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Rating: Explicit for male/male sexual content between Rin and Suguro.

Tags: Anal sex, oral sex, facials, anal fingering, cursing, fuck or die, dirty talk, angst because I love angst, allusions to sex trafficking, some slight blood play


Warnings: There is a mention of an underage sex-traffic victim but it's nothing explicit




As always, if you catch something that's not in the tags/warnings please notify me and I will update.

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          The mission was never exactly straight forward. For starters, they didn’t know what kind of demon they were dealing with. It had chosen a bath house as its hunting ground and had killed three people. The victims didn’t give them many clues: a young unidentified girl about 11 years old, a 20-year-old female college student, and a 56-year-old monk. Autopsies reported that their chests had been ripped open and their hearts were removed, which wasn’t particularly helpful. Many demons had a tooth for hearts. The circular black dot on their hip, though, was unusual. Suguro studied the autopsy pictures relentlessly and felt sure that this curse mark would be the key to figuring out what was hunting and killing people at The Sundown Bath House. 

          Things immediately got more complicated when they arrived at the bath house and were met by two other exorcists who reported that they had put a barrier around the perimeter. “You can get in, but nothing can get out for another 24 hours. We were ordered to quarantine the area until back up arrived,” the woman explained with an ill-concealed grimace in Rin’s direction.

          Rin was 23 and a fine Knight Exorcist, which infuriated anyone who was under him and routinely disgusted exorcists above him. No one outside of his original cram school class would work with him, and it wasn’t a secret that he was regarded as little more than a dangerous dog on a short leash. To his credit, Rin usually ignored the hostility that surrounded him, and Bon never saw it phase the half-demon. “We still need to go in,” he answered amicably with Kurikara slung across his back.

           Bon stood by his side, arms crossed, and agreed. “We’re not waiting 24 hours to engage. We have orders to take this demon out ASAP.”

           The second exorcist shrugged, unfazed. “Have at it.” He waved his hand in the air.

            Bon realizes neither of them talked directly to Rin.

           “Sure you want to be locked in there with two demons?” The female exorcist sneered at Rin. Once they walked through the barrier, they wouldn’t be able to leave for 24 hours either.

            Again, Rin appeared unbothered. In his years at the cram school he learned how to hone his skills and his temper. Bon, however, had more privilege to shoot his mouth off.

            “Rather him have my back than some stuck up coward afraid to get her hands dirty.” He didn’t even look at the other two exorcists as he pushed past them, moving toward the ornate and obnoxious bath house.

             Rin ran up next to him. “You didn’t need to do that.”

             “The hell I didn’t! They’re assholes,” he grumbled as they walked through the barrier. It felt cool against his skin, like peppermint. He wondered if it hurt Rin, but never had the guts to ask. “Come on, let’s check this place out and see if we can figure out what’s been hunting here.”

             The bath house was huge. The baths were all on the first floor, but on the second and third level were beds. The bath house rented rooms for short stays, which made sense. Who wouldn’t want to go straight to sleep after relaxing in an herbal soak for a few hours? Some of the rooms also had private baths, which was a little strange. They walked room to room, keeping an eye out for signs of the demon and also any clues as to its breed.

              When they got to the bedrooms on the third floor, Bon had more questions than answers. “What the fuck?”

              Rin peered over his shoulder. “Huh?” He looked down into the drawer Suguro had just opened. “Are those…?”

              Bon slammed the drawer shut. “The hell?” It was full of various vibrators and dildos. He opened it again. Yep, still sex toys. “Was this in our report?’

             “Noooo,” Rin had taken a few steps to the side and opened another drawer. “I mean, I know my dyslexia is bad but I’m pretty sure I didn’t mix up ‘bath house’ and ‘sex shop’”. The other drawers were full of various items, such as butt plugs, whips, condoms, and copious amounts of lube.  

              “All the attacks were on the third floor,” Bon pointed out like the goddamn professional he was. “Maybe it’s a sex-type demon.”

              “What, like a succubus?” Rin asks while looking around the room with his hands on his hips. He notices a sign across the threshold that says The Vanilla Room and points at it with an incredulous smile.

              “Maybe, but not a succubus. There have been male and female victims.” He drops his pack from his back and groans. It was heavy. He had brought several books with him, as he hoped he would be able to reference them once he had more clues and could figure out what they were dealing with.

              “I’m going to look around a bit.” Rin drawled, clearly trying to get out of doing research. “I’ll holler if I see anything, alright?” He stuffed his hands in his pockets and sauntered off into the hallway.

              “You better,” Bon grunted but he was already sitting on the floor looking through his books for a sex-type demon that fit their skimpy profile.

              Eight hours later Rin had walked through the rest of the bath house and discovered that all of the bedrooms on the third floor had some sort of theme. There was The Angel Room, The Leather Room, The Classroom, and The Mirror Room. Rin was especially scandalized by The Leather Room. He decided on taking The Mirror Room for himself, figuring the multiple mirrors might help him keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Eventually Suguro found him and they decided to walk around the bottom level again now that the sun had gone down.

               “Guess you didn’t find anything?” Rin asked while they moved down a flight of stairs.

               Suguro ground his palm into his eye. “Not a damn thing. No documented sex-type demon leaves a circular curse mark on the victim’s hip.”

               “It’s got to be connected though, right?” Rin remembered the rows and rows of complicated sex toys. He didn’t even know they made dildos that big or that shape.

               Before Bon can answer a dark figure darted towards them and flew right through Rin like a specter. The half-demon was thrown violently, sailing several feet into the air before he crashed into a hall china cabinet.

               “Are you alright?” Suguro came to his side immediately. He scanned the space around them, unsure where the thing that attacked Rin went.

               “The fuck was that?” Rin growled as he stood. He seemed fine, not a scratch on him. Only, once he stood Rin grabbed his hip with panic in his eye.

               “Did it mark you?” Suguro noticed the halfling gingerly holding his side and swiped at Rin’s hip with one big hand.

               Rin hissed through his teeth but allowed the other to check him out. “Fucker burns,” he muttered. “Is it the same circle thing that was on the victims?” He didn’t want to look himself, see the sign of a sure death after such a lame fight. What a way to go out, harassed by the demon equivalent of a trash bag in the wind. 

               “It’s a flower,” Bon says instead of you’re going to die like an idiot.

               “Say what?” Rin twisted around trying to get a good look at the mark over his slim left hip.

               The aria ignores him. “We need to go back to my room. I’ve seen this somewhere.”

               “You really want to hit the books now? That thing just attacked us! I’m going to kill it!” Rin was just short of hysterical. 

               “We don’t know what it is, or what those markings mean. This could help us narrow it down and tell us how to kill it. Besides, whatever it is can’t escape the barrier until tomorrow.”

               Rin pouted, but they both knew Suguro had a point. “Fine, but I’m still gonna kill it.” He grumbled as they got into Bon’s temporary room. “You really brought a whole library with you,” he scanned the space with mild disgust. There were books everywhere. Rin hated reading, mostly because of his dyslexia. It was difficult and made him feel stupid. He did much better with a hands-on approach, which was probably why he often got paired up with Suguro who always did his homework. “I thought Yukio was a nerd.”

               “I came prepared,” he correctly dryly. Bon was already picking up books around the room. "Here," he opened the first book in a stack of seven. “Make yourself useful and look through this one.” Suguro sat down on the floor, tomes spread all around him.

               Seconds passed, and Rin half-heartedly flipped through the book assigned to him. Rin wasn’t entirely sure what he was looking for and quickly started to zone out.

               “Does it hurt?” Bon asked suddenly, not looking up.

               “Uh, yea. Kinda like a sun burn, I guess?” Rin was also sitting on the floor now, and the waist of his jeans created low-grade pain as they pressed into the marked skin.

               “Mh,” Suguro commented vaguely and then tossed the book aside. He picked up another and asked more questions, trying to find the appropriate diagnosis. For Rin’s part, his eyes began to cross. It was probably one or two in the morning, and with nothing to do (other than read), Rin was getting sleepy.

               Until the aria asked a question that woke him right the hell up: “Rin, are you a virgin?”

               The half-demon shot up from his slouched position. “What?” He croaked, face flaming red. In a matter of seconds Rin went from fearsome demon to a blushing man-child. “That’s none of your business!” He snapped the book closed and held it over his lap defensively.

               “You're fucking kidding,” Suguro deadpanned and his shoulders slumped. “I know what attacked you,” he slung the book across the floor toward Rin.

               “What does that have to do with—” Rin took the tome in hand and shut up. The page had a large picture of the same flower symbol now branded on his hip and beside it was a charcoal drawing of a female demon. She had no lower half—nothing below the navel—but was able to sail through the air. According to the description, she preferred to eat fetuses but could survive on virgins.

               Across from Rin the other man is now up on his knees with his hands laced behind his own head. Suguro is thinking. This is bad. “Did you get to the part about the flower petals?”

               Rin had fucking not. He glanced up at the other man, his glare wilting as he noticed how somber the aria was being.

               “It’s a timer,” Bon explained. “Five petals, five hours. She’ll come after you then.” They had a little over seven hours left on the barrier.

               “Then…then, we’ll kill the bitch now!” Rin shouted, equal parts desperate and determined.

               “The only way to kill her is to destroy the rooted tree where she dwells during the day. It’s the other half of her body…detached from it she’s totally untouchable. Literally.” Suguro had carefully read the entire entry on manananggal—twice—before he handed it over to Rin. He had also read the requirements on virginity according to this demon, as each culture defined it differently. The mananangaal didn’t attack Bon because he isn’t a virgin. Bon was 24 and, as an exorcist trying to earn his chops, generally too busy to date but he did get out.


A man must mount another and give his seed

A woman must be mounted and take the seed of another


              Once, one time, Suguro didn’t use a condom. If he hadn’t been stupid and reckless he would be just as screwed as Rin. Maybe Rin had been with someone but had just used a condom…the grief that begins to crowd Rin like a sullen cloud makes Suguro think that isn’t the case, though. 

               He can’t stop himself from asking, “Rin…you’ve never?”

               The half-demon jerks his face up and away from the book. His face is tight, equal parts angry and sad. When he finally says something, his voice cracks in a hollow laugh. “Are you kidding? Who would even—” he stops talking and tucks his chin into his chest. He’s embarrassed. Who wouldn’t be? He’s literally going to die a virgin, because he’s a virgin. “What are we going to do? I could…I could try keeping her back with my flames, but I might catch this place on fire and you can’t get out…” He was grappling for an answer that didn’t involve addressing his lack of intimacy.

               Suguro had already considered all their options. “Stop being stupid. There’s an obvious solution that’s not going to get either of us killed.”

               “What?!” Rin looks just about as uncomfortable as Bon feels, though the aria keeps it together for both their sakes.

               Suguro is about to give an ill prepared speech on why Rin should fuck him when the half-demon shouts and doubles over in pain.

               Rin snarls, stands up, and pulls his shirt over the curse mark. One of the petals has burned off, leaving four remaining and the dot in the center. This is why the victims only had one dot on them when they died. They didn’t figure out how to break the curse—or they couldn’t for one reason or another.

               “Four-hour mark,” Bon explains gently. “I know this probably isn’t how you imagined your first time, but we don’t have a choice.” The aria expects Rin to be red-faced and embarrassed again, but instead the half-demon is pale and looks on the verge of a breakdown.

               Rin takes two cautious steps back and shakes his head. "You don't have to do this." He presses himself against the door to the hall and grips the doorknob, as if he's trying to get as far away from Suguro as possible. “There’s no way you want to do this and I won't let you.” He looks scared, like he can't trust himself around the aria. 

               “Rin, calm down,” Bon tries to reel the other man under control. If Rin panics, they’re going to lose precious time. “It’ll be ok,” he didn’t understand why Rin was acting like this. It wasn’t like he was the one who had to bend over.

               “You’re a priest,” Rin shouted and looked down at himself. “I’m…I’m Satan’s son. You can't do this, you can’t lie with a demon.” 

               “So, you expect me to let you die when I can save your life? Stop being a self-sacrificing asshole for a minute and listen to me!” Suguro yells back and it shuts Rin up momentarily. “I know what I’m saying when I tell you I’m willing.”

               “What if I hurt you?” Rin asks in a small, terrified, voice. He won’t look Bon in the eyes and his hand is gripping the doorknob so tightly the metal is warped under his fingers. 

               “You won’t.”

               “You don’t know that,” he shouts through a wince. "I don't know that!" Silent tears track down his face as he admits, “You don't understand. I could lose control.” Bon deserves to know what he’s offering. “Intense emotions are hard for me and…and I’m not human. As much as I want to be, I’m not and I could hurt you.”

               Without meaning to Suguro looks down at Rin's slender hand and the demon follows his eyes. They both notice the gnarled metal at the same moment and Rin let's out a horrible little sob. He wretches his hand away before giving Bon a defeated look, as if this proves his point. 

               A tense beat of silence crawled through the room. “Alright,” Bon answer after a moment. “I hear you. I understand what you’re telling me. I still consent.”

               Rin’s face scrunches up, his lips pulled tight over his fangs as if he’s trying not to show them. “I don’t know if I can—” another sob breaks out. He’s really scared. He doesn’t want to hurt his friend; doesn’t want Bon to see him like this, or hate him for what he has to do.

               They don’t have time for this. Suguro takes Rin by the wrist and pulls him back into the room.

              Once Bon had Rin spun around next to bed he took a moment to wonder, hysterically, how many other virgins had been taken against their wishes on this bed, in this room. This bath house was renting more than beds, that was for sure. Looking at Rin, it made his skin crawl. The half-demon was staring at the mattress, but his eyes were unfocused, and his arms hung listlessly at his sides.

               “Rin?” Bon asked softly, trying to bring the other man out of his thoughts.

               Rin didn’t move.  

               Bon hugged him. Considering what they would have to do, a hug seemed like a good place to start. They were lined up from groin to shoulder and Bon can feel the crazy desperate rhythm of Rin’s heart and feel how warm he is all over. “We’ll go as slow as we can, ok?” Suguro knew he would have to take the lead but the frightened, bewildered look on Rin’s face makes Bon feel like he’s taking advantage. The aria pushes that thought out of his head and tries to get Rin to relax. He rubs the halflings arms with his palms; if Rin can’t snap out of this crisis he’ll never even get a hard on. “You have to calm down,” he mummers gently as if trying to convince an unruly horse to saddle up. 

               “I know, I know.” Rin squeezed his eyes shut and Bon decides then to kiss him.

                It was soft and quick. “It'll be ok.” The second kiss was deeper, and Rin sighed against Suguro’s lips quietly and began to unwind. Bon opened his mouth against the line of tightly sealed lips and licked at them.  

               Rin gasped and tentatively opened his mouth. He was careful of his fangs, never able to really forget what he was. When he smiled, laughed, yawned, ate a meal—human things made inhuman—and now kissing. Rin squeezed his eyes shut and tried to block out intrusive thoughts of disgusted love interests and his lonely broken heart.

               “Stop thinking,” Bon growls against the other man’s mouth and moves his hands over Rin’s hips.

               “I’m trying,” Rin answers just centimeters from Bon’s face. The half-demon is out of breath and a little flushed. He didn’t have much experience kissing, either. “I’m sorry if I’m not very good at this.”

               “You’re doing great,” the aria didn’t want them to get stuck talking. Rin would be swallowed up in self-loathing again and waste more time. He moved to suck on the half-demon’s neck and Rin’s hands finally shot into action by holding the aria's waist.

               “Ah,” Rin’s gasp was high and breathy in Bon’s ear. “That feels good."

               Suguro grabs Rin by the back of the head to deepen their next kiss while his other hand pulls at Rin’s hip, encouraging him to grind into his thigh. Miraculously, Rin doesn’t need a step-by-step set of instructions this time and circles his hips against Bon. Soon the half-demon was whimpering and moaning in Suguro’s mouth and fuck if that wasn’t hot. Bon loves vocal partners. He can feel himself getting stiff and rolls against Rin.

               The demon sighs, “you’re hard.” His lips were kiss swollen and red; his eyes were dark, wide, and full of surprise like he can't believe Suguro is getting off on this.

               He bucks against Rin playfully. “You too,” he says it with a smile and it almost feels like their usual banter.

               “Well, yea,” Rin huffs. He’s trying to sound aloof and annoyed, but he’s blushing again. “Isn’t that the point?”

               Bon laughs, “Yea Rin, that’s the point.” He kisses other man eagerly and it’s not an act. Seeing Rin return to his fiery, if not bashful, self was making this fun.

               “Hmm,” Rin whined and broke away to kiss along Bon’s jaw and throat. “Is this ok?” The halfling asked against Bon’s neck and felt the aria shiver.

               “Fuck Rin,” Bon cursed. “You don’t kiss like a virgin.” He tilts his head back and gaps against Rin’s ear. He thinks about taking that pointed tip between his teeth. “Take off your clothes.”

               Rin squeaked and stepped back. “Can’t we just kiss some more?”

               Suguro rolled his eyes. “Yea, so you can come humping my leg? I don’t think so. We’re on a time limit, idiot.”

               The half-demon blushed furiously and was clearly about to protest the accusation that he would come like that when he yelped in pain. Another petal burned off. Only three remained—they had three hours.

               “Idiot,” Bon repeated but now he sounded more fond and caring. He rubbed his fingers over the sensitive, reddened skin on the others hip.

               Rin whimpered and bit his lip, staring right at his friend while Bon fingered the heated curse mark. He looked conflicted, but still aroused.

               “Look,” Suguro started slowly and couldn’t help himself. He kissed Rin again, open mouthed and hot. “I know this is weird, just pretend I’m Shiemi or something.”

               The other man laughed nervously. “Yea, if Shieme was a 6'2 brick shithouse.”

               “Shieme’s muscular twin sister who’s into weight lifting, then.” He placed Rin’s hands on his own hips and ground into him again, picking up the same rhythm as before.

               “Oh right, her, the girl of my dreams.” Rin warily watches as Bon palms between their groins, rubbing against the front of the halflings jeans. “Oh,” he chokes and his hips stutter, rolling up into the firm grip of Bon’s hand.

               Shit, Bon can feel the hot, hard outline of Rin’s dick and how it jumped against his hand. The half-demon is so sensitive and so vocal, it’s making Suguro’s guts twist. Rin’s hands fly up and he grips Bon’s shoulders, needing to anchor himself. “That’s it,” he encourages as Rin’s eyes roll back. While the halfling is distracted Bon uses his other hand to unfasten and unzip Rin’s jeans, letting the material fold open under the pressure from Rin’s demanding erection.

               Rin whined when he felt Bon tug on his jeans, shoving the fabric down around his thighs. He could feel Bon carefully pull his tail out of the home-made hole in the back of his pants with so much care it almost made him want to cry again. His eyes squeezed shut and he knocked his head back. Humiliation, arousal, and fear knotted him up from the inside but Bon’s big, warm, hand over his dick was enough to keep him right on the precipice.

               “You’re doing so good Rin, so good.” He praised and sucked on Rin’s neck, trying to keep him focused on pleasure and not this looming crisis. “Take your shirt off. C’mon, let me see you.” 

               Rin’s breath stuttered, and he gripped the other man’s shirt. “You too,” he insisted and Suguro immediately understood. It was never any fun to be the only one naked.

               “Ok, yea.” Bon removed his hand from stroking Rin and unbuttoned his own shirt while Rin quickly removed his shirts. Soon they stood with Bon in a pair of slacks and Rin in nothing but his boxer-briefs.

               Rin had never considered himself gay, but he knew Suguro was handsome. Tall, broad, muscular, and cool—even now in this nightmare of a situation Suguro had his shit under control. Rin wanted to be Suguro. Instead he would always be this waif of person, lithe and gangly no matter how much he ate or how strong he actually was, and nothing would hide his ears, tail, or fangs. Compared to Bon, Rin felt ugly and weird.

               “Hey, hey…” Bon noticed the change in Rin’s demenor immediately. “Stay with me.”

               Rin pulls his arms over his chest and blurts, “I’m skinny.”

               “You’re hot, stop screwing around!” Bon blushes at his outburst. It wasn’t the first time he came to this conclusion. Lately, he found himself checking his friend out at the most inappropriate times...but he knew Rin had feelings for Shieme. At least now that attraction will be useful.

               “You don’t need to do that,” Rin mutters and looks anywhere but at Bon.

               Against his better judgement, Bon doesn't avoid this conversation. “What are you talking about?” He knew Rin had hang ups about his body, even if he didn't agree with a single criticism, but he had no idea it was this bad.

               Rin growls. “I’m not normal, Bon! I’m a fucking demon. I’ve got fangs and pointed ears and a fucking tail. I appreciate you don’t want me to die but…Christ. Don't pretend, don't...act like you want me like that.”

               “For the love of,” Suguro grits his teeth and gently shoves Rin back on the bed so that the halfling is sitting on the edge. “Listen,” the aria sighs after stepping between the other man’s spread legs and cupping Rin's face with both hands. “I’m not pretending and I’m not just saying shit, ok?”

               Rin doesn’t say anything. He just gulps and nods his head.

               Bon smiles softly, “good,” and kisses Rin on the mouth. “Just, hold on a second.” He turns around toward the dresser along the wall. Earlier they had found rows of various things, including lube. They needed that now, or else this next part would really suck.

               Bon shouldn’t have been surprised to see that the drawers were packed with vanilla scented everything. He grimaced at it all and the implications of this wretched bath house. He tried not to think of the little girl on a slab, the first victim. He doesn’t want to think about what she was doing on the third floor, or how scared she was each time a petal burned off her skin, or the final moments before the mananangaal came for her heart. He shakes his head and reminds himself that the same thing isn’t going to happen to them, and that they’re going to kill this demon in the morning. “Here,” he tosses a bottle toward Rin and the halfling catches it easily.  

               “It’s lube,” Rin cringed in embarrassment as if he forgot what they were doing here.

               “Yea, idiot. Your dick isn’t going anywhere without it,” Suguro grumped. He didn’t say that he would have subjected himself to this without lube for Rin’s life—but it’s also true he’s very grateful for it. “I assume you know how it works?” He turned back to the dresser, taking the briefest of seconds to clear his own head. He was nervous, but didn't want Rin to think he was having second thoughts.

               Behind him, Bon can hear Rin shuffle on the bed and unsnap the bottle. Not being able to help himself, Suguro look’s up and watches his friend through the mirror. He was entirely bare, now. Rin was tall and lean with miles of pale skin. His calves were slim, and his thighs were slightly muscled but still lithe like the rest of him. The halflings abdomen was packed tightly with firm muscles and the only part of his body that didn't belie the strength that he really possessed. His chest was somewhat flushed, and an endearing blush warmed the pale skin right under his eyes. Suguro continued to watch as Rin raised one large, slender hand and coated his palm in vanilla scented lube before wrapping it around his own cock.

               Rin’s head rocked back, and his tail writhed behind him. Rin didn’t know he was being watched yet, and Christ the sight of him just letting go was really hot. The half-demon had his feet planted on the floor, legs spread as he worked his fist over his erection. His throat was exposed, Adam’s apple bobbing slowly, and his eyes were lidded, dark.

               “Fuck,” Bon cursed and Rin flicked his eyes up, meeting him through the mirror. As soon as Rin realized he was being watched his tail darted down and out of sight and Rin stopped moving his hand.

               Suguro wondered how many people had whispered behind Rin’s back, how many exorcists had made comments about his tail or ears. Hell, Suguro himself has heard people call the other man a dangerous, disgusting demon to Rin’s face. On some level, Rin must think that Bon feels the same way. You don’t want to lie with a demon. Did Rin really think that Bon was disgusted by him? Did Rin think he was just holding his nose till it was over? The idea broke his heart.

               “Hey,” his voice was deep and soft as he approached the bed where his friend sat helplessly looking.

               The half-demon moved his hand off his dick entirely, clearly feeling awkward at having Bon stare down at him. “Hm?” He squeaked, face scarlet.

               Bon walked right up to the other man until his thighs were just a few inches from Rin’s knees. “I would never make you do something you don’t want to do.”

               Rin’s forehead split into bewildered creases. “I should be saying that to you!”

               “Shut up,” Bon grumbled before he lost his nerve. “I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to…but I’m not going to let you die and…and if this is your first time I want you to enjoy it.”


               Bon grits his teeth. Sometimes his friend is about as dense as a cement block. “I want to make it good for you, but I want your permission.”

               Rin looks like he might cry again, which isn’t what Suguro wanted at all. 

               “Just let me do what feels good? Do you trust me to do that?”

               Those must have been the magic words because Rin flinches and immediately nods his head, fist curling over his thigh. “Yea, Bon, I trust you.”

               “Good,” Bon kisses Rin’s forehead and when he leans back he starts working on his own belt. While standing over Rin and flicking the belt buckle open he breaths, “keep touching yourself. It was hot.”

               Rin sputtered, and his hands flexed on his thighs. “What?”

               “C’mon,” Bon encourages him while unzipping his pants. “I liked watching.”

               Rin was watching him, though. The halfling nodded, his mouth parted as he tentatively took himself back in hand and watched Suguro shrug off his slacks and underwear. Rin’s eyes were heavy on Bon’s body.

               Suguro let him look. It stroked his ego and he wanted Rin to see he was still hard from watching Rin touch himself. Bon gathered himself in hand and gave a few full, lazy strokes. “Still think I’m pretending?”

               Rin blushed violently but didn’t say anything as he bit his lip. His hand picked up its pace and he groaned low in his throat.

               Bon smirked, head spinning with the possibilities. If they had the time he would ask Rin to suck him off, but he didn’t want to risk it. “Slow down,” he was still stroking himself slowly, putting on a show. “You’ve got to come in me, remember?”

               Rin cursed under his breath and squeezed the base of his dick. “Don’t say shit like that,” he hissed while glaring up at Bon.

               The aria continued to grin as he stepped forward, nearly in Rin’s lap. The half-demon opened his mouth, probably about to ask what the other man was doing, but his voice left him as Bon raised his left leg and placed it on the bed. He kept his right foot on the floor, which spread his legs directly in Rin’s face. “You can keep touching yourself if you think you can handle it, but I want you to watch this part.”

               Rin gulped and looked up at the other man as Bon got some vanilla scented personal jelly on his fingertips. “Fucking hell,” Rin cursed, and his pupils dilated like an expanding universe.

               “Yea,” Bon agreed and felt hot all over with Rin’s eyes on him. He had never done this, but he understood the basics. Small hole, big dick, stretching and lube required. Rin watched him as he reached between his own legs with slick fingers and rubbed them over his hole. He should probably be embarrassed, but it was so obvious Rin was into it Bon just felt turned on. “Stroke me,” he breathed as his fingertip circled behind his balls.

               Rin obeyed like the other man snapped a whip in his face. His hand was still slick when he wrapped his fist around Bon’s cock and they both groaned. Rin's grip was tentative at first, but he seemed to enjoy the heavy, warm feel of Bon in his fist. On each upstroke Bon’s dick and balls were pulled tight and Rin got a glimpse at what the other man was doing further back. He looked up at the aria with smoldering eyes, "I like it." 

               “Yea?” Suguro grunts and slips one finger inside inside himself. He wiggles his feet farther apart, opening his pelvis to allow more space between them. Bon titled his hips at the same moment, fucking into Rin’s hand.

               The half-demon watches Suguro's dick pump through the coil of his hand and whines, licking his lips. 

