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The Winner Takes It All

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Day Two

Jeongguk found himself by Taehyung’s door the next day in the early hours of morning. Okay, well eight wasn’t that early but for a vacation it was. He wasn’t entirely sure what he and Taehyung were going to do today so he brought a small backpack with the essentials just in case. A huge bottle of sunscreen, sunglasses, an extra pair of clothes, and several bags of snacks. He was currently wearing shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and a baseball cap with made him feel like a middle-aged man somehow.

His day had already started great since the thoughts of Taehyung guiding him around filled his head with glee. His knuckled knocked against the apartment’s yellow door and he waited with a bright smile, expecting Taehyung to greet him any second now. Those expectations were let down though as the door slammed open and he was met with a familiar face. Taehyung’s grumpy alpha best friend, Jimin. The alpha stared him down with a grimace before stepping aside to let him in. Jeongguk gave a short smile and nod before walking past him and into the apartment. He could feel the other’s eyes burning into his skin.

The apartment was quite nice and Jeongguk looked around carefully. The walls were painted quite oddly and he had a creeping feeling that Taehyung was the one who did this. Various pictures that were all connected were painted across the rooms, making the place feel lively and colorful. He smiled as he looked at the beaches, schools, fairs, and other scenes made. The decor was pretty casual but did seem to have a beachy theme to it, seashells and net-like furniture everywhere. Jeongguk’s personal favorite was the hammock stretched out with someone he hadn’t seen before lazing inside of it.

The boy in the hammock sat up and gave him a drowsy look, obviously not fully awake. Jeongguk awkwardly waved a hand to the beta, not sure how to approach this person he had probably just woken up. He then remembered what Taehyung had been telling him yesterday about Jimin and the beta he had been courting.

“Are you Yoongi?” He tentatively asked, trying to be polite.

The beta nodded and made a noise of approval. “That would be me.”

“Taehyung! Get down here, that guy is here!” Jimin yelled, arms crossed against his chest. He didn’t sound very pleased that Jeongguk was standing in his apartment. Jeongguk really didn’t understand why the other alpha hated him but whatever.

“Coming!” Taehyung called back, followed by a crash and the omega cursing loudly. Jeongguk smiled and bit the inside of his cheek.

“Oh, I see.” Yoongi smirked, leaning back into his hammock and closing his eyes. “Then you must be Taehyung’s new alpha that he was talking about all night long.”

Jeongguk’s cheeks seemed to turn a little pink at the thought of the omega talking about him after he had gone. He knew that he would have ranted on and on about Taehyung had he had anyone to do so with.

“He’s just a friend, Yoongi. Besides, he’s leaving by the end of the week.” Jimin commented, and Jeongguk had to stop the urge to turn around and say something. The alpha was definitely verging on a challenge and Jeongguk knew that wasn’t a good idea. He had always been a fairly well-behaved guy but sometimes enough was enough. How the fuck was this guy Taehyung’s best friend?

Taehyung rushed down the stairs with a wide grin before the tension could get any worse. The omega did seem to notice the animosity coming off of both of the alphas and quickly rushed over to Jeongguk, looking like he wanted to get him out of there before he and Jimin started something.

“Bye bye, Jimin! I swear I’ll keep you updated and text you if I’m coming home late.”

Jeongguk had to bite back his smug look when Jimin eyed how Taehyung was holding onto his arm. Somewhere deep inside of himself his wolf was pleased that the omega had come to him first. He realized that this wasn’t the best thing to be proud of since Taehyung was (understandably) closer to Jimin due to their best friend status and they had only known each other for two days now. It still felt nice though.

Taehyung began to drag Jeongguk out of the apartment without another word and he could hear Yoongi snickering in the background. The omega shouted out one last farewell before closing the door and hopping down on the gross with a wide smile, quickly skipping to the side of the building to grab something.

“I’m really glad that you came by!” He said and it almost sounded relived, as if he had been worried that Jeongguk wouldn’t have come back for him. Jeongguk followed after him and watched as he pulled a tandem bicycle out along with two helmets. He had to stop for a second to recover from how adorable this was.

