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His wailing phone jolts him out of his sleep. Beside him, his husband of six years, Shōto, blinks himself awake at the sound, a groggily incomprehensible question falling from his lips as he struggles to sit upright. Izuku groans, rolling over to turn off his alarm. Whoever decided to give him an 8 AM shift deserves a Full Cowl to the face.

Oh wait, Izuku thinks to himself as he squints down at his phone. I signed myself up for that shift, didn’t I?

“Izu,” Shōto murmurs against Izuku’s elbow, his warm breath sending shivers up Izuku’s spine. “Wha’s happenin’? Villain?”

“No, Shōto,” Izuku replies, equally as exhausted as his husband, “Just gotta get up for my shift.”

Shōto hums and his breath evens out, so Izuku leaves the bed, rightfully assuming he had fallen back asleep. He moves around his room quietly, his feet a whisper on the ground, as he grabs his hero clothes and a change of clothes for the end of his shift. His shower is quick, shattering the rest of his slumber, and soon he gets himself ready for the day.

The scent of coffee floats in the air, and he hears the tell-tale sound of bread being toasted. “You didn’t have to get up,” he says as he enters the kitchen, watching Shōto butter two pieces of toast.

He shoves one of them into his mouth and shrugs. “Was hungry.”

Izuku snorts. “Sure, you were.”

Shōto hip-checks him, playfully scowling, and says, “See if I make you coffee in the morning again then.”

“No,” Izuku whines, pressing his cheek against Shōto’s shoulder blade. “I love your coffee, Shōto, don’t deprive your husband of is daily fuel.”

Shōto chuckles, almost choking on his toast, and pats Izuku’s head. “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

“Good, because I don’t think I’d survive,” Izuku replies and then reaches for his favorite mug, coffee made just how he liked it. He inhales a good portion of it before he hums and says, “I’d become a villain for this coffee.”

“Good thing we’re heroes then, huh?”

Izuku hums noncommittally and drains the rest of it, more alert and ready to begin another day in the field. He pecks Shōto’s cheek before he heads out the door. “See you later,” he yells behind his shoulder.

 “Be safe,” Shōto calls back.

“I’ll do my best!”

Izuku works at an agency two of his friends created. Shinsō and Aoyama created EOS Agency when they were freshly married, twenty-one-years-old, and sick of being sidekicks. They employed many of their old classmates from 1-A, almost half the class with Izuku included, and those who hadn’t gone to EOS worked at Yaoyorozu’s and Uraraka’s Agency, VORTEX, which is where Shōto worked.

Because Izuku and Shōto had financial stability (i.e., they were both top ten heroes plus Izuku’s father made a comfortable amount of money, ready to spoil his only child without question), they lived in a penthouse-styled apartment in a complex three minutes away from EOS and seven minutes away from VORTEX. They also had a black cat they’d rescued and adopted, whom they named Starlight (because they were both space nerds courtesy of Uraraka).

“Deku,” Aoyama greets as soon as Izuku steps into the lobby of the agency, sparkling like it was his birthright, looking far too perky for the early hour. “Glad you got here safely.”

Slouched against his back was Shinsō Hitoshi, who looked dead on his feet. “Yeah. What he said.”

Izuku smothers his laughter and gives Shinsō a sympathetic look. “Rough shift?”

Shinsō grumbles a reply.

“I’m off to take him home,” Aoyama tells him. “We’ll be getting a little bit more press due to your latest interview,” at that he pauses, giving Izuku a meaningful look, and he flushes at the memory of his last interview and what had happened. “So, don’t freak out at all the phone calls, okay? I have Jirō and Iida handling them.”

“Okay,” Izuku replies, watching Aoyama drag a half-asleep Shinsō out of the building. If this wasn’t a normal sight, he would be very concerned for his friends’ health.

Already dressed in his hero uniform, he makes his way to the fifth floor of his agency where most of his old classmates worked as well. Sidekicks were regulated to the second and fourth floor, whereas the third floor consisted of a rec room, a locker room and showers, a place to relax after a long shift. On his floor, Jirō, Iida, and Hagakure were already there.

“Morning,” Izuku greets brightly.

“Good morning, Midoriya-kun,” comes Iida’s heartfelt greeting.

“Mornin’, our resident lovebug,” Hagakure teases.

