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Gabriel put his hands further into the pocket of Sam’s hoodie. He didn’t want to look up from the metal table he was sitting at. He was mad at the moment. Mad at his father and brother. He tried really hard to hold down the anger bubbling in his stomach that was threatening to surface. “Sweetie?” Gabriel heard Sam’s voice close. He knew no one else could hear him but everyone was looking at him. He looked up briefly. “It’s okay, I’m right here.” Sam was sitting facing Gabriel with his back to everyone else. Gabriel had been brought into a meeting room by Castiel after he had informed Lucifer, Gabriel had almost been attacked again. The only one he told he remembered something to was Sam and he was glad for that.

“I don’t want to be here.” Gabriel said in a small voice that could be heard in the silence.

Before Chuck could ask his son what was happening Benny and Dean burst through the door of the meeting room. “Benjamin. Dean. What did you find?” Chuck asked fearing for the safety of his son.

“There was evidence of someone being there sir. Unfortunately they got away before we got to them.” Benny informed looking straight at Chuck and John. “We did find this.” Benny handed John Gabriel’s phone and a bag. Gabriel saw his phone with relief, he knew he wasn’t that crazy.

John looked inside. He closed the bag quickly before anyone else could get a glance at the contents. “Sam. Take Gabriel to his home to rest.” He instructed.

Sam stood up without questioning his father. When he offered his hand Gabriel took it but didn’t stand up. He looked at the bag before looking up at John. “What’s in the bag?” Gabriel asked trying to hold back his emotion.

“I think it’s best you don’t know.” John said holding the bag tightly.

Gabriel was about to protest when their attention was snatched by someone opening the door. “Sir.” Everyone turned back to look at a short man with a mess of hair and beard.

“Metatron.” Gabriel’s voice could be heard in the room. He let go of Sam’s hand and stood up with his head held high but Sam instantly saw fear deep in his eyes.

“Hey kid.” Metatron looked at Gabriel with a kind smile. Even though his smile seemed sweet, to Sam it didn’t feel right. He pulled Gabriel closer to himself by the hip. He realized something was off with the man if the way Gabriel was sticking close to him was an indication.

“What is it Metatron? We’re in the middle of something.” Lucifer said standing up and walking in front of Metatron effectively blocking his view from Gabriel.

“Sorry to interrupt. The theory presented earlier has been confirmed. Unit 7B has verification that the enemy is using a biological weapon to alter human DNA. No word yet about obtaining a sample sir.”

“John please tell them to hold their ground, develop a strategy. We need a sample of the virus or someone infected if were going to develop a vaccine. You’re dismissed.” Chuck instructed. John nodded and handed over the black bag. Once Metatron and John left Chuck turned to the group. “Lucifer, go work with Garth and find out who and why they are after Gabriel. Don’t stop until you have something. This should be your top priority.”

“Yes sir.” Lucifer walked to the door and was quickly followed by Garth. “Don’t worry short stack, we’ll find this creep and I’ll kick his ass.” He received a small smile from Gabriel before he turned around and opened the door for Garth to walk out first before following close behind.

“Benjamin, make sure this individual doesn’t get near anyone. You are assigned with the safety of my family and the Winchesters. Be vigilant.”

“Yes sir. You can count on me.” Benjamin said immediately.

“Wait.” Balthazar’s hesitant protest came. “You can’t put that much weight on his shoulders. He’s just one man.”

“He is a strong man, son. One of my best soldiers. He has taken on bigger challenges.” Chuck reassured. “You don’t need to fear for his safety.” Balthazar’s gaze went to the ground at his father’s words. “He may be one man but he has a whole army ready to help him if he needs it. Besides if he does get hurt, he’ll have the best nurse. Balthazar, I am assigning you to look after Benny, your siblings, and the Winchesters.” Chuck smiled at the look of surprise he got from his son but tried to hide it. “You are both dismissed.” Balthazar nodded and went out the door followed closely by Benny. Sam was sensing a pattern with the two that no one else seemed to notice but said nothing. That left Castiel, Dean, Sam and Gabriel with Chuck. Ana, Jo and Charley hadn't been allowed in. “Gabriel, please don’t look so scared. Metatron has been given orders to stay away from you.” Chuck reassured.

