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For scientific purposes

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When Sam tried to open his eyes he found that the light surrounding him was to bright. He took a few deep breaths feeling heavy and tired. He opened his eyes slowly flinching at the ache from the brightness. He looked around slowly. His head felt like someone had replaced his brain with cotton balls, light and stuffy. He looked around the white walls surrounding him, everything slowly coming into focus. He tried to touch his head but found his hands restrained. He looked down to find his legs free. He tried to get up but the metal chair he was on didn’t even budge.

He blinked trying to analyze the situation he was in. He was strapped to a chair, in a room full of things he mostly didn’t recognize. A desk full of papers, tubes, lights and everything his professor had in his college chemistry class, sat in front of him. He tried to look behind him but could only make out some kind of bed from the corner of his eye.

His head snapped to a large, dark green, metal door where a light tapping was coming from. He saw shadows under the door and heard muffled talking. The shadows were gone almost as soon as they got there. Okay Sam think, he began to brainstorm. What do you remember? You had a fight with Dean. You left to a bar? And met Luci. No Gabriel! Where’s Gabriel?! Is he okay?! Michael. That sick fuck! I’m going to kill him. He began to struggle remembering Gabriel running to him, crying, falling to the ground, and being taken away by Michael.

Sam looked around again, trying to find anything within his reach to escape. He turned to his right and saw a metal tray with what appeared to be medical tools. He stretched his leg as far as he could and managed to hook his foot on the bottom and bring it closer. He saw a scalpel and decided to go with that. He leaned forward and got the thin metal handle with his mouth. His plan was to bend forward and put the scalpel in his hand. “Fuck!” He cursed when it slipped out of his mouth and landed near his pelvis.

He looked up to the tray again and startled. His gaze caught the reflection of the bed behind him. That however, was not what startled him, but rather the white sheet that was covering what was clearly a body. “Gabriel? Gabriel! Oh no, no, no, no. Please! Gabriel.” Sam was going into a panic now. The outline seemed about the same size as Gabriel and that only increased his worry more. He struggled against the metal restraints causing a small amount of blood to trickle down the arm of the chair. He looked back at the metal tray in front of him and leaned forward. Whit the motion of his sudden movement the scalpel that was on his upper thigh now slid off, falling into the chair and under his right butt cheek. He looked down but then quickly looked up again when the green metal door suddenly opened.

“What on Earth are you crying about?” Michael walked through the door and closed it behind himself.

“You sick bastard! What did you do to Gabriel?!”

Sam received a hard punch to the face before he even noticed Michael storm at him. “I should be asking you that! Or rather what would you have done to him if I hadn’t shown up?” Sam spit blood on the floor. He licked his bottom split lip and was glad he didn’t lose a tooth. He turned around and glared at Michael. “You know you’re all alike.” Michael said straightening his black suit jacket and fixing his green tie. “You take advantage of Gabriel. Tell him he’s special. Then break his heart. And for what? Money? We’re you planning on stealing his research and selling it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. What research?” Sam was eyeing the tray, wondering if he could use it as a weapon somehow. He locked eyes with Michael, anger boiling in his gut. How could he think Sam would use such an amazing person like Gabriel.

“Ah ah ah. You’re not getting information out of me that easily. Just because that gullible idiot is my brother, doesn’t mean I’m as stupid, and trusting as he is.”

Sam kicked the tray and managed to hit Michael with it, but did very little damage, now he was angry. “How can you say that about your own brother? Where is he?! I don’t know what crazy thing you think is going on here, but you’re wrong. I don’t want anything but to get the fuck out of here. And I’m taking Gabriel with me! Where is he?”

Michael stood quiet for a bit looking at Sam’s angry face. “My, my. You Feds sure are convincing, must be the training.” At Sam’s startled look he added, “I found your little badge, well more like borrowed.” He gave a dark laugh and got closer to Sam. “You want to take Gabriel? Where? To some government hell hole, so you can use him? Train him? Maybe do a little research of your own?”

“You really are insane.” Sam accused. “I don’t want to use Gabriel. I just want him safe. And safe is has far away from you as possible.”

Michaels expression softened as he leaned forward grasping the restrains on Sam’s wrists and locked eyes with him. There was almost a pleading cry for help in his eyes that made a cold shiver run down Sam’s spine. “There’s no one that wants Gabriel’s safety as much as I do.”

“You want him safe? What a joke I saw you. You hurt him! Who does that to someone they want safe?”

“I did that to protect him!” Michael protested banging his hands on Sam’s restraints. His expression becoming dark once more. He stood up straight and took a deep breath to compose himself. “You’ll see him, but he won’t want to go with you. He knows you lied to him. He knows you were going to use him. But don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to redeem yourself, by becoming his lab rat. Who knows maybe I’ll let him keep you as his pet, that is if you behave.”

“Wait…” Worry came to Sam’s mind. “What did you tell him?”

Michael gave a dark chuckle before Sam heard a click. He heard a whoosh sound and held in a yelp as his chair suddenly glided backwards. His chair stopped and a wall separating himself from Michael came down, leaving him shocked. He watched as Michael was still in front of him. He could clearly see him but there was a wall there. It was like the two way mirrors in the interrogation rooms down at the station. He looked around. He was in a small space. He could see a door and a small speaker on top of the door but that was it. It was dark, the only light illuminating a small amount was coming from the other room he was just in.

