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The Winner Takes It All

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Day Five


The last four days with Taehyung have been heaven, truly. Jeongguk had done and seen more than he had ever thought possible and certainly felt a lot more in his heart than what was safe. But today, he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to see the omega.


It was easy to forget his predicament during the day when Taehyung was by his side, looking at him like no other person had. Almost all thoughts about home disappeared when the omega pressed their lips together and laid gentle hands on his chest and neck. As soon as he returned to his hotel however, everything came crashing down.


The first three days weren't too bad. Jeongguk obviously was able to realize his infatuation with the omega but he had able to handle it. He was able to accept that this was a one-time thing, a little romance that wouldn’t last or become serious. That had proved itself to be a stupid assumption and by the fourth day together he began to realize that this infatuation had grown into something much more dangerous.


They had been watching the sunset together, Taehyung laying on his chest as the sun descended down the clear water of the ocean. The passing time and gentle warmth had lulled the omega to sleep and Jeongguk had watched the younger in awe as his face grew lax and open.


It was a split second, that’s all it took. The feeling hit him in the gut as he realized that the emotions swirling within his chest were no longer playful, but something else entirely. He didn’t want to leave Taehyung to go home to some other omega that he didn’t care about. He didn’t want to see Taehyung with another alpha who wasn’t him. He wanted to be Taehyung’s, and wanted Taehyung to be his.


Daydreams of what their future could be like filled his head and the images still haunted him. He imagined courting Taehyung, not just this unofficial thing that was going on between them. Taehyung on his heat and holding him tightly as he knotted him and marked him as his own, becoming mates. Perhaps having pups together and raising a family.


He had held Taehyung tightly then, kissing the omega’s forehead even though he was asleep. These feelings were beginning to become problematic, scratch that, they already were.


But Taehyung wasn’t his. And couldn’t be, at least not with how things were now. Jeongguk laid in his bed that next morning, agonizing over the whole ordeal. Leave it to fate to still want to kick his ass. First he’s put into an arranged courtship that was only made for business purposes, then he goes off for one fucking week and falls in love with another omega. Fuck his life.


Did Taehyung love him back though or maybe reciprocate some feelings? He had to, Jeongguk knew it deep down in his heart. Taehyung wouldn’t have spilled his heart out to him over personal matters and frustrations, wouldn’t have kissed him with twinkling eyes that only showed that feeling. But, Taehyung also knew that Jeongguk had to leave by the end of the week. Granted, he wasn’t aware of the arranged courtship and all that but the omega knew that this summer romance had to come to an end.


The only problem was that Jeongguk really didn’t want it to. He didn’t want to go back home and he wanted to stay here. The responsibilities of home still called, however. Something his father had drilled into his head last night when he called.


“An omega? You’ve suddenly fallen in love with some omega in the course of four days?! That’s not even possible! You’re just trying anything at this point to get out of this courtship, aren’t you?” His father had shouted through the phone, loud voice making Jeongguk cringe and close his eyes.


“Father, you don’t understand. He’s… I know that he’s the one. Everything from his scent to the way he acts, it’s perfect. If you would just give this a chance I know you’d see how much he means to me. I found myself an omega, isn’t that enough?”


“Isn’t that enough? Are you joking? There are so many reasons why that is an awful idea. One, you have an obligation to this family and this business to court that omega! We have already set everything up and you could ruin months of trust between our companies which could lead to severe financial consequences! Two, there is a perfectly fine omega waiting at home for you! Jieun is a fine omega who has been properly raised by a family who has a considerable amount of wealth. She is proper and will provide everything you desire as an alpha!”


Jeongguk took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Relationships aren’t just about an omega pleasing their alpha, father! Omegas… Omegas aren’t just accessories that we use! They are people as well and they shouldn’t have to be taught to be worthy! They are individuals with their own thoughts and feelings.”


There’s a moment of silence before his father speaks in a very dark tone that sends shivers down Jeongguk’s spine.


