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Percy Did What?

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Readying themselves for a terrifying experience all of the watchers looked at the projection. It was so it seemed they were inside the car themselves, there with Percy and Grover who had been running for their lives.

Percy was sitting there nervously and Grover kept flitting his eyes back uncomfortably to watch the road. Suddenly Percy broke the awkward silence. “So you and ….other?”

In real life everyone cracked up at Percy’s awkward phrasing. Even though some of this was pretty terrifying most of it was entertaining too.

“Not exactly….watching you.”

“That sounds really stalkerish,” Piper pointed out.

“Yeah, but I was protecting him!” Grover protested.

“Don’t worry, we understand,” Blitz said gesturing to Hearth beside him.

“Thank the gods someone does,” Grover smiled.

“Reckon they’d get along with Bes and Bast?” Sadie asked her brother.

“Some more than others,” Carter nodded.

“Watching me?” Percy gaped.

“Keeping tabs….your friend,” Grover rushed his sentence.

“Piper was right,” chortled Leo, “this is hilariously awkward.”

“Um…what are…exactly?”

“Percy!” Annabeth said. “That was rude.”

“It’s fine Annabeth. We were both kind of scared and stressed at the moment,” Grover told her.

“He didn’t really answer me either till I insulted him more,” Percy agreed.

“That doesn’t…now.”

“It doesn’t matter? a donkey.”

Grover bleated looking hurt, “Goat!”

“See?” Percy told Annabeth.


“I’m a …waist down.”

“You just….didn’t matter.”


“I’m guessing you meant Coach Hedge?” Frank asked. The rest of the seven plus Nico and Reyna nodded.

“He would do that,” Percy agreed.

“Makes him a great protector!” argued Clarisse.

“Terrifying one too,” Leo said.

“Well lets just be happy Grover didn’t trample Percy,” Annabeth said. “Cause I kind of need him.”

“We all did/do,” pointed out Will.

“Even us,” Carter and Magnus said at once in surprise.

“Look guys as entertaining as this is I want to get this part over with. It’s not something I’m looking forward too,” Percy said. That got everyone quiet with curiosity, not to mention when Percy asked you to do something. Well, you did it. That was just Percy.

“Woah…. Mr. Brunner’s myths?”

“Were those old…a myth?”

“Grover!” Juniper scolded this time. “The poor boy was terrified and confused. He had no clue what was happening unlike you.”

“It’s fine Juniper,” Percy said. “Grover and I are bros. The best of them.”

“So you admit…Dodds?”

“Of course.”

“Then why-”

“The less you knew….who you are.”

“And here I just thought I was going insane,” said Percy.

“I think we all have,” Carter agreed.

“Definitely,” nodded Magnus.

“I’m pretty sure we are,” Nico said.

“No, Nico.” Hazel smiled, “That’s just you.”


“Who I….you mean?” Percy spluttered. As he finished speaking a haunting bellow rose from behind them. The sound seemed to be part of the mist, or even from it.

Sally spoke nervously and quickly. “Percy there’s….to safety.”

“Safety from what…who’s after me?”

“Ah,” Sadie smiled. “We’ve done that. Just suddenly on the run finding out you live in a world full of gods. Good times.”

“I like you,” Thalia said. “Come learn under me Padawan. In the ways of annoyance, torture, sarcasm and any other cool things.”

“No!” Walt and Nico cried out. “Not a good idea.”

The girls both smirked. Sadie laughed, “Seems like it is.”

She moved over. Now she sat with Piper, Thalia and Annabeth. They’re respective boyfriends and brothers looked very scared.

Just the ….blood-thirstiest minions.”

Grover!” yelled several of the girls. Others laughed with some of the boys.

“Yeah, we’ve done that too,” Sadie smiled. “He’s kind of a friend now though.”

“Same here, I mean. Kind of but you never know with gods,” Percy said.


“Sorry….drive faster?”

The car swerved onto a narrow road….. white picket fences.

“Where are we going?”

“The summer camp … send you.”

“Summer camp?” Carter asked. “Camp Half-Blood right? You mentioned it the first time we met. The orange t-shirt.”

“Right. That’s where we’re going.”

“Camp’s the best,” Will said.

“I miss it sometimes,” Thalia agreed

“I think we all do,” Leo nodded. “I was only back for a day or two. Calypso didn’t even get a proper tour!”