               “Oh man,” Bon breathed while looking down at Rin. It was all over the halflings face. “You want to blow me so bad, don’t you?” His back arched and his head tipped back, unable to watch the way Rin is drooling for his dick.

               Rin blushed furiously, but didn’t deny it.

               “Think you could?” Bon asked while running a second finger along his slightly stretched hole. His free hand gently moved from Rin’s shoulder to his mouth. “Think those fangs would get in the way?” He thumbed past the half-demons lips and stroked his ferocious jaws.

               Rin winced and tried to pull away to hide his demonic teeth. He had gotten carried away, forgot for a moment what he was. Rin whimpered when Suguro grabbed his chin and didn’t let him hide.

               “Stop that,” he snarled a little breathily and crouched forward.

               “Wha—” Rin started to flail and put his hand on the small of Bon’s back as the other man straddled his lap.

               “Stop pulling back and stop hiding.” Bon had his knees planted on either side of Rin’s hips on the edge of the bed and his chest was in the other man’s face, looming over him from above. “You don’t scare me,” he said darkly and leaned in to lick across Rin’s pointed teeth.

               Rin whined and shivered, unable to think straight. He should scare Bon; the aria should be running from him like any sane priest would—but instead Suguro is naked in his lap and it's all Rin can do to keep himself in check. He wraps both arms around the other man’s waist, "tell me what to do." 

               “Keep touching me,” Suguro twists his arm behind himself.

               Rin kisses the other man again, licking into Bon’s open mouth. He bit and sucked on his lips and arched forward. He could easily brace Bon with one arm and let his other hand roam up and down Suguro’s back, across his hips and down his thighs. 

               “Shit,” Bon felt light headed when Rin finally pulled off his lips and attacked his neck. Hell, that felt good, too. Bon ground down in Rin’s lap, pressing their erections together.

               “Ah,” Rin’s hips circle up and his erection slides against the underside of Bon’s.

               “Yea, do that again.” The aria moans and gets a second finger inside himself. This is taking longer than he expected, but soon he’s scissoring his fingers. He tips his face up again and he can feel Rin breathe against his throat.

               “Is this ok?” Rin asked and licked the other man’s neck as he got both their erections in hand. He worked his fist slower this time, mimicking the way Bon touched himself earlier.

               “Fuck—” Bon grits his teeth. “Yea, yea, feels good.” The aria flexes his thighs and raises up slightly, trying to drive his fingers in deeper while Rin jerks them off. Suguro is quickly getting addicted to the burn and stretch filling him up from the inside. He buries his face in the junction of Rin’s neck and shoulder by pressing his forehead there. He pants onto Rin’s flushed skin, focusing on moving his fingers deeper and wider.  

               “What’s it feel like?” Rin asked while kissing Bon’s shoulder.

               “Ah,” Suguro gasps. He knew what Rin was asking but couldn’t find the words.

               “Please,” the half-demon begged. “I want to know. Does it feel good?”

               “Yes,” he rolls his hips.

               “Can I try?”

               Bon doesn’t even think about it, “yea.”

               Rin quickly presses his slick fingers down lower, trailing along Bon’s thigh and then around the curve of his ass. He can’t see anything; his friend is still pressing his face into Rin’s neck, but he can feel everything. He can feel the tight little opening give around Bon’s thick fingers.

               “Let me,” Rin pleads into the others ear and as soon as Bon pulls his fingers free, Rin slides two inside, quick and easy.

               “Mmn,” Bon grunts and squirms. Rin’s fingers are thinner, but longer and the angle is better.

               Rin pumps the two fingers slowly while his other arm and hand still comfortably hold Suguro by the waist. “You’re so tight,” he murmurs in awe.

               “Feels good,” Bon argues and pants against Rin's collar. He has both hands digging into Rins shoulders and his thighs keep flexing as he grinds on the other man’s fingers. He didn’t realize something like this would feel so fucking good. “Give me another,” he ordered breathlessly.

               Rin didn’t need to be told twice. He crooked his ring finger and pressed it in with his middle and index fingers.

               Bon sucked in a breath through his teeth and tensed up.

               “Is this—are you ok?” He asked while flexing his nimble fingers, stretching Bon from the inside.

               “Yea, keep going, deeper—ah!” Bon jerked and clawed Rin’s back when the demon crooked his fingers, hitting something that made his eyes cross. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Bon groaned and finally pulled his face away from Rin’s neck. When he leaned back he rocked down on Rin’s fingers. “Ah, yea fucking right there,” Bon rambled and dropped one hand on his own dick.

               “Fuck, you’re so hot.” Rin watched wide-eyed and slack-jawed as Bon beat off in his face. Suguro’s cock was so close Rin could taste it in the air. “Would you let me?”

               “Let you what?” Bon panted, only half aware of what Rin was saying. Every part of his body was over-sensitive and he can hardly think because as good as this feels he can't help but look down at Rin's hard cock and feel his stomach flip. He's going to have to do something with that soon, and fuck it's bigger than his fingers. 

               Rin licked his lips. “Would you let me blow you? I’d be so good for you and cover my teeth.” He whimpered and begged.

               Bon’s eyes rolled back. Christ. “Fuck, Rin you really want to?”

               “Yes,” he promised and slowed his fingers, rubbing Suguro’s insides like he was trying to coax the aria to say yes.   

              “Fuck,” Bon cursed and sunk his fingers into Rin’s black hair with one hand and guided his cock head into the halfling’s mouth with the other.

              The angle was a little odd, but Rin sighed happily. He tilted his jaw just right and Bon slipped farther in. He gripped Bon’s ass cheek with one hand, kneading and pulling while his other hand crooked three fingers right on Bon’s prostate.

             “Rin,” Bon’s hips snapped forward violently and he panicked for half a second—worried his friend might choke on his dick, but Rin just moaned mindlessly and took it. “Fuck, look at you, fucking perfect.” He fucked into Rin’s mouth in quick, semi-controlled stabs of his hips. “So hot, shit.” He could feel his orgasm building and rising like a rolling wave. “I’m close, Rin, fuck—” Suguro pulled out at the last minute and grabbed himself. He stroked himself through it, pumping come all over Rin’s chest and jaw while clenching around Rin’s fingers. “Fuck,” he barked again.

             The halfling blinked, partially dazed after watching Bon come on him. It should be gross, but instead it made the demon hot all over. He was barely containing the urge to force Bon down on his dick. “Bon,” Rin moaned, and his hips squirmed desperately.

               Suguro’s hearing was dulled from the roar of his own blood in his ears. “Yea, m’ready,” he slurred and braced himself against Rin’s shoulders. He didn’t feel ready. He was wet and stretched and the orgasm helped him relax, but his legs were jello and despite his enthusiasm he didn’t really know what to expect.

               Rin seemed to be running on instinct, though. He braced Suguro with one arm and took hold of his erection with the other hand. The half-demon glanced up and looks Bon in the face. Suguro can see the regret and worry in Rins frantic eyes— but then the third petal burned off and Rin eased Suguro down.

               They both howled, overwhelmed by the sensation of being forced together so suddenly. Rin snarled and threw his head back while Bon groaned deep and low, leaning fully against Rin’s strong chest.

                Suguro can't catch his breath. “Holy shit,” he coughed next to the other’s ear. Rin rolls his hips slowly, unable to stop himself and Bon clawed at the half-demon’s pale back. “Ah, fuck—Rin, wait!”

               The halfling felt the edges of his vision blur and his core grew hot. He was losing control. The demon in him wants more, wants conquest and domination and it terrifies him. “Bon, look at me, please.” His hips were still circling, tight little arches that were steadily getting faster and deeper.

               Bon was gasping at every slight roll into his body. The breathless moans would be humiliating if he could think beyond the sensation of Rin fucking him. Still, though, he pulled away from the safe place of Rin’s neck and met the other face to face. “Oh, Rin…” He cupped the halflings face with both hands, trying to hold Rin together even as he breaks in front of him. 

               The demon winced as if in pain, but pressed his face into Suguros hands. He clenched his jaws and fought to keep his quivering lips drawn over fangs that had elongated and sharpened. His ears had also grown, sticking out on the side of his head more severely. Rin’s tail writhed like an angry snake behind them, lashing out and blue with fire at the tip. Rin blinked, and his eyes softened as they focused on Suguro, losing some of their hellish glaze and tears rolled down. “I’m trying really hard,” he gasped.

               “I know,” Bon wrapped his arms around the others neck and kissed the tight line of Rin’s lips, licking across pointed teeth that could probably snap bone. “You’re doing so good, it’s ok. Stay with me.” Bon pressed his forehead against Rin's. "It's ok," he rolled his hips up, meeting Rin’s shallow thrusting. “C’mon Rin, fuck me.”

               The half-demon growled and rocked up with more force. His thighs and hips were as strong as the rest of him, and he easily bounced Suguro on his lap.

               Bon clenched his teeth and groaned, arms tightening around the halflings neck. He had decided to ride Rin because he thought he would have more control in this position, but his legs were useless, and Rin was strong enough to throw Bon around like a rag doll. It shouldn’t turn Suguro on, but it does. His half hard dick swings between them, interested and stiffening again. Bon sinks his fingers into Rin’s black hair and pulls. It’s his only anchor as the halfling bucks and groans under him.

               “Bon,” Rin’s voice has dropped. It’s something deep and almost not human—but somehow tender and pained. Rin’s hands are cupping Suguro’s sweaty back as he mouths gently at the aria’s throat. “I don’t want to hurt you. Don't let me hurt you.”

               “You’re not,” he promises in Rin’s ear and the halfling flinches. He’s still ashamed of his demonic features, maybe more now that they’re so enhanced. No wonder Rin avoided intimacy. This left him totally exposed. Bon bit the pointed tip of the other man’s ear like he wanted to all night. “It feels so good. You feel so fucking good, Rin. Don’t stop,” he spoke against Rin’s ear and felt the other man’s full body shudder.

               “Mmnh,” Rin moaned low in his throat and pumped his hips up twice, meeting Bon’s rolling grind.

               “Yea, yea like that,” Suguro encouraged gently and pulled on black hair. They built up a rhythm and soon Bon was reduced to a panting, gasping, mess. 

               Rin started to tremble and his pace waivered—then he snapped. He stood up without warning, still holding Bon with the span of one hand. Suguro yelped and instinctively wrapped his legs around Rin’s waist as the demon turned them toward the bed.

               Rin snaked his arms up Bon’s back to hold more of his weight before crawling onto the mattress. He dropped Bon at the head of the bed, resting over a mound of pillows that were both ridiculous and helpful after he got one under Bon’s hips.

               “Holy hell,” Suguro cursed as he looked up at Rin. The half-demon was covered in sweat and still clearly fighting for control. Bon knew that he should be afraid of the creature above him, but instead he felt this hot pull low in his guts. It was sexy, and a power trip, to know Rin was so strung out for him.

               “You’re so tight,” Rin’s voice is shaky as he curls forward. He presses Bon’s thighs apart so his legs are spread open and pinned to the bed. “So wet and tight, fuck. You feel so good.” He’s watching himself fuck Suguro. It was obscene. Bon’s body was stretched and giving around Rin’s bare cock and the smooth glide in and out made them both groan.

               Suguro’s face burns knowing that Rin can hold him down and fuck him like this, knowing that he could totally overpower him and take whatever he wanted. Bon watches with a slack jaw as Rin's dick sinks into him again and again. “Ooh,” Bon groans and his eyes roll back. 

               Rin grabbed the headboard behind Suguro for leverage and kept his other hand on Suguro’s thigh to hold him open. He was fixated on the way he pushed into Bon’s body, how easy and willing Bon took him. “I want you to come on my dick,” he groaned and rolled his hips deep and possessively.

               “Oh my God,” Suguro gasped and jerked. Rin slid in perfect, deep, and it knocked the air out of him. “There, fuck don’t stop!” Bon thrashed against the bed, overwhelmed. His cock was hard and dripping against his stomach. 

               Rin whined and threw his head back, baring his neck and teeth. “I’m close, so fucking close.”

               “I know baby,” he would regret that later. “It’s ok, let go.” He ground up into Rin’s thrusts that had slowed just a fraction, rolling in deep and rearranging Bon’s insides. He would never be the same again.

              “Touch yourself,” Rin moaned and looked down at Bon’s heavy cock.

               Bon bit his bottom lip and obeyed eagerly. He fisted himself at the same pace Rin moved inside him, now even slower. Maybe Rin didn’t know the difference, but Bon felt them slipping away from fucking and into something more tender. “C’mon,” Bon groaned and Rin let him lift his legs, wrapping himself around the other man’s waist. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” He dug his heels into Rin’s ass to urge him to move faster. 

               Rin choked on a moan and drove into Bon with his eyes screwed shut. “Bon—fuck.” His eyes sprang open on the fourth thrust and Rin was coming. “Guh, ah-fuck!” Rin groaned, and he sounded inhuman. Bon moaned at the sight and stripped his dick quickly. Rin was still sluggishly pumping into him and Bon could feel his come fill him and—Bon went rigid as his second orgasm hit him like a train.

               Rin’s jaw hung open as he lazily continued to pump into Bon’s open and used hole; he’s still hard and still coming. Bon seriously considers staying in bed, getting high on the coyling aroma of come and vanilla, and taking Rin’s tight ass in the second round. He does, however, remember that they are actually on a mission. He looks at Rin’s hip and, thank heavens, the curse mark is gone.

               At the same moment Rin slows and then stops his movement. He pulls away from the headboard and takes a chunk off when it crumbles into his hand. He gives Bon an alarmed look, as if he just broke a flower pot in the house.

               It warmed Bon’s chest. Rin was still morphed out in his demon likeness, but he cradled the broken chunk of headboard like a wounded bird.

               “Shit,” Rin cried and tried to shove it back in place. Meanwhile, he was still snug inside Bon.

               “Rin!” Suguro groaned and tried to push the other man away. “You idiot, get off me.”

               “Oh,” the half-demon blushed. He gingerly gripped himself and pulled out as carefully as he could.

               “Ah,” Bon gasped in surprised pain. After everything he put his body through, he didn’t expect that to sting so much.

               “Are you alright?” Rin sat back on his haunches and waited, alert and eager like a dog. His tail even wagged. At least he wasn’t trying to hide it anymore.

               “Yea,” he announces and straightens his legs even though Rin still sat between them. Honestly, that was easily the best sex of his life. “M’good, I swear.”

               “Good,” Rin responded without knowing what else to do or say. He watched Suguro lay beneath him, eyes closed while he caught his breath. He felt oddly protective of the other man, more so than usual.

               Bon opened one eye and caught Rin starring. “How the shit are you still hard?” Bon barked, glaring at his friend’s erection.

               Rin blushed and finally scrambled back, feeling a little dose of shame. “Sorry, is that weird?”

               Suguro rolled his eyes. Rin was hopeless. “It’s generally a good thing, ya know. When you’re not locked in a bath house with a murderous demon.”

               “Oh, right.” Rin smiles big and cheesy. “We can’t kill her until we can get outside?” The half-demon sounded somber and contemplative as he scratched at the soiled bed sheets. How the hell were they going to explain that—or the broken headboard?

               “Nah,” Bon answered as he slid his legs to the side trying to get off the bed.

               They both end up standing at the same time and it was like the spell broke. Rin cringed like he expected to be yelled at and Bon blushed, not knowing where to put his eyes.

               “Uh—” They both start talking at the same time.

               “—Thank you,” says Rin

               “—I’m going to rinse off,” from Bon.  The aria doesn’t say anything else as he scooped up his pants and walked into the bathroom. When he came outside minutes later Rin was gone and so were his clothes.


Chapter Text



     Rin watches his friend gingerly step into the bathroom and notices the bruises around Bons thighs and hips. Rin winces, knowing exactly why the aria has a slight limp, why all his movements are slow and careful.

       With the rush of orgasmic euphoria burning out of his veins, the young half-demon is left with a cooling sickness in his stomach. It’s guilt. He just fucked his best friend, and he really liked it. His face heated up at the thought, the still so vivid memories swimming through his head. He cringed, thinking about how he himself had acted especially toward the end—wild and impulsive, pinning Bon down and practically drooling at the sight of the aria taking his dick.

     “Ug,” Rin groaned and hit himself over the head several times, hard enough to ring his bell. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” He spun around the room, gripping his own hair roughly and felt like he might vomit. He made it three steps toward the door before he realized he was still naked, still slick with Bon’s come over his chest from where the other man came all over him. “Fuck,” he croaked and used the sheets to wipe himself down. By the time he got his pants on he still feel’s nauseous and he can hear that Bon had turned off the shower.

     Of course, he would want to shower immediately, he thought harshly. Who wouldn’t want to wash me off them as soon as possible? Suddenly, the idea of confronting Bon—seeing disgust or fear in his earthy brown eyes—it was unbearable. He left quickly, leaping out of the room and scampered away like a chided dog. He kept to himself for the rest of the night, dreading seeing Bon again. The aria didn’t come looking for him, and that was both a relief and all the evidence that Rin needed to understand that Suguro didn’t want to see him.


     The next morning, Bon found Rin in the garden just outside the barrier. The halfling was watching an ugly, gnarled tree twist and gasp surrounded in blue flames. He didn’t say anything as the fire wrapped around the branches, forcing them to curl and snap unlike a normal tree, but Bon finds himself wanting to say something. His voice is caught, though, because he can feel grief around Rin stronger and more oppressive than even the heat from his bitter blue flames. Instead, Bon frowns as they watch the last of the embers smolder. They’re exhausted—they hadn’t slept the entire time they were trapped inside the bath house—and emotionally frayed.

     “C’mon,” the aria says softly once there’s nothing left of the mangagaal tree. “We’re going to miss the train.”

     Rin doesn’t say anything when he stuffs his hands into his pocket and marches off the property. He also doesn’t look Suguro in the eye. In fact, Rin hardly acknowledges the other man at all until they settle into their seats on the train and Bon takes out his laptop.

     “What are you doing?” The half-demon asks, sounding alarmed.

     “Writing my report,” Bon answered tiredly. He usually wrote his mission report on the way home, while the details were still fresh in his mind. It was also less to worry about later. Rin typically waited till the last minute to slap his together, but it never bothered the halfling that Bon liked to jump into his duties.

     Rin looked like he swallowed a lemon. “Shouldn’t we talk about it first?” His face was red, and tense, and he was gripping the arms of the seat. "I just... I want to know what to expect, if I get detained again." 

     “Uh, I wasn’t…I was going to omit some stuff,” Bon explained slowly. Did Rin think he was going to report the demon for what happened? 

     “Oh,” Rin deflated in his seat.

     “That's not...not all of it is totally relevant.” He looked out the window. “That’s not True Cross’s business. We realized what it was and killed it in the morning—that’s the truth.”

     “R-right,” Rin looked equal parts relieved and morose. “I won’t tell anyone, either.”

     Something about that doesn’t sound right to Bon, “that’s not…I mean, if that’s what you want.”

     Rin smiles tentatively for the first time since they broke the curse mark. “Weirdest mission ever,” he yawns and leans back in his seat clearly ready to take a nap.

     Bon feels marginally better. At least they can have a conversation, even if it is just work-related for now. He writes up the basics of his mission report but doesn’t submit it yet. He’s running on empty and he’s sure the report is full of typos and spelling errors. Instead, he saves a copy and forwards his rough draft to Rin so that the halfling knows exactly how much detail he put into his report. Within an hour Bon has also fallen asleep. He dreams of the scent of vanilla.


     Two weeks go by and neither Bon nor Rin have been reassigned on a new mission, but they are ordered to remain on standby after their reports are reviewed. At first this development had both men sweating bullets—but the reasoning was less personal and more out of suspicion for the bath house. Rin and Suguro had made recommendations that The Sundown Bath House be investigated for human trafficking. It seems like the higher ups were taking the consideration seriously and the two exorcists might have to return to assist a second criminal investigation, as the bathhouse had long been in-contract with True Cross as a retreat of sorts for exorcists. If they were engaging in Human trafficking, True Cross couldn’t just leave it to the local authorities. Furthermore, there were now suspicions that the bathhouse had intentionally brought the manananggal tree into their garden. Having a demon that devoured fetuses was convenient for an illegal brothel.

     While they skulk around campus waiting for orders, the others from their cohort filter through in between missions and soon a get together is suggested. Tonight, their class is haunting a local bar near True Cross. They had been there many times before, hanging out just like they are now, but tonight Bon can’t seem to enjoy the drinks that keep finding their way to his hand. He also can’t stop watching Rin, who has done a knock-up job of avoiding him for the past two weeks.

     At first, he thought Rin just needed space, and he tried to give it. Then he heard that Yukio and Shiemi got together and sought Rin out, but the halfling was never in his shared apartment with his twin. Rin wasn’t on the training grounds, either. Bon had no idea when or where Rin was taking his meals, even though the aria had sent several texts asking to get lunch together. He ran into Rin once outside of the mission assignment office and Rin practically ran out of the vicinity, making up some excuse about needing to take care of Kuro. Bon wasn’t an idiot; Rin was avoiding him, and he had a pretty good idea why. Tonight, Bon plans on sorting this out…as soon as he can talk himself into it.

     Bon stood away from their group, waiting in line for the men’s room. He starts to regret the number of whiskey sours he slammed back as he watches Rin from across the room. He should be sober for this.

     The halfling was sitting with his back to the bar and facing the dance floor. Izumo and Renzo had already cut into the crowd and Miwa was headed out next. Yukio and Shiemi had left their group at the beginning of the night and everyone ignored how the distance clearly stung Rin. The half-demon himself was smiling and seemed to enjoy watching his friends have all the fun. This bar was crawling with exorcists from True Cross; many people recognized Rin and gave him a wide berth as if the man had the plague.  Now that Bon thought about it, did Rin ever dance when they went out? Did he always just lurk around the table like some overgrown wallflower?

     He wanted to ask Rin to dance, but then he remembered how miserable he looked while watching the mananangaal tree burn up. His guts twist and he grits his teeth. He feels sick, nervous, and that’s how Suguro ends up in the men’s room grimacing at his own reflection. If Bon faced Rin tonight he wouldn’t be able to lie to him; Bon would fess up and be totally at Rin’s mercy. He already felt like he had his answer to the unasked question, though, and it sucks. “Damn it,” he mutters and runs a shaky hand through his hair. Ryuuji tells himself he’s no coward, even as he hides in the bathroom like a seventh grader. “You’re too old for this shit,” he chastises himself and shoves away from the sink.   

     Bon steps out of the men’s room with a purpose but stops dead in his tracks when he is immediately hit by the pleasant—and familiar—scent of soft vanilla. His head snaps to the left and he see’s a woman waiting in line for the ladies’ room and she’s applying lotion to her arms and neck.

     Suguro is talking before he can stop himself. “Is that vanilla?”

     The girl jerks her head upright. “Oh, yea.” She smiles. “It’s my secret weapon, so I don’t smell like BO after being on the dance floor. Want some?” She offers, not knowing what that aroma means to the other.

     He thinks about his intentions quickly and makes a decision. “Yea, I’ll take some.” He slathers a handful of the stuff onto his exposed arms and neck like the stranger had also done, even coating his shoulders and chest under his grey v-neck. The aroma was subtle compared to the smell of smoke, sweat, and alcohol wafting about the bar, but Suguro knew Rin’s heightened senses would pick it up no problem. He hoped this could be the ace he needed, a little dose of good luck. “Thanks,” he handed the bottle back to the helpful stranger.

     “No problem,” she deposited the lotion bottle back into her purse before entering the women’s bathroom with a friendly wave.

     Bon cuts through the crowd again, this time determined to make a move, damn the consequences. He finds Rin sitting in the same spot, guarding their drinks and table with an easy smile on his face. A fang is poking out on the left side of his mouth and he looks dopey and adorable—except, Bon is all to aware of how Rin looks with those fangs bared, mouth panting, knows how strong his lithe limbs are when he really wants something.  

     The aria shakes his head. Now isn’t the time. “Hey Okumura,” he walked up to the table with a serious expression over his face and slammed his palm down on the high top.

     The drinks shake dangerously on the table and Rin startles, trying to steady them. “What the hell?”

     Bon is still scowling lightly, eyebrows knotted in frustration and it looks like he’s ready to holler at the other man as if they are 15 all over again. Instead of hot-headed insults Bon yells, “dance with me!”

     Rin blanches. “You… want me to…dance with you?” He asks, sounding every bit as articulate as his 15-year-old self.  

     “You heard me,” Suguro grumbled and stared the other man down stubbornly.

     “But, the drinks and—”

     “Forget the drinks,” the aria snapped. “Do you want to dance with me or not?” Bon held his breath.

     Rin looked up at the other man hesitantly, as if he was looking to see if this was a trick. He must have seen something that made him think differently because after a second he answers slowly, “…ok.”

     “Good,” Suguro barked and grabbed the halfling by the arm and hauled him onto the dance floor.

     Rin sputtered, but allowed himself to be dragged forward. “But Bon!” He protested as they slid through the crowd. “People will see,” he whispered and stiffened once they stopped, thick in the center of the dance floor.

     Suguro ignored his friends’ pleas and tugged Rin closer by the wrist. He looked at the half-demon and watched the exact moment Rin noticed the vanilla aroma drifting between them. The halfling’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, bewildered and huge. The aria put a tally in the green light column and leaned forward.

     “Bon?” Rin gasped, mouth parted slightly like he was trying to taste the vanilla.  

     “You can call me Ryuuji, if you want.” The aria blushed and felt hot all over when Rin’s eyes raked down over his neck and exposed collarbone.

     Rin licked his lips and blinked. The smell of vanilla and Bon’s proximity were making his head fuzzy and warm. He had always enjoyed the sweet smell, but now it was mixed with Suguro’s natural scent, and laced with the memory of what they did together. He cleared his throat. “I don’t really know how to dance.”

     Bon dropped his hands onto Rin’s slim hips. “Looks like you move just fine.”

     Rin squeaked and allowed himself to be pulled forward. The bar was playing some popular song that neither of them recognized, but the pace was right for what Bon had in mind. Everyone around them danced with their partners slowly, bodies close together and intimate. It was a love song.

     Suguro guided the other man briefly, but Rin caught onto the rhythm quickly and soon one of Bon’s thighs slipped between Rin’s legs. The halfling gasped and looped his arms around Bon’s neck, face burning. “You’ve been avoiding me,” Bon says it quietly, causally, but they could both hear subtle sting of rejection.

     “I…I needed some time. Things felt weird,” Rin answers honestly and bites his lip. He felt awkward and uncoordinated on the floor, though he always wanted to dance. It looked like so much fun when Izumo and Renzo jumped around, smiling and sweating by the end of the night. Once he almost plucked up the courage to ask Shiemi, but right before he could do it she asked Yukio to dance and Rin never got the chance again. Now though, he feels excited and wound tight as Suguro writhes against him. There’s something subtle, but erotic in the way they move against one another.

     Bon clears his throat and falters in his step. “Is it something I did?” Suddenly, he doesn’t feel so confident.

     Rin curls in closer and digs his fingers into the other man’s shirt. “No, you didn’t do anything. It was Yukio and Shiemi,” he says it softly, sadly.

     Bon knew about it, everyone in their group knew about it. Shiemi announced her relationship with Yukio through a group text message with too many emojis. Bon had tried to find Rin that day, but the halfling seemed to be ghosting everyone by that point.

