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The Winner Takes It All

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Day One


Jeongguk was confident in the fact that his parents hated him. Not even a mild hate, but an actual full out resentment. He understood that there was a lot of responsibility resting on his shoulders, being a pure-bred alpha and also the son of a very powerful lawyer whose name had become well known in Seoul. It just seemed like he could never fill his father’s shoes however, which earned him disdain and criticism at every turn.


His parents forced him into private schools all throughout his childhood and made sure that he became a law major in college. Things weren't great, but at least he was in the top of his class which subdued his father for a short time. He couldn’t have imagined what would happen next though. When summer break came around, his parents had a very certain surprise waiting for him at home. An arranged courtship with some omega he had never even met before.


He had obviously argued, saying that he wanted a mate who he actually loved. A mate of his choosing that he would actually want to be with come twenty years. He had seen the effects of an arranged courtship after all, his parents being the prime example. They were together for financial benefits and because of traditional views on mating. Their love wasn’t true however, even with the mating mark. Jeongguk didn’t want that, absolutely not. His pleas went over deaf ears though and his parents demanded that he comply.


So, here he was. Jeongguk had decided to take one small vacation by himself to Jeju to calm down before meeting this supposed omega female he was being forced to court. But even the beautiful island and its soft beaches did nothing to soothe his nerves and frustration. He had two weeks by himself here and he had spent the first week just brooding and kicking sand around.


One Monday morning he decided to actually go and do something. He hadn’t worked out since he had gotten here, just stress eating a shit ton of junk food instead. A morning swim sounded good to start his new week off nicely. He knew that when he got home everything would go back to shit so he should enjoy his last week of freedom. The beach was empty for the most part as he chose a more unpopular area, wanting to swim instead of run into small children playing around.


The water was cool and felt great with the blazing sun above him. Swimming had always been a favorite of his and the waves did little to stop his movements. After thirty minutes of this he figured that a rest would be good so he headed towards the shore. There were a couple more people laying on the sand than before and he decided to head off before the place got any more crowded.


He could tell that there were some eyes following him as he walked across the sand, rubbing a towel over his wet hair. It didn’t bother him though until a scent like no other hit his nose, causing him to stop in his tracks. It was like every tense muscle in his body relaxed, every stress forgotten and thrown aside. The aroma that surrounded his being was of butterfly bush and strawberry. He blinked a couple of times, looking around to see who the scent belonged to.


His eyes settled on one boy laying on a towel with sunglasses and a beach robe and he immediately realized that it was him. Due to the sunglasses he couldn’t really see what the omega’s facial expression were, but Jeongguk did know what he was feeling due to that scent. Jeongguk didn’t notice that he was doing the same though.


A couple of steps later, he was standing directly in front of the omega, who looked up at him with a playfully innocent smile. Jeongguk swallowed as the boy took off his sunglasses. To say that the omega was the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on was an understatement. His body was like the ones you would see in magazines and wonder if anybody really looked like that. The gentle breeze blowing by tussled the omega’s brown locks of hair and Jeongguk realized that he had never felt like this before. He just stood there staring at him like a rock before the omega spoke up.


“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” The other joked, eyes twinkling and playful. His voice was much deeper than Jeongguk had expected but it just peaked his interest more.


Jeongguk returned the grin, slowly getting down so he could sit by the omega. Something inside of his chest fluttered as the other boy inched a little closer. Jeongguk could see the details on his face now which didn’t make any of this better. There was a mole on the tip of his nose and on his bottom lip, which made the alpha reel from how cute it was. His cheeks were plush and Jeongguk felt an odd desire to reach over and pinch them.


It was like something out of his dreams. Soft hair, golden skin, lithe frame, and a beautiful smile. They had both gotten closer somehow, only inches away at this point.


“I’d rather look at you like this.” He replied, and the omega smiled brightly at him, lips shaping into a rectangle.


“What’s your name? I haven’t seen you around these parts before.” The other asked, leaning down on one arm to look up at Jeongguk.


“I’m Jeongguk, I’m here on vacation for the next week so you probably haven’t seen me before.”


“Jeongguk.” The omega repeated, closing his eyes and saying it a couple more times. “That’s a pretty name; I haven’t met a Jeongguk before. I’m Taehyung.”


