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Behind the Curtain

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All Might had already anticipated how this day would end. It was the day of the huge U.A tournament and no matter what the outcome would be, he knew where he would spend the night.

Keeping your private life private had always been something that he appreciated, and it made life so much easier especially when you were All Might. The only good thing about this miserable state his body was in, was the fact that it made him basically invisible to others in public, which made it even easier to have a private life.  

But today he was about to do something which nobody was supposed to know except for one other person and for that occasion he needed his All Might physique. It was not only essential, it was also part of the deal.

Today, since a long time, was all about one man and that was Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor. Despite his obvious hate against the blonde hero, he didn’t seem to bother interacting with him in other ways. The fact that the two most powerful heroes were having an affair -  All Might really didn’t know how else to call it – was a secret he had shared with no one.

They didn’t meet as regularly as normal lovers would do. In their case it always needed a special occasion that would trigger mainly Endeavor to reach out to All Might, but by now the blonde already knew when such situations would appear or happen, so there was not even a need to communicate.

The tournament was one of these typical situations. Endeavor’s son Shouto would also participate and it didn’t matter if he would win or not, the Flame Hero would be either really enthusiastic and proud of his success or extremely furious about his failure. Either way, All Might would come to their secret place tonight.


In the end his son didn’t win his last fight and still refused to use his fire quirk, and All Might knew what he could expect from his lover tonight. If he was honest, he preferred it like that. The best times they spent together were those were Endeavor was angry. Anger suited him extremely well, it just matched his whole attitude and looks, All Might secretly thought.

It was already late when the blonde rang the bell and waited for the other to open the door. Shortly after, he was greeted by a grumpy Endeavor. He didn’t say anything, just let him in.

“Not even a ‘good evening All Might’, you must be really upset.” The blonde started a conversation, sounding as enthusiastic as ever.

The redhead turned around to face All Might, who was wearing his yellow striped suit. Endeavor was also dressed in casual clothes and for now only his beard was burning with fire.

“You’re not here for conversation, are you?” His voice sounded surprisingly calm.

“You know, I didn’t need to be here. So why not reward my presence with a friendly hello.” All Might kept going, knowing pretty well how it would anger the other even more.

“This,” He pointed first at All Might then at himself and approached the other slowly, “is not about rewarding you for anything.” He was eventually standing just a few steps in front of All Might, whose heart began to beat faster in his chest. This man, despite the fact he was smaller than him, was still able to give him the chills and that was one of the reasons why this was still continuing, at least for All Might.

“You’re here All Might, because I need you to blow off steam and nothing else.”

“And I thought you hate me.” All Might mocked him.

Endeavor pushed him roughly against the wall. “Oh, I do hate you.” His eyes were burning just like his beard.

“So why do you still want to do this with me?”

Two strong arms trapped the blonde and Endeavor planted himself in front of him, closing the distance between their faces as far as possible. The emanating heat from the flames were tickling All Might’s skin and made him shudder. He would never tell anyone about this, but this man was able to make him feel uncomfortable and turned on at the same time.

“Seeing you at my mercy, begging for more….” His flames died out and he was now whispering into the others ear. “If I cannot surpass you in real life, I can still dominate you like this.”

All Might felt goose bumps all over his skin when Endeavor licked his ear. Two searching hands found the blonde’s and yanked them upwards next to his head to fixate them. Blue eyes appeared in front of him. Even without his fire he was still an intimidating man as he was in no way inferior to All Might when it came to their physique. Contrary to All Might though, their facial expressions were quite the opposite. The No.1 Hero was still smiling his All Might typical smile, which he knew drove the other crazy and Endeavor was glaring at him as if he was about to set him on fire.

All Might gulped. Of course, this wasn’t the first time they did this and by now he should be used to it. Sometimes he wondered how this had started in the first place. It was as if his memory had just erased it from his head, which might had something to do with the fact that lots of alcohol had been involved the first time and they had been both still young. Back in school they hadn’t been friends, but the blonde was certain that the other hadn’t hated him back then.