     “I didn’t mean to avoid you for so long, but I knew you probably wanted to talk about what happened at the bathhouse and all I could think about was her.” He jerks his head up quickly, alarmed by what he just said and afraid he hurt the aria’s feelings. “I’m sorry—”

     “You could have talked to me about it,” Suguro corrects firmly and just like every other time in the past where Rin thought he had Bon’s emotions and motivations all figured out he realizes he never knew shit. “You’re such an asshole, Okumura.”

     “Wha—you, how am I an asshole?!” He shouted, but it was without heat. This kind of bantering was normal for them, context aside.

     “You always just assume shit. Why don’t you ever give me a chance?” Bon growled, but managed to keep them dancing. “I would have understood, I do understand.” He pauses, looks down at the man hiding his face. “I was worried about you,” he confesses more gently into the halflings ear. 

     “Oh,” Rin blushed furiously, still tipping his face down. 

     “Do you…” Bon admits defeat and decides to table the conversation he had in mind. He took a big breath and let it go. “Do you want to talk about it now? We don’t even have to be here if you don’t want.” Having to watch Yukio and Shiemi happily trapeze as a new couple couldn’t be a good time.

     Rin shakes his head a little childishly. “I’m having fun.” He looks up and there’s a light in his eye that wasn’t there a second ago. “I don’t want to think about it right now, honestly.” There was a suggestive tone to his voice.

     “Oh?” Bon blinked down at the blushing halfling.

     “Yea,” Rin shrugged, face still burning. He was undeniably cute, and it was easy to forget in moments like this that Rin was significantly stronger than the aria and near indestructible.

     “Ok,” Bon answered slowly. “I could help take your mind off it, if you want?”

     Rin didn’t say anything else, but he nodded at the idea. Maybe he didn’t know it before, but this is exactly what he needed right now.  

     Suguro smiled and spun Rin around quickly, clasping his wider palms over the other man’s narrow hips from behind and held them close together. Maybe Rin just wanted a distraction, an excuse to have fun…that wasn’t all Bon wanted, but he could do this for Rin. He lined them up with Rin’s back against his chest and his groin cradled against the plump swell of Rin’s skinny ass through their jeans. He spoke right into Rin’s pointed ear and felt the smaller man shiver, “is this ok?”

     “Yes,” the half-demon sounds surprised but allows himself to fall back against the other and leans his neck along Bon’s shoulder. He can smell the vanilla strongly like this and if he turned his face he could get his mouth on Bon’s jaw, maybe kiss him. He squirms in rhythm with Suguro and nearly purrs when he feels the other man’s hands slide up his hips over his waist. This is exactly what he wants to take his mind off Shiemi and Yukio. He sighs easily and tries not to think too much.

     Suguro starts moving them in a different way, swaying to the rhythm of a faster song, one with more bass. It’s impossible not to feel the intimacy in what they’re doing, how they’re lined up and nearly riding each other.

     “You don’t care that people can see us?” Rin asks worriedly and his fingers twitch at his side; he’s unsure what to do with his hands and doesn’t want to face the crowd of people around them. He feel’s exposed, put on display. There’s a nagging fear in his gut that worries this is a trick, that Bon is playing a prank on him. He worries that later Bon will laugh about how bad Rin was at dancing, that this is all just some joke—

     “No, I really don’t give a shit,” the aria snarls over Rin’s shoulder. His left-hand grips Rin’s hip tightly, hauling him in with each roll of his own pelvis, and his right-hand slides around. His thumb slips up under Rin’s shirt to finger the half-demon’s tail. Bon knew Rin kept it wrapped around his waist when they were out in public, usually just above the waist of his jeans and hidden by his shirt. “In fact, I kinda want them to watch.”

     “Hn,” Rin spasms lightly and moans, both at the unbelievable omission from Suguro and at the sensation of fingertips against his tail. It was as sensitive as his dick sometimes, but he never told Suguro that—he’d never told anyone—and he sure as hell never had anyone’s hand on it. “Fuh—hm!” He whimpered and bit his lip to halt the moan from flying from his mouth. Too many people were watching him dance with Suguro, some of them had even stopped dancing with their own partners to stare.

     “If they bother you so much,” Bon gently refers to the people watching them dance, “just close your eyes.”

     Rin obeys immediately. He hates being under their critical gaze, it makes him feel like a freak—but with his eyes shut he can just focus on Bon behind him. Bon’s chest, his arms, the cradle of his hips, and the aroma of vanilla block out everything else.

     When Rin relaxed against him the aria lightly stroked the demon’s tail again. He was discrete, and no one knew what he was doing, but it was thrilling to feel Rin jolt and gasp in a crowd of people. “Is your tail sensitive? I thought it was. You were careful to not let me touch or see it much, weren’t you?”

     “Ah, it’s—” his hands flew back, digging into the other man’s thighs. “It’s weird,” he argued weakly.  

     “I like it,” Bon responded hotly and rolled his hips with more purpose, lining his stiffening dick between Rin’s thighs.

     “Shit,” the half-demon’s eyes sprung open and he arched his face to the side. His mouth was open, panting against Suguro’s neck.

     The aria was completely controlling their dance by now. Rin swayed pliantly in the other man’s embrace, mindlessly following the slow and dirty rhythm Bon rocked into him. It felt so good, and the smell of vanilla was making him feel heady and drugged as arousal steadily burned hotter and hotter in his stomach. It was hardly a stretch to imagine having Bon grind against him, into him, like this without clothes—with nothing separating them. Rin moaned at the thought and felt a flush break out over his skin. He had thought about the things they had done in the bathhouse with a complicated mix of lust and guilt but the idea of letting Bon take him….

     “That’s it baby,” Bon groaned in a gravely voice and pressed his face into Rin’s exposed throat. He bit lightly, kissed him gently two or three times to keep himself from sucking a mark into the pale skin. “You look so hot when you let go.”

     Rin whined, not able to form words. Suguro had called him baby at the bathhouse. Rin had thought it was just pillow talk, heat of the moment sex-babble, but god it made him weak in the knee’s now.

     Suguro’s left hand drifted across Rin’s hip, gliding to the center of his pelvis just over the halflings groin. He could feel the heat radiating off Rin’s body and thought about grinding the heel of his hand against his swelling dick but decided that might be too far. Instead, he slipped his hand up, sliding under Rin’s shirt and cupping the half-demon’s flat belly just above the waist of his jeans.

     “Ryuuji,” the halfling gasped and grabbed Bon’s wrist but made no move to stop or encourage the skin on skin touch.

     “You know, you can tell me to fuck off if you want,” Suguro said it easily, but he sounded vulnerable all the same. “There’s no demon trying to kill you this time,” he stated the obvious hoping that Rin would understand the unsaid. I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this because I want it.

     “Still feel like I might die,” the half-demon sounds breathless as he laughs lightly in disbelief. 

     “Hmm,” Suguro hums along the other man’s neck and tries to remember if there’s a secluded enough corner where he might be able to drag Rin off to for a moment alone. “Do you want me to stop?” Suguro holds his breath. He hates to ask, but he needs to know. Rin was always too desperate for acceptance; there was always the possibility the halfling might go along with Bon’s advances just to avoid conflict.

     “No,” Rin answers immediately and shakes his head. “Don’t stop, I—” his speech is derailed again when the other man starts kissing his neck again, up and down and just below his ear.

     “What if I wanted to do more?” The aria asked in a rush. He felt confident, emboldened. In for a penny, in for a pound.

     “Like, like what?” Rin nearly stuttered. He’s forgotten about the handful of people watching them. He’s forgotten about their friends and Shiemi and his brother that they came here with. He’s forgotten that this is probably a bad idea.

     “Come home with me,” Bon says right into Rin’s pointed ear and pulls him as close as he can. They’re not even dancing as he talks, words hot and urgent. “Come home with me tonight and let me make you forget everything else.”

      Rin twists around within the confines of Bon’s arms to face the other man. They are pressed together and the halfling can feel Bon’s breath spilling out of his parted mouth crashing onto his own face. “Ok,” he answers softly.


     Rin’s ear flicks slightly, as if he’s unsure of himself, but he nods all the same.

     “Hell yes,” Bon kisses Rin once on the mouth. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” Bon keeps his hands on Rin while they nearly run out of the bar and break out into the cool night air.


Chapter Text



     Separating from the bar feels like stepping into a new world. They’re cut away from the noise and the heat; the cold air is sobering even as Rin feels knots in his stomach when Bon pulls him by the hand. The brisk walk from the bar to Bon’s nearby apartment must have been short because Rin hardly remembers it, but it does give him half a second to think. As Suguro slots his key into the front door and lets them inside Rin understands this is different from the last time.

     “You want anything?” The host asks somewhat awkwardly as they walk into the living room. “I’ve got water and beer,” he offers quickly.

     Rin spins around and slits his eyes at his friend. Suguro is nervous. How did he not notice it before? It makes the half-demon feel better knowing he’s not the only one figuring this shit out on the fly. At the bath house the aria was calm and collected through the whole ordeal. Not for the first time, Rin wonder’s how much of that was an act….but now? Rin can tell Bon’s being genuine and he is, in fact, nervous.

     “A beer,” Rin answers and takes off his jacket. He doesn’t sit on the sofa yet, instead waiting for Bon to join him again. He looks around the living space. Rin had been here before, obviously. Suguro is probably his best friend and they hang out often, or they did before Rin withdrew recently. He realizes now how much he missed that. 

     The host leaps into the kitchen, happy for a task. He thinks beer is a good idea. He’s still buzzed from too many whiskey-sours and even though it would take a barrel of hard liquor for Rin to catch up, it can’t hurt to keep them both drinking now. “Here,” Bon hands over a beer bottle and they both take long sips while standing across from one another. 

     While Rin drinks he relaxes his tail, lets it slip from around his waist and bob freely at his back. When he brings the bottle down, Bon is staring. “You really…like it?” The appendage in question flicks in the air as if Rin is preening under the attention.

     The apartment is dead quiet; he should have put some music on or something. The silence is unnerving when Suguro glances up and looks Rin square in his eyes. “Yea, is that weird?”

     Rin smiles toothily and his tail sways more freely. “Totally, but, I’m like the king of weird so,” he shrugs playfully. “Who am I to judge?” The half-demon feels a surge of confidence as Suguro’s eyes rake him up and down.

     Rin is flirting with him. It’s more than Suguro hoped for when this night started, but now he doesn’t quite know how to get them back to where they were in the bar. As much as he wants to have Rin on him again, he reminds himself that the other man is still licking Shiemi-shaped wounds. Suguro turns to his speakers and uses his phone to put on some music. The volume is low but helps release some of the tension in the room. Behind him, Bon can hear Rin sit down on the sofa.

     Rin watches his friend fiddle with the music and tries to relax. He’s pretty sure he knows what’s on the agenda and he’s down with that—but since they got back to Bon’s apartment the aria has backed off a bit. He looks down at the sweating bottle between his legs while the other man is across the room. “Have you thought about what happened at the bath house?” Heaven knows Rin had. It’s like he couldn’t stop himself. Even as it made him feel guilty and confused, he found himself recalling the husky tone of Bon’s voice in his ear and how good it felt to be inside him...but also how he himself had partially lost control. 

     Suguro would have thought that was obvious, but maybe not. He turns to face the other man, leaning against his entertainment center where the speakers are located. “Of course,” he answers honestly and for a moment looks torn. "Have you?" He stays by the speakers, holding the beer bottle in one hand and waiting for a sign from Rin. 

     "Yeah, but..." The half-demon takes in a shuddering breath, looks more nervous than Bon's ever seen him. "Did uh," he licks his lip and looks down. "Did I hurt you?"  

     Suguro suspected his friend might be worried about what happened, but seeing Rin hang his head and wait to hear how he had messed up again breaks his heart. He takes another drink to steady himself. "No, not really." 

      "What do you mean, not really?" He looks up, appears skeptical. 

       Bon shrugs. “Small bruises and a bit sore, nothing serious and nothing I regret." He waits a second for Rin to really hear him and watched the halfling sag against the cushions in relief. Clearly, that had been weighing on Rin for too long. Then he adds, "looked like you really liked my thighs." 

       Rin snapped his head up and blushed bright red. "I-ah...." He couldn't help but remember how Bons thighs looked pinned to the bed, held down by his own hands. "Yeah, sorry." 

       Bon laughs, but it's not a mean sound. "I wasn't complaining."

        "Oh," Rin's tail flicked. "Good." He's still blushing, but his face has softened and he doesn't look like he's afraid to be yelled at anymore. 

         Suguro takes a breath and fights to hang back by the speakers because now he needs to know something. "Look...ah, I don’t want to sound like an insensitive jerk because I know you were…not happy about it...” He pauses, clearly trying to find the right words. “It was, once we were…I mean—it was good, wasn’t it?” He knew it was, he remembers Rin’s face and remembers Rin saying you feel so good while plowing into him

     But—he can’t assume Rin still doesn’t feel cheated or forced, even if it was to save his life. 

     Rin has to look down but answers honestly, “yea it was.”  When he looks up he can still see the nerves zapping around Bon, how tense and anxious he appears. It helps ground him, lets him know that his friend might be as adrift as he is right now. “You uh, you made it easy for me. I was freaking out and I know it was probably weird for you, too.” He grinned apologetically. “Thanks for looking out for me.”

     Bon rubbed the back of his neck with one hand and held his beer bottle with the other. “It wasn’t that much of a sacrifice. I actually…before that mission, Iwasintoyou.” He blurts the last half of his thoughts in a rush. “I still am...but I know you had a thing for Shiemi and never…well, didn’t think I had a chance.”

     “Really?” Rin sounds genuinely surprised and his tail thumps against the cushions. He had no idea Bon was interested in him outside of what happened at the bath house. It was true he had his eyes on Shiemi, maybe to the point of being oblivious to other potential suitors. Since he discovered Shiemi and Yukio got together, Rin had to ask himself why he was so fixated on her in the first place. She never showed him anything but interest as a friend and she was even afraid of him under some circumstances. He knew all along that she liked Yukio, too. In retrospect, maybe he focused on her because he knew she was unobtainable and therefor safe. Bon, though? Bon was never afraid of him…in fact, Bon was usually only ever unhappy with Rin if the halfling tried to do too much on his own. What had he said at the bar? You always just assume shit. Why don’t you ever give me a chance?

     Is that what Suguro wanted now, a chance?

     “I know you never thought of me that way before the bathhouse.” Bon says quickly and they both know he’s right. It makes Rin feel guilty all over again. Not only could he not say he felt the same about Bon, he hadn’t even realized Bon’s feelings even when they were having sex. “And I get that you probably don't feel any different about me now...” He shrugs good-naturedly from across the room, tries not to appear too hopeful or too hurt. "And that's ok, I can handle it." 

     That was way more than Rin was expecting. He thought, at best, Suguro was interested in a friends-with-benefits thing, something to help him forget about Shiemi. He had no idea Suguro wanted more. “Do I need to make a decision right now?” His voice is small, contemplative.

     “No,” Suguro answers and finally steps away from the speakers. “Look, I just wanted to get that off my chest. It felt shitty for me not to tell you when things might…” he didn’t want to sound presumptuous, but Rin did come back to his apartment. “But there are no expectations or strings or any of that bullshit.”

     Rin smiles mischievously and thumbs at the label that’s slipping off his beer. “You didn’t have any expectations when you brought me back here?” He looks up coyly. Maybe it's selfish, but he wants to forget what it's like to be rejected. He wants to be someones first choice for once, even if he isn’t sure what he wants beyond tonight. 

     Suguro sputters at the uncharacteristicly bold half-demon giving him bedroom eyes. “I had hopes,” he croaks comically. 

     Rin finishes his beer and leaves the bottle on the end-table before he saunters over to the other man. “Yea, and I was hoping you were going to help me take my mind off some things. Is that still an option?”

     Bon watches the other man cross the room and, while, yes—this is what he wanted, seeing Rin prowl around his apartment with predatory eyes is still a nice surprise. “Yea, definitely.”

     “You waiting on an engraved invitation, or something?” He’s standing within arms reach now but hoping Bon will make the next move. Half of his demeanor is an act right now and as much as he wants it, he still doesn’t have much experience.

     The aria smirks but steps into the remaining few inches that separate them and loops an arm around Rin’s slim waist. “Tell me if you want to stop.”

     Rin is looking at Bon’s mouth when he responds, voice low and interested. “You know I could hold you over my head with one arm, right?” It feels silly that Bon would treat him like a skittish maiden considering Rin could literally tear down the wall and leave if he felt like it.

     “Or hold me down while you fuck me,” the host returns quick as a whip. “I know you can’t be overpowered, that’s not the point. Last time we didn’t have a choice; this time we do.” His hand is dangerously close to the halflings tail, but he just teases the small of Rin’s back for now.

     Rin blushes again and, instead of saying anything embarrassing, he leans up and kisses Bon on the mouth. The kiss is chaste for only a second before Suguro groans and hikes them closer together, opening his mouth against Rin’s lips and squeezing his hips.

     The half-demon sighs and slips both his palms up Bon’s chest and cocks his head, slotting them together more comfortably. This time, he doesn’t worry about his fangs getting in the way when he opens his mouth and feels Bon’s tongue glide in. 

     Suguro laughs lightly into Rin’s mouth when the half-demon eagerly kisses back. This is exactly the kind of lover he expected Rin to be: gentle but enthusiastic, considerate but competitive. Bon gave as good as he got and dropped both hands around the bottom of Rin’s ass, near his thighs and pulled the other man up.

     “Shit,” Rin gasped when Suguro hiked him into the air. He quickly wrapped his legs around the aria’s waist and looped his arms around Bon’s shoulders.

     “Surprised?” Suguro asked while he mouthed at Rin’s neck. His hands kneaded the halflings ass as he walked them to his bedroom, though he still avoided Rin’s flicking tail for now.

     “A little,” Rin answered and slipped his hands through Bon’s hair. He was used to being the muscle in the group, but Bon was no weakling. It was nice to be man-handled for once, Rin realizes. It’s not something he ever thought he wanted, but his own strength makes him anxious. He’s constantly afraid he might hurt someone; letting Suguro take over is a nice alternative. “I like it, though,” he admits breathily as they get into the bedroom.

     “Hm,” Suguro doesn’t pull away from the tender spot on Rin’s neck to respond or bother to turn on his bedroom light when they get into the room. He doesn’t waste any more time. They’ve been flirting and deep into foreplay since the bar and he’s so horny he can hardly see at this point. The host drops Rin on the bed and crawls up the mattress to get on top of the other. “What do you want?” He grinds down lightly, shamelessly making Rin aware of his erection as he slips his hand under the halflings shirt.

     Rin writhes up excitedly, eager to feel more of Bon against him. “I want—hm,” he groans softly when Bon bites his collar.

     “Want to fuck me again?” Bon offers and his other hand slides down, thumbing at the straining fly of Rin’s pants.

     “You’d let me?” Rin asks, sounding winded and bewildered.

     Bon has slipped down Rin’s chest, kissing the exposed line of his lower stomach above the waist of his jeans. “Yea,” he answers and rubs Rin’s thighs promisingly. “It was good the last time, Rin. Really good.”

     “Oh,” the halfling goes red at the praise. It makes him feel warm and prideful to know Bon really enjoyed it—“But, uhm…”

     “What is it?” Suguro lifts up on both his arms and hovers above the other man. He can’t help but admire how damn cute Rin looks with a faint blush high on his cheeks and his teeth in his lip. “You want something else?”

     “Ah,” yes, he does. He’s having a hard time finding the words, though. “You could, if you want…”

     “Rin,” Bon affectionately noses the other man’s cheek and jaw. “Do you want me to fuck you?” He runs his hand down Rin’s trim flank, over his hip.

     The half-demons voice waivers in his throat so instead he just nods. Unfortunately, that’s not good enough for Bon.

      The aria scowls playfully and his fingers play with the seam of Rin jeans. “I want to hear you say it, but I can work for it.” He says it like a challenge, and that’s something they both feel more comfortable with. “I’m gonna get you to tell me exactly what you want and how bad you want it.”

     “Hnn, Ryuuji,” the halfling whines as the other man finally pops open his fly and pulls the denim apart. He assists by lifting his ass up off the bed and Bon does the rest, ripping the material away and exposing long, lean thighs. Suguro moves to Rin’s shirt next and drags it up the halflings chest while straddling the other’s hips. “Why am I the only one getting naked?” He complains half-heartedly and rears up on his elbows, now only in a pair of boxers.

     “Probably because you’ve been lying there like a fish,” Suguro teases and gives the other a quick kiss. “You wanna see me? Go for it." He’s still in Rin’s lap, not unlike how they were situated at the edge of the bed at the bath house.  

     The half-demon realizes that he has become passive since they got into the bedroom. He doesn’t mean to be, but he's still afraid of doing the wrong thing. He decides he doesn’t want to be so skittish. He has to trust that Bon would tell him to stop or slow down or ease up if he goes too far or uses too much force. Rin quickly pulls up on Bon’s grey v-neck and throws it out of the way.

     Bon laughs, “that’s what I’m talking about.” The scent of vanilla spills into the room and it must further spur Rin on because in the next second they're making out again. “Hm,” Bon moans into Rin’s open mouth and rolls them flat onto the bed. They tangle their legs and grind against one another. Rin’s hands go to Bon’s ass and haul him in close and one of them growls at the rise of intensity. “I love it when you get like this, it’s so fucking hot,” Bon pants into Rin’s ear and gets his hand down the other’s boxers.

      “Ryuuji, don’t-ah,” he sounds breathless and squirms under the other man. His hips pump up into the coil of Bon’s fist but at the same time he tries to pull away. “I’m, I’ll—” he sounds panicked. He’s already too wound up and ready to come. Last time he had the fear of hurting Bon and his own potential death weighing down his libido, now he was buzzing with anticipation and arousal and nothing was holding him in check.

     “You gonna blow your load in your shorts for me?” Bon doesn’t sound the least bit offended. “You stayed rock hard after you came at the bath house,” he pointed out heatedly and continued to pump Rin’s dick. He’s wet at the tip and so stiff it’s got to be painful. “I bet that’s some demon stamina shit. How many times do you think you could come?”

     Shamefully, Rin knows from personal experience he can make himself come five or six times in a day, but he’s not about to admit that to Bon. “I’m close,” he gasps and rolls into the other man's hand.

     Suguro licks Rin’s pointed ear and speaks to him low, soft, and filthy. “Do it baby, want you to make a mess. Give it up and fucking come on my hand.”

      The halfling flings his face to the side and shudders, coming just like Bon said he would—messy, inside his shorts, and with Bon’s hand wrapped around him.

      “That’s it, so fucking hot. You look so pretty like that,” Suguro couldn’t stop the dirty talk if he tried at this point. Luckily, Rin didn’t seem to mind it.

     “Fuck,” Rin exhales and slings an arm above his head.

     “Hmm, you’re still hard,” Suguro points out gleefully and grinds his own erection into the other’s hip. “C’mon, I’m not done with you. Roll over,” he playfully nips at Rin’s jaw.

     The half-demon thinks he knows what they’re going on to next and his stomach does an excited flip. Before his relationship with Bon took a hard, gay, turn he never thought about being with men but the idea of being fucked has him panting and gagging for it. He might need to examine that later, but right now he just wants Bon to deliver.  

     As expected, Bon quickly locates a bottle of lube and brings it to the bed. “You can lay on your stomach or go on your hands and knees, whichever is more comfortable.” He peels off his own jeans and boxer-briefs as he talks.

      Rin takes advantage of his demonic vision that allows him to see Bon standing at the foot of the bed in vivid clarity even though they’re literally in the dark. Suguro looks as handsome as he remembers. He’s thick and filled out in the right places, all broad shoulders and defined muscles. The aria also appears confident and at ease in his nudity, something Rin just can’t relate with, himself. He realizes that on his stomach or hands and knees his ass—and tail—will be in the air and essentially in Bon’s face. He’s reminding himself that Suguro, for whatever reason, actually likes his tail and doesn’t find it off putting. The idea still makes him feel a little uneasy, but he’s trying to let go and open up. Bon hasn’t let him down yet. “Hands and knees,” he answers with a quiet voice and shifts around the bed and kicks off his boxers.

     “C’mere, then,” the host says eagerly from the foot of the bed, beckoning Rin to come closer.

     The half-demon exhales and positions himself near the edge of the bed while facing the headboard. He’s on his hands and knees with his arms pillowed under his head. He tries to calm himself when his spine dips, tipping his ass in the air. His tail switches eagerly and he blushes so deep he might catch fire—literally.

     “Relax, baby,” Suguro rumbles and slides both hands up the inside of Rin’s thighs. His thumbs stroke up the plump swell of the other man’s ass before drawing up and then his fingers are at the base of Rin’s tail. “I’ve been thinking about this all night, since you let me touch it at the bar.” He lightly pets the soft skin that surrounds Rin’s tail, hinting at where he might go next. He can feel the halfling shiver beneath him and goosebumps break out across Rin’s pale back. “Do you play with it when you touch yourself?”

    “Ryuuji,” Rin whines and grinds his face into his arms. “I can’t believe you just asked me that,” he’s already breathless at the thought of Bon’s delicate fingers stroking his tail.

      “I want to know how you like it,” Suguro answers smugly and lightly runs his fingers down the halflings spine and up his tail.

      “Ah, fuck,” Rin gasped. His legs slid against the sheets instinctually, widening and presenting himself shamelessly.

     “Hmm, yea Rin let me see you,” with his other hand Suguro uncaps the lube and gets his thumb wet. While Rin is groaning face-first in the sheets, Bon slides his slicked-up thumb along the half-demon’s crack and rubs the tight pucker between his legs. “I’m going to get you so worked up you’re not going to remember your own name.”

      “Oh,” Rin finds himself less and less articulate as the seconds go by. 

      Bon experiments between massaging Rin’s quivering rim and gently petting his tail. He’s getting good results; soon the halfling is grinding back into his hands and begging for more. “Tell me how you touch yourself,” he demands again and loosens his grip on Rin’s twitching tail.

     The half-demon whines through clenched teeth, “please—ah, don’t stop.” His tail thrashes pitifully, but finally he realizes Bon won’t budge. “Yea, ok I…I touch it when I get myself off,” he admits with a groan.

     “Good boy,” Suguro praises and gently wraps his hand around Rin’s tail again. “Tell me how you like it.”

    Rin grits his teeth. He hates his tail and he hates that it’s so sensitive, but he can’t deny it feels good and god help him Suguro likes it. “Stroke my tail near the base but only go with the hair,” he explains with a new bout of shame and arousal.

     Bon immediately obeys, and starts pumping Rin’s tail, smooth and complete from root to tip and back again. “Like this?”

     “Yea,” Rin’s voice is shaking. Before Bon had been using a more tentative grip—which still felt nice—but this was melting the halflings brain.

     “You think of me when you do that?” Bon leans forward so close his breath was fanning out over the other's back. “Hm, Rin?” He prompts one more time then licks Rin’s exposed hole.

     “F-fuck!” Rin jerked comically and swung his head around to look back at Bon. “D-did you just—?” Rin can’t complete a sentence without moaning. He feels hot all over, like Suguro is pulling strings directly connected to his dick.

     Bon locked eyes with the other man and hummed before he did it again. He licked into the tight ring of muscle this time and watched Rin’s eyes roll back. Bon was a tactile guy and he easily found the right rhythm: fucking Rin with his tongue and pulling on his tail in tandem. “Did you ever touch yourself here?” He asks while fingering Rin's wet hole in place of his tongue.