“Omegas are omegas. They serve one purpose, and that is to please an alpha and bear their pups. Nothing more and nothing less. I know whatever foolishness you’re spewing right now did not come from your mother or me, so I can guess that omega you’re playing around with right now put that lie into your head. Let me tell you son, an omega who thinks they are higher in the hierarchy than they actually lie are very dangerous. They are manipulative and obviously don’t understand their place. Stay away from him.”


“He doesn’t understand his place in the hierarchy because the class system makes no fucking sense in the first place. He’s an omega, that’s true. Natural instincts and biology make it so that he is that way. But that does not mean that he is below any beta or alpha in any circumstance. My beliefs were once clouded by your judgment but it’s become clear now. I don’t need some handpicked omega who’s been taught to grovel at my feet to be happy, okay?”


His ire was spiking and it was an unfamiliar sensation, to become so angry with his own father. In his fury, he did not notice how his voice had grown deeper and his teeth just a bit sharper.


“You can have your week of romance with this slutty omega, I don’t care. But you will come home and you will court Jieun. End of discussion.”


Before Jeongguk had the chance to yell something back at his father to tell him to shut the fuck up, the phone call ended. He was left there, furious and panting, hands shaking as he was almost about to tear something apart. He had never felt so angry in his entire life, even when that one alpha from a year ago had challenged him.


His own father, the alpha who had raised him, had actually said those kinds of things about omegas and Taehyung. Disgusting.


The only thing that had gone well with that conversation was the fact that he had refrained from saying Taehyung’s name. His father would have surely done something to the omega to set them apart. That was the last thing that he wanted.


But now he was left with the choice of staying or leaving. Of course, his heart was begging him to stay with Taehyung here on Jeju. To live out his life with someone he truly loved and cared about. His mind was reminding him however that he would face the fury of his entire family if he didn’t come back, law school was still waiting for him, and that he would never have the chance to be financially successful if he stayed.


It was nearly three in the afternoon now, and he hadn’t seen Taehyung at all today. He was supposed to have gone and picked him up like every other day but his thoughts were still a mess. Regret poured in as well when he imagined Taehyung waiting for him expectantly and then his face downcast when he realized that the alpha wasn’t coming. Jeongguk slapped his hands over his cheeks and let out a noise of frustration. He really sucked, didn’t he?


That regret soon overcame his distraught over what decision to make and he finally got the motivation to get up from his bed and find some clothes to wear. He was upset but he didn’t want that to affect Taehyung. He went for something simple, just some jeans and a white t-shirt before fixing his hair and heading out. The omega may have left the apartment by now but he had to at least try and go find him.


The weather outside wasn’t as nice as the other days but Jeongguk appreciated that the sun wasn’t blazing in his eyes. Gray clouds covered the sky and although it didn’t look like it was going to rain today, it seemed like a storm was preparing to come. He shoved his keys and small leather wallet into his back pocket and walked at a quick pace over to where he knew the apartment to be.


Although he had only been here for less than two weeks, the small town’s map seemed to be ingrained within his head. In a way, it felt like home. That made it all the more worse.


A deep sigh escaped his lips as he stepped before the familiar apartment, the yellow door looking much more intimidating than ever before. Hopefully, Taehyung would be home and wouldn’t be upset that Jeongguk hadn’t come earlier.


He stepped up and knocked several times, biting his lip to the point where a small cut formed. The door suddenly opened and of course, it was Jimin standing there with a grimace.


Jeongguk swallowed and awkwardly looked down at his feet. He was a pure alpha but Jimin’s fiery gaze was still hard to meet. The other alpha just rolled his eyes and let Jeongguk in, the door slamming behind them.


“A little late today, aren’t you?”


Ah, there’s the usual attitude that he had become so accustomed to.


“Yeah, sorry. Is Taehyung here right now?” He replied, a bit curtly since Jimin wasn’t his favorite person in the entire world.


“No, him and Yoongi went out and probably won’t come back until the end of the hour.”


