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Dean followed Castiel to the living quarters slowly. He wanted Tommy to not walk that much so every time he began to move slowly he would pick him up to rest. While Castiel opened his door Dean noticed something. “Hey! It says our name.” He said pointing to the keypad under Sam and Dean Winchester.

Castiel gave him a scoff. “Well yeah. Now that we know you two are generals son’s.” He walked in and Dean followed with an armful of Tommy.

“You act like I knew my dad worked with yours.” Dean said rolling his eyes. Dean paused taking in his surroundings. These living quarters looked similar to Sam and Dean’s. Where the door disappeared into the wall was a TV just like in the Winchesters but the Novaks had a huge shelf around the TV with endless games and movies. The living room had a sofa, recliners and bean bag chairs but no table. The kitchen was twice as big and there was no dining room, just a big empty space. There were no halls behind the sofa just another big space and three doors. One with Castiel’s name the other with Gabriel’s and the middle one unlabeled.

“Can you grab Tommy’s things they’re in my room. Bring them out here.” Castiel said walking to the door labeled Gabriel.

“Why do I feel like you’re telling me and not asking me?” Dean asked as he put Tommy down and headed to the door labeled Castiel.

“Because I am.” He heard Castiel yell from somewhere in Gabriel’s room.

“Bossy.” Dean said under his breath. He spotted Tommy’s bag at the foot of Castiel’s bed because a toy rope was sticking halfway out that Tommy ran passed him excitedly to get. He grabbed the food and bowl and let Tommy hang on to the rope. When he turned around he spotted something on the recliner next to a stacked bookshelf. He moved closer peeking out as he passed the normal door to make sure Cas didn’t catch him and get the wrong idea.

As Dean got closer he realized that what was on the recliner was his jacket, washed and folded. “Are you done? How long does it take to get a bowl?” Dean smiled at the jacket but decided not to move it or say anything at least for now. He walked back outside with Tommy proudly walking behind him with his rope in his mouth. “Oh good I thought you fell or something and I was going to have to save you again.” Castiel looked at Dean with a mocking smile. He put what Dean could tell were black converse, a green jacket, a black button up shirt, dark blue jeans, and something blue he guessed were boxer briefs on the sofa. He walked up to Dean and took the bowl from him.

“Those were flukes. Just watch one of these days I’m the one who’ll be saving your ass.” Dean watched Cas walk to the kitchen and get a bag of dog food from under the cabinet. He also watched Cas bend over and pour the food into the bowl. Yup he wanted to save that ass.

“Yeah good luck with that.” Castiel poured water on Tommy’s bowl and turned around. He met eyes with Dean as Dean straighten up suddenly looking nervous. Was he staring at my butt? Castiel wondered. “Come on bud. Eat some we both know we’re going to need the energy with Gabriel back on his feet.” Tommy put down his rope and barked once before running to his bowl and began eating. Castiel walked up to Dean and stood closer than what was necessary. “Tommy is probably going to take a while. He never rushes eating. Do you want to kill some time?” Castiel said fiddling with the end of his shirt.

Dean swallowed at the image of Castiel shirt less from that morning and slapped himself internally. “What um? What did you have in mind?” Dean huffed and gave Cas what he hoped was a charming smile.

“Something fun.” Castiel said not breaking eye contact with Dean. Dean nodded slowly and got a bright smile in return. Castiel ran up to the couch and jumped over it existed. He turned on the TV and after a few clicks smash Bros. Came on the screen. “Come on!” Castiel told Dean in his exited deep voice. “What? Afraid you can’t take me?”

Dean gave a scoff and rushed to sit next to Castiel. “Oh I know I can take you.” He said taking the remote Castiel was offering. “Loser buys lunch.” Dean said already picking his character.

“I told you everything here is free Dean.” Castiel said with a smile.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t take me there when you lose.” Dean said giving Cas a little push with his shoulder.

