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The Winner Takes It All

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The atmosphere surrounding the two mates had become increasingly awkward. Awkward to the point where they were just staring at each other, waiting for an answer of some sort.


Jeongguk nervously laughed, rubbing the back of his neck and licking his lips a few times over. “So… You’re telling me that you had someone else write it for some reason?”


Taehyung blinked before shaking his head. “Uh, no. Like I just said a few seconds ago, I didn’t write it and I don’t know who did. None of those words in that letter were from me. None of them.”


Okay, there were maybe a few things written there that could have been written by himself had he been truly honest and let his wolf take control of the pen but that wasn’t relevant at all in this moment. He did wish though that the alpha standing in front of him would stop looking at him with those expectant and pleading eyes. Taehyung was struggling to maintain eye contact, finding this whole situation to be terribly uncomfortable. Of course, the alpha needed to know that the letter was fake but it was still difficult to put him down like this since he had seemed so… excited.


Waves softly washed over the sand of the beach, just out of reach from where the two were standing. It was a beautiful scene compared to what was happening between the mates. A seagull cried out from above them and Taehyung could see the wheels turning in Jeongguk’s head, the alpha desperately trying to get a hang of what was occurring. It sort of reminded Taehyung of himself when Jeongguk had mentioned a girlfriend back in Seoul. That confusion when you thought you knew what was going on but really didn’t after all.


Jeongguk holds up the letter again and Taehyung can tell that his voice is wavering just slightly. “B-But the letter… It came to my office. It had your handwriting, down to the very last detail. E-Everything in here was personal stuff that not just any person would know. It was about the things that went down between us-“


“Yeah well, turns out that I did tell a couple of people once you ditched me like a one night stand. My friends did have to wonder after all why I was crying my eyes out for two weeks straight and had a fucking mating mark.” Taehyung bitterly interrupted, fingers beginning to shake.


The alpha swallowed and looked off for a second before opening the envelope again with a tremble. “Your scent though… It’s on the paper. A-and why would any of your friends send this to me? They hate me from the sound of it. When I saw Jimin this morning he hadn’t a single clue about this and if anything, he was ready to kill me.”


“I don’t know why they sent it, Jeongguk! It may be some cruel prank but I had nothing to do with it, why would I?!” Taehyung finally snapped, built up frustrations finally boiling over.


To anyone else this scene would be quite the spectacle. An alpha being yelled at by an omega and actually looking completely terrified. It was certainly a sight to be witnessed.


“I-I don’t know, did you not want to see me? Did you not miss your mate? I missed you.” Jeongguk stammered.


Taehyung gave him a sour smile before nodding and looking at the sky in utter annoyance. “You missed me? You missed me? That is complete bullshit and you know it!”


Jeongguk held out a hand in an attempt to soothe the omega’s rage. “It’s not, Taehyung. I’m being honest! Why would have come here otherwise?”


“I don’t care why you came here because I don’t want to see you! I shouldn’t have to when you didn’t want me five years ago!”


The dam of emotions that he had been holding within himself was beginning to crack, the foundations of betrayal and confusion breaking. That hopeful look that Jeongguk was bearing before has now been replaced by one of guilt and alarm but to the raging omega this meant nothing.


“I did want you, Tae! Please, if you’ll just let me explain-“


“You wanted me? You are just spitting lies in my face right now! If you had truly wanted me back, then you would have stayed and called off that stupid relationship you had with that omega! You didn’t want me and you never did, I was just some omega you wanted to fuck before going home!”


“It wasn’t like that, I swear. Of course, I wanted you over that girl. You were my mate. How could I have not wanted my mate? Both me and my alpha desired you so badly, that’s why I mated you that night!” Jeongguk pleaded, trying to make Taehyung listen to him. The omega wanted nothing of it though.


“No, you mated me because you couldn’t control yourself! You were a dumb, young alpha who couldn’t comprehend the consequences of being reckless in bed! This thing between us,” Taehyung motioned with his hand between him and the alpha, “Was a mistake on your part which I have to suffer every day because of!”


“I-It may have been a mistake at the time, only because I wasn’t thinking properly but that doesn’t mean I think of it as a burden! You’re my mate, Taehyung.” Jeongguk suddenly comes forward, taking Taehyung’s hands in his own once again. “We’re forever bonded and there’s no possible way that I could just forget that. My feelings for you have just become stronger over these years that we’ve been separated. Don’t you want to go back to then? Back to that week of pure bliss that we shared together? When it was just us and our love? Won’t you give it a chance?”


