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The Winner Takes It All

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One Year Later


Jeongguk wakes up, eyes fluttering open with sunshine falling down upon him. The first thing he thinks of is how nice he feels. It’s the perfect temperature, the morning has just begun, the sun is out, and there’s a gentle breeze that is coming in through the window they had left open last night. A bird is chirping outside, far enough to where it was just a pleasant noise. A smile grows on his face as he looks down and sees Taehyung still sleeping on his bare chest, fingers just barely curving on the alpha’s skin as he continues to wonder about in his dreaming state.


There’s a feeling of bliss that floods throughout his body, making his fingertips tingle and cheeks warm when he thinks of the events of last night. They both bore no clothes now, limbs intertwined and bodies nearly connected. Jeongguk lips fall apart into a silent grin and he has to close his eyes and push his head back into the pillow before he awakes Taehyung in excitement when he catches a glimpse of the omega’s swelled belly.


He really wants to wake his mate up, shake his shoulders and kiss him deeply, run his hands all over the omega’s golden skin, pull him onto his lap and hold him closer than his own heart. Jeongguk knows that his heart is pounding and he hopes that it does not disturb Taehyung, as his head is laid right above it. No, he’ll let Taehyung sleep for as long as he desires. His arm may be going numb, fingers perhaps going purple, but Jeongguk doesn’t even dare to think about moving.


The clock on their bedside drawer reads eight in the morning and Jeongguk sighs contently. They still have plenty of time to rest, relax, even make a nice breakfast before they have to go out and meet the others on the beach. It’s Sunday, the only day that Jeongguk doesn’t have work to look at so it’s a day for leisure and relaxing. He’s thinking about sleeping for a little bit longer and enjoying the moment with his mate, besides, if they slept in too late he was sure that either Jimin or Hoseok would come knocking their door down and tackling them. Jeongguk is so close to closing his eyes once again until he sees a flash a fur.


Yeontan had somehow jumped up onto the bed (though Jeongguk had no idea how he managed that since his legs were legitimate stumps) and was standing menacingly by their feet. Jeongguk and Yeontan stared each other down, Jeongguk glaring with his jaw set and Yeontan with those deceivingly innocent eyes. The damn dog’s tail was wagging dangerously slow, pink tongue just barely passing through those sharp teeth.


Ever since Taehyung had made the terrible decision to adopt the dog, Jeongguk had been fighting against it for the omega’s affection. Mating season had just ended and Jeongguk was almost surprised that he and Taehyung even got around to it.


Jeongguk would be left pouting on the couch, arms crossed and eyes narrowed, as Taehyung would walk around smelling like a goddamn feast and wearing skimpy panties, and yet paying his actual mate no mind as he took care of the damn dog instead. There had been way too many times where Jeongguk had finally pulled Taehyung into his lap, thumbs slipping under undergarments and lips parting when the stupid dog would start whining and the omega would jump up and go take care of him.


By far the worst case though was when Jeongguk was actually on top of Taehyung, both naked and panting, and Yeontan just started barking. Non-stop. This time, Taehyung didn’t get up to go tend to the thing but damn, he still didn’t stop barking. It eventually ruined the mood and they ended up watching some movie and cuddling, which was nice and all, but as an alpha during mating season it wasn’t overly awesome for Jeongguk.


It wasn’t until last night when Yeontan was finally merciful and didn’t bother them, leading to their current situation right now with Taehyung laying peacefully atop Jeongguk. But now, of course, he wanted to ruin it again by waking Taehyung up and mess up their morning of bliss.


Jeongguk started to shake his head, lips in a tight line as Yeontan got closer, fuzzy paws not making a single sound.


Yeontan looked like he was about to put his paw on Taehyung’s ass and that really didn’t sit well with Jeongguk. “No! Back off! That is mine!” He seethed, voice barely above a whisper so he didn’t wake his mate up.