“You’re right. I’ll enjoy the walk when YOU take me. Maybe even demand a piggy back ride.” Castiel said returning the push. Three games later and two victories by Castiel. Dean found himself wondering if he had ever liked a person so fast before in his life. The Winchesters weren’t the type to trust easily an yet here they were letting down their guard for the Novak’s who they just met. “Yes I won! Looks like I will be getting that piggy back ride.” Castiel said putting down his remote on the couch. “What?”

Dean was looking at Castiel and couldn’t help but think he really liked the way his blue eyes seemed to glow when he smiled. “Nothing, I just didn’t picture you for the gaming type.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “I play. I’m a lot more fun that you probably think. It’s just I have no one to do these kinds of stuff with.” Castiel’s smile faded a bit.

“Oh? Don’t you have any friends here to play with? Or maybe a girlfriend…. Or boyfriend?” Dean knew in the back of his mind he was trying to find out if Castiel had any love interest. He thought of addressing that later with Sam. Maybe he had an answer to what was happening here.

Castiel gave a laugh. “Well sometimes my brothers will come but I don’t like to bug them. And I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. For a long time Gabriel told me to 'get out there’” Dean thought the way Cas used quotation marks was cute. “But I was to focused on what was going on. When I left I did go on a few dates but the last one” He gave a grimace. “Lets just say I won’t be dating for a while.”

“Come on it couldn’t be that bad.” Dean said leaning back on the couch. “I’ve had a couple of bad dates myself but I get back out there.”

“Sure Dean ‘dates’.” Castiel leaned back on the armrest looking at Dean.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean imitated Castiel’s quotations.

“It means a date with you probably means the bedroom. Don’t think my brothers didn’t warn me about people like you.”

Dean felt offended. “What do you mean people like me?”

“Charming, good looking, would do anything to get into people’s pants and then toss them aside once they do.” Castiel said standing up and getting the clothes.

“Now wait a minute. I don’t toss people aside.” Dean said standing up and almost tripping over Tommy to get to Castiel.

“So you don’t take most straight to bed? And there’s always a second date?” Castiel looked at Dean skeptically. Dean opened and closed his mouth like a fish. “That’s what I thought. Guess Michael isn’t wrong about everything.” Castiel gave Dean a soft sad smile. “Come on we should go. I’m getting hungry.”

Castiel didn’t say much on the way back to the infirmary and Dean couldn’t help the nagging feeling that he may of done or said something to upset him. When they got back into the room Dean could hear Sam’s voice from the bathroom. “Beautiful, sweet, funny, caring…” Castiel and Dean stood in the open door way of the restroom. Gabriel was wrapped in a big white towel sitting on the closed toilet. Sam was kneeling in front of him with one hand on his lower back and the other caressing the side of his neck. Dean could see the dark purple bruising and small cuts the collar had left behind and guessed Sam was reassuring Gabriel he was loved here. Gabriel looked a bit to distant for Dean’s liking.

Castiel gave a small knock before walking into the room. He put a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Ill help him change.” Sam looked at Castiel before nodding his head slowly and giving Gabriel a kiss on the cheek. “Can you close the door please?” Castiel asked Sam as he retreated from the room. Sam closed the door with a soft click and went to sit on Gabriel’s bed. He buried his face in his hands and gave a tired sigh.

“Dude. What happened?” Dean joined his brother on one of the chairs next to the bed. Tommy climbed on the bed and laid next to him with a whine.

“He was washing himself and the shampoo stung his neck. He started freaking out Dean. You should of seen him.” Sam began unbuttoning the top wet plaid shirt he was wearing leaving only a black v neck. “He began calling for Michael.” Sam’s expression turned to anger. “Dean he wanted Michael, saying only he would love him now.”

“Stockholm syndrome.” Dean said under his breath.

“Extreme, Stockholm syndrome. Dean what if he did more than hurt him?” Sam looked towards the bathroom door. “We’ve never dealt with caring for people we just rescued them. What if I can’t help him? What if he really does do anything to go back?”

