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“We're here.” Castiel said from the open door.

Sam got out of the car followed by his brother. “I thought Michael was the only crazy one in the family. Sam, I think this dude is worse. There’s nothing here. Sam?” Dean looked over at Sam who had his face close to Gabriels.

“Castiel! He’s not breathing! What joke are you playing? Take us back we need a hospital!” He demanded.

Castiel took Gabriel and Tommy forcibly from Sam’s arms and ran away. “Hey!” Dean said taking after him followed by Sam. Dean was inches away when Castiel disappeared into thin air. “Son of a bitch!” Dean yelled coming to an abrupt stop. “Where did he go?” A hand appeared out in front of him and pulled him by his shirt. Dean was lost for words. He was suddenly standing inside what resembled a hospital.

“Hey where are you taking him?! I’m going!” Sam yelled passing Dean. Dean saw Gabriel already on a hospital bed and a nurse performing CPR on him.

Sam tried to go to Gabriel’s side but was stopped by a male nurse. “Let him, he has access to everything regarding Gabriel.”

“Lets get you disinfected and into scrubs.” The male nurse took a black wrist band from his pocket.

“What?! No I have to,” Sam was cut short by the wrist band dissolving his clothes and replacing them with scrubs. The medical team set off down the hall and through two double doors disappearing from Castiel and Dean’s sight.

Sam ran alongside the gurney holding Gabriel’s hand as he went. “Please Gabriel. Don’t give up, we finally got out of there. I need to ask you out on a date. Please.” Sam was getting an odd looks from the nurses including the one that was putting an IV in Gabriels arm but didn't care.

He could hear talking but didn’t look up when they came to a stop. “Castiel informed us he had that stupid collar used on him by Michael. The shocks caused palpitations resulting in cardiac arrest. It was also constricting his breathing.” He heard a man say.

Hands began roaming over Gabriel for a couple of minutes until a mans voice spoke. “No response, shock advised. Get ready.” Who Sam assumed was a doctor due to his white attire was moving around Gabriel in a controlled panic.

“You need to back up sir.” Sam shot a glare at the blonde male nurse trying to push him back. “Now.” He demanded. “Its for your own safety, let us do our job. You want that first date don’t you?” Sam backed up looking at what was happening.

The heart monitor Gabriel was hooked on had a flat line. He watched as the nurse quickly cut what remained of Gabriel’s clothes that Sam hadn’t noticed were taken off as soon as they got there. He saw deep color bruises and cuts and made a note to address those later. “Clear.” The doctor said. Sam watched in horror as Gabriel’s body tensed up and lifted off the bed a few inches. “No response. Turn it up as advised.” Sam watched as the room grew quiet, his hospital mask making it hard to breathe. No change happened. He looked at the male nurses uncovered eyes as he stared at Gabriel and could of sworn his eyes got watery. “No response.” Sam looked over as the doctor looked at Gabriel and noticed everyone seemed to be on the edge of tears. “He’s gone.” He said quietly.

“No! No he can’t be!” Sam went up to Gabriel and grabbed his hand after pulling his mask down. “One more time!” He demanded to the doctor. He turned to look him in what he could see of the man’s shocked face. “Please!” Sam pleaded. “One more time.” He could feel desperation, sadness and anger hit him like a wave.

The doctor looked into Sam’s eyes for a second before nodding. “Clear?”

Sam cupped Gabriel’s face and got close to his ear. “You listen to me Gabriel. I believe in you. You come back to me! Or I swear I will go to the highest clouds of heaven and drag you back if I have to!” He gave him a kiss on the forehead and backed up.

“Clear!” Sam watched again how Gabriel’s body lifted off the bed. The second after that seemed as if time was frozen. Everyone looked at the monitor without making a sound or move, it seemed everyone wouldn’t even dare breathe. “We’ve got a pulse!” The doctors words broke the silence. All at once time seemed to start again. Sam grabbed his hair in relief. He felt a tear escape and suddenly the wave of emotion that had hit him passed only to be hit by a bigger wave of relief, happiness, and warmth. “Vitals?”

“Stabilizing.” The blonde male nurse answered the doctor. It took some agonizing minutes but Gabriel’s heart retuned to normal.

“Pulse?” The doctor asked the blonde nurse as everyone moved around Gabriel. Like bees around a flower. Sam stayed back trying to calm his mind and telling himself Gabriel was going to be okay.

