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Minnie In Love

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All that stood in front of Jimin, giving him the most comfort and control, was the tripod with his Canon EOS Rebel T7 camera attached to his 13 inch Macbook Air. Behind the table that contained his whole world, were two seperate tall light stands that gave him the best lighting.


Only the best.


Because Park Jimin lived in only the finest luxuries now. He worked hard to get all the niceties that life could offer. And it’s thanks to his hard work and his old Macbook Pro that got him this far in life.


Of course what he does is unconventional. Switching over from YouTube to an adult cam streaming site called Vlogs And More… has set him up in life. Most people don't switch over like this but it makes him happy. The most happy.


Being in front of his camera, his audience, shining for them and talking to them, gives him the biggest rush and excitement. And while he doesn’t know if this can last, he puts all future worry aside. Again.


The clock is counting down, and there was only thirty seconds left till he went live.


He took a deep breath as he looked into the standing mirror he kept next to the camera. Just one last check on his makeup, and his outfit. He kept it simple this time, a large plain white v-neck shirt, and only that, spare the pink lace panties. Leaving his thighs exposed. But he did make sure to apply a little bit more of lip plumper just as the seconds ticked down.


On the dot, 11 PM, and he turned on his stream.


He smiled wide, eyes shining as he stared into the lens, “Good evening kittens. How have y'all been, hm?”


He leaned in closer for just a moment so his audience could get a close up of his face before he sat back and got comfy.


As usual, he was surrounded by soft looking pillows and a few chest sized plushies; Ryan the Lion, Hello Kitty, a yellow chick, and a pink bunny. He found they loved it when he looked settled in; the perfect plushie in his own right. Soft things just as soft as Jimin.


His eyes glanced to his laptop to see the comment section going crazy. It made him chuckle, but he remained where he was, “Y'all seem excited tonight huh? Did yall miss me? Because I’ve missed you.”


He gave the camera a dashing smile as he tilted his head a little, purposely staring into the lens and holding his gaze. He knows how to play and tease, and uses it as weapons. A year of this and he knows exactly how to play with his audience.


“I know it’s been a week since I’ve come on to talk to you, and I’m sorry.” He glanced away from the camera, looking down and letting his dark hair fall into his eyes. He stayed still for just a small second before he lifted his head and ran his hand through his hair, exposing his forehead more. “Not everything outside of this time together goes as smooth, unfortunately. I hope you can understand kittens.”


He grabbed the pink bunny and held it in his lap, “Don’t misunderstand, I’m not in trouble or anything. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right?”


He chuckled, squeezing the pink bunny and scooting forward and exposing his panties. Finally, he gave his attention to his laptop and the comments. He scrolled through with his mouse and started reading each comment. All of them cooing at him and promising to take care of him.


He smiled wide as he read a comment, “‘ If you ever need help baby I’ll give you anything. Just ask.’ Ohh~” He glanced to the camera, “Thanks ClumsyLoverBoy94.” He put his attention back to the computer, “Hm~ This is interesting. ‘Have you ever considered being a sugar baby? You’d be the most perfect sugar baby, honey.’ Sugar baby hm~”


He kept his hand on the mouse, but looked into the camera again, “I’ll be honest, I have thought about it MinSugaDaddy, but I’m not confident in taking this outside of just this. You guys know I like my privacy. And thankfully I haven’t had an incident since, well, you guys know.” He smiled weakly, making his cheeks go round. “So~ We’ll see? But probably not gonna happen.”


After looking at the most recent comments, most of them saying they’ll be happy taking him as a sugar baby, he sat back and put the pink bunny away to grab the Hello Kitty. He scratched at the back of his neck and then started massaging the same place, slowly letting his hand slide down his front so he could scratch his exposed collarbone.


“I promise if anything bad really does happen, I’ll tell you guys first, ok?” He nodded, satisfied. “But enough of that. And let me just say that I won't be doing my usual routine tonight. I just wanna talk tonight. Ok?” His tone became cheerful and his eyes shined again, “Since I’ve been gone, I have a lot I want to do before our time ends. So first things first, big announcement! I’m totally in love!” He squeezed the Hello Kitty tight and squealed a little to himself, eyes closing and everything. He opened his eyes to see the comment section speeding with comments. He knew, given there were a lot of words in caps, he needed to clarify.


“Don’t worry, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m still yours,” he winked. “It’s a cat! A calico cat to be exact. And he’s the most cutest furball in the world and I really really want to adopt him. But the problem is, I’ve never taken care of an animal before.”


He turned the Hello Kitty around so he could look down at one of the most iconic mascots in the world, “It’s not as easy as just squeezing it and loving it right? I’d have to get a litter box and food and toys.” He looked into the camera again, “And what if we don’t hit it off, huh? What if the kitty ends up not being happy with me?” He frowned, purposely sticking out his shiny plump bottom lip, “I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t make it happy.”


He laid on his side exposing his pink undies, while hugging the Hello Kitty and kept frowning cutely. “So I haven’t had the courage to adopt him. I just go and visit him when I can. But they keep him in the back, so I never get to play with him.” He sighed, “So even if I’m in love, it’s hard.”


He sat up and stared into the camera.


It was a long time, longer than one of his normal pauses. “You would know all about that right? Love is hard.” He nodded once, his hair falling into his eyes, “Love is like a trap right?” He cocked his head to the side, sitting back again and exposing his bare shoulder, “I guess I’m a little jaded by it, but I love the idea of love. Does that make sense?”


He put the Hello Kitty back in her place then gave his attention to the computer. “Y’all tell me. What do you think about love?”


He scrolled, reading a lot of the comments to himself. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the mostly positive responses. Except one in particular.


“VangoghTaeTae says ‘Love is a concept that doesn’t last. We just learn to deal with each other. And if you have common interests it’s easier.’ Mm.. yeah..” He stuck his lips out cutely before looking into the camera, “VangoghTaeTae, it sounds like you’ve gone through a lot of pain before. I’m sorry baby. But I get what you’re saying. Sometimes I think the same. But like I said, I’m in love with the thought of love.” The cam star blushed, “I’m truly a hopeless romantic, huh?”


He looked back at the comments, “Oh, I like this answer. ‘Love is the smile you give me. It’s the excitement I get when the notification goes off on my phone telling me you’re going live. And it’s also in the way I think about you and hope you’re happy. That’s love.’ Wow.”


Jimin put his hand on his heart, feeling it beating a little faster. No doubt, that really moved him just now. Given, he’s always gotten stuff like this before, but this time it just hit him a little harder. Maybe because his guard was down. Who knows?


He ran his hand through his hair again before giving his attention to the camera lens. “JKinLovewithYou… You’re a hopeless romantic like me I think. So cute,” he cooed into the lens. “I think the two of us would be a mess huh? Late night talks about sappy love songs and movies. Or like, giggling about little things. Ah~ I’d like something like that.”


He looked off camera at the mirror he kept on the table with his other equipment. The boy staring at him wasn’t the confident and alluring one he was with his audience. He could see the insecurity and the loneliness in his eyes.


He quickly looked back into the lens, “I think we’ve talked about that long enough. So next thing I wanna talk about is a new diet slash exercise I really like.” He smiled as he wrote in the air with his finger, “It’s called 30 Days 1 Result. Or from what I’ve heard 30 for 1. The whole point is focusing on getting your body back to 0. Like, you cleanse with the diet and start with really low intensity workouts. It’s more like a lot of stretching.”


Confidently he rolled his neck around slowly, then started stretching his arm across his chest. “Stuff like this in the beginning. Really low impact stuff as your body is getting used to the new diet. And each day, the work out gets more and more difficult. So it’s like going hand in hand for the whole 30 days.” He propped his elbow on the table in front of him, resting his chin in his palm and stared into the camera, “Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything extreme. But I want to try and be a little bit more healthier. Don’t you think?”


Once again his hand scraped through his dark wavy locks and he smiled. He stared and blushed. He scrunched his nose and smacked his lips cutely.


“Healthy is always good. But, food is so good right?” He chuckled at himself, “Food is too good! Thanks to all of you supporting me, I was able to taste a really good steak the other day! It was soooo yummy. Juices kept running down my chin like this.” He turned his head a little to run his finger down from the corner of his lips to the bottom of his neck. “It was really embarrassing. But it was so good too.” He tilted his head as he thought out loud, “Maybe I should try mukbang?”


Sitting back, and putting his hands in between his thighs, he shrugged his shoulders a bit, “Y’all take such good care of me, I’m so lucky. That’s why I want to do this diet. I don’t want to get fat and chubby. Then y’all won’t love me anymore!” He joked and laughed, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. It really is to be healthy. I hope y’all can support me! Send me lots of encouraging words ok? Remember my twitter and instagram is available. All the info is down below.”


He nodded, keeping his hands in between his legs, smiling, “Y’all are being healthy too right? Eating right and drink plenty of water?” He sat up quickly and put his face directly in front of the camera, shifting so only his eyes were shown, “You better be taking care of yourself or I’m gonna be mad.” He lowered his voice on purpose, “And you don’t want me mad, right?”


Like a switch was flipped, he leaned back a little, keeping his face close to the camera, “I know you’re doing well because you know I can be scary when I’m mad. Yes?” He stared into the lens, raising an eyebrow. “I need my kittens nice and healthy too. Otherwise I’ll be mad… and I’ll be sad.”


Jimin knew they were getting excited from his peripherals picking up the comment section. He kept his voice low, “I need all of my kittens in good condition. So promise me you will.” He tilted his head, licked his lips slowly, “Hm? I can’t hear you. Do you promise me?”


He sucked his bottom lip in between his teeth as he turned his attention to the comments and saw countless ‘I PROMISE’ over and over. He grinned as he turned his eyes back to the lens.


“Ah~ You’re so good. Good kittens. I love you so much,” he innocently smiled.


Again, the switch was flipped and the more innocent and soft looking Jimin appeared as he leaned back into his nest of pillows and plushies. He giggled as he grabbed the Ryan plushie and hid half his face behind it.


A silence took over as he slowed his breathing and stared into the lens. His eyes were more calm now as he focused. “It’s getting close to that time though Kittens.” He frowned, “I never realize how fast time goes by.”


Running his hand through his hair, he looked at the comments again. ‘Noooo don’t go yet baby boy. I miss you already!’ ‘You’re too adorable.’ ‘The sexiest man on earth and here I am with a boner.’ AH!” Jimin busted into a fit of giggles. “Ah~ I’m sorry for your problem, uh, MinniesDaddy.” He winked for his kitten, “You should take care of it before it becomes a problem.”


With a deep breath, he started saying his goodbyes, “All of you are amazing you know that? You’re soft little kittens- perverted or not.” He winked, “Don’t think I’m not seeing all these pervy comments you naughty kittens. But anyways, I just want to say that life is going well and it’s because I know I have all of you to support me. Doing this makes me so happy. I love connecting with all of you. Always.”


With a small wave and a kiss to the camera he turned his head a bit to see all the goodbyes he was getting. It warmed his heart as he looked back at the camera again.


“I promise to go back to my normal routine next time, ok,” he asked with a wink, knowing just talking wouldn’t be enough for next time. “Once again, it’s been your kitten Minnie. I’ll see you soon baby. I love you.”


He stared into the camera for just a moment longer, purposely looking longingly into the lens to give his viewers that intimate shot. Hopefully it hit them hard in the chest and would keep them fed enough to wait for him.


With a click of the button, he turned off the stream and the camera. He saw his stream go black. But the popup he designed himself came up. It was a montage of selfies he’s taken with the words ‘You make me happy,’ written in a cursive font. And just below it in a more plain font was his small announcement on how to donate and support him, thus getting small privileges.


One of them consisted in being able to continue to comment despite the stream turning off. So as he did with each live, he started reading the comments of the people who have donated and have subscribed at one of the higher tiers.


His body was a lot more relaxed as he slouched and read the comments.


ClumsyLoverBoy94: Minnie is- there are no words

MinSugaDaddy: the word ur looking for CLB is FUCKING CUTE


TaeminMintae: chill

JKinLovewithYou: Anyone else see that look in his eyes?

VangoghTaeTae: @MinniesDaddy gtfo you creep

VangoghTaeTae: JK yeah I saw

ClumsyLoverBoy94: What what?

MinniesDaddy: FUCK U @VangoghTaeTae

Minniecorndog: omg omg i’m so happy i found him and i totally donated as fast as i could nice to meet you all ahhh i love you minnie i hope youre happy and youre safe and youre the best so cute ahhhh >///////<

MinSugaDaddy: i think he was tired?

MinSugaDaddy: hey @Minniecorndog glad to have you. But try not to word vomit so much haha but i get it

TaeminMintae: we were all like that when we first found Minnie right? Lol

Minniecorndog: oh sorry haha ^^; im just super happy

JKinLovewithYou: he does that to you :) @Minniecorndog nice to meet you. @VangoghTaeTAe @MinSugaDaddy i hope it’s just him being tired. I worry about him a lot.

ClumsyLoverBoy94: we all do JK. But let’s just keep supporting our baby, yeah?

JKinLovewithYou: yeah ok

JKinLovewithYou has logged off.


MinniesDaddy has logged off.

VangoghTaeTae: thank fucking god i hate him so much UGH

Minniecorndog: is he always like that?

MinSugaDaddy: fucking loser. And yeah he is. Just ignore him @VangoghTaeTae you especially, something going on with you?

Minniecorndog: ok I will y'all seem nice tho

TaeminMintae: we've been here the longest

VangoghTaeTae: @MinSugaDaddy just been under a lot of stress but seeing Minnie helped

VangoghTaeTae: tf JK go?


Jimin continued to read until he heard a small ding go off and a notification that showed him that someone donated on the highest tier. Only a few people have done this, but it's been awhile since he got one. A personal message to Jimin and a guaranteed response.


So as he opened the websites inbox, he noticed it was from one of his long time followers,  JKinLovewithYou.



I want you to know you can always talk to me, or to any of us. We're not just your dedicated followers, we're your friends. At least, I think of myself that way.

It's just, you had this look in your eyes today that would come and go. Something like… sadness. I'm sorry if I'm overstepping, but I just worry. I think someone as beautiful and special as you shouldn't be sad.

That being said, if you ever want help I wouldn't mind helping. I'll be your calico cat to keep you company haha :)

Have a good rest Minnie ♡ Goodnight

Love, JK


Again, Jimin's heart was moved in a way he hasn't felt in a long time. If he was being honest with himself, it's because he wouldn't allow himself those feelings. He doesn't want to get lost in this fantasy. Sure, all the attention is amazing, but he knows it's not real. And thus, where the sadness lays.


Would they really love him as he is? How can they give him so much love like this?


So with a pounding heart, he started writing his response.



You're the sweetest, really. I'm always moved by your words. So thank you.

Lately, I'll be honest, I haven't been feeling well. There’s a lot on my mind, and I’m not entirely sure how to deal with it. So my solution was to have some time to myself. And honestly, I don’t know if it helped.

It’s crazy to think I have so many people watching me and loving me, but in reality I don’t have anyone next to me. No one is right here beside me.

I am lonely. So I’m trying to figure something out.

I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough in my acting to keep my sadness away, so I apologize for that. But I promise I’ll figure this all out and I’ll be the best smiling Minnie I can be. For you.

Thanks again for sending me the message baby, I can’t do this without you.

Love, Minnie

P.S. I wouldn’t mind it if you were my calico cat haha I could spoil you and love you and know that you could feed yourself ehehehe


After reading it several times, and editing it once or twice, he was satisfied enough to send it as is.


Going back to the message board he noticed only three people still on the chat.


ClumsyLoverBoy94: yeah i don know about that

ClumsyLoverBoy94: don’t*

MinSugaDaddy: Minnie is just like the rest of us. He gets sad and lonely and depressed. So let’s let him go through those feelings and we’ll be here

VangoghTaeTae: clap clap clap

ClumsyLoverBoy94: wise words as always Min

JKinLovewithYou has logged in.

VangoghTaeTae: dude you’re back?

JKinLovewithYou: guys i need your help

ClumsyLoverBoy94: wb JK

MinSugaDaddy: help?

ClumsyLoverBoy94: What’s up?

JKinLovewithYou: i dont have enough money to send Minnie another dm and i think he needs our help

VangoghTaeTae: ur freaking me out what are you talking about

ClumsyLoverBoy94: JK is he in trouble?

MinSugaDaddy: did he respond to you already? I assume he did

JKinLovewithYou: he did. He said he isn’t feeling well and has a lot on his mind and he’s lonely and i wanna help him but i don’t know how. So i wanna send him another message but i’m a broke ass college kid

JKinLovewithYou: venmo me? I promise to give it back once check comes in

MinSugaDaddy: JK calm down

VangoghTaeTae: dude

ClumsyLoverBoy94: take a step back and think kid

MinSugaDaddy: you’re getting in too deep. Don’t you think we all feel that way? But we’re not freaking out

MinSugaDaddy: ur asking to borrow money. Think

JKinLovewithYou: ……

ClumsyLoverBoy94: i understand how you feel JK, but breathe first. Remember: this isn’t real

VangoghTaeTae: dont go all delulu on me

MinSugaDaddy: dont call him delulu you ass. But he’s kinda right JK, you need to chill out. Go to bed and you’ll feel better, kay?

JKinLovewithYou: ….yeah… you’re right. Sorry guys. I just freaked out. Sorry

ClumsyLoverBoy94: s’ok we all get like that. But just do what Min says, go to bed and you’ll feel better in the morning

VangoghTaeTae: i’m going to bed too.

MinSugaDaddy: ur good JK

MinSugaDaddy: g’night Tae see ya

VangoghTaeTae: night guys

VangoghTaeTae: JK overwatch tomorrow?

JKinLovewithYou: yeah

VangoghTaeTae: sweet. Later

VangoghTaeTae has logged off.

JKinLovewithYou: sorry again

JKinLovewithYou has logged off.

ClumsyLoverBoy94: should we be worried?

MinSugaDaddy: nah I think talking directly to Minnie had his mind going crazy and it's probably not as bad as he thinks

ClumsyLoverBoy94: probably

MinSugaDaddy: kid really does love Minnie tho

ClumsyLoverBoy94: yeah I know sigh

MinSugaDaddy: leave it be and we'll see what happens. But im going to bed too. Night CLB. See you on the next live

ClumsyLoverBoy94: later Min. Goodnight

MinSugaDaddy has logged off.

ClumsyLoverBoy94 has logged off.


Jimin frowned as he stared at the lifeless page. His collage of photos the only thing showing life. His smile in all the pictures the only thing showing life. Because he couldn't seem to smile now. The emptiness he felt was too real. And he's scared.


Before he knew it, he was opening the messages and typing away.



You offered to be my calico cat right and keep me company?

Can we try this for real? IRL?

Love, Minnie


His heart raced so much as he hit the send button; suddenly feeling sick to his stomach.


“What have I done?”


He quickly closed his laptop and got up from his small nest. He headed straight to his bedroom, turned off the light and got under the covers. He squeezed his eyes shut and prayed for sleep to take him as soon as possible.


He'd wait to deal with the consequences of his desperation in the morning.




Chapter Text

Jungkook has always been a good kid. Never got into any fights. Always did average on tests and in school. And has always seemed to fit in perfectly.


But that's precisely his problem, he didn't stand out. He was just one of many. And while he thought it normal, he realized his problem the day he found he had no real friends. He had no real goals. At least, not like everyone else.


The people around him, his “friends,” only really seemed to talk about themselves. No one ever cared to ask about him. And while he didn't much like talking about himself in the first place, he always thought it would have been nice to have some attention. But deep down he knew he wasn't any good with attention.


And because he wasn't any good at anything in particular, people forgot about him. His friends would forget about him. It always happened. Eventually they wouldn't invite him to things and he'd get left behind.


When he was younger he didn't understand. He'd cry alone in his room. But as he grew up, as he got through the hellish years of high school, he realized there was a far greater world outside of his own bubble.


The internet.


A place he could be a faceless person. Be anyone he wanted to be. A shining star if he wanted.


But the real world reminded him that he wasn't a star, far from it. He was still an average guy. So rather than trying to be something he wasn't online, he just gravitated to those who were stars.


It was three years ago, when he turned twenty that he got his first laptop computer. He wasn't looking for anything specific. He just browsed random sites and watched random YouTube videos. Nothing really stood out to him.


“Hello Kittens! Minnie here! I've missed you!”


It wasn't until, one night, YouTube autoplayed a random vlog that Jungkook met his star. Minnie was what the boy went by. And Jungkook was hooked.


Minnie stood out. He had a aura that Jungkook envied. But what made Minnie different was the way he really seemed to care. He always looked into the camera and talked to his audience. He wasn't just a vain vlogger who talked about only himself. He made efforts to comment back. He offered advice. And would take advice in return. It was a conversation.


Despite Minnie being the one on camera, Jungkook felt like he was special as well. Minnie made him feel this way. He made Jungkook feel like there was someone out there who actually cared about him. And wouldn't forget about him and leave him behind.


So before the young college student knew it, he binged watched all of Minnie’s previous videos and anticipated his new ones. It became his thing. And soon, he was able to connect with others who also followed and watched Minnie. Of course there were a few creeps, but Jungkook managed well and made a few online friends.


Slowly his existence didn't feel as lonely anymore. Although, far be it from him, he was becoming more and more of a recluse. A loner. True to the word. He sought the comfort of his computer and his online friends than anything else. It's what made sense to him.


But reality hit him hard when his parents confronted him on his introverted lifestyle, and threatened to take away his laptop. Of course that couldn't happen. So having agreed to continue going to school and getting a job, his parents would stop bothering him.


If not for them he honestly doesn't want to think about what could have happened.


In the end though, he was able to start making his own money,  and start making more adult decisions. Like moving out on his own.


It was perfect timing because while he was making this transition, Minnie was making his big transition as well. YouTube was in the past. And now Minnie was on a cam site; it was more personal. Personal and intimate.


Jungkook struggled in the beginning. He wasn't sure how to handle Minnie doing all the vulgar and naughty things. Of course he was turned on, but that was the problem. He had never given much thought to his sexuality or his preferences. He never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend for that matter) growing up, so it felt wrong to see Minnie in this way.


“Making the decision to leave YouTube was difficult, but I have no regrets. I lost a lot of followers when I did, but I'm not angry.” Minnie smiled with a blush to his cheeks. “Connecting with you in this way makes me happy. And I hope you're happy too.”


And that's all that seemed to matter to Jungkook. If Minnie was happy, then he'd support him. After all, it was Minnie that made him happy.


So rearranging his expenses, he made the decision to start donating monthly to help support his star. His crush. His happiness.


And his friends did too. They all shared the same feelings of love and support in Minnie. This was normal. It became his normal.


So when he wasn't at home in front of his computer, he was thinking about being in front of his computer. He just went through the motions of an adult. Because people “out there” wouldn't understand it. They wouldn't understand him. The only people who understand him are his friends online and Minnie.


Every day he does his best to avoid people when he can; when he isn't forced into it because of his job as a regular associate at Whole Foods. And every day he looks forward to coming home, and truly being comfortable. An introvert. Just him and his computer.


So when the boy he's looked up to for three years sent him a message about taking things to the real world, it's not strange to think that Jungkook thought it was a joke.


“This can't be real…”


Jungkook, 23, bed head, and nerves going haywire, stares at the small message on his computer screen.


“This can't be real…” he repeated again.


As if lightening short circuited his brain into functioning again, his hands quickly got to typing away. But not to Minnie. Not yet.


“Dude… dude where are you?”


The young man chewed on his bottom lip as he sent a message to his best friend Taehyung on all platforms. Skype, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and a message on the actual site Vlogs And More…


His legged nervously bobbed up and down as he switched back and forth between all the websites to see if he got a response. But nothing so far. All he could do was wait.


But for the time being, his hand shaking a little, he switched to the separate window that showed Minnie’s message. As clear as day, his message was there. It was sent after he went to bed, so it's been close to seven hours and he hasn't responded.


But he can't. Not until he talks this through with at least his best friend. Because he doesn't trust himself not to say something stupid as a response otherwise.


“Ughhh dammit Tae! Where are you?”


The frustrated brunette scratched through his hair before getting up and walking the short distance from his computer desk in his room to the bathroom. He had work in an hour and a half and needed to start getting ready. If he didn't need the money he'd go back to bed. But the expenses of paying for the roof over his head, getting pizza rolls in his stomach, paying for the internet (and thus paying to support his idol), took priority.


He slipped off his round thin framed glasses, stepped out of his boxers, and got in the shower. He hoped that by the time he washed himself, brushed his teeth, and put on his work uniform, his best friend would have responded. Because if not, he'd have to go to work without an answer.


And he wasn't sure if he could handle that all day.


But handle it he would.


“God dammit,” he muttered under his breath, seeing no response.


He grabbed his cellphone, his keys, and looked one last time at the small message from the sun itself.


There was no denying the feeling of excitement and joy bubbling up inside of him at the thought of being with his crush. He’d use those feelings to help get him through another shift. Because God knows, he’d give anything to just stay home.

Jimin couldn’t stop himself from checking his computer first thing in the morning. All kinds of scenarios popped into his head at the responses he could have gotten. Anything. But what he didn’t expect was no response at all.


His heart clearly sank in his chest; disappointed.


Slamming the laptop shut he went back to his room to change. He knew himself well enough that he needed to get some fresh air. And by fresh air, it meant shopping and going to bother his best friend at his job. But mostly just complain and whine to his best friend.


So it came as no surprise to Jin, to see Jimin pouting his way into Nordstrom. “What happened this time?”


“Hyung,” he lifted his sunglasses off his slender nose and hung them on the front of his shirt, “I need your help.”


“There aren’t any new discounts I can give you so-”


“No, not that.”


The taller of the two raised an eyebrow, “What happened?”


Jimin felt a fresh flash of shame go through his whole body, and it was quickly turning into embarrassment. It only made the elder more curious, seeing his best friend look away and fidget on the spot; scratching his arm nervously.


“I may… or may not have… reached out to a follower…”


“You what?”


Jimin could hear the confusion, the disbelief. He tucked his head further into his chest, “I kinda got carried away and um…” he glanced up, “I messaged a follower and told him I wanted to meet up IRL.”


Jin was motionless for a few seconds, letting the words sink in, and what they meant. Because the last time something happened outside of Jimin’s little cam thing, it didn’t turn out that well. In fact, it turned into getting a restraining order. So needless to say, Jin was fuming out of concern for his sensitive and emotional best friend.


“I know I’m totally stupid. I didn’t think! I know. I just-” Jimin was getting more and more frustrated and humiliated by his own actions and feelings. “I thought I was ok after the week I took but-” he started sniffling as the tears started bubbling up in his eyes, “Hyung… I got so scared.” The tears started falling and his face was hot. He quickly hid his face in both his palms, “What am I gonna do?”


The anger and concern Jin felt, quickly disappeared and got replaced by sympathy. He wrapped his arms around his best friend and rubbed his back a few times. “Jimin, I’m going on break in fifteen minutes. Can you wait for me and we’ll talk about this more?”


Jimin shook his head, “I don’t know why I came here… I wanna go home.”


Jin sighed, “You just walked out of your place without thinking right?”


The emotional man nodded his head heavily.


“I’ll talk to my manager and see if I can leave at lunch, ok? Just go home and I’ll meet you there.” He lightly squeezed Jimin’s shoulder, “You should call your brother.”


The smaller man frowned even more as he wiped his eyes of the tears and sadness, “I already know what he’d say. He’d say I should just quit what I’m doing all together and get me to work with him. And besides… I'm not talking to him right now.”


Jin couldn’t say he didn’t agree with that, but he kept his thoughts to himself. “Regardless if you aren't talking to him, he helped you in the past when something like this happened before. And this guy you message could really be a dangerous -”


“JK is not like that creep,” Jimin felt defensive; raising his gaze and looking into Jin’s chocolate colored eyes.




Jimin looked away again, feeling his heart racing in his chest, “....I’m gonna go home Hyung. If you can get off, then cool. If not, I’ll see you when I see you.”


“Hey wait. Don’t just walk away all mad. I’m trying to help you.”


Jimin turned around, shame still filling up his whole tiny body, “I know you are. I’m not… I’m not trying to be an ass, I just- I know JK wouldn’t hurt me. But… I guess I don’t really know him to begin with so… yeah…”


Jin sighed from the heavy emotions, true concern for his naive friend, “I’ll see you at your place. Now go.”


It wasn’t often that Jin was serious, but whenever Jimin needed that stability, Jin was always the one to provide it. Because despite Jimin’s age of 25, he often acted like a little kid. And Jin knows him all too well.


He knew how Jimin was looked over as a child, being in the limelight of his older brother Hoseok. He’s a dancing prodigy and only proved so when he taught overseas then came back to open up his own small school. Realizing his talent as a child, and his endless natural genius later in life, their parents poured most of their time and love into the eldest without giving much to Jimin. So growing up in his household only meant that Jimin’s sense of love was a little warped. Jin knows how much Jimin likes praise and attention, only because he didn’t get any from his parents.


So in times like this, Jin knows he has to step up and be the reliable person in Jimin’s life. To be that friend to tell him black from white. Because for as long as Jin can remember, Jimin as always lived his life in grey. Lived a life of risks, impulse, and emotion. And this incident has him truly worried.


Because Jin couldn’t help but be afraid that history was repeating itself once again.


Back at Jimin’s apartment, the young man changes out of his designer jeans and shirt to step into sweats and an oversized sweatshirt. He quickly washed his face of the little makeup he put on to leave the house, and got back in bed. With the blanket tucked in tight around his head, he could finally feel like he was in control again.


Although his heart was still beating a mile a minute.


Thoughts of JK and the other patrons filled his head. What were they really like outside of the comment box? What did they look like? What were their favorite foods, clothes, hobbies, and movies?


In the years of doing YouTube and then coming over to Vlogs And More… he’s told them everything. His favorite food was steak, designer clothes were nice, but sweats were always his favorite, his favorite hobby (besides talking to all of them) was dancing and makeup, and not so shocking his favorite movies were romance ones. He is literally an open book to the world and yet he has no idea what kind of people his audience really is.


The encounter he had previously should have scared him from doing what he did; reaching out to JK last night. But it wasn’t. The harassment and stalking hasn’t seemed to have really taught him his lesson.


Deep down, he knows of his childishness. He knows of his lack of thought and logic, and often reacts on emotion. He knows how much he loves attention and praise. And he knows he should be more worried about his safety. But he can’t help but want JK to message him back.


The torture of ‘what if’ is driving him crazy. It feels like his whole body is on edge and the only thing keeping him in place is the skin on his bones. But with each second that goes by, he imagines having the faceless JK by his side. He imagines finally having someone to share his worries with. Someone to comfort him when he can’t sleep, or spoil him when he’s feeling down, or let’s him spoil them in return. The thought of having a tight and close relationship like that - one built on mutual respect, love, and praise - is something he’s always dreamed of.


More than his dream of being seen, being in the public eye; if Jimin could just have that one person tell him it’s all going to be ok, then he knows he really would be ok. That’s his real dream; to finally feel loved, in the true sense of the word.


“Why am I so stupid,” he wept.


The darkness under his blanket seemed to only get darker.


Chapter Text

“Holy shit dude. You weren’t lying.”


“The hell? You thought I was lying?”


Taehyung squinted his eyes again into his portable webcam to eye his best friend, “When you send me a thousand messages telling me The Minnie has asked to meet up IRL then yeah, I’m calling bullshit.” He sat back in his computer chair, re-reading Minnie’s message for his friend. “I still can’t believe this dude. You’re actually going to meet Minnie.”


Jungkook frowned on his side of the skype call, “I didn’t say I was going to meet him though.”


“What?! What do you mean? You told him no?!”


“I haven’t messaged him back yet,” the tired Jungkook confessed, looking at the message once again for the hundredth time.


“What’s the deal? I thought you had a crush on him. Isn’t this what you want?”


Jungkook got flustered, staring at his best friend through the monitor, “I mean, I don’t know! How am I supposed to just suddenly meet him when this whole time I’ve been a creep on his account sending him comments and talking to him and- I don’t know man! Isn’t this weird?”


Taehyung’s attention was currently on Amazon, but he kept talking despite not looking into the camera, “Listen, I don’t know what’s going on with Minnie. But I can guarantee you, that you are not some creep. And I’m sure he knows that too.”




“You’re both adults. So you either take this chance or you don’t.” He finally looked back at skype, looking at a nervous Jungkook on the other side, “But the real question is, will you regret not taking this chance of meeting him in person?”


“Yeah…” Jungkook found himself answering the question as he stared at nothing in particular.


“Then message him back. It’s free right since he messaged you first? Cuz I have zero money to venmo you dude.”


“Right. Ok. Uh… I’m gonna get off, but I’ll message you soon.”


Taehyung stared into the camera, purposely getting closer to raise his eyebrow, “I look forward to his response heh heh. I’ll be waiting.”


You’re the creep.”




Taehyung ended the video call with a grin, leaving Jungkook flustered, but surprisingly more calm. Talking to his best friend really helped him sort through his worries. At the end of the day, he was right. He’s an adult. He either agrees to meet or he doesn’t. He’ll just have to figure stuff out as he goes.


With a deep breath, he slowly clicked the reply button and opened up a fresh page. His fingers were frozen for a long time before he had the courage to finally start typing his response.




I have to confess that I saw your message when I woke up, but I was too scared to respond. At first I thought this was a joke, but I know you’d never do something like that. So then I had to ask myself if this was something I thought would turn out ok.

But honestly, I have no idea. I can hope that it does, but… I don’t want to just rush into anything. I care about you a lot and the last thing I want to do is give you any doubt.

So, if you really want to meet, then I’m all for it. Wherever and whenever. You tell me, and I’ll go.

Minnie… I’m excited and nervous and happy and scared and a bunch of other feelings. But just know, they’re real. Ok?

I’m sorry for making you wait so long. I hope your day was alright.

Love, JK



He slowly picked up his hands from his keyboard and put them in his lap as he read and re-read his message over fifty times. But after fifteen minutes of deleting and rewriting some sentences, he felt satisfied enough. He dragged his mouse pointer to the send button, but hesitated.


“C’mon… he’s waiting for your response Kook…”


He closed his eyes, squeezing them shut as he took quick breaths in and out. With a big click of his index finger, he sent the message. It was as if ten pounds of weight was lifted from his shoulders.


But all too quickly the weight of stress was returning. Because now he was on the waiting end of it.


He’d had to wait for Minnie to respond back.


And really, it was up to Minnie now.


But Jungkook was good at distracting himself. Especially when it came to games. So needing just that, he got on discord and submerged himself into some Overwatch with Taehyung as he waited.

The way Jimin shot up from his spot on the couch made Jin jump up next to him. “The hell? What’s going on?”


Jimin knew the notification alarm all too well. So as soon as he heard it, he knew it was JK. And he just couldn’t help himself. He grabbed his laptop and hurried back to the couch. Jin watched silently as Jimin opened it up and went to his homepage. The little red number one in the corner signified he did in fact have a message.


It was happening.


And to be honest, he hasn’t thought of anything else for the whole day.


“What did he say?”


Jimin read the message once. Then twice. And then a third time before he responded to his best friend. “He said… ok…”


“Of course he’ll meet with you,” he tried not to roll his eyes. “I meant, did he say anything other than wanting to meet you?”


Jimin stuck out his tongue to Jin, only to go back to reading it again for a fourth time. “He said he’s scared but excited. And that basically, if I’m still ok with it then he’ll go wherever I tell him to so we can meet.”


“I don’t like this.”


“I know you don’t,” he said with a soft voice. He stared at ‘Love, JK’ for a long time, “But besides your obvious discomfort, what do you think?”


“Can I read it?”


Jimin handed his best friend his laptop and got up to go get a glass of water. He was starting to get really hot, and he figures being next to Jin wasn’t helping. But as he downed the whole glass, Jin still hadn’t said anything. He placed his hands on the counter and tapped his fingers a few times.


“So? What do you think?”


“He sounds like a normal person…”


“But?” Because Jimin knew there was going to be a ‘but.’


The elder closed the laptop and turned towards his friend, “I don’t know. I just don’t want you to get hurt. How do you really know this guy? The answer is, you don’t. And-” he got up from the couch to stand on the other side of the open counter, “You’re the only one who stands to lose something. I think this is a bad idea.”


Jimin felt the weight of his friend’s words on his shoulders, weighing him down and putting pressure. He knows the risks he tells him. He believes him too. But Jimin has never been one to not take risks.


“I still want to meet him. I still want to try Hyung.” He looked into Jin’s eyes and pleaded silently.


“But what I don’t understand is why?” He walked around the kitchen island and leaned back against the counter, crossing his arms and staring at the shorter man. “Why go about it this way?”


“I want… companionship…”


For some reason the word felt heavy on his tongue. It felt more important to the younger man. Because this is more than just sex or anything like that. This isn't a hookup. At least, he doesn’t want it to be that way.


“I can just set you up with one of my friends.”


Jimin shook his head, finally turning around so he an lean back against the counter as well; looking at his best friend with a gleam to his eyes, “But I want JK.”


Jin knew the look. Jimin’s mind was made up, despite any and all warnings. With a heavy sigh, Jin nodded, “Then answer me this: why him? What made him stand out from hundreds of people?”


Jimin walked around the counter to go back to the couch. He grabbed his laptop once again, opening it and going to JK’s profile. “He’s been following me since I switched over from YouTube. And he’s always been really sweet. Maybe it’s in the way he uses his words, or treats the other guests on my channel. I don't know. But I just have this gut feeling like I can trust him.” He chuckled a bit, “I know it’s stupid. I have absolutely zero real evidence of this, but… That’s just how I feel.”


Jin came back to the couch as well, sitting next to the smaller man and putting his arm around his shoulder. He pulled him in close and poked his cheek, “Well, if your mind is made up then the only other thing I have to say is that I’m going with you. Wherever you decide to meet, I’m going to be there. No arguing with me, got it?”


The bubbly Jimin was slowly returning, playfully puffing out his cheeks, “Fine Dad. I was going to ask you to come anyways.”


“Yah! Treat me with respect! How old are you?


Jimin grinned, “Twenty five.”


“And how old am I?”






Jimin laughed, “Ok ok ok, I’m sorry. Now, since we’ve got this settled, can you please go? Unless you wanted to stay for my-”


“I’m out!” Jin raised his hands up in surrender then got up from the couch. He chuckled lightly as he walked to the door, stopping so he could say a proper goodbye. “They may all know you as Minnie, but I know the real you Jimin.” He grabbed his cheeks and held on, “So believe me when I say, you’re trouble. I pray that JK guy is ready for the real you.”


Jimin pushed Jin’s hands away and pushed him lightly out the door, “Goodnight Hyung.”


“Alright alright, goodnight punk.”


“And um,” Jimin blushed, “Thanks for everything.”


Jin smiled, charming his best friend, “Of course. Bye Jimin.”


“Bye bye Hyung.”


He closed and locked his door, before running back to the couch and opening up his laptop. His heart hammered in his chest as he started writing out his message.




I understand being scared, I am too. But I think I’m more excited than anything else. I’ve always been stubborn, and once I put my mind on something I do it. So my answer is still yes, I want to meet.

My best friend will be coming with me (which I hope you understand given what happened in my past) but I promise he’ll only just be there until he’s satisfied enough. And you know, if you want, you can bring someone as well, I don’t mind.

I was thinking about meeting at a coffee shop? I really love coffee, so will Starbucks do? The one north of Hannam Bridge.

Let me know when you’re available and we can set up a day and time.

OMG I’m anxious. I kinda want to do this already haha I can’t wait!

I’m about to go live, so I’ll see you soon ;D

Love, Minnie

P.S. Please don’t wait a whole day this time to respond. I went crazy lol



He pressed the send button and smiled wide as he set up his computer at his normal spot in front of his comfy pillow nest. He ran to his room and inside of his closet to pick out the night’s outfit.


First and foremost came the lingerie. But tonight felt special. Tonight, he knew JK would be on the other end. And he knew, or more like he hoped, JK would read his message before he goes live. So somehow, it’s giving Jimin a rush. His whole body is igniting in sparks and nerves that he can’t seem to stop moving around.


“I wonder what his favorite color is…”


Not knowing, but feeling adventurous, he picked out red panites.  It was cute red lace that had small strawberry pattern on top. Slipping it on, he felt powerful. More powerful than he’s ever felt. Sexy. In charge.


And tonight he wanted to show off.


He quickly headed to the bathroom in nothing but the strawberry red lingerie, and started putting on some quick makeup. Purposely smearing his eye makeup to make himself look more sultry. Delicious. With a lick to his lips, and a wink to himself, he was confident in his look. Messy hair, sexy makeup, and a sexy body.


All that was left was to throw on a robe and set up at his nest.


Once there, he kept the robe loose as he sat down and lined up his toys on the table. He switched on the main lights and hooked up his camera to the computer. He checked himself once on the laptop to make sure the angle was just right. After everything was set up, all that was left to do was to wait for 11 o’clock.


“Wait for me JK…”



Chapter Text

“Holy shit this is happening…” Jungkook shifted in his seat as he read Minnie’s response. “I’m really gonna meet him. This is gonna happen. Oh God…”


He didn’t want to admit it, but there was a slight twinge in his pants at the thought of seeing Minnie in person. Close. Close enough to touch him if he wanted. Jungkook’s thoughts automatically getting naughtier and naughtier. But with a jossle of his head, he cleared his mind and calmed down.




He quickly looked at his phone to check his schedule for work. His next day off was Friday; two more days. But if he planned it wisely, he could pretend he was coming down with something on Wednesday, and then call in on Thursday. He doesn’t normally call in at work, mostly because he’s as healthy as he can be and making money is good. So if he called in, no one would probably say anything.


With the ding of his notification - Minnie about to go live - he knew he was going to call in. That much sooner to see Minnie in person.


He was planning on responding to Minnie’s message, but he ran out of time. Because the collage of pictures switched to Minnie’s beautiful and sexy face.


“Hi kittens! Glad to see you again,” he smiled.


Jungkook swallowed hard, trying his best to stay calm. But there was no way that was going to be possible.


“How has your day been? Eventful? Boring?” The cam star dragged his index finger along his bottom lip before grinning, “My day has been a mess, but right now, I’m feeling great.” He stared into the camera, and Jungkook knew he was looking at him. “I’m feeling so great because of you…”


“Minnie…” he moaned lowly.


The cam star shrugged his shoulders and tilted his head in just the right angle to expose his milky white neck, “I’ve been waiting… and I don’t wanna wait anymore...”


Jungkook stared back into Minnie’s wondering and lustful eyes. “Oh…”


He made the window smaller so he could pull up the messages they’ve been sending. But it was his turn to respond. And he thinks that’s what Minnie is hinting at.




Thursday ok? Any time is fine with me. I'm excited too. Really.

I look forward to your live right now. You're so beautiful.

Good luck :)

Love, JK



He didn’t check and re-check his message this time before hitting the send button. Because Minnie was such a big distraction. He couldn't really concentrate on his message as his eyes kept dragging their way back to the other window where Minnie was currently showing off his toy for the night.


“Alright Kittens, here are your choices for tonight,” he winked just before licking his lips.


He held up a five inch pink smooth surface vibrating dildo that had small fake rhinestones at the base, a six inch rainbow dyed dildo in the shape of a penis, that rotated as well as vibrated, and lastly clear five bulbed anal beads with a loop at the end.


Jungkook wasn’t sure what he should be looking at; Minnie’s legs spreading open, or the toys. Either way, his dick was getting harder and strained in his sweats; twitching from anticipation.



TaeminMintae : Princess should use the pink one <3

Minniecorndog : omgomgomgomgomgomg

TapDatAss : PINK PLEASE!!!!!

MinSugaDaddy : long time since we’ve seen the beads

AznGrl95 : pretty in pink honey!

ClumsyLoverBoy94 : beads babe ;D



VangoghTaeTae : pink suits you ;)))))))

Minniecorndog : >////////<

Minniecorndog : rainbow i choose rainbow omg


Jimin swiped his tongue back and forth over his bottom lip as he read all the messages filing in at wickedly fast speed. “Ok Kittens, I’m seeing a lot of votes for rainbow, so~” He grinned as he pushed the other two aside and sat back in the pillow nest, “Guess I’m using this big guy. It’s been a while.”




Jungkook stuck his hand in his pants, automatically feeling the heat pooled and contained in his boxers. But as soon as his hand wrapped around his cock, a soft sigh left his lips. His lips were parted slightly and his eyes almost closed. Almost. Because Minnie looked like sin incarnate. The way the fat of Minnie’s lips wrapped around the dildo; it was like he was sucking on a lollipop. And his eyes never left the camera. Jungkook, and anyone else watching, were just slaves to the show. Minnie’s show.


With a tighter grip, Jungkook pumped his cock as he watched his crush pop the dildo out of his mouth and move it in between his legs. The sounds of the dildo vibrating could be heard through the camera. The cam star tilted his head back, letting soft moan after soft moan escape his lips as he rubbed the toy against his own hard cock; the tip just sticking out from the red laced panties. The robe already untied and opened, Minnie kept rubbing the dildo on himself, while his other hand circled his hole with his fingers. His panties left nothing to the imagination, barely going inside of him as he pushed his fingers closer to his hole.


“Mm… Should I do it?”


Minnie pulled the dildo away slowly; a smirk spreading across his glossy lips just as slowly. As he sat up, he leaned closer to the computer. His eyes were shining and the smirk turned into a smile. Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat as Minnie’s eyes darted from side to side, and then made their way to the eye of the lens.


“You think I’m beautiful?” Minnie slightly chewed on his bottom lip, a little shy and so happy. “Thank you. I can’t wait.”


Only Jungkook knew. He knew that Minnie was talking to him. And if he didn’t have the control he did, he probably would have cum at just that. But as Minnie sat back again, Jungkook squeezed himself a little tighter.


“Ready Kittens?”


ClumsyLoverBoy94 : you’re so sexy baby


19830103 : I wish I could put my dick into that tight pretty hole of yours


AznGrl95 : god you’re so pretty look at your legs i’m drooling #goals choke me with them ok? Lol


MinSugaDaddy : baby boy

TapDatAss : oh shit oh shit i’m so fucking ready fuck

TapDatAss : wanna fuck u so bad

TKonU : the things id do to you...


Jungkook could see the comments flying by. Vulgar comments. A part of him was disgusted by it. But at the same time, he couldn’t even stop rubbing himself in order to even leave a comment. He was no different. But the doubt that flashed through his mind, the one telling him this was all wrong, was gone in just seconds flat.


Minnie removed the robe fully and proceeded to take off his panties as well. All that was left were the white ruffled ankle socks. It did something to Jungkook that made him lean over his desk and sit up more so he could shuffle off his sweats and boxers. His clothes now sitting at his ankles, Jungkook sat closer to the computer and breathed heavier.


As Minnie licked his lips, he popped the cap of the lube and squeezed a fair amount; purposely holding it a foot up in the air so everyone could see the clear liquid fall on his hole and pelvis. He threw the bottle aside and smeared the liquid all around his hole and in between his thighs; his thick and juicy thighs that Jungkook adored; could write a ten page essay on if he really wanted too. But the star stopped teasing his fans and just put his fingers right in.


“Ohhh yes,” the lewd star moaned.


Jungkook grunted as he practically panted; eyes glued to the screen, “Minnie…”


Everyone watched as he stretched his fingers inside of himself, then pumped them in and out. The stretch didn’t look painful. Jungkook knew that Minnie was accustomed to his hole being stretched. The things he can do…


“Oh fuck,” Jungkook swallowed hard, purposely slowing down to pace himself.


Minnie pulled them out and looked at his slicked up fingers. He opened and closed them slowly, watching as the lube spread in between his digits. Having had enough teasing, and also feeling a little anxious to fill his hole, he put the dildo at his rim and circled it around. He teased himself and his fans. But Jungkook, like everyone else, loved it when he did.


Slowly, the rainbow disappeared inside of Minnie. And the cam star’s mouth opened wider and wider. The pleasure that crossed his face was immeasurable. He looked purely satisfied. But only just. Because as he slowly pulled the dildo out, and slowly pushed it back in, the pleasure on his face increased. His teeth bit on his bottom lip. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. His chest pulsed up and down. And the way he increased the pace of the dildo only meant he was trying to find his sweet spot.


As Minnie went faster, so did Jungkook. Being so close to the screen felt like he was right there with him. And Jungkook could just imagine it. Being above Minnie, jacking himself off as Minnie did the same. He could imagine leaning down and claiming those juicy and lustful lips for himself. And he could imagine more. Biting and nibbling. Sucking and moaning. His thoughts only on fitting his thick cock in the place of the dildo.


“Oh God! Fuck,” Minnie practically yelled as he pumped himself in time with the dildo filling him up. But more importantly, he started hitting that sweet spot of nerves that sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout his whole body. “I’m gonna cum baby…. I’m- Fuck!”


He threw his head back and swallowed hard, making his adam’s apple bob up and down. Sweat drops fell from his hairline and down the sides of his face. His body was hot and red, a sheen of sweat covering him. Minnie was wrecked, and Jungkook was the same hot mess.


“Cum baby…” Jungkook rasped.


“C-Can I cum now baby,” Minnie moaned, looking straight into the camera.


“Yeah baby, cum for me,” Jungkook answered, despite being all alone in his apartment.


Minnie’s eyes crossed in the middle before rolling back. They shut and his mouth opened wide as he moaned out in ecstacy. “Ahhh! Yes!”


Jungkook watched as the whole dildo disapeared and cum shot out from Minnie’s cute and pretty cock, covering his lower stomach and a bit on his chest. That was all he needed to finally let himself cum as well. He squeezed his eyes shut as he twisted his fist just right around the tip of his dick. With a few grunts and moans, leaned over his computer desk, he took a moment to try and catch his breath. But his eyes were already trained to open as quickly as they could so he could see what his crush was doing.


Minnie pulled the dildo out, tossing the wet toy aside and simply laid in his nest of pillows as he tried to catch his breath. “That was… amazing…” He grinned, slightly giggling, a little lost in the euphoria, “I feel so warm and fuzzy now. And I’m totally ready for a nap.” He giggled some more, “Or I guess it’s just sleep at this point.”


He reached off camera for a few tissues and started cleaning himself up. He stretched as he sat up and got closer to the camera. For a long moment he just smiled into the camera; melting Jungkook’s heart.


“Mm, it really is time to sleep though, Kittens. Beauty sleep is good for us, right?”


“Yeah,” Jungkook found himself responding.


“I hope you enjoyed our time together tonight. I know I did,” Minnie winked before running his hand through his slightly matted hair. “I’ll see you next time Kittens. I miss you already.”


With a kiss to the lens, and a long stare with a smile, he turned off the stream. All that Jungkook could see now was the collage of pictures. Which, he already memorized the order. So as he stared at the “ice cream selfie,” he knew the “sunset selfie” would be next. He smiled softly to himself as in fact the “sunset selfie” transitioned onto the screen.


He cleaned himself up and slouched back in his computer chair, completely wiped of energy. He’d follow Minnie’s plan, and get some sleep.


But with a small ding, he opened his eyes and shot up to move his cursor to the message box.




Thursday at Noon.

See you soon big guy ;)

Love, Minnie

P.S. I hope you enjoyed tonight just as much as I did <3

P.P.S. Sweet dreams <3 (Only dream of me though~)



Jungkook probably read the message over twenty times before he realized just how hard his heart was beating; just how much he’s fallen for a man he’s never met.


And now the only thing he really regrets is not making the meet up sooner.



Chapter Text

Jimin could not stop fidgeting in the chair next to his best friend.


“Could you stop moving already? You’re making a scene,” Jin shook his head.


“I’m not making a scene,” Jimin complained with a pout. “I’m just… nervous.” He turned his head and took off his sunglasses so he could see his best friend clearly, “Hyung, you don’t think he’ll stand me up, right?”


The elder chuckled, sitting more relaxed in the chair, “It’ll just show you how much of a jerk he is right?”


“JK is not a jerk.”


“And you know... how?”