He was about to try and rip his shoulder out to swat the dog away before he heard, or felt, a giggle on the skin of his chest. He looked down and saw that Taehyung’s eyes were open, lips pulled into a sweet grin that oozed playfulness. Jeongguk blinked and opened his mouth to say something, but ended up just making a weird “uh” noise after realizing that Taehyung had seen that entire interaction with Yeontan.


Taehyung just laughed again, voice a bit deeper due to just waking up, before lifting himself up to press a kiss against Jeongguk’s lips. They both had morning breath but Jeongguk didn’t care in the slightest, cupping the omega’s cheeks in his palms and pulling him a little bit closer.


“You two are ridiculous.” Taehyung managed in between kisses, hands now wandering over Jeongguk biceps that he was very appreciate of.


“Can’t help it. He’s trying to steal my mate away. It’s natural for me to try and dropkick him off this planet.” Jeongguk responded, eyes cracked open just a little bit so he could see every second that passed. Life was too short to not be looking at Taehyung 24/7.


Yeontan was jumping on Taehyung’s back, still trying to get his attention with little whines.


“Tannie, can’t you see that we’re having a moment here?” Taehyung laughed, sending one hand back to blindly seek the body of the dog.


“He doesn’t care. He never does.” Jeongguk grumbles, though his dissatisfaction is soothed when Taehyung leans his head into the space between his shoulder and neck, little puffs of breath tickling the skin there.


Yeontan seemed to realize that Taehyung wasn’t going to give him the attention he desired and he finally laid down with a huff. Jeongguk ran a hand over the bare skin of the omega’s back, fingers moving over the natural arch with a touch so gentle that you could barely feel it.


“You feeling alright?” Jeongguk whispered, eyes going soft as a breeze came by through the open window, causing Taehyung’s brown hair to move about in the slightest.


It was safe to say that Jeongguk was a hopeless romantic. A foolish one at that. Ever since he was a child, he dreamed of having an omega to take care of, and be taken care of by. Daydreams about soulmates that would last throughout time and universes, two souls meant to be. Maybe it was something like reincarnation, moving on through time and always existing side by side. But, no. That wasn’t exactly it. He thought of what Taehyung had asked him, so long ago when they had finally found each other once again. Did he believe in parallel universes? Perhaps. If it’s with Taehyung, Jeongguk thinks that he can believe.


It’s Taehyung who pulls him back to the real world and away from his never-ending thoughts of life in general.


“I’ve never felt so happy in my life, Guk. Though I would be lying if I said that my ass isn’t sore.”


Jeongguk grinned and let his hands travel down a little bit further, squeezing Taehyung’s butt with endearment.


“Sorry, baby. It’s only because I love you.”


Taehyung got a coy look in his eye and he innocently looked up at Jeongguk. “You love me?”


“Mm Hm.”


“Love me enough to dress me? I’m tired.” Taehyung pouted, lips sticking out and almost glistening. How could anyone expect Jeongguk to deny that face?


Jeongguk helps Taehyung get up, sitting him on the edge of the bed before officially kicking Yeontan out of the room. He’ll give him a little extra kibble this morning to make up for it.


When he looks back to where Taehyung is sitting, he sees that the omega is no longer looking at him but at the picture frame rested beside the window. The curtains are gently drifting up and down and light is hitting the omega just perfectly. Resting upon his features like a blanket and making Taehyung look… well, soft.


It’s the perfect side view of his mate and Jeongguk can’t help but stare for a second. Taehyung is sitting straight up, hands in his lap. His thighs are out for seeing, stomach as well. His face looks so relaxed as he gazes at the picture frame of the couple together, laughing in the distance. Jeongguk remembers that day quite well. Jin had brought his fancy camera to that burger place that they all enjoyed and had someone captured the perfect picture.


Taehyung and Jeongguk are both laughing, the omega covered in ketchup and fries while the alpha was soaking wet in vanilla milkshake. It almost looks staged because of how nice it all seems. However, if you really looked, you would know that it wasn’t. You couldn’t stage those genuine smiles and the looks in their eyes.


