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Dean got dropped off at the shitty motel room he and his brother had been assigned. He noticed the SUV was gone and concluded Sam was sulking and probably wasn’t going to come back tonight. He took a shower and debated if he should watch TV. Noticing it was kind of late he made up his mind to try and get some sleep. He closed his eyes, but all he could see was blue. He gave a loud sigh and turned on his back looking at the ceiling. The man that had saved his life was no where to be found, it was like he disappeared into thin air. They searched all the buildings around the area and came up with nothing. Dean was just hoping he was okay, his injurie seemed pretty bad after all. He shook his head. This was nothing like him. Dean Winchester did not worry about possible bad guys. No, he got the job done. He gave another loud sigh and turned on his side forcing the thought of blue eyes out of his mind. He hoped Sam was having a better time than he was.

The next day Dean got up and ready for another day of work. He called a cab to the station seeing Sam wasn’t back. Boy he’s really milking it this time isn’t he, Dean thought. He walked into the briefing room with a coffee in hand and tired eyes. “Good morning sleeping beauty. Wow. What’s wrong didn’t get much sleep last night?” a dark blonde hair woman greeted while sliding on the chair next to him and noticing his tired appearance.

“Hey Jo. Not really. Had a fight with Sammy.” He put his coffee down on the table and leaned back on the chair resting his head on the edge.

“I heard about that. He shouldn’t of had gone off like that but next time try not to stomp away like a child, it looks bad on all of us.” She laughed and slapped him gently in the shoulder. “Where is the kid anyway?”

“He’s probably on his way. Didn’t come to the motel last night, but you know he wouldn’t miss the morning briefing, no matter how pissed he is.” Dean gave an exasperated sigh. He was planning on apologizing, it was his fault for separating in the first place.

“Hang in there Dean, I heard there’s a big case on chiefs hands.”

“What do you mean? We didn’t get the bad guy yesterday he got away.”

“This is way bigger than some drug Lord.” She said with a knowing look in her eyes.

“What could be bigger than that?”

“Good morning bitches!” a red haired woman walked through the door loudly displaying a giant box of donuts.

Dean looked at her with raised eyebrows. “Charley. How the hell can you be so energetic so early in the morning?”

“Easy.” She put the box of donuts in front of Dean and Jo and opened it. “Sugar!” She took one of the glazed donuts and took a big bite. She hummed in appreciation and pushed the box towards them encouraging to take one. She looked around searching for someone. “Where’s Sam?”

“Pissed. Fight.” Jo said taking a chocolate donut and biting it.

“Oh.” She said giving Dean a sympathetic look. She passed him, patted him on the shoulder, and took the seat next to him.

Slowly more agents and local police began to fill the room. Charley offered donuts to everyone that came in, some declined politely others took one and gave gratitude.

After about twenty minutes and the girls giving Dean a hard time about yesterdays event’s, both for fighting with Sam and loosing an unconscious man, Crawley came into the room, stood at the small podium, and turned on the overhead projector. All the noise started to die down and a few good mornings were said. “Good morning everyone.”

“Dude it’s starting where’s Sam?” Charley whispered to Dean.

Dean found it odd that Sam hadn’t arrived yet, he was never late. Maybe I really fucked up this time, crossed Deans mind. “Let me borrow your phone I’ll text him.” After a raised eyebrow from Charley he added. “Mines in the car.” Charley took out her phone and handed it over to Dean. Dean texted Sam: It’s Dean, the meeting just started. Where the hell are you? And handed back the phone to Charley.

“As you may know right now we are after a big drug distributor who has created a new addiction for idiots to get hooked on.” He started straight to the point. “Yesterday we had a break. We found one of his warehouses. But due to one thing or another he ended up getting away.” Crawley didn’t specify further or even look in Dean’s direction but he knew that word had probably gotten around already. “This briefing isn’t about that though. We have a new problem on our hands that needs to be stopped immediately.” Crawley pressed a button on the remote he was holding but nothing happened. He looked at it and started taping more buttons. “Bullocks!” he said when a blue screen came up. Charley got up and ended his suffering by taking over. She clicked a few things on the computer and the home screen came up. It was a picture of him kissing Bobby. Everyone teased and laughed. “Alright, alright, settle down. Thanks red, I was about to throw that thing out the window.”

