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It starts, like the vast majority of socio-political messes and conspiracy theories, with a celebrity and an interview.

Yoshiyama Kichi is frankly having the time of her life right now. This interview is going to bring in so many viewers; she’s just going to have to get a bonus. But All Might? Here? In her studio?

Oh golly, she’s going to faint.

No she isn’t. Absently, she begins to flip a coin, making sure it lands on heads every time. She’s trained for this. All her life, she knew that she would one day interview All Might on live national television, which is a weird thing to know, but that’s how life works when your father has a very mild future-vision Quirk. At least what he saw for her was better than what her brother got. Ah, well. He’s recovering from that incident with the mutant electric eel now.

Still, All Might.

While she won’t be able to outshine her interviewee, and it’s pointless to try, Kichi is still going to look her best. Her makeup artist is blowing out all the stops, and her tuxedo will shimmer under the studio lights this evening. When she interviews All Might.

Oh golly.

There are so many things that can go wrong. What if the chairs are too weak to support all that muscle? What if she insults him, and she’s blacklisted from ever working again? What if All Might dies out of nowhere and then villains attack and she has to protect an entire studio audience with nothing but her sheer thigh-high stockings?

The last one is implausible, Kichi will admit. And the chairs won’t break; they’ve supported Fatgum and most of the studio audience during one memorable episode. That’s still the best group hug that Kichi has ever experienced. And, finally, All Might is well-known for being nice. He won’t be insulted.

But still, she should really look over those questions.

Though, flipping through the papers, she realises that All Might has never really answered a question that he doesn’t want the public knowing about. It’s how he’s stayed so private for all these years. She’s spent hours watching interview after interview of his to prepare for this moment, and if All Might is asked a question that he doesn’t want to answer, he’ll very subtly take control of the direction of the interview, and create a narrative that’s so engaging and enjoyable to hear that nobody realises that he hasn’t actually said anything of any substance.

She can work with this. She can do this.

And in the blink of an eye, she’s smiling and talking to the audience and cameras. All Might walks in exactly when she announces him, waving and smiling so naturally that, for a moment, Kichi is swept up into the essence of love and hope that surrounds this man. When she shakes his hand before he sits down, only the feeling of warm, calloused skin dwarfing her own hand convinces her that this is real.

Honestly, the questions pass in such a blur that when she looks back on those memories, she’ll be surprised at how she remembers every moment as clearly as glass.

Of course, it’s not like anyone could forget it.

Because, when Kichi asks All Might what his Quirk is, just to see what hoops he’ll jump through to avoid saying, the man smiles.

It’s not his usual smile; the constant smile that never faltered, even once, during the interview. The corners of All Might’s lips twitch a little, contorting into something a little different. What is he thinking? What is he doing?

“My Quirk,” says All Might, in the casual tone of someone about to change the world, “is called One For All.”

Kichi keeps smiling, because what else is she supposed to do? All Might seems just as relaxed as he has been this entire time, so the audience would pick up on the slightest hint of discomfort from her, especially during the most important moment of her life.

“And, ah, what exactly is One For All?” she asks, the English words forming strangely on her tongue; almost reverently.

Finally, she understands All Might’s smile. It’s pride, she thinks. Pride in oneself and in others, and every ounce of it is justified. And if she isn’t mistaken, which she never has been before, there’s some kind of unacknowledged sadness, like sour candy.

For some reason, All Might almost feels like a parent when he speaks again. “One For All is a combination of Quirks, forged when this age first formed. It is the stockpiling of power, and the ability to pass that power onto another.”

Kichi would say something if she could, but the audience is roaring and screaming, and that’s definitely a reaction if she’s ever seen one.

After a few minutes of enjoying the sound, she starts to hush the audience, watching all Might’s smile from the corner of her eye. He seems to be sweating a little, but that might just be because of the stage lights.

Either way, her interview isn’t finished yet.

“Well, All Might, that certainly gives us all a lot to think about,” she smiles. “There are probably thousands of hero otaku frantically putting together the pieces right now.”

All Might honestly chuckles. Not a booming laugh, but something that could, from another person, maybe even pass as a giggle.

But she can’t let go now. “But why are you telling everyone about this ‘One For All’ now? Are you looking to pass your Quirk on already?”

“You are close,” he says. “I have already given One For All to a child who I believe will become a great hero, and I will be slowly withdrawing from hero work as the remnants of my Quirk fade. I will instead train the next generation to take my place as the Symbol of Peace.”

The audience starts to scream again, but the sound feels distant as Kichi stares at All Might’s bowed head.

“Oh, golly,” she breathes. Her lips barely move around the words that quiver almost silently from her mouth, only to be swallowed into the noise. “I am definitely getting a bonus.”



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first things first: what the actual fuck #allmighttellsall




