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Percy Did What?

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Everyone watched curiously as the projection started off right where it had paused. Approaching Percy and Annabeth were Clarisse and several girls who looked like her. They all wore camo jackets and some red.

“Well! A newbie!”

“Clarisse,” Annabeth sighed. “Why don’t you go…or something?”

“Sure, Miss Princess…it Friday night?”

“What’s Friday night?” Sam asked.

“Capture the flag, weapons and all,” smirked Percy.

Clarisse groaned again.

Annabeth cursed in Greek. “You don’t stand a chance.”

“We’ll pulverize you…the little runt?”

“Percy Jackson meet Clarisse daughter of Ares.”

“Yet you still didn’t get it!” Annabeth sighed.


Like…war god?”

“You thought her dad was just named Ares didn’t you?” Grover said.


“That’s oblivious on a whole different level,” Walt said. “I can get how one would think he’s related to you Sadie.”


“You got a problem with that?”

“No… the smell.”

Lots of people laughed except Chris who put his arm around Clarisse.

“We got an initiation….newbies, Prissy.”

“I never received an initiation,” Leo noted.

“You don’t want one,” Will shuddered.

“Percy,” he gritted out his name pronouncing each syllable.

“Whatever…show you.”

“Clarisse—“Annabeth spoke.

“Stay out of it, wise girl.”

All the Greeks and Romans gasped.

“What?” asked Sam.

“That’s his pet name for her,” Rachel explained.

“You got it from Clarisse?” Juniper asked.

“Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl were both insults,” Percy said.

“They just became something else as time went on,” Annabeth nodded.

“That’s sweet,” Hazel said.

Jaz nodded. “You’re an adorable couple.”

“You didn’t have to put up with them before they were,” Grover pointed out.

“Actually they all will soon,” Calypso pointed out.

“Great, I have to suffer through they’re arguing twice.”

Annabeth looked conflicted but didn’t say anything. Percy stood up straighter with a stubborn look on his face. He was going to prove himself. He gave Annabeth his minotaur horn and help up his fists. Too late, Clarisse had him by the neck….classier johns.

“The bathrooms have improved,” Piper noted.

“Thankfully,” agreed Rachel.

Clarisse’s friends all laughed. Percy kept trying to escape but she held tight. “Like he’s ‘Big Three’ material.” Clarisse pushed him toward the toilets. “Yeah, right… so stupid looking.”

“What’s the Big three?” Hearth signed.

“It’ll explain soon. It’s important though,” Percy said.

“Clarisse royally underestimated you,” grinned Grover.

“A lot of people do. Not a bad thing.”

Annabeth stood by the door watching through her fingers. Clarisse bent… strained to keep his head up.

“You’re just standing there!” Frank said.

“Yeah,” Annabeth said. “This was before I knew him. I couldn’t really fight Clarisse anyway then.”

“What’s gonna happen?” Alex grinned knowing something hilarious was coming.

“Shut up and watch!” Clarisse yelled.

The plumbing rumbled and the pipes shuddered. Clarisse loosened her grip on Percy’s hair. Water shot out of the toilet….shower stall.

The whole room was in fits of laughter. Even Clarisse, knowing there was nothing she could do.

“Wait,” Annabeth smirked. “It gets better.”

Clarisse’s friends started toward her to help her as she struggled and gasped against the water. The other toilets exploded too…out the door and the eater shut off as quickly as it started.

Now everyone was laughing so hard they couldn’t breathe. Piper was one of the first to recover. “So I guess the Argo II wasn’t the first time you did that.”

“No,” Percy smirked. “When I get angry well I become one with the plumbing.”

That sent everyone into another fit of laughter. The projection continued to play over it.

The entire bathroom was flooded. Annabeth hadn’t been spared…drop of water on my clothes. Nothing.

“That is so cool,” Jaz said.

“I think there’s a spell that can do that,” Zia said.

“I just do it all the time,” Percy smirked.

“Yeah well not everyone is as lucky,” grumbled Clarisse.

“Sorry,” Percy hissed. “You too Annabeth.”

“It’s fine.”

Percy stood up his legs shaky.

In real life Percy’s legs wobbled and he leaned back. “That is super weird.”

“How did you—“

“I don’t know.”

They walked out the door. Outside, Clarisse and her fiends….like sewage.

Everyone laughed again.

“You are dead…totally dead.”

Percy smirked. “You want to gargle…your mouth.”

“Nice!” Sadie high-fived Percy.

“One of his better ones,” Thalia said. “Sadly.”

Clarisse ran toward Percy but her friends held her back. They dragged her toward cabin five…dousing her.

“What? What are you thinking?”

I’m thinking I want you on my team for capture the flag.”

“That game sounds really fun,” Alex smirked.