“What, did you think I would just ditch you like that after everything yesterday?” The alpha questioned, grabbing the black helmet that the omega handed over to him. Taehyung looked shy for a brief second and Jeongguk couldn’t help how he instinctually leaned in closer, not wanting the other boy to doubt him. His scent seemed to coax some words out of the other.

“Well, no. Sometimes I just get worried you know.” Taehyung finally said, smile quickly returning as he put his own helmet on. Jeongguk reached over and helped the omega tighten the straps and click it secure.

The alpha quickly thought of something and started to rummage in his bag. When he finally grabbed a hold of a bottle he pulled it out and popped the cap off. Taehyung looked at him in question. “What’s that?”

“Sunscreen.” He responded as he squirted some out onto his hand and looked to be reaching over to put some on the omega. Taehyung scrunched up his face though and stuck his tongue out.

“It’ll be fine, I’ve dealt with worse sun. Plus, it smells really bad.”

Jeongguk shook his head and went ahead and slapped some onto Taehyung’s arms and smiled at how the omega groaned. “Okay well I’d rather have you smelling bad than getting a sunburn or potential skin cancer.”

“I’m not going to get skin cancer, mom.” Taehyung complained, letting the alpha rub in the sunscreen on his skin.

“That’s what they all say.” Jeongguk joked as he rubbed it onto Taehyung’s nose and ears.

When he finished, he rubbed the excess liquid onto his own arms and stuffed the bottle back into his backpack. Taehyung pouted his lips out before hopping onto the front seat of the bike.

Jeongguk got onto the back and put his feet on the pedals, ready to go whenever Taehyung was. “Where to, tour guide?”

Taehyung started their ride and they biked down the road with ease. “Our first stop is little further away than yesterday’s, hence the bike ride. We’ll be going to the Jeongbang Waterfall, which is a tourist stop but for a good reason since it’s beautiful and right next to the ocean. Does that sound good to you?”

“Sounds perfect.” Jeongguk responded, even though he was more excited about spending the day with Taehyung. Just like yesterday, the sun was shining brightly and Jeongguk was glad that he had put on sunscreen for the both of them.

“You know, I was thinking last night that Jimin hated me but now I’m certain.”

Taehyung laughed and Jeongguk could see the way his shoulders lifted. “Don’t worry about Jimin, he’s not actually going to do anything too serious. He’ll just gripe about it but I’m sure he’ll get over it.”

Jeongguk wasn’t too sure about that. “Why is he so defensive over you? I know you two are best friends and all but does he seriously not want you hanging out with other alphas… in that way? I mean he does have his own beta that he’s courting.”

“Yeah, I can understand why it’s sort of confusing.” Taehyung began. “Jimin can come off as strict and pissy when he first meets other alphas but I swear he’s actually a big teddy bear. I remember when we were just kids we made this pact that we’d always be best friends and always be there for each other. As we grew up we were both sure that we’d both present as alphas and when he did so we became even more certain. So, when I presented as an omega I was so humiliated and ashamed to talk to him about it. I was terrified that he’d think of me differently or our relationship would change somehow. I mean, alphas and omegas aren’t usually best friends because it evolves into something else entirely within a few months. But when I finally got the courage to approach him he just hugged me and reassured me that everything between us would remain the same. And he never went back on his word, the only thing that changed was that he had to protect me more than I could protect him.”

Taehyung sighed. “The first couple of months after becoming an omega were really tough for me, and that’s not an over exaggeration. My scent was heavier than ever and I wasn’t taking suppressants then. Everywhere I went I had eyes following me and it seemed like I was a whole new person. I wasn’t allowed to do the same things that I used to do and while most of my friends and family lovingly accepted me, there were those who didn’t. Strangers and alphas who talked down upon me because of my omega status. Others who thought I wasn’t a proper omega and wanted to ‘show me my place’ in society. Jimin fought for me when I couldn’t and always defended me. He didn’t see me as an omega like everyone else did, he saw me as his best friend, Taehyung. I’ve fooled around with some alphas in the past and none of them seemed to end very well. They all wanted me to stay in the house and basically have no personality except for submissive and passive. Naturally, that had caused Jimin to distrust basically any alpha who’s interested in me, even the ones who are nice. Sometimes it’s a bit troublesome but I know it’s because he really cares for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Some of Jeongguk’s agitation towards Jimin subsided with the story and he found himself empathizing with him just a bit. He was aware that omegas faced many hardships in life and for someone as proud as Taehyung was, it must be terrible. It still did irk him just slightly, how mean he was last night and this morning. He really didn’t give any alpha a chance or ounce of faith, huh?

