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so baby can i be your boyfriend?

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[thursday, 2:17pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

chenchen: heyy amy uhh so i was thinking and
chenchen: i think were better off as friends..
chenchen: it was nice but its not you its me

DKSoo: uhm...

kaa: honey
kaa: u DO realise this is the gc right

chenchen: wha
chenchen: sHIT

lovemesomebacon: DOES THAT MEAN
lovemesomebacon: WHAT I THINK IT MEANS

chenchen: stfu baek
chenchen: i dont need you to-

senshine: wow you didnt last long this time

lovemesomebacon: that’s what he said

kaa: ok but wth happened now???
kaa : u guys were doing fine just last week?????

chenchen: ahhh it’s
chenchen: complicated ig

lovemesomebacon: okay but we need to step up your break up game
lovemesomebacon: ‘its not u its me’ is so 2006

DKSoo: also a lie
DKSoo: I mean let’s be real
DKSoo: you wouldn’t ever seriously admit that it’s you, Jongdae

senshine: even though it is probably, in fact, you

chenchen: can yall stop fucking ganging up on me
chenchen: i come to you in times of need and this is what i get

kaa: but
kaa: u didnt even come to us

lovemesomebacon: bbi you are breaking up with your gf through a chat
lovemesomebacon: nd u dont even find her contact
lovemesomebacon: you just dug your own grave here

DKSoo: okay, I know only met her once but
DKSoo: isn’t her name Annie though?

senshine: yeah wasn’t amy your second gf during freshman year?

chenchen: ffs let me liVE
chenchen: its over now anyway ok
chenchen: i just copy n pasted the texts to her
chenchen: shell cry a little and move on
chenchen: its fine

lovemesomebacon: jongdae, i love you with all my heart,,,
lovemesomebacon: but you are such a dumbass at times

kaa: let it go baek
kaa: hell never learn...

senshine: are you okay tho, jongdae?

chenchen: i mean??
chenchen: it was just a girl?
chenchen: when am i not okay lmao


[thursday, 2:44pm]
Private chat with them: oh playboy

prince_pirouette: hes an idiot can u pls remove him from the gc

oh playboy: can we just… stop being friends with him

prince_pirouette: do u think hell ever realise we already know

oh playboy: lol no
oh playboy: he is way too dense

prince_pirouette: he makes my pores clogged is2g
prince_pirouette: well at least we dont have to live with him lmao

oh playboy: lmao i know right poor bacon
oh playboy: and im p sure u would look flawless anywaysss

prince_pirouette: ah stooooop :33
prince_pirouette: hey btw
prince_pirouette: heard u have some tea on that cutie kim minseoks ex bf possibly coming back to korea??
prince_pirouette: wanna talk about it over ramyeon after your seminar

oh playboy: ofc you bring food i bring tea ;)))
oh playboy: ugh gtg now tho my seminar starts soon
oh playboy: see you later b


[thursday, 2:57pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

DKSoo: so next time you should probably consider not dating anybody who comes your way…

lovemesomebacon: i swEAR to gOD jongdae if you start to date another girl
lovemesomebacon: i will cut yuor dick off

chenchen: wow i didnt know you discovered another kink of yours recently :))

DKSoo: oh my god

lovemesomebacon: hey im pretty open about my kinks so if you are interested
lovemesomebacon: just pm me ;))

chenchen: eww can you not be so gay at me pls
chenchen: im not into that uknow,,

lovemesomebacon: suddenly i cant read

kaa: speaking of gay!!!
kaa: u said taos party is this friday baek??
kaa: we should all goooo :DD

DKSoo: yeah, good idea! :)

chenchen: lmao
chenchen: but you hate parties ksoo,,

DKSoo: I have my reasons, Jongdae dear :)


[thursday, 3:02pm]
Private chat with them: kyungsoup

stfubyun: you almost outed yourself lmao

kyungsoup: I
kyungsoup: I’m not that obvious, though, am I
kyungsoup: I’m really trying hard here

stfubyun: *my longest sigh ever*


[thursday, 3:04pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

lovemesomebacon: i think we should go!!!
lovemesomebacon: at least dae can forget about his relationship :))

chenchen: is2g byun id pay serious money to anyone who could shut you up
chenchen: im not going tho i have
chenchen: better things to do..

lovemesomebacon: yeah like what exactly

chenchen: yeah like yknow i have a life outside this gc??

lovemesomebacon: hahaha ye ofc
lovemesomebacon: so everyone is coming then
lovemesomebacon: it will be so much fun!!! i cant wait uwu

chenchen: bro i just said im not coming wtf

lovemesomebacon: should we meet before the party starts??
lovemesomebacon: so that we can.. prepare…
lovemesomebacon: why am i trying to hint yall know me lets get shitfaced

DKSoo: I’m not so sure anymore
DKSoo: I won’t take you all home when you’re dead drunk, you know...

kaa: noo kyungsoo hyung :cc
kaa: please come with uuuuus

DKSoo: I
DKSoo: alright

kaa: :DD <3

chenchen: lmao
chenchen: my brotp

lovemesomebacon: stfu
lovemesomebacon: aslo what do u mean dead drunk????
lovemesomebacon: i know my alcohol bbi

DKSoo: oh I know you do, darling
DKSoo: I’ve seen you and Mr Vodka develop your relationship over the years


lovemesomebacon: vodka is really special to me
lovemesomebacon: unlike u guys
lovemesomebacon: stop being jealous

chenchen: were here to make sure you have your healthy dose of straightness in your life


kaa: ……….
kaa: ………………..
kaa: (the second one was for sehun since hes not here to do it himself)

chenchen: what

lovemesomebacon: ye where would i be without you guys haha :)))
lovemesomebacon: i love my straights™




[thursday, 2:55pm]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

queen: yall are coming to my party right?

sheep boi: i have a date tomorrow night haha

sugar mommy: do you absolutely have to remind us that you’re in a relationship all the time?

queen: bring her too then
queen: the more the merrier

sheep boi: i really not want to be mean but
sheep boi: shes not ready for you people i think

queen: :’((((((

seokitup: besides he would probably have sex in your bed

sheep boi: :))

queen: you are officially uninvited

sugar mommy: uninvite me too pls i don’t have the energy for boys nowadays

seokitup: how can i unread this

sugar mommy: sokkie darling just because you’re so thirsty for a Certain Straight Boy’s shaft..

chan_yale: who even calls penis a ‘shaft’

queen: omg

seokitup: he aint straight he just hasnt met me yet

queen: omg but more disappointed

chan_yale: okay but just because he fucks girls all the time
chan_yale: he can still swing both ways right

queen: idk lets ask the expert here
queen: @sheep boi

sheep boi: im foreigner!!
sheep boi: only chinese pls!

queen: bitch i AM chinese too
queen: but fine… so can that certain straight like both, EVEN if he ONLY been together with girls

sheep boi: i was just kidding ok i understood it i was ignoring this chat on purpose lmao

chan_yale: we’re sitting in music theory iii and seok just scoffed so loudly wtf

sheep boi: but i can’t believe it’s about jongdae again what is this chat, a fucking fanclub???

queen: we all just try to get minseok’s dick wet

seokitup: should i remind you all that I dated a chinese boy before??? or???

queen : shit
queen: nothing is sacred anymore

sugar mommy: i don’t speak chinese but i recognised the names minseok and jongdae and suddenly i’m glad i don’t know what y’all are talking about

seokitup: they are just being annoying as usual
seokitup: im trying to concentrate on the professor here

chan_yale: why
chan_yale: is he called jongdae too

queen: im guessing chanyeol just got a concussion


[thursday, 3:29pm]
Private chat with them: miniseok

Chan-tol: okay but seriously seok, don’t you think you’re a liiiittle bit too deep in this

miniseok: i WISH i was

Chan-tol: ew that’s gay
Chan-tol: buy yeah anyway you don’t even know the guy?? he might be an asshole yknow
Chan-tol: or worse…
Chan-tol: he might actually be 100% straight

miniseok: okay first of all he is a cute ass
miniseok: (ND has a cute ass)
miniseok: second of all, no straight guy looks like That so you are wrong

Chan-tol: what does that even m e a n

miniseok: it MEANS that im going to get my man tomorrow :333
miniseok: you just wait and learn

Chan-tol: oh god how i hate it when you say shit like that
Chan-tol: but wait he’s coming to the party?? did you get tao to invite him or

miniseok: i asked tao if i can invite anyone
miniseok: they agreed so i invited baek
miniseok: who will bring him
miniseok: it’s a perfect plan

Chan-tol: oh, baekhyun
Chan-tol: the pretty one right?

miniseok: yea the pretty gay one
miniseok: y you ask??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chan-tol: uhm bc i was curious?? stop being a smartass
Chan-tol: anyhow,, i still have a bad feeling about this one

miniseok: why you have to be so negative all the time?

Chan-tol: bitch i’m not negative i’m protective smh
Chan-tol: also ik already that i’ll be the one who’ll have to kill a man when you get your heart broken
Chan-tol: and i really don’t want to go to jail so there’s that

miniseok: kay first i use protection thank you very much
miniseok: second, you dont have to kill anyone
miniseok: daedae and i are destined
miniseok: (plus you would only need to be there and be intimidating if something happens)

Chan-tol: i told you not to use the nickname “daedae” when i’m around ffs it makes me wanna barf
Chan-tol: but yea ig i’ll just do that bc apparently talking to you is like talking to the fucking wall

miniseok: i love u!!!
miniseok: also….
miniseok: can we get food after this class, the baby is starving
miniseok: (it me, i am The baby)

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[friday, 4:33pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

kaa: ok but
kaa: is my baby blue shirt 2 much 4 this party or :00

DKSoo: that shirt suits you well :)

lovemesomebacon: uwu
lovemesomebacon: u look good in that shirt
lovemesomebacon: 10/10 would bang

DKSoo: yeah well probably you shouldn’t wear it tonight after all

lovemesomebacon: dw ksoo i dont have my eyes on jongin
lovemesomebacon: yet.


senshine: anyways…
senshine: do yall have your outfits planned already?
senshine: im still in this uglie class :(

kaa: oh bby lemme save u by telling u
kaa: that i picked ur outfit for 2night already :333

senshine: best friend goals :33

chenchen: you guys always act like a couple lmao
chenchen: ppl will get the wrong impression one day haha

lovemesomebacon: dae u are trying to be soooo painfully straight
lovemesomebacon: it gives me a headache

chenchen: theres nothing painful about being straight??
chenchen: you should try it one day

lovemesomebacon: sure because it worked out so well for u (:

DKSoo: alright lovebirds shush
DKSoo: so when and where do we meet tonight again?

lovemesomebacon: at hunnie’s and jongin’s dorm uwu
lovemesomebacon: i bought a lot of vodka



[friday, 4:46pm]
Private chat with them: jong-gay

gay god: so jongdae

jong-gay: whom tf

gay god: its me
gay god: your fav gay

jong-gay: when did you-
jong-gay: oh you fucking stole my phone again havent you

gay god: details details
gay god: not important
gay god: but we do need to discuss your choice of contact names
gay god: no one calls anyone by their real names these days ew

jong-gay: sometimes i look up rooms for rent on the other side of the city
jong-gay: yknow, just for fun

gay god: but u would never leave
gay god: cuz
gay god: u love me uwu

jong-gay: my worst quality undoubtedly

gay god: ur worst quality is you thinking u can be straight
gay god: in 20-gayteen
gay god: BUT this is not why i gathered you here today

jong-gay: i will just ignore that first part ok
jong-gay: so why
jong-gay: i was gaming smh

gay god: WITHOUT ME???

jong-gay: calm your balls ok
jong-gay: youre out shopping what was i supposed to do

gay god: wait for me,,, like,,, a real friend???
gay god: but anywho i got u a cute shirt
gay god: u are wearing it tonight.

jong-gay: what do u mean >>cute<<
jong-gay: i dont do your type of cute..

gay god: i… LiSteN uPP heTeRO
gay god: i dont need your shit
gay god: it’s a button up plaid shirt ok i know what u like

jong-gay: wow im touched
jong-gay: im not paying for it tho just sayin

gay god: *sighs*
gay god: its so difficult to be nice to u

jong-gay: yeah but
jong-gay: “u love me uwu”

gay god: the only flaw of mine
gay god: unlike u

jong-gay: why do u care so much about tonight tho
jong-gay: you always tell me not to outdress you
jong-gay: and now youre buying me a shirt??

gay god: first off, i will be wearing my lone wolf jacket so u cant outdress me in this boring shirt
gay god: second, there will be cute gays
gay god: *guys
gay god: lmao same thing but

jong-gay: ?????
jong-gay: ive known you all my life and youre still fucking confusing me 24/7

gay god: ;)))))




[friday, 5:24pm]
Private chat with them: Chan-tol

miniseok: CHANYEOL
miniseok: CHANNIE!!!!
miniseok: !!!!
miniseok: YEOL
miniseok: YEOLLIE

Chan-tol: shit wtf

miniseok: I THINK
miniseok: WHERE ARE U

Chan-tol: i fucking thought youre dying asshole
Chan-tol: im out w tao tho they asked me to come get booze w them

miniseok: i feel like dying tbh
miniseok: my friend betrays me for booze
miniseok: in times of need

Chan-tol: shall we count the times when you left me behind for booze,,
Chan-tol: ok but anyway youre gay panicking bc??
Chan-tol: and it better not be fEeLiNgS i dont fuck w those yknow

miniseok: dont come @ me
miniseok: you might be tol but i remind you that i can still punch u in the dick
miniseok: but ye anyway it might has to do w feelings
miniseok: just a bit tho!!!

Chan-tol: google dot com how do i leave pms

miniseok: i wish u could see me roll my eyes atm ...
miniseok: help me choose The Outfit that will get me fucked ok


[friday, 5:40pm]
Private chat with them: baby hyung

panman: uh chanyeol told me to tell you that “unfortunately, he died”

baby hyung: its ok he is ded to me :))))


[friday, 5:42pm]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

seokitup: so
seokitup: since my roommate is gone
seokitup: does anyone want to move in???

queen: lol no thanks
queen: i dont need someone to nag me 24/7 to pack my makeup bag


sugar mommy: did chanyeol diss you for being in love with Mr Straight As A Ruler again..

seokitup: no

chan_yale: yes

seokitup: he is lying
seokitup: anyway
seokitup: totally off topic
seokitup: but what should i wear for the party???
seokitup: not to impress anyone i just want to look god

sheep boi: you already look god ;))

seokitup: thanks yixing <333
seokitup: i only know you now

chan_yale: yixing doesnt even korean he mustve misunderstood something here

seokitup: i thought you were ded get out of the gc




[friday, 9:58pm]
Private chat with them: baby hyung

panman: shit
panman: minseok pls answer me
panman: oh my god

baby hyung: im busy

panman: you left me alone after you caught sight of the table of alcohol
panman: it’s all your fault i hope you know that

baby hyung: im on a hunt
baby hyung: i need to find baek
baby hyung: so whats ur problem again

panman: i locked myself in the bathroom
panman: there’s a cute guy outside and
panman: we talked and he’s really hot as well okay and he’s funny and idk i just felt the Sparks you know?

baby hyung: oh THIS is your emergency??
baby hyung: goodbye joonmyun

panman: nO MINSEOK
panman: (also nobody calls me That except for my mother jfc)

baby hyung: just… tell him?
baby hyung: he has to understand
baby hyung: if he doesnt; he is cancelled

panman: YEs but
panman: he’s cute :c
panman: i don't want him to n o t understand you get me?

baby hyung: i do but
baby hyung: no man worth it
baby hyung: dont do something you arent comfortable with ok??

panman: uh yeah
panman: yeah i won't
panman: also i think he left?? i can't hear him anymore
panman: but hey what’s up w your mission

baby hyung: ??? how long have u been in there
baby hyung: do u want me to get you out of the bathroom just like i got u out from the closet???

panman: might have been a little bit over 20 minutes haha
panman: also stFU OKAY JFC
panman: i told you i didn’t kNOW it was you dressed as a girl okay
panman: and now you won’t ever let me live this down smfh

baby hyung: 20 MINUTES???
baby hyung: he probs thought you died in there
baby hyung: but ye anyway
baby hyung: i cant find baek and i cant just walk up to dae like: yo sup wanna fuck
baby hyung: so… :///

panman: well considering you usually do it like that, i don't see the problem here

baby hyung: its different ok
baby hyung: WAIT
baby hyung: I SEE BAEK TTYL




[saturday, 0:12am]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

seokitup: men are cancelled.

sheep boi: okay my english is not perfect but
sheep boi: wtf you are a men too

seokitup: dont trigger me or u get blocked
seokitup: also tf are u up

sheep boi: yoonhee and i are watching conspiracy theory videos about the universe will destroy itself in 50 years :)

sugar mommy: i
sugar mommy: don't have any further questions thank you

seokitup: leave me alone with the het stuff
seokitup: i hate everything rn

sugar mommy: but when i left you were merrily chatting wi
sugar mommy: fuck
sugar mommy: no

seokitup: yes.

sugar mommy: bby...
sugar mommy: what did he do


[saturday, 0:14am]
Private chat with them: gay god

jong-gay: what
jong-gay: just happened
jong-gay: baek where are you
jong-gay: this fucking midget just !!
jong-gay: i just got punched by your buddy minseok??!

jong-gay: okay wow i was expecting at least SOME kind of reaction to this
jong-gay: where the fuck did you go??????
jong-gay: im in the bathroom and my nose is bruising already
jong-gay: thats why i don't mingle with your kind of people smfh

jong-gay: okay i will go home now but if i find you in the dorm with a guy im gonna fucking riot

jong-gay: i hope youre having awful sex rn




[saturday, 1:27am]
Private chat with them: jong-gay

gay god: sorry i possibly had The Best Sex of my life just now ;))))
gay god: but… what di d you do this time?,??

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[saturday, 9:45am]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

sugar mommy: did everyone get home safe last night though?

queen: bish my head is throbbing be quiet

sugar mommy: OH HELLO TAO
sugar mommy: MY FRIEND
sugar mommy: HOW’S IT GOING
sugar mommy: 3
sugar mommy: DIFFERENT
sugar mommy: PEOPLE
sugar mommy: LAST NIGHT
sugar mommy: OH HOW I PITY YOU NOW

queen: fuck away i am not dealing with this shit hangover
queen: im glad u ok too

sugar mommy: what do you mean ‘okay’.. i’m fine…..

queen: idk man you closed yourself in the bathroom for almost an hour
queen: we were a bit worried lol

sugar mommy: … ‘we’ being??

queen: ah kris and i

sugar mommy: whom
sugar mommy: who is this kris haha
sugar mommy: idk this name :))

chan_yale: good morning to yall inconsiderate bastards too

queen: really?
queen: i feel like i saw you with him tho

sugar mommy: oh boy would you look at the t i m e
sugar mommy: gotta blast byEEE

sugar mommy has left the chat.

queen: what the fuck?

chan_yale: okay not to worry anybody here,,
chan_yale: but ive just looked around the room and i dont think minseok came home last night

queen: … he
queen: isnt here either...

sheep boi: oh my lord what

sheep boi has added sugar mommy to the chat.

sugar mommy: i sw e a  r to god tao i have no idea who he is ok
sugar mommy: oh wow hey yixing
sugar mommy: wait.. what???

queen: okay but like i didnt ask
queen: why are you so fucking pressed bout it
queen: we have other things to worry about rn

sheep boi: okay but he was online at midnight
sheep boi: with who was he after that

queen: i… honestly dont remember sorry

chan_yale: shit i just asked baekhyun and he said jongdae refuses to talk about last night

queen: baekhyun??
queen: lmao why are you with him

sugar mommy: woah.. Chanyeollie
sugar mommy: congrats
sugar mommy: he’s a really pretty one

chan_yale: ?????
chan_yale: can we fucking concentrate here for a moment??
chan_yale: my best friend is missing and yall are more interested in my sex life????
chan_yale: he might be in trouble or he might not know where he is
chan_yale: he might even got hurt
chan_yale: shit i shouldve stayed by him..

sheep boi: (tbh i AM interested in your sex life lol)

queen: yeah you never talk about it??

chan_yale: i have my reasons ok
chan_yale: now let me call him and lets fucking hope he picks up

seokitup: gees yll blowinggg up my notifs
seokitup: clam yuor titts

chan_yale: ……….
chan_yale: oh my god

sugar mommy: now watch mother chanyeol turn into a dragon in 0.2 secs lol

chan_yale: motHERFUCKER WHERE ARE YOU????????

seokitup: ky butt yuo wernt tht worried whilst fkcng byung wreu u hnnng?,??

sheep boi: brb ill bring popcorn

queen: i wish you would announce these shows sooner damn

sugar mommy: okay but minseok
sugar mommy: you disappeared last night after telling us, quote unquote
sugar mommy: “men are cancelled.”
sugar mommy: where the hell have you been for the past 10 hours??

seokitup: whit a new firend

sugar mommy: ????
sugar mommy: i thought jongdae did something wrong?
sugar mommy: you stayed with him nonetheless??


seokitup has removed queen from the chat.

seokitup: fkcme

seokitup has removed sugar mommy from the chat.

chan_yale: kim minseok.
chan_yale: stop for a fucking moment and explain where the fuck you are and who are you with.

sheep boi: (and what happened last night with your prince also ok i need the tea)

seokitup has removed sheep boi from the chat.

chan_yale: are you serious

seokitup: i pncuhed him

chan_yale: punched who

seokitup: yes

chan_yale: … what the fuck??

seokitup: tht fuckre
seokitup: teh ‘’’’’’straitght’’’’’’

chan_yale has added sugar mommy, queen and sheep boi to the chat.

chan_yale: okay now explain

sugar mommy: thank you for adding me back you’ve always been my favourite child

queen: also u removed from the fckng chat what did i ever do to u

seokitup has removed sugar mommy from the chat.


chan_yale has added sugar mommy to the chat.
chan_yale has locked the chat.

chan_yale: and no one leaves now until we hear the story

queen: that sounds quite sinister

sheep boi: so you are not in love anymore i guess

seokitup: worng

chan_yale: ????

seokitup: ill kill him

sugar mommy: said the most adorable sunshine elf of 133cm

sheep boi: kinky

seokitup: im 173 thank

chan_yale: and im :)) losing my fucking patience here :))))

seokitup: nyway tis vish had thee nerve to sayy
seokitup: n i qutoe ‘’’’’hahahahaha so u gay? cool bt dont hit on me tho’’’’’’’’’

sheep boi: wtf?????? he did no t say that,,,

queen: y do they ALWAYS think lgbtq wants them,,,,, they WISH
queen: imma puke because of this ignorance brb

seokitup: so i punced him :)))))

chan_yale: shit sokkie...

sugar mommy: this was such an asshole move what the hell
sugar mommy: i mean i knew he was an idiot but this is rich even from him..

queen: so you are moving on?? im guessing

seokitup: no :))
seokitup: hes nice
seokitup: we tkled for hourssssssss
seokitup: nd he gay :))))

sugar mommy: but you
sugar mommy: literally just said he slapped you in the face with the straightest goddamn sentence ever???
sugar mommy: which was kinda predictable lmao but honey..
sugar mommy: we’ve all got this several times
sugar mommy: right guys

chan_yale: yup

queen: yep

sheep boi: still get it everyday tbh

sugar mommy: and you too, minseok
sugar mommy: but you’ve never punched anyone for it
sugar mommy: he says he’s straight, oh well
sugar mommy: you can move on in peace now??

seokitup: wrong :)))

queen: i… officially lost it???
queen: i think minseok has gone crazy
queen: i knew this day will come soon but i never predicted to be THIS soon

chan_yale: what i dont get is why the hell youre still drunk af minseok

seokitup: i jst finished drinking :)))
seokitup: goin hom yeollie <3333

sheep boi: omg what a strong man
sheep boi: drinking alcohol at 10:30am
sheep boi: real warrior

seokitup: im an independent man bbi boy ;)))
seokitup: til i get mysefl the bae

chan_yale: okay but baekhyun just talked to his friends
chan_yale: so after one of his best friends dumped you, minseok, you spent the night with that dance major kim jongin??

sugar mommy: uhm the hot ballet one?

seokitup: shhhhhh ;)
seokitup: bt science beak is there
seokitup: tell him to congrsatulate his ‘frind’ for runing my life, wiill ya,

chan_yale: uhm.. hes not in the greatest mood either tbh but sure


[saturday, 10:34am]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

lovemesomebacon: so jongdae
lovemesomebacon: congrats on being an asshole
lovemesomebacon: again.

DKSoo: oh god, I know this tone way too well…

senshine: omg what

chenchen: baek i fucking told you i DONT want to talk about it

kaa: well maybe u should tho…
kaa: tell them what happened.

senshine: ??? jongin you know???
senshine: where have u been :cccc
senshine: i miss u!!!

kaa: yeah ive kinda spent the past 6 hours with a v drunk and vv heartbroken minseok
kaa: i just got on the bus btw im omw home dw<3

senshine: WHAT
senshine: HOW

DKSoo: okay but I’m too tired for this rn I’ll mute the chat
DKSoo: talk to you all later


lovemesomebacon: you should be dead tbfh.

senshine: ???
senshine: isnt that a bit Too harsh

kaa: honey no.
kaa: honestly jongdae i wouldve never thought that u could ever disappoint me so much in my life

senshine: okay someone fill me in

chenchen: i was fucking talking to him okay???
chenchen: we maintained a normal conversation which was surprising given that we were only slightly tipsy and never met before??
chenchen: and it was about hobbies and all and he went like ‘oh im in the lgtb whatever community at uni btw’

lovemesomebacon: *LGBTQ+

chenchen: idc ok the poINT here is
chenchen: that i casually just asked him if he was gay
chenchen: and he said yes
chenchen: and i was joking around yknow like Dudes do

senshine: PlEaSE dont tell me you said he shouldnt hit on you or some homophobic bs

chenchen: .

kaa: :)))
kaa: sehunnie bby u kno him so well

senshine: fuckign hell jongdae
senshine: i will punch you too

chenchen: ?????????????????
chenchen: since when am i the bad guy here??? ???? ?? ?
chenchen: baek cmon
chenchen: tell them that you gays dont get offended by shit like that

lovemesomebacon: oh should i?
lovemesomebacon: idk lets ask the gays shall we
lovemesomebacon: gays do we get offended by homophobia?

chenchen: wym gays

senshine: yes, 100000%

kaa: dont get me started on homophobes smfh

chenchen: ????????????????????????????????????????
chenchen: what is going on here

DKSoo: Jongdae
DKSoo: you’re the most ignorant bastard I have ever met.

chenchen: i????

DKSoo: all your friends are gay.

chenchen: whAT? ? ? ? ? ??? ??? ? ?

senshine: let me translate it to a language u know
senshine: we love dick

chenchen: i
chenchen: ????????????????????
chenchen: since when???? ?? ? ????

senshine: i came out of my mamma’s womb and with that
senshine: i came out of the closet

kaa: cmon stop fucking around dae
kaa: its not working,,

senshine: u can come out now

chenchen: from wh e r e??????

lovemesomebacon: *a tired gay sigh*
lovemesomebacon: nywy… i hope you are planning to apologize to him

chenchen: im????, not?????????

lovemesomebacon: you fucking do or i am kicking you out
lovemesomebacon: and you can go look for rents.

chenchen: its okay my Real Friends will take me in
chenchen: right guys

kaa: ..
kaa: who r those
kaa: do u kno them sehunnie

senshine: sorry i dont speak homophobe
senshine: i dont know who we are talking about
senshine: do u ksoo?

DKSoo: I’d love to meet people from our campus that would take in somebody who made Kim Minseok aka actual loveliest person on Earth cry so much

chenchen: he
chenchen: he cried ???

senshine: its no joke jongdae… he is like v popular
senshine: one of his friends does martial arts too

chenchen: fuck mE
chenchen: what do i do then?? ? ?

lovemesomebacon: i say it for the last time
lovemesomebacon: a p o l o g i z e
lovemesomebacon: ill pm you his contact

chenchen: oh sure!!!
chenchen: how does “im sorry for getting punched by you for not wanting to get hit on” sound like

DKSoo has removed chenchen from the chat.

senshine: thank you for saving this chat ksoo
senshine: you are a true hero of our time


[saturday, 5:11pm]
Private chat with them: Minseok

Unknown Number: hey uhm
Unknown Number: shit it wasnt supposed to send sdhjgjnl
Unknown Number: fuCK

Minseok: who is this??

Unknown Number: uhm its
Unknown Number: jongdae..

Minseok: oh.
Minseok: cool.

Unknown Number: okay hear me out
Unknown Number: i wanna apologise for last night

Minseok: okay

Minseok has changed Unknown Number’s nickname to Asshole.

Minseok: go on

Asshole: seriously??
Asshole: also i was kinda.. hoping that this much would be enough…..

Minseok: haha that is cute :))
Minseok: if you dont mind me using such words

Asshole: ah shit
Asshole: im sorry okay??
Asshole: i didnt think before talking
Asshole: assuming you would hit on me just because i am a dude
Asshole: it was a jerk thing to disrespect your lgbtq+ origin
Asshole: *extremely jerk thing sorry
Asshole: i just dont know how to talk to people because im inconsiderate and an idiot

Minseok: oh
Minseok: im glad we agree then

Asshole: yeah uhm ig
Asshole: so apology accepted?
Asshole: and we can go on like this whole thing never happened?

Minseok: under one condition

Asshole: uhm sure??

Minseok: great :)))
Minseok: i wanted to tell you
Minseok: but you already agreed

Asshole: what
Asshole: no dude
Asshole: wth tell me

Minseok: talk to you later then :)

Minseok has logged off.


[saturday, 5:39pm]
Private chat with them: Chan-tol

Chan-tol: youre such a snake for taking screenshots
Chan-tol: but also wtf he said all those things??

miniseok: its not like i am posting it all over the internet
miniseok: but it is a good proof for my truth :3

Chan-tol: “to disrespect your lgbtq+ origin” huh not bad from a straight guy

miniseok: he isnt straight tho

Chan-tol: seok,,,

miniseok: yeol.

Chan-tol: cmon,, you really want to torture yourself like this??

miniseok: you werent there yeol
miniseok: we talked for hours
miniseok: i know what i know

Chan-tol: fine, lets say i believe you (which i dont lol)
Chan-tol: so what will you do about it now huh
Chan-tol: i mean,, “go on like this whole thing never happened” doesnt exactly sound like hes suddenly lusting after your cock does it

miniseok: not YET you mean
miniseok: but soon he will
miniseok: i will cure his straightness with my own damn gay hands

Chan-tol: that sounds v kinky and i really dont want to imagine what you mean by that

miniseok: i meant i will take him on a date
miniseok: smh, baek really fucked your brains out

Chan-tol: first of all, i topped ofc is that even a question
Chan-tol: second of all, as if kim jongdae would ever go on a date with you

miniseok: he already agreed :)))
miniseok: i just need to tell him the details

Chan-tol: smfh you know what ill just mind my own business here and let you do your dumb stuff on your own
Chan-tol: btw you should come out in the kitchen, i made kimchi stew for your dumb hungover head

miniseok: yeollie, if i wouldnt know you i would husband you up :333

Chan-tol: why does that sound more like an offence than anything else,,


[saturday, 6:22pm]
Private chat with them: Asshole

Minseok: lets meet tomorrow morning @ the dog cafe

Minseok: and wear something pretty
Minseok: :)))

Minseok has logged off.


Chapter Text

[sunday, 8:34am]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

chenchen: okay since all of you are, apparently, gay

DKSoo: who added you back?

chenchen has sent a photo.
chenchen: tell me,,
chenchen: does this mean i have been invited on a gay date???

lovemesomebacon: gay gasp
lovemesomebacon: o m g


senshine: smh why do u get a guy before me tho

chenchen: i??
chenchen: you can take him, honestly,,

senshine: minseok is cute but
senshine: not exactly my type you know….

lovemesomebacon: sehun love boy toys and minseok is a fcking top uwu

chenchen has left the chat.

lovemesomebacon has added chenchen to the chat.

lovemesomebacon: nywy im so happy you are going
lovemesomebacon: this is my biggest uwu ever
lovemesomebacon: my wanna be straight boy is an all grown gay now :’)))

chenchen: LET ME LEAVE
chenchen: i wouldnt even consider it if it werent for the fact that i promised fck

DKSoo: promised what?

senshine: we are confused gays please explain??

chenchen: suddenly yall are so loud about being gay??
chenchen: where was that spirit the past 1.5 years????

lovemesomebacon: in front of your ignorant eyes

kaa: honestly ur so blind like
kaa: if i didnt kno better id say ur actually a hetero :D

senshine: :DDDD omg jongin

chenchen: i want to die

lovemesomebacon: of excitement

senshine: omg!!! should we like go over and pick your outfit
senshine: t o g e t h e r
senshine: a vv powerful gay move

DKSoo: I can’t come I’m sorry
DKSoo: I’m already on my way to work

kaa: and i have a choreo to learn by 2morrow rip

senshine: wow i love hard working men
senshine: i can still go tho if u want!!!

chenchen: first of all this chat is making me uncomfortable
chenchen: second of all you really dont have to do that
chenchen: ik ive promised to do him one thing
chenchen: but since im not gay, sadly this is only like
chenchen: a bro date :))

lovemesomebacon: how can i make you shut up :)))

senshine has sent a photo.
senshine: im already on my way dw




[sunday, 10:01am]
Chat name: lets get jongdae dicked

baekhyun has added sehun, kyungsoo and jongin to the chat.
baekhyun has changed sehun’s nickname to spyhun.
baekhyun has changed kyungsoo’s nickname to kyung_somebodyhastoworkhere.
baekhyun has changed jongin’s nickname to star boy.
baekhyun has changed their own nickname to boss.

star boy: ooooh i love this already :333
star boy: what is this tho???

boss: sehun is on his way to spy on this date
boss: he will keep us updated

star boy: YESSS good :33
star boy: ahh i was so afraid ill miss somethinggggg
star boy: im just a little sad kyungsoo hyung is not here w us :c
star boy: but i texted him nd he said hed read it back later!!! :D

spyhun: i have arrived
spyhun has sent a photo.
spyhun: target located.

boss: careful
boss: we cant have jongdae notice u

star boy: lkdcjh r u in the cafe??

spyhun: not yet
spyhun: im waiting for them to order

star boy: okay but the most important thing!!
star boy: what r they wearing :0

spyhun: okay so we forced jongdae to wear his yellow sweater cause
spyhun: its vv soft
spyhun: bu i did not expect minseok to wear a simple nd really tight !!! white shirt with black skinny jeans nd leather jacket
spyhun: he is really out for blood

star boy: omgggggg minseok knows his way with men
star boy: i should ask him 2 teach me his tricks

boss: ye minseok is… quite the expert if you know what i mean
boss: i bet he can turn every straight guy gay and every lesbian girl straight smh

spyhun: okay they seated!!!
spyhun: im going in


spyhun: they are sitting by the windows
spyhun: they look … awkward lmao

boss: huh wdym?

spyhun: idk jongdae just??? stares out of the window
spyhun: omg minseok just scoffed
spyhun: jongdae looked at him so quick i think he got whiplash

star boy: omfg i wish i could be there :CCC
star boy: how did dae react to him tho
star boy: is he still being an ass???

spyhun: he looks super flustered lol
spyhun: i would almost say he is cute
spyhun: okay minseok just asked him if he is nervous smddsksa i love a king

boss: what a powerful gay wow

spyhun: “im not nervous at all HAHAHA why would i be???”
spyhun: jongdae is gay panicking

star boy: oh my god i suddenly ship it so hard

spyhun: “well… if you say so” dksdksm fuck
spyhun: he leaned back in his seat now and he looks out of the window
spyhun: jongdae is playing with the sleeves of his sweater

boss: why do i feel like we should have trained him better

spyhun: “i dont get it… why are we here in the first place???”
spyhun: “this place has food and dogs… what else do you need” skdksmdas
spyhun: “no i mean why did you ask me to meet u”
spyhun: “didnt u say you wanted to go on like that thing never happened?”
spyhun: “yeah so??”
spyhun: “we are doing that :)))”

boss: omg kim minseok

star boy: at this point im not sure whether he wants to fuck him or wants to cut his throat

spyhun: jongdae sweats nervously
spyhun: “haha relax a little”
spyhun: “i just… dont know what to say, ive never done this before haha”
spyhun: “have you never hang out with anyone haha”

star boy: oh my gOD DID HE JSUT

spyhun: its a lot worse i think he added ‘bro’ in the end fuck
spyhun: “yeah uhm” -flustered fumbling “not like this tho”
spyhun: “hmm i see… how should i make you feel more comfortable?”


spyhun: “i… dunno.. lets just talk first?”

star boy: fiRST

boss: does he… notice he is flirting???

spyhun: no.
spyhun: “thats what we have been doing” ohoh
spyhun: he jsut snapped at him like “what else is there to do here smartass”
spyhun: “chill…”
spyhun: i never thought i will see minseok smile at anyone like that omg im privileged
spyhun: he gave jongdae dog treats and!!! he held his hand a liddle!!!!!!

star boy: what cheesy holiday film is this omf :’)))

spyhun: minseok just called over a dog who obeyed him
spyhun: honestly how often does he come here
spyhun: “he is my fave, he is really nice and calm so dont be scared of him okay?”
spyhun: “do i look like im scared of puppies minseok” he caLLED HIM BY HIS NAME
spyhun: “daedae you are shaking” oH MY FFF

boss: D-DAEDAE???

star boy: THIS IS SO GAY JFC

spyhun: im honestly waiting when will jongdae call him minnie or some shit
spyhun: he just gulped and “its cold in here thats why”
spyhun: “is it better?” INSERT THE GAYEST EYE SMILE HERE
spyhun: i think jongdae is checking out minseok’s guns sdksdksdksd


boss: im shocked he is even alive tbh

spyhun: “btw you look good today” OKAY WHAT STOP THIS IM SO LONELY :(((
spyhun: “ahh thanks dude you too ig”

boss: sehun go choke him idc

star boy: i
star boy: how
star boy: w  hy

spyhun: “thanks bro” fffffuck

star boy: minseok calling anybody bro sounds plain wrong

spyhun: “how is your nose doing by the way?”
spyhun: “ahh its alright haha ill live” thEYERE BACK TO AWKWARD UHHHHH
spyhun: “yeah i never actually apologized have i? haha… im really sorry i didnt mean to hurt you”
spyhun: “it was really unlikely of me im sorry”

star boy: hes really trying so hard bless his soul :’))

spyhun: “yeah ig ur friend, that chan dude is the muscle in the gang right”

boss: okay why are they talking about my man

star boy: whiCH REMINDS ME
star boy: u still have tea 2 spill on park fucking chanyeol, mister
star boy: dont think ull get away w that c:

boss: chill i am not like some dude we all know ill tell you when the time comes ;)))
boss: ill tell you this much: it was the best sex of my entire life

spyhun: “ah yeah no it is actually tao” i just learned
spyhun: “tao has been learning martial arts since they were 9”
spyhun: “plus i also battled chanyeol in arm wrestling a few times and he is weak as a stick” THAT IS SOME TEA

boss: he has a good dick tho uwu

star boy: ok but shhh what is my otp doing

boss: ye sehun?? whats up

spyhun: “i didnt know you ga- i mean yoU GUYS did stuff like that haha”
spyhun: “really… then what do you think we do?” oooooh noooo
spyhun: “well.. yknow” jongdae blushed to the tip of his ears omg
spyhun: minseok just leaned on his elbows
spyhun: his face is like centimeters away from dae mskdsmsa

boss: i… can i still unfriend him or is it too late now

spyhun: jongdae keeps eye contact tho im impressed
spyhun: “we do a lot of things… idk if you are ready to hear about them tho” WHAT
spyhun: oh.
spyhun: OH FUCK

boss: w h a t



spyhun: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckufkcufk
spyhun: i just locked eyes with jongdae
spyhun: abort mission abort

star boy: oh fUCK
star boy: RUN SEHUNNIE

boss: NO

spyhun: im just sipping my latte nervously


boss: thats a risk we are willing to take
boss: just commit to it

spyhun: why am i even here…. what did i do to deserve this


[saturday, 10:49am]
Private chat with them: sehun

dudebro: hey sehun :))

sehun: uh oh
sehun: hi?

dudebro: can you please
dudebro: kindly fuck off

sehun: what do you mean hahaha
sehun: im just enjoying a nice afternoon haha

dudebro: man its 11am
dudebro: also you said you would go home and fucking
dudebro: idk look for a job or something
dudebro: and DEFINITELY not bother me

sehun: oooh did i say that haha silly me
sehun: i forget things all the time :))
sehun: i just wanted some caffeine

dudebro: i just told minseok you came to stalk him
dudebro: he said youre not his type :))

sehun: HOW COULD U

dudebro: lmao what icon hes just a dude
dudebro: but anywho
dudebro: leave now or suffer the consequences
dudebro: and you can ask baek how petty i am when it comes to revenge.

sehun: you are so fucking evil kim jongdae


[sunday, 11:01am]
Chat name: lets get jongdae dicked

spyhun: i was threatened.




[sunday, 12:14pm]
Private chat with them: Chan-tol


Chan-tol: uhh if its kim jongdae please spare me the cheesy details

miniseok: IDK
miniseok: UWU

Chan-tol: oh so i guess it wasnt as awful as expected?

miniseok: ??? who expected this

Chan-tol: well
Chan-tol: suho
Chan-tol: yixing
Chan-tol: tao
Chan-tol: baekhyun
Chan-tol: and literally the whole entire world except for you

miniseok: okay well you are all wrong
miniseok: also since when do u talk with baek huh

Chan-tol: i dont
Chan-tol: and now if youll excuse me, im having lunch w suho

miniseok: who needs enemies when one has friends like u


[sunday, 12:20pm]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

seokitup: GUESS WHAT

sugar mommy: no

queen: did u dye your hair again???
queen: pls i told u black suits you the most a million times

seokitup: i hate you all so much…
seokitup: NO
seokitup: I WAS ON A DATE UWU

sheep boi: oh so you moved on!!
sheep boi: its nice when you listen to us sometimes

seokitup: ye i was with jongdae

sugar mommy: disappointed_but_not_surprised.jpg

seokitup: no listen

queen: why should we when you never do

seokitup: siri how do i get better friends

sheep boi: but what happened that you went on a date

seokitup: he apologized for being a hateful het :)))
seokitup: nd i tricked him that i only accept it under one condition
seokitup: which was a ***d a t e***

queen: minseok you cant bribe ppl into dating you wtf

chan_yale: wow you seriously dont know seok very well do you

queen: okay but still,,,
queen: the date is over so thats it

seokitup: oh no-no :3

sugar mommy: oh god
sugar mommy: what did you do now

seokitup: i seduced, my friends

sheep boi: can somebody tell me what tf hes talking about

seokitup: okay so
seokitup: what happened was
seokitup: i went to the cafe place where we met
seokitup: he looked super cute with his big ass yellow sweatshirt and plain jeans :333
seokitup: nd like we ordered food and coffee and sit down
seokitup: nd he couldnt even look at me he was like ‘i have never done this before haha’
seokitup: so i asked if he had never hung out with anyone lmao
seokitup: anyway he was flustered but tried to act like a tough guy
seokitup: one of his friends that tol wide boy sehun was spying on us lololol
seokitup: so he told him to leave :33

chan_yale: wow cool story bro

seokitup: nd then it was only the two of us
seokitup: it aint over yet
seokitup: dont interrupt me u shit
seokitup: so we kept talking and it was cute he blushed a lot and his laugh!!! w o w
seokitup: i love making my man laugh

queen: okay so… is it all?

seokitup: no
seokitup: so we didnt even realize how fast the time passed by
seokitup: nd he had to leave :ccc
seokitup: so we were standing in front of the cafe and i was ready to say my final farewell
seokitup: i said: i had a great time, thanks for coming out (lmao ;;))) with me
seokitup: and he was like!!!
seokitup: ‘i had a good time too but what if next time we go to the football match at the weekend?’
seokitup: so im p sure i have another date :)

chan_yale: uhm

sugar mommy: chanyeol shut up

sheep boi: minseok..

queen: this is kinda a weird date idea

sugar mommy: ffs leave him be

seokitup: what now

chan_yale: its not a date dumbass

seokitup: how dare u disrespect me in my own gc
seokitup: it is

sheep boi: you sure?

seokitup: yea he asked me out

chan_yale: at times like this i really just wanna deactivate and never return

seokitup: what i dont get it
seokitup: why are you guys not excited?
seokitup: im cracking the het code
seokitup: i might be the gay icon we all needed

sugar mommy: i’m sure you are honey
sugar mommy: i’m sure you are


[sunday, 12:26am]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

chenchen: so.

lovemesomebacon: hello my b e s t friend uwu
lovemesomebacon: how are you on this fine day???

chenchen: …………
chenchen: why did i ever expect you to respect me or my privacy for more than two seconds

lovemesomebacon: wdym
lovemesomebacon: i respect u
lovemesomebacon: when you are not coming @ me with that straight shit

chenchen: i fucking
chenchen: yknow what its whatever
chenchen: i hope you got all the infos you wanted from sehun :))))

lovemesomebacon: who is a sehun

chenchen: v funny

lovemesomebacon: no like srsly
lovemesomebacon: idk anything

chenchen: well how fortunate that you dont care either way isnt it
chenchen: its not like youre curious or anything

lovemesomebacon: but….
lovemesomebacon: i am

chenchen: but youre not :))
chenchen: see if you were Curious and not a Fucker
chenchen: you wouldve asked me instead of spying..

lovemesomebacon: okay but like
lovemesomebacon: even if it was my idea
lovemesomebacon: which wasnt i swear
lovemesomebacon: what would have changed without sehun spying on u
lovemesomebacon: like
lovemesomebacon: we all know you wouldnt say a thing

chenchen: firstly i know it was your fucking idea byun
chenchen: sehun hasnt the wits to come up w shit like that
chenchen: secondly theres literally nothing interesting to talk about?????
chenchen: yall wasted your time
chenchen: it was a broy get together wtf were you expecting

senshine: hey i am witty ok

chenchen: ????? since when are you here

senshine: gtg
senshine: (((got to gay)))

chenchen: ..

lovemesomebacon: kim jongdae
lovemesomebacon: you fucking liar

chenchen: what now

DKSoo: “Daedae you’re shaking…”

chenchen: whAT THE FUCK
chenchen: i thought you were fucking working????

DKSoo: I’m on a lunch break

chenchen: wow i suddenly dont know any of you people

lovemesomebacon: bros dont look at each other like that hon

chenchen: ????? like what exactly

lovemesomebacon: you were heart eyes and so was he
lovemesomebacon: i know from my sources

chenchen: @senshine if you took fucking pictures too is2g im gonna set you on fire,,,,,

senshine: oh sehun is currently unavailable, please try again later


[sunday, 1:04pm]
Private chat with them: hunnie

byun hyung <3: hey sehunnie,,,
byun hyung <3: do you… have pictures

hunnie: yeh i have a few wait
hunnie has sent a photo.
hunnie has sent a photo.
hunnie has sent a photo.
hunnie: omfg
hunnie: ignore the last one lmao

byun hyung <3: i…
byun hyung <3: is that… a nude

hunnie: 0:)


Chapter Text

[sunday, 4:39pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

kaa: i just finished @ the studio nd read back on everything and wowww
kaa: but also!!! this reminds me
kaa: baek u have a story 2 tell us dont u~~

lovemesomebacon: oooh uwuwuwu
lovemesomebacon: okay so yall know seokkie’s tall af friend right

DKSoo: Chanyeol, right?
DKSoo: he’s handsome as hell and plays the guitar

kaa: yeye him ok so

lovemesomebacon: well ksoo he is off limits ok :)))
lovemesomebacon: i marked my territory
lovemesomebacon: literally ;)))

senshine: omg tell us the details

kaa: bless us sinner souls w sg exciting :33

lovemesomebacon: well so after i played the best matchmaker that has ever existed
lovemesomebacon: i saw him leaning against the wall all lonely
lovemesomebacon: drinking and being a hot piece in his leather jacket and all
lovemesomebacon: so i walked up to him to keep him company uwu

DKSoo: that’s how kids call it these days?

lovemesomebacon: shush
lovemesomebacon: so i walk up to him, doing my best to be seductive af
lovemesomebacon: i asked him what is he up to
lovemesomebacon: nd he was like ‘not much, just drinking’

kaa: thats the code he uses 2 tell u hes thirsty :3333

lovemesomebacon: ;;;)))
lovemesomebacon: so i was like ‘i have better plans than that’
lovemesomebacon: and he raised a brow at me nd smirked
lovemesomebacon: it was hot af let me tell you this much

kaa: kjshkdaskj how do i get myself a man like that :CCC

senshine: f u c k im turned ON
senshine: also jongin u can get anyone wdym

Kaa: sadly not Anyone :c

DKSoo: oh, hello, Jongdae
DKSoo: you forgot to turn off your ‘read’ tracker I’m afraid...

lovemesomebacon: so then he scoffed and something like ‘oh really? which is?’
lovemesomebacon: nd i leaned on the wall next to him looking up at him
lovemesomebacon: the guy is tall af have a mentioned that?
lovemesomebacon: exactly my type
lovemesomebacon: so i raised my glass and drink while pushing up his cup as well
lovemesomebacon: ND THE BISHSDHSD

kaa: ok a y but im still not home wtf when did this bus become so hOT

senshine: f u ck meee
senshine: i just groaned a little

lovemesomebacon: honestly same

DKSoo: he’s not my type exactly but wow I can see it in my head and I cannot say I don't like the image...

chenchen: … then what

kaa: omfg,,,,,,

lovemesomebacon: oh someone is interested now
lovemesomebacon: where were u when we talked about your d a t e :))

chenchen: stfu i just
chenchen: im trying to,, understand your lifestyle
chenchen: since im the straight minority here..

lovemesomebacon: lets pretend jongdae never texted us
lovemesomebacon: S O
lovemesomebacon: he pushed himself off the wall and turned around pinning me agaisnt the fucking wall
lovemesomebacon: i fucking peed myself i swear
lovemesomebacon: nd then he had this really low and groany voice one that makes them panties wet
lovemesomebacon: ‘you still havent told me about your plans baby’

kaa: is it socially acceptable 2 have a boner on the bus,,

senshine: at times like these i would say even jerking off is acceptable

lovemesomebacon: so i placed my cup on the table and grabbed him by the shirt
lovemesomebacon: pulled him as close as i could but he had his hands on the wall by my sides
lovemesomebacon: nd i bit my lip and he fucking s m i r ke d again and let out this vv breathy chuckle
lovemesomebacon: nd he was like ‘lets get out of here’

senshine: im a top but can he take control of me too pls

DKSoo: I’m a switch but I second that

kaa: im a bottom i could live the rest of my life as a slut for him honestly,,.,.,,.,.

lovemesomebacon: s a m e
lovemesomebacon: okay so im like lets go then
lovemesomebacon: and he grabs my arm and pulls me out of the crowd
lovemesomebacon: nd i only realize how hot i felt when we are out of the house

kaa: nd he took u home ok lets jump 2 the interesting part!!! ! !

senshine: THEN WHAT!!!

lovemesomebacon: ah i love my thirsty hoes
lovemesomebacon: so bscally we entered their dorm room and as soon as he closed the door
lovemesomebacon: he grabbed my arm and slammed me against the fucking door
lovemesomebacon: nd kissed me, supporting him on his arms next to my fucking head
lovemesomebacon: nd i run my hand thru his hair to get a hold of myself cause damn
lovemesomebacon: the fucker has a magical tounge ok

kaa: s h i t

senshine: gud i want to fuck now

lovemesomebacon: so then he pushes off my jacket and like u know i was wearing this really loose shirt
lovemesomebacon: and he left hickeys on my collarbones like yes pl ea se
lovemesomebacon: do u want to see lmao

DKSoo: it’s been weeks since any of us got any action, Baekhyun, what do you think?

lovemesomebacon has sent a photo.

senshine: go sh these are fucking war wounds


lovemesomebacon: >:)
lovemesomebacon: nywy, so thEN
lovemesomebacon: i took of his shirt too and damn he might look like a fucking noodle
lovemesomebacon: but the guy has abs
lovemesomebacon: and he was sweating and i was like y e s daddy
lovemesomebacon: nd so im kissing down his neck and abs and he was panting like fu ck
lovemesomebacon: so he fucking fisted my hair and pulled me away from him and he looked like a fucking predator
lovemesomebacon: he then pushed me on his bed and climbed on me placing his legs between mine and like holy shitttt

senshine: :))))) okay

kaa: am i grinding into the bus seat u ask
kaa: bitch i might be..

DKSoo: this whole chat is wrong on so many levels...

lovemesomebacon: so he keeps kissing me all over
lovemesomebacon: and he nibbles on my earlobe and breathes into my fucking ear sending shivers down my spine
lovemesomebacon: nd he slips his cold fucking hands beneath my shirt and painfully slowly takes it off
lovemesomebacon: its fucking scary cause he is like lusting but still keeps his cool i mso???
lovemesomebacon: nd then he plays with the hem of my pants
lovemesomebacon: nd im literally like ‘p l e ase just release me’
lovemesomebacon: ND HE FUCKING LAUGHS IN MY EAR LIKE AN EVIL MASTERMIND AND GOES ‘ill wait till you beg’

kaa: 2 more stops lkjshskljh i never realised i lived so far away from the studio

senshine: sorry for not replying i am lying in a puddle i just made ok

lovemesomebacon: so im whimpering like ‘what do you want’
lovemesomebacon: nd he MOANS in my ear like ‘say my name pretty boy’

kaa: my heart just did  a FUCKIGN LE AP oh my GGo d

DKSoo: oh someone likes being called a pretty boy here, too?

kaa: f uck

lovemesomebacon: big kink my friend
lovemesomebacon: so im like ‘chanyeol… pl e ase’ but my voice is sooo weak it suprises me too
lovemesomebacon: nd he smirkes and reeeeally fucking slowly unbuttons my pants
lovemesomebacon: nd im like…… fuck this and i beg more i m such a fucking hoe
lovemesomebacon: ND HE!!! FUCKING SAYS ‘you are such a pretty sight when you are on the edge’
lovemesomebacon: WHAT

senshine: holy shit

lovemesomebacon: im really losing my shit like i can hardly b r e a t h e this point
lovemesomebacon: so he smirks and he kisses behind my ear and he pushes off my pants
lovemesomebacon: nd once im naked he just kneels above me and mesures me up and down

kaa: bc ur fcking pretty thats why ok

DKSoo: please, Jongin, don’t kill my boner

kaa: hey but arent you at work tho :000

DKSoo: bathroom

kaa: oh my god hyung

DKSoo: fuck shut up
DKSoo: jesus christt

senshine: can we all concentrate at the matter at hand

lovemesomebacon: kay then he he runs his hands through my whole fucking body and says
lovemesomebacon: ‘ill make this a night you will never forget baby boy’ skdksamdsfuck
lovemesomebacon: nd so i push myself up and just pull down his pants l i t e r a l l y dragging them down casue i m so fucking horny at this point ok dont judge
lovemesomebacon: nd while i do that he just plays with my hair like kdsdksj oh no

kaa: ok a y hes a DADDY

senshine: i… never expected this to happen tbfh

lovemesomebacon: i was impressed ;)))
lovemesomebacon: i literally saw his dick and choked ,,,, he giggled at me
lovemesomebacon: and then he pushes me back and kisses me again but this time is a lot softer and more sensual not as lustful when we entered the room
lovemesomebacon: and its so weird but so good at the same time
lovemesomebacon: i hold onto his shoulders, pushing my nails into his smooth skin ksdksdls
lovemesomebacon: so… ye

kaa: okokok i just got home
kaa: whT DO U MEAN YE

lovemesomebacon: the rest is confidential ;))))

senshine: i fucking hate you byun baekhyun


DKSoo: you’re an evil bastard I hope you know that

senshine: gays like you do really deserve to rot in hell

lovemesomebacon: hahaha nywy if you are that interested let me tell you
lovemesomebacon: we might have done it like three times that night
lovemesomebacon: we also showered together and tbh there is nothing sexier when water drips down from his messy hair and flows down on his naked body okay ;)))
lovemesomebacon: well maybe there is one thing,,,, seeing him panting for air while you are down on your knees 0:)
lovemesomebacon: but i respect his privacy so 0:)

DKSoo: I hate you so goddamn much Baekhyun

lovemesomebacon: 0:)))
lovemesomebacon: nywy what did u think about the show gays

kaa: srry this bitch is gonna reread it all nd jerk off in peace now bye

kaa has logged off.

senshine: im doing a second round fuck this and fuck park chanyeol ok ttyl

senshine has logged off.

DKSoo: I have to go back to work now but
DKSoo: yeah, I have screenshots for later

DKSoo has logged off.

lovemesomebacon: what about our straight minority? :)))

chenchen has logged off.




[monday, 07:18am]
Private chat with them: gay god

jong-gay: fuck
jong-gay: baek are you up

gay god: now i am
gay god: what do u want

jong-gay: why did your contact say youve been online two hours ago tho

gay god: uh beats me must be a bug
gay god: did you seriously text me to ask me this???
gay god: im leaving

jong-gay: where would you fucking go you literally live in the room next door
jong-gay: anyway no
jong-gay: i think i
jong-gay: i think i have minseoks jacket on my floor

gay god: ???
gay god: i swear if you are leaving out the detail of minseok being IN your bed im gonna choke u

jong-gay: i have it bc he gave it to me yesterday
jong-gay: for some reason idk
jong-gay: and i never gave it back

gay god: ooooh
gay god: that is like
gay god: first base of dating uwu

jong-gay: can you please stop acting like we are dating and help me
jong-gay: how do i burn it without anyone noticing

gay god: wait
gay god: which jacket??

jong-gay: wym which
jong-gay: it just a leather jacket
jong-gay: it has uhm
jong-gay: these chain kinda things idk,, why??

gay god: omg
gay god: thats like
gay god: his fave jacket
gay god: if you burn it he will burn you with it

jong-gay: oh my god
jong-gay: you gays and your fashion..

gay god: okay but you wouldnt say that if i would burn your fucking denim jacket would u

jong-gay: okay listen,,,
jong-gay: thats Not The Same okay
jong-gay: thats the best fucking jacket in the entire world

gay god: :))) sure hetero

jong-gay: you know what ill just go ask jongin bc youre not helping at all

gay god: ye,,, sure
gay god: but
gay god: y is it on your floor???
gay god: havent you like… noticed it sooner???
gay god: how did i even get there in the first place???

jong-gay: i
jong-gay: what are these accusations??
jong-gay: its just there bc it is
jong-gay: you dont have to help me smfh
jong-gay: ill go and burn it on my own
jong-gay: see you at uni.

gay god: u mean your funeral :))


[monday, 09:21am]
Private chat with them: oh playboy

prince_pirouette: dlshlkj :CC

oh playboy: hello to you too

prince_pirouette: sehunnie :C
prince_pirouette: why is he so perfect :CC

oh playboy: ???
oh playboy: is it about ksoo???

prince_pirouette: when is it not :c

oh playboy: with you? never
oh playboy: what did he do today

prince_pirouette: hes just
prince_pirouette: okay so we all kno i only took up that stupid lecture bout european cuisine bc he was so damn excited about it but he had no one to go with right

oh playboy: yep
oh playboy: u tried one recipe and u made a fire in the dorm

prince_pirouette: yea not my point here but thanks
prince_pirouette: so we were sitting in the lecture just now right
prince_pirouette: nd i got so distracted by him like
prince_pirouette: he was explaining something bout these fish dishes 2 me tht they make in the north
prince_pirouette: nd i was just rsdlhdlkh
prince_pirouette: i was lost in his eyes nd he was glOWING like a child on xmas eve nd
prince_pirouette: i kinda told him he was beautiful,,

oh playboy: omg
oh playboy: nd??? what did he say???
oh playboy: did he blush??? what DID HE DO??

prince_pirouette: he fucking giggled nd looked down nd blushed nd then
prince_pirouette: he looked back up at me,, in the EYE
prince_pirouette: w s o much sadness in his eyes
prince_pirouette: bc he must think i was kidding or that i just said that w/o meaning it
prince_pirouette: which is
prince_pirouette: not true :C

oh playboy: oh man literally ‘kyungsoo is so pretty’ plays in your head on a fcking loop
oh playboy: i cant believe this
oh playboy: did you like,,, say that you meant it yknow

prince_pirouette: nO BUT LIKE
prince_pirouette: HIS SOUL IS SO BEAUTIFUL,,,
prince_pirouette: ND HIS BRAINS
prince_pirouette: everything :ccc

oh playboy: aaah my boy is so whipped :’)))
oh playboy: when will i ever honestly
oh playboy: i ship so hard
oh playboy: you should try to ask him out tho
oh playboy: you never know what might happen

prince_pirouette: oh god no
prince_pirouette: can u im a g i n e
prince_pirouette: no me neither
prince_pirouette: and i might not be the sharpest but
prince_pirouette: ive learned not to ask questions u dont wanna know the answers to
prince_pirouette: bc
prince_pirouette: he deserves the whole world you know??? and
prince_pirouette: honestly what do i have :c
prince_pirouette: face nd body
prince_pirouette: not v much 2 offer…….

oh playboy: jongin no!
oh playboy: yyeah sure you are vv beautiful, breath-taking even and your body is hot as fuck and when you move you p much irresistible
oh playboy: but you are also smart and kind and you have the purest soul!!!
oh playboy: nd i tell this to you everyday
oh playboy: i hope one day you will realize that you can mean the world to ksoo
oh playboy: if you push your fears away

prince_pirouette: sehunnie.,,
prince_pirouette: can u pls collect me from d-317
prince_pirouette: i want to hug you :c

oh playboy: omw jonginnie!!! <333

prince_pirouette: <3333333


[monday, 9:59am]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

sugar mommy: can somebody explain me why my son minseok came to his morning lecture half an hour late and without a jacket,,,,,,

queen: huh? did u lost your jacket at the party minseok or???

seokitup: now that you are asking :)))
seokitup: i slept in cause my roommate kept moaning in the room next to me  while i was trying to get my beauty sleep :))))
seokitup: if you are interested in moving in just let me know i will spare a room for you :)))

sheep boi: omg busted

sugar mommy: but??, did he even get any sleep this weekend???
sugar mommy: first that boytoy baekhyun and now another one…
sugar mommy: homeboy needs no time to recover or what??

queen: i fucking hope u used protection yeol

sheep boi: doesnt look the type to me tbh

seokitup: i swear to god if he is still asleep
seokitup: that fucker i will go and choke him with his own pillow
seokitup: ‘say my name baby’ fucking shut up
seokitup: he deserves every std

chan_yale: you can be happy that this time i didnt do it in your bed

seokitup: you fucking disgust me park chanyeol

chan_yale: ;))

queen: if i wouldnt know you guys, i would think you hate each other
queen: also we forget one extremely important detail
queen: who was it???

sheep boi: i thought you would say “i would think you are fucking each other” lmao

queen: isnt that the same thing lmao

sheep boi: well for chanyeol it might be...

sugar mommy: kids.. cmon

queen: i just said i am offended that chanyeol doesnt answer to my question

sugar mommy: oh i mean
sugar mommy: chanyeol?? what do you have to say

chan_yale: i could tell you but you yall wouldnt believe me anyway so whats the point

queen: im overly offended by this statement
queen: i believe everything

chan_yale: okay then
chan_yale: it was your mom, tao

queen: you fucking bitch i will murder you in your sleep and no one will know

sheep boi: he said hes happy for you uwu

sugar mommy: why am i still putting up with you bunch…

sheep boi: wow guYS

sugar mommy: what now


queen: yixing relax
queen: who are we talking about exactly?

sheep boi: SEOK

queen: what??? what happened???

sugar mommy: yixing???? ? ? where did you go jfc

sheep boi: Hey guys it’s Yoonhee!!!
sheep boi: Yixing kinda drank energy drink with coffee this morning and seeing Minseok apparently triggered the amount of caffeine in his body haha

sugar mommy: heyyyyy
sugar mommy: oh that happens with him, just give him some water and he should be fine

sheep boi: Did that!! :DD

sugar mommy: okay?? so what happened???

sheep boi: Oh yes, so Minseok was talking with this weird new Chinese boy Kris who is actually veeeery handsome like wow I really like Chinese boys haha :33
sheep boi: Anywayyyy so Jongdae walked up to them with a leather jacket!!
sheep boi: He said in a very flustered voice that “you left it with me yesterday” and Minseok was so soft!!!!
sheep boi: He was smiling at him so warmly it was so cute!!

queen: what is this straight dude’s deal?? honestly

sheep boi: Oh Yixing wants his phone back!! Talk to you guys later!! :33

sugar mommy: ah yeah okay!!! thanks for the info :3


queen: minseok?
queen: are we supposed to be surprised by this


queen: you are still high on your caffeine
queen: you are probably imagining things

sugar mommy: i mean minseok does look hot today ngl
sugar mommy: he has this white sleeveless shirt on saying “gaylien” and his fake nerdy glasses and skinnies and all
sugar mommy: i wouldn’t be surprised by anything that might be in jongdae’s head rn…

seokitup: FINALLY I HAVE PROOF :)))))

sheep boi: BRO U GOT THI SMAN

chan_yale: this groupchat always makes me happy
chan_yale: that im not online more often

seokitup: interesting :))
seokitup: u are always online for your fuck friend

chan_yale: i dunno what you mean bye

seokitup: okay but like
seokitup: this jacket smells different :3333
seokitup: he was wearing it :333


[monday, 10:59am]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy: hey yeollie uwu

daddyeol: uhm whats up
daddyeol: also whats that nickname ??

prettyboy: its cute isnt it uwu

daddyeol: i dont exactly.. go for cute tbh
daddyeol: but yeah so why did you text

prettyboy: i just want to talk

daddyeol: …. im in class im not home

prettyboy: me neither
prettyboy: ???
prettyboy: nywys do you know anything about seokkie’s jacket issue???

daddyeol: oh god can everybody just stfu about that fucking jacket its giving me a headache

prettyboy: huh? why? did something happen
prettyboy: omg
prettyboy: dont tell me that lil shit burned it for real
prettyboy: ill kill him istg

daddyeol: no he didn't,, burn it wtf??
daddyeol: your little friend just gave it back like half an hour ago and minseok has been all over the place about it
daddyeol: hes wearing it now and keeps fucking smelling it he looks so ridiculous
daddyeol: i dont know him anymore

prettyboy: oh
prettyboy: my
prettyboy: GOD
prettyboy: skdaksdsmasjfdjkg
prettyboy: the boy is so whipped i cant believe this
prettyboy: how did my friend, the one and only claimed-to-be-straighty-dudebro, got so lucky

daddyeol: ???? why am i the only one who thinks its sick
daddyeol: also wym claimed-to-be lol i thought he fucks girls??

prettyboy: well he dated girls….
prettyboy: he never actually talked about the sex tho
prettyboy: he is shy about stuff like that so

daddyeol: how come hes best friends with you then

prettyboy: haha wym i am an innocent lil bub too 0:)

daddyeol: “yes daddy pin me down im a slut for you” says what

prettyboy: that wasnt me
prettyboy: i wasnt in control ok
prettyboy: i get weak sometimes
prettyboy: also y do u think about it before noon haha do you already miss me uwu

daddyeol: you just shut up ok im in class

prettyboy: you are so nasty
prettyboy: i love it

daddyeol: dont make me come to your data science lecture baby

prettyboy: ooooh someone is memorizing my schedule hmmmm 0:)
prettyboy: but if you are interested
prettyboy: me and jongdae became friends way back in primary school
prettyboy: he was always alone nd i was a really bubbly little kid so i befriended him :)))
prettyboy: and then he couldnt escape
prettyboy: i have this kind of effect on ppl 0:)
prettyboy: just sayin

daddyeol: oh really…
daddyeol: well see how this one turns out then :)

Chapter Text

[tuesday, 2:57pm]
Private chat with them: bathroom guy

Unknown Number: hello


[tuesday, 2:58pm]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

sugar mommy has sent a photo.

sugar mommy: okay which one of you fuckers had the neRVE,,,,

queen: huh?? is that kris

sugar mommy: oh my god was it you
sugar mommy: tao i cannot believe you would betray me like this
sugar mommy: my favourite child..,.,.,.,.

chan_yale: i thought i was your favourite ??

sugar mommy: shut up boy i’m the one asking questions here

queen: as much as i would like to claim it was my doing
queen: it really wasnt

sugar mommy: then it was yixing??
sugar mommy: that chinese bastard stabbing me in the back i--

chan_yale: hes not online so we might never know ig

queen: wait wasnt like….
queen: hasnt yixing’s gf say that he saw minseok with
queen: …. wait nvm hahaha
queen: pretend i didnt say anything 0:)

sugar mommy: i..
sugar mommy: fucking minseok
sugar mommy: i will tear off your dick and feed it to you


[tuesday, 3:07pm]
Private chat with them: Unknown Number

Unknown Number: hello

Unknown Number: is this suho?
Unknown Number: kim junmyeon?