Jeongguk stopped in his tracks and blinked for a second. Wait, if Taehyung wasn’t here then why did Jimin let him in? Momentary dread filled his veins and he felt the sudden urge to run the hell out of this place.


Jimin kept walking though to the small wooden dining table and sat down with an icy smile. His legs were crossed and Jeongguk thought he looked like the evil stepmother from Cinderella. A shiver ran down his spine.


“You must be wondering why you’re in here if Taehyung isn’t. I wanted to talk to you about him. Have a seat.”


That sounded like the worst idea ever but Jeongguk mustered up the will to go and sit beside the other alpha even though it was the last place he ever wanted to be.


“Taehyung was disappointed that you didn’t come this morning. It seemed that he was terribly excited to go take you somewhere.”


Jeongguk let his hands rest in his lap and tried to calm his nerves. “Um, yeah. I was really planning to but something came up and I couldn’t come until now.” That was sort of true.


Jimin just nodded and looked at his nails. “It seems like you’re the hot topic for him, you’re the only person he cares to talk about nowadays. Every late night after you drop him off, he just runs about going on and on about how much fun he has with you and how perfect you are. I’ve never seen him so utterly fascinated in another alpha like he is with you.”


That certainly made Jeongguk’s cheeks red, knowing that Taehyung talked about him like this but Jimin’s tone and expression made his stomach feel queasy. Nothing good could come from this conversation.


“Taehyung has always been incredibly independent and I’m sure you have noticed his strong personality by now. But somehow you’ve been able to throw him on his knees. A bit worrisome, don’t you think?”


Jeongguk’s eyes narrowed, not liking the sound of this. “Why is that worrisome? It’s not like I’ve changed his entire personality. Taehyung is still Taehyung at the end of the day; you’re acting like I’m defiling him in some way which I’m not.”


He looks up at the wooden ceiling and bites the inside of his cheek. “You know, Taehyung was telling me about his problem with separating himself with his omega nature. How he wants to hold on to who he is. Also, how you seem rather obsessed with keeping him away from any and all alphas and keeping him ‘Taehyung’. That is what is worrisome to me. Being an omega is a part of who he is and he shouldn’t be ashamed of that because being an omega isn’t a bad thing. He should be proud to be an omega, not shoving that out of himself. But, it seems like you want him to for some reason. Do you think it’s wrong for him to accept who he truly is?”


“Taehyung is an omega, yes, but that shouldn’t define who he is.” Jimin seethed, “He wants to be his own person, that’s why he ran away from home and his parents who wanted him to conform to a certain mold. Taehyung isn’t some person meant for the house and raising pups, it’s not his place in this world.”


“Oh, so that’s what you think omegas are for in this world, huh?” Jeongguk interrupted, scoffing and crossing his arms.


“I never said that-“


“Well actually, you just said that omegas were for raising pups and taking care of the house so you kind of did.”


“I’m saying that’s what society thinks and expects of him! Taehyung has said himself that he doesn’t want that so I will protect him and make sure that he doesn’t put himself into a positon where he will.”


Put himself into a position? Are you being serious? What, do you think that Taehyung can’t make his own damn decisions without you holding his hand? If he’s so fucking independent, then why won’t you trust him to follow his own path?!”


“He’s independent but he still needs someone to help him along the way. He’s an omega and that means a lot of instincts and certain urges.”


Jeongguk laughed and the air between them just grew heavier. “Instincts and certain urges? Yeah, that’s natural, Jimin! Do you think that it’s healthy for us alpha to suppress our natural selves? No, it’s not. If anything, it’s just harmful. Taehyung has to love himself for who he really is, and every part. Even the omega side.”


“It’s not who he is.” Jimin snapped.


Any person who watched this argument could tell that things were becoming heated quickly and it almost seemed that the two alphas were beginning to challenge each other. Something that could result in a fight should one not back down soon enough.


