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The Winner Takes It All

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Jeongguk wiggles around, trying to get comfortable on the crammed boat where he was sitting. There was a woman to his right snoring away, head resting on his shoulder. To his left was an old man with his legs so wide open that Jeongguk’s were forced to be pressed tightly together. He sighed and held his suitcase a little closer and tried to ignore the horrific smell, overall filth, and lack of space on the small boat. Jeongguk had always had an acute sense of smell so his nose was going crazy right now. It was an overwhelming mixture of alpha musk that automatically put him on edge. It didn’t look like anyone was trying to threaten him though so he tried to calm down a little.


The only thing keeping him sane was the small envelope that he held in his hand. Jeongguk smiled as he looked at the front of it. The paper was yellowish and somewhat crumpled from the travel it had gone through. Three stamps, assortments of different pictures, were slapped on the corner but it was what was on the middle that gave him a little hope.


Jeon Jeongguk was written there in a delicate cursive, each letter intricately done. Under it was the address to his law firm where the letter lay on his desk not but two weeks ago. And in the other corner there was another name.


Kim Taehyung


Jeongguk had thought he would never see that name again, not after everything that had happened five years ago. He had been in shock when he had held it in his office, staring down at it like a little child. Taehyung had taken the time to write him letter after all this time. He had been terrified for a second, thinking that it had been a letter of anger or grief. He had quickly torn it open in curiosity. His eyes ran over the content of the letter, drinking in every word.



Dear Jeonggukie,


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Five years to the date. I know you’re probably wondering why I’m writing this after all of this time and what happened between us. Well, maybe not. You know that years and years will pass but I won’t be able to stop thinking of you, it’s just not possible. I know you can’t either. It’s your fault after all. But, I’m not here to continue my blame on you. It’s the fifth anniversary of you know what. I wonder if you remembered. I did.


I couldn’t stop thinking of you tonight. I lay in bed by myself, looking in the mirror of what we could have been. What we were for that short time. It hurts me more than I’ll ever let anyone know. I always put on a mask in front of everyone else but underneath it all… I’m lonely. Around town, everyone knows me as the independent omega who doesn’t need an alpha to make it. And sometimes it is nice, showing other omegas that we can be strong on our own. But sometimes it really hurts.


It’s hard to watch my omega friends go home and enjoy their lives with a loving alpha. It’s hard to watch them raise a family and have everything that I can’t have. Not after what happened. So, here I am. Five years of being a lone omega and living on my own. Now, I don’t want you thinking I’m some damsel in distress because I’m not. I teach a kindergarten class and I’m doing quite fine on my own. The first year on my own was hard but as time passed I was accepted and people became more accepting of my situation.


I have friends who love and support me and I don’t have any enemies. It’s just… I feel like there are so many loose ends concerning you and I. So many questions that need answers. I’ll give you choice. I know it’s been five years and you may have forgotten me, I don’t know. The address on the envelope is where you can find me though if you do still want to see me. I’m not asking you to come here to fix our relationship because I’m not sure that’s what you want. But maybe we can at least fix some things and work off of that. I really want to see you, Gukkie. I’ve missed you.


With love,


Your Taehyung.


Jeongguk sighed and pressed the letter against his chest. Taehyung wanted to see him, Taehyung missed him. After all this time of chasing and desperately searching for the omega, he had requested to see him. His omega. Jeongguk had to bite down his grin of happiness. This was his chance. His chance to finally apologize and explain to Taehyung what had happened, and then they could finally go back to that time of bliss and dreams. It would be easier than he had expected now that Taehyung was wanting him there.


He thinks back to the letter. Your Taehyung. The words made his chest warm. It had been a hard five years for him as well. Every night he had dreamt of the omega, grieving that he wasn’t by his side in bed. He could fix it now though. They could be together.


The boat’s horn went off, deeply ringing in the air as they began to slow down. They were being pulled into the docks and people were beginning to get up. The woman sleeping on him finally woke up and walked away without a single apology. Jeongguk didn’t let it bother him though, standing up and getting his suitcase ready.