Unknown Number: im sorry i guess wrong number then

bathroom guy: oh hey hello
bathroom guy: i mean uhh who’s this haha

Unknown Number: this is kris wu
Unknown Number: the guy from the party
Unknown Number: one of your friends gave me your number
Unknown Number: i hope it is okay with you

bathroom guy: yeah it’s fine haha
bathroom guy: why did you ask for it though?
bathroom guy: i mean.. i’m sorry about how the party turned out
bathroom guy: i didn't think you would want to talk to me again tbh

Unknown Number: yeah i wanted to ask if you are okay
Unknown Number: you disappeared
Unknown Number: i hope i didn’t say something that made you uncomfortable or anything
Unknown Number: and i’m sorry for discussing this over a chat i should have approached you in person but i didn’t know how to
Unknown Number: or at least i should have asked for your number myself, i’m sorry

bathroom guy: hey no it’s okay
bathroom guy: i should’ve asked for your number too like
bathroom guy: i was acting like a child and i’m truly sorry

Unknown Number: don’t be sorry
Unknown Number: i’m sure you had your reasons
Unknown Number: but i really had fun with you
Unknown Number: and i was thinking…
Unknown Number: do you want to meet up sometime?


[tuesday, 3:15pm]
Private chat with them: PCY

suhoe: chANYEOL
suhoe: wait lmao nvm


[tuesday, 3:16pm]
Private chat with them: panda

mother su: TAO

panda: sup
panda: wait why are you yelling
panda: SUP

mother su: IM TEXTING KRIS
mother su: WHAT DO I DO

panda: huh
panda: meet up with him
panda: maybe?

mother su: n o but
mother su: i
mother su: hes lovely and all but we met at a fucking paRTY
mother su: i have learned not to expect anything serious from people i meet at parties,,,

panda: okay but what happened there?
panda: you didnt have a one night stand did you?
panda: and now he is asking if you could hang out

mother su: no we just kissed
mother su: hes a damn good kisser okay i was melting
mother su: lkajssdjh i shouldnt think about stuff like this when im in public

panda: aah you are so cute
panda: but honestly
panda: kris looks really intimidating but he is a really nice and kind person
panda: there is nothing you should be worried about su :))

mother su: :CC yeah you’re right
mother su: thank you so much
mother su: you’re my favourite child after all

panda: ye ye of course
panda: dont make him wait okay
panda: ily su


[tuesday, 3:22pm]
Private chat with them: Unknown Number

Unknown Number: i understand if you don’t want to, junmyeon
Unknown Number: you can say no, it is okay

bathroom guy: shit no no please
bathroom guy: i’m sorry, my uh
bathroom guy: my connection just died,,
bathroom guy: yes i wanna meet up with you sometime

Unknown Number: oh great
Unknown Number: i’m happy to hear that :)
Unknown Number: are you free tomorrow afternoon?

bathroom guy: ah tomorrow omg
bathroom guy: i mean yes yeah i am

Unknown Number: amazing
Unknown Number: let’s meet at…
Unknown Number: 6? by the cafeteria?

bathroom guy: perfect :3

Unknown Number: it’s a date then :)

bathroom guy: it
bathroom guy: it is
bathroom guy: we’re going on a date omg

Unknown Number: dress nicely :)
Unknown Number: i know a place i want to take you to


[tuesday, 3:38pm]
Private chat with them: panda

mother su has sent a photo.
mother su: my only kink from now on is men treating me right.


[tuesday, 4:13pm]
Private chat with them: Asshole

Minseok: hey Asshole :DD
Minseok: how are u??

Asshole: okay you know what

Asshole has changed Minseok’s name to idiot.

Asshole: there :)

idiot: well
idiot: look who is giving me nicknames now :)))
idiot: did i leave such a big impression on you? ;)

Asshole: what the
Asshole: i
Asshole: youre so frustrating you know that??

idiot: am i making you frustrated daedae? :3

Asshole: i really dont know how to reply anymore smfh
Asshole: where did that nickname even come from

idiot: oh idk it just hit me
idiot: i have been calling you like this for a while now tbh

Asshole: ??? weve
Asshole: known each other for 4 days now??
Asshole: thats not ‘a while’ is it lmao

idiot: i guess :)))
idiot: whatever its not that important
idiot: so…
idiot: you are not cold today are u :3


[tuesday, 4:24pm]
Private chat with them: gay god

jong-gay has sent a photo.
jong-gay has sent a photo.
jong-gay: what do i do with him

gay god: well i would say
gay god: suck his dick :))

jong-gay: what th
jong-gay: nO
jong-gay: WTF BAEKHYUN

gay god: well i just said it
gay god: honestly this is my first reaction to this message

jong-gay: can you please
jong-gay: think straight for just one moment here,,,,

gay god: straight is not my thing babe
gay god: nd honestly i hate to break it to you
gay god: but minseok is flirting with you
gay god: nd you sound vv whipped :)))

jong-gay: ???????????????
jong-gay: im not fucking ????? whipped wtf  ????
jong-gay: you do realise hes a guy right?????????

gay god: ye???
gay god: what is the problem lmao

jong-gay: that im not into dudes??

gay god: oh ye :D
gay god: i always forget that you are still trying to be straight
gay god: which is p funny cause like u dont even get a pussy so whats with that

jong-gay: yeah right
jong-gay: i dont have to prove anything to you yknow
jong-gay: all i have to do is send one text and i get,, that

gay god: what?? a pussy???
gay god: lmao if you really want then go on
gay god: what is stopping u :))

jong-gay: that im texting an asshole rn

gay god: then slide out of my pms lol
gay god: nd get back with seokkie cause u actually have a chance with him
gay god: which still unbelievable for me tbfh
gay god: like seok?? are u blind honey??? :((

jong-gay: yall keep saying that but like
jong-gay: what is so great in this guy??

gay god: ?????? ??? ? ? ??? ??? ? ?
gay god: you have to be kidding me

jong-gay: no baekhyun in fact i am not
jong-gay: i genuinely have no idea why everyone is so taken aback like
jong-gay: hes just a dude?? a normal ordinary guy
jong-gay: who happens to be gay but like other than that??
jong-gay: he just wants to hang out which is cool, im a cool dude
jong-gay: so ye im not kidding you

gay god: you have to be because u just said ‘’’’im a cool dude’’’’
gay god: who even says this lmao not even my grandma
gay god: but like,,,,
gay god: seok is really a hot piece of fuck
gay god: nd he is really fun to be around i mean,,,,
gay god: im friends with him so i know shit nd he is really chill
gay god: nd hes a p good listener as well
gay god: nd ye he wants to hang out with YOU :)))

jong-gay: see?? hes an alright guy
jong-gay: yall just make it weird and awkward w like
jong-gay: putting us on your gay agenda or some shit

gay god: ??? what do you m e a n

jong-gay: man you literally live on the other side of my wall
jong-gay: i can hear your giggles,,

gay god: it wasnt me i swear 0:)
gay god: but no really,,,,
gay god: what did you reply to him

jong-gay: oh
jong-gay: o h fuck


[tuesday, 4:41pm]
Private chat with them: idiot

idiot: u… didnt die did you haha

Asshole: shit im sorry
Asshole: this jerk was keeping me,,

idiot: jerk? who?

Asshole: just baek
Asshole: i honestly have no idea why i even ask him for help these days

idiot: what were you asking him about?
idiot: i might be able to help you

Asshole: ahh i
Asshole: doubt that hahaha

idiot: hmmmm
idiot: okay
idiot: well if there is anything i hope you know that
idiot: you can tell me, ok?

Asshole: woah
Asshole: thanks
Asshole: its actually a first for me lmao

idiot: hahaha wdym first

Asshole: like
Asshole: someone offering this
Asshole: .. nvm i just made it weird im sorry

idiot: oh no its not weird at all
idiot: i mean,,,, for me it’s like a basic to,,,, you know
idiot: talk about problems haha
idiot: you know its important in any kind of relationship to talk through things so like
idiot: i just wanted you to know that im here

Asshole: i
Asshole: i dunno what to say to that
Asshole: except
Asshole: thank you

idiot: anytime :)))
idiot: anywaysssss
idiot: its gettin really soppy so haha
idiot: SO
idiot: have i told u how big of a cupid i am yet :33

Asshole: hmm do i even wanna know what you mean by that

idiot: idk it is up to you to decide :DD

Asshole: if you wanna talk about like
Asshole: stories about guys you,,
Asshole: like
Asshole: you know
Asshole: then i definitely DONT want to know

idiot: haha dont be jealous ;)
idiot: but no i dont
idiot: i want to talk about my friends :DDD

Asshole: pff jealous wtf
Asshole: your friends like that lanky dude chanyeol?

idiot: ye we can consider him a friend
idiot: but most of the time he is a snake :)))

Asshole: hmm no wonder he and baek get along so well then..

idiot: huh???
idiot: they just had sex once haha
idiot: its not that big of a deal honestly

Asshole: oh like
Asshole: you guys do it like that alright
Asshole: yeah i mean based on what ive heard from baek it might be more actually

idiot: well obv not everyone has one night stands haha its not a gay thing only
idiot: but you are acting like you havent heard about them before haha
idiot: really???
idiot: chanyeol never talks about stuff like this so i really dont know
idiot: its already a big deal that he mentioned baek in the first place

Asshole: uhh i
Asshole: can we talk about something else please tho,,
Asshole: baek is my bro and it feels weird to talk about them like this hahaa

idiot: aaaaw
idiot: you are a really nice person daedae :)
idiot: sure we can
idiot: do you have anything in mind?

Asshole: hmm not really..
Asshole: do you?

idiot: hmm i actually wanted to ask you something

Asshole: uhm what is it

idiot: do you….
idiot: do you really want to meet this weekend?

Asshole: i mean yeah??
Asshole: i had a good time at the cafe tbh so why not?

idiot: ahah im so glad to hear this honestly :)))
idiot: i really want to spend more time with you too
idiot: so then,,, lets meet before the match starts ok? :)))

Asshole: yeah sure!

idiot: cool :))
idiot: its a date then

Asshole: its a
Asshole: a what?? ?

idiot: hahaha nvm i gotta go :DD
idiot: see you around :))

Asshole: no minsEOK

idiot has changed Asshole’s name to daedae~.
idiot has logged off.


[tuesday, 9:52pm]
Chat name: lets get jongdae dicked

boss has sent a photo.
boss has sent a photo.
boss has sent a photo.
boss: our little boy is getting that sweet dick :’))
boss: im so happie

kyung_somebodyhastoworkhere: did you just take pictures of his screen, oh my god...
kyung_somebodyhastoworkhere: also what is this name? it’s awful

star boy has changed kyung_somebodyhastoworkhere’s name to hyungsoo<3.

star boy: better? :33

hyungsoo<3: yeah, thank you :3


boss: they are so cute
boss: minseok is so nice why is jongdae so blind im ,,,,,

spyhun: yeah its vv cute nd gay im living the best life
spyhun: up until jongfuck realizes that u stole his phone,,, again and he releases his wrath on all of us :))))

star boy: what can he do honestly? :)

boss: haha you might be surprised
boss: but im taking risks for the team


star boy: oky but i wanna do sg 4 the team too :C
star boy: i feel left out

boss: what if
boss: :)))
boss: u go spying on them this time?

star boy: :00000
star boy: YES :DD

hyungsoo<3: I… don’t think it’s a good idea to be honest…
hyungsoo<3: Jongdae will be alert this time, and he will definitely not believe you being there by chance…

spyhun: that is why you are going to ksoo

hyungsoo<3: I.. what??


boss: yeah think about this logically ksoo
boss: if jongin goes alone it would be too suspicious
boss: but if you go together its just a friendly outing :)))
boss: he wouldnt suspect a thing

hyungsoo<3: but if it’s a friendly outing… are you guys coming too?

boss: sorry i cant :)))
boss: i have plans with a lanky boy uwu
boss: if you know what i mean haha ;)))

spyhun: yeah i cant do either
spyhun: i will have the flu :))
spyhun: plus it is less suspicious if its only the two of u
spyhun: its almost like you guys are on a date

hyungsoo<3: I… dunno how believable that would be but

star boy: u dont think it would? :cc

hyungsoo<3: nonono I just
hyungsoo<3: I
hyungsoo<3: fuck
hyungsoo<3: okay, I’m in

spyhun: then make it believable :DDD


[wednesday, 1:09am]
Private chat with them: Minseokkie

Lulu: hey Minseok,
Lulu: can we talk?

Lulu: i have to tell you something

Chapter Text

[wednesday, 9:18am]
Private chat with them: idiot

daedae~: hey
daedae~: im sitting two rows behind you and
daedae~: idk.. are you okay?

idiot: yeah
idiot: why wouldnt i be okay?

daedae~: i really.. dunno you just looked like
daedae~: you looked confused and hurt idk

idiot: haha
idiot: you really dont have to worry about me
idiot: everything is fine :DD
idiot: but thank you for asking daedae~

daedae~: im not worried..
daedae~: also i still hate this nickname i hope you know that

idiot: why :((
idiot: its p cute
idiot: just like u
idiot: it suits you a lot!!

daedae~: smfh you could just call me jongdae
daedae~: but you know what

daedae~ has changed idiot’s nickname to midget boy.

midget boy: WHAT THE

daedae~: but its about the overall picture u know
daedae~: im more… how do i say this
daedae~: well-proportioned

midget boy: :))) what do you mean
midget boy: i would love to hear about that

daedae~: oh my god
daedae~: leave me alone midget

midget boy: :33
midget boy: dont be flustered daedae~
midget boy: btw
midget boy: next time you should tell me you are taking the same classes as me
midget boy: we could have sat next to each other :33

daedae~: pff what do you mean
daedae~: also i only visit this lecture when i have the time..
daedae~: its complicated credit stuff but i just really like opera music theory

midget boy: yeah honestly this is one of the best classes you can take throughout your whole course let me tell you haha
midget boy: i only got the time for it this semester so
midget boy: but next time we can sit next to each other :DD
midget boy: i mean if you come next time haha

daedae~: yeah the others are not taking this lecture anyway so
daedae~: yeah sure

midget boy: cool :33
midget boy: aah… i wish you would sit next to me now im sad :(((

daedae~: haha but like were already talking arent we
daedae~: what would be different if i sat with you?

midget boy: well
midget boy: first of all you would be next to me :))
midget boy: nd tbh i dont need any other reason

daedae~: hm yeah
daedae~: also i would see the slides better haha theyre pretty blurry from here

midget boy: i can share my notes with you
midget boy: if you want :))

daedae~: oh man thats so great
daedae~: thanks so much!

midget boy: anytime :3
midget boy: hey
midget boy: do you want to grab lunch together?

daedae~: oh lunch
daedae~: ill uhm
daedae~: ask the others real quick if he has plans


[wednesday, 9:29am]
Private chat with them: gay god

jong-gay: if a boy asks you to have lunch
jong-gay: is that a date

gay god: depends on the guy who is asking

jong-gay: .. yknow what nevermind


[wednesday, 9:30am]
Private chat with them: midget boy

daedae~: ah im sorry,,
daedae~: seems like we have stuff to discuss today ://

midget boy: haha its okay :DD
midget boy: then next time :))

daedae~: yyeah next time

midget boy: :333


[wednesday, 9:32am]
Private chat with them: ~*zinaaa*~

Jongdee-dee :33: ah hey zina

~*zinaaa*~: oooh hello there handsome~
~*zinaaa*~: i haven’t heard of you in a while ^^

Jongdee-dee :33: yes hehe sorry for that
Jongdee-dee :33: i was just wondering if you wanna go out sometime this week :)

~*zinaaa*~: ah dee-dee
~*zinaaa*~: what do you think what kind of girl i am?

Jongdee-dee :33: beautiful? :)
Jongdee-dee :33: cmon dont make me sad~

~*zinaaa*~: aaah dee-dee
~*zinaaa*~: you know i cant say no to you ^^
~*zinaaa*~: what do you have in mind???




[wednesday, 6:11pm]
Private chat with them: kyungsoup

stfubyun: heey kyungsoo
stfubyun: i hope you are not mad at me for setting you up haha
stfubyun: i dont want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything

kyungsoup: wow, it took you almost one day to realise I have been ignoring the group chat on purpose for the most part
kyungsoup: it’s almost a whole 24 hours less than last time :) congrats

stfubyun: why you have to be so smart all the time
stfubyun: but ye,,,, sorry
stfubyun: my mind is a bit distracted these days haha
stfubyun: nywys how do you feel about it?

kyungsoup: about you being distracted by Park Chanyeol?

stfubyun: not everything is about park chanyeol
stfubyun: but no of course not
stfubyun: about you and jongin going on a date

kyungsoup: it’s not a date

stfubyun: well it kinda is
stfubyun: if you think about it

kyungsoup: if we weren’t spying on one of our friends here
kyungsoup: or if it weren’t for the fact that neither of us would’ve gone to a football match on our own record
kyungsoup: or if Jongin had the slightest interest in anything to do with me
kyungsoup: well yeah, THEN it could possibly be considered a date :)

stfubyun: i never thought that one day i will say this
stfubyun: but you are as blind as kim jongdae

kyungsoup: okay, but that is offensive…

stfubyun: you can get offended as much as you want
stfubyun: but you have your eyes on jongin ever since sehun invited him to hang out with us
stfubyun: and so far you haven’t made a single step towards him

kyungsoup: I mean...
kyungsoup: why would I?
kyungsoup: I’ve had crushes before, it’s not like it won’t fade with time as well...

stfubyun: yeah most of your crushes fade within a week
stfubyun: and how long do you have a crush on jongin exactly? :)

kyungsoup: like… some months, probably…

stfubyun: exactly my point
stfubyun: thank you for coming to my ted talk

kyungsoup: alright but it’s not fair, you know
kyungsoup: how am I supposed to forget about him when we meet literally every day?
kyungsoup: and I’m always reminded of the fact that even though he’s way out of my league
kyungsoup: I cannot as much as look at anybody else
kyungsoup: oh god, ignore that last one, I’m getting sappy

stfubyun: aaaah
stfubyun: do kyungsoo
stfubyun: should i go to your dorm room and kick your ass personally?

kyungsoup: I do it myself everyday, but thank you for your offer :)

stfubyun: kyungsoo
stfubyun: you are putting yourself down
stfubyun: again
stfubyun: can you listen to me, and sehun, and jongdae and jongin when we say that your are amazing?
stfubyun: just once

kyungsoup: of course you say that, you are my  f r i e n d s
kyungsoup: that’s what friends do, we comfort each other
kyungsoup: it’s like when we all pretended to believe Jongdae was straight for a whole year
kyungsoup: or when we told Sehun his rainbow hair was acceptable
kyungsoup: it’s not like I don’t appreciate it, though…

stfubyun: that’s it
stfubyun: i’m going fucking over.
stfubyun: and don’t even try to lock your door
stfubyun: i know how to pick locks.

stfubyun has logged off.




[thursday, 0:30am]
Private chat with them: mother su

panda: so…
panda: you might be having sex rn but,,,,
panda: i really hope you are having sex cause that means it went GREAT

mother su: oh my god tao i just got in bed can you stop blowing up my phone

panda: ye ye sorry whatever
panda: what happened???

mother su: it was… i don’t really have words for it
mother su: amazing? unbelievable?
mother su: making me fall in love in 0.4 seconds?

panda: ???? ummm
panda: details??? thank you??

mother su: ahh tao my darling, be patient
mother su: okay so he came to pick me up because he just texted me he would do that last minute
mother su: and then he walked up to the front door dressed as the most expensive sugar daddy you can imagine, like… your mother just had a heart attack there
mother su: and he smiled at me and told me i looked fantastic???? i blushed so hard
mother su: and he offered me his arm so i took it and he walked me to his car and is2g my knees have never been weaker like,, wow

panda: see??
panda: i told you he is a nice guy
panda: a real gentleman :’)

mother su: you have no idea :’))
mother su: so yeah, then he drove and i could barely take my eyes off of him like i didn’t know i had a thing for guys who drive but that was one beautiful side profile
mother su: and we got to the restaurant and it was Fancy af
mother su: and ofc full of people who instantly stared us down as soon as we entered ksdjh
mother su: but somehow i was so proud??? like yes bitch let them stare as my guy walks me to our table
mother su: that feeling being there until heteros happened,,,

panda: what did them do again smh

mother su: ahh it was just a bunch of girls at a neighbouring table sending some phone numbers via the waitress saying they would “very much love to entertain Yifan tonight”..

panda: oh no
panda: fuck
panda: what did he do

mother su: he instantly looked at me and my heart just fucking SANK like
mother su: i’ve been there before, being dismissed for sex and all so i just.. smiled at him like haha yeah it’s okay, go or whatever
mother su: but tHEN HE
mother su: “hmm i have my company already, but thank you for the offer”

panda: !!!
panda: thank GOD

mother su: i was so flustered klsdfhlsd
mother su: and then we had dinner and we were joking around and it’s sososo easy to talk to him like first it was awkward but when is it not am i right
mother su: but then we were talking about my internship and his life in canada and hobbies and stuff
mother su: and after it was over, he offered to walk around in the park nearby a little
mother su: and i took his arm again and somehow we started talking about you guys and
mother su: well he obviously misunderstood something there,, bc he said “you’re so precious, your eyes are glowing when you talk about them you know”
mother su: “i can tell you love them very much”

panda: but wait
panda: what do you mean misunderstood
panda: dont you love us :(((

mother su: no omg what are you thinking
mother su: that would be gay if i said i did :3c

panda: …. nevermind
panda: go on then

mother su: <333
mother su: okay but yeah i think i was definitely staring at him because he just brought his hand up and gently booped my nose and
mother su: and we giggled together and i laid my head on his shoulder and nuzzled my nose in the crook of his neck
mother su: and he put his chin on the top of my head and
mother su: it was so perfect lfksjlhfdk tao i had goddamn butterfLIES

panda: aah im crying :(((
panda: this is really so soft su

mother su: wait it’s not over
mother su: so then he took me home and i was sitting next to him in the car and i barely had the strength not to lean over and kiss him
mother su: but then he parked in front of the dorm and walked me all the way to the entrance
mother su: there was two seconds of silence and he was looking at me as if i were something beautiful he wants to take his time cherishing skjhfdlk and i couldn't take it
mother su: so i took him by the collar and pulled him in for a kiss

panda: oh
panda: my
panda: godd
panda: i can feel the love :(((

mother su: ikr :’)))
mother su: and he chuckled and pulled away but we were still sooo close and he just
mother su: he whispered against my lips
mother su: “i can't wait for our next date”

panda: !!!!
panda: a next date!!!
panda: it’s amazing news!!!
panda: i’m so excited for my friends :(
panda: you cant even imagine im so happy for you

mother su: thank you so much dsldhj<333
mother su: then i watched him drive away and walked in the dorm room feeling as if i were drunk
mother su: it was one of the best nights of my entire life tao
mother su: i’m so fucking happy right now :’))

panda: aaah suho
panda: im so so so happy
panda: im really so happy
panda: i hope it will work out
panda: i really do
panda: you deserve to be happy su

mother su: tao :’))))
mother su: i really don’t want to talk too soon but
mother su: i have a good feeling about us :3
mother su: ahh and i’ll go to sleep nowwww because i have work tomorrow but first i have to meet him in my dreams again :333

panda: omg :’’)))
panda: sleep tight su <3


[thursday, 1:05am]
Private chat with them: bathroom guy

Unknown number has changed bathroom guy’s nickname to junmyeon <3.
Unknown number has changed their nickname to yifan.

yifan: hey :))
yifan: i just got home and i couldn’t get you out of my head
yifan: i hope you are already asleep, prince <3

junmyeon <3 has changed yifan’s nickname to yifan <3.

junmyeon <3: sweet dreams beautiful :3

yifan <3: now i will have :))
yifan <3: thank you for coming today
yifan <3: i loved every second of it :)

junmyeon <3: oh my god shushhhh i’m blushing so much :33
junmyeon <3: thank you for taking me out
junmyeon <3: but don’t answer me okay bc i’ll never go to sleep then khfsgf
junmyeon <3: goodnight yifan<3

yifan <3: haha sorry i have to
yifan <3: you are cute :))
yifan <3: goodnight junmyeon <3

yifan <3 has logged off.


Chapter Text

[thursday, 3:25pm]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy has sent a photo.

daddyeol: uhm.. hey?

prettyboy: heeey yeollie uwu

daddyeol: whats up?

prettyboy: nothing much uwu
prettyboy: im hanging out with hunnie
prettyboy: what do u think of him???

daddyeol: hes tall
daddyeol: why

prettyboy: dont u think he is handsome??

daddyeol: not my type but sure?

prettyboy: really?
prettyboy: then what is your type?

daddyeol: dunno
daddyeol: bottoms

prettyboy has sent a picture.

prettyboy: so like him?

daddyeol: hmm yeah more like him
daddyeol: hes called jongin right?

prettyboy: yes uwu
prettyboy: he is so pretty

daddyeol: but theyre doing each other right

prettyboy: WHAT
prettyboy: LMAO
prettyboy: NOOOOOO

daddyeol: ive seen them holding hands n shit????

prettyboy: ah well
prettyboy: its a bro thing i guess??

daddyeol: pff bro thing sure

prettyboy: no they are like
prettyboy: really good friends
prettyboy: theres nothign between them

daddyeol: oh ok

daddyeol: so what are you two doing
daddyeol: w the tall guy i mean

prettyboy: oh he is showing me his new choreo
prettyboy: its really sexy uwu

daddyeol: but hes a lot younger than you right,,

prettyboy: not that much
prettyboy: age is just a number yknow

daddyeol: yeah lol ig

prettyboy: dont tell me that the guy who likes to be called daddy wouldnt date younger ones

daddyeol: i dont exactly date anybody so no i wouldnt

prettyboy: ooh really???
prettyboy: interesting..

daddyeol: what

prettyboy: nothing haha
prettyboy: so
prettyboy: im thinking of learning this choreo
prettyboy: would u be interested in watching uwu

daddyeol: i didnt know you dance

prettyboy: well im not exactly the dancer hahaha
prettyboy: but its sexyyyyyy

daddyeol: hmm yeah it is
daddyeol: what do you have?

prettyboy has sent a video.

prettyboy: not much uwu

daddyeol: purposefully positioned that camera so i can see,, everything there huh
daddyeol: i like your sweatpants

prettyboy: uwu
prettyboy: it was NOT on purpose tho
prettyboy: i promise~

daddyeol: hmm and now trying to lie to me…

prettyboy: you cant prove anything can u uwu

daddyeol: well, got me there
daddyeol: you should probably send another one
daddyeol: how about a decent one this time

prettyboy: eager are we

daddyeol: … misbehaving, are we

prettyboy: i might be
prettyboy: but dont you like it uwu

daddyeol: we will see..
daddyeol: what are you doing tonight?


[thursday, 4:06pm]
Private chat with them: Jongdee-dee :33

~*zinaaa*~ has sent a photo.
~*zinaaa*~: im getting ready bby :*

Jongdee-dee :33: oh wow hello
Jongdee-dee :33: yeah im getting ready as well :)

~*zinaaa*~: haha maybe you should send one as well ;)
~*zinaaa*~: i would love to see you bby

Jongdee-dee :33: ahh but im already dressed up haha
Jongdee-dee :33: youll see me in like an hour anyway?


[thursday, 4:10pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

midget boy: heyyyy
midget boy: so do you still need the notes? :D
midget boy: just finished sorting them out!!


[thursday, 4:11pm]
Private chat with them: Jongdee-dee :33

~*zinaaa*~: i knooooow silly
~*zinaaa*~: i still really want to see you though :(((

Jongdee-dee :33: ah uhm
Jongdee-dee :33: alright?
Jongdee-dee :33 has sent a photo.

~*zinaaa*~: aww you are so cute deedee
~*zinaaa*~: and handsome as well
~*zinaaa*~: i cant wait to see this face up close aaah

Jongdee-dee :33: haha thanks
Jongdee-dee :33: so see you later then? :)

~*zinaaa*~: wait
~*zinaaa*~: i wanted to ask
~*zinaaa*~: like what are we doing after having dinner?
~*zinaaa*~: you know so i can dress to the occasion :*

Jongdee-dee :33: uhm i didnt have anything special in mind
Jongdee-dee :33: do you wanna go somewhere or?

~*zinaaa*~: haha well
~*zinaaa*~: i thought we can hang out at your place you know ^^

Jongdee-dee :33: oh uh
Jongdee-dee :33: right,, that haha
Jongdee-dee :33: brb!!


[thursday, 4:27pm]
Private chat with them: midget boy

midget boy: heyyyy
midget boy: so do you still need the notes? :D
midget boy: just finished sorting them out!!

daedae~: hi
daedae~: yeah that would be so nice
daedae~: thanks man

midget boy: sure anytime :DD
midget boy: so like where can i give them to you?
midget boy: should i go over or?

daedae~: oh nonono
daedae~: i mean haha i’m quite busy rn,,

midget boy: aah okay
midget boy: well just let me know when you have time then

daedae~: yeah sure thing

daedae~: uhm btw
daedae~: just theoretically speaking..
daedae~: what would you do if someone wanted to have sex with you
daedae~: but you didn't

midget boy: hmmmmm
midget boy: well i would definitely not force myself to have sex
midget boy: nd if they dont understand that then its their loss i guess

daedae~: yeah?
daedae~: i kinda dont want this person to get offended tho
daedae~: we havent known each other for long but were getting closer rn and
daedae~: idk i dont want it
daedae~: not yet anyways

midget boy: i… huh well
midget boy: i think you should tell them from the beginning
midget boy: i mean i would hahahahaha ofc
midget boy: like yknow
midget boy: just to know that you are both on the same page hahaha

daedae~: hmm yeah i guess youre right

midget boy: nd dont worry
midget boy: im sure they would understand so
midget boy: you can tell them

daedae~: yeah
daedae~: thanks man
daedae~: ill do that :)

midget boy: hahaha ye good np :)))))

daedae~: anywayy i gotta go now
daedae~: ttyl dude

midget boy: yep… sure
midget boy: dude


[thursday, 4:41pm]
Private chat with them: Chan-tol

miniseok: chANYEOL
miniseok: AM I TOO SEXUAL
miniseok: ????

Chan-tol: please dont tell me you finally got some kind of std

miniseok: NO
miniseok: IDK A LONG TIME OK
miniseok: JUST ASNWER

Chan-tol: i mean yeah?? how many queer boys are there at uni that you havent had

miniseok: oh no

Chan-tol: but theres nothing wrong with that like,, why should you live a life of celibacy with a face like yours lmao

miniseok: first of all,,,, you are too nice what do you want
miniseok: second of all EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH IT

Chan-tol: im just content w my own sex life rn ok
Chan-tol: but what happened to you?? youve never questioned stuff like this

miniseok: I JUST
miniseok: i jsut dont wanna lose anyoen beacuse of this ok….

Chan-tol: ok but sit tf down minseok stop pacing up and down
Chan-tol: and now tell me what jongdae did to freak you out so much

miniseok: i
miniseok: why do you think its about him

Chan-tol: ???? because youve been going on about seducing him for fucking ever and now that you hang out im
Chan-tol: actually not happy about you letting him this close ok…..

miniseok: no its… not his fault
miniseok: i was just thinking
miniseok: that my actions might have negative effects on others,,, you know

Chan-tol: .. who are you and what have you done to my best friend

miniseok: uhhhh
miniseok: ah i know you are right….
miniseok: its just
miniseok: okay it is jongdae
miniseok: but it really means nothing im just
miniseok: overthinking i guess?

Chan-tol: but youre meeting him in like 24 hours right
Chan-tol: i mean he wouldnt have offered to hang out if you were too much ig

miniseok: well… yeah i see your point
miniseok: he just,,,,
miniseok: idk its weird nd dumb

Chan-tol: tell me

miniseok: uh so he was like
miniseok: what would i do if someone wanted to have sex with me but i didnt
miniseok: and i was like??? reject them
miniseok: and he said that he wouldnt want to hurt them or whatever because he doesnt know them for that long
miniseok: so like… am i pushing things or
miniseok: i genuinely dont know :((((
miniseok: i know its.. p dumb…
miniseok: im dumb :((

Chan-tol: shut up its not dumb okay
Chan-tol: i dunno for sure what you are like when youre w him but based on what you told me
Chan-tol: i dont think youre being too much tbh
Chan-tol: and he said it was fun to hang out?? i could probably quote everything he said on that goddamn date actually bc youve been talking so much about it
Chan-tol: he has also asked YOU about this stuff so,, idk man you should probably trust his judgement

miniseok: i just really dont want him to think that i only want to fuck
miniseok: because with him no
miniseok: i MEAN
miniseok: not only hahahaha
miniseok: i wouldnt mind but
miniseok: oh no
miniseok: im doing That

Chan-tol: bc youre a cocky ass like that,,, thats part of your personality
Chan-tol: dont you dare start acting like a fucking prude now kim minseok
Chan-tol: i will kick your ass
Chan-tol: and also tell suho it was you who threw up in his car that one time

miniseok: okay okay okay
miniseok: chill
miniseok: no need to be so aggressive
miniseok: but hey,,, thanks

Chan-tol: of course
Chan-tol: cant have you stressing out so much
Chan-tol: you would eat all the peanut butter in the dorm

miniseok: okay but that was one time and i threw up on the carpet
miniseok: i think i learned my lesson there
miniseok: btw… we might be... out of peanut butter

Chapter Text

[friday, 3:57pm]
Private chat with them: Jongin-ah^^

Sunbaenim: hey Jongin :)

Jongin-ah^^: helloooo :33
Jongin-ah^^: whats up?:3

Sunbaenim: ah uhm nothing, really :)
Sunbaenim: I was just wondering…

Jongin-ah^^: yeah? :33 bout what?

Sunbaenim: you know… things
Sunbaenim: about this evening, mostly…

Jongin-ah^^: oh you,, changed your mind about going?

Sunbaenim: what?? no, of course not

Jongin-ah^^: ahh okay!! :DD
Jongin-ah^^: i was worried for a moment that you did,,

Sunbaenim: no, I would never...

Jongin-ah^^: :333
Jongin-ah^^: so what is it then?

Sunbaenim: so……
Sunbaenim: so the plan is to make this look like a date right?

Jongin-ah^^: the.. plan, yeah
Jongin-ah^^: right

Sunbaenim: so we should… I dunno we should dress alike or
Sunbaenim: yeah idk

Jongin-ah^^: omG

Sunbaenim: ah you’re in, then? :)

Jongin-ah^^: ofc im in!!!!!
Jongin-ah^^: so how do we do this??? :D

Sunbaenim: uhh well.. I thought you would know how bc
Sunbaenim: I don't really.. know clothes myself you know haha

Jongin-ah^^: oooooh
Jongin-ah^^: dont you worry do kyungsoo!! your saviour is on the way :33
Jongin-ah^^: ill just grab a pair of pants and come over!!

Sunbaenim: yeah?

Jongin-ah^^: yesss i already have an outfit in mind for youuu :33 we will match so well~

Sunbaenim: amazing :) thank you Jongin-ah

Jongin-ah^^: ill be over in 20!!
Jongin-ah^^: see you then!! :DD

Sunbaenim: yeah :) bye

Sunbaenim: ah Jongin wait

Jongin-ah^^: hm? :3

Sunbaenim: I actually.. I was thinking about something else, too but I'm
Sunbaenim: not sure anymore haha

Jongin-ah^^: noooooo tell me!! what was it??

Sunbaenim: it's nothing important uhm
Sunbaenim: I just wanted to ask if
Sunbaenim: now that you're already coming over an all..
Sunbaenim: do you wanna grab ice cream before going to the match?

Jongin-ah^^: :000 rlly??

Sunbaenim: ah haha like
Sunbaenim: we don't h a v e to yknow..
Sunbaenim: I mean the match itself might be really long as well right so
Sunbaenim: so idk I get it if you don't feel like spending so much time with.. like
Sunbaenim: you know…
Sunbaenim: we can stay in, that's cool, don't feel pressured just because I asked right,, we can like

Jongin-ah^^: hey

Sunbaenim: what?

Jongin-ah^^: stop rambling

Sunbaenim: damn sorry I…
Sunbaenim: let's just.. pretend I never asked okay?

Jongin-ah^^: nonono please!!
Jongin-ah^^: i just said stop rambling bc i wanna say i do
Jongin-ah^^: i wanna grab ice cream with you :3

Sunbaenim: oh
Sunbaenim: really??

Jongin-ah^^: yeah, really :33

Sunbaenim: ah uhm I didn’t count on that but
Sunbaenim: yes, we’re gonna get ice cream :3

Jongin-ah^^: youre so cute shsbzbzb :333
Jongin-ah^^: okay i have to catch the bus now
Jongin-ah^^: ill text you when im at your dorm yeah? :33

Sunbaenim: yeah
Sunbaenim: take care Jongin-ah

Jongin-ah^^: you too hyung<33




[friday, 5:54pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

midget boy: heey dae :))
midget boy: where are u??

daedae~: oh hey
daedae~: im almost there, just look a little longer to get ready lmao

midget boy: hahaha i hope you dont look too good
midget boy: i really didnt put that much effort into this
midget boy: but until then ill go and find a seat for us :))

daedae~: im sure you look fine tho
daedae~: i mean like
daedae~: ..hah yeah anyway,, ill arrive soon

midget boy: hey is everything okay

daedae~: yeah ofc haha
daedae~: and with you??

midget boy: well you are just acting a little off?
midget boy: but other than that im okay

daedae~: nah im fine im all good
daedae~: but you go get us seats yeah?

midget boy: already have it :DD
midget boy: i will keep an eye out on you :33


[friday, 6:04pm]
Chat name: lets get jongdae dicked


boss: HEY
boss: GUYS
boss: HELLO??


hyungsoo<3: oh god chill out, we’re here

star boy: yes!!!!! eyes on the target ofc:DD

boss: he didnt see you right???

hyungsoo<3: no, he actually just got here
hyungsoo<3: Minseok has been here for some time now but he got himself two hotdogs and sat down four rows in front of us

spyhun: aaah i wanna go on a date too :((

star boy: we gonna get u someone pretty 2 sehunnie dont worry!!!

spyhun: :(((

boss: yeah dont worry hunnie <3
boss: you can get any boy uwu
boss: but,,,, what are they doing now?

hyungsoo<3: they’re sitting quite close, Jongdae looks somewhat disturbed and distracted

star boy: like hes looking for someone??:000
star boy: but he looks fiiine tho he has this black tshirt w gray skinnies nd his hair is somehow different too??

boss: omg :’)))
boss: did he actually put effort into a date im :’)))
boss: proud

hyungsoo<3: Minseok looks cute with his snapback and his sunglasses and loose tee
hyungsoo<3: and I’m so sorry you cannot see his face, Sehun
hyungsoo<3: since you always complain about him being a top… well
hyungsoo<3: when he looks at Jongdae, there’s nothing top about him to be honest


spyhun: i feel a crack in the top universe now

hyungsoo<3: okay, Jongdae just leaned over to his ear to tell him something because it’s pretty noisy here, but Minseok is so flustered
hyungsoo<3: he gave him one hotdog when he arrived by the way and watched him eat it, I forgot to mention that haha :)

boss: i would have guessed that but thanks for the clarification

star boy: uhm,, baek shush
star boy: do u want us 2 report or nah,,,
star boy: … thought so.

spyhun: yeah of course
spyhun: how is the match tho

star boy: ???????

hyungsoo<3: Jongin just looked me and asked whether you were being serious

spyhun: im just curious of the details


spyhun: oooh double date :333
spyhun: i forgot

boss: smfh just tell us what is happening with my bestie and his bf ok
boss: a bitch is curious

hyungsoo<3: uhh alright so they’re watching the match, not much is happening right now
hyungsoo<3: oh, wait, actually Minseok is inching closer
hyungsoo<3: oh, the good ol’ don’t-mind-me-I’ll-just-stretch-here-and-slip-closer-as-if-it’s-nothing-haha

spyhun: this technique should have a shorter name tbh
spyhun: okay but did jongdae pull out
spyhun: ***away i mean lmao
spyhun: autocorrect

star boy: omggg sehun we rlly gotta find u a bf ://///

spyhun: i guess :///

hyungsoo<3: wow what is that girl doing there
hyungsoo<3: Jongdae just
hyungsoo<3: oh my..
hyungsoo<3: shit. no

boss: huh
boss: what girl???? WHAT

star boy: ????


hyungsoo<3: Kim Jongdae.
hyungsoo<3: just fucking kissed her.
hyungsoo<3: on the lips.
hyungsoo<3: and invited her.
hyungsoo<3: to sit down next to them.

spyhun: nonononononononononononononono
spyhun: but,,,, minseok :((((((

boss: oh no he fucking did not

star boy: SHE FCKING TOOK HER HUGE FUCKNG BICH ASS ND SAT BETWENE THEM? ?  ? ?? ?? ?, ? ? ?? ?? , ?

spyhun: please tell me you are just joking
spyhun: if its because i was curious of the match im sorry ok
spyhun: i learned my lesson

hyungsoo<3: I wish it was a joke…..

star boy: ND HIS FUCKING H A  I R
star boy: IM

boss: yall remember when i said im proud of jongdae
boss: yeah that actually never happened i have never been any more disappointed in anyone in my entire fucking life

hyungsoo<3: Minseok is sliding further from them and he
hyungsoo<3: oh god no
hyungsoo<3: he just stood up

boss: hey guys can you do me a favor


boss: great.

hyungsoo<3: Minseok said something and the girl took his hand and he just pulled back with the most disgusted face
hyungsoo<3: my mood right now

spyhun: jongdae fucking does not deserve him
spyhun: what are we going to do now

boss has logged off.

star boy: WTF U DOIN BAKE
star boy: *BAEK

hyungsoo<3: okay but Sehun would you hate us very much if we left now
hyungsoo<3: suddenly I feel sick to the stomach…

spyhun: yeah
spyhun: go ahead
spyhun: ill check the outcome of the match tmrw

star boy: i mean,,
star boy: that will def be sg interesting am i right,,,,




[friday, 6:49pm]
Private chat with them: Chan-tol

miniseok: hey yeol
miniseok: im omw home
miniseok: nd i dont feel very good hah

Chan-tol: oh my fucking
Chan-tol: did that asshole not show up???

miniseok: he did haha
miniseok: idk i just had a hotdog
miniseok: nd my stomach is not taking it too well so….
miniseok: i left earlier
miniseok: im sure ill be ok if i just sleep it off tho

Chan-tol: first of fucking all
Chan-tol: you always eat all kind of trash claiming its how you “make sure to get all the nutritions” and youre never sick bc of it
Chan-tol: secondly you could have fucking diarrhea and even then you wouldnt leave a date with jongdae behind so
Chan-tol: stop lying to me all the time minseok

miniseok: im not lying….

Chan-tol: i will just ask baekhyun to ask jongdae how the date went then :))

miniseok: its really not necessary
miniseok: it wasnt even a date
miniseok: im dumb


[friday, 7:00pm]
Private chat with them: prettyboy

daddyeol: what did your fucking asshole of a best friend do this time

prettyboy: HE FUCKING


[friday, 7:03pm]
Private chat with them: miniseok

Chan-tol: so
Chan-tol: a girl.

miniseok: can we not talk about it ok
miniseok: im an idiot

Chan-tol: im so fucking furious right now

miniseok: yeayea i know ‘i told you so’ whatever
miniseok: can we… just not…. talk about this at all ok

Chan-tol: no fucking shut up minseok you wont suffer in silence bc of this straight motherfucker
Chan-tol: i will murder him
Chan-tol: what the fuck did he think? ??? ???

miniseok: no Chanyeol
miniseok: please dont
miniseok: i did it to myself
miniseok: i didnt listen to you guys and look where i am now,,,
miniseok: its my fault
miniseok: dont hurt him okay

Chan-tol: well i cannot fucking promise anything minseok
Chan-tol: bc exactly LOOK where you are now
Chan-tol: and its all because of this heartless fucking bastard
Chan-tol: do you realise its been 6 days??? he put you through all this in d a y s

miniseok: well… what did i expect really
miniseok: he is straight
miniseok: not like… he thought of today as my dumb gay mind thought haha
miniseok: so its really okay yeol

Chan-tol: thats it im gonna just fucking-

Chan-tol has logged off.


[friday, 7:19pm]
Private chat with them: Jongdae

Unknown Number: who the fuck do you think you are


[friday, 7:30pm]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy: hey
prettyboy: did minseok already arrive home?

daddyeol: yes he did
daddyeol: locked himself in his room before i could talk to him

prettyboy: smh jongdae is a dead man

daddyeol: yeah you can bet on that…
daddyeol: wait so hes. still not home then

prettyboy: i dont know
prettyboy: and i dont care
prettyboy: im almost at your dorm

daddyeol: you what
daddyeol: why??

prettyboy: i want to tell minseok that i will cut off jongdaes dick
prettyboy: i hate that this happened
prettyboy: i hate this so fucking much
prettyboy: i’m so fucking angry chanyeol

daddyeol: makes the two of us then
daddyeol: i wish minseok were angry too tbh
daddyeol: the dude can be p intimidating when hes at it,, even to me
daddyeol: but now all i can hear are his sobs coming from his room and
daddyeol: :)) yeah your pal will die tonight
daddyeol: right after i get the full story from seok

prettyboy: he isnt angry????
prettyboy: :(((

daddyeol: no hes fucking heartbroken
daddyeol: look at this
daddyeol has sent a photo.
daddyeol has sent a photo.
daddyeol has sent a photo.

prettyboy: im
prettyboy: im sorry

daddyeol: for what
daddyeol: you have nothing to be sorry for prettyboy
daddyeol: its that fucker whos gonna pay for this…..

prettyboy: i just feel like…. its also my fault
prettyboy: i introduced them in the first place
prettyboy: ugh why is jongdae such a fucking,,,,, ignorant idiot

daddyeol: stop blaming yourself
daddyeol: just come here and help me get him out of his room and then
daddyeol: idk
daddyeol: we can go and bury jongdae together

prettyboy: i cant see him tonight…….

daddyeol: what do you mean

prettyboy: i just dont want to see him
prettyboy: i dont want to be home when he gets back from that bitch
prettyboy: i will really punch him in the face
prettyboy: i think i will ask sehun if i can crash at their place for a while

daddyeol: hey you could like
daddyeol: stay here
daddyeol: i mean.. idk how long it will take for minseok to talk anyway so
daddyeol: yeah
daddyeol: i have a big bed nd all yknow..

prettyboy: aaah thank you so much yeollie
prettyboy: now come and open the door for me will you? Uwu




[saturday, 4:36am]
Private message with them: Lulu

Minseokkie: hey,,,
Minseokkie: sorry for not replying sooner
Minseokkie: i was,,, busy
Minseokkie: you know,,,, uni stuff
Minseokkie: what did you want to talk about?

Chapter Text

[saturday, 8:01am]
Private message with them: gay god

jong-gay: hey baek where are you??
jong-gay: i mean youre probably with the lanky dude arent you lol
jong-gay: yo you still wanna try that game i got us this week or should i do it myself lmao

jong-gay: hey???

jong-gay: cmon man i can see youre reading my messages???

gay god has logged off.


[saturday, 8:12am]
Private chat with them: sehun

dudebro: uh sehun?
dudebro: you know whats up w baekhyun

sehun: i have no information of said person

dudebro: ????
dudebro: what happened

sehun: oh sehun is not available at the moment, please try again later

dudebro: what the fuck????


[saturday, 8:16am]
Private chat with them: jongin

big bro: are you up jongin?
big bro: i cant reach baek and sehun is being unhelpful

jongin: im sorry i cant help with that
jongin: i promised

big bro: promised who???

jongin: im sorry

jongin has logged off.


[saturday, 8:18am]
Private chat with them: ksoo

Dae: kyungsoo
Dae: what the hell is happening?????

ksoo: what do you mean, Jongdae?

Dae: everyone is ignoring me??
Dae: baek is gone and ??? the others are acting weirdly

ksoo: oh, yes. that.

Dae: what do you mean THAT???? what IS that???

ksoo: oh please...
ksoo: think, Jongdae
ksoo: why can this be?

Dae: ????
Dae: if i knew i wouldnt have texted you?????

ksoo: wow, thank you so much

Dae: yeah sorry but
Dae: what have i done to deserve this? ?? ?  ?? ?

ksoo: exactly

Dae: i havent even met you guys in two days ffs

ksoo: what happened in the meantime?

Dae: nothing??? ive been home
Dae: i just went on a date on thursday and then again yest
Dae: no
Dae: fuck no,,
Dae: i dunno what he told you guys but its not true okay

ksoo: sadly enough, I don't know what you mean.

Dae: i took this girl to the football match last night and
Dae: yeah minseok was there too but i was like
Dae: ok he said it was a date so he would bring someone???? like a double date??
Dae: and zina showed up and he got all annoyed and
Dae: zina was kind to him ok,,, she was joking around and shit
Dae: and he then just jumped to his feet and told her something like
Dae: “you can keep touching me but im sorry im fucking gay and bitches like you are not my type anyway”
Dae: and then he told me he “didnt feel like thirdwheeling” so he would leave

ksoo: Kim Jongdae.


ksoo: you’re the blindest fucking person I have ever had the misfortune to meet.


[saturday, 8:30am]
Private chat with them: Unknown Number

Unknown Number: who the fuck do you think you are

Jongdae: leaVE ME ALONE




[saturday, 9:21am]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

sheep boi: sooo since we are all curious
sheep boi: and the others have been bothering ME to ask

sugar mommy: you weren’t supposed to tell him that smfh you fucking lost the bet that’s why it’s you,,

sheep boi: … so anYWAY
sheep boi: ill do it now
sheep boi: how was the date minseokkie :33

chan_yale: shut up yixing

queen: we got it chanyeol
queen: you dont want to hear about “feelings”
queen: but we are not like that

chan_yale: no its not that,,

sugar mommy: we wanna know how our sunshine has seduced his man okay

chan_yale: hes not well ok yall should leave him alone

sheep boi: ?? what happened???

chan_yale: n o  t h i ng happened

queen: huh???
queen: you are acting weird even for yourself

sugar mommy: yeah why can't we ask if nothing happened?

chan_yale: is2g if you three dont stop texting ill delete this fucking groupchat

seokitup: its ok chanyeol
seokitup: they are just curious

queen: minseok uh,,, can you explain, please?

chan_yale: you dont have to do it

seokitup: but i want to
seokitup: i,,, talked a lot about him so it would be weird not to tell about yesterday

queen: oh… no

sheep boi: what ??? i still dont get it

seokitup: okay so
seokitup: i had this
seokitup: uh…
seokitup: date? yesterday
seokitup: anyway it wasnt haha just like you guys told me so
seokitup: so i arrived and he was late which is ok so i bought us hotdog and took a seat and waited
seokitup: he arrived not so much later so in the end i didnt wait long
seokitup: we had fun, we ate, we talked a little and all
seokitup: and i was really really confident about this you know so i tried to make a move or whatever
seokitup: ugh so then,,,, uh,,,,
seokitup: idk what happened its all a blur now
seokitup: but there was a girl??? and she kissed him and she sat between us
seokitup: and she was really touchy with not only him but with me too and i didnt understand anything
seokitup: i was so confused the girl kept touching my knee and i inched farther but i was also looking at him like,,, uh with hope that he will make her stop or idk just tell me he doesnt know her
seokitup: which is bullshit cause quite clearly he knew her
seokitup: so i get up and im,,, so mad at this and i tell the girl off like
seokitup: im sorry but since im really fucking gay im not interested in bitches like you? and ugh i feel bad that i yelled at her because she really couldnt know or whatever
seokitup: nd so i tell him that im leaving cause thirdwheeling is not what i wanted to do this afternoon
seokitup: but then i hesitate just for a second longer and i hate myself but i want him to say that i shouldnt go,,, but he doesnt even move so i just,,,, walk away
seokitup: and i havent heard anything of him ever since and im not sure if i want to but,,, ugh i hate myself so much

sugar mommy: i

sheep boi: shit,,

queen: he is so fucking dead

seokitup: no guys please
seokitup: can we act like,,,
seokitup: it never happened
seokitup: i dont want you to blame or hate him
seokitup: its okay

sheep boi: oh lord

sugar mommy: minseok im so sorry

sheep boi: but,,, why are you not mad??
sheep boi: i would be fucking mad
sheep boi: how the hell,,,,,,

seokitup: because it’s not his fault really
seokitup: i was just overthinking this whole situation and didn’t try to understand his side of it
seokitup: we clearly are not on the same page feelings wise
seokitup: i just coloured my own story to give myself some hope in love haha
seokitup: its really okay
seokitup: im sure i will be over it soon

queen: hey,,, do you want us to go over?

sugar mommy: already omw honey
sugar mommy: i have wine
sugar mommy: sheep boy do you have some of those brownies left that you made yesterday?

sheep boi: yeah im bringing the whole tray

seokitup: thanks
seokitup: i dont deserve you all


[saturday, 9:41am]
Private chat with them: Jongdae

Unknown Number: you can thank minseok that youre still alive




[saturday, 8:22pm]
Private chat with them: Jongdee-dee :33

~*zinaaa*~: hey baby :3
~*zinaaa*~: what are you up to?

Jongdee-dee :33: hey
Jongdee-dee :33: not much tbh
Jongdee-dee :33: gaming

~*zinaaa*~: ah thats boring
~*zinaaa*~: dont you want to do something more fun??? ^^

Jongdee-dee :33 : more fun than gaming?

~*zinaaa*~: hahaha yes of course ;)
~*zinaaa*~: i have a lot more to offer

Jongdee-dee :33 : huh do you
Jongdee-dee :33 : what exactly

~*zinaaa*~: well something that includes the two of us :333

Jongdee-dee :33 : ah uhm im not sure i get what you mean haha

~*zinaaa*~: aah dont be like this deedee
~*zinaaa*~: you know exactly what i mean :3
~*zinaaa*~: come over ~
~*zinaaa*~: noooooow

Jongdee-dee :33 : well,,,
Jongdee-dee :33 : i would just love to do that but uhm
Jongdee-dee :33 : i really gotta finish this quest
Jongdee-dee :33 : ive been working on this damn level for hours now and im about to finish so,,

~*zinaaa*~: i cant believe you are turning me down for some dumb game

Jongdee-dee :33 : nonono its not like that
Jongdee-dee :33 : this is an awsome game okay

~*zinaaa*~: …. yeah sure

Jongdee-dee :33 : hey cmon i
Jongdee-dee :33 : dont be like that, you make me feel guilty

~*zinaaa*~: hmmmm
~*zinaaa*~: okay then what if i go over huh :33
~*zinaaa*~: that way you can finish the game till i arrive
~*zinaaa*~: and then you can focus on me *-*

Jongdee-dee :33 : NO
Jongdee-dee :33 : shit no its okay
Jongdee-dee :33 : you really dont have to come over haha alright
Jongdee-dee :33 : i will ,, ill go over then

~*zinaaa*~: aaaaaah :33333333
~*zinaaa*~: deedee~ im so excited!!!
~*zinaaa*~: ill be waiting for you then :333
~*zinaaa*~: hurry up i miss you sososososo much :(




“Minseok! You picked up finally!”


“Look, I know we didn’t exactly, like part on best terms yesterday, right, but I’m… I’m an idiot, such an utter idiot, man, I always fuck up things and regret them all too late.”

“I… don’t exactly see where you are getting at.”

“I want to… apologise. For the match and Zina and... everything that happened… I didn’t know what to do so I ended up doing nothing. Which was a shitty thing to do.”

“Heh… we can say that yes.”

“You sound so hoarse, though. You’re good?”

“Why do you even care?”

“Why do I- because we’re... friends, aren’t we?”

“...Yeah…. friends, of course.”

“Good! Because you remember when you told me I can come and tell you anything at all?”

“I have a slight memory of it, yeah.”

“Okay, well… the thing is, my date was awful yesterday.”

“What a surprise.”

“No, just saying… I wish you had stayed. You’re much better company than her.”

“I… okay… thanks… I-I guess.”

“Yeah, like really! But I actually just made a mistake again…”

“Do I want to hear about it?”

“I need to ask for your help.”

“For what?”

“I’m standing at the bus stop next to the park right now because I kinda… well, I promised her to go over but like, seriously, I know I won’t have sex with her and now I just really want to go home. It’s already thundering.”

“Ooooh so she is that ‘someone’ you don’t want to have sex with then?”

“... yeah.”

“Why did you go over anyways? Haven’t I told you what to do?”

“Yes, okay, talk shit about me all you want but… I’m cold okay, could you please, like, probably pick me up?”

“Why don’t you just walk home then?”

“Because it’s far away and I’m sure it will start raining soon. I’m safe in the bus stop.”

“You waited till the last bus left, didn’t you?”

“... I was contemplating, okay?”

“If you really wanted my company so badly you could have just asked you know?”

“Oh god, you’re getting cocky again. …I’ll take that as a good sign, though.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m still an asshole I guess?”

“When are you not?”

“You were supposed to tell me I was an okay dude but fine then.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know about that.”

“For real, though, will you pick me up?”

“Is it raining already?”

“Sprinkling just yet.”

“Then I will leave in a few minutes.”

“Oh god, thank you so much! You’re a great guy.”

“Daedae, I’m the best guy.”

Chapter Text

[sunday, 3:01am]
Private chat with them: Jongdee-dee :33

~*zinaaa*~ has changed Jongdee-dee :33’s nickname to deadman.

~*zinaaa*~: you asshole
~*zinaaa*~: who the fuck do you think you are
~*zinaaa*~: you really thought you can make me wait huh
~*zinaaa*~: you thought i will be one of those girls who just waits for you till you fuck around
~*zinaaa*~: how did you even had the nerve to stand me up like this
~*zinaaa*~: you know i might have even given you another chance if you would have said anything
~*zinaaa*~: but not anymore
~*zinaaa*~: you are a goddamn idiot kim jongdae
~*zinaaa*~: i will make sure you will regret living

deadman has blocked this number. You cannot send them messages anymore.