“Who is he then?! You have some twisted view of what he should be and you need to let that shit go. You can’t constrain who he is nor should you want to. Taehyung shouldn’t want to cut off his omega side nor should he let that be his only identity. Just let him be himself! And Jimin, if he has to take that many suppressants than maybe that really isn’t who he is.”


“He takes those suppressants to control his heat.” Jimin said through gritted teeth, hands closing into fists.


“I’m not a fucking idiot. Any alpha with a working nose can sense that he’s taking more suppressants than what is needed to stop his heats. His scent is strong but even I can tell that it is suppressed at some level. Those suppressants can be dangerous when taken at that degree, to the point where he can be hurt. His omega nature is probably weaker right now than what it should be and that’s not right. Taehyung should be able to accept himself.”


The two glared daggers at each other and crimson started to bleed into Jeongguk’s eyes.


“Listen.” Jimin snarled, and Jeongguk could feel his now sharper teeth beginning to cut into his lips, “You’re going to be gone by the end of this week. Taehyung is getting attached and you need to go ahead and rip the band aid off.  Say goodbye and leave, don’t come back in the morning to see him. You’re not a worthy alpha for him and you never will be.”


“You think you’re any better for him? You can’t keep him chained by your side forever.”


Jeongguk hardly noticed how his alpha had suddenly taken control and that he was slowly standing up, teeth bared as he towered over the other.


Both of the alphas now had red coloring the irises of their eyes and their teeth ready to bite. They were one string away from breaking into a full out fight.


You can’t stop me from claiming him.”


Jimin suddenly kicked Jeongguk straight in the knee with a growl and he nearly fell from the impact. It was only a kick however and he soon grabbed Jimin by the collar of his shirt and his alpha sneered in pride when he saw Jimin’s eyes widen as he was lifted into the air.


Many people had the habit of underestimating Jeongguk in a fight since he was pretty passive in normal situations. He didn’t like picking fights and was usually somewhat nervous when confronted. But in the end, he was a pure alpha. The highest ranking of all alphas. He didn’t have those genes for nothing and when his temper was triggered, it exploded.


Jimin blinked and his aggressive look from before had dissipated just slightly as he realized his mistake in challenging Jeongguk. His feet hung a few inches above the ground as Jeongguk raised his entire body in the air without any strain or struggle.


“Pick on somebody your own size, Jimin.” Jeongguk spat before letting the other down with a shove. Jimin stumbled backwards and flailed about in an attempt to regain his balance.


The challenge was over, Jeongguk had proven his dominance here and he stood tall, still panting as he tried to calm himself. There was still the desire to keep going, to kick and claw until Jimin verbally submitted but he knew that his point was made.


He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and glared at Jimin one last time before turning his back and storming out of the apartment. His hands trembled and irritation found its way under his skin. How could Taehyung, the sweetest person he knew, have that son of a bitch as a best friend? His day was already going terribly and now it was completely ruined. Thanks, Jimin.


The scent coming off of him was terribly bitter and anyone could tell that this was an alpha you did not want to get in the way of. His eyes were clouded by rage and there was an indescribable urge picking at him. A sudden aroma hit him and he desperately looked about, nails digging into his palms.


Time itself seemed to stop when he laid eyes on a certain someone ahead of him who was accompanied by someone else. Taehyung.


His breathing was ragged and he was sure that he looked a bit feral after his encounter with Jimin. For a second he was afraid that Taehyung would be frightened but the omega just looked at him with caring and sympathetic eyes. Sad, even.


He wasn’t sure where Yoongi had gone and he didn’t care either since his eyes were only on Taehyung as the omega slowly approached him. Jeongguk realized that his teeth were still sharp and on full view. Taehyung did seem to take notice of them, gazing at the four enlarged teeth with a strange interest.


“Gukkie…” Taehyung softly said, and Jeongguk’s anger and rage from before seemed to melt into something else entirely. Desperation, desire, want.


