of Kacchan.

Entering the hallway, there were several doors that Izuku hesitantly opened.  One lead to an office area, another lead to what Kacchan must be used as a storage, a guest room, the bathroom, and a closet filled with towels and other cleaning supplies.    Still no Kacchan.

Finally, he came to the room at the end of the hallway; Izuku could smell Kacchan’s strong scent coming from this room.  He knocked on the door and opened it slowly. Kacchan’s bedroom? It was a large room with a king-sized bed and bright, natural light coming from the windows that match the other room.  A master bath and walk-in closet were attached to Kacchan’s room. However, just like the rest of the apartment, no Kacchan in sight.

Izuku could feel himself starting to panic.    Did… did he leave?  When is he coming back?  … Is he coming back?  He doubled back on himself as if Kacchan will magically appear.  He even started checking inside closets in case he was hiding in one of them.

He felt a whine escape his throat.   What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to just wait here?  He tried sitting on the couch and watching more of the documentary, telling himself that it was okay and that Kacchan will return soon, but he was only able to sit for a few minutes at a time before having to stand and continue his fruitless search.

His stomach growled again as Izuku returned to the kitchen.   Would it be okay if I get myself some food? Izuku opened the fridge and looked at the food inside; his mouth began to water before he shook his head and closed the door.    Kacchan might get mad if I take food without asking.

He began to whimper to the empty apartment.


“Be fucking careful shitty hair!” Katsuki yelled at Kirishima as he manhandled his purchase.  It took a lot longer than he thought it would to get all the items that he needed. He shuffled the bags with one hand to get out his keys and unlock his apartment.

“It’s heavier than it looks,” Kirishima retorted back to the blonde that rolled his eyes. “And it is awkwardly shaped, making it harder to carry!”

“I don’t think I can associate myself with such a weakling. It will ruin my im…” Within moments of opening the door, a rush of dark green bolted at him.  “Shit!” He only had half a second to react for, in the next moment, a crying rabbit jumped into his arms, once again clinging to his front as if his life depended on it.

“Wow, I don’t think I have seen that reaction to you walking into the room before.  Normally, it’s jumping out of the nearest window or 'hide the children.'” Katsuki flipped him off.

Katsuki sighed and looked down at the rabbit, who was currently rubbing his face into his shirt, several stray tears escaping his green orbs every few sobs.  

“Now what the fuck is wrong with you?” Katsuki asked with no real bite behind it.

“I was… I didn’t know…”  Izuku stuttered out. Katsuki lightly patted him on the back as they moved towards the living room.  “I had no clue… if you were coming back.” The rabbit let out a painful whine.

“I should have left you a note.  I was out getting you some things.”  Izuku looked up with watery eyes and then looked over to notice the newly purchased nest and other items new rabbit pet owners need.  He also noticed that they were not alone as Kirishima was standing there with something hidden behind his back. The rabbit quickly shifted himself behind Katsuku, using him as a shield, eyes never leaving Kirishima’s form.

“I swear to god you better not have been taking more fucking pictures.”

Chapter Text

Izuku carefully watched the redhead’s every move from behind Kacchan’s bulky form, vaguely noting how his hind leg was thumping the couch cushions.  Then a warm hand landed on his head, causing him to flinch back momentarily before it started to ruffle his hair.

“Down, boy,” Kacchan’s amused voice filled the air.  However, Izuku still didn’t take his attention away from the razor-toothed man.  “His quirk may be hardening, but he is actually a big softie.”

“Yeah, Bakugou is MUCH scarier than me even when I am in Unbreakable mode!”

“Fuck you,” Kacchan scoffed.  The man chuckled before turning to speak to Izuku.

“Since you are the pet of my best friend, let’s be friends too!  My name is Eijiro Kirishima otherwise known as the Sturdy Hero: ‘Red Riot’!”  

He struck a heroic pose while still having a goofy smile, even with all those sharpened teeth.  Beside him, Kacchan muttered “idiot” under his breath. Izuku took a hard moment to think.

He seemed sincere. Plus, he seems to be good friends with Kacchan, and if he is a friend of Kacchan, that must mean he is a good person…  right? Kirishima also hasn’t tried to do anything to hurt him, and he is a hero just like Kacchan. So that means be can be trusted?   So with some hesitation, Izuku nodded.

“Awesome!”  Kirishima said.  Izuku stiffened as the redhead quickly bounced over to him and reached a hand out to him.  Acting on instinct, Izuku quickly hid behind Kacchan’s muscular arm, eyes glued to the outstretched hand.  Kacchan glared at Kirishima while keeping his arm in place. It took a moment for his mistake to dawn on him.     

“Oh, I guess he would still be a little jumpy, wouldn't he,” he asked while rubbing a hand into his spiky red hair.

“He is a rabbit,” Kacchan said, straight-faced while standing up and going over to the bags that were previously abandoned on the floor. Izuku was quick to follow behind the blonde.  Kirishima’s mouth hung open in an overly comical manner.

“Was that a joke?”  Kacchan rolled his eyes and ignored the redhead, in favor of pulling out items from within the bags.  Izuku watched curiously, making sure to stay close to Kacchan’s side.

Clothing filled the entirety of the first few bags.  “We’ll get some more in the future, but this should be good for now.”  The clothes were very basic in design, with simple rabbit-fitted shorts and several white T-shirts with writing on the front like “T-Shirt,” “Dress Shirt,” and “Workout Shirt.”  

In the next bag, there was a pair of nail clippers, a couple of grooming brushes, and a chew toy designed for rabbit teeth’s health in the shape of a carrot.  “The site said adult pets can use the same tooth care as people so the unopened toothbrush in the bathroom is yours.”

“Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry room,” Kacchan said as he pulls out three-step ladders, each seeming to be made out of a sturdy material, with black non-slip lined steps.  “So you can reach shit without asking me.”

“You going to make him do chores?” Kirishima asked curiously.

“Well, I am not going to do EVERYTHING for him forever!”  Kacchan retorted back. “If he is a member of my fucking household, he will work to keep the place running.”  Izuku looked up at the blonde. “Stop looking at me with those big fucking eyes. I am not asking you to clean the entire apartment every day. Just pick up  after yourself.”

Izuku nodded in understanding.  It was then that Izuku’s eyes gravitated toward the olive green, oval, tent-like thing Kirishima left in the hallway.  The conversation about pets doing chores that the two pro-heroes were having became background noise as he cautiously he moved closer to the object.  It reached only to a little less than half his height, and when Izuku reached out to touch the material, it ended up being softer than it looked, and it already looked amazingly soft.  After a couple beats, he drummed up the courage to peak his head inside.

There seemed to be plenty of room inside for Izuku to comfortably sit or lay down.  The fabric seemed to block out just the right amount of light, and if it wasn’t for that factory smell, he would have said it was perfect—something that can easily be fixed with some time, he mused. It was clearly very well made, he thought while looking at the fine stitching, so it must have been very expensive.   And it was for him.  All of this was for him.

“How do you like your nest?”  Izuku jumped, hitting his head on the top of the nest’s interior, and luckily it too was soft.  Kacchan’s voice was a lot closer than expected, and when Izuku whipped around, he was standing right behind him.  Looking up, there was a cocky grin on the blonde’s face, and then he looked back at the nest.

He felt his eyes begin to water as he once again looked up to the meet those red eyes.  He didn’t understand why anyone would do this for him. I am not worth all this… He just doesn't realize it yet.

“Shit, do you not like it?  I thought for sure… fuck!” Kacchan wavered, clearly not expecting Izuku to start crying.  A pang went through Izuku’s body at the dismayed look on Kacchan’s face. “We can return it and pick out one you li…”  He jumped forward and hugged the blonde, rubbing his head on the man’s stomach before looking up to tell him,“I love it Kacchan.”

Shock spread across the blonde’s face for just a moment before the cocky smirk returned to its proper place. “Well, yeah of course you do!  After all the research I did, I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the best.” Izuku couldn’t help but smile back. He didn’t understand, but everything felt right to Izuku.

“Yeah ‘Kacchan’ can’t help but get the very best for the little bun-bun,” Kirishima jested.



It has been a little over a week since Katsuki brought the little ball of fluff home.  It's been a long and yet still enjoyable week for the hero.

In that time, Katsuki was able to bring the rabbit back to the vet to get all of the required shots and hear the results of the blood work.  Other than a low iron count from poor diet, Izuku was fine, and they ended up scheduling bi-weekly follow-up appointments to track the rabbit’s weight until it returned to normal levels.

The nest was moved from being in the fucking way to his spare bedroom or, rather, Izuku’s new room.  He was half afraid that the rabbit’s eyes were going to pop out of his head when Katsuki told him that, from now on, it would be his room.  And the nest itself was now lined with the same fluffy blanket that Katsuki originally wrapped the rabbit in the first night he brought him home.  In addition, there were a few items from his wardrobe.

From his reading, he learned how pets are known to love sleeping on their owner's dirty clothes because of the familiar smell.   So Katsuki gave him a few items from his laundry hamper, which the rabbit happily accepted. However, he made two rules: first, Izuku would ask Katsuki for more clothing items as he needed them—he won't just take things—and second, when Izuku was finished using the items, he would wash them.

After Katsuki learned about Izuku not simply grabbing some food from the refrigerator when he was out with Kirishima, he went out of his way to make sure the rabbit knew what food was his and made sure it was kept in a spot that the rabbit could get at any time, including when Katsuki was not there.  He made sure Izuku knew where all the utensils were, and that they were within reaching distances of the rabbit’s smaller stature. The only rule is that, if you make it dirty, you clean it up.

By the following day, Katsuki had to go back to work.  As a pro-hero, there really isn’t a set schedule, but if you want to be number one—which Katsuki certainly did—you have to have a lot of exposure in the public eye.  The rabbit, who Katsuki was quick to learn is a big fan of the heroes, took the news better than expected, simply nodding in understanding. But he had a feeling he was putting up a front and that this actually bothered him more than he let on, considering how distraught he was when he was gone for only a couple hours with Kirishima.

Katsuki made sure that there was more than enough food for the rabbit for several days, even if he wasn’t going to be gone that long.  He even showed him how to use the TV and laptop, setting up an account on the machine just so that the rabbit had something to entertain himself with.

The day, for once, was eventful. A villain was running rampant downtown, but when push came to shove, Katsuki saved the day handily.  As the news crew was hounding him, all he could think about was how his rabbit was doing. He definitely didn't rush home that night.

Upon arriving home, he was greeted with an armful of the fluffy bunny.  And when the bunny finally got down, there were stars in his eyes as he jovially jumped around, his legs kick up happily behind him and tail wagging.  The rabbit saw his fight on TV and was raving about every detail of it. And he was hung on every word as Katsuki told him about everything the cameras didn’t catch.  Pride filled the hero’s chest at the words “You’re so cool Kacchan!”

The rest of the week fell into a comfortable rhythm whereupon, when Katsuki comes home, Izuku would run to meet him by the door with a hug.  They would move over to the kitchen, and while preparing dinner, Katsuki would talk about his day and Izuku would listen enthusiastically, tail always seemed to be swaying.


Kacchan called Izuku over from his notebook, which was so nice of Kacchan to get for him the day before.  He couldn’t directly help Kacchan in the field, but maybe if he studied everything he can, he could be a help to Kacchan in another way?  Or at least that was his rationalization for it.

His ears were perked up and his nose twitched when Katsuki brought out a bag.

“Sorry, this took so long to get. Fucking people were taking their sweet-ass time and I wanted to give you both together.”  First, he brought out a bag from the pet store; Izuku’s ears focused in on the bag as if he could hear what was inside.

Katsuki chuckled, “I hope this is the right size. I choose a simple black one since it goes with everything.”  Izuku’s eyes widened when he pulled out a collar and dropped it in his hands.

Izuku attentively inspected the collar.  It looked simple, but it was definitely remarkably crafted with a plush lining to prevent chafing.  He brought it up to his nose and sniffed around the edges.

“And, of course, to make it official,” he brought out an envelope with an official seal on it, “here are your tags.  As of now, you are—SON OF A BITCH!” Izuku jumped at the sudden outburst and couldn’t help but shake under Kacchan’s pure rage, small explosion going off in his hand.

“Wh… what is wrong?” Izuku was able to choke out.  Kacchan quickly turned to him and then let out a heated breath before running a hand through his hair.

“They fucked up your tags,” Kacchan hissed angrily.

“Can… I see?” Izuku asked nervously.

“Knock yourself out.”  

They were simple, rounded dark-metal tags, and in a neat font was Kacchan’s address and phone number, and on the other side was:


Owner: Katsuki Bakugou


“Fucking extras can’t even fucking read my fucking handwriting or some shit!  Clearly says fucking Izuku, not fucking Deku,” Kacchan said, still steaming. Izuku looked at the photocopy of the paperwork Kacchan filled out, which came in the envelope with the tags. His handwriting is terrible; it really looks like “Deku.”

And at that moment, he couldn’t help himself from laughing.  Kacchan stopped his grumbling and looked over at the Izuku with confusion in his eyes.

“And what exactly is so funny?”

Izuku smiled, “Your handwriting really is terrible.”


“But Deku works for me.”


“Huuuh?”  Kacchan looked completely bewildered.

Chapter Text

“Deku, your fucking leg,” Katsuki criticized.  The rabbit has been bouncing his legs at random times all morning long, annoying the blonde hero to no end.  Deku nodded and stopped the insistent moving of his leg.

“Sorry,” Deku said while looking down like he was in trouble.  Katsuki sighed.

“I am not mad. It’s just fucking annoying.”  The bunny has been steadily gaining weight over the past couple of weeks.  His cheeks were rounder and his body no longer looked like it would break under its own weight.  The introverted vet even wrote—because he still hasn’t spoken to him—that he was recovering at a remarkable speed.

“Is there something wrong?”  The blonde asked.

The rabbit’s ear perked up as he faced him, big green eyes looking up at him for a moment before he shook his head no.  The blonde shrugged as the rabbit bounced over to his seat in the dining room for breakfast. Both were having a cold “healthy”, bland, cereal this morning—milk for himself and almond milk for the bunny.  Before they finished, the rabbit was bouncing his leg once more.


“Why can’t my pet rabbit not sit fucking still,” Katsuki furiously typed into the search bar later that same day.  The rabbit was currently pacing around the living room. Clicking on the first link brought him to a pet blog, and he started scrolling down and scanning through the responses.

‘Hi I recently got a pet rabbit and I’ve noticed that they are very fidgety and sometimes they start sprinting around the house for seemingly no reason.’

‘Hi there, how active is your rabbit?  Rabbits tend to be very active pets and if they don’t get enough exercise they can become restless.  Allowing them to have time to stretch their legs and run should stop restless behavior’.

‘Thanks!  I tried that for the past couple of days and it seemed to do the trick!’

The realization was so obvious, it hurt.  Katsuki looked over at the antsy rabbit who was slowly approaching the dining room windows, looking out and then down before quickly backing up upon getting “too close to the edge.”

“Hey, Deku,” Katsuki called out, surprising the rabbit enough to make him jump.  “Want to join me on my morning jogs?”

Green eyes widened in interest.


Izuku was breathing heavily on the cool spring morning.

For a while, he was able to keep up with the blonde, but they just kept running and running.  Kacchan kept calling out to Izuku, telling him not to fall behind and how he was going to leave him if he doesn’t move his “ass.”  The thought terrifies him so he pushes on even if it hurts. Kacchan has definitely been slowing down since he was still the same distance away from me his logical brain told him.    Kacchan wouldn’t just leave me… right?

Izuku’s vision spun for a second, and he didn’t even notice Kacchan that had stopped until he ran right into him, falling on his tail.    Ouch!  Izuku looked up at the blonde who looked perturbed.  He is ruining Kacchan’s workout. I am the worst.

“Shit, you should have told me you were reaching your fucking limit,” Kacchan said as he offered him a hand.  “Can you stand?”

Izuku nodded his head yes; however, his head was still spinning, so he closed his eyes and held onto Kacchan like an anchor.

“Fuck,”  he heard the blonde say, and suddenly, he felt like he was flying only to realize when he opened his eyes and saw that he was—in fact—not flying but was in Kacchan arms.  Kacchan looked very upset as he once again started running. I did poorly.  He is angry at me.  

Izuku closed his eyes once more to avoid looking at his owner’s angry face.   I am sorry .

Only a few minutes had passed when Izuku was shifted in the blonde's arms.  His ears focused in on the sound of rapid beats on the door.

“Open up, Shitty Hair. I know you are there!”  Kacchan yelled loudly, unintentionally close to Izuku’s ears.   They flinched in pain and he slowly opened his eyes. They were in front of a door he didn’t recognize.    Is this Kirishima’s house?   Kacchan looked down at him and looked agitated as he started tapping his foot before he started banging on the door again.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Kirishima’s voice came from behind the door before it was quickly opened to reveal the redhead.  “What do I owe the plea—Oh, wow, what happened?”

“Deku was getting fidgety so I thought I would bring him out with me during my pre-workout jog, but …”

“Really?  Holy shit, you had him do YOUR regiment?  That is brutal dude, even for you.”

“I DIDN’T DO MY NORMAL ROUTE!”  Izuku flinched again, eyes trailing downward just in time to catch movement behind Kirishima.

His eyes immediately focused, his ears drew to full attention, and he began to note the smell coming from the open door.  Kacchan grew quiet as well, either picking up on the sudden change in his behavior or he, too, noticed the movement.

“Is there someone fucking there?”  Kacchan asked. Kirishima laughed excitedly.

“In fact, there is.” Kirishima opened the door all the way.  Peeking from behind Kirishima was a pet mouse with blonde hair with a lightning-bolt-shaped streak of black on it.

“I would like you to meet Denki Kaminari.  I’ve just adopted him,” the redhead said with a smile.


Katsuki watched as Deku started drinking the large glass of cold water Kirishima brought him.  He can’t believe how much of an idiot he was. Even if it was an easier work-out, the rabbit was still recovering.  It was annoying him to no end how the stupid rabbit didn’t say anything. Would the fucking idiot have kept going until he collapsed if I didn’t stop then?

No.  It’s his failure just as much as it’s the damn bunny’s.  He should have better estimated the amount of exercise Deku could feasibly handle and told him ahead of time that he could pump the brakes. Fuck, I'm really fucking bad at this.

Katsuki looked down, and staring right back up at him was the bright yellow eyes of the mouse.

“I can’t fucking believe you got a pet.”

“Well, I thought that, if you could handle a pet, anyone could,” Kirishima said with a shit-eating grin.  Katsuki just glared at him as the mouse sniffed at his hands.

“Denki was at the pet event the other week. I think I told you I was thinking about adopting him.  Then I just so happened to go back to the shelter and he was still there… and now he is here!” Katsuki rolled his eyes.    “Just so happened,” my ass.

“Pet me.”  Katsuki’s attention was suddenly brought back to the mouse standing in front of him.  He cocked an eyebrow at the mouse that just demanded him to pet him.

“No.”  It would be a cold day in hell when he finally did something someone else demanded him to.


“No,” he said with a finality in his voice.  The mouse looked rejected and quickly scurried away to Kirishima who started petting his head.

“Don’t worry, Denki. He is an ass to everyone.”  Katsuki flipped him off. It was when little sparks escaped the mouse that Katsuki’s eyes widened.

“He has a quirk?”  

“Isn’t it cool?”  Kirishima said like he was a child and not a well-known hero.  
“He can discharge electrical bursts from his body, but if he uses it too much, it temporarily short-circuits his brain.”

“Like you all the time?”  

“He is just a like a Pikachu!”  Katsuki rolled his eyes as the mouse appeared to have been petted to his satisfaction and walked away.

“If he hurts himself when using his electricity quick, he’s more like a Pichu.”  Kirishima stared at the blonde before his face broke into a huge smile.

“I had no clue you were into Pokemon!”  

Katsuki watched as the mouse went over to Deku, who just finished his second glass of water.  Katsuki was now only vaguely aware that Kirishima was still talking about Pokemon and how the 42nd generation had reinvigorated the series.

The mouse quietly came up behind the bunny who was carefully putting the empty glass on the kitchen corner.  His nose twitched and he leaned his face closer to Deku’s neck.

The reaction was immediate as the rabbit yelped in pure terror and jumped back into the cabinets.  He was clasping his neck protectively. Green eyes were as wide as dinner plates and he was shaking like the day Katsuki found him.

The mouse cocked his head to the side and the rabbit bolted around him faster than anyone thought possible.  Within moments, there was a frightened rabbit launching himself into Katsuki arms. This was different than the normal timidness Deku displays.

“What just happened?”  A confused and worried Kirishima asked.

He wrapped his arms around the cowering rabbit in his lap who, in turn, was focusing in on the mouse who looked as equally confused as his owner.  Katsuki glared daggers at the mouse who was started to shrink away from the intensity of his gaze.

“What the fuck did you do to Deku?”  Katsuki screeched. The mouse looked like he wanted to run and hide in a hole in the wall.  Kirishima walked over to the mouse and put a hand on his shoulder. The mouse jumped at the contact.

“Denki, please just say what you did,”  Kirishima said calmly.

“I… I sniffed him.” The mouse looked over to the rabbit, guilt written all over his face.  

“I’m sorry.  I wanted to confirm you were an omega…  like me! If I had known that it would have bothered you…  I… I wouldn’t have done it! I promise!” His yellow eyes made sure to meet all three set of eyes in the room, showing his sincere regret.  

The rabbit’s ear twitched and then he wiggled his nose.

“You are… an Omega?”  he said harshly as his nose seemed to be working in overtime.  The mouse twitched his own ears and blinked at the rabbit’s soft voice.

“Yeah, I mean, I might not smell very Omega-y at the moment… most of the pets at the shelter were Alphas and the smell just kind of… sticks,”  the mouse stated, a nervous smile on his face. Katsuki felt the rabbit’s rapid heartbeat settle slightly.

A tense calm came over the two pets as they watched each other, barely moving.  Katsuki met Kirishima’s eyes, and he simply shrugged. And with seemingly no indication, the mouse slowly walked over to the rabbit and bared his neck.  The rabbit watched his every move from the safety of Katsuki’s lap, and when the neck was presented to him, he leaned forward and took a quick sniff.

The rabbit hummed and the mouse smiled.


“What the fuck happened back there?” Kacchan tilted his head back to question Izuku, who was currently riding piggyback on his wide back as they headed back to Kacchan’s apartment.  Red eyes peered into green eyes.

When Kacchan said, “I’m leaving,” Izuku quickly jumped onto his back in fear that he might leave him.  It’s not like Kirishima and Denki were not enjoyable to be around, but they were not Kacchan. After a “what the fuck are you doing Deku” and Izuku clearly not wanting to let go, the blonde sighed and made no further attempt to get him off his back.  

“Nothing,” Izuku muttered as a small group of girls cooed at the two and started taking pictures.  Kacchan promptly scared them off before getting back on their way.

“Sure as hell didn’t seem like ‘nothing.’”  He sounded upset but Izuku buried his face into the crook of Kacchan’s neck.    No .  Kacchan sighed.

“You know, someday I would like to know?”  Izuku shook his head harder. Kacchan wouldn’t like me anymore if he knew how broken I am.

“Fine,”  he huffed with an edge in his voice.    I am sorry I am so terrible.  

“Someday I will get it out of you.”  It was a promise.

The rest of the walk to Kacchan’s passed in silence, other than when Kacchan had to yell at some gawking fans.  When they were in the lobby, waiting for the elevator, Izuku noticed a man with dual colored hair watching them. Izuku recognized him from the news; he was also a top hero like Kacchan.  

“That the hell you looking at, Icy-Hot bastard?”  

“So the rumors of you getting a pet are true?”  The dual haired man looked indifferent as Kacchan smoked with anger.  

“Were you lying in wait like a fucking creep to confirm that?”  Kacchan stomped over so he was only a couple less than a meter away from the taller man.  The elevator dinged as the doors opened.

“No.  I was getting my mail.  You happened to come in and I noticed you had a rabbit on your back,”  He said as matter of factly. There was a light gust of wind from the air condition starting up and Izuku nose twitched.    What… is that?   Izuku blinked and sniffed around.    It’s so…  odd. Not unpleasant but not familiar… And then he realized that it was all coming from this man.

“He smells funny,” Izuku mumbled next to Kacchan’s ear, and he, in turn, started to laugh uncontrollably.  

“Did you hear that halfie?  Deku says you stink!”

Chapter Text

He can’t anymore.  It hurts. It hurts so bad.  His stomach was twisting. His brain was in a fog.  His arms were numb. His whole body hurt. It was dark and cold.  He was back there. He was in Hell.

No.  Please no.

“Worthless rabbit, can’t even do his job.”  He was bleeding out. It was everywhere. It was on his hands, trailing down his legs—everywhere. His heart clenched tightly.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean for you to….  

Tears fell from his eyes like waterfalls.    I’m sorry I am no good.

“You’ll make what you lost us.”   Pain! Stop.  Please. I don’t want this. It hurts.  Everything hurts.  Every time he thought he was done, there was more.

“Useless.”    Snap .  “Broken.”    Crack .  “You have no use anymore.”  A cold, pale hand reached out from the dark.  I can’t breathe. And then there was nothing.  



Izuku woke up in a cold sweat.  

Disoriented and terrified, he looked around.   Too dark. Where am I?  Where is he???  Phantom pains wretched his body as he tried to get up.  He couldn’t move; he was being constricted by something.  Izuku began to thrash around.

And then something pressed against his nose; it smelled of soot and spice.    Kacchan.  His head cleared in an instant as he pressed the garment to his face and took a deep breath.  He had been living with Kacchan for almost a month now. Kacchan yells and looks angry almost all the time, but he is a good person.  He treats him well. He never hurts him. I really like Kacchan.

He took another deep breath of Kacchan’s unique smell.  He was safe. He was not there anymore. He was in the safety of his nest with the blanket wrapped around him.  Izuku closed his eyes again, trying to calm himself down with Kacchan’s scent. However, his muscles still felt tense, and he could still feel the beating of his heart in his ears.    It’s not enough.  

He rolled over with the shirt still firmly against his nose.  Minutes pass and every attempt to calm himself results in failure.  He’s feeling sick and his arms were tingling. He felt tears beginning to form in his eyes as he repeated the mantra in his head.    I am safe.  

Everything felt wrong.  Every small noise had him on high alert.  He twisted and turned and flipped over onto his stomach, but his nest just didn’t feel comfortable right now.  Nothing feels comfortable right now. When he closed his eyes, he could still see those dirty walls and the blood on his hands.  He could still feel the ache in his bones.

Izuku crawled out of his nest, Kacchan’s shirt still in his tight hold. He looked around the room that was slowly being filled with his belongings. There were many books about heroes that Kacchan had let him borrow, including his old textbooks from his time in UA, and several notebooks for him to use for taking notes on heroes.

Izuku smiled to himself, thinking about when Kacchan first looked at the notebook.  Kacchan’s eyes widened as he flipped through the pages. “I fucking picked up a huge nerd,” he had said with a small smile on his face.

I want Kacchan.  He went to the door then shook his head.    No, I shouldn’t bother Kacchan.   He turns to go back to his nest but stops again, turning back to the door.  He pulls on his ears, debating on whether or not he should do what he wanted to do. Tears resurfaced anew as they flowed down his face.


The bed shifted, and Katsuki bolted upright, a small explosion coming from of his hands as he prepared to attack the intruder.  But a small yet familiar whimper stopped him. From the light coming in from the windows, Katsuki could see large green eyes.

“The fuck, Deku. What do you want?”  he asked as he relaxed his arms.

The rabbit let out another pitiful whimper as he crawled further up the bed, allowing Katsuki to see his face.  Deku looked absolutely tormented. His ears were laying flat and his eyes were rimmed red with tears.

“Nightmare?”  The bunny sniffled and nodded his head.  Katsuki sighed. “Do you want to talk about it or…”  

Izuku shook his head, moved closer to Katsuki, and then laid his head against his chest.  


“Kacchan.”  Katsuki’s ears were starting to warm up.  And then the bunny looked up with big pleading eyes.  Katsuki groaned. Fucker doesn’t play fair.  

“Only for tonight, you hear me!  Don’t think you can just come in here every night,”  Katsuki said as he flopped back down.

The rabbit was quick to follow, and once again, cuddled down beside him, putting his fluffy head on Katsuki’s chest once more.  He shuffled around to get comfortable and kicked out his legs before closing his eyes. Katsuki sighed again.

“What am I going to do with you?”  he said and started petting the rabbit’s hair.  In turn, Deku started rubbing his chin slowly back and forth across the blonde’s chest.  Katsuki reached up just a bit, grabbed the sheet, and pulled it over the two of them.

“Warm,”  Deku murmured, rubbing his face again.  Katsuki continued to pet the rabbit, enjoying the soft curls.  Deku even let him touch his ears, something he normally didn’t let him do.  

He slowly ran his hand up and down the inner curve of the long ear, and the rabbit seemed to melt.  Katsuki could even hear the rabbit making soft sounds of teeth grinding by his ear occasionally as he flicked from the touch.  

Katsuki felt the stress leave his body as he slowly slipped into sleep.


Katsuki began to return to the world of consciousness for the second time that morning at the break of dawn—the same time as every morning.  But today he felt surprisingly well-rested and refreshed. The only thing that was odd was the heaviness he felt on his chest.

Blinking his eyes open, he quickly remembered Deku coming into his room the night before, after a nightmare, and then falling asleep next to him while using his chest as a pillow.  Now, the dark-haired rabbit was curled almost entirely on the blonde's chest. While the rabbit was still underweight, he was still heavy enough to make breathing at least slightly difficult for the pro-hero.

He was going to wake the rabbit up when he saw the bunny’s blissful sleeping face.  Katsuki was almost in awe. He had never seen the rabbit sleep so soundly or look so calm.  Every so often, his legs would twitch and a small smile would spread across his slightly-flushed sleeping face.

“Kac… chan.”

Before thinking about what he was doing, Katsuki wrapped his arms around the snoozing bunny.  The bunny let out a small coo and snuggled in closer. The blonde couldn’t help but smile warmly.    He is so soft and warm and cu…

“THE FUCK AM I DOING?” Katsuki screeched suddenly as he bolted up, bringing the rabbit along with him.

Deku was immediately awake, eyes wide and confused, his body suddenly tense.  He quickly scanned the room while his ears twisted around and his nose twitched like crazy. It took him a moment, but the rabbit soon realized that there was no “threat” in the room, only the two of them.  

The rabbit turned his head to the side and then looked to him as if to ask what just happened, confusion was written across his face.

“Sorry, I just…” Katsuki trailed off.   I just what?  Freaked out? Lose my mind?

Deku scrunched his eyebrows together as if he was deep in thought, and then his mouth made a perfect “O.”  The rabbit smiled and grabbed his hand.

“No worries, Kacchan. I woke you up with a nightmare and now you woke me up with a nightmare.”  A ray of sunshine flickered through the curtains, illuminating the rabbit with a warm glow.

“A nightmare, huh?”    More like a daydream.

Chapter Text

Fan Art by DarkMachi

 [DarkMachi's Tumblr]

Fan Art by HG_Wells

[HG_Wells/HelenisNOTcool's Deviant Art] [HG_Wells]


“Come on, Deku. No slacking!”  Katsuki called back to the rabbit.  The bunny picked up his speed so he was once again running beside him.  It was slow at first, but the bunny has been steadily gaining stamina and could much more easily keep up with the blonde.  

Katsuki couldn’t explain the bizarre sense of pride he feels when thinks about how much the rabbit has improved since he found him nearly two months ago.  Especially when you consider how, earlier that morning, it was made official—Deku had a clean bill of health.

Tonight, they even had planned a special dinner comprised of the rabbit’s favorite foods, which they were going to get the ingredients for on their jog.  To say that the rabbit was overjoyed would be an understatement.

A noise was getting louder as they rounded the corner to see a large crowd of people gawking down a market alleyway.  And over all of that, there was the sound of someone screaming. Katsuki, on instinct, propelled himself into the air before quickly calling back,“Stay Deku.”


Izuku watched in awe as Kacchan blasted off.  And he was here! He could see Kacchan be a hero… in person!  A large smile spread across his face.  I have to see it!

Izuku quickly scurried over to the direction Kacchan bounded off to; however, there was a crowd between him and the action.  Izuku’s nerves began to rise and he shuffled his feet to the intimidating group of people. He could hear explosions on the other side.  Some members in the crowd started cheering for Ground Zero. I want to see Kacchan…

He stands as tall as possible, but he is far too short.  He then starts hopping up and down, and for a few moments, he could see over the heads of the crowd.  There were flashes from Kacchan’s explosions, but he can’t make out much in the little airtime he was able to obtain.

A chilling realization overcame him. If he wanted to see Kacchan fight he will have to wade through the mass of bodies.  Even the idea of it made his body numb. I don’t… I can’t… but I want to see him… I want to see him!

Izuku took a couple of deep breaths.  He clenched his fist a couple of times and looked at the crowd with determination.  He took a couple timid steps forward. A - All Might.  B - Best Jeanist.   He walked closer to the nearest opening in the crowd.   C - Crust...


“Kacchan really is the greatest!” Deku said while hopping around the blonde.  “The way you used your quirk to move around and then you used the environment to your advantage to…”  

It really was amazing how chatty the rabbit becomes when it comes to hero stuff.  Normally this kind of nerdy blathering annoys the blonde to no end, but when his bunny does it, he can’t seem to get worked up.  It is almost nice, like a constant buzz. It also might be because every couple of lines is how great he is.

The bunny had been going on and on like that the entire way to his agency.  He hates the fucking paperwork, but if he doesn’t fucking report the off-duty hero work now, there will be double the amount to do tomorrow.  Luckily it wasn’t TOO far out of the way, not that the rabbit seemed to notice as he just kept chattering away.

It was a pretty run-of-the-mill robbery. The only thing that made it annoying was the criminal's quirk.  The quirk allowed him to make clones of himself. It was aggravating but not terribly challenging even when it was a couple dozen to one.  Katsuki thinks the most annoying part was how the dude kept yelling “Shadow Clone Jutsu” every time he used his fucking quirk. Fucking really?

As the cops arrived at the scene and took away the now knocked out idiot, Katsuki quickly turned to go look for HIS idiot.   Fuck, he better be okay.  He didn’t have to look far for right at the front of the crowd was the bunny, looking at him with stars in his eyes.  In all honesty, it took the hero by surprise, and if it wasn’t for the smile and fluffy curls, he would have thought it was a completely different pet rabbit.

Katsuki was quick to learn that the rabbit really didn’t like being around new people.  And when there was a lot of new people in one place, he was at risk of having a panic attack.  

The first time the rabbit was in a packed supermarket, the rabbit seemed apprehensive while Katsuki didn’t understand why there was a number of people trying to save thirty cents on their avocados. But they were quick to pick out everything they needed and went to the checkout line.

Katsuki was keen to the sudden change in the bunny’s behavior.  His gaze didn’t stay on one thing for longer than a moment. He quickly moved his fingers and started messing with his ears, pulling them tightly against his head.  When Katsuki asked what was wrong, the rabbit stuttered out a bunch of gibberish in a high falsetto as a couple tears started to run down the rabbits paling cheeks.

Needless to say, Katsuki had to come back to get the groceries later that day, and from that day on, he made sure he choose times during off hours to go shopping with his rabbit.

But there was Deku, shaking slightly from either excitement or nerves—maybe a little of both.  There was no way he could have gotten there without going through that mass of extras. Did he overcome his fear?  

All it took was their eyes meeting for the rabbit to bounce over to him and jump on him.  He forgot about where he was for a moment and hugged the rabbit back with a small smile on his face.  The flashing cameras and the news reporters that just seemed to materialize out of nowhere brought him back to reality.  

“And then you…”   Deku suddenly muted himself when entering his agency lobby.  Katsuki looked down to see the rabbit looking around the large space.  Katsuki chuckled as he led the way up to the break room.

“Here,”  Deku looked up at  him with wide, confused eyes, “your bunny butt can wait here.”   The rabbit took hold of Katsuki’s hand. Katsuki rolled his eyes as he walked him over to a plush couch.

“I am just going to do some boring shit that even your nerdy ass wouldn’t enjoy.”  He opened his wallet and grabbed a couple dollars, and then he grabbed his phone and handed it over to the rabbit.  He looked up again and tilted his head to the side in question.

“If you get hungry,” he said while pointing out the vending machines, “and something to entertain yourself with.”  The rabbit had a dejected look on his face as he stood in front of the couch.

“Fucking… none of that,” Katsuki said and petted the rabbit’s head. “It should only be about a half an hour and then we can go out to lunch. How does that sound?”

The rabbit’s eyes sparked—not as much as when he was talking about heroes stuff mind you—but nodded happily nonetheless.  Katsuki headed towards the door, glancing back to see the rabbit watching him leave.

“I’ll be right back.”


Izuku was left alone with the soft buzz of the vending machines.  He watched the door before deciding it was okay to sit down on the couch.

Izuku took some time to look around the room.  It was a pretty comfortable high-end lounge area with several couches and tables.  There was a bulletin board filled with different items from several years ago, and more recent items lined one wall.  

The machines looked like it had several appetizing snacks, but he wanted to wait for lunch since Kacchan said they were going to go out to eat, something they don’t do often.  Kacchan is, surprisingly, a good cook, and he says he doesn’t want to pay someone for something he could do himself, but better.

Izuku shuffled on the couch, trying to get comfortable, before swiping to open Kacchan’s phone only to realize that he doesn’t know the pin. Izuku frowned. Now what?  

Ten, then twenty minutes passed.  Every minute, Izuku looked at the phone for an update before glancing back up at the door, ever vigilante...   Soon Kacchan will be back.

“That went pretty well.” A feminine voice came echoing down the hall.  Izuku’s attention was immediately directed to the door as it opened. “The only thing that would have made it better would be if…”  A woman with medium-length brown hair and pink cheeks walked through the door, a tall man with weirdly-shaped eyebrows close behind her.

Upon seeing Izuku, she stopped her conversation and stared at him. Izuku recognized the two heroes—Uravity the rescue hero and the current holder of the mantle Ingenium.

“Oh so cute!  Someone brought in their pet rabbit” Uravity expressed happily and slowly approached the couch.  Izuku watched her carefully. The brunette came and stood in front of Izuku before quickly kneeling down and offering him a one-hundred-watt smile.  Izuku stiffened but repressed the urge to flinch away… barely.

“Is that even allowed?”  Ingenium stated sternly while he karate chopped the air for some reason.  He, too, approached the rabbit but stayed a further distance away.

“My name is Uraraka, and he is Iida.  What is your name?” she asked sweetly.  Izuku stared at her big brown eyes that were level with his own.  

“Izuku… but Kacchan calls me Deku,”  he was able to say.

“Deku?  That is so cute!”  Uraraka said with another smile.

“Kacchan?” Iida asked.  Izuku looked up at the man with the stern face.  He is scary. He returns his gaze to the cheerful woman.

“What are you doing here, Deku?”  Uraraka asked.

“I am waiting for Kacchan,” Izuku answered timidly.

“Who is Kacchan?”  The man asks again, causing the rabbit to flinch from the forcefulness of his tone.

“Iida, you are scaring the poor thing!”  she scolded.

“It was not my attention to do so. I just want to know who I have to talk to about bringing their pets to work!”   Kacchan is going to get in trouble because of me? Izuku looked down and started playing with his hands.

“I don’t want to get Kacchan into trouble,” Izuku mumbled.

“You won’t be getting anyone into trouble.  He is just a nitpicker that doesn’t like having any fun.”

“I have fun!  I’ll have you know I have a lot of fun!  Just last week, I organized my sock drawer!”

“So who is Kacchan?”  Uraraka asked, ignoring Iida’s continued claims of being the king of fun.

“Katsuki Bakugou.”  Uraraka’s eyes widen.

“Bakugou is your owner?”  Iida asked. Izuku nodded. The two seemed to be shocked speechless.  Izuku shuffled uncomfortably in his seat at the sudden silence.

“I would have never expected Bakugou to have a fluffy bunny as a pet.”

“I did think Bakugou was the kind of person to have a pet at all,”  Iida chimed in and the room grew quiet again.

“It’s actually kind of cute.”  Izuku ears perked up from the sound of fast-moving steps coming down the hall and Izuku focused on the door once more.

“HEY DEKU!”  An explosive voice rang through the room as the door was slammed open.  Izuku smiled as the two others in the room turned to look at the blonde.  The blonde, in turn, looked at occupants of the room.

“Round face, what are you and—” Izuku interrupted Kacchan’s sentence by jumping into his arms, nuzzling his face into the hero’s shoulder.  Kacchan froze for a heartbeat before lightly reciprocating.

“Wow,”  He heard being murmured behind him.


“Yep, adorable.”



Chapter Text

Fan Art from DarkAcey

[DarkAcey's Tumblr] [DarkAcey]


Katsuki awoke to a growingly familiar shift in the bed.

“Deku?  What the fuck, again?”  Katsuki looked down to the dark-haired rabbit who was quickly snuggling close to his chest.  He then looked up to him with his big green eyes and cheeks slightly flushed. Katsuki inhaled deeply.

“What is it this time, another nightmare?”  

The rabbit held Katsuki’s eyes for a moment before looking out the window just in time for a flash of lighting to illuminate the window.  Deku hid his face and covered his ears as the thunder rolled over them.

“Really?”  The rabbit peered up to look directly into Katsuki’s eyes again before giving a single nod.

Katsuki sighed; he couldn’t believe his life now.  First, he was the owner of this fluffy bunny currently cuddling up to him.  Ever since the media got a hold of that information after the apprehension of the want-to-be-ninja the other day, there were articles after articles on his fluffy campaign and he supposed “soft side”.  In addition, he has been bombarded by press wanting to get an interview and more “juicy” details for the story. Fucking annoying.

The second thing on his list of annoyances is how round face kept going on and on about setting up a playdate for their pets.  Then shitty hair joins in and says they should have a fucking party with EVERYONE. There are so many reasons why that would be a bad idea.  Both his and Deku’s sanity would be at serious risk in such a cluster fuck of idiots.

And now, there was this.  He looked down as and started petting the rabbit’s head lightly.  Deku has slept in his bed more days than not in the past week. All the sites warned against letting your pet sleep in bed with you or you will never get them to sleep anywhere else.  And yet he did it; he let the fucking fluffy butt walk all over him. And now he has a rabbit cooing against his chest as he snuggled closer.

But he could never seem to kick him out.


“No.”  Katsuki awoke for the second time that night, this time, to the rabbit mumbling.  

“No.  It hurts.  Stop.” Katsuki peeked one eye open and looked at the rabbit.  He was still asleep. Another nightmare.


“I am… sorry… my… babies.”  A lighting flash completely illuminated the room.   Katsuki chest constricts painfully as the realization came over him.  

“Deku.”  Katsuki shook the rabbit roughly, unable to completely control the emotions that came over him.  “Fuck, Deku, wake up!” Fearful green eyes sprang open. Katsuki searched the rabbit’s face before asking without full consideration.

“Did you lose a child?”  The results were instantaneous as a pained look overcame the rabbit and tears erupted from his eyes.  He fucked up.

“Deku, I—”  Before Katsuki was able to finish his sentence, the rabbit bolted from the bed and ran out of the room.

“FUCK!”  The blonde mentally slapped himself for his lack of tack.  Quickly, he followed the fleeing rabbit as the tension in his body grew.  “Get back here, Deku!”

Deku slammed his door shut at the end of the hall before Katsuki could reach his bedroom door.  Katsuki hastily followed him down the hall to the rabbit’s door only to find it locked. He knocked in rapid succession on the hardwood of the door.

“Come on, Deku. I am fucking sorry.  Open the goddamn door!” The only response he got was a loud whimper.  His mind felt like a haze with undirected rage.

“Deku!”  Katsuki practically roared.  “Open up or the door is getting blasted open,”  Katsuki threatened, letting his anger get the better of him.  “One… Two… THREE!” No sound came from behind the door. Katsuki prepared to blast the lock but paused as a flash of lightning brightens the hallway.  He stood completely still until the thunder rolled over the apartment.

“FUCK!”  Katsuki shouted and banged his head against the door.  

A loud yip followed by uncontrollable crying came from the other side of the door.  A new wave of anger bubbled over him, not at the rabbit, but at himself. I fucking let my rage lash out at him.  Shit, he really might have ruined all the progress he has made over the past couple of months.  To the rabbit’s delicate state of mind, trust is everything, and he just fucking threatened him with violence.

As his mind cooled down while leaning against the door, he remembered that there was a key above the fucking door frame for the room.  He banged his head against the door again and slowly slid to the floor. He adjusted so he was seated with his back against the door so that he could listen to the cries of the rabbit.   I would only make it worse if I go in now.

Time passed.  Katsuki concentrated on the sounds of the mentally-wounded rabbit carefully.  The sobbing would grow again every time there was a particularly close clap of thunder.  Katsuki wanted to go in and apologize for his fuck up, but it would probably just scare the rabbit even more.  So he waited.


The storm had passed.  His ass had long since fallen asleep while sitting on the hardwood floor, but he hadn’t moved a centimeter from his post.

“Deku,”  Katsuki said softly.  The pause in the soft crying told him the rabbit could hear him.  “I am sorry.” Silence reigned over as he tried to think of what to say next.

“I was upset but not at you.  I was upset that there is a shit stain out there that put you through hell.”  Katsuki clenched and unclenched his fist.

“You don’t have to tell me what happened.  Not any of it. But I want you to. I want to make sure I am doing EVERYTHING right, and if I had to take a shot in the dark… I might fuck up as I did earlier.

“I promise you that there is nothing in your past that would make me hate you.  Make me mad, sure, but not at fucking you.” Katsuki lightly banged the back of his head against the door.  “I’m starting to think there is nothing you can do to fucking make me dislike you.” The last being more of a sudden realization for himself than for the rabbit’s ears.  

Silence once again fell over the apartment.  Katsuki was not sure how long this watch was going to last, but he was willing to wait as long as it took.  Katsuki closed his eyes as he tried to concentrate on sounds from behind the closed door. There was the small sound of sniffling every so often, but otherwise, it was like someone hit the mute button.

“I want to save you.  Really fucking save you,”  Katsuki stated barely louder than a whisper.  

And finally, Katsuki heard the softest padding of feet growing closer to the door.  For a minute, they paused in front of the door, and then, a small click was heard. Katsuki didn’t move and waited for the rabbit to open the door, which took another few moments.

Katsuki looked up as the door opened just a crack.  Deku looked down at him with eyes heavily reddened from all the tears.  Katsuki held the rabbit’s gaze with no attempts to move from his spot, even as the door slowly swung away.  There was something almost trance-like about those big green eyes, so filled with an unknown emotion and trauma and yet still so bright.

And then the rabbit basically fell on top of the blonde.  Katsuki’s legs, which had long since fallen asleep, were useless in trying to stop the two of them from falling over.  Pins and needles stung his legs, but all he could concentrate on was the rabbit on top of him, rubbing his teary face into his shirt.   How can one rabbit hold so many tears?

Katsuki sighed and wrapped his arms protectively around his rabbit and let him weep.


Izuku sat down on the couch when Kacchan urged him to.  He was not sure how long he had been crying, but the first sign of dawn was peeking out through the windows so it must have been a while.  Everything felt a little fuzzy. Kacchan quickly went to the kitchen, and small clicking noises and running water could be heard.

“Green or black tea?” He asked from the other room.

“Green, please.”  

A couple minutes later, Kacchan walked out of the kitchen with two mugs and placed one down on a coaster in front of him.  The other he tipped back and started to drink from. From what he could smell, it was coffee.

Izuku looked down at his drink before wrapping his hands around the warm mug.  He brought it up to his lips and blew lightly on the liquid before taking a sip.  It was sweet but not too sweet and just the right temperature.

“I added a little sugar, I hope it is okay.”

“It is perfect.”  Izuku took another sip and the room grew quiet once again.  Izuku kept his eyes on his drink, avoiding the intense red eyes as Kacchan went to refill his mug before coming back to sit next to him on the chair next to the couch.

He needed a moment to gather his thoughts.  Kacchan said he didn’t have to tell him. That it was okay as it is.   But.  Izuku sneaked a peak of Kacchan and accidentally met his fierce eyes.  Kacchan’s determined nature seemed to radiate out of him.

“If… If I tell you, you won’t hate me right?”

“Never.”  Izuku took a deep breath.

“I was adopted by a… man.  He seemed nice, but...” Izuku trailed off.

“He wasn’t?”  Kacchan finished.  Izuku looked down at his feet.

“He… wanted to b-breed me.”  Izuku held his ears down on either side of his head.  Kacchan swore under his breath. “He said curly rabbits with my coloration were very desirable.

“There was another rabbit, a female alpha.  There was something not right with her. She kept saying she loved me.  That she would take care of me. T-that she wanted to crawl under my skin to be even closer to me.  And then—” Tears started to fall down his face again. Izuku’s thoughts hitched as warm hands gently wiped away his tears.  Izuku leaned into the warm hands.

“I became pregnant for the first time.  He was happy for I seemed to be carrying many kits.  But… I don’t know why, but—” Izuku looked down and wrapped his arms around his abdomen.  “But my body rejected them.” He was too ashamed to look at Kacchan’s face and see his disgust.

An explosion of Kacchan’s scent filled Izuku’s nose as he was pulled flush against his broad chest.  Warm arms encompassed his body.

“I’m sorry,”  Kacchan whispered softly into his ear.  

“I- I was not strong enough.”  Izuku crawled into Kacchan’s lap, his legs on either side of the blonde’s, before repeating himself and saying, “I was not strong enough.”

“Deku, stop.”  Kacchan cupped his cheeks and looked him dead in the eyes.  “No matter how strong you are, sometimes you are put into situations so shitty that all the strength in the world wouldn’t matter.”  Something seemed to flash across the hero’s eyes at that moment. “It is unfortunate, but there was nothing you could have done. It was not your fault.”

“We can stop now, if you want,”  Kacchan stated. Izuku shook his head into Kacchan’s shoulder and, in a hollowed voice, continued.  He wanted to finish this.

“The punishment got more extreme after I lost my first litter.  He broke bones on more than one occasion and let me writhe in pain overnight before getting someone to heal me.”  He paused before continuing. “After a couple of years… I hadn’t gotten pregnant again. I became barren, they determined.  I was afraid of what they were going to do next. And then one day, they just didn’t come back.

“I waited and waited alone in that horrible place.  Days, maybe a week, before the hunger was too much. I-I broke a window and ran away.  I barely survived until Kacchan found me. That is all of it, the end.”

Kacchan continued to cradle him against his chest, his heartbeat strangely soothing.  His eyes felt heavy as Kacchan’s smell overwhelmed his tired senses. He felt the warm body shift under him, and he recognized that they were now both laying down on the couch but didn’t have the energy to open his eyes.

“Silly rabbit, that was the beginning.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki slowly runs his fingers up and down the ridges of the sleeping rabbit’s ears.  Deku’s fluffy legs were brushing up against his own legs where his shorts didn’t cover, and his soft breath was warm against his neck.  The warm rays of the morning gave his rounded cheeks a radiant glow. He looked so relaxed, especially after earlier.

Everything the rabbit said was fresh in his mind.  He could only assume before, and now knowing the truth made his blood boil.  Deku had been owned by a pet breeder. Katsuki grimaced.

The idea of pet breeding always disturbed him, which is why the practice was almost nonexistent in this day and age.  It used to be commonplace to breed pets when they were treated as only a little bit above animals on the chain of being.  Many laws in favor of pet rights have been made over the years, but every so often, you hear stories of a pet breeder being able to escape the ruling of the law under a technicality.  Even now, a right activist is trying to end this practice completely.

Katsuki remembers seeing all those horror videos of what the practice does to pets.  They force two pets with traits they desire to breed until they fall pregnant. Sometimes they use drugs to force a heat or maximize the litter.  When the babies are born, they are quickly torn away from their mothers and sold.

The entire process is disgusting and traumatizing.  The younger a pet is introduced to the environment the more twisted in the head they end up.  The fact that Deku was doing as well as he was is a miracle. Many never recover. Period.

And that man is still out there somewhere.  He is probably getting his sick fucking pleasure out of watching his poor captives breed his dirty money.  A part of him wanted to go hunt that man down and end him, but the rational side of him stepped in and says he can’t.  If a pro-hero were to kill an “innocent” man, well, that is a scandal waiting to happen. Heroes are not above the law.

That is to say nothing of the kind of person he is—one who loves to dance around the law for a living.  The best he could do IF he was caught was to try for an abuse charge, but it would be very hard to prove it, even if Deku testified against the man.  He could use the injuries Deku sustained under the breeder’s care as evidence. But if it ever ends up with his word versus Deku’s, he will always win simply because he was human.   If a man can walk free after the shit he has done, the court system can kiss my ass.

Still, he decided to start pooling some resources to try to smoke out the son of a bitch.  Hell, there might even be a nice anonymous donation to the pet activist group in the near future.

Deku rolled over on his chest slightly, taking him out of his deep thought.  He then proceeded to rub his face into Katsuki’s chest before letting out a soft coo.  Katsuki smiled before laying his head back down and closing his eyes.

Unfortunately for him, even though his mind was not racing anymore, he had two cups of black coffee so he won’t be sleeping anytime soon.  Katsuki continued to absentmindedly pet the soft fur on the rabbit’s ears. He rubbed the ear from the very tip to where it met the rabbit's head, buried in a bush of curly hair.   He’s going to need another haircut soon , Katsuki mused.  It was nowhere near as bad as when he found him, but it was getting longer and harder to control.

Today will be quite a day for him.  

Katsuki continued to run his fingers through the curls as he was having a growing crisis.   Fucking coffee.  I have to piss. Fuck!


Izuku’s eyes slowly fluttered open; He felt refreshed and content as he became aware of the waking world.  The first thing he noticed was that he was on top of Kacchan instead of a firm and amazing smelling cloud. The second thing he noticed was how Kacchan’s eyebrows were scrunched together like he was in pain.  Izuku swiftly sat up.

“FUCKING FINALLY!”  Kacchan sat up briskly.  Izuku slipped off his lap and saw Kacchan running down the hallway only for a moment before vanishing from his view.   What just happened?

He stared at where Kacchan disappeared.  His mind went a million different directions, but the one that kept coming to him was that Kacchan was in discomfort because of him and couldn’t wait to get away.  Izuku ears drooped at the sad realization. Was he too much for Kacchan so he literally ran away?  

He stayed frozen on the couch, unable to move due to the tidal wave of thoughts and emotions.  And then there was a toilet flush. Izuku turned his head to the side, and his ears twitched. It took a moment for it to sink in.   Kacchan… Oh!  

A light blush spread across his face.   Silly rabbit.  A few moments later, Kacchan walked back into the living room looking much happier.  Kacchan still had dark circles under his eyes, and his hair was a mess of spikes, but at the same time, there was an overall calm in the way he held himself.  Izuku didn’t realize he was staring at the blonde until—

“What are you looking at?”  Izuku blushed and quickly found his feet very interesting.  His ears twisted to hear the blonde slowly approach until his feet came into view.  Izuku looked up, and the blonde smirked before reaching out and beginning to pet his head.  

“You feeling any better?”  Izuku nodded and leaned into the warm hand, wordlessly asking for more pets.  Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the feeling of safety and warmth that he felt whenever he was around the blonde.

“You are getting greedy, little rabbit,”  Kacchan said as he removed his hand. Izuku looked up with dejected eyes and pouted his lips a little.  Izuku reached out for Kacchan’s hand and lightly pulled at it until it was once again on his head.

“Now who taught you to beg, Deku?”  There was still a smirk on Kacchan’s face so Deku knew that he wasn’t mad at least.  “Was it the mouse? Because I don’t think you can see him anymore if he is teaching you bad habits.”

“No, of course not!”  Izuku interjected. The hero chuckled.

“I was joking Deku.”  Kacchan lightly smirks before sitting down on the couch next to him, close enough that their legs were touching.

“Oh.”  The room grew quiet.  Izuku focused on where their legs were touching.   Why is Kacchan always so warm?

“So, bunny butt, what now?”  Izuku cocked his head to the side, waiting for him to elaborate.  Kacchan rolled his eyes before continuing.

“I am asking you what you want to do.  Today, you choose. Anything within reason.”

“Anything?”  Izuku’s ears peaked.

“Within reason,”  Kacchan repeated himself while crossing his arms.  

Izuku mused to himself.  What does he want to do today?  Normally, Kacchan would pick something to do.  When he is at work, Deku normally does his own thing, such as wait for Kacchan to get home.  But what does he want to do? A hundred items all went through his mind, but all had one thing in common.  Izuku smiled.

“I want to spend my day with Kacchan.”

Kacchan seemed to freeze.  Izuku was not expecting that reaction.  He tilted his head to the side, but before Izuku could ask what was wrong, Kacchan seemed to recover.  

Turning away from Izuku, Kacchan said: “Damn bunny, I mean something we don’t do every fucking day!”

“I don’t care as long as I am with you.”  Kacchan quickly turned back to look at him, looking a little peeved.

“Fucking… That doesn’t answer my question!  Just, what do you like to do? And don’t fucking say ‘hang out with Kacchan.’  It’s not that hard!” Izuku twitched his ears at how Kacchan was raising his voice.

“I like—I like reading, but we can’t do that together.  I like watching Kacchan and other heroes in the news. I also like hero movies. Oh, actually there is a new documentary on All Might that came out recently.  I’ve read online that it is really good. I checked earlier, and you can buy it online and stream it on—”

“Movie marathon then.  Anything else Deku?” Izuku shuffled and looked down.  His heart fluttered at what he was going to suggest.

“I—um, I like it when you—”  Izuku looked directly into Kacchan’s red eyes and felt a blush overcome him.  “I mean, if you don’t mind I—”

“Just spit it out Deku.”

“Canyougroommyfur?”  All the words came out in a jumble.

“How about you try that again.”  Izuku took a deep breath before trying again.

“Can you, um, groom my fur?”  Izuku looked down shyly once again a blush spread across his face.  Kacchan chuckled.

“Is that all?”  Izuku nodded. Kacchan gave his pet a light pat.  “That sounds within reason.”


Katsuki got all the items needed to tame his bunny’s unruly fur as well as a chair from the dining room for the rabbit to sit on.  The rabbit looked confused when Katsuki directed him to the chair. He explained he was going to do everything, including trimming his hair.  Deku seemed ecstatic and happily sat facing the TV which was paused at the beginning of the All Might movie.

“Would you like for me to cut it the same style as last time, Deku?”  The rabbit nodded. Katsuki hummed as he pressed the play button, and the movie started.  The dark-haired bunny’s attention was immediately glued to the screen.

Katsuki started with a brush and ran it through the curly mop, unsurprised that it got caught on a knot of hair almost instantaneously.  He was careful as he placed his hand on the rabbit’s head and gently worked out the tangles one at a time. Well, he was trying to be gentle at least.  Deku’s head was tugged to the side as he caught a particularly nasty knot. He let out a soft whine, letting Katsuki know it was painful.

“Sorry, bunny butt.”  He ran his fingers through the knot that the brush got caught in. It was tiny but badly matted.  Katsuki grabbed the scissors that were on the coffee table and singled out the tangle of hair before clipping it out.  Katsuki resumed as the movie continued on in the background. After a while of doing this, he could hear the rabbit lightly grinding his teeth.  

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.”  Deku let out a happy sigh and pushed back again his hands.  “I take that as a yes,” Katsuki said with a chuckle.

Katsuki continues working and started cutting the rabbit’s hair.  Curly hair fell to the floor; thank god he had hardwood floors. He doesn’t even want to imagine trying to get hair out of a carpet.  Katsuki took his time, making sure everything was the same length and that the curls framed the rabbit’s face just right.

Satisfied with his work, he put the scissors down and fluffed the hair a couple of times.  Deku was still engrossed in the movie. Currently, they were on the part about All Might’s early career.   Shit, just how long is this movie?

“You really like heroes, don’t you?”

“Who doesn’t like heroes?”

“Plenty,”  Katsuki said, surprisingly somber.  He looked at the screen to see a recap of one of the earliest videos of All Might saving people with a smile on his face.  “I used to really look up to All Might, you know?”

Deku paused the movie and looked up to meet Katsuki gaze.  “Really?”

“He always won. That is why he was the greatest.”  Katsuki smile hollowed. “I wanted to be just like him so I became a hero.  I will become the number one hero.”  Katsuki stared at the larger-than-life man on the screen.

“I also looked up to him as a kit.  I was silly and thought I could be a hero too.  I thought I could bring people happiness with a smile on my face.  But I—” The rabbit trailed off and warning alarms went off in Katsuki’s head.  They were diving into dangerous territory.

“Do you want to meet All Might?”  The rabbit who was previously hiding his eyes behind the freshly-cut hair looked up.  From where he stood, he could see every detail of those large green eyes, so wide with curiosity.  His eyebrows then furrowed with skepticism.

“But he retired years ago, and no one knows where he lives now.  Since he hasn’t been seen in years, some blogs even speculate that he died from injuries he sustained in that battle with—”

“Shut it, Deku, and just listen.”  The rabbit’s eyes were piercing his as he waited for him to continue.  “You know how just before his retirement he became a teacher at UA, correct?”

“Yes, he—”  Katsuki raised a finger to silence the rabbit before he started rambling again.

“Well, I was one of his students.  He really helped me fight some personal demons.  I was a little fucking shit. I really wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for him.”  The rabbit’s eyes shined with excitement.

“You know where he lives now?”

“No, but I have a way to contact him.”  The bunny seemed to lose just a little bit of excitement, but he was still practically vibrating in his seat.  “I might be able to convince him to let us visit him.”

At that, the rabbit jumped out of his seat jumped into Katsuki’s arms.  A huge smile was on his as he rubbed his face against Katsuki’s chest and neck.

“You are the best, Kacchan!  All Might is my favorite hero!”


Chapter Text

Kacchan still seemed to be a little peeved about “not being his favorite hero,” but he still let Izuku sit in his lap while he called All Might.  When Izuku tried to explain his statement of All Might being his favorite hero, he always trailed off in embarrassment.

When it was clear he wasn’t going to answer, Kacchan scowled, stalked over to the couch, and sat down.  Izuku was hesitant about following the blonde until he said he was going to make the call and to get his “bunny ass over here.”  He was quick to oblige.

Now Kacchan scrolled through his cell phone looking for the correct number.  He pushed the call button and brought the phone to his ear. Izuku looked on patiently as his tail wagged slightly in anticipation.

From where he was sitting, Izuku could clearly hear the phone ring after ring until he was sure it was going to go to voicemail.  And then a deep voice came out of the phone’s speaker.

“Hello?”  Izuku’s ears perked.

“All Might, are you up for some company?”

“Young Bakugou?”  Kacchan rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, it’s me.  Can I come to see you or not?”

“Is there something wrong?”  The former pro hero genuinely sounded concerned.

“Nothing is wrong.”  Kacchan sighs. “Are you up to meeting your biggest fan?”  There was a sour note in Kacchan’s voice. Izuku rubbed his face against Kacchan shoulder in hopes of mitigating the grouchy mood.  The line went quiet for a moment. Izuku wondered if the call was disconnected.

“Young man, are you trying to impress a woman?”  Kacchan made an indescribable noise, eyes shooting open and nearly dropping his phone all at the same time.  Izuku had to hold on tight or else he would have been thrown off the blonde’s lap at the spastic movement.


The line went silent even longer this time than the first.

“You are trying to impress… your pet rabbit?”

“GOD FUCKING!”  A couple of small explosions went off in the hand that was not holding his phone.  Izuku jumped in surprise and made a loud yelping noise as his buried his face into Kacchan’s chest.  “Shit, I am not trying to impress anyone!” Kacchan lowered his voice substantially and started lightly rubbing circles into Izuku’s back.

“Then why-”

“He is just a big fan of yours and would like to meet you.”  Izuku felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, waiting for the former number one hero’s response.  A deep hum echoed over the phone and Kacchan’s brows knitted together.

“What?  You have a problem with that?”  There was a light chuckle as All Might continued.

“By no means, my boy.  I am genuinely shocked is all.  Merely an interesting turn of fate you could call it.”  Kacchan growled.

“Don’t think I won’t kick your ass, old man -”

“No need for that.  Does he do well around other pets?”  Kacchan looked down at him while he continued to rub his back.  

“Deku is skittish around just about everyone.  But if he takes it slow, he should be okay around other omega pets.”  Kacchan narrowed his eyes. “I am guessing there is a reason for your question, All Might.”

“I see you are as sharp as ever.”

“Damn straight I am.”  Another deep chortle could be heard on the phone.

“Several years back, I adopted a pet for therapy reasons.  She is an omega and very motherly, so I don’t see there being any problems?”  At this, Kacchan pulled the phone away from his ear.

“I know you have been listening in with those big bunny ears.”  Kacchan lightly tapped his ear. “Will that be okay, Deku?” Izuku didn’t need more than a few moments to consider it.  His answer was obvious.

“Yes,”  he said with confidence as he looked up to the blonde with a small smile.  His tail starts wagging on Kacchan’s legs again. Kacchan turned his head to the side and brought the phone back to his ear.

“Did you hear that?”

“I am not that old yet,”  All Might answered. “I will send out my address momentarily, and we can plan whenever we can meet up later today.  It will be nice to catch up with one of my students and meet my ‘biggest fan’.”

“Whatever.”  Kacchan scoffs, rolling his eyes.  Kacchan grows silent, phone still pressed against his ear.  “Thanks, All Might.” Before All Might could answer, Kacchan hung up the phone and groaned.  

Izuku once again looked up at Kacchan, an ecstatic smile on his face.  His tail hasn’t stop wagging; if anything, it was increasing in speed. Kacchan sighed and started petting his head.


Deku was hopping up and down like a kid in a candy store that was just told they could have whatever they wanted for free.  Katsuki brought out his phone to the GPS map telling them what to do next after getting off the bullet train. Simple enough.   He closed out of the page on his phone.

“Calm down, Deku. It’s not much farther.”  

Several people walked by, and it felt refreshing not to be bombarded by screaming fangirls.  Today Katsuki smirked from underneath his disguise. It was a simple surgical face mask, sunglasses, and hat, but it seemed to be doing the job.

As they continued on their way from the station, Deku still had a noticeable hop in his step that had nothing to do with being a rabbit.  He still kept close to him and would cling to him whenever a group of people walked too close.

Katsuki sighed.  He wasn’t sure what was causing it, but he has been feeling really agitated for a while now.  The first thing his mind jumped to was that someone was following them with less-than-morally-sound intent.  But as the neighborhood became less and less populated, nothing stood out. It looked like an everyday, normal urban setting.  The few people that were around were going about their day without any signs of mal-intent. What the actual fuck is this feeling in my gut?

Katsuki tried to figure out what this disgusting feeling was the entire rest of the way to All Might’s home.

The house itself was nothing spectacular.  It was neither small nor large with a simple but modern style that blended in seamlessly with the rest of the neighborhood.   Is this really the home of the former symbol of peace?

Katsuki started walking up to the house only to notice that Deku was no longer following him.  His heart skipped a beat before he realized Deku was just standing frozen at the house’s front gates.   Really?

Katsuki rolled his eyes and walked back to offer his hand.  The rabbit was quick to grab it and the two walked up to the door.

“You ready, Deku?”  The rabbit squeezed his hand and looked up at him before nodding.  So Katsuki pressed the doorbell. “Deku.” The rabbit looked up to him again.  “Just remember to breathe.”

Moments later, the door began to open.  Deku was quick to jump behind Katsiki and peek from behind his arm at the withered symbol of peace.  The rabbit’s nose twitched furiously and his eyes grew even wider.

“Young Bakugou.”  All Might said with a smile on his bony face.  “How have you been?” All Might offered a hand. Katsuki looked down at the rabbit still holding onto his arm before meeting the hollowed blue eyes again.   I can’t even if I wanted to.   All Might's eyes followed down to the rabbit hiding behind him before widening slightly.  

“Am I to assume this is my ‘biggest fan’?”  

“Yes, this is my pet rabbit Deku.”  Katsuki placed his free hand on the fur ball’s head and lightly patted it.  “He is just a scaredy-bunny.” In just a moment, a soft smile graced the younger blonde’s face.

When Katsuki looked up, All Might was still staring at the rabbit, and in turn, the rabbit was staring at the man like some kind of impromptu staring contest.  Katsuki shifted on his feet as he felt the nagging irritation begin to rise again.

“Are you going to invite us in or fucking what?”

“Oh!”  All Might seemed to snap out of his daze.  “Of course, come right in.” The former pro-hero led them into his house.  Just like on the outside, the inside was modest. Deku squeezed his hand once more, and Katsuki looked down at his furry friend.  He wasn’t sure how it was possible, but the rabbit’s nose seemed to be in overdrive, and his eyes kept darting around the house as they walked.  

All Might brought them to his sitting room and directed them to sit down.  All Might sat down across from the couch in a matching chair, and the room grew quiet.  The rabbit was once again under the observant eye of All Might.

In comparison, the rabbit seemed to be on high alert to everything that was NOT the former pro hero.  The only logical conclusion Katsuki could come to is that he could smell All Might’s therapy pet.

“So where is your pet hiding?”  Katsuki asked in order to break the awkward silence.  

“Ah, she went out to get some food for everyone since I don’t eat very much.  She will be back in a little bit.” The younger blonde nodded. “So, young man, how did you come to adopt this young pet here?”  Deku started to shake.

“I saved Deku off the street.  He was in a bad place. I was lucky to have found him, but I’m not getting into the details here.”  The older hero was quick to read the situation, and it seemed to help put the rabbit at ease.

“Understood.”  All Might smiled.  “Then you choose to adopt him?”

“He got attached, imprinting or something.  On a whim, I decided to keep him.” The former pro-hero raised a brow.

“On a whim?”  

“That’s what I just said.”  All Might hummed clearly not convinced and the room grew quiet again.  The soft noise of Deku sniffing started to annoy Katsuki.

“Deku, why don’t you start talking?  We came out here so you could talk to your favorite hero so start fucking talking!”  The rabbit jumped back to focus and started fumbling with his shirt.

“Um, nice to meet you, All Might, sir,”  the rabbit said with a tiny voice.

For the next half an hour, the two talked.  He knows because he kept checking his phone every couple of minutes.  Katsuki sunk deeper into the couch as the minutes dragged on.

At first, the rabbit was very nervous, and the former hero was awkward, but the two quickly started talking back and forth like old friends.  Deku went from Katsuki’s side to sitting forward on the floor next to the legend with one of his notebooks in hand. All Might was nodding along with what the rabbit was saying.  

“That is a very impressive young rabbit.”  All Might smiled and placed a hand on the rabbit’s head.  Deku froze at the foreign hand on his head. Katsuki watched as the rabbit looked up to the withered man with a warm smile on his face before he started to smile back.  The former hero proceeded with petting his bunny’s head. In turn, the bunny leaned into the large bony hand, wordlessly asking for more.

Katsuki felt his stomach twist.  

Luckily, before he had to sit through any more of this. a door could be heard opening and closing in the other room.  Deku spun around with his ears at attention and nose twitching at the sound of someone coming down the hallway.

“Sorry I took so long… Izuku?”

Chapter Text

“Mom?”  Izuku felt the word fall from his mouth.  Everything else didn’t matter at the moment except his mother before him.

From the moment he entered All Might’s house, he could smell the warm scent of his childhood.  He was completely baffled by it. There was just no way that it could really be her. The probability was just incredibly low.  His rational mind told him the female rabbit he was smelling was most likely another mother rabbit that just so happened to smell just like her.  The entire time he was talking to All Might, these thoughts ran through his head.

And then she was here.  Right in front of him. His mother.  She has gained a little bit of weight since the last time he saw her, she had always been a stress eater.  But Izuku could recognize her anywhere. He berated himself for thinking this scent could belong to anyone OTHER than her.

He wasn’t sure who moved first, but within a moment, he was wrapping his arms around his mother.  He kept repeating “Mom” like some kind of mantra as he rubbed his face into her bosom. In return, she was rubbing her head against his soft curls.  

He could feel tears running down his cheeks as he pressed against her even harder, inhaling his mother’s warm scent.  Light sobs could be heard above him, and he knew it was his mother crying as well.

Seconds, minutes, or many even hours passed before Izuku could pull back to look his mother in the face.  Her cheeks were round and red from the tears that she shed and identical pairs of large green eyes searched each other.  

“I-I’ve missed you so m-much, mom,”  Izuku croaked out. She smiled before she started peppering his forehead with kisses.  

“I’ve missed you too, ‘Zuku.”  She squeezed him tightly. He hugged her back, and once again, buried his face into her warmth.


Katsuki felt awkward just watching the two rabbits’ tearful reunion.  It felt too private for him to just sit in on. Luckily, it seemed All Might felt the same way and motioned for them to move to the other room, grabbing the forgotten grocery bags on the way.

Once they were in the kitchen with the groceries safely put away, Katsuki finally spoke.

“Did you know and fucking plan this ahead of time, All Might?”

“Know ahead of time?  No, I only started suspecting it after meeting the young rabbit earlier.  He looks a lot like her. He has his mother’s eyes.” All Might put a kettle on the stove.  “What are the chances?” Katsuki ignored the question as he took a seat on top of the countertop island.  All Might continued on. However, whatever he was saying was being swallowed up by the buzz of his thoughts.  

Over the course of the last 24 hours, Katsuki has seen a multitude of emotions on Deku’s warm face: the overflowing joy at the prospect of seeing All Might, the excitement of his favorite hero acknowledging him, the tearful glee of reuniting with his mother, the terrified face of the rabbit running away from him.  Maybe he shouldn’t be-

Katsuki groans and slams his head on the countertop.

“Young man?”  The former pro-hero asked and, a bony hand landed on his shoulder.  

“Just have a lot on my mind,”  Katsuki answered after a moment while keeping his face pressed against the hardwood.  A couple moments passed as All Might shuffled to get the whistling kettle.

“You have really grown from the explosive boy you were back in UA.”  Katsuki turns his head to the side, his ear now pressing against the countertop, and glared at the man.

“How so?”

“Many reasons.  For one, you are not trying to blast your problems away.”  All Might place a cup of tea in front of him.

“Don’t fool yourself. I still blow up plenty of shit.”  All Might smiled.

“You admitting that is proof of my claim.”  Katsuki groaned. He was not in the mood for an All Might lecture at the moment, but the elder continued anyway.

“I might not know what crisis you are having right now, but I know you will come to the right decision.”  All Might chuckled. “I know better than anyone how difficult some decisions can be. I am sure you will act for the good of others and I know you will take the responsible course of action.”  

The responsible course of action, huh?


The itching feeling in his gut wouldn’t go away.  So when All Might had to excuse himself to take his medications, Katsuki thought it was about damn time to check on the two rabbits in the other room.  Quietly, he walked to the sitting room, and since he had last seen them, they had moved from being in the middle of the hallway to the couch.

Surprisingly, it didn’t seem like they noticed him for they were too wrapped up in each other’s presence.  Normally, he would have made his presence known, but he didn’t this time and instead watched from around the corner.  Katsuki noted that they really do look alike, but his rabbit was definitely fluffier. He must have gotten the “fluffy” trait from the sire.  

The mother rabbit, Inko Midoriya as All Might told him, was studying her son carefully.  She first looked at the multiple scars along his arms, a sad look on her face.

“That man who adopted you was really no good, huh?”  Deku shook his head. “He acted all kind, but something about him didn’t sit right with me from the very beginning.  I—” Fresh tears started to run down her chubby cheeks. “I wish I did more. I should have—”

“Mom, no.”  Deku silenced the older rabbit.  “You did everything you could have done.”  A reassuring smile came over his face. “The past is the past, mom.  It doesn’t matter now that I have found you again!” Deku said with a smile on his face.