“Oh, but it was pretty funny how much he was brooding last night after seeing us kissing!” Taehyung giggled as they made a right turn on the road.

The alpha didn’t even realize how cheekily he was smiling.

“As soon as I walked into that apartment it became an interrogation. Who was that?! When did you meet him?! Did he try anything?! Yoongi and I couldn’t stop laughing and that just pissed him off even more. And then this morning he just got in a worse mood when he was doing the laundry and apparently, my clothes reeked of you. He honestly thought we were out in the woods fucking or something like that!”

Jeongguk blinked in surprise at hearing Taehyung say such things but to be honest it was like him to be so blunt. The words caused a mental image though that Jeongguk couldn’t seem to fully kick out of his thoughts.

“And then…” Taehyung had to hold back his laugh and his words were a little broken. “I told him to not worry and that we were saving that for later, a-and he…” Taehyung was cackling now and Jeongguk had his jaw open.

“H-his face was so hilarious and you should h-have seen it!”

Jeongguk just shook his head and kept pedaling. “No wonder he hates me…” He muttered.

“He deserves it though after all the lost nights of sleep I’ve had ever since Yoongi has moved in with us. It’s almost astonishing how much stamina those two have at night.”

It looked like Taehyung was opening up a bit more and being more of his loud self, something that made Jeongguk’s chest pound. The omega had a very pure laugh which seemed to carry through the air with ease. It was loud and Jeongguk knew that it was true because of how the other boy threw his head back and didn’t care how his mouth opened wide and eyes clenched shut even though he was on a bike.

Speaking of which, the bike did sway a little and Jeongguk took his feet off the pedals for a brief moment, ready to put them down on the pavement and catch them should the bike go out of control. Taehyung recovered from his humorous state though and they continued on their way without any more scares of crashing.

“How about you, Guk?” Taehyung asked, turning his head around for a flash second before paying his attention back to the road.

“What about me?”

“Well, I told you about myself and how I struggle with being an omega. Do you ever have issues with being an alpha or is it just a smooth ride?”

“I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest thing, being an alpha. Especially if you’re a purebred.”

“Wait, you’re a purebred? Both of your parents are alphas? That’s pretty rare.” He sounded surprised and impressed at the same time.

“Yeah and it’s the reason why I’m the only child. Most female alpha births go terribly but I guess I was a lucky case. I was the result of their first try and they haven’t attempted to repeat it since, my mother is too worried about losing a child during labor so I didn’t get any siblings. Being purebred means that you’re apparently a miracle and all that but it still comes with a fuck ton of pressure and responsibility. As soon as I presented as an alpha everything was thrown on me. Of course, my parents had prepared me for this but nothing could have been like the real deal. Everyone expected me to be the best at everything. School, athletics, behavior. They all want me to be this perfect alpha who is always commanding and stoic but sometimes I feel like I can’t ever be that.”

Taehyung was silent and let Jeongguk talk.

“Omegas obviously get the brunt in terms of societal pressures and all but alphas do face some of it occasionally. I am an alpha and I wouldn’t want to be any other way, I’ll be honest. I have always felt the want to protect those who I care for to pretty harsh extents. I’ll always have a natural instinct to seek out omegas and find a mate to have pups with but there are times where I just can’t be everything society expects me to be. I hate that my parents think that showing emotion and feelings isn’t alpha like. I hate that I can’t cry without someone saying that I’m an alpha and need to suck it up.”

