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As Castiel and Dean walked down the halls towards the meeting currently taking place, Dean noticed Castiel’s anxiety growing. Dean stopped Castiel and looked into his eyes. “This whole thing, someday it will be over. Right now you have to be strong, Gabriel he will be strong if he sees you being strong I just know it.” Dean watched as Castiel’s eyes seemed to ignite with something.

“Strong. I can do that. He’s been strong for a long time, it is my turn.” Castiel took a deep breath. “Thank you Dean.” Castiel gave Dean a quick peck on the cheek and continued walking.

Dean got a goofy smile on his face before he snapped out of it remembering what they were doing. “We have to. He was going to shoot his brains out.” Lucifer’s voice flooded out as Castiel opened the door.

“He was going to do no such thing. What ever it is you’re suggesting, brother, isn’t going to happen.” Castiel no longer seemed hurt in any way. In that moment Dean knew things were about to change.

“We have to put him in isolation before he becomes a bigger threat to himself, or to others.” Lucifer looked at his brother in challenge.

“The only way you are locking Gabriel up is over my dead body and even then I’ll put up a fight.” Castiel slammed his hands on the desk as he spoke accepting Lucifer’s challenge.

“He attacked John, hurt security, stole a gun, and threatened everyone. I’m just doing what’s best for him.” Lucifer said pinching the bridge of his broken nose.

“I keep hearing everyone say that and yet I keep seeing Gabriel suffer. No more! I am going to protect him just like he has been protecting me all these years. You are not going to lock him up.”

“That is enough!” Chuck said angry at his children’s quarrel. “We are not going to lock up Gabriel. He believes there is something going on here and we need to show him there isn’t. I don’t know what kind of crazy things your brother has been feeding Gabriel but I am not going to let that keep us apart. We are going to become a family and that’s that.” Chuck said exasperated. “We need to show Gabriel we are here for him. Not to use him.”

“How are we supposed to do that? You saw how he got at meeting John.” Lucifer had his nose patched up. He looked at Dean with caution as he sat down next to Castiel.

“By telling him the truth.” John looked at everyone as they stood quiet. “What he remembers, and what happened are two different things.” Dean looked at his father. When he had met Gabriel and called him Blondie he had seemed happy and Dean wondered why. “Castiel what does he remember about the day the lab got over run?”

“He said he was asleep. That he woke up and a man hit mom when she tried to get me away from him. She tried to defend herself and that’s when he shot her. And the man took us away.” As Castiel spoke John shook his head.

“No he’s wrong. When I got there he was strapped to a metal table. He was drugged.” John started.

“Strapped? Drugged? Why didn’t I know of this?”

“Shouldn’t you be asking,. Oh I don’t know, why didn’t I know my kids made it out of the lab in the first place?!” Lucifer questioned his father.

“I don’t remember Gabriel being strapped.”

“You were so small.” John told Castiel remembering. “You were hooked up to all these cables in a little playpen. Both of you were alone in that room. I got there and you were crying so I got you out. When you stopped crying I was going to get Gabriel but then I saw everything on the table. That woman she had been experimenting on you. On both of you.” Castiel’s eyes got big. He wondered why he couldn’t remember any of it. Gabriel had been older he must recall some of it at least. “I didn’t know what all those things were but I knew she was using you. She appeared out of no where and tried taking you back saying her experiment wasn’t complete that she needed to know if it worked. She fought me to get you back but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t you two reminded me of Dean and Sam.”

“What experiment?” Dean asked hoping his father remembered. He was glad that his father had been there to save the Novaks but he had seen the kind of experiments Michael and Gabriel had done and he didn’t like them.

“I don’t know. I put Cas back and that’s when Gabriel began to wake up. That woman said something about the future being here and injected herself with something. She said she wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way of her plans before she began to fight me. I told her to stop but she wouldn’t and when she got my gun….. I had no choice.” John looked at Chuck in shame. “I got you two out and some woman helped when some men tried to take you away but she lost her sight. When we got outside a fire broke out, Bobby and half my team were still inside so I left you with the woman. When the lab burned down and most people were safe I couldn’t find you. Then when they retrieved the burnt bodies.” John paused at that. Lucifer, Chuck, and John all turned to Castiel.