Katsuki felt his chest tighten.   It will be for the best.  He watched as the two rabbits hugged each other tightly once more.

“Deku,”  Katsuki called out, acting as if he was just walking in.  He kept his voice level even though he felt anything but. The two rabbits immediately turned to face him with their ears upright.  A small smile came to the rabbit’s face.

“Kacchan,”  he said softly as he got up, grabbed Katsuki’s hand, and pulled him towards the couch.  But Katsuki planted his feet where he stood. The rabbit looked up, confused.


“Can we talk,”  he looked over to the female rabbit, “alone?”  Deku looked back to his mother who nodded with a smile.

“I am assuming Toshinori hasn’t started the food yet. I will get on that now.”  With that, she quickly left the room in the direction of the kitchen. The rabbit shuffled on his feet.

“Kacchan, is there something wrong?”

“How are you feeling?”  Deku twitched his ears, and a smile came across his face.

“Good,” he chirped.  He felt like he was going to be sick.

“And here?  How do you like it here?”  Deku tilted his head to the side.

“I like it here.  Kacchan, why—”

“Do you want to stay here?”  The bunny froze at the sudden outburst.  A flood of words started to flood from Katsuki’s mouth.  

“It would be perfect for you—your mom and your favorite hero in one place.”  Katsuki let out a hollow laugh. “I never wanted a pet in the first place. I’m not meant to be responsible for another person.  I am quick to lose my temper, and I’m shit at taking care of anyone except myself. It would be for the best. You’ll be happy here.”   It would be for the best.  

He would finally get his apartment to himself again.  He wouldn’t have to buy all those specialty foods for the rabbit’s diet anymore.  He wouldn’t have to groom the rabbit’s hair or clean up all the fur that just gets everywhere.  He wouldn’t be woken up in the middle of the night from a bunny climbing into his bed. He wouldn’t wake to the rabbit’s smiling face.

“I am sure All Might would be more than willing to take you in,”  Katsuki said quietly.

When he looked up, the rabbit opened and closed his mouth once then twice, but no words came out.  He probably couldn’t believe his luck. He can finally get away from the angry man for good, and then be adopted by the former symbol of peace—his favorite hero!  It will be the best for both of them. So- so why does everything hurt?

“Fucking say something, you damn rabbit!”  Katsuki yelled out, pinpricks of moisture escaped the corner of his eyes.  

He couldn’t take it any longer and closed his eyes.  He wants to do this. For himself. For the damn rabbit.  For his Deku. He will be much happier here than with—

A surprisingly fluffy force knocked him to the ground.  Small arms wrapped around him with a vice-like grip.

“I am sorry, Kacchan.  I am so so sorry, Kacchan,”  the rabbit cried into his shirt.

“It’s okay.”  Katsuki petted the rabbit’s soft hair.  “I can bring over your stuff as—”

“NO!”  Deku screamed as he tightened his grip on the blonde.  He started rubbing his face more aggressively against his chest and neck.  

“I-I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you earlier.”  The rabbit looked directly into Katsuki’s eyes, their faces centimeters away from one another.  Katsuki noticed Deku’s face was slightly flushed.

“All Might is my favorite hero.”  Katsuki’s eyes narrowed. “BUT, there is a big difference between All Might and Kacchan.”   

“And what is that suppose to mean?”  Katsuki felt the bitterness grow inside him.  And then the rabbit’s cheeks flushed a deeper shade of red.  

“Kacchan is my favorite person,”  the rabbit said with a tiny voice as he resumed rubbing his face against his shoulder to hide in his embarrassment.


“Kacchan saved me.  He takes care of me and supports me when I can’t support myself.  He lets me sleep with him when I have a nightmare. He lets me hold his hand in public when I am getting nervous.  He changes his schedule to accommodate my anxiety. He’s helping me so that every day will be better than the last.  Kacchan treats me like I am worth so much more than the broken bunny I am.

“All Might is my favorite hero, but Kacchan is MY HERO,”  the rabbit said as he laid his head flat against his chest.  “I don’t want to leave Kacchan. Ever. Please-please don’t make me, Kacchan.  Please!” Once again the rabbit squeezed him tight.

Katsuki was at a loss for words.  The only thing he could truthfully register was the fact that his chest felt suddenly lighter.  He wasn’t even sure when he had wrapped his arms around the ball of fluff, but he was, and it felt right.  He started rubbing small circles into the small of the bunny’s back. His bunny’s furry tail occasionally feathered against his hand.  Everything was perfect.

Well, everything WAS perfect until a flash of a phone camera alerted him that their private conversation wasn’t so private.  

“Fuck, I thought I turned off the flash.”


Chapter Text

Izuku was happily talking with his mother at All Might’s house.  If you were to ask him what they were talking about, he really couldn’t tell you.  But it was a happy conversation. He missed this. He missed her. The past couple of years without her were painful, but her being here now made everything better.

It was then that All Might brought in some delicious cookies and tea, and Izuku dug right in.  Even while withered, he still carried himself with a radiant presence and a kind heart. He was everything he expected him to be and more.  He had so much experience that he wanted to just soak it all into his journals like a sponge.

Izuku looked down, surprised that all the cookies were gone.  He was vaguely aware that the other two in the room were chuckling.  It was nice. It was like he really was a part of a home—a family—but something was missing.  

Izuku looked around the room.  All Might was there. Mom was there.  Something was missing. No, someone was missing.  Someone very important.  Someone… determined. Red eyes flashed into his mind.   Kacchan!  Wait, where is Kacchan?  Izuku looks around frantically, searching for the aggressive blonde.  But he was not there. Did he go to the bathroom again?

“Where is Kacchan?”  He asked the two, and they shared a sorrowful look.  He felt his chest tighten as if he already knew the answer.  His mother’s eyes were covered by the shadow of her hair.

“Izuku… He left.”  The entire room seemed to drop in temperature.


“He is gone.  He did what was best for both of you,”  All Might said solemnly, his eyes also shadowed.

“No.  No! I don’t believe it!”  Izuku stood and yelled at the two as the shadows seemed to slowly engulf them.  

“He left because he didn’t want you any longer.”  He wasn’t sure which one of them said it. Maybe both said it at the same time.

“He abandoned me?”  Izuku whispered to himself as the rest of the room seemed to fade into nonexistence.  He sat there in the dark, letting the thought sink in. He abandoned me.  He doesn’t want me.  I’ve been abandoned again.  


Izuku’s eyes shot open, his heart beating loudly in his chest.  He was confused because something was obstructing his vision. He quickly snatched the offending object and it crinkled in his hand.   A piece of paper?  Why was a piece of paper taped to my face?

He tilted his head in confusion and looked around the room.  He was on the living room couch in Kacchan’s apartment. The TV was on, some hero soap opera playing quietly in the background.  A woman was yelling at a man, saying that he “abandoned” her. Izuku grimaced and turned it off.

The sun’s position told him it was late afternoon.  The last thing he remembered was that he was laying his head on Kacchan’s lap as he tickled his ears while watching TV.   The smell of Kacchan and the soothing sensation of someone rubbing his ears must have put him to sleep.

His heart slowly calmed as his conscious mind told him that Kacchan promised he would never abandon him.  But that still left one question unanswered: where is Kacchan now? Izuku looked down at the crumpled piece of paper.  It had Kacchan’s messy handwriting on it.


Kirishima called and asked for help with something.  I will be back in a little bit. Text me when you get up.  Call me if you need anything.


PS: I taped this to your face so there was no chance of you not being able to find it and freaking out.”

Izuku smiled as he struggled to read the note.  There were many places where words were scribbled out. It even looked like he was going to sign his full name before scratching his family name out.

Izuku tried to flatten the note Kacchan wrote for him on the coffee table where his new cell phone laid.  He couldn’t believe the blonde brought him out to get one the day after he met All Might. At the store, Izuku picked out the cheapest model for himself, which resembled a brick more than a phone.  Kacchan rolled his eyes and got the same model for himself as well as a green heavy-duty case and three screen protectors.

Izuku chuckled.  It was actually really funny how anal the blonde was when it came to applying the screen protector.  If it wasn’t perfect, he would rip it off and grab another one even when Izuku said it was okay for there to be a few tiny bubbles.  Luckily, he got it “perfect” by the third one, or else he would have gone out and bought more.

The reason for getting the phone, as Kacchan told him, was so he could call his mother whenever he wanted.  And so that they could keep in touch when he was out at work or if they get separated during outings.

At that moment, the only contacts in the phone were Kacchan’s cell and work number, and All Might’s cell and home phone number, which Kacchan added for him.  A new addition was Kirishima’s cell phone, which he put into the phone the last time he came over with Denki, much to Kacchan’s annoyance.

“Why would need your fucking number?”

“In case his ‘Kacchan’ is being mean to him and needs to talk to someone about it.”  Kirishima got an explosion to the face for that one.

Izuku smiled at the happy memory and texted Kacchan.


Katsuki felt his phone buzz in his pants pocket as he was waiting for Kirishima to open the door.  He pulled out his phone and looked at his screen.

Deku : I’m up.

Katsuki smiled as he unlocked his phone and quickly sent a message back as Kirishima opened the door.

“Bakugan, what are you doing?”  Kirishima asked as he slung his arm around Katsuki’s neck.  “Texting your bun bun?”

“Get off me!”  Katsuki shook off the arm.

“Wow, was your background a picture of your pet bunny?”

“Fuck this. I am leaving!”  The blonde turned to leave.

“Noooo!”  Kirishima whined and grabbed onto his arm.  “You said you would help me. It would be super unmanly of you to back out now.”  Katsuki groaned, his eyebrows knitting together.

“Tell me why I am here before I change my mind,”  Katsuki grumbled while tapping his foot impatiently.

“I was hoping you could help me put something together. I didn’t think calibrating a heating rock would be so difficult.”

“A heating rock?  You have a pet mouse why would you need a—” Katsuki’s eyes widened at the realization.  “You didn’t.” The redhead chuckled nervously and opened the door. Looking up at him was not one but two pairs of yellow eyes.  The first belonged to the mouse that he was already familiar with, and the other belonged to a pink reptilian pet.

She, if the boobs were anything to go by, had crazy pink hair to match her skin and scales. Her irises were yellow; however, her sclera, which was normally white, was black in color.  She was wearing bright clothing that fit her toned body perfectly. Katsuki also noted that her exposed limbs bore a spotted pattern with a darker shade of pink.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

“Denki Kaminari.”  “Mina Ashido.” The two pets introduced themselves at the same time.  Katsuki was fighting every instinct telling him to just go home to his damn rabbit and leave the growing swarm of idiots.  He glared at Shitty Hair, who started all of this.

“Why?”  Kirishima opened his mouth, clearly very excited to tell his story.  “Actually, fuck it. I don’t give a shit.” Katsuki stormed into his friend’s home, wanting to just get this over with and go home, only to be stopped by a tug on his shirt.  He glared down at the mouse.

“I’m not fucking petting you.”

“No, it's not that.  You didn’t bring Izuku?”  Before Katsuki could even retort, Kirishima spoke up.

“Denki, I already told you Izuku wouldn’t be here since Mina is an Alpha.”  The redhead ruffled the pouting blonde mouse’s hair.

“Does that mean he will never come over again?”  The mouse honestly sounds very mournful at the thought.

“It’s not that. He will just need some time.”


Katsuki was getting increasingly pissed off at trying to put together this heating rock.  It shouldn’t be so fucking difficult! But even with the instruction manual right in front of him, the pieces just didn’t fit together like they were fucking shown.  He was half a second away from just blasting the fucking thing when he felt a buzz in his pocket.

Pulling out his phone, he saw that he got another message from Deku.  Kirishima seemed to take it as a sign to take a break and call over his two pets.

Deku : What did Kirishima want you to do?

Deku : When are you coming home?

Katsuki smiled and took a picture of the mess of pieces in front of him and sent it to the rabbit before rapidly texting out a message.  

Katsuki : Shitty hair got a new pet.

“Must be your bun bun if you are smiling,”  Kirishima smirked as he looked over. Katsuki flipped him off before returning to his buzzing phone.

Deku : A new pet?

Katsuki then took a quick picture of the redhead as he was distracted completely by the two pets, one in each arm.  Katsuki snickered at the stupid looking on his face. See how you like it!  He sent the picture to Deku before following up with another message.

Katsuki : She is a leopard gecko alpha.

Katsuki : Reminds me of alien queens from the movies.

Katsuki watched as the rabbit started typing a message before stopping and then starting again for several minutes.  Katsuki started typing, but before he could finish, Deku finally sent his message.

Deku : What is she like?

Katsuki : Energetic?  Takes after her owner in the intelligence department.

Once again, those three little dots showed that the rabbit was apparently typing nonstop for a few minutes.  Katsuki frowned.

Katsuki : Are you typing me a fucking novel?

The message Deku sent was, in fact, not a paragraph; it wasn’t very long at all.

Deku : Someday I hope we can be friends.

Chapter Text

Fan Art by Bokurrito

[DarkMachi's Tumblr] [Bokurrito's Tumblr


Rehabilitating Deku to be able to interact with alphas was going slow, but Pinky was more than willing to help.  It was during one of these playdates that Katsuki discovered why Kirishima adopted her. Like the mouse, Pinky had a quirk; she produced highly corrosive acid.  Not an ideal quirk to have around children. At this rate, Kirishima will have a horde of potentially very dangerous pets in no time.

They started off by introducing each other via a video call.  The rabbit was clearly very shy since he was pulling on his ears, but after awhile and a couple of encouraging prompts, the two were talking.  After a handful of conversations like that, the next logical step was to meet one another.

As they walked into Kirishima’s house, Deku held Katsuki’s hand tightly and sniffed the air.  Pikachu came over and cooed at the bunny to calm him down as Pinky approached. Once again, it took some encouragement and coaching, but they started talking happily like they did over the phone.  It was only when the alpha gecko accidentally brushed against bunny did hell break loose. The bunny began to panic and jumped into Katsuki’s arms.

There were several meetings since then, and one after another, he became a little more relaxed than the last.  He was still a little nervous whenever Pinky offers a high five, though. The rabbit looked over at Katsuki, who was always close in case Deku started freaking out, before returning the high five.

Just last night after the most recent playdate/treatment, Pinky asked if the other pets wanted to learn how to dance.  The mouse agreed immediately, and after taking a moment to center himself, Deku nodded and jumped down from Katsuki’s lap.  

Starting with the basics steps, the Alpha showed the two how to move their feet and how to balance their hips.  Moving their hands as they jumped into step, it was quite the scene to behold. Deku didn’t even seem to care when Pinky had to physically adjust his arms to better balance his steps.  Katsuki watched as the rabbit smiled and thanked her while adjusting his pose just for her to cheer that he was getting the hang of it.

Kirishima was taking a video of the entire performance and cheering along.  He even got up and starting dancing with them after a while. Katsuki just rolled his eyes and stayed seated on the couch.

Katsuki watched the rabbit move his nimble feet and shake his hips to the sounds of the music, only vaguely aware of the other pets.  His tail was wagging and his cheeks were flushed from all the exercise. Beads of sweat rolled down his face as he bit his lips while concentrating on his next move.  He couldn’t seem to look away, and his stomach seemed to flutter when that pinked-cheeked rabbit came jumping into his arms.

Later that night, Kirishima sent him a photo of “your face while watching him dance.”  The face staring back at him was foreign. That picture sparked a realization in him that had only one conclusion.

There was—is—something wrong with him.

What other reason would there be for this fluttering feeling in his chest every time he saw those round cheeks or heard him call out “Kacchan”?  The bunny would sneak into his bed late at night, and he didn’t seem to care. When all the weariness of a day at work would be washed away in an instant whenever the bunny would run straight into his arms.  The way he catches himself smiling while the rabbit starts to nap in his lap after he grooms his fur. The way he pouts with those cute pink lips whenever he stops petting his fluffy head.

Truthfully, something must be wrong with him.


“Stay safe, Kacchan,”  Izuku said as he hugged Kacchan tightly.

“Yeah, yeah,”  the blonde mumbled and patted his head.  Izuku continued to hold onto the blonde until he sighed.  “I have to go to work now. Someone has to keep the streets safe.”  Izuku nuzzled his face into the blonde’s chest to memorize the smell before reluctantly releasing his hold.

“I’ll be home for dinner.”  And with one more pat on his head, Kacchan left.  Izuku stared at the door for several moments, listening to the sounds of Kacchan’s heavy footstep getting farther and farther away.

A part of him still worries when Kacchan leaves that he might not come back.  That fear had mostly subsided after the incident at All Might’s house. But a new fear came over him after seeing All Might in such a state.  The once larger-than-life man was a husk of his former self. Heroes get hurt and die on the line of duty. The latter doesn’t happen often, but he just has to keep reminding himself that Kacchan can take care of himself.  

Kacchan will always come home to him.

Izuku smiled.  He could hardly believe how he has been living with Kacchan for six months now.  He wanted to do something special for him, something he has never done before.

He planned on making a nice meal for Kacchan, even if he has never actually cooked before.  In the past, his mother would cook for him, and now Kacchan does the cooking. But he wants to change that today!

He had been researching online cooking tutorial videos and has been looking up recipes for days now.  He knows Kacchan likes spicy foods, so he decided on curry for dinner. He even picked out a beginners recipe, so everything should go fine, right?

Izuku pulled out his phone and started texting Kirishima.

Izuku: Will you still be able to help me get those items I asked for?

While Izuku waited for Kirishima to respond, he decided he could do some housework.  He turned on the TV to the news and then turned up the volume so he could hear it from around the apartment.  He then went to get the hamper filled with Kacchan’s dirty clothes and started doing laundry. Kacchan said he was only responsible for his own clothing, but he did all of it anyway.

Izuku started the washer by the time his phone chimed that he had a new message.

Kirishima : No problem! ^_^

Kirishima : Are you SURE you won’t need help?

Izuku : No I should be fine.


He was definitely not fine.  

The only good thing about this situation is that nothing caught on fire.  The bad thing is that he was pretty sure none of it was edible.

The rice, which seemed to be the simplest endeavor thanks to the rice machine, turned out crunchy, and the rice on the sides and bottom of the machine’s pot was burnt.  

Trying to use a knife to “finely chop” the sweet onion was terrible.  His eyes were watering the entire time, and then he made the mistake of wiping his eyes.  He forgot to take off the outer husk of the onion until after he had already cut it and was forced to pick out the bits.  And by the end of it, he was left with a mess of onion pieces varying greatly in sizes and shapes.

The only thing worse than that was chopping the chicken.  It was horrendous. The smell alone made him want to throw up.  He doesn’t think he ever wanted to look at meat, let alone raw meat, again in his life.  After a while, he completely gave up on trying to trim the fat and just tried to get them to be the same “bite-size” pieces.  Underline tried.

Heating the oil and adding the ingredients was another issue altogether.  He was so afraid of it being too hot or it splattering on him that he added everything to the wok before he started to heat it.  Izuku made sure to add plenty of red pepper flakes, though.

The recipe told him to simmer and stir occasionally for the next 30 minutes.  He had no clue what occasionally entailed, so every couple of seconds he would stir the contents of the wok.  The mixture splattered all over the countertop, the floor, and himself as he tried to keep it from burning.

The final product came out mushy and greasy.  The smell overpowered his senses. Izuku felt sweat drip down the back of his neck as he looked at the “food” he made.  Was it too late for him to throw it all out and pretend this never happened?

He heard the door open.


Yes.  Yes, it was.


Katsuki was worried when the elevator doors opened and he smelt something… odd.  He jogged down the hallway, careful not to tip the box of desserts in hand. The smell was coming from behind his door.  He quickly opened it and went inside as he called out to Deku.

It wasn’t hard to find the rabbit and the source of the smell.  Katsuki approached slowly, and the rabbit seemed to shrink away on his step ladder.  Katsuki was confused with the scene before him. The rabbit was a mess. The kitchen was a mess.  Deku looked at him with big green eyes filled with a fear of him that he hadn’t seen in months.

“Deku… what the fuck is going on?”  he asked quietly. Deku whined with his ears down like he was in trouble.

“I-I wanted to make you dinner.” Katsuki put down the box of desserts and walked over to the wok and peered in at the “dinner.”

“What the hell were you trying to make?”


“Curry?”  Katsuki looked at the strange bubbling mess of meat and oil.  He grabbed the spoon and dipped it into the mixture, stirring it around.  Taking a small spoonful, he brought the mixture up to his face.

“NO!”  Deku cried out and grabbed onto Katsuki’s arm.  “Don’t eat it! I don’t want Kacchan to die from food poisoning!”  The rabbit’s cheeks were flushed slightly as a couple of small tears fell down his round cheeks.  The bunny had a point. While it might not kill him, it might fuck up his stomach, so Katsuki put the spoon down.

“Why are you crying, bunny butt?”  he asked while he wiped away the tears.  The rabbit hiccuped.

“B-because I am a screw-up, a-and you are mad at me.”  Katsuki ruffled his hair.

“Well, you fucked up, yes.”  The rabbit seemed to shrink on the spot.  “But I am not mad.” The rabbit looked up with big watery eyes, and Katsuki thought his heart skipped a beat.  

The smell must be getting to him, he concluded. He will have to get rid of it as soon as possible.  Katsuki took it upon himself to dump the stuff into the garbage as soon as possible. Deku watched as he poured the mixture into the trash when something dawned on him.

“Deku, what the hell were you going to eat?”

“I was going to have some leftovers.” Katsuki sighed.

“And the ingredients?”

“Kirishima,”  Katsuki grumbled.  He had some choice words for the redhead later.  “I am sorry Kacchan. I—”

“You don’t have to fucking apologize, Deku,”  Katsuki said as he discovered the rice machine filled with half-cooked half-burnt rice.

“But I made a mess, and everything came out wrong. And-and—”

“Deku.  It. Is.  Okay.” After he finished cleaning out as much of the rice as he could, he filled the rice pot with water, soaking it so he might be able to remove the rice stuck on the pot.  He then grabbed a washcloth and dunked it in warm water.

“Deku, get over here so I can clean you off.”  The rabbit was quick to stand in front of him. That shit got all over his shirt.  “Deku, shirt.” The rabbit looked down at the mess on the front of his “T-shirt” T-shirt.  Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Take it off.” Deku was quick to follow orders. Katsuki got on one knee and got to work on cleaning off the rabbit.

“Next time you want to cook, tell me.  I will teach you how to make something edible next time.”  

“Thank you, Kacchan.  For everything.” The rabbit was sniffing again.

“The tears again?”  The rabbit hiccuped again.

“I- I am just so happy.”  Katsuki looked at the rosy cheeks rabbit as his face was just centimeters away from the other’s.  The rabbit smiled as a few stray tears escaped his eyes. “This is what I love about Kacchan. He really is the best!”  Deku jumped into Katsuki’s arms gave him a tight hug.

Katsuki felt his world suddenly screech to a halt.   Love?  He felt like he could barely breathe as cogs seemed to slip into place.   Oh no.  No no no no no no.  Fuck no. There is no way in hell.  This is not happening. No. Katsuki Bakugou is NOT in lo—

“Kacchan?”  The rabbit pulled away and tilted his head slightly in confusion.  His pink lips. His rosy cheeks. Those big green eyes.


Chapter Text

Izuku Bun Bun 5

[Nagareboshi22's Deviantart]



Katsuki looked up at his bedroom ceiling.  He couldn’t sleep. How could he when he just figured out that he is apparently a furry.

He rolled over onto his side and looked at the digital clock.  3:29 AM. Fuck.  He rolls to his other side.  Watching the stupid clock will not help him fall asleep.  He should just come to terms with the fact that he is not getting any sleep tonight.  

With an angry huff, Katsuki sat up and swung his legs off the side of the bed.  Katsuki still couldn’t understand it. His whole life he never once thought about a person the way he thinks about the bunny that was snoozing in the other room.  Man, woman, or a fucking pet, it didn’t matter. He was just not interested. And then this damn rabbit hopped into his fucking life, and now he is completely infatuated.

Pet owners can “love” their pets, sure.  They are lifelong companions and are part of the family.  A pet owner should not be “in love” with their pet. Even as he repeats the words in his head, he cringes at how wrong it sounds. He is in love with his pet rabbit.  He could create a list as long as he is tall on how wrong that is.

Katsuki contemplates the overwhelming joy he feels when spending time with Deku.  How he enjoys the rapid strings of words of the rabbit mumbling about his passions.  The pride he feels when the rabbit tries and succeeds in overcoming his past. How content he feels while grooming the rabbit’s hair.  Or the way the rabbit smiles at him with a light blush on his cheeks.

The pure rage he feels every time he runs his hands over the scars that litter his small body.  The way he wants to protect his rabbit and keep him safe and close in his arms. Deku jumps into his arms or climbs into his bed every chance he gets.  He feels like he could conquer the world with this one person by his side.

The way he wants to make him his.

Katsuki quickly gets up from the bed, figuring that moving and doing something could clear his mind.  Maybe some late night—eh, early morning TV.

As he walked down the hallway, he paused in front of the rabbit’s door for just a moment.  He was actually a little surprised that the bunny butt didn’t crawl into his bed tonight. Maybe he was more exhausted by his failed meal than he originally thought.  He wonders how much time Deku actually spent on planning that meal. Knowing the rabbit, a lot of time.

Katsuki quietly continued on to the living room, grabbing the remote and turning on the TV just for the sound to blast out from the speakers.

“Fuck!”  He smashed the volume down button, but he knew it was already too late for, moments later, he heard Deku’s soft whine.


“It’s nothing Deku. Just go back to sleep,”  he called back. He hoped Deku would heed his words. Katsuki is not sure he could face the source of his mental turmoil.  Unfortunately for him, the sound of a door opening came from the dark hallway.

“Fuck,”  Katsuki muttered under his breath as the light hit Deku’s eyes just right to make them glow red from the dark hallway.  If he couldn’t recognize those big doe eyes anywhere, it might have been a little creepy to have two large, glowing red eyes peering at him from the dark.

“Why are you up, Kacchan?”  Deku said as he stepped out of the dark and into the living room.  His soft ears twitched. Katsuki turned to look at the edge of the coffee table before speaking.

“I got up early to watch this show,”  Katsuki lied poorly as he flipped to a channel.  The rabbit turned to the TV to see that it was an infomercial about some wonderbra.  Currently, a woman was using a fucking bra as a facemask. Deku turned back with a pout on his face.

“Do you have a fucking problem with that, fucking rabbit?”  Deku’s pout only seemed to deepen. It was hard for Katsuki not to look at how cute he was being.

“Why are you lying to me?”  There was a sadness in his tone of voice.  Katsuki turned his head stubbornly.

“I am not fucking lying!”  Katsuki retorted. However, even he could tell he sound half-hearted.  The rabbit was surprisingly stubborn as he stood there waiting for Katsuki to continue.

“God, fucking, I couldn’t sleep!  Are you fucking happy now?” Katsuki yelled in Deku’s direction, careful to avoid looking directly into his intelligent green eyes.

“Any reason or—”

“Not anything I could tell you.”  

Katsuki waited for Deku to say something, but he didn’t.  Instead, he walked nimbly over to the couch and sat down next to him.  They sat in silence for a moment. When Katsuki peeked over at the rabbit, he had an unreadable expression on his face.  After a couple minutes of this, Katsuki had just about enough of this awkward silence.

“Go the Fuck to Sleep. Just because I—”

“No!”  Deku interjected, and for the first time, the blonde noticed a light blush spreading across the rabbit's cheeks.  “I-I want to help Kacchan!” The bunny declared, and in the next moment, Katsuki’s world turned on its side. Literally.  

His mind couldn’t process what just happened.  He couldn’t decide if that rabbit was secretly hiding a huge amount of hidden strength or that his fondness made him so weak that a cute, fluffy pet bunny can push and pull him around.  Whatever the reason, his head was now on Deku’s lap.

His mind just couldn’t keep up with this turn of events for a moment.  He felt like his head was in the clouds, and they were amazingly soft against his cheek.  His heart was racing like he was in the midst of a, particularly difficult battle. Deku smelled of the sugary cinnamon pet shampoo and conditioner that Deku seems so fond of.  The rabbit’s warmth seemed to spread all throughout his body. He felt like he was melting.

For a moment, he felt more content than he ever thought possible. He never wanted to move from this adorable bunny’s lap.  But as his face was being tickled by the soft fur of the rabbit’s leg, reality hit him like a villain’s punch. This was fucking wrong.

Katsuki jolted up and glared at Deku who returned his gaze with bug eyes and cheeks painted a light pink.

“What the fuck, Deku?!”  Katsuki shrieked. He could still feel the phantom warmth on his cheek, and a part of him wanted to snuggle up to those furry thighs.  The rabbit was taken aback and lowered his head until he could no longer see his green eyes.

“I-I’m sorry,”  he said in a quiet voice.  “K-Kacchan always lets me do t-this, and he always helps me when I have trouble sleeping.  I wanted to help, b-but I shouldn’t have j-just done it. I’m sorry, so so sorry.” Katsuki chest clenched at the rabbit’s chain of apologies.

Katsuki slowly put his hand beneath the rabbit’s chin and gently guided the rabbit to lift his head.  His eyes were close to overflowing with tears. Katsuki leaned in close enough to see every freckle on the rabbit’s face.  

“You have to stop crying so much, you silly bunny,”  Katsuki said softly as he put his thumb on the rabbit’s trembling bottom lip.  He marveled at the softness of those pink lips. I want to kiss them.

Katsuki arms flew to his sides as he robotically stood up in a manner that would put Four-eyes to shame.


“I am going to go for a run.”  Katsuki moved stiffly as he rushed out the door before Deku could say another word.

Katsuki didn’t care that he was still in his pajamas.


Izuku didn’t understand what was going on.  Ever since the previous night, Kacchan has been acting really weird.  His cheeks have definitely been tinted pink as of late, so maybe he was sick?  The idea only made Izuku worry even more since he decided to go out for a run in the middle of the night in only his pajamas.

He nervously paced and bit at his bottom lip as he tried to decide what to do when he remembered his cell phone.  He ran to his bedroom and called Kacchan only to hear the phone go off in the other room. Of course, Kacchan wouldn’t have his phone on him. He deliriously ran into the night!  

Below Kacchan’s contact was Kirishima’s.  He should call him, right? Kacchan is running around in a fevered state, and it’s an emergency so it doesn’t matter that it’s 4 in the morning.  His finger hovered over his name. Izuku shook his head. He is jumping to conclusions. He doesn’t know if Kacchan really is in trouble and shouldn’t bother Kirishima in case it actually is nothing.  Izuku should wait until Kacchan gets back.

But—Izuku went to his dresser and grabbed a pair of clothes.  But he couldn’t just wait here, not knowing. He has to make sure that Kacchan is okay!  He put on a pair of clothes and wrote a note to leave for Kacchan in case he comes back before Izuku could find him.

He gulped as grabbed the handle of the front door.  This won’t be the first time he left the apartment by himself, but he never left when it was dark out or when he really didn’t have a destination in mind.  He just hoped he could trust his nose to find Kacchan.

Taking one more deep breath, Izuku walked out the door.


Izuku has been following Kacchan’s scent as best as he could while calling out to the missing blonde for the good part of half an hour.  Every minute he couldn’t find Kacchan the more worried he got.

The hero had a very unique smell because of his quirk and the nitroglycerin-like sweat he produced.  It was a little like gunpowder, but not. It was sweeter and with undertones of spice when close. If anything, him running around producing sweat made him easy to follow.  While he could still smell the soft undertones of a fresh scent trail, he never seemed to catch up to him.

Izuku’s lungs were burning, and his legs felt numb. He has never kept up this speed for so long before.  Reluctantly, he came to the stop on one of the side streets intersections and tried to catch his breath before continuing on.  

He pulled out his phone to check the time.  4:44 am. In a little over an hour, the sun will rise.  If it gets to that point, he will just call Kirish—

“Why, hello there,”  a sultry voice said close to his ear making him drop his phone.  Izuku sidestepped as all of his attention was suddenly drawn to this stranger.  A lump of dread formed in his stomach as he recognized that the pet’s scent was the pungent scent of an alpha.  He was a pet green gecko with pink hair and eyes. Izuku quickly noted how he didn’t have a collar—a stray.

The lizard tried to wrap an arm around his shoulders, and Izuku recoiled away.  Izuku was shaking uncontrollably as he felt his skin crawl even at the thought of this alpha touching him.  He had to get away, but his entire body felt heavy.

“Are you going to make me wait?”  His breath smelled of something rotten and semi-alcoholic.  He must have eaten something fermented. He was drunk. Very drunk by the glossiness of his eyes.

“Come on, I'll show you house pet how a really Alpha takes care of an Omega,”  he said with a slur. The gecko lurched forward, and Izuku bolted the other way down a smaller connecting alleyway, but that was a mistake.  It was a dead end. A tall metal fence that curved inwards was looming in his way. Izuku heard the padding of the footsteps following him into the alleyway.

“Ah, you just wanted a more private setting?”  the lizard asked as he breathed down Izuku’s neck before wrapping his arms around his shaking form.  He knew from experience that fighting and screaming normally makes it worse, but—

“KACCHAN!”  He screeched into the night.  The other was taken back for a moment before continuing to rub up and down his waist.  Izuku tried to struggle away.

“Now who are you calling to, little rabbit? You have no claiming smell on you, so it’s not an alpha.”  The lizard hummed and brought his face close to Izuku’s neck. Izuku acted on instinct and headbutted the alpha as hard as he could.

“KACCHAN!  KACCHAN! KACCHAN!!!”  He screamed at the top of his lungs as he tried to punch and kick his way out of the alpha’s hold.  The alpha gecko grabbed a tight hold of Izuku’s neck and furiously glared at him. His nose was bleeding.  Izuku’s hand immediately went to the offending hand around his neck as he struggled to make it release him, tears flowing from his eyes.

“Shut up, you fucking Omega bitch.”  Izuku felt light headed as the alpha raised his other hand to smack him.  He closed his eyes and waited for the impact.

“K-kac-chan,”  Izuku choked out.


Chapter Text

Seconds passed and Izuku didn’t feel any pain.  Instead, he noticed a strange but vaguely familiar scent, and a blast of cool air made his hair stand on end.  Izuku’s vision struggled to focus through the tears.

“Let go,”  a cool deep voice said, and immediately Izuku was released.  He fell to the ground, throat clenched as he coughed, more tears running down his face.  Izuku scampered back only to realize that the alpha was frozen in place. Other than the lizard’s face and the hand that was strangling him, the alpha was completely encased in ice.  Something clicked inside Izuku’s head. This smell-  that quirk- Shoto Todoroki.  

He is Kacchan’s number one rival since their high school days.  The competitive spirit between the two just grew and grew as their pro-hero ranking got higher.  Some years, Kacchan was ranked higher, and at other times, Todoroki was, but they were always within one ranking of each other.  This year—the first year the two broke into the top ten—Kacchan was ranked one lower. Izuku remembered giggling at the over-exaggerated livid face Kacchan wore at the hero ranking ceremony.

“H-hey, w-what is t-this?”  The lizard alpha chattered out.  Izuku flinched at the alpha’s voice as he stayed attentive to even the smallest movements.  

“If you know what is good for you, you are going to stay quiet,”  Todoroki said cooly as he walked passed the newly-made living ice sculpture to stand between the two pets.  His face appeared neutral. However, his troubled eyes made Izuku think otherwise.

The half-cold half-hot hero seemed to realize something as he pulled out his phone and clicked a couple of buttons before putting it back into his hero suit.  He turned his full attention back to Izuku before asking.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he calmly offered a hand.


Shoto waited patiently with his hand reaching out.

Just moments before, Shoto was in the home stretch of his overnight patrol with his mind firmly rooted to his bed.  Suddenly, he heard a panic screech for “Kacchan.” Whatever it was, it sounded vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t place where he heard it before.

He promptly started heading to the source of the voice, assuming it to be a minor disturbance and that it would either work itself out by the time he got there or simply his presence alone will diffuse any issue.  Such are the perks of being such a high ranking hero, he supposed. And then he heard the cry again, this time even more ominous than the first. A fire burned in his veins as he broke into a dead sprint, using his ice and fire to propel him forward.

He was quick to find a scene he found to be disgustingly recognizable.  Shoto felt his left side heat up, but without a second thought, he used his right to freeze the animal in place.  It might have been unprofessional to use that much force, but he reasoned that it was better than what he really wanted to do.

Shoto’s eyes widened as he recognized the pet bunny that was coughing and shaking on the ground.  It was Bakugou’s pet rabbit. A thousand questions ran through his head at once. What is he doing here?  Did Bakugou DO something to cause him to flee into the night?   His eyebrows knitted together for just a moment, betraying his otherwise temperate expression.   It couldn’t possibly be-  No, Bakugou is many things, but he is not him .

It took him a moment to remember that he had to contact the police to tell them to pick up the ice-gecko.  He quickly took out his phone and sent his location with a “criminal pick up alert.”

“Are you okay?”  he asked as he reached out his arm to the scared rabbit.  As he got closer, he flinched and shrunk closer to the ground.  Shoto halted. Take this slow.  He tried a different approach as he kneeled down on one knee so that he wasn’t towering above the bunny.  When he was eye level with the rabbit, he asked again.

“Are you okay?”  He was shaking terribly.  Shoto quickly looked him over to make sure he didn’t accidentally hit him with his quirk as well.  After several long moments where the rabbit’s full focus was on him, nose twitching wildy, he nodded only for his face to quickly turn sour.  He turned to the side as he started to have another coughing fit. A moment later, he turned to his side and got sick on the ground.

Shoto was taken aback before a more primal instinct told him to comfort the poor omega.  He went to lightly rub the rabbit’s back only to have him flinch and whip his head around to face him.

“I’m sorry,”  he said numbly. He couldn’t believe himself.  “Your Bakugou’s pet, correct? Deku, I believe.”  Large green eyes lit up at the mention of his owner.  He nodded again, this time much slower than the first.

“Izuku. Kacchan is the only one that calls me Deku.”

Shoto looked down to Izuku’s neck to see the start of painful bruises forming around his collar.  Shoto grimaced, and he clicked off one of the metal cylinders from his belt. Timid eyes flickered down to his hand before meeting his eyes again.

“Medicine.  It will help with the swelling.”  Shoto offered the rabbit the container.  He hesitantly took it and turned it over in his hands.  He shakily unscrewed the cap and took a sniff of the medicine before he started to apply it to his neck.  Shoto frowned at the nagging question that came to the forefront of his mind.

“Why are you—” He began.  However, before he could finish his question, the strobe lights alerted him that the police have arrived on the scene.  

“I will be right back.”  With one last look at the rabbit, he turned to talk to the police and inform them about the situation.


Todoroki left to talk to the two police officers that came, leaving Izuku alone.  He could feel the intense stare from the lizard now that Todoroki wasn’t between them.  Izuku tried to busy himself with the metal container filled with medicine as he didn’t dare look up.  

“Sounds good, sir. We will bring the culprit to a correctional facility.”  Izuku finally looked up in time to see Todoroki using his left side to unfreeze the lizard just for the police officers to lead him away.

“Can you stand?”  His head still felt heavy as he attempted to stand.  His legs felt shaky, but they held. There is nothing he wants more than to cuddle up in Kacchan’s warm arms and sleep for the next 24 hours.   Kacchan!  Izuku let out a whine.  He still needs to find Kacchan!

“Do you need to go to the hospital?”  Izuku jumped, as he was suddenly aware of how close Todoroki, once again, had gotten, hovering around him as if he was getting ready to catch him if he fell.  Izuku looked up at the mismatched eyes and shook his head.

“The police will want a statement from you,”  Izuku whined and shook his head.

“Kacchan.”  Todoroki’s eyes narrowed.

“Bakugou?”  Izuku nodded.  “Is he the reason you are out here?”  Izuku nodded again. Todoroki’s lips pressed into a straight line.  The next question the two-toned man asked came out as a growl.

“What did he do to you?”  Izuku shivered at the coldness in the hero’s voice.  Izuku didn’t understand why his voice was so harsh.

“H-he did nothing,”  Izuku whimpered. Todoroki lowered himself once more so he was eye level with Izuku.

“You can tell me.  I can keep you safe from him.”

“No!”  Izuku snapped, shaking his head rapidly.  His mind quickly filling in the pieces and figuring out that Todoroki clearly has the wrong idea about Kacchan.

“I can, and I will,”  he said with a small smile, likely assuming the previous outburst was regarding his statement about keeping him safe.  “I can—”

“No, you don’t understand anything!”  Izuku yelled, and his ears twitched. “Kacchan has never done anything bad to me.  If anything, he treats me too good.”  Izuku wasn’t sure why, but tears once again started streaming down his face.  “I-I think Kacchan is sick. He has been acting really weird. And then—and then he ran out in the middle of the night in his pajamas to go for a run.  I-I ran out after him and then—And I—” Izuku sniffed, “I need to find him to make sure he is okay.”

Todoroki just kneeled there with a perplexed look seeping into his features.  He searched Izuku’s face for a moment before his face became deadpan.

“Bakugou is running around in his underwear in the middle of the night?”  Izuku nodded.

The hero took a deep breath and steeled himself.  “Let’s go to the police station. You can fill out the report, and then I will take you home.  If he is not back by then, I will go look for him myself. How does that sound?”

“We’ll look for him together.”


Shoto watched as Izuku was finishing up the report.  It was taking a little longer than expected since the rabbit’s owner was not present, and so they had to try to explain why he wasn’t here.  The entire thing was really a bother to the poor bunny, and Shoto wished they would just take the report and be done with it.

Izuku’s furry foot was bouncing as the cop ran through all of the questions, and every so often he would look at his phone. The two actually got a good distance before he remembered that he had dropped his phone.  Luckily, it was still there when they got back. Unluckily, when Izuku picked it up, he found that the screen was cracked. Still, the rabbit was determined to send a message to Bakugou on his broken phone. He said it was just in case Bakugou found his way back before they did.  

The entire way to the police station, the rabbit’s fast fingers were typing away on the broken screen.  From what Shoto could tell from peering over the smaller one’s shoulder, he sent an extremely long block of text to the blonde.

Shoto yawned as he stood crossed arm on the side of the room.

Normally, Shoto would have waited outside. This time, however, he was asked to stay in the room while the rabbit filled out the report as an interim overseer, seeing that Bakugou was not here. Shoto grimaced as he had to sign off on the incident, something any human could have done themselves.  The entire thing would have taken a quarter of the time if Izuku was a human.

“Well, Mr. Todoroki that should be it,”  the police officer said with a small smile as he stood up.  The rabbit watched him carefully as he left the room, and the moment he was gone, his head was down, looking at his phone.  Shoto made his way over to him just in time for Izuku to make a small squeaking noise and shove the phone into Shoto’s face.

“K-Kacchan’s seen my message?”  He brought his phone back to look at the message.  “But he hasn’t responded.”

“He is probably still reading it,”  Shoto determined. “Why don’t you just call him now?”  The rabbit’s face lit up as apparently he didn’t think of that himself.

“Of course!”  He quickly switched apps and went to frequent calls.  Just as he was about to hit the button to call Bakugou, however, a loud, angry voice rang through the police station.

“WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU, DEKU?”  The rabbit jumped, but in the next instance, a smile spread across his face.  The rabbit no longer paid any mind to him as he scurried past him and out the door towards the source of the heated voice.  

Shoto quickly followed him, pondering the fact that the last time the rabbit checked his phone couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes ago. And even after sprinting, it would take no less than 15 minutes to get here from the lobby of their apartment building.  

“SIR, YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN!”  Shoto heard another voice yell.

“FUCKING DEKU, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!”  Shoto almost shivered at the fury seeping out of Bakugou’s voice.  Izuku dashed around the corner, nearly knocking over a police officer in the process, and called out.

“KACCHAN!”  He bounded the last couple of yards in a matter of two hops and launched himself into the blonde’s arms.  

Shoto watched, wide-eyed at the scene playing out before him.  From the tone in the blonde’s voice, Shoto expected to see a livid expression not dissimilar to one he had during the hero ranking ceremony.  But that was not the case. On Bakugou’s face was something that he had never seen on him before: concern and relief for another person’s well being.  

The second the rabbit flew into his arms, he held him tightly, rubbing soothing circles into the rabbit’s back.  The bunny was rubbing his face desperately against Bakugou’s chest, who was still in his nightwear as it turned out.  His feet were bare and looked a good deal worse for wear.

“The hell were you thinking, you silly rabbit?”  Bakugou said in a soft voice. Shoto and all of the surrounding police officers all seemed to be in shock that Ground Zero could even speak like that.

“I-I was worried about Kacchan, so I—so I—”  Tears once again fell freely from the rabbit’s eyes.  Shoto was actually starting to wonder just how much one rabbit could cry and wouldn’t be surprised if he had a crying-based quirk at this point.  Bakugou was quick to hush the rabbit cradled in his arms.

“I’m sorry,”  the blonde apologized, and the rabbit wrapped his arms and legs even tighter around him, repeating “Kacchan” like it was a mantra.  Bakugou looked down at the rabbit and sighed with a loving expression in his eyes.

By any account, it was a touching and simply an adorable scene between pet and owner.  He noticed that some cops took the time to stop and take out their phones to, presumably, take pictures of the two.  But Shoto’s stomach soured.

It was not a comforting scene between pet and owner after a traumatic incident. It was subtle, but Shoto watched Bakugou’s tiny loving gestures and the possessive way the rabbit rubbed his scent all over the blonde.  No, it was not as simple as a relationship you would expect to see; it was much more like the comforting embrace of two lovers.

There was a flash of light from one of the officer’s phones. Bakugou’s head shot up, and he sneered.


Chapter Text

Katsuki sighs as he looked down at the fluffy bunny napping peacefully in his lap.  Deku has been attached to his hip more than he normally was ever since they came home from the police station yesterday morning.  Hell, he had to stop the rabbit from following him into the fucking bathroom more than once! It is hard enough as it is for the blonde to keep his cool around the rabbit, so he doesn’t need those big green eyes to be staring at him while he is taking a piss also.

Still, Katsuki couldn’t seem to get mad at him.  A little annoyed, yes, but not mad. After the shit he just went through—all the trauma that was dug up—anyone would need a little extra comfort.  

Something that does piss him off, however, is that fucking Icy-Hot bastard.  Don’t get him wrong; he was glad his Deku was saved, but why did it have to be him ?  It made him furious that he fucking owed him for saving Deku.  He could have begrudgingly dealt with anyone else, but no, it just had to be the smug rich boy with daddy issues.

It didn’t help his mood one bit when he noticed the two-toned man glaring at him in the police station.  Katsuki, of course, did what any sane human being would do and called him out for it only for the bastard to just fucking walk away.   He should fucking count the fact that he didn’t chase him down and beat his ass as all the repayment needed for saving his Deku.

Deku slowly rubbing his head against Katsuki’s legs in his sleep brought him back to the present.  The damn rabbit was so fucking greedy even while unconscious. Katsuki grumbled and started gently petting the rabbit’s furry head.  The action earned him a coo, and Deku turned over and circled closer to him with a smile on his face. Katsuki had to clench his teeth to stop himself from smirking.  The little fucker wasn’t actually asleep.

Katsuki pinched the rabbit’s little button nose until he swatted his hand away, groaning.

“Kacchan, why did you do that?” he whined as he slowly opened his eyes.

“You seemed to be having a bit too much fun making a fool of me.”  The rabbit pouted.

“Kacchan is so mean.  And I wasn’t making a fool of you!”  the rabbit said while sitting up and putting his hands on his hips in a fucking adorable manner.  

“Sure, fluffy butt,”  Katsuki smirked. He reached over and started wildly ruffling both sides of the bunny’s fluffy, green-tinted hair.  He used his nails to lightly scratch his head while being careful of the two long ears on top of his head.

“Noooo,” the bunny whined, “you are going to mess up my hair!”  Katsuki snickered at the rabbit’s outcry. The tiny smile on the bunny’s pink lips told Katsuki that Deku knew how silly his claim really was.  

“Mess it up?  You always look like you just rolled out of bed. Whatever I do will be an improvement!”  Katsuki retorted as he continued to mess with the mop of curly hair. The rabbit put up no effort to stop him as he continued dopily smiling at all the attention he was getting.

With one final fluff, Katsuki finally released the bunny from his relentless hair ruffling.  Deku continued to smile as he faced the blonde with a determined gleam in his eye. Katsuki, not one to turn down a challenge, stared back at the rabbit.  Neither blinked as they looked into each other’s eyes. Their faces were centimeters away from one another when the rabbit struck. In one fast movement, his hands sprung up and started running through Katsuki’s blonde spikes.  

“Revenge!”  Deku called out, laughing playfully.  Katsuki couldn’t do much other than smile like an idiot and enjoy the feeling of the rabbit taking vengeance on his hair.

“You are such a goofball,”  Katsuki said as the rabbit slowed his pace but continued running his small fingers through the blonde’s hair.

“Kacchan’s hair is a lot softer than it looks,”  he said with a smile before finally settling down and sitting on Katsuki’s lap with his back against the other’s chest.  Katsuki reached over to grab the remote and turned on the TV.


“Come on, Deku. You know I have to go.”  Izuku whined, wrapped himself tighter around Kacchan’s muscular body, and buried his face into his chest, filling his lungs with Kacchan’s scent.  Kacchan took off from work yesterday for him, but he really needs to go today. Izuku understands that but-but instead, he squeezed him tighter. Kacchan sighs and pats his head.

“Deku, look at me.”  Izuku raises his head to look into Kacchan’s eyes. “I need to go, now.”  He softly caresses Izuku’s face. “I’ll be back soon enough. If you need someone to talk to, call All Might.”  Pinpricks of tears were starting to form in the corner of his eyes. “And stop crying all the goddamn time,” Kacchan chuckled and ruffled his hair.  Izuku nodded, giving Kacchan one more hug before stepping back.

“Stay safe,”  Izuku said with a small voice and tried to smile.

“I’m leaving to go keep everyone safe,”  he said with a cocky grin, and Izuku giggled.

“That was so corny, Kacchan.”

“Shut up!”  Kacchan huffed and quickly turned towards the door.  “No more scaring me, fluffy bun!”

He had already slammed the door shut before Izuku could answer him, and Izuku could hear him rushing down the hallway, likely so he would not be late.  Izuku takes a deep breath and turns to the rest of the empty apartment.

Maybe he will call All Might.


Izuku was laying on his stomach on Kacchan’s bed with the laptop open in front of him, researching some old hero videos, when he heard a knock.  Izuku bolted up. It sounded like it came from the door. He looked over at the clock. It was still too early for Kacchan to come home. Besides, Kacchan would have just unlocked the door and come in.

Izuku’s ears twitched when there was another knock on the door.  Should he go see who it is? Generally, villains don’t knock on doors politely and wait for someone to answer.  Izuku quietly padded down the hallway and past the kitchen, making sure to grab the step stool on the way. He put the stool down in front of the door so that he could see through the door’s peephole.  

He was greeted by the sight of a familiar tall man with red and white hair.   Todoroki?   He looked into the peephole again to confirm that it was really him.

“Izuku, I can hear you just behind the door.”  Izuku squeaked and nearly fell off the step ladder.  Quickly recovering, Izuku hopped down and moved the step ladder out of the way so that he could unlock and open the door.

“Todoroki, what are you doing here?”  Izuku asked, looking up at the tall stoic man.

“Can we talk for a little bit?”  Todoroki asked, and Izuku nodded.  His two-toned eyes searched the hallway.  “I would prefer this to be in private.”

Izuku blinked as he processed the request.  He peered back into the empty apartment. Kacchan would most likely be upset if he knew Todoroki was in his apartment. However, he would be worried if he gets back early and Izuku is not there again, right?  Izuku opened the door, invited Todoroki in, and then closed it behind them. Todoroki stood stiffly in the living room as Izuku returned the stepping stool to the kitchen.

“Would you like anything to drink?”  Izuku asked from the kitchen.

“No, thank you.”  Izuku hummed as he walked over to the couch and sat down, motioning for Todoroki to take a seat as well.  After another awkward moment, Todoroki finally took a seat. However, he sat on the edge of the chair.

“So what did you need to talk about?”  Izuku asked the pro hero. The mismatched eyes met Izuku’s green ones and just stared, making Izuku shift in his seat.  Kacchan can be intimidating at times, but Todoroki’s glare was making him feel cold inside.

“At the police station, none of them saw it, but at that moment, I could see there was more going on than a simple happy reunion between pet and owner.”  Izuku tilted his head in confusion.

“Todoroki, I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“Izuku, tell me, are you and Bakugou in a romantic relationship?”  Izuku eyes grew as wide as dinner plates, and his mind was abuzz with the question.   Am I- WHAT?  Kacchan and I? How did he even come to that conclusion?

“Well, are you?”

“No, no!  That’s not it at all!”  Izuku started to become flustered as the words quickly fell from his mouth. He could feel his cheeks warming up.  “But I guess that, even if we were in a romantic relationship, I would still say we weren’t, but you have to trust me when I say that we are not!  You have the wrong idea about us. There is nothing romantic about our relationship! W-why would you even think that about us anyway?”

Todoroki continued staring at him coldly the entire time Izuku was flustered.  When he finished blabbering, the pro hero asked, “Do you know who my father is?”  Izuku’s head spun at the sudden change of topic but answered anyways.

“Endeavour. He was the number two pro hero for a long time until All Might had to retire. Then he became the number one pro hero. However, there are rumors that he might be retiring soon.”

“Correct, but more than that, he is an ambitious man, using his power to make a name for himself.  He wanted to dethrone All Might’s number one position himself, so when he retired before he could, he took it as a complete failure.”  Todoroki looked over at the All Might memorabilia Kacchan got for him a while back. It was a simple action figure, but Izuku loved the small treasure.  

“I’m not really sure how this connects to your first question.”  Todoroki shifted his gaze back to Izuku.

“How much do you know about human-pet hybrids?”  Once again, Izuku’s head spun at another quick change of topic.  Izuku frowned, his brows coming together as he answered the question.

“T-they are the results of a human and pet successfully breeding.”  Todoroki nodded. “They can either look more human or pet, but normally, have a mixture of the two.”  Todoroki nodded again. “It’s hard for them to find a place in society because of their mixed heritage.”  

“So I don’t need to tell you how discriminated these children are if they look too much like a pet.”  Izuku quickly shook his head, not liking the tone of the hero’s voice. “To humans, pets are beneath them and are a piece of property that they own and use as they wish.  Hybrids are the results of owners wanting something from their pets, and the pets can’t say no.” Izuku shivered and ran his hands down the scars on his arms.

“I’ve seen scars like those before.  You have been beaten by your previous owner.  He made you bleed because you couldn’t give him something you wanted?”  Izuku hiccuped as he started to shake.

“W-why are you—”

“Because you need to know,” Todoroki interrupted and took a deep breath before starting again.  “Nearly three decades ago, my father acquired a pet, a rare breed of Siberian domestic fox, one of the very few bloodlines the world around.  She was beautiful with long white hair and a powerful ice quirk.” Izuku’s head shot up to look at the pro hero.

“W-wait, are you saying what I think you are saying?”  Izuku asked as it became hard to breathe, his mind putting together all the information that was being dumped on him.

“Yes,”  Todoroki answers soberly, “she is my mother.”  Izuku’s eyes widened.  Shoto Todoroki is a- is a Hybrid?  It was like cutting off the head of a hydra; as he finally got the answers to one question, a dozen more come to take its place.  How could a Hybrid live as a human, be a top pro hero, and have it be so that no one knows about it? Why is Todoroki telling him this?  What does any of this have to do with him and Kacchan? Before Izuku could ask any questions, Todoroki continued with his story.

“She was a child of a breeding ring, something pretty common with rarer breeds, but she found herself in a good home.  However, not long after my father learned about her, he offered the family enough money for them all to be able to afford a comfortable life.  Needless to say, they accepted, not knowing that he planned to use her to make his perfect successor.

“After his fourth child, he was successful in creating the ideal offspring—one with a perfect mixture of the two quirks and almost no sign of his pet heritage but all of the benefits.  He made that child the official heir to the name and started training him to become the number one hero in order to finally beat All Might with his own blood.” Shoto paused for a second and Izuku hesitantly asked a question.

“Almost?”  Todoroki grimaced as he stood up and turned so that his back was facing Izuku.  He pulled the hem of his shirt up and started to lower his pants slightly. Izuku blushed and covered his eyes.  “W-what are you doing?”

“Just look. Nothing indecent is being shown.”  Still blushing, Izuku looked over to see a scar peeking out from his exposed skin.  Unlike the one on his face, this one looks clean—surgical—and the location—Izuku’s tail curled up against his body instinctively.  “Before my fourth birthday, my father had the tail I was born with removed by doctors he paid handsomely to keep quiet.” Todoroki fixed his clothes and sat back down.

“Not long after that, my mother had a mental break down and poured boiling water on my face because I looked so much like that man.  He took her away. I don’t know where. I don’t even know if she is still alive.” His voice was slightly choked up as he laid a hand on the scarred side of his face.

“Why are you telling me all this?”

“Because I don’t want you to end up like her.  My sense of smell isn’t as good as yours, but I can still tell that you are an Omega.  Do you also have a powerful quirk?” Izuku ears twitched and he looked down at his feet.

“N-no.  I am quirkless,”  he rumbled before suddenly realizing what the other was implying.  “Wait.” Izuku raised his head to look at the hero. “You think Kacchan is like your father?”  he asked with an inflection in his tone.

“They are not exactly the same. However, both are very passionate men who would stop at nothing to get what they want.”

“Kacchan is Kacchan, not your father!”  Izuku practically screamed as he stood up and growled at Todoroki.  “Kacchan would never do that to me!”  Todoroki also stood up, and though he towered over Izuku, the rabbit held his ground.  

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?  It is the face of a man that wants something.  He wants you.”  Todoroki narrows his eyes.  “And you say you don’t have a romantic relationship, but you defend him as if you were his lover.  Humans and pets can’t have a healthy romantic relationship when one literally owns the other,” Todoroki finished coldly.  

Izuku is taken aback, unable to come up with a retort, so he stared down the hybrid in front of him even as tears started forming in his eyes.  He only turned away when, moments later, his ears turned towards the sound of the door opening.

“Yo Deku, I got your favorite—” Kacchan paused as he looked at the two standing in the living room.  “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE, ICY-HOT BASTARD?” Kacchan screeched, dropping the bags of groceries on the floor and marching over to Todoroki before sidestepping to get between the two of them.

“I was just leaving,”  Todoroki said coolly but not before turning to Izuku one last time and saying, “Think about what we talked about.”

“HUH?”  Kacchan sneered. “And what the fuck were you saying to my Deku ?”

“Just that he should be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing,”  Todoroki stated before leaving the apartment. Kacchan stepped forward, about to follow him, but Izuku hugged him from behind, effectively holding him in place.  Izuku hears the door close and footsteps fading in the distance. Kacchan agitatedly asked, “What the fuck is going on? Why was Icy-Hot in our apartment?”

“After dinner please, Kacchan.”  Kacchan clenched his fist and took a deep breath.

“Fine.”  He sounded upset, but he didn’t push the matter.  Izuku hugged him even tighter as he breathed in Kacchan’s scent to try and calm down his racing mind.

Chapter Text

Surprised Bun Bun

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dianthusfirewitch's bun bun Izuku

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During the entire time that Katsuki was preparing dinner, Deku stayed quiet. Every so often, he would catch the rabbit watching him only for him to turn away.  Normally, the rabbit would be following him around and offering his help. It was surprising how empty the kitchen feels without his little shadow.

Katsuki angrily stirred the veggies.  He wants to fucking beat the answer out of Icy-Hot as to why he was greeted by a crying red-faced Deku when he walked into HIS apartment.  He really might have fought him then and there if Deku had not stopped him.

Part of him wanted to turn around and demand Deku to tell him what the actual fuck was going on, but he knew that would just make it worse.  Deku said he would tell him after dinner. He can wait that long.

Katsuki was interrupted from his angry stirring of the rabbit’s veggies when he heard a snap.  

“God fucking dammit!”  He swore, looking at the broken spoon in his hand before heatedly throwing it into the garbage.   Calm your fucking self!  he berated himself as he punched the bridge of his nose.   You are not a fucking hormonal teenager anymore.  Get a grip, Katsuki!

Katsuki was, luckily, able to finish up the rest of dinner without killing any more of his cooking utensils.  He placed the plate of tofu veggie stir fry in a sweet sauce in front of the rabbit who peeked a glance at Katsuki before politely thanking him for the food.  Katsuki then went to grab his plate, filled to the brim with a much more protein-rich version of the rabbit’s in a spicy sauce.

“Is your hand okay, Kacchan?”  the rabbit asked nervously.

“It’s fine. Stupid dime store shit. Breaks even with the tiniest bit of pressure.”  The rabbit hummed and looked back at his food. Katsuki sighed. Their dinners haven’t been this awkward since Deku first started living here.  Normally, the rabbit would be asking him about his day or telling him a “new strategy” he should try after watching him on the news. It is a little scary how well the rabbit can analyze a situation and then churn out a thoughtful plan of attack.  If things were a little different, if he was human, if he had a beneficial quirk, he could easily see him rising to the top ranks of a hero.

Katsuki kept an eye on the rabbit during the course of the meal.  Katsuki finished his first plate and was on his second before the rabbit even finished half of his plate.  Deku’s eyebrows were scrunched together as if he was deep in thought as he pushed around the food on the plate rather than actually eating.  Deku looked up at him a grand total of one time, only to quickly drop his gaze in favor of the food he has been spreading around his plate like some kind of weird modern art.  Enough was enough.

“Deku,” the bunny jumped in his seat, “whatever you are doing, it’s not eating.”  Deku slowly looked up to finally hold eye contact with him for the first substantial amount of time all night.  “Tell me how badly I have to beat up the Icy-Hot bastard.” The rabbit frowned.

“Don’t beat him up.”

“I’m going to beat him up. He came to my house and made you cry. Now it’s a matter of how badly I will have to, depending on what he said.”  The rabbit sighed, but Katsuki still noticed the small smile on Deku’s face that he was missing.

“You are such a brute.”

“You make that sound like it’s a bad thing.”  The blonde smiled as Deku pressed his mouth into a thin line to stop himself from smiling.  “So bunny butt, what did he say to make you so upset?”

“Todoroki was worried about me.”  Katsuki raised an eyebrow.

“I can understand how that could upset you.”  Deku pouted but continued anyway.

“The other day, he seemed to get the wrong idea about us,” the rabbit began.  Katsuki narrowed his eyes.

“How so?”  A sudden blush spread across the rabbit’s cute cheeks.

“Well, he, um, he thought that we, that um you and me, us—”

“Deku, just spit it out.”  The rabbit looked down at his lap.

“He thought we were a couple.”


Izuku waited for Kacchan’s reaction—for him to burst into laughter at the absurdity of the entire thing.  Or for the chain reaction of explosions as the blonde’s pure anger drives him to blow a hole through the apartment wall to get to Todoroki faster.  He waited for something while his cheeks burned, and yet nothing happened.

When Izuku finally looked up, he was expecting countless emotions on Kacchan’s face, but the one he was greeted with was one he never expected.  Kacchan’s face was pale, and his eyes were wide. He looked panicked and something else that Izuku couldn’t place, but it was intense.

“No, no, don’t worry, Kacchan. I told him he was wrong!”  Izuku assured quickly. “I told him there was no way there could be a romantic relationship between us. That is just not possible!”  Izuku laughed nervously at the somber look on Kacchan’s face. “The whole thing was a big misunderstanding, so don’t worry Kacchan!”  Izuku pleaded.

He couldn’t understand what was causing the bitter expression on Kacchan’s face.  But the more he reassured him, the more distant Kacchan seemed to become and the more Izuku’s chest seemed to hurt.  He had to do something. He had to release the tension.

“L-let me take the dishes to the kitchen since I didn’t help with dinner.”  Izuku grabbed his own plate. However, when he reached for the empty plate, Kacchan grabbed his arm.  Izuku jumped from the sudden contact and looked up into hollowed red eyes. Kacchan held him tight, not enough to hurt him but enough that he couldn’t easily escape.

“K-kacchan?”  Izuku questioned, his head tilted slightly to the side, and his heartbeat started to increase in speed.

“Would it really be so bad?”  Izuku’s eyes widened.

“What?”  Izuku asked in a little more than a whisper.  Kacchan rubbed his thumb along his arm.

“Would it really be so bad if we were in a romantic relationship?”  Izuku felt like his heart stopped. He didn’t realize his plate slipped from his hand until Kacchan swore and narrowly saved it before it reached the floor.  Izuku slowly backed away while shaking his head.

“Kacchan, why would you joke about that?”  The blonde looked up from his leaned over position with the plate in hand; he looked like he was in pain.  “Kacchan is making fun of me, right?” Tears start falling from his eyes. “There is no way that Kacchan—that he would want a stupid pet like me!”

“Deku,”  Kacchan said in a soft voice, putting the plate on the table and walking towards him.  Izuku continued to back away from his advances while keeping his eyes locked on the blonde.  His heart was beating at marathon speeds as he continued to shake his head slowly in denial.

“Please, Kacchan, tell me your joking!”  Izuku screeched as his stomach twisted. Kacchan froze in place, and a mix of emotions ran across his face until a resolved look won over.

“I am not.”  Kacchan looked directly into Izuku’s eyes, and all he could see was love in those warm red orbs.  A small blush dusted his cheeks. “I am in love with you.”

“It is the face of a man that wants something.  He wants you.”

“Zuky-Wuky I love love looove you!  Let’s make lots and lots of babies!”

Izuku ran.


“Fuck, DEKU!”  Katsuki watched as the rabbit bolted at top speed towards the direction of his room.  

“Idiot. IDIOT!”  Katsuki said as sparks flew wildly from his hands.   WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THAT?  He slammed his head into the nearest wall and the impact left a hole.  “GODDAMNIT!” He couldn’t help it. Tears started welling up in his eyes.  He snatched the pieces of drywall that were now exposed and broken and threw it across the room.

He fucked up.  He fucked up so badly.  

When the rabbit said Icy-Hot thought they were a couple, at first he was alarmed by the fact that if the obviously dense bastard could tell then fucking everyone could.  But in the same moment, another emotion crept up from his heart. It was warm, and the fanciful idea swarmed his chest. What if it was true?

What if that little bunny was all his?  Not as an owner of a pet, but as a lover with their lover.  What if the fluffy butt was all his, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health until death do us part?  For a moment, he could see the rest of his life with the rabbit, just happily enjoying each other’s company.

But no, he is an idiot. He fucked up.  He acted like a fucking creep and likely ruined any type of relationship with the rabbit, let alone a romantic one.  He didn’t even think for a moment about the rabbit’s feelings on the matter. He doesn’t know a lot about relationships, but he does know that that is not how you do it.  For years, he was in a forced, abusive relationship, and for God’s sake, just the other day, he was nearly raped in a dark alleyway. And then it was Katsuki’s BRILLIANT IDEA to spring that shit upon him.

Katsuki hesitantly looked across the apartment to where the rabbit disappeared.  He could wait. He will not hound the rabbit; he will give him the time he needs.  He deserves that much.


Izuku opened his eyes, very tired and very alone as the sun peeked through his window for the third time since Kacchan’s confession.  The past couple of days were like living in a fog of conflicting emotions for him as he merely existed.

As Kacchan told him he loved him, the whole world stood still.  He saw so much love in those eyes that it made his heart flutter in his chest.  However, in the next moment, they were no longer Kacchan’s warm red eyes but crazed gold ones.  His breath hitched in his throat, and every hair on his body stood on end. He couldn’t live through that again, so he ran and hid and cried until he physically couldn’t cry anymore.

On the first day, he woke up sore and disoriented and the first thing he wanted to do was to go find Kacchan.  But that train of thought came to a screeching halt when he recalled last night’s events, and he let out a whimper and curled around himself.

At some point, he noticed that he had thrown the clothes with Kacchan’s scent out of his nest and across the room sometime the previous night.  For a long while, he simply stared at the discarded clothing as his mind fought against itself on whether or not he wanted/needed them.

One part of him wanted them so badly; he wanted the warm scent to encompass him completely and to ensure him that he was safe.  No, he wanted Kacchan to do that, not just his dirty gym clothes.  But the other part of him refused to move.

The fact that Kacchan was in love with him once again flooded his brain.  Kacchan wanted him. The same Kacchan who always listened to his rambling and laughs at his stupid jokes.  The one who comforts him in the middle of the night even when he has work early in the morning and tickles his ears until he falls asleep.  Kacchan with the soft blonde hair, determined red eyes, and Olympian God body. You want him too,  a small voice in the back of his head told him.  

Izuku promptly turned over in his nest, curlings tighter around himself.  The thought of being in a relationship terrified him. Every instinct in his body told him “danger.”  Todoroki’s word stung at the front of his head—”a wolf in sheep's clothing.” It wouldn’t be the first time he fell for the ruse of such a man.  Izuku ran his finger over the scars littering his body. Kacchan could so easily use him. But he hasn’t. He wouldn’t; you can trust him.  

Izuku turned over again, this time to look at the door.  The growing pain in his stomach told him that he had to get up to relieve himself.  Izuku’s ears perked up as he listened to see if he could hear anything from the rest of the apartment. He doesn’t think he could handle seeing Kacchan right now.  Luckily, the apartment was completely quiet, so Izuku slowly and quietly made his way to the bathroom only to be stopped directly outside his bedroom door.

Place on a folding, wooden serving table was a plate of breakfast, two glasses of water, and a note.  The breakfast consisted of two cinnamon buns from the little vegan bakery he likes, and from the looks of them, they are fresh.  Next to them was a bowl of fruit and greens. Izuku looked at the note with the sloppy handwriting and smiled, ignoring the protest of his bladder.

“Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated. -KB”

The second day was much similar to the first.  Meals were left for him with sweet little notes in Kacchan’s sloppy handwriting.  He didn’t see the blonde on this day either. However, he occasionally heard him in the other room, walking around or cooking, before hearing the front door open and shut, signaling that he left for work.  

When Kacchan returned that night, Izuku was fighting with himself to just go out and talk to the blonde.  He stood next to the door with his hand hovering over the handle as he heard the blonde walk by his door to go to his room.  But he couldn’t do it. He returned to his nest but not before grabbing Kacchan’s dirty clothes and wrapping himself in them.  

It was on the third day that Izuku pulled out his phone.  He had received several texts from Kirishima, warning him that Kacchan was in a bad mood.  Apparently, they had a sparring match so Kacchan could “blow off some steam,” and Kirishima ended up being blasted into the next building over.  Izuku felt like he needed to apologize for that since it was his fault Kacchan was in such a sour mood, but before that, he scrolled up to the first message he missed three days ago.

It was a link and underneath Kirishima wrote: “Don’t show ‘ Kacchan ’.”  Curiously, Izuku pressed the link, and he was brought to a picture blog with a mint green background named “Sugar and Spice” in a fancy font.  Izuku’s eyes widened as he started to scroll down the pictures. They were all pictures of Kacchan and himself.  Every single one of them.

The first one, the most recent picture, was of him and Kacchan at the police station.   No wonder Todoroki thought they were together,  Izuku thought.

Izuku had his head buried into the blonde’s chest, his legs and arms wrapped around the blonde’s waist and neck respectfully.  Kacchan had one hand on his lower back and the other pressed against his head, and the face he had as he looked down at Izuku could not be described as anything other than love.  The next couple of pictures were in the same setting, however, with Izuku’s head in slightly different positions as he scented the blonde with the scent gland on his neck.

Izuku could feel a blush forming on his cheeks when he saw that the next pictures were from when they were at Kirishima’s house, and he, Mina, and Denki were dancing. His cheeks were flushed, and his butt was sticking out as he moved to the music. However, the focus of the picture was on Kacchan in the front, fondly watching on, his cheeks lightly dusted with pink and a goofy smile spreading across his face.

As he went farther down, there was another picture. This one was at All Might’s house.   Wait, does that mean All Might knows about this site?  His question was quickly put in the back of his mind as he studied how tightly Izuku held onto the blonde.  He was literally pinning him to the floor. Izuku was actually a little beside himself at how strange it was that a prideful pro-hero like Kacchan could be bound to the floor by a rabbit.  Not only was he letting him, but also looking happy about it as Kacchan’s arms were wrapped protectively around Izuku’s lower back.

Izuku continued to scroll down the list of pictures, many of which were taken on their runs or while they were shopping—all times in which Kirishima or All Might for that matter definitely weren’t there for. But there were pictures galore.   Just how many people are in on this?  There were pictures of him riding piggyback on Kacchan’s back.  And one where Kacchan was lifting him up so he could reach an item on the top shelf at the supermarket.  A couple were of the two of them sitting comfortably on a bench after a run, their cheeks red as they smiled happily at one another.

It was when Izuku reached the last/first picture that he felt tears gather in his eyes.  He was sitting on Kacchan’s couch with a blanket wrapped tightly around him as he looked on, wide-eyed and terrified.  He was thin, terribly thin as if at any moment he would pass out. Standing a meter away with his knees bent and an arm outstretched like he was approaching a wild animal was Kacchan, who was offering him a carrot. The blonde’s face was etched with concern and uncertainty.

Izuku was so afraid of this strange man who had no volume control, whose every other word was a swear, who just picked him up and ran away with him.  Time and time again, the irritable man would try to give him away to a “better home,” but Izuku would cling to him like a barnacle. Because deep down he knew on that day when his life was changed forever that he was found by someone he could trust with his everything.   Even his love.

Tears continued to run down Izuku’s face as he left his phone in his nest and headed for the door.  He paused only for a second before opening it and quickly walking towards the living room. Kacchan was sitting on the couch, and the moment Izuku walked into the room, his head shot up.  The green and red eyes watched one another, waiting for the other to be the first one to act. And then, at the same time, they both spoke.

“We need to talk.”

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Carmon's Deku Bun Bun

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Isuffer's Deku Bun Bun

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Izuku looked around awkwardly after he sat down on the couch a few feet away from Kacchan.  He came out ready to talk, but now that he was here, he wasn’t sure how to start. How can he properly explain everything he was thinking about this past couple of days and the conclusion he came to?  Kacchan was in a similar situation, just sitting there with a slightly anxious look upon his face. Izuku quickly studied the blonde. He had dark circles underneath his eyes, and his hair looked messy—well, messier than normal.  

The red eyes looked up to meet his green ones, and Izuku felt his cheeks warm up. He hasn’t seen Kacchan in almost three days, the longest the two have been apart since they met, and something about even just simple eye contact felt, well, different.  The affection in his eyes and the fluttering of his heart had more meaning.

“I want to—”  both started at once. “No, you go first,” once again they both spoke at the same time.  A frustrated look overcame Kacchan’s face.

“God fucking,” Kacchan swore, “we are not doing that shit.  I am just going to get to the fucking point. Get it the fuck out of your head now. I’m not Icy-Hot’s shitty father. I am not going to force myself on you or make you do anything you don’t want to do,”  Kacchan said with a grimace, and Izuku’s eyes widened.

“Wait, you know about Todoroki’s father?  Do you know— everything?” Kacchan chuckled as a cocky grin spread across his face.  He raised his arm towards Izuku before suddenly pulling it back and running it through his hair awkwardly.

“Yeah, well, I ended up talking to the bastard the other night.”  Izuku had a feeling said “talk” was not a completely peaceful affair. However, he kept his mouth shut to listen to what the blonde would say next.  “Sure, he has a nice sob story, but he’s not getting any pity from me. If anything, I am even more driven to beat his and his shitty-ass father and become the number one hero.”  Izuku chuckled. He didn’t know what else to expect. “And what exactly is so funny?”  Izuku shook his head.

“You don’t mind that he is a Hybrid?”  Izuku couldn’t help asking.

“Why the hell would I?  I fucking hate his guts and want to beat his ass, but it has nothing to do with being part dog.”

