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Sin, Love, and Guilty Pleasures

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Having a demon lover is never easy, especially if your lover is Hiei. The fun sized fire demon is sassy, crude, and even moody, but dammit if you didn’t love him. It’s been one of those days, well, more like a month that feels like forever. Both of you were busy and barely had time for couple activities, let alone being intimate with one another. It’s funny, Hiei can be gentle when he wants to be, caressing your curves, and leaving soft butterfly kisses along your neck. But once in a while, he’ll be rough and relentless, just like his rigid attitude.

Browsing through your tablet, you read erotica after erotica, silently cursing at how fictional characters got more action than you. Shutting it off and laying the device next to you, you lied back and allowed your mind to wander to your boyfriend and his bare chest. While he wasn’t the romantic type (not that you really cared, you found most romance cheesy), Hiei is sweet…in his own way. In your fantasy, the toned chest demon whisper sweet nothings, then twisted his words into dirty suggestions. Sighing, you lied down on the sofa, closing your eyes.

Rolling over, you were totally oblivious to sudden opening and shutting of the living room window. Soft footsteps made their way to the sofa. Cracking one eye open, you sat up quickly to greet your lover by flinging your arms around his middle torso and nuzzling into his chest. The petite demon grunted, but accepted your affection, showing his appreciation with a hand on your shoulder.

“I haven’t been gone that long.” A small smile tugged on his lips; while he bent down to kiss your forehead. Short but sweet, like affection he only reserves for you. “If you’re still tired, you should get back sleep. I’ll be here.” Shaking your head, you weren’t even remotely tired anymore. No, your boyfriend is right in front of you, after waiting for him for days. Looking him over, he seemed fine, maybe a few scrapes here and there like every time he goes out on an errand from Spirit World.

Releasing a heavy sigh, you sat back down, patting the seat next to you. “Don’t be silly, I slept plenty while you were gone.” you half-truthed. “Besides, you just got home and I want to hear how everything went.” Hiei stared blankly for a moment, most likely replaying the events at hand. One thing about being Hiei’s partner, you knew he liked keeping certain things for himself, and you respect that. Even after bring in a relationship with you for a couple of years, he’s still finding it hard to express himself. With an encouraging smile, you know when to stop prying, and let him tell you at his own pace.

“It was a simple delivery, nothing to worry about.” You left it at that and let him sit down before snuggling up to him. His ruby orbs looked down to your content state, as his hand lightly touched your leg. “What about you?” You fought back a blush, remembering most of your time was well spent reading smut. Why? Well, not only did you miss your boyfriend, but it was a guilty pleasure of yours, really the only one you swept under the rug. He knew you liked those ‘nonsense human stories’, but you doubt he knew about the erotica.

Stalling for a second, he arched a brow, waiting for your answer. Oh, hell. You shakily spoke, saying whatever came to mind. “You know, just my human stories.” Hiei snorted, already losing interest. Giggling, you pushed the topic of reading away, taking a deep breath, you inhaled his scent. “I’m glad you’re home though, I missed you.” He grunts in response, squeezing your leg gently. You craved his touch, that much was certain, but this won’t due at all. For fuck’s sake, he’s been gone for a month! It was time for action.

Caressing his hand that sat on your knee, you squeezed it like how he was squeezing your leg before, but with hint of need. His expression softens, lacing his hand with yours. Leaning up, you kissed the fire demon, turning your torso, and threading your free hand through his gravity defying mane. He understood your obvious request, feeling an underlying want, after he saw your sleeping form in fact. The heat rose between both of you, while your nimble fingers unbutton slipping off articles of clothing to get to his bare flesh.

Hiei closed his eyes, almost purring under your light fingertips, caressing his toned muscles and silently admiring them. You had the total package in a mate; the physical aspects were just a bonus. Your fingers traced small patterns across his abs and kept traveling down south, past his happy trail, and giving his twingy cock a light tug. Growling under his breath, he reached for your top, grasping it tightly, and tossing it to the side without restraint. His ruby eyes flash with dominance, while he pins you down on your sofa, and carelessly fling your bottoms along with any remains of your undergarments, after he practically ripping them off.

Bending down to your ear, he nipped your lobe, and huskily whispered. “That was hardly fair.” You shivered and bit your lip, realizing you were in for a ride. It’s not surprising that Hiei is intensely dominant, almost treating sex like he does with fighting, swift, to the point, and with unhinged power. Terrifying, but erotic only to his lover, knowing he wouldn’t dare harm you unlike his opponents. Yanking his hair and earning yourself another growl, you cockily smirked, clearly urging him on.

