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Seawater Kisses

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"Damn," someone says.

Yoongi abruptly turns, journal long forgotten. "Who's there?" He calls out, leaning over the ship's edge. A low wolf whistle gets his attention as he looks over at a series of large rocks where the sea gently laps at them. Sprawled across the largest, is a Siren.

The creature gazes up at Yoongi with dark eyes that look almost black. His hair falls in wet waves and is colored a pale blue that seems almost blonde but then changes to blue in direct sunlight. He grins up at Yoongi when their eyes meet. Yoongi stays quiet for a moment, in awe that he's so close to a Siren. They've been widely heard about, but he's never had the experience of being so close to one. But Yoongi's no fool. He knows the dangers of being so close to a Siren, they own the skill of entrancing humans to drag them to the depths of the ocean with their good looks alone. And this Siren- well, he's no different.

Yoongi's eyes trail wordlessly over the Siren's body, noticing how lean his muscles are and his grin that made Yoongi itch to smile back. The Siren lays on his front across the rock and leans his chin in his palm, the other arm laid out in front of him as he smiles up at the sailor. The Siren lifts his tail from the water to lay it across the wet rocks, letting the human admire his beauty. His tail is a deep blue with hints of green and silver in the sunlight and the sheen of water reflects over his scales, fins slightly transparent and appear to sparkle like glitter.

"Like what you see?" The Siren asks as he swipes his tongue across his front teeth, lips settling back into a smirk. Yoongi scowls and pushes himself away from the ship's edge to retrieve his journal, eager to ignore the Siren. Although, it seems as though this particular Siren is having none of this as he glares and sinks into the water, only to appear once more beside the boat, craning his neck to look up at the Sailor's back.

"It's rude to ignore people," the Siren says, scaring Yoongi as he jumps and falls from the table he sits upon. Yoongi does so with a loud shriek, emitting a soft giggle from the man in the water.

"Leave me alone," Yoongi finally snaps as he stands up to glare down at the Siren. Yoongi forces his transfixed state to snap as he tears his eyes away, ignoring the way the man looks even more beautiful up close. The Siren scowls, folding his arms in a huff.

"What's the fun in that?" The man in the water asks with an obvious pout in his voice.

The sailor scoffs and turns back to look at the Siren. "I'm not here for fun, I'm here to work," he says, but this time, he doesn't turn away.

"Whatcha doing?" The blue haired man asks with what seems like genuine interest.

The sailor narrows his eyes at this before he decides to respond. "I'm studying the ocean," he says as the Siren gazes up at him.

"Oh," the Siren says softly. "I could help," he adds.

The Sailor snorts. "Listen, Sunshine, I'm here to work. Not play dolls with a mermaid," Yoongi snaps as he turns away so that he misses yet another foul expression on the Siren's face.

"I'm a Siren, not a mermaid," the man in the water scoffs, sounded offended.

"Same thing," Yoongi throws over his shoulder.

"Actually," the Siren begins. "They're not. You see, mermaids are some sort of made up bullshit that you humans created. Sirens are the real deal, not your tasteless fantasies of mermaids,"

"Oh yeah," the Sailor responds, sarcasm practically dripping from his tongue. "I love Sirens' and being dragged down to the bottom of the ocean, sounds so fun. Ten out of ten would recommend,"

"You seriously believe that? What- have you got air for a brain or something?" The Siren scoffs, looking away to glare at the rocks.

"Enlighten me then, mermaid. What's the truth?"

The Siren's head snaps back to the Sailor, glowering. "First of all, I'm not a fucking mermaid. Second of all, all the myths and what other bullshit you hear isn't true. You, humans, are all as gullible as each other!" The man says with spite.

"How am I supposed to believe you, mermaid ?" Yoongi asks in amusement, obviously enjoying teasing the Siren.

But the Siren only scoffs in disbelief and says, "you can't. That's the fun in knowing a Siren. I could be blatantly lying to your face but," he says with a light shrug. "I guess we'll never know," and with that, he dips back into the water, only to emerge once more by the rocks, taking his place by the rocks to lay over the largest to watch the stranger from a distance. The Sailor follows his movements, eyes lingering on the Siren for a moment longer before he lets them fall to the journal in his hands. Yoongi takes to leaning against the ship side with his back facing the Siren as he attempts to focus on the notes that he'd previously written down. His job here is to study the ocean and the creatures he finds within it. Meeting a Siren would just be a bonus, except- the Siren he's met is a huge fucking brat.

"I can feel you staring at me," Yoongi mutters lowly, unsure if the Siren had even heard him.

He did.

"Good," the Siren responds. "I like staring at you,"

"What's your name?" The Siren asks after a moment's silence.

"Why do you care, Sunshine?" Yoongi responds coolly as he flicks the page of his journal, eyes rolling over to look at it.

"I like to know the names of my friends," the Siren says.

"As far as I'm aware, we're not friends," the Sailor comments with his eyes solely focused on the page in his book.

"That's rude. I thought I was your friend," the Siren sighs before Yoongi turns, sharply snapping his journal shut in one hand with the other gripping the edge of the ship as he stares at the man lying across the rocks.

"What made you think that, Petal?"

"Ooh," the Siren grins. "I like all these pet names," he says with a dark look towards Yoongi.

"You didn't answer my question," Yoongi responds, unfazed by how forward the creature is.

The Siren stares back at him, silent for a moment before he replies with a low, "if we're close enough to call me Petal, I reckon we can call ourselves friends, yes? So tell me, Mr. Sailor, what is your name?"

Yoongi makes a deep sound of amusement in his throat. "Clever. You've got a sharp mind," he compliments, although the Siren takes his words in stride, completely unfazed.

"So I've been told, Mr. Sailor. As you have nicknames for me, what should I call you?" The Siren asks persistently.

Yoongi contemplates his options for a moment. A Siren knowing his name isn't the worst thing to ever happen. It's not like a mermaid can run away and steal his identity now, is it? So he nods and says, "Yoongi. Min Yoongi,"

The Siren's eyes light up at this as he smiles. "Yoongi," he speaks softly. "Sounds nice on the tongue," he says.

"'s that so?" Yoongi quips with very little interest. He leans fully on the ship side now with his arms folded beneath him and legs extended backward. Even with this position, he almost falls with what comes out of the Siren's mouth.

"I bet other things would feel good on my tongue. Your dick, for instance, would probably feel great in my mouth. Don't you agree, Mr. Sailor?" The Siren asks as he extends his hand to glance down at his fingernails, closing them into a small fist to get a closer look before his eyes roll up to Yoongi's. "Cat got your tongue?" He asks.

Yoongi's words are trapped in his throat as he opens and closes his mouth, unable to respond.

"You look like a fish when you do that," the Siren comments, dropping his arm to lean across the large rock. His gaze is uninterested as he watches the Sailor attempt to speak. The dark gaze from before is now long gone as he watches the sailor. Yoongi finally closes his mouth and just looks back until the Siren decides to break the silence. "Are humans always this awkward?" He asks with an eyebrow raised.

"When someone is as forward as you- then yes, usually,"

"What, you're telling me that you humans don't talk dirty to each other? How boring is that?" The Siren scoffs as his eyes fall away to stare at the ocean waves that coax their way over the smaller rocks.

"Believe it or not, mermaid, but humans don't always just talk dirty to the first stranger they meet. Forgive me if I was shocked," Yoongi offers as he studies the Siren's behavior. The man in the water snaps his eyes back to glare at Yoongi but doesn't speak. "You wanna drag me down yet?" Yoongi adds with an amused smirk.

"Evidently," the Siren then replies. "Humans are extremely cocky, it's actually quite annoying," the Siren speaks before letting his eyes fall once more. Yoongi leans further over the ship's edge, watching how the Siren's eyes flash with something before they return back to normal. His tail seems far less relaxed than how it was before, too. Yoongi hums to himself in thought and quickly scribbles down some notes before he looks up, only to find the Siren watching him.

"What?" Yoongi asks.

"What's so special about that book?" The Siren questions with a burning curiosity.

"This?" Yoongi asks as he holds it up. "You know what this is?"

The Siren sneers at the sailor with an unimpressed look on his features. "I'm not a fucking idiot," he says. "Of course I know what a book is. I've been alive for thousands of years, I've met pirates, sailors, sailors wives. You name it, I've probably met them. They taught me about those things. But that doesn't answer my question, Mr. Sailor, about what's so important about that tatty old book," the Siren concludes as he folds his arms underneath his chest, leaning forward with an intent gaze.

"It holds all of my most important notes," Yoongi finally supplies.

"That's it? Why's that so important?" The man asks with a look that oozes disappointment and boredom.

"I've been sent to study sea creatures. I've been doing this for a few weeks so this book is full of research. Of course, that was until I met you," Yoongi explains as he waves the book around.

"You make it sound like it's a bad thing," the Siren smirks.

"Quite the contrary actually," Yoongi speaks, watching how the Siren's interest is immediately peaked. "If it's alright with you, I'd like to study you," Yoongi says, not so much of a question than a demand. The Siren watches him for a moment longer, letting the Sailor's words hang in the air before finally, he nods.

"I get it, you think I'm just so stunningly beautiful that you want to watch me for hours on end. No need to be so shy about it, Mr. Sailor,"

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. "You still call me Mr. Sailor, which reminds me- you haven't told me your name at all, Sunshine,"

The Siren shrugs. "I quite like Sunshine, you should use it more often," and with that, he uses his tail to flick seawater at the sailor who immediately shrieks and shields his precious journal. The Siren rolls his eyes.

"Brat," Yoongi mutters. The man in the water doesn't respond to this but instead lays his tail out over the rocks to let the sunlight fall across it. Yoongi immediately stops what he's doing to look, stunned into a sense of awe at his glittering tail. The Siren notices his staring and smirks.

"Draw me like one of your French girls, Mr. Sailor," the Siren demands in a sultry voice. Yoongi splutters.

"How would you even know that reference?" He asks.

The Siren lets out a laugh that racks through his body. "Would you believe that a Sailor's wife read me the entire script of Titanic? She was very passionate about it, I commend her," the Siren responds with a glint of amusement in his eye.

"She read you the entire script?" Yoongi asks, not believing a single word that falls from the Siren's mouth.

"I would have dragged Rose down off that door, to be honest, it'd make the movie much more entertaining,"

To this, Yoongi just gawps at him.

"You don't believe me, do you, Mr. Sailor?"

"You keep calling me that," Yoongi says in return.

"Great observation," the Siren shoots back.

"Why are you bothering me? Don't you have like- I don't know, fucking mermaid school or something?" Yoongi retorts.

The Siren scoffs. "Last time I'm gonna say it, sugar. I'm not a fucking mermaid. And mermaid school? Are you seriously so caught up in your daydreams, Mr. Sailor? What, do you expect a whole university under here too?" The Siren asks in annoyance.

"Calm it, Sunshine, it was a joke," Yoongi says. "What's actually under the water then? Enlighten me," he requests.

"What do you think? It's an ocean, not a town," the Siren snaps.

"Well, believe it or not, but I've never been in the ocean before. I prefer to stay above than be under," Yoongi says as he watches the Siren glare back at him with the creature's arms folded across his chest.

"You're so cocky, it's actually quite annoying," the Siren mutters, not caring if Yoongi had actually heard him.

"Are you the only Siren?" Yoongi asks curiously.

"Work it out yourself, Sailor," the Siren snaps before he dives out of sight and back into the ocean. Yoongi half expects him to appear somewhere and try and scare him, but no Siren appears. Yoongi feels a little disappointed at that, but shakes his head and pushes himself away from the ship's edge to retrieve some things from the hold. Thankfully, his mission doesn't actually require research on a Siren, and although it would be a massive perk- it isn't actually what he needs to gain information on. Yoongi drops his journal onto the wooden counter in front of him and collects multiple glass jars, gently putting them into a brown sack that he then carefully holds over his shoulder. He then walks back up the steps and onto the main deck where Yoongi lowers the small boat that hangs high above the ship. He finds it difficult to do this one handed and ends up dropping the bag onto the wooden planks to use all of his upper body strength to let the small fisherman's boat fall into the water beside the ship. It falls into the water with a splash. Yoongi takes the sack and easily slips down the outer ladder of the ship and lands in the smaller boat, holding onto the edges for balance. He sits and places the bag between his feet before leaning forward to grip the paddles, using them to swiftly bring the boat further out. Humming to himself, Yoongi retrieves a glass jar and fills it with seawater before sealing the lid with a tight twist and holds it up to the sunlight to watch the specks of seaweed float around inside.

"What are you doing?" A voice speaks up, practically making Yoongi jump out of his skin as he drops the jar and grips onto the sides of the boat in fear. The Siren looks at him, amused as if he's trying to hold back a laugh.

"Jesus fuck-" Yoongi blurts out, clutching his chest as he attempts to calm down his breathing. "You need to stop doing that," he says breathlessly, glaring at the Siren. "I thought you were mad," Yoongi adds as he eyes the man. The Siren flicks his hair out of his eyes and gazes off into the distance.

"I got bored," he says as he turns his head back. "And you're taking part of my home in your jar," his voice is almost accusing and Yoongi doesn't know if he's joking or not.

"It's only a bit of seawater," Yoongi explains quietly as he holds the jar up.

"Yeah, I live in the ocean. Therefore, you are taking my home,"

"I am not taking it," Yoongi argues.

"You're taking a part of it," the Siren shoots back. "I want to know why,"

"Research," Yoongi informs the man as he swirls the water around with a rotation of his wrist. "I need to get different substances in these jars to take back to the mainland," Yoongi adds before he slips the jar back into the sack to retrieve another. The Siren is quick to snatch it from him before he swims away, tail quickly dipping in and out of the water. "Hey!" Yoongi calls out, but he gets no response. The Siren's head appears by the rocks and Yoongi watches as the man scoops up a substance that Yoongi can't see until the Siren swims back over to the boat and holds the jar up. Inside, is a blue jelly-like substance that has small black flakes inside. "What is that?" Yoongi asks as he gently takes the glass jar from the Siren's hands, holding it up to the sunlight to get a better look.

"It's Sanguis," the Siren informs, taking the glass back to swish the substance around. "Or Siren blood," he adds, smirking as Yoongi chokes.

"And there was me thinking it was something beautiful and mysterious," the sailor inputs with a shake of his head.

"Not so much beautiful, but it is mysterious. Siren's can't bleed. Well- not how humans do anyway," the Siren says as he hands the jar back.

"You can't bleed?" Yoongi asks. The man in the water shakes his head.

"We're not human, remember. Many humans I've met have had this speculation that Sirens' are fully human or fully fish. We are neither. We are simply our own species, mythical if you will," he tells the Sailor. "However, if a Siren were to be cursed like this, their skin will dry up and tear apart and the sunlight marinates what I guess you could call blood until it turns into, well- this," the Siren explains as he gestures to the jar.

"How is a Siren cursed?" Yoongi wonders aloud.

"We are known to be extremely greedy creatures. In the sense that we want what isn't ours. To bleed out like this means that they've done something to be cast away. It's happened before, when a Siren uses black magic to become human and they were found out, disowned and banished from the ocean. No Siren can be fully human and no Siren regardless of their form can be out in the sunlight without touching water for very long," the Siren says as he lets himself drift off. Yoongi hums in acknowledgment, encouraging him to continue. The Siren takes a deep breath and says, "When a Siren is banished, it burns to touch the water. That leaves the Siren's skin exposed to the sunlight. Families will banish the accused to the rocks, leaving their Siren skin to heat up. Without water to cool them down, their skin will split like dry leather and what is supposed to be human blood will leak through the cracks. The sun will boil it into this, inevitably cooking themselves alive," he finishes with a sigh before adding, "it's punishment for turning against their own kind,"

"That's- morbid," Yoongi finally comments with a shudder. The Siren snorts.

"My sister did it too. She turned herself into a beautiful young woman centuries ago because she really believed she was in love with a sailor. Turns out he only wanted to fuck her and send her away. She tried her hardest to convince our Father to take her back, but he refused and banished her. She tried to tell us that the Sailor promised a life on the mainland, even though it would have killed her. Believed this man was really worth it all," the Siren recalls this with an empty look in his eyes.

"I'm sorry," is all Yoongi can say.

The Siren just shrugs and says, "Don't be, she had it coming,"

"But still- what about the rest of your family? Won't you get into trouble for talking to a human?" Yoongi asks.

The Siren makes a low noise of amusement in his throat. "They're gone. They left me a long time ago. After that, I decided to do what I want. And it's not like I'm turning myself into a human, now is it?" The Siren retorts before he shakes his head. "I'd like to change the subject now,"

Yoongi just nods and looks back at the jar of blue jelly.

"What else do you need?" The blue haired man asks, already reaching into the sack to retrieve a clean jar.

"Why are you helping me?" Yoongi questions, ignoring his question with another question.

The Siren shrugs. "I'm bored. And besides, you're pretty cute, Mr. Sailor," he grins, tapping Yoongi on the nose.

"Cute?" Yoongi scoffs.

The Siren smirks at him and says, "wait here," before he dives into the water, jar in tow.

"Not like I can go anywhere, Sunshine," Yoongi mutters to himself.

"I heard that," The Siren says as he appears above the water.

"That was fast," Yoongi says expectantly.

"I haven't done anything yet. So shut up and sit tight, handsome," the man quips with a wink before once again, he disappears under the salty waves. Yoongi just smiles to himself, amused. He waits with his back to the sun, the boat gently rocking under the salty waves. He thinks back to the story the Siren had told him and then remembers how such creatures are known to lie through their tongue. But with the sad look that he had in his eyes, it makes Yoongi re-think if he was actually lying to him. With furrowed eyebrows, the man leans forward to take the glass, unscrewing it to get a whiff. Immediately, he pulls back with a disgruntled noise, face scrunching up.

"You just essentially smelled blood," the Siren notes as he comes back up, breaking the surface of the water with a smirk. "Nasty stuff," he adds as he takes the jar from Yoongi to smell it. "You should try smelling it when it's fresh in the sun, it's like a million dead fish that are just rotting away and-"

"That's quite enough, thanks," Yoongi says quickly, shaking his head. The Siren just chuckles to himself and hands the jar back for Yoongi to twist the lid back on.

"I got you some fossils, I don't know if that can come in handy," the Siren says as he hands the jar carelessly to Yoongi, although the look in his eyes is eager as if awaiting Yoongi's response.

The Sailor holds it up, looking at the two types of fish bones inside. He gasps in awe and says, "this is insane Sunshine,"

If Yoongi were looking, he'd see the Siren preen at the praise, chewing his lower lip to hide a smile. "Seriously," Yoongi says as he looks up at the creature. "This is so helpful, thank you,"

The Siren just shrugs it off, turning his head away. "Do you need anything else?" The man in the water asks. He can't help but look disappointed when Yoongi shakes his head.

"I should actually be getting back on deck. I have some notes to write," the Sailor says.

"Oh," emits the Siren. "That's cool I guess,"

Yoongi just nods, oblivious to the Siren's look. It isn't until Yoongi sinks the paddles back into the water that the Siren acts. "Tell me about the mainland," the Siren says quickly, holding tight onto the edge of the boat. "Please?" He adds.

"I'd have thought the other people you met would have told you about those things," Yoongi says with a tilt of his head. "Surely I haven't got much else to tell you?"

"I bet you have though," the Siren continues as he leans across the edge of the boat.

"Careful, you're gonna tilt the boat over," the Sailor quips with a slight fear of being thrown into the water.

"You scared I'm gonna drown ya?" The Siren asks with a raise of his eyebrow.

Yoongi snorts and says, "nope. Just don't wanna end up soaking wet,"

To this, the Siren makes a sound of amusement and gently presses down on the boat, suddenly losing his balance and almost toppling the boat over. "WATCH IT!" Yoongi suddenly yells, making the Siren retract away from him.

"Sorry," the Siren says quietly, pushing himself away from the boat, head hanging low. Yoongi just glares downwards as he sorts his jars, muttering something under his breath. "Guess I'll just- go-" The Siren murmurs. "Yeah," he whispers to himself before disappearing under the waves. Yoongi too caught up in his tantrum doesn't notice this as he picks up his paddles once more to pull the boat back to the ship's edge, swinging the sack carelessly over his shoulder and using one hand to climb back up the ladder, jumping over to land swiftly on the deck. He drops the jars onto the table and drags out the chair that he's convinced will fall apart at some point, but he takes no notice to this and just throws himself down into it, sliding his journal towards him and slipping the pencil out from between the pages. It's covered in bite marks from where he chews it whilst thinking and the lead is so close to the end that it's basically just a stub of wood at this point. Yoongi holds it between his teeth and sets each jar down in front of him, lining them up before he sketches each one out, writing a description of what each one contains.

Jar 1: Seawater from North Side


Cleaner sample than others. Contains seaweed and appears clear.



Jar 2: Sanguis (Siren's Blood)


to follow



Jar 3: Fossils (Fish Bones)


Unsure of how old. Found under the ocean sand- North Side.



Yoongi then readjusts himself in his chair with a hand shading in the last jar before he turns the page to continue writing about the Siren's Curse.



Siren Curse-

SANGUIS; Siren's Blood

This story originates from a Siren.

It is said that Siren's are able to use black magic to turn themselves into a human form. Siren's in any form needs to be in/or touching water and Siren's cannot be in the sunlight for too long. May need plenty of water if in human form.

If Siren's are discovered with being in human form, it is said that they are banished from the ocean by their families 'for going back on their kind', and are sent to sit upon the group of rocks on the North Side. Siren's that have been banished cannot touch the water, otherwise, it will cause them extreme burns. Said Siren's skin will become excessively dry and rip and their 'blood' will marinate to become blue jelly. A jelly substance will cook in the sunlight but remain a deep blue color. Very foul smell. Said to smell like rotting fish if fresh.


He then sits back and ponders for a moment. The story the Siren had given him sounds confusing, but he guesses it makes sense to an actual Siren. But to him, it was ever so slightly confusing. He decides against reading it over, as he knows that it'll only make his head hurt. Yoongi lets out a deep sigh and stands, pushing the chair back with his legs as he does so before he collects the jars and carries them back down to the hold, where they are kept in a black velvet box for safe keeping. He nods to himself and turns to rummage for some fruit to eat before walking back up onto the deck. The sun is beginning to set, causing a deep crimson red to spread across the sky, painted with deep pinks and yellows that balance out the harsh colors. Yoongi takes to leaning against the ship's edge, facing the bright sun as he takes a bite out of his apple. The juice coats his tongue and he savors it with a hum. He feels content, and there's no bratty mermaid to bother him-

Or so at least he thought.

"What's that?" The said Siren intrudes. Yoongi lets his eyes fall down below him where the Siren is floating in the water, looking less cocky and more- sad? Than before. Yoongi recalls yelling at him and cringes a little inside. He never yells at anyone.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you," Yoongi says quietly.

The Siren shrugs. "'s okay,"

"And it's an apple," Yoongi tells him, holding it out for the Siren to look. "Want some?"

The Siren looks at it, confused, before nodding. He still seems unsure as Yoongi drops the apple, watching the Siren catch it one-handed. The blue haired man looks at the bite mark, fingers trailing across it. "Is this what humans eat?" He asks as his pink tongue darts out to lick it. Yoongi chuckles.

"It's not all we eat," he informs the Siren. "Bite into it," he instructs. The Siren furrows his eyebrows and opens his mouth, sharp fangs appearing as they bite down into the flesh of the apple. He effortlessly pulls out a chunk and chews on it, face still unsure.

"It's-" The Siren begins before cutting himself off. "I don't know,"

Yoongi snorts, watching the Siren chew, contemplating if this apple is going to change his life or not. "Maybe it's not your awakening to human food," Yoongi comments.

"It's not so much an awakening. Maybe just a bummed out firework,"

"You know what fireworks are?" Yoongi asks, watching the Siren roll his eyes.

"Don't even get me started on those damn things. First off, they're loud as fuck. When I'm trying to sleep they're all like BANG and POW and I'm like, seriously? Fuck sake I just want to nap. I'll admit the colors are pretty, but it's terrifying when they land in the damn water. Taehyung almost got hit with one of those pesky things," the Siren mutters.

"Who's Taehyung?" Yoongi asks curiously.

"My friend," the Siren answers with little interest. "Actually," he says, tossing the apple back up to Yoongi who just about manages to catch it without falling over the edge. "Hold this, I wanna see if he can stomach it," and with that, the Siren disappears with a splash of water. Yoongi holds onto the apple, his eyes searching the deep blue marks that bleed into the flesh of the apple. It spreads out like watercolors or veins. He makes a mental note to ask him about it soon. But his thoughts are soon cut off by a familiar whistle. Yoongi looks back down over the ship's edge to see not one Siren, but two. This one has bright red hair that has stands of gold. Yoongi can't see his tail, but he appears slightly broader yet smaller than the original Siren.

"I'm gonna have to start learning names here," Yoongi says. "I can't be meeting all these Siren's without knowing what to call everyone,"

"He's not meeting you, he's here for that," the blue-haired Siren says as he points at the apple.

Yoongi glances at the fruit before looking back down. "Name first, Sunshine,"

"Ooh," the red-haired Siren says with a smirk. "He's got a nickname for you, Chim," he nudges the blue-haired Siren in the side, earning a smile back. "I'm Taehyung, and you are?"

"Yoongi," the Sailor responds suspiciously.

The redhead hums, eyeing the Siren beside him.

"Give me it," the blue-haired Siren demands, looking straight up at Yoongi.

The sailor throws the apple up into the air and catches it again in one hand. "I don't know, Sunshine. I think if we're actually friends then I'd know your name by now,"

Sunshine scoffs. "I'm not a fucking idiot. Sharing names both ways is how it starts. Now give me that thing," he insists, pointing to the apple in Yoongi's hand.

Yoongi shakes his head with a dramatic sigh. "As much as I like Petal and Sunshine, I still think I'd like to know your real name," he continues, leaning his cheek in one hand, the other tossing the apple up and down in the air. He can practically feel the heat of anger radiating from the blue-haired Siren, but Yoongi doesn't say anything. Well, not until he's being splashed with a mouth full of sea water, making him sputter and stagger back, the apple being thrown over the edge and into his Sunshine's hand.

"We all want a lot of things, Mr. Sailor. But unfortunately, we don't always get them," Sunshine retorts with a chuckle of who Yoongi presumes is the Siren's friend.

"Brat-" Yoongi mutters as he spits seawater out of his mouth.

"Oh, you've found a sassy one," Taehyung says. Yoongi storms towards the ship's edge and glares down at the two Sirens, one smiling and the other looking fairly annoyed.

"Listen Sunshine-"

"Taste this," the blue-haired Siren interrupts, shoving the apple into Taehyung's chest. The redhead takes the apple from his friend and holds it up, examining it.

"What is it?" He asks.

"An affle," the other Siren responds.

Yoongi rolls his eyes and says, "it's called an apple," but Sunshine just waves his hand. Taehyung eyes the blue-haired Siren and bites into the fruit, immediately recoiling and spluttering, dramatically slapping the pieces of fruit from his tongue.

"Doesn't it taste familiar?" The blue haired Siren persists, face extremely serious to be talking about a piece of fruit. The two completely ignore Yoongi as Sunshine continues talking and the sailor is left to sulk with his arms folded across his chest.

Taehyung hums and looks at the apple. "It's awfully familiar, I'll give you that. Can't put a finger on it though," he says as he purses his lips in thought.

"Hello? I'm right here-" Yoongi interrupts, but his pouting goes unnoticed or ignored.

"I got it!" The blue haired Siren suddenly yells out, clicking his fingers.

"Or just ignore me, that's fine too," Yoongi mutters.

"Ganallop!" Sunshine screeches and the two Siren's suddenly squeal with their new found discovery.

"You what?" The Sailor quips, but neither of the creatures is listening to him by this point.

Taehyung takes another lick of the apple, face scrunching up with his tongue just barely poking past his lips. "Yep, definitely ganallop," the redhead notes with a quick shake of his head. "I gotta show Jeongguk this, he hates ganallop," Taehyung snickers before darting into the water, apple in hand.

The blue haired Siren too, dives after him and leaves Yoongi with a sense of bewilderment, completely confused on 1) what the hell just happened and 2) where is apple is being taken to.

Yoongi's been on the ocean for a few weeks, and with fruit running out, he'd have to eventually fish for something. He's been putting it off and living off of fruits like pears and oranges because there's no way in hell Yoongi is going to attempt to use a handmade spear to try and catch a fucking fish. Not only that, a raw fish. Well- unless he was literally about to starve out, which would be the case as of now seeing as his last apple had been taken hostage by a bunch of curious mermaids. He scoffs at the thought of it and goes back down into the hold to change into dry clothes. With the lack any way to bath in clean water, Yoongi decides to strip down to his black briefs and takes the special soap bag that Seokjin had insisted he take with him before retreating onto the deck. With a quick look around, he decides his best option is to swim over to the rocks so that he doesn't use literally all of his energy to keep himself afloat. With that thought in mind, Yoongi swings himself over the ladder and into the water, hissing at the coldness of it. He waits for a moment, letting the waves lap around his waist before it starts to become warmer and he's able to move without his teeth chattering.

He swims towards the rocks and slides his foot into a handy groove to pull himself up, almost slipping back down from the amount of seaweed across it the rough surface. He's neglected to wash thus far, mainly because there wasn't anywhere he could actually go to wash and because he's been so busy with maintaining the ship in the recent bad weather. But now he's able to enjoy the last of the sun before it gets dark as he dips a bar of soap into the water, letting if soften whilst holding the mesh bag between his thighs. Yoongi sighs at the effort and begins soaping himself down, the suds coating his skin like white dots. His arms are prickled with goosebumps but he ignores it and massages the soap into his hair.

"You're on my rock,"

Yoongi didn't expect the intrusion and almost slips as he jumps in the air, eyes shooting up to look at the Siren in front of him before his eyes narrow into a glare. "You stole my apple," Yoongi accuses, pointing at the creature. The Siren hums but doesn't respond. Yoongi watches him swim over to a smaller rock, noticing the wrinkle of his nose as he does so. The Siren watches Yoongi with a gleam of interest in his eyes, but the Sailor tries hard to ignore him and continues to massage soap suds into his hair before he sinks back down into the water, gripping onto the groove in the rock with one hand, the other rinsing off the soap from his skin. The Siren stays where he is for a moment, watching on until a large wave comes crashing over Yoongi and the sailor has to shield himself from the water. It's only then that the creature rolls his eyes and slips into the ocean, swimming over and holding out his hands. Yoongi eyes him suspiciously.

"Give me your hands, idiot," the Siren mutters. But still, Yoongi refuses to let go of the rock until the blue-haired Siren grips his waist instead.

"What are you doing?!" Yoongi screeches, attempting to get away from him.

"I'm doing a circus act, what the fuck does it look like I'm doing? I'm holding you up you moron," the Siren snaps.

"Alright, alright, calm it down, Sunshine," Yoongi mutters as he peels the Siren's hands away from him. The creature snatches his hands away and pulls himself up onto the larger rock, once again claiming it as his own. Yoongi rolls his eyes and lays back in the water, letting it hold him up as he washes his hair in the salty water. "What happened to your friend?" Yoongi asks after a few minutes of nothing but the waves crashing against the rocky terrain. He swears he can hear the Siren scoff but he doesn't bring it up.

"Those two aren't so much friends to me as they are acquaintances," the Siren says lowly. Yoongi furrows his eyebrows and kicks his legs to float upright once more, leaning over the rock to let the water wash over his shoulders. The Siren glances down at the Sailor before shooting his eyes back up. "They're just-" He says with a heavy sigh. "Nothing. They're nothing. It doesn't matter. Tell me about your friends," the Siren suddenly requests as he turns to lay on his stomach, tail resting beside him.

Yoongi looks up at him in thought, running a hand through his wet hair.

"Well, I don't have many. I have Seokjin, he's extremely caring," Yoongi says as he thinks back to his friends that await his arrival back on the mainland. "Namjoon, he's so smart. Sometimes I think he should have been the one on this trip instead of me," Yoongi finds himself saying.

"I'm glad he wasn't," the Siren says quietly, but his eyes are averted and gazing off into the distance, so Yoongi thinks that it was a thought he had spoken aloud so he ignores it and continues.

"Hoseok too, he's funny and caring. I think you'd both get on really well," Yoongi says fondly. Although the three annoy him a considerable amount, he's still lucky to call them friends. Yoongi glances up at the Siren who looks almost sad. Like a barrier is stopping the creature from revealing how he truly feels. Yoongi wonders if he's thinking about his own family, but it doesn't feel right to bring it up, so he simply doesn't. Instead, he thinks about something the Siren had barely mentioned earlier on that day.

"What did you mean when it all starts from there?" The Sailor asks quietly. The Siren hums, eyebrows twitching in confusion. "You said you wouldn't tell me your name, because it all starts from there," Yoongi tells him. He notices the Siren tense up, lips pressed into a thin line. It takes a moment for the creature to relax and turn his head towards him. The Siren reaches out a hand and drags his thumb across Yoongi's lower lip, eyes averted down at them before finally, he speaks.

"People fall in love easily when they know each other's names," he says quietly, so quietly it makes Yoongi wonder if he had imagined it. Suddenly, the Siren's head snaps up. Yoongi strains to hear what he can, but comes away empty-handed. But the man in front of him seems to hear it and whispers a quick, "I have to go," before leaping over the rock and into the water, disappearing from sight. Yoongi is left with the ghost feeling on his lips and confusion clouding his brain. His eyebrows are knotted as he looks down at where the Siren had disappeared, eyes lingering there for a lot longer than he thought because when he looks up, the sky is a deep blue and the stars are beginning to come out of hibernation. Silently, his eyes fall back down to the ocean waves before his body finally moves away from the rocks and he swims back towards the ship's ladder, legs shaking from the cold. Yoongi edges himself over onto the deck and down into the hold where he uses an old shirt to dry himself off before discarding it to change into an oversized, off-white shirt with billowing sleeves and ties at the front and plain black briefs. The coolness of the ocean waves and the events of today has Yoongi's eyelids feeling heavy as he sinks into the makeshift bed, eyes graciously accepting sleep as they fall closed.

























The next morning, Yoongi is standing on the deck, twirling the spear around in his hands and eyeing it suspiciously. He'd gone to bed hungry after his apple had been hijacked, so he's left to his own devices and to find food by himself. How he'd actually survived this long on just fruit had astounded him, but also this was his fault, seeing as he'd bragged back to everyone on the mainland that he'd fish for food like a hunter or something. Of course, Seokjin was completely against this and of course, Yoongi is completely regretting this.

It seems that the movies have got to his head, seeing as he'd bought a hand-carved spear with the idea that he can stab the fish and eat them. This seemed a lot better in his head.

"Surely it can't be that hard," Yoongi mutters to himself as he walks over to the edge and drops the spear into the small fisherman's boat that floats beside the large ship. He swings himself over and slides down the ladder, landing with a thud into the boat and almost knocking it over. Again- he thought he'd look cool doing this. He didn't.

Yoongi bends down to pick up his wooden spear and attempts to hold it in one hand, just as a large fish can be seen through the water. He aims and lunges forward, completely missing the fish and falling headfirst into the water, breaking the surface with a scream. As he heaves for air, he can distinctly hear a loud laugh that has his head snapping in the direction of the giggling with a glare. The Siren sits on the large rock, tail curled around him and his body bent in half. His hair bounces as he laughs and his body racks with the amusement of Yoongi's attempt to catch a fish. Yoongi just scowls and pulls himself back into the boat, flipping off the Siren without looking at him. The creature just laughs harder at this.

"Will you shut up?" Yoongi snaps as he retrieves his spear and glares down at the water, on the lookout for another fish.

"What are you even trying to do?" The Siren asks as his laughter dies down into a soft giggle. Yoongi glances at him to see the Siren has moved to lay on his stomach across the seaweed covered rock, his tail gently floating in the water below him. The Siren leans his chin in his hand with the other arm laid out in front of him and his eyes are wide with amusement and curiosity as he smirks at the Sailor.

"I'm trying to find some fish, seeming as you stole my apple yesterday," the elder man snaps as he turns his head when he thinks he sees a fish.

The Siren snorts. "Taehyung took it from me yesterday. I'm not interested in it anymore anyway. I'm interested in what you're doing," he says as he tilts his head to the side. The Sailor doesn't respond to this, but instead darts forward for a fish, only to scare it away, fins flapping in a flurry. The sailor huffs, ignoring the Siren's chuckle. "Would you like some help?" He asks, but he doesn't move straight away.

The Sailor violently shakes his head. "I can do it," he says insistently.

"Sure you can," the Siren mutters, but the sailor takes no notice to this as he goes for another fish, managing to get the spear through its fins and pull it out of the water before the tail splits and the fish is back in the water. The sailor swears he can hear the Siren wince.