[sunday, 10:32am]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

queen has added baekhyun to the chat.
baekhyun has changed their own nickname to your fave boy.

your fave boy: thank you for adding me uwu

sheep boi: ayyy wazzup

queen: welcome in the fam baek

chan_yale: what the
chan_yale: what are you doing here??

your fave boy: tao invited me yesterday uwu
your fave boy: we are friends now!!!!

sugar mommy: hey baekhyun!!
sugar mommy: i’m really happy you’re here
sugar mommy: ((and lowkey hoping you can be a good influence on some ppl here..))

your fave boy: suho!!!! one of my fave menz uwu
your fave boy: aaah i will be doing my best haha

chan_yale: …….. i fucking hate you all

your fave boy: :(((
your fave boy: do you hate me too yeollie

queen: yeollie omg

chan_yale: stfu tao i did not ask you.

sheep boi: we gon have a fun time here huh

your fave boy: :((((

chan_yale: hey where did you go tho

your fave boy: uwu someone is missing me~

sugar mommy: i cannot believe i’m saying this,,
sugar mommy: but i am actually shipping park chanyeol with somebody

queen: is this still chanyeol or,,,,
queen: is this yeollie lmao

sheep boi has changed chan_yale’s nickname to park yeollie.

sheep boi: there :)

park yeollie: i changed my mind, i will kill all of you before i kill jongdae

your fave boy: yeollie if you are still interested
your fave boy: im going to my dorm
your fave boy: sorry for not saying goodbye but u were sleeping :((
your fave boy: nd u looked cute so

sugar mommy: ((((im soft))))

park yeollie: why cant you text me in pms smfh
park yeollie: but going back??? i thought you were staying days

queen: i swear if i wouldnt see this shit with my two own eyes i would think im dead

park yeollie has removed queen from the chat.

park yeollie: anyone else

seokitup has added queen to the chat.
seokitup has locked the chat.

seokitup: thank me later 0:))

sugar mommy: oh hi bby how are you feeling?

park yeollie: i thought you were asleep

your fave boy: well u texted in the gc so i thought u want an answer here uwu
your fave boy: but ye… he is my friend after all i want to talk to him about it too,,,,
your fave boy: OMG MINSEOK HI

seokitup: haha hello baekhyun
seokitup: im feeling better su thanks for asking :3

sheep boi: i hope the brownie didnt… like
sheep boi: yknow hurt you last night lol

queen: …. what
queen: was in that brownie yixing

sheep boi: uhm haha soooOOO
sheep boi: drink a lot of water today just to make sure ye?

queen: you always disappoint me

park yeollie: i had to leave just now but theres a new jar of peanut butter in the cupboard if you get hungry

seokitup: omg park chanyeol
seokitup: the savior of my life
seokitup: but i dont need it
seokitup: im vvv happy today :333

sugar mommy: yeah??

sheep boi: so it did work then
sheep boi: tao you can shut up

seokitup: we actually threw out the brownie im sorry

park yeollie: it smelled like a fucking garden

queen: eat this yixing

sheep boi: i mean,, it wasnt cheap yknow,,,
sheep boi: but at least yall are all surely alive so

sugar mommy: you see what i mean baek….

your fave boy: THIS FUCKING BITHC
your fave boy: ILL FUCKING
your fave boy: MURDER HIM

sugar mommy: oh nevermind you’re crazy too

queen: ?? who

park yeollie: youd better murder him

your fave boy: KIM JONGDAE

seokitup: huh whats up with him

your fave boy: HE IS FUCKING
your fave boy: SICK >:(((((

sheep boi: karma is coming for him

seokitup: … ye surely

sugar mommy: @minseok ????

seokitup: huh?

sugar mommy: answer my pms bitch

your fave boy: DID HE FUCKING
your fave boy: STAND IN THE RAIN OR WHAT

seokitup: …. maybe?

park yeollie: ?????????

queen: what did you do

seokitup: so uh yall remember when i told you yesterday that i will go and get some fresh air?

sheep boi: ye

seokitup: well uh….
seokitup: i MIGHT have talked with jongdae on the phone before,,,,

sugar mommy: i,,,
sugar mommy: when i told you i was happy you’re thinking straight now?
sugar mommy: yeah, i take that back,,

queen: i knew we should have taken your phone away but no one agreed with me smh

seokitup: NO BUT
seokitup: it wasnt a bad thing that i talked to him ok

park yeollie: somehow i cannot believe you im sorry

seokitup: no yeol listen
seokitup: so he called because he was at the bus stop by that uglie bitch’s dorm who invited him over

sugar mommy: ewww
sugar mommy: he’s so fucking,,

sheep boi: he had the nERVE to call you from there???

seokitup: yeah!!! because he trusts me ok??

park yeollie: we are back to the good ol minseok,,,,,

seokitup: smh why do i even bother to tell you

queen: will you tell us why did he call or?

seokitup: so he wanted me to pick him up because he changed his mind
seokitup: nd!!! he said that he wished i would have stayed on friday
seokitup: cause he enjoys my company a lot more :333

sugar mommy: ???? then probably shouldn’t have fucked it up?

seokitup: but he apologized!!!

park yeollie: …..did he really

seokitup: yes!!!!
seokitup: nd he cared about me ok
seokitup: he asked if im okay
seokitup: plus i might have made him wait in the rain just a bit 0:)

your fave boy: uwuwuwuwuwuwu
your fave boy: suddenly! im so glad he is sick uwu

sheep boi: did u go and pick him up later at all

seokitup: uh yeh like,,, a few,,, minutes sure

sugar mommy: ..
sugar mommy: the kid got sick from a few minutes in the rain...

seokitup: well,,, hours are made up of minutes too :33

park yeollie: i know i dont say shit like this often but im proud of you

seokitup: aaah finally
seokitup: i reached my goal in life
seokitup: i can now die in peace

sheep boi: go and mingle w jongdae then
sheep boi: you might catch something to kill ya

seokitup: aah i already caught feelings but tHANKS

sugar mommy: that was so smooth i hate you

your fave boy: :((((
your fave boy: when will anyone ever say something like this about me :(((

queen: @park yeollie????

park yeollie: hey baekhyun

your fave boy: hey uwu

park yeollie: you dont annoy the hell out of me as much as all these unnerving fuckers do here

queen: i just fucking
queen: gasped

your fave boy: uwu
your fave boy: thank you yeollie uwu

park yeollie: ,,,, i s2fg




[sunday, 1:21pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

midget boy: hellooooo
midget boy: whats up?

midget boy: hey
midget boy: how you doin?

daedae~: ah hey
daedae~: sorry i was asleep hah
daedae~: i think im coming down w a cold

midget boy: ooooh im sorry to hear that :((
midget boy: do you need anything? soup? medicine?

daedae~: well actually
daedae~: baekhyun woke me up like 10minutes ago
daedae~: he was grumpy but gave me soup and tossed some tissues at me

midget boy: im glad to hear that haha
midget boy: well tell me if you need anything,,,
midget boy: i guess haha

daedae~: yeah i will
daedae~: thanks :)

midget boy: well,,,,
midget boy: to be fair
midget boy: you owe me :)))

daedae~: what
daedae~: for what???

midget boy: well didnt i do you a favour yesterday :)))

daedae~: ahh
daedae~: yeah true
daedae~: uhm what do you want from me

midget boy: hmmmm
midget boy: a kiss~

daedae~: ….
daedae~: no

midget boy: yes

daedae~: i
daedae~: minseok,, please

midget boy: yes jongdae?

midget boy: are you frustrated?

daedae~: ah you
daedae~: youre not being serious here haha are you

midget boy: what if i am

daedae~: oh god i
daedae~: i cant do that im
daedae~: jfc why would you even a s k

midget boy: cause you asked what do i want from you haha

daedae~: you,,
daedae~: you want to kiss me

midget boy: no
midget boy: of course not
midget boy: i want You to kiss me :))

daedae~: oh my god
daedae~: stop this fuck
daedae~: im sick i can't
daedae~: deal with this rn man

midget boy: haha you are so cute :DD
midget boy: but sure i dont want to catch that so
midget boy: i guess i will think of something else then

daedae~: i can like
daedae~: buy you food in return or sg
daedae~: you dont have to think too hard haha

midget boy: aaah daedae
midget boy: but whats the fun in that :///




[sunday, 5:45pm]
Private chat with them: oh daddy

johnny boy: OH SEHUN

oh daddy: johnny seo?

johnny boy: i have a really important announcement

oh daddy: shoot

johnny boy: im hosting a party next saturday
johnny boy: and would you look at that
johnny boy: you, my friend, are invited

oh daddy: oh my god im privileged

johnny boy: i know i know
johnny boy: you can thank me later

oh daddy: yeah thank you for telling me in advance this time
oh daddy: and not a fucking hour before the party when i already left for work :))))

johnny boy: haha ye sorry about that
johnny boy: you should have told me sooner that you work lol

oh daddy: huh so you are blaming ME now
oh daddy: the one who brings money home
oh daddy: who feeds the kids HUH

johnny boy: im sorry babe
johnny boy: i would never say such things ever again, okay???

oh daddy: good good
oh daddy: the divorce can wait then
oh daddy: btw is this an invite for me only or

johnny boy: please DO bring friends i want to look more popular than i really am

oh daddy: you got it honey ;)

Chapter Text

[monday, 11:25am]
Private chat with them: junmyeon <3

yifan <3: hello love,
yifan <3: how are you?
yifan <3: is your friend feeling better?

junmyeon <3: hey :3
junmyeon <3: yeah he’s okay now!!
junmyeon <3: it’s so sweet of you to remember :33

yifan <3: haha why wouldn’t i remember
yifan <3: you were really worried about him

junmyeon <3: yeah he was.. really not well
junmyeon <3: heartbreak is an ugly thing and i
junmyeon <3: i dunno i just felt awful that i couldn't help him

yifan <3: junmyeon
yifan <3: you are fantastic have i told you that

junmyeon <3: oh my god please
junmyeon <3: i’m really not..

yifan <3: but you really are :))
yifan <3: i adore this about you so much

junmyeon <3: adskljhljh shhh
junmyeon <3: i’m with tao in the library and now they’re asking me why i’m blushing
junmyeon <3: we’re supposed to be revising hereeeee

yifan <3: aww cutie
yifan <3: do you think they would be mad if i ask you to have lunch with me?

junmyeon <3: hah i just told them and they’re screaming
junmyeon <3: but like only quietly, it’s still a library haha
junmyeon <3: smh they took my phone.. i’m sorryyy

yifan <3: aw thank you haha
yifan <3: so is that a yes then?

junmyeon <3: yeah, it’s definitely a yes :3

yifan <3: amazing :))
yifan <3: but i have to warn you i won’t be as flattering as last time
yifan <3: i just finished working out haha
yifan <3: the kids deserve a fit coach

junmyeon <3: what do you mean haha
junmyeon <3: it’s a bit.. early for that isn’t it haha

yifan <3: what do you mean baby?

junmyeon <3: oh yoU MEANT
junmyeon <3: shit you meant kids you TRAIN
junmyeon <3: ahh i’m such an idiot i’m sorry,,

yifan <3: huh?
yifan <3: oooooh
yifan <3: haha no it’s okay
yifan <3: you know
yifan <3: maybe one day that will come too haha

junmyeon <3: oh god sssh sdfsadjhd
junmyeon <3: you make me so flustereddd

yifan <3: a good kind of flustered i hope

junmyeon <3: yeah
junmyeon <3: a good kind :3

yifan <3: i’m happy to hear that haha
yifan <3: let me have a quick shower then i’ll meet you

junmyeon <3: make it v quick? <3

yifan <3: sure love
yifan <3: can’t wait to see you again <3

yifan <3 has logged off.




[monday, 2:10pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

senshine: nd jongdae

kaa: lmaoo this chat has been so ded

senshine: but mr oh is back to resurrect it from its ashes
senshine: fear not my child

DKSoo: please don’t call yourself Mr Oh ever again...

senshine: dont be so negative mr do

kaa: mr do omg

DKSoo: so is there a reason to why you texted or can I leave?

senshine: please when do i not have a reason

chenchen: lets not answer that

senshine: who invited you mr, this is a jongdae anti party

chenchen: ????
chenchen: i thought i was forgiven

kaa: …...

DKSoo: …..

lovemesomebacon: guys we good uwu

senshine: oh really
senshine: then welcome back jongdae how have you been

kaa: ah thnk god it was getting tiring :3

chenchen: i??
chenchen: since when do yall listen to baek like that

senshine: i, for one, trust his gay judgement entirely

lovemesomebacon: 0:)))
lovemesomebacon: i love my children

DKSoo: so anyway, Sehun?

senshine: huh what

kaa: u promised us a reasonnnnn

senshine: oh?
senshine: OOOOH THAT
senshine: i almost forgot lmao
senshine: anyways so now that jongdae is back in our family
senshine: i, mr oh sehun, has excellent news for all of you

DKSoo: you finally got laid

senshine: omg
senshine: you are so fucking mean
senshine: how can u say that and disrespect me in my own fucking chat

lovemesomebacon: hunnie!!!
lovemesomebacon: you are getting off track again >:((

senshine: oh yeah right haha
senshine: so the real reason why i gathered you all here
senshine: is to invite you all to my bestest friend’s, johnny boy’s, party :D

kaa: ill
kaa: try not 2 get offended :cc

senshine: ah sorry
senshine: my *second bestest friend

kaa: :33

senshine: so :D
senshine: yall are coming right

chenchen: it honestly wasnt worth the effort of waking up

senshine: choke on your snot hater

lovemesomebacon: me and jongdae are going :DDD

chenchen: oh no the fever is affecting my eyesight now

lovemesomebacon: it will get better by the party uwu

senshine: ye!!
senshine: its on saturday btw
senshine: i guess i should have started with that
senshine: what about my fave uwus, jongin and kyungsoo?

kaa: i dunno hunnie i

DKSoo: oh yeah, sure, why not?

kaa: i feel like i should take back a little actually haha

DKSoo: oh

kaa: uuhm,,

senshine: please jongiiiin
senshine: do it for me and ksoo

kaa: ahh i,,,,

DKSoo: I’m not going unless you do

chenchen: woah
chenchen: whats up w you guys haha youre acting weird

senshine: hahahaha ye anyway
senshine: you dont have to drink or anything jongin!
senshine: i would promise not to drink but,,,, haha

kaa: i will drink if ksoo does

senshine: comeon pleaseeeeee
senshine: johnny wants it to be a good party and im not someone who disappoints
senshine: not friends at least
senshine: girls? surely but never friends

DKSoo: alright

kaa: yeah? :DD

DKSoo: yeah
DKSoo: :3


lovemesomebacon: actually i have a q

senshine: sure b whats up

lovemesomebacon: can we invite ppl to the party?

senshine: :DDD
senshine: yes!!!

lovemesomebacon: cool uwu


[monday, 2:24pm]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy: hello yeollie uwu

daddyeol: hey there

prettyboy: how are you doing uwu

daddyeol: im good, just got home
daddyeol: you?

prettyboy: i just finished a full bucket of kfc chicken by myself uwu
prettyboy: i hope you are proud of me

daddyeol: somehow i cant picture that but i believe you
daddyeol: im so proud

prettyboy: uwu thank you baby
prettyboy: but actually!
prettyboy: i have something to ask toooo

daddyeol: yeah you should sleep over tonight

prettyboy: ah i mean sure but
prettyboy: this is not what i wanted to ask haha

daddyeol: oh?

prettyboy: haha ye :DD
prettyboy: i wanted to ask if you would like to go to this party with me on saturday uwu

daddyeol: oh yeah?
daddyeol: whose party?

prettyboy: hunnie’s friend is holding it!!

daddyeol: ah so all your friends are coming too ig?

prettyboy: yes!!!!
prettyboy: nd i would be vvv happy if you would come too uwu

daddyeol: yeah?
daddyeol: well if they all come as well haha
daddyeol: its okay ig

prettyboy: oh hah u make it sound like u wouldnt come if they wouldnt be there haha

daddyeol: wait have you
daddyeol: invited minseok nd the bunch too

prettyboy: huh
prettyboy: no i didnt
prettyboy: why?

daddyeol: maybe you should then,,

prettyboy: oh,,,
prettyboy: yeah i guess haha
prettyboy: it didnt really cross my mind but sure

daddyeol: alright :)


[monday, 2:35pm]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

your fave boy: hello uwu
your fave boy: so i talked about this with chanyeol already so
your fave boy: would you guys like to come to a party this saturday???

sheep boi: hELL YEA

queen: sounds like a plan

sugar mommy: ahh i’m sorry guys, looks like i’m busy that night :33


sugar mommy: a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell :3

queen: im crying so much because of you i hope you are aware of this


queen: its not my job so pls mother go off

sugar mommy: it’s nothing grand yixing bby really
sugar mommy: i’m just dating the hottest and most adorable and caring guy in the universe :3

queen: aka my friend from canada

sheep boi: your exchange guy??
sheep boi: woah hes really hot indeed
sheep boi: congrats su!!!

sugar mommy: thank you son :’))

your fave boy: aaah love is so beautiful im qwq
your fave boy: how about u seokkie my fave man uwu

seokitup: hmm it depends

your fave boy: yes he is coming too uwu

seokitup: oh suddenly my schedule is cleared :DD
seokitup: i’ll be there!!

your fave boy: yaaay!!!
your fave boy: then everyone is coming expect our lover boy? uwu

sheep boi: i think its time i introduce my babay so
sheep boi: ye we are coming

queen: omg are we finally worthy

sheep boi: shut your pretty face huang

queen: i understand everything and thank you for calling me pretty zhang ;)

your fave boy: shdsha what

sugar mommy: they do it sometimes,,
sugar mommy: you’ll get used to it


[monday, 2:50pm]
Private chat with them: miniseok

Chan_tol: so youre really going after that asshole again…..

miniseok: hello to you too
miniseok: and not again
miniseok: still

Chan_tol: youre so fucking stubborn.. i dont know whether im impressed or annoyed to death by it

miniseok: you are one to talk

Chan_tol: ??

miniseok: you are the epitome of stubbornness

Chan_tol: its not about me rn okay youll get hurt again minseok, bastards like him dont change

miniseok: SEE
miniseok: you are so stubborn you dont even admit being stubborn
miniseok: but talking about bastards,,,,

Chan_tol: do i
Chan_tol: even wanna know

miniseok: well idk do you?

Chan_tol: smfh just tell me

miniseok: so,,, you remember when i talked to you about luhan

Chan_tol: the idiot who packed his stuff in a day and moved out without saying goodbye and broke your heart?

miniseok: uh ye thats the one
miniseok: so,,,, he texted me recently

Chan_tol: he... fucking what

miniseok: ….ye
miniseok: he said he wanted to talk to me about something
miniseok: i didnt reply at first because of jongdae
miniseok: but then,,,, friday happened

Chan_tol: oh god minseok..

miniseok: exactly my thoughts,,

Chan_tol: so you replied and then?

miniseok: he,,, hasnt replied yet

Chan_tol: ……
Chan_tol: so i have to tell you how this is the best possible way to drive yourself crazy?

miniseok: no im,,,
miniseok: okay me and han didnt exactly part as we should have
miniseok: but im sure he had his reasons
miniseok: im over him already
miniseok: i guess haha

Chan_tol: guess

miniseok: i mean,,,,
miniseok: i have another situation going on if you know what i mean haha

Chan_tol: yeah you sure have that lol

miniseok: i just wanted to,,, talk about it with someone you know
miniseok: cause im a bit
miniseok: confused

Chan_tol: about luhan or jongdae?

miniseok: luhan
miniseok: its been a little more than a year,,,

Chan_tol: yeah i know, thats when i moved in

miniseok: ye
miniseok: what do you think what does he have to say after all this time

Chan_tol: probably sorry? hed better fucking do that..
Chan_tol: but also…. he might want to, yknow, start over

miniseok: haha i guess thats what i am afraid of too

Chan_tol: but
Chan_tol: you must be shitting me…….
Chan_tol: you wouldnt actually do that right????

miniseok: ….
miniseok: no

Chan_tol: im fucking going over and i really hope your door is not locked

Chapter Text

[tuesday, 10:58am]
Private chat with them: dudebro

sehun: hey jongdae

sehun: hey

sehun: ANSWER ME

dudebro: shi
dudebro: WHAT

sehun: soooo
sehun: i heard some things about you and now
sehun: im concerned

dudebro: nah its just a cold lmao
dudebro: i wont die but
dudebro: thanks for being concerned

sehun: well cold is a tinier issue
sehun: lmao maybe it isnt who knows

dudebro: ????
dudebro: wait did minseok say anything or ?? ?

sehun: like what

dudebro: uhm nothing,,

sehun: GASPS
sehun: and more importantly

dudebro: ?? ? ? ? WTFFF
dudebro: second of all, youre the last one i would tell tbh,,

sehun: i will pretend not to be offended ok

dudebro: im sorry dude but
dudebro: youre the gossip girl of the uni so

sehun: oh wow thank you for the praise
sehun: but if i wouldnt be who would tell you what i heard today huh
sehun: yeah right no one so be thankful

dudebro: ,,
dudebro: if its about that model crush of yours again

sehun: you mean my actual boyfriend?
sehun: but no it isnt
sehun: its about you and your tiny chilli pepper of a dick

dudebro: my wh
dudebro: excuse me,???

sehun: there is this rumor that you have a tiny dick
sehun: its going viral in the campus
sehun: someone just handed me a flier about it

dudebro: a fuCKING WHAT NOW

sehun: yeah
sehun: it has all your data on it
sehun: its pretty fucking scary tbh

dudebro: please tell me its only a fucking fever dream ,,,

sehun: only if i am having a fever dream
sehun: omg what if its only a dream
sehun: omg

dudebro: what the
dudebro: send me that flier

sehun has sent a photo.

dudebro: wtf it looks so professionally made

sehun: i want to know their budget
sehun: omg it might be one of those uni projects

dudebro: ??? to make me look like a
dudebro: wait hold tf
dudebro: no,,
dudebro: i
dudebro: she did not,,,

sehun: huh
sehun: who she??

dudebro: zina
dudebro: the,, yknow

sehun: the bitch you fucked with?

dudebro: i ?? didnt do that???? ?? ?
dudebro: she didnt even see me naked?? ?????

sehun: then what was the point???
sehun: why did you even take her on a date???

dudebro: im,, sorry to break it to you sehun but
dudebro: not everything is about sex?

sehun: i know it makes me sad on a daily basis ://

dudebro: smfh
dudebro: but anyway
dudebro: i hope youll burn that fucking thing??

sehun: i wanted to frame it and put it above my bed as a motivation tbh
sehun: the design matches my room’s aesthetic too
sehun: besides it wouldn’t make a difference
sehun: the whole campus is filled with these

dudebro: i cant fucking believe this
dudebro: you dont fuck one girl and she fucking
dudebro: goes insane,,,,,,,

sehun: yep sex often does that to ppl




[tuesday, 12:12pm]
Chat name: $trä1gHtsss

park yeollie: so our favourite vagina lover has a small dick

sheep boi: ????
sheep boi: no i dont??

queen: is this about this flier that this random girl just pushed into my hand??

sugar mommy: i’m just out of work for lunch why are we talking about yixing’s dick?

queen has sent a photo.
queen: okay yeol but jongdae isnt our fave vagina lover how could you forget about xing

park yeollie: whatever,, hes half gay anyway

seokitup: what is this?????

sugar mommy: oh my god
sugar mommy: Yifan just read it all and he’s blushing
sugar mommy: my poor heart cannot take this,,

queen: Y I F A N

sugar mommy: he told me he’d like to take me out for lunch every day he can :33
sugar mommy: gotta go now tho, those pretty lips need to be kissed~

sugar mommy has logged off.

seokitup: how come
seokitup: the guy who told me he is “done with men”
seokitup: get a man before i do huh


sheep boi: yea i mean its so fucking funny we cannot ignore this guyz

queen: i dont get it why it matters in the first place but go off

your fave boy: i cant believe ppl are out there telling Uglie Lies TM

park yeollie: is it really a lie lmao

your fave boy: of course it is
your fave boy: i saw what i saw park chanyeol

sheep boi: oh we’re back to chanyeol lmao
sheep boi: someone is being serious here

seokitup: glad to hear this baekhyunnie :3
seokitup: you are the only man i trust

your fave boy: seokkie uwu

park yeollie: how exactly did you see it tho

queen: is someone jealous

your fave boy: not telling uwu

park yeollie: … ok

sheep boi: have i ever told you how much i love this group chat?

seokitup: whats the matter yeollie uwu

queen: im fucking crying i swear to god this is everything

park yeollie: can somebody shut up these assholes
park yeollie: where is your mother when i need him……….

queen: oh that i know he is on a date!!!
queen: this is my gayest fuck yes ever

park yeollie: ??
park yeollie: whatever.. so
park yeollie: it was about mr smalldick

seokitup: since when are we talking about you

sheep boi: …..

park yeollie: dont you fucking..

sheep boi: i think tao just fucking choked in class
sheep boi: .. baekhyun what do you have to say about this

park yeollie: yeah :) im interested

seokitup: can you
seokitup: shut up i

your fave boy: 0:)))
your fave boy: he isnt bad

seokitup: you are supposed to be on my side what the fuck

park yeollie: i have a lot to say about this but
park yeollie: yeah i wont

queen: really? ah just when things started to get interesting

park yeollie: maybe you should get yourself someone to fuck then tao :)

queen: :))) fuck away

queen has logged off.

sheep boi: no my bro don’t leave me

sheep boi has logged off.

seokitup: great now im stuck with the two of you

your fave boy: i have ideas how we can make it favorable for all of us 0:)

park yeollie has logged off.

your fave boy: :((((( nooooooooo
your fave boy: come baack

seokitup: he just got scared because he realized he will never get a chance with me :))))




[tuesday, 2:01pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

kaa: soooo jongdae :33

chenchen: oh god what

kaa: sehunnie nd i were talking nd
kaa: we wanna kno if its true :3

senshine: we made a bet but no pressure


senshine: oh
senshine: we didnt make any bet
senshine: who ever says that is a liar ok

chenchen: i kinda dont want to fucking answer
chenchen: can i pls die in peace from my fever..

lovemesomebacon: jongdae is not bad uwu
lovemesomebacon: not exactly a park chanyeol but not bad

kaa: ah noooo

senshine: pay up nini

kaa:  >:ccc

lovemesomebacon: ah our jongdae is so famous uwu

chenchen: why am i even friends w you assholes

senshine: because
senshine: watch this
senshine: you love us

lovemesomebacon: sehun stating some damn facts right there uwu

kaa: alsooo
kaa: ull probably need us now more than ever dae,,

chenchen: i think i can manage some petty gossip but thanks

lovemesomebacon: does that mean that the flier i was working on this whole class is useless now :((

chenchen: wha


lovemesomebacon has sent a photo.
lovemesomebacon: i put so much effort into this :(((

senshine: it sounds like you are advertising jongdae’s dick for sale baekhyun


lovemesomebacon: be thankful for my efforts

kaa: i mean,, this is actually vv sweet of u baek

lovemesomebacon: jongdae why cant you be like jongin once

chenchen: SWEET M Y ASS

kaa: idk bout that…..

lovemesomebacon: WHATS WRONG WITH YOU HUH


lovemesomebacon: smh alright then im not printing it
lovemesomebacon: ok

kaa: awww u hurt his feelings now :c

senshine: hey baekhyunnie
senshine: send me a copy will you

lovemesomebacon: thanks hunnie
lovemesomebacon: someone appreciating art

chenchen: smfh yall are insane
chenchen: and gay
chenchen: but insane gay
chenchen: if that makes sense,, bc it does to me all of a sudden

lovemesomebacon: you thnk you are so smart heh
lovemesomebacon: then tell me how do you want us to help you

chenchen: idk man
chenchen: idk if it can ever be helped at all,,,,

senshine: hmm i dont think you will get sex soon
senshine: idk if you are okay with that but if you are then
senshine: we can just let it be

chenchen: uhm..

kaa: u can join us in that :c

senshine: triggered

DKSoo: oh god, I leave for work and you guys blow up my phone
DKSoo: but hey, am I the only one who was sent a text saying “Kim Jongdae uses innocent girls to gain popularity, pass this on to save them” ???



kaa: i want 2 help 2 bring them down,,
kaa: well i dont like swearing but they really r
kaa: bitches..

senshine: im already on it
senshine: sehun is on a (se)hunt

DKSoo: oh my god, Jongin

kaa: im not even sorry this time

senshine: jongin is out for blood people




[tuesday, 8:41pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

midget boy: heeeey :DD

daedae~: … hi

midget boy: soooo

daedae~: dont even,, start this

midget boy: start what

daedae~: i fucking s2g,,,
daedae~: i know about the rumours okay????
daedae~: and theyre not fucking true ok
daedae~: ive never hit a girl in my life and i didnt force myself on anybody and
daedae~: and my dick is a perfectly normal size alright
daedae~: i wish everybody would stop fucking obsessing over it smfh

midget boy: oh
midget boy: i
midget boy: just wanted to ask about your cold,,,,

daedae~: you..
daedae~: oh

midget boy: but now
midget boy: you got my interest :)))

daedae~: oh no shut up

midget boy: hey its not my fault
midget boy: you brought it up

daedae~: then im bringing it down now

midget boy: aaah alright
midget boy: i thought we can discuss these kinds of things but i guess our relationship is not in that phase yet

daedae~: ?? yet
daedae~: also ???? tHeSe kinds of things??? lmao wym

midget boy: like very personal stuff

daedae~: what do you even mean by that?????
daedae~: i dont get it dude

midget boy: you know like sex and stuff
midget boy: preferences for example :33

daedae~: well i,, dont think youd be v entertained by my “”preferences”
daedae~: and i kinda dont wanna hear yours at all lmao so…..

midget boy: well if you wanna you can talk about it
midget boy: one of my friends is bi so i heard some stuff already

daedae~: wow okay
daedae~: it the rich guy
daedae~: that suho or whats his name

midget boy: well ye he is pan

daedae~: hes???
daedae~: pan like.. you mean the
daedae~: pancake pan

midget boy: a what

daedae~: ???? thats what i wanna know too

midget boy: uh i
midget boy: no he does not identify as a kitchen utensil
midget boy: although sometimes i question that
midget boy: i meant pansexual

daedae~: im--
daedae~: the more you talk, the less i understand

midget boy: well uh
midget boy: he like doesnt care about gender you know

daedae~: oh like that tao dude
daedae~: i get it

midget boy: well,,, i mean,,,,
midget boy: tao doesnt identify their own gender

daedae~: ?????????
daedae~: i have
daedae~: a lot to learn about u guys

midget boy: ahh its nice that you are willing to learn :’)))
midget boy: some ppl really dont care at all

daedae~: well since recently all my friends decided to confess their gayness to me
daedae~: i feel like i should
daedae~: im.. figuring some stuff out these days

midget boy: like what :3

daedae~: huhh
daedae~: that i should
daedae~: educate myself on,, things? haha

midget boy: ah haha
midget boy: i get it :DD
midget boy: btw my bi friend is yixing idk if you know him
midget boy: he is a little,,,, odd

daedae~: oh the dealer one
daedae~: ik yeah
daedae~: i thought he was straight lol ive always seen him w girls

midget boy: so thats how people know him these days
midget boy: i guess i have to talk to him about this ugh
midget boy: but ye he has been dating this girl for a while
midget boy: still you shouldnt judge by that haha

daedae~: yeah well
daedae~: its not like i can look at someone and sense their gayness is it lmao

midget boy: uh well it kinda is

daedae~: ??

midget boy: i mean,,, after some time you will have an eye for it i guess

daedae~: why would i ??
daedae~: like does hanging out w you bunch give me superpowers or

midget boy: haha idk about that
midget boy: but like now you know about the gayness so lmao
midget boy: maybe youll find it in ppl idk

daedae~: i have known about it for some time now tho lmao
daedae~: you forget ive been best friends w baek ever since we first met
daedae~: i guess youre right tho i can kinda already find suspicious stuff about people

midget boy: see
midget boy: im always right :33

daedae~: ,, ive never said that

midget boy: well you should :333
midget boy: anyway so when are you coming back to uni??

daedae~: tomorrow ig
daedae~: my fever is not that bad and i cant afford to miss any more seminars

midget boy: but your health is a lot more important than that

daedae~: i will have to do it either way lmao
daedae~: someone has to stop that bitch gossiping around too right

midget boy: you shouldnt worry about her
midget boy: we will figure something out i promise

daedae~: wow im
daedae~: huh.. yeah
daedae~: we will do that

midget boy: im glad you are coming back tho
midget boy: it was really boring without you :(((

daedae~: aww haha
daedae~: i bet
daedae~: its boring here too.. not much to do alone in the dorm

midget boy: that i can imagine haha
midget boy: well ill keep an eye on you tomorrow
midget boy: just to make sure you are feeling alright
midget boy: if thats okay haha

daedae~: i mean i couldnt really stop you anyway could i

midget boy: :)))
midget boy: no
midget boy: now get some sleep okay?

daedae~: yeah
daedae~: thank you for
daedae~: yknow..
daedae~: just thanks

midget boy: :))))))
midget boy: anytime
midget boy: goodnight daedae

daedae~: goodnight minseok

Chapter Text

[wednesday, 9:18am]
Chat name: lets get jongdae dicked

hyungsoo<3: hey guys
hyungsoo<3: what happened to Jongdae and Minseok?

star boy: omggg what r they doing???

hyungsoo<3: they have been together all morning
hyungsoo<3: it looks like Minseok is down to fight and Jongdae is just shyly following him around

boss: THEY DO WHAT NOW >:((

spyhun: someone got himself a tiny knight

star boy: TINY KNIGHT

spyhun: im sure youll have volunteers :)))))
spyhun: cough isnt that right

star boy: kljsdh shush

hyungsoo<3: anyways

boss: i
boss: cant believe jongdae havent texted me already
boss: im offended

spyhun: ugh you guys ruin everything

hyungsoo<3: what do you mean?

spyhun: nothing
spyhun: so do we still need to look after jongdae or???

star boy: well ive heard some nasty things at the morning practice bout him so
star boy: id say ye :c

hyungsoo<3: what was that?

star boy: ahh just some stupid rumours about
star boy: dae always having 3-4 gfs at a time and
star boy: being like rlly aggressive,,

boss: ppl are so annoying
boss: i wanna punch everyone in the face who talks about my child like this >:((

hyungsoo<3: who is this girl anyway? the one she dated I mean

spyhun: her name is zina
spyhun: she is like one of the most popular girls around school but she is highkey annoying in the long run if you ask me
spyhun: and for god knows what reason she took an interest in jongdae for a while now???
spyhun: and they talked a few times and the girl was like really trying to get into his pants if you know what i mean
spyhun: i overheard one of her convos once with her friends and she said
spyhun: “jongdae is super hot and his smile is to die for”
spyhun: and they squealed and all and someone mentioned my name so i ran away
spyhun: anyway she has a big following as seen and ppl seem to believe whatever she says
spyhun: its p obvious that she is lying about jongdae forcing himself on her or being aggressive but ppl dont care at all???
spyhun: i guess they all just tryna fit in or some shit
spyhun: jongdae really picked the wrong girl to mess around with

star boy: sehunnie..
star boy: i rlly rlly rlly love u but
star boy: sometimes u scare me..

hyungsoo<3: yeah same, I just wanted to know like
hyungsoo<3: what you told in the first two messages to be honest...

spyhun: i serve my tea hot and fresh sorry

boss: as much as i hate all of this
boss: i hope jongdae will learn from this and wont date every girl that comes across him in the halls

hyungsoo<3: well, actually, from what I’ve seen from him and Minseok today, I doubt he will date any girl at all in the near future…

boss: omg!!! tell!!! me!!!


hyungsoo<3: uhh, well, it might be the fact that he’s scared to death actually but
hyungsoo<3: they were cutting through the crowd and he was holding on to Minseok’s sweater and
hyungsoo<3: the guy was whispering something to him
hyungsoo<3: I couldn’t hear it but I would bet my whisk that it was something really comforting
hyungsoo<3: Jongdae was smiling to himself shyly afterwards

boss: :’))))
boss: im finally at peace

star boy: they r my new otp
star boy: srry baek..
star boy: …. nd hunnie,,

spyhun: im……
spyhun: ….. how can u
spyhun: betray me like that,,,,,,,,,,

star boy: hey oky but it wasnt ME who traumatised his roommate by making out with a damn poster when he walked in,,,,,

spyhun: be glad it was only me and my poster

star boy: oh god pls tell me u wont go after him,,

spyhun: im keeping myself for the real thing honey




[wednesday, 12:50pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

midget boy: i just got to class!!
midget boy: im sorry i had to leave you alone :(((
midget boy: stupid exam

daedae~: ahh its really okay youve been helping way too much already
daedae~: and anyway its a small class it should be okay right haha

midget boy: i really do hope so
midget boy: i dont want to kill someone after my exam i will be too tired

daedae~: you sound like baek lmao
daedae~: oh wait
daedae~: shit i should probably,, text him
daedae~: havent talked to him since i left in the morning

midget boy: text him :DD
midget boy: baekhyunnie is probably worried about you by now
midget boy: i will get going my exam starts in a minute ugh
midget boy: catch you later daedae :3333

daedae~: yeah
daedae~: good luck!!


[wednesday, 12:59pm]
Private chat with them: gay god

jong-gay: hey baek

gay god: oh look
gay god: someone is still alive

jong-gay: im sorry i was kinda
jong-gay: preoccupied by trying not to get killed by stares and insults
jong-gay: also minseok told me i should probably take some time off social media for
jong-gay: yknow reasons ??
jong-gay: idk i dont understand that part either

gay god: minseok told you so
gay god: dont you forget one tiny detail :)))

jong-gay: uhm
jong-gay: nah i think thats it

gay god: you trick ass bish
gay god: i know minseok is with you why are you lying to me >:((((

jong-gay: oh he was
jong-gay: but not now
jong-gay: he wanted to skip this exam to come to class w me but i told him hes an idiot and he has to take the goddamn exam

gay god: how can i be mad when kim minseok exists

jong-gay: huh yeah
jong-gay: ig,,

gay god: someone is taking care of you uwu
gay god: doesnt that feel nice dae uwuwu

jong-gay: …..
jong-gay: i know your shady uwus
jong-gay: no matter what i say you will turn it against me wont you

gay god: noooooo
gay god: what kind of person would do that

jong-gay: my best friend byun baekhyun would smh
jong-gay: but tbh its weird,,
jong-gay: he asks about a lot of stuff in my life and we just talk and
jong-gay: i think he doesnt want anything in return?? idk what is going on

gay god: :’))))
gay god: thats what being a caring person is like jongdae
gay god: plus he probably has a sweet spot for you uwu
gay god: im lowkey jelly :((

jong-gay: for what lmao
jong-gay: also how would i know lol this uni is full of assholes
jong-gay: speaking of which,,
jong-gay: this fucker just tossed a pen at my head from behind and the teacher scolded m e for it

gay god: do you want me to go there and kill them

jong-gay: are you kim minseok….

gay god: oh so now you only want him i see uwu

jong-gay: ??? i was just sayING
jong-gay: he says shit like that all the time
jong-gay: wow and this girl just made a “”funny””” comment about some small instrument and me having a lot in common
jong-gay: i love this class :))

gay god: hmm interesting kim minseok is not an aggressive person but he would kill for u :’))
gay god: but srsly get out of that class now jongdae

jong-gay: i cannot baek
jong-gay: i cannot miss any more classes now
jong-gay: my semester might depend on it,,
jong-gay: ill just try to ignore it the best i can ig

gay god: cant you like tell the teacher you have diarrhea and you gotta go or else
gay god: you know
gay god: just get out of there

jong-gay: being the diarrhea kid instead of the small dick kid is much more flattering..
jong-gay: oh god its about falsettos and how you make them now
jong-gay: i can already feel this asshole two rows in front of me gathering his thoughts,,,,,,

gay god: if he says anything
gay god: i punch him

jong-gay: well you should get ready to come here lmao
jong-gay: wait what
jong-gay: waIT WHAT


jong-gay: NONONO DONT
jong-gay: ITS COOL
jong-gay: before that blonde fucker could say anything
jong-gay: yixing called him out from the corner of the room???
jong-gay: u kno like minseoks friend yixing

gay god: ah yes he is an angel uwu
gay god: what did he do tho

jong-gay: he gave a small monologue in his broken korean about how everybody in this uni is a sickening jerk and that he is not dealing with people like them anymore
jong-gay: “like literally i wont make a deal w you ever again archie”
jong-gay: the guy was so taken aback and he almost started to explain shit to yixing but then he just gave him the finger and left the class???
jong-gay: even the teacher was entertained i swear
jong-gay: .. but like
jong-gay: does that mean that he really sells drugs tho,,,


jong-gay: but like yeah i didnt know how to react
jong-gay: he gave me a wink on his way out
jong-gay: you think it was minseoks doing??

gay god: you are interested huh
gay god: you are grounded young man
gay god: but idk it might have been uwu
gay god: either way it was really nice of him you should thank him

jong-gay: but like,, i dont know how to talk to him??
jong-gay: i dont even meet him that often
jong-gay: i can….. tell minseok to thank him for me ig

gay god: i can give u his number if you want uwu

jong-gay: i,,
jong-gay: wouldnt it be awkward??
jong-gay: i dont wanna be awkward w like
jong-gay: .. that gang

gay god: jongdae you are even awkward with us
gay god: it cant be helped
gay god: besides yixing is one of the most laid back dudes so uwu
gay god: dont be scared

jong-gay: wtf im not scared,,,,
jong-gay: give me his number




[wednesday, 5:12pm]
Private chat with them: prettyboy

daddyeol: hey babyboy
daddyeol: i miss you,, youre coming over tonight right

prettyboy: yeollie~ baby uwu
prettyboy: i miss you too :(((((
prettyboy: but sorry i cant
prettyboy: im taking care of my jongdae

daddyeol: oh.. yeah that

prettyboy: he is trying to act so tough
prettyboy: but he is suffering
prettyboy: nd that bitch does not help at all

daddyeol: well i mean.. she overdid herself w this one but
daddyeol: you cannot say jongdae didnt deserve any punishment…...

prettyboy: ye what dae did wasnt ,,,,
prettyboy: it was an ass move
prettyboy: but he doesnt deserve what he gets now
prettyboy: it makes me so sad and angry >:((

daddyeol: “ass move” is an understatement
daddyeol: but yeah i wasnt really expecting much from a straight jerk tbh

prettyboy: its not really his fault that he is acting like this

daddyeol: ???
daddyeol: what is that supposed to mean

prettyboy: you dont know him that well yeollie
prettyboy: he is one of the best friends i ever had uwu
prettyboy: actually the best one
prettyboy: nd i love him so !!! much

daddyeol: well i might not know him ok but im not fucking blind
daddyeol: and ive seen him being an ass to you and your other friends and dont even get me started on the minseok situation here……

prettyboy: noooo
prettyboy: i mean,,,, ye he never thinks before speaking
prettyboy: one of his many faults uwu
prettyboy: but!!! he stood up for me so many times when we were younger
prettyboy: he was always there for me and he makes me so happy
prettyboy: nd he is always there for all of us uwu

daddyeol: hmm yeah ig thats nice
daddyeol: for some fucking reason he makes minseok happy too but
daddyeol: yeah i still dont like him

prettyboy: im sure he will change your mind uwu

daddyeol: well not when he pulls some hetero shit like with this bitch last week
daddyeol: i have to do something about minseok bc this cant go on like this

prettyboy: i know things will be different from now on uwu
prettyboy: i trust dae

daddyeol: what would be different lmao
daddyeol: its not like he will magically be into seok from now on…..

prettyboy: who knows uwu
prettyboy: seokkie is charming

daddyeol: …. you know something and arent telling me

prettyboy: well,,,, maybe uwu

daddyeol: well.. then?? spill

prettyboy: hmmmm
prettyboy: why should i uwu

daddyeol has sent a photo.

prettyboy: PARK CHANYEOL
prettyboy: IM OUTSIDE >:(((

daddyeol: :)
daddyeol: so? wanna tell me something?

prettyboy: ye
prettyboy: i hate that jongdae is sick and i cant go over >:((

daddyeol: hmm makes the two of us
daddyeol: we can still call once hes asleep tho…

prettyboy: ill take your word for it 0:))

daddyeol: oh i wasnt done there
daddyeol: we can call IF you tell me
daddyeol: im curious now

prettyboy: u know how to get what u want i see

daddyeol: damn right i do prettyboy
daddyeol: im listening

prettyboy: i,,,,
prettyboy: hate u >:((

daddyeol has sent a photo.
daddyeol: you sure?

prettyboy: YEOLLIE :(((((
prettyboy: ENOUGH

daddyeol: its tempting me to send you another one
daddyeol: but i dont think my baby deserves that rn….

prettyboy: okay okay
prettyboy: you win okay
prettyboy: (((but noow i wanna give u a bj too UGH)))

daddyeol: hmm sounds like a plan for another day
daddyeol: you dont wanna keep me waiting now do you

prettyboy: uuuugh okay
prettyboy: so you know me and dae grew up together
prettyboy: we lived in the same neighborhood nd there were not many ppl around our age haha
prettyboy: we spent literally every day together uwu
prettyboy: i quite early on discovered that im not attracted to girls as other boys are
prettyboy: nd they were all jealous because i had a lot of girl friends hahaha
prettyboy: jongdae was the first one i ever told about it
prettyboy: he was sleeping over and i was rambling about not being like ,,,, normal
prettyboy: nd i was pretty much crying my eyes out nd i was so so so scared what he will say
prettyboy: but he didnt say anything he just hugged me nd i asked like ‘u still wanna be my friend’
prettyboy: nd he said that im still baekhyun and he loves me a lot uwu
prettyboy: so we become a lot closer nd he helped me with coming out to my parents and all
prettyboy: but u know,,,, while my parents were all accepting of me his parents,,, werent really

daddyeol: oh wow okay
daddyeol: but his parents dont really matter to you do they
daddyeol: i mean yours are awesome so who cares about others right

prettyboy: well ye but they wanted jongdae to cut everything with me
prettyboy: nd they said some really ugly things about me
prettyboy: all this when i was like 12???
prettyboy: nd jongdae uwu
prettyboy: he stood up for me all the time
prettyboy: they argued so much because of me,,,,,
prettyboy: i told jongdae it is okay
prettyboy: he cant change how they think but he always got so defensive off me uwu
prettyboy: it was so cute

daddyeol: huh homophobic assholes
daddyeol: it was nice of him to do so
daddyeol: not everyone has friends like that while growing up

prettyboy: yes i got so lucky :’)))
prettyboy: but ye so,,, you know he was raised like this
prettyboy: his parents often voiced their homophobic opinions at him and they also often said that they would never be able to accept if their child would be gay
prettyboy: jongdae tried to act like it didnt bother him at all but
prettyboy: when he talked about it he looked hurt :((((

daddyeol: huh wait
daddyeol: so... is he even straight then??

prettyboy: he says so
prettyboy: but im not blind uwu

daddyeol: well i mean you two live together so you should know right

prettyboy: what do you mean???

daddyeol: idk lol
daddyeol: him disappearing w random boys for the night
daddyeol: dildos accidentally left on the bed
daddyeol: something

prettyboy: hahaha you really dont know jongdae well
prettyboy: he is not actually the sexually active type

daddyeol: that
daddyeol: will make minseok so bitter lol

prettyboy: haha dont tell him just yet ;))
prettyboy: make it interesting

daddyeol: eww no i wont talk about your gross best friends sexual preferences to him

daddyeol: but i guess i get it now

prettyboy: you do??

daddyeol: yeah
daddyeol: having homophobic parents is p tough
daddyeol: even if hes not like 100% gay or anything…...
daddyeol: but yeah i get him

prettyboy: oh,,,, is it the same,,, with you?

daddyeol: …… p much yeah
daddyeol: but i wont start a pity party for myself here lol

prettyboy: hey baby
prettyboy: you can talk to me whenever you want okay?

daddyeol: yeah
daddyeol: yeah i know
daddyeol: ...thank you

prettyboy: hey,,,
prettyboy: if you want i can go over in 30 minutes?

daddyeol: uhm yeahhh probably not
daddyeol: he needs you

prettyboy: but i hate to see you like this

daddyeol: hah but im fine.. i really am
daddyeol: had 22 years to get used to it after all

prettyboy: well,,, if you are sure
prettyboy: call me if you change your mind

daddyeol: ill call you anyway
daddyeol has sent a photo.
daddyeol: i promised remember?

prettyboy: holy
prettyboy: shit

daddyeol: get home soon :)

Chapter Text

[thursday, 11:26am]
Private chat with them: Unknown Number

Jongdae: oh uhm hey is this yixing

Unknown Number: it might be
Unknown Number: who are you
Unknown Number: and how did u get my number
Unknown Number: i s2g if its u mitchy
Unknown Number: i told u im not up for sale twice already

Jongdae: wow chill out oh god
Jongdae: its kim jongdae

Unknown Number: OH
Unknown Number: haha sorry about that
Unknown Number: i didnt say anything :))

Jongdae: i,, haha sure yeah uhm
Jongdae: i changed my mind sorry for bothering you huh

Unknown Number: no no no dont do this
Unknown Number: im sorry haha
Unknown Number: lets start over ok
Unknown Number: hi this is yixing :)))

Jongdae: hhey
Jongdae: im the dude from music theory
Jongdae: with the,, rumours and all that jazz

Unknown Number: aaah jongdae :)))
Unknown Number: minseok’s friend
Unknown Number: nice to meet you

Jongdae: yeah minseoks
Jongdae: friend
Jongdae: whatever,, i just wanted to thank you for yesterday

Unknown Number: ahh it was nothing
Unknown Number: they were
Unknown Number: whats the right word
Unknown Number: annoying haha

Jongdae: yeah to say the least
Jongdae: its been going on for days now
Jongdae: how interesting can a guys dick get smfh

Unknown Number: haha
Unknown Number: very ;)))

Jongdae: what
Jongdae: oh wait yeah
Jongdae: youre the bi one

Unknown Number: yes :D
Unknown Number: but im straight now

Jongdae: huh yeah so i heard
Jongdae: but hey isnt it like
Jongdae: offensive to say that?? or smthg
Jongdae: ive read that somewhere

Unknown Number: what??

Jongdae: uh like,,
Jongdae: “implying that its a choice” ???
Jongdae: idk man i dunno much about this stuff,,,

Unknown Number: oh :DDD
Unknown Number: well im not denying that i like men
Unknown Number: but i love my girlfriend so im not interested in anyone :DD

Jongdae: oh so
Jongdae: youre saying that being with one person
Jongdae: or people?? polyamory is still confusing to me smh
Jongdae: doesnt define you right away

Unknown Number: of course not :D

Jongdae: and how did you
Jongdae: yknow
Jongdae: realise you werent just,, like
Jongdae: straight and curious
Jongdae: i mean if you dont mind me asking…..

Unknown Number: :DD

Unknown Number has changed their nickname to teacher.
teacher has changed your nickname to seokkie’s friend.

teacher: no i dont mind :D
teacher: well i was curious at first
teacher: but that is a sign :D
teacher: you know straight ppl arent attracted to their own sex

seokkie’s friend: i mean,,
seokkie’s friend: yall have so many terms
seokkie’s friend: isnt there one like that
seokkie’s friend: in theory i mean haha

teacher: well bicurious is a term
teacher: but you dont have to put labels on anything you know
teacher: if you are not comfortable :D
teacher: i didnt identify for a while either

seokkie’s friend: what really???
seokkie’s friend: i thought it was.. kinda the point of it all
seokkie’s friend: like being
seokkie’s friend: out and proud
seokkie’s friend: ...… is that even how it goes

teacher: well if that makes you happy then yes :D
teacher: the whole point is just being happy

seokkie’s friend: that sounds p vague
seokkie’s friend: this is so confusing

teacher: yeh it can be a bit confusing
teacher: but its just about
teacher: being yourself

seokkie’s friend: huh
seokkie’s friend: thanks
seokkie’s friend: ffor the info i mean haha

teacher: :DD
teacher: anytime
teacher: so where do you stand now? :D

seokkie’s friend: wha
seokkie’s friend: excuse me??

teacher: you know like sexuality wise

seokkie’s friend: i ?? never said anything about me? ??? ?

teacher: i know that is why i am asking :D

seokkie’s friend: im
seokkie’s friend: im good??
seokkie’s friend: thanks for asking???

teacher: so,,,
teacher: you decide not to identify?
teacher: thats good :D

seokkie’s friend: huh what does that even m e an
seokkie’s friend: like,,
seokkie’s friend: it only makes sense when youre dating someone doesnt it
seokkie’s friend: any other time its whatever

teacher: so like you are open to anyone rn? :DD

seokkie’s friend: if anyone means someone who doesnt care about the gossips about my tiny dick and abusive behaviour
seokkie’s friend: then we can say yeah :)))

teacher: but you are not abusive are you

seokkie’s friend: wtf no?? ofc not
seokkie’s friend: never had a relationship where we got close enough for either of us to be that lol

teacher: the right person will come :DD

seokkie’s friend: huh you cant know that

teacher: but im optimistic :D

seokkie’s friend: …. youre a v weird guy

teacher: aw thank you
teacher: do you have any more questions?

seokkie’s friend: i.. dont think so
seokkie’s friend: its a lot to take in at once

teacher: well message me when you have then!
teacher: im meeting my babay now so
teacher: talk to you later?

seokkie’s friend: yeah,, i might
seokkie’s friend: thanks yixing

teacher: :DD
teacher: take care jongdae




[thursday, 3:11pm]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy: heeeey yeollie baby uwu

daddyeol: ah hey

prettyboy: how are you??

daddyeol: p tired i had 3 seminars just now and omw home
daddyeol: you?

prettyboy: i finished the presentation today uwu

daddyeol: oh the one that kept you home for days now

prettyboy: yep thats the one
prettyboy: but im finally freeee

daddyeol: you mean free tonight? :)

prettyboy: yes uwu

daddyeol: any plans?

prettyboy: i have something in mind uwu

daddyeol: hmm you do?

prettyboy: yes uwu
prettyboy: but its something i cant do alone

daddyeol: well i can offer you my company…

prettyboy: uwuwuwuwu
prettyboy: great
prettyboy: i cant wait to see you again
prettyboy: in person this time

daddyeol: hmm i bet
daddyeol: its been a while hasnt it

prettyboy: aah yes :((

daddyeol: so we agree then.. youre coming over tonight

prettyboy: oh well
prettyboy: i mean i can uwu
prettyboy: but like,,,, what if we meet up somewhere before?
prettyboy: so i dont have to go alone

daddyeol: oh you.. wanna
daddyeol: huh i dont think its a good idea

prettyboy: oh why?
prettyboy: we can like,,, eat something uwu

daddyeol: you can eat at mine

prettyboy: well yes but,,,
prettyboy: i just thought maybe we can do something else too

daddyeol: we shouldnt

prettyboy: huh
prettyboy: but
prettyboy: haha why

daddyeol: i told you before…. i dont date anyone
daddyeol: i just dont

prettyboy: i dont understand

daddyeol: i dont date
daddyeol: i dont go on cute dates and i dont do hand holding and kissing and pet names
daddyeol: none of that cheesy crap

prettyboy: heh but you still call me prettyboy
prettyboy: nd babyboy and all that “crap”

daddyeol: yeah bc you calling me daddy in return shows its so romantic right

prettyboy: well chanyeol if you didn’t notice i call you by other names too

daddyeol: i never asked you to do that

prettyboy: ah well you never actually said it’s a bad thing either
prettyboy: you never stopped me before so what the fuck

daddyeol: maybe i just didnt care enough to stop you….

prettyboy: you
prettyboy: didnt care enough?!?
prettyboy: what is this even supposed to mean

daddyeol: i knew youd flip your shit like this and i didnt want that
daddyeol: so i accepted it

prettyboy: oh so should i just accept that you fuck me and we good?

daddyeol: thats what weve been doing all this time and frankly
daddyeol: you never complained…..

prettyboy: that does not mean that i only thought about sex and nothing else
prettyboy: it just one fucking date chanyeol
prettyboy: i’m not asking you to marry me

daddyeol: you dont get it do you
daddyeol: i dont want you to get your hopes up for nothing
daddyeol: its not because of you baekhyun…. you could be anyone else and i still wouldnt date you

prettyboy: then go and fuck anyone else

daddyeol: oh cmon dont be so dramatic

prettyboy: then don’t be an asshole

daddyeol: stop pushing this and just come over
daddyeol: we can figure this out

prettyboy: im not pushing things,,,

daddyeol: yeah right
daddyeol: lets forget this then okay?

prettyboy: yea,,,, sure
prettyboy: sorry

daddyeol: its alright
daddyeol: you can make up for it tonight :)

prettyboy: oh,,, good :)))
prettyboy: but uh actually,,,,
prettyboy: i just checked my mails and the professor messaged me to fix some things in my presentation ugh
prettyboy: so we,,, might need to postpone it :(((


[thursday, 3:58pm]
Private chat with them: gay god

jong-gay: wtf was that
jong-gay: did you just punch your wall????

jong-gay: … fuck youre sobbing

gay god: i just killed a bug and now i feel bad for it dw

jong-gay: your lies are getting worse with time..
jong-gay: just so you know i would go over if i werent sitting in the bathtub rn

gay god: ye ye whatever
gay god: you free tonight?

jong-gay: i mean?? when am i not
jong-gay: are you sure youre okay tho,,

gay god: yes :))
gay god: i just want to celebrate my presentation
gay god: so we are going oooout

jong-gay: o..kay?
jong-gay: where are we going

gay god: to a strip club uwu

jong-gay: oh niiice
jong-gay: wait
jong-gay: its not a gay one is it

gay god: its the gayest one 0:))
gay god: BUT you already agreed no backing out uwu




[thursday, 5:32pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

lovemesomebacon: heeeey guys uwu
lovemesomebacon: guess what

chenchen: baek,, pls

kaa: WHAT :DDD

lovemesomebacon: WE ARE GOING OUTTT

kaa: U MEAN W YEOLLIE?? ?? ? ?
kaa: UR FINALLY DATING???!??!?!

lovemesomebacon: smh no dating is overrated
lovemesomebacon: we are going to a strip club tonight~
lovemesomebacon has sent a photo.
lovemesomebacon: dress sexy im all ready uwu

kaa: woaah u look so good!!!

chenchen: im looking forward to you leaving me behind while dancing w naked dudes


lovemesomebacon: yeah we are uwu
lovemesomebacon: if chanyeol would see me now haha
lovemesomebacon: but he wont uwu

chenchen: omg yES i knew something was off this afternoon!! ! !
chenchen: you havent said his name in hours

lovemesomebacon: not everything is about him uwu
lovemesomebacon: but i bet he would go crazy

kaa: he sure would :3333
kaa: where r we going 2night then??

lovemesomebacon: there is this big gay club called ‘chained up’ uwu
lovemesomebacon: it sounds kinky and sexy enough
lovemesomebacon: so you are coming too right???

kaa: i
kaa: r u serious
kaa: ur,,, going to chained up,,,, tonight omg,,

lovemesomebacon: we all going uwu


[thursday, 5:43pm]
Private chat with them: oh playboy

prince_pirouette: IM SCREAMING
prince_pirouette: Y R U NOT READING THE GC
prince_pirouette: WAit shit u already left didnt u
prince_pirouette: well.. this will be an amazing show
prince_pirouette: i cant wait :3cc


[thursday, 5:46pm]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

kaa: ahh srry baekhyunnie but it looks like i cant make it
kaa: but pls text the chat bout everything that happens 2night!!!! :3

lovemesomebacon: aaah why not :((

kaa: haha yknow
kaa: school stuff :))

lovemesomebacon: oooh okay
lovemesomebacon: we’ll text u then!!!
lovemesomebacon: ill go now and force jongdae into some sexy clothes uwu

chenchen: jongin why would you leave me to die




[thursday, 6:36pm]
Private chat with them: prettyboy

daddyeol: just text me when youre free again yeah?




“... Jongin?”

“Ah, I wasn’t sure if you’d pick up or not…”

“... so you want me to hang up now… or…?”

“No! Please don’t, I-I’m sorry…”

“Wait… where are you now?”

“I- no, at home, in my bed.”

“Alright, I thought you went out, too… but you’re safe then.”

“Oh god, I didn’t want to-”

“It’s okay.”

“No, it’s quarter to one and I woke you up and scared you because I’m stupid and-”

“Hey, Jongin, stop it.”


“Shh, it’s okay. It really is.”

“... yeah?”

“Yeah. I’d rather you called me even if you’re safe than you don’t when you need me, alright?”


“Now tell me what happened. Please.”

“Ah, I… it’s really just something stupid, I’m not sure it worth te-telling.”

“It's always worth telling.”

“It’s- it's really nothing, I was j-just thinking about uni and the exams that are coming soon and I- I realised I have no idea what I'm doing here, you know? Like dancing is… what is it worth? It's not a science, not even anything decent, and I'm most probably wasting my pa-parents’ money and I'm- I'm just a waste of space anyway-"

“Jongin, love, that's- that’s just not true. So not true and you know it, too, I dunno why you feel so down suddenly but I can promise you, you're where you're supposed to be right now, darling, here, with us-”


“Are you- are you crying?”



I’msosorry- I'msofuckingsorry-

“Jongin-ah, breathe, okay, listen to me-”

“Please, I-I’m shaking, oh god, I’m gonna- gonna throw up-”

“Hey, no, listen! Listen to my voice, okay? Can you do that, Jongin? Just listen, don’t do anything else, I’m here, please try to breathe, alright?”

“I can-can't, there’s n-no air-”

“Stop gasping, it just makes it worse, close your eyes and lean back, okay? Breathe deeply, you can do it, Jongin, just breathe, breathe for me.”


“Now listen here, alright? You're in the best place, you were made for dancing, you hear me? You're determined and talented and hard-working… you're somebody everybody wants to be because you're so positive and just an overall wonderful person. You make m- I mean, everyone feel so appreciated and happy and lucky to know you.”


“Are you breathing alright?”


“Please, darling, don't cry, try to relax, it's all gonna be fine, I promise you... I just wish I knew what made you so upset...”

“K-keep talking.”


“Just- please. It almost feels like- I'm not alone…”

“Hm, maybe you can call out for Sehun? He can come and keep you company, might help you more than-”



“He's working… and I rather- well.”

“You'd rather?”

“I’d rather have you now.”


“... fuck, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-”

“No, no it's okay, uh… imagine I'm there then, okay? I'm… I'm sitting next to you and rubbing your back until you stop crying… and, uh, petting your hair, too, because I know you like that…  and you're safe, so safe, I’m here and nothing can hurt you at all, Jongin-ah, I promise you. Nothing in the world.”



“I… I love you.”

“I love you too, darling.”

“No, but I mean-"

“Shh, it's okay, I- I think I know what you mean.”




“What are you thinking about now?”


“Yeah?... What about us?”

“Just… the match and the da- fake date, and how nice it was. It's sorta… calming to think about.”

“You really liked it that much, didn’t you?”

“I mean, yeah? Because I was with you and we were eating ice cream, and up until Jongdae arrived, I felt like… well.”

“Like it was real?”

“... Is it stupid?”

“No, I… felt the same, actually.”

“Did you?”

“... you should probably go to sleep now, Jongin.”

“I- yes. Yeah.”

“Can you fall asleep now?”

“Ye-yes, I think so. Sorry for waking you up again. And... thank you.”

“No, shh. I'm always here, okay? Come to me whenever you- just... whenever.”

“Yes. I will... Goodnight, hyung.”

“Goodnight, love.”

Chapter Text

3:30 AM. Sehun looks at the clock, exhausted as ever. His shift soon will be over and he can’t wait to finally be reunited with his bed at last. The extremely tight leather pants are starting to get unbearable for him, not to mention the pretty choker that drove everyone crazy with the see through t-shirt. He has already lost count of the amount of times he took everything off then dressed up again for the next round, but it seems like it will finally be over.

He is about to take off the choker in his dressing room when the manager enters again scanning the room for someone. Sehun prays to god that this time someone else takes the private room instead of him. Not that he doesn’t like his job, quite the contrary, he loves the strip club and he is exceptional at his work, that is why everyone requests him. ‘Steph Rose.’ The whole strip club is pretty much advertised by his alias and no one other than Jongin and Johnny knew about it. It was for the best, he always thought. Not that it would matter at all if his friends knew or not, he wanted to let them know sooner or later but it was never the right time so he just stopped caring altogether.

“Sehun,” The manager calls out for him and he stretches his neck exhaustedly, “you have one more room.” He says and with that he disappears.

“You are quite busy these days Sehunnie.” Ten teases him as Sehun walks over to pick up his whip. “I’m almost jealous.”

“Next time I will spare you some time babe.” He breathes into Ten’s ear who giggles pushing him slightly towards the door.

“Go get them tiger.” He jokes and with a final smirk Sehun leaves him behind.

They better worth Sehun’s time, he thinks as he walks towards the room. He loves to please but it is always better to please the pretty boys. He stops for a brief moment before entering the room. Next to the door there is a mirror for them to check themselves out, to make sure they are presentable and as the manager says ‘ hot as fuck ’. He fixes his hair, listening in the room whether his next guests arrived or not. He freezes on the spot when he hears a way too familiar voice.

“No like Jongdae, hon, the duddde iz like the bezt. I heard.” Is that- is that Baekhyun?

“Baek, we shouldn’t even be here. C’mon, we can still leave before he arrives. You are drunk and-” Sehun’s eyes widen. That’s Jongdae. Now that is a surprise and he doesn’t even have his birthday today.

“Shussssssh. We aRE where we shall. Now shhut uppp. I want the menz.” Baek slurs over his words. He is completely out of it. Sehun smirks. This is going to be a lot of fun, he thinks before he turns the door knob and enters.

The sight of his two friends, one of them spread out on the sofa while the other is sitting straight, visibly sweating and the mixture of surprise and confusion in their eyes are priceless. Sehun smirks slowly drawing the whip along his leg while keeping eye contact, especially with Jongdae.

“Hello boys.” He chuckles, a hint of evil in his voice. Jongdae gulps audibly while Baekhyun comes back to his senses, now sitting on the edge of the sofa leaning closer to check if it’s really Sehun.

“Holy shiet Dae, I think…” Baekhyun starts before turning towards Jongdae, and tries his best to whisper into his ears but with no success. “I think I see Sehun.”

“We are going to have… a lot of fun tonight.” Sehun winks at them and Jongdae uncomfortably shifts in his seat. Here he goes and his two older friends are so not prepared for what is about to come.