Jimin squinted his eyes at his best friend, knowing he was being a pain in the ass on purpose. “Ok. Fine. I don’t know.” He sat back and crossed his arms over his chest, “I know he’s sweet because he always welcomes newcomers on my channel, he never said really nasty stuff in the chat box, and… and I just think so.” He huffed in his seat.


Jin, sitting next to the wall, turned a bit so he could put some of his body weight against it as he stared at his best friend, who just stared at the front door. “You’re going to freak him out if you’re glaring like that.”


Jimin kept his eyes focused on the doors, “I can’t help it… when I’m not looking at it, I end up looking at it.” But Jimin uncrossed his arms and put his hands in between his thighs, glancing down, “It’s all fluttery in my tummy and I just want to get this over with already.”


“Patience is a virtue~”




Before Jimin could roll his eyes or stick out his tongue to his dad of a best friend, his eyes caught sight of the front doors opening. The fluttering he felt stopped immediately, and was replaced with a bubbling excitement, expectation. But his face was clear of any emotion as he just stared.


Jin blinked a few times as his best friend suddenly seemed to shut down. He stopped mid-sentence and was looking at something towards the door. As Jin followed his gaze, he saw a young man standing at the entryway looking a lot like a deer in headlights. Wide eyes, frozen on the spot. Tall with darker hair, round framed glasses, hoodie and jeans. He seemed exactly like what Jin imagined one of Jimin’s fans to look like.


As he looked at Jimin, he noticed his best friend looking just as frozen; scared, anxious, but thrilled. He took that moment to stand up and make his way to the stranger.


“Are you JK?”


The guy was dazed, still looking in Jimin’s direction despite Jin’s body now blocking his view. But as if his brain started working again, he suddenly looked up and gave Jin his attention. “I’m JK.”


“Then allow me to introduce myself, I’m Jim- I mean, Minnie’s best friend, and for all intents and purposes, his bodyguard. You can call me Jin.”


The stranger looked a little out of his element, staring down at Jin’s outstretched hand. As an automatic response, he outstretched his hand as well so they could shake. “It’s nice to meet you.”


Just as Jungkook was about to pull away, Jin squeezed his hand tighter and pulled him in close. He talked in his ear, making sure to keep his voice quiet enough that only the nervous boy could hear. “If you so even think about harming Minnie in any way - physical, emotional, whatever - I’ll come after you so fast, you’ll wish you’d never even followed his channel to begin with. Understand?”


What made the threat more real was the fact that while Jin was squeezing the shit out Jungkook’s hand, he carried a sweet smile on his lips as he did it.


“I understand,” Jungkook tried not to wince.


“Awesome,” he finally let go. “Then-” he stepped to the side and brought the stranger to the table, “Allow me to introduce Minnie.”


Jimin stood up as if on autopilot, keeping to himself, and staring straight into Jungkook’s eyes. “JK…?”


The young man would have swooned if he didn’t have such good control over his emotions. “Minnie…”


Jimin felt something stir inside of his body, mind, and soul at the sound of his name coming from those lips. “Your voice is lower than I imagined.”


“Your voice is… ah.” Jungkook blushed and glanced away.


Jimin smiled and blushed as well, clearly already infatuated with the young man in front of him. Jin couldn’t take it.


“Can y’all sit down already?”


As if the world was brought back to their attention, both of them looked around quickly before sitting down. Jimin leaned forward confidently, lacing his fingers together over the table while Jungkook on the other hand kept his hands into tight fists on his knees. They didn’t speak for at least a minute or so. Jin just stayed quiet sitting next to his best friend, who for some reason, seemed fascinated in just watching his fan; checking him out.


“I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you.”


Jimin licked his lips and smiled, “I hope I’m not a disappointment.”


“What? No!” Jungkook ducked his head a little, realizing he was loud. He swallowed awkwardly and pushed his glasses up, “I mean, you’re great. More great in person.”


“You really are sweet in real life JK.”


“J-Jungkook… that’s my name.”


Jimin tilted his head and repeated his name, “Jungkook… I like it.”


“Ah…” said Jungkook, feeling like he could die happy at any moment.


“So what do you do? What’s your hobbies? Do you like anything in particular?”


Jungkook really wanted to respond with ‘you’ to Minnie’s last question, but he held back. “I work at Whole Foods Grocery. And um, I play games. Sometimes I edit.”




“Oh, like videos. I record myself when I play games, and I’ll make videos from it,” Jungkook confessed, a little embarrassed; scratching at the back of his neck.


Jimin’s eyes lit up, “Oh! That’s so cool!”


“T-Thanks… M-Minnie…”


Jimin giggled, melting Jungkook’s pounding heart, “My name is Jimin. Please just call me that.”


“Jimin…” Jungkook let the name sit on his tongue. It sounded so right. “Jimin,” he said again, making the owner of the name blush. “That’s a wonderful name.”


“Thank you Jungkook.”


Jimin and Jungkook sat across from each other, literally balls of pent up energy. Jin could see it. They already looked like a couple. The type of couple who openly showers each other in affection, not afraid of judgement, forgets about the world around them, and is sickenly in love. He could clearly see it. And it warmed his heart a little. But he didn’t let that distract him from analyzing every moment Jungkook made, or every word he spoke. Jin wasn’t going to have his best friend hurt and terrified again.


“What exactly are your intentions here?”


Jimin snapped his head to the side, eyes wide and in shock, “Hyung stop-”


“I just want to know what Jungkook plans to get out of all of this,” Jin said, unnerved by Jimin who grabbed his arm and shook him a little. He kept his gaze on the shy young man, “Are you looking to date him? Be friends? Or maybe more? Tell me.”


“Hyung,” Jimin said with more of a serious tone.


“It’s ok,” Jungkook interrupted, gaining Jimin’s attention. “He’s just worried right? I don’t mind.” His glasses slid down his nose a little as he stared at the table, “I know this is all… weird. I mean, I didn’t believe it at first. But I swear-” he looked up, heart pounding, but had confidence, “I only want Minnie- I mean, Jimin… I just want him happy. Because I’ve…. Ah…” Jungkook’s confidence was breaking for embarrassment, “I’ve always looked up to him.” He turned his attention to his crush, “You’re someone I’m not, and I’ve always admired your confidence and personality. So, whatever you want from, um, me… I’ll be happy so long as you’re happy.”


“But you didn’t answer me properly,” Jin didn’t let up. “What do you want from this?”


As much as Jimin was a little humiliated by his long time friend, he couldn’t help but want to hear his fan’s answer.


Jungkook stared at Jin for a moment, looking past him; dazed. But he focused in on Jimin, who was already staring; waiting. “I want to be friends… Because outside of my computer… I don’t have any.” He looked down, his hands gripped his knees hard as he felt the words on his tongue. “But… I’d also… like to… try dating… if possible…”


Jimin made up his mind right then and there. Seeing Jungkook get the confidence to lift his head and look him in the eyes moved something in Jimin. He wanted all of that too.


“Spend time with me, ok? I want that.”


Jungkook nodded his head, “Ok.”


“But I’m not like what you see on the camera.” Jimin’s eyes glanced at the table for just a moment as he tried to collect himself. “I’m needy. I’m stubborn. I complain a lot, I like expensive things, I want lots of attention, and I can be a pain in the ass.”


“Tell me about it.”


Jimin smacked his best friend on his prided shoulder. “Hush Hyung.”


Jin let the hit slide.


“But you’ll find I can pour my heart and soul into anything. When I’m in, then I’m all in. I’ll give you everything. You might feel suffocated. But that’s just how passionate I can be.” Jimin stared into Jungkook’s serious eyes, “Do you still want to try?”


He didn’t even need to think about it. He nodded his head, “I do.”


Jimin smiled wide, stretching his hand out on top of the table and holding his palm up, “Then let’s be friends Jungkook.”


His hand was left empty, but with a nudge of Jimin’s head, Jungkook realized he needed to do the same. He wiped his hand on his jeans to make sure the sweat was all gone before he put his hand on the table. Jimin automatically grabbed his hand and held on, making the boy across from him blush hard.




“By the way, how old are you?”




“Ah,” Jimin giggled as he smirked, “Then call me Hyung.”


“Hyung…” Jungkook repeated, but he didn't like it that much for some reason.


Jimin kept holding Jungkook's hand, not going unnoticed by Jin, and smiled wide, “So, you're in college right?” Jungkook nodded.  “What year?”


Jungkook's eyes zoned in on their hands on top of the table. And he mentally focused so he wouldn't start shaking or sweating, but he wasn't doing that well. “I um, I'm in my last year. I'll graduate in December actually.” He couldn't take it. His heart was going to burst. He pulled his hand away and scratched his arm, using that as a viable excuse to pull away. “I didn't do much after high school… so um, I'm behind most people.”


“What are you majoring in?”


The youngest at the table turned his attention to the eldest for just a moment before looking back at his long time crush, “Digital Arts with an emphasis in film and photography. Technically it's a Telecommunication Degree, but I've always hated how that sounds.”


The two opposite him just stared wide eyed. Neither expected him to suddenly speak so clearly. Jimin felt something blossom inside of his chest. He was impressed, and somehow, a little turned on. It seemed the man across from him wasn't at all like he seemed.


“You do film? Like record stuff?”


Jungkook blushed, “It's not as exciting as you might be thinking, but yeah, I guess so. But um, I haven't done anything big. Just the projects my school has assigned.”


“Oh cool! Can I see them?”


“N-No!” Again, Jungkook ducked his head at the fact he raised his voice. He cleared his throat, “It's nothing special. It's really not that good.” He saw the slight disappointment in Jimin’s eyes, and quickly spoke, “B-but I promise to show you when I do something really good.”


Jimin’s smile returned, melting Jungkook's fragile heart, “Awesome! I can't wait.”


Jin looked back and forth at the two men, feeling a lot like a third wheel now. Because neither of them have even so much as glanced at him. He decided he'd trust Jungkook enough to at least leave them alone at Starbucks. So as he moved the chair back and stood up, he held his hand up.


“I'm gonna head on out ok?”


Jimin looked up, a little surprised, and frankly a little anxious. It would just be him and Jungkook. Jin wouldn't be a buffer anymore. “What are you gonna do?”


“Oh I don't know. Probably walk around.” He purposely looked at Jungkook, “I'll be close by.”


“Ok Hyung. I'll call you later then.”


“Yeah, I'll expect to hear from you,” he smiled to his best friend. “Have fun.”


Jungkook bowed his head a little, “It was nice meeting you.”


“Likewise,” Jin smiled, making the youngest automatically smile back.


“Bye bye,” Jimin grabbed Jin’s hand for a second before he left.


Now it meant it was just them two. Jimin stared happily at the younger, but he could tell he was… uncomfortable. “Are you nervous?”


“Very,” he weakly smiled.


“Me too.”


“You don't look it… You always look so-”




“Confident,” Jungkook answered.


Jimin leaned forward so he could rest his chin on his fist. Jungkook was getting to see him up close. All the times he imagined this moment, and it was finally here. Jimin looked so cute. And he was looking right at him. Just a foot away.


“I’m really good at faking it. You know, ‘fake it till you make it,’ and I think I really took that to heart until it just became more natural to be, I don’t know, outgoing?” He shrugged, “I try and not think about deep stuff like that.”


“You’d rather eat and shop right?”


“Exactly,” Jimin giggled. “And drink coffee. Which, would you like one?”


“Um…” Jungkook looked around and noticed everyone with a coffee, hot or cold. He forgot they were even in a Starbucks. The smell of coffee only just hit his nose just then. Honestly, if Jimin never brought it up, he might have never noticed. His tunnel vision has only been on Jimin since he walked through the doors. “Sure.”


“What would you like? My treat,” Jimin smiled.


“Uhh, whatever you get is fine,” he responded, only because he doesn’t really know anything about coffee.




Jimin got up and made his way to the cashier. Jungkook couldn’t help but follow him with his eyes. He watched the way he leaned on just one foot, making his hip jut out. His outfit suit him so well; black slacks, belt, with his striped t-shirt tucked in. It emphasized the curve of his body. And it was making Jungkook start to sweat. Head to toe, Jimin was attractive, sexy, charming, seductive… all of the above. And the way he turned his head to smile to Jungkook, blush on his cheeks and a sparkle in his eyes, made him look too adorable. Jimin was the real deal. The whole package. How he managed to be so cute and so sexy at the same time has Jungkook almost dizzy.


He finally had to turn back and look away, otherwise he had no doubt he’d start drooling, or something else really embarrassing. Because honestly, if he kept going with those thoughts, he knew he’d be in trouble. Especially after seeing what he saw Jimin do to himself. So no, he has to clear his head. He can’t afford to look like an idiot in front of The Minnie. He needs to maintain his cool. Remain in control of his emotions. But he already had plenty of experience doing that.


“Yay! Coffee! Here you go!”


Jungkook looked at coffee in front of him. “Hot?”


“Caffe Americano. It’s my favorite,” he smiled.




Jungkook took off the lid and started blowing on it. But he realized Jimin just drank it straight from the lid without blowing on it. He looked so cool doing it. And frankly, he felt he needed to do the same. Prove himself.


He put the lid back on and took a bit sip. He expected it to be hot. But what he didn’t expect was the bitter flavor filling up his mouth and going down his throat. The mix of bitter and hot was, in his opinion, torture. His face scrunched up immediately and he started coughing from the taste and the burn. Some of the coffee spilled out of his mouth and fell on his hoodie and the table.


Jimin busted out into a fit of giggles, but got up quickly anyways to go get some napkins. Even as he came back, he was still giggling and grinning. “Are you ok? Was it too hot?”


Jungkook was having a mental breakdown. “You could say that,” he said with a low and embarrassed voice. His cheeks were flared up and he wanted to hide forever. “I’m sorry,” he offered an apology as Jimin helped pat down his hoodie a little and wiped up the table where Jungkook made a mess.


With a bright smile, Jimin shook his head, “Don’t worry. I should have told you it was really hot. Or was it the taste too?”


Jungkook felt so stupid. He didn’t want something like this to happen, and yet it did. He kept his head down and talked without looking at Jimin. “Yeah…”


With a stain now on his grey hoodie, pile of wet napkins on the table, and his coffee pushed away from him, Jimin felt really bad. He softly smiled before getting up and going to the cashier again.


Jungkook hadn’t really noticed he did. Because all he could think about was how he was going to redeem himself. How he was going to make himself look cool again. Because that’s the kind of person he wants to be in front of The Minnie . Cool. Strong. Confident. Just like Jimin.


But how is he supposed to do that with a stain on his hoodie, smeared glasses, and a body of messy emotions. He felt everything colliding at once, building up into something bad. Although he was as frozen as an ice sculpture, deep down, in his heart, he was crying. He was frustrated. He was humiliated. And he didn’t know how he was going to go on from here.




Jungkook saw a different plastic cup placed in front of him. It was clear, he could see the drizzle of caramel on top of whipped cream. He looked up and saw Jimin smiling happy; so much so his eyes started disappearing behind rosy cheeks. Jungkook looked down again at the cup and slowly grabbed it with both hands. It was cold to the touch.




He looked to the elder for reassurance, and was met with an affirming nod. He slowly put his lips to the green straw and sucked. The sweet cold flavor of caramel coffee filled his mouth. It helped cool the slight burn of his tongue. And the sweet flavor replaced the bad taste in his mouth. He drank two more gulps before he put it down.




“I should have known you wouldn’t like this bitter stuff,” Jimin tilted his head a bit and laced his fingers over his cup.


“How could you have known,” the younger pushed up his glasses and took another sip.


“Because you’re too sweet to like something so bitter.”


Jungkook cracked a smile; a small chuckle escaping his lips as he let those words echo in his mind and his heart. And he realized he didn’t want to be the cool and strong guy he was thinking he needed to be. Because it seemed Jimin already liked him for how he was.




Jimin winked as he took another sip of his hot bitter coffee, “You’re welcome.”



Chapter Text

When Jimin had said he was all in, Jungkook underestimated him.


It’s only the next day and Jimin is already asking to meet up again. Now, while Jungkook is completely over the moon and thrilled The Minnie wants to spend time with him, he’s also absolutely terrified at making a fool out of himself (again). He’s never dated anyone before. Or really tried to put in an effort to be friends with someone.


Growing up, he just kind of molded into groups of friends. But being overly shy and introverted, those friendships never really lasted. Eventually he just figured he was better off on his own.


So now that he had someone who was asking to hang out with him , he was a little lost.


But he did his best to keep up the conversation.


MinnieBaby: I wanna see you

JKinLovewithYou: You wanna meet up???

MinnieBaby: when are ur days off usually?

JKinLovewithYou: friday and saturday

MinnieBaby: whaaaaat then we could've seen each other today!!! Why didn’t you tell me!?

JKinLovewithYou: i’m sorry!

MinnieBaby: haha don’t worry dont apologize ok?

MinnieBaby: then can we meet up tomorrow? What are you doing?

JKinLovewithYou: yeah i’m free

JKinLovewithYou: i don’t usually do anything. Games with tae or watch tv or something

MinnieBaby: tae?

JKinLovewithYou: yeah he’s my best friend. He’s VangoghTaeTae

MinnieBaby: OH! I know him!

MinnieBaby: you said you didn’t have friends tho

JKinLovewithYou: i’ve never actually met him before, not IRL

JKinLovewithYou: same goes with the other guys i talk to. They live far away so…

MinnieBaby: now you have me tho Kookie ;)

JKinLovewithYou: …..

MinnieBaby: ?????

MinnieBaby: You ok?

JKinLovewithYou: i’m fine

JKinLovewithYou: more than fine Jimin :)

MinnieBaby: ……

MinnieBaby: Jungkook?

JKinLovewithYou: Yeah?

MinnieBaby: lets meet right now. I want to see you


Jungkook pushed away from his desk, as if Jimin was standing right in front of him. As if the keyboard burned his fingers. His eyes darted to the bottom right corner of his screen to look at the time.




His fingers nervously tapped on his desk as the rest of his body sat perfectly still. His mind felt dizzy with all the possibilities of the night if he agreed to meet him. But isn’t this too fast , he thought; concerned.


MinnieBaby: Jungkook?

MinnieBaby: i promise i wont be mad if you dont wanna meet up or you can’t meet up

MinnieBaby: I’ll understand big guy n_n


But Jungkook knew he wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip through his fingers. He’ll be all in too.


JKinLovewithYou: where should we meet up?

MinnieBaby: omg yay!

MinnieBaby: the river! I’ll see you soon!

JKinLovewithYou: see you soon :)


Jungkook sat back in his computer chair, unmoved and speechless. His eyes blinked slowly as he stared at the screen of his computer.


Is this what excitement feels like? A thrill rush? Expectation?


Because the hair on his body stood up and he felt an electrifying buzz go through his entire being.


“Shit. What do I wear?”


He quickly swiped and moved his mouse, turning on his portable room mic and logged into Skype.


“You've reached the talented and sexy Taehyung. How can I help you tonight,” asked said talented and sexy man as he looked into the camera, only to be met with an empty room. “JK?”


“What do you wear on dates?!”


Taehyung made the window bigger, but that didn't really help him. He squinted his eyes and examined the room, “Where are you dude?”


“Closet! Now hurry, I don't have much time,” Jungkook stepped out of his closet in only his sweats; his pecs and six pack (lets be honest, eight pack) on full display. “Black or white,” he held up seperate sweatshirts.


“Dude. Did you say date? Because sweats is literally the worst thing you could wear.” He sat back and quickly typed away on his keyboard. “You gotta wear something like this. Or this.”


Jungkook leaned closer clicking the links his best friend put in the chatbox to see a few pictures of stylish Korean men. “I don't own any clothes like that. Fuck! What am I gonna do?!”


“First of all, quit yelling you banshee. I'm going deaf. And second of all, why the fuck are you going on a date at midnight?”


The shirtless boy sighed heavily, plopping his body down into his computer chair; abandoning the two sweatshirts on the bed next to him. “I don't even know. He asked to meet at the river. What are we supposed to do?”


“Ohhh! So that's what you're doing.” The dirty blonde grinned on the other side of the camera, “Then just jeans and a shirt will work.”


“Why did you say it that way,” the inexperienced boy asked as he got up to go back to his closet to change.


“Because going to the river at midnight means long talks and make out sessions,” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows even though Jungkook wasn't in the room to see. “ That's what that means.”


“Make out sessions…” Jungkook wanted to zone out, but shook his head.


“Heh. Have fun. You're living the dream my man!” Taehyung clasped his hands together putting them behind his head, making his elbows stick out in the air; smug on his face, “I'm proud of you.”


Jungkook re-entered his room with ripped jeans on, a belt, a black shirt tucked in, and Timbaland boots, which he was very fond of. He held out his arms in a gesture for his best friends opinion. “This alright? Or too much?”


“Untuck the shirt. Lose the belt. And you're good.” Taehyung looked seriously at his nervous friend and smiled, “Go get him tiger.”


Jungkook’s worried face turned into a relieved one as he did what Taehyung suggested. And he'd take any and all advice. Because Taehyung has way more experience than him.


“Ok then, guess I gotta go,” he let out a nervous breath as he leaned over, putting his hand over his mouse.


“Be safe my son! Use protection!”


“Shut the hell up,” Jungkook laughed.


Taehyung was cracking up, “Bye loser! Have fun!”


Jungkook closed the call and took a moment to collect his thoughts. Standing in the middle of his room, he took a slow breath in and out. His heart fluttered in his chest, but he did as he always did when he was about to leave his apartment, his sanctuary; switched something inside of himself. Turned on a mode to help him outside in the real word. In other words, a mask. Because he could never just be himself outside of these safe walls. So he needs that control.


With one more deep breath, he grabbed his keys and left his apartment.  

Jimin got out of his car and walked a few yards ahead to sit down on the wide stone steps that lead down to the edge of the river. The summer heat was still lingering in the air despite being past midnight and the sun long gone. But Jimin always loved the warmer days. He can bask in all the heat and soak up energy.


But as it stands now, he’s got plenty. His foot keeps bobbing up and down and he’s doing his best not to bite on his cuticles (because that’s gross and he needs pretty nails). So deciding he can’t take sitting any longer, he stands up and walks down the stone steps to get closer to the water.


The brisk air calms him down. His hand ran through his long hair, letting his bangs sit back more towards his ears; pierced with two small silver hoops in each ear. It might be a little bit too much, but Jimin was never one to play things down. Especially his outfits. Even if it was just a small meetup like this. He came in black designer jeans, a very loose white v-neck tank top under a maroon and navy plaid button up. He tucked the two shirts in his pants, but because the flanel was one size too big, it sometimes hung off his shoulder. He’s always prefered loose fitting clothes as opposed to form fitting ones. He doesn’t like feeling restricted.


Yet, as he stands looking at the river, being still and taking in the view, he’s a nervous wreck. “Jungkook… where are you?”


Just as he asked the question a loud, his attention was drawn behind him at the sound of a car pulling up. The headlights blinded him for a only a second before they turned off and the car was parking. He bit down on his bottom lip to try and keep from smiling like an idiot, but he failed miserably. Because he couldn’t deny the happiness he felt at Jungkook’s arrival. He wouldn’t be alone.




Said boy stepped out of his car and slid his keys and his phone in his pocket as he walked closer, “H-Hey. Sorry I’m late.”


“Not at all. I kinda did this spur of the moment right?” Jimin was all smiles, but it slowly turned into a small smirk as he checked out the boy standing in front of him, “You look nice.”


“Oh um,” Jungkook adjusted his glasses then scratched the back of his neck, “I wasn’t sure what to wear actually. I’m glad it’s ok.” He dropped his hand and gestured to the handsome older man, “You look great of course.”


Jimin blushed, swatting his hand back and forth, “This is nothing. But thank you.”


“Yeah…” Jungkook smiled; doing his best not to openly stare at the small bit of Jimin’s shoulder that was showing.


They stood there quietly, both a little nervous and shy. Jungkook scratched his arm, and put his weight back and forth on each foot, doing his best to stay calm. Jimin on the other hand was just infatuated with the mess of a boy in front of him. He smiled and giggled, seeing Jungkook doing his best.


“Let’s walk.”




Jimin smiled as he turned and walked in his ankle high designer boots. He slipped his hands in the back pockets of his black jeans and turned to look at the younger, yet taller man next to him. Which, if he was being honest, he was a little more than happy that Jungkook was tall. He’s always prefer taller guys. And not only that, from the muscle on Jungkook’s arms, he was fit too. The perfect package according to Jimin.


“Do you come to the river often?”


“I don’t. Do you?”


“When I want to get away and not deal with people, yeah. I only come at night.”


Jungkook cocked his head to the side, keeping his eyes straight ahead, “I figured you’d loved to be surrounded by people.”


“Only the right kind of people,” Jimin put his index finger up. He smiled, “Otherwise, I might as well just be by myself.”


The tall brunette gulped, “What counts as the right kind?”


“Someone not like my older brother,” Jimin frowned; thinking back to their last conversation earlier in the week.


Jungkook was compelled to look at Jimin finally, “Why not like him?”


Jimin was silent as he walked. He contemplated many things. But mostly, all he could hear was his brother’s voice in his head. The voice that told him he needed to grow up and become a proper adult. That said he shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. A voice he wanted to ignore, but wasn’t always successful.


Jungkook swallowed hard again and looked ahead, “You don’t have to say. I’m sorry if I’m being nosy.”


“Huh?” Jimin was brought out of his thoughts, “Oh, no, not at all. I guess... I guess I just have a complicated relationship with him.” The shorter man stopped walking, closed his eyes and tilted his head back, soaking up the heat. “His name is Hoseok, and he’s always been better at everything. Sports, school, his attitude; everything. And actually, he’s a genius dancer.”


“Oh,” was all Jungkook could seem to respond with.


Jimin opened his eyes and stared up at the stars, faint as they may be from all the lights of the city, “So compared to him, naturally, my parents gave him all their attention. I was just an eye sore. Bad grades, clumsy, emotional. Everything Hyung is not. So doing what I’m doing just adds to all that. I’m the bad son and he’s the good son. Although, my parents don’t know exactly what it is I do. But that’s in thanks to Hyung who made up a lie for me….” He clicked his tongue, “Even if he pisses me off, I still have to give it to him. He’s a good older brother.”


Jungkook followed Jimin with his eyes as the elder sat down on the stone steps. “That’s… difficult.”


“Yeah,” Jimin let out a huff of a breath. “Don’t get me wrong, like I said, he’s got a great attitude. Always happy and cheerful. But when it comes to me, he scolds me. He says things like ‘You need to stop exposing yourself to all those strangers. Get a job with me and be a real adult.’ Stuff like that. Ugh.” Jimin frowned, looking down at the ground and letting his hair fall into his eyes, “And what’s worse is that I-” But he stopped talking.


Jungkook was confused, staring down at his idol and crush. “Um?”


Jimin looked up with almost pleading eyes, throwing Jungkook off. “Can I tell you something? And you’ll promise not to tell anyone else?”


Jungkook’s control was slowly fading away as he sat down next to Jimin, “I promise.”


Jimin turned his body a little more towards Jungkook, his flannel button up falling and exposing his shoulder. “The week I was gone… I was seriously thinking about quitting Vlogs And More… and finding something… not that.”


Jungkook’s eyes opened wider and he turned more towards Jimin. He pushed his glasses up and licked his bottom lip first before speaking, “Quitting?”


“Obviously I didn’t, seeing as you saw me on my stream… but yeah.” Jimin fiddled with his own fingers in his lap, staring at his small pudgy fingers, “I’m scared to quit…”


“Why are you scared,” Jungkook spoke with his voice unconsciously more like a whisper.


Jimin looked up just then, straight into Jungkook’s eyes, “Because if I don’t have my stream or my audience, then who’s going to love me?”


‘I will, ’ Jungkook wanted to say so bad. But he didn’t. He kept his control, held his tongue, and looked away towards the river. “You should do whatever makes you happy.”


Jimin stared at the boy next to him; stared at his profile and slowly started falling for the look on his face. A peaceful, content look. “And what makes you happy Jungkook?”


“Jimini-ssi…” Jungkook turned his head back to look at his crush. He could see the slight shock and blush on his face. “...being at home on my computer makes me happy.”


Jimin’s heart dived a bit at the fact that Jungkook didn’t leave it at that; just him. He felt a little silly for expecting that. “You’re a homebody. So am I. Or...well… I guess when I’m not shopping. Because I love to shop,” Jimin confessed with a wide smile.


Jungkook smiled back, “Yeah I know. You’re wearing really amazing clothes.”


“Thank you,” Jimin blushed.


“You’re welcome,” Jungkook smiled back.


Silence overtook them, but unlike when they first met earlier in the night, there wasn’t an awkward atmosphere. They were more calm; comfortable with each other. And Jimin couldn’t be happier.


If he could do this for the rest of his life, he knows he’d be happy.




“Hm,” he barely mumbled, his eyes focused on the river once again.


Jimin moved his body so that he could be pressed up against the boy. He felt Jungkook tense up next to him, but he didn’t move; making Jimin happy and bubbling with excitement.


“Talking to you like this… it makes me happy. And you said I should do whatever makes me happy right?”


Jungkook could just feel Jimin looking at him; in his blind spot. He was as still as a statue, fixed in place, and freaking out internally. But on the outside he remained focused. Concentrated on the calm body of water in front of him.




“Then…” Jimin looped his arm slowly around Jungkook’s (testing the water per say) and leaned his head on his shoulder, “Can we just stay like this? Sitting and talking?”


“Wh-whatever you want.”


Jimin rubbed his cheek a little against Jungkook’s shoulder, “What do you want Kookie?”


He could feel Jimin’s heat. His head on his shoulder. His arm squeezing his. And his hand on his knee. Everywhere Jimin touched, Jungkook felt a spark of fire. And it was so hot. Too hot. But he remained unmoved. Because this was like a dream.


“...I’d like to stay here with you.”


Jimin smiled, “You want to stay with me?”


“If you’ll let me.”


“Jungkook, why do you like me so much?”


Jungkook’s heart nearly jumped out of his body, but he kept his cool. His mind raced with literally all the things he was in love with in Jimin. To his looks, his smile, his laugh, his caring side, his passion, his humor, the way Jimin talks to his fans, little things like his habit to sweep his hair back, or the way he tilts his head and licks his lips, even down to his fingers, his nose, and eyes, Jungkook loved it all. He was so in love with the man leaning against him.


But it wasn’t enough.


“You didn’t know it, but you were there for me when no one else was.”


“I was?”


“Even now… you’ve picked me out of everyone else you could have picked. Me. I’m just a introverted homebody, a faceless nobody, and you picked me. So…” he smiled, pushing his glasses up with his cheeks naturally, “I just… really appreciate you.”


He finally got the courage to turn his head to look at the man clinging to him. Their faces were so close, and he couldn't move. Frozen and locked into Jimin’s chocolate brown eyes.


“Jungkook…” Jimin whispered, glancing at Jungkook’s lips, “You’re not…”


“Yeah,” the younger whispered.


“You’re not a nobody. Not to me…”




The stars reflected in Jimin’s eyes, dewy and glossy from the emotion coursing through his body. His lips almost trembling, waiting to be claimed. His eyes darted back and forth between the dark eyes and soft lips in front of his face. Slowly, as if on impulse, he leaned forward more.


“Kiss me,” he whispered into Jungkook’s lips.


Jungkook closed his eyes naturally, as he pecked Jimin’s fat bottom lip with his own. It was very gentle, barely there. Because Jungkook had only ever kissed twice before this time. So his experience was only this, a peck. But he had enough courage to peck a few more times before he pulled away.


“Was… that good?”


Jimin shook his head with a pout, eyes aflame, “I want more.”


Jungkook knew he was blushing. He could feel it. But Jimin made no comment further. Just waited silently in front of him. His small hands were powerful as they grabbed his forearm, but his eyes still on Jungkook’s.


“I’m not… not good at t-this,” Jungkook confessed. “I can’t-”


“Then… can I kiss you?”


Jungkook automatically nodded slowly without hesitation. With a smirk, more than a smile, Jimin closed the small gap Jungkook created and pressed his lips against the younger. Being experienced, he opened his plump lips and pushed them out against Jungkook’s lower lip first. He shifted his head to the side a little more and pressed his lips against Jungkook’s top lip. The younger man just repeated the motions as Jimin did, mimicking and learning. Jimin couldn’t help but smile into the kiss as he could feel Jungkook relaxing more and more. He took the opportunity to drag his hands up Jungkook’s firm and muscled arms until his hands were at the base of his neck. He kept one hand there while the other laced it way into Jungkook’s wavy locks. Jungkook on the other hand tensed up for a second before he felt Jimin’s hand grab his from his side and put it on his waist. He took Jimin’s lead and squeezed his sides as he continued kissing. One open mouthed kiss after another.


It was a little awkward for Jungkook, thinking about where his hands were, how his lips tingle, and the way Jimin tugged on his hair. And it was hot too. He felt like he was sweating. But as Jimin relentlessly pressed his lips against his, over and over again, Jungkook couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. And it was in that, that he gained confidence. The Minnie was kissing him . And he’s the one making him softly mewl against his lips.


“You’re… getting better…” Jimin rasped against Jungkook’s wet lips; eyes closed and lips automatically going back to where they belong.


“I’m a… fast learner…”


“Then learn quicker please.”


Jimin finally stuck his tongue out and sucked on Jungkook’s bottom lip before pushing his lips apart and sticking his tongue as far as it could go. Jungkook was slightly shocked, but did his best to keep up. Not really knowing what to do, he stuck his tongue out like Jimin did and started going in circles. But he was stiff. His tongue felt like metal; blocky and mechanic.


“Feel my tongue Kookie…” Jimin huffed a bit out of breath. “Relax and roll it around mine.”


Jungkook nodded, making Jimin chuckle. He smiled and took the opportunity to scoot closer, practically in between Jungkook’s long legs as they sat on the wide stone step. It just made Jungkook’s control crack a bit; his hands ran up Jimin’s side before coming back down and resting on his lower back, just barely above his ass.


Jungkook’s body relaxed in Jimin’s hold, and he focused more on being in the moment. Feeling Jimin close and his mouth on his. Feel and relax. Jungkook’s tongue met Jimin’s in between their wet lips. He did as Jimin said, and rolled his tongue on and around the elder’s. Much like licking a lollipop. Or sucking on a popsicle. Jungkook thought of it in this way and was able to expertly turn Jimin into a puddled mess in his arms. More soft moans and mewls came from Jimin; making him greedier and greedier.


His hands slid down Jungkook’s shoulder and to his chest, pressing and feeling his way till he reached his lower stomach. But it was in the moment when Jimin barely lifted Jungkook’s shirt to start exploring his skin with his hands, that had the younger flinch back. His hands automatically shot down and grabbed Jimin’s smaller hands.




Jimin was breathing hard, and his heart sank. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I just- being with you- Jungkook I’m-”


“This is,” he swallowed, “too fast.”


Jimin looked down, realizing just how close he really was to Jungkook. The sounds of the river and distant noises of the city returning to his ears. Shame and humiliation filled him up, but he couldn’t find it in himself to leave Jungkook’s arms. This felt too right.


“Please don’t hate me.”


Jungkook let out the breath he was unintentionally holding, seeing Jimin looking a lot smaller than normal. “I don’t hate you… I just- I’m not good with this stuff. And I… I don’t want to disappoint you. You’re the best thing I’ve ever found, and I want it to be good.”


“S-Say it again,” Jimin looked up with moisture building up in his eyes.


Jungkook looked into his eyes, back and forth; reflected to see himself. “I want it to be good.”


“Not that… Before that.”


Jungkook’s glasses were fogging up, so he took them off and held them in his hand; squeezing them just slightly to give him courage. “You’re the best thing I’ve ever found.”


Jimin’s heart grew two times its size for the boy pressed against him. “This is so fast, but it feels right. It feels perfect.” The moisture built up and formed into tears. The emotional man couldn’t help but start crying softly, “Please say we can keep seeing each other like this.”


“Isn’t this… weird?” Jungkook couldn’t help but have all the doubts spill out of his mouth. Because how could something this good be real? “Isn’t this unrealistic? Because I feel like I’m dreaming.”


“It’s not weird, Jungkook,” Jimin wiped his eyes, “It’s not.”


“But we don’t know each other.”


The more Jungkook talked back, the more Jimin was getting defensive. “You know me! You’ve been watching me since the beginning!”


“But how do you know I’m not some crazy person? How can you just jump in and give everything at once? How can I trust you not to leave me?” The more he talked, the more his control was breaking. Slipping through the cracks, his built up insecurities were coming out in the open. “How am I to know that you aren’t going to be like everyone else who just sees me as just a person to fill up some space until I’m not needed anymore? Who... forgets about me and leaves me behind…? Jimin I-” Jungkook’s heart tightened hard, and he felt all the anxiety about to burst through. “I don’t think I can do this…”


“Jungkook, please,” Jimin pleaded, “Please listen to me.” He put his hands on Jungkook’s cheeks and forced him to look up into his eyes, “I don’t know what’s happened to you before, and I’m not going to make any false promises, but I can tell you right now, one hundred percent , that my heart is beating for you.” He grabbed Jungkook’s hand and put it on his chest. “Right here. You feel it right? It’s beating for you.”


“Jimin-ssi…” Jungkook’s voice cracked.


“I don’t really know you. And I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I want to do this. I want to be here with you. I want to kiss you. I want to hug you. And I want you to want those things with me too.” He gripped Jungkook’s hand with both of his, “I want all of you for myself. But I’m not going to force you to do something you don’t want.”


Jungkook’s head felt like it was pulsing. He leaned over and rested his forehead on Jimin’s shoulder, getting the opportunity to really inhale the soft scent of orange and lillies. He let it fill up his nostrils and cloud his mind; somehow getting his head to hurt less.


“I’m not who you think I am,” he mumbled into Jimin’s shoulder.


Jimin hugged Jungkook for the first time, burying his face into his shoulder as well, “I’m not either.”


“Then… is this how it begins?”


“This is how it begins,” Jimin let himself hope.


Jungkook lifted his head a little, enough so he could stare into Jimin’s beautiful shining eyes, “Then I guess I should confess something to you…”


“What is it?”


“I kinda like you a lot. Like… a lot a lot. Since the moment I saw you online, I’ve had a huge crush on you. Like most guys.”


Jimin couldn’t contain the smile that bursts from happiness within himself, “But you’re not like most guys… because I like you too.”


Jungkook repeated the words in his head ‘I like you too,’ just as Jimin leaned in to connect their lips once again.


Chapter Text

Jungkook never expected to wake up early on Saturday morning with a stiff neck, a sweaty hand, and his body slouched in the backseat of his car. But here he was. His eyes slowly opened, unused to the bright sunlight. He wanted to wipe his eyes, but realized his hand was being held by another. Once his brain made the connection of what exactly was going on, he held his breath.


Minnie, or what Jungkook could remember from last night, Park Jimin, had his hand currently laced with his. He was curled up against Jungkook and still asleep. Not wanting to wake him up just yet, he slowly let out the breath through his mouth. He tried to remain relax in hopes his tense posture wouldn’t wake Jimin up either. But it seemed, even with him moving to get a better look at his… whatever they are… Jimin wasn’t going to wake up.


Happy that he was a heavy sleeper, Jungkook took the opportunity to lean as far forward as he could, to try and get a look at Jimin’s sleeping face. It wasn’t much, but he could see for himself how long Jimin’s eyelashes were. And see just how big his lips really were. ‘Soft like pillows I bet,’ Jungkook thought; almost considering kissing him.


But that brought the night flashing through his head. They had already kissed; and a lot at that.


After Jungkook confessed his feelings, and Jimin did as well, they sat together on the stone step for a while longer until both their butts were starting to hurt. Not wanting to call it a night, they went in the back of Jungkook’s car and talked and made out some more. At one point Jimin passed out, and seeing it was already past five in the morning, Jungkook knew he wasn’t awake enough to drive and neither was Jimin. So he rolled down the windows and passed out with his… whatever Jimin is.


As he stares at the sleeping boy curled against him, a wave of joy and apprehension came on at the same time. Of course he was overjoyed at the fact that he was able to finally confess to his crush of over two years (because honestly who ever thought they could do that with a cam star). But there was a part of him still, that was fearful of how this was all going to work out. Because as it stands, he doesn’t even know what to call their relationship. Are they dating now? They confessed to liking each other. So people naturally start dating, right? So then does that mean he can call Jimin his boyfriend? Or is that too serious? Because realistically it’s only been around two whole days since he’s even met his crush face to face. And if this isn’t some really long and bad joke, then Jungkook really has no idea what to do from here.


Most relationships don’t start out like this. So what’s an inexperienced guy supposed to do?


He leans his head back against the seat and takes a slow breath in; closing his eyes and slowly letting the breath out. Just as he opened his eyes, Jimin started wiggling gently against him. His body tensed up unconsciously as he just watched with nervous eyes. Jimin let go of Jungkook’s hand as he sat up and stretched, hitting the front passenger seat in the process.


“Ahh…” his eyes blinked open, still very sleepy, “Good morning Jungkookie.”


“G-Good morning Jimin… ssi…”


Hearing the added formality made Jimin smile wide. His eyes opened now, fully awake, the elder just stared at the boy next to him. “This doesn’t feel real.”


“You’re telling me.”


With a slight giggle, and a soft couple of smacks to Jungkook’s arm, Jimin grinned, “I guess this is what love feels like.”


There was an instant blush on Jungkook’s cheeks, “I guess you weren’t lying.”




“You said you were a hopeless romantic,” he smiled, but took the opportunity to clean his glasses.


Jimin wasn’t embarrassed to scoot next to him, drape a leg over Jungkook’s and rest his head on his shoulder. “Well you are too. Mr. ‘You’re like a star in my dark sky. ’ Really, you should be a poet or something.”


Jungkook blushed even more, “Please don’t repeat my stupid stuff. I said that last night and it was late and I was tired.”


The dark hair tickled Jungkook’s nose as Jimin quickly shifted his body so he could face Jungkook more; a deep pout on his face. “Don’t tell me you didn’t mean it.”


“No no no,” the younger rubbed his nose, “I meant it. It’s just- ah…” He glanced down at Jimin’s leg still, somehow, draped over his and swallowed, “I um… It’s just embarrassing hearing you repeat those things.”


“You’re so cute.”


Jungkook remained embarrassed and silent to the compliment, but he moved his eyes to look at his… his Jimin-ssi. Who happened to be stretching some more and yawning; looking just like a cat. Jungkook could see why Jimin was so in love with cats when he embodied one so much.


“I’m so hungry. It’s still early to get breakfast right?”


It was only then that Jungkook realized he had no idea what time it actually was. Or the fact that his phone wasn’t in his pocket; which it normally was. He scooted forward and looked in the front part of the car to see his phone sitting in the driver’s seat. Jimin moved to give him more room to reach between the seats and grab his phone.


“It’s close to ten.”


“Ah! Still breakfast time!”


Jungkook smiled endearingly; he’s just the cutest , “Should we eat?”


“I’m starving,” he answered with a happy smile.


After they both got out and stretched their legs,  they decided to take Jungkook’s car and head to the closest breakfast cafe. Which, in Jungkook’s opinion, suited Jimin to a T. Plants hanging by the windows, the smell of coffee and sweets in the air, cute pastel dishes and utensils, light stained oak wood tables and matching chairs. He was meant for soft looking places like this; cafes or pet shops or parks. And Jungkook can’t help but want to go to all those places with him.


“I’d like the biggest plate you have,” Jimin announced as he handed the waiter the menu.


“I’ll take the same.”


The waiter’s eyes lingered on Jimin for longer than a comfortable moment before he left. Jungkook picked up on it right away, looking immediately at Jimin. But the man across from him only seemed to be staring at him; he was oblivious. And it left a really bad churn in Jungkook’s stomach. I really bad, stupid, ugly, twisting churn...


Jimin smiled as he leaned forward over the table to squish his cheek into his fist, “You’re making a really weird face. You ok?”


“I’m just hungry,” Jungkook lied straight through his teeth with the perfect poker face.


“Do you normally eat a lot?”


“Yeah typically. You?”


“Not really.” Jimin rolled his eyes up to the ceiling, “Well, that’s not entirely true. I mean, I do eat a lot. But I said in the stream that I was doing this diet right?”


“Oh yeah…” Jungkook was suddenly concerned, “I’m sorry if this is ruining your diet.”


The smaller man giggled in his seat, sitting back and putting his hands in between his thighs, “I’m the one who ordered the biggest plate Kookie! Don’t even sweat it. Besides-” he leaned forward again and winked, “This is something to celebrate.”


“What are we celebrating,” Jungkook asked with genuine cluelessness.




Sitting in front of him was a man with so much pride and confidence in himself. He was unashamed being with Jungkook, being with another man. And while Jungkook wasn’t ashamed either, he couldn’t ever see himself being as strong. Never being one to not take the glares and judgement from others into his heart. Because he’s always been so scared of people.


Handling any kind of attention was always hard for the young man, even if he always secretly wanted it.


Jungkook glanced around quickly, seeing only a couple of people next to them looking their way. With a weak smile and his hands in fists under the table, he looked up at Jimin. “Us… as in… together?”


But before Jimin could answer, the waiter was back with both of their plates, “Enjoy gentlemen.” But the waiter paid zero attention to Jungkook, giving all his attention to Jimin; bedroom eyes and all.


“Thank you,” Jimin replied politely before digging in.


Jungkook was a lot slower to eat. Because his brain, willingly or not, started analyzing everything about the waiter and comparing himself to him. The waiter looked to be the same height. Average build. Looked really good in a waiter's uniform. His jawline couldn’t be anymore perfect. His smile looked charming. And he smelled really nice. Jungkook on the other hand was in wrinkled clothes (thanks to sleeping in the back of his car), had dark circles under his eyes, felt gross at having sweated through his sleep and being hot next to Jimin, and had nothing close to the same charming smile. He was lackluster in his opinion. And nothing compared to the waiter, or the man across from him.


His anxiety piled on; one complex after another. And Jungkook found himself staring blankly at his food.


“Hey, what’s wrong?”


The sound of Jimin’s concerned voice brought him out of his darkening thoughts, “What?”


Jimin’s eyes focused on the boy in front of him as he reached out and put his hand on top of Jungkook’s, “Are you feeling sick all of a sudden?”


“No. I’m not sick. Sorry, just a little tired, that’s all” Jungkook awkwardly pulled his hand out from under Jimin’s and put it in his lap, while he forced himself to start eating with the other.


Jimin slowly dragged his hand back, feeling really confused and upset. Had he done something wrong? Because Jungkook was fine just moments ago until the food was brought out. Maybe he really was just tired, and he’s thinking way too hard on it. Either way, Jimin still felt a really bad sting in his heart that remained for the rest of breakfast.


“So um,” Jimin started as they walked up to the counter to pay twenty minutes later, “What were you planning on doing today?”


Jungkook paid for his meal; getting the change back, “Sleep probably.”


It was Jimin’s turn to pay, “Oh, ok…” He looked at their waiter, who acted as the cashier as well, glancing down from the gaze of the waiter.


“How was the meal?”


Jimin glanced back up, “Oh, it was really delicious.”


“Wonderful. I hope you come back,” he said charmingly, purposely holding Jimin’s hand from underneath as he gave Jimin his change.


Jungkook saw the action and turned away from it immediately. He had half a mind to walk out, but he didn’t.


“Oh thanks. Yeah, I will,” Jimin smiled to be polite as he pulled his hand away.


“If you do, maybe next time I can take you out after.”


Jimin was clearly startled, but remained calm; smiling and chatting. “Not likely. This big guy wouldn’t like it,” he threw his thumb towards Jungkook.


“Is he your…?”


Jungkook could feel their gazes on his back. He turned around, straight faced, “Friend. I’m his friend.”


The waiter smirked before he jotted down something on a small piece of receipt paper, ignoring the way Jimin was gawking at Jungkook. “Well it doesn’t seem like your friend will mind. Here’s my number. I hope to see you soon.”


Jimin wasn’t really paying attention as the waiter put the paper in his hand and walked away with a smile. All that Jimin could see was Jungkook turning and walking out of the cafe. The sting in his heart tripled as he did.


“Hey!” Jimin threw the paper in the trash and stormed after Jungkook who got to his car and unlocked it. “What the hell was that?”


“What?” Jungkook knows what he did was wrong. Wrong to Jimin, but mostly wrong to himself.


Because since they got to the cafe he’s done nothing but lie.


Jimin got in his space, forcing the younger to stand up against his car, back pressed against the window and door. “You said ‘friend .’ You really think that’s all this is?”


Jungkook’s anxiety bubbled up, feeling cornered with no way to escape. “N-No… but you said at Starbucks we were friends. So...”


“You know it's more than that. So why the hell would you say that?”


Jimin was clearly upset, Jungkook could see. But he just couldn’t seem to speak up. Because admitting his flaws and feelings was something he’s never done before. At least, not to anyone else. No one ever cared. He’d either leave before he ever came close to a situation like this, or he just didn’t care enough to have feelings at all.


This is new.


“You’re-... We’re-...” the boy swallowed, pushing his round framed glasses up, “I told you didn’t I? I’m not… who you think I am… I’m just a loser with social anxiety. And seeing that guy stare at you every chance he got... just felt… shitty.”


“You were jealous?”


The simple question left a big hole in Jungkook’s soul. Because as simple as it may be, it felt like the biggest stress he’s ever faced. It was a terrible feeling in the pits of his stomach. He felt like his body temperature rised and made him sweat. He felt his heart squeeze tightly in his chest. And even now, being out of the cafe and away from the waiter, Jungkook still felt so incompetent and upset.


This felt worse than being left behind.


Because his feelings for Jimin are so strong, he doesn’t really know what to do with this daunting feeling scorching through his body.


“Yes I am,” he looked into Jimin’s eyes; less angrier. “I’m sorry I’m not like you.”


“Not like me? What do you mean,” the elder asked, reaching out to grab Jungkook’s shirt, needing some kind of contact.


“You were so oblivious, I’m sorry I’m not the same.”


Jimin punched Jungkook in the stomach, but not hard enough to cause any pain. More so, it was just a warning of his feelings, making Jungkook jolt. “Don’t be an ass. You assume I was oblivious. But I noticed those creepy eyes as soon as we walked into the cafe.”




Jimin took a step closer, the toes of his boots touching Jungkook’s shoes, “Not to sound egotistical or anything, but I’m used to people staring at me. I’m used to people trying to ask me out. But I choose to ignore it and choose to turn them down.”


“Didn’t you say you wanted someone? You could of had anyone already.”


“People out here are different. I didn’t want any of them. They’re boring, judgemental, and intimidating. They’re all like my brother.”


“So I’m… what?”


“You’re better.”


Jungkook stared down into Jimin’s firm eyes, “Even though I got jealous?”


“Even though you got jealous and hurt my feelings, yes. You are still better.”


Jimin was still holding onto Jungkook’s shirt, so Jungkook finally grabbed his hand and laced them together, “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I’m really not good at any of this.”


“Promise me something, ok?”




Jimin poked Jungkook’s chest with his free hand, “The next time someone asks about us, you tell them I’m your boyfriend. You tell them ‘He’s mine ,’ or anything. Something! Got it?”


“B-Boyfriend?” Jungkook felt extremely hot. How was any of this happening?


“You think I just make out with anybody in the back of their car till five in the morning and I’m not calling them mine?” Jimin smirked, but it soon turned into a soft smile, “I understand that labeling us so soon might be weird. Which is fine if you don’t wanna put a label. But I want you to show some gusto! I’m yours ok?” He poked his chest, and tip toed his index finger and middle finger up his chest, “I like you Jungkook. I want this to work. So please, pretty please , be honest from now on. I want my guy-” he poked his nose, “ you- to confidently scream at the top of his lungs, ‘Park Jimin is my boyfriend!’ Ok?”


Jimin giggled, naturally leaning in closer and pressing against the strong body in front of him. Jungkook couldn’t help but giggle as well, swept into Jimin’s pace; smile and all. “Ok. I’m sorry again for all this. I’ll do my best. I promise.”