r/Heroes – Posted by u/aim2baheromaster 3 hours ago
[Up & Coming Heroes] All Might’s Successor – Theory
Okay, so we’ve all seen the interview, where All Might says that he’s given his Quirk to someone, and I’m not here to argue the logistics of that. Sure, it’s crazy, but we live in a world where my little brother got a mutation of my parents’ Quirk that literally turns him into a cannon. I no longer care about logic.
I want to know who his successor is. He’s implied that it’s someone who is starting at UA this Spring, so they’d be around 14-15 right now. Personally, I’m betting that it’s the kid from the sludge thing, where All Might first showed up in Musutafu. He has a really strong Quirk, and even when he was hopelessly trapped, he still kept on fighting. That seems pretty heroic to me, right?
Does anyone else have any thoughts?
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Yeah, I think not. TBH, I think it’s gone to Lemillion. He’s an intern for Sir Nighteye, All Might’s old sidekick, and he’s made a real name for himself. With All Might’s Quirk, he’d basically be able to decimate crime to the point where it doesn’t exist.
   I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that. Lemillion doesn’t need another Quirk to be an amazing hero. I don’t think that we can guess who has OfA, because it’s not someone who is in the public eye.
   Do you really think that a hero as smart as All Might is going to give his amazing Quirk to some random kid off the street?
Isn’t Endeavor’s kid starting UA this year? A hero with Hellfire AND One For All would be super strong
   like anything endeavore does is worthwhile enough for all might’s quirk
   Dude? Endeavor may be a jerk, but don’t insult a kid. That’s just a dick move.
   like endeavore is
   What the fuck did you just fucking say about Endeavor, you little bitch? I’ll have you know he graduated top of his class at UA and quickly ascended to the point of the #2 hero in Japan. The only reason he isn’t #1 is because All Might is basically untouchable, though when he retires you can be sure that Endeavor will be the only thing keeping this country from falling apart. Think before you speak, you little shit.




When Izuku had first introduced her to All Might, it had been quarter to eight in the evening, and she had watched a TV interview with her son, wherein All Might said more about his Quirk than he ever had before.

Her Izuku, her little boy, would usually have been scribbling in his notebook with a zen-like determination on learning these facts, but he seems almost unresponsive as he leans against her side on the sofa. He is heavier than he used to be, with firm muscle that pokes into Inko’s side. All of the cooking she had done had helped. The days Izuku spent who-knows-where doing who-knows-what have helped. Though he didn’t seem at his happiest when he returned home from the UA entrance exams, her boy has become stronger.

And, oh, a transferrable Quirk. It’s unheard of, but to the depth and breadth of Inko’s small amount of knowledge, it isn’t impossible. What wouldn’t Izuku have done, four years old and eyes overflowing with tears, to obtain his idol’s power? This Izuku, now, is quiet and stiff at Inko’s side. He doesn’t fully relax against her, even when she pets his hair in that way she does. He’s grown taller than her by far, and she can’t reach his scalp properly anymore.

It isn’t until about twenty minutes after the show ends that a knock on the door comes. Inko had been busying herself with making a cup of hot chocolate for Izuku, so she could only listen as he answered the door.

“Midoriya, my boy,” says a voice that Inko can’t place. It’s simple, like a greeting between familiar people.

“All Might,” Izuku’s voice replies, and Inko almost drops the hot chocolate. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do that tonight?”

And suddenly, all the pieces form a very precise picture in Inko’s mind. Clutching her son’s favourite mug that didn’t have All Might on – it was faded from many trips through the dishwasher and the microwave, and used to clearly display an old Mega Man level – she does her best to confidently stride to the living room, in order to confront the hero at her front door.

Needless to say, at the time, she only saw a man with the physique of an old scarecrow in a t-shirt and cargo pants.

Inko wishes that they had told her. She wants to say that she understands why Izuku said nothing, but she really can’t. Did he really think that she would stop him from achieving his dream? This entire time, she’s been allowing Izuku to foster his own independence and grow into the man that he wants to be, rather than staying smothered by Inko’s love forever.

She could have protested. She could have put her foot down, and looked All Might in his skeletal, broken face and told him that her boy would not ruin himself for the sake of other people, and she could have kept Izuku to herself forever. But that would have made Izuku so immeasurably sad. Inko knows him so deeply, like the words to nursery rhymes that she can recite in innate tunes. If he couldn’t be a hero, especially now that he has been given a taste of the starting line, she doesn’t know if Izuku could go on like before.

Inko, on the day that she first met All Might, told him to swear that he would do anything for Izuku. She told him that Izuku must be the most important thing in his life now. She said that All Might, if given a choice between Izuku and the rest of the world, must choose Izuku, without fail.

A week later, when Izuku was out running errands, All Might visited again. He told her that it was already so; that he would have chosen Izuku above all else months ago. He said that to say such a thing in front of Izuku, though, could hurt the boy more than help.

All Might is an untouchable idol. Yagi Toshinori had smiled at Inko with sad eyes, and laughed over his photo gallery of Izuku’s training with her. He tells stories, which Inko connects with days that Izuku came home with bandaged scrapes and broad smiles, and Inko talks about her son’s childhood. She told All Might about her son’s fanboyish merchandise collection, and how, though he likes All Might’s current costume, he finds the Golden Age suit more comforting because of the cape.

It’s like patchwork, how Izuku is both different and similar with the two of them. Inko gets to see more of her son’s brash, bright-eyed determination, instead of merely his gentle meekness. Izuku is really amazing, and Mr. Yagi agrees with her.

All Might, after bringing a sleepy Izuku home from training, tells Inko that he has never had a child. It’s not surprising. He’s the Symbol of Peace and the Number One Hero, after all. If he raised children, working like he does, Inko thinks that she would find him to be cruel. Izuku, though, is tucked into bed, out like a light. All Might says that, if he had a child, he would wish for Izuku.

There’s a warm tenderness in Mr. Yagi’s voice, Inko finds, that resonates inside her very soul. Inko might not know much, but she knows what a parent sounds like.

Midoriya Izuku has two emergency contacts in his documentation. Midoriya Inko’s name has been joined by that of Yagi Toshinori.

A weight has been lifted from her shoulders.