Izuku flushes. “I-I don’t kn-know what y-you mean by that.”

“Oh please,” Jirō snorts. “The whole world knows you’re in love with Todoroki.”

Izuku sputters, unable to make a comeback since it is the truth, and Jirō smirks. Hagakure giggles at her desk, and one of the sidekicks, a girl who had a hallucinogenic quirk (and called herself Mirage), looks as flustered, if not more, as Izuku.

“Jirō-san does make a point, Midoriya-kun,” Iida says, almost sternly, fixing his glasses. As he starts his speech, his hand makes familiar chopping motions. “Although you have reciprocated affections of—.”

“Okay, look at that,” Izuku interrupts with a nervous laugh, “Looks like it’s time for my shift. Mirage, can you go get Cycla? You’re both coming with me for patrol.”





I’ve compiled my favorite top ten tododeku/entrodeku moments!! please enjoy our oblivious, hopelessly in love boys

  1. When Entropy and Deku sneaked away for a whirlwind vaca in Florida and told no one until the day they arrived via Insta. What icons.

[image: Pro Hero Entropy and Pro Hero Deku are in causal clothes: Entropy is dressed in dark, ripped skinny jeans, a slightly oversized navy-blue sweater, and an old pair of converse. There’s a black Beguile [Pro Hero Beguile] beanie on his hair, vainly attempting to hide his bicolored hair, and he wears dark, circular shades. Deku has an arm wrapped around Entropy’s waist, another hand holding the phone out for the selfie. He wears light blue skinny jeans, a black-and-white striped sweater, boots, and an unzipped Uravity hoodie. Their cheeks are squished together, smiles stretched wide on their faces, and Disney is in the background. Near the end of the image is the caption: izu-midoriy – @entropyhero and I are FINALLY at Disney Studios!! Universal, you’re next!!]

  1. When Entropy “accidentally” tweeted his love for Deku because Deku baked him a Dutch Apple Pie. (which he deleted after like .2 seconds)

[image: a screenshot of an old tweet. Captioned:

ENTROPY @entropyhero

i was sad so @izu-midoriy baked me a dutch apple pie. wow i love him sm


  1. that ICONIC interview – y’all know the one

[video: video is shaky, taken from someone in the audience, and it consists of Deku and an interviewee, a young woman named Yoshikawa Haruka. Deku is flustered, hands flailing, and Yoshikawa is almost beaming.

Y: So, do you have a favorite hero? And why?

D: Oh, definitely Shōto—because he’s just so powerful, and analytical, and every time we team up, it’s amazing.

Y: … Shōto?

D: [laughing nervously] did I s-say Shōto? I – I meant Entropy, haha, you know his old hero name used to be Shōto…

Y: …right….

The video cuts off there, mainly due to the increased energy from the audience; full of fans going insane.]

  1. that legendary throwback Thursday Uravity did on Insta., probably meaning to embarrass them, and unintentionally fueling the tododeku fandom

[image: a young Deku and Entropy, in All Heights Alliance, the U.A. dormitory. they’re clearly not paying attention to Uravity, who has half a mischievously grinning face in the frame as she sneakily takes a selfie. Deku and Entropy are covered in baking ingredients, a messy kitchen the backdrop of the scene, and they’re both laughing, soft smiles captured on their face. The image is captioned: ura.vity – lost in your own world…]


[video: video is labeled “ALL THE TIMES DEKU FANBOYED OVER ENTROPY” and consists of various clips from different shows, interviews, panels, etc., where Deku shifts attention away from him and starts enthusiastically talking about Entropy regardless of the topic. One famous clip is a fan asking him about what he eats for breakfast at a panel, and Deku ends up talking for five minutes about the kinds of smoothies Entropy likes to make in the middle of the day]


[video: a compilation video labeled “ALL THE TIMES ENTROPY SUBTLY FANBOYED OVER DEKU,” and it consists of various clips from different shows, interviews, panels, etc., where Entropy very subtly and quietly shows his favoritism of Deku if the interviewer or questioner gives him even the smallest of inches. The most famous clip is Entropy saying, “Endeavor, who? Sorry, I only know Deku.”]