"Does this bother you?" Yoongi asks after a moment as he looks towards the creature.

The Siren shakes his head. "I eat fish. But I do feel bad for his poor tail," he says.

"So you're a cannibal," Yoongi notes.

The Siren rolls his eyes and says, "I've been told that humans eat meat too,"

Yoongi splutters as he falls to sit in the boat. "You think humans eat each other?" He asks in bewilderment.

The Siren shrugs and says, "in one way or another," with a wink. He just smirks at the Sailor and continues. "No, actually I've been told you eat animals. So aren't you cannibals too?" He asks.

The sailor shakes his head. "Animals aren't humans," he supplies with a shrug.

"What's the difference?" The Siren continues.

"It's a huge difference," Yoongi says.

"How so?"

"They're not human beings, they-"

"They have beating hearts, no? They bleed and feel pain. I don't see how it's so different from eating a human being," the Siren interrupts with a shrug. He doesn't seem annoyed. More curious than angry.

"Animals are animals. Humans are humans. We're not morbid zombies, we don't just eat each other. Animals eat other animals and-"

"So you're calling me an animal?"

"I didn't say that-"

"You technically did," the Siren points out.

"What kind of debate is this?" Yoongi snaps, hands going up as he speaks. The Siren's eyes follow his movement but he doesn't speak. He just looks at Yoongi with a twinkle of something in his eyes and his lips curved into an amused smile. "It's just- different. I can't explain that to a mermaid," Yoongi shrugs it off, ignoring the fiery glare that the Siren gives him.

"You seem to be very- insistent on this mermaid facade, yes?"

Yoongi shrugs, not really understanding the question.

"Do the mermaids in your storybooks burn alive when they're banished? Or are they greedy and sexual creatures, hm? Or do they wear shells and have pretty hair?"

"You do have pretty hair," Yoongi interrupts without really thinking about it. His eyes snap to the Siren, but the creature doesn't seem to be paying any attention. "And actually," he adds. "In the original version of The Little Mermaid, she was turned into a human and she had to get the prince to fall in love with her. But each step she took was like walking on knives. She turned into seafoam because she didn't want to kill the prince," Yoongi explains. The Siren's eyebrow cocks up in interest.

"How traumatizing for your young," the Siren supplies. The Sailor nods in agreement. "But I'm afraid that's not how it works down here. Of course, there are many ways to die after you've been banished, the most popular being to cook alive. I can't say we turn into seafoam, though. Maybe be ripped apart, sure, but seafoam? It's tacky,"

"I'm sorry, let's just backtrack a minute. Ripped apart?" Yoongi asks.

The Siren nods as if it's nothing and continues. "This is usually if a Siren were to become pregnant with a bastard child. Some families and cults are extremely persistent that their children marry before they conceive. But like I said, we're sexual creatures. It's an urge some just can't resist,"

"Go on," Yoongi urges.

The Siren's eyes glance to Yoongi before he says, "I don't know if you can stomach it,"

Yoongi scoffs. "Of course I can,"

With that, the Siren nods and continues. "To be ripped apart means that the Siren's family will turn their child into a human and use enchanted knives to cut down to their joints and, well- rip them apart," he says with a casual shrug.

Yoongi stares back with wide eyes. "Hold on," he says quickly as he turns to lean his head over the water. "I think I might puke,"

The Siren giggles. "Told you," he retorts. "It's their own fault really. Most Siren's have what we like to call our sexual awakening pretty young, so urges are pretty difficult to overcome at first. But still, it's easier for male Sirens seeming as we can't get pregnant and no one knows unless you get caught. If Kookie's family found out he'd been torn limb for limb,"

"Kookie?" The Sailor inquires as he turns back, a hand on his stomach and feeling slightly queasy.

The Siren nods to Yoongi's question and says, "Jeongguk. He's Taehyung's secret boyfriend if you will. Both a total pair of idiots, but- who am I to judge?" With a shrug to finish his sentence. The Siren is once again gazing off somewhere, eyes distant and mouth pressed into a firm line. Yoongi thinks that the Siren has a lot of secrets, none of which he wants to tell the sailor, but it doesn't quench Yoongi's curiosity as he leans slightly forward to get a closer look at the Siren. He notices that the creature has dark circles under his eyes that aren't as visible in the bright sunlight and his eyebrows are knitted together, lips still pressed into a thin line, as if he's holding back tears.

"Are you okay?" Yoongi asks. He notices that the Siren jumps a little, almost as if he was so caught up in his thoughts that he had forgotten about the Sailor. The Siren lets out a deep sigh and shakes his head to himself, forcing a smile as he nods.

"Shouldn't you be trying to fish?" The Siren asks as he turns his head back. It's noticeable straight away that the smile doesn't reach his eyes, and Yoongi goes to ask if he's okay again but the Siren is quick to put a finger to his lips, eyes focused on the water. Yoongi stays as still as he can as he looks over the boat side, seeing nothing but deep blue. He looks back to watch the Siren's eyes narrow as he slowly edges closer to the waves, tail curled around him and his hands gripping the rock. Suddenly, so suddenly that it scares Yoongi, he darts into the water, hands outstretched. Yoongi only catches a glimpse of him as he darts past and down into the blue yonder. He sits and waits, attempting to see the Siren, but coming away with nothing. He's not sure how long he waits. It feels like a long time but was most likely only a few minutes until the Siren breaks the water, hands turned into long claws that pierce five fish on one finger. Yoongi can't help but stare at his once human-like hands and the Siren glances at him, almost looking upset. "Take these," he says quickly. Yoongi has to hold himself back from edging away from the black nails of the creature and slips the fish from his claw, leaving the limp creatures in the bucket that remains in the small boat. The fish lay lifeless as the Siren sinks his hands into the water, a soft glow barely visible from above the water before he brings them back up, back to normal. Small, slightly pudgy, human hands.

"Thank you," Yoongi says as he forces his eyes up to look the Siren in the eye. And the creature just looks back, eyes bright. Yoongi can feel himself falling into them as if he can't control his own emotions. He feels... Happier. Brighter. Like an obsessive nature is overtaking him and there's nothing he can do to stop it. He leans closer and the glow in the Siren's eyes fades as he pulls back, his expression unreadable. The feeling immediately leaves Yoongi and he's left to feel confused and with a slight headache.

"Sorry," the Siren is quick to say, voice quiet and mumbled. Yoongi, still with the dull ache in his head just offers a smile and shakes his head. He takes it as being in the heat for too long, and that the Siren isn't at fault. Besides, if he wanted to drag him down, he'd have already done it already. Right?

"You should eat," the Siren speaks up, breaking through Yoongi's thoughts. "I need to go," he adds quickly before swimming backward but with his eyes still on Yoongi.

And it's like Yoongi can't form words. He feels something indescribable, not so much longing or love. But a strange ache in his lower stomach. The Siren looks guilty and upset, and as if he's trying hard to get away from the sailor as soon as his body will let him. When Yoongi doesn't speak up, the Siren offers a small and sad smile before he jumps up and dives into the water, his majestic tail causing an arch of water to curl in the air before the droplets fall and leave nothing but the gentle push and pull of the ocean waves. Yoongi stays there for a moment before he moves his hand to rest across his forehead. It's an indescribable feeling and he can't make sense of it. "It's probably just the heat," he murmurs to himself as he takes the paddles to bring the small boat to sit aside the much larger ship, the long rope holding it from drifting away. Yoongi then hooks the handle of the white bucket over his arm and proceeds to climb up onto the deck. His first thought is that he'll have to eat the fish raw, that is until he skips the steps down to the hold to find a knife and finds a box stored away in the corner. He narrows his eyes, not remembering seeing this box before. Not unless he has seen it and had ignored it, seeing as he wasn't looking directly for this one specific box. But this time he slides it across the shelf and lifts it, placing the small box down on the wooden counter in front of him. It's a plain brown cardboard box, but inside is a tiny gas stove with a slightly larger saucepan sitting on top. Yoongi narrows his eyes, trying to rack his brain to remember if he brought this with him or not. He comes away with nothing as he lifts the stove out from its box, revealing a small note underneath.

"What?" He asks himself as he unfolds the piece of paper, revealing a handwritten note.



You're going to need this.

Living off of fruit! What a palava! You need to eat properly while you're away!


Thank me when you get back ;)


- Seokjin (Namjoonie says hi)



Yoongi can't help but smile to himself, chuckling a little as he rereads the note. It's only then that he realizes how homesick he actually is. His friends await him back on the mainland and it's been weeks that he's been away from them. He sighs heavily and sets the bucket down beside the gas stove and attempts to figure out how it works. As he leans over, his fringe hangs in front of him and he almost sets it alight with how the fire is suddenly alight. He jumps back with a shriek, cursing under his breath. "Damn thing," he mutters with a tut. After thankfully not setting himself on fire, Yoongi sets the saucepan on top and proceeds to fry one of the fish that the Siren had caught for him. He tries not to dwindle too much on the creature, because in the end it only makes his head hurt. As for his head- he slowly begins to feel a lot better and back to normal, although he still feels queasy after imagining being ripped apart into just a pile of limbs.

The fish sizzles in the pan, fatty oils leaking out from its leathery skin. Yoongi remains silent with only the popping sound of cooking oil to fill the small space. There's a lot to think about for when he goes back to the mainland. With his newfound discoveries, he'll be helping the researchers with his documented notes of new creatures and the Siren. He hopes he can spend the first day back with Namjoon, Hoseok, and Seokjin, to reunite and also take a proper bath. His skin is so used to the salty water and its smell, but it's still always nice to sink into warm water and not have your whole body go into shock as soon as it touches the icy waves. But- as he thinks about it, he finds that he's comforted by the ocean. Being on his own has given him a lot of time to think about it, and being away from people has been awfully calming. Except when his privacy is breached by a certain bratty Siren who refuses to leave him alone. He admits, he feels bad for saying that. The Siren is quite interesting and makes dull moments bright and full of color again. But of course, the Siren has his lingering secrets. It makes the sailor somewhat curious and he aches to ask about them, but the Siren seems determined to keep them secrets instead of spilling to a nosy sailor on the sea. He chews away at his inner lip, pulling the skin away from it without much thought as he flips the fish over. The underside has turned a deep brown and is covered in a thin layer of fat. Surprisingly, the smell of it doesn't appetise him like he thought it would. He puts it down to the heat like earlier and shrugs it off as he turns off the gas and uses his knife to eat the fish from the pan. Yoongi stands where he is to eat, eyes boring holes into the wooden shelves in front of him as he eats. He swears he chews at least a hundred times, turning the fish into mush before he finally swallows. He leaves half in the pan, uncaring of it in this moment. He's much too distracted to do anything except stare at things and think. And although he tries to force himself into doing something, like sketching or note writing, his brain completely refuses and shuts itself off.

He sighs heavily and walks back up the rickety steps and onto the deck, only to greet at least ten dead fish on the planks. He narrows his eyes in confusion and looks up, only to catch the tiniest glimpse of a blue sparkly tail before it's gone and out of sight, leaving Yoongi to think if he'd imagined it or not. But the fish say otherwise. He slowly turns, eyes fixated on the bait as he walks back down into the hold to retrieve his white bucket. Yoongi collects the fish with an eye always watching to see if his favorite Siren will appear. Much to his disappointment, he doesn't. It leaves a heavy feeling in his chest and a sour taste in his mouth as he dumps the bucket in the hold before he slouches to his bed, that really is a very thin mattress, if you could even call it that, that sits in a built-in hole in the wall. The small space is all wooden, one side makes the bed with a lantern that hangs above his feet and the other side is built into the wall shelves and a wooden counter that comes out with cupboards underneath. The space inbetween is only as big as a hallway, but he manages. Near the stairs is a door that leads to more stairs. They go down further down into the hold where Yoongi stores tanks full of fresh drinking water and tools that he may need on the journey. Anything he discovers that can't fit on a small shelf in the upper hold goes down there. Yoongi never really goes down there unless it's for water, as there's not really a need for it. Apart from the small closed off space that he uses for a makeshift bathroom, but that's not really important.



















Jimin ;


"You're seeing that human quite often," Taehyung accuses. The blue haired Siren scoffs and flicks his tail as he swims faster, but Tae is quick to follow him. Taehyung's always been speedy. Always had speed and strength on his side when he used to compete in races when they were younger. Doesn't even have to try. He's just born with a naturally strong tail. The blue haired Siren curses under his breath at his friend's speed.

"You can't just swim away from me," his friend calls out.

"Yeah? Watch me," Jimin spits out as he briskly turns around a large rock to confuse Taehyung.

"You're running away from your problems!" Taehyung yells as he attempts to find his friend who is hiding in a hole in the rock. Jimin cautiously peeks out to have his friend spot him and immediately grumbles something with a pout. "Stop hiding from me," Taehyung says firmly, blocking the Siren's only exit.

"It's none of your business. You seemed to like him too!" Jimin points out.

"Like and love are two completely different things," Taehyung reasons.

The blue haired Siren scoffs. "Love? You've got to be fucking kidding me,"

"If you don't love him then why do you keep seeing him? He doesn't even know your fucking name!" Taehyung exclaims as he throws his hands up. Jimin scowls and refuses to answer, arms folded across his chest. "You know how dangerous it is. Didn't you learn anything from when Leia did this?! This is so fucking careless and you know it! And it's not the first time you've become infatuated with a human either! You-"

"Don't you dare bring her into this-" Jimin seethes. "And it's not like I'm the only one. You know that if your family finds out about Jeongguk, they'll tell and his family will banish him. He'll die. He'll turn into what she did if you're not careful,"

"Jeongguk isn't a human. Face it, Jimin. You can't even say her name!" Taehyung argues.

"They'll banish him from this fucking ocean and you'll never see your precious fuck buddy ever again. How does that make you feel?" The elder snaps harshly.

"Yeah? How does it make you feel that you can't live up to what Leia did? Say her name, Jimin, I dare you. Say it,"

The elder forcefully turns his head away and remains quiet.

"See, I knew it. You know, you're both as idiotic and careless as each other. Why not just turn yourself into a human too? We sure won't miss you down here. You're nothing but a waste of space! No wonder why you're mother abandoned you,"

The comment sucks the air from Jimin's lungs. His arms fall to his sides as his lips part in shock. Taehyung immediately tries to backtrack on his words, but nothing can take that back. Not only does he have the audacity to bring Leia into this, but he chooses his mother of all people to use against him.

"Jimin- I- Fuck, I'm so sorry- I didn't mean-"

"Don't touch me-" Jimin breathes out as Taehyung tries to reach for him. His friend ignores him and takes his wrist but the elder is quick to react and tugs his hand away. "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME !" Jimin screams before he darts away, tail finding some sort of inner strength as he swims away, ignoring Taehyung's calls. He wants Yoongi. He wants to hear his warm honey voice and the way he calls him sweet names. But he can't do that. He just keeps swimming until he's surrounded by nothing but blue. It's so much more different than his kingdom that buzzes with life of families and Sirens. With his friends. Well- who he thought were his friends. He darts around, realizing that he's never been in this part of the ocean before, has never needed to leave home. He's crossed the barrier and now he's lost in nothing but blue and-


No, no, no. Please, no. He's not going to die like this.

A large shark is swimming full force towards him, jaws open and ready to eat him whole. In a panic, Jimin tries to swim away, to turn back to where he came from in an attempt to find home again. But the shark is too quick. Too bulky and large. Too fast to outswim. Jimin flicks his tail the wrong way and the shark takes the chance to bite, his enormous teeth snapping down and ripping away part of his tail. The Siren screams in agony but forces himself to keep moving. As the attack was so sudden, he didn't have the chance before to use magic to his advantage, but with the shark distracted by the chunk of tail in his mouth, Jimin uses a gush of magic to freeze the shark and turn it to stone. It sinks into the darkness below, stone eyes staring back at him before they disappear. His tail throbs and it aches too bad to move fast, so he has to settle for wincing as he pushes himself along, his head occasionally turning back to glance at the damage. He doesn't go back home. But when he reaches the barrier, he swims upwards. It takes longer than usual with the lack of his fins, but he grits his teeth and continues upwards anyway, determined to get out of there.

He reaches the surface and quickly pulls himself up to sit on the largest rock, immediately glancing at the ship, but the lanterns have been blown out and there isn't a sound coming from it, except for the soft breathing that he can hear. He presses his lips into a firm line as he looks down at the damage, noticing it's much worse than he originally imagined. Almost half of his tail has been bitten off, his scales threatening to fall with ripped fish skin hanging in ragged strips. After using such an immense spell to turn the shark to stone, he can only use the last of his strength to attempt to close the huge wound, but he knows it'll take much longer for him to heal up to grow his tail back. And until then, he won't be able to swim without pain. So for now, the Siren is stuck on this rock until he has the strength to help the growth of his tail. He sighs heavily, worn out from the day's events and lays across the seaweed, his raw tail kept up on the rock with a hand dipped into the waves to keep himself touching the water. He falls asleep like that, as best as he can without being home where he belongs.




















A scream wakes the Siren up with a start. The Siren shoots up from the water, head snapping around to see who had made such a distressed noise.

The Sailor stands by the edge of the ship, gaping at the Siren as he screams.

"What the hell happened to you?!" He yells. But he doesn't give the younger a chance to explain before he's diving into the water, clothes and all. The Siren stares at the man as he swims full force towards the rocks before he's gripping onto the seaweed, eyes fixated on the chunk of the Siren's tail that's left.

"Sunshine, I-"

"Jimin," the Siren says, cutting off the Sailor's words. The elder tilts his head in confusion, eyes dragging up to meet the Siren's gaze. "My name is Jimin,"

Yoongi utters a soft "oh," and forces a smile. "I'm glad you told me," he says quietly before his eyes drop back to Jimin's tail. "What happened to you? Are you okay? Did someone attack you?" He asks, all in a rush as Jimin smiles fondly. He knows he'll regret sharing his name later. It goes against everything he knows. Everything he's told himself he'll never do again. Once you share names, it opens the doors to fall for each other. To get attached.

"A shark attacked me," Jimin says, breaking apart his thoughts. The sailor's eyes snap back up to Jimin, eyes actually watering, but the Siren tells himself it's just the salty water. "I had a fight with Taehyung and I swam away. I ended up crossing the border and- well the shark found me. It's okay now, I'm just stuck here until I have the energy to heal up," the Siren explains quietly.

"But- You're hurt-" Yoongi says with a broken voice.

"No shit," Jimin bites. Immediately he sighs and says, "Sorry. Sorry, I- I didn't mean that. Just- Just ignore me, I've got a lot of shit going on,"

"Don't be," Yoongi tells him. "Are you in pain? Sorry, stupid question," he adds quickly, but Jimin just shakes his head and says, "It's gotten better overnight. I should be able to grow my tail back in a few weeks,"

"Weeks?!" Yoongi splutters. "How can you be out of the ocean for that long?!"

Jimin unconsciously reaches out to trace Yoongi's jawline as he says, "I'll figure it out,"

Yoongi however, is having none of this. He shakes his head firmly and sinks back down into the water. "I need to find you food. What do you eat?" He asks.

"It's really fine, I-"

"Tell me," Yoongi demands, cutting off Jimin's sentence before he can properly begin it.

"Fish. Seaweed. Mussels if you can actually get them off the rocks," Jimin explains with a wave of his hand. The Sailor nods and pushes himself away from the large rock to swim back to his ship. Jimin watches him curiously as Yoongi pulls himself up the ladder and onto the deck before he disappears for a moment. He returns with a bucket that he attempts to hold up with one hand as he slowly makes his way back to the Siren.

"Here," Yoongi says as he kicks his legs under the water to keep himself afloat with a hand reaching into the white bucket to retrieve a fish. The Siren nods his thanks and takes it. He turns away to eat and the Sailor lets him do it. They stay like that in silence as Yoongi feeds Jimin fish until the Siren shakes his head at another offering. "You should eat," Yoongi says as he attempts to hand the last fish over to the Siren.

"You should get out of the water," Jimin retorts. "Aren't you tired?" He adds.

When Yoongi looks at him properly, he can see the worry around his eyes. He looks tired, exhausted even. It's a total contrast from the beautiful mermaid he'd met just a few days ago. He considers Jimin a friend, and it makes him worry when he sees Jimin like this. When Yoongi doesn't respond, Jimin leans forward and weakly pulls Yoongi up, but the Sailor shakes his head and pulls his arm free. "You'll get cold," Jimin says quietly as he goes to reach for Yoongi's arm again.

"If it makes you feel better, I'll sit on the rocks," Yoongi offers as he takes the bucket and paddles to the smaller sized rock that sits a little away from Jimin. He rests the bucket on the rock and pulls himself up, revealing pale legs that have tinted themselves blue. "Better?" He asks. The Siren nods but he doesn't seem sure. The Sailor watches him for a moment before he decides to speak up. "What happened with your friend?" He asks, immediately regretting it when he sees the pained expression on the Siren's face.

"It's nothing," Jimin answers after what seems like hours.

"Are you sure?"

"I said it's nothing," the creature snaps as he looks away.

Yoongi chews his lip in thought. "If you- I can leave if you want," Yoongi offers.

He's surprised to see the Siren shake his head so that blue strands fall into his eyes. After being out of the ocean for a while, his hair has dried into wavy strands of pale blue that looks tinted silver in the sunlight. "If I'm stuck on this rock for the next few weeks, I'll need someone to talk to," he says quietly.

"I don't want to annoy you," Yoongi thinks aloud as his eyes fall to study the waves that gently crash into the rocks.

"You don't annoy me, Mr. Sailor," the Siren finally supplies in a sigh.

Yoongi doesn't respond after that. Instead, he glances up at the creature to find him staring off into nothing. Without his tail, he looks- less majestic than he once did. And the Siren himself feels this way too. His sassy mood has plummeted and he's left feeling empty and sad. Yoongi watches him lean down to lay on his side with an arm supporting his head and the other dipping into the water. Yoongi doesn't believe he's not in pain, but he wouldn't know the first thing about helping a mermaid, let alone to make his tail come back. He's only left with the simmering hope that Jimin's tail will grow back.


The name makes the Sailor smile. He's gotten used to calling the Siren by nicknames that it almost feels strange to say his birth name. But then- he recalls Jimin saying that he wouldn't share his name. It makes it easier to fall in love with someone when you know their name. He feels it's not the right time to bring it up, but he can't help but chew his lip as he watches the creature. Jimin gives off no signs of falling in love with Yoongi, and he hopes that it's just infatuation because he's the only human the Siren has talked to in a while. When he thinks about how he feels, he just feels how he would with a friend or an acquaintance. He'll most certainly miss the Siren when he returns to the mainland, with his jokes and sarcasm, but if he really thinks about it, there isn't a lingering feeling of something more. At least, he thinks there isn't.

"What is your family like?" Jimin suddenly asks. He doesn't look up at Yoongi but instead continues to gaze down at the waves that curl around his fingers. Yoongi shifts on the rock and thinks for a moment.

"My dad isn't around anymore," he begins. "He was lost at sea after an expedition. We heard the boat crashed but, we never really found out," he says.

"I'm sorry," Jimin supplies quietly.

"Don't be," the Sailor continues. "I was fairly young so I don't really remember him too well. My mom, she-she worries a lot about me. Fussed so much when I told her about my trip," he says fondly with a small laugh. "She's very caring though, it's a wonder that I didn't get that trait from her, everyone else seemed to,"

"You put yourself down, Mr. Sailor," Jimin interrupts. "Don't think like that of yourself,"

Yoongi raises an eyebrow but doesn't follow. Instead, he thinks back to his two younger sisters and his older brother with a smile. "I have two younger sisters, Yumi and Sung-mi and an older brother, Ku. There's not really that much to share, Sunshine. I'm not as interesting as you may think,"

"I doubt that," Jimin sighs. "How old are they?"

"Yumi and Sung-mi are twins, they're both turning thirteen in the fall. Ku is twenty-eight,"

Jimin hums and says, "what about you?"

"Me?" Yoongi asks. The Siren hums in response. "I'm twenty-five, and you?"

To this, the Siren laughs. "Depends if you mean in human years or Siren years," Jimin tells him as his shoulders shake.

"Tell me both,"

The Siren rolls onto his back, head hanging over the edge of the rock to look at the Sailor. Yoongi looks back with an amused smile. "In human years, I'd be twenty-two years old. So I'd call you Hyung, yes?"

Yoongi nods.

"In Siren years, however, I am five thousand, three hundred and twenty-two years old,"

Yoongi's mouth falls open at this, making Jimin laugh harder. "I knew you'd react like that," Jimin says. "Let's agree that I never told you that and that I'm actually a man in his early twenties,"

The sailor nods. "Sounds like a plan," he says with a loud swallow. Jimin just chuckles and continues to watch Yoongi from this angle. "Doesn't your head hurt?" Yoongi asks him after a moment.

"A little," Jimin responds with a shrug. He stays like that for a moment longer before finally he rolls onto his side and lets his hand fall back into the water. The waves curl up into the air, twisting around the Siren's wrist as if welcoming him. Jimin turns his head and glances at the Sailor, and Yoongi looks back in awe. "I shouldn't actually be using any magic," Jimin says. "My body needs it to heal my tail," and with that, the water drops with a small splash and returns to normal.

"Will it just grow back?" Yoongi asks curiously. He moves to lay on his stomach even though he's uncomfortable. The sun, however, dries him off and keeps his skin warm so he doesn't complain.

Jimin shrugs. "Kind of," he says. "It'll turn into a mound at the end and my scales will grow back too but they'll need magic to make them look normal again. My fins will come back a few days after the tail," Jimin tells the Sailor. "Jeongguk got attacked by a shark when we were younger. We used to race and Taehyung was always the fastest. He left Jeonggukie behind one time and his tail got bitten clean off. I'm surprised he lived. His tail is a little misshapen now because of the angle that he was bitten at, but he's got his strength back now. I loved my tail though," he sighs, voice sad and empty. "I guess it's the only part of me I ever liked," the Siren tells him.

"If it's any consultation, I liked your tail too," Yoongi says.

Jimin perks up at this as he pushes himself into a sitting position. His tail sits in front of him as he leans forward eagerly and Yoongi has to avert his eyes to not stare and make Jimin more upset than he already is about it. "What else do you like about me, Mr. Sailor?" He asks with a smirk.

Yoongi smiles and says, "I missed your attitude,"

Jimin laughs and leans back casually. "I guess you bring it out in me, hyung,"

Yoongi won't say it out loud, but he likes the way the nickname sounds coming from Jimin. His voice is slick and like honey, warm to Yoongi's ears.

"Do you have anything you need to do today?" Jimin asks after a long period of comfortable silence. Yoongi thinks for a moment before he just shakes his head. He's meant to be setting off soon, not to the mainland but to find another place to stay and research the area. But he finds that he doesn't want to. It makes his chest ache although just moments ago he didn't feel this way. He holds his chest where his heart is and takes a few deep breaths, but the pounding at the thought of leaving doesn't subside. It's almost painful.

"Hey... Are you okay?" Jimin asks softly, suddenly alert. Yoongi can't speak so he just shakes his head with knotted eyebrows. Jimin isn't meant to move too much as it causes him pain, but regardless he sinks into the water, wincing as he swims over, placing his hands on Yoongi's knees and immediately, the pain stops.

"How did you do that?" Yoongi asks breathlessly as his heart begins to calm down. He notices just how pretty the Siren is when he's this close to Yoongi's face. His cheekbones are sharp and slant, jawline looking like it could cut your finger if you run your finger down it. His eyes are dark brown with specks of caramel, eyelashes long and curled. His skin is honey toned, warm, comforting. Lips- God, those lips, Yoongi thinks. Plump, pink, like an antique doll. He takes a moment to admire them, watching Jimin speak.

"Do what?" Jimin questions him, seeming genuinely concerned for the Sailor.

"I- I don't know- The pain just stopped-" Yoongi says as he takes another deep breath in. Although the pain has subsided, his heart needs a moment to calm down and return back to normal.

"I'm not doing anything, I swear," Jimin says quickly, hands still over his knees. His thumbs rub gentle circles into his skin, and the motion is enough to have Yoongi breathing properly again. "Are you hurt?"

Yoongi shakes his head, a hand dropping to land over Jimin's. Neither of them moves away. "Are you sure?" Jimin continues. "You should get back on the boat, you're not built to be in the water for so long,"

"I'm not in the water," Yoongi points out, but is met with a look from Jimin.

"Please just go back up, you don't need to sit here with me,"

"But, I-"

"Go, Yoongi,"

It takes a moment for Yoongi to actually move before he's getting back into the water, waiting for Jimin to pull himself back onto the rock. The Siren grits his teeth as he moves to have a hand dipped in the water but pushes himself through the pain to get himself comfortable before he utters a soft but insistent, "go," to Yoongi who is still floating in the water, hands gripping onto the seaweed that sticks to the rock.

The sailor dares wait a moment longer before he kicks his legs and goes back to the ship, hoisting his soaking wet body up the ladder and onto the deck. He proceeds to pull off his shirt and leave it hanging over the ship's edge, neglecting to do the same with the rest of his clothes. Yoongi drags the chair from his small table and pulls it over the deck to the edge where he can sit and watch the Siren who gazes down into the water with a sense of comfort across his pretty features. He thinks back to how he practically drowned in his eyes before he turns away to hide a blush.

"So tell me, Mr. Sailor, what's it like to be human?"

"You mean to have legs?"

Jimin smiles sadly and shakes his head. "I know what that's like," he utters softly and Yoongi doesn't think he was meant to hear it.

"Let me guess, you were a human who was cursed to be a Siren for the rest of his life?" Yoongi jokes as a poor attempt to lighten the mood.

Jimin laughs but it sounds empty, faded. "No, not quite. Maybe I'll tell you sometime," he says but drops it there with a demand to know more about Yoongi. And the whole time that Yoongi talks to him, Jimin has a voice in the back of his head screaming that it's wrong, dangerous. That he can't do this again. Not again. But he does it anyway because he'd rather let himself indulge in the human now and be hurt later than to be hurt now and not get to spend more time with the grumpy man who calls him Sunshine and acts fondly towards the Siren.











"How's my favorite mermaid?"

Jimin grins up at the pirate, eyes bright as he gazes at the man. How much he loves him. He really feels he'd do anything for the traveler. To give him everything he's ever wanted. His ruffled blonde hair, pushed up to reveal his forehead and sleeves rolled up with muscular arms supporting his body as he leans over the large pirate ship.

"Jung-Wong," Jimin breathes as he blinks dazily.

The pirate smirks down at him, curling a finger to entice the Siren closer. Jimin swims up to him, making the water lift him from the surface. His body aches to be near the elder man as he leans forward, expecting the man to finally kiss him, but it doesn't come. All he receives is a tap to the nose and a low laugh that sounds almost spiteful, but Jimin can't ever think such things of his love.

"How are you, sweetness?" Jung-Wong asks.

"I'm good, hyung," Jimin responds with his hands behind his back to look as innocent as he possibly can. The elder hums, amused as his fingers reach out to once again trail along Jimin's tail. The older Jimin gets, the more bright and strong his tail becomes, but Jung-Wong is only interested in the scales.

"Say," the elder begins as he roughly flicks a scale upwards, making Jimin wince. But still, the younger gazes at the pirate, knowing he'd never hurt him on purpose. "How do you feel about giving your hyung some scales of yours? I'll need a reminder of you for when I leave,"

"You're talking about leaving again," Jimin says quietly as his tail goes limp.

"You know I can't stay forever, sweetness. I'll come back to see you," the pirate swears.

Little did Jimin know that the man had crossed fingers behind his back with a sugar sweet smile disguising his lies.

"You will?" Jimin asks.

"I promise," the Pirate lies as his hand moves to tilt Jimin's chin upwards. "Such a pretty little thing," he says quietly. Jimin blushes and smiles fondly at the elder. "Tell me you'll think about it," the Pirate gently demands. Jimin shakes his head and says, "I don't need to think. I'll do anything for you,"

To this, the pirate smiles. "Always so good for me. So well behaved, aren't we, pretty? I should show you off to the men. They'd love a piece of you. That is- if you were able to walk on this ship,"

"I'll do it," Jimin states confidently. The love in his heart quenches the burning that warns the Siren and he smiles brightly, a promise of turning himself human lingering in the air.

"You'll do that just for me, sweetness? I couldn't possibly ask that of you," the Pirate continues. "But," he adds. "If you are sure, my love, then we will throw a party in your honor. You can show me what that pretty little mouth can do, yes?"

Jimin, being young and naive, just nods, thinking that maybe- just maybe, he'll have his first proper kiss with his love. Jung-Wong smiles at this, his fingers tracing the outline of Jimin's doll-like lips before he retracts it. "Until tonight,"

"Until tonight," Jimin repeats as he lets the water bring him back down. Jung-Wong throws a kiss into the air and Jimin pretends to catch it, pressing it to his lips as he watches the pirate disappear from sight.




















"I feel bad leaving you here," Yoongi says once the sun has set. Jimin remains on the rock, and with no strength in his tail, he'll be here until it heals. But even so, Yoongi can't help but feel a pang of worry when he sees that Jimin will be sleeping on the rock for the next couple of weeks.

"It's not like I can be on the boat with you, now is it?" Jimin says. "I'll be fine, hyung. You shouldn't worry,"


"Mr. Sailor, it seems that you worry about me more than it's worth. I promise you, I'll be fine. It's just until my tail heals up and then I can go back home," he tells Yoongi for what feels like the millionth time since this morning. Although he's rather fond of Yoongi's consistent worrying for the Siren, Jimin feels swamped. He's since learned to look after himself. He's grown a backbone and Yoongi seems insistent to care for him. "Go to sleep, Yoongi. I promise I'll be here in the morning and I'll be just as you left me,"

Yoongi looks back at him with a sense of defeat, but finally, he nods and retreats back inside. Jimin sighs heavily and falls back down onto the rock, hand once again dipped into the ocean. It greets him with a sense of comfort, and he's soon drifting off into sleep.

He only wishes that he'd have a good dream that night.


















Jimin giggles as he stumbles yet again. He had to be pulled up onto the ship because he's never had legs before. He doesn't know how to use them yet and is depending on Jung-Wong to support him. "Steady, sweetness," he whispers into the Siren's ear, sending a shiver down Jimin's back. The younger smiles happily and brightly, taking everyone's lewd looks as a friendly greeting and smiles even brighter. "Everyone," the pirate announces. "This is Jimin, my beautiful Siren,"

The words make Jimin blush as he hides his face in Jung-Wong's side, loving the feeling of warmth and security that the arm around his small and bare waist brings him.

Jimin had arrived on the boat completely nude, so Jung-Wong had dressed him in an oversized shirt that hangs to his knees and the night continues on with Jimin being introduced to alcohol and dancing, and he loves every minute of it. He's had his moment to marvel over his newly grown legs before Jung-Wong grew impatient and had dragged him up. Jimin is now leaning against another man whilst he's turned to the music and held close. The man smells faintly of sweat and seawater, but it's all so new to Jimin that he can hardly take it in. Everything is brighter, better, more amazing than before. He's being introduced to music and dancing and drinks and people. He still can't hold himself up but is held by different pirates as the night sky becomes darker. Whilst everyone dances, Jung-Wong finds Jimin's hand and helps him down into a part of the ship that seems like a storage room for barrels, but Jimin hardly has the time to care because the pirate's lips are finally on his. It's not like how he thought. Actually, it's not what he thought at all.

Jung-Wong's lips are rough, not just with the skin that he pictured to be soft and loving, but with his actions too. His hands hold way too tightly onto Jimin's waist and he forces the younger closer. The pirate goes to assault Jimin's neck, but the younger keeps his eyes open, looking around. Nothing feels good. It's forced. He doesn't feel well either. Siren's aren't meant to take in that much human food or beverages, or at all if they can manage that. Jimin's stomach churns and his heart pounds, but none of it is in a good way. The pirate rips Jimin's shirt off of him and continues to roam and touch his chest. Siren's bodies are different to human's, and they don't have sex the way the human's do, so all of this is so new to Jimin and he doesn't like it at all. He's never even had a first time with a Siren before, hasn't felt the urges yet. And he certainly doesn't feel them still when he's being pressed against the wall behind him, back facing Jung-Wong.

What Jimin imagined to be beautiful, erotic and loving, was harsh, painful and fast. He doesn't know what's happening, he just knows it hurts. He screams and cries out but is being held quiet by Jung-Wong's large hand that holds back Jimin's cries as he slams into the poor boy over and over again, making Jimin's hips slam against the wooden wall. Tears stream down the Siren's cheeks, his whole body being racked shock after shock of pain. And then it's like his body just shuts off. Being held up by Jung-Wong, Jimin goes limp and he just takes it. The tears don't stop, and he hiccups from crying and screaming. The pain doesn't ever subside, it just grows gradually worse. There's no voice in him, there's no fire. There's nothing. It's empty, dull. His limbs won't do as he tells them to. His brain remains silent.