“Most the time it is,” Percy said. “We should play sometime. All of us.”

“Sounds good,” Sadie said cracking her knuckles.

“Thalia.. a fair game this time no fights?”

“You’re on kelp head.”

“The movie is starting again,” pointed out Tyson.

As Percy and Annabeth walked people stared and pointed. She showed him a few more places around the camp the projection fast forwarding through them. The metal shop, the arts-and-crafts room and the climbing wall.

“That wall looks challenging,” Zia said. “I should like to try it.”

Carter blanched. “Not smart.”

“A fire protection spell is all I need. It shall be good training.”

“I’m in,” Leo said. “I can’t get burnt.”

“Count me out,” Frank shook his head.

“We really need to set up some visits,” Annabeth said. “We can all see each other’s homes. The Egyptian nome, Camp Jupiter, Camp Half-Blood and maybe some of the nine worlds.”

“Not sure that’s possible but I’d like to try,” Magnus nodded.

They returned to the canoeing lake where Percy spoke again. “Annabeth…the toilets.”


“It wasn’t my fault.”

Around the room everyone scoffed. Percy blushed. “It kind of was.”

Annabeth looked at him skeptically. Enlightenment showed on Percy’s face.

“You need to talk to the Oracle.”


“Me,” Rachel smiled spreading her arms.

“Not who. What. The Oracle. I’ll ask Chiron.”

“Smart,” Apollo nodded.

Percy stared into the lake. He saw two teenage girls sitting cross-legged….long-lost friend. Percy waved back in confusion.

“Naiads?” Thalia raised an eyebrow.

“They happen to like me. It comes in handy.”

“Right,” Grover nodded. “It has.”

“Don’t encourage them…flirts.”

“You jealous?” Piper teased.


“They actually are,” Calypso said. “Especially to someone like Percy who is of the sea.”

“Naiads…go home.”

“Naiads? That’s what did it?” Nico asked.

“At least I wasn’t like you. How many power points do you have?”

Nico blushed. “I hate you.”

“Love you too cuz.”

“Don’t you get it….for kids like us.”

“Not the only one,” Reyna pointed out.

“You mean…kids?”

“I guess we all kind of are,” Magnus said. “Especially Sam.”

Said boy heard and smacked him.

“I mean not human…Half-human.”

“Half-human and half-what?”

“She just said Clarisse was the daughter of Ares. How are you not getting this?” Jason asked.

“Camp Half-Blood is for Demigods. Half-Human and Half-god,” Ella informed helpfully.

“Half-greek god,” Blitz said.

Percy looked at his hands then up at Annabeth.

“Ooh. That’s super weird,” Percy yelped.

“What?” asked Annabeth.

“I’m kind of tingling, or feeling something like I was then.”

“I think you know.”

Percy spoke, “god…half-god.”

Annabeth nodded, “Your father isn’t dead…Olympians.”

“Not necessarily,” Apollo interrupted. “Minor gods have kids too.”

That’s…. crazy.”

“Is it? What’s the most common… few millennia?”

“Not at all. Especially dad,” Thalia said annoyed.

“But those are just—“ Percy paused. “But if all…half-gods.”

“Demigods,” Annabeth said. “That’s …. Half-bloods.”

“I like Demigods better,” Carter scowled.

“Same,” agreed Piper. “Half-bloods sounds like something insulting.”

“Then who’s your dad?”

“That’s really sexist,” Rachel scowled.

“No, you just never hear about the goddesses having kids. I assumed they were all the kids of male gods.”


Annabeth gripped the pier railing tighter. “My dad is… American history.”

“Your dad is a professor too?” Sadie asked.

“Yeah. What did yours teach?”

“Lectured actually,” Carter said. “I traveled with him. Egyptology.”

“Makes sense,” Magnus said. “Our uncle is a professor on Norse history.”

“Is that a thing? To have gods attracted to families with professors?” Walt asked.

“Yes,” Apollo nodded. No one asked.

“He’s human.”

“What? You assume…sexist is that?”

“I’m not explaining again.”

“Who’s your mom then?”

“Cabin six.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Jaz.


“Athena…and battle,” Annabeth straightened proudly.

“And my dad?”


“It’s actually kind of obvious,” Apollo said.

Hazel nodded. “Percy looks like statues of Poseidon, I mean clothed. Without the beard.”

“Except my mother. She knew.”

“Maybe not…identities.”

“I was wrong,” Annabeth said. “Sorry, your mom and my dad are some rarer cases.”

“It can go wrong,” Thalia nodded, “Like it did with our mom.”

“Maybe you’re right…sometimes it happens.”

“Sometimes?” Piper blinked. “Everyone at camp is claimed.”

“A lot changed,” Chris said again. “Thanks Percy.”