[image: Entropy and Deku dressed in finely tailored, matching suits. In the background, there’s a beautiful outdoor reception venue, where multiple Pro Heroes and former Pro Heroes are dressed in typical wedding-style fashion and are either eating at round tables or are dancing. It’s a selfie, and while Deku is beaming widely at the camera, one hand holding the phone, the other a small flute of champagne, Entropy stares down at Deku with the softest smile and expression on his face.]


[image: a collage of snapshots and headlines of all the times Entropy and Deku worked together on a mission. They are colloquially called Wonder Duo by the public.]

  1. this tweet.

[image: a screenshot of a tweet.

URAVITY @ura-vity

Entropy&Deku: we’re not in a relationship

Entropy&Deku: *lives together, cooks together, wears matching clothes, is a domestic married couple*

Me: sure, jan


  1. the time Entropy answered a phone call from Deku in the middle of an interview after an attack.

[video: a clip from a news station. In the background, there’s a scene of controlled chaos: policemen, harried ambulance workers, wounded people receiving medical attention. A news anchor is interviewing Entropy, who has a few scratches bandaged on his face, but otherwise looks well-put together.

N: …thankfully, there were no casualties. Now, I’m wondering about your decision to ---

A shrill ringtone floats in the air, and Entropy promptly answers his phone.

E: [to the anchorwoman] Excuse me for a moment. [to the phone] Izuku? What’s wrong? …ye – I’m fine…a couple of scratches…nothing I couldn’t hand – Izuku, I’m fine, you’re on bedrest—I will call Iida-san.

The anchorwoman is left, blinking, wide-eyed, as Entropy quietly scolds Deku on attempting to leave his bed]

There’s so many more moments from these two, and have I mentioned how much I love them??? of course, this is all speculation on their relationship, and although we are their fans, we aren’t entitled to any information.

That being said, I do believe there's something going on. I’m pretty sure they’re in love w one another yet are just a pair of oblivious gays lbr

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Thumbnail: a picture of their grandmother pressing a handkerchief to her eyes, nose red and faced flushed, and a photo of Entropy and Deku on the lower righthand corner.]

My grandma decided to have a passionate rant over Pros Entropy and Deku, and their alleged relationship. I love her.

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mayumayuchan – 16 hours ago
granny says its canon, so its canon




Izuku stumbles, almost dropping his donut, at the sound of his name being called. He’s in civilian clothes—an Entropy hoodie (HALF HOT HALF COLD), black jeans, running shoes, and a Chargebolt cap. He turns, assuming it’s either a fan or someone in need, and almost turns back around at the sight of Uraraka and Ashido determinedly sifting through the lunch crowd in his direction. He knows running away will only excite them, and Ashido is the fastest runner bar Iida.

He chews on his donut with a solemn expression.

“Don’t look so grumpy,” Uraraka says, playfully swatting his shoulder. It throbs in response. “How’re you doing?”

“I’m on break,” he replies after swallowing the last of his delicious snack. “I have a second shift after this, a short one since I’ve been at it since eight in the morning.”

Ashido winces at the early time. “I’d die.”

“S’not so bad,” Izuku says.

 Uraraka’s grin is wicked. “Todoroki-kun made you coffee, didn’t he?”

Izuku narrows his eyes. “Where are you going with this?”

Ashido swings her arm around his shoulders and smiles, upbeat and perky, and Izuku doesn’t trust it for a second. “So,” Ashido says after a moment, “I saw your interview last night.”

Izuku covers his face, knowing it’s already beet red. Shōto had a late shift at VORTEX, helping Kaminari and Shinsō on a case, and had come home around two in the morning. Izuku was half-asleep, curled up on the couch with a half-finished mug of chamomile tea in his hands, when Shōto had finally trudged through the door.

“I’m too tired for this,” Izuku says.

Uraraka snickers.

The interview had been something short of a disaster. Izuku was exhausted, having captured two other villains’ hours previous, and his press agent insisted on the interview as it had been scheduled three weeks in advance. It was with Yoshikawa Haruka, a favorite of young heroes, and while she was a serious woman off stage, on stage was a different story.

i.e., the girl loves needling out secrets from Izuku in the subtlest ways, and Izuku falls for it every time. Mostly because it always deals with his husband, and Izuku is hopelessly gone for the man he married. Therefore, he falls for her tricks every interview.

This time, he found himself discussing (ranting) why he felt Shōto was being deprived from the number one spot. It only started because Yoshikawa questioned how he felt about being the number two hero for five consecutive years so far.