Jimin can soon feel a warm feeling seep inside of him, but he doesn't know what it is, doesn't pay any attention to it. Because he now knows that the man he thought loved him, was nothing but a traitor. An animal. The words spoken into his ear almost crush him, but he feels so empty at this moment that nothing really goes in.

"Your scales would make a beautiful necklace for my wife,"


Jimin isn't his. He never was.

He's left there to collapse to his knees. He can't even hold himself up and falls onto his side, eyes barely open as they watch Jung-Wong leaving him there before the darkness clouds his eyes and he passes out on the ship.

When he awakes, he can feel a burning sensation in his legs. His spell was never meant to last this long, and he knows he'll have a tail by morning. Through the porthole of the ship, he can see the redness in the sky, announcing sunrise. But he still cannot fully walk on his own and is left to drag himself towards the exit of the ship, where he lunges himself off and into the water. Everything in him aches and he doesn't have the energy to swim. Jimin is left to rest on the large rock that sits beside the large pirate ship to rest himself before he can go back home. He just about manages to get himself up before he's sinking onto the slimey seaweed as his eyes once again force themselves closed.

What Jimin doesn't expect, is to have a patch of his scales torn away, leaving raw skin underneath and the pirate ship to be gone.
















"How long have you been staring at me?" Jimin asks as his eyes blink open to greet the harsh sunlight. He's used to it being dulled by the blue waves around him, not to have it blind him the moment he wakes up. The Siren stretches out, wincing as his tail moves too suddenly. He groans and lets his head fall into the crook of his arm, the other floating in the water. He'll have to go under soon. He can't let his skin remain in the sunlight for this long.

"Not long," Yoongi responds. That's a lie. He woke up hours ago and decided to sketch the sleeping mermaid, cutting the drawing off at his waist as he didn't know how Jimin would feel if Yoongi drew his mauled tail. "Your friend came to see you today,"

Jimin's head snaps up as he stares at Yoongi. "Who?"

"The redhead," Yoongi says, thinking back to how the red-haired Siren had come to him, asking if he'd seen Jimin.















A splash of water makes Yoongi jump up, thinking his Siren had finally woken up. Instead, Jimin lay on the rocks, eyes closed and nose scrunched up in sleep.

"Down here,"

Yoongi furrows his eyebrows and looks down to see the red-haired Siren from before, the one who had stolen his apple, he remembers.

"You stole my apple," Yoongi recalls.

The Siren rolls his eyes. "Are you still hooked up on that fucking fruit? Get over it, I have bigger problems than disgusting human food," the Siren swears, shaking his head. "Have you seen Jimin? He hasn't come home,"

Yoongi silently points forward, making the Siren turn to see his friend lounging on the rocks. He lets out a disturbing sound, most likely over the slab that is now Jimin's tail.

"What happened to him?!" The Siren gasps as he briskly turns around, staring up at the sailor. "Did you do this?!"

"Of course not!" Yoongi argues, then lowers his voice when Jimin shuffles in his sleep. "He said a shark had attacked him after you two fought. Came to me and I've been feeding him and making sure he's okay,"

"You're caring for him?" The Siren asks, sounding as though he were in shock. Yoongi nods, looking confused. The redhead shakes his head and purses his lips. "Didn't think you'd do that for him," he says.

Yoongi just looks at him. "The people you've met must have been some grueling people,"

The redhead nods. "I guess you could say that,"

Silence falls between the pair momentarily before the Sirens speaks up. "Look after him. I don't know if he'll come home now. I- I said some shit and- Well it doesn't matter. What matters is that you keep him safe. He's a lot more fragile than he seems,"

"He's hardly fragile," Yoongi argues.

The Siren looks away with a sad smile. "I guess you don't really know him at all," he says. "I'll see you around Sailor,"
















"What did he say?" Jimin demands.

"Why would it matter?" Yoongi retorts.

Jimin scoffs. "Of course it matters," he snaps. "Tell me what he said to you,"

"He said you might not come home. And that you're fragile because of the people you've met," Yoongi tells him.

The Siren is quiet for a moment before he sits himself up and asks, "what did you say?"

"I said you must have met some grueling people,"

Jimin lets out a low laugh, but there's no melody to it. No happiness. It holds a sour taste, one that's like rocks in your stomach. An unpleasant sound. "You shouldn't listen to him," he finally says as he looks away.

"He told me to look after you," Yoongi says quietly.

Jimin looks back, eyes wide as he gazes at the sailor. There's almost a flicker of hope in them. "Will you?" Jimin asks.

"Of course,"



















The morning had been fairly quiet up until now. Yoongi had decided to leave Jimin to trail his fingers in the water whilst he sits beside the boat's edge with his notebook, sketching out multiple drawings of Jimin. It's a comforting effort. Cools the racing in his brain that he's too tired to chase. He just seems to drift and find himself sketching the smooth muscles of the Siren's back and the dip between his shoulders. Jimin moves and holds a starfish up to his face, smiling in awe as he looks at it. Yoongi quickly sketches out baselines of his position before Jimin drops it so that he can sketch over them, occasionally glancing down at the Siren. Jimin had since moved to lay on his stomach, tail bent up behind him. Yoongi can see that the ends are starting to close up so that it no longer reveals the red meat inside. It's happened a lot quicker than Yoongi had before anticipated with Jimin's telling of how it would be a few weeks yet.

"You're tail is healing fast," Yoongi comments as his eyes fall to sketch the roundness of Jimin's cheeks. They're pinched red with the sunlight, making them look rosy.

The Siren hums. "Happiness does that to a person," he finds himself saying. He looks a little shocked at his words but doesn't try to take them back.

"Does what?" Yoongi asks as he momentarily drops his pencil to watch the boy.

"Makes magic stronger," Jimin says. A long pause falls between them before Jimin speaks up again.

"There's an ancient tale about a Siren called Matharias, she was stunning, beautiful. Like a real-life piece of art. But she had been cursed with a dark mind. She was depressed, day in and day out. Never once did she experience happiness the way others do. She was put into an arranged marriage, even though her to-be husband was awful to her. Threatened to rip off her scales and cut off her hair. Told her awful things. Said she'd never be able to conceive and that no one would love her. Remembering that conceiving is highly thought upon in most Siren families. All her mother wanted was for her daughter to raise her own young. Matharias left and found another Siren. He took care of her, loved her with all his heart. He even carved his own scales into hearts, telling her that he put himself through pain to prove his love for her. She radiated happiness and it made her power stronger. But of course, her to-be was furious. He tried to kill her true love and she used her magic, strong as ever, to rip right through his guts. She rewarded her true love with the man's heart, as a token of her affection,"

Yoongi is quiet for a moment before he speaks up. "Is every Siren story morbid?" He asks.

Jimin looks up ahead of him, hands posed by his lips. "You called me a Siren," he says.

"I said Siren story," Yoongi corrects.

"Exactly. You called me a Siren, not a mermaid,"

Yoongi scoffs and folds his arms, a pout forming on his lips. "Yeah well, whatever, mermaid,"

But Jimin only smiles and looks at him before he lets his hands fall away and into the water. "I'll have to go in soon," Jimin says. "I'm not meant to be out of the water for this long,"

"What about your tail?" Yoongi asks, sounding more concerned than he meant to.

But Jimin doesn't respond, he just acts. He sinks forward, his front leaning against the rock with his lower half above the water to keep his tail up in the air with his upper body submerged in the water. His back curves with a line running from his lower neck to his tailbone as he sinks further into the water. Yoongi swallows thickly and looks away, although he can't help but glance back at the way the splashed water droplets run down his honey skin, glowing in the sunlight. His shoulder blades curve as he brings himself back up, pushing his wet hair back. "It won't suffice," Jimin says. "But it'll do until my tail has closed up,"

Yoongi just nods and looks away, swallowing dryly.

"What's up with you?" He hears the Siren ask.

Yoongi shakes his head and utters a soft, "nothing," that sounds way more squeaky than he had intended. He hears the Siren scoff before it goes quiet again, save for the gentle crashing of the waves on the rocks.

"Have you ever been in love?" Jimin speaks up. Yoongi looks down at him, watching how the Siren runs his fingers through the ocean, smiling contently to himself.

"Of course," the sailor responds softly.

"What's it like?"

The sailor looks at him with an element of surprise for a moment before he leans back in his chair, lazily sketching in some extra lines around a drawing of the creature before he speaks. "It's like you can't breathe," he begins.

"Like you're suffocating, right?" Jimin fills in, and Yoongi just nods. "Was it like you couldn't breathe when you weren't near them? But when you were it was- indescribable. Like waves crashing into you over and over again? Like it could crush your ribs with the amount of love you felt?"

Yoongi nods with knotted eyebrows.

The Siren hums, smile gone. "I guess I know what it's like then," he says.

"How would you describe it in one word?" Yoongi asks him.

Jimin stops, body freezing as looks towards Yoongi, leaning his head on his outstretched arm. "Torturous," he says simply.

"And how would you know that?" Yoongi questions.

The Siren hums, amused. "You sound like you don't believe me,"

"So tell me,"

Once again, Jimin stops. But this time he freezes. His whole body tense and rigid. It takes a moment for him to regain himself as he stares down into the waves. "I don't think you'd want to hear this particular story," he finally tells the sailor.

"Surely it can't be as brutal as shark attacks or burning alive?" Yoongi says, oblivious. Sometimes ignorance isn't the best thing, but instead, it causes more pain than it's worth.

"Sometimes," Jimin begins as he takes a deep breath. "Sometimes people aren't who you thought they were. That's the worst type of story,"


"Will you just fucking drop it?!" Jimin suddenly yells, racking silence throughout them. "Not everyone is obliged to tell you their fucking sob stories, sailor. It's time you learned that." the Siren snaps as he roughly turns away, making a pained noise when his tail scrapes against the rocks.

The silence falls heavy. It's unwelcoming.

Yoongi doesn't try to talk again. He doesn't know how to without upsetting the Siren. Already has upset him. Yoongi's never been capable of talking about his own feelings, let alone someone else's. He has no idea what Jimin's been through. Only knows part of the story. But there are so many tales that make up who Jimin really is, and Yoongi is blind to that. Doesn't know who he's really talking to. Because underneath the sassy and talkative Siren, lies a fragile and broken soul. He's been torn apart yet insists on putting himself back together. It's all an act. That much is obvious. Because it's times like these, when Jimin holds his tail close, that he cries. He makes no noise, but the tears reflect in the sunlight as they roll down Jimin's plump cheeks, changing directions as they reach the curve of his lips. He doesn't move to wipe them away. He just stares forward, his side profile to Yoongi as he cries. At one point, he squeezes the tears out and lets out a ragged sigh before he opens his glassy eyes to look down at the waves. Even when he's the image of broken, Yoongi still finds him to be the most beautiful man he's ever seen.

And the elder cannot explain what it is that he feels in words. Because it's simply indescribable. Sometimes he'll feel that it's nothing at all. And then the times come where he feels almost- overwhelmed, with the number of emotions that burst like fireworks in his chest. It almost hurts to feel so much at once, and then nothing at all. He doesn't understand the Siren like he thought he did. Underneath his skin, there's so much more that he won't let Yoongi see.

Jimin's afraid to fall in love.

Yoongi knows that. Knows there's a lingering past that tortures the Siren. Knows that he's right on at least one thing.

But if Jimin insists on shutting him out, then is there even a way for Yoongi to be a friend to the Siren?

The elder sighs and looks away, only for his eyes to shoot right back as he hears a soft lullaby being sung. He watches the Siren's lips part and close as he releases chords that hang in the air. He's not even sure if Jimin's aware of it. The sound is dark, haunting. He can't understand the words, doesn't try to. He just watches. Yoongi can feel his heartbreaking and he's not even sure why. Doesn't know if this is a power of Jimin's. But the Siren seems so oblivious as his head falls to the side, resting on his shoulder as he continues to look forward at the vast ocean in front of him. His voice is something you just cannot describe. Heavenly, maybe. Entrancing, enchanting. Something.

His song finishes with a high note that Yoongi didn't even know was possible to hold before it finishes all too soon, leaving nothing but silence behind. It's Jimin's voice that breaks it.

"My mother used to sing to us when we were young," he says quietly. "Leia used to demand it when she couldn't sleep at night, and Mother would smile and tell her she would sing until all of her troubles float away,"

"Leia?" Yoongi asks.

The Siren nods. "My sister, I'm not sure if I ever mentioned her name before," he says. "She was the one who was banished," he recalls with a shake of his head. "Always so caught up in her daydreams. Really believed that he loved her. Believed she could live on the mainland. No amount of magic could do that for her,"

Jimin falls silent as he stares down into his lap. Yoongi feels like he's imposing already, so he remains quiet and waits to see if Jimin will continue. He does.

"Such a silly girl," he restarts with a faint smile. "She had her dreams, her wishes. Used magic carelessly to get what she wanted. She didn't want to work for things, she expected them to come to her. I remember how she used magic to make her tail stronger so that she could win the races that we used to have. I never called her out on it, because she was happy. Daddy's little girl. Mother's little girl, too. Took my place,"

Jimin stops and looks up at Yoongi. His cheeks are tearstained and his eyes are glassy. Yoongi feels almost shocked to see him look so distraught. "Did your Mother ever choose favorites?" Jimin asks.

Yoongi shakes his head and the Siren scoffs. "I wish I could say the same for mine," Jimin says quietly. "My parents were always disappointed in me. I never really understood why. I didn't do anything to them. I tried hard to gain their pride, their acceptance. But then Leia came along and I was disregarded. I wasn't important anymore, not that I ever was in the first place. I remember when Taehyung turned sixteen in human years and I purposely got caught trying to fool around with him. They didn't even care. Just brushed me off. And then Taehyung fell for Jeongguk and I really was left with no one. I tried everything to gain their attention. But nothing seemed to suffice. So when a pirate ship turned up by the rocks, I made friends with the humans. They were the first people I'd ever seen. I was only seventeen, and before then there was no one. Of course, I had heard of the human race, but I'd never seen one before. Boats, of course, I had spotted them. But it was a first that I'd ever seen a human being so close,"

He stops again and looks away, face almost pained.

"You don't have to continue," Yoongi says quietly, but Jimin just shakes his head.

"I'm afraid if I don't then I'll go insane," the Siren says quietly. "I want a reason to believe you're not all the same,"

Yoongi just nods, although Jimin doesn't see it. The Siren continues again after a long pause. "I hid from them for the first few days, but I always kept my eye on one of them. He was stunningly handsome. Blonde hair, brown eyes. He had this smile too. A gorgeous smile. I remember how he spotted me one night and beckoned me over. Me being the clueless Siren that I was, I swam to him and it all went downhill from there. I was infatuated with him. He had this way of making me feel like I was the only one there. That his attention was solely focused on me and only me. And it went on like that for a while. I think they were here for a few weeks at the most. Not long at all. But to me, it felt like I'd known him forever. One night he asked me for some of my scales, and I told him I'd accept. I never asked why, but I have a pretty good clue now. Anyway, it was that same night that I used black magic- for the first time ever actually, to give myself human legs for a full night. I couldn't walk or balance at all, so I had to lean on him for most of the night. Keep that in mind, it's important," Jimin says as he looks at Yoongi.

The elder just nods, eyebrows knotted as he watches the Siren take a deep breath.

"They introduced me to dancing and human drinks. It all made me feel so lightheaded and warm. I felt like I was floating. I was so, so happy that night. Like nothing mattered. Someone loved me. Someone cared about me. It was such a new feeling that I took it all in stride and it went to my head. I let the men do whatever they wanted. I remember their hands on me. I remember their looks. At first, I thought it was their way of being kind. I didn't understand humans the way I do now. Of course, there are things I still don't know, but this was my first time ever seeing a human, let alone touch one. And, I guess you could say I was a dreamer too. And I think before I mentioned to you that Sirens are often sexual creatures. Well, I really did have this idea of what human sex was meant to be like. I was told it was like fireworks in your head, passionate and loving. Funny, because- that's not what it's like at all,"

He stops once more and presses his lips together. His whole upper body is tense, but Yoongi doesn't force him to continue nor to stop. He just remains silent and waits for the inevitable of what he already knows.

"He took me into a small room. I think it was to keep their things in. I remember how he pushed me against the wall and I couldn't move. I couldn't run. I couldn't walk. At first, I tried to fight but then- it was like my body went limp. It shut off. My brain didn't connect anymore and I just- I just let it happen, Yoongi, I-"

The Siren breaks down into tears and Yoongi is quick to stand, his intention being to be close to the Siren, but Jimin roughly shakes his head. "Sit, I'm not finished,"

"But, I-"

"Sit." Jimin orders.

And so Yoongi sits.

"I remember how much it hurt. My whole body burned and I just- I wouldn't know how to describe it. But- He left me there and I remember passing out. When I woke up, I had to drag myself through the ship before the magic wore off. I collapsed on this same rock because I was too tired to swim. When I awoke, a patch of my scales had been ripped off and the ship was gone. Before he left me in that room, he said my scales would be a necklace for his wife. He never loved me at all,"

Jimin finishes there, his whole body shaking as he cries. And this time Yoongi doesn't listen to Jimin telling him to stay. He just acts and dives off the ship's edge and swims to Jimin, holding him close. The Siren tries to pull away weakly, but Yoongi keeps him close to his chest and Jimin soon melts into him, crying into Yoongi's shoulder with his arms wrapped tightly around his neck. The Siren slips off of the rock and floats in the water with Yoongi, and the elder doesn't try to stop him from being in the water this time, just holds him close as he runs a hand up and down Jimin's back to calm him.

"Tell me you're not all the same," Jimin requests, voice muffled by the way his lips are buried in Yoongi's neck.

"Would you believe me if I did?"

Jimin lets out a dry laugh and pulls away. "Probably not," he says.

Daringly, the Siren rests his forehead onto Yoongi's, eyes looking down at the elder's lips but he doesn't move. Yoongi doesn't either. They stay, frozen, just comforting each other in an embrace until Yoongi begins to shiver. "Go back to the boat," Jimin tells him as he lets his arms fall.

"I don't want to leave you," Yoongi says.

Jimin tuts. "That's so cliche,"

Yoongi opens his mouth to argue but is hushed by Jimin's finger against Yoongi's lips. "Go back to the boat, Yoongi,"

The elder frowns but does as he's told as he swims back to the ship's ladder, hoisting himself up before he strips his wet clothes and pads down into the hold to find dry clothes. When he returns, Jimin is sitting back on the rock, twirling seaweed in his fingers.

"Are you hungry?" Yoongi asks him. The Siren shakes his head and says, "I ate when you were asleep," as he holds up the seaweed in his hands.

"That was ages ago," the elder tells him. "You need to eat,"


"I won't take no for an answer," the sailor says as he turns to find his spear.

"You're not seriously going to use that thing again, are you?" Jimin mocks as he watches Yoongi jump down into the small fisherman's boat. Yoongi just pulls a face at him and aims.

Jimin makes a noise of amusement when Yoongi misses. "Might help if you were in the water," he says.

With a roll of his eyes, Yoongi slips down from the boat, effectively turning it over, trapping himself underneath. He can hear a squeaky laugh that seems to get closer before Jimin's head appears above the water, under the boat with him. "You're a fucking idiot," Jimin comments as he swims closer to take Yoongi's face in his hands. He squishes the elder's cheeks and coos. Yoongi shrieks in outrage and pulls away, scowling.

"I'm doing my best!" Yoongi argues.

Jimin hums and takes his cheeks, more gently this time, and says, "of course you are, sugar,"

He keeps Yoongi there before pulling him closer to rest their noses together. "Of course you are," he says again before he lets go to push the boat back the right way up. It lands with a splash as Yoongi looks around, finding his spear floating a little away from them.

"Go back to the rock," Yoongi orders softly.

"I'm fine here," Jimin replies cockily.

"You're injured,"

"So's your fishing skills," Jimin retorts before he swims backward to sit back on his rock, smiling at Yoongi, amused.

Yoongi just scowls before he dives into the water, kicking his feet behind him with his spear held close to his side as he searches for fish. On his first attempt, he finds nothing and comes up for air before going back down again. This time, he finds a group of small fish that he effectively manages to spear three in one go before they swim away in a flurry. The sailor breaks the surface of the water, grinning as he triumphantly holds up his spear. Jimin grins and claps from his rock.

The sailor swims over to Jimin and slides off the fish, giving all three to Jimin. "Eat," he says before he goes back under, swimming lower as he holds his breath. He falls still and calmly floats as he spots a rather large fish swimming alone. It scurries beneath him, so doesn't notice as Yoongi aims and spears the fish through its head before he brings it back up to the surface. "Why aren't you eating?" He asks the Siren who lounges on the rock with a smile on his face. The fish lay limp beside him.

"Because I'm ugly when I eat," the Siren responds.

Yoongi scoffs. "I highly doubt that,"

"You would," Jimin comments with a roll of his eyes.

Yoongi ignores him as he climbs the ladder, throwing his spear over the edge so that he can use both hands to get himself up to the deck. Without a word to Jimin, he goes down into the hold to fry up the fish he had caught. He leaves it in the pan for a moment as he goes back up to tell Jimin to eat, but finds he already is. He's turned to the side, but he glances over his shoulder when he hears Yoongi come back up onto the deck and the Sailor gets a glimpse of fangs before the Siren looks away to bite into one of the fish.

"It's rude to watch people when they eat," Jimin says, a little while after he's finished one of the small fish that Yoongi had caught.

"I'm curious as to why you'd say you're ugly when you eat," Yoongi responds.

"Siren's tend to turn ravenous when we eat," Jimin supplies as he turns. There's a tint of blue on his chin, and the fangs are gone as Jimin looks up at Yoongi with wide eyes.

"Your chin is blue," Yoongi points out, watching Jimin wipe it away with the back of his hand.

"Venom," Jimin tells him. "We're taught to use our fangs when we eat, the venom kills our prey, but it still comes out even if it's already dead. I guess I just don't like the way I look when they're out,"

Yoongi's head falls to the side in curiosity.

"Sailor?" Jimin asks and Yoongi hums. "Your fish is burning,"

"Fuck-" Yoongi swears as he runs back down into the hold to find and indeed burned fish. Well- a very, very dark brown fish. So maybe it's just well done. He curses but turns the heat off and takes his knife to eat it anyway. He brings the pan up onto the deck where he sits on his chair to watch the Siren.

Jimin is looking from Yoongi to the small fish in Jimin's hands, looking somewhat nervous.

"You don't have to eat in front of me if you don't want to," Yoongi coaxes gently. Jimin furrows his eyebrows and shakes his head as he bites into it, the fangs sliding down to dig into the flesh of the animal. He rips the head off and chews, hiding his fangs with his closed mouth. He refuses to look at Yoongi, and Yoongi tries not to keep watching him, wanting Jimin to feel comfortable around him. He guesses this is all new to the Siren. Although, when he does glance down, he notes the deep blue seeping throughout the fish, reminding him of how the apple looked when Jimin bit into it.

His own fish is rather chewy but still overall enjoyable. He finishes before Jimin and sets the pan down beside his chair to continue sketching out his unfinished drawing of Jimin. The Siren looks up curiously, able to hear the scratching noises of the pencil on paper. "What are you doing?" Jimin asks as he brings his fish away from his mouth.

"Drawing," Yoongi responds. The Siren nods with his mouth shaped like an 'o'. Yoongi glances up at Jimin every now and again, somewhat thankful that he's not looking back.

"Can I see?" The Siren requests as he peers up at Yoongi. The Sailor is a little hesitant at first, but nods anyway and holds the journal up. Jimin squints but shakes his head. Yoongi watches him curiously as he sinks into the water and is suddenly floating beside the ship, or so at least he thought. When Yoongi looks over the edge in shock, he sees that the water has lifted Jimin from the ocean as he leans over the edge, staring at the journal.

"How did you-"

"You did these?" Jimin asks in shock as he gently takes the journal from Yoongi. He flicks through the pages, staring in awe before he's suddenly dropping the book onto the deck as he grips onto the ship's edge. With Yoongi standing, he sees the water that held the Siren up has fallen, leaving Jimin to cling on for dear life. The sailor grips Jimin's arms, pulling him up onto the deck. Yoongi didn't before interpretation just how heavy Jimin's tail, mauled or not, would actually be and it has him falling onto his back with Jimin collapsing on top of him.

"Ow-" Yoongi mutters to himself.

"Fuck- I'm sorry-" Jimin scrambles to move, but freezes as Yoongi holds him there.

"Tell me how you did that," Yoongi demands softly. He absentmindedly reaches up to brush Jimin's hair out of his eyes as he speaks and it stuns Jimin into a momentary silence.

"Magic," the Siren replies almost silently. "It must have worn off. I'm still not strong enough," he says sadly. "I'm sorry, I- I need to get back,"

But Yoongi only nods and traces a finger down Jimin's cheek, resting his thumb on his plump lips.

"Yoongi," Jimin says persistently.

"Right, right," the Sailor murmurs. He pulls himself up from the ground and bends to carry Jimin in his arms. The Siren shrieks in outrage and tries to push him away. "How do you expect to get back if I don't help you, idiot?" Yoongi snaps.

"Hey," Jimin argues. "That's my word,"

Yoongi just rolls his eyes and carries a fussy Jimin to the side of the ship where he sits him down, holding tight onto his waist. "Hold on here," Yoongi says. Jimin silently grips on for dear life, looking at Yoongi nervously. The Sailor slides down the ladder and into the water to push the small fisherman's boat out of the way before he outstretches his arms. "Fall," he says.

Jimin looks at him like he's insane. "I'll crush you," he says.

Yoongi scoffs. "Prove it,"

Jimin can only offer a snarl before he pushes himself from the ship's edge and into Yoongi's arms, letting the Sailor hold him up due to Jimin's lack of strength to swim.

"See? You didn't hurt me,"

But Jimin only rolls his eyes and holds onto Yoongi's neck, letting the Sailor guide him to the rocks. When Yoongi goes to pull away, Jimin insistently pulls him up to sit beside him so that they share the large rock, something they've never actually done before seeming as Jimin is so fucking possessive over the fucking rock.

Of course, Yoongi doesn't mention this and just smiles, letting the Siren rest his head in the crook of Yoongi's neck.

"Do you remember Jeongguk?" Jimin asks after a moment of silence.

Yoongi nods. "I think so,"

"He's going into an arranged marriage soon,"

Yoongi isn't sure why the Siren is telling him this, but he hums to acknowledge it anyway and lets Jimin continue.

"I think that's why Taehyung is so angry,"

"He doesn't seem angry," Yoongi points out. "He seems like he just wants the best for you,"

Jimin hums and turns his head to further press himself into Yoongi's chest. His skin is warm and comforting as Yoongi gently rests a hand on his hip, head resting on top of Jimin's as he looks out over the ocean.

"We had a fight before I got attacked," Jimin says quietly.

Yoongi momentarily freezes at the thought of it, but soon relaxes again and says, "I know,"

Jimin seems reluctant to continue at first but does so anyway. "He said it was my fault that my Mother left me,"

This makes Yoongi hold the Siren tighter. He doesn't know much about Jimin's family, but he does know that the anger is quick to alight and burn under his skin. "You know that's not true," Yoongi says firmly.

"Do I?" Jimin retorts. "I was never enough for them. I pretended I was okay, but Taehyung knew me too well. Does know me too well. Knows how to hurt me with it if he really wants to," he says with a shuddery breath. "I was their first born. Was meant to be a girl. They despised me for it,"

"For your gender?" Yoongi snaps. "How were you even supposed to help that?"

"I couldn't. But they didn't care. Let me explain to you first before you start getting angry at nothing," Jimin says calmly.

"But I-"

"Anger is worth nothing. It's an ugly emotion. I just wanted to talk to someone about it, not to have you get set off with everything I say. If you're like this now, I wonder what you'd be like knowing about the whole story," Jimin interrupts. So Yoongi quietens and nods for the Siren to continue. Jimin takes a deep breath before he restarts the story. "My family were the type to want pure young. And what I mean by that is when they have a girl, any young she produces will be pure to her parents and not to the man who has the children with her. Does that make sense?"

"Sort of," Yoongi responds quietly.

"Well, some families aren't bothered about having pure young, but most are. Mine wanted their first and only child to be a girl so that she could conceive pure young. But then I came along and of course, I wasn't female. They disregarded me the moment I was born. Of course I can't remember my baby years, but I know they were extremely distant when I was growing up. They had my sister, Leia a few years after me and my place was taken, even though I never even had a place with them to begin with. I was a shadow, a ghost. Nothing to them. Leia was their perfect child in their eyes. Although I knew her. I knew she was devious. Of course we fought, siblings tend to fight. But- Leia wasn't as perfect as everyone made her out to be. They were practically blind to her schemes. Set her up for an arranged marriage for when she turned eighteen in human years. She was set to marry a rich Siren who was a good few years older than her. But she wasn't having it. She said to me that she's going to run away, or swim away I guess," Jimin says with a faint laugh. "But then the pirate came along. She was only fifteen, and this was only a few months or maybe a year before I met my pirate. But still, I warned her that she couldn't leave with him. She said she was going to have his young on the mainland and live a life that humans do with fine silk dresses and ballroom dances. She had her fantasies. But then of course, she was cast away by him. He told her he never wanted her for anything more than a quick fuck. That she was useless to him. She came back, pleading for forgiveness. Father said she was sorry to be caught and to be cast away than for turning on her kind. She was banished and she turned into Sanguis. With their star child dead, they abandoned me. I remember I was home and sleeping. When I woke up, everything was gone. They were gone. I was left with nothing but the sand I slept on. Taehyung said it was all my fault. And that I didn't learn from when Leia died either. Made it seem like they never loved me,"

He finishes there, falling silent. Yoongi can soon feel warm drops fall onto his leg as he turns back, watching tears fall from Jimin's eyes. He reaches closer to push his chin up, making the Siren look straight at him. "Do you believe him?" Yoongi asks quietly.

Jimin can only look back, his eyes giving his answer. It tears Yoongi apart to see him believe such lies.

"You do, don't you? Believe him?"

"What else is there to believe, Sailor?" Jimin asks, voice broken.

Yoongi can't answer that. Doesn't have a response, a reply to mend his wounds. He opens his mouth to speak but can only close it again. What do you say? What can you say?

Yoongi can only offer silence.

"I'd like to believe that not all humans are alike. And I'd like to believe that I made an honest mistake. I'd like to believe that my family didn't really despise me too. But we can't always get what we want,"

"We're not all the same," Yoongi says quietly. His thumb traces Jimin's bottom lip, gently pulling it away to reveal white teeth before letting it ping back. He's so focused on them that he hardly hears Jimin's response.

"Can you speak for the whole human race, Mr. Sailor?"

Yoongi shakes his head and says, "no, but I can speak for myself,"

To this, Jimin just smiles sadly and looks away. His hand traces shapes into Yoongi's leg as the other rests beside his lap. "I really loved him, Yoongi,"

"I know," the Sailor responds.

"It's stupid really," Jimin continues. "I only knew the man for a few weeks at most,"

Yoongi hums in thought. "Love doesn't have a time limit, Jimin,"

Jimin scoffs. "I say, love. It was more like infatuation,"

"Who's to say someone can't fall in love that quickly? Love at first sight, if you will," Yoongi says. "If you felt as strongly as you say you did, I'd say that's a case of heartbreak,"

The Siren doesn't respond as quickly this time, but instead buries his head back into Yoongi's chest, making himself smaller in Yoongi's hold. There's a long pause between the pair before Jimin says anything.

"Taehyung says he loves Jeongguk,"

"Who's to say he doesn't?" Yoongi asks as he brings a hand up to pet Jimin's hair. The Siren leans into the touch with a soft noise escaping his throat.

"It's not that he's lying," Jimin says quietly. "It's that he's purposely setting himself up to get hurt," Jimin sighs. "I mean, Jeongguk has been destined to an arranged marriage since he was a child. And they both knew that when they got together. If Kook refuses, he'll be banished. So either way, Taehyung is going to end up heartbroken. And it's not news that Sirens have taken their own lives because of heartbreak,"

"Did you try to do the same?" Yoongi asks aloud before he shakes his head and says, "sorry, you don't have to answer that,"

But Jimin just shrugs and says, "Taehyung refused to leave my side. I was tempted, of course, it hurt. Sometimes it still does. But he wouldn't leave me alone for years after it happened,"

"Years?" Yoongi echoes.

The Siren nods. "Sirens don't forget that easily,"

Yoongi hasn't really got a response to that. He imagines how much it must hurt to ache like that for years on end and it makes his head hurt. With no words to offer, he pulls Jimin's head closer and kisses his forehead. "I'm sorry he ever hurt you," Yoongi finally whispers before he pulls away. Jimin is silent, body frozen in shock. "Are you okay, Petal?" Yoongi asks. Jimin slowly looks up to him, lips barely parted as he searches Yoongi's face. It's like he's trying to find a reason to accuse Yoongi of lying. To say he doesn't really care at all. But Yoongi does. He does care. So, so much.

Yoongi hardly registers it when Jimin leans up and presses his lips against the Sailor's. It takes a moment for him to regain his breathing as he holds Jimin closer, a hand tangled in his hair as the Siren gently pushes him down onto the rock. Their lips mold together so perfectly, slotting with each other's. Jimin tastes of seawater and sweetness and it takes Yoongi's breath away. He never wants to let Jimin pull away, but eventually, he has to, but he keeps a hand in Jimin's hair, holding him close. The Siren is quick to hide his face in the crook of Yoongi's neck, face burning with embarrassment.

"Don't hide from me, pretty mermaid," Yoongi coos.

He can feel Jimin scowl as he lightly slaps Yoongi's chest. "Don't call me that,"

"Pretty, pretty mermaid," Yoongi teases.

Jimin snaps up and shuts him up with a deeper kiss, his tongue swiping across Yoongi's bottom lip, making his breathing hitch in his throat. The Siren pulls away with a satisfactory smile as he watches Yoongi pant.

There's a lingering expression on Jimin's face as if he's worried about what he'd just done, but Yoongi quickly brings him back down to lay across his chest, patting his hair. "It's okay, Petal," Yoongi whispers. Jimin melts into him, wrapping his arms around Yoongi's neck. "I'm here," he says into Jimin's hair.

"I always want you here,"

Yoongi doesn't respond to this. The words only remind Yoongi that he can't stay forever. He'll have to return to the mainland soon enough. The thought suddenly sends jolts of fear and anxiety throughout him, and Jimin seems to sense it. The Siren lifts his head to look at Yoongi, eyebrows knotted in concern. Yoongi forces a smile, but it doesn't calm him. "Hyung?" Jimin says quietly as he pushes himself up to look down at Yoongi. "Hyung, are you okay?"

Yoongi forces himself to nod, not wanting to remind the Siren that he'll have to leave soon. Maybe in the next few weeks unless he plans to seriously stay on the ocean for the rest of his life. At this moment, he seriously considers it.

Jimin raises his hand to run it through Yoongi's hair, whispering sweet nothings to try and calm him down. The rise of emotions slowly calms itself back down, but the lingering thought that he'll have to leave Jimin remains heavy in his heart. The Siren continues to run his fingers through Yoongi's hair, calming him. "Maybe you should go back to the boat," Jimin says a little while later. He rests his chin on Yoongi's chest to look at him, arms supporting his head as Yoongi stares up at the sky. He feels so used to laying across the rock for hours that he's somewhat comfortable there, but his hunger pains say otherwise as his stomach rumbles loudly, demanding food. Jimin giggles to himself and rubs Yoongi's tummy fondly.

"I want to stay here," Yoongi says, ignoring Jimin's soft tut. "I like being with you,"

"You're not going anywhere," Jimin points out. "The boat is literally right next to me,"

"Being next to you and being able to touch you are two completely different things. Besides, you smell good," Yoongi says as he sits up underneath Jimin to hold the Siren close. Jimin laughs and buries his head into Yoongi's chest.

"Maybe one day I'll turn into a human for you,"

"Sounds like a plan," Yoongi says, not really believing the Siren's words. "Maybe you should turn me into a Siren. I quite fancy having a tail," Yoongi jokes.

"You'd make such an ugly Siren,"

Yoongi shrieks in outrage, pushing Jimin from the rock and into the water in a tantrum. Jimin lets out an almighty cry, making Yoongi think he'd hurt the Siren. "Jimin?!" He calls out as he dips his feet into the water. Jimin's hand makes an appearance out of the water and full on drags Yoongi into the water, making the Sailor release a scream before he's submerged. Being held under the water, Yoongi opens his eyes to see Jimin laughing at him, and he can just about hear it before he's being kissed again. It's only quick before Yoongi has to go up for air with Jimin following him soon after.

