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In the heat of the moment

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Chapter 8


It seemed keeping his shit together was getting steadily more difficult, Alec mused to himself darkly as he stopped to catch his breath for a moment. Rolling his shoulders he raised his fists with the intention of starting a fresh bout of heavy punches to vent out his frustration. He was frustrated that the Warlock case had gone cold every single lead and angle was a dead end, there had been radio silence about whether Warlock Marks had abilities or properties to bind magic… his fists faltered for a moment as he considered contacting Magnus but after a few more sloppy punches he decided against it. Considering what had happened the previous night he didn't know how much more he could hold onto his control.

Magnus Bane was proving to be a distraction that he very much welcomed considering what was happening in his professional life or what was left of it. Ever since Clary Fray had appeared it became apparent that the Clave were up to something. Never in his life had they ever questioned the leadership of the Lightwood family now every decision past and present was being questioned and that’s where Lydia Branwell came into the picture.

Before the events that earlier in the year there had been whispers of a Union between the Lightwood and Branwell family. Arranged marriages were unheard of but not as common with his generation. The fact his parents were in Idris apparently being questioned about past missions and Lydia’s sudden appearance claiming only to be in New York for an “audit” made things even more suspicious. It could be a coincidence but who honestly believed in those. His parents and the Clave were both up to something.

Whether it be his parents trying to arrange some sort of alliance marriage to favour the Lightwood name or whether it was the Clave’s way that sending Lydia and she would find something to would take the New York Institute out of the Lightwood control. His instincts told him to be careful because someone… somewhere was waiting for him to slip up.

He had no idea why the Clave were purely focusing on him. He had known from a young age he would never run the New York Institute and his parents had made it clear that he was never good enough. So using him as a scapegoat would make perfect sense with everything going on the blame would fall to him. Alec knew he should be beyond pissed that even with everything going on, he found himself covering for Jace and Clary.

Whatever hold he had on his anger disappeared as his fist smacked sloppily into the bag. Jace and Clary - he hoped to hell that his brother felt his anger with what was left of their bond. Jace had always been a rule breaker which on numerous occasions the Clave had overlooked. He had always been the golden boy with his skills and abilities almost the son his parents wished they had had. No matter what happened whether it be personal and professional; the bond they had had always been strong and nothing could come between them. However put Clary Fray into the mix with her stubborn refusal to learn about Shadowhunters, Jace was prepared to break Laws.

Laws that if broken could have him thrown into the City of Bones or worse exiled, not even what was left of the Lightwood name would be able to save Jace. Why he wanted to make sacrifices was something Alec wasn't even prepared to consider. Feeling like his head was about to explode, Alec punched the bag at a bad angle and a sharp pain shot up from his hand and up his arm and thankfully grounded him from his thoughts and noise going on in his head.

Stepping back from the bag, Alec took in several deep breaths to try and cleanse himself as he massaged his palm with his thumb trying to ease the prickling numbness. It was a gentle tap of metal against wood that caught his attention.

Glancing up he saw Magnus standing in the doorway and immediately his body tightened and he felt arousal taking over which was definitely a welcomed distraction. “Magnus.”

His skin prickled as he watched Magnus’ dark eyes fixating on his bare upper body. A few moments passed as the Warlock moved his gaze lower before finally finding his face. He could feel the heat in Magnus’ gaze. “Okay, I’m back.”

Alec watched as Magnus glanced around timidly before stepping into the room and closing the door and leaning against it.  “What are you doing here?”

The Warlock licked his lips nervously as he cautiously moved further into the room and stopped short of the punch bag “I just came to return your jacket.” Alec for the first time clocked the jacket folded over Magnus’ arm and he couldn't help but smile at how his jacket had gotten into Magnus’ possession.

After he resisted Magnus’ advances and getting him away from the call of music and alcohol. It became clear that Magnus Bane was going to be a handful and getting the intoxicated Warlock back to his loft was a challenge in itself. It seemed every beat of music or neon light attracted Magnus.

It was his suggestion of a portal which gave Alec some insight and pretty interesting facts of Magnus Bane and his long life.

First - he was banned from portalling whilst under the influence and proceeded to tell him the story of a drunk and disorderly offence and being detained in Las Vegas when he portalled onto a roller coaster in front of Mundanes.

Second - it was likely he would puke because of the tequila and explained in great depth about the last time he had drank tequila.

Third - Magnus appeared not to have control of his magic when sleeping. After finally getting back to the Loft where Magnus promptly collapsed face first onto his bed after being less than helpful with bedroom directions.

“Don’t fall asleep yet you can’t sleep in your clothes.” Alec murmured gently as he started pulling the laces free and removing the boots. “Alexander… stay with me?” Alec felt his lips twitch as he sat Magnus up as gently removed his jacket and scarf. “Not tonight.”

Magnus pouted as he fell forward into Alec’s chest and inhaled deeply. “Why?” Alec wasn't really sure how to answer as he the one thing he wanted to do was stay with Magnus. He wanted to fall asleep breathing in the Warlock’s warm scent but the risk was too high.

When asleep Alec had no control, no control of what his body might do, no control of his dreams or the memories. Moving Magnus onto his side he shoved a pillow behind him to keep him on his side. Kneeling beside the bed he watched as Magnus’ eyes became steadily heavier he debated answering Magnus’ question with the truth knowing that he wouldn't remember the conversation but instead he tucked the other man into bed and stood.

Taking a deep breath he forced himself to leave the room when something stroked against him. He looked down seeing nothing around his feet and it took a moment for him to register something was gone.


Magnus’ heart pounded uncomfortable in his chest as he tried to focus on anything but the shirtless, sweaty, panting Shadowhunter standing in front of him. His entire body flared with heat as settled relentlessly low in his belly.