“Fox,”  Izuku corrected.  Kacchan rolled his eyes.  “Whatever.” He had a small smile on his face. Izuku was glad that the two of them could still talk together like this like nothing had happened and everything wasn’t in question.  Kacchan coughed before he adjusted himself on the couch, and once again, looked more solemn.

“I am a lot of things, but I am not a gross son-of-a-bitch that would force myself on you.  I know you’ve been through hell. I know there is a lot you haven’t told me about your past, stuff that I don’t expect to ever learn, but I know a lot of it is fucked up.   So it is up to you and what you want to do with your future.” Kacchan took a deep breath before continuing.

“I know I was a selfish asshole, and I can understand if you are disgusted with me.  I will also understand if you no longer feel comfortable living with me.”

“Kacchan, it’s n—”  Kacchan interrupted him with a hand gesture.

“Deku, please just listen until I finish,” Izuku frowned but nodded for Kacchan to continue.  “As I was saying, I would understand if you are not comfortable here. All Might would be more than willing to take you in, or for that matter, Kirishima, since he is basically starting a fucking petting zoo or some shit.

”But, if you want to stay, I will do everything in my power to make you comfortable again, my feelings be damned.  I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do.  I-I fucking care about you, you damn rabbit, and I will do anything to keep that smile on your face.

“So, what do you want to do?”


Katsuki waited impatiently for Deku to answer. He wasn’t sure if seconds or minutes passed.  The past couple of days were like a living hell with Deku being just out of his reach. Sure, he could have stormed into his room at any time, but he knew he was on thin ice already, and with one wrong move, he could lose the sweet bunny forever.  That is why he has been distracting himself.

The first distraction was in the form of a visit to his bastard neighbor who looked just about as happy to see him as Katsuki felt. However, that might be partly because he just kept beating on Icy-Hot’s door until he finally answered.  Of course, the first thing he demanded was to know what the fuck he told Deku since he had a feeling that he didn’t hear everything from the rabbit. The dual-haired man glared at him before trying to close the door without a word. Katsuki was not having it as he forced his foot in the little bit of space between the door and its frame and proceeded to “politely convince” him to tell him everything .

To be honest, Katsuki was a little shocked by the revelation. Sure, he knew Icy-Hot had problems with his father, but fuck.  To know that the number one pro hero had such a corrupted sense of morality made him sick to his stomach, which was only made worse as halfie here thought he was just like that man.  He thought he needed to protect Deku from him, so before Katsuki left, he was sure to give his former schoolmate a “present” for putting his nose where it didn’t belong.

The next couple of distractions included knocking Shittyhair into a build after not holding back during a sparring match.  He knew Shittyhair’s defense capabilities were top notch so he wouldn’t be hurt easily, but in his distracted state, he forgot that buildings—even buildings made for hero training—were not as sturdy.  Not even the bewildered looked on the redheads face could brighten his mood.

Shittyhair followed him around that day during their patrol, even though Katsuki wanted nothing more than to be left the fuck alone.  However, it turned out to be a good thing since he was there to stop Katsuki from beating the criminal they apprehended black and blue.  Of all the things Katsuki needed, a write up for “excessive use of force” was not one of them.

The distractions continued by fixing the wall he stupidly headbutted,  preparing meals, cleaning the neatly stacked plates, and leaving little encouraging notes for the bunny.  The remainder of his time was spent training for hours on end. He would nearly collapse when he finally went back to his apartment.  He didn’t sleep much, only a couple of hour intervals at a time.

But he still felt like he was left with an agonizing amount of time to himself.  He never realized how lonely his life really was before Deku came into his life. Truly addicted to the bunny’s presence, he couldn’t imagine continuing to live without him.  And then the sick feeling rose into his stomach at the realization that Deku might not want to stay.

The rabbit clearly doesn’t feel the same way about him. That much is obvious.  Over the past couple of days, he had come to terms with how the fantasy relationship was just that—a fantasy.  But he doesn’t care about that anymore. He just wants the rabbit to keep smiling, and if that meant not being with him, he will deal with it.  He will have to deal with it. He wouldn’t let something like a broken heart stop him.

But that is the worst-case scenario. If possible, he doesn’t want the rabbit to leave; he will do anything in his power for that not to happen, even if that meant that their relationship will never develop into something more.  He would live with it.

But the longer Deku kept himself locked up in his room, the less he believed that the second option would even work.  He was debating with himself whether or not to call All Might and see if he was willing to take Deku in if it comes down to it when he heard the rabbit’s door open.

Now he waits for the rabbit’s decision, hours, minutes, seconds passing.  And—

“These past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things.  About you and about me and what I really want.” Deku looks down at his hands.  “W-when you first told me you loved me, I was scared. I no longer saw you when I looked into your eyes.  I was so scared. Even now, I am a little scared, but—” Deku looked up once again, “but, Kacchan is the one person I trust more than anyone else.  

“I know that, as long as it is Kacchan, I don’t have to worry.  I was scared that Kacchan wanted me, b-but then I realized that, while that might be true, Kacchan didn’t want to use me.  He wouldn’t have done the things he had done if that was the case. And the more I thought about that, the more I realized that I wanted Kacchan too.  

“I’ve said before that I wanted to stay with Kacchan forever, and I meant it.”  Katsuki’s eyes widened. “And—” The rabbit’s face, which was slightly pink this entire time, suddenly flushed a remarkable red.  “And I-I-” Deku couldn’t keep eye contact with him, started messing with his ears, and said something under his breath.

“What?”  Katsuki leaned forward, nervously, as his stomach was doing backflips or some distracting shit. “I didn’t hear you.”  The rabbit looked up and Katsuki thought he forgot how to breathe for a moment as he looked into those determined green pools.

“I think I might love you too.”  Katsuki heart started beating wildly. He was sure Deku could hear it with those bunny ears. How couldn’t he? It sounds like a fucking helicopter.  He must have finally passed out from the lack of sleep because he had to be dreaming, right?

He had to test if he was truly awake.  Pinch himself? No, he needed something stronger to make sure, so he punched himself.  Pain erupted from his right cheek right where he punches himself. He was fucking awake. Holy shit, Deku just said he was in love with him.  Deku. Love. Him. His lack of sleep really might be getting to him since he felt dizzy.

“Kacchan?!”  The rabbit was suddenly very alarmed as he closed the distance between them.  Katsuki felt the delicate fingers of the rabbit running across his bruised cheek.  “Why did you do that?”

“I had to make sure I was awake.”  

Katsuki had a sudden urge to cradle those pink cheeks. He brought his hand up but stopped before making contact.  Deku looked at the hovering hand before giving him a smile and leaning into his palm. For a couple of seconds, he just relished in the pure serenity of the moment.  Deku closed his eyes and leaned into his touch even more. This cute bunny is in love with him. The fact slowly sunk into his mind.

“So what does this mean?”  Katsuki asked as he slowly pulled his hand away, and Deku, once again, paid full attention to him,  a little pout on his face at the lack of continued contact.

“What do you mean?”

“Does this mean that you want to, well you fucking know, be a couple?  For us to be together-together?” Deku blinked twice before looking down at his lap once more.

“A part of me is still afraid, but for Kacchan, I do.”  Katsuki frowned and shook his head as the following words dragged on his tongue.  

“No, Deku, you have to want this. Don’t just do it because it is something I want.”  The rabbit once again looked up at him with a new conviction as he grabbed Katsuki’s hand.

“I-I do want it.  Not because Kacchan wants it, but because it is Kacchan.  While a part of me is still scared, I want to try.  I don’t think I could even do that if it was anyone other than you, Kacchan.  And even now, I am worried I will fail and that Kacchan would be better off with someone else.”  Katsuki slowly brought the rabbit close to his chest and gave him a hug. Now, he knew for sure that the rabbit could hear his excited heart mimicking a hummingbird.  

“I was never interested in anyone before you.”  Deku tilted his head to get a better view of his face, his ears brushing against Katsuki’s red cheek.  “Man or woman, it didn’t matter. Not interested, didn’t care. All I cared about was winning and becoming the number one hero. I thought being emotionally invested in someone would be an anchor that would drag me down, so I never partook in anything of the sort.”  Deku pulled his legs in closer so that he was now practically sitting in Katsuki’s lap.

“All those things are still important to me, of course. I am still going to keep fucking winning, and I am going to become the number one hero, but now I just have more.  I have you.” Deku smiled as his ears twitched, brushing his cheek again. Katsuki chuckled and blew air into those big ears. They twitched again and brought out a giggle from the rabbit.

“We will go slow, make ground rules.  We will only go as fast as you feel comfortable. How does that sound?”  Katsuki started running his fingers over the rabbit’s back. Even though he was covered by his shirt, Katsuki could still feel the scars.  Deku nodded.

“What did you have in mind?”  the rabbit asked as he was settling in comfortably in the blonde’s hold.

“First, I hate to admit it, but our nosey-ass neighbor had a point.”  Deku’s mouth pressed into a line as he tilted his head slightly in confusion.  Katsuki rolled his eyes. “We can’t have a relationship as a pet and his owner.”  

Deku looked even more confused and even slightly worried as Katsuki hands moved upwards until they were resting on the collar around Deku’s neck.  “To society, we are pet and owner, but for us, we are equals.” Katsuki proceeded to unbuckle the collar and set it aside. “Society says I own you, but they are wrong. You own you.  You don’t need this collar anymore. Do you understand?”

“But Kacchan, I will still need my collar for when I go out in public.”  Deku looked at the collar that was placed on the coffee table.

“God damn it Deku, it’s symbolism, sym·bol·ism,” Katsuki enunciated each syllable and then sighed.  “I just don’t want some stupid Shoujo drama shit where we misunderstand each other for something stupid that wouldn’t have been a fucking problem if we just talked to each other.”  The rabbit smiled as he finally seemed to understand. He then started rubbing his head against Katsuki’s chest.

“I guess that means we just have to talk to each other a whole lot to make sure that doesn’t happen, right?”  Katsuki chuckled as he tightened his hold on the fluffy bun in his lap. His eyes felt heavy as he slowly moved his hands up and down the rabbit’s back. All the worries that were building up over the past couple of weeks were gone in a single conversation, and the sudden release made him feel exhausted.  

“Sounds good, bunny butt.”  Katsuki could feel his consciousness slipping as he continued to sink deeper into the couch, bringing the bunny in his hold with him.  They weren’t completely horizontal, but they were very close. Deku rested peacefully on top of him, his eyelids also drooping.

“Does that mean we are a couple?”  The rabbit asked drowsily. Katsuki merely hummed in approval as it was too much work to open his mouth.  He then proceeded to bury his face deeper into the rabbit’s soft curls. Katsuki breathed into the dark curls which caused the rabbit to giggle.


“That tickles, Kacchan!”  Izuku said as the even breaths continued from the blonde.  “Kacchan?” Izuku asked when Kacchan didn’t answer him, tilting his head up slightly to see the snoozing face of his hero.  

Up close, the dark circles under his eyes were even more noticeable.  They were far too intense for just being from the past three days. Kacchan has been having problems sleeping for a while, maybe ever since the night, Kacchan went out for a run in the middle of the night.  Something seemed to click in Izuku’s head. Oh.  Was that why he-?  Izuku sighed. He will ask him when he wakes up.

Izuku continued to watch Kacchan sleep soundly before smiling and saying in a soft voice.

“Silly Kacchan, sleeping on the couch is not good for you.”


It was dark out when Katsuki woke up.  He was more comfortable and well rested than he had felt in over a week. Deku was cuddling his chest.  But no matter how much he strained his brain, he could not remember how the fuck he got to his bed.


Chapter Text

Izuku woke up to a sweet scent filling his nose and warmth radiating from the large hand running up and down his back.  Izuku rubbed his face deeper into the hard muscles of Kacchan’s chest and cooed happily. Everything was different and yet the same still. He has woken up laying on Kacchan’s chest before and even to the man rubbing his back also.  But it was different now because they are in a relationship. A couple. Boyfriends?

“You awake, bunny butt?”  Kacchan asked softly. His large hand came to a stop on the curve of Izuku’s lower back only for him to start drawing small circles with his fingers.  Izuku’s tail was wagging when he turned his head, his chin resting on Kacchan’s chest, and looked up into his red eyes.

“Nope, still asleep,”  Izuku said playfully with a giggle, his tail still brushing against Kacchan’s hand.  This was the man that he loves and loves him back. He just felt so happy—happier than he had, perhaps, ever felt—all from just laying here with him.  

“Oh?  Still asleep, huh?”  Kacchan hummed before a mischievous smirk spread across his face.  “Now how can I wake my sleeping bunny up?” Kacchan paused as if in thought before looking down at Izuku again. “How about—“ Kacchan’s hands moved quickly to either side of Izuku’s waist and under his shirt, and before Izuku could say anything, the blonde started tickling him without mercy.

“Kacchan!” Izuku screeched and squirmed in the blonde’s hold, his leg kicking involuntary and squealing with laughter.  “N-no, Kacchan, I am- I am t-ticklish!”

“Really?  I didn’t notice,” Kacchan laughed heartily as he continued to tickle Izuku’s stomach, which he clutched in protest.  Izuku tried pushing Kacchan’s hands away just a moment before they came right back to lightly brush against the skin exposed by his bunched-up shirt.

“Nooo!”  Izuku cried out jovially as he continued to weakly flail in an attempt to escape.  Luckily for Izuku, Kacchan’s assault only lasted a few moments longer as the blonde finally dropped his arms to either side of Izuku’s body, allowing Izuku’s muscles to relax.  Izuku flopped back on top of the muscular chest, which caused the blonde to grunt.

“So are you up yet, fuzzy buns?”  Izuku hummed as he buried his face into Kacchan’s shirt, his breathing slightly quickened and refusing to look up at his love.  “No?” The playful tone was still present in the blonde’s voice as Izuku could feel calloused fingers ghost across his skin.

“I give in, Kacchan. You win. I am up,”  Izuku mumbled into Kacchan’s chest and heard him chuckle.  He switched from light tickling him to wrapping his arms around Izuku’s body and squeezing him close.  

Izuku cooed as he turned his head up to, once again, look up at Kacchan. His strong cheekbones and sharp features just made him “so handsome.”  Izuku happily wagged his tail, not realizing until several moments later that he actually said something out loud. He might have never known if not for the way Kacchan was suddenly profusely blushing.  Kacchan turned his head to the side to avoid looking directly at Izuku as the blush continued to persist in covering his cheeks.

“So do you want to eat breakfast?”  the blonde asked. Izuku blinked and looked over to the window. The sky was dark, and the digital clock said that it was 7:38 PM.

“Isn’t it a little bit late for breakfast?”  Izuku asked as he turned back to Kacchan.

“It’s never too fucking late for breakfast, Deku,”  Kacchan stated while still refusing to look directly at Izuku.  “Our sleep schedule is already fucked up, so why not?”

Izuku hummed, “I guess.” He does enjoy breakfast foods.

“I can also start teaching you how to make fucking edible food.”

“Really?”  Izuku asked hopefully, his ears at attention as he hopped up on Kacchan’s chest, causing the blonde to grunt in discomfort.

“Why the fuck would I lie to you about pancakes?”  Izuku giggled, quickly jumped off the bed, and hopped around the room as Kacchan slowly sat up.  He then started stretching, distinct popping noises coming from him as he rolled his shoulders and twisted his spine.

“Kacchan,”  Izuku playfully whined at the blonde as he bounded lightly on the pads of his feet.  Kacchan rolled his eyes.

“Give me a damn second. I was sleeping with a hundred pounds laying on my chest.”  Izuku pouted.

“I am nowhere near one hundred pounds, Kacchan. I am seventy-five pounds at most!” Izuku said with a huff.    

“Okay sorry, I was sleeping with seventy-five pounds laying on my chest,” Kacchan said as he finally got up and walked towards the door.  “Come on, bunny butt. Breakfast time.”


The smile returned to the damn rabbit’s face as he hopped beside Katsuki to the kitchen and continued to shine the entire time they were gathering the ingredients needed for breakfast.  The rabbit stood on the stool with a big bowl, cooking utensils, and a cutting board off to one side. Katsuki pulled out his phone to double check the recipe.

“What do we do first?”  The rabbit tilted his head to the side, waiting eagerly for Katsuki, his button nose twitching and his eyes sparkling with excitement.   God damn it, why is he so fucking cute?

“First—” Katsuki picked up the rabbit, who squealed in surprise, and with his foot, he pushed the stepping stool a meter away so that it was in front of the sink and proceeded to place the rabbit back on the stool.  “We wash our dirty fucking hands.” The rabbit giggled as the two of them did just that.

After they finished, Katsuki began reading out the instructions, and the rabbit would painstakingly measure each and every ingredient carefully until it was exactly the amount needed.  It was fucking adorable.  Flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt all went into the bowl. He stirred, and then vegetable oil and the bunny’s soy milk substitute was added to make the pancake batter.  

While the rabbit mixed the batter, Katsuki got the cutting board and knife as well as the strawberries from the fridge and started cutting them into thin slices that they could put on top of the pancakes.  Not long into cutting the third strawberry, Katsuki noticed that the rabbit had stopped stirring in favor of studying him. Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Either you want to help or you really wanted to stab someone.  If it's the latter, always remember to twist the knife after you stab,” Katsuki mimed the motion, “to ensure the most damage.”  The rabbit puffed out his cheeks, clearly not amused, or at least, pretending not to be.

“The first one.  How do you even know about the second one?”

“Round Cheeks has some self-defense bullshit she teaches when she is not doing hero work.”  The rabbit tilted his head in confusion. “Uravity,” Katsuki clarified and could almost see the dots connecting in the rabbit’s head. “You met her a couple months ago at the agency.”

“So you attended one of her classes?”

“Fuck no.”

“Then how did you—”

“What’s with the twenty questions, huh?”  Katsuki blushed slightly. “I thought we were making pancakes, so get your bunny butt over here, or I will just finish the strawberries all by myself.”  Katsuki huffed only for the rabbit to giggle again.

“Okay, Kacchan.  Do you think I could ever learn some self-defense from her?”

“I can ask, but I don’t see her saying no. She loves cute things like you.”  The rabbit blushed at the comment as he finally scooted over to the front of the cutting board.

“First, show me how you hold a knife. I am not having you fucking bleed all over the strawberries.”   Or getting hurt.  Period.

The rabbit seemed absorbed in taking the knife in his hand.  Deku tried to adjust the blade in his hand so that he would be holding the blade with his thumb and forefingers, mirroring how Katsuki was holding the knife moments before.  However, the bunny seemed to be struggling to hold onto the knife.

“Deku, wait.” Katsuki carefully leaned over the rabbit’s shoulder, his chest brushing against his back, and readjusted the rabbit’s hand so that he was holding the knife completely by its handle.

“Your hands are too small. While holding it by the blade offers more control and balance, it’s harder for beginners and those with small hands, and you are both.”  The rabbit looked up at Katsuki disappointedly. “What’s with the fucking look? I can’t do anything about your tiny bunny hands.” Deku continued to pout. However, it was clear that he was fighting a smile.

From that point on, Katsuki taught the rabbit how to position his hands, the food, and the blade properly when cutting the strawberries.  It was obvious that the rabbit has been watching him for some time as he already knew how to protect his fingertips and used his knuckles to guide the knife.  The cuts themselves were clumsy and slow, but otherwise, it was impressive, especially for someone who had little to no experience. However, Katsuki might be biased on the matter.

Deku carefully watched as Katsuki greased the pan and spatula and poured the first pancake.  He then proceeded to place a circular pattern of strawberry slices onto the cooking pancake. After a couple seconds, he flipped it over to reveal a perfectly cooked bottom.  The rabbit looked like he was taking mental notes of each and every step as Katsuki flipped the finished pancake onto the waiting plate.

“Now it is your turn.”  The rabbit’s pancakes didn’t come out as a perfect circle, and he flinched away every time he placed a piece of strawberry on the pancake as if it would burn him.  When he ended up flipping the damn thing, it had been too soon, and the uncooked batter splattered across the pan. Deku was disappointed with the pancake he flipped onto the plate next to Katsuki’s, but he continued cooking until all the batter was gone.  They weren’t perfect, but each and everyone was better than the last.

“Not bad, bunny buns,” Katsuki said as he broke off a piece of pancake and popped it into his mouth.  One side was a little undercooked and the other was a little overcooked, but to Katsuki, it was the most delicious pancake he had ever eaten.

“No, Kacchan, we are not animals . We eat at the table!” the rabbit whined with a smile on his face.

“Oh, hardy har har,” Katsuki fake laughed as he ruffled the rabbit’s hair.  “Help me bring everything over to the table then.”

The rest of their breakfast was spent with comfortable, light conversations and barter.  Every time the rabbit smiled, he found himself smiling too. Every time he looked at him with those big adorable eyes, he found himself blushing like an idiot only for the rabbit to start blushing too.

After a long stretch of comfortable silence, the rabbit suddenly asked,  “So Kacchan, we are a couple now, right?” Katsuki raised an eyebrow, a little taken aback.

“Yes, why?”  Katsuki couldn’t help the nervousness seeping into his voice.  The bunny looked surprised and quickly answered. He fought villains regularly, but somehow, a couple of words from this bunny makes him anxious.

“Oh no, nothing is wrong. I was just wondering if we are like b-boyfriends or lovers or...” Deku trailed off as he looked at Katsuki, a light blush dusting his cheeks.   Oh.   Katsuki immediately calmed down and returned to his usual temperament.

“What the fuck does it really matter anyway?  It really doesn’t matter what we call each other since it’s not like we are able to tell other people about our relationship. To the public, we are still ‘pet and owner.’ You understand that, right?”  The rabbit’s face flushed even more so, and his ears twitched slightly.

“No, it is more for just sorting my thoughts,”  Deku affirmed.

“Any of those terms are correct. We are dating, lovers, boyfriends, I fucking guess.”  Katsuki blushed and turned away.

“Kacchan is my boyfriend,”  Deku said with a smile and a blush on his face.  Katsuki felt his heart skip a beat. God damn it, why is he so cute?


Izuku happily hummed as he washed some dishes. It has been a couple of days since the two confessed to one another, and the past couple of days have been some of the happiest of his entire life.  It was not like they were doing anything terribly romantic, but just hanging out around each other and enjoying each other’s company—something as simple as that—made his heart flutter so.

But at the same time, it was different than before.  The looks lasted longer and were more intense, expressing their underlying emotions.  The passing brushes and daily contact lingered on his skin, and it all just felt like something more intimate even when it was not strictly so.  And the entire time, Kacchan was careful at every point of the way, ensuring that he was comfortable. Kacchan is so kind. I love him so much .

Izuku was interrupted out of his thoughts while drying the last dish when Kacchan’s phone went off.  He left the phone on the counter’s wireless charger when he went to take a shower. Izuku put down the last dish and hastily hopped over to see who was calling.

“Old Hag”

Izuku blinked as he looked at the caller’s name.   Old Hag?  Izuku couldn’t remember if Kacchan had ever mentioned an “Old Hag” during the entire time Izuku lived here.  Before Izuku could do anything else, the phone stopped ringing. Izuku hummed. He will tell Kacchan about it when he gets out of the shower. However, before he could get more than three steps away, the phone started ringing again.

When he turned back to look, he saw that it was the same caller.  Izuku debated it for a second before grabbing Kacchan’s phone and quickly scampering over to the master bathroom.  Whoever it is, they must have wanted to get a hold of Kacchan now. Knocking on the door beforehand, Izuku timidly opened the bathroom door.


“Deku, what the fuck?”  Kacchan yelled. The phone started ringing again as Izuku timidly walked into the bathroom.

“Someone named ‘Old Hag’ keeps calling.”

“God fucking.” Izuku heard the water go off, and Kacchan swung open the curtain. Izuku felt his face go beet red.  He quickly turned away from the god standing before him as he felt the phone being snatched out of his hand. Moments later, a feminine voice echoed in the bathroom.

“What the hell took you so long, brat?”

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Bun Bun - cringeydoodles

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“What the hell do you want, old hag?”  Katsuki yelled back into the phone.

His heart fluttered in his chest when he heard Deku come into the bathroom so suddenly. However, the second he heard who was calling, his mood immediately dropped.  In one motion, he opened the shower curtain, wrapped a towel around his waist, and grabbed his phone. Deku, however, was red-faced and refusing to look at him.

“Is that any way to talk to your mother, you brat?!”  The old hag yelled through the phone. Katsuki had to hold the phone slightly away from his ear because of said wailing banshee.

“I don’t fucking know. Is that any way to talk to your son?!”  Katsuki rebutted as he felt the hard crease forming between his eyebrows. “I was in the middle of a fucking shower.  Tell me what the hell do you want or I’m hanging up.” Annoyance still laced his voice. However, it was less potent because of the bunny’s cute flustering while trying not to look at him.   Fuck, why is he so cute.

“Just because you are a hot-shot hero doesn’t mean you get to up and forget about your family, you brat.  I haven’t heard from you in months, fucking months.  If it wasn’t for the news reporting about your sorry-ass, I would have thought you were dead in a ditch ages ago!”  

Katsuki groaned. To be honest, the last time Katsuki remembers talking to the old hag was at least over half a year ago, before Deku fell into his life.  He was busy, okay? It’s not like he hates his fucking parents, but what kind of pro fucking hero has their mother bitching at them all the livelong day?

“Well, I’m fucking alive. Happy now?”

“Do I sound happy?”

“Not sure. You always sound like that, naggy.”  A long sigh came from the other end of the phone.

“I just wanted to see if you were coming to the family camping trip, Katsuki, or if you were going to ditch us again this year.”

“Camping trip?”  Deku spoke up for the first time, his head tilted to the side as he looked on in questioning interest.  His cheeks were still a little pink, and he seemed determined to only look at Katsuki’s face. It was adorable and humorous at the same time.  Katsuki pulled the phone away from his ear and put his hand over the receiver to speak to the bunny.

“It’s up in the mountains. Went every year as a kid with the rents.”  Deku’s ears twitched again as he continued to look up with enthusiasm.

“Is someone else there, brat?”  His mother’s voice came over the phone again.  “Wait, wait, were you taking a shower with your lover ?”  The question was followed by a howl of laughter as Kacchan’s cheeks reddened.  “Too busy with some tail to talk to dear old mom?”

“Fucking shit, it’s just Deku,”  Katsuki quickly replied.

“You act like I would know who that is.”

“God fucking, he is my pet rabbit!”  Deku looked a little downcast from that answer, which made Katsuki heart clench.  Their relationship has to stay a fucking secret, though, even from the old hag because of the hell their life would become if it did come to light.

There was a short pause from the other end of the phone. For a moment, Katsuki thought she might have fucked off because the bitchy hag was never that quiet.  But Katsuki was not that lucky for, moments later, she responded.

“You were taking a shower with your pet rabbit?”  Katsuki was stunned for half a moment, and the cheeks of both occupants in the bathroom flushed red.

“HE HANDED ME THE PHONE, YOU BITCH!”  Katsuki was able to screech back, causing Deku to flinch.  He quickly looked over apologetically as the phone roared with laughter from said bitch.  The laughing continued on for far too fucking long until Katsuki had enough and hung up the fucking phone.

“Fucking bitch.”  

“Does Kacchan not like his mother?”  Deku asks hesitantly as he still just stood awkwardly in the bathroom with him, his cheeks still slightly flushed.  

“No, she just always drives me up the fucking walls.”  Katsuki grabbed another towel to start drying off his hair.

“Isn’t that most people?”  The bunny responded wittily, a small smile gracing his lips.  

“Everyone except you,” Katsuki responded. From the corner of his eye, he saw the rabbit fluster further. “You only drive me up the walls half of the time, fluffy butt,”   Katsuki finished with a smirk at the rabbit. “Now get out of the bathroom so I can get dressed. Unless you want to see all of me au naturel,” Katsuki said joking only for the rabbit to turn the most beautiful shade of scarlet as of yet and turned towards the door.  Katsuki couldn’t help but chuckle from that reaction.

However, Deku paused his hand on the doorknob. “But Kacchan is lucky to have gone on all those camping trips with his family.”  The rabbit ears drooped if only slightly. “I’ve never really been out of the city before since I am a house pet. It would have been nice to go.”  

The damn bunny glanced up at him shyly with those damn big green eyes that he loves so much.  Katsuki knew what the rabbit was doing. He was not even trying to be subtle about it. If there is one thing Katsuki Bakugou is not, it is a pushover.  He wouldn't roll over for just anyone that gave him big bunny eyes. So when his phone started ringing again, before the old hag could say a thing, he yelled, “WE’LL FUCKING BE THERE!”  And immediately hung up before the old hag could say anything else to annoy him. The rabbit’s eyes seem to twinkle with excitement as he flung himself at Katsuki. He was so fucking whipped.  

“Thank you, Kacchan,”  the bunny said while rubbing his face against Katsuki’s bare chest, seemingly uncaring that he was still damp.  Katsuki smiled and wrapped his arms around the new, warm fluffy towel. It took him a moment to notice that it suddenly got breezier in the room and another second to figure out it was because the actual towel fell to the floor around his feet.

“Fucking shit.”


Izuku happily hopped beside Kacchan as he trudged his way to his childhood home. They were going to set out for their four-day camping trip from his parent's house since Katsuki didn’t own a car.  

Izuku had to smirk at the blonde’s “disguise” that he insisted on wearing for some reason.  He wore a hoodie with the hood drawn up and large celebrity-like sunglasses, but Katsuki still stood out like a sore thumb.  He was no Stealth Hero, that is to say, the least. In addition to his “disguise,” Katsuki had a large backpack on that matched Izuku’s. However, Izuku’s was smaller and filled with the necessities Kacchan got for him from the outdoor gear store a couple days ago.  

While the trip was not very long, Kacchan asked him more than once if the backpack was too heavy or if he wanted him to carry his bag too for a bit, but Izuku refused each time.

With not much further to their destination, the two found themselves in a pleasant neighborhood and cute park were children were running around.  He smiled happily at one small child that stopped and waved to them. Izuku wondered if Kacchan played here as a small child when a crazy thought crossed Izuku’s mind.

What if they grew up together and were childhood friends?  The thought of young Kacchan made him smile.  They could have played together on this very playground, so happy and young.  Then another, even crazier thought crossed his mind.  What if he was a human?  He could have gone to school with Kacchan and enjoyed each and every day with him, Izuku's tail wagged slightly at just the thought.  Maybe he even could have been a hero too?  At that Izuku couldn't help himself and giggled in delight.

“What’s so funny, bunny butt?”

Izuku felt his cheeks redden slightly. “Nothing, just daydreaming!” Izuku said cheerfully as he reached out his hand and grabbed Kacchan’s to hold.  

Kacchan quickly looked down at him. “Izuku, we can’t—”  Izuku squeezed Kacchan’s hand in his even though he was so much larger than his own. He hoped Kacchan could feel all his emotions through something so simple of a gesture.  Kacchan smiled for just a moment and squeezed Izuku’s hand back before letting go. “Come on, Deku. Let’s get a move on.”


They arrived at a large home with arched roofs located just a couple blocks away from several high rise apartment buildings.  Izuku marveled at the house that Kacchan grew up in. While not rich per se, it was clearly the home of a well-off household.  Without much patience, Kacchan stomped up to the door and started banging.

“Open up, old hag!”  Izuku stood awkwardly a bit behind Kacchan, not knowing what to expect when the door finally opened.  “Open up already or I am blowing down the fucking door!” The door swung open moments later to reveal something Izuku definitely was not expecting.

“Blowdown that door, and I swear to god I don’t care how old you are, Katsuki Bakugou, you’ll be grounded.”  The woman standing there looked like a female Kacchan; the eyes, the hair—the attitude even—it was all the same.  The second most surprising thing about her was, if Izuku didn’t recognize the voice from the phone call, he would have thought her to be an older sister, not a woman old enough to have a child in their twenties.

“Oh, and this would be my brat’s cute little bunny?”  Izuku attention was quickly drawn to the female Kacchan look-alike that was quickly approaching him.  “I guess I have you to thank for convincing my idiot son?” Izuku nervously nodded to Kacchan’s mother who smiled happily, and within moments, Izuku found himself being hugged by the woman.  “Thank you.”

Izuku’s mind blanked, not expecting to be hugged or for his face to be pressed up against her breast.  Somewhere in his mind, he knew this was a harmless act of gratitude, but that part was losing quickly. She was a lot like Kacchan, but she wasn’t Kacchan; her smell was very different and her body was a lot softer.  His heart started thumping in his chest, and his ears started to shake.

“Old hag, back the fuck up!”  Kacchan yelled, and moments later, the woman was forced to release her hold on him by one angry Kacchan.  Slightly dizzy, Izuku grabbed ahold of Kacchan’s closest arm.

“Huh?  What’s the big deal? I was thanking him for dragging your sorry ass home?”  Kacchan completely ignored his mother and instead kneeled down in front of Izuku.  

“Breathe, Deku.” Izuku followed his instructions.  “Are you okay?” Kacchan was slapped upside the back of his head, surprising Izuku.  All of his senses trained in on the danger that was Kacchan’s mother.

“What the hell, brat?  How lowly do you think of your mother that you would think I would hurt such a sweet bunny?”  Kacchan’s mother only continued to look more like Kacchan than before, her brows scrunched up and a familiar sneer on her face.  Kacchan turned around harshly to glare daggers at his mother.

“He has fuck anxiety issues, you bitch. Being around and touched by unfamiliar people can trigger panic attacks.”  Kacchan turned his attention back to him. However, he could also feel another pair of red eyes carefully studying him.

“Do you need a moment, Deku, or are you fine?”   Izuku blinked as he looked into Kacchan’s worried red eyes and smiled softly.

“I am okay, Kacchan. I was just taken aback for a moment because I didn’t expect it.”

“If you guys are done fighting out here, why don’t you come in. I’ve made some tea.”  Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin at the new voice of an older man. Izuku quickly zeroed in on a man with glasses and warm eyes standing in the doorway.   Kacchan’s dad?

“Thanks, honey,” Kacchan’s mother said while walking towards the door and gave the man a kiss on his cheek. “Come on, boys. Get your asses in here!”


Mitsuki watched as the bunny trailed in after her son into her house.  She was honestly extremely surprised that her brat of a son would actually agree to one of these family outings after so many years.  The brat took after her, so she knows just how stubborn he can be. But he ended up changing his mind in a matter of seconds. It was made very clear that there was another person—or rather a rabbit—influencing that change in his heart.  

Never in one hundred years did she think that her son would take care of another living thing, period, let alone this cute fluffy bunny.  But here he was, strolling up to her doorstep with a sweet-faced rabbit in tow. He really was so cute and fluffy. Katsuki never seemed to have a soft spot for anything before, but now she is not so sure.

“So you are the little rabbit my son adopted?”  her husband asked as he poured the tea for everyone while her son moved his chair to be right next to the rabbit.

“Y-yes, sir. My name is Izuku, but Kacchan calls me Deku.”  Mitsuki scanned the rabbit’s scars that littered his exposed skin. Coupled with what her son said, she concluded that he must have been a rescue pet, which doesn’t help her understand why her son now owns him since rescue pets generally need much more time and dedication to deal with both physical and mental scars.

Masaru hummed as he placed the cream and sugar on the table. Even though he wouldn’t say it out loud, he has been missing the loud energy the house used to have when the brat was living under their roof.  

Mitsuki turned her attention back to the rabbit and her son and felt like she was suddenly thrown into the Twilight Zone as she watched her son help the bunny make his tea and even get up to get some honey out of the cabinet for him.  He then proceeded to pet the rabbit’s head and gave him a warm smile as the rabbit drank his tea.

Who the fuck is that because it is not my fucking asshole son?!

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Bun BUn

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tips_fedora_m_ladyy Bun Bun

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“Make sure you piss before piling into the car,” Mitsuki yelled to the three others.

“Fuck off!  We are all fucking adults. We don’t need to be nagged at by an old hag like you!”  her son screeched back as he threw his stuff into the truck and was followed by the rabbit, Izuku, who did the same, however, much more carefully.  

Since the two arrived, they have been attached at the hip.  While the rabbit’s anxiety could explain some of it, something nagged her that there more going on here.  Katsuki was never an outwardly caring individual. At best, he was begrudging and forceful with his “caring.”  But there was no reluctance when it came to Izuku; he was freely giving affection. The small verbal jabs were defanged nips that she even dare say seemed playful.

Katsuki angrily opened the door to the backseat and ducked in to sit down, Izuku following right behind him, staring at her son for just a moment, his cute little tail wagging.  Mitsuki’s eyes widened and her jaw hit the floor when the rabbit just started climbing over him to get to the other seats.

“What the fuck, Deku?”  Katsuki yelled, looking peeved. However, after living with him for the better part of eighteen years, his words lacked the venom she has come to expect from her shitty brat.  “You could have fucking walked to the other fucking door. It’s open.”

“Oh,” the rabbit said as he flopped down in the middle seat, a small blush spread across his face. “I am sorry, Kacchan. I didn’t know.”  Her son grunted and rolled his eyes as he started to pet the rabbit’s head.

“Silly rabbit.”   Is he fucking smiling?!   She looked over at her husband to see if he was seeing what she was seeing, but he was doing god knows what on his phone.   My son doesn't smile like that.  


Izuku’s tail began to wag, and his foot began to bounce as Kacchan’s father started the car, and their adventure began.  He shuffled to the free seat next to the door to have a better look out of the window as Kacchan’s father slowly pulled out of the driveway.  He couldn’t wait to get there.

“Calm down, Deku. It will be a couple hours until we get there.”  Izuku’s ears drooped, if only a bit, as he slid back beside Kacchan in the middle seat.  Kacchan then reached over him, and Izuku began to blush.

“W-what are—” before he was even able to finish his question Kacchan had grabbed the seatbelt, buckled him up, and then adjusted it so that it was placed properly across his body.  Their legs were brushing against one another.

“No flying bunnies today,”  Kacchan said bluntly, and Izuku couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.  “What’s so funny, Deku?” Izuku shook his head.

“Nothing, Kacchan, you are just the best!”  he said cheerfully.

“Of fucking course I am,”  Kacchan boasted with only the tiniest of blushes gracing his cheeks.

“Who knew my son could be cute, and all it took was a compliment from his cutie pie pet rabbit!” Kacchan’s mother spoke up. For the first time, they noticed she had the sun visor flipped down and was looking at the two of them through the mirror.  “All these years of acting like a brat when a fluffy cuddle bunny was all you needed to be cute and sensible? ”  she asked in a mocking tone.

“I am not fucking cute!”  Kacchan spat as he kicked his knee into the back of her seat.

“I guess your right,” Izuku noticed the amused look in her eyes as she shrugged. “The bunny that you let walk all over you is cute.”

“Deku doesn’t fucking walk all over me, you dumb hag!”  

“You let him literally crawl right over you a couple minutes ago and barely batted an eye!  When you were a brat, you would beat anyone up that just looked at you funny!  Tell me: would you even be here right now if it wasn’t for your sweet little bun-bun?”  Mitsuki sneered with an impish glare.

“Fuck you!”  Kacchan’s mother started to cackle.  “Deku, hold on tight. I am going to open the door, and we are going to barrel roll out of this hell hole.”  Izuku had only a moment to process but quickly grabbed Kacchan in a death hold as he reached for the door handle.  But when he pulled it, it did not open.

“DID YOU PUT THE CHILD LOCKS ON THE DOORS?”  The howl of laughter erupted from the front seat. Even Kacchan’s dad seemed to be chuckling even if only slightly.  

“It’s what you do when you have an immature child in the backseat.”


After his threats of blowing up the car were foiled by logic and a rabbit’s pout, the rest of the ride was mostly uneventful.  Katsuki had enough, so he focused instead on the passing scenery. He was still looking out the window as Deku started to lean up against him.  When he looked over, the rabbit’s eyes were drooping, and within a couple minutes, he was napping on his shoulder. He expected as much. Deku wasn’t able to sleep much the previous night because he was too excited.  Katsuki smiled warmly and started rubbing the rabbit’s back.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of red, and his smile was immediately replaced with a sneer.  She was watching. It was quickly sinking in that they were going to have to be fucking careful since she was pulling this mother hawk bullshit.  He can’t underestimate her. She was a lot of things—a shitty mother, a nag, a pain in his ass—but she was not an idiot.

The car drove off the main road and turned onto a dirt one on the last leg of their destination.  The sudden jostling the car had Deku stirring to life.

“K-kacchan?”  the rabbit asked bleary-eyed.

“We are here, Deku,”  he said softly. The bunny’s eyes shot open and renewed excited filled his body as he looked wildly out of both windows.  He hopped up and down in the restraints of the seatbelt. Katsuki laughed as he placed a hand on his shoulder. “Calm down, bunny butt.”

“Bunny butt?  That is adorable!”  The hag was, once again, laughing.


“We are here,”  the old man said calmly as he pulled into a familiar clearing, effectively diffusing the tension in the car.  They had to wait in the back seat until the harpy finally opened it, Deku once again climbing over him. He then had to flip off the laughing bitch as he stretched his arms and legs.

Katsuki laughed as the rabbit bounced around the clearing, his ears were turning in every direction, and his nose was twitching like there was no tomorrow.  He was bouncing around the nearby trees but was careful enough to stay within his sight. He didn’t even realize that he was once again smiling until the bitch teased him for it.  Katsuki told her off as he went to get his and Deku’s tent to set up. Katsuki was half way finishing putting up the tent when he sensed that someone was behind him.

“Done exploring?”

“For now.  Does Kacchan need some help?”  Deku asked thoughtfully. Katsuki chuckled.

“Can you connect together the other metal poles?”  The rabbit nodded happily.

What was left off the day was spent on setting up camp and doing some light hiking to help Deku get more comfortable with the area.  There was a small stream a short distance away from the camp’s clearing, and a little way farther, Katsuki pointed out the path that inclined upwards to rockier terrain.  It was on their way back to camp when Deku asked a question that had Katsuki laughing out loud.

“What?  It’s a serious question!”  The rabbit pouted and stomp his foot.  “I really need to go!”

“Then go Deku!  Piss on that tree, that tree, or that one.” Katsuki smirked as he pointed to the three closest trees. “You have all the options in the forest!”  The rabbit stared at him in horror, his eyes widening and ears lowering in realization.

“You mean there are no toilets?”

“Not unless you want to walk four miles down the dirt road every time you need to take a leak.”  The rabbit stared at him like he was waiting for the punchline to a joke. Katsuki shrugged. There was no such luck for his poor city rabbit.  His nose twitched as he looked around at the trees as understanding crashed over him.

“I just go?”  Katsuki nodded his head. “Y-you are not allowed to look.”  The bunny says with a blush as he went behind the closest tree.   God damn it. He is so cute.


The tent was already heating up from the morning sun when Katsuki woke up to Deku sleeping soundly on his chest.  Katsuki smiled at his cute little lover. A part of him wanted to stay like this for a little longer, but it was time to get up, so he poked his soft, pink cheeks until he woke up.

Today they would be going to do some rock climbing. Katsuki knew a good place for beginners—ironically named Bunny Hill.  Upon exiting their tent, only his old man seemed to be up and was sitting at the wooden picnic table. He looked up from his phone and gave a small wave as Katsuki went to grab breakfast for the two.

“Deku, put on your shoes before we go.”  The rabbit frowned mid-bite but nodded. In preparation for this trip, they got the rabbit a pair of hiking shoes with custom orthosis for the rabbit’s foot.  Deku, like most pets, preferred going barefoot, but that didn’t stop the rabbit from choosing the most god-awful bright red shoes when given the chance. Once he finished his breakfast, the rabbit bounded over to grab his shoes before returning to the table.

“Can you help me tie them?”  Katsuki rolled his eyes but still got down on one knee in front of him just as the old hag walked out of her tent.

“What fairytale princess shit did I walk out on?”  Never a fucking moment of peace!

“Deku, we are leaving,”  He said as he, in record time, tied the rabbit’s shoes.

“Have fun boys!”  Katsuki flipped her off as he grabbed their bags and started leading the way to Bunny Hill.  He stomped all the way until the path became an incline and the rabbit called for him to slow down.  As Katsuki looked back at Deku, he was met with the humorous sight of Deku walking awkwardly in his shoes. It was almost enough to completely melt away the annoyance he felt towards his mother.

“Sorry.”  The bunny frowned and looked towards his bright red shoes.

“It’s okay. The show you just gave me was more than enough to make up for it.”  Deku shook his head.

“No, not for that.  Kacchan is not having a good time.”  Katsuki blinked as he looked down at his little lover.

“What makes you think I am not having a good time?”  He arched an eyebrow as green eyes looked up to meet his.

“B-because you and your mother aren’t getting along, and I am the only reason you are here, and—”  Katsuki hushed him and started petting the rabbit’s fluffy mop of hair with a soft smile on his face.  

“The shit between me and the hag are fucked up,” Katsuki’s hand traveled down so he was now cupping one of Deku’s warm cheeks, “but we don’t hate each other.   We annoy each other to no end, but at the end of the day, we still fucking care for each other. Isn’t that what a family is for? Besides, I would deal with a hundred scream banshees just to spend this time with you.”  The rabbit’s face turned just about as red as his shoes.

“K-kacchan, I—” the rabbit suddenly stopped mid-sentence as his head turned to the side, ears perked and nose twitching like crazy.  His eyes were locked on something unseen to the blonde over in the direction of some trees and brushes. “Something is over there,” Deku said in a hushed voice.

Immediately, red flags went off as Katsuki, in one movement, got in front of Deku in a protective stance.  After waiting a few moments only for nothing to jump out at them, Katsuki took a couple quiet steps forward, Deku close at his heel.  He was preparing for the worse on the other side of the brush—a bear, a crazed serial killer, his mother—but the one thing he didn’t expect was something small and fluffy.

“Don’t worry, Deku. It’s just a cousin of yours.”  Katsuki chuckled as he kept his voice down. About five meters away was a small brown wild rabbit sitting completely still except for its nose.  His rabbit took another step closer, allowing him to see the wild one, his eyes wide as his nose also twitching.

“It’s so cute,”  Deku whispered. I know a cuter rabbit.  

“You should go talk to it. Maybe invite him over for lunch.” Deku gave him a side eye with a small frown. “What?  I'm not saying it will be lunch!”  


It was late in the afternoon when her son and his pet returned to the campsite.  From across the clearing, Mitsuki watched the rabbit hop circles around her son as Katsuki smiled.  She couldn’t make out what they were saying, but suddenly, the rabbit stuck his tongue out, and within moments, her son started chasing the rabbit around.  She would have been worried about the poor bunny if it wasn’t for the soft, playful expression on her son’s face and what she has seen from their interactions in the past day.

They chased one another for several minutes. Every time the rabbit seemed cornered, he would quickly duck or dodge out of the way just in time.  At this point, she wasn’t even sure how much her son was holding himself back for the nimble rabbit.

Then, just as suddenly as it started, Katsuki stopped dead in his tracks for no apparent reason.  After a moment, the rabbit looked back when he discovered that he was no longer being followed and turned to her son.  Timidly, he approached him with his ears at full attention, every so often backtracking a couple paces, waiting for her son, the statue, to move.  

Only when he got within arms reach and was looking up at her son’s face did he finally move, and with one seamless motion, Katsuki had launched himself at the rabbit and brought them both to the ground.  Their faces were centimeters away from one another’s with a look that no one could mistake, they were the expressions of two people in love.

She was only startled out her peeping by a sudden kiss on her cheek.

“God fucking.” Mitsuki slaps her husband playfully. “I am not as young as I look. You could have given me a heart attack!”  He chuckled as he wrapped his arm around he shoulder and looked over to their son and his rabbit.

“They remind me of us when we were younger.”  Mitsuki’s eyes widened.

“Honey, you—” A smile spread across her face. “Of course you have noticed it too.”  Across the way, the younger couple was laughing lovingly, the rabbit now somehow straddling her son, Katsuki's hands on the rabbit's hips in a suggestive way.  Is he even fucking trying to hide it?

“I can’t believe our son is a furry,”  she deadpanned. Masaru chuckled.

“You never know when love will sneak up on you. It often happens in ways and forms you least expect.”

“Ew, I married a wise old man.”  Marasu squeezed her shoulder.

“Would you have liked me any other way?”  Mitsuki chuckled and leaned on her husband as they both watched the younger couple.

“Should we go talk to him about it?  I mean our baby’s first relationship is with his pet rabbit.”  He hummed and looked back at the two for a moment before answering.

“No, I think we should let it go, for now, wait until he tells us first.”  Mitsuki snorted.

“And just how long do you think that will take?”

“He is your son, so we will be lucky if learn about it within the next decade.”  Mitsuki groaned.

“It would be so much easier and more fun to just walk over there now.”  Masaru sighed.


“You are no fun anymore!”

“I am a lot of fun.” Masaru pointed to his phone that, for the first time, she noticed was propped up and was recording the field.  “I’ve been taking pictures and videos of them this entire trip.”

“No fucking way!  I love you!”


“I think I just threw up in my mouth.”  Izuku looked over, his head tilted in confusion.  He followed the blonde’s gaze to find Kacchan’s mother and father making out across the clearing.  Izuku chuckled and smiled.

“It must be nice to be so in love for so long.”

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BUn bun

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“I’ll be right back, Deku,”  Kacchan said as he stood up from the table.  It was the third day of the camping trip, and everyone was sitting around, eating breakfast.  Izuku curiously looked at the blonde until he picked up the shovel with toilet paper and a small bag along with its pole.   Oh.  “Old man, make sure your wife doesn’t fucking do something to scare Deku.”  Izuku looked over to the Bakugous sitting across the table from him. Kacchan’s father chuckled lightly before returning to his breakfast while his mother rolled her eyes.

“Don’t worry. We'll take good care of your ‘bunny butt’,” she said jestingly.

“I fucking mean it,” Kacchan growled the warning. “Not a hair out of place.”  Kacchan’s mother snorted.

“Yeah, yeah, go take a shit already, brat.”  Kacchan’s mother waved him off, and after a moment of hesitation, Kacchan marched off into the woods.  Izuku felt suddenly out of place without Kacchan sitting next to him.

“So do you think that was on purpose?”  Kacchan’s mother asked.

“Most likely not,” Kacchan’s father answered as he started gathering the garbage off the table.  Red eyes then shifted to him, and Izuku quickly looked down to avoid her sharp glare.

He didn’t know exactly what to expect from this woman.  She was Kacchan’s mother. However, they didn’t seem to have a very good relationship.  He mused the previous night before falling asleep that it might be because of how similar they are in both looks and personality.  Maybe they are like two like charges that couldn’t stand being near one another? Kacchan said they had always been like this, clashing all the time and his dad stepping in to be the mediator whenever either one of them become too heated.

Kacchan would go on to tell him that, looking back, she was a driving force that pushed him to succeed.  She didn’t blindly praise him but pushed him towards his goals in some kind of “spartan parenting method,” as he put it.  But Izuku still felt that it was a little severe, especially for a mother. However, since the previous afternoon, things have calmed down significantly.  

“So ‘bunny butt’,” Izuku’s ears twitched as he focused on her voice, “how did you end up living with my brat of a son?”  Izuku kept his head lowered as he spoke.

“K-Kacchan saved me,” Izuku couldn’t help but blush slightly. “He is my hero.”

“Saved you, huh.  So you weren’t in a shelter then?”  Izuku shook his head.

“N-no, he saved me off the street. I-I was just about to give up hope when he found me.”  Izuku voice cracked slightly as an onslaught of emotions swept over him anew. What would have happened if Kacchan didn’t find him that day?  Would he even be alive? Would he have died there not knowing how it felt to be in love and be loved back? He was surprised by the few tears that escaped his eyes.  

“Oh, sweetheart,” Izuku felt a shift in the table and listened as Kacchan’s mother came around to sit next to him.  He stiffened and looked up, not knowing what to expect, only to be surprised by how concerned she actually looked. For the first time since he met her, he actually thought she looked like a mother rather than Kacchan’s sister.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dig up any bad memories,” she suddenly looked hesitant as she raised her arms awkwardly.  It took a moment, but it dawned on him that she had wanted to comfort him with a hug. He took a deep breath as he looked up into red eyes so similar to the ones he loves and shyly nodded.  She was a good person, maybe a bit too combative like her son, but she was caring in her own way. Kacchan’s mother blinked in surprise before smiling as she calmly wrapped her arms him.

It felt different than the first time she hugged him. It was not forceful and scary; it was warm and comforting.  It was a different kind of safe than when Kacchan hugged him. If anything, it was much closer to getting a hug from his own mother.  Her scent still confused him for it was similar to and yet different than Kacchan’s, but it wasn’t bad. It was sweet but in a different way.  Izuku found himself snuggling up to her as she lightly pets his head.

“Feeling any better?”  Izuku nods without pulling away from her hold.  She sighs as Izuku wipes his stray tears onto her shirt.  “I’m glad my shirt can be of use to you.” Izuku chuckled lightly as his tail began to wag.  “Do you want to talk about what happened or...” she trailed off.

“I was just thinking about how lucky I was that Kacchan found me.” Izuku paused. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For this.”  For Kacchan.

“Dah, you are such a little cutie. No wonder my boy likes you so much!” Izuku was frozen as he looked up at the woman.   Does she know?  But they were being so careful not to do anything out of the ordinary for pet and owner to do, haven’t they?   No, no Izuku don’t overthink things. She didn’t mean that kind of “like.”

“He is a little idiot and doesn’t get along with a lot of people because of the mountain-sized chip on his shoulder,” she continued.  “The fact that he opened his home and heart up to you,” she looked over his shoulder for a second, “a pet, is remarkable in itself. Basically, since that brat popped out of me, he never willingly did anything he didn’t want to do.”  She chuckled “Likely the reason he has not once brought a girl home.”


Katsuki came back to the clearing to a very unexpected scene. Of all the things he expected, Deku happily leaning into his mother’s breasts while she scratched behind his ears was not one of them.  He would have bitched her out on the spot if it was not for his dopey grin and how a furry leg was even thumping along lazily.

Katsuki wasn’t stupid enough to think that he was all the social interaction Deku will need, so it was a good thing that he had this opportunity to interact with other people.  However, looking at the two, he felt slightly annoyed and a pit formed in his stomach. He didn’t like the fact it took them less than five fucking minutes to get all buddy-buddy without him.  Then the old hag looked up and saw him across the clearing, and she smirked. Fucking bitch!   He was going to be nice, but now he thought, fuck that as, he dropped the shovel and started marching over only to be intercepted halfway there by his old man.

“I’ve gotten to talk to you much, but thank you for coming this year.  It’s been quiet around the house.”

“Yeah, whatever,” he glared daggers over at the hag. However, she was looking down at Deku instead. “Thank Deku then.”  The old man chuckled.

“He is quite something, isn’t he?” Katsuki raised an eyebrow. “I just mean that I never expected you—and no offense, son—to ever have a pet, let alone such a cute one.  He must be really special.” Katsuki peered over at Deku. His big bunny ears dropped and relaxed, and his tail was still wagging.

“He is.  I was lucky to find him,” Katsuki said sincerely.  The old man nodded with a small smile as he directed them back to the table.  “Deku.” The rabbit’s ears perked up when Katsuki spoke, and he turned to face him with a smile on his face.

“Kacchan!” the bunny cheered as he removed himself from the hag’s hold to run towards him at full force.  Katsuki grunted as the rabbit collided with his chest, but he didn’t falter when wrapping his arms around his fluffy bunny.  “Kacchan,” he mumbled into his chest as he rubbed up against it. Katsuki looked over at his mother with a cocky smirk only for her to shrug.

“It looks like I straight up lose to my son.”   That is fucking right, bitch. He is mine.  


Izuku looked over at Kacchan as the sun slowly started to set. His feet started to become sore in these shoes.  Kacchan said that he wanted to bring him somewhere, and since then, they have been hiking farther up the mountainous terrain.

“Kacchan, how much farther?” Izuku whined.  Kacchan looked back for only a moment.

“We are almost there.” Izuku groaned. He said the same thing forever ago, or maybe it was just a couple of minutes ago.  Kacchan offered him a hand as he guided him along a narrow opening between a rock and a hard tree covered in moss. “Just through here.” He had a happy smirk on his face, and for a second, Izuku forgot all about his fatigue.  He eagerly grabbed ahold of the blonde’s hand as he was led into the new space.

Izuku’s eyes widened slightly at the beautifully enclosed clearing overlooking the camping grounds far below.  It was like an alcove along the side of the mountain with long swaying grass and tall trees. A stream pooled slightly at one end of the clearing, where frogs could be heard croaking, and ran along the one end of the clearing before it continued down the mountain, likely fed by the larger stream closer to camp.  Stars just barely started to peak out in the blue, purple, and orange sky.

“Wow,” Izuku managed to whisper.

“Yeah, I found this place as a kid,”  Kacchan snickered. “I scared the shit out of the old hag when I first found this place because I was like five, and I didn’t come back until long after dark.  My ass is still fucking sore.” Izuku slowly walked around the small area, taking in the breathtaking view. “I use to call it my secret base. No one else was allowed.  You are the first person I brought here.”  Izuku turned to look at Kacchan, the lightest dusting of pink on his cheeks.  Izuku smiled and then started to laugh as he proceeded to jump into the blonde’s arms with enough force to cause them to fall backward.


“Thank you, Kacchan.”  Izuku’s cheeks warmed as he looked into the peeved red eyes. “I-I love you.”  Kacchan let out a sigh, and his face quickly softened as he wrapped his arms tightly around Izuku’s back and waist.

“I love you, too, my cute little bunny.” Kacchan’s blush intensified as he squeezed him close to his body.  Izuku giggled at all the attention and began rubbing his chin on the blond happily while Kacchan traced light patterns on his back with his nails.  He felt so safe and warm that Izuku closed his eyes and started lightly grinding his teeth, making a small purring noise.

Izuku was almost lulled to sleep when Kacchan stopped his gentle massage.  Wanting Kacchan to continue, Izuku nipped whatever of Kacchan’s was closest to his mouth.  From its texture, Izuku assumed it to be his shirt.

“Deku?” Izuku hummed in response. “Don’t fall asleep on me.”  Izuku felt a hand on one side of his face. Taking this as an opportunity, Izuku turned his head slightly and started nipping at Kacchan’s hand.

“More.  Petting.  Please,” Izuku begged between the light nips of Kacchan’s fingers, which only caused a chuckle to rumble out of the chest he was currently laying on.

“I will, but only if you open your eyes, fluffy buns,”  Kacchan said softly as he took his hand away from nipping range.  Izuku pouted. “You won’t regret it,” Kacchan added, and Izuku begrudgingly opened his eyes only to be confused.  How did Kacchan get all the stars down here?

Izuku blinked to try and focus on the small lights that surrounded them.  They moved and faded in and out of existence, not quite like the twinkling of stars, which he noticed the more he looked at them.  But it was only when one of those lights came close to his nose and he had to practically cross his eyes to see the true source of the tiny lights that he realized what they were.   Fireflies.  There were hundreds of them.

Izuku sat up on Kacchan’s chest and looked around the clearing in wonder.  It was filled with little lightning bugs. It was surreal and so very beautiful. With the countless-stars above and fireflies around, it was breathtaking.

On a whim, Izuku reached out his hand to the nearest firefly.  It tried to dodge. However, Izuku was quicker, and now he had one tiny light in his hand.  He giggled as he felt the small movements on his palms. He held onto the little bug for just a moment, it's light disappearing, and he opened his hand to see it sitting still for just a moment before taking off again.   Kacchan chuckled from beneath him, bringing Izuku’s attention back to the man he was currently straddling.

“I told you-you wouldn’t regret it.” Izuku’s heart skipped a beat.  Somehow, even with all the beauty surrounding them, to him, the most beautiful thing was this man—the man he loves.  In the low light, Izuku would call him dazzling. His spiky hair sprawled across the earth and grass, his warm eyes so filled with love, a cocky smirk adorning his lips.  At that moment, Izuku felt a yearning spread through him. It wasn’t uncontrollable like his heat.

Before he completely realized it, he was leaning forward until his face was but centimeters away from Kacchan’s.  His red eyes widened. His cheeks flushed at the sudden closeness, and as he opened his mouth to speak, Izuku closed the rest of the distance between them, their lips pressing together.  His lips were firm against his own, neither moving and just holding the contact, but his heart was a flutter. At that moment, he wasn’t scared; he wasn’t thinking about his past, the rest of the world, or the future.  It was just him and Kacchan—together in such simple contact.

As Izuku pulled away, Kacchan’s face was the same color as his shocked eyes, and it only then did the realization of what he just did hit him.  He could feel his heart beating in his ears, and his head started to spin. WHAT DID I JUST DO?   Izuku started to sit up but was stopped by a warm hand on his cheek.

“Izuku,” Kacchan cradled his cheek and leaned up to press their lips together again.

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shin-kitty 1

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“Finally fucking home,” Katsuki shouted out as he dropped his bag on the floor of his entrance way and landed his ass on the plush couch.  He will deal with that shit later. Deku followed him, looking awkwardly at Katsuki’s bag before setting his own bag down next to it. The rabbit has been awkward ever since they shared kisses that night.  Was it too soon for him? He was actually surprised it only took him a couple of weeks to warm up to the idea of kissing, even if it was only chaste ones.

Katsuki brushed his fingertips across his lips.  Never in one hundred years did he think his first kiss would be so soft and innocent nor did it even cross his mind the one he would share it with would be neither a woman nor human. But he wouldn’t forget the moment those big green eyes looked down at him, half-lidded and soft, and when pink lips pressed against his own in the light of the fireflies.

Deku sat down on the far side of the couch. His ears perked, and his nose was twitching quickly. However, his head was lowered and turned away from Katsuki.  Does he regret kissing him?

The night before, he didn’t seem to be nervous or scared. He was extremely relaxed as they peppered each other with small kisses until he fell asleep.  The next morning, he woke up without a rabbit cuddling him for the first time in weeks. Since then, the rabbit has been careful not to touch him, and it had him feeling... dejected. Now, it was starting to piss him off.  

Katsuki looked out the window. It was getting late, and they have yet to have dinner.  Katsuki didn’t want to leave now that he was finally home, but he definitely didn’t want to fucking cook.  Katsuki groaned.

“Deku,” the rabbit flinched in surprise and looked over at him, “go take a shower. We are going out for dinner.”   We will talk after we get some food in our stomachs.


Izuku stood under the steady stream of the shower. The sensation of warm water running down his skin and his fur felt amazing after those four days.  He was starting to feel grimy, and his fur was getting greasy. Izuku squeezed a little extra of his Sugar Cinnamon shampoo onto his hand before he started rubbing it into his fur in soothing circles, frowning when he found some small matted areas.  Maybe after dinner, he will ask Kacchan to groom his fur. It always feels so good, and his fur shines after he’s finished.

Kacchan.   Izuku’s cheeks reddened as he looked hazily into blank space.  

He kissed Kacchan then Kacchan kissed him back, and it was amazing.  He wasn’t scared; it wasn’t like before. His heart was beating fast for a very different reason.  Izuku touched his lips, and a smile came onto his face. He just couldn’t believe that kissing could feel good for him.

When he woke up this morning, he was both thrilled and flustered.  His mind was racing. Everything from last night felt like a dream where, every time they kissed, he was flying.  And even now, everywhere they touched, he could feel static, and he knew that the moment Kacchan woke up, he would be able to feel his heart beating fast.  He found himself getting light-headed and needed some fresh air.

He was a little surprised to find that Kacchan’s mother was already up, and when she looked over at him, she immediately started to smirk.  It took him a moment to realize that his face was likely very red right now.  He quickly hurried away from her prying eyes, making a mental note to be more careful during the rest of the trip.

When Kacchan finally woke up, he grumpily grabbed his breakfast and sat down next to him.  Their legs brushed up against each other, and Izuku found himself yipping in surprise as that same static rushed through his system, and he could feel his cheeks growing warm once again.  

Three sets of eyes were suddenly on him, and the great outdoors suddenly felt suffocating.  Izuku coughed and brought his legs together so they were no longer brushing against each other.   For now, at least , he thought. He had to wait until he got his emotions under control or was no longer under suspecting eyes.  He will tell Kacchan as soon as they get some time alone.

That time alone never seemed to come.  Every time he thought that he and Kacchan were alone, he would hear the creaking steps of one or the smell of another that was far too close, which caused Izuku to become increasingly paranoid.  So for the rest of the day, Izuku was careful with his interactions with Kacchan, going out of his way to avoid contact.

Soon enough, they were packing everything into the car once more and heading home.  Izuku, this time, chose to take the far window seat and looked out the window the entire way back.  Kacchan’s father ended up driving them the entire way back to Kacchan’s apartment, which Izuku was thankful for since his feet were really sore.

Finally, in the safety of their home, Izuku flopped down on the far end of the couch, away from Kacchan.  He had been thinking about what to say all day. However, suddenly he felt tongue-tied. His heart was beating wildly in his chest, and his cheeks were, once again, growing pink.  Now that they are alone, they can kiss again, right? A part of him was even fantasizing that, the moment the apartment door closed, Kacchan would kiss him again like the night before.  But they were both just sitting there, awkwardly, on opposite sides of the couch. That is until Kacchan said that he should take a shower and that they were going out to eat. Izuku was worried that Kacchan was angry at him for avoiding him all day, but he guessed he was wrong.

Izuku started rubbing the conditioner into his fur, a blush still on his cheeks. Kacchan and he have gone out to eat several times since they met, but this would be the first time since they officially became lovers.  He knew in his mind that it wasn’t a date, but Izuku couldn’t help but think that it was. He had never been on a date before, of course, but he has seen other people on them, and for a long time, he thought he didn’t desire such happiness.   But this was definitely not a date.

Izuku jumped at the rapid knocking at the door, nearly slipping on the slippery surface if he didn’t catch himself.  

“Deku, did you drown in there or something?”  Kacchan yelled from the other side of the bathroom door.

“N-no, Kacchan, I’ll be done in just a minute,”  Izuku called back out.

“I know you like your bathing, but forty-five minutes is pushing it.”  He quickly rinsed off the conditioner before turning the water off and opening the curtain.  It was only when he was on his second towel and nearly completely dry when he noticed that he didn’t bring any clean clothes.   Oops.  Oh well, better go get it.

Izuku opened the door to get some clothes from his room. Maybe he will get his dress shirt out for tonight.  Izuku smiled only for it to fade moments later when he realized that Kacchan was waiting right outside the door.  Izuku didn’t understand why, but a mortified look, followed by an extreme blush, overcame the blonde’s face and ears.  It was downright comical. He had to hold back a laugh as he started spurting nonsensical words until he finally got out a sentence.



“I still don’t understand what was so bad about me not wearing clothes, Kacchan.”  The damn rabbit said, his fur still slightly damp as he walked out of his room. “When you found me, I wasn’t wearing any clothes.  And when you gave me a bath before, you—”

“That was fucking different, and you know it,”  Katsuki said quickly. He could still very vividly remember every fucking detail of the rabbit’s body.   He never noticed before that Deku had some damn fine hips and that his fur clung to them just right to show those pronounced curves.  It fucking made sense. Deku was an Omega; he was soft, but at the same time, he could see the strong, tight muscles he had been gaining as he kept up with his routine.  

The bunny’s face still didn’t look convinced. “Let’s put it this way: if you walk around fucking bare-assed, I will, too,”  Katsuki smirked as Deku’s face turned tomato red.

“N-no, don’t do that,” he cried as his nose twitched adorably. “My heart wouldn’t be able to take it yet!”

“You think it would be any different for me?!  You can’t just spring all of,” Katsuki motioned to the rabbit’s fit little body, “ that on me like it is nothing.  We are not pet and owner anymore Deku.”  The rabbit looked down, blush still dusting his cheeks. He almost definitely had a flush to match.  Katsuki put a hand on his face. The two were a match made in heaven, both blushing idiots that couldn’t seem to function as pet and owner or lovers.

“W-will, with time, our h-heart grow stronger together?”  Deku asked with a small voice, his ears lowered as his hand messed with them.  He was so tiny. Katsuki placed his hand on the bunny’s damp hair and rustled it playfully.  He will protect him with his life.

“That was so corny, bunny butt.” Deku looked up enough for Katsuki to see the small pout upon his lips. “Of course we will.”  The rabbit looked up with a little twinkle in his eyes. Katsuki started to trail his hand down the side of the rabbit’s face to cup his pink cheek.  Deku’s eyes closed as he started rubbing his cheek against his hand and made soft cooing noises.

“Kacchan,” the bunny breathed out as he opened his eyes and looked at Kacchan’s slightly-parted, pink lips longingly.  Katsuki felt like a big bad wolf because, at that moment, he wanted nothing more than to eat up the little bunny before him.  He leaned down until their faces were but centimeters away from each other. Katsuki licked his lips. Seconds before their lips were about to press together, he pulled back.

“We better get going to dinner.”


Kacchan was teasing him. He must be.  Why else would he have pulled away at the last moment like that?  Izuku pouted the entire way to the restaurant only to realize that they were not going the way they normally went.  The restaurant was only about a block away from Kacchan’s apartment, and he has walked by it many times during their runs.  While not over extravagant, it was definitely not a place you generally see someone bring their pet to.

“Come on, Deku!”  Kacchan yelled as he held the door open.  Izuku quickly scurried into the cool atmosphere of the restaurant.  His eyes widened as his ears started to track every sound, including the ones from behind the bar and the bustling waiter going from table to table.  His nose started to twitch at all the unfamiliar smells, and he started to feel dizzy. Why did Kacchan bring me here?  Is there really a date? Izuku felt like a thousand eyes were suddenly on him.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ground Zero. I thought you said you wouldn’t be caught dead here?”  a man with blonde hair and blue eyes sneered at Kacchan, and if his clothes were anything to go by, he was likely the maître d’.  Before Kacchan could say a word in retaliation, an oversized hand whacked him in the back of the head.

“Is that any way to talk to paying customers?”  a woman with large green eyes and orange hair tied into a ponytail that hangs from the side of her head asked as her hand shrunk back to normal size.  She looked over at Kacchan. “I am sorry about that. Now,” she looks at Kacchan then down at Izuku, “two?” she asked with a smile. However, it was clear from the tone of her voice that she was more than a little surprised to see a pet here.

“You should train your fucking staff better,” grunted Kacchan. The maître d’ gave Kacchan one hell of a side eye. Luckily, the blonde didn’t seem to notice.  “Can we have a private booth?”

“Of course, Ground Zero, sir!” she said happily, grabbed two menus, and started leading them through to the back of the restaurant.  Izuku looked around at the tables as they passed by. Some looked up, but a mounting anxiety started to settle in his stomach. Most of the people here were couples.  He looked ahead at Kacchan, who didn’t seem to notice or care.

“And here we go,” she said as she placed the menus on the back, horseshoe-shaped booth that was mostly obscured from the rest of the clientele.  “My name is Itsuka and I will be your server tonight. I will give you a couple minutes to look over the menu.” Kacchan took a seat against the wall, and Izuku took a seat on the other side of the table.  

Izuku’s face was flushed as he stared at the menu without really reading it, his mind elsewhere.  Kacchan brought him to a fancy restaurant for couples. Is he really on a date with Kacchan? Is that why he didn’t kiss him earlier? Because he is waiting to do more later?  What could more be? Even more kisses or—

“Deku.”  Izuku squealed in surprise as he looked up to see that the waitress was back.  “What do you want to drink?”

“Oh, um, water is fine,”  he stuttered out, looking towards the woman but careful not to look her in the face.

“Okay, sounds good,” she hummed before turning to Kacchan.  “Can I just say that your pet rabbit is adorable. We don’t see many pets in here, but if you flip to the back page, you can see several items that he should be able to eat.”  He turned to the last page to indeed see vegan items that he would be able to stomach. “I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

As she was leaving, Izuku noticed that Kacchan was staring at him, red eyes peering into his heart.  Flustered, Izuku started to squirm a little in the cushy seat of the booth. His tail was wagging merrily despite his nervous heart.   What do you do on a date?  

“Deku, calm down,” Kacchan directed just in time for the waitress to come back with their drinks.  Izuku couldn’t tell what Kacchan’s drink was, but it was something alcoholic.

“And there you go.”  The waitress looked at Izuku, and for a moment, their eyes accidentally met, and he immediately looked away.  “Is he an Omega?” she questioned.

“Yeah,” Kacchan said gruffly. “What of it?”

“I watched the news and read forums and know you are new to having a pet.” Kacchan glared daggers at her. “My pet is an Omega, too.  She often gets flustered like that before she goes, well, into season ,”  she says tactfully.


Deku looked horrified at the comment the waitress just made.  The rabbit who was jittering nervously a moment earlier completely froze on the spot, his eyes open wide like saucers.  But it almost made sense just how odd the rabbit has been acting; he was getting close to his heat. Holy fucking shit, what is he supposed to do with a rabbit in heat?  How do you deal with your lover going into heat when you can barely kiss each other?


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The waitress had walked away after Kacchan yelled at her to “mind her own business,” but not with such nice of words and now Kacchan was staring at him with intense eyes.  Izuku tugged on his ears to try and cover his red face.

“Are you, um, you know, going into heat?”  Kacchan asked in an awkward manner, keeping his voice soft.  He almost looked nervous as a small dusting of pink covered his cheeks, and his body seemed stiff.

“N-no,” Izuku answered truthfully.  

“You don’t have to hide any—”

“I am not hiding anything from you Kacchan,”  Izuku interrupted. “I won’t be having it for months yet.”  Maybe.  Izuku looked down in embarrassment. While on a date at a fancy restaurant is the last time and place he really wanted to have this conversation.  “I’ve already had a heat this year.”

“Wait, you what?”  Izuku continued to look at his drink. The condensation running down the side of the glass suddenly seemed very interesting.  Kacchan took a deep breath and reached out a hand to momentarily squeeze the hand wrapped around his glass. “Deku?” Izuku looked up at concerned red eyes.  Oh.

“It wasn’t then. It was not long after you found me,” Izuku said quietly.  Kacchan blinked no less than five times, an utterly confused look on his face before he finally spoke again.

“What?  But I thought that when you are in heat, you—”  

“I-it wasn’t a full heat. Rather a, um, phantom one,”  Izuku quickly started to explain. “It’s what happens when the body is unable to prepare an actual heat, either from the body not being healthy enough,” Izuku shuffled his thighs, “or from coming off of long-term heat medicine, especially when it’s overused.  H-heat medicine and fertility medicine messes with the body system, and long-term use can cause permanent damage.”

Izuku never liked his heats, and it had always been a point of stress for him.  Having four heats in a matter of a single year very nearly broke him. He felt hollow inside and out as he burned.  That is why he was almost happy when the “heat” was but a dull itch and a slight dizziness. He never wanted to experience the pain of a heat again.  He would never have to experience the pain of loss again.

It will be another couple months before he knows for sure whether or not he was truly damaged beyond recovery and if he will never have a heat again.  But heat or no heat— Izuku wrapped his arm around his stomach —he would still be a broken Omega, barren and useless. “Useless Omega. Can’t even do the one thing you are good for .”  The vivid memory ran through his head, and he started crumbling into himself, his knees now up to his chest. He pulled his ears on either side of his head until it hurt.   “I think it is about time you face the facts. He is infertile.”


“Shit!”   He knew immediately that he fucked up, but when he started to cave into himself, Katsuki practically jumped across the table to wrap his arms around the cowering rabbit.  “Deku?” The rabbit didn’t answer him. He didn’t even seem to notice he was there anymore as he started yanking his ears on either side of his face and as his eyes started to water.  Katsuki gently grabbed the rabbit’s hands, which finally caused the rabbit to look up to him. However, his eyes looked far off and unfocused.