[friday, 4:00am]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

lovemesomebacon has sent a photo.
lovemesomebacon has sent a photo.
lovemesomebacon has sent a photo.
lovemesomebacon has sent a photo.
lovemesomebacon has sent a video.

lovemesomebacon: htanks gayy je sus

chenchen: what the fuck have i just experienced

senshine: hey guys lets go home together wait for me!!




[friday, 8:41am]
Chat name: GangBangWithBros2k18

DKSoo: wh-
DKSoo: what the hell is this???

kaa: omfg seHUNNIE
kaa: oh.. hey hyung

DKSoo: hey there
DKSoo: you’re doing good, Jongin-ah?

kaa: ahh yes im much better
kaa: thanks to you :3

DKSoo: don’t mention it
DKSoo: I’m just glad you’re better now :3

kaa: <33333

chenchen: youre blowing up my pho
chenchen: oh my gOD I THOUGHT

kaa: :DDDD it was not!!!

senshine: was i really that good jongdae
senshine: a dream holy shit

chenchen: I MEANT NIGHTMARE*****

DKSoo: full offense but this doesn’t look like a nightmare to me…
DKSoo: what kind of fucked up costume party was this??

lovemesomebacon: ksoo
lovemesomebacon: have you never been to a strip club before

DKSoo: … no comment

kaa: :00000

DKSoo: but wait… Sehun in a strip club??

senshine: yes of course
senshine: jongdae was a surprise for me tho tbh

DKSoo: ????
DKSoo: since when do you dance in a strip club?
DKSoo: and... why am I actually not surprised at all?

senshine: for like 7 months now
senshine: uni life is not cheap you know

kaa: nd ur already the bestest of the best :333
kaa: im so proud of u hunnie :3333

chenchen: when my parents told me not to mingle w weird ppl at uni
chenchen: ye i shouldve listened to them,,

senshine: you can say what you want
senshine: but i know for a fact you enjoyed my little show baby boy

chenchen: ,,,,,stfu

kaa: TELL ME!!!!!!

senshine: someone was getting a pretty little boner while i was grinding in his lap
senshine: but i won’t say names

DKSoo: oh my god...

lovemesomebacon: im not surprised
lovemesomebacon: i was hard watching uwu

chenchen: fuck can we just forget it ever happened??? ??

kaa: NO
kaa: NEVER!!!

DKSoo: well, that wasn’t very straight of you, Jongdae…

lovemesomebacon: and i recorded all of it uwu

senshine: just tell me if you need me ;)

chenchen has logged out.

kaa: omg sehunnie u scared him :c

senshine: i take this as a yes then

lovemesomebacon: ill be waiting for u tonight hunnie uwu

senshine: ill be there ;)

DKSoo: uhm, actually, I wanted to invite everyone over tonight
DKSoo: it’s about free food if that means anything

kaa: !!!!! YAYY

DKSoo: yeah I was thinking because
DKSoo: I know for a fact that you all are awful when it comes to eating actual food and not microwave trash and takeaway
DKSoo: and I’m quite concerned

senshine: plans changed
senshine: sorry baek maybe next time ye?

lovemesomebacon: omg finally foooooooood
lovemesomebacon: im in
lovemesomebacon: i will let dae know uwu

DKSoo: good good
DKSoo: and what about you, Jongin?

kaa: i wouldnt miss it for the world :33

DKSoo: good :3
DKSoo: 7pm at mine then!!




[friday, 10:55pm]
Private chat with them: Lulu

Lulu: ah im so so so so sorry for replying this late
Lulu: schedules and all but
Lulu: it’s not a good excuse i know,,,
Lulu: it’s been a week after all
Lulu: i’m horrible
Lulu: um,,, so i just
Lulu: i guess i wanted to let you know that
Lulu: i’m going back to korea soon
Lulu: probably in 2 weeks
Lulu: i just
Lulu: i’m
Lulu: i’m sorry
Lulu: for disappearing
Lulu: and everything
Lulu: i hope we can talk about it
Lulu: i
Lulu: yeah i miss you




[friday, 11:01pm]
Private chat with them: midget boy

daedae~: im hooooome
daedae~: man i ate so muhc
daedae~: ksoo is literally the best cook ever
daedae~: i mean ofc he did well he wnted to appeal to jongin lmao
daedae~: they are so obvoius it was painful to watch

daedae~: soo what are you up to

midget boy: im glad you had fun

daedae~: ye i did!
daedae~: except for th fact that i was sitting next to sehun…
daedae~: i doubt i will ever be able to look at him the saem way……..

midget boy: huh why

daedae~: uh well
daedae~: he kinnda,, gave me a lap dance last night

midget boy: a
midget boy: what haha

daedae~: well i told you baek was takin me to a strip club last night and
daedae~: turns out mr oh sehun has beeen working there for hafl a year now,,,,,,,

midget boy: oh that
midget boy: i see

daedae~: what you knew???

midget boy: well i suspected it
midget boy: i saw him around there a few times

daedae~: oh god
daedae~: well he IS the type ig lol
daedae~: uhh but hnestly i was expecting some more enthusiasn from you haha

midget boy: oh
midget boy: sorry
midget boy: i have been studying all day haha

daedae~: oh are you tired

midget boy: you can say that
midget boy: my eyes are literally falling out of my skull as we speak

daedae~: i thought we would text
daedae~: but okay thennn

midget boy: ah no please
midget boy: can u
midget boy: can we talk i need a break
midget boy: talk to me please

daedae~: oh i
daedae~: yes
daedae~: yeah i wanna :3
daedae~: .. woah i didnt mean to
daedae~: send that haha
daedae~: we had some wine after dinner
daedae~: like,, 2-3 bottels

midget boy: drink some water haha

daedae~: uhmmm no
daedae~: im good!!
daedae~: i like how i feel rn

midget boy: well if you says so
midget boy: but still just
midget boy: take care of yourself okay

daedae~: i ammmm minseokkie dont worry

midget boy: oh i
midget boy: okay :))
midget boy: i wont
midget boy: so
midget boy: uhm
midget boy: sehun huh
midget boy: was he good

daedae~: omg i
daedae~: i mean probably uh i guess hahaa
daedae~: its not like i have anyting to compare it to right hahaha

midget boy: no one gave u a lap dance before?

daedae~: uhh no??? ofc not

midget boy: hmmm
midget boy: interesting :)))

daedae~: huh what now

midget boy: nothing babe :)))

daedae~: shi
daedae~: dont call me that god

midget boy: why :333

daedae~: somethings being funny in my stomach
daedae~: must be the alochol hahaah

midget boy: ah take care
midget boy: dont make me go over

daedae~: uh why woulf you come over

midget boy: so that i can take care of you
midget boy: i
midget boy: really dont want something bad to happen to you

daedae~: what could happen hahaha
daedae~: im healthy noww
daedae~: also i still owe u one after last week
daedae~: i dont want u to collect advatnages like that lmao

midget boy: oh that
midget boy: thank you for reminding me :)))
midget boy: i almost forgot

daedae~: what the f
daedae~: no
daedae~: i take it back then

midget boy: too late now babe :33
midget boy: still no kiss then?

daedae~: fuck

midget boy: is that a maybe :33

daedae~: hddh why do you
daedae~: keep aksing fo thar

midget boy: no reason 0:))

daedae~: oh god
daedae~: do i have any other optoins

midget boy: haha of course
midget boy: im not forcing u into something u wouldnt want

daedae~: …,.,, that was t oo sweet
daedae~: whar happened to your flirting hahaha

midget boy: i guess i forgot how to do it haha

daedae~: wnt me to help u w that huh

daedae~: omg,, i
daedae~: dunno why i said that

midget boy: i
midget boy: do u mean that

daedae~: im tipsy lmao forgive me
daedae~: i mean?? i cannot flirt for shit but

midget boy: oh okay i thought
midget boy: ah nevermind haha

daedae~: whattt
daedae~: tell me

midget boy: ah no nothing haha

daedae~: seok
daedae~: cmon
daedae~: i wanna kno now

midget boy: i just thought you
midget boy: you know
midget boy: ah no its dumb haha
midget boy: you wouldnt

daedae~: i wouldnt what

midget boy: you wouldnt flirt with me
midget boy: its just
midget boy: the booze haha

daedae~: uhm i
daedae~: wont answer that haha

midget boy: huh why
midget boy: but ye its probably for the best haha
midget boy: i dont
midget boy: want to deal with rejection atm haha
midget boy: oh
midget boy: forgot that i said that
midget boy: jfc

daedae~: wym rejection
daedae~: youve never been seriuos about this ??? right

midget boy: ah no haha
midget boy: never
midget boy: i wouldnt haha
midget boy: im just playing
midget boy: forget it

daedae~: oh
daedae~: yeah
daedae~: ofc you are
daedae~: bc im straihgt right

midget boy: ah yes
midget boy: that
midget boy: anyways
midget boy: uh i should get back to studying now

daedae~: what no
daedae~: u cant go nwo
daedae~: ur down bc of somthing and
daedae~: i dont want u to be sad

midget boy: no haha im fine really :)))

daedae~: no cmon
daedae~: tell me
daedae~: u said we can talk about anythng
daedae~: i wanna talk bout this now

midget boy: ye well you never answered my questions so
midget boy: it doesnt matter if i dont answer either does it haha

daedae~: huh okay
daedae~: its ur lucky day then
daedae~: ask me anything nd i answer

midget boy: oh really

daedae~: well if thats hw ull talk to me then ye
daedae~: shoot

midget boy: oh okay
midget boy: sehun or jongin

daedae~: ????w hat

midget boy: which one would you rather do
midget boy: if you wouldnt be straight ofc

daedae~: i
daedae~: oh god
daedae~: uhm,,,..
daedae~: sehun

midget boy: oooh so yesterday did it i guess :))

daedae~: fuck shut up
daedae~: he has a nice body okay
daedae~: its not my fautl i cant controll my own…..

midget boy: haha sure
midget boy: so you would bottom for him

daedae~: uhhhh
daedae~: suddenly i regrett starting this convo so muvh

midget boy: well u owe me so :)))
midget boy: i want u to answer me truthfully

daedae~: what u seriuosly wanna use tht on this??

midget boy: yes :)))
midget boy: i want u to answer to all my questions for one night
midget boy: and that’s tonight babe :)))

daedae~: oh my f
daedae~: stop calling me thatttt

midget boy: or else :)))

daedae~: ahh my insides r,,, being strange again
daedae~: i wont drink wine evre again

midget boy: stop saying this or i will go over
midget boy: drink some water
midget boy: nd answer to me :)))
midget boy: are u a bottom

daedae~: im
daedae~: oh god i
daedae~: how woudl i know???

midget boy: ah ye i forgot u only been with girls
midget boy: but sehun is a top so i assume u would be a bottom

daedae~: uh,, yeah
daedae~: girls

midget boy: was that good

daedae~: what was

midget boy: sex

daedae~: uhm

midget boy: what

daedae~: well

midget boy: did you have awful sex

daedae~: ah no i,, didnt

midget boy: then
midget boy: how was it

daedae~: i
daedae~: dont know

midget boy: huh what do u mean

daedae~: i never had
daedae~: that

midget boy: you
midget boy: oh
midget boy: but like u got
midget boy: blowjobs right?

daedae~: ……….

midget boy: uh huh
midget boy: handjobs??

daedae~: uhm not really

midget boy: wait what was your longest relationship

daedae~: i think,, 3 weeks
daedae~: i dont really… count them tbh

midget boy: ohh
midget boy: not interested?

daedae~: in
daedae~: what

midget boy: like
midget boy: you know
midget boy: in the girls you dated
midget boy: none of them reached your standards?

daedae~: huh nevr thought bout it like that
daedae~: but i guess yea

midget boy: oh i see
midget boy: well you are not missing out on much haha
midget boy: dont force yourself okay

daedae~: well sicne i dont have anyone rn i wont lmao

midget boy: good :)))
midget boy: first times are important

daedae~: yea ig
daedae~: was urs

midget boy: its not my time to answer daedae :33

daedae~: uhh fine
daedae~: what do u wanna kno then

midget boy: sehun or
midget boy: … me

daedae~: what th
daedae~: tihs is not fair

midget boy: why is it not

daedae~: bccc
daedae~: im talkign to you
daedae~: theres no good answer here

midget boy: oh haha
midget boy: i guess its not me then
midget boy: i understand haha

daedae~: no i mean
daedae~: sehuns handsome but,,
daedae~: hes been my friend for a long time
daedae~: plus hes an asshole most of the tiem so
daedae~: but if i say u then u get cokcy af
daedae~: see my dilemma??

midget boy: ah sorry

daedae~: what for

midget boy: for putting u in this situation i guess??
midget boy: im,,,
midget boy: ill be better haha

daedae~: ok i kno i drank too much but
daedae~: idk whats happening here

midget boy: am i
midget boy: a shitty person?

daedae~: what???

midget boy: i just,,,,
midget boy: am i

daedae~: wtf minseok
daedae~: ofc ur not
daedae~: why do u even,,

midget boy: im sorry

daedae~: no shut up
daedae~: what happned

midget boy: i was just thinking,,,,
midget boy: about stuff

daedae~: well i
daedae~: dunno bout that Stuf f but
daedae~: ik youre a great guy
daedae~: except fro when u go and punch ppl int he face..
daedae~: bu t other than that ur rlly nice
daedae~: ik a lot of asshole ppl and ur not liek them

midget boy: do you
midget boy: like me
midget boy: i mean
midget boy: like a friend haha you know

daedae~: yes ofc i do??
daedae~: why else wuold we be texting evrey day
daedae~: why eles would we talk bout stuff like this
daedae~: did u seruisly doubt that jfcc

midget boy: i
midget boy: no i didnt
midget boy: thank you
midget boy: i like you too
midget boy: a lot

daedae~: aw thank u
daedae~: a guys tryin his best :DD

midget boy: ah you are so cute
midget boy: its not good for my heart haha

daedae~: ur cute too yknow

midget boy: i am a
midget boy: why

daedae~: well ur small nd bubbly and
daedae~: idk
daedae~: the best freind i had since baek
daedae~: i like ur laugh too

midget boy: okay but we are still the same height,,,, jfc
midget boy: nd stop saying things like this omg

daedae~: but why
daedae~: those r all truee..

midget boy: you have no idea do you

daedae~: ksoo alwys tells me im an airhead so
daedae~: probbly no haha

midget boy: ahhhh
midget boy: i like you so much

daedae~: yess you said taht before :DD
daedae~: see ur an airhaed too minseokkie

midget boy: i guess i am :DD
midget boy: and you are my everything daedae~

Chapter Text

[saturday, 10:12pm]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy: hey yeollie
prettyboy: where are you
prettyboy: i lost you in the crowd before i could talk to you :ccc

daddyeol: yea i did shots w yixing and his gf

prettyboy: thats alright
prettyboy: where are you
prettyboy: i wanna talk

daddyeol: huh bout what

prettyboy: us

daddyeol: baekhyun…..

prettyboy: what

daddyeol: this is a party.. you wanna do it rn??

prettyboy: i
prettyboy: what the fuck chanyeol

daddyeol: im just saying…. you should have fun and not care about this stuff now

prettyboy: you are saying this because you dont want me to ruin your night

daddyeol: oh god youre doing it again
daddyeol: twisting my words into something i didnt say

prettyboy: im just stating the facts

daddyeol: i cant fucking believe you
daddyeol: okay then lets talk shall we :))

prettyboy: yes
prettyboy: where are you

daddyeol: on the porch, come outside

prettyboy: ill be there


Baekhyun stumbles through the crowd, pushing anyone aside who dared to be in his way. He takes a few courage shots on his way out and by the time he reaches the door he can hardly stand still. He looks for support by a close table before clumsily opens the door to find Chanyeol sitting on the stairs, drinking and smoking while checking his phone, scrolling through his social media. Baekhyun takes a deep breath before he walks over and literally falls down next to Chanyeol who immediately turns his attention towards him.

They sit there in silence for a while. It seems like everything that was on Baekhyun’s mind and everything he wanted to say just evaporated completely. It’s completely Chanyeol’s fault. He looks and smells too good for his own, Baekhyun loses his mind next to him. He doesn’t want anything else other than taking him by the collar and making out with him passionately. But he can’t, he is supposed to hate him.

“So, here I am. Talk.” Chanyeol speaks up, his voice low, exactly how he sounded the first time they met. Baekhyun shifts under his lustful gaze. He has to keep back and stay strong even though it seems impossible right now.

“What do you want from me?” Baekhyun gulps, his eyes wandering down on Chanyeol’s lips and back to his eyes. Fuck. Why does he have to be so hot?

“I want you to stop being mad at me and us to stay how we were before.” Chanyeol states with a serious tone finishing off his drink and dropping his burnt cigarette in the cup.

“So you just want to keep fucking me huh?” Baekhyun raises a brow, folding his arms in front of his chest, his heart beating faster than it should be. He hopes Chanyeol will add something more, deep down he prays so much for Chanyeol to ask him out here and there, but he shouldn’t get his hopes up.

“And what do you want, Baekhyun?” Chanyeol asks leaning closer to Baek whose breathing seems to stop. His eyes fixated on Chanyeol’s pouty lips, his own quiver as he replies.

“You.” He says and he hopes Chanyeol understand what he meant. He want him right now, right there and forever. Nothing else matters to him as long as Chanyeol is there and he wants him to feel, to mean and to look at him the exact same way.

“But you want it in a way I can’t give to you. You’re only setting yourself up for a broken heart here…” Chanyeol scoffs looking away and leaning back to his previous position. Baekhyun shivers as Chanyeol’s warm breath disappears and he closes his eyes forcing himself not to lose his temper.

“You don’t even want to try, do you?” Baek murmurs, a lot meaner than he intended to sound like and he can see how Chanyeol rolls his eyes at him. He probably thinks he is acting childish and that he is causing a scene but Baekhyun cannot care less, the amount of alcohol in his bloodstream telling him to not let Chanyeol win so easily.

“Well,” Chanyeol starts and Baekhyun jumps as he feels Chanyeol’s hands on his thigh, rubbing it up and down and squeezing it occasionally until Baek releases a small whimper that he tried to hold back so much but he failed. “I sure do have something I wanna give to you right now…”

“Chanyeol-” Baekhyun moans, shutting his eyes closed. No. Fuck no. He can’t be this weak. He had been there before. He had sex with other people yet no one ever had the same impact on him that Chanyeol has with one single touch of his.

“That’s it babyboy.” Chanyeol purrs into his ears, sending shivers down on his spine.

“N-o.” Baek shakes his head, forcing the words out of himself and swatting away Chanyeol’s magical hands. “It’s not the right time, I’m mad at you.”

“I can fix that.” Chanyeol says, his hands now finding Baek’s sides, his nails digging into his skin.

“Will you promise me that… tomorrow will be different?” Baek asks trying his best to ignore Chanyeol’s hands that are touching him so eagerly just like they do all the time they are together. Chanyeol sighs and his hands leave his sides as fast as they came, his gaze forced to look anywhere else but the panting boy.

Baekhyun bites down on his lip, sucking in his pouting lips. His body begs for more but his mind is telling him to stop. His heart shatters and he shuts his eyes tight taking a deep breath before he lets the words flow out of him. He really can’t control himself anymore, the alcohol finally kicked in it seems.

“You are such a fucking asshole.” Baekhyun shakes his head, the words hurt him more than they seem to hurt Chanyeol. “Why do you only need me on your lonely nights huh? Is it really that fucking difficult for you to care about me more than a one night stand?” Baekhyun says standing up. His head feels heavy and he gets dizzy so he holds onto the railing on the porch for support. He feels like throwing up. “If you really only want sex then go and find someone else! You don’t need me anyways.” Baekhyun is yelling now, his mind is clouded. Shit. What did he even say?

“Yeah, you are right. I don’t.” Chanyeol says tearing his eyes away from Baekhyun’s broken figure, lighting yet another cigarette signaling that the conversation is over. Baekhyun stands there for a good minute yet it feels more like an hour to him. Maybe he should change his mind, because only having sex with Chanyeol is still better than losing him. Instead, he collects himself, biting back his tears and leaving him outside.

Baekhyun doesn’t know what to do. His head is spinning, twisted scenarios playing in his mind of how different this conversation could have been and he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror in the bathroom where his unconscious mind led him. He is crying now. Great. He tears a good amount of toilet paper to clean himself up, smudging his light makeup that he had on. He needs someone or something, anyone or anything. Something that will distract him.

He leaves the bathroom after a few moments, and picks up the first drink he finds that was left on one of the tables. Not the brightest idea of his but nothing can go worse that day. He is searching the room for his friends. He finds Kyungsoo and Jongin chatting away with drinks at their hands, seemingly enjoying each other’s company. He sees Sehun talking to Johnny and two girls, none of them quite familiar to Baekhyun. Jongdae. Where is he? Baekhyun wonders. He needs him more than ever and when he finally spots him in the crowd, a twinge of hope lights up in his eyes. He makes his way towards him, only to stop midway when he notices Minseok handing him a glass. Baekhyun weakly smiles. He shouldn’t interrupt. He thinks and he leaves for the living room’s dance floor to be picked up by some random dude and probably to have sex with someone other than Park Chanyeol.



[saturday, 11:11pm]
Private chat with them: panda

mother su: heyyy
mother su: just wanted to check how you’re doing :3

panda: hello mother
panda: im good
panda: taking it light today hhh
panda: trying my best not to be a dumbass
panda: how was your date??????

mother su: ahh bby you’re never a dumbass smh
mother su: the date was amazing as always :3
mother su: he’s so adorable like if i didn’t see it with my own two eyes i wouldn’t believe such a perfect guy exists
mother su: i wonder what he sees in me tbh

panda: suho!!! you are the perfect guy believe me
panda: now tell me what his cute ass did i wanna cry

mother su: ssh no haha i didn’t text you to brag!!
mother su: (also he’s taking me to his kids’ basketball match tomorrow ldskjhl can you belIEVE)
mother su: but yeah no big deal :3

panda: OMG
panda: he is so serious im so!!!!!
panda: im so happy for u su :((

mother su: <333 it’s all thanks to you honestly
mother su: he’s sleeping btw, he fell asleep while spooning
mother su: his breath tickles my ear but i don't wanna wake him up c:

panda: im crying in the club
panda: literally :((((
panda: he looks so intimidating all the time but he is so sOFT
panda: and it’s not my merit that u got him
panda: u are a person he would fall for

mother su: oh my god please :cc
mother su: i’m so emotional rn dlsjfdg
mother su: hey but tell me about the party instead!!
mother su: is mr sex there :3333

panda: uuh i dont
panda: wanna talk about sehun

mother su: wow i guess you’re really not drunk this time then

panda: haha no
panda: im trying my best
panda: but he looks sooooo hot
panda: god is really testing me

mother su: bby you’re an atheist..

panda: im very aware of that
panda: but i believe in one god
panda: nd that is oh sehun

mother su: i… won't even comment on that

panda: oh i just saw minseok with his bf
panda: well not bf
panda: jongdae you know

mother su: so his bf yeah go on

panda: oh
panda: the
panda: fuck

mother su: hm?

panda: a girl approached them?
panda: do you know how the one that ruined their date looks like?

mother su: w h a t
mother su: no i dunno her but ????
mother su: what the hell????

panda: ill assume its her then
panda: she isnt alone she has like
panda: two other girls with her

mother su: oh my fucking
mother su: what does she w ant

panda: she says something to jongdae???

mother su: dflkh get closer!! momma wants that tea

panda: okioki
panda: but
panda: wait i have to pass by sehun dkdasfmsd fuck

mother su: oh god
mother su: try not to pop a boner jfc
mother su: can you hear them tho?? ??

panda: ye we good
panda: i snaked
panda: i only heard the last part
panda: it was about jongdae not being “man enough”
panda: tf is that supposed to mean

mother su: uhh well baek told me jongdae didn’t even sleep with her
mother su: not once
mother su: so maybe that……

panda: ah no she went on saying
panda: he wasnt good in bed at all
panda: nd she faked her orgasm?? ew
panda: that sounds really sad

mother su: whAT THE FUCK
mother su: what is wrong with straight people?? ? ?? ??
mother su: i can't believe she’s making up lies like that…….

panda: now all the three girls making fun of him
panda: calling him with ugly shit
panda: im gettin annOYED

mother su: omg bby don't punch anyone tho
mother su: remember what happened last time?

panda: …. yeah well at least they lived
panda: oh
panda: wait minseok is making a move

mother su: omfomfomf rePORT TO ME PLS

panda: HE
panda: I NEED A MAN
panda: “stop talking to my boyfriend like that”

mother su: HE D ID
mother su: M IN S E OK
mother su: WHAT THE FUVK???????

panda: THE GIRL IS

mother su: OHMY GOD ME TOO
mother su: DID HE FLIP HIS SHIT ?? ? ?

panda: he gave THAT look but
panda: minseok was staring right into his eyes
panda: so he turned back smdsdkdk

mother su: vLHFDSKLHJ
mother su: MY  OTP!!!

panda: one of the girls just said
panda: “omg zina i cant believe you turned a gay guy straight teach me ahahahahah”
panda: ew

mother su: ? ??????????
mother su: that’s why i don't date str*ight girls,,

panda: u sure its not because of kris huh

panda: OMG

mother su: well rn it is :33
mother su: anD WHAT NOW

panda: JONGDAE
panda: HE
panda: FLIPPED
panda: “actually, you turned me gay so i guess thank you”
panda: WHAT

mother su: W H   A T
mother su: IM
mother su: LIVING OMF G

panda: HE
panda: ND NOW

mother su: OH SHit like literally
mother su: my love just woke up
mother su: “what’s wrong babe, did you have a nightmare?”
mother su: have i ever told you that i’m the luckiest guy on earth :’)))))

panda: omg MY otp
panda: go and cuddle him i cant
panda: and tell him that i want to be in the first row on your wedding

mother su: he chuckled like this throaty laugh ldsjfh i want to kiss him
mother su: “i wanted them to be best man actually but you know, it’s fine”
mother su: my poor he a r t


mother su: i’m sorry tao bby i have to go
mother su: have some.. important business to attend to :))

panda: go be a soft boyfriend su
panda: ily

mother su: love youuuu
mother su: and send me snaps of everything will you :))
mother su: niiight

panda: sure thing mom
panda: good night~

Chapter Text

[saturday, 11:58pm]
Private chat with them: prettyboy

daddyeol: baej where fif you ho
daddyeol: go

daddyeol: saw you w tht blue haied guy
daddyeol: whost hat

daddyeol: sop ufcking ignoringg me
daddyeol: remember who you belong tp
daddyeol: ill giv you onr vhance to make up for yout sissy fit
daddyeol: im in the bnathroom upstairs
daddyeol: you ger two minuets to get yuor ass here

prettyboy has logged off.


[sunday, 12:05am]
Private chat with them: Chan-tol

miniseok: park chanyeol
miniseok: for the love of everything gay
miniseok: shut the fuck up

Chan-tol: lmao seok havetn eevn see nyou in nn hour

miniseok: and i want this to stay like this
miniseok: stop texting baek

Chan-tol: are you a pgyic now or what lol
Chan-tol: psyhcic**-

miniseok: nice correction
miniseok: no
miniseok: baek is on the backseat of my car

Chan-tol: whf man
Chan-tol: just bc yuor straght litle boytoy wotn bend
Chan-tol: stop steal i ng mine
Chan-tol: tll him ro resd his messages it iportanr

miniseok: no its not fucking important
miniseok: your thirst is so fucking not important chanyeol
miniseok: and i did not steal him
miniseok: you did this to him

Chan-tol: di what loll
Chan-tol: tod him o dtop this bc hes gettinh attached
Chan-tol: ad i diont wanna break his geart
Chan-tol: it sitn mg faukt he oesnt listen

miniseok: then stop. fucking. texting. him.
miniseok: if you dont need his heart you dont deserve his body
miniseok: now go and drink some water i can literally smell the whiskey through the screen

Chan-tol: get otu of my hair oj what sup w your dufe tho
Chan-tol: ave you ralised by now taht he doenst want u huh

miniseok: literally shut the fuck up
miniseok: im trying to drive here

Chan-tol: aww youer still trxing then atent you
Chan-tol: honeytlz seok i thouhgt yuo were smarther athn ths
Chan-tol: acutakly im hppy i cannor ducjing fall in love ok
Chan-tol: spaer myseld heatrbreaks likr this

miniseok: great
miniseok: then you can leave baekhyun alone with hongbin :)))




Two beers. Three shots. Might have been six.

“Hey, Soo, wassup?”

Jongdae next to him on the floor. Shitfaced like himself.

“’m alright. What wassit w’ Seok before?”

“Sina- Zina , whatevs. Started her shit ‘nd Seokkie came to th’ rescue.”

Eyes on the crowd till he finds him. In the middle as always. Hands in the air. Cheeks glowing. Kyungsoo’s heart flutters.

“Must be nice.”


“Havin’ him that close.”

“... yea, I guess.”

“Knowin’ what he thinks ‘bout you.”

“He’s pretty vocal ‘bout that, yeah.”

Swaying to the music, mouthing the lyrics. Beautiful. The sun of his life.

“We datin’ now though.”


“Seok and I.”



He locks eyes with him. Rolling his body to the music, grinning at him. Kyungsoo is about to burst.

“I love him.”


“I’m in love w’ him, Jongdae.”

“You’re in love?!”

“So in love, ya can’t imagine.”


“He has the the purest heart ‘nd he’s funny ‘nd lovely ‘nd literally everything in this world... I dunno what I’d do w’out him… god I wish I could kiss him r’now.”

“... he’s not here though.”

“... who?”



“He’s gone takin’ Baek home but he promised t’ be back soon ‘cause… we datin’ now.”

“Said that before.”

“Yea but that’s before ya told me ya into him.”


Blonde head on his right. Turns to him with a huge grin. Kisses his cheek. Must be a friend.


“What ‘bout him?”

“Guess I get it though. He’s hot ‘nd caring aaand y’know if I were gay I’d probably-”

Blonde guy hugs his neck. Whispers into his ear. Jongin beams.

Must be… a friend.

“-probably fall fo’ him after all he’s done fo’ me…”

Blonde guys thigh between his. Hips thrusting against each other. Jongin glancing back at him. Beautiful grin, half-lidded eyes.

He stops breathing. Sudden nausea, dizziness. Flat lungs. Stinging eyes.

“Gotta go.”

“... what?”


“Sorry, I- bye Jongdae.”

Stumbling over people, hitting the door chest-first. Pull, hold, release, shut. Stairs, endless stairs spiralling down. Taste of metal, faint music. His name called from somewhere above his head. Panting, sobbing, hurting.





Minseok arrives back to the party. He is tired and he hoped to god that by the time he returns it will be all over. He can’t help but stare at his phone screen, desperate to get an answer from Chanyeol, his fingers wanting to type in an apology but his head saying he shouldn’t. He searches the room for any sign of a drunk and passed out Yeol but he cannot find him. He sighs picking up another cup of water and walking deeper inside eyes never stopping to search the room. He is angry at Chanyeol, he never felt like this before. He is hurt and he hurt him. It’s wrong and it’s something they have never done. It will be over tomorrow, he hopes- But suddenly his eyes land on Jongdae, who is sitting with Kyungsoo by the feet of the couch and all of his worries leave him.

He smirks to himself. He promised to come back and this is exactly what he is doing. He pushes through the crowd, sipping from his cup every once in a while, gaze fixed on his target. He is only a few meters away when Kyungsoo jumps to his feet suddenly and makes a run for the exit. He runs past him, bumping into his shoulder, his drink spilling over his shirt. He looks after Kyungsoo who is rushing out of the room as fast as lightning, Jongdae yelling after him to try to stop him. Minseok pouts, turning back towards Jongdae who is now standing as well. He walks up to the younger boy with a worried look on his face already preparing himself to go and try to find Kyungsoo.

“Hey, what happened?” Minseok yells over the music, leaning a little closer to Jongdae so he can hear him. As he straightens back again, he can see how Jongdae can’t stand still, constantly swaying left to right. How many drinks did he have after he left? Minseok grabs Jongdae’s elbow and helps him sit down on the couch next to him, their bodies pressed against each other.

“I told him we’re datin’...” Jongdae slurs his words and Minseok does his very best to figure out what he is saying. “He got jealous… I thin’. He said he’s in luv.” Jongdae says his head dropping back, looking up at Minseok from the corner of his eyes.

“Hmm… you think he is in love with me?” Minseok furrows his eyebrows. This sounds ridiculous.

“I mean, I can understand, though.” Jongdae blinks up at Minseok sleepily. Minseok’s heart speeds up as he watches him lean his head on his shoulder. Minseok’s frozen face soon turns into a soft smile as he leans his own head against Jongdae’s.

“What do you mean?” He asks, a playful smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.


“Uhh, like…” Jongdae’s alcohol-soaked mind is slow but even he can process how close Minseok is. It’s okay, he tells his heaving lungs. They’re dating now. He's meant to do this. He is allowed to do this. It’s okay. “I mean you’ve been so kind eve’ since we met like… you’re jus’ nice ‘nd fun to be ‘round ‘nd… yeah,” he concludes, fingers worrying the hem of his shirt on his lap. The words make him feel something he cannot describe so he speaks them to get rid of them. “W’ what ya did for me earlier… no one’s ever- y’know… I’m just sayin’... he might be ‘n love fo’ real.”

“Interesting…” Minseok hums into his hair and it makes Jongdae shiver. “But I was only like this with you,” he explains, running a careful finger down Jongdae’s hand and brushing over his fingertips. It leaves his skin tingling. “I don’t think he would be in love with me. Plus...” he chuckles softly. After a moment of hesitation, he pulls Jongdae’s hand in his own lap to lace their fingers together. “We are dating now, as you said,” he adds slowly and turns to look at Jongdae in the eyes. “He will have to understand.”

Damn, what is happening to his heart? He opens his mouth to say something, to tell Minseok off for being cocky again, probably, but the words don’t come to him. He finds he is genuinely speechless because of the boy. His eyes glide around Minseok’s face, taking it all in as if he has never seen it before, and his gaze settles on his lips for a moment before quickly darting back at his eyes.

“Why?” he mumbles, as if talking too loudly could scare Minseok away. “Ya said only w’ me. Why?”

“‘Cause I like you,” comes the simple reply and Jongdae huffs.

“Bu’ why d’you like me.”

“Where do you want me to start?”

Oh god, he’s smiling at him like that again. Jongdae’s mind is out of service and his heart is taking over and, well, poor guy is not doing too well.

“Stop iiit,” he groans, burying his face in Minseok’s shoulder to hide his blush.

“So you don’t want to know then,” the older boy nudges his cheek with a little shrug, making Jongdae glance back up at him. Minseok is still watching him, thumb caressing the back of his hand and it’s sparkling from the touch.

“I… well, if ya wanna tell me…” he whispers unsurely, hoping Minseok won’t just scoff and laugh it off, hoping he won’t tell him to get off of him or something because in this moment, Jondae feels like he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be.

“I like how caring you are,” Minseok starts with the first thing that crosses his mind, though, and the younger boy shuffles closer to him, “how you are always there for people when they need you. I like how you always listen to me, that you don’t settle with me just because I look pretty but you actually want to get to know me,” he goes on. Jongdae only realises what he’s doing when Minseok’s arm is already around his waist, thumb softly caressing his hip bone through the layers of clothes he has on. It still tickles him for some reason. “I love how you’re not shallow like other people. You are a rare treasure, Kim Jongdae,” he turns his head a little, looking away from their intertwined fingers at his face. “And above all of this, I love when you smile at me because you are so beautiful when you do.”

Jongdae has been holding his breath this whole time, worried he would miss something if he doesn't. Now, though, with Minseok saying that, he bursts out in a giggle, turning away and hoping the other boy cannot see his burning cheeks.

“And I love how easy it is to make you flustered,” Minseok adds and Jongdae can hear the cocky smile in his voice. He wants to pull away but Minseok has his hand and gently tugs him back in to give him an apologetical kiss on the top of his head. Fuck, why is Jongdae craving this affection so much all of a sudden? “You make it really easy to like you, Daedae,” the older boy whispers in his hair and he bites his bottom lip. This shouldn’t feel as good as it does. He cannot stop himself from smiling like a fool, though.


Jongdae keeps his head buried in the crook of Minseok’s neck, his breathing sending shivers down his spine and a smile on his face that cannot be wiped off. His hands never stop caressing the younger boy’s side while his thumb draws small patterns on the back of his hand. Jongdae feels so good next to him. Oh how long he fantasized about this. Jongdae and him, together, nothing else in the world. Even though the party is still going on, people are yelling and screaming around them, spilling drinks, smoking weed and making out, Minseok is not at the party anymore. His mind wanders to a land where Jongdae likes him back, the same way he does and he says the same things to him that he said today but this  time, sober. Oh how much he wishes Jongdae would be sober right now.

But he isn’t and he knows it. He can smell the mixture of vodka, jager and beer on him. The alcohol is in his slurred words and dizzy movements. His world is probably spinning right now and not quite the way Minseok’s head does. But maybe tonight brought them closer to each other, maybe Jongdae will remember this tomorrow and maybe he feels something deep down as well. Minseok sighs and he suddenly feels the weight on his shoulders. It’s not because of worrying though. It’s Jongdae whose head keeps dropping, snoozing on Minseok’s shoulder.

“Hey baby,” Minseok shifts slightly, pressing on Jongdae’s hip bone a little. The younger boy hums, his eyes still closed, falling on Minseok’s chest. “Come on let’s go home, alright?” Minseok whispers, standing up, keeping Jongdae close and secure by his hips, the older boy’s other hand slipping beneath his elbow.

He walks out with Jongdae in his arms, the whole weight of the younger boy on him. He supports him to his car, all the while Jongdae keeps falling asleep. Minseok chuckles to himself. Jongdae is too cute for his own good. He places him in the front seat, buckling his seatbelt and softly closing the door not to wake him up. He gets in the driver seat quickly and drives away, glancing one last time at the window where the light of the party shines through.

“I hope to god you are alright Chanyeol.” He murmurs beneath his breath, heart heavy as he starts the engine and drives on the same path he did today but this time with Jongdae sleeping next to him, instead of Baekhyun helplessly kissing Hongbin’s neck in the back of his car.

Minseok is really careful now. He steers clear of every little bump on the road, driving a lot slower than he probably should be knowing that if it would be peak hours everyone would be yelling slurs at him. But to his luck, it isn’t and he can take all the time to get to Jongdae’s dorm, glancing over at him every second to check if he is alright. Minseok smiles as Jongdae’s head drops against the window. He looks so peaceful and happy and Minseok hopes he has to do something with it.

They arrive to the younger boy’s dorm and the same way Minseok helped him in the car he helps him out of it and into his dorm. They only stop when they are in front of their door, Minseok sighing heavily. He looks at Jongdae who is leaning on the wall now, a cute smile on his face, eyes closed shut.

“Hey Jongdae, where are your keys?” Minseok asks holding onto his shoulders, trying to get him to look at him because right now he needs to be conscious.

“Front pocket, take them.” He mumbles, his smile turning bigger looking at the older boy through batted eyelashes. Minseok huffs, his hand landing on each of his front pockets. Okay so he has his phone in the right one, then it must be in the left one, Minseok figures his fingers sliding in his left pocket. Jongdae giggles, stuttering something about how ticklish it is as Minseok tries his best to fish out the keys from the bottom of his pocket, his fingers walking down on the younger boy’s thigh experimentally.

“Okay got them.” Minseok smiles happily as he sees Jongdae blush again, this time not even trying to hide it. He unlocks the door and helps Jongdae in, throwing the younger boy’s arm over his shoulder. “Where is your room?” He asks again and Jongdae nods with his head to the right.

Minseok opens the door, the room is a lot darker than the hall was as the blinds are off. As soon as they enter he can smell the familiar cologne of Jongdae and he smiles happily. It does feel a lot like getting home, he thinks as he places Jongdae on his bed. He drags the blanket from beneath Jongdae and as he is about to tug him in Jongdae whines.

“Ahh it’s not comfortable, something’s wrooong.” He kicks around, legs flailing like a little kid’s and Minseok scoffs as his heart beats faster again. Shit he is so cute.

“What do you think is the matter? Your clothes?” Minseok asks, kneeling down next to him, folding his arms and placing it on the bed, chin resting on top of them his face just a few centimeters away from Jongdae. Jongdae nods, pouting at him and Minseok giggles. “Take them off then.”

“But I’m druuunk…” He whines more. “...’nd tired.” He says his voice getting quieter.

“Okay then what if I take them off? Will you be okay with that?” Minseok asks again, this time for permission. He watches Jongdae silently whose eyes flutter open finally to look up at him.

“Well we’re… boyfriends now, aren’t we?” Jongdae asks in the smallest voice, closing his eyes again before continuing. “We gotta get into this sooner o’ later.” Minseok freezes. He can feel his breath stuck in his lungs as he blinks at the innocent looking Jongdae. He isn’t thinking straight… clearly.

“Oh I- alright then.” Minseok says the only words that he can force out of himself and he stands up to his feet again. He carefully unbuckles Jongdae’s belt and pulls off his jeans, trying his very best not to stare at him too much. His mouth is dry and his hands are shaking. He hasn’t felt like this before. He finally takes a deep breath as Jongdae’s jeans hit the floor and he picks up the blanket to tug him in. He swallows hard before he speaks up again, this time trying to collect himself. “Is it better now?”

“Y’can look at me if you wanna.” Jongdae says and Minseok’s heart stops again. He shakes his head, his hand slipping into Jongdae’s hair to swipe the loose strands out of his face.

“That’s what I’m doing.” He says softly and Jongdae hums to himself, close to falling asleep again. “I’ll go home now, okay? Sleep well Daedae.” Minseok says, debating whether to plant a quick kiss on Jongdae’s forehead or not, eventually leaning in to do so. He stands up and walks over to the door, looking back at him from the doorway. He smiles to himself one last time before he closes the door and leaves to go home.




Chanyeol stumbles as he pushes the door of the bathroom open with a clumsy, alcohol-heavy hand. He’s panting slightly from the heat he has been feeling ever since downing his twelfth shot, numb fingers curled around the other boy’s wrist.

“No-one’s in ‘ere,” he glances back at him, lazy grin on his lips as the smaller boy eyes him hungrily. Dragging him inside, Chanyeol shuts the door closed with a loud thud and smashes him against it, the boy giving a surprised yelp. “Don’ make much noise, prettyboy,” he slurs as he leans down slowly to be on his level. Damn, his face is even prettier in the dim lights when he sees two of it. “Wouldn’ be nice to get found ‘ere, would it?”

And with that, he kisses him. It’s nothing delicate, nothing romantic; it’s just wet lips slipping against wet lips, the shorter boy eagerly holding on to the front of his shirt as he wastes no time. Chanyeol pushes his tongue right through his lips, maybe a bit too vehemently, but he doesn’t care. His body is finally getting what it needs, even if his mind is way too foggy to enjoy it completely.

One after another, he slips a hand into Chanyeol’s pants, the taller boy groaning and almost bending him over right there on the sink, but then the other boy is on his knees in front of him, and the world seems to be spinning a little bit too fast.

His pretty fingers drag down Chanyeol’s jeans and boxers, too, and the other can hear him gulp as he takes his length in his hands.

“Ya love it, dontcha?” Chanyeol smirks down at him, running a hand through the boy’s hair. God, how he missed him… “What ya waitin’ for? Do it,” he orders and pulls at his hair a little, earning a high-pitched moan from him. He seems to understand it; Chanyeol has no time to play around now.

The boy pumps him a couple of times with practiced hands before licking at the head with the flat of his tongue. Chanyeol groans, burying his face in his forearm on the door. The other boy takes in his mouth, and the feeling makes him shiver. Finally . He knows the boy missed it too. The way he lets the whole of his length slide in deeper tells it all. Chanyeol tightens his grip in his hair.

“That’s it, Baek,” he mutters, nails of his free hand digging into his palm. “Such a good boy.”

But he pulls back, so suddenly that Chanyeol lets him go in surprise. And then, when he looks up at him from there with wide, confused eyes, Chanyeol can suddenly see it.

It’s not Baekhyun.

“My name is Tae,” the boy whispers, brows furrowing and eyes scanning Chanyeol’s face.

The words feel like an ice-cold shower to him. Shivers run all along his limbs and in a moment, he can see everything crystal clearly. He takes a quick step back, even dizzier than before, and stares down at the kid. He must be under 20. His hair and eyes and lips… suddenly, he looks nothing like Baekhyun anymore.

“He’s my friend,” the boy, now having the space to do so, stands up. He doesn’t look hurt, more like blank and a little disappointed. “People say we look alike.”

He watches Chanyeol’s face, being considerate enough not to let his gaze wander down, and the taller boy swiftly yanks up his clothes on his legs. He fumbles with the button and the zip, feeling his face heat up in the semi-darkness.

“Don’ ya fuckin’ dare talk to anyone ‘bout this,” he tries in a threatening tone, but his heart is racing for some reason.

“I won’t, believe me,” Tae huffs and with one last glance at his face, he shakes his head. Without a word, he turns around, opening the door and leaving.

It takes Chanyeol all his willpower not to hit the tiles of the wall in frustration because as fucked up as it is, it feels like he is letting him go for the second time tonight.

Chapter Text

[sunday, 11:11am]
Chat name: hoes

baekhyun has created the chat.
baekhyun has added jongdae, jongin and 7 others to the chat.

minseok: thank you baekhyun :333
minseok: i owe you one

zitao: huh what is this

baekhyun: uwu you are welcome bbi
baekhyun: but uhh why did you want a chat in the first place haha

jongdae: oh god you werent kidding,,

minseok: so
minseok: excellent news
minseok: me and jongdae
minseok: are
minseok: d a t i n g
minseok: :33333

chanyeol: what the fuck
chanyeol: also why am i in this gc

baekhyun: !!!!
baekhyun: YOU ARE WHAT NOW

jongdae: stop screaming baek
jongdae: my head hurts like a bitch

baekhyun: I WOULD
baekhyun: GO OVER

jongin: oh thats
jongin: awesome :)
jongin: glad y o u had a good night baek!


yixing: my boys!! :DD
yixing: im so proud i could help u guys honestly

jongdae: haha what do you mean,,,,
jongdae: its just Fake dating obviously haha
jongdae: to get zina as fucking far away as we can

zitao: w o w
zitao: what a great plan :)

kyungsoo: agreed, pretending you like someone is always a great idea, isn’t it? :)

jongin: oh hello soo
jongin: got home safe last night? :)

kyungsoo: yeah, I hope you managed to have fun without me though :))

minseok: well at least she knows that dae is off limits now :)))
minseok: cause he is mine now :33

jongdae: oh my god
jongdae: please,,

yixing: that is so gay im living

sehun: hello i just woke up to the gayest chat ever i see
sehun: uh okay but what dating actually means to the two of you

jongdae: well its mostly for the show right lmao
jongdae: in uni we gonna hold hands and,, do all the
jongdae: couple-y stuff…. idk lmao

sehun: okay but what about the sex

jongdae: ahaha sehun you,,
jongdae: youre so funny lol

sehun: oh so
sehun: no sex then?
sehun: :(((

minseok: we will see about that part :333

jongdae: minseok we talked about
jongdae: this stuff…..

minseok: i know but they dont have to know everything am i right babe

jongin: ok i was about 2 ignore this chat but
jongin: kim minseok happened nd im
jongin: all heart eyed rn

yixing: anyho!! dae pls note that
yixing: ur bi counsellor is always here :DD

jongdae: i want to leave this chat

baekhyun: google dot com where do i get a kim minseok

chanyeol: jongdae same

baekhyun: leave then :)))
baekhyun: there is nothing that keeps you here is there :))

chanyeol: i hope you realise  m y friend minseok got this chat made
chanyeol: you should probably go and mind your own business
chanyeol: w that guy

baekhyun: sure thing buddy
baekhyun: he just woke up and we are getting breakfast uwu

chanyeol: awesome :)

jongdae: i have no idea whats up w everybody today but
jongdae: are you guys okay

jongin: sure :))

kyungsoo: I dunno what you mean

chanyeol: absolutely

baekhyun: of course uwu


[sunday, 11:58am]
Private chat with them: Chan-tol

miniseok: hey idiot i left pain killers on the table for your dumb hangover

Chan-tol: you what
Chan-tol: why

miniseok: is it that difficult to say thank you

Chan-tol: i thought you hated me now
Chan-tol: i mean i dont remember much from last night but i read back on stuff and
Chan-tol: yeah

miniseok: well idk if i hate you
miniseok: im debating

Chan-tol: i said some pretty nasty shit….

miniseok: well i did too
miniseok: hey im sorry or whatever

Chan-tol: yeah
Chan-tol: im sorry too
Chan-tol: i drank too much.. again

miniseok: we all drank too much at times
miniseok: im glad you are fine

Chan-tol: fine is relative
Chan-tol: are you?

miniseok: yeah im good
miniseok: yesterday was pretty huh
miniseok: fucked up in a lot of ways

Chan-tol: yeah youre dating dae now right
Chan-tol: you should tell me about it
Chan-tol: and this time i will listen

miniseok: we should talk about a lot of stuff
miniseok: you should talk you know
miniseok: dont bottle up yeol

Chan-tol: i
Chan-tol: yeah i dont really know how to do that

miniseok: its fine
miniseok: lets just hang out alright
miniseok: ill order some food
miniseok: what would you like to have?

Chan-tol: anything at all
Chan-tol: be right there

Chan-tol: thank you seok

miniseok: i got panda express
miniseok: nd have some games ready too
miniseok: so hurry up or i’ll start without you :333




“Good job team. Everyone deserves a happy meal, it’s on me.” Kris announces happily as they enter the ever so busy fast food restaurant, earning a round of applause and happy screams from the kids. They run to the counter to pick out the present for their meals and Kris beams proudly as he watches them, his hand finding Junmyeon’s. They lock their fingers together and Kris plants a quick kiss on Junmyeon’s forehead, angry and disgusted gazes shot at them immediately, something that left Kris completely unphased. No one can ruin their big day.

The kids won and the love of his life was there to witness it all. He couldn’t be any more proud of his boys. They did so well and nothing can make his mood drop. Everyone picks their food with their little toys as well and Kris asks Junmyeon to help the kids find a table while he orders for the two of them as well and pays the bill. Junmyeon nods happily jogging to the kids with extended arms. The kids accepted him from the first second. Kris was so happy that the boys loved Junmyeon almost as much as he did and he watched him in complete adoration as he gathered them and walked them to a table big enough for everyone.

“Would you like to have anything else?” The cashier asks Kris for the second time and he shakes his head. “It’s nice to see a guy adore someone like you do with him.” The girl smiles happily and Kris nods.

“What can I say, I guess I got lucky this time.” Kris smiles taking his card back from the girl who hands him his and Junmyeon’s food with a grin. “Thank you.” Kris nods again and makes his way towards the empty seat next to Junmyeon.


Suho has always adored kids. He remembers asking for a little sister or brother for Christmas for years, only for his mother to shut down his pleading over and over again. Ever since, he has always found younger people, especially children’s company so comforting.

Yifan slides in the seat next to him, and Suho cannot help but lean in to kiss his lips promptly, pulling back after just a second. He already feels his cheeks heating up, though, because Yifan is looking at him with a surprised smile, eyes darting around his face with such fondness he cannot take.

Damn, Suho adores him.

“Just… eat,” he mumbles and quickly starts sipping on his coke to stop himself from staring at him.

He has done that enough today. During the match, Yifan was standing by the very edge of the basketball court, basically on his toes as he was watching his kids out there, worrying his lower lip between his teeth and Suho found it so hard to concentrate on the match… When he actually managed to tear his gaze away from him from time to time, he found that even without being biased, he could tell Yifan’s team was working especially hard for each and every point.

Looking around a bunch of 12-year-olds munching away on their fries and chatting happily about the match, food and videogames, he spots one small, silent boy on the other end of the table. Suho tries his hardest to remember the name but he cannot recall it. He is not talking to anybody in particular, pushing his chicken nuggets around his tray with a finger.

“What’s his name again?” he whispers and turns to Yifan, only to find him already watching his face. His boyfriend looks like he was sprinkled with ice cold water, and Suho huffs, lips involuntarily spreading into a smile. “What?”


Junmyeon is just beautiful. The way he presses his lips together, how his eyes sparkle when he tells a joke to the youngers who all burst out laughing despite how awful the joke is or how he concentrates on everyone without missing out anyone. He listens and he listens intently. Kris cannot be more proud of his boyfriend. Boyfriend. The word on its own makes his whole body tingle as he can only associate it with Junmyeon and no one else.

He is surprised himself, how quickly and easily he has fallen in love with Junmyeon. He swore to himself he will keep his distance from every boy possible but he is completely different. He knew it from the start it will be difficult to keep himself far away from Junmyeon. Tao talked so highly of him. They told him everything concerning Junmyeon and Kris liked him just from what he heard about him and when he saw him for the first time his heart skipped a whole beat. Junmyeon is gorgeous and Kris has fallen in love with the way he smiles and his laugh. Not only that but his personality is just right, perfect even and Kris knew he doesn’t want to miss his chance with him.

“What? I can’t look at you anymore?” Kris jokes, trying to hide his smile as Junmyeon hits his shoulder lightly.

“You make me so flustered… in front of the kids, even…” Junmyeon says peeling his eyes off of Kris but keeping his arms around his biceps.

“I’m sorry love. I can’t help myself.” Kris chuckles, dropping a fry into his mouth and Junmyeon’s head falls onto his shoulder. “Who were you asking about?” Junmyeon nods towards the boy sitting opposite to him. “Jisung. Why?” Kris whispers into his ear and watches him expectantly.


Jisung , right. Jisung Park , the boy told him shyly when they took turns in introducing themselves this morning, Suho remembers now. He makes extremely sure to keep the name in mind from now on.

“He looks so…” Suho is looking for the right word, heart beating only slightly faster now that he is this close to Yifan. “He looks worried. And tired, which I can understand, after the match and all, but…” he glances up at Yifan, hoping he understands what he means because he cannot explain it. If he believed in seeing auras around people, he’s sure Jisung’s would be moss green with worry… yeah, he’s probably not supposed to tell Yifan about that.

“Ah, yes…” Suho watches as his boyfriend’s eyes wander over the small boy. “His parents are getting a divorce. He acts like he’s okay but his parents have less time for him now and...” he trails off. An older boy with a bright smile and erupting laugh nudges him to ask for some of his fries and Jisung smiles at him tiredly before pushing his tray towards him. “I think he feels really alone,” Yifan goes on, hand coming up to rub at Suho’s hand on his arm absentmindedly. “I’m so worried about him…”

Suho waits for his boyfriend to add something to that, but what is there to say, honestly?

Jisung, as if he sensed he’s being watched, looks up at Suho, eyes huge full of worry. He looks like a scared puppy, one that has been passed on from owner to owner and is constantly on edge now. It makes Suho’s heart clench. Jisung, however, blinks at him twice and does the most unexpected thing that leaves Suho speechless. He smiles softly at him, nothing like the polite smile he gave the other boy before, but a genuine one this time, one that says ‘despite whatever is going on, I’m still here’.

“I-” Suho talks before he thinks about it and realises only then that it’s a dumb idea to speak out loud. Yifan shift a little to look at him, but Suho shakes his head lightly and buries his face in his shoulder. However hard it might be, he has to admit there are some situations even he cannot help people with.


Kris knows what’s going on inside Junmyeon’s head because the same thing has been in his own ever since he had to call Jisung’s parents to explain why he is missing out on so many practices or if he comes why is he always so tired. His mom just simply said that no one in the family has the time and energy to bring Jisung to practices and to take him home while his dad actually explained it to Kris that they are getting a divorce. Kris offered him right there that he will go for Jisung after class, take him to practice then take him home. Kris knew that Jisung has to get away from home somehow and practices were a good way to get him out of his head.

He sometimes went to Jisung’s school when he finished, even if there was no practice afterwards. He wanted to help and he wanted to be a friend to Jisung. Kris hopes Jisung likes him. He slowly started to open up to him and now he feels like he can be a good enough big brother to him.

Kris locks eyes with Jisung who smiles happily, his teeth showing and finally takes a bite from his untouched food. Kris smiles at him and leans over to ruffle his hair a little. Slowly, all of the parents will come and pick up their kids and he knows that Jisung will be left alone with them and in all honesty it breaks his heart. It always does, when the young boy smiles up at him weakly, telling Kris that he will walk home only for Kris to offer him a ride home in an instant.

“You were really good today, Jisung.” Kris speaks up suddenly and the boy stops eating for a second to look up at his coach. “You scored so many times. I’m really proud of you, you know. You have improved so much.” Kris says and Junmyeon sits back up next to him, his eyes fixed on the older boy with a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“I- thank you coach. It was all for you.” Jisung smiles, his ears turning red.

“What do you say, do you want to pick up ice cream with me and Junmyeon before we go home?” Kris asks, his arm sneaking beneath Junmyeon’s back who bites down on his lips at the sudden contact.

“That- that would be great yes. Only if it’s not too much for you.” Jisung says politely and Kris ruffles his hair again.

“No it isn’t at all.” Kris reassures him and Jisung goes back to eating and turns his attention back at Chenle who is desperately tugging at his sleeve.

“Okay Jisung Park, but you promised me a sleepover tomorrow don’t you forget!” Chenle literally yells at Jisung, who smiles softly and nods at him.

“Yeah I know. I will be there.” Jisung smiles and Chenle throws an arm over his shoulders.

“Me and mom will go and pick you up, then we go and buy snacks together, then-” Chenle starts enthusiastically and Jisung nods along to whatever he has to say while Kris’ attention turns back at Junmyeon. He pushes the top of Junmyeon’s nose whose gaze was frozen on him, making him giggle and blush two things that he loves to see on him.

“What now?” Kris giggles rolling his eyes his hand securely holding Junmyeon close to his side.


I love you.

It’s all he can come up with. That is all Suho feels in that moment.

I love you.

He wishes he could say it. He wants Yifan to know, he wants to shout it from the rooftops, because it’s true and he is so happy to feel this way, his heart going crazy in his chest as he is biting his tongue.

Iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou.

He cannot, though.

In this world, unlike the awfully cheesy romance novels he reads in his spare time, you can’t just take another book off the shelf if one is over, you can’t have a million versions of the same old story retold.

With the love of your life, you only get one chance for each and every ‘first time’ and he wants to cherish all of them. This right now might be the perfect moment, yes, but he cannot know that for sure.

And also, Yifan might not be ready for that. Suho couldn’t and wouldn’t pressure him into saying something he doesn’t mean, but at the same time, imagining him saying it and Yifan not , that’s a scenario that is hurting him even now when it’s only in his head.

It can wait, he decides as he swallows the lump in his throat.

“He’s so lucky to have you,” Suho whispers and looks up to meet his eyes. “And I am too.”

And with that, he kisses him, Yifan accepting it with a smile and Suho tries to calm his racing heart.

After all, they have all the time in the world.