     Rin whines, drops his face into the sheets again, and pressed his ass into the air. He really couldn’t think—it felt so good, better than anything he’d ever done to himself. “I never,” he gasped but couldn’t stop himself from rambling anymore. “I never touched myself there but yea, ooh, shit. Fuck, yes—I thought about it, thought about you,” he groaned and felt his second orgasm bubbling up. His erection—though untouched—was hanging rod-straight along his stomach.

     Bon groaned with his face flush against Rin’s ass. He could imagine Rin lying on his bed, horny and overwhelmed and rubbing his thighs together, thinking about touching himself somewhere foreign and different. For some reason, the mental image was insanely hot. Maybe it was the juxtaposition of Rin’s innocence and his demonic nature. Whatever the case, Bon is into it.

     “I’m—ah, oh shit, Ryuuji, please. C’mon, let me come—” he sounds breathless and dazed. He’s steadily humping back and grinding on Suguro’s tongue and fingers and Suguro encourages it.

     The aria pulls his mouth back and slips two fingers inside Rin. The halfling takes it easily and Suguro loves the sight. He presses his cheek against the small of Rin’s back and his breath falls against Rin’s tail as he speaks. “Bet you’ll look so pretty on my dick.”

     “Mh-Mh, yea-ah!” Rin’s hardly making sense at this point.

     “You want that?” He’s lightly petting the base of the half-demon’s tail—creating a wild contrast of sensation between that and his plunging fingers.

     “Yes!” Rin cries out shamelessly, but Bon wants to hear more.

     “Say it,” Bon snarls and hooks his fingers twice before finding the right angle.

     The halfling wails into the sheets with his ass tipped high. Fuck, is this what Bon had felt when Rin fingered him? “Want you to fuck me, please Ryuuji, fuck me!”

     Suguro groaned and, instead of crawling on top of Rin, decides to make this last as long as possible. “Want you to come for me first,” he said with a steadier voice than he expected. The half-demon shouted and shook, but Bon only urged him on. “That’s it, so hot, come on baby—” then right as Rin went tight all over Suguro licked around the base of his tail. The halfling lost his goddamn mind.

     “Ah—oohfuck, I’m—!” Rin's eyes rolled back into to his head and blue flames crackled in the air. His arms jerked, his elongated claws dug into the mattress near the headboard, and he smashed his face into the sheets, muffling his moans as he came—dick untouched—up his own chest.

     Bon continued to pump his fingers in and out slowly, gently bringing the halfling down from an orgasm that literally ruined his bed. “You still with me?” He kisses the sweaty dip of Rin's back and let his breath slide over the halflings sensitive skin. 

     Rin groaned into the bed and rolled his face along the sheets. He definitely drooled a bit. He was disorientated, and his skin was buzzing. “Holy shit,” he sighed and pulled himself up onto his knees again.

     “You broke out the fire again,” he laughed proudly.

     “Oh my god,” Rin grabbed at his tail with alarm, just now noticing he was on fire. “M’sorry!”

     Suguro grinned and slid forward to kiss Rin’s cheek and jaw. “I don’t mind. It’s a compliment. Do you transition like this when you get yourself off?”

     Rin was too exhausted to feel embarrassed by the personal question this time. “Sometimes, but not often."

     “So far I’m two for two,” Bon crows and waggles his eyebrows.

     “Shut up,” Rin laughed and shoved the other half-heartedly. Things escalate until they're tussling on the bed, rolling carefully so not to jab any important parts. The half-demon happily ends up underneath Bon and leans up to kiss him.

     “Hm,” the aria moans sweetly and grinds his hips down. They’re making out, deep and eager when Rin’s tail creeps up along the back of Bon’s thigh. “Woa,” Suguro jolts at the unexpected sensation. He twists around to see Rin’s tail, now without the flames, trailing up his thigh and over his bare ass. It tickles slightly and gives him shivers. When Bon looks back at the demon below him, Rin is blushing but still giving him a seductive and playful look.

     “You haven’t…” the halfling swallowed a lump in his throat. “You know,” his blush made his face glow.

     “Fucked you yet?”

     “Come,” Rin corrected quickly. Bon had got him off twice since they hit the bedroom and, while Rin isn’t complaining, he also doesn’t want to be selfish.

     The truth is, Suguro is trying to show Rin the best night of his life so that the halfling comes back. He doesn’t just want Rin in his bed, either. “I’m not complaining,” Suguro purrs. “I like seeing you all fucked out on my bed.”

     Rin nods slightly, unable to verbally agree that anyone would be that into him. Instead, he glances down their bodies. Despite coming twice, he’s still hard and Suguro’s dick is drooling between their stomachs. “I want to see you strung out. I know you want to,” he speaks with more confidence than he has but it does the trick, regardless.

     The playful smile on Bon’s face melts and he just looks hungry. “I really do,” he growls softly and sucks on Rin’s neck. The half-demon opens his legs more to let Bon fit between them and the aria asks, “do you want to use a condom?"

      Rin blushes at the mention of protection,  mostly because he remembers not using one with Bon before. The curse wouldn't have been broken if they had. “Uhm, I can’t… I’m immune to human diseases so unless you’ve been with another demon I don’t mind if we don’t use one.”

     Bon laughs at that. “Oooh, actually me and Mephisto had this thing once—”

     Rin slaps the other man on the shoulder. “That’s not funny!”

     Suguro definitely finds it funny, though. His laughter is warm and kind and so is his expression when he smiles down at Rin. “I’m kidding. I haven’t been with anyone in months and you’re the only demon, promise.”

     The halfling is still scowling, but noticeably softens. “That’s just gross,” he mutters in reference to his half-brother.

     Bon chuckles again but Rin lets him steal a kiss, so all is forgiven. “You want it all fours again?” He nips at Rin’s ear.

     “Hmm,” the half-demon tries to sound contemplative but really, he can’t concentrate. He slides his leg up Bon’s flank and enjoys the raw skin-on-skin intimacy. He doesn’t want to give that up yet. “No, I want to be close to you.”

     That makes Bon’s heart skip a beat. Again, he is struck with the awareness that this isn’t just sex for him. Suguro is flirting with a dangerous line and if he isn’t careful he’s going to get hurt. Tonight, though, he won't deny Rin a damn thing.


Chapter Text


        Rin slides his leg up Bon’s flank and enjoys the raw skin-on-skin intimacy. He doesn’t want to give that up yet. “No, I want to be close to you,” he answers quietly and glances up at the other man. The aria is looking down at him with soft, hooded eyes but says nothing. Rin squirms under Suguro’s heavy gaze after the other man says nothing. “Is that ok?”

        “Yeah,” Bon says on an inhale and seems to get a grip. “Yeah, whatever you want.” He hesitates just a second, but then leans down and captures Rin’s mouth in a soft kiss.

        The half-demon sighs happily into the kiss and runs his hands over Bon’s broad shoulders. He likes being able to touch Suguro like this—all over and as much as he wants. It feels good to be accepted and wanted.

        Suguro groans and rolls his hips down, tries to get his head in the game. The clambering of his heart has cooled his rising need quite a bit, which is good.  He doesn’t remember feeling so nervous to perform since he was nineteen and new at this, but Heavens he doesn’t want to screw it up. “It might hurt at first, but it gets better and you can tell me to stop at any time.”

        In this moment, Rin looks so young and so fragile. He’s sprawled out under Bon, flushed, and panting with wide-nervous eyes. Anticipation is radiating off his slender frame when he asserts, “I can take it.” He sounds as if he’s preparing to lose a fight.

        “I know you can,” Bon corrects and grinds against the half-demon again. He draws all of Rin’s attention between their legs. “But I want you to like it.” He’s talking into the halflings neck just under his ear. “So, we’re going to take it slow.”

        Rin whines and spreads his legs. “Ryuuji, please."

        Bon is already slicking his fingers and sliding two inside the halflings wet and slightly stretched hole. It would be easier to maneuver his wrist and hand if he pulled back a bit, but he can’t fight the urge to crowd Rin against the bed. The half-demon kept making soft noises, pretty little moans and gasps, and Bon swallows each one. “Hm,” Suguro moans back when Rin’s pelvis begins to rock up onto his fingers. “I’m going to want to get in you all the time now. S’it feel good, fucking yourself on my fingers?” He carefully presses a third finger along the other two and loves the way Rin’s eyes cloud over.

        “Oh,” the halfling gasps and his hands jerk, one to Bon’s back and the other along his neck. It’s very intimate and there’s really only way for them to be any closer at this point.

        “Gotta talk to me, baby.” Bon demands and nips Rin’s ear. “Do you like having my fingers inside you?”

        Rin’s eyes roll back into focus and he bites Bon’s jaw playfully in retaliation. “I’d like it better if you got your cock in me,” he returned hotly and feels a thrum of pride when Suguro’s eyes darken.

        “Get my dick wet,” the aria’s voice had dropped to something rough and hungry.

        Rin didn’t say anything as he took up the bottle of lube and coated his palm. The angle was still awkward—getting his hand between them while Suguro was busily stretching Rin open—but they manage. Everything felt hot, and wet. All Rin can see and smell and taste is Bon, and now Bon’s thick cock is in his hand. “You’re big,” Rin observes for what sounds like the first time.

        The aria is aware that he has larger than average assets. He’s long enough to impress but thick enough to intimidate. His former partners had admired what he had between his legs, but a few had told him very plainly—anal sex was not an option. “I’m not going to be mad if you don’t want to,” but god he hopes Rin wants to.

        Rather than look scared or discouraged, Rin strokes Bon around his swollen, spongey head. “Did I really get it all in my mouth?” He sounds awed and proud.

        Suguro hisses and his hips snap forward. Unlike Rin, he hasn’t come yet, and the firm twist of the half-demon’s fingers feel like a punch to the gut.

        Rin notices this and does two things at once—wraps his full hand around Bon’s cock and strokes it while arching and clenching against Bon’s exploring fingers. The combination knocks a groan out of Suguro and his eyes cross. “What did I look like,” Rin asked with hooded eyes. He’s watching Bon like a calculating wolf, waiting to bring his quarry to its knees. “When I was choking on your big dick, what did I look like?”

        “Fucking hot,” Bon gasped and wonders where the shit his bashful friend went. “You did so good,” he groaned and stretched his fingers wider. “Let me fuck that pretty wet mouth and hit the back of your throat.” His hips were jacking into Rin’s fist and the whole thing feels so close to fucking he almost loses himself. “You were so into it, baby. Did you like gagging on my dick?”

        Rin gulps. “Yes.”

        “God, I want to fuck you.”

         The half-demon nods. “Yea, yes, please, I’m ready.”

        Suguro agrees; Rin is taking three of his fingers deep and easy. It’s not the same as taking Suguro’s dick, but it’s as prepared as Rin’s going to get. “When I press in I want you to bear down and exhale, ok?”

        Rin nods again, too turned on to form words right now.

        Bon pulled back and took Rin’s hand off him. With some distance between them he fixed the halfling with serious, if not lustful, eyes. “If it doesn’t feel good tell me to stop, alright?

        Rin looks down at Suguro’s slick erection and quirks an eyebrow.

        “Rin” the aria snaps. He can’t do this worried that Rin will just grin and bear it.

        “Fine, fine,” the halfling sighed. “I promise.”

        “Thank you,” Suguro rewards him with a quick kiss. “Can you get your leg over my shoulder?”

        “Mh-mh,” Rin nods and blushes, but hikes his left leg over Bon’s shoulder. His right leg was still wrapped around Bon’s waist loosely, leaving himself spread and exposed. The change in position also relieved some pressure on his tail, which had been pinned to the bed.

         Suguro bit his lip and gripped himself, nervous and excited in equal measure. “You ready?” He asked and rubbed his cockhead against the slick, delicate place where Rin opened.

        “Swear to God if you ask me again I’ll hold you down and fuck myself on your stupid, big, dick,” Rin threatened and flexed his leg around Bon’s waist.

        “Fuck, OK,” Suguro laughes and feels some of his apprehension bleed out. He flicks his eyes up to the halfling, then back down between Rin's pale legs. "Fuck," he repeats but his voice is taut and desperate when he slowly presses forward. All the air is sucked from the room as they connect, finally. 

        Rin’s back bowed immediately. “Shit,” he croaked when Bon fed the first two inches into him.

        Suguro rubbed Rin’s thigh soothingly but swallowed the urge to ask if Rin was ok. He gathered the halflings softening cock and pumped him slowly, just enough to split his attention. “Rin,” his voice is sandpaper rough.

        “Hn?” The half-demon blinks into focus. He had one hand in his own hair and the other on Bon’s hip.

        “Tell me what I looked like when you fucked me.” Maybe they’d have to do this in front of a mirror sometime, but right now he just wants to distract Rin from the discomfort.

        Rin would never forget it. Bon had his face tucked into his neck when the demon pushed into him. It had been quick and almost violent. Now, Rin realizes how much that must have hurt and winces. “You hid your face at first,” Rin gasped and arched up, effectively taking more of Bon’s dick into his body.

        “Took my breath away,” the aria growled and dropped his hips a fraction. “You know how that feels, Rin?”

        “Yea,” Rin groaned and closed his eyes with his chin tipped up. “I made you look at me. I was so fucking scared,” his voice cracked.

        “I wasn’t, not of you,” Suguro withdrew and slid forward again, now almost to the hilt. His hand on the halflings thigh skimmed around and found the base of his tail.

        “Ah,” Rins eyes snapped open and Bon cracked his hips at the same second. “Fuck,” the half-demon dug his claws into Bon’s shoulders on both sides and arched off the bed.

       Suguro was shaking with effort not to roll his hips. Rin is so tight and wet and warm, and Bon is so wound up he can already feel his stomach coil. “Fuck, Rin.” He grits his teeth and turns his face into the half-demon’s slender leg that’s over his own shoulder. “You feel so good on my dick, baby. Feel like I could come already.”

        Rin is gasping and writhing under his friend. He can’t believe he got that whole thing inside him—but looking down he can see that it did happen. He can also plainly see how his own dick drools against his stomach. He likes it, holy shit, he likes it. “Bon, please move,” he groans and grinds up.

       “Shit,” Suguro curses and pulls every trick he knows to calm his dick down. Think unsexy thoughts, count to 30, slow his breathing, bit his cheek bloody…ok, ok, good—yea. “Don’t want this to be over before it starts,” he grunts with a sly smile.

       Rin, the cheeky bastard, quips—“Who’s the virgin, here?”

       Bon jacks his hips in a short, shallow thrust that has Rin gripping the sheets. “Keep talking shit, Okumura,” he huffed and started a slow but deep rhythm.

        “Ah, fuck,” Rin’s head snapped to the side and he just resigns himself to getting fucked into the mattress as Bon’s big hands paw at his stomach and chest. Rin had thought about touching Shiemi like this in some past, shameful, fantasies and now in the same position it makes him blush. He starts panting when Bon squeezes the flat planes of his chest and thumbs his nipple. He never thought he’d want to be touched like this, but fuck. “Want your hands on me, everywhere.”

        Suguro slides his palm up and around Rin’s throat on instinct. They hadn’t talked about taking things in this direction, but the way Rin lights up and squirms tells the aria everything he needs to know. “You like being man-handled, Rin?” His voice is dangerous and breathless as he presses into the halflings tight little body.

        “I—yeah.” Rin struggles to speak. His mouth hangs open as he starts to swing his narrow hips up, meeting Bon’s thrusts with his own. Their combined efforts grind them together so deep the resounding smack of flesh on flesh has Rin’s head spinning.

        “Hn, fuck Rin,” Suguro’s fingers carefully grip the half-demon’s pale neck. There’s some dark part of himself that likes holding Rin like this and fucking him roughly, knowing that Rin can handle it and likes it. This was nothing like fucking a soft, fragile, human woman. “Yea, just like that baby,” he groans and screws his hips deep and fifthly.

         The half-demon gasps and looks down his body. His pale chest is flushed and lined with thin little lines from Suguro’s nails scrapping down his skin. His cock is dripping obscenely against his stomach and bouncing with every crack of their hips. His left leg is hooked around the other man’s wider hips, heel digging into Ryuuji’s ass to pull him forward. When Rin looks back up at the aria above him Suguro is watching him with dark, hungry eyes.   

        “You gonna come for me again?” Bon can feel the half-demon’s tail curl and twitch between their bodies, sometimes it flicks across his thighs and lightly brushes against his balls. It’s an amazing sensation, and something totally unique to Rin. He cocks his hips just so, seeking out the place he found before with his fingers.

        “Oh,” Rin’s voice shakes and he falls flat on his back again. “I don’t—it’s, hn—!” He feels like he could blow apart. He’s already come twice back to back and he’s so sensitive, but his hips continue to mindlessly meet Bon’s thrusts.

        “God you look sexy like this,” Suguro groans and grinds into Rin just a little bit slower. The halfling is taking him easily, rolling into each slide of Bon’s hips like his body was made for it. He folds Rin nearly in half when he leans down, gets in his face, and brings their mouths together. He thinks he hasn’t kissed Rin as much as he should have, and licks and bites and sucks into the halflings giving mouth while fucking into him slow and deep.

        Rin moans into the kiss and arches up. Both his legs have slipped around Bon’s waist and he tightens them, writhing up while Ryuuji rides every part of him. His hands slide up Suguro’s shoulders, over his back, down his spine, and grab his ass. Rin can feel the muscles chord over Bon's body, tightening and relaxing with each thrust. He wishes he could see it, wants to watch Bon mount him and have his way—and suddenly this slow, torturous fuck isn’t enough. “Hmm,” he breaks the kiss. “More, fuck me harder Ryuuji.”

        Bon presses his face under Rin’s chin on the halflings chest and tries to catch his breath. “Told you I’d get you to tell me what you want,” he kisses Rin’s throat then rears back. “Turn over, trust me,” he gives the half-demon another quick kiss to the stomach.

         Rin’s too fucked-out to argue and does as he’s asked. He gets on his hands and knees and before he can look over his shoulder Bon has his hand around his tail. “Haa,” Rin turns his face into his own shoulder and bites down. His legs slide farther apart, and his hips tilt up.

        Suguro curses at the sight. “Damnit, Rin.” He palms up the halflings thigh and over his ass with his other hand. “You just can’t help it, can you? God you’re so fucking hot with your ass up like that.”

         Maybe tomorrow Rin might be embarrassed about that, but right now he just moans into his own shoulder and presses back, seeking some kind of friction. “Ryuuji,” he groans breathlessly.

        Bon grips himself and presses between Rin’s slick, parted legs. “S’that what you want?” The head of his cock drags against the half-demon’s over-sensitive hole, but doesn’t push in.

        “Yes!” Rin gasps and grinds back. It’s as if in this moment they have forgotten that Bon could never dream of holding the half-demon down, but goddamn. Suguro loves hearing his friend beg for it. “Fuck me, fuck Bon just do it, please.”

        Suguro groans when he slips back in. It’s easier this time, Rin’s so open and wet from what they did before, and the soft, tight clench makes his vision swim. “Jesus Christ,” he grabs Rin’s hips roughly and plows in without restraint.

        “Yes!” Rin cries out and lets Bon man-handle him further by pulling his hips back into each thrust. It feels so good the half-demon’s tail slithers up Bon’s chest and whips over his shoulder wildly. He arches his back in a pretty little curve, still bouncing on Bon’s dick, and tips his head up. “Ryuuji, don’t stop,” his voice shakes.

        Bon can’t hold off much longer. The sight of Rin’s lithe, pale back arching and tight under his own frantic hips has Suguro’s heart in his throat. He gets his hand around Rin’s dick and presses his face into the halflings spine just between his shoulder blades. His own hips haven’t stopped, he’s still driving into Rin no better than a dog at this point, but it’s the halfling that howls when Bon stokes him up and down.

        “Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” he gasps and goes tight everywhere but his own pumping hips that rock back on Bon and forward into his wet, clenched fist.

        Bon’s not sure who comes first, but when it hits him he bites the meat of Rin’s shoulder and grinds them together so deep he thinks they may never be able to separate. The half-demon screams with his eyes wide open and his limbs shaking. His tail catches fire again and lashes out, striking Bon on the neck. They’re both panting, slightly injured, and wrecked when Suguro collapses on the other, too blissed-out to pull away.

        Rin bears their weight and enjoys having Bon pressed against him, sweaty and hot and somewhat vulnerable in the afterglow. They stay like that until the blood pumping in their ears subsides and Bon can open his eyes. “Oh my god,” the aria groans and rolls his face against Rin’s back.

        Rin thinks about making a devil joke but bites his lip instead. He can feel Bon’s breath against his back and it gives him goosebumps. “That good, hu?” He laughs gently and turns his head to look over his shoulder. His voice still sounds tired, but even a demon might need a few minutes after coming three times within an hour.

        Suguro grins, toothy and big with sleepy eyes. “You tell me,” he kisses Rin’s back one more time before gently pulling away from the halfling.

        Rin grunts at the sensation but takes it in stride. He rolls over on his back, limbs sprawled out and boneless. “That was, fuck, I mean—I think I died a little?”

        Bon laughs and slides next to him on the bed. They’re not cuddling, exactly, but they’re close enough that it seems like an inevitability. “Guess that’s why they call it la petite mort,” he’s still smiling easily, and it warms Rin’s guts.

        The half-demon stares at Bon for he doesn’t know for how long. It doesn’t seem real. He never thought he would have this. Rin never thought someone would want him in their bed, let alone look at him so openly and unrestrained. Bon makes Rin feel normal, or at least comfortable enough that he can relax against dirty sheets, with mussed hair, and his tail lazily flicking up and down his thigh.

        “I’ll be right back.” Suguro carefully gets his legs off to the side of the bed and wobbles to the adjoining bathroom. His gait is so unsteady one would think he got fucked, but damn, he just barely manages to wipe himself down and get a second washcloth for Rin. When he returns to the bed his guest is leaning up on his elbows, watching him with eerily good night vision. “Here,” he crawls back on the mattress and gingerly wipes the half-demon down with the washcloth.

        Rin shivers when the warm washcloth goes across his abdomen, over his groin, and down between his thighs. Bon does it with care and appears totally unembarrassed. The gentle treatment makes Rin blush; this feels more intimate than anything else they’ve done so far.

        Bon is still softly running the cloth over Rin’s stomach when he asks, “you want to sleep here tonight?” The aria tries not to inflect too much hope or expectation in his voice. If Rin didn’t want to stay the night he’d get dressed and walk the halfling home, but it’s also well past 2:00 am and…he has to wonder if Rin would have to go home to Yukio and Shiemi spending the night together. The new couple sure as hell didn’t go back to Shiemi’s mother’s house.

         “Uh, I don’t know,” Rin says and bites his lip. Bon is done wiping him down now and he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to say. Is it rude if he stays—rude if he doesn’t? “You wouldn’t mind?”

         “Of course not,” Bon gives Rin a dirty look. “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want you to stay.” He reaches up and flicks Rin on the ear.

        The halfling smirks and relaxes back against the bedding again. “Alright,” he laughs softly, and they pull back the blankets. “If you’re sure you don’t mind.” When they get situated this time Suguro wraps an arm around Rin’s waist and hauls him in closer until the halfling is draped over his friend, his cheek pressed against Bon’s chest. At first Rin goes tense. He feels too big and too bony, like the slightest movement might disturb the aria, but then Suguro’s fingers lightly trace circles on his bare shoulder. The feather-light touch is soothing, and soon Rin feels himself relax and one of his legs slip between Bon’s. They fall asleep with Suguro burrowing his nose in Rin’s hair and the half-demon’s tail coiling protectively over his friend’s thigh.




Chapter Text


        The following weeks were met with Rin and Ryuuji spending more and more time together. Though they had their own responsibilities, (Bon took up guest lecturing and Rin regularly met with Shura to improve his skills—he was hoping to learn how to seal Kurikara inside his body like his mentor did with her demon blade) they saw each other nearly every day. Rin rarely slept at his shared apartment with Yukio, only stopping by to do laundry or cook with Ukobach. They didn’t talk about it when Bon gave him a key and none of their friends seemed to notice that the two always arrived and left together.

        The sex is a new and welcome change in Rin’s life. He wonders how he managed to make it to 23 years of age without knowing how good Suguro is at kissing, and with his hands, and—well, everything. Rin also discovers he’s a bit of a closet slut for all the things Bon does to him and is not above begging. Mostly, it's Rin who initiates things but, the aria can be just as bad. Bon nearly ruined breakfast when he yanked the halflings shorts down without preamble and started blowing him in the kitchen and two nights before that he interrupted Rin’s shower. 

         Once, after an hour of heavy making out with Suguro sitting in Rin’s lap, legs wrapped around the half-demon’s waist, the aria convinces Rin to fuck him again. Rin gripped the back of the couch while Bon road him deep and slow, pressing their foreheads together, kissing, and breathing the same air. It felt fragile and devastating all at once and Rin had to bite his tongue to keep himself from gasping out a confession he didn’t feel ready to share just yet.  

        Some nights, however, one or both of them will come home weary and tired. Other nights they’re just too goofy to be sexy, tackling one another into the sofa or playing video games. Rin always cooks, and Suguro does the dishes. 

       Tonight, they’re in bed, curled up on their sides facing one another. Rin has been on edge all evening and Suguro wants to know why.

       “Something bothering you?” The aria asks causally and slides his leg across the bed to run his foot up Rin’s ankle. He’s been very careful not to push the halfling. They haven’t talked about labels or where their relationship is going. Bon’s hoping Rin will bring that up on his own when he’s ready. In the meantime, Suguro exists with his heart feeling too tight all the time.

        Especially when Rin looks at him like that.

        “Ah, it's...." His voice is unexpectedly rough and his chin wobbles like he's fighting a sob. “Tomorrow’s the anniversary of my dad’s death.”

        Bon hates himself for not knowing that. Yukio and Rin don’t talk about it often, but Bon still feels like shit for not knowing the anniversary date. “Do you want to talk about it?”

        The half-demon cringes. “Yes? No? I’m just going to end up crying.” He tries to laugh at himself, but it just sounds sad.

       “So? You can cry, jeez man. He’s your dad. I didn’t hold it together so great when I thought my old man wasn’t going to make it, either.” Rin saw him at his worst that day and didn’t forsake him for it; the half-demon should know Bon wouldn't judge him. 

        There’s a delicate moment of silence and they both just wait. Rin’s glaring at the slim space of bedding between them and his eyes go red from fighting back tears. “I just wish I could tell him sorry.” Every day Rin wishes he could take back the things he said, but around this time of year that regret eats him alive.

        Bon expected some form of guilt. He had never heard the whole story, but Rin had told him enough when Bon was being a jerk to his own father years ago. He knows their last words were…regretful. Bon covers Rin’s hand with his own and the half-demon lets it all out.

        “He should have killed me,” he gasped suddenly and rolls on his back like he can’t stand to look at Bon. “He should have killed me the day I was born. I was nothing but trouble. I don’t…I don’t understand why he was so good to me when all I did was screw up.” His voice is clenched and hard; tears are rolling down his face. “I never deserved it. He’d still be alive if he had just killed me.”

        Suguro scrambles up and gets above Rin in a flash. How long had Rin been thinking like this, carrying this around in his soul? “Rin, he loved you.

        “And it got him killed!” The halfling shouts back, still flat on the bed but now he’s gripping his own hair with one hand. 

        “You didn’t kill him,” Bon grabs Rin’s slender arm and squeezes just enough to keep them both grounded. “You did not kill your father. He died protecting you. Any parent would make that sacrifice, hell anyone that loved you that much would.” Suguro feels a slip in his own chest and realizes maybe they’re getting too close to talking about something else entirely. “You knew the man your whole life,” he said after a careful moment. “You know he loved you, don’t…don’t dishonor him by throwing that away. He wanted you to live.”