The alpha finally walks over and kept help himself from leaning down on his knees and pressing his palm against Taehyung’s abdomen. He knows he won’t feel anything right now since the swelling is only due to Taehyung’s heat and the knot he just took, but it’s still comforting to feel. It’s a promise for the future, and that’s all that Jeongguk needs.


After all, he had waited six years now for this.


But then again, he would have waited for however long Taehyung needed.


One of Taehyung’s hands find way to the top of Jeongguk’s head, fingers carding through his black locks of hair. After a moment, Jeongguk brings that hand down with his own, pressing a kiss on the omega’s knuckles before standing up again.


First things first, he puts some damn underwear on himself. It was a bit stupid to be walking around butt naked with the window open but what the hell, they were young and lived out on the part of the beach that no one else was remotely close to. They could do whatever they pleased.


He fumbles around the drawers, trying to pick out something that Taehyung would like to wear today. It was sort of a weird request for Taehyung to make, asking Jeongguk to dress him, but he wasn’t complaining.


It’s not that hot out today due to a recent storm passing by so that was good. Jeongguk picked out a pair of cream colored pants, loose fitting and quite long. He picked out a similar shirt and placed it on the sheets beside Taehyung. Whatever, it wasn’t overly fancy or anything, and Jeongguk liked Taehyung in lighter colors anyways.


He slides some underwear up Taehyung’s legs and is too focused on his job to notice how the omega is sweetly gazing down at him. The pants go on next and Jeongguk’s hands are as tender as possible. He treats the omega as if he were porcelain sometimes, about to break. He may not recognize it, but there’s still that fear that something, someone, may take Taehyung out of his hands again. Take away his happiness. And that’s why he holds so dearly to the omega, protecting him and treating him more tenderly than any lover ever could. There are some days where Jeongguk simply can’t fathom how he survived those five years without his mate. Hell, how he survived the first portion of his life not even knowing Taehyung. It’s odd how one person, just one, can change everything.


Jeongguk gets dressed himself and leads Taehyung by the hand to their kitchen. They go slowly, Taehyung making sure to whine and complain as loudly as possible about how sore he is and how he’s going to fall over. Jeongguk eventually picks up on what Taehyung refuses to ask for, leaning down to pick up his omega bridal style, smiling when Taehyung squeals in delight. Yeontan is barking at his feet and Jeongguk has to resist the urge to just… whatever.


Taehyung is giggling the entire way, wriggling his long legs around in excitement. His movement almost makes Jeongguk trip down the last two stairs and he stumbles about trying to catch his balance again. Taehyung is just seeming to have the time of his life, but somewhere in the back of his head, subconsciously so he didn’t even realize it, Jeongguk is thinking about the pups that may be coming and he finds his balance before the two go toppling.


The alpha puts the omega down with a gentle smile, making sure Taehyung’s feet are firmly on the ground before he lets go completely.


Taehyung is already headed towards the fridge, presumably to find something to cook up for breakfast while Jeongguk is picking up Yeontan’s bowl to feed the little bastard. The dog is yapping like crazy and Jeongguk rolls his eyes.


“Yeah, yeah. I’m getting there so shut up.”


Yeontan stands up on his hind legs, his two front ones moving like crazy as Jeongguk places the bowl on the ground. Jeongguk stands back up to see Taehyung heating up some leftover soup on the stove and pulling out some fruit to cut.


“I told you, we should have gotten a cool dog, like a boxer or something.” He complains.


Taehyung just shakes his head and looks back as if he were betrayed. “Yeontan is cool! And he’s cute as well. Besides, boxers drool everywhere. That’s gross.”