“Why? Who is he?” Sam asked already angry there was a reason he wasn’t allowed near Gabriel. Gabriel didn’t say anything but got closer to Sam, that only made Sam’s anger rise.

“Metatron was mother’s right hand man. You wouldn’t see one without the other.” Castiel explained with anger in every word. “He would document every detail of her experiments. Now he is father’s right hand man.”

“He is just a record keeper.” Chuck reassured. “He isn’t allowed near Gabriel or Castiel. If you see him anywhere near them feel free to use force.” Chuck was being serious but wouldn’t elaborate on why.

“He would help mother with our discipline. Father found bruises on Gabriel’s body one day and got it out of him on who caused them. He hasn’t been allowed near us since.” Now that Castiel had explained everything Sam was angry and so was Dean. They were both hoping at the moment that Metatron would try something just so they could get their hands on him.

“I would have gotten rid of him long ago but he knows almost everything of your mother’s work.” Chuck gave a sigh. “Moving forward. Did you hear what he said? Gabriel you were right about the virus. Do you think you can help us put up the shield by the end of the day?” Chuck set the bag on the table and leaned in expectantly.

“Yes.” Gabriel answered without looking up. “I can get it up by the end of the day.” Gabriel already had an idea of what to do to achieve that. “I just have a question.” Dean, Sam and Cas watched as Gabriel finally looked up to his father. “Who designed the shield?” Gabriel held his breath waiting for his father’s answer.

“I did son.” Came Chuck’s almost instant reply. “If that’s all then I’ll be on my way. Please let us know when the shield is ready to go up.” With a slow nod from Gabriel, Chuck excused himself.

“Gabriel. Why didn’t you say anything about what you remembered?” Sam said close enough their brother’s couldn’t hear. He wasn’t sure why but he felt Gabriel didn’t want to tell anyone.

Gabriel sat back down on the chair. He was about to talk when he noticed the camera in the corner of the room. Gabriel pulled down Sam into a hug. He felt Sam’s arms instantly make it around his waist. “We can’t talk here. They might be listening.”

He pulled away thinking he would get told something or Sam would be looking at him oddly. Sam kissed him softly and pulled away slowly. He gave him a small nod. “I think your dad is right. I should take you home to rest.” Gabriel understood what Sam was trying to do. There were no cameras in the living spaces.

“Are you going to be okay?” Dean asked the couple worried.

“Yes Dean-o. I have a handsome, smart boyfriend moose to protect me.” Gabriel said proudly but his brother could see the pink on his cheeks.

“Congratulations.” Castiel said happy for both Sam and Gabriel. Gabriel was over due for some happiness.

Dean and Castiel hugged their brother’s happy for them. “Cassie, would you be able to get me blue prints of the power room? I need them to put up the shield.”

“Yes. That’s no problem. I’ll bring them home as soon as I get them. Do you need anything else?” Castiel was heading towards the door.

“No that’s it. Thank you.” Gabriel said with a smile Sam recognized as fake.

“I’ll go with you.” Dean was already standing up and walking to Castiel’s side.

“Actually Dean, I was hoping you could help us with something back home. It won’t take long, I promise. Then you can go back to trying to get into my little brothers pants.” Gabriel went behind Sam’s large form at the glare he got from Dean.

“Fine.” Dean gave in when Castiel put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a smile. They all went their separate ways in the hall, but not before Gabriel got his hands on the bag. Inside there were tranquilizers, tape and rope. He went into a panic and had to be calmed down by Sam. It took a while of all three reassuring him they wouldn’t let anything happen to him until he calmed down. He grabbed his phone and went out the door without letting go of Sam’s hand.