Everyone began to get off, all waiting in a line to get past security and finally step foot on Jeju. Jeongguk wasn’t bothered by the wait though, grinning to himself as the security guards went through his papers and moved him along.


He took a deep breath of the fresh air as he looked at the island. Even after five years this place was still just as beautiful. Jeongguk squeezed his hands together before walking away from the docks. Taehyung was waiting for him, waiting for their long-awaited reunion. There was a skip to his step as he hailed down a taxi.


Jeongguk would finally have his omega again.




Taehyung was woken up by a blaring alarm clock by his ear. He sluggishly opened his eyes before slamming the clock off aggressively. Damn piece of shit. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. It was the summer and he didn’t have any children to teach but he still had some work to do. He had taken up work at a bakery to keep the money coming in on his breaks; the hours were pretty short but it was still a bitch to have to wake up anyways. Eight in the morning had become a nightmarish time.


He finally motivated himself to get up, stretching up towards the ceiling and loudly yawning. His night shirt with the aliens on it was thrown off and he went over to the mirror to brush his wild hair back into place.


Taehyung’s eyes settled onto the red scarring on the skin between his neck and shoulder for a brief moment. His mating mark that had been there for five years now. He rolled his eyes and walked towards his closet to pull out his work uniform. Never trust an alpha, that was his motto. Well, maybe not all alphas. There were a couple good ones like Hoseok, Jimin, and Namjoon. The majority weren’t though. Specifically, Jeon Jeongguk.


Whatever. Taehyung didn’t care. It had been five years. He didn’t care that Jeongguk had waltzed over here and picked him off of his feet like a charming prince. He didn’t care that Jeongguk had mated him and looked at him like he was the world. And he really didn’t care that Jeongguk had told him the next morning that he had a girlfriend and had to go home because of law school. Yeah, whatever. It happens.


The sucky part about that though was that mating marks were irreversible. He and that Jeongguk were mated forever. No going back. Taehyung couldn’t go find another alpha and besides, no alpha wanted a mated omega who had been ditched anyways.


Basically, Taehyung was destined to be alone for the rest of his life. It was fine though. He didn’t care. Nope. He had all the children he wanted at the school he taught at, that was his family. He still had all of his friends who would always watch his back when they went out for drinks. The town he lived in didn’t judge him anymore, much more sympathetic towards his situation and somehow he become a beloved figure. Still didn’t help with the fact that no alpha wanted him.


But, Taehyung didn’t want an alpha. He didn’t want someone to hold him like he was the most precious thing in the world. He didn’t want someone to cuddle with him or take bubble baths with. He didn’t want someone to raise a family with. Hell no.


He roughly brushed his teeth, causing some of his gums to bleed before throwing the tooth brush back down in the cup holding it.


Taehyung continued to bristle as he pulled his uniform on and grabbed his bag, walking towards his door so he could get to the bakery a little bit before his shift started to eat breakfast.


God, if there was one person who he never wanted to see again, it would be that son of a bitch. Taehyung considered himself to be a calm and pleasant person. Most people who really knew him said that he was a sweet omega that just got the short end of the stick. But he swears that if he ever had to see Jeongguk again, he would give him a proper beating before throwing him off deck to drown. For sure.


He tries to settle down as he makes his way down onto one of the main streets where the bakery is located. A smile was the best way to show people that you were doing just fine. A couple people waved at him and he did the same. It was a small town and everyone seemed to know each other. Sometimes this was nice, after all there was always a sense of community and friendliness. The only downside was that you really couldn’t escape anyone.


Taehyung eventually spots his coworker and jogs so he can catch up. Well, he’s technically the manager but he still treats Taehyung like an equal. The man looks over when Taehyung joins him by his side.


“Hey, Jin.”


Jin gifts him a warm smile as the two walk down the cobblestone together.


“Good morning, Tae. You’re coming in early today.”