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Theory: One For All is passed on by eating the previous holder. One Vore All
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First day at high school!!!!! *:。. o(≧▽≦)o .。:* #UAFirstDay
[Image description: The wall of a girl’s bedroom. There are photographs of flowers and butterflies stuck to the wall, and a pair of black-framed plastic glasses. Underneath the glasses is the top of a grey and navy blazer, a white shirt with the inside tag removed, and a red tie fixed with a gold pin.]
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Class 1-A haven’t even all met each other yet, and they have still managed the miraculous feat of already gossiping about their classmates.

“I bet it’s someone in this room,” says the blond, who introduced himself as Kaminari Denki. He barely passed the written exam, though he did score rather well in the English and Physics portion.

The invisible girl, Hagakure Tooru, probably shakes her head as she says, “Nuh-uh! Everyone here’s already told us their Quirks, and none of ‘em are One For All.”

“Well, that guy there hasn’t,” interrupts the far too loud Kirishima Eijirou, pointing.

Ashido Mina, pink and girly and surprisingly muscular, squints and asks, “Um, the guy who looks like the world’s angriest Pomeranian?”

Kirishima’s face shifts in several subtle ways until it settles on the expression of someone who was expecting a lemon to taste differently, but isn’t complaining. “I guess.”

“No way!” exclaims Hagakure. “He looks way too mean for All Might to pass his Quirk onto.”

“What the fuck did you just say?” the aforementioned guy yells. “Fucking say that to my face!”

Immediately, the responsible Iida Tenya starts berating him, only to be ignored.

“Yeah, it’s someone else,” Kirishima says, nodding.

“They might not even be in this class,” Mashirao Ojirou points out. “There’s Class B as well.”

Hagakure laughs. “It’s like you’ve never seen an anime! The protagonist is always in Class A.”

“I bet they’ll just look like a tiny All Might!” Sero Hanta, of the plain face and tape-dispensing elbows, says.

“Like with the bunny ears and stuff?” asks Ashido.

Sero’s mouth drops into a tiny awed smile. “Hell, those do look like bunny ears!”

“The kid with One For All has a bunny-form Quirk,” says Tokoyami Fumikage dryly, a boy in the middle of his emo phase and with enough self-awareness to be a little ashamed of it. “We’ve confirmed it.”

“Not really, we’re only theorising,” replies Satou Rikidou. Most likely the big and boisterous type, though he seems a little anxious at the moment.

And, at the moment that Tokoyami would have sighed and pointed out that he was joking, a boy with curly green hair and no skill in tying a tie enters the classroom.

Silence falls.

Midoriya Izuku blinks. He turns around, looking up and down to see if there is something hiding behind him. He looks down at his body, as if he may have forgotten his clothes. Since his surroundings are clear of any possible attackers, and all of his clothes are on his body, he looks back at the classroom.

“I-is there, uh, something on my face?” he asks.

“What’s your Quirk?” a short boy, who would soon prove himself to be a nuisance and inducer of trauma to his fairer fellow students, calls from the back of the class.

Midoriya’s freckled cheeks flush. “I’m Quirkless,” he says, staring at his toes. A fraction of a second later, his eyes widen, and he opens his mouth to talk.

“But you’re not!” interrupts Iida, spinning on his heel to face Midoriya. “You broke your legs jumping up to protect that girl during the entrance exam! Speaking of which, I must apologise, as it seems that you realised the true meaning of the examination, which I completely failed to see. Please accept my humble apology!”

Iida bows abruptly, leaving Midoriya waving his hands in front of his face. “No, uh, I didn’t realise, either! I just did what I thought was right!”

At that, Iida straightens up, adjusting his glasses with an unreadable expression on his face. The whispers that had built up unnoticed in the room fall silent once again.

And then he bows again.

“Then that is even more amazing! You stood up for another person, without any benefit to yourself!” he exclaims.

“Hey, you’re the plain-looking kid from the exam, right?” someone else says, making Midoriya yelp and jump in a half-circle. “I never got to thank you, since you fainted and everything. Anyway, I’m Uraraka Ochako! Thanks for saving me!”

Midoriya turns as red as a strawberry and makes a strange noise instead of actually speaking, and Shouta takes that as his cue to slide in, sleeping bag and all.

“Honestly, you should all be focusing on yourselves, and not someone else’s Quirk,” he says, standing up carefully and shuffling into the room, still in his sleeping bag. If he opens it now, a bunch of juice packets will spill out, and completely ruin any authorial position he might have. One of them is leaking and making a puddle in the bottom of the sleeping bag. Ugh, he needs to get out as soon as possible. “I’m Aizawa Shouta, and I’ll be your homeroom teacher. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Put your sports uniforms on and get down to the fields.”

There. Perfect.

Soon, Shouta will tell Midoriya that, since One For All is so new to him, that he will be working on the basics of Quirk control after school for the first month, and attending mandatory Quirk counselling for at least two. If he still hasn’t got the hang of his new Quirk by the end of the year, both he and All Might are going to be out on their asses.

That’s lenient, even for one of Shouta’s usual bluffs.



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reasons why i deserve one for all more than all might’s successor

  1. i’m gay
  2. i’m cute
  3. my quirk lets me know exactly what the time is at any given moment. it’s useless. i’m a human watch
  4. please give me one for all instead all might

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Do you ever meet someone for the first time and think that they’re a sweet nerd and then they turn out to be a ridiculously jacked badass and also a sweet nerd at the same time?



“Sir, don’t you think that you should stop the fight?”

Momo’s voice trembles when she asks such a thing of the world’s greatest hero, but surely she is not the only one who has noticed how this exercise seems to be far too dangerous.

“Do not fret, young Yaoyorozu!” All Might replies, not taking his eyes from the monitor. “I will stop the fight if it starts to get out of hand.”