Gabriel was quiet the whole walk back home. Sam and Dean looked at each other with worry but didn’t say anything. When they finally made it home Gabriel asked them to sit on the couch. “I….” He began. “You.” He took a deep breath and began to pace in front of the Winchesters. He didn’t really know how to start because he knew he would sound crazy once he did.

“Gabriel.” Dean got his attention before Sam could. “Just say it. We both believe in you. What ever you need, what ever you’re thinking, it’s fine, we’ll help.”

With that Gabriel began. “I think you two are the only ones I can trust. I can feel it in here.” Gabriel pointed to his belly making the Winchesters smile. They felt honored that Gabriel considered them trust worthy. “I’m not even sure I can trust Cassie anymore. I definitely can’t trust dad and Luci….”

“What do you mean?” Sam asked worried of the reason Gabriel believed that.

Gabriel took a deep breath. “I remembered something.” Gabriel repeated this time to Dean as well. “When we we’re little, Cassie and I would play games like hide and seek in mom’s lab.”

“Question.” Dean said raising his hand. “How could you play hide and seek in a lab?”

“I would build thing’s with my siblings. Michael would join us and encourage me to be myself. And he was nice. He loved us…….” Gabriel could see Sam and Dean’s expression turn into something he didn’t like. He took a deep breath and thought about what he could do to show them what he meant. “Wait here…..” Gabriel rounded the sofa and went to his room.

“Do you understand anything he is saying? Because I’m lost.” Dean said feeling bad he didn’t know what was going on.

“I think this has something to do with his dad and the shield.” They saw Gabriel run to Castiel’s room. “Maybe the stalker, or Lucifer? I don’t know. Hey, where is everyone?”

“Tommy, Leia, Ana, Charley and Jo said they were going to have a girl’s day or something. I should send them a text telling them everything is okay here.” Dean took out his phone and texted Charley. After five minutes of listening to Gabriel moving around the room he got a picture message from Charley of everyone wearing mud masks and relaxing.

“Okay.” Gabriel came out caring a blue blanket and his laptop. Sam recognized the blanket as the one he had wrapped around Tommy when they escaped from Michael’s home. Gabriel set down his laptop and took a deep breath. “Please. Just wait until the end.” Sam and Dean nodded and focused on Gabriel. “I remembered we would play hide and seek with this.” Gabriel opened the blanket, moved his hands along the edge of the fabric and draped it over his head. The Winchesters watched as he disappeared into thin air. “I made it with Castiel because Metatron and mom wouldn’t let us leave the lab.” Gabriel uncovered himself and continued. “Michael said it was awesome. He loved it and said I shouldn’t listen to Metatron or mom or anyone else when they said bad things about my science experiments. That I should always be myself. He even put it on our magic book.” Gabriel saw a questioning expression on Dean’s face. “It’s a book only we could get into. It has all the things we made.” Gabriel’s eyes began to fill with tears. He went and sat between Dean and Sam. “Dad is a liar. When Michael put the blanket in our magic book...... I saw it.” Gabriel began crying now. He felt like everything going on didn’t make any sense no matter how hard he tried to put it all together.

“What did you see?” Dean encouraged knowing Sam was to focused pulling Gabriel into his arms.

“The shield. Dad didn’t design it. Michael did. He said it would protect us when we ran away. And then……. And then…..”

“Its okay sweetie. I’m right here.” Sam pulled Gabriel across his lap and rubbed his back.

“Moose, mom took Michael. He hurt him. Said they we’re running out of time. The man in the mask was there…….. He took Cassie and tied me to a bed. I begged and begged for help but he just left me there.” Gabriel cried into Sam’s chest. “Michael came back but he didn’t untie me. I could tell he wanted too but he was really hurt. He said he loved me and everything would be better when I woke up. And then he put me to sleep.” Sam and Dean shared a look of concern. Gabriel was inconsolable. No matter what Dean and Sam said or did he wouldn’t stop crying. “Poor Michael. He was trying to keep us safe but I can't remember why.” Gabriel perked up with fright in his eyes. “I need to see him.” Gabriel began to get out of Sam’s arms.

