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Jeongguk’s ass jiggles with the force of the spank, spit drooling from the corners of his mouth around the ball gag. Wrists tied above his head, legs tied to either bedpost, Jeongguk’s the only one naked.

“So—” Jeongguk gags on the plastic, trying to speak, tearing up pathetically—eyes big as he stares forward, forward at all his hyungs.

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” Namjoon asks.

For being such a whore, Jeongguk wants to say. But he tries, tries to speak and ends up gagging.

“Poor lil slut, can’t even answer your leader, huh?” Taehyung chuckles, spanking his ass again, right over his waxed, clenching asshole. “Been such a fucking whore tonight that you don’t even deserve to be fucked. Should just spank you all night, but I bet a slut like you would like that even more—”

Jeongguk starts whining around the gag, starts squirming and, god, he looks like such a fucking slut like that—humping his cock against the satin sheets, moaning incoherently as they all watch.

“Can’t even speak,” Jimin laughs. “Slut’s not good for anything but showing off his body to the world.”

Taehyung starts rubbing the pad of his thumb by Jeongguk’s puckered hole, the pinkness of his rim looking delectable. The boy writhes, exposed and helpless, useless cock rubbing against his abs—

His abs.

“What a whore, huh? Would slap your cock too if you weren’t tied face down ass up—” Taehyung utters. “This position fits you. Sluts like you don’t need to see who’s playing with your body, right?”

Jeongguk nods into his drooly pillow, sobbing around the ball gag at Taehyung’s words. He knows they’re not true but, but—god, he really was a bad boy tonight. And, and—god, he does want it, wants his cock slapped, wants to be treated like a whore. Wants this—wants it so bad. Wants to tell them all but the fucking gag just reminds him that this is a punishment. That he’s being punished.

He rolls his ass back into the air too, wiggling and shaking it for extra effect, extra attention but all the boys just laugh, laugh at his whorish attempts.

“Pathetic,” Seokjin sighs. “Look fucking pathetic, Guk. You’re getting sluttier and sluttier. Your little hole’s even clenching around Taetae’s thumb.”

Jeongguk’s trying, trying to be a good boy but he’s already been so bad the entire night, already was a whore out on stage, lifting his shirt to the nipple.

Might as well keep going.

So he starts rocking back against the thumb, slight movements of his hips. It’s dry and it’s shallow but, but god does it feel good, feel obscene having his pink rim rubbed like this, spread open—exposed.

“Being a filthy whore on camera wasn’t enough for you, was it? Have to be a filthy whore even here?”

—Yoongi’s words make Jeongguk’s hips buck with eagerness, cock brushing again and again with the bed, nipples grazing just enough to make him cry.

“Ye—gnh—hngh,” he moans around the ball gag.

“Should fuck you open just like this,” Taehyung hums. “Shouldn’t even fuck you with cock. Fitting punishment for a cockslut like you? Just wanted be the hyungs’ cumdump for the night, right—?”

Jeongguk keeps gagging on the plastic, keeps playing into Taehyung’s games (—doesn’t even notice how there’s lube dripping onto his back).

“Pl—urgh—enghh,” he moans again, but soon he realizes, realizes the sudden sticky wetness. “Oh, oh, o—ngh—h. Ha, ha, hngh—”

Seokjin’s lazily upturned the bottle of lube over his lower back—dangerously close to the crack of his asshole. He’s spread so open, body exposed like he deserves, like he deserves for acting like that on stage (—for being a bad boy, such a bad boy).

“Gonna waste a whole bottle on you, Guk. Slutty body needs it,” he says, swirling the lube all over.

Hoseok goes to continue spanking him, what with Taehyung thumbing his hole, teasing as Jeongguk keeps going, keeps rutting back. His waxed hole’s so sensitive, so pink, so eatable. Jeongguk wants someone—god, he’d let anyone—to lick him out.

Jeongguk tries to spread his legs wider, ignoring the ache in his thighs, tries to fuck back and make Taehyung go in deeper.

“Stop being such a whore,” Jimin grits out, leaning down to bite at the boy’s ear, nicking his piercings, licking over them with his tongue, “and wait—”

“Or we won’t fuck you at all,” Namjoon adds.

But, but I’m so wet, Jeongguk tries to say, words garbled by the gag. There’s lube all over his back for no good reason but to utterly humiliate him and it’s working. He feels filthy, feels fucking obscene.

“We should just leave him here like this,” Yoongi gruffs, “maybe leave the door open so some hotel staff can come in, play with his body. Bet he’d like that. Bet he’d like strangers fucking him open and full with cum. Doesn’t matter who plays with your holes as long as you’re filled with cum, huh?”

Jeongguk takes a heavy breath and nods slowly.

Jimin tugs a handful of Jeongguk’s hair, pulls hard and god, god Jeongguk’s so hard, cock so plump. Seokjin shoves a hand under Jeongguk to grip his cock rough, hissing as he rubs it on the boy’s abs.

“Filthy boy,” Seokjin whispers. “Should take photos of you before and after we use your body. Already look so slutty like this, lube spilt all over your back, hole puckering and clenching. Gorgeous.”

Oh my god please take photos please please.

Jeongguk tries to speak, feeling the humiliation as he fails, as saliva dribbles down his face and he’s forced to look Jimin in the eye. Oh god, oh god—

God, Taehyung’s spreading his hole open with two thumbs now, kissing the pinkness of his rim before spitting and dirtying him even further. The glob of saliva drips into his hole just as Jimin spits on him too, spit landing on his cheek and he wants to cry.

“Gonna pump you full,” Taehyung hums. “We’re all gonna fuck you full until your tight body’s all fucked out, hole gaping.”

So Hoseok slaps his ass again as Seokjin rubs his precum all over his stomach, dirtying his abs—the abs he’d shown off—with his own slick, own mess.

Dizzy, he’s so fucking dizzy.

“A body like this was meant to be fucked, huh—?” Yoongi breathes. “You seem to know it, given how slutty you were acting, showing it off to everyone.”

Jeongguk aches for another touch, another spank.

“Answer hyung,” Namjoon orders. “Answer.”

The ball gag. Fuck. Jeongguk can’t, can’t speak, but then more lube’s spilt onto him, dripped onto his face by Seokjin and he feels pathetic. He gags in shock around the gag and feels his hole clench, Taehyung’s lips teasing at his rim.

Jeongguk shakes his head, face all wet with tears and now lube, his sweaty hair gripped by Jimin—

“What a goddamn brat,” Jimin groans. “Can’t even take his punishment without crying like a whore.”

“Mgh,” Jeongguk whimpers, wanting to apologize, wanting to answer Yoongi. “ ‘m s—ngh, ergh—”

“Kinda feel bad for the slut, kinda wanna take the gag out, but it’s not like he deserves it,” Taehyung sighs, poking at his hole with his forefinger.