“Taehyung.” Jeongguk said and it rolled off his tongue like honey.  


“You said you’re here on vacation?”


Jeongguk nodded and joined Taehyung on the towel as the other had moved over to make room. Their shoulders brushed but neither moved, letting the skin touch.


“Yeah I’ve been here for a week and I have one left. I’m on summer break from university and I thought a little solo trip here would be nice.”


Taehyung nodded and smiled. “Have you done anything fun yet?”


“Well… not exactly. I’ve been eating and staying in my room for the majority of it really.” He truthfully tells. This was supposed to be a trip to take his mind off of things but all he had done was brood and overthink the situation he was currently stuck in.


“What?! You’ve been here for a week and you haven’t even done anything? What’s got you down?” Taehyung questioned, bumping into Jeongguk a little to emphasize his point.


Jeongguk sincerely debated on telling Taehyung the truth, that he was forced into an arranged courtship without any say. But something stopped him. Something instinctive, the alpha inside of him begging him to not say anything about the subject. He told his first lie, one that he thought was minimal and wouldn’t do any harm.


“I’ve just been so stressed about my college classes. I’m on break but I still have to worry about my next semester. My father is a lawyer so he expects me to follow suit and if you take anything from this conversation, let it be that becoming a law major is suck ass.”


Taehyung laughed and Jeongguk’s lips curled upwards.


“That sounds tough, and it’s impressive that I’m laying next to such a smart alpha. Should I be nervous?”


The praise and joking made Jeongguk feel a little weak. He turned to the omega and their faces were close enough where they could feel each other’s breaths.


“Nervous isn’t the word I would use.”


Taehyung raised a brow at him, a smirk forming on his lips. The omega got back up on his knees and brushed some of the sand off of himself.


“Tell you what, Jeongguk. Since you’re obviously not doing much but having a boring time here, I’ll show you around the island. What do you think?”


Jeongguk swallowed before grinning. Spending a little more time with Taehyung sounded perfect and every part of him seemed to agree with the suggestion.


Taehyung began to pack all of his stuff up, shoving his towel into his bag and Jeongguk could tell that he was rushing so they could go already. The bag was pretty big and Taehyung’s face showed a small amount of effort as he pulled it over his shoulder. Before he could get it all the way on though, Jeongguk stopped him and grabbed one of the straps.


“Here, let me carry that for you.”


The omega gave him a ‘really?’ face and pulled the bag on fully.


“I’m not that weak where I can’t carry a little bag.”


Jeongguk smiled as Taehyung had to lean over to one side due to the uneven weight. He was cute.


“Alright, but don’t be afraid to ask if you need help.”


Taehyung just scoffed and they started to walk away from the beach. Taehyung was a little shorter and the bag on his shoulder made him walk a little slower. Jeongguk pretended to not notice and walked beside the omega with a grin. It seemed that Taehyung was one of those proud omegas who didn’t want to be helped. It seemed that over the years more omegas were trying to break the stereotypes that had always held them down.


Omegas could attend college but it was nearly impossible to get through harder programs, even if they were perfectly capable of doing so. They were expected to take on smaller, more caring roles in society and were treated carefully. Independence wasn’t really a word people used when talking about omegas.


Coming from such a traditional family made Jeongguk understand some of these roles in society, but it was still refreshing to meet someone like Taehyung.


“Where to first, tour guide?” Jeongguk asked jokingly.


“I have somewhere special to show you first. We can save the tourist traps for later, but for right now you need to see what makes Jeju really special. I have some food so we can picnic up there together.”


It sounds suspiciously like a date but that doesn’t deter Jeongguk in the slightest.


Taehyung seems to know his way around the island and all of the people. Jeongguk can’t help but notice that a few surprised glances are thrown their way, and that the air smells like curiosity. Was it weird that Taehyung was walking around with an alpha?


It didn’t seem to bother the other and they kept walking together. Their route soon went away from the main streets and they stepped onto dirt paths that led into the forest. Jeongguk held back his chuckle as Taehyung began to puff from carrying the bag up the steep hill.


The scenery so far was phenomenal and it already brought him a sense of calm. He regretted being so useless for the first week here and not going out and seeing what the island had to offer.