"You little brat!" Yoongi screeches as he tries to dart towards Jimin, but the Siren is quick to move back, laughing at Yoongi so hard that he bends in half as he squeaks.

"Not only an ugly Siren but a bad swimmer too," Jimin says with a shake of his head. He brings a hand up to wipe away his tears with a huge grin on his face.

"Listen-" Yoongi begins but is cut off by a huge splash of water that hits him in the face. Jimin in this time had dunked his head under the water to gather seawater in his mouth before Yoongi turns back to yell at him. Jimin swims over, lips pursed as if he's going to kiss Yoongi, and the Sailor seems to think so too until Jimin spurts water from his mouth at Yoongi's face, cackling as he swims away. With his lack of a tail, he swims slowly so Yoongi is fairly able to catch up to him and spin the Siren around by his hips. Jimin just laughs and locks his arms around Yoongi's neck. They remain quiet, just floating together as Yoongi runs his hands up and down Jimin's sides, head resting in the crook of the Siren's neck.

"Stop," Jimin says breathlessly when Yoongi mouths at Jimin's neck. "Yoongi, I swear, I'll-"

"You'll what?" Yoongi asks as he pulls away.

Jimin leans in closer and whispers, "do you remember one of the first things I said to you?"

Yoongi shakes his head. He does know, he just wants Jimin to say it again.

The Siren smirks against Yoongi's neck. "Unless you want me to drag you to those fucking rocks and suck you off, you need to stop doing what you're doing,"

The Sailor doesn't expect to have the air dragged from his lungs. The Siren just pulls away with a smile before he lets his arms fall into the water. "Go back to the boat," Jimin says softly. This time Yoongi doesn't argue as he climbs back up the ladder. Jimin goes back to his rock and lays himself down, eyes lidded as he smiles back at Yoongi. The sky is gradually getting darker, the clouds parting to make way for the stars. When Yoongi finally turns in, he goes to bed with a smile.




















Taehyung ;


"Why are you always like this?" Jeongguk snaps as he roughly pushes Taehyung away. The elder had been trying to hold Jeongguk closer, pleading that he stay just a little longer, regardless of how it would affect the younger.

"Why can't you stay?" Taehyung asks, tone sharp.

"You know why. If I'm not back then who knows what they'll do to me. I'm walking on thin ice as it is, Tae. I can't risk being caught with you,"

"You're ashamed of me,"

"Of course I'm fucking ashamed!" Jeongguk screams in a whisper. "I'm ashamed to be going back on my own family like this. I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't have ever got into this with you in the first place! But I did, Tae. I did. You know why? Because I fucking love you. I'm risking my life to be with you!"

Taehyung turns away, refusing to look Jeongguk in the eye. He's honestly tired of keeping it secret. Feels he's just that, a secret. Nothing more than a quick fuck in the dark before his so-called boyfriend is back out there, pretending to love someone else. "It hurts Kook," Taehyung whispers.

"I warned you about attachment," is all Jeongguk says.

Taehyung scoffs and sharply turns around, watching the younger scowl at him. "Attachment? If I remember correctly, you were the one who started this. Not me,"

"Me ?! That's a fucking riot. We both agreed on casual sex after our awakenings kicked in. It was merely to control the urges. It was you who fell first,"

"You fell soon after, let's not forget," Taehyung argues.

Jeongguk looks back at him with an expression of disbelief. "You knew, Taehyung. You knew. Yet you continue to pretend as if I'm destined to be with you. You put yourself through this. You are putting yourself through this. And still, I don't fucking understand why. Why would you do that, Tae? You're capable of understanding the meaning of an arranged marriage. This shit has been planned since I turned ten years old. You've had years to understand this. If I don't take her hand in marriage, they'll banish me. I'll die, Taehyung. Is that what you what?"

"I want you,"

"Well, you can't fucking have me! This was never meant to get as serious as it did. But it happened and now we have to face the consequences. I love you, Tae. But I can't do this anymore. I'm going now. I'd prefer for you not to talk to me when I get back,"

"Jeongguk, what, wait-"

"Don't -" Jeongguk is quick to say when Taehyung reaches for his hand. "Just- Don't. Don't touch me. Don't talk to me. This never happened. I'm sorry, Tae,"

And with that, he swims away, leaving Taehyung to slide down the rocks of the hidden cave, tears falling from his eyes and into the water as if they never existed at all. The pain in his chest plummets down on his happiness with an almighty crash, causing him to heave for air. He holds his tail close and sobs into the open water, wailing for his lost love. He's been with Jeongguk for so long. Known him since they were young. Loved him forever. And now he's gone. Because of her.

Taehyung sees red.




















Jimin ;


Soft noises wake the Siren. He lifts his head and looks around, expecting to see the human there, or maybe Taehyung. But instead, he sees no one. For a moment, he furrows his eyebrows and ducks his head into the water to listen out but comes away with nothing. When he lifts his head, he hears the sounds again. All Sirens have the capability to hear things that humans cannot. They possess the power to hear even the quietest of noises. Jimin listens out, trying to find out where the sound is coming from and what it actually is. He holds his breath for a moment to get a clearer sound to come through, recognizing heavy breathing. It's not Yoongi's normal sleeping pattern. Usually, he'll breathe calmly and deeply, but tonight it's more- ragged, breathless.

When he listens further, he begins to hear it clearer. He recognizes the sounds but isn't sure if he wants to admit that to himself. Even so, the noises entice him as he leans his head back down and listens. He admits that Yoongi sounds pretty like this, that is- if he's doing what Jimin thinks he is.

And the Siren's speculations are soon cleared when he hears a quiet but clear moan of the Siren's name. He knows it's Yoongi's voice for sure, and the breathy sounds that escape from the boat have Jimin's body tingling. He doesn't want to disturb the Sailor, after all, Yoongi doesn't even know that Jimin can hear him, so he stays still and listens with a smug smile on his face. The sounds become more ragged and somewhat distressed, and he can almost clearly hear a slick sound. For once, he thanks his Siren senses to let him hear it. Jimin bites down hard on his lip to stop his own sounds escaping as he hears Yoongi climax, heavy breathing slowly fanning out to a calmer rate. It's a little while after that he hears the normal sleeping pattern of Yoongi's sleep.

Jimin watches the boat for a little while longer until he drifts back off into sleep.


















It's a sound of discomfort that wakes Jimin in the morning. The Siren immediately snaps his head up, looking straight towards the ship. He can see Yoongi sitting by the edge like he always does, but this time he has a leg propped up. Jimin can see his foot dangling over the edge and his face that looks pained, but Yoongi doesn't notice Jimin until the Siren clears his throat. Yoongi's eyes roll down to him and he smiles warmly. "Hey, Sunshine," he says with his low morning voice that never fails to have Jimin's hairs stand up on end.

"What are you doing?" Jimin asks as he stretches out, groaning as the crinks in his neck crack.

"Oh, I got bitten by something," Yoongi mutters. When Jimin sits up, he can see a little clearer, but not really. He thinks he sees red, but again- from this angle, it's kind of difficult to assume.

"Bitten?" Jimin questions.

The Sailor nods. "Some fish bit me. I was trying to catch it but the thing had huge teeth and caught my leg, the fucker," Yoongi says with a wince. "Don't suppose you got any magic to help that, have ya?" Yoongi asks before he glances back at the Siren. "That was a joke by the way," he adds.

"Can I see?" Jimin asks him, watching Yoongi nod as he dangles his leg over the edge of the ship. The Siren leans up from his rock to look at it but is distracted by Yoongi's gasp of surprise.

"Jimin-" He chokes out. The Siren looks back, confused. Yoongi begins animatedly pointing at Jimin, mouth opening and closing. "Look at your- your tail-" Yoongi manages to say. The Siren furrows his eyebrows and turns to look at his tail, shrieking in surprise. What was less than half a mound yesterday, is now almost a complete tail. His fins are beginning to show at the end and his scales are beginning to come back in. The Siren sits up and turns his tail, admiring it from every angle. Where the scales should be, is bright and glittering blue skin, that'll soon be adorned with many beautiful scales. Once again, he cries out and holds his tail close to his chest, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"My tail, ohmygod, my tail !" Jimin cries as he hugs tightly onto himself, his grin making his jaw ache. He hears a splash before Yoongi is swimming up to him, hands gently holding onto it as he stares down in disbelief.

"How?" Is all he manages to ask, eyes shooting from Jimin's face then down to his tail again.

If Jimin were able to answer that, he would. But he doesn't know. He knows he's not strong enough. He can barely make the water curl around his fingertips, let alone grow his tail back overnight. But he can hardly think about it because he jumps into the water, crying out happily as he swims back and forth, the strength slowly coming back to him as he weaves his way through the water. Yoongi slides himself up onto the large rock and watches on as Jimin cheers each time he comes up above the surface before he dives back in with grace, tail arching the water above him. The Siren once again comes up and twirls before he stops, breathless as he grins at Yoongi. "My tail," he whispers, sounding in shock still as his eyes brim with tears.

But the smile is quick to fall when Jimin sees Yoongi's leg. He darts over, eyes searching the cut that looks worse than it is. Because the wound is wet, the blood is seeping down, making the cut look bigger, but really it's a merely small bite. "Hey," Yoongi says as he takes Jimin's cheeks in his hands. "I'm okay, it's only a small cut,"

"But- You're hurt," Jimin points out weakly, tail long forgotten.

"Only a little, I'm okay. But you, your tail, Jimin,"

Once again, Jimin grins, although he still seems worried for the Sailor. He lightly traces his fingers across the wound before he leans in and gently kisses it, coming away with watery blood smeared over his lips.

"That's hotter than it should be," Yoongi murmurs, clamping a hand over his mouth when he realizes what he'd said. But Jimin only rolls his eyes and lightly slaps Yoongi's uninjured leg.

"If I were stronger, that would have closed it up," Jimin says quietly. "I'm sorry I can't do that for you right now,"

"Hey," Yoongi says, capturing Jimin's chin. "Don't ever apologize for things you can't change,"

Jimin only nods, although it feels as if fireworks have been set off in his chest, exploding and crashing with waves of affection rolling over him. He blinks dazily and looks back down at Yoongi's knee.

"I'm really okay, Petal. I just need to clean it out with salt water and bandage it up," Yoongi tells the Siren.

Again, Jimin nods as he cups water in his hands and drops it to run over Yoongi's leg. The elder winces, making the Siren's eyes snap up to him. "'m sorry," Jimin is quick to say as he leans down and presses another kiss to Yoongi's wound. Although it's not enough to close it, it's enough to temporarily take away the pain for Jimin to clean the blood away.

"Here," Yoongi says as he forcefully rips part of his shirt away to wrap around his leg. Jimin takes it, eyeing Yoongi with a, 'really? ' look before he ties it firmly around the wound before letting his hands fall away.

"Now go and sort it out properly," Jimin demands.

"You're not at all intimidating, it's rather cute," Yoongi coos.

Jimin scoffs. "Me? Cute? No. Fear me, human," he says, raising his hands to look like claws. Yoongi just laughs at him, chuckling harder when Jimin scowls, a pout on his lips.

Yoongi leans forward and squishes Jimin's cheeks in his hands. "Squishy, squish," he says tauntingly. It's not until Jimin boldly puts a hand on Yoongi's buldge that the elder stops and scrambles away, babbling his outrage.

"Don't think I didn't hear you last night," Jimin says as he crosses his arms in a huff.

"Hear me?" Yoongi asks as he regains his composure to sit on the rock, legs dangling. Jimin nods, head falling to the side, looking at Yoongi with a knowing glance. The elder narrows his eyes suspiciously. "You didn't hear anything,"

"Did too,"

"What did you hear?" Yoongi asks, obviously not believing the Siren. Well, that is until Jimin starts parading about in the water, hands clutched to his chest as he dramatically reenacts Yoongi.

"Oh - Oh, Jimin- Oh my god, Jimin," he cries.

Yoongi stares at him in disbelief before his face falls into a scowl. "You're so overdramatic," he mutters, turning away in a huff, arms folded across his chest.

"So you're admitting it?"

"Admitting what?"

"You got off thinking about me," Jimin states smugly.

Yoongi splutters and immediately starts denying it, waving his arms about. "No, that is not what happened. At all. Like at all. No. No way,"

Jimin nods along, pretending to believe him. Yoongi continues his facade until he's blue in the face, desperate to make the Siren believe him.

"Thing is, Mr. Sailor," Jimin starts. "Is that all Sirens have the capability to hear things humans cannot. Even if you were silent, I could still hear you breathing. If I try hard enough, I can hear your heartbeat. You can't hide anything from me,"

Yoongi opens his mouth to protest, but closes it again and just scowls at the Siren.

Jimin hums to himself and continues. "I do find it awfully flattering though," he says as he comes back over to Yoongi, looking up at him as he leans against a smaller rock on his elbows.

"You're awfully cocky now that your tail's back," Yoongi mutters with a scoff as he looks away. Jimin lets his head fall to watch Yoongi, smiling to himself.

"I thought you liked my attitude," Jimin says.

"Not when you expose me," Yoongi murmurs, glancing down at the Siren.

"Don't be so loud then,"

"I wasn't being loud !" Yoongi shrieks as he splashes Jimin with water. The Siren turns his head away and laughs.


















Taehyung ;


It's an anger like no other.

A rage that fuels his blood to boil.

It takes everything in him not to just charge and rip her fucking throat out right this minute. But he can't. He refuses. Not in front of Jeongguk.

He watches them from behind the pillars. They're set to be married in the Holy Halls, where so many other ancient Sirens have agreed to their hand in marriage. Taehyung has been here before, attending for the royal family and such, but this time, it causes the lump in his throat to thicken. He has to dull the red that covers his eyes as he watches Jeongguk take Lana's hand. He bends low to kiss her slender fingers and Taehyung burns in anger at the way she giggles, looking away shyly.

It hurts to see the way he looks at her. The way he smiles warmly even when she's not looking. Lana is the King's daughter from the South Side and her parents had chosen Jeongguk for his strength and caring nature over wealth for their daughter to raise healthy young. She's stunning, even if Taehyung doesn't want to admit it to himself. Her hair tumbles down past her waist, brown and wavy locks floating around her. Lana's tail shimmers a stunning pink with deep reds under her scales with pearls adorning her fins. Royalty, Taehyung thinks. So over the top. Most Sirens will use seaweed and often clams that suck onto their skin to hide their modesty, but this Siren, Taehyung notices, wears nothing. Only her hair covers her bare chest, and he sees her purposely flick her hair away to allow Jeongguk to see more than he bargained for. But of course, he is always the gentleman and looks away bashfully.

The ache sits within Taehyung and it's becoming harder and harder to do nothing but sit there and watch everything unfold. Jeongguk's and Lana's parents join them a short while later, standing a little away as they rehearse their set vows and how they should act and greet their respective guests on their actual wedding day. Lana prances about with her veil, letting it dance behind her as she and Jeongguk practice their first dance. It's all so set up and fake that it's almost humorous.

But it doesn't quench the fire under Taehyung's skin.

It feels like hours before Lana and her family part. Lana waits by the large entrance of the Holy Hall, waiting for her parents to join her. They stand with Jeongguk and his own parents, discussing something that Taehyung neglects to eavesdrop on as he sneaks around, tail darting behind him. He thanks his speed for letting him be so quick. He taps Lana's shoulder and she turns, smiling warmly. They've met once before when Jeongguk was on an arranged date with Lana and Taehyung decided to purposely crash it.

"Oh, hello," Lana says kindly as she flicks her hair from her eyes. "Taehyung, right?"

Tae grits his teeth and nods, forcing a sugar sweet smile onto his lips. "Lana," he greets her. The name leaves a sour taste in his mouth, but he shrugs it off and keeps the smile plastered on thick. "Would I be able to talk to you? In private, I mean. Jeongguk's been a little nervous about the wedding recently, he asked if I'd be able to talk to you about it? If that's okay of course,"

He holds back a biting, 'If you don't say yes, I'll rip your fucking throat out,' and smiles instead. Lana ponders as she glances over at her parents, thankfully, no one looks back.

"He's such a sweetheart," she says dreamily. "I have some important meetings coming up, but I'll be back over the border in a couple of days. I'll come and find you," she says as her parents begin to finish up.

"Yes, yes, but- not a word to Jeongguk, hm? He didn't want me to say he asked for me to talk to you and well- I don't want to make him more nervous than he already is," Taehyung babbles, pulling back the urge to roll his eyes.

"Oh, you're so kind!" Lana exclaims. "My Gukkie is so lucky to have you!" She gushes. Taehyung forces a smile as he sees Lana's parents begin to make their way over.

"I'll see you soon," Taehyung says with a smile before he's gone from sight.



















Yoongi ;


"How do Siren's have sex?" Yoongi asks out of nowhere. Jimin had since forced him to go back onto the boat and Yoongi had been wrapping a bandage around his bite wound before he had asked this.

"Why? Curious?" Jimin snorts. The Siren lays on his back across the rock with both hands behind his head as he looks up at the sky, tail dipping into the water every now and again.

"Yes, actually," Yoongi responds. He glances down at Jimin before he secures the bandage with a safety pin and puts his leg back down to cross his arms, resting his head on them on the side of the ship. Jimin turns his head to look up at the Sailor before he hums in thought and looks away again.

"For males, we have slits. I've personally never done it with a Siren before, so I can't tell you what it's like. And I've never thought to ask Taehyung about it. I've seen a human penis before and let me tell you, it's so different,"

"How so?" Yoongi questions.

Jimin goes silent for a moment, lips pursed in thought. "They're curly. Like a corkscrew. They spring out of our front slit that is hidden under the scales. Of course, many Sirens use magic to make it resemble a human penis to make casual sex more pleasurable. But the actual thing is fucking ugly," the Siren says, making Yoongi chuckle. "Females, however, they have slits too, but I can't really say seeing as I've never been that close to a female before and I don't plan to be either,"

Yoongi nods. "Wait, hold on," the Sailor says. Jimin hums and looks up at him. "I swear you said you've had Siren sex before,"

"If I did then I lied. I mentioned about our sexual awakening. Happens pretty young. Most can be around seven years old when it happens. But usually, we come of age around eleven or twelve. If I said I'd fucked a Siren, I was bluffing," Jimin tells him as he looks back up at the sky. "I prefer to leave the fucking to Taehyung and Jeongguk,"

"So what is a sexual awakening?"

"Exactly what the name suggests. When we come of age, we present as a fully grown Siren, sexual wise. Of course, we still have learning to do, but Sirens were originally only interested in mating and breeding. Hence why they call us fully grown if that makes any sense," Jimin says. "Everyone has an awakening and we have to spend a while on our own to get used to the new senses. It's really strange, I can't quite explain it. But- imagine being so horny that it hurts and there's no one to help you. You kind of have to figure it out on your own. And you have to deal with urges too. They die down enough to control in a couple of years, but many Sirens have been known to find secretive sex partners, much like Taehyung and Jeongguk, I guess. Although I doubt that'll last long. Jeongguk turns eighteen in just under two months. He'll be marrying a royal Siren from the South Side," Jimin informs the Sailor without much interest in the matter.

"How's your leg?" Jimin then asks as he turns to lay on his stomach. He rests his chin in his palm with the other arm dipped in the water, tail curled around him.

Yoongi nods and looks over his bandages. "Fine," he says before he looks back to Jimin. "Who's the other Siren?"

"You mean Lana?"

The Sailor shrugs, looking confused.

"Lana is Jeonggukie's to-be," Jimin tells Yoongi. "Taehyung's only met her once. But I've seen her a few times, she's actually really nice. I don't see why Taehyung is so spiteful about it," Jimin sighs.

"Well she is marrying his boyfriend," Yoongi points out.

Jimin tilts his head to the side with a little nod. "True, true," he murmurs. "But still, if Jeongguk doesn't marry her, he'll die. To be honest, I'd rather lose the love of my life to marriage than to death, y'know?"

Yoongi nods thoughtfully.

A comfortable silence falls between the pair for a little while, with only the seagulls ahead and the crashing waves below to break it. Yoongi spends the time just watching Jimin forcefully peel muscles from the rocks before he sucks them from their shells. Yoongi's gotten used to eating fish, but recently it's become a bit of a bore, so he's neglected to eat properly. Besides, he's found he's lacking an appetite recently. Not for any reason, in particular, he just doesn't want to eat. Although his stomach seems to disagree.

Jimin looks up, amused. "Have you got any more fish left?" The Siren asks. Yoongi shakes his head as he watches the waves curl around the rocks. "Did you seriously not bring anything else with you?"

"I thought it'd be a good idea at first," Yoongi mumbles, eyes rolling up to meet Jimin's.

"You thought it'd be a good idea to not bring any food,"

"Hey! I brought fruit didn't I?" Yoongi protests.

"You think you can survive on just fruit?"

"Well I could have until you stole my fucking apple," the Sailor argues.

Jimin rolls his eyes. "You couldn't have lasted on that one apple. Face it, Sailor, you're just not very good at making the best of choices,"

"What and you are?" Yoongi asks without thinking.

This hits Jimin in the gut and he falls silent.

"Shit- Jimin I'm sorry, I didn't mean that-"

"You know, it's not very smart to bring almost no food with you when you're on an expedition," Jimin says as he looks up at Yoongi. "And you call yourself a Sailor too," he says with a scoff. "Stay here, I'll try and find something up to your luxurious standards,"

Jimin slips down from the rock and swims down into the water, disappearing from sight.

With Yoongi knowing that Jimin can most likely hear him, he utters a soft, "I really am sorry, Jiminie," before he sighs heavily and runs a hand through his hair, tugging at it in frustration. "Fucking idiot-" He mutters to himself. "Why the fuck did I say that for? Fuck sake," he whispers to himself as he lets his head slam back down onto the table.

Fucking idiot.

"Oi," is the next thing Yoongi hears. He raises his head, only to have wet seaweed land on his face before a loud and squeaky laugh can be heard. Yoongi peels off the seaweed, holding it away from him with a look of disgust. Jimin only laughs harder, clapping at Yoongi's humiliation. Yoongi opens his mouth to protest, but is silenced by Jimin saying, "hey, I earned that one after what you said to me," and Yoongi immediately shuts his mouth and drops the seaweed onto the table. "You need to eat that by the way," Jimin says.

"I don't know," Yoongi peers at the seaweed. "You might have poisoned it,"

"Just eat, moron," Jimin snaps as he throws more seaweed up to Yoongi, thankfully it lands on his table instead of his face before Jimin pulls himself back up onto the rock, going back to peeling muscles away from the surface.

"You expect me to eat this?" Yoongi asks in disbelief.

"Well yes if you want to live," Jimin points out.

"I don't see why I can't just live off of fish," Yoongi says as he looks back at the slimy substance on his table.

"You need more than just fish. And you say you want to be a Siren too," Jimin scoffs.

"Well it's not like you're going to turn me into an actual Siren now is it?"

Jimin glances up at Yoongi. "Don't tempt me," he says. "I'll leave you stranded and see if something comes to attack you,"

"Well that's not very nice," Yoongi taunts with a tut and a shake of his head.

"Eat the fucking seaweed,"

Yoongi just smirks and pokes the slimey green gunk that sits on his table. He eyes Jimin who is more focused on using his claws to peel off stubborn shells from the rocks to suck the sea creature out of it before Yoongi looks back at the seaweed and picks up a strand of it. With an experimental sniff, he pokes his tongue out and gives it a lick, cringing at how salty it is. "Eurgh," he exclaims, scrunching up his face in distaste. He hears Jimin snort. "I can't eat this," Yoongi whines.

"Yes you can," the Siren responds.

"No, I really can't,"

"Don't be a baby and eat the seaweed,"

"Why are you so adamant about me eating this green slush?" Yoongi complains.

Jimin rolls his eyes as he flicks a shell away from him. "You need to eat. Seeming as your diet consists of fruit and fish, you're not exactly the image of healthy. I'm not going to poison you and you'd be surprised that pirates and sailors eat seaweed,"

"But it's disgusting!" Yoongi's tone is long and dragged out, emphasizing his words to sound like a grouchy toddler.

"You wouldn't last one day as a Siren,"

"To be honest, I was only in it for the tail," Yoongi says.

Jimin snorts. "I'd be sure to give you a really ugly tail and then abandon you and see if something comes to eat you for dinner,"

"You're so mean to me," Yoongi whines.

"I'm helping you to survive. You can't seriously expect to live off of fish and fruit forever,"

"I won't be here forever,"

This causes Jimin to fall silent, eyes cast down to the waves. His tail that was once relaxed and gently waving about in the air like a cat's tail, is now rigid and still.

"Jimin-" Yoongi speaks up, breaking the silence and making it crash to the ground.

"Stop," the Siren says softly.

"I can't stay here forever," Yoongi tells him. The words leave a sour taste in his mouth, but it's true. It'd be impossible for Yoongi to stay forever.

"I don't want to hear it," Jimin snaps, eyes closed with his head turned away.

"It's the truth, Jimin. I don't see why you're so affected by it,"

"I don't want you to leave me," the response comes out quick. It's Yoongi's turn to fall silent, unable to create a sentence that could calm the Siren, so the words sit heavy on his tongue.

"Everyone-" Jimin begins again as he takes in a sharp breath. "Everyone leaves me,"

"I live on the mainland, Jimin. I don't think it'd be possible to stay here forever. But it's not a thing of me leaving you forever. We're always going to be friends, right? I count you as a close friend now, I don't think I'd be able to keep away from you for very long,"

Jimin doesn't nod, doesn't move. When he finally opens his eyes, he stares ahead, turning to look at the series of rocks in front of him. It takes a while before he finally speaks up, but his voice lacks any emotion. "Friends," he says. "Of course we are,"

Yoongi opens his mouth to speak, but is interrupted by Jimin. "I should be getting back soon. My tail is strong enough to swim now,"

"Oh," Yoongi echoes. "Right, yeah, of course,"

If only Yoongi were able to feel what Jimin feels. The Sailor watches with a heavy heart as Jimin slowly sinks into the water without a second glance, disappearing from sight.


















Jimin ;

It's a wonder that he didn't learn from the first time. The time when he thought he really loved a pirate. But this time it just so happens to be a Sailor. Although, he won't admit it to himself. He knows he likes Yoongi, that much is obvious. He kissed the man for Christ's sake. But he continues to insist it's not love. Just infatuation. Nothing more.

His chest aches as he swims further into the water, he goes slow with the lack of fins, proving that his words were a lie. He's not strong enough. Not quick enough. He knows he shouldn't be down here without the strength to use magic if he so needs it and without the speed to get away when he needs to. But Jimin's stubbornness pushes him through to swim home. He circles the border, as to avoid anyone who may try and talk to him. He's not in the mood right now. But of course, it's inevitable. Taehyung will know he's back. Can sense it in the water. But for now, Jimin ignores it and swims into the small cave that he's called home since he was a child. The sand is unsettled, showing that someone has been here. Immediately, panic sets in as Jimin looks around, his tail effortlessly spinning him in the water. No one is in sight, but that doesn't stop him from feeling some sort of anxiety in his chest, like a sign that they'll come back. The sand that is unsettled is fresh, sitting in the open before the water once again smooths it over. Jimin kneels on his tail and uses both hands to cover any trace of someone else being here as if that could calm him somewhat.

It's not perfect, but enough for Jimin to finally relax into the sand and close his eyes, wanting rest that he so badly craves. Rocks are comfortable to lay across, but to sleep on- it's not the best. Jimin falls into sleep eventually, tears floating up into the water around him.






A large ship had arrived late in the night. Jimin had heard something like crashing or yelling over the heavy rain but had promptly ignored it until this morning. He pokes his head up above the water, looking up at the boat. Jimin narrows his eyes suspiciously and pulls himself up onto his favorite rock, sprawling across it in a way that he knows makes him look enticing.

He watches the only human that he can see who stands with his side to Jimin. He can't see as well as he wants to but can tell the man is handsome. His hair is a soft brown that falls over his eyes, and Jimin can see the roundness of his fairy nose. He smiles to himself and takes a moment to look over his clothes, loving how the off-white tunic that he wears cuts low down his chest, revealing sharp collarbones and honey skin. It dares to fall from his shoulder, which makes Jimin stare at how broad he is. He could eat him up.

"Damn," Jimin finally says, smirking at how the Sailor is quick to look up, glancing around yet completely missing the Siren who lays across the rock. Jimin rolls his eyes and whistles lowly as he gazes up at the man. He grins when the man finally looks down, their eyes meeting at long last. Now that Jimin can see the man properly, he's momentarily breathless. Sharp cat-like eyes that are a deep brown look back at him with a glaze of shock and pouty pink lips that make him look doll-like. He resembles a dumpling. Jimin watches how the Sailor's eyes trail over him, and it fuels the Siren with an inner confidence.

"Like what you see?" Jimin asks cheekily as he swipes his tongue along the inner side of his bottom lip before he settles into a smirk. He likes the look of this man. He's the prettiest he's seen in a long while. But the Sailor just looks at him, either in a scowl or just unimpressed and pushes himself away from the edge of the boat to turn away from Jimin.

"How rude," the Siren mutters to himself as he sinks into the water, a scowl set on his pretty face as he swims over to the boat, craning his neck up. "It's rude to ignore people," he says, watching the Sailor jump out of his skin. The man lets out a loud shriek and Jimin can't help but giggle at his expense.

"Leave me alone," the Sailor snaps. Jimin watches the man glare down at him as he scowls back at the Sailor.

"What's the fun in that?" Jimin asks, pouting. He hears the Sailor scoff-






Jimin suddenly awakes with a start, only catching a glimpse of something before it's gone out of sight. He snaps up to sit on the sand, staring around him in the dark cave, trying to get his eyes to adjust. "Who's there?!" He demands as he gets up, gently swimming over to the exit of the caved rock, eyes scanning over the sand. Half buried, is a golden scale. It sets immediate panic in his chest as he begins to heave. He doesn't dare touch it, doesn't even know if it's hers. It can't be. Why now? There's no reason for her to come back. No reason for either of them to return. He backs away from the scale, wanting nothing more than to escape and find Yoongi yet the mere thought makes him feel nauseous. He doesn't know what to think, what to do. So he just keeps his back to the wall, tail wrapped protectively around him. And that's when he looks down at himself. His- his fins. They float gracefully in front of him, scales back to normal. His beautiful and stunningly blue tail is back to how it was before he got attacked. He gasps in shock, tears brimming before they disappear into the water. He heaves through a panic attack, unsure of what he's supposed to do. There's no way it was her. No. He refuses to believe it.

He wants to find her. Wants to know if either of them lingers around his home. They have no right to come back. It only sends Jimin into a tumbling trap of flashbacks, remembering things he's locked away. He shakes his head viciously, trying to shake everything away, doesn't want to remember. "Please, no-" He begs aloud, whispering it over and over and over again as if his brain would listen. He can only wish it did.








Jimin sits with his back to the wall, tail bent up to sit against his chest as he watches his Mother hold Leia close as she sings to his sister. Their Father had gone hunting, leaving the three alone in their small cave. Jimin dares to move closer, gently flicking his tail to try and curl up beside his Mother, but is flicked away by her fins. "Jimin-ah, you'll wake your sister," she snaps in a hushed tone.

"Eomma, I want a hug too," Jimin whines.

"Don't be such a baby!" His Mother tells him before she goes back to lovingly stroking Leia's hair. Jimin recoils from them and curls up by himself in the sand, pretending to put himself in Leia's place, to be held close and sung to. It's always Leia. Always has been. There isn't room for Jimin.





Jimin gasps and heaves, trying to retain a normal breathing pattern, but only coming away with ragged and sharp intakes of air. He knots his fingers into his hair and shakes his head, demanding that the thoughts go and never return. For years he's kept them hidden, stolen away to live in the darkest corner of his mind to collect cobwebs. The golden scale glints in the moonlit water, forcing Jimin to stare back at it. It could have so easily been someone else, a squatter, or maybe just a pesky youngster that was using his cave as a hideout. It's not uncommon to find sneaky Sirens. Jimin's been above water for a while, so any cave that is left untouched is usually taken by others. He puts it down to just that, a squatter, and tries to calm his breathing.

He takes long and deep breaths in, eyes gazing upwards to the top of the cave. It goes up fairly high until you can no longer see anything. There was once a nook in the walls where Jimin would curl up and sleep when his parents got mad at him. He experimentally swims upwards to see if it's still how he remembers. And it is. A little smaller than Jimin thought, but still there. In the small corner, are a pile of shells that Jimin would once collect, untouched and abandoned. The Siren takes in a sharp intake of breath and reaches out before retracting his hand as if he'd been burned. He can't do this. The confrontation of his memories is too much, let alone relive them. He snatches himself away and dives downwards, eager to get out of this place. There aren't many places he can go, and he's convinced he's being followed, most likely by Taehyung. The only option he has it to go up, where not many Sirens will go willingly. But Jimin, without a family to disobey, it's his only escape.

With every intent to go up, he powers through the water, only to come to an immediate halt before he spins around, the air being knocked from his lungs.


He can't bring himself to speak. Can't bring himself to move. So he just floats there, staring at the woman in utter shock. The words that so desperately want to tell her to fuck off and never come back are lingering in his throat, yet his body aches to swim into her arms. The woman opens her arms to him, head tilting to the side. Jimin can only scoff. He doesn't miss the look of hurt on her face.

"Hurts, don't it?" He says spitefully.

The woman looks back at him, almost with a pitying look. It ages her. His mother, who was once so beautiful, is now older, frailer. No longer one to send Jimin away. Her once tumbling brown hair is now cut shorter, greying at the roots. Her cheeks are more sunken in and her eyes are underlined with light bags. She presses her lips together into a firm line and lets her arms fall, eyes too, falling to the sand below them.

"Jimin, I-"

"Why are you here?" He snaps, cutting off her words.

"You need to know," his mother begins before she stops to lick her lips in thought, a hand coming up to nervously tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, taming it in the water. This isn't who he knows. Isn't who she was. She's much frailer now, fragile. There's no bite like there once was. But Jimin can't help but tell himself that it's an act. That the lingering monster lies close to the surface and is ready to rip him apart.

"Your father is dead," she says quietly.

Jimin doesn't respond, but he feels the smugness on his face shows how he feels.

"He was attacked by Sailors, no one was able to save him,"

The words shoot deep into his chest, making him think back to Yoongi. But he knows that his hyung would never hurt him or others intentionally. Yet her words sit with a sour taste on his tongue.

"So you came back to me because you have no one else now," Jimin says slowly as if he has to understand himself, yet he already does. Already gets it. Plain and simple.


"No," Jimin snaps. "You come to me, after all these years, because you're alone. You haven't got anyone else. No one to fuck around with. No one to stand by you and your selfish fucking ways. You lost him. You lost Leia,"

"I haven't lost you," his mother says, sounding so sure of herself that it makes Jimin boil from the inside out.

He scoffs again and turns his head, cockily sliding his tongue along his inner bottom lip. "You really don't fucking get it do you?" He asks.

"Jimin, please don't use that language-"

"Oh fuck you!" Jimin snaps, silencing the woman into shock. "Get this into your thick fucking skull. You lost me the moment you brought me into this fucking world. Raised me, if I can even fucking say that, to believe you hated me. And you did, didn't you? Because I couldn't give you what you wanted. And you replaced me so fucking quick, it's like I never existed,"

His mother opens her mouth to speak, but is cut off again. "Close your fucking mouth and listen to me," Jimin argues. "Neither of you loved me the way you loved Leia. You fucking left me, Eomma. You left me. I woke up thinking it was all my fault. Felt like I deserved everything. You think coming back here is going to fix things? You think fixing my tail is going to make me forgive you? And don't even try fucking denying it either, I know it was you. I wish you'd never come back. You're not here by choice. You're here because you have no one. No other child to look after you. You come here thinking I'll walk straight back into your arms? Are you fucking deluded? Don't you see? When you abandon your child, you give up the right to be a parent. I raised myself. I fuck who I want. I go where I want. And guess what? I'm in love with a fucking human being. A sailor. So how does that feel?"

He doesn't give her a chance to answer before he continues.

"I will never apologize for things I cannot change. The sailor told me that. Told me to be me and to love myself. Cares for me like no one else does-"

"You believe him?" His mother spits, her disgust out in the open.

Jimin scoffs, although it sounds like a heavy sigh. He looks away for a moment before he finally glances back and says. "What other choice do I have?"

He turns and stops once more. Without turning to look at the woman, he says, "don't follow me. And don't come back here. You're not wanted," before he swims away, going straight up to the surface, ignoring the cries of his name. It hurts, but at the same time, it's a good feeling. He finally put her in her place. Told her what he learned. To never apologize for things he cannot change.


















