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The Winner Takes It All

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The Aftermath


Jeongguk doesn’t like her. Not one bit. His lips are pressed into a tight line, eyes hooded and demeanor quite unpleasant as he stands there looking straight forward. Red crescents are imprinted into the palm of his hand as he clenches his hands into tight fists. He honestly feels like he’s going to be sick as his stomach coils.


She’s skinny and Jeongguk is surprised that she’s still able to stand up with the lack of muscle on her body. There’s not a single blemish on her face, skin pale and lacking of any freckle or mole. Her dark hair flowed past her shoulders and it looked like it had been straightened and dolled up before this meeting. She was wearing a white dress made of silk and lace, intricate designs decorating it. Everything about her screamed ‘innocent and pure omega’ and Jeongguk already felt the beginnings of disdain for her.


Jieun was looking at the ground, hands behind her back and standing as straight as a pole. The air was pretty awkward between them. Both of their parents were standing right next to them, smiling as if nothing was wrong with the situation. His mother turned towards him that disgusting smile that now made him want to burst into a fit of anger.


You betrayed my trust. I’m suffering because of you. Taehyung is suffering.


She put her hand on his shoulder. Jeongguk wanted to slap it away and yell at her right in front of that other omega and her family. He refrained himself. That would change nothing and besides, he had already made it quite obvious how he felt the moment he had landed back in Seoul.


There was a lot of yelling, bared teeth, and heavy alpha pheromones. Jeongguk had felt the prickling of violent urges on his skin and the only thing that had held him back was the knowledge that this was still his family. All he wanted was to be with Taehyung. He wanted to be reunited with his mate. His stomach hurt, probably due to the separation. Newly made mates were supposed to stay by each other’s sides for the first couple of days. Jeongguk had to wonder how his omega was doing. Horrible, he knew. Probably in misery and agony after what he had said to him before abandoning him.


 Why did this have to happen?


“Greet her, Jeongguk.” His mother had whispered into his ear, voice sickly sweet and vile. A brief moment of silence passed as both parties waited for Jeongguk to do something already. Several minutes had already passed and nothing had happened. His father shifted and crossed his arms.


Jeongguk’s jaw clenched and it felt as if his teeth were about to shatter into a thousand pieces. He took a step forward, coming closer to this fate in which he was chained to forcibly. Jieun kept her eyes on the floor, lips slightly parted. She looked nervous. Jeongguk hated that. Taehyung was confident when they had first met, he knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to act on it.


He stuck his hand out between them and tried to look away. He couldn’t bear to even look at her right now.


“Hi.” He gruffly said, voice obviously uninterested and detached. Jeongguk could hear his mother sighing in the background. What, did she actually expect him to like this omega? This omega who wasn’t his mate?


The soft skin of her hand wrapped around his own and Jeongguk could tell that she must have used some sort of lotion. He didn’t like how she smelled. It was too soft. There wasn’t enough presence. This was what people considered to be the ideal omega? Bullshit.


“Hi.” She said back. Her voice was incredibly high pitched compared to Taehyung’s. It seemed squeaky and Jeongguk knew that it would become annoying over time. They didn’t shake hands for long as Jeongguk snatched his hand back after the bare minimum of contact. This was obviously not the best meeting and Jeongguk’s mother soon stole the scene back.


“Jeongguk, why don’t you show Jieun the room you two will be sharing? I’m sure she’ll love to look around and get her nest settled and in place. In the meantime, we’ll be settling all of the details of your courtship.”


Oh, wonderful. A nest in his room. He stopped himself from rolling his eyes before walking away in the direction of the staircase. Jieun scurried behind him, following every one of his footsteps. It seemed like she had no personality at all.


The irritation from being with his backstabbers of parents had now been replaced by a lingering dislike and discomfort directed towards Jieun. Her footsteps were light and as they travelled up a winding staircase, Jeongguk found that she didn’t make much of a presence. She was awkwardly quiet and Jeongguk wondered if that was what was taught to omegas.


“This way.” Jeongguk muttered as they came up to the third floor of the large house. He shoved his hands into his pockets and blew out some air in a pout. Every part of his body was throbbing. He should be lying in bed with Taehyung right now, embracing the omega and admiring the mating mark he had placed there. Now, Jeongguk could only think of how he had condemned Taehyung to a painful life.