[sunday, 5:01pm]
Private chat with them: dudebro

sehun: hey dae so
sehun: just wanted to let you know
sehun: im proud
sehun: that you finally converted to cockism
sehun: this should be a national holiday
sehun: you know what
sehun: i will actually send in a form for that brb

sehun: so apparently
sehun: you cant make your transformation a national holiday for ‘legal reasons’
sehun: this is a hate crime

sehun: you are not replying

sehun: oh are you having sex with seok
sehun: i know he didnt want to share
sehun: he is no fun
sehun: but we are friends you can tell me right

sehun: hmmm i guess no
sehun: but anyway
sehun: i bet the sex is pretty good with him
sehun: you know… if i would be into bottoming i would try him on

sehun: holy shit does he fuck this good lmao
sehun: you havent been online for h o u r s
sehun: now im actually curious
sehun: does he roll his hips when the thrusts or does he go up and down
sehun: do you ride him or does he do it from the back
sehun: okay but seriously how big is he i need to know for science

dudebro: oh mY FUCKING GOD SEHUN

sehun: oh so you finished :DD
sehun: how many times did you come

dudebro: WTF ???? ? ??

sehun: huh what
sehun: just answer to my questions?

dudebro: WE HAVENT HAD SEX !!!!!! !!!! !

sehun: what
sehun: then
sehun: were you ignoring me
sehun: on purpose???

dudebro: fjldsalj
dudebro: i was ignoring everyone okay
dudebro: yall are going crazy over this and man
dudebro: its too fucking much,,,,,

sehun: you are the one who supposed to go crazy over him

dudebro: but this is all fake
dudebro: theres nothing there
dudebro: we talked about it and hes been fooling around
dudebro: he told me

sehun: huh interesting
sehun: when i fool around i have foursomes and not getting a boyfriend

dudebro: huh foursomes like you did last night
dudebro: with those girls and that other guy
dudebro: that johnny

sehun: ew no
sehun: i dont fuck with straights

dudebro: haha wym
dudebro: i meant your friend johnny
dudebro: the tall one w the nice hair and black shirt??

sehun: that johnny is straight as a dick

dudebro: hes
dudebro: haha nooo
dudebro: but you two are..
dudebro: yknow

sehun: we bro flirt
sehun: you wouldnt understand

dudebro: you do what

sehun: hmm like you and seok
sehun: expect we actually dont mean it because
sehun: well one of us is actually straight

dudebro: ,,,, hold tf up
dudebro: but you went w those girls right
dudebro: saw you take one in the bathroom?? ?? ? ??

sehun: ah ye
sehun: she sucked my dick
sehun: cause im a thirsty hoe
sehun: but thats it

dudebro: oh so you
dudebro: are bi then

sehun: no
sehun: i just love being pleased
sehun: thats different
sehun: i was thinking about my model boy the whole time

dudebro: ????? so you
dudebro: flirt w the dude and he flirts w you
dudebro: but he is straight and you dont fuck
dudebro: but you dont flirt w the girl, just get a blowjob
dudebro: but since its the thought ???? that counts?? apparently ????? lmao
dudebro: youre still gay
dudebro: … ?? ?? ?

sehun: yes
sehun: but your logic is kinda hurting my head so im not sure

dudebro: wtf how complicated can this lgbt stuff get,,,

sehun: since you cant even write it down right i guess very

dudebro: what do you mean not right
dudebro: i checked ok thats how the letters are ??

sehun: ye but where is the q
sehun: nd the +

dudebro: …….
dudebro: what are those

sehun: well like q is queer or questioning yknow
sehun: which is kinda like you i guess ??
sehun: nd the + is a bunch of other stuff

dudebro: oh uhm
dudebro: okay,, sorry

sehun: its alright
sehun: no one knows everything from the beginning
sehun: i remember i wasnt sure how to identify either
sehun: i just knew that i liked guys but like thats all

dudebro: but like
dudebro: that sounds pretty obvious to me lmao
dudebro: imagine having mixed feelings about everybody bc youre pressured into one thing but not wanting anything to do with that and one day finding something that you absolutely cannot have
dudebro: that would suck wouldnt it :))

sehun: oh i get it
sehun: its like wanting cake but your mom telling you to eat your vegetables cause cake will kill you but u still want to eat that damn cake
sehun: well you know you cant force yourself to like vegetables
sehun: get that cake jongdae
sehun: and dont be scared of the consequences
sehun: because its a good fucking cake

dudebro: sehun,,, that was almost poetic there
dudebro: you scare me sometimes
dudebro: but yeah.. can cake protect me from my raging mum and the raging vegetables tho
dudebro: i guess not

sehun: i think he can :)
sehun: i mean ***it
sehun: its a strong ass cake

dudebro: my insides feel so strange now

sehun: i told you bro
sehun: its a good fucking cake

dudebro: yeah
dudebro: i guess youre right about that

Chapter Text

[monday, 8:03am]
Private chat with them: daedae~

midget boy: good morning to the best boyfriend on the entire planet!! :333

daedae~: oh my god
daedae~: good morning

midget boy: have you had breakfast already?

daedae~: sitting over my cereal
daedae~: my stomach being the size of a pea huh
daedae~: and you?

midget boy: oh are you nervous about something or why?
midget boy: i thought we could grab something together but then ill go alone

daedae~: ah thanks but i cant really eat rn anyway
daedae~: yeah im,, p nervous

midget boy: oh why?

daedae~: bc of today

midget boy: uh am i missing something here?

daedae~: .. its monday minseok
daedae~: and we gotta go to uni and
daedae~: yknow
daedae~: first day after what happened at the party,,,

midget boy: oh it’s really no big deal haha

daedae~: huh yeah
daedae~: for you it might not be
daedae~: but uh,, im this close to calling the day off

midget boy: listen
midget boy: nothing has changed alright?
midget boy: you dont have to be publicly showing affection 24/7 to make others believe you are dating someone
midget boy: we are just hanging out like before so you really dont have to be nervous

daedae~: but i
daedae~: thought we are doing this like that???
daedae~: i mean,, im confused
daedae~: confused AND anxious now

midget boy: well if you want to we can
midget boy: but zina got rumours about your dick around so quickly
midget boy: i bet the whole school knows by now
midget boy: nd they will watch nd probably call us names or something

daedae~: omfg,,,

midget boy: but we will have each other so it will be fine
midget boy: unless…. if you really find hanging out with me so horrible haha

daedae~: no i
daedae~: ofc i dont?? why do you keep saying this
daedae~: but also
daedae~: going all out might be the way
daedae~: i mean…. probably not
daedae~: yknow.. kissing
daedae~: im not ready for that….

midget boy: aaah you are so cute :DD
midget boy: we dont have to kiss~

daedae~: yeah?
daedae~: bc just the other day
daedae~: you mentioned it

midget boy: yeah and i also said you dont have to if you dont want to
midget boy: you are being an airhead again daedae :DD

daedae~: ahh i guess haha

daedae~: hey uhm
daedae~: will you
daedae~: call me that from now on
daedae~: publicly i mean

midget boy: no
midget boy: i will call you baby

daedae~: oh god,,,,
daedae~: im already flustered and youre not even in the room,,

midget boy: hmm so baby
midget boy: how do you like your coffee?

daedae~: omg what

midget boy: its basic dating stuff so
midget boy: tell me

daedae~: uhm i
daedae~: w two sugars and a lot of milk?

midget boy: okay :333

daedae~: ah should i know yours too
daedae~: or,,, how does this work haha

midget boy: ??? how does a relationship work you mean

daedae~: uhm

midget boy: oh well if you are interested in each other
midget boy: you learn things about one another you know

daedae~: ah yeah i get that jfc
daedae~: but how do we do this
daedae~: yknow just
daedae~: turning it off when we are not in public or ????

midget boy: heh idk
midget boy: i guess we will figure it out or
midget boy: whatever

daedae~: okay
daedae~: alright
daedae~: i trust you

midget boy: good :333
midget boy: anyway im on my way to pick you up
midget boy: i got your coffee just how you like it~


[monday, 8:39am]
Private chat with them: gaygod

jong-gay: baek wake up
jong-gay: my chest feels so weird
jong-gay: its probably a heart attack ,,,i might be dying




[monday, 10:29am]
Chat name: hoes

sehun: hello gays
sehun: i just heard someone talking about our newest couple

yixing: you successfully summoned me

suho: by all means, please share

sehun: some people don’t seem to believe it

jongin: ???????
jongin: i just got out of practice nd !!!
jongin: i cant believe ppl disrespect my otp like this!!!!

yixing: what do u mean they dont believe it??
yixing: theyve been together all morning

sehun: straights are blind

zitao: it really seems like it ugh

suho: so what now?
suho: are there still rumours about Jongdae going around or?

sehun: the ones zina made up seem to have stopped
sehun: seokdae is the new talk of the town

jongin: but!! thats what we wanted right
jongin: isnt it going well then?????

zitao: well as long as they are happy then i guess it goes alright

suho: Tao honey...
suho: as much as i hate to be that person
suho: i gotta remind you all that it’s just for the show tho..

zitao: ugh right…
zitao: the lets pretend we are in love so others will stop from hitting on me

yixing: the broadway musical

jongin: ohohoh can i make the choreo for it???
jongin: its gonna be super easy
jongin: one step forward two steps back :))

sehun: omg jongin :DDD

zitao: i will write the plot

yixing: i can play the confused bisexual lead

suho: jfc you are all so unnerving lkhdslj
suho: i kinda want to add my man in here to help me with you bunch
suho: but i’d rather keep him to myself so yeah sorry

zitao has added kris to the chat.

zitao: hmm you said something su

suho: whaT

kris: ummm what is this

jongin: OMG!!!
jongin: suhos bf!!!!!!!
jongin: hey there im jongin nd a big fan!!!! :DD

sehun: holy shit
sehun: a real man has entered our chat
sehun: it’s not a little boy’s playground anymore

suho: ahh love
suho: you shouldn’t be here..

kris: oh are they your friends?
kris: hello i’m kris, junmyeon’s boyfriend

yixing: wait,,,

suho: oh my

yixing: you guys are offICIAL??? ? ??? ???

zitao: YOU
zitao: BOTH OF YOU????

suho: i
suho: i think i just got a heart attack
suho: oh my god Yifan…..

kris: huh
kris: oh i
kris: didn’t ask did i?


sehun: im taking notes of this

kris: soooo…. junmyeon?

suho: oh my god my
suho: heart is racing…..
suho: yes love

kris: will you be my boyfriend?

suho: jdjxhxzb yes
suho: yes of course <33

zitao: IM
zitao: SOBBING !!!!

yixing: i cant believe i can experience this firsthand
yixing: the wedding of modern-day adam and eve
yixing: just gayer

kris: thank you love <3
kris: i love you

zitao: GET OUT IM
zitao: IM SO :’(((((((((((((((((

kris: haha cute
kris: i have to go now but see you around yeah?
kris: and junmyeon don’t forget our lunch date later

suho: i could never<33
suho: take care love

kris: will do <3

kris has logged off.

jongin: i came here 2 send a meme after practice
jongin: like 1 useful member of society
jongin: but then yall made me :cccccc

sehun: ((send me))

jongin: ((just did it bby ;*))

zitao: ugh get a room jfc

yixing: jealous much? :D

zitao: hmm choke :)))




[monday, 1:20pm]
Private chat with them: jong-gay

gaygod: oh sorry for not replying !!!!
gaygod: i hope you are not dead by now

jong-gay: well it doesnt rlly look like you care,,,
jong-gay: but no im okay
jong-gay: minseok picked me up and im in music theory w him now

gaygod: i just,,, didnt feel like logging on
gaygod: aaaaah is he a nice first boyfriend uwu

jong-gay: he got me coffee and we just had lunch together
jong-gay: hes so talkative lmao
jong-gay: but also v patient

gaygod: im glad you are having a good time!!!

jong-gay: yeah its
jong-gay: much easier than i thought it would be
jong-gay: but hey whats up w you
jong-gay: you werent home last night??

gaygod: huh what do you mean
gaygod: im fine
gaygod: i was out with a friend
gaygod: no big deal
gaygod: what are you my mom haha

jong-gay: you wish lol
jong-gay: but you werent with chanyeol were you
jong-gay: bc he was with seok last night

gaygod: me and chanyeol are not exactly on talking terms rn

jong-gay: ?? since when

jong-gay: baek??

gaygod: no big deal
gaygod: just a few days

jong-gay: you
jong-gay: never told me about it
jong-gay: what happened??

gaygod: nothing
gaygod: he just wants a break

jong-gay: did he
jong-gay: hurt you?
jong-gay: bc if he did,,

gaygod: no

jong-gay: im not convinced
jong-gay: i will ask seok

jong-gay: w h aT

gaygod: huh?

jong-gay: WHAT THE FUVK

gaygod: listen its no big deal
gaygod: i got that before
gaygod: also can you not talk with your boyfriend about me

jong-gay: well too fucking late now
jong-gay: also im getting out of class and
jong-gay: yeah i goddamn hope youre at home
jong-gay: i want to hear it all from you

gaygod: ugh you are such a pain in the ass

jong-gay: love you too
jong-gay: see you in 15

jong-gay has logged off.




[monday, 5:36pm]
Private chat with them: prince_pirouette

oh playboy: hey lover boy

prince_pirouette: hey hunnie :333

oh playboy: can you tell me why my man is so perfect

prince_pirouette: ahh ur watching that model contest again aren't uuu
prince_pirouette: its not good for ur heart bby

oh playboy: no it’s perfect for my heart
oh playboy: i wanna join them

prince_pirouette: well idk u always tell me being that close to luhan would kill u
prince_pirouette: and i dont want u to die :cc

oh playboy: but i would never have any prettier death than him
oh playboy: uuugh when is he coming home alreadyyyy

prince_pirouette: well u said soon
prince_pirouette: u will meet him finally :3
prince_pirouette: just make sure u dont overwhelm urself oky

oh playboy: no promises
oh playboy: ugh im sad now
oh playboy: i miss my boo
oh playboy: im going out to grab a few drinks you wanna tag along?

prince_pirouette: sure!! :D
prince_pirouette: but wait what drinks,,,
prince_pirouette: its monday

oh playboy: details details not important
oh playboy: i just got paid and i thought i will treat my friends

prince_pirouette: ooh
prince_pirouette: is it jongdae again :D
prince_pirouette: bet he wanna get another round after the other night :3cc

oh playboy: no i invited you and ksoo

prince_pirouette: u
prince_pirouette: hahaha,,,,
prince_pirouette: would u look @ the time,,
prince_pirouette: its hell no oclock

oh playboy: why

prince_pirouette: i dont
prince_pirouette: feel like meeting him tbh

oh playboy: you cant ignore each other forever
oh playboy: we are friends

prince_pirouette: he left me at the party sehun
prince_pirouette: i confessed to him just a few nights ago nd
prince_pirouette: tried my hardest to make him comfortable to do it too yknow
prince_pirouette: bc i was so sure
prince_pirouette: but it was a p clear rejection last night
prince_pirouette: nd now i can see i was being oblivious bc he doesnt like me like that
prince_pirouette: he probably just thinks im cheap nd ridiculous
prince_pirouette: so yea i think i will v well ignore anything to do w him
prince_pirouette: it hurts too much rn

oh playboy: nini stop it!!!!
oh playboy: you are drawing conclusions without thinking what ksoo might think
oh playboy: again

prince_pirouette: ah why what do u think hes thinking

oh playboy: im sure you are misunderstanding each other again
oh playboy: you always do that
oh playboy: both of you are just so
oh playboy: insecure

prince_pirouette: or maybe its just not meant to be

oh playboy: or maybe you are both making it too difficult

prince_pirouette: i cannot talk to him now
prince_pirouette: im sorry hunnie i
prince_pirouette: know u wanna help but
prince_pirouette: i cannot do it

oh playboy: ah alright
oh playboy: take your time

prince_pirouette: yeah
prince_pirouette: time should fix this
prince_pirouette: i guess

oh playboy: i dont agree
oh playboy: but i let you go with it this time

oh playboy: then i guess we are stuck inside
oh playboy: wanna watch some crap tv show?

prince_pirouette: mmmm steven universe pls :c


[monday, 7:04pm]
Private chat with them: chefsoo

atlas: ksoo

chefsoo: I told you I don't have any food left, Sehun

atlas: damnit
atlas: but actually today im not begging for food

chefsoo: oh? that’s a first
chefsoo: what is it then?

atlas: nini

chefsoo: what?
chefsoo: is he okay?
chefsoo: did something happen to him??

atlas: what happened on that party ksoo

chefsoo: ...what did he tell you?

atlas: just that you left him there alone
atlas: and you promised to go home together
atlas: which i knew cause he told me before that i dont have to wait for him

chefsoo: well first of all, he wasn’t alone
chefsoo: he looked very much occupied, actually
chefsoo: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left like that
chefsoo: but it was the wisest to do so
chefsoo: before
chefsoo: you know

atlas: before?

chefsoo: before I fucked it up or made it even more awkward
chefsoo: like I always seem to do

atlas: you are awkward ksoo
atlas: its fine

chefsoo: wow, thanks for the input
chefsoo: and now if you’ll excuse me...

atlas: i just
atlas: wish you would talk to each other again
atlas: i hate to see you both like this

chefsoo: I mean
chefsoo: I can go on with being friends, sure
chefsoo: I’ve been doing it for months now, it will be fine

atlas: will it be?

chefsoo: I mean he’s very flirty and out-going and just
chefsoo: you know, himself
chefsoo: which is why my feelings are hard to cope with but
chefsoo: I cannot let him go
chefsoo: as a friend I mean
chefsoo: so it’s the only way

atlas: talk to him please

chefsoo: doesn’t he hate me anymore?

atlas: he is hurt
atlas: but he would never hate you
atlas: he loves you a lot

chefsoo: I
chefsoo: I do too
chefsoo: and I’m sorry I hurt him
chefsoo: I didn’t mean to, I hope he knows that

atlas: tell him and he will

chefsoo: yes
chefsoo: okay
chefsoo: thank you, Sehun

Chapter Text

[tuesday, 2:21pm]
Private chat with them: baekhyunnie

binnie: hey Baeky
binnie: what’s up?

baekhyunnie: oh uhm hi
baekhyunnie: im alright
baekhyunnie: how about u

binnie: i know we haven’t really talked since sunday but
binnie: i dunno i was thinking about you
binnie: ever since, actually

baekhyunnie: oh you were?
baekhyunnie: i mean
baekhyunnie: yeah sorry for being all over you

binnie: haha it’s fine
binnie: it was pretty sudden, yeah
binnie: but i can’t say i hated it…

baekhyunnie: you
baekhyunnie: didnt?

binnie: no haha i mean
binnie: i’m just sorry you were drunk during it
binnie: and i dunno if you remember anything at all but
binnie: we were talking about a lot of things…

baekhyunnie: of course i remember!
baekhyunnie: uh but,,, what exactly

binnie: aww you’re cute
binnie: you told me what you wanna do
binnie: on the backseat of seok’s car
binnie: pretty explicitly...

baekhyunnie: omg im
baekhyunnie: im sorry
baekhyunnie: i wasnt thinking

binnie: it’s alright, i get it
binnie: but you were also talking about men being assholes to you and
binnie: i’m actually worried now
binnie: is everything okay, Baeky?

baekhyunnie: ah yes of course
baekhyunnie: im just a bit embarrassed that
baekhyunnie: you know how i feel about you now

binnie: haha yeah?
binnie: i thought it was just alcohol speaking

baekhyunnie: well you know what they say
baekhyunnie: a drunk mind speaks a sober heart or something

binnie: hmm really?

binnie: then what do you say
binnie: can i take you out for dinner sometime this week?

baekhyunnie: anytime uwu


[tuesday, 2:30pm]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy: hey chanyeol

daddyeol: ..hello baekhyun?

prettyboy: how was the party?

daddyeol: it was
daddyeol: alright i guess
daddyeol: for you?

prettyboy: it was great uwu
prettyboy: i mean… except our talk

daddyeol: well yeah i actually
daddyeol: didnt think youd text me this soon
daddyeol: or ever again for that matter..

prettyboy: oh i didnt want to
prettyboy: but i have to

daddyeol: ?? i dont get it

prettyboy: listen
prettyboy: i have no idea what is going on anymore
prettyboy: between us i mean
prettyboy: and i just want to clear it

daddyeol: baekhyun i have literally been the most massive asshole to you in this situation
daddyeol: the l e a s t  i would expect from you not to give a fuck about me anymore???

prettyboy: i dont think this situation is as easy as that

daddyeol: well see youre completely right this time
daddyeol: that is why you should just leave and not get involved
daddyeol: so go

prettyboy: can you just shut up for a second god

daddyeol: why what do you have to say?
daddyeol: you shouldnt have texted me in the first place

prettyboy: fucking hell i dont even know why i care about you im so
prettyboy: i just wanted to suggest that we be friends or some shit
prettyboy: since we have a lot of mutual friends but
prettyboy: you are making it so damn difficult

daddyeol: why would you want that
daddyeol: i mean you still have your own friends and i have mine
daddyeol: we dont even have to meet..

prettyboy: ah i see
prettyboy: i really meant nothing to you huh

daddyeol: fuck shut up
daddyeol: you have no idea what youre talking about
daddyeol: but fine
daddyeol: if you really wanna be friends this much.. lets do it :)

prettyboy: well someone needs to be the mature one :)

daddyeol: alright mr mature one
daddyeol: does this mean that i am invited to your bday party this weekend tho
daddyeol: seok told me

prettyboy: yeah sure
prettyboy: just dont cause a scene

daddyeol: scene?

prettyboy: i mean im not sure you would
prettyboy: just a heads up

daddyeol: huh about what

prettyboy: im just seeing someone

daddyeol: oh
daddyeol: wow

prettyboy: yeah

daddyeol: huh i mean
daddyeol: its good right
daddyeol: you can like
daddyeol: so we can
daddyeol: yknow

prettyboy: why are you rambling uwu

daddyeol: shut up im not
daddyeol: okay then see you around i guess

prettyboy: yeah sure yeollie uwu




[tuesday, 3:56pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

midget boy: daedae~
midget boy: what are you up to?

daedae~: heyy
daedae~: nothing much, just gaming
daedae~: you?

midget boy: im boreeeed
midget boy: lets go out!!!

daedae~: oh okay
daedae~: what do you wanna do

midget boy: you

daedae~: i
daedae~: shit
daedae~: stopp,,,

midget boy: haha okay baby
midget boy: hmmm can we get ramen?
midget boy: i know you love ramen

daedae~: how
daedae~: do you know that

midget boy: its a secret :333

daedae~: .. should i be worried
daedae~: bc i am a little bit

midget boy: im just being a good boyfriend :33
midget boy: you only should be worried of being treated right

daedae~: ah im sorry i didnt want to be an asshole
daedae~: i just,, still havent gotten used to it

midget boy: im just teasing you~
midget boy: should we grab icecream after? :33

daedae~: hah do you know my favourite flavour of that too?

midget boy: no but i can find it out today cant i :33

daedae~: yeah
daedae~: lets go thennn

daedae~: and thanks

midget boy: hmm? for what?

daedae~: ..this

midget boy: oh i
midget boy: i will take you out a lot more often then!!!

daedae~: ah shhh
daedae~: just come and pick me up..

midget boy: ill be there in 15 minutes :333
midget boy: be pretty as always~




[tuesday, 4:12pm]
Private chat with them: gege

didi: hey kris
didi: the office is being a Pain in da Ass again
didi: they want u to send in ur ID and visa data again
didi: fcking bureaucracy,,,

gege: again?
gege: i thought we were already over with this
gege: thanks tao, i will pay them a visit

didi: yeah do that
didi: but now off to more important stuff
didi: hows my otp doing

gege: haha we are doing great thank you for asking
gege: we have a date tonight

didi: ahh you have a date literally every night
didi: su always tells me about them and
didi: im so damn jealous i hope u know that

gege: haha sorry
gege: i know i’m your exchange student and all
gege: but i just love junmyeon

didi: :’)))))
didi: ofcofc i was kidding

didi: but hey
didi: i hope you guys are
didi: yknow, doing well

gege: huh what do you mean?

didi: dont get me wrong
didi: this is the sweetest relationship ever
didi: and u both deserve it so much
didi: but i hope u,, yknow
didi: handle it realistically

gege: i don’t get you

didi: kris
didi: cmon

gege: listen i don’t want to have this talk again tao

didi: well the first time we had it was before you even met him
didi: i love u kris and i know youre strong and
didi: probably can take whatever life hits you with but
didi: i love him too and he certainly isnt like that
didi: and the way this is going….
didi: its worrying me alright

gege: you shouldn’t
gege: we are fine
gege: and we will be fine

didi: ...did u tell him that youre leaving in september

gege: not yet

didi: u should then
didi: the longer u wait the more painful it will be

gege: i will
gege: i just need some time

didi: why?

didi: dont u trust him?

gege: i want to
gege: i just don’t want to have this talk until we are both on the same page

didi: what do you mean
didi: kris hes head over heels for u

gege: well maybe he said that to you

didi: ???
didi: he doesnt have to say it to me
didi: its so obvious
didi: are you actually blind or what

gege: nevermind
gege: i have to go and take a shower now

didi: oh god kris
didi: i know you too well to think its of any use
didi: but im still gonna say this
didi: open your eyes and stop being so damn stubborn

gege has logged off.




[tuesday, 7:39pm]
Private chat with them: Jongin-ah^^

Sunbaenim: Jongin?

Jongin-ah^^: oh
Jongin-ah^^: yeah????

Sunbaenim: I think I just
Sunbaenim: wanted to ask you how you’re doing...

Jongin-ah^^: im alright,,,,,,,,
Jongin-ah^^: what bout u?

Sunbaenim: yeah
Sunbaenim: I’m okay I guess

Jongin-ah^^: good

Sunbaenim: yeah..

Sunbaenim: look, I’m sorry for leaving on Saturday without telling you
Sunbaenim: it was wrong to do so
Sunbaenim: and I’m sorry

Jongin-ah^^: yes it was :ccc
Jongin-ah^^: y did you leave :c

Sunbaenim: ah it was just something dumb
Sunbaenim: we sometimes get ideas that cause more pain than they should
Sunbaenim: but don’t worry about it, I’m fine

Jongin-ah^^: hey hyung
Jongin-ah^^: do you want to talk????

Sunbaenim: I wish we could
Sunbaenim: but it would just make it all worse and I
Sunbaenim: I don’t want you to get hurt, that’s all

Jongin-ah^^: but you are hurting :cc
Jongin-ah^^: i dont care if i get hurt i just
Jongin-ah^^: want to make you feel better,,,,,
Jongin-ah^^: cause you also helped me
Jongin-ah^^: do you remember

Sunbaenim: remember what?

Jongin-ah^^: the call,,,
Jongin-ah^^: i wanna
Jongin-ah^^: be there for you hyung

Sunbaenim: you’re here for me ba
Sunbaenim: *Jongin-ah
Sunbaenim: fuck

Jongin-ah^^: but,,,,
Jongin-ah^^: something is wrong
Jongin-ah^^: tell me

Sunbaenim: you wouldn’t like it
Sunbaenim: and I didn’t text you now to make you even more upset than I already did

Jongin-ah^^: i really really wanted to be with you on that party :cccc
Jongin-ah^^: but its okay hyung !!! i understand

Sunbaenim: no I
Sunbaenim: really doubt you do, love
Sunbaenim: but hey, I’m actually glad you didn’t have to put up with me boring you to death
Sunbaenim: you at least got to meet up with...
Sunbaenim: other people, right?

Jongin-ah^^: buuuuuut
Jongin-ah^^: other people r not you :cccc
Jongin-ah^^: nd you are never boring !!!

Sunbaenim: huh I kinda am though
Sunbaenim: I don’t dance and I get drunk from a couple of shots
Sunbaenim: and just in general, I mean
Sunbaenim: I read medieval literature and major in cooking, of all things
Sunbaenim: it doesn’t get more grandpa than that...

Jongin-ah^^: hmmm the way i see it
Jongin-ah^^: you are not like everyone else !!!
Jongin-ah^^: nd i like that a lot about u actually !!!
Jongin-ah^^: nd i love hanging out with you :ccc

Sunbaenim: but
Sunbaenim: all we do is watch musicals and eat together
Sunbaenim: I bet you could have so much more fun out there...

Jongin-ah^^: incorrect
Jongin-ah^^: i have the most fun with u cc:

Sunbaenim: .. yeah?

Jongin-ah^^: yes!!!!

Sunbaenim: uhm, well
Sunbaenim: I really didn’t plan on this conversation to go like this…
Sunbaenim: but now that it has..
Sunbaenim: I actually have some shrimp pasta in progress
Sunbaenim: and I saw that they put Peter Pan on Netflix just the other day so…

Jongin-ah^^: :ooo
Jongin-ah^^: can i go over????

Sunbaenim: yes
Sunbaenim: please come over

Jongin-ah^^: im running hyung!!!!

Sunbaenim: and I’m waiting, Jongin-ah

Chapter Text

[wednesday, 3:14pm]
Chat name: hoes

jongdae: hey guys has anyone seen minseok
jongdae: hes logged off and i cant reach him

zitao: he usually has a seminar around this time

jongdae: yeah ik but he told me to wait for him at the library bc he will ditch it
jongdae: so we can go out somewhere
jongdae: idk he didnt specify it,, i guess its a surprise

zitao: :’))))
zitao: what a boyfriend i want one

jongin: kyungsoo nd ive seen him earlier at the cafe
jongin: but idk where he went i was p,, preoccupied uwu

baekhyun: uwu wait for him!!!!
baekhyun: im p sure he will come around

jongdae: yeah ik i just
jongdae: ah nevermind i can see him coming nowww

yixing has changed jongdae’s nickname to whipped.

whipped: what the

yixing: bc u are :D

baekhyun: !!! it suits u well uwu

jongin: omG YES

jongin has changed kyungsoo’s nickname to d.o hyung <3.

whipped: is it possible to give the same name to another person
whipped: bc i wanna share mine,,

baekhyun has changed jongin’s nickname to ksoo’s.

suho: oh god what is happening here

ksoo’s: :DDDD

zitao has changed yixing’s nickname to bi-bi.
zitao has changed suho’s nickname to kris’s bf.
zitao has changed kris’s nickname to su’s bf.

zitao: dont worry su i got this

kris’s bf: thank you so much :3

ksoo’s: hyung says ur all immature nd he didnt ask for this
ksoo’s: (((but ik that he actually loves u all :33))
ksoo’s: (((dont tell him i spilled)))

bi-bi: i ship it so hard jfc

minseok: ooooh :333
minseok: sorry i was being held in :((((
minseok: but im with daedae now!!!

bi-bi has changed minseok’s nickname to bf goals.
bi-bi has changed whipped’s nickname to lucky bastard.

bf goals: oh why thank you xing :333

bi-bi: dont mention it ;))

baekhyun: i m sobbin

ksoo’s has changed baekhyun’s nickname to wingman.

wingman: hmm i can fuck with that uwu

bf goals has changed chanyeol’s nickname to lone wolf.

sehun has sent a photo to the chat.
sehun has sent a photo to the chat.
sehun has sent a photo to the chat.

sehun: oh wait

ksoo’s: uhmmm
ksoo’s: sehunnie,,,???

sehun: im such a flop holy shit
sehun: exposing myself like That

lone wolf: wow whos that
lone wolf: and what is he doing in a dark place like this gc

wingman: damn he is so pretty

lucky bastard: huh how come youve never showed us pictures sehun
lucky bastard: i mean these are p well done tbh

kris’s bf: ….oh my god

bi-bi: sehun,, why tf would u send these

sehun: im sorry these were meant to be in the luhoes chat

zitao: the… what chat

ksoo’s has removed sehun from the groupchat.

ksoo’s: u will thank me another day hunnie,,

bf goals: wow i havent seen that face in a while haha

lucky bastard: seok why are you texting i
lucky bastard: i thought you just went to the bathroom??

kris’s bf: minseokkie?

wingman: im so not liking that tone

bi-bi: ah fuck this chat wasnt supposed to turn shit so quickly,,,,,,

bf goals: its fine,,,,
bf goals: um ye so,,, thats
bf goals: thats my ex bf,,,,

lucky bastard: your..

wingman: yoUR WHAT????????
wingman: HE????

zitao: what you
zitao: you dated a model???

lone wolf: minseok???

bf goals: well he wasnt a model when we were dating haha
bf goals: but yeah that’s lu han
bf goals: i havent seen pictures of him in a while but…
bf goals: he didnt change much it seems

zitao has added sehun to the groupchat.

zitao: you shouldnt get away with this now

sehun: uuuh seok im
sehun: im sorry,,,,

bf goals: it’s alright hunnie
bf goals: are you fan?

sehun: ,,,yeah we can,,, say that

bf goals: i understand haha
bf goals: well
bf goals: i better get used to seeing him ig

bi-bi: ??? uhm
bi-bi: why exactly

bf goals: he texted me recently,,,,
bf goals: he is coming back to korea

kris’s bf: i

lone wolf: jfc minseok

kris’s bf: why the hell is he coming back???
kris’s bf: hasn’t he done enough harm to everyone already??
kris’s bf: especially you…..

bf goals: idk why
bf goals: he never told me

sehun: ugh i think i know

ksoo’s: what?? u kno now?
ksoo’s: u never ever told m e that before,,,,

sehun: well its just a theory anyways
sehun: and it only recently surfaced

bf goals: do i,,, wanna know

bf goals: uh whatever just tell me

sehun: uh oh right so
sehun: it was stated publicly that the contract between luhan and the modelling agency has been terminated
sehun: we werent given a reason why but recently some picture were leaked….
sehun: so ppl started this theory that they ended the contract because luhan is gay
sehun: i mean he had a gf but it was for a public stunt anyway
sehun: nd the pictures that were leaked are like,,, your couple pictures seok
sehun: some fans found it on your old sns
sehun: they blurred your face so no one knows its you
sehun: but it was p obvious he wasnt kissing a girl
sehun: i tried to stop them but,,, i cant reach to china
sehun: so luhan finishes his career because of homophobes
sehun: but he still had a contract with a brand that wanted him to finish working there so
sehun: yeah,,,, thats how it is

bf goals: oh,,, so
bf goals: its my fault then

sehun: omg no!!!
sehun: i didnt say that !!! no

wingman: omg hunnie….
wingman: seokkie are you alright?

bf goals: yeah :DD
bf goals: i mean… im sad what happened to him
bf goals: but im with daedae so
bf goals: everything is alright right?


[wednesday, 4:37pm]
Private chat with them: midget boy

daedae~: minseok?
daedae~: youve been in the bathroom for almost half an hour now

daedae~: okay im getting worried,,,,
daedae~: i didnt wanna check on you but
daedae~: youre leaving me no choice

midget boy: im fine
midget boy: ill be out in a sec

daedae~: thats what you said when you rushed in there

midget boy: uh yeah,,,
midget boy: sorry
midget boy: ill hurry up

daedae~: its about the model boy isnt it

daedae~: minseok??
daedae~: look im
daedae~: sorry about sehun,,
daedae~: hes an idiot but he meant no harm

midget boy: yeah i know
midget boy: i dont blame him for it haha
midget boy: it just
midget boy: i blame myself for remembering ig?

daedae~: you,,
daedae~: you shouldnt
daedae~: its been an episode in your life ofc youll remember
daedae~: but you shouldnt let it get to you like this

daedae~: especially if
daedae~: hes coming back

midget boy: you are right,,,
midget boy: idk im just
midget boy: its been a year and i have never really known what happened with us
midget boy: but i know im over him its just….
midget boy: i feel like im still in the dark about stuff haha

daedae~: talk to him then
daedae~: i mean….. like friends yknow

midget boy: hah yeah i will ig

daedae~: good
daedae~: nd i can go w you when you do
daedae~: i mean for like
daedae~: support ig..

midget boy: haha thank you
midget boy: but ill be fine :DDD

daedae~: oh yeah
daedae~: youd better be bc
daedae~: you promised me a day in incheon and !!
daedae~: now i want to go to that spa okay
daedae~: so youd better come out here, im waiting for you

midget boy: ah yes haha
midget boy: grab some snack till then
midget boy: nd i’ll be right there baby

daedae~: good :3
daedae~: i’ll be right on it, midget boy

midget boy: aah you are so annoying
midget boy: why do i even like you haha

daedae~: bc im amazing??
daedae~: but okay since today is
daedae~: yknow,, a new day lol
daedae~: you can get another nickname
daedae~: bc i’m generous like that

midget boy: oh wow im flattered
midget boy: what will it be this time?
midget boy: something else about my height which is exactly the SAME as yours :)))

daedae~: nope but i told you
daedae~: i look more well-proportioned
daedae~: you cannot take that away from me

midget boy: of course you do
midget boy: you are beautiful :333

daedae~: i
daedae~: choked on my sprite,,,

midget boy: why 0:)))
midget boy: i just agreed

daedae~: yeah you werent supposed to agree,,,
daedae~: and also not supposed to say things like that out of the blue,,,,,

midget boy: oh sorry i didnt get the memo i guess :)))
midget boy: so what about that nickname

daedae~: oh well
daedae~: i was thinking about something super damn cheesy bc
daedae~: as we could see again thats what you like,,,
daedae~: so probably

daedae~ has changed midget boy’s nickname to baebae~.

daedae~: uhm.. minseok?

daedae~: is that too much...?

baebae~: uh no not it not
baebae~: i mean haha
baebae~: its cute!!!!!!
baebae~: i like it nd ye its
baebae~: yeah thank u <3

daedae~: hah its alrightttt
daedae~: i have some sandwiches and candy now
daedae~: come out here im sitting by the fountain
daedae~: lets go!!

baebae~: im coming now daedae~
baebae~: no more waiting :333


[wednesday, 7:47pm]
Private chat with them: yixing

baekhyun: hello yixing uwu
baekhyun: i have a mission for u !!

yixing: wow hello :D
yixing: what can i do for our bestest wingman

baekhyun: jdhdajs i love you !!! uwu
baekhyun: you know my bday is coming uppp and i thought
baekhyun: can you help me getting it together uwu

yixing: !!!! yES
yixing: dw my friend the party will be
yixing: well supplied
yixing: if you get what i mean :3

baekhyun: hmhmhm well well uwu
baekhyun: but i was also thinking that maybe
baekhyun: you could get the word around yknow

yixing: ohhh wow sure!!
yixing: how many people do u need??
yixing: 100-150?
yixing: ik its not much but thats all i can get by tomorrow

baekhyun: omg!!! you are the bestest :DDD
baekhyun: but it will only be on the weekend so!

yixing: oooooh
yixing: i can get the whole uni to come by then :D
yixing: where do you hold it tho

baekhyun: i was thinking of the dorm so we really dont need so many ppl!!
baekhyun: just enough to make it busy uwu

yixing: ive got you :DD
yixing: its gonna be the best party youve ever had dude
yixing: any special recs for the
yixing: food? :3333
yixing: ((we call it food sometimes dont ask pls))

baekhyun: have enough of it uwu

yixing: the most beautiful sentence of 2018

yixing: ah but wait
yixing: channy boy doesnt like the smell of weed tho
yixing: there was this one time i almost got pushed out of a window…..
yixing: but i promised not to talk about that so
yixing: i didnt say anything here :)))

baekhyun: well its not chanyeols party is it :)))

yixing: oh wow :))
yixing: who pissed in your cornflakes honey

baekhyun: oh sorry i didnt want to be so passive aggressive haha

yixing: its fine :DD
yixing: but hey
yixing: are you??

baekhyun: yeah!!!
baekhyun: im trying my best to be Only his friend so :)))
baekhyun: its good !!!!

yixing: ah yeah he doesnt really do fwb does he
yixing: or i mean
yixing: huh well now that were talking about him like this
yixing: i cant remember him ever mentioning anything about his preferences and stuff
yixing: you think hed need counselling like jongdae? :D

baekhyun: im p sure chanyeol is gay ;)))
baekhyun: but ye idk its weird
baekhyun: he is like
baekhyun: the first person who i cant read
baekhyun: like i have no idea whats going on in his big dumb head

yixing: i agree hes such a dumbo
yixing: but hey it should be fine :D
yixing: you guys can figure it out at the party right??

baekhyun: im avoiding his dumb face so
baekhyun: i mean i try cause
baekhyun: if i drink i get weak :)))

yixing: is that a bad thing tho ;)))))
yixing: just means youd be even hotter tbh
yixing: you dont have to worry bout it
yixing: he will wanna take you no matter what

baekhyun: ah n o i dont think he wants to do anything with me haha

yixing: ?????
yixing: have you ever
yixing: seen the way he looks at you my friend

baekhyun: yeah with lust

yixing: yeah??
yixing: i thought thats what you wanted lol

yixing: or wait are you probably,,,
yixing: ah shit

baekhyun: :))))
baekhyun: just my luck right

yixing: ahhh nooo
yixing: baekhyunnie :///
yixing: im sorry

baekhyun: its good
baekhyun: one day i will fall for the right guy haha

yixing: im
yixing: uh i wish i could say i cant relate but
yixing: yeah all i can say tho is to hang in there
yixing: maybe it wasnt meant to be rn
yixing: maybe something much better is waiting for you!!
yixing: youre just turning 22 this week!! the time of your life!!!!
yixing: i can offer you three packs of my best food
yixing: if you want a classy kickstart here :3

baekhyun: aaaah :DD
baekhyun: you are my!! fave
baekhyun: thank you so much <3
baekhyun: nd can i just say that u and yoonhee !!! absolute cutest
baekhyun: the only hetero couple i trust uwu

yixing: neither of us are hetero lol but
yixing: thank you my fav gay <33

baekhyun: what????
baekhyun: really???
baekhyun: awwww!!!!! im :’)))

yixing: yeah :DD we are both bi!!!
yixing: its funny cuz shes a chinese major right
yixing: and she was looking for a tutor and
yixing: the cool intelligent guy i am i offered to teach her :D

baekhyun: !!! tell !! me ! all !!!! about !! it !!!!!!!

yixing: :DDD
yixing: its not that flashy it was like
yixing: we were good yknow
yixing: i found her vvv pretty and funny and quirky and
yixing: yea i liked her
yixing: but ive learned my lesson not to be overly trusting w straight girls,,,,
yixing: so i was wary from the beginning

baekhyun: hm yes understandable

yixing: but !!! its so funny bc it turns out
yixing: she was the same w me :D
yixing: like we were at this party like we always are lol
yixing: and she was tipsy talking bout this girl she would do and then i agreed shes hot
yixing: but there was johnny seo as well and i told her id do him too
yixing: and she was just nodding along until
yixing: ahh there was this moment when we both went o.o and
yixing: yea :DD
yixing: ah man i love her so damn much

baekhyun: i have butterflies reading this !!!! omg
baekhyun: you guys!!! trigger my uwus

yixing: thank you!!!
yixing: shes eating pizza right next to me
yixing: and giggling now that i told her all this
yixing: she just said that youre the cutest boy :D

baekhyun: ksdjascasmdas omg!!!!
baekhyun: but i dont wanna bother you guys uwu
baekhyun: go and be all cute and lovely and everything you are
baekhyun: oh but first !!!

baekhyun has changed yixing’s nickname to party king uwu.

party king uwu: this is
party king uwu: an honor from you omg :DD

party king uwu has changed baekhyun’s nickname to cutest boi.

cutest boi: im! having a heart attack okay uwuwuwu
cutest boi: okay but i really let you guys be uwu
cutest boi: thank you once again yixing!
cutest boi: we will talk soon~

party king uwu: its only natural :3
party king uwu: see you baekhyunnie!!

Chapter Text

[thursday, 1:01pm]
Chat name: hoes

wingman: hello this is everyone’s fave gay uwu
wingman: who is also !!! turning real old real soon but
wingman: that does not stop him from throwing the biggest party of his lifetime yet!!!
wingman: AND
wingman: you all are
wingman: *drumrolls*
wingman: INVITED!! :DDD

sehun: aah yes!!! when is it

wingman: it will be on saturday!!!
wingman: bring all your friends uwu

ksoo’s: ND IM SO EXCITED AGAIN!!!!!!
ksoo’s: also omg sehunnie u have no nickname :000

ksoo’s has changed sehun’s nickname to damnnnn.

damnnnn: ah thats my best friend

ksoo’s: ;)) :*

bf goals has sent a photo.

bf goals: me and daedae will be there :333

wingman: YOU REALLY

d.o hyung <3: how exactly did Jongdae deserve this relationship again?

lucky bastard: idk lol

bf goals: aah you guys are so cute!!

kris’s bf: we’re actually free this weekend too!! we can join the party :3

zitao: i wouldnt miss it

lone wolf: yeah.. i will be there too

wingman: ah good
wingman: i have a date now but
wingman: ill be waiting for all your replies uwu




[thursday, 2:57pm]
Chat name: geese

sehun added suho and zitao to the chat.
sehun has changed suho’s nickname to agent 01.
sehun has changed zitao’s nickname to agent 02.
sehun has changed their own nickname to The agent.

The agent: you are the chosen ones

agent 02: ???
agent 02: for what exactly

agent 01: oh hello everyone
agent 01: i guess...

The agent: i have a mission for the two of you
The agent: separate missions but the timing is critical

agent 02: i already regret this

agent 01: tao ssh i’m interested now
agent 01: what do we have to do, agent?

The agent: so i have two friends

agent 02: thats a very generous number

The agent: i will just ignore you until i get the end of this alright
The agent: so
The agent: its about ksoo and jongin
The agent: they are in love but they are dumb
The agent: and im tired

agent 01: i mean same
agent 01: but- we don’t have to
agent 01: kill them right?

The agent: that’s plan c

agent 02: i told you su we will regret this

agent 01: what is plan b?

The agent: locking them up in a room till they fuck

agent 01: as long as you provide them with protection, i’m in

The agent: but first plan a
The agent: now i know that they are both p insecure about
The agent: themselves but also each other
The agent: dont ask i dont know the reasons
The agent: cause they are like both hot

agent 02: yeye what is the point

The agent: so i was thinking
The agent: since suho you have this classy boyfriend style
The agent: and tao you have this sexy seducer style
The agent: you can help them out with a makeover
The agent: so that they will feel closer to each other

agent 01: omg..
agent 01: Tao are you okay
agent 01: i mean thank you Sehun-ah :3

agent 02: uh thanks ig whatever

agent 01: lmao

The agent: so will you help then???
The agent: suho you go with jongin and tao you go with ksoo
The agent: baek’s bday is just the perfect timing

agent 02: yeah i will see what i can do

agent 01: okay but how do i give Jongin-ah a makeover?
agent 01: i’m pretty sure he’s content with how he looks rn

The agent: he will be the easy one actually
The agent: i will just tell him its for ksoo and he will do it
The agent: idk how i will convince ksoo y e t

agent 02: well then please do
agent 02: it’s p difficult to give a makeover for someone who doesnt want it
agent 02: also
agent 02: it won’t be cheap
agent 02: i never work for free

The agent: its alright
The agent: i can give you my lunch money

agent 01: hm but Tao has money of their own~
agent 01: what else can you offer them Sehunnie?
agent 01: :3

The agent: oh i have a lot to offer
The agent: but i dont think they are ready for that

agent 02: shut up you cocky ass
agent 02: you don’t know me

The agent: huh alright then
The agent: as long as you help
The agent: i do what you ask me

agent 01: .. do y’all want me to leave

agent 02: no su it’s not necessary
agent 02: i’ll let you know what i want
agent 02: at some point
agent 02: until then don’t forget that you owe me oh sehun

The agent: hmm sure thing
The agent: ill keep you on my mind

agent 01: ……
agent 01: what erotic novel is this

The agent: i have a lot of shades dont worry :)))




[thursday, 8:59pm]
Private chat with them: teacher

seokkie’s friend: uhm hey yixing
seokkie’s friend: are you,, v busy rn

seokkie’s friend: ah okay youre not here haha

seokkie’s friend: its fine i was just thinking,, bc you said
seokkie’s friend: that youre here to talk haha

seokkie’s friend: wtf am i doing im sorry for spamming you

seokkie’s friend: ill stop now fr..

teacher: omg jongdae!!!
teacher: im sorry i was w my girl
teacher: but !!! whats up tell me

seokkie’s friend: uhhh its
seokkie’s friend: okay so
seokkie’s friend: since baek is out and i literally have
seokkie’s friend: nobody else to trust…...

teacher: im here my friend :DD
teacher: tell me what is bothering your little head

seokkie’s friend: its
seokkie’s friend: minseok

teacher: hmmm ye
teacher: what about him

seokkie’s friend: weve spent the day together and
seokkie’s friend: there were moments when
seokkie’s friend: well
seokkie’s friend: uh it sounds so dumb
seokkie’s friend: it felt like i was supposed to do something
seokkie’s friend: that i really shouldnt do ???
seokkie’s friend: if that makes sense at all??

teacher: like uh
teacher: what shouldnt you do
teacher: hit him with a chair or something o.o

seokkie’s friend: ah nooo like
seokkie’s friend: just say something or
seokkie’s friend: idk………
seokkie’s friend: probably…..
seokkie’s friend: kisshim

teacher: :oooo
teacher: did you???

seokkie’s friend: n O ofc not,,,,

teacher: hmm do you think you can
teacher: tell me when you felt like it

seokkie’s friend: it was actually,,
seokkie’s friend: a couple of times uhm but
seokkie’s friend: there was one when we were getting massages and
seokkie’s friend: he was shirtless and
seokkie’s friend: groaning,, and
seokkie’s friend: idk yixing,,,,

teacher: oooooh
teacher: were you turned on

seokkie’s friend: i,,,,
seokkie’s friend: ,,,,,
seokkie’s friend: maybe,,

teacher: !!!
teacher: thats amazing :DD

seokkie’s friend: ???? no its not
seokkie’s friend: hes my fake bf
seokkie’s friend: who is f a k e
seokkie’s friend: thats the point of it all

seokkie’s friend: and also,, a boy,,,

teacher: okay but
teacher: what bothers you more
teacher: that he is only fake
teacher: or that he is male

seokkie’s friend: i
seokkie’s friend: fuck i dunno,,,
seokkie’s friend: im just confused in general ig??

teacher: yeah it really screws with your head when you realize you are also attracted to the same gender isnt it :///

seokkie’s friend: yeah,,,,
seokkie’s friend: also,,,

teacher: …. have you felt like this towards your exes???

seokkie’s friend: uhh my exes were usually
seokkie’s friend: p cheap lol
seokkie’s friend: sending and saying stuff that were
seokkie’s friend: too obvious?? if i can say that
seokkie’s friend: so no

teacher: hold up
teacher: so you
teacher: were never turned on by a nude??? :oo

seokkie’s friend: i,, dont remember honestly

teacher: oooooh !!
teacher: do you wanna find out :DDD

seokkie’s friend: ?? find out
seokkie’s friend: wait you,, wont send me nudes now right haha

teacher: oh no i didnt think about it before :DDD
teacher: i was thinking of porn !!

seokkie’s friend: why does that,, not surprise me im sorry

teacher: 0:)))
teacher: so you wanna see then
teacher: this way we can find out your preferences :DDD
teacher: aah its so exciting!!!

seokkie’s friend: do you rlly
seokkie’s friend: think it can help,,,,

teacher: yes!!
teacher: porn is always a good answer :DD

seokkie’s friend: okay lets pretend you never said that
seokkie’s friend: jfc ill regret this

teacher: you wont !!!
teacher: so here is a str*ight one

teacher has sent an attachment.

teacher: to start off with a basic ;)))

seokkie’s friend: i cant remember the last time i watched porn tbh
seokkie’s friend: okay i opened it

teacher: live react :DD

seokkie’s friend: okay this,, doesnt even have a story i see lmao
seokkie’s friend: okay shes blowing him
seokkie’s friend: ehhh

seokkie’s friend: hes touching her,, down there
seokkie’s friend: ew the noises
seokkie’s friend: hes fingering her now
seokkie’s friend: that looks so painful jfc is she okay

seokkie’s friend: and now…. theyre fucking
seokkie’s friend: the guy is huge omg

seokkie’s friend: do i have to watch the whole thing tho
seokkie’s friend: its v,,, meh

teacher: hmm interesting
teacher: but yes lets move on then !! :D
teacher: here is a vvvv gay porn for you
teacher: one of the best ones if i may add

teacher has sent and attachment.

teacher: tell me your thoughts

seokkie’s friend: oh that thumbnail already,,

seokkie’s friend: okay so
seokkie’s friend: oh hes his sisters bf
seokkie’s friend: wow hes touching him under the table thats,,
seokkie’s friend: kinda hot tbh,,,,

seokkie’s friend: huh hes dragging him to the bedroom
seokkie’s friend: the other guy just tore off his clothes whattt
seokkie’s friend: oh he
seokkie’s friend: doesnt have boxers on okay,,,,

seokkie’s friend: theyre making out,,

seokkie’s friend: yixing im
seokkie’s friend: not sure i have to watch the whole of this either,,,

teacher: are you enjoying it :333

seokkie’s friend: uhhh
seokkie’s friend: its not my mind i swear its
seokkie’s friend: my body okay

teacher: is your mind on someone else ;)))

seokkie’s friend: im
seokkie’s friend: stop asking questions oh god

teacher: you asked for my help im just trying to understand the whole situation,,,,

seokkie’s friend: ahh im-
seokkie’s friend: my mind is somewhere else okay

teacher: where :DD

seokkie’s friend: on that
seokkie’s friend: massage table,,,,

teacher: you are so precious :’))

seokkie’s friend: shutup
seokkie’s friend: this guy has two fingers in the other guys ass
seokkie’s friend: dont say shit like that rn,,

teacher: oooh i thought you already stopped watching lol

seokkie’s friend: i should
seokkie’s friend: this is getting
seokkie’s friend: vvv heated,,

teacher: hmmm i
teacher: dont think you are bi jongdae

teacher: i mean!!
teacher: i dont wanna assume things !!!
teacher: just a gut feeling

seokkie’s friend: uhhhh
seokkie’s friend: why

teacher: because
teacher: you just said you didnt care about the boy-girl porn

seokkie’s friend: but maybe it,,,
seokkie’s friend: uh maybe it was just a bad one haha
seokkie’s friend: you cant know for s u re,,,

teacher: yeah thats true,,,,
teacher: here try this

teacher has sent an attachment.

seokkie’s friend: okay okay im
seokkie’s friend: ill just,,
seokkie’s friend: huh finish this one first,,,,,

teacher: take your time :DD
teacher: ill help yoonhee with cooking until then !!

seokkie’s friend: uhh yeah
seokkie’s friend: sure…..

teacher: but you can text me
teacher: i have my phone with me dw!!

seokkie’s friend: no uh
seokkie’s friend: i think ive got my answers..
seokkie’s friend: i have something to do now anyway hah
seokkie’s friend: thanks for helping me out !!

teacher: :DD
teacher: anytime !!!
teacher: ahh i love being the second wingman :’))




“... oh god, what now?”

“Yeollieeee, uuugh I missed hearing your voice so much.”

“... Baek?”

“Mmmm I love hearing my name from youuu.”

“Jesus you’re- why are you so drunk? And why the fuck would you call me??”

“Cause I need you Yeol.”

“Oh god, just- shut up…”

“Make me.”

“No, Baekhyun, I’m serious, you’re so fucking drunk, you have no idea what you’re-”

“Come over.”


“I- gosh I’m so lonely. I need you.”

“Please, don’t- wait, what’s that noise?”

“A car just went by…”

“What the...? Where are you?”

“Hmmm I dunno... heh I’m so pathetic.”

“Oh my fucking- tell me at least that idiot Jongdae is with you.”

“I came alone… I just… I miss you.”

“No… no you don’t, you really fucking shouldn’t.”

“But- I’m so sorry.”

“Baekhyun… don’t do this.”

“Yeol I’m so… I’m so sorry…. come back. I’m so… so-sorry.”

“Stop it, fuck, you- you have no right to make me feel like- just stop .”

“I’m such an idiot hah.”

“Yes you are! Running away alone like this, fucking hell- i-is that… the sound of water in the background??”

“Ah I guess I get it now… why you left- It all makes sense now.”

“Oh god, where the fuck does Seok keep his keys…?”

“The stars are beautiful tonight Yeol.”

“The sta- what the fuck, where the hell are you??”

“I wish we could watch them together-”

“Baek, I swear to god, if you get yourself hurt… I swear to fucking god…”

“Isn’t it funny?”

“What is?”

“That we are friends, yet I have so many thoughts about you that are not so friendly.”

“I- no. Don’t say another word.”

“Why do I feel like this if we are just friends?”

“My phone is picking up your coordinates, just stop talking already.”

“It’s dumb… I’m sorry.”

“No! Don’t you dare hang up, Baekhyun.”

“I feel so sleepy…”

“No, fuck, you cannot fall asleep now!”

“I don’t want to fall asleep without you anymore…. I’m sorry.”

“Stop saying you’re sorry, you’re making it worse... so much worse…”

“I’m so- heh nevermind.”

“What are you? Keep talking! I mean... you might not fall asleep if you do...”

“I wish… I wouldn’t have said those things to you.”

“W-what things?”

“When I told you to leave… I didn’t want you to leave. I didn’t want you to leave me.

“I- Yes!! I have the keys and the coordinates are loading, don’t you fucking go anywhere, Baekhyun, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Is it too late?”

“For what?”

“For us.”

“I’m- Baek…”

“I know you don’t want to hear about it… it just… it bothers me.”

“So many things bother me too, but- that’s exactly why we cannot start this, okay? Because I cannot- I’m not what you need.”

“It’s okay if you don’t love me… I can handle it just… come back to me.”

“No, it’s not fucking okay, I won’t do this to you, I’ve already made my decision and it was going perfectly well up until now when you- ahh, nevermind. I’m on my way now.”

“It’s all my fault.”

“It’s not.”

“If I would have just shut up-”

“No, listen to me, none of this is your fault, if it’s anyone’s, it’s mine for letting it go on for too long and only going after my dick because that’s how I learned to cope and it has never been a problem before but now here you are and you make me feel so weird and I’m- jesus, I’m rambling on the phone to a drunk guy who is into me, I’m fucking hilarious…”

“I’m so happy now.”

“You’re- what?”

“I’m happy… You are… You make me happy.”

“Pff, yeah right. If for you happy equals getting piss drunk and getting lost somewhere in the outskirt of the city, I sure am doing a great job.”

“I don’t feel so lonely… hearing your voice it almost feels like… it almost feels like you are back…”

“... I was never gone in the first place, Baek.”

“Heh I guess you weren’t…”

“I- I’m sorry for making this so difficult... it shouldn’t have to be like this.”

“It’s okay.”

“It’s not.”

“To me it is. Cause it’s you.”

“... I wish I- ah, what the hell am I doing…”

“Thank you.”

“Please, Baek…”

“I love- uh I love the stars so much.”



“... you really do, don’t you?”

“I… yeah I think.”

“Even if they- the stars, I mean… if they cannot love you back?”

“... Yes. So much.”


“Yeollie… Yeollie are you okay?”

“I’m… ah I’m sorry, huh.”

“It’s okay. Don’t cry.”

“Telling a crying person not to cry usually doesn’t help, baby.”

“Hmm then let’s talk about something else, yeah?”

“Yeah… I’m almost there anyway.”

“Oh you really are?”

“Of course I am, dumbass, I told you I’m coming.”

“Ahhh thank you so much. I really- hey when you come here… can we stay here a little? It’s pretty.”

“Uh, we… probably shouldn’t… it’s not exactly the best place to be at- 2:41am.”

“Ah it’s that late? I didn’t even notice.”

“Yeah… I’m a few streets away now.”

“I’ll be by the river. I- I’ll wait for you.”

“Meet you there in a second.”

“Thank you Yeollie. I… I’m so glad you are coming... Yeah. Thanks.”

“Of course... Anytime.”

Chapter Text

[friday, 9:29am]
Private chat with them: daedae~

baebae~: morning baby :333

baebae~ has sent a photo.

baebae~: i just finished my morning run :33

daedae~: why do you think
daedae~: that sending me a photo like that first thing in the morning
daedae~: is a good idea…….

baebae~: i thought you might miss seeing my face 0:))

daedae~: i,, but
daedae~: this picture is 1% face and 99% abs

baebae~: i like showing off :333

baebae~: i was just about to go and have a shower so
baebae~: if you want i can send you one more pic ;))))

daedae~: what from the
daedae~: shower?

baebae~: ;))))

daedae~: its
daedae~: i mean no pls,,, dont haha

baebae~: alright then
baebae~: you will see me soon anyways ;)))
baebae~: so then brb

daedae~: yeahhh
daedae~: no wait
daedae~: i actually wanted to ask
daedae~: whats up with baek and yeol
daedae~: are they?? together again???

baebae~: ah no they arent
baebae~: why you ask??

daedae~: huh interesting
daedae~: bc i met chanyeol in the hallway of our flat at 4am today

baebae~: you
baebae~: did what

daedae~: i did
daedae~: i thought i was dreaming but
daedae~: first of all why tf would i dream about chanyeol right lol
daedae~: and second of all
daedae~: i asked baek about it when he woke up and
daedae~: he looked p disturbed so
daedae~: i doubt it was a dream

baebae~: its weird
baebae~: yeol never stayed over…. at anyones

daedae~: especially w all the stuff going on,,,,,

baebae~: huh yeah…
baebae~: weird

daedae~: okay but i don't wanna keep you
daedae~: go and take a showerrr

baebae~: ah yes!!!
baebae~: ill hurry nd come back to you baby :333

baebae~ has logged off.




[friday, 12:17pm]
Private chat with them: chefsoo

atlas: good morning ksoo
atlas: isnt it a lovely day?
atlas: the weather changed pretty nicely
atlas: so does everyone
atlas: isnt that just great

chefsoo: ...are you high at noon on a Friday?

atlas: no
atlas: im always like this
atlas: just loving how the things change
atlas: especially if its for a greater good

chefsoo: oh my god
chefsoo: you’re trying to tell me that you bottomed for somebody

atlas: jfc how did you get to this conclusion

chefsoo: I’m just trying to understand your amusingly uncomplicated therefore unimaginable mind

atlas: ksoo you know i love you right

chefsoo: I'll give you the benefit of a doubt there
chefsoo: why?

atlas: because as a friend
atlas: a v good friend
atlas: someone who loves and appreciates you the way you are
atlas: i just want to tell you
atlas: that your style is of a 60 year old lesbian librarian who never had fun in her entire life

chefsoo: well :))
chefsoo: so you finally get the concept of irony
chefsoo: that afternoon in november wasn’t spent in vain
chefsoo: took you some time but I was rooting for you this whole time

atlas: im serious

chefsoo: I’m sorry but I don’t understand that statement from you

atlas: i just
atlas: who do you think you can seduce with that
atlas: no offense
atlas: but take it from someone who has half the school lusting over

chefsoo: ???
chefsoo: did you seriously text me just to polish your own ego like that?

atlas: no im just trying to open your eyes

chefsoo: …I don’t want to have sex with you if that’s what you’re hinting at

atlas: im so tired
atlas: i want to take a nap

chefsoo: well :)) go then

atlas: ksoo
atlas: do you want to seduce jongin or nah

chefsoo: what are you talking about?

atlas: because
atlas: you can really catch his eye if you would just try and dress more daring
atlas: you are a handsome piece of fine ass you have got this
atlas: but no one knows because you never show off not even a little

chefsoo: wow I
chefsoo: thank you? I guess?
chefsoo: but also who said anything about Jongin-ah to you?

atlas: are we gonna pretend that i have never caught you eye fucking him

chefsoo: …when was that?

atlas: every time we dance together
atlas: or when he changes
atlas: or literally anytime you hang out with him and nini breathes

chefsoo: jesus christ
chefsoo: this sounds so ridiculous…
chefsoo: did he realise?
chefsoo: I mean does he Think this is the case too haha

atlas: no because he is a dumbass too

chefsoo: don’t say that about him

atlas: all my friends are dumbasses smh
atlas: but yeah anyway so
atlas: you want him dont you

chefsoo: my stomach just did a flip
chefsoo: what do you think that means?

atlas: a fat yes
atlas: what do you say if i offer my help

chefsoo: …how do I know this is not a trap?

atlas: because
atlas: well i dont have a reason
atlas: but do you have anything to lose

chefsoo: yes
chefsoo: him

atlas: ah dont be dramatic
atlas: you cant lose him with this plan
atlas: its perfect
atlas: trust me this once

chefsoo: how desperate does one have to be to trust you?

chefsoo: what’s the plan?




“Nonono no! Why?!” Jongdae yells at the screen frustratedly, his legs flailing as he pushes back into the couch behind himself. Minseok is giggling next to him, bouncing a little as he watches the scores appear on the screen, his cart rolling away in the distance. “How can you be so good at this?! You said you’ve never played before! What a liar…”

“I guess it’s beginners’ luck,” the boy shrugs a little, almost innocently, but that shit-eating grin is still on his face. Jongdae punches him on the arm, and he bursts out laughing. “Ahh, I wish we’d made a bet!”

“Pff, as if I would ever do that,” the younger one scoffs, tossing the console behind himself on the couch and crossing his arms on his chest with a pout. “I know you’re sneaky,” he adds as an explanation. They’re sitting at the foot of the couch on the floor, legs crossed, knees almost touching.

Jongdae has been noticing things lately; ever since they started ‘dating’, his friends have been much less annoying about the two of them Baekhyun was barely spending time at home, for whatever reason... and Minseok has gone back to his habit of being in Jongdae’s personal space more often than not.

He’s also aware of the fact that he’s not annoyed by it anymore.


“You don’t even know half of it, babe.” Minseok smirks, locking his fingers behind his head, glancing at Jongdae from the corner of his eyes. Jongdae returns the smile, and Minseok’s heart skips a beat. He has never seen anything prettier than him. His palms ache, wanting to touch his cheek but he knows he can’t. They are not in public, there is no need playing the part when both of them know that everything they do is for the curious eyes. However, Minseok wishes everything they do would be real... for the both of them.

Maybe he stares at Jongdae a little longer than he should be. Maybe it’s the fact that his eyes keep wandering down on his perfect smile, that he gets caught up in the moment, only to realize that Jongdae haven’t said anything else. He didn’t make a comeback about his cocky comment like he usually does and he didn’t try to laugh it off or switch the topic. In fact, Jongdae was staring at him with something hiding behind his curious eyes, something that could be easily mistaken for love.

Before Minseok knows, Jongdae is inching closer to him, and he doesn’t believe his eyes. It feels so surreal to see him looking so innocent yet so eager for something he hasn’t had a taste of yet. Minseok doesn’t move, he just lets the scene unfold in front of his eyes while his heart quite literally bursts out of his chest. Soon he can feel the shaky mint breath of Jongdae close to his lips, and that’s when it registers for him what is going on.

“Y-you don’t have to.” His voice more shaky then he intended to sound like. “We are not in public… no one is here to see us.” He murmurs beneath his breath, his eyes fixed on Jongdae’s lips.


Jongdae’s heart is drumming in his ears so loudly that he can barely hear what Minseok is saying.

Ever since the word ‘babe’ left the older boy’s lips, Jongdae has been feeling so warm inside. It is nothing new; Minseok has been teasing him with nicknames and suggestive half-sentences like that from day one, he is used to those. And it’s not like this one was a particularly dirty one, either. Everything is as per usual.

Except for Jongdae himself.

Because he is feeling genuinely happy. It’s still so confusing to him. Why does this , whatever they are at the moment, pretended or not, feel so much better and more genuine than anything he has ever had before?

He’s sure his whole face is flushed because he’s four centimetres away from Minseok’s face, feeling the heat and smelling the cologne coming from the older boy. He forces himself to look up at his eyes, though, because he is ready to do something he has never seriously contemplated before this week and is still not thinking about it directly because he knows once his brain starts working again, the moment will be gone.

That’s why it takes him some moments to remember he hasn’t replied to Minseok yet.

“How lucky it’s not for anybody else to see then, right?” he whispers before closing the gap between them, kissing Kim Minseok full on the lips.


Jongdae’s lips crash against Minseok’s. He kisses him back as an instinct, not even realizing what is actually happening to him. He feels his soft lips against his, the familiar calming scent lingering in his nose that gives him peace and makes his heart beat crazy at the same time. He would be lying if he said he never imagined the day when he will finally be able to kiss Jongdae, but in his mind it never went like this. In his mind he was the one initiating it, as he did with holding his hand or giving him back hugs. And now that Jongdae kissed him, it takes him a good second to actually realize it’s happening. He is kissing him, the one he has been dreaming about for so long now and who was just a distant dream to him.

He sighs into the kiss as soon as it dawns on him. His hand soon finds its place on Jongdae’s cheek, caressing it with his thumb as he draws him deeper in the kiss. His tongue slips against Jongdae’s lips carefully, as if he would be able to scare him away if he is too pushy. He waits for his reaction and as soon as Jongdae nods slightly, he takes it as an invitation, now sliding his tongue past his lips. Jongdae moans into the kiss, making Minseok smile and his hand to slip into his hair, fingers tangled with his black locks, pulling at them slightly. Minseok bites down on Jongdae’s lower lip to which he whines as a response. Minseok regains his confidence that he lost when Jongdae was so initiative, something that is so out of his character for Minseok that he didn’t quite know how to react to. But now he has the upper hand again, taking over completely.

The next thing he knows is that Jongdae’s panting in the kisses, trying to stop himself from moaning, from wanting more and he lowkey hopes that Minseok doesn’t notice how much he wants him. But Minseok is not the type to let these details get passed by him. With his free hand he drops the console that was sitting on his lap to the ground before pushing himself off, flinging his leg over Jongdae’s lap, now hovering over him. He doesn’t break the kiss for a second, afraid that if he disconnects his lips for a second longer, the magic will be gone. He supports himself with his arms placed on the couch. Since Jongdae doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself, he decides to take full control. He takes Jongdae’s hands in his and places the right one on his hips and the left one on his neck, allowing him to let his hands and his imagination wander to places they might never been before.


Ever since they’ve touched lips, Jongdae’s been having problems with breathing. When Minseok kneeled over him, he basically stopped breathing altogether. And now his hands are on the older boy’s body and Jongdae is trying so, so damn hard to stay still beneath him-

Beneath him .