“Good! Now! Since you hurt my feelings, only ice cream will make me feel better and then I’ll forgive you,” Jimin winked with a sultry grin.


“Aren’t you supposed to be on a diet,” he raised a eyebrow teasingly.


“We’re celebrating, remember?”


Jungkook grinned, letting his boyfriend give him a kiss on the cheek before bouncing his way around to the passenger side with a bright smile, “Right.”


Chapter Text

MinnieBaby: I'm bored

MinnieBaby: Why do you have to work tomorrow?

JKinLovewithYou: to make money or else I'd be homeless and starving and I couldn't play games

MinnieBaby: LOL so honest

MinnieBaby: ur so freaking cute kookie

JKinLovewithYou: thx :)

MinnieBaby: ahhh I wanna see you already!

JKinLovewithYou: aren't you gonna get tired of seeing me?

JKinLovewithYou: I'm so boring

MinnieBaby: no ur not

MinnieBaby: and no I wont

MinnieBaby: I think ur so cute and funny

JKinLovewithYou: awkward is the word your looking for

MinnieBaby: awkward cute and funny :D

JKinLovewithYou: sounds right… I guess haha

MinnieBaby: soooooooooo can we hang out tonight?

JKinLovewithYou: I have work tomorrow remember :(

JKinLovewithYou: but thurs night we can

MinnieBaby: thats so far away :(((((

MinnieBaby: 3 nights away! What am I supposed to do?

JKinLovewithYou: uhhhhhhh

JKinLovewithYou: can i call you? I dont actually have your number tho

MinnieBaby: OMG

JKinLovewithYou: ??????

MinnieBaby: how have we not switched numbers yet?!?!???

JKinLovewithYou: haha I dont know


Jimin excitedly put in Jungkook's phone number, giving him the name My Cute Kookie . He made a mental note to take a selfie with him the next time they hung out so he could add a picture behind the name. Either way, his heart was singing at having Jungkook in his phone. He felt so… close. Reachable. And frankly, it calms Jimin down more.


He hates distance.


But maybe he shouldn't be in such a rush…


Maybe he shouldn't bother Jungkook so much…


He stared at Jungkook’s contact information and zoned out. His need for attention has tripled since last week. Since he met with Jungkook. In fact, they have talked every day since, at every chance they got. And the last thing he wants to do is scare his cutie away.


He threw his body onto his bed and stared at the ceiling, “I want to talk to him…. I want to see him… but…”


Am I forcing him too much?


His phone started ringing in his hand. And the undeniable feeling of joy and happiness filled him up. He couldn't deny how Jungkook makes him feel. Happy.






Jimin blushed as he turned on his side and grabbed one of his pillows to hug, “Hey big guy.”


Jungkook chuckled, “You've called me that a few times… why?”


“Have you not seen your body,” Jimin asked with sarcasm. “And besides, I like that nickname.”


“I like it too,” Jungkook smiled, although really embarrassed.


“You can give me a nickname too if you want.” Like babe or baby… But Jimin kept his thoughts to himself. Barely.


“Uhhh…” Jungkook racked his brain to try and think of something. Cutie, honey, darling . But everything sounded so stupid in his head. And with Jimin being older, nothing sounded right. “Jimin…ssi…?”


The elder busted into a fit of giggles, rolling around on his bed. Jungkook couldn't keep the smile away as he felt so blessed to hear such a heavenly noise. He kind of wants Jimin’s laugh as his ringtone, but he decided to keep that thought to himself.


“I like that, only because it's you saying it,” Jimin said with a smile, squeezing his pillow harder.


Both he and Jungkook fell into a happy silence. Each hearing the soft breathing and unspoken tension. They could both feel it through their phones. It almost felt like a secret. Something just for them. Neither feeling alone.


“W-what are you doing,” Jungkook forced himself to ask, wanting to hear more of Jimin’s voice.


“I'm just in bed hugging my pillow.” His voice was quieter; slightly breathless. “...wishing it was you.”


Jungkook felt a strong thump in his heart. Jimin sounded so needy, his voice feathery with want. And it put Jungkook's entire body on edge. It was hard to explain. It felt close to possessiveness. A need to scoop up Jimin, hold him close, and never let go. A need to look into those fiery chocolate eyes and never look away. A need to kiss his juicy lips forever and never stop. A need. Desire. It filled him up, from Jungkook's head, all the way down to his toes.


Jimin makes him feel so different. Like he's never felt before.


“How…” Jungkook swallowed as he closed his eyes and imagined his (and he still can't believe this) boyfriend, “How can you say things like that? How are you not afraid?”


Jimin licked his lips as he stared straight ahead, imagining Jungkook laying next to him, “I see no point in staying quiet.” Jimin reached his hand out and placed it on his pillow where Jungkook's head would be if he were there. “I’ve learned that if you aren't active or vocal about what you want, you won't get it.” He chuckled, “Although, Jin hyung says I'm too forward and that I should be less selfish. But I can't help it! I just want everything…”


“I'll give you everything,” Jungkook let slip. He immediately started blushing and backtracking on his words,  “I mean- You know- I'll do what I can… I don't have much though.”


Jimin giggled lightly, “Doesn't matter… I just want you.”


I like him so much. I like him. I like him. I like him. I love-


Jungkook closed his eyes, his brow creased up and his hand clenched into a fist. “I have to go now.”


“What?!” Jimin shot up; his pillow getting tossed off the bed, “Already?! But we just started talking!”


“I know but-”


“I-....” Jimin frowned, staring a hole into his bed. Don't smother him. And he listened to that voice in his head. “Ok…”


“I'm sorry. I promise to message you tomorrow. “


“Ok,” Jimin said meekly. “Goodnight Kookie.”




Jungkook quickly hung up and tossed his phone on the bed next to him. His heart was beating a million beats per second it felt. His blood rushing. His head dizzy. Talking any longer to Jimin, and Jungkook knows he would have gotten himself in trouble. He was falling for him too quickly. Or the more realistic answer, Jungkook already knows he's fallen for the adorable and sexy cam star. It’s just a matter of blurting it out that Jungkook wants to avoid. At least for now.


He got up in a rush, pulled off his shirt and started suddenly doing push ups in his room. “One, two, three…”


He'd exercise away the butterflies.


Jimin on the other hand moped in his bed, staring at his phone, and prayed it was about to light up again. That Jungkook was just kidding and would call him back. But after five minutes. Ten minutes. Still nothing. Jimin turned to charge his phone and sit silently in his room.


He literally just got done talking to him, and he already misses his boyfriend. He just got done telling him that speaking up is better than staying quiet. And yet somehow, Jungkook seems to be the exception. Jimin has never gotten these feeling before. This voice in his head. A voice that tells him to slow down and not be so selfish. And frankly, it scares him a little. Because if he isn't insistent, if he isn't vocal about what he wants, he'll never get anything. That's what he's learned. That's how he's grown up.


But thinking of Jungkook's voice, his smile, and just the young man as he is, makes Jimin giddy. He can't help but smile. And be filled up with a bubbly source of energy.


Somehow, if it's Jungkook, Jimin thinks he's ok being less selfish.

Come Thursday, Jimin is literally bouncing in the driver's seat of his car. He keeps checking his rearview mirror, his side mirrors, and even turning his head a few times to look with his own eyes. In his excitement to see Jungkook, he arrived fifteen minutes early, so he had no one else to blame but himself for having to sit and wait.


But it seemed Jungkook was excited enough too because he showed up early as well. And seeing the familiar grey car pull up made Jimin feel whole. He jumped and ran around the back of Jungkook's car, just as said driver was getting out and closing his door. Without hesitation, Jimin threw himself into the firm body.




His glasses jostled on his face, luckily not falling off. He adjusted them back to their regular spot on his nose before hugging his bubbly boyfriend back. “Hi,” he said with half nervousness and half out of breath. Jimin just takes his breath away; in the best way possible.


“I've missed you big guy,” the elder ran his hand through his hair first as he pulled away, and very lightly punching Jungkook in his stomach.


Jungkook rubbed the spot despite having no pain, “Me too.”


“Really,” Jimin smirked, asking as he put his hands on Jungkook's chest to balance being on his toes.


Jungkook leaned his head back just a little, too shy at the close proximity, “Really.”


“Good!” Jimin smiled wide as he stepped back and rocked on his heels a bit,  “I'm glad you missed me.”


Jungkook was silent, but carried a smile. Jimin is getting used to that. So taking the lead he reached out for his boyfriends hand and laced their fingers, “Aren't you gonna kiss me?”


“I can?”




Jungkook seems to always be thrown by Jimin’s brash personality. But he's getting used to it.




He put his free hand on Jimin’s waist, gripping and pulling him closer. As he did Jimin and him simultaneously maneuvered their heads at the right angles to meet for a kiss. Jimin was patient as Jungkook only pressed their lips together. He felt tingles go through his lips and into the rest of his body. But he craved more. Needed more than just tingles.


“Kiss me like you miss me big guy,” Jimin almost whined into Jungkook's lips.


And Jungkook did as he wished. He unlaced their hands and put it into Jimin’s hair, holding the back of his head as he licked his way into his boyfriend's mouth. There was a sudden taste of caramel and coffee on Jungkook's tongue. And it was so delicious. It distracted him enough to take away his nervousness and the thoughts of his lack of his experience in kissing.


But where Jungkook lacked, Jimin was quick to pick up the pieces. He swirled his tongue expertly around the younger’s, claiming the entirety of Jungkook's lips and mouth for his own. Chapped lips, minty fresh breath and all. Wholly satisfied that the more he passionately kissed Jungkook, the more Jungkook gained confidence. And the more Jungkook gained confidence, the more he sucked on his tongue, nibble on his lips, and pecked his way into completion.


Jimin was breathless, eyes fluttering open to stare into Jungkook's own starry eyes, “So… you really did miss me…”


Jungkook chuckled as he smiled, breathless as well, “I did…”


Jimin leaned in to give him another quick kiss, “You're-...” God, he's to die for . Jimin sucked on his own bottom lip.




Jimin smiled, “Nothing. Let's go. The sooner we eat, the sooner I can show you my future cat.”


Jungkook's face reflected the same happiness on his boyfriends, “Ok.”


But the happiness he felt all throughout breakfast was gone the second he reached out for the cat and was rejected.  


“He hates me.”


Jimin giggled as he sat on the floor in the corner of the small booth, watching as the calico cat turned away from Jungkook without letting him pet his fur. “He doesn't know you, that's all.”


“But he just goes right up to you though.” Jungkook took to the opposite corner and tried not to sulk, but wasn't entirely successful as he mumbled to himself, “I like dogs better anyways…”


Said cat rubbed his cheek against Jimin’s knee and purred. Jimin let out a happy little squeal, “Do you hear him?”


Seeing Jimin literally scrunching up into a ball of joy made Jungkook feel so weightless; happy and in love. He just watched as Jimin stared lovingly at the cat, as he ran his hand from the cat’s head to his tail, making the cat raise his butt up in the air as he did. It was so cute. Jungkook couldn't help himself as he took out his phone and started taking video.


Jimin looked up as he did, and for a second Jungkook panicked and almost pulled his phone back. But Jimin just smiled comfortably before giving the cat his attention again;  letting the cat rub his cheek on his hand.


Jungkook stared fondly into his phone, watching in silence. I guess he's used to being filmed. Lucky for Jungkook.


“You look so happy.”


“I love animals,” Jimin responded without looking up. “They are so loyal and cute and precious.”


Like you, Jungkook thought.


“But I think I like cats the most because they have such distinct personalities. They are so independent. But they also have that need for affection, and just come right up to you and demand to be pet. It's so cute.”


Jungkook looked up just as Jimin did, still recording on his phone. Just like you…


He glanced back down at his phone as he stopped the recording and put his phone away, “You should adopt him.”


Jimin’s eyes widened and he blushed, “N-no way! I've never owned a pet before! What if I mess something up, like, forgetting to feed him? Then he would starve and die!”


So dramatic… Jungkook chuckled, “You won't forget. You're so infatuated with him that I know for a fact the first thing you'd do would check his food and water.”


Jimin continued to blush, but there was a worry in his eyes, “But what if he starts to resent me and stops loving me?”


Jungkook was reminded of the night a couple of weeks ago when Jimin had first announced his new love for the cat on the stream. He had said the same thing; voiced his concern about not being loved in return. A second later the memory of being with Jimin by the river came into his head as he told him about his brother and his parents. It all made sense to Jungkook. This was something Jimin really feared. Not being loved.


“Someone like you- who puts his everything into what he wants, doesn't need to worry about something like that.”


Jimin stared helplessly into Jungkook's eyes; almost pleading. Moved to his core. “Jungkook…”


The younger man smiled, “He loves you Jimin. And I know he'll always love you.”


Once again, Jimin found his heart moved by Jungkook's words. And it made his own feelings for the boy grow. To the point it felt a lot like love. As fast as it may be, Jimin was almost certain of it. His feelings were definitely growing for Jungkook. Feelings that felt like he was getting closer to never letting Jungkook go.


“I really want to kiss you right now.”


Jungkook blushed, suddenly feeling the longing on his lips for his boyfriend's. But the cat had other plans, interrupting Jungkook's attention on Jimin, as he started kneading his declawed front paws on Jungkook’s knee. His entire body froze, not knowing what to do.


“He likes you!”


“What's happening,” Jungkook asked, almost panicked.


Jimin giggled as he scooted closer, “Cats paw like that when they're happy. And it looks like he trusts you now.”


Jungkook relaxed a little, watching as the calico cat kept kneading his paws into him, “Oh… guess that's good then.”


Jimin stared happily at his boyfriend, as the younger slowly reached out to pet the top of the cats head. Again, the feeling of love blossomed inside of him. And Jimin nearly jumped at Jungkook to start smothering him in his own affection. But for now, he just watched in content as Jungkook started getting more comfortable with the feline.


“I’ve made up my mind. I'll take him.”


Jungkook looked up, and the cat went back to Jimin and laid down in front of him, completely at peace; purring in happiness. “Really? Awesome!”


Jimin giggled, “Thanks for helping me decide to do it. I couldn't have done it without your help.”


“Y-yeah. Sure,” he responded with a slight red to his cheeks.


“I'll let the people know I'll adopt him next time so I can have time to ready up my apartment for him.”


“You'll need supplies and toys and stuff right?”


“Yeah. I'll buy that stuff today, and make sure my apartment is safe for him. Then I'll get him next time,” Jimin said cheerfully.




Jimin clapped his hands softly but excitedly, “I'm so excited! He'll finally be mine!”




“All that's left is to think of a name!”


“Oh yeah…” Jungkook tilted his head a bit as he stared at the lazy cat; tail slightly twitching. “What are you thinking?”


“Hm… I want something unique…” Jimin pursed out his lips as he thought, getting Jungkook to focus on them. “I don't know. But I'll think of something. You think of names too, ok?”


“But he's your cat. I don't wanna-”


“No, please? I want your help.”


Jungkook starts to believe that he could never say no to Jimin. “Ok.”


“Yay! Thanks!”


“Then should we go and look for stuff?”


Jimin’s eyes lit up in excitement, “Oh my God. I've always wanted to look at the cat stuff but I never did because I knew I'd torture myself doing it.”


Jungkook laughed, “You're silly.”


Despite being older, Jimin stuck out his tongue as he lightly grabbed the brown and white spotted cat and held him as he stood up. “Hush.”


Jungkook stood up as well, as Jimin started animatedly talking with one of the shop workers about adopting the cat. Just as Jimin handed the furball over, Jungkook could see in his mind a happy Jimin sitting in his nest of pillows he has set up for his stream, cuddling and playing with his cat. The image was so warm and pleasant to Jungkook,  that he couldn't stop smiling.


Jimin stepped up to him, not caring being in such a public place, “You look happy.”


“Because you're happy.”


Jimin wasn't sure in that moment who he loved more; his future pet cat or Jungkook. But as he laced his hand with Jungkook’s he settled for it being a tie.


Chapter Text

“Y’all are disgustingly cute. That couple. And it’s barely been two weeks!”


Jungkook cracked a grin as he got a headshot to end the round, “YES!” He slapped his hands together and cheered, not really paying attention to his best friend.


“Like seriously, going on coffee dates, making out in your car, and like, going to pet stores! BRO! You’re that couple!”


Jungkook looked over at skype to see his friend staring at him through the camera, “It still doesn’t feel real.”


Taehyung shook his head, clicking over to the main menu of Overwatch, “Have you fucked him yet?”




“What? I’m curious. I wanna know how good The Minnie is in bed.”


Jungkook clicked over to the main menu and looked at his stats, “Fuck you, you’re never gonna know.”


He laughed out loud, “Alright, alright. Sorry.”


“And uh… no… we haven’t yet.”


Taehyung gasped dramatically, putting his hands to his face, “You haven’t popped his cherry yet?!”


Jungkook was not amused, but honestly used to his best friend’s rash personality. “I hate you.”


“You love me,” he grinned.




“Sure.” As he clicked around, he continued to talk, “But let’s get serious, have you even told him you’re a virgin?”


“It’s not exactly something you bring up in regular conversation.”


“Yeah true. But he’s bound to find out. Or do you just plan on winging it the night of?”


Jungkook hadn’t given it much thought, mostly because he’s been avoiding it. “I mean… I don’t know. I’ve done some research and stuff, but it’s nothing like actually doing it…”


“Well duh.”


Jungkook rolled his eyes as the familiar music started playing for League of Legends. “Alright you ass, then tell me. What am I supposed to do?”


“You stick your dick in the hole,” the experienced yet unflattering man said with the most monotone voice he could manage.


“I really hate you. You know what I meant.”


Taehyung laughed, “Dude, just be honest and tell him you’ve never done it. And that you want to take things slow because of it.”


“What if I’m not good? Wanna switch?”


Taehyung traded characters and started mumbling something about the other characters in their team. “No one is good on the first go. But being with someone experienced helps. And seeing as Minnie is gonna be your first, you probably have nothing to worry about.”


Jungkook looked away from his computer and to his phone, turning it on to see the lock screen; a screenshot of Jimin smiling at the calico cat he’s now affectionately named Dal (moon in English). “I hope you’re right.”


“I’m always right. Besides, think of it this way. He’s stuffed so many toys in his own ass, he probably doesn’t feel anymore pain.”


Taehyung chuckled as the game started, but Jungkook could not. His mind zoned out; blank to all thought. He was playing the game flawlessly like always, but he wasn’t really there. Taehyung’s words left a big empty hole inside of him. A hole he never really realized could be there. Taehyung knew exactly how Jimin liked it. He’s seen Jimin in the most compromising positions a person could be in. Seen and heard Jimin moaning and fucking himself with either his fingers, toys, or other inventive ways to make his streams entertaining. Because that was precisely the point. Jimin - or as the rest of the world knew him as, Minnie - has literally been showing himself off in the most sexual and private ways possible for over a year now.


Everyone has seen Jimin in the most intimate way one could see someone else. And Jungkook doesn’t really know how to process this information. Information that was so obvious, he never even thought about it.


But here he was, on his third loss now in League and pissed off.


“Dude, you ok?”


“I’m gonna go. I’m tired.”


Taehyung frowned into the lens, “Did I say something? You can tell me.”


“Nah. Later man.”


“Yeah. Later.”


Just as he signed off of Skype and League, his phone turned on. The familiar ding went off and his heart sank. A first. Because normally the ding brought on excitement, happiness, and anticipation. But after talking with Taehyung, all Jungkook could feel was dread and something close to anger.


His body moved on it’s own, so used to going through the motions of opening Vlogs And More… that he couldn’t stop himself.


“Hello, hello my Kittens! How are you?”



LoLoLoLoL: fuck i’ve missed you. Show me that hole of urs

TapDatAss: my favorite slut is back!

MinSugaDaddy: you’re so cute tonight. Black always looks good on you

TaeminMintae: Minnie honey

Minniecorndog: omg ur here omg


TKonU: i missed thos lips wish i could see them on my dick irl

AznGrl95: look how cute you are!!! Those stockings look so good!!!

ClumsyLoverBoy94: Minnie baby~ Cute and sexy as always~

URsexSLAVE: look at that collar. Shit wanna choke you

VangoghTaeTae: uhhhhh ;;;;;

69Always69: lemme fuck you in yor pretty mouth


Jungkook almost felt nauseous. How had none of this ever occurred to him?


Jimin on camera pulled his black thigh highs up and flattened out his loose thin white shirt, “I have a surprise you guys~ I can’t wait to show you!” He leaned forward to show off the thick brown collar he had on with a somewhat large copper bell in the middle, “This give you kittens any clue as to what the surprise is~? Hm~?”


With a giggle he got up from his pillow nest, and in the process flashed the camera the black lace panties he had on. He left the view of the camera for only a few moments before he was returning with his calico cat Dal in his arms. He was so happy. Smiling from ear to ear as he sat criss cross and held Dal in his lap. He scratched his back and cooed softly as he pressed his face gently in between Dal’s ears.


“I did it you guys! I adopted him!” He lightly grabbed Dal’s paw and waved it for the camera, looking up into the lens, “Say hi to the camera Dal~” He put on a higher voice, “Hi my fellow kittens~” He giggled some more as he let Dal hop off his lap and leave. With shining eyes and pink lips, he scooted closer to the lens, “Since I wanted you to meet him I decided to kinda dress like him. Oh!” He reached off camera and quickly put on a headband with brown cat ears, “Now we match! I didn’t want to wear this from the beginning otherwise the surprise would have been too easy to figure out.”


Jungkook stared wide eyed, face completely drained from any energy or life. How stupid can he really be to have forgotten this was what Jimin did? Jungkook was living in a fantasy.


Jimin sat back in his nest and smiled, “Dal makes me feel so happy. He cuddles with me. He licks my hand. And he lets me pet him. Although-” Jimin frowned cutely, “Sometimes he pulls away because I think I pet him too much.” He chuckled, “But that’s ok. I’d feel the same I guess.” He sat up as he clapped his hands together once, “Let’s do some Q and A, ok? Then I’ll get to the fun.”


“Stop…” Jungkook whispered, staring at the screen.


Jimin’s attention was off the lens and on his laptop, “BabyBoyLover asks ‘ Can you please adopt me as you next pet? ’ Ah!” Jimin giggled, “I only have enough of an attention span for one pet cutie. But nice try.” He winked into the camera and then looked back at his laptop. “Let’s see… ‘ What new toys have you gotten?’ Oh actually, I got something new in today. So you’ll see what it is in just a moment.”


“Stop…” Jungkook’s hands were starting to shake.


“Uh, ‘Do you wear costumes? What’s been your favorite?’ Well~” Jimin put his hands in between his thighs, “My long time followers know that I don’t always wear costumes, because I treat them as special occasion type things. But in the past I’ve been a maid…” He started counting on his hand, looking up at nothing in particular as he thought, “A cute Mickey Mouse, a sexy santa, umm… a steampunk pirate- Which let me tell you-” he looked into the lens with a squint and a purse to his lips, “All that leather on my skin was not fun. So you’re welcome,” he giggled. “And I guess this. A cat. So if I had to pick a favorite from them then I choose a cat!”



TaeminMintae: the cutest lil cat in the world

MinSugaDaddy: best pet

LoLoLoLoL: i bet your pussy is so tight rn stick something in it pls


Minniecorndog: uwu you’re the sexiest cat and so cute too i can’t omg i’m

VangoghTaeTae: …….

ClumsyLoverBoy94: such a cute kitten

AznGrl95: can i be u pls? You. Are. Perfect.


Jungkook suddenly saw a pop up message from Discord, taking his eyes away from the scrolling chat box in Vlogs And More…


Tae: you watching Minnie rn?

Tae: dude, you gonna ok?

Tae: cuz like you were totally weird before

Tae: and i totally get it if you’re spazzing out

Tae: hello?

Tae: answer me loser

Tae: JUNGKOOK!!!!!


But before Jungkook could even think of responding to his best friend, Minnie was smiling as he showed off his new toy. It was a black dildo with a big bushy brown fur tail attached to the end. “Isn't this cute? I figured I’d commit to the whole cat thing and bought this. Looks fun right?” He wiggled his eyebrows and licked his lips as he sat back. “So let’s have some fun then, shall we?”


“No…” Jungkook’s voice cracked.


He got on his hands and his knees, sideways towards the camera so that his kittens could see his whole body first. He wiggled his butt with a giggle and a shy smile. The comment box was going crazy. And Jungkook remained as still as a corpse; eyes focused on the screen.


Jimin started turning his body more as he reached behind him and slowly peeled off the black lace panties to show off his bare ass. It was plump and juicy, inviting and alluring. It looked so clean and innocent; perfect. He rubbed his hand around his cheek a little before grabbing it and pulling it aside to reveal his hole. He let his asscheek go and wiggled his butt again one more time before sitting down and grabbing his new toy.


“Would you like me to insert it while on my hands and knees, or while on my back?”


As he gave his fans time to fill up the chat box, he started lubbing up the toy. He wiped his hand on a small towel off screen before he looked at his laptop. “Hmm… seems like hands and knees wins. Ok!”


He turned around again so that his ass was on full display for the camera; peachy and ready. He angled his body a bit so that the camera could catch his face as well, as he reached around and started inserting the toy. The initial push made his face scrunch up slightly, but the stretch was all too familiar to him. It was pleasurable. He started relaxing the further it went inside of him, sending goosebumps throughout his body. He shivered a bit as he finally got it all the way inside of himself.


“T-There we go…” he smiled lazily. He shook his hips to make the fake fur swish back and forth, “I’m really a cat now! What do you think?” He turned so the camera could see more of his face. He pulled one hand up, grabbing at the end of his long sleeve and curled his fist against his cheek cutely, “I’m cute right? Tell me I’m cute~”


He put his hand back down so he could be on all fours, and showed off his cute cat-like body. He circled around on his hands and knees once and then got up close to the camera so that his lips were taking up most of the view.


“Tell me I’m a bad kitty,” he moaned.



BabyBoyLover: what a fucking whore fucking fuck



SpankYOU: such a naughty pussy cat. I’m totally dm-ing you after this idc how much it is

BabesRLyfe: can you fuck MY pussy pls? Ur cock looks fat and delicious


He licked his lips and opened his mouth to flash his tongue into the camera before smirking and moving back. He grabbed at the end of his long sleeved shirt and pulled it off of himself to expose his naked body. All that was left was the cat ears, the tail dildo, the collar with the bell, and his black thigh highs. He was to die for, and he knew it.


Jungkook’s eyes started watering, “S-Stop…”


He licked his lips again as he got in position for the camera. He reached around and grabbed the tail, slowly pulling it out and slowly pushing it back in; taking his time. He wanted to relish in the new toy, feeling it’s ridges glide along inside of his ass and pleasure him so thoroughly. He closed his eyes and chewed on his bottom lip as his breathing got a little heavier.


“Oh god… this feels so good…” he moaned.


He pushed his upper body towards his pillows and kept his ass in the air as he started pushing the dildo in faster. Harder. Seeking out that sweet spot that could make him cum so easily. And he was determined to cum untouched this time. A special occasion like this calls for a special ending like that. So as he twisted and turned his wrist, the tail swung around.


His cheeks flared up and he was starting to sweat. The camera could pick up the small droplets falling from his thighs and hips. And he made sure to keep his arm closest to the camera out of the way so his fans could see his cock dangling. It was so hard, pulsing as he thrusted the dildo inside of himself. He was so close he started rocking his ass back into the toy without really thinking about it.


“O-Oh! Ffffuck!” He opened his eyes and stared into the camera as best as he could, “Do you… Do you want kitty’s milk? Hm?” He gasped as he found the spot he was looking for, “Oh shit! I’m cumming!”


His voice got higher as he moaned uncontrollably loud, cumming from just fucking himself with the toy. His cum splattered the blanket and pillows, while his face and cheek pressed hard into the soft fabric. He left the tail inside of himself as he crashed his body on his side, making sure he didn’t lay in his own cum.


His chest took big gulps of air, moving vividly for his fans. His nipples were hard, his body was sweaty, and he looked like a wrecked cat. “Maybe I should be a cat from now on,” he joked, laughing lazily as he remained on his side.


Only a few minutes later did he gather the soiled blanket and any pillows, putting them aside and pulling out the toy from his ass. He grunted as it slipped out easily and left him feeling empty. He put it on the dirty linens and grabbed the towel to wipe himself up.


“I hope you guys enjoyed seeing me as a cat. I have to admit, I really really liked it. Being a cat must be so easy.” He giggled a little as he slipped off the ears so he could fix his hair. Only putting the headband back on until he was satisfied with the way his hair framed his face. “I’m so sleepy now, so I’m calling it a night my kittens~” He waved to the camera cutely, “Make sure to get plenty of sleep! I love you~ Night night~”


He stared into the camera for a while as he usually did, puckering his lips for a kiss and being sly and smirking. But he switched off the stream and left only his premier fans in the chat box.


But Jungkook couldn’t do anything. He was one of the premier fans, and had always found time to leave a comment or talk to his friends in the chat box. But this time he couldn’t. Because this time was different. He was dating Minnie. He was in a relationship with the man responsible for getting off thousands of people.


To Jungkook, it had always been just him. Him and Minnie. He had eluded himself into thinking this way. Because before dating him, before meeting in person, that’s how it was. It wasn’t a big deal to see other people leaving comments because it didn’t really matter. They didn’t exist to him. Even his friends; he understood they were watching and leaving comments as well, but he compartmentalized it in his head that it was different.


But now… it was all crashing down on him. His fantasy was just that. A fantasy. Now he really understood what it meant. He understood why he hadn’t moved a muscle since the ding of his notification going off. He was jealous. He was pissed. And he was overwhelmed. But above all else, he was sad and confused.




His phone lit up and he noticed it was in fact the source of his current crisis; his boyfriend, everyone’s Minnie. A text message. But he was in too much of a daze to see the message before the screen went black. He just ignored it; drained of any energy he might have had. But just seconds later he saw his phone turn on again as two more texts filled his screen.


So after close to an hour of having not moved, he stretched out his heavy arm and grabbed his phone to see the messages.


BF Jimin-ssi: Jungkookie! Did you see me?! <3

BF Jimin-ssi: You didn’t leave any comments i noticed so

BF Jimin-ssi: You’re not asleep right? Haha ;P


He stared at the messages lifelessly, considering if he should text him back. But what would he say?


BF Jimin-ssi: Jungkook are you there?

BF Jimin-ssi: You didn’t seriously fall asleep right?

BF Jimin-ssi: Hello??????


Again, he just stared as his boyfriend sent him message after message before the screen changed and Jimin was calling him. But his heart went into a panic. What would he say? Could he trust himself right now to talk to him when he was feeling this way?


And without a second thought, he held his finger on the power button and turned off his phone completely. He mechanically got up from his computer chair, leaving his phone on his desk and headed to the bathroom. He stepped out of his clothes and started the shower, blasting the hot water. It was hotter than normal, but he couldn’t really seem to process the heat. He couldn’t seem to process anything. His body was just taking him through the motions he normally went through before going to bed.


After turning off the shower, body bright red from the stinging hot water, he dried himself off and slipped on only a pair of clean boxers. He turned off his room light and got in bed. The only sound he could hear was the small fan he had on his desk next to his bed. But despite having that humming sound, it wasn’t loud enough to keep away all the noise in his head. Jimin’s voice. And it seemed to just get louder and louder.


‘Kookie!’ ‘Jungkookie!’ ‘Oh ffffuck!’ ‘You’re different.’ ‘Kiss me like you miss me big guy.’ ‘...kitty’s milk.’ ‘Jungkook, why do you like me so much?’ ‘You’re so cute.’ ‘Hi Kittens!’ ‘Tell me I’m a bad kitty.’ ‘I like you too…’


His body curled into itself while his hands came up to his ears, as if to try and block out Jimin’s voice. His happy bell-like voice. His laugh. His moans. Everything. Minnie and Park Jimin was mixing up. And the more he squeezed his eyes shut and clamped his hands to his ears, the more everything was spiraling out of control in his head.


‘Jungkook…’ His voice sounded so real, as if he was whispering in his ear.




He sat up as he thrashed his arms around, tossing off the blanket. He breathed heavily and looked around for Jimin. But obviously, Jungkook was alone in his room. He stared emotionlessly in the dark as he calmed down. But that’s when the tears started.


“Jimin…” he cried, alone. “I can’t do this…”



Chapter Text

Jungkook shot up from his bed as if he was electrified. He sat hunched over and sleepy; his body still exhaustingly tired. He slept like a rock, but somehow it didn't feel like he slept at all. It was one of those nights that felt like, as soon as he closed his eyes to sleep, he was waking up a few moments later. And he feels terrible.


He scratched through his messy bed head hair then rubbed his eyes with his knuckles and fingers. With a groan he turned to grab his phone to check the time. But upon lifting it he realized it was still powered off. That's when the panic set in. He threw the blanket off and moved his mouse to activate his computer screen. As soon as he was able to see the time he cussed.




He was already an hour late to work.

Jimin woke up startled. He didn't realize he even fell asleep. But as soon as his brain started functioning he looked everywhere for his phone. It fell on the ground, must have during the night, because he remembered holding it in his hand. So as he reached out for it, he prayed Jungkook had left him a message.


But nothing.


Not even a missed called.


He automatically opened their text message, only to see all of his worried texts. Jungkook hadn't even read them yet.


“What the hell is going on?”


His worry and confusion was slowly turning into anger. The emotional man could only take so much worry before he started thinking of all the angry things he'd say in Jungkook’s face. He felt it boiling up inside of him.


But as he remained in bed, his heart reminded him that Jungkook was a good guy. He trusts him. And he knows Jungkook wouldn't purposely ignore him like this. He believes in him. So there must be an explanation.


He remembers trying to call him and it going straight to voicemail. And seeing as the messages weren't even read yet, it could mean Jungkook’s phone was dead. It's possible.




There was still a scary feeling inside of him that he couldn't seem to ignore. A feeling that told him everything was terribly wrong.


With determination, he got out of bed and went to the living room to grab his laptop. He opened it up and looked at Vlogs And More… to see if there was a possibility that Jungkook had commented or something. Anything. But as he clicked around, JKinLovewithYou hadn't done anything.


It was as if Jungkook had disappeared off the face of the planet. And Jimin’s anxiety was starting to go out of control.


He quickly scrolled through his list of followers until he got to the name that he was looking for. VangoghTaeTae. He opened up a message and began writing.




I know this is weird, and I don't even know if Jungkook has told you about us or about anything. But I'm really desperate. He told me you’re his best friend so… Have you heard from him? I tried texting and calling and he doesn't respond. Which is not like him. Please, if you know anything, let me know. I'm getting really worried. Thanks.




All Jimin could do was stare at the empty inbox, and pray Jungkook's best friend could give him the answers he was looking for.


But being patient and waiting has never been Jimin’s strong points. He's impulsive to a fault, hot headed, and moody. And not knowing what's going on with Jungkook is driving him crazy. It's sending his emotions out of control,  and fast. Too fast for his heart to keep up.


How has he fallen so hard in such a short period of time?


He was getting so frustrated with not only Jungkook but with himself. He's an adult and should act like one. But he just can't help it. He can't help but let his emotions spill out of him one by one. Unraveling him to the core. Because that's just how important Jungkook has become. And that's why this is so scary for him.


Nothing prepared him for this.


Ding .


He clicked as fast as he could to open up the new message.



I haven't heard from him either. Last night we were playing games and he got weird and got off. I think he was mad. I don't know. But that's the last I heard from him. But if anything he might have just forgot to charge his phone or something. Try and not worry, it's Jungkook. I'm sure he's at work and he'll call or whatever when he gets home. Sorry I don't know much.


P.S. I know that you two are dating. He won't shut up about it it :) It's disgustingly cute.


Among everything in the message that was sticking out to Jimin, only one thing in particular stood out the most, “Work…”


Jimin has never been one to stay idle.

Jungkook had a raging headache. It felt like his head was pulsing in fact. But he worked through it. Because if he wasn't going to be at work then he’d have nowhere else to go but home. And being home meant being alone with his thoughts. And that's the last thing he wants. He'd rather stay busy so that he doesn't have to think about anything. So that he doesn't have to think about what he's going to do from now on.


So he just continues to stock the shelves and arrange the products accordingly.


“...and here he is.”


“Thank you.”


Jungkook's heart sank in his chest at the familiar feathery voice he could recognize from even a whisper. His body froze and his head pulsed hotter.




From the corner of his eye he could see his boyfriend standing close and looking at him with stern yet worried eyes. Jimin was gripping the end of his shirt in his hands and remained a foot away. Jungkook almost wanted to put more distance between them, but didn't. He did at least give him his attention.


Facing Jimin, the young man stood emotionless; the perfect mask with the most perfect control. “How did you find me?”


Jimin felt a shiver go down his spine at the coldness in Jungkook's voice. It wasn't familiar to him at all, and the dread that he's been feeling increased tenfold. “I just called each Whole Foods… and asked for you…” Jimin took a step closer, hands starting to shake, “What happened? What's going on?”


Jungkook remained still, although it felt like he was being choked; suffocating by his own emotions and lies. “Phone died. And I woke up late. I didn't have time to text you.”


“Are you ok,” Jimin asked, finally closing the distance. “You don't look-” But before he could finish, Jungkook took a step back; breaking Jimin’s heart. He wanted to cry, but wouldn't allow himself to. “Why,” he asked with a more firm voice. “What's going on? Talk to me.”


“I'm at work. I don't have time to-” he tried turning away; he tried running away.


“You either talk to me right now, or I'm making the biggest scene. Right here, right now.”


Jungkook’s eyes narrowed, unbelieving that Jimin would actually do anything. But Jimin has always been impulsive and never been one to back down from anything. He reached out to the shelf and pushed a can to the ground, staring Jungkook straight in the eyes. Jungkook twitched but remained in his spot. So Jimin made it two cans. Then three. But that was all it took for Jungkook to hurry and pick up the cans, put them back on the shelf, and then grab Jimin by his wrist. He pulled him through the back employee exit and outside towards the back of the grocery store.


“You're such a child.”


Jimin crossed his arms; irritated and hurt, “What the fuck is your problem? I wouldn't act like a child if you'd just tell me the truth.”


Jungkook turned around with a deep crease in his forehead; stress making its mark, “I already told you-”


“But that’s not all of it. I know it.” Jimin was starting to raise his voice, “Quit staying quiet and talk to me!”


Jungkook took off his glasses, holding them in his hand as his other one started rubbing his forehead. It felt like it would crack open at any second. Because he was never prepared for something like this. He was never prepared to feel so confused and lost.


He was never prepared to fall so deeply in love with someone.


“Why didn't you tell them about me?”


Jimin’s arms loosened a little, not expecting the question. “What?”


Jungkook dropped his hand and kept his glasses off. Somehow having Jimin blurry around the edges was easier to deal with. “You told them about Dal. But you didn't tell them about me. Why?”


Jimin’s arms loosened completely until they were limp by his side's. His anger was gone; replaced with doubt and distress. “...they don't need to know.” He couldn't look Jungkook in the eyes any longer.


“Because I'm not important enough?”


Jimin snapped his head up and pleaded with his eyes,  “No that’s not-”


“Do you care more about them than me?”


“No of course not!” He reached out and grabbed the front of Jungkook's uniform work vest, “Jungkook you're-”


“Do you have to show yourself to them?” The fire in Jungkook's words was gone. He was now as he's always been, weak and scared. His voice almost trembled, “Do you?”


Jimin let go of Jungkook's vest and took an unsteady step back, eyes shaking, “Don't do this...Not you…”


“....I watched you. I saw everything.” Jungkook’s blurry eyes fell to the concrete ground, “But they saw you too… they saw my… boyfriend…”


Jimin’s hands clenched into fists and he started shaking his head, his voice getting louder once again, “Don't play dumb! You've known from the very beginning! It’s because of what I do that we met Jungkook! How can you suddenly say all this?!”


“Hey! What's going on out here?”


Jimin and Jungkook both jumped a bit and looked towards the direction of the voice. Jungkook slipped on his glasses again as he saw his manager approaching.


He bowed, “I'm so sorry Sir.”


“First you're an hour and a half late and now you're skipping out on work?” He sternly looked Jimin up and down before looking back at his employee, “Do we need to have a discussion about your priorities to this company?”


He bowed again, “No Sir. I'm sorry Sir.”


“Then I expect you to be back inside in under two minutes Jeon,” his old and stern manager said with finality.


“Yes Sir,” Jungkook bowed one last time.


With a shake of his head, his manager went back inside. Jungkook was left feeling humiliated. He was left with nothing but doubt.


Without turning to look at Jimin, he kept his gaze forward. “I have to go.”


“But we're not done talking.”


Jungkook's emotionless control was back again as he slowly turned his head. His eyes were dead, his voice flat, and his heart screaming. “You have your priorities, and I have mine.”


Without another word, Jungkook left a heart broken Jimin behind.


Chapter Text

Jimin has never cried this hard in his life. He’s come close, but nothing like this.


And it has Jin worried.


He came over the day before when he got a very dark text message from his best friend about love being a lie and how he’d never leave his apartment again. Jimin has always been emotional and dramatic, but this was different. He expected to see a sassy and upset Jimin walking back and forth in his living room and complaining about Jungkook. Because honestly Jimin is just that emotional and hot headed. Instead the young man had taken to his bed and cried under the blanket.


And under the blanket he’s stayed; two days later.


Jin was sitting in bed with him, allowing his smaller best friend to curl into him and hold on to him. He’s always known Jimin to be a very physical person, so he’s used to this quite frankly. He doesn’t mind Jimin’s hands squeezing his shirt. He doesn’t mind his snot and tears on his shoulder. And he doesn’t mind babying Jimin.


But after endless hours of Jimin crying, and incoherent words, he finally has reached his limit. He can only tolerate so much of his best friend’s pain before he’s ready to get some answers and possibly beat the shit out of one glasses-wearing-immature-piece-of-shit. Although, he still has to hear what’s happened in the first place before he does anything. He’s needs facts.


“Talk to me sweetie,” Jin softly pat his hand on Jimin’s leg; the only thing he can do when the latter is hugging his arm tightly.


Jimin sniffled and rubbed his face gently on Jin’s broad shoulder, “It hurts.”


“I know it hurts. But you need to tell me what happened,” he kept his voice soft with no hint of anger or judgement.


“He left me… He just left me,” Jimin started tearing up as he remembers Jungkook’s back looking so intimidating and distant.


“...he broke up with you?”


Jimin shook his head violently. But as he settled down and thought about it, he didn’t know what else this could all mean. He squeezed Jin’s arm tightly in his, “Maybe we are… over…”


“Start from the beginning.” Jin tried his best to work his way through Jimin’s emotions. He needed all the facts. “You said he wasn’t answering your calls and text messages?”


Jimin nodded. “I called and texted. He never read them. And I was really mad, but then I gave him the benefit of the doubt. It didn’t show he even read my messages so I just assumed his phone was dead.”


“Ok. So what happened next?”


Jimin wiped his face, and finally felt ok enough to let go of his best friend. Instead he slouched all the way into his bed until he was lying down and hugging the blanket. The blanket was soft against he face as he spoke. “I messaged his friend and asked if he knew where Jungkook was. He ended up telling me he was at work. So then I looked up all the grocery stores and just called each one until I found the one Jungkook was working at.”


Jin nodded his head as he followed Jimin and laid down as well. He faced his best friend, making sure he was eye level, which put his feet right at the edge of the bed. “So then you went to his work?”


Jimin looked into Jin’s eyes as he nodded.


“And you talked to him?”


Jimin nodded again, but this time he broke eye contact and hid his face behind the blanket. “We talked…”


“What did he say? Tell me word for word.”


“He…” Jimin could see the pain in Jungkook’s eyes; it was flashing through his mind, and hasn’t given him a moment’s rest since he came back home. “He asked why I hadn’t told everyone about us.”


“By ‘everyone ,’ you mean your cam thing, right?”


Jimin’s face was still hidden behind the blanket, but it moved as he nodded his head.


“Then what?”


“He asked if he was important.”


Jin was starting to piece together the fight. “And what did you say?”


Jimin finally pulled the blanket down. His sad eyes were fiery with anger. “I was trying to tell him that of course he’s important. But then he asked me if I really had to show myself to them. Can you believe that?!” He huffed in frustration and disappointment, “How the hell you think we met?! Huh?!”


“Whoa, calm down. Breathe,” Jin reached out and rubbed Jimin’s arm. “Did he say anything else?”


Jimin was breathing heavily through his nose; fired up. But Jungkook’s sad eyes returned to the back of his eye lids. His voice lingered in his mind like an echo. Jimin kept his eyes closed as he replayed the scene again in his head.


‘....I watched you. I saw everything. But they saw you too… they saw my… boyfriend…’


Jimin’s fiery temper was slowly fading into a solemn one; regretful and disappointed. All he could do was frown. “I think… he was just caught off guard…”


“What do you mean?”


Jimin sat up and put his hands in his lap, staring at them. “He said, ‘They saw my boyfriend,’ so I think he might have just been upset about that. I mean, I can kinda get it… seeing your new boyfriend do the stuff I do…” He stuck out his bottom lip then smack the bed; heated as he turned his body towards Jin, “But it’s not my fault! I didn’t do anything wrong!”


‘You have your priorities, and I have mine.’


“I mean… right?”


Jin had to tread carefully. He’s known from past experiences with Jimin that the younger didn’t always understand right away. He’s quick to hear what he wants and runs with it. So Jin has learned to use his words wisely in times like these when Jimin was actively looking for advice. Because the last thing Jin ever wants is just to spoon feed Jimin what he wants to hear.


He shook his head and mumbled, “What a stupid kid...tsk. I should kick his ass…”




“Nothing. It just sounds like there are two problems here.”




“One if them is completely on that idiot kid. He shouldn't have expected something different when obviously he's been watching you this whole time. So that's all on him.”


Jimin understood a little, but sometimes his best friend talked a little too fast for Jimin to keep up. “Right…”


“But the other problem... tell me… Why didn’t you tell them about him?” Jin smiled softly; eyebrows pulled together in concern, “I know you’re all about him, so it doesn’t have to do with your feelings for him.”


“Yeah…” Jimin asked with worry and confusion. He wasn’t sure where his best friend was going with all of this.


“So don’t you think it has to do with your feelings towards your audience?”


“My audience?”


Jin shifted so that he could sit closer and grab Jimin’s hands in his, “Listen. Is it possible you didn’t want to tell your fans about Jungkook because you’re worried they’ll lose their interest in you? Or maybe in the back of your mind you don’t plan on keeping Jungkook around that long?”


“N-No!” Jimin pulled his hands away and got out of his bed completely. He paced back and forth, throwing his arms in Jin’s direction. “How could you ask that!?”


Jin let out a breath, ready for the small man’s anger. He stood up and walked around so he could sit back down on the bed. “Jimin. It’s not a secret that you think very highly of your fans.”


“Well duh, they always support me.”


“Right, so it’s not strange to think that you wouldn’t want them to know about your boyfriend , because you know deep down, you act as their lover. Their fantasy. Idol. Whatever you want to call it.”


Jimin stopped abruptly and stomped his foot, “I’m not doing that! I’m not hiding Jungkook or anything!” He ran his hand through his hair frustratedly, “Jungkook is mine. No one else needs to know.”


“And how do you think that would make him feel?” Jin tilted his head to try and get a look at Jimin’s face, “How do you think Jungkook would feel knowing you aren’t planning on telling anyone about him, and just simply continuing as if he wasn’t there to begin with?”


“What the hell, Hyung? I thought you were supposed to be on my side.” Jimin scrapped his hand through his hair while the other hand gripped his waist. “Why are you so concerned about him?”


“Because if he wasn't important to you, you would have never acted like this to begin with.” Jin has never been fearful of Jimin’s anger and attitude. So he spoke to his friend seriously.  “I'm only trying to show you a different side. His side. Possibly. Because as messy and awkward as I'm sure he is, he could have his reasons.”




“Jimin, be honest. Really think and be honest with yourself.” He stood up and put his hands on Jimin’s shoulders, “Keeping Jungkook a secret… is it really just to keep him all to yourself? Or are you just scared of your fans knowing and losing that connection with you?” He squeezed his hands a little, “Are you really that scared of losing their attention in place of Jungkook?”


Jimin glanced up so he could look into Jin’s eyes. He saw that Jin wasn’t going to say anything else. He looked down and frowned. “Jungkook is important… but so are my fans. This is my job. My life. And I just want this to work.”


“I get it. He shouldn't have been shocked at seeing you on camera. And he shouldn’t have asked you to stop. But there's probably more to it than just that.”


“I don't know,” Jimin frowned.


Jin sighed as he dropped his arms and slipped his hands into his jean pockets, “Well… I’m just glad you’re not crying anymore.” He pulled a hand out so he could rub the top of Jimin’s head, “But I gotta get going.”




Jin didn’t wait for Jimin to walk him out. He knew Jimin was still caught up in his head. So he walked to the door himself while Jimin dragged his feet, moving at a snail's pace. “You should really take the time to consider where you want to go from here.”


“Hyung,” he asked, looking up.


Jin weakly smiled, “He seemed nice. But take the time to consider that he might not be the one for you.” He waved as he opened the door, “Text me later, ok? And whatever you come to decide, I'll support you.”


Jimin watched silently as Jin let himself out. The click of the lock sounded really loud in the empty and quiet apartment. But it came to life the second Dal purred and rubbed his body against Jimin’s legs. He looked down and bent down to pick up his kitty cat.


Holding Dal reminded him about Jungkook smiling. He looked happy in the pet store, watching Jimin. He looked happy sitting next to him by the river. And he looked happy the day they first met. Jungkook is innocent just like Dal. He doesn’t know much about his own feelings, but has always been happy being with Jimin.


He carried Dal to his bed and got back in under the blanket. Dal stayed on top of the blanket, but found a comfy spot next to his owner. Jimin just gently pet his spotted fur and got lost in that. His head was feeling really heavy with the thoughts of Jungkook and his place within his own heart.


Because at the end of the day, what really mattered to Jimin the most?


He thought he knew, but now, he’s not so sure.

Jungkook was thankful that his last day working full time was today. Since two days ago, his headache turned into an all out fever. So as soon as he stumbled into his tiny one bedroom apartment, he swallowed down some medicine, changed into some sweats, and got in bed.


He usually showered and got on his computer, but he just didn’t have the energy to do so. It seemed so burdensome to him. So insignificant. Everything seemed so disappointing. And honestly, all he wants to do is just sleep. His mind and body is craving it. And who is he to deny himself that pleasure of rest?


His eyelids closed, his breathing heavy from the fever. And he passed out in a matter of seconds.


Seconds turned into hours, which turned into a new day, then a few more.


He created a pattern of medicine, food, and then sleep. He continued this process, over and over. All the while, he stayed off his computer and kept himself from checking his phone. It wasn’t going off anyways. No messages or calls. Nothing. So it’s not like he was missing out on anything.


But he couldn’t deny the emptiness he felt at not hearing that certain angelic laughing. And he swears if he heard it, he would have been better in just a day. And not the four days it’s taken for him to get back to normal.


But that's besides the point now. Because Jimin hasn't once tried contacting him. And he was too sick to try and do the same.


Maybe this is how it all ends.


Neither reaching out and trying to talk things through.


But now that he was better,  he didn’t have his fever and sleep to keep him busy. Thoughts of Jimin flooded his mind. His smile. His laugh. The way Jimin seems to always touch him in some way, be it holding hands, hitting his arms, or grabbing at his shirt. Even the way Jimin pouts and gets angry.


Angry and disappointed.


Jimin almost looked betrayed when they had talked at Jungkook’s work earlier in the week. And thinking of Jimin like that broke his heart.


He needed a distraction. And fast.


He made his way to his computer, all too familiar with putting on his gamer headset and turning on Skype, Discord, and Steam.




As soon as Jungkook saw the message pop up on Discord, he got a Skype call from his best friend. He took a deep breath before answering and activating his cam. “Hey.”


Taehyung was staring at his screen, staring at Jungkook and looking at him carefully, “What the hell happened? You literally disappear outta nowhere and suddenly you’re back on?! Like dude?!”