Jeongguk just laughs with tenderness in his eyes before walking on over to where his mate was standing. Taehyung was chopping something with a knife, hips gently shaking to the rhythm in which he was humming. How could Jeongguk be expected to resist that sight? Jeongguk lets his hands wrap around those hips, fingers heavy yet soft at the same time. The omega stopped waving around, though he kept up his act of pretending to not know what Jeongguk was doing.


The alpha pressed quick kisses around Taehyung’s mating mark, which were obviously not meant to be chaste ones. Taehyung just kept on chopping, barely keeping his smile back.


“You’re going to ignore me? Is that what you’re doing?” Jeongguk whispered, eyes crinkled into crescents. His hands started to push up the fabric of Taehyung’s shirt, fingertips brushing against the soft skin of Taehyung’s stomach.


“You know, if you were planning on doing this than you should have done it when we were naked in bed. Not when you spent all that time getting me dressed and carrying me down here.” Taehyung replied in an almost sing-song manner. Jeongguk didn’t fail to notice how the omega still naturally leant back into his chest, as if he were seeking protection in some way.


“But undressing is you is what makes it so fun.” Jeongguk said back, lips brushing against Taehyung’s neck with every word spoken. His hands were roaming over the omega’s tummy now, much more gentle than they had been on the other’s waist. “And besides, we need a change of scenery. That bed has gotten boring.”


Taehyung finally laughs, placing his hands above Jeongguk’s. He turns around with a playful look.


“Okay, but you’re going to have to massage me afterwards.”




Taehyung loved being in the water, it was one of his favorite things to do and places to be. Especially when there were other people with him. Currently, he was atop Jeongguk’s shoulders, thighs around his head and arms outreached. They were currently in a serious battle against Hoseok and Jin, and Taehyung was not planning on losing today.


“Namjoon, help me!” Jin shrieked, slapping his arms everywhere and kicking at Jeongguk’s face as well. “Hoseok is trying to kill me!”


No, you’re trying to kill me! Stop moving around or I’m going to drop you!” Hoseok exclaimed, trying to get his balance back as Jin kept thrashing about on his shoulders.


“You’re on your own, Jin! I thought you said that Taehyung and Jeongguk were too wimpy to beat you anyways!” Namjoon shouted from where he was standing, by the sand trying to catch some crabs.


“Wimpy, huh?” Taehyung laughed, pushing at Jin and making him wave his arms around like a helicopter.


After a couple more pushes, the Jin and Hoseok combo went tumbling over, causing a splash a water to come up all the way to Taehyung’s nose. The omega giggled and wiggled his feet around.


Jeongguk just grinned and squeezed Taehyung’s thighs from where he was holding onto them. Taehyung was surprisingly light (an alpha’s bias) and he hardly weighed a thing to him. The alpha slowly squatted down, letting his chin become submerged in the seawater so Taehyung could easily and safely get off.


Jin finally popped out of the water, looking as if he had just been offended in the worst way possible. He blinked violently to get the water out of his eyes, spitting out whatever had just gotten into his mouth. Hoseok followed a second afterwards looking like some kind of water god.


Jeongguk cackled at the two while keeping a protective hand on the small of Taehyung’s back.


“Whatever, we let you two win. Have to boost your egos somehow.” Jin remarked, pulling some seaweed off of his shoulder.


“More like you let them win by flailing around.” Hoseok muttered. Jin proceeded to chase Hoseok away, leaving a trail of splashing water in his footsteps.


The two mates just watched them in curiosity, not sure who would win. Taehyung eventually turned towards Jeongguk and poked his side.


“Hey, I’m going to go back and sit on the shore for a minute.”


Jeongguk nodded and pressed a kiss against his lips, sweet and salty at the same time. “Alright, love you.”


Taehyung’s cheeks went a bid red like they always did when Jeongguk said such things. “Love you too, Gukkie.”


The omega was pretty sure that he would never get tired or used to Jeongguk saying ‘I love you’ and it always caught him off guard in a way. Maybe it was because Jeongguk always said it so sincerely, like it so important and that he really wanted Taehyung to know that he meant it. Whatever it was, it sent butterflies flocking in the omega’s stomach.