Somehow, it ended with Izuku saying, on national television, “—that it was one of the many reasons why I love Shōto, and you know, this one time—.”

(Izuku knows his problem: give him an inch, and he will go a mile)

“Honestly, you know Todoroki loves you back,” Ashido is saying, “so I don’t see why you won’t confess?”

Izuku grumbles underneath his breath, and, thankfully, his beeping phone becomes his saving grace. It’s a text message from Shōto, and Uraraka and Ashido lean over his shoulders to see the text.


Private Message

shocchan - > izukkun

shocchan: So I just received the oddest voicemail from my press & relations agent. Something about an interview?
shocchan: And you confessing your undying love for me on national television?
Shocchan: Izuku.
Shocchan: Izuku we’ve spoken about this.
izukkun: I’m sorry :’0 you know how I can get
izukkun: On a sale of one to ten, how bad is it?
shocchan: Twenty-four.
shocchan: People are asking for more interviews. Confirmation.
shocchan: I want three (3) apple pies for this.


Izuku chews on his bottom lip, and calls Shōto after hurriedly excusing himself from Uraraka and Ashido. He ignores their puzzled cries and questions as he dodges civilians Shōto picks up on the second ring.


“I’m so sorry, Shōto,” Izuku says. “I’ve probably caused you a lot of stress, huh?”

“Stop stressing, I’m just teasing you,” comes Shōto’s lilting voice, laughter evident. “Well, I’m pretty sure the world is now convinced we’re in love with one another and are simply oblivious that it’s reciprocated.”

Izuku snorts. “If only they knew, huh?”

“If only,” Shōto hums to himself. “Well, the only ones who are aware of our relationship besides our family, are our agents, so I let her know to do damage control.”

“What kind?” Izuku asks as he spots his favorite bakery, making a beeline for it. As he enters, he makes sure his voice is low. “Do you think we should say something? I mean, all this speculation is getting a bit… you know?”

“Yes, I know,” Shōto replies.

The reason why they’d hidden their relationship and marriage was due to Endeavor’s sphere of influence and oppressive ghost. The man still held the Number One spot on the listings, and, unfortunately for Shōto, he was adamant that his son surpasses Izuku as he was the successor of All Might. Shōto wanted nothing to do with his father’s legacy, which was why he had a contract with VORTEX instead of his father’s agency, and why he had chosen to take Midoriya’s name when they’d married.

It was a private reception; only Shōto’s mother, siblings, and Midoriya’s family were involved. All Might and Eraserhead were both in attendance as well, mainly because Izuku saw All Might as another father figure (Shōto was also adamant that his parents were involved in a ménage à trois with All Might), and Eraserhead, unknown to the masses, was Izuku’s maternal uncle.

In the early years of their marriage, Shōto was terrified of his father attempting to harm his siblings and mother if he knew of his marriage, so Izuku was the one who proposed to keep it a secret until they were at a position of financial stability, away from the scope of Endeavor’s clout. Now, at twenty-six and twenty-seven respectively, they were comfortable and stable, and had many discussions of “coming clean” to the rest of the world.

“Do you want to tell your father in person or have him discover it through the public?”

The rustling of fabric floats in Izuku’s ears as he waits in line. “I don’t know,” Shōto finally replies. “In a perfect world, I would be able to tell my father in person, full confidence, of our marriage but—,” Shōto pauses, swallowing, and Izuku hums in understanding.

“Yeah, I understand. Hold on—,” Izuku reaches the register and smiles at the worker. “Hello, may I get a dozen donuts to go, please?”

The teen is clearly flustered for a moment, cheeks a bright red, at the sight of Izuku. “U-Um, y-y-yes sir,” he stammers, clearing his throat a couple of times, as he taps away at the register. “O-Okay, um, which t-types?”

“Half glazed and—wait, Shōto which ones d—,”

“Half the ones with the cherry inside.”

“—half those with the cherry filling.”

Izuku pays and then shuffles to an opened seat to wait for his order. He knows he isn’t in the most inconspicuous disguise, seeing as how his green curly hair and freckles are a dead giveaway of his identity, but he wistfully muses that people should be less conspicuous when they take photos and videos of a Pro Hero.

“My father called.”

Izuku pauses. “And what’d he want?”