“I got sick,” Jungkook offered plainly; looking at his friend.


“Sick,” Taehyung asked with a raised eyebrow. “So then what happened with Minnie?”


“What about him,” he answered Taehyung's question with his own; cold and distant.


Taehyung’s energy was normally always maxed; hyper and happy. But with the way his best friend was acting, he calmed down right away. He’s never seen Jungkook act this way before, and frankly, it’s alarming.


Jungkook is quiet to begin with; antisocial and awkward. But Taehyung has never known him to be cold. He’s never felt so disassociated from him, like he’s just a stranger. It’s never been like that with them. They’ve always teased each other, laughed at stupid people online, played games together. And in doing so, they found a trust within each other. Taehyung has come to really care for his naive and inexperienced friend.


So when he told him about Minnie, he was more than thrilled for him.


But from the sounds of it, something is wrong.


“Do you want to talk about it?”


“Not really,” Jungkook stared off at nothing.


Taehyung frowned, “He messaged me about you.” He saw Jungkook start chewing on his bottom lip. “He was really worried.”


“What do you want me to say, huh?!”


Jungkook never gets mad. He never yells. He always has some type of control; only because he’s always too afraid to let people know how he really feels, or what he really thinks. So seeing him lash out like this is new for Taehyung.


Jungkook put both his elbows on his desk and racked his fingers through his hair in frustration, “Am I supposed to just come out and tell him to stop doing what he loves?! Tell him to drop all of it for me?!”




“He looked so betrayed when I asked him…” Jungkook’s eyes were shaking as Jimin’s pained face was implanted in his brain. “I’m just like all the people out there who he hates… and I don’t know what to do…”


“He doesn’t hate you.”


“And how would you know?!” Jungkook slammed his hand hard on the desk and looked at his best friend. “You didn’t see the way he looked at me…” And it was that expression in his mind that made his eyes water. “Tae… I love him… and I… I feel so stupid.”


“.....explain something.”


“What,” Jungkook asked shakily.


“You knew from the beginning right? So what happened?”


Jungkook looked into the camera for a second before looking away in shame, “Jim- ...Minnie was so good at making me feel special. He makes everyone feel special… but it was like I was the only one he was talking to. And… I got… delusional… I guess…”


“Kook…” Taehyung said with pity laced in his deep voice.


“Seeing all those comments…” he stressed the word like it was poison. His forehead scrunched in frustration, “And seeing how much he came alive to each one… it’s like those comments fueled him. And I got so jealous and… I freaked out. I didn't know how to handle it.” He sighed heavily. He sat back in his chair with a lot of force. “And I did what I normally do. I blocked it all out and tried ignoring it.” He was full of regret, “Like I’ve always done…”




“I’m so stupid to think that this was only going to be me and him… but from the very beginning it wasn’t… I should have known.” He wiped his eyes of tears, keeping his arm covering his face. “He’s not just mine… he’s everyone’s. He’s Minnie… and I’m just so stupid… I’m so fucking stupid.”


“You’re not stupid Kook.”


“I never should have said what I said…”




He dropped his arm and stared blankly at his best friend, all life and energy gone from his eyes, “I wonder if I really mean anything to him… or maybe it’s all one sided…”


Taehyung frowned to all of Jungkook’s messy rambling, “I don’t know what the right answer is here. But you need to talk to him. Otherwise you’re going to just stay a big crying mess.”


“And what am I supposed to say? ‘If you could only be mine, that’d be great. Oh and sorry for being the very thing you hate. I'm just a dick like everyone else.’ Like seriously?”


The dirty blonde rolled his eyes, “Ok you crabby ass, calm down. I mean talk to him about how you feel. Tell him you love him and that you want all of his followers to know about you. I mean,  you're a couple, so…”


“....are we though?”


Taehyung wasn’t really sure what to say to that. Because Jungkook had a point. He just leaned back in his chair and sighed, staying quiet as he tried to think of a solution for his best friend.


“It’s fine… he doesn’t have to tell anyone about me. Because in the end, doing what he’s doing is his job. People support him and expect him to do what he’s gonna do… I can’t tell him to stop. And…” Jungkook swallowed hard and looked down at his hands, “I guess I wouldn’t want him to stop either… Because I fell in love with him even before I met him in person. I fell in love knowing he was a cam star. And this is what he loves. So if he's happy then I'm happy…”


“But if you’re not happy then you should say something.”


Jungkook looked up, feeling really shitty, “Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be pissed if Minnie suddenly stopped.”


“Listen, we’ve been best friends for a really long ass time. So when you told me everything happening with Minnie, I didn’t believe it. But I was happy for you dude.” He shrugged as he leaned closer, “Talk it through and figure out a middle ground first. You deserve to at least have that. But if it comes down to it, if being with him is going to make you unhappy, then drop him. Even if it is Minnie .” He crossed his arms across his chest, “I like watching Minnie and everything, but I wouldn’t be pissed at him leaving, or even just telling all of us that he's in a relationship. That’s his business. Who am I- or any of us, to say otherwise?”




“I know, I’m being hella wise right now.”


Jungkook chuckled, “First time for everything.”


“Shut the hell up,” Taehyung’s laugh came through Jungkook’s headset.


Jungkook started laughing as well. A hearty laugh that lifted the stress from his body that built up since he last talked to his best friend. And it felt so good. He felt confident. But the longer he thought about it, the more the confidence was slipping away. He doesn't want to be hated. He doesn't want to fight and possibly end things. Although, he knows he’d never want to end it with Jimin. That is literally the last thing he wants. But at the end of the day, he doesn't want to be in a relationship that’s one sided.


But after what he said to Jimin, did he make it that way? Did he make Jimin hate him now? Will Jimin break up with him?


He just hopes that him and Jimin can work it out. Because he’d rather have Jimin in his life; hug for hug, kiss for kiss, than through his computer screen. Jungkook knows he could never go back to that life of watching Minnie on only his computer.  He just can't.


And unfortunately, it's that fear of losing Jimin that keeps Jungkook from picking up his phone.


Chapter Text

BF Jimin-ssi : Jungkook, are you free right now?


Jungkook saw the text message an hour later coming out of class. It sent his heart into a panic for just a few seconds before he forced himself to breathe and calm down. Although, his hands were shaking a little as he texted back.


My Cutie Kookie: sorry was in class. I dont have much time right now

BF Jimin-ssi: class? When will you be available?

BF Jimin-ssi : I wanna talk


Jungkook stared at the last message. It was finally happening. A week and a half later from the last time they talked at Jungkook’s work.


My Cutie Kookie: I have classes Monday through thurs. And I work Friday and Saturday. Sunday is my only day off.

My Cutie Kookie: but we can meet tonight when I get out of my class.

BF Jimin-ssi: so busy… I'll send you the address and just meet me ok?

My Cutie Kookie: ok


He stuffed his phone back in his pocket, and carried an emotionless face to his next class. He knows he won't be able to concentrate at all.

Jungkook used his phone’s GPS to get to the meet up place. But upon arriving, he didn't expect it to be a nice apartment complex. He thought maybe a restaurant or cafe or something. But it seems Jimin gave him his home address. And Jungkook can't deny the feeling of excitement as well as anxiety. He was excited because despite not talking to Jimin in over a week, he was still very much in love. So coming to his apartment felt special. But after not talking in a while (when they were talking practically every second they could get), he's worried what Jimin will have to say.


Is this really the end for them?


Jungkook just stays collected, having perfected his control, and prays it's not the end as he heads inside and takes the elevator up.


Jimin on the other hand is a complete mess. He can't sit still. He keeps straightening things up despite his apartment being completely cleaned and re-cleaned. Everything is as if it's brand new. And yet it still doesn't feel perfect enough for him. He wants everything perfect.  Everything that he can control at least. Because he isn't quite sure what Jungkook will say or do when they finally talk.


He's filled with nervousness that he can't seem to shake. And even Dal is picking up on it. Thankfully, Dal is staying close and offering Jimin some support. So he just takes his kitty and sits with him on the couch.


But as soon as the doorbell rings, Dal is jumping off of his owners lap and running away towards his bedroom. Jimin wishes he could do the same, but he knows he can't. He really wants to settle this once and for all.


So as he stands at his door, hand outstretched for the lock and doorknob, he can feel his heart in his throat. He almost feels sick.


Like a bandaid, he unlocks the door and swings the door open really fast. On the other side, Jungkook stands very still, but his heart couldn't be any different.


“Jungkook…” Jimin whispered; his heart calling out for the boy in front of him. He even felt his body twitch, wanting to reach out and hug him, but he didn't.




Jimin felt that right in his heart. And it really took all of his energy not to pull Jungkook into a tight hug.


But before any of that, they needed to talk.


“Um… so… this is my place,” he gestured with a hand as he stepped aside to let his quiet boyfriend in and close the door.


Jungkook nodded as he remained in the entryway, his eyes taking the time to look everywhere. Jimin couldn't stay still so headed towards his kitchen. “Want something to drink?”


Jungkook shook his head as he followed Jimin with his eyes. Jimin almost forgot how quiet he could be. But he found a comfort in it. He really, really missed Jungkook.


So as he got himself a glass of water, he watched quietly as Jungkook took a few steps into his apartment and looked around some more. But as soon as Jungkook froze and stared at only one thing, Jimin knew it was time to talk.


“Is it...weird? To see it in person?”


Jungkook stared and stared. And honestly it was weird . Jimin’s pillow nest, the tall light stands around it, the professional camera pointed towards the pillows, and his laptop on the table next to it. Seeing it from this side rather than through his computer was really freaky. “It’s.. kinda weird.”


“Yeah,” Jimin smiled weakly as he sat down on his couch.


Jungkook followed him with his eyes again, and stood a little awkward on his own. But with a small nudge of Jimin’s head, he made his way to the couch as well.


Now it was a waiting game. Jimin wanted to start “the talk,” but he didn't want to be the first one. It's a stupid thing to be stubborn about, but for some reason he just wanted Jungkook to speak first. And Jungkook being the awkward person that he is, just can't stand the uncomfortable silence. It was an easy victory for Jimin. Although, he frowned internally at himself for being stubborn over something so small.


“I don't want you to quit doing what you're doing.”


Jimin’s jaw dropped; opened just like a fish. It was only a few seconds later that he realized how he must look and shook his head. “I'm sorry, what?”


Jungkook took a deep breath and repeated himself, “I don't want you to quit.” He looked into his shocked boyfriend's eyes, “I know it makes you happy.”




“So… if you're happy then I'm happy,” Jungkook forced a smile.


But that broke Jimin’s heart more. He put his glass on the coffee table and moved closer until he was only a few inches away from touching Jungkook. “But that's not the whole truth, right? Jungkook?” He reached out and put his hand on top of Jungkook’s, “Please be honest with me. If you aren't honest now, you're going to just hate me later…”


“I'd hate myself first before I'd let that happen.”


Jimin frowned, “Tell me how you feel. Please?”


Jungkook was hesitant, he could feel how scared he was. The fear of losing Jimin over his own feelings felt so wrong. But he knows Jimin is right. He knows what Taehyung told him is right. He needs to be honest.


He reached out and pulled Jimin easily into his lap. He wrapped his arms around him and tucked his head into Jimin’s neck. It smelled like oranges again, like he had smelled that time by the river. It was such a wonderful scent. And he was lost in it; enough to make him not see how flustered and red hot his boyfriend was in his grasp.




“I never realized how special… make you feel. They must. It makes sense. I'd feel the same I think.” Jungkook pulled his head away, giving Jimin the time to adjust himself so he was properly straddling Jungkook's lap. Jungkook kept his hands on Jimin’s waist as he continued, “But for me… all I saw was you. You're the one who made me feel special. So… I guess I was able to ignore everyone else watching you. So then when I met you in person,  it was like everything had changed. It actually changed and I had all of you to myself. And I think I somehow forgot about...everyone else.” He bowed his head only because he couldn't look Jimin in the eyes any longer, “I'm so sorry if I startled you or made you mad. I shouldn't have been so dumb. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. And I shouldn’t have let myself forget something as important as what you do...I was a complete idiot,  and I apologize.”


Jimin could feel his honesty, but he knew there was more, “But?” He played with the hair at the nape of Jungkook's neck, “I know there's a but.”


“But…” Jungkook raised his head, “I want you to tell them we’re dating. You don't have to say my name or anything, but I want them to know.”


“Know I'm dating?”


“Know you belong to me. Not them,” Jungkook said with a straight face. But a second later the strong facade he unknowingly put on disappeared. He became so shy and adjusted his glasses, “I mean- You don't belong belong to me. You are your own person. I just meant that were a couple right? And I'm just really insecure and I don't want them to-”


Jimin shut him up with a kiss. A passionate kiss that he's been waiting to give the younger since he turned off his “cat” stream, which feels so long ago. It hasn't been that long, but Jimin was so needy for it. He claimed Jungkook's mouth and lips entirely for his own. His arms naturally circled Jungkook's neck. His hips naturally rolled in Jungkook's lap. And he unconsciously moaned into Jungkook's mouth.


The younger responded with the same passion. He grabbed Jimin’s hips tighter and squeezed as he tried to let his mind catch up to his body. But it really had a mind of its own as his hips naturally thrusted up into Jimin. Which only made his boyfriend moan more. And he wanted to hear more. So he thrusted up again as he grabbed Jimin’s hips to keep him still. He's never had an experience like this before, so it all feels like instinct to him. It just feels… perfect. It feels right.


“I've missed you,” he rasped out as they stopped kissing.


Jimin kept his lips against Jungkook’s, he kept his eyes closed, and he pressed his forehead against his boyfriend's. “I've missed you too…” Jimin pulled away only enough so he could look into Jungkook’s eyes. “But is that everything?”


“I’m sorry I didn’t have the balls to contact you first.”


Jimin smiled softly and pinched his cheek, “Anything else?”


The quiet boy opened his lips slowly, “You're not...ashamed of me...right?”


Jimin hates himself for giving his boyfriend a chance to even think something like that. “Let me say something.”


Jungkook steadied his nerves and held his breath. Because in the back of his mind there was still a possibility that Jimin could break up with him. He feels like he screwed up so bad, it’s really possible. And this moment is probably one of the most terrifying experiences he's gone through.


But seeing Jungkook stiff up and get all serious again warmed Jimin’s heart. He carded his fingers slowly through Jungkook's hair, slipped off his glasses to put them on the couch, and leaned in to give him soft and gentle kisses.


There's not a doubt in Jimin’s mind that he wants to be happy with Jungkook. He had told himself before that this was what he wanted, but the instant the subject of his “job” came up, he was ready to run. But now, seeing Jungkook this worked up, and hearing his side of things, Jimin knows deep down, he wouldn't trade anything for Jungkook.


He kept his hands in Jungkook’s hair and played with it as he talked.


“You're right when you say I love what I do. Or when you say my fans are special to me. I can't do it without them. And it scares me so much that I might lose their love and support once they find out about you. But that’s just my own insecurities coming up. I have a lot I gotta work through,” he said looking down at Jungkook's chest, then glanced up with a smile, “But I'm not ashamed of you, or of us. I can't lose you. I need you with me.”


“But I’m a total idiot. I said something so insensitive because I got all messed up in my head. I'm still bad at all this and know next to nothing about how to deal with my emotions. Or how to be in a relationship.” He frowned, “As much as I thought I had control, I didn't. And you had to pay for it.”


“It's not easy seeing them say those things right? About me? Your boyfriend?” Jimin tilted his head the second Jungkook looked away to keep his attention. “Answer me Kookie.”


“No…” Jungkook gulped, “It's not.” His hands squeezed a little more, “Not after hugging you. And kissing you. And… touching you…” his voice broke into a whisper. He cleared his throat, “It wasn't easy putting it all together like it was before. Not when this is… real.”


“And I get that. I understand it completely. But I can promise you right here and now, that you are going to be the only one who touches me.” To really emphasize his point, he grabbed Jungkook’s hand and put it on his cheek and held his hand there, “You are the only one I want touching me. All of them are just my fans in my computer. Despite how important they are to me, you are far more important. Understand?”


Jungkook nodded.


Jimin pulled Jungkook's hand off of his cheek and held it in between his, “I want to keep doing this with you. I want to continue this “job” with you by my side. Because having your support means the world to me.”


Jungkook felt something inside of him; something bad. It was like he had one more truth to say, but it was the hardest to speak. It felt so heavy. And he struggled to open his mouth to talk. It would open but then close a second later. Fear was holding him back.


“What is it?”


Hearing his boyfriend, and seeing him looked concerned, gave Jungkook that push he needed to not be afraid. “I’ll support you…” he spoke quietly, “But… I don’t think I can watch and participate anymore. I just… can’t...” Jungkook kept his eyes pointed downward; away from Jimin at all costs. “I’m not strong enough…”


Jimin sat quietly; minimized his movements as he sat still in Jungkook’s lap. His brain had to take the time to process the information. Having Jungkook’s support but at the cost of him watching.


Jungkook wouldn’t be watching him anymore. And Jimin had half a mind to start complaining or whining. He had the urge to try and convince him otherwise. Because Jimin has always been so greedy. Selfish. And seeing it in front of him like that; seeing his selfishness boiling just under the surface, really upsets him. He’s truly disappointed with himself.


As Jimin stayed in his silent daze, he noticed Jungkook’s eyes shaking. He reached out quietly to put his hand on his neck, and felt his pulse racing. The boy in front of him is terrified, and Jimin isn’t doing anything to help. Rather, he hasn’t said a word, because he’s too concerned about himself right now.


He’s really disgusted with himself.




“I understand Kookie,” Jimin raised his eyes to hold Jungkook’s worried gaze. He smiled softly as he let his hands rest on Jungkook’s chest. “You don’t have to watch anymore. I know it’s hard for you.”


“Are you sure?”


Jimin nodded with a reassuring but small smile, “I’m sure. Because that’s how you really feel right?”


Jungkook nodded with a bit of a pout in his face; too much like a cute little kid, melting Jimin’s heart. “Then obviously it’s ok. I want you happy too.”


“You want me… happy?”


“Of course,” Jimin smiled.


Jungkook blushed and smiled back, nodding his head because he felt like he’d say something embarrassing if he spoke. But that just brought Jimin back inside of his own head. Seeing Jungkook look so happy at his words, almost made him pity Jungkook. Because it sounded as if Jungkook has never been happy before. It sounded like no one has ever considered Jungkook’s feelings before.


Jimin sits on his boyfriend and realizes that he still doesn’t know much about Jungkook. And he doesn’t seem to know much about himself and relationships either. He’s just as bad at this as Jungkook. And hearing the silence in the air is deafening.


“I’m sorry I’m not any good at this either,” Jimin confessed regretfully. “I know I’m overbearing and selfish. So… I’m sorry. I just want this to work and both of us be happy.”


“We figured it out though, right?”


Jimin shrugged.


Jungkook swallowed hard, and reached out to grab his glasses to slip them back on. He needed to see his boyfriend with perfect clarity. “We’re both not good… but this was right. Talking was the right thing. At least… I think it was.”




Jungkook wanted to look into Jimin’s eyes, but held himself back; opting to just stare at his soft looking raven hair. “We’ll… just keep trying. Right?”


Jimin could hear Jungkook doing his best to speak up. He could hear his boyfriend  trying to comfort him. And it just solidified his feelings in stone.


The elder finally looked up; unable to control the tears bubbling up in his eyes, “You’re amazing. More amazing than me.” Jungkook started shaking his head, and opened his mouth to say something, but Jimin was quick to keep talking. “You are. You really are. Because I know this must have been really hard for you, but you did it anyways. And you’ve been honest and supportive and-” Jimin rubbed his wet face on his forearm and hand, “I just feel really lucky to have you. And I h-hope I can make you happy like you make me happy.”


Jungkook was a little startled, not expecting Jimin to just suddenly cry and confess his feelings so openly like that. He felt a little immobile as he just watched Jimin wipe at his eyes endlessly to try and stop the tears. It was surreal. And Jungkook couldn’t feel any happier. He was on cloud nine, and nothing could bring him down.


‘This is it… This is the moment…’


Jungkook slowly reached for Jimin’s hands and pulled them down to reveal Jimin’s red blotchy face. He carried a deep frown on his puffy lips, and his eyes were casted downward. So very gently, Jungkook tilted his head up until Jimin was looking at him directly.


“I’m not afraid anymore,” the younger whispered,


“What,” Jimin asked with a small voice; pressing his lips together to keep from crying some more.


“I love you.”


Jimin stared wide eyed, focused on Jungkook’s lips, “What...?”


“I love you.”


“Say it again…”


Jungkook couldn’t help but crack a wide smile. But he focused for his shocked boyfriend. “I love you.” He leaned forward so that his lips were closer, “I love you Jimin.”


“Say it… one more time....” he whispered.


Jungkook’s eyes were starting the close the more he leaned towards Jimin; their lips just a few centimeters apart. “I love you…”


“I love you too,” he said into Jungkook’s lips just as they connected.


The kiss wasn’t like any they’ve had before. They could feel it. It as different. The air around them was different. And it felt like this really was a paused moment in time. Because their kiss was so full of desperate emotion; raw and exposing. They felt truly connected. As if the stars have aligned and they were the lucky ones in the right place, at the right time.  


Jimin tilted his head to the left, and then to the right, slowly, as he tried to deepen the kiss over and over. It didn’t feel like enough. He couldn’t breathe in more of Jungkook’s breath; he needed it. Craved it. Because his heart only wanted Jungkook. It only loved Jungkook. And that’s all he could think about. Jungkook.


The younger’s hands couldn’t seem to stay in one place for too long. They would squeeze Jimin’s thighs, then slide back and hold his ass, then move their way up his soft back, only to come back down and hug him tightly around the waist. Whatever it is his hands and arms did, Jimin just moaned to every touch. And he just held on tightly; never wanting to let his boyfriend go.


“I love you,” Jimin kissed the corner of Jungkook’s lips. “I love you,” he repeated again as he kissed Jungkook’s cheek this time. “I love you so much,” he kissed down Jungkook’s neck. He couldn't say it enough. “I love you Jungkookie,” he said one more time before he settled on one spot on Jungkook’s neck to start leaving a mark.


Jungkook instinctively moved his head to the side to give his boyfriend more access, and in doing so, moaned at the light biting and harsh sucking. “Jimin-ssi…” he moaned, “I love you… Ahh … I love you.”


Jimin pulled on Jungkook’s shirt collar to expose more of his shoulder and latched his wet lips to a spot there. “ Mmffh … I love you too. I love you.” He licked the spot once before getting started on making another mark.


Jungkook winced a little seeing as there was more bone where Jimin was at, but it was still so good. Pleasureable. And it sparked Jungkook into moving. He opened his eyes in a daze and locked on to a spot on Jimin’s neck. He shuffled his head and moved his hands up so he could tilt Jimin’s head to the side. As he did, Jimin stopped sucking the hickey into his skin, but kept his lips close.




“...I love you.”


Having felt what Jimin had done, Jungkook tried the same. He latched his lips and teeth into the juncture between Jimin’s neck and shoulder and started nibbling and sucking. He tried alternating between biting and using his tongue. But his mind wasn’t really guiding him through it like it had always seemed to do when he was experiencing something for the first time. This truly was an instinctual thing. He listened to Jimin’s heavy breathing. He felt Jimin’s hands grabbing desperately at his neck and shoulders. And he memorized each mewl and moan that echoed close to his ears.


Removing his lips, he opened his eyes to see a deep red spot about an inch and a half wide blossoming on Jimin’s pale skin. And it was so beautiful. He couldn’t help but reach out and touch it with his fingers. He was very gentle, as if Jimin could break if he was too hard.


“Jungkookie,” Jimin whimpered. He sat back a little, only so that he could look at his younger boyfriend’s face. “I want you so bad,” he sucked in his bottom lip and grinded his pelvis into Jungkook. “Please?”


Jungkook’s eyes closed on their own and he released an almost feral grunt at the friction against his groin. The movement only now brought attention to his very hard cock tucked away beneath his boxers and jeans. Jimin was hard as well. And it was then that he realized that his boyfriend was literally straddling him, hands tightly grabbing his t-shirt, had the most sinful eyes, had juicy needy lips, and looked so incredibly hot. Jimin is literally everything Jungkook could ever ask for.


And it’s only now, when he feels their crotches grinding against each other, when Jimin is asking, begging, moaning , to take things further that Jungkook can think of only one thing.


‘....but I’m a virgin…’





Chapter Text

Jungkook’s mind and body were on two completely different pages.


One one hand, his mind was sending him one screaming thought after another; that he needed to run away. That he didn't know what he was doing, and would just embarrass himself. That he should make up some kind of excuse to get out of the unexpected situation he was in. Because he doesn't know what he'd do if Jimin laughed at him for being a virgin. He doesn't know how he'd handle the obvious awkwardness of not knowing what to do. So his thoughts just swirled around in exit strategies and excuses.


But on the other hand, his body was lost in immeasurable pleasure. Because Jimin just couldn't stop dry humping Jungkook. His sexy older boyfriend couldn't seem to stop kissing and sucking on any piece of his skin he could get his lips on. And the sensation of Jimin’s plump lips left a tingling spark where ever they touched. Jungkook’s body was taking in so much stimulation, he couldn't help but fidget and twitch. His hips were bucking up and grinding into Jimin on their own. His lips sought out places he could kiss Jimin. And when he wasn't kissing him, he was moaning and grunting.


In the end, his body won over his mind. He was in a haze of pleasure like he's never felt before. Because Jimin is just too good, and Jungkook is at his mercy.


Jimin’s eyes narrowed and he licked his lips, “I may expose myself on the internet. But baby…” Jimin purposely grabbed Jungkook's hands and put them on his ass as he smirked, “ body is all yours.”


Just as Jimin started leaning forward, Jungkook took the initiative to push himself forward and lavishly kiss Jimin. And for the first time since meeting Jimin in person, he let go of this thoughts. He let go of thinking so hard on something, that he always seemed to ruin it. Jungkook let himself be free. He let himself lose the stupid control he always seemed to put on himself.


Because being with Jimin is worth it.


Having him in his arms, having his lips against his, and feeling his body, is all worth it.


Jungkook no longer thinks he needs to stay quiet; control his emotions. Because obviously what he’s been doing didn’t work. So why not let loose a little?


He trusts himself to be with Jimin, and for Jimin to help him be a better person. Because deep down, that’s all he wants. He wants to be a better him. And he feels so lucky to have someone like Jimin to help him.


“Jimin-ssi…” Jungkook moaned as he pulled away, only to place his lips against Jimin’s neck. He let his tongue slide out and lick up a fat stripe up to Jimin’s ear, “I love you. I love you so much.”


Jimin tilted his head back, and shivered from the whisper of Jungkook’s voice in his ear. His mouth opened up wide as he felt his body get electrified with desire and lust. And finally it felt like he reached his goal. Someone was in love with him. Someone in real life , was here with him. Kissing him. Holding him. Loving him for him and not just expecting sex; giving him all the love he’s always wanted.


“Jungkook,” he grabbed helplessly at Jungkook’s shoulders and started grinding down into his crotch, “Please fuck me. Please show me your love.”


The alarms started going off in Jungkook’s head.


Virgin . Virgin. Virgin .


But Jimin’s greedy body didn’t give him time to speak up. Because with a tiny bite to Jungkook’s shoulder, the small yet toned man slithered out of his grasp and onto the floor in between his legs. He smirked as he licked his lips and started unbuttoning Jungkook’s jeans.


“Shit…” the younger said in a daze, completely letting Jimin do what he wants.


“I bet you’ve thought about this before.”


Jungkook nodded obediently. It made his boyfriend chuckle at how dumbfounded he looked. But his eyes caught sight of what was pressing into him this whole time, and it took up his entire attention.


“Oh fuck,” Jimin almost drooled. “How the hell are you this….” he looked up into Jungkook’s eyes, “Long?” He licked his lips again as he slowly pulled down his boxers, “Or this… perfect…?”


The brunette shook his head having no answers for his boyfriend. Because all he could do was try and burn this image into his head so he could think about it for the rest of his life. Sitting on Jimin’s couch, pantless, with his long cock out, while Jimin - Minnie - was on the floor in between his legs and looking so hungry for his cock. His boyfriend’s lips were slick with his own saliva, his eyes were lustful and dark, and his hands were slowly creeping up higher and higher.


“Ji-Jimin… I-”


His small hands slid their way up, spreading Jungkook’s meaty thighs apart, before he gently rubbed a hand on his balls. “I’m the luckiest boy on earth… to have you so big and ready.”


But the second Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s cock in his hands and tugged him a little, Jungkook’s eyes closed on their own as he came. Thick streams of cum splattered out and covered Jimin’s hands. And it left him shocked.




“I’m sorry!” All Jungkook could do was cover his face with his hands to try and hide from Jimin. He couldn't even fully enjoy his release because his body was just taken over by humiliation. “I’m so sorry!”


Jimin could hear the panic in Jungkook’s voice. “Shh, baby it’s ok.” He let go of Jungkook and used his discarded boxers to wipe his hands. “I’m really flattered,” Jimin smiled shyly, still sitting on his heels on the floor in front of his humiliated boyfriend.


“I’m so stupid.”


“Hey, hey. Stop. No you’re not. You’re just excited right?” Jimin got up from the floor and sat next to the still embarrassed Jungkook; who was still refusing to uncover his face. “Will you look at me?”


Jungkook shook his head. And Jimin swears he can see the blush even under his hands.


“Jungkookie~ Baby~ Look at your boyfriend~” he lightly poked Jungkook’s firm bicep. But seeing as Jungkook still wasn’t moving, he frowned, “I promise I’m not mad or anything. But please, can’t you at least look at me?”


Jungkook slowly let his hands fall to his sides, and even more slowly moved his head to look at his handsome boyfriend. “You’re not mad?”


“Of course not,” he smiled. “I’m happy.”


The embarrassed boy frowned, “I’m not good at anything. Not even sex.”


“Technically speaking this is foreplay, but I get what you’re saying,” he joked. But the second he did, Jungkook looked away with shame in his eyes. It worried Jimin. “I-I’m just teasing, I’m sorry if I-”


“No… it’s not that… it’s just…”  Jungkook took a deep breath, “I’m actually… a… virgin…”


Jimin was quiet as he processed this new information. On the one hand he didn’t believe it because Jungkook, despite being a complete nerd with a lot of bad social anxiety, had the body of a trained athlete. A body shaped even better than his own. So it was hard to believe that no one had tried laying claim to said body. But given that Jungkook is who he is , it kinda makes sense that he’s a virgin. Jimin is just a little sad that his boyfriend looks so ashamed about it.


He gently reached his hand out and cupped Jungkook’s cheek to make him turn his head towards his direction. He smiled full of love as he pressed his lips against Jungkook’s forehead, “I’m sorry… you must have been really worried huh?”


Jungkook nodded solemly.


“You don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed or anything, ok? I’m honored to be your first. That is… if you still want me to be your first,” he looked into Jungkook’s eyes just a few inches away.


Jungkook burned his gaze into Jimin’s chocolate eyes, “I want you to be my first. I’m just sorry it probably won’t be any good.”


Jimin smirked as he kissed Jungkook’s forehead one more time before crawling back into his lap. He rolled his hips continuously as he nibbled on Jungkook earlobe and down his neck. “You leave that to me, ok?”




“And besides,” he glanced up, hands on Jungkook’s hard nipples, even through his t-shirt, “I know you’re a fast learner.”


Jimin left him breathless. But it didn’t keep his hands from reaching around, sticking his hands inside of Jimin’s pants and boxers, and grabbing his boyfriend’s plump ass. He squeezed and pulled his cheeks apart, always having imagined doing it, while Jimin grinded his hips down. They both moaned from the stimulation. Jimin barely holding it together, having his dick hard for a while now. He even has to wait a little bit longer till he gets what he wants. But there’s a fun in this too, that sparks up a more sadistic side to him.


“Jungkookie~ Won’t you get hard for me again?”


“Anything you want,” he moaned; eyes closing and tilting his head back  as he felt himself getting hard again, already. Honestly, it was so easy to do since his boyfriend is literally a sex god.


With a devilish chuckle, Jimin shifted his body back a bit to give his hands some room. He grabbed Jungkook’s dick and started pumping him until he was back to making Jimin drool at just the sight of his cock.


“Fuck… I can’t wait to ride you…”




“Lube. We need lube…” Jimin said impatiently as he stared at the long cock in his hands.


He quickly got up from Jungkook’s lap and walked around the couch to get to the table he hand next to his pillow nest. It’s the closest lube he has, so he wasted no time in grabbing it. But as soon as he turned around to make his way back to the couch, Jungkook was already by his side.


He jumped a little from being startled, but smiled happily at how Jungkook was already grabbing him and pulling him close. He loves being wanted like this.


With a moan and a slight push, Jimin moved them to the ground. Jungkook moved as Jimin wanted him to move, slouching back against the wall that was directly across from the camera Jimin had set up.


“Shirt off babe.”


Jungkook couldn’t look away from Jimin’s lustful and commanding eyes. He did as he was told. He pulled his shirt up and off of him and tossed it aside, leaving him completely naked in Jimin’s pillow nest. Jimin on the other hand, stood above him, fully clothed. But from what Jungkook could see, Jimin was so hard and just itching to fill himself up.


“Did you ever imagine doing something like this?”


Jungkook nodded.


“Did you ever imagine I’d strip for you… like this?”


As soon as he asked, he took off his shirt in one swift motion, leaving him only in his pants and boxers. And Jungkook swears he was never prepared to see Jimin shirtless in front of him. His fingers were just pulsing to reach out and touch every single spot he could get his hands on. Jimin wasn’t as toned as he was, but he still had faint abs. And Jungkook wanted to just run his tongue along those soft crevices.




Jimin took a step closer as he fiddled with the button and zipper of his pants. “Then what did you fantasize about?”


He dropped his pants and boxers at Jungkook’s feet, before he took a step out of them to stand on either side of Jungkook’s legs. His cock wasn’t as long as Jungkook’s but it was thick. It’s not the first time Jungkook has seen it, but seeing it this close, he swears he could cum again if he really wanted to.


“Your cock…”


Jimin towered over the sitting Jungkook, looking down at him with a smirk, “What about it?”


“I fantasized about your cock… and…” Jungkook leaned forward, his eyes starting to close the closer he got, “...sucking you off….”


He opened his mouth slowly, and closed his eyes fully as he wrapped his lips around Jimin’s fat cock. It was heavy on his tongue, and tasted a little funny from the precum. But it was everything he fantasized and more. Because as he sank his mouth further down Jimin’s length, he could hear his boyfriend mewling loudly. His moans were high pitched and whiney. And Jungkook was loving every second.


He swirled his tongue like he learned from kissing and making out. And it seemed to satisfy Jimin, because the boy trembled on his feet and had to grab handfuls of Jungkook’s hair to keep himself steady. And honestly, Jungkook never knew he’d get so turned on from his hair being pulled. Or Jimin taking control and slowly rocking his hips forward.


Jimin played him like a fiddle; and Jungkook has never felt so turned on before. He rocked his hips to a steady rhythm, letting his cock glide easily on Jungkook’s tongue. Having all of the control stripped away from Jungkook was thrilling to him. And he was happy to open his mouth as wide as he could and let Jimin force his dick down his throat, faster and harder.


“You don't… have a… gag reflex,” Jimin asked as he pulled his cock back so only the tip was at Jungkook’s lips.


Jungkooked licked it once before looking up, his glasses on the tip of his nose, “I guess not.”




He didn't waste anymore time as he dropped to the floor and turned around on his hands and knees. Jungkook was a little bit confused as to what he was doing. Jimin was on all fours, on either side of Jungkook's long legs. But as he reached around and drizzled some lube on his ass and in between his ass  cheeks, it all clicked.


“Prep me with your fingers baby. Hurry,” Jimin said with a whiny and commanding voice. He wiggled his ass in front of Jungkook a little, “Please Jungkookie…”


To describe Jimin’s ass, Jungkook could spout words of poetry. Delicate peach, soft and silky, firm and muscular, but jiggly. He could probably say a whole lot more about just his ass , but when its directly in front of him, he's just speechless. And now that it was all oiled up and shining in front of him, just a foot away, he almost couldn't breathe. The way Jimin wiggled and twitched just made his ass look sinful. Delicious. And Jungkook’s starving.


He grabbed Jimin’s curvy fat ass and squeezed hard. His fingernails were short and trimmed, but he dug his fingers so hard that he left nail imprints. Seeing the imprints triggered something inside Jungkook, making him want to see more. He dug his fingers in softly at first before applying more and more pressure. Jimin just hissed in pleasure and kept wiggling his ass for more. Jungkook just felt more confident. He raised his hand and smacked the shiny ass. It made a nice smacking noise that made him smile wide; more like a grin. And hearing Jimin enjoying it just made him do it harder.


Spanking Jimin just became one of Jungkook's new favorite things.


With one last hard spank, he molded Jimin’s ass in his hands and rubbed the lube around to start dripping down his boyfriend's thick thighs.


“N-no more! Please Jungkook! Use your fingers already!”


As if brought out of a trance, Jungkook blinked his eyes a little and swallowed before he took a deep breath. He chewed on his bottom lip as he finally let his right hand slide it's way to Jimin’s hole. He watched as it seemed to clench and tighten around nothing; anticipating his fingers. It was so needy that without a beat, Jungkook just pushed his index finger slowly inside.


It felt a little strange; the muscle around his finger. But hearing Jimin moaning gave him comfort in knowing it wasn't hurting. It gave him the courage to add his middle finger. And then his ring finger. He slowly twisted his fingers as he pushed further and further inside; opening them every so often. And honestly, it was so fascinating to Jungkook to see his fingers disappearing. To see Jimin’s asshole stretch and open to take his fingers. It was impressive to see up close.


“Jungkook…” Jimin swallowed hard, and let out an unsteady breath, “So which would… you prefer? Hm?” He swallowed again before turning his body and angling his neck and head as best as he could to look back at his boyfriend. “You wanna fuck me doggy style? Missionary? ….or maybe I can ride you first?”


Each position flashed through the newbie’s head. And he felt a little overwhelmed. “All…. I wanna do all of them.”


Jimin started chuckling, like soft bells, “Well, first you gotta take your fingers out of my ass. I’m prepared enough.” He wiggled his ass again, and mewled at the stimulation and pressure it added inside of himself.


“Oh…” Jungkook slowly pulled his fingers out and stared at them, and then to the stretched hole. “Wow…”


Jimin turned around then with a giant smirk on his lips, “What's with the ‘wow,’ hm?” He moved his body so he was lying properly on his back, a little propped up from the pillows under his shoulders. “Find something interesting?”


Jungkook followed his boyfriend with his eyes as the elder lied down and got comfortable. In front on him, Jimin laid with his left arm under his head, while his right was hugging the cute rabbit plushie he kept at his nest. His hair was starting to stick to his forehead and his face. His dick lay hard and still against his lower stomach. And his tongue licked his thick bottom lip.




“What about me?”


Jimin nudged his head up, signaling Jungkook to move and come closer. Doing as he was silently told, Jungkook shifted around and crawled to hover over Jimin’s legs.


“You're so… so sexy.”


Jimin bit on his bottom lip and nudged his head once again to command his boyfriend closer, all the while letting go of the bunny plushie in his arm. “What else?”


Jungkook crawled a little further like Jimin wanted, “You're so cute.”


Jimin blushed and started breathing a little faster the closer Jungkook got; the more his larger body covered his own smaller body. “A-and?”


Jungkook was now on all fours above his boyfriend, his face a foot directly above Jimin’s. “And so beautiful.” He smiled like he never has before. It was a natural one, a smile that made his eyes shine. “You're perfect as you are Jimin.”


Jimin reached up to slide Jungkook's glasses off and put them above his head on some spare pillows before he pulled his amazing younger boyfriend down by his neck. With his tongue already out, he pulled Jungkook into a heated kiss. The younger struggled to stay on his hands and knees, so naturally let his body lie down on Jimin's.


Something ignited inside of them both. Feeling each other's raw heat and energy stirred them into a frenzy. They were already so hot and sweaty. Jungkook rolled his cock against Jimin’s greedily. And Jimin did the same. He opened his legs to adjust for his boyfriend taking up the space between them, all the while, rubbing and scratching his back and shoulders.


“Inside,” Jimin rasped, “Put it inside of me. Please.”


Jungkook kept kissing Jimin; over his lips and cheeks, down the side of his neck, and to his collarbone. He grunted a little as his impatient boyfriend grabbed his cock in his hand and squeezed.


“I want to feel you baby.”


“D-Don’t we need a condom?”


“I’m clean,” Jimin tilted his head a bit and coyly smirked, “You can enter me raw.”


“Jesus…” Jungkook whispered against Jimin’s skin, giving him one more kiss. He raised his eyes, pulling his lips away from his meal. “Then you’ me. Right?”


Jimin let go of Jungkook and smiled, “Yes baby.”


Jungkook’s heart raced at the new nickname Jimin seemed so fond in using since they first kissed on the couch. “Ok.”


With a deep breath through his nose, he sat up more to sit back on his heels. He slowly let the breath out through his mouth as he grabbed his cock and moved closer to Jimin. He swallowed hard, feeling Jimin’s gaze on him, as he pushed his dick right at the ring of muscle. He looked up for confirmation, just to make sure everything was still alright. But seeing Jimin red with want, eyes in anticipation and love, Jungkook knew he had nothing to worry about.


He looked back down at his dick just as he started pushing in. Like with his fingers, he was fascinated by seeing his length disappear inside of Jimin’s body. The sensation he felt before was nowhere near what it felt like on his cock. It was so tight. It was so hot. And it was so wet with lube. The slide was easy, in the physical sense. But emotionally, Jungkook was doing everything in his power to keep his cool and not cum at any second. He didn’t want to embarrass himself a second time.


As he slowly pushed in, centimeter by centimeter, Jimin could feel all control leaving his body. It felt like madness. Because despite having many toys inside of him before, nothing came close to how Jungkook’s long fat cock made him feel. His dick easily pushed against his prostate and drove the more experienced male mad.


“How- the hell- did you- find it- already?” Jimin was taking in staggered breaths; doing everything in his will power not to yell at Jungkook to start fucking him recklessly.


Jungkook’s eyes were closed and his head was tilted back as he let himself get lost to the waves of pleasure being inside of his boyfriend. Finally, he wasn’t a virgin anymore. And something inside of him, something like his ego, swelled up in pride.


He opened his eyes and slowly dragged his head down to look at Jimin. As he did, his long brown hair fell over his forehead and into his eyes. The energy he emitted was different, Jimin could tell. Because the way Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s thighs, the way he licked his lips, and the way he stared purposely into his his eyes, was all different. It was as if Jungkook had suddenly grown into a confident man. And Jimin barely kept himself from cumming.


“What did you say?”


Jimin smirked, “Just fuck me already baby.”


Jungkook’s abs tightened just as his hands tightened on Jimin’s thick thighs. He pulled out a little bit with his cock still inside of Jimin, and pushed back in slowly to fill in the inch or two that he left empty. It was as if he was warming up; testing himself. He was still inexperienced, despite feeling more like a man; confident and prideful. So he decided to keep going slow. His ass muscles squeezed as he pushed in with purpose. His pelvis collided into Jimin, making his body bounce just slightly.

He wasn’t quite sure how fast he should go, or how hard he could be. So he opted to keep at the slow, deep pace he was at. As he did, he continued to watch himself slowly sink into his boyfriend while also glancing up sometimes to make sure Jimin was enjoying it.


Every time Jungkook would glance up, Jimin either had his mouth opened into an ‘O’ or had his eyes closed and his head tilted back into the pillows. Either way, Jungkook knew he was doing good.


With a single pause to catch his breath, he stared into Jimin’s lazy sex filled eyes. “Anything… I should do? Is it ok?”


Jimin licked his lips a little sloppily, and he pushed his damp bangs out of his eyes, letting his arms lay sprawled above him. “You don’t have to be so slow baby.”


“I’m sor-”


“Don’t get me wrong,” Jimin quickly added, “Slow and steady and… deep, is so good. It’s perfect baby. But…” With a grin, Jimin pushed himself up so his upper body was being held up by his elbows and forearms on the floor. “You can fuck me harder baby boy. I can take it.”


Jungkook felt like the chains were broken, and he was unleashed. He bent down so fast to latch his lips onto Jimin’s neck and shoulder, that it forced the elder to fall back into the pillows. He kept his body over Jimin’s and started fucking him like he had seen in so many porno’s.


“Ohhh fuck! That’s it baby!”


Jimin tossed his head back and latched his arms and legs around his now almost animalistic boyfriend. His body shifted and bounced underneath Jungkook as the younger slammed his hips into him with no more reserve. In fact if it wasn’t for Jungkook’s body weight on him, he knows his body would be moving farther and farther up. Jungkook’s strength is no joke, and Jimin never realized Jungkook had it in him.


But as Jungkook got into a rhythm, he got more confident at sucking hickies into Jimin’s skin and fucking him at the same time. He realized he could move only his hips, while keeping his upper body still. So as he clamped his lips on a new spot (his third spot now) he thrusted his sweaty pelvis into Jimin. The mix of lube and sweat made the smacking noises so loud. It was like surround sound in Jungkook’s ears. But nothing compared to Jimin’s endless moans and talking.


“Holy- Shit! Oh God! Jungkook! Mmfh! Baby! Yes!”


Jungkook could feel Jimin’s nails digging and scratching at his back. It fueled him to start biting harder against Jimin’s neck. And so the harder Jimin scratched Jungkook, the harder Jungkook bit.


“You,” Jimin was out of breath, “marking me- up?”


Jungkook slowed down just a little bit, as he grunted in Jimin’s ear, taking his earlobe in his mouth; rolling his tongue around it.


Jimin felt almost delirious; ditsy even. He smiled and grinned out of his mind, “Making sure- everyone- knows?”


Jungkook’s hips rolled slowly to a stop so that he could peel himself away enough to look into his boyfriend's eyes. Jimin’s hands came up to the back of his neck and into his sweaty hair; his legs still keeping Jungkook locked in place. He breathed heavily, making his chest rise and fall. He was covered in sweat, shiny and perfect. He looked just like a angel, with a glow to his face and his hair fanned out around this head.


Jungkook was breathing heavily, but found the second he needed to catch his breath. He kept his body propped up a bit with one hand while the other came to caress Jimin’s face; from his temple down to his lips. “I don’t care about them anymore. I don’t care what they say. I know that you are mine. My boyfriend.” He let his hand slowly slide down Jimin’s sweaty body, to lightly touch one hickey after another; the last one a lot bigger and darker than the rest. “These marks are for you. So you know I’m not going anywhere.”


Jimin was speechless as he was reminded how mature Jungkook could be. How wise he seemed, using his words flawlessly. And it only reminded him that Jungkook definitely has it in him to be a stronger and more confident man.


It warmed his heart seeing his boyfriend this way. And it melted his heart as well, seeing Jungkook smiling softly for him. Smiling for him. All for him. And Jimin knew then and there, that he’d go to the ends of the Earth - to the Moon even - to stay with Jungkook. Because the love that blossomed inside of his soul couldn’t compare to anything he’s felt before or that would come in the future. He knows that for certain.


Tears welled up in the elder’s eyes and he covered his face; shy, happy, and in love. “Why are you so… So perfect? Why are you so sweet to me? I’m-” he choked up, but had the courage to remove his hands despite his face all wet now with his tears. “I’m so lucky. I’m… so happy,” he kept crying with a smile.


Jungkook felt a few tears coming, so quickly closed the gap between them to press his swollen lips to his much more swollen boyfriend’s lips. Together, they shared a deep kiss, meant to chase away the tears. But not all tears are bad. Not when they’re smiling so much into their shared kiss.


“I love you,” Jungkook whispered on top of Jimin’s lips, nudging his nose lightly against Jimin’s.


“I love you too baby,” he pecked Jungkook’s lips, wrapping his arms around his neck. “So much.”


The younger man smiled as he started kissing Jimin, and once again started moving his hips. He was met with an approving moan at the back of Jimin’s throat. But neither of them wanted to pull their lips and tongues away. So they opted to just moan and suck in each other’s air as Jungkook worked his way up to the pace he was going at before. The sounds of smacking and heavy breathing once again took up the silence of the apartment.


“Baby… I’m gonna cum- soon,” Jimin whined helplessly, feeling the familiar coil tightening up in his lower belly, the faster and harder Jungkook fucked him.


“M-Me too…” Jungkook grunted, letting his head fall on the side of Jimin’s face; his lips pressed against Jimin’s shoulder.


“Please… inside…” Jimin scratched at Jungkook’s back with one hand while the other tightly grabbed his hair.


Jungkook was a little confused, “Inside…?”


Jimin turned his head a little to kiss his sweaty boyfriend’s cheek. He licked the shell of his ear before moaning, “Cum inside of me.”


With a loud grunt, Jungkook slid his arms and hands underneath Jimin so that he was hugging and encasing his entire body under his. He squeezed his eyes shut, pressing his forehead into the pillow, as he fucked Jimin hard and raw. The squelching noises, the loud smacks, and the heavy breathing, all increased as Jungkook relentlessly made rough love to his boyfriend. With the thought of no restrictions, Jungkook couldn’t control his power or strength as he only seemed to pick up speed. He pistoned his hips until the rhythm was erratic and unbalanced.


“Oh fuck! Jimin!”


“Jungkook! Ahhh !”


Jimin had no control of himself as his hole tightened itself around Jungkook’s long cock, squeezing out Jungkook’s climax. As he came, he pressed hard into Jimin’s prostate and made his boyfriend cum as well. Jungkook barely felt Jimin’s cum splattering in between them. Because his mind and body was spent. There was a slight ringing in his ears. There were white spots covering the blackness behind his closed eyes. And his body was twitching and pulsing from his orgasm.


Euphoria is probably the only word that Jungkook could think of to describe the pleasure and pure happiness he felt.


He squeezed his arms tighter around his boyfriend and started kissing his shoulder under his lips. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” He chanted those three words as if it was a new mantra. “I love you Park Jimin.”


And Jimin was crying again. “I-I… L-Love you t-too.” He sniffed loudly, but carried a smile, “I l-love you so much Jeon Jungkook. Thank you.”


The younger chuckled a little, “ Thank you?” Jungkook loosened his grip on Jimin so he could see his face; a few drops of sweat dripping down to Jimin’s neck.


Jimin wiped Jungkook’s sweaty forehead with the back of his hand, “Thank you for being born.” He cupped Jungkook’s cheeks with both of his hands, “Thank you for loving me. And letting me love you back. Thank you baby.”


Jungkook smiled before he carefully left a small kiss on Jimin’s lips before pulling away to look into his shining beautiful eyes again, “No, thank you… baby.”


Jimin started giggling at the awkwardness in the word ‘baby’ that Jungkook tried using. Jungkook could feel Jimin’s body rumbling underneath his from giddiness, and it made the younger laugh along.


“Keep thinking of names, ok? Baby ,” Jimin winked as he stressed the word.


Just then, from the corner of Jungkook’s eyes, he saw Dal stretching just outside of a bedroom. His brown and white legs shook a little as he seemed to have woken up from a nap.


“Ok, Kitten ,” Jungkook grinned back. “How’s that?”


With another tender kiss, Jimin smiled into Jungkook’s lips, “Better.”


Chapter Text

Jimin sat nervously on his bed with Dal in his lap. Which is the only reason why he hadn’t started pacing or anything of the sort. Because when Dal found a comfortable spot anywhere near him, Jimin has gotten into the habit of staying as still as he could be, as to not upset his cute baby.


Pet owner life now.


But with a knock on his door, he slid his arm underneath his baby and put him down on the couch before answering.


Jungkook smiled; hair windswept and messy, glasses a little smudged, and his shirt somewhat wrinkled. “Hey. Sorry I’m late.”


The nervousness Jimin felt was gone the second he laid eyes on his cute and sexy boyfriend. He smiled back, a pretty pink blush to his face, “You’re right on time actually.” He stepped aside to let Jungkook in, then walked to his bedroom, “Help me choose my outfit.”