If Momo were more headstrong, or less willing to concede to an elder’s knowledge, she would have argued that the fight is already getting out of hand. Bakugou is screaming at Midoriya, and exploding everything in his path with a feral look in his eyes. Though there are no microphones with which to pick up sound where the training exercise is taking place, she can almost physically feel the indeterminable words that Bakugou spits.

“Don’t be worried about showing favouritism to Midori!” says Ashido. “If you think he’s in danger, just stop the exercise.”

Somehow, the room seems to drop by several degrees. Momo glances around, looking for an open door that would allow a draught in, but there is only Todoroki, half-covered in ice and his breath misting around his nostrils.

All Might doesn’t acknowledge this, and simply murmurs, “He’s doing fine.”

“He’s had One For All for how long, again?” Kaminari asks. He winces as Midoriya breaks his own arm on-screen. That is the power that All Might holds; all of it simmering under Izuku’s skin and striking out in half-controlled bursts.

The monitor room is rather dark, save for the light of the screens, so Momo can’t be entirely certain, but All Might seems to blush. “A month.”

Satou tilts his head and blinks at the screen as the room falls silent. Midoriya’s legs shatter this time, and how is it that he still moves? “Well, at least Midoriya’s team won, right?”

Momo sighs. “I’ll call Recovery Girl.”



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Hey @invisigal can you tell us who has One For All?
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yo has anyone else noticed that all might’s been spending less time in the public eye recently??? i mean, he used to be constantly everywhere, but nowadays he seems to duck out of interviews after he beats villains. idk if i’m being stupid but it feels like this has been happening for ages and i only just noticed
I thought this was just a nightblogging conspiracy theory but? It actually sounds legit.
hes going home to his wife and five kids


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“You know, it’s not really a surprise that All Might chose you for his successor,” says Tsuyu. “I mean, even if you can’t use One For All yet, you’re still really similar to him.”

She watches as Midoriya processes what she has said, and the subsequent fit of spluttering. His cheeks turn really red as he waves his hands about. “Ah, um? Not really? I’m not? Agh.”

Hm, so he’s being humble. That’s okay. Tsuyu won’t press the issue. She has said what she wanted to.

Apparently, though, Kirishima is inspired to join her in complimenting Midoriya.

“Actually, she’s right,” he says. “I mean, you both have the same smile, or am I just seeing things?”

And now, thinking of it, Tsuyu understand where he’s coming from. “It’s not quite the same, but you get the same feeling from it, right? Like you’re safe.”

Midoriya, slowly retreating into the neck of his sports jacket, lets out a tiny squeak.

“With how flashy One For All is, and being connected to All Might, you’re pretty much set for popularity as soon as you graduate,” Kirishima sighs. “My hardening’s useless for flashiness.”

Thusly, Midoriya pops back up like a highly enthusiastic turtle. “No, it’s a great Quirk! You can save loads of people with it, by boosting your endurance and acting as a shield, or by using the hardness as a way to keep your body locked into position! I mean, it has to be better to have any Quirk that you can apply well it well than to have a flashy Quirk and be useless at using it.”

Aoyama groans theatrically, leaning across Ashido’s lap. “Marry me, Midoriya. We can have a horde of children that kill themselves with Quirks that don’t fit their bodies.”

“Is this flirting? Because you’re really bad at flirting,” says Ashido.

“Quoi? Non!” he exclaims, before letting out a long sigh. “Je veux mourir. Bury me with a thousand bombs filled with glitter.”

From that sentence, Kirishima changes the subject to Bakugou, and Tsuyu finds herself with the opportunity to say exactly what she thinks, yet again.

“His personality is awful,” she ribbits. “He won’t be popular.”

Bakugou, who had been gazing out of the window with a worse scowl than usual, immediately begins to yell. “Fuck you, frogface! I’ll be the most popular out of everyone here!”

“My point is proven,” she croaks.

When Mr. Aizawa tells them that they have arrived, and to get out of the bus, Tsuyu is one of the first to leave, just to spend a good few minutes gazing at the architecture of the building that they will be using. It’s so smooth and domed, with clean white panelling that shouldn’t be possible in a forest like this.

Of course, in Tsuyu’s opinion, the second-best part of learning at the USJ is seeing Uraraka and Midoriya simultaneously lose their minds over Space Hero Thirteen. The best part will be learning how she and her classmates can use their Quirks to protect people.

Tsuyu stands, attentive and excited, until her stomach starts to feel as if it’s reversing itself. She glances around. What has changed? What is wrong? The fountain in the central plaza has stopped working, and there’s a tiny patch in the air where it looks like space is tearing itself apart. What is it?

“Huddle together,” Mr. Aizawa tells them all. “Thirteen, get the kids out of here.”

The patch in the air widens, and something comes through it.

No, not something; someone. And then another someone, and another, until the plaza is filled with people. One has hands covering his otherwise normally-clothed body, grasping at him as if they want to drag him to hell. Another is shaped like a bipedal shark. Yet another is herculean, with an exposed brain and sickeningly rippling muscles. Tsuyu cannot describe them all. There are far, far too many.

“According to the curriculum we obtained yesterday, Eraserhead, Thirteen, and All Might were supposed to be teaching this class,” says the dark void wearing a rather dapper suit. “Where is All Might?”

“We were told that All Might was going to be here. Where is he?” the villain covered in hands says.

Nobody responds. Tsuyu’s heart feels as if it is lodged in her chest, so she doesn’t think that she could talk, even if she tried to.