Charley took over the desk and leaned back on the comfortable office chair with a triumphant smile, she gestured her finger in a gun motion shooting Crawley a wink. “No problem boss.”

“Where the hell was I? Oh right new problem.” He nodded his head at Charley. Charley clicked a few things in the computer and started a power point Crawley already had opened on it. A picture of a leg on the edge of what looked like a muddy River or lake of some kind popped up. Everyone immediately began whispering, Dean and Jo shot a look at each other and then at Charley who shrugged her shoulders in response. “There have been body parts appearing all over the area. None of them belong to the same person. Right now,” he looked at the screen as more pictures passed. An arm hidden amongst some trash behind an alley. A thigh and knee in the middle of a cement road. Was that a head in the children’s park? “the count is up to five so far.”

“So we have five victims?” Officer mills asked from the seat in front.

“Not exactly. We have five body parts that belong to five different people. However,” he motioned to Charley who put up the next picture it was a close up of the thigh and knee. From what Dean could see there were clean cuts on the skin, some burn marks but they weren’t from fire, maybe electrical burn? “all of these parts were surgically removed, so until we find the rest of the body. We have to assume all these people are alive and being kept somewhere, well maybe not the one with the missing head.”

“You think there’s a room somewhere with live people getting limbs removed by some doctor?” Jody elaborated.

“Basically yes. This is a rescue mission, it looks like we have a serial on our hands. And because of the nature of the tissue around the cut area,” Crawley pointed to the skin Dean was looking at while Charley zoomed in. “We have to assume they are using some kind of exposed electrical machine.”

“Electrical currents? Cut limbs? No bodies found? Am I crazy or does this sound like some kind of Frankenstein thing going on?” Dean said out loud but was really talking to himself. He looked away from the gruesome picture to see Charley nodding enthusiastically and everyone murmuring to one another.

“You are crazy, Dean. I would advice you don’t let your imagination get the best of you and stop putting ideas into everyone’s head, but rather focus on finding these people alive.” Crawley warned, but somehow Dean felt no real treat to his words. “The place will have to be secluded keep an eye out for any spikes in power. These limbs belonged to strong healthy men based on muscle mass and blood test, no DNA matched our data base, we must proceed with caution. For now keep your normal patrol route.”

“So what’s going to happen to the drug dealer? Are some of us staying on that, because if that’s the case I want to volunteer.” A young officer said from Deans right.

“That won’t be necessary.” Everyone turned to where a flustered looking Bobby came in holding a folder. He took out a picture and passed it around. “We found another arm, finger prints matched our guy. Alias Alistair, this one is different nails were pulled out and all the bones in the hand were broken with a blunt object.”

“Torture.” A blonde officer named Donna stated. “How do we know it’s the same person?”

“Other than the torture it’s the same M.O. Alistair could have been delivering drugs, pissed off the wrong person, or maybe karma caught up to the poor bastard and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We find who ever is doing this, we find our drug dealer.” While everyone started whispering to one another and chief Singer gave individual assignments pertaining to Alistair, Charley joined them back at the table.

“You are so not crazy, I was thinking the same thing. We have a mad scientist in our hands.” She wiggled her fingers in front of Dean.

Jo giggled beside Dean. “You two have been hanging out together to much, poor Sam has to deal with your crazy conspiracies all the time.”

“Did he text back?” Dean asked Charley.

She fished out her phone. “Nothing.” She looked up at Dean’s increasing worried expression and decided to give him a little peace of mind. “I’m sure he’s fine. He probably went out for drinks and picked up a pretty lady, your fight was pretty bad.” She winced at the end.

“I should go look for him.” He said standing up.

“Winchester, Harvelle, Bradbury, let’s go.” Crawley instructed as everyone started to leave.

“You two too.” Bobby added while passing Jody who was talking to Donna.

Charley patted Dean’s back as she passed him. “Sam will have to wait. We have been summoned.”