Jungkook slipped off his shoes and followed his boyfriend. It’s been close to a week since they first made love, but since then, Jungkook has been coming over every night. So now he wasn’t as shy as entering Jimin’s bedroom, or even walking around his apartment.


“You haven’t decided yet,” Jungkook asked as he sat on Jimin’s bed and slipped off his glasses to start cleaning them with his plain white shirt.


“I did and didn’t.” Jimin came out of his closet holding up two different sets of clothes, “Right or left?”


Jungkook rubbed his lenses quickly and put his glasses back on. On the right, Jimin held up a big red and black striped sweater that was designed with a few tears in it. The sweater in general looked two sizes too big. And somehow, imagining Jimin in an overly soft looking sweater was both melting Jungkook’s heart, as well as get him a little hard.


But before he could get carried away with his imagination, he looked at the hanger on the left. It was also striped - black and white - but it was more like a t-shirt. It was a wide v-neck that looked like it would expose a lot of shoulder. The sleeves looked slightly longer than the average length. It was perfect for sweater paws. And Jungkook knew for a fact that Jimin looked extra cute and sexy with sweater paws.


“This is difficult…”


Jimin chuckled at his boyfriend, dropping his arms, “I couldn’t decide between these two.”


“Yeah… Well, uh…hm...” Jungkook looked back and forth, unknowingly tilting his head and puckering his lips to the side.


Jimin bit on his bottom lip a little as he watched Jungkook think about it. It was so endearing to Jimin, seeing him taking it so seriously. He couldn’t help but slowly walk closer as he stared at Jungkook’s lips. He noticed more of Jungkook’s natural ticks. Because whenever Jungkook thinks too hard on anything, he had the habit of tilting his head like he is. He had the habit of staring and going wide eyed, and looking too much like a cute bunny.


Jimin made his way to stand in between Jungkook’s legs and put both tops on the bed on either side of Jungkook. He reached up to cup the younger’s cheeks before slowly sliding them into his hair. He looked away from Jungkook’s glasses covered eyes to his messy hair.


It felt so good; calming. Jungkook couldn’t help but let his eyes close. As Jimin scraped his nails dully through the brunette hair, Jungkook took slower breaths. “I love it when you do that.”


“I love doing it.”


Jungkook opened his eyes to see his boyfriend smiling beautifully. He reached out then, grabbed Jimin’s ass, and pulled him forward. With a gasp, Jimin fell forward into Jungkook, who laid back on the bed.


“Ah~ Jungkookie~ Don’t try and get frisky,” Jimin teased as he maneuvered his body a bit to lay more comfortably on top of his boyfriend.


“I just wanted to hug you. Promise,” Jungkook squeezed his tiny boyfriend, tightening his arms around his lower back.


Jimin was filled with fluttery happiness, “I love it when you give me hugs.”


I love doing it ,” he confidently repeated Jimin’s words with a slight smirk.


“Ah,” Jimin smirked back, “Look at you getting all coy and smirky.”


“Smirky? Is that a word?”


Jimin ignored Jungkook’s obvious teasing, “You’re becoming trouble, big guy. I think I’ve been a bad influence on you.”


“Definitely,” Jungkook smiled.


With a smack to Jungkook’s firm chest, Jimin pushed himself up and crawled off backwards, “You’re not suppose to agree you punk. Now, c’mon. Which one?” He picked up each hanger again and held them up.


“Both would look really good on you. So whichever,” Jungkook shrugged as he sat up, keeping most of his weight on his hands.


“But the whole point was for you to choose. So… which would you rather see me in right now?”


Jungkook blushed a little as he looked back and forth one more time before deciding. “Black and white.”


Jimin smiled wide and nodded once, “Thanks baby.”


He spun around happily to go back inside of his closet to change. Jungkook on the other hand plopped back down and stared up at the ceiling. He was happy to be here and to have the last decision for Jimin’s outfit. But he couldn’t help but still feel a little anxious and worried.


Tonight was a big night.


“Do you think… they’ll hate me?”


Jungkook sat up and saw Jimin in only the black and white long sleeved shirt. The sleeves definitely covered his fingers. And like he had suspected, the wide collar exposed a lot of his shoulders and collarbone. He was to die for. And if it weren’t for the troubled look in Jimin’s eyes, Jungkook would be all over that.


But Jimin’s feelings come first.


“They won’t hate you,” he answered as he stood up. He walked closer, and Jimin averted his gaze to the floor. “And if they do hate you for finding love… or for being happy…” Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and bent his head down to tuck into Jimin’s neck, “...then they don’t deserve your time. You shouldn’t worry about people like that.”


Jimin reached up to grab the back of Jungkook’s shirt, making it more wrinkly, “Jungkook…”


“Thank you for doing this.”


Jimin smiled and slowly inhaled, taking in all of Jungkook’s Dove body wash scent into his nose. It calmed him down. “I’m sorry for still being so… so bad.”


“You’re not bad. I know you’re just scared.” Jungkook kissed his neck lightly, making his glasses shift awkwardly, “I’m right here.”


“...mark me.” Jimin pulled away a little, closed his eyes, and tilted his neck to the side, “Give me a mark before I start. Please…”




Jimin kept his eyes closed, “The other ones are fading and-” He blushed and lowered his voice to almost a whisper; bashful. “And having them makes me feel good. Because… they are you.”


Now Jungkook was the one blushing. “Ok then.”


He adjusted his glasses before putting his hands on Jimin’s slim waist and seeking out a spot on his pale skin. He opened his mouth and latched his lips. Jimin already felt a little dizzy from just that. He grabbed Jungkook arms to stable himself. His mouth opened slightly as Jungkook started sucking harshly. His breath was hot against Jimin’s skin, making goosebumps spread all over his small body.


“S-Stop… that should be good,” Jimin barely managed to squeeze Jungkook’s arms and push himself away. He was already breathing heavily; heart set aflame. “Any more and,” he gulped, “I might never get on to do this.”


Jungkook felt the same fire coursing through his body. He knew Jimin was right. He might have never let him go. “Sorry.”


Jimin shook his head with a smile, “It’s ok baby. We’ll have fun after, ok?”


Jungkook mirrored his boyfriend’s smirk and followed him out of his room. He grabbed his backpack from the floor and took a spot on the couch as Jimin made his way to his pillow nest. He shuffled stuff around in his backpack as he got out his professional grade camera and waited as Jimin got ready. Like he had felt the first time he saw the pillow nest, Jungkook felt a little weird seeing the whole process from this side. It was strange to see Jimin clicking around on his laptop, messing with the camera, fluffing up the pillows, and making sure his stuffed animals were set up nicely. It was like he was in work mode; face scrunched up and focused. And Jungkook, for the first time, could really see how important this was to him.


He quickly turned on his camera, and pointed it in his boyfriends direction to start recording. He zoomed in the correct focus and looked into the digital screen. “I love you Jimin,” Jungkook openly confessed as Jimin finished prepping everything.


Jimin was brought out of his ‘work mode,’ looking up with a big goofy smile. “I love you too baby.”


“Fighting!” Jungkook made his hand into a fist and threw it up in the air, while the other held the camera steady. “You can do it Jimin-ssi!”


Jimin laughed with a giant smile, bringing his sweater paws up to his mouth. “You dummy! Fighting!”


Jungkook smiled as he continued to record his boyfriend. Even if he didn’t know exactly what Jimin was feeling, he knew he’d always support his boyfriend. So even if it meant he would no longer participate, he felt good enough being here like this.


Jimin took in a deep breath and cleared his head as he sat in his usual spot in front of the camera. He could see his boyfriend looking at him, and that gave him some peace of mind. It was a reassurance. That if everything right now was to blow up in his face, he’d still have someone as amazing as Jungkook in his life.


“Let’s do this.”


11 PM - Minnie’s Time.


“Hi Kittens,” Jimin smiled wide and waved his cute sweater paw. “How are you doing tonight?”


HippyHop: better now that ur here sesy


PapaDck56: look at You! That shirt! Sexy baby!


SOwet4U: I wanna fuck u so bad in ur pussy

Minniecorndog: omggg hi! You look so cute I missed you!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ I'm doing good!

DadaLife: WHAT'S THAT HICKEY?!?!?!?!

TaeminMintae: hi baby~ so good to see you sweetheart

TapDatAss: my baby boy


ClumsyLoverBoy94: What a cutie. I feel better now that I've gotten to see you

AznGrl95: just look at you!!! Perfect human is perfect! Can you pls hug and kiss me?

MinSugaDaddy: pretty boy. Best boy

VangoghTaeTae: HELLO!!!


Jimin giggled and waved again before blowing kisses to the lens. “Y’all are feisty tonight I think. I like it.” He smiled some more as he put his hands in between his thighs and rocked a bit. His heart was racing. “So tonight is gonna be a little different. I plan on doing a story time, and follow that up with a big announcement. So, stay with me here, ok?”



MinSugaDaddy: Do whatever you want honey

Minniecorndog: story time? Omg you're so freaking cute I can't


BabyGirlInLove: I wish I could meet you irl… you're so sweet


ClumsyLoverBoy94: doesn't matter what you say, I'll stay with you



“So um, how should I start?” Jimin gulped down his fear and grabbed the Hello Kitty stuffed animal behind him, “Once upon a time, there was a King and Queen and their two sons, the Princes.” He sat back against his pillows and straightened out his exposed legs. “The eldest Prince was extraordinary. As he grew up, he became confident in speaking to the people. He could solve their problems with ease, had no problems understanding the economy, and he could even do heavy labor with a smile. He was amazing! And the King and Queen noticed right away. So they decided to put the eldest Prince through extra classes and gave him extra attention. Specialized attention. And in doing so, the eldest Prince became more and more amazing, pulling light years ahead of his younger brother.”


Jungkook stopped recording Jimin and frowned from his spot on the couch as he watched Jimin squeeze the stuffed animal in his lap. He could tell from where he was that Jimin was extremely nervous. He wasn't looking into the camera as much. On instinct, he shifted to the other side of the couch so he could have a better line of sight to his boyfriend.


“The King and Queen tried their hardest to be patient with their second son. But the young Prince was nothing compared to his older brother.” Jimin frowned, remembering his parents sighs and the disappointment in their eyes. “The second Prince couldn't seem to do anything right. He was always falling over his own two feet, he didn't talk properly like the King and Queen wanted, and he was very passive. He struggled with the most simplest of things. So after a while, the King and Queen gave up on their youngest son and decided to put all their hopes and dreams into the oldest.” Jimin looked up into the lens to try and gain some courage, “And when they did that, the young Prince lost something very important. He didn't know it at the time, but he was different from then on. Not knowing a thing, the young Prince continued his life like normal and made it his goal to do something he loved. When he became old enough, he moved to a small village in a new kingdom, dropped his family name, and started a hard working life.”


Jimin moved forward so he could be closer to the camera, and when doing so, caught the eyes of his boyfriend. He smiled warmly to him. Jungkook puckered his lips, giving him a kiss. Jimin did the same before looking back at the camera.


“The young Prince was happy. He didn't have much, but he always did his best. He gladly helped the town and the villagers when he could, and lived a simple life. After awhile he made a best friend, and even had several people in the village look up to him. It was that attention that sparked something inside the young Prince.” Jimin’s eyes started to shine now and he smiled wide. “He announced to the village of who he was and they all cheered for him. They were impressed by the young Prince, to have been so humble and kind and hard working, despite coming from a royal background. So to celebrate him and his accomplishments, they gave him gifts of food and water, and even materialistic things. He could ask for anything and the villagers would give it to him.”


Jungkook noticed Jimin’s smile falter. He noticed his eyes lose the brilliant shine. And he had half a mind to go over there and hug him. But he remained on the couch.


Jimin frowned and scratched his cheek a little, “But the one thing the villagers couldn't give the Prince was love. True love. It wasn't possible. And it was in a moment alone, inside of his nice home and along side all of his nice things, he realized the only reason he craved so much attention was because he never got any as a child. He grew up into a man who didn't understand it was love that was missing in his life. And by the time he realized it, it was too late. No one was able to see the Prince as just a person anymore. They only saw royalty; alienating him into loneliness.” The cam star gulped and quickly put on a bright smile, “But! One day, a handsome young Traveler came to the village in passing. And the young Prince was absolutely captivated. He couldn't keep his eyes off of the Traveler.”


Jimin shifted his eyes to look at his boyfriend. Jungkook instinctively pulled his camera up and started recording. His heart hammered in his chest as Jimin talked into his lens directly, while not even blinking, “And luckily, the Traveler couldn't keep his eyes off of the Prince either. The two became inseparable. With each day and night spent talking and sharing stories, the young Prince fell more and more in love.”


Jungkook felt a blush in his face as he smiled. He revealed his face from behind his camera and mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to his boyfriend.


Jimin puckered his lips into a kiss for Jungkook before giving the stream his attention once again. He pulled his sleeve up enough so that he could run his hand through his hair. Then rested his chin on his hands and stared into the lens, “All seemed happy, until the young Traveler confessed he still had his journey to get back too. That things wouldn't work out because he and the Prince were too different. Because while the Traveler admired the Prince, he understood the love and responsibility he felt towards the village and it's people. And as tough as it was for the Traveler, he admitted he wasn't confident of his place in the young Prince’s heart.”


Jimin glanced once again to Jungkook before sitting criss crossed and grabbing the big chick stuffed animal to hug in his lap. He stared at the chick plushie and chewed on his bottom lip. Story time was almost over.


He kept his eyes on the yellow chick, cutely flapping his wings. “After a big talk, the young Prince and Traveler confessed their undying love for each other and decided to start a life together. The Traveler decided to give up his journey through the land and stay with the Prince. The Prince on the other hand, also decided to give something up as well. In doing so, the young Prince and the young Traveler finally found what they had always been looking for. They found love in each other.” Jimin smiled, because in his mind, for just a split second, he could see a future of laughs, kisses, and happiness shared between him and Jungkook. “And that, my Kittens, is the end of the story.”


Jimin finally looked up from the chick and back into the camera. He's never felt this scared being in front of his audience before. It felt like he was at the edge of a cliff and was staring down into a dark abyss. He couldn't see what was at the bottom; but he could just feel something staring back at him from the shadows.


He put the chick back in its place and shifted his posture to sit on his knees in a more formal position. His heart was beating too fast for his liking, but he reminded himself of the man that was sitting on his couch.


“I don't know how much you were able to get out of that story, but allow me to clarify.” Jimin clenched his hands around his sleeves, metaphorically tightening his resolve. The weight of the words on his tongue choked him up a little. “I'm in love guys. I'm absolutely in love.” He started tearing up, but quickly wiped his arm across his face; blushing red and smiling, “I've never felt so loved before. And I'm not willing to lose him. So-” He glanced one more time to Jungkook before facing his audience. “While he had only asked for me to tell you guys about him, I want to let you know, that from now on, I won't be showing myself as much as I used to.” He pressed his plump lips together, seeing the comments go crazy. “I'll still show off on special occasions, but… I want to return back to more of my roots. I want to have more of a conversation with you guys. And possibly start up something new.”


Jimin wasn't looking directly at Jungkook, but he could tell his boyfriend was shocked. He hadn't really discussed with Jungkook his plans to pull back on showing his body, so he wasn't surprised by his reaction. He just hoped that it would all work out.


He smiled wide and bowed his head a little, “I hope you can understand and can continue to support me and this channel. If you can't, then that's ok too. I understand.” Even as he lifted his head, Jimin still smiled. From the bottom of his heart, he smiled at the new step he was taking today.



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Minniecorndog: ahhhh!!! True love!!!! Congratulations!!!

FireAndIce: TF?????? I was only here for the cock FU Minnie

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MinSugaDaddy: baby boy is all grown up. I'm happy for you :)

VangoghTaeTae: YEEEEEEE BOIIIIIIIIIII!!!! I bet a certain someone is freaking the hell out LOL


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FreshMEat: Love? Who tf cares? Show me your pussy. That's why were here dumbass

DadaLife: UR SERIOUSLY GONNA STOP? WHAT A JOKE! Ur a fucking joke

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TaeminMintae: awww that was such a cute story honey. I'm happy for you

AznGrl95: I cry! I liked watching you being nasty! But I guess I'm happy for you…

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MinniesDaddy: WHAT'S HIS NAME?!

ClumsyLoverBoy94: Congrats on finding a special someone baby. I'm so happy for you <3


1011010: Minnie ur so fucking stupid. Cancelling my subscription now

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Minniecorndog: Dont let those losers make you feel bad Minnie!!!! The true fans still love you!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

VangoghTaeTae: @Minniecorndog who knew you had it in you! Ur my hero ♡



Jimin was definitely overwhelmed. Seeing one person after another leave the chat box was a little devastating. But he could see the support.


He chewed on his bottom lip, “Proof huh? Well, I'm not gonna give you has name. And I'm not gonna show his face… but I do have this hickey.” He pulled his collar down, even though he didn't need too; his hickey was perfectly visible to begin with. “This is proof enough right? Or…” He tilted his head to the side and looked at Jungkook, “Can you come wave your hand real quick baby?”


Jungkook’s eyes went wide. Jimin giggled a little, still feeling some anxiety in his chest. “Just your hand big guy.”


Jimin nodded in encouragement, and Jungkook couldn't say no. He stopped recording and powered off his camera. Then got up from the couch and slowly walked closer. He stopped just short of entering the pillow nest, like as if there was a barrier he just couldn't seem to cross. He felt like he shouldn't. Like he would taint it in some way. This is Minnie’s territory. And people are watching. Somehow taking that step while the camera was on felt really scary.


Jimin held out his hand and smiled, “They won't see your face so long as you're standing big guy. I promise.”


Jungkook trusted his boyfriend. He stepped closer and reached out to lace their hands together. He looked down at the laptop to see Jimin clearly in the camera’s view, while only Jungkook’s knees, thighs, and torso was showing off on the side. But most importantly, their hands were laced together for everyone to see.


“This is my boyfriend everyone,” Jimin beamed with a blush. “I know you can't see his face, but I'm sure you can tell that's he's super handsome.”


He giggled as he looked up to see Jungkook looking away with red to his cheeks. And Jimin couldn't help himself. He quickly stood up, put his hands on Jungkook’s chest as he leaned forward to give him a kiss. It was just with his lips; lingering for only a few seconds. But in those few seconds, Jimin swears he forgot about anything else. He stared up into Jungkook’s glossy eyes.


“I love you baby.”


“I love you too,” Jungkook whispered as he leaned down for another kiss.


Only this time, Jungkook wasn't as stiff. He moved his hands to rest on Jimin's hips before sliding them down and grabbing his ass while slowly deepening the kiss. He opened his mouth and caressed Jimin’s tongue with his own, melting his boyfriend on the spot, making Jimin grip Jungkook's arms tighter for support. Jungkook has gotten so good at making Jimin weak in the knees with only kissing.


A small moan escaped Jimin's flushed lips as they both pulled away a little breathless. But seeing as they were both still standing and the stream was still on, Jungkook took a step back. Doing so reminded Jimin of what was going on.


He quickly sat back down and couldn't stop smiling like a love sick puppy, “S-sorry about that. He's really good at distracting me.”


MinSugaDaddy: that was kinda hot lol

Minniecorndog: MY NEW SHIP may you two always be happy!!!! \^0^/


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ClumsyLoverBoy94: aww that's super cute

VangoghTaeTae: YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE AND GROSS hahaha congrats “big guy” PFFFT never gonna let him live that down

AznGrl95: holy shit that was so hot. Please do more of that

TaeminMintae: you two are so freaking cute! I can feel the Love!

BabyGirlInLove: 12/10 need more


VangoghTaeTae: BIG GUY looooool


“Anyways, that's all I had for you guys tonight. And really, if you don't think you'll enjoy your time spent with me anymore then that's totally ok.” Jimin blew a kiss to the camera, “I just hope all of you cute Kittens are happy and healthy.” He turned his head to look at Jungkook for a moment; his heart completely filled to the brim with love and support. He faced the camera for one last wave and kiss, “I'll see you soon ok? Sweet dreams! Bye bye!”


He turned off the stream and his camera and immediately closed his laptop. It seemed to echo a little in his ears. Things were definitely different now.


“You didn’t have to do that you know.”


Any energy Jimin had, seemed zapped completely out of his body. He hadn’t realized how tense and stressed out he was the entire time. And now, he was just exhausted. He couldn’t help but just zone out.


“I know… and I’m sorry I didn’t say anything to you beforehand…” Jimin finally looked up from the floor and gave his boyfriend a warm smile, “But honestly, after having sex- No. After making love with you, Jungkook, I really don’t feel the need to do all that anymore.” He felt the weight in Jungkook’s stare, so he looked down at the ground. “The thrill and excitement I get from showing myself isn’t nearly as good as when I am with you. So, it was an easy answer for me. I hope that’s ok?”


Jungkook quickly closed the distance between them and reached down to pick up his boyfriend bridal style. With a deep gasp, Jimin was caught off guard; quickly wrapping one arm around Jungkook’s neck and lacing his hands together. He held on as Jungkook left Jimin’s pillow nest and started making his way to the bedroom.


“You're amazing . Of course it’s ok. Whatever my Kitten wants,” Jungkook cooed in Jimin’s ear, smirk already in place.


Jimin shivered despite his and Jungkook's body temperature getting hotter and hotter by the second. But any and all chills were gone the moment Jungkook laid Jimin down on his bed and got on top of him.


He smiled into their passionate kiss. Just the first kiss of many more to come through out the night.


Things were definitely different now, and Jimin wouldn't have it any other way.



Chapter Text

“...38… 39… 40…”


Jimin’s eyes were pulled away from his boyfriend doing push ups; which was a feat within itself. Nothing could make him take his eyes off of his boyfriend while he worked out, except for one thing.


He grimaced as he saw his phone light up and saw it was his brother Hoseok calling.


“...49...50!” Jungkook grunted as he pushed himself up and sat back on his heels. He pulled up his shirt to wipe his face, revealing his abs. Normally Jimin would make some kind of naughty comment, but when Jungkook noticed, Jimin was looking at his phone. “Everything ok?”


Jimin looked up suddenly, like he had almost forgotten Jungkook was even there. “H-Huh? Yeah of course. Why wouldn’t it be?”


Jungkook raised an eyebrow; several sweat drops falling from his hairline, “Because you look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”


Jimin pulled his feet into his chest on the couch, wrapping his arms around his knees, “No ghost, just a judgemental older brother.”


“What’s up?” Jungkook wiped his sweaty forehead one more time with his shirt before going back on the ground and getting ready to do some planks.


Jimin watched silently for a moment, a little lost in seeing the way Jungkook’s biceps popped. “I don’t know… He just called. I didn’t answer.”


“You haven’t talked to him, ugh , in like a- a month right?” Jungkook struggled a little to talk; breathing heavily and doing his best to keep his body up on only his toes and forearms.


“Something like that,” Jimin stuck out his bottom lip.


“What if… it’s something important?”


“It’s not,” he answered quickly. He got up and slid his way down to sit on the ground next to his boyfriend. “If it was, he would have kept calling and left a voice message.”


Jungkook was reduced to only a grunt as a response as he was getting close to a minute. Jimin had half a mind to start tickling his hard working boyfriend, but decided to just admire his strength and sexy body instead. Nothing turned him on more than seeing Jungkook sweaty and hot. He thinks he has a strength kink, possibly (definitely).


Jungkook finally let himself lie down on the ground after the minute was over. He rolled on his back and took big gulps of air. His sweaty bangs split right down the middle and exposed his forehead. His glasses were a little foggy, and his shirt was drenched. He felt really gross, but felt so amazing. Working out has always been a stress reliever for him. And it turned into a bit of a hobby. He’s just glad it’s paid off. Because as he opened his eyes to see past his smudged glasses, he could see his cute boyfriend just staring in admiration.


“You should talk to him.”


The smile Jimin had disappeared, “I don’t want to.”


Jungkook didn’t push it any further, “Ok.”


Jimin frowned. Before he could think to say anything back, Jungkook’s phone started ringing. He glanced at it and noticed a boy making a really stupid face. “Taehyung?”


Jungkook reached behind him and grabbed it; chuckling, “Taehyung.” But instead of answering it, he turned down the volume and stood up. “I’m gonna shower. I’ll be right back.”


“Wait, you’re not gonna answer it?” Jimin followed Jungkook into his own room and watched as he started stripping, “That’s kinda rude.”


“Isn’t that what you just did with your brother,” Jungkook asked as he entered the attached bathroom and started the shower.


“Are you trying to start a fight? Because I’m not in the mood,” Jimin crossed his arms and leaned back against his sink counter.


“No I’m not,” Jungkook turned to face his grumpy boyfriend. He walked up to him and put his hands on his waist, “I guess I just worry that’s all. I promise.”




Jimin let Jungkook kiss him; still a little feisty, but always ready for kisses. He was always ready to kiss and hug and touch his boyfriend at any given time, even when he was upset. Jimin almost hates to admit how much he’s whipped for his younger boyfriend. And how much he’s attracted to him, even when Jungkook is being a brat.


Jimin uncrossed his arms and put his hands on Jungkook’s sweaty chest, looking down at his abs, “You suck. I can’t be mad at you.”


Jungkook smirked as he kissed Jimin’s round cheek, “That’s good. I don’t want you to be mad.” He slipped off his glasses and put them behind Jimin on the counter before kissing his other cheek. “You gonna join me in the shower?”


“You’d like that, huh?”


Jungkook took a step back and pushed his boxers down, revealing his half hard cock, “I’d love it if you joined me.” With a smirk that looked exactly like one of Jimin’s, he turned around and got into the shower; leaving a very red and a very manipulated Jimin.


“You really suck,” Jimin shook his head with a smile, stripping out of his clothes anyways.

Jungkook was lying down, texting in bed next to Jimin who was sitting and playing with Dal. He held on tightly to the small fuzzy mouse on a string as Dal pawed and chewed on it. It made Jimin smile seeing Dal look so happy.


“Do you think Dal is playing with me? Or I’m playing with him?”


Jungkook looked away from his phone and stared at the cat who tugged at the mouse, “He probably thinks that he’s playing with you.”


“I thought so,” Jimin smiled.


“Cats are so bossy.”


Jimin felt offended and let go of the toy. “Who are you calling bossy,” he asked as he turned towards his boyfriend.


Jungkook was smiling wide even as he kept looking at his phone, “I’m sorry, but are you saying you’re a cat? You sound offended.”


“I am offended! I'm offended on behalf of Dal,” he huffed; crossing his arms and nodding once.


Jungkook dropped his phone on the bed before quickly pulling Jimin down with a giant smile. He wrapped his arms and legs around Jimin easily and kept him from sitting back up.


“You’re heavy.”


“I work out.”


“Muscle pig.”


“Anything you say,” Jungkook closed his eyes and smiled.


Jimin adjusted his body and moved his bangs out of his eyes before he just stayed still and stared at Jungkook’s handsome face. “You know what?”


“Hm,” Jungkook softly responded with his eyes still closed.


“I kinda like you. You’re cute.”


The younger opened his eyes wide and started chuckling. “Thanks. I kinda like you too.”


“I’m glad,” Jimin smiled cutely, puffing out his cheeks and snuggling closer.


Jungkook adjusted his arms to have one rest under Jimin’s head and the other draped over his middle. He intertwined their legs and slowed down his breathing; happy to just stare happily into Jimin’s eyes.


“I kinda like you a lot Jimin.”


“I kinda like you a lot too.”


“I kinda like staying over.”


“I kinda like you staying over too.”


Jungkook maintained eye contact, keeping his voice close to a whisper, “One day… can we actually live together?”


Jimin’s lips peeled open but he didn’t say anything. His heart was beating too fast. The air between them suddenly so hot. He blushed so hard he thought he was going to explode.


“I’d like that.”


Jungkook’s heart was beating just as fast as Jimin’s was. But with Jimin’s answer, Jungkook felt like he just crossed a big hurdle. It’s too early to think about already moving in together. But coming over every night and leaving his place in the morning did give Jungkook the thought of making it real. Although, he’s a little surprised with himself for having the courage to ask. But he did. And he’s proud of himself.


“Maybe after I graduate and get a decent job...”


Jungkook continued to talk, but Jimin started zoning out. He was just staring at Jungkook’s lips; everything that he was saying was turning into white noise.


It’s only been a few days since he made the announcement to his fans about his future plans and about Jungkook. And since then, he’s already seen a drop in his subscribers. Which means a drop in monthly income he was making in donations and subscriptions. If it keeps up the way it is, by the time Jungkook graduates, Jimin will have close to nothing in monthly income.


He’d have nothing to contribute. He’d have to figure out something else, because making a living off of being an internet star wasn’t going to last forever. Dreams don’t last forever.


“Hey,” Jungkook grazed Jimin’s cheek with his thumb, “You ok? You’re crying.”


“What?” Jimin reached up to wipe his eyes, and was in fact tearing up. “I don’t-” He cracked a smile, “I’m just weird. Sorry.” He sniffed and rubbed his red face.


“What’s wrong?” Jungkook’s forehead creased in worry. “Did I say something-”


“No, you didn’t. You didn’t say anything wrong. I just-” He felt suffocated of air, so quickly sat up, startling Dal and making his baby jump off the bed. He took a deep breath and considered his words carefully. “I can’t help but worry about the future. That’s all.”


Jungkook sat up as well and started rubbing Jimin’s back. “Is there anything I can do?”


Jimin smiled, moved by his question. He leaned into his boyfriend, “Just stay with me.”


“Of course. Haven’t I been every night,” he asked with some teasing in his voice.


“Ah! Speaking of, don’t you miss playing games and stuff?”


Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat at the way Jimin was looking up at him. He couldn’t help but glance away, a little shy, “Not really. I have you.”


Jimin giggled, “I think Taehyung misses you though. He hasn’t stopped texting you.”


Jungkook let out a sigh, but couldn’t help but smile as he thought about his best friend, “I never knew how needy he was.”


Jimin shifted again so he could lie back down and Jungkook followed suit. He moved the brunette hair out of Jungkook’s face and rested his hand on his chest afterwards. “You said you’ve never met him in person right?”




“So y'all have just been best friends over the internet and through text messages?”


“Uh huh.”


“Don’t you think it’d be fun to meet him?”


Jungkook was caught off guard, “What? Meet him?”


“Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it,” Jimin poked his chest.


“No, not really.”


“What?! Really?”


“Yeah…” Jungkook shrugged, “It’s normal isn’t it? You don’t just go and meet your internet friends...”


Jimin shrugged as well, “I don’t know. I mean, I know for me it’s different. But it’s not like you two have the same kind of relationship as I do with my fans. So I don’t see why you’ve never thought about it.”


“I don’t know…”


Jimin cuddled into his boyfriend just as Jungkook’s phone started ringing again. He giggled, “You should really think about it. I think he might start resenting me the longer we’re together.”


Jungkook giggled as Jimin tucked his head under his chin. “He wouldn’t resent you. He’d just be pissed at me.”


“What a great friend,” Jimin teased.


“Yeah,” Jungkook smiled, “He’s the best.”

Jimin opened his eyes in the dark. Jungkook is fast asleep next to him, and it’s the moment that Jimin has been waiting for.


He slowly moved his body away from Jungkook’s grasp, holding his breath as he did. He’s learned that Jungkook likes to have some kind of contact with him as they fall asleep. And it always seems like they get all tangled up at some point in the night.


After successfully pulling away without waking Jungkook up, he carefully unplugged his phone and tip toed his way out of his bedroom and into the living room. As soon as he closed the door as quietly as he could, he let out a relieved breath.


But in the silence of his apartment, Jimin was stressed. Stressed and moody.


He made his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water and sat down at the small table he had next to the fridge. With a big gulp, he held the water in his mouth as he looked at his phone. He swallowed it down as he read through the messages he’s gotten on Vlogs And More… There were a lot of unhappy messages. Although, there were a few good ones too.


Either way, he was presented with a problem.


He doesn’t regret his decision at all. But he didn’t really think about the consequences of losing followers, thus losing his normal income. In fact, what really stresses him out, is his lack of rationality. He’s always been impulsive and prides himself in living in the moment. But this time, it’s really come to bite him in the ass.


How did he not realize this was going to happen?


Being a cam star and somewhat of an internet celebrity wasn’t going to last forever. And the last thing he wants is to end up being a burden to Jungkook. He was going to have to think of something in the near future. Otherwise, he’d find himself with no money.


With the last of his water gone, he stared at the empty glass. It looked a lot like how he felt.


Before he could get lost in his head, his phone turned on. He saw a text message from his brother. “The hell? It’s like three in the morning…”


Older Brother : Jimin-ah. I want to talk to you. I miss you a lot.

Older Brother : Can’t you please call me?

Older Brother : I literally cannot sleep. Please?


Jimin felt completely guilty. There’s still a part of him that would always love his brother. And it was that part of his heart that pushed away the angry and hurt side. He didn’t give it a second thought and called his brother.




Hearing his brother’s voice was a little strange, but it was so comforting. “Hey.”


“I’m surprised you’re up.”


“Same here. Don’t you have work in the morning?”


Hoseok chuckled, “Like I said, I couldn’t sleep.”


“I can’t sleep either,” Jimin found himself smiling. But it slowly went away as silence took over.






Hoseok chuckled, “You go first.”


“No Hyung, you. You're the one that called.”


“Right.” He swallowed and let out a breath. If Jimin didn't know any better, it sounded like his brother was hesitant. “How long have you been dating your boyfriend? How did you meet?”


“How did you-” But then it clicked. “Did you watch my stream?! You promised you wouldn't!”


“No I didn't watch anything Jimin-ah.”




Hoseok sighed, “I pay someone to watch, and they report to me anything significant.”


“I can't believe you…” Jimin said softly; close to that of a whisper.


“How else am I supposed to know anything about my baby brother? You never call or text or anything.” Hoseok rubbed his temples, “But back to the point. They said you announced you had a boyfriend. And that you even brought him on camera.” Hoseok’s voice changed into the more familiar serious and prying tone Jimin was used too. “Jimin, how long have you been with him? You're already letting him in your apartment? Do you realize how unsafe this could be? He's not one of your fans is he? Because we've talked about this.”


Jimin wasn't surprised anymore. He wasn't surprised to know his older brother had someone watching him all along, and reporting back to him. He isn't surprised to hear his critical judgement or any of the berating questions. If anything, he's just hurt. But that's not at all surprising either.


Why can’t he trust me?


“I can't believe you…” he repeated himself.


“Before you start accusing me of being this terrible older brother, you have to know I'm only worried about you. I don't want you dating some psychopath again who's going to hurt you and-”


“Stop!” Jimin slammed his hand down on the table and stood up. He gripped his phone hard and had half a mind to throw it across his apartment. “I don't wanna talk about him .”


“I'm just trying to remind you that you should be cautious. How well do you know your boyfriend? Are you sure he's not just trying to use you or something?”


“I'm only going to say all of this once and then I'm hanging up,” Jimin said through gritted teeth.


“Jimin… please….” Hoseok begged. “Just talk to me…”


“My boyfriend's name is Jeon Jungkook. He's about to be in his last semester in college, majoring is Digital Arts. He's the most hard working guy I know. He goes to school all day, Monday through Thursday. Then works all day Friday and Saturday, and then spends his only day off with me. And he even comes over to spend time with me after school and work when I know he's tired!” Jimin couldn't stand still and started pacing back and forth in his kitchen. “Jungkook is nothing like that piece of shit. I'm not the stupid kid I used to be, ok? And I trust Jungkook with all of my heart. He hasn't given me anything to doubt him.”


“Was he one of your fans?”


Jimin stopped pacing and gripped his hand into a fist. “No.”


“Don't lie to me.”


“Fine! Yes he was! But he-”


“Repeating history huh? And you said you weren't that stupid kid anymore,” Hoseok sighed as he shook his head.


“You know this is different. I… I didn't know before about Mi-” He couldn't bring himself to keep talking, because he knew if he did he’d might break down. Jimin's bottom lip started quivering from frustration and humiliation that only his brother could make him feel. “I hate you…”


Hoseok would never admit it to Jimin, but hearing him say that broke his heart. He just sighed and took Jimin’s anger. “Quit acting like a child Jimin. But for the time being, I'll trust your judgement.” He exhaled and talked under his breath, “Although I know I probably shouldn't.” He cleared his throat loudly, “Should anything happen-”


“Nothing is going to happen,” the young brother interrupted spitefully.


“-then you know you can call me and I'll take care of it.”


“I'm hanging up now.”


“Before that, let me say one more thing.”


Jimin really wanted to hang up on his brother. But he just couldn't.


“Mom and Dad want to have a family dinner on Sunday. They said it's important. So I'll expect you to be there. You can bring that boyfriend of yours…. But you'll have to deal with Mom and Dad yourself if you do.”




“Jimin?” He waited for a few moments but there was silence. He pulled the phone away to see it was still connected. He put the phone back to his ear and sighed, “I know you haven't seen Mom and Dad in a really long time. They miss you Jimin-ah. They really do. Please say you'll be there.”




Jimin pulled his phone away and hung up. He stared at the screen, watching the picture of him and his brother disappear. They were teens in the picture, it was close to ten years ago. Hoseok was smiling really wide as he looked at his younger brother. Fifteen year old Jimin was grinning wide as well, and looked happy. Seeing that picture disappear from the screen left a hole in his heart.


When had his relationship with his brother gotten so bad? When had it gotten to the point that they couldn't even talk to each other without it turning into a fight? When had he become so estranged from his family, that the thought of seeing them was terrifying?


Jimin didn't know when, it just evolved into that over the years.


Feeling the weight of his brother's presence, or lack there of, really devastated Jimin. Feeling how scared he was to face his parents shook him to his core.




Jimin whipped his head to the side to see Jungkook rubbing his eyes as he exited the bedroom. He scratched his bare stomach and took heavy steps closer. His hair was sticking out in different directions, and there was some dried drool on the corner of his mouth.


Somehow, seeing his boyfriend looking so cute, as compared to all the shitty feelings coursing through him, made Jimin break down.


Before he knew it, he was crying into his hands as he sank down to the floor in the middle of his kitchen.  The cold tile almost stung his hot blazing skin. But he didn't feel a thing. All he could feel was anger, frustration, and longing.


Any and all sleep that still clung to Jungkook was gone in an instant. He sprinted the few yards it took to reach the kitchen, and sunk down to hold his boyfriend tight.


“What happened? What's going on? I thought I heard you yelling.” Jungkook could feel Jimin shaking in his arms. He tried looking at Jimin’s face but couldn't manage it as his boyfriend just clung to him. “Kitten… please…. What happened?”


Jimin shook his head against Jungkook’s chest. The younger knew he probably wasn't going to get anything out of his boyfriend until he was done crying. So for the time being, he scooped Jimin up from the tile, and took him back to his room. He tried letting him go to put him in his bed, but Jimin wouldn't let go of Jungkook's neck. He didn't try to force Jimin away, and decided to make shift his way into the bed while keeping Jimin in his arms. He stretched out his long legs and maneuvered Jimin so he could be more comfortable as he cried.


“Cry all you want. I'm not going anywhere. Ok?” Jimin was still bawling, and inhaled staggered breaths. “Shh… breathe… I'm right here baby.”


Jimin tried breathing more normally. He inhaled through his stuffy nose and let out his breath through his mouth. He felt comforted by Jungkook’s body heat and small back rubs. The fact that he had Jungkook holding him so close really grounded him to his anxieties.


“When d-did we… ha-hate... each other?”


“Who babe?”


“Me and my… brother…” he managed better, wiping his eyes and nose as his tears started coming to a stop.


“You think it's that bad? You… hate him,” Jungkook asked carefully.




Jungkook decided to try something else, “What did he say?”


Hearing Hoseok’s voice in his head irritated him. The anger was still there, despite feeling terrible about his current family situation. Deep down he’s always known his brother meant well. He’s always meant well . But Jimin just can’t help but stay mad.


“He asked how we met. And if you were a fan. And asked if I trusted you or if I was just repeating history. And was going on and on about how unsafe all of this was and-” With a deep breath he slowed himself down, “He… He knows about you.”


“I’m not a bad secret to keep, right?” Jungkook asked half jokingly, but was a little anxious of the answer.


“No,” Jimin sniffed, “You’re not. It’s just, he admitted he’s been paying someone to watch all my streams and report to him any news.”


“Oh…” Jungkook inhaled through his mouth and let it all out at once, “Then what else? Was that all?”


“He said Mom and Dad had something important going on and wanted to have a family dinner. He said…” Jimin shifted so he could face Jungkook’s body. He pushed his hair back and hesitantly looked into Jungkook’s eyes, “He said I could bring you if I wanted, but that I’d have to deal with the consequences myself.”


“Consequences,” Jungkook asked slowly, looking back and forth from each of Jimin’s eyes.


“My Mom and Dad don’t know about my sexuality.” Jimin watched Jungkook’s reaction carefully. “And they are pretty… conservative.”


Jungkook broke their eye contact and looked down. He gulped the hard lump in his throat. “I see…”


“Hoseok Hyung has kept many secrets for me…” He clicked his tongue, “I don’t even know why he does it if he hates me…”


What Jimin said didn’t sound correct in Jungkook’s head. Someone who would lie to their parents and keep secrets for their siblings, definitely isn’t someone who hates anything. But Jungkook didn’t want to press it any further. He didn’t want his boyfriend even more upset than he was.


“So then, are you going to go see them?”


Jimin pulled the blanket up and got in; Jungkook doing the same. He curled up next to his large boyfriend and closed his eyes. “I don’t know yet. I don’t know what to do… I’m… scared.”


“Scared of what they’ll say?”


“Yeah and…” Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s arm and squeezed it tight, as if Jungkook were going to suddenly vanish. “I want them to meet you. But I don’t know what they might say. So then I don’t want them to meet you because I’m worried they’ll be nasty. And you don’t deserve anything like that. And-”


“Jimin,” Jungkook smiled at his flustered and rambling boyfriend. He wiggled further down so he could be eye level with his Kitten, “If you decide you want me to meet your parents, then I’ll go. It doesn’t matter what they say because you’ll be with me. And if they say anything bad about you, then you’ll have me there too.” He reached out and stroked Jimin’s red cheeks with his thumb, “We have each other.”


“Have I ever told you you’re amazing?”


“You could stand to say it a little bit more,” Jungkook chuckled.


Jimin had hearts in his eyes as he leaned in the inch or so to kiss his boyfriend. Jungkook happily kissed back; wrapping his arms around his small boyfriend and pull him close. Their lips smacked as Jimin pulled away only to give a few more kisses to Jungkook’s cheeks.


“You’re amazing. I love you.”


“I love you too,” Jungkook smiled as Jimin got comfortable in his arms.


The tense energy that lingered in the air was finally disappearing as both men got comfortable and relaxed in each other’s arms. It was finally feeling peaceful again. Although both were quiet and lost in their thoughts, they stayed close and breathed in each other’s air.




“Yeah,” Jimin asked with his eyes closed and his head on Jungkook’s chest.


“You had said ‘repeating history.’ What did you mean?”


Jimin’s eyes snapped opened and his heart, which had finally calmed down, was beating rapidly once again. Because the image of his ex popped into his head.


“Um… it means that uh…” He squirmed in Jungkook’s grasp before he sat up; his nerves suddenly going wild again. He played with the blanket and avoided looking into Jungkook’s eyes. “I guess I should tell you…”


Jungkook sat up on his elbows, “Tell me what?”


“You’re not actually… the first… fan… I’ve dated.”




Jimin looked up to see his boyfriend with his lips pressed firmly together, and his brow creased. He chewed on his bottom lip for a second; drowning in the silence between them.


“Would you… like to know what happened?”


Jungkook came at a crossroads. He could say yes, learn more about Jimin and his past, but also learn about another guy in his life and possibly feel really weirded out and jealous. Or he could avoid all that to begin with, but never face Jimin seriously in getting to know him.


He gulped as he sat up. He grabbed Jimin's hand and held it gently. There isn't anything he wants to regret when it comes to Jimin. And he feels like if he didn't listen to Jimin now, he'd be missing something important.


“Tell me.”


“Alright,” Jimin weakly smiled. “Its kinda a long story.”


Jungkook returned the small smile, “I've got all night.”

...❤ ...

Chapter Text

“You really think this YouTube thing will pan out?”


“You’re something different,” Jin smiled, “You have this… energy , that you just don’t see that often. Besides, you already have a lot of subscribers.”


Jimin rocked on his heels and smiled wide, enough that his eyes were almost covered by his round cheeks. “Thanks Jinnie Hyung.”


Jin wrapped his long arms around Jimin, picked him up, and spun him around. “You’re the cutest! I wish you were my real younger brother!” He couldn’t help but laugh as Jimin smacked him and demanded to be let down. “You already act like it,” he grinned as he set down his small best friend.


Jimin huffed and started walking away, but he wasn’t really mad. He liked the attention he got. “Just because I’m small doesn’t mean you can just pick me up. I’m 20! Almost 21!” Jimin turned around but kept walking backwards as he threw his arms out to the side, “I shouldn’t be treated this way.”


“Oh watch out!”


But Jin’s warning was a little too late. Jimin backed up into another guy and they both went toppling over. The stranger grumbled as Jin ran over to help Jimin up.


“Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Jimin scrambled to get up. But as soon as he locked eyes with the stranger he ran into, his heart skipped a beat. Tall, gentle eyes, dashing smile, and a nice body. “I’m… really sorry,” he said more softly, avoiding the stranger’s gaze.


The stranger smiled, laughed even as he got up, “It’s ok. Just be careful from now on.”


Jimin scratched his arm and then the back of his neck, seemingly not able to stand still. “Y-Yeah, sorry. I shouldn’t have been walking backwards like that.”


The stranger looked up, “Looks like your boyfriend can take things from here.”


Jimin laughed nervously, “Boyfriend?! No! Now way. Jin Hyung is just my friend. He- Oh God. You’re bleeding!” Jimin quickly closed the small distance between him and the stranger, and grabbed his hand to see it scratched up and bleeding. “I’m so sorry. Let’s get this taken care of.”


The stranger looked at his hand curiously and shrugged, “It’s not that bad.”


“No, let me at least buy you something at the convenience store. Like a bandaid or something.”


“Jimin, it’s fine. It’s not that bad,” Jin tried to cut in.


But the stranger smiled fondly as he looked down at Jimin fretting over his tiny wound. “Then if it’ll help ease your mind, I’ll take you up on that offer.”


Jimin looked up and smiled wide; the drum of his heart undeniably beating for the tall, handsome man in front of him. “I’m Park Jimin by the way.”


“Oh, Minho. Lee Minho.”


“So you started dating then?”


Jimin nodded to Jungkook’s question. “Not right away, but yeah. We got together after a month or so.”


“And then what?”


“Then nothing. He seemed totally normal.” Jimin started moving around some of Dal’s fur that got left behind on the blanket. “We went on dates and hung out and stuff. He came over to my place - the apartment I had before this one - and it was totally normal.”


“So when did he go crazy?”


Jimin looked up and frowned, “That’s the thing… he was always crazy; the things that he’d say or do… Looking back on it, yeah, it was strange. But at the time I didn’t think anything of it. At least… not until I saw what I saw.”


Jungkook’s forehead scrunched up, making a deep crease. He didn’t like the way his boyfriend’s tone took a dive; quiet and scared. “What did you find? What happened?”


Jimin’s eyes started shaking as the night resurfaced to his memory.


It was the first night Jimin was going to stay over at Minho’s place. He was excited and couldn’t contain his curiosity. As Minho took a shower, Jimin started exploring the two bedroom apartment.


It was tidy. Tidier than he was expecting. Everything was placed as if it was from a catalog. Impressive really. But Jimin looked past it, seeing as he cleaned up his own apartment for it to look perfect before Minho came over the first time. The only difference between their clean apartments was the fact that Minho’s place didn’t really feel like a home. There was nothing that stood out as anything personal. There weren’t any photographs of friends or family. There wasn’t much color or decoration. And the apartment lacked any kind of warmth. It really looked like a model apartment, ready for show in tell; on display.


This layout only served to make Jimin more curious as to where Minho really kept his secrets. Because a man living on his own wouldn’t just have a perfect model home like this. He’d make a space all for himself. Jimin has something like that, so why wouldn't his boyfriend?


Feeling an adrenaline coursing through his veins, Jimin stepped through Minho’s bedroom doorway. He heard the sound of the water hitting the tile and a soft hum coming from behind the bathroom door. For a moment he considered going in the bathroom and starting a little bit of sexy time. But his curiosity got the better of him.


He looked all around Minho’s room. Like Jimin thought, there was more life in this room. It was almost as if Minho never left his bedroom. Because from what Jimin could tell, Minho slept, ate, and did everything in here. There was bags of take out in the trash can, a small pile of clothes hung on a chair in the corner of the room, and his computer desk was covered with papers, tissues, half emptied water bottles, and little knick knacks. It was kinda endearing.


But the second Jimin was close enough, he stopped. Because what he didn’t expect to find was a picture of him. It caught him off guard at first, but he took a breath as he realized Minho must had taken it whenever he wasn’t looking. Jimin got closer to pick up the picture, and realized that it was really zoomed in.


It sent a shiver down his spine. Something felt wrong. His gut started to twist in a funny way, but he ignored it.


He quickly put the picture back down, but accidently pushed Minho’s computer mouse in the process. The picture fell over and his computer screen turned on.


“Oh jeez.”


Jimin quickly put the framed picture back up and took a step back as to not mess anything else up. But his eyes immediately caught sight of the screen in front of him, and the desktop picture. It was another picture of him. It seemed the same, in that it was extremely zoomed in, and Jimin in the picture was talking on the phone.


The twisting in his stomach escalated into an all out stabbing warning in his gut.


“What the….”


While one hand came up to hold his stomach, the other reached out and dragged the mouse over to the next thing that drew his attention; a folder on the desktop labeled Minnie. He double clicked and opened up Pandora’s Box.


Inside the main folder were three sets of folders; one labeled Screenshots, another labeled Dates, and the other labeled Edits. He clicked on the Dates folder and was taken to twelve other folders; each having the titles of the months. He randomly clicked on a month and was taken to, again, more folders. Only these ones had the days and the dates listed out. He clicked again, only to find the folder filled with pictures. His heart sank as he saw hundreds of pictures of himself.


But these pictures weren’t like anything he’s ever seen before. All of them were pictures of him running his errands, or shopping, or hanging out on that particular day . He scrolled down to see the folder filled with his pictures.


He quickly clicked back so he could check another folder; another month and date. And what he saw was the same thing. Tons of pictures of himself going about his business.


Everything was taken from far away. Every single folder he clicked on, lead him to pictures of himself. As if he was being stalked.


“No… No this…”


He took a closer look at the dates and realized he had only known Minho for about four months now, but the folders were labeled from close to a year ago. When he had just started his YouTube channel.


He was being stalked for a long time. Every day.


“This can’t….Oh my God,” he barely croaked.


He clicked away to look at the Screenshots folder. Inside he found hundreds of screenshots from all of his Vlogs on YouTube. He backed out again in a flurry to check the Edits folder.


He's never felt more creeped out in his life. Because inside this folder were a bunch of edited photos, obviously photoshopped to make it look like Minho was kissing Jimin. Or some of Minho lying down with Jimin. Or walking side by side with him. Each of the pictures were labeled with sweet words like ‘Honey and Me,’ or ‘Boyfriends.’ All of them dated back before they were even together.


“Oh God…”


His hands were shaking as he stared at the hundreds of pictures on Minho’s computer. But something told him he needed to take action.


He snapped his head to the side when he heard the sound of the shower turn off. His heart almost stopped, but it didn’t stop him from taking pictures on his phone. He snapped as many as he could as he clicked away at all the folders. He needed some kind of proof to make sure that this was all real. He needed something to show that he wasn’t crazy. He needed something to prove that Minho was the crazy one.


With one last snap from his phone, he closed the window and stepped away just as the bathroom door opened. He swallowed hard and smiled as best as he could. Minho’s eyes darted from him to his computer.