“Stable.” The nurse stated.



They went back and forth for a few more vitals until finally the doctor got what looked like a transparent rectangular plastic with writing on it. “Brain waves normal. We did it everyone.” He said triumphantly. “Gabriel is saved! He’s going to be okay.” Everyone gave a round of applause, and shook hands with each other as they cheered. Sam got a few pats in the back and words of comfort and congratulations.

“Man, you really want that date, hu?”

Sam looked up from Gabriel to see the male nurse from earlier get close to him. He looked to Gabriel once more before turning to the nurse. “Yeah. I do.”

“Well looks like you’re going to get it kid.” He pulled down his mask and extended his hand. “Balthazar.” He introduced himself.

“Sam.” He informed shaking his hand. “Balthazar? Castiel was talking to you earlier.” Sam stated recalling Balthazars name in the car.

“Yeah. You should go tell him Gabe is fine. We’re moving him to another room after we make sure he’s absolutely okay. Castiel will show you to your room. Ill go get you when Gabe is transferred.”

Sam had a million questions he wanted to ask but just nodded his head and headed outside after going to Gabriels side once more and giving him another kiss. He wondered why Castiel hadn’t come in but knew he would want to know how his brother was.

As soon as he walked trough the double doors he saw his brother rubbing circles on a hunched over Castiel. Both of them straighten up and his brother quickly dropped his hand. They gave him an expecting look. “He’s stable.”

Castiel gave a sigh of relief. Dean gave Sam a hug and turned with a proud smile to Castiel “See? I told you.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “You know, Sam, for a second I thought your brother might be a decent person.” He said with a smile. “Come on. I’m guessing they told you it’s going to be a while before they transfer him to his room. You guys must be hungry.” Castiel started walking. The Winchesters following behind.

“Actually I wouldn’t mind a shower while they transfer Gabriel. So I can stay by him you know?” Sam felt a little grossed out he hadn’t showered since he got locked up anyways.

Dean nodded along but Sam knew he was probably hungry. Sam was too but he thought it better to get situated first. “Okay let’s go get my things. Then I’ll show you to your rooms.” They headed back to the car to grab Cas’s bag. Castiel had informed Sam that Tommy had been sent to the veterinary wing of what he called 'the base'. He told him Tommy had a concussion and broken front leg but that he was going to be okay as well.

Castiel informed them how the base was large enough to be considered a small City and went underground. He also explain how there was a shield that would go up in a couple of days but didn’t specify on that. He told them how they would share a ‘room’ but then went on to explain how a room here was the equivalent of a large house back home. He said how there was fresh produce grown and cattle raised on the premises as well as a giant cafeteria in the 'zona' building which is where they were at. “I’m starting to freak out. It feels like you people are preparing for a zombie apocalypse or something.”

Castiel remained quiet at Dean’s comment as they walked down a hall and into an open field that reminded the Winchesters of an extremely large park. That only made Dean worry more. As they went across the large park Castiel was approached multiple times by people asking about operation golden wings. He however looked exasperated and told them to wait for an announcement. They entered what seemed to be a building with multiple halls and doors with names on the front. “This takes me back to high school. Doesn’t it Sammy?” Dean said as they made a turn down another hallway.

“Yeah.” Sam said looking around. People would come in and out of the doors. Most of them said hello to Castiel and shot the brothers a curious look.

“I wouldn’t know I’ve never been to one. We’re here.” Castiel gave Dean and Sam a card each he had grabbed from one of the first people that they encounter when they came back into the building. “This is you. We are across the hall. I don’t think Gabriel would want to be far from Sam anyways.” He said handing over one of the bags to Dean. “Sam, Gabriel is going to need you when he wakes up and finds out where he is and who is here. He won’t want to even be near me so you have to be there for him.” He said looking at Sam straight in the eye.

“Come on you got him out of that hell. There’s no way he would be mad. Right?” Dean asked encouragingly.

Castiel looked at the ground with sadness. “He won’t trust me. At least for a while. You just met us, when you find out everything you probably won’t want to talk to me either. Just know I had Gabriels best interest at heart.” He looked up and cleared his throat. “You can use the showers at the same time. Get conferrable, and give me a call when you’re ready to head down and eat.”