Yoongi ;

It had been earlier that night that the redhead had returned.



"Hey," a voice says.

Yoongi had been sitting at his desk with a fried fish as he reads over his notes when he heard it. He stands and looks over at the rocks, eyes rolling down to see the red-haired Siren that he remembers to be Taehyung leaning against them.

"Oh," Yoongi says. "Hello,"

"Jiminie not here?" Taehyung asks as he looks around at the rocks behind him. The redhead glances back up at the Sailor with a questioning look.

Yoongi shakes his head sadly. "We had an argument," he tells the Siren.

Taehyung nods slowly, taking in the new found information. "When did he leave?" The Siren asks.

"A couple hours ago," Yoongi remembers. Jimin had missed the sunset and when the sky blankets over into blue and black. He usually likes to watch it, but this time, he wasn't here to see it all. "He was really upset, I hoped he'd go to you,"

The Siren shakes his head. "I haven't seen him,"

This sets Yoongi into a frown as he leans his full body weight onto the side of the ship, looking down at the water sadly.

"He's a lot of trouble," Taehyung says after a moment of silence.

Yoongi furrows his eyebrows and looks up. "What do you mean?" He asks.

The Siren shrugs. "Well, I don't know. He's just- a lot to deal with. Too much if you're only looking for a one night stand with him,"

Yoongi opens his mouth to speak, but is firmly cut off.

"He's not good for you. He lies to you through his teeth,"

"He told you that?" Yoongi asks suspiciously.

Taehyung nods. "The kid tells me everything. I'm older than him after all, he trusts me," he lies. Yoongi, unaware of Taehyung's age, nods. "What I'm saying is- if you're ever looking for only a fun time, I'm the one to come to. Jimin- he's not capable of that. Too fragile and weak,"

Yoongi doesn't know how to respond, so he just doesn't. Taehyung flashes a wide smile at Yoongi before he speaks up again. "I'll come back later. Just think about it. I promise you won't regret it," he says. "Oh and- don't tell Jimin I was here, yeah? What he doesn't know won't hurt him,"

The sailor watches Taehyung dive back into the water, leaving him in confusion as he collapses back into his chair.



He had since returned back inside to sit on the edge of his bed, contemplating if it's even worth trying to sleep. He stays like that for a long time, just picking at the loose threads on the edge of his thin bedding, pulling it away until it weakly snaps. He's not hungry, not tired, and has to wait until morning until he can wash, so he's left with nothing to do. Of course, he could bring his lantern and draw by the rocks, but it's a chore to even tell himself to stand up, let alone to actually do it, so he just sits.

It's not until he hears something. A familiar song, the haunting chords finding him. Yoongi scrambles up, almost tripping up the steps as he runs to the edge of the ship, hands bolting out to stop him from tumbling over the edge with the amount of force in which he runs into the boat's wall. He stares down at Jimin, who sits to the side, playing with locks of his hair, but- that's not what has his attention right now.

Jimin sits with two human legs propped up, but not pushed to his chest. He seems fairly relaxed on the rock, eyes looking down over his legs, both fingers reached up to play with an extra long lock of hair. He waits to finish his song before he turns to look at Yoongi, only offering a sad smile. "Hello, Mr. Sailor," he says quietly.

"Jimin-" Yoongi says but cuts himself off, unsure of what to say.

Jimin lets out an amused breath of air as he looks down at his legs. They're toned and slim, yet muscular around the thighs. He drops his hands and runs them across his knees and down his calves to his ankles, fingers spreading out over the front of his feet. "My mother came back today," he tells the Sailor.

Yoongi, who stands in complete and utter shock, unsure of what to say to a now human Jimin, so he lets him continue. "Said my father's dead. I told her she only came back for me because she hasn't got anyone else now. On her own, I said. Told her that I would never apologize for things I can't change. But, I wasn't what she wanted. Couldn't give her what she wanted. Isn't that sad, Mr. Sailor?"

Yoongi barely manages to open his mouth, but is silenced by Jimin shaking his head.

"I told her I'm in love with a human," Jimin says. "You should have seen the look on her face. Wish I could see it now. I wonder how she'd react to me having legs," the Siren continues. His voice is empty, sad. There's no amusement carried in what he says. But he continues as he folds his legs up into his chest, shivering in the cold air. "I guess being in human form means I get cold like you do," Jimin says

"You're cold," Yoongi echoes, still in shock. It takes a moment for him to snap out of it before he's asking Jimin to swim to the boat.

"I don't think you understand, hyung. I can't use my legs the way you can," Jimin says sadly, although there's a hint of a smile there.

Yoongi nods and slowly steps away from the edge of the ship to slide down the ladder, hissing at the coldness of the ocean waves at night. He swims to Jimin, stopping in front of him, hands resting on the rocks either side of his legs. Jimin slides his legs down, unfazed by his nakedness. He offers a brighter smile to Yoongi as the Sailor takes Jimin's hands and turns to place them around his neck, letting Jimin slip from the rock and onto Yoongi's back, holding on tightly as Yoongi slowly makes his way over to the ladder. "Hold onto me," Yoongi instructs as he uses his strength to pull them both up. But it seems that human Jimin is fairly lighter to Siren Jimin. Yoongi slips himself other the edge and quickly turns before Jimin lets go and falls to the ground. Jimin's legs shake violently as he tries to stand alone, but fails and collapses against Yoongi's chest. "How did you even get the strength to do this?"

"Anger does things to people," Jimin responds, voice quiet. He looks up at Yoongi, arms wrapped securely around the Sailor's neck. There's a pout on his lips as he tries again to stand.

"Petal, stop," Yoongi says quietly. "It's okay, I got you,"

"But I want to do it on my own!" Jimin cries, just about managing to stomp his foot on the ground.

"You need to warm up before you start throwing a tantrum," Yoongi coos, tapping Jimin on the nose. The Siren playfully tries to bite his finger before he scowls at Yoongi. Even so, he lets the Sailor help him down the stairs and to the hold where he sits Jimin on the bed with his legs up across from him, letting Jimin's back rest against the side wall so that he doesn't fall. Yoongi turns to find a dry shirt to dry Jimin off with before he says anything.

"You'll hurt yourself if you try walking alone," Yoongi scolds him as he lifts Jimin's legs to sit on the edge of the bed, placing the Siren's legs over his lap to dry them off. "If you want, we can try and walk tomorrow. But you need rest first and you also need to tell me the rules,"

"Rules?" Jimin echoes.

"Yeah, like how long you can be out of the water when your tail will come back, things like that. The last thing I want to do is hurt you,"

Jimin smiles to himself, fond of the human's affection. "I reckon I'm strong enough to keep bringing my legs back for at least a few days. I can be out of water for no longer than three days before I start to get ill. It's not like I'll burn up and die on the spot, hyung,"

Yoongi lightly slaps Jimin's ankle. "I just want to make sure,"

Jimin giggles. "I'll start getting really cold and dehydrated. That's when I need to go back in the water as soon as I can. And human food is a no-no unless it's in really tiny amounts. That's pretty much it. Apart from resting when my power's low, which I'll know about that anyway," he says. "Oh, and I can't be out in direct sunlight for very long at all. I'll need to be in shade,"

Yoongi nods as he dries Jimin's leg before he stands and maneuvers them back onto the bed. "Noted," he says as he kneels down beside Jimin to dry his stomach and arms, purposely avoiding anywhere else, but Jimin doesn't seem phased in the slightest. He finishes and stands to discard the tunic for a new one, white in color and long enough to come down to Jimin's lower thighs. Yoongi lays it out on the thin mattress for a moment. "I need to dry off first," he says as he takes his own clothes, that consist of black briefs that he's grown comfortable to walk around in and a white tunic with a deep V neck. "Stay still and don't try to move," the Sailor says as he steps onto the deck to change in privacy, although he doesn't think Jimin would have minded too much.

When he returns to the hold, Jimin is running his hands up and down his legs, weakly bringing his foot up to marvel at it.

"Did you not get a chance to look before?" Yoongi asks as he takes the tunic from the bed, stretching the head hole for Jimin to slip into. Once he's dressed and covered, Yoongi moves into the small space and rests the Siren's legs over his lap, letting Jimin run his hands up and down his own thighs, experimentally pinching and poking here and there.
"He got tired of me doing it," Jimin says quietly. "I was sitting in the corner of the boat and poking my legs, no wonder he got annoyed,"

"It's something new to you," Yoongi tells him. "You should be allowed to look at your own body,"

Jimin nods to himself in thought and lifts his tunic, looking straight down. Yoongi has to avert his way of sight, eyes wide. "It's so different from a Siren penis," Jimin marvels. "I've never seen a human one before,"

"That's great, Petal," Yoongi chokes out. He swallows dryly and blindly reaches out to push Jimin's tunic down. "But maybe save that type of experimentation until I'm out of the room," he says softly as he turns his head back. Jimin has an amused yet shy smile on his face, cheeks flushed pink. Something he's never seen before on the Siren.

"I've never seen you so close," Jimin whispers.

"Why are we whispering?" Yoongi whispers back.

Jimin scowls and slaps Yoongi on the arm. "The only time I got to see you I was too distracted by your sketchbook, or should I say the album of Jimin,"

"That's an album I would love to own," the Sailor says, chuckling at Jimin's scoff.

"You already own one. You're obsessed with drawing me," the Siren accuses, yet there's a hint of a smile on his lips and Yoongi's insistent on trying to make it come out.

"I know you're trying not to smile," the Sailor says as he pokes the corner of Jimin's mouth. Jimin shrieks in outrage, insisting that he isn't smiling and that he's actually very mad right now. "You're a terrible liar," Yoongi coos as he moves to poke the small chub of Jimin's tummy. Jimin shrieks again and slaps his hands away, but is too slow for Yoongi who moves to pin Jimin down by his hips, tickling his tummy through his tunic. The Siren cries out, shrieking and laughing as he tries to twist out of Yoongi's grip, weakly kicking his legs but without any proper strength, he's unable to go anywhere.

"Stop- Stop-" Jimin laughs breathlessly. Yoongi chuckles and stops, moving to instead gently rub circles into his hips. Jimin pants with his eyes closed, and it's a sight that Yoongi had only wished to see. He looks so content and happy and calm, yet at the same time, he looks-

"Stop staring at me," Jimin says. He has his eyes closed, but his eyebrows are furrowed and his lips are set into a pout.

"How can I not?" Yoongi finds himself saying as he reaches down to blow bubbles on Jimin's puffy cheek. The younger immediately bursts out laughing and weakly pushes Yoongi away. They stay like that for a little while longer before Yoongi breaks their comfortable silence. "You should get some sleep now. We can talk about everything tomorrow," and with that, he stands to cover Jimin with the thin blanket. It's not until he goes to turn that Jimin reaches out, almost toppling out of the small bed to grip Yoongi's wrist.

"Are you leaving me again?" Jimin asks quietly. The words tear Yoongi apart as he turns, looking down at Jimin who gazes back with watery eyes, tears threatening to spill.

"Not unless you want me to," Yoongi finally says.

Jimin shakes his head and pulls Yoongi closer. "I don't," he tells him. "I don't want that at all,"

So, Yoongi nods and lifts the blanket, letting Jimin shift over as best as he can to make room for Yoongi. With them being so petite, it's not hard to fit them both in. Jimin snuggles into Yoongi's space, practically purring at the warmth. And Yoongi wraps a protective arm around his waist, nesting his nose into Jimin's hair, breathing in the sea salt and crisp air that he smells of.

"Thank you for not leaving me, hyung," Jimin whispers.

"It's okay, Petal. I'm here,"




















"No, baby, listen," Yoongi says for what feels like the millionth time this morning. "You have to take baby steps, you can't expect to get anywhere by letting go of the edge without any balance,"

Jimin pouts and weakly stops his foot as best as he can, letting go again to fold his arms and having to have Yoongi catch him before he topples over the edge and into the water. Yoongi gives him a firm look and they battle it out for a moment before Jimin exhales with a loud sigh, his body sagging in defeat. "Fine," he mutters as he slams his hand down on the edge of the ship with Yoongi's hand supporting his waist. "Get off," he snaps as he pushes Yoongi's hand away. Of course, Yoongi stands close, ready to catch the Siren when he inevitably falls, but Jimin refuses his help and staggers along, trying his hardest to stand up straight and not put all of his weight onto the edge of the ship.

He puts on foot in front of the other, struggling to keep it up and not have his weight fall onto his ankle as he walks, shifting himself along slowly, but surely.

"Remember that it takes years for people to learn to walk properly,"

"I haven't got years," Jimin argues. "I want to walk,"

So Yoongi backs off a little and lets Jimin walk closer and closer towards Yoongi. He lets go again, ignoring Yoongi's warning look and manages to take one full step before he collapses onto the ground, falling backward so that Yoongi couldn't catch him. He lands on his butt, elbows scraping against the planks. "Ow," Jimin winces as he takes a look at his elbow, widening his eyes to try and overlook his arm.

"Come here," Yoongi sighs as he kneels beside Jimin, gently kissing his injuries. Jimin just rolls his eyes but doesn't try to hide his smile this time. "You took a step," Yoongi says. "I'm so proud of you,"

"You are?" Jimin asks in shock.

"Of course I am," he says as he pulls Jimin by his waist to sit in Yoongi's lap. "You did so well, Petal, how can I not be proud of you?"

Jimin doesn't answer but opts for burying his face into Yoongi's neck. "Hyunnggg," he whines.

Yoongi chuckles and helps them both to sit on their knees, Yoongi's hands firmly supporting Jimin by his waist. "Maybe we should try how babies do it," he says, thinking aloud. "Try crawling to me,"

Jimin looks at him, obviously unimpressed, but Yoongi scoots back, leaving Jimin to try and support himself. He falls forward onto his hands and knees, watching Yoongi with an unsure look.

"You got this, Petal," Yoongi says as he holds his arms out.

Jimin looks from his knees to Yoongi a few times before he manages to pull himself along, attempting to make his legs follow. It takes a few tries of falling onto his side before he's able to bring his knee up to his upper chest to help him move forward. He chews his lip hard from concentration, eyes focused on the ground.

"You're so close, Jiminie, you can do it," Yoongi praises him, face serious as he watches Jimin edge closer.

Another fall onto his side has Jimin sprawling out, saying that he gives up and that he can't do it anymore.

"That's not the Jimin I know," Yoongi says. "Jimin wouldn't give up that easy. The sunshine I know gets what he wants,"

"I don't want it," Jimin mumbles, voice muffled.

"I call bullshit," Yoongi tells him. "You can do it, Jimin. I'm so, so fucking proud of you right now, you have no idea,"

This makes Jimin turn his head to look up at Yoongi, eyes wide and lips parted. He looks as though it's the first time he's being told this, a regular response each time Yoongi says he's proud. Jimin closes his mouth and swallows before he weakly pushes himself up. He goes ahead to stand up on his knees, body wobbly as he edges over.

"Jimin, I swear if you do this-" Yoongi says in utter shock as Jimin keeps his balance on his knees and comes closer before he finally falls into the elder, knocking them both to the floor. Jimin buries his head into Yoongi's neck and cries freely. "I hope those are happy tears, baby," Yoongi murmurs as he leaves a kiss on the side of Jimin's head.

"They are, hyung," Jimin mumbles back.

Yoongi brings a hand to run up and down Jimin's clothed back to comfort the Siren, whispering sweet praises in his ear. He's still in shock himself, seeing Jimin not only make it on his knees but do it on only his knees. Keeping his balance has been a difficult task his morning, but Jimin made it. And he couldn't be prouder.

Today has been fairly cloudy, in favor of Jimin's first day on the ship. He's been asking to look around all day, jumping up and down where he sits because he thought he'd be able to just up and jump to run around and look to see where Yoongi lives. Except, when he tried to stand and get out of bed, he ended up rolling off of a sleeping Yoongi and onto the floor where he hit his head and whined until Yoongi woke up and pampered him in hugs. The clouds, however, begin to part and a bright sun shines through, the rays falling onto Jimin's skin. He purrs at the feeling, the warmth radiating throughout him. "Not too long, okay?" Yoongi says, in meaning of being in the sun for too long and Jimin nods.

"Okay, hyung,"

Yoongi holds Jimin close for maybe a few minutes before he feels Jimin's skin get excessively hot. He's quick to roll them over the planks and to the wooden planks that make up the roof over the hold where the sunlight can't quite reach, giving Jimin the chance to be in the sun but not directly. He sits them up and lets Jimin curl into his side, eyes closed and a happy smile on his lips.

"We'll need to talk soon," Yoongi says, hearing Jimin's heavy sigh.

"I knew you'd say that," the Siren responds sourly.

"We'll eat something first and then talk, yeah?"

Jimin nods into his chest, whining when Yoongi pulls him up, picking Jimin from the ground and folding him over his shoulder.

"You know," Jimin mutters. "There are better ways to carry someone,"

"Yeah? Well if I carried you like this," Yoongi says as he shifts Jimin into a bridal style position. "Then it'd be awkward to get through the doorway,"

"Then do a front way piggyback," Jimin says, having learned what a proper piggyback was earlier and loving every minute of it. He even demanded that Yoongi carry him like that throughout the entire ship.

Yoongi hums and holds Jimin up as he stands on his feet before shifting him so that both legs are wrapped around his waist and his arms tightly secured around Yoongi's neck with the elder's hands holding his upper thighs.

"Better," Jimin says as he once again rests his cheek on Yoongi's shoulder, looking up at him.

Yoongi rolls his eyes, fondly smiling as he takes Jimin down into the hold before laying him down on the small bed. Jimin immediately curls up and stares at his feet, poking his toes in awe. Yoongi chuckles and turns to find the fish bucket that he had filled this morning, having Jimin floating beside him to use his claws. Yoongi hands Jimin a raw fish and goes about frying his own, experimenting with frying up some seaweed too.

Jimin flattens his legs and watches Yoongi cook as he tears the head away from the fish's body, fangs slipping down to pierce the flesh.

"Do your fangs come out when you bite a Siren?" Yoongi asks.

"No," Jimin responds. "Not unless I meant it to happen. You know what's food and what isn't. So say I was to bite you or a Siren, I'd know you aren't food like a fish is and the fangs wouldn't come out. But when I'm around food, I can't really help it. It's natural instinct to kill the prey before I eat it," Jimin explains.

Yoongi nods and hums in acknowledgment as he turns his fish over to fry the other side. "How long does it take to walk?" Jimin asks.

"Petal, you're not going to learn to walk in a day. Not even determination could get you that far," Yoongi says as he turns off the heat and turns to lean against the wooden counter, eating his fish from the pan. "You've done so well today, but you won't be able to freely walk and run like you want to,"

"So teach me," Jimin requests as he lowers the fish, licking away the blue venom from his lips. Yoongi sighs and abandons his pan on the counter to sit beside Jimin.

"I've actually been thinking about this," Yoongi says. "Is there no possible way of living out of the ocean forever?"

Jimin shakes his head. "I'd have to be near ocean water at all times in case I heat up. And the sunlight would be a problem too. Unless there's a way to accomplish both of those things, it's just not possible,"

"Can I not be a Siren too?" Yoongi asks, sounding somewhat desperate.

Jimin smiles sadly. "I can't actually do that to you," he says. "Well- that's a lie. I can easily turn you into a Siren. But you wouldn't be able to breathe underwater. It'd only be the form that I'm changing. There's no way for you to live life like that,"

Yoongi's shoulders visibly sag. "But- But there are people who are allergic to sunlight and they can still live normal lives. Can't that be you? We- we could get a beach house or I could live in my ship by the dock and you could live in the ocean, we-"

"Yoongi," Jimin says quickly as he presses a finger to Yoongi's lips. "Calm down,"

Yoongi takes a deep breath and nods. Jimin offers a smile before he starts talking again.

"There's a danger to me being in the sunlight, covered or not. I'd have to be in the water to cool down, and if I lived near the docks, there's a high chance I'd be captured and sold. They have the upper advantage there, there's more of them and they have the land. Out here, I have the whole ocean to hide in and they can't walk on or breathe in water. I have the upper advantage to my own safety,"

"Then- Then I'll keep coming back. I'll stock up on supplies and food and come back to you. I'll stay and then go and come back again. And I'll keep doing that," Yoongi insists.

Jimin again smiles sadly. "Yoongi," he says. "One day, you're going to meet a beautiful woman or maybe even a handsome man, and you'll want to settle down and raise your own young. You can't do that with me. I belong in the ocean. I can't give you children, I can't give you marriage. I can only give you- me,"

"You is more than enough," Yoongi says.

"You're too sweet for your own good," Jimin tells him. "I don't know if I'd be able to handle it if you one day found someone and never returned to me,"

"I don't want anyone else," the Sailor tells him firmly. "No one else, no one at all,"

"Oh? And what if I put you in a room with a hundred people. Fifty women and fifty men. All your type and ready to settle down with you. Would you still come back to me?"

"Jimin, I could be swarmed by a million people and I'd still always make it back to you,"


"If I do, will you believe me?" Yoongi asks him.

"Promise me and find out,"

"I promise,"




















Jimin ;


"Eomma came back today," Jimin says. The pair lay on the thin mattress with Yoongi on his back and Jimin laying half on and half off of him with one leg hooked around Yoongi's, a hand locked with the elder's by Yoongi's head and the other wrapped around Yoongi's waist.

"Yes, you told me," Yoongi responds quietly.

"Did I?"

Yoongi nods to himself. "Yeah, when you were on the rocks you said she turned up,"

"Oh," Jimin utters softly. "I didn't think it was her at first. I was sleeping but something woke me up and I saw like- a flicker, but I didn't really think much of it. But there was a golden scale in the sand and my Mother's tail is a bright golden yellow. It made me have a panic attack to think it was her," he says.

"I'm sorry," Yoongi says quietly.

"'s not your fault," Jimin responds. "But the flashbacks reminded me of this little nook I used to sleep in. It's really high up in our cave. I wish I could show you," he says. "When Eomma and Oppa yelled at me I'd go up there and sleep and my little collection of shells is still there," he tells the Sailor. "But anyway, I needed to get away from there so I left and I was coming to you but I had a feeling that someone was following me. Eomma's a lot older now. It's strange to see her after so long. Said my father had died and that she came back for me. I told her she never really wanted me. And guess what, hyung?"

Yoongi hums in acknowledgment, looking down at Jimin who props himself up on his hands.

"I told her I'll never apologize for things I can't change,"

The Sailor doesn't even try to hold back his smile as he pulls Jimin close, and the Siren catches his lips in a soft and sweet kiss before he pulls away. "I told her something else too, hyung," Jimin says.

"I don't think anything can top that," Yoongi says as he brushes Jimin's loose hair away from his eyes.

"I told her I'm in love with you,"

Yoongi is silent for a moment before he says, "nevermind, I stand corrected," before he pulls Jimin close again, their lips slotting together in a slow, sweet and indulging kiss.

They lack to use tongue and stick to just holding each other close before Jimin pulls away to breathe, resting his forehead against Yoongi's.

"I don't regret telling her," he says.

"I'm glad you put her in her place," Yoongi tells him as he cards his fingers through Jimin's soft blue hair.

"Me too," the younger murmurs as he sinks back down to rest his cheek against Yoongi's chest.

There's a sense of relief in Jimin's chest as he smiles to himself, exhaling as his body sags in relaxation. He's glad he's got it out in the open. Of course, there's a lingering thought of when Yoongi will say it back, if he ever does, but decides it can wait for a little while longer. He guesses some people take longer to confess, but it doesn't stop him from thinking that it's a one-sided love, although he really couldn't be any more wrong.

"Taehyung came to me yesterday," Yoongi confesses, hands running through Jimin's hair again when he feels the Siren tense up.

"What did he want?" Jimin asks. He can feel the rage boiling up inside of him but firmly pushes it back down again.

"I don't know- it was really weird," Yoongi says. "Told me you were lying about everything and he called you weak and frail, but it wasn't in the context you think,"

Jimin furrows his eyebrows and props himself up to look at Yoongi.

"Said that you weren't 'able' to have a one night stand. I tried to tell him that isn't the case but he cut me off and said that if I wanted and I quote, 'a fun time' then I should come to him. He also said he'd come back at some point to see if I'd thought about it,"

Jimin is silent. There is no amount of words that anyone could say that can calm him down. His whole body shakes with the pure rage that fires through him.

"Jimin," Yoongi says softly.

But the younger just shakes him off and rolls off of Yoongi and onto the floor. Unable to walk, he proceeds to half crawl and half drag himself before Yoongi stands and pulls him back. Jimin thrashes in his arms, trying to get away without hurting Yoongi.


"I'm going to fucking kill him-" Jimin seethes as he snatches himself away from Yoongi's hold. He's quick, but not quick enough as Yoongi pulls him back again, arms wrapped around the Siren's waist to keep him there.

"Calm down, Petal, I'm here," Yoongi whispers, but Jimin doesn't even take it in, he's furious, can only see red. The blinding red anger that forces him forward.

"LET GO OF ME!" Jimin screams as he writhes and thrashes, trying with all his might to get away from Yoongi and find Taehyung.

"I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TO LET YOU FUCKING GO!" Yoongi argues, stunning Jimin to silence. The younger falls weakly against Yoongi's chest, panting with wide eyes.

"Say that again," Jimin says, much quieter and calmer this time.

"I love you. I love you, Jimin. Too much to let you go and do something stupid," Yoongi whispers into his ear, arms tight around his waist.

And it's like a sudden weight has been lifted from Jimin's shoulders. He knows he's not the only one now, he's not alone. Yoongi isn't Jung-Wong.

Yoongi loves him.

The suddenness of his tears shock Yoongi into pulling Jimin properly into his lap, a hand cradling his face with the other supporting him by the waist. Jimin laughs through his tears and leans into Yoongi's touch, tears freely spilling down his cheeks.

"You love me," he whispers. "You love me,"

"Of course I love you, you fucking idiot," Yoongi says. "Reckon I have done since I first met you,"

"Don't ruin it," Jimin mutters.

"Don't say this whole thing isn't cliche," Yoongi responds with a chuckle.

"Then stop being cliche," Jimin argues softly.

Yoongi leans in to brush their noses together. "You love it," Yoongi says.

"Yeah," Jimin says. "Yeah, I do,"

Yoongi chuckles and holds him closer, occasionally pressing soft kisses to Jimin's forehead. "Hyung," Jimin says after a long while. "'m tired,"

"Okay, Petal," Yoongi whispers against his warm skin as he picks the younger up and lays him down on the bed. Jimin weakly tries to grab Yoongi's hand, but instead, the Sailor takes it and kisses Jimin's small fingers, one by one. "I'll be out on the deck, get some sleep," the elder says, much to Jimin's protest.

Jimin whines softly but is soon falling asleep, eyes heavy. Yoongi smiles fondly and pulls the blanket up to cover him, pressing one last kiss to his forehead before he makes his way back up onto the deck.




















Taehyung ;


He waits impatiently by the Holy Halls, tracing back and forth as he waits for Lana. It's fairly soon after that he sees her coming closer, alone by all surprise. "Lana!" He greets her with an open hug, resisting the urge to strangle her right there on the spot.

"Taehyung, it's lovely to see you again. Should we go inside?" She asks sweetly.

"Yes," Taehyung says with a sharp nod. "Yes, I think that'll be best,"

And so, the two Sirens make their way inside, with Lana once again in awe of the ancient paintings and carved stone of Atlantis. With her back turned, Taehyung wastes no time in jumping on her and spinning the Siren around, pinning her petite body to the ground with a hand covering her mouth before he stuffs in cloth, stolen from a sunken ship that he would often explore with Jeongguk.

Lana screams, but her cries are worthless. Muffled by the fabric in her mouth.

"Keep your pretty mouth shut or I'll kill you right here," Taehyung snaps with a sharp slap to Lana's face. She lets out a distressed sound but then goes silent, wide eyes watching the elder in shock. "You really tried to steal Jeongguk from me," he says with a scoff. "How fucking stupid of you. Fucking royalty, think they can get whatever they fucking want," he says as he shakes his head.

"Jeongguk is mine. We were born to be together. But you- the fucking prissy pink fucking mermaid from South Side? You think you can waltz in here with your fucking bare chest out to try and woo my baby? My lover? My soul-mate ?!" He screeches.

He takes a deep breath and regains his composure, hands tightening around her neck. Lana weakly tries to shake her head, making soft noises of protest but is met with nothing but a cold and hard stare.

"I tried to make him see," Taehyung says. "Tried to make him stay. But he's convinced that being with you is the best thing. How fucking stupid is that?" He laughs, cackling into the open water, eyes wide and bloodshot. "But I got you now. I can demolish everything just by killing you. You're always in my fucking way. Have been for so many fucking years. But it's time we change that, yes? Time we exile you and your fucking family back to South Side. Except, you'll be leaving in a fucking body bag when I'm finished with you," Taehyung seethes.

"Taehyung! Lana!"

Taehyung sharply turns, catching sight of Jeongguk who floats in the entryway. "I saw you coming in here- what the fuck are you doing?!" He cries.

"Ah! Jeonggukie! I wanted you to see this," Taehyung laughs as he throws his head back.

Jeongguk powers towards Taehyung, only to be slammed against the marble pillars with a sickening crack by black magic. Jeongguk slips down the pillar to land on his side, weakly watching as Taehyung sweeps Lana from the ground to be pressed against his chest.

"I tried to get you to stay, Kook. I really did. It's a shame I have to do this to save our love," he says as he throws his head back, fangs sinking down before he slams them into Lana's neck, hearing the ear-deafening scream that escapes her. Jeongguk cries out, desperately trying to regain his strength to get to them, but by this point, it's just too late. Taehyung rips out a large chunk of Lana's neck with his teeth, spitting it away as Lana falls limp in his arms. Jeongguk cries out, a hand coming up only to fall back down again as his eyes squeezed shut from the pain.

Taehyung spins Lana's lifeless body around in the water, using his black claws to sink deep into her chest, ripping out her heart before he discards her body to the sand. He swims to Jeongguk who tries hard to scutter away from him, cowering as Taehyung holds out Lana's heart. "Proof of my love," Taehyung says.

"Lana !" The voice is deep and husky. Taehyung narrows his eyes and turns to see a man and a woman swim to the body that lays discarded on the ground. He places the heart gently down beside Jeongguk with a finger trailing his face, ignoring how the younger tries to pull away. "You !" The man yells.

"I'll be back for you, my love," Taehyung whispers before he darts out of there, just about avoiding the man who tries to grab his tail. He thanks his speed as he swims upwards, his strength making the glide effortless. He breaks the surface of the water to immediately greet Yoongi who leans against the edge of the ship, gazing out until he sees Taehyung.

"Jimin's asleep," Yoongi says quietly.

Taehyung doesn't even bother to see if he's on the rocks. "I'm not here for him," he says. "I'm here for you,"

"Me?" Yoongi asks curiously. Taehyung nods.

"We're being attacked. Jeongguk and Lana are down there and I haven't got enough energy to use magic," he says quickly.

"What? What can I do?!" Yoongi asks frantically, genuinely concerned for the Siren. If Taehyung weren't trying so hard to keep up his act, he would have laughed at the idiocy.

"You have a spear, no? I watched you use it before when I was seeing if Chim was okay- Can I use it?" Taehyung begs. Yoongi is quick to nod as he fetches his spear handing it down to Taehyung. The Siren grabs it and tugs Yoongi into the water with the Sailor letting out a scream. Taehyung slaps a hand over his mouth and tries to enchant him. For a moment, Yoongi stares back into his eyes, fully limp until he shakes his head and looks away, trying to get away from Taehyung. He manages to grip onto the ladder but is roughly pulled back by his tunic. Taehyung furiously spins Yoongi in the water and slashes his face with his long, black claws, emitting another cry from the elder. He grabs Yoongi's collar and attempts to drag him down.

"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" He hears someone scream before he's being torn away from Yoongi. Jimin comes into view, human legs trying hard to kick behind him. Taehyung practically cackles as he watches Jimin desperately try to keep himself afloat.

"You're fucking pathetic, Chim! Making yourself human ain't gonna get this sleazebag to love you. He only wants you for sex! Come back with me! We can be together, Chim, best friends, yeah?"

The words go through one ear and out the other as Jimin grabs fistfuls of Taehyung's bright red hair before he starts slamming his head against the side of the rock, screaming incoherent words as he furiously smacks his skull against the rock. Taehyung weakly tries to fight back, but it's practically useless against Jimin's unkept rage. The elder digs his fangs into Taehyung's neck, spitting away chunk after chunk until all that is left from the once screaming man is a huge hole in his neck and shoulder, revealing bone and fat underneath. Jimin grabs the spear and with some sort of inner strength, he darts down into the water, slamming the spear through Taehyung and into the hard ground underneath.



















Jimin ;


He leaves the man pierced through the rocky ground, slowly but surely managing to get back up to the surface, with help from Yoongi half way up. The Sailor pulls Jimin close, arms tight around the younger's trembling body.

Jimin cries then. His shoulders shake as he sobs, crying loudly into Yoongi's shoulder. His cries are ear piercing and distraught as he clings to Yoongi. "I'm- s-so sor-r-y-" He chokes out.

"Shh," Yoongi soothes him as he holds him closer. "I'm here, you're okay, you're safe," he says. His initial shock is forced to crack with the sudden need to care for Jimin, regardless of him just murdering Taehyung. He weakly pulls them both to the edge of the ship, carrying Jimin on his back as they get back up to the ship. Jimin won't let go, clinging even when Yoongi tries to sit him in the shade to dry off.

"Y-Yoon-g-i-" Jimin hiccups, choking on his sobs. Yoongi holds him close again, forgetting about their sopping wet clothes. Jimin sobs like his life depends on it and it takes a long time before he's able to calm down, his breathing ragged and jumpy as he occasionally hiccups through loose tears that slip down his swollen cheeks.

"I'm here, love, I'm here," Yoongi reminds him, a hand carding through his damp hair. Jimin cries again and clings to Yoongi, body trembling. "Baby, you're cold. Let's go and get you dressed, yeah?"

It takes a few more encouraging "I'm here,"'s to get Jimin to willingly hold onto Yoongi as he stands up, carrying the younger down into the hold. "Shh, baby, it's okay, it's all okay now," Yoongi whispers as he sets Jimin down onto the floor before he gently tugs off his wet clothes, discarding them into a damp pile beside them. Using a dry shirt, Yoongi dries off the water from Jimin's skin, pressing sweet kisses to his fingers. Jimin can't properly form a sentence, but Yoongi knows he appreciates him staying by Jimin's side. Once Jimin is dried off, Yoongi dresses him in a long tunic and plain white shorts that match before he quickly dries himself off and dresses in the same to carry Jimin into the small bed, laying down beside him and whispering sweet nothings in his ear. "I'm here," he says. "I'm here,"











It's a scream that wakes Jimin. He groggily opens his eyes and looks around, having to remind himself of where he is.

"Hyung?" He groans. "Hyung?" He repeats, managing to somewhat sit himself up. Yoongi is nowhere to be seen. Jimin narrows his eyes in thought and rolls off of the bed to land on the floor. He grunts and manages to half drag, half crawl along the ground, pulling himself up the stairs and onto the deck. Yoongi is absolutely nowhere, but he can hear the sound more clearly now. "Hyung?" He calls out again as he gets closer to the edge of the ship. Jimin reaches up and pulls himself to rest on it, eyes falling downwards.
Yoongi has four red and bleeding claw marks on his cheek, and Taehyung is trying to drag him down. That's all it takes.

"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" Jimin screams as he lunges himself into the water. He tears Taehyung away from Yoongi, trying hard to keep himself afloat with his human legs, although it proves a challenge. Taehyung laughs hard at the sight, but his words land on deaf ears. All Jimin can do is grab his red hair and slam his head over and over again on the rocks. His screams echo throughout him, but his anger fuels Jimin to finish the job. He pulls Taehyung away, head forced back by the fist in his hair as he lets his fangs sink down before he digs them deep into Taehyung, the younger's scream echoing throughout his whole body, making his shoulders and neck vibrate. Jimin digs out chunk after chunk, spitting away the disgusting flesh until all that's left is a limp body and a hole in his neck. But Jimin isn't finished there. He grabs the floating spear and charges down into the water, his anger fueling some sort of inner strength to zoom downwards, the spear going clean through Taehyung's stomach until it digs deep into the rocky terrain below. Taehyung lays still with his back to Jimin, head falling to the side with hardly any neck left to support it. He wriggles somewhat before he finally falls completely still. Jimin kicks his legs, trying hard to get back up to the surface. He weakly kicks, but mainly uses his arms to get back up, mentally thanking Yoongi who swims down halfway to pull Jimin to the top. The Sailor pulls Jimin into his arms as he cries, Taehyung's screams still ringing in his ears.