Jieun stopped and waited as Jeongguk opened his bedroom door for her. He couldn’t believe that he actually had to share his room with this omega. They didn’t even know each other and were expected to share a bed. Well, that’s what his parents were thinking was going to happen but it certainly wasn’t. Jeongguk’s room was quite large and there was an extra futon sitting across from the bed. One of them would be sleeping there for the duration of this hell. Jeongguk refused to sleep next to her. That would be cheating; he would still remain loyal to Taehyung no matter what. Even if they were separated for the rest of their lives.


He closed the door behind him and closed his eyes for a second to sigh. Now they were alone in his room. Awesome. Jieun looked around with a pretty neutral face before biting the inside of her cheek.


Jeongguk took his jacket off and threw it on the bed, turning away from the omega for a brief moment. This wasn’t going well at all.


“Jeongguk.” Jieun said, and her voice seemed a little off. Jeongguk turned around to heed her and his eyes widened just slightly. Her demeanor had changed from her docile nature back downstairs and she now stood in front of him, standing tall with her arms crossed, eyes glaring and accusing. Well, that was certainly a change.


“Let’s get one thing clear.” She started, stepping forward and raising a finger to make her point. “This little thing,” She pointed to him and back to herself. “Isn’t going to happen. Contract or not.”


She sounded terribly angry and Jeongguk couldn’t muster a single word out as she continued on her rant.


“I don’t want a relationship with you and I never will. I am only here because my parents forced me to, not because I actually want to. And trust me, if you even try to lay a single finger on me, I will make sure you will regret it for the rest of your life!”


Jieun kept stepping closer and the back of Jeongguk’s knees hit the mattress, causing him to fall over and have to sit down on the bed. Suddenly, the roles were switched and Jieun was in the spot of dominance, jabbing her finger into his chest without a second thought.


“I already have an alpha and I would honestly rather jump off a cliff than abandon him to be with you! I’ll keep up this little game but only for the amount of time that it takes for all the business plans between our parents to be solidified and signed. After that, I’m leaving. I don’t care if all the blame is put on me and I don’t care if that breaks your little alpha heart. We are never ever going to happen. Got it?” She hissed, expression showing off her fury and hatred towards him.


Jeongguk blinked and opened his mouth, no noises made. He could barely think properly right now after that whole thing. So, Jieun… felt the same way as him? Was in the exact same situation as himself?


He tried to speak but she started to talk again.


“Also, I swear if you even try to tell our parents about this I will literally cut your dick off in your sleep so don’t even-“


Jeongguk stood up for that one because she sounded a bit too serious with that threat. He raised his hands in surrender.


“Okay okay okay I hear you, will you just let me talk now?”


“No! I am not making compromises with you, I don’t care-“


“We’re in the same situation!” Jeongguk loudly said to stop the omega.


Jieun made a weird face like she was confused. “You have an alpha?”


“What? No!” Jeongguk slapped his forehead and shook his head. “I’m already with another omega. I’m only here because, as you said, our parents forced us with that forsaken contract!”


The omega blinked and her lip curled up just slightly. “Wait, seriously?”


Jeongguk nodded fervently and went on. “Yeah, I have a mate.”


That seemed to shock Jieun. “Woah, woah! You have a mate? For how long?! Why would your parents put you in this arranged courtship then?”


“Well, uh… we’ve been mates for less than two days, actually.”


The way Jieun’s jaw dropped was almost humorous. “Two days? What do you mean, two days?!”


Jeongguk sighed and sat down on the bed, patting the space next to him so Jieun would sit down as well. She followed suite with a very confused yet curious expression. He rubbed his temple, a headache already starting. This was going to take a while.


“Well, it started around two weeks ago when I took a trip to Jeju…”


As he retold his story, he found that his story was quite whimsical really. There were a lot of twists and turns, odd things that sounded like it came out of some cheesy fanfiction. Several parts made him incredibly happy, such as meeting Taehyung and sharing their first kiss. Other parts made him angry, like Jimin being a constant asshole to him. And finally, it made him miserable, knowing that it ended the way it did. With both him and Taehyung being separated, him breaking Taehyung’s heart into a thousand little pieces, and now being stuck in Seoul.


When he finishes, he feels a bit empty. This is very much real. Well, at least he has someone to rant to about his feelings. His own parents can’t do the same. He looks over at Jieun to gauge her reaction. She still looks somewhat confused.


“Okay, hold up. You’re telling me that you didn’t tell him about the arranged courtship? You didn’t tell him that you were being forced to leave his side? He thinks that you’re leaving because you have another omega and are just a jerk?”


“…Yeah. I couldn’t risk him following after me after what my father threatened to do. I can’t do that to him. I won’t do that to him.”