Before he knows it, he takes a grip on Minseok’s hipbone, fingers sinking into the textile of his t-shirt and his flesh underneath, and the other boy groans. Jongdae feels the vibration go from Minseok’s throat straight into his groin. He would start freaking out if it weren’t for the boy’s clever mouth slowly moving downwards as well. Minseok is kissing his chin now, and Jongdae is gasping for air, parted lips burning and feeling heavy. He lets his head drop back against the pillows of the couch as Minseok goes on, leaving featherly kisses down his throat. Jongdae bites his bottom lip to stop himself from whimpering - not quite effectively.

“Ah, Seok-” he breathes when he feels Minseok licking at his skin experimentally. The other boy chuckles against his throat and Jongdae is pretty sure he’s already half-hard in his jeans. Fuck, why is he so desperate for this?

He only realises now that he’s holding on to Minseok’s shoulders as if his life depended on it. The boy’s hands have wandered down to play with the hem of his shirt in the meantime, caressing him soothingly there. What is not so soothing about it is when he occasionally lets his fingers slip underneath the fabric, touching his hips gently but curiously. The older boy is now kissing his collarbone, somehow instantly finding his sweet spot that he hasn't even known about, and Jongdae involuntarily bucks his hip upwards, right against Minseok’s groin. They moan in unison, and Minseok pulls back to look at him with a surprised smile. The next moment, though, it turns into a smirk, and Jongdae feels himself blushing all the way down his chest and to the tip of his ears.

“So you like this, huh,” the other boy asks, voice low and deeper than usual, making Jongdae whimper again.

But before he could tell him to please, please keep kissing him, they hear the turning of a key in the lock, and the front door swings open. Jongdae freezes as Baekhyun’s eyes meet his own.


Baekhyun is quite taken aback by the scene that meets his eyes. He never thought that one day he would come home to the scene of his best friend being beneath, well, anyone. His jaw drops as his eyes go from Jongdae to Minseok and back before it turns into the biggest smile that he ever had on. Jongdae looks flustered, as if he just run a marathon. Minseok is only a slightly better sight. He seems a lot more collected, but similarly out of breath. If Baekhyun wouldn’t know better, and if they would be butt naked, he would guess they just finished one round.

“Well,” He starts folding his arms in front of his chest, “this is almost the gayest thing I have witnessed today.” He smiles cockily, leaning on the door frame casually, biting the inside of his mouth to stop himself from smiling. Minseok scoffs and shakes his head.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” Minseok asks, cocking an eyebrow at him jokingly. Baekhyun’s mouth falls open in surprise. They are throwing him out of his own house. He understands though, he didn’t actually arrive in the right moment, but he can’t help but be glad that he actually got to witness whatever was going on here before he entered.

“I mean… this is still my house so… will you continue this in Jongdae’s room? I would appreciate it.” Baekhyun winks at them, locking eyes with Jongdae again, who hasn’t even moved ever since he opened the door. He waits for him to do something, anything. To make another straight comeback, stating that there was something in his eyes and Minseok just tried to get it out or whatever. But he doesn’t say anything.

“Maybe we should.” Minseok offers looking back at Jongdae, and now there is two of them who wait for some kind of reaction from him. Anything, as right now they are not even sure if Jongdae is still alive or not. Then Jongdae does what he thinks is logical. He pushes Minseok off of himself and jumps onto his feet.

“Uh-huh I-” He strammers “I will… go to my, uuh, room, I don’t… feel… uh, I’m going to sleep, bye.” And with that, he runs away, shutting the door closed behind him, and sliding on the floor on the other end.

Minseok and Baekhyun share a knowing look before both of their lips turn into a sneaky smirk. Baekhyun walks over and pulls Minseok up from the ground who fixes his clothes and his hair.

“I hate you so much, I hope you know that.” Minseok pats Baekhyun’s shoulder before picking up his stuff and leaves their dorm room behind.




[friday, 11:02pm]
Private chat with them: baebae~

daedae~: hey are you still up?
daedae~: im sorry for like,, rushing off im
daedae~: im still not sure what happened and..
daedae~: yeah, im sorry

baebae~: yeah i just got out of the shower haha
baebae~: aah do you want me to refresh your memory about what happened daedae? :3

daedae~: … what do you mean

baebae~: yknow
baebae~: if you dont exactly remember
baebae~: would you like me to tell you what happened huh

daedae~: i
daedae~: ,,yeah
daedae~: tell me

baebae~: ah babe
baebae~: do you remember kissing me

daedae~: i-i do

baebae~: good boy
baebae~: do you remember how i took over
baebae~: how i made you moan

daedae~: you.. did

baebae~: ah you were trying so hard not to beg
baebae~: i almost lost my mind there do you know that

daedae~: oh my god minseok..

baebae~: i couldnt stop myself from touching you
baebae~: and i couldnt keep myself far from you
baebae~: how was it
baebae~: being beneath me

daedae~: fuck
daedae~: stop omfg

baebae~: i asked something
baebae~: answer me babe

daedae~: minseokkie,, cmon

baebae~: that nickname,,,,
baebae~: do you want me to go back
baebae~: do you want me to be there daedae

daedae~: i,, i really shouldnt
daedae~: shouldnt want that

baebae~: you shouldnt huh
baebae~: but you cant deny how you felt
baebae~: not to me at least
baebae~: you were hard for me dae

daedae~: ah noo stop it
daedae~: i wasnt,,

baebae~: ah you werent?
baebae~: i mean
baebae~: i can make you a lot harder than that
baebae~: i have to give it to you

daedae~: fuck
daedae~: youre so….

baebae~: what am i
baebae~: tell me

daedae~: how do you make me feel like this

baebae~: feel like what exactly

daedae~: flustered and
daedae~: breathless
daedae~: and shaky

baebae~: because you want me
baebae~: and you never wanted anyone like this before did you

daedae~: no
daedae~: ive
daedae~: never

baebae~: thats what i like to hear

daedae~: i,, fuck
daedae~: what are we doing,,,,
daedae~: it wasnt supposed to go like this

baebae~: ah sure
baebae~: it wasnt supposed to
baebae~: but i dont mind it at all daedae
baebae~: do you

daedae~: nono i
daedae~: im just confused and,,
daedae~: yeah,,,, frustrated

baebae~: well
baebae~: there is a lot more that i want to do with you
baebae~: more than just kissing

daedae~: what
daedae~: do you mean,,

baebae~: i guess you have to keep playing to find that out ;)

daedae~: wha
daedae~: minseok

baebae~: what
baebae~: are you hard again

daedae~: fuck im
daedae~: no im not
daedae~: shut up

baebae~: oh well
baebae~: what a shame
baebae~: then i guess i will do it on my own :)
baebae~: goodnight daedae

daedae~: you little,,

baebae~: ;)))
baebae~: dream of me baby

baebae~ has logged off.

Chapter Text

[saturday, 7:49pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

baebae~: hello babe :33

daedae~: ahh hey
daedae~: hey there
daedae~: minseok

baebae~: minseok
baebae~: am i in trouble? :DD

daedae~: what ?? no
daedae~: its just yuor name isnt it haha

baebae~: ye but no nicknames or anything

daedae~: ahh youre so
daedae~: obnoxoius
daedae~: fine then
daedae~: … seok

baebae~: thats better
baebae~: but you can do a lot better than that

daedae~: uhh what do you mean

baebae~: nothing kitten :33

daedae~: i
daedae~: ffuck

baebae~: whats wrong :33

daedae~: you cant just go and
daedae~: randomly call me
daedae~: ,,,, thigns like that

baebae~: why cant i
baebae~: does this make you feel uncomfortable kitten?

daedae~: oh god stop it
daedae~: im w baek nd were foing shots already

baebae~: oooh you shouldnt have said that
baebae~: now im more tempted to turn you on :33

daedae~: pffff im
daedae~: you think im that easy,,,
daedae~: im not

baebae~: oooh playing hard to get
baebae~: you are lucky i love challenges baby boy

daedae~: shut uppp
daedae~: now that would be more challegning for you im sure..

baebae~: what? playing hard to get
baebae~: try me

daedae~: no i meant shutting up

baebae~: i know a few ways you can make me shut up

daedae~: jfc youre so,,,
daedae~: but yknow what
daedae~: you know fucking what
daedae~: two can play this game kim minseok

baebae~: oh does my little kitten have claws?

daedae~: oh he does
daedae~: and he doesnt play nice either

baebae~: uuuf
baebae~: cant wait to see that tonight

daedae~: huh sure
daedae~: you dont deserve to see anything tbh

baebae~: ooh i dont
baebae~: i guess you dont deserve to be beneath me again then

daedae~: hah its not like you could evr say no to taht

baebae~: and you cant say no to me
baebae~: so we are even

daedae~: oh but i could
daedae~: defintiely
daedae~: whenver i wanna

baebae~: the question is
baebae~: do you want to

daedae~: depedns on what you offer

baebae~ has sent a photo.

daedae~: fuukc
daedae~: i choked on my alcohol

baebae~: oh really
baebae~: its nothing compared to what i have to offer tho

daedae~: yeah?
daedae~: what do you haev in mind

baebae~: oh not much
baebae~: i just thought you might want to continue what we started yesterday

daedae~: i suddnely have no memories of yesterday,,

baebae~: oooh so you dont remember how i turned you on
baebae~: how i was above you pinning you into the sofa?
baebae~: or how i was kissing down your neck and collarbone huh?

daedae~: i,,
daedae~: rings a bell
daedae~: oh well now i remembr
daedae~: you mentioning somethign “more than just kissing”
daedae~: what bout that

baebae~: ooh you are curious now kitten

daedae~: ..probably

baebae~: well you could have found it out tonight
baebae~: but as you said “i dont deserve to see anything” :))

daedae~ has sent a photo.
daedae~: change my mind thenn

baebae~: such pretty lips
baebae~: begging for me to kiss them

daedae~: you wanna huh
daedae~: what if i dont let you

baebae~: someone wants to torture me i see
baebae~: and also themself

daedae~: then how about you hurry up and get yuor ass here
daedae~: ..god this booze is a killer

baebae~: why should i

daedae~: why,, dont you wanna
daedae~: greet baek on his bday :)
daedae~: thats why youre coming here in the fisrt place tongiht isnt it

baebae~: yes :))
baebae~: only for baekhyunnie




Jongin swallows hard as he steps out of the elevator. Suho’s dark gray converse highs feel a bit too tight on his feet, the soft white cotton of the borrowed sweater making his skin tingle. The neck is so high it makes him feel like he's outright choking.

He has no idea why he’s so nervous. It’s just a dumb party... Baek’s birthday for sure, but it’s not like anything depends on it... right? He’s trying to convince himself but the fake glasses are much heavier on his nose than they are supposed to be.

“Hey, are you okay?” Suho steps next to him, and that’s when Jongin realises he’s been standing in front of the closed door of Baekhyun’s flat for a good minute now.

“Ah, yeah... sure,” he gives back with a small smile, and his eyes wander down to where Kris slips a hand in Suho’s palm just now. His stomach does a nervous flip.

“You don’t sound like it,” the blonde guy eyes him suspiciously, and if he didn’t know better, Jongin would most probably be freaked out by him.

“Don’t worry, Jongin-ah,” Suho places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. He waits for the younger boy to make eye-contact with him, then smiles. “You look gorgeous. He will be head over heels.”


“Are you sure it’s not too much?” Kyungsoo murmurs as he checks his own reflection in the blank screen of his phone for the thirtieth time. He never knew wearing eye makeup is this much of a pain in the ass. From the other side of Baekhyun’s bedroom door, the sounds of the slowly starting party ooze in, with light chatter and moderately loud music. Tao adds a last - fourth? fifth? Kyungsoo wasn’t counting - layer of hairspray to their hair before they turn to him.

“Ah, stop wiping it off!” they shoo his hand away from his face annoyedly. “I didn’t spend twenty minutes with making it perfect just for you to ruin it now!”

“Sorry!” he drops his phone next to himself on the bed and to make sure, he slips his hands underneath his thighs. His... leather-pants-covered thighs.

He still cannot believe it. Him, in full makeup, a loose tee and those pants... he just really, really hopes it will work out somehow, hopes he doesn’t look as ridiculous as he feels himself to be because fuck, his whole outfit looks like he basically took it from the wardrobe of-

A faint sound of excited greetings come from outside, and it doesn’t take Kyungsoo more than a second to recognise the single voice that instantly makes his heart rate four times faster than usual. Tao stops fixing their hair as well, catching Kyungsoo’s huge eyes in the oval mirror of the dressing table. Their lips spread into a wide grin.

“Showtime,” they whisper and whip around. Kyungsoo barely has a moment to grab his phone in his shaking hands before Tao drags him to his feet. With a few tugs, they fix his shirt. “Aww, honey, you’re so frightened,” they mutter lovingly as they take a final look at him. With a small nod, they step to the door, only to look back at him before opening it. “Try to calm down. You’re supposed to look like sex, it’s time you act like that, hm?”

And with that, they turn the doorknob.


“I’m sooo glad yo guys came!” Baekhyun grins at him widely after pushing through the small crowd in the living room, handing Jongin a giant paper cup of cold punch right away. He himself must have had some already, because his cheeks are pink and glowing. Suho says something next to him and Kris chuckles and Jongin scolds himself because he is already out of it. His eyes are scanning the crowd.

Suddenly, Baekhyun’s hand grips him and pulls him close and Jongin can smell he was right. “Don’ worry, he’s already waitin’ for youuu,” Baekhyun whispers to him teasingly.

Before Jongin could as much as say a word, though, the door of the birthday boy’s room slams open. Tao walks out, in full glam, covered in glitter as per usual. Their way too short black skirt and shiny white leather garters underneath attract the eyes of everyone instantly, and they give the people a bright smile. For a moment, Jongin wishes he could pull off a skirt like that...

However, he doesn’t get a chance to dwell on it for long because while everyone’s attention is on Tao, somebody else quietly enters the room as well.

Jongin feels his heart leap in his chest as he catches sight of Kyungsoo. First, it’s only his face - beautiful, smokey eyes, peach lip tint, blinding highlight -, but then he steps out of the crowd and- oh fuck . The younger boy feels all the air leave his lungs in one breath. His hyung is wearing the thinnest band tee he has ever seen, hanging loosely on his pretty frame. He doubts he has ever seen him so exposed before. As Jongin’s eyes travel more to the south, he realises Kyungsoo is wearing a pair of leather pants with rather expensive looking shoes.

He feels himself flush bright red and grips the punch with one hand, and the hem of his sweater with the other tightly. It must be because of that damn thing. He knew it would be too hot to wear tonight.

And Kyungsoo’s searching eyes find him.


If this night is good for nothing else, at least Kyungsoo has learned something about himself. He has a thing for Jongin in glasses.

(Well, okay, it might not be the glasses he has a thing for.)

After a quiet, blushy, very awkward greeting from the both of them - “Wow, uhm, black is really nice on you…” “Thanks… you look great, too…” -, the room seems to take pity on them and expand enough so that they don't have to be around each other for some time. Jongin stays close to the table of booze and Kyungsoo just wanders around aimlessly. Parties are just… not his thing.

He might not be good at reading signs from boys, but even he cannot miss the fact that whenever he looks his way, he catches Jongin already watching him.

Kyungsoo doesn't get it. Jongin seems to be quite popular with everyone tonight; girls and boys try to chat him up, one prettier than the other, and Kyungsoo tries to distract himself by something, anything at all... And still, he finds the younger boy looking him - him - up and down every time they make eye-contact from across the room.

Oh, how he wishes to know what’s going on in that pretty head of his…

Half an hour and two glasses of punch later, Kyungsoo is sitting on the couch that’s been pushed in the corner in his itchy, one-size-too-big clothes, scrolling down his news feed. What is he supposed to do, really? His friends are either trying to get laid or just preoccupied by something else in general. But it’s fine, he’s used to it. And the music - most probably chosen by Yixing - blasting around him would make it difficult to talk to anybody anyway, really.

He feels the other end of the couch sink a little, and Kyungsoo’s head snaps up instantly.

“Hey!” Jongin beams right next to him. Oh, damn, how did he do this? He was literally on the other end of the room seconds ago... The older boy can tell Jongin is trying his hardest to keep eye-contact and not let his eyes wander anywhere other than his face. Tao must have done a great job on him then, he thinks with a little pride.

“Hello there,” he smiles back, much wider than he would when sober- wait, is he tipsy already? Wow, he really should get out more. “Doing well?”

“Yeeees,” the younger boy tilts his head to the side, and Kyungsoo knows that smile too well. Half-lidded eyes, glowing cheeks. This is the one he gives him before talking drunk nonsense about how much he appreciates Kyungsoo. Jongin is a very affectionate drunk and he doesn’t know if he can put up with that tonight. He remembers last week, his talk with Jongdae.

I’m in love with him. So in love, you can’t imagine.

With the memory of his confession, though, other pictures come up from that night, too.

“Is your dancer friend coming tonight?” Kyungsoo blurts out, and he instantly regrets it. Fuck. Jongin frowns at him, and he wishes he could take it back. Stupid alcohol.


“Hmm, I... dunno,” Jongin replies slowly. He has replayed the scene from last week in his head countless times; him pressed up against Taemin, and Kyungsoo… yeah, exactly the expression he has right now. He must think it’s a pokerface but it actually resembles that of a kicked puppy. God, those pouty lips… if only Jongin could just lean in and-

“Huh, well… Actually, I don’t really feel well, and… I still have some, uh, studying to do so...” Kyungsoo mutters, barely audible over the sound of the music. “Maybe I should go,” he adds unsurely, and it hits Jongin right in the chest.

“No! I- I meant,” he stumbles over his words, and puts and involuntary hand on Kyungsoo’s thigh to keep him seated. The older boy looks up at him again, through his mascara-covered lashes, and Jongin swallows hard. How is it not illegal to be this beautiful? “I- I meant that he’s probably busy so he might not make it. Most probably.”

“Oh?” Kyungsoo gives back, not really convinced.

“Yeah, it was their anniversary this week. His boyfriend’s and his,” Jongin nods, thinking about how much Taemin has been stressing out about what to get Minho for their one year anniversary. He most probably ended up making him dinner or something. Taem is such a sap sometimes.

“He… he has a boyfriend,” Kyungsoo states, as if he is not sure he got it right.

“Yeah, he does,” Jongin smiles at his hyung.

“So you two haven’t… you know.”


“Have you… had him?”

“Oh. No, he’s… ace, actually.”


And with that, the wrinkles even out on Kyungsoo’s forehead at last.

They sit in silence for some moments, Jongin stealing small glances at Kyungsoo’s face and clothes and skin… and Kyungsoo staring at his blank phone screen. He looks strangely dissatisfied with what he sees there.

“Hey hyung,” Jongin speaks softly and his thumb brushes over his knee. Right, his hand is still on his thigh. He forces himself not to pull back, though. Tonight he won’t let his anxiety get the better of him.

“Hm?” Kyungsoo doesn’t look up from the phone, and Jongin sighs. He reaches out to turn his hyung’s chin towards himself, meeting his huge eyes. His shaky fingers draw small circles on Kyungsoo’s skin, and Jongin feels the other’s jaw clench.

“Why do you hate how you look tonight?”


Kyungsoo bites in his lower lip and he sees Jongin’s eyes instantly following the movement. The younger boy’s hand rubs his thigh a little, making Kyungsoo’s stomach tighten. Jongin lets his gaze wander down on his body, stopping on his chest, then on his lap, then back on his face.

“I…” the older boy breathes in briefly. As much as he is proud of his intellect usually, is brain is completely blank now. Does it really only take Jongin this much to make him speechless?

“Don’t you think you look beautiful?” Jongin goes on, and Kyungsoo scoffs.

“I’m not- not that,” he blurts out, unable to look away. The makeup is heavy on his eyelids.

“But you so are,” the younger boy huffs and gives him a small, quick smile, and- is he nervous because of something?

“It’s just the clothes,” Kyungsoo presses on, with a twinge of unexpected sadness in his chest.

“No,” Jongin frowns and lifts his hand from his chin to swipe a strand of hair from his hyung’s eyes. “I always tell you you’re beautiful and smart and funny but…” he trails off quietly, letting his hand drop in his own lap. “You never seem to listen to me.”

“I always listen to you, Jongin-ah,” Kyungsoo tells him promptly, hating the fact that the younger boy actually seems to believe that. “I’m just… you know, you don’t have to do this. If it was Sehun who told you to-”

“Sehun didn’t tell me anything,” Jongin shakes his head. “I mean…” he goes on, a smirk playing on his lips. “I guess I’ll have to thank him for putting you in leather pants, though, because...” he hums but doesn't finish it.

“Oh my god…” the older boy huffs and chuckles, shifting in his seat uncomfortably. He hopes Jongin can't see how he blushes, but of course, of course that’s not the case. Because Jongin might be missing a lot of things happening around him, but never with Kyungsoo. And now, the boy’s lips are slowly spreading into a wide smile and his hyung feels worry filling up his guts instantly. “What?”

“I have an idea,” Jongin jumps to his feet and takes his hand, pulling him up from his seat. Before Kyungsoo could ask anything, a slender finger is tapped against his lips and it makes his throat close up right away. “Don’t say a word, hyung. Just come with me.”


Where did his courage come from? Jongin has no idea, but he can feel his heart drum away in his throat as he is holding Kyungsoo’s hand and pulling him through the crowd. He thinks the dim lights around them give them enough privacy, but then he makes the mistake of looking around, only to spot Sehun standing in the doorway of the kitchen, smirking at him from behind the rim of his paper cup. Jongin huffs with a smile and lets his hand slip further into Kyungsoo’s, carefully intertwining their fingers. He can feel the older boy hesitate for some moments, but then he tightens his hold on his hand, and Jongin’s grin grows.

They get to the bathroom and enter, the door swinging open way too easily… or is it just his drunkenness? No, he decides, he's almost completely sobered up. His brain knows better than to stay drunk around Kyungsoo.

He closes the door and he's perfectly aware this is the moment when he's supposed to push the other boy up against it and kiss him with all he’s got… but he cannot. As much as he wants to - and as much as Kyungsoo might expect just that to happen - he cannot. That's not why he took him in here. He turns to look at him, doe-eyes and beautiful lips still in a confused expression, and he just talks.

“Take off your clothes.”

The shorter boy blinks twice before opening his mouth to reply, but Jongin cuts him off.

“You hate your outfit and I hate mine, so we should just… switch,” he motions between the two of them, cheeks growing hot under the gaze of his hyung. He pushes the glasses up on his nose swiftly.

“Yeah?” is all Kyungsoo asks, and the younger boy wonders if this bathroom has always been this tiny or if they are just standing too close on purpose.

“Yeah,” Jongin breathes and gives him a small, challenging smile. “Or are you shy in front of me?”

“Hell no,” Kyungsoo replies without second thought, and in a moment he slips out of his fancy shoes. Jongin huffs and does the same, soon the both of them standing in their socks on the tiles of Baekhyun’s bathroom. That's when the younger boy remembers something.

“But my outfit won't fit your makeup,” he tells the shorter boy, and Kyungsoo hums. He looks around, then back at him.

“Do you think Baek has anything in here that we can wash it off with?”


After a minute of searching, they find a pack of wet wipes in a cupboard, and Kyungsoo is so relieved. He wants to get rid of the makeup as soon as possible, so he takes a wipe and starts rubbing at his eyes immediately.

“No, oh my god,” Jongin stops him with a quick hand. “You'll get it all in your eye. Lemme- lemme help.”

So Kyungsoo hands it over to him, and Jongin start to gently wipe it all off. He starts on his cheeks, highlighter and foundation quickly filling up the wipe. He concentrates on his work and Kyungsoo cannot get enough of watching his face as he does so. Jongin purses his lips, free hand coming up to hold Kyungsoo’s face.

Taking a new wipe, he boops Kyungsoo’s nose to make him look at his eyes and that's when the older boy realises that he's been staring at his lips.

“Close your eyes,” Jongin whispers, small smile still playing on his lips, and Kyungsoo does as he was told to.

The younger boy rubs his eyes gently but with practiced movements. Kyungsoo feels his dizzy head getting too heavy and before he loses his balance, he takes a quick grip on Jongin’s hips.

“Ah, you're okay, hyung?” the boy asks, never stopping to wipe at his face. Kyungsoo, however, can hear the smile in his voice and it makes him braver. He starts rubbing Jongin’s hips carefully, earning a low little hum from the boy. “Hmm, what’s that supposed to mean?” he murmurs and it stirs something in Kyungsoo’s abdomen.

“Jongin-ah…” he starts, but the boy drops the wipe, and in the next moment, he runs a finger softly across his bottom lip.

“Open up,” he places his finger on Kyungsoo’s chin and along with his mouth the older boy opens his eyes to see Jongin being close, so close... He could count his eyelashes behind the fake glasses from here.

They're both staring, their gazes only occasionally leaving the other’s eyes, to drop to their lips and then back. It almost feels like the satire of their entire relationship, the older boy thinks absent-mindedly.

“I missed you,” Kyungsoo finds himself saying the words, voice low and sincere.

“But... I've always been here,” Jongin chuckles, frowning a little as he cups his hyung’s face with both hands.

“But never this close,” he has no idea what makes him so brave all of a sudden, but Jongin touching him like that, he cannot keep his thoughts in anymore. He leans forward to push his forehead against Jongin’s and closes his eyes for a moment. His heart is beating like crazy as he breathes in Jongin’s sweet cologne.

“Hyung…” the younger boy’s voice is the smallest he has ever heard it. Oh god, Kyungsoo loves him. To the moon and back.

“Yes baby?”

“Do you wanna kiss me?”


It happens slowly. Despite Jongin still half-expecting Kyungsoo to just pull back and tell him he misunderstood something here, he is immensely hopeful. When his hyung reaches out to carefully take off his glasses and place them on the sink, he stops breathing for a moment.

And Kyungsoo leans in to touch his lips against his. It's exactly how he has imagined it a million times before. Those plush lips feel so soft and gentle against his own, and it's only that for a couple of seconds, until it registers for the both of them.

They're kissing.

Finally , Jongin’s lips spread into an involuntary grin. When he feels Kyungsoo is about to pull back, thinking he messed something up, Jongin slips one hand further on the back of his head, into the short hairs of his undercut to pull him in deeper. Now that he knows what it feels like to have him like this, Jongin won't ever let him go.

Kyungsoo’s thigh brushes against his own, and the shorter boy moans a little into the kiss, Jongin swallowing it instantly. Damn, how can Kyungsoo have no idea how hot he is?

With a racing heart, Jongin licks along his hyung’s bottom lip, silently asking for permission. Instead of Kyungsoo opening up, though, he pushes his tongue past Jongin’s lips, hands tightening their grip on his hips. A surprised little sound leaves the younger boy’s throat. Kyungsoo’s shyness is fading more and more with every moment and Jongin wants to jump on his waist and hug him and tell him to just get out of there and find a bedroom- but he’s already so overwhelmed. He would probably actually die if- if Kyungsoo…

Jongin pulls away a little, only foreheads touching again, and he traces a finger down the loose neck of the other's shirt. His eyes dart back up to look at Kyungsoo’s and the stare the older boy is giving him makes his stomach flip.

“Jesus, Jongin-ah…” he whispers, tongue heavy, lips slightly ajar.

“Same goes for you,” the younger boy gives back, and lets his hand slowly inch down Kyungsoo’s front. He not so accidentally brushes his pinkie against a nipple under the thin shirt and the shorter boy’s breath hitches.

“W-what are you-”

“Why did it take us so long, hyung?” Jongin asks the obvious question, nuzzling his nose against the other’s. His fingers are now on the buckle of his belt, drawing small patterns on it carefully.


“Because this- this doesn’t make sense,” Kyungsoo replies but the next moment he realises it sounds wrong because Jongin freezes. “No, I mean… why would you want to kiss me ? I still don’t understand, to be honest.”

Jongin’s eyes leave his and drop on his hands, and Kyungsoo keeps his own on the boy’s white sweater that somehow still cannot hide the beautiful body underneath it. The younger one is thinking about the answer, making Kyungsoo’s heart restless.

“It’s because I love you,” Jongin whispers, barely audible, and looks back up at his eyes. “I have for some time, I just… I never thought it would be requited, you know… you’re so much more than I deserve, and I have so little to give to you... but I’ve had enough of hiding it, because it’s becoming too big to hide anyway so… here I am,” he huffs and gives him a nervous little smile.

And Kyungsoo isn’t in the right mind to reply to any of this, so he just leans forward to connect their lips again, one hand sliding around Jongin’s hips to pull him closer. He lets the other boy’s tongue slip into his mouth this time, finding his own and starting a dance of their own. Jongin hums into the kiss with appreciation, one hand still in Kyungsoo’s hair, the other finding the hem of his shirt and sliding up on the skin of his stomach to stop on his chest. As a reply to that, the older boy breaks away from the kiss, only to return a second later, sucking the other’s bottom lip in and biting it a little. Jongin outright moans and sinks his fingertips into Kyungsoo’s chest. The pleading sound runs straight into the shorter boy’s groin and he needs all his willpower not to yank Jongin against himself completely.

Panting and flustered, he pulls away before it gets to the point where he cannot stop because before that happens, he needs to get things off his chest.

“I love you, too,” Kyungsoo mutters, resting his head on Jongin’s shoulder, looking down at their socked feet. “I love you and I’m an idiot for pushing you away all this time and if I were a little bit tipsier than I am now, I would think I’m only imagining this whole thing…” he peers up at Jongin’s eyes, the younger boy’s lips trembling but a smile plastered on his face no matter what. “But you are here now. You really are.”

“I am, I’m here,” Jongin’s rubs a thumb against his cheek fondly, “and I’m all yours.”

“I love you, Jongin-ah.”

“I love you too, hyung.”

Chapter Text

Jongdae tries not to glare at his phone so obviously as he checks the time for the fourth time in five minutes. It’s almost as if he were trying to hide the fact that he is waiting for somebody, even from himself.

He’s had a few shots, sure, but those shouldn’t affect him like this. They’ve never given him this nervous feeling in his stomach. Not this unstoppable tapping of his foot. Not a distracted mind like right now. He pockets his phone just a moment before he senses someone stepping in his personal space and poking his ass with one finger, and his head shoots up, only to see-

“Fuck, Baek, it’s you,” he huffs annoyedly. Of course. Jongdae has been standing by the wall of their living room that faces the front door. He wouldn’t have missed him entering.

“Nice way t’greet yo birthday boy,” Baekhyun slurs and giggles absentmindedly. Fuck, he’s hammered. Again. Even his silver crop top and tight shorts cannot distract from the fact that he looks like he has downed a whole liquor store on his own. He’s swaying off-beat, with his sad-looking, half-empty glass of wine. And on top of all this, he reeks of the smell of weed.

Jongdae bites his tongue to stop himself from saying anything because he knows it’s not his place to do so. Not right now anyway, when they’re both drunk and the source of Baekhyun’s recent alcohol problems must be somewhere near them.

It seems like checking his phone for the time became second nature to Jongdae. Before he realises it, he already has it in his hand, the small device lighting up to display the time. 10:58pm.

“He’s late.”

“Waitin’ for yo boyfriend?” Baekhyun flings an arm around his shoulders unhelpfully, and Jongdae scolds himself for not being able to shut his mouth.

“My fake boyfriend you mean,” he nods and plays it cool, even though he can hear how obviously bitter he sounds. … wait, bitter? What the fuck, why would he sound bitter?! He’s just drunk, he tells himself, oh-so-drunk. He’s thinking nonsense because of the alcohol. Nothing more.

“Yo faaaake boyfriend who you’ve been so passionate with yesterday, huh,” Baekhyun grins widely at him. Jongdae wants to push him off of himself for it, that’s his first intention, but then… he hates that he remembers it all too well.

No one is here to see us.

He shudders at the memory of Minseok’s cologne and warm skin and- oh god, why is he thinking about it? Because yeah, texting him dumb stuff like the things he said earlier tonight is okay. He’s sure Minseok didn’t mean half of it anyway. But… thinking about it like this

His drunk train of thoughts, however, is interrupted when the front door swings open, earning harsh remarks from two girls making out close to it. Jongdae’s heart jumps into his throat when he finally catches sight of him.


Jongdae really thought he has the upper hand didn’t he - Minseok thought to himself as he was getting ready 30 minutes after Chanyeol has already left for the party. He has been asking Minseok when will they leave as he was still wearing his tracksuit lying in his bed. He told him he should go along without him, he will join in later. He wanted to look his absolute best and he will sure make Jongdae wait for it.

He styled his hair wavy, slightly showing off the shaved up sides and put on some light makeup before he turned to his wardrobe to pick out the outfit that will make his boyfriend beg for him. He contemplated for a while between his favourite leather pants and his ripped skinnies but as soon as he caught a glimpse of the pair of fishnets he bought the other day, his mind settled on the latter option. He smirked to himself as he pulled them up and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He pulled on a red crop top, one that he found at a second hand shop and customized for himself cutting the material at the hem of the shirt. The shirt’s length were just above his pants waist line, exposing a little more skin then he usually does.

He smiles cockily at his reflection as he thinks about Jongdae seeing him in this outfit. He pulls out his phone from the back pocket of his jeans, planning on texting him but he changes his mind quickly. He should wait for him, he thinks and with that his phone is placed back at its original place. He fixes his hair one last time and sprays some of his favourite cologne on before picking up his leather jacket and his keys, leaving their apartment behind.

The drive takes too long for Minseok’s liking even though their flat is not that far from each other but whenever he leaves for Jongdae’s he can’t help but be expectant and that makes the whole ride feel like hours. He is tapping away to the party mix that the radio plays on the steering wheel his head clouded with images of Jongdae. He hopes to god that what he messaged him, he meant it because he is sure when he will see him he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself anymore.

He sighs. It’s unbelievable how one guy can make him feel. Jongdae makes him go crazy all the time without even trying. It frustrates him but he cannot say he doesn’t love the way his boyfriend makes him feel. ‘Boyfriend.’ A simple word making him smile ever so widely, trying to lock the word ‘fake’ away from it, however, he knows that these two walk together hand in hand. He might change it tonight. He wants to at least.

He arrives to their flat, his heart jumping to his throat and a grin unmatchable on his face. He fixes his hair for the millionth time as he walks up to their door. He takes a deep breath just like swimmers do before they dive, the muffled music playing in his ears. Here he goes. He opens the door and scans the room only to meet eyes with him. He is standing with Baek right at the other end of the room just in perfect sight. He smirks and winks at Jongdae, who seems frozen, his eyes watching his every move as he walks in and instead of going to greet him, he disappears in the kitchen to find something to drink.

He can wait a little longer.


Oh fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.

Minseok winks at him, fucking winks , and just goes off to the kitchen and Jongdae blinks twice before he can move.

“Hey, uhm,” he wiggles himself free from Baekhyun’s arm that feels like it’s weighing him down. His friend has been rambling about something concerning Chanyeol for the past two minutes now, and it’s not like he wants to be an asshole, but he really doesn't care at the moment. “Where is he by the way?”

“Who? Yeollie?” Baekhyun stumbles on his feet, losing his single secure spot which was Jongdae. He almost spills his disgusting drink on the carpet, and Jongdae hisses. “’s in the kitchen. Was talkin’ to Tao some time ago.”

“Huh, maybe check on him?” Jongdae offers, eyes on the crowd again.

“W’ll… we haven’ talked in person in a while… been a few days so d’you think maybe I should- y’know jus’to make myself clear that I’m not into ‘im… mkay...” Baek trails off in a drunk, high-pitched sigh, and it doesn’t take him a second to start pushing through the mass of people, towards the kitchen.

The kitchen where-

But Jongdae doesn’t feel like following him. The crowd - about twenty-five or thirty people crammed in their tiny living room - looks pretty dangerous to his drunk mind. Everyone seems to be moving together, like a huge monster of flesh made of elbows and heads of hair, pulsating to the music. The first person Jongdae can make out in there is Sehun, swaying to the beat with his eyes closed, two girls on both his sides. They look some years older and like they have some pretty firm intentions with him there. Jongdae remembers what the younger boy told him about his blowjobs and he looks away promptly.

Next, he spots the back of Jongin’s head, and he’s leaning down a little, as if he were busy kissing somebody, and- wait, is that Kyungsoo there?! Oh god, it is, it really is. Jongdae’s jaw drops as he watches the taller boy grab the other’s ass underneath his long sweater, and he cannot believe his eyes.

He almost makes up his mind to push through the people and get to them to ask what the hell is happening, when he feels a hand grabbing his wrist, holding him in one place.

“Where are you heading to, baby?”

The voice is way too familiar, talking just a few centimetres away from his ear, and it instantly sends shivers down Jongdae’s spine.

He found him.

He spins around, hoping that he’ll be released. Minseok, however, doesn’t let go of his wrist but firmly pins it against the wall right next to his chest. Jongdae can feel his cheeks redden as he realises how they must look from the outside.

Which is fine. They’re supposed to be dating anyway, right? He gulps as he looks up to lock eyes with Minseok at last and tries not to think about all the things he had justified with that single reason in the past week.

He chooses to explore Minseok’s face instead. Fuck, he is really pretty. Jongdae has realised it before of course, but he still doesn’t understand. How can a boy be this pretty? Minseok put on some makeup, something he does from time to time. It makes his eyes pop and his lips look full and sweet- god, what is he doing?!

“What? You’re not so talkative now, are you?” Minseok murmurs to him with a smirk, somehow still making every word audible over the music and Jongdae bites the inside of his cheek. This bastard…

“So you came here to talk then?” he retorts, prouding himself on how his voice didn’t even waver while speaking. He won’t let Minseok have his way so easily.


Minseok found his bunch in the kitchen. They are so predictable. Tao and Chanyeol were chatting away, sipping on their drinks. Suho was making out in the corner with Kris, occasionally breaking it to smile at each other before diving back in. Yixing was mixing things to a bunch of people Minseok only know from the school corridors but not personally, with his girlfriend, Yoonhee, standing by his side enjoying his company and the music.

As soon as Yixing noticed Minseok’s entering he invited him over, pushing two cups of alcohol in each of his hands telling him to “chug it”. Minseok hesitates looking at Yixing but he takes two cups as well and raises them, signaling that he will take a round with him. They down their drinks, the alcohol burning their throats. Soon Chanyeol pats his shoulder and as he turns around he feels dizzy. It honestly feels like he is already drunk and he hopes to god Yixing didn’t put something in his drink. Chanyeol gives him another cup with beer in it and slides a little further to make place for him by the counter.

“How come you are here Minseok?” Tao asks quite clearly referring to the fact that they thought Minseok would be with Jongdae with the first given second.

“I needed something to drink.” He shrugs looking up at Tao and Chanyeol. In their company he always feels so little even though both of them are younger than him.

“You don’t plan on driving home tonight, right?” Chanyeol cocks a brow at him, poting at the car key sticking out of his so tight skinnies. Minseok shrugs raises his hands, signaling that who knows how the night will go on earning a scoff from Chanyeol.

Tao opens their mouth to say something, but they are interrupted by the shattering of the wine glass and a really loud laughter erupting from a tiny, and very drunk, boy. All three of them turn their attention towards the source only to see Baekhyun ‘delicately’ stepping over the broken glass and swaying towards Chanyeol.

“Yeol! I’ve been looking for youuuu!” He sings walking closer in. “Mhm no that’z a lie.” He giggles to himself. “But now I’m ‘ere to tell you-” He hiccups pointing a threatening finger at Chanyeol. “That even tho I would suck yuor dick- I won’t cause- I don’t care.” Stumbling over his own words he places his arm around Chanyeol’s shoulder, his head falling against the younger’s chest.

“Sure…” He says unsure, peeling Baekhyun’s strong grip off of himself and supporting him while grabbing his elbows. “But hey, uhm… where is your new boyfriend, though?” Chanyeol asks leaning forward trying his best to make Baekhyun look at him, who keeps tilting his head from side to side with his eyes still closed. “He must be looking for you...”

“Who the fcuk are you talking bout?” Baekhyun slurs, his hand finding Chanyeol’s biceps involuntary. He licks his lips and takes a deep breath, checking him out, his grip tightening.

Chanyeol tenses up, his breathing uneven. His eyes are somewhat clouded and he flashes a devilish grin at Baekhyun. “You know… the guy you have been seeing. Don’t you want to look for him, hmm? Should we look together? Maybe you can introduce me to him.”

“If you ‘re so interested…” Baekhyun burps out and through his batted lashes he catches a sight of Minseok. “Oh Seokkie….. yo came. Dae was worired.” He slurs, making Minseok smile proudly and Chanyeol sighs with a heavy heart.

“Yeah sure. Show me him.” Chanyeol places a hand on Baekhyun’s side, squeezing him a little and Baekhyun whipmers. He then grabs Chanyeol by the wrist and sloppily drags him out, the younger boy follows him with heavy footsteps, a smirk on his face and another drink in his hand.

“Will you be mad at me Tao if I go and find Daedae now?” He asks them who chuckles lightly shaking their head.

“Go on. I will be fine.” They said winking at Minseok who thanks them with a nod and slides out of the kitchen ready to continue on with his evil plan.


“So you came here to talk then?” Jongdae’s words paint a playful smile on his face and he licks along his lower lip.

“If that is what you really want.” Minseok shrugs, letting go off Jongdae’s wrist only to place it on top of his hip bone. He leans in extremely close, with a motion that could be mistaken for him trying to steal a kiss but instead he places his chin on top of Jongdae’s shoulder. “Is this what you really want kitten?” He whispers into his ear with a low voice sliding his finger beneath Jongdae’s shirt, caressing his cold skin.


Jongdae feels his knees buckle at the nickname. This is not fair. So fucking not fair. Minseok knows how to do this, he had time and occasion to practice, the odds are all against Jongdae.

It won’t stop him from giving his best shot, though.

He reaches out to hook a finger in Minseok’s belt loop, tugging him a little closer. Not quite close enough to make their bodies touch, but the boy willingly follows his pulling hand and it makes Jongdae a little more confident.

Experimentally, he places his hand on Minseok’s hip too, mirroring the other. His fingertips sink into the flesh there and it makes his whole hand tingle. Jongdae knows he might be enjoying this a little too much, but hey, can you blame him? This is the first time he actually feels something while messing around with someone like this. Someone who just happens to be a boy , a little voice in his head fills it in for him and he pushes it to the back of his mind instantly. He doesn’t need to think about this now. Because what he wants to concentrate on is right in front of him, eyeing him as if he were the hottest person he has ever laid eyes on.

“But what do you want, Minseok?” he asks quietly, feeling how the boy’s muscles stiffen under his touch.

“I want you to moan my name,” comes the answer instantly, as if it were the only logical thing to say, the only thing he can possibly want from him. Jongdae’s stomach fills with butterflies. Fuck, he’s already growing hard. This is not how he imagined taking revenge on Minseok tonight. He wanted to make him a flustered mess, wanted to take control, wanted to-

Jongdae bites his lower lip to stop himself from whimpering as he feels Minseok’s hand on his ass. Trapped and helpless, he lets his head fall back against the wall, the boy’s breath hot on his neck as he talks.

“C’mon, say it,” Minseok practically purrs the words and Jongdae finds it hard to even breathe. “Say my name, Daedae.”

Jongdae, not trusting his own voice, just shakes his head stubbornly, fingers gripping at Minseok’s hipbone tighter, only to get the same reaction from the older boy.

“Tell me you want me.”

Fuck. How can anybody affect him like this? He shuts his eyes and shakes his head again, his only option apart from giving in, biting his lip painfully and shaking his head. He knows it was a bad idea, though, when he feels Minseok scoff against his neck, and he suddenly changes positions.

It happens so quickly that Jongdae can barely process it. Only when Minseok’s one hand is flat against his stomach under his shirt, the other planted on the wall next to his head, and his thigh- oh god .

“Look at you,” Minseok murmurs, voice low and raspy, pushing his thigh between Jongdae’s legs. His fishnets are visible through the rips of his jeans, and Jongdae feels his mouth run dry. He tries to look for a grip on the blank wall behind him, but he cannot find any. The only support he has now is Minseok’s leg holding him up. “You’re already growing hard for me and I haven’t even done anything.”

“God damnit , Seok,” he closes his eyes, grinding his hips down on the other’s thigh. He might actually go mad here if he doesn’t do that.

“Yes, kitten?”

If it weren’t for the people around them, Jongdae would actually scream in frustration. Fuck, he has to get out of here. He’s flushed and gasping for air, he needs to get away before Minseok-

Minseok .

“You- ah,” Jongdae pushes at the other’s chest and he instantly lets him go. Despite his legs almost giving out, Jongdae manages to stand on his own and he locks eyes with Minseok. Seeing lust and curiosity there, he unceremoniously grabs his wrist and spins on his heels, dragging him into the crowd. Enough is enough. “You’re coming with me.”


Minseok can’t believe his eyes. Jongdae is dragging him through the crowd by his wrist, something he never even imagined to happen. He can’t help but smirk as his eyes wander from the back of his head down to his perfect ass and back up again. He knew he can’t keep himself away for so long. He knew it all too well how to make Jongdae shiver and whimper.

He has been noticing how he flinches when Minseok whispers into his ear or how his body tenses when his fingertips not so accidentally brush against his hips when he hugs him. Jongdae is weak for his eager touches despite how much he tries to deny it, he can’t hide the truth.

Jongdae messes with the doorknob of his room, trying so desperately to open it quickly before his freshly gained confidence evaporates. He flings the door open, almost falling off its hinges. He steps aside and pushes Minseok inside closing the door behind them. Minseok hears the lock click and he licks his lips facing the wall opposite to the door.

He waits a few seconds, waiting for Jongdae to says something or to walk over to him but he doesn’t come. He chuckles lightly as he extremely slowly turns around to face his lover again. In the dim light he sees how messed up Jongdae looks. His chest falling up and down at a crazy pace, leaning against the door and looking at Minseok like a deer lost in the headlights. His lips are pouting, inviting Minseok to come and have a taste but he refrains himself from doing so folding his arms in front of his chest.

“So… what do you want babe?” Minseok asks cocking an eyebrow at him, the distance between them being just an arm length yet so unbearable to be separated by. Jongdae looks down on the ground, then his eyes wander to every inch of his room as if it wasn’t his just so he can avoid Minseok’s lustful gaze.

“D-do it again.” He manages to form the words, lips running dry and Minseok can feel himself growing hard.

“Do what?” He pushes further, taking step by step closer to him closing the gap between their bodies almost entirely when Jongdae speaks up again.

“Touch me.” He whispers ever so softly, his voice more confident than he thought he would sound like. Minseok’s heart skips a beat. Jongdae is driving him crazy and he doesn’t even realize it. He reaches out to lift Jongdae’s chin up so that he can finally look into his eyes.

“What? I couldn’t hear it.” He says again biting his lower lip and scanning Jongdae’s face.

Fuck... just… touch me… please.” Jongdae begs and he hates it but he can’t help it. He cannot stand not having Minseok’s hands on him. Minseok needs nothing else. He steps closer, connecting his lips with Jongdae again, the memories of how sweet he tasted yesterday come crashing back.

The hand that he placed on his chin finds its way up into Jongdae’s hair, fisting it and pulling onto it slightly, while the other slides to Jongdae’s hips pushing away the loose fabric of his shirt and caressing his smooth skin beneath it. The kiss turns into more passionate as he lets his tongue slip past Jongdae’s parted lips and as he pushes his thigh back between Jongdae’s, applying slightly more and more pressure on his groin and his quickly growing erection.


Jongdae would have never thought Minseok was this strong. His whole body flush against the younger boy, Seok keeps him standing now, long after his knees gave up. Jongdae feels so dizzy, as if the whole room were spinning with the two of them because Minseok is kissing him, almost eating him up alive, he’s pushing him up against a fucking door, something he thought was only possible in bad pornos, his hands and tongue everywhere, with a-

Fuck, Minseok is hard against Jongdae’s thigh. He tries his best to stop his hands from trembling as he’s holding on to the hem of the older boy’s crop top, feeling all the blood in his body rush in his groin. He groans as Minseok shifts his thigh between his legs. As if he knew what was on Jongdae’s drunk mind.

They will have sex tonight.

Jongdae’s stomach has been tiny as a pea for some time now, but as soon as the scattered thought-shards form a sentence in his head, his insides instantly catch on fire. With literally no space between the two of them, he’s breathing the same air as Minseok, inhaling and exhaling out of rhythm, and he is thinking about sex.

He moans into the kiss. Having sex with Kim Minseok… a thought that just a few weeks earlier would have never occurred to him, something he would’ve found absolutely ridiculous, repelling, even… who knew all he needed to do to make the impossible possible was to stop thinking altogether.

Because now his body - and fluttering heart - is saying yes yes yes like never before.


Finally. Minseok waited so long for this. He imagined it a millionth times how would it be if he could get his hands on Jongdae. He thought of having his one hand in his hair and his other slowly sliding down from his hips to grab his ass and drag him closer, their bodies melting into one. He thought of biting Jongdae’s lips till they are swollen, but he is finally able to do it and his head is spinning with every moan that leaves Jongdae.

He wants him so bad. His lust is unbearable and with every push he gets more heated. He wants to tear Jongdae apart. He slowly slides down his hand from Jongdae’s ass to grip his thigh earning yet another muffled moan from his lover that pushes him to the edge. Minseok holds him firmly as he feels Jongdae slipping away. He smirks into the kiss thinking he doesn’t even know what waits for him when they finally get to bed-

Oh shit . Minseok senses come back to him as he realizes, this is Jongdae’s first time. Not only that but this is his first everything. He knows that Jongdae is drunk, he can taste the mix of vodka and rum in his mouth as he kisses him. The younger boy hardly has himself together, his hands gripping the hem of Minseok’s shirt for support as he is shaking beneath him. Minseok sighs and he places his hand back on the small of Jongdae’s back and the other one on his cheek caressing it softly.

He places his leg back Jongdae falling into his embrace as he takes his only support away from him. Minseok giggles softly as he kisses his lover on the lips again a lot slower and gentle this time. It’s too soon for Jongdae and simply, it’s not the right time.


Minseok’s leg disappears just as quickly as it came and Jongdae stumbles on his feet.

What the h-

The other boy’s lips become gentle all of a sudden. His hands retreat and the atmosphere around them shifts into something new. What does not change, though, is the bonfire in Jongdae’s chest and stomach and groin, and he whimpers frustratedly.

“Why did you- stop?” he asks between two kisses, not pulling back, not letting go. Fuck, what happened? Does Minseok not want him anymore? Is he really that bad of a kisser? Did he do something to signal he doesn’t want this? “Please...” he whispers, voice broken and hoarse and he pushes against Minseok’s lips. He wants more. Needs more.

“We can’t have your first time to be like this, can we, kitten?” Minseok places both hands on his chest to pull back and look at him. Jongdae’s vision is blurry but he can see Minseok smiling fondly at him. It doesn’t do his erection any good.

“I- uhh,” he lets his head drop against the door and groans frustratedly. “If it’s because I was teasing you-”

“No, it’s not that,” Minseok chuckles lightly at him and it makes Jongdae immensely frustrated. “I want you,” he adds, and slips a hand back in Jongdae’s hair to play with it. The younger boy bites in his lower lip. How does his every move, no matter how small, make him more and more turned on?

“Then fucking act like it,” he mutters and with a new-found confidence, he slides a palm on Minseok’s hard on. Jongdae can see his shocked expression for a second before he captures his lips in another kiss, swallowing the older boy’s deep moan.


The minute he felt Jongdae’s hands finally on him he couldn’t keep himself together. Jongdae’s dominance turned his insides mushy and he shakily pulled him closer by his belt. This time he can’t stop the moans escape his lips that fuel his lover’s confidence even more, pushing his nails in Minseok’s back as he keeps him close, one hand still down on his pants.

Fuck …” Minseok gasps breaking the kiss. “How do you expect me to keep my hands to myself when you are like this?” He purrs into Jongdae’s ears sending shivers down his spine, his voice hoarse and deep.

“Then just don’t.” Jongdae replies sliding his fingers in Minseok’s damp hair and pulling him back into a kiss. Minseok groans in the kiss as he places both of his hands right beneath Jongdae’s ass and squeezes them firmly.

Minseok wants him so bad but he knows he shouldn’t have sex with him tonight. He, being tipsy as well, knows it’s not a good idea. Yet his actions tell something completely different as his mouth slowly moves downwards, kissing Jongdae’s chin and every inch of his neck licking his soft skin every once in a while.

“I…” He tries to catch his breath but Jongdae lifts his leg and puts it around his thigh pulling him closer and another moan escapes his lip. “I… shouldn’t.” He finally says trying to stop himself as well but the younger boy does not help with pulling his hair and grabbing his hard on.

“But I want you.” Jongdae groans in Minseok’s ear, making him shiver. “And I’m not made of sugar, Minseok.” Jongdae’s voice is so deep it resonates in the back of Minseok’s mind. His breathing gets heavier, his head spinning and he is in constant battle with his lust and his sober mind.

“Can I…” He starts, his face still buried in the younger boy’s neck. Minseok collects himself and pushes himself up locking eyes with Jongdae. He hesitates, contemplating about whether to finish his sentence or not, but as soon as he catches a glimpse of Jongdae biting down his lower lip the words escape his mouth. “Can I blow you?”


The question catches Jongdae off-guard, and it feels like a kick in his chest.

“Yeah,” he breathes out instantly, not even a word, and he feels his cheeks burn. He hopes to god Minseok cannot see it in the darkness. Jongdae swallows hard, trying to swallow his racing heart back in its place, but it stays put stubbornly.

“You sure?” Minseok’s eyes scan his face, as if he could find a single sign of doubt. Jongdae cannot believe him. One week of teasing and sweet-talking and butt-grabbing, only for him to back out in the very last moment. Jongdae bites the inside of his cheek and grabs Minseok’s cock a little tighter.

“I am.”

And with that, he pulls the other boy back to kiss him. It scares him a little how easily he feels himself getting used to it; the battling of tongues and the heat radiating from Minseok when he touches his neck. He would love to take his time appreciating every moment, but there’s a pretty urging problem that he wants to solve as soon as possible.

Since Minseok still doesn’t seem to believe him, Jongdae nudges him backwards, never breaking the kiss. The older boy takes the hint and fists his hands in his shirt for support as he steps back unsurely. Jongdae is leading now. It’s a strange feeling but it gives him a new kind of fire surging through his veins. He guides Minseok whose foot soon knocks against the bed, and Jongdae yelps into the kiss when he suddenly spins them around. The younger boy ends up falling backwards into the sheets, chest heaving and lips numb. Minseok takes a moment to look him up and down, similarly out of breath. A small smile plays on his lips and Jongdae cannot take it. He throws an arm across his burning face and groans.


“Did you just take control over me?” Minseok smirks that obnoxious smirk of his, and Jongdae knows he’s done being sweet to him. Good. He can take teasing far better than affection.

“Well did you just freeze after offering me a blowjob?” he gives back, mocking Minseok’s articulation.

“Look at you,” he raises his eyebrows in amusement, putting his hands on his hips. “I wouldn’t have thought you have such a big mouth.”

“I’m full of surprises,” Jongdae sighs and pushes himself up on his elbows, licking his lips absentmindedly. It isn’t lost on Minseok, though. The older boy’s eyes fall on his lips, then slowly trail down his body till it settles on the very obvious and neglected tent in his pants.


Minseok smirks cockily and as he locks eyes with Jongdae again, the younger boy blushes. Minseok leans over supporting himself on his palms by Jongdae’s side. He leans so close that the tip of their noses touch and Jongdae forces himself to look back at Minseok.

“Someone told me yesterday that I didn’t turn him on,” Minseok starts and Jongdae takes a big gulp. “look at you know, baby boy.” He pushes himself back to hover over Jongdae’s lap. He raises his hand and softly brushes Jongdae’s cheek, his hand trailing down on his neck, his chest till it lightly brushes against his crotch. Jongdae’s head falls back as he whimpers to allow yet another cocky smirk appear on Minseok’s face. “What’s wrong babe?”

“Just do it already, jesus.” Jongdae breathes as Minseok’s fingers dance on his stomach inching down towards his cock.

“Eager, are we?” Minseok lets out an evil little laugh as he palm’s Jongdae’s crotch who grunts again pushing against the older boy’s hand.

“I swear to god, Minseok…” Jongdae groans and Minseok’s heart skips a beat as his name leaves the pretty boy’s mouth. He sounds so needy and desperate and Minseok wants to enjoy it as long as it lasts.

“What?” Minseok cocks his head to the side with a smug smirk as his hands stays on Jongdae’s crotch the other one sliding beneath his loose tee pressing on his abs a little.

“If you don’t blow me now, I’ll- I’ll lose my mind.” Jongdae threatens Minseok who chuckles and takes away his hands. Jongdae’s eyes widen at him as Minseok shakes his head at him.

“Well, you have to earn it pretty boy.” Minseok purrs, while pushing down Jongdae by his shoulders and connects their lips again. Jongdae groans in the kiss and Minseok cannot be happier to make Jongdae so worked up.


He won’t let Minseok laugh at him. He thinks Jongdae still has to prove something? Well, he told Minseok he would play along and he keeps his promises. Even those made to an annoying, stubborn, hot as hell asshole like him.

After some minutes of Minseok having fun with making out - seemingly forgotten about something -, Jongdae decides to take matters in his hands again. He blindly reaches out to grab Minseok’s hips and pull him closer, fingers slipping under the hem of his boxer briefs. The older boy scoffs into the kiss and makes a sound of disapproval in the back of his throat. But Jongdae sinks his nail in the flesh, thrusting his hip up in the air, trying to aim it well and push against Minseok- only to have the other boy pull away from the kiss.

“Not so fast, kitten,” he speaks a few centimetres away from his lips, and Jongdae cranes his neck, hoping for another kiss, because that was still better than nothing, but Minseok grins and pulls away, far enough that he cannot reach him. Jongdae wants to grunt at him but it comes out more like a whine.

“Aren’t you done with kissing yet?” he asks childishly, grinding his hips upwards again. What he doesn’t expect, though, is Minseok reaching between his legs to stroke two fingers down his length. “Ye- yes…” he moans helplessly and presses into the touch. Fucking finally .

But the older boy must have other plans because he presses those two fingers down hard, pinning him into the mattress with just that, and Jongdae practically screams. “ Fuck -”

“I’m not done yet, honey,” Minseok tilts his head back and eyes him, making Jongdae feel small, so small… he wiggles his hips but Minseok turns his fingers just slightly and-

“Fu- fuck, Seokkie, I’m gonna- ” he blurts out, feeling the heat growing unbearable. Shit, if the older boy keeps doing this, he will come in no time. And even though that’s all he really wants right now, this is not quite how he imagined it. He takes a deep breath. He cannot let go just yet.


‘Seokkie.’ Fuck. Jongdae knows all too well how to get the worst of Minseok. He tries to keep a clear mind even though Jongdae’s heavy panting is driving him crazy. Without hesitation he slides his hands back to Jongdae’s v-line and grabs his shirt, pulling it upwards extremely slowly. Jongdae turning from side to side beneath him as his hands brush against his skin. He pushes the fabric up until it’s on Jongdae’s wrist and he leaves it there. This way it will be easier for him to hold him down.

With one hand holding Jongdae’s arm above his head and the other caressing his side that makes the younger boy flinch and feel ticklish he leans back in, finding his sweet spot on his collarbone instantly making him whimper and arc his back. He slides down his hand to grab onto Jongdae’s thigh who moans louder than he did before.

“Louder.” Minseok groans against Jongdae’s skin. “Let everyone hear it.” He grunts as Jongdae tries to thrust his hip up again, only to make Minseok pushes him down with his leg and sits down on his thighs. Now Jongdae can’t move any longer, both his hands and his arms are tied down by Minseok. “I told you before. Moan my name.”

“Minseokkie, please…” Jongdae whimpers. That name again. That damn nickname. He swore it can push him to the edge so easily. The older boy continues on, leaving love bites and hickey all over Jongdae’s perfect collarbones content on making him moan that everyone at the party will be able to hear them. He travels down to his nipples sucking and biting them, the younger boy grunting beneath him.

“Let me go-,” Jongdae suddenly whines and Minseok glances up at him. “Let me- let me touch you.” He begs, his voice shaking as the words leave his mouth. “I want to.... please…. let me.” He whines and Minseok giggles against his skin giving him goosebumps. As soon as his eyes meet Jongdae’s pleading ones he slides down the shirt from his wrists finally releasing him from his strong hold.

Jongdae’s hands without hesitation find their place in his hair and on his shoulder, the nail digging into his crop top. Minseok continues to go down until he reaches Jongdae’s belly where he leaves featherlight kisses while his hands play with the buckle of his belt clumsily.


His wrists throbbing and lungs too small to get enough air into them, Jongdae holds on for dear life. Minseok’s fingers keep tickling the faint line of hair that disappears in his pants and Jongdae tugs at his hair. The older boy grins against his skin and bites down a little, as if saying don’t try me, baby .

And finally, after four agonising minutes, Minseok undoes his belt buckle. Jongdae cannot raise his hips fast enough but the older boy takes his time undressing him, slowly sliding the jeans down on his legs, down on the floor. He shivers as the otherwise nice warm air meets his freshly exposed, heated skin, and he remember something.

“C’mere,” Jongdae mutters and tugs Minseok up to be at the same eye-level as him. He only takes one moment to look at the older boy’s beautiful smile before he pulls his crop top over his head in one fluent movement. It ruffles Minseok’s hair and now it’s in his eyes and Jongdae would love to kiss him again, but he gets a little distracted by the boy’s impressive body. He knows he’s been staring a moment too long when Minseok chuckles at him.

“See something you like?” he murmurs with a cocky grin, and Jongdae is about to shoot back when suddenly, Minseok grabs him by the wrist and places his hand on the base of his own throat. Jongdae’s heart leaps in his chest as the older boy slowly drags his palm down on his body, feeling the heat, the sweat and every muscle under his fingertips. He only stops when Jongdae’s fingers hook into the waistband of his jeans.

“Fuck, you’re so-” he breathes out absentmindedly, but cuts himself off immediately in embarrassment.

“I’m so what?” Minseok’s eyes shoot up from where he was watching Jongdae’s underwear that is damp with precome, and something sparkles in his eyes Jongdae cannot really place. “Say it.”


The older boy smirks wider as Jongdae’s jaw drops. Minseok pushes his knee between his thighs, and the angle is much better than it was back at the door because it doesn’t take him more than two small rubs to make Jongdae a moaning, whimpering mess. His eyes flutter closed and he grinds up against Minseok, finally getting the friction he has been waiting for.


Perfect. The word echoes in Minseok’s mind as he looks down on his lover. He looks so breathtakingly beautiful in his eyes. Every inch of him is like a perfect sculpture now complemented with the marks he left on him. His moans sounds so perfect too, it’s music to his ears and Minseok wants to cherish every moment they have. He leans back to connect their lips again softer than before yet more passionate, Jongdae grinding against his muscular thigh while he slides down his fingers to hook in his pants.

He slowly pulls down his pants never breaking the kiss while Jongdae moans into his mouth. Minseok’s heart beats faster as he realizes that Jongdae has never experienced something like this before. It has to be perfect and memorable and most importantly enjoyable for Jongdae. As soon as the fabric is off, Minseok fingers find their way to his lover’s hard on and he runs his fingers up and down while his other hand touches his cheek, his thumb running circles on the heated skin.

The air gets stuck in Jongdae’s throat as Minseok grabs his cock in his hands and with slow movement he starts to move up and down. Minseok lips leaves Jongdae’s swollen ones and he moves on to kiss into his ear and bite his earlobe earning a loud gasp for air from the younger boy.

“What?” Minseok breathes into Jongdae’s ear in between two kisses, his hand moving slower than ever wanting Jongdae to last longer than he possibly can.

“Fuck, baby...” Jongdae groans, nails digging in the sheets next to him and into Minseok’s back. Minseok smiles cockily as his other hand wanders down to get a hold of Jongdae’s balls who yelps in surprise and thrusts his hip up signaling the older boy to go faster.

Instead Minseok gets back to the same old stuff, kissing down from Jongdae’s ear, down his throath and abs until he is only mere centimeters away from his throbbing erection. With every kiss left on Jongdae’s skin, he shivers, his breathing - along with his moans - uneven as undeciphered words leave his mouth.

Minseok can’t hold back any longer and he can’t tease Jongdae anymore because he feels like if he extends his act for a minute longer Jongdae will collapse in his own hands. So he moves down licking along Jongdae’s member. The younger boy squeezes his thighs together, his head buried deep in the mattress beneath him. As Minseok reaches the tip of his cock he takes it in his mouth teasing and tasting Jongdae for a second before taking his full length in. His palm is still placed on Jongdae’s balls, rubbing against them while his fingers trail down to tease his entrance.