They had been rivals, competing all the time and it just turned out that All Might became the No.1 Hero and that fact had changed things a lot. However, what hadn’t changed was this weird affair they had. It was a secret that could never be revealed to the public and even though they never really had talked about their sexual adventures, they both enjoyed it.

All Might knew that it helped Endeavor to deal with his issues about him being the No.1 Hero and the blonde accepted the way he was treated by the other. Additionally, not being the one in control from time to time was a releasing diversion for him.

“You are surprisingly calm for the fact that your son only made second place today.” All Might said, knowing what effect it would have on the other.

“Shut up!”

Endeavor finally pressed his lips against the blonde’s. Greedily, he demanded entrance and was granted it. Adrenaline rushed trough his veins and he felt his body heating up when their tongues clashed together. All the anger Endeavor must feel was invading All Might’s own body.

When the redhead withdrew, he couldn’t avoid a moan escaping him.

“Remove your jacket and shirt!” Endeavor released his arms and stepped back, doing the same. All Might’s eyes were glued on the view in front of him. He couldn’t get enough of this – never. This man was like a drug. He was addicted to what they were about to do. This man had corrupted him in a way he thought wasn’t possible. But the greater the hatred of the other became the better were their secret hours together. It was fueling this strange affection both men had for each other.

Suddenly Endeavor shoved him back against the wall, this time with more force.

“Stop smiling. I hate that smile.” He growled.

“Make me, Endeavor!” All Might replied, slowly easing and turning into a person unknown to the public. Being sassy and bold was something he didn’t do a lot with others.

Strong fingers grabbed his chin roughly and pulled him down into another kiss. The redhead’s other hand grabbed his blonde hair and pressed his head even harder against his.

All Might groaned and wrapped his arms around Endeavor’s body, stroking his heated skin. Blood rushed into his lower regions and as the others body was pressed closely against his, he could feel that Endeavor was just as excited as he was.

The need for air ended their passionate kiss. Endeavor’s hand which was still holding his chin, wandered lower, stroking his thick throat, then his shoulder, sliding along his collarbone, before it found his nipple. Almost simultaneously his head was pulled backwards, and eager lips caressed his exposed flesh, eventually settling at his collarbone. A deep moan filled the room, when his nipple was squeezed roughly while Endeavor was sucking at his collarbone.

Satisfied the redhead brought their faces back together.

“That’s better.”

All Might’s hands ghosted over the others skin, admiring his strong shoulders. He tried to reach out for the other man with his head to steal another kiss, but a strong grip held him back. He let out a frustrated growl.

All Might knew that he was more into kissing than the Flame Hero, that’s why he didn’t grant him the pleasure. Instead the blonde let his hands wander over the others muscled chest, stroking it lightly, before heading lower. There, he traced the shape of his distinctly formed abdominal muscles and began teasing Endeavor even more.

Shoving his hand into his pants, he made the redhead hiss. All Might smiled again. Encouraged by this, he eventually went all the way and closed his huge hand around Endeavors hard cock which was no less huge. This earned him a deep growl from the other man.

They were still facing each other, however, Endeavor’s eyes were closed now, obviously enjoying All Might’s treating who had started massaging the length with his thumb.

Suddenly he opened his eyes again and blue irises shot him an angry glare.

“Stop playing around and get on your knees, All Might!” He said, his voice trembling with a mixture of lust and menace.

The blonde hero felt the hand in his hair tighten and how it pushed him down on his knees. It would’ve been no problem for All Might to stop the other from treating him like this, but of course he didn’t want that. This was part of their game, a game in which both of them enjoyed their roles.