The omega held his arms open and Jeongguk fell into his hold, nosing the soft skin of the other’s neck and taking deep breaths of his scent to calm himself. It only made things worse however because all he could smell was the lingering scents of Jimin and Yoongi. Nothing of himself.


His breathing grew worse and his hands shook, wanting to rest on Taehyung’s body and hold him close. Taehyung seemed to notice this along with Jeongguk’s strange state of bitterness.


“We’re close to the hotel, aren’t we? Let’s go back there, Guk.” He whispered, running his fingers through the alpha’s hair.


Jeongguk lets Taehyung lead him by the hand back to his hotel room and he walks in a daze. He’s still in complete alpha instincts right now and he needs to be soothed. His eyes remain on Taehyung and Taehyung only, who looks behind and gifts him with a smile every once in a while.


He barely registers that they’re back in his room until Taehyung lays him down on the bed, resting a pillow under his head.


“Taehyung…” Jeongguk says, voice gruff yet soft at the same time.


The omega smiles and sits by his side, caressing his cheek with a hand. “What do you need, Jeongguk? Tell me.”


He knows that he can’t have what he truly needs right now and he closes his mouth. There was no way in hell that he would force Taehyung to do anything he was uncomfortable with. His body trembled and maybe being alone with Taehyung in his room wasn’t the best idea.


Taehyung seems to sense what he’s thinking though, and he licks his lips. “You’re angry. Was it Jimin?”


Jeongguk is able to nod before closing his eyes.


“…I figured. I saw you coming out from the apartment looking ready to fight. I’m sorry. He said some things to me this morning as well that made me upset. That’s why Yoongi took me out.”


Taehyung sighs and runs his fingers over Jeongguk’s face. First his lips, then his nose, and finally over his closed eyelids.


“I don’t really want to talk it about it. I know what he’s saying has some reality to it but I don’t want to worry myself over it right now. I just… I just want to be with you before you leave. I want to be yours, even if it only lasts a little longer.”


Jeongguk opens his eyes and his lips part as he sees the broken expression on Taehyung’s face. So, he did feel the same after all.


Taehyung gazes back at him and says softly, “Will it make you feel better if you scent me?”


Jeongguk stops breathing and he stares at the omega, not sure if he heard that correctly. Scenting wasn’t some simple matter that any two people did. Only those who were in the serious stages of courting or mates scented each other. It was an act of trust and an act of claiming. Not as significant as the biting mark to mate but certainly up there.


“…Scent you?” He repeated, wanting to hear it from Taehyung again.


“Yes, would that not make you feel better right now?”


“It would but that’s a serious matter, Tae. And besides, I don’t want to do that if you’re not ready.”


Taehyung inches a little closer to him though with an earnest look. “N-No, you misunderstand. I… I want it as well.”


Jeongguk blinks and takes a deep breath. Okay. Okay, this was actually happening.


“You want it? You want me to scent you?”


“Yes, Guk.” Taehyung said once again and he tilted his head over so his neck was exposed. Jeongguk smiled at the sight because it was almost humorous. Taehyung sitting there with his neck out, eyes wide and lips a bit wet. He looked so innocent and Jeongguk’s chest warmed.


“Okay…Okay.” Jeongguk said, and his alpha clawed at his skin in anticipation.


Taehyung closed his eyes as the alpha sat up and rested a hand on his chest as their bodies came closer. Jeongguk leaned in and swallowed.


He first tried to will his teeth away, not wanting to nick Taehyung’s skin or scare him into thinking he was going to bite a mating mark into his neck.


The omega let out a breathy whine as Jeongguk’s lips found their place on his pheromone glands, sucking a mark there that would last several days. Taehyung tried to pretend like it was Jeongguk truly claiming him, biting him and making him his mate. Of course, that was only in his deepest dreams but he could at least daydream while Jeongguk was here, so close to the real thing.


Jeongguk kept kissing over Taehyung’s neck, licking and sucking every inch of skin available to him. His alpha felt at rest now that his scent was mixing into Taehyung’s sweet one. Small noises of pleasure and comfort left the omega and Jeongguk felt himself falling further into the hole.