Jimin hums, smearing the lube around Jeongguk’s face with a cruel hand, cruel smile. “He sounds so pretty like this, but he does sound better begging.” He rubs his thumb on the boy’s cheekbone, staring into Jeongguk’s shiny, glossy eyes apathetically—

“Gonna be fucked incoherent later, anyways,” Hoseok decides, pinching Jeongguk’s bruised skin and smiling at the way he just writhes at the touch.

“Yeah, yeah he is,” Jimin says, talking about their whore as if Jeongguk weren’t right there—weren’t tied up, tied to the bedposts, butt naked. “Joonie,” he begins, “can you take the gag out?”

Jeongguk’s buzzing, whining with excitement.

Namjoon nods, obediently unlatching the gag and pulling it out of the boy’s mouth as Jimin pulls his head up by the hair, playing with his bottom lip.

Fuck, his jaw aches so much. Tongue lolled out, he feels like a whore—feels like he can’t even speak, even with the the ball gag out of his mouth. Fuck.

“Good boy,” Jimin praises, and Jeongguk almost thinks that it’s directed towards him, but then he’s kissing Namjoon’s lips with a gentle softness and Jeongguk feels even filthier, even more pathetic.

“Now what do you say, Guk?” Jimin asks.

“Tha—ngh—nk yuh. Thank, gah, thank you,” he slurs, drool dripping out his mouth uncontrollably.

Jimin slips two fingers into Jeongguk’s wet mouth just as Taehyung dips his tongue into his tight hole. Jeongguk chokes around Jimin’s finger instantly—his eyes gone wide and he feels like a useless toy.

“Deserve to be punished, not to be fucked.”

“Pl—eas—hngh,” he whines, sucking on the digits.

Taehyung’s licking into his ass and, fuck, fuck, getting waxed was worth it. He feels so naked, completely hairless below the neck.

Squirming around, Jeongguk sees that Namjoon’s now sitting around Jimin, closing the younger boy into something akin to a back hug, but Namjoon’s palming at Jimin’s cock, breathing heavy breaths into his shoulder that sound awfully like whimpers. Jeongguk looks closer and—Namjoon’s grinding slowly against Jimin’s ass. Jimin looks uncaring.

“Baby looks gorgeous, right?” Jimin asks Namjoon quietly. “Skin blushed, tight body acting all slutty; that’s what’s got you all worked up, Joonie, right?”

Namjoon’s nodding into Jimin’s neck, all affected by Jeongguk. “Yeah. Yeah. Looks so good.”

“Baby looks like a whore. Baby’s been a whore.”

Jeongguk whimpers, jealousy making him act like a fucking brat—he wants to grind against his pretty hyung too, wants to be treated softly, but, but he’s been a whore all night. But, he wants to be treated like this—like a whore—too. Wants it so bad.

Yoongi reaches under Jeongguk to pinch a nipple, rasping, “You never answered my question before, Guk.” Yoongi plays with his nipples, knowing how sensitive he gets, knowing how much he loves it.

Too bad Jeongguk’s so dizzy, so disoriented, that he’s distracted. Poor baby can’t remember what Yoongi’s talking about, what Yoongi said, so—he just stares blankly at the older, sucking on Jimin’s fingers with obscene, slurping noises. “Hngh?”

“Do you not remember?” Yoongi asks.

Jeongguk shakes his head, eyes confused.

“Guh, Gukkie can’t, hngh, can’t remember.”

Yoongi laughs, repeating himself when he says, “I said a body like yours was made to be fucked, but you’ve been such a fucking slut showing off those abs of yours to everyone that it seems that a slut like you doesn’t deserve to be fucked, huh?”

Jimin fucks his mouth with those two fingers, not even caring that Yoongi’s asked him to speak—

“Answer me, c’mon. Tell me what you are.”

“Mngh, f—ugh—hngh.”

Jimin seems to take mercy on the boy—pulling his fingers out with a wet pop, wiping them on his skin.

“ ‘m a slut, ‘m a slut,” he cries, so far humiliated.


“And, and, and—” god, Jeongguk doesn’t want to say it, doesn’t want to admit it, but Taehyung pulls his cheeks apart even farther, pushes his tongue in even deeper and it makes Jeongguk rock back, it makes Jeongguk savor every lick of Taehyung’s tongue, every brush his cock gets against the bed, “—and, my body was made to be fucked but—” he lets out another sob, “—I’ve been such a, a whore that I don’t deserve to be fucked. I deserve to be punished for showing myself off on, on camera.”

“Fuck,” Namjoon whimpers, rutting faster and with more fervor against Jimin’s ass, mouthing against his shoulder needily with wet breaths.

Yoongi cracks a smile.

“Bet he wishes all that lube on his body were cum. Wouldn’t be surprised,” Jimin says. “Bet he wishes that he’d be pumped with cum too, huh?”

“Please,” Jeongguk pants, squeaking when Yoongi twists a nipple, when Seokjin squeezes his cock.

Too much. Too much.


“Please, please pump me full with cum,” he begs with a slurry voice, face mushing against the bed as he’s tongue fucked to the next day. Fuck.

Taehyung growls, clicking his tongue as he eats Jeongguk out. He spanks Jeongguk upper thigh as a warning. “Shut up. Sluts like you don’t deserve to ask nicely. You’ll take what we give you.”

Jimin giggles from above him. “So mean, Taetae.”

“Yeah, because you’re so nice to Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung,” Taehyung deadpans, thumbing Jeongguk’s hole to keep squirmy, keep him jittery.

“I am nice! I am!” he insists, amidst the rest of the boys’ laughter. He’s the meanest one among them.

Jeongguk only whines, writhing around until his mouth can meet Jimin’s fingers again, wrapping around three this time and sucking messily.

“Our messy baby always needs something in his mouth, huh?” Jimin lilts, endeared by Jeongguk’s adorableness, endeared by how Jeongguk nods.

“Lift your hips, Guk,” Taehyung orders.

With teary eyes, dazed and confused, he obeys, raising his ass completely off the bed, knees and chest pressed to the sheets. Taehyung wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s thick thighs, kissing his waxed hole before licking in—stroking his cock.

Jeongguk gasps, gasps around Jimin’s fingers at the touch of his cock, precum spread all over with a slick, obscene noise. Dirty, dizzying, disgusting.

“Don’t come,” Seokjin instructs nonchalantly.

“The slut always comes untouched, always comes from just playing with his nipples,” Yoongi mocks.

“He won’t be able to do it,” Jimin adds.