“What? What happened when you retrieved the bodies?” Castiel said impatiently.

“Cas, they matched your DNA.” Lucifer informed. “All of you. Michael, Gabriel, you. According to evidence you all died in that lab.”

Castiel and Dean were both lost for words. “No, that’s impossible there has to be a mistake somewhere. I want to see those files.”

“There are no files. We didn’t keep a digital copy, the only physical files there were, burnt a couple of years back.” John informed Castiel. “After all that happened and Chuck’s inventions along with Naomi’s research were investigated the government built a bigger lab and put us all in charge. Then Chuck found you in that motel and here we are. Everything else the old lab, the things Naomi was doing, everything was forced to be forgotten.”

“And all of you forgot? Just like that until you happened to bump into me? What if that hadn’t happened? What if Gabriel didn’t send me to that hotel on purpose? Then what? You just stopped looking for us.”

“We thought you were dead! If I had known you weren’t I would of never st…..”

“Wait.” Lucifer interrupted his father’s words. “Gabriel sent you to the hotel?” Castiel looked at Lucifer and nodded. “How did he know dad would be there?” Castiel looked at Dean. All of a sudden everyone realized they had more questions than answers.

“I think the more important question is what was mother doing to us?” Castiel thought trying to remember anything he could but nothing came to mind.

“Cas.” Dean suddenly remembered. “The book!” Castiel flooded with realization, the book Gabriel had taken with him that day from Naomi’s lab might hold some answers. Castiel took off without saying another word. “Don’t worry Chuck, it looks like every hour brings us closer to figuring this whole thing out. Gabriel will be back to being a part of this family. Sam, Cas and I will make sure of that.” With those words Dean followed Castiel back to their home.

Castiel went straight to his room to retrieve the book. “I think our problems just got a lot worse.” Dean told Charley and Sam.

“What are you talking about?” Sam stood up concerned.

Dean proceeded to tell them what John had said. “What if what they did to Alistair, Naomi did to them?” Dean told his brother with a worried expression.

“It has to be something else. Michael would order us around but we could refuse that’s why he had to use the collar on Gabriel. Same with our mother she had to force him to do what she wanted.” Castiel said as he joined the group once more with the book in hand. “Perhaps there are some answers in here.” Castiel opened the book and looked at it. Everyone leaned in expectantly. “Its blank!” Castiel threw the book on the desk and grabbed his head in frustration as he sat down.

Dean picked it up and got it. “It can’t be blank. Why would Gabriel hide it if it were blank?” He handed it over to Sam who inspected it.

“Its not blank.” Charley took the book from Sam. “You see this binding?” She pointed to the thick cover of the book. “It looks metallic in nature. Maybe it’s like a computer. I don’t know how to work it and I can’t take it apart it might erase what ever is in there.”

“Gabriel might know. We have to wait until he’s better.” Dean said looking towards Gabriel’s room.

“Dean.” Everyone turned to Sam. “Gabriel told Chuck that he saw him strapped and left him there.” Sam believed Gabriel over Chuck even if Chuck seemed to be one of the good guys.

“Chuck insist he didn’t know.” Dean informed his brother. Charley looked at Castiel. “Cas do you think your dad may have known about Naomi’s experiments? Do you think he’s lying? Can we trust him?” Dean didn’t want to bring more harm to Gabriel without knowing and it seemed that every turn they took led them to another question.

“I trust Gabriel.” Was all Castiel responded. Tommy came out of the room quietly. “Hey. Is he up?”

“Ill feed him.” Charley said already serving him bowl of soup. Sam was already up when she gave a reason. “It won’t be so overwhelming for him. And I’m a girl, it might calm him down a bit.” Sam nodded knowing Gabriel most likely still felt betrayed.

Charley went into the room and came out twenty minutes later with a still half full bowl. “How is he?” Dean asked concerned.

