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Downloading Porn

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"I'm a PC..."

"And I'm a Mac."

"I'm very good for downloading porn," PC snorted, appearing even more of a nerd than ever beside his handsome counterpart.

"Viruses, spyware, and everything else that comes with it," his friend scoffed.

"Yeah but still, most of the British population are complete perverts, and that's what they want."

"Actually I agree," Mac smiled, "Horny people really need PC's."

"Do they need them right now?"

Without further ado, Mac began to unbutton himself, a man desperate for relief. He pushed PC down to the floor. And to think he'd never understood why it was called a hard-drive - or why they did away with floppies years ago. Reaching into a pair of trendy ripped jeans, the modern style of all new Apples, PC combed through curls of blonde pubic hair to find his already aching penis. Making sure not to crash at such a crucial moment, he slowly worked him up to a climax with a level of competence like no other.

PC rolled back on his knees, "Macs are fantastic for home use, for simplicity and reliability..."

"But when all you really need is a good wank, just buy a PC," Mac added, smirking.