“Deku,” he said softly, “I am sorry.” He carefully coaxed the rabbit’s hands to release his ears so that, at least, he was not hurting himself.  “Deku—”

“Oh!” Katsuki quickly spun his head around to see that the big-handed waitress had returned.  She honestly looked concerned. However, he was not in the mood and sneered at the woman. “Is he okay?”  

“Does he look okay?” Fucking bitch .  Katsuki pinched the bridge of his nose.  “Get me that stupidly-named, vegan grain bowl and whatever else is fucking fast to go.”

“Sir, we don’t normally—” Katsuki glared fucking daggers at her before pulling out his wallet and laying down a stack of cash that was easily equally three times the cost of the meals and drinks, even with the restaurant’s exorbitant prices.  

“To go, now.”

“Yes, sir!” And with that, she was off, and he could finally turn his attention back to the panicking rabbit, who kept repeating “I’m sorry” like it was some kind of mantra.  Tears fell down his face freely, and his hands were, once again, vice-like grips on his ears. Each breath was fast and choked out, his little button nose clearly struggling to keep up.  He started having painful sounding dry coughs and was heaving as if he was about to throw up. However, he never did.

“Deku,” Katsuki whispered to the rabbit as he once again freed his poor, abused ears.  “Deku, come on,” he said a bit louder this time as he cupped his face, used his thumbs to clear away the stray tears, and carefully shifted the bunny so that he was facing him.  “I’m here.”

Big green eyes were forced, for just a moment, to look into his own red ones, and the rabbit quite forcefully latched himself onto Katsuki.  The rabbit’s head was pressed against his neck, his legs and arms wrapped around his torso to the point of being painful, little nails digging through his shirt and into his skin.  He let out little whimpering noises until Katsuki wrapped his arms around the bunny’s form, completely enclosing him against his body.

Deku was still wiping his tears and snot on his shoulder when Big-Hands returned with a reusable bag from the local supermarket.  In all honesty, she got the food to them at breakneck speed. However, to Katsuki, it seemed like forever. All he wanted to do was get Deku home.  She had a sympathetic look on her face as she looked at the new accessory hanging on his front.

“Sorry for the wait, sir,” she said as she placed the bag down on the table and revealed some makeshift food boxes that were inside it.  He held the rabbit up by a single hand under his butt. Even without the death grip Deku had on him, he was not going anywhere soon. “Hope you to see you and your pet rabbit again when he is feeling better,”  she said with a smile.

Without answering her, he stood up and grabbed the bag, but before leaving, he leaned over the table and grabbed his forgotten drink.  He downed the liquor in one gulp and placed the now empty glass upside-down on the table.

Katsuki quickly made his way out of the restaurant, careful of his delicate cargo.  He could hear all the fucking extras chattering amongst themselves while watching the sight before them.  He made sure to flip off a rather noisy couple that seemed to think it was funny. Fucking ass-hats, all of them.  He heard another small whimper from the rabbit and quickened his pace back to his apartment.


Even when they got back home and Katsuki had put the food into the fridge temporarily, Deku was still latched onto him like some kind of adorable parasite.  However, at the very least, he was no longer digging his nails into his back, and his breathing was much more even.

Katsuki sighed, dropped down onto the couch, and gently petted the rabbit’s back.  The two sat quietly like this for a time, even when Katsuki’s stomach painfully growled at him to fucking eat something.  It could have been a couple of minutes or maybe even an hour that had passed before Deku’s hold finally loosened, and he pulled his head back to look up at Katsuki.

“I’m sorry,” both of them said at the same time.  

“You have nothing to apologize for, Deku.”  The rabbit pouted his little pink lips as a few tears escaped his eyes.  “I fucking do, though. I shouldn’t have fucking made you talk about something like that in public.  I wasn’t fucking thinking.”

“It’s okay,”  the rabbit said hollowly.  

“It’s not fucking okay!  I kept fucking pushing you into a fucking corner until you started having a fucking panic attack!”  Deku got quiet and looked down at his hands, which he was nervously fidgeting with. “I should have been able to read the fucking room and shut the fuck up, but I was more worried about how I was going to care for you while you’re in heat.”  The rabbit shook his head.

“I just started thinking and remembering things.”  The rabbit wrapped his arms around his stomach. Katsuki’s eyes widened as one memory in particular clicked inside his head.   “After a couple of years… I hadn’t gotten pregnant again.  I became barren, they determined.”

“You are not fucking broken, and you are not a failure, Deku.  The asshole that put it into your head that your fucking purpose was to make babies was fucking wrong.  Your job is not to be a fucking baby-maker.” Katsuki pulled the rabbit in close as he continued. “When your heat comes or when it doesn’t come, we will deal with it.  Together.” Katsuki could hear the rabbit sniffle as he snuggled closer to his chest.

The two briefly sat in each other’s embrace until a very loud and angry stomach’s growl filled the space.   Katsuki pulled away and looked down at the blushing bunny.

“Let’s have our dinner now.”


The dinner was at least decent. If nothing else, it was very filling.  Deku seemed to really enjoy the five-grain veggie bowl that had like a shit ton of grilled veggies, hummus, and sunflower seeds.  The rabbit even had the nerve to start laughing when he got up to grab the hot sauce. It might have been begrudgingly passable, but shit was still dull.  

Upon finishing, they slowly migrated back to the couch,  and it took only a second for the bunny to, once again, be on his lap. However, his big green eyes were downturned.  

“What’s wrong now, bunny butt?”

“I know you said I have nothing to be sorry about—”

“You don’t.”

“B-but I am still upset that I ruined our date.”

“Huh?”  Katsuki’s jaw dropped comically.  “O-our date?” he actually stuttered as he looked at his bunny in bewilderment.  The rabbit’s face flushed.

“W-we were on a date, weren’t we?” he asked timidly, his ears folded back on his head.

“We weren’t on a fucking date!”  Katsuki screeched. However, he immediately regretted it when he saw the dejected look that overtook Deku’s face.  “Deku, I didn’t mean it like that .” He started petting Deku’s head to try to comfort him.  He couldn’t believe that Deku thought that they were on a date. How the fuck did he jump to that conclusion?  Wasn’t kissing the reason why he freaked out? “Was that why you were nervous?”

Deku spoke into his shirt, refusing to show his face.  “Y-you brought me to a fancy restaurant, and- and you were teasing me,” he mumbled.  Katsuki’s brows furrowed together, and the petting halted. With one hand, he carefully guided Deku so that they were once again looking at each other.  

“When did you think I was teasing you?”  Deku’s eyes went wide for a moment, and he looked away as his cheeks reddened, pouting.  The stubborn little rabbit looked at everything except Katsuki’s face and squirmed around on his lap.  It was actually pretty adorable, so he allowed the bunny to flounder until, several dozen seconds later, he finally said, “W-when you didn’t k-kiss me.”

A burning heat covered his cheeks.   Oh.  Katsuki groaned and covered his eyes with one hand.

“God damn it!”  he yelled, the rabbit hopping in surprise in his lap.   We even agreed on “no Shoujo bullshit.”   Katsuki rested his head upon the back of the couch, looking at the rest of the door upside-down.

“K-Kacchan?”  Katsuki could feel the rabbit sit up on his lap, and when he looked down, he could see the bunny’s nose twitching and his ears slightly perking up in curiosity.  

“So you didn’t regret all the kissing last night?”  he asked softly.

“No!  Of course not!”  The rabbit bounced on his lap again and tugged on Katsuki’s shirt.  Katsuki smirked at the rabbit’s cute little-determined look. So he was the one that started this shitshow of a misunderstanding.  

“Then earlier today when you were distant?”  The bunny backed off slightly and started to lightly tug and twist his ears nervously, his cheeks continuing to burn.  His eyes jumped between his fidgety hands and Katsuki’s eyes.

“I was,” Deku continued to fumble for words until he settled on “, flustered.”  Deku covered most of his face with his ears, but the tomato-red blush and the small smile were still peeking through.   “A-and I think your mother caught me.”

“Wait, you were what?”  Katsuki jerked his head forward, and Deku nearly fell off his lap from the sudden movement.  “She caught you ?”

“T-this morning, when I came out of the tent, she was there, and she saw me with my face all red and flustered, and then she smirked at me weirdly, and I couldn’t tell if she knew or not, but she was at least suspicious, I think, so I decided that we would have to be careful around her, and I would tell you when we got the chance to be alone, but that chance never came, and—”

“Deku, breathe!”  The rabbit gulped in air, and his face looked significantly less blue.  Katsuki wrapped his arms around the bunny and brought him in close. How much does the hag actually know?

“Kacchan?”  the rabbit asked curiously, his fluffy ears brushing against Katsuki’s face.  Fuck, this could be really fucking bad if that bitch knows. He has to go see how much of it she knew.   No, if he confronts her about it, she will fucking know for sure. And if she knows, then the old man knows for damn sure.   Fuck fuck fuck.


Izuku looked up at Kacchan, who was looking out into space after he told him that his mother might know about them.  He felt really bad. He messed up badly. He started nuzzling up against Kacchan’s neck.

“I am sorry, Kacchan.  I am sorry. I am sorry,”  he kept repeating as fresh tears started to prick at the corner of his eyes.  He was useless as an Omega and couldn’t even keep a secret for a couple of days.  Izuku hiccuped, and he felt the arms wrapped around him grow tighter.

“Deku, how many times do I have to tell you that you have nothing to be sorry about?”  Izuku looked up at the blonde, who seemed to have come out of his trance. “And why are you fucking crying again?”  Kacchan unwrapped one of his arms from the hug and started wiping away his tears.

“B-because of me, your mother knows about us.”

“So fucking what. If release knows, she knows!”  He flashed a confident smirk. However, Izuku could tell that it was an attempt to mask his underlying emotions.  “Besides, that hag can’t keep her mouth shut for the life of her. If she actually knew, she would have started screaming it from the mountaintop like some kind of naggy siren.”  Despite the situation, Izuku giggled, and the two became quiet in each other’s embrace, faces staring at one another’s. Kacchan smiled at him, and he smiled back as they slowly started to gravitate towards each other.

“This is okay?”  Kacchan asked.

“Yes,”  he whispered back against his lips as they slowly collided.  They were spicy.


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stickypic's Tumblr

[stickypic's Tumblr]


“How to deepen a kiss?”  

Katsuki looked awkwardly at his laptop, which was balanced on the arm of the couch, his finger hovering over the enter key.  He looked down at Deku who was fast asleep, his fluffy head resting on his lap. His freckled cheeks had a light blush to them, and he felt his even breaths on his leg.  Katsuki lightly scratched around the base of the rabbit’s ears. He is too fucking cute for his own good.

Looking back at the screen, Katsuki’s lips pressed together, and he tilted away from the sleeping bunny’s closed eyes.  Katsuki took a deep breath, and once again, searched up the questions in the search bar of the incognito window before finally hitting enter.  As it was loading, he looked back down at Deku to make sure he was still sleeping; he was. He turned back to the screen to look at the recommended results.

“If you want to deepen the kiss, just rub your tongue gently and playfully between his lips and wait for him to open his mouth slightly-”   Katsuki felt his cheeks warm as he continued to read, “-use the tip of your tongue to caress his tongue?”  What the fuck?      Katsuki quickly scrolled down and clicked on the next link while, once again, quickly looking down at the rabbit that was now snuggling deeper into his lap.  

It has been over a week since they first kissed on the camping trip, and so far, at least, Deku no longer seemed anxious whenever they pressed their lips together, which they now did quite often.  They would do it in the morning, when they first wake up; at night, just before bed; when Katsuki left and returned from hero work, plus a couple of kisses here and there. The entire time—although the bunny would get a bit flustered, and sometimes, he would even start binkying—he never showed any signs of fear.  Katsuki brushed his fingers along the soft curls on the rabbit’s head before turning back to the screen.

The next site had a couple of good tips that Katsuki started taking mental notes of.  Starting with “Kissing Etiquette,” most of them didn’t apply to him; he didn’t smoke, and he was already cleanly shaven. However, he noted that he might want to invest in some mints.  His free hand wandered down to the rabbit’s fluffy head of hair, playing with the curls between his fingers.

As Katsuki continued to search the web for a definite answer, he occasionally looked down to the rabbit to make sure he was still asleep.  But as he continued his research, he realized that each site he visited had varying accounts on what to do as well as when and how to do it.  But one thing was made clear to Katsuki as he read: it had to be perfect.

“How to practice kissing?”


Izuku woke up to his buff pillow shifting.  But he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be awake-awake yet, so he turned over and buried his face into the warm scent.   Kacchan .  He smiled when he heard Kacchan’s deep chuckle.  Even before he was fully conscious, he could hear Kacchan typing and scrolling on his laptop.  Izuku vaguely wondered what he looking for. However, the warm hand that came to rub his ears erased all of his curiosity in an instant.

Izuku loved it when Kacchan would run the tips of his fingers along the ridges of his ears. He didn’t know why, but it completely soothed him in an instant.  He is prone to falling asleep and has done so several times in the past whenever his man tickled his ears. He unwittingly started grinding his teeth lightly, making a soft purring noise that mingled with the clickety-clack of the keyboard.  He snuggled up closer to Kacchan’s warmth as he lightly started scenting the blonde. This is nice.  He loved this. He loves Kacchan.  He loves Kacchan so much.

He was almost lulled back to sleep when he felt Kacchan’s hand leave his head.   No.  He nibbled lightly on the shirt pressed against his face and continued to do so for a few minutes. However, the hand didn’t return, and instead, the clicking of the mouse continued.    

Izuku released the shirt from his hold as his interest peaked anew.  What is Kacchan doing? A million different guesses flooded his head, so very carefully, he turned his head away and looked up at the laptop screen.  He couldn’t tell what was on the screen. However, before he got a better look, Kacchan quickly slammed the laptop shut. Izuku blinked in surprise and looked up at Kacchan only to see him blushing slightly.   Huh?

Izuku tilted his head in question slightly, still on Kacchan’s lap.   What could Kacchan have possible be looking at to get that kind of reaction?  

“Hey, would you like to have a real—”

Knock knock knock.

Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden knock at the door.  Completely forgetting the previous topic at hand, Izuku flipped over onto his stomach and peered over the arm of the couch, his nose twitching and ears focused on the door.

“Who the fuck?”  Kacchan swore and Izuku felt arms wrap around his chest and waist before suddenly being lifted up.  Izuku yipped in surprise but was carefully placed down on the couch again, and Kacchan petted his head lightly.  He kept his eyes trained on Kacchan as he grumpily walked over to the door to unlocked it and swung it open to reveal one very familiar redhead and two happy pets.


“Bakubro!” Kirishima cheered as, for some reason, he stood right outside his door with his two pets.  What the fuck?

“Izuku!”  the two pets yelled before running right past him, into his apartment, and over to Deku.   What the actual fuck?   Deku looked alarmed by the sudden intrusion of his space, his nose seeming to go haywire and his eyes going wide.  

“Be careful, you two. Don’t scare him!”  the redhead called back before Katsuki could say anything, and when he looked back at the idiot, he was smiling at him.  All of his plans for the rest of the day were now out the fucking window with these idiots around!

“Why the actual fuck are you here, Shitty Hair?  And why,” he pointed to the two pets crowd around his nervously bunny, “did you bring your fucking pets?”  Kirishima eyebrows arched in confusion.

“Because we scheduled a playdate over here today?”  He honestly sounded confused.

“We fucking didn’t?”  Katsuki quickly spits back.  “Get the fuck out of my apartment, or I will kick you all out!”  

“Come on, Bakugou.” Kirishima slung his arm over Katsuki’s shoulders, before directing him towards the three pets that were all now on his couch.  While Deku’s nose was still running a god damn marathon, he, otherwise, looked happy. Even the presence of Pinky didn’t seem to put him off as much as the three talked quickly with each other.  Deku was even laughing lightly.

God fucking damn it.   Katsuki groaned in defeat.  If Deku is happy, he is happy, even if this is the exact opposite of what he wanted to happen today.

“So I’ll take that as your resignation from this fight?” Katsuki aimed a deathly glare at the grinning idiot.

“I will still kick you the fuck out if you don’t let go of me right now.”  Shitty Hair laughed and held up his hands in surrender.

“But seriously, you don’t remember us setting this up last month?”  he continued as they walked into the kitchen.

“Does it seem like I fucking remember?” Katsuki grumbled as he filled the kettle with water and placed it on the stove.

“You put it in your phone and everything!”  Kirishima chuckled.

“Your memory is fucking going. I never put it on my phone,” he answered back and took out his phone to prove to the idiot that he had lost his marbles.  However, the first notification on his phone was a reminder of “Shitty Playdate” schedule today, right now. Well fuck.  


“Nothing, I fucking told you.”  He quickly cleared the notification, and only for a moment, the adorable picture of sleeping Deku was displayed as his background before the screen turned black.  He guesses a lot really has happened in such a short amount of time that he actually did forget.

Kirishima shrugged, not looking convinced, before excusing himself to go to the bathroom.  Katsuki sighed as he looked over at Deku, who was still engaged in a fast-paced conversation with the other two pets.  He could catch a couple of words here and there, but it still wasn’t enough to truly know what they were talking about. While he seemed a little anxious, he didn’t seem to be giving off any red flags that he is actually stressed and/or about to have a panic attack.  

His eyes trailed to Kirishima’s pets, starting with the pink Alpha.  Not too terribly long ago, Deku was afraid to even be in the same room as the Alpha, but now he was talking to her with relative comfort.  For a while, Katsuki was worried that all the progress Deku made was reset due to the close call he experienced when Deku followed him into the night, but it seems he was worrying for nothing.  

He then turned his attention to the wannabe Pokemon who was currently turned away from him.  He didn’t notice it at first, but the stupid mouse seemed to be more... twitchier than before?  The end of his tail and ears were twitching at random intervals, and the one leg visible to him from the kitchen was continuously bouncing.   Did Shitty Hair give him coffee or something?

It was only when the whistle of the kettle starting going off did green eyes quickly look up to meet red ones.  The rabbit smiled at him, his head slightly tilted to the side and his ears relaxed, and Katsuki heart fluttered as the whistle continued to blow.  

The other pets also turned to look at the noise, and it was only then that Katsuki noticed that the mouse’s cheeks were strangely tinted red.   Was he actually trying to be a Pikachu?

“Dude, are you trying to burn the water?”  Katsuki definitely didn’t jump in surprise from the sudden return of the shitty redhead.  He once again glared at him as Kirishima turned off the stove, a slightly nervous smile on his normally stupidly-upbeat face.  “Bakugou, can you do me a favor?”


Izuku could smell it the moment the two pets walked in.   An Omega’s preheat.  It wasn’t hard for Izuku to lock in on the fact that Denki was emitting this scent, and judging by how strong it is, he would be in a full on heat in a matter of days, maybe even hours.  Izuku watched, wide-eyed for several moments, as the two foreign pets entered his domain haphazardly, and when he finally found the words, he asked his mouse friend a question.

“Are you okay?”  Denki was taken aback for a moment before chuckling lightly.

“As good as I could be, all things considering.”  Izuku quickly eyed the Alpha looming so close behind the mouse and shivered. However, with his nose working overtime, he noticed something strange.  

Denki was unmarked and unscented by Mina—well, other than the expected scent each other had from living with one another.  Alphas pounced on an Omega at the first signs of heat, don’t they? When an owner adopts an Alpha and an Omega pet, they are going to be mates, right?  That is the desired outcome? While his mind was telling him no, his mind felt clouded by experience.

“How about you? Are you okay?”  Denki asked. Izuku blinked away the daze before nodding, even if he didn’t truthfully internalize the question.  Izuku was too perplexed by the two fellow pets. Their scents told him that both of their instincts were very much intact. However, neither of them seemed to be acting on them.  

Izuku knew just how powerful the pull of a heat can be and how it affected Alphas, the sickly-sweet words of their baser animalistic nature coming to the surface, calling sweetly like a siren.  But the two seemed to not only be fighting but winning against those urges as they sat there talking to him. Even when Izuku started rambling about the brilliance of Kirishima and Kacchan’s last battle together, there was still a lump in his stomach that just wouldn’t go away completely.  

After warmly smiling at Kacchan, he returned to finishing his in-depth analysis of Kacchan’s and Kirishima’s latest tag team battle against a, particularly tough villain when an explosion sounded from the kitchen.  

Izuku’s head whipped around to see Kacchan standing in the middle of the kitchen with his hand directly over Kirishima’s face, some smoke coming from it. It seemed that the redhead was able to activate his quirk in time, most likely a reflex formed from the long-term experience of his friendship with the temperamental Kacchan.  

“There is no way in hell I am fucking pet sitting,” Kacchan screeched.  

“Please, Bakugou.” Kirishima made a praying hand gesture. “It will be uncomfortable for both Denki and Mina to be in the same house during Denki’s heat.”  Izuku blinked in surprise as something finally something seemed to click in Izuku’s head. Oh.  “It would just be a couple of days. Could you look after Mina for the worse of the heat?”  

“I can’t just fucking do that to Deku, hair for brains!”  Katsuki looked over at Izuku for just a moment before staring back at Kirishima. “Next time maybe you will think before doing something stupid like adopting an Alpha and Omega pet without thinking about what you were going to do during their fucking heats and ruts!”  But— Izuku quickly climbed over the couch, and with a single bounce, he launched himself at Kacchan.

“De—uff!”  The blonde recoiled as Deku wrapped his arms around the muscular body.  He looked up into confused red eyes before saying.

“It is okay.  I will be okay.”   Denki and Mina are not mates, and they don’t want to be mates, even if their bodies are telling them to.  Izuku then looked over at Kirishima, whose mouth was agape.   Kirishima is a good person, and he didn’t adopt them to force them to be mates.  He wanted to give them a good home.

“I will be okay for a couple of days.”  Kacchan’s lower lip twitched for several seconds while he held eye contact with him as if to ask him, Are you sure?  “I really will be okay, Kacchan.”  The blonde groaned.

“Fucking fine!”  he said with a slight growl.

“Thank you, Kacchan!”  Izuku said as he buried his face into Kacchan’s chest, and the blonde wrapped his arms around Izuku’s back.

“Yeah, thank you, Kacchan!”  Kirishima said as Izuku felt the pressure of the man hugging Kacchan from the side.  

“Thank you, Kacchan!” Denki and Mina said in the next second as they, too, started hugging him.  Izuku smiled and chuckled a little as he waited for the inevitable.


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Bun Bun - maruslei

[maruslei's Tumblr]


It was early the next morning when Shitty Hair knocked on their apartment door with several huge-ass bags in hand and Pinky trailing behind him.  Katsuki took one look at all the stuff and slammed the door on them. Too fucking early for this shit.  It wasn’t like he wasn’t already up, but he was in the middle of his morning cuddle with his little bunny butt.   Was a little alone time with his cutie too much to ask for?

The asshole, once again, started knocking on the door.  Katsuki ignored it, even when Deku gave him that confused look.  He continued to knock nonstop for several minutes straight until Katsuki gave up and begrudgingly let them in.

The two idiots were quick to come in. Pinky quickly went over to Deku who nervously smiled when she excitedly started talking to him about all the fun they were going to have.  Kirishima cleared his throat, and Katsuki glared at him the entire time he was going through each and every fucking item needed to take care of a leopard gecko that he had brought over, such as the heating pad and how long she should be on it, her additional food items, and all of her personal care items.

When Kirishima finished explaining everything, he prompted Mina to be good for him and not to scare Deku.  He smiled, petting her head before she gave him a small hug, and he told her he will be back for her in a couple of days when the heat was over.  Shitty hair slowly made his way to the door. Looking back at them, he smiled before closing the door behind him. Katsuki turned back to look at Deku and then at Pinky and sighed.  

This is going to be a long-ass week.


Kacchan helped prepare his old room for Mina since they have been sharing the master bedroom ever since they started dating.  At first, Izuku just brought and left a couple of items in the other room, but as the weeks passed, more and more of his stuff just seemed to end up in Kacchan’s room until Kacchan said, “Fuck it,” and the rest was moved to the other room.  Even his nest was moved to the master bedroom even though he rarely uses it nowadays because he has Kacchan’s buff body instead.

After the heating rock and the items she brought over was set up, Kacchan stood up, rolled his shoulders, and said he was going to start making breakfast.  Izuku was hot on his trail but stopped at the doorway when he noticed that Mina was not following them. He looked back to see her standing and sniffing around the room.  After a moment, she noticed that he was still there, staring at her, and asked, “Where do you sleep?”

The question seemed innocent enough, but it still sent a rush of anxiety through him.   What would she do with that information?  Does she want to sneak in on me while I sleep and— No, Izuku, get a hold of yourself.  Even you know that sounds silly.  She tilted her head in confusion when Izuku didn’t answer her immediately.  “Your scent lightly hangs in the air in here. Did you use to live in here, but not anymore?”

“I-I sleep in the master bedroom now,”  he was able to answer. Mina nodded and smiled.

“I thought so.” She quickly walked over to him until she was super close and grabbed his hands.  It took everything in his power not to bolt away. “Bakugou acts mean, but he is actually a real softy, isn’t he?”  Izuku stared at her with wide eyes and stood perfectly still. It took a moment, but she quickly seemed to notice his distress and took a step back so that he could breathe.  “Sorry,” she said while rubbing the back of her neck, “I didn’t mean to scare you.” Izuku took a deep breath and then nodded.

“It’s okay.”  Izuku looked over at the apologetic Alpha and gave her a small smile to show her that he was truly okay.  “And Kacchan is the best!” Mina smiled again just as his stomach growled loudly. Both looked at each other for a moment before Mina broke out into full-out laughter, and Izuku blushed in embarrassment.  

“We can agree on that. Let's go get some food!”  She restored the distance between them and offered him a hand.  Izuku looked at it for a second and then looked up at the cheerful gecko’s face.   Mina is a friend. She is not going to hurt me.   Izuku took her hand and allowed her to lead the way to the kitchen.

Kacchan was chopping something up as he leered over the counter and at the two that just entered the living area.  Izuku could only give him an awkward smile that the blonde scoffed at.

“Deku, get your bunny butt over here and help me.”  Izuku nodded, removing his hand from Mina’s hold. Kacchan then pointed the knife at the pink Pet and said “You too. I have no clue how Shitty Hair runs his house, but as long as you are here, you are helping too.”  

“Okay!”  she said while fist pumping and rushing into the kitchen.



“I will be back at the normal time, Deku,” Kacchan said while standing near the door as Izuku hugged him.  He looked up at red eyes that looked slightly apprehensive. Izuku wanted to kiss the worries away, but he could feel yellow eyes watching them, so instead, he hugged Kacchan extra tightly.  He said last night—in the safety of their locked bedroom—that if, for any reason, he felt uncomfortable today to call him and he would rush right home. And after one final pet on his head, Kacchan was off to save the world.

“So, what do you want to do?”  Mina’s voice came from behind him and Izuku slowly turned around to face her.  In the end, they decided that they would do an All Might movie marathon. They just finished up the second movie when Mina asked if they could take a break and get something to eat.  Izuku agreed, and while she was off in the bathroom, he went to the kitchen to pull together some leftovers.

Looking at the corner, he found containers filled with a staple of Mina’s diet—Bugs.  Izuku shivered. Even though he knew they were an important part of the reptile’s diet, bugs still creeped him out, let alone the thought of eating them.  They just have too many legs… or too few legs. And when she crunched them between her teeth—

“You okay there?”  Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin as the Alpha seemed to just materialize behind him.  “Sorry,” she apologized “What’s for lunch?” Izuku looked at the leftovers from the night before that were in his hands.  She smiled and started helping him warm it up, humming a small tune that Izuku didn’t recognize.

Izuku watched her carefully despite himself.  While he was calmer than he ever thought he would be while being alone with an Alpha, he still felt tense.  She is just so... different from the other Alphas he had met before. However, that pool was very limited, to be honest.

There are so many questions about her that he wanted to ask that just plain confuses him. Like, why is she so different from the other Alphas?  How could she resist the smell of Denki’s heat? Why are her and Denki not mates?  Does she even want to be mates with Denki? Is that even possible? Why isn’t she trying to make him her mate?

“Because you are my friend, not my mate, silly,”   I SAID THAT OUT LOUD?  Izuku’s eyes widened like saucers as he stared at the amused Alpha.  She jumped down from the stepping stool to look him in his eyes. “And the same is true about Denki.  He is my friend, and sure, we like each other a lot but not like that.

Eijiro adopted us because we both were unwanted pets with potentially destructive quirks.  We became a little family.” She laughed lightly, a small blush on her cheeks. “I could have probably stayed at home, you know, but Eijiro was worried about us.  It wasn’t about whether or not we could control ourselves but about how awkward it would have been. It would have been like a clutch-mate going into heat, except your body isn’t repulsed by it!”  

She frowned a bit before continuing with her next words.  “And I know you’ve had a lot of bad experiences with Alphas before, and I know Alpha Pets normally get a bad rep for being aggressive, lusting for Omega tail, and being mean, but most of us are not like that.  It would be like saying Omegas are only submissive breeders, which they are not. I and any other self-respecting Alpha can control our instincts just as well as you can!” she finished with a huff.

Izuku’s ears twitched as he watched the woman before him, and suddenly, he felt very silly indeed.  Mina was an Alpha, but she was also a Pet—the same as him. She wasn’t some monster that wanted to breed him and crawl inside him. As she saw it, she’s a sister to Denki and a friend of his.   Mina was Mina.  

“I understand why you are wary about Alphas, but—”  Izuku interrupted her with a hug. His heart was beating quickly in his chest, but he continued to hug her even when her arms tightly wrapped around him and when she lightly patted his back.

“I’m sorry,”  he whispered to her.  “I’m sorry I was treating you like you were a villain.”

“It’s okay.  I understand. You were hurt very badly and had no one to help you.”  Mina smiled brightly. “But now you have a lot of people that care about you, including me.”  Izuku laughed, a couple of tears in his eyes. They continued hugging in the kitchen until he remembered something Mina had said.

“You have a quirk?”  The pink Pet smiled.

“Want to see?”


Whatever Katsuki was expected to come home to, it wasn’t this.  On his couch was his Deku fucking asleep on Pinky.  They were laying next to each other, Deku resting his head on her lap as her legs stretched beside Deku’s body, her upper half resting against the corner of the couch.  Katsuki had mixed feeling at the closest the two have grown in a couple hours. It was remarkable and a huge step forward for the rabbit but the acidic pit still formed in his stomach.

The noise of the door opening alerted the conscious Pet, and Deku’s large ears twitched slightly. However, he didn’t open his eyes.   What the fuck happened that they suddenly got so buddy-buddy?  

“Hi, Bakugou,” the pink Pet said too fucking loudly as he walked into the living room, of course, waking the sleeping rabbit.

“Kacchan?”  Deku said bleary-eyed as he quickly looked around the room until he met his glare.  Deku immediately smiled, and in one fluid motion, he unwrapped himself from Pinky’s hold and jumped from the couch and into his arms.

“So you guys are getting along okay then?” he asked as Deku started nuzzling into his neck, chest, and basically anything else he could get close enough to.  The rabbit giggled.

“Yes!”  he said while looking up at him, their faces were so close that they were nearly touching.  Izuku happily leaned in a bit, and Katsuki’s eyes widened. Just before they were about to make contact, the rabbit froze and suddenly, his cheeks became flamed.  “I have to go to the bathroom now!” he cried out before quickly hopping out of his arms and disappearing down the hallway.

Katsuki looked over at the remaining Pet, still sitting on the couch, looking up slightly confused.  He frowned, hoping his face didn’t betray his desires, as he plopped down onto the couch. He glared at her as she looked up at him with a small smile on her face. He sighed.

“So, what the fuck happened that made Deku not afraid of you anymore?”

“After we finished a couple All Might movies—” Katsuki rolled his eyes; of course it was All Might, “—we really got to talking, and I told him that not all Alphas are like the ones that did that to him.  I think I really got through to him. I was really worried at first when he started crying, but he hugged me and started apologizing even though he had no reason to.” Katsuki laughed.

“That’s Deku for you. To this day, I am still not convinced that he doesn’t have some kind of crying quirk where never runs out of tears.”  Katsuki didn’t know if it was because of the fatigue or because he was genuinely happy the little pink puff was actually able to help his bunny make a remarkable improvement, but he started lightly petting her hair as he talked. Her hair was very different from Deku’s; it was rougher, even a little coarse, but not unpleasant.  

“I guess a thank you is in order.  Don’t tell Shitty Hair I said that.” He continued to pet her head while being careful of her strange horns, and she leaned into his touch, rubbing her head against his other hand, begging for more attention.  He glared down at her and chuckled “You are almost as greedy as Deku, you know?”

At some point, Pinky nearly weaseled her way into his lap and was started rubbing her face against him in a similar fashion as to what Deku always does.  But he continued to pet the strangely textured hair in an almost hypnotizing motion until he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. When he looked up, he saw Deku standing in the entrance to the hallway with a strangely blank expression.  

“Deku?”  he asked as he raised an eyebrow.  The bunny didn’t respond as he slowly walked over to him and Pinky.  Katsuki eyes widened as Deku then proceeded to climb into his lap, kicking Pinky off .  He then followed through with a full-on death glare at the very confused Pet.  

“Deku, what the fuck?”  Deku’s green eyes turned to him with a perturbed expression before burying his face into Katsuki’s shirt like he normally did, but for some reason, he seemed more desperate.  

“Ah, come on, Izuku. Share a little!”  Pinky recovered enough to say, and she once again moved closer to them.  Deku whipped around and fucking growled, and Pinky stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide.  Even Katsuki’s jaw dropped.

“Deku, what the fuck is wrong with you?”  Katsuki screeched. He has never seen Deku like this before nor has she seen him be out-right a ggressive . That’s his fucking job.  The rabbit jumped and turned around, and a look of hurt was written all over his face.  Tears started to peek out from the corner of those big green eyes, and before he could say anything else, he was bouncing away.  

What.  The. Fuck.

Katsuki continued to stare down the hallway where the fluffy butt disappeared to and heard a door open before slamming close.  

“Wow,” Pinky said beside him.  He turned to her with equally bewildered eyes.

“Do you have any clue what just happened?”  She frowned slightly.

“Y-yeah, I think.  But it’s pretty rare for Omegas to get territorial like that with anyone but their hatchlings or their mate.”



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Angry Bun Bun

[dianthusfirewitch's Tumblr]

Hold Tight Bun Bun

[DarkMachi's Tumblr]


Katsuki’s mind swam at the thought of what just happened.   Deku was being territorial?  Does that mean Deku has “claimed” him?  And mate? Deku thought of him as his mate.  He quickly stopped that train of thought as not to risk starting to blush in front of Pinky.  She doesn’t seem to be the sharpest, but shit, even she would be able to figure out that something is up if he gives her any more evidence.  

He just couldn’t believe that the rabbit would meaningfully kick and then start fucking growling at the other pet—a pet he was just sleeping on.  Hell, he didn’t even know bunnies could growl in the first place! And while he shouldn’t have, he can’t help but find that noise to be fucking adorable.  But to him, everything Deku does is adorable, so he might be a bit biased.

The pink head turned to him, and once again, started talking. “But now that I think about it, Izuku is always heavily scenting you. Maybe that is why he didn’t like it when I did it?”  the pink pet questioned, her head tilted to the side. Wait, Deku has been doing what?  “Maybe I should go and apologizes. I—”

“No,” Katsuki interrupted, “just stay here.  I need to calm Deku the fuck down, and if you are there, it will only make it worse.”  She frowned but nodded. “You both can apologize to each other afterward,” he said as he stood and started down the hallway to look for the rabbit.

The first room he checked was the master bedroom. It was where he was most likely at, but when he opened the door, he couldn’t find his bunny.  He peeked his head into the bathroom and closet to see if he was hiding there first, and his search still resulted in no Deku. He was about to backtrack and look into the other rooms when his eyes landed on the bunny’s almost completely unused nest.  Deku uses it so little nowadays that he nearly forgot about it.

Katsuki quietly walked over to the nest and kneeled down while bowing his head to look into the low entrance.  In the dull light of the enclosure, glossy green eyes, wide with uncertainty, looked back at him.

“Deku,” he started softly.  The rabbit frowned, and a couple of tears escaped the corner of his eyes.  “Deku, come on out so we can talk.” The bunny’s lower lip trembled. “There—”

“I am so sorry, Kacchan!  Don’t hate me!” Deku wailed.  “Please, please, please don’t hate me.  I’ll be good. Please don’t—” the rabbit repeated hysterically.   Fucking hell.

Katsuki acted quickly, dropping to his hands and knees and crawling into his nest.  The nest wasn’t designed for a human-sized occupant, that’s for damn sure, let alone one that already had someone inside it.  He was just barely able to get the upper part of his torso in and had to maneuver around just to fit his arms inside as well so that he could hug the distressed bunny.

“There is nothing for you to be crying about, you damn rabbit!”  He could no longer see the finer details of the rabbit’s face, even though they were so close to each other since he was now blocking the main source of light into the nest.  But from the little light that was making its way through the thick material, he could see that Deku looked stupefied.

“You are not mad?”  

“I was more surprised by how you could do that than the fact that you did.”  They smiled in the low light, and his dementor seemed to relax as he started to return his awkward hug.  “But I am a little curious.” Katsuki felt fluffy ears brush on either side of his face as the rabbit looked to him.  “Pinky out there said you have been scenting me?”  Even in the dim light of the nest, he could see just how flustered Deku seemed to become at this question.  He retracted his hands and nervously started messing with his ears, which were dropped in front of his face.  “ Deku ?”

“I have,” he said as if he was admitting he was guilty of taking cookies from the cookie jar.  “Do you not want me to?”

“It depends. Could you just explain how it works?”  He had a rough idea of what it entailed, but the nuances of it were foreign to him.  The rabbit watched him with careful eyes before sighing.

“Well, um, Pets have scent glands located in different places on their body.  I have one under my chin and,” the rabbit’s face turned impossibly redder, “another place.  Different breeds of pets can have them in slightly different locations. And—”

“Wait, all this time you’ve been rubbing your face against me, you have been scenting me?!”  Katsuki didn’t want to interrupt, but he couldn’t help but think of all the times he has done that, including in public places and in front of everyone.  He has seen other Pets doing that—scenting—their owners, friendly strangers, other pets, so he thought it was just normal behavior—like them saying thank you or their way of begging for more.

“Not every time,” the bunny flustered before saying in a much softer voice, “but yes.  S-sometimes it was to take in your scent.” Katsuki felt his cheeks warm up, and it had nothing to do with the small space they were sharing.

“Are there different ways you can scent someone?  Doesn’t scenting have other meanings?”

“S-somewhat?  The scents themselves are not different, but the meaning behind it can be.  It’s not always claiming something. It could also be a show of appreciation and could be shared between companions.  Or it could mean something more, something intimate that’s only s-shared between—” Deku paused and Katsuki finished his sentence.

“Mates.”  The rabbit buried his head in his hands, and Katsuki chuckled.  “Come here, bunny butt,” he directed Deku, and when he did after a moment of hesitation, he kissed that cute button nose.  He followed up by kissing either cheek and then looked him in the eyes. Deku smiled, and he leaned forward to kiss him on the mouth.  

Their lips collided in a slow dance.  Deku thought of him as a mate. It sounded weird, but he didn’t dislike it.  God, he loves him so much. On a whim, he parted his lips slightly and let his tongue slip out and lightly licked the rabbit’s pink lips.  Immediately, Deku pulled away and looked at him with wide eyes. Shit.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have umf —” Once again, the rabbit pushed his lips against his own before pulling away just barely.

“As long as it is Kacchan—No, because it is Kacchan, I am okay,”  he whispered against his lips before he felt something soft and wet rub against them as the kiss continued anew.  It was slow—experimental—as the two tried to get comfortable with the new sensation and exploration. Neither of them really took the lead as both clearly had no clue as to what they were doing.  It was sloppy. It was awkward. It was anything but perfect, but it was amazing.

Katsuki felt dizzy as the two finally pulled away to take a breath. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the kiss or the confined area.  His arms and legs were also starting to feel numb from the awkward angle. Katsuki tried to adjust himself, and his eyes fell on his little rabbit.

Deku looked to be in a daze, his eyes half-lidded and his mouth parted slightly with a small string of saliva hanging from his lip.   Holy fuck.   The rabbit looked at him hungrily, cheeks red and nose twitching.  

“Deku?”  he said huskily, and the rabbit’s eyes brightened as he leaned down until their faces were centimeters from each other.  Katsuki closed his eyes, waiting for their kiss to continue. However, he instead felt the rabbit nuzzling against his chest.   Dafuck?  He opened his eyes, taken aback for a second as the fluff ball continued to cuddle every accessible part of his chest.  

“Scenting me again?”  The bunny hummed.

“You still have Mina’s scent on you.”  He actually sounded angry as he continued to scent him furiously.  Katsuki chuckled at his effort and smiled warmly at his Deku. “Let’s get out of here, and I will change my shirt and let you continue your thorough claiming of me.  I’ll even burn the shirt if it will make you happier.” The rabbit looked up at him with hopeful eyes and nodded.

“It feels like I am being stabbed by all the fucking pins and needles in the world right now,” Katsuki said as he struggled to crawl his way out of the nest.  It was shameful to say, but it took the pro hero far too many seconds to worm his way out of the torture device. Moments later, a cheerful bunny head poked his way out of his nest.

“Remind me to never do that—” Katsuki froze as his eyes locked onto a pair of wide yellow ones staring at him from beside the door.   Fuck.


Mina was bouncing around on the couch, listening to Bakugou’s instructions.  Her mind was still a whirlwind of different thoughts. She has seen an Omega act that territorial only once before, and it was when the Omega was protecting her pups, in the end,  the Omega gave the foolish Alpha one hell of a scar. She has heard of cases were an Omega would get that way if they felt as if someone was making a move on their mate.

But Izuku acted that way over his owner.  Not only that. He sleeps in the same room as him, they are always on top of each other, and he heavily scents Bakugou.  Their entire relationship was odd. She remembers Eijiro once saying that Izuku had imprinted on the blonde after the terrible hardships in his life. Was that the cause of their attached relationship?  Maybe that is why he was getting territorial. He thought she was trying to take his safety net away? If that is the case, she feels even worse now than before.

She looked down at her leg and lightly rubbed the spot were Izuku kicked her a couple minutes ago.  It was tender, and she could tell that she was going to bruise. From the pictures from the blog about the rabbit’s progress that Eijiro showed her, in a matter of just 6 months, the change had been remarkable.  The half-dead rabbit turned into a solid cutie pie—a very strong cutie pie, at that!

Her eyes narrowed as she frowned.  Her life up until Eijiro adopted her was far from a picnic walk.  She moved from one house to another because of her quirk, her Alpha status, or a combination of both.  Denki was in a similar boat as her. However, his quirk and heats would supposedly be uncontrollable, making him undesirable.  They both had scars from the system, but Izuku wore his on full display for the world to see. The strength Izuku must gain from Bakugou must be enough to allow Izuku to be able to have such a smile.

Mina looked down the hallway that Bakugou walked down several minutes ago.  Other than a couple of yips from a few minutes ago, the apartment was nearly dead silent.  It was doing nothing to make her feel better. She looked at the clock before making up her mind.  She just wanted to make sure they were okay and then she will leave right away.

She stood up and slowly started making her way down the hallway. The only door that was open was the one at the end of the hallway, so she decided to start there.  It was a big master bedroom with a huge bed and more of those huge glass windows. She quickly zeroed into the one corner on the other side of the bed where there was a dark-colored nest with a pair of legs hanging out of it.  

Mina’s eyes widened because of the confusing scene in front of her.  What is going on? Is that how Bakugou comforts Izuku? Their relationship really is strong. An Omega wouldn’t let just anyone enter their nest, even if only about a third of Bakugou could fit inside.  

As she stepped further into the room, she could hear strange noises and a whiff of something strange.  She opened her mouth to smell the air better because it couldn’t be right. But no, there was no way her instincts could confuse that smell as anything else.  She smelled an Omega’s slick. NO WAY!

As she stood there, suddenly the strange sounds started to make sense as well.  It was passionate and wet. A kiss. NO FUCKING WAY!  A smile spread across her face.  They are kissing! Everything made sense.   IT’S LOVE!  THEY ARE IN LOVE!!!  She was distracted by how much she wanted to squeal with joy that she didn’t notice that the pro-hero started trying to crawl out.  Just how did this forbidden romance start? She just had to know everything!

Only when Bakugou’s red eyes locked with hers did she finally realize that she had been caught peeping in on their precious moment.  Never in a million years did she think that she’d ever see a look of pure terror in the eyes of the pro-hero Ground Zero. That expression quickly passed to give way to one of pure fury.

“I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO WAIT IN THE OTHER ROOM!”  Izuku peeked his head over. He looked equally as terrified as Bakugou was just a moment ago.  Bakugou was quick to get on his feet and stomped over, his eyes ablaze. Even as an Alpha, she wanted to cower and submit to this terrifying man.

“I-I promise I won’t tell anyone you were kissing.”  The blonde’s blush betrayed his scowl.

“WE WEREN’T FUCKING KISSING!”  His eyes were red-hot as he loomed over her.  “He was—I was fucking giving him CPR!” Huh?  Mina looked up at the man that, just a moment ago, looked so intimidating. His face still looked so serious even though it was such a terrible lie.  She couldn’t help it as she started to laugh. His cheeks reddened even more. “Fucking stop laughing. He really was—”

“Kacchan,” Izuku said as he tugged on the back of Bakugou’s shirt.  He was half hidden behind the blonde’s form as he looked at her. Large eyes pierced her.  “You promise not to tell?” Mina blinked twice as she processed the question before a smile came to her face.

“Of course not!  It’s like you are Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers keeping their love secret and stuff!”  

“You do know the two die at the end, right?”  Bakugou grimaced as he crossed his arms.

“You know what I mean, without the dying part!”  She smiled happily, her tail wagging slightly. “I wouldn’t tell a soul about your relationship.” She skipped over to grab Izuku’s hand. “But I want to hear everything !”

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Bun bun - DarkMachi

[DarkMachi's Tumblr]


Izuku’s eyes were heavy, and his stomach was full.  He sighed and leaned into his buff seat as the brush slowly ran through his fur over and over again.  After everything that happened today, Kacchan brought them to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, and now Izuku has never felt so comfortably full in his entire life.  Once they arrived back home, they started watching some TV and just sunk into the couch. It really was just what he needed after the day he has had.

Today just seemed to go on forever.  First, there was his talk with Mina, which was emotionally draining in itself.  Even his nap from earlier did little to curve it. Then there was the sudden and unexpected pull of possessive instincts that came over him when he saw Mina scenting Kacchan.  At that moment, all he could think about was that Kacchan was his. He even hurt her.  Even now that she has forgiven him, he still can’t completely forgive himself.  He judged her so harshly, afraid that she would default to her instincts, and then he turned around and succumbed to his own.

The only thing that snapped him out of it was Kacchan yelling at him.  He knew he fucked up, and he was terrified of the thought of Kacchan coming to hate him.  Izuku’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when Kacchan started to crawl into his nest. It was actually rather funny, and having Kacchan in his nest couldn’t have made him any happier.  And then they— Izuku’s cheeks reddened as he adjusted himself in Kacchan’s lap.

His lips were still tingling.  He has never experienced a kiss that felt as good as that before. He didn’t even know that was possible.  Kacchan’s tongue and his own dancing an unknown dance. Breathing in each other’s breath. Tasting each other.  It was only when Kacchan started to crawl out of his nest did he realize that his body had reacted to their interaction.  The already quickened pace of his heart grew quicker. He had started producing slick.

At that moment, he couldn’t think more about it because of Mina.  But the fact that his body wanted more frightened him. He loves Kacchan; he really, really does, and he knows Kacchan won’t do anything to hurt him.  But he is afraid—afraid that it will be like before, afraid that it will overpower and ultimately overshadow the enjoyment he is currently feeling, afraid that it will be painful.

“Deku,” Kacchan whispered in his ear, “are you okay?”  Kacchan started rubbing his leg with his calloused fingers.  It was only when it slowly relaxed did he notice how tense he was.  Izuku took a deep slow breath in and held it for a count of four before slowly releasing.  He then proceeded to systematically release the tense muscles in every part of his body, one at a time.  He started with the muscle between his brows and moved all the way down to his toes. When all his muscles were loose, he answered Kacchan.

“Just thinking about some things.”  Izuku opened his eyes and looked up at Kacchan.  “I am better now.” Kacchan clicked his teeth and looked a little peeved.

“When you want to talk about it and when—” He tilted his head to the side, and Izuku looked in that direction just in time for Mina to let out a rather long snore from her spot at the other end of the couch.  “—we rid ourselves of an unwanted house guest.” Kacchan’s arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him in closer.

Izuku smiled and chuckled lightly as he allowed himself to be pulled in closer, allowing his head to rest in the divot of Kacchan’s neck.  Izuku could tell that Kacchan was still tense about their secret getting out for sure this time. He was sure Kacchan was worried about Mina telling everyone about their relationship, and he would be lying if he said that he wasn’t at least a little worried himself.  But he wants to trust her. She is not the type that would do such a thing on purpose.

Izuku melted farther into his Kacchan as he started to rub soothing circles into his belly.  Everything seemed to slow down again as Kacchan’s warmth and scent filled him. Everything was alright. It was going to be alright because Kacchan is here.  A bubbling joy resurfaced in his stomach as he started to lightly scent the blonde.

“I love you, Kacchan,” he whispered.

“Love you, too, bunny butt.”


The only thing Izuku could think about was how nice everything was right now.  He and Kacchan were under a tree on a hill enjoying a picnic with everyone. Everything was warm and comfortable and Kacchan was openly loving him without worry of wary eyes.  He said, “Fuck them. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to watch!” Izuku cooed as he leaned into Kacchan’s warm embrace while looking at their friends and family.

Under the tree, his mother has busied herself by cooking his favorite foods in a portable kitchen.  She looked younger and happier than he has seen her in years with her old apron on and everything. All Might was close by. He was the muscular All Might of his childhood, posing with black sunglasses and wearing a T-shirt.  Above everyone, the two Bakugous were kissing in the tree.

Yelling about adventures, a black-haired Kirishima was running around with a red and white cap and comfortable shorts.  Denki was clinging to his shoulder with unusually red cheeks, and following close behind the two was Mina who, for some reason, was yelling her own name.  Even Iida and Uraraka were there; Iida was dancing like a constipated robot, and Uraraka was vomiting rainbows while floating on a cloud.

Izuku happily wagged his tail.  He was so happy that everyone was here and that he no longer had to keep any secrets.  Everything was perfect.

Buzz.  Buzz. Buzz.

Izuku lifted his head to see a bunch of bees swarming all around the hilltop.  Suddenly, his shy veteran was yelling at the top of his lungs to run for your life in a strangely shrill voice.  Seconds later a giant bee, larger than the entire hill, flew into view. What the—

Everyone seemed to react all at once to the mendacious bee.  Kacchan immediately stood up and took a protective stance in front of Izuku.  Kirishima challenged the giant bee to a battle. All Might called it “Bee Mama” and started posing for it.  The Bakugous continued to make out in the tree. His mother started to wield a frying pan like a weapon. Uraraka for some reason started laughing and pretending that she was a bee as well.  And finally, Iida straightened his glasses and said, “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that bee should be able to fly.”

Buzz.  Buzz. Buzz.  Buzz. Buzz.

The giant bee came closer and closer, and then Izuku opened his eyes.  Izuku felt dazed and confused as the morning sun shone into his eyes. He was resting comfortably on Kacchan’s chest in their bed with the buzzing continuing from his dream.  Izuku’s ears twisted around as his eyes zeroed into the source—Kacchan’s phone. Kacchan’s groan had him looking up at his blonde, who had both hands over his face.

“Someone better be fucking dead!” Kacchan griped, and as his hands lifted off his face, Izuku saw the circles under his eyes.  Izuku frowned. Kacchan didn’t get home until early this morning after having to stay late in order to catch a crafty villain that eluded him earlier that same day.  To say that Kacchan was pissed was an understatement. Izuku could hear the rage in his voice when he told him not to wait up for him.

Izuku ended up waiting up for him with Mina anyways.  Over the past couple of days, he and Mina had ended up growing closer while Kacchan was at work.  It was nice having someone to talk to about his relationship with Kacchan and about his fears moving forward.  He can’t believe he was ever afraid of her.

Kacchan reached over to grab his phone, one hand resting on Izuku’s back.  Without looking at the name, he answered and yelled into the phone, “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”  Izuku blinked as a familiar hearty laugh rang through the phone.

“Denki’s heat has just finished up,” Kirishima started after he finished laughing.  “I am just airing out the house now and will be over to pick up Mina in a couple of hours.  Will that be enough to convince you to spare me?” Kacchan grumbled.

“Barely. Only to get that leach out of my home.”  Izuku chuckled. Red eyes glared down at him, and he ruffled his hair.  “Why the fuck did you have to call me so fucking early in the morning?”

“Dude, it’s eleven.”

“I KNEW THAT!”  Both Kirishima and Izuku started laughing at Kacchan’s little outburst.  “Just get over here and get your fucking Pet!” Before he could say anything else, Kacchan hung up his phone and angrily placed it back down on the side table.  Izuku smiled up at his angry blonde, who glared down at him. A wicked smirk spread across his face. Izuku squealed in surprise as, suddenly, Kacchan flipped them over, and Izuku became trapped underneath him.

“K-Kacchan?”  Izuku squirmed, but Kacchan pinned him down with his weight.  However, Izuku reasoned, it couldn’t possibly be all of Kacchan’s weight or he would have been completely squished.  The blonde hero chuckled.

“Nope, this is punishment.  Staying up late then having the gall to laugh at me.”  Kacchan held himself up with one arm above his head, and with his now free hand, wriggled his fingers menacingly.  “Die!” Kacchan said jokingly as he started to tickle his side.

“Noooo!”  Izuku cried.


Yelling could be heard from within the apartment as Eijiro knocked on Bakugou’s door.  The past week has been long and tiring due to Denki’s heat, so he was more than a little relieved when it was finally petering out the previous night.  Eijiro was even starting to think that he should have also taken up temporary residence somewhere else to give the poor mouse privacy if it was not for the fact that he needed someone there to make sure he kept drinking and eating properly.  Even from down the hall—in his own bedroom—he could still clearly hear the mouse in heat.  Some time before his heat next year, he will have to see about getting his room soundproof!  

“About fucking time, Shitty Hair,” Bakugou said as he slammed the door open. “Your stuff is over there, bothering Deku.”  Eijiro’s eyes widened as he walked in and saw Mina happily hugging Izuku, who in turn was hugging her back heartily, both of their tails wagging.  Eijiro quickly got out his phone and started taking pictures of the cute scene. Once he got a good dozen, he asked, “Wow, when did this happen?” He looked over to Bakugou who was now leaning up against the wall with his arms crossed.

“Couple days ago.” Bakugou turned towards the Pets. “Wrap it up, you two!”  The Pets hugged for just a moment longer before breaking apart, and Mina looked over at him happily, a smile from ear to ear.  

“EIJIRO!”  She cheered as she bounced up and ran into his arms for a hug.  He patted her head as she buried her face into him. Even though he has only had Mina for a short while, it felt like something was missing the last couple of days without her.  He thought about coming over here to see her a couple times but ended up settling on the nightly phone calls because Denki’s heat scent was all over him.

“I hope you behaved while you were here.”  He looked down at her with warm eyes.

“Of course!”  Mina said.

“No,” Bakugou grumbled, “get her out of my house already.”  Eijiro raised an eyebrow at his grumpy friend only to be surprised to see that, at some point, the rabbit had walked over to Bakugou and was now holding his hand.  He looked up at him.

“Mina was a pleasure to have over,”  the bunny said in a timid voice and with a small smile on his face.

“Don’t fucking say that or he will think he can continue using our apartment as a Pet daycare!”  Bakugou screeched without letting go of the rabbit’s hand. “Leave and don’t ever come back.”

“Kacchan, don’t be mean!”  Izuku pouted and looked up at Bakugou before turning back to him.  “You all are welcome over anytime.”



Eijiro huffed as he rearranged Mina’s heavy and awkward supplies in his hand.  They were on their way home after Bakugou kicked them out. He knew for sure that, if it wasn’t for the bunny, they would have most likely been blasted out the window. It wouldn’t have been the first time, so he was thankful for that.  Walking beside him and carrying two bags was Mina, who was idly telling him about her week over at Bakugou’s.

“Bakugou acts mean, but he is actually really nice. Did you know that?  He even scratched behind my horns!” Eijiro chuckled. Bakugou talks a big game, causing a lot of people to think poorly of him, but he really is a good dude.  He was glad that Mina was able to learn that about his best friend.

“Did he now?”  

“Yeah, it was really nice!  Oh, but Izuku didn’t like it when Bakugou only paid attention to me, and in the end, he had to pet both of us at the same time.”  Eijiro had to raise an eyebrow at that. He has never seen the timid rabbit be anything but sweet. But a part of him wanted to see—and take pictures of—the normally well-mannered rabbit getting jealous over his bro’s attention.

“Yeah, Izuku and Bakugou have a really, really close relationship, and I was just kind of a third wheel.  They are always on top of each other, and oh, did you know Izuku sleeps in the same bed as Bakugou every night!  It’s just so cute how deeply in love they are!” she said with a smile while looking up at him. Eijiro blinked in surprise before a broad smile spread across his face.

He turned forward as they rounded the block, and his house came into sight.  Mina happily ran ahead of him to get home and tell Denki about everything that happened.  Eijiro chuckled as he thought about Mina’s unwitting words and then of their closeness and almost married-couple-like vibe the two displayed when he was picking Mina up.  

“Come on, Eijiro!  Get over here and unlock the door!”  He smiled as he continued making his way home.  

I am glad those pictures helped them figure out their feelings.

Chapter Text

Katsuki shuddered as he took off his hero costume and started to change into his civilian clothing.  He ached all over, and he could feel the start of splitting headaches. A pretty standard day turned annoying really quickly when a couple of criminals with fourth-rate quirks decided to tag team and rob a jewelry store.

When he first arrived on the scene, he nearly slipped and fell on his ass.   It took him a moment to realize there was a thin sheet of ice covering just about everything in the surrounding area.  Fucking annoying, but doable, he thought, so he launched himself at the closest criminal. The small man released a mist from his mouth that Katsuki couldn’t dodge, so it ended up covering him completely.  

In one movement, he incapacitated the first man, and as he moved to take out the second one, he felt all the heat being sapped from his body.  His specialty fucking designed costume—specifically meant to generate heat and ward off the cold—was frozen fucking solid. In the next second, a third criminal, a man with a fucking blade attached to the bottom of his feet, tried to roundhouse kick him.

This ice was nowhere near as oppressive as Icy Hot’s.  Even if he could feel his body temperature drop and his maneuverability being significantly reduced, there was no way in hell he was going to be tagged by these extras.  The remaining of the confrontation was just plain annoying. The second one kept cooling the room, making it hard to use his quirk, and then the other asshole was fucking ice skating around.  

It fucking annoyed him to no end how long it took to take care of these fuckers. He only barely had them all contained by the time the police arrived.  Even after the police took them away, his suit was still cold. He was going to have to go talk to the insane bitch to see what the fuck was up with that.  But not right now. He was drained, and all he wanted to do was to go home and cuddle his Deku.

Katsuki heard the opening of a locker door, and as he looked over, he saw Kirishima walking in.  God, how the fuck can he stand being shirtless year-round? Like sure, his clothes just get shredded by his quirk, but every winter, he wonders how the idiot’s nipples don’t freeze off.  Katsuki shivered.

“You okay, dude?”  Shitty hair asked, now beside him.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”  he growled, not in the mood, and quickly grabbed his sweater and put it on.  

“It means you don’t look so hot right now, ‘ Mr. Runner-Up Most Eligible Bachelor Hero ’,”  Kirishima said with a small smile, but at the same time, looked genuinely concerned.  “I heard you had some difficulty with some criminals earlier. Maybe you want to—”

“Huh?  You think some weak-ass extras would give me any problems?”  A couple of stray sparks came from of his palm, and the redhead immediately put up his hands in surrender.

“I don’t mean it like that, and you know it.  Just take it easy for the rest of the day, okay?”  Katsuki could feel his headache getting worse by the minute, and he groaned.  He fucking hates it, but the longer this conversation became the more sense Kirishima s making.   

“Fine,” he said as he grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder.  As he was walking out the door, Shitty Hair yelled, “Go home to your cuddle bunny!”

“Fuck you!”  Yelling might have been a mistake as the world seemed to spin for a second when he did.


Izuku’s ear perked up when he heard the front door opening.

“Kacchan!”  he called out as he quickly ran to the door. However, he stopped short of jumping into his arms, as was routine.  Kacchan looked flushed and out of breath as he leaned against the wall. He looked sweaty but not his normal kind of sweaty as his eyes seemed to have problems focusing on him.  “Kacchan?” Izuku took a hesitant step forward, his nose scenting the air and his ears at attention.

“Deku,” Kacchan huffed between breaths.  His eyes were unfocused as he took a step forward, missing the step up from the entryway.  The world seemed to slow down for a second, and Izuku quickly jumped forward and caught the blonde before he face-planted onto the floor.  Kacchan muttered a “thank you” into his shoulder.

“Kacchan?  Are you okay?  What is going on?”  Izuku said, alarmed as Kacchan slouched against him even more.  His body was heavy but nothing he couldn’t handle. However, that was not what he was worried about. He was warm to the touch.   Is he going into heat?  No, no, humans don’t go into heat.  Stop being silly, Izuku. Is he sick?  Or maybe it’s from someone during the jewelry store robbery he stopped?  Maybe it was one of their quirks with a hidden effect. Should he take Kacchan to the hospital then?  

“I’m fine, Deku. I don’t need to go to the hospital.  It’s just a little cold.” Izuku didn’t have the time to be embarrassed about how apparently he was talking out loud that entire time since Kacchan moved to stand up.  Izuku kept himself at the ready as Kacchan stood there, swaying in place. “See? Fine.” Izuku frowned.

“Kacchan, maybe you want to lay down for a little bit?”  Izuku asked in a nervous voice. Kacchan blinked down at him, and for a moment, he was afraid the blonde would say no.  But then he nodded his head and groaned, his face turned a greenish hue.

“Bathroom,” he said quickly before covering his mouth.  Izuku’s eyes widened as he quickly understood what was going on and helped him to the hallway bathroom, not wanting to chance not making it to the master bathroom.  As soon as they reached the bathroom, Kacchan dropped to his knees and started retching into the toilet. Izuku folded his ears back and covered his nose, gagging a little himself.  

“I’ll- I’ll be right outside,” Izuku said, knowing that, if he stayed any longer, he was at risk of puking as well.  He got a pained groan as a response before he, once again, started getting sick. As he stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door most of the way, he took out his phone.  He debated who he should call first. Should he call a doctor? But he doesn’t have Kacchan’s doctor’s number. But the hospital is too extreme, isn’t it? He wasn’t sure if it was some quirk’s hidden effect.  

Hearing Kacchan retch again, Izuku bit his lip as he decided to go with the most reliable number he had.  The phone rang and rang and rang. Come on, pick up, pick up, pick up.  Izuku found himself bouncing in place.   Please pick—


“Kirishima!” he cried out in joy that he finally picked up, and in one breath, relayed everything that happened. “When Kacchan came home, he was clammy and warm and flushed, and then he nearly fell over and had problems standing up and now is throwing up, and—”

“Wow, calm down, Izuku. Deep breaths.”  Izuku whined but took a deep breath. “Better?”  Izuku hummed in confirmation. “So Bakugou is sick?”

“Yes, I think so, but I am not sure if it couldn’t have had anything to do with the villain’s quirk earlier.  Should I call the doctors or—” Kirishima chuckled lightly.

“I worried something like this was happen, but I don’t think you have to worry. It’s likely just the flu. It’s been going around the past couple of weeks.  Bakugou normally has a very strong immune system. In all the time I’ve known him, I’ve only seen him get sick one other time.” He pauses for a second before continuing with, “Actually, you might have a point about him getting sick because of their quirks today, but indirectly, by lowering his immune system with the cold.”

“So Kacchan is going to be okay?”  Izuku asked hopefully.

“Of course! I bet he’ll beat back that virus in record time.”  Izuku could somehow tell that he had his signature toothy smile on.  “Watch him, make sure he has plenty of water, and get him to bed. I’ll be over in a couple hours with some food, medicine, and whatever else sick people need!”  Izuku blinked in surprise.

“Thank you, but you don’t have to do that.”

“Nonsense, it’s what bros do!”  Izuku smiled.


“And here you go.” Kirishima handed Izuku several bags filled with medicine, easy to digest foods for Kacchan, orange juice, and tissues.  Kirishima then placed a takeout box on the kitchen counter. “And a new, trendy dinner Denki said you might like.”

“Thank you!” Izuku said as he gaped at all the things Kirishima actually got.  Kirishima really is such a caring person.

“Like I said before, no problem!”  He smiled while giving him a thumbs up and striking a silly pose that Izuku couldn’t help but chuckle at.  “Others might not believe it, but Bakugou has done the same for me before, a couple of times.” Kirishima scratched the back of his head.  “However, he would yell at me the entire time to take better care of myself.” Izuku giggled. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay over and help?”  

“No, it’s fine,” Izuku said with a smile. “Go home to Denki and Mina.”  Kirishima grinned as he placed a hand on Izuku’s head. He yipped in surprise but allowed the hero to continue petting him.  

Kirishima had a strange smile on his face before saying, “Take care of him.”  Izuku blinked and tilted his head in confusion before nodding. “And call me if you need anything, or if Bakugou gets any worse, okay?”

“Of course!”  And with that Kirishima was gone.  Izuku quickly put away everything that needed to be refrigerated, including his dinner, which he will have it later.  First, he needed to check on Kacchan. Izuku grabbed the serving tray and then proceeded to get the bottle of medicine and looked through the instant soups that Kirishima got for him.  Part of him wished he could make Kacchan a homemade meal, but he knew—and he guessed that Kirishima guessed as well—that it would end in disaster. His cooking skills were only marginally better than before, and there were only a couple of dishes that could he cook with confidence, most of them being breakfast foods.  

As the microwave beeped, Izuku got out the hot soup and put it on the tray that now had a cup of orange juice and a cup of cold water on it, plus a spoon and napkins.  With everything ready, he carefully made his way over to the master bedroom, only spilling a little bit of the water on the way.

Peeking in, he saw that Kacchan was still asleep on the bed with several extra blankets that Izuku gathered from around the apartment.  Izuku sniffed the air and was pleased to find no acidic smell was clinging to the air. The bucket that Kacchan instructed him to get seemed to be free of vomit.   Thank goodness.  He stepped into the room and looked over at the blonde. His face was sweaty, and the washcloth that was on his forehead had slipped off.  Delicately placing the tray down, Izuku took the warm washcloth into the bathroom to run it under cold water. On his way back, he grabbed another cloth to wipe the sweat off of Kacchan’s face.

“D-Deku?” he croaked out, opening his red eyes just a crack.  

“What is it, Kacchan?  Do you need anything?” Izuku asked as he returned to Kacchan’s side and started mopping the sweat from his brows with the washcloth.

“Is Kirishima gone?”  

“Yes,” he said hesitantly, unsure of the reasoning behind the question.

“Good riddance,”  Kacchan said with a huff, sinking into the pillow more.  Izuku felt bad for a second for thinking Kacchan looked adorable.  Izuku cradled the side of Kacchan’s warm cheek for just a moment before finishing his wiping.

“Now, don’t say that.  He brought you soup and medicine. He even got me dinner, so you don’t have to worry about me burning down the apartment building!”  Izuku said jokingly only for Kacchan to pout before reaching a hand out from under his mountain of blankets to grab his hand.

“Stupid Shitty Hair, trying to woo my Deku when I’m not feeling well. I’ll kill him later.”  Izuku blinked in surprise. He actually couldn’t tell if Kacchan was being serious or not, but it still made his heart flutter.  The longer the blonde continued to pout, the more Izuku wanted to kiss those lips even though he knew he couldn’t. While it was harder for Pets to get human illnesses—part of the reason why so many Pets were health aids—it was still very possible.  More so if the two started sharing saliva.

“Kirishima isn’t wooing me. He is just being nice, and I quote, ‘it’s what bros do.’”  Kacchan’s scowl deepened as he narrowed his eyes.

“Then explain why he is building himself a harem,”  he said with a straight face. Izuku nearly fell over as laughter erupted from his body.   “You laugh now, but mark my words. His little pet crew is just going to keep growing.” A few stray chuckles slipped from Izuku’s mouth as he brushed the hair out of Kacchan’s pouting face.  

“Okay, Kacchan, now how about we get some food and medicine into you?”  After a moment, he nodded, and Izuku helped the blonde sit up. Izuku turned to get the bowl of soup for the blonde, and when he looked at him again, a smirk had replaced the pout upon his lips, and his next words had him second-guessing just how out of it Kacchan really was.

“Feed me.”  He wasn’t asking; he was demanding to be fed.  Izuku blushed as he could feel his heartbeat increasing and his tail starting to wag.  But he wasn’t just going to give into Kacchan’s little game.

“Only if you say the magic words.”

“I love you?”  Izuku nearly dropped the soup into his lap as he stuttered in embarrassment.  His cheeks were likely nearly as red as Kacchan’s now.

“You win,”  Izuku admitted his defeat.  

“Don’t I always?”  he said with a cocky smile.  Kacchan closed his eyes and opened his mouth.  Izuku took a spoon full of soup, blowing on it first to make sure it was cool before dropping it into Kacchan’s mouth.

“I can’t say you win every single time.” Kacchan’s eyes opened and glared at him, but before he could interject, Izuku continued,  “But I can say that you won something I never thought was possible for anyone to win.” Izuku looked over to Kacchan and smiled at him with all of his love.  “You won my heart.”

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Izuku smiled as he looked over at Kacchan, who finally seemed to come under the effects of the medicine and was dozing off.  He was able to feed Kacchan half of the bowl of soup, the entire cup of water, and half a cup of orange juice before he couldn’t stand anymore.  Izuku was carefully brushing aside the blonde spikes that were sticking to Kacchan’s face when his stomach growled. He should go and eat now. Looking over Kacchan one more time, he decided that he would be fine for a short while and headed over to the kitchen to warm up his own dinner.  

Izuku opened a container that was filled with little balls covered in a light green sauce that gave off a slightly sweet and spiced scent.  It smelled really good, and as he put it in a bowl and placed it in the microwave to warm up, it started to smell even better. It took him a couple of minutes to nail down what he was smelling—coconut milk.  The steam wafted into his nose, and he excitedly bit into a ball. It was hot in his mouth, but it didn’t take away from the delicious flavor. He was going to have to thank Kirishima and Denki later, he thought as he took another bite.

He was finishing up the last one, soaking it in the sauce to make sure that he got every last bit of it into his mouth when he heard a loud bang coming from the direction of the bedroom.  Izuku’s heart skipped a beat at the quick realization that overcame him. Kacchan!   The food was immediately forgotten as Izuku jumped out of the chair, knocking it over in the process.  He sprinted towards the master bedroom and nearly collided with the wall when making the sharp turn down the hallway.  He burst into the room in a matter of seconds after the initial thud.

“Kacchan?!” he yelled as he spotted the lump that was Kacchan on the floor next to his bed, groaning.  Izuku swiftly made the last couple of steps between him and Kacchan in a single bound. “Kacchan? Kacchan, are you okay?” The words fell out of him in a panic as he oh-so-carefully flipped the blonde over.  Kacchan looked pale, but more than anything, he looked terribly confused.


“Yes, Kacchan, it’s me.  I am here.” Izuku cradled Kacchan in his arms and brushed his clammy face with both hands.  “Are you okay?” he repeated.

“Yeah, I think I just stood up too fast.  I just wanted to go to the bathroom, but I ended up going to the floor,” he said earnestly.  Izuku giggled despite his worry.

“Next time, ask me for help when you need to go to the bathroom,” Izuku said softly.  

“What? Am I in elementary school again?”  Kacchan spat, his brows furrowed. “Don’t look down on me.”  Izuku blinked back in surprise at the harsh tone but quickly recovered and started to smile at his grumpy blonde.  “Da fuck you smiling at, bunny buns?”

“You, Kacchan,” Izuku answered warmly, his tail starting to sway happily, before continuing. “You just are sick, Kacchan. There is no shame in being sick.”  The blonde grunted as if he had something to say against that statement but didn’t voice it, so Izuku continued. “I just want to make you feel better as soon as possible so that you can go back to doing what you do best.  I will never look down on you.”

“You’re doing it right now,” he grumbled.

“Huh?” Izuku tilted his head to the side, his ears flopping slightly.  “Do what? Making you feel better?” Kacchan grunted.

“You are looking down on me.”  Izuku blinked in surprise because, yeah, at the moment, he was literally looking down at Kacchan, who was resting his head on his lap. The blonde continued to leer at him as if he was waiting for something, and Izuku began to laugh.  

“Kacchan is so silly,” he said, jovial.  Kacchan smiled for a brief moment, giving away his true sentiment, before pouting again.  

“Am not.  I am completely serious,” he said with a huff while crossing his arms like a child.  His cheeks were slightly flushed from the fever, his hair was even more messed up than normal, and his eyes had a lulled earnestness to them.  He looked like a mess, but Izuku couldn’t help but think that the man in his lap was adorable.

“Kacchan is so cute,” he said out loud, his heart beating happily in his chest.  

“Am fucking not!” Kacchan said with a “serious” expression on his face.

“Are too.”  Izuku poked Kacchan’s nose—catching the blonde off guard—causing him to stutter and lose his front.  “You are the cutest to me,” Izuku said with a smile, “but you are also the most handsome and sexy and smart because you are Kacchan. My Kacchan.”  Kacchan frowned as his cheeks grew redder and redder. Izuku’s tail continued to sway as his ears relaxed on the back of his head.

“Stop describing yourself, you damn bunny,”  Kacchan said in a soft voice, his eyes focused on his own.  It took a couple of seconds for him to discern the meaning behind his words, but when he did, a blush covered his face, and he whipped his head to the side.  

A warm hand brushed the side of his face, and he looked down in time to see Kacchan’s red eyes, filled with desire.  His lips were slightly parted as he looked directly into Izuku’s eyes. He was memorizing the loving express he was being given.  He nearly forgot himself until the blonde sat up to make an unmistakable action. Izuku put a hand on top of Kacchan’s forehead. It was hot to the touch but cooler than earlier.

“No, Kacchan, we can’t kiss right now,” Izuku said sadly as he gently guided his blonde head back down to his lap.  Kacchan gave him a sullen and betrayed look.

“You hate me now?  Was it Shitty Hair?  Or was it that damn Halfie?”  Izuku rolled his eyes as the blonde rambled to himself about fighting for his honor but let him go.  Even though—if possible—he would never let Kacchan suffer through the pain of being sick, there was something strangely enjoyable about seeing Kacchan like this.  

“No, Kacchan, I love you the most.”  Izuku traced Kacchan’s face with one hand while the other played with his damp hair.  “You don’t want me to get sick, too, do you?” Kacchan’s eyes went wide as if the possibility of getting him sick never crossed his mind.  “Once you are better, you can give me all the kisses you want.”

“All the kisses?”

“All the kisses,” he confirmed.

“I am holding you to that promise—one all-the-kisses.”  


After helping Kacchan stand up slowly and getting him to the bathroom, Izuku helped the blonde back to bed.  He carefully laid the blonde in the middle of the bed and started to, once again, cover him with the blankets.  Kacchan looked so cute, but-but something was off. Izuku started moving around the blankets and pillows and sheets.  When he took a step back in order to see the whole picture, it still felt like something was off, but it was better than before with Kacchan lying comfortably between two tiny mounds of pillows.  