Jeongguk couldn’t have predicted that Jieun would respond to this by hitting him over the head. He whipped his head back up and held the spot where she had hit him.


“What was that for?!”


“You’re a fucking dumbass, that’s why!” Jieun snapped. “You might be the stupidest alpha I have ever encountered in my entire life! You should have fucking told him! You’re mates for God’s sake! He would have listened to you and understood what you were saying! Just because he’s a mated omega doesn’t mean that he’s lost all sense of logic, he would live with the situation and still be with you while you go home and get this shit done with!”


Jeongguk paused, opened his mouth, and then closed it.


“You could have done what I did and none of that shit you’re going through right now would be happening! You could have explained and also promised to always be his. You could have told him to wait just a year or two until all those contracts and business deals were signed and unable to be broken. You could still stay in contact with him and everything would have been fine! You didn’t have to leave and break his heart like that!”


Jeongguk stared at her with a blank look. Oh. Oh.


His entire slumped over and he pressed his forehead into his knees, hands going up to his dark locks of hair to violently pull at them.


“Oh. My. Fucking. God.” He muttered. In the rush of the moment, in a harried panic, he had been unable to reason out the best plan of action with Taehyung. He hadn’t been able to keep his cool and ended up making a brash and terrible decision. Great. Wonderful. He didn’t actually have to break Taehyung’s heart and leave both of them in an agonizing state of separation. For all the education he had received he was still truly the most idiotic person on the planet.


“Mm hm. Exactly. You’re stupid.”


Jeongguk flew back up and Jieun nearly toppled over from the fright of his sudden movement. “Well?! What do I do now?! Did I ruin it?” His voice sounded a bit broken and Jieun frowned in pity at him. Alpha’s were always so rash, acting before thinking anything through. She sighed and put a hand on his shoulder.


“No, Jeongguk. This isn’t the end of the world. Stop looking like you’re about to cry. Everything is going to be fine, you’ll be back with Taehyung in no time.”


“Really?” Jeongguk sniffed. He wasn’t usually this emotional but thinking about being away from Taehyung brought in a flood of agony like nothing else.


“Yes, really. All you need to do now is tell him about what’s going to happen. Call him!” Jieun reassures him, squeezing his shoulder one last time. “It’s as simple as that. I’m sure that he’ll understand and forgive you for… that little blunder you had back there.”


Jeongguk nodded, hope starting to return to him. He didn’t exactly expect that meeting Jieun, the omega he was forced to be with, would end up with him maybe getting Taehyung back but it was certainly the best outcome out there. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and nodded again.


“Okay…okay. I just have to call him...” He paused before throwing his phone on the bed and covering his face with his hands again. He let out a muffled scream.


“What’s wrong?” Jieun asked with a tired expression. Jeongguk was a weird alpha.


“I didn’t fucking get his phone number!”


“You’re mates and you don’t even have each other’s phone numbers?


Jeongguk fell back on the bed and slapped his hands to his cheeks. “It didn’t seem that important back then!”


Jieun rolled her eyes and tried to think of something else. “What about social media? Can’t you dm him?”


After around ten minutes of extensive searching they found that Taehyung in fact did not have any form of social media. Of course he wouldn’t. Incredibly convenient.


“Um… Do you any other way to reach him?” Jieun asked, crossing her arms with a frown.


Jeongguk tried to think. He didn’t know his cellphone number and he couldn’t contact him through social media. What else was there? How could he talk to him and explain everything?


His entire face broke out into a grin as a lightbulb went off. The alpha turned to Jieun and she thought that may be the biggest smile she had ever seen in her entire life.


“His address! He shares an apartment with Jimin and I know the address! I can send a letter to him!”


Jieun blinked before nodding. “That works, that works.”


Jeongguk stood up, energy and enthusiasm finally coming back to him. It was a great rush and he felt happy for the first time since he left Jeju. He jogged over to his desk and starting rummaging about in a rush, opening drawers and throwing things out. He finally pulled out an envelope and several stamps before grabbing his notebook and violently tearing a piece of paper out. Jieun walked over to wear he was standing and looked over his shoulder with a smile.


He was already writing in scribbled handwriting and Jieun couldn’t help but feel warm from the sight. Jeongguk really loved this Taehyung, didn’t he? The bedroom door suddenly opened and they both looked up. Jeongguk covered his paper with his hand.


