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Night Skies and Hot Lines

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Evan woke to the soothing sound of his mothers voice in his doorway. She quickly bid him a goodbye before running out. Evan sat up and hastily wiped some drool from the corner of his mouth. It was 5:30 so Evan didn’t feel the need to rush since he didn’t need to leave until about 6:40. He sat in his bed until he felt his legs getting all tingly before he finally got up. He threw on the first shirt and pair of khakis in his closet before rushing to his bathroom to brush his teeth.

Surprisingly half way through a raw poptart he got a text from, not Jared like he expected, but Connor. He thought that Jared was at least going to pick him up today so his mom would know that they were hanging out.

Connor: My sister isnt coming to school today do u want me to pick u up

You: Would you? That’d be great, thank you.

Evan smiled and quickly packed his bag before quickly taking his meds and anxiously waited for Connor’s beat up truck to pull up in his drive way.


Connor pulled up in Evans drive way and sent the smaller boy a quick text telling him that he was here. One of his recent favorite songs came on; he turned up his radio and hummed along to the melancholy tune. He watched as Evan rushed out of his house lunch in hand. Connor chuckled as the other boy fumbled with his key as he was trying to lock his door with one hand. He watched as the blonde jogged over to his truck and fumbled inside.

Connor turned the music down a slightly and threw Evan’s bag in the back compartment next to his. When he turned back around Evan was handing him a foil packet.

“I’ve n-never really seen you eat much-h so I uh brought you-u-u a poptart.”

Connor smirked and grabbed the off brand pastry before turning the key. The engine sputtered to life showing its wear and tear. Connor reversed and sped down Evan’s street not really caring about the speed limit, or the glaring neighbors looking nosily out their windows.


Evan hastily gripped the inside door handle and stared wide eyed at Connor, who didn’t even seem to be fazed by the irresponsible and dangerous speed they were going. Evan watched as the other boy’s smile got bigger and bigger as they accelerated, then suddenly they slowed to a much safer speed. Evan’s heart was beating a mile a minuet but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it was kinda fun actually...

Evan is starting to notice that Connor constantly fidgets, it’s like he can’t just be still he always has to be doing something. Now would be a perfect example of that; he’s tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat and every now and again he’ll hum for a few seconds. Evan realizes he’s been staring and shamefully looks away and out the window. After that he just gets so lost in the scenery, all of the trees and birds, and cracked sidewalks filled with other kids of all ages smiling. The only thing that pulls him out of his trance is when someone starts singing. Not the radio, no its far too soft for the radio, it sounds unsure its just barely louder than a whisper. The blonde boy looks over to find that Connor is the one singing, to his surprise. The taller boy doesn’t even seem to notice that he’s singing, and Evan doesn’t want to tell him because if he’s being honest this is the calmest he’s ever seen the other.


All too soon Connor stops singing and his truck. Evan looks around to find himself in the schools parking lot and his stomach fills with dread. Neither boy makes a move to get, out they haven’t even unbuckled yet, Connor’s key is still in the ignition. They just sit there for a few minuets in peaceful quiet; Connor is the first to break that silence.

“Do you wanna skip?” Connor asks looking at Evan with an unreadable face. ‘God what if this is a test.’ Evan thinks, ‘What if he’s trying to see if I’m a coward! Or a loser!’

“S-s-skip? We can’t-t skip! What if-f-f we get caught? What if I get in t-t-rouble? Won’t they-y call my mom?!” Evan stammered anxiously pulling at some strings hanging from his cast.

“I’m probably going to skip anyways, just wonderin if I was gonna have company. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Also couldn’t you just tell your mom that you had a headache or something? She’d believe it considering you’ve obviously never done anything bad like ever.” Connor talks with his hands Evan noted. ‘Jesus that’s weird Evan!’ Evan has a habit of being overly observant. Probably because he doesn’t really have much else to do at school than watch other people.

Evan sat there thinking. Connor did have a point he could just text her saying that he needed a mental health day and she wouldn’t even second-guess it. Evan looked up from his bulky white cast and met eyes with Connors before smiling and nodding his head yes. Connor smirked and lightly punched Evan in the shoulder, in a friendly way, before turning his key again and reversing out of the gloomy parking lot. Evan wouldn’t admit it but he didn’t feel guilty as he lied to his mother because he got to see Connor smiling that smile again.