        “But I don’t deserve it,” Rin mutters weakly. He thinks of all the times he lashed out at classmates and teachers, how many times Father Fujimoto had to come to the school and barter to let Rin stay enrolled. Rin never had friends. Everyone called him a demon and his dad defended him every time. He hated them, and he hated himself for being different.

        Father Fujimoto never hated him, though. Even when Rin's temper was wicked and directed at the old man his dad never hated him. He would get mad, sometimes disappointed, but he was always kind. No matter how many times he thinks about it, Rin never feels worthy.

        “Don’t you think he would be proud of you now?”

        Rin’s eyes refocus on the man above him. “No,” he sounds devastated and so sure. “No, he wouldn’t be proud. He never wanted this,” he motioned toward his own features. “He asked me not to unsheathe the sword. He wanted me to stay human…obviously I didn’t listen. Couldn’t even honor his dying wishes….I became exactly what he hated.”

        Suguro lets that sink in. He always suspected Rin’s self-loathing had more to do with Yukio or maybe the constant discrimination by True Cross...but Father Fujimoto made it his lifes work to kill demons and hunt down Satan. Rin believes he became someone unworthy of being loved by the only person who had ever loved him unconditionally. 

        “Rin,” Suguro says sadly. “This is who you are,” he argues and hopes the halfling doesn’t bite his head off for this. “Father Fujimoto was a great man, but he wasn’t perfect. He had his reasons, and maybe they were good reasons when you were a kid, but you were always meant to be this.” He runs his hand over Rin’s face. His fingers slip up the other man’s jaw, over his cheek, and along the slope of his pointed ear.

        “It’s not what he wanted,” the halfling flinches away from the touch. It’s the first time in weeks—since they were dancing in the bar—that Rin shied away from Bon touching his demonic features.

       “But it’s who you are,” he repeats. “It doesn’t matter what he wanted or why…. this is the real you and…” he takes a breath. “And you still deserve to be happy.” He pins Rin with his eyes, stern and unmoving. He’s not willing to compromise this.

        Rin feels inadequate under his friends’ gaze. This isn’t the first time Bon has cut him down and made him realize people still care. It never gets easy to accept, though. He finally turns his head, can’t stand the sincerity in the aria’s eyes.

        “Are you?” Bon asks selfishly. “Happy, I mean. Are you happy?”

        Rin squeezes his eyes shut and doesn’t even think about lying. “Yeah…more since you,” he chokes out.

        Bon darts down and kisses Rin softly. The halflings mouth is wet from tears but giving like he could fall apart if Bon wasn’t there to push him together. One of them whines—Rin—and the other—Bon—rolls them closer. The open-mouthed kiss becomes desperate. They grasp at one another and the blankets get kicked off. When they pull apart to breathe Rin is gasping, feeling open and raw.

        Suguro peppers his chin with several more kisses and cards his hands into Rin’s hair. “He’d want you to be happy, Rin.”

        The half-demon drops his head on Bon’s chest. He’s still not sure he feels deserving of love or of everything his father did for him…but he also can’t call Bon a liar so maybe it’s ok to be happy.


        The next morning Rin wakes early and returns to his apartment to meet up with Yukio. They always traveled together to pay their respects to their father and Rin knew his twin would want to be on the train by 9:00 am. At the same time Rin slots his infrequently used key into the lock, the door opens and Shiemi stumbles in the door way.

        “Oh, hey Rin!” She smiled immediately and threw her arms around his neck. The blond hadn’t grown much over the years and still only came up to about Rin’s chest.

        The half-demon grins at the young woman and hugs her back briefly. “Good morning, Shiemi.” Seeing his old crush doesn’t hurt anymore and now he’s just relieved that they’re still friends. “Is Yukio up?”

        “Oh yea, I think he’s almost ready to leave for the train.” She glanced back at the apartment behind her. “I offered to go with you guys, but Yuki insisted I didn’t need to.” She frowned—no, pouted. Clearly, she wanted to be there for them.

         Privately, Rin wonders if he should have invited Bon to come with him. Rin thinks he would have appreciated the aria’s company. Lately, Yukio was even less warm and friendly, and this day was especially hard on both of them. “Ah, well wouldn’t want to keep him waiting.” The halfling rolls his eyes playfully. “It was nice seeing you. Thanks for keeping an eye on my little brother.”

        Shiemi gives him another quick hug goodbye before letting herself out. Rin watches her walk off and doesn’t feel a shred of pain or regret as she leaves.

        “Are you going to take long to get ready?” Yukio barked, suddenly at the doorway Rin has still not walked through.

        “Geez,” the half-demon grabs his chest and feigns surprise by falling against the threshold dramatically. “Don’t sneak up on a guy like that.” He pushes into the apartment and plows right past his brothers’ shoulder, ignoring Yukio’s bitch face. It’s sad how his apartment, one he shares with his very own twin, somehow feels weird to him, but it does. “I’ll be ready in ten minutes, promise!” He jumps into his bedroom and quickly strips, throws his dirty clothes in the hamper, and finds something nice to put on from his closet. He’s actually glad he and Bon didn’t get up to any kinky shit last night, because he doesn’t have time for a shower.

        Rin emerges seven minutes later, and Yukio is waiting by the door, reading emails off his phone. The half-demon takes a moment just to look his twin over. Yukio is wearing a black suit with a white button up and his Exorcists coat. They’re about the same height now, but Rin might be just a bit taller. The physicians at True Cross hypothesize he might keep growing for a few more years and end up being as tall as Mephisto one day. Yukio was definitely the broader of the two, though. His shoulders squared out nicely and he grew up into a nice-looking young man and, of course, his career as an exorcist is successful. Rin is proud of him, even if their relationship as brothers continues to wane each year.

        “Come on, the train won’t wait for us.” Yukio doesn’t look up when he beckons his twin to move faster. They exit the apartment with Rin walking several paces behind his stone-hearted brother.


         The train ride to their father’s gravesite was quiet, though Rin made several attempts to start a conversation. He gives up after Yukio’s sixth grunt and decides to just look out the window, instead. At the cemetery they take turns; Yukio goes first, and Rin stands back and listens. It breaks Rin’s heart a little when he realizes he learns more about what his brother is up to from over hearing his conversation with their dead father than what he actually hears from Yukio directly.

        When it’s Rin’s turn he sits down on his knees and deposits a bundle of flowers over the grave. He tells his father about his progress with Shura, how soon he’ll be able to seal Kurikara within himself. He tells him a few stories about his friends. He feels certain the old man would have really liked Shima. He talks about Bon… “we've become really good friends. He’s saved my butt a few times on missions,” he blushes a bit when he notices the flowers on the grave. “I think…I think you’d be happy for me,” he sighs heavily. He can’t make himself believe his dad would be proud, but he might be happy for him, he hopes.

         Rin feels more at peace than he can remember being in months, maybe years, when they walk back to the train around lunch time. It doesn’t even bother him that his brother is just as cold and tight-lipped on the second half of their journey and decides maybe that’s just how Yukio needs to process his feelings.

        When they slide into their seats on the train Rin checks his cell phone and see’s a text from Bon. It makes him smile. The aria asked if he wanted to meet for lunch when Rin returned to town. 

        “You need to stop seeing Suguro,” Yukio says abruptly.

        Rin snaps his head up, cell phone still in his slack hand. “What?”

         “You guys are sleeping together, aren’t you?” The younger twin is sitting with his arms crossed, looking out the window like a disappointed parent. “You’ve been staying at his place for weeks, did you think no one would notice? People are starting to talk.”

        Rin’s mouth flaps open and shut. He doesn’t know what to say. He and Bon hadn’t talked about what they would tell other people. Officially, they’re still only friends…even if he knew that Bon wanted more and Rin himself is starting to develop similar feelings. “What do you mean, people are starting to talk?” He asks quietly, feeling a shiver of fear dance up his skin.

        Yukio turns his face and glares as his brother. “It’s not that big of a campus, Rin.” He sound’s like he’s talking to an especially slow child.  “People have noticed where you spend your time, your nights. What were you thinking?”

        The half-demon’s face drains of color but before he can sputter a response his brother is rounding on him again—

         “He’s a priest, Rin!” Yukio unknowingly slings his brother’s words right back at him. “And the future head of his clan, not to mention a man!”

        Rin flattens himself against the back of the train car seat as if he was trying to physically avoid his twin’s verbal assault. “We—” he can’t get a word in against his brother’s fury.

        “Just when the Grigori started to ease up on you, you have to go and seduce the fucking future leader of the Myōō Dharani. Do you have any idea what this could do to his position, his career? You could ruin everything for him!” Yukio is seething, barely containing the urge to grab his brother by the collar and throttle him. “You never think, Rin! You can’t just—”

        Have normal relationships with people who care about you.

        “I didn’t mean to…” he stutters, blinking dumbly. Rin was used to people distrusting him, thinking less of him, expecting him to screw up and fail. He didn’t consider that he might drag Suguro down with him.

        “Yea,” Yukio scoffs. “You never do and someone else always has to clean up your messes.” He rights his glasses that have slipped down his nose. “Just break it off, whatever it is. Trust me, it will be better for Suguro in the long run if you do.”

         Rin looks down at the phone in his hand and feels like his heart is wilting. Rin knows everything his brother said was true. He isn’t good for Suguro, even if the aria is the best thing to ever happen to him… even if Suguro thinks he wants Rin. He would only cause problems for Suguro, just like he had for Father Fujimoto.

         Rin doesn’t answer Bon’s text before he puts his phone in his pocket. He doesn’t tell Bon he’s decided to stay at his apartment with Yukio, either; and when Bon calls that evening Rin lets it go to voicemail.




Chapter Text


        Suguro thought about asking Rin if he wanted company to his father’s grave when the halfling rose from bed early that morning. He didn’t want to impose, though, and thought it might create a rift between Rin and Yukio if he accompanied them on such a private, family matter. Instead, he watched the half-demon dress that morning from the bed, lazily admiring how Rin moved under the cool dawn sunlight.  

       He felt something in their dynamic shift in the past few days. It wasn’t just the sex, though that was fantastic. The change was more subtle, a culmination of many, small things. Rin never wrapped up his tail when they were alone, and he was so affectionate. The half-demon was like a big cat, rubbing up on Bon when they were standing around in the kitchen or cuddling on the couch.  Even more profound, Rin looked at him with soft, unguarded eyes. He gave Bon real answers to personal questions instead of deflecting with a joke. He was beginning to unfold bit by bit, let himself be vulnerable while Bon bared witness.

        It was easy to miss for anyone who didn’t know the difference, but Rin carried a shield around his heart. He was friendly and kind to everyone he met, but he kept himself at a distance. Suguro thinks this is why he was so angry with Rin when they were kids and he found out his friend had been lying. He really hadn’t seen it coming, and that stung. He had thought Rin was an open book back then. At face value, the guy doesn’t seem that deep or complicated—but that happy-go-lucky persona was a façade. It was his armor, his way of protecting himself from loneliness and rejection. For a long time, Bon has been on the other side of that shield looking in. Lately, Rin has let Suguro in little by little and it’s humbling to know that the half-demon has given that to him.

        Throughout the day Suguro tries to stay busy, but it’s Sunday and he can’t shake the nervous energy that wells inside him. Bon fills his time having theoretical conversations with the halfling in his head, thinks about how to ask about the future of their relationship. It’s agonizing and embarrassing and Bon feels like a pinning twelve-year-old, but he doesn’t want to screw this up. Does Rin want more? Suguro would bet his big toe Rin didn’t just want to be friends or even just friends with benefits anymore. Was Rin ready to take that leap? The jury was still out.

        Bon makes it through the morning without texting his friend, but cracks just after noon. He thinks about taking Rin to lunch and popping the question on a date. When Rin doesn’t respond right away Suguro isn’t deterred. In fact, he thinks dinner might be a better setting, more serious, more romantic, than a lunch date.

        Only, hours go by and Rin never responds. He doesn’t return to Bon’s apartment, either. When Rin doesn’t answer his calls, he starts to worry and when his calls start going straight to voicemail he panics.

        Suguro remembers the awful proclamation Rin made in his bed the night before—he should have killed me—and worries that something happened. Did something go wrong at the gravesite? Did Rin spiral out of control again, did Yukio twist the knife when Suguro had just got the bleeding to stop? Bon knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing and, after several failed attempts to reach Rin through more conventional means, he decides to seek out the halfling himself.


        Bon doesn’t think about the late hour when he knocks on Yukio and Rin’s apartment door. It’s definitely well past polite visiting hours, but fuckit. He would deal with Yukio’s ire if it meant he could ensure Rin was alright. He knocks again, with more force.

        The door pries open just a sliver, enough for Yukio to wedge himself between Bon and the threshold. “Suguro, it’s late. What are you doing at my door?” Despite the time of night, the younger twin hasn’t undressed from his day clothes, or even his fucking boots. Weirdo.

        The aria looks Yukio over quickly and the two men lock eyes, accessing. Yukio hasn’t been Suguro’s instructor in years and, though the dragoon is still technically his superior, they had a much more equalized relationship these days. Bon certainly didn’t feel the need to kowtow to the younger Okumura twin anymore; and he doesn’t feel the need to beat around the bush, either. “I came by to check on Rin. He wasn’t answering his phone…is he with you?”

        Yukio’s placid expression goes a bit tight and he puts his hand on the doorframe, further strengthening the barrier between Bon and the apartment. “He went to bed early.”

        Bon frowned and cocked his head. Something feels off. Yukio is acting like a junk yard dog guarding his fence and Bon wonders how much his former teacher knows about what he and Rin have been up to. “Do we have a problem,” he asked bluntly and raises both eyebrows. 

        The youngest Okumura twin sighs tiredly, even has the gall to briefly close his eyes in exasperation. “Aren’t you tired of being Rin’s consolation prize?”

        “What,” Suguro snaps and balls his fists at the accusation. It felt like a slap to the face.

        “Look, we both know my brother didn’t handle Shiemi choosing me over him very well. It makes sense he’d go to the first convenient person that would have him, but Rin’s come to his senses. Don’t make this harder by confronting him about it now, not today.” He stresses the last point as it’s still technically the anniversary of their father’s death.

        The anger zaps out of Bon like death had him by the throat. A convenient consolation prize to Shiemi? Was that all this was to Rin? Maybe…at first, but now? “Did he say that?”

        Yukio offers Suguro a sad, thin glance through his glasses. His arm is still braced against the threshold and his frame blocks Bon’s sight into the apartment. “We talked today,” he says and crosses his arms over his chest. “Sorry you had to hear it like this, but I don’t think he wants to see you right now or he probably would have answered your calls?” He raises a single, judgmental eyebrow.

        Suguro flinched at that. Rin had been purposely avoiding his calls all day because…because he didn’t want to do this anymore? It shouldn’t sting as much as it does. He knew that was a possibility when they started…whatever they had. What were his exact words—no expectations or labels or any of that bullshit. “Sorry I came up here unannounced,” he muttered after a moment and stepped back from the door in a stupor, feeling dumb and out of place. “Uh, tell Rin I understand, will ya?”

        “Sure,” Yukio offers mildly. “Have a good night, Suguro.”

        Bon stands there as the door shuts in his face.


        Inside the apartment Yukio turns to the left of the door and looks at his twin. Rin is sitting on the ground with his back to the wall, head in his hands. He heard the whole thing. “Did you have to say it like that?”

        Yukio puts his hands on his hips. “It worked, didn’t it?”

        “Yea but, it’s not true.” He looks up at his brother with tears in his eyes. “Bon wasn’t a replacement for Shiemi.”

        “Trust me, alright? If you told Suguro the truth, he’d try to convince you to work it out and it’d only end up hurting him in the long run.” The younger twin gave his brother a rare, kind smile. “For once, you’re doing the right thing.”

        The half-demon bit back a whine and looked down again. It didn’t feel right. This hurt like hell, easily a dozen times worse than when he found out Yukio and Shiemi were dating…but Yukio is the smart one. All Rin has ever done is hurt the people that care about him, put them in danger, and make the same, stupid mistakes again and again. He won’t do that to Ryuuji. He just has to trust his brother and hope that Bon isn’t hurting half as bad as he is right now. He doesn’t say anything but nods his head sadly, so his brother knows he’s listening.

        “C’mon,” Yukio holds out a hand and hauls his twin up. “It’s late and it’s been a rough day, you should probably go back to bed.” He walks Rin to his bedroom but stops at the door. “I’m proud of you, Rin.”

        The half-demon stops and looks over his shoulder. Yukio is still smiling faintly, but it’s better than nothing. Rin understands what his brother is trying to teach him, and the lesson hurts. This wasn’t just about Suguro; Rin would never be able to have relationships with anyone without putting them in danger. He would have his mentor Shura and Yukio and maybe some friends, but never a family of his own and definitely not a lover—not a wife or husband. It was a foolish notion to even hope for such a thing, but better that he accept it now and not after it was too late. Rin wouldn’t have been able to live with the guilt of being responsible for Bon’s death or even his excommunication. “Thanks, bro. I’m going to lay down.” Rin didn’t leave his bedroom for three days.


        Shura is bored out of her ever-loving mind waiting for Rin to show up to their scheduled training session on Thursday. He was supposed to be here ten minutes ago, but the air-head was sometimes late so she was trying not to sweat it. She was leaning against the wall, picking paint off the old cement bricks and puffing out her cheeks irritably. “Come on,” she groaned and rolled along the wall childishly. When she looked up, she saw Yukio setting up at the firing range. Boredom cured—nothing was more fun than annoying that sourpuss.

         She galloped up next to the dragoon and watched him line up his sights and fire on the target a few yards down range. “What’s up, Yukio?” Without asking permissions she quickly picked up a second firearm and squeezed off four rounds.

         Yukio ground his teeth when he noticed the knight was still a better shot than him, even though her preferred meister is with the sword. God, he can’t stand her. “I’m training,” he drawled and then muttered, “or trying to.”

        “Yea, looks like you need it.” She grinned and slapped him on the back. “Hey, have you seen Rin? The little shit was supposed to be here like fifteen minutes ago.”

        Yukio only shrugged. Last night he had asked Mephisto to detail Suguro to another assignment and let Rin handle the return mission to the Sundown Bathhouse alone. The request was granted when Bon didn’t put up a fight and that seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for Rin’s spirit. The halfling was scheduled to take the evening train to the bathhouse in a few hours and was most likely still in the apartment and either forgot about his session with Shura or decided to skip it.

        When it looked like Yukio wouldn’t answer, Shura decided to rile him up some more. “Maybe I should ask Ryuuji. They’re awful close these days, yah know?” She snickered playfully. The Upper First-Class Knight had heard the rumor mill; Rin and Suguro were a thing. She thought it was adorable, and probably good for both of them.

        “I wouldn’t,” Yukio grumped and took a few more shots.

        Shura’s eyes cut to Yukio, suddenly suspicious. “Why not?” She cocked her hip and crossed her arms.

        “They aren’t doing that anymore. I took care of it.”

        “What did you do?” She snarled and took a step forward, grabbing Yukio by the collar.

        “Wha-what the hell, Shura!” Yukio yelped as she yanked him closer, never mind he had a loaded weapon in hand. “Stop being so reckless,” he shouted and shoved her hands off him.

        “What do you mean, you took care of it?” Shura repeated with her lips pulled up over her teeth. It was no secret she was ferociously protective of Rin and this wasn’t the first time she and Yukio butted heads over the halfling.

        “You can’t tell me you approved of it!” Yukio hisses in disbelief.  

         “Of Rin being happy? Of course, I approve!” She groaned and immediately began to worry about Rin. No wonder he wasn’t here—the kid always became reclusive after taking a blow to the heart. Physically he might be a tank, but Rin is an emotional cotton ball. “Damnit, Yukio. Tell me what you did!”

         “You know you’re not actually his family, right?” Yukio snipes, straightening his shirt and coat from where Shura grabbed his collar. “I don’t have to tell you anything.” It had always infuriated Yukio that his father had sought Shura out to help keep an eye on Rin—to know that his father trusted her over Yukio, Rin’s own brother, as if he wasn’t strong enough to handle it.

         The knight turned her head, looking for a moment like a vicious hawk ready to bloody her talons. “You son of a bitch,” she grabbed Yukio’s wrist, retching it back until the pistol tumbled out of his hand. Luckily it didn’t misfire when it collided with the ground, but Shura was past caring about reason and safety at this point. “You self-righteous prick!” She slung him around, away from the firing range.

         “What is your problem?” Yukio yelled after he righted himself. “You’ve lost your mind, fighting with another exorcist outside of training is against policy—”

         “Ask me if I care,” she drawled and pulled up her fists. “You fucked with my training partner and he ain’t here now, so you can either make it up to me by getting in the ring or you can tell me what you did to Rin and Suguro.”


        Suguro wasn’t really surprised when he got an email from Mephisto with orders to reassign him off the bathhouse case. He wasn’t even surprised when, in the same email, he saw that Yukio had recommended him for a full-time teaching position at the Cram School. It feels like a payoff, like this was his reward for accepting that Rin didn’t want to see him again. Suguro ends up agreeing to the assignment change but asks for time to think about teaching. It would include a promotion; all in all, it would be a wise career move but it feels cheap.

         He is surprised, however, when Shura lets herself into his apartment unannounced, charging in like the building is on fire. “Suguro!—oh, hey,” she pivots toward the aria and grabs her knees, catching her breath. “You should probably lock your door. Any psycho could just burst in here.” She straightened up and faced Suguro and he can see she’s got a split lip and her hair is a mess.

         “What the hell happened to you?” He asks, still clutching his heart after being startled out of his skin.

         “Heh,” Shura laughs darkly and thumbs her bloodied lip. “You should see the other guy, but that’s not important. I came here to talk about Rin.”

         Ryuji’s shoulders tighten up. He didn’t feel ready to talk to anyone about this yet. “I don’t—”

         “Yukio put him up to it,” she cut the aria off quickly. “Whatever you think Rin’s reasons were, you’re wrong. Yukio told him he needed to end things to keep you safe.” 

         Silence choked the room for several seconds as Suguro let that sink in. “Yukio…that sonofabitch!”

         “My sentiments, exactly,” Shura snorts fondly. “He’s a prick, but you know how Rin is. He’s got a soft spot for Yukio and…he trusts his brother.” Shura had learned first-hand. Rin had a soft spot and blind spot for Yukio; it wasn’t easy to get the halfling to realize Yukio could be a bastard or that he didn’t always have Rin’s best interests at heart.

        Suguro had his hands on his hips. He felt so angry. He’s angry with Yukio for meddling; he’s angry with Rin for never standing up for himself against his brother; and Ryuji is angry at himself for not fighting harder. He should have seen this coming. Of course, Rin would take the decision away from him if he thought it would keep Suguro safe. “Goddamn it,” he hissed and shook his head. “It was on the anniversary of Father Fujimoto’s death, when Yukio told me Rin wanted to end things.”

        Shura grits her teeth. They both get it. Rin would have been most vulnerable to Yukio’s argument on that day. “If it means anything, I think you and Rin are great for each other.”

        The aria snaps his head up. “Really? I think Rin was worried about…what people might think.”

        The knight shrugs. “I’m not really the religious type, so maybe I’m not a good yard stick for how everyone else will react but I could tell he was happier the last time I saw him.”

        “You knew…about us?”

        “He didn’t tell me, but I had heard the rumors. People suspected, they were talking…does that bother you?” She asked it casually, but nothing could totally disguise the protective flare that erupted at the question.

         “I wanted to tell everyone,” he answers honestly. “I was waiting for Rin to…sort some things out.”

         “You really care about him, huh?” She sounds a little surprised and looks over the aria more closely. “I mean, I know you care about the dweeb, but you actually…”

         “I love him,” Suguro confesses softly. It’s the first time he’s said it out loud.

         “He know that?” Shura asks, sounding both nurturing and accusatory.

         “No,” he ducks his head. “I didn’t tell him…I,” he sighs and rakes a hand through his hair. “At first I was just trying to give him time. I didn’t want to pressure him, but then… I was just scared.”

         “He’s going on a bathhouse mission. He’s probably already on the way there… I could forward you the details, so you can catch him without Yukio?” She offers, not knowing that Bon is well aware of the mission details and doesn’t need the file to find it.   

         “I know where he is,” he says without looking up. He’s still brooding, thinking about how Yukio has ruined everything. 

         Then, Shura hit him on the back of the head.

         “Ow! What the hell, Shura!” He shrieked and grabbed his skull.

         “What are you waiting for, asshole? Go!” She kicked him on the thigh. “Go get your man!”


Chapter Text


        When Yukio petitioned for Rin to retake the Sun Down Bathhouse mission solo, the half-demon was approved to lead a team of three exorcists. Rin had been on countless assignments similar to this in the past, but he’s a nervous wreck all the same. It was his first assignment as mission leader and returning to the bathhouse after everything…feels wrong. As much as the half-demon might enjoy leaping into situations impulsively, he knows that he’s not built to command missions like this. Bon is much better suited for this kind of thing, and Rin can’t help but miss the aria’s guidance and cool head.

        The halfling squeezes his fist, trying to get his head on straight. He can’t be thinking about Bon right now. With his nerves singed and his thoughts distracted, Rin leads his small team through the first half of their mission relatively smoothly. It takes most of the day, but they clear the grounds and garden. Unfortunately, they find the partial remains of six people in the garden, but the bodies are recovered by an excavation team and transported to a local mortuary. The rest of the bathhouse takes most of the evening to cover, and they remove a few questionable artifacts for closer inspection back at True Cross Academy.

       There have been no sightings of any demonic actively, for which Rin is thankful. The last demon they ran into here was obscure and Rin would really like to avoid that at all costs, thank you. Now, they only have one last thing to do in order to complete the mission—purify the building and the surrounding Earth. Rin can’t do it, he is a demon after all, but as the team leader he stays behind to supervise. The ritual takes several hours to complete, but most of it is over after a few minutes of chanting and sage burning. Finally, the three exorcists with him take a candle each and divide themselves onto the first, second, and third floor respectively. Once the candles all burn out, the ritual is complete. Unfortunately, the candles will probably burn through the night.

        Rin feels like bashing his head through a wall. He had to survive another night in this godforsaken place. 

        Much like his first night over a month ago, Rin can’t sleep. He finds himself pacing up and down the halls and eventually takes himself outside to walk the perimeter around midnight. In the privacy of the late night his tail unwinds from around his waist and drops lazily at his back. The slim appendage is stiff and sore from being concealed all day and moving it now makes the halfling cringe as he walks under the moonlight.

        He had gotten used to having it swing freely around Bon, who seemed to be the only person aside from Shura that didn’t mind it. Even Yukio would snap at him to put it away when they were alone in their apartment. The younger twin insisted Rin needed to practice the habit at all times, even while in privacy. Rin didn’t see the point…everyone knew what he was anyway, and they treated him the same if he had his tail hidden or not.

        There were a lot of things that his brother insisted on that Rin didn’t understand but…family is supposed to look out for one another so, Yukio must be right. Rin sighs and literally kicks rocks around the garden. He finds himself thinking about Suguro again and again. It makes his chest feel cold, knowing that he walked away from the aria and let Yukio do all the dirty work. Rin knows that he’s a coward. He thinks, maybe, one day when Bon has a nice girlfriend and things go back to normal, he can tell Suguro the truth. He wants to at least tell Bon how much their time together meant to him…he wants to tell Bon that he’ll cherish the memories for the rest of his life.