He starts to head towards the shore, accidently stepping on a shell and cursing on his way. Jeongguk had set up a blanket for them to sit on, along with a packed bag and some food to eat in case they got hungry.


Taehyung sits down with a huff, pretty sore in all the right areas. At least the sand beneath him was soft and the sun wasn’t overly terrible today. He sighed and pulled his notebook out of his bag, a yawn escaping his lips as he flipped to an empty page. What should he write about today?


He looked out to the shore where everyone, including his mate were. Jeongguk looked so happy and that in return made Taehyung happy. He was out in the water, which seemed to be where he glowed the most. Jeongguk wasn’t wearing a shirt and was showing off some of his best assets, which never failed to make Taehyung swoon just a bit. Water was running down his caramel skin and the sunlight seemed to perfectly fall down on his body. He looked like those alphas on sports magazines that were meant to make omegas blush. Taehyung wasn’t sure how he had gotten ahold of such an alpha.


Jeongguk was roughhousing and pushing the others over and getting knocked over himself as well. He and Jimin were seemingly in some form of battle, both trying to drown each other. The two had somehow achieved a weird frienemies relationship over the passing months, though Taehyung couldn’t complain. It was much better than straight up hating each other.


So much had changed over the last year and it was pretty hard to keep up with. To be honest, Taehyung had never ever predicted that his life would go about like this. It sort of seemed like some overdramatic soap opera, but nope, it happened. He had gone from abandoned and rejected to loved and about to start a family in such a quick period. There had been rough spots but Taehyung was happy with them nonetheless. The Jeongguk and Taehyung of today wouldn’t have been the same without them.


Jeongguk must have caught Taehyung gazing out at him because he stopped for a second. Stood still and simply looked back at the omega with eyes that looked as if they were shining. Taehyung felt his lips curling up as well, he had never been able to resist the other’s smile. Jeongguk looked like he was about to shout out something before Hoseok literally materialized out of thin air and tackled him back into the water.


As he continued to watch his friends in the water, an idea suddenly popped into his head on what to write. He pulled out a pen and started with a smile.


Dear Jeonggukie of the future,


I am writing this to you today, hopefully a day in the past, if I don’t cave in and give it to you in like a week. Mating season has just ended and hopefully we will be expecting pups soon. Maybe we will already have them running around the house when you read this! Wouldn’t that be nice? I know that you’ve been wanting pups and to raise a family for such a long time now. And yet, you were still so patient with me and made sure to wait until I was completely ready. After a year, and perhaps even less, I am ready.


There’s nothing else in this world that could make me happier than sharing the rest of my life with you and growing a family of our own. I want to grow old with you and see our pups grow up and have their own. I had never thought such things possible until I was with you.


 I used to be so afraid back then before I met you, afraid to have pups as an omega. And maybe, probably, it was I was ashamed of my status as an omega and being seen as one. To me, having pups would be a surrendering of sorts. Admitting that I was an omega above anything else. Yet, I barely remember how that feels anymore. That fear of identity and accepting who I am.


Everyone says that you have to love yourself before you can love others, but I don’t think that’s true. You helped me learn how to love myself, Jeongguk. You made me feel like I had a purpose and that I could be happy as an omega. I hope that I have been able to make you as happy as you have made me over the years. This all may sound silly but it’s really true. You’ve breathed life back into my lungs and pumped blood through my heart once again.


You know, I can’t help but always think about how letters have brought us together. When you forced to leave me, you wrote me letters upon letters in an attempt to get me back. It was Jimin’s letter that brought you back to Jeju, and now this one. It’s something that we will always share, just one more memory of ours that we can cherish together.


Jeongguk, I hope you know just how much I love you. In this universe and in the next, we’ll always be together. That’s how soulmates work, don’t you think?


With Love,


Your Taehyung.