An hour and a half later Connor turned down a few more back roads before turning down one final dirt road and parking in a over grown dirt parking lot. Evan looked around wide-eyed with a big smile covering his face. Evan quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and scrambled out of the truck. He stood in the lot and just started in awe at the amazing scenery. Connor walked over to Evan and stared at the scenery as well. They stood there standing just looking at all of the trees and how peaceful everything was.

Evan watched as Connor walked over to the wire fence and stared as he started climbing up the fence. When the lanky boy got to the top he sat there for a minuet looking expectantly at Evan.

“Are you gonna climb over? Or are you gonna stand there all day?” Evan flushed and scurried over to the tall fence. He stood in front of the fence staring at it unsure of how to go about climbing a fence. He grabbed the metal fence curling his fingers around the thin wire and shoved his old dirty converse into one of the small triangles. He pulled himself up slowly and repeated the process soon he was sitting next to the other boy. The brunette threw a quick smirk to Evan and jumped down from the four-foot fence. Evan was shocked obviously but that faded quickly when the other boy got off the ground and shoved his hands in his hoodie pockets.

Evan opted for the safe way down and instead slowly climbed back down. Once his feet touched the ground Connor turned around and just started walking. Evan followed willingly looking at every little fine detail of his surroundings. He listened as birds harmonized and squirrels ran up trees, he took in the faint scent of apples and fresh rain. It was all so relaxing it was amazing.

While Evan was off in dreamland Connor had stopped walking resulting in the shorter boy to run right into the other.

“Oh s-s-sorry!” Connor replied with a grunt before taking a few more steps into the long grass. They area seemed to be a clearing of sorts ‘maybe a place for families and couples to have picnics’ Evan thought. Connor then stopped again and laid in the grass without a second thought. Evan followed and sat next to the other unsure if lying in over grown grass was really the best idea. Connor threw his hands behind his head and crossed his legs at his ankles. Neither boy dared to say anything in fear of ruining the peacefulness.

The quiet did start to get uncomfortable after a while so Evan decided that now was the perfect time to start a conversation. He opened and closed his mouth multiple times unsure of exactly what to say. As he was thinking of random icebreakers he was interrupted.

“Spit it out already.” Connor said keeping his eyes closed.

“H-h-how did you know-?”

“I can feel you hyperventilating from here. I’m not gonna bite you just say it.” Connor opened his eyes and made direct eye contact with the blonde. Evan quickly broke contact not wanting to be under the hands of those icy seas.

“What is this place?” Evan looked up at the sky but had to use a hand to shield his eyes from the blinding light.

“Its the abandoned apple orchard. My family and I used to come here all the time when it was still open. I remember one time my dad brought this remote control plane that I had gotten for Christmas but then crashed it in the lake. I was pretty mad for at least a good thirty minuets before he finally caved in and brought us to Al la mode as an apology.” Evan watched as the taller boy basked in the memories of his childhood life.

After that they sat in silence again both boys too wrapped up in their thoughts to really care about making conversation. They say that conversation is quintessential to relationships but Evan likes that they can just sit in comfortable silence. They don’t need to fill every moment with noise the others presence is just fine on it’s own.

“So photography huh?” Evan looks down at the other and then looked up at the great oak trees.

“Yeah I mean I’m not exactly the best and I don’t really have the best cameras but I really the only kind of hobby I have. I have a few camera’s but that’s only because they’re old and a one of them is a little janky but yeah...”


Connor took out a blunt and his favorite red lighter out of his hoddie pocket. He lit it up and brought the weed filled paper to his lips. The first inhale is always his favorite. Before letting out the smoke he faced Evan and blew it in his face. The blonde coughed and waved away the smoke. Connor laughed and laid back in the grass as he finished off the joint.


Both boys spend the most of the day in peaceful silence. After a few hours they walked back to the truck and shared Evan’s lunch in the bed of the truck. This was probably the best outcome of doing something bad ever for Evan.


Dear Evan Hansen today is going to be a good day and here’s why...
Today was pretty great. I kinda lied to my mom and skipped school but it was definitely worth it. Connor and me went to this old orchard and kind of just sat there all day. It was so different compared to the chaos of school. I hope we can go back I really wanna take my camera it’s so pretty.