“We can’t sweetie.” Sam told him pulling him back into his arms. “I know all this is overwhelming but until those bombs go off it’s dangerous. I think he will be okay.”

“But what if he isn’t?” Gabriel asked more worried now that he was thinking the worst.

“He will be.” Dean reassured. “As far as we know he’s the one that made the virus and is safe somewhere. If you say he designed the shield then he’s probably putting one up himself. If we go out there…. It’ll be a suicide mission.” Gabriel buried himself back into Sam’s warmth. He began crying again. There was no danger for Michael anymore. Everything he was doing was all himself. He couldn’t get to his side. Not with bombs about to start a war.

“Okay.” Gabriel said through sobs. “Ill find a way to put up the shield. I’m sorry I said anything. I’m just being paranoid. The person in the mask really scared me. He probably wasn’t even there. I mean……..” Gabriel let out a small sob. “I’m already starting to forget.”

Dean got a tissue for Gabriel and rubbed his legs. He began thinking about what Gabriel had said while watching Sam keeping him close. Gabriel eventually stopped crying when he slipped into a slumber driven by exhaustion. “Sam?” Dean whispered and looked at his brother. “Do you think that magic book he is talking about is the one we found?”

“I hope not. Castiel said they took that from their mother not Michael. If it is then Castiel lied to us.” Sam covered Gabriel’s ear with one hand and pulled him close so the other would be against his chest.

“No.” Dean said with a smile. When Sam’s expression remained serious his smile faded. “Come on this is Cas we’re talking about.”

“Well, maybe that’s what he believes. He was small after all. You need to talk to him.” Sam looked at Dean expectantly. Sam had to believe himself that was it. The dread that one of the only people Gabriel had ever trusted would betray him filled Sam with sadness.

Dean looked at Gabriel’s sleeping form for a while before he stood up without a word. He left and came back with a glass of water. “Are you going to wake him up?” Dean handed the water to Sam and watched him drink.

“I think I’m going to let him wake on his own. It’s still morning but it feels like he’s had a whole days worth of events.” Sam watched Dean nod and handed the half full glass for Dean to put on the small table.

Dean handed Sam the remote for the television, took the blanket Gabriel had used to Castiel’s room and came back with a dark green soft blanket he draped over Sam and Gabriel’s legs. “I’m going to go talk to Castiel. See if we can trust him.” Dean looked at Gabriel and gave a sigh. “I’m sure the whole blueprint thing was just to distract Cas. He’s beyond smart Sammy. You guys are lucky to have found each other.” Dean didn’t want to think about what Sam would do if it turned out they got Gabriel out of the monsters claws just to bring him to be the real monsters diner.

“Yeah. Don’t worry Dean. I’m sure there’s an explanation. There's a reason I found Gabriel and you found Castiel. I just know it.” Sam gave his brother a reassuring smile.

Dean gave a small sigh. “I hope you're right.” He stood there for a second watching the pair before moving towards the door. “I’ll see you later.” With that Dean disappeared through the wall leaving them in a warm silence.

Sam turned on the TV and began channel surfing. He landed on a show about a count down of mysterious occurrences and decided to stick with that. For over an hour he just watched documentaries and played with Gabriel’s hand. Gabriel was sleeping so soundly that Sam felt like he was living a normal life for a second. He felt so domestic. The comfortable weight and warmth of Gabriel. The TV playing. Sam felt relaxed, at peace. He began playing little scenarios in his head. Gabriel cooking for him. Dancing after having a nice dinner. Sleeping on a warm bed. Waking up to Gabriel’s smiling face. Gabriel squirmed in his arms a bit before mumbling something in a sleepy voice. “Water.”