Percy blushed at everyone’s stares.

“You mean sometimes it doesn’t?”

“The gods are busy…ignore us.”

“We really don’t mean too,” Apollo said. “Or want too. It’s hard. When you’re immortal it all passes by so much faster. There are rules too.”

“So I’m stuck…. my life?”

“It is very different between our camps,” Reyna noted. “Or it was back then.”

“It depends…a real powerful force.”

“Hey!” Piper protested.

“There are exceptions,” Annabeth said. “Sorry.”

“I know a very powerful daughter of Demeter. Sorry meg,” Apollo apologized under his breath.

“The monsters might ignore…like that.”

“Very different,” Hazel said. “There are a lot of adult roman demigods and legacies. That’s why you were so interested by that.”

Percy nodded. “One reason.”

“So monsters…in here?”

Annabeth shook her head. “Not unless…on the inside.”

“You jinxed it,” Clarisse said.

“What happened?” Magnus asked. He received the same answer as always. “You’ll see.”

“Why would anybody… a monster?”

“Practice fights. Practical jokes.”

“To hurt someone,” Percy clenched his fists.

“That hadn’t happened before. You changed a lot,” Annabeth told him.

“Practical jokes?”

“The point is….strawberry farm.”

“So you’re a year rounder?”

She nodded and pulled out a necklace. It was just like Luke’s….college ring. “I’ve been here since….all in college.”

“Not all,” she corrected, “most. That changed too.”

“Why did….young?”

“None of your business.”

“Oh. So I could… I wanted to?”

“Dumb move,” Nico told him.

“Well I didn’t do it. Did I?”

“It would be suicide… unless…”

“Unless?” Carter asked.

You were granted…last time…”

“That’s when Luke got his scar,” Chris told everyone. They all winced in sympathy.

“Back in the scik room… that stuff—“


“Yeah. You asked me…solstice.”

“Like I said,” Zia nodded sagely. “It is an auspicious date.”

“So do…something?”

“He knows nothing about anything,” Clarisse told her. “Don’t know why you would think otherwise.”

“Geez Clarisse. Thanks.”

“ Back at...that mean?”

Annabeth clenched her fists. “I wish I knew…major.”

“Something’s always wrong,” Leo said.

“Hey! This was really bad,” Apollo said. “Almost started a third world war.”

Everyone stared waiting curiously to hear.

“Last time I was there…normal.”

“You’ve been there?” Carter asked.

“Several times. I think only Greeks have gone though. Don’t know why.”

“We have never been,” Reyna nodded.

“You’ve been there?” Percy asked.

“Wow,” Sadie said. “Maybe Carter’s related to us too.”

Everyone blinked.

“That didn’t work as well as I though it would.”

“Some of us…annual council.”

“But…get there?”

“The Long Island Railroad…six hundredth floor.”

“The Empire state building?” Walt asked. “It’s in New York?”


“There’s no 600th floor either,” Jaz pointed out. She lived in New York too.

“Not that mortals can tell, or anyone without knowing,” Thalia explained.

“You are… right?”

“Oh, sure.”

“Right after we visited…be trouble.”

“Stolen?” Jason raised an eyebrow. “We never heard any of this.”

“I’m sure it’s better you didn’t know,” Apollo told him.

“When you came…know something.”

“First of all that’s really ironic,” Will said.

“Yeah,” Nico agreed. “When does Percy know anything anyway?”

“I just met him,” Annabeth said. “I learnt that a few minutes after.”

Percy shook his head. He looked tired and confused. Annabeth sighed and muttered to herself. “I’ve got to get…the problem.”

Percy’s stomach growled disrupting her. She looked up. “Go on. I’ll see you later.”

Percy stood up and raced away from the pier as she traced her finger…battle plan.

“A quest?” Hazel asked. “Why did you want one?”

“Cabin fever. I learnt my lesson. Twelve is young. You had it harder,” Annabeth said.

“I was needed and neither Nico or I are technically 13 or 14.”

“You are maturity wise,” Reyna pointed out. “Thalia is 15 but acts her age of 22 most of the time.”

“Most of the time being key,” Thalia smirked. “It’s okay to unwind and act younger than you are.”

“We all need it sometimes,” nodded Grover.

“Right. So then Percy mind showing us that trick with toilet water on Carter now?” Sadie asked.

“Or Magnus?” Sam nodded.

“Leo,” Piper offered.

“Jason,” Thalia nodded. “I’ve missed out on too many chances to torture my brother.”

“Nico too then.”

All the boys were glaring at their sisters/sister figures shaking their heads at Percy in a begging manner pleading for him not to do it.

“Sorry guys,” Percy smirked. “Making the girls mad is worse. Expect it when you expect it least.”