“Yes, gah, hng, hy—ugh—ung,” Jeongguk groans, already fucking wetly into Taehyung’s hand—back against Taehyung’s tongue. “I won’t, won’t come.”

(They all laugh.)

Jeongguk falls into that rhythm; he doesn’t even care that all the boys are playing with him without any intention of letting him come. Taehyung starts to play with his head, rubbing his slit and god, god Jeongguk’s so wet. God, Jeongguk doesn’t think he can do this, doesn’t think he can take it.

Won’t come won’t come won’t come.

But Jeongguk’s already making those incoherent noises and it’s as if the gag was never taken out.

Not gonna come not gonna come.

He’s fighting an uphill battle: when he starts to sob needily, Jimin only fucks his pliant mouth with his fingers just as hard, but then the fingers are gone and Jeongguk’s left dripping drool all over the bed.

“No, no, no,” he whines messily.

Taehyung’s response to his incessant squirming is to slap his cock this time, smack him right on the head and the skap is obscene, wet and obscene. Jeongguk squeaks in shock. Taehyung slaps his cock again, and again, and again, until Jeongguk stops squeaking and starts letting out little broken whimpers. “You’ll take what we give you,” he says.

Suddenly, suddenly Jeongguk begins to ground himself, begins to feel the lube spilt all over him, the precum leaking from his cock, and the drool dripping from his mouth and—he floats again.

Jeongguk doesn’t even notice there’s a cockhead pressing against his lips at first, only notices when it pushes into his mouth and he’s already sucking on the thickness, looking up with his glossy eyes, shining with so many stars that it’s unreal.

It’s Namjoon.

Jeongguk’s mouth feels so full but he barely has half of Namjoon’s cock in his mouth. Too big, fuck.

“The poor slut can’t even take all of Joonie in his mouth,” Jimin observes cruelly, now sitting behind Namjoon. They’ve switched places, and now Jimin has his hands on Namjoon’s hips, pushing him and controlling him as he pleases. “I thought you’d be better than this,” Jimin degrades, disappointed like hell, “seeing how . . . eagerly you seem to show off your tight, slutty body to the world?”

Jeongguk’s nothing if not confident—

(He goes deeper, takes Namjoon in deeper.)

—and Jimin’s nothing if not a challenge.

Jimin will break that confidence, as he has, time and time again, as Jeongguk has learned. But, but there’s something about the fight, something about the humiliation of being fucked full, dicked down, filled to the fucking brim until all the brattiness has left you gaping, that makes Jeongguk’s heart soar.

“Fuck his mouth,” Jimin orders.

Namjoon, with his quivering thighs and his shaky breaths, drooling just as much as Jeongguk is—

Namjoon obeys easily, fucking in, fucking out.

Jeongguk’s absolutely destroyed.

Enamored with the sight of Jeongguk visibly going weak with the tongue in his ass and the cock in his mouth, the rest of them start to feel pity for him.

But that pity goes away when Jeongguk spurts all over his stomach, unexpectedly, clenching around Taehyung’s tongue, pulling off of Namjoon’s cock as he gasps in horror, squirms uncontrollably, and looks up at Jimin apologetically. Overwhelmed with what just happened, Jeongguk breathes heavily—

“Oh, oh, gah, mmgh,” Jeongguk moans. “ ‘m sorry, ‘m so sorry, hyung. Sorry, gah. Didn’t mean to—”

All hands go off him as he rides his orgasm, cock spurting cum all over the sheets, all over his abs.

“Whore,” Seokjin degrades, times it to be just as Hoseok squeezes Jeongguk’s ass cheek roughly. “Came all over yourself, huh? Came all over your abs. Bet you wanna show it off to everyone, your cum-slick abs, right? Show how messy you are, how pathetic your hyungs have made you, Guk? Worked so hard to get that body and you’re only dirtying yourself with cum. Useless.”

“You haven’t been very good lately,” Hoseok says with a warning voice. “Bad boys like you get—”

“Punished, punished,” Jeongguk squeaks. “Please don’t, please, please. I’m sorry, ah, ah, I’m sorry.”

He looks at Taehyung, lips swollen and cheeks flushed from eating Jeongguk out so long. With red, rosebud lips he asks, “Pretty baby’s sorry?”

Jeongguk nods, teary-eyed and sniffling.

“Should we untie him?” Yoongi asks, running his hand through Jeongguk’s sticky hair. Adorable.

It’s then that they all start to whisper to each other and Jeongguk’s way too weak-limbed and heavy-breathed to try to listen in. He just closes his eyes and revels in the light feeling of his after-orgasm.

After a few breathless moments, do they untie him, but the poor baby just stays in the same position—pathetic, can’t even move. Useless cock, tight abs, and hairless stomach all pressing against a pool of his own cum.

“Get on your back,” Jimin commands.

Jeongguk cringes as he does so, his back sticky with lube squishing against the satin sheets. He outright just whimpers when Jimin shoves his legs apart, so far that it hurts. His cock, sensitive from orgasm, twitches with overstimulation—but no one but Jeongguk seems to pay any attention at all.

Seokjin throws the bottle of lube between his legs, scoffing when Jeongguk picks it up, looking at him with a confused, helpless look.

“You gave everyone a show out there, being such a whore on live television. So give us one. Go wild. Be a slut and finger yourself however you want.”

Jeongguk doesn’t know why he’s embarrassed.

He hesitates too much, hesitates so much that Jimin slaps a light hit to Jeongguk’s upper thigh, but, god, Jeongguk’s so sensitive that he feels it everywhere. His hole, sticky with spit, clenches.

Jeongguk feels hot at the sight of Jimin carelessly stroking Namjoon’s big cock as he speaks to him, “Can’t even do this, Guk? Need hyung’s help?”


Jeongguk shakes his head, sniffling as he rushes to open the bottle, letting an excessive amount of lube drip onto his fingers. It’s fucking humiliating.

“Can, can do it. Gukkie will, will be a good slut—!”

“Don’t close your eyes,” Taehyung says. “Wanna see your eyes when you get all overwhelmed and confused.”

Breathing heavily, Jeongguk brings his dripping fingers to his hole, absolutely dirty with spit—he blushes at the memory of being eaten out.

He tries to keep his eyes open but it’s just so hard. He’s so overstimulated and so oversensitive, but it feels good, feels good to touch himself (—it’s not what he wants, but it’s enough for now, enough to sate his used body and his aching, aching limbs).

Starting with the perineum, Jeongguk’s already pliant and squirmy. His taint sufficiently lubed up, Jeongguk circles his own hole with the tips of his lube-slick fingers, whining slightly at the sensitivity. Spreading himself with one hand, pushing in two fingers with the other, Jeongguk whimpers loud.

