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Percy Did What?

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All around them popped up beanbags and couches. Next to all of them were snack bowls and tables with drinks. The teenagers loaded up and the older ones were sure to keep an eye on the younger kids like Felix, the ankle biters, and Harley. To makes sure they didn’t get to much sugar or things like that.

The middle of the floor was cleared. The fates still stood there. The Hemsut spoke. “A projection shall appear with moments that we have chosen to show you. This shall take a while so there are beds and food. We shall tell you when it is time to stop at night.”

They disappeared and the first projection started. On the floor in front of them were several kids napping on mats covered with fleece blankets.

“We’re watching this? Really?” Percy complained.

“What is it? You peeing your pants or something?” asked Connor Stoll.

“Just watch,” Nyssa whacked him upside him up the head to shut him up.

In front of them the napping kids were sleeping when one sat up and rubbed his eyes. He was around four, had chubby cheeks and shaggy black hair. He wore a blue shirt with several smiling fish. His eyes were the same sea green as now.

Awws sounded from the girls all around the room. Loudest from Lacy, Jaz, Juniper, Hazel and surprisingly Thalia.

Percy looked at her surprised. She rolled her eyes and replied, “Baby you reminds me of Jason. I can see the relationship.”

Baby Percy was sitting up and looking around the room. A teacher walked over though they couldn’t see her face or anything above her knees. “Go back to sleep Percy. It’s naptime.”

Baby Percy nodded and lied back down on his stomach. His hands were held out in front of him and tapping the floor. His classmates slept on.

“What are we watching?” Clarisse asked. “I don’t want to watch baby Prissy sit around and play with blocks. Oh.”

A snake slithered across the floor of the classroom and over his sleeping classmates bodies. It slithered toward Percy and bared his fangs. Percy’s hands shot up and caught the snakes body. He squeezed hard and banged it against the floor. It died and he looked at it and started playing with the dead snake.

“That’s kind of disturbing,” said Alex. “It was just a snake.”

“That was trying to kill a four year old,” Piper said. “Percy you know that Hercules did that.”

“He did a lot of things. Don’t mention it,” Percy said. Annabeth held his hand understanding Percy was upset.”

“Do monsters start seeking you out that early?” Cleo asked. “I never met any until I started to practice magic.”

“Demigods have scents. Percy has the most powerful I’ve ever smelt,” Grover explained. “Monsters were after him from the time he could walk.”

“How did you survive?” Samirah asked curiously.

Percy sighed, “Not long after this incident Mom found a way to hide my scent. I’m not talking about it.”

They watched as the projection continued. Percy continued playing with the dead snake which none of his classmates nor teachers noticed. Finally parents started coming in to pick up the kids.

Sally Jackson walked over to Percy with a kind but tired smile. Then she saw what he was playing with.

Percy did you get that from the toy bin?” she asked nervously.

He just laughed.

Percy listen to me. Put the snake down. Then we can go have cookies.”

Baby Percy dropped the snake. “Cookies?”

Sally laughed, “Cookies. Special just for you.”

The projection ended with Percy in Sally’s arms.

Everyone looked at Percy. Annabeth asked the first question. “Were they blue cookies?”

“She didn’t start making those until I was like seven,” Percy replied.

“I’m sorry. Blue cookies?” Magnus repeated slightly disgusted. He hated blue.

“It’ll be explained,” Percy said.

“Why didn’t the mortal notice?” Reyna asked. “A snake is not a monster, even if sent by a god or immortal.”

“The teachers never paid me much attention. Besides the times they thought I might be causing trouble. I was a problem child according to everyone but Mom.”

“How old were you?” asked Jaz.

“Three or Four. That was the first monster attack. Mom didn’t want to send me to camp yet but she could see them. More and more showed up as I got older. Most of them didn’t attack yet. She started to plan a way to keep me safe.”

“What?” asked Frank curiously. He thought he knew Percy but even in this first scene it was revealed there was a lot more to his friend than he thought.

Grover looked at Frank. “Don’t ask. Seeing it will be hard enough.”

Everyone turned to Percy. What could the most brave and loyal demigod, their supposed hero be hiding.