With only a towel around his waist, he dried his hair with a towel, but slowly brought it down as he entered his bedroom; his eyes on his computer screen, “What were you doing?”


“O-Oh nothing! I just saw the uh, picture you had of me,” Jimin giggled nervously. He tried his best to act normally; forcing himself to move and not just stand frozen. He grabbed the picture Minho had on his desk just to help prove his story, “It’s a really pretty shot. Thanks.”


Minho grabbed the picture roughly out of Jimin’s hands and gently put it back in it’s spot, barely moving it a centimeter to make sure it was exactly where it should be. He put his hands on his computer desk and took a deep breath in. Jimin took a step back, suddenly feeling a strange and threatening aura coming from his boyfriend.


“A-Are you… ok?”


“Don’t touch my things,” he mumbled.


“What? I didn’t-”


“I said don’t touch my things!!!”


Jimin jumped; shocked and scared by the sudden change in his boyfriend. The twisting feeling in his gut was now a loud blaring scream inside of his head to leave. Leave and never come back. But Jimin is flawed, and can't help but want to be close with the object of his affection.


Because Minho is still Minho, right?


“Babe…” Jimin gulped the lump down his throat as he tried to talk steady, “I won't touch your things again. Ok? I'm sorry.” He slowly inched forward and lightly touched Minho’s bare arm, “Babe?”


Minho turned around then with a charming smile and quickly wrapped his arms around Jimin. “Oh my sweet baby boy. I'm sorry if I scared you.” The elder man kissed Jimin’s neck slowly, “I didn't scare you, right?”


Jimin felt Minho’s grasp start to tighten around him. His lips started sucking harder on his neck. But all Jimin could feel was the creeps. Nothing felt good.


Minho started pushing him towards his bed, but Jimin quickly slipped out of his arms. He laughed nervously, “We haven't had dinner yet! Let's eat. I want to eat.”


Minho stood up straight, cracking his neck. He should be a whole meal in Jimin's eyes, but he could no longer see him that way. Because all he saw was a threatening guy just under the surface. A crazed stalker. Minho looked like a guy ready to snap. And Jimin's instincts told him to bide his time. It felt like his life depended on it.


Minho smirked first, with a glare in his eyes. But it disappeared a second later for a handsome smile, “Are you going to cook for Daddy?”


Even though he was asking, it felt a lot like a command. Jimin just nodded his head as he took a step back from Minho. “Yeah… sure. I'll cook. W-what would you like?”


“What would Minnie cook,” he asked as he untied the towel and let it drop to the ground. He stood naked in front of Jimin; one corner of his mouth pulled up into a smile. “My good boy would cook me something delicious, right?”


Jimin was staring at Minho’s eyes, but he could see his half hard cock from his peripherals. The last thing he wanted was to be touched again. So as Minho took a step closer, Jimin automatically turned to the door.


He faked the best giggle he could manage, “Of course it'll be delicious!”


Before Minho could get closer, Jimin was already halfway into the living room and heading to the kitchen. Just as he entered, his eyes scanned everything available. His mind just told him to do so. There were knives magnetically hanging above the stove. A couple of pans already out. And there were a couple of wine glasses on a drying mat next to the sink.


“Go ahead and get changed,and I'll start dinner. H-How does that sound… babe?” Jimin tried to not glance at the door. He tried not panicking.


Minho still stood naked at the entrance to his bedroom. He raised his arms and gripped the pull up bar attached to the top of his doorway. Jimin couldn't help but notice how fit Minho was. Of course he's known, and has seen him naked before. But this time, he really saw the difference in their bodies. Minho looked strong and powerful. His body pulsed with something dark that Jimin couldn't put a name to. Jimin felt so small and weak.




“Yeah, I'll put on some clothes. You look so cute when you're all embarrassed. You've seen me naked before baby boy,” he chuckled.


Jimin giggled nervously, “Y-yeah! I'm just silly right?”


Minho kept his eyes on Jimin as long as he could before he lost sight of him and headed to his closet. As soon as he did, Jimin walked as softly and as fast as he could to the front door. He slipped his feet inside of his shoes, not caring if he was stepping on the backs of them. He unlocked the front door as quietly as he could. But each turn and click sounded so loud in his ears. He was starting to sweat because he knew he didn't have much time left.


The second he unlocked the fourth lock (which he only now noticed was three too many), his heart swooped in relief. He opened the door for it to only slam shut in his face.


Minho easily towered over Jimin. He put his hands on either side of his boyfriend and trapped him between his strong body and the door. “Where do you think you're going… Minnie?”


Jungkook put his hands gently on Jimin's flared up cheeks as his boyfriend started crying. “Stop. You don't have to say anymore.”


He tried staying calm for Jimin, but seeing his reactions as he recalled everything just riled Jungkook up. It boiled him up inside that Jimin was put through that.


Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s forearms gently, “You should know.”


“Not if it's gonna be painful for you to talk about it.” But a big blaring question flashed in his head. “He- He didn't…?” Jungkook bit his tongue. There's no way he could ask if Jimin was forced into sex.


Jimin wiped his eyes, making Jungkook drop his hands in his lap. “I just played along the rest of the night. Once I knew he was asleep, I got out of there and went to Jin’s place.”




“I told him everything that happened and showed Jin the pictures I took of all the files on his computer. And the next morning we called my brother and we went to the police.”


“Thank God.”


Jimin shook his head, “The police couldn't do anything. As creepy as the pictures were, Minho wasn't breaking any laws. So my brother talked to them and set everything up to get a restraining order. He wouldn't be able to come within 100 feet of me.”


Jungkook nodded, feeling a little overwhelmed to Jimin’s history. But his eyes caught his boyfriend's hesitation. “Is there more?”


Jimin nodded and squeezed Jungkook's arms, “The restraining order wasn't enough to stop him from coming into my apartment.” Jimin stared off at nothing in particular as it all flashed through his mind again. “He had made a spare key for himself without me knowing and let himself in one night. And he-” Jimin got choked up.


Jungkook pulled Jimin into his lap, turning him around easily so his chest was pressed against Jimin’s back. He hugged him tight and hooked his chin on Jimin's shoulder. It gave Jimin the comfort and security to keep talking.


“He attacked me. He was screaming over and over how we were meant to be together. And he was convinced that all my Vlogs were made for him.” Jimin rested his head back and closed his eyes, “I had never been so scared in my life.”


“I know…” Jungkook kept his voice even and calm; a blinding rage building up inside of him.  


“I fought back with everything I had. And managed to knock him out with a lamp. My place was a mess, but at least he was unconscious.” He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. “I called my brother and Jin. They called the cops. And Minho was taken away. After that, my brother helped me break my lease and move me to another city. He used his name on everything and got me this really nice apartment. And I've been here ever since.”


Jungkook naturally squeezed Jimin a little tighter; feeling the deep need to protect him from even his memories. “I'm so sorry you had to go through all that.”


Jimin was exhausted. He relaxed completely in Jungkook’s arms. Softly, his eyes fluttered shut and he took in a few deep breaths. He's never felt more protected in his life. And from this moment on, he knows Jungkook would always take care of him. He's already come so far since they first met. And Jimin truly believes he was meant to be with Jungkook.


“I went through that bad stuff and it eventually lead me to you. So-” He opened his eyes and pushed his head back so he could look up and backwards into Jungkook’s eyes. “I'm not sorry it happened.”


“I just- I don't get it,” Jungkook glanced down to look at Jimin but he couldn't take it, he glanced away.


“What,” Jimin swallowed and also looked away.


“Why- How is it possible you chose to go to Vlogs And More… after everything that happened?”


“The truth is… I joined Vlogs And More… because of him.”


“I don't understand.”


Jimin turned around in his boyfriend's grasp and sat with his legs over Jungkook's thighs. He wrapped his legs around Jungkook's waist, lightly rubbing his heels into his lower back. With total ease, he put his hands into Jungkook’s hair and started combing his fingers gently through. Jungkook closed his eyes and lightly squeezed Jimin’s waist.


“What he took from me was my sense of security. I was paralyzed in my own skin. Paranoid. I felt stripped of my humanity because he only saw me as an object. He treated me like a doll; and I only existed for him. It was… traumatic. But I've always been a fighter.”


Jungkook opened his eyes just as Jimin dropped his hands from his hair and onto his shoulders. “I learned from an early age that if I wanted something I had to do it myself. And staying scared and helpless wasn't going to help me. So to take back my pride, my courage, my freedom… I left YouTube. Joining Vlogs And More… gave me back my right of control. I was showing myself on my terms. I wasn't afraid anymore. I felt validated. I took back my sense of self security.” He smiled softly to himself, “This was how I chose to heal and live with what happened. And I was happy.”


Jungkook slightly nodded. His eyes were wide and doe-like; typical when he was serious and focused.


The elder couldn't take his own body weight anymore, so slouched forward. He pressed his cheek into Jungkook’s chest, and curled his arms into himself. “But, the longer I did it, the more I became dependant on it. And that's when the loneliness started. That's when I started to feel so isolated. I didn't realize on my journey to gain back my control, I had separated myself from others. I told myself I was the only one who could do this, I didn't need anyone's help. But it became so unbearable. I didn't like a quiet apartment. And I ultimately missed the warmth of another. So then… I messaged you. Given what happened to me, you'd think I'd stay as far away from my fans as possible.  But you have to believe me,” He lifted up so he could look at Jungkook; the younger met his eyes, “You were different. You are different . And as reckless as it was, I just had to message you. And now, I'm so thankful that I did.”


“You're so strong,” he said with a crack in his voice, having gone dry from not talking. He cleared his throat and licked his lips, “I'm happy you've come this far.”


“But my brother doesn't see it that way,” Jimin frowned. “And I guess it was my decision to join Vlogs And More… that made us how we are.”


“What do you mean?”


“He's never yelled louder…” Jimin stared off into nothing as the memory came back.


“You’re kidding,” Hoseok cracked a smile and put his hands on his hips. “This is all just a joke. Because there's no way you'd do something so stupid.”


A flash of disbelief crossed Jimin’s face as he took a step back. He suddenly felt his heart squeezing painfully in his chest. His brother has never spoken to him like this before.


The longer it took for Jimin to speak up, the more Hoseok's smile slowly faded. “No. You can't be serious. People expose their bodies for money Jimin. That's what those sites are all about.” He put his hand on his forehead, not really believing it still. “You know that right?” He stepped closer and bent down to try and lock eyes with his baby brother. “Jimin? For God's sake, say something.”


“This is what I want to do.”


Hoseok closed the distance and put his hands firmly on his brothers shoulders. He squeezed and shook him a little, “Having a crazed stalker wasn't enough to convince you that this is a terrible idea?! Jesus Christ Jimin!” The elder brother scoffed as he threw his arms down and took a couple steps back. “Does your need to be in the spotlight really take precedence over your morals? Over your safety?!”


“And what would you know about my morals?! Huh?!”


Hoseok rubbed his temples, a headache was coming on. “Don't start a fight.”


Jimin’s face was going red from anger. “You're the one who immediately started shitting on me about my choices.”


“Because your choices are idiotic Jimin!” He spun around and talked in his face, swinging his hands and arms as he did, “You're choosing to- to show yourself… What's to say you won't get the wrong kind of attention? You're just encouraging more people to stalk you.”


Jimin had never felt more discouraged and hurt. “Are you saying it was my fault that Minho stalked me?”


“No I'm not. I-”


Jimin stepped up to his brother and got in his face; livid. “IS IT MY FAULT HE BROKE INTO MY HOME AND ATTACKED ME?!”


Hoseok shook his head violently, almost in denial of anything happening. He backed away and turned around so his back was to Jimin. “If you had just stayed at home and listened to Mom and Dad, then none of this would have happened to begin with!!!”


Jimin started crying, “The truth is… if Mom and Dad gave a damn about me… gave me just a fraction of the attention they gave you… I would have stayed.” He didn't bother to wipe his eyes as he continued to cry, “Hyung! If you would have paid any sort of attention to me you would have known how sad I was! How lonely I was! But you were never there for me! NO ONE WAS THERE FOR ME!!!”


Hoseok turned around to face his brother with his own tears falling, “I TRIED! I'M ALWAYS TRYING! Can't you see?! I'm trying to protect you! I've always tried giving you what Mom and Dad never did!” Love and protection . He grabbed his shirt just above his heart, “Jimin-ah… please just listen to me. This is wrong. And I know you know it too.”


Jimin finally wiped his eyes as he shook his head.  Somehow, he cracked a smile, but he couldn't feel farther away from happiness. “What's wrong is that I have an older brother who only knows how to force his way on others, even his baby brother. Do you even care to know why I want to do this? Why I wanna join this site?”


“No.” Hoseok shook his head a little, “Even if you told me… I don't think I'd ever understand…”


It was those words that started the crack in their relationship.


“You don't… You won't even try to listen?” Jimin almost begged, but he didn't have the energy to fight anymore. He didn't have the energy to even try and talk to his brother anymore. He just wanted to be as far away from him as possible.


All Hoseok could do was sigh; one hand on his hip while the other rubbed his hairline. This headache was now a full on migraine. “Listen. I think we both need a little sleep. You need to rest and I think you might feel differently. Because I don't see any reason why you feel the need to do this when you can just work with me or the family business.”


“Please go…” Jimin said defeatedly; quietly.


The elder brother had never felt more desperate. He had never felt farther away from Jimin. But here he was, silent. Because it seemed nothing he would say would get through to his baby brother. His precious baby brother.


He stepped heavily towards the door; the sounds of his feet making the crack in Jimin’s heart bigger and bigger. After he zipped on his boots, he unlocked the door and opened it slightly. But he stood in place, his eyes ahead and looking into the empty hallway.


“I'm sorry for yelling at you. I shouldn't have acted that way.” He turned his head to look one last time at his brother before he left. But all he saw were the silent tears running down his baby brother’s rosy red cheeks. “Please think it through some more. Goodnight Jimin-ah.”


He lingered for a moment more, hoping to make eye contact with Jimin. But his younger brother seemed content it leaving it as it was; hopeless. All he could do was let himself out and go home.


He didn't miss the way the locks on Jimin's door locked as quickly as possible; keeping him away and separated from his brother.


“You know… after that first big fight… we did talk again. We apologized to each other. And we did talk about it a little. But now that I'm talking about it… now that I'm saying it out loud… I think that was the start of all of this.”


“Of what baby?”


“The start of me against him. Them. My family. And any connection to them. I started seeing them less and less until it was normal to not see them at all.” Jimin wiped the corners of his eyes, a fake smile showing up to cover up his sadness. “Our relationship has never been the same since.”




He could hear the sadness and empathy in Jungkook's voice. He shook his head before pressing his lips into Jungkook’s. One soft kiss. And then another. He took in an unsteady breath and pressed his forehead against his boyfriend's.


“I've never done anything like everyone else. I'm me. I exist. I have feelings too. And I think all I've ever wanted was just for my family to see me . Hear me .” Jimin's voice cracked, “.... love me...”


Jungkook couldn't help himself. He peppered big kisses all over Jimin’s face and down his neck until he was just holding him. “I can't speak for your family, and I know next to nothing about how all of that must have felt for you, but I can say this: You are justified. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone Jimin.” He pulled away only so he could cup Jimin’s cheeks, “You can do anything you want. Your possibilities are endless. And if your family can't support you, then that's on them. It's not on you. They're the ones missing out on an amazing son and brother.”


“I- Jungkook, I-” He got choked up.


“I just wish I was stronger so that I could be all the family you'd ever need.” He smiled weakly, “I know I'm still kinda dumb and useless. All I know is video games and how to stock groceries. But hopefully one day you can rely on me.”


“I already do baby.” He leaned in desperately for a kiss, “I already do.”


He passionately kissed Jungkook; all tongue and teeth. They collided a bit roughly, but the heat they felt for each other consumed them. Clothes were tossed aside and their bodies came together lustfully. They needed to feel each other. They needed to confirm their connection. That life could be put on hold for them. Because all that mattered in these early morning hours, when they should be sleeping and dreaming of blissful days, was the fact that a new family was being born. A new understanding of love was blossoming. With each thrust and moan, love flourished. As they grabbed at each other, laid claim to each other's bodies, kiss for kiss, mark for mark, and connecting in the most intimate way only a man could with another man, they understood that family didn't just mean by blood. It was built on trust, and support, and respect. Kindness and patience.


But above all else, family was built on love.


And if it wasn't evident by all the love bites, the laughs, and kisses, Jimin and Jungkook didn't have a shortage on love.


They gulped in big breaths as both of their bodies came down from their highs. Jimin's cheek and side of his face was against Jungkook's sweaty bare chest. He could hear his heartbeat slowing down. It sounded like a sweet lullaby. And after crying and talking about his ex, as well as talking about his family and his brother, Jimin was about to pass out. His eyes were already sealed shut, and he didn't bother moving from his spot on top of Jungkook.


“I've made up my mind. I'm gonna go see my family.” A squeak of a yawn escaped Jimin’s lips. “Will you go with me? I can't do it without you.” Jimin yawned again and started falling asleep. “I can't… do it.. without… my… Jungkookie…”


The sun was starting to light up the room as small beams broke through the cracks of the blinds. The birds were starting to wake up and chirp in the trees next to the apartment complex. And Jimin's soft snoring elates Jungkook’s ears. It was literally the most peaceful moment Jungkook has ever experienced; being underneath Jimin and having their hearts sync up.


The lack of sleep finally caught up with the young man and claimed his body. With a smile on his face and his eyes closed, he fell asleep in a happy slumber. The promise of a new day lingered in the air.



Chapter Text

“Hooooooo-ly shit dude!”


Jungkook cracked a smile as he sat back in his computer chair; hands behind his head, “Hey.”


Taehyung put his eye right up to the camera, “As I live and breathe!” He pulled away and grinned, “Has the mighty Jungkook finally decided to grace us with his presence?!”


“Shut the hell up,” he laughed


Taehyung laughed as well. “Dude, don’t tell me you broke up and that’s the only reason why you’re on.”


“Yeah yeah yeah, get it all out,” he waved his hand lazily.


With a big grin Taehyung leaned closer to the camera again with a raised eyebrow, “You’re so far up Minnie’s ass I was afraid you’d never make it out. Like dude, did you ask permission to come home? I don’t want you getting in trouble.” He nodded his head and scrunched his face weirdly, “Or let me guess, he’s asleep and you snuck out like a bad little kid.” He tried not laughing, but was failing, “Or like- Pfft! He got a leash on your dick and- PFFT!”


Taehyung cracked up laughing at his own antics; leaning back in his chair and holding his stomach. He laughed so much he took off his headset, and fell on the ground. Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh as well. Although, he was shaking his head the entire time.


“You’re such an ass. Is this how you treat your best friend?” Jungkook slouched forward and put his arms on his desk as he watched Taehyung put on a show and struggle to get back in his chair. “You done?”


“Ahh!!!” He put his headset back on and got the last of his giggling out. “I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Thanks for that.”


“Oh, no problem.”


“So what’s up?” He gulped down a breath and burped, “It’s good to see you bro.”


“Yeah man. Long time no see.”


“Honeymoon phase over? Gonna start seeing your friends now,” Taehyung joked some more.


“Yeah, yeah.”


“Seriously though, nothing’s happened right?”


Jungkook smiled, happy that no matter what, his best friend was always worried about him. “Yes and no?”


“Gimme the deets.”


“I’m gonna go meet his family.”


Taehyung dramatically gasped. He brought his hands up to his mouth and opened his eyes wide, “Whaaaaat?”


“Yeah, but it’s probably not gonna go down well.”


“Why,” he asked, relaxing in his chair.


“His parents don’t know he’s gay,” Jungkook looked away from the camera to his phone. He turned it on to see the picture of Jimin and Dal on his lockscreen. “But he plans to tell them everything when we meet.”


“Bad idea dude.”


He sighed, “Yeah… well… he said he doesn’t want to hold back anymore on account of his family.” The screen turned off and Jungkook looked back at his computer screen to see Taehyung looking at him. “He had a messed up childhood, and had a bunch of stuff happen to him. So. Yeah. He uh, doesn’t want to hide who he is to his parents and- It’s almost like he doesn’t care anymore.” He adjusted himself in the seat and sat back, “Well I mean, he cares. But like, he wants to free himself. I don’t know…”


“I think I get it.” Taehyung nodded his head a little and stared at nothing, “He wants to unapologetically be himself.”


“Yeah. Something like that.” Jungkook shrugged, “I told him I’d support him, so he could do whatever he wanted.”


“Damn. Wish I had a boyfriend like you. Or girlfriend. Whatever.”


Jungkook cracked a smile, “You had your chance with me bro and you missed it.”


“Let’s be real here. We would drive each other crazy if we were romantically involved, and you know it it.” He threw his hands up, “But who’s to say, really.”


“Guess we’re just better as friends.”


“Are we friends though,” Taehyung raised an eyebrow. “You left me hanging for a while dude. I’m hurt. Hurt feelings over here,” he pointed at himself.


“What can I do to make it up to you?”


“Get me closer to Gold in League tonight?”


With a big grin, he clicked over to League of Legends, “Done. Anything else?”


“Winning lottery numbers?”


“Not likely,” Jungkook grinned.


“Then why do I keep you around,” Taehyung joked as League finally opened.


“You mean besides my talent to carry you in League and Overwatch?”


“Uh huh.”


“Because there’s no one else you’d have this much fun teasing.”


Taehyung chuckled, eyes already focused on the characters and menus. “I tease out of love.”


“You love me enough to meet outside of Skype?”


Just as the screen changed and started the match, Taehyung’s eyes were focused on the small window that contained Jungkook. Their characters hadn’t moved in the game because they were too busy looking at each other.




Jungkook looked away and started playing; always able to multitask. “It was just something that Jimin had asked me. And it got me thinking that maybe we could meet. I don't know. Just wanted to put it out there.”


Taehyung couldn’t really focus as he clicked away on the game. He was moving his character and killing the bots, but his mind was elsewhere. And he was making more mistakes than normal.


Jungkook looked at the small Skype window, and carefully analyzed his best friend. He looked more serious than normal. Than ever. “You know, we don’t have to meet. I didn’t mean to freak you out. I mean, like, I know it’d be weird and stuff. So yeah…”


Taehyung sighed as he died and waited to respawn. “Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about you dude. It’s just… the last time I met anyone like that, it didn’t go well. So I kinda told myself I wouldn’t do it again.”


“Oh… Sorry man.”


“Nah, it’s not that big a deal. Just- yeah. Maybe we could.”


Jungkook felt awkward. And he never feels awkward with Taehyung. He cleared his throat and forced a smile, “Listen I get it. I’m just so damn handsome that you might feel intimidated. Don’t feel bad.” He pushed his round glasses up, “I understand.”


Taehyung laughed and shook his head, “You dumbass.”


“Not as dumb as you.”


“Good one Kook.”



Jungkook has never worn anything more expensive than fifty dollars. And that was only because he wanted a really good pair of jeans. But now, for the first time, he’s wearing designer navy blue slacks, ironed and pleated. His blouse is light blue with very small black crosses spaced evenly apart every two inches. He really wanted to roll up the sleeves, but Jimin insisted he also wear a light black cotton cardigan on top, set with a skinny black tie as well.


He looked down at himself; feeling the blouse tucked into his slacks and the leather belt buckled neatly. Even his shoes were nice; designer brown laced boots. As he dragged his body towards Jimin’s standing full body mirror, he braced himself. Did he look as weird as he felt?


But the moment he looked in the mirror he was frozen. “Oh man…”


Jimin entered his room from his bathroom; hair and makeup already set in place. Jungkook looked at his boyfriend then back to his reflection. Jimin looked so good in clothes like what Jungkook was wearing. Even wearing makeup, Jimin looked so natural. His face was flawless, lips shiny, and eyes shining. He was stunning in slacks, and a button up. But Jungkook; Jungkook just felt like an idiot.


“I look stupid.”


“Far from it, sexy,” Jimin grinned. He got in between his boyfriend and the mirror, sliding his hands up from his chest to rest on his shoulders. “You look really really good baby. And I’m being serious. Your body structure looks more pronounced when you’re wearing more form fitting clothes like this.” He grabbed the cardigan and flapped it open a little before pulling Jungkook close, purposely tilting his head back so his lips were right in front of Jungkook, “It turns me on just seeing you dressed like this.”


Jungkook licked his lips, then pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth. His hands came up to his boyfriend's waist, but settled on Jimin’s ass. He gripped and molded Jimin’s ass like puddy, making the elder moan and open his mouth. Jungkook took the opportunity to lick his way into Jimin’s mouth and make out with him.


If they didn’t have such an important meeting in an hour or so, Jungkook would have taken Jimin to bed and that would be the end of that.


But Jimin knew as well that they couldn’t get carried away. He forced himself to pull away;  breathing heavily with his eyes closed to try and calm down. “Jesus…” he felt Jungkook squeezing his ass, “You’re just trouble. What happened to the sweet awkward kid?”


“Don’t act like you don’t like it,” Jungkook purposefully lowered his voice to whisper into Jimin’s ear, “ Kitten .” He grinned as he lightly pinched Jimin’s cheek and took a step back, “Besides, you’re the one who started it.”


“I’ll make sure to finish it later tonight.”


“Is that a promise,” Jungkook asked, slipping his hands into the front pockets of his slacks.


Jimin stepped up to him and wiped off some of the smeared lip gloss on Jungkook’s lips, “Definitely.”



The moment Jimin directed his boyfriend to a gated home, Jungkook realized he was way out of his comfort zone.


His family wasn’t poor by any means. But he’s never seen luxury like this except in dramas and movies. It doesn’t seem real. Because being buzzed in, and driving further down the bricked driveway was only something he’d ever seen on TV. Seeing a luxury modernized two story home really grounded him on the life he’s lived up till now.


“Your parents live here,” Jungkook asked as he turned off his car. He leaned forward over the steering wheel and looked up at the beautiful home.


“That’s right. I did too, until I graduated high school.”


Jungkook peeled his eyes away to look at his boyfriend. He sat back against the seat and reached out to grab Jimin’s hand, “Remember, whenever you want to leave, we’ll go.”


“The same goes for you babe,” Jimin rested his head against the passenger side head rest, “If you want to go, just tell me.”


“Let’s promise then,” Jungkook held out his pinky. Jimin wasn’t as quick to put his pinky out and it worried Jungkook. “Babe?”


“Just…” Jimin averted his eyes and blushed, “Don’t laugh…”


He held out his pinky and latched it to Jungkook’s. As he looked at their pinky’s looped together, it suddenly made sense why Jimin suddenly seemed so shy. Jimin’s pinky, and hand for that matter, was much smaller than his. It’s too cute. There’s no way he’d laugh at Jimin’s hands.


They were softer and more gentle. Just like Jimin. Despite his tough and bright exterior, on the inside Jimin had a heart of glass. He wasn’t always that confident man he portrayed. And Jungkook wanted to protect that soft and insecure boy inside of Jimin.


“Are you ready to head in?”


Jimin looked towards the front door and the porch. He took a deep breath and steadied his heart; encasing it in unbreakable mold. “Let's go.”


They got out of Jungkook's car and walked up the pebbled pathway to the porch. The second they stepped up to the door, it opened briskly with an older woman on the other side. She carried a soft and warm smile on her wrinkled face. Her eyes shined with what looked like to be tears. But she swallowed down her emotions and bowed in respect.


“It's so good to see you again Young J.J.” She raised her old body up and laced her hands in front of her, “You've grown up into a handsome man.”


Jimin wasted no time in hugging the old woman. Her body seemed smaller and shorter than he remembered, but she smelled like peppermint just the same. “It's so good to see you Halmeonim.”


Jungkook and the older woman locked eyes. He bowed his head, despite being confused as to who she was. She rubbed Jimin’s shoulder as they pulled away and smiled to Jungkook. “And who might this be?”


Jimin grabbed Jungkook by his wrist and pulled him closer as he closed the door. He turned around to face the older woman, “Halmeonim, this is my boyfriend Jungkook.” He laced his hand with Jungkook's and squeezed. “Jungkook, this is our live in family caretaker. She's been with the family for as long as I can remember. And has always treated me like a grandson.”


“Boyfriend…” she repeated; looking at them both and then to their hands.


Jimin squeezed Jungkook’s hand again, making the young man look at his nervous boyfriend. But with a wide smile on the old woman's face, the two men relaxed.


“He's so handsome too.”


Jungkook blushed and glanced down as he adjusted his glasses, “Thank you.”


“Now, shall we head to the living room? Mrs. Jung is waiting.”


“Before we go,” Jimin let go of his boyfriend's hand and leaned down to talk to her. “I want to apologize for any of the nasty comments you might hear from me or from anyone in the family. It might get ugly.”


“Sweet Young J.J. I knew the moment your mother told me of your attendance tonight that there would be some fireworks.” She pinched his cheek before cupping it, “You don't have to apologize for a thing. You say what you want to say. I'm not as fragile as I look.”


Jimin chuckled and kissed her on the top of her head before she turned to start leading them further in the house. Jungkook stepped up to him and tilted his head in confusion.


“Young J.J.? What's that nickname about?”


“Oh um, something I never told you…” he weakly smiled. “I wasn't trying to hide it or anything, but my family name isn't Park. It's Jung. My real name is Jung Jimin. I used to go by J.J. growing up.”


“Jung Jimin? Wha…” Jungkook was at a loss if words.


“I decided to go by another family name when I moved out.” Jimin looked down and scratched his arm, “It was my way of declaring my independence and it kinda worked out since I was planning on starting YouTube anyways. You don't wanna use your real name online right?”


“Then should I call you Jung Jimin from now on? Or do you prefer Park instead? Or-”


Jimin reached out and grabbed his tie tightly and pulled him forward. He grinned as Jungkook's eyes opened wide in shock. “Just call me Jimin, baby,” he grinned into a chaste kiss.


Jungkook snapped up as soon as Jimin let go and stared dumbfoundedly at nothing. Then blinked a few times before he inevitably smiled at Jimin, “Anything else I should know about before we do this?” His eyes shot up and noticed the old caretaker woman waiting at the end of the hall with a big smile on her face. He smiled back.


Jimin shook his head and winked, “Nothing, except that I love you.”


That I already knew.”


With a reassuring smile, Jungkook nudged his boyfriend with his shoulder before they left the front foyer.


So far everything seemed ok. Jungkook was still a little uncomfortable and shocked at the difference in family homes; marbled floors, elaborate decor, and a scent of something expensive in the air. His palms were a little sweaty, and his pulse was beating a little quickly, but otherwise he was alright. Jimin on the other hand couldn't stop shaking.


“Breathe,” Jungkook whispered as they got closer to the caretaker.


Jimin nodded and did his best to smile. He locked eyes with the old woman and she gave him a soft rub on the arm. There was nothing left to do but to turn the corner and meet his destiny.


“Ma’am, your son has arrived.”


Jimin stood at the entrance of the living room. At first all he noticed was the fact that nothing had changed since he had left. The black leather couch was still the same, the family portrait they took when he was a baby was still above the fireplace, and the room was still spotless. But as soon as he eyes caught movement, he couldn't look away.


At the far end of the living room, an older woman in her late forties stood at the patio doors. She was looking out at her small collection of plants.




The woman turned around. She had her hands down and clasped together. Her outfit was simple, yet elegant; a knee length black dress with short sleeves and a black bow tie in the middle. Her hair was a warm brunette, and her face almost exactly the same as Jimin had remembered. Although, the closer he got to her, he noticed one or two wrinkles around her eyes.


“Jimin… son.”


“Mom…” his voice cracked as he tried to maintain his composure.


Despite the fears he had about the near future, or the anxieties he built up because of his past, he was still elated to see his Mom. There would always be a part of his heart that would love her. Miss her. And seeing her again in so long makes him feel like a little kid. And it's that feeling that keeps him from getting closer; stuck just a few feet away.


She smiled wide and approached him with her arms outstretched. “My son. My baby boy. I've missed you.”


She cupped his cheeks first before giving him a warm hug. He tucked his face into her shoulder and hugged her back. She smelled like he had remembered; a lily perfume. Her voice was as he remembered; gentle and soft spoken. The only difference now was that he was taller.


“Look at you,” she beamed, holding his hands and taking a good look at him. “You're so small Jimin. Look at this face if yours! You got your good looks from me.”


Jimin chuckled a bit; still nervous, but calming down a little. “I don't doubt it. You look more beautiful than I remember.”


“Ohhh!” She smiled wide and hit him gently with her closed hand on the shoulder, “Now that charm is definitely your father.”


“Where is Dad,” Jimin asked as he looked around; his eyes lingering in the direction of his father's office.


“He had a last minute call about a store. Apparently something happened with one of the deliveries.”




“But no fear Sweet Pea, he’ll join us for dinner.” She started giggling softly as she stared happily into her youngest son’s eyes. But just past him, at the entrance of the living room, she saw another boy. “Who are you,” she asked with a different tone; distant.


“Oh um,” Jimin started; swallowing down his spit to keep from possibly throwing up, “This is um, Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook.” Jimin walked backwards a few steps, as his and his mother’s hands were still connected. He turned around and grabbed Jungkook to bring him further into the room. “Jungkook, I’d like you to meet my Mom,” he gestured to his Mother, who raised an eyebrow. “Mom, this is Jungkook. He’s my-”


She held up her hand, stopping Jimin mid-sentence.




“We don’t have time to-”


“He’s my boyfriend.”


His mother’s shoulders slouched; her hand slowly coming down. She stared at Jimin’s face, a little pale and a little anxious. He was trying his hardest to keep down all the emotions; the fear. She watched as he changed their hands so they could lock together, intertwine. She looked up from their hands to Jungkook then, examining his facial feature and emotions. Jungkook, unlike Jimin, was calm. He didn’t avert his eyes from her, or looked nervous. In fact, he showed more concern towards Jimin than her.


“I see,” was all she could say.


“Ma’am.” The three in the living room all looked up at the sound of the old woman’s voice. “Hoseok-ssi has just arrived.”


Jimin let go of Jungkook’s hand and ran a shaky hand through his hair, “Um, I’m going to go get a glass of water.”


Just as Hoseok entered the room, Jimin left through the other opening that lead towards the kitchen. Jungkook watched Jimin disappear, unsure if he should follow. But the heavy gaze on his back kept him in place. He turned around to see Hoseok now standing next to his mother and giving her a hug. Not really knowing what to do, he bowed his head and introduced himself.


“My name is Jeon Jungkook. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said on formality.


“So you’re him,” Hoseok said under his breath. He smiled just slightly, “Nice to meet you. I’m Hoseok, Jimin’s older brother.”


“Hoseok… you knew?”


Jungkook looked back and forth at the mother and son. It was only now that he noticed how much Jimin looked like his mother while his brother didn’t. Jimin and his mother shared the same round cheeks, full lips, and button nose. The woman grabbed her son’s arm and squeezed it a little as they held a silent conversation through their eyes.


“We should keep this from your Father. I don’t know if he can take any of this given his condition.”


“Mom,” Hoseok warned with a low tone, and glanced towards Jungkook; telling her with his eyes that clearly Jungkook was standing close enough to hear.


But it seemed like she didn’t care. “Son, I’m concerned for your father.”


“Shouldn’t you be concerned about Jimin,” Jungkook found himself asking.


Suddenly, Jungkook felt like a sheep caught in a wolf’s den. While Jimin’s older brother showed more concern, Jimin’s mother looked at Jungkook like he was trash; clearly an outsider. Someone who should stay quiet, and not speak up in someone else’s home.


“Young man, do not question the way I run my household and how I raise my son.”


In the face of this scary and intimidating woman, despite her obviously smaller body, Jungkook stood with resolve. Normally he’d cower to the pressure. Normally his anxiety would get the best of him and he’d avoid anything stressful. But in the face of this oppression at the hand of Jimin’s family, Jungkook couldn’t be a coward.


Jimin deserves someone in his corner. And Jungkook will be that person.


“I’m not here to question anything Ma’am. You can do as you always have. But from what I can tell since I’ve gotten here, you care less about your son and more of yourself.”


Her eyes went wide, and she tensed up. Hoseok crossed his arms but didn’t pose as a threat. He seemed interested in what Jungkook had to say. Which gave Jungkook more drive to talk.


“You said ‘raise my son,’ but I think you had nothing to do with how he was raised. He did that all on his own. And frankly, it’s only because of Jimin’s courage to face you and his past, that I’m here.” Jungkook took a breath and squared his shoulders, “Any kind of support I can give him, I’ll do it, because that's what family does. So with all due respect, I’m going to go to him, because he needs me more than he needs you. Excuse me.” Jungkook bowed and turned on his heel to follow in the direction Jimin had left.


Mrs. Jung scoffed with a smile on her face, absolutely shocked. “Can you believe this Hoseok?” She turned to her eldest son to get some support from him, but all she saw was a smile. A genuine smile. “Hoseok!”


Her son snapped out of it and looked at his mother, “Yes?”


“Are you going to let that child speak to me this way?”


Without answering his mother he continued to smile. Changing the topic entirely, he leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to go tell dad I’m here.”


“Don’t you-”


“Sit down and relax Mom,” Hoseok talked as he walked away, about to leave the room, “Otherwise you’ll get too stressed before we even have dinner.”


She was left standing alone, with only the the elder caretaker at the entrance of the living room. She felt embarrassed and upset. Heated. Without another moment wasted, she demanded for a drink while sitting down with frustration.


Two rooms over, Jungkook entered the kitchen to find Jimin chugging down a glass of water in front of the fridge. “Hey.”


Jimin gasped for air as he finished his second glass of water. He swallowed down his anxieties and took a deep breath. “Hey,” he glanced towards Jungkook before getting another glass of water.


But before the glass was even half way, Jungkook took big strides to walk over and pull the glass away from the refrigerator water dispenser. “You’re gonna be too full to eat dinner babe.”


“...then maybe we can leave earlier,” Jimin said with a hint of a joking tone in his voice.


“We can leave now if you want.”


Jimin looked up to see no joke in Jungkook’s face. He couldn’t help but smile, “I’m sorry for leaving you alone. I could handle Mom alone, but with my brother too… I suddenly panicked and needed to leave.”


“I understand,” he took the glass from Jimin’s hands and walked it to the sink.


“Did they say anything to you?”


“Not really,” he stared at the immaculate single stainless steel sink and black shined countertops. It was so shiney, he could see his reflection. He didn’t expect the scowl on his face, so closed his eyes and tried to relax. “I’ll be honest Jimin… I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay quiet if they say anything about you.”


“Jungkook…” Jimin reached out for his boyfriend, gently grabbing his arm; tense from clenching his hand into a fist.


Jungkook turned around and put his hands on Jimin’s hips, “I don’t care if they say anything about me. But I won’t stand for them saying anything about you. I mean- You’re their son. How could she just-” He stopped himself from going any further, knowing it wasn’t his place. He took a deep breath and frowned, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t talk bad about your parents.”


What Jungkook didn’t expect to see was a smile on his cute boyfriend’s face. “As far as I’m concerned, nothing else matters. So long as you’re here. You’re all the family I need.”


Jimin kept smiling as he slowly wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s middle and hugged him, pressing his cheek against his shoulder. Jimin’s hair tickled Jungkook’s nose and face making him sneeze. It made Jimin giggle as he kept hugging the taller boy.


“I love you.”


Jungkook sniffled and adjusted his glasses before he hugged Jimin back. “I love you too.”


Coming from the other end of the room, someone suddenly cleared their throat. The two boys pulled away as fast as lightning. One, because they were startled, and two, because obviously they weren’t that comfortable being themselves in this house. But upon seeing it was only Hoseok, Jungkook loosened up. Jimin however did not. He scowled and crossed his arms.


“What is it? Come to insult us or something?”


“Jimin-ah,” Hoseok said with a pained expression, “I wouldn’t do that.”


“Then what do you call the past months; years , huh?”


Hoseok came closer, making Jimin twitch. Jungkook could tell Jimin wanted to run away, so he side stepped closer to him to offer support. With a frown on his face, the elder brother took a step back seeing his baby brother uncomfortable. “Before dinner- I just wanted to apologize.”


“.....” Jimin wasn’t convinced of anything and kept perfectly still, arms still crossed and his face firm.


“I’m sorry for doubting you. I’m sorry for never really supporting you.” He looked down and looked ashamed. “Jungkook has done more for you in five minutes, than I’ve ever done in my whole life.”


Jimin’s eyes slowly opened wider and his arms came undone to lay at his sides. “Hyung…”


“He absolutely loves you Jimin,” he glanced from his brother to the taller boy with a small smile. “And I know you’re well taken care of. I’m just sorry it took this long for you to find the support and love you’ve needed.” He glanced down again before looking at Jimin with a step forward. “I never should have just left you to grow up on your own. And I never should have turned away from you when you needed me the most. I didn’t want to listen and I apologize.” He bowed his head, putting his hands on his knees, “I’m so sorry Jimin-ah. Your brother has been a complete asshole. I won’t ask you to forgive me.” He stood up and took a breath. “I just hope that you can accept my support from now on.”


“Young Sirs?”


Hoseok and Jungkook looked around to see the old caretaker at the entrance of the kitchen. Jimin however was still staring at his brother.


“Dinner is served. Mr. and Mrs. Jung are already at the table.”


“We’ll be there in a moment Halmeonim,” Hoseok said with a practiced smile.


She smiled back and bowed her head before leaving. As she did, Hoseok turned around to see Jimin approaching him. “Jimin-ah I-” But his voice got caught in his throat at the sudden hard punch on his arm. “Ow shit!”


Jungkook looked like a deer caught in headlights; completely caught off guard that his boyfriend would punch the shit out of his brother.


Hoseok winced and grabbed his arm, bending over a little and pacing as the surge of pain shot through his arm and to the rest of his body. He glanced up to see Jimin suddenly throwing himself at him and hugging him tight.


“You’re so stupid Hyung! So freaking stupid! Took you long enough!”


Hoseok inhaled through his teeth as Jimin’s arm squeezed on the spot he just punched. But realizing that Jimin was hugging him, this being the first in years, he committed the pain to memory. Because he was absolutely sure the pain in his arm was nothing compared to what his baby brother went through.


He hugged him back tight, holding the back of his head as he kissed his cheek, “I’m so sorry Jimin-ah.”


“Stupid Hyung…” Jimin teared up into his brother’s embrace.


“I know,” Hoseok softly cried with a smile.


Jungkook sighed in relief as he watched the two brothers hug and smile. One big hurdle down. Two more to go.



Chapter Text

“I guess we should get going. Don’t wanna keep Mom and Dad waiting,” Hoseok sniffed and rubbed his eyes with the heels of his palms.


Jimin dabbed at the corners of his eyes with a kitchen rag and nodded, “As far as I’m concerned, I could leave them waiting for longer. It’s what they did to me.”


“Jimin-ah…” Hoseok frowned. “What do you plan to say exactly?”


Jimin folded the kitchen rag several times and placed it neatly on the counter, “I’m not really sure… I just figured I’d think of something on the spot.” He looked up and shrugged gently, “I mean, the feelings are there. Words will come later.”


Hoseok put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder and squeezed a little. He wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to say. Maybe that he’d always have Jimin’s back. From here on out at least. Or maybe tell him good luck. Perhaps, be strong and speak his mind. But nothing sounded right. The moment was too heavy and too precious to put words to it. So he opted to just squeeze his shoulder and stare into his eyes.


With a nod and a deep breath, he spoke to Jimin and Jungkook. “Let’s go.”


Hoseok walked further along the wide and spacious kitchen and turned into a new room. Jimin took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Jungkook took the time to gently wrap his arms from behind his smaller boyfriend and give him a back hug. Jimin leaned his head against Jungkook cheek and chin, taking in all of Jungkook’s support. He opened his eyes and slowly turned to put his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders.


“Promise me again.” He held out his tiny pinky in front of Jungkook’s face. “If you feel uncomfortable and want to leave, you say so. And we’ll leave.”


Jungkook removed his hand from Jimin’s waist and held out his longer pinky. “That’s for you too. You say the word and we’re gone.”


Jimin looked at his boyfriends long pinky then back to his eyes. They looped their pinkies and stamped their thumbs.




“Promise,” Jungkook repeated with an encouraging smile.


With that, they dropped their hands and headed after Hoseok. It wasn’t much of a walk. Not long enough for Jimin to drag his feet. And for once in his life he wished his old house was bigger.


He halted for just a split second before turning into the new room. But with Jungkook’s strong presence behind him, he took the first step.


“If it isn’t my second son.”


“Hey Dad,” he said with enough confidence that he surprised even himself. But the second it took for him to say that, his guard dropped. “Dad?”


The man that sat at the head of the table wasn’t the man Jimin had remembered six or seven years ago. He looked weaker. More wrinkly. The fire and passion Jimin remembered in his father’s eyes was replaced with stress and exhaustion. And frankly, he looked ten years older than he actually was.


Jimin rushed over to his Dad and stood next to his chair. Looking down, he noticed the few veins standing out in his father’s hand. “Are you ok?”


“Sit down Jimin,” his father said sternly; not wanting to make a fuss over anything. “Sit.”


“Yes Sir,” Jimin frowned and took his spot next to his mother, while Jungkook sat across from him and next to Hoseok.


It was precisely then that Jungkook locked eyes with the head of the household. It all came together for the young man. He was in the Jung Household. Hoseok almost identical to his father and Jimin almost identical to his mother. And the two parents seemed to have control over something that Jungkook just can’t put his finger on. And it was in that feeling, and in the stare of Jimin’s father, that made the young male duck his head. “Tell me, Jimin… who might this be?”


Jimin’s eyes shot up and locked on to Jungkook’s. There’s was an unreadable mask on his boyfriend’s face, but not unreadable for Jimin. Jungkook was nervous. His anxiety was rising the longer they stayed. And yet, nothing has really happened. It was what’s to come that scared him the most.


Jimin peeled his eyes away from the security of Jungkook’s chocolate irises, and faced his father, “Dad, I’d like you to meet Jeon Jungkook. He’s-”


“A friend, correct Sweet Pea?”


Jimin’s head snapped to the side to see his mother facing him; a warning glare in her eyes that Hoseok and her husband could not see; accompanied by a firm squeeze to his wrist. The grip got a little too tight, amazingly enough for his older mother.


He pulled his arm away as casually as he could, “Mama?”


She barely shook her head in warning before turning around and smiled to her husband, “Jimin told me he was nervous to come by himself so invited his friend. Isn’t it nice of him to bring us company?” She turned her head to her youngest son sitting next to her and again put pressure on him through her stare.


Jungkook never took his eyes off of his boyfriend, seeing all the emotion run through his eyes; face still looking pale. He had half a mind to stand up and remind them of their promise to leave. But it was the small smile from Jimin that kept him from doing so. Just as much as Jimin can silently read Jungkook, Jungkook can do the same. And that small smile told him that Jimin was trying his best.


The old caretaker finished serving the meal and stood at the entrance of the room. As she did, she turned on the room’s surround sound and started playing music. Soft piano notes began filling up the silence of the room. It was a nice touch to the already fancy occasion.


The head of the house nodded and accepted the answer given. “I see. Well, it has been a long time since you’ve been back. Perhaps too long, yes?” He nodded again and clapped his weak looking hands once, “Let’s not get caught up on things just yet and let’s enjoy this meal. Please.” He gestured with his hands for the four other members at the table to start eating.


Hoseok and his mother started eating first. Jungkook and Jimin however were still trying to calm themselves down enough to at least pick up the silverware. Not wanting to draw attention to themselves, with a nod and a smile, they both started eating.


Jungkook tasted seasoning’s he’s never had before. Rich and flavorful. The duck meat was so tender it melted in his mouth. The mashed potatoes were evenly buttered, and the mixed vegetables perfectly firm but not too firm.


“How long has it been since you’ve had good food Jimin?”


His youngest son looked up from his plate, catching a glimpse of his brother. “A while. I forgot how wonderful your cooking can be.”


“Oh, well I haven’t been in the kitchen in some time. But the recipe is definitely ours.” His father smiled, “I’m happy you remembered though. That’s impressive.” He turned to his wife and gave her a kurt nod and a wink as he grabbed his glass of red wine.


She patted her mouth gently with a white napkin and smiled, “Do you remember a lot of our homemade meals Sweetie?”


“I guess so,” Jimin looked down at his plate as he pushed his mixed vegetables around. But with a single firm tap to the table, Jimin visibly twitched. He swallowed hard and stopped pushing his food with his fork and corrected himself, “I mean, perhaps. It has been a while as you said.”


Something twisted inside of Jungkook’s stomach, and it wasn’t the food. The way Jimin changed in a heartbeat was alarming. He went from soft spoken, with his eyes casted down, and his body behavior showing signs of disinterest, to a more proper behavior, like sitting up more straight and talking more clearly. It reeled Jungkook’s attention away from his meal. He didn’t like this new sudden feeling in his stomach.


Hoseok spoke up, “Halmeonim has perfected recreating Dad’s recipes. So a toast to her.”


He picked up his glass of wine, as did his parents. But upon lifting it in the air, Jimin and Jungkook did not move. But seeing them stand out, Jimin quickly looked at Jungkook as he grabbed his glass. Jungkook did the same, and lifted his wine in the air only after Jimin.




Jungkook kept his eyes across the table on his boyfriend as he took only a sip. But the way Jimin started downing the drink caught everyone’s attention. Jimin swallowed down the last drop, his head tilted back and neck elongated. He let out a small ‘ahh’ as he put his glass back down on the table, just to see everyone’s eyes on him. He blushed in embarrassment; even more so when Halmoenim came over to refill his glass.


“Jimin has become a man who can handle his alcohol, hm?”


Jimin slouched in his chair and lowered his head, “I don’t actually drink that often. I um, I’m just thirsty.”


His mother tapped the table in between her and her son, and spoke in a softer voice meant only for him, “Speak properly please. And sit up.”


Jimin gulped nervously and nodded once as he sat properly, “Yes Ma’am.” He couldn’t help but keep sneaking glances at her hand on the table before she placed it back in her lap.


“Tell me about your work Son,” his Father cut in. “Hoseok has been keeping us updated about you.” The old man noticed his sons looking at each other; their eyes really focused. But Jimin seemed hesitant. He took another big swig of wine. “He said you are on the internet? That you make videos? Please clarify for me, because I don’t understand how you consider that a job. It sounds more like a hobby.”


“Jimin has always been different, hasn’t he Honey,” his mother asked dismissively, almost like Jimin wasn’t there to begin with.


The attention was on Jimin once again. He chewed slowly and looked up to his brother’s eyes for help. Jungkook clearly saw the panic in his eyes that was only there for a second.


Hoseok spoke up, “You might not know, but there are ways people can make money online. Whether it’s by monetization or through subscription based policies.”


His father turned to Jimin, “So you get money from others? Like handouts?” He shook his head in disapproval and confusion as he picked up a piece of duck meat. “What happened to plain hard work?”


Jimin frowned and pushed his mashed potatoes, “It’s nothing like that. I work hard.”


Jungkook spoke up, talking directly to Jimin’s father. “Hard work doesn’t mean someone has to go out in the world, start up a company, or make something of themselves in the traditional way. Because now and days, hard work has a lot to do with how much you pay attention to trends and how you present yourself.”


The elder man held his knife and fork in his hands separately, staring down Jungkook. “Is that right?”


The room was quiet. His wife and eldest son chewed slowly as they looked down at their plates. Jimin on the other hand was looking at his boyfriend with hearts in his eyes.


Jungkook smiled charmingly, “So the hard work you do and the hard work your son does, are two different things that can’t be compared.” He turned his smile to his boyfriend, “That’s my opinion at least.”


Jimin tried not smiling, but he just couldn’t contain how happy he was. He blushed and mouthed the words, ‘thank you’ before going back to eating. The two lovers, despite being across from each other, found themselves in their own world with heated stares and warm smiles. And for just a small moment, Jimin was able to ignore the hard looks from both of his parents; especially his dad.


But the small break that allowed Jimin to breathe was over, as his dad cleared his throat and finished his meal. The clatter of his silverware sounded especially loud to Jimin.