Taehyung nodded, pulling his bag back onto his shoulder. “Yeah, just for breakfast. Jimin will be there too, is that a problem? I swear we won’t make a mess or anything.”


“That’s fine, you know Jimin is always welcome.”


Taehyung had always appreciated Jin as a friend. Of course, Jimin was his best friend but Jin was up there. Jimin had been there for his entire childhood and even when they presented they had stayed friends. While they had gone total opposites, Jimin being an alpha and Taehyung being an omega, it had never changed the dynamics of their relationship. Jimin had just become a little more defensive about people who messed with him. A best friend who was also a body guard of sorts.


But Jin was an omega like himself which made him easier to talk to on certain subjects. They could talk about heats and such with ease, not embarrassed to laugh about it or joke. And after the whole fiasco with Jeongguk, well, Jin had been the most understanding. Jimin definitely was ready to behead Jeongguk but wasn’t able to empathize as well. Jin had understood his grief of losing an alpha, and rubbed his back when Taehyung had cried about his mating mark which apparently meant very little to his alpha.


Speaking of which, Jin decided to bring that subject up once again.


“Hey, wasn’t the other day-”


“The five-year anniversary of Jeon Jeongguk?” Taehyung finished for him.


Jin nodded, looking sympathetic. “I know that you still must think about him a lot even if you don’t wish to because of that stupid mating mark.”


Taehyung shrugged and tried to look as if he didn’t care all that much. “I mean, sometimes. It’s not like I’m thinking anything positive about him.”


Jin knew that Taehyung was trying to cover up his emotions again but he didn’t press on that issue, knowing that Taehyung would just get angry.


“I know it’s a weird question but if Jeongguk were to for some reason come back, would you consider… being with him again?”


“What kind of question is that? You and I both know that he’s not coming back, it’s been five years.” Taehyung snorted.


“Well, you did move around a lot after then, you know.” Jin added.


“So what? He didn’t come back and he won’t now.”


Jin rolled his eyes and sighed. “Just indulge me for once. If Jeongguk were to come back would you consider him?”


Taehyung bit his lip. He hadn’t asked himself that question before, wanting to push Jeongguk out his mind as best as possible.


“I mean… I don’t know. He’s a total jerk for leaving me like that. Leaving me all alone.”


Taehyung would be lying if the thought of Jeongguk finally coming back, his alpha, didn’t make his heart flutter just slightly. The only problem was that thoughts like that were dangerous, Taehyung knew that. There was no point in dreaming. Jeongguk was gone and even if he did come back how could Taehyung trust him? If he had the audacity to do it once than he could do it again.


“W-Why are you even asking that? I don’t know how I’d react until he got here. But for now, it’s a total no. He sucks, end of story.” Taehyung huffed, looking at his feet as they approached the bakery.


Jin smiled to himself. “Whatever you say.” He said in a sing-song voice.


“What is that supposed to mean?” Taehyung scoffed as Jin unlocked the front door and let the two of them inside.


Jin just laughed to himself as Taehyung shot him a weirded out look. The older man was acting odd today.


The door behind them burst open though and the two quickly turned around to see who it was. Taehyung initially smiled when a familiar alpha scent came to him, telling him that it was Jimin, but it faded as he saw his friend’s state.


Jimin was bent over, hands on his knees and panting as if he had just sprinted a mile without breathing. Taehyung quickly made his way over to help Jimin back up, placing a supporting hand on the other’s shoulder.


“What’s wrong, Jimin?” Taehyung prodded as Jin came over in curiosity.

Jimin just shook his head and Taehyung could tell that something was off.


“Why didn’t you tell me, Tae? I thought we were best friends and that you would tell me anything.” Jimin panted, looking obviously upset.


Taehyung blinked in confusion. “What are talking about? I haven’t kept anything from you, I swear.”


Jimin just gave him a disbelieving look that made it seem as if he truly felt betrayed. Taehyung hadn’t ever seen this expression on the other alpha.


“What about Jeongguk then?” Jimin asked, lips pursing in annoyance.