Sam grabbed the glass he had drank from earlier and put it in Gabriel’s hands. “Here you go sweetie.” Gabriel opened sleepy eyes and drank the water. He sat up on Sam’s lap and leaned forward to put the glass on the table. Sam smiled as Gabriel turned to straddle him with slow lazy movements. “How was your nap?” Sam moved his hands under the fabric of the hoodie to touch the soft skin of Gabriel’s lower back.

Gabriel cupped Sam’s face gently with both hands and smiled at him. “Good.” He said in a normal tone before closing his eyes and connecting their lips softly. Sam snaked his hands further up Gabriel’s back and let him lead the kiss. When he felt a shy tongue lick his bottom lip he opened his mouth slightly and tasted it with his tongue. He hugged Gabriel around the waist with one arm while his other hand very slowly made it to Gabriel stomach. He slowly began trailing his hand up soft skin until he felt a hardening nub with his thumb. Gabriel moved his hands down Sam’s neck to land on his shoulders. He pulled away from the kiss and smiled at Sam when their eyes met. His smile was soft making Sam’s body fill with heat. Sam admired Gabriel’s form before lifting the shirt and hoodie slowly with his arm. Gabriel settled comfortably on his lap and used both hands to help lift his clothes further and expose his chest. Sam smiled at him gently before looking at the hardening nubs against sun kissed skin. The golden hairs between them felt soft to the touch. Sam kissed Gabriel in the middle of his chest. He slowly made his way to his right nipple leaving behind a trail of kisses while his left was being rubbed by his thumb.

Once Sam arrived to his destination, he looked at the light brownish pink nipple and used his hot breath to blow a gentle breeze into it. Sam looked up to see Gabriel close his eyes and let his head fall back at the sensation. He smiled keeping his eyes on that image before opening his mouth slightly and leaning forward so Gabriel’s nipple went in between his parted lips. When he saw Gabriel’s features relax further and began to bite his bottom lip, Sam used his tongue to tease the tip of the now hard nub in his mouth. It felt soft and tasted the slightest of sweetness.

When he felt Gabriel’s chest beginning to work harder to supply his lungs with air, he pulled him closer by the waist and began sucking on the twitching nub. His mouth tasted a sweet liquid that reminded him of cantaloupe juice or freshly cut honeydew melon. The liquid was only enough to taste the slightest but Sam knew it was milk. He concluded that the events of the night before we’re responsible based on what he remembered from anatomy class. He enjoyed the taste before kissing his nipple and going to attack the other. After they we’re both thoroughly abused with soft licks, gentle teasing and a few perfectly executed bites, Sam managed to get another taste of the sweet liquid. He pulled away and looked at Gabriel’s face. Gabriel opened glossy eyes to meet with Sam’s. He slowly brought his clothes back down covering his slightly heaving chest and leaned in to kiss Sam’s lips again. He gave a satisfied sigh when he pulled away from Sam’s lips and hugged him again after bumping their noses together in a mild playful manner. He rested his head on Sam’s shoulder enjoying being close to him in the calm environment. Sam moved his big hands from Gabriel back to land on his butt and rubbed the soft muscle gently. “Are you in pain Gabriel?” He had been worried ever since he noticed that every time Gabriel sat down he would wince the slightest without realizing it.

Gabriel nodded against his shoulder and pushed his bottom harder against Sam’s open palms. “No. It just hurts a little when I sit. But….” Gabriel turned to whisper into Sam’s ear. “I like it. It reminds me of what we did and makes me all 'buaaah' inside.” Sam couldn’t help smile at that.

He was so happy Gabriel seemed to have forgotten, or was ignoring, the bad of the last two days in favor of focusing on the good. “You probably won’t feel pain after we do the same thing again a couple of times.” Sam said massaging the flesh a bit harder.