He awakes with a start, making Yoongi jump out of his own sleep. "Jimin-" He says quickly. "Baby, it's okay. I'm here with you, you're safe,"

The younger nods as he turns over to look at Yoongi, a scream escaping his parted lips. "Your cheek!" He cries. He must have been too distraught to once notice, but now that he's somewhat okay, he's able to look over Yoongi's wound.

"It's okay, Petal, I'm okay," Yoongi says calmly, a hand winding around Jimin's waist to pull the younger closer.

"This- It's not okay," Jimin says, voice wavering. He reaches up and ever so gently, and presses his lips against Yoongi's cheek, pulling back at the sound of a wince. Jimin pokes his tongue out and licks up the strip of each wound, holding tight onto Yoongi's arm when he shudders and winces in pain.

The younger then pulls back, hoping that he has the strength to heal his wounds. Sure enough, the close up almost instantly, leaving Yoongi with nothing but blood stains.

"You're okay now," Jimin says, feeling faint.

"Lay down," Yoongi orders softly.

"'m fine,"

"Lay down, Jimin,"

The younger dares to roll his eyes but lets Yoongi lay him back down again. "Thank you for doing that, but you weren't strong enough," Yoongi scolds him.

"I had to help," Jimin protests.

"Sleep, baby, please. You need rest,"

"But- the nightmares-" Jimin says as he sits up, only to be pushed back down by Yoongi.

"I'm right here, baby. I'm not leaving you, okay? I love you. So, so much. Try to dream about when we first met, yeah? It's my favorite day,"

Jimin lets out a watery giggle and snuggles into Yoongi's space. "I'll try, hyung," he murmurs as his eyes get heavy.





















Jimin + Yoongi ;


In the morning, Jimin lazily drags an arm across the side of the bed beside him, expecting to feel Yoongi laying close. He comes away with nothing, which instantly sets panic throughout him as he sits up way too fast that he's used to, making his head hurt. He can't help but let out a soft sound of distress as he looks around, relaxing as soon as he hears Yoongi run to him.

"I'm here," Yoongi says as he drops to his knees and cradles Jimin close to his chest, rocking them both from side to side. "I'm here," he repeats softly with a kiss pressed firmly against the side of Jimin's head. The younger grips onto Yoongi, as if the elder was going to disappear if he dared let go.

"I thought you left me," Jimin whispers, voice muffled by Yoongi's shirt.

"Not unless I can help it," Yoongi says back.

"I don't want you to leave me ever," Jimin tells the Sailor, feeling the inward shudder that racks through the elder's body.

"Don't think about it too much, yeah? We'll figure something out," Yoongi promises as he holds Jimin closer. The Siren doesn't pick up on it again but instead pulls away to see what Yoongi had brought. Jimin's slowly able to balance whilst sitting up, but it still proves a challenge. "Oh, I couldn't catch any fish on my own, so I got you some seaweed from the rocks and I managed to use my knife to get some mussels too. You should eat, keep your strength up,"

"Sorry about your spear," Jimin says quietly, head hanging low. He still doesn't know how to react about Taehyung, hopes that it won't ever catch up to him. After his mini-breakdown from before, he's fallen into a sense of numbness about it, although he tries not to think about it.

"Hey, hey," Yoongi says as he crawls back to Jimin, hands resting on his knees. "Don't you dare apologize, you saved our lives," he tells the younger, eyes warm and comforting. Jimin doesn't trust himself to answer, so he just nods. Yoongi gives him one last supportive smile before he kneels back down on the ground to fish out seaweed, handing it to the Siren. "Eat," he says.

"You're too good to me," Jimin mumbles as he rips away pieces of seaweed.

Yoongi just shakes his head and settles on the ground, head resting against the cupboards behind him and eyes up to avoid looking at Jimin, knowing he doesn't like to be watched when he's eating. They stay in a comfortable silence for a while, with Yoongi handing Jimin mussels and clumps of seaweed until the bucket is empty.

Jimin doesn't ask for more, although his stomach groans in protest, begging loudly for more food. The younger's face scrunches up in embarrassment and he wraps both arms around his stomach, avoiding Yoongi's amused gaze.

"I'll get you some more," Yoongi says as he stands up, retrieving his bucket.

"Don't leave me," Jimin says quickly, a hand reaching out for Yoongi's.

The Sailor freezes for a moment, looking at the pure fear in the Siren's eyes. Jimin's bottom lip quivers as his eyes search Yoongi for something that he isn't aware of. Without saying anything, he leans forward, bucket hooked over his elbow and picks Jimin up, letting the Siren wrap his weak legs around his waist as Yoongi carries him out onto the deck. He sits Jimin down on the wooden chair and lays his hands out to grip onto the edge of the ship. "Hold onto here and don't try to move without me. I'll be by the rocks, okay?" Yoongi says softly as he presses a warm and soft kiss to the side of Jimin's forehead. The Siren's hand slips around the back of Yoongi's neck for a moment, just holding him there before he lets go. His eyes are sad but he still forces himself to smile, insisting that he's okay. Yoongi doesn't seem sure, but goes anyway, knowing that Jimin needs more food to keep his strength up. He slips into the water easily enough and swims over to the rocks before he empties out the water to collect more seaweed. Inside his bucket is his knife, which he uses to peel off the mussels. If he were looking, he'd see Jimin leaning against the side of the ship, watching him with a small smile across his lips. If either of them paid any attention, they'd both see Jimin's Mother, lurking, watching. If either of them understood, they'd know she means no harm anymore. Would understand her shock to see a human caring for her son the way she never did. Thankfully, however, neither of them see her.

"Come off you fucking-" Yoongi curses under his breath as he peels a mussel from its rock, although it tries desperately to grip onto the surface.

"Now, now, Mr. Sailor," Jimin calls out. "No bad words,"

Yoongi scoffs and rolls his eyes, although a fond smile can't help itself but to creep up and show on his lips. He manages to peel off a whole group of mussels, going for laying across the rock instead of being in the freezing cold water. The sky is once again cloudy, with no strong sunlight breaking through, and Yoongi really does believe that the universe is on Jimin's side. He deserves it, after all.

The Sailor scrapes off clumps of seaweed before he abandons the bucket on top of the large rock, spotting a group of fish through the water.

Jimin, understanding what the Sailor is looking at, perks his head up and says, "be careful,"

Yoongi just nods and slowly sinks into the water, knife in hand. With the fish below him, they can't see Yoongi hovering above, and he manages to dart his knife out and spear two small fish on the blade before the rest flutter away beneath him. He breaks the surface of the water with a gasp for air and deposits his fish into the bucket, smiling triumphantly. Jimin weakly claps and smiles down at Yoongi. When the Sailor looks back up, he sees how pale Jimin is, and how weak and slow his movements have become.

"Are you okay?" Yoongi asks worriedly.

Jimin just nods and waves his hand. "'m just hungry and tired," Jimin says. "I'll tell you when the magic starts to wear off,"

Yoongi nods, although he hasn't really got a choice but to trust the Siren, knowing how stubborn he is. Besides, he shouldn't be in the water in human form, he's much too weak without the strength of his tail and he has a higher chance of getting attacked. So, Yoongi swims back over, trying not to collect water in his bucket as he hooks it over his elbow and pulls himself back up onto the deck. He already has clothes drying over the edge of the ship, so leaves the bucket with Jimin to eat the contents whilst he changes from wet clothes into dry ones, rolling his eyes at Jimin's low wolf whistle, although it doesn't have the same effect when he has his mouth stuffed with fish.

The Sailor turns to lean against the side of the ship, elbows supporting him as he bathes in the little daylight they have at the moment. He hopes for some sunlight, knowing that Jimin secretly loves to be in the light, even if he's only allowed to do so for a little while.

"Hyung?" Jimin speaks up after a little while. Yoongi hums in acknowledgment. "What did you want to be when you grew up?"

It was a strange question, but Yoongi's used to Jimin spurting out demands to know this or that by now, so he takes the question in stride. "I wanted to be an explorer," he says. "I guess you could say I'm kinda doing that now. But I wouldn't have had this chance if it wasn't for my dad,"

"I'm glad you got to do this," Jimin says quietly.

"Me too," Yoongi tells him. "I planned it all out too. Eomma got me these really cool markers and I tried so hard to be careful and make a huge map of where I wanted to go," Yoongi says with a laugh. "I remember my older brother taking them and ruining the whole set, I think I cried for at least a week,"

Jimin giggles softly, eyes warm as he watches Yoongi remember his childhood.

"I also wanted to impress this girl when I was younger. We both went to the same school, I was maybe- eight or nine when I met her I think. Thought she was everything. I remember I cut out a paper heart and I tried to sneak it into her school bag, she caught me and said she didn't like me,"

"She's insane," Jimin mutters.

"We were only kids," Yoongi says in defense. "I remember how I believed I'd die of heartbreak," the elder chuckles. "That happened a few times in my teenage years too,"
"How many people have you crushed on?" Jimin asks. His voice sounds somewhat sour, although there's a cover in there that says he doesn't want Yoongi to catch onto it. The elder promptly ignores the tone and answers his question.

"Only a couple. I've only dated two people up until now. Three if you count my crush in nursery," Yoongi thinks back with an amused smile. "The first was actually a boy, he let me share his coloring pencils and that was it, really. I was smitten with him. Eomma used to arrange playdates and everything," the Sailor smiles. "Second was a sort of serious relationship in highschool. But it was around the time when I was trying to figure out who I was, y'know? I reckon she was only in it for the experience, whereas I was trying to figure out if I actually liked her or not. Turned out neither of us actually liked each other and we mutually broke it off. I think it went on for five months before it ended,"

"What about your last one?" Jimin asks.

"The love of my life, I used to call him," Yoongi murmurs. "Turns out he was just a cheat. We were together since I graduated up until I was twenty-one. I think it was love, sometimes. But then sometimes I don't know. I guess when someone hurts you like that, you begin to question if you actually ever loved them in the first place," Yoongi thinks back. "We were that type of cliche couple and I had that fantasy that most have of marrying someone and settling down with a family of your own. I guess I stopped thinking that it'd ever happen to me when he came out, saying he'd been cheating for a good few months and that he just didn't love me anymore. I don't think I've experienced pain like that before,"

Jimin is quiet, but reaches out to hold Yoongi's hand in his. He understands pain like that. Knows how it feels to be used. And even though Yoongi smiles warmly and tells him that he's over it, Jimin only holds his hand tighter, wishing that no one will hurt him ever again. Yoongi rests his other hand over Jimin's and squeezes it tightly, letting Jimin know that he really is okay.

"Humans seem to hurt others a lot," Jimin says after a moment of brief silence. "It's like an ongoing pattern,"

Yoongi hums. "I guess it is,"

A pained look flashes across Jimin's face as he purses his lips. His eyes are focused down on their hands that lay on the table, firmly locked together. "Your world seems to rely on pain and love to work," he says.

"How so?"

Jimin is quiet for a moment before he speaks up again. "The world above seems to take death in stride. Makes the world go round. If you think about it, you need hate and love hand in hand to work together. Death stops overpopulation, whereas love creates it. If you had neither, you would have no world, no life. The Earth relies on it, you rely on it. But at the same time, it's become a norm to hate and to love. Death, is a norm,"

Yoongi remains silent, brewing over Jimin's words. The pained look across the younger's face doesn't disperse, but instead grows more firm. The Sailor hasn't got words to offer him, so he stays quiet, eyes studying his expression. Jimin's eyes are clouded over and his lips go from pursed to pressed into a flat line, as if he is attempting not to cry and to hold back his tears. Yoongi doesn't know how to respond to it, because everything Jimin has said, is true.

"I'd like to imagine a world without hate and death, but what kind of world would that be?" Yoongi finally manages to ask, not satisfied with his answer, but going with it anyway.

"A peaceful one," Jimin answers without so much as a glance at Yoongi.

"It would never work," Yoongi supplies.

"Because death and hate is a norm," Jimin says.

"Not so much that," Yoongi tells the younger. "But because there will always be someone who is out for blood. You can never have a perfect person, someone will always hate something or someone. They'd be lying if they said there's nothing or anyone that they hate,"

"Hate is a strong word," Jimin murmurs. He's playing with Yoongi's fingers, although his shoulders are tense and his words are sharp. He's so far from relaxed. Yoongi knows that if he were in Siren form right now, he'd have his tail protectively wrapped around him, shielding him from what he doesn't want to hear. "Do you hate things, Mr. Sailor?" Jimin questions.

Yoongi looks over the man in front of him for a moment, eyes glancing from how Jimin's hair falls into his eyes, to where his smaller hands play with Yoongi's much larger ones, able to engulf the Siren's tiny digits. "Sometimes," Yoongi offers.

Jimin halts his movements for a minute but he still doesn't look up. "What do you hate?" He asks quietly.

The Sailor's head falls to the side at the question. There are many things one could claim to hate, yet it could just be a dislike to something or someone. Hate, as Jimin had said, is a strong word, yet is used so carelessly when we may not really mean it. "I hate when you cry," Yoongi supplies.

"Hate or just strongly dislike?" Jimin asks him.

"Are you reading my thoughts?" Yoongi wonders aloud. This time, Jimin does look up. And for some unknown reason, he is crying. Although the tears haven't yet managed to break past and fall just yet, as Jimin is trying so hard to keep them at bay. The Sailor doesn't move but takes in Jimin. His beauty, even when he's the picture of sadness. He's doll-like, Yoongi thinks. Jimin looks back at him with a watery gaze, looking confused to Yoongi's question.

"I was just thinking how- How the word hate is so carelessly used," Yoongi says. Finally, a tear falls past, but neither of them makes a move to wipe it away, so they just sit and let it roll down Jimin's cheek and into his lap, where it seeps into his clothes. Others follow, but at a slower pace, and Jimin finally goes to wipe away any trace, but Yoongi reaches out and gently stops him, a slender hand around Jimin's thin wrist. The Siren looks at him silently, in question of his movements. "Let yourself cry," Yoongi says. "You need to,"

If Jimin is shocked, he doesn't show it. Instead, he drops his wrist onto the table and lets the tears flow at their own pace, painting Jimin's cheeks with watery glides, creating tearmarks as they leave, dropping down into Jimin's lap.

"I thought you hate when I cry," Jimin says quietly, voice thick.

"I do," Yoongi tells him.

Jimin just looks at him this time, a look of question across his face, but he doesn't pick up on Yoongi's words, hopefully silently understanding them as he lets his eyes fall, hands folded in his lap, no longer playing with Yoongi's. And Yoongi would be lying if he said he didn't miss the warmth.

The off-white bucket sits beside them, abandoned on the table. Yoongi only just remembers it and tips the contents out onto the table. Jimin watches him without a word as Yoongi takes a mussel and holds it out to Jimin. The Siren looks from the shell to Yoongi before he cautiously leans forward and sucks the creature from the shell, fangs slipping downwards without his consent. Yoongi drops the empty shells into the bucket as he feeds Jimin, one by one until each shell is empty. He then pushes the seaweed to Jimin, telling him to eat.

"I have a surprise for you," Yoongi says. "Stay here and eat this for me,"

Jimin opens his mouth to protest, but is hushed by Yoongi's finger against Jimin's lips. "I'll be really quick, I promise,"

To this, Jimin nods and watches as Yoongi skips down the steps into the hold, taking the doorway to underneath the large ship where barrels are kept. On the way down, he retrieves bottles that he had before filled with fresh water from the tanks and collects his oil paint set that he hadn't had the chance to use yet, seeming as he had mainly been drawing with pencil and charcoal. He then runs back up, greeting Jimin with a warm smile. The younger eagerly leans forward, gripping onto the table for support, face intruiged to what Yoongi had brought him.

"Water," Yoongi says as he places a bottle in front of Jimin. The Siren looks at it, confused.

"What it it?" Jimin asks as he pokes the bottle, jumping as it falls over.

"You've never seen a bottle before?" Yoongi asks as he picks it up, twisting off the cap for Jimin to drink from it. "Hold it here," he says as he gently pushes the bottle entrance to Jimin's plump lips. "Tip your head back," he then instructs. "And drink,"

Jimin clumsily spills water down his front and brings the bottle away, looking down at himself with an upset expression.

"Don't worry, Petal," Yoongi tells him. "Try again,"

Jimin picks up the bottle again, holding it in both hands as he lifts it, managing to drink the water before he puts the bottle back down, marvelling at it.

"That's amazing," he says. "This thing holds water? Like a jar?"

Yoongi nods with a fond smile. "I'm surprised you've never seen one before,"

"Pirates and Sailors normally drink from these strangely shaped things. They never told me what it was though so I just thought it was a wierd jar," Jimin tells him.

"We use these back on the mainland, it's easier to drink water from them," Yoongi explains, watching as Jimin glugs down more water.

The Siren wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, taking deep breaths after drinking so quickly. "I've never had this water before, it tastes so good," Jimin says breathlessly as he goes to drink more.

"Slow down, Petal, you'll give yourself hiccups," Yoongi warns him.

"Wh-at?" Jimin asks, a hiccup breaking through. He drops the bottle, managing to spill the water across the deck as his hands fly to cover his mouth. "Did I m-ake that noi-se?" He asks, jumping each time a hiccup comes up through his throat.

Yoongi chuckles and nods. "I told you not to drink too fast," he says. "It's okay, you're fine. They'll go away soon,"

Jimin nods, jumping again as a violent hiccup comes through. "Wha-t is that?" He asks, shocking himself at another break of air.

"Oil paints," Yoongi tells him. "Take deep breaths," the Sailor tells him, smiling in amusement. Jimin scowls at him, cheeks pink as he begins to take deep breaths, hiccups occasionally making their way through. Yoongi waits until Jimin has his eyes closed, focused on his breathing before he screams a loud BOO that makes Jimin shriek loudly and jump out of his seat, falling over onto the deck.

"What the fuck was that for ?!" He yells as he rubs his head.

Yoongi chuckles and bends down beside the Siren to help him up, but Jimin just pulls him down instead, making the Sailor crash on top of Jimin. The younger giggles and presses a soft kiss to Yoongi's lips. "I'm still mad at you by the way," he says firmly with a little nod to confirm it to himself.

"Are your hiccups gone?" Yoongi asks knowingly.

Jimin falls silent, eyes facing downwards as he waits for another break of air, but nothing comes.

"You can thank me now," Yoongi says smugly.

"Why the fuck would I thank you for?!" Jimin complains. "You scared me and I fell off of my chair!"

"If you scare someone, it's meant to get rid of hiccups," Yoongi explains to him, brushing away loose hair from Jimin's eyes.

"Humans are weird," Jimin says, letting Yoongi pull him up. With only one chair, Jimin takes it and leans with his back against the edge of the ship to support himself whilst Yoongi opens each tube of oil paint, handing Jimin a paintbrush. "This is a brush, right?" Jimin asks. Yoongi nods with a soft hum. The elder squirts out little pea-sized balls of paint onto the table, uncaring of it painting the surface, and takes the mussel shells, spreading them across the table. Jimin puts the rest of the seaweed back into the bucket, eagerly holding the paintbrush in his hand. "Are we gonna paint, Hyung?" Jimin asks, eyes wide and filled with some sort of childlike wonder.

"We're gonna try, Petal," Yoongi says. He's not familiar with painting shells but wants to try and entertain Jimin. He feels it's going to be worth it judging just by his excitement over just seeing paint up close. Jimin experimentally pokes a blob of yellow paint, looking at it in awe. He holds his hand out to show Yoongi, looking a mix of excitement and confusion. "Try putting it on the shell, baby," Yoongi tells him, watching how Jimin brushes the paint from his finger and onto one of the shells, bouncing in excitement with a huge grin across his face. He then takes his brush and dips it in each color, one at a time until he's created strips of color across the shell.

"'s pretty," Jimin says to himself, although he looks to Yoongi for acceptance.

Yoongi nods. "It's beautiful," he says, eyes shining as Jimin smiles widely at him, kicking his legs. Yoongi takes a shell and paints a tiny sized portrait of Jimin, his tongue sticking out as he focuses on the small details, trying to make it look as good as it can be on such a tiny canvas. Jimin stops what he's doing to look over in wonder, lips parted in shock as he watches Yoongi paint Jimin's face onto the shell. Yoongi glances up. "What?" Yoongi asks.

"Nothing," Jimin murmurs softly as he looks back down, taking another shell. This time he paints it all blue, adding puffy white clouds. He presses his lips firmly together in concentration, ankles locked and thighs pressed as close as they can be. His whole body remains tense as he tries hard to add in shadows and seagulls. Yoongi smiles to himself and sets his shell out to dry, taking another to paint a pirate ship, much like his own, with huge white flags, shadowed in grey with the portholes and the crashing blue waves beneath it. Jimin, not being able to see things on the mainland, paints things he knows of, like starfish and brightly scaled creatures. He paints something that looks like a Colosseum, that catches Yoongi's eye.

"What's that, Petal?" Yoongi asks.

"The Holy Halls," Jimin responds as if that were meant to quench Yoongi's burning curiosity.

"The what?"

"The Holy Halls," Jimin repeats. He narrows his eyes at the shell as he paints small shadows, not offering Yoongi any information on what that actually is. It's not until the Siren glances up and sighs. "It's where the marriage ceremonies take place," he says. "Jeongguk was going to marry Lana there,"

"Was?" Yoongi asks.

Jimin nods with a small shrug. "My guess is that Taehyung killed her,"

Yoongi mouths a silent, "oh," before he falls silent, letting Jimin continue with his shell. He decides to take another and paint the word, 'petal', onto it, with falling cherry blossoms falling around the letters, once he's finished, he lays it out to dry as the sun begins to break through the clouds. It must be late afternoon by now, but the day is only just warming up. Jimin raises his head to the sky, eyes closed with a small smile on his lips, a soft purring noise escaping his throat. Yoongi thinks he'd be better off as a cat rather than a Siren. He's curious, loves the sun, and is mischievous, so a perfect cat. Yoongi thinks that Jimin would look rather cute with cat ears and a tail. He smiles at the thought.

"Tell me when you start to get too hot," Yoongi tells the younger softly, earning a nod and a soft hum in response.

Jimin looks back down at the unpainted shells, chewing his lip. "I don't know what to paint," he says in defeat, sagging in his chair.

Yoongi thinks for a moment. "What do you love most?"

"You," Jimin says in a heartbeat.

Yoongi smiles. "Cute, but I don't think you could fit my ugly face on a shell,"

Jimin scowls. "Don't call yourself that,"

Yoongi just shrugs and watches Jimin pick up a shell, his eyes occasionally glancing up at Yoongi. The Sailor stays as still as he can, resting his chin on top of his hand as he watches Jimin with a faint smile, feeling warm from the inside out. The sun shines down on his back, but it's not hot enough to make his skin burn. Jimin takes small breaks to look up at the sky, closing his eyes as he bathes in the sun. Yep, Yoongi thinks, definitely a perfect cat.

"What are you thinking about?" Jimin asks as he looks up at Yoongi again. He has the shell close to his face, paintbrush posed inbetween his fingers. He looks just how an artist would.

"You being a cat," Yoongi responds.

"A what?"

"A cat,"

"I don't know what that is," Jimin tells him.

"You've never seen a cat?" Yoongi asks.

"If it's not an ocean creature, then chances are I've never seen one,"

"What about a dog?" Yoongi questions.

"You sound insane," Jimin tells him with a shake of his head.

"A cat is a small fluffy creature that has ears,"

"You have ears and you're fluffy, does that make you a cat?" Jimin asks him.

Yoongi smiles and makes a soft sound of amusement. He slides his notebook along the table and opens it, taking the pencil out from inbetween the pages. Jimin lowers the shell and watches Yoongi as he sketches out a small creature with four legs and pointy ears on top of his head. He quickly shadows it and adds hair to the animal before he turns it and looks up expectantly.

"It has four legs," Jimin points out.

Yoongi nods.

"It's strange," the younger offers as he tilts his head to the side. "Is that a good creature or a bad one?"

"A good one. If I could, I'd show you all the animals,"

"You can draw them for me," Jimin says, voice sad although he still smiles.

"I'll rub the paper in wax, it'll make it waterproof so that you can take them with you,"

"Will they even last?" Jimin asks him curiously as he lifts his shell again to continue painting.

Yoongi shrugs. "Hopefully. If not, I'll just keep drawing them for you,"

"You're sweet," Jimin tells the Sailor.

"Is that why you call me Sugar sometimes?" Yoongi questions fondly.

Jimin nods. "Sometimes,"

They fall silent after that, with Yoongi just watching Jimin paint until the Siren finally shows him, holding the shell as if it's made of glass. It's a lot better than Yoongi had expected, way better in fact. His mouth falls open as he stares at it. For someone who's never drawn anything in their life, or at least he assumes, Jimin has raw talent.

"What? Is it bad?" Jimin asks quickly, face falling.

Yoongi shakes his head violently. "No, no, no, god no, Petal-" He says quickly. "It's amazing-"

"It is?"

The Sailor nods, staring down at the shell. "Do you want to try drawing on paper?" He asks, already sliding his book over to Jimin, letting him hold the pencil. The Siren seems reluctant at first, but takes the pencil and experimentally draws lines to see how the lead creates thick or line lines. He hums to himself and moves to a clean page, eyes flicking up to Yoongi as he sketches out the elder's face. Of course, there are mistakes, but Jimin has a talent. An amazing one.

They stay like that for quite a while, with Yoongi marveling the younger's talent and Jimin focused on the drawing. It's not until the sky begins to darken that Jimin drops the pencil and turns the book, watching with a worried expression as Yoongi stares down at it. He's drawn Yoongi's face with such accuracy that it makes Yoongi's head hurt. How someone who lives in the water without access to art materials could even do this, is beyond him.

"I used to carve stone as a child," Jimin says out of nowhere. "I used Tae as a model and I'd carve his face into the caves," he tells Yoongi.

"It's amazing, Petal. You're amazing,"

"Stoppp," Jimin whines as he covers his face, although his small hands can't cover his wide smile.

"You're amazing, you're amazing, you're amazing," Yoongi says as he kneels in front of Jimin, cupping his face. Jimin drops his hands and tries to look away, cheeks pink. "Amazing, wonderful, stunning, strong, beautiful, mine ,"

"Yours?" Jimin echoes, eyes wide and hopeful.

"Mine," Yoongi says firmly. "My baby, my Siren, my Jimin,"

Jimin bites his lip as he looks at Yoongi. He seems shy for a moment before he daringly leans forward and presses a kiss to the side of Yoongi's lips. He pulls back slightly before going back in, kissing Yoongi full on the lips. The Sailor reels Jimin in, gently pulling him from the chair and onto the ground so that Yoongi lays on his back and Jimin lays across him, arms propping up his petite body as he looks down at Yoongi. They kiss again, Jimin running his tongue along Yoongi's bottom lip and Yoongi taking the opportunity to invade the Siren's open mouth. Jimin lets out a soft sound of surprise as he sinks into Yoongi's touch, hands propped up on Yoongi's chest whereas Yoongi's sit on Jimin's hips, supporting him so that he doesn't fall. "Mine," Yoongi repeats softly as he kisses Jimin again.

"Yours," Jimin says in confirmation, kissing Yoongi back, harder this time. Yoongi welcomes it, turning their once soft and controlled make out session to a sloppy one. The elder slides his hands up Jimin's back, pushing up his tunic to run his fingers across Jimin's warm and tanned back. It arches at the touch, making their crotches grind together. Yoongi pulls away to suck in a sharp intake of breath and Jimin makes a soft sound, head falling into the crook of Yoongi's neck. He takes to kissing and sucking at Yoongi's neck, leaving marks to bloom across his pretty pale skin. "Hyung," he whispers into Yoongi's ear. Yoongi physically pulls away from the touch of his warm breath, groaning. When the elder doesn't ask, Jimin experimentally grinds himself into Yoongi again, a low noise escaping his throat. "I've never felt like this before," he says quietly. The words only make Yoongi groan again, head falling back as his eyes squeeze shut, exposing his neck for Jimin to kiss and suckle at. "Show me more, hyung," he requests.

"Jimin-" Yoongi gravels out. "You have to be sure,"

"I am sure," Jimin insists. His voice is clear, demanding, but Yoongi can't help but feel an underlying fear. "Don't take what happened to me as an excuse to treat me like a doll,"

he adds as he nibbles on Yoongi's earlobe, gently tugging it away with his teeth before he lets go.

"It's not an excuse," Yoongi says as he looks up at Jimin. "I'm terrified of hurting you,"

"I trust you, hyung," Jimin says. "I want you to trust me too,"

"I do trust you," Yoongi argues.

"No you don't," Jimin points out. "You don't trust that I'm sure,"

Yoongi sits up from underneath Jimin and gently cups his face. "I trust you with my life. Forgive me for being insistent. I'd hate myself if I ever hurt you, Jimin. You mean too much to me to throw you away as a sex object. That's not why I love you. I want you to know that,"

"I do know that," Jimin says, and for once, he feels that he's telling the truth. He knows that Yoongi loves him. Wants him. Trusts him.

"I love you regardless of what we do. I love watching you smile. I love watching you talk about things you like. I love hearing your witty comments and I love hearing your laugh. I love you, Jimin. You. Only you,"

Jimin smiles warmly and brightly as he gently brushes their knows together.

"Tell me you know that," Yoongi demands.

"I know,"

That's all it takes for Yoongi to sweep Jimin off of his feet, carrying him bridal style into the hold. He sits Jimin onto the bed and lays down beside him, pulling Jimin to his chest, just holding him there.

"This isn't what I expected you to do," Jimin mumbles.

Yoongi knows this, but he can't help but hear what Jimin wants to do. "Oh?" Yoongi says. "Well then, you'll just have to tell me what you wanted,"
He can't see, but he knows Jimin is scowling.

"I hate you," Jimin mutters.

"Can't hate a man for not knowing what you're talking about," Yoongi says.

"I want-" Jimin cuts himself off as he shifts. "I want to know what's happening to me,"

Yoongi can feel Jimin's erection each time he moves, but he fails to mention it. Instead, he says, "what do you want to do, Jimin? What do you want me to do?"

"Touch me," Jimin says quietly, suddenly embarrassed. It's a major personality shock for Yoongi, always knowing how forward Jimin had once been, but now that it's close to actually happening, Jimin is more quiet and unsure. It seems that his confident words are nothing but that, words.

"Where, Petal?" Yoongi asks, keeping up his clueless act, just to annoy the Siren.

Jimin scowls again and sits up, straddling Yoongi. He clamps his thighs around Yoongi's waist to keep himself up as he takes Yoongi's hands and rests them on his hips. He seems unsure of where he wants Yoongi's hands to be, but the elder just watches and lets him experiment as he places Yoongi's hands in different places from his hips, chest, and thighs. He settles on his thighs, letting Yoongi spread out his fingers to gently grip the muscle.

"What else do you want?" Yoongi questions.

Jimin looks up at him, lips slightly parted. "I don't know," he says, "I don't know what's happening to me,"

"What do you feel?" Yoongi asks.

"Hot," Jimin responds. "Really, really warm. And- something here," he says as he points to his stomach and then to the tent in his briefs, barely hidden by his long tunic. "My skin itches, like I need you to keep touching me and- my head feels really light,"

"You're turned on, Petal," Yoongi tells the younger.

"I don't know what that means," Jimin says quietly. "I've never done anything with another Siren before. And I never had it with-" He cuts himself off, face drooping. Yoongi reaches up and pulls Jimin down to lay across his chest. He runs his fingers through Jimin's hair to calm the Siren.

"What he did wasn't going to make you feel like this," Yoongi tells him. "What he did to you is called rape, and it's a disgusting and awful thing that unfortunately happens to a lot of people. Rape isn't sex, Jimin. I promise that when you find the right person, they'll make you feel things you've never felt before,"

"Are you that person?" Jimin asks.

"Maybe," Yoongi replies.

"Can you make me feel good?" The younger requests as he sits up, hands resting on Yoongi's chest.

"If you want me to," the elder responds, watching Jimin's face for any sign of discomfort.

"I do," Jimin says quickly. "You make me feel like I need something. But other times- you're really caring to me. You always ask if I'm okay and you make sure I've eaten. But right now is different. I feel like I need you,"

Yoongi nods. "I understand that, Petal,"

Jimin takes Yoongi's hands again and places them back on his hips. "I don't know what I want you to do," he offers quietly, seeming embarrassed.

"Look at me," Yoongi softly demands. Jimin's eyes immediately flicker to Yoongi's. "Baby steps, okay?"

Jimin nods and lets Yoongi flip them over, supporting Jimin's head as he gently lays it down on the pillows. Yoongi spreads Jimin's legs to settle inbetween them, just taking a moment to rub his hands up and down the younger's chest, occasionally pushing up his tunic to feel the warm skin underneath. Jimin keeps his eyes on Yoongi, lips barely parted. He doesn't look scared, more nervous than anything. "Okay?" Yoongi asks softly, eyes meeting Jimin's. The younger nods. "Use your words, baby," he says.

"I'm okay," Jimin says, voice hoarse, quiet.

"Tell me if you want to stop," Yoongi says as he gently sits Jimin up to pull away his tunic. Jimin, being used to being shirtless, lays back comfortably, hands posed above his head, fists unclenched and relaxed as he looks at Yoongi with a ghost of a smile on his lips. Yoongi runs his fingers down Jimin's sides, chuckling as the younger softly squeals and edges his body away. He moves his hands up to gently flick at Jimin's pink buds, watching with a flicker of amusement as the younger gasps, eyes rolling down to watch Yoongi's fingers before the elder's hands slip away and up to brush his thumbs against Jimin's neck before his fingers gently clasp Jimin's, momentarily locking them before he slides his palms back down Jimin's sides, curving at his petite hips where they sit on the waist band of his black briefs. "Okay?" He asks again.


"I'm okay, hyung," Jimin says softly.

Yoongi nods and runs his hands down Jimin's thighs, squeezing gently at the firm muscle. He lightly scratches along the skin, listening to how Jimin's calm breathing suddenly hitches, hips twitching to grind upwards into the air, yet he remains in control and forces himself to stay still. Yoongi runs his hands over Jimin's knees and down to his feets, leaning back to get to his toes before he makes his way up again, underneath this time, fingers gliding under his kneecaps and across the tanned skin of his thighs, rolling over Jimin's ass to pull him closer, Jimin's hips sitting over Yoongi's lap to lift the younger from the bed. Yoongi waits until his fingers are hooked into the waistband of Jimin's briefs before he asks again. "Okay?"

Jimin nods and utters a soft, "I trust you, hyung. I'm okay,"

The elder nods and gently tugs the briefs down, eyes locked on Jimin's face, looking for any sign of discomfort, but the younger just smiles back at him, lifting his hips to let Yoongi pull them off easier. He shifts backward, pulling the briefs down his legs and past his feet, being discarded to the floor as Yoongi settles between his thighs.


Yoongi halts immediately, hands pulling away from Jimin as he watches the younger. Jimin isn't looking at him but instead stares upwards at the wooden ceiling. He looks a mix of relaxed and tense, but Yoongi doesn't take any chances and avoids touching him. Jimin takes a few, deep, shuddery breaths before he nods to himself. Yoongi remains silent and studies him, fully considering stopping. He goes to find Jimin's tunic but is pulled back by Jimin's hand on his wrist. His eyes are loving and warm as they look up at the elder, a small smile playing on his lips. "I'm okay," Jimin says.

"No, you're not," Yoongi tells him.

"I am, you just don't believe me,"

"No, I don't," Yoongi murmurs, movements halted so that he's half off and half on of the thin mattress. Jimin keeps a tight hold on his wrist, keeping Yoongi close. The younger sits up fully, his other hand finding Yoongi's. The Sailor holds Jimin's hands in his, turning to face him properly with his foot on the ground, propping him up as his other stays bent underneath him.

"I promise I wasn't thinking about him," Jimin says quietly, bringing a hand up to cup Yoongi's cheek and the elder immediately leans into the touch. "I just had a realization and it shocked me a little. But I'm okay,"

"A realization?" Yoongi asks.

Jimin smiles softly and nods. "I know you're not all the same. I know you really do love me,"

"I hope you believe that," Yoongi tells the Siren.

"I do," Jimin whispers. "I really, really do,"

Yoongi's breath catches in his throat, tears burning his eyes as he slowly leans in and catches Jimin's lips with his, gently laying him down with a hand supporting the back of his head, touches soft, gentle.

Jimin lays bare in front of him, pretty cock sitting heavy on his stomach and flushed pink at the tip. Yoongi, however, completely avoids it and continues to run his fingers across Jimin's skin, watching how the younger slowly grows more and more impatient, even attempting to lift his hips to entice Yoongi into touching him. Yoongi often looks up at Jimin, always looking for a sign that the younger wants to stop, but always comes away with a soft smile that reaches his eyes.