It had taken a good couple of hours that Magnus had eventually magicked away his hangover before he decided that he needed to see Alec. He had no idea what had happened the previous night but waking up cuddling Alec’s jacket brought questions he needed answers too. He just wished that the man put some clothes on because he was potentially seconds away from jumping and assaulting him. “I was hoping you could shed some light to how I came to acquire your jacket.”  

He saw the twitch of a repressed smile and narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “Would you care to share the joke?”

Alec stepped forward close enough to take the jacket. “Nothing, it’s just your magic took my jacket.”

My magic? Now that was interesting… he had heard of Warlocks who had redecorated their entire house and even relocated their Lairs in their sleep. Magnus made a mental note to ask Catarina if it had ever happened to her. “Are you sure?”

The Shadowhunter nodded as he took the jacket as he turned to sit down on a nearby bench. After a beat, Magnus stepped closer and resisted the urge fidget. “You look exhausted, how long have you been hitting that thing?”

He recalled seeing Alec in the Hunter’s Moon with similar lines of exhaustion on his face and around his eyes. “A couple hours, I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

A part of him wanted to probe but he had a feeling he might know what was bothering him. “I met Lydia Branwell on my way in, she is very impressive.” He saw Alec’s hands tighten a fraction as he started to unravel the material around his hands. “I must thank Isabelle for distracting her although I don’t know how long I have until she tracks me down. I can’t imagine an unescorted Downworlder would go well.”

Magnus attempted a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. “Actually I think it’s best I go, I don’t want to cause you any trouble.” His heart jumped in surprise as Alec suddenly moved with inhuman speed.

At the first contact a sliver of lavender magic escaped from his fingertips and he blushed when Alec’s brows rise in question. With a firm grip and gentle tug, he let his Angel lead him into a side room. “I’ll hear if anyone comes in.” Magnus wanted to question the statement but assumed that Alec had activated a rune for his hearing.

Leaning easily against the wall Alec folded his arms over his chest and Magnus felt his inside swoon. The man was so well built and he truly felt spoilt seeing all the muscle on display. His fingers twitched making more sparks of magic appear and clenched his hands into tight fists when Alec’s eyes darkened. “Why does that happen?”

Magnus swallowed and wet his lips his breathing stuttered when Alec followed the movement. It felt as if the room had gone up a couple degrees. “My magic is attracted to you...” From his easy lean Alec moved his arms caging Magnus against the wall. 

Magnus felt his face heat up and he wondered how on earth he could even still have the ability to be embarrassed considering his age as he carried on speaking. “Of course how can I not be... You do remember we had sex a couple of month ago? Normally that requires some form of attraction. Yes?” He smirked up at the Shadowhunter trying to ignore the heady masculine scent coming from Alec’s body. He could see clear lines of where sweat had trailed down the hard body and he blantedly let his eyes go lower and his smirk widened in satisfaction.

Alec watched as Magnus’ gaze flickered back up to his eyes and he saw pinpricks of gold decorating Magnus’ normally dark eyes. “Can I assume you feel the same Alexander?”

Without breaking their gaze Alec took Magnus’ hand his muscles jumped as he guided the palm downwards past his stomach and lower. Magnus’ eyes widened. “What do you think?” Alec murmured as he pressed Magnus’ hand against his hardened length.

A slight shiver ran through Magnus as his brain quickly flashed back to their meeting all those months ago. Like all those months ago, Magnus yet again found himself in a very compromising situation. A part of him that wasn’t being distracted by the fact he could feel Alec growing harder underneath his hand attempted to make him consider the consequences should he and Alec be caught but when fate throws a gorgeous; tall, dark and handsome in his path who was he to complain?

Magnus let his other hand slowly move over Alec’s heated skin until his fingers were able to sink in the damp hair at the base of Alec’s neck. He tilted his jaw enough so there lips were inches apart and he could practically taste the Shadowhunters breath on his lips. “Someone could be watching.” Magnus flickered his eyes around knowing that the Institute was rigged up with the most high tech security system. “Not here, blind spot.”

With a groan Magnus leaned forward wanting to catch his Angel’s lips only something made every muscle in Alec’s body stiffen and not in the good way.


Alec closed his eyes and resisted the urge to curse the Angels. He was so close to finally tasting Magnus’ mouth only to hear voices over the hot buzz going on in his head.

“Isabelle, you do realise that there is currently an unescorted Warlock in the Institute.”

He immediately recognised the voice of Lydia Branwell and soon his sisters sharp tone responded back. “Magnus Bane isn’t just some Warlock, he’s the High Warlock. Personally I don't think he requires escorts especially as he is currently assisting in a high profile investigation.”

Alec already knew that Isabelle didn't think much of Lydia but he wished his sister would watch her tone. “A high profile investigation that last time I checked had gone cold with every lead being a dead end.”

The conversation had moved into the gym and he heard Magnus’ breathing stutter. “That’s entirely your own opinion Lydia, as I showed you in the lab I am currently running tests on all the samples taken from the bodies. We should thank the Angels that there haven't been any further murders.”

The two women continued bickering between them as Alec tried to think of a way out of their current predicament. After a beat Magnus nudged him as an indication to give him space. He straightened his already pristine clothes and took a deep breath.


Magnus knew deep down that Lydia probably didn't believe his checking the wards excuse of why he and Alec were hidden away in a blind spot, of course it was unlikely she knew of the blind spot but Isabelle would a whole different story.

A small shiver ran through Magnus and he closed his eyes replaying the moments. He could still smell Alec’s damp scent and decided once he had gotten back to his loft he would never wash the clothes ever again.

Definitely wet dreams and self gratification it was tonight he concluded with a small smile a knock echoed throughout his quiet loft… after he had dealt with whoever had decided to visit at such an ungodly hour.