Izuku went into fluff the pillows again, fluffing up the one behind Kacchan’s head first, then messed around with the blanket around Kacchan’s feet. However, there was still something off.   Maybe I need more blankets , he pondered to himself, but before he could enact his plan, he was interrupted by a whine.

“Dekuuu, what are you doing?”  Izuku looked over to his sick, grumpy boyfriend, who had been lazily eyeing him while he was trying to fix up his bed for the past couple of minutes.

“I was just—” Before he could finish his sentence, Kacchan had sat up just enough to grab a hold of his arm and was currently lightly pulling at him.  The effort was minimal at best. Izuku didn’t even have to try to resist the blondes tugging. He raised an eyebrow at the blonde, eyes slightly widened. “K-Kacchan?”  The grumpy man huffed.

“I need my fluffy butt to keep me warm,” he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the universe.  “Damn bunny,” he grunted as he pulled on his arm again but still with very little force behind it.

It wasn’t very hard to figure out that, just like kissing, sleeping cozied up to a sick person was probably not a very good idea.  In all honesty, he was planning on sleeping in his nest for the next couple of days so that he would be both close enough to help Kacchan at a moment's notice but also not right on top of him.  Even though he really wanted to, they shouldn’t be sleeping together like they normally do. Ears down, Izuku started to speak. “Kacchan, I—”

The next words were lost on his lips as Kacchan looked up at him with surprisingly big puppy-dog eyes.  Izuku was stunned. The fully grown man in front of him was begging for him in a way that he honestly never expected possible.  The past couple hours have just been a whirlwind of different emotions for Izuku due to the ever-changing moods of this new sick Kacchan; it was almost too much.  But he knew what he had to do. He had to put his foot down. It would do neither of them any good if Izuku got sick too. He had to—

“Please, Izuku, the bed will be cold without you.”  Izuku felt his resolve crumble. He sighed in defeat and allowed himself to be pulled into the bed.  Sick Kacchan had won again. He had a victorious smile on his face as he pulled Izuku to his side. He laid him down next to him and immediately got to work on snuggling his head against his ears and hair.

“Deku is so soft and warm.  I love it so much.” Kacchan practically purred as he wrapped his arms around Izuku’s back, one leg around his waist.  He was being used as a body pillow. Izuku squirmed a little in the blonde’s hold. However, that only served to have Kacchan tightening his hold on Izuku’s form.  In the back of his mind, he knew that he could still escape if he really wanted to, but at the same time, it would be simpler to wait for Kacchan to fall asleep first.  

Izuku sighed again—giving in to his fate—and nuzzled Kacchan’s chest, his tail aflutter.  He will wait for Kacchan to fall asleep first. Besides, this was actually pretty nice. Normally, he was the one that initiated their snuggle sessions, not the other way around.  Izuku started to nuzzle against Kacchan again, scenting him in the process, as his eyes started to feel heavy thanks to the calming spice of Kacchan.

Izuku paused when he felt Kacchan starting to play with his tail.  “So soft and fluffy,” he said into his hair as he continued to mess with his tail. Izuku blushed but allowed the blonde to continue.  “So nice,” Kacchan yawned. “I love it so much. I love my bunny butt so much.” Kacchan continued playing with his tail, saying soft musings until it became a lulling rumble, and before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.


Katsuki’s head felt heavy, and every part of his body hurt.  It was hell. He was in hell. Or he would have thought so if not for the almost saintly presence of one fluffy bunny.  If someone were to tell him that Deku was in fact not a rabbit but an angel right now, he would believe them.

When he felt sick in the past, he had his mother and father—and Kirishima that one time—and they did a lot to comfort him, but they were all put to shame by Deku’s dedication. Between bouts of nausea, diarrhea, and everything the fuck else, Deku was there to comfort him.  Even as he threw up, the rabbit would rub his back with his nose scrunched up painfully, and his ears pressed flat against his skull. He was constantly getting him to drink water, take medication, and when possible, to eat. Never in his life has he ever been so pampered.  

Thinking about anything for too long hurt his head, but he knew one thing for sure.  He loves Deku so much. That day so many months ago when he found Deku was the day he truly found the holy grail of treasures.  This bunny really was the best thing that ever happened to him.

As the sickness rolled on, every time he came back to the world of the living, he noticed something.  The bed looked and felt different.  Fuller, more comfortable, and warmer.  It was strange to say the least, but he ended up not thinking much about it as he, instead, enjoyed whatever this change was.

It was only by the dawn of the third day, or what might have been the fourth day when his mind had cleared enough of the fog out that he actually took in his surrounds.  His master bed was completely filled to the brim with pillows and blankets, all seemingly strategically weaved together around him. As he looked at each individual piece, he started to notice that it wasn’t just all the pillows and blankets, but the couch cushions, towels, and even several items of clothing as well.   Holy shit .  His eyes widened in awe as his slowed mind pieced together all that laid before him.

“Kacchan,” a soft voice called to him, directing his attention to the doorway where his angel stood and held a tray of food, water, and medicine.  “You’re up! How are you feeling today?” he asked as he set the tray down and placed the back of his hand against his forehead. “You seem to be a good deal cooler than yesterday.”  He smiled before looking at him, clearly waiting for a response.

“I feel a bit better,”  Kacchan answered. He still ached and his headache wasn’t completely gone, but he didn’t have the urge to run to the toilet, so that’s a plus.

“That’s good.” He made the most beautiful little giggle. “You really are beating this flu up well.”  The bunny cupped his face softly as he gave him a loving gaze that caused Katsuki’s heart to skip a beat.

“Um, Deku, can I ask you a question?”

“You just did,”  Deku answered impishly,.“But seriously, Kacchan, you can ask me anything,” he answered with another almost blinding smile.

“Why am I in a nest?”  The rabbit’s face turned scarlet in a matter of seconds as he fumbled in embarrassment.  

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“Okay, Kacchan.” Deku looked down at the thermometer. “It looks like your fever is gone, and you definitely look a lot better,” the rabbit said with a warm, nearly blinding smile.  Katsuki chuckled. He undeniably felt a lot better than he did the past couple of days with the hellish sickness. His head was a good deal clearer, he could actually think without getting a headache, and he could keep his food down without it making a quick reappearance as well.  He was still a little sore, but that could be chalked up to the near six days of bedrest he has gotten.

He actually couldn’t remember the last time he was laid out for so long, but Deku relegated him to the bed until he was one-hundred percent better.  He was actually really assertive about the matter, so even when he started to feel better, Deku would stop him from pushing himself. While he never wants to be that sick again— ever —sitting here now, he felt strangely refreshed, and the reason why was the warm ball of fluff in front of him.

Deku had been pampering and nursing him faithfully during these couple of days of pure hell.  And it was strange even now as he thought about it; the idea of someone coddling him pissed him off.  His normal philosophy for someone that even tried to belittle him was giving them a one-way ticket to the stratosphere.  In the past couple of days, he was babied in a way that even the old hag wouldn’t have dared ever since he was out of diapers, but try as he might, he couldn’t find an ounce of antagonism.

Deku would hold a tissue to his nose and wiggle it.  He would blow on his bland soup and wipe the sweat from his face and body.  Hell, Deku even held his hand to go to the goddamn bathroom after he apparently fell over on the first night.  If it wasn’t for the telling bruises on his arms and knees, he might not have believed him. All of that leading up to how he was currently sitting in a nest.  He has been living through this hellish day in a nest designed by the bunny.

Even in his fever-drunken state, Katsuki had spent too much time researching Pet Omegas not to know there was really only two options for why he was in a nest.  The first and honestly more terrifying reason was that he was going into an early heat. When he first discovered the soft structure around him, he quickly asked the rabbit because, fuck, right now might be the worse time for that to happen.

The rabbit was quick to say no. However, he hid his face in embarrassment.  Even with the fog of sickness at that time, Katsuki was inclined to—or maybe just wanted to—believe him based on the lucidity of his voice that would be absent if he truly was close to his heat.  

So if it wasn’t the first option, then it was the second.  Deku had fallen into a nurturing mode, often dubbed “Mama Omega Mode” on the sites he looked at, where he felt like he had to provide and protect a person.  This mode is often triggered in regards to protecting the young or anyone that can’t take care of themselves otherwise.

On the internet, there are many stories about the “Mama Omega Mode.”  The most common would be for an Omega and their own children, and the second most common would be when they adopt another young Pet.  But there are also many cases of an Omega Pet building a nest for their owner’s newborn children, sick children, or for an elderly owner,  which all painted were message for Katsuki. Deku thought, or some instinct inside Deku was telling him, that Katsuki was a baby that needed protecting.  

And the single strangest part of the entire thing?  He didn’t dislike it. Hell, he wouldn’t still be in the fucking nest if that were the case.  If anything, he would almost fucking say that he had enjoyed the attention he was getting while sick because it was Deku taking care of him.  It was almost unnerving how it felt—allowing another person in, letting them see you in a weakened state—but that feeling didn’t apply to Deku. He didn’t have to second guess how Deku felt about him because he knows that he can trust the fluffy bun.

Katsuki scooched around in the nest that took up a majority of his king-size bed and smiled.  The nest was actually surprisingly comfortable; it was almost like the pillow forts he made in his youth.  However, unlike those makeshift castles, Deku’s nest was much more interesting and well made. Every piece seemed to weave into each other like a bizarre but practical work of art.  He felt bad that this will all have to come apart, if nothing else, to clean everything contaminated by his sickness.

Katsuki looked over at the rabbit, who now, for some reason, was starting to blush and fidget slightly where he stood.  Katsuki’s mind jumped between the two possibilities of the bunny’s heat and him getting sick too, so he quickly asked.

“Deku, are you okay?”  he asked as he observed Deku carefully, looking for any telltale signs.  The rabbit started tugging on his ears as the blush grew on his face. The room fell silent for a couple heartbeats before Deku shook his head, and in a slightly pitched voice, said, “O-one all-the-kisses!”   One all-the-kisses?!

Before Katsuki could react, he was being smothered by the fluffy bunny on top of him before suddenly feeling soft lips on his own.  The rabbit continued to pepper Katsuki’s face with tiny kisses, littered along his jawline, his cheeks, his nose, his forehead, and basically, anywhere those little pink lips could reach.  

Katsuki’s face immediately flushed at the new development. He would be lying if he didn’t say that this was certainly a wonderful surprise.  Those cute little kisses even lulled Katsuki enough that it even quieted the worries plaguing the back of his mind, and he let the rabbit continue spoiling him.

His arms quickly found their place around the rabbit’s small form, one hand resting on the small of Deku’s back while constantly being bombarded by the rabbit’s wagging, soft tail.  The other went to the curly mass of hair on Deku’s head and slowly cradled his head as the pecks continued. When every inch of his face had been touched by Deku’s lips, the rabbit finally pulled away so that they were looking each other in the eyes.

“More?”  he asked with a hushed voice.  Katsuki’s eyes narrowed ever-so-slightly as he started to come down from his high.  There were just too fucking many red flags for him to just go with the flow.

“I would never say no to more.” Deku started to lean down to kiss him again. “But,” the rabbit paused, “what brought this on?”  The rabbit’s already pink cheeks flushed darker as his eyes widened.

“Y-you don’t remember?”  he asked timidly.

“Remember what?”  The rabbit sat up and was now straddling his waist. He hid his face with his ears.  “Deku, what should I be remembering?” Katsuki asked again, also sitting up slightly, which caused the rabbit to slide down to his lap.  Deku shook his head as he started to look like a Holiday ornament with his green-tinted hair and red-tinted face. Katsuki sighed, “Come on, Deku, please tell me.”  Katsuki started rubbing those pliant, pink cheeks. And with a little more coaxing, Deku finally answered.

“I-I promised you ‘all the kisses’ once you felt better because you didn’t want to get me sick,” he said quietly.  Katsuki blinked in surprise.

“Really?  Sick-me got you to agree to that?” Deku nodded while hiding most of his face, causing Katsuki to laugh.  Good shit, sick-me. Katsuki smiled while looking up at his beloved bunny, still dangerously placed in a very delicate area, the setting sun outside the window illuminating his form.  “Just to make sure, you are not going into heat?” Deku released his ear-shield and moved the hands obscuring his face to reveal a slightly annoyed pout.

“How many times do I have to tell you? My heat doesn’t come until the spring!”  he said with a huff as he crossed his arms, causing Katsuki to laugh gently. Even when annoyed, Deku is adorable.  Katsuki brought his arms around so that they are on either side of the rabbit’s strong thighs, and he started rubbing small circles into the fur and flesh.  Deku tried to hold his irked expression as Katsuki’s hands slowly started making their way up his body.

“Kacchan?”  Katsuki sighed as he looked into those emerald eyes.

“I am just worried.  I want to make sure you are— No, that we both are more than prepared for when it comes.”  Katsuki’s hands gave a light squeeze to the rabbit’s bum, causing Deku to have a bewildered look on his face for a moment, before moving on to the rabbit’s lower back.  “I don’t want to spend a heat with you if you are not comfortable and will only come to regret it later.”

A mix of emotions seemed to swim through the bunny’s eyes.  But just as Deku was slowly setting himself back on Katsuki’s chest—in time with the exploring hands that reached his face—he had settled on one: an apologetic smile that spread across his freckled cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Kacchan. I am just worried, too, and the fact that you keep bringing it up doesn’t help,” he said as he tucked his face into Katsuki’s neck, allowing Katsuki’s hands to rest on the top of his head and shoulders.  

“It’s okay, bunny butt.  I would do more than just pout adorably if someone was bothering me about my personal shit like that.”  Katsuki snuggled his face into the rabbit’s velvety curls and let out a contented hum. They stayed like that for a moment until Katsuki finally broke the silence with—

“You know, I don’t think you fulfilled your promise yet.”  Deku quickly lifted his head so that they were once again looking directly at one another, his eyes bright.  Katsuki smirked as he moved a loose curl out of the rabbit’s face.“You did say, ‘All the kisses.’ Well, I don’t think I’ve gotten ‘all the kisses’ yet.”  Deku giggled cutely.

“Now we can’t have that, can we,” he said as he leaned down to start kissing anew.


Izuku frowned as Kacchan told him that they will need to take apart the nest he made.  He understood the blonde’s reasoning, but something about it just felt wrong. At first, it was his instincts that made him unconsciously construct his masterpiece, but even after the embarrassing realization, he couldn’t bear to stop.  So he got the couch cushions and continued weaving and folding the material around the sleeping Kacchan.

The results were the best nest he had ever made, but that might be because of the abundance of excellent materials. Or it might have been because he was making the nest for another person.  Whichever the case, he had grown strongly attracted to it in a very short amount of time.

“Deku, we have to wash everything,”  Kacchan said somberly.

“I know.”  He looked woefully at the nest for one last time before he started taking it apart.  

“I’m sorry, bunny butt,” Kacchan said soothingly as he rubbed his back before he started to help him by taking an armful of the sheets and blankets and taking them out of the room, most likely headed to the washer.  

The rest of the morning was spent doing load after load of laundry and ultimately putting the apartment back together.  With the fitted sheet in hand, Izuku looked back at the now bare bed. It was done. It was gone. He walked and dragged it down the hallway, spotting Kacchan leaning up against the washer.  

“Set it down with the rest,” Kacchan said as he motioned to the large pile of remaining items that still needed to be washed.  

“Hey, Deku,” Kacchan started as Izuku was dropping the sheets to the pile. “I was thinking about getting a couple of body pillows and maybe an extra comfortable sheet set or something.”  Izuku’s ears perked up, and he looked over at the blonde, who was rubbing the back of his head. “I know it won’t be the same as your nest, but maybe it will be something without the apartment looking like it was robbed by some kind of a pillow bandit?”  Izuku tail began to wag in excitement.


“No,”  Kacchan said flatly. Izuku’s ears dropped immediately at the unexpected answer.  The blonde held a straight face before a mischievous smirk overtook it. “Of course, you silly bunny, I wouldn’t just say something I didn’t mean.”  The bounce returned to Izuku’s step as he jumped into Kacchan’s arms, who grunted upon impact.

“Thank you, Kacchan!”  Deku said enthusiastically as he started rubbing his head against Kacchan’s neck and chest.

“Yeah, yeah, now go get changed, and we will go out now so that maybe we will get everything washed by the time we go to bed tonight.”  Izuku jumped for joy and out of Kacchan’s arms. He bounced away to get some clean clothes but stopped to jump up and give Kacchan a kiss on his cheek before leaving.   Izuku was binkying as he skipped down the hallway. Kacchan is the best!


Katsuki cracked his neck and was rewarded by a satisfying popping noise.  He was finally back to the familiar grindstone of law and justice known as hero work.  It was only a week, but it felt like so much longer since the last time he was in his gear.  It felt good to get his muscles moving again, even if the higher-ups originally put him on the third-rate sidekicks’ parole today.  He laughed. It also felt good to bitch at some assholes again. He was leaving to go on his normal parole when he was stopped by a familiar, bubbly person.

“Bakugou!” Round cheeks called out to him, and she ran over in an overly excited manner.  “Are you feeling better?” she asked happily.

“Sure, happy now?  Go away.” Katsuki started power walking away, but the brunette just trailed after him.

“Oh, don’t be so grumpy, grumpy pants!”  She slapped his back as she just continued to speak.  “Guess what?” Katsuki debated for a second if he should just ignore her or blast himself into the air but knew better.  She would just keep at him or follow him until he humored her.

“Fine, you have thirty seconds.”  She smiled and pumped her fist.

“You know how you asked about the beginner self-defense classes a while back?”


“Well, I am going to be teaching new classes starting next week, and I have an opening!”  

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Bun Bun

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Katsuki was pulling a black shirt out of his dresser as he listened to the energetic bunny hop around the room.  Today was the first day of his self-defense classes and to say he was excited was an understatement. He was bounding from one side of the room to the other, kicking his legs up whenever he was airborne for maximum goofiness.  

“Come on, Kacchan!” Deku whined as he continued to bounce in place. “We are going to be late!”  Katsuki raised an eyebrow before he started to chuckle as he pulled the shirt over his head.

“Calm down, Deku. We have plenty of time.” Katsuki rolled his eyes as the rabbit started to frown and turned back to the dresser.  “And control your hops, bunny butt. You don’t want to be completely spent before you even get there, do you?” Within seconds of finishing his question, he was attacked from behind, nearly being knocked over by the force of a fluffy body leaping onto his back.

“Fucking—” Katsuki caught himself on the dresser and turned his head to look at the sunlight of his life that was smiling once again.  The rabbit had trapped him like some kind of weird vest as he rested his head on his shoulder.

“I’m not going to, Kacchan. I have the energy to spare!” Deku said as he rubbed his round cheek against his own.  His freshly washed hair tickled his face as a small coo escaped his lips. Damn it, he was too cute for his own good.

“I can see that.”  Katsuki started petting that fluffy head as an idea formed.  Katsuki smirked as he gently directed the bunny’s head so that their lips could meet.  He moved at a teasingly slow pace, moving his lips calmly in a slow dance. Deku moaned as he opened his lips just enough to wet the rabbit’s pink lips, causing the fluffball to shiver.  The rabbit began to push back, demanding more, and just as he opened his lips, Katsuki pulled away with a devilish grin on his face.

“Nope!  I think that’s just about enough for now,” Katsuki said diabolically, and Deku blinked back at him in dazed disappointment.

“Kacchan is so mean!”  The dark hair rabbit whined.  Katsuki chuckled as he begun lovingly brushing the freckled cheek.  Green eyes watched him wistfully, and when Katsuki’s fingers got too close, he started to lightly nibble on his fingers.

“Come on now. None of that,” he said without actually trying to pull his finger out of the rabbit’s reach.  Deku continued his playful nipping, and at one point, he even peaked his tongue out to lick it. Katsuki rolled his eyes again.  “Now who is going to make us late?” His round eyes looked up to him as if he had forgotten about that little detail.

“You started it,” he lightheartedly whined.

“I could call Round Cheeks and say we can’t make it if you wa—”

“No!”  The rabbit exclaimed quickly, jumping excitedly on the blonde’s back.  “Come on, Kacchan, let’s go!” The rabbit cheered next to his ear, pointing towards the door.

“Can I put on a pair of pants first?”  Katsuki asked as he shifted his weight and put a hand on his boxered hip.  

“No, pants are for squares,”  Deku answered with a small chuckle before playfully adding.  “Besides, it won’t be the first time you’ve gone out in just your underwear and a shirt.”  

“Yeah, let’s not do that again.  I am pretty sure the cops are not going to be so lenient the second time.”  Deku giggled again, still clinging more like a monkey than a rabbit to his back.  “Can you at least get off my back?”



True to his word, Deku clung to his back as he finished getting ready and as they started off towards the studio where Uraraka teaches the self-defense classes.  That being said, Katsuki didn’t really try to get the cuddle-bun off his back, so what was he expecting? As he saw it, he could count this as some extra strength training.  Katsuki jumped in place to adjust Deku’s placement on his back as he started to slip down.

It’s been a couple of months since Deku was last officially weighed, but Katsuki could tell that he has most definitely put on a couple of pounds.  That fact wouldn’t be obvious to anyone that didn’t have the rabbit sleep on top of him every night. Deku’s cuddly frame hides the fact that he actually has a good deal of lean muscle, mostly hidden under his fluffy legs.  

The cause of his developing muscles is no doubt due to the fact the rabbit would join him more days than not on his training regiment.  It was modified for him of course, but he was still keeping up remarkably well and exceeded expectations at every turn. Just when Katsuki would think that the rabbit had finally reached his limit, he would be surprised again as the rabbit pushed on with pure determination to go even further.  It was just one of the many reasons why he loves him.

Deku hid his face in the crook of his neck as a loud horde of fangirls squealed at “how cute he was” and started asking to take pictures with them.  At least they didn’t start petting him like the other day. Like who the fuck just walks up to someone and starts petting them? Deku peeked his head up again after Katsuki told off the most recent pack.  They were just swarming today.


It seemed to take forever to get to the damn place, and when they finally walked through the door, they were ambushed by yet another woman.

“Bakugou, there you are!  I was starting to think that you got lost.”  Uraraka was standing by the door, greeting the new students with a smile on her always rosy cheeks.  Her eyes widened in surprise for just a moment as she eyed Deku, who was peeking his head over his shoulder.

“I’ve been here before, Round Cheeks. How the fuck would I’ve gotten lost?”  Katsuki’s brows knitted together at the idiocy of her question. While it was a bit of a walk to get here, the directions themselves were not that hard.  Only a complete moron would get lost.

“You made it just in time. The class was just about to start in just a couple of minutes,” the woman said as she walked over to them, her bubbly personality shines through.  Katsuki was about to end Deku’s little free ride when he suddenly grumbled.

“Told you were going to make us late,” he said with an air of mirth directly into his ear.  

“Huh?!   I made us late?   You, little bunny, made me stop to help some old fuckers cross the road.   Twice ,” Katsuki fired back lightly to the little leech on his back.  Two can play that game, Deku.

“As cute as this is, I really need to start the class now. So—” Uraraka said before she started to trail off while motioning to Deku, who was still on his back.  

”Hear that, Deku, Time to get off my back.”

“Fine,” Deku sighed and brought his face close.  Katsuki’s eyes widened as he thought that the rabbit was going to kiss him then and there, but at the last moment, he turned his cheek and rubbed their faces together.  He did that for a few seconds before hopping down to the ground with a large smile on his face.

“You are just the cutest!” Uraraka directed towards Deku, who blushed slightly from the attention.  “Now I am sure you’ll have fun. I even brought a new friend for you to meet.” Deku’s ears perked at that, clearly curious.  “Come on now, don’t want to keep everyone waiting,” she said as she walked back towards the main dojo area, the mass of green hair turned back to look at him.  Katsuki gestured for him to go on and after a momentary hesitation, he followed the female hero.

Katsuki chuckled as he walked slowly behind him to the edge of the area.  Uraraka teaches pretty small classes, only a couple classes a variety of levels with only dozen or so students at a time.  A majority of the classes are for heroes and heroes in training, but she always loves having a couple that anyone—in theory—could join.  Uraraka is a relatively popular hero in her own right, so spots are extremely sought after, and after taking a quick headcount of the crowd, it was clear that she added Deku after the fact.  

Katsuki leaned against the back wall and looked at the students as Ms. Rosy Cheeks welcomed everyone.  Deku was hanging in the back, shuffling from foot to foot and occasionally looking back at Katsuki, only for him to give the bun a reassuring smirk.  The other members of the class were what you would expect since this is a beginners classes—several children and young teens. The rest were mostly young women except for the basically mandatory weeb with a stupid headband and a complete Gi with flames adorning the sleeves and pant legs.  

The only other member of note would be the only other Pet in the crowd, a familiar green frog.  He had a feeling that Uraraka brought her Pet the moment she mentioned a “new friend.” If he had to guess, she was there so that Deku would have someone similar in size to spar with during the latter half of the lesson, even though Deku was actually a good bit taller than the frog even without the ears.

“Yoo-hoo!” A slightly shrill voice called out to him.  Katsuki turned to see a couple of middle-aged women waving him over to what seems to be a little waiting area for family members.  “The little green one yours?”

Oh, fuck to the hell no.


Ochaco finished up the main lesson section of the class and had the students break into groups of two to practice what they just learned on each other.  She looked over her shoulder at Tsuyu, who was diligently following along with the beginners routine even though she had long since passed that skill level and nodded before hopping back to the back.

Ochaco was, quite frankly, shocked when Bakugou came over to her a couple months ago and asked if she had a free spot in her beginners class for his Pet.  It was a real head scratcher until Tenya later that night threw out the theory that it might have something to do with the news article featuring the blonde hero hugging the bunny in his underwear in the police station.

Ochaco watched as Tsuyu introduced herself to the timid bunny, whose ears were forced forward at her shorter pet and nose was twitching adorably.  Ochaco could understand the worry and then the relief Bakugou must have felt at that moment. She would feel the same if something like that happened to Tsuyu.  If that was really the case, it really did start making sense why he would want Deku to have some defense training.

It took a couple of seconds, but the bunny returned Tsuyu’s greeting with a small smile.   That is good.  From what she had already known and from the conversations she had overheard—Bakugou is a loud man—Deku has had a rough past causing him to have a good deal of anxiety around other people and Pets.  But it seems like Tsuyu’s natural calm and collected Beta presence was a good match for the skittish bunny.

Ochaco started walking around the room, watching the other student’s forms and correcting them as needed.  However, her eyes kept peeking over at the two Pets at the far corner, but that wasn’t limited to now. Throughout her instruction, she often found herself focusing on the green-tinted bunny.  The cute fellow’s perceived big green eyes were following her every move, and his big ears would twitch in attention as she explained how to move and how to react.

She almost broke her lesson laughing when the rabbit turned around one time to look at Bakugou as he wasn’t there.  His eyes went wide as he looked around for his owner until he finally found him surrounded by the other students’ moms.  Bakugou looked like he was struggling not to blow up the entire building, but the rabbit couldn’t have looked more relieved.  However, every time she was reminded that explosive Bakugou was the loving owner of a timid bunny, it brought her amusement. She has known for a while that Bakugou acted a lot meaner than he actually was, but the affectionate look the two gave each other told a lot.  

As she was making her way to the back of the room, she watched as Deku was perfectly mimicking the moves she has shown, except his eyebrows were knitted together and his movements seemed... sluggish.  Ochaco frowned slightly, as she walked over to the two and watched as Tsuyu was easily able to counter before apprehending the bunny with endnotes effort. She was just about to say something when Tsuyu beat her to the punch.  

“Izuku.” The bunny stopped and his ears flinched slightly. “While it is good to always be thinking, right now you are thinking too much.”  She ended her sentence with a ribbit as she helped the rabbit to his feet.

“I’m sorry.  It’s just a lot to remember and to get right.  It’s just... overwhelming.” Deku rubbed the back of his head and looked down at the frog’s green feet.  

“No, no, it’s okay,” she ribbited again. “You are still learning, It will come with time and practice.”  Deku nodded with a small smile, and they started going at it again. Ochaco made eye contact with Tsuyu before giving her a thumbs up.   Way to go, Tsuyu!   Her Pet nodded in understanding, and the two continued.

The class continued for another half an hour. Bakugou looked like he was barely hanging on to a losing battle with the mothers, and everything was winding down.  Ochaco was just about to call everyone together before wrapping up the lesson for today when there was an alarmed croak that surprised everyone in the room. Ochaco and Bakugou we both on their feet and jumping to the source in a matter of seconds.

In the back of the classroom, Deku was standing with his hands over his mouth and his eyes as wide as dinner plates as he looked at Tsuyu, who was down and flat on her back several lengths away.  Ochaco rushed to her Pet’s side as she held her side and let out a wheezing croak. Taking Tsuyu into her arms, she made eye contact with the terrified rabbit and the bewildered hero. And after a tense moment, Tsuyu groaned and sat up slightly in her arms.  

“Tsuyu, are you okay?” Ochaco asked calmly.

“I’M SO SORRY!”  Deku yelled and bowed deeply while Bakugou continued to look lost.  

“I am fine,” she ribbited and took a breath as she rubbed her side. “Izuku’s kick just took me by surprise.  But Izuku, you should have told me ahead of time that you had a quirk,” she stated flatly.


Izuku was vaguely aware of the soft hum of the other students in the room whispering among one another.  He was at a loss for words. Tsuyu was sure that he has a quirk? Sure, as a kit, he would have wanted nothing more than to have a quirk. He even practiced trying to use his nonexistent abilities just to try and figure out what they were.  But alas, he was just another bunny in a plain line of Pet rabbits that never even had a spot of anything truly special.

“Deku doesn’t have a quirk,” Kacchan spoke up with a slightly apprehensive tone.  His eyes shifted down to him as he placed a hand on his shoulder and lightly squeezed. “Right, Deku?” he asked softly.  Izuku nodded to him before turning and nodding to the two on the floor.

“I-I’m sorry. You are mistaken. I don’t have a quirk,”  Izuku says with a soft voice as he looked at the two with honest eyes.  He really didn’t mean to knock the other Pet to the ground like that, but as they continued sparring, the movements got smoother and more confident.  And during the last one, he could practically feel his body vibrate with an overabundance of energy, and he was able to follow through with the kick as if it was the most natural thing for him in the world.  

“Really?” Tsuyu said as she tilted her head to the side and brought a finger to her chin.  Izuku honestly couldn’t tell if she believed him or not.

“Yeah, he’s just a lot stronger than he looks,” Kacchan answered when it took him too long to answer.  “He’s been working out on a modified version of my regimens for months now.” At that, Uraraka’s eyes widen.  Kacchan ruffles Izuku’s hair and he allowed his ears to relax and fall to the sides of his head.

“Wow, you are a tough bunny if you can survive that.”  Uraraka smiled as she helped Tsuyu stand up. “We can accommodate accordingly during our next— Oh!”  She turned to the rest of the class. “Sorry about that everyone. The class is over for today. You all did great!  Next class is next week, starting the same time.”

“Sorry for jumping to conclusions, Izuku,” Tsuyu said calmly.  

“No, I am sorry!  I mean, I actually hurt you!”  

“It really isn’t that bad.”  She makes a little croaking noise. “And if it is any consolation, you were really cool when you did that kick.”  Izuku blinked before smiling.


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little-gemini-13's Bun Bun

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Izuku was relaxing as Kacchan groomed his fur while their favorite All Might movie was playing on the TV; it was the one from his prime many years ago.  The warm scent of the slow-cooking stew waved in from the kitchen, promising a delicious meal in a couple of hours. Kacchan carefully pulled a brush throw the hair on top of his head around his ears, and even when he was tugging on a knot a little too heavy-handedly, he really enjoyed it.

However, the events from earlier that day at Uraraka’s class still shook him slightly.  He didn’t mean to hurt Tsuyu or to cause a scene as he did. Then when a couple of Kacchan’s new lady friends came over and started crowding around him, the strong smells of perfume in addition to their loud chatter was just too much for him.  At least Kacchan was quick enough to notice his distress and they promptly left.

“Finished your head,” Kacchan said as he held the brush in one hand and a small mass of dark, matted hair in the other.  As was the routine, Izuku turned his body so his legs were now resting where his head was just a moment before. Snuggling back into a comfortable position, Kacchan started to, once again, brush his slightly damp curls.

It was so comfortable. Izuku found himself softy grinding his teeth as Kacchan’s callused fingers worked to gently untangle a knot hidden in the crook of his knee.  Izuku closed his eyes and enjoyed the gentle sensation of his fur being groomed. He was so consumed by his own personal paradise that he started to doze off. The one reason he didn’t fall asleep like he had done on multiple occasions before this was the fact that Kacchan started doing something new.  Instead of grooming, Kacchan was firmly caressing his thigh.

“K-Kacchan?” he stuttered out the question as his cheeks grew red.  

“You’ve really have bulked up,” Kacchan stated as he continued stroking small circular motions on the firm muscles of his leg.  Izuku’s flush only increased as confusion and doubt came over him.

Izuku has noticed that during the past couple of months that he definitely been putting on some muscle mass.  It’s to be expected trying to keep up with Kacchan meant being very active, much more active than he has ever been before.  While it started only with Kacchan’s jogs, it continued with his other training as well, such as his endurance, strength, balance, and even flexibility training that was all specially designed for him by Kacchan.  It was difficult at first, but he just felt so good whenever he finished a particularly hard workout session and would see the smirk on Kacchan’s face. It was like, in some small way, he, too, was a hero and training like a hero.   But does Kacchan not like what his body has become?

“You don’t like it?” Izuku asked, lowering his ears.  While his body still held quite a bit of the curves excepted of an Omega, the muscles he has gained are definitely not.  He is meant to be soft, not firm. Would he prefer a cushy Omega mate to come home to? Of course, he would! Who has ever heard of an Omega bunny with defined abs?   

“No.” Izuku’s heart sinks even though he knew it was coming. “I love it.”   Wait, what?  Izuku’s ears perked as he watched Kacchan give him a shit-eating grin while rubbing higher up his leg and to his hip.  “You are so fucking sexy, you know that?” Izuku blinks in confusion.

“I-I— No, no, I am not.  I’m not sexy. I’m plain and boring, and—”  Izuku yelps in surprise as Kacchan pinches his butt lightly through his shorts.

“That tight fucking ass that drives me crazy says otherwise.”  Izuku’s heart flutters in his chest, and he squirms under the intense gaze of Kacchan’s red eyes.  “Like fucking hell, Katsuki from a year ago would call my ass crazy for thinking muscular bunny buns would be just about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said in a deep tone.  Just the thought of Kacchan thinking he was sex made his face flush and his heart to pick up in speed.

“You really like my butt?”  Kacchan laughed.

“Love it.” The blonde smirked. “But it’s not just your buns, bun.” Kacchan ran his hand up his leg again, starting at the foot before going halfway up his inner thigh, causing Izuku to instinctually bend his knees apart.  “I love these strong legs,” he said before Kacchan’s naughty hands went to explore underneath his shirt. “And this tight fucking waist and stomach.”

Everywhere Kacchan touched with his warm hands tingle.  He felt like fire was burning just under his skin as Kacchan ever-so-carefully pulled his shirt up to expose his skin.  He didn’t even notice the cool air. The blonde kept eye contact with him and Izuku smiled. The blonde smiled back as he slowly maneuvered his legs so that they were resting on the couch before crawling on top of him.  Using only one arm to prop himself up, Kacchan started to cradle his face in his hand.

“How can you possibly be so cute and so hot at the same damn time?” he asked while looking at him directly with smoldering red eyes.  Izuku couldn’t tear his eyes away from them. They were so full of the same emotions that were being mirrored in Izuku’s own heart. His lips parted in time as the blonde leaned down to catch them between his own.  Slow but passionate—that was how the kiss started.

Izuku was unsure and a little shocked by how fast this lazy Sunday evening turned heated, but that didn’t stop him from wrapping his arms around the blonde’s neck and moaning Kacchan’s name into his mouth.  Kacchan licked Izuku’s lips and even bit down slightly just like earlier before Izuku finally allowed Kacchan passage. Their tongues began to slow dance with one another, exploring their new space passionately.

Kacchan’s free hand continued to trace Izuku’s body, running down his side and lighting him on fire even with the slightest of touches before finding a resting place on the small of his back.  The blonde then proceeded to rub circles while slightly lifting his middle up as he lowered himself down. Before Izuku knew it, Kacchan was practically laying on him, or at least as much as he could without squishing him from the weight difference.  

The feeling of where they touched was the different—so very different than when they simply slept together.  It was more; it didn’t just make him feel safe and warm. It made him feel—

Izuku moaned again as Kacchan as he bucked his hips.   Good.  Kacchan traced his spine from the very tip of his tail to his head as he pushed against him, making him shiver.  The once slow and careful kiss turned sloppier by the minute.

His mind was fuzzy as he felt something wet between his legs.  It was embarrassing to be slicking like this again, but he didn’t have much time to think about that or the fact that his shirt completely disappeared from this plane of existence at some point.  He was completely enraptured by the moments of touching and tasting one another that only when he felt something hard rubbing against him did the magic spell break.


What started off as a normal afternoon for the two quickly turned into so much more.  Every step of the way, Katsuki explored the firm curves of the rabbit’s body, and he just couldn’t find it in himself to stop his wandering hands. Well, at least not until he felt the loving embrace Deku had on him change to him frantically shoving him away.  Katsuki was immediately jolted back, and he looked down at wide, terrified green eyes.

“D-Deku?” He looked down at the shaking rabbit who in turn was looking at him, not at his face but lower—at his half-hard member.   Oh.  Katsuki face turned scarlet as the sudden realization came over him as well as all the connotations that came with it.  He wasn’t planning on their little make-out sessions going that far, but Izuku wouldn’t have known that. “Fucking hell, Deku, I’m—”

“I’m sorry,” Deku shouted before he could finish, tears starting to fill his eyes as he brought his knees up to his chest and hid his face.  “I’m sorry, so so sorry Kacchan. I want—I don’t—but I can’t. I’m sorry,” Deku cried out hysterically.

“Deku,” Katsuki said softly again as he slowly moved forward to hug the bunny. Deku looked up at him with wide eyes filled with turmoil.  “Don’t worry, bunny butt. Any boner I might have had is long gone.” Katsuki frowned when Deku shivered as his arms wrapped around him, but he didn’t try to pull away.  “Do you want me here or not?”

“Please stay. I just...” Deku’s sentence fizzled out before he could finish it as he buried his head against Katsuki’s shirt, no doubt wiping both tears and snot into it.  Kacchan rubbed the rabbit’s back in a comforting motion before saying in a hushed voice.

“Gross,” Katsuki said lightly as he leaned his back against the couch, Deku coming along with him.  As Deku sniffled and coughed trying to calm himself, Katsuki was internally scolding himself since it was pretty obvious what set off this panic attack.  He knew what kind of trauma Deku has been through, and while he seems better most of the time, everything he went through just doesn’t go away. He was planning on talking to Deku before actually getting to that point, but no, his dick has a mind of its own.  

The movie returned to the menu screen by the time Deku finally calmed down enough to speak.  “Better yet?” Katsuki asked in a hushed voice. Green eyes looked up only to have him to shake his head no.  Katsuki raised an eyebrow. “Can you talk?” The bunny pulled away from Katsuki chest and looked up at him with red-rimmed eyes and in a slightly hoarse voice said, “I-I’m sorry.”

“You know I hate it when you go and apologize for shit you don't have to,” Katsuki says firmly but with a comforting smile.

“But,” Izuku grabbed his shirt tightly, “there is something wrong with me.”  Katsuki is taken aback for just a moment by the little outburst.

“And what would make you think that?” Katsuki asked calmly.  

“B-Because, even though I was enjoying myself, when I noticed that Kacchan was aroused too—” Wait, aroused too?  “—I thought about then.  I started feeling trapped underneath you.  And then everything felt wrong.  Scary. I knew it was Kacchan. I knew I was safe.  Loved. But,” A couple of tears once again started to fall from his green pools, “but even though I want Kacchan, I was scared and I don’t know why.”  His ears flattened against his skull as a melancholy aura spread throughout his body.

“Deku—”  Katsuki started only to be interrupted by the rabbit's outburst.

“I want to be better!  I really want to never have to think of that time again.  But it keeps coming back Kacchan! I just want—” Deku sniffles and cough painfully, “I want to be able to love Kacchan like I want to.”  

Katsuki was at a near loss for words as his tongue suddenly felt swollen, but he couldn't afford to be silent. “Izuku,” Katsuki said as softly as he could as he cupped the rabbit’s rabbit’s cheeks, “it’s okay.”

“It’s not—”

It is,” he said quickly as stroked the beautiful freckles with his thumbs.  “You’ve already come so fucking far. It’s sometimes hard to see how much you’ve really improved. Mental shit is just like that.”   I know.  “You have highs and lows, but you know you are getting better when the highs start outnumbering the lows.”  Delicately, Katsuki moved a loose curl out of Deku’s face to see his bright, tear-filled eyes. “And your lows don’t mean you’ve lost unless you fucking let them.  It means you get back up and find a different angle to work with.”

A light bulb went on in Katsuki’s head.   Maybe .  Katsuki looked down at Deku, and in one quick motion, he was rotating the two so that he was laying on his back with Deku on top of him.

“K-Kacchan?”  Deku stuttered in surprise at his new seating, luckily without any offending members at this time.

“What about like this?”  Deku blinked at him with confused eyes.  “What if we fuck like this?” Katsuki asked bluntly as a pink blush covered his face. It was a treat to see Deku going from a pessimistic stupor to a flustered mess in a couple of words.

“I mean, I—” Deku blushed, looking around the room, seemingly anywhere that was not Katsuki while he seemed to be thinking.  “Maybe,” he was finally able to say, looking down with a small smile. “I want to try it at least.”

Katsuki smirked as he rubbed Deku’s thighs.  The bunny looked down at his hands then up at him with a curiously determined expression.  The blonde cocked an eyebrow at the dark-haired rabbit who looked more and more flustered by the moment.  And then he proceeded to lean forward and quickly yank up Katsuki's black shirt.

“What the fuck?” Green eyes shot up to meet his with an equally bewildered look. A majority of his torso was now exposed to the cool air of the apartment.

“I-I thought—I thought we were going to try?” the bunny asked with a red face.

“Not right now!” Katsuki spat back, equally as red.



Dinner ended up being even more delicious than it smelled, and by the time they found themselves laying on the couch once again, Izuku’s belly was comfortably full.  Even after everything that happened earlier, he was still drawn to relaxing on Kacchan’s strong chest. Kacchan was easily his favorite pillow-heater and sweet-smelling bed.

Right now, Kacchan was flipping through the channels, looking for something “decent” to watch.  Izuku was only half paying attention to the TV as he was more focused on the even breaths of the blonde below him.  It was like a soothing lullaby. That's why when a flash of what seemed to be a brightly colored All Might crossed the screen, he spoke up.  

“Wait!  Kacchan, go back.”  Kacchan raised an eyebrow but quickly turned the channel back until he was on the correct one.  What was on the screen didn't seem to be All-Might-related, but instead, there were people in costumes, humans, and pets alike.  Many were hero costumes, but some were other “spooky” ones. Izuku continued to watch as flashes of strange but delicious looking food, open-air rides, and even more, happy faces flashed across the screen to the pulse of the upbeat music.  

“The Harvest Fair?”  Kacchan asked curiously, and as if on cue, those words were written across the screen along with some dates at the end of the month.  “Are you interested in it?” Izuku looked over at Kacchan, looking up at him questioningly.

“I’m not sure,” Izuku hummed. It actually looked like fun, especially the dressing up part.  “Have you ever been to it before?”

“Yeah, once as a kid.” Kacchan rolled his eyes.  “Not impressed. It’s just a bunch of idiots dressing up, eating shit food, and messing around on a lot of half-ass amusement attractions.”

“Oh,” Izuku looked down as his ears lowered.  Kacchan frowned before saying in a low voice.

“But maybe it's better now, so I guess if you are really interested, we could go.” Izuku could see a small flush on the blonde’s cheeks from the light of the TV.

“I don’t know, maybe?  It looks like a lot of fun, but—” Izuku trailed off only for Kacchan to quickly pick up the pieces.

“But you are worried about the crowds and about possibly having a full-blown panic attack?”  Izuku blinked in surprise.

“Yeah, just a little.”  Kacchan grinned.

“Don’t fucking let a possible panic attack get in the way of enjoying your fucking life, right?  Don't go worrying your cute little head over an if .”  Kacchan’s cocky grin was infectious, and his words pierced his heart.  The worries weren't gone, but he felt like he could handle them again.

“Thank you, Kacchan!”

“Sure, bunny butt, anytime,” he said as he wrapped Izuku in his arms and pulled him close.  “So, final answer?”

“Yes!”  Izuku said happily with a smile.  


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PanicPan Bun Bun 1

PanicPan Bun Bun 2

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Izuku hears the water for the shower start in the other room, signaling that he has about twenty-five minutes.  It was now or never. Walking to the living room just to make sure, Izuku brought out his phone and quickly pressed the button to make a video call to his favorite retired hero.  Izuku smiled as the phone rang, excited to see All Might again even if it’s over the phone and even if that wasn’t the main purpose of his call.

“Hello, young Izuku!”  Blonde hair and an ear appeared on his screen when he answered the phone, causing Izuku to giggle.

“All Might, this is a video call, take the phone away from your ear!” Izuku said in a jovial voice.  This wasn’t the first time the aging hero has done this. At this point, Izuku wasn't sure if he did it on purpose or not.  

“Ah, yes,” he said as he took the phone away from his ear and instead was a close up of his withered face.  “And to what do I owe the pleasure, my boy? You have more questions for me?” All Might asked with a warm smile.  

Since Kacchan had introduced him to the hero and gave him his number, Izuku has spent many long hours on the phone with the old hero, talking in length about different times from his long career while his blonde was at work.  Most topics were prompted by questions Izuku would have and he would furiously take notes in his growing collection of notebooks. He loves all the stories that All Might had to tell, but some of his favorites came from his time as a teacher at AU.  It was really such a treat to hear stories about the younger heroes of today. Mainly Kacchan.

“No, All Might, not today.  Is my mom there? Can I talk to her?” All Might laughed.

“Of course! Inko, you have someone that wants to talk with you,” the retired hero called out behind his back, and a loud crashing noise could be heard from over the phone.

“Is everything okay?”  Izuku asked as his ears fluttered at the side of his head.

“Yeah, she will be over in just a minute,” All Might said as he scratched the side of his face with half smile.  It only took a couple moments for his mother’s chubby face to appear on the screen.

“Izuku,” she joyfully said, “how are you?  It’s not Friday. What’s with the surprise call?  Is there something wrong?”

“There is nothing wrong, mom. You don’t have to worry,” Izuku said with a small smile. “I was actually wondering if you could do me a huge favor.”


A surge of cool air attacked his exposed damp skin as Katsuki opened the door to his bedroom only for him to immediately frown.  At this point, Deku would have normally body-slammed his entire body into him the moment he walked out of the bathroom. It was a weird, strangely possessive routine where the bunny would start scenting him after his showers.  However, he enjoyed it well enough and Deku sincerely relished in it, so he allowed the after-shower cuddling. But Deku was not there to ambush him nor did he seem to be in the bedroom at all.

Where the fuck was Deku?  

Katsuki scrunched his eyes as he turned his head to the faint voice he could hear coming through the walls.  He could easily identify one belonging to his beloved bunny. The other one, she sounded familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.  Katsuki quickly threw on the first clean pair of pants he could find and started to walk quietly down the hallway. He knew it was basically useless with those fluffy radars on the top of Deku’s head, but he did it anyway.

“Do you think you’ll be able to do that mom?”  Deku asked from around the corner. Katsuki felt his shoulders relax, unaware that there was building tension there until it was gone.  

“Of course, honey.  The design is a little more difficult than I am used to, but I believe I should be able to get it to you before the big day!”  Big day? Katsuki inched around the corner into the main living space only for big green eyes to already be on him. He gives him a warm smile before turning his attention back to the phone in his hand.

“I’ll have to talk to you later, mom. I love you!  Oh, and bye, All Might!” Two separate byes could be heard from the other end of the phone before the rabbit ended the call and placed the phone on the couch.  In the next moment, Deku was making up the distance between them in record time. Katsuki braced himself as the bunny launched himself into his arms and quickly got to work on laying his claim.  

“So what was that about?” Katsuki asked after a few seconds of quiet.  His new fluffy shirt that looked up with a slightly pink accent.

“I-I was just asking my mom if she could make me a costume for the Harvest Fair.”

“You know, we could have—I don’t know—gone to the store to get some cheap costume for you to wear.”  Deku blushed more and hid his face into his shoulder.

“I kind of had a special layout that I wanted that is not so readily available in stores anymore.  Besides, my mom used to make all kinds of All Might outfits for me when I was just a kit.” Katsuki narrowed his eyes. However, the rabbit didn’t notice from his position.  “I am sure she still has them,” he said more as an aside to himself, “but they were always the best and so very comfortable.”

“So you are going to dress up as your favorite hero, huh?”  Katsuki asks cooly, trying to hide any venom his words might have.  He shouldn’t be fucking jealous of his childhood hero and mentor, but here he was.

“Um, yeah,” the rabbit said as he elongated the syllables.

“Neat,” Katsuki grunted out, “let’s have breakfast.”  Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day even if this conversation has ruined his mood and soured his stomach.  Deku hummed in agreement, rubbing up against the side of Katsuki’s face one last time before hopping down.

“I’ll need to take my measurements after breakfast,” the rabbit started as he was opening the refrigerator door, “since I have—” he flusters, looking for the correct words, “—grown a bit.”  At that, the rabbit turned to hide his head in the fridge, and beside himself, Katsuki couldn’t help but smirk. That smirk didn’t last long as the rabbit did something that had Katsuki second-guessing the bunny’s intention; he bends over in just a manner for his perky ass to stick way up into the air.  As he turned with a hand full of fruit, he gave Katsuki a coy look before setting them on the table.

Oh hell yeah, it’s fucking on.


Izuku stood nervously in the center of their bedroom completely bare.  His ears and tail were up right at attention as his heart fluttered in his chest.  How has the idea of not wearing clothes changed so radically in a matter of a couple of seasons?  However, his agitation might not be solely caused by the fact his clothes are now bunched up on the floor but by the smirking blonde circling him.  

Red eyes were peering at him from every direction, studying him, observing every curve.  But he was the one who egged him on, and he didn’t have any arguments when Kacchan asked him to strip down for the “most accurate measurement.”  He knew he didn’t need to do that, but—Izuku flushed even more—he knew he could trust Kacchan.  He knew the man would stop in a second if he asked.

Kacchan stopped in front of him suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, the blonde had pulled out a rolled up measuring tape.  Izuku watched in silent awe as, with a single flick of his wrist, the off-white tape unrolled in an over-the-top manner as you would see on TV.  Kacchan pulled the long tape between his fingers slowly as if with meaning before looking up with a mischievous smirk on his face. Izuku gulped.

“Let’s get started,” he said smoothly as he slowly approached him. “No slouching.”  Izuku stood up as straight as he possibly could as Kacchan put a hand between his ears, causing them to lay on either side of his head.  “Fifty-four inches,” he said before playfully tickling his ears. “However, if you count these you’ll be pushing five feet.” Izuku stuck out his tongue childishly.  “No, I don’t need to measure that.”

Kacchan winked as he brought the measuring tape around his neck where his collar would lay when he goes out of the apartment.  Izuku’s heart fluttered as he continued by ever-so-slowly loosening the tape so he could measure the distance between his shoulders blades before wrapping it around the small of his waist.

It was a strange sensation, the combination of the tape on his naked skin and the slow ghosting of Kacchan’s fingers.  Izuku had a hard time staying still. It’s wasn’t bad; it was actually rather pleasant in an amazingly subtle way. But he had to control his fluttering heart lest he might start slicking, an increasingly more common issue of his as of late.  Luckily, that didn’t seem to be an issue—yet—as he was more curious at the skillful way Kacchan used the tape to measure his body.

“I’m surprised you know how to do this so well,” Izuku commented.  Kacchan was on his knees at this point as he wrapped the measuring tape once again around the back of his chest.

“How fucking little do you think of me to think that this is impressive?”  If Izuku didn’t know better, he would have thought those words to be combative, but at this point, he likes to think of himself as well acquainted with Kacchan’s disjointed expression.  So he smiled purposely at the kneeling blonde until he rolled his eyes.

“My old man and the hag work in the fashion industry.  I picked up the basics of how clothes fit on the body. End of story” Izuku had a sneaking suspicion that there was more to that story, but he let it go as Kacchan slowly tightened the tape around his chest.  He moved devilishly slow as the thin material put pressure on the two little pink nubs on his chest. Izuku squealed in surprise trying desperately not to move lest that unforgiving tape could cut into him.

“Something wrong, Deku?”  Kacchan asked as he was clearly enjoying every minute of this.  Izuku carefully shook his head. Smirking, Kacchan—very deliberately—adjusted the tape over the bumps, making sure to brush against them in a sinful manner.  Izuku was sure that his face was the same shade of red as Kacchan’s eyes and that, despite him only being human, he could hear the jackhammer-like pace of his heart.

And then as soon as it started, it was over; the tape was released, and he was free.  Izuku shoulder’s visible relaxed as Kacchan stood up and started writing down some numbers.  Izuku wasted no time rushing over to his clothes to quickly put them on only to be stopped almost immediately by a hand on his shoulder and then Kacchan’s lips by his ear.

“We still need to measure those hips and legs, sexy bunny,” his voice was huskier than normal, causing Izuku to shiver but not out of fear.


Deku continued on ahead as they were making the familiar journey to All Might’s house.  The bunny would stop every time he got to the next street corner for Katsuki to catch up with excited green eyes, slightly pink cheeks, and a scarf waving wildly in the cooling wind.  Katsuki smiled as he once again caught up to Deku just for him to rush to the next intersection to start this little cycle again.

Katsuki took another big sip of his large coffee, not caring if it was still just a little too hot on his tongue.  It took Mama Bunny longer than originally anticipated to complete the costume, so they were cutting it close this morning to where they were planning on going.  Katsuki did a lot of fucking research to properly determine which day would be the least crowded, comparing multiple variables including but not limited to the entertainment, popularity, the day of the work week, and even the predicted fucking weather.  He wanted to give Deku the best chance of having a good time here, and he will be pissed if it ends up falling through.

As they came to All Might’s block, Deku sprinted the last leg before disappearing into the fenced-in area of the old hero’s front yard.  By the time Katsuki got there, he found that Deku was once again waiting for him on the doormat.

“Really?” he asked as he pressed the doorbell, hearing it ring faintly inside the home.  The bunny rubbed his head against his arm in a familiar gesture, and after a moment, Katsuki gave into his little goofball’s silent request and started petting his soft curls while they waited for the door.

“Izuku!” An older, feminine version of Deku answered the door, cheerful despite the dark circles under her eyes.  The bunny quickly abandoned his side in favor of tackling his mother with a hug, knocking them both to the ground in a strange display of ears, tails, and fluff.  “Oof,” the female rabbit exhaled, “Izuku, sweetheart, I’m not as young as I use to be.” Katsuki would have been more surprised by that extreme reaction if this was first-time that it happened, but it wasn’t.  They were literally here a couple of days ago and this would be the fourth time this month they came over here, and yet every time, Deku always appears to need to aggressively hug his mother.

“Sorry, mom,” Deku said, apologetic as he stood up before helping her to stand. “Is it finished?” he asked with a childishly-huge smile on his face.  

“Yes!  I had to stay up late last night to put the final touches on it, but I think you’ll love it.  Oh, let’s go and have you try it on, and we can see if there are any last minute alterations needed.”  And with that, two green-tinted tails had disappeared into the house, leaving Katsuki still standing on the doorstep.

Well, fucking okay then.  Katsuki grumbled as he invited himself in, closing the door behind him before making his way to the living room.  With little regard for being in someone else’s house, the blonde fell back onto the couch and pondered about what at this point must be the best god damn rabbit-All-Might-costume in all existence.  In the same vein, he also tried not to think about how Deku had refused to let him see the damn thing yet. What the fuck was that about?

Katsuki was messing around on his phone for a couple minutes when he heard the sound of footsteps coming his way, and when he looked up, he was greeted by the former number one hero himself.  He nodded, clearly not phased in the slightest that one of his former students was just sitting on his couch. He took a seat in the matching chair and then the room grew awkwardly quiet. Unable to stand the uncomfortable silence any longer, Katsuki loudly inquired.

“How’s life been treating you, old man?  Found what you’ve been looking for yet?” After another agonizingly painful moment of silence, All Might responded with, “As good as I could be, I suppose.”  

Ouch.  Katsuki looked away from the hallowed face of his mentor. He didn’t mean for the conversation to go this way, but luckily, the old man pulled through again and continued.  “I would be in a lot worse shape, physically and mentally, if not for the love and care of Inko.” All Might look strangely peaceful for a moment before he asked, “Is young Izuku the same for you?”

“WHAT?”  Katsuki shouted, surprising All Might from his relaxed state.  He looked at him curiously before adding. Calm down, Katsuki, fucking calm down!

“I was simply wondering if your life has been more enjoyable since you’ve taken in the young rabbit.”  

“Enjoyable?” Katsuki questioned, his mouth started moving faster than his brain, “only if you find having a whiny, needy fluff-ball clinging to you at every moment of the day to be enjoyable.”  He huffed and folded his arms. “And if you like having to groom him all the goddamn time and making him special food to be enjoyable. And don’t mind having the little fuck ignore the expensive nest only to cuddle up to me every night.  Plus he is always a little shit, always dicking around with me—” with that cute little ass and that adorable fucking little smile.  GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!  

Why did he suddenly have diarrhea of the mouth?  He didn’t fucking know what All Might even fucking meant by “love.”   It was likely just love, not fucking love .  Like fucking hell, that was stupid.  He was fucking stupid. Everything was stupid. Where is Deku so that he could leave and never come back?  

All Might chuckled heartily, his eyes shining brightly as he said, “it sounds like you are very fond of him if you regularly put up with all that but still want him by your side.”  He had a knowing fucking smile, and he knew then that everything had backfired in his face. He just didn’t know how bad it was.   Why the fuck did I do that?  

“I’m glad you’ve found someone you wish to spend your life with,” he chuckled again with a warm smile across his bony face, “or I guess for you, someone you can stand.”  


“Nothing, nothing,” he said defensively.  

“Good,” Katsuki grumbled as All Might leaned back into his soft chair as his face became slowly pensive before the old hero spoke again.

“As for the other question of yours, I—” The former number one hero paused when the lights started flickering on and off and both of their attentions were directed to Mama Bunny.

“For your viewing pleasure, an outfit three-weeks in the making,” she flickered the lights for a couple more second as if to hype up the crowd, “presenting—”

As Deku came into view, Katsuki’s jaw dropped.

Chapter Text

Zero Bun Bun

[kawaiinekopriness' Tumblr]


“Bunny Zero!” his mother cheered as Izuku stepped into the living room.  “Or do you think Ground Bunny would be better?” She started debating with herself trying to find a name that fits best, but that didn’t matter to Izuku, whose heart was beating in his ears as he nervously looked over at Kacchan to see what he thought of his little surprise.

The past couple of weeks during which he tried to keep this little secret from his blonde—who got crabby every time the topic came up—had been hard.  More than once, he nearly gave in and just told the blonde, but he wanted to wait for the payoff of the surprise, or at least that was what he told himself.

Kacchan eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly agape as he looked at him, causing Izuku to blush.  His tail wagged. It seemed like Kacchan liked it! He was hoping he would; this is a very significant version of the blonde’s hero costume—his very first one.  Over the years, his costume has had many improvements, including but not limited to built-in sound dampener to protect his ears from his quirk.

There was a lot of Ground Zero merch on the market, attesting to just how popular the hero actually was. However, his first suit which was used during his very first year at UA was a costume that scarcely saw any public exposure.  It was not something you see every day and definitely not something you can just buy online. It was special—just for Kacchan.

The tight, black v-neck tank top hugged his torso, and the slightly uneven stitches attaching the large orange “X” clearly exposed its handmade nature.  His “killer” knee pads were actually ones for biking, only painted silver. He couldn’t recreate the grenade-like gauntlets no matter how hard he tried, so he only had the gloves and arm warmers.  The closest he got was with paper mache, but they lost their shape rapidly and quickly had to be scrapped.

Kacchan continued to just stare at him, so Izuku looked over at All Might, who had a warm smile on his face and gave him two thumbs up.  From what his mother had told him, he actually helped her finish it last night, but he was able to hide it fatigue expertly. He was both thankful and embarrassed that his kit-hood hero had helped his mother work on a costume based on Kacchan.  

“You look like you are ready to knock in some heads,” All Might said with a chuckle, as he leaned back in his chair.  “It seems like it was just yesterday when young Bakugou wore that very same outfit as but a student hero.” The old hero’s eyes were overfull of nostalgia.  Izuku slowly smiled at the old hero before turning his attention back to his hero, who was still silent for some reason. Izuku frowned a bit as the nervousness returned.

“Kacchan, how do I look?”  Izuku asked, feeling restless as he started second-guessing himself.  Of all the ways he thought that Kacchan might react to his costume, complete silence was not one of them.  Maybe he doesn’t like it? Hesitantly, Izuku took a couple steps closer to his blonde, whose eyes followed his movements.   Maybe he doesn’t like how shoddy it is? Or maybe he was weirded out by how Izuku was dressing like him?

“D-do you like it?” Izuku asked as he stood in front of the blonde, shuffling his feet in the bulky knee-high Pet boots.  They felt so weird since they were meant to emulate the shape of human-style shoes. Without any warning, Kacchan shot up from the couch, causing Izuku to squeal and jump back. However, the blocky shoes didn’t allow that and he found himself falling.  He didn’t hit the ground because, luckily, Kacchan was there to wrap his arm protectively around him and bring him in close.

“K-Kacchan?” he asked as he looked up at the blonde, who was now pressed up against him.  Izuku tried to look around at the two other people in the room in embarrassment. We shouldn’t be doing this here , he thought.   Izuku wiggled around more, trying fruitlessly to try and escape before it was too late, but in the next moment, he was lifted into the air and hastily thrown over Kacchan’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  

“Kacchan?!” Izuku screeched as All Might and his mother exclaimed equally surprised cries.  But the blonde still didn’t answer him as he quickly made his way out of the room to who-knows-where, leaving behind two very confused faces.   What is going on?  Was that a good thing or a bad thing, or has Kacchan gone insane?   Izuku’s head was spinning as he took in the lovely view of Kacchan’s muscular bum.  

It didn’t take long for them to get to their apparent destination—the bathroom—and while keeping Izuku in his awkward position, Kacchan slammed the door shut.  Once the door was locked, Kacchan swung Izuku around carefully in his strong arms and looked at him directly in the eyes.

“Kacchan?”  Izuku asked again, his twitching nose nearly touch the blonde’s.  

“I fucking love you so much,” was all he said before he slammed his mouth against Izuku’s.  The kiss was immediately deepened as Izuku moaned into Kacchan’s lips. A good thing, a very very good thing.  Kacchan pushed him up against the door with a small bang as they pushed their bodies together.

“I love you,” Izuku said breathlessly when they had to break away for air.  Kacchan smirked lovingly before their lips, once again, met in a passionate kiss.


Inko rigidly stood next to Yagi, both of them slightly dumbfounded at the little scene that just transpired before them.  All doubts she might have had were just completely erased within a couple of seconds as her red-faced son was carried off in the hold of the young blonde.  After a couple of moments, they heard the sound of a door slamming shut followed by some very, suggestive noises.  

“Do you think we should tell them these walls are made out of tissue paper?” Yagi asked jokingly.  Inko’s ears twitched and she couldn’t help but blush as her son let out another eager moan.  She was getting a feeling that Izuku was hiding something from her for a while now, but she trusted her son enough to come to her when he was ready.  However, never in her wildest dreams did she expect this .  

“That, or sit them down and give them the talk,” she said facetiously as she decided to carefully climb up, between the withered man’s legs, and lean back against his chest. After finding Izuku again after so many years, she was crushed to know how bad her little kit’s life had been since they were separated.  If she had known how bad it was going to be, she would have fought harder to stay together, even if it meant they would have become strays. But looking at Izuku now, she knew how much he has recovered, and it warmed her heart. To her, it didn’t matter that they were human and pet; all that really mattered to her was that her baby boy was happy.

“How long do you think will it be until we have grandchildren running around?” the old jokester jested just as another crude noise came from down the hallway.

“I just wish they wouldn’t make them in our bathroom,” she deadpanned.  


As the elevator doors closed and they started to go up, Katsuki rubbed his temples while trying to block out the fucking smirks of the two old fuckers.  It was all Deku’s fault for being too goddamn cute for his own good and making him want to kiss him senseless. When the bunny walked out in black, orange, and green instead of red, white, and blue, his stomach did backflips.  Weeks of irritation were gone in an instant, and he was suddenly soaring with a newfound fondness for his fluffy bunny.

Katsuki looked over at Deku, happily bouncing in place, still in the original Ground Zero costume since the bun decided to keep it on for the rest of the day.  They were stopped constantly by people who wanted to tell him how cute his bunny was the entire way back. Like he needed fucking strangers to tell him that! He was well aware of just how adorable Deku is, so they should fucking get a life.  And at that moment, Deku decided to show off that cuteness by looking up at him with a smile and a tilt of his head.

“Be careful, bunny butt, or we might be too busy to go to this Fair,” Deku giggled and leaned into his side.  “Does that mean you don’t want to go to the Fair?” Katsuki jokingly asked as the doors opened on their floor.  

“Of course I still want—” Katsuki raised an eyebrow as Deku stopped mid-sentence when they stepped into the hallway.  His nose was up in the air and twitching rapidly.

“A lot of people were here,” he said quietly, and immediately, Katsuki went into high-alert mode as he quickly took in the surroundings.  Nothing seemed out of place—at least in the hallway—but as he made his way to his door, he could hear people talking from within. His eyes narrowed when he tested the doorknob and found that it was unlocked.  

He looked back at Deku who was trailing closely behind him before holding up a hand.  The bunny nodded as he fell several steps behind him in a defensive stance. Turning his attention back to the door, he prepared himself for whatever fuckers thought it was a good idea to break into their apartment with small sparks from his hands.  

“DIE!” he yelled as he slammed the door open and launched himself into the apartment.  Not one, nor two, but fucking six pairs of eyes looked up at him from their comfortable sitting arrangements on his couch.   Oh fucking hell no, he was not in the mood to be dealing with whatever kind of fresh hell this was.   Katsuki spun away from the intruders to see that Deku had followed him in, now in a relaxed stance.  

“Let’s go, Deku, we have a little pest infestation.  Need to call an exterminator to take care of it. We’ll eat something on the way there,” Katsuki said in a false calm manner. However, he could still feel his eyebrow twitch in annoyance.  Deku looked at him in confusion. His ears twitched as he peered around him to look at the gathering in the other room.

“Oh come on, Bakubro, don’t be like that!” said one of the little bugs that had the guts to come up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.  Katsuki turned around slowly with a forced smile on his face as he grabbed the offending appendage with his smoking hand.

“Or maybe I should be the exterminator.”


It took him several minutes to finally calm Kacchan down enough for him to listen to what Kirishima had to say.  Apparently, the redhead had overheard that they were going to the Harvest Fair today and thought it would be funny if they made it a surprise group event.  Since the Fair didn’t really start until mid-afternoon, Kirishima planned on showing up in the morning so that they could go out together; he even rented a van for the day.  But when he arrived at their apartment and they were not here, he kind of ended up letting himself and everyone else in with the spare key he had .  Underline had.

“I thought thou said Sir Bakugou was well aware of our arrival,” Iida said sternly, his arms were making a chopping motion towards Kirishima once he finished his little story.  In addition to the weird accent he was using, Iida was wearing a large cloak and a wizard's hat and wielded a large staff.

“I just thought it would be fun if we all surprised him, okay?”  Kirishima, who was wearing some kind of dragon costume with a red-striped scarf, said while rubbing the back of his head.  

“And what if we didn’t come back to the apartment, shitty hair?” Kacchan asked, his arms crossed, still looking livid, and refusing to sit down with everyone else.  

“I texted Izuku about a half n hour ago when we first got here and he said that you guys were heading back to your apartment now for lunch.” Izuku’s eyes widened as everyone looked towards him, including a betrayed-looking pair of red eyes.  Izuku quickly shook his head.

“No, I didn’t!” he said nervously as he went to grab his phone to show Kacchan that he wasn’t lying. However, he came up empty.  “I—” Izuku stood up quickly and turned around patting down his side for his phone as he came to the sudden realization that he didn’t have it.  He tried to remember where he had it last. “I think I left my phone at All Might’s,” Izuku said with large eyes as he slowly looked over at Kacchan.

“Fucking old shits,” Kacchan swore.  He didn’t have time to wonder which of the two would have sent Kirishima the message when he felt someone poke him from behind. When he turned, he saw it was Mina that had poked him, Denki and Tsuyu standing directly behind her.  The pink lizard had a huge smile on her face as she excitedly said, “Your outfit is so cute!”

Mina well-endowed breasts jiggled in her low-cut, “hide”, light armor as she spoke.

“Yeah dude, it’s awesome!  It’s a Ground Zero costume, right?”  Denki asked and Izuku nodded. “Cool, even if it doesn’t match our theme.”  Denki put a hand on his plastic rapier around his waist. From what Izuku could tell, he was going as some kind of swordsman with a big hat with a feather.

“He didn’t know about our costume theme, Denki,” Tsuyu said with a ribbit.   She was wearing what looked to be a red and white striped bar maiden's dress with a green apron.  “It is homemade, correct?” Tsuyu asked as she put a finger to her chin.

“Um, yes.  My mother made it,”  Izuku said, looking down with a blush.  It sounds so embarrassing when it is said out loud!  

“She did a good job then,” Tsuyu said with another ribbit.

“Man, this is going to be so much fun!” Mina said as she wrapped her arms around all of them at once. Izuku tried not to think about the soft thing pressing against him as he smiled.    

“Awe, look at all of you!”  Uraraka said sharply as she took out her phone from her suit of armor and started taking pictures of the four of them.  

“Too bad Sir Swims-a-lot couldn’t be here to join the Pet dress up party, but alas, he could not leave his homestead for this journey,”  Iida said loudly. Izuku’s ear twitched as he looked over at Iida.

“I didn’t know you owned a Pet, Iida,” Izuku said only for Uraraka to start laughing.

“Te—Iida doesn’t own a Pet,” she said in between bouts of laughter.   Huh?  He was so confused now.  It must have been written on his face because she continued.  “He has a fish.”

“A-a Pet fish?”  Izuku was getting even more confused by the second.

“No, no, just a tiny fish.  It’s really weird. He caught it out of the river a while back and now he keeps it in a bowl.  He has no plans on eating it either.”

“Sir Swims-a-lot is my pet!” Iida said loudly, losing his false bravado as he turned to the woman sitting directly next to him.  “He needs careful care and attention just like any Pet to make sure the water is the correct pH, temperature and properly aerated.  Plus his diet has to be properly regulated with worms and the live plants and algae to keep his tank healthy.” All the while he had this super serious tone.

“See, I told you. Super weird.”  Uraraka said humorously as she turned back to Izuku,   who could only nervously laugh.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s eyes were glued to the window as the rental-mobile started up slowly before exiting the parking lot.  His ears twitched at the sound of the engine starting up as Uraraka—the only one everyone begrudgingly agreed upon to drive—put her foot on the gas to speed into traffic.  He swayed into Kacchan’s form due to the force of the turn, their warm bodies pushing against one another.

“What the fuck, Round Cheeks? You said you can drive!”  Her response to that was to take her hand off the wheel just long enough to flip Kacchan the bird.  “Fucking bitch,” Kacchan spat back as he, too, flipped her the bird—actually make that two birds and a nasty glare.  Izuku didn’t want to mention that he was the one that suggested she drive instead of “Shitty Hair” or “Four Eyes.”

Kacchan looked down at him, and for the first time, Izuku noticed that he was just pressed up against the blonde.  A small blush formed on his face as he righted himself and looked straight forward instead. He, Kacchan, and Denki ended up in the far back, with Kacchan in the middle only because Izuku wanted a window seat.  Directly in front of him was Mina, Tsuyu, and Kirishima, who took the middle seat between the two pets. In the very front was Uraraka and Iida, of course; Iida proclaimed himself to be “Navigator” even though he merely plugged in the “Harvest Fair” into his phone and was now messing around with the radio setting to get the “acoustics” correct.

It only then did it start sinking in just where they were going, and Izuku could feel his heartbeat quicken.  Kacchan said not to worry about it, but he was starting to worry about it, okay? What if after all the hard work his mother and All Might put into his costume, after all his and Kacchan’s friends coming for this,  he started to panic? What if it’s just too much all at once? What if—

“You okay, Deku?” Kacchan said quietly as he leaned in close to his ear and placed a hand on his bouncing knee. After the initial shock, he looked over at the concerned blonde and gave him a small smile.

“I-I don’t know, maybe?” he answered honestly.  Kacchan would know immediately if he was lying. The blonde squeezed his knee in a comforting manner before looking at him with a serious expression.

“Remember what I told you?”  It took Izuku a half a second to remember what he was alluding to, but once he moved his hand from his knee to his own hand and gave that a small squeeze, he remembered.   “If you need to get out fast, squeeze my hand three times and we are out.  No matter what.”

Izuku gave him a genuine smile as he squeezed Kacchan’s hand back before leaning in to give him a hug.  Taking a deep breath of Kacchan’s semi-sweet scent instantly soothed his nerves even further as he melted into his blonde’s form.  Tailing wagging, he started scenting the blonde with his own smell, completely forgetting his surroundings for a second when Kacchan started to pet his hair.  

“Hey, I want to join in, too!”  Izuku’s eyes sprung open at the energetic voice, breaking his temporary illusion.  In the next moment, he wasn’t the only pet to have his arms wrapped around Kacchan.  Izuku’s eyes narrowed as Denki started nuzzling Kacchan’s other arm with a naive but happy expression.

“GET THE FUCK OFF ME, MOUSE!”  Kacchan yelled at the mouse with a twitching eyebrow as he swiftly pushed him away with one hand, a couple of tiny warning sparks going off in his other.

“Boo, no fair!  You let Izuku do it!” Denki cried with a pouting lower lip and crossed arms as he looked at Izuku, who was still tightly holding on to Kacchan’s side.

“Don’t worry, Denki. Bakugou is just like that with everyone that isn’t Izuku,”  Mina said with a smirk as she turned back to them with a knowing look. Kacchan growled at her as a couple of challenging sparks left his hand.  

“Yo, Bakugou, please don’t explode my Pets,” Kirishima said with a humorous tone as he wrapped one arm around the headrest to look back at them.

“They are fucking asking for it,” Kacchan yelled back.  

“Everyone should be seated in their seats while the vehicle is in motion!  It is a safety hazard!” Iida suddenly chimed in as he sat up from his own seat to fully turn around to chop his hand at them.   

“Should we tell him he is the only one that is out of his seat?” Tsuyu said with a ribbit.

“Everyone, be quiet, or I am turning this van around!”  Uraraka yelled.

“If only that could be true,” Kacchan mumbled under his breath.


Katsuki couldn’t get out of that clown car fast enough. What should have been a relatively short ride felt unbearably long.  Luckily for him, the second the car was parked, Shitty Hair’s pack basically jumped out the windows just to disappear into the crowd and was shortly followed by Four-eyes yelling at them not to run.  Round cheeks had to park the van and Froggy went with her, leaving him and Deku to much more casually enter.

Katsuki smirked, the grounds were busy but definitely not as busy as it could be.   He looked down at Deku, his little nose quickly twitching as his wide eyes took in everything around him.  The small hand in his own squeezed just once when their eyes met, and he gave him a beautiful little smile.