Thus the No.1 Hero obeyed the redhead’s wish and got on his knees, however, All Might wasn’t finished teasing Endeavor. Rather than going all the way and finally undressing him, he leaned in and kissed the man’s visible bulge inside his pants. The fabric of his clothes was rough and made his tongue scratchy when he began to suck the length through it.

With an angry grunt Endeavor yanked his head backwards and forced him to look up.

“I said stop playing around!”

“Why so impatient? Is there something bothering you, Endeavor?” All Might smirked.

“Don’t press your luck!” The man threatened him which sent a chill down the blonde’s spine. He played with the idea of bringing up his son again, but decided against it. The night was still young and there were plenty of opportunities to use it for his pleasure later.

All Might removed his hand and opened Endeavor’s belt before he helped him to take off his pants and underpants, so that finally one of them was fully naked. The redhead’s fully erect length greeted the No.1 Hero and he didn’t waste any more time, grabbed it by it’s base and started pumping it fast.

Endeavor let out a satisfied moan and All Might felt his own arousal grow bigger in his own pants which he was still wearing to his disliking. The urge to touch himself grew with every second, but he still resisted it.

Instead, he brought the length to his mouth and gave it a first greedy lick from the base to the tip. He repeated the act several times before he embraced the cock completely. Even for someone his size the length was way too big to fit into his mouth which didn’t stop Endeavor from pushing the blonde’s head down on his cock as far as possible though.

All Might gagged until his head was yanked back. The redhead did they same again and the No.1 Hero took much longer to adjust to his movements compared to last time they had met. Endeavor really was pissed today. Nevertheless, if All Might wouldn’t be into this, he definitely wouldn’t agree to this kind of treatment. However, he couldn’t tell what it was, but being treated like this made his head spin and it aroused his body to no end.

They first time he realized this he had been ashamed of himself, being the all virtuous, perfect No.1 Hero. However, after some time he decided that he couldn’t deny himself and that he deserved to act out his own desires after all. So, in the end, Endeavor’s whole hatred for him and his need to dominate him sexually and All Might’s secret kink were just the perfect match.

“Oh, what would I give, if the people could see you like this, getting off by sucking my cock. I know you enjoy it when I treat you like this, don’t you All Might?” Endeavor’s husky voice brought him back to reality and the blonde’s hair was once again dragged backwards.

All Might looked up and stared at the redhead. Saliva was dripping from his mouth and his cock twitched uncomfortably inside his now too tight pants. His left hand which was currently still unoccupied moved unconsciously to his own groin and massaged it.

“Say it.” Endeavor almost purred and suddenly pulled him upwards again, so that their faces were really close now.

“Say what?” All Might played dumb.

Endeavor pressed their bodies together so that his mouth was close to his ear. All Might could feel the others length pressing against his own and he let out a deep aroused moan. He felt his muscles sliding along Endeavor’s, could feel the strikingly increased heart beat of the other. And when the redhead spoke, he felt the cold air of his breathing against his ear shell which made his whole body shiver.

“Say that you need me to get off, that you want me to fuck you now.” His voice was only a whisper and yet it had the desired effect. A cold shudder went through his body at hearing those words.

All Might embraced the smaller man with his arms, letting go of his own arousal and while one was stroking his back the other found its way to his hair and started paying with it before he gave his answer.

“Only you can satisfy me, Endeavor. So please don’t let me wait any longer and prove that you’re still worth it.” All Might whispered seductively and knew that by now he already was past the point of no return again like so many times before.

He couldn’t care less what anybody would think of him though, he just wanted to be taken by the other until he couldn’t think straight anymore and get some release and knowing that Endeavor could give it to him just the way he liked it, made him eventually grow truly impatient. 

Endeavor chuckled and kissed his neck. “Then what are you waiting for? Go undress yourself for me.”

The redhead loosened his grip on the taller man and All Might stepped back. His hands wandered to his own belt and while he was being watched by blue greedy eyes, he removed it and threw it on the floor before he took off his pants and the rest of his clothes.