Jeongguk’s hands on his own makes a certain warmth swell up in his heart but Taehyung is quick to stomp it out with fervor. He refuses to be weak in front of the other, not after what he had done. Of course, he wants to go back to that week they had shared. It was what every part of his body with the exception of his logical side wanted, more than anything. To be reunited with his mate and live the rest of his life out with a companion who he loved and who loved him back. Taehyung was struggling to fight back against the omega inside of him, having to pin and punch the shit out of that side of himself to maintain control here.


“What? Why the hell would I want to go back to then? So you could make me fall in love with you again just to abandon me without a single warning? Is that something you like, Jeongguk? Going around and fucking omegas when you have one at home that you’re courting? I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work for me. I don’t want to go through that again.” Taehyung snarls, unsure of what he’s even saying. There’s a conflict inside of him and he wonders if Jeongguk can pick up on it. He suspects not since he’s on such a heavy dose of suppressants so no person could pick up on what he was feeling. But, who knows. Mates could be the exception to that.


“Taehyung, please. I never saw you like that and I never will. You’re so precious to me and I need you to know that. Please, don’t push me away. At least not before I can explain what happened back then.”


“I don’t need your explanations, Jeongguk.” Taehyung bitterly laughed. “I got it five years when you ran away from me.”


The omega was about to continue his rant before he spotted something from his puerperal vision, something that surely shouldn’t have been there. His jaw fell in disbelief as he saw five heads duck back down behind some rocks only feet from where he and Jeongguk stood. The alpha looked over to see what Taehyung was angrily gazing at.


“Are you- Oh my God, it better not be.” Taehyung hissed as he stomped over to the rocks, crossing his arms and looking down with the most pissed off expression in the world as he stared at his five friends who smiled up innocently at him.


“What. Are. You. Doing. Here.” He asked through gritted teeth. Jeongguk slowly walked over, making sure to not get too close to the seething omega before peering over the rocks and seeing the five others.


Hoseok was the first to jump up, standing tall and brushing the sand off of his clothes. He smiled back at Taehyung and the others were not sure how he was withstanding that fiery gaze.


“Oh, you know. Taking a relaxing stroll on the beach like any other normal person. It’s a wonderful day, actually.” He commented, looking up at the bright sky for a second before looking back down at Taehyung. “What have you been up to?”


Taehyung usually really loved Hoseok’s joking and happy personality but in a situation like this it almost made him want to sock the alpha in the face. His friends were seriously eavesdropping on a personal conversation like this.


Hoseok finally looked at Jeongguk and gave the most fake looking surprised expression. “Jeongguk! Holy shit, is that really you? What has been, like five years? What are you doing here?”


Jeongguk just stares at Hoseok with a wide expression, eyes fluttering over to gauge Taehyung’s reaction for a brief second. The omega did not look pleased at all and Namjoon decided to step in.


“We were just trying to make sure everything was going smoothly, just to check up and see if you were doing okay. We didn’t intend on listening to your conversation but some people decided to drag us over.” Namjoon shot a look at Jin and Hoseok.


Taehyung’s foot tapped on the sand with irritation. Namjoon gave an exasperated sigh before grabbing Hoseok by the ear and tugging him backwards, the other alpha yelping and glaring at the elder. Namjoon just shook his head and gave him a pointed look before returning his gaze to Taehyung.


“We’ll be leaving now so you two can have some privacy.”


The five friends all started to get up but Taehyung just walked towards them, throwing a look back at Jeongguk. “It’s fine. We were just ending our conversation anyway.”


Jeongguk opened his mouth several times and tried to follow after Taehyung before a certain alpha of shorter height stood directly in front of him to serve as a blockade. From the sidelines, Yoongi looked on in interest as his mate and Taehyung’s (sort of) mate had a small standoff.


“Wait, Taehyung! You still haven’t let me have my say!” Jeongguk called out, his voice obviously distressed and Taehyung stopped himself from shivering when he picked up on the alpha’s spiked scent.


He turned around and the breeze blew his hair about, making him seem a little bit more dramatic. “I honestly have no interest in what you have to say to me, Jeongguk. I didn’t send that letter to you and you came here for nothing. Our relationship ended five years ago.”


Something inside of his chest was clawing against his ribcage, crying out for Taehyung to tell the truth and to stay with Jeongguk for just a little longer. He ignored the crippling pain and bared it with a grimace. Something felt terribly wrong when he saw the distraught expression on Jeongguk, a combination of grief and regret. Taehyung tried to push it off though and convince himself that Jeongguk didn’t care and never did.