For a while, they took a slow pace and simply walked around all the Fairground had to offer, avoiding larger groups of people whenever possible.  It was actually very easy to get lost and forget that they were just off a major highway, on the outskirts of a major city with cleared land around them.  Forest encompassed the outer edges of the dipping grounds of the valley. From what Katsuki remembers of this place, most of the Fair activities took place on the higher, mostly-flat grounds while other daily events took place lower in the valley.

The first area they walked through was a huddle of tents with a wide range of carnival games and several handfuls of suckers playing them.  Everyone knows that those games are rigged against the players and that the “prizes” were cheap dime-store bullshit.

“Hey, you!  Blondie! How about you win your little cutie there a big old plushie!” one of the game owners started heckling at his direction. Katsuki only rolled his eyes as they kept walking.  “No, no, I understand. You don’t want to make a fool out of yourself when you fail.” The sad part was that he knew he was falling for stupid middle-aged slob’s bait as he played a five on the corner, but oh boy, he was going to wipe his assface through the dirt when he cleans him out.

Or so he thought.  

“What the actual fuck?!”  This was a simple fucking game and he was a goddamn top pro-hero.  All he had to do was get a goddamn ball into one god damn red cup floating on the water.  In addition to the grand prize cup, there were several hundred other cups in a variety of colors and numbers representing the prizes.  But each fucking time he was close, it god damn bounces somewhere the fuck else. But all he had to show for his fifteen dollars was two ass, hero-shaped erasers, both of fucking Icy-Hot.

Katsuki was seconds away from crushing the last ball of his fifteen-dollar-waste-of-time when Deku tugged on his shirt.  This entire time, he was watching with big green eyes as he got increasingly frustrated, a thoughtful look upon his face.  

“Can I try?” he asked firmly with a fire in his eyes.  Katsuki snorted before dropping the last ball into the rabbit’s hold.  

“Knock yourself out, but don’t expect much. The game is rig—”At that moment, the bunny made a small underhanded throw that arched the ball perfectly so that it bounced once off one cup, and rolled around on top of the rims of several cups before landing neatly in the red cup.  A huge grin overtook his freckled-face and his tail wagged happily when he looked back up at him. “Pure luck,” Katsuki said as he turned away and hid his face lest someone see his slight blush.

The game owner laughed heartily as he asked Deku to pick his prize.   Katsuki was trying to figure out where they were going to put an All Might plushie the size of Deku himself in their apartment because it sure as hell isn’t going on their bed.  Just no. But when the bunny came back to his side again, it was with something that was clearly not a huge ass plushie hidden behind his back.

“I-um.” The bunny blushed as he shuffled on his feet before presenting what was behind his back.  “So we match,” he said in a small voice as a pair of fake, yellow-blonde rabbit ears laid in his open palms.  Katsuki blinked but otherwise was still as he tried to process the gift before him. The fake fur looked soft but nowhere near as soft as the real deal.  The craftsmanship was nothing to write home about, cheap garbage really. But—

“Why?”  Katsuki was able to ask after a dozen plus of seconds and looked up to meet the nervous eyes.  

“Well, um, you were the only one that wasn’t wearing a costume, and then I saw these as one of the prizes, and I thought, ‘If I am wearing a Kacchan costume, what if Kacchan was wearing a me costume?’  So I asked if I could get them instead of one of the grand prizes, and the man said yes, and then I got it, and now we are here, and— And you don’t like it. I’m sorry, Kacchan, it really was a silly idea. I don’t even know why I thought it was a good one.  Kacchan would never—” Katsuki put a hand over the rabbit’s rambling mouth since he couldn’t use his normal silencer.

“Just for today, got it?” he said as he took the fake ears and put them on his head. “How does it look?  Is it as stupid as I imagine it to be?” Izuku motioned him to lean down and he adjusted his new “ears” until they sat a little more naturally on his head.

“There!” Deku said as he took a step back to look at his work.   I am so fucking whipped.


Izuku happily looked up at the fake ears on top of Kacchan head; he could hardly believe that Kacchan agreed to put them on.  He got them on a whim since—while a huge plushie would be nice—he couldn’t get rid of the thought of seeing Kacchan with those bunny ears the moment he saw them.  The blonde looked grumpy and would growl at anyone that looked at him for more than half a second, but he didn’t move to take them off.

Izuku so badly wished he had his phone right now so that he could take a picture of how cute Kacchan was.  A picture of Kacchan with bunny ears would definitely become his background, no questions asked. Maybe he could talk Kacchan into wearing them again for a photo?  

They slowly moved on from the game-tents to an area with lots of moving machinery doing loops and circles with their human passengers.  Izuku was shaking so much at the thought of the height and speed that this machines swung for “fun” that he nearly tripped over the covered wire mound on the ground.  Kacchan’s strong hand that was still in his own was the only reason he didn’t topple onto his face.

Righting himself, Izuku asked, “How could anyone think these things are fun?”  Kacchan chuckled and motioned to one ride that stood perpendicular to the ground and was going at a much slower, leisurely pace.

“How about I show you how fun this thing could really be?” Kacchan said with a mischievous grin.  Izuku looked at the ride again, a Ferris Wheel, as it climbed high into the sky before looking back at the blonde that he trusted so.  Apprehensively, he nodded his head. Kacchan snickered as he pulled him first into the line for the ride. They got closer and Izuku’s heart was beating loudly as he looked started up.  “It’s okay. I promise you you’ll love it,” Kacchan ensures under his breath, almost not loud enough for him to hear with the screaming voices from another ride.

When it was their turn to go, Kacchan took a moment to talk to the ride operator before they got onto the ride.  As Izuku carefully got on, the cabins shook, causing him to become rigid. The blonde hero patted him on his back and guided him to the seat next to him.  He barely sat down with a little jerk when they started ascending. Izuku held close to the muscular body as he stole peeks out the windows of the ground slowly getting farther and farther away.  And then they stopped.

“Deku, take a look,” Kacchan whispered into his ear as he rubbed his side comfortingly.  Izuku took one more sharp breath of Kacchan’s scent before turning to see a beautiful sight.  The sky was painted a rosy orange as the sun dipped lower behind the horizon. A few clouds that were lingering in the air were illuminated by the day’s dying light.  And the lights of the Fair below brightened the remaining leaves on the happy little trees. And just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, Kacchan pulled his attention away from the view and brought him back with a delicate kiss.  They continued their kiss only until the wheel started moving again and they began to descend.

“So, did you like it?”  Kacchan asked. Izuku smiled before flinging himself at the blonde, shaking the cabin. Looking up at him and with a little giggle, he answered.

“Eh, it was okay.”  


They spent another couple hours wandering around the Fairgrounds, eating the overly-greasy foods and sickeningly-sweet treats on the way.  It was truly good and dark when Katsuki picked out the horde of idiots they came here with at the far end of the Fairground near the forest edge.  This wasn’t the first time he spotted the others this evening, but each time before, he was sure to steer the other way. This was an evening for him and Deku, not him, Deku, and a bunch of extras.  

But it was too late. Pinky had noticed them with those weird-ass eyes of hers.  And of course, the first thing she did was start waving both arms over her head, quickly catching the attention of everyone else.  Katsuki turned him and Deku around in a last ditch effort to get away, but Round Cheeks called out to them.

“Bakugou, Izuku, we were just about to— OH MY GOD, SO CUTE!”  Uraraka squealed. Fuck.  He facepalmed as Shitty hair’s distinct howl of laughter echoed around them.

“That is a good look for you, dude,” was all he was able to get out between bouts of laughter.  And then there were several flashes of lights.

“ARE YOU FUCKING TAKING PICTURES?”  Katsuki whipped around so fast to see two pairs of phones out furiously taking pictures.  “FUCK YOU ALL!” And everyone and their fucking mother started laughing. Even Deku, the betrayer, started giggling.  

“What are you guys doing over here?”  Deku asked in a sweet voice, completely ignoring his previous outburst.  

“We are waiting to go on the tour,” Froggy spoke up first as she went up to Deku. “Do you want to join too Izuku?  Bakugou?” she asked as she looked up at him.

“Come on, Izuku, it will be a lot of fun!”  The pink lizard added as she hopped up and dropped beside Deku with his hand in her own.  

“Yeah, dude, the more the merrier!”  Pikachu added as he went to the bunny’s other side, doing the same thing as the lizard.

“Sure!”  Deku said happily as he allowed the idiot Pet duo to move his arms in time with their jumps like a rag doll.  Even Katsuki had to smirk at the cute display of all the Pets but only a little one, and it was simply because Deku was a part of it.  He wondered if Deku knew that this was a haunted tour.


The answer was that he did not.  At the first jump scare, Deku desperately jumped into his arms and held on for dear life.  Even the actor broke character to ask if he was alright. In the end, the dude showed him the back way to get around and out of the forest before setting up for the next pair to come through.  

“Sorry, Deku, I should have told you sooner what kind of tour this was.”  Deku looked up at him with a pout as he still hung on to his arms.

“Kacchan is so mean.”  

“The meanest,” Katsuki said jokingly as he brushed his bun’s fluffy hair.  

“Carry me the rest of the night.” The bunny wasn’t asking a question. “My feet are sore.”  

“Sure, sure, little cuddle bunny.”

“And when we get home, I wa—” They were both frozen in their tracks as a loud rumble filled the area, causing the earth to shake, and was followed by a woman’s scream.  

Chapter Text

Deku’s head immediately twisted towards the source of the noise and scream His ears were turning in order to catch every sound while Katsuki dropped to a defensive stance as he also peered into the darkness.  He couldn’t see a damn thing, but that sounded like a—a rock slide or something? Or perhaps just one, as equally sturdy or robust hitting the ground. And then—

“Someone is crying,” Deku said in a barely audible voice as his attention was drawn towards the darkness.  

“Is it just one person, or—” Katsuki asked quickly, as hushed as Deku was.  The bunny’s ears twitched once.

“I’m not sure.” Katsuki frowned as his brows furrowed.  The single most dangerous thing a hero—or anyone for that matter—could do was to rush into a critical situation blind.  You might end up fucking yourself up and becoming useless or a legibility. A self-destructive hero is a dead hero. But someone was in need, and they needed help now , and Katsuki wasn’t a fucking pussy that is scared shitless of the unknown.  Fuck no, that left one reason as to why he hasn’t already jumped into action: one fluffy bunny hanging to his front.

If it was just him, this would be a fuckton easier. He would have taken to the skies to assess the hazard and react accordingly.  But Deku was here. If it was a villain attack, there was no knowing what their quirk was or how many of them there actually were. He couldn’t leave Deku just randomly in the middle of the woods if there was still a possible threat.  Would he have enough time to bring Deku somewhere safe? That could easily take a few minutes round-trip, and in situations like these could be the difference between life and death. But he couldn’t bring Deku with him, could he?

“Kacchan—” Deku whined, looking back at him with concern in his eyes.  It had only been a couple seconds since the scream, but it felt like minutes had passed as he ran through all the possibilities in his head.  “—we have to.”

“Fuck,” Katsuki swung Deku behind his back in one motion, and Deku squealed in surprise,  “hold on tight. I can’t hold you.” Deku is the type of idiot that—even if he left him here or brought him to somewhere safe—would just run back to him anyway; this way, he could keep him close.  When Katsuki felt the bunny tighten his grip around his body, he said, “Do what I say. If I say run, you run. If I tell you to hide, you hide. If I tell you to leave me, you leave me .  No questions asked.”  It was not a question, but Deku confirmed anyways.  

And with that, he blasted off into the air with his quirk.  He felt Deku tighten his grip around him, his legs and arms squeezing him almost painfully tight.   Good, he won’t fall off at least.  His fluffy hair brushed up against his cheek as the rabbit buried his face against his neck, but Katsuki didn’t have time to pay attention to that as he expertly controlled his momentum in order to survey the surrounding areas.

Heading in the correct direction brought them deeper into the forest, the opposite direction from the Fair.  A rocky hillside overlooked a small clearing and the forest that surrounded it. There were no obvious telltale signs of a villain attack, but it was too soon to tell for certain.  As he reached the zenith of his jump, he got a clear view of the clearing. There was only one discernible humanoid figure, and it was laying on the ground near a disturbed rock mound.  There didn’t seem to be anyone else nearby, but Katsuki adjusted himself in order to land several paces away.

The woman—no, Pet cat looked up. An explosion was not the subtlest way to make an entrance.  Running down the brunette cat’s face was a flood of tears that could put Deku to shame.

“I am the hero Ground Zero. What the f—what is happening here?”  Katsuki said as calmly as possible, his eyes scanning the area for any signs of threatening movements.  When none became readily apparent, he turned his attention back to the cat and the rest of the scene. The rock formation suggested a rock slide, which explains the original rumble.  Katsuki noted the brown she-cat had a collar, meaning she had an owner some fucking where. Narrow brown eyes continued to leak as she hysterically tried to form words. Katsuki slowly approached the she-cat, naturally lowering himself in order to seem less threatening, but before he could get to her, he froze from her words.  

“M-my kit—” the cat wept out after a harsh fit.   Kit?  Fuck.  She struggled to pull herself up with her hands and was repeating “my kit” over and over again.  Katsuki got a good look at her for the first time and noticed one leg that was bent in a completely unnatural angle.  

“Where is your kit?”  Deku tightened his hold around his neck as Katsuki asked.   However, dread filled his stomach as his mind provided a discernible turn of events that was only confirmed when she looked over at the cliff side of rocks—under the fucking rockslide.  Someone, a child, was under the fucking rocks and in an unknown condition. The sight of whatever remains will most likely be unpleasant. When he looked up, he noticed that the cliffside didn’t look stable; there was a good chance it will slide again, even if it doesn’t get poked at by him.  He had to get these two out of here first and then call Uraraka to see if they couldn’t find the body.

Katsuki approached the female cat and got to see how badly her leg was fucked up.  She will likely need many surgeries to get it to resemble a leg again. When he touched her to try and take her away, she wailed in a tizzy, “Save him!  Save him! He is still alive. He is there. SAVE HIM!” She clawed at his chest, leaving thin streams of blood to follow, but he continued to pick her up aways.

“Kacchan,” Deku said softly, almost completely drowned out by the flailing cat, “I hear something.”  Katsuki looks up at him. His attention had shifted to the rocky cliffside ever since the kit was mentioned.    

“It’s him, it’s him!  He’s alive. Save him,” the she-cat cried in anguish.  

“You sure?”  Katsuki asked, as the situation actively evolved in front of him. This was now a rescue mission with an unknown deadline.  

“Yes,” Deku said without looking away.

“Fuck,” Katsuki kicked into high gear as he moved the she-cat far enough away that she wouldn’t be caught in any more danger.  In the next moment, he quickly but carefully approached the cliffside again. “Where?” he asked. Deku pointed a little further back, closer to the true cliffside.  There were some small cracks between the large boulders, and after a couple more steps, he could hear the ever-so-faint whines and meows.

“Deku, get off my back and stand back,” Katsuki demanded, and the bunny obeyed by going back a couple paces. He was still a little too close for his comfort, but he didn’t have time to argue as he got even closer.  He called out to the kit in his “calm” hero voice only to realize that he didn’t even know if he was old enough to answer him.  However, as the crying lessened, Katsuki tried again by asking “Are you in pain? Yes or no?”  

“Y-yes,” a tiny voice echoed after a brief pause, and Katsuki was able to locate where the sound was coming from—a small crack in the rocks that he was far too big to fit in.  

“It’s all going to be okay,” Katsuki said as pulled out his phone and pressed a button, turning on his emergency location tracker before quickly scrolling to the correct number. “I am calling some other heroes to come here and help,” he said as the phone picked up from the other end.  He didn’t care what the female hero had to say, so he cut to the chase and said in an even tone, in order not to scare the kid or Deku, “Get over here now.” And then hung up. “They will be here soon,” Katsuki said. If they had half a brain between them, she will let glasses carry her here, so that they will only take a few short minutes to get here.  

But it seemed like mother nature didn’t want to give them those precious seconds as he heard the rumbling just in time for him to barely jump out of the way of a falling rock.  “Fuck,” Katsuki swore, “we are running out of—” Katsuki was unable to finish his sentence as something small and fluffy flew around him. His eyes widened. His first instinct was to grab Deku by the collar of his neck and pull the damn idiot back.  But Deku was fast, faster than he had ever seen him before. His phone clattered to the ground as he launched himself at the rabbit.

“FUCKING DEKU, GET YOUR FUCKING ASS BACK HERE!”  he screamed as his fluffy tail disappeared into the crevice between two rocks.  


Kacchan kept calling for him to come back to him over and over again as he squeezed his way further in, following the small cries.  He didn’t know why he was doing this; his feet just kind of moved on their own. He couldn’t explain it. From the screaming cries of the mother, the pathic whimpers of the child, and the rocks showing no signs of waiting, he found that he just couldn’t sit still any longer.  Something inside him told him that, if they did wait, it would be too late, so he ran. He was breaking the promise he made to Kacchan, having him now call out to him with such desperation, but he had to do this. He had to save this kit.  

As he made his way further in, the scent of a distressed kit got even more pronounced, increasing his drive to go deeper.  Small spaces between the precariously placed rocks around allowed just enough light in that he was just barely able to see.  The way was gradually getting smaller, to a point where it was almost too small for even him to move when he saw movement. A tiny form was curled up into a ball in a small gap in the rocks.

“Hey,” Izuku said softly, causing sharp little black eyes to look up at him.   He would be the same age as my kits would have been , he thought, and a small pang squeezed at his heart but was immediately pushed away in favor of coming closer to comfort the small kit.  It was a tight squeeze, but he was able to get close enough to the kit. He had a couple of nasty looking gashes, but from what he knew from experience, it was nothing life-threatening.  

“It’s okay. I am here to rescue you,” he said as he instinctively rubbed his chin on the little head as he gathered him into his arms.  Izuku shook his head. He didn’t have time to comfort the kit. They had to get out of there!

“Kacchan!  I found the kit. I’m coming out!”  he yelled out to Kacchan. He took one step forward towards the entrance when his ears twitched at the unfamiliar popping noise that came from above.


Katsuki was screaming at the top of his lugs for Deku, all hero guises lost the moment he lost sight of the bunny who disappeared into the dark shadows of the rocks.  He didn’t care if it was the definition of unprofessional for every third word out of your mouth to be a swear. It was his fucking Deku jumping into danger.

After what was truly only a few dozen seconds but felt like hours, Deku called out to him, saying he had the kit and that he was finally coming out.  Katsuki was immensely relieved and was about to demand Deku get his ass out here in order to punish him for disobeying him and throwing himself into danger.  But that relief was almost as quickly disappeared as the telltale signs of nature's cruel wrath started to echo.

The world seemed to move in slow motion as he saw a huge-ass rock the size of a fucking bus starting to separate itself from the cliff side.  Katsuki jumped into the air in the next heartbeat, screaming,“FUCK NO!” With powerful, concentrated blasts from his right hand, he blasted a hole through the center of the boulder that fractured before splitting apart.  He then spun around and set off another set of blasts, both to momentarily stabilize himself in mid-air but also to blast the now smaller boulders even further away from the pile below.

But then the popping noise that preceded the fall of the first massive rock only increased in volume, and in the next moment, he knew that the entire fucking cliff face was collapsing.  “No!” It was too much, too fast. He tried desperately and made a whirlwind of explosions to keep the flows of the earth. “No, no, no, NO!” FUCKING WORK, I JUST, JUST FUCKING WORK!   As more and more chunks of earth continued to fall, a somber fact was becoming increasingly clear—it wasn’t fucking working!  And then as quickly as it started, it was over.

Katsuki landed sloppily on the ground, no longer able to control his explosion as the dust began to settle.  He looked at that mass in anguish and felt like his heart stopped. There was no sign of him. He fervently looked around, trying to see if Deku escaped in time, but it was no use.  He screamed out his name but no one answered, so he did it again and again but ended up with the same results.

A strange noise escaped his open lips as he felt his knees give out.  This can’t be happening. This is just a dream, a nightmare, some sick villain’s illusion quirk showing him his fears. He was not there, under several tons of rocks and earth.  He couldn’t be. This can’t be. No, this can’t be real! His whole body felt numb. Deku should be here, safe by his side, but he was—

All color in the world seemed to cut out at once as the realization sunk in.  Deku, his Deku, was gone. Gone forever. Dead.  Everything that he was—gone.  His warm smile and his big green eyes.  His cute little freckles that always flush a beautiful red.  His sweet cinnamon smell. All of his love, his goals, his dreams.  His awkwardness, his determination, his flirtatious side. Everything that made him his bunny butt.  

His cinnamon bun bun.

Gone in an instant.

“GOD DAMN IT!” he yelled, slamming the ground with both of his fists.  He felt like the world was crumbling around him as if he was also trapped beneath the cold earth.  He could barely breathe and his body felt cold. He let out a primal scream as ugly tears streamed down his face.  It didn’t matter anymore since the sun had been extinguished by what must have been a jealous God. He wailed out in pain again from the hole where his heart once was.  The rest of the world could burn in hell for all he cared because he was already there.

Fuck everyone else. He just wants his Deku in his arms.

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Bun Bun Marus' Art

[Maruslei's Tumblr]


Izuku could hear Kacchan’s explosions and the earth shifting all around him.  He pulled the kit close to his chest as he quickly followed his scent out the way he came. His heart was beating in his ears and his body felt as light as a feather.  Even holding the kit felt like nothing. He moved fast, faster than he thought possible as he ducked and maneuvered around the rocks. But he wasn’t fast enough, and after the initial crash, another even more deafening rumble began.

And then it happened in an instant.  What little light there was completely cut off, and he could feel the space folding in on itself at an incredible rate.   This was how he was going to die?  Izuku’s eyes closed and his life flashed through his eyes.  His childhood living with his mother in the old woman's house.  The tears of her death and then their separation. The cruel hands of that man and the crazed golden eyes of his “mate.”  The lost of his first and only liter, and how empty it left him. The starved state he became upon being abandoned and then—the light and warmth of Kacchan.  

Kacchan .  Kacchan’s fumbled attempts to comfort him that first couple of days.  The steadily growing warmth he felt grew with each day he spent with Kacchan.  The pain he first felt from the confession followed by the joy of them becoming a couple.  Their first kiss under the fireflies. All the kisses and hugs and looks. The final look of fear Kacchan gave him as he ran into danger.  The love that felt like it would last a lifetime. Izuku's heart nearly broke in two thinking he was going to leave the blonde behind.

The small whimper in his arms reminded him that he wasn't alone.  This kit had a future, too. He wanted to save the kit that he will end up losing as well so badly.  But, he thought as he started to feel the crushing weight surrounding them, if he could do it all again, he would still try and save the kit—just a little faster and without delaying so that way they both had a future.

Izuku’s eyes closed again as he waited for the end to come, but instead of what he expected being crushed would feel like, he felt pulsing waves of radiated energy from the very center of his body.  It was like—right where his heart should be—was a tiny sun instead. Behind his closed eyelids, he felt like he was being watched, judged, as figures of all different shapes and sizes began to form.  Is this what happens when you die?  The dark forms all opened their mouths at once and spoke as a single entity.   “Fight.”  It was strange. He felt like he has heard those voices before as mumbles in the back of his head.  But he didn't have much time to think about that as their words ignited the pulse of energy concentrated around his chest, causing it to explode outwards, encasing his whole body in a strange hum.

The figures were illuminated by a faint greenish glow, and Izuku couldn't help but wonder what this strange sensation could be.  The kit in his arms yipped while struggling around in his arms, bring him back to earth. The kit is still with me.  Am I—am I still alive?  When Izuku opened his eyes, the strange green glow was still there illuminating the space.  It took him a moment to realize that the light was coming from his body .  

Izuku's eyes grew wide as the strange green light covered his entire body.  It jumped and sparked slightly as he felt the source that he somehow knew was that warm, radiant sun in the center of his body.   What is this?  Is this a quirk?  Is it the kit’s quirk?  “No, it’s not the kits ,” something in the back of his head told him.   This couldn't be— could I have a quirk?  he wondered.   But I-I can’t have a quirk.  I’ve tried so many times as a kid, but-but I come from a family where no one has ever had a quirk .  He was so distracted by this new development that it took the kit whining again to return him to their situation.   Wait, why are we not crushed?  Is it this mystery quirks doing?

Many large boulders that were previously above and around them were now resting on him.  Izuku could feel the weight pressing into him from all angles, but instead of the massive load it should be, it felt like pillows had fallen on top of him.  Beside himself, Izuku let out a single giggle. Maybe I really am dead because whatever is happening is unbelievable.

“Jump,” an echo from a much farther away corner of his mind said.  He was no longer sure anymore if it was his own thoughts or those of the shadows, but he still bent his legs in preparation.  The rock directly on his back lowered with him, and after taking one more deep breath and against his better judgment, he took off.


Katsuki screamed out again as he eyed the fucking mountain of rocks that took everything from him.  He didn't want to think about the fact that, soon enough, he will have to dig out his Deku’s lifeless, broken form from the rocks to give him a proper resting place because he was sure as hell not going to leave him here.  But he—

And in an instant, large boulders were launched at high speeds across the clearing, one whizzed past so close to him that it ruffled his clothes and hair and damn nearly took off the present Deku gave him.  The female cat yelped in surprise, but out of the corner of his eyes, he could see she was safe which was good since all of his focus was on the green light that burst out of the rocky tomb and was now quickly ascending into the air.

“Deku?” he whispered as his eyes widened in bewilderment, his mind in a daze.  Above him, surrounded in a green aura was his Deku. Deku was alive. Deku.  Was. Alive!!!  He was not only alive but sparking with green energy as he continued to rise dangerously high in the air.   Wait, what the fuck?!  Deku doesn’t have a quirk.  Deku can’t FLY. The longer he looked at it, the more it baffled him, but then he noticed it: as Deku reached his peak, the glow started to dissipate.  Deku wasn’t in control of whatever was happening. Deku was in—

“DEKU!”  he yelled as he blasted himself into the air at breakneck speeds to catch up to Deku as he started free falling. The bunny was flailing his legs like he was trying to trend the air to stay afloat while his arms wrapped protectively around a small body.  His eyes were trying to open from the force of the wind.

“DEKU!” he screamed again in midair, adjusting the trail of explosions behind him.  The rabbit's green eyes, which previously held fear was replaced with joy as the smile he thought he lost once again graced his eyes.

“KACCHAN!” he yelled back.  Katsuki smiled, propelling himself with one more explosion before he allowed himself to pluck the angel from the sky and bring him back to where he belonged—in the safety of his arms.  It felt like a lifetime ago since he was last there, but it had truly only been but a short moment.

He was far above the world, holding his beloved bunny in his arms.  Deku was crying, nuzzling their faces together, their tears mixing together in the shimmering light of the night sky.  At that moment, nothing else mattered in the world. The fact that he was crying like a baby. This quirk Deku seems to possess.   The fact that they were currently free falling from several dozen stories. Deku was alive!   And that was all that mattered.


“What is that?”  Eijiro asked as he looked up to see a quickly rising green bolt of lightning before it disappeared into the starry sky.  The spotty tree covering in correlation with the quick speed he was traveling via Iida was not helping as he tried to identify the object, but it appeared to be human in shape.  Moments later, more crackling explosions could be heard as a stream of burst set the night sky ablaze.

“Over there, over there, Tenya!”  Uraraka yelled, using one hand to point and the other hand to hold on to his other shoulder.  

“We are already heading in that direction,” Iida answered as he had to duck his tall form under a tree branch.  

“Then go faster!”  Uraraka pounded on Iida’s arm.  

“We are going as fast this terrain allows already!” Iida said as he jumped over a rock that seemed to have been shredded a path of half a dozen trees.  It was a daunting sight since it was clearly not natural and clearly not the work of their resident hot head. Whoever's quirk that did this was no doubt powerful.

Eijiro frowned. Wait, was Bakugou actually fighting a villain?  Just a few minutes ago, after they just finished up the haunted tour, Uraraka got a call for help from Bakugou no less.  It took only a moment for them to put together that something was seriously wrong if he was willingly asking for help. He might not be as bad as his early high school days, but Katsuki Bakugou was still Katsuki Bakugou.

In the time it took Uraraka to get the location signal app going, a roar of crackling and earth rumbling echoed across the Fair’s valley.  Uraraka’s eyes widened as she looked down at her phone and said in a voice only barely audible over the thundering noise that the signal was gone.   This was actually serious .  This area was known for rock slides as Iida stated. However, all Fair activity took place far away from any of the danger zones.  It’s why the first minor rockslide they heard earlier was overlooked. But clearly, there was more to than that and only Bakugou reacted.  

Without another word, Uraraka patted his shoulder with her fingers pads before touching her own and they both grabbed onto Iida's shoulders.  But before they disappeared into the trees, Eijiro called back and left Tsuyu in charge. He has two good Pets, but they are two little troublemakers if left to their own devices.  

They started heading in the general direction of the rumble until they saw the light show.  As they got closer, there was one final blast, located much closer to the ground and everything was calm.  Iida pressed on, and with one final lunge, he sped into the clearing where the light show dissipated. Taking a quick scan of the area, Eijiro noticed the collapsed cliffside and three figures in the clearing.  An unfamiliar body was crumpled on the ground howling while the other familiar ones were holding on to each other for dear life.

“Bakugou!” Eijiro yelled as Uraraka released her quirk, “what’s going on?  Was there a villain attack or?” He trailed off as he slowly made his way closer to the two.  Izuku was nuzzling Kacchan desperately while Bakugou was rubbing his hands up and down the bunny’s body, not in a sexual manner but rather something more desperate like he was confirming something.  “Bakugou?” he asked again as he got closer to his best friend. Bakugou didn’t look up or do anything to acknowledge him. He just continued to bury his face into the dark curls of the bunny’s head.

While Eijiro went to Bakugou, Iida and Uraraka went directly to the injured Pet to address the situation, seeing as it appeared to be that no one else was here.  Uraraka instructed Iida to find sturdy sticks to set her leg with and to try to calm her down.

“My name is Uravity,” she said with a smile, “I am a pro-hero and I am here to help you.”

“I HAVE THE STICKS!”  Iida yelled, holding two good sticks in his hand over his head.

“We are going to set your leg so we can get you out of here.  It might—”

“No, no, no, no, not without, my kit!  Not without Kota!” she screamed while tears fell down her face.  Uraraka and Iida looked at each other with a serious look on their faces.

“Where—” and as if on queue, Bakugou squeezed Izuku tightly only for a tiny little yelp to be heard.  

“Kota?!”  And then for the first time, Eijiro noticed that it wasn’t just Bakugou and Izuku.  There was a third body, a tiny little fur ball. Izuku just pulled away just slightly, even though Bakugou didn’t let him go far, and a cute little head popped out between them.  Eijiro thought his heart stopped with just how cute it was. They were like a little family. He even had Bakugou’s angry eyes! Eijiro quickly got out his phone and started snapping pictures.

“Fuck off,” Bakugou growled, his voice was hoarse and tired, and his eyes were red.  He glared at him for a moment longer before he started snuggling with his little “family” again.  


Bakugou was still holding onto Izuku when they jumped into the van.  Their arms were wrapped around each other. Izuku’s legs were on either side of Bakugou’s and the bunny was pressed against his chest as Bakugou buckle their seatbelt around the two of them.  Iida yelled at the two to “sit in their seats properly” only for Bakugou to glare at the glasses-wearing-hero. Uraraka had to step in to convince him to let the two be.

Since they found them, Bakugou has barely said a handful of sentences that only roughly explaining what happened.  Between that and what little information they were able to get from the female cat Shino, they were able to piece together a rough timeline of what happened.  Apparently, this all started from a small disagreement causing Kota to try and run away and hide. As she was trying to get him to come out and talk, the first rockslide occurred, injuring her and trapping Kota.  Bakugou arrived on the scene soon after that and Izuku went in to save the kit and got out just barely before everything came down.

There was no mention on what the green light was, and when Iida brought it up, Bakugou was quick to change the topic about “hurrying the fuck up and getting those two some help.”  Eijiro raised an eyebrow to that but didn’t bring it up. Eijiro trusted Bakugou, so if it was important, he will tell him. Eventually.  Plus, it looks like his bro and his bun, who Bakugou at that time was holding like a princess, would want nothing more than to go home.  

After that, they were able to find the two Pets owner: a tall, muscular man with a small triangle beard as well as his other two Pets, both of which were also cats.  They were very thankful when they heard what happened and took the two injured cats off their hands to get proper treatment as soon as possible. After turning in a report of what happened, they were off towards home.  

Eijiro took a peek of the two on the seats behind him. Bakugou was currently softly petting Izuku’s head with his eyes closed.  The bunny looked to be asleep, and Bakugou didn’t seem far behind him.

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When Izuku woke up from his restless sleep, his vision was unfocused, and the sun was high overhead.  His head and body felt heavy and sore like it did on days he pushed himself with his workout routine, but more like he pushed himself to the absolute limit and then some.  Izuku groaned a little as he tried to stretch out only to feel coarse friction rubbing against himself. Looking down, he noticed not only was he still in his heavily damaged and dirty Ground Zero costume—sorry, mom—but his curls were also covered in fine coat sediment.  He needed a shower. He stretched out slightly more only for his muscles to protest, a shower might loosen his muscles too.

Izuku looks up to Kacchan who was still asleep with a deep scowl on his face.  It was a hard night for Kacchan as well, he got up no less than four times just to pull Izuku impossibly tighter to his body.  While comforting, it was also painful as guilt-wracked his mind. He knew they were going to have to talk about it at some point, but for now , as carefully as he could, Izuku rose to peck the little crease between blonde eyebrows, hoping that maybe it would help in some small way.   I’m sorry Kacchan.  

Izuku shuffled his sore body as best he could to stand, but just as his feet hit the floor, something caught his arm.  He tumbled back into the bed with a small tug and landed on top of the blonde. Izuku yelped in both surprise and pain as he looked up in bewilderment to see very awake red eyes staring down at him.  

“And where the fuck do you think you’re going?”  Kacchan voice was hoarse as continued to pull Izuku back to his original position on the blonde’s chest.   

“Kacchan,” Izuku breathed out as his muscles stretched more, “I need a shower.”  Kacchan stopped, looking him over with consideration before bringing his hand to run down the side of his face.

“Yeah, you look a mess.”  Izuku puffed out his cheeks.   He didn’t need to put it that way.  “Let’s clean your sorry bunny ass,” he said causing Izuku to blush lightly as he found himself cradled in Kacchan’s arms as the man stood up, princess style.

“Kacchan, w-where are we going?”  The blonde rolled his eyes.

“Bathroom carrots for brain, pay attention,” Kacchan said in a peevish tone, bouncing him in his arms, causing Izuku to groan and clutch his shirt.  The blonde’s demeanor shifts abruptly, asking “are you okay?” Before once again shift to exasperation “God fucking damn it, Deku, were you hurt this entire time?”  

“N-no, I’m just—sore all over.”  The blonde looked down at him with uncertainty in his eyes.  “N-no, really! It just feels like I did a really hard workout, that’s all, I promise!” Izuku added, causing Kacchan’s lips to form a straight line.  He is use to a moody Kacchan but this?

Kacchan didn’t say anything else as he brought him into the bathroom, closing the door behind them, Kacchan carefully placed him on the ground.  Izuku looked up at the man, but he just stood there, vigilantly watching. Waiting.

After a couple seconds of the silent stalemate, Kacchan said, “What the fuck are you waiting for?”  Confusion was met with nervous embarrassment. Is Kacchan not leaving?


“Fine,” Kacchan grumbled as he took a knee and started taking off Izuku’s costume.  Izuku’s eyes nearly bugged out of his skull at the frenzied beating of his heart. What is happening?  Brash calloused fingers gently lifted the black tank top above his head before trailing down to explore his body.   Is there real happening NOW?  Is Kacchan feeling me up right now?  Does he want to do something right now?  Kacchan pressed into every inch of his torso in a strange motion.   No, that is not right , Izuku thought this didn’t seem sexual if the concentration on Kacchan and the almost procedural method he was employing.  He was confirming that he was okay.

Izuku’s heart steadied just a bit from that realization, as he let Kacchan continued to search over his body in the guise of taking off his clothes for a shower.  The only time he vocalizing anything was a growl when he found a couple clumps of blood-matted fur on his legs. However enough, he stood bare in front of Kacchan as his red eyes scanned him over, turning him around one last time.

“W-well, I can take my shower now,” Izuku said nervously as his tried not to look at Kacchan directly.  Kacchan face doubled over in doubt for but an instant before the stern look returned. Izuku watched as the blonde, instead of going towards the door, went to the toilet, put down the lid and took a seat.  

Izuku blinked once, twice and then a third time before gulped: Kacchan wasn’t leaving.  A twang of guilt washed over his body, so instead of saying anything, he just nodded before walking into the shower and closing the curtains.  As they shut, Kacchan spoke in a placating voice, “We are talking after this. About what happened last night.”

“Of course,” Izuku answered in a soft voice before he turned on the water to the hottest temperature he could stand.  After a couple of quiet minutes, the rest of the world, including Kacchan just outside of the shower disappeared. As more warm water splashed against his body, the more he allowed the thoughts that haunted his dreams ambushed his mind.  And then his stomach dropped and a numbing sensation overcame him as he lowered himself to the ground. Last night, he was nearly crushed to death. Horror ricocheted around his body and even in the warm stream of the shower, he felt cold.

He would have left Kacchan.  What would he have done? Would he have just gone back to living his life like before?  Aiming to be the number one hero, just without him by his side? For some reason, that made his eyes water as a small cough escaped his throat.  Would Kacchan be in mourning of his faith? Or maybe he would get a good bunny that actually listens to him. Somehow, that was an even worse thought to him.  

Izuku shook his head.   Calm down Izuku.  Breathe. No more of “what-ifs”, instead think about what really mattered.  The little kit, Kota, was still alive.  There were no “ifs” about it; the kit had his whole future ahead of him that would have otherwise been taken away from him in an instant.  The thought alone warmed him from the tip of his ears to the pads of his toes. It almost made him feel like he was actually a hero like Kacchan all because of the strange power he had.  

That power.

Izuku lifted up his hand to look it over.  Other than being a tired, sore, and more of an emotional mess than normal, he doesn’t feel any different.  Izuku opened and closed his hand, repeatedly making a fist, as he tried to remember how it felt when his body was covered in the green light.  He tries to summon that feeling to his fist with no success. Izuku frowned. While he didn’t think it would be that easy, a small part of him hoped it was.  So instead, Izuku brought his hand up to his chest so it would lay flat around where the source of the power seemed to come from the night before.

Minutes passed as the warm water continued to trickle over his body, but he could actually feel it.  It was still there. It was no longer a bright sun but rather a dim match. It still has the same mass as before, but it just felt—dormant?  

It felt so strange, like a foreign entity but also like a familiar part of him, just as the figures were.  Those figures were unknown but not strangers as if he has known them all for a long time. Their voices were both a chorus and a single being and just his inner voice.  

The more he thought about them or the apparent quirk in his possession, the more he wondered.  Did he actually have a quirk this entire time? But how is this possible? Why has it only appeared now?  He has been in close calls before, so why only now? Could it be that—

“Are you actually cleaning or are you just fucking muttering to yourself?”  Kacchan voice cut in.

“I—um. yes!”  Izuku squealed as he grabbed his cinnamon-scented soap and began to wash his body in earnest but still pondering what is happening inside his body.


Izuku finished up in the shower and Kacchan had prepared a couple of fluffy towels for him and helped him dry off.  The entire time, he had a curious look upon his face. After he finished drying him, they got dress and went to the kitchen to make themselves some almost-lunchtime breakfast.  The entire time, Kacchan kept looking over at him, and the unspoken tension could be cut with a butter knife. It was only when they had finished their food that Kacchan finally said, “Time to talk, Deku.”

Izuku looked down at his empty plate, he knew this was coming but he said the only thing that came to his mind, “I’m sorry.”  Kacchan grumbled, and in the corner of his eye, Izuku saw the blonde crossing his arms.

“Not enough,” Kacchan said sharply.  “You lied to me and broke your fucking promise. One ‘I’m sorry’ is not fucking cutting it.”

“Huh?”  Izuku looked up, meeting Kacchan heavy glare for just a moment before looking away again.  “I—what?”

“Did I stutter?  You promised me you were going to listen to everything I said and you agreed.  Then I turn around after I said to the fuck get back what did you do?” Izuku lowered his ears as Kacchan continued in a steady raising tone, “And on top of that, you lie to me about not having a quirk.  Do you even know how much trouble I can get in for ‘concealing a Pet’s quirk’?  A metric fuck—”

“Wait, Kacchan!  I swear to you, I didn’t know I had a quirk!”  Izuku interjected, once again looking up at the steaming blonde.  “I-I really didn’t know,” it was hard, but Izuku met that fiery stare.  “I-I was even tested as a kit. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my mom.  She will tell you the same thing,” Izuku said with a much smaller voice as his ears lowered.  Kacchan’s eyes narrowed as they held eye contact.

“Stupid rabbit, what are you trying to say? You just magically have a quirk?  That is not how it fucking works.” There was something more in his voice that Izuku couldn’t place but that didn’t matter at the moment.  Kacchan didn’t believe him and it was like burning hot metal to his heart.

“I know that is not how it works!”  Izuku fired back, “but it is what happened!  There were suddenly these voices in my head telling me to ‘fight.’  And when I opened my eyes, not only was I not crushed but my entire body was emitting this weird energy.  And-and—I just don’t know, Kacchan!” Izuku looked down to hide a stray bitter tear. “I don’t know what is going on or how I did that or if I could do it again!”

Izuku waited for Kacchan’s response, but instead of whatever he thought it would be, Kacchan laughed.  Izuku peeked his head up to see that Kacchan now had his head back with his hand on his face. “No fucking way,” he muttered.  

“No way what?”  Izuku asked, sitting forward in his seat a little, genuinely confused at that reaction.  The blonde pinched the bridge of his nose while still looking up at the ceiling.

“Nothing,” Kacchan said as he looked back at him again.  Izuku could only frown as he stared at the blonde. Kacchan knew something about what had happened but he—

“Kacchan was fussing about lying when I wasn’t, but it’s okay for you to keep secrets?”  Izuku said hotly without thinking. Kacchan’s eyebrow twitched as he leaned forward.

“You also broke a fucking promise and nearly got yourself killed, bunny butt,”  Kacchan said sharply before groaning and taking a deep breath, “Let me rephrase that: it’s not something I have any right telling you about.  We can talk to All Might about it when—”

All Might?! ”  Izuku squealed, “what does All Might have to do with any of this?”   The corner of Kacchan's lips twitched, betraying his inner turmoil.

“Just drop it Deku, we still have to get your phone, we can fucking talk then.”

“No,” determined, Izuku was not going to let this go.  Kacchan was making a big deal about him “lying” to him, name drops All Might, no, he wants to know what I going on to him now.  

“I—”  Kacchan started and Izuku only continued to pout, “God fucking damn it,“ he swore after a few moments, “fucking fine. I'll tell you, but not a word of this leaves this room, got it?”  Kacchan said while grinding his teeth, Izuku nodded his head furiously.

Kacchan took another deep breath before starting, “the only fucking reason I even know any of this is because All Might was comforting my sorry-ass from my own shitty hang up because—” Kacchan shook his head and changed the topic, “how much do you know about All Might’s last battle as the Symbol of Peace?”  Izuku opened his mouth to answer, but Kacchan put up a hand and said, “Nevermind, you know basically everything. Well, at least everything publically released. He did, of course, he knew that was the last battle All Might participate in as a hero and also a stigma in an already rough early years of the hero Ground Zero.  

“So that man, the one with bulky headgear, he wasn’t just some random villain.  He has been a villain from the dawn of quirks, an ultimate evil bullshit and mortal enemy to All Might and all that held the mantle before him.  All for One.” Kacchan stated in a rush of words, only stalling for a second and looked over at Izuku before clenching his fist above the table. “There is a lot fucking more to All Might’s quirk. All the people that guessed what his quirk was were wrong.  Most of it you’ll have to talk to the man yourself about, but the main thing was that he wasn’t born with it.”  Izuku’s eyes widened at that final statement

“W-what?  How is that possible?”  

“Shut up until I fucking finish,”  Kacchan huffed before continuing again. “The quirk, his quirk, One for All was passed on from person to person for generations of heroes or some shit.  And with each generation, it stockpiles more power, all for the purpose of defeating the man that can steal and give quirks, the man he fought that day—”

“All for One?”  Kacchan frowned and glared at him for interrupting him yet again.

“Yes, All for One.  There is a lot more to this, but basically, the public doesn’t know that this was actually the second fight between the two, the first happening several years earlier causing massive damage to them both.  All Might came to UA to find a successor of his powers, but before he could pass on his quirk to his chosen inheritor...” Kacchan closed his eyes as he seemed to think about his next words carefully.

“When the two fought that day, All for One had one final ace up his sleeve, and during the final blow, he used a combination of quirks and disrupted One for All fundamentally. Or as All Might guessed, sped up something that was already happening: the sentience of the quirk.”  Izuku’s ears twitched.

“Do you mean, the quirk has a consciousness of its own?” Izuku questioned as things started falling into place and his heart beats ever quicker.

“Exactly like that.  In the last couple of years of his career, he said he was getting a feeling that One for All was stockpiling more than just power, and after that battle, he was certain.  All Might said he could feel All for One slipping away from him, the torch still inside him, but the flame was somewhere else, searching.” Izuku was practically buzzing in his seat and Kacchan glared at him. “And that’s fucking it, or at least what I know.  All Might has been searching since that day for the successor, however, his failing health is putting a damper on it. We can—”

“I-I have All Might’s quirk?”  Izuku asked, looking down at his hands in awe, once again trying to feel the sensation he felt last night.

“I don’t fucking know Deku. It’s why I wanted to wait and talk to All Might about this,” Kacchan grumbled, crossing his arms again.  But the grump of a Kacchan couldn’t taint the overflowing excitement radiating from his body.

“Do you know what this means?” Izuku said, standing up from the table with a big smile on his face.

“What?” Kacchan asked, amused and leaning back in his chair.  

“I can be a hero, too, just like you and All Might!”  Izuku said happily, closing his eyes as he bouncing enthusiastically in front of the blonde.  He really couldn’t believe it. If he really had All Might’s quirk, let alone One for All, his kit-hood dream was no longer out of reach.  Sure, it was still an extremely hard road ahead of him, being the first Pet hero was not small fea—

“No.”  Like a balloon popping, all the excitement left his body at once.  

“Huh?”  Izuku stopped hopping and looked at Kacchan, tilting his head in confusion.  

“N. O.  No, you are never going to be a hero,” Kacchan said coldly without a hint of remorse as he stood to his full height and looked down at him.  For the first time, he felt the difference in scale between them at Kacchan’s overwhelming presence. But determined, Izuku continued to look up to the man he loves.

“I-I know it will be a lot of hard work, increasing training. Plus, I still need to learn how to use my new quirk and all of the extra studies, certifications, and licenses that come with—”

“Fucking Deku,” Kacchan yelled, firmly holding onto his shoulders and sneering down at him with complicated eyes. “I said fucking no, and I mean fucking no!  Get that fucking thought out of your mind now because it is never going to happen. You are not going to be saving anyone. You are going to be staying here where you belong!”  

“I—” Izuku frowned taken back at the harsh words before shaking himself out of Kacchan’s hold and yelling back, “And why not?!  I’ve already saved someone! That kit! That kit would be dead right now without me! I can do it! I can save everyone if I—”

“And it almost cost you your life, Deku!”  Kacchan loomed over him like the dark shadow of a different man.  

“But it didn’t. I’m still alive so if I don’t—”  Izuku felt himself shrinking as his body became to shake.

“NO!”  Kacchan yelled furiously, spit landing on his face.  Both were breathing heavily from their shouting, looking into each other eyes before Izuku broke down first, letting all the tears he had been holding in free.  He couldn’t believe it. Kacchan, he—Kachhan he— Kacchan’s face scrunched up before he turned around in a huff.  I can’t—  I can’t be here.


He knew he fucked up immediately when he saw those scared tears.  But he had to crush that dream now before blossoming into more dangerous situations.  Even if he hunch is correct, which would explain a lot of other strange things retrospectively, and his bunny just so happened to attached the spirit of One for All, Katsuki is not just going to let he put himself in harm's way.  He is not going to let last night happen again, ever.  

“Deku, I’m sor—”  Katsuki started softly before he heard the padding of feet followed by the slamming of a door.  He deserved that, he was a dick. “God damn it, what the fuck is wrong with me. I can’t even—” Wait. He turned around with his eyebrows touching his hairline.  The only door behind him is the front door. Deku just went out the front door.  Deku just left the fucking apartment. A cold wave of the panic he felt the night before overcame him as he let that realization sink in.   Before—

“FUCK!”  Katsuki shrieked as he dashed to the door, slammed it open, and looked down the hallway.  He spotted the numbers for the elevators steadily going down. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Katsuki swore as he quickly ran to the opposite end of the hallway to take stairs down.   Why am I such a fucking idiot!  I probably scared him shitless and now he —  Jumping the twelve-foot landing down every floor, Katsuki made it to the ground floor in record time, but as he got to the lobby, the elevator door was already there with only some fucking extras getting in to go up.  The following look around the lobby resulted in equal signs of his familiar tail.

“No, no, no, fucking what the hell!” if the extras were staring at him, he didn’t fucking care, WHERE THE FUCK DID DEKU GO?!

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Bun Bun

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Bun Bun

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Calm down.  Think, you stupid fucking asshole. Where would Deku go?  Katsuki frantically thought as he ran out onto the street and looked up and down it for any signs of his upset love.  Shit, does he even have his collar on right now?  Fuck. Okay. Think like Deku. Where would I go? Who would I go to?   There are a few places Deku knows well enough that he would even try going to, Katsuki concluded.

Shitty Hair’s place?  Maybe. It might not be his first choice, but it is closest.   All Might’s place? Likely where he wants to go, but shit, that was too far away.  Unless he uses One for All! Then it becomes a Sunday stroll! Round Cheek’s dojo? That seems unlikely.  Is there anywhere else?

Katsuki frowned, debating the options for just a second before he started running off in a familiar direction.  Shitty Hair’s home is closest and a place he was fairly familiar with. It’s the most obvious place the rabbit would go to, he hoped.  

I need to buy a fucking leash!


Shoto was in for a surprise when he walked out into his living room as he was drying off his dual-tone hair with a towel and found something he definitely didn’t leave there when he went into the shower: a crying mess of a rabbit.   It wasn’t the fact that the rabbit was here that was surprising, oh no, but the fact that his big green eyes were leaking tears like a fountain as he curled up into a tight ball on the floor cushions that took him back.    

This is not the first time this particular rabbit has been here over the past couple of months. In fact, Izuku has been over a number of times.  It started when he came over one day to apologize for his “ big ” outburst and then apologize for his master’s outburst and subsequent black eye as well.  The rabbit ended up coming in for some tea and they just started talking, and ever since then, a couple times a week when Bakugou and he were working opposite shifts, he would come downstairs to visit.  It startled him only slightly how quickly the fluffy little rabbit picked up his schedule even without telling it to him.

It became little tea times where, for a couple hours, Izuku would come over to his apartment—sometimes bringing some poorly made snack with him—and they would just talk.  Their conversations consisted mostly of questions he had about his work and famous events he was in from both work and school days. Occasionally, little glimpses of each other’s daily life were passed about, only derailing when the topic turned to his neighbor upstairs.  

Bakugo was clearly Izuku’s favorite topic as he would go off on tangents when talking about the argumentative blonde.  One time, he talked his ear off about the man for nearly an hour without being able to get a word in edgewise. If it wasn't clear before, it was clear now that the relationship between the two was more than that of a Master and Pet despite how adamantly they denied it. Disregarding the rabbit’s expressions when talking about him, even with Shoto's dull nose, he could smell his excitement.  

Izuku was completely enamored with him.

But Shoto didn't bring up that topic again.  He wasn't completely sure why. The idea that there could be a healthy Pet-Human relationship is impossible, at least with how the world currently works.  Just a fantasy.

But— Against all better judgments he has, he was intrigued and hopeful that such a relationship could exist.   Could there be a Human-Pet relationship that wasn't like the one his own parents had? Two equals that love each other?  He was in a great position to keep an eye on them or step in if any familiar signs of abuse arise.

In addition, he has taken quite a liking to the time he has been spending with Izuku.  It has been a refreshing change of pace.

But when the whining rabbit looked up at him, wincing as he did, watery green eyes looked through him.   What kind of hero lets their foolish hope hurt an innocent?

“Todoroki,” the rabbit whimpered before launching himself at Shoto at a remarkable speed, knocking him to the ground in the process.  For half a moment, the pro-Hero fumbled, not knowing what to do as the little Omega buried his teary-eyed face into what had been a clean shirt.  More instinctually than not, his arms immediately wrapped protectively around him in order to comfort the small creature. He cradled him as the bunny rubbed his face deeper into his shirt.  Something snapped inside him, and in a haunted tone, he asked.

“What did he do to you?”  


“WHERE IS HE?” Katsuki yelled as he aggressively banged on Shitty Hair's door.   Come on, come on, come on.  Please, Deku, be here.  Katsuki heard shuffling behind the door, and then he saw the open curtain flutter out of the corner of his eye.  A vein popped on his forehead. “COME ON OPEN—” And as he went to bang on the door again, it opened up. At the front was Pinky and just a little bit behind her was Pikachu.  

“Is he fucking here?” Katsuki asked with a growl.  Pinky blinked with a frown before the mouse answered.

“Eijiro isn’t he—”

“Not him. Deku!”  Katsuki felt his heart sink as the two Pets looked at each other in confusion.  

“No, Izuku isn’t here,” Pinky answered, looking directly up at him with concern in her eyes, and when he looked to the mouse, he nodded in agreement with an equally sincere look upon his face.  

“Fuck.” Katsuki ran a hand through his hair.  These two are too much of idiots to convincingly lie. That means— “God fucking damn it!” he yelled as some explosions popped out from his palms out of frustration.  Without another word to the two idiot Pets, he started dashing off, debating what would be the fastest way to get to All Might’s place.


Shoto sipped his tea as he sat across from the rabbit who has barely touched his own.  It took him several minutes to calm the rabbit down enough to talk as he cried it out in his arms, and once he got some semblance of control, Shoto made some calming tea.  He thought, whatever happened, some tea will help the poor thing.

Once he was settled, he started running through his story, starting with the previous night at the Harvest Fair to how he ended up curled up inside his apartment, the latter one being his front door was unlocked.  He was just expecting to hear a story he has personally seen before—a cruel tale of a man with power abusing one without. But it wasn’t.

“I know it is a stupid idea, a Pet Hero, but I thought that he would—” Fresh tears poked out of the corner of Izuku’s already red and swollen eyes. “I don’t know what I was thinking anymore.  I just didn’t think he would start yelling at me like that.” Shoto took another large sip of his tea, finishing it, before taking a deep breath.

“Bakugou is the kind of man that doesn’t do anything quietly.”  Izuku blinked as he looked at him. “While I can’t speak for his actions, at least it doesn’t seem like he was actively trying to hurt you.” Shoto mused for a moment longer before adding, “It sounds like he was worried about you and acted the only way he knows how.”

His ears lowered, and he said, “I-I know.  But he shouldn’t have to worry. With this quirk, I am not some weak and defenseless bunny anymore!  I can—I have helped people. I can do so much more. I could be someone.”

“Are you not someone now?”  Shoto asked while raising an eyebrow.

“No, I mean, you know what I mean,” Izuku answered with a small frown, causing Shoto to smile at the cute little pout before sighing.  

“Am I just being a fool to think that I, a Pet bunny, could ever be a hero?”  Shoto pondered this for a moment while looking the Omega over. He knows from a bruised bum now that the rabbit is definitely holding onto a potentially strong quirk.  He is kind and warm-hearted with altruistic goals of saving people as well as the determination to reach his goals. In theory, at least, he had all the makings of a hero even if societal norms said otherwise.  

“Perhaps. Truthfully, it depends on you and your dedication to that goal,” Shoto said honestly.  “At this point, I couldn’t tell you one way or another. There is potential for you to be the one to break social stigmas and bring a new age for Pets, or,”  Shoto frowned, “you can lose everything. Both are possible, but as you are now, one is more likely than the other. Remember, you are by far not the first Pet that dreamed of being a hero.”

The bunny seemed to ponder what he said as his eyes looked down at his cool tea.  Shoto stood up, grabbing his cup and Izuku’s cup. “I will go warm this up for you.”  As he was walking away, Izuku asked in a small voice, “S-so, it is a possibility if I truly try?”

“I think that is true for all things,” he answered, turning back in time to see the small smile on the rabbit’s face.  His heart skipped a beat for just a moment at the cute little bun, and he understood how the temperamental man that was Katsuki Bakugou fell for him.  Shoto smiled, returning to his task of warming the tea. Maybe he could charm the entire world that way and truly reach his goal.

Shoto leaned against the corner as the cup of tea in the microwave was heating up.  Rubbing his temple, he couldn’t believe the turn of events. He went into this conversation certain that he would be damning that man, but instead—

Shoto got out his phone and quickly started texting.  


Katsuki was breathing heavily as he pounded on All Might’s door.  “COME ON, OLD MAN, OPEN UP. I KNOW YOU ARE THERE!” Katsuki impatiently tapped his foot, wondering if he should blast down the door or not. However, he ultimately decided against it for now.  After what felt like an impossibly long time, the tired, old hero finally decided to answer the fucking door.

“Oh, young Bakugou, are you here to—”

“I am here for Deku. Where the fuck is he?”  

“Izuku?  I—”

“Is he here, old man? Don’t fucking lie to me.” Katsuki narrowed his eyes as he looked up at his childhood hero, a warning blast about to erupt from his palms.  But All Might simply held up his hands in surrender.

“Izuku isn’t here. What is going on, my boy?” Katsuki screamed in frustration, pulling at his hair as he swore.  This can’t be happening. If Deku isn’t here, then where is he? All the obvious places have been ruled out. Maybe Uraraka’s dojo?  Maybe one of the other idiot’s places. Just because he hasn’t brought him there doesn’t mean he wouldn’t know about them.

Then a dark thought came to mind, something he was desperately trying to push down this entire time.  What if Deku was not coming back? What if he scared him so bad that he never wants to see him again? Fuck, fuck, fuck, stop it!  He can’t—he couldn’t have. Over something so small, he won’t—But it wasn’t small at all, was it? It was his fucking dream, and he smashed it under his foot like it was a bug on the sidewalk.  He couldn’t be gone again, could he?

“Is it something I can help with?” A large hand came to rest on his shoulder, causing him to jump in surprise.  It took everything in his power to keep his eyes from slipping over as he looked up at the former symbol of peace.  

“No, I just—need to find him.” And with that, he dashed off again, wanting nothing more than to bring the bunny close in his arms and never let go of him again.


“Was that Bakugou?  Is something wrong?”  Inko asked as she poked her head around the corner with Izuku’s cellphone in hand.

“I’m actually not sure,” All Might said as he rubbed the back of his head, “but if I were to guess?  A lover’s spat.” Inko laughed, leaning up next to him.

“Oh, to be young and in love,” she said fondly.  

“Youth is really wasted on the young, isn't it?” he replied with a smile.  

“I guess they will have to come back for this?”  Inko said as she held up Izuku's phone. “I don't mind, of course, but—oh...” she suddenly trailed off as she looked at the screen’s notifications.


Katsuki was wildly running around, looking everywhere and anywhere he could think of. He even tried looking down that dark alley he found the skinny little thing at months ago.   Nothing, nothing, nothing!  God damn it!  He thinks he is going crazy.  He can’t go home until he finds him, but everywhere he turned, Deku wasn’t there.  And the longer it was taking, the more his thoughts were eating away at him. He could be hurt somewhere, cold and alone, crying to himself, and it was his fucking fault!   God fucking damn, Deku, where are you?  

“Wait, Bakugou!”  He didn’t have time for any bull shit, so instead of stopping for a “chat,” he kept running.  He didn’t get far, however. Or he tried to until the bitch LITERALLY put a caution pole with flashing lights directly in his path.  

“What the actual fuck?” he growled at Ponytail, her skin still glowed faintly from where the contraption she made to annoy him took shape.  He hasn’t seen her much since high school, but her costume was still as scandalous as ever, even as the temperature begins to drop.

“I am sorry, Bakugou, for using such extreme methods, but Shoto—”

“HUH?  What the fuck does that ass hat want now?  Tell him fucking sorry. He is going to have to ask someone else to kick his ass right now. I am fucking busy,”  Katsuki shouted as he moved to push past the woman and continue his search.

“As sociable as ever, it seems,” she said with a sigh, causing another vein to pop out on his forehead.  She then pulled out her phone and showed him the screen. “He sent out a group message to find you and tell you that your Pet—”

He didn’t let her finish as he blasted his way back to his apartment building.  


Izuku was asleep, curled up on himself on one of his large cushions; all the crying seemed to have exhausted the poor rabbit.  Shoto’s phone buzzed.

Momo: “I have found him. He is on his way over to your place, I presume.”

No sooner had he finished reading the message was his door blasted in.  The bunny was shocked awake, and Shoto’s eyes narrowed as a panting figure staggered into his apartment.  Haunting childhood memories of his father filled his mind. The kicking, the screaming, the pain... He has made a horrible decision by calling him here.  Quickly, Shoto stood and got between the two, facing the enraged blonde.


“Deku,” he called out, launching forward towards the rabbit, pushing him to the wall in the process.  Shoto swears under his breath, preparing his left side to freeze him in place. He was not going to let history repeat itself in front of his eyes.  

“K-Kacchan?”  Izuku whimpered, quickly rising to his feet.  “I-I’m—” The blonde raises his arms in succession, and Shoto felt his heart stop.

“Thank God, your safe,” Bakugou said as he dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms tightly around the bunny.  Shoto was stunned. “I’m sorry. Please don’t leave me again.” Fresh tears sprout from the rabbit’s eyes.

“No, Kacchan, I’m so sorry,” he said while rubbing their cheeks together. “I wasn’t thinking about everything, and then I just ran away, and—”  The blonde shook his head and said in a tone Shoto never thought the blonde was even capable of making, “Deku, what I said earlier, I just—I can’t lose you.  Not again. Not ever.”

Bakugou tightens his hug around the rabbit, and Shoto could swear that, if he looked close enough, he was tearing up.  The rabbit smiled and did something amazing. He put his hands on either side of Bakugou’s face, pressing into his cheeks so that he would look at him directly in his eyes.  

“Me too. I don’t want to ever be apart.  I know how dangerous hero work can actually be. I worry every day when you go off to work that you might not come back to me,” he said, the rabbit’s voice cracking slightly. “B-But I trust Kacchan will always do everything in his power to come home safe.  A-and I thought, if I become a hero too, I could do the same,” he said in a soft voice.

Bakugou chuckled. “We are just a pair of idiots, aren’t we?  Both wanting to protect each other without knowing what the other person wants?”  

Izuku giggled in return, leaning forward in time with the blonde. “Yeah, we are.” And their lips collided.  Shoto turned his head to the side. Did they just forget they were in my apartment?  

Chapter Text

Izuku watched as the large, sweet-scented bath bomb fizzled into the bathwater, changing the color of the water to a light pink hue; several flower petals rose to the surface.  Izuku smiled nervously as his heart refused to stop fluttering in his chest. Tonight…  He put a hand to his chest to settle himself down as he waited for the tub to finish filling up before turning it off.  Izuku sighed as he slowly wadded into the comfortably warm water. This is nice , he mused as he settled deeper into the sweet-smelling water.

Izuku closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the edge of the tub as the smell lulled him into thought.  For the past month, he felt like he had been going none stop, all starting with the event at the Harvest Fair and its aftermath.   And tonight was the night— Izuku blushed as he settled into the water to, hopefully, calm his nerves.  Instead of thinking about what is to come, he thought about this past month, starting with how Todoroki now knew that they were a couple.

He was very worried at first when he realized they kind of just started making out in front of the man.  He remembered how Todoroki reacted the first time and that was when they were not dating yet, and now, he had proof of their scandalous affairs.  The afternoon tea he shared with Todoroki was a lot of fun, and the thought of the man looking at him in disgust or worse—thinking that Kacchan was some kind of abusive monster—was unbearable at that moment.  

He tried to explain himself. However, Kacchan quickly overpowered his voice with his own yelling, calling Todoroki a perverted, creepy voyeur.  He held Izuku close to his body, one arm around his shoulders while the other let out a threatening blast. He sounded just as confrontational as ever, but Izuku can still remember hearing the tremble in his voice.  Kacchan was just as scared as he was.

Todoroki was silent as Kacchan’s little tirade calmed for several minutes, his face strangely composed.  Izuku couldn’t read was he was thinking at the time as he literally held their fates in his hands. Todoroki—if he wanted to—could go public with this information, ruining Kacchan’s image and possibly his career.  So along with Kacchan’s yelling, Izuku continued begging for the man not to tell. He could explain everything. It was not what he thinks.

And then, when both turned quiet from the lack of input from the stoic hero, he tilted his head, folded his arms in front of himself, and asked, “Do you love him?”   

Izuku answered quickly since the answer was so obvious. Yes, he loved Kacchan more than anyone else in the world, and he told him as much.  It is true they had a little disagreement, but everyone has little disagreement every now and again. But Todoroki didn’t even blink at his confession. He just continued to stare at him.  He realized that the question wasn’t directed at him. It was for Kacchan. Kacchan answered him with a sure voice that shook him to his core. “Yes.”

Todoroki closed his eyes and started to ask, “As a Pet or—”

But before he could even finish, Kacchan answered, “As a person.”  Only after he said that did Todoroki let out a sigh, releasing all the tension in the room as he relaxed his arms.  He would go on to promise to keep the secret as long as his two requests were met.

The first and more important one was that Kacchan will always treat Izuku with respect and love, and if he didn't, he would personally end him.  Kacchan laughed darkly at that and fired right back that he didn't have to worry about killing him since he would have already done it.  Todoroki smirked slightly before nodding while—and even now—Izuku was unhappy with his little joke .  

His second request, which Todoroki made with a deadpan expression, was that Kacchan would replace the door he broke upon entrance.  Izuku immediately started to giggle, and Kacchan turned into his normal, grumpy self, putting up a fake temper that neither of them were buying.  Izuku gave his angry boyfriend a peck on his nose before burying his head under the blonde’s chin and giving him the sweetest smile he could muster.  And just like he expected, Kacchan calmed down. Todoroki joked about needing to learn that trick only for Kacchan to snap back, “Try, and you die.”

Izuku started moving his legs up and down in the water, the free-floating petals dancing on the waves on the water’s surface.  Later that night, Izuku got an earful from Kacchan for going behind his back to see Todoroki, and that “if” he was the jealous type, he would have been worried he was cheating on him.  In all honesty, before Kacchan brought it up, he never even thought of the possible negative implication of seeing Todoroki as he had. But luckily, Kacchan didn’t push the matter much .  

Izuku smiled as he thought about Kacchan and how he could be so silly at times, but it only made him love the man more—a tough outside hiding a sweet inside that was only for him.   And tonight— Izuku’s blush increased as his heart, once again, started to flutter.  To distract himself again, he idly started running his fingers through his submerged fur.   My winter coat is sure coming in thick this year , he thought.  It was still a little early, but his fur had already grown thicker than it had in years.  In addition to just being fuller, it felt more robust, and he had no doubt that, when winter comes in full, it will only grow even more so.  He didn’t even want to think about when spring comes.

Izuku sat up to grab his shampoo before returning to his comfortable position in the tub. The days following the Harvest Fair were spent under “house arrest.”  Kacchan imposed this time to include a lot of cuddling, talking, planning, and ordering food via the Kirishima deliver service. At the end of the day, it was as much of a house arrest for him as it was for Kacchan since they spent several days with just each other,  talking about the future.

They talked about what they wanted.  Izuku wanted nothing more than to be a hero and work side by side with Kacchan.  Kacchan wanted nothing more than to keep Izuku safe. They debated back and forth until Izuku offered that he would always be in danger for just being so closely associated with a high-profile hero, and if he knew how to use his quirk and had hero experience, he would, in fact, be better off than he currently is.  Kacchan narrowed his eyes, staring him down, but Izuku would not give up on the matter.

Kacchan eventually gave in with a sigh but only under some conditions.  He stated that, if they were going to try this, they will have to do it right and that will take some time and a lot of effort on both of their parts.  More training, studying, classes and courses, and that is just to get to the starting line. From that point, it only gets harder. He could put a good word in, but by then, Izuku would have to sell himself and prove that he had what it takes.  Katsuki estimates that it would take at least a few years before there was even a possibility of him being his sidekick, let alone a hero. If he could even get that far, there was still a high possibility that people wouldn’t be accepting of him becoming a hero.  

Izuku knew from the very beginning this was going to be an uphill battle, but it is a climb that he still wanted to trek.  Even if he reaches roadblocks, it would just make him want to overcome it even more. Kacchan laughed at that and pulled him close, musing that he will need all the help he can get since he wouldn’t get anywhere alone.  They started setting up plans—new training schedules and getting the material that Izuku will need to study, and, of course, talking to All Might about the nature of his quirk.

Izuku started pouring his sweet cinnamon shampoo into his palm before rubbing it into his hair and up his ears.  He was being more anal than normal, making sure to get every part of his fur and to scrub in small circles. To night… Tonight will be perfect .

His mind wandered again, this time ending up on the memory of the morning before they went to All Might’s place.  They were ready to go when Kacchan pulled out something completely unexpected: a leash. Izuku wasn’t sure where he got the long, black strip of leather. He didn’t leave the apartment at any point, and it didn’t seem like Kirishima got it for him.  But he had it and told him that “bad Pet’s that run away and get into trouble get leashed, right?”

Izuku was horrified by the thought and let out a whine, frozen in place.  The last time he was leashed, he was tied to a wall and abandoned. He had to escape the heavy leash and break through the single small window in the room when it started to feel as if his stomach was eating him from the inside. But Kacchan quickly caught his distress and hastily revealed that it was just a belt and that he wasn’t actually going to leash him. It was a joke, only a joke.  Kacchan comforted him, and then the entire way to All Might’s, including a pitstop to pick up a replacement phone for Kacchan, Kacchan carried Izuku on his back as an apology.

Upon settling in All Might’s living room as his mother was getting them some hot drinks and a snack to nibble on, Kacchan was the first to talk.  Izuku distinctly remembers the look on All Might’s face when Kacchan said, “Old man, I think your search is over.” His sunken eyes looked alive as he sat forward in his seat and asked Kacchan for more information.  Kacchan chuckled before ruffling his hair and presenting him.

Izuku was a little flustered, nervous about where to start.  It was like he was talking to All Might for the first time all over again, but Kacchan gave his hand a squeeze, imparting some courage to start.  He proceeded to tell him what happens on the day of the Fair, everything he saw and felt, and the man nodded along with an unreadable expression.

Izuku was worried when All Might called him over to him at the end of his story.  He placed a hand on his head, but he wasn’t petting him. In fact, he remained surprisingly still.  Izuku didn't understand what was happening, but he didn't pull away. Then, for just a moment, he felt it, that strange flame inside him flickered to life before dying down again.  The two looked at each other with equally wide eyes before the large man brought him in for a hug.

All Might confirmed that he indeed had the flames of the quirk, One for All, inside him.  The retired Symbol of Peace told him everything he could about the quirk—the entire story of the quirk, how it was previously passed down, and his theories on the matter.

Izuku focused on internalizing all the information he was being told, wishing he had his handy-dandy notebook to take notes. It was all just so much.  The original owner, the younger brother of All for One, the previous users, how it worked, how it stored energy from generation to generation. How All Might believes One for All, after gaining sentience, willing left him due to his weakening body being unable to contain it any longer and looked for a suitable host with a will that suited it's own.  

Izuku questioned why it had only appeared now.  All Might didn't have a definite answer to that. He said that the quirk might have only just latched onto him because of his incredible, self-sacrificing, heroic deed or that it might have been lying dormant in his body or maybe a combination of the two.  

Other questions Izuku asked included why he was sore like he was afterward, causing All Might to ponder over it for a moment before admitting that the full power of One for All would likely be too much for his small body.  They theorized that the will of the quirk was preventing him from using enough power to hurt himself unless no other choice is available.

After they discussed several other theories, Izuku tried to summon the power of the quirk with no success.  Izuku was openly worrying that he might not be able to call on the power because his body was too weak when Kacchan, who was quietly following along this entire time, spoke up.  He asked him to do something strange. He asked if he could pick him up right then and there.

Izuku was very confused at first. “What did that have to do with anything that's happening right now?” he wondered.  But Kacchan said for him to just humor him. So he did—with very little effort—lift up his boyfriend. At the time, he didn’t realize that this was unusual until All Might and his mother looked at him like he grew a third head.  Even Kacchan looked more than a little amused.

Izuku blushed. Thinking back, it was pretty obvious that there was something up with how powerful his raw strength actually was, but at the time, it was written it off as the payoff from his training which, according to All Might, isn’t completely untrue since the amount of power he could possibly tap into should be proportional to the amount his body could handle.  

Since then, so much has happened, but it felt like no time at all as the new training schedule worked into his everyday life.  Izuku placed a hand on his chest as the suds in his hair dropped into the water. He has started easing his way into more challenging training sessions with Kacchan in addition to his studying times during the day.  It was already a lot of work, and they are only on the first couple of weeks, but he was not discouraged yet!

Izuku dunked his head under the water, scrubbed it with his hands before resurfacing, and started applying the conditioner.  And of course, he has plenty of time to spend with Kacchan. He would study while laying on Kacchan’s lap as he brushed his fur. Or they would go down to Dagobah Beach to train even more.  It was great. Every time he thought he couldn’t love him anymore that he already did, he found himself even more in love.

That’s why tonight—Izuku, once again, dunked his head underwater—tonight was the night, the planned night—the night they planned and prepared for weeks now.  Slowly and carefully, they prepared with light touches and deliberate hands every night, each building on top of the last, until now. Izuku pulled the stopper off the drain and quickly got out of the tub. Kacchan was probably wondering what was taking him so long.  

He got out of the tub and started drying himself off, his heartbeat skyrocketing in his chest.  His fur and skin felt silky soft as he ran a towel over them. Izuku looked at himself in the mirror. His entire body felt jittery even after his bath that was supposed to calm him.  He took a deep breath while looking at his eyes in the mirror.

“It’s okay. I’m okay. I can do this,” he said to himself. “It’s Kacchan, the man you love more than anyone else in the entire world, and tonight,” Izuku blushed even more, “tonight is the night we will become one.”

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Bun Bun

[Kawaiinekopriness's Tumblr]



Katsuki paced in front of his bed in nothing but his shirt and boxers.  The awkward studying of techniques and how to pleasure your partner ran on repeat in his head.  To make a comfortable but romantic mood was long since completed. He prepared all the needed supplies, now resting on the bedside table. A playlist of relaxing but sensual music filled the room. He even fucking made an effort to make the room seem romantic with dimmed lights and flower petals leading to the bed!  But he was still waiting in the room alone.

Deku went to the bathroom over an hour ago to get ready and was still not out.  It’s not like he didn’t expect the rabbit to take his time, but this was getting a little ridiculous.  He would have been half worried the rabbit accidentally drowned himself had he not heard the water drain from the tub nearly half an hour ago. Was he having second thoughts about tonight?  

They had done much planning for today—long discussions, limit tolerance, a safe word—all to calm Deku, but even from the beginning, it was always a tentative plan.  If Deku wasn't up for it, they can reschedule to whenever he thought he was. The bunny's comfort and enjoyment tonight was his number one goal. And for the past couple of days, as their sessions got closer to their planned date, he truly seemed to be enjoying it.  