Minseok swears to god that he has never tasted something so good before.


Jongdae at this point could very well be dead. If it weren’t for the heavenly mouth of Minseok working on him, he would be sure he has died somewhere in the teasing process.

But it was all worth it, his hormone-fogged mind tells him, because the older boy is giving him his first ever blowjob and he has never felt more amazing in his entire life. Being so exposed in front of somebody, anybody , especially someone as hot as Minseok should make him feel uneasy or at least concerned… but Jongdae’s whole body is on fire and Minseok is like gasoline.

The older boy bobs his head slowly and rolls his balls in his hand and Jongdae doesn't realise his fingers wander downwards until-

“Fu- Min seok ,” he whines, not caring it’s not muffled anymore. The music outside should be enough to drown it out, it crosses his mind, and if it doesn't - well, let them hear him. He wishes everybody could hear him because Kim Minseok makes him feel glorious.

Jongdae moans shamelessly as the other boy lets the tip of a finger slip inside him. All the muscles in his body stiffen and Minseok- oh god, Minseok fucking groans around him, looking up and locking eyes with Jongdae. The younger boy cannot look away, and if it weren’t impossible, he would say the other is still smirking at him. Then, he twists his finger inside him slowly, and Jongdae’s eyes roll back into his skull.

“I- oh god, keep going…” he moans at the ceiling, but a second later, Minseok stops and is about to pull back. Fuck, no. Jongdae cannot let him tease him anymore, he might actually goddamn combust if he doesn't- if he cannot-

His hand flies into Minseok’s hair and grips it hard. The older boy gives a high-pitched moan around him and starts to move again, twice as fast and eager as before. It doesn’t take Jongdae more than ten seconds to be struggling to keep back.

“Seok, I- I’m coming-” he groans and he expects the boy to pull back and jerk him off in some seconds. Instead, Minseok hollows his cheeks even more and sucks him harder. He curls his finger in Jongdae, and that is the final straw.

His orgasm rips through him, with a series of loud moans he tries his very best to keep back but is unable to. His whitened knuckles in the bed sheets grip even harder as he arches his back and comes. Minseok swallows around him as if it were the most natural thing, his free hand coming up to rub his stomach soothingly. Jongdae bites back his whimpers as he collapses back on the bed. He is panting and pulsating, only one word on his otherwise white blank mind.



After Jongdae comes in his mouth, Minseok swallows it and takes back his pace before removing his mouth of Jongdae’s cock and sliding his finger out of him. He looks up at him, a soft smile tugging at the corner of his mouth to see Jongdae with his eyes closed, his chest going up and down at an extremely fast pace, sweat dripping down his body. Minseok picks up his crop top and carefully cleans off Jongdae before standing up and kissing him softly on the lips.

“I’ll be back baby, just wait for me.” He whispers softly and Jongdae weakly nods.

Minseok leaves the room, shirtless, sweat dripping down on his forehead from his damp hair. As soon as he enters the hall again, he feels cold missing the warmth of Jongdae next to him. He slips through the crowd and takes a cup of water from the kitchen, high-fiving Yixing on his way back to Jongdae’s room. He will definitely need that - he thinks.

Minseok slips back into the room, carefully closing the door behind him not to wake up Jongdae, but as he turns around he notices that his eyes are still partly open and that he is watching him through his batted eyelashes. Minseok smiles at him, placing the cup next to his bed and sliding out of his clothes quickly, leaving only his pair of boxers on. Jongdae weakly smiles at him and Minseok chuckles as he leans down to lift Jongdae up on the bed to make him lie straight.

Minseok tugs him in and climbs in the bed next to him, carefully placing his arm around Jongdae’s waist to keep him close to him, his head resting on his chest as the older boy plays with his hair and softly hums a melody to him. He places soft, feather like kisses on top of Jongdae’s forehead, nose and closed eyelids, never stopping to fiddle with his hair.

“You are so beautiful.” Minseok whispers softly, however, he originally wanted to say ‘I love you’ to him but he couldn’t. Not now. Not yet. Jongdae hums cuddling closer to Minseok chest whose smile spreads wider, his cheeks hurting.

Minseok has never been happier than at that moment. Having Jongdae in his arms, their bodies ever so close to each other, never wanting to leave. Jongdae has fallen asleep soon. Minseok didn’t go as easy on him as he originally planned to do on the first time, but it was all Jongdae’s fault. He really drives Minseok crazy like no other.

Chapter Text

Baekhyun is pulling Chanyeol through the crowd. He squeezes his body through the drunk, sweaty and high on weed crowd with one thing on his mind: Park Chanyeol in his bed. There goes his plan keeping himself as far away from him as he can.

When Chanyeol realises what is happening, they are already some meters away from the door of Baekhyun’s bedroom. It’s closed and looks private enough, and unless the shorter boy is planning on inviting him for a threesome, Chanyeol doubts they are on their way to meet his boyfriend. “What are you doing,” he asks in a demanding voice, not even a question at this point.

“Hmmm?” Baekhyun hums slightly turning his head to the side, a devilish grin tugging at the corner of his lips. “Showing you around of course.” He chuckles. Chanyeol looks somewhat terrified and it amuses him to no end.

Oh fuck. He didn’t plan on this night to go like this. Okay, maybe somewhere deep down he was hoping, but that was all his irrational side. In his mind, he has decided to stay as far away from Baekhyun as he could… and now, he has to ruin everything. “We shouldn’t,” he tells him, with strong emphasis on the second word.

Baekhyun pretends not to hear him and he keeps pushing towards his room, the door just an arm length away and as he extends his arm Chanyeol stops behind him pulling him back. Damn he is strong. He stumbles into Chanyeol’s chest and with a displeased look he glances up at the taller boy. “What?”

“Where is your boyfriend, pretty boy?”

“I’m lookin at him.”

Chanyeol’s breath hitches as his eyes grow huge. Jesus, Baek must be even higher than what he smells like. He grips the boy’s upper arms to hold him up and takes a step back. “You should go to sleep now. Before you say or do even more shit.”

“Okay, that was the plan.” Baekhyun nods winking at Chanyeol before turning again and starts to drag Chanyeol into his room once more. “Come with me.”

Okay, he can put him to bed. Honestly, it even comforts Chanyeol a little. To see that the older boy is safe and sound in his bed, not wandering around god knows where like the other night. As he kicks the door closed behind them, some words and sentences from their phone call come back racing in his mind and he crosses his arms on his chest to stop himself from touching him. “Lie down. I’ll get you some water,” he tells him and turns around to leave.

“Yeoool~” He grabs his hand stopping the younger boy from leaving him. “Come ‘ere.” He pulls him in, his free hand grabbing Chanyeol’s ass.

“Ah, so touchy…” he mumbles, with intended distaste... but unfortunately, he can feel the shots from Yixing working in his brain because despite everything, he lets himself be dragged closer. Baekhyun’s face is suddenly right in front of him... “‘Kay, I’m here. What now?”

“I want a kiss.” Baekhyun sings, placing his forehead against Chanyeol’s, licking his dry lips and never taking his eyes off of him.

“Oh you do, don’t you?” Chanyeol breathes, just some centimetres away from the shorter boy’s lips, and somewhere behind the fog of alcohol, he can hear his rationality scream at him for it.

“Yeah… it’s been so long since I last got a taste of you.” Baekhyun sighs pulling Chanyeol closer and squeezing his ass. “I almost forgot how you taste like.” He groans, his eyes searching Chanyeol’s face hungrily.

“You’re so drunk, though…” he pauses for a moment, almost pulling away, but Baekhyun’s hand slips further down between his legs and the rest of his words get caught in his throat.

“Yeah? So?” Baek grins biting down on his lip.

“You won’t regret this?” Chanyeol asks in a hoarse tone, the boy’s fingers sliding against his crack and making him even dizzier.

“Do I look like it?” Baekhyun cocks an eyebrow at Chanyeol, his voice more teasing than it usually is.

“Well you look like a lot of things right now…” Chanyeol replies without missing a beat, tongue working on autopilot.

“Really? Tell me.” Baekhyun’s other hand travels up to play with the buckle of Chanyeol’s belt.

“You look beautiful and really fucking horny.”

“Oh that’s because I am.” Baekhyun shrugs and craves to be touched by Chanyeol, however he does his best to hide it.

Chanyeol hums under his breath, slightly switching the angle so his lips actually ghost over Baekhyun’s owns. He won’t be the first one to kiss him but he will do anything to make the older boy do it himself. “So you haven’t been with anyone ever since? You look like you haven’t.”

“Huh someone is interested?”

“Oh I was only asking to seem polite,” Chanyeol chuckles, breathing in deeply and letting the smell of whiskey and Baekhyun’s perfume and something else fill his lungs. “I can tell you are so hungry for my touch.”

“What about you? You are pretty much trembling and I hardly touched you. What about all those guys?” Baekhyun scoffs.

“Oh, you don’t have to be jealous, baby. None of them deserved to be fucked.”

“Jealous… as if.” Baekhyun rolls his eyes.

“Huh, for some reason, I don’t believe you,” Chanyeol teases, slipping a hand up on Baekhyun’s arm and laying it on his neck, thumb pressed underneath his chin to keep his head up. “You want me so much, don’t you?”

“Hmm there is only one way to find out.” Baekhyun pouts, his hands sliding beneath Chanyeol’s shirt, nails tracing his soft skin.

“T-that being?” Chanyeol asks and hates how he stutters on the first word. Fuck, Baekhyun makes him lose his mind so easily.

“Oh? What was that?” Baekhyun’s eyes grow wide. He must be really drunk. “Did I make the one and only Park Chanyeol flustered?”

“Flustered my ass,” the younger boy replies, hand slipping further up on Baekhyun till he tangles his fingers in his hair to grab and tug at it. “Turned on? Since the moment you walked in tonight.”

“Huh that makes the two of us then.” Baekhyun huffs his nails digging into Chanyeol’s sides.

The other boy cannot keep back a huff. “If this is gonna be any kind of a friendship,” he starts, two fingers of his free hand tracing Baekhyun’s bottom lip absentmindedly, “it’s gonna be a pretty fucked up one.”

“Just like us.” Baekhyun sighs, biting Chanyeol’s fingers, eyes never leaving Chanyeol’s.

The taller boy groans, the sensation instantly running south in his veins. “You really want this?”

Without a word Baekhyun’s fingers hook into Chanyeol’s jeans, yanking him close that Chanyeol can feel his growing erection. “I’m getting impatient.” Baekhyun growls into Chanyeol’s ears.

The other boy gains some of his confidence back, hand leaving Baek’s face and trailing down to grab at his ass, pulling his thigh up and around his waist. “Show me how you want it, then.”

Baek’s arms find their place on Chanyeol’s shoulders and locks them behind his neck. For a good minute his eyes are darting back and forth between the younger’s eyes and lips. He licks his lips before diving in, but not connecting them with Yeol’s. “Only if you want me to.” He whispers softly, eyes fixed on Chanyeol’s lips.

“I want it like there’s no tomorrow,” the other boy groans back, shutting his eyes because with Baekhyun flush against him, he is seconds away from losing it.

“Good. You should.” Baekhyun breathes before leaning in and planting a kiss on Chanyeol’s pleading lips. His lips are so soft and he missed them so much.

He doesn’t need more encouragement than that. Launching himself forward to kiss him, he pulls Baek into his embrace as close as he can, almost knocking him over onto the bed. Damn, it’s been a long time.

It doesn’t take more than one kiss for Baekhyun to moan. Fuck it has been so long. Too long. His hands disconnect and one of them finds its place in Chanyeol’s messy locks while the other grips his shoulder.

The taller boy, after a moment of thinking, turns them around, now he himself standing next to the bed, and without breaking away from Baekhyun, he sits down, pulling the other boy on his lap instantly.

Baekhyun kneels above Chanyeol’s lap, his hands now tugging onto his loose shirt, craving skin to skin contact, their lips hungrily attacking each other.

Chanyeol chuckles and helps Baekhyun to pull his shirt off over his head, the older boy’s own following swiftly. The only reason he pulls back from the kiss is to take a look at the other in the dim lights of the bedroom. “So beautiful…” he muses, eyes and hands travelling along each and every muscle of his before glancing at his face again.

“Shut up.” Baekhyun hits the younger boy’s shoulder. “You are one to talk anyways.” He says biting down on his lip, finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else other than the boy’s body.

“Don't hold back then,” Chanyeol grins at him and with his hands on both sides of Baekhyun’s neck, he pulls him back into another kiss.

Baekhyun’s hand trace up and down on Chanyeol’s abs. He lowers his hips so he can brush against Chanyeol, the contact making him moan in the kiss and his nails leave a mark on the boy’s chest accidentally.

Chanyeol groans deep inside his throat, the sudden rush of arousal making his hips buck up at once. Baekhyun has to tighten his grip on him to stay still, but in just a moment, they start grinding again, and Chanyeol tries his very best not to go insane in his thight as hell skinnies.

“Fuck me Park Chanyeol.” Baekhyun growls in between kisses.

“Oh, I will, baby,” Chanyeol moans back, just a moment before he slips a little further up on the bed and pushes the other on his back next to him.

“I can’t wait.” Baekhyun groans pulling Chanyeol closer with his leg placed on the small of his back.

“Have you been craving this?” the younger boy asks as he rubs Baekhyun’s hips with his thumbs, just above his waistband. “Have you been touching yourself thinking about me?”

“Why do you ask?” Baekhyun raises a brow at him.

“Because I want to know what you want me to do tonight.”

“Isn’t it pretty obvious?”

“God, Baek,” he chuckles, voice throaty and low. “Others if you offer them to do whatever they want you to, at least get a little bit excited.”

“Maybe I’m not like others hmm?”

“Huh,” Chanyeol lets his hand fall on the other’s groin to squeeze it a little. “Touché.”

“Ugh fuck.” Baek’s head falls back, his breathing getting heavier.

“So? Wanna answer my questions now?”

“What if I have been?”

“It would make me want to make up for lost time.”

“Then I did… I did before this party too.”

“Hm, you did?” Chanyeol’s lips spread into a lazy smile as he starts palming Baekhyun through his jeans. “Be a good boy and tell me about it.”

“What do you- wanna hear?” Baekhyun finds breathing more difficult as his eyes slowly close.

“Did you do it in here? Or was it in the bathroom, during a nice bath? How do you keep back your beautiful moans so that Jongdae can’t hear it? Hmm, or do you even mind it if he does? I bet you don't…”

“I- I looked at the pictures you sent me… before shower.”

“Oh you kept the pictures…” Chanyeol hums, slowly, so slowly undoing the other’s belt and button. “I’m glad they serve you well, babyboy.”

“Did you keep them?”

“Of course I did. Each and every one of them.”

“Do you… look at them?”

“Hm, maybe…” he helps Baek slip out of his jeans and boxers at the same time and throws them on the floor. Bending the shorter boy’s knees and parting his legs so he can get better access, he starts rubbing his inner thighs gently. “Doing good?”

“Nooo…” Baekhyun groans rubbing his eyes with his hands. “I missed your touch so much.”

“And I missed touching you like this,” he trails a finger down to draw a loose circle around his cock and then return to his thigh.

“God damnit. ” Baekhyun huffs. “Just… do something.”

“Where’s the lube?”

“Top drawer.” Baek weakly points at his bedside table.

“Huh, you don’t even hide it in the bottom one?” Chanyeol chuckles as he reaches over, opening it and rummaging around a little. “Been using it a lot lately?” he asks nonchalantly as he takes out the tube and one condom in advance, then closes it.

“Nooo…” He shakes his head. Shit when did this room become so hot?

“Oh… you haven’t been fingering yourself?” he only takes a small glance at Baekhyun as he pours some lube on his fingers, covering them with the substance. “Hm, are you sure mine will still fit?”

“Mmmm let’s find out.” Baekhyun moans, biting down on his lips instantly.

Chanyeol slides his now lube-covered fingers down his cock and to his entrance, fingertips barely touching the other’s hot skin. He kinda wishes he had a feather with him, but oh well. Probably next time.

“Uggh you really- want me to beg huh?” Baekhyun looks up at Chanyeol through batted eyelashes only to catch him smirk down at him.

“Hm, sounds like something I’d like to hear,” he teases Baek’s entrance with one finger now.

“Chanyeol” Baekhyun moans loudly, but he really doesn’t care anymore.

“Yes baby?”

“Haven’t we waited enough already?”

“Trying to trick me into going easy on you…” Chanyeol dips the tip of his finger in, carefully moving it the tiniest bit.

“I will remember this when I’m sucking your dick…” The older boy forces the words out, hardly breathing.

“You mean when I’m fucking your mouth?”

“That’s what you want?”

“I want you , in every way,” Chanyeol whispers as he lets two fingers slide in all the way to the knuckle. He curls and turns them, the way he knows will make Baekhyun beg him in just some seconds.

Baekhyun’s head falls back letting out a loud yelp that turns into a deep moan. Gosh he missed him. He missed being touched like this, by him. And while he wants to savor every moment at the same time he wants Chanyeol’s fingers to switch with something he has been craving for.

“C’mon, baby. Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck- Chanyeol.” Baekhyun grips the sheets for support.

“Hm, could you go into some detail there?” he asks with a smirk, carefully adding a third finger to the two. Fuck, Baek is so tight… he really hasn’t done anything like this in some time.

“I- I wanna see you… naked.”

Chanyeol huffs in amusement, but the next moment, he pulls his wet fingers out at once and leans back to unbuckle his belt. “As you wish.”

Baekhyun’s eyes never for a second leave Chanyeol. It was easy, too easy. He knows he will pay for this but he cannot care less. He wants to see him again, not from the photos he sent but in real life because now, the younger boy is only a few centimeters away and this time he can touch him as well.

“No touching,” Chanyeol holds up a wet finger before getting back on the bed. The hungry gleam in Baek’s eyes makes his skin heat up instantly. “We’re doing this in my pace, prettyboy, and that means no touching until I say so.”

“Or else?” The older boy is testing the waters now, maybe a bit too cockily.

“Huh try me if you dare.”

Baekhyun gulps, hands reaching out to touch Chanyeol’s skin only for him to grab his wrist and push it into the bed next to his head.

“I see somebody doesn’t want to come from my cock in him ever again…”

“What the- no I- no wait…” Baekhyun mumbles, panicking. Did he really say that? Did he hear him right?

“Be a good boy then, how about that?” he growls and shoves three fingers back in the other boy in one go.

“I- hate- you-” Baekhyun forces the words out of himself, eyes closed shut. He bites down on his lower lip and he can feel the taste of blood instantly. Fucking goddamnit.

“Do you?” Chanyeol asks back in a cheeky tone, curling his fingers and massaging the other boy from the inside.

Fuck- ” Baek groans. His mind is so foggy and he is surprised himself that he can still hear Chanyeol’s voice because damn he is so far away now.

“You don’t have to keep it down, baby,” he tells him, leaning closer to his face to lay his forehead against Baekhyun’s. His hand starts a steady but not too fast pace, in and out. “It’s your birthday party after all...”

Breathing gets heavier for Baek. He inhales the musky scent of Chanyeol’s cologne and he completely loses it. He takes a big gulp, eyes closed, trying to calm down his racing heart. No one ever made him feel this good. No one ever made him so weak. What’s going on with him?

“C’mon. What do you want, prettyboy?”

“Y-you.” That’s it. That’s all he has on his mind now. Nothing but Chanyeol.

“Hmm, but do you deserve it?” he whispers in a hoarse voice, spreading his fingers inside Baekhyun to stretch him properly.

“I… I kept myself. For you. Isn’t it enough?” Baek growls locking eyes with the younger boy whose pretty lips turn into a sly smirk again. Fuckinghell.

“Yeah? And smoking weed was an absolutely necessary part of that, wasn’t it?”

“I- I didn’t.” Lie. And he regrets it already.

Chanyeol stops. “You didn’t,” he repeats it, looking at Baekhyun straight in the eye. The boy whispers, wiggling to get some more friction, but Chanyeol holds him down, not letting him before he answers.

“Not voluntarily.” He shakes his head.

“What does that mean?”

“I- I don’t know.”

“Huh, why are you lying to me, Baekhyunnie?” Chanyeol pulls his fingers out, and sits back on his soles, waiting for an answer patiently.

“Noooo come baaack.” Baekhyun extends his arms to invite Chanyeol back into an embrace. “I just- I know you don’t like it… Yixing told me- but I thought I have nothing to lose cause-”

“‘Cause you thought I didn’t care?” Chanyeol frowns at him.

“No! Because I thought I can resist you…” Baekhyun sighs looking away from Chanyeol.

“Oh,” the younger boy stops for a moment, and then his lips pull into a lopsided smile as he reaches out for the small package of condom not far away from him on the bed. “And what do you think now? Do you wanna resist me?”

“I’m already naked under you… what do you think?” Baekhyun scoffs, eyes still not meeting Chanyeol not sensing the pack of condom in his hands.

“What I think is that you can say no whenever,” he replies, probably not the hottest thing to say, but he wants to say it anyway. He wants Baek to know. “Or you can say yes. I won’t go on without your word.”

“Please Yeollie…” Baekhyun’s voice is little as he turns back to the younger boy with puppy eyes, his hand involuntary reaching out to grab his biceps but pulling back remembering what he said just a few minutes before. “I want you so much.”

Chanyeol hums in appreciation and nods. “Good boy.” He slides closer to Baekhyun again as he opens the package of the condom in a second.

“I- can I touch you or?” Baekhyun asks after his eyes briefly check the condom before turning his attention back to Chanyeol.

The younger boy doesn’t reply at first, just parts Baek’s legs even more so he can sit between them. He rolls the condom on, fingers of his free hand finding the other’s hole again, stretching it just a little before he positions himself, lining up just in the right angle. With the head of his cock teasing Baekhyun’s entrance, he leans down to whisper against the older boy’s lips. “ Now you can.”

Baekhyun’s lip tremble but he doesn’t for a second hesitate. His hands instantly finding the younger’s boys shoulders, drawing on little circles and pulling him closer to leave hickeys on his neck, his whole body heating up.

“Somebody’s hungry?” Chanyeol chuckles in a low voice as he finally pushes into Baekhyun, going slow to give him time to get used to the feeling. Three fingers are a lot but this is something completely different. And damn, is he still tight as hell.

Baekhyun bites Chanyeol’s neck to keep back his scream. Fuck. A few tears leave his eyes, nails digging into the younger boy’s back. His heart is beating a lot faster now, he feels like it will burst through his chest and his lungs are giving up but damn… Chanyeol is sooo good for him.

“Ah, fuck, I missed this so much...” the younger boy groans as he bottoms out, hips flush against Baek’s ass. He could take him in one go and it makes him feel glorious, but Chanyeol knows better than to rush it. At this point, Baekhyun needs some time, or else Chanyeol will come in some seconds from the tightness and the older boy won’t be able to walk properly for a week.

“I missed it too” Baekhyun moans, hardly finding the right words, “I-fuck-” He wants to say more, but he really can’t. Chanyeol being inside him is too distracting.

“Jesus, babe,” Chanyeol whispers, holding on to Baekhyun’s knees to keep himself from moving. “I could wreck you right now, you know that?”

“Do it.”

“I could fuck you so hard you’d pass out from both pain and pleasure.”

“The only reason- I would pass out- is you.”

“Huh, stop saying things like that… it’s way too tempting.”

“Am I?” The older boy scoffs, his lips turn into a weak smirk.

“You know you are,” Chanyeol shakes his head. If Baek is well enough to smirk like that, maybe he can move a little. He pulls out experimentally, just some centimetres, the tightness barely letting him go, so he pushes back in right then.

Fu -” Baekhyun groans, head falling back into the pillow, his nails digging deeper making Chanyeol wince. “ Fuck ..”

Chanyeol pulls out again, a tiny bit more than before, and slides right back in. After a couple of thrusts, he can already feel sweat beading on his whole body from holding back and he can feel Baekhyun’s skin slip on his own more easily. Damn, how is he supposed to take it slow?

“You-” Baekhyun takes a big breath before continuing. “-stop holding back. I can take you.” Baekhyun smirks up at him, fingers gripping Chanyeol’s locks.

“Fuck,” Chanyeol’s eyes flutter shut at the words and the sensation combined, and his hips snap back in much harder and faster than he meant for them to. They moan in unison and Chanyeol doesn’t think twice about it, repeats the movement in a second.

Fucking finally. Baekhyun thinks as his moans grow louder and louder with every thrust, finally getting used to the younger boy’s size again. Fucking hell he missed him so much. He looks so fucking irresistible.

Chanyeol feels dizzy as he keeps thrusting into Baekhyun. As much as he loves the sounds the boy is making beneath him, he knows he can’t listen to it anymore if he doesn’t want to finish way too soon. He leans down to cover the older boy’s mouth with his own, switching from leaning on his palms to his forearms to be as close to him as possible, basically trapping him beneath his body.

Baekhyun pulls him closer, his hands trailing up and down on Chanyeol’s back over the little scratches he left on them. He keeps moaning into the kiss, tongue sliding into Chanyeol’s, now heavily making out with him. Fuck he tastes and feels so good.

He can feel the older boy’s legs coming up to link ankles above his ass and Chanyeol takes it as a request to give it his everything. He grabs a handful of Baek’s hair with one hand to hold onto and lets the other slide down between their bodies, finding the boy’s long abandoned cock bouncing between them.

Holy shit. Baekhyun’s moan stops in his throat as he feels Chanyeol’s slender fingers wrap around him and squeezing it a little. “Chanyeol-” He groans, his voice cracking in the middle and the younger boy scoffs against his skin. Holy. Shit.

“What i-is it, babyboy?” Chanyeol asks, heavily panting but keeping his voice as steady as possible. So damn tight . He starts jerking Baek off at the same pace as his thrusts. “Missed- daddy’s touch, huh?”

“I fucking did.” Baekhyun moans. Damn he is so weak for Chanyeol but he doesn’t care what the younger boy thinks. He can beg for him. Hell he can do anything he ever wants him to do.

“Talk to me and- I might let you come.” He can feel Baek’s cock twitch at that and he smirks to himself. Good. So he’s as close as Chanyeol is. “I won’t ask twice.”

“Every day… Every fucking day… I touched myself thinking about you.” He moans as Chanyeol’s tightens his grip. “Sometimes not even once but… Fucking damnit none of them can be even compared to you.” He sighs. “You fucking sex god.” He growls.

“Ah, our prettyboy has a- a clever little mouth,” Chanyeol grins, feeling his knees tremble and drops of sweat roll down on his nose as he snaps his hips forward the hardest he can. “So good f-for me… Such a- a good boy...”

“I’m- fuck - you should be- illegal.”

“Jesus, B-Baek-” Chanyeol cannot hold back for long. He grits his teeth and tugs at Baekhyun’s hair to make him look up at him. “You wanna- wanna come, huh?”

“P-please.” Baekhyun whines. “P-lease d-daddy.”

“Fuckin- do it, baby... Come for daddy.”

That’s all it takes for him. He closes his eyes shut and let every built up tension go, whimpering endlessly. Fucking hell. Why does he feel so fucking good?

Baekhyun comes apart underneath him and Chanyeol follows just seconds later, the smaller boy’s screams filling the whole room around them as they mix with Baek’s name moaned by him over and over again. Chanyeol rides out his own climax, filling the condom inside Baekhyun and jerking him through his orgasm as well.

Baekhyun tries his very best to even his breathing. He really does. But with Chanyeol sweating and moaning just above him while he rides off his high makes breathing really difficult for him, impossible almost. His hands wander up to the younger boy’s cheeks, thumb sliding over his cheekbone making Chanyeol look at him. Baekhyun smiles up at him weakly before pulling himself up to give a peck on his lips. “T-thank y-you.” He says in between two breaths and he giggles at how innocent he sounds.

“Huh you…” Chanyeol is still panting but closes his eyes to breathe for a moment. Before replying, he pulls out carefully, slipping out of the condom as he does. After tying a knot on it and dropping it on the floor beside the bed, he takes Baek’s shirt and hands it over to him. “You’ve nothing to thank me for.”

Baekhyun softly smiles down on his shirt fiddling with it before looking back up at Chanyeol with a grin. “Yeah… Maybe.” He says before cleaning himself off.

“I mean…” Chanyeol tugs at the blanket and Baekhyun raises himself up a little to let him pull it out from underneath him. “It was my best orgasm in god knows how long. So I should thank you .”

“You did most of the work.” Baekhyun giggles shaking his head. Chanyeol is so awkward.

“Ah, just stop talking…” he huffs, and stands up, blanket in his hands and almost laying it over Baek when the older boy gets up.

“Alright… uhm… I should get back to the party. I’m a host or something.” He scratches the back of his neck. “So you don’t have to spend time with me anymore.” He smiles weakly, his own words hurting himself but he knows that Chanyeol does not share the same feelings as he does and it’s only for the better. They should just stick with having sex.

“Oh you… want to do that?” Chanyeol asks, voice small as ever and he grips at the blanket. Why do those words cause him pain now? “I thought you might wanna… you know, like… cuddle or something…”

“Ah uh… we… can we?” Baekhyun asks back surprised. Well this is a first.

“Yeah, if- if you wanna… we don’t have to, just… you know... I know some like to- do that and...”

“I-” Baekhyun stops. Since when is he smiling? “Alright… the party is not important.” He says climbing in the bed.

Before he can change his mind, Chanyeol joins Baekhyun, lying down next to him and covering the both of them with the blanket. Only when he feels the other’s body pressed into his own can he tell that he himself was shivering this whole time.

Baekhyun shuffles closer to him, burying his head in Chanyeol’s chest, his arms softly snaking around the younger boy’s back. Ah Baekhyun is so happy. His hands are caressing Chanyeol, trying to sooth his trembling body.

Chanyeol tries to mirror the older boy’s actions, placing his arm around his shoulder and resting his chin on the top of Baekhyun’s hair. When he can feel that the other boy intertwines their legs, he lets out a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding.

Baekhyun closes his eyes. He wants to stay in this moment forever. He wants Chanyeol to be this close to him at all times. The other boy’s heart is beating so heavily. Baekhyun smiles softly. He loves Chanyeol way too much.

“Goodnight, Baek,” he mutters, barely even words because he knows this will be a long, long night. The kind you have before big talks that make or break everything.

“Goodnight, Yeollie.” Baek whispers against his chest and he feels his eyelids getting heavier. It was a long day for both of them. They will talk tomorrow… hopefully.

Chapter Text

He never believed in those cheesy things novels say; he didn’t know you can actually wake up to the warmth that gives you safety, to a scent so nice that you smile even before opening your eyes. And still, Jongdae finds himself beaming uncontrollably as he turns from one side to the other, not realising exactly why but feeling such contentment, such safety, such-


His whole body is tingling. This sweet smell… even his light headache isn’t enough to wipe the smile off his face. There’s something around his waist and something else right in front of his nose, and he cracks an eye open to see skin. The blurry contour of a chest, actually.

The memories of last night, as if the dam of slumber has been broken down at once, come rushing back to him, and he jolts back. He would probably scream if he could make a sound, but instead, his jaw just hangs open as his heart jumps to an unbelievable pace because everything that he thought was a dream, just the product of his wild imagination, had been real.

Minseok is stirring in his sleep now, soft features scrunching up a little as he is coming to his senses slowly and Jongdae bites in his lip. Minseok has… the two of them… he can't even get himself to call it what it was.

Fuck, why is the mere image of the boy doing - oh, dear god - things , give him this urgent feeling in his guts?

He doesn’t have much time to contemplate, though, because soon enough a pair of chocolate eyes are blinking at him sleepily.


Minseok’s vision is quite blurry and he blinks a few times to see a shocked little face that he adores so much. His lips turn into a soft smile and he lets out a breathy chuckle.

“Good morning.” Voice deep and raspy. “Did you sleep well?” He asks one of his hands involuntary travels up to cup Jongdae’s face to caress his cheek with his thumb.

Jongdae’s breathing speeds up as he touches his skin and Minseok chuckles again. Why is he so cute? Minseok bites down on his lips in an attempt to stop himself from smiling and he can hear how Jongdae gulps.

“Ah- Good-good morning. Yeah it was… nice.” Jongdae stutters his eyes glancing down to Minseok’s naked chest averting eye contact.

“I’m glad.” Minseok says tightening his grip around Jongdae’s waist. He is so happy and literally nothing can break it.

Nothing up until he remembers his fake boyfriend title. His body suddenly tenses up and he feels wrong doing something like this to Jongdae out of nature. He loosens his grip quickly and he pulls back, shuffling back a little. He smiles down at Jongdae, his heart feeling a lot heavier then it did before.

“Hey- what’s wrong?” Jongdae beams up at him. Minseok sighs.

“It just… I shouldn’t do this, right?”


Jongdae knows that fake smile of his way too well by now. That’s the one the older boy always gives him before taking two steps back. The one he gave him last night when Jongdae literally had to grab him and- well, grab him to make him go on.

Despite his racing heart and still-too-tight lungs, he reaches down under the blanket between the two of them to find Minseok’s hand and intertwines their fingers clumsily.

“If it’s too much, I’ll tell you.”

And Minseok’s smile is wholehearted again, comforting Jongdae in a way he didn’t know he needed it. The older boy’s free hand snakes around his waist again, gently pulling him in to be flush against his body, legs tangling on their own. It just feels right .

But then Minseok’s hand is holding him by the small of his back and that’s when it registers for Jongdae; under the thin fabric of the blanket, he’s completely naked. He feels his cheeks flushing red at instant which is ridiculous, he tells himself. After all that happened last night… Minseok, however, is wearing a pair of boxers, and Jongdae swallows. Of course. He didn’t- do much for the older boy last night, did he?

He tilts his head back to glance up at Minseok, only to see the boy already watching his face with a smirk.

“Is it too much?” he whispers cockily, a few centimetres away from Jongdae’s face. That lopsided smile of his… the younger boy doesn’t know which part of this he means by ‘it’, but he shakes his head a little nonetheless.

“‘tis nice,” he mumbles, lips barely moving, because Minseok’s full lips are right in front of his. Jongdae’s breathing is shallow and he scolds himself for being so easy. Then, he decides it’s okay. It’s Kim Minseok, after all.


Minseok wants to kiss him. That’s all he wants from him right now. Well not everything he wants from him but it will do for now. He moves his head a little closer, Jongdae’s breath tickles him and he waits for the other to respond. When Jongdae nods slightly his smile spreads bigger before leaving a soft peck on his lips.

He moves back, his fingers running circles on the younger boy’s back. His eyes scanning every inch of Jongdae from his eyes down his collarbones, every part that is visible despite the blanket laid over them. Jongdae really is perfect isn’t he?

“Hey so… do you… regret yesterday or?” Minseok asks terrified of what the reply might be and he scans Jongdae’s face for any kind of feedback.

“Regret what? That you made me feel amazing?” He smiles up at him and Minseok’s heart flutters. Jongdae has a way of his words.

“Ah stoooop~ it will get to my head.” Minseok chuckles and blushes slightly something that hasn’t happened to him in a long time. The unfamiliar feeling of his burning cheeks makes him feel at ease.

“I’d love to make an awful pun here, but I won’t.” Jongdae giggles and Minseok shakes his head a wide grin tugging at his lips.

After the giggling dies down, nothing else can be heard in the room other than their own breathing. It’s still quite early, Minseok figures, probably no one has woken up yet. He can’t resist the urge to kiss Jongdae again, while his hand travels along the younger boy’s spine till he reaches his neck where he rests it.

“Do you wanna do it again?” Minseok asks breaking the kiss, his voice lower than it usually is and it leaves Jongdae breathless.


And even without the blissful help of alcohol, Jongdae finds himself nodding with his eyes closed. He licks his lips just a moment before Minseok’s mouth is back on his, guiding him like he always does. By now, the older boy has Jongdae’s preferences figured out and he acts upon them, sucking on his bottom lip a little before sliding his tongue across it swiftly.

Jongdae, as a response, lets go of Minseok’s hand and slides it on the older boy’s side, pinkie and ring finger slipping beneath the waistband of his boxers accidentally. When Minseok hums in appreciation, though, Jongdae doesn’t pull back.

It’s okay. I’m allowed to.

He rolls the older boy’s tongue between his own and the roof of his mouth and shuffles closer, into the welcoming warmth of the other’s body. His groin is demanding attention now, and with Minseok’s half-bare thigh pushing against it, Jongdae moans into the kiss.

“Someone is hungry,” Minseok murmurs to him between two kisses, and just chuckles when the younger one bites his bottom lip for it a little.

“Aren’t you?” Jongdae asks back because it seems to be the right thing to ask right now, with Minseok slowly grinding his clothed erection into his thigh as well.

“What are you talking about?” comes the cocky reply again and Jongdae huffs. Why is he so annoyingly easy-going?

“I want to-” he starts but goes back to kissing Minseok instead, while he thinks about how to word it correctly. “I never returned the favour. Last night.”


Minseok shakes a little at his reply. He locks his eyes with Jongdae and despite wanting him desperately he wants him to know that he is under no pressure and he should only do what he is comfortable with.

“You don’t have to.” He says and he feels like his whole body is protesting against the idea, craving to be touched.

“But do you want me to?” Jongdae hums, his smile is annoyingly teasing and Minseok takes a deep breath.

“Yeah…” He says shakily and even he, himself, is surprised how weak he sounds like. Damnit .

“Hm, I can’t hear you.” Jongdae teases and Minseok groans. He really fucked up.

“Oh just… shut up.” He growls trying to kiss Jongdae again but he turns his head to the side before their lips can touch.

“Oh that’s what you want? Thought you had something else on your mind.” Jongdae plays with the hem of his boxers and Minseok’s vision becomes more clouded.

“Ah please…” He whines. “Kiss me and give me a helping hand.” Minseok giggles cutely.

“As you wish.” Jongdae says, connecting their lips again while his fingers slip beneath the material and Minseok moans in to his mouth lightly.

Minseok’s hand is placed back on the back of his neck and he deepens the kiss and pulling him a lot closer with his other hand, grinding against Jongdae feeling his erection just as well. Minseok smiles proudly in the kiss knowing all too well that he is the reason for all of it.

Suddenly, Jongdae grabs Minseok’s ass and the older boy yelps a little before letting out yet another moan. Fucking hell . If Minseok wouldn’t know better he would have guess Jongdae is a fucking sex machine. He never stops grinding against him as the younger boy’s hands slip beneath the fabric squeezing his ass every now and then, driving him more and more crazy with each movement.


The fact that he has no idea what he’s doing is not stopping Jongdae from touching Minseok. He cannot remember if he had done anything like this last night, but he feels strangely confident like this, one hand in Minseok’s underwear, the other pressing flat against the firm chest of his as they keep kissing, getting more and more hungry by the second.

And when Minseok’s erection slides right against his own, Jongdae knows it was enough teasing. He pulls away, leaning his forehead against Minseok’s while panting heavily, and waits for the older boy to make eye-contact with him. As soon as he does, Jongdae pushes down the boxers to free Minseok’s member, leaving the older boy to get rid of the underwear on his own after that. They separate for a moment but then Minseok is back, his whole body radiating warmth and want as Jongdae slides his hand down on his cock gently.

“Fuck…” Minseok’s eyes fall shut as he moans a little but he stays still, letting Jongdae do what he wishes with him. And the younger boy caresses him carefully at first, just feeling him up a little and oh god, he’s huge. Jongdae has no idea about other cocks than his own, but Minseok is definitely bigger than he was expecting. And if he thinks about how everyone says he’s a top…

He tightens his grip on the older boy who hisses at the sensation and holds his breath as Jongdae starts jerking him.


Minseok’s head falls back as soon as Jongdae gets a hold of him. His breathing becomes shaky as Jongdae pumps him slowly while kissing down on his neck. His hand travels up to Jongdae’s hair to get a hold of himself as soft moans leaves his lips.

Jongdae is so careful. Minseok finds it quite entertaining how he acts despite knowing exactly what he has to do. He bites on Minseok’s skin softly, something he did to him yesterday just as well and he pulls him even closer by his hair. Jongdae tightens his grip on Minseok squeezing his ass to pull him closer.

“Please… faster.” Minseok begs between two shaky breaths and Jongdae does as he is told to, picking up pace while squeezing Minseok’s dick every once in a while, getting Minseok closer to his high. Jongdae’s other hands slowly brush along the older’s ass, thigh until he is palming his balls.

Minseok yelps head falling in the crook of Jongdae’s neck, biting down on his lips. Jongdae knows exactly what to do. He fastens his pace once again and Minseok’s breathing gets heavier with it. He is so close, Jongdae can feel it as his cock gets harder in his hands. Minseok grips his hair again and comes undone in Jongdae’s hand getting cum on the younger’s boy stomach and his own as well.

He tries to even his breathing as Jongdae keeps pumping him slowing down as he releases and finishes a few seconds after Minseok is done. Minseok takes a deep breath before straightening back up again and kissing Jongdae on the lips as a way of thanking him. He uses the blanket that is over them to clean off, before kicking it off and pinning Jongdae in the mattress as he hovers over him.

“Okay… my turn.” He says kissing his lover once again.




He wakes up when he realises he has fallen asleep. The lingering taste of alcohol on his tongue and the sunlight that’s seemingly coating everything around him shakes him out of his slumber, and Chanyeol sits up promptly.

Where the fuck-

Despite the numb throbbing of his scalp, he looks around the unfamiliar room. His own clothes scattered around the foot of the bed, the posters of handsome idols on the pastel walls and the familiar smell of forest and waterfalls support what he knew was true from the beginning. He is in Baekhyun’s bed. Alone.

He would lie if he said he slept well. He has spent most of the night blindly blinking up at the cracks of the ceiling, the smaller boy softly snoring away on his bare chest. Chanyeol felt like he needed to stay awake. He needed his time with himself, in his silence, to organise his thoughts because god knows he himself has no idea what is going on lately.

He only knows one thing.

As he stumbles around in the room to collect all his clothes from the floor, his headache intensifies. God, what did that ass Yixing put in his drink? He dresses himself up swiftly, half-heartedly hoping Baekhyun has left the flat for good, but the fact that the bed was still warm when he crawled out of it gives him an ill feeling.

He has to do this. He’s been postponing it for weeks now and it has caused nothing but pain and trouble for everybody around the two of them. At this point, Chanyeol thinks cynically, even somebody with his pride knows he needs to stop.

He turns the doorknob, mind blank but racing at the same time, brain throbbing, mouth dry, and the first thing he sees out there is a small figure with his back turned on him, busying himself in front of the stove. A moment later, the smell of cooking eggs fill Chanyeol’s nostrils and a small, sad smile tugs at the corner of his lips. So this is what it must feel like.


Baekhyun is in his own little world. He is humming a melody that has been playing in his head since yesterday. A song that was played in the party, but the title and the lyrics completely forgotten already. It’s just the melody but despite that Baekhyun is overly happy.

He thinks back to yesterday. He still feels Chanyeol’s arms wrapped around him, this time differently than usually. This time he wasn’t just holding him while having sex but hugging him close while sleeping. Baekhyun almost forgotten how it feels to sleep with the one you love.

He giggles absentmindedly at the world crossing his mind before placing the cooked eggs on the two plates evenly. Baekhyun is not the best cook to be found but scrambled eggs will do for now. He can take lessons from Kyungsoo if he really needs them after all. He turns around, with the plates in his hands and he stops in his track surprised to see Chanyeol standing by the door.

Baekhyun smiles at him and sways to the counter placing the plates on top and signaling Chanyeol to sit down. He sluggishly walks over and sits on the stool closest to him, while Baekhyun gets some water and painkillers for both of them. Then he joins Chanyeol, sitting across from him.

“I hope you like eggs.” Baekhyun mumbles, giggling softly and taking a bite.

“Yeah… you shouldn’t have, though.” Chanyeol replies taking a medicine, his food still untouched.

“I wanted to.” Baekhyun shrugs a little pout on his face. “After all… you are my guest.”

Guest. It sounds so ridiculous and distant. Baekhyun hates it and it makes his mouth run dry and suddenly his food is so tasteless. He sighs. Silence. Not the comfortable one but the one you have when so many things worry you. Because even though he wants to believe everything has changed yesterday, he knows it didn’t.

“Do you think I’m a bad person?” Chanyeol suddenly asks and Baekhyun looks into his eyes with a surprised face. Him? A bad person? He must be joking. He is insane.

“No. Of course not.” Baekhyun shakes his head. “I think you are one of the best people I have ever met.” Baekhyun exclaims placing his hand atop of the younger boy’s. He soon withdraws it, however, not sure if Chanyeol wants him to be so close with him. “Why would you think that?”


One of the best people.

“I’m sincerely sorry about the people you had to meet then,” Chanyeol replies bitterly, looking away at the bright, sunny window that seems to be mocking him with its warmth.

It would be easier if Baek told him he is indeed a monster. He’s used to that, he can take that. Not this, the doe-eyes and the innocent pout and the-

“Stop it,” Baekhyun whispers, eyes burning into the side of Chanyeol’s face but the younger boy can’t look back at him.

“It’s true, though,” he goes on, feeling pathetic and ridiculous and small. But that’s just how coming out always goes, isn’t it? “You’ve been way too kind and patient with me and I thought you would realise it’s of no use with some time, but- even you know, somewhere deep inside, that something is majorly fucked up with me, am I right?”

“You’re not more or less fucked up than anyone else,” the older boy tells him firmly. “You keep saying this but only you think about yourself like this.”

“Maybe you should, too,” Chanyeol muses at the window. “Because this… us … is not just the question of me liking you or not, you know? It’s-” say it, you fucking coward! “-it’s… I cannot- do this...” he trails off, fingernails tearing into the flesh of his palms because he’s unable to say it. It would make it all too real and it would mean that this, whatever they are right now, is-

“Do… what… exactly?” Baekhyun’s voice is uncertain but Chanyeol feels like he somehow knows the answer already and it terrifies him to no end.

“Affection,” he spits without a second thought, because he knows he wouldn’t be able to do it then. “Romance. Love ,” he blurts out the words as if they hurt him, just like the razors one uses to hurt themself. “I tried, it’s not like I want to fucking go and- I’m just- not capable of-” he feels the lump closing up his throat and oh god, I’ve already said more than I should have…

“I- I mean…” Baekhyun starts in a small voice filled with badly concealed pain and Chanyeol squeezes his eyes shut. Fuck. He cannot speak without risking it all collapsing on him. “It’s okay… if you don’t… want to… date me… I- did I do something or… I mean, no, haha it’s not important…” Baek rambles away, and if it weren’t for the fucking lump - “I’m- yeah… it’s fine... we are friends so… it’s fine…”

“But I don’t want that!” Chanyeol’s voice breaks in the middle of the sentence and he feels a teardrop roll down his cheek. Goddamnit. “I-I don’t want you t-to go around ‘nd date people because people are sh-shit and they will end up hurting you… and I know t-that at the s-same time that’s literally all I’ve b-been doing all this time be-because…” he swallows his heart and looks at the older boy’s shocked expression, tears matching his own. “I- can’t fall in love, Baekhyun.”


Baekhyun does not hesitate. He bites back his own tears and hurries over to Chanyeol, hugging him close to his chest. He can’t say anything. He just stays by his side, hand caressing his back and swaying with him a little back and forth. Baekhyun loves him. And he is pretty sure he has never felt like this towards anyone and that he never will. Even if Chanyeol can’t love him… he can’t do anything about it.

He waits till his lover’s cries die down and as soon as he is only lightly sniffing, he asks in the smallest voice; “Are you aromantic Chanyeol?”

He doesn’t answer. His body tenses up in Baekhyun’s embrace as he waits for his answer. Chanyeol doesn’t say a word, instead he nods firmly and Baekhyun nods along with him. Maybe he really did fall for the wrong guy, he thinks cynically but his frown turns into a genuine smile.

“Thank you for telling me, baby.” Baekhyun whispers, planting a quick kiss on top of his head. He then realizes that it might be wrong to do so. He lets his arms fall by his side and he is about to step back when suddenly Chanyeol snakes his arms around his waist.

“But-” He mumbles into his chest. “-you’re not happy like this and… I want you to be. You deserve it.” Chanyeol buries his head deeper in Baekhyun’s shirt.

“I’m happy… ‘cause you are here.” Baekhyun chuckles softly.

“But… no, it doesn’t work.” Chanyeol sighs heavily, pushing himself away from the older boy to meet his eyes.

“We can make it work.” Baekhyun smiles down at him.

“No we- cannot.” Chanyeol shakes his head.

“Why not?” Baekhyun asks with a sad smile.

“Because- it’s not how it should be, I- I wanna deserve you too,” Chanyeol says burying his head back in his shirt.

“You do.” Baekhyun smiles, playing with Chanyeol’s messy morning hair. “You do, okay? It will be fine. We will be fine.” He says trying to reassure himself just as well.

Chapter Text

[monday, 6:45am]
Private chat with them: Sunbaenim

Jongin-ah ^^ has changed Sunbaenim’s nickname to my king.

Jongin-ah ^^: heeeey :3c
Jongin-ah ^^: good morning hyung!!!

my king: hey there :3
my king: how did you sleep, love?

Jongin-ah ^^: very well!!!
Jongin-ah ^^: you were in my dreaaam :3c
Jongin-ah ^^: how about you??

my king: I slept well, too
my king: what was your dream like?

Jongin-ah ^^: ah it was vv cute
Jongin-ah ^^: we had icecream like back in the day!!
Jongin-ah ^^: but we were holding hands n all :3333

my king: aww you are so sweet :3
my king: do you wanna go out for ice cream again?
my king: maybe today?

Jongin-ah ^^: !!!
Jongin-ah ^^: that would be amazing
Jongin-ah ^^: yes!!!

my king: great :3
my king: oh and also

my king has changed Jongin-ah^^’s nickname to little prince.

my king: there you go

little prince: kdskadjfdks
little prince: i love you!! :’))

my king: I love you too

little prince: hey i was thinking
little prince: if you wanna meet up before school

my king: oh, yeah sure!
my king: should I go and pick you up in front of your dorm?

little prince: aah if its not an issue then yes :3c

my king: hey, when I offer something, you shouldn’t think it’s an issue for me, okay?
my king: I’d be the happiest to pick you up :3

little prince: dskdjfhdj thank youuuu
little prince: oh uh sehunnie just asked when will you pick us up :(

my king: oh, the
my king: both of you?

little prince: i wanted to go just w you but
little prince: me and sehun go together always
little prince: n i just told him you will come

my king: huh, it’s fine
my king: you two come as one package, don’t you?

little prince: ah yes but
little prince: yknow now that we are together i want some
little prince: alone time w you
little prince: n i told him this n he is whining now

my king: yeah… I’ll talk to him later
my king: but it’s fine for today
my king: as long as I get to see you

little prince: ah okay!!!!
little prince: see you soon baby :3c

my king: take care, love

little prince: you too!!!!




[monday, 11:20am]
Private chat with them: daedae~

baebae~: hello baby :3
baebae~: how are you feeling? ;)

daedae~: heyyy
daedae~: weve just parted like five minutes ago lmao
daedae~: but yeah im good !! you?

baebae~: am i not allowed to miss my own boyfriend??

daedae~: ahh ofc you are its just
daedae~: i dunno nevermind

baebae~: hey
baebae~: dont you miss me? :3

daedae~: you know i do
daedae~: but im in history and i should
daedae~: yknow,,, pay attention and all,,

baebae~: someone is trying to act all good an innocent
baebae~: where was this yesterday haha

daedae~: shhh oh g od
daedae~: jjong is sitting next to me and eyeing me weirdly,,

baebae~: ah why is that i wonder :3

daedae~: bc you keep texting stuff that you shouldnt when in public
daedae~: actually,, can we just like
daedae~: take back a little?

baebae~: huh what do you mean by that

daedae~: i dunno uhm like
daedae~: i dont mean in private tho !! thats all good
daedae~: just
daedae~: yknow, how we were in the ‘fake’ phase,, just the other way around?

baebae~: uh so like
baebae~: no public affection
baebae~: at all?

daedae~: once somebody told me that
daedae~: dating is not about constantly showing affection in public
daedae~: and we dont need to convince anyone anymore
daedae~: right?

baebae~: yeah we dont….
baebae~: this is the reason why you did it?

daedae~: did what?

baebae~: like idk
baebae~: hugging me and stuff
baebae~: to convince people

daedae~: what
daedae~: no ofc not
daedae~: dont twist my words like that

baebae~: i just want to understand why cant we be like that

daedae~: bc its
daedae~: i didnt
daedae~: i didnt think you meant any of that okay
daedae~: but right now it means a whole lot more than i thought it would
daedae~: and im,, not ready

baebae~: ah i see
baebae~: alright
baebae~: do we still have our lunch date tho or
baebae~: is that cancelled

daedae~: no please
daedae~: i still want that :3

daedae~: minseok?
daedae~: where did you go??

baebae~: ah sorry
baebae~: okay then how should i act

daedae~: i,,
daedae~: dunno
daedae~: we will figure it out i guess

daedae~: im sorry if i hurt you
daedae~: it wasnt my intention,, im
daedae~: sorry

baebae~: you shouldnt be
baebae~: its fine
baebae~: i can act like nothing happened
baebae~: its fine

daedae~: just until we get home okay??

daedae~: bc,, youre still coming over right?

baebae~: yeah ig
baebae~: im free so
baebae~: yeah

daedae~: great !!
daedae~: then meet you at lunch :3

baebae~: yeah
baebae~: see you




[monday, 3:34pm]
Private Chat with them: Oh Sehun

Zitao: Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun: Huang Zitao?
Oh Sehun: why are we  saying each other’s names?

Zitao: you have no idea about dramatic builds up before the climax do you

Oh Sehun: ah not exactly but go on

Zitao: sighs
Zitao: anyway
Zitao: i saw kyungsoo and jongin on the corridors
Zitao: they are together now?

Oh Sehun: oh yes
Oh Sehun: they are so ungrateful
Oh Sehun: i pretty much made that relationship i deserve something

Zitao: you Think you did do you?

Oh Sehun: yeah ofc
Oh Sehun: i was the mastermind after all

Zitao: you seem to forget about something

Oh Sehun: about what

Zitao: Suho and I

Oh Sehun: ooooh yeah
Oh Sehun: thank you
Oh Sehun: tell it to suho too, yea?

Zitao: will do
Zitao: but i did tell you im not working for free
Zitao: it’s pay time honey

Oh Sehun: which means what

Zitao: Sehun, do you know what i do for a living?

Oh Sehun: ummmm no
Oh Sehun: yeah actually what do you do
Oh Sehun: you are like
Oh Sehun: spoiled rich

Zitao: ah yes thank you
Zitao: i am a cam baby

Oh Sehun: ooooooooh
Oh Sehun: wait what is it

Zitao: it’s basically your work but over a cam

Oh Sehun: what so like
Oh Sehun: no physical contact

Zitao: exactly

Oh Sehun: that sounds horrible

Zitao: well tell it to my 11 sugar daddies and 7 sugar mommies who all pay me daily
Zitao: 300 dollars per subs
Zitao: 1000 dollars for one on one video calls
Zitao: and for one live stream the login is 20 dollars

Oh Sehun: im not good at math
Oh Sehun: but i know money and damn
Oh Sehun: thats a lot

Zitao: well
Zitao: somehow i need to pay for my makeup, bags and shoes
Zitao: and im not talking cheap brands

Oh Sehun: so you dont need my money
Oh Sehun: but then what

Zitao: i want you Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun: oh

Zitao: oh?
Zitao: that is all you have to say

Oh Sehun: yeah im kind of
Oh Sehun: surprised
Oh Sehun: i thought you had amazingly high standards unless when you are drunk
Oh Sehun: are you drunk

Zitao: nope
Zitao: but you have been so vocal about your skills in bed
Zitao: i want to test them myself

Oh Sehun: huh sure
Oh Sehun: i will make you scream

Zitao: we will see about that
Zitao: oh and one more thing

Oh Sehun: anything for you baby

Zitao: you don’t have the right to call me that
Zitao: anyways i’m going to record it
Zitao: so do well

Oh Sehun: always

Oh Sehun has changed Zitao’s nickname to cambaby.

Oh Sehun: but im warning you
Oh Sehun: you are not ready for me

cambaby: honey
cambaby: i was born ready




[monday, 5:39pm]
Chat name: a china loving household

Zitao has added Yixing to the chat.
Zitao has added Kris to the chat.

Zitao: hello my two favourite men
Zitao: i found a really good chinese restaurant when i was on a date with one of my sugar daddies
Zitao: do you wanna check it out?
Zitao: i’ll pay

Yixing: i was about to say that
Yixing: if you let him fuck you in the bathroom, ill pass
Yixing: but you just said the magic words :DD
Yixing: you can count on me

Zitao: honey i dont fuck in public bathrooms

Kris: literally another information i did not want to know about you
Kris: but yeah let’s go
Kris: i’m sick of korean food

Yixing: oh i know a smol pan Korean guy who will be so sad to hear that ://////

Kris: i’m pretty sure he won’t be

Zitao: did you two
Zitao: Talk already?

Yixing: ??? what am i missin here lads
Yixing: ((and non-lads))

Kris: leave me alone for one day Tao please
Kris: and Yixing i assure you, you are not missing anything

Zitao: :))))
Zitao: we can have a nice chinese chat today
Zitao: honestly we should stick together
Zitao: so today
Zitao: we get personal

Kris: oh god i’ll pass

Yixing: im sorry tao but,,
Yixing: im kinda v much taken remember

Zitao: not that it matters ;)
Zitao: but i meant like
Zitao: we talk about our issues cause i’m sure we all have a lot
Zitao: besides Kris, you already agreed to come so too late to bail :)

Yixing: cmon old man
Yixing: can you not read anymore??
Yixing: its
Yixing: free
Yixing: food
Yixing: i will do any amount of sappy psychotherapy w this friend for that

Kris: you two are pretty much the definition of a headache
Kris: but okay
Kris: as long as there is baijiu

Zitao: you two can drink
Zitao: i’ll come and pick you up with my tesla at six
Zitao: be pretty and ready babes

Yixing: and youd think the dealer dude is the loaded one :////


[monday, 9:55pm]
Chat name: hoes

zitao has sent a photo to the chat.

su’s bf has changed zitao’s nickname to rich bitch.

rich bitch: finally a good title


[monday, 9:57pm]
Private chat with them: yifan <3

junmyeon <3: oh so
junmyeon <3: you’re out with the china squad then

yifan <3: yep

junmyeon <3: which is fine !!
junmyeon <3: it’s just.. you forgot to tell me, is all

yifan <3: oh i should have?

junmyeon <3: i dunno
junmyeon <3: i would’ve told you but
junmyeon <3: well it’s not like i have to know about everything you do right? haha

yifan <3: hmmm
yifan <3: sorry then babe

junmyeon <3: uhm...
junmyeon <3: but Yifan?
junmyeon <3: just out of curiosity… how much have you had?

yifan <3: of what
yifan <3: i only have one boyfriend

junmyeon <3: oh my god

yifan <3: hey tell junmyeon to come over
yifan <3: i want kiss

junmyeon <3: you should probably go home, love…
junmyeon <3: i’m getting worried

yifan <3: i miss you tho

junmyeon <3: well, we were supposed to spend the evening together in the first place…
junmyeon <3: but it’s okay, we’ll meet tomorrow, okay?
junmyeon <3: just get out of that bar and
junmyeon <3: wait, can you even get home on your own?

yifan <3: stop worrying
yifan <3: none of us should worry
yifan <3: we are happy together right

junmyeon <3: i
junmyeon <3: yes
junmyeon <3: of course we are
junmyeon <3: jesus, what was in your drink???

yifan <3: its a good chinese drink
yifan <3: they call it chinese vodka
yifan <3: its good
yifan <3: and chinese

junmyeon <3: but you said you never get hammered from anything...
junmyeon <3: do you.. need me to go and get you home?

yifan <3: i need you
yifan <3: i. need. you.

junmyeon <3: Yifan…

yifan <3: come on
yifan <3: dont you want me too

junmyeon <3: i
junmyeon <3: we talked about this, remember?
junmyeon <3: not rushing things….

yifan <3: we arent
yifan <3: we can do it slow

junmyeon <3: oh god
junmyeon <3: that did things to my tummy….

yifan <3: ah you are such a cute baby
yifan <3: especially because you are mine
yifan <3: i love saying it

junmyeon <3: yeah
junmyeon <3: i’m yours
junmyeon <3: and you’re mine

yifan <3: yeah
yifan <3: i wanna make you mine
yifan <3: leave a little mark on your neck so everyone knows
yifan <3: and see you wearing my shirt the next day

junmyeon <3: jesus you’re..
junmyeon <3: you’re so drunk, you dunno what you’re saying…..

yifan <3: im saying whats on my mind
yifan <3: all the time

junmyeon <3: you never say things like this when you’re sober tho
junmyeon <3: wait no i mean
junmyeon <3: damn i didn’t mean to actually send that… sorry

yifan <3: do you want me to

junmyeon <3: what?

yifan <3: to talk like this sober

junmyeon <3: i’m.. not sure
junmyeon <3: it’s already making me blush and
junmyeon <3: you’re not even here…

yifan <3: i wanna be there with you

junmyeon <3: yeah
junmyeon <3: i’d like that too

yifan <3: can i tell tao to drive me to yours

junmyeon <3: wait no i
junmyeon <3: i mean it would be nice but
junmyeon <3: you’re drunk
junmyeon <3: it would just make the temptation greater

yifan <3: i promise i will behave

junmyeon <3: oh my lord…..

yifan <3: we are leaving soon
yifan <3: i wanna sleep with you

junmyeon <3: by sleep you mean
junmyeon <3: actual sleeping?

yifan <3: if i say yes
yifan <3: can i please see you

junmyeon <3: ah you….
junmyeon <3: tell them to drop you off at mine

yifan <3: thank you love
yifan <3: i will hold you in a bit

junmyeon <3: <33

Chapter Text

[tuesday, 1:03am] Google: aromantic

[tuesday, 2:00am] Google: aromantic relationships




[tuesday, 1:49pm]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy: hi
prettyboy: how are you doing

daddyeol: hey.. im doing okay
daddyeol: what about you?

prettyboy: im good uwu
prettyboy: i was just thinking about u

daddyeol: yeah?
daddyeol: actually, i was thinking about you too

prettyboy: oh really? uwu

daddyeol: yeah but you tell me first

prettyboy: oh i was just searching stuff so i can understand you more
prettyboy: nd im sorry if i was too much sometimes

daddyeol: you.. what?
daddyeol: what stuff exactly?

prettyboy: uh like what aromantic means....
prettyboy: i hope it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable
prettyboy: i just didnt want to ask unnecessary questions

daddyeol: oh god
daddyeol: you didnt need to do that.....
daddyeol: you can ask me anything, i mean i might not be able to answer everything but
daddyeol: wait and what did you find?

prettyboy: well i read a few ‘’’confessions’’’ from other aromantics
prettyboy: nd now i realized some things
prettyboy: how i misunderstood you in the past :///

daddyeol: yeah uhh
daddyeol: its not like i was being very clear either ig..
daddyeol: its just… not an easy topic you know

prettyboy: oh yes i understand
prettyboy: i still wish i wouldnt have said those things to you :(((
prettyboy: im sorry,,,

daddyeol: hey its okay
daddyeol: you didnt know
daddyeol: and i dont blame you, i know im a grand asshole sometimes

prettyboy: nooo you are not >:(((
prettyboy: you are just different
prettyboy: nd ppl dont want to understand different

daddyeol: but you do

prettyboy: im trying my best uwu

daddyeol: yeah i can tell
daddyeol: and im very thankful for that

prettyboy: anytime uwu

prettyboy: sooooo
prettyboy: why were you thinking about me uwu

daddyeol: oh uhm
daddyeol: i was kinda hoping you forgot huh
daddyeol: but yeah i just wanted to ask if
daddyeol: uhm if you wanna go out tonight to.. see a film or.. something

prettyboy: oh
prettyboy: oooooh
prettyboy: ah yes of course !!!!
prettyboy: i mean
prettyboy: if its ok with you uwu

daddyeol: you do???
daddyeol: it is ofc it is
daddyeol: and probably like
daddyeol: idk you could sleep over or
daddyeol: yeah..

prettyboy: ahhhh yes gladly uwu
prettyboy: will we have your dorm??
prettyboy: we should tell seok to visit dae

daddyeol: you tell dae and i tell seok

prettyboy: ooh nd we can like order pizza!!!
prettyboy: oki uwu
prettyboy: thank you yeollie

daddyeol: of course
daddyeol: meet me at the cinema at 7:30?

prettyboy: yep yep uwu
prettyboy: i cant wait to see youuuu

daddyeol: yeahh me neither

daddyeol: take care pretty boy

prettyboy: you too baby uwu


[tuesday, 2:26pm]
Private chat with them: miniseok

Chan-tol: so i asked him out

miniseok: ooooooh you did???