“After all of the trouble we went to, and all of the people we brought along,” the hand-covered villain groans. “If you give us the kid with One For All, we’ll call it even, and we won’t hurt anyone else.”

Tsuyu blinks slowly, and very carefully does not glance at Midoriya.

They want him. They want to hurt him, and maybe even kill him, and Tsuyu is well aware that the safest thing to do is to sacrifice one person for the good of the many. But villains are vengeful, and cruel, and completely inexplicable. They went to all of this trouble to break into UA; why would they leave with one untrained boy?

For his Quirk. For a hostage. To bring All Might to his knees, and shatter the Symbol of Peace.

Midoriya Izuku is a danger to Class 1-A.

Tsuyu watches as Aizawa pulls a pair of yellow goggles from under his scarf and pulls them around his head.

Midoriya steps forwards, reaching out to Mr. Aizawa, but their teacher raises a hand without looking back, and says, “I know. All Might sees something in you, so don’t waste it trying to fight when you’re not ready yet, and stay with your classmates. If you have to protect anyone, protect them.”

Aizawa leaps down. Bakugou and Kirishima rush towards the misty villain, and all Tsuyu knows is that she is plunging into water.

This is her element. This is where she was born to thrive. Tsuyu is already kicking through the water when she spots Mineta and Midoriya, both struggling against villains in a terrain that they cannot cope with.

“Which bastard has the Quirk?” the shark-shaped villain asks Midoriya, who, being completely mammalian and incapable of speaking underwater, does not reply. Left like this, he will drown soon.

But Tsuyu is there. Tsuyu can save them. Tsuyu can get them to the fake shipwreck in the middle of this fake ocean. Midoriya goes up first, being gently placed onto the deck, unlike Mineta, who touches Tsuyu illegally and gets flung onto the boat.

Midoriya asks for their Quirks, and comes up with a plan. It’s a ridiculous plan, and it could get them all killed. If Tsuyu had a better plan, she would offer it. However, she does not, so she cannot. They have a choice between dying here, on this pretend boat, surrounded by very real villains, or to take a chance and follow Midoriya’s lead.

She holds them both, and the three of them take a leap of faith together.

Both she and Midoriya can wade through the water now, approaching the central plaza where, miraculously, Mr. Aizawa is still fighting. Until-

The hand-covered villain grasps Mr. Aizawa’s elbow. The fabric rots and his skin crumbles until she can see the raw muscle beneath. The blue-skinned monstrosity with the exposed brain grabs hold of Mr. Aizawa by the hair, and throws him to the floor.

“Tell us which one is All Might’s, and we’ll go,” says the hand-villain.

Mr. Aizawa says nothing. He just snarls and glares at the villain with red eyes.

They won’t stop until they have One For All; until they have Midoriya. And they will keep hurting Mr. Aizawa and everyone else until they have what they came for.

The safest thing to do is to sacrifice one for the good of the many.

Tsuyu steps forwards.

“Run away!” screams Mr. Aizawa, but the monster smashes his head into the concrete over and over until Tsuyu has to look away.

“Maybe it’s me,” she croaks. “Really, it could be any of us. We’re all All Might’s students, so even those of us that hate to lie can answer the same way.”

The villain reaches out a hand. She can’t breathe through his putrid stench of sweat and decay, and when he breathes, inches between them, she can smell that he hasn’t brushed his teeth.

His thumb settles on her cheek. Already, Tsuyu is paralysed.

One finger.

Two fingers.

Another, directly over her panicking pulse.

“Then answer this,” the villain murmurs. “Do you have One For All?”

Tsuyu takes a deep breath, savouring the air in her lungs, no matter how foul, for a final time. She blinks slowly, letting her eyelids fall and stay closed for a full second. Her tongue flicks out over her lips.

As clearly as she can, she answers, “Yes.”

Tsuyu does not break eye contact as the final finger falls to her throat. She realises that the last breath she took really was her last, and then-

And then-

“Aw, Eraserhead, you’re so cool.”

Tsuyu drops to the floor and rubs at her neck, feeling the unblemished skin and trying to erase the feeling like swallowing spiders that she’s been left with. In a moment, Midoriya is by her side. He reaches out to touch her shoulder with his unbroken hand.

“You’d do anything to protect your students, right?” The villain’s voice is like what crushed glass would sound like if it could speak, with an odd, curious lilt. Like some kind of childish gentleness. Any pretence of innocence snaps, though, as he says, “Noumu. Crush him.”

And Tsuyu can see the villain launch himself towards her; a mirror image of Midoriya in posture and form.

Smash!” All Might’s successor screams.

His fist connects with hard muscle and skin like dark leather.


Tsuyu spares a glance to where she saw it last, holding down Mr. Aizawa, then almost immediately averts her eyes. Still, when she blinks, she sees the red; covering black hair and black clothes and dying the ground a rich shade of brown; and acid burns in her throat. She supposes that she’ll not stop seeing it for a while.

The noumu moves away, and the villain wraps one of his real, attached hands around Midoriya’s wrist, holding up his ring finger and pinky. Midoriya doesn’t blink, but trembles like a cornered rabbit. He could escape; Tsuyu knows. He would only need to twist his arm, but what if the villain took that opportunity to activate his Quirk?

Can Midoriya even will himself to move, now?

Smash?” repeats the villain. The soft lilt to his voice is back, and so is the bile rising from Tsuyu’s gut. “Smash, you said?”

Then, he laughs. It begins as a giggle, but quickly rises into a gleeful cackle, with his knuckles whitening around Midoriya’s wrist.

Tsuyu can’t look away.