The blonde hero couldn’t resist and gave his own throbbing length a tug. It felt so good that he was finally freed from the restrictive fabric of his pants. But the sensation didn’t last long as the Flame hero approached him and grabbed his arm. He tilted his head to look up into All Might’s face. Without the other saying anything the blonde knew that he wanted him to stop touching himself.

“You know your place, right?” Endeavor said firmly and released his arm.

All Might gulped. Then he turned around and got on his knees once again. He positioned his arms on the floor as well, so that he was on all fours now, his backside fully exposed to the redhead.

Two firm hands grabbed his rear and he could hear that Endeavor positioned himself behind him. When All Might felt something wet sliding over his twitching hole, he couldn’t suppress his husky voice from moaning deeply. Endeavor’s tongue soon pushed through the tight muscle and the No.1 Hero let his lust conquer his whole being. Nothing else mattered right now.

Precum was tripping from his cock which yearned for attention. Eventually the Flame hero stopped his teasing and for a few seconds nothing happened. Endeavor left him in his position and disappeared. When he came back the blonde could hear a bottle being opened and next thing he felt were two thick fingers shoving into him.

It had been a while since their last ‘meeting’ and so even two fingers were uncomfortable at first, but Endeavor didn’t care and added a third only seconds later. Thrusting them deep inside up to his palm and leaving them there like this, All Might slowly grew accustomed to the feeling and embraced the new sensation like an old friend. His inner walls tightened around the fingers and when Endeavor began to move them both men shared another lustful groan.

The Flame Hero added a fourth finger, and All Might hissed in pain when his entrance was being stretched even more, after all Endeavor’s fingers were far from small. Discomfort and pleasure overtook his body and started their fight for dominance.

All Might’s strong arms gave in, letting his upper body and head sink to the floor where he tried to avoid any more noises. It was too early to show the other man that he was feeling that good, because he knew there was more to come.

“Already at your limit, All Might? I’m not finished with you yet!” Endeavor growled and pulled all his fingers out.

Before All Might could complain, he was suddenly flipped over on his back, a move which he actually didn’t expect the other to be able to perform. Ungently, he crashed on the hard floor and when he looked at the Flame Hero the blonde could see that his beard was on fire again.

“Don’t get too excited yourself Endeavor or you might be first once in your life.”

That was it. He crossed a line and an instant later the redhead was lurking over him, his right hand tightly closed around the blonde’s throat.

“What did you say?” His face was only inches away from All Might’s and the fire in his face flared dangerously. Finally, he had they Flame hero where he wanted him.

“I think you know exactly what I said.” All Might said his voice sounding hoarse from the pressure on his throat. “Feel free to convince me otherwise, Endeavor.”

The redhead snorted angrily. Immediately, he loosened his grip from All Might’s throat and let his hand scratch over the blonde’s broad chest and his ripped abdomen. Totally ignoring his dripping thick cock, which presented itself untouched in his groin area, Endeavor grabbed one of the No.1 hero’s massive legs and positioned it over his shoulder to get better access to All Might’s backside.

Quickly, he put some more lube on his hard length before he mercilessly thrusted balls deep into the blonde, causing him to gasp painfully.

All Might felt like all the air had been pressed out of his lungs, however, at the same time the Flame hero had managed to hit his prostate and a wave of extasy emerged inside him, transforming his painful gasp into a deep satisfied moan.

Before the feeling even had a chance to cease, Endeavor began to thrust into the tall man at a fast and steady pace. All Might wasn’t able to hold back his aroused cries, every time the pulsating length pushed against his sweet spot and he felt his inner walls tightening around the other increasingly.

He had closed his eyes, concentrating only on the sweet pain the other was able to cause. Eventually, he decided to look at his rival’s face and when he glanced at his lover another shiver of lust overtook his senses.

Endeavor’s gaze was fixated on him, watching him greedily. Both were staring at each other now, never leaving the other’s eyes. All Might knew he was close to his climax and he longed for the other to touch him.