        Rin doesn’t realize his sad wonderings brought him to the manananggal tree until he stands at her chard remains. He stops, closes his eyes, and tries not to cry.


        Suguro had a speech prepared in his head, detailing every word, for when he finally caught up with Rin. He rehearsed it during the train ride and practiced it to calm his nerves. He knew exactly what he wanted to say, how he wanted to say it, and he wouldn’t let Rin interrupt him until he got it all out, goddamn it.

        Except, when he see’s Rin standing before the ashes of the manananggal tree with his head bowed and eyes closed he can’t remember a single word. The half-demon looks like a mirror of himself from weeks ago, grieving over the remains of the demon tree that brought them together. Bon had wanted to say something to Rin that morning, but he had looked so fragile and sad watching blue flames eat at the tree. Now, Bon walks upon the same scene and feels like a failure twice over. 

        Tonight, he stands behind the half-demon and feels his heart gallop in his chest. He wants to say a hundred things but doesn’t know where to start. He ends up saying a name, “Rin.”

        The half-demon whips around, reaching for his sword at his back instinctively. When he sees the aria, Rin staggers and blinks tears out of his eyes, trying to pull himself together.

        Suguro feels dumbstruck at the sight. Rin looks like a dope, but he also looks so charming under the moonlight. It’s only been a little over a week, but the distance and silence between them feels like a void the size of space.

        “Wha—what are you doing here?” He feels the impulse to step back. He’s so weak; he wasn’t ready to see Suguro this soon and the sight of him now feels like a punch to the stomach. The aria isn’t dressed in his exorcist uniform. He’s wearing black jeans, a dark green longsleeve crew neck, and an unzipped grey jacket. He looks like the grown-up punk heart throb of Rin’s dreams and the half-demon can’t get a grip.

        “Honestly, I wanted to talk to you without Yukio running interference.” Suguro swings the axe, cutting right through the bullshit.

        Rin looks away, ashamed. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you myself—”

        Bon is so sick of the games he snaps, “tell me what, Rin?”

        The half-demon jerks his head up and looks at Bon with alarm in his eyes. The change in tone was unexpected—Rin has never heard Bon talk to him like that. “That I…”

        The aria gives Rin an impatient glare. “You can’t even say it. Did you ever care about me? Was I just a replacement for Shiemi?” This is all wrong. Bon didn’t want this, he didn’t want to pick at these wounds—but he can’t help but wonder. Was there a shred of truth to the hurtful things Yukio said?

        Rin’s face crumbled. He steps away from the tree, stumbling toward Bon. “Of course not! I—you, it was—” the happiest I’ve ever been. Rin closes his eyes and bites back the sadness. He can’t tell Bon the truth, so instead tears run down his face.

        Suguro watches the half-demon’s shoulders shake and hears him sniffle. It breaks his heart, but Bon’s heart has been through a blender, too. “Were you using me?” He asked more gently.

        Rin shakes his head in denial while clamping his lips shut to hold back a whimper. The halfling hates knowing that he made Suguro think that he had been using him, that it meant nothing when the aria had meant everything. “I’m sorry,” he groaned and looked down while swiping at his eyes angrily. “It’s just, it’s for the best.”

        “You’re a fucking liar, Rin!” The aria shouted so loudly that two lights flipped on from the bathhouse.

        “Shh, someone might hear you!” The half-demon jumped forward as if he might try to smother his friend’s loud mouth.

        Bon grabbed Rin’s wrist and yanked him closer. Instead of lowering his voice, he all but yelled in Rin’s face. “I don’t care! I never wanted to keep it a secret! I wasn’t ashamed, were you?”

        Rin’s mouth flaps open and shut as he’s held against Bon’s chest, his wrist still captured. “I was trying to protect you,” he finally admits in a delicate voice. “Don’t you get it? I’m no good for you. Bon, you…you could do anything. You could be happy and safe…but with me you’ll always be in danger and people won’t understand. I'd get in the way of all your dreams. I can’t…I won’t do that to you. It’s not a good life.” He pulls his arm away and rubs his wrist, even though Bon’s grip hadn’t been that hard.

        Suguro scowls at the half-demon. At least he’s gotten the truth out of Rin and even though it’s what he was expecting—it still makes him angry enough to grind his teeth. “You still can’t give me a chance, can you?”

        “It’s better like this,” Rin murmurs weakly and looks down. “You’re a priest and the heir to the Myōō Dharani. You need to marry a woman and have children and you certainly can’t be screwing Satan’s son. You could lose everything,” he repeats the same words his twin spat at him on the train.

        Suguro couldn’t hold back the contempt he felt for Yukio at that moment. “You come up with my life plan all by yourself or did your brother help you out with that?”

        Instead of rising to the bait, Rin wilts further. “Does it matter? He’s right.”

        “The hell he is! I’m not Father Fujimoto and you’re not the same scared kid that couldn’t protect him.” The oxygen was zapped from the air as Rin and Bon stared at one another. Suguro refused to look away and Rin stood there, stunned.

        “What the fuck do you know,” Rin snarled and tried to jerk away but Suguro took his wrists again.

        Bon should have told Rin that the Myōō Dharani didn’t have the same restrictions on homosexual relationships that Catholics did. He should have explained that even though he’s the heir to his clan’s legacy he’s also sure his father would be thrilled to see the end of their line of obligation and dishonesty, especially if it meant Suguro was happy. He should have said he would rather face Satan at Rin’s side as his partner and that he would burn True Cross to the ground like the goddamn Manananggal Tree if they tried to keep them apart.  

         But he’s done nothing in order tonight, so instead he says the thing he should have opened with— “I know I’m in love with you.”

        Rin can’t hide the stunned expression from his face when Bon’s words hit like a sword through the chest. No one’s said they love him in so long, not in years. He believed his brother loved him, though he never said it, and hope Shura loved him like a kid brother—but this. His legs bow, giving out under the weight of the other man’s words, and Bon’s palm against his chest is the only thing keeping him from falling.

        “I’m going to love you even if you push me away, you know. My feelings won’t change just because you’re scared.” Suguro holds nothing back.

        “How can you say that?” The halfling asks timidly, face in a wince. “You see how people treat me…True Cross would make you miserable, I’d ruin your career and your life.”

        “Fuck them and fuck you if you can’t man up about it,” Suguro says hotly and slips his hands down Rin arms. He holds the half-demon by the waist, pulling the other man flush against his body. If anyone looked at them now, there would be no mistaking the context, but that was kind of the point. “Just tell me you don’t love me,” he demands softly and stares directly into Rin’s big, sad eyes. “Tell me you don’t love me, and I’ll leave you alone. I’ll walk away right now.”

         Rin knows he should just say it, even if he doesn’t mean it. He should look Bon square in the eyes and say—I don’t love you. It’s what Yukio would want him to do; it would be the smart thing to do. He can’t, though; he can’t make himself betray Bon like that. “I…”

        Bon kisses Rin then. He should have kissed him the morning after their first night at this damn bathhouse. He should have kissed the idiot until he had no breath left to deny this—but Bon would have to make up for lost time now. “Say it,” he murmurs against Rin’s mouth in between hungry kisses. “Fuckin say it, Rin.”

        The halfling whines helplessly and grips Suguro’s jacket, pulling their bodies together. He’s so weak but Bon is here, holding him up. “I love you,” he gasps and immediately kisses back as if the words frightened him.

        Suguro feel’s so stupid happy he might start to levitate. Instead, he growls and kisses Rin relentlessly. He slips one hand into the halflings shaggy black hair and tilts his head while cocking his hips against Rin.

        “Wait,” the half-demon gasps and tries to tip his face back enough to get a word in. “We can’t, not out here.” Rin’s still worried someone might see, even if he’s not as worried about people knowing about them now.

        “Then let’s go inside,” Bon quirks an eyebrow. This shady as fuck bathhouse has to be good for something, right?

        Rin figures he’s really not cut out for leadership when he quickly nods his head and decides fucking on his first command mission sounds like a good idea.


        Rin leads them to the third floor quietly. The three other exorcists are presumably asleep by now, as they didn’t need to be awake through the candle-burning, but Rin still didn’t want to have that conversation with his subordinates right now. They end up standing awkwardly in the hallway on the third floor, weighing their options.

        One of the exorcists on Rin’s team had actually taken the Vanilla Room for herself, so they couldn’t return there for old times-sake. “Which one?” The halfling whispers as they contemplated the Leather Room, the Classroom, and the Mirror Room.

        Bon doesn’t say anything at first and Rin takes off in the direction of the Classroom, but then the aria yanks him back. “We can screw around in a classroom at the Cram School if you want, but I’ve got something else in mind,” he promises darkly and pulls Rin into the mirror room.  

        The halfling had originally chosen this room during the first mission to the bathhouse due to the many mirrors aiding in his surveillance of the place. Now, though, he feels the intensity of the set up. The space wasn’t very big, but there was a bed in the center of the room. The walls were lined with mirrors like a dance studio, floor to ceiling. There was even a mirror on the ceiling above the bed. There was nowhere to hide, and Rin couldn’t avoid his own reflection. His eyes were red from crying and his tail was openly flicking with anxiety.

         Bon gently touched the small of Rin’s back. “Are you alright?” He could clearly sense the apprehension radiating off the halflings frame.

         “It’s just…a little intense,” he murmured and looked around at their reflections.

         “I want you to watch,” Suguro explains guides Rin to a corner, where two walls of mirrors intersect.  He steps behind the halfling and hooks his chin over Rin's shoulder as he speaks against a pointed ear. “Want you to see everything I do to you... want you to see what I see.”

         And Rin is helpless but to watch as Bon reaches from behind and begins to work on the half-demon’s belt. Suguro moves slowly, the whole while breathing against Rin’s neck and the halfling can feel his body temperature steadily rising.

        The aria slides his palm up Rin’s shirt, pulling it from the waist of his jeans, and bares his hips, abdomen, and chest. “I missed you so much.” They are both watching through the mirror as Suguro feels him up from behind, slowly exposing more of the half-demon’s body. He grinds his hips against Rin’s ass just so the halfling knows that Suguro likes what he sees. “I couldn’t think about anything else.”

        Rin presses back against Suguro and remembers that time they were dancing. He had been so worried about what other people would think of them, but hell. Is this what they looked like? “I missed you too.”

        “Yeah, what’d you miss the most?” Suguro lined the others neck with kisses and worked the buttons open on Rin’s white dress shirt.

        The halfling whined as more of his clothes dropped to the floor and Suguro remained dressed. He closed his eyes briefly, thinking. “Everything, I missed—” he choked as he thought back to the intimate moments they shared in the quiet of Bon’s apartment. “Your kindness, you made me feel…special but in a good way, wanted.”

        Suguro’s fingertips slide up Rin’s bare chest and under the halfling’s chin, gently cupping Rin’s throat from behind. He’s still breathing against the other man’s pointed ears and not for the first time he recognizes just how vulnerable Rin can be. He kisses the soft place behind the halflings ear to reward his honesty. “What else?”

        Rin opens his eyes as Suguro’s hands glide down his sides and rub him through his open jeans. “This,” Rin gasped. “You—your hands on me, your lips.”

        Bon tilts the halflings face so that they can kiss over Rin’s shoulder. “This isn’t going to be like last time, Rin.” He explains suddenly and slides his hands into Rin’s open jeans. He can feel how hard Rin is under his palm and how the halflings tail thrashes between them. “I’m going to tell everyone that you’re mine,” he mouths against Rin’s neck and the halfling arches to give him better access.

        The last of Rin’s clothes slide to the ground and he’s naked between the mirror and Suguro. Rin wants to argue—Bon shouldn’t tell anyone they’re together—but at the same time he can feel a hum reverberate from his chest and realizes he’s purring.

         “You like that?” Suguro asks and licks and bites at Rin’s exposed neck while wrapping his hand around Rin’s dick. “You want everyone to know you belong to me?” He pulls Rin flush against his chest and makes him look at the wall of mirrors before them as he strokes the demon off and talks in his ear. “Every time someone looks at you, they’ll know you’ve been in my bed and know that I’ve had you.”

        Rin feels helpless. He’s slack-jawed and watching his own hips rise and thrust pathetically into Bon’s fist while the aria holds him by the hair and mauls his neck. He feels owned like this, wanted and desired. His tail wraps around Bon’s leg possessively and yes, God forgive him, he wants to be Ryuuji’s.

         Bon growls approvingly at their reflection. “I like having you wrapped around me.” The hand gripping Rin’s hair slips around, though Rin continues to press himself tight against the body behind him. Bon takes his hand and traces the halflings parted mouth, still groping him between the legs with the other hand.

        “Ryuuji,” Rin gasped as the aria traced his bottom lip and got his finger against his fangs. The halfling’s jaw dropped, partly in fear of cutting Bon and partly out of the instinct to let Bon in. He watched himself, eyes half-lidded and now drooling over Bon’s fingers like a slut.

        “So good baby,” Suguro praises and rakes his fingers against Rin’s pointed teeth. He’s never been afraid of them, even when they’re large and deadly. “You’re fucking gorgeous. I love everything about you and I’m going to fuck you in front of this mirror so you can see what I see.” He whispered and watched the delighted shiver dance up Rin’s spine.  

         In the next second Suguro is gently shoving the other man forward, up against the mirrored wall, and positioning Rin’s palms against the glass. “What do you see when you look in the mirror, Rin?” He asks suddenly, cutting through the lust in the atmosphere like a knife. He watches the other’s face through the glass, waiting for an honest answer.

        “A demon,” Rin answers immediately. His voice is breathless and weak, but even so the self-loathing is loud.

        “Hmm, me too,” Suguro shoots back and runs his hands over Rin’s body reverently. “I see a demon that’s also my best friend, one that’s kind and selfless…” He kisses the halflings shoulder. “…and funny and tenacious and brave…” He kisses the other shoulder. “…and so fucking special.” He tucks some of Rin’s hair behind his pointed ears, exposing more of the halflings fair face. “I see a beautiful demon that hates himself so much he couldn’t even see how much I love him.”

         “Ryuuji—” fragile disbelief cracks through Rins voice, but the aria won't hear it.

         “The Grigori and Yukio and half of True Cross are wrong.” He nuzzles his face into the halflings neck. “It’s not that they see a demon, they see someone they can’t control. They see someone with ideas bigger than theirs, and a will so much stronger. You scare them not because you’re Satan’s son but because you don’t need them, and they’re terrified you’ll figure that out.”

         Rin half laughs and half sobs, “I think it might have a little to do with me being Satan’s son.”

         Suguro grins over the other’s shoulder, “yea maybe… but I love you and if you want to be mine then you’re really going to be mine. I won’t let you to lock up your demonic powers or hide your tail or allow you to live half a life just because it makes them feel more comfortable.”

         Rin stops breathing for just a second, processing what Bon is honestly asking. Rin has always depended on others to help him be more human, even before he knew what he was. Father Fujimoto, Yukio, True Cross…they all served their purpose, and in his own way Rin had served them out of love or duty or fear. Suguro was asking Rin to forsake those commitments and belong to him alone, and to stop trying to be something he’s not: human.

         Bon watches Rin through the mirror. The half-demon is naked as the day he was born, literally and emotionally. He can see the fear and hope burning through Rin like gasoline. “I’m not asking anything from you that I’m not also offering. Be mine and I’ll be yours; we’ll deal with the rest together.” Suguro can put up with a lot—Satanic in-laws included—but he wouldn’t put up with Yukio making all of Rin’s life decisions or driving them apart ever again.

         “OK,” the halfling breathes softly, sounding stunned and bewildered but nods in the affirmative. “OK, I’m yours Ryuuji, I’m yours,” he repeats and tears crawl down his face.

         “I love you, Rin,” Bon wraps both arms around the halfling’s stomach and buries his face against Rin’s shoulder. He kisses Rin’s shoulder and steps back. “Stay like that.” He turns to a chest at the foot of the nearby bed and hunts for some lubricant. “I want you so bad, baby. Can I?” He asks while sealing himself to the demons back once more, eagerly slicking his fingers with lube.

         “Yes, c’mon” the halfling answers and wiggles his legs farther apart but keeps his palms against the glass as ordered. He’s still recovering from that overwhelming proclamation, but he also feels the need to physically consummate their relationship.

          Suguro is looking at Rin’s face through the mirror when he circles his fingers over the half-demon’s rim. He can’t get enough of how Rin’s eyes cloud over each time he gives a little more pressure, or how the glass is fogging up with every little puff of breath. He gets one finger inside Rin while his other hand runs up the demon’s flank. “You’re so tight, baby. You didn’t touch yourself while I was away, did you?”

         Rin whines, face burning bright red. “Wasn't really in the mood,” he admits quietly, but then gasps and tips his hips back. "Want it now, c'mon," he grinds back trying to fuck himself on Suguro’s finger and it’s not enough.

         Suguro added a second finger. “Fuck, I wish you could see how you take my fingers.” He nearly growled at the sight of Rin’s ass swallowing his scissoring fingers. “Maybe you’ll let me take some pictures later? You wanna see that, Rin?”

         The half-demon groaned, and his eyes crossed at the thought. He remembers watching Bon take his dick in the vanilla room—fuck. Yea, he wanted to see Suguro do that to him. “Yeah, fuck me Ryuuji, c’mon please Ryuuji fuck me.”

        “Shit,” Suguro swears tightly and fumbles with his pants to get his dick out.

        In the meantime, Rin is relentlessly rubbing against the other man and saying absolutely filthy things. “Want to feel you inside me, been too long. God, just fuck me already I want it so bad. I’m sorry I fucked up please give it to me—”

         “Christ Rin,” Suguro breathed and finally—finally—got his hand around his own dick. “If you keep talking like that, I’m going to come before I even get it in.” He slicked himself up with a palmful of lube.

        The halfling whined through clenched teeth and arched his back. In the mirror running along the other wall he can see the image of his side, see how his body curves for Bon and how his tail is slithering up Bon’s chest. In the next second Rin hisses as Suguro’s hands dig into his ass, pulling him open.

         The aria gets himself lined up with the head of his dick between Rin’s cheeks but then holds himself against Rin’s wet, stretched hole. Before the halfling can beg for it, Bon grips Rin’s hair again and holds him in front of the mirror. “Told you I wanted you to watch, Rin,” he says dangerously over the halflings shoulder.

         Rin didn’t even realize he had shut his eyes until Bon was yanking his head back. He looked high. His face is flushed, and his eyes are dilated. He looks horny and desperate—which yea, on the money, there.

        Bon doesn’t warn Rin or tell him to bear down this time, instead he just wraps one hand around Rin’s hip and pushes in without a word. It’s slow, but unrelenting. He gives Rin no pause and there’s nowhere to hide as he sinks into the half-demon. “Fucking love seeing that look on your face, baby. You look amazed every time, like this is the first time you’ve felt me get in you.”

        Rin’s mouth hangs open helplessly as he watches his own expression, knowing Suguro is doing the same thing. It feels so vulnerable to be on display like this, watching the curtain of pleasure fall over his own face while Bon slides every inch into him--but Rin can’t hide that he’s into it. His own cock is hard against his abdomen and leaking from the tip. He can’t think, let alone speak, and just grinds his ass back as Suguro drops both big hands on his hips and hauls him into his thrusts.

        “That’s it, arch your back just like that,” Bon groans and fucks him so roughly Rin’s cock bounces each time they collide. “God, you take it so good.” He pants against the halflings neck and snakes one hand down to rub the stretched rim of Rin’s asshole. “You look so fucking good on my dick, baby.”  

        Rin whimpers at the praise and his tail slides up Bon’s chest and coils around his neck loosely. He’s such a slut for Bon’s dirty talk. “Please touch me,” he gasps suddenly after not being able to muster a single word for so long.

        Bon growls, “love it when you beg, too.” He rewards the halfling by wrapping a hand around Rin’s erection. He works the demon slowly while pumping into him with harsh, deep strokes. “Beg some more, love. Let me watch you squirm on my cock while you beg for it,” he runs his other hand up Rin’s side and softly kisses his neck.

        Rin will remember this sight for the rest of his very long life. Ryuuji’s eyes are hot and intense as he brazenly watches Rin take it. “Love your cock inside me, you hit me so deep—fuck!” As soon as Rin started babbling, Bon stroked him faster. “Ahhh, Ryuuji don't stop—yea, ah-ah-ah!” The glass under his palms start to crack, but neither men notice as Suguro plows into him.

        “Are you close?” The aria asked darkly and looked down Rin’s body. The halfling is fucking into Bon’s fist and the sight of him grinding forward and then back is so hot.

        “Yes,” Rin cries out and looks at Bon through the mirror. 

        Suguro smooths his free hand over Rin’s tail; it’s flat against his abdomen and still wrapped around his neck at the tip. It should probably be a turnoff to have a demon’s tail around his throat, but Bon loves its weight. He felt just as owned as Rin, wearing the halflings tail like a collar while they fucked. “That feel good, baby?” He slows down his own hips and rolls into the halfling deep and teasingly while lightly touching Rin’s tail. Bon whispers into Rin’s ears, “can you feel the vibrations with your tail when I talk? Wanna wrap it around my throat when I blow you? Bet you could feel your own dick slide down if you squeezed.” He tightened his grip on Rin’s cock and tail, stroking both together.   

        The demon’s legs begin to shake helplessly at the thought. It was too much. “Ryuuji!” He begs and shouts, tail coiling weakly but careful not to pull too tight. “I’m close—”

        “Come for me.”

        Rin curves his back in an impossible arch and his hips snap into Bon’s fist and back on his dick two more times before he shouts. “Ah-ohfuck, Ryuuji!” Rin presses his palms into the glass and up the shattered mirror, ruining their reflection with cracks and come. “F-fuck!

        “Holy shit,” Bon curses at the sight and pumps Rin through the aftershocks of his orgasm. “So hot, holy shit,” he repeats in a near stupor.

        “Hmn,” Rin agrees weakly, and his palms slide down the mirror. The glass fails to cut his skin, but shards tumble down to the floor.

        “Let’s go to the bed,” Bon suggests and pulls him toward the mattress a few feet away.

        Rin isn’t capable of more than obeying and allows himself to be more or less carried onto the bed. He might have blacked out for a second, because the next thing he remembers he’s on his back looking up at his own reflection.

        He’s fucked out—sweaty, flushed, hair a goddamn mess, and his neck is lined with love bites that will be gone within the hour. He’s still rock hard and he feels stretched and pleasantly sore, but empty. “Ryuuji,” he whimpers and sits up on his elbows, finding his lover standing at the foot of the bed wrestling off his jacket and shirt.

        “I’m coming, I’m—” his voice got muffled when he threw his shirts off— “there.” Now as naked as Rin, he dove onto the bed and crawled up the mattress until he was over the halfling and grinning. “Up for more?”


Chapter Text


        Rin watches Suguro crawl up the mattress, admires how the aria’s thick arms work to bring him closer and how his shoulders roll with defined strength. He’s coated in a fine layer of sweat that makes him look even more masculine and Rin’s tail flicks excitedly. Something primal, like a switch in his cerebellum, slips in place at that moment. Ryuuji is a desirable and worthy partner…or mate. That word is ringing through Rin’s veins—mate.  Its’ not a word he’s ever associated with anyone before, but some part of himself is panting at the idea. It’s not as if he hadn’t known Suguro is a catch. In fact, Rin knows he’s damn lucky the aria even gives him the time of day, but this feeling is different. It’s like seeing Suguro for the first time, like seeing him for the first time in a long time and knowing he couldn’t stand to be apart again. As soon as Bon crawls above the halfling, Rin easily flips them over and puts Suguro on his back.

        “What’s got into you?” Suguro asks with a playful and bewildered expression. Up until now Rin had nearly been in a daze, happily allowing Bon to call the shots. The sudden shift—though not unwelcome—was surprising.

        “I dunno,” the halfling breathes deeply, realizes its Ryuuji that he smells, and ducks his face into the aria’s neck. A few weeks ago, Rin would be mortified at his actions. He has always tried to curb his desires that weren’t quite human, like when he wanted to bear his teeth at a rival or scent mark his friends for protection. He was constantly at odds with himself but right now some untapped instincts have run up his spine, striking every repressed nerve on its way, and Rin is going with it. He doesn’t try to ignore this impulse to crowd over Bon, to rub his nose against the aria’s pulse point, or to claim. “I want…”

        Ryuuji shivers at the crisp sensation of Rin’s breath against his skin. It makes his toes curl and chills break out across his arms and back. “What babe? You can tell me.”

        Rin pulls his face away from the other man’s neck and looks down. He can’t think with his nose so close to Bon. He shakes his head, trying to find the words. “It’s weird,” he presses his forehead against Bon’s sweaty face and whines.

        “It’s alright…” Suguro answers softly, now confused and a little worried. He looks up at Rin; the half-demons face is pinched, and his eyes are shut. Bon runs a soothing hand up the demon’s spine, but Rin doesn’t relax. “What is it?”

        “My teeth are throbbing,” Rin answers suddenly and exhales. His eyes open and they’re focused. He’s in control, unlike how he was the first time they had sex in this bath house. Rin is aware of these instincts, considering them, but not trying to fight them, either.

        Bon wonders how often Rin has been left to make sense of his own physiology by himself. Satan hasn’t exactly offered the halfling any paternal advice over beer and Mephesto definitely enjoyed giving Rin information in pieces, usually cryptically. As if normal puberty wasn’t uncomfortable enough, Rin has to contend with demonic growth spurts without so much as a user’s manual. It had to be confusing and sometimes scary. “You want to bite me?”

        Rin makes a noise that’s entirely unhuman, something between a needy mewl and a growl as he looks away, avoiding Suguro’s eyes. “I won’t if you don’t want me to, but yeah.” He struggles, not fully understanding it himself. His fangs have swollen in his gums, large and deadly in his mouth and, for some reason, he’s producing more saliva than usual. It’s more than a little embarrassing, but he’s trying to honor his promise to Ryuuji and embrace this side of himself.  He knows only as much as his instincts tell him. In fact, Suguro might actually understand the full implications better than Rin.

        “It would be forever,” Bon says softly as if he’s trying to make sure Rin understands. He had studied demonology more than the halfling, and he knew the basics. Lower level demons didn’t do this, but the ones with dominion over other demons, Demon Kings with legacy…they could bind others with their bite. It was intimate, to say the least, something between a marriage and an adoption within demon culture. It wouldn’t be completed in a single bite, and it wouldn’t be a love-nip, either. It’s likely Ryuuji would need bandages, actually, but most importantly—this bite would bind Suguro to Rin forever. “You know that, right? No annulment, no divorce. It’s a lifelong commitment.”

        The word divorce made Rin’s eyes widen. Apparently, giving human context to his demon instincts cleared some things up. “I won’t do it if you don’t want me to,” he repeated hurriedly as if afraid he might scare Suguro off.

        Bon ignores the halflings panic, “Do you want to?”

        “Yes,” Rin answers breathlessly around his massive teeth. “I don’t, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more.”

        Suguro doesn’t say anything, just breathes deeply and lifts one hand to slide his fingers into Rin’s hair,  brushing the locks out of his lovers eyes. "Rin," he calls gently. Bon waits until the halfling looks him in the eyes. “I want you to bite me.”