Shōto’s sigh is loud and full of frustration. “He insinuated that he set up an Omiai with someone who had status and Quirk worthy of becoming a Todoroki.”

Izuku almost chokes on his spit. “A – A what?”

People send him puzzled and concerned glances at the outburst, and Izuku bows and apologizes at the disruption.

“With a woman.”

Izuku makes a concerning noise in the back of his throat. “Doesn’t he—?”

“He does,” Shōto says, and Izuku knows he’s scowling. “And he told me himself that he doesn’t care for my preferences. It’s all about power and Quirks to him. I was sorely tempted to inform him that as I am no longer a Todoroki, he has no hold over me.”

Izuku giggles quietly. “I wish you did—can you imagine his face?”

Shōto snorts.

His order is called, and Izuku gives the worker a chirpy, “Thank you,” and makes his way out of the establishment. To Shōto, he says, “I’m on my way, Shōto.”

“Wonderful,” Shōto murmurs. “By the way, we have…a visitor.”

Izuku almost falters. “Who?”

In the background, he hears this: “Izukkun! My beautiful little boy! I have returned from Akita!”



mini deku [fist emoji] @minideku
so here i am, eating a donut, minding my business, and in comes @izu-midoriy
mini deku [fist emoji] @minideku
obvs everyone knows deku LOVES the donut shop @DONDONDONUTS
mini deku [fist emoji] @minideku
so he’s a regular. and he’s on his phone, and i hear this: “shoto”
mini deku [fist emoji] @minideku
coincidence? I THINK NOT #tododeku #entrodeku




Thumbnail: Pro Hero Entropy, dressed in a dark button-down dress shirt and slacks, hair styled and swept back, square-rimmed glasses on his face, and a headset and mic on. He’s captured mid-laugh, eyes crinkling, expression warm, and Pro Hero Earphone Jack is half in the frame.]

After a month of planning, Pro Hero Entropy is finally a guest star on my evening show! Some of the topics we discuss on this podcast include: newly passed Quirk Self Defense bills, the perks and cons of the Hero Industry, his work at VORTEX, his Hero Duo partner, Pro Hero Deku, and many more topics! There is also a little Q&A session from random callers near the end, and one caller in particular may surprise you as much as it surprised Entropy.

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>mayumayuchan – 6 days ago

so since i’m fluent in both Japanese and English, I’ve decided to translate it for our fellow overseas fanboys/fangirls. Feel free to copy & paste the translations. I’ve only translated the biggest controversial parts of the podcast (not really controv., but there are some HEAVY tododeku/entrodeku moments that I could find). Enjoy loves

Ear: So I hear you’ve moved into Deku’s apartment to be closer to VORTEX.

Ent: I have.

Ear: Sorry I wasn’t able to help you move in. You know how insane our schedules can get. How’s living with Deku?

Ent: Sometimes, when he wants to avoid a confrontation, he’ll start singing and dancing to High School musical, the old Disney movies, and he likes to ply me with apple pie whenever I’m mad at him.

Ear: [visibly containing her laughter] I – I see. Does it work? The apple pie?

Ent: Yes. Izu – Deku makes wonderful desserts. Apparently, I’m so bad at baking, that he’ll kick me out if I so much as open a bag of sugar.

Ear: [snorting]


Ear: This is a question from our online polls – do you believe Deku deserves to be the Number One—

Ent: Yes.

Ear: —Number One Hero [glares at him playfully for the interruption; Entropy looks unbothered]?

Ent: Yes.

Ear: I believe the same, but what are your reasons?

Ent: Izu – Deku is an amazing hero who has an analytical mind that far surpasses the likes of anything I’ve ever seen. He analyzed Quirks when he was younger, you know, and he can analyze an opponent’s Quirk within a few seconds of seeing it at work—and another thing, he makes sure the civilian and collateral damage is kept to an extremely low level. Unlike Endeavor, whose collateral loss and damage of villain attacks is at a 43 percent—

Ear: Okay, next question.

Ear: Okay, you’re the third caller of the night. What’s your name? Quirk? Question?

Caller: Oh, I don’t really have a question [at this point, Entropy looks surprised and says, baffled, “Izuku?”] but Entropy—I am very mad at you right now.

Ear: Oh ho, any reason why?