Hoseok takes the opportunity to press his hand on Jeongguk’s stomach hard, effectively stopping the squirmy baby from writhing around. But he laughs, feeling how hard Jeongguk’s abs are clenching as he fingers himself. “Enjoying this, huh? You fuckin’ exhibitionist. Love showing off this body of yours.”

“Love it, love it—” Jeongguk agrees mindlessly, easily slipping in a third finger, and then a fourth.

“You love it, huh?” Taehyung asks, accompanied with a click of a camera, a slight flash of light.

They’re really, really taking photos of me. Fuck.

—Jeongguk nods, pumping his fingers in and out with more fervor now, tempted to fist his cock, still soft from orgasm but twitching from being fucked.

“Love, love being a whore for hyungs.”

Click. Click. Jeongguk feels so mortified but god, god he loves it, loves the way the humiliation just plumpens his cock, makes his hole clench.

After several photos have been taken of him, after so much whimpering and whining, Taehyung says, “Now spread yourself open with both hands, Guk, wanna see your hole. ‘m sure you want everyone to see it too, don’t you?”

But the thing is, Jeongguk’s so distracted by the sight of Namjoon, completely naked from the waist down, cock in Jimin’s small hands, that he doesn’t answer, only feels his mouth water in desire, want.

Jeongguk only realizes that they’re all waiting for him once Yoongi hits his cock with a shy slap. It’s a bit of a betrayal, Min Yoongi of all people punishing him. He hears a small whisper of good boy, Yoon, my good baby come from Hoseok, followed by a whiny Seok-Seok emit from Yoongi’s pouty mouth. Hoseok kisses him lightly, brushing the strands of hair that had fallen to his forehead.

“Look at that,” Taehyung says, “got Yoongi-hyung and Joon-hyung all worked up. Work ‘em up some more, Guk, spread your cheeks for us. C’mon—”

“Okay, okay,” Jeongguk utters, watching Yoongi and Namjoon as he spreads himself open with four fingers from each hand, the pinkness of his perfect hole caught and immortalized on camera.

He looks at the camera with this embarrassed, petulant, bratty look, so Jimin says, “Won’t you smile for the camera, sweetheart?”

It’s silence for a bit, silence as Jeongguk stares dumbly at Jimin, shaking pathetically, fingers still inside his own ass and rubbing at his rim.

Jeongguk feels so overwhelmed, starts to sniffle again at the order, hiccups as he says, “Y—yes, yes, hyung. Thank you, hyung.” Then he smiles, looks so beautiful, all whimpery and sensitive.

The snapshot of that moment, that moment where his eyes flash with constellations as his lips glisten with spit, is captured on camera by Taehyung.

“Ah, hyung,” Jeongguk whines. “Thank you.”

He sounds so breathless, so dazed that—

Jimin, sitting between Jeongguk’s legs, lets go of Namjoon’s dripping cock to place both his hands on the youngest boy’s waist, leaning forward to kiss Jeongguk, all wet and messy like he knows Jeongguk likes it. “Good?” he asks softly, breaking character a bit to make sure that Jeongguk’s okay.

Jeongguk smiles wider at the question, eyes continuing to shine brighter than all the stars.

“ ‘m good,” he says, glancing around the room to make eye contact with everyone. “Gukkie’s good.”

“Color?” Seokjin asks.

“Green. ‘m green,” Jeongguk cheers, before biting his lip shyly, sucking on it. “Could take more kisses though,” he adds, looking down at his own hands.

He hears laughter come from all of them—so fond, so fucking endeared. Jeongguk loves the attention and loves them. Loves it all.

(Jeongguk gets a thousand nose kisses, too.)

“Brat,” breathes Seokjin, clicking the lube open.

Jimin slaps Jeongguk’s cock—playfully this time—easing back into the boy’s punishment. “Cockslut.”

Then he moves to sit beside Jeongguk, rather than between his legs and Jeongguk’s so confused, so helpless as he just watches, watches and feels as his cock begins to plump up again. It’s so—hot.

“Open yourself wider,” Seokjin demands.

Jeongguk has his eyes closed, so overstimulated and oversensitive that he just can’t take it, can’t take the sight of all his hyungs, most of them fully clothed and red-cheeked. Fuck. Fuck.

And, when Jeongguk does open himself wider—feeling his tight, waxed hole, stained with lube and saliva, become even more exposed—the tip of the lube bottle presses to his rim and Jeongguk’s eyes burst open, mouth gaping at the sight, his asshole clenching at the feeling. Jeongguk’s hands panic, go straight to his cock but Jimin keeps them down.

Seokjin squeezes and the lube gushes into him.

As he squeezes the bottle, fills the boy messy and to the brim with lube, Seokjin leans forward to toy with one of Jeongguk’s nipples, absolutely abusing his sensitivity. Jeongguk’s pathetic cock weeps—

Fingers still (—still) inside his ass, Jeongguk feels the lube bottle push through, push past his fingers and he’s not only pumped full with lube, but—he’s fucked full with the bottle.

It’s dirty, it’s fucking dirty.

“You’re leaking already,” Seokjin warns harshly, scooping the spilt lube on his fingers and smearing it all on the boy’s thighs. “Should we plug you up? Ass filled with lube instead of cum? You like that?”

“No, mmgh,” Jeongguk whines. “Cum, n—not lube. Wanna, wanna be filled with cum. Please, hyung.”

Seokjin hums as he fucks the bottle in and out of his hole—squeezing occasionally, letting the cold liquid flood his ass, puffy hole quivering. “Slut.”

Oh god. Oh god.

But then he pulls the bottle out unexpectedly, and Jeongguk’s sopping hole gushes with cold lube.

Jimin’s manhandling Namjoon until it’s Namjoon who’s between Jeongguk’s legs, whimpering as his cockhead pushes into his dripping hole.

Fuck, Jeongguk absolutely loses it.

“Full, full. S’full, so big, hngh, mmgh, thank you.”

Namjoon doesn’t seem any better, hips stuttering and stopping just as often as he thrusts weakly in, Jimin brushing through his messy hair as he does. Bottoming out, Namjoon grounds his hips, grinding in slowly, rolling his hips in tenderly—just as much for Jeongguk as for himself.

“Go faster, Joonie. Can’t you go any faster?”

Seokjin’s voice makes both the boys blush (—but Jeongguk just steadies himself for an onslaught of pleasure). Namjoon grips Jeongguk’s hips, pulling him closer as he ups the tempo, picks up the pace and god, god does Namjoon obey orders well.

Jeongguk wraps his thighs, sore from being tied to the bedposts, around Namjoon’s waist, pathetically trying to fuck back onto Namjoon’s cock, but—he’s so weak-limbed that he just bounces along.

“So wet,” Namjoon groans. “So much lube that it’s, fuck, it’s so warm, feels so sloppy, messy inside.”

