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It’s Okay, Daddy’s here.

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Pairing: Kim Taehyung & Jeon Jungkook 

Title: Don’t Worry, Daddy’s Here



It’s been a few weeks since they had their little bundle of joy, Jeon Taehee. The new parents have been adjusting well to their new lives, fixing their routines here and there, trying to include little Taehee into their daily routine as much as possible. 



But if there’s one thing that they’ve picked up about parenthood is that there is no such thing as beauty sleep. It’s a pretty well- known fact, but to actually experience it themselves is, well, a bit overwhelming. 



It’s currently 7:47pm and Taehee had just fallen asleep on her Appa’s arms while waiting for her Daddy to come home from work. Taehyung sighs in relief, thanking the deity above for giving him a chance to rest. He then got up from the couch and walk towards his baby’s room, carefully tucking her into her crib. 



Taehyung hums softly as he leisurely walk towards the kitchen, grabbing a mug and starts to make tea for himself. Done, he walks back into the living room, deciding to catch up on some new movies. 



However, it isn’t long until Taehyung heard the sound of keys jangling together. He abruptly got up, legs moving fast to greet his man. 



Moments later, Jungkook comes in looking as exhausted as ever. His eyes lights up when he sees Taehyung, dropping his duffel bag and immediately engulfing the eldest into his embrace. 



“Hey you.” Taehyung chuckles, placing a kiss on the side of Jungkook’s well defined jaw before pulling back. “How’s work?” He then asks, picking the bag that Jungkook had dropped moments ago.



“Would be better if you were there.” Jungkook flirts, and Taehyung could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. 



“Why do you guys still flirt like a lovestruck teenager when you already have a daughter together?” A voice suddenly interrupts, and Jimin walks in. Their other 5 hyungs follows suit, warm and beautiful smiles gracing their already ethereal faces. 



“Hyungs! I didn’t know you guys were coming as well.” Taehyung exclaims, quickly pulling each and every one of his loved brothers into a quick hug. Namjoon chuckled, ruffling Taehyung’s hair as he pulled back.



“Hey kiddo.” Namjoon greeted, dimple clearly evident as he smiled. “Jungkook here couldn’t stop checking his phone, so we decided to check what the big deal is,” He then nodded to Jungkook, sending a smirk to where he was standing beside Taehyung. 



“This man literally squealed whenever you send a picture of Taehee.” Seokjin exposed further, joining in the fun to tease the youngest of the squad. “Speaking of which, where is my favourite niece?” He then asks, rushes into house, as well as the others, leaving the couple alone. 



“In her bedroom, hyung, and please don’t make too much noises,” Taehyung calls out, “And she’s your only niece!” 



Taehyung turns to look at Jungkook, a mischievous look on his face. “So,” He starts, what is this thing I heard about you squealing like a girl?” Taehyung teases.



“I am officially starving, let’s get something to eat.” Jungkook says, wanting to rush straight to the kitchen as the elder laughs whole heartedly. “So whipped,” Taehyung teases, chuckling as he watch the colour of Jungkook’s cheeks intensifies. 



“Later, baby. Now let’s go and make sure they don’t wake Taehee up.” He says, grabbing ahold of Jungkook’s arms and drags him up the stairs. 



The other 5 men are already in Taehee’s room, surrounding her crib as they watches in awe. Yoongi notices the presence of the parents, and motions for them to come over. 



“Kook, I know I say this a lot. But Taehee looks exactly like you.” The rapper then says, letting out a loud noise when Taehee scrunches her little nose in her sleep. “Aw! She’s so cute I might die,” 



Jeon Taehee’s eyes flutters open, looking for the source of the commotion that interrupts her beauty sleep, looking like she’s about to cry. 



“Oh no, oh no honey, don’t cry. It’s okay, Uncle Yoons is here for you, little girl, it’s okay.” Yoongi panics, and it gets worse when the baby starts to cry. 



“Oh shit -“ Yoongi curses, and quickly apologises when Taehyung whispers ‘language, please,’. “Yeah, fuck, I’m -“ 



The others watches as Yoongi tries to console the baby, looking very amused and entertained. Not even a minute later, the rapper gives up, eyes looking pleadingly at Taehyung. 



“Oh my god,” Jimin says, pinching the bridge of his nose and walks over to Taehee. He gently take the little girl into his own arms, and begins to sway lightly. “You’re okay, baby girl, Uncle Diminie is here, I’m your favourite uncle, aren’t I?” He coos, attempting to comfort the crying baby. Soon enough, the crying dies down. 