It was their parents. Jieun’s father stepped inside and gestured for Jieun to come over. “Alright, sorry to ruin the fun but Jieun needs to finish packing back at home. She’ll be back in no time though, so you don’t have to worry Jeongguk.”


Jieun seemed to switch back to her previous demeanor of submissive alpha, being docile and passive. She looked back at Jeongguk but there was that familiar gleam in her eye from before. Jeongguk smiled. Fate had finally worked in his favor this one time. Thank the heavens it was Jieun who he was stuck with. Someone who definitely didn’t want him back.


“I’ll see you soon, Jeongguk.” She softly said with a wink that her parents couldn’t see. Jeongguk returned the courtesy. As quickly as she came, she left. Jeongguk’s smile faded slightly though when he saw his mother approaching him.


Well, there was one person here who he really didn’t like. She came up to him with a blue grin. Jeongguk couldn’t do anything to tip her off though. He couldn’t let her know about what he and Jieun were really planning. For now, he’d have to play the role here. If he did that, then maybe he could be reunited with Taehyung.


“Well, how’d it go?” She asked. Jeongguk kept his smile, though his posture was a bit stiff. He hated having to conform to her but he had to for right now.


“Good. She’s really nice. I like her.” He forced out in a pleasant tone of voice.


He did in fact like Jieun now, just not in the way his parents wanted him to.


“Oh, that’s just wonderful! See, I told you she would be a perfect omega! I’m sure Taehyung can’t even compare.”


Jeongguk nearly tackled her to the ground for that comment, but somehow was able to stay still. His fingers dug into the skin of his palm with fury. How dare she say such a vile thing?


He nodded, movements jerky. “Yeah.” He said. If this went on for much longer he might actually attack his mother. She was actually the worst person on this planet.


She soon left after that with her smug smile and arrogant aura. Jeongguk let out a sigh of relief as she left and closed the door behind her. Finally, peace. He looked back to the letter he was writing. He prayed that Taehyung would be able to understand through these words. Jeongguk smiled as he looked at the Taehyung written down with black ink. He kept writing.


Dear Taehyung, my one and only omega and mate,


I know that you’re undeniably angry at me and for good reasons. I have been a terrible mate to you for the past two days that we have been mates. I was so cruel to you and left you without a true explanation. Please, please know that what I said to you back then is not true. I love you so so much, I can’t even begin to explain how much you mean to me. You are a wonderful omega and I would trade the world for you. Please, let me explain to you why I truly left that day.


I was a coward even on the day that I met you. When I talked to you I was so infatuated that I left out a huge fact in my life. You already know how cruel my parents are. They are terrible, controlling people who don’t even care for their own son. The reason why I was so upset back then was not about stress over my law degree. My parents forcibly put me into an arranged courtship with an omega who I’d never met before. I was so furious that they had decided to do that to me. I lied and neglected to tell you this and I am terribly sorry. If I had not been so cowardly from the first day and actually told you the truth, maybe we would not be in this situation.


Everything I said to you before leaving was a lie. I truly do love you like no one else and you are my only omega. On the last day, I made a call to my mother. I told her that I was not going to have a part in this arranged courtship and that she could rip that contact up. I was going to stay here with you, I really was. I was fully prepared to live the rest of my life with you. That’s why I mated you. I wanted to start a family together, have pups together and grow old side by side.


When I woke up the next morning I was so happy and so in love. You were asleep, still lying in my arms. I felt like I could face the entire world as long as you were with me. But I got a voicemail from my father. He was angry, so terribly angry. He knew who you were, Tae. I made the terrible mistake of slipping your first name during my call with my mother and somehow they figured out the rest. My father had already had the arranged courtship contract signed for me and the consequences for breaking it right now would be tremendous. He threatened to disown me from the family and no longer pay for my education. He also threatened to press charges against you, Taehyung. Charges that put you in heavy debt for the rest of your life. I was afraid. If I stayed, I would condemn you to a life of humiliation and poverty. I was terrified of hurting you like that. I couldn’t bear to think of you suffering like that because of something that I had done. My plane was about to leave and I had to make a choice.


In the rush of everything, I made a terrible choice. One that I regret so much. I wasn’t thinking straight and I decided that leaving you would be the best thing for you. I didn’t even take the time to talk to you and see how you would react or act. I was selfish and thought my decision was best. To make sure that you wouldn’t follow after me and hurt yourself, I lied and said such awful things to you. I humiliated you and broke your heart. Please know that I now understand how stupid I was being. I should have told you. I should have explained.