“Hey, hey. You need to calm down. Sure we haven’t dealt with this, but Sam, there’s nothing we can’t do. You aren’t alone. You literally have an entire army to help you. And look you calmed him down, he just needs time. Everything will be okay?” Dean hated seeing his brother doubt himself because it almost never happened.

“Thanks Dean. For everything.” Sam said tossing the wet shirt over his shoulder and onto the bed. After a while Sam seemed to be over the mental talk he gave himself and seemed to have a bit more energy. Hearing Gabriel and Castiel laughing behind the door must of given him a boost as well. “What took you so long?” Dean gave his brother a worried look. “Dean.” Sam shot him a warning look.

“It’s nothing. We were just playing games.” Dean said defensively.

“Dean, you better not do anything to upset Castiel, he’s helped us a lot an everyone here would kill you.” Sam said exasperated. “Not to mention you have a girlfriend. Remember? Lisa? Been with her for a year, haven’t brought her up once since we arrived here. Not even after finding out that, I don’t know, there’s a war coming!”

Dean looked at the floor before meeting his brothers eyes. “I kind of may have broken up with her.” Dean said rubbing the back of his neck. “Half a year ago.” Dean added with a grimace.

“What happened?” Sam looked concerned. He was worrying he hadn’t even noticed a change in his brothers mood.

“Lets just say I’m glad Gabriel tested me. I’ve been putting off going to the doctor.” Sam’s eyebrows shot up as he looked at his brother with big eyes. “She cheated on me. Look I’m not the big man whore you people seem to think I am. I’ve only had a one night stand twice and had three girlfriends. Sure I’m big on flirting but that all that is flirting. So when she cheated on me I didn’t tell anyone. It was a big blow to my ego. I really cared about her.” Dean ended somewhere between sad and angry.

“Sorry Dean, I didn’t know. I take it back.”

“What part?” Dean asked looking at the bathroom door where Castiel’s laugh once more came.

“About doing anything with Cas. I mean, I think you guy’s make a cute couple.” Sam gave a laugh at Dean’s head snapping to his direction.

“Are you kidding? He hates me.” Dean snapped his mouth shut as the door to the restroom opened and Gabriel jumped into Sam’s arms. Sam caught him with a shocked expression that quickly turned happy.

Gabriel’s hair was all over the place. He had the towel around his neck that Sam grabbed to start drying lovingly. “I’m glad to see you happy again.” Sam said shooting Castiel a smile. Castiel walked over to Dean and stood closer than what was necessary in Sam’s opinion. He watched as his brother stood up a bit straighter.

“Cassie said we’re going on a group date right now.” Gabriel said letting Sam dry his hair. He leaned in to whisper in Sam’s ear. “Its like practice for the real thing.” Gabriel’s soft voice sent chills down Sam’s spine. Castiel handed Sam a comb that he took and began using to comb Gabriel’s hair back.

“All done, so handsome.” Sam told Gabriel with a wag of his eyebrows.

Gabriel turned red and gave him a smile before turning around “Come on Tom-Tom.”. Gabriel said as he walked towards the wall. “Um….”

“Just walk through it. The outside has a keypad that opens with your finger print but you can walk right out.” Castiel told Gabriel.

Gabriel stuck his hand through the wall and looked back impressed. Tommy ran out the door. “This is so cool!” The three left in the room laughed at Gabriel’s exited voice.

“He sounds like a kid at a candy store.” Dean said happily looking at Sam and then Cas.

“He sounds like himself at a candy store.” Castiel said shaking his head. He put his hand on Dean’s back lightly before walking towards the wall. “Are you two coming? Better hurry up if you want to keep up.” He said with a smile directed at Dean before he walked into the wall.

Sam stood up and gave a push to Dean who was already standing where he had been sitting. “That, does not look like hate to me.”