Katsuki lets out a sigh as he takes a seat on the edge of the neatly prepared bed.  He can wait forever for his bunny. Hell, even if they never cross that line, as long as Deku was happy, he would be happy, too.  Staying a virgin didn't seem so bad with Deku by his side, he told himself. Deku was just fucking worth it.

But at the same time, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want this.  In fact, he really fucking badly wanted this to work out. He wanted to deepen his relationship with the rabbit.  His body, his smile—he is so fucking intoxicating and it lights an inferno inside his body. He already had to excuse himself on multiple occasions to relieve the growing issue in his pants.   But goddamn it, he could stare at those hips for days, swaying, drawing him into his perfectly toned ass and his strong, toned legs that could kick through concrete.

Fuck .  Just the thought had his member twitching to life.  Deku was just too goddamn sexy for his own good. Katsuki took a deep breath through his nose and exhaled through his mouth.   Just be fucking patient, dick. Deku will be out soon enough, and then we can

Katsuki flopped back onto the bed, only turning his head to the side to look at the clock.  It was a quarter into the hour. He should just call it off if it reaches a quarter past. They had the rest of their lives to keep working on this.

And as if on cue, the door handle jiggled, and the door opened to reveal his love.  He had a towel tightly wrapped around his torso, and his fur looked both shiny and fluffed out in the single most adorable way possible.  His cheeks were bright pink over his freckles as a nervous smile spread across his face.

“H-hi,” he spoke.

“Yeah, um, hello,” Katsuki answered back, wincing internally at how stupid he sounded.  Like what the fuck was that. The two just awkwardly stared at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move, but—

“Sooo, we, um—” Deku fumbled for words, looking down at his feet, his cheeks becoming a deeper and deeper red.

“Deku—” Katsuki coaxed the rabbit before he had a chance to get into one of his signature rambling moments.  Deku looked up at him, and with a simple tilt of his head, he beckoned the rabbit closer. The edge of his mouth tilted up as the rabbit seductively, slowly made his way over to him and stood between his knees.  Katsuki raised a hand to cup the unbelievably soft cheek, and Deku pushed into the touch. Without breaking eye contact, he said, “Are you—”

Deku nodded before he nervously dropped his towel and stood bare in front of him.  Katsuki gulped as he took mental pictures. Toned but still just the right amount of curves—he wanted to feel of every inch of that freckled skin, but as promised, he wouldn't, at least not until Deku allows for it.  The bunny looked down, his fingers ghosting above his chest.

“Kacchan, how about your cloth—”

“I saved them all for you,” Katsuki answered quickly, a small smirk on his face.  Honestly, he had debated back and forth, taking his clothes on and off trying to figure out what state of dress was appropriate.  He figured he would probably freak Deku out if he was in his fucking birthday suit when he walked in, but being fully clothed was not sexy at all.

Deku blushed, looking up to meet his eyes for a second to confirm before he leaned down to grab the hem of his shirt.  Carefully, the bunny lifted it, going at a teasingly slow rate, trailing his small fingers up his abs as he did so. God fucking—He wasn’t sure if Deku was doing this on purpose or not, but fuck, it was driving him crazy.  And then with another painfully slow pull, his shirt came off completely. Katsuki smiled as Deku was enraptured, looking at his bare chest, his hands still ghosting over his muscles.

“Deku,” he said with a small chuckle, breaking the rabbit out of his trance. “I think you are forgetting about something.”  Deku blinked twice before his eyes dropped to the one piece of clothing he still had on.

“I-I was getting to that, but first...” Deku places a hand on his shoulder and guides him onto the bed completely before following him and hovering over his form.  Deku, then, proceeded to rub his face against his collarbone, scenting him—claiming his territory.

“So forward,” Katsuki smirked, and the bunny’s pace only increased.  Half-lidded, Katsuki looked down at his little fluff ball. He raised his hands to pull him closer before stopping.  “Can I?” he asked, his hands hovering over Deku’s tight waist. He looked up and then down at his hands before smiling and nodding.  Upon his consent, Katsuki started to feel up that tight little stomach, causing Deku to jerk backward.

“No tickling!”   he squealed and Katsuki chuckled lightly.

“Sorry.” Katsuki moved his hands to Deku’s back—a far less ticklish area from his experience—and ran a hand up and down his spine in time with the rabbit’s scenting, his other hand pulling that perky ass closer.  Scenting always seemed to calm the rabbit down, and tonight was no exception. When he was finished, he lifted himself up, his face now hovering over his own. He could tell just by looking at his eyes; they were no longer strained in the nearly painful way they are whenever when over anxious. He still seemed nervous, but—

Deku leaned in and started kissing him, slowly moving his lips against his own.  Katsuki hummed as he let Deku deepen the kiss first before he more than eagerly joined in.  Their tongues started moving with each other in a comfortable dance. The bunny pushed deeper and Katsuki gave him more.  Hands roamed as Deku pulled back for a moment and whispered, “I love you,” before he started peppering little kisses along his jawbone.

“My cute, little bunny butt,” Deku giggled, as he slowly continued kissing southwards, down his neck and then his chest and abs, and then—Deku looked up at him, some of the anxiety returning. His dick was already at half-mast beneath his boxers.  “Deku, if you don’t want to—”

“No, I want this. I want you Kacchan,” he said with a smile before pulling down the last article of clothing separating them.  “Oh,” Deku whispered, looking down to his crotch region.


While Izuku has had a passing glancing down there, he has never actually seen Kacchan’s little friend like this .  It was bigger than he thought it would be, not that he has many frames of reference.  He has never seen a human’s— sexual area before and only other Pets but it seems obvious there would be a difference just from the size difference between the two species alone.  That and male Omega, of course, still have a penis but they The same goes for female Alphas. Although it was more robust due to their Alpha nature, it didn’t hold a candle to Kacchan.  

“Do you like what you see, bunny?”  Kacchan asked with a cocky grin on his face and a soft blush on his cheeks.

“It’s just...a lot to take in?”  Izuku said as he lowered himself to get a better look at little Kacchan.  A small part of him wonders if all human males were like this, but that answer was not something he was going to actively pursue, of course!   I wonder. Izuku brought his hand up, hovering over it for a moment before lightly poking the head, causing the member to twitch.  Deku squealed back in surprise, and Kacchan chuckled, cheeks still dusted red.

“It’s not like you don’t have one. You know how they work,” Kacchan huffed. “Now get your bunny butt over here.”  Izuku blushed but listened and pulled himself onto Kacchan’s stomach and chest, mentally aware that the exposed little Kacchan was located just a couple inches from his equally exposed privates.  Kacchan then started to kiss him again.

They started slowly before gradually increasing in intensity.  Heat was forming in his lower gut as they continued to kiss, and the blonde’s hands roamed his body, getting bolder by the minute.  The heat was similar but also so very different than his actual heat; even though it was warm, it wasn’t an uncontrollable inferno. He felt slick starting to drip from his entrance as his tail fanned his back.  

“You have to tell me if you need me to stop, okay?”  Kacchan breathed into his ear. Deku pulled back to look at the blonde. He trusted Kacchan completely, so he nodded his head.  Kacchan then moved his hand to a place it has never been before, making Izuku jump instinctively. He has only ever been touched there by—“Deku,” Kacchan said a little louder as he bumped their foreheads together. “Do you want me to—”

“No,” Izuku answered immediately, this time looking directly into Kacchan’s red eyes. “Please, please continue.”  Kacchan looked at him pensively before he slowly continued, touching his most sensitive spot with careful fingers.  It felt strange, foreign, but...but not unpleasant. He didn’t feel the disgust that his memories told him should be present as his lover draws delicate circles along his rim.

“How is that, Deku?”

“Good,” Izuku hummed, moving his hips around slightly.

“Can I continue?”  Kacchan asked as he paused his prodding, and Izuku nodded.  And so, Kacchan did just that; his fingers got back to work, circling once then twice around before allowing a digit to slip through the ring, entering him.  Izuku froze, tightening his grip on Kacchan’s shoulders, and so did Kacchan. He looked at him, wordlessly asking him if he was okay. Izuku breathed in sharply, holding it for a moment before releasing it through his mouth.   It’s okay , he thought as he expressed that it was okay to continue by pushing back into Kacchan’s hand, effectively pushing the finger deeper inside himself.  

Kacchan smirked softly, as he slowly and gingerly explored his deepest parts.  Izuku took another surprised breath. He never thought of it before, but Kacchan really does have large hands; it just took a finger burrowed deep inside him to notice just how large.  The strange feeling he felt before only grew as the finger probed his inner walls. The sensation was strange but not unpleasant. At one point, Izuku felt himself moving slightly to the motion.

“Okay, Deku, I am going to add another one.  Tell me if it’s too much,” he said huskily, and Izuku suddenly felt even more full than before. The second finger slid in easily as if it was meant to be there.  The blonde paused for a moment, giving Izuku a chance to adjust, before he started scissoring the two fingers, stretching him, his face slightly scrunched up in concentration.  Izuku smiled. Kacchan is working so hard . He leaned forward and gave the man a kiss on his furrowed brows.  

“I love you, Kacchan,” Izuku hummed as he started kissing the blonde’s lips.  Kacchan chuckled as he kissed him back, still moving his fingers around meticulously to a steady beat.  Izuku could feel the warmth spreading through his body. This...this actually feels good .  His hips moved with Kacchan, wanting more, and as if he was a mind reader, Kacchan gave it to him:  three fingers, stretching him, filling him, pushing in and out of him. It was almost too much when—

Ohh .” Izuku was seeing stars.  What...what was that?!  His heart was fluttering in his chest as he ended up sitting up, Kacchan’s fingers exiting his body.   What did he just feel?  Was that normal? It didn’t feel bad. In fact, it felt really, really good. Does that mean it was a good thing?  Does everyone feel that? Why does he kind of want more?

“Deku!?”  Kacchan said loudly, making it clear that that was not the first time he said his name. Izuku blinked down at the concerned blonde.  “Are you okay?”

“Is it normal?”  Izuku asked.

“Is what normal?”  

“That feeling.”

“Deku, you have to give me more to go on than that.” Kacchan frowned as he rubbed Izuku’s arms.  Izuku blushed a little bit, looking off into the distance and thinking about what he felt. How do you describe that feeling?  It was so many things, all new to him, but underlining it was—

“Good.”  Kacchan looked at him for a solid second before chuckling heartily.

“Did you just ask me if sex feels good?”  Izuku’s cheeks grew warmer.

“No, I know that. Its did something in there, and it felt really good, and I wasn’t expecting it,” Izuku answered honestly.

“Oh, so that felt really good, huh?”  Kacchan pulled him in again, their faces now inches away from one another.  “Do you want to continue?” A chill went down Izuku’s spine—not a bad one, no—one that rekindled the fire in his stomach anew.  

“Yes, but—”  Izuku reached down and brushed against the hard member that was poking against him; the touch made Kacchan gasp sharply.  “I-I want Kacchan to feel good too,” he said, trying to sound as seductive as possible but still stuttering on his words anyway.

“Are you sure?” Kacchan asked, his eyes slightly wide.

Izuku nodded. “I am sure.  I at least want to try.”

“Okay,” Kacchan shuffled to an upright position and reached over to the bedside table.   What is he—oh!  

“Kacchan, I am not in heat right now.” Izuku pointed to the condom in Kacchan’s hand. “E-Even if I was—I can’t get pregnant right now.”  Red eyes glared at Izuku as his lover opened the small package and rolled it onto his member. He frowned. “I thought that doesn’t make it feel as good for you. I want Kac—”

“Deku, if it’s not wrapped, my dick not going in there, understand?”  He said this while pointing at his fur-covered crotch. Izuku giggled a little and nodded as Kacchan reached over to the table again, this time grabbing a small bottle.  He poured some of the contents into his palm. It was clear, odorless, and then he rubbed it onto his covered member. Izuku tilted his head to the side, not understanding what was happening anymore.  Kacchan rolled his eyes. “Lube.”

“But I—”

“There is nothing wrong with a little extra.” His eyes softened. “I don’t want to hurt you.”  Izuku’s heart fluttered at that, and he couldn’t help it as he launched himself into Kacchan’s chest, nuzzling his neck.  

“I love you, Kacchan.”

“I love you too, bunny butt,” the blonde said as he hugged him close, looking into his eyes. “Just keep your eyes on me, okay, Deku?”  Izuku nodded and Kacchan shuffled him lower down his body. he could feel the blonde aline something hard between his legs and then felt that same thing press against his hole. “You ready, Deku?”  

Izuku nodded and he sucked in a breath as his hole was breached again.  His eyes were wide, looking dazed into the distance. His heart was beating painfully in his chest. This was different than fingers, so different.  Kacchan filled him up entirely now. It’s too much. He was going to break. So full it was like he was being knotted. Hurt, pain— I don’t want to be in pain.  

“Deku, fuck—” Kacchan winced. “You’re so fucking tight. You have to calm down.”  Izuku looked down at the blonde, aware that he had spoken but unsure of what he said until a hand landed on his cheek. “Deku, who am I?”  Izuku’s eyes followed the hand upon his cheek, down to a board shoulder then up to red eyes.

“Kac...chan,” he said.  

“Yes,” he said calmly as his eyebrow twitched. “I am your Kacchan, and?”

“And I am your Deku.” His mind cleared up with every second he spent looking into Kacchan’s warm eyes. “Are you? Are we?”

“Yes, you are doing so good, Deku. So good.  Just relax.” Izuku nodded, repeating it in his mind that this is Kacchan, the man he loves and loves him back, as he slowly relaxed his muscles.  “Such a good boy,” Kacchan said while rubbing his cheek. And eventually, the strain wasn’t so intense. While still strangely full, it was no longer painful.  He wasn’t sure how long it took, but after some time, Kacchan asked, “Are you okay now?”

“Yes, I think so,” he said calmly between deep breaths. “I-I think we can try moving now.”  Kacchan smiled lovingly, as his hands now trailed his body, coming to rest on his hips.  Lifting him up, Izuku could feel the member slowly slip out of him until only the tip was still inside before plunging back in.  

“So good. Good Deku. So beautiful,” Kacchan whispered sweet nothings as they started a lazy rhythm, rising slightly before pushing back down, and as they went, Izuku increasingly pushed down further, rotating his hips in time with the thrusts.  Izuku squealed when he tilted his hips just right and saw stars again.

“There, there!”  he hastily yelled, and the blonde beneath him complied, pulling back and thrusting into that spot again, causing him to moan.  

“So fucking sexy. The sexiest bunny.  All mine, riding on my cock,” Kacchan said with a grunt and a smirk, his eyes hungry as he skillfully hit that spot again. A tingling sensation traveled from the base of his spine to his brain; he wanted more.  His heart fluttered as he started to pick up the pace, moaning loudly as Kacchan pounded into him harder. Kacchan was so sexy below him, his muscles flexing and his normal scowl replaced by greedy red eyes.

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” he yelled as the speed increased again, Kacchan lifting off the bed with each thrust, so deep, so full.  It wasn’t painful. It was so good. Every single one was right on that spot.

“Kacchan is so good, perfect.  Perfect. Perfect Mate. I love him so much.” The heat continued to pool in his stomach, growing denser and hotter with each second.  He couldn’t stand it much longer, and then Kacchan started pumping his own small member in time with his thrusts, and he thought he was going to lose his mind.  “KACCHAN!” he shouted as he climaxed within moments, collapsing onto the muscular chest.

“FUCK,” Kacchan yelled as he pushed in one more time, and seconds later, he felt Kacchan spasm under his skin.  Izuku didn’t have much time to think as a wave of fatigue overtook his body and he cuddled in close to his mate’s chest.

Chapter Text

Cinnamon Bun Bun

[DarkMachi's Tumblr]


Katsuki awoke to the peppering of soft kisses on his jaw.  He had to hold the smile growing upon his lips just to see how long it would go on.  The kisses were followed by affectionate nuzzling. It was just too adorable, and it was becoming harder by the second.  “Kacchan, my mate, when will you stop pretending to be asleep and let me see those fierce red eyes?” That little shit. How did he know?  Fuck that!

“Kacchan,” the bunny said in a sing-song voice as he delicately played with his hair and kissed his cheeks, his nose, his eyes.  “I’m sore and sticky and my mate doesn’t care for me no more,” he playfully whines and starts licking his ear. Even after last night is he still frisky.  I guess he is a rabbit.   When the licking turned into nibbling did he finally gave up on his charade.

“Fine, love bunny, you made your point. I’m up,” Katsuki said while opening his eyes to look down at Deku.  Brushing a curl out of the way of his green eyes, he asked, “How the fuck did you know I wasn’t asleep anyway?”

“Because you weren’t snoring,” Deku giggled, his eyes sparkled with a mischief.  

“I don’t fucking snore,” he answered, eyebrows furrowed.  Katsuki Bakugou does not snore.

“Yes, you do, just like a chainsaw!” the bunny exclaimed with a huge smile on his face.  He clearly thought he was being funny making a joke.

“I do fucking not!” Katsuki objected, changing his attack to wildly fluffing up the rabbit’s hair for telling such bold-faced lies.  “Tell the truth Deku or death by floofing!”

Deku giggled, twisting his head in a pitiful attempt in escaping.  “Nooo,” he whined as Katsuki let his nails lightly scratch circles on the rabbit’s skull, making his bed head frizz out in out in every direction.  This continued for several dozen seconds before the bunny yielded. “Fine, fine, you don’t snore. Your breathing changed, that’s all.”

Katsuki chuckled, “Much fucking better.” He changed his assault again to lightly patting down the curly hair. The extra fluffy hair just increased his cuteness factor.

Deku flopped down on his chest, his tail wagging at a slow pace. “I love you.”  His bright green eyes looked up at him before he lowered his head to nuzzle him again.  His small tongue, hot and wet, tickled the underside of his chin as the rabbit started licking up his jawline.

“Is this your way of telling me you are still in the mood?”  Katsuki let his hands travel down the rabbit's body. “Because if that is the case, I am more than happy to comply,” he said while shifting the rabbit to his morning wood.

Deku blushed, hiding his face. “Maybe, I don't know,” he mumbled against Katsuki’s chest.  His tail was still wagging, now at a slightly faster pace, and his legs clamped together on either side of his own legs.  In all honesty, Katsuki was not sure what to make of that reaction. It could just as easily have been excitement, nervousness or apprehensiveness.

Katsuki observed for a moment more before asking, “If that's too hard for you, what do you know?  What do you want to do, bunny buns?”

The rabbit appeared to think this over for several seconds. “We need a shower.” Katsuki was barely able to make out emerald eyes as they peeked out from behind curly, dark green hair.   Deku moaned it earlier, but only now did Katsuki notice how sticky he felt. It was almost like he did a workout and went straight to bed, which, in a way, he did. The sweat dried on his body mixed with the bodily fluids that came from fucking.  While most of his were contained by the condom, Deku freely scented his body with his most personal scent. He definitely needed a good shower as well.

His mind was starting to wander to whether other Pets would be able to smell what happened between them when loud growling noises came from the direction of the bunny.  Deku hides his eyes again. “And I might be a little hungry.”

“Might be? I think that is a safe bet,” he smirked and said in a joking tone. “And here you were accusing me of sounding like a chainsaw.”

“I did not!”  Deku said as he threw his head up, just in time for Katsuki to peck his little twitching noise.

“Let's get washed up first then we can start on some breakfast.”  Katsuki kicked off the light comforter that he covered them in last night, making a mental note that they should also do laundry too.  He didn't have a scheduled parole until this evening, so they will have plenty of time.

Katsuki took Deku into his arms as he swung his legs off the side of the bed then stood and carried the rabbit princess-style to the bathroom.  The cute ball of fluff giggled, clearly overjoyed with their current arrangement. Katsuki kept him in his hold as he shuffled him to one arm and turned on the water for the walk-in shower, and once satisfied with the temperature, he stepped in.  

“W-what?  Are we going to shower together?”  Deku asked with large eyes as the water pelted his fur.  

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “We fucked last night, but you are drawing a line at bathing together?”

The bunny blushed, looking down to his hands. “N-No, of course not. You just surprised me is all.”  Deku was pressing his fingers together in a manner that made it impossible for Katsuki to resist. So he didn't.  He started kissing the embarrassed rabbit’s twitching nose.

“You are too cute for your own good,” he said as he carefully lowered Deku to the tiled floor.  His bunny’s legs shook for only a moment before he leaned right back up against him, his tail splashing water.  “It’s going to be hard to wash like this. Well, unless you are suggesting we wash each other with our bodies. In fact, your fluffy butt would be a great loofa—”

“Kacchan is so silly.”

“Who said I was being silly?”  Katsuki smirked at the amused look on the rabbit’s face. His hair now was completely soaked, so instead of his curls bouncing beside his head, they were stuck to his face.  His ears laid flat against his head in a matter that shaped his cute freckled cheeks.

“Kacchan?”  the bunny questioned, tilting his head to the side.  Deku smiled softly, pulling away from him, and with a giggle, he said, “Let’s get cleaned up so we can eat.”  Deku turned around to grab a bottle of his super-sweet-scented soap that he surprisingly can’t hate. However, as he did, it fell to the floor, and without a second thought, the bunny bent over to get it, presenting him the most beautiful sight imaginable.  Katsuki mouth went dry as the perky ass was on full display, even Deku’s tail was cooperating as it stood up at attention. The bunny then turned, the same small smile on his face.

“Fuck, you did that on purpose?” Katsuki said, voice raspy.  

Deku raised his eyebrows, and in the sweetest voice possible, said, “Did what?”  

Katsuki growled, swinging an arm around the rabbit’s hips and bringing him in flush against his body.  “You know what,” he said as he pinched one of his supple ass cheeks. “You are really trying to get me going again.” He leaned down to whisper into the bunny’s ear, “It’s working.”

Deku yipped when his ass was squeezed but didn’t pull away from him, so he continued, getting his second hand in. “Little Kacchan is getting big again.”   Little Kac—

“Oh, fuck no, you are not calling my dick that.”  

Deku didn’t seem to mind his protest and instead pulled away to look down at his crotch.  “Wow,” he whispered, wiggling his hips. “All fit inside me.” Green eyes were carefully studying his dick like it was his new hero.  

“Deku,” Katsuki breathed out, “how about you help me clean your new friend?”  

Deku blinked up at him, a blush on his cheeks at the prospect, looking down at his growing erection then back at his face.  Katsuki thought that Deku was going to refuse—it was a terrible corny line like really? Are they in a porno or something ?—but then Deku opened the cap of his soap and squeezed a generous amount onto the palm of his hand.   Oh shit, is he really going to do it?

The bunny lathered the soap between his hands before reaching forward and lightly brushing his dick.   He fucking is.  Deku’s face was scrunched up in concentration, and after his first couple of shaky passes where he was hovering just barely touching his skin, he made contact in earnest.  It wasn’t much; he would describe it as gentle, playful, teasingly slow. “More, Deku. Shit.” Katsuki grinned. “How am I supposed to get clean with that pussy-ass effort like that?”  

Deku blushed deeper. “Like this?”

Katsuki winced and said, “A little less,” his voice slightly higher than normal.   Fuck , it felt like Deku was going to squeeze his fucking dick off. He didn’t even want to imagine trying to explain that to a doctor.   Apparently, Deku still needs more training judging by how much strength he was using.

“How about this?” Deku asked as he caressed his dick in a manner that made him grunt in pleasure.  He went from the base all the way to the tip, smooth and steady pressure at a steady, quickened pace, tracing the underside with the tips of his small fingers.  It was driving him mad.

“Fuck, yes, like that Deku.” Katsuki put his hands on either side of Deku on the wall, encompassing the bunny.  Deku only stopped for a moment before continuing his “cleaning.”

“Is it good, Kacchan?”

“Yes!  So good,” he panted, “the best!”

“How about,” Deku started before cupping one hand lower, fondling his balls.  He gently rolled his fingers and put light pressure, his other hand still working diligently on pumping his dick.  

Katsuki sucked in a breath. “FUCK.”   How—When did he get so good at this?   Deku continued as Katsuki began to twitch with every new pump, grunting out between swears and praises of Deku's magic hands.  In turn, Deku returned with sweet nothings of his own, but as Katsuki's hips moved instinctually, the lustful green eyes watched hungrily.  

And then with one last grunt, Deku pushed him over the edge, and he emptied his load all over the rabbit.  White goops dripped off his wet front in a provocative manner. Deku’s expression was unreadable, his nose twitched a mile a minute as he looked down at the mess.

“Fuck,” he panted, “Deku, I'm—”

Before he could even finish his apology, Deku then launched himself against his body, nearly throwing them both off balance.  “Deku?!” The bunny ignored him in favor of nuzzling him repeatedly as the sounds of a rabbit’s purr mixed with the stream of the shower.   Weird.  But in the end, Katsuki could only smile, his dick might smell like some kind of sweet treat and they were doing literally the exact opposite of cleaning but Deku was happy.


Eijiro looked up from the locker bench to see his best friend walk in, but something was different.  Bakugou seemed different. He couldn't put his finger on it as the blonde walked over to his locker nor when he was changing from his civilian clothes to his hero costume.   Something is just strange here , he thought, forgetting about the other shoes he needed to put on in favor of trying to figuring it out.

Maybe new clothes?  No. Is it the hair?  Did he get a haircut? No, it looks like the same spiked blonde explosion as ever.  Eijiro tilted his head to the side in the effort to figure it out. And then it hit him.  He was smiling. Not a crazed smile that more commonly adorned the blonde's lips but a genuine smile.  A smile that is only really seen on Bakugou’s face when he is in the presence of Izuku. But not only that. He started to notice the more subtle differences, mainly his bro seemed to just be more uncharacteristically, well, happy!  His chest was puffed out slightly as he stood up tall, his eyes warm. Eijiro could even swear the blonde was humming a tune!

“Yo, Bakugou!  Did something good happen?”   Or is this a body double situation again , he thought to himself.  

Bakugou actually jumped quickly spinning around to look over at him. “When the fuck did you get here, Shitty Hair?” he said with narrowed eyes.

Eijiro chuckled. “Five minutes before you arrived?  So, did anything good happen?  Perhaps last night or maybe this morning?”

Bakugou sneered, slamming his locker dock shut. “Nothing fucking happened last night.  And even if something did happen, it's none of your fucking business!” The once happy blonde went to storm out the door, only stopping when he realized he had only changed halfway through and had to go back to his locker, slamming the door open.  He quickly finished putting on his costume, grumbling the entire time, then for a final time slammed the locker door followed by the locker room door.

Eijiro doubled over in laughter when he heard the footstep fade safely away in the distance.  It seems like the two are having some fun, good for them.


Shoto looked up at the a knock at the door and before he could even finishing “come in” Izuku was hoping into his apartment as well as the descent scent of Katsuki Bakugou. The blonde’s overpowering scent stung his nose, it was almost like he was in the room with them.

“Hi Todoroki!” Izuku said with a smile and a skip, the bag he was carrying rustled excessively with his movements. “I found this really good looking recipe online that I would really like to try, but after last time, Kacchan doesn’t want me to cook by myself. Well, at least until I get better.” He giggled, “I nearly set the entire apartment on fire and I wasn’t even using the stove! But anyways, I saw this video and…”

Shoto nodded along, not really listening to the word’s Izuku was saying, not for lack of trying. He just couldn’t get it out of his head that the heavily scented rabbit had sexual intercourse with Bakugou less than twenty feet above his head.  

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Bun Bun DarkMachi

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Bun Bun - Belle Adolfo

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Katsuki was exhausted.  All the extra energy he felt earlier, after last night’s activities with Deku, was gone with a surprisingly long parol that almost lasted until sunrise the next day.  He was tasked with taking care of some pain in the ass criminals, who were trying to escape after some other fuck-ups failed. If he got the chance, he wanted to punch the fucker that assigned him with clean up duty. It was so below his skill level it couldn’t even be passed up as a joke, even more so when all he wanted to do was get home to his bunny.

Katsuki was quiet as he entered the apartment even though he was well aware of how pointless it was.  When he was assigned to the task, he called home to Deku to tell him he was picking up some extra’s slack and will be late so “go to bed” despite knowing that it was going to end up being a waste of breath.  And it appears he was correct as a tired-eyed rabbit looked over in his direction as soon as he opened the door. He was sitting on the couch, his eyes glowing slightly in the light of the computer screen set up in front of him.  

“Kacchan,” the rabbit practically purred as he put down the laptop, shuffled out of the blanket wrapped snugly around him, and started to lazily walk over to him.  He looked like he could fall asleep at any moment, his usually graceful steps seeming clumsy and heavy.

“And who is this?  It can’t be my Deku since I told him not to wait up for me,” Katsuki said jokingly as he took off his coat and shoes.  The shit from this night had nothing on the bunny’s warm smile and caring nature; it was like a breath of fresh air.

Deku giggled as he sleepily collided with him and wrapped his arms around him. “Welcome home.”  While without his normal vigor, the bunny made a point of leisurely scenting him. His ears folded back as he let out a large yawn and closed his eyes, tired pricks of tears forming at the corners of them.  “Time for bed.” His words ran together slightly as he pressed more of his weight into Katsuki’s chest.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Alright, let's both get to bed, bunny buns,” he said as he lifted the half-asleep rabbit into his arms and headed for their bedroom.  It seems Deku will always be like this. He couldn’t fucking blame him for his abandonment neurosis. However, he wishes that someday Deku can get over that hurdle and not have to force himself to stay up.  

He is dreading the day he ends up getting called in for a more extensive mission that would take him away from home for days, weeks, or even longer at a time.  It’s been a while since his last one; actually, it was about this time last year, and it only lasted about a week. They were having a relatively peaceful spell, but that could change at any moment.  The most logical solution would be to ask if All Might can watch Deku; he might actually enjoy the quality time with his childhood hero and mother. But then there was another part of him trying to figure out the logistics of bringing him along as a plus one in some kind of weird vacation.

Katsuki brought himself back to the moment, pecking Deku’s nose before carefully placing him onto their bed between the extra pillows and blankets that have long since been added.  Deku immediately snuggles deeper into the blankets, and Katsuki takes a moment to go to the bathroom and prepare for bed, expediting his normal routine.

“Kacchan,” Deku softly whined from the tiny mountain of softness, causing Katsuki to quicken his teeth-brushing efforts; it wasn’t very heroic to ignore someone’s pleading calls.  

Deku continued calling for him until he climbed into bed.  His whines changed instantly to coos as the warm body latched onto him, curling up close to his chest as he settled into his usual spot.  Katsuki chuckled, relaxing further into the bed, wrapping his arms around the bun to their normal spots, and lightly petting his sides only for the rabbit to hiss.  

Katsuki stopped, blinking his previously closed eyes open. “Deku?”  The rabbit continued nuzzling like nothing just happened. Frowning, he asked more blatantly, “Deku, what the fuck was that just now?”  When the rabbit didn’t respond again he sat up partially.

Deku whined, clearly not happy with suddenly being moved just as he was getting settled.  “Nothing. Sleep now,” he said with his eyes still closed and while still held close to his shirt.

Deku ,” he said sternly, “I am not dropping this until you tell me.  Have you been practicing with One for All alone again?” It only happened once, and they talked about it, but that doesn’t mean there was no chance of it happening again.  

After a moment, Deku shook his head.

Katsuki glanced the rabbit over, trying to determine if their were any signs of him covering up the truth. However, none became apparent to him.  Katsuki smirked. “Are you still sore from fucking last night?”

Deku’s ears twitched at that one. However, he once again shook his head no.  

Katsuki frowned. If it was not his quirk and not fucking, then— “Did you accidentally hurt yourself while I was gone?”  The bunny stayed completely still as if he was asleep. “Come on, bunny butt, the longer we fuck around, not in the fun way, the longer it will be until we can fucking go to sleep.” Katsuki lightly rubs the bunny’s head.  “And if you are hurting, I want to know where I have to kiss to make it better.”

Deku mewled lightly. “It’s nothing really.” He shuffled slowly into a proper sitting position.  “I just...” he trailed off as he lifted his shirt up to expose his chest and stomach. Even in the dim light of the early morning, Katsuki could see the faint red and raw state of Deku’s normally glowing skin.

His jaw nearly dropped. “What the hell happened?”  Katsuki screeched, his eyes widening and his finger ghosting over the damaged skin.  It looked painfully irritated, but it didn’t look like a burn, and while similar, it didn’t seem to be a rash.

Deku frowned as he looked conflicted, his fingers caressing the hem of the shirt.  “Earlier today, Todoroki reminded me of something very important,” he started quietly, “something so obvious, and I really am a stupid bunny for not thinking about it.  Really, really stupid!”

“What happened?  Did Half-and-Half step the fuck out of line again?  Do I need to go beat his skull in?”

“No, no, nothing like that!”  Deku held his hands up defensively, before starting to blush. ”I know it wasn’t your intention, but it has to do with how you... scented me earlier.”

“I fucking did what?”  Katsuki’s brows flew to his hairline.  Humans can’t scent like Pets, right?

The bunny covered his blushing face with his shirt. “You know, when you, um, did the thing in the shower.  All over me.”

Katsuki blinked once.  Twice. And then a third time while looking at the rabbit.  “You mean when I fucking came on you?!” He looked down at the reddened skin again as the vivid image of Deku covered in white globs of his cum flooded to the surface.  The warmth of his cheeks and the joy in his smile as he looked at him like he gave him some amazing gift.

“I-I had to get rid of it.  Humans can’t smell it, but other Pets can.  They might not know it was you unless they are familiar with your scent, but they could tell I was intimately marked, and they could tell it was done by a human.”  A couple small tears fell from the big green orbs. “A-and if it wasn’t for Shoto I might have exposed us, Kacchan!” he wailed loudly. “So I had to—I had to scrub away the scent.”

“Did you use the wire fucking kitchen sponge?”  

Deku frowned, shaking his head. “I needed to make sure it was off me.  It doesn't hurt that much, promise. It looks a lot worse than it actually is.  It’s just I had to do it to keep our secret safe, so we can keep being together forever.”

Katsuki sighed, looking over the red skin again.  He still thinks the rabbit went overboard with the scrubbing, but he had no way of proving it with his comparably weak nose.

Deku sniffled, hiding his face behind his hands.  “I’m sorry, Kacchan. I’m so, so sorry. I—”

Before the bunny could continue on this downward spiral, Katsuki flipped them both over, Deku laying on the bed while he was hovering over him, his arms and legs on either side of the rabbit.

Deku yipped from the very sudden shift in positions before his big green eyes looked up at his own, filled with alarm and confusion.  This was dangerous ground he was treading on, but before the bunny could begin to panic, he lowered his face to the red skin and lays a hand delicately across it before kissing him.  

“W-what are you doing?”  the rabbit stuttered.

“What does it look like I am doing?  I am fucking kissing it better!” Katsuki said bluntly without taking his lips off the skin.  Deku’s nose twitched, and Katsuki chuckled as he moved along, giving the rabbit’s body even more of his love to the point of occasionally sticking out his tongue on particularly rough sections in order to give some “extra healing stimulations.”

That had Deku squirming, his hips wiggling on the bed as tiny squeaks and even a moan fell from his pink lips, as Katsuki continued his work.  He was exhausted, but for Deku, this was nothing. Tiny hands come up to ruffle his blonde spikes. However, his legs stayed closed neatly between Katsuki’s own, knees never parting from one another even when his feet squirmed.

Katsuki's eyes narrowed when he tasted a slight metallic tang.  He pulls back to see the small cut upon the bunny’s skin. “Fuck, Deku, you really did a number on yourself,” he said, pulling back to see the slightly dazed bunny.   Just how fucking hard was he scrubbing?  He carefully started smoothing the skin around the cut, promising to himself and Deku, “This will not happen again.”  

Deku became still, and when Katsuki looked up, his head was tilted to the side, his eyes slightly wide. “What?” he asked in a soft voice.

Katsuki cocked an eyebrow. “What part don't you understand? Isn’t it fucking obvious?  I can't be fucking nutting on you if this is the result?” Before Katsuki could finish his final question, fresh tears pricked at the corners of the bunny’s green eyes.  

“Shit, what's wrong with you now?”  he asked only to immediately regret his word choice for, the second he finished, Deku's waterworks doubled in scale.  “Fuck, you know I didn't mean it that way, Deku. What is wrong so we—”

Deku cried, “I'm wrong.” He pulled on his ears so they were painfully tight against his face.  “I don't know what to do. Everything is wrong. What’s good is bad and what’s bad is good. My mind is saying one thing, but my body is telling me another and—and I don't know what to do, or not to do.  I just— I don't know !”    Fuck.    

In a huff, Katsuki flipped them again, removed the rabbit’s poor ears from his hands, and brought him close to his chest.  “Deep breaths, Deku. Take your time.” Deku hiccuped but took a deep breath. “Good boy, try to copy my breathing,” he said as he took a slow, deep breath in, holding it, and then releasing it.

Deku copied him as they stayed like that for several minutes.  Deku’s stiffened limbs slowly relaxed, his eyes drooping once again.  

So Katsuki continued to say calming words, rubbing but his finger pads over the bunny’s exposed back.  It's been a while since the bun’s last panic attack, and if possible, he wanted to keep it that way. He was tired—they both were—and that was likely causing Deku some unknown additional stress.  As green eyes slowly shut, he decided that he would let them both sleep for now and talk about it again when they wake up.

Or not.

Just as he thought Deku had fallen asleep, him not far behind, the rabbit jolted up.


Izuku sniffled as he bolted back awake, his mind still a fuzzy mess and his front still stinging when moved or pulled.  He just wanted to cry. He was well aware he went overboard with washing earlier, but the beautiful smell of Kacchan’s claiming just seemed to stubbornly stick to his skin.  Something inside him told him that was an indication of how healthy and strong his mate is, something to be proud of. But he had to remove it from his body. It was to keep them both safe and to ensure they could continue to be together without problems, but every fiber in his being told him how wrong it was.  He was rejecting Kacchan’s claim.

Izuku sniffled again, cuddling closer to that semi-sweet and spicy smell that was his Kacchan.  Izuku loves this smell so much, but he also loved the way their two smells mixed together on his body.  It just felt right. Without even thinking, Izuku found himself once again scenting the blonde’s chest.

“You feeling better now?”  Kacchan rumbled, the vibrations tickling the cheek where he laid.  

“I don't know,” he answered honestly. Everything still felt like it was too much, like a glass of water filled to the limit, but for the moment at least, he was not spilling to the ground.

Kacchan sighed. “What triggered this?”

Izuku was quiet for a moment, trying to organize his thoughts in a way that made sense.  “I-I feel messed up inside.” Kacchan hummed for him to continue. “ I just...while I know we can’t, I actually really liked—loved it when you scented me.  My mind is telling me bad things would happen if I walk around with your scent on me, but at the same time, something inside me is saying it was a bad thing for me to rid myself of your scent.  It’s just...just so confusing, and I don’t know what to do. What I want and what needs to be done are the opposite of each other!”

Kacchan was silent, his hands stopped their comforting motions. Izuku was afraid to look up at him.  And then finally, he asked, “So you were upset because you wanted me to fucking cum on you? What this,” he motioned with his hands to Izuku, “was all about?  You want my cum as your personal perfume?”  His tone was a strange mix of his normal tone and strangely beside himself.  

Izuku blushed at the vulgar terminology the blonde used, even if it was exactly what that deep, inner part of him wanted.  That part of him wanted to walk around while sporting Kacchan's scent, showing off to the other Pets that he had the best mate.   Kacchan was all his .  The inner Izuku wanted that scent to permanently impregnate his skin, telling the world of their love.  

It was the same hidden Izuku—filled with his most basic, instinctual desires from his heats—just a part of him that he should be in control of.  He knew that. He is not an adolescent kit experiencing his rudimentary desires for the first time.  But if just felt so wrong, dirty even, to reject Kacchan. He wanted to be scented again, high on the intoxicating aroma once again.  So when Kacchan asked his question, he nodded his head.

Izuku buried his face into the blonde’s chest. “You can put it that way, yes.”  The room became quiet and neither moved as early morning light slowly started to filter into the room from behind the curtains.  Curious, Izuku looked at Kacchan, frowning, his brows furrowed. Izuku braced himself after their eyes met. He knew how this was going to go.  Kacchan would tell him that they can’t. It’s too dangerous. Get over it. Stop overreacting. St—

“What is the difference between how you’ve been scenting me?  How long does a scenting like that last?”

“Huh?”  Izuku’s eyes widened.  

“Or is there a way to hide the smell without hurting yourself like that?” And then he said more as an aside to himself, “How the fuck would I look that up online? What’s with the fucking face?”  Kacchan looked down at him, raising an eyebrow.

Lighthearted tears escaped his eyes.  How could he have doubted his mate and thought so little of him!  Kacchan is the greatest mate ever.

“Woah, Deku, again?”  

Izuku giggled, kissing Kacchan’s lips.  “I love you,” he breathed onto Kacchan’s lips, “my mate.”  His tail wagged as Kacchan pulled him back down to bed.

“I love you too, bunny butt.”  

Chapter Text

“I happened to notice you're taking more time off,” the former pro hero and the original Ingenium said after he called him over to his large desk.

Katsuki swore.  For the first time in his entire life, Katsuki tried to sneak out five minutes early to hurry home to Deku and get a jump start on their entire week together, and of course, he gets stopped.  He is calling bullshit.

“I have the hours, so I’m fucking taking them.  Have a problem with that?” Katsuki sneered. It didn’t matter to him that Glasses' older brother was technically a superior.  Anyone that stopped him from getting home to his sexy little bunny pisses him off, even more so now with his surprise vacation being delayed.  

“Not at all,” he held up his hands in surrender, “you’ve more than earned your vacation. Everything is all set, and you’ve completely been pulled off on-call for the next seven days.  Of course, there can be acute circumstances where—”

“Really?  I fucking know that already. I’m not some rookie sidekick!”  Katsuki said as he leered at the man over his neatly organized desk.  

In a lot of ways, the man was just as big of a pick as his younger brother. However, as hard as he tried, the older man didn’t piss him off as nearly as much.  It was in high school when he lost his ability to be a hero due to the hero killer Stain. At the time, he thought he was another one of the weaklings, but after the All Might incident and a couple unpleasant but well-needed lessons in humility, he came to acknowledge the man’s dedication.  Not many men could pick themselves up after falling so far, continuing his work to the community without having to be a Hero. Even if he is peeved by him currently for holding up his departure.

Not that he would ever express any of that.  If one Iida knew, all of them would know, and if Glasses knows then Round Cheeks would also know, and that would be fucking annoying.  Do they think they are fooling anyone? Anyone can see the longing eyes they throw at each other when they think no one is looking. Not to mention they spend all their time together.  Fucking get your act together. It’s like you're not even trying to keep your relationship a secret!  

The dark blue haired man chuckled and smiled softly. “I wasn’t sure if you knew how personal days worked since up until recently you’ve never taken a single one.”

“Your point?”

“It reflects in your work,” he says as he lifts up a large folder filled with reports.  

Katsuki’s eyes widened as he flips through the pages.   Fuck.  He didn’t think his performance has gone down that much since adopting Deku?  But shit, think back on it, he has taken a lot of days off, and now he asked for more time off, during the holiday season no less!  Fuck, this was the original reason he didn’t want the responsibility of another living being, but that ship has long since passed, and now it was far too late to think he would ever be able to give him up.  What the fuck is he supposed to do?

“Your approval rating has gone up significantly in demographics you were previously low in—” Wait, what ? “—and your overall performance rating has never been higher, even with the fewer hours.”  

Katsuki was momentarily stunned, his equipment bag slipping from his hold, as the older Iida continued reading off the report.  He went out of his way to commend him for his phenomenal improvement for cooperative work and civilian interactions and how he has become “more approachable.”   What the actual fuck?  How?

“Overworking with no break wears you out, even someone as driven as you.  Working in such a state is not healthy, and you’ll never truly able to give it your all.”  He paused for a second before continuing with, “I’m glad you’ve found something you enjoy.” He smiled again in a way that annoyed him. “Or maybe someone?”

“Fuck off!”  Katsuki shouted, picking up his bag and storming out of the room.

“Have a good vacation.”  


Katsuki opened the apartment door, bracing himself for the little love tackle Deku undoubtedly was going to give him.  However, even when he was completely inside the threshold, there was no speeding bunny in sight. The fuck?

“Deku?” he called out, maybe the rabbit was napping in their room since he didn't appear to be on the couch.  They did fuck last night, and he had rabbit soup clinging onto him for the rest of the night and early morning. However, Deku almost always greets him at the door no matter how tired he was like some kind of internal clock.  Well unless he was mad at him. Was Deku mad at him? How was he supposed to apologize if he doesn't know what he did wrong?

Mindlessly, he kicked off his shoes and started to take off his coat, and just as he opened the closet door to hang it up, he was attacked.  

“Surprise, Kacchan,” an excited rabbit yelled as those powerful legs launched himself into the middle of Katsuki's chest.  

Katsuki had no time to brace himself for the assault, so they fell to the floor, and he landed hard on his ass.  “Fuck,” he swore, completely laid out by his bunny boyfriend. “What the actual fuck, Deku?”

The bunny was a ball of laughter as he relentlessly continued his attack by nuzzling around his face and neck.  “I wanted to surprise you, did it work?” he asked with a huge goofy smile on his face.

“Fuck, no,”  Katsuki growled turning his head away from the playful green eyes. “I'm not some weakling to be defeated by some fluffy bunny!”

“Oh is that so,” the bunny jests as he continued to play his dangerous game that only he could get away with. “I might be a fluffy bunny, but this is not the first time I knocked a supposed top pro hero flat on their backs,” he smirks triumphantly, his fluff of a tail brushing up against the cloth covering his stomach.

Katsuki had to fight the smirk that dared to spread across his face.  It was last weekend when they trained in the private hero’s gym a couple blocks down; as of yet, no one has had the spine to tell him that he can’t bring Deku, but it was one of the few places he could legally be training with his quirks.  That day they were focusing on Deku’s combat prowess. While speed was definitely the rabbit’s defining trait, he overthinks things and Katsuki could still react to him, albeit with a little more effort than he would normally expect. It still amazed and frustrates him a bit how quickly Deku has been becoming a worthy training partner.  

Shitty Hair came in like he normally does, loud and anxious, and zeroed in on them almost immediately.  He was taken back with how “aggressive” he was being towards Deku and scooped Deku into a protective hug from behind, which only served to piss him off and freak Deku out from the sudden contact.  Before he could do anything, however, Kirishima was judo heaved over Deku’s shoulder and thrown to the cushioned ground.

The pricelessly stupid face of Shitty Hair as he laid on the ground, completely awestruck, had Katsuki clutching his sides in laughter.  He had never been prouder of his little bunny butt than in that moment. He would have kissed him then and there if it wasn’t for the location.  Luckily, once they arrived home, he thoroughly kissed every inch of that remarkable creature.

“What if I wanted us like this,” Katsuki said suggestively, squeezing the bunny’s supple little ass between his hands, his natural Omega plumpiness mixing impeccably with the underlying muscles.  The fact that Deku could easily crush fucking concrete with legs and look sexy while doing it heats him up in a way that nothing else could.

Deku blushed as if he was noticing their position for the first time, his ass comfortably resting over his crotch.  His arms were still pressed against his pecs as he opened and closed his mouth dryly without saying a word, his ass muscles clenching before relaxing once more to so Katsuki proceeding.  The entire time the bun made no indication of wanting to leave his claimed spot.

“Oh, come now, Deku,” he said, thrusting his hips for emphasis. “Tell the truth. You’ve been thinking of my cock all day. Thinking about how quickly you can fill that dirty little hole with your favorite toy,” Katsuki said while slipped his hands under the white T-shirt that said “sweater.”  

“N-no, of course not,” Deku squealed, looking away nervously as Katsuki’s slowly lifted the sweater up his frame.  

“So you didn’t want me?” Katsuki said with a playful smirk as he continued to remove the clothing.  He made sure to maintain eye contact with green eyes that asked, “ Is this okay?

Deku smiled lightly, the blush dusting his face only increased as the clothing item was completely removed.  “I always want you,” he said softly before scrunching his face up as he internalized the words he just spoke.  “No, wait, not like that. Well, sometimes like that. A lot of times like that, but making love isn't the only thing on my mind!  I enjoy spending all my time with Kacchan, even when we are not doing it.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t not want to make love now because I really really do.  And I—”

Katsuki leaned up, pulling the rabbit’s arms around his neck so he could look at the rambling rabbit directly into those deep emerald pools.  He traced those rosy freckled cheeks, his twitching nose, his plump pink lips with his mind’s eye, huskily saying, “Let’s put those flapping gums to work,” as he captured his lips with his own.   


Kacchan’s kiss was deliberate and warmed him from tips of his ears to the pads of his feet.  Each new one was like a new experiment of their love. Kacchan was more zealous this afternoon, taking little time before he delved in deeper.  His hot tongue entered his mouth and started to dance with his own. He lightly nibbled his bottom lip

Izuku moaned into Kacchan’s mouth. It was wet and needy.  He wanted more. Even now he was amazed at just how powerful his desires were.  It was like walking around in the raw desires of his heat. However, it wasn’t wild and instinctual but instead pure and refined.  He was in control; he knew what he wanted, and it was his mate. Only his mate.

He wrapped his arms around the blonde’s back, finding the hem of his shirt and pulling.  He wanted to directly feel Kacchan’s skin against his own. It was hard, however, from their awkward position in the entryway to the apartment.  

Kacchan chuckled, clearly understanding what he was trying to do.  The blonde sat up just enough that the shirt was quickly discarded.  

Izuku nearly drooled from the chiseled abs of his mate.  It didn’t matter if he sees them just about every day. They were a god’s blessing upon the earth, and they were all his.  What has he done to be so lucky?

Kacchan rolled his hips, further drawing attention to the growing mountain under his sex.  “You like what you see?” he asked cockily.

“Yes,” Izuku answered honestly as he traced the hard, define muscles one at a time, drinking it all in.  By the time his eyes returned to the blonde’s face, a red tint painted his cheeks. Izuku smiled, laying down so their bodies were flush against one another.  He could feel the radiant heat from Kacchan’s body. He always seems to run hot, and the beating their hearts made an unknown song.

Izuku rotated his hips over the still clothed bulge poking at him.  He had to fix that. Izuku reached down to free the begging appendage when Kacchan grabbed his hand.  

“Let’s go to our bed first,” the blonde whispered into his ear.  

Izuku was going to protest, but then the blonde did something unexpected and started nibbling on the tip of his ear playfully.  

Izuku's hips buckled from the stimulation as Kacchan’s teeth pressed down just a little on the upper ridge of his ear.  Shivers were sent down his body, and a moan escaped his lips. He always got pleasure from Kacchan tracing the edges and dips of his ears when he laid on his lap, slowly drifting off to the land of sleep, but this was something new.  He couldn't even think of a way to put it into words. His lonely ear flickered, feeling neglected from Kacchan's love.

The blonde chuckled, removing his mouth, causing Izuku to whine at the lost.   

“Noo,” he said stubbornly as he started licking Kacchan’s exposed skin, not thinking twice when saliva escaped his mouth to paint the firm skin.  He wanted more of that, he wanted it now, his mind though as he dry humped Kacchan’s crotch again.

“Needy bunny,” Kacchan whispered before blowing into his ear, “what am I going to do with you?”

Izuku moaned, “More.” He flicked his ears again in Kacchan’s face.  “More,” he says again while rutting his body. His arms wrapped impossibly tighter around his chest, and his legs tangled together with Kacchan’s much longer ones.   Izuku could practically hear the eye roll.

“I will give you more but not fucking here, you silly butt.” His warm hands once again traveled down his exposed spine to his ass.  He squeezes the flesh there from above his clothes, brings the two parts together, and then apart, causing fresh slick to escape his body.  “We don’t even have a condom here.”

“Back left pocket,” Izuku whispered causing Kacchan to stop his molding.  Izuku looked up to his mate’s confused face as he felt a hand delve into the said pocket only to pull out its contents.

“No fucking w—you actually plan this?” Kacchan’s eyes were wide as his mouth hung open.  He didn’t quite understand his mate’s insistence in using the piece of plastic when it was redundant, but if it was what he wanted.  But—

Izuku merely smiled.


So making love in the apartment entryway wasn’t a good idea, Izuku quickly realized.  While not bad, it was awkward as hell, and after they moved to their nest, Izuku could just feel the toll more than usual.  They were currently cuddling, his head securely snuggled under Kacchan’s chin as he purred lightly at Kacchan, who plays with his ears.  

He always knew his ears were sensitive, but until today, he never realized just how sensitive they can be in an intimate sense.  Kacchan, of course, was quick to pick up on his enjoyment and made the most of it, even including it in his dirty talk. Man, he loved this man.  

“Hey, Deku,” Kacchan said, prompting Izuku to look up at him. “Earlier, you were on ‘always wanting me’, yeah?”

Izuku blushed, still embarrassed by his choice of words. “Yeah.”  He paused, tracing a finger over blonde’s skin. “I know it’s not possible all the time.  It’s selfish and I get conflicting thoughts in my head of wanting you all to myself and wanting you to be the best hero you can be.  I want everyone else to see just how great you are!”

Kacchan chuckled, petting Izuku’s head and ruffling his hair.  “So you wouldn’t get sick of me if, by chance, I took some time off just to spend time with my favorite bunny butt for our first holiday together?”  

“Wait, what?”  Izuku eyes widened. “You took time off?”  His tail twitches in excitement.

“A week, just you and me, to do whatever we want,” he gave Izuku a knowing smile, and his hand traveled down his back.  

“KACCHAN!” Izuku squealed as he launched himself to pepper the blonde’s face with kisses.  An entire week of just me and Kacchan!

Knock knock knock.  

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Deku froze at the echoing knocks that appeared to be coming from the entranceway door.  His green eyes widened and his large ears twisted around to locate the noise before he sat up and turned around completely so Katsuki could only see the side of his face.  

Katsuki frowned, pissed that whoever the fuck it was was fucking with their round two.  A couple of possibilities as to who it could be crossed his mind, all of which he didn’t want to deal with right now.  Growling, Katsuki said, “Just fucking ignore it,” before he eased Deku to lay back down.

At first, the bunny didn’t respond as he continued to look towards the direction of the door intensely.  However, with a little more coaxing, he was able to guide him back down to his chest, his warm cheek once again warming his sternum.

Unfortunately, this lasted for only a moment as the banging started up again, thundering even louder now.  In an instant, Deku was on high alert again. His ears and tail stood completely erect, and from what he could see of the rabbit’s nose, it was twitching a mile a minute.

“What the fuck?”  Katsuki swore, sitting up.   I am going to kill whoever it is , he thought as the thumping continued.  Who actually had the nerve to bother him on his vacation?  He even fucking warned Shitty Hair that unless the four horsemen were riding don’t even think about disturbing him, and to make sure that everyone knew that.

Deku was still sitting on his lap, his legs on either side of Katsuki’s body when the bunny lightly thumped his feet on the bed.  His eyes never trailing from his dedicated watch, his body tense.

Katsuki groaned, his hands placed on Deku’s lower back as he as he realized that he was going to have to get up and get rid of whoever was there.  To say he was pissed was an understatement.

The bunny jumped in surprise from the sudden contact but seemed to understand his motion as he crawled off him.  Deku took to the middle of the bed, sitting on his knees in a nervous but demure manner. His eyes focused on him as he watched Katsuki pull out a pair of black sweatpants from the top drawer of the dresser and put them on.  His ears twitched in time with each new blow to the door.

“FUCKING HOLD YOUR HORSES!”  Katsuki yelled down the hall before turning to Deku.  He made eye contact. “Stay here. I’ll get rid of the asshole good and fast, and then I’m cumming for your ass nice and slow,” he said with a smirk and a wink.  If that fucker didn’t start knocking he would already be buried into those sweet cheeks, chasing another high.

Deku blushed as he looked away before giving a little nod.  

Smiling, Katsuki took off to royally tell off the motherfucker while his mind was running through possibilities of who it could be.  It’s most likely just Shitty Hair, but his thoughts wandered off to the idea of a villain or a shitty over-enthusiastic fan. That being said, this building full of heroes and security out the ass, making it obscenely unlikely but not impossible, so as he came to the abused door, he readied himself.  

Throwing the door open, he yelled, “WHAT THE HELL—” It was so much worse than Shitty Hair, a villain, or an obsessive fan.  Hell, he would probably prefer a monstrous combination of all three of those before the beast that stood in front of him with a smirk on her face.  

“It’s about time, brat.”

Katsuki slammed the door shut on the she-devil without a second thought.   WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.  Why were his parents at his fucking doorstep?

“OI, BRAT, OPEN THIS DOOR!” the banshee wailed as she once again started slamming his fucking door.  

“Kacchan?”  Deku’s soft voice came from behind him, and when Katsuki turned around, he saw the bunny peak his head around the corner of the hallway.  “Is that your mother?” And as if on queue, she once again yelled for the door to be open. The bunny looked at the door before looking back at him, then a frown graced his pink lips.

“They have to leave sometime,” Katsuki said, crossing his arms, “and I thought I told you to stay in bed.”

Deku raised an eyebrow as he held his gaze.  Katsuki could feel his stubborn will whittle away in the overpowering might of the bunny's pout.  He could stand there arguing for the next ten minutes, but they both knew that Deku was going to win this fight.  

Katsuki huffed as he once again opened the only barrier protecting him from the wrath of the old hag.  Deku owed him for this.

“It's about time,” the hag chortled as she, without hesitation, pushed past him.

“Fucking welcome, I guess,” he growled at his mother as she walked into the house without a single fucking qualm given.

“Sorry for the intrusion,” his old man said politely as he too walked into the apartment.  It was only then that he noticed he had a fucking suitcase in hand.

“What the fuck is that ?” He stared holes into the wheeled luggage.  “You—” he started, looking up at his mother's smirking face.  

“What? You didn't get all my messages about the house getting fumed for pests and how we need a place to crash for a week?”   They seemed to miss a very big pest .  

He noticed the good half-a-dozen voice messages from the hag; he would have to be denser than Pikachu not to.  However, he didn't have the energy to actually fucking listen!

“That doesn't explain why you are here!” Katsuki sneered as the hag plopped down on his couch.

“I said don't bother to respond if you were okay was with it, so I just assumed—”  

“You motherfucker—”

“No, that's your father.”

“Out!  Get. The fuck. OUT!” he screamed while pointing at the door.  

“You are really so heartless you are going to throw your parents out in the cold during the holidays?”

Katsuki took a deep breath, in through his nose, so he doesn't completely fly off the handle.  “I will pay you not to be here,”  he said, forcing himself to sound calm. “Get yourself a hotel room. I don't care.  You just can't stay here !”

“Oh, I didn't realize you already had plans,” his father spoke up. “Honey, come on. I know it was a nice thought of trying  to have everyone together for the holidays for the first time in years, but Katsuki clearly wants us gone.”

Katsuki's eyebrow twitched.  The old man is known to play a very different game than the hag, but it wouldn't work on him.  This is his week, just him and De—

Deku ran out from his hiding spot in the hallway to get between them, still without clothes, before looking up with bright eyes.  He has fallen for his father's game, hook line, and sinker.

“I didn't think you were such a traditionalist, brat,” the hag howled with laughter.


In the end, Izuku was able to convince Kacchan that it wouldn't be so bad if they let his parents stay the week.  While he liked the idea of spending the entire week with Kacchan in bed, he couldn't very well have the blonde kick them out when all they wanted to do was to spend time with their son!  Plus, he has always wanted to spend the holidays in a full house.

The Bakugous settled into the spare room, now empty since all of his stuff has long since made the journey to the master bedroom.  As the two were settling in, Izuku took a moment to show the blonde his thanks with a kiss. When he pulled away, he made sure to flutter his eyes and give the blonde a suggestive smirk.   There will be more later , he silently told him.

It was very obvious that Kacchan was not thrilled about the current arrangement, but he was making an effort because Izuku asked.  He hoped that, through such a little kiss, it could express all the emotions he was feeling and that this was okay. That just being next to him makes him the happiest bunny in the entire world.  

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a happy compilation of the most embarrassing stories from Kacchan’s childhood.  Even though he could feel the rage emanating off the blonde, he couldn’t help himself from giggling along.

At one point, Kacchan’s mother called him over, and he hesitantly complied.  In an instant, she pulled him onto her lap and started cooing over how soft his fur was.  While it surprised him at first, he allowed the woman to continue grooming his fur. While her fingers weren’t as experienced as her son’s, it still felt incredible!

However, Kacchan didn’t take kindly to it as he was quick to snatch Izuku back to put him on his familiar lap.  He stated that she was “doing it wrong” and then proceeded to start grooming him himself.

Izuku chuckled as he melted into Kacchan’s hands; he just had a way with those fingers.  

By the time they finally returned to their bedroom for the night, Kacchan was debating the logistic of abandoning this place and starting fresh.  Izuku was having none of that, so after locking the door he tackled the blonde to the bed and started attacking every inch of his body with tiny kisses.  Izuku always kept his promises.


Izuku awoke the next morning to the sweet smell of breakfast.   Kacchan is cooking , was the first thing his mind went to. However, he quickly noticed the warm, sleeping mass below him.  Izuku blinked the sleep from his eyes because Kacchan wasn’t cooking breakfast; he was still on duty as Izuku’s personal pillow.  For a moment, he was freaked out by the thought of some stranger in their house making breakfast until he remembered that Kacchan's parents were here.  

Sniffing the air, Izuku’s mouth started to water.  It actually smelled really good! But first—Izuku looked down at his sleeping mate and kissed him until he awoke. It would be too awkward to go out alone , he thought.  

A couple minutes later, Izuku, followed by Kacchan, walked out to see Kacchan’s father busy away in the kitchen.  He was by the sink, cleaning up, a fresh stack of pancakes resting on a plate nearby. They look so good , Izuku thought as his stomach growled.  

The man turned, revealing a warm smile.  “Oh good, you are up,” he said while drying his hands. “Go ahead and grab yourself a plate. I’ve made more than enough.”

“With my shit,” Kacchan grumbled under his breath as he made coffee.  His father might not have been able to hear him completely, but Izuku heard it as clear as day.  

Izuku was more than happy to dig right it, grabbing two sweet-smelling pancakes from the stack and putting it on his own plate before grabbing a fork.  They were beautifully colored and looked super fluffy! Even Kacchan has never made pancakes as fluffy as these before!

Izuku couldn’t help himself as he cut himself a piece and stuck it in his mouth.  Hints of vanilla and cinnamon exploded on his tongue. So good! Izuku looked up to the graying man, wondering if Kacchan learned to cook from him.   

The elder Bakugou chuckled as Kacchan opened the fridge in the background, looking around before freezing. “Old man, what’d you do with the milk?”  

The man turned to face his son. “I ended up using up the rest of it for the pancakes.” The delicious treat suddenly felt like a disgusting lump in his mouth. “If you want I can—”

Kacchan didn’t let the man finish as knocked him aside to stand in front of Izuku, throwing the plate on the counter while shoving a hand under his mouth. “Spit.”  

Izuku didn’t have to think twice about it as he spat up the food mush into Kacchan’s hand.  

“Did you swallow any?” Kacchan questioned as kneeled in front of him after getting rid of the mush and quickly getting a glass of water.  

Izuku shook his head no.  While dairy products aren’t as bad for him as meat, they still did a number on his system.  He remembered how, once as a kit, he snuck some sweet smelling ice cream from the old woman’s freezer and ended up paying the price.  His belly ached for days, and he ended up going to the vet once his mother discovered and promptly started freaking out.

Using his tongue, he worked out the little bit of remaining pancake from his mouth, Kacchan once again offering his hand for disposal.   He was lucky he didn’t swallow any yet in his desire to savor the food for as long as possible. But even now his belly still felt a bit queasy.

Kacchan handed him a glass. “Don’t drink it. Gargle and spit it out into the sink,” he commanded before turning to his father.  “What the fuck is wrong with you?! Deku can’t have milk!” he screeched, hands ablaze as he stood between Izuku and his father.  

Kacchan’s father looked at him with wide eyes and his hands up in surrender. “Katsuki, I’m sorry I didn’t know. I thought it was only meat that Pet rabbits can’t eat.  And please no quirk in the—”

“This is my home, and I’ll goddamn use my quirk when someone tries to poison my Deku!”  Kacchan hissed, raising his hands in a threatening manner.  

“What the hell is going on out here?” Kacchan’s mother yelled as she stumbled from down the hallway.  Her blonde hair looked like a mess, and her eyes betrayed that she had just been sleeping a few moments ago.  

This is not going to end well.


It took a while, but the situation was finally defused; it just took a lot more yelling than Izuku’s ears would have preferred.  He wondered if this was how families normally were or if it was just the Bakugous? It was both fun and stressful.

At the moment, however, it was smack-dab in stressful.  Kacchan had had enough and decided that he wanted to take a jog, pretending that it was part of their schedule even though today was their rest day.  Currently, Kacchan went to get changed, leaving him alone to sit awkwardly between two bodies. It was not like these two were strangers. However, Izuku could feel his anxieties rise each second they sat there in uncomfortable silence.  

“Hey,” Mitsuki started.

Izuku jumped, looking up at the woman with wide eyes. She was looking down at him with piercing eyes.

“So I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something,” she said in a surprisingly even tone. However, that might just be because, for the last half an hour, all he has heard was her yelling.  “It’s about you—and my brat.”

Izuku’s ears twitched at that, and his eyes widened. “Wh—”

“Okay, Deku, your turn,” Kacchan called as he walked into the room and zipped up his jacket.  

“Brat, how about letting this bunny stay here? After the morning he has had and Masaru attempting to poison him—”

“Honey,” the older man grumbled.

“–he deserves a little rest.”

Kacchan narrowed his eyes, looked at his mother, his father, and then finally, him.  

Izuku swallowed and looked around, meeting two pairs of red eyes for a moment. “I think I will stay home Kacchan,” he confessed.  

Kacchan raised an eyebrow, blinking in surprise. “Are you not feeling well?  We don’t—”

“No,” Izuku interjected, rising to his feet and hopping over to Kacchan.  “It’s okay. You go out and get some fresh air,” he said with a smile. Kacchan needed a break from his parents, and he needed to know what Mitsuki was going to say, that much was a given.

Kacchan apprehensively looked him over, the ever-present crease between his eyebrows deepening.  With his eyes alone, he asked if Izuku was sure, which Izuku answered with a nod.

The blonde took a deep breath in. “Fucking fine then,” he said before his attention turned to his parents, who were still sitting on the couch. “If I come back and there is a single hair out of place on Deku’s head, I am kicking you out into the snow.  And you,” he turned back to Izuku, “don’t think twice about kicking their asses if they step out of line.”

Izuku had to roll his eyes and giggled.  Kacchan can be such a silly man at times.  “Okay, Kacchan,” he said jovially.

“I mean it,” he said as his face softened just a bit.

Izuku’s tail wagged as he stuck out his tongue, egging the man on.

Kacchan chuckled, leaning down so their faces were close.  Out of habit, Izuku stood on his tiptoes and zeroed in on Kacchan’s lips, only stopping inches away from contact.

“Um,” Izuku murmured, realizing the suggestive position they were in.   What do I do?  This position is giving everything away. Why was he so stupid?  

Kacchan, too paused, for a split second before he bumped their foreheads together. “I’ll be back soon,” Kacchan said quietly after recovering from their awkward interaction. “Deku is in charge,” the blonde said loud enough for everyone to hear, making sure to give his parent’s his hallmark glare before leaving.  

Izuku could hear the loud falls of Kacchan’s feet go down the hallway towards the stairs, and then Mitsuki burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.  

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“I can’t—I can’t even—” Kacchan’s mother sputtered as she was literally doubled over with laughter.  The only comparison Izuku could come up with was that of a hyena, which in all fairness might be an apt comparison, or at the very least, Kacchan would enjoy it.  

Izuku’s face burned as he only mildly worried that—of all things—somehow that broke the woman.  Even her husband’s prodding couldn’t seem to calm her hysteria.  He wasn’t sure if Kacchan would be happy or upset.

After what felt like forever, she sucked in a large breath.  “That was an interesting...ritual between you two.” Her voice sounded a little rough, and there were tears rimming the corner of her eyes.  

“Um,” Izuku blushed even more. He knew he couldn’t deny that statement without giving them away, so he just bowed his head and accepted it.  Being an idiot was better than being found out.

Kacchan’s mother chuckled again with a slightly crazed look in her eye.  She turned her attention to her husband before aggressively headbutting him.   What ?!

“Honey?”  the man exclaimed, equally confused as Izuku, as he rubbed his slightly reddened forehead.  

“I was just wondering how it felt,” she mused, not seeming to be phased in the slightest.

“It feels like hurt,” the poor man said dryly. “I don’t know what else you were exp—”

“So bunny butt, get over here!” the woman yelled, patting the couch beside herself, not caring that her husband was just talking.  

Izuku looked between the placid face of the man that accidentally tried to feed him dairy and the Cheshire cat smile of the woman that howled for a minute straight before attacking her husband.  There is no way this can end badly.  

“Come on, don’t keep us waiting!” she called again.  

Izuku took a deep, calming breath and made his way over to the couch, taking a seat at the edge.   The woman, however, was persistent and pulled him over and onto her lap. Izuku’s eyes bugged out from the action.  It was a lot...cushier...than Kacchan’s lap even though the smell was similar. His first reaction was to escape, though the woman pulled him back.  He knew that, if he needed to, he could still escape, but after his first failed attempt, he just allowed it to happen.

The woman brought Izuku close to her bosom and snuggled into his hair. “You're so soft!  It’s like hugging a cloud,” she squealed directly into his ears. “My son sure takes good care of you.  You have him wrapped around your cute little finger, don’t you?”


“Of course you do,” she nuzzles her face into the hair on top of his head, causing Izuku’s ears to twitch.  

While Kacchan can be an aggressive snuggler, this felt...unnatural.  It was out of character for what he knew about Kacchan’s mother from the few times meeting her.  She was coddling and “baby talking” him, commenting on his glossy, thick coat of fur and how cute his button nose.  Izuku peered over at Kacchan’s father. He didn’t seem bothered with what was happening as he leaned against the back of the couch, relaxed, a warm smile on his face.  It was only when the woman tried to give him a belly rub that Izuku had enough.

“Y-you said you needed to talk to me about something?”  Izuku asked, pulling away from the woman’s hold so he could turn to look at her head on.

Red eyes blinked before she smiled sincerely. “I wanted to thank you.”

Izuku blinked, his head tilted to the side. “Thank me?”

She smiled. “You’ve been taking good care of my boy, haven’t you?”  

“I-I wouldn’t say that—” Izuku said, flustered.

“Nonsense,” she patted his head maybe just a little too forcefully. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the brat happier!”  

Izuku’s head tilted even more.   Was that a happy Kacchan for them?  

“I've seen him genuinely smile more these last two times I've seen him than all of his puberty years, just by being around you.”   Oh .  Her eyes softened more. “He looks better, happier even. It's a miracle.  For a while, there I thought his stubborn nature would doom him to live the rest of his life alone and miserable.   And then you came along.”

A smile spread across Izuku’s face as he hid it.  Did he really have that much of an effect on Kacchan?  To him, Kacchan has always been great, but if he was better now because of him?  Just the thought that it might be so made him overflow with happiness.

“And then just this morning,” the woman smirked, “he gallantly came to your rescue from the evil alchemist trap.”

Kacchan's father sighed with a look of acceptance that this was just his life now.  

“You’re basically part of the family,” she commented before mischievously grinning. “My son would properly make it official if he could.”

Izuku stiffened, his eyes wide, looking at the woman and seeing the truth in her eyes.

The man choked on air. “I thought we were going to wait,” he whispered to his wife behind his hand.  

Izuku, however, could hear it clear as day, even with the pounding of blood in his ears.  

She snorted, slinging one arm around her husband before affectionately ruffling his hair. “Oh, did I say something strange?” She eyed Izuku. “Maybe hinting at some scandalous relationship between a famous pro hero and his Pet bunny?”   

Izuku was shaking.   They know Kacchan and I are mates!   How do they know?  Was it my fault?  It was most likely my fault and my stupidity for trying to kiss Kacchan earlier.  I was so obvious and even Kacchan’s best efforts weren’t enough to cover for us. But what do they want?  They are Kacchan’s parents, so they don’t want to hurt him right? Maybe annoy him a bit but—wait, maybe they want to protect their son from a huge scandal?  Will they try to break us up? I don’t want—

Izuku was brought back when two different comforting hands landed on either shoulder.  His eyes refocused to see the two parents. “You don’t have to freak out, bunny butt. We’re not breaking you up.”   Was that all out loud?  

“On the contrary, since we are doing this now—” the man leered at her “—we are giving you our blessing.”

“And with the conditions,” the woman interjected, “that you keep making Kacchan happy and you don’t tell the brat that we know.  We have a little wagger going on to see how long it will take him to tell us.”

“Honey, we can’t ask him to do that.”

“Fine, how about at least until we leave?  I’m not in the mood to be forcefully ejected out the window.”

Izuku blinked, pondering it for a moment before nodding in agreement.  While he didn’t think Kacchan would actually throw them out the window, he still might be crossed at his parents messing with them.  Kacchan’s parents were good people; they might have a weird way of doing some things, but they were still good.

“So, son-in-law ,” Kacchan’s mother said with a wink, “let’s have some fun!”  


“Deku was supposed to be resting. What the fuck?” Katsuki yelled when he returned to the apartment, twenty minutes early, to a “decorated” bunny.  Deku had tinsel wrapped loosely around his ear, a bow decorated with little stars attached atop his right ear, and a metric fuck ton of gold glitter in his fur.  

Katsuki had no clue where all that shit came from; he certainly didn't have any of that laying around.  Did the old hag bring it? Was she planning this the entire time? Fuck, he shouldn't have left him alone with her.  

“We all just thought we could have a little fun and dress him in some more festive attire.  ‘Tis the season and all,” the hag stated matter-of-factly.

Katsuki turned his attention to Deku, who gave him a weak smile and shrugged.  Some of the glitter in his hair fell onto his face.

“What? You don't think he looks cute like this?” she asked as she presented Deku like he was some kind of sideshow attraction.

Katsuki's eyebrow twitched. Of course, he was, just because anything Deku does is cute.  However, just the way the gold glitter made the green of his eyes pop had him wishing they were alone, but he couldn't say that. “No, he looks ridiculous.”

Deku visually deflated, his ears folded down as far as the tinsel abled.   Fuck.  He could feel a headache coming on.    

“Oh, why did you go and do that?” The old hag added, “You are going to make him cry!”

Katsuki took a deep breath. “Deku, can I talk to you, privately ?”  he hissed, trying to make eye contact with the bunny.  He couldn’t very well comfort and/or kiss him here.

“Oh, come on now. Just say whatever you want to say here,” the hag chuckled, placing her hands on Deku's shoulders, smiling over one of them.  

“Fucking no,” a vein popped on Katsuki's forehead.  He stomped over to grab Deku's hand and pulled him away from the bad influence that was his mother and didn’t stop until they got to their bedroom.  Locking the door and listening to make sure they didn’t follow them, he turned to Deku.

The bunny still had a pout on his lips, and his head was lowered.

“I’m sorry, Deku. I thought you were roped into that shit, and I was just telling them off, so we could quicken the process of getting that shit off you,” he said while pulling at the tinsel.  “It is very cute. You always look very cute.” He lowered himself to a knee to get a better look at the bunny’s face.

Deku’s pink lips were trembling. However, as Katsuki came closer, he noticed that it wasn’t from being upset.  Deku was fighting a smile.

“Son of a—You weren’t upset at all, were you?”  Katsuki asked, slapping his own face. He couldn’t believe he fell for such a simple ruse.  