But as the Flame Hero obviously wanted to punish him for his boldness, he only stroked his lower stomach teasingly, never touching the prominently presented length.

The blonde needed his release though and without thinking, his hand wandered slowly to his own erection. However, before he could touch himself his hand was stopped by the Flame hero’s who instead entangled their fingers. Leaning forward, he was able to press their hands down next to their bodies.

“You won’t need that…” the redhead panted between his own moans.

As if Endeavor wanted to prove his point, he increased his speed even more. Hitting his prostate brutally with every thrust, All might threw back his head and pushed his hips against the Flame hero’s meeting him every time he shoved his cock deep inside him, intensifying the act even more.

Supporting himself with both hands now, Endeavor’s body hovered above him, sweat dropping from his forehead onto All Might’s chest.

The blonde’s breathing became shallower, his heart beating incredibly fast and his whole body prepared for the final release. Only a few seconds later, all the heat inside him that had gathered in his lower region seemed to make his body tighten for one last time before his freeing climax hit him hard.

According to Endeavor’s deep moan which followed All Might’s only shortly after, the other came as well and released his white seed deep inside him.

All Might’s own release was spread over his ripped abdomen. Both men were breathing heavily while nobody said a word.

All Might opened his eyes again and before the other could stop him he made them switch positions. With his incredible strength he flipped Endeavor on his back and captured him in a kiss. To the No.1 hero’s surprise, the Flame hero let him have his way and when he opened his mouth they found themselves in a deep passionate kiss.

Entwining their tongues, Endeavor seemed to let himself get carried away, forgetting his aggressive behavior and a deep, almost innocent moan escaped him.

One of his hands found his way to All Might’s blonde strands, massaging his neck, while his other hand caressed his back. The gesture was comforting and possessive at the same time and when they parted again, the No.1 hero turned his head and whispered into Endeavor’s ear, so quiet that only the other was able to hear. “Thank you, Enji.”

All Might was totally serious. If it wasn’t for the other, then he wouldn’t be able to enjoy things like this. He was All Might after all and a leopard can’t change its spots.

He gave him one last kiss before he stood up and headed for the bathroom. Before he arrived at the door he turned around, looking at Endeavor who was leaning on his elbows.

“I know you don’t want to hear that, but you should be proud of your son. He is a great kid and he will become an even greater hero.”  

Not waiting for a reaction, he opened the door and entered the bathroom. When he had closed it again, he leaned against it. Steam emerged from his body and only seconds later, his broad, muscled All Might figure had changed into his skinny, weaker self. Now he was just Toshinori again. Sliding down on the door, he sat on the floor now. He buried his face in his hands.

Now came the part he hated. The part we he questioned himself, if what he did was wrong and disgusting. He felt bad, because he had the feeling that he was just using Endeavor’s hatred for his own pleasures and he didn’t know how long he was still able to do that for various reasons. But fact was, that Endeavor used him too. It was an arrangement in which they both profited.

Suddenly he heard footsteps approaching the bathroom. The Flame hero knocked hard against the wooden door.

“Open the door, All Might!”

The blonde skinny man panicked. Regaining his strength, he transformed back into his hero shape and faced the other after opening the door.

His beard and hair inflamed again Endeavor folded his arms across his chest and looked up into All Might’s lightly startled face.

“You didn’t think we’re finished now, did you?” For a mere second All Might could see an evil but amused grin appear on Endeavor’s face before it changed back into his stoic, more aggressive expression.

However, that was enough for the blonde to realize that what they had was mutual and as long as this fact didn’t change and as long as he could be in this form, he would enjoy every minute he could spend with this man and being as cheeky as he liked to be.

“Took you long enough to follow me, for a second I thought your flames can’t stand the shower!”

All Might grinned and let himself be shoved back towards the shower stall. He was more than ready for round two.