Taehyung glanced at Jin for a quick second before slowly shaking his head, not sure why Jeongguk was being brought up right now.


“Jimin, you need to explain what you’re talking about because I haven’t the slightest clue what you’re referencing here. I’ve told you everything about Jeongguk, and besides all of that drama went down five years ago. You’ve known everything.”


Jimin just scoffed. “Everything? Then why is Jeongguk here right now?”


Taehyung stilled for a second, lungs refusing to take in another breath. He licked his lips.


“Jeongguk isn’t here, Jimin. He’s over in Seoul with his stupid girlfriend probably.”


“Actually, Jeongguk is here because I just saw him.” Jimin responded, digging something out of his back pocket.


Jin finally decided to speak up after looking at Taehyung, who was currently standing as still as a rock.


“Jimin, are you sure it was Jeongguk you saw? You know what Jeongguk did so why would he be back here?”


All the proof Jimin needed was in his hand though, a small piece of paper with a number scribbled over it. Jimin handed it to Taehyung.


“He gave me his number just in case I needed to get in contact with him.”


Taehyung trembled as he slowly brought the piece of paper up to his nose, taking a deep breath in. The mark on his neck burned as Jeongguk’s smell came back to him after five years. It felt like just yesterday that this scent was on his bedsheets.


It couldn’t be possible though. Why would he be here? To torment him?


“W-Why would he… Why would he be here?” Taehyung whispered. He barely noticed how Jin was rubbing comforting circles into his back in an attempt to soothe him. He must have been giving off a wave of distress since even Jimin’s alpha nature and anger from before had started to settle down.


“That’s exactly what I said to him when I saw him walking down towards the hotel by the beach with his luggage. I thought he was here to stir up trouble with you. But he was oddly chipper, enthusiastic even. Seemed weirdly happy to see me even though he knows how protective I am over you. I got angry at first but then he explained to me. Told me that you had invited him back here after five years to meet up again and solve whatever issues you guys had.”


Taehyung looks at the floor, desperately trying to comprehend what was going on right now. Jeongguk, the alpha who had mated him and left on the same day, was here right now in the same town after five years of absence. And apparently, he was the one who had invited Jeongguk to come back.


He shakes his head and runs a hand through his hair. “I-I didn’t… I didn’t invite him though. Why is he saying that? I haven’t talked to him since that morning that he hightailed it out of this island for that girl.”


The piece of paper in his hand is crumpled up from how tightly he is clenching his fists together.


Jimin crosses his arms. “Jeongguk wasn’t lying about being invited though. I could smell the honesty on him, there wasn’t an ounce of deceit. His eyes as well. You… Somehow he got invited and he thinks it was from you.”


There’s a moment of silence shared between the three as they contemplate the situation. Jin taps his foot in thought, utter confusion plastered onto his face. Taehyung is looking similar but with an ounce more of distraught mixed in there.


“Well, what are you going to do?” Jin finally asks, the question that all of them had been silently asking themselves.


Taehyung bites his bottom lip and crosses his arms. The truth is that he didn’t exactly know what to do in this situation. Jeongguk, his mate of all people, is here after five years of absence and silence. Thinking that he’s been ceremonially invited back by Taehyung himself. It feels like a dream.


Jeongguk was a jerk of an alpha, there wasn’t any question of that. He had mated with an omega and left the next morning with a sad excuse of an apology. Taehyung had already had issues with self-perception after presenting as an omega in a family of alphas. There was so much hope lying on his shoulders that he knew he could achieve before it got ripped away from him. He was smart and strong, the pride of his siblings. It was like he was a totally different person though when he hit eighteen and had his first heat. His parents no longer put alpha responsibilities on him, instead having him be taught the ‘ways of an omega’. How to attract a mate a keep them basically.


It had been utterly humiliating. He was being treated like a doll at all times and his body wasn’t doing him any favors at all. All those muscles he had worked up in the gym started to diminish, his skin bruised easier, and his new scent caused many gazes that made his skin crawl. The surge of hormones that came along with the presentation made him feel strange at times and he often had to fight back against his biological urges at points. His siblings who had once respected him now just saw him as an omega who would be given off to an alpha soon enough.