As he set the baby back to her crib, Jimin looks over to Yoongi. “I don’t think I want a child with you, Min Yoongi.”






An hour passes, and the 7 men finally agreed on pizza for dinner. Though, deciding on toppings proves to be one of the hardest decision they have to make, with Jimin exclaiming ‘No pineapples please!’ at which Jin frowns at. 



“Excuse me, Park, pineapples on pizza is one of the greatest thing that man- kind had invented.” Seokjin insisted, brows knitting together. 



“Okay, Kim, but would you want to eat a pizza with strawberries? Pizza with apples? Pizza with oranges? Pizza with kiwi?” Jimin fought back, purposely bumping his chest against Seokjin’s.



Seokjin gasps, shotting him an incredulous look.



‘Oh no,’ Namjoon mutters under his breath, looking at both of his brothers. ‘It’s about to start, Lord have mercy.’






Their pizza arrives about 45 minutes later. Nothing special, just a small personal pan Hawaiian ( -with extra pineapples) pizza for Seokjin, and 2 large Pepperoni pizza for the rest of the squad. And some french fries. And some good ol garlic breads. Yoongi may or may not ordered cheese sticks, and Taekook got their chicken wings. 



Jungkook and Jimin are currently arranging plates and cutleries on the dining table, while Namjoon, Seokjin and Hoseok are preparing drinks in the kitchen bar. 



Yoongi and Taehyung, well, they’re delegating. On the couch. 



“Honey, dinner’s ready!” Jungkook shouts from across the room, voice loud and clear for Taehyung to hear but not enough to wake their daughter up. Taehyung quickly goes to get his man, leaving Yoongi alone on the couch.



“Fuckin’ gross. You guys aren’t the only ones in love, the least you could do is to turn it down a notch.” Yoongi grumbles, walking over to where the squad is currently seated. 



“Let’s dig in!” Jimin exclaims, small hand already grabbing a slice of the Pepperoni pizza and stuffing in it his mouth. “Jeon, pass me the chicken wing, please.” He then says, mouth still half full with food. 



But then, both Jungkook and Taehyung reaches for the plate of chicken wings. 



“Um, hyung. You gotta be specific. Jeon Jungkook or Jeon Taehyung?” Jungkook asks, but he passes the plate nonetheless. 

He knows just how much Taehyung loves his new surname, and Jungkook certainly enjoys seeing red on his lover’s chubby cheeks. 



“Whichever, I just want my chicken wing.” Jimin mumbled, stuffing yet another piece into his mouth. 



“Slow down babe, you’re gonna block your esophagus.” Yoongi warns, but the younger wouldn’t listen. “I wouldn’t want you to choke on something else other than -“



And he really chokes. 






The boys finally retreats to their dorm, but not after making a mess in the young couple’s living room. Taehyung grumbles, having to pick up dirty chocolate wrappers, pieces after pieces while Jungkook’s off to shower. 



After what feels like forever, the living room is finally spotless again, and Taehyung walks across the hallway to check on his daughter. But Jungkook’s already there, laying on the sofa next to the crib, cooing at and playing with their daughter, still oblivious about Taehyung’s presence.



“She missed you.” Taehyung says, walking over to his little family. Taehee is awake by now, big and doe eyes looking up to her Daddy, blinking every now and then. The eldest of the couple sat on the floor, observing the way Jungkook communicates, or at least try to communicate with their daughter. 



“She’s got my eyes, baby,” Jungkook suddenly says, looking at the baby girl laying on top of his chest with so much love and adoration that Taehyung thinks he might melt into puddles. “I hope she gets your boxy smile, though.” He then adds. 



Taehyung chuckles, meeting his man’s gaze. “But I’d rather have her with your bunny- like smile. She’d be the exact replica of you, just smaller. And prettier. And cuter. And more lovable.” He teases. 



“I‘d fight you and disagree with that, but somehow now I couldn’t.” Jungkook sighed. “She’s just a blessing, Tae, how did we get so lucky?” Attentions are all on Taehee, as the two fathers watches their daughter falling asleep in Jungkook’s arms.



“She really is, isn’t she?” Taehyung agrees, planting a kiss on the little girl’s forehead. Slowly and gently, he stood up, carefully taking Taehee into his arms and setting her back in her crib. He looks at her, a smile adorning his face. 