The omega turned around but then faced Jeongguk again, face red and eyes puffy. It looked like he was about to take back his last statement but apparently not.


“And just for the record, you were terrible in bed! Your knot almost slipped out of me because it was so small!” He yelled before finally turning around and storming off, Jin and Hoseok right by his side. That comment was even more of a lie than his last one but at the moment his brain was just firing out any nasty insult it could come up with. He clenched his fists tightly together and pushed past the desire to kiss Jeongguk again.


The alpha was left in the dust, or the sand for better wording and his eyes began to turn pink and teary. Namjoon gave him a look of pity before walking his own way, leaving only Jimin and his mate with Jeongguk. The air here was even more awkward than before.


When Jeongguk did look up, tears about to spill over, he was met with a smug grin from Jimin.


“Looks like he didn’t want you after all.”


The tears spilled over.


The shorter alpha was leaving but then turned around when he saw that Yoongi hadn’t moved an inch.


Yoongi looked at Jimin. “I’ll be with you soon. Just give me a moment with him.”


Jimin seemed like he was about to argue with that decision but Yoongi gave him a look which had the alpha begrudgingly nodding and walking away, leaving the two alone.


Jeongguk looked as if he were about to fall apart, hope and excitement from before now replaced with bleakness and misery. Yoongi put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a somewhat comforting smile. It was the first one Jeongguk had seen since he had come here.


“Let’s go for a walk.” Yoongi suggested.




Hoseok and Jin silently stood outside of the bathroom stall, listening to the broken sobs and tears coming from the other side of the door. They looked at each other and shared a frown. Their omega friend was obviously not doing well from the number of cries heard. Taehyung blew his nose on some toilet paper and Hoseok bit his lip, not sure if they should try to talk to him or leave him in peace. Everything had been going fine until they had gotten maybe a quarter mile away from the beach where Jeongguk had been left before Taehyung had completely broken down. Neither Jin or Hoseok had expected it considering he had seemed so angry beforehand. They couldn’t get a word out of him though on why he was crying now and had to chase after him once the omega had sprinted off, wiping away his runny nose with a sleeve.


Now they were in some random restaurant’s bathroom, waiting for Taehyung to calm down enough for them to try and comfort him. It had been nearly ten minutes though since the omega had locked himself in the stall and Hoseok’s alpha instincts were telling him to knock the door down and hug his friend. Jin’s glares kept him from doing that however so they just stood there patiently.


“Tae?” Jin began, voice soft and barely above a whisper. Taehyung was still sniffling. “Is everything alright in there? I know you’re upset about Jeongguk but-“


The alpha’s name was an apparent trigger though and another broken sob was heard. Jin stopped talking and just winced at his mistake. He looked at Hoseok with a hopeless expression, unsure of how to soothe Taehyung.


Hoseok decided to do a little childhood trick that Jimin had told him about. Jin stared as he approached the door and put a hand against the wood.


“Chiquitita, tell me what’s wrong.” He tried to sing, voice a little wobbly since he hadn’t sung in forever.


Jin gave him a ‘what the fuck are you doing’ look and Hoseok just shrugged with a ‘might as well try’ look. He turned back to the door.


“You’re enchained by your own sorrow; in your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow.”


Hoseok little idea was stopped short though. “Okay, that’s enough! You don’t have to sing.” Taehyung sniffed, unlocking the stall door so his two friends could enter. Hoseok prided himself in failing to succeed.


Taehyung was sitting on the toilet which had its seat down, cheeks stained with tears and skin red and puffy. Jin immediately went over and pulled Taehyung’s head into his chest, rubbing circles into his back. Hoseok closed the stall door and then knelt by the omega’s side, holding his hands.


“Are you upset that we eavesdropped? I’m really sorry.” Jin whispered, letting his shirt get wet from salty teardrops. Taehyung just shook his head no, making a noise of disapproval.


“We only heard the last part where you were telling him off. Did that guy say something rude to you beforehand? You know I can go and kick his ass if Jimin hasn’t already killed him.” Hoseok suggested, squeezing the omega’s hands tenderly.


“N-No… It wasn’t that. It was the total opposite…” Taehyung wept, snot running down his nose. “He said he wanted to be with me again… C-court again.”


Jin blinked and stared at Hoseok in disbelief. “Wait, what?! Tell us more!”


“He said he got the letter and was so happy that I wanted him back. I wanted him back. I can’t believe he had the audacity to say that when he was the one who left. I told him that I didn’t write the letter and he tried to explain but I didn’t want to hear it so I told him off. I just…” A fresh onslaught of tears came.