Ent: [a blush on his face, covering his face with his hands] Izuk – Deku, please, no.

Caller: Deku, yes. You see, Earphone Jack, do you know what Entropy did me to me?

Ear: [dramatic gasp] No, what’d he do? Call him out!

Ent: [groans]

Caller: He ate my pudding!

Ent: oh my god

Caller: My mother made it from scratch, and I was gonna spend the night after my shift eating it, and when I got home? it was gone!

Ent: [quietly] well you ate my cupcake

Ear: Wait, wait. You ate Deku’s pudding because he ate your cupcake?

Ent: Mm.

Caller: You see what I have to live with?

There’s so much more moments!! but I’m tired af so this is all you’re gonna get rn

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>Mina Mina: have i mentioned how much i live for tododeku???
>>eli: same
>>>minideku: what a Mood
>Ice Princess: ok but like??? anyone else find it weird that Entropy literally bashed his dad??
>>greengirl: not everyone gets along w their parents
>>>bluequeen: yeah don’t frget those abuse rumors
>>>>icebab: ye i dont trust endeavor at all



Izuku enters his apartment to find the only sort of chaos his father, Midoriya Hisashi, could bring. There are three large bags in the living room, and Starlight sniffs at them curiously. Shōto is sitting on the armchair, fingers pressed against his temples, as Hisashi chatters up a storm about the things he’d done in Akita, sifting through his bag of souvenirs.

“Izukkun,” his father shouts as he sees him. “My baby! My precious son!”

Izuku barely returns the greeting before he’s swept up in a hug. “H-Hey, dad,” he chokes out, feeling like his ribs are being crushed by the embrace. “W-What are you d-d-doing here?”

Hisashi sets him down and grins at him. Izuku shares the same bright grin as Hisashi, and he’s a mix of his parents’ features: he has Hisashi’s curly mane of hair, the shape of Hisashi’s eyes, and the same nervous mutter.

“I simply wished to visit my visit my son and son-in-law,” Hisashi says.

“Uh huh,” Izuku replies. “What’s going on?”

Hisashi pouts, and then a serious expression crosses his face. “I’ve been hearing rumors of Endeavor stirring up his normal mischief.”

Izuku shares a look with Shōto. “Like what?”

“He set up an Omiai, didn’t he?” Hisashi questions. “He seems like that sort of man.”

Shōto hums. “He did. I believe with a woman who has an earth-based Quirk.”

Izuku’s lips twist into a scowl.

“Are you planning on letting the world know?” Hisashi asks them. “Whatever you decide, I will support your decisions.” Then, a downright wicked grin slides over Hisashi’s lips. “And if Enji-kun decides to do something unpleasant, I have a case just dying to be opened.”

Izuku makes a noncommittal noise before he moves to greet Shōto with a kiss. He cards his fingers through Shōto’s hair, starting to absentmindedly braid the long strands, and turns to his father. “Are you staying for dinner?”

Hisashi shakes his head. “No, I’m taking your mother and Toshi out for dinner.”

Ignoring Shōto’s wide-eyed look at another piece of evidence of his parents’ relationship with All Might (which Izuku did not want to think about), he says, “Have fun, then,” and forcefully remains oblivious at his father’s downright lecherous grin when he replies, “oh, we will,”

His father leaves, and quiet trickles inside the house.

Shōto opens his mouth.

“No,” Izuku says, almost immediately.



Shōto pouts, and Izuku is tempted to take a picture and post it, but he figures they have enough of a media storm on their plate already.

“So…” Izuku murmurs after a moment of quiet.

“I think we should tell my father,” Shōto replies. “Before we tell the rest of the world.”

Izuku leans back and holds Shōto’s head in his hands. “Hey, whatever you decide to do, I’ll be right there with you. In public or in person?”

Shōto thinks for a moment, considering the pros and cons of every option. “I would like to tell him in private, but—.”

“You’re afraid of his reaction,” Izuku finishes with a nod. “That’s understandable. Maybe, we invite him for dinner at a restaurant that takes pride in its privacy, and tell him then? That way, we have privacy, but it is still public enough for him to watch his behavior?”

Shōto hums in agreement. “That makes the most sense. Which restaurant do you recommend?”

“I’ll text Yaomomo later tonight.”


“When is the, ah, marriage, um, meeting?”