“Maybe.” Deku shuffled his feet, looking up at him with mirth in his eyes, his fur sparkling from all of the glitter that stuck to it.

Katsuki smirked. “You’ve been a naughty little bunny?”

Deku looked nervous. However, his smile withstood. “Maybe?  W-what are you going to do about it?”

Katsuki stepped forward, wrapping his arm around the bunny before bring him in for a kiss. “I need to punish you, of course,” he joked and gave him a wink.


“They have been gone for a while now,” Mitsuki chuckled. “Wonder if they forgot about us?”

Masaru hummed, not looking up from his phone. “Maybe.”  He paused for several seconds before adding, “It's not like we were actually planning on our son letting us stay here for an hour, let alone the entire week.”

“Yeah, we had to cancel our original hotel reservations,” Mitsuki smirked.  They had their whole week planned out, which ultimate didn’t include Katsuki actually letting them stay.  While she did make phone calls, if the brat actually listened to any of them, he would know it had nothing to do with staying over.  But the powers of that bunny over their son was truthfully out of this world, so here they were. “Even though I would like nothing more than to see how long the brat's patience will last, you think tomorrow morning?”

Masaru hummed. “That sounds good.”  He put his phone in his pocket, just to peck Mitsuki's lips. “But getting to tomorrow all depends on if you are on your best behavior.”  

Mitsuki rolled her eyes. “I'm always on my best behavior.  Besides, I wasn't the one trying to poison my son-in-law.”

Her husband sighed. “I'm being serious.”

“I am being serious.” Mitsuki wanted to push the point more but relented when Masaru smiled softly at her.   The bunny wasn’t the only one with power sway with their significant other.  “Fine, I guess,” she said as she laid back onto her husband's chest.  “Do you think the brat is going to be sad that mommy and daddy are leaving earlier?”  

“Doubtful.” Masaru wrapped his arms around her. “In fact, I think it will be the best present we can give him.”  

Mitsuki smirked. “We did interrupt their fun .”  

The two fell into a comfortable calm, chuckling about Katsuki state of dress when answering the door yesterday and how the two just reeked of sex.  Sometime later, the two boys walked out, ruffled and both covered in golden sparkles.


If Katsuki had to describe the rest of the day, he would use the words “not completely unpleasant.”  While still not what he wanted to be doing—not by a long shot—spending the afternoon watching old All Might holiday specials with his parents and Deku cuddling close? Well, it was alright.  He wasn't sure why , since he wasn’t some sap, but he was still getting some nostalgic shit vibes from his childhood that entire afternoon.

While the movies he long forgot about playing in the background, the old man and Deku made cookies together using recipes that Deku could eat.  It was nice—well, until flour exploded everywhere, including all over Deku. The bunny then had so much shit in his fur, between the sparkles and baking ingredients, Katsuki couldn't even imagine how hard it would be to wash it all out.  To say he was pissed was an understatement, but to his surprise, even the hag helped clean the kitchen while he cleaned off Deku.

After dinner, he was somehow—Deku—roped into playing the stupidest of party games.  They were loud, annoying, and they wiped the floor with those squatters. The naggy bitch accused them more than once of cheating, which they definitely were not!  Deku just had the most obvious tells ever if you knew what to look for. This went on for some time, only getting worse when the old hag found his liquor.

He wasn't sure how, but the rest of his Fireball and one bottle of hard cider was gone by the end of the night.  Deku had become a giggling mess, clinging to him for dear life as he and his mother argued about something he couldn’t even remember.  After some time, he had enough and stumbled off to bed, falling back onto it. Deku was dry humping him in his half-unconscious state, but Katsuki was out like a light in minutes.  


Katsuki awoke late the next morning due to the pokes from his bunny. “Kacchan, wake up—They’re gone.”

“Huh?  Who’s gone?” Kacchan asked, fighting a headache as he tried to open his eyes.

Deku, who was only inches away from his face, answered with, “Your parents. They’re not here.  I heard a noise earlier but didn’t think twice about it, but then when I got up just now, I noticed that they are not here anymore, and then I found this note and it said that they left, and they left—”

“Slow down, Deku,” Katsuki groaned at the rabbit speaking a mile a minute.  “Can you get me a large glass of water?” he asked as he tried to wrap his head around what the rabbit just said.

Deku nodded his head and grabbed him a glass of ice water, filled to the brim.  

Katsuki was quick to gulp it down. “So what’s going on?  Are they actually fucking gone?” he asked after finishing the glass.

The rabbit nodded. “And left this,” he said while handing him a piece of paper.  Oh goody, reading while his head felt like it was going to explode, his favorite.  

“How about you just summarize that for me,” he said as he leaned over to the side table, took out a pill bottle of painkillers, and dry-swallowed two.

“Um, well, okay.” The bunny looked down at the paper. “They wanted to thank us for putting up with them these past two days, and apparently, the work got done earlier so they went home.”  Katsuki didn’t know why, but something sounded off. However, he didn’t have the mental capacity right now.

“And they left us these as well,” Deku said presenting two little, cloth stuffed animal rabbits, one black and one white.  Katsuki took hold of the black bunny. It was actually pretty cute, resembling Deku’s “cousin” who they met in the woods last summer more than his bunny.  they were soft and well made with a little nose and brown button eyes.

“I thought they were pretty cute.” He was still holding the white bunny with red button eyes delicately.

Katsuki started laughing, surprising the living bunny.  “What the fuck. These are the cheesiest presents ever.”

Deku giggled too. “I guess they are a little cheesy.”

“You know what was an even better present?  Them leaving,” Katsuki said as he pulled the bunny in close for a kiss.  His lips were soft against his own hungry lips. “Because now we can do this and so much more in any room we want, without worry.”

“Oh!” Deku’s eyes widened. “That reminds me. Your parents actually—”


Katsuki grumbled. It’s been two months, but he still kept finding golden glitter all over the place, and it pissed him off.  Deku might have been able to forgive his parents, but he was still livid at them for playing him the fool that entire time. He couldn’t believe for even a moment that he thought they might actually be okay.  

Katsuki took a deep breath, but that didn’t matter right now because tomorrow was a very special day.  Tomorrow was the one year anniversary of the day he found Deku on that cold sidestreet. He couldn’t believe how much his life has changed in a single short year.  He went from spending every evening alone to spending every night with this sexy creature. In a whirlwind, he went from thinking love as a waste of time to actually loving and caring for Deku with all his heart.  It sounded mushy even now, but it was true. He would do anything for that bunny.

But he was really grown accustomed to this calm norm his life has fallen into the past couple of months, minus the little parent visit.  It was almost theophoric coming home to Deku each day. Coming home from hero work to a bunny studying away, they would talk about their day, do more hero training, groom Deku’s fur, cuddle while watching TV, and fuck.  They would do that one a lot. It was a simple life, but one which he couldn’t help but love.

Katsuki looked over at Deku. He had a fresh blanket in hand as he headed to their bedroom.  Deku had been acting increasingly antsy the past couple of days as they got closer to their anniversary.  He would change the bedsheets and blankets nearly every day, be either nibbling on snacks or dozing off every time he turned around as well as double if not triple down on the scenting.  Katsuki went out of his way to subtly tell the rabbit not to worry about tomorrow and that he would take care of it, but Deku was still was agitated.

“Hey, Deku,” Katsuki called out, and within moments, there was a bunny hanging from his front.  His fluffy tail wagged a mile a minute as he squeezed him almost painfully tight. His face had a light blush to it as he looked up at him with a big, goofy smile.  “Time for dinner.”

Chapter Text

“FUCK, SHIT, FUCK, DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!” Katsuki yelled at tomorrow’s anniversary cake that now laid destroyed on the fucking floor.  He was just trying to put the leftovers from tonight's meal away, but he set off some kind of Rube-Goldberg trap, knocking over the cake.  Even though he tried his damnedest to catch the thing, it only served to flip it over so it landed frosting-down on the kitchen floor.  

Deku practically hit the ceiling at the sudden outburst. He was even shaking as he came over to examine the mess he made.  It was his favorite treat, carrot cake from the little vegan bakery. He looked down at the cake sadly for a moment, his nose twitching, before returning his gaze to him.  He smiled, stepping over the cake to give him a hug.

“It’s okay, Kacchan, We don’t have to have cake,” he said calmly, his tail wagging as he buried his face into Katsuki’s shirt.  

“It’s not fucking okay,” Katsuki growled. “It was for tomorrow.”  He picked up the bunny from under his armpits and placed him on the countertop so he could clean the wasted treat.  Tomorrow was going to be a day for just them to eat, watch and do their favorite shit together in the comfort of their home.  It was supposed to be perfect until he fucked everything up by trying to do everything in one load instead of two.

“Kacchan, it really is fine.  Actually—”

“Fuck that.” Katsuki threw the cake into the trash and took a look at his phone.   They have time.  “We’ll go out now and get another one.”  He grabbed a wet washcloth and quickly wiped the floor clean.   That will have to do, for now , he thought as he jumped up to grab his wallet and coat.  “Come on, Deku,” he called.

The bunny looked over to him to him with a dazed look, still at the same spot on the counter.   What the fuck?

He walked back over to the rabbit. “Or do you not want to go?”  Katsuki asked as he rubbed one of the rabbit’s freckled cheeks with his knuckles.  The skin flushed upon contact.

Deku looked around before meeting his eyes. “No, I’ll go,” he said after a moment of hesitation.  He quickly jumped down and went to get his shoes and coat. “We just have to be quick.”

“Is that you fixing for a race?” Katsuki asked with a smirk.


Katsuki could probably count this as agility training for the bunny, he thought as they darted through the evening crowd, Deku only a hair’s breadth behind him.  It took a level of finesse to run past the crowd of people and Pets alike, but Deku was doing well with his red cheeks and puffs of air in front of his face. The bakery was roughly a mile away from their apartment, and even without quirks, it only took them a little over five minutes to get there.  

Looking ahead, he saw the owner of the bakery—a very muscular man with rather full lips and brown, spiky hair—outside his shop.

“Hey,” Katsuki called out to the man as he came to stop next to him. He could hear Deku panting somewhere behind him.  “What are you doing? You’re open for another two hours!”

The baker shook his head. “It’s Friday. We close now.” He pointed to the open hours' sign. “Locking up now.”

Katsuki peeked into the store’s window to see what he was looking for. “I’m buying that,” he pointed to the cake with the little carrot details made with frosting around the sides.

The large man looked at the cake then back at Katsuki with a raised eyebrow.

“For twice the normal cost,” the blonde added, pulling out his wallet and grabbing fifty.  

The baker sighed and shrugged. “The carrot cake?”  he asked as he unlocked the door.

“Yeah,” Katsuki confirmed, taking a deep breath as he watched the man go into the store.  With that taken care of, he turned his attention back to his—Where’s Deku? His heart dropped for half a moment as he quickly turned his head around before he once again caught sight of his bunny—surrounded by two other Pets.   The fuck?

The first was a wild-haired cat with a nick on his ear who was currently leaning against the wall with one arm.  On Deku’s other side was a short-haired dog with a curly tail wagging a mile a minute, his chest puffed out slightly.  And then there was Deku. With wide eyes, he looked between the two, his cheeks still red from their mad dash here.

“Scram,” Katsuki yelled, raising his hands and letting off a couple warning shots in the process, as he stomped over to his bunny.  

The cat hissed, retreating.  While the dog started growling, his hair standing on end as he stood protectively in front of Deku, his tail between his legs.  

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed as he stood next to the dog. “I don’t think you heard me, puppy,” he jeered.  “Get. Lost.” he punctuated, glaring down at the shacking mutt with his best sneer.

It looked like the dog was about to piss himself, but he didn’t move until Deku moved around him to cling to Katsuki’s front.  The dog looked saddened as he finally stepped down, backing away to stand next to the cat. The two Pets both stared at Deku as Katsuki brought the bunny into the safety of his arms.

“Fucking leave,” Katsuki yelled, making a fronting feint.  

The two Pets flinched and finally turned tail and ran away.   Good fucking riddance!   They had collars and tags, so they were someone’s fucking Pet. Hopefully, when they get home their owners can teach them some manners.  

Moments later, the baker walked out with a neatly packaged cake and another small wrapped item.  “Pleasure doing business with you,” he said before explaining he got Deku a little bonus sweet treat, a cinnamon bun, which the rabbit happily took and started nibbling on it.  


Deku was still clinging to him when he safely put the replacement cake in the fridge, his cinnamon bun long since finished, and he was now nuzzling into his shirt, wiggling around but refusing to get down.  His tail hasn’t seemed to take a break all day.

“So my loving bunny butt, what do you want to do now?” Katsuki asked while looking at his phone.  It was still relatively early, so they had enough time if they wanted to watch a movie or something.

Deku looked up, his cheeks pink as he gave him the “bedroom” eyes, before snuggling right back into his shoulder.  

Katsuki chuckled. “Bed it is then.”  He fondled the bunny’s ass cheek causing the bunny to moan and lightly thrust his hips.  “Excited, aren’t you?” Katsuki asked as he made his way to bed.

“Kacchan, actually,” Deku sounded out of breath, “I’m—”

“Oh shit.” The blood rushed to his face as he opened the door to their bedroom and looked upon the fully-constructed masterpiece on the bed.  No longer was it simply some extra pillows and blankets but instead a full-blown nest, expertly woven together by Deku’s hands.

Katsuki looked down at the blushing bunny, cursing how stupid he was.  In retrospect, it was obvious, beyond obvious , what was happening.  How the fuck did he mistake the signs—restlessness, drowsiness, increase appetite, flustered and clingy—all there? Well, actually, he wrote them off as the bunny’s excitement over tomorrow.  

“M-my heat, it’s almost here.” Deku pressed his two pointer fingers together. “I wasn’t sure at first, s-since this is my first natural heat in years, a-and it’s a wee bit earlier than I expected.”

Questions spilled from Katsuki’s mouth as he looked wide-eyed into green eyes. “When did you figure it out?  Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Does everything feel normal? Nothing feels wrong, does it? How much time do we have until,” Katsuki blushed, “you know.”  

“I-I’ve suspected for a couple days now but wasn’t certain if it was going to be, well, a full heat until this morning when I started,” he eyed the nest, “that. And I didn’t tell you sooner because, well—” The bunny blushed, shimmying around in his hold.

Katsuki sighed, kissing the bunny’s forehead. “Okay, I understand.”  He blinked his eyes open. “Wait, is that why those two Pets earlier?”

The bunny nodded. “They were both Alphas.”

Katsuki growled.  Fucking creeps. He now wished he did more than scare them a little.

“E-everything feels normal, I think,” Deku said, interrupting his not-so-savory thoughts.  “It’s strange, however.” The rabbit placed his hands on his lower stomach, “It’s a steadily growing itch just beneath the surface instead of the sudden, savage inferno that made my skin crawl.”  He paused, rubbing his stomach, “I-if I had to guess from how much it’s increased since just this morning, it’ll peak by tomorrow afternoon? Maybe sooner?”

“Tomorrow, huh?”  Well, there goes his original plans. He hoped the food doesn’t go bad since, from what he understands, Deku’s appetite will be basically non-existent the next couple of days.  Not only that, he will have to see about Kirishima picking up some of his shifts. The redhead still owned him big, so he better not refuse. But first...“So what do you want to do?”

Deku blinked, looking up at him. “What do you mean, Kacchan?”

“We were talking about this before,” Katsuki said as he rubbed up and down the bunny’s thigh. “But I want to make sure here and now, while you are still sober.  Do you want to spend your heat with me?”

Deku looked at him, horrified and shaking his head. “No, I am never mating with anyone other than Kacchan ever again.  Kacchan, I’m not going to—”

Katsuki hushed the rabbit with his finger. “Has the heat already gotten to your head?  I’m not asking if you want to spend it with someone else. Neither of us fucking wants that. I’m asking if you want to spend it with me or do this one alone.”

The bunny blinked his large green eyes. “Oh.”

“Look, I just wanted to cover all my bases again.” Katsuki cupped the warm cheek. “You were nervous about this before, and if you're not ready, you’re not ready.”

“No, no, I understand now, and I want to spend my heat with Kacchan.” He smiled genuinely, and Katsuki felt like he was bathed in holy light.  “That’s not to say that I’m not still a little nervous but,” he looked up with big doe eyes, “I want Kacchan.”


The rest of the night, Katsuki took care every one of Deku’s needs from his quickly approaching heat.  They got in a quick shower before he started grooming his fur and rubbing his stomach; the tricky part was doing so without arousing him now.  Sure, Katsuki has plenty of stamina, but shit, even he might have some problems keeping up with a rabbit in heat. Just before the bunny settled early for the night, he ended up having another half of a helping of dinner plus a small piece of the carrot cake, so his tummy was slightly protruding from being comfortably full.  

Before Katsuki joined the bunny, he called Shitty Hair, telling him the rundown of what was going on and getting him to cover his shifts.  Katsuki could practically hear him smiling from the other end of the phone, which only served to piss him off. And as the redhead was telling him not to worry about it, before he hung up the phone, he said “good luck.”  

Katsuki tried not to overthink it because, knowing Kirishima, it didn’t have some underlying meaning.

After that was taken care of, he made sure everything else was prepared for the next couple of days.  Condoms were placed in strategic locations, water bottles were beside the bed, and he took a couple of hours to cook up some fast and easy food to eat.  Most of it was for him, but he made sure to prepare light things for the bunny. While he wouldn’t be hungry, it didn’t mean he shouldn’t be eating.

It was a little after midnight when he finally climbed into bed.  Deku had long since fallen asleep under the covers of the nest, and the only indication of where he actually was was the steady rising and falling of his chest.  Katsuki enveloped the mass of moving blankets in the middle of the nest, snaking his hands underneath until he found it’s bunny-center. The mass cooed at him, turning to face him and snuggle in close.  And with a little effort, Katsuki was able to work his way under the blankets and settled in for some much-needed sleep.


The morning light had yet to grace the sky when Katsuki awoke to the humping of his thigh.  He was dazed for a moment since it felt like he was only asleep for a minute before waking again.  When the humping turned into pawing around his dick, Katsuki shot up, pulling back the blankets to see the little assailant.

Deku didn’t seem to notice the change to his environment as he continued to clumsily try to weasel his hands under the fabric.  His body was shaking, and he was panting as if they just ran a marathon. Not only that, where the fuck did his clothes go?

Just as the bunny got under the black material, Katsuki asked, “Can I help you?”

Deku recoiled and looked up at him without removing his intruding hands.  His pupils were blown out so only the smallest ring of green remained. His face was completely flushed with a healthy sheen, making his skin practically glow in the early morning light.  Deku started whining, “Mate. Please! I need...” He rubbed up and down Katsuki’s dick. “I need you inside.”

Katsuki gulped.  Not only was Deku just reeking of lust, but his hand performance was also that of an expert. Of course, his dick would react.  

Deku humped his leg again, and only then did Katsuki notice how fucking wet it was.  He has come to know the dampness that comes about when the rabbit was aroused, but this was on a completely different level.  Not only was Deku’s fur was damp all around the source, but the fluid spread to all of the surrounding fabric as well as Katsuki’s leg as the bunny continued to roll his hips.  

This was the real deal.  Deku was in heat. Suddenly, all the preparation didn’t seem to be enough when facing down a libido-frenzied rabbit.  But he wasn’t some fucking wimp. He was Katsuki Bakugou, and he was not backing down from this challenge.

Just then, the bunny hooked his fingers in his boxers and pulled, exposing his hardening cock to the night air.  Deku’s eyes lit up as if his dick was a glass of water in the desert. Without a moment of hesitation, the bunny licked up the underside of his cock from the base to the head.  “Mate, please, I need you inside me,” he said as he got on his hands and knees and raised his ass into the air to present his winking hole. “Fill me up. Fuck me!”  

Katsuki’s heart thumped in his chest. “Your wish is my command.”

Chapter Text

Those thick, muscular thighs were a tantalizing sight as Deku waved his ass in the air. It was literally dripping with anticipation.  Katsuki gulped, not wanting to look away even for the moment it would take to grab a condom but had to do so anyway.  

“Hurry, I need to feel you,” the bunny whined, thrusting his hips back towards him.  His face looked tormented with desire.

Katsuki rolled a condom onto his dick, taking a couple extra seconds to confirm that it was on correctly.  Now more than any other time, he had to make sure his dick was securely wrapped even if it is just a precautionary measure with Deku’s questionable state of fertility.  

Apparently, Katsuki was taking too long as a small string of noises escaped Deku’s mouth that he could only describe as cute little honks.  He faintly remembered that rabbits were known to make this noise when excited, and Deku sure as hell was fucking excited, but this was the first time he heard Deku make such a sound.  Fuck, how can Deku be sexy and adorable at the same time?   

“All good things for those who wait, Deku,” he said before crawling over to the bunny to look over his pink, puckered hole.  With one finger, he starting probing. He received no resistance as the finger slipped in up to the knuckle. Holy shit. Katsuki’s eyes widened as he put another finger and then another one, marveling with just how pliable he was. There was no need for lube or any additional prepping; Deku was more than ready now.

Deku moaned as Katsuki’s fingers dragged up and down his inner ridges, pushing his ass further down onto them, demanding more.  

Katsuki chuckled, pulling his fingers out, causing Deku to whine at the loss.  

“No, mate, I need you,” Deku begged, waggling his ass in his face, still on his hands and knees in a perfect little present, making no move to change position, giving Katsuki pause.

“Are you okay, this way?” he asked.

Deku’s eyes were clouded as he panted, “Take me.”

Katsuki smirked before crawling over the bunny, rolling their hips together. “I plan on it.”  He savored the sensation of their bodies touching, Deku’s damp furry ass against his hard rod.  Taking his dick in hand, Katsuki lined himself up, his head poking at Deku’s entrance. “Ready, Deku?”

Deku mewled his approval as the little minx went ahead and pierced himself with Katsuki cock.  He cried out in pleasure from the penetration as Katsuki found himself fully sheathed within the bunny.  

“Fuck,” Katsuki cursed. This warmth was incomparable to anything else he had ever felt.  Katsuki could feel Deku’s inner muscles flex around his member. He pulled back and pushed back deeper, their hips smacking together.  There was no resistance, and Deku’s body reacted with every one of his movement, pulsing.

Katsuki lowered his head to the crook of Deku’s neck, taking a deep breath as he thrust in again.  He couldn’t help but notice the bunny’s unique smell as the cinnamon soap was completely overtaken by something...native.  Don’t get him wrong. It still held an innate sweetness. If anything, it was more alluring than normal. It was making him a little light-headed as the oil smeared onto his face.  Fuck, he couldn’t imagine what kind of state he would be in if he was a Pet with a stronger nose.

When Katsuki pushed in again, Deku let out a pitiful whimper.  But it wasn’t one of pleasure or desire. Deku was tense, his arms and legs strained on their position on the bed.  All of his previous aggressive advances have dissipated.

“Deku?” Katsuki asked, stopping his thrusting and raising his head to Deku’s ears. “Are you okay?”

Deku whined again, shaking his head no.

“Deku, who am I?”  Katsuki asked calmly, rubbing his free hand up the side of the bunny’s body.  

“K-Kacchan,” he said with a little trouble as if he was fighting his tongue.  He blinked slowly. Katsuki wasn’t sure how much of this was actually sinking in.

“Yes,” Katsuki kissed the bunny’s forehead before forcing him to look at him.  His green eyes were still blown out with lust. However, they seemed to be conflicted with unease.  “Very good, Deku,” he said as he worked to relax Deku’s straining arms with some gentle caressing.  “You have no need to worry. You are safe. I will always keep you safe,” he said sincerely.  “Just relax, breath. Let me take care of you.”

“Kacchan,” Deku cooed this time, pleased with his mate if Katsuki were to guess.

“Yes, very good. Just keep reminding yourself that if you start getting freaked out again,” Katsuki said as he continued to soothe the bunny.  He focused on the ears since Katsuki came to know this was the first spot to attack when he wanted to get the bunny in the mood. Nibbling and licking the ridges of his ears as his hips, on their own volition, started modestly thrusting, pulling out halfway before sinking back in.  “You were fucking made to take my cock, Deku. So hot, so fucking tight,” he whispered into Deku’s ear.

Deku squeaked as Katsuki hit that spot and all of his inner muscles contracted.  

Katsuki chuckled, running his hand down the bunny’s toned stomach, appreciating every firm inch of Deku’s hard work over the past year, stopping just below his belly button. “Feel that Deku?” he said, emphasizing with a powerful thrust. “Feel my cock under your skin, stretching you to your capacity?”  

Deku panted, “Yes, make me full, mate,” while twisting his hips.  The greedy bunny wanted more, trying to leverage himself onto Katsuki’s cock further even though he was already as deep as he could go.  

“What is the magic word, Deku?”  Katsuki teased, slowly pulling out.

“Please!” he begged, spreading his legs further apart.

Katsuki swiftly pushed back in before repeating the same steps, but he wasn’t done yet as he found Deku’s little dick and started stroking it in time with his thrusts.  

“So fucking amazing,” Katsuki groaned. “So hot, so sexy.  I fucking love you and your tight fucking ass!” He thrust in hard, causing the bunny to shiver, and the sweet music of their fucking filled the room.  The slapping of their bodies mixed with the loud squeals of ecstasy from the rabbit with each hit of his sweet spot and Katsuki’s moans as Deku’s heat clenched down on him.  

“Do you feel that, Deku?”   Shit , it was like he stuck his dick in a vice grip, desperately trying to milk him for all he was worth.  “Is my dick pounding your womb? You’re getting all hot over my dick. Want to squeeze me dry?” He wasn’t going to be able to last much longer at this rate, so he picked up the pace.  “You’re going to have to do better than that, bunny.”

Deku’s body was abuzz as he screamed in pleasure, “Kacchan!”  And he started to cum, clamping down so hard that Katsuki could only give two more half-hearted thrusts until he came too.  His arms buckled under his weight, and he went face first into his nest, his body twitching as a steady pulse of his muscles hugged Katsuki’s dick.  

Katsuki was panting, out of breath.  “Fuck, I love you. I really fucking love you,” he said to the blissed-out rabbit under him.  That was fucking amazing. All sex with Deku was good, but shit, that was incredible .  Maybe this week wouldn’t be so bad after all?

Katsuki pulled out of Deku, causing the bunny to whine at the loss.  He carefully pulled off the condom, tying it before throwing it into the waste bin beside the bed.  He turned back to his bunny-love, already fast asleep from their little romp. Katsuki chuckled, settling in behind him to be the big spoon.  Now, hopefully, he will be able to get some much-needed sleep in before Deku needs him again.

He did not .  The sun was just barely peeking over the horizon when he awoke to a horny rabbit trying to fuck himself on his cock.  


Izuku didn’t know if he was awake or not. All he knew was that he was too warm.  Hot. Hurt. Every cell in his body was screaming at him that he was missing something.  He needed something. Someone.  He was empty.  He needed to be filled.  He needed to be full! Full—full of— something .  He needed them.  He needed—he needed—mate.  

I need my mate.   He was making me feel better.  He will help me. He always helps me.  He is a good mate. He cares for me so much.  The best mate. All his.  But—but where was he?  Where was his mate? What was he doing?  Why wasn’t he with him?

Izuku’s nose was too sensitive.  The scent of his and his mate’s love-making that permeated their nest filled his brain.  But he couldn’t smell his mate. He was near, but he wasn’t here. Where is he?  

Izuku whined as he forced himself to open his eyes a crack, and the bright morning sun blinded him.  He hurt. It was too bright. He couldn’t stand to keep eyes open, but he had to find his missing mate.   Where is my mate?  

Izuku tried to sit up even though his body protested, and it muddled his head even further.  He could feel that he was just getting hotter. It was like he was going to catch fire. He let out a pitiful whine as slick gushed out between his legs when he shifted his hips.  His fur was clumping between his inner thighs from the moisture. Could he have left me?  No, my mate wouldn’t do that.  My mate is a good man, the best man.  

Izuku forced his body to move. His legs and arms shook, but he kept going.  His mind was focused on the singular goal of finding his mate and having him fill him up as soon as possible.  He shuffled over the side of his nest, careful not to damage the structure. The floor was cool against his feet, and when he stood, the entire world spun again.  He clutched the side of the bed to keep himself from falling over. However, the moment he released his hold and tried to take a step forward, his legs gave out.

Izuku let out a cry when the world crashed to the ground.   What, why was this happening?  Where is he? Why did he leave me?  Where where was his mate?  Tears came to his eyes as he just couldn’t process what was happening anymore, his heat burning him from the inside out.

He was curling up into a ball when his naked mate bursted through the door like a light from the heavens that smelled like peanut butter.  “Fuck, Deku?” he questioned with wide eyes.

Izuku’s heart jumped out of his chest at the pure joy of seeing his mate.  His tail wagged as little chirps and honks exited his lips. His mate. His mate was here.  He has come to help him, make him better, fill him until he was satisfied. Izuku tried to stand again, to rush to his mate. However, he was not allowed to as he was quickly swept off his feet and into his mate’s arms.  

“Already?  Fuck, you are a little vampire, you know that?  I actually don’t know how I am going to fucking survive for another four days of this,” his mate said.

“Mate, mate,” Izuku cooed, unable to focus on what his mate was saying as he was trying desperately to satiate his pain.  “I need I need ”  He tried to focus on what he needed but continued getting lost in trying to find the word.

“I know, little vamp-bun bun, I know,” his mate said close to his ear as he placed him back into his nest.

Izuku eyes widened when he lost contact with his mate, worried that he would leave again.  That worry was quickly extinguished as the blonde climbed back into the nest after him. He had grab one of those rubber thingies and was now putting it on.  Izuku had mixed feelings about those things. Part of him was telling him that they were a necessary thing. Another part of him was screaming that it was keeping him from what he needed.  Izuku pawed at his mate’s encased member.

“You know the rules, Deku.” Izuku looked up to his mate’s face. “No wrapping, no in there.  Not taking any chances and having baby bunnies hopping around here anytime soon!” his mate said with a chuckle.

Izuku whilted, but he couldn’t explain why.  Something about what his mate just said made him sad.  He didn’t have much time to think about it, however, since his mate leaned down and started kissing him deeply.  

Izuku moaned into the hot mouth pressed against his own and a tongue slipped inside to dominating his breath.  It was passionate and rough, he could hardly keep up with the abuse of his lips so he let his mate work away, slowly feeding the fire in his stomach.

Izuku wrapped his arms around the blonde’s neck, pulling him in close.  He needed more of his mate As he spread his legs to expose the dripping heat between them.  “It hurts,” he said and begged when they pulled away for breath.

“Should I kiss it and make it better?” his mate asked, after bucking their hips together.  He kissed Izuku’s lips one more time before moving himself down to his moist crotch. With a wink, his mate dove right in and sent a shiver up Izuku’s spine.  

His tongue darted out and licked a line straight up his crevice, drinking up all the slick along the way.  He took little time preparing him before he explored deeper into Izuku’s channel with his hot, wet tongue. He washed his inner walls with his saliva, mixing the two fluids together as he pushed his tongue in and out.  

Izuku moaned at the sensation.  It was so different from what he was used to. His hips and legs twitched as his arms natural fell on either side of the blonde’s head.

He felt the blonde hum into his crying hole. “You like that, huh, Deku?”  His mate took Izuku’s outer sex into his hand after wetting it first with the mixture of their love.  He pumped his member in time with his mouth. It was a little awkward because of the lack of space down there, but somehow his mate was doing it and making Izuku feel dizzy.  

It didn’t reach nearly far enough to get to the burn, but it didn’t seem to matter.  After what only felt like a couple seconds, his body started twitching uncontrollably from the overflow of his senses and another large gush of fluid exited his body.  

His mate rose, the lower part of his face drenched in his scent.  He smiled. “Not the meal I was looking for, but it will do for now.”  

Izuku, honking, presented his empty hole to his mate, spreading his legs for easy access.

“You ready for more?” he asked.  

“Please, mate,” Izuku answered.

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Bun Bun

[Maruslei's Tumblr]


Izuku whined as the member slipped into his hungry hole.  It was so very deep. He could feel it just below his skin.  It filled him completely, stretched him to the limit—no, pass his limit.  Izuku’s heart started to race. He was too full, too much— it was too much !  

His mate’s voice entered his ears. “Deku, look at me,” he said aggressively.  Moments later, his mate’s red eyes were directly looking into Izuku’s. “Relax.” His mate kissed his lips.

Izuku blinked, taking a deep breath through his nose.  The intoxicating scent of sweetened spice calmed his mind as he kissed his mate back.  It was his mate. His mate will make it better. He will protect him and make the pain go away.  He felt the muscles he didn’t know he was clenching relax around his mate’s hot member.

“Good boy,” his mate spoke into his mouth as he pulled out teasingly slow. Izuku marveled at every inch of the member as it eased its way within his body.  

Izuku’s fears were overtaken by his desire.   The molten beast inside his gut once again made itself known, burning every other thought from his mind as his mate drove his member home.  Izuku moaned, drool escaping his mouth as his organs once again arranged themselves to take all of his mate. His belly slightly pushed out from the extra girth within, no longer painful but comforting.  His body demanded more, raising his legs.

“Deku,” his mate said with a chuckle.  He hiked Izuku’s legs even higher so his feet rested on those broad shoulders and Izuku was nearly folded in half.  

Izuku twisted his hips, the position allowed his mate to go even deeper; it made his head spin.  Izuku’s lips hung open as his mate started to take advantage of his arrangement to pound into him. Izuku could feel the beating inside his stomach, every thrust reshaping him in his mate's perfect form.  

“So perfect, made for me.  Made for me to fuck you,” his mate stated.  

“Yes, oh yes,” Izuku agreed. “Just for you, just for my mate!”  

The blonde rolled his hips as he adjusted his angle with each thrust until—

“FUCK YES!”  Izuku’s vision filled with stars as his mate hit his deepest point.  His mate always knew just where he needed to hit. He was so good like that, Izuku thought as it was hit again and again with more force.  He felt like he was going crazy as the heat coiled around inside him, so he reached his arms up, trying desperately to grab onto his mate.  He needed to be closer .  He wanted to be one with him, never to live another day of his life without him.  

“Be careful,” his mate hissed without slowing his even pace. “It’s still tender back there.”

Izuku didn’t have time to think about what his mate stated as he wrapped his arms around his mate’s neck and slowly lowered him.

“Fuck that’s sexy,” his mate commented.  His red eyes were ogling his legs, flexing above his head now.  “So flexible,” he ran his hand up Izuku’s leg. “So strong, so perfect,” he said, looking into Izuku’s eyes.  

Squeals and chirps combined together into a nonsensical gibber as his mate picked up the pace and started ramming into him.  Everything was so hot; he felt like he was melting. Melting together. He wasn’t sure anymore where he started and his mate ended.  The sweet smell of their love was intoxicating, and the masterpiece of their love-making vibrated in his soul. He wanted this. He needed this more than anything else.  

His perfect mate, he loves him so much.  It is the only thing his mind can focus on as his body was racked with pleasure, climbing to an even greater high.  The heat inside him burned like the sun as it tightened in on itself.

His mate was close too, swearing and calling out his name and thrusting into him at an increasingly frenzied rate.   The sweet sweat of his mate clung to his skin like a coat. His breath came out in pants.

Izuku felt the tension growing, stronger, hotter than it ever felt before.  It was almost too much; he thought he was going to explode! And finally, when he thought he couldn’t take a moment more, his mate thrust in so deep it trembled up to his brain.  The warmth inside him peaked at the same moment as the warm liquid spilled freely.

However, his mate was not done.

With every fresh thrust, an after the shock of Izuku’s over sensitive nerves had him twitching.  His leg bouncing from its place, his mate was quick to grab it and place it back it was meant to be.  

Izuku’s muscles squeezed tightly in a rhythmic pulse, wishing to milk his mate for everything he had.  His body knew it wasn’t much longer ‘til he would get what it wanted.

His mate pounded in once, twice and then—“FUCK,” he yelled as he buried himself deep inside and came.  He released Izuku’s leg before lowering himself on top of him.

He was heavy, but it wasn’t unpleasant.  It made him feel safe, completely entrapped by his mate.  Their sweat mixed together as their hearts beat frantically in time.  He was protected, he was loved. Everything was perfect. He hoped this comfortable warmth he felt would never end.  

Izuku started to idly purr, even when his mate pulled out and discarded the plastic.

“Here, Deku,” his mate said before, moments later, his lips were pressed against his own.

Izuku didn’t have time to think as something cool passed his lips, quenching a thirst he didn’t even know he had.  His mate provided for him so well, Izuku thought, his mind slowly drifting as his mate gave him more water.

“Okay, Deku,” his mate said after the third round of water. “Will you be fine this time if I go make some food for both of us?”

Izuku didn’t even have the energy to open his eyes or move his body, so he let out a soft hum.  

He felt the hair being pushed from his face. “I’ll be quick.  I just need,” his mate let out a deep exhale, “to recharge a bit for the next round.”  He felt a kiss on his forehead.

Izuku hummed again, as he felt the bed shift and the presence of his mate left the room.  He smiled as he placed a hand on his tummy above the gentle heat. Never in his life had he felt so content as he did at this moment. He couldn’t explain it, but he knew everything was as it should be.  


He was pretty sure his dick was going to fall off. That is all there was to it.  Using it basically none stop for the past five days has made it raw from friction.  He was not sure if he could keep up any longer. He has been trying to satisfy Deku in other ways, but in the end, it always seemed to end with penetration.  God damn it, he should have just swallowed his pride and got Deku some toys so he wouldn’t burn out. It was naive of him to think he could keep up with a heat-stricken rabbit.  

His only saving grace was Deku’s decreasing appetite after the high of the first couple of days.  While he was still demanding, it was no longer a constant strain of sex, sex, and more sex. He has been snacking on food rather than having complete meals between Deku’s episodes, and only every other time, the bunny would eat with him.  But he was able to keep them both well hydrated with all the sweat and fluids being spilled.

The sex was good. No, that would be an understatement. It has been great, but never before has he so fully understood the saying “ too much of a good thing .”  Hence why Katsuki stiffened when he felt Deku stir.  He wanted to take care of his bunny’s every need, but shit, he doesn’t think anything less than a crane would be able to get his dick up for the next fucking month.  

Heavy green eyes looked at him, blinking slowly he started to smile.  “Kacchan,” he purred before nuzzling back into his chest. He wasn't humping him or begging to be satisfied even though he just woke up?   Is this the light at the end of the tunnel?  

Katsuki had to confirm, “Deku?”

The bunny hummed without removing his face from the crook of his neck.  His legs were weaved between his own. His fur was a good deal less fluffy than normal due to a combination of not being properly groomed since before his heat started and the copious amounts of fluids coating his body.  

“How are you feeling?” Katsuki asked.

“Tired,” the bunny answered after a large yawn.  

“Not horny?”  Katsuki continued to ask, still in shock that the heavenly hellish heat was over.

“I am still a little,” Deku answered, pulling away just enough so their eyes can meet, “but it’s much duller now.  A comfortable warm that doesn’t clog my mind.” Deku leaned up to peck Katsuki’s lips. “I would have thought you would be relieved that it was over?”

“I am!”  Katsuki said a little too quickly.  

Deku blinked, raised an eyebrow.  

“Shit,” Katsuki started backtracking, “I mean, it’s not like I didn’t love every moment of it, but bunny, I am tapped out, bone dry, balls are on E.  I don’t know how I lasted this long!”

Deku giggled, “I know,” nuzzling up close again.  “I’m sorry that it was so hard for you. I really didn’t expect my heat to be that...intense?  Since for a while I wasn’t sure if I was even going to have my heat, this was unexpected.”

Katsuki started gently rubbing the small of Deku’s back. “So that wasn’t normal?”

Deku shook his head and spoke into Katsuki’s neck. “I’m not sure if it was because it was my first natural heat in years or what, but it was different, quicker and more severe.  When I was still living with my mother and the missus, my heat was longer and manageable. I never lost myself like that, not even when they were forced.”

“And how do you feel now?”  Katsuki asked. “And do not say you’re just tired.  If there is something wrong—”

“Nothing feels wrong, Kacchan.  I’m just tired, sticky, sore, hungry, but mostly just exhausted right now.”  Deku moved his hand around so it laid flat over his lower stomach. “I still feel the heat. However, it’s the dull remains of the fire.  It’s actually kind of nice. I’ve never felt this,” Deku yawned again, “satisfied after a heat.”

His ego stroked, Katsuki smiled.  “Did you expect anything less from me?”    

Deku shook his head, and they fell into a comfortable calm, the only noise coming from the mixing of their breaths and the trailing of the bunny’s arm as it caressed his stomach.  “It feels nice,” Deku said softly, less to Katsuki and more to himself.

“Good.,” I guess .  Katsuki wasn’t sure what to make of all of that and wrote it off to the bunny’s post heat state.  “So how about we rest for a little bit longer, take a nice hot shower to wash away the stink and loosen our muscles, and then order some food because fuck cooking right now.  Sounds good?”

“Perfect,” Deku sighed.


Getting back to work after the week he has had was more difficult than that he would like to admit.  His sleeping schedule got fucked, literally, and basically, all his stamina was just gone. That’s not even mentioning the fact that his hips hurt like holy hell and even after two days of resting with his bun without fucking.  Even if Deku said otherwise, he was sure that he had a noticeable lopsided gait.

Katsuki yawned., The should have stopped for a coffee.  After the five days of Deku’s heat, they spent the entirety of the sixth cleaning, pampering, and generally trying to get their schedules back to norm.  The bunny really didn’t want to take down his nest yet, but Katsuki put his foot down on the dirtiest items. They were later returned to the nest, clean and fresh.  Deku stated that in a couple of days when the heat completely dissipated, he will take it down completely.

While Deku was taking care of the laundry, Katsuki turned his attention to the metal trash can filled with used condoms.  Needless to say, it was sticky, and he wasn’t sure, but at least one of them leaked after being carelessly thrown in judging from the amount of shit clinging to the bottom.  He had to fight the idea of just throwing the gross thing away and controlled himself, so after tossing the plastic, he hosed it down.

They ended up taking nearly an hour-long shower together, cleaning each other down from the sweat and other fluids that lingered on their body.  Deku was clearly apprehensive about washing away the “scenting from his mate,” but was content after his fur was lightened of the crud and free of the knots.  

They spent most of the rest of the afternoon grooming Deku’s fur until it had its usual fluff and noshing down food.  The bunny might have said he was just a “little hungry,” but that was the biggest understatement of the year by far. In the end, Katsuki had to take care of his idiot bunny’s stomach ache after he ate too much.

Katsuki smiled.  This past week may not have been perfect, but damn, was it not one of the best weeks in his entire life.  Actually, a lot of his fondest memories came from the time when Deku hopped into his life. The damn bunny just had a way of brightening everything he touched.  Fuck, he wanted to get this day over with and get home to him as soon as possible.

“Bakugou!” a familiar, annoying voice yelled as he entered the room. “I didn’t think I would be seeing you so soon!”

Katsuki ignored the red-headed idiot.  He was too tired for his bullshit right now.  

“I didn’t think I would see you for at least another couple of days.  Bunny heats are supposed to be on another level.  So, how was it?” Hair for brains brightly smiled right next to his face.  Personal space has yet to be invented for blockheads, it seems.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes, shoving away the grinning fool’s face with his palm igniting with tiny, harmless sparks. “How was what?”

“Just wondering, since you strolled in like some kind of happy zombie.” He smirked from behind Katsuki’s hand.

“You son of a bitch.” Katsuki set off a more forceful blast directly in his face.

Kirishima just laughed like an idiot as he fell on his ass. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that.”  

“Fucking—how long have you know?  Was it Pinky?” Katsuki questioned shaking his head while trying to control his explosions. “Does everyone just fucking know and is fucking with me?”

Wiping a tear from the corner of his eye, he said, “No, no, Mina didn’t tell me.  I knew way before then that my bro was in love, maybe even before he realized it himself.”  

Wheels turned in Katsuki head, and then he remembered the picture he sent all those months ago. “YOU SON OF A BITCH,” he yelled, launching himself at the man.  Katsuki was pinning his so-called best friend that had been fucking with him for the better half of the last six months.

“What is with all the commotion in here?”  a loud, uptight voice said as the door opened to reveal Glasses.  “Fighting is strictly forbidden in the locker room!” he yelled quickly making his way over, chopping the air with his hands on the way.  

“Fuck you,” Katsuki said, flipping off the man. “Wait, do you fucking know too?”

Blue eyes blinked, confused. “Know what?”

“You fucking know!  Apparently, everyone fucking knows about it!”  Katsuki yelled, thoroughly done with everyone playing him as the fool.

“I have no clue what you are talking about,” the dark-blue-haired man said sternly.  “But I do know that you have been called upon. I was on my way to find you when I stumbled upon your blatant disregard of the rules.”

“HUH?  What for?”  Katsuki questioned.

“I’m unsure of the details,” Iida folded his arms, “but I know it is an urgent matter that the board wants to brief you on as soon as possible .”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes. What the fuck would the old farts want?  Only when shit is seriously hitting the fan somewhere or with someone do they actually do anything, and by do anything, he meant to make someone else do something.  Katsuki spat, “Fine,” releasing the redhead. “I’m not done with you,” he said standing up and pointing at the Kirishima who was still on the ground.

“It’s nothing serious, is it?”  Kirishima asked, a worried tone in his voice, as he too stood up.

“I’m not sure,” Iida frowned, clearly as in the dark as everyone else here.  

“Fuck, let's just get this over with!”  Katsuki said, trying to hide his worry. In the long scheme of things, he didn’t fucking care if Shitty Hair or the fucking hack knew.  He knew he could trust them. He fucking hated that they were fucking with him but knew that at the end of the day, they support him—and Deku.

“I want to be best man at your wedding,” Shitty hair said, clearly trying to lighten the mood.

“Bakugou, you’re getting married?  This what you were talking about me already knowing?  I didn’t even know you were dating someone. Congratulations!”



Izuku was dozing in his nest when he heard the door open.  Alert, he sat up and focused in on the direction of the door, subconsciously preparing himself.  

“Deku, it’s me,” the somber voice of Kacchan called down the hall.

Izuku blinked, looking over at the clock.  It was far too early for him to be home. What is going on?  

Kacchan walked into the bedroom moments later, a troubled frown on his face.

Chapter Text

Bun Bun 1

Bun Bun 2

[cheesebgud's Tumblr]


Izuku tilted his head in confusion.   Why would Kacchan come home so early?  It was too early for him to be home.   Did he get sick or hurt so they sent him home early?  It didn’t look like it.   Maybe he forgot something?  That was very unlike Kacchan.   C-could something bad have happened?

Kacchan walked over to him and sat on the side of the bed, just outside the nest.  “So,” Kacchan took a deep breath, “I have a mission. I’ll be leaving within the hour.”

Izuku blinked, more confused than before.  “A mission? An hour? I don’t understand, Kacchan. Why are you home?” he questioned as he crawled closer to his disheartened mate.    

“It’s a high priority mission.”  He looked over at Izuku with a disingenuous smile on his face.   He started petting Izuku’s head, flattening the unruly curls on his head.  “It will take me— away from home—for possibly a while.”

Oh .  It felt like the entire room dropped ten degrees as the gears started to move into place.  “How long is a while?” Izuku could feel his hair stand on end as he patiently waited for Kacchan to continue.  

Kacchan closed his eyes. “I’m not sure. They said it could be as little as a week and up to, well, whenever it’s done.”  Kacchan opened his eyes again to look at him. “There’s a lead on a big-shot criminal ringleader and they need capable heroes up on the front line.”

“A famous villain?  Or—”

“No, well—no,” Kacchan shook his head, “I shouldn’t say any more. This is a covert mission. Everything has to be done quietly or else we might spook him.  This has to be done right or else there just might be a huge-ass power vacuum we would have to worry about. The police have already been working hard to catch this guy for the good part of two decades, and I don’t think they want to wait for another two for him to show up again.”

Izuku nodded his head, letting everything sink in. He didn’t like the fact that Kacchan couldn’t tell him about the mission. He knew it was a rule, but a villain that evasive must know their way around the seedy underbelly of the world and was bound to have a couple of tricks up his sleeve.  “It will be dangerous,” he whispered, eyes unfocused on any one object.

Kacchan thundered, “HUH?  What do you take me for? A fucking weakling?  I am Ground Zero, the man that is going to be the number one hero!”  His chest was poofed out as his face held his trademark scowl.

“No, but—” Izuku started.

“Don’t doubt me for a second, bunny buns,” Kacchan leaned in and placed his forehead against Izuku’s.  “I am not abandoning you. Not now, not ever.”


Izuku hugged Kacchan tightly. He didn’t want to let go because he knew that, when he did, he will be gone.   Just for a week , his mind reminded him, and knowing Kacchan, he will go and come back in record time . Still, Izuku felt tears sting the corner of his eyes as he nuzzled in closer to the blonde’s warmth.

Kacchan could take care of himself. He was rightly one of the top pro-heroes for a reason!  But no matter how hard he tried to convince his mind, the worry bubbled in his stomach. It was not a question that it would break him to be abandoned again.  He knew that wasn’t Kacchan’s intentions, but right here and right now, his mate leaving him just felt so wrong.  He determined it was his stupid post-heat hormones making him more sensitive.  

Kacchan squeezed him back in a loving embrace. “It’s okay Deku, I’ll be back before you even know it.”  

Izuku let out a tiny wail at his comforting words.  He didn’t want Kacchan to leave. All he wanted was for them to go back to his warm, safe nest and snuggle close to one another.  For half a second, his mind debated whether he would be strong enough to force his mate to stay where he belonged before the more rational part of his brain came back.   Even if I could, I can’t do that.  Kacchan is a hero to everyone.

Kacchan started idly playing with his hair. “Kirishima will be over in a couple hours to pick you up.  If that bunch of morons gets to be too much for you, I’ve already called All Might, and he said you were more than welcome over there as well.”  Kacchan started scratching behind his ears. “Hell, if you really wanted, I’m sure even Round Cheeks or Glasses would love to have you over. Really, whoever you want to stay with is up to you.”  

“I want to stay with you,” Izuku answered honestly.  He wouldn’t mind being held up in a small hotel room if it meant that he could be with Kacchan.

“Deku, we already talked about this.  There is no way I would be able to swing letting my ‘Pet’ come on this mission with me.  Maybe if it was a lower priority mission, but for this one, it really is impossible,” he said as he squeezed him close.  

Izuku took a deep breath of Kacchan’s sweet scent.  “How about Todoroki?” Izuku jokingly asked as he looked up at Kacchan.

“No,” Kacchan said immediately, his eyebrow twitching and his lips hardening to a line. “No fucking Icy Hot.”  

Izuku started to giggle, momentarily forgetting his gloom. “I only fuck Kacchan,”  Izuku said with a small smile, his tail wagging happily.

Kacchan’s face twisted from one of irritation to a smug smirk.  “Damn straight, I’m the only one that gets to fuck your sweet bunny ass,” Kacchan said as he leaned down to catch Izuku’s lips.   

Izuku hummed, happy at the attention he was getting from his mate.  He kissed his beloved back, moving his lips slowly against his.

Buzz.  Buzz. Buzz.

“Shit,” Kacchan swore, pulling back to look at his phone.  His eyes scanned the screen as he started to look like he wanted to blow the piece of hardware to smithereens.   

The cold dread in his stomach told him what that meant—their time was up.  He felt fresh moisture spring from his eyes. His mate was leaving him.

“Fucking no more of that. I’ll be back before you know it,” Kacchan said as he kissed the tears from his cheeks before once again pressing their lips together for a final chaste kiss. “I love you, bunny buns—” he said, pulling back from the kiss to rest their foreheads together.  For a moment, they just looked into each other's eyes until Kacchan’s phone started buzzing again. “Fuck, I know. Time to fucking go,” he yelled at his vibrating phone.

“Kacchan,” Izuku said softly as he grabbed onto his mate one more time and squeezed him tight, “I love you.  Please be safe and come home soon!”

Kacchan coughed when he was released, taking deep breaths of air. “Compared to you, this villain is nothing.  A bug on the side of the road.”

Izuku giggled, “Sorry.”  

Kacchan smirked as he opened the door and looked over his shoulder one last time.  “I’ll call later when I get there,” he said as he started to close the door, only for it to open again a moment later.

Izuku blinked, turning his head to the side.  

“I just wanted to say beat Kirishima up for me. The fucker knew the entire time,” Kacchan said.  Their eyes meet one more time as he said in a much calmer voice, “So, um, see you later.”

Izuku smiled at his mate. “See you later,” he echoed back as the door slowly closed.


Dull green eyes looked up at him from within the dark apartment.  “Kirishima, come on in,” the rabbit said with a soft voice. As Eijiro stepped closer, he could see the red rims of swollen eyes.  He had been crying, but he made an effort to give him an awkward smile.

“Are you doing okay?” Eijiro asked, resisting the urge to launch into a hug.  He remembered what happened last night when he surprise-hugged the bunny.

“I-I’m fine,” he said looking down at his feet.

Eijiro sighed. “You don’t have to keep it all bottled up.” He reached forward and placed his hand on top of the soft hair on the rabbit’s head.  “You don’t have to worry too much about Bakugou. My best bro is a man among men. He will be back before you even know it.”

Izuku nodded his head. “I know. I’m just being overly emotional right now.  In a couple of days, I should be better.”

That’s right, he was just coming off his heat.  Denki going in and coming out of his heat was more than a little clingy and would start crying over the small things.  Something like his mate leaving so shortly after his heat must have turned his entire world upside down. While he had faith in his Pets, he would have to make sure everyone at home was on their best behavior while Izuku was staying with them.

Eijiro smiled, petting his hair again before posing with his fists on his hips.  “No need to worry citizen. Red Riot is on the scene!” he said putting on his hero persona, even hardening just to show off a bit.  The bunny needed a bit of a distraction, and he knew how much of a hero-nut he was, so this was worth a try.

Izuku laughter reminded him of a bell as at least a little light returned to his eyes, so Eijiro continued his little act.  He acted as if he was here to save him from his loneliness with a week full of fun and excitement until his prince returns. Izuku even started playing along, joking back in good humor for a couple of minutes.  It was clear this entire situation with Bakugou was still stressful for the bunny, but he wouldn’t be much of a hero if he couldn’t do anything to help someone in need.

“So, how about we start heading out?  We can stop by wherever you want for dinner,” Eijiro said before looking around beside the bunny for the first time. “Have you packed?”  

Izuku looked to the side. “I—um, I ended up falling asleep so I didn’t really finish packing.”  

Eijiro hummed. “That is okay.” He patted his chest. “I can help you.  What do you still need to pack?”

Izuku didn't answer for a moment before saying, “Everything.”


“We’re home, everyone!” Kirishima yelled ahead as Izuku opened the door.  

The warm scents of the redhead’s house splashed upon his face as he walked in with Kirishima right behind him then closed the door when both were inside.  Somehow, even with his arms full—one hand having all of his essential items and the other having tonight’s dinner—his hands were freer than the hero's.  

In a very reminiscent fashion to one year ago, he was carrying his artificial nest in both arms.  He really didn’t want to leave his nest. He seriously tried to think of a way to bring it with them.  He just wanted something familiar and safe with him, but when he couldn’t figure out a reasonable way to do so, he settled with carefully deconstructing the most important elements, though with the strongest scents, and placing them inside the synthetic one.  While his gut wasn’t pleased with this solution, it was better than nothing.

Almost immediately after he walked in the door, he was besieged on either side by Mina and Denki.

“Izuku!”  Mina screamed in his ear.

“So glad to have you here, buddy!  We have so much planned for your stay,” Denki said in his other ear.  

Izuku flattened his ears at the two bouncing Pets on either arm. Kirishima went off to put his nest down somewhere when he saw more movement.  Poking his head around the corner was Hanta, Kirishima’s newest Pet.

Izuku had only met the friendly black-haired dog a few times even though Kirishima adopted him a couple months ago, just before the end of last year.  This was because he had been in and out of surgery and rehab. He didn’t know the details, but apparently, the dog was in some kind of serious car accident.  

His previous owners, while good people, were not very well off, so they couldn’t pay for his surgeries and had to give him up.  They hoped that, by doing so, some kind soul would adopt him and get him the care he needed. Luckily, Kirishima was said kind soul and became Hanta’s hero, adopting him and paying for all his treatment.  

The Beta walked around the corner, his arms broken and bandaged but his tail wagging as he gave Izuku a wide smile. “Hey, Izuku, how you doing?”

“Okay, I guess,” Izuku said as he was being dragged on both sides by the other two Pets.  Apparently, they wanted to show him a cool new movie trailer. Even though he didn’t want to stare, his eyes dropped to the dog’s oddly bent arms.  Izuku’s aged scars ached; he could sympathize to an extent.

“Hey, guys, how about giving Izuku some breathing room,” Kirishima said as he walked back into the room.  “How about we have dinner than order a movie?” he asked as he came over and took the food from Izuku’s arm.

“Yeah!” all three other Pets howled before they started shouting out what movie they wanted to watch.  Kirishima’s house really does have a very different atmosphere than his home with Kacchan. It was happy and warm but in a very different way than home.  He smiled despite the chaotic state of his stomach.

“Izuku, just bring your things down the hall and the second door on your left is your nest set up next to Denki’s,” Kirishima whispered to him next to his ear. “The bathroom is across the hall for you to wash your hands for dinner.”

“Okay,” Izuku said, looking up at the happy redhead before making his way through the energetic Pets to get to the room.  It wasn’t hard to find the room that smelled strongly of his fellow Omega. He looked around as he placed his bag down next to his nest as a wave of uncertainty washed over him.  His stomach bubbled up angrily as the nerves started to overtake him. He could feel himself starting to shake as the feeling of something being amiss returned with full force. He wanted to give in to his craving to bury himself in the warm embrace of his mate’s arms.  

Izuku ducked into his nest and quickly found and wrapped his arms around Kacchan’s pillow then took a deep breath.  It still smelled strongly of him, but the dulling of time was already starting to set in. Izuku whined. Stupid hormones!  Why do you make me feel the things you do!

Izuku had his eyes closed as he was trying to visualize his mate when he heard the ringing in his pocket.  Without even looking at his phone, he answered, “Kacchan!”

“Hey, bunny butt.”

Chapter Text

Bun Bun

[tawny-hero's Tumblr]


It was harder than he thought to get everyone to sit at the table.  Eijiro never really enforced the rule as long as everyone put their dirty dishes into the sink afterward and took turns doing the dishes.  But today and in the near future they have a guest; they’re going to act civilized for once!

When he finally got Mina the jokester to sit in her seat, Eijiro turned and for the first time noticed that Izuku was not there.   Huh, did he get lost?   He told his rambunctious and hungry Pets to wait until he got back with Izuku to start eating, knowing full well they probably won’t, before he went off to look for the missing bunny.

Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find the rabbit.  He was right where he was meant to be, chattering away about “Kacchan” this and “Kacchan” that.  When he got closer, he saw that he was talking on the phone with who almost definitely was Bakugou.  His expressions, illuminated by the glow of the screen, were night and day to the one he had just five minutes ago.  He was adorable; his tail was wagging and his smile was genuine. Bakugou was the light of his life, there was no doubt about that.

Eijiro’s heart swells.   That is just so cute!  He quickly grabs out his phone and starts snapping a couple pictures.  For the blog, sure, but mostly to send to his bro and make up for earlier, as he hasn't really gotten the chance to do so since this mission came up.

Just then, Izuku’s ears perked up and he turned to make eye contact with him, his smile dropping.   He starts fumbling with his words. “Sorry Kacchan, I have to go—”

Eijiro quickly shook his head and mouthed to him to take all the time he needs.  

Izuku’s smile returned and he went right back to his conversation.  As Eijiro walked down the hallway to get back to the others, he heard the rabbit start talking about how he fell on his butt on the way over here on some ice. And even halfway down the hallway, he could clearly hear the roar of Bakugou’s laughter.

Izuku returned an hour later. In his absence, they had decided they could have a movie night and the bunny would be the one to choose the first movie.

He chose an action hero flick that came out when they were young.  It was a good movie, with a surprisingly tear-jerking ending. After the first burst of nostalgia, it was a unanimous decision to see the next movie in the trilogy.  And of course, after finishing the second, they couldn’t not watch the final one, even though it was arguably the worst of the three.

It was well after one in the morning when the final movie was coming to a close. When Eijiro looked around the room, he was not surprised to see that all the Pets were in some state of sleep, either completely knocked out like Denki and Mina or continuously yawning like Hanta.  

Izuku, who was sitting between the two sleeping Pets seemed to be barely holding on.  His eyes would close and he would start to slump over before suddenly being jolted back awake.  

Eijiro smiled, then nudged Hanta, who was leaning against him, and the dog was able to start making his way to bed by himself.  He then got up to release the bunny from the two overly affectionate Pets that were using him as a pillow. Sleepy but thankful green eyes looked up to him as Eijiro picked up Mina and Denki in each arm and brought them to their respective nests, Izuku following close behind.  

This isn’t going to be so bad, he thought.  


Eijiro frowned as he looked over to the bunny sitting on the floor, persistently watching the front door.  He could pass for a cute little plushy with how still he was.

“Hey, Izuku,” he said with a yawn.

The bunny didn’t react. The only sign that he even hear him was the smallest of twitches of his ears.  He has been sitting there for hours now; no matter what anyone else did, he sat determinately in his task.

“It’s getting late now,” he said, looking to the clock. It was half past midnight.  “Why not try and get some sleep?”

“I’m waiting for Kacchan.”

Izuku was doing so well this entire week.  While it was clear he wasn’t at one-hundred percent he still seemed to be enjoying himself well enough.  He played with the other Pets, went on walks even though they were much tamer than what he used to, and even helped him around the house.  But the bunny’s clear cut favorite part of the day was no doubt those few precious minutes talking to lover, Bakugou, in the evening.

Today—eh—yesterday was the day Bakugou was scheduled to come home.  He scarcely put together from what he overheard earlier in the week that the day before yesterday was the make or break day.   In stack comparison, yesterday the higher-ups were hard-faced, more so than normal, which sent him a clear message that the original plan failed.  He wasn’t sure how severely, but that could mean there is still hope to salvage the situation.

Last evening, he told Izuku about his suspicions but the bunny still seemed hopeful that Bakugou would still come tonight and told him that he was overthinking things.  Eijiro smiled at the time, saying he might be right and the sour-faces were just that. So they turned on the news to watch for “Ground Zero Saved the Day and Put a Notorious Villain behind Bars.”  

But as the hours passed, anxiety slowly seeped into the rabbit’s face. During dinner, he could barely sit still as he kept looking at the door and to his phone. Eijiro sadly looked on; with every passing hour it made his hunch more and more valid. But he knew, even if the original mission failed, Bakugou would call his little bunny lover and comfort him in a way he simply couldn’t.

As they were cleaning up the dishes, a breaking news announcement came on the TV, but it wasn’t the news they were hoping for. They gave no names, but several heroes were now in critical condition after a failed attempt to capture a villain. Izuku was shaking, dropping the plate in his hand. It was in the area where Bakugou was working.

Izuku looked like he was going to be sick as it came to an end.  His Pets quickly swarmed the distressing Omega, stepping around the shards of ceramic.  He was looking blankly at the now black screen even as they all tried to comfort him with the fact that they no clue whether that was even his mission, let alone if Bakugou was one of the ones that got hurt.  

“He’ll probably call later, all pissed off at some fucking extra fucking up ,” Denki added in his best Bakugou impression.

This got Izuku to smile.  He still had a distanced look but took a deep breath to calm himself.  All would be better, even if Bakugou couldn’t come back yet. He assured himself of this and waited for the moment when his mate would call.

But he didn’t.

Eijiro walked around so he could look at the rabbit.  Izuku looked up to him with pained, hollow eyes. “Is he not coming back?” he asked in a heartbreakingly vacant tone.

“He’ll be back,” Eijiro said, “I’ve known Bakugou longer than you and I know he is a man of his word.  He’ll be back, just not tonight. He will never abandon you, he loves you too much” he smiled confidently.  

The bunny bites his lip, looking up to him with watering eyes.  “I-I just want Kacchan.” The dam was starting to break and a tear rolled down the rabbit’s pale cheek.  “I need him,” he cried as another tear ran down the other cheek. “I need my mate!” he yelled, looking up angrily at him as if he was the one keeping Bakugou away from him.  His expression changes again, and he blinks more tears as his lips quiver before he folding in on himself, wrapping his arms around his small form.

“Oh, Izuku,” he says softly before he goes in and hugs the hurting bunny.


Days pass with no additional word from Bakugou and soon it was coming up on the second week since he left.  He was constantly checking the news for updates but they keep reporting the same story with no additional information, over and over again.  Each day he went without hearing from Kacchan was torturous.

Kirishima tried his best to dig up some information for him, to find out his whereabouts and status, but it was in vain.  His bosses shut him down, telling him that “everything was under control,” and to focus on his own work. They also warned him of the repercussions of going against their orders on this matter, referencing his past transgressions when he was still a student.  He was pushed up against a corner, but Kirishima thought it was weird. He couldn’t hazard a guess, but he knew something was going on.

Izuku’s mind couldn’t help but go to the worst-case scenario as to why Kacchan wouldn’t be calling him.  Every time he closed his eyes, he could see Kacchan hurting, bleeding out or in a hospital bed with a hundred tubes attached to him trying to keep him alive.   He could be —No. He can’t even imagine a life without Kacchan anymore.  

He has long since accepted the fact that he has become completely dependent on Kacchan’s existence to function.  Even when the effects of his post-heat should have long since concluded, he was still feeling that longing pull for Kacchan.  It was more than just missing him, he felt like half of his body was gone. And that was when everything was still right with the world and Kacchan was still coming home.  

But now?  Izuku felt like a hollow shell of his former self.  His body worked on autopilot and his mind just trailed along.  He tried to smile, laugh, do everything he would normally do, enjoy everything he would normally enjoy.  But it felt false—fake—like he was trying to trick himself. He was disconnected from the rest of the world. Something just felt wrong .  

He couldn’t understand why life was punishing him so.  Did he do something terrible in a past life? Was this his punishment?  Why was he never allowed happiness for longer than a single moment? Was he really just not meant to be happy?!

“Izuku.” Blonde hair and golden eyes flashed in front of his face and brushed away tears he didn’t know he had shed.  Denki looked him over, pushing his hair to the side before rubbing their cheeks together. “It’s okay, Izuku,” he said calmly while he started grooming his hair with his hand.   

The mouse has been increasingly affectionate since the day Kacchan didn’t call, always staying close. He even tried to wiggle his way into his nest, a common way Omegas bond and comfort each other.   However, before Izuku even knew what was happening, he was growling at the mouse.

He spent hours in his nest, rearranging the items as they slowly began to lose his mate’s scent.   He had kept his scent untarnished. He appreciated the thought, but every fiber of his being told him to protect the precious sanctum of his nest.

Moments later, a tissue appeared in front of his eyes to wipe away the tears.  “How you doing Izuku,” questioned Hanta. He was snuggling in close on his other side.  His smile was warm as he ruffled his hair, much to the annoyance of Denki who had just gotten it to lay flat. While not as touchy, he has been attentive to his needs even with his arms still healing.

Mina poked her head up from the side of the couch. She was resting by his feet as they watched his favorite movie. “You want something to eat or drink,” she asked as she instinctively spread her protective pheromones over them all.  He was sure that if he wasn’t such a mess, he might have been nervous of the Alpha marking him as one of her pack but at the moment, it just felt comforting.

Izuku shook his head in response.  He hasn’t felt hungry in days, even though he knew he should be.  Food just felt bland, tasteless on his tongue and when it hit his stomach, it turned painfully.  He has gotten sick once already and now every time he eats he feels like he is going to be sick again.

“Come on Izuku, just a little bit?”  Hanta asked before looking over to Mina who stood up and, from the sounds of it, went to get some food.

“I—”  Izuku started, he choked up for a moment the thought of Kacchan.    He knew he had to eat, Kacchan would want him to eat. Several minutes later, Mina returned with a glass filled with ice cubes and a bowl of oatmeal that smelled of honey and cinnamon.  

“Be careful, it’s hot!” She placed the small bowl into his blanketed lap. Denki held the glass out to him.

“Let that cool down. Have some ice cubes first.”  

Izuku smiled as he looked between the three of them.  “T-thank you,” he said before he started to eat. His stomach protested, but he took it slow and by the time Kirishima walked through the door after work, the bowl was empty.

“I’m home everyone,” Kirishima said, taking his boots and coat off.  “How ya guys doing? Has Izuku eaten?” He nodded towards the plates in front of them.

“A little bit,” Mina said looking at the empty bowl without leaving her spot. “Just something to tie him over until dinner.”

“That’s great,” he said, with a smile as he started petting Izuku’s head. “You feeling a bit better now?”  

“Did you hear anything more?”  Izuku asked hopefully, ignoring Kirishima’s question in the process.  

The smile on the redhead’s face lessened, “I’m sorry Izuku. Not yet.”

“Oh,” Izuku felt his heart sink again.  

“It’s just a matter of time, don’t worry Izuku.”  His eyes shift over to the paused TV, “Hey, what are you watching?” Kirishima asked.

All of the All Might Saturday movie cartoon shows. Ever .” Hanta said with a toothy grin.  

“Those were t errible ...Move over!”  The pro hero said with a laugh before taking a seat next to the dog.  “The animation errors in this thing are legendary .  Off-color character models, improper layering, continuity mistakes galore, there was even one that has a split frame of the production roll thingy right?”

“Season 3, episode 13,” Izuku answered quickly, “but we still have a ways to go until that episode.”

“Well, what are we waiting for then?  Let’s play it,” Kirishima cheered, followed by the other Pets.   Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small smile cross the bunny's face.


Several hours later, Izuku was dozing off when he felt the need to go to the bathroom.  He staggered to his feet and winced... His heart was beating fast in his chest, he was light headed.  He didn't know why, but the room seemed to be spinning. Like the flip of a switch, everything grew muffled and the room dimmed until it was like he was looking throw an old-timey filter.  His body felt heavier and heavier like his arms and legs were pulling him to the ground. He thinks he is falling. He collides with something behind him, but he doesn’t think it’s the floor.  As everything fades to black, he thought he could hear people screaming his name.

Chapter Text

“Izuku? IZUKU!” Multiple voices were speaking at once, but it all sounded so far away.  What's happening? I think... I'm on the ground? Why am I...on the ground? Did I fall?  Faint?  He didn’t realize his health was that bad. The world was still spinning behind his eyelids. His ears were ringing making it hard to concentrate.

“Is he okay?”

“He’s so pale.”

“Check his pulse!”  

“What’s that going to do?!”

“Back up guys, give him some space,” the closest voice to him said. He felt himself being shifted so that his legs were up in the air. Was that a pillow? “ Denki, carefully take off his collar.” The order came calmly and with a composure that spoke of confidence. “Mina, some water. Hanta, get my phone and call the Vet. ”There was a pause and he felt a soothing hand on his head. “Hey Izuku, you awake?”

With each passing moment, he could feel his mind clearing until the world finally came to a stop. Izuku took a deep breath and with great difficulty, he was able to open his eyes. At first, everything was still unfocused, but he could make out the spiky hair of Kirishima directly above him.  

“Are you in pain?” He asked. The words and the movements of his lips seemed disjointed.  

“...No,” Izuku answered, clearing his dry throat. “D-did I faint?”

Kirishima smiled, “Just for a little bit.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?”  Denki was beside him as he felt his collar being undone.  “It’s not like you planned this.”

“But I—”

“Here’s the water.” The pink hair of Mina came into his growing field of vision.  

“How do you feel now?  Still dizzy?” Kirishima asked.  

“Not so much.” Blinking the last bit of fog from his vision, he tried to sit up.  At this point, he expected the brief nausea that came with the motion.

“Take it slow,” Kirishima warned as he helped him take a sip of water.

Izuku’s tongue felt heavy, but as the cool water slipped down his throat he realized just how thirsty he was.  He wanted to guzzle down the rest of the water. However, Kirishima made sure he drank at an even and controlled pace. Probably for the best.

“Here,” Hanta said as he put the phone to Kirishima’s ear, just as Izuku finished up the water.  “How are you doing Izuku,” the canine prompted as he took Kirishima’s place while he went to talk on the phone.  

“Better.  Still a little light-headed, but better,” Izuku said, with his head now resting in Hanta’s lap. He looked to the two Pets at his sides.  This was so embarrassing. “Um… Can you help me get up?” They looked between each other, silently debating. However, before they could say anything Kirishima came back into the room.  

“Coats and shoes everyone, we’re taking Izuku to the Vet,” He announced.

Izuku whipped his head around to look at the redhead, then immediately winced with regret.  “There's no need—”

Kirishima lifted a hand to stop him.  “You fainted. We are making sure there isn’t something more to it,” he stated before chuckling.  “Besides, how do you think Bakugou would react if he knew you fainted and we didn’t go get it checked out?”  He scratches the back of his head, “I don’t think even I could take that hit.”

Before Izuku could respond, Mina walked over with his and Kirishima’s outerwear, already sporting her own jacket.  In the next moment, his coat and shoes were helped on, he was hoisted into Kirishima’s arms, and they were out the door and on their way to the vet.


“Hello Izuku,” the soft-spoken Vet greeted him with a smile, “Can you sit up?  Or are you still light headed?”

“I think I can manage,” Izuku said as he adjusted himself on the cushy examination table, the paper crinkled as he moved.  His vision momentarily darkened but otherwise, he felt fine as he swung his legs off the side of the table.

“How long was he out?”  He asked looking to Kirishima as he shone a light into Izuku’s eyes.  

“Only about ten seconds.  Max,” Kirishima said. As his temporary guardian, only Kirishima was allowed into the examination room. Denki and the other Pets are in the waiting room just outside the door.  Kirishima has already briefed the doctor on what has been happening, how he has been Pet sitting, Izuku’s lack of appetite and despondent behavior, and the moments that lead up to the fainting… Now that he thought about it, it was actually a little embarrassing he hadn’t acted sooner.

“And he didn’t hit anything when he went down?”  Dr. Koda asked as he started taking Izuku’s blood pressure.

“I noticed something was up and was able to catch him as he fell,” Kirishima answered. He watched the gauge (which he somehow remembered was called a sphygmomanometer) inflate until taut, then slowly release the pressure for a bit before deflating completely. He looked to the vet expectantly.

“A little lower than we want,” Koda said as he took down the number.  “How have you been feeling lately, anything unusual?” He asked, directing his questions to Izuku.   

Izuku shook his head. “No, not really.  Maybe a little more sleepy than normal but that’s about it.”  He thought for a moment, “I didn’t think much about it since I’ve been feeling a little light-headed when standing for a few days now.”  

Koda hummed as he ran a thermometer across his forehead before once again taking note of it.  “How much sleep have you been getting? And if you’ve been having problems eating, can you elaborate on that?”  

“Maybe five hours, but very broken,” Izuku answered.  “As for eating, I-I’ve just not been feeling very hungry lately.  I know I should be eating, and that’s likely a good part of the reason why I fainted, but my stomach has just been off.”

“Any pain or discomfort with your stomach?  Have your BMs been regular?”

“A little,” Izuku answered honestly as he wrapped an arm around his stomach; even now it had a dull ache.  “And no,” he blushed and looked down to his feet, “they’ve been all over the place, like the rest of me.”

Koda nodded before he directed Izuku over to take his height and weight, then to complete a series of tasks: walking on a line on the floor, balancing on one leg, reading out some lines, reflexes, plus a handful of others. From what they could see, there were no problems.  

“I’m inclined to believe your assessment, Izuku,” Koda said as he prompted him to get back on the examination table and lay down.  “The good news is that you’re not exhibiting any serious illness-related symptoms. Instead, I think this had to do with stress from being away from your owner for so long.  You do need to make sure you are sta