Sunlight creeped past the leaves of the trees covering them and made it look like a sea. Noises of the trees blowing and animals chirping made for a very relaxed setting. Taehyung eventually led them off of the dirt path and through some brush that slowed them down just slightly. This destination that Taehyung was taking him to definitely wasn’t a tourist place which excited him.


After a couple of minutes, they made their way out of the forest and to an open cliff side with the ocean waiting just below. Jeongguk stared in amazement at the sight, a perfect view of the blue ocean crashing against the rocky shoreline. He could almost feel Taehyung’s smile at the fact that he actually enjoyed the place. The omega set the heavy bag down on the ground and began to pull out the contents and lay them out on the ground.


Jeongguk turned around and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw Taehyung slip out of his robe with a sly grin. The omega was definitely rebellious since omegas were not really supposed to be undressing like that in front of another alpha, especially one that they were not courting. It made his chest warm however and he felt a rush like no other.


Taehyung was wearing a very short pair of shorts that looked more like sleepwear than anything. He then broke out into a full out sprint and Jeongguk stood there frozen as the other ran past him and leaped out over the cliff. His instincts went into overdrive as he saw the omega disappear downwards and he quickly ran over to see where he had gone and if he was safe.


A huge splash was heard and as he peered over the ledge he saw a huge spray of water go upwards and for a second he went into a worried mode, stressing over if there were rocks on the bottom or if Taehyung was a strong enough swimmer. He suddenly cared deeply, not wanting to see Taehyung struggling.


But his worrying was for nothing as the omega resurfaced with a laugh, whipping his head back and forth to get the hair out of his face. Jeongguk sighed in relief and almost wanted to yell down at the other to not worry him like that.


“Come on! Jump!” Taehyung shouted gleefully, swimming in place and waiting for Jeongguk to come down and join him.


Jeongguk stared at the boy before shaking his head. “Are you crazy? You just jumped like five floors!”


Taehyung laughed and the sound seemed so smooth and deep. “Are you telling me that you’re scared? Come on, live a little and come down here with me!”


The entire idea of jumping off of a cliff into the ocean didn’t exactly seem like the smartest or safest idea in Jeongguk’s opinion. But the thought of being down there and maybe impressing Taehyung was appealing enough for him to begrudgingly get back up on his feet and walk back a few steps. He gulped and prayed that he didn’t jump onto a rock before running and taking leap of faith, closing his eyes as he heard Taehyung yell out in support.


A moment later he was breaking the surface of the ocean and salty water pulled him in. After a few seconds of adjustment, he pushed his arms down and went swimming towards the light above him. He took a deep exhale as he came up, blinking to get the water out of his eyes. Taehyung was giggling beside of him and the omega gently held on to his bicep as Jeongguk caught his breath again.


Bright light shined down upon their bodies and they seemed to glisten in the water. Jeongguk was a strong swimmer and was able to hold up Taehyung as he laughed away in joy. He gazed down on the omega and simply beamed at how Taehyung leaned upon him.


They swimmed about for a bit at a relaxed place, Taehyung showing him all of the nooks and crannies of the small cliffside area. The two of them watched as colorful crabs walked across rocks and native birds flew down to catch them. It was like a hidden wonderland, just him and Taehyung without anyone else interfering.


When they grew hungry they climbed back up to the top where their stuff was by a small pathway. Jeongguk had made sure to have Taehyung go first, wanting to be able to catch the omega should he fall. The lunch that Taehyung had packed was actually quite big and they were able to share.


Taehyung pulled out a few thermos and containers and they began to eat side by side. Jeongguk hummed in appreciation as he chewed on some of the curry.


“This is really good.” He complimented, food still in his mouth.


“Thanks, it’s not much but I do know how to cook a couple of meals. Professionally trained, in a way.”


Jeongguk swallowed his food and saw the disdain on Taehyung’s face after the comment.


“Your family required you to go under that ‘omega training’ huh?”


