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In the heat of the moment

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Chapter 2


“Have you spoken to mom yet?” Alec pulled a face and leaned back in his chair trying to put some imaginary distance between himself and the half dissected corpse on the table. When he didn’t answer his sister Izzy glanced up her hands deep in the corpses stomach cavity. He grimaced as she pulled out a greenish organ and dropped it onto a set of scales. “You can’t avoid her forever you know.”

Alec hummed as he leaned his head on the cushion of the chair and closed his eyes. He just needed a few minutes of peace away from everything. Alec had only been back in New York a couple days and he barely felt like he had stopped. Avoiding his mom was becoming a task in itself not to mention the constant batting of questions about how he was and what he did with his time away from the Institute. “Jace told me you haven’t been sleeping.” His eyes snapped open and he scowled at his sister. “I’m fine.”

Izzy returned the scowl playfully with a small smile forming on her lips; she had clearly missed her brothers saltiness. They remained in a comfortable silence. Izzy taking notes about measuring different liquids which Alec decided he didn't need to know what it was. Of course, he knew Izzy would love to tell him about it all which was to be expected as she was the best Forensic Pathologist in New York and North America.

Alec spun the chair from side-to-side before getting up and giving into the curiosity of it all. “What is this?”

“I think it was a Warlock.”

A crack echoed throughout the room as Izzy removed the ribcage and Alec’s stomach turned. “W-Was a Warlock?” It wasn’t… was it? Heart pounding Alec held his breath as he leaned in looking at the disfigured corpse. “Do you know how he died?” without glancing up she passed Alec her clipboard on it was a Warlock profile of a young man of Indian descent.

Species - Warlock
Mark - Horns and spikes on lower lip (Removed)
Sex - Male
Cause of Death - TBC

Notes -
Body contains abnormal levels of unknown substance
Body completely drained of blood and bodily fluids
Signs of torture and disfigurement on body mainly on the face where Mark located
Marks removed pre mortem

He breathed a sigh of relief… it wasn't him! Thank the Angel! 

Izzy looked up and her eyes narrowed at his pale complexion. “If you going to puke.” She pointed her head towards the sink in the corner. “Do it in the sink.” She wrinkled her nose at thought while pulling something that looked like skin off the corpse and into a pot. She examined the contents with a thoughtful expression. “I should have the sample results by tomorrow, I’ll send you the report.”

Alec who at the time had been reading Izzy’s notes looked up. “Why would I need the report?”

Izzy put the jar down. "Well I assumed you would be taking lead on the case.”
Case? What case? Alec stared blankly at his sister. “What case?” her dark eyes darted down to the body as it was obvious. “Seriously where have you been these last couple days?”

She leaned over the table and punched him squarely on the arm. “The missing Warlock case? Big brother it’s been the buzz of the Institute.” He rubbed his arm as he glared at his sister. “Iz I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

He stepped back no knowing whether his sister was going to punch him again, instead she tugged a white sheet over the body and removed her gloves with a snap. “Come with me.”

Alec stood with Izzy in the Ops Centre as she logged into the Institute database and pulled up a case file onto the screen. “About a week ago Mom had a meeting with the High Warlock of Brooklyn.” She tapped on the screen as photo after photo appeared of bodies in different states of decomposition. “He had been getting reports of Warlocks disappearing there was nothing linking to them to each other except that their Marks had been removed.”

Arms crossed Alec looked at each photo. “What about their Marks?” tablet in hand Izzy read out the different Marks that have been recorded from the bodies. 

Horns, manes, talons, scales, tails, webbed hands.

The victims were all different from their gender, ethnicity and Marks. “What about the causes of death? Do you have anything from the other bodies to compare?” he tapped at screen and sent the data to his Institute account so he could put together a profile. “Not yet but Magnus is trying to get the Warlock Council to release a body for me. They’re a bit reluctant as most Warlocks don't trust Shadowhunters.”


Izzy nodded as she swiped the photos away and tapped into the Warlock casefile. “Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn.” Alec lifted his gaze and his heart stopped.

No way it wasn't possible!