Shōto sighs and leans forward, resting his forehead against Izuku’s chest. His reply is slightly muffled. “Tomorrow. He wants to meet me early for lunch, to brief me for appropriate behavior.”

Izuku snorts, and then smiles. “Well, guess we’ll break the news tomorrow.”

Shōto pauses. “Izuku.”

He smiles. “Shōto.”




MUSUTAFU -- 6/28/X4

As we are in a society of heroism, we tend to live precariously through our favorite heroes’ lives. This includes: romance! We’ve set out polls and surveys and have composed a list of the top five world favorite hero couples (+ one surprise!)

  1. Ingenium and Red Riot

[image: a photo from a modeling shoot of the two heroes. Ingenium and Red Riot are both dressed in business casual clothing, grinning at one another]

  1. Tempest and Chargebolt

[image: Chargebolt is taking a selfie, dressed in light blue pajamas, hair pulled back into a bun, and Tempest is in the background, wearing an apron labeled KISS THE CHEF, flipping a pancake. The image is from Instagram, captioned: denki – breakfast is looking tasty ;)]

  1. Starburst and Beguile

[image: Starburst is in casual clothes, hair in a loose braid, as he narrows his eyes down at a lightly sketched sketch book of a dress design. Beguile is next to him, a book in his hands, staring at Starburst with a soft look in his eyes. This was taken by Invisigirl.]

  1. Creati and Uravity

[image: Creati and Uravity dressed in immaculate gowns: Creati in a black, off-the-shoulder, tulle, and Uravity in a navy blue strapless dress. They are both smiling at the camera and, behind them, is a banner that declares: creati’s and uravity’s engagement party!! A blur near them is Chargebolt, in the process of smothering a piece of pie in Tempest’s face.]

  1. Eraserhead and Present Mic

[ no image available ]

Extra -> Entropy and Deku!

Now, we know that there is no official evidence of their relationship, but the conspiracy theories are going wild on forums and social media, so we decided to place them here as an extra, hypothetical couple!

[image: Deku and Entropy in a modeling gig for promotional purposes. They’re dressed in suits, pressed and tailored to the contours and curves of their body. They’re looking phenomenal.]




Jan. 23rd, 2XX4


The blossoming romance between Pro Heroes Entropy and Deku is a wild story everyone in the world is discussing! Of course, nothing has been confirmed about their budding affections, either because they are unaware of them or because they are being lowkey (but they’re failing horribly at that), so this is all coincidence and speculation.

The rumors of their love started after the Sports Festival of their first year in high school at Yūei Academy….



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Endeavor is still as unpleasant and imposing as Izuku remembers him to be. “This is personal business between my son and I,” the man says, staring down at Izuku as though he is a bug underneath his shoe. “Leave us to our privacy.”

Izuku smiles at him.

“I called and change the reservation for three instead of two,” Shōto replies, nonplussed by the dour look of barely concealed rage his father sends him. “I hope that doesn’t change our plans?”

“No,” Endeavor says through gritted teeth.

The maître d’ walks up to them with three menus and a bright smile. “Midoriya, for three?” she asks quietly, conscious of their statuses and the other patrons.

Izuku smiles at her. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Wonderful,” she says. “Follow me, please.”

She leads them to an enclosed booth, secluded and known for privacy. The lights are dim, and Izuku squeezes Shōto’s hand for strength before he slips into his seat.

“Your waiter, Yukiko, will be with you shortly,” the woman tells them as she sets the menus down in front of them, a waiter moving forward to pour a pale-colored wine in their glasses.

“Thank you,” Shōto says.

Before Endeavor could question their motives, a young man with a shock of white hair bows before them. “Hello, I am Yukiko, your waiter on this fine morning,” he greets. “May I suggest an appetizer to begin your meal?”

They order, the waiter bows and leaves, and Endeavor wastes no time. “What is the meaning of this, Shōto?”

Shōto almost smiles. “I will not be participating in the omiai.”

Endeavor’s eyes flame. “Shōto, I do not appreciate this farce of a teenage rebellion—,”

“I,” Shōto says, quietly but firmly, “am already married.”

For once in Endeavor’s life, he is shocked into silence.

“I am married to the love of my life,” Shōto declares, “and we have been married for six years now, almost seven. Therefore, father, I will not be participating in whatever Quirk marriage you have schemed.”