"Hyung," Jimin eventually says. "Please,"

It's then that Yoongi finally brushes his fingers up Jimin's length, smiling as the younger's breathing roughly hitches in his throat. Jimin presses his lips together into a firm line, stopping any sounds from escaping.

"Let me hear you, Petal," Yoongi softly requests. Jimin looks up at him, but lets his lips part so that he can breathe heavily, soft whines falling past as Yoongi brushes his thumb over Jimin's tip. The younger whines and turns his head away, eyes falling shut as Yoongi then wraps a hand around the younger's length, gently pumping him a few times before he pulls away, letting Jimin's breathing return to normal. "Still okay?" Yoongi asks.

"Yeah-" Jimin chokes out. "It's all just really new and intense,"

"Breathe, baby," Yoongi tells him. Jimin just nods as his chest rises and falls in a quick rhythm.

Taking into account just how intense soft touches are for Jimin, Yoongi goes slower, gently pumping Jimin in an extra slow rhythm, letting the younger get used to it until he's pushing his hips up into Yoongi's hand, an arm across his face as he whines out, whispering for more. He groans as Yoongi presses his thumb into Jimin's slit, head falling back to expose his neck. Yoongi leans down and kisses his adam's apple, feeling how Jimin swallows roughly.

"More," Jimin swallows, lips parted as he pants.

Yoongi begins to speed up his hand, making sure to find a pace that isn't too rough and intense for Jimin to handle, but settling for one that satisfies him. The younger whines loudly, mewling as he shifts and wriggles around. He can't keep himself still as he throws his head back, soft noises escaping his throat. He chokes on his moans, keeping his eyes squeezed shut. Yoongi shifts down Jimin's body, moving his hands away to keep his hips still as he takes Jimin's tip into his mouth, gently sucking. The new sensation has Jimin positively screaming as he writhes around, wrapping his legs tightly around Yoongi as best as he can to keep him there.

"Ohmygod-" Jimin chokes out as Yoongi sucks Jimin in, inch by inch until he reaches the base, tongue swirling around his length with his hands rubbing circles into Jimin's hips, keeping them down so as not to suddenly choke Yoongi if he were to thrust up into his mouth. "Hyung-" He cries, already spilling come into Yoongi's mouth. The elder swallows around him, taking each load in stride as he swallows it down, his tongue working Jimin through his orgasm before he pulls off, pressing soft kisses onto his lower belly before he looks up at Jimin.

"Are you okay?" Yoongi asks quickly. Jimin breathlessly nods, panting.

"What was- that-" Jimin chokes out, trying hard to breathe.

"An orgasm. Your first one I'm assuming," Yoongi tells him.

Jimin waits until he's calmed down enough to talk before he tells Yoongi once again that he really hasn't ever had sex before. "Is it supposed to be that intense?" He asks, eyes wide as he stares up at Yoongi.

The elder chuckles. "For your first time, yes, usually,"

The younger just about manages to nod as he swallows around his breathing, chest quickly rising and falling as he pants.

"Want more-" Jimin begs as he chokes out a pant. "More, hyung-"

"Already?" Yoongi asks, marveling at how quickly Jimin becomes hard again, hips weakly pushing up.

"Want you-" Jimin says as he reaches up for Yoongi, pulling him down to hold the elder close.

"Take a minute to breathe, Petal," Yoongi tells him.

"Please," Jimin whines. "Please, hyung, I need more,"

Yoongi stays still for a moment, letting Jimin calm his breathing before he pulls away to stand up, although Jimin does protest. Yoongi fishes around for the unscented oil that he keeps beside his soap bag and brings it back, kneeling inbetween Jimin's thighs.

"What's that for?" Jimin asks.

"To prep you," Yoongi responds as he glances up at the Siren. Jimin looks back with an expression of pure confusion across his face. "You've never been prepped," Yoongi notes, voice low and full of realization. Jimin thankfully doesn't notice this as he still doesn't know what it means to even be prepped, but Yoongi knows. And he can't help but feel a surge of rage shoot through him. He's thankful that the pirate is long dead by now, hopefully rotting in the depths of hell for what he did to Yoongi's baby. "Prep opens you up properly, makes it hurt less," he explains, watching how the realization sets in on Jimin's face.

"Oh," the younger echoes quietly, eyes falling away.

"Do you want me to stop?" Yoongi asks.

Jimin shakes his head. "I want you to keep going," he says.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure,"

Yoongi waits for a moment before he looks back down at the bottle of oil, squirting some out onto his hands. He massages it into Jimin's thighs, watching how the younger's head falls back at the feeling.

"Are you prepping me?" Jimin asks as he lifts his head to look at the elder.

"Not yet," Yoongi responds. "I'll tell you when,"

"Okay," Jimin whispers back as he watches Yoongi massage his thighs, rubbing the oil into his skin with precision. He makes sure that Jimin is fully relaxed before he coats his fingers in extra oil.

"You prep with your fingers," Yoongi explains. "Is it okay for me to do that now?"

Jimin nods. "I trust you, hyung,"

So, Yoongi continues and presses in one finger to Jimin's entrance, being sure to go slowly and gently, watching for any sign of discomfort. Jimin momentarily tenses up, but soon relaxes again. "Breathe," Yoongi tells him. Jimin nods, eyes trained on Yoongi. The elder pushes his finger the rest of the way in and stops, letting Jimin get used to the stretch. Jimin experimentally clenches around Yoongi's digit, humming to himself in thought.

"It doesn't hurt," he says, sounding surprised.

"It may do later on," Yoongi warns him. "So tell me if it does, okay?"

Jimin nods, looking somewhat worried.

Yoongi continues to push in another, squirting oil over his fingers to make the glide easier. Jimin suddenly winces and Yoongi is quick to stop, keeping his hands still.

"Keep going," Jimin says after a moment. Yoongi stays still for a moment longer before he slowly edges his finger in, coating the exposed skin in oil until it's sunken all the way in. He then stops and lets Jimin once again, clench around them, eyebrows furrowed.

"Okay?" Yoongi asks again.

"Yeah, think so," Jimin responds.

"I'm going to try and move them now, okay?"

Jimin nods and Yoongi turns his fingers around, gently stretching them apart. He goes slowly, stopping when Jimin tells him to and curling his fingers to find Jimin's sweet spot. It's not long until he's found it, as Jimin gasps loudly, head falling back. "Oh," he whispers.

Yoongi waits for a moment before he brushes his fingers against Jimin's prostate again, feeling the shudder that racks through the younger. Jimin's thighs gently shake as Yoongi curls his fingers again, listening to the soft whines that escape Jimin's parted lips. "Holy fuck-" He moans out, hands gripping onto his hair.

"Gonna add another, okay?" Yoongi asks.

Jimin hums, lips pressed together as Yoongi then pushes in another finger, going slower this time as it's a much bigger stretch. "Breathe," Yoongi says softly as he slowly edges his finger into Jimin. When he finally sinks all three in, he waits for Jimin's okay before he scissors them apart, gently stretching him open.

"Hyung-" Jimin chokes out.

"What? Does it hurt?"

"Hurts so good-" Jimin moans. "Need more,"

Yoongi gently pulls his fingers away and presses a soft kiss to Jimin's inner thigh to silence his whine at the loss. "Baby steps," he whispers against Jimin's warm skin. "Baby steps,"

He then pulls away completely as Jimin sits up, tugging Yoongi's shirt up and over his head, discarding it somewhere on the ground. The younger immediately takes the chance to run his hands across Yoongi's bare chest, fingers spreading out to cover as much as he can in one go. Yoongi smiles warmly and takes Jimin's hands, kissing each finger one by one. Jimin's cheeks flush pink as he smiles at Yoongi's gentle gesture, giggling softly to himself. "I love you," Yoongi says against Jimin's fingertips. "So, so much,"

Jimin doesn't say it back, but he hopes that Yoongi knows he loves him too.

Yoongi then gets up, letting Jimin's hands slide away from his as he pulls his shorts and briefs away, suddenly shy for a moment as he kneels between Jimin's thighs.

"Are you okay?" Yoongi asks.

Jimin rolls his eyes but smiles anyway. "I'm okay, hyung. Better than okay,"

"You want to continue still?"

Jimin nods firmly and pulls Yoongi into a soft kiss.

"Tell me if it hurts or if you want to stop. Don't hold back from telling me those things,"

"I won't,"

"Promise?" Yoongi asks.

"For fuck sake, Yoongi, just fuck me,"

And Yoongi does. Slowly, of course, much to the protest of Jimin. Yoongi starts off at his own pace, kissing Jimin's neck with precision, quickly finding the places that make Jimin's breathing hitch. The younger emits soft noises of pleasure as Yoongi runs his hands up and down Jimin's sides, lips working against his neck and jawline. Eventually, however, he pulls away and lifts Jimin's leg up onto his shoulder, holding onto it tightly with one hand, the other gently pulling the younger closer to him.

"Still okay?" Yoongi asks.

Jimin nods, keeping his eyes on Yoongi as the elder guides himself to Jimin's entrance before he slowly pushes in, waiting until he's halfway before he stops to let Jimin grip his hand. The younger laces their fingers together, holding Yoongi's hand close before Jimin nods and says, "keep going,"

Yoongi pushes the rest of the way in before he bottoms out, hips flat against Jimin's skin. The younger breathes heavily, eyes never leaving Yoongi's. He tightly grips the Sailor's hand and smiles. "I'm okay," he says, noticing the elder's worry. "I promise I'm okay,"

Yoongi believes him, but remains still and waits for Jimin's breathing to calm and his body to relax. "You can move now," Jimin says quietly, hand still tightly locked with Yoongi's. Yoongi carefully pulls out again and pushes his way back in, listening to Jimin's soft moan as he does so. He does this a few times before he finds a slow pace that has Jimin moaning loudly and puts Yoongi at ease, knowing that he's not hurting Jimin. The younger pulls his hand free and reaches up for Yoongi, locking his arms around the back of Yoongi's neck, holding the elder close to him as he wraps his weak legs around the Sailor's waist, gently pulling him closer with each thrust. "You can go faster," Jimin says softly into Yoongi's ear. Yoongi slowly works his way into a faster pace, loving how Jimin cries out, clinging to Yoongi like his life depends on it. "Hyung-" He cries out, fingernails scratching at Yoongi's back, sure to leave marks.

"I love you," Yoongi whispers into Jimin's ear, hearing the soft whine in response. With Jimin being so tight around him and how the younger keeps clenching his walls, Yoongi's not sure he'll last long. But he tries to drag out each thrust, determined to make himself last longer and get Jimin to come first.

"Faster, hyung," Jimin whines.

Jimin screams as Yoongi finds a faster pace that hits his prostate dead on with each thrust. He pushes his hips up to meet each movement, whining and thrashing his head from side to side. "Please, hyung-" Jimin cries. Yoongi gently kisses Jimin's neck, listening to the broken moans that leave the younger's lips as he chokes on his cries, tears welling up in his eyes from the pleasure of it all. "More-" Jimin begs. Yoongi complies, working up to a pace that is close to practically slamming into Jimin. The younger bites down on his bottom lip, thighs trembling as he gets closer to his orgasm.

Jimin pants as Yoongi sits back up, gripping the Siren's thighs to pull him closer, lifting Jimin from the bed to get better access to his entrance. Jimin whines and covers his face with both arms, his whole body shaking.

"Hyung-" He chokes out. "Hyung I feel it-"

"Okay, baby, okay," Yoongi coaxes, easing him closer to his release. He reaches a hand up and wraps it around Jimin's length, pumping him in time to his thrusts. Jimin cries out, moaning Yoongi's name as the elder brings him closer and closer to the edge.

"Oh fuck-" Jimin whines just before he comes, hips shooting up into the air as he releases onto his stomach, crying out as tears begin to stream down his cheeks. Yoongi quickens his pace and fucks into an oversensitive Jimin who moans softly, weakly lifting his hips. "Let go, hyung," Jimin says softly. It's all it takes for Yoongi to come, hips stalling as he grips Jimin's thighs. The younger watches him with hooded eyes, biting his lower lip. Yoongi collapses beside Jimin, pulling the younger with him to lay across his chest. They both breathe heavily, panting.

"Are you okay?" Yoongi asks breathlessly.

"Mhm," Jimin hums, burying his face into Yoongi's chest.

"We should clean up," Yoongi says.

Jimin just nods, but neither make a move to get up. It takes at least a couple minutes before Yoongi rolls over to stand up, pulling Jimin up to cling to his front like a monkey, legs wrapped around Yoongi's waist as the elder quickly snatches up the small bag that holds his soap and hangs the ribbon strap over his wrist as he carries Jimin out and onto the deck. He sits Jimin momentarily on the side of the ship, gripping onto Jimin's wrist in case he falls so that he can quickly turn and carry Jimin on his back, edging them down the ladder and into the water. Jimin winces at the cold and clings to Yoongi as the elder swims through the water and to the rocks where he sits Jimin on top, pulling himself up to sit behind him, using his own body warmth to heat Jimin up. Yoongi takes out the soap and dips it into the water before he sits up and rubs the bar down on Jimin's arms, back and belly, letting the younger lean against him as Yoongi wets his hands and rubs away the bubbles of soap.

"Are you in pain?" Yoongi asks in his ear before he presses a soft kiss behind it.

"No, I'm okay," Jimin says softly. He leans his head against Yoongi's chest, face up to the sky. It's much darker now and the stars are beginning to show. It's getting colder too, so they'll have to hurry and get back onto the ship.

"I reckon the magic will run out by night time tomorrow," Jimin says. "I'll need to be in the water when I start feeling ill,"

"Okay, Petal," Yoongi says as he presses another kiss to the side of Jimin's head. Yoongi slips back down into the water to quickly rinse himself off before he reaches out for Jimin, letting the younger once again cling to his back, keeping a tight hold onto the small bag of soap as Yoongi swims back out to the ladder, pulling them both up with ease.

He carries Jimin down into the hold and momentarily sits him on the wooden counter to dry him off. Jimin tiredly leans against Yoongi's chest as the elder rubs the water droplets away. "Lean back, baby," Yoongi says softly. Jimin does as he's told and leans back against the shelves as Yoongi finds fresh clothes for Jimin to wear. Yoongi pulls a large tunic over the younger's head, neglecting to find any underwear. He quickly dries himself off, dressing in the same style tunic before he carries Jimin to the small bed, gently setting his head down onto the pillows, although Jimin is quick to curl up on top of Yoongi's chest, purring at the warmth the blanket brings him.

"I love you, hyung," Jimin says softly as he drifts into sleep. "You know?"

"I know," Yoongi replies as he wraps his arms around Jimin protectively.


















Yoongi ;


The next morning, Yoongi is rudely awoken by something hard. With his eyes closed, he frowns and dips a hand down, hand searching for the culprit that woke him up. He grabs onto something that releases a whine as Yoongi's eyes slowly open. He's immediately faced with a sleeping Jimin, face angelic as he sleeps, lips in a pout and hair messy. Although he has the face of an angel this morning, he's also unconsciously rutting himself into Yoongi's thigh. Unsure of what to do, and have only just woken up, Yoongi stays still, allowing himself to wake up as a hand runs through Jimin's hair. The younger lets out a soft whine as he buries his head into Yoongi's chest, hips speeding up.

"Baby," Yoongi whispers, stopping his hand movements to just rest fingers across Jimin's head. "Jimin, wake up,"

Jimin makes an incoherent sound, mumbling to leave him alone as he curls himself up into a ball, resting on top of Yoongi.

"Jiiiiimin," Yoongi sing-songs as he gently shakes the younger's shoulder. The Siren swears under his breath and turns himself over, spreading out over the bed.

"Leave me alone," Jimin mutters.

"Pretty babbbyyy," Yoongi teases the younger as he pokes him roughly in the side, causing Jimin to let out an ear-splitting shriek as he somehow manages to roll over Yoongi and onto the floor. Yoongi cracks up, falling onto his back as he laughs, whole body shaking yet his laugh barely audible.

"Well I'm glad you think it's so funny," Jimin snaps as he pulls himself up onto his knees. Yoongi laughs harder, hands holding his stomach. He can barely breathe as he wipes away tears, bending over the bed to pick Jimin up, but instead having himself pulled down onto the floor, crying out in shock. Jimin nods smugly, looking up at Yoongi with a pout. "Not so fun, now is it?" He asks, folding his arms over his chest. Yoongi just leans down and kisses the pout away, but Jimin insists on pouting again. "Don't kiss me, I'm trying to be mad at you," the younger says, turning his head away as Yoongi goes in for another kiss.

"Fine," Yoongi says. "I'll just kiss you everywhere else," he tells Jimin as he kisses the younger's neck, sucking a bruise onto his tanned skin before he presses his lips to the mark, moving up to his ear to tug on the lobe. Jimin's breathing hitches as Yoongi moves his way back down to his collarbone, running his pink tongue along the bone. "Is this better?" Yoongi asks, voice teasing.

"No," Jimin lies, although his hips betray him as he pushes them up, erection grinding against Yoongi's thigh. He has to grip onto Yoongi's tunic to steady himself, eyes squeezed shut as he pants heavily.

"You sure about that?" Yoongi asks as he pulls away to smirk down at Jimin.

The younger forces a nod. "Yep, totally sure,"

Yoongi hums. "See, I think this-" He says as he forcefully grips Jimin between his legs, emitting a loud gasp of surprise from the Siren, "says otherwise,"

"I never said I wanted you to touch me," Jimin snaps, turning to glare at Yoongi.

"Oh? Oh well, I see. Well if that's how you feel then you can get off by yourself, yeah?" Yoongi stands, picking up Jimin as he goes and lays him down on the bed. "I'm going to fetch my clothes from the deck. They should be dry by now," Yoongi says, making himself sound distracted. Jimin, still insistent on sulking, just turns his head away, listening to Yoongi walk up the rickety steps and onto the deck outside.

Yoongi chuckles to himself, fully enjoying the teasing, until he stops.

Jimin has to go home today.

It marks a day closer to Yoongi having to leave. He has to go back to the Mainland at some point. He knows his family and friends will be awaiting his arrival, and he knows he needs to stock up if he plans to come back for Jimin. It makes his heart ache to think about it, and it hurts to tell himself that he'll need to tell Jimin. Yoongi has to leave in the next few days. And Jimin goes back today. Although he tries not to think about it, he knows he has to at some point. But of course, he shakes the thoughts away and collects the now dry tunics that sit in the sun, no longer sopping wet. He holds them close to his chest, considering giving Jimin one to take with him. He imagines Jimin in his oversized clothes and it makes his heart both warm and ache. He'd do anything to have Jimin be fully human. To come home with him. To wed him. To love him forever. Except, there just isn't a way to do that. Jimin would have to live a very careful life, and no one can be too careful. If he were to come with him to the mainland, he'd be caught and sold by fishermen. If he were to live as a human, he would have to rest often to save his abilities to even give himself legs, and he'd have to live close to the ocean, which again- corresponds with the fishermen. The only way for Jimin to be safe is to be where he belongs.

With a heavy heart and an arm-full of clothing, Yoongi walks back down into the hold, halting when he sees Jimin. He'd meant what he said as a joke, but it seems that the Siren has taken it seriously.


















Jimin ;


The Siren waits until he hears Yoongi step out onto the deck before he sits up, falling forward onto his hands and knees. "Stupid, fucking, legs," Jimin mutters to himself. After being exposed to what sex is really like, Jimin feels like he's addicted. And with Yoongi being childish, Jimin has no option but to save his pride and do it himself. He looks over to the side where Yoongi had put the bottle of oil and thinks for a moment, trying to figure out a way to get over to it without leaving the bed. It's too high from the ground to crawl back onto, so Jimin has no option but to start a circus act and flings himself over, legs barely on the mattress with his hands gripping for dear life on the edge of the counter. He swipes the bottle and crashes onto the floor with a huff. With some struggle, Jimin pushes himself back up onto the bed, smiling smugly to himself, satisfied that he managed to do something by himself.

With the bottle in his hand, he props himself up onto his knees, leaning against the wall to keep himself up, back to the stairs. He mimics what he saw Yoongi do, squirting oil onto his fingers before he positions himself in a way that he's able to massage his entrance without giving himself arm cramp. Being impatient, Jimin forces a finger straight in, surprised when it doesn't feel as good as when Yoongi did it. He grumbles in annoyance and puts in another, wincing at the stretch that he's not quite used to. He waits for himself to become used to stretch before he scissors them apart, experimenting with what feels good and what doesn't. He finds that just stretching himself apart makes him gasp, pushing back on himself, but unable to do exactly what Yoongi had done. Curse his small fingers, Jimin thinks. He whines softly in protest, head falling forward so that his hair covers his eyes. His thighs shake but no matter how hard he tries, he just can't reach. Jimin forcefully bites down on his lip with the effort, tears building up with frustration.

He hears Yoongi before the elder speaks. Jimin looks through his hair over his shoulder, looking at Yoongi with watery eyes. "Can't reach-" Jimin whines out quietly, pushing back on his fingers, but receiving nothing in return. He grumbles to himself, falling limp as Yoongi steps forward and takes his fingers away. "Hands too small, hyung," Jimin says as he looks up at Yoongi. The elder remains quiet and taps Jimin's thigh to make him move backward. Jimin watches him, confused as Yoongi takes a pillow and tucks it between Jimin's spread thighs. The younger holds onto Yoongi's arm as he lifts himself, letting the pillow be pushed underneath him before he sits over it.

Yoongi decides to sit opposite Jimin, one foot on the ground and the other propped up on Jimin's right, hooded eyes watching him. Jimin looks up, confused. He goes to move off of the pillow, gasping at the sudden friction that the movement brings him. Jimin sinks back down onto the plush material and slowly experiments by moving his hips back and forth, a hand holding Yoongi's wrist. The elder slips his hand in Jimin's, taking the other too, letting Jimin grip onto his slender fingers. Jimin keeps his eyes faced downwards, lips parted as he rocks himself back and forth, finding patterns that he likes and ones that he doesn't. Eventually, he settles for the basic back and forth, occasionally rotating his hips in circles. He whines, pathetic sounding sobs escaping his throat. "Hyung," he chokes out, eyes teary. Jimin grips Yoongi's hands to steady himself as his thighs tremble, lips opening and closing with his eyes squeezed shut. He groans loudly and throws his head back, exposing his neck to Yoongi. As much as Yoongi wants to kiss it, to bite it and mark Jimin up as his own, he doesn't. He holds back and lets Jimin feel everything the way he wants to, to experience what he never has before.
Jimin swallows down a moan, making it sound choked and desperate. His plump lips part as he pants, tightly gripping onto Yoongi's fingers. The younger grits his teeth as his head falls back down, moaning loudly and with want.

He comes with a scream, hips practically trembling as his grip on Yoongi's fingers tighten. He's barely able to keep himself moving, body telling him to collapse. Yoongi leans forward and takes the pillow away, at the same time lying Jimin down on the bed, letting him breathe. "Okay?" Yoongi asks softly as he brushes Jimin's hair from his eyes. The sounder swallows around a hum, eyes still closed as he tries to calm his breathing. "Breathe, Petal," Yoongi tells him as he cups Jimin's face, shifting to lay next to him, propped up on his elbow. "You did so good,"

"I did?" Jimin asks as his eyes flutter open. He has a look of need, buried under his pretty features is a voice telling him that no matter what he does, he's not good enough. Regardless of what it is, he feels he isn't good for anyone.

Yoongi's eyes search Jimin for a moment, a gentle smile ghosting across his lips. "You did good, Jimin," Yoongi whispers. "You did good,"

The look of pure relief across Jimin's face both breaks and mends the ache in Yoongi's heart. Jimin suddenly pushes himself up and wraps his arms around Yoongi's neck. "Thank you, hyung," he says quietly, holding on tight as if he's scared to let go. Yoongi sinks his face into Jimin's neck and holds him back just as tight. Jimin has to go home today. And it feels like the hours are ticking by faster than any other day. Like they know, so they speed run. It leaves Yoongi with a sense of heartbreak that he can't quite shift.
But he has to pull away at some point. So he gently parts himself from Jimin, letting the younger fall back onto the bed with a look of pure love in his eyes. "Hey," Jimin speaks up, a hand coming to cup Yoongi's cheek. "Don't think about it,"

Yoongi offers a sad smile before he gently shakes his head. Jimin's right now isn't the time to think about it.

"What do you want to do today?" Yoongi asks, out of habit pushing away hair from Jimin's face, even though he doesn't actually need to.

Jimin hums to himself, eyes flickering down to Yoongi's lips before he looks back up. "Everything," he says.

Yoongi tilts his head to the side in question, making Jimin giggle. He lifts his hands to rub Yoongi's shoulders, thinking to himself before he speaks.

"I want to do everything we've already done. I want to walk with you and I want to dance and paint some more. And- everything else,"

"I'd say it's still fairly early, how long do you have?" Yoongi asks.

A flicker of something crosses Jimin's face, but he's quick to shake it off and force a smile. "I reckon before the sky gets dark. I'll start to feel ill and dehydrated before it happens, at least- that's what I've been told. I can't remember too much from the first time. But, let's not think about it, yeah? Please?"

Yoongi just nods. They stay like that for a moment, just looking at each other before Yoongi moves. "Come on then Sunshine, let's go and dance,"

Jimin breaks out into a huge grin as he holds his arms out, letting Yoongi pick him up. Jimin clings to his front, giggling into his neck.

"We'll have to stay in the shade, okay?" Yoongi says as he carries Jimin up the stairs and onto the deck.

"Okay, hyung," Jimin murmurs into Yoongi's neck. His small fingers play with Yoongi's hair, and Yoongi can feel Jimin's smile against his skin. Yoongi gently drops Jimin to his feet, letting the younger stand on Yoongi's feet with the elder's arms around the Siren's waist. "I forgot, there's no music," Jimin says as he looks around at the deck. The sun shines brightly now, rising quickly to coat the land around them. The pair stays under the decking roof, the only place that is shielded from the light. Jimin gently leans his head against Yoongi's chest.

"Would you sing for me?" Yoongi asks as he presses a soft kiss to the top of Jimin's head.


With a hum, Yoongi nods to himself. "I love when you sing,"

"You do?" Jimin stammers as he looks up at Yoongi. The elder just looks back at him, nodding. Jimin looks away for a moment, mouthing a soft, "oh," before he gives a soft hum. "Okay," he says. Yoongi begins to gently sway them both as Jimin sings. It's not the same as the haunting lullaby that he had once let Yoongi hear, but this time it's something that Yoongi can understand. It sounds somewhat like a love song, sad yet beautiful. Jimin sings about flowers, about the universe, and it creates a deep ache in Yoongi's chest. Yoongi turns Jimin suddenly, taking the younger by surprise. Jimin stumbles, telling himself that he can't do it. He cuts off the song, to stammer out a quiet, "hyung- I can't-"

"You can," Yoongi tells him.

"No, I can't,"

"Look at what you're doing," Yoongi says.

Jimin furrows his eyebrows and looks around him before finally glancing down at his feet. Although he holds tightly onto Yoongi's hand, he's standing.


"Told you," Yoongi smiles as he spins Jimin back. The younger falls back into Yoongi, tears burning his eyes. His legs are shaky, trembling as they hold their own weight, but he still stands. Only for a moment, though, as he's quickly fully relying on Yoongi to hold him up. His knees are quick to give out as he fully collapses, Yoongi able to catch him before he falls to the ground. "You're okay, I got you," Yoongi whispers as he holds Jimin close. "I got you,"

Jimin burrows himself into Yoongi's chest, sobbing freely. He laughs as he cries, clinging to Yoongi's shirt. "I wanna walk," he says.

"Are you sure?"

Jimin nods insistently as he wipes away his tears with a huge grin. "I'm sure,"

"Okay," Yoongi murmurs as he carefully steps away. He only moves away a few steps, hands still holding tight onto Jimin's. He keeps his eyes focused on the Siren as he takes one more step back, hands separating. "You got this," he says.

Jimin's legs already begin to tremble, eyes wide as he stares back at Yoongi. "Tell me I'm okay," Jimin demands, voice close to breaking.

"You are okay," Yoongi insists. "You're safe and you can do this. Three steps, Jimin. Three steps until you get to me,"

"Three steps," Jimin repeats. "Okay, three steps. I can do that,"

He takes a shaky step, slowly edging himself closer towards Yoongi's open arms. His thighs threaten to give out, but he bites down hard on his lip and stumbles closer.

"Come on, baby, you can do this," Yoongi tells him.

Jimin keeps his eyes focused on Yoongi's. One more step and he's in Yoongi's arms, letting his body give out as he laughs and cries into the elder's tunic. "You did it, Jimin," Yoongi whispers into his hair as he holds Jimin close. And the younger can only manage a nod as he sobs, a grin breaking out across his lips. "I'm so proud of you," Yoongi says, voice muffled. "And I love you,"

"Tell me that again," Jimin softly requests.

"I love you, I love you, I love you. And I'm proud of you. So proud that it hurts,"

Jimin chokes out a laugh, squeezing his eyes shut. "You're an idiot," he mutters, although they both know he doesn't mean it. "You're my idiot,"

Yoongi just chuckles and picks Jimin up, spinning him around in the air. The younger grips onto Yoongi's shoulders, weakly kicking his legs as he shrieks, laughing aloud.

"Yoongi!" He cries. The Sailor just laughs louder, spinning Jimin until he suddenly brings him down, dipping the younger to kiss him. Jimin giggles into the kiss, somewhat ruining it, but Yoongi doesn't care. Because he loves this boy so much, that he knows he'll do anything for him.

"Can we paint now?" Jimin requests.

"Of course we can, Sunshine,"

Jimin gives a bright smile, letting Yoongi sit him down in the shade.

"Stay out of the sun, I'll be right back, okay?"

Jimin nods and pulls Yoongi to him for another quick kiss before he pulls away with an airy giggle.

Yoongi smiles warmly and skips down the stairs and into the hold, taking the door to grab his paints and bottles of water for Jimin. If he had stayed with Jimin a moment longer, he'd have seen the way the younger cradled his head as a headache began.




















Jimin ;


The ache pounds his skull. The light that barely grazes his toes as he daringly dips them out into the sunlight, burns his skin, yet he does it anyway. It feels like his brain is swelling up, and his whole body aches, yet he feels cold. It shouldn't be happening this early. Not now. Not ever. He wants to spend every day with Yoongi, yet the world is forcing them apart. He bites down hard on his lip, forcing a smile as he hears Yoongi come back up onto the deck. He automatically tucks his legs under himself, as if he weren't just purposely burning himself.

"Drink," Yoongi says as he hands Jimin a bottle. Jimin takes it and chugs the liquid down. He can feel the elder's eyes burning into him, but he chooses to ignore it. "Thirsty?" The Sailor asks. Jimin just smiles and wipes away the water from his mouth with the back of his hand. He forces his smile to remain bright and happy, watching how happy Yoongi is as he lays in the sun, smiling as they paint the decking planks. Jimin tries not to show how tired he really is, but Yoongi still asks if he's okay, and the younger will nod, smile and insist that he's fine.

Yoongi paints Jimin's portrait onto the wood, warm honey eyes glancing up at Jimin every now and again, smiling each time their eyes meet. And when Jimin's leg slips out into the sunlight, Yoongi is quick to tap his thigh to make him reel it back in. "You'll get hurt," he says each time. It hurts. It aches to know how much Yoongi loves him. Tears him up from the inside out. Feels like acid in his lungs, stopping him from breathing. He'd give anything, do anything, to be with Yoongi. Would kill his own kind again in a heartbeat. Would present a thousand hearts, would swim to the edge of the world and back, would sacrifice his life.

Jimin snaps then.

"I'm coming with you to the mainland," he says.

Yoongi scoffs at this, looking down at his painting as he adds details of Jimin's eyes, obviously thinking it's a joke. "Yeah, and I'm the King of Korea,"

"I'm not joking," Jimin insists.

Yoongi's brush halts as he looks up at Jimin, eyebrows furrowed. "You're not joking," he notes.

Jimin shakes his head, eyes serious.


"Don't tell me I can't," the younger interrupts before Yoongi can even form a sentence.

"You'd die," Yoongi points out as he pushes himself up into a sitting position.

"I'd risk it,"

"I wouldn't,"

Jimin scoffs in anger and pushes himself away from the ground, sitting up to pull his legs to his chest.

"Jimin, I-"

"Do you love me?" Jimin demands to know.

"Of course I do, how could you even que-"

"Then let me come with you,"

"I'm not letting you go because I love you. You're fucking insane if you think I'd ever let you risk your life. You're staying here, Jimin. I won't let you tear everything apart just to risk a few days on the mainland. You're already ill now and it's barely been two days. You think I haven't noticed? I have. I see how pale you are. I see how shaky you are and I know you're not okay. You're safer here than you are there. And you're alive here. Forgive me for being so cruel, but I'd rather be fucking cruel than to lose you completely!"
Jimin falls silent, eyes searching Yoongi's. He can't give him an answer, doesn't know if he wants to. Can't face seeing how broken Yoongi already looks.

Yoongi's eyes brim with tears, threatening to spill. Jimin waits until they push past their barrier and fall before he clumsily crawls to Yoongi, collapsing into his lap as he cups Yoongi's cheeks. "Don't cry, please don't cry,"

Yoongi only sobs harder and rests their foreheads together. "I'm sorry that you can't come with me," he says.

"Don't you dare apologize for that, don't you dare,"

"But I am-"

"No." Jimin interrupts. "It was me being stupid and wistful. I'll stay here and you'll go home. I'll stay as long as you promise to come back to me. Promise you'll come back for me, Yoongi, promise me,"

"I promise. I'll promise that a million times over just to make you believe me," Yoongi chokes out. "I love you so much,"

Jimin holds Yoongi's face in his hands, thumbs brushing against his cheeks. They stay silent, save for the occasional sobs from Yoongi and the gentle sweet nothings from Jimin.

"What do you want to do now?" Yoongi finally manages to ask.

"Just want you to hold me," Jimin whispers.


And so Yoongi holds him. And Jimin holds Yoongi back. They grip tightly onto each other, occasionally breaking apart for Yoongi to help Jimin drink water. Jimin weakly pushes the bottle away after he's had enough and leans up to kiss Yoongi. The elder puts the bottle aside and holds Jimin closer, arms around his waist as he kisses the Siren back. Their lazy make out session slowly drifts into sweet pecks as Yoongi gently sucks on Jimin's lower lip before he pulls away, pressing his lips to Jimin's forehead. "I love you," he says quietly.

Jimin hums but doesn't find the courage to say it back. He finds that it takes a lot of energy, regardless of how strongly he feels. But he still hopes that Yoongi knows.

"Yeah, I- me too," Jimin stammers out as he looks away, cheeks warm. "You know?"

"I know," Yoongi responds with a slow and relaxed exhale through his nose. "I know,"

Jimin sinks into Yoongi, head resting in the crook of the elder's neck. He's too tired to do anything else and just wants to spend the day with Yoongi, being as close as he possibly can. He falls asleep like that, with Yoongi cradling him close, whispering how much he loves him.


















Yoongi ;


"Baby, wake up,"

Jimin groans and shifts, rolling over. He groggily opens his eyes to find that he's lying in Yoongi's bed with the man himself crouched down beside it. He can feel the elder's fingers carding through his hair as he automatically leans into the touch.

"Jimin," Yoongi says. "You're burning up,"

"Don't wanna go," Jimin chokes out suddenly, finally understanding what's happening.

"You're okay, I got you," Yoongi immediately says as he holds Jimin close. The younger's body trembles in pure anxiety as he grabs onto Yoongi, not ever wanting to let go. But he does have to let go. If he doesn't get back into the water, he'll die.

He can feel how numb his legs are now. They no longer have feeling in them, a sure sign that his tail is close to coming back. "Please, Yoongi-" Jimin cries. "Don't wanna leave,"
Yoongi says nothing but continues to run his fingers through Jimin's hair. "Hyung, don't leave me,"

"Baby, I'm not leaving you," Yoongi tells him. "You just need to go back home. I'm not leaving you right now,"


"I promise,"

Even with the promise lingering in the air, it takes Jimin a good few minutes before he's able to nod and sit himself up, with Yoongi's help.

"I got you," Yoongi tells the younger as he picks him up, bridal style as Jimin's legs are no longer strong enough to wrap themselves around Yoongi's waist. He holds Jimin close as he carries him sideways out of the door and onto the deck, where the sky has since passed sunset.

"My legs hurt," Jimin mumbles. Through the numbness, comes sharp, shooting pains that make his body tremble.

"Don't worry," Yoongi whispers into his hair as he sits Jimin on the edge of the ship. Jimin grips on and watches Yoongi jump down into the water. "You're gonna have to jump," he says, holding his arms out. With no strength to argue, Jimin slips down and falls into the water, letting Yoongi catch him. Almost immediately on contact with the water, a deep blue glow surrounds Jimin's legs, and soon enough, Yoongi can feel fins gliding against his legs.