“So um- No. I mean-” He stumbled on his words, getting a little confused as he tried to correct himself before the hard tap on the table came. “Dad,” he looked straight at his father, who sipped on his wine, “How is business?”


Everyone at the table continued finishing their meals as the head of the table put his wine glass down. “Business is good Son. We opened up a new restaurant in Busan.”


“Did you handle the matter, Darling,” Jimin’s mom asked.


“Mr. Son said he would take care of it.”


“Good,” her eyebrow twitched up. “Can’t have the place falling apart when we’ve only just opened.”


“Do not worry my Wife, they’ll handle it.” He put his hand out on the table and she smiled as she placed her hand in his. He held her hand and gave Jimin his attention again. “So Jimin, are you interested in the family business. Hm?”


Jungkook glanced to his side at the sudden change in mood coming from Hoseok next to him. He grabbed his glass of wine and took two big gulps.


Jimin weakly smiled, “It’s not really my thing. Besides, you and Mom have been doing just fine.”


“Not as fine as you think Son.”


“....what do you mean?”


“I guess there is no easy way to say this Jimin,” his father took a moment to make sure he had the attention of the room. “I have cancer.”


Jimin blinked and waited for his father to continue. But with the silence, Jimin cracked a nervous smile. “What? But that’s… No. Are you sure?”


“Two specialists have confirmed it. My heart is failing me Son. And they said I’ll need to get surgery if I want even a chance to live till the end of the year.”


“But…” Jimin shook his head and looked down at his half eaten meal. “You’re joking. This is-”


There was a tap again at the table from the hand of his mother. Her face was stone cold and emotionless. But Jimin shook his head again.


“Just get surgery and you’ll be fine,” Jimin looked up with a desperate look in his eyes; Jungkook’s heart aching for him. “You’ll be fine Dad.”


“This is a rare cancer even for the most experienced doctors. So there is no guarantee that the surgery will even work, let alone a guarantee that I’ll wake up from the surgery itself.”


“No…” Jimin started tearing up.


“Don’t cry,” his father said sternly, while tapping the table quite hard. “I do not want your tears. I need something more.”


Hoseok grabbed his wine glass again and finished it off. Jungkook felt almost like a ghost. Because there seemed to be nothing he could do with the event unfolding before him. As if on autopilot, he pushed his glass towards Hoseok. With a glance and a nod, Hoseok accepted Jungkook’s wine as the caretaker filled Hoseok’s original glass.


“The reason why your Mother and I wanted to have this dinner was precisely because of this Jimin. We want you to take over the restaurants.”


Jimin’s eyes went wide and he felt his body go numb. He felt paralyzed. Somehow, he found himself talking. “Hoseokie-hyung…”


“He has his own dance company and students he has to take care of. You on the other hand don’t have any responsibilities. So this is a perfect opportunity for us.” Jimin’s father cleared his throat and nodded to Halmeonim to start clearing their plates. “I know you might not know much about running a business, but I have already set up people to help you get prepared.”


His mother turned towards him and smiled, “You’ll find that it’s easier than you think my Sweet. Your father and I will be with you up until his surgery as well.”


Jimin just sat in a daze while his parents kept up the conversation. From the depths of his mind, he could hear a small high pitched ringing. Or maybe it was screaming.


“I have a meeting tomorrow to set up my will in testament should the surgery take a turn for the worst. But I have already told my team of your takeover.” He put his hands on top of the table as his plate was taken. He looked sternly at his youngest, “All you have to do is let us help you set everything up Jimin. And everything else will be taken care of.”


Jimin’s father was done speaking. So the conversation finally died in the quiet of the room. Only the soft piano music could be heard; completely out of place for the intense pressure filled dining room.


Being impatient, his father smacked the table once like he and his wife have been doing all throughout dinner. “Jimin.”


“Please stop,” Jimin begged with a weak voice.


His mother this time hit the table and raised her voice, “Speak up for heaven’s sake. You know how much I hate mumbling.”


Jimin flinched at the noise this time, and backed away as far as he could from his mother sitting next to him. In no way could he control the tremor in his voice, “I don’t want that…”


“No one wants to hear that their days are numbered Jimin. But we do what we must. You-”


He cut off his father, looking up and finally speaking louder, “That’s not what I meant.”


“Jimin. Do not speak over your father like that,” his mother scolded him.


He faced his mother for a moment, seeing her face with more wrinkles the longer she scowled. He turned his attention to his father once again. “I don’t want the company. I have things I want to do.”


The elder man chuckled. Then laughed. He was completely tickled by Jimin’s response. And it left everyone else at the table shocked into silence.


“Dear,” his wife asked cautiously.


The last bits of his laugh was coming to an end. “Oh Son, anything you think you have planned right now is nothing compared to the future I have set aside for you.”


Jimin’s brow furrowed in confusion and pure denial. “No Dad… That’s not right at all.”


“You’re too young to know what’s right,” his father said with a tone to end the conversation.


Hoseok leaned closer to his father, “Dad, at least give him some time to consider it.”




Hoseok pressed his lips together and swallowed hard as he sat back in his seat.


“Jimin is going to take my place and that’s final.”


Jungkook recognized Clair de Lune filling the air. It seemed to be the only source of any happiness. It was pure and innocent in a room that was stifled in emotion and unspoken words. Perhaps this was the moment for him to speak up. Perhaps this was the time to hold Jimin to their promise and leave.


He planted his feet to the floor and put his hands on the edge of the table to push away and stand up. But before he could, Jimin caught his attention. His eyes never looked more clear. And between them, there was a shared resolve.


“I came here tonight, Mom… Dad…” he looked at them separately before continuing, “Unsure of what this dinner might hold. A part of me wanted to blow this whole thing off. And a part of me wanted to be apart of the family again. But I realized something.” He sat up straight with all the confidence in the world that only he could give himself. “I realized that I was a fool to think that you or Mom actually cared about me. Because this only looks like you need me now because I’m your last resort.”


“Jimin!” His mother snapped at him, “You apologize right now!”


“I’m not going to do that Mom,” he said with his eyebrow raised, looking too much like her.


“How could you say something so disrespectful?”


‘Give respect and you shall receive it.’ Isn’t that what you taught me as a little kid?” The longer he talked, the more passionate Jimin got. The more of his emotions started breaking free. “Or more to the point, just one of the few lessons I got before you both decided I wasn’t worth the time.” He looked down and mumbled, “After you realized hitting me wasn’t going to produce results…”


His mother was petrified with her hands to her mouth. But his father seemed quite the opposite; sitting at the head of the table with only one corner of his lips pulled up into a smile. In Jungkook’s opinion, Jimin’s dad looked scary. The type of scary that only showed up when provoked. But Jimin remained fixed in his chair.


“And what is it you think you know, huh? Enlighten us Son. I can see you’ve had a lot on your mind.”


“I know that you and Mom have always favored Hyung over me. I know that I was just a disappointment compared to all of his greatness. I know this.”


“Sweetie, that’s not true,” his mother tried reaching out to grab his hand, but he pulled his arm away as he pushed away from the table.


“It is true! All you guys did was fret over Hyung!” Jimin grabbed the arms of the chair; a pained expression now permanently on his face. “Hoseok this! Hoseok that! But where you guys when I needed you, huh?!”


“You lower your voice this instant young man!”


But he stood up and kept yelling despite his mother’s scolding. “No! You’re going to listen!” He licked his lips excessively and swallowed down any lingering fear. “The truth is, is that you and Dad were embarrassed of me! You never came to my parent/teacher conferences. You never showed up to my sports meets. You never showed interest in any of my hobbies. You didn’t give a damn about me!”


“Jimin! Yes we did,” his mother started crying.


“Then why didn’t you try and stop me from leaving?! How come you never tried to reach out to me yourself?! Huh?! Only Hoseok Hyung tried to keep up with me.” He turned towards his brother and smiled with a tear escaping, “As much as I thought he hated me, I finally realized that all this time he was just trying his best to keep an eye on me.”


“Jimin-ah…” Hoseok choked up.


He wiped the other tears threatening to fall and turned back to his father and mother. “In no way do I want to leave this dinner with bitter words and even more bitter feelings. But if I have to then I will.”


“You think you’ll leave this dinner with the final say?”


Jimin stood up straight and took on the challenge. “Yes Dad . Because the last thing I’m sure you want to hear from me is how much I despise you.”


“You don’t mean that Jimin! Your father is dying! How can you say something so awful!?”


Jimin started crying at the sight of his Mother’s own tears and the weight of her words. But he remained firm otherwise. “I’ll say this again. I do not want the position. I have my own life to live.”


Jimin’s father suddenly looked at Jungkook. Following his father’s gaze, Jimin did the same. Jungkook looked back and forth between them; finding himself adjusting his glasses in nervousness.


“And does this have anything to do with him , Jimin?”


Jimin smiled as he kept his eyes on his nervous stricken boyfriend. “It has everything to do with him. Because I plan to spend the rest of my life with him… as his boyfriend.”


Jimin’s father slammed his fist down hard on the table and stood up, making all the wine glasses shake; even toppling over his glass and spilling the small bit of wine left. “I did not raise a faggot in this house!”


“You didn’t raise me at all you son of a bitch!!!”


Hoseok and Jungkook suddenly shot up from their chairs. His brother put his hands on his father’s shoulders while Jungkook hurried around the table to stand a little in front of his boyfriend. He faced him and put his hands against his waist just enough to keep him from getting closer.


“Jimin, breathe,” Jungkook hovered close.


“How dare you come back to this house and spew such vile nonsense!”


“You want to know vile Dad?! Look in a damn mirror!” He pointed harshly at his father; being held back by Jungkook. “Because for as long as I can remember you’ve been the monster holding me back all of my life! BUT I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU ANYMORE!” He threw his hand down and cried, “Hoseok lied to you for me. He set me up in my life to make sure I was ok. And it was only because of his efforts that I was able to do what I wanted and be free from this hell hole you call a home!!”


Jimin’s mother just cried into her hands while Hoseok kept his father from over exerting himself.


“And you know what,” he asked with a pitiful smile on his face and tears running down his flared up cheeks, “I have to say… after the excessive spankings… after all the times you ignored me and treated me like I wasn’t worth your time… that was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. Because it lead me to my best friend Jin. It lead me to my passion for talking to people and making others happy. And it lead me to my boyfriend…” he looked up at Jungkook and put his hand on his chest.


His mother wailed loudly, triggering his father to push against his eldest son and yell. “Then that makes two of us! Because I’m glad I never wasted my time on a selfish , useless , Godless homo like you!”






“Oh shut up Hoseok! You stay out of this,” he turned his anger towards his eldest son and spat in his face. He angrily faced his wife and yelled at her as well  “And you just stay quiet like you always do!”


Jimin choked up and buckled to the weight of his father’s words; falling into Jungkook’s waiting arms. He held him close to his chest and put himself entirely between them; the protective wall for his vulnerable boyfriend.


“Babe, we’re leaving,” Jungkook said sternly, and as gently as he could.


He manhandled Jimin, turning him around and helping him move towards Halmeonim and the exit. She hurried to them and started wiping Jimin’s face, walking with them as she did.


“You never come back to this house! Do you hear me Jimin!? You’ve been a disappointment for the last time!!!”


If Jungkook could cover Jimin’s ears as well as help him out of his family home, he’d do it. But there was nothing he could do. Jimin just cried hysterically in his arms. It was enough that Jungkook quickly pulled Jimin off of his feet and carried him bridal style.


“Oh dear… How terrible,” the old woman fretted. “Please Jungkook-ssi,” she bowed her head as far as she could go, “I’ll rely on you to take care of my sweet little J.J. from now on.”


“I’ll take care of him. I promise you.”


She lifted up with some tears in her eyes, but a warm smile on her thin lips, “I know you will, my child. Now go. Get proper sleep. Eat your meals. And move on from this terrible night.”


He nodded his head as she opened the door for them. She watched as Jungkook carried Jimin to the passenger seat and got him buckled in, before running around to the driver’s side. He backed out and left the Jung family property, not looking back.

As soon as Jungkook parked at Jimin’s apartment complex, he scrambled out to run to Jimin’s side. He opened the door and helped his crying boyfriend out of the car, once again holding him bridal style up to his apartment. Each step felt heavier and heavier, because Jimin just couldn’t stop crying. He couldn’t stop squeezing Jungkook tightly.


Opening the door, and closing it with his foot, he walked in and took Jimin immediately to his bed. He tried setting him down, but Jimin wouldn’t let him.


“Jimin, stop. Let me help you undress. You’ll feel better out of these clothes.”


Jimin’s body slouched and looked limp in front of Jungkook. It broke his heart to see him looking so small and miserable. But he worked as quickly as he could to take off his clothes. First he untied Jimin’s loafers, and then unbuckled his belt. He helped Jimin stand up enough to help him get his pants at least past his butt before he let him sit back down. He pulled the rest of the pants off before he worked on unbuttoning his blouse. Leaving Jimin in only his boxers, Jungkook quickly grabbed his own shirt left behind from before they had left and slipped it on his boyfriend.


He laid Jimin down in bed before he started quickly taking off his clothes as well; a ridiculous outfit from the very beginning he thought. But the moment everything was off and only his boxers remain, he ran to the other side of Jimin’s bed and got in. He pulled Jimin into his chest and rubbed his back.


“Shh… you’re ok. You’re going to be ok,” he tried keeping it all together. But really, he too felt incredibly lost. Sad. And angry. Seeing Jimin in so much pain felt like his own pain. And Jungkook wasn’t sure what to do other than hold Jimin close. “Shh… shh…”


“H-He! ...I!”


“I know,” Jungkook rocked Jimin and closed his eyes tight. “I know Jimin. Just try and do your best to calm down and breathe. You don’t want to give yourself a panic attack.”


Jimin just desperately clung to Jungkook’s body as he tried his best to take in deep breaths. They were staggered and he choked up a lot, but Jungkook helped him through it. Minute by minute. Until finally Jimin was spent of all his energy and fast asleep.


He was so knocked out, he didn’t even flinch when his phone started ringing loudly from his pants on the floor. Jungkook quickly got out of bed and grabbed Jimin’s phone. Before him he saw the picture of a young Jimin and a young Hoseok.


He answered as he walked out of Jimin’s bedroom, slowly closing the door, but keeping it cracked, “Hello?”


“Oh. Jungkook?”




“Where’s my brother?”


Jungkook craned his neck to look through the crack he left in the door and saw Jimin still in bed. “He’s asleep. He cried so hard he passed out.”


With a huge regretful sigh, Hoseok rubbed his forehead with his whole hand, “He’ll need plenty of water when he wakes up.”


“I know,” Jungkook said almost defensively.


“I’m so sorry for everything.”


“It’s not me you should be apologizing too. And besides, it isn’t your apology Jimin needs.” Jungkook huffed a tired breath, feeling the stress of the night catching up to him.


“I know. I know that. But still, I’m sorry. And thank you. Thank you for being there for Jimin.”


“I don’t need you to thank me.”


Hoseok scoffed with a smile on his face, “I know that too. But I wanted to say it anyways.”




“Well, I just wanted to check up on him. And…” Hoseok trailed off.




“I’ll leave it to you if you want to tell him, but… our father worked himself up too much he started feeling a lot of pain in his chest. So I took him to the hospital and they currently have him overnight for check ups. It seems he’s alright, but they’re going to keep him for a few more tests.”




“Like I said, I’ll leave it to you if you want to tell him. You know him best.”


“Thanks… Hyung-nim.”


Hoseok smiled, feeling relieved somehow. “If it's not too much trouble, please keep me updated about Jimin. He's always been so emotional, even as a kid. So what happened tonight will probably affect him for a long time.”


“I can tell you love him a lot,” Jungkook softly smiled as he looked inside of Jimin’s room once again to check up on his boyfriend.


“Of course I do. He’s my cute, precious baby brother. He deserves the world.”


“Please call again in the morning or later in the day. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you.”


“I can only hope.”


“I have a feeling your hope has reached him already.”


“Thanks kid. Jimin is lucky to have you.” With a quick inhale and exhale he cleared his throat. “Ok, well, I'll get going. Take good care of my brother. And thank you again. Goodnight.”


“Goodnight Hyung-nim.”


Jungkook hung up and watched as the picture disappeared and a black screen took its place. He put his hands on his hips and stretched his neck back. There was a lot of stresses built up in his neck and shoulders. He could feel it pulsing. But easily enough he cracked his neck and reached over and behind his shoulder and neck to start massaging as much as he could.


Re-entering Jimin’s room, he plugged in his phone to charge. It was only then that he remembered about his own phone. It seemed Jimin was a heavy sleeper, but even so, Jungkook took light steps. He got his phone from his discarded slacks. There were a few notifications from social media sites as well as a few texts from Taehyung.




He quietly exited the room once again and plopped down on the couch. He went to Taehyung's contact and dialed him. As the phone rang in his ear he rested his head back against the couch. It was then that Dal jumped up on the couch and casually made his way to Jungkook’s lap. The calico’s fur was soft and lightly tickled Jungkook’s bare stomach. He took the opportunity to pet Jimin’s baby while he had the chance; as rare as it is.


“This is late night radio with your host Taetae. How can I help you tonight listener?”


Jungkook was tired, but not tired enough to smirk. “Do you ever answer the phone normally?”


“That's boring.”


With no energy to even shake his head, Jungkook closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His hand leaving Dal’s fur. “Of course…”


“Dude, is everything ok? You kinda sound like shit. Was it the family dinner? Did it blow up?”


“To smithereens actually.”


Taehyung frowned, “That sucks. How's Minnie?”


“Not good. But at least he's sleeping.” Jungkook opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling, suddenly feeling so small.


He scratched the top of his head with his free hand and did his best to hold back his tears. But the sniffling was loud enough that Taehyung knew exactly what was going on on the other side of his phone. Jungkook was crying.


“Talk to me.”


“His parents are shit,” he almost laughed as he cried. “They said really terrible things. And his father-” He clenched his hand into a fist and put it back on Dal to calm himself down. “His father called him a faggot Tae.”




“His mother did nothing but scold him and guilt trip him. And they kept fucking hitting the table like they were training a dog!” He bit down on his bottom lip at the rise in his voice. He took a deep breath and continued with a quieter voice, “You should have seen the way he flinched to it Tae.”


“Almost sounds like abuse.”


“Yeah…well... he doesn't have to deal with it anymore. Even without his dad telling him he's never allowed back, I'd never let Jimin back anyways.”


“His dad really said that,” Taehyung asked with shock in his voice.


“Not without calling him a disappointment as he did,” he sniffed his nose and wiped his wet cheeks.


“Fuck… what shitty parents.”


“Tell me about it. I just wish I could have done more. All I could do was sit there and watch until shit hit the fan.” He choked up as he thought about Jimin in the other room asleep. “I’m just a dumb kid Tae. I’ve never had to deal with something like this before. And I’m worried I’m not going to be able to do this. What if I say something wrong? What if it’s not enough for him?”


“I don't doubt you do enough Kook.”


“Maybe,” he sighed as he took off his dirty glasses, smudged from his tears.


“Just because you’ve never had to deal with shit like this, doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of helping him. Just spoil the shit out of Minnie and I'm sure in no time he'll be back to normal.”


“I hope so. If not, I don't know what I'd do,” he said as he held the phone between his head and shoulder while he cleaned his glasses with the small blanket on the couch, making Dal leave his lap.


“Dude, you could use a vacation. Both of you,” Taehyung joked.


But that gave Jungkook an idea. He slipped his glasses back on and grinned. “Speaking of a vacation… my summer course ends this week  and I'm off for two weeks before my last semester.”


“Oh sweet.”


“I think it would do Jimin some good as well if we took a vacation.”


“Coolness. Where do you think you'll go?”


“Got room for two by chance?”


“Uhh…” Taehyung said as more of a question. “Don't tell me you'd like to spend your free time with me?”


“Who else puts up with my shit?”


“Good point.”


“Then… we gonna do this? IRL?”


“AhhhhhhHAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Taehyung let out loudly, mostly because he was embarrassed. “Fuck it! Let's do it! Let's go wild huh?! Real world wild.”


“Thanks man. I think this will be perfect for us.”


“Anything I can do to help the newlyweds.”


Jungkook cracked a smile, “Weirdo.”


“Thanks,” Taehyung smiled. “Feeling better now?”


“Tons. Thanks dude.”


“That's what yo boy is for. I gotchu!”


Jungkook was always amazed by his best friends energy, no matter the time of day (or night). “I'll hit you up later ok?”


“Yeah cool dude. Later.”




Jungkook sat on the couch for a moment longer and watched as Dal slowly made his way into Jimin’s room. He should do the same but his body just feels like it was put through a tough workout. His eyelids were heavy and threatening to close for good. So with a little bit of effort, he got up and dragged his feet as softly as he could through Jimin’s room. Once he plugged his phone in, he crawled in gently and pulled his sleeping baby into his chest.


He felt something wet touch his collarbone and realized it was Jimin’s face. It looks like he’s been crying in his sleep. He grabbed some excess blanket and carefully wiped Jimin’s swollen eyes and puffy cheeks. Once Jimin was dry, Jungkook allowed himself to get comfy and start trying to fall asleep.


The last thing running through his mind before he slipped into sleep, was a simple prayer.


‘Please let Jimin be happy.’



Chapter Text



It's a season most people look forward to. Because it means ideal times at the beach, amusement parks, road trips, sudden adventures, or just vacations in general. It's a time we can take a break from the mundane everyday struggles.


And it's no different for Jimin and Jungkook.


This is the last chance they have before summer ends and autumn takes its place. And Jungkook will do anything to take his boyfriend away on an adventure. Take him away from the city that's given him so much grief in the past week. And he hopes that by doing so, Jimin will smile again.


Ahead of Jungkook is the highway leading out of the city. It's not that busy, which means he planned well. So with a squeeze to the steering wheel with both hands, he smiles at the anticipation of the road trip.


But upon glancing to his right, he noticed his boyfriend slouched in the passenger's seat with the side of his head against the window. It seemed Jimin was looking outside at all the buildings flashing by. Normally Jungkook wouldn't think much of it, but since the family dinner over a week ago, Jimin hasn't been his usual self.


He hasn't really laughed or smiled. He hasn't been playful. All the little teasing pokes and touches have stopped. He hasn't been flirting, verbally or physically. And Jimin seems to have lost his sex drive. In fact, sex has completely stopped between them.


Jungkook puts part of the blame on himself, because in the past week he wasn't able to be with Jimin as much as he wanted because of school. But even then, when he was over, Jimin wasn't glued to him like he normally was. There was some distance, physically and emotionally. Jungkook understands. But that doesn't mean he's given up on his boyfriend. Jimin needs time. And Jungkook will give him that.


With a small smile, and contained concern, Jungkook reached out to pat Jimin’s thigh. He was hesitant, but let his hand rest there for several seconds before removing it and putting it back on the wheel. He hoped that it felt calming to Jimin; helped remind him that he had support. But Jungkook can't be too sure.


Jimin felt the rubbing and the light squeeze. He felt the warmth of Jungkook's hand through his jeans. And deep down he felt comforted. But he couldn't seem to make himself speak up or look at Jungkook.


As the city turned into a blur, Jimin was getting sleepier.


Since the dinner, he hasn’t really been sleeping when he’s supposed too. He’ll force himself to keep busy - answering fan mails, playing with Dal and such - until his body makes him pass out. If he doesn’t keep busy, then he ultimately goes to a place in his head that he doesn’t like to go to. Which results in him lying awake at night and doing nothing but sit there mindlessly. And when he does actually get sleep, all he has is bad dreams of the past.


A past of harsh spankings and slaps on the arms, his parents turning their backs to him, times of a young him peeking into a room to see his parents smiling to his older brother. Nightmares of his Dad yelling at him with derogatory words and aggression. It’s been endless in his mind.


Pitying himself wouldn’t do any good. But even knowing that, he hasn’t been able to get out of this melancholy mood he’s been in. Part of it is regret. Some of it sorrow. There’s also disappointment, anger, and frustration. All of it plays a part, and he hasn’t been able to get past the muddiness of all of his negative feelings. He feels trapped by them. Mostly because he isn’t sure how to handle them.


Before, all he had to do was roll with the punches. He made his disadvantages, advantages. But this time, he can’t seem to move past it. Not when he still feels angry and hurt. Not when he knows his father is going to die, and there’s nothing he can do to make amends. Not like he wants to, but therein lies his struggle.


Should he forgive his parents; his Dad? Does he want to? Would it be wrong not to? Would it do more harm to him to never forgive them and carry around all the bitter feelings inside of his heart?


He’s not really sure.




Jungkook leaned forward a little, taking small glances every few seconds to see if he could get a good look at Jimin’s face. But from the reflection of the window, Jimin was asleep. His head was still pressed to the window, his tennis shoes were on the floor while his legs were criss crossed. He was hugging a pillow in his lap and softly snoring. He looked peaceful; and Jungkook could only hope his dreams would be as such.


With a loud thump of a car door closing, Jimin was startled awake. His arms flew out and he jumped in his seat. Looking around in confusion, it took his brain a few moments to put the pieces together.


“Good morning Sleeping Beauty,” Jungkook knocked on the passenger window before opening the door. He smiled fondly to his boyfriend who was half awake. “Have a good nap?”


The beams of sun broke through the cool air in the car and brought in the heat. Jimin immediately felt it cling to his skin and chase away the cold of his body. He tilted his head and closed an eyelid as he tried to look up at his boyfriend. Thankfully it took only a second for Jungkook to move in place of the sun’s bright and brilliants rays, casting a shadow on Jimin and helping his eyes adjust.


Jimin groaned first before he yawned and stretched out his limbs, looking too much like a human Dal. “How long did I sleep for?”


“We’re actually here,” Jungkook smiled as he leaned forward, arms on the car while simultaneously taking a couple of smalls steps back to account for his height and comfortability.


“I slept the whole way?” Jimin’s eyes finally opened all the way from the shock of his nap. “I’m so sorry,” he frowned, “We were supposed to switch off halfway…”


“Don’t worry about it. I know you haven’t been getting much sleep, so it was nice seeing you catch some z’s.” He smiled reassuringly, “Besides, four hours isn’t that bad.”


Jimin didn’t seem convinced that it was alright. But he didn’t have time to really reflect on it due to a booming voice. He and Jungkook both looked up and noticed a tall, fit, blonde, boxy smile young man standing on the very bottom step of some stairs; sporting baggy silk pajama bottoms, and a large shirt with a cat with sunglasses on.


“Welcome to Daegu, boys.”


Jungkook cracked a wide smile as he moved away from his car. But as soon as he was in direct eye sight of his best friend, he shied away. He approached with his eyes to the ground, and spoke quietly; his nerves going a little crazy. He glanced up, “What’s up? Taehyung?”


Taehyung kept up his poker face; lips in a firm line, eyes serious, and his head angled back a bit to make him look more intense and threatening. Jungkook had on his best poker face as well, mostly because he was starting to feel so much anxiety that this was all a big mistake. But upon seeing Jungkook fidgeting and pushing his glasses up, Taehyung broke. He busted out laughing.


Taehyung rushed forward and gave Jungkook a giant bear hug, “I can’t believe you’re actually here dude.”


Jungkook and Taehyung pulled away with big smiles on their faces. The younger man’s nerves were suddenly tossed aside. Because he was with none other than his best friend. The guy who always had his back, despite never meeting in person before today. The guy who kept Jungkook grounded and offered advice. Taehyung felt almost like a brother. And now that he could see him face to face, Jungkook wondered why he never met him in person before.


“I can’t believe it either,” Jungkook shyly smiled and chuckled; stepping back while adjusting his glasses, again.


“Oh man dude. Did you know you’re like, so cute in person? Are you really Jungkook? Look at you blush~ Someone’s happy~” Taehyung teased while grabbing Jungkook’s cheek.


Jungkook punched the blonde’s arm with a grin, “Shut the hell up.”


With a fake wince and grimace, Taehyung grabbed his arm, “Ok nevermind. You’re definitely Jungkook.”


Then suddenly, with the close of the passenger door, Jungkook turned around to follow Taehyung’s gaze. Jungkook smiled as he walked to his boyfriend and grabbed his hand, but let go a second later. He looked into Jimin’s eyes and nudged his head in Taehyung’s direction. The action made Jimin’s heart flutter a little. And it felt good.


They walked up to the nervous boy, who suddenly looked pale in the face. “Oh god… you’re actually him.”


Jimin raised his hand up and waved a bit, “Hello. It’s nice to meet you.”


“Oh wow.” Taehyung looked at Jungkook with wide eyes and then back to Jimin. “Wow.”


“Is that all you’re gonna say,” Jungkook teased.


Jimin was flattered and smiled as he held out his hand, “I’m Jimin. I’m assuming you’re Taehyung.”


The stunned young man held out his hand as if on autopilot and just gaped, “Yeah. You assume correct.” He kept shaking Jimin’s hand and smiled goofily, “Minnie’s hand- I mean, Jimin… wow. Like… wow.”


“Do you plan on shaking my boyfriend’s hand forever, or are you going to invite us up to your place?”


Still shaking Jimin’s hand, Taehyung looked at Jungkook for a second and then looked at his hand still bobbing up and down. He looked up and noticed Jimin smiling while also holding back his laugh.


“I made this really awkward didn’t I?” Jungkook nodded while Taehyung stopped shaking Jimin’s hand and pulled it away, feeling his palm slightly sweaty. “Sorry. Seeing you in person is just really trippy.”


“Hopefully in a good way,” Jimin smiled.


“Yeah no, definitely good. Just seeing you on my computer-” But he stopped himself as he glanced at Jungkook. Saying anything more about Jimin being a camstar and the fact that he has been watching him would just make things really weird; seeing as Jungkook is Jimin’s boyfriend. And even Taehyung knows when he needs to stop. He laughed loudly and changed the subject entirely, “Follow me guys. I’m on the third floor.”


He took two steps at a time to get away from the awkward vibes he created. Jungkook on the other hand just sighed and took a breath. He chuckled a little and relaxed. Looking to his side, he noticed Jimin looking down. “Everything ok?”


“Yeah babe,” Jimin looked up with a small smile, “He’s nice.”


“He’s an idiot.”


“Just a little I think,” Jimin nudged his boyfriend with his shoulder before climbing the steps. “How are you feeling,” he asked as he waited for Jungkook on the second level. “Is it weird?”


“A little. I mean, I was nervous definitely. But,” he took the first step to get to the third level, “I think this was a really good idea. I’m glad we’re here.”


“Me too,” Jimin responded as he followed Jungkook.


Taehyung waited at his front door patiently; watching silently as the two men chatted on their way up. As soon as they approached he smiled. “Welcome to the bachelor pad de Taetae,” he said dramatically as he opened the door.


Jungkook could never have predicted the nice interior of Taehyung’s apartment. It was furnished with a black leather couch in front of a 55 inch smart Tv, set with it’s own VR system. And from the look of the coffee table pulled off a little to the side, he was using the VR recently. To the right of the entryway was a decent sized kitchen, set with it’s own island; black stained cabinets to match the black marble countertops. Needless to say, there was definitely a color theme going on, but it’s not to say that it was dark and dreary. Taehyung had the overhead lights above the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room on. It was a soft glow that made Jungkook and Jimin feel welcome.


“What do you think,” Taehyung asked as he spun around on his heel and held out his arms.


“I think I’m moving in,” Jungkook joked as he untied his boots.


Jimin lightly hit Jungkook’s arm and frowned, “Before you move in with me?”


Jungkook’s face lit up at the unexpected question and he lost his balance a bit as he took off his second boot. “Uh, no, I meant- no?” Jungkook let out a nervous laugh.


Jimin chuckled as well while squeezing his arm, and it brought hope to his boyfriend. Jimin hasn’t smiled and touched him like that in a while. And he’s really missed it.


He was about to lean down to kiss Jimin, but Taehyung cleared his throat as he crossed his arms, “Don’t be all gross in front of me. I’m literally standing right here.


Jungkook lifted up and smiled, “Sorry man.” He scratched the back of his neck, “So uh, where are we going to be sleeping?”


“Over here. The second room.” Taehyung nudge his head back before taking them to the room behind the kitchen. “This is more or less my collectors room, so don’t mind all the knick knacks.”


Jimin and Jungkook walked further into the room, amazed with wide eyes. A matching black leather couch (which acted as a pull out bed) was in the middle of the back wall, while the rest of the room was filled with shelving. He had black waist high shelving placed all along the walls of the room filled with DVDs, games of all systems, CDs, and action figures. Above the shelving were various other shelves with more figures and toys, as well as framed movie posters and anime series. By the door and across from the couch, he had a small TV mounted to the wall with a DVD player and sound system underneath it.


“Remind me… how’s it possible you have all this?”


Taehyung smirked proudly as he leaned against the doorframe, “I’m the youngest of three. So whatever my brother’s didn’t want ended up with me. And I kept everything. Not to mention all the toys and stuff I got from Grandma. She always got me the best Christmas presents.”


Jimin smiled wide at Taehyung, “My Halmeonim always secretly bought me toys on Christmas too.”




Jungkook’s face contorted into half panic and half somber. He tried to interject so Jimin wouldn’t have to talk about his family, “Jimin’s Halmeonim-”


“My parents never bought me toys as a kid. They’d get me books and study materials instead,” Jimin said plainly, as if he was reciting from a script. “So Halmeonim, who’s not actually my Grandma, just the house maid, she uh- so she’d get me toys in secret and I’d play with them at night when my parents were asleep.”


The more Jimin talked the more fidgety he got. He started scratching his arm and looked away from Taehyung. The blonde man in front of him looked sad. He pitied Jimin. But upon seeing the fire of protection in Jungkook’s eyes, he gulped and pushed away all the pitying thoughts in his head.


“It seems like your Halmeonim is a wonderful woman.”


Jimin looked up and smiled happily, “She is.”


The room went quiet as the conversation died. And neither of the three men were good with awkward silences. All of them, in their own ways, were social outcasts. But upon locking eyes, they all started grinning. Smiling. And then all out laughing. The stifling air in the room was suddenly gone and replaced with a warm buzz in the air. It felt… perfect.


Taehyung wiped under his tearful eyes and nudged his head back in the direction of the main room. “C’mon. Y'all hungry? Thirsty?”


The two lovers followed Taehyung into the main room and took to the kitchen island. They pulled out the high chairs on the other side of the kitchen and watched as Taehyung took his place in front of them.


“Yeah I wouldn’t mind eating,” Jimin rubbed his stomach.


“We kinda skipped breakfast huh,” Jungkook weakly smiled while putting his hand on Jimin’s thigh.


He was about to remove it, like he had been, but was stopped by Jimin’s hands. He put his small hand on top of Jungkook’s and folded his fingers underneath. Jungkook blatantly stared, a little shocked but happy. Jimin didn’t look at Jungkook, on the account of being embarrassed and trying not to bring too much attention to themselves, but the deep blush on his cheeks told Jungkook that his boyfriend was starting to return to his old self.


Taehyung took out a few vegetables, some noodles, and other various seasonings and ingredients. “Well, how about I make stir fry noodles?”


Jungkook finally looked away from Jimin (much to Jimin’s relief because he thought he was going to explode from blushing so hard) and raised an eyebrow curiously. “You some kind of chef or something?”


“Listen here brat,” Taehyung pursed his lips as he started slipping on his pink polka dot apron, “I’ll have you know that I’m a fucking fantastic chef. So you’re gonna learn today.”


Jungkook started laughing, “I can’t believe I didn’t know any of this.”


“Crazy right,” his best friend chuckled. With a cute bow in the back, Taehyung started prepping the ingredients and got to cooking.


Jimin finally looked at Jungkook, “What do you normally talk about then when you’re online? I mean, it sounds like you don’t know anything big guy.”


Taehyung sputtered out a laugh and turned around to point at Jungkook with his cutting knife, “Ahaha! Big guy!”


Jungkook rolled his eyes and tried playing it off despite his heart racing. Taehyung got back to cooking with a big smile. “I don’t know… typical stuff? Games and movies?”


Jimin tilted his head and squinted his eyes a little, totally not convinced. “And that’s it?”




Taehyung kept his back to his guests, and talked with a chuckle to his voice, “JK you should tell him how much you blabbed on about him.” He put on a fake high pitched voice, “ Oh Minnie! Can you believe he’s the cutest Tae? Kyaaa! I’m so in love! I’m JK and I’m a love sick fool! Kyaaaaa!


Jungkook’s eyes widened so much that it looked like his eyes would pop out of his head. “You-!”


Jimin started cracking up. He let go of Jungkook's hand in place of throwing himself on his boyfriend as he laughed. So hard in fact that Jungkook quickly put his arms around his smaller boyfriend to make sure he didn’t fall off the stool.


Taehyung took a glance back and started laughing as well. “And that’s word for word.”


Jungkook glared but there was no actual hate or anger in his eyes, “Oh yeah? Is that what I sound like?”


“Yeah! At least all the times you talked about Minnie. And that was like, every single damn minute you got,” Taehyung chuckled with a shake to his head, remembering all the times his best friend was a literal mess over his internet crush.


Jimin’s laughter was starting to die down as he sat up. But in place of the laughter, there were tears. One after another, they streamed down his face.. He wiped furiously at his eyes and hiccuped as he tried to stop crying. Trying so hard, but couldn’t stop.


“Jimin, what- Baby?” Jungkook didn’t know what to do. He bent his head down to try and look at Jimin’s face, but all he could do was grab at Jimin’s wrists. “What happened?”


Taehyung turned around quickly with panic on his face, “Fuck I’m sorry. Did I say something?”


He and Jungkook shared concerned looks before Taehyung turned back around to lower the heat of the stove. Jimin’s current situation more important than cooking.


“I’m- I’m sorry…”


“It’s ok babe. Just tell me what’s wrong?”


“I just- I’m just so happy!” Jimin bawled into his hands with a smile. “I hadn’t- hic- laughed like that… in a long time. And I-” he sniffed really loudly, “I just felt all this stress suddenly leave my body.” He looked up at Jungkook and smiled with wet cheeks, “I’m so sorry I’ve been so distant lately. I just uh, I just got stuck in my head and I,” he swallowed, “...I thought I had to figure out all of these stupid feelings by myself. But I just realized I don’t need to do that.”


“Jimin…” Jungkook felt like crying himself but didn’t. “I-I’m glad you see that. You’re right. I’m here.”


“We’re here,” Taehyung added as he turned up the stove once again before giving a boxy grin to Jimin.


Jimin smiled happily, wiping his face with his hands before Taehyung tossed him a kitchen rag. “I uh, I really hate my Dad.” He wiped his face and his nose, folding the rag in half to use a clean side to wipe some more. “I hate him so much for what he said and what he’s done- hasn’t done. And I just, I hate him.”




“But you know what?” Jimin squeezed the rag in his hands for a moment before letting go, “I still love him. I still love him and I don’t know why. And I feel like that’s wrong. But then, why should I feel wrong for loving my homophobic piece of shit Dad? I mean, no one in their right mind would love someone like that, but I do. Does that mean I’m broken or something? I’m just a stupid idiot.”


Jimin looked back and forth between his boyfriend and his new friend. It was Jungkook that spoke up first, while Taehyung kept cooking.


“You’re not a stupid idiot and you’re not broken. Having the capacity to love despite all the wrong you’ve taken, means you’re a good person Jimin. It means that despite growing up in that abusive, loveless hell hole, you shaped your own destiny.” Jungkook smiled encouragingly to his boyfriend,  “You’re not your parents. You’re better than them- Than him.” Jungkook reached out and grabbed both of his hands. “And Kitten… I’m so proud of you.”


Jungkook got off the stool and stood next to his boyfriend, pulling him into a tight hug. And for the first time since the family dinner, Jimin felt whole again. He couldn’t stop smiling into Jungkook’s firm chest. Because in his arms he was reminded that his boyfriend was right here and wasn’t going anywhere. And he felt foolish.


He’s not alone anymore. Love is right here.


“I love you,” he mumbled into Jungkook’s chest.


Jungkook pulled away only enough so he could look into Jimin’s shining eyes. Eyes full of apology and love. But the only thing that mattered to Jungkook was seeing the life back in his lover’s eyes once again.


“I love you too babe.”


He leaned down and pressed his lips softly to Jimin’s. He’s missed kissing him so much. It almost felt like their first kiss. There was an energy that Jungkook couldn’t explain. And Jimin felt it too. Pressing in more, he chased the feeling of bliss shared between them.


Taehyung squealed in a high pitched tone as he squeezed his closed hands to his cheeks, “Y’all are so cute! I don’t even care y’all are being so gross in front of me.”


The two were lost in their own world and had completely forgotten about Taehyung. But with big grins and smiles they apologized to their friend. “Sorry,” Jungkook blushed and pushed his glasses up on his nose before sitting back down and holding Jimin’s hand in his own.


“No need to apologize,” Taehyung smiled as he started serving up their meals. “Seeing you two is really inspiring. And while I’m not entirely in on the situation, I know for sure that you two could do anything so long as you have each other.”


Jimin chuckled with a big smile, completely bashful and shy, but happy. “Thanks Taehyungie.”


Taehyung, in what could only be described as gargling, made a strange noise from the back of his throat. “Ohhh God you just said Taehyungie. That’s so fucking cute. Wow.”


Jimin giggled hysterically while Jungkook took the rag from his boyfriend’s lap and threw it at his best friend. “Get your own boyfriend!”


Jungkook and Jimin were giggling too much to notice the slight falter in Taehyung’s smile. But by the time they were done, Taehyung was smiling wide and serving up their stir fried noodles. “Bon appetit my loves.”


It didn’t take long for the boyfriends to finish eating. So while Taehyung was finishing up his own plate on the bar of the kitchen island, Jimin and Jungkook decided to split the dishes up. Jungkook put on Taehyung’s pink gloves (that yes, were meant to match his apron) and started scrubbing the pots and pans and other utensils. Jimin, standing next to him, dried each dish and placed them on the wide dry mat by the sink. They were in perfect sync as they stood next to each other, smiles plastered on their faces.


Taehyung couldn’t help but stare at the happy couple. He couldn’t help but feel envious of the love literally emitting out of them. It was like an aura around them. They were both glowing. And Taehyung has never felt more lonely.


Jimin glanced Taehyung’s way, catching the blonde off guard. Taehyung coughed abruptly as he looked back down at his almost empty plate. He busied himself with finishing the last of his noodles in hopes that Jimin didn’t catch him.


But he was caught.


“So Taehyungie, what do you normally do? Do you play games a lot?”


“Oh uh, yeah. I play games a lot. It helps me relieve stress.”


Jungkook snorted and raised an eyebrow, “And what do you stress about exactly. You’re like the easiest going person I’ve ever met.”


“I stress!”


“Yeah? Like what?”


“Work for one, you punk.”


Jimin grabbed Taehyung’s plate and handed it to his boyfriend, “Oh, what do you do for work?”


“I’m a stylist. And I got my own salon.”


Jungkook gaped, shocked. How had he not known this? “What?”


Jimin looked back and forth between them before landing on Jungkook, “Don’t tell me you didn’t know he was a stylist?”


“I’m hurt Kook,” Taehyung put his hand to his chest and put on a fake sad face.


“I don’t know, I just assumed he was like a regular office worker or something. I never thought to ask…”


Taehyung chuckled as he put his elbows on the counter, “Yeah it’s not that big a deal anyways.”


“Well it makes sense then. Seeing as this is a really nice apartment. At least compared to mine,” Jungkook huffed as he finished washing the plate.


Jimin took it from Jungkook and started drying it, puffing out his lips as he did, not really thinking about it. “It’s so cool to be a stylist. Wish I could be a stylist.”


“You could always go to school for it,” Taehyung encouraged.


Jungkook put the gloves on top of the sink faucet and waited for Jimin to place the plate just right in his made up tetris game on the drying mat. “So you went to school for it and everything?”


“That’d be correct,” he shot a finger gun and a wink to his best friend.


“What made you want to do it,” Jimin asked as he grabbed Jungkook’s hand and pulled him out of the kitchen and towards the living room couch.


Taehyung put his legs down from the high chair and walked over to the coffee table to pull it back to its original spot in front of the couch. “I don’t really know. I just like being different. Look different.” He plopped himself on the floor and leaned over the coffee table with his elbow. “So when it came to think about my future, I decided to do something that would always let me be different.”


Jimin’s eyes shined in admiration, “That’s so cool.”


“In fact,” Taehyung’s eyes lit up, reflecting Jimin’s excitement, “Want me to do your hair?”


Jimin’s eyes popped open and he leaned forward on the couch, “You’d do that? I couldn’t put you out like that. How much do you normally charge?”


“No charge. You’re family now,” Taehyung nodded.


“No way. If I’m doing this then I’m paying you.”


“No you aren’t!”


“Yes I am!”


Jungkook watched the two of them bicker back and forth with a smile on his lips. He was content with his best friend and boyfriend getting along. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to have his arm around Jimin’s shoulders and have Jimin curled in against him. Even glued together, Jimin still found a way to keep up the bickering with Taehyung. And Jungkook couldn’t be happier.


“Fine! You can pay me,” Taehyung surrendered to Jimin’s stubbornness. “But I’m giving you a discount.”


“I can deal with that,” Jimin nodded to his victory. He turned his attention to his boyfriend and smiled, “What should I do with my hair?”


And suddenly Jungkook had a dilemma he never knew could exist. What hair color should Jimin do? He’s never really thought about it if he was being honest. But now that he was thinking about it, he couldn’t help but blush at all the possibilities.


Taehyung didn’t miss his chance to tease his blushing best friend, “Look at that pervert face. What a pervert.”


“Shut up,” Jungkook spat back with even redder cheeks.


“Don’t yell at me when you’re the one being a pervert,” Taehyung grinned.


“Maybe I’ll do pink,” Jimin said randomly with his phone out and his eyes glued to the small screen.


“Pink…” Jungkook repeated slowly, with his mind showing him images of his boyfriend with pink hair.


“Pink would look good on you,” Taehyung smiled. “Let's go now!”


Jimin adjusted himself so he was facing more towards Taehyung than Jungkook. “Now? But…”


“Listen, I wouldn't normally go in on my day off to do this, but you're special.” Taehyung looked at Jungkook and smiled, “You're dating my best friend.” Taehyung noticed both of them happy and blushing, which made him happy as well. “So let's go! I'm excited to do this!” He got up from the floor and clapped his hands once as he made his way to his room to change.


Jimin looked at Jungkook, silently asking him what he thought. The younger could see the small uncertainty in his boyfriend's eyes and comforted him. “You'll look so cute with pink hair Kitten.”


“You don't think it'll be to… crazy? I've never colored my hair before.”


“I think crazy is beautiful,” Jungkook whispered into his lover's ear, a little excited himself to see Jimin with pink hair. “Whatever you do will be beautiful.”


Jimin felt his heart swell up inside of his chest; beating rapidly for his boyfriend. With everything he had been dealing with, he almost forgot how nurturing Jungkook was. He almost forgot Jungkook seemed to always know what to say to make him blush. And Jimin couldn't feel luckier.


“I love you,” Jimin kissed Jungkook's cheek.


“I love you too,” Jungkook kissed him back, but on the lips.


“I love you three,” Taehyung added as he hugged himself and kissed the air.


Jimin started giggling as he got up, making Jungkook get up as well. “Are you always this uh-”




Taehyung punched Jungkook's arm, “Awesome is what he meant to say.”


Jimin smiled, “I was going to say silly. But awesome works too.”


Taehyung grabbed his car keys and phone and herded to two out of his apartment. “Yes, always. Since I was a kid.” The tallest of the three lead them down the stairs, “My Grandma was silly too so I got it from her.”




At the bottom of the stairs Taehyung jumped the last three steps and spun around with his arms out, “She passed away a couple of years ago.”


Jimin frowned, “I'm sorry for you loss.”


“Thanks,” Taehyung smiled as he waited for the two to reach the bottom. “She was an amazing lady even up until she passed. I miss her a lot, but I still have her in here-” He pointed to his head, “And here.” Then pointed to his heart.


Jungkook quickly ran to his car to get his camera bag before catching up. Jimin raised an eyebrow. “Your camera?”


“Gotta record the transformation,” he said excitedly.


Taehyung chuckled as he reached his car, “I swear you'd make a great director. You should really consider entering the amateur film contest thing.”


“What, what? Contest?” Jimin was looking back and forth as Jungkook held open the passenger door for him. “You haven't mentioned a contest.”


Jungkook weakly smiled, his confidence deflated at the mention of the contest. “It's just a small thing that anyone can submit a ten minute short about anything and the winner gets money and typically gets hired at some big production company.” Jimin got in and Jungkook closed the door for him. Once he got in the back seat behind his boyfriend, he looked outside the window, “It's not that big a deal.”


After having buckle the seatbelt, Jimin turned around in the seat, “What do you mean it's not a big deal? It sounds like a great opportunity!”


“That's what I always say,” Taehyung fake glared at his best friend through the rearview mirror.


“How come you've never mentioned it before,” Jimin asked with a more somber tone, turning back around to sit properly, feeling a little left out.


“Because I already have my Senior project to do and I wasn't even planning on entering.”


Taehyung could feel a shift in emotions between the two so quickly changed the subject, “So like, you gonna be Jimin’s personal cameraman now? I think that'd be cool. People could see Minnie in his day to day life.”


Jimin chuckled, “Except that my day to day life is completely boring. And no one would watch.”


“I'd watched,” Taehyung said with encouragement, expertly navigating through the traffic.


Jimin giggled some more, “Well thanks. That's one viewer then.”


Jungkook remained quiet the rest of the fifteen minutes it took to get to Taehyung's salon. He didn't want to bring down the mood, seeing as his boyfriend and best friend were talking and giggling in the front. He didn't want to ruin it with his own insecurities and darkening thoughts.


So he decided to just take out his camera and hide behind it, with the pretense that he was filming.


Once they got to the shop Taehyung pointed to the glass doors that had the shop's name in gold cursive lettering. “Welcome to my studio, Art of Hair.”


“Wow…” Jimin was in awe.


Once you opened the doors there was a small lobby in front. Off to the sides were chairs for guests to wait, but what Jimin liked the most was that each chair was unique. The only thing in common was the fact that they were all made with recycled art supplies; old easels, palettes, and paintbrush handles. What Jimin loved the most was the fact that each chair still had paint marks on them.


Once he was done marveling at the chairs he looked up and saw a young girl standing behind a counter in the lobby. She bowed her head a little and greeted Taehyung. “Hi Boss. I thought you had the day off?”


Taehyung nudged his head towards Jimin and Jungkook, “My friends came into town and I convinced this one to let me do his hair.”


She met Jimin’s eyes and gasped, but quickly composed herself,  “It's nice to meet you. I'm Lalisa. I work here part time while I'm still in school.”


Jimin was in awe of the cute girl with long gorgeous orange hair, “Oh cool. Good luck Lalisa.”


“Oh my God,” she quietly squealed to herself as Taehyung lead them further in; her eyes curiously looking at Jungkook as he kept his focus on filming.


“I've currently got six people on my team, but have chairs for two more.” Taehyung greeted the two customers currently getting their hair cut, as well as his employees. “Ah! LaLa! Do you mind setting up my station for me? Blondor, 40, and uh, Olaplex please.”


The young girl looked so excited as she hurried to the back to start gathering everything. Jimin just couldn’t stop staring with wide eyes and a big smile. The salon spoke to him. Because it felt like an extension of Taehyung. The salon was white, but there was a splash of color that stained the white floors and chairs. It didn’t look dirty at all, and in fact looked like it was designed that way. But the real highlight in the salon was the walls. They were covered with selfies and professionally done pictures of all kinds of women and children and men. They were all smiling in the pictures and looked like they were having a great time. It really highlighted the entire store.


“Taehyung, this place is amazing,” Jimin admired the space, still letting his eyes wonder every inch of the studio.


“Thanks,” he beamed confidently as he sat Jimin down at his personal station by the window. “It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it.” He looked up just as Lalisa came over with some supplies, “Thanks cutie.”


“Do you plan on staying past close Boss?”