A pair of strong arms snakes around his waist, and his smile deepens. Jungkook places his chin on Taehyung’s shoulder, and both parents watches as her chest rises up and down, listening to the slow breaths of their daughter. “Hm, I think the real question here is how did I get so lucky?” Taehyung murmurs, turning his head slightly to capture Jungkook’s lips in a soft kiss. 



“I love you both, so so much.” Jungkook says as their lips separates, tightening his hold on Taehyung. 



“And I love you most.” Taehyung replies as he snuggles closer to Jungkook. “ But I’m completely drained. We should probably call it a night.” 



“Yeah,” Jungkook agrees, approaching his  daughter quietly and places another kiss on her cheeks. “Good night, baby, Daddy loves you so much.” He whispers softly, but Taehyung manages to hear every single word. And if Taehyung didn’t melt just now, he sure is now. 



But then Jungkook turns around, mischievous grin and playful eyes greets Taehyung back. “And hello, baby.” He then says. 



Oh Lord. 






It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, and Taehyung doesn’t know why he’s suddenly awake. Call it a paternal instinct, or whatever, but the first thing he thought of is his daughter. 



So he groggily gets up from their shared bed, grabs his phone and heads to Taehee’s room to check on her, looking like a zombie. 



But again, when he gets there, Jungkook is already there. 



The door opens slightly, the melody of Jungkook singing one of their slow songs to his baby girl seeping through. Taehyung decides to just stay where he is, listening as Jungkook attempts to calm his daughter down. 



“It’s okay baby, Daddy’s here. No one’s gonna hurt you as long as I’m here,” Jungkook utters softly, hands cradling her in his strong arms as he sways back and forth. “I love you, and Daddy’s gonna keep you and your Appa safe from all the harm that is in this world.” 



Taehee’s little sobs dies down eventually, and now comes the hiccups. Jungkook chuckles fondly, eyes not leaving his daughter’s even for a second. “Aw, the hiccups bothering you, baby?” He coos, tapping the girl’s scrunched up nose. 



“I love you so much, do you know that?” He asks, but all he receives back are random babbles and soft giggles. “You’re gonna be just like your Appa one day, baby. Pleasing to the eyes, loved by so many people..” Jungkook continues. 



“Such angels, you two. You spread so much laughters and joy to those around you, my little angel. Very much like your Appa. Baby, what did Daddy do in his previous life to deserve not one, but two angels?” 



On the other side of the door, Taehyung stands still, trying to hold back a sob. His heart is filled with so much emotions, and they’re all so raw and beautiful but Taehyung doesn’t know which to choose to describe his state right now. 



Jungkook makes him feel so loved, and he’s extremely grateful for his existence. Jungkook is Taehyung’s rock, his ride or die, his best friend, his soulmate. Taehyung swears, he wouldn’t want to trade either Jungkook or Taehee for the world. He’s at his happiest when he’s with them. And it is so priceless. 



So he goes back into his room, not wanting to disrupt the beautiful father- daughter moment. He scrolls through his gallery, looking for a picture to post, and finally found a picture of him, Jungkook and their baby together. 



They looked so happy. Jungkook had his arms wrapped around Taehyung, while Taehyung had his around the little girl. They were laughing about something, the couple looking into each other’s eyes while the baby made grabby hands to his Daddy. 



He smiles, letting out a sigh of contentment as he opens Twitter on their official account, and posts that picture, captioned ‘The Jeons.” He watches as his notification blows up, and quickly hides his phone when his door opens.



“Oh, you awake?” Jungkook asks, surprised to see Taehyung awake at this ungodly hour. Taehyung hums, and motions for Jungkook to come over. 



“Where were you? You know I can’t go back to sleep without you.” Taehyung pouts, snuggling closer to Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook chuckles, wrapping his arm around Taehyung and brings him impossibly closer. 



“Duty calls. Heard Taehee crying from the baby monitor. You looked so peaceful, I didn’t wanna interrupt your beauty sleep.” The youngest of the pair explains. Taehyung hums once again, his eyelids starting to get heavier as time goes. 



“Sleep now, baby. I love you, sleep tight.” Jungkook murmurs into Taehyung’s hair, stroking it softly. 



“And I love you the most,” was Taehyung’s last words before sleep takes over him. 



They sleep extremely well that night. Jungkook falls asleep with a smile, holding the person he loved the most in his arms. Taehyung smiled in his sleep, knowing that they’re safe in each other’s embraces. And Taehee... Well, she’s gonna wake up in a few hours.



So good night, from The Jeons.