“Okay what’s your number.” Dean said patting his pockets and realizing he had no form of ID or his phone with him.

“Just tell the building.” He said before turning around and putting his finger instead of a key on the keypad on his own door and disappearing.

Dean got a glimpse of a sofa somewhere behind Castiel before he closed the door. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure we’ll figure it out. I don’t have the energy to deal with this.” Sam said exasperated.

Dean put a hand in his shoulder before he used the key Castiel gave him to open the door. “Son of a bitch.” Dean whispered once he opened the door. This was not a house it was more of a mansion. It was like Michaels home but better. More home like. Brighter colors and inviting furniture. “So. Gabriel hu? Wanna talk about it? Didn’t you just meet the man?” Dean said throwing himself at the large couch in front of the door. The door dissolved into the wall leaving only a keypad to swipe the card on. The wall had a huge flat screen TV on it and there was a small table In front of the couch.

Sam sat down and looked at the black wrist band. He took it off and flinched as his clothes returned and the scrubs disappeared. “Dean. How do you know when…… you know?” Sam said not wanting to say it out loud.

“Oh boy, it’s time for the talk.” Dean said straightening up. “Okay. When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much.”

“Not that!” Sam said frustrated and irritated at his brother not taking things seriously. “I’m not a virgin, I know how that works. I meant how do you know if you… love someone? I mean I just met him, but…. I don’t know you know?” He threw the wrist band on the table and sunk into the couch.

“I don’t.” Dean said turning serious. Sam gave him a skeptical look. “Look just because I like sex, doesn’t mean I’ve been in love. I don’t know okay? But you and this guy. I don’t know what’s going on and nothing here makes sense. I mean we just traveled thousands of miles in the blink of an eye to an invisible town that has shit like this.” He grabbed the wristband and threw it again at the table. “I think that what ever you’ve got going on with that short, irritating, blonde psycho had nothing to do whit the situation. If that’s what you are thinking. I know it is Sam, stop it. Besides he can’t be any worse than his brother.” He said laying back down on the couch and shooting Sam a smile.

“Oh my God. Dean, you want to bang his brother. What is it? The fact that he doesn’t put up with your shit? Honestly.” Sam felt a little better now that he had something to make fun of Dean for.

“What? No! That guy’s a jerk.” Dean said defensively.

“The more you deny it the more I know it’s true.” Sam said tossing Dean a pillow and standing up.

“Shut up bitch. Go get all dolled up for when your ray of sunshine wakes up.” Dean watched Sam light up a bit at Gabriel being called a ray of sunshine.

“Jerk.” Sam said as he looked around. Next to the sofa, a few feet away, was a big dining room and across from there was a big kitchen. Adjacent to the kitchen was a hallway. Sam guessed that led to where the rooms and bathrooms were so he headed that way. There were only two doors at the end of the hall. He chose the door to the left and entered. He was met with a giant bed, a small night stand on each side, a walk in closet and a giant TV on the front wall from the bed. He went across the room to the bathroom. There was a big sink with a mirror. A few feet away the toilet and a few feet away from that a separate section for the shower with a giant tub. He undressed and took his time taking a warm shower. While in the shower he thought about what Dean said. He feared that what ever he thought he felt for Gabriel was a result of the suspension bridge effect. Because they were in a dangerous situation that may have made Gabriel develop feelings for him. He worried that now that things would probably settle down, Gabriel would realize he wanted nothing to do with him.

After an hour of being in the shower and another one of walking into the closet and realizing he could stand in the platform in the middle of the room to get clothes that fit him perfectly after a light scanned his body. He sat down on the big bed wearing jeans and a red plaid shirt. He debated for some time if he should just go to sleep until Gabriel woke up but shook that idea off when his stomach growled loudly. “Okay, I’m going.” He went out to the living room again and found Dean had fallen asleep on the couch watching what appeared to be Disney channel. “Dean get up. Let’s go eat.”

Dean got up with a grunt. He turned off the TV and sat on the sofa rubbing his face. It was getting close to morning. “Call Castiel.”

“He told you to call him. I don’t even have a phone.” Sam said standing behind the couch.

“I don’t either, he said to tell the building. What does that even mean? Am I supposed to just say 'house call Castiel' and then he magically,”

“Hello Dean. Are you guys ready?” Dean sank back into the couch startled as Castiel appeared half naked on the giant TV screen.