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In the heat of the moment

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Chapter 4


The rush Alec felt as he stepped into the morgue was similar to the time when he followed a nameless Warlock through a portal to an unknown location.

At the time Alec had no regard for his safety or even cared if anything happened to him. The Warlock could easily have been leading him to his death but as it turned out; a couple of hours of mind-blowing anonymous sex. Even though months had passed the memories were still fresh and clear. There had been a time when Alec was away he had thought of searching the Warlock casefiles to find him. Name him. Yet each time he decided against it because knowing the name of Warlock served no purpose.

It was a one-night stand. A final farewell and fuck you to the Clave and their pointless crusade of ‘fixing’ him courtesy of his parents. After a mission that had gone wrong resulted in the death of his entire team and Alec barely getting out alive himself. The Clave had ordered and his parents had agreed to send him away for psychological evaluation.

“It’s for the best Alec.” His parents had said. “You have to understand we cannot risk this happening again.” He didn't know why they bothered to sugar coat the fact they thought he was weak and a failure.
His parents chose to make a decision about his mental health without even consulting him.
They had no idea what happened on that mission and Alec had purposely chosen to be vague on the report - there was no way he was going to let the memory of that mission be on file for just anyone to access.

So following orders like a good soldier Alec left New York and spent six months of his life in a remote part of the world.

The Institute made him feel claustrophobic and it took all his strength to convince the doctors and psychologists he was fit for active duty. Unbeknownst to them, the memories always come back to him at night and sometimes he found himself trapped in an endless loop for hours.

It had taken him six months but he did it - he passed all the psych evaluations with flying colours and the shrinks had been impressed that he managed ‘to fight his demons’ without the aid of medication. Assholes.


Magnus’ heart lodged in his throat as soon as Isabelle’s brother walked into the morgue. Oh God! It was him! And he was just as gorgeous even in the artificial light. He found his eyes following every movement until Alec stopped on the other side of the table. He was grateful that he wasn't included in the brief conversation between the siblings.

“Alec this is Magnus, High Warlock of Brooklyn.” Those very familiar hazel eyes bore into him like he could read his mind. “Magnus my brother, Alec.” Automatically Magnus held his hand out which Alec took and it took all Magnus’ concentration to stop his magic from zapping Alec in response of the heat running from his hand up his arm.

Alec must’ve felt it too as his hazel eyes dilated. Oh God! The younger man immediately pulled his hand away much to Magnus’ disappointment. “You didn’t tell me Magnus would be here today.”

He heard a trace of annoyance in Alec’s tone - Ah that must be the saltiness Isabelle mentioned. “I didn’t tell Hillwater either but I needed Magnus to examine the body and we found a clue.”

Hazel eyes found his immediately an eyebrow raised in question. “The body has no magic.” He managed trying to stop himself sounding breathless. It was supposed to be a one night stand! Why did Magnus want to climb him like a tree? He was so tall! He screamed mentally and he tried to stop his eyes from wandering.

“No magic?”

The question snapped Magnus out of his mental meltdown. “Yes the entire body had been drained of all f-fluids as well as the magic.” He bit the inside of his cheek at his stumble and his face heated up. “We think the loss of magic has something to do with the Mark being removed.”

Alec nodded as he crossed his arms over his chest making Magnus’ inside swoon. “I’ll look into it when I’m done here.”

Magnus glanced at Isabelle who was looking at him curiously and her eyes moved to her brother. What did she know? Had she picked up on something? To him Alec was totally closed off not giving anything away.

“Do you two know each other?”

How did she do that? He glanced from Isabelle to Alec as words flew out of his mouth and clashed with Alec


Alec and Magnus stared at each other for a moment as another clash of words filled the room.


His magic crackled in response sending lavender coloured sparkles from his fingertips. Something flickered across Alec’s face but soon disappeared. “Um well, Isabelle you have my number should you need to contact me.” Magnus stepped back knocking over a pan sending it clattering to the floor. At that moment he wished the floor would swallow him up as embarrassment burned his face.

Stooping down quickly he picked up the pan knowing that both Shadowhunters were watching him. When he dared look up he noted Alec’s face was void of emotion and Isabelle looked gleeful? What did she know?! He whined to himself as he summoned a portal and considered rolling into it. Instead he straightened and wet his lips.

He tried to ignore the way Alec’s eyes followed the movement as he addressed Isabelle. “I’ll let you know what I find out about the Marks.” She nodded as he turned to Alec. “It was nice seeing you again.” Without waiting for a response he rushed into the portal.


As soon as Magnus fled into the portal Izzy pounced. “Was that what I think it was?” Alec ignored his sister as he turned to walk out the morgue Izzy at his heel. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She snorted in disbelief grabbing her brothers arm stopping him in his tracks. “I knew something was up with him but I didn't think it was that!” she squealed excitedly. “So when did you meet him?”

He glanced around noting they were just outside the threshold of the Ops Centre. Everyone was working on their allocated tasks oblivious to the Lightwood siblings. “Six months ago.”

Her eyes widened and he knew she was recalling the memory of him sneaking back into the Institute. She had been pulling a double and Alec was supposed to be on lock down until the Clave made a decision on what to do with him. “Oh my GOD! Did you and Magnus have sex?" his face must've given him away. "What was it like?!" 

Alec tugged his sister close and checked over his shoulder. “Can you not discuss my sex life with the entire Institute, please?”

He allowed Izzy to maneuver him into one of the many empty corridors. “Did he pursue you or did you…?”

Alec closed his eyes for brief moment to try and cleanse his thoughts . “I pursued him okay. Now can you drop it?” he didn't mean to snap but what happened between him and Magnus wasn’t something he wanted to share, he wasn't ashamed of what happened but it wasn't meant to mean something but it did. “Okay,” she held her hands up. “Touchy subject I get it.”

She took his hand in hers and squeezed it gently. “Was it supposed to be a one-night stand?” nodding stiffly Izzy chose her words carefully. "But you feel something for him?" again his nodded. "And that wasn't supposed to happen?" he had no idea how she did that but again he nodded. "We're going to be working closely with Magnus for who knows how long. It might be worth going to speak to him to make it clear where you both stand. Because you never know big brother it might've meant something to him."