“I don’t know he didn’t even say one word. He’s in pain from what I could tell.” Charley put the bowl down and sat down with a sigh. She looked up at her companions. “Tomorrow is a new day you never know what it will bring.” They all looked at her like she had grown a second head. “That’s what my best friend told me when I took this job. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’ve never been a 'good guy’. She told me 'tomorrow is a new adventure, a new day. Keep moving forward, You never know what it will bring.’ I think she’s right tomorrow will be different. Don’t you agree?” Charley smiled when from in front of the TV Tommy barked in agreement. “I like him.” She looked at her watch. “Its late.” She thought for a moment. “Can we have a sleepover? Mary did say Gabriel shouldn’t be alone.” Charley got up and gave Castiel puppy eyes. Tommy ran to her side and began begging.

“I don’t see the harm.” Castiel responded after thinking that perhaps Gabriel would like waking up to friendly faces such as Charley’s.

“Yes! Can I bring Jo? And Leia?” Charley bounced on her heals. “That’s our friend and my cat.”

“Yes. I believe Tommy would like your cat if she’s anything like you.” Tommy began barking up at Charley excitedly from the ground. “I believe he wishes to go with you and retrieve them.”

“Alright. Let’s go then.” Charley hugged Dean before leaving with Tommy behind her.

“Is this a good idea? I mean with everything going on?” Sam asked standing up.

Castiel smiled at him and went to the far wall. He pulled up a map like the one out in the hall except it was for the room. After a couple of taps the couch disappeared along with the chairs leaving the space in front of the TV empty. The wall opened and multiple blankets and pillows poured out into the carpet. “We’ve always wanted to have a sleepover. You are staying, correct?” Castiel asked Dean, he knew Sam was planning on sleeping by Gabriel’s side.

“Ill go get my pajamas.” Dean said after meeting eyes with his brother.

Dean left across the hall to get him and his brother clothes from what he considered a magic closet. He found that Mary had put their clothes away and left a note telling him she loves both Sam and Dean. He decided to go with his blue pajamas and got Sam black and red ones to match with Gabriel. He took a shower and got ready in his room. When he went back the table had food that Castiel had gone down to get and now there were four more guests. “Hey.” He greeted Jo and got happy to see her and Charley getting to know Cas. He was also happy that things seemed a bit more lively now that Leia and Tommy were playing around the room. “Guys.” Dean made a gesture to keep it down which Tommy seemed to understand.

After they ate Sam went into Castiel’s room to get ready so he wouldn’t make noise for Gabriel. They all decided to sleep in the leaving room as Charley and Jo informed Castiel a sleepover wasn’t compete without a few movies and friendly competition of video games.

“I think I’ll turn In for tonight, maybe tomorrow.” Sam declined his friends invitation to join. The days events catching up to him and making him tired. He went into Gabriel’s room and found him sleeping soundly. The bed was big enough for him to sleep in without being close to Gabriel. He climbed carefully into the bed and laid down close to the wall. Now that he was there he thought it would be okay to turn off the light. He reached over Gabriel carefully and turned off the light. He glanced at the alarm clock with a wizard on top and saw it was almost midnight.

He laid looking at Gabriel once more with the help of the light coming from the TV outside. He sighed heavily and turned towards the wall knowing that if he continued to look at Gabriel he would want to wrap his arms around him. Less than five minutes later he felt arms around his chest. “I’m sorry.” He heard Gabriel say in a small voice.

Sam turned around slowly not wanting to accidentally hurt Gabriel and wrapped his hands around him. “Why? There’s nothing for you to be sorry for.”

“You’re right. You aren’t your dad. And I ran away from you. Pointed a gun at you, refused to listen. I’m sorry, Sam. I’m so sorry.” Gabriel hugged Sam tighter as he buried his face into Sam’s shirt.

“Shhhh. I’m not mad at you. It’s okay I’m here. Tomorrow will be a new day and I’ll still be here. We can get through all this craziness.” Sam lifted Gabriel’s face to look him in the eyes and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. “Together.” Gabriel nodded sadly before returning to Sam’s chest and started crying softly. Sam rubbed his back and held him close until he fell asleep. He looked at the clock holding Gabriel in his embrace. He drifted off to sleep as the clock turned to midnight.