“Joonie-hyung, don’t say that,” Jeongguk squeaks, voice quiet and shy. “It’s embarrassing—!” But his embarrassment is interrupted when fingers start to toy with his nipples, thumbing them like joysticks. “Fuck,” Jeongguk whines. “Too, too much. Please, please, no, nooo. Gukkie’s gonna come if you—”

Hoseok pushes his thumb into Jeongguk’s mouth, and he suckles, happy and sated, on it, letting out unintelligible moans, unintelligible pleas for more.

It’s cute, the way Namjoon’s thighs quiver as he jackhammers into Jeongguk, the way Jeongguk squirms as his nipples are played with. He doesn’t even know who it is, too fucked out to care at all.

“Sloppy whore. Keep making a mess of yourself, dripping lube onto the sheets, smearing your cum all over Joon’s stomach. Disgusting. Gonna come again? Gonna come without permission again—?” Seokjin bites, words stinging. “Gukkie loves being punished, huh? Love being a dirty slut for us?”

Dazed, Jeongguk moans a yes around the fingers.

Gukkie loves it. Gukkie loves it. Gukkie loves—

“Come, then.”

There’s still lube all over his back and on his face, cum dripping from his abs, and more lube leaking from his hole. He can’t fall any further from grace.

“Come,” Jeongguk hiccups around the fingers, face splotchy with embarrassment, “gonna c—”

He clenches wildly around Namjoon’s cock, spilling hot-white all over his stomach and Namjoon’s and it even hits his own cheek, a spurt hitting his nipple where Taehyung’s been playing with it. Fuck. Fuck.

Namjoon fucks him through it, fucks his lewd hole, quivering as his cock twitches uncontrollably. It’s—god, it’s too much, it’s a delicious sensitivity.

Fucks him until he’s staring Jimin with watery eyes and a drooly pout, starting to whimper and beg for permission to come—thrusting into Jeongguk as if he were a toy, nothing more than a cocksleeve.

“You can come, Namjoonie,” Jimin says, rubbing the back of his upper thigh with a comforting hand.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Namjoon sobs as he comes in Jeongguk’s hole—filling him to the brim with him, both boys breathless with pleasure.

Jeongguk cries when Namjoon pulls out, lets the lube gush out of Jeongguk’s asshole, cum dripping past his perineum and it’s such a mess. Namjoon’s being kissed to hell by Jimin; Jeongguk can hear whispers of praise and slick-wet kissing noises—god, does he want Jimin to take care of him too.

But he also wants the punishment, wants the slaps and wants the humiliation. They’re not even done.

Not even close.

Jeongguk realizes that Namjoon fucking him was just something of an appetizer, something to ease him into the night, the punishment.

He realizes this once Yoongi and Hoseok double team him: Yoongi sitting on his face and Hoseok fucking into him. They’re kissing. He knows they’re kissing, kissing sloppily and Jeongguk just sobs—just eats Yoongi out even sloppier, even messier.

Cock soft from his last orgasm, Jeongguk feels it squish against his abs as Hoseok fucks into him. Being hairless like this makes him hypersensitive, makes him pliant, makes him soft and submissive. God, Hoseok’s hips are so fluid, so precise as they thrust into him, and Yoongi’s plush ass is so cute. Jeongguk feels so used, feels like a whore being passed around from member to member, cum and lube and spit dirtying his body, his stained asshole.

Hoseok fucks him like he’s a cocksleeve, a mere plaything, dipping in his fingertips inside his hole alongside his cock—laughing at how sloppy with cum his hole is, how raw his rim is.

Jeongguk’s so full. Fucked so full.

He thinks he can feel Yoongi start to spasm above him, riding his face with stuttering motions. Cute.

Cute, the way Yoongi makes grabbing motions at Hoseok like it’s their own secret tell that he’s about to come. Cute, the way he falls apart when Seokjin wraps a hand around his waist to fist at his cock—

“Seokie,” Yoongi whines, and Jeongguk’s not sure which Seok Yoongi’s talking to, but he supposes it doesn’t matter with how absolutely enamored the two are with him.

“C’mon, come all over Gukkie, hyung,” Hoseok says, adding the hyung affectionately, kissing his cheekbone as Seokjin mouths at his neck.

God, they’re just using him, just using his holes.

Seokjin strokes Yoongi’s plump, veiny cock until he spurts cum all over Jeongguk’s nipples, all over his stomach—sticky-wet with lube and his own cum.

Yoongi’s whines are muffled as Seokjin kisses him, as Hoseok sucks a bruise by his collarbone, purple and blooming.

Jeongguk gasps for air once Yoongi lifts off him.

He looks at his handiwork, looks at the globs of spit drooling from Yoongi’s hole, whimpers as it drips back down to his face. Jeongguk kisses the rim before Yoongi falls to the side, face down and ass up, cock still twitching and leaking cum.

Lightheaded, dizzy, dazed—Jeongguk sounds so broken, looks so broken too. Hoseok thrusts into him and the pace is still brutal. The pleasure is a tender high, soft crash as he’s driven to the edge again and again. Can’t even cry. Can only—feel.

Feels his cock chubbing up and it’s too soon.

Fuck, Hoseok’s fucking him so well, fucking him beyond words. He’s so—breathy and whiny and such a wreck, such a fucking wreck, eyes glassy and lips parted. Looks so confused when there’s hands at his lips, playing with the drool and lube.

He’s barely given any time to adjust, any time to recover from Yoongi riding his face, before there’s a cock pushing into his lax mouth, gliding against his tongue to the back of his throat.

Jeongguk knows this thickness. It’s Seokjin.

“Yoongi rode you so well, Guk, what do you say?” Seokjin asks—rubbing Jeongguk’s wet bottom lip as he presses his cock further into his mouth.

“Th—angh—nk you, hyun—guh,” he breathes.

Seokjin looks down to Jeongguk’s stomach, to his chubbed cock and his quivering asshole. “Getting hard already, Guk? You already came twice, huh? Greedy whore. Meant to be used like this. Should tie you up and gag you like this everyday. Just the hyungs’ cocksleeve, aren’t you? Don’t deserve to be anything more than a fucking fleshlight, Guk.”

Jeongguk sucks more eagerly, more messily.

“Not much of a punishment,” Hoseok groans. “Slut seems to enjoy the overstimulation. Masochist—”

(He’s nothing if not a subby masochist, but the rest of them aren’t any better, filling and completing his puzzle board with their sadistic tendencies.)

Hoseok comes like that, whispering dirty praises to Jeongguk, thrusting into him messily, fucking deep, pulling out slightly—bulbous head catching on the rim and splattering cum inside and out. Oh god.