I wasn’t able to have a clear mind though and see what I should have done until I got home. The omega I was arranged to be with is named Jieun and she’s in the exact same situation. She already has an alpha and has no interest in me romantically. She made that quite clear actually. But, she’s still with her alpha. She told him and they are still together. I should have done the same. We both wouldn’t be in such a state of heartbreak had I done so.


Jieun has a plan. This arranged courtship is for business purposes only. It will probably take a year or so for every business deal and contract to be signed and solidified, aka unable to be broken. After that, our courtship won’t really matter that much. We’ve only just talked once and we still have a lot of things to figure out but I think we’ll be able to split after some time. I’ll be able to be yours once again, like it should be. I should have told you, I know. You’re not stupid, you would have understood. We’re mates, we’re not supposed to be separated.


Please, Taehyung. Will you forgive me for what I have done? I’m riddled with guilt, regret, and grief. I want you to know that I’m still yours forever. I’m still your mate. Please, I beg of you. I love you so much. Please write me back.


-Your mate, Jeongguk


  1. Will you reply with your phone number? I want to talk to you.


Jeongguk folds the paper up before placing it into the envelope, licking it closed. He couldn’t fit everything he needed to say but he desperately wanted this to be sent off. The sooner the better. Taehyung didn’t need to be in agony and longer than needed.


He wrote Jimin’s address down, knowing that Taehyung would still be there by the time this letter came. Even if he wasn’t, Jimin would still give it to him. He wrote down the rest of the information needed and slapped on a stamp. Done.


Jeongguk ends up walking quite a distance that night, disguising it as just a late-night walk, to give his letter to the main post office. He doesn’t want it lingering in their house’s mailbox, his mother might go rummaging in there anyway. He walks back with a smile on his face and sleeps soundly that night.


After that, he writes a letter to Taehyung every day. He pours his entire heart into each word and he always ends each letter with a small drawn heart. Taehyung is justifiably angry and Jeongguk understands that it may take several letters to convince him to write one himself.


The thing is, he never does write back. Weeks go on without reply but Jeongguk still keeps writing. He writes every day. Some days he just writes about his day, things that he did and feelings he felt. Other days he writes short poems, of the small things in life that remind him of Taehyung. Sometimes he begs Taehyung to respond, that he doesn’t have to forgive him but to at least say something.


Jieun will look at him in pity those days. She’s a good friend. When Jeongguk cries silently it is she who holds him and makes sure that he eats and sleeps. It makes him bitter on some days when he thinks of how Jieun still has her alpha, how they still live in love. They’re not even mates yet.


Those thoughts just fill him self-remorse however because he always goes back to blaming himself. He should have told Taehyung before. This is all his fault. He doesn’t deserve to have Taehyung.


Months go by and he writes to Taehyung about how the businesses have been doing well and the contracts are officially settled. Jieun says that this courtship won’t have to last much longer.


He asks sometimes why Taehyung won’t respond. Was he still angry? Did he no longer want to be mates? Did he hate Jieun? Jeongguk constantly wrote in his letters that Jieun was only a friend, nothing else.


Seventeen months pass and still no response. Jeongguk writes that Jieun was the one who spilt it to her family. It was supposed to be a group effort but Jieun took it upon herself, knowing that Jeongguk would face the wrath of his parents. He had more to lose. Jieun’s parents apologize greatly to their family, saying that they are ashamed of their unfaithful omega daughter. Jieun is not bothered by this however and she goes on with a smile to live with her alpha. Jeongguk’s parents don’t blame him. The business deals still remain intact. His education is still paid for. There are no charges to be pressed.


His letters now tell Taehyung that everything has been settled. They can live together. There are no longer any issues.


Taehyung still doesn’t write back.


In the end, Jeongguk makes a last-ditch effort to make Taehyung his again. It’s during his spring break that he decides to make another trip to Jeju. If Taehyung wouldn’t come to him, then Jeongguk would come to him.


Jeongguk’s hurt. Hurt that Taehyung refused to write a single letter back. He puts it aside though; Taehyung is still the love of his life. He refused to move on.


The plane ride over feels familiar and nostalgic. He’s not sure what to expect. How would Taehyung react to seeing him? Well, he hoped somewhat positive.


Hope is the keyword.


The streets of Jeju are a little different from what he had remembered. There are new shops and buildings but he’s still able to figure out where he is. Every step he takes brings back memories from when Taehyung guided him around, showing him all the nooks and crannies of the island with enthusiasm. He missed that. Missed being with his mate.