After some time of trying to find something to help him escape but finding nothing because he was in fact in a completely empty room, he started watching Michael. He watched as Michael cleaned up the mess they made and started pulling the bed with who Sam though was Gabriel to the center of the room. The green door opened once more and a small Jack Russell Terrier bolted pass Michael to get something Sam couldn’t see under the large desk.

He watched as the little dog made his way back with something in his mouth and was met by the door by a very familiar man. “Gabriel! Gabriel!” Sam yelled at him as hard as he could.

“Good boy. Who’s a good assistant? You are. Yes you are.” Sam heard Gabriel’s voice coming from the speaker.

“He can’t hear me.” Sam told himself in the empty space.

“I’m done with Alistair. What do you want me to do with him?” Gabriel picked up the dog and walked passed Michael to sit on a black, leather, office chair while petting behind the dogs ears. Gabriel looked at the spot Sam had been on and his smile faded. “Where’s Sam?”

“I told you.” Michael said after a dark look crossed his eyes. “Project artichoke.” He pulled back the white sheet from the table to reveal what looked like metal and silicone scraps. “As for Sam, I took care of him for now. Wouldn’t want you getting distracted.” Michael turned around and went to pat Gabriel’s cheek but pulled back at the growl he received from the little dog.

“Good boy.” Sam said even though he realized the dog couldn’t hear him.

“Go to your room and sleep. You have a lot to do tomorrow.” Michael ordered turning around after getting the screw driver from Gabriel the little dog had given him.

Gabriel and the dog looked at each other, Sam, despite his situation, found that adorable. “Actually, I was thinking we could sleep here. Tommy can watch over me.” As if on cue the little dog, Tommy, jumped out of Gabriel’s arms and walked over to the right wall. He pressed a small green button with his nose Sam barley noticed was there. The floor opened near the dog and a queen size bed lifted from the darkness. Tommy climbed on top and did a few circles. He looked towards Gabriel, with his back to Sam, and began wagging his tail and barking happily. Sam couldn’t help but think that if the dog could speak he would be telling Gabriel it was time for bed.

Gabriel looked at Michael with what Sam knew was well hidden fright. He had seen it in physically and mentally abused victims, and that made anger bubble up in his gut again. Michael approached Gabriel and grabbed him by his messy hair pulling his head back.

Sam struggled in his restraints once more at seeing the pain in Gabriel’s eyes. “You son of a bitch! Get your hands off him!” He yelled but wasn’t heard.

“You better not get any ideas.” Michael warned.

Tommy jumped off the bed at seeing Gabriel get hurt and latched onto Michaels leg. Michael looked down in disgust and kicked the Russell sending him sliding across the floor and hitting the wall right in front of Sam with a whine. Gabriel tried to stand and looked at his dog with tears in his eyes but Michael still had a grip on him. “I won’t. I promise.” He told Michael calmly but Sam could see he wanted to cry.

Michael gave him a kiss on the forehead and let go of his hair. He turned around and, if Sam didn’t know any better, looked straight at Sam with a cocky smile on his face before heading out the door.

As soon as Michael was gone Gabriel stood and ran up to his dog immediately falling on his knees and picking him up. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? I’m sorry little guy.” The little dog gave a few whimpers before lifting his head and licking Gabriel’s face. Sam smiled in relief as Gabriel giggled and Tommy waged his tail. Gabriel pulled him away lightly and stood up. “Come on buddy, time for bed.”

Sam watched as Gabriel pushed the table with all the scraps in front of the door. “Oh Gabriel.” Sam said sadly as he realized Gabriel was blocking the door from being opened. Gabriel went to the desk and got a small transparent rectangular box. He put it down in the middle of the room and walked over to the door to turn off the lights. The room became dark but Sam could still see with the aid of the electronic wiring and glowing buttons throughout the desk and walls. Gabriel jumped on the bed in front of Sam to his right and went under the covers crossing his legs. Tommy cuddled to his side as Gabriel held him close.

Suddenly the small rectangular box opened by it’s own with a soft click. Gabriel smiled warmly as light from the box began to transform the room into a colorful coral reef. Sam watched as little fish began to swim in front of his eyes. Tommy bopped a little yellow fish with his nose making him sneeze and causing Gabriel and Sam to laugh as the fish swam away. Sam was amazed, Gabriel build that tree and he built what ever this was. As he thought about what Michael had said, he watched different sea animals swim from inside the box playing with each other. He watched a school of sea horses go around Gabriel, and Gabriel laugh as they tickled around his neck. How is this even possible? Sam asked himself. What Michael said made sense, all these things Gabriel build could be stolen and made into profit. Sam became a bit scared for Gabriel. The way Michael was talking made it sound like the world was after Gabriel. And after what was right in front of him, Sam began thinking maybe Michael wasn’t that crazy after all.

A sign from Gabriel made him look in his direction. Gabriel fluffed his pillow and patted Tommy lightly. “Good night, Tommy.” Gabriel looked at the green door with sadness in his eyes. “Good night Sam.”

Sam watched Gabriel lay down and burry himself and Tommy into the blankets. Seeing Gabriel’s sweet, innocent face as he closed his eyes, and seeing the reef full of sea life as if watching over the two on the bed as they slept. Sam made a promise to himself, that no matter what he was going to protect Gabriel and show him that what ever Michael said was a lie. With that his eyelids started to become heavy. He leaned his head back and said one last thing as he was swept to sleep. “Good night, Gabriel.”