Fill me up fill me up please please please.

Quite literally, he’s filled to the brim with cum.

All Jeongguk can do is spread his legs wider and suck on Seokjin’s cock with more fervor.

Hoseok’s cock starts to soften inside him, and the older boy’s pulling out, hissing at the sensitivity—

Jeongguk, forever petulant, cries at the emptiness.

“Gonna train you to cockwarm, one day,” Hoseok promises. “Gonna fill you up for hours—that what you want?”

Jeongguk’s hands ball into fists, thinking about it, cock plump and at full hardness. Yes yes yes yes.

“Of course he wants it,” Seokjin answers for him. “Sluts like him always want to be filled with cock.”

The humiliation burns (—because it rings true).

—Seokjin continues to grind into Jeongguk’s wet, willing mouth, tenderly circling his hips in the heat.

Hoseok dips his fingers into Jeongguk’s quivering hole, weakly dripping with white-hot cum, rubbing his soft, dribbling cock between his cheeks—not fucking in, but just playing with his sensitive baby.

Jeongguk reacts splendidly: gags around Seokjin’s cock as Hoseok plugs him up with his fingers, as Hoseok takes advantage of his hypersensitivity.

You’re a cruel one, Jung Hoseok.

Groaning, Seokjin keeps fucking in, adoring the glide of his cock against his tongue, the wetness of his mouth, the willingness and the eagerness.

God, the eagerness. It makes Seokjin groan with pleasure, groan at how easy Jeongguk is to fuck.

Jeongguk’s lips look so perfect, precum smeared all over them. Seokjin pulls out a bit just to slather his pink, puffy lips with his cock and humiliate him more, make him cry a little bit harder.

But then Jeongguk opens his mouth, tongue stuck out—trying to taste Seokjin again, lashes fluttering, eyes glittering. Seokjin adores it, adores his baby.

Jeongguk always exceeds all their expectations, acting sluttier and sluttier the more he’s fucked.

So he indulges Jeongguk, feeds his cock back into his mouth with a fond smile—glowing bright when he sees how Jeongguk seems much more sated.

And Jeongguk, god, Jeongguk loves it, loves it—

Seokjin doesn’t warn him when he comes, spilling easy into his mouth. Hoseok takes the opportunity to jab his fingers into his ass, pressing against his prostate, overstimulating the bundle of nerves until Jeongguk’s sobbing at the cum filling his mouth. It floods and floods and even trickles down the sides of his mouth like drool, but Jeongguk doesn’t want to swallow, wants to keep his hyung’s cum in him.

“So messy, Guk,” Seokjin degrades, smearing the spilt cum all over his face, staining him with cum.

“So sloppy with cum,” Hoseok adds.

Jeongguk sputters around Seokjin’s cock, mouth filled, mouth just dripping with cum. It’s obscene.

Dignity gone (—so fucking gone), he nods along.

Seokjin pulls out just to see the how all his cum’s pooled on Jeongguk’s tongue. He leans down with a heady grin, collecting saliva in his mouth just to let a glob of spit fall into Jeongguk’s open mouth.

“Perfect,” he whispers, kissing Jeongguk’s nose.

Jeongguk whines, mouth still open—dripping.

“C’mon, babe, you gotta swallow so I can kiss your pretty lips—” Seokjin insists, tapping on his mouth.

“You’re so fucking soft for him,” Taehyung yells.

Jeongguk heart flutters a bit when he turns his head to see Jimin sitting in his lap, the two of them furiously making out, lips swollen, bodies naked.

It’s sloppy and wet and hot, the way they kiss, but Jeongguk imagines it’s overwhelming—knows it’s overwhelming, knows that’s the way those two are: teeth clacking, lips clicking, tongues meeting, and bodies grinding in sync.

Hoseok retorts, “Coming from the two lovebirds.”

“Shut up, hyung—!” Jimin shouts, embarrassed.

Jeongguk blushes, swallowing the cum obediently, sticking his tongue out to show Seokjin right after. Seokjin places a soft kiss to his lips, lips pressing together softly, hearts smushing just a tiny bit, too.

“Good boy, Guk,” he praises, ruffling his fluffy hair. “Think you can take Taehyungie and Jiminie too?”

(His cock is aching for it.)

Lips pouty and cheeks flushed, Jeongguk nods. “I can take it, hyung. Guh—Gukkie can take them!”

Hoseok slips his fingers out and slaps him right on his taint. “ ‘s supposed to be a punishment, hyung. You’re going so soft on him.”

Gah, all the cum’s leaking out. Fuck.

“Just giving him a reprieve before Jimin and Tae,” Seokjin assures, caressing his cheek, thumbing it gingerly. “You know those two menaces over there won’t be the nicest,” he sighs, eyeing them—Jimin straddling Taehyung as they make out filthily.

“Guk loves us, c’mon,” Taehyung exclaims, putting his hands on Jimin’s hips and maneuvering him off his lap so they can go over to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk looks over to the side and sees Yoongi and Namjoon, sleepy and dazed. Yoongi’s stroking Namjoon’s cock with a light touch, mouthing at his shoulder as he grinds his open asshole down onto the boy’s thigh. Cute, the way they hold onto each other with hiccupy, hot breaths and sighs. So cute. He’s distracted, watching the two of them, that he doesn’t notice that Seokjin and Hoseok are now off to the side. Jimin and Taehyung have taken over—

Doesn’t notice, until Jimin’s forcing him to sit up with a rough hand, until Taehyung’s pushed him forward so that his chest is touching the sheets.

He’s practically doing the splits.

It makes his hole ache emptily—makes his cock brush against the sheets with a delicious friction.

“God, hyungs really did pump you full with cum and lube, huh?” Taehyung says, both hands on Jeongguk’s cheeks (—kneading the flesh apart). “Your sloppy hole’s dripping, babe. Disgusting.”

Taehyung keeps pushing him, keeps manhandling his pliant body until he’s presenting his asshole up to the air. Jeongguk just lets him take and take and take, tear him apart, rebuild him whole.

“You’re gushing, Guk,” Jimin lilts, swirling the tip of his finger into Jeongguk’s rim, pulling slightly to let more cum drip out down his thighs—dirty the bed.

“Sorry—!” he squeaks, high-pitched and needy.

Jimin takes that finger, the one he used to scoop out some of the cum in Jeongguk’s hole, and rubs it all over the boy’s nipples, smearing the liquid all over the hardened nubs, bloomed rosebuds.

Grinning, Taehyung says, “It’s okay, Gukkie. We like you all squirmy and slutty like this anyways.”

Then he places a harsh smack on the boy’s ass, then the backs of the boy’s upper thighs, spanking him until he’s sobbing and shaking. “H—Hyung.”