“Who said this was fair?” You licked his cheek. “Not my fault if you can’t keep up.” His expression twisted into a sly, challenging smirk. His calloused hand ran up to your cheek, stroking it with the back of his hand, while his tongue trailed down your neck. Sighing, you closed your eyes, tilting your head back and enjoying the oncoming torment. You riled up the demon, and now you’re paying the price, with every nibble and hard suck along your throat and shoulders.

Trailing his claws down your chest and roughly grabbing your left mound, he made sure to leave the loveliest assortment of black and blue marks on your otherwise flawless flesh. “Is that a challenge? Fine, don’t expect me to go easy.” Reaching down between your legs and teasing your button, forcing you to gasp, Hiei’s words hit your already tingling sex, while your hands caressed down his chest and your legs wrapping around his midsection, drawing him closer. Snickering, he pulled away and shook his head. “No, not here.” Before you could ask, he yanked you up by your arm and turned you around, and bent you over the wooden coffee table.

With your breasts smushed against the hard surface, your e/c glanced back, while the demon grabbed your hips, and positioned it to his liking, spreading your legs enough to accommodate his girth. Arching your ass, he gives it a firm, hard smack, smirking as your powerless form waiting for him to take the plunge. Instead, Hiei probed your drooling slit with his index and middle finger, curling them, and thrusting up, spreading your slick walls in preparation. Gasping as he pushed his way deeper, you wiggle your ass for more, and your long nails scrape along the polished table’s surface.

After he’s satisfied with your torment, he slips his digits out, and without waiting for another second, he shoves himself into your depths, shuddering as your walls constrict around his thick cock. Bending over, he kissed your temple, stifling a moan. “You’re tight Y/N. It’s been a month, so I’ll need to reshape you.” He sat his left palm on the middle of your back, keeping you down, while his free hand gripped your right arm. Your stomach flutters with his words, as they dripped with sharp lust. He thrusts slowly but hard, continuously aiming deep within your depths.

Mewling in pleasure, your hips rocked between Hiei’s hips and the sturdy table, with the table’s edge digging into your hipbone, causing discomfort. You ignored the aching pain, accepting his length, but at least the pleasure outweighs the pain, until later anyway. “God Hiei, I forgot how huge you were.” you gasped when he increased his speed, with his hand tugging your hair, forcing your head back. “Fuck!” you muttered under your breath, standing on your tip toes, and lifting your ass higher. Grunting, his torso lied on top of your back, and his grip on your hair and forearm tighten, while he pounds into you simultaneously.

“Y/N…” he growled. “I’m close.” You respond with a moan, reaching down to your engorged clit with your free hand, and rubbing it in circles, while prodding and rolling it between your index finger and thumb. Panting, your lover’s hips dug in deeper, slamming against you hard enough for the wooden legs from your table creaked and shifted slightly. Only time will tell how well the bolts will hold you both. Not that you really gave a shit right now, with sweat drenched flesh slapping against each other in a desperate plea for ungodly euphoria. Letting go of your arm, his hand reaches down and picks up your right leg, spreading you further apart.

“Hiei, fuck…” your words barely jumbled past your quivering lips. Your pussy throbbed while your knot tightens, as your boyfriend’s cock pulsed within you, daring close to its limit. Shutting your glazed over e/c, your steady and loud groans quickly became uncontrollable, like his thrusts, and your vastly approaching climax. Before your twitching legs gave out, you arched your back into your lover’s chest, and violently rubbed your clit hard enough to push yourself over the edge, allowing your walls to clamp down on his member.

Nuzzling behind your shoulder blade, Hiei grinned hearing his name slipping from your mouth. He pumped into you deeper, as your clamped down walls applied enough pressure for his own bliss. His fangs dug into your shoulder, making your wound bleed, and holding his pleasurably melodic moan. Giving a couple of sloppy yet powerfully hard thrusts, his cock pulsed rapidly, and then flooded your pussy with his freshly piping hot cum. Slowing down but keeping his rough thrusts, he rode out his high along with yours, before unsheathing himself and standing back to take a gander at his handy work. The sight of both of your cum mixed together and dripping out of your lips forced a primal blush across the fire demon’s features.

Using the table for support, you turned around, panting hard, but taking a moment to compose yourself. Your eyes flutter open to see the glorious sight of your boyfriend’s thinly layered with sweat flesh, with the cherry on top that was his smile, a legit and happy smile. “I missed you so much.” Taking a deep breath, you staggered over to him, placing your palms on his shoulders, and lean up to give him a fiery kiss that rivals his flames. Breaking the kiss, he grips your hips, digging his claws into your bruised flesh.

“We’re not done yet.”