“Gonna have to.” Jimin turned around in the chair to protest, but was immediately shoved forward by Taehyung. “Don’t you say anything. It’s fine. This is my place anyways.”


Jimin just pouted cutely before he smiled and bounced a little in the chair in excitement. Jungkook was capturing it all through the lens. He circled around a little to get good angle of his boyfriend; happy that Jimin wasn’t being overly conscious of the camera.


But not wanting to get in the way, he stepped to the side to give Taehyung room to start setting stuff up and prepare the products on his small movable tray. “Is it alright if I film the walls your shop?”


“Knock yourself out JK. Me and this cutie are just gonna be hanging out here. Right cutie,” he asked Jimin through the reflection of the mirror.


Jimin giggled and smacked his arm in embarrassment, “Stop being embarrassing.”


“That’s the last thing I’ll do,” Taehyung smiled as he put on his thin rubber gloves while Lalisa draped the protective cape around Jimin.


“Thank you,” he smiled to the young girl.


She blushed and shook her head, “No, yeah. Of course. You’re welcome.” She squealed again as she left to go back to the counter in the lobby to check out a customer.


“She’s cute,” Jimin smiled, looking at Taehyung through the mirror. “Ever considered going with a cute girl like her?”


Taehyung snorted, “No way. Not that she isn’t cute, but she’s not really my type.”


“What’s your type?”


Taehyung clipped Jimin’s hair in sections and started applying the bleach; a little more soft spoken than just moments before. “....someone calm and… honest. Grumpy, but likes cuddles.”


Jimin was looking at Taehyung but the stylist wasn’t looking up from his hair. “Sounds like you’re thinking of someone specific.”


Taehyung weakly smiled, “It’s a long story.”


“We have time don’t we? That is, if you want to tell it. I won’t force you.”


Taehyung finally looked up and saw the comforting smile given to him by Jimin. “Ok then.” Taehyung went back to working on Jimin’s hair with a big gulp of air. His heart was hammering in his chest as he thought about the guy who always seemed to have a permanent place in the back of Taehyung’s mind.


“His name is Min Yoongi. He’s my ex.”


Chapter Text

Taehyung looked into the mirror and held Jimin's curious, yet heartfelt gaze. Only knowing the man face to face for just a few hours now, Taehyung already trusts him with all of his heart. Jimin just seemed to have that aura about him. So it calmed Taehyung knowing that he could talk about the greatest disappointment and heartbreak in his life and not be judged; not break down and be pitied.


Taehyung went back to doing Jimin’s hair and smiled to himself. “Love is a concept that doesn’t last. We just learn to deal with each other. And if you have common interests-”


“It's easier…” Jimin finished Taehyung's sentence. “I remember that from one of my lives a long time ago.” VangoghTaeTae .


“Yeah, well, I believe it.”


“Because of your ex,” Jimin asked carefully, not wanting to upset his new friend.


“Because of my ex…” Taehyung let the sentence die in the silence of the closed shop.


His mind wandered back to the time he wasn't so cynical. Back to a time when he didn't use humor as a defense mechanism. To a time when he was in love with life and in love with his neighbor.

Taehyung jumped up to hit the top of his front door as he ran out oh his house. He jumped the three steps of his front porch and dramatically stuck his arms straight out for the perfect landing.


“You better be back from Yoongi's before it's dark young man or I'm sending out the cops to look for you!”


Taehyung laughed with his already signature boxy grin, “Ma! Im freaking 13! I can take care of myself! I’m a man!”


“Being a ‘man’  means peeing in the toilet and eating with your mouth closed!”


Taehyung blushed so hard, his mom almost saw steam come out of his ears. “Ma!!!”


With the same boxy grin on her lips, she tapped her wrist, “Times running out! I thought you were gonna see Yoongi? Tell him I say hi.”


“You're so embarrassing!”


With a loud grunt and a deep roll of his eyes, he ran to the end of the small lawn, looked both ways, then crossed the street to his best friend Yoongi's. With only a single knock, he opened the door and let himself in.


“Hello!” He was smiling happily, as if he was entering his own house.


And it might as well be, because the young teen was always over. So it wasn't unusual for him to walk right in. And happily enough, his favorite person in the world was in eyesight.


“Hyung! Sup!”


Yoongi was in the kitchen, eyes focused on the microwave. But hearing Taehyung in his house made the young man turn around. “Hey.”


Taehyung's heart skipped a beat as he saw Yoongi's hair fluffier than normal, soft black locks frizzy from having showered. Yoongi's dark hair a stark contrast from his pale skin and pink lips.


With a gulp, Taehyung walked into the kitchen and jumped up on the counter, kicking his legs gently, and letting his heels hit the cabinets underneath. “What you making?”


“Heating up some ravioli. Want some?”




“Chew with your mouth closed though. Don't be gross,” he said flatly, but had a small smile on his lips.


Taehyung lit up like a Christmas Tree, “I'm not gross! I chew with my mouth closed!” He was fuming in embarrassment, “I'm gonna kill ma.”


Yoongi turned around and smacked Taehyung hard on his thigh, his face still calm, but bite in his words, “Say something like that again and you'll regret it kid.”


Taehyung hissed at the sharp sting and rubbed his thigh furiously. Yoongi on the other hand showed no pity before he turned back around when the microwave dinged. “What the hell? Where does that strength come from in those scrawny arms?” Taehyung quickly jumped off the counter and ran out of the kitchen before he could be victim to another smack. “And who are you calling kid? You're only two years older than me, old man.”


Yoongi carefully grabbed the hot bowl out of the microwave and carried it to the table in the kitchen, “Two years makes a difference.”


The younger boy frowned, “No it doesn’t.”


Yoongi looked up from his chair at the table and nudged his head, “Come eat.”


Taehyung trudged to the table, a little pouty. But he was happy nonetheless sitting elbow to elbow with Yoongi, sharing a spoon and ravioli. They fell into a rhythm of eating back and forth, quiet but comfortable.


“Where are your parents?”


“No clue.”


Taehyung frowned as he grabbed the spoon and put it in front of Yoongi's mouth. “Wanna stay over at my house tonight?”


Yoongi looked at the food in front of him for a moment before he opened his mouth and let his best friend feed him. The food was warm, like his heart. “No, it's ok. Thanks though.”


Finished, Yoongi grabbed the bowl and spoon and headed back to the kitchen. Taehyung followed like a puppy and quickly grabbed the dish for himself so he could wash it. Already knowing that Taehyung would wash it regardless of what he said, Yoongi just smiled softly and let him do it.


With a satisfied nod after washing the bowl and placing it on the drying rack, Taehyung grinned as he looked at Yoongi for some praise. But instead of saying anything, Yoongi grabbed Taehyung's hand and laced their fingers together.


Being close, Taehyung was able to see the grey in Yoongi’s eyes, and it made his heart race. Feeling their palms pressed together made his heart race. And the way his best friend lead him up to his room on the second floor, made his heart race.


With the close of the door, Yoongi quickly pushed him towards his bed. “Stay with me tonight?”


Falling backwards on the bed, the young teen felt his heart about to burst. He stuttered, “M-Ma won't let me.”


Yoongi crawled in Taehyung's lap and pushed him down so that the both of them were lying on his bed. He stayed on top of Taehyung, resting his head on his chest. Despite being younger, Taehyung was already bigger in stature and thus comfortable to cuddle with.


“Ok,” Yoongi whispered as he stared at his wall.


Taehyung was breathing heavily at first, but the longer he and Yoongi stayed in silence, the more he calmed down. He reached around and hugged his best friend cuddled on top of him. With a turn he moved them on their sides and nuzzled his face into Yoongi's. Grey eyes met brown, and Taehyung forgot to breathe.


“Can I kiss you?”


Taehyung barely nodded before Yoongi pressed his lips into his. Eyes closed and bodys pressed together, they shared a desperate kiss. Desperate, because Yoongi was always desperate. Always sad and lonely. Always seeking the warmth and happiness from his best friend. So as he kissed Taehyung harder, he prayed the moment would last forever.


And Taehyung prayed for it too.


With a deep breath Taehyung straightened up and gained an inch of height from slouching. He stared Yoongi right in the eyes and spoke with confidence. “I'm gay.”


Yoongi sat back in his bed, weight on his hands behind him, “Yeah. I'm your boyfriend. I know.”


“Meow Meow!” Taehyung whined and stomped cutely on the spot, “I'm practicing for my parents and brothers! Be serious!”


Yoongi smiled wide at his cute boyfriend, “Ok I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll be serious.” He easily took the smile off his face, “Go.”


Taehyung took a deep breath again and stared, “I'm gay.”


Yoongi kept his face free of emotion and stared right back. It was his tall boyfriend that broke.


“Ahhh! I'm so nervous! What if they do what you did? Stare and say nothing?” He plopped down next to his boyfriend and cuddled into his side. “I don't want them to hate me.”


Yoongi slowly adjusted his body so Taehyung could use his lap as a pillow. “They won't hate you,” he combed his fingers gently through Taehyung's long hair; longer than it's ever been. “I'm pretty sure your mom and grandma already know anyways.”


With his hair out of his eyes, he looked up from Yoongi’s lap, “You think?”


“Seeing as you're always giving me those bedroom eyes in front of them, then yeah, I think they know.”


Yoongi continued to comb through his hair, which kept his wild boyfriend from getting up in the first place. “I don't give you bedroom eyes!”


“You’ve been giving me bedroom eyes for the past three years, and we've been dating for two.” He slid his hands to lay on Taehyung's chest and lightly grabbed his shirt, “In fact, ever since we went further than kissing…”


Taehyung stared for a long time. He saw his boyfriend do that thing with his eyes when he was thinking. He gets lost in nothing, stares at nothing. But there's a lot happening, even if Yoongi isn't moving or saying anything.


“We kissed and messed around when I was thirteen…” he spoke softly, searching Yoongi’s eyes. “Had sex when I was fourteen…” He finally peeled himself away so that he could be face to face with his boyfriend. He sat close, putting his long legs on either side of Yoongi. “Then started dating later that year...”


The quiet boy finally showed some sign of life, blinking slowly. “What are you trying to say?”


He blushed and looked down, “I’m trying to say that you might have seen bedroom eyes, but it’s never been just that for me…” He glanced up, hair in his eyes and curled around his cheeks, “I’m trying to say that… I love you.”


The calm turned into panic. Without moving a muscle, Taehyung could tell that Yoongi wasn’t expecting his confession. He could sense it. And it scared him.


“Do you love me,” he found himself asking, and he wished he hadn’t.


There was more silence. On Yoongi’s bed, they sat face to face with no movement, no words, and no emotion. It was as if there was no one in the teenager’s room with how still they sat; breaths caught in their throats.


Before Taehyung could storm out of Yoongi’s room, his boyfriend quickly grabbed his wrist and pulled him forward into a heated kiss. Tongues and breaths clashed into one; passionate and fleeting. Taehyung wanted to pull away, but Yoongi wouldn’t let him. His heart was telling him to pull away, but his body wouldn’t let him. The kiss was loud. Their hands greedy. And Taehyung couldn’t help but get lost in Yoongi’s pull; like gravity. Taehyung couldn’t deny it.


Even if he didn’t get an answer from his boyfriend, he convinced himself that the love making they shared was enough for him.


Taehyung was brooding in the bathroom. Red hair clung to his forehead as he finished his shower; twenty minutes longer than his normal fifteen. He didn’t want to be fighting with Yoongi, but he was. And like it has been throughout his teen years and dating Yoongi, he was still avoiding the big issues.


Only this time, he didn’t think he could just ignore the dull pain in his heart. A pain that’s been growing for a long time.


Coming out of the bathroom, he stared into the empty bedroom that was their sanctuary. Although now it just felt like a prison. Contorted and disillusioned. It hasn’t been their sanctuary in a long time. Not since the first day they moved in together.


Back then it was amazing. Long nights of making love. Early mornings of breakfast in bed. Afternoons of cartoons and movies. Talks of the future. Smiles and cuddles. It was like this at one point.


But maybe, Taehyung doubts, it wasn’t like that at all. Maybe he's been delusional about their relationship for a long time. They had been best friends for so long, it made sense they were attracted to each other. It made sense to fall in love and start dating. It made sense for them to move in together. It just happened.


So why was it only now that Taehyung felt so lonely?


After changing he walked into the main room to see Yoongi sitting at the kitchen table, coffee mug in front of him. He had that look in his eyes. Even if Yoongi went through as much physical changes as Taehyung did over the years, the deep and dark stare in his eyes never changed since he was a kid.


Taehyung stayed in the entryway of their bedroom, shirt a little uncomfortable and sticking to his hot body. He crossed his arms and stared across the room, “......were you planning on telling me? Or were you just planning on leaving and letting me figure it out?”


Yoongi’s mint green hair fell into his eyes as he looked down at the black coffee in his mug. His favorite mug in fact because it was one of a couple set, two cats; worn down and chipped a bit after so many uses. But as he stared at it, everything came together in his mind. Their relationship had become just like the cat mug; worn down and chipped. And if he was being honest with himself, their relationship has been chipping away slowly at the edges for a long time.


He finally looked away from the mug to look at his strangely calm boyfriend. A testament to the growth of Taehyung over the years. “I was planning on telling you. But before I knew it, the day I was leaving came up and-”


“And here we are,” Taehyung threw his arms up in the air with his voice raised in sarcasm, “D-Day! How fun!” He dropped his arms and walked into the kitchen to grab the other cat mug, “How fun…. You know what-” He pointed the empty mug in Yoongi’s direction and leered, “No. It’s not fun at all. It’s bullshit. That’s what this is.”


Yoongi watched as Taehyung poured himself some coffee, then milk and sugar; really sweet, just like him. “I’m sorry for all of this.”


Taehyung shook his head, “What are you talking about? Sorry for not telling me you had a new job? Or sorry that I found out?”


“Everything.” He couldn’t finish his coffee anymore, even if there was only just one gulp left. “I’m sorry we haven’t been on the same page in a really long time. A lot of it was because of me, I know. But we just haven’t been-”


“What,” Taehyung interrupted.


“We haven’t been us in a long time. We’re just different people now. And-”


“And you're giving up.”


The silence in the apartment was deafening.


Taehyung has never been this confrontational in his life, especially with Yoongi. But it was like he couldn't help himself. All of his pain was slipping through the cracks in his heart; easier as the cracks grew bigger and bigger the more they talked. The more Taehyung realized what kind of conversation they were really having.


Taehyung's hands started shaking, so he gave up the idea of drinking his coffee. He crossed his arms, “So is this it? Are we over?” He looked up and stared, his heart begging for a response. “You gonna say anything?”


Yoongi's mind couldn't be racing any faster with all the things he wanted to apologize for. All the things he wanted to say to comfort his best friend and boyfriend; the boy who showed him love existed in the world. There were so many things, and yet he couldn't say a word. He couldn't bring himself to open up, and it was costing him everything. It was costing him Taehyung.


Taehyung’s heart couldn't take much more. He stormed forward and slammed his hands down on the table with tears in his eyes, “Say Something! Anything! Please!?”


Yoongi closed his eyes and shook his head, he suddenly felt dizzy; his anxiety was starting to turn into a panic attack.


Taehyung collapsed in the chair across from Yoongi and cried. “You're so mean…. The worst… I hate you….” He cried and he cried, “How can you n-not say anything at a t-time like t-this?! Why do you still have so many walls up?!”


He stood up again and angrily swiped his hand across the table, purposely pushing the cat mug off the table. It broke into pieces; their relationship a reflection of that.


“You wouldn’t understand…”


Taehyung froze at the defeated and distant tone in his boyfriend’s voice. It suddenly felt like they were strangers. And Taehyung has never been more scared and alone.


Yoongi blinked away the tears in his eyes as he stared at his cat mug broken on the ground. “Someone like you wouldn’t understand what I deal with every day.”


“Someone like me? What’s that supposed to mean,” Taehyung asked, hands starting to shake again.


Grey finally met brown, “It means someone as carefree... naive… and dense as you, would never understand someone like me. I should have known from the beginning.” He was calm on the outside, but he felt a storm of anger and guilt building up inside of himself. “I should have known that you wouldn’t notice my struggles and pain. I should have known you had too good a life to see just how shitty mine was.”


“No…” Taehyung cried, shaking his head. “That’s not-”


“It is Taehyung. You’ve always been the lucky one. The happy one. The one that had everything and I was just doing everything that I could to keep up. To- To be apart of your life!” Yoongi stood up, the chair dragging loudly behind him, “I had to do everything to just smile! Every day! And you never saw it! You were too wrapped up in your happy go-lucky bubble to notice anything Taehyung. You have no idea.”


Taehyung collapsed back into the chair as he cried into his hands. And seeing him cry would always be the greatest suffering Yoongi could go through. Taehyung, in Yoongi’s heart, should never have to cry. And that’s all Taehyung’s been doing, even if he tried to keep it to himself, Yoongi noticed.


“You could have- Babe you could have talked to me!” Taehyung reached out to grab Yoongi’s hand, “I’m not as smart as you, or a deep thinking person or whatever, but I could have helped! I can help! Whatever you’re going through, I can help!”


Yoongi felt his skin sear at the heat between them. So he pulled his hand away and quickly walked away. He knew if there was any more contact he’d find a way to stay. But he can’t stay. As much as he wants to, he knows that he needs to get the help that he seeks. His problems are too big for even him to handle, as evident by the darkening and self harming thoughts in his head.


“You can’t help me!” Yoongi yelled and let out all of his pain. “You can barely function with your own shit! So what do you think you could do? HUH?!”


There was nothing more Taehyung could say, because he was struggling to even just breathe, let alone speak.


Yoongi’s heart was sealed away. He didn’t want to cause any more pain than he already had. So with several deep breaths, and Taehyung’s crying filling up the apartment, he walked to the suitcase by the front door. He turned around and took one last look at their apartment. And it wasn’t until he was leaving that he realized there was nothing of Taehyung’s flare inside of their home.


‘Black is fine with me babe.’ ‘You like minimal stuff right?’ ‘No, no, it’s ok! The bright colors are hard on your eyes.’


He could hear Taehyung’s voice in his head, doing everything he could to make Yoongi happy. In his own way, Taehyung was always trying his best for him. And it’s only now that he realized that he has always been the problem. He’s always been the one holding Taehyung back. And he can’t do that anymore. He can’t live his life from here on out dragging his best friend and true love through the mud with him.


Taehyung is the sun. And he is the moon. And that’s how he wants it to stay. Taehyung needs to shine forever.


He grabbed his suitcase and unlocked the door. “If… one day… we meet again… Taehyung-ah…” he looked up to get one last look at the love of his life, only to see his profile; cheeks red and wet, body slacked, and a broken boy. “Taehyung-ah,” Yoongi struggled to say, “I pray you stay the same happy, go-lucky, beautiful man that you are. And that if we meet, I hope I can see your smile again.”


He tore his eyes away from his beautiful cherry red head boy and left without another word. The sounds of Taehyung’s sniffling, the last thing he’d hear.

Jimin wiped his eyes and sniffled. His heart was heavy and in pain for his friend. “I’m so sorry Taehyung.”


Taehyung expertly twisted his wrist has he straightened Jimin’s new pink hair. He shrugged, “Thanks. It’s been a long time now, so I don’t really think about it. Or… at least I try and convince myself that I do.”


“You must really miss him though.”


“I guess so.” He sighed. “I was angry yeah, so at first I didn’t miss him at all. I just did whatever I wanted. But then a year later I found out that the new job that I thought he took, wasn’t a job at all.”




“He had checked himself into a facility that helped people with their addictions and mental aversions.”


Jimin’s eyes widened, “He what?”


“I only did a little bit of digging around, but yeah, he uh… he was depressed to the point that he was starting to abuse pills just to function. And I had no idea.”




“None,” Taehyung said without much emotion. “But that’s Yoongi. Always keeping his problems to himself…”


Jimin frowned, “I see…”


“He’s past that now I heard, but beyond that, I don’t know anything about him.” The stylist shrugged, “And it’s ok. I don’t need to know anymore because I’ve moved on.”


Taehyung clicked off the flat iron and started spraying a little bit of hairspray. But Jimin grabbed his wrist, making him stop. He looked into Taehyung’s eyes and gave him a hug, catching the blonde boy off guard. “I believe you when you say you’ve moved on. But even if you haven’t, it’s ok. There isn’t a guidebook for these things, so it’s ok Taehyungie. It’s all going to be ok.”


Taehyung slowly found himself hugging back and gently crying. “Thank you so much. Jungkook is lucky to have you.”


Jimin cried a little into Taehyung, but carried a smile on his lips. “I know you two are best friends, but I hope you consider me a best friend from now on too. I’d really like that.”


Taehyung coughed out a laugh, tears in his eyes, “That sounds great munchkin.”


“Oh my God,” Jimin pulled away, wiping his wet eyes, “Did you just call me munchkin? Because we’re about to have problems.”


They laughed together, both letting out the stress of the night, doing hair and sharing a painful past. It was such a beautiful noise in the quiet shop.


“Ok ok ok, enough of that.” Taehyung wiped his eyes, feeling one hundred times better than he has in a long time. “Are you ready to see your cute lil pink headed self?” Jimin nodded. “I have to say pink is definitely your color. You look like cotton candy. Jungkook just might eat you up.”


“What about Jungkook?”


Jimin and Taehyung looked up at the deep voice, lower from not being used in the past five hours. Jungkook was still behind his camera, but his eyes were locked on his boyfriend.


“What do you think,” Jimin asked, touching his hair without having seen it for himself first. “Does it look ok?”


Jungkook walked closer, camera still up and recording, but he made sure to give Jimin his full attention without a lens between them. “You look…” Jungkook had to remind himself to breathe. “You look stunning. But even that doesn’t seem like a good enough word.”


“Oh the charmer,” Taehyung rolled his eyes.


Jimin giggled as he finally turned to face the mirror and take a look for himself. “Oh my…” He touched his hair while looking in the mirror, seeing and feeling at the same time, as if he had to make sure it was real. “I can’t believe it.”


“I can. Cuz I’m freaking awesome, you’re welcome,” Taehyung winked.


Jimin started tearing up again, but they were nothing by happy and grateful tears. “Yes. yes thank you Taehyungie. This is amazing. I just- wow.” He buried his face in his hands, a little embarrassed as his boyfriend came closer and kept filming him. “Thank you so much.”


“Not at all Munchkin, it’s been my pleasure.”


Jungkook smiled wide as he filmed Jimin bursting out of the chair to chase Taehyung around the shop. There was laughter. Smiles. And bliss. Something that the three of them could use in a such an unforgiving world.


And that’s all Jungkook needed. As he turned off his camera, he made up his mind to sign up for the competition and win first place. Because with Jimin and Taehyung, there wasn’t anything in this world that could hold him back now. Not even his own doubts and fear.


They can do anything.





Chapter Text

“So what you’re tryna tell me is-” Taehyung took his second shot of soju; crinkled his eyes and hiccuped, “You plan on filming Jiminie-Minnie here like a documentary or sumthin’. And that’s what you’re gonna submit as your piece in da competi-shh-tion?”


Jimin blushed as he took his seventh shot.


Jungkook was glad he was currently cleaning his glasses, because he didn’t want to look into Taehyung’s (already) drunk gaze directly. “Yeah. Something like that.” He slipped his glasses back on and adjusted the hoodie on the top of his head, “Jimin already said it was ok. So I'm gonna do ma best.”


The late night restaurant was bustling with loud activity. People shouting for more food and drink; soju to be exact. A hum of some random k-pop song in the background; the TVs playing the music video. While the noise of grilling meat was probably the most prominent. Filling their noses with savory smells, their bellies growled for more meat. More soju. And more conversation.


It was hot, but having attention on him made Jimin sweat a little, making his pink hair stick a bit to his forehead. “I don’t know if I’m gonna be a good subject but I’ll do my best.”


“You live to be on camera Minnie,” Taehyung grinned, his eyes already red. “You’ll be juss fine. Besides!” Taehyung smacked Jungkook hard on the shoulder, not affecting the strongest of the three. “He’s a good flim- filmmaker!”


Jungkook turned his head as he took his seventh shot to make sure he kept up with his boyfriend. Jimin gasped dramatically before he whined and smacked Jungkook, “Why haven’t you showed me your stuff yet? I wanna see all of it!”


Jungkook locked his eyes on Jimin for just a few seconds before he had to look away again. The way Jimin was glowing from the alcohol and the heat; his cheeks were just as pink as his hair. He can’t handle Jimin like this; wanting to hug him and carry him in his arms forever, while also wanting to pull him into the bathroom and fuck him crazy in a stall. The young man can only take so much. And the alcohol in his bloodstream wasn’t helping.


“Ok.. I’ll show you…” He quickly spoke up, “But it’s not good! Tae is just hyping it up too much, s-so don’t expect much.”


“Aish~ This kid~” He flicked his fingers under Jungkook's chin, “Don’t get all ‘mbarrassed on me.” He pulled his thick headband down so that he could put it back on again, a little sweaty at his hairline. “You’re so good. And I ain’t a liar!”


Jimin clapped happily, “I can’t wait! Jungkookie’s films!”


“D-Don’t call them films,” he ducked his head with a blush to his cheeks, but only because it was hot and not because he was embarrassed (yeah right).


“Oh shit,” Taehyung said with wide eyes.




He looked at Jungkook and grinned wide, “Can I get your autograph? When you go famous for like, being a famous director, I can sell it on Ebay.”


Jimin cracked up laughing, throwing himself against Taehyung and almost toppling them over the small metal stools. But with a lightning fast grip on Jimin’s arm, Jungkook stopped him from doing so. He pulled him gently till he was sitting correctly before letting go. But even then, he let his hand rest on Jimin’s thigh, wanting contact.


“Then I get a cut if you sell it,” Jungkook grinned as he stuffed his mouth with meat.


Jimin put his hand on top of Jungkook’s and laced his fingers. With a squeeze and crinkle of his nose in his boyfriend’s direction, he poured them shots again. He lifted the small shot glass, “To making money off of Jungkook’s name!”


“Cheers,” Taehyung easily joined.




Jimin giggled as Taehyung already down the shot. “I’m kidding.”


Jungkook smile fondly, bigger than normal because of the alcohol, “I know.”


They clinked their shot glasses together, squeezed each other’s hands, and took the shot at the same time.


“Ughh, I drank too much beer.” Taehyung burped loudly, his eyes unfocused. “I gotta go visit the little boy’s room. Pardon me gents-shhh. Ehehe.”


Jungkook watched his weak-to-alcohol best friend awkwardly make his way past a few tables to get to the corner of the restaurant.


“Ah, I gotta go too. I’ll be right back,” Jimin rubbed his nose.


“Need me to go with you?”


“Are you my Mom,” he chuckled as he stood up. “Dork,” he flashed Jungkook a sly smile.


Jungkook was pulled into Jimin’s gaze, hypnotized by the flirtatious signals Jimin was giving him. If he thought he was in trouble before, he knew by the way Jimin swayed his hips, that he was all out screwed (hopefully). Because no one had the sex appeal like Jimin did when he was drunk. But Jungkook wasn’t the only one who noticed. Because as he followed Jimin with his eyes, he noticed a couple guys at the back of the restaurant checking his boyfriend out. One guy nudged the other and they both smiled; creepy smiles.


Jungkook wasn’t sure just how long he was glaring daggers into the back of one of the guy’s heads. But Taehyung grabbed his attention by waving his hands just a few inches in front of the youngest face.


“Earth to JK! Come in Jk!” He plopped back down on his stool and began eating again. “Who you killing in your mind right now?”


“I’m not-”


“Nuh uh don’t you deny! I saw that look in your eyes!” He faked a shiver as he grabbed his arms, “It sent chills down my spine.”


“It’s nothing,” Jungkook took a big gulp of his beer.




He looked up as he saw a flash of pink from the corner of his eyes. He stared at Jimin returning to the table, but talked to Taehyung absentmindedly. “I’m not the only one captivated by him…”


Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows and nodded goofily, knowing exactly what his best friend was talking about. “Uh huh, uh huh.”


“Hey,” Jimin greeted airly, a little embarrassed at arriving at the table again. “What did I miss?”


Jungkook could see from the corner of his eyes that the two men were glancing their way. He dragged his stool loudly; the metal scratching annoyingly on the concrete floor. He wrapped his arm around Jimin’s shoulder and leaned in close to his ear. Jimin instinctually leaned into Jungkook, and took a quick inhale of his natural musk.


“I was just saying how captivating I think you are, Kitten.”


Jimin snorted into his hand, one hundred percent caught off guard and flattered. It made his heart race. “Thanks baby,” he turned his head wanting to look at Jungkook's face; bringing their faces really close.


But Jungkook broke and turned away while dragging his chair back to his original spot. Jimin smacked him on his shoulder and frowned. He poured himself a shot and downed it easily, childishly upset. Jungkook on the other hand was too busy trying to calm himself down to notice any of Jimin's fussy attitude. Because the last thing he needed was to get a boner here at the restaurant while they were just here to drink and have a good time. But Jimin makes it's extremely difficult.


“Ahhh… I'm full. And drunk,” Taehyung blew out air through his closed lips, making them flap loudly. His cheeks were pink and his eyes heavy.


“You suck at drinking,” Jungkook, feeling competitive, poured himself a shot and took it.


“Shut up you drinking lizard.”


“Pfft!” Jimin giggled endlessly. “Drinking lizard?!”


Jungkook laughed at Jimin's laugh, causing the two of them to feed off each other. One would laugh hard, and the other laughed harder. To Taehyung though, they sounded almost like the same laugh.


“Y'all are drunk. No more. I'm cutting you off,” Taehyung went to grab the last soju, but was too slow.


Jimin quickly grabbed the bottle and pushed it to his lips and tilted his head back. Taehyung and Jungkook stared wide eyed as Jimin expertly drank the last fourth of the bottle all on his own. He pulled the bottle away and wiped his lips with the back of his arm. He exhaled loudly, then giggled.




The other two men sat in complete disbelief. But Taehyung came about his wits faster. “How can such a small body contain so much liquid?”


Jimin smacked Taehyung on the shoulder, but it was a little harder than he wanted. He immediately apologized, “Oh God, sorry!”


“Ahhh! I’m not that muscle pig! You can’t hurt me like him!”


Jungkook chuckled, “Do you see what I put up with? He hits me all the time.”


“I do not!” Jimin was about to smack Jungkook, but stopped himself, hand in midair. He turned his face away and crossed his arms, “Hmph! Jerk! I’m going!”


Jungkook and Taehyung laughed at the obviously drunk Jimin huffing and pouting like child. Taehyung quickly stuffed the last piece of meat in his mouth while Jungkook downed the last of his beer. They paid for the meal and drinks and headed after Jimin.


Even if the sun wasn’t out, the air was still stale with some humidity. Jungkook was already hot from all the alcohol, so the air outside the restaurant was of no relief. With a big gulp of fresh air, and a stretch to his arms, he felt good. But the thought of getting a chance at being alone with his Kitten made him feel ever better. He looked both ways down the somewhat busy streets and realized he didn’t see the pink he was looking for.


In an instant, his heart dropped. “Jimin?”


He ran back inside, thinking that he somehow had missed Jimin walking back in. Looking everywhere, he didn’t see Jimin. But his mind did provide the information that the two guys who were checking out Jimin were no longer in their seats. And that’s all it took for Jungkook to go into a panic.


He randomly headed in a direction and yelled, “Jimin?!”


Taehyung was trying not to panic either, “Where did he go? He was just here!”


Jungkook spun his head around in every direction looking for the pink he desperately wanted to find. But just as he passed by a convenience store a few buildings down from the restaurant, he saw the flash of pink that seemed to make time start up again. His heart swelled in relief as he rushed inside.




Jimin spun around with a worried look on his face, “Jungkookie? What’s wrong?”


Jungkook glanced behind his boyfriend to see the worker behind the counter putting several vitamin drinks and snacks in a bag. It took him a few seconds to realize why Jimin had left. But it didn’t mean he wasn’t upset. He hurried to his boyfriend and pulled him into a tight embrace.


“Do you realize how worried I was?! You just disappeared!”


Jimin whined in Jungkook’s embrace, “I got us snacks baby. And drinks...I-”


“You can’t just walk around looking like you do!”


“What’s that supposed to mean!?” Jimin pushed Jungkook away with anger in his eyes, all neediness gone.


Seeing the contrast of Jimin’s anger to his soft looking appearance cleared Jungkook out of his upset stupor. He immediately shook his head and lowered his gaze.


“I know Kitten. I know. I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have yelled.”


Taehyung sighed as he grabbed the bag from the counter, “C’mon guys, lets head back. You’re making a scene. Drunkards…”


Jimin sniffled, drunk and emotional. “Vitamin drinks will help…And you're just yelling...”


The youngest kept his head down as he followed Jimin and Taehyung out of the convenience store. He felt so stupid for having taken out his anger on Jimin. Of course it wasn't his fault. But Jungkook still felt a really bad itch in his chest that wanted to keep Jimin all to himself. Especially now when his boyfriend was attracting more attention than normal. And the thought of someone coming anywhere near his pink haired angel made his blood boil.


But that thought brought on all new sets of self criticisms and insecurities.


Taehyung, even when drunk, noticed Jungkook's change in mood. If anything, the alcohol currently running through Jungkook was just amplifying his emotions. With Jimin on his left and Jungkook to his right, Taehyung craftily side stepped so Jimin was next to Jungkook.


“Oh whoa munchkin, you ok?” Taehyung leaned down and purposely nudged Jimin closer to Jungkook. “JK, look at him. Mr. Wobbles over here.”


Jimin started protesting but his eyes were getting a little too dizzy; his head heavy. He groaned and leaned most of his weight into Jungkook, taking advantage of the more stable body next to him. Noticing his strength leaving him, Jungkook stopped walking and stood in front of Jimin.


“Hop on.”


Jimin halted as he stared at the strong and reliable back in front of his eyes. Even if he was still feeling emotional and a little upset, he couldn't deny the certain beat of his heart. A beat that was definitely for his baby. Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s shoulders hard and jumped up with all his strength. But being drunk, it wasn’t much, so Jungkook had to compensate and pull Jimin up on his back. He straightened up, made sure his arms were securely under Jimin’s legs, then lifted him up once to make sure he was on correctly.


Taehyung was in the process of twisting the top off of a drink, “Whaaaaaat? Why does he get a piggyback ride?”




Jungkook couldn't help but smile as he felt Jimin's arms tighten around his neck in a possessive manner; giving Jungkook the reassurance he needed to get out of his head.


“Right ,” Taehyung rolled his eyes and started working on a bag of chips as he kept walking, smiling to himself for a job well done.


“Now vroom! Vroom! Let’s go!!!”


It seemed, for now, that their night wasn't entirely messed up. So with a tight grip Jungkook smirked and suddenly ran as fast as he could with Jimin on his back. It wasn’t his fastest of course, but it was enough to get wind through Jimin’s pink hair. Jimin felt like a little kid again; nostalgic. He pointed ahead and giggled as Jungkook made car noises; screeching and grumbling.


“Hey!” Taehyung chased after them, “Follow the law! Don’t drink and drive!”


“Nooo, it’s the police! Go faster Jungkookie! Go! Go! Go!”


Taehyung laughed loudly, already giving up on chasing them after just a few seconds. “Woop! Woop! Pull over! I’m tired,” he huffed; taking out the opened drink and taking a big gulp. “Crazy kids…”


Back at Taehyung’s apartment, after two detours through a park and another convenience store for ramen, they all dragged their feet to get to their rooms. Taehyung put the bag of snacks and drinks in the kitchen, most of them were already gone or halfway finished.


“Ok lovebirds. I’m off to sleep and wake up with some regrets.” He rubbed his head, “I can’t believe you convinced me to drink so much beer….”


“You’ll be fine,” Jungkook dismissed.


Taehyung didn’t have the energy to actually hit Jungkook like he wanted. But he settled for tipping his chin up with his fingers before trudging to his room. Jungkook smiled as he watched the door close slowly.


“Night Tae.”


He glanced around and noticed Jimin wasn’t in the room, so assumed he was already in the spare bedroom. He opened the door and saw Jimin in the middle of taking off his clothes. His shirt was already off, but he was struggling with the button and zipper of his jeans; his fingers weren’t doing what he wanted. With a big grin Jungkook sauntered over and leaned in close.


“You look like you could use some help Kitten.”


Jimin fake cried, “My stupid chubby fingers are being stupid.”


Jungkook sat down on the bed of the pull out couch that they’ve been using for the past week. “The last thing your fingers are, are stupid and chubby.” He smiled as he helped Jimin, unbuttoning the jeans and unzipping them.


“They’re not like yours.”


“I like yours better though,” he countered quickly, letting Jimin hold onto his arm as he stepped out of his jeans. He was a little wobbly on his feet, so he kept his hand on his drunk boyfriend’s arm even after he was out of jeans.


“You like everything about me then?”


Jungkook looked up, seeing Jimin looking at him with a tipsy gaze; a little lustful. He took in the red in his boyfriend's cheeks, and the way Jimin was biting on his lip. He let the sensations of Jimin’s fingers lightly scratching at his shoulders take over his body. Jungkook has sobered up since they left the restaurant, but being under Jimin’s gaze and having him half naked in front of him was an all new kind of punch drunk. And he could drink up Jimin every day and night.


“I love everything about you Kitten,” he raised his hands up to rest at Jimin’s hips.


Jimin sank to his knees on the bed, straddling Jungkook while wrapping his arms around his neck. He breathed in Jungkook’s soft musk and let out a deep breath. “You promise?”


Jungkook chuckled softly, “I promise.”




Jungkook tightened his arms around his boyfriend, feeling him shrink in his embrace. “Jimin? Are you ok?” He pulled his head away and gently shifted Jimin so he could see his face. “Baby?”


A few tears started bubbling up in his eyes, “What did you mean earlier?”




The elder looked straight in Jungkook’s eyes, “I'm not allowed to walk around now? Because of my looks?” He wiped his eyes and stayed as focused as he could; his drunken state not helping much. “You can't treat me like that.”


Jungkook felt defensive, but not in the way Jimin was thinking. How does Jimin not realise just how much attention he gets? Or maybe he knows it and just chooses to be oblivious. But if that's the case then it pisses Jungkook off even more. Jimin needs to be safe. And Jungkook can't help but want to stay close.


“When I didn't see you, I panicked,” he glanced down.


“I can take care of myself.”


“Even after drinking?” He looked back up and squeezed his hands on Jimin’s hips. “Even when I saw guys checking you out and seeing them gone? And then you're gone? Jesus Jimin… you're literally the sexiest most attractive boy in the whole wide world and you-” Jungkook stopped.


The tears were gone. Instead, Jimin was blushing. “Yeah…?”


“You can't just disappear on me and not expect me to miss you. Or want to protect you.” He leaned forward until he rested his forehead on Jimin’s shoulder. “I was scared I lost you. Understand? But... I'm sorry I yelled. Please don’t misunderstand me. You can wear whatever you want and you can look any kind of way you see fit. I’m just scared someone else might notice just how stunning you are and take you away from me.”


“I'm sorry I took it the wrong way,” Jimin hugged his boyfriend tight. “I was- well I guess I'm still a little drunk- but anyways, I wasn't thinking right. All I thought about was making sure we wouldn't get hangovers and staying hydrated.” He gulped and rested his cheek on Jungkook's shoulder. He lightly kissed his neck, “I'll be careful. I promise.”


“I don't know what I'd do if-”


“Shhh,” Jimin interrupted his boyfriend with swift kisses to his lips. “Shhh, I know. I'll be careful.” Jimin cupped Jungkook's cheeks in both his hands and smiled, “I love you.”


“I love you too,” Jungkook smiled. He was happy that Jimin seemed to be ok,  “Ok Ok Ok, let’s try lying down. It's late.”


Jimin shook his head, puffy lips permanently stuck out. “Wanna stay here.” He hopped up and down in Jungkook’s lap and smacked his shoulders, “This is my seat.”


Jungkook already knew the dangerous predicament he was caught in. So if he was going to be at the mercy of his drunk boyfriend the rest of the night, he wanted to at least be comfortable. “Let me change baby, and then you can sit on my lap all you want.”


Jimin was about to fight him on that, but with Jungkook’s tough grasp pulling him off, Jimin knew he’d lose that fight. He just sat on the bed with his arms crossed, watching Jungkook’s every move. The way he pulled his hoodie off of his body made his shirt pull up a bit. Jimin’s eyes caught the flash of abs before it was gone a second later. He licked his lips as he let his eyes follow Jungkook’s long and lean fingers work his jeans open and pull them down. Jungkook grunted as he bent down to pick up the jeans, and it sent chills down Jimin’s body. His arms loosened up and he slowly laid them in his lap, squeezing his legs a little tighter together.


He continued to watch as Jungkook put his and Jimin’s clothes away by their bags and rolled his neck around. Jimin’s vision was a little blurred as he stared so long without blinking his eyes. He rubbed moisture back in them and noticed Jungkook’s t-shirt gone. With his back to him, Jimin was able to see the way Jungkook’s shoulders angled down into a small waist and a firm ass. His thighs were big and legs a little hairy. But taking in his whole body, Jimin finally noticed how there was little hair on the rest of Jungkook’s body to begin with. His pecs weren’t overly large, but definitely larger than his. Jimin just wanted to sink his teeth in them.


“Let me sit back against the thing here and then you can get on, ok?”


Jungkook didn’t seem to notice the hungry gaze in his boyfriend's eyes, as he made his way back to the mattress and around Jimin. He sat back against the piled up pillows and wiggled his legs a bit to loosen them up. With a grin, he rubbed his thighs and gestured for his boyfriend.


“Ok. Ready.”


Jimin lazily dragged his eyes up all the way from Jungkook’s toes, up his legs, lingered on his crotch and abs, before making his way up to Jungkook’s eyes. Their eyes stayed locked to each others as Jimin slowly crawled his way over to Jungkook and positioned himself in his lap. He squeezed his thighs a little and wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck. It seized his heart seeing Jungkook with hearts in his eyes. Hands lightly squeezing his ass. And his body hot.


“You know that, even if any guy or girl was looking at me or trying to get my attention, all I see is you, right?” He brought his lips close to Jungkook’s but made sure to keep the tiniest bit of space between them. “You’re the only one I want,” he whispered.


And the dam broke.


Jimin couldn’t hold back any longer. He had to claim all of Jungkook for himself. A rush of possessiveness flooded his body as he felt Jungkook’s hands roaming his back and ass. He wanted to be touched more. His drunken state was elevating the pleasure and he needed more.


“Jungkookie,” he moaned loudly. “Baby… I need you…”


Jungkook was currently scraping his teeth and tongue up Jimin’s extended neck, getting a small taste of sweat and his orange lily cologne on his tongue. “What do you need?”


“Fuck me baby. Please,” he said desperately, already breathing heavily.


Jungkook grunted as he easily lifted Jimin up an off of him so he could shuffle his boxers down his legs. He kicked them off and spread his legs open. Jimin eyes narrowed in on Jungkook’s cock bobbing up and down as Jungkook adjusted himself. He licked his lips excessively as he sat on his knees in between Jungkook’s legs.


“No Kitten, this way.”


Jimin’s eyes were glossed over, lustful and tipsy. But he shifted around as Jungkook lead him, making him on his hands and knees on the side of Jungkook. His ass was in the air and his mouth hovered over his lover’s cock.


“Get me nice and wet while I do the same.”


“You what-”


Jungkook popped his saliva covered fingers out of his mouth and smirked as he pushed them against Jimin’s hole. He didn’t push them in right away, not wanting to hurt his delicate boyfriend. But Jimin was eager either way, so had no problems relaxing his body as Jungkook pushed his fingers inside. It felt so good being filled, but it wasn’t anything compared to Jungkook’s dick. So without waiting any longer, he sank his mouth down on Jungkook. He moaned loudly as it hit the back of his throat. His thick lips sucked in tight as he slid his mouth up and down. He made sure to excessively spit and let himself drool all over the cock in his mouth. In fact, he couldn’t really control himself. Because the more Jungkook pushed his fingers inside of his irresistible boyfriend, the more Jimin sucked on his cock; like he hasn’t eaten a meal in months.


“Ahh fuck. Jimin- Baby- Kitten-”


“Can I ride you now,” he asked with such a cute baby voice that Jungkook could have probably cum with just that.


“Ride me Kitten. Whatever you want,” he said out of breath, pulling his fingers out of Jimin’s ass.


Jimin gasped at the loss, making him move that much faster at getting in Jungkook’s lap and lining up his hole. Jungkook held his dick with one hand while the other gripped Jimin’s thick thigh. Eyes half lidded, Jungkook watched as his dick slowly disappeared inside of his boyfriend.


Jimin has never moaned as loudly as he has, than in this moment; Jungkook made a mental note that it must be the alcohol. He grinned and breathed heavy as Jimin bottomed out and squeezed his hole as tightly as he could. Normally Jimin liked to wait for a while before moving, but again, because of the alcohol, Jimin quickly lifted all the way up and forced his body down hard.


“OHhhh FUCK!”


Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s shoulders so hard his dull nails were digging into the skin. Jungkook however felt none of it as he was too distracted with his horny ass boyfriend riding him like his life depended on it. Over and over, Jimin didn’t seem to have a stop button, bouncing up and down with endless energy. His cock was erect and bouncing up and down with him, making Jungkook drool. He wanted to take control; grab Jimin’s cute cock and pump him fast and hard. He wanted to snap his hips into his baby and make him moan and scream until his voice gave out. But seeing Jimin having fun and fucking him, he decided he’d not only physically sit back and watch, but metaphorically do that as well.


“Look at you baby,” Jungkook huffed, “You fuck me so well. Your thighs are so sexy.” He grabbed and squeezed them, feeling them tense up and pulse in his grasp.


“I’m sexy,” Jimin asked out of breath, slowing down just a little; his face glowing from sweat and his pink hair glued to his skin.


“I wanted to fuck you so hard at the restaurant Jimin… It was hard controlling myself.”


Jimin moaned and whined. “You should have done it!”


“Fuck…” Jungkook closed his eyes and concentrated on not cumming. He chuckled a little after he calmed himself down enough to push his orgasm till a little later. “You’re so bad with this pink hair Kitten. I don’t know what to do with myself.”


Jimin chewed on his bottom lip and tilted his head to the side, “Tell me.”


“I want to kiss you all the time,” Jungkook stared at his lips. “I don’t care who sees us. I want to kiss you and touch you. Hold you and-” he gulped, “Fuck. Jimin. I want to just scream at the top of my lungs that you’re mine and that I’m so fucking lucky.” He dragged his hands up to Jimin’s sides, making the man stop bouncing. “Jimin, it’s not like you needed the pink hair for me to feel this way but… God…” he slid his hands all the way up to Jimin’s neck and cheek, “I feel like I never wanna let go.” He chuckled, “I don’t even know what I’m saying.”


He dropped his hands and laid his head back. But Jimin whined and grabbed his hands for him, putting them back on his body. Jungkook did as Jimin wanted and looked at him once again.


“Y-You… want to film me… because you want people to see me? From your eyes, right?”


Jungkook nodded slowly, “Something like that. Yeah.”


“Then I want to start now.”


“Now?” Jungkook looked around in confusion, “You mean like-”


“I want people to see how I’m yours and you’re mine. A-And I want them to see us and how happy we are and-” He huffed, smile wide and face pink. “I want everyone to see.”


“How about this Princess-”


Jimin barely gasped, “Oh..  you said Princess…”


Jungkook smirked as he continued, “We start tomorrow. I’ll film you doing anything and everything and we can decide what to use and not use.”


“What about right now? I want you to do it now.”


“Jimin…” he scoured Jimin’s sexy body with his eyes.


Jimin started rolling his hips, slowly and with purpose. He leaned down and kissed Jungkook’s shoulder and neck, licking like a kitten, gentle. He mewled in his boyfriend’s ear and cuddled on his chest, squeezing his hole over and over.


“We don’t have too. I just…” He rubbed his cheek into Jungkook’s shoulder, “This is how I know things.”


Jungkook was careful in wrapping his arms around Jimin, feeling like if he squeezed too hard Jimin would break. “What do you mean baby?” He closed his eyes and Jimin continued to slowly roll his hips.


“I just want to show people how you make me feel. You’re like the only one and I want them to know you’re the only one. I mean…” he sighed softly, “I was always alone except when I was live and talking to people. So… I just want them to see how happy I am.”


“So you’re fans, huh?”


Jimin nodded, still cuddled into Jungkook.


“You miss them, don’t you?”


Jimin nodded again, but was slower this time. “Is that bad?”


“Of course it’s not bad,” Jungkook pulled Jimin away so he could see his face. “They are your fans. And you haven’t done a live in a long time. So it’s understandable. But-”




“I don’t want to do it tonight. You’re drunk. And I don’t want them seeing you like this. Ok?”


Jimin nodded his head slowly, understanding where Jungkook was coming from. “Ok. I’m sorry I’m drunk,” he pouted cutely.


Jungkook snorted, “Why are you apologizing? Be drunk if you wanna be drunk. I don’t care. But that stays with me and me only. They don’t get to have that.”


Jimin blushed, feeling like he and Jungkook were the only two people on earth and nothing else mattered.


“Now… are we gonna cum? Or would you like to talk some more… Princess ?”


A mix between a cry and a whine was caught in the back of Jimin’s throat. So Jungkook took that as a go. He grabbed Jimin’s hips tightly in his hands and pulled him up and down. Jimin threw his head back, as he held on to Jungkook’s strong arms.


“That’s it baby, ride me.”


Jimin started taking control again, feeling his legs burning. But the sensation of the burn and the pleasure filling up his body was almost euphoric. He pushed himself hard, going up and down wildly, chasing the euphoria.


“I’m gonna cum!”


“Ahh, fuck! Me too Kitten!”


“J-Jungkook! Fuuuuck!”


Jungkook squeezed Jimin’s hips hard as he started cumming inside of his boyfriend. It got really messy as a lot of it came out. Jimin just wouldn’t stop bouncing up and down as he too came a moment later. The thrill of a hazy and drunk world made him uncontrollable. Each bounce made Jungkook grunt loudly from overstimulation, making him squeeze Jimin harder to make him stop.


“Jimin. S-Stop…. Fuck…”


“So good…” he panted out of breath. “Can’t… stop…”


He wasn’t bouncing as hard, but kept rolling his hips and feeling his orgasm spread through his whole body. He felt high.  He felt so good with Jungkook going soft inside of him. He felt invincible with his body covered in sweat and cum. And nothing could change his mind.


He finally stopped moving but kept his eyes closed; kept his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders to keep from collapsing. Because it finally hit him; he was so out of it, he could pass out right here and now.


Jungkook quickly held him up and pulled him off of his lap. Carefully he maneuvered Jimin into a sitting position on the bed and quickly grabbed a vitamin drink from earlier. “Here baby, you need to drink this before you sleep.”


“But I’m so sleepy! Sleep only.”


Jungkook was in the process of wiping himself down when Jimin’s body fell over on his side. He ran to the other side of the bed and got in, sitting next to Jimin and holding him up. “Ohhh no you don’t. You’re not just gonna fuck me then pass out.”


Jimin giggled tiredly, “You’re so funny Kookie.”


“I’m only funny to you.”


“No no no,” he shook his head, “You’re always funny.” He smacked his chest a couple times before leaving his hand on Jungkook’s abs. “Funny.”


“Just drink this bottle and then you can sleep.”


“Promise,” Jimin leaned on Jungkook and looked up.


“I promise Kitten.”


Jimin grabbed the bottle and put it to his lips. He tipped his head back and drank the rest of the vitamin drink. He held out the empty bottle for Jungkook to grab, then wrapped his arms around the large biceps of his boyfriend and cuddled against him.


“Sleep now.”


Jungkook chuckled, “Ok ok. Sleep. Goodnight babe.”


“Goodnight honey.”


Jungkook blushed as he closed his eyes and focused on Jimin’s soft breathing. Imagining all the moments he was about to get to film and share with the world. Moments that would prove  him and Jimin were in love and inseparable.


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