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A God's Appreciation

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My Dearest Kazuma,

Once a nail you were
Now you are an earring
You're a wonderful shinki I concur
From my grasp your are not disappearing

Though there was some time we had spent apart
Because I had you banished
I'm glad we were able to make a fresh start
And that you hadn't vanished

I was striving for an ideal
Something I wished to make real
Eventually becoming this big ordeal
Unraveling just like an orange peal

Playing house like it was a game
If anyone is to feel any shame
It should be me, for I am to blame
Not realizing it until, back to me you came

I know you had my best interest at heart
That I was being hardheaded
Somewhat of a bogart
In the ranks you are forever embedded

Which is why, to leave me you can not
Never think a replacement for you will ever be sought
If you ever do, you must perish the thought
Hence as my hand, for you there is always a spot

Without you I am lost
I dare not need to look for my guide
I try to avoid this at any cost
So you are required to stay by my side

The shinki are apart of my clan
But you are separated from the rest
To me you are more of a man
I really do not mean that in jest

The others are youngsters
However you are distinct
Neither of us being funsters
You and I are linked

We make a great team
Our strength together creates thunder
Our enemies can only hope and dream
But eventually they'll be torn asunder

Dangerous phantoms, together we often would wrestle
With all the other regalia
Leading them, is you my blessed vessel
Who is as precious as an azalea

Together we shall be, to the end
My exemplar, my best friend

Always and Forever,