His apartment finally comes into Jeongguk’s field of vision and the alpha smiles. It oddly feels like home. Well, at least more like home than the place he used to live in with his parents.


With a deep breath, he musters up all of the courage he has. He needed to be brave. Taehyung was still his mate. The omega still had feelings for him. Mates can’t just move on like that.


The knocks he makes against the door sound very loud and he internally cringes. This was going to go well. He just needed to maintain his composure. Talk to Taehyung.


The door whips open and Jeongguk freezes. It’s Jimin. Not the face he had wanted but at least he knew that this was still Jimin’s apartment. It’s not like they had moved or anything. The alpha stared back at him, expression first surprised before morphing into one of displeasure.


That look was very familiar.


There was an awkward silence and Jeongguk bit his lip, looking down. This was going wonderfully.


“What are you doing here.”


Jeongguk swallowed and looked up. “I wanted to talk to Taehyung.” He softly said, rubbing his hands together.


“Why would he want to talk to you?” Jimin snapped. Jeongguk had a very bad feeling about this. Something was very wrong.


“Because we’re mates. I… He hasn’t responded to any of my letters. I know I’ve sent a lot and-“


“Yeah, you’ve sent an entire fucking mountain of them. It fills up our recycling bin every week. We’d all appreciate it if you’d give it up already.”


Jeongguk heart drops in his chest and he’s filled with an unexplainable feeling. He blinks several times. His cheeks feel hot and his hands clammy. Taehyung… threw his letters away?


“What do you mean, recycling?” He asked, hoping that it wasn’t like it had sounded.


“Yeah. Recycling. Taehyung read your first letter and didn’t even bother to read the rest of them. He went ahead and trashed them as soon as he got them in the mailbox. God, did you write one every day? There were so many.” Jimin sounded cruel and Jeongguk wasn’t sure if he could take this right now.


He did write one every day. Taehyung didn’t even bother to read them?


“W-Why? I explained everything in the first letter.” Jeongguk didn’t understand.


“Well, he didn’t care. He had moved on, realized that you weren’t all that after what you did to him. To be honest, everything you wrote just sounded like an excuse anyway. There were times where I would beg him to just write back so you would stop sending so many letters, but he said he didn’t want to get your hopes up. So, here we are.”


Jeongguk’s mouth was dry and he didn’t want to believe it.


“I… That can’t be true. It can’t… I want to talk to Taehyung. I want to hear it from Taehyung.” His voice was wobbly. Taehyung loved him, he wouldn’t have done this.


“You can’t. He’s off right now with his boyfriend.”


Jeongguk froze. His boyfriend?


Jimin could see the look on Jeongguk’s face.


“It surprised me too. Mated and ditched omegas aren’t exactly in high demand but turns out there was an alpha out there who still fell in love with him. They’re off right now on a trip in Daegu. Taehyung wanted to show him to his parents.”


Jeongguk shook his head and his eyes started to water up. “No… You’re lying. Taehyung would never do that. Taehyung’s still my mate.”


Jimin scoffed and reached into his pocket to pull out his phone. Everything hurt. Jeongguk hurt and his alpha was crying. He was holding onto the last threads of hope that Taehyung was still his.


A picture. That’s all it took to shatter Jeongguk’s heart.


Taehyung was standing there with some other guy who was obviously an alpha. He was tall, attractive, a good looking alpha. Their arms were wrapped around each other and they were both grinning widely. Taehyung looked happy. Really happy. The alpha was looking at the omega, and there was something in his gaze that destroyed Jeongguk. That wasn’t a look of friendship.


“His name’s Bogum. Really nice guy. Takes care of Taehyung when you didn’t.”


An empty feeling. That’s it.


Taehyung really didn’t want him.


He doesn’t exactly remember what happened after that. Those memories are blurred by shock and an inability to understand why Taehyung left him like that.


Jeongguk stops writing letters after that. He doesn’t want to bother Taehyung with them.


He continues to blame himself. All of this was his fault.


Years pass by but he doesn’t stop thinking about Taehyung. Unlike the omega, he doesn’t go looking for someone new. Taehyung was his first and last.


He sits at his desk in the law firm he runs and thinks about how he has so much money but no fulfilment. Utterly alone. At least Jieun stays in contact. Comforts him and patiently listens on the days where his misery is especially bad. She’s a good friend.


One day before the five-year anniversary of their mating, a letter arrives on his desk. It looks a lot less official than the rest of the papers there and he looks at it in interest.


Jeongguk nearly drops the letter when he sees what’s written on the envelope.


It’s from Taehyung.