As he moved over to the other side of Taehyung’s neck, a sudden pressure between his legs had him stopping. He gazed down and saw Taehyung’s hand there, rubbing over his clothed length. He took a deep breath and the heat made the omega sigh.


He decided to continue, tentatively kissing the skin there once more. Taehyung undid the zipper of his jeans and he closed his eyes. Soon, the omega’s hand was fully wrapped around his growing erection and he realized just how soft his hands were.


The two of them began to pant, Taehyung unsure of how Jeongguk could work such wonders with his mouth. He couldn’t smell his own scent but now Jeongguk’s musk was cloaking his skin and he felt like he was truly Jeongguk’s.


Jeongguk groaned softly as Taehyung’s rubbed his thumb over the crown of his cock, sliding over the slit there. His hips jerked as the other hand joined and went lower this time, massaging and squeezing where his knot would form.


“I-I’ve been wanting to do this with you…” Taehyung whined as Jeongguk sucked another mark on his neck. “Wanted to see and feel how big you are. Know how well you would fill me up.” He’s never felt this way about someone and his thighs shake. The noises that Jeongguk is making vibrate against his skin and he throws his head back.


“When? When did you think about me?” Jeongguk whispered, voice raspy.


Taehyung flicked his wrist and Jeongguk’s hold on the omega’s hips tightened. A bead of precum was formed and Taehyung rubbed over it.


“Back at the waterfall and ever since. When you pulled me in the water and held me close to you. I thought about what it’d be like inside your bed… And… W-When I got home to my own bed… I’d think about how’d you hold me down and knot me until I couldn’t move anymore…”


Jeongguk nearly wanted to faint with happiness knowing that Taehyung had daydreamed about them together. With his scent all over Taehyung, he raised his head and brought their lips together.


Taehyung whimpered against his lips as Jeongguk undid his zipper and reached a hand under the fabric there. The omega cried out as Jeongguk pulled out his pink cock, fully hard and already leaking a good amount of precum.




“Cute.” Jeongguk quietly laughed, letting his hands jerk the omega off. He could tell that the other was close and so was himself.


Taehyung fell forward, head resting on Jeongguk’s chest as his hands moved in rapid movements around the alpha’s cock.


“You’re doing so well, pup. So pretty.” Jeongguk cooed, voice teasing but eyes filled with love.


It only took another minute until the two of them were cumming, white streaks covering their stomachs and hands. Taehyung panted with a small smile painted over his face.


Jeongguk watched with wide eyes as Taehyung wiped all of the cum up with his fingers before bringing it to his mouth and lapping it up with kittenish licks. The omega’s eyes were much less innocent looking however.


Taehyung’s hands were soon clean and he smiled. Jeongguk laughed gently and raised a brow at the omega as he brought his hands back, licking up the mess on his hands just as Taehyung had done. The taste was bitter on his hand but somewhat masked by the sweet smell in the air. It was then that he noticed how Taehyung was holding his legs very tightly together. He was wearing gray sweatpants though and Jeongguk could see that there was a wet spot forming.


He swallowed as he realized that Taehyung was leaking slick right now and Jeongguk had to wonder if it tasted like it smelled right now. That… That could wait until later.


Taehyung looked at him with a tired expression and Jeongguk was quick to pull the omega into his arms and into his side as the two fell back into the bed.


“That was nice.” Taehyung whispers, snuggling into Jeongguk and trying to have as much contact as possible.


“Is it okay if I nap for a while? I’m tired.”


Jeongguk smiles and holds Taehyung closely in his arms. “Go to sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.”


Taehyung closes his eyes and sighs. “I wish you always would.”


It isn’t until much later, when Taehyung is passed out and drooling on his shirt, does Jeongguk think about everything that happened that day.


He stares into the white paint of the ceiling with a terrified expression and a feeling of dread of what will come in the next two days.


“I’m so fucking screwed.”