“ ‘m hard. Gukkie’s so hard,” he whines. “Please, please help me. Gukkie’s so wet, hurts, hurts—”

Jimin rubs Jeongguk’s back, Taehyung rubbing his perineum and his sloppy, cum-and-lube-slick hole. Licking his earlobe, biting softly, he breathes hotly against Jeongguk’s tan skin as he whispers, “You don’t get to come until me and Tae are done with you, okay? And if you do, we’re not gonna stop.”

“O—Oh. Oh,” Jeongguk utters, wanting to cry.

“Will Gukkie be a good boy?” Taehyung asks.

Jeongguk drools, sucking on his lip shyly. “Gukkie, Guk’s gonna be good. I promise, Taetae, promise.”

“Only good when you’re being fucked, god,” Jimin groans, “you’re such a slut. Only good when your hole’s fucked sloppy, when your lips are sticky with cum, huh? Really were made to make cock, Guk.”

Before Jeongguk can respond, Taehyung presses his cock to Jeongguk’s rim—not wasting any more time. His cockhead begins to catch slightly on his puckered, quivering hole as he teases it into the boy’s loose hole, pushing in until he’s ball deep.

(Jeongguk can feel all the cum slosh inside him.)

And, it’s a slow ride to the hilt, but when Taehyung makes it, he doesn’t even move. Jeongguk’s filled, fucking filled to the brim with cock, with cum, but—

But he aches to be fucked. Aches for it.

Jeongguk buries his head in the pillows. “Aren’t, a—aren’t you gonna fuck me? ‘m so loose for you.”

Taehyung laughs. “Use those pretty muscles of yours then, those muscles you love to show off.”

“Hngh, I, I don’t—” don’t understand.

“Ride him. C’mon . . . isn’t riding cock your favorite pastime, Guk?” Jimin bites. “Our strong baby bun.”

Jeongguk, as scandalized as he was before when they told him to masturbate in front of the camera, whimpers, shyly and slowly thrusting back, entire body rubbing against the sheets as he does. His cock’s so spent—but he’s so hard, plumped pink. Jimin’s twisting his nipples—forcing him to lift his body off the bed, forcing Jeongguk to whine when Taehyung’s cock goes in deeper and deeper.

Because, fuck, Taehyung’s so big, fills him so full.


Then Jimin snakes a hand around his hips, fingers ghosting toward his cock until they squeeze hard.

“Not like that—” he hisses, manhandling the boy until Taehyung’s cock slips out and he lets out a petulant sob, fingers almost going to plug himself up—keep himself nice and loose—but then Jimin just slaps his hand away, tells him he’s a slut.

Taehyung helps, helps flip Jeongguk around so he’s sitting up (—he whines endlessly, panic in his eyes when the cum seeps out of his hole, soaking the bed, dirtying the sheets like an outright whore) and pulls the boy to sit in his lap. Jeongguk goes breathless (—he always does, again and again as if it was their first time) when he’s violently impaled on Taehyung’s cock, bottoming out in one motion.

“Like this,” utters Taehyung, staring right into Jeongguk’s eyes, hand lying on his stomach.

“Yeah, just like this,” Jimin exhales, tightly hugging Jeongguk, his own cock pressing against the boy’s back. “Need to move now, Guk. Need to earn it.”

Gnawing on his lip, the boy steadies his arms on Taehyung’s shoulders, wanting to grind his hips in circles—but then, then Jimin hands are at his hole, spreading him open further. Jeongguk only gasps.

“I told you to move,” Jimin vocalizes. “Can’t even do this? Too fucked out already? Disappointing.”

Taehyung fucks up into Jeongguk, shallow thrusts making Jeongguk hiccup, making him bounce—

“Lazy bun,” he sighs, pinching one of his nipples, tongue circling around the bud wetly. “So sloppy.”

“Hyungs’ messy cocksleeve. Nothing more,” Jimin whispers, rubbing his cock against the small of his back. It feels so dirty, feels so dirty to have Jimin’s wet cockhead make a mess of him. Jimin slips two fingers in—taking advantage of Jeongguk’s dazed state—two fingers in right beside Taehyung’s cock.

Jeongguk tries to bounce along with Taehyung but it’s so . . . hard. He’s so hard and his thighs are so sore and Taehyung is so—big. So big inside him.

But he tries, cock bobbing against his abs as the slap of skin fills the room. Jeongguk’s ass cheeks jiggle with the force of Taehyung’s thrusts. Trying to roll his hips slowly, grind up and down slowly—

“Whore. You only know how to sit on cock, right? Can’t even ride me like I asked you to,” Taehyung tuts, tapping Jeongguk’s lips with his fingers. “Just a fleshlight—a cockwhore, Gukkie. You’re nothing more than a cockwarmer. Our cockwarmer, huh?

Jeongguk’s so out of it, still desperately trying to bounce, trying to ride like it’s his goddamn job.

He rides and he writhes but it’s still not enough.

Jimin continues to jab two fingers, then three, into Jeongguk’s hole, Taehyung groaning whenever he rubs against his cock. Jeongguk’s being stretched open, fucked until he’s gaping and gagging and—

Taehyung pulls on his bottom lip, pulls on him so that he keeps his mouth open, lets the drool drip out and he’s just so messy, so pathetic.

“You never answered Taetae’s question, Guk.”

Jeongguk, oh Jeongguk. He’s so confused again.

“Gukkie, Gukkie’s sorry—!” Jeongguk sobs, feeling an obscene glob of saliva drip down his chin to fall his cock, fall to his nipples and that, that’s when he remembers what it was, remembers what he is.


“Googie, ngh, Gukkie’s a cockslut. Help, help me. Help me come, please, please. Touch my cock—”

Taehyung smiles, leans in and presses his mouth to Jeongguk’s—and they join in a messy-wet kiss. Then Taehyung’s licking in, sucking on Jeongguk’s bottom lip, and letting his soft lips go with a pop!

He speaks, voice sweet, “No.”

“No? No?” Jeongguk whines, tears welling up and dripping down his red cheeks. Looks so pretty like this, all overwhelmed and not sure what to do with himself. Can only think about cock, about fucking.

“It’s what you deserve for being such a whore.”

Taehyung accompanies Jimin’s words with a slap to Jeongguk’s cock. Jeongguk’s head lolls back to fall on Jimin’s shoulder—just as the boy pushes a fourth finger into him, fucking him hard as ever.

Then a fifth.

God, his fist’s right next to Taehyung’s cock. Fuck.

Prostate hypersensitive and overfucked, Jeongguk feels like he can barely breathe, barely think. Fuck, does he loves this, love it all, love them all.

“Gukkie, can you take another?” Jimin asks softly, mouthing a wet hickey on Jeongguk’s upper neck.