“But he wanted to court you again, Tae. You didn’t let him explain why?” Hoseok asked, now incredibly curious as to what Jeongguk’s motives were.


“Obviously not! And why should I have, he’s a pathetic and awful person who mated me without even thinking about the next day! He’s my mate… and…” Taehyung sniveled.


“He’s my mate… And I turned him away without even letting him talk. The only alpha I’ve ever loved and wanted to have me… I should have let him explain because maybe he had a good reason as to why he left and came back after five years-“


Taehyung’s mood suddenly changed again and he criticized himself. “No, no! I shouldn’t have because he doesn’t even deserve redemption after doing that!”


Hoseok and Jin watched as the omega battled himself, an emotional and logical side fighting for dominance inside of him. It was a strange thing to witness.


“Taehyung, just be honest with yourself. None of us will judge you for whatever decision you make. What do you want?”


Every person in that cramped bathroom stall was aware of Taehyung’s struggles with being an omega. He considered the omega inside of him to be like a separate being, not a true part of him. Something that he had to battle for control with. Jin could never understand that since being an omega had never bothered him one bit. He wanted what his omega wanted and his omega wanted what he wanted. It seemed that Taehyung was still desperately holding on to this image of himself that he used to be before presenting. He would go to the point of taking suppressants to a dangerous level and missing heats because of it. Jin and the rest of them were worried about him. The only time that he didn’t seem to internally battle himself however was during the week Jeongguk had been here.


Jin had thought he had seen a miracle when Taehyung’s scent had returned to normal and he no longer had that expression of anxiety, that look of holding back who he was. Jin thought he was seeing a whole new side of Taehyung when the omega had come to him one night for a sleepover, telling him all about Jeongguk and how perfect the alpha was. His eyes had sparkled and Jin could tell that he was utterly star struck.


He honestly wanted this to work out, this thing between Taehyung and Jeongguk. But it seemed that Jeongguk was all hands-on deck while Taehyung was one hundred steps behind. This wouldn’t be an easy task.


“I don’t know… I just don’t know.” Taehyung said quietly, closing his eyes and swallowing.


“What Jeongguk did to me was absolutely awful. I don’t know if I could ever trust him in the same way, even if I were to somehow fall back into his arms. And, why should I? But, at the same time … I can’t deny it. He’s still my mate and the omega in me will never let that go. I’ll always feel that connection to him, something so strong yet unexplainable. But does that mean the only thing binding us together is some stupid chemical bond?”


“Taehyung, you know mating is more than that. It’s not just biology that makes your omega want him. Did you not feel something significant in that week he was here?” Hoseok asked.


“I mean, yeah. But that was all for nothing anyway.”


Jin placed a hand on Taehyung’s knee. “Listen. Jeongguk said that he wanted to explain or show you that he was sincere about courting you again. Why don’t you just have another talk with him, a calm one where both of you aren’t having emotional breakdowns, and actually discuss this situation. He may be being honest or he may not be. But you won’t ever know unless you give him a chance.”


Hoseok nodded. “You don’t have to be with him again. But if you just leave it like this, then your omega will always be miserable. You can’t do that to yourself. You need to have some closure with Jeongguk and now is the perfect time since he’s here and very willing to talk to you.”


Taehyung sighed and snuggled his head back into Jin’s broad chest, seeking some degree of comfort. He remembers when he did this with Jeongguk so long ago and how the alpha would embrace him tightly before rolling over and crushing him with his body weight. Taehyung would squeak and attempt to push the alpha off, but Jeongguk would just laugh and hold him down. It was one of the few times that Taehyung had appreciated that he didn’t have the strength of an alpha.


“How am I supposed to even talk to him now? I just told him that I didn’t want to hear anything that he said and that our relationship was officially over. And then I made those last insults to him…”


“Yeah, those were pretty cut throat, if I’m being honest. First the relationship over thing and then the small knot. Dang I would probably die of embarrassment if an omega said that to me.” Hoseok laughed and Taehyung just groaned.


“Was it true though? Was he bad in bed?” Hoseok asked quickly, curiosity getting the better of him.


Taehyung pouted at him, eyebrows furrowed. “No, Hoseok. He was really good in bed but I needed to insult him somehow.”


“Really? How big was his-“


“Okay, that’s enough of that!” Jin interrupted, kicking Hoseok in the shin when Taehyung wasn’t looking.


