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Raunchy Debauchery

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Emma wakes up suddenly. One second she was having the forbidden dream again and the next second she's lying on the hardest surface she has slept on in a long time. Did she fall asleep on the floor?

She gazes around the oddly familiar room that she can almost but not quite remember. Directly in her line of vision is a pyramid of beer cans on a bar. Craning her neck backward, she sees a dartboard that a karaoke machine? She wracks her brain trying to place her current location.

She sits up slowly as her head spins with dizziness and disorientation. She carefully places her ears between her knees to stave off rising nausea. That's when she notices that she is completely naked and sitting on green felt.

"Please don't throw up on my pool table."

The husky voice startles her and she turns to see an equally naked Regina lying curled up beside her.

The previous night starts coming back to her in flashes. The trek down Regina's basement stairs to the game room. The competitive quarter bounce tournament on the bar. Laughing during drunken karaoke. Losing the game of strip darts that led to some raunchy debauchery upon the pool table.

"Oh my god, Regina."

"Mmm, that sounds familiar."

"What did we do?"

"'What didn't we do?' is a better question. I have rug burn on my tailbone as well as my knees."

Emma's eyes scan Regina's nude form as more memories flood her brain. A hickey is forming on Regina's slender neck. Are those teeth marks around her left nipple? There are four small bruises on her hip. Emma reaches out to touch them and they align perfectly with her own fingertips.

An image of gripping Regina's hips as she pounded inside of her loops through Emma's head. Since when does Regina own a strap on? The tell-tale ache between her legs reveals the reality of the memory. The resulting orgasm reverberates throughout her consciousness.

A featherlight fingertip traces her now erect nipple. "I see it's all coming back to you now."

Emma sighs heavily and lies back down. She kisses Regina's fingers then cradles them against her chest. "How are so calm, Regina?"

"I was a bit panicky when I was first woke up. But what's done is done. It's not like it was our first time."

"First time in a really long time."

" we had a little slip. We can chalk it up to excess alcohol. Nothing needs to change, Emma. No one needs to know."

"Oh, fuck...Hook."

"I'd rather not."

Emma sits up again, then slides off the pool table and starts searching the room for her discarded clothing. "I'm serious, Regina. He trusts me to be alone with you even knowing about our past."

"Is that what he tells you?" Regina replies as she sits up.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." Regina hops down from the pool table and grabs a garbage bag from behind the bar. She proceeds to fill the bag with empty beer cans as Emma tries not to stare at the bite mark on her breast.

"Did Hook say something to you?"

"No, Emma. It's just that you get the doe eyes and I get the seething death glares."

"He does not."

"God. For someone whose lie detector is 100% with me, I wish it was just 50% with him."

"What does that even mean?"

"Nothing. Forget I said anything," Regina mumbles as she ties up the full trash bag, then turns to start some dish water for the quarter bounce glasses.

"No, Regina. I want to know what you meant."

"Let's not get into it, Emma."

"Oh, so you can fuck my brains out, but you can't tell me what you think about my husband?"

"You know what I think about him. He's a liar, he's not good enough for you, and he doesn't deserve you. Happy?"

Emma spots the matching set of finger bruises on both of Regina's hips and sighs. "Well look who's the liar now."

"No, that's always been true."

"I mean me, Regina. All of Hook's suspicions have come true. We fucked."

"Can you stop calling it that?"

"Really? So we didn't fuck? I guess we made love on the pool table? Whispered sweet-nothings that now include 'I love your tight pussy' and 'ride me like a good girl'? And when exactly did you buy a strap on? And why?"

Regina scoffs as she retrieves a potion bottle from the bar and submerges it beneath the soapy suds. "I see your memory hasn't completely returned."

"What are you talking about?"

"It will come back to you. And if it doesn't, I'll tell you. Just remember it was your idea."

"That sounds ominous."

"Let's please not fight right now. We are hung over and caught up in the moment. Let's just get cleaned up before Henry gets home. We'll figure everything out later."

"Oh god. What time is it anyway?"

"We have about an hour or so, I think. There's a shower just through there and some of my workout clothes are in the bedroom on the left."

"There's a bedroom down here? Why the fuck did we fuck on the pool table?"

"I don't know, Emma. My brain short circuits whenever your head is between my thighs. I think I forgot my own name for a while."