         The demon feels his own arms lock up, vibrating with tension and power as he watches Suguro present the vulnerable column of his neck. It was more intimate than seeing Bon naked and spread out on the bed, though that was a close second. More saliva is pooling in his mouth at the sight and for one hysterical second, he worries his demon instincts want him to eat Suguro, but somehow, he knows that’s not even a remote possibility. “This is going to hurt you, isn’t it?”

        Ryuuji notices for the first time since he’s been flipped over that there is a mirror on the ceiling. He can see how Rin’s lithe but powerful frame is boxing him against the bed, how the muscles in his back are defined but deceptively slender. He can also see Rin’s tail, coiling hypnotically in the air. His ancestors are probably rolling in their graves—a long line of demon slayers and priests and their last son is laid out like a naked offering about to accept a demon’s fangs in his throat. Well, screw them. “Probably, but I want it.”

        Rin swoops down at that moment, again running his nose along Suguro’s neck. He does it two or three times, making a line between Bon’s ear and his clavicle, as if trying to find the right spot. “You smell like,” the halflings voice has changed. It’s darker, and his words are slow due to the elongated jaws in his mouth. He takes another deep breath, “like prayer smoke and a winter sunrise, like vanilla blooming on a cold night.” Rin can’t stop the bit of saliva that begins to slide down his tongue and coat Suguro’s exposed neck as he laps at the flesh there.

        Ryuuji is one hundred percent sure he does not smell like those things, but knows this is what he must smell like to Rin’s demonic senses. He tries not to squirm when the halfling licks at his neck, but soon after the frankly gross amount of saliva hits him Bon gasps and feels himself go soft against the bed. His body submits in a way his heart had long ago, and all but opens up entirely for the other.

        Rin notices and purrs, happy to feel Bon relax against the bed and mouths at the aria’s trapezius, where his neck and shoulder meet. He laved that area relentlessly, sucking on it and using his tongue to sooth the gentle mauling.

        Bon’s mouth is still open, gasping and lightly groaning. His arms feel heavy and he’s just barely aware of his own steady breathing and how his neck is tingling. Despite the almost anesthetic nature of Rin’s saliva, Suguro is still hard between his legs and grinds his hips up, meeting nothing but air and huffing in frustration. He feels drugged and weak, but safe because Rin is braced above him.

       The half demon takes his time, preparing the spot he has chosen to bite with licks and kisses and enough saliva to dampen Bon’s entire neck. Rin pauses, pulling his face away to look over the pink, swollen section of Ryuuji’s trapezius. He had sucked and licked at the spot but was careful not to bite into the flesh until Suguro was relaxed. “Are you ready?”

        “Ah,” the aria feels some of his awareness drift back at the sound of Rin’s gravely voice. His mouth hangs open and his skin is buzzing with arousal. His eyes refocus slowly, and he looks to Rin’s face for the first time since the halfling started sucking on his neck.

        Rin’s lips are pulled back in a feral snarl, exposing teeth that don’t belong on a human’s face. His jaws throb and it hurts, the stretch and the ache, but he’s not so far gone that he doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. He pauses, hovering over Bon with an awful, monstrous expression and sad eyes.  He’s waiting for permission.

        “Rin,” Ryuuji raises his hand and gently touches the halflings vicious face again. He wants to convey trust, wants to relieve some of the tension on his lover’s face, but can only manage a few words. “I love you. Do it.”

        Bon is still cupping the side of Rin’s face when the half-demon presses his teeth into Suguro’s damp neck. He can feel the way Rin’s jaws flex against his fingers as those massive fangs settle over his own flesh and clamp down.

        Bon cries out and tangles his fingers in Rin’s hair and at the same time Rin growls around the meat of Bon’s neck. His teeth shred the skin and muscle easily and set to the bone. It doesn’t hurt as much as it should, no doubt a result of the laving Rin applied before—but it’s not painless. Suguro groans and his legs slide against the bed but feels no panic rising in his stomach. Instead, a much more familiar sensation stirs low in his abdomen. “Fuck, Rin,” he huffs and feels his hips squirm against his will. He’s so hard and his pelvis circles slowly, gyrating in a lewd and enticing way.

        The demon groans and rolls his tongue between the bit of flesh caught between his teeth. He all but drools on it, laving the area with more saliva and licking it carefully. Slowly, centimeter by centimeter, Rin withdraws his teeth and licks at the bloody wound again. The bleeding isn’t profuse, but it’s definitely a serious bite. “I want to do it again,” Rin shudders as he admires the spot. There’s blood all over his mouth and staining his teeth.

        Bon only grunts and squirms some more. The sight of Rin’s maw smeared with his own blood isn’t as much of a turn off as it probably should be.

        The half demon’s eyes flick down Bon’s body as if he remembered what they were doing that got them here in the first place. Suguro is sprawled out against the bed, breathing deep and steadily, and his pupils are blow wide, high on whatever Rin’s been producing in his saliva. “You’re mine,” he slips down Bon’s body and gets between his legs. “You’re mine, Ryuuji,” he echo’s the words the aria chanted in front of the mirror. Maybe that’s what started all this, because Bon certainly claimed him against the mirror, but now it’s much more than words. No one could deny the stamp of Rin’s demonic teeth in Bon’s throat.

        “Yes,” Suguro slides his legs apart and welcomes Rin’s hands on his thighs. His vision is swimming again but he’s aware that the halfling is pulling him by the hips toward the end of the bed and then lifting his legs in the air. “C’mon, finally,” he groans mindlessly as Rin slings the human’s legs over his shoulders.

        Despite his own instincts snapping and howling within, Rin stays in control. He’s never felt like this before—simultaneously aware of his demonic impulses and not fighting them or being over run by them. His flames aren’t even out right now, just massive, drooling teeth that ache to sink back into Ryuuji. Instead, he puts his mouth to work between Bon’s spread legs—lapping and sucking much like he had on the others neck, but now focused on licking him open.

        “Ahh,” Suguro’s back arches at the sensation of Rin’s tongue licking around his hole. Though he had done this for Rin countless times, he had never experienced it himself. “Fuck,” he coughed and blinked his eyes into focus and saw them in the mirror again. Rin is gripping Bon’s meaty thighs with both hands and shamelessly going down on him. He’s carful of his fangs, but generous with his tongue and lips and soon everything is wet and slick, and Bon’s head is spinning as he’s hit with another wave of whatever’s in the demon’s saliva.

        Rin can feel it when Suguro begins to relax again. He can feel it in the human’s legs and how his spine dips, but also how his tight rim quivers and loosens, letting Rin push his tongue and then fingers inside. He thinks he could get away without using lube but doesn’t actually want to risk it. He finds the forgotten bottle easily and uncaps it with one hand. “Can you get on your hands and knees for me?”

        “Yeah.” Ryuuji’s legs slip off Rin’s shoulders and moves into position so fast it almost makes him dizzy. When he gets on his hands and knees, he can see Rin behind him through a mirror on the headboard. Seriously, the mirrors were everywhere.

        In the next second Rin is sealing himself to Suguro’s back, hooking his face over the aria’s shoulder and kissing the wound on his neck. “My instincts are going kinda crazy,” he admits while running a hand up Bon’s stomach and nestling his pelvis against Bon’s ass. He breaths in the scent surrounding Suguro's neck and marvels at the trust between them. Bon has offered his body so openly, and it makes Rin feel like a lion basking in the sunlight. “I want to mount you and bite you again. I want to have my teeth in you when I come.”

        “Christ, Rin,” Bon curses and pitched his hips back involuntarily. He would have never pegged Rin as the possessive type, but fuck. 

        “Is that ok? Need you to tell me it’s ok,” he murmured and rubbed his nose along Suguro’s neck from behind. Even now, with Bon bloodied and essentially drugged up, Rin refuses to leave the human without a choice.

        “Yeah,” Bon drops his head between his shoulders. “Yeah, do it.” He feels ready to fly apart. He’s not sure if it’s the gravity of the situation, the demon saliva, or the fact that his dick has been hard for over an hour now and he needs some goddamn relief—but either way he’s about two seconds away from growling at Rin to hurry the fuck up  when the demon grabs him by the hip.

        Rin is nearly on top of Suguro when he slips two fingers inside the aria. They both groan at the slick contact and Bon rocks back on the demon’s fingers.  Rin can’t stop himself from asking if the aria is ready for more, “Are you—”

        “Yes,” Ryuuji snaps breathlessly. As much as he likes teasing Rin when their positions are reversed, Bon is not in the mood.

        The demon doesn’t need to hear it a second time and in the next moment he’s sliding into Ryuuji with a low, satisfied groan. His hips snap back, and forward almost instantly and before Suguro can catch his breath Rin folds himself over the others back and pants into his ear. “I love you, fuck I love you so much, my ma—ah,” he gasps and stops himself from finishing his ramblings.

         Ryuuji’s face shoots up from between his arching shoulder blades. He can see Rin’s face through the headboard mirror again and they lock eyes. The halfling is watching him hungrily, like he can’t get enough even as he grinds them together desperately. Bon’s mouth hangs open, the bliss on his own expression evident as he rolls back and meets Rin’s thrusts. “Yes-yes-fuck, Rin God.”

        Rin turns his face into Ryuuji’s neck again licks around the wound. His teeth are throbbing again, and he tells the other, lips sliding against Suguro’s ear. “Feels so good, want to bite you again. Want to feel my teeth hold you down while I fuck you.” He shoves his face into the aria’s neck helplessly. 

        “You wanna claim me,” Suguro says darkly, calling out his lovers kinky impulses and loving it. "Tell me what you want, baby. Say it." He rolls his hips slower, forcing them to change their pace. He likes being able to feel every inch of Rin press inside him. 

        “Yes,” the demon gasps and mouths at Ryuuji’s neck. He’s so gentle even as his jaws ache. “Want to make you mine. Mark you up with my teeth and make you my mate.” Rin moans, half embarrassed and have aroused out of his mind at the omission. He’s not sure what Bon thinks about being called mate but he can’t stop himself from repeating it now that his intentions are known. “You're mine, my mate.”

        Ryuuji’s head spins and he feels a flush of toe-curling pleasure at Rin’s possessiveness. “Fucking bite me again,” he breaths and lolls his head to the side to allow Rin to wrap his teeth around him. The second bite hurts even less than the first, probably because he’s too distracted by Rin’s dick pressing into him deep and sweet, but as soon as the demon’s teeth sink in Suguro arches his back. “Fuck,” he spits with his head titled and spine curved. At this angle Rin has enough room to hold him by the neck and fuck into him with shallow stabs of his hips. The slow ride from before is gone and now Rin is frantic, fucking Ryuuji roughly and the aria can do little more than take it. 

        Rin moans right into Suguro’s shoulder and his eyes roll back at the combined sensation. He’s inside his mate, pushing in and in and in with his dick and his teeth and nothing has ever felt so good.

        The demon’s tail slithers up between Suguro’s spread thighs and the aria groans when Rin’s tail starts petting him, sliding against his hard cock and over his balls. “Fuck, yes,” he shouts shamelessly. Every part of his body was oversensitive and the firm but careful pressure from the demon’s tail feels like bliss.

        Rin huffs through his nose, unwilling to pull his teeth away even to breath, and runs his hand beneath them to Suguro’s dick. The aria keens at the touch and immediately jerks into Rin’s palm.

       Bon grinds his hips forward, fucking the coil of Rin's fist and chasing his own pleasure. “I’m so close, Rin—shit, I’m—” Ryuuji was shaking. He’s been ready to come since Rin bit him the first time and it’s too much.

        Rin snarls against Bon’s neck, cracks his hips twice more, and then Rin’s coming with his fangs still locked over the human. “Hmmn,” he groans against Ryuuji’s bloodied neck and slowly pumps into his lover as he comes, savoring the full length of his orgasm.

        Bon moans low and long, feels Rin fill him full of come, knows that Rin is still using him and getting off on it, and finally—finally—feels himself boil over. “Oooh, Rin, I—fuck!” He shouts and his hips snap back onto Rin and then forward into his lovers hand. His come shoots up, makes a mess of his own chest and still dribbles down over Rin’s fist. Bon hangs his head and watches his wet cock push through the ring of Rin’s fingers a few more times, over sensitive but still so good it almost hurts, and marvels at the size of his own load. “Fuck,” he winces and feels fatigue set in his arms almost immediately.

        Rin responds in a flash. He manages to separate himself from Ryuuji rather gently and lays the aria down on his back, a little to the side to avoid the wet spot. His hand immediately goes to Bon’s wounded neck, whether out of concern or instinct he’s not sure, but he needs to look at it.

        The bite is still bleeding lazily, but the lacerations look clean. Rin must have set his teeth in the same exact place both times, because he doesn’t see any overlaying bite marks. The area is a little bruised, though, and Rin realizes he wants to lick it clean—so he does.

        Bon jerks when he feels Rin crowd him again and lap at his neck. He’s still recovering from his orgasm and shuddering with aftershocks. “Mh, Rin,” he mumbles with his eyes shut and a faint wince on his face. He’s fucking exhausted.

        “I’ll be right back,” Rin says softly and then steps away. 

        The faint wince turns into a deep frown the longer Rin is away, but Suguro is just too tired to go looking for the halfling. He has half a brain to consider he should be concerned. He's more vulnerable than he's ever been before, weak and bleeding and certainly high on whatever’s in Rin’s saliva—but he’s not worried. He just wants the halfling to come back. Suguro isn’t sure how long Rin is off doing whatever, but he must fall asleep because he wakes up in the other’s arms in the middle of the room. “Wha’s going on?” He looks up and see's the halfling smiling down at him, fangs returned to their normal size and no blood around his mouth. 

        “A bath,” Rin crows proudly and carries him into the bathroom where there is an overly large tub filled with warm water and lavender scented oils. “Try not to drown.”

        Bon is sure he had a witty reply to his lover’s jokes, but it escaped him as Rin walked them into the warm bath. "Aaah, fuck that feels good," he groans as he settles back against Rin's chest. Steam rises up and the relaxing aroma of lavender fills his head. It doesn't have the same nostalgia as the scent of vanilla, but Suguro might just learn to appreciate this smell, too. 

        Rin gently washes the human with a warm sponge, runs it over his shoulders and across his chest. He's careful of the bite on Bon's left side, but otherwise is very thorough and even gets under the humans arms and behind his ears. It's slow, and soothing, and Suguro sags against him heavily. 

        “I might fall asleep in here,” Bon admits with a sigh. His eyes are already closed. 

        “That’s cool,” Rin sounds more like himself now. “I just…dunno, need to take care of you right now, I guess. Do’ya think that’s a demon thing?”

        “Hmm,” Bon rolls his shoulders and enjoys the sensation of Rin washing his over-heated skin and taking care of him. He feels boneless. “I’m kinda still out of it. It’s probably a protective instinct…to stay with me until I’m not so…” he makes a vague gesture with his hand. “Ya know.”

        “I’m not going anywhere,” he promises softly right next to Suguro’s ear. He’s never leaving his mate again. 



Chapter Text


        Rin is pacing around the living room of his apartment—or, what will soon be his former apartment. His shared home with Yukio hasn’t felt welcoming in a long time and it was easier than he first thought to uproot. Rin didn’t have many possessions, something he wasn’t really all that aware of until he packed it all into a few boxes with Bon’s help, and after he hands his key over to Yukio this won’t be his home anymore.

        The decision for Rin to move into Suguro’s apartment was made easily. Neither could stand the idea of living apart anymore. Rin’s demon instincts turned inside out at the thought of not dwelling with his mate, and Bon flat out refused to let Rin face Yukio alone. They came back to the Okumura apartment with empty boxes and determination—ready to tell Yukio what’s what—only, Yukio wasn’t home. So, now, they wait.

        “Babe, stop pacing,” Ryuuji complains loudly from across the room. He’s leaning against the wall with his head tipped back and to the right, trying to relieve some of the strain on his left side. “You’re going to give me a damn headache.”

        Rin keeps pacing and flips him off because the couple still bicker like they always have throughout their teen years and friendship. Suguro sighs and stuffs his hands in his pockets, wishing he could help his anxious lover calm down.

        “Shiemi said he would be back tonight. He’s gonna be here any minute,” Rin’s tail lashed at the air irritably.

        “You know what you’re going to say to him?” The aria asked gently, still propped up against the wall casually with his hands in his pockets. He wanted to get home, unpack Rin’s things, and make his apartment their apartment. He also wants to change the bandages on his neck and maybe pop some pain relievers because goddamn his entire left side is sore and bruised, but there’s no way he’s leaving Rin here when Yukio could show up at any moment.

        Rin stopped pacing, but his tail continued to flick behind him. “I’m gonna kick his ass!” He promised with righteous anger, but his threat lacks commitment. Rin always hated fighting with Yukio, and they both know it.

        “You know, I’m not going to be disappointed if you don’t clock him.” Bon doesn’t want to make this harder on Rin than it has to be, even if he wants to knock Yukio down a peg or two, himself. “He’s your brother, and I know you’re going to love him no matter what. I don’t expect you to choose between me and Yukio. I just need to know that you’re going to choose us over his opinions of us.”

        Rin looks up with a wry grin on his face. “When did you get so mature and understanding, anyway? No one else would put up with this bullshit.”

        Ryuuji shrugs his right shoulder nonchalantly, “the sex is really good.”

        “Shut up,” Rin guffaws and it’s the first time he’s unwound since they got in the apartment.

        Bon smiles back and feels prideful about making his lover laugh. “Hey, I know one way we could get back at four-eyes,” he says conspiratorially and wiggles his finger in a come-hither motion.

        Rin trots up to his mate curiously. “Oh yeah?” He does love a good prank.

        “Yeah,” Suguro grins devilishly and pulls the halfling in close by the hips. They’re standing near front door with Bon pressed against the wall and Rin on top of him. The hot proximity of their bodies is more than a little distracting as Ryuuji slides one hand around the small of Rin’s back. Then, serious as a heart attack, he suggests, “we could fuck on his bed.”

        “Pfft,” Rin bursts out laughing and hangs his head next to Suguro’s shoulder. “You’re supposed to be the responsible one! What would Konekomaru think?" 

        Suguro scoffs and looks to the side, pretending to be offended. “No one will believe you. You’re totally the bad influence, devil boy.” He glances back at the other and Rin is giving him an amused smile. It’s the most natural thing in the world to kiss him.  

        Then the front door opens.

        Ryuuji gives Rin’s hip an encouraging squeeze before ending their kiss. They turn their heads, still embracing one another, and see Yukio’s startled face in the threshold. The younger twin is frozen, hand still on his key in the door, and he looks like he might shit a brick.

        “Sup, Yukio.” Suguro can’t help the smug tone and hopes his lover will forgive him for it later. It’s worth it for the way Yukio’s eyes bug out. 

        “Hn,” is all the dragoon manages but the sheer irritation is evident in his face, and his posture. He looks like he could snap in two at the slightest provocation.

        Rin slips away from Suguro’s arms and holds the door open for his twin. “Hey bro, uh…we need to talk. Obviously,” he mutters the last part and looks at the floor.

        Yukio didn’t loosen up any as he walked into the apartment. His spine was ramrod straight even as he sets down his briefcase and rights his glasses. When he turns around Yukio’s mouth is pinched in a tight line and he’s clenching his teeth. “Alright, let’s hear it,” he snaps angrily. He’s already brimming with his signature holier-than-thou attitude that never fails to make Rin feel stupid. “What’s your half-baked excuse for ruining Suguro's life over a hookup?”

        Rin frowns, but doesn't wilt like he used to under his brothers’ vitriol. "It's not like that," he corrects firmly.

        "Then what's it like?" He returns, unconvinced. Of course, Yukio knew his brother and Suguro had been…involved. He assumed it was just sex, a fling that was happening due to Bon's passing interest and Rin's desperation. He gives the aria a tense look, as if daring Suguro to speak up. There's no way Bon wants this whole package. No one in their right mind wants that job, as far as Yukio is concerned.

        Then Ryuuji steps closer and takes Rin's hand in his; Yukio notices the bandage on the arias left side. He hadn’t seen the wrappings when he first walked in, too distracted by the sight of his twin curled in Suguro’s arms. “What happened to your neck?” He posed the question to the aria but is glaring at Rin.

        “That’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about,” the demon grins impishly and appears to brush off his brother’s blatant disapproval and disgust. Suguro knows this is an act. This same façade used to fool him when they were younger, but now he knows better. Rin pretends to be unbothered by his brother’s constant disappointment but inside he’s torn up and bleeding. He won’t show it, though, because he doesn’t want to hurt Yukio’s feelings.

        “If the Grigori find out you bit a human you'll be rearrested for sure!” Yukio still sounds angry, but now also worried. The younger twin pinches the bridge of his nose, already thinking about how to get Rin out of trouble again. His expression flickers through irritation, then fear, then exhaustion so fast it makes Suguro tired just watching. “I can fix this, you just—”

        “Bro,” Rin interrupts carefully and Yukio stops panicking long enough to look back to the couple. “There’s nothing to fix. I didn't just bite him…we’re together now. Forever.” He doesn’t sound at all embarrassed about it, but still fumbles with an appropriate way to describe the finer details of his new commitment to his mate.

        Suguro, however, doesn’t feel like being so tactful. “Hey.” He jerks his chin in Yukio's direction to get his attention and singsongs, “we’re in-laws.”

        The dragoon goes pale as he processes the information. At first, he thought Rin just lost control and bit Suguro in passion but this. “Are you insane!” He blurts after a moment, rounding on Rin and shaking his brother by the collar of his shirt. He all but ignores Suguro, as if he weren’t a responsible party in this. “You—you mate marked a human, the heir to the Myōō Dharani?”

        Bon groans irritably and throws his head back. “Fuck man, I’m right here.”

        Yukio refocused his attention to the aria. “How are you so calm about this? Angel is just waiting for any excuse to kill Rin and he’ll kill you for promising yourself to a demon!”

        “Yeah I don’t think so,” Ryuuji deadpans and sort of enjoys the frenzied irritation that shook Yukio’s very being.

        “What do you mean, you don’t think so?” The dragoon snapped, still holding his brother by the collar. Rin hangs limply in his twin’s grasp, as if he’s hoping Yukio will forget about him so he can slide out of his shirt and scurry away. It would be kind of funny, and it reminds Bon of their Cram School days. Back then Yukio was always throttling the halfling and fussing about homework or Rin’s general lack of common sense. It used to amuse Suguro. Now, though, he finds it pretty fucking annoying.

        “I think if the Grigori want to keep me and the Myōō Dharani in True Cross they better be nice to my fucking mate,” he explained harshly. Maybe Yukio saw his position as future leader of his Temple as a barrier, but Suguro figures it can only work in their favor. True Cross wants the Myōō Dharani, and they only recently agreed to the merger under his father’s leadership. If certain terms weren’t met, there would be no reason to continue to affiliate with True Cross, the Grigori, or the Vatican. The Myōō Dharani have been priests and exorcists for thousands of years without True Cross, they could do it again.

        Yukio curses and steps away from them, clearly not convinced that would be enough to spare their lives. “You’re both insane! Do you think the Grigori will just, what, let you live happily ever after in Kyoto, or something? You’re Satan’s son, they’re not going to just forget about you, Rin!” He paces for a few seconds and stops to grip the counter bar top, as if he can’t stand to look at the two idiots. 

        Rin watches his twin literally turn his back on them and waits, but Suguro can see that he’s nearly vibrating with the urge to fix this newest rift between them. A few days ago, Rin might have given up easily just to keep Yukio’s approval, but not now. He holds his ground. After a long pause, Rin finds his voice. “Yukio, I’m really happy,” he gives a soft laugh like he can’t believe it himself. “I know this is a lot to accept right now but, can’t you just…be happy for me?” His voice is small and hesitant. He knows, already, that he’s asking too much from his brother.

         Yukio laughs incredulously and shakes his head, still facing away from them. “I’ll be sure to remember that when you’re both imprisoned or dead.” He turns around with a nasty scowl on his face and Rin shrinks back like a scolded child. “Just do what you want. You always do, just like with dad,” he scoffs hatefully.

        Ryuuji watches Rin’s face go ghastly white and decides he’s heard enough. He puts himself between the twins and glowers at the youngest. “If you talk to him like that again I’m going to bust you in the fucking jaw.”

        “What did you say,” Yukio asks and rears his head back in disbelief like he can’t believe the aria had the balls to threaten him.

        Rin stands behind his mate and watches anxiously. “Yukio, come on, just… we didn’t come here to fight.”

        “Shut the hell up, Rin. This is your faul—” Yukio doesn’t get to finish his sentence because Ryuuji cracks him over the mouth so hard the dragoon nearly drops to the floor. He slumps against the bar, holding his face where Suguro punched him. He stays there, stunned, for half a second before he's up and lunging at Suguro with his fist drawn back. 

        Ryuuji is ready for him, but Rin moves so fast he literally catches Yukio out of the air. The demon forces his brother back, slamming him against the wall with so much force it knocks the breath out of the human. With his brother pinned between the wall and his own body Rin snaps his jaws near Yukios face in warning, “don’t fucking touch him.”

        Time slows down as Yukio stares back with a terrified expression. Rin has never used his demonic strength against him and now all he can see is his twin’s angry, snarling teeth. He tries to tug at Rins wrist that's wedged under his chin, holding him up against the wall several inches off the ground but it's useless. The half-demon is strong as steel, and Yukio panics. It's not the first time he's been afraid of his half-demon brother, but it might be the first time his fear is warranted. Without thinking, Yukio looks down at the gun on his hip.

        Rin's notices and his eyes flicker with sadness. "Do you still hate me that much?" 

       Behind them Ryuuji shifts, but otherwise the room is dead silent. There was a time Yukio thought he could shoot his brother. Right now, he doesn't know what he's capable of. "I think you should leave," Yukio says quietly.

        Ryuuji moves into action then and slides a hand up Rin's back. “Babe, it’s alright. He didn’t hurt me. Let him down.” He uses a soft tone, hoping to calm the halfling down before he does something he will regret. 

        Rin lowers Yukio, letting his twin stand on his own feet, but he continues to hold him by the collar. It’s a dangerous parody of how Yukio held Rin not too long ago, only the demon doesn’t shake his brother or yell in his face. Instead, he stares into the human’s eyes with something between resignation and sorrow. “You'll always be my brother, Yukio. I'm sorry it had to be like this." He drops the apartment key on the floor, not looking back when he walks out with Suguro. 



        Their friends took the news with more grace than Yukio. Some were giddy with excitement (Shura and Shiemi); others were scandalized but supportive (Konekomaru and Renzo); and one was nonplused, appearing as if she had seen it coming for years (Izumo). Word of their relationship spreads like wildfire among other exorcists outside their friend group, too. Bon notices the increased whispers, pointed fingers, and shameless gawking when they go out. Onlookers seem to react to them even when they’re not being overly affectionate, as if the couple is some carnival oddity. The aria knows Rin’s been living with people staring at him for the past ten years or so, and shakes it off even though Rin constantly apologizes about the extra attention.

        They decide not to tell anyone else about the mating bite. Yukio might be an ass, but he wasn’t wrong about the Grigori. It is likely Angel would try to smite Rin if they heard the halfling had sunk his fangs in a human—let alone claimed one as his mate. The wound is easy to hide and heals up nicely, though. It shapes into a large but discrete circular stamp on Suguro’s trapezius. It’s not visible unless he’s shirtless and even then, the scarring is faint and blends nicely with Bon’s natural complexion. The other exorcists don’t notice it and as far as everyone knows Rin and Ryuuji are practicing a human relationship only.