“Taehyung,” Jin said, tucking some of Taehyung’s hair behind his ear, “You don’t have to anything you’re uncomfortable with but I do think it would be a good idea to at least talk to Jeongguk again. You two could at least get on better terms, maybe not romantically but perhaps as friends?”


Hoseok nodded and smiled. “Yeah, you’d be the craziest friends. Friends who are actually mates!”


Jin rolled his eyes at that comment before helping Taehyung stand up from the toilet. “Let’s start with getting you out of here, this place is really disgusting if I’m being honest.”


The two of them led Taehyung over to the sink and the omega was able to see his reflection, which he noted was extremely rough. Red cheeks, bloodshot eyes, tear stained skin, and snotty.


Hoseok and Jin took paper towels though and ran them under cold water before wiping Taehyung’s face down thoroughly. Soon enough, Taehyung was looking like a normal person and Hoseok stretched his cheeks out to make him smile again.


“Thanks, guys.” Taehyung mumbled, somewhat embarrassed by his emotional outburst. They had to see his angry side, which consisted of his more logical personality being furious that Jeongguk decided to show his face after five years of absence. The sobbing side was more his omega being upset due to what he had said to his alpha. He needed to get a hold over himself.


“You don’t have to thank us, Tae.” Hoseok smiled, shaking him by the shoulders.


Jin nodded as well. “Exactly, but we do wish that you’d love all parts of yourself, even the omega part. Because that is you.”


Taehyung just sighed and looked down at the floor, letting his friends walk him out of the restaurant they had just spent the last half hour in. He sometimes wished that he could let go. It would be so easy. Just accepting himself and giving in.


Like hell was he actually going to do that though.


Other customers in the restaurant stared at the three as they walked out of the door, back into the beaming rays of the sun’s light. It really was a nice day outside. Too bad a certain someone decided to come back and ruin that.


They walked aimlessly down the street, not entirely sure where to go. Taehyung hadn’t made up his mind on whether or not he wanted to talk to Jeongguk. However, he was at least sure that if he did decide to talk to him, that he didn’t want to do it today. A familiar face was seen approaching them and Taehyung gave Jimin a small smile when he came over.


“Hey, I was looking for you guys. Where have you been?”


Jin looked at Hoseok before answering. “Just walking around.”


Jimin raised an eyebrow, but went along with the answer. Hoseok moved over so Jimin could walk next to Taehyung. The alpha put a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder and squeezed.


“How are you holding up? I’m always willing to beat him up if you need me to.”


“Thanks but I don’t think that will be necessary. Besides, I’m not sure that’s a fight you could win.”


Jimin snorted. “No way in hell would I lose to a gutless alpha like him. If anything, based on how he acted this morning, he would just run away crying.”


Taehyung glanced at Jimin. “Crying?”


Jimin laughed for a second and nodded. “Yeah, after you left, he started crying like a child. It was kind of amusing to be honest. I guess that’s what he got though after everything he did to you.”


Taehyung processed that for a minute, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Jin. Jeongguk had cried once he left? The last time he had even seen the alpha close to crying was when he had announced he was leaving but even then, they weren’t full tears. Was he actually upset that he had been rejected? His omega was internally cursing him for saying such wounding words before running away.


A weird feeling rushed over him and it felt like there were pieces of a puzzle missing. Something just didn’t add up.


“I left after that but Yoongi stayed with him for some reason.” Jimin also added on, sounding somewhat confused about that part.


“Really? Yoongi usually seems so disinterested when these kinds of things happen though.” Hoseok commented, running his hand through his black hair.


“That’s what I was thinking, but he went walking with him on the beach. Who knows, maybe he rubbed in the salt a little more.”


Taehyung wondered what Yoongi and Jeongguk were talking about. They had only seen each other a few times when Jeongguk had been here five years ago and didn’t seem to be that overly friendly with each other. Yoongi also wasn’t the kind of person to go out of his way to make peace. He had to have some sort of motive for talking to Jeongguk…


He was ripped out of his thoughts though when Jimin continued to talk to him. “So, what are you going to do, Taehyung? Rip him to shreds again like this morning or let one of us do it?”


His mother had once told him about omega instincts being one of the most important assets his kind had.


There was a moment of hesitation before he decided to answer that question. “No… I think I’m going to talk to him again.”


Jimin whipped his head around to look at his best friend, unsure that he heard him correctly. “What do you mean, talk to him again?”


“I mean, talk to him again. You had to have heard him say that he still wanted to talk to me and try to recover some parts of our relationship.”