Endeavor scowls, thunderous, dangerous, and his gaze shifts to Izuku. “Is it you?” he demands in a quiet murmur, as if too enraged to speak normally.

Izuku tilts his head. “It is.”

Endeavor is silent for a moment before he says, “Do you know what you have done, Shōto? For some childish, pitiful affection?” he spats out the word like it insults his very existence. “The Todoroki—.”

“You see, father,” Shōto interrupts, and the acidity in his tone makes Endeavor fall into another shocked stupor. “I am no longer a Todoroki.” He smiles at his father’s look. “I am Midoriya Shōto and have been since I was twenty.”

Endeavor does not speak for a moment, and their water returns with their appetizers. He takes a moment to assess the tension around their table and says, “I will be back in a moment to take your orders, gentlemen.”

After Izuku and Shōto have polished half the appetizers, hungry as they are, Endeavor stands. “I see I will not change your minds,” he speaks stiffly. “Shōto. I do hope you understand what this means.”

“I do,” Shōto replies, calm in the face of Endeavor’s quiet storm. His smile is bitter and venomous. “I never wished for your legacy nor your name anyway.”

Shōto knows what it means to be a Midoriya. He understands that Endeavor will be the only Todoroki in the hero field, and the name will wither and die just like how Endeavor will soon wither and die, replaced by other, brighter, heroes.

“Very well,” Endeavor says, and makes his way out of the restaurant.

A few moments after the man leaves, Izuku laces their hands together. “How’re you feeling?”

Yukiko comes back, nonplussed at the empty seat, and asks, “Are you two gentlemen ready to order?”

“Yes,” Izuku says and rattles their orders off by memory.

Yukiko bows and disappears, like smoke.

Their lunch is quiet but filled with a lighter atmosphere than before. As they walk back to their apartment, stopping every moment or so whenever a fan managed to catch their eyes for an autograph or a picture, Shōto pauses, blinks down at his phone, and smiles.

Izuku glances down and almost has a heart attack at the article title:


“Free,” Shōto whispers, referring back to Izuku’s question. “I feel free.”


The reveal goes like this:

There is no dramatic reveal, no near-death experience, but Izuku is drunk.

He is drunk and intoxicated, and he is feeling so full of love and warmth and support from his husband, and he is drunk, and Shōto is sleeping, curled up beside him, head resting on his hip, looking so soft and gentle, so beautiful in this little intimate moment, that Izuku reaches for his phone, and makes the executive decision that the world deserves to know just how much he loves his husband.



PRO HERO DEKU @izu-midoriy
PRO HERO DEKU @izu-midoriy
PRO HERO DEKU @izu-midoriy


Izuku falls asleep after a good hour of poetically waxing poetic about Shōto’s everything—his features, his coffee, his warmth, the way he hums under his breath, the way he sings quiet lullabies to their cat, the way he never fails to make Izuku smile, and many more attributes that make Izuku fall deeper and deeper in love with the man.

He wakes to the constant ringing of their phones, head pounding from his alcohol intake. “Izuku,” Shōto says as he stares, blearily, down at his phone. “Izuku.”

Izuku makes a muffled, incomprehensible noise.

“There’s no need for a press conference about our marriage,” Shōto says, “since you told the world via twitter.”

It takes a minute for Izuku to form a response that makes sense. “There will still need to be a conference,” he mumbles against Shōto’s collarbone. “Or else they’ll think I’m drunk-rambling.”

“Your agent is pissed.”

“Adachi is always pissed.”

Shōto snorts. “You’re not wrong.”

The world seems to still for a moment as Shōto settles back down against Izuku’s side, placing his blinking phone down on the bedside table. The world is quiet, though the tell-tale pitter-patter of Starlight’s footsteps dance through the hallways. Sometimes, Starlight was energetic enough to be two toddlers in a feline’s body.

“We’re only going to have a few hours, two most likely, to ourselves,” Shōto murmurs against Izuku’s neck before pressing soft pecks across Izuku’s face, who giggles at the feeling.

“Well then,” Izuku says, breathless and heady, rolling over, and gives his husband a coy smile. “Let’s not waste it then, hmm?”

Shōto grins, wicked, alluring, and agrees.



oh my god, they were roommates -> oh my god, they were fucking MARRIED THIS WHOLE TIME

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