        However, they soon discover that other demons can sense Suguro’s mated status even if they can’t actually see the bite mark. The couple learn this awkwardly one day after Izumo summons Uke and Mike. The two Byakko sniff Bon hesitantly and then quickly back off, referring to him as the Prince’s Consort. This, naturally, results in Izumo laughing mercilessly at Suguro, Rin looking like someone yanked on his tail, and Bon shouting at his mate Your consort?

        So, really, after discovering that demons can apparently see Property of Rin Okumura branded across Suguro in neon letters, they should have been prepared for when Mephisto figured it out.

        Rin is cooking over the stove when he hears a dainty knock at the front door. He expects Shiemi or Izumo, because he and Ryuuji are hosting a party tonight and the girls had offered to help him set up. It’s still about two hours before everyone is supposed to arrive, but he’s thankful for the extra hands.

        “Coming!” Rin steps away from the stovetop and opens the door with a grin. Only, it’s not Shiemi or Izumo waiting for him.

        Mephisto is bowing with one hand raising that ridiculous umbrella and the other holding his oversized hat. When he looks up the older demon has a manic smile on his face. “Good evening little brother.”  

        Rin’s first thought is crap because they definitely didn’t invite Mephisto to their party, and that was kind of mean, wasn’t it? But then Mephisto is strolling inside as if he were the guest of honor.

        “Eeeeh, come on in, I guess.” Rin shuts the door and follows behind the other demon. He and Mephisto weren’t exactly close. They certainly didn’t have the kind of fraternal bond he shared with Yukio, but over the years they had warmed up to one another. The halfling was still weary of the eccentric Demon King of Time, but some resemblance of a family connection had gradually developed between them.

        The elder demon looks around the apartment with mild curiosity, as if he can judge anyone’s taste in interior design. “I’m disappointed in you, Rin. I could hardly believe it when I heard about you and Suguro,” he announces with his nose in the air.

        Rin frowns. He and Mephisto might not be as close as most sibling, but at the very least Rin didn’t want another brother criticizing his mate. Rin takes a breath, ready to bite the bullet, but then the smoke detector goes off. The alarm is blaring, and both demon’s wince at the shrill sound. “Shit,” Rin forgot to take the food off the stove and now there’s smoke billowing up toward the ceiling. He darts back in the kitchen, leaving Mephisto alone in the living room. “Shit, shit, shit.” The halfling is still hopping around the kitchen swatting at a flaming frying pan when Suguro comes barreling down the hallway in a towel, dripping wet from his shower.

        “What the hell’s going on?!” Bon’s shouts over the fire alarm, but then notices Mephisto and stops dead with a very manly yelp.  

        “Oh my.” Mephisto coos and politely turns his head, but fans his face dramatically. 

         Suguro goes bright red and looks down at his towel. Thankfully, it was still secure around his waist. 

         Rin whips his head up and has to grip the counter top to keep himself from jumping over the bar and getting between Suguro and his brother. He does not like Mephisto being so close to his nearly naked mate, even if the older demon was feigning decency by looking away. “Uh, could you…could you put some clothes on? Please.” The halfling says tightly while his eyes bounce between Ryuuji and the other demon. Rin is fairly certain if his mate doesn’t leave the room immediately he’s going to start a fight with Mephisto. Like, a real fight.  

        Ryuuji turns tail and runs.

        Mephisto chortles. “Well, that was unexpected.” The creep was still fanning himself.

        Rin feels his hackles drop a little after Suguro is out of the room but is still uncharacteristically irritable. “What are you even doing here?” He cries and throws the pan, now caked with burnt food, into the sink. 

        “I thought we already established that.” He sniffs as if Rin is the unreasonable one in this situation. He sweeps the tail of his coat to the side before sitting on the sofa, making himself at home. “I’m here because I heard that you and Suguro are mated, of course.”

        “Yeah, well, I already got an earful from Yukio so save it,” Rin grumped. He swung a kitchen towel over his shoulder and stomped  away from the sink, now feeling less likely to gouge Mephisto’s eyes out. When he reaches the living room, he crosses his arms and glares at the other demon. He tries to look intimidating but probably only manages to pull off disgruntled housewife. He’s still got a clip in his hair, for Christ sake.

        Mephisto clicks his tongue in disapproval and crosses his stupidly long legs. Clearly, he isn’t in a hurry to leave as he folds his fist under his chin delicately and gives his half-brother a pout. “Oh? Did Yukio have to hear the news from Ukobach, too?” 

        Rin stops scowling and blinks in confusion. “Huh?”

        “Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, you brat!” Mephisto hisses. “Do you know how humiliating it is to hear from your familiar that your very own brother took a mate?” He huffs and throws himself back on the sofa, looking genuinely upset about it.

        Rin squints at the too-tall demon throwing a temper tantrum on his sofa. This wasn’t where he thought this was going. “So, you’re not…you don’t disapprove?”

        Mephisto snorts and gives his brother a coy smile. “No. Certainly not after seeing him in a towel, anyways.”

        Rin suddenly feels like scrapping again.

        The older demon notices how easy it is to rile Rin up and laughs at his expense. “Ooh, that’s going to be funny for a very long time, let me tell you.” He dabs under his eye to wipe away fake tears of mirth. “You’ll be testy whenever he's threatened or other high-level demons are around for quite some time, by the way.”

        “I’m noticing,” Rin grits out. He briefly recalls how he reacted when Yukio raised his fist to Ryuuji. His brothers know how to push his buttons, apparently. 

        Suguro reemerges from their bedroom, dressed this time, and walks up to his lover. He can feel how high-strung Rin is and carefully reaches out to touch the halflings clenched fist. “What’s going on?”

        “Oh, I just stopped by to congratulate you two, and tease my brother a bit.” Mephisto pulls his arms up over the back of the sofa and his umbrella floats in the air next to him. “I must admit, I am surprised you actually went through with it. Didn’t think you had it in you.” He winks at the both of them.

        “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Rin growls like a lunatic and Ryuuji quirks an amused eyebrow at him.  

        “As I’m sure you know,” Mephisto drawls in a way that clearly implies he’s about the drop some crushing information. “Most humans don’t survive more than a few hours after a demon’s mating bite.” 

        Rin pales and snaps his head to look at Ryuuji. “Did you know?” He asks with a frantic expression as he considers how close he might have been to killing his mate.

        “No idea,” Suguro croaks. He had only read about demons’ mate-marking other demons. He didn’t know anything about the risks involved for a human. In retrospect, that was stupid of him, but Ryuuji was kind of distracted at the time, alright?

         “Oh, you didn’t know?” Mephisto asks, feigning surprise like an asshole. “Well, you must have bit the same spot each time, creating an impressive mating scar.” He actually looks proud of his younger brother and Suguro suspects if they were human Mehpisto might have given Rin a high-five and asked him how it was. “Most demons aren’t able to manage such precision in the heat of the moment.”

         Rin blanches, considering what his half-brother is saying. He remembers being on top of Ryuuji, ready to bite him the second time, and feeling the desire to slide his jaws into the same exact spot as the first bite. Rin foolishly thought he just really liked that part of Bon’s neck... but he had also felt unreasonably proud when he saw the clean line of teeth on his mate. “So, if I hadn't bit the same place both times…” 

        The elder demon nods with a knowing smile, “dead within hours.” If Mephisto notices the awkward silence that followed, he ignores it. “But you preformed wonderfully!” He stands up and claps his hands together merrily. “That kind of bite is difficult to accomplish, even on other demons. Of course, an overlapping bite wouldn’t kill one of us, but it would be unsightly.” He paused, thinking of a better way to explain, and then lifts a single finger in the air as if he had an idea. “Ah, yes. In a human context, the mating bite you placed on Suguro is the equivalent of a very expensive engagement ring.”

        “Lucky me,” Suguro squeaked and Rin looked ready to stick his head in the dirt.

        “You’re still a brat for not telling me, though.” Mephisto gives them both an annoyed look. “I’ve lost so much face with my own familiar. Unacceptable.”

        “We want to keep it a secret,” Suguro admitted. “Not everyone would understand.”

        “Hm, certainly not,” the Demon King agreed tersely. “But I’m afraid there will be no hiding it from demons. I could sense it outside the building.” He shoved his thumb over his shoulder with a deadpan look as if to demonstrate the range on Suguro’s mating mark. “It will get back to the Grigori, eventually. It’s just a matter of time.”

        Rin and Suguro both hold their breath. Mephisto is a wild card at best. He might be Rin’s brother, but he thrives in chaos. This is why they didn’t tell him—who knows what the Demon King will do with this information? 

        Mephisto either contemplates their very lives, or pauses just to fuck with them, but after a long moment he finally grins. “Well, I don’t see why they have to hear it from me. Maybe Ukobach can tell them about it, the big gossip.”

        Rin is so relieved to hear Mephisto won’t be ratting them out he drops his head and sighs, “thanks, bro.” His face is tipped down when he says it, so he doesn’t notice how his half-brother’s manic expression softens slightly. As close as they’ve gotten, Rin never called Mephisto bro—that endearment had always been reserved exclusively for Yukio.   

        Suguro watches the rare but tender exchange between the two demons and feels like a jerk for not trusting Mephisto. “Did you want to stay? We’re having some people over later,” Ryuuji offers and genuinely wouldn’t mind having the flamboyant demon stick around. He’s probably great at parties, now that Bon thinks about it.

         Mephisto shoots Suguro a grateful look, but ultimately declines. “I’m afraid I have other engagements tonight but thank you for the offer.” He snatches his umbrella from the air and at first it looks as if he’s about to take his leave. Then, Mephisto begins to draw small circles in the air. The atmosphere around the pointed end of the umbrella spark and catch fire, spinning out into a vaguely familiar shape. “Let me leave you with a little congratulations gift.” From the sparks drop two lovely, deep red dahlias. They fall into Mephisto’s outstretched palm, looking vibrant and freshly picked. “Here, some flare for your party.” He pins a flower to each of their shirts and grins, clearly happy with his contribution. 

        “Thanks,” Rin says dumbly while admiring the flower.

         Bon adds a bewildered, “yeah thank you.”

        “Yes, well,” Mephisto says loudly and is maybe a bit embarrassed with his own actions. “I must be going now.” He starts walking toward the door to let himself out. “Ta, love birds. Don’t be strangers, now.”


Dahlia- Commitment, Staying graceful under pressure, especially in challenging situations, Drawing upon inner strength to succeed, Making a major life change in a positive way, Standing out from the crowd and following your own unique path, and Staying kind despite being tested by certain life events





        Rin has been looking forward to tonight for weeks. He and Ryuuji have planned a small housewarming party at their apartment to celebrate moving in together and their new relationship. Rin took care of most of the arrangements and ends up being a good host. He prepared food, drinks, and games. He invited all their friends and after the initial unexpected visit from Mephisto, the rest of the party goes off without a hitch.

        Renzo is crushing everyone at Dance-Dance Revolution and Izumo is taking sneaky videos of his epic dance moves. She forwards these videos directly to his brothers. Miwa brought a date and is trying to politely take her around the room to introduce her to everyone but can’t get past Shiemi, who gushes over the girl’s curly hair. Bon wonders when Sei and Paku must have met, because the two seem awful close and Sei keeps running to the kitchen to get Paku any little thing she desires. Amaimon even shows up halfway through the night, with combed hair and a godawful green vest-suit. He says he heard there was a party and thrusts a heart-shaped box of chocolates in Rin’s chest before awkwardly joining Shura by the drink table. Everyone enjoys themselves and Rin spends the whole night smiling. 

        While the half-demon is over the moon about being surrounded by his friends, Suguro only has eyes for Rin. He’s not being very discrete and Izumo and Shura tease him for the doe-eyes more than once. The aria is so distracted by his mate's happiness it’s a miracle that Ryuuji even notices when his front door opens.  

        Rin doesn’t notice it himself because Shura is throwing popcorn at him and the halfling is catching it out of the air. Amaimon is demanding that Shura throw popcorn at him because he can do it better. Just as Rin and Amaimon start shoving each other over popcorn projectiles Suguro slides away discretely. As he excuses himself Bon catches a shrewd look from Shura; she noticed, too. Yukio is standing by the door.

        There is no way in hell Suguro is going to let Yukio spoil this party for Rin. The halfling is having a great time and the only thing that could ruin Rin’s good mood (short of Satan crashing their party) is standing in his doorway.

        Ryuuji knows Rin has been reaching out to his brother, desperate to mend their relationship. However, he was under the impression Yukio had not been receptive to Rin's attempts. Something must have changed for him to show up here. “Kitchen,” Bon says lowly—not giving Yukio an option.

        The younger twin glances back at his brother with weary eyes. It’s obvious Yukio came here to see Rin and didn’t want to have to go through Ryuuji. He must realize that’s not going to happen, though, because he silently walks over to the kitchen without a fight.

        It’s a galley kitchen with a bar separating it from the rest of the apartment. Half of the kitchen space is visible from the living room, but the back corner is out of view. Along the bar they’ve collected housewarming gifts, cards, and one large bouquet of white peonies. The flowers further obscure the view into the back of kitchen and give them an extra layer of privacy. Suguro walks Yukio back there so no one can see the dragoon, but Yukio can still catch glimpses of the rest of the party if he looks over Suguro’s shoulder.

        “What are you doing here?” Bon asks, careful to keep his voice low. If Rin wanted to focus on his voice, they would be found out easily. He just has to hope between the commotion in the living room and Shura’s interference that Rin is too distracted to hear them.

        “Rin invited me,” Yukio answers without the usual vitriol. Maybe he just wants to avoid another tap to the jaw, but he doesn’t look like he’s about to start preaching any time soon.

        Suguro isn’t totally surprised Rin invited his brother to their party. Rin wants Yukio back in his life but… “you know if he sees you here, he’s going to think you’ve accepted it and are happy for us now.”  

        Yukio looks away, glares at their pantry door with his hands on his hips. He still doesn’t support them, still not happy about it. Bon wonders not for the first time if Yukio has a problem with them because they’re both men, or if he just thinks any intimate relationship with a demon is inherently wrong. Regardless, it doesn’t look like his feelings are going to change any time soon. “It’s good you saw me first. We need to talk, anyways.”  

        “Yeah, this should be good,” he mutters and crosses his arms. “I swear if you threaten me about not hurting your brother, Shura will absolutely help me hide your body.”

         The dragoon scoffs. “Right, because you and Shura know best?” He sounds almost…jealous.

        “We don’t force him to pretend he’s something he’s not,” Bon shoots back smoothly.

        “What he is,” Yukio stresses, “is a demon. Everyone needs to accept it and understand that the moment the Grigori decide he’s too powerful to be controlled they’ll kill him.” This was a tired argument, one that Yukio had made many, many times. He hopes by grooming Rin’s rough edges, making him docile and obedient and forcing him to act as human as possible, that the Grigori might let Rin live. “You think I’m the bad guy? I’ve been watching out for Rin his entire life. The only reason he’s still alive is because I’ve made sure he stayed in line.”  

        Suguro remembers the awful conversation he and Rin had the night before the twins went to Father Fujimoto’s grave. Rin gasping with tears burning down his face—wishing he were dead because he is the very thing his father died fighting and brother hates. Rin doesn’t want to be kept alive; he wants to be loved and accepted. He wants to have a full life and not feel like his family resents him for existing. “That’s not what Rin wants.”  

        “We can’t all have what we want, Suguro! It’s time he grows up. Do you think I wanted this? Do you think I like following behind him, losing sleep, risking my career, and setting aside my life just to keep my brother breathing?” Yukio realizes that his voice has raised to auspicious levels and he and Suguro hold their breath, both peering over the counter to ensure they haven’t been overheard.

         Rin is still being distracted, now playing Dance-Dance Revolution with Shiemi. Bon and Yukio abandon their tense conversation long enough to watch their partners jump and twirl in front of the TV. They’re still watching when Ryuuji speaks next, “Rin is a burden to you.”

         “What?” Yukio asks, sounding rough and so, so guilty.

        Suguro continues watching Rin dance in the living room. His lover is losing terribly, and his dahlia flower is flopping against his chest from dancing so violently but he’s having the time of his life. Bon can’t help but smile watching him, even as he puts words to the awful truth. “Protecting him is a burden and you resent it.” When he finally looks back to Yukio the dragoon is staring at him with a perplexed expression. It’s as if Yukio can’t fathom how anyone wouldn’t feel burdened by Rin. “Consider yourself absolved.”  

        “What,” he repeats in a harsh, disbelieving tone. It looks like he might topple over, like he can’t believe his ears. He looks relieved—like he’s found a way out.

        “Not your job anymore,” Suguro explains without malice. “I’m happy to do it. I want to do it.” Ryuuji honestly believes Yukio loves his brother, but it’s clear that the responsibility of looking after him has corroded their relationship. For all their sakes, the youngest twin needs to let go.  “You can just be his brother again, and not his keeper.”

        “It’s not that simple…” Yukio argues weakly, eyes widening with thinly veiled hope. It’s so obvious he doesn’t want the responsibility. He’s a gaunt, rigid, 23-year-old with the weariness of someone twice his age. It had been unfair to put Rin’s wellbeing on Yukio when they were only children, but the younger twin had done his best. Even now, faced with the possibility of his freedom, Yukio struggles to walk away despite how he loathes the burden. “I can’t just…I promised my dad I would watch after Rin.”  

         “And now I’m promising you the same thing,” Ryuuji returns far more kindly than he first thought he could manage. A part of him still wants to throw the dragoon through a window, but this moment was too somber for that. Ryuuji wants the other man’s trust; this won’t work without it. He looks Yukio in the eyes. “We’re getting married in the fall, back in Kyoto. I'll keep him safe; I promise.”

         Yukio says nothing at first, but then there’s a break in his expression. He slides both palms against his face, pushing his glasses up his forehead in an attempt to press tears back into his eyes. He hides his face behind his hands and whispers, “you must think I’m a real bastard.” His voice is torn, near crying but he holds it together through sheer force of will. If he starts crying there’s no way Rin won’t catch them, and he’s just not ready for that.

        Yukio knows his feelings for Rin are warped. He hates his twin for being a demon, for making everything complicated, and for representing everything Yukio hates and fears about himself. He hates being known as the demon’s brother and the skirting looks he gets—does that mean Yukio is a demon, too?  He hates how he can never seem to get it right with Rin, fails him and their father at every turn.

        He remembers what it was like to admire his brother, to look up to him and respect his tenacity—even if it feels like a lifetime ago. He remembers being envious of Rin’s easy smiles and devil-may-care-attitude. Yukio wanted to be more like his twin, at one time. He wanted Rin’s fearlessness and strength.

        Yukio knows he loves his brother, but he’s so far removed from it he can’t even remember what that feels like anymore. And that hurts. 

        When Yukio pulls himself together, he looks over the counter again and sees Rin throw his head back in laughter. He looks carefree; fangs bared and tail lazily waving in the air behind him. Yukio can’t hate him for this, for being comfortable in his own home and so damn happy. He knows Suguro is waiting for him to say or do something, so he comments on the flowers. “The peonies are really pretty.”  

        Bon has been watching Yukio this whole time as the man whittled his emotions down to something more manageable. While he agrees that the bouquet is nice, he doesn’t know what that has to do with anything. “They were a present from Shiemi.” He answers slowly, but is pretty sure Yukio knew that already. Surely, the girl told her boyfriend about the party and the flowers, probably even tried to convince him to come with her. He treads carefully, though, because the youngest Okumura hasn't given his blessing yet. 

        “Did she tell you what white peonies represent?” He asks, voice wavering.

        "No, she didn't."

        Yukio takes a shuddering breath, "a happy marriage." He finally looks at the other and gives him a frail but kind smile. "Take better care of him than I did, alright?" His voice breaks then, and tears spring from his eyes.

         Suguro surprises both of them when he pulls Yukio in for a hug. Between the blessing and embrace, and olive branch is extended and offers them a chance to fix things.

        No more than a few seconds pass before Rin finally caught them. "What's going on?" The half-demon sounds concerned maybe a bit confused. The last time the three of them were together it definitely didn’t end in heart-felt hugs.

        Ryuuji pulls away and slaps the younger twin on the shoulder in a friendly manner. "I'll let you guys talk." 

        Suguro watches from the living room as Rin approaches his brother hesitantly. He knows the half-demon regrets snapping his jaws at Yukio and his movements are careful and slow at first. It's not long before both twins are crying, but it's actually Yukio who gathers Rin up in his arms in a hug. Later, Ryuuji learns that Yukio apologized for a lot of things, and promised to give Suguro and Rin a chance. They don't solve all their problems that night, but they finally have a chance to heal. 


White Peony- romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, and compassion


Chapter Text



        “I've got it!” Renzo crows as he returns to their window table, holding a cup of coffee in each hand. He looks a little too excited, and the whole table prepares themselves.

        “This should be good,” Suguro drawls while scrolling through his phone. Rin sits beside him eating a muffin and drinking an iced coffee. They had plans later, but stopped to get a quick breakfast at a coffeehouse with the Izumo, Renzo, and Miwa. 

        “Just give me my drink, idiot,” Izumo sighs as the pink-haired monk struggles to get seated with his hands full.

        “Did you have a costume idea, Shima?” Konekomaru asks amicably. He’s sitting at the end of the table with both couples on either side of him. The group had plans to go to a costume party and they're trying to decide on a group ensemble. They hadn’t had a whole lot of success, so far.

        “Yes!” Renzo asserts. “It’s perfect, we absolutely have to do it!”

        The table looked at him mildly, already doubting his latest bright idea. Rin takes an obnoxious drag through his straw, breaking the suspenseful silence.

        “Inuyasha,” Renzo declared proudly before sitting back and taking a sip of his drink. 

        "No way, that anime is so lame." Izumo rolls her eyes and the others immediately back her up. 

        “No, no, think about it.” The pinked haired monk waved his hands frantically, trying to get control of the table. “We all hunt demons and Rin is a half-demon, right? It’s perfect! Put some dog ears on you and WHAM. Inuyasha. You even have a scary older full-demon brother. Kuro can be Kirara, Izumo would be Sango and I’ll be—”

        “Miroku,” they all groan in horror.

        “Exactly!” He turns to the moody tamer beside him, holding both her hands between his with a serious expression. “Dear Izumo, will you have my child.”

         She decides to slip into character immediately and smacks Renzo across the face so hard his ears pop.

         “Then who am I supposed to be?” Miwa complains while Shima recovers from head trauma.

         “Yeah, or me?” Bon asks with a confused shrug. It’s not like he was a huge fan of Inuyasha, it was kind of a girly show, but he remembers the main cast.

          Renzo, now with Izumo’s hand print glowing against his cheek, looks a little sheepish all a sudden. “Well, Miwa you’d be Shippo—hey, don’t look at me like that! You’re still kinda short and you could totally pull it off…and Bon. Eeeeh….you are a priest in love with a half-demon soooo.”

          The table goes silent for about three seconds but the moment everyone figures out what Renzo is getting at two things happen at once: Rin laughs so hard he falls out of his chair and Suguro jumps across the table to shake Renzo senseless.

        “I’m NOT dressing as Kagome! She wears a skirt, a really, really short skirt! You pervert!” He whips his head down to his husband, who is cackling on the floor. “What are you laughing at!” He kicks Rin on the leg, but it’s not very hard.

        “Oooh, are you gonna sit me?”

        “You’re already on the floor, dumbass,” Suguro points out.

        The half-demon pulls himself up by resting his arms on the table and looks at Renzo. “I support this idea. All in favor of my husband wearing a schoolgirl uniform raise their hand.” Everyone raises their hand but Miwa and Bon.  

        “Aug,” Suguro groans and shoves Rin away from the table. “Unbelievable. I’m not gonna dress up as Kagome.”

        “What about Kikyo? She wore pants,” Renzo offers helpfully with a shit-eating grin.

        “Fuck you,” Bon snaps and finally sits down after realizing that he definitely made a scene. Half the patrons in the coffee shop are staring at him or avoiding his glare by any means necessary.

        “I’m with Bon,” Miwa sniffs. He’s not happy about being cast as a fox-child-thing, either.

        “Spoil-sport,” Rin mutters but gets back in his seat, too. He looks at Renzo across the table and whispers, “I’ll work on him.”

        “The hell you will,” Suguro growls.

          Rin cackles again and takes up his phone, probably to search for an official Kagome uniform, but then he notices the time. “Oh crap,” Rin yips suddenly and jumps back up. “We’ve got to go, we’re gonna miss the train.”

         The aria stands next, thankful they got their coffee to go, and starts to shuffle past Miwa. “Later guys. Keep thinking about costume ideas, got it?!”

         Rin gives Izumo a quick hug on their way out. “See yah!” When Bon is walking away, he flashes his phone to the table and points at it. There’s a Kagome cosplay costume in his shopping chart.


        Ryuuji straightens his tie as they step off the train and tries not to feel too nervous. He’s been here before, right after they got married less than a year ago, but this is the first time he’s been to Father Fujimoto’s grave on the anniversary of his death. He had been dreading this day all year because he knows what it means for Rin.  He just had to hope the half-demon is in a better place today than he was this time last year.

        They walk up to the headstone hand in hand. When they get a few feet away they can see flowers left behind by Shiemi and Yukio. The couple had paid their respects that morning, while Rin and Suguro preferred to sleep in and visit in the afternoon.

         It took time, but Yukio has thawed and Rin got better at waiting for his twin to come to him instead of forcing a relationship and smothering them. Both have learned to give the other room to cultivate their owns lives and make their own decisions. It’s still not perfect, but things are improving. Rin and Ryuuji are going to Yukio and Shiemi’s apartment for dinner tonight and it might just be dinner, but it means the world to the twins.

        Rin squeezes his husband’s hand and steps up alone, approaching his father’s grave with a small bouquet of Lilly of the Valley. Sitting on his knees he places the bell-shaped flowers besides the bouquet his brother left and takes a breath. “Sorry I haven’t been by recently. Things have been busy since the wedding, but in a good way.” He goes on talking for several minutes, updating his father and sharing some of his thoughts.

        Suguro stands a polite distance away, though he can hear everything Rin says. He can’t help but listen for the catch in Rin’s voice, or a sniffle. None come, though. The half-demon stays calm, even if his voice is low and sad during some parts.

        “Suguro and I are thinking about taking jobs closer to Kyoto. It’s about time he starts taking more responsibilities with Myoo Dahari, but the blockhead doesn’t want to do it yet. He can tell you more about it.” He pauses and looks down. “Uh, me and Yukio are doing good. I think…I think he’s forgiven me, maybe. Ah,” he grabs the back of his neck. “Still trying to forgive myself…but I’m not letting anything hold me back. You know me, guns a blazing.” Only Rin would try to fool a dead man with false bravado. He chuckles at himself, but then his face softens. “It’s been a really good year and I’m happy. I wish you could see me.”

        The aria watches Rin bow his head then and say a quiet, private prayer over the grave. The half-demon then looks over his shoulder and grins at the aria. Bon sits down next to his husband and takes a calming breath. He bows his head in respect. “Father Fujimoto, your son wants me to wear a skirt.”

         Rin squawks and shoves Suguro so hard he flies into a neighboring headstone. Bon thinks it was worth it. "Don't make it sound like that!" 

         “Serves you right!” Ryuuji laughs as Rin vehemently denies the accusation to the literal heavens but they both know Father Fujimoto is laughing his ass off.


Lilly of the Valley-return to happiness, luck, humility