Taehyung resented that idea though. He couldn’t stand the feeling that he was slowly conforming to the idealistic omega his parents wanted him to become. In an attempt to find himself and perhaps destroy the omega inside of him, he ran away from his hometown of Daegu to Jeju. For a while everything had been going well. His alpha friends that he had made here didn’t see him any differently due to his proud nature and somewhat average scent (though he always made sure to keep his suppressants a secret from them).


Everything had changed though when he met Jeongguk one sunny summer day. It was like his body had made a huge victory over his stubborn mind. His legs went to jelly when he had first laid eyes on the alpha walking shirtless down the sandy shores. His heart had pounded and his suppressants seemed to be overpowered somehow, his scent spiking. Taehyung had nearly died of embarrassment when the alpha had noticed, the man turning a head and promptly staring at him in interest.


Taehyung had never been interested in courtship due to his pride, especially not with an alpha. But none of that had seemed important when Jeongguk had walked over, water droplets falling from his perfectly sculpted body. Taehyung had flirted with him before he could even comprehend what he was doing. Jeongguk had responded though, grinning at him with cute smile and sitting next to him. The entire week that Jeongguk had been with him had seemed like a beautiful dream that had come straight from a fairytale. For the first time since his presentation, Taehyung had begun to accept his nature as an omega. It had just seemed natural with Jeongguk holding him. All of that development had been flushed down the toilet however when the alpha had left so abruptly.


Taehyung, who had been known as the unmated omega too stubborn and stuck-up to court was now the omega who was mated and abandoned. He didn’t earn much sympathy from his parents either. They had blamed him for leaving before knowing how to be a proper omega. How could an alpha want an omega who wasn’t submissive and willing to take care of them domestically? They begged Taehyung to come home to finish his ‘lessons’ and then they could get in contact with Jeongguk to fix all of this.


His parents were left wordless though when Taehyung told them that Jeongguk had left because he was already courting another omega back at home. He had just been some vacation fuck for Jeongguk to enjoy, the only problem being that Jeongguk had taken things out of hand and mated him in the heat of things. His only hope was the fact that you couldn’t just take back a mating or mate another person. Taehyung and Jeongguk would be forever bound by that. Jeongguk couldn’t mate that omega back home.


One advantage that Jeongguk had was that he was an alpha. Society viewed him as the dominant figure and he would be favored. He could still find a partner easily after that whole ordeal, even if he was mated. Taehyung couldn’t though. A mated omega was basically a beacon screaming ‘Don’t touch me because I’m taken!’. Almost nobody touched him in a suggestive manner, and the ones who did were so vulgar that he had no interest.


The embarrassment of it all had been too much to handle for a while though. Taehyung had moved around a lot after that, not wanting to stay in the same place for too long. A new place was somewhere where no one would know about his situation.


He tried his hardest to go back to the way he was before all of that happened. Back to normal Taehyung. It wasn’t possible though. He had new doubts about himself which led to a further disdain for his omega nature. Every heat was just a repeat of terrible memories as his body couldn’t help but to picture Jeongguk above him, pinning his wrists down on the bed. Everybody, including his friends, now looked at him in sympathy and pity. He just wanted to maintain a single ounce of pride, was that too much to ask?


That’s why Taehyung has some issues in terms of coming up with ideas on how to address this Jeongguk returning fiasco. A good part of him just wanted to tell Jeongguk to fuck off and go away. And also a part that told him to forgive him immediately and be his omega again. That’s his head and body debating again.


Taehyung also had to consider why Jeongguk even came over, letter or not. Jeongguk was supposed to be working in some high dollar law firm with an obedient and perfect omega waiting back home with dinner. Jeongguk doesn’t really have any motive to be here anyway, right?


He sighs and closes his eyes, head starting to hurt from all this thought. He knows what he should do, what he probably needs to do before anything else. Ask Jeongguk to see the letter and then tell him that it wasn’t him who had written it or sent it.