“Hm?” Jeongguk gasps. “Another what—?”

Another finger? Another orgasm?

And then it dawns on him. “O—Oh. Oh, hyung.”

“Another cock, Guk. Can you take me and Tae? You’re gaping,” Jimin clarifies. “Can you take it?”

Oh god. Oh god. Jeongguk wants it so bad.

Jeongguk squeals, squeaking as he starts to ride Taehyung cock and Jimin’s fist, energy suddenly renewed, chanting, “Yes yes yes yes yes yes—!

Jimin stills his hand—watching Jeongguk—utterly enamored by the way Jeongguk rides, the way his thigh muscles bulge and his tight abs clench. “You fit my fist and Taehyung’s cock in your sloppy ass. Fucked so full and stretched so wide. Fucked how many times? How many times has it been, Guk?”

Taehyung grins. “Can you remember for us?”

Oh. Eyes glossy with tears, lips drooly with tears, Jeongguk pouts. “ ‘s hard to remember, hyung.”

Jimin slips his entire hand out, unamused.

No no no no. Jeongguk gasps, totally breathless and limp, letting go of all his body weight until his back’s completely resting on Jimin’s chest.

“Can’t even think—? Can’t even remember how many cocks have entered your loose hole, huh? Just the hyungs’ dumb baby boy, so slutty.

Jeongguk doesn’t mean for it to happen.

Doesn’t mean to let go, to spurt streaks of cum all over his abs (—again, again) and over Taehyung’s stomach. Doesn’t mean to clench wildly, to go tight around Taehyung, so tight that the older boy yelps at the heat around his cock. Jeongguk can feel his toned abs flex uncontrollably, spasming in shock.

And Jimin, Jimin’s a mean one, a sadistic one.

During Jeongguk’s orgasm, while he’s spilling all over himself, sobbing at the sheer intensity of it, he lifts Jeongguk’s ass just slightly (—and Taehyung’s cock shifts inside him, too) so that he can push his own cock into, pushes in until the hilt—bottoms out in one thrust. The overstimulation is everything.

“Oh,” Jeongguk pants, body limp and lax. “Oh.”

He closes his eyes and lets the two boys cage him in, Taehyung’s hands on his hips, Jimin’s hands on his ass. He hasn’t even recovered (—doesn’t have a chance at it, doesn’t have a chance for another reprieve like before) and god, god it aches. Jimin’s cock is so thick, splitting him open and it—aches.

Taehyung strokes his soft cock, spent from coming three times, three fucking times; Jeongguk reels.

“Eyes open, Guk. Wanna see you,” he orders.

“Nuh, no,” Jeongguk whines, all drooly and pliant.

“We should collar and leash you up, Guk, if you’re gonna be so disobedient. Hyungs treated you so well today too. Fucked three orgasms out of you,” Jimin rasps, rubbing the back of Jeongguk’s neck.

And that makes Jeongguk open his eyes, makes Jeongguk moan a bit at the thought of wearing a collar, being leashed to the bedpost (—both boys see how his eyes glitter at the prospect and laugh at the slutty boy). “Sorry, mnah—I’m sorry. Please collar me up. Please, mmgh, please,” he chants.

The two keep going, keep fucking him with vigor.

Jeongguk doesn’t even know what he’s begging for anymore, just knows that he’s so fucking full, filled to the fucking brim with two cocks.

The glide is slow and deep, their cocks brushing against each other inside Jeongguk, abusing his prostate endlessly, relentlessly. It’s a lot for them too, so much friction and Jeongguk’s so hot—so tight. There’s cum dripping all over his body, cum pooled in the dips of his hip bones, the outlines of his abs, and even in his navel. His nipples are so budded, so utterly swollen—just like his rosy lips.

God, the sight is just, just amazing.

The noises he makes are so incoherent, so whiny, and so broken, so fucked out beyond belief. Fuck.

Together, Jimin and Taehyung fuck him through his orgasm and fuck him to overstimulation (—again).

It’s a lot. God, it’s so much that Jimin’s pulling out, pulling out so that he can push Jeongguk onto his back and spurt cum all over his face, groaning—

It’s hot, the way he growls a bit when he comes.

And it’s adorable, the way Jeongguk immediately goes to suckle on Jimin’s cockhead once the first few spurts of cum have already dirtied his face.

(Jimin smears Jeongguk’s cheeks with his cum, calls him a pretty boy, and Jeongguk smiles with sparkly eyes and warm, fresh-blooded cheeks.)

Jeongguk’s hole winks at the sudden loss, but—Taehyung makes up for it by hitching Jeongguk’s legs up over his shoulders and fucking him to the end, fucking his hole with rapid and deep thrusts, jackhammering in ruthlessly until the pace calms and he’s filling his sloppy asshole with more cum, smiling as it drips down his perineum, drips down his waxed pubic area and down his soft thighs.

(Taehyung pulls out, and Jeongguk immediately whines at the emptiness, wanting to plug himself up with his own fingers again but Taehyung stops him—adoring the sight of his baby boy burning in humiliation, loving the sight of his bun squirming with overstimulation and hypersensitivity. Love.)

His pink hole gapes, it really does—drips with cum and Jeongguk . . . can’t do anything to stop it, just revels in the way it makes him feel, just breathes.

Waves crash tenderly on his body, on his heart.

Jeongguk doesn’t really register the things they tell him once Taehyung and Jimin are done with him—just floating high and feeling good, smiling wide.

Dizzy and incoherent, Jeongguk lets them take care of him, lets them whisper praises into his ear as they wipe all the cum and sweat and spit and lube off his body, and carry him to the bathtub to clean his body. Jimin and Taehyung are the ones who insist on helping him, this time.

In the bathtub (—it’s a little tight, a little cramped with all three of them smushed in there, Jeongguk sandwiched in the middle, like before), Jimin and Taehyung each hold one of his hands and clasp them tight, fingers tightly interlocked with his.

And—they do a (less than) decent job of cleaning him up, the three of them having way too much fun playing with the bubbles that they don’t do a great job of washing up. Jeongguk just looked so cute all frothy with soap, adorably playing with the bubble bath suds and the squeaky rubber ducky Hoseok gave him, that Jimin and Taehyung were a little too distracted, a little too fond to care if they rinsed his hair completely.

A million kisses later, with slightly soapy hair and sudsy skin, all six of them help dry Jeongguk with towels, helping him get into his pajamas, cuddling the boy to sleep. When Jeongguk demands more kisses, everyone indulges him, booping his nose and smushing their lips to his, all pouty and cute.

Acting out at the BBMAs, Jeongguk thinks, right before he falls asleep, after one last messy kiss from Taehyung. Hmm . . . It all went as planned!