He was getting worked up. His parents had always told him to never let things go like this but he couldn’t stop himself with Taehyung listening.

“It’s going to sound really fucked up, and it totally is, but when I went into my ruts, my first ones at the least, they would hire omegas and basically lock us in a room together. They would pay these people to throw themselves on me, knowing perfectly well that I couldn't stop myself in a vulnerable time like that. I mean, I know heats are worse and had the roles been switched around it would have been much worse but it still really sucked.”

“I’m not perfectly sure how heats work but ruts are probably similar in the fact that you’re not exactly yourself. It’s all instincts and the alpha inside of you takes total control. The first time they sent an omega in, I hadn’t a single clue about what was happening. I thought it was a mistake. I tried to tell her that I was in a rut and that she needed to get out before I did something. But she just smiled at me and pushed me down on the bed before undressing herself. I… I was afraid. I hadn’t ever been with another person like that. The first thing I did was run, towards the door so maybe I could at least get out. Guess my parents locked it from the outside though so I was stuck. After a few minutes, I lost all control and I don’t really remember anything after that. Nobody would sympathize for me so I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal but to me it was.”

“No, Jeongguk. Don’t downplay what happened to you, what they did to you. Heat and ruts, neither one is worse. You were in a helpless state and they took advantage of you without your consent. That’s wrong on so many levels.” Taehyung softly said and Jeongguk could tell that he was purposefully giving off a relaxing scent that made his shoulders drop a little. He hadn’t told anyone about this and wasn’t even entirely sure why he was opening up this much to Taehyung. He didn’t feel immediate regret though.

“Why did they do that to you? Why would they do that to their own son?”

Jeongguk awkwardly laughed and sighed, it was a weird topic. “Apparently to give me experience with omegas and breeding them or whatever.”

He could tell that Taehyung had a follow up question but went ahead and answered it, not wanting the omega to have any doubts. “They were all on heavy suppressants and birth control though so none of them actually got pregnant. I just really wish they hadn’t done that, it felt so wrong. I wanted to find my own omega and make it special.”

He barely noticed that Taehyung had pressed on the breaks before they had come to a full stop. He was confused when Taehyung turned around with the most pained looking expression he had ever seen. The omega’s eyes were full of sadness and he could smell the distress rolling off like waves from him. Jeongguk didn’t understand why Taehyung was so upset right now.

“What’s wrong, did I say something wrong?” He asked, not wanting to see Taehyung like this.

The omega just shook his head and put a hand on Jeongguk’s. “I’m so sorry, Gukkie. That’s awful and there isn’t any excuse for it. They did that to you without your consent and knew that you couldn’t do anything to stop it. I… I don’t know what to say. I’m just… really sorry.”

Jeongguk swallowed. “It’s okay, Tae. You don’t have to be sorry, you didn’t do any of that after all. It’s just something that I have to deal with.”

“You shouldn’t have to, though. Just because you’re a purebred alpha doesn’t give them the right.”

The two gazed at each other before Jeongguk decided he wanted to move on from this. “Come on, the day’s wasting away. Let’s get moving.” His voice was barely above a whisper.

Taehyung looked like he was about to say something else but decided against it as he turned around and started to pedal again. They rode in silence for a while, neither knowing how to restart their conversation after that.

Nobody had ever felt bad for Jeongguk from that story. His parents had expected him to be grateful for providing him an omega during his rut and giving him ‘experience’. When he had told his best friends with tears nearly falling from his eyes they had just cheered for him. Told him that he was a lucky son of a bitch and wished that they had an omega to fuck during theirs. Jeongguk couldn’t understand why nobody could see his point of view. He had been frightened when the girl got on top of him and remained that way after she had left many hours later with angry red marks all over her pale skin.

Taehyung had related to him however and told him truthfully that he was sorry and that all of that had been wrong. It shouldn’t have happened without his consent. It felt… good to have someone else agree with him. Maybe that was because Taehyung struggled with certain aspects of his rank as well. Jeongguk could tell that the omega was on suppressants, most likely there to control his heats.