Gabriel pulled away again to look at Sam. “I’m looking forward to it. Boyfriend.” He mirrored Sam’s smile and gave a tired sigh. “I guess I better get to work on that shield.” Gabriel reached into the sweater and got out the orb he had taken from the power plant. “What?” Gabriel asked at the look on Sam’s face.

“Nothing. Just wondering where you hid that. I didn’t notice.” Sam said with a little taunting smile.

“Maybe if you help me, later I can let you hide what ever you want where ever you want.”

Sam’s imagination began filling with naughty images. He’d never used toys on anyone and he was sure Gabriel had never used them himself, but thinking of discovering something new with him made Sam’s heart rate pick up.

He cleared his throat before retorting. “That will have to wait till next time. Remember if we get this shield up before the end of the day, you’re going to model for me in that hoodie alone.”

Gabriel kissed Sam and jumped off his lap to settle on the floor in front of the small table that had his computer. “Naughty Sammy.” Gabriel said turning on his computer. He stood up and went to Castiel’s room to retrieve a backpack. Sam took the opportunity to make him something to warm him up.

Gabriel sat back down and went through his mail noticing someone had asked for help on decoding something that looked very familiar. He knew the person asking for help was trust worthy but he still had doubt. He debated for a second before making up his mind on what to do. He determined that even if he helped they would die in less than a month so it didn’t make a difference. “What’s wrong?” Sam sat next to Gabriel and handed him a cup of warm tea.

“I was just thinking of all the people that are going to die.” Gabriel knew his father and all the soldiers were doing as much as possible to help as many people as they could. “I wish I could do more. Help all those people.” Gabriel said knowing it was out of their power to save everyone.

“You’re doing what you can. No one could have seen this coming. Gabriel, you’re already helping people. It’s going to be a bad road ahead. But I promise you’ll have people behind you every step of the way. Especially me.” Sam smiled at Gabriel and let him pull him closer. After a kiss, he settled behind him. He rested his back against the sofa and put his arms around Gabriel’s abdomen. He could see everything over his shoulder. “What is that?” Sam asked looking at nothing but code on the computer.

“My friend sent me this. She’s asked me to retrieve this message for her. I think I’ve seen it before but I’m not to sure.” Gabriel tapped away on the keyboard as he spoke.

“Your friend? Can you get it back?” Sam asked snaking his hands slowly under the hoodie and shirt Gabriel was wearing.

“I call her my friend but the truth is that I don’t really know them. Yeah, I’m almost done. All I have to do is find where the broken down code went and build it back. Like finding the pieces of a puzzle and putting them together.” Sam liked the way Gabriel could concentrate on more than one thing at once.

He thought about what Michael had said about Gabriel not having any friends and smiled knowing he was right and Michael was wrong. Gabriel could make friends just fine.

“What do you mean you don’t really know them? I can help you put it together if you want. I took a class in coding when I was in Quantico.” Sam leaned forward and rested his chin on Gabriel’s shoulder.

“Okay. Let me find the puzzle pieces so you can put it together.” Gabriel tapped more keys while numbers and letters flashed across the screen. “When the first lab burned down and everything was destroyed, Michael said we needed a new start. So for a long time, a very long time, I searched for someone that could help us. I sent a kind of question they had to decipher and waited for an answer to……. Well anyone I could find. Mostly people already doing shady things on the dark web. For years I didn’t get anything. Until I did. I know it’s a girl because I looked in her files.” Gabriel paused for a second. “Only the websites she would visit and stuff like that, not her pictures….. I didn’t read her diary either.”

“She keeps a diary in her computer?” Sam asked sure Gabriel was joking.