Chan-tol: yeah
Chan-tol: i think
Chan-tol: its hard to tell..

miniseok: why is it
miniseok: hard to tell?

Chan-tol: bc ive never done that before and
Chan-tol: even im not sure if i meant it like that or..
Chan-tol: idk its just confusing okay

miniseok: send me

Chan-tol has sent a photo.
Chan-tol has sent a photo.
Chan-tol has sent a photo.

miniseok: yes you are going to have a date
miniseok: and also drop me out like
miniseok: fuck off

Chan-tol: oh shut up its not like youre not in jongdaes ass 24/7 nowadays anyway

miniseok: im not in his ass
miniseok: yet :33

Chan-tol: youre gross

miniseok: you know whats gross
miniseok: listening you having sex in the room next to me

Chan-tol: see :)) thats why you leave for the night

miniseok: :)))
miniseok: fine
miniseok: dont do anything i wouldnt

Chan-tol: huh sorry but i wont become celibate :)

miniseok: you just wait
miniseok: we will do it in your bed for the first time

Chan-tol: are you sure
Chan-tol: you wanna make love to his virgin ass on the sheets i make his best friend beg for it

miniseok: true i dont want to get any kind of infections of your nasty ass
miniseok: this reminds me
miniseok: clean your damn room

Chan-tol: of course mum


[tuesday, 3:09pm]
Private chat with them: jong-gay

gay god: hey baby

jong-gay: hey dude

gay god: bro

jong-gay: man

gay god: can we skip im getting tired from acting stragiht
gay god: so tonight seok will come over

jong-gay: oooh yeah?
jong-gay: how come

gay god: me nd yeollie are gonna have sex on the couch of their apartment uwu
gay god: nd we dont really accept visitors

jong-gay: wow things i couldve lived without knowing
jong-gay: but alright, its nice

gay god: its nice???
gay god: thats all??

jong-gay: oh sorry

gay god: not that you would use it wisely

jong-gay: we will play all night long
jong-gay: no better use of a couch than that imo

gay god: poor seok

jong-gay: what, you think he doesnt like fallout 4?

gay god: no im sure he likes it
gay god: but how long can one be without sex before they self-destruct

jong-gay: well if youre that ‘’’one’’
jong-gay: id say like 11 hours
jong-gay: seok seems to be p content w the amount tho so
jong-gay: no need to worry your little head

gay god: what amount

jong-gay: what

gay god: you said he is content w the amount
gay god: the amount of what???

gay god: what stop ignoring me

jong-gay: the amount of
jong-gay: us
jong-gay: shut up

gay god: hUH

jong-gay: we didnt like,,, do it properly ok
jong-gay: you can calm down

gay god: buuuuut

jong-gay: but,

gay god: what did you do

jong-gay: things?

gay god: omg just say it
gay god: it would be less painful for the both of us

jong-gay: i
jong-gay: cant
jong-gay: you know it from yeol anyway im sure

gay god: oh no i dont
gay god: see i dont talk about u bedind your back >:(

jong-gay: i feel the shade over here lmao

gay god: its because there is
gay god: okay did you blow him

jong-gay: whST
jong-gay: NO
jong-gay: did you seriously think i
jong-gay: omfdg

gay god: well yes cause you dont wanna say it

jong-gay: i in fact did not
jong-gay: …… hedid

gay god: OMFG
gay god: YAS
gay god: KING!!!
gay god: HOW WAS IT

jong-gay: uh sjsfd
jong-gay: ((((amazing))

gay god: tell me moreeeee

jong-gay: oh god i
jong-gay: idk how to talk about it,,,,

gay god: hmm like
gay god: when was it

jong-gay: at the party..

gay god: HOLY FUCK!!
gay god: you did well
gay god: i raised you well :’)
gay god: wait did you
gay god: if you didnt blow him then
gay god: did you return it or you left him hanging

jong-gay: well uhm
jong-gay: after it happened i was kinda,,
jong-gay: so spent i couldnt do anything
jong-gay: but he brought me water and like
jong-gay: took care of everything….

gay god: :’(((
gay god: im crying
gay god: seok is so perfect for uyo
gay god: im so happie

jong-gay: yeah..
jong-gay: and he slept over here afterwards

gay god: oooh so that is why you didnt leave your room the whole day
gay god: i told yeollie you are suspicious

jong-gay: you.. literally just said you dont talk about me behind my back
jong-gay: why would u text about me then,,,

gay god: sometimes i call my inner voice yeollie

jong-gay: shut up liar

gay god: okay but
gay god: what were you doing in your room the whole day :)

jong-gay: we were
jong-gay: studying

gay god: shUt Up liAR

jong-gay: …. why are we friends again

gay god: cause i adopted you uwu

jong-gay: youre like,, four months older than me

gay god: nd a lot more hmm
gay god: how do you say
gay god: experienced uwu

jong-gay: oh which reminds me
jong-gay: you never told me what happened after you left to find chanyeol in the kitchen
jong-gay: wait do you even remember

gay god: if i tell you
gay god: will you tell me what happened on sunday :)))

jong-gay: jfc i jerked him off okay
jong-gay: so whats up w you 2

gay god: DID HE CUM
gay god: !!

jong-gay: uhmm ofc he did ??
jong-gay: who do you take me for

gay god: well
gay god: i thought you dont do these kind of things

jong-gay: well usually i dont
jong-gay: but
jong-gay: this is different now,,,

gay god: oh yeah i forgot to tell you
gay god: this is very gay of you jongdae :///

jong-gay: shut up
jong-gay: im not gay

gay god: i
gay god: im
gay god: what

jong-gay: i told you
jong-gay: i dont do these kind of things
jong-gay: its not like im gay
jong-gay: its just.. minseok

gay god: ?????????
gay god: i have never been this confused in my entire life

jong-gay: jfc nevermind
jong-gay: so what happened with yeol?
jong-gay: you two are talking again

gay god: ah yes
gay god: we are having a date tonight uwu

jong-gay: oh
jong-gay: wow really??

gay god: yes uwu
gay god: aaah i love him so much
gay god: he makes me so happy

jong-gay: uhm okay but
jong-gay: as your best friend i kinda have to be That guy,,
jong-gay: he doesnt always make you happy tho does he

gay god: ah yeah but it was in the past
gay god: i get him now uwu
gay god: nd i know that things will change

jong-gay: … are you sure?

gay god: yes of course!!!!!

jong-gay: okay..
jong-gay: i dont want you to get hurt again….
jong-gay: but i mean
jong-gay: if youre dating now, it should be fine

gay god: yes uwu
gay god: besides i had the best sex of my life on my birthday
gay god: nd there is no one better than him so 0:)

jong-gay: well okay
jong-gay: if you say so
jong-gay: (i mean im p sure i know at least one person who is but)

gay god: ksdadfmdskdsa
gay god: do you
gay god: want to have sex with seokkie uwu

jong-gay: oh god
jong-gay: where did that even
jong-gay: come from rn…,.,,.

gay god: well there is only one way to really test if he is better ;)

jong-gay: you want me to have sex with him
jong-gay: only so that we can compare???

gay god: well i can test him myself if you wanna uwu

jong-gay: wtf
jong-gay: stick to your own man byun

gay god: oooof someone is fierce
gay god: what are you jealous uwu

jong-gay: its not like you ever got in his pants tho so
jong-gay: nope

gay god: you are underestimating me uwu

jong-gay: you
jong-gay: .. no
jong-gay: you havent

gay god: hmm? uwu

jong-gay: what the hell are you even talking about
jong-gay: you.. havent slept w minseok

gay god: 0:)


[tuesday, 4:19pm]
Private chat with them: baebae~

daedae~: hey seokkie

baebae~: oh hello :33

daedae~: uhm i was wondering..
daedae~: ah it might sound super dumb tho….

baebae~: well only one way to find out

daedae~: can everyone just stop saying this exact phrase,,,,

baebae~: uhm
baebae~: whats wrong haha

daedae~: okay so uh
daedae~: ik its like
daedae~: probably just a stereotype of like
daedae~: all gay friends groups but uh
daedae~: have you ever
daedae~: slept with any of your friends
daedae~: of like
daedae~: o u r friends i mean,,

baebae~: as in having sex
baebae~: no
baebae~: as in sleeping in the same bed
baebae~: yes

daedae~: oh
daedae~: OH
daedae~: jfc i will murder him

baebae~: mind to share?

daedae~: baekhyun..

baebae~: haha what did you do

daedae~: why do you think i did anything :///

baebae~: because he is always messing with you when you are playing dense

daedae~: hes
daedae~: what??
daedae~: when am i dense

baebae~: like when you dont want to admit things :D

daedae~: i dunno what you mean by that…..

baebae~: exactly

daedae~: no tell me
daedae~: pleaseee
daedae~: seokkie..

baebae~: uhhhuh
baebae~: like uhhh
baebae~: okay with me you never wanted to admit when i turned you on
baebae~: and stuff like that haha

daedae~: uhm but like
daedae~: okay i wasnt lying then tho
daedae~: :3

baebae~: :))
baebae~: sure

daedae~: oh thats it?
daedae~: you are becoming boring..

baebae~: excuse me the fuck
baebae~: we will see who is boring tonight baby boy

daedae~: thats more like it :3
daedae~: but i guess youre right
daedae~: toniiiiight
daedae~: when i can finally….

daedae~: beat you in mario cart

baebae~: you bet :33
baebae~: im way too good in it
baebae~: but i mIGHT let you win if you ask nicely

daedae~: huh i dont need you to let me tho
daedae~: i think im p skillful….
daedae~: i will manage~

baebae~: sure baby
baebae~: but dont come crying to me when you lose :33

daedae~: i have my secret strategy which is p much foolproof so
daedae~: dont you worry about me :3

baebae~: hmhm im not
baebae~: i know how you can be

daedae~: well
daedae~: we will see about thatttt

Chapter Text

[tuesday, 10:15pm]
Private chat with them: baekhyunnie

binnie: hey baek :3
binnie: i was thinking and realised i haven’t seen you in like a week
binnie: and i miss you a lot

binnie: do you wanna go out sometime this week?

binnie: uh sorry maybe you’re asleep
binnie: sweet dreams!!

binnie: and if you see this in the morning, good morning :3




[wednesday, 1:45pm]
Private chat with them: binnie

baekhyunnie: oh hello
baekhyunnie: you were not prepared if i see this the afternoon tho haha

binnie: hey :3
binnie: no haha i was not
binnie: did you sleep well?

baekhyunnie: oh yes haha
baekhyunnie: i didnt sleep much but that was pleasant
baekhyunnie: you?

binnie: oh were you out with friends? :3
binnie: i slept well
binnie: it was kinda sad to sleep alone but yeah…

baekhyunnie: ah yes friends haha

binnie: so uhm
binnie: what do you say?

baekhyunnie: hmm

binnie: haha what does that mean?

baekhyunnie: oh i meant like uh
baekhyunnie: what is the question haha

binnie: oh like
binnie: do you wanna go out with me somewhere sometime?

baekhyunnie: oh wait like uh
baekhyunnie: huh
baekhyunnie: as in a date???

binnie: haha yeah ofc

baekhyunnie: uuuh like
baekhyunnie: in a friendly way right

binnie: uhm well
binnie: i didn’t really mean it like that…

baekhyunnie: oh um
baekhyunnie: im really,,, busy this week

binnie: haha that’s fine!
binnie: what about next week?
binnie: i’ll be a little busy then but we’ll figure it out :3

baekhyunnie: ah uh im sorry

binnie: oh uhm
binnie: is that a no again?

baekhyunnie: ah i’m really sorry
baekhyunnie: i don’t want to hurt you but
baekhyunnie: i don’t think this would work

binnie: oh no it’s
binnie: fine really
binnie: haha

binnie: uhm i know it’s none of my business but
binnie: it’s
binnie: because of him isn’t it?

baekhyunnie: i
baekhyunnie: i just love him you know….

binnie: yeah
binnie: i figured it out some time ago…

baekhyunnie: it is not like
baekhyunnie: please don’t think it’s your fault

binnie: it’s alright, really
binnie: he got to you first i guess haha…

binnie: he’s very lucky, i hope he knows that

baekhyunnie: hey
baekhyunnie: you will find someone too
baekhyunnie: i know
baekhyunnie: cause you are really everything a guy needs
baekhyunnie: the timing is just… not right for the two of us

binnie: you’re so sweet
binnie: but you don’t have to say all these things you know
binnie: and just
binnie: take care baekhyunnie okay?
binnie: you have such a beautiful heart...
binnie: keep it safe alright?

baekhyunnie: ah binnie…
baekhyunnie: don’t worry about me
baekhyunnie: and don’t be discouraged
baekhyunnie: no man worth it!!
baekhyunnie: be happy okay?

binnie: yeah
binnie: thank you baekkie
binnie: i hope you two will be super happy!!

binnie: see you around?

baekhyunnie: definitely !!!




[wednesday, 2:12pm]
Private chat with them: baebae~

daedae~: okay but
daedae~: when you come over next time
daedae~: you will lose by more than only 3 rounds :3

baebae~: i would NOT have lost if SOMEONE wasnt being a tricky naughty boy

daedae~: :0
daedae~: who was

baebae~: hmm idk
baebae~: but that someone kept touching my thighs and kissing my neck :)))

daedae~: oh so you
daedae~: go around and let boys do that??

baebae~: no
baebae~: only my boyfriend can do that ;)

daedae~: hmm so did you take revenge on him for it?

baebae~: yeah i did
baebae~: the hickeys are a nice proof
baebae~: i still cant believe you didnt let me leave them on your neck

daedae~: and i cant believe you did

baebae~: of course thats like the best spot

daedae~: yeah i
daedae~: kinda figured out you like it

baebae~: ooh what gave it away :33

daedae~: hm i dunno if
daedae~: the whines, the groans or the heavy breathing was the most telling….

baebae~: well i cant help when you are that good kitten

daedae~: fu
daedae~: minseok,

baebae~: yes that is my name :33

daedae~: lets not get into
daedae~: names..

baebae~: why not :3

daedae~: bc im in class……

baebae~: ah yeah
baebae~: the ‘dont text things like this in public’ policy still lives?

daedae~: im sorry its
daedae~: im trying okay?
daedae~: just give me some time……

baebae~: yeah just asking cause
baebae~: i miss you and like
baebae~: can i text it?

daedae~: i miss you too..
daedae~: ahhh
daedae~: okay.. just a little alright?
daedae~: text me anything now

baebae~: oooh okay :333
baebae~: im actually p happy that yeol had this date thing yesterday
baebae~: cause i got to be with you
baebae~: aah it made me so happy :33
baebae~: i love hanging out with you
baebae~: (((even tho you cheat in games >:(()))
baebae~: your laugh makes me so happy too
baebae~: and also you are the perfect cuddle size
baebae~: maybe you are more well proportioned after all

daedae~: oh my god.. seokkie

baebae~: what baby
baebae~: is it too much or

daedae~: no
daedae~: no its not
daedae~: im just
daedae~: always so speechless when you tell me things like that…..

baebae~: you make me speechless too
baebae~: and breathless
baebae~: ah you are so beautiful

baebae~ has sent a photo.

daedae~: oh god this selfie..
daedae~: i still looked super sleepy hah why did you even keep it

baebae~: nooo you are cute
baebae~: nd its also a memory of how it feels to wake up with you in my arms

daedae~: my..
daedae~: stomach is so tight now oh god

daedae~: im happy you kept it after all
daedae~: you are so handsome

baebae~: i am in fact :33

daedae~: annnddd your cockiness is back

baebae~: that is why you like me isnt it :33

daedae~: hmmm
daedae~: contemplating..

baebae~: ah come oooon

daedae~: what do you wanna hear? :3

baebae~: give me attentiooon

daedae~: oh i am !!
daedae~: im not taking notes at all
daedae~: all my attention is yours

baebae~: aaah you are such a bad child
baebae~: when i was your age i knew how to behave

daedae~: oh i v much doubt that
daedae~: i doubt you ever knew how to behave actually,,,

baebae~: what are you on about
baebae~: im a good boy

daedae~: yeah?
daedae~: can i ask the hickeys on my thighs about that?

baebae~: 0:))
baebae~: an angel

daedae~: of course

daedae~: hey angel
daedae~: what are you doing friday night btw?


[wednesday, 2:50pm]
Private chat with them: Lulu

Lulu: hey….
Lulu: im sorry for being a pain in the ass but
Lulu: im coming back on friday and my plane lands at 7pm
Lulu: i was thinking if you could pick me up or not
Lulu: i mean i can take a taxi thats fine with me as well
Lulu: just you know we could catch up and yea…

Minseokkie: hi

Lulu: oh you
Lulu: replied

Minseokkie: haha yeah
Minseokkie: i guess i ignored you enough
Minseokkie: oh shit i didnt… mean it like that

Lulu: haha no its fine
Lulu: i deserve it

Minseokkie: hmm yes maybe

Lulu: ah you havent changed anything i see

Minseokkie: a lot of things happened since you have been gone
Minseokkie: so dont assume anything

Lulu: you are right about that
Lulu: many things happened with me too but you might have seen them

Minseokkie: i did hear a few things from a friend of mine

Lulu: oh okay but
Lulu: there is a lot more to it
Lulu: but i will tell it to you in person
Lulu: i will see you soon anyways, right?


[wednesday, 2:58pm]
Private chat with them: baebae~

daedae~: seok?
daedae~: where did you go? :3

daedae~: hey.. are you okay?


[wednesday, 2:58pm]
Private chat with them: Lulu

Minseokkie: yeah see you on friday




[wednesday, 5:55pm]
Chat name: hoes

damnnnn has sent a photo.

damnnnn: nini look at this
damnnnn: im so angry this test is lying
damnnnn: wait
damnnnn: oh fuck no not again

ksoo’s: ...........hunnie

bi-bi: oh mY GOD

su’s bf: what is a ‘big dick energy’?
su’s bf: is it some korean thing?

rich bitch has sent a photo.

rich bitch: 85% baby
rich bitch: it ain’t lying

d.o hyung <3 has sent a photo.

d.o hyung <3: 100% here…

damnnnn: ??? what
damnnnn: how???
damnnnn: but
damnnnn: no im not 45%

ksoo’s: :000 hyung lvdjslfkjh
ksoo’s: y did u even
ksoo’s: take this test lfsjhfdljhldfsk

d.o hyung <3: you know, love
d.o hyung <3: just to get facts confirmed

su’s bf has sent a photo.

su’s bf: okay but what does this mean

kris’ bf: uhhhhh
kris’ bf: 100% means that you’re
kris’ bf: uhm
kris’ bf: lkjsdf somebody help me out, i can’t do it

wingman: that you have big dick energy uwu

su’s bf: i don’t get it
su’s bf: ugh okay i will go and work out then because you are not helping

bi-bi: ^^^^^^^^yeah exactly,,,

bf goals: oooh does he su :333

kris’ bf: shut up son
kris’ bf: go and drink your cocoa

damnnnn: no wait jongin tell them that i have big dick energy

ksoo’s: uhmmmm im sorry bby but
ksoo’s: maybe ur big dick just uhm
ksoo’s: needs charging ???

bi-bi: omfg im s cr am ing hepl

damnnnn: ugh
damnnnn: best friend card: revoked

d.o hyung <3: thank god, finally
d.o hyung <3: you can move in with me now, baby

damnnnn: what no
damnnnn: i take it back

bf goals has sent a photo.

wingman: omg…..
wingman: @lucky bastard why are you not telling me things >:(((

lucky bastard: seok you said youre taking a shower now wth

bf goals: yes and in the meantime i discovered my true identity

ksoo’s: lkdfjshs dae ur tiny knight is just as amazing as mine :3333

d.o hyung <3: hm?

ksoo’s: i meannnn
ksoo’s: almost? :33

d.o hyung <3: :3

ksoo’s: <333333

bf goals: daedae you will too take this quiz and we will see who is a midget

lucky bastard: i refuse

bf goals: declined


[wednesday, 6:39pm]
Private chat with them: prettyboy

daddyeol: baek

prettyboy: oooh its my fave uwu

daddyeol: oh god not now
daddyeol: i need you to come over
daddyeol: right now

prettyboy: whyyyy
prettyboy: what are we doiing uwu

daddyeol: i just huh
daddyeol: have to check something

prettyboy: ???

daddyeol: just come over babyboy
daddyeol: daddy is impatient..

prettyboy: ooh is it about
prettyboy: the test uwu

daddyeol: uh
daddyeol: what
daddyeol: lol
daddyeol: no ??

prettyboy: so then yes
prettyboy: i got 80% uwu

daddyeol: yeah thats a shitty test anyway

prettyboy: someone got a bad score hmmmmm

daddyeol: first of all 72% isnt that bad
daddyeol: second of all-

prettyboy: !!!
prettyboy: my score is bigger!!!
prettyboy: from today on i will be the top uwu

daddyeol: lets pretend that sentence never left your pretty little mouth

prettyboy: hmm but it did babyboy uwu

daddyeol: oh my fucking god

prettyboy: what uwu
prettyboy: if you wanna prove yourself so badly
prettyboy: then come and take me uwu

daddyeol: ….
daddyeol: be ready for me in 10

Chapter Text

[thursday, 2:46pm]
Private chat with them: little prince

my king: but yes, we should watch that movie together tonight :3
my king: hey, by the way
my king: is Sehun still pissed off about that test?

little prince: ah yess :DDD its so funny honestly
little prince: but dont worry hes gonna be okay
little prince: it takes him some days bc
little prince: hah well it just hurts his pride that my hyung is more manly than him uwu

my king: huh… yeah :3

little prince: hm? :D

my king: nothing
my king: I just like it when you call me that

little prince: what
little prince: my hyung? :33

my king: yeah

little prince: y do u like it??

my king: it's so… I dunno
my king: it just sounds right

little prince: it does doesnt it?? :3
little prince: my hyung
little prince: my boyfriend
little prince: my everything :333

my king: oh my god, please...
my king: you make me so flustered

little prince: nooo i wont stop uwu
little prince: now i can finally call you my man and i will make up for lost timeee
little prince: my amazingly beautiful hyung~~

my king: Jongin-ah… I'm in class

little prince: hmm so what? :3

my king: you…
my king: uhh nevermind

little prince: whaaaat

my king: just… I wish I could be with you now

little prince: hmm yeah me too :c
little prince: i wanna kiss you :cc

my king: yeah… I'd like that

little prince: maybe when we are back in ur dorm :c

my king: huh I wanna

little prince: making out like the other dayyy

my king: oh, when you got so touchy?

little prince: i cant help itttt ur so hot when u moan in my mouth :c

my king: ahh... Jongin-ah

little prince: hm? :3

my king: … you know what you're doing

little prince: me??? im not doing anything hyung 0:))

my king: you're saying suggestive stuff on purpose to turn me on while I'm in class

little prince: .. is it working?

my king: oh god

little prince: hyuuung :DD

my king: shut up

little prince: make me :333

my king: gladly

little prince: hmm do you wanna kiss me silent?
little prince: or is there something else on your mind? :3

my king: I… no

little prince: oh dont tell me youve never imagined it
little prince: me on my knees for you~

my king: Jongin...

little prince: nooo
little prince: call me baby
little prince: i like it a lot when you call me that
little prince: it sounds right :3

my king: hmm… it does doesn't it

little prince: oh i wish you groaned it to me while i kiss your chest
little prince: maybe teasing your nipples as i go :3c

my king: I hope you're aware that I'm blushing furiously in class

little prince: :33 my beautiful hyung
little prince: how about hickeys? do you like them?

my king: yeah I... like them in places I can cover
my king: they're only for the two of us to see anyway
my king: how about you?

little prince: oh i love them :3

my king: yeah? even on your neck?

little prince: skdhdh yes please
little prince: mark me

my king: oh my god

little prince: :33
little prince: so i can give you some on your hips? :3

my king: yeah.. yeah do that

little prince: hmmm i bet you would make some vv pretty noises

my king: if you’re good...

little prince: ive never had any complaints :3cc
little prince: so what do you want hyung?

my king: I want this fucking class to end so I can go home to my boyfriend

little prince: oh yeah?
little prince: but how about me going there to you?
little prince: sneaking in your class
little prince: hiding under your desk while no one can see me… :3

my king: jesus fucking christ baby

little prince: I want you hyung

my king: fuck this class
my king: I'm getting out of here
my king: wait for me, Jongin-ah

little prince: djzbzb
little prince: hurry home to me<33




[thursday, 7:30pm]
Private chat with them: Oh Sehun

cambaby: hello small dick

Oh Sehun: you cannot prove anything
Oh Sehun: that test was dumb anyways

cambaby: aaah so defensive
cambaby: are you scared of the truth?

Oh Sehun: im scared of many things but not that
Oh Sehun: i know what i know

cambaby: and i do not believe you

Oh Sehun: well that is your loss not mine

cambaby: oof harsh
cambaby: just how i like it

Oh Sehun: what do you want Zitao

cambaby: you
cambaby: right now

Oh Sehun: i dont work on demand

cambaby: you tend to forget that you owe me
cambaby: you dont really have a choice here honeybee

Oh Sehun: i have a job you know
Oh Sehun: and i know it might sound surprising
Oh Sehun: but i also
Oh Sehun: watch this
Oh Sehun: have a life to live

cambaby: oooh how interesting
cambaby: too bad i don’t care isn’t it
cambaby: you have 15 minutes

Oh Sehun: i cant

cambaby: ooooh someone is scared

Oh Sehun: no im not

cambaby: but you are

Oh Sehun: no

cambaby: i should have guessed it

Oh Sehun: what

cambaby: you are all talk Sehun

Oh Sehun: no???

cambaby: your mouth is big but you have nothing

Oh Sehun: take that back

cambaby: make me

Oh Sehun: fuck

cambaby: what’s wrong honeybee?
cambaby: cat took your tongue?

Oh Sehun: you want me that badly huh

cambaby: im fine without you
cambaby: but you know
cambaby: i can believe what i want to

Oh Sehun: your beliefs are wrong
Oh Sehun: i will be there in 10 minutes
Oh Sehun: if you are wearing anything other than a robe
Oh Sehun: i wont go easy on you

cambaby: hmm then it’s time to dress up

Oh Sehun: hah
Oh Sehun: you are triggering me baby

cambaby: the time is ticking honeybee
cambaby: tic-toc-tic-toc

cambaby has sent a photo.

cambaby: hurry up

cambaby has logged off.

Oh Sehun: oh my fucking god
Oh Sehun: i will shut your pretty little mouth
Oh Sehun: you should have thought beforehand baby
Oh Sehun: you are so going to regret teasing me

Oh Sehun has logged off.




[thursday, 10:39pm]

“Hello? Mum?”

“Hello darling, how have you been?”

“Ah, it’s been like a week since we last called, right? I’m sorry about that…”

“I’m sure you have been busy with your studies, weren’t you?”

“Yeah… I have actually been super busy, I’m sorry.”

“I hope you still get some time to make friends! You need those too.”

“Oh, yeah, of course! It’s funny that you mention that now… life has been surprisingly good lately.”

“Oh really? Tell me, honey.”

“I’ve made some great friends. Like, with friends of friends. We have a whole group!”

“That sounds lovely!”

“They really are! Especially this one boy, his name is Minseok and mum, you would love him, he's funny and gentle and intelligent and-”

“Ah, wait wait honey, your dad wants to talk to you too-”

    “Hey buddy, how is it going?”

“Oh, hey dad. I’m- doing okay… and you? How is the business going?”

    “It’s going pretty well actually, thank you for asking.”

“Hey, I know I promised I’d go home soon but… let’s just say life happened and… I don’t think I can make it this month… I’m sorry...”

    “What are you so busy with son?”

“Hah, you know, a little this and a little that… studying, most importantly of course, but… uhm, socialising and… all that jazz…”

    “Did you get a girlfriend?”

“What? A girlfriend?”

“Oh, I… haha uhm… something like that, yeah.”

    “What’s her name? What is she like? Tell me everything.”

“Uhm, I don’t think you- I mean, this is a- uhm… conversation for another day… but let me tell you sh- she’s amazing.”

    “Aaah secretive as ever… next time when you come bring her home.”

“What?! Why would I- uh, haha, but why would you want me to do that?”

    “Is wanting to meet my son’s girlfriend a crime? You never talked about anyone before so I’m sure she must be special.”

“I cannot believe! Our little boy is all grown up.”

“Haha, yeah, I guess… but yeah, you’re right. Special kinda covers it.”

    “You made me really proud buddy.”

“Yeah… huh, I- I think I should go, though… I don’t feel too well…”

    “Ah so soon?”

“Well, I should pack some stuff, too, some friends planned- uh- something and… I should get ready and all…”

    “What friends? Not that Byun boy, right?”

“ know that his name is Baekhyun, dad. And yes, him, too. We have the same friends’ group, actually.”

    “Is he still… like that?”

“... Still?”

    “You know… abnormal.”

“He’s- jesus christ. He is not abnormal. How can you even-”

    “As a man, he should find girls attractive. That is normal and you know that.”

“Just like your dad and you, honey. Maybe you could help him.”

“No, he doesn’t need my help. Or any help, actually. He is perfectly happy like that, and nobody should judge him for something like this. And nobody does, not here.”

    “Tell me your other friends are different than him.”

“They are- all kinds of people. We have, uh, dance majors and people in theatre and- and this guy who studies gastronomy-”

    “Huh that’s sounds pretty homo for me. Don’t you have friends from your major too? You know someone normal from accounting.”

“My friends are normal. There’s nothing wrong with them, dad.”

    “Well as long as they don’t try to force this shit on you...”

“Jesus christ, nobody is forcing anything on me! I’m my own person and whoever my friends sleep with is none of- anybody else’s business.”

    “No need to be so defensive I’m just looking out for you. None of us want you to turn out the way they are.”

“Huh yeah? Why? What would happen if I did? Would you not l-love me anymore?”

    “Don’t even joke about stuff like is Jongdae.”

“I just- I want to know now. Just tell me nothing would change and I drop the topic, I swear.”

    “I’m not going to lie to you.”

“W... what?”

    “Because that person is not my son. I can’t love that .”

“What are you two talking about?”

    “Jongdae is joking about being homo.”

“Honey, why would you say that to your father? How could you?”

“Oh my god… do you even… hear yourselves?”

    “I could ask you the same thing.”

“I- I’d better go now.”

    “Yeah, maybe you should think about this. Those people are messing with your mind already.”

“Of course. They are messing with my head…”

    “Spend some time with your girlfriend instead. Maybe that will do good to you.”

“I will. I can promise you that.”

“And ask her about visiting! I love you, honey.”

“Yeah… of course.”

    “Talk to you later son.”

“Bye, darling!”



Baekhyun hisses as the light from the corridor shines on him. He shuts his eyes tighter and shuffles into his pillow to shield his face completely. He hums, his mind foggy from sleepiness and only when he hears soft sobs coming from the door he realizes that someone has entered his room. He pushes himself up on his elbows, squinting to get used to the brightness. The black silhouette of a small figure, shoulders hanging, looking tired and drained as ever meets his eyes. He rubs the sleepiness out of his eyes and in a hoarse and tired voice he speaks up:

“Is everything okay Jongdae?” His roommate suddenly sniffs and rubs his eyes just as well and Baekhyun sits up instantly, his mouth hanging open. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He pats the bed next to him signaling his friend to join him on the bed. Jongdae stumbles to the bed, tripping over Baekhyun’s scattered books and clothes before he sits down by his side.

“They just called me.” He mumbles, voice little, hardly audible. “My parents.” He finishes his sentence not reflecting any emotions. Baekhyun sighs, a bit annoyed and he is already clenching his fists before releasing his grip and putting one arm around Jongdae’s shoulders.

“What did they do this time?” He asks, whispering softly not to scare Jongdae.

“Asked about friends and relationship and- they- think- I have a girlfriend now but- I-” He says in between sobs, trying to keep it down, his hands trembling in his lap. “I think my dad- oh my god… Baek, he knows . I think he knows.” He says burying his face in his hands.

Baekhyun gulps before pulling him close to his chest, his other hand caressing his cheek softly. “Hey, it’s okay. You are okay.” He coos placing his chin on top of Jongdae’s head.

“Why am I like this?” He cries a lot harder now, clenching Baekhyun’s shirt.

“Hey… you are normal. You are who you are and I love you for it. Just like everyone else. Your emotions are not something you can control and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. I’m sorry they made you feel like this… again.” Baekhyun sighs, swaying back and forth with Jongdae.

“I tried so hard- I tried… all these years and- I didn’t want to fall in love, I’m so sorry, I’m a fucking mess…” Jongdae keeps on bawling, holding Baekhyun tighter.

“No you are not! You are an amazing person inside and outside! People love you so much. You are so far aways from being a mess.” He sighs. “Isn’t it nice? Being in love?”

“I’m… jesus- Minseok… I’ve been such an asshole to him too, why- why does even tolerate me… you were- right all along, I don’t deserve him.”

“No! Enough! You are so happy with him and you make him so happy! I have never seen him be like this with anyone else and I wouldn’t have supported this relationship in the first place if I thought it wouldn’t work out. You are so perfect for each other, honestly… you two grew together in this short period of time already and… we say these things because we are jealous how perfect you two are. I wish… I wish you would think about yourself just like Minseok does…” Baekhyun sighs again, a single tear rolls down on his cheek. “I’m so happy for you, Jongdae and I’m really proud. Please don’t put yourself down like this. You are so important to me.”

Jongdae hides his face in Baekhyun’s collarbones, his arms snaking around his waist and pulling himself closer. Baekhyun’s arm travels to the small of his friend’s back while his other hand is still caressing his cheeks. He hums a lullaby to Jongdae till his cries die down a little before he speaks up again.

“Stay here. You shouldn’t be alone.” He says and Jongdae softly nods before the get in bed, Baekhyun holding Jongdae close to him, trying his best to let his best friend know he is not alone. They have each other and in the end that is all that matters.

Chapter Text

[friday, 0:12am]
Private chat with them: Lulu

Lulu: hello babe
Lulu: shit i didnt mean to send that
Lulu: uh anyway… its too late now sorry
Lulu: i hope to see you tonight
Lulu: i missed you


[friday, 0:15am]
Private chat with them: Sehunnie

Baby hyung: SHIT SEHUN

Sehunnie: MINSEOK

Baby hyung: IM PANIC

Sehunnie: well im free of course
Sehunnie: but are we running away together or something
Sehunnie: cause im not ready for that kind of commitment yet

Baby hyung: no we are not running away together

Sehunnie: ouch rude

Baby hyung: omg please you dont even know why i asked

Sehunnie: i love surprises
Sehunnie: but sure tell me

Baby hyung: you like luhan right

Sehunnie: i dont like where this is going
Sehunnie: listen if its about last time
Sehunnie: i wanna say i deleted those photos but
Sehunnie: who am i to fool anyone

Baby hyung: no not about that
Baby hyung: well that too
Baby hyung: you know he is coming back
Baby hyung: and you have the privilege to pick him up from the airport

Sehunnie: WHAT
Sehunnie: REALLY
Sehunnie: HOLY SHIT
Sehunnie: I MEAN
Sehunnie: ITS COOL
Sehunnie: IM COOL
Sehunnie: WHEN


[friday, 0:23am]
Private chat with them: prince_pirouette

oh playboy: NINI
oh playboy: FUCK ARE YOU AWAKE

oh playboy: I JUST COMBUSTED

prince_pirouette: omg hunnieeee
prince_pirouette: im at soos nd i think this is the best night in the history of nights :33333

oh playboy: oh did you do the frickle frackle

prince_pirouette: oh noooo hes
prince_pirouette: so adorable hes holding back bc he wants to make it all perfect for us :333333
prince_pirouette: hunnie i love him so mucchhhh

oh playboy: you must love him
oh playboy: who can go on without sex for more than 5 hours honestly
oh playboy: at this day and age

prince_pirouette: pff is that why u felt the need to share that u just
prince_pirouette: “casually busted several nuts”,,,,,,

oh playboy: okay but you dont know why
oh playboy: stop asking i will tell you
oh playboy: im going to see luhan tonight

prince_pirouette: hun,,, i told u so many times
prince_pirouette: kidnapping him is not the solution,,,,,,,,,

oh playboy: well seokkie hyung just invited me to go and catch my man on the airport so

prince_pirouette: whaaaaaAAAAATTTTTTT
prince_pirouette: OHMYGOD !!!!!
prince_pirouette: HES RLLY COMING BACK THEN
prince_pirouette: WAit but
prince_pirouette: minseok asked u??? why u????

oh playboy: because he said he knows that i like him !!!
oh playboy: what a legend
oh playboy: oh shit my break is over fuuuck
oh playboy: soon nini

prince_pirouette: welllll my mans impatient too so
prince_pirouette: meet u at home sehunnie
prince_pirouette: nd also like,, b careful oky? :ccc
prince_pirouette: ive a bad feeling bout this…..


[friday, 0:40am]
Private chat with them: Baby hyung

Baby hyung: make it 5 pm
Baby hyung: i will pick you up

Baby hyung: oh and Sehun?

Baby hyung: one more thing
Baby hyung: dont tell it to anyone alright


[friday, 5:01am]
Private chat with them: prince_pirouette

oh playboy: omg nini please tell me you havent told it to anyone
oh playboy: please i dont want to fuck it up again

oh playboy: damnit




[friday, 3:30pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

baebae~: hello boyfriend uwu

daedae~: oh hey seok
daedae~: you finally texted back,,
daedae~: i was worried,,,

baebae~: oh you really were??

daedae~: of course i was???
daedae~: i wanted to.. talk to you about stuff
daedae~: but it said you were offline since last night so
daedae~: i was just,, waiting

baebae~: oh you should have texted me anyways!
baebae~: im sorry :((
baebae~: what ya wanna talk about baby boy

daedae~: its uhm….
daedae~: well i dont rlly know how to
daedae~: start at all,,,
daedae~: i wanna explain some stuff to you that i think you deserve to know….. about me and why i do the things i do
daedae~: but i dont rlly wanna do it over text…
daedae~: can i go over tonight?

baebae~: ah im
baebae~: im so sorry babe tonight is not the right time
baebae~: but you are scaring me
baebae~: is everything
baebae~: are you alright?

daedae~: yeahhh ill be fine
daedae~: i just..
daedae~: i miss you

baebae~: aah i miss you too
baebae~: we can meet tomorrow morning what you say?
baebae~: is it alright??

daedae~: uhh yeah
daedae~: yeah sure :3

baebae~: good :33
baebae~: actually i was wondering too…

daedae~: yeah?
daedae~: tell me

baebae~: so like
baebae~: it might be weird haha
baebae~: but i thought we could make our relationship public
baebae~: like on social medias :33

daedae~: we-
daedae~: what?
daedae~: why??

baebae~: you know like
baebae~: to let people know that you are mine hehe~

daedae~: ah seok i
daedae~: thought we were on the same page about that….

baebae~: well we are!!!
baebae~: oh wait
baebae~: what page are you on exactly

daedae~: its kinda
daedae~: one thing i wanted to tell you tonight but
daedae~: i,, uh
daedae~: lets just wait a little more with that please?
daedae~: just a tiny bit..

baebae~: huh why should we wait

daedae~: well why should we rush?
daedae~: you said it was all fine just some days ago??

baebae~: i said that because you wanted to hear that

daedae~: wh
daedae~: what does that mean?

baebae~: jongdae i want people to know about us
baebae~: and im sure its scary for you to date a dude
baebae~: but i hoped you wouldnt be ashamed of it so much
baebae~: ashamed of me… to be exact

daedae~: no its
daedae~: its not that seokkie
daedae~: ofc im not ashamed!
daedae~: please dont say stuff like that im
daedae~: just dont
daedae~: please….

baebae~: i dont want to
baebae~: but recently you dont even let me to hold your hand in public
baebae~: its like im a dirty secret of yours……

daedae~: fuck
daedae~: no
daedae~: please
daedae~: lemme go over now seok
daedae~: let me explain
daedae~: i dont want to fight with you….

baebae~: tonight is not good i told you….

daedae~: then just
daedae~: lets wait till tomorrow okay?
daedae~: please dont be mad…..
daedae~: im so sorry...

baebae~: of course….
baebae~: tomorrow….
baebae~: everything will be better

daedae~: why do you.. say it like that?

baebae~: nothing
baebae~: i gotta go now

daedae~: minseokkie..

baebae~: dont say that….

daedae~: im
daedae~: im so sorry….

baebae~: yeah me too
baebae~: anyway i have to go now
baebae~: really
baebae~: take care
baebae~: talk to you tomorrow

daedae~: yeah..
daedae~: see you tomorrow

daedae~: <33

baebae~ has logged off.




[friday, 4:45pm]
Private chat with them: daddyeol

prettyboy: god i miss you already
prettyboy: i want you so bad
prettyboy: fuck this essay i wanna suck my boyfriend >:(((

daddyeol: i told you baby boy
daddyeol: you get to 2k words and you can come over
daddyeol: i will be waiting ;)

prettyboy: but that is just too much
prettyboy: can we make it 500?
prettyboy: im so horny i cant even write
prettyboy: i know you want me tooooooo uwu

daddyeol: hmm you want me to bend you over the desk and take you like that?

prettyboy: ah fuck me on these exam papers please

prettyboy: yeollie???
prettyboy: how can you ignore me now >:(((

daddyeol: shit im sorry baby
daddyeol: it was seok

prettyboy: ooh
prettyboy: are you two having fun without me

daddyeol: eww wtf no
daddyeol: he just left
daddyeol: and he was in a hurry
daddyeol: on his phone talking to someone about the airport??

prettyboy: is he
prettyboy: going somewhere
prettyboy: omg do you think he is taking jongdae somewhere uwu

daddyeol: even though i love the image of your dorm being ours for a week
daddyeol: i have to say no
daddyeol: you dont hear him when he talks to dae on the phone
daddyeol: it sounds like what that fucking disgusting melted marshmallow dough tastes

prettyboy: oooh i love that tho uwu
prettyboy: then who could that be

daddyeol: he said something like
daddyeol: ‘get your fanboy ass together or i will tell him you covered your walls with his face and grind on it daily’
daddyeol: or something like that idek it was a whole mess

prettyboy: yeollie…..
prettyboy: tell me you are joking

daddyeol: what
daddyeol: no
daddyeol: i have no idea what he is on but he looked extremely nervous
daddyeol: it was most probably weed…..

prettyboy: or
prettyboy: an ex

daddyeol: wait you mean..

prettyboy: i think he was talking to sehun
prettyboy: and we all know who sehun is lusting over

daddyeol: but
daddyeol: what the fuck you think he is collecting lu han from the airport???
daddyeol: why tf would he do that?

prettyboy: i dont know
prettyboy: do you
prettyboy: fuck
prettyboy: do you think he still has feelings for him

daddyeol: well idk how love works but
daddyeol: for the sake of jongdae
daddyeol: i really fucking hope he does not




[friday, 8:12pm]
Chat name: hoes

bi-bi: but i swear guys have u se e n the dude
bi-bi: in those leather pants the other day,,,,,
bi-bi: id bet my ass he tops jonginah

rich bitch: okay but have you seen jongin dance???
rich bitch: those hips dont lie honey

kris’ bf: huh i mean they can still both be switches…..

wingman: uwuwuwuwuw you guys

bi-bi: from what ive seen jongin is an even bigger bottom than ba
bi-bi: oh hEY BAEK
bi-bi: wassup my man uwu

wingman: oh yixing….
wingman: what did you want to say again :)

bi-bi: thatttt iiiii
bi-bi: appreciate the fact that boys come in alll shapes nd sizes nd preferences? :D

wingman: sure:)
wingman: one day i will top yeollie and you will all be :ooo

lone wolf: dream away princess

wingman: ;)))

lucky bastard: hah hey guys
lucky bastard: not to be a pain in the ass but
lucky bastard: does anyone know,, uhm
lucky bastard: where i can find seok? haha

wingman: oh uh umh
wingman: i have no clue sorry :///

kris’ bf: oh honey isn’t he just busy with studying?
kris’ bf: you should probably jump over and surprise him :3

su’s bf: oooh so you are coming to surprise me love?

kris’ bf: i can’t :c i have to study as well
kris’ bf: (but i’m open to other ideas :3)

su’s bf: oh okay
su’s bf: nevermind then haha

rich bitch: hmm
rich bitch: sehun hasnt been around either

bi-bi: :3ccccc
bi-bi: another princess is dreaming away i can tell

rich bitch: no

bi-bi: its not a sin honey :D
bi-bi: hes like super hot

rich bitch: go worry about your girlfriend darling :)

bi-bi: nothing to worry about baby she’s doing well :3 thanks to me

su’s bf: why are you two flirting

bi-bi: wanna join? ;))

su’s bf has logged off.

kris’ bf: oh god you broke my man
kris’ bf: now i gotta go over to check on him….
kris’ bf: how tragic
kris’ bf: :3

kris’ bf has logged off.

damnnnn: hey was someone missing me

rich bitch: no go back to your cave

lucky bastard: oh hey sehun

damnnnn: this is not what you said last night babe
damnnnn: but im onto better things now :)
damnnnn: oh hi? jongdae

lucky bastard: i asked around the others but
lucky bastard: since u always know about everything
lucky bastard: do u know where seok can be??

lucky bastard: and actually
lucky bastard: why am i the only one who is worried???

rich bitch: you ass
rich bitch: why the fuck do i even want you more now

damnnnn: ah uh
damnnnn: im sorry jongdae i dont think i can give you any valid information

lucky bastard: oh so you dont know anything

damnnnn: well thats uh
damnnnn: you can say that or i
damnnnn: uh i dont know what to say

lucky bastard: ????
lucky bastard: wait
lucky bastard: you know about him

lone wolf: uh maybe he doesnt
lone wolf: let him be dae

lucky bastard: what the
lucky bastard: ….. fuck ofc you know too you live in the same flat,,
lucky bastard: look chanyeol i know you hate my guts but im actually worried now and
lucky bastard: but… wait if you know something,, that means
lucky bastard: baek

wingman: let minseok be jongdae
wingman: he must be busy with stuff

lucky bastard: oh god its
lucky bastard: its about our fight earlier isnt it
lucky bastard: did we
lucky bastard: does this mean that the two of us
lucky bastard: like,,,,

wingman: what fight

bf goals: no its not about that

lucky bastard: … seokkie?

bf goals: i am out with friends

lucky bastard: but.. we are all here
lucky bastard: who
lucky bastard: are you with

bf goals: i have a lot of friends jongdae

wingman: hey seok stop this

lucky bastard: who exactly, seok?

bf goals: why do you wanna know so badly

lone wolf: ???? what the fuck minseok

wingman: what the fuck is wrong with you i-

lucky bastard: no guys
lucky bastard: leave him
lucky bastard: you are allowed to have friends minseok
lucky bastard: im just
lucky bastard: worried haha
lucky bastard: but im sorry for being like this

lucky bastard: i will stay out of it all i promise
lucky bastard: just tell me youre okay now?

bf goals: oh thank you for letting me have friends :)))
bf goals: what a great guy you are
bf goals: but since you are so interested :)

bf goals has sent a photo.

bf goals: say hi :)

lucky bastard: i

lone wolf: oh my fucking..

wingman: jongdae….

lucky bastard has left the chat.

wingman: oh fuck

wingman has logged off.

lone wolf: i hope
lone wolf: that you are fucking proud of yourself now kim minseok

lone wolf has logged off.

bi-bi: well uh..
bi-bi: i feel like i have to
bi-bi: go and kiss yoonhee now
bi-bi: sorry..

bi-bi has logged off.

bf goals: what the fuck happened haha

rich bitch: you are the actual fucking worst kim minseok

bf goals: what wait why

rich bitch: well fucking think about it will you

rich bitch has logged off.

bf goals: fuck....


[friday, 11:20pm]
Private chat with them: dad

Jongdae: i’m sorry dad
Jongdae: about the other night
Jongdae: you were right

Jongdae: i’m coming home

Chapter Text

[saturday, 9:34am]
Private chat with them: daedae~

baebae~: hey…
baebae~: i know you are probably hating my guts right now
baebae~: im so sorry of how i acted the other night
baebae~: i was just mad at you for not wanting the world to know about us
baebae~: i was so dumb
baebae~: im so sorry
baebae~: and im sorry about han too
baebae~: there is nothing i promise

baebae~: hey?
baebae~: please…

baebae~: do you still want to talk?

baebae~: i want to please

baebae~: please

baebae~: forgive me daedae

baebae~: im so sorry

baebae~: text me back okay


[saturday, 10:55am]
Private chat with them: gay god

jong-gay: hes still going on…..

gay god: did you text him back

jong-gay: no
jong-gay: im sorry baek i
jong-gay: i cant

gay god: you cant run away from him forever jongdae

jong-gay: i just fucking
jong-gay: i thought we were
jong-gay: i thought he..
jong-gay: huh i
jong-gay: actually have no idea what i thought

gay god: that is how love is
gay god: its irrational

jong-gay: what love are you talking about

gay god: the one you have for minseok
gay god: its different than all your exes isnt it

jong-gay: but if its love, why does it hurt so much
jong-gay: love is supposed to be a happy thing
jong-gay: and rn this is anything but

gay god: im sorry but it isnt like that
gay god: love is a lot more complex than that
gay god: its about accepting one another
gay god: even during fights there is a bond that keeps you together
gay god: its a good thing but on its own it wont solve everything

jong-gay: yeah… you  must be right
jong-gay: i just
jong-gay: i guess all this time i
jong-gay: took him for granted and
jong-gay: i never realised how much i actually want him to be around
jong-gay: until now that hes not

gay god: but he is
gay god: he is trying jongdae
gay god: dont shut him out like this

jong-gay: but luhan is back and
jong-gay: you saw his smile in that picture right?
jong-gay: you saw how he reacted when sehun sent those photos of him
jong-gay: what if it was an.. inbetween thing, the two of us
jong-gay: just for the time he was
jong-gay: lonely or ,, something

gay god: luhan is a part of his history
gay god: that is what he is… history
gay god: but seok…
gay god: he asked so much about you when we were getting ready for pride parade
gay god: i saw a spark in his eyes you know….
gay god: and its not like he has given up now
gay god: luhan might be back but seok wants to make up with you
gay god: just consider this jongdae..

jong-gay: i want this to be the case
jong-gay: but i cannot face him yet baek
jong-gay: im sorry i
jong-gay: uhh my dad has been in and out of my room, telling me to
jong-gay: ‘stop wasting tissues on that girl, just grow a pair and get another one’
jong-gay: but in all honesty, i just want to sleep now
jong-gay: so that i dont have to talk to anybody...

gay god: omg please,,,,
gay god: come back home
gay god: we wont tell it to seok just
gay god: get out of there please
gay god: hey you can like
gay god: go over to ours i will tell my parents it will be fine there !!

jong-gay: i really shouldnt
jong-gay: as fucked up as they are
jong-gay: these are my parents and
jong-gay: i should try to get things straihgt with them
jong-gay: huh or like
jong-gay: why am i giggling at that im pathetic

gay god: :’)))
gay god: im a proud gay now

jong-gay: thank you so much for offering tho
jong-gay: im so lucky to have you

gay god: please im the luckiest <33
gay god: you helped me so much jongdae and you didnt even notice it
gay god: its only fair to return all the love right

jong-gay: thank you baekhyunnie
jong-gay: and ill come home as soon as i can okay?

gay god: dont keep me waiting
gay god: i need my daily dose of best friend bullshit served fresh and sweet

jong-gay: you mean your healthy dose of striaghtnenss in your life?

gay god: haha yes :’)
gay god: my fav stairght

jong-gay: always and forever




[saturday, 5:03pm]
Private chat with them: THE HAN

Sehun (freshman): heeeeeey
Sehun (freshman): how are you :DD

THE HAN: oh hello Sehun
THE HAN: i didnt think you would text me

Sehun (freshman): oh i was just wondering
Sehun (freshman): how are you
Sehun (freshman): are you getting used to korea?
Sehun (freshman): how is the flat?
Sehun (freshman): is it alright or do you want to make some renovations?
Sehun (freshman): im a man i can help

THE HAN: i am fine but thanks

Sehun (freshman): oh yeah sure
Sehun (freshman): ah well
Sehun (freshman): is everything alright with minseok
Sehun (freshman): i mean i have no say in that haha
Sehun (freshman): i was just wondering because in the gc things got wild

THE HAN: what group chat

Sehun (freshman): oh we have a group chat like a mafia
Sehun (freshman): a big group of friends
Sehun (freshman): once you meet them we can add you too

THE HAN: did he talk about me

Sehun (freshman): hardly….
Sehun (freshman): things got out of hand haha
Sehun (freshman): but yeah

THE HAN: oh interesting
THE HAN: thanks for letting me know

Sehun (freshman): oh of course!!
Sehun (freshman): wait you
Sehun (freshman): are not going to do anything right

THE HAN: i have to make my mistakes right Sehun

Sehun (freshman): oh yeah you should i guess…
Sehun (freshman): um i was wondering
Sehun (freshman): there is a really good place maybe
Sehun (freshman): we can go together

THE HAN: yeah lets go one day
THE HAN: but let me clear it up with Seokkie first okay

Sehun (freshman): ah sure…
Sehun (freshman): text me when you are free then


[saturday, 5:23pm]
Private chat with them: prince_pirouette

oh playboy: when will anyone give me a chance nini


[saturday, 5:23pm]
Private chat with them: Minseokkie

Lulu: hey Seokkie

Minseokkie: hi

Lulu: i wanna talk to you
Lulu: are you free right now?

Minseokkie: its not
Minseokkie: exactly the right time
Minseokkie: but we should talk i agree…

Lulu: well i was thinking we should go out
Lulu: its easier to talk over drinks
Lulu: im not sure if i can open up sober

Minseokkie: another time han please

Lulu: whats wrong?

Minseokkie: i told you its not the right time

Lulu: please tell me
Lulu: im worried

Minseokkie: its…
Minseokkie: about jongdae

Lulu: who?

Minseokkie: my boyfriend

Lulu: you have a boyfriend

Minseokkie: well i hope i still have him
Minseokkie: i was an idiot
Minseokkie: an asshole to be exact

Lulu: what did you… do

Minseokkie: i…
Minseokkie: i didnt tell him i was meeting you
Minseokkie: idk i was just so hurt
Minseokkie: it feels like… im the only one who wants this relationship to work
Minseokkie: he is… he doesnt want us to be public

Lulu: well i dont know anything about him but
Lulu: i understand why you were hurt
Lulu: have you told him this?

Minseokkie: i havent had the time
Minseokkie: and now he is not answering to me

Lulu: oh what
Lulu: thats rude

Minseokkie: no its not
Minseokkie: i understand it
Minseokkie: i wasnt telling him i am meeting my ex boyfriend
Minseokkie: he didnt even know about you up until sehun sent those pictures of you in the chat

Lulu: ah i will ignore the last part for now because
Lulu: you know that we uh
Lulu: never actually broke up like officially?

Minseokkie: what
Minseokkie: the
Minseokkie: fuck
Minseokkie: fucking no way what
Minseokkie: im… oh my god
Minseokkie: i hate myself

Lulu: yeah uh…
Lulu: i guess we did just now then haha

Lulu: but you didnt have to talk about me to him
Lulu: i mean… i have no say in your relationship and he has no say in what you had in the past
Lulu: im sure i wasnt the person you talked about the most
Lulu: after all i have done to you

Minseokkie: well yeah
Minseokkie: im sorry?
Minseokkie: i was trying my best to repress all the bad memories of you haha

Lulu: well that makes the two of us
Lulu: i have never told my manager about you
Lulu: she was quite shocked to see those leaked photos of us

Minseokkie: ah yes…
Minseokkie: i forgot to delete them
Minseokkie: instead i made a whole new account haha

Lulu: that explains why you have never replied to me there

Minseokkie: oh you… reached out to me there

Lulu: yeah… only recently though

Minseokkie: ah i see
Minseokkie: sorry

Lulu: its fine
Lulu: i cannot blame you for ignoring me

Lulu: but please let me make it up to you
Lulu: i treat you today
Lulu: we can have great food and an unpleasant conversation
Lulu: your fave thing to do

Minseokkie: i have
Minseokkie: i cannot say anything to this haha

Lulu: please Minseok
Lulu: we really need to talk

Minseokkie: yeah… i guess we should
Minseokkie: okay then

Lulu: okay then i will pick you up at 7
Lulu: thank you Minseok :))




[saturday, 6:12pm]
Private chat with them: daedae~

baebae~: hey uh
baebae~: i know you are hurt
baebae~: and i promise to make it right
baebae~: i will talk with han tonight
baebae~: and put an end to this
baebae~: for us

Chapter Text

[sunday, 1:04am]
Private chat with them: daedae~

baebae~: fck daedae
baebae~: im sodry
baebae~: plsea ansrwer me

Incoming call from baebae~...
Call denied.

baebae~: plesa
baebae~: plsea baby please

Incoming call from baebae~...
Call denied.

baebae~: fkc i hadt o talkg to you




[sunday, 1:08am]
Private chat with them: Lulu

Lulu: minseok where did you run off to

Lulu: come back i

Lulu: im sorry that i tried to kiss you

Lulu: i should not have done that i thought that
Lulu: we had something

Lulu: didnt it feel like the old times to you too?

Lulu: im sorry i must have misunderstood

Lulu: come back ?? please




[sunday, 2:01am]
Private chat with them: jong-gay

gay god: omg dae
gay god: seok was just here
gay god: he wanted to see you
gay god: he looked….
gay god: crazy
gay god: yeol opened the door and he fucking attacked him
gay god: he was crying and yelling that he wants to see you…
gay god: what the fuck happened
gay god: what is going on jongdae

jong-gay: i…..
jong-gay: oh my god
jong-gay: i have no idea baek
jong-gay: he.. what else did he do?

gay god: he p much just clang onto yeol
gay god: crying into his shirt and mumbling something like
gay god: “i fucked up yeol” over and over again

jong-gay: oh fuck
jong-gay: i didnt know it was,, that bad…..

gay god: what was
gay god: please tell me

jong-gay: he uh
jong-gay: tried to call me earlier but
jong-gay: im just,, i wasnt ready for him to tell me we were through or anything like that so
jong-gay: i just…… ignored him some more….

gay god: please call him
gay god: im so worried…

jong-gay: me too
jong-gay: ive been so worried all this time but
jong-gay: what if he doesnt want to talk
jong-gay: what if we are broken and its all useless??

gay god: it is never useless
gay god: can you try please
gay god: you can still fix this

jong-gay: for the first and last time in my life
jong-gay: i want you to be right


[sunday, 3:19am]

“Oh thank god you- called back I- I- Jongdae I’m so sorry…”

“Hey… I know.”

“No please… I’m such an asshole. You have all the right to hate me now.”

“I- Minseok, I’m hurt , not an idiot. I don’t hate you.”

“I know, I- I never said that- I just- I shouldn’t hurt you. I’m supposed to make you happy. It’s so fucked up. I fucked it up. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please come home. Please-please-please-”

“Hey, breathe, okay? Please don’t cry or I- I will have to cry as well…”

“I’m sorry… Lu Han… it means nothing I swear… He just… he wanted to talk. I needed answers and… I’m sorry I haven’t told you about it. I didn’t want to worry you…”

“But you did… hell, Minseok, what is a guy su-supposed to think when his boyfriend keeps an ex in secret from him?”

“I- I know… It sounds horrible… I’m- I’m an idiot… There is nothing I can say to defend myself.”

“I just… want to know why you did it. Because… am I really what you want, Minseok? Even- even if you could like… have him back? Please be ho- honest…”

“Of course- Of course I want you! I don’t need anyone else… please I’m… shit don’t cry.”

“Huh I’ve ki-kinda been crying for two days now, I don’t even realise it at th-this point-”

“I- how could I do this to you? Fuck ing hell.

“It’s- not you, it’s me being a coward and un-unable to stand on my own t-two feet…”

“Nooo baby, there is nothing wrong with you. You are… so perfect how can you not see that?”

“Huh but I’m not… I u-upset you and I upset my friends a-and… my parents, most of all…”

“No you don’t… you could never. I should have listened… you had to tell me something. Was that about-”

“My… parents, yeah… but it can wait now, I talked some things through with them and I think… I think I will be okay for now.”

“Did you leave because of me?”

‘I- left because it was just all too much.”

“I’m sorry Daedae… I wish I could… I want to hug you.”

“I- I miss you so much, Minseokkie…”

“Oh god… I miss you… I miss you-”

“I’m coming home tonight. I cannot stay put here any longer…”

“Please sleep over…”

“Do you… really want me to?”

“Yes. Please… I’m so sorry, I love you so much. Please come home...”

“You- what… did you just... say?”

“Come home to me…”

“Yeah no, before that, you-”

“I- shit-”

“You… Seokkie…”

“I shouldn’t have said that, should I?”

“No, no, it’s not that, I just… say it again.”

“I- I love you so much... I really do…”



“I... I love you, too.”

“I- you- really?”

“I do… I love you, Seokkie.”

“Oh my god… I love you.”

“Shit, I’m- my heart feels like it will burst, is that normal?”

“I feel the same… hey?”


“Hurry home so I can tell this to you in person, okay?”

“I’ll hurry home… so that I can kiss you.”

“I- I can’t wait. I- when are you arriving back?”

“Sometime past ten.”

“I’ll be waiting for you there, is that okay?”

“Oh my- yes. Yes please…”

“We should… sleep now, shouldn’t we baby?”

“Yeah… we really should. I’m so tired…”

“We will have all the time together tonight, right?”

“Yeah… I can’t wait for that.”

“Me neither… I love you Daedae. Sleep well.”

“Sweet dreams, Minseokkie. I love you. So much...”

“Me too… I love you so so much…”

“Goodnight, Seok.”

“Goodnight, baby.”


[sunday, 4:00am]
Private chat with them: Chan-tol

miniseok: hey uh can you take me to the hospital when you wake up…
miniseok: my wrist hurts like a bitch




[sunday, 5:21pm]
Private chat with them: junmyeon <3

yifan <3: hey love
yifan <3: i just got home

junmyeon <3: helloooo
junmyeon <3: i’m so sorry that i still have to study :c
junmyeon <3: i know you wanted me to sleep over but these exams are just
junmyeon <3: uhhhh
junmyeon <3: i’m happy you got home safely though <33

yifan <3: haha i told you it’s alright
yifan <3: actually i forgot to tell you something today

junmyeon <3: if you say so…
junmyeon <3: oooh what is that? :3

yifan <3: what are you doing next weekend?

junmyeon <3: hmmm
junmyeon <3: other than marketing? ahahaha (kill me please)
junmyeon <3: nothing much :3 being with my lovely boyfriend

yifan <3: what would you say if we would go to busan?
yifan <3: just the two of us
yifan <3: we can leave on friday afternoon and get back on sunday night

junmyeon <3: oh my
junmyeon <3: are you serious??

yifan <3: well i reversed everything
yifan <3: you don’t have to think about anything
yifan <3: but if you don’t want to i can cancel it

junmyeon <3: no flsjsldjk
junmyeon <3: Yifan you...
junmyeon <3: have i ever told you that you are the most amazing thing that ever happened to me?

yifan <3: ah please…
yifan <3: it’s nothing
yifan <3: your birthday is this week
yifan <3: and you deserve a weekend off

junmyeon <3: i can’t even
junmyeon <3: begin to explain how much this means
junmyeon <3: nobody has ever-
junmyeon <3: you’re the most wonderful man on earth and i don’t deserve you <3333

yifan <3: i told you love
yifan <3: you deserve everything <3

junmyeon <3: oh my god
junmyeon <3: i don’t care about marketing anymore
junmyeon <3: please come over so i can kiss you <333

yifan <3: haha i will if you really want me to

junmyeon <3: of course i want you to!!!
junmyeon <3: please come over and never leave <3

yifan <3: maybe we should move in together

junmyeon <3: well
junmyeon <3: i have the space...
junmyeon <3: :3

yifan <3: if i get to fall asleep and wake up next to you everyday
yifan <3: i don’t see why not

junmyeon <3: lksdhdlk
junmyeon <3: okay this week is pretty busy but
junmyeon <3: how about we do it the week we come home from busan?

yifan <3: i would love that

junmyeon <3: slkjhfd i’m grinning like an idiot now
junmyeon <3: you are the most wonderful boyfriend, Wu Yifan <333

yifan <3: i just got lucky with you