For the most part, Jeongguk was glad to be an alpha. It’s who he was and was meant to be. He had never felt like anything other than what he truly was. He just wished that his parents and the rest of society could accept that not all alphas had to fit the same exact mold to be proper and true.

Thankfully enough, Taehyung begins to talk again and doesn’t keep pressing on the previous issue, probably sensing that is was a sensitive topic for the alpha.

“Okay, I have a super duper important question for you. One that will define the rest of our relationship.”


“Mm hm. Do you think that hot dogs are sandwiches?”

Jeongguk suddenly became very serious. “No. Fuck no.”

“Why not?”

“Why not? Because they’re not fucking sandwiches that’s why. A hot dog is a hot dog. Its own food.”

“But a sandwich is some sort of food between two pieces of bread, doesn’t that mean that it classifies as one? It’s a piece of meat with bread on both sides.”

“No! It does not! With that understanding, a cheese cracker is a sandwich! Listen. Do you ever bite into a hot dog and think, jeez this is going to be a good sandwich? No! Because it isn’t one! It’s a hot dog!”

He could hear Taehyung giggling and that just riled him up since this was a very controversial topic to him. Hot dogs were goddamn hot dogs, not sandwiches.

“Okay, but I think it’s more of a subcategory of sandwich. Like an evolved species that originally came from sandwiches but then branched off and became its own thing.”

“What the- No! Hot dogs did not evolve from sandwiches because they are entirely different!”

“Alright, alright!” Taehyung said in a sing song kind of way. “But tell me this, are pop tarts a form of ravioli?”

Jeongguk groaned.

Finally, after an entire round of terrible questions which somehow included crocs or uggs, but they reached the trail that would lead them to the waterfall they had been traveling to for the last hour. They locked the bike up and started their walk together, hands brushing together every once in a while.

Their conversation had travelled away from the things Jeongguk had been talking about but he could still see that Taehyung was thinking deeply about it. He hadn’t realized how much it would bother the omega. He almost felt bad that he had put that burden of knowledge on him.

He finally broke the distance and held Taehyung’s hand in his own. The omega looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. It was a bad time but it’s over now, it’s in the past. Let’s live in the present while we still have it, okay?” He squeezed the omega’s hand and rubbed his thumb over the soft skin there. Taehyung bit the inside of his cheek before nodding and giving him a gentle smile.

Jeongguk let out an unnoticeable exhale of relief before pulling the boy a little closer so their shoulders bumped into each other.

It was a Tuesday so there wasn’t an overwhelming crowd heading towards the waterfall and it seemed as if they had come at the perfect time. Once again, Jeongguk was treated to beautiful scenery and clear air. It was nothing like the thick air of Seoul where every road was packed with people and tourists at all times.

He watched with a relaxed gaze as a flutter of butterflies flew past his head and in front of them, colorful wings flapping hastily with intricate designs. Taehyung’s boxy grin caught his attention through the corner of his eye and he now laid his attention on the omega.

Taehyung watched in wonder, eyes following the bugs as they fluttered about. His lips were parted and he gave a toothy grin for everyone to see. Jeongguk honestly didn’t understand how someone like Taehyung could really even be real, let alone the person who was letting him hold their hand as they walked to an ocean side waterfall.

Home felt so far away and the arranged courtship out of mind for the moment.

After several minutes, Jeongguk can hear the crashing of water and he assumes that they are getting closer. The temperature has gotten a bit cooler as well. Humid.

The omega by his side speeds up the pace and Jeongguk soon finds himself running after the sprinting boy.

“Hurry, hurry!” Taehyung called happily, and he obliged with a smile.

Finally, a magnificent waterfall came into view and Jeongguk felt like he had been missing out on so much back at home. The water poured over a cliff side where a green forest lay and down onto smooth rocks which led a path into the open ocean. The alpha had never seen anything like it before in his life and it made it even more special when Taehyung leaned up and pressed a chaste kiss against his cheek.

“Come on, let’s get closer.”