Taehyung rolled his eyes and nodded. “Yup, and that’s the reason I came here to Jeju. I was born and raised in Daegu and I was expected to live my life there as well. You see, my entire family is made up of alphas so it was a surprise that I came out as an omega at eighteen. Thankfully my family was accepting enough to still love me even though I presented this way, but they still saw me like any other omega. Weak, helpless, dependent. They thought my main purpose in life was now to find a mate and settle down with them, like an accessory for an alpha to carry around. I got tutors and all that stupid shit trying to help me become more submissive and polite. I mean, of course there were changes when I became an omega, I can’t deny that. But not to the point where I was a totally different person. I wanted… I needed to be treated like a person, not a doll. So, I ran off. I became the disappointment of my family and a disgrace of an omega.”


He rolled over onto his back and Jeongguk looked down at how the omega gazed at the sky.


“Even though I’m an omega, I still want to act like Taehyung. I don’t want to become some stereotype.”


Jeongguk tilted his head in confusion. “Why can’t you be both? You can still be Taehyung while being an omega. Do you think being an omega is a bad thing?”


“Of course.” Taehyung scoffed. “We’re the joke of all societies. Our bodies lack muscle and basically all strength, we’re expected to be housewives, and no one takes us seriously. God, how I wish I presented as anything but an omega.”


“Well, yes, omegas are treated unfairly and always have been. But just because society is screwed up doesn’t mean that you should hate being an omega and reject your true self, if anything you should embrace your nature and strive to prove to others that you’re worthy of being called equal. How can you expect others to respect you when you can’t even respect yourself?”


Taehyung sighed and threw a hand over his eyes. “It’s harder than you think it is, Jeongguk… I don’t even know why I’m telling you all of this, we’ve only just met after all.”


Jeongguk leaned over and pulled Taehyung’s hand away from his face, letting their eyes meet. Taehyung’s eyes were a dark brown but it seemed like Jeongguk could look deep within them.


“You can be honest with me; I won’t judge you. I promise. But I do think you can find a compromise within yourself, being an omega isn’t a terrible thing. It’s just who you are; you shouldn’t have to reject such a significant part of yourself.”


Taehyung blinked at him before giving him a small smile.


“You’re one of the few people who think that then. Even my close friends think I should just choose one, be an omega or be Taehyung. You’re a bit odd, Jeongguk. In a good way though.”


The small amount of tension in the air seemed to dissipate after that and they fell easily back into simpler conversations. They laid side by side, fingers just barely touching.


“I don’t want to sound weird or anything, but you smell really good. Is that weird to say?” Taehyung asked, turning his head over so they were facing each other.


“Not really, since I think the same about you.” Jeongguk laughed, because it was honestly true. He may not have noticed the omega that morning had it not been for his alluring scent.


“Really?” Taehyung rolled over his body, so close to being on top of the alpha that Jeongguk had to remember to breathe.


“What do I smell like?” He questioned in curiosity.


Jeongguk bit his lip in thought. It was so nice that it was hard to explain properly.


“Well… sweet. Really sweet. But not the kind that’s too overpowering, you know? You know how there’s an artificial sweet and a natural sweet?”


Taehyung nodded.


“Yeah, well the natural kind that’s pleasant. There’s a hint of fruit like fresh berries. The best part though is that you really smell like butterfly bush, which basically means you smell like a god.”


That statement had the omega smiling and Taehyung leaned in a little closer.


“Could I…?”


Jeongguk quickly understood what the other was asking for and he was willing to comply. He turned his head to the side, exposing his neck to the omega. He had never been asked such a thing and to anyone else it would certainly be a very weird request. Omegas weren't supposed to be this upfront and blunt about things like this but Jeongguk found it endearing.


Taehyung pressed his nose against the skin there and took a deep breath, causing Jeongguk to shiver just slightly.


“Curse you and your alpha charms.” Taehyung muttered as he leaned back, pupils dilated and cheeks a little red.


“Oh yeah? So why are you here with me and stupid alpha charms then?” Jeongguk grinned, knowing that his scent was affecting Taehyung just as badly as the omega’s was to him.


“Because I feel bad for a grumpy law major who hasn’t done anything yet on his vacation?”


Jeongguk rolled over and pinched Taehyung’s sides, causing the omega to squeak and try to push him off.