“You don’t?” Gabriel asked amused. He felt Sam rest his forehead on his shoulder in amusement. “Anyway. She’s obsessed with LARPing and fandoms and stuff so I thought why not her. After she successfully passed my test, I asked for her help and she accepted. We began talking and somehow I ended up teaching her everything I knew. I’ve never met her in person and I’m glad. Michael might of done something to her. But I feel like she’s the closest thing I would have to a best friend if I did.” Sam held Gabriel closer. It’s not that Gabriel couldn’t make friends, he chose not to. “Oh I found it! Okay moose. Show me what you’ve got.” Gabriel handed over the laptop to Sam but got pink at the cheeks when Sam pulled the table closer and worked around him instead. Sam hoped that when this was over he could find this woman and finally have Gabriel meet her in person.

Gabriel took out a notebook and pencil from the backpack and turned to the page where a picture of one of the energy trees was. Sam glanced at it to see the breakdown of the spear Gabriel had shown him. For a couple of hours they worked in silence. Trying to put things together. At around three in the afternoon Gabriel began getting a slight headache. He didn’t say anything but Sam could tell. “Lets take a little break?” He suggested taking the pencil from Gabriel and putting down.

“Yaaay!” Gabriel rotated on Sam’s lap so fast it surprised Sam once he had comfortably straddled him. “What should we do?” Gabriel asked excitedly putting his arms around Sam.

“Well…” Sam was already putting his hands on Gabriel’s round bottom when there was a warning knock on the door.

“Wow! Sorry.” Dean said when he came through the wall and saw he had interrupted.

Gabriel kissed Sam on the lips and hopped to his feet. He walked over to Castiel with a smile. “What’s that?” He asked pointing at a rolled up paper Castiel was holding.

“The blueprints you asked for.” Castiel answered amused.

“Oh right.” Gabriel glanced at Dean before looking back at Castiel. “And that?” He pointed at one of the many bags Castiel and Dean we’re holding. He could feel Sam join his side as he put an arm on his shoulder and pulled him to sit at the table.

“These are from the warehouse. They said you ordered all this an hour ago?” Dean said putting the bags on the table.

“Right!” Gabriel had texted the warehouse for the supplies he had ordered the day prior thinking it was best to work on it in the safety of his home than in the power room after Sam had suggested it.

“I’ll help you when I return brother. Ana asked for my assistance a few minutes ago.” Castiel petted Gabriel’s hair and excused himself.

“Assistance with what?” Sam asked confused.

“I told Charley to make something up.” Dean said showing his texts to Sam. “Gabriel I talked to Cas and he doesn’t remember much of what you said. What little he does remember fits perfectly with what you described except he believes it was a dream. He told me about the games you played, the things you build and the man in the mask. He even began talking kindly of Michael. He kept saying how Michael was a good brother until one day he turned into a completely different person. Oh! And he doesn’t trust your father and Lucifer completely either. I didn’t even hint at any of that he brought it up all on his own.” Sam could tell his brother was talking in a rush. Dean wasn’t easily deceived and Sam felt he could trust Castiel since the beginning but was still weary.

“Gabriel. It sounds like Cas is trust worthy. It actually sounds like he’s just as confused as you are. We should watch out for your father and Lucifer.” Sam concluded.

Gabriel gave a sigh of relief and hugged Dean catching him by surprise. “Thank you.” Dean looked at Sam’s smiling face in surrender before hugging Gabriel back. Castiel came back without knocking and looked at the pair hugging each other in confusion.

Gabriel turned and quickly got his little brother in a hug. “Wh..”
“Nothing. I just love you very much.” Gabriel answered while squeezing him.

Castiel smiled and hugged him back happy to see Gabriel showing his feelings. It felt as if he hadn’t been showered in that brotherly love in a long time. “Ana figured out what ever it was so she sent me back.” Castiel informed once Gabriel pulled away.

“I’m glad. Come on. You guys can help me see if what I have planned to get enough energy will work.” Gabriel instructed Dean and Castiel to work together while Sam continued with his work and Gabriel with his own. At that moment he was happy. Happy he could trust the people in the room. Happy Dean and Castiel seemed to be getting closer and closer with every passing day. Happy to have Sam by his side.