“You’re actually going to court with him, after everything that he’s done to you?! Do you even realize how terrible it is to leave your mate like that?” Jimin probed, shocked as to why Taehyung would even suggest a thing.


“I think out of everyone here, I know the most about what he did and the effects of it. And no, I’m not going to court with him again. I was being honest with him back then; our relationship is over. That much is clear. I can’t trust him again with my heart. I just can’t. But I’ll at least give him the chance to apologize and attempt to be my friend.”


Jimin blinked. “Your friend? You would want him to be your friend? How could that even work? Do you honestly think that your omega could handle that, having your mate close to you but not close enough?”


“Jimin!” Jin snapped, all attention being directed to him. “It’s Taehyung’s choice. If he wants to talk to Jeongguk and try to restore some part of what they used to be, then that is perfectly fine. Because it is what he wants to do. This isn’t about you, Jimin. I know you’re very protective over Taehyung and want him to be safe, but he’s not helpless. He can figure some of these things out himself.”


“I know that he can do things himself but when it comes to an alpha mate he may not be thinking like he wants to. His omega must be screaming at him to go and return to Jeongguk. He needs to logically figure out what the best choice is here. If he goes back to Jeongguk then he may have no choice but to fall back into his arms.”


Part of what Jimin was saying was correct and Taehyung knew it. It would be a difficult task to not give in and return to Jeongguk, but he trusted that he could manage it. He wouldn’t be as foolish as he was the first time.


Jin just frowned at that. “Jimin, there is nothing wrong with Taehyung’s omega side. It’s who he is. He needs to be able to make compromises and somehow come to a point where both of those sides can become one.”


“It’s not who he wants to be though and that’s what is important!” Jimin argued back.


The two of them kept bickering and Taehyung shared an exasperated look with Hoseok. Jimin and Jin were his very good friends but they both seemed to have very different ideas as to what was best for Taehyung. It seemed like Jin wanted him to be Jeongguk’s mate without a second question and Jimin wanted him to kill Jeongguk. Two polar opposites that Taehyung couldn’t agree with. Neither sounded preferable at the moment.


“Okay, okay that’s enough arguing!” Taehyung finally said, getting annoyed by the two shouting his ears off. “I’m going to talk to Jeongguk. Not to become his mate again or to rip him to shreds, but to just talk. I’m not dealing out forgiveness immediately and if he proves himself to be a dick like he was then I’ll drop him and never speak to him again. Okay?”


Jimin and Jin said a very grumpy ‘yes’ before returning to silence and walking besides Taehyung. It wasn’t until Hoseok pointed over to their right did they begin talking again. There was Yoongi, standing by himself at a vending machine and grabbing a bag of chips to rip open.


“Yoongs! I thought you were talking to Jeongguk?” Hoseok questioned, stopping in his tracks to go talk to the beta.


Yoongi shrugged and swallowed a chip. “Yeah, we went for a walk. We’re done now though.” He looked at Taehyung and there was a certain glint in his eye. “We had a very interesting talk.”


Jimin, Hoseok, Jin, and Taehyung all looked at him expectantly. “And…? What did you talk about?”


Yoongi just smirked and grabbed more chips out of his bag. “Private stuff.”


Jin looked like he was about to lunge on the beta after that smug comment. “Private stuff?! What the hell is that supposed to mean? Nothing is private when it comes to Jeongguk because everything about him is Taehyung’s business!”


Hoseok nodded and spoke his agreeance but Taehyung and Jimin remained silent. Yoongi didn’t seem that phased either.


“No, it was between Jeongguk and I. Let’s just say that this summer will be quite the spectacle. On all parts.”


“That’s the most ominous thing I’ve ever heard and I’m honestly afraid.” Hoseok said with wide eyes. Jin rolled his and just grumbled.


After some more complaining from Jin and Hoseok, they all began to walk away, trying to find somewhere to get lunch. Yoongi and Jimin were a little behind the group, following at a slower pace. Jimin was oddly quiet compared to his usually talkative self as he walked with his mate.


Yoongi eyed him and said quietly, “You’re lucky that I love you so much. That was pretty low of you, even in my standards. I know you care about Taehyung, but to do that…”


“I did what I had to do. In the end, it didn’t even matter. Jeongguk left him and proved himself to be everything I predicted.”


In front of them, Taehyung took deep breaths. Had you asked him yesterday if meeting Jeongguk was a possibility, he would have said it was crazy. Life was strange. He would worry about Jeongguk tomorrow, he had enough shit to think about today.


Such as who in his group of five friends wrote that letter.