"'m tired," Jimin mumbles as he holds onto Yoongi, tail barely flicking under the water to keep himself afloat.

"Have you got the energy to go home?" Yoongi asks softly. Jimin weakly shakes his head. "Can you get to the rock?" Yoongi then tries. Jimin blinks a couple times, eyelids heavy before he nods.

"Go to the ship," Jimin tells him as he pulls away, slowly swimming over to the large set of rocks, taking his place on the largest. Yoongi watches from the freezing cold water as the younger automatically curls up into a ball, tail wrapped protectively around him. His eyes close almost immediately as he falls asleep. Yoongi watches him for a moment longer before he climbs back onto the deck, stripping off his wet clothes and stepping back down into the hold to retrieve dry ones. The bed where Jimin was just laying sets a deep pang of hurt into his chest, and he can't bring himself to sleep in it. So he roughly pulls the tunic over his head, neglecting to dry his wet skin and goes back up onto the deck, curling himself up on his little wooden table so that he's able to watch Jimin before he too, falls asleep.


















When Yoongi wakes up, he's greeted by the blinding sunlight. He immediately squints and shields his eyes, sitting up to look around. The whole deck is covered in fish.

"Figured you should eat," Jimin speaks up, making Yoongi turn to look at him. After seeing him with legs, he's somewhat shocked to see his bright blue tail back again. "Did you really sleep on the table?" Jimin asks.

Yoongi nods, still half asleep.

"Cute," the Siren says. "You should eat. I need to go and see what's going down at home," Jimin murmurs as he glances down at the water.

"We need to talk," Yoongi tells him.

"Later," Jimin brushes it off as he dives into the water without so much as a second glance. Not exactly how he expected this morning to go, but, it's Jimin, so.

Yoongi just shakes his head and slips off of the table to retrieve his bucket, collecting the fish to fry up. It isn't until what Yoongi presumes is the late afternoon that Jimin returns without warning, surprising Yoongi as the younger sits on the large rock, studying his fingernails, side facing Yoongi as the elder takes a seat at his small table. It takes a moment for Jimin to even regard the Sailor's presence, although Yoongi is sure that Jimin already knows he's there.

"It's a total mess down there," Jimin finally speaks up. He drops his hand to rest over his lap and stares ahead, shoulders tense. "Taehyung's really fucked up, Yoongi,"

Yoongi leans forward, resting his head on his hand as he watches the Siren. Although it takes a moment for Jimin to explain.

"I guessed that Taehyung killed Lana. Turns out he really did," he says, voice quiet. "Ripped out her heart and her neck apparently. Jeongguk's in bits, can't say for her family, apparently, they took the body home. The whole kingdom is torn up, all because of one person. How fucked is that?"

The elder nods. "It's pretty fucked,"

Jimin scoffs to himself. "It's so fucked, Yoongi. Everything is. Everyone's been fucked over because of Taehyung. That wedding meant new rulers. A new king, a new queen. Except Jeongguk is so past being okay that he's not suitable to be king. And Lana, well- there's no way to make a dead girl a queen,"

"You once told me there was nothing there at all. Now suddenly there's a kingdom?"

"You thought there were schools, universities. Yoongi, it's a kingdom. A fucked one at that. We have our colony, our families and our close ones. We had a king and a queen who make the rules, the laws. Except for so long, we've been without that, and Jeongguk and Lana were going to marry. They were going to fix what's been fucked up. And now there aren't any eligible. People are rioting, Yoongi. They're angry. So many people are leaving and- I don't think I can stay either. There's no order there anymore. All because of Taehyung. Because he was selfish and cruel and jealous. Jeongguk's lucky to have his family. Because I reckon he'd have killed himself by now if he didn't,"

That takes Yoongi's breath away. He's unsure of what to think or what to do.

"What are you going to do?" Yoongi finally manages to ask.

Jimin shrugs, seeming careless and unbothered. "I'm going to stay. Other Sirens are gathering, want to make a change, want to start a whole new colony. I don't reckon it'll work, but- I feel like I owe something to them, y'know? That doesn't make any sense, does it?" He says with a soft laugh.

Yoongi only offers a smile, although Jimin doesn't see it.

"When- when I killed Tae, I thought it was over. But really, I think I made it all worse. By killing him, I took away everyone's chance of coming together. Of thinking of how they can work as a team to control crime. Yet I took that away and tore it all apart. And- I guess this is my second chance to fix things. To make it better. Or- as better as I can make it,"

"It's not your fault," Yoongi speaks up.

Jimin smiles and shakes his head. "But the thing is, Yoongi, is that it is. These past two days- they were bliss. Heaven. I loved being able to touch you and kiss you and act like a human being, just for a little while. But- that's over now. You have to leave soon and I have to fix the mess I left behind. And, I would give anything, Yoongi, anything, to go back with you. Hell, I'd even go as far as to give up my fucking voice like that prissy mermaid to be with you. I'd never let myself walk again if it meant I got to feel the sunlight on my skin. But, this is the real world, Yoongi. And magic can only go so far. It can't fix things, it just makes it all worse. Love is a dangerous thing,"

"Love is a wonderful thing," Yoongi argues, although his point is weak.

"Love-" Jimin begins. "Is the worst thing. I wouldn't wish it on anyone,"

Yoongi falls silent, watching how Jimin pulls his tail up close to his chest, wrapping his arms around it as he looks over his shoulder. His eyes are sad, yet he forces a smile.
Silence falls between them. Only the sound of crashing waves breaks it apart until Jimin decides to force his way through.

"When do you leave?"

Yoongi keeps his eyes on Jimin, watching how the Siren seems tense on the subject. He opens and closes his mouth a few times, finally glancing away before he speaks.


Jimin scoffs. "Be realistic, Yoongi,"

"Who says I'm not being realistic?"

"You're focused on the idea that this," he says as he gestures between them both, "can work. That- that you won't fall for someone else. I'm a Siren, Yoongi. Not a person. Do you really think you can live a life on the ocean to be with me? To have only days a month to physically be with me the way you would with a real human being?"


"Then you're deluded," the Siren concludes as he turns away.

"I'm hopeful. And so were you when you were on this boat,"

"Yeah. Yeah, I was," Jimin says.

"So what changed?"

Jimin glances back at Yoongi for a moment before his gaze falls. "It's different when we're that close. When- when you make me feel things that I've never felt before. It's so much different when you hold me and tell me you love me,"

"Are you still hopeful? Or has the ocean suddenly changed you back to the wise Siren you always were?" Yoongi asks.

Jimin lets out an amused hum. "If I told you I'm not hopeful, we'd both know I'm lying,"

"So try with me. It can't just be me, Jimin. If you want something to work, it has to rely on the push and pull,"

"You're very insistent, aren't you, Mr. Sailor?"

"Indeed," Yoongi says.

Jimin smiles sadly, nodding to himself. "Tell me you love me,"

"Do you really believe I don't?"

"Tell me,"

"I do love you. I could tell you that until I turn to my grave and you still wouldn't believe me,"


Once again, a sad laugh escapes Jimin. "You should leave today. They'll be expecting you,"

"I can stay,"

"Yoongi-" Jimin says quickly. "Please don't make it more painful than it is,"

"You're acting like I'll never return,"

Jimin doesn't respond to this, but the look on his face is enough.

"Jimin, I will come back,"

"Don't tell me when you go," Jimin says. "I don't- I can't take that,"


"Stop doing that, too," Jimin orders, voice threatening to break. "If you- when you return, you can call me that again. But, until then- just- just, don't. Please,"

Yoongi slowly nods. "Okay,"

"Okay," Jimin repeats with a nod of his own. He quickly reaches up to wipe away stray tears before Yoongi can question them and nods again. "I'll see you soon, hyung,"
Jimin slips into the water, disappearing from sight. Yoongi suddenly feels that familiar ache in his chest, burning away at his lungs. It hurts. It aches. Feels like a punch to the gut. But he forces himself through it, knows that it's time to head home. Although it takes a moment for him to get up from his chair and to raise the sails.


















It's unexpected.

How something so calm, so beautiful can come crashing down around you, breaking through your walls and caving itself in, making itself known.

The waves come down fast and hard, tearing through Yoongi's thoughts as he's suddenly swept onto the floor. He cries out, screaming for help yet he knows no one can hear him. No one's here except him. He's alone.

The rain had been picking up, although he had hoped for clear skies. But the world just cannot be that kind. The unpredictable storm had come down on him without much warning. He had seen the rain before he felt it, but he felt the waves before he saw them. It was like a sneak attack, rising up behind him and suddenly colliding into the boat, knocking Yoongi off his feet. And they only seem to get bigger, salty waves crashing around on the deck, flooding everything around him. He chokes on the vile taste and spits it out, hacking up nothing but trapped air, although it feels like he might vomit at any moment. His clothes are soaked and the weight pulls him down. With the storm being so strong, so persistent, he can do nothing to save himself, so he curls up into a ball, admitting defeat.

But it's not an epiphany that saves Yoongi.

It's not the sudden realization that he has more to live for, more to do.

It's the painting of Jimin on the decking wood.

The painting Yoongi had left there, stares back at him with those beautiful brown eyes. And for a moment, Yoongi is delirious, thinks that the painting is smiling back at him. Telling him he can do this. But it isn't. Not really. It remains still as a painting should. But just looking at Jimin, remembering everything from the way his voice sounded to the way his skin felt on his, Yoongi gets up from the ground and holds his arms close, tearing his way through the heavy rain and bracing his body for the next attack that is soon hitting him, slapping his skin with such sharpness that it feels as though his skin is being torn apart. He's not going to die today.

Yoongi falls to his knees, groaning out in frustration. He screams at himself, telling himself to fucking pull himself together, that he won't lose himself and he will get back to Jimin. He crawls with his fingernails gripping the wood, convinced that he has splinters, but at this point, he just doesn't care. And it's like everything around him stops. He's sunken so far into his mind, where everything has a golden glow around it, blurred at the edges. He sees Jimin, he sees himself. The calmness that surrounds them makes him choke on his tears. He's never felt like this before. It's such a raw feeling that his body doesn't know how to react to it. Yoongi forces himself to crawl forward, gripping onto the wheel that roughly spins in the high wind. He pulls himself up and wraps his body around the wheel, holding himself close, not letting the wind and rain force him back onto the ground. He screams again, eyes squeezed shut. He screams for help, he screams for the rain to stop. He screams for Jimin.

Except Jimin isn't here.

Yoongi is so far out from Jimin's home, that there's no way to be heard. For a moment, he hopes the Siren is okay. That he's not hurting. And that he's safe.

The night seems to drag on. The weather goes right into the early hours, but by then Yoongi has given up on his strength. He weakly hangs over the wheel, shaking violently from the rain and cold. He's convinced that he fell asleep, passing out from pure exhaustion.

When he wakes up, the boat is flooded with water. The door that leads into the hold is wide open and the decking is battered. Yoongi's back aches from leaning over the wheel, and it makes him groan as he stretches himself out. He's somehow covered in bruises and cuts, but he has no recollection of how they got there. He's soaking wet, although the sun weakly shines through the clouds. Around him is nothing but vast ocean. There's no sign of where he's meant to be. Yoongi collapses then. He falls to his knees and cries. The sobs rack his body as he chokes on his tears. His whole body aches and he's mentally and physically exhausted. Everything hurts. His skin hurts, his head hurts. His heart is crying out. Everything feels so unfair right now. Nothing it making it better. Yoongi falls back and pulls his knees close, burying his face into them.

"Make it better," he whispers to himself, voice broken. "Please someone, make it better,"

He cries until his throat is raw. He cries until he physically cannot take it anymore. He aches for Jimin. Aches to hold him, to touch him, to kiss him, yet he can't do that. So he does what Jimin would tell him to do. He gets up and roughly wipes away the tears. He strips off his wet clothes, leaving himself bare to dry his tunic and shorts. He goes down into the hold, ankles forcing past the pool of water that's collected. His jars float in the water, cracked but not fully broken. He holds them close, gritting his teeth. He can't take crying anymore, so he forces the tears back, blinking as he puts each jar back into the box that they came from, shaking his head at how the velvet box is soaking wet from the inside out. Around him is water. Tons of it. His bed is soaked, and his bucket of fish floats near-by. He tips out the water and leaves the fish on the ground, focused on getting the water out first. Yoongi pushes open the porthole and begins to tip out the water, bucket after bucket of seawater until he physically cannot collect anymore into the bucket. His clothes lay wet across the ground, along with the fish that Jimin had caught for him. Yoongi's gas stove is also on the ground with the top slightly chipped, but hopefully still useable. He remains silent, not even listening to his thoughts as he picks up each individual fish and puts it back in the bucket before he puts the cooker back onto the shelf and scoops up his wet clothes to dry them in the sun. Once he's hung each tunic over the side of the ship, he goes to drag out his thin mattress and pillow to do the same. As he passes, he glances down at Jimin's portrait and stops. The painting looks back at him, slightly washed away but still there. Still as beautiful as it always was. Yoongi tears his eyes away and stomps forward, determined to get everything dry as the bright, hot sun begins to show.

Whilst everything is drying, Yoongi decides to check out the storage area, finding it ankle deep in water. By now, he's so worn out and tired, that it hardly annoys him. He just goes back for his fish bucket, tipping out the bait onto the counter and goes back down the stairs to tip out the water, bucket by bucket until it's somewhat better than what it was. Except, this time he has to make trips with a heavy bucket to tip it out the porthole window. The sunlight shines down through the gaps in the decking above, somewhat illuminating the large space. Yoongi is about to go back up to the top when his eyes glance over the hold, stopping when they catch sight of the painted shells that he had put for safekeeping into a glass jar. It makes his eyes water to look at them as he turns the jar around in his hands, looking over each painting. He considers leaving the jar there, but instead bites down on his lip and takes it up with him, holding it close as he walks out onto the deck. His legs are tired, worn out, and the wind picks up against the now dry sails. He looks up at the bright blue sky, fluffy white clouds painting the scenery above. He can only wish it looked like that yesterday. He knows he'll need to navigate himself in the right direction soon, but decides that now just isn't the time as he collapses against the side of the ship, resting his head back, knees propped up and arms resting over them. He closes his eyes and breathes in the salty air, ignoring the sting as his skin protests.

His brain begs to give up. To shut down and stop. But Yoongi refuses to let it do so. He sits there for maybe an hour or so before he's up again, sitting in his chair to count each bruise. He loses track many times and in the end, just gives up. It wasn't really important anyway, he thinks. It's just something to make his brain work.

It's not until what Yoongi guesses is the late afternoon that his clothes are dry. He changes into a long tunic that reaches his mid thighs, using the rest to soak up the water in the hold. He lays them out on the floor, making trips throughout the day until the floor is dry again. He decides that the storage space can wait another day. Yoongi finds that the gas stove works just fine, and he thanks the gods that he's able to eat today, although his appetite is practically nonexistent. He forces the fish down anyway, knowing that Jimin would tell him to eat. He leaves the pan by his bedside and sleeps on the wood because his mattress is still wet. He doesn't sleep well, but he's thankful that it's something.



















The days leading up to his return are brutal. His body remains tired, shut down, refusing to give even the minimum. But Yoongi pushes through as though he were a robot. He functions like a machine, thoughts being ripped apart before they even get the chance to take the center stage. It's almost strange to see the mainland. It's right there, in front of him. Yoongi blinks, once, twice, but no- it doesn't seem real. He fully expects it to just wither and fade right in front of him, but it doesn't. He's home.

He can see the ships, the fisherman boats floating close to the docks. He can smell food in the air and he can feel the warmth of the town as he gets closer. He can feel his body wanting to give out, wanting to admit his final defeat, but pushes through and forces his legs to remain strong enough, just for a little while. He averts his eyes and looks down. His bruises are slowly fading, but his clothes are dirty and he has cuts across his hands. He looks nothing like he did. He looks as though he's been lost at sea for weeks and not days. Although, Yoongi always knew he'd get home in the end.

He hears the screams before he sees the people. He looks up, eyes watering as his legs threaten to give out. His friends await him, crying out and waving frantically from the docks. Yoongi lets out a choked sob as the boat gets closer to the docks, Hoseok however, doesn't have the patience to wait as he slaps the Sailor's on the back, demanding they pull Yoongi's boat closer at a quicker pace. The man he abuses looks annoyed, but he's good friends with Yoongi, so he takes it and tugs the rope that has been hooked around Yoongi's ship.

When his feet touch the wood of the docks, he collapses, sobbing and choking back his cries. Namjoon, Seokjin, and Hoseok drop to their knees, holding Yoongi close and congratulating him on his arrival home. Yoongi grips onto them, his hands weak as he holds his friends close, babbling utter nonsense. He can only wish he had brought Jimin home with him. Yoongi cries until his throat is sore, until he can no longer speak without the pull of his skin. He takes in a long and shuddery breath, finally raising his head to look around. Someone had gone to find his Mother, and there she was. Yoongi's eyes release a fresh set of tears as he cries out and gets up, stumbling towards her.

"Eomma," he whispers brokenly as he holds her. His mother cries too, holding her son back with enough strength that it hurts. It's like she fears of letting him go, as if Yoongi will float away if she doesn't hold him tight enough.

"Yoongi!" A familiar voice cries out before a weight is being slammed into him. His mother pulls away, wiping away tears as she chuckles.

"The twins have missed you," his mother says. Yoongi holds back a broken cry and opens his spare arm to Sung-mi, the other enclosed around Yumi who cries into his shoulder. His younger sister walks slowly, as if unsure that he's really home before she too, collides into him, gripping onto his neck as she cries with her sister.

"Where is Ku?" Yoongi manages to ask, voice cracked and broken.

"Working at the market, Namjoon went to find him," his mother says, making Yoongi look around and noticing that his friend is indeed missing from his reunion. Hoseok and Seokjin, however, stand close with warm smiles as Yoongi is crushed by his younger sisters. He buries his face between their shoulders and holds them close, sobbing freely.

"Yoonie, you're hurt," Yumi says as she reluctantly pulls away to take Yoongi's hand, examining his bruises.

"I'm okay," he says as he reaches up to brush away a stray tear that rolls down her flushed cheek. Yumi automatically leans into the touch and smiles warmly.

"I'm so glad you're home," she whispers, her sister nodding in agreement.

They hug for what seems like hours before both Yumi and Sung-mi are pulling him towards their family home. That is until they hear a shout and abruptly turn just in time for Ku to come running, crashing into Yoongi as he holds him close. "You made it brother," he tells Yoongi. "Father would be proud,"

Yoongi weakly holds his brother back, tears falling again.

"Come, come, supper is on the stove," their mother says as she bustles her children down the street, waving and greeting those who see Yoongi and congratulate him on his return home.

The house still smells the same as Yoongi had remembered, racking emotions through him. He holds himself close, looking at the family photos and immediately thinking about how Jimin would laugh and point at how chubby Yoongi's cheeks once were. He smiles sadly thinking about Jimin. And he hopes that the Siren is okay. But he hasn't got time to stand there and dwell, because Sung-mi is quick to pull Yoongi into the dining room, forcing him to sit with her scowl that is meant to be threatening, but it only makes him laugh. His mother serves a childhood favorite, warm stew in small bowls that they've used for years. They all sit around the table, saying their grace before his mother is digging into Yoongi, asking all sorts of questions, mainly revolving around how he got hurt.

"So much happened, Eomma," Yoongi says as he slips a spoonful of stew into his mouth. Everyone looks at him expectantly as he chews. He forces the food down to speak faster, telling them about the storm and how he thought he'd never get out of it.

"The storm hit us too, I was worried that you'd get caught up in it," his mother says, voice quiet.

"I'm okay though," Yoongi insists. "Now I think back on it, it's worse than it seems, but it's really okay. I'm okay. So much happened while I was there," he says, going straight into telling them about everything. "I stopped by a large set of rocks, and- I met a Siren,"

"A mermaid?!" Sung-mi screeches, dropping her spoon. Their mother tuts and hands her a new one with a roll of her eyes.

Yoongi chuckles. "Yes, but don't call him that. He had a go at me for calling him a mermaid," Yoongi remembers. "He's very sassy and flirty. We hated each other at first,"

"You're in love with him," his brother says.

Yoongi's eyes snap up to Ku who is eating another spoonful of stew without looking at Yoongi.

"Are you?" Their mother asks. Yoongi can't read her expression or her tone, so he doesn't answer.

"Of course he is," Ku tells her. "You can see it in his eyes,"

Yoongi falls completely silent at this. He hates thinking about it, hates remembering. Wants to be back there with Jimin, but he can't. He's home, and it sounds selfish, but he'd rather be there than here.

"Did he come with you?" Their mother asks.

Yoongi shakes his head, looking down so his bangs fall over his eyes.

"And why not?" His mother continues.

Yoongi furrows his eyebrows and looks up through his hair. "He'd die if he were to come here,"

"What makes you say that?" Ku interrupts.

"Do either of you know anything about Sirens?" Yoongi snaps.

"Don't use that tone with me, young man," their mother scolds. "And no, which is why I'm asking you,"

Yoongi sighs dramatically and stands up, pushing his chair back.

"Sit down," his mother orders. "You've only just got back,"

"I don't want to think about him!" Yoongi cracks. "I- I can't think about it. It hurts, Eomma. It makes my heart ache. If he were to come here, he'd die. Either by being away from water for too long, or- or the sunlight, or- the sailors would capture him and sell him. There isn't a way for me to be there with him and it hurts, Eomma, it hurts,"

Everyone at the table falls silent, watching Yoongi with wide eyes.

"Go to him," Yumi speaks up, causing their mother and Ku to stare at her. Sung-mi quickly nods in agreement.

Yoongi's eyes graze the table, looking over everyone's expressions.

"Go to your room," their mother says to the younger two.

"They're not babies," Yoongi argues.

"I make the rules in this house," she says. "You two, go to your room,"

The twins do as their told and stand up, leaving their bowls almost untouched. Sung-mi takes Yoongi's hand, making the elder look down at her. She gives him a wide-eyed look, silently telling him to do what he wants before she lefts go and follows her sister upstairs.

"Sit," Yoongi's mother orders. Yoongi reluctantly sits in his chair, avoiding eye contact. "You have only just got home. I haven't seen you- we haven't seen you in months, Yoongi. Months. Do you not know how difficult that has been on all of us?"

Yoongi shifts in his chair, twisting his fingers together under the table.

His mother sighs heavily. "You're my son, Yoongi. I need all of you here with me whenever I get the chance to. Now, we're going to sit here and finish supper and you're going to tell me what happened with this Siren. Ku, please take the girls' bowls upstairs to them,"

Ku firmly nods and takes the bowls to the twins' room before he returns and takes his seat. Yoongi glances up, watching how his mother gives him a stern look before he takes his spoon and sits up a little straighter.

He begins to tell them both about how he and Jimin met, trying to match everything Jimin had said that day, word for word until he reaches the day when Jimin got attacked.
"Seriously?!" Ku splutters, earning a light slap on the wrist from their mother.

Yoongi nods. "His tail was mauled. He didn't have the strength to swim so he stayed where he was and I cared for him. Well- I tried to. I fed him and made sure he was doing okay. I think that's where it started for us both,"

His mother watches intently as Yoongi tells his story, not speaking until he's finished. Ku sits back in his chair, releasing a long exhale of air.

"You really love him," his mother says as a statement and not a question.

"I do," Yoongi tells her. "I really do,"

"Tell me again why he can't come here," their mother requests.

"Because his magic won't allow him to be in human form for very long. He'd have to live a very sheltered life in the shade and be near water all the time. He reckons he could only be human for two or three days a month before he has to become a Siren again. Jimin loves the sunlight, he wouldn't stay indoors all day, every day. He's very strong-minded and bratty, he'll do what he likes even if it kills him. In Siren form, the Sailors are bound to capture him and sell him. That's why we don't get Sirens here because they're terrified of being killed or sold for goods. Jimin- Jimin had a bad experience,"

"Yes, you said," his mother nods.

"But it's not my story to tell. But I can tell you that it's bad. There's no way he'd trust to live here even if he could,"

"So how are you going to be with him?" Ku asks.

This is where Yoongi stops again. Yoongi's mother and Ku both look at him expectantly, awaiting his response.

"I plan to go back and live on the ship, coming home every couple of months,"

Their mother hums, making Ku turn to look at her with a worried expression. Finally, however, she opens her mouth to speak.

"You love him that much?"

"Yes," Yoongi says without a moment of thought.

"We'll sort everything over the next few days, food stock, clothes, water, and in the meantime, you're going to have a proper bath and plenty of rest. You can leave on Friday,"
Yoongi's jaw practically hits the table. The air has been sucked from his lungs, and it seems that Ku had the exact same reaction.

"You're letting me go to him?!" Yoongi cries out.

His mother nods once as she stands without a word to collect the bowls.



















The water is hot, with steam floating in the air around him. Yoongi takes a deep breath in, closing his eyes and relaxing in the warmth, his body thanking him. He lets out a shuddery exhale and opens his eyes again. His heart is pounding at the thought of having his Mother's consent. He thinks for a moment about trying to find a way of having Jimin meet his family, and the thought makes him smile. The twins would love him, and Jimin could tell them all the ancient tales of the Sirens and the royal family. He could flash his beautiful tail and smirk as everyone stares at him. It makes Yoongi chuckle.

It's been a few days since Yoongi's mother had agreed, and he's set to leave tomorrow. It's the late afternoon right now, and Ku has gone to work with the twins helping the sailors prepare his ship and their mother doing part-time work at the market with Ku, a bargain deal to take home more food and supplies. Yoongi couldn't be more thankful. He had tried to show his appreciatio, but was met with flapping hands of his mother, insisting that he rest up and eat plenty. He stays in the water until his bathwater has become cold before he sits up and pushes himself to stand, taking the sheet to dry himself off. He dresses in a new blue tunic and matching pants, thanks to his Mother who had stayed up late these past few nights to make him new clothes with all the new fabric the market had offered her. His skin feels smooth and warm and his stomach is full of warm food. He smiles to himself and steps out of the bathroom, with the intent on sleeping before he sets off in the early hours the next day. Yoongi slips into one side of Ku's bed and holds the pillow close, knowing that soon enough, it'll be Jimin that's in his arms.


















He's naturally shaken awake by Ku. Yoongi groggily opens his eyes and groans, attempting to bury his face in the pillow. The room is barely illuminated by the weak sunlight of the early morning, and Yoongi's body insists on going back to sleep.

"It's time to go," Ku says quietly. Yoongi mumbles something incoherent and shakes his head. "Fine, have it your way," his brother mutters.

"I will, thanks," Yoongi mumbles.

Of course, he expects his brother to leave him alone and eventually have his mother storm in, screaming at him to get the fuck up, but Ku seems to have other ideas. The elder suddenly slams into Yoongi, knocking the air from the younger as he cries out, the noise strangled as he falls to the floor, banging his head in the process.

"He's up!" Ku yells.

Yoongi opens his mouth to argue but instead has his brother's toe shoved into his mouth before he runs off, leaving Yoongi on the ground.

Thankfully, breakfast goes better. They all sit around the table, their mother looking bright-eyed and Ku smirking at Yoongi. The twins rub their eyes and yawn, shivering from only having just gotten up.

"You know you didn't have to get up, right?" Yoongi says as he gently nudges Sung-mi's shoulder.

"Needed to," his sister mumbles. "Wanted to say goodbye,"

"I'll be back before you know it," he whispers with a warm smile to Sung-mi. Yumi by this point has fallen back against her chair, sleeping soundly until her sister decides to kick her off.

"Wake up, nimrod," Sung-mi mutters.

"Apologize to your sister," their mother says, voice tired. It's obvious she deals with her children all tormenting each other on a daily basis.

Sung-mi just smirks and tucks back into her porridge, having since woken up a little more. Yumi gets up from the floor with a scowl aimed at her sister before she plops back down into her chair.

"Everything is ready for you on the boat," their mother says, aiming her words at Yoongi.

"Thank you so much, Eomma," Yoongi smiles warmly. "You didn't have to do this for me,"

"Yes I did," she says with a wave of her hand. "I heard from Seokjin that you went with a wooden spear and only a wooden spear. Did I hear that right, Min Yoongi?"

Yoongi shrivels into his seat.

Ku snorts, ignoring the glare their mother sends him.

"You should have known better than to take the minimum of food. How you didn't starve out is beyond me!" His mother shrieks. "You better keep yourself hydrated out there, or god forbid-" She threatens with a raise of her hand. Yoongi automatically sinks further into his seat, avoiding eye contact. "You kids," she mutters with a tut. "And you need to see your friends before you leave. You've only seen them once since you got back,"

"Yes Eomma," Yoongi responds quietly.

"And make sure to finish your porridge!"

"Yes, Eomma," 

"And for God's sake, wear something warm before you leave,"

"Yes, Eomma,"

"Are you sassing me?" His mother snaps.

"No Eomma,"

Their mother eyes Yoongi with a narrowed look before she tuts again and looks down at her food.

They finish their food in silence after that, with Yoongi thinking back to when Namjoon, Hoseok, and Seokjin dragged Yoongi to the brewery for beer.





"So, tell us then!" Hoseok demands as he sets down four glasses, topped full with beer. Although Yoongi isn't really a fan, he takes a sip anyway, hiding his disgusted face.

"There's a lot to tell," Yoongi says.

The others groan and roll their eyes.

"Tell us how your spear idea turned out," Seokjin says.

Yoongi narrows his eyes. "Listen," he says. "That spear was handy,"

Namjoon just snorts at this.

Yoongi turns his glare to Namjoon and says, "don't fucking laugh, I tried my best,"

"So did you happen to- meet- anyone?" Hoseok asks, his face obvious.

"Ku told you," Yoongi notes with a firm nod. "Well, okay, yeah. I met a Siren. The most bratty, annoying, loveable and beautiful Siren. Makes me hate him sometimes," Yoongi mutters with a fond smile.

"Apparently you love him," Seokjin says as he leans over the table to poke Yoongi's cheek. Yoongi scowls at this and pulls away. "Are you going back to him?"

Yoongi takes his time to answer, knowing that all three of them are looking at him impatiently. He takes a few sips of the disgustingly sour beverage before he sets it down and starts turning the coaster until he's happy with its placement.

"Well?!" Seokjin edges.

"Yes, I am," Yoongi finally says.

All three of them cheer, causing most of the people inside to look their way.

"Yoongi's found love!" Seokjin cries out with Hoseok and Namjoon whooping, raising their arms and hollering. Yoongi just rolls his eyes but smiles warmly.

"I'll be gone for a few months," Yoongi tells them when they finally calm down.

"Will you come back for us too, hyung?" Hoseok asks, a loving expression on his face as he mocks Yoongi.

Yoongi scoffs and slaps his hand away. "I'll think about it,"










Yoongi stands on the docks, giving individual hugs to everyone around him. All of his bags are on the boat except for a duffel on his back, slung over one shoulder. He hugs Sung-mi and Yumi first, holding his sisters close. "Be good for Eomma, okay?" He whispers as he pressed a soft kiss to each twins' cheek. They both nod and smile before stepping away.

Ku comes up next, holding Yoongi in a tight embrace as he pats his back with strength. "Do good, brother," Ku says as he leans closer so that only Yoongi can hear him. "Return to us,"

Yoongi holds back tears and nods firmly, smiling as his brother steps away to let Hoseok run into his arms, crying out dramatically. "You need to stop leaving us, hyung," Hoseok sobs as he holds Yoongi tightly.

"I'm coming back in a few months you idiot," Yoongi chokes out as he's practically squeezed to death.

"Shut up, let me have my moment," his friend snaps as he holds Yoongi tighter. Once he finally lets go, Namjoon pulls Yoongi into another hug, not saying anything. Yoongi holds him back just as tight, letting Namjoon swing them from side to side before he pulls away.

Seokjin is quick to rush up to Yoongi, hands clasping his face like an adorning mother as he coos at the younger. "Be safe, Yo-Yo," he says, bringing up the nickname that Yoongi has grown to despise. "Return to your mothers!" He says as he looks over at Yoongi's actual mother who smiles back, amused.

"Get off-" Yoongi snaps as he slaps Seokjin's hands away. The elder lets out his screeching laugh as he skips over to cuddle with Namjoon and Hoseok. Finally, it's Yoongi's Mother's turn. She walks slowly as if trying to drag timeout. She straightens out his tunic first, smoothing over the lines across his shoulders and making sure the clothing sits straight before she looks up and smiles, creating wrinkles around her eyes.

"You will return to us," she says before she gently hugs Yoongi. Yoongi grips onto her, the tears finally making themselves known. "Your father would be so proud of you," she whispers as she pulls away. She wipes a tear away gracefully before she smiles and opens her arms for the twins' to run to her. Ku stands upright behind their mother, smiling at Yoongi.

"Now go," Ku says. Jimin must be waiting for you,"

Yoongi holds back a sob and nods, waving as he walks up onto the ship, looking over the portrait of Jimin that smiles back at him from the decking. He waves and waves until they're no longer in sight. Once again, he's alone on the ocean with a sadness in his chest but a determination in his heart.
















Jimin ;


"Can you hear that?" Jeongguk asks as he perks his head up.

"I promise you, there's nothing here. No one's out to get you," Jimin says calmly as he rests Jeongguk's head back down. Jimin hasn't left his side since Yoongi left. He's lucky that Jeongguk didn't try anything whilst he was with Yoongi above the water, but he's determined to not leave his friend's side again.

"No, it's- I don't know," the younger says with furrowed eyebrows.
Jimin stops and listens out, trusting his hearing to pick up something if it were there. There's a very faint noise, but he doesn't take any notice of it.

"It's probably just the others, remember that they're sorting out the colony," Jimin tells the younger as he runs a hand through Jeongguk's hair. "It's bound to be noisy,"

Jeongguk just nods and rests his head properly on the sand. "I'm sorry he had to leave, hyung,"

Jimin's hand freezes for a moment. "He said he'd come back," Jimin says. "I have faith that he will,"

The younger nods, but doesn't mention it again.

"Sir," someone says. A Siren that Jimin had since put on the forces is by the entrance of Jeongguk's home, half in and half out of the large cave.

"What is it?" Jimin snaps as he turns his attention back to Jeongguk who is trying to sit up. "Stay calm, it's okay. No one's coming for you, Kook,"

"There's a breach above water," the force Siren says.

This makes Jeongguk's whole body tense up, tail wrapping protectively around him. Jimin seethes through his gritted teeth. "Now really isn't the time. Are they an immediate danger?" Jimin asks as he looks back at the force Siren.

"It's a large boat, we didn't want to attack without consent,"

The air suddenly leaves Jimin's lungs. Jeongguk, also understanding what Jimin is thinking, pushes the elder's hands away and sits up. "Do you think...?"

"I don't know," Jimin says quietly.

"Sir? Would you like us to attack?"

"No-" Jimin says quickly. "No, I... No. Just- please have someone here with Jeongguk," Jimin orders, watching the force Siren nod and swim away. The elder slowly turns back to the younger, resting his head back down on the sand.

"I'm okay, hyung. You should see if it's him," Jeongguk says.

"You're not okay, don't lie to me,"

"But I am, I-"

Jimin puts a finger to Jeongguk's lips, silencing the younger. "Be quiet," he says. They wait in silence until the force Siren is back with Jeongguk's friend, Kai close to his side. "Stay with Jeongguk, I'm needed," Jimin says as he floats away from Jeongguk's side, obviously distracted.

"Of course," Kai nods as he sits close to his friend.

"Go back to the forces, the colony need you," Jimin orders to the Siren who closely follows him.

"But, Sir,"

"I said go," Jimin snaps as he roughly turns. The force Siren is reluctant, but nods and swims back, leaving Jimin to power his way through the water, hoping with everything in him that it's Yoongi's boat.

As his head breaks the surface, there is indeed a boat.

It's then that he spots Yoongi who seems to have the wheel out of control as he spins it to the side, swearing loudly to himself as he manages to crash the boat backward into the rocks.

"Fucking damn thing," he mutters under his breath as he steadies the wheel before he's finally able to assess the damage. Jimin floats a little away from the rocks, out of sight from Yoongi as he smirks in amusement, watching as Yoongi groans and scratches the back of his neck, looking down at how he's managed to scratch up the boat.

Jimin sinks under the water, watching from underneath how Yoongi steps away from the edge, back turned to the rocks as he swims over, being as silent as the water will allow him before he pulls himself up onto the rocks and lays across them, one hand supporting his chin, tail posed upwards and his other arm sprawled out across the rocks. He waits until Yoongi turns, eyes catching sight of the Siren with shock before Jimin speaks.

"Hello again, Mr. Sailor,"