“That’s it? Nothing else?” The alpha prodded, tickling the other with his fingers, strong enough to where Taehyung could only giggle and squirm about. When he finally stopped, Taehyung was beaming in a manner that was so adorable that Jeongguk just wanted to hold him tightly within his arms.


“I’ve never felt this way before.” Taehyung happily sighed, closing his eyes so the sun wasn’t shining directly into them.


“Yeah… me neither.” Jeongguk quietly agreed.


It was peculiar indeed, Jeongguk thought. The fact that he already felt as if he had known Taehyung for years and years when in fact they had must met that morning. There was just an obvious connection between the two of them, perhaps that was the reason why they were both so attracted to each other’s scents. Taehyung just seemed so perfect; his body was sculpted beautifully and he just seemed to glow in the sun. The omega wasn’t just a gorgeous specimen though, he had personality and wasn’t some boring pushover. It just made him more bitter to the fact that another omega he had no interest in was waiting back in Seoul for him.


“Being with an alpha like this is a first as well for me.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well, as you can probably guess I don’t really go out of my way to look appealing for other alphas. Courtship has always been a delicate subject for me after all. It’s basically the whole omega vs Taehyung debate. There’s times where I really want to court and times where I really don’t. And it doesn’t help that my friends always get involved somehow.” Taehyung laughed quietly.


“Jin, an omega, is always trying to find a match for me. He thinks I just need to go out with a bunch of alphas until I find the right one for me. It basically ends with me going on these terribly awkward dates with random people just to make him feel better. And the polar opposite of Jin is my best friend, Jimin. He’s an alpha and he’s always been pretty defensive of me. He agrees more with the fact that I need to be me and not worry about any other alphas. He scares away any people I go on second dates with.”


“Are you sure that’s not because he’s interested in you?” Jeongguk asked, not liking the sound of this Jimin guy.


Taehyung shook his head. “Nah, he’s been courting this one beta named Yoongi for quite a while now. I think they’re considering mating sometime soon. Jimin’s always been there for me and seen me through a lot of hardships. I think as an alpha it’s hard to see me off, to have another person be responsible over me. He just doesn’t get that I can handle myself and any alpha that I’m interested in.”


“I guess I should avoid him then, sounds like he’ll try to jump me if he sees me with you.” Jeongguk snorted.


That caused the other to laugh and nod. “Oh, definitely. Jimin’s scared of the alphas I like after all.”


Jeongguk’s heart soared and his cheeks became pink.


Taehyung looked over at him and winked. “We’ll keep this a secret between you and me.”


The two of them remained in silence for a good while after that, comfortably relaxing in the sun’s light and enjoying each other’s company. Jeongguk was pretty sure that this was what pure bliss felt like. He could lay here for the rest of his life if Taehyung was the person next to him. This moment, he never wanted it to end.


To stay here on this island, to forget about home, that was what he desired. If only he hadn’t been born to his parents, with no responsibilities to go into law and have an arranged courtship. Life was truly cruel to have something so perfect just out of his reach.


He was thrusted out of his head though when Taehyung suddenly sat up.


“Oh shit!” He exclaimed, already shoving things into his bag.


Jeongguk sat up as well, somewhat worried by the omega’s sudden behavior. Was there something wrong?


“What is it?”


Instead of the apprehensive face he was expecting from the other, he was met with an expression of excitement.


“I totally forgot! There’s a summer festival going on in the east side of town! Come on, we have to go!”


Jeongguk quickly began to help pack up all of the containers and blankets and put them into Taehyung’s bag. The omega quickly pulled a shirt back on and handed one to Jeongguk as well. It looked like Taehyung was trying to pick up the bag to carry once again but Jeongguk stopped him.


“Here, let me carry it this time. Not because I think you can’t handle it but because I want to. You carried it up the hill so I’ll carry it down. Okay?”


Taehyung’s lips pouted out and it looked like he was going to reject that offer, looking mighty defensive over letting Jeongguk carry it for him.


Jeongguk gave him a gentle smile though, holding out a hand. “Please?”


The omega looked at him suspiciously for a couple more seconds before sighing and handing it over. Jeongguk grinned and took the bag from the other, glad that he hadn’t upset Taehyung or insulted him.


