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Raunchy Debauchery

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Emma wakes up suddenly. One second she was having the once forbidden dream, the next second she's snuggling against amazing curves. Curves she has grown accustomed to cuddling.

She gazes around the warmly familiar room that she can navigate even in her sleep. Directly in her line of vision the partially open drapes are admitting a thin beam of sunlight. Craning her neck to look over Regina's shoulder, she squints to read the time but Henry's borrowed antique alarm clock is facing the wrong direction. She wracks her brain trying to figure out why she feels so discombobulated.

She sits up slowly, letting the sheet fall down to her waist, exposing her bare chest to the chilly air. She carefully pulls the sheet back up to cover Regina, then looks toward the crib at the foot of their bed. A baby quilt is draped over the side rail obstructing her view, so she holds her breath and tunes out the ticking of Henry's mechanical rooster and ignores Regina's soft exhalations. She listens intently until she hears the faint sounds of their babies' slumbering breaths.

"They didn't wake up at four," a husky voice startles Emma. She looks down to see Regina roll over and curl up against her, wrapping an arm around her waist.

The previous three months flash through Emma's mind. Waking up every midnight and four a.m. The nursing, the pumping, and endless rounds of diaper changing. The sleep deprivation.

"What time is it?" Emma asks.

"Seven." Regina mumbles against her pillow.

"You didn't even look."

"Seven-ish. Judging by the sun."

"Are the twins okay?"

"Yes, Emma. They just slept through the night."

"Babies do that?"


"Are they going to do this from now on?"

Regina sighs and rubs her eyes. "Maybe. Hopefully. Could be a fluke...Henry was almost five months before he slept through the night."

"Five months?"

Regina nods and tugs Emma toward her. "So enjoy this moment while you can."

Emma shrugs then stretches and twists her back until she hears a slight pop in her spine. She lays back down and wraps her arms around her wife. Regina burrows her nose against Emma's neck.

Emma kisses her forehead, takes a deep breath, closed her eyes, and relaxes into the soft bedding. Her eyes pop open. "We should wake up Henry."

Regina grunts.

"He'll be late for school."

"He's up," Regina whispers.

"How do you know?"

"I smell bacon."

Emma inhales deeply and moans. "And coffee?...We have the best kid. I don't even care if it's decaf and turkey bacon. That smells like heaven."

Regina places a kiss behind Emma's ear. "You smell like heaven."

Emma laughs while she turns her head to expose more neck for Regina to kiss. "Love has left you delusional," she whispers. "My breath smells like an ogre fart."

Regina chuckles then maneuvers around to get on top of Emma. She places a few more kisses along her jawline then sits back until she is straddling Emma's abs. "I guess I'll have to keep my distance," she teases.

Emma's eyes grow wide as she takes in her wife's naked form above her. "What are you doing?" She caresses Regina's waist and lifts her own hips, trying to make contact with Regina's center. "Do we even have time for this?"

Regina shakes her head no. "Definitely not," she whispers while rotating her pelvis in small circles around Emma's navel. "The twins could wake up any second...And if I know our son he's preparing a tray to bring us breakfast in bed."

"How could you possibly know that?"

"He does it every time he cooks breakfast when we aren't downstairs."

Emma whines and bites her lip. "Then why start...?" Her hands move from Regina's waist to her hips to her thighs and back to her waist. She resists the urge to cup the full breasts jiggling in front of her.

"Because you're irresistible," Regina croons. She takes one of Emma's directionless hands and places it between her legs. She rises up just high enough then sinks down onto Emma's fingers. "And this won't take long."

Emma watches in awe, mouth agape, as Regina rides her like an expert equestrian. They maintain eye contact as Regina girates her hips, up and down, forward and back.

Emma rotates her wrist, matching Regina's rhythm, tapping her g-spot on each downward motion.

Regina leans away as the tension inside her builds. Emma brings her other hand down and starts teasing Regina's clit with her thumb.

Regina arches her back, grabs onto Emma's thighs and finally breaks their intense gaze as she throws her head back.

"You are so beautiful," Emma whispers just as three things happen simultaneously.

Regina cries out as her inner walls clamp down around Emma's fingers. She continues to undulate and milk the embedded digits as the babies begin to whimper, and Henry knocks on the door.

Emma panics and waves her clit-hand through the air. Regina raises her head in confusion just as the white smoke dissipates.

Emma mouths the words "you owe me" to Regina before taking a calming breath and calling out "come in" towards the door.

When Henry enters the room, Regina is still sitting astride Emma but they are both wearing pajamas, all evidence of Regina's orgasm has been cleaned from Emma's hands, and the fresh scent of febreeze has replaced the smell of sex.