“I shall another time. Let’s watch. This is taking too long and as Percy said this shall not be easy.”

The place…to go.”

“Please, dear… danger.”

“Because ….yarn,” Percy replied dryly.

“A lot of danger then,” Rachel nodded.

“I really don’t believe you’re still alive,” Apollo said. “I mean have you been a ghost this whole time?”

“No,” Percy said leaving nothing else to be spoken.

Those weren’t any….to die.”

Percy’s eyes widened in fear. “Whoa…you.”

“No I…someone.”

“You meant…in me.”

“I meant you…you.”

“Really not the time,” Samira pointed out.

“I don’t think there ever is,” agreed Reyna.

“So then we might as well just have argued then!” Percy said triumphantly.


“See? Sally agrees with us,” Samira said surprised how comfortable she was now feeling with all of these people.

She pulled the wheel…in the storm.

“What was that?” Percy asked glancing behind him.

“We’re almost ….. Please.”

Percy was now leaning forward but Grover was glancing back nervously. For another 30 seconds they sat like that. Then suddenly was a blinding flash of light, not unlike the ones that had brought them there. A deafening Boom! The car tumbled into a ditch, it’s occupants only held safe from the air by their seat belts.

“Dad!” Thalia complained.

“It’s fine,” Percy said. “We’re all fine.”

“He tried to kill you,” Jason pointed out.

“Right, so apparently you Romans didn’t have this issue and we never explained it. Thalia and I, well we shouldn’t have been born. There will be an explanation of this later but it means that Zeus and Hades wanted to kill me.”

“Just Hades,” Thalia said. “Percy’s dad didn’t really care.”

Nico nodded, since he had started dating Will a little of his old self was shining through. He was healing. “He’s nice. Actually a good uncle, he knows my name.”

As the air cleared Percy was peeling his face on the drivers seat with a delayed ow.

“Ow!” Percy said in real life. “That feels like one of your bolts Thalia.”

“Those don’t hurt you a lot.”

“Cause I’ve learned to absorb them like the ones in my hurricanes. They hurt before I learnt to do that, a lot like this.” Percy swayed dizzily. He was next to Jason and Grover who caught him before he could slump forward. He sat up again. “I’m okay now.”

Percy!” Sally cried.

“I’m okay.”

Rain was pouring in from the cracked roof and mud was leaking in from the doors on Sally’s side. Percy suddenly looked next to him at the slumped over figure of his friend. Blood was trickling from the side of his mouth, like when someone was shot in the movies. “Grover!”

Juniper shrieked pulling him off the couch beside Percy to hug him close. Annabeth looked at the girls beside her and gestured to Jason so they switched spots.


Percy gave a harsh laugh. There was hope.

“Percy, we have too…”

In a flash of lightning….had horns.

“Who is-” gulped Percy.

“A monster. Probably wants to kill you, but you’re both here alive and you talk like your mom is too, so it’s all sunshine and butterflies,” Alex said.

“No it’s pretty terrifying,” Jaz argued.

“Especially when you have no clue what’s happening,” Percy nodded. “Now can we get this over with? I’m still dizzy from the lightning.”

“Percy…the car.”

Sally tried climbing out of her door to find it shut in the mud. Percy’s was the same. Both looked up at the hole in the roof. The edges were sizzling and smoking so they couldn’t get out.

“Climb out the….big tree?”

“Hey! That’s me!” Thalia said getting a bunch of stares.

“It’ll be explained later,” Annabeth told everyone.


“That’s the property line….the door.”

“Mom….coming too.”

“Seaweed Brain,” Annabeth said. “You’re too loyal.”

“So I’ve heard.”

Sally’s face was pale. Her hair stuck to her face with the rain. She looked at Percy sadly.

“No! You are….carry Grover.”


Another bellow and snort. The man with the horns was getting closer. Sally turned to Percy. “He doesn’t want…the property line.”

“Why not?” signed Hearth.

“No mortals can without permission,” explained Rachel. That made sense to everyone.


“We don’t have….Please.”

Percy climbed across Grover opening the door. “We’re going….Mom.”

“I told you-“ Sally protested.

“Mom! I am….with Grover.”

“Annabeth was right, you are to loyal,” Thalia decided.

“I’m just following your lead,” Percy decided. “My friends and family go safe first. They’re after me, well that’s what they’ll get.”

Everyone stayed silent waiting to watch exactly what Percy meant.