With a hum, Taehyung got back onto his feet and brushed some of the dirt off of his knees, stretching his arms up to the sky. They made their way back down through the forest, moving much quicker now that Taehyung wasn’t being held down by extra weight. Jeongguk still walked by his side though, letting the omega set the pace and lead the way.


It was late afternoon by the time they reached the main road again, the pavement hot under their feet. They two of them skipped about, trying to jump and land on the shadowed parts of the road so they wouldn’t burn the skin of their feet. It caused laughter between them, looking at each other widely jump about and squeaking when they touched a hot spot. Some of the other people around them gave them weird looks but it didn’t bother the duo in the slightest.


They were going pretty fast so they reached the festival in good time. Jeongguk smiled in wonder as Taehyung grabbed his hand and led him in. There were a lot more people here and the place was beautifully colored. Many people were wearing traditional outfits or costumes, leaving them to look pretty casual. Children ran about with food and toys, yelling and laughing as the adults followed after them. Jeongguk hadn’t ever been allowed to one of these as a child, his parents saying they were ridiculous and stupid.


Taehyung quickly dragged him over a booth where food was being sold, the smell making Jeongguk want to drool. The man there seemed to recognize Taehyung and the surprise was evident on his face from seeing the omega with an alpha here. They bought some Dak-kkochi and went on their way, watching performers and singers light up the festival. Their shoulders kept bumping together and from the corner of his eye, Jeongguk could see the smile that Taehyung was trying to hold back.


Jeongguk ended spending all of his spare change in an attempt to win Taehyung a stuffed Pikachu plushy but it ended up being worth it when the omega squealed in delight and hugged him tightly when he won.


He hadn’t had this much fun in years, to be honest. The festival was incredible but for the majority of the time he just watched in awe as Taehyung guided him around by the hand, pointing things out enthusiastically and singing along with the music being played. Jeongguk found himself joining in even though he usually wasn’t that type of person, dancing and loudly singing with Taehyung, eating food and being messy because there weren't any people here who could tell them to act normally. He felt free.


When an array of fireworks went bursting into the air to signal the ending of the festival, Jeongguk bent over so Taehyung could sit on his shoulders, standing up and letting the omega have the best view of the night sky flooding with vibrant colors. One of Taehyung’s hands rested in his hair, gently stroking the dark locks as loud booms silenced all other surrounding noises. The omega really weighed nothing to Jeongguk and he stood there with the biggest lopsided grin on his face.


There was an old couple in front of them and Jeongguk looked at them for a brief moment as the boy on his shoulder still stared at the fireworks. From the smell he could tell it was an alpha and omega couple and he felt his chest warm from the sight. The alpha had their arms wrapped protectively around the omega’s waist, lips brushing against the other’s ear and happiness written all over their face.


Jeongguk wanted that kind of love. Something that could last until the very last years of his life and even into the next. Taehyung was wiggling around in excitement above him and something inside of him was burning. His parents had always told him that alphas were meant to be stoic and serious, dominant and not always showing their emotions. Jeongguk thought that was total bullshit. How could he be expected to be emotionless when someone like Taehyung was on his shoulders? He wanted to feel every possible emotion right now, not lock it away in his heart.


A huge bang was heard and Jeongguk looked up just in time to see the finale. A huge firework went flying into the sky, exploding with a mass of red and blue, smaller fireworks of different colors following behind it and making it a true spectacle to be seen. The light reflected in Jeongguk’s eyes and he couldn’t help but think that the entire thing was somewhat inspiring. The entire crowd was cheering and from the mass of voices he could hear Taehyung’s deeper timbre shouting in glee.


People started to clear out after that, bellies full and legs weary from dancing and running about. Jeongguk felt like he could run a marathon right now, heart pumping and almost bursting out of his chest. He didn’t want this day to end, for more reasons than one. It was one day closer to going home and returning to the sticky situation he was stuck in. It was also one day closer to leaving Taehyung and facing reality.


He kneeled down to let Taehyung hop off of his shoulders and he missed the weight when the omega stepped down onto the ground. When he stood back up though, Taehyung embraced him and rested his head in the space between his neck and head. The warmth was well welcomed and Jeongguk wrapped his arms around the smaller man in return.