“I found you, One For All,” the villain whispers. His ring finger lowers, and-

A clang of an opening door. In her mind, Tsuyu is falling; floating in antigravity.

“I am here,” says All Might, any trace of a smile gone from his voice.

But he doesn’t need to smile to save Tsuyu and the rest of 1-A. They are safe now. It is okay, all because of All Might.



“They shot my arms, and my legs, and they took out everyone else,” Tomura hisses out between pained breaths, “but, Sensei, I found him. I found One For All.”


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@sdb66s aaaaa yeah I’m fine!!!!! We’re all a bit shaken, but it’s nothing that rest won’t fix!!!!!!!!! (¦3[▓▓] hoping that our teachers will be ok tho




[Video description: The setting is the newsroom of the NHA, where beloved newsreader Miyagi Daikaku sits next to his co-anchor, whose nameplate calls her Hidarigawa Hiasei. The screen behind them displays an image of the exterior of UA High School.

Miyagi: “Today, the number one school for aspiring heroes, UA, was invaded by a group calling themselves the League of Villains. The attack took place on one of their off-campus locations, known as the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, and it is believed that they aimed to target All Might and his successor, the identity of whom is currently unknown.”

The screen switches to show a panning shot of somewhere between sixteen to nineteen UA students, all in hero costumes, standing with a police officer. They are outside a white building surrounded by police cars and ambulances. The sun is shining down on their faces. Nobody is smiling.

Hidarigawa: “All communications had been cut off at the time, leading the students to be trapped in the building with roughly fifty villains. Miraculously, none were harmed. Although most of the villains were arrested at the scene, having been rendered inactive by the students and their teachers, two villains escaped. Little is known about them, except that one has a Warp Quirk, while the other can decay matter by touching it. The public are warned to be on the lookout.”

Miyagi: “This story is currently still being investigated. Now, to Natsufuyu Haruaki with the weather.”

Video end.]


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Sometimes OFA can’t walk with me to the train station because All Might does extra training with him. How do I tell them that they’re acting like a father and son without being weird?



Top 5 Students who could be All Might’s Successor

With the attack on UA’s Unforeseen Simulation Joint, we’ve got our first look at the finest school’s newest crop. Here’s the rundown on who is most likely to have All Might’s mysterious Quirk, One For All, and why.


5: Hagakure Tooru

[Image description: A photo of the horizon of a beach. In the middle of the picture, a pink bikini floats, shaped as though it is being worn, underneath a large-brimmed straw hat. Around the costume’s waist, a translucent sarong is tied, and it seems to flutter around a pair of legs.]

A familiar face (or not) to those in some online circles; Hagakure Tooru is one of the first UA students recognisable by the public. Her Twitter is filled with cute photographs and fashion coordinations, and her willingness to interact with people has given her a devoted online following.

With her cheerful demeanour, it’s not hard to see why she’d be a top candidate to follow in All Might’s footsteps. The UA entrance exam is notorious for being physically demanding, and Miss Hagakure’s Quirk solely makes her body invisible. Perhaps, with a stockpiling strength like All Might’s she could have passed with flying colours, cementing her place on the Hero Course.


4: Bakugou Katsuki

[Image description: A photograph taken in the aftermath of a villain fight. While All Might has his hand on the head of another child, the focus of the camera is clearly on a blond boy with pale blond hair. His gakuran is loose and torn, and his face is contorted into a scowl.]

Bakugou Katsuki shot into the public eye during the Sludge Villain Incident eleven months ago, which also saw All Might’s return to Musutafu. During the incident, Bakugou held his own against the villain with his powerful Explosion Quirk.

Did All Might see his potential for heroism and thus offer him One for All? Could Bakugou Katsuki hold the title of #1 Hero? Only time, and maybe some loose lips from UA, will tell.


3: Yaoyorozu Momo

[Image description: A still image from the news broadcast of the USJ incident. A girl wearing a skimpy red costume stands tall, smiling in exhausted relief.]

The Yaoyorozu Family has been rich since the beginning of Quirks, and their daughter has really hit the jackpot in that department. According to fellow classmate Ashido Mina’s tweets, Yaoyorozu Momo can create anything from her own body fat. Now that’s a good reason for a curvy heroine!


2: Toogata Mirio

[Image description: A screenshot of last year’s UA Sports Festival. A grinning boy stands naked in the arena, his clothes pooled on the floor ten feet away. His crotch is censored by a cluster of pixels.]

We know what you’re thinking. The weird naked guy? He’s not even in 1-A! And, though he didn’t seem like much last year, Toogata has improved in leaps and bounds since beginning his internship, and his easy, familiar charm keeps citizens feeling safe when he patrols.

Toogata is an intern for Sir Nighteye’s agency. This hero is renowned for being All Might’s only sidekick ever, and kept the position until six years ago, when the two parted ways. Since then, Sir Nighteye has been one of the most rational and calm heroes in Japan. His taking Toogata under his wing could be under All Might’s instructions, to train Toogata to the point where he can hold One For All and become the new Symbol of Peace.


1: Todoroki Shouto

[Image description: Another picture from the USJ. This time, a boy half-frozen wearing a white jumpsuit stands apart from his peers, staring ahead.]

The youngest son of #2 Hero Endeavor, Todoroki Shouto has a combination of both of his parents’ Quirks. This makes him, quite possibly, the strongest student at UA. He has the Quirk Half-Hot-Half-Cold, which allows him to control ice with half of his body and fire with the other. It does seem, though, that he is more affected by his mother’s side. That boy sure looks cold!

