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Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Candy Darling

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I was never interested
in being genuine,
I was interested in being the product
of women.
I was starving for affection,
that of which I didn’t receive from my father.

Joan Bennett, Jean Harlow,
Kim Novak,
I sent Kim a letter asking for her autograph,
Finally an envelope arrived that said: To James
In great swirling script – the writing I mirror today
I couldn’t stop looking at that picture the whole day.

Her blonde hair.
I love blonde,
much more than when I wore it red,
red made me feel raunchy
blonde made me refined.

I remember I use to put blue food color
in the bath,
blue, like techno color.

I’ve always wanted to be in film,
“Flesh” was my first,
Warhol, or Andy as he lets me call him
was pulled in,
I sometimes think I’m a magnet, or something like that,
the sun
you know. They pull people to them.

I’ve had small roles in big pictures,
and big roles in small pictures.

I was known as Hope Dahl
then Candy Dahl, Candy Cane…
then finally
Candy Darling.
I just love sweets, so
it just stuck.



I was born to the name
Jimmy Slattery,
but I knew,
knew all the way back
in kindergarten, I think,
that wasn’t me.

My Momma knew of my talent,
my beauty when I finally showed her,
the atrocity everyone else saw back then,
was captivating.
The me I wanted people to know, she knew
then - no one could stop me.

By the time of Cabrini hospital,
I had been to Hollywood.
A film people saw;
A picture with me in it that made people laugh
in the Chinaman theatre.
My dreams were beginning to fulfill themselves.
When my stomach swelled,
like my dreams for an infant was coming true
as well,
God recognizing he made a mistake,
to make it up.

The cancer had progressed too far
by that time.
There was nothing they could do
for me by then.
But beautiful women always die