“Thank you.” Taehyung said, voice muffled from the cloth of the shirt Jeongguk was wearing currently.


Jeongguk held him a little tighter. “Of course.”


They walked back from the festival in relative silence, both not sure what to say now that the day was coming to an end. The sky was dark and stars were the only light coming from it. Taehyung was going back to his apartment that he shared with Jimin and Jeongguk was walking him back. He had said it was because it was dark and late but the truth was that he wanted to look at the other for just a little longer tonight before saying goodbye.


“There it is.” Taehyung quietly said, pointing to a small building on the end of the road.


Jeongguk really didn’t want to say goodbye.


Smaller steps were made and it was obvious that both were trying to stall around. The time to say goodnight finally came though as they reached the yellow door of Taehyung’s apartment. They stood facing each other in silence for a couple of seconds.


Jeongguk was the first to break the silence, not wanting this to be the end.


“Um… I’m not sure what your schedule is but if you’re not busy I still have the rest of the week here and I’m sure there’s still plenty of the island to explore… But only if you want!” He quickly added. There was nothing he wanted more than to see the omega again but if Taehyung didn’t want it then he didn’t want to pressure him.


That was something he evidently didn’t need to worry about however since Taehyung’s face immediately brightened.


“Oh! Of course, I would love to keep showing you around! I-I’ll be here tomorrow morning if you want to come by. I can show you some other cool places.” Taehyung’s voice was a little higher than usual, obviously pleased by the fact that Jeongguk still wanted to hang out.


Jeongguk gave him a wide grin and nodded. “Okay… Awesome.”


Taehyung bit his lip and Jeongguk swallowed.


There was still something to be done but neither knew how to start it. After a few seconds, it was Taehyung to finally break.


The omega quickly leaned in a pressed a kiss against Jeongguk’s lips and then immediately pulled back, cheeks red and eyes wide. It seemed that he was nervous as to how the alpha would react.


Jeongguk just smiled though and pulled the other back in for a longer kiss, placing a hand on the small of his back. Taehyung seemed to melt in his hold, wrapping his arms around the alpha’s neck and opening up his lips so Jeongguk could deepen the kiss.


Their tongues met and Taehyung made a breathy noise, letting Jeongguk take control. Before he could do anything though the door slammed open and the two separated in surprise.


A sudden scent reached Jeongguk, one of another alpha. An angry alpha at that. A shorter man who looked to be the same age as Taehyung stood there in the doorway, arms crossed and lips pressed into a fine line.


Taehyung didn’t pull back completely, still letting Jeongguk’s hands rest on his body. He smiled and still looked a little giddy from the kiss.


“Hey, Jimin. I thought you were going to be out on a date with Yoongi tonight?”


“I was. It’s nearly midnight.” Jimin deadpanned, voice showing his displeasure at the situation.


“You didn’t tell me that you would be out late.”


Taehyung licked his lips and giggled softly. “Sorry, I was showing Jeongguk here around the island and then we went to the summer festival. We must have lost track of the time.”


Jimin glared at Jeongguk and there was an obvious ‘hate at first sight’ situation going on.


“Hi.” Jeongguk finally said.




The two alphas continued to glare daggers at each other as Taehyung took his bag back and took a step towards Jimin. He looked back at Jeongguk.


“I’ll be waiting here for you tomorrow, Guk.” His voice sounded hopeful.


“I’ll come for you.” He responded, softer than he had ever heard it be.


Jimin swiftly let Taehyung back into the apartment before glancing one last time at Jeongguk and slamming the door in his face.


He seemed super pleasant.


As Jeongguk walked back to the hotel he could feel his pulse beating. He wondered about what he would do about this arranged courtship. It seemed like there was no possible way of getting out of it. It was about business and he knew how his father was with business.


His mind wandered to Taehyung. He should at least enjoy his last week of freedom with Taehyung, he shouldn’t let the situation at home bother him now.


He was aware that his time with Taehyung was limited, and Taehyung had to be aware as well. They only had six days left together and that seemed like no time at all. It made his heart hurt just a bit thinking that this thing between them couldn’t become serious because of many circumstances, but he supposed that was fate’s way of being cruel.


A little summer romance couldn’t hurt though, right?