“Jimin, do you know where Jeongguk is?” He finally asks, sounded exasperated.


His two companions look at him in surprise before Jimin finally spoke up.


“He should still be by the hotel down the road. I think he said that he would be on the beach for some time, said that he’s been missing it.”


Missing it, huh.


Taehyung sighs and puts a hand over his face in frustration. He was really going to have to go and talk to him, wasn’t he? He turns to Jin and gives him an apologetic look.


“Is it okay if I go talk to him? I swear I’ll be back for my second shift.” Taehyung says, truthfully since he really doesn’t want to talk to the other for too long.


Jin raises his hands and awkwardly laughs. “You take as much as you need.”


Taehyung nods, thanking the other omega for being understanding. He looks back over to Jimin.


“Sorry for assuming that you weren’t telling me shit…” Jimin mumbles, looking somewhat deflated.


“It’s okay.” Taehyung replied. “You said it yourself, Jeongguk thought he was telling the truth. You couldn’t have known that something fishy is going on here with that letter.”


He pats Jimin on the shoulder before heading to the door, taking a deep breath in anticipation for what he’s about to do, the person he’s about to see.


Before he can step out the door though, Jimin says one last thing.


“Good luck.”


Taehyung blinks. “Thanks.” He has a hard time believing that he will.


It’s hard to say what’s going on in his mind as he walks down the street, small hotel that Jeongguk’s staying in already within sight. His heart is pounding against his chest and there’s an obvious sense of excitement that he desperately tries to ignore. He convinces himself that it’s just his nerves and that he should be nervous, after all he had to confront an alpha who has done him much trouble in his life.


The hotel is finally standing directly in front of him and he clenches his fists together. He can be brave. Jeongguk doesn’t hold the power here, he does. Jeongguk doesn’t matter. He never did. All that happened five years ago was just a terrible mistake and they were stuck in a sticky situation. The alpha probably didn’t even care, only came here to settle some stuff.


He walks around the building to the back entrance, where the sand and soft waves lie. The air smells of ocean, a salty breeze that brings Taehyung some comfort.


But there’s no one in sight when Taehyung finally walks out onto the beach. He stands there in solitude, sand blowing over his shoes.


A scent hits him though and his knees wobble just slightly. The salty air now is mixed in with hints of rosewood and something earthy. Distinctively Jeongguk. He swallows and closes his eyes one last time, knowing that Jeongguk is coming closer by the sounds of sand moving and the ever-increasing scent.


It’s so familiar and it reminds him of their first meeting. It reminds him how awestruck he had been at the time, utterly dumbfounded that someone like Jeongguk could even exist.


A bitter smile finds place on his lips when Jeongguk gently calls out to him. It’s the first time in five years that he’s heard that timbre. The sound resonates and he fights the urge to shiver. He refuses to look weak here. Refuses to look like an omega.




It’s the nickname Jeongguk had always used so fondly. It sounds weird to hear.


Taehyung finally works up the courage to turn around and he has to bite the inside of his cheek to stop the reaction his body is fighting to show. His breath is taken away when he sees the alpha.


He’s nicely dressed, suit and everything. His hair is parted neatly and it’s pitch black. Jeongguk looks more like an alpha now, if that’s even possible. He looks more filled out, an inch higher and still as muscular as ever. Taehyung holds back a swallow.


Jeongguk looks… good. To say the very least. His lips are still the same, with the little mole under his bottom lip still there. His nose still has that cute bridge that Taehyung used to kiss with a grin. It’s the eyes though that has him nearly reeling. It was like a look into the past. Jeongguk’s eyes held a profound depth that couldn’t be described. They looked at him, curious and wide.


There was a brief moment of silence as the two mates stared upon each other for the first time in years.


“…It’s been a while, Jeongguk.” Taehyung said, voice and body a bit stiff.


Jeongguk slowly nodded, taking a step forward so they could be closer. Taehyung looked away for a second, not sure how to deal with this sudden close proximity.