"Why are you guys out of breath?" Henry asks.

Emma looks at their son who is holding a tray full of breakfast foods, then back at Regina who is still reeling in post orgasmic bliss, and chuckles. "Tickle fight," she whispers while caressing Regina's thighs.

Henry rolls his eyes. "Yeah, that doesn't sound like a lie at all."

"Well," Emma teases. "If you really want to know... "

"Nope!" Henry interrupts. "Tickle fight is fine. Anyway, happy anniversary. I made you breakfast in bed."

"Anniversary?" Regina asks. "We were married in December. It's only September."

Henry stammers for a moment then awkwardly motions toward the crib while searching for the right words. "It's...been a year...since the eclipse."

Emma and Regina look at each other as they process the information.

"Oh," Emma whispers. "That's really... "

"Sweet," Regina finishes.

"I know it's weird," Henry continues as he sets the tray down on the bed beside his mothers. "But you guys figured out you had true love that night and you made magical babies. It was the start of making our family complete."

"Aww," Regina smiles at Emma who chuckles.

"Well..." Emma comments. "We didn't really figure out the true love thing for another month and a half."

Henry laughs. "How did you not notice the rainbow blast?"

"Um," Emma looks to Regina for a way to not explain about drunken hook ups and magical appendage potions.

"The forgetting potion," Regina supplies.

Emma nods. "Yes, the forgetting potion totally made us forget the...rainbow blast."

Henry shakes his head but lets the discrepancy slide. "I don't need the details," he says and walks over to the crib to check on the twins. They are now awake and smile up at him. He lets each baby grab onto a finger and is impressed by their tight grips. "All that matters is my sisters were created that night and that's pretty special."

Emma and Regina watch Henry and smile as he plays with his sisters. Emma picks up a glass of orange juice and hands it to Regina then picks up a cup of coffee for herself. "Why don't you change their diapers, best big brother, while your mother and I eat?"

"I would love to but I don't have time. I'm picking up Grace in a little bit and we're going to Granny's to get more signatures before school starts."

"The dress code petition," Regina says. "How many signatures do you have so far?"

"About a fourth of all students have signed so far. I'm hoping for a third or even better to have half before I take it to the next school board meeting."

"You should get some elementary school student signatures," Emma suggests. "This would effect them too and they should be able to flex their voice about it. "

Regina nods. "You should get parent signatures as well. Especially if they're on the parent council."

Emma nods and swallows her bacon before adding, "Get the teachers to sign, too. Let those jerks on the board know almost everyone wants this. Majority rules."

"That's what I was thinking, " Henry says as he pulls a copy of the petition and a pen out of his pocket and hands them to Regina. "Having the mayor's signature will carry a lot of weight, too."

Regina smirks as she uses Emma's abdomen as a flat surface and adds her name to the dozens of other signatures.

Henry smiles and points to Emma. "You, too, sheriff."

Emma balks. "I never even went to that school and I'm not on the council."

"You are the parent of a student," Regina says.

"Of a boy student," Emma protests. "This petition wouldn't even change anything for him."

"Mom," Henry sighs. "You have two daughters who will go to Storybrooke schools. Do you really want them to freeze their little legs off every winter? Just because an archaic rule makes uniform skirts mandatory for girls?"

"Well, when you put it that way," Emma relents and sloppily scrawls her name below Regina's neat signature.

Henry beams. "Thank you," he says as he takes the petition back. "I gotta go. You guys should feed and change my sisters before they start crying."

Regina hops up off of Emma and the bed while Emma shoves a piece of toast in her mouth.

"Oh," Henry says as he stops by the door. "Emma? Can we work on the motorcycle tonight after basketball practice?"

Emma nods and gulps down her food. "Call me when you're on your way home."


"Henry?" Regina says as she hands a baby to Emma and goes to change the other's diaper.

Henry smiles. "I mean...thank you Emma, for helping me rebuild my motorcycle that I bought with my own money. I do so appreciate this bonding and learning experience...for the both of us."

Regina giggles. "That is better but I was going to say why don't you leave a couple copies of your petition downstairs? Emma can take one to the station and I can take one to town hall when I go in today."

"That is a great suggestion, Mom. I already left two copies on the kitchen counter. Thanks again. Love you. Bye. "

Emma laughs. "There goes out baby boy. Off on a noble quest to change school policy."

"And all because Grace shivered three days ago," Regina sighs.

Emma unbuttoned her pajama top and let's a hungry baby latch on greedily. Regina takes a seat beside her and they both settle in to nurse babies.