Endeavor’s animosity towards All Might is the worst-kept secret amongst heroes. No matter how hard anyone works, All Might has always been the greatest hero, and Endeavor is constantly stuck at #2. One For All could, however, be the key to fixing this rift, and creating a hero that surpasses them both. With Todoroki Shouto’s already-powerful Quirk, who knows what he would be capable of with All Might’s power?

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Ochako can feel her face flush. It’s not that hard to tell that she’s mortified, since she just told her two best friends that she wants to be a hero for the money. She might have even let her accent slip, which really just adds insult to injury, right?

“I’m sorry, that’s really self-centred of me,” she finds herself saying. “Especially since you became a hero for such high-minded principles and stuff, Iida, and you, Deku, you worked even harder to get a Quirk like how we were all born with. Me using my Quirk to earn money is really impure, I guess. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be embarrassed! There’s no need to apologise!” Iida exclaims, waving his arms in the way that makes Ochako feel safe, even if she’s pretty certain that he’s going to take someone out by hitting them accidentally one day. “It is admirable that you are willing to apply yourself in order to live a comfortable life!”

Deku nods, ducking down as one of Iida’s hands sweeps dangerously close to his face. “Yeah, what Iida said! Though, I am a bit surprised.”

And Ochako finds herself saying a lot more than she intended to, making herself even more vulnerable in the world’s dumbest defence mechanism. “My parents own a construction company, but there’s never any work, so we’re flat broke!”

“Your Quirk is well-suited to construction, so if you got licensed to use it as part of your job, then it would be very economical,” Deku starts mumbling.

“That’s what I told my dad!” Ochako interrupts. “But they both want me to do things for myself, to make me happy, and since all kids want to be heroes, I thought that was my best shot!”

She looks from Deku to Iida, and back again, as her eyes narrow. They have to understand. They need to know, Ochako decides, based on the aching feeling in her heart. If they accept her reasons for attending UA, then her heart will overflow and burst with love. If they don’t, it will shatter.

In that moment, do they know how much power hey hold over her?

“I’m going to become a hero, and earn a lot of money, and give my parents the comfy life they deserve!”

For a moment, the corridor is silent.

Then, Iida begins to applaud. “Bravo!” he cries, bringing his hands together over and over. “That’s such a selfless thing to do, Uraraka!”

Her heart overflows so much that Ochako almost doesn’t notice All Might sliding down the corridor.

“Young Midoriya!” he calls, before halting and lifting up a bento wrapped in a bunny-patterned cloth. He points at it for good measure. “Do you want to eat lunch together?”

Ochako splutters. The line just sounds like something a shoujo protagonist would say!

“Go ahead and eat with All Might!” says Iida, his arms swinging a little more than usual. “I’m sure that it would be a very important conversation!”

Deku nods, then stops abruptly and rubs the back of his neck. “Okay!”

He scurries off after All Might, taking two steps to match each of All Might’s, while Ochako waits with Iida until the hero and the boy are out of sight.

“What do you think All Might wanted?” she wonders aloud, as she and Iida continue their walk to the cafeteria.

Iida’s gestures are more subdued, now, as he says, “It really isn’t our business, Uraraka! All Might passed his Quirk onto Midoriya, and thus it is more likely that Midoriya will need extra lessons from All Might to learn how to control it! But, to answer your question, I think that they might be discussing the Sports Festival.”

Ochako blinks and tilts her head. “Why’s that?”

“Well, although we all know each other now, and we know that Midoriya has One For All, the rest of the world doesn’t,” he explains. “Since the UA Sports Festival is the most popular sporting event in Japan, everyone will be watching; and Midoriya’s power is unmistakably the same as All Might’s, especially when compared against every other student from classes A and B.”

“Huh,” hums Ochako. “It’s kind of important for Deku to win, then.”

Iida’s hands still as his pace slows. “I suppose you’re right.”

“Iida,” she says, placing her palm on his forearm. He’d get so upset if she accidentally made him float, though, when a passing student bumps into him, she almost can’t get her fingertips away in time. “We’ll be there with him, and we won’t let anyone hurt him, right?”

When Iida nods, Ochako can’t stop herself from breaking into a grin. “Right.”


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Sports festival next week!! I should be training but not enough food to keep me going TT-TT
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@urarara I could help with that! Even with my Quirk being what it is, I have too much food to eat! Would you like to stay after school, and we could train and share food?
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Midnight calls the match to start, and Hitoshi lets himself speak.

“So, you’re All Might’s favourite?” he starts out with.

Midoriya flushes pink. Everyone saw him use his Quirk against Endeavor’s kid, and that habit of yelling about smashes pretty much confirmed it. This is the kid with One For All.

Honestly, he doesn’t look like much. He’s quivering like a frightened preteen, and he looks like one too. Said kid opens his mouth to answer, then bites down on his tongue. Midoriya, now turning a little more red, nods cautiously, then sighs with relief when Hitoshi’s quirk doesn’t take effect.

The crowd is whispering, Hitoshi thinks. The late spring sun warms his face, but it won’t affect him. He doesn’t need to use physical effort to get to first place. Midoriya, however, is the kind of person to break a sweat in whatever bullheaded fashion he thinks would get him ahead. That’s what all hero students do.

So Hitoshi keeps talking; keeps using the tongue of barbed silver that he had honed himself. “So, were you born with a blessed Quirk as well as getting a present from All Might, or what? C’mon, what was your first Quirk?”

Midoriya looks away and shakes his head.


Hitoshi breathes out a laugh, and it grows as the thought forms in his mind. This asshole was born without anything. Fate had frowned upon Hitoshi but had completely disregarded Midoriya. So, when it finally realised that it had left a boy Quirkless, it decided to pay unto itself a threefold kindness. A powerful Quirk, an influential mentor, and an origin story that hasn’t been seen before outside of fiction.