The two of them walked closer where more people were standing, most of them with their phones out and taking pictures or videos. Jeongguk felt like a picture couldn’t do this view justice. Tiny droplets that came from the waterfall’s splash fell on their bodies and it was a great feeling with the hot sun on their backs.

Taehyung took off his shoes and dipped his toe in the water before quickly pulling it out with a squeak.

“Cold!” He whined with a pout and Jeongguk nearly combusted into flames from how endearing the omega was.

Jeongguk proceeded to pull his backpack off his shoulders, laying it down on the rocks along with his shoes. He put his feet in the water and made a noise of exaggerated pain as he waded into the water.

“Oh, no! It’s so cold!” He cried out, grinning at how Taehyung crossed his arms.

“It is!”

“Aw, come on. It’s just some water, pup.” Jeongguk snickered, reaching a hand out and getting a firm grasp on Taehyung’s wrist.


Jeongguk pulled the omega into the cold water and Taehyung squawked at him, trashing about and holding onto his chest in an attempt to warm himself.

“You are so mean, Jeonggukie!” He wailed, pushing Jeongguk down into the water.

The alpha just held onto him and they stood in the ocean water as Taehyung adjusted to the colder temperature. He was aware that some of the tourists were staring at them in confusion but he couldn’t care less. Let them stare.

Taehyung jumped onto him and they both went underwater with a huge splash. Before he could resurface though, soft lips pressed into his and his body went lax.

He cupped Taehyung’s cheeks with his hands and as they came back up their lips crashed together, a desperate attempt to hold onto the moment for as long as possible. Jeongguk chuckled when Taehyung lightly bit his bottom lip, pulling the omega closer into his chest and letting his tongue slip past the other’s lips.

When they finally separated with a pop, Taehyung’s lips were red and his own swollen. They pressed their foreheads together and Jeongguk took a deep breath, letting the omega’s scent hold him captive. Taehyung was doing the same and he couldn’t help but smile at how the other was trembling just slightly.

A sudden wave of cheers and clapping broke them from their trance and they looked back over to where the waterfall was. It seemed like all those staring tourists had witnessed their dramatic fall into the water and make out session.

A couple of wolf whistles were heard and Jeongguk just beamed. The expression grew brighter though when Taehyung became a bit embarrassed and tucked his head into the alpha’s chest with an awestruck look in his eyes. It was official. Jeongguk was screwed.

He was sure that Taehyung could feel his pulsing heartbeat pounding against his chest. The people finally starting diverting their attention back to the waterfall and Taehyung finally stopped hiding, slowly looking back up at him with an open look. Lips wet and just slightly open and Jeongguk almost stopped breathing. The close proximity allowed him to see all the small details of the omega’s face and he leaned down and pressed a kiss on the small freckle located on Taehyung’s nose.

Taehyung gave him a dreamy look, still leaning a good portion of his weight on the alpha’s chest.

“You make me… feel different.” He said in a soft voice.

“A good different, I hope.”

“Yeah… I don’t know. For some reason, you’re the only thing my omega and I can agree on.”

Jeongguk smiled and closed his eyes before returning Taehyung’s gaze. “That’s makes me happy to hear. I like both sides, after all.”

Taehyung leaned in for another kiss, this time returning the favor from before and pressing his lips against the bridge of Jeongguk’s nose.

“I could kiss you all day long.”

“Well then it’s good we have all day together.” Jeongguk joked, letting his hands wrap around the omega’s waist.

Taehyung’s arms wrapped around his neck and there was barely any space between them now.

“Well then-“

Jeongguk stopped the moment when he felt something very long and very slimy brush against his leg. Taehyung watched in curiosity as the alpha leaned over and grabbed it with a laugh.

Taehyung shouted in disgust as Jeongguk held up what he had caught, a very long, very white, and very dead fish looking creature. It looked like the alpha was trying to bring it closer to him but Taehyung was having none of that. He fell backwards into the water and a gush of it splashed over his face.

“No! Get that away, Jeongguk!”

The alpha just cackled though and waved the dead thing in the air. “Come on, Tae! Give me a kiss!”

And so, the day began with a kiss, chasing each other around with a dead fish, and then some more kisses.