“You…you look beautiful.” Jeongguk says, hands curling up by his sides as he did not know what to do with them.


Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the bluntness of that statement, not sure why the other was saying that after five years. He peered down and looked at the bakery uniform he was wearing. It was a pretty boring outfit that didn’t accentuate any of his features.


“Um… thanks?”


Jeongguk swallowed, and Taehyung could smell the anxiety and excitement rolling off of the alpha.


Taehyung was beginning to become unnerved by how Jeongguk was longingly gazing at him so he rubbed the back of his neck and tried to get to the point. All of this was becoming confusing after all.


“So why are you here?”


The alpha smiled at him, one of those bunny ones that he had loved so much. He tries to ignore it.


“I got your letter and I came over immediately.” Jeongguk replies enthusiastically, eyes twinkling. Taehyung is confused as to why the other looks so… happy? What the hell was in that letter?


Jeongguk reaches out and grabs Taehyung’s hands, holding them in his own. Taehyung freezes in shock as Jeongguk’s thumb rubs over his skin in a gentle manner.


“I want to thank you, Tae. For sending that letter and giving me another chance to prove myself to you. It means the world to me; you have no idea. It’s been such a long time and I thought you might have forgotten about me… In that time, I’ve learned a lot about myself and changed as well… I wanted you to see that and know that I can still be your alpha, your mate.” Jeongguk softly says, eyes loving and he pulls Taehyung’s hands to his heart.


Taehyung stares at him with wide eyes, not a clue as to what is going on here. Was Jeongguk trying to mock him or something?


“S-speaking of that letter… May I please see it?” Taehyung musters out.


Jeongguk smiles at him and pulls his hands back to reach into his suit pocket. Taehyung tries to breathe but finds that air isn’t coming easily right now. He feels like falling over right now, body willing him to go into the alpha’s hold.


The other finally pulls the letter out and hands it over to Taehyung, still looking at him with those eyes that he can’t meet.


Taehyung has a whole new onslaught of emotions when he looks at the envelope. The cursive writing on the paper matches his handwriting to the exact detail. It’s almost frightening, as if he really had written this himself. Jeongguk is quick to pick up on it and he leans in.


“I know this is all so sudden but I’ve been waiting so long for you to finally want me back.”


Taehyung sends him a quick glance before opening the envelope.


Want me back? That seemed rich since Jeongguk was the one to have left him. What the hell was he even talking about?


He unfolds the letter and begins to read.


Jeongguk’s smile falters a little bit and Taehyung guesses it’s because the other doesn’t know why he’s reading over the letter, since he was supposed to be the one who had written it in the first place.


The handwriting is his. The style of writing is his as well. But Taehyung knows for a fact that he didn’t write it. He didn’t write this letter of longing and desire, even if there was a part of him that could. He bites his lip and he continues to read.


A lot of stuff written down was personal, things that only his close friends could have known. Suspicions begin to arise as he reads on. Whoever wrote this was close enough to him to know this information.


Your Taehyung


He shakily exhales as he fumbles with the paper, enough to the point where Jeongguk gently takes the letter from him to fold back up.


The alpha looks at him, enthusiasm still there but with a hint of concern now.


“I-I… I pray that everything you wrote there was true. Because I really do want to talk to you and hopefully restore our relationship. There’s nothing that I want more in this world than that.”


Taehyung doesn’t know what’s going on. Who wrote that letter? Why did they write that letter? Why is Jeongguk acting like this? Does he actually want what he is saying?


It’s becoming too much to handle.


Jeongguk tries to go on but Taehyung interrupts him.


“I didn’t write that.”


The alpha pauses and awkwardly laughs for a second.


“What do you mean, you didn’t write it?” He asks, scent becoming more stressed and in turn Taehyung becomes more anxious.


“I mean, I didn’t write it. I never wrote that letter nor did I sent it. I don’t know who wrote all of that because it certainly wasn’t me.”


Jeongguk blinks.