And Hitoshi gets shunned, and ignored, save for whispers between classmates about the boy who can take away your willpower. The boy who’s destined to become a villain.

He’ll show them.

“And you impressed All Might without a Quirk?” he asks, wiping at his burning eyes. “How the hell did you manage that?”

Midoriya launches himself forwards in a head-on attack. It’s a miracle that Hitoshi dodges, frankly. The wind pressure blows his hair into his eyes, and he has to look away.

“So, brute force, huh? I’d expected better, frankly.” Hopefully, Midoriya is rattled enough by the earlier questions to not notice the quaver in Hitoshi’s voice.

Once again, Midoriya attacks, and it’s almost too difficult to dodge this time. If this keeps up, Hitoshi won’t have a fucking chance. He needs to taunt; to hurt; to win. He needs a fucking answer.

“Or was it really your strength that did it?”

There’s no time to bring up the monkey kid, or any other members of 1-A. No time to insult or besmirch Midoriya’s classmates. Hitoshi started with weaponising One For All, and he’ll win using One For All.

“You’re pretty cute, you know? And I’ve been looking online. People say things, you know, and it kind of makes sense.”

Even if it makes All Might’s name taste like vomit on his tongue.

“Tell me, Midoriya, is All Might as upstanding as he seems?”

And the kid’s stoic expression falls apart in an expression that Hitoshi doesn’t have time to analyse, because he speaks.

“What are you-”

And Midoriya’s face loses all expression.

Hitoshi swallows, focusing on nothing but Midoriya. Not Midnight or Cemetoss, who would certainly have disgust written all over their faces, but Midoriya. Midoriya, who is now Hitoshi’s puppet, ready to do whatever he says.

“Now, do me a favour and walk back the way you came,” says Hitoshi.

And Midoriya obeys.

With each sluggish step, he turns around and walks to the other side of the arena, his toes dragging on the floor. Honestly, it’s only a step up from watching paint dry.

But still, it gives Hitoshi time to think. Granted, he’s thinking about how he’d look on that podium, flanked on both sides by hero wannabes in silent horror that they were bested by a Gen Ed kid, but it’s still thinking.

Midoriya stops walking.

A breeze rushes through Hitoshi’s hair.

And Midoriya is running back, in another forceful attack, and this time Hitoshi can’t dodge.

Bastard!” someone yells, and that’ll leave a bruise.

Someone’s saying something, breathless and desperate. “If I lose here, I’ll-”

He’ll lose his chance to be a hero. What does Midoriya have to lose? A place on a podium? A bit of respect? He doesn’t have a future hanging in the balance. He’s blessed with a Quirk, and people who like him, and a reason to fucking exist in the first place.

His heels are dragging, now, as Midoriya pushes him closer to the boundary.

“Fucking answer me!” Hitoshi screams. “Say something, you bastard!”

But Midoriya is silent, his expression cold like a bullet, and he doesn’t stop. Even when Hitoshi’s hands scrabble against his wrists, nothing happens.

Shame floods his gut. Is Midoriya even using One For All?

He digs his heels into the ground, and his head hits the floor with a thud.


Shinsou Hitoshi is out of bounds!


Midoriya Izuku is the winner!

The crowd screams like a thousand Present Mics, stomping their feet in glee. Hitoshi’s face burns under the late spring sun as Midoriya helps him to his feet.

“Why heroics?” he asks, like Hitoshi hadn’t just insinuated disgusting things about the Symbol of Peace. Or maybe it’s because he said those things; because he was crude and disrespectful towards All Might, and the boy who follows after.

Either way, Hitoshi shrugs. “I can’t help what I want.”

Mortifyingly, Midoriya’s eyes fill with tears, and he doesn’t even try to wipe them away. Does this guy have no shame?

“Shinsou,” he says, “I understand exactly how you feel.”

As the crowd talks and chatters about One For All, Hitoshi begins the shameful walk back the way he came, through the gateway.

Midoriya grasps his wrist. Hitoshi doesn’t bother to stifle his groan.

“Don’t forget, your Quirk is amazing, and versatile, and perfect for a hero,” says Midoriya, passion leaking through his throat to the point where some consonants almost become growls.

Hitoshi stops still in his tracks. What’s going on with this kid?

“I know,” he lies. “And I know that I’ve given a good enough showing to get considered for heroics. So even if I don’t get in now, I still qualify for the Hero Course. And-” He lets himself smirk. “-when that day comes, I’ll arrive in your class, and show you all up as a fantastic fucking hero. You got that?”

Midoriya nods. “Yeah!”

And Hitoshi grasps out again on the already-familiar mind for a second, before relinquishing his control and letting Midoriya splutter in shock.

“And you’re pretty trusting, I guess,” he smirks, in a desperate attempt at sounding like he isn’t about to fall apart. “Keep it up, and I’ll beat you next time. So, you know. Try not to lose too pathetically.”



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It isn’t difficult to get in past the audience and into the halls of the arena. He’s Endeavor; the second-best hero in Japan. That thought still smarts, even after three failed experiments and fifteen years spent trying to break in the last one.

It’s the last one that he’s waiting for, here. The sole success, before his wife broke down and was sent away. Shouto is disobedient and spiteful. He ignores every lesson imparted on him in favour of teaching himself a hodgepodged version of his mother’s power. So, Enji needs to remind him where his strengths lie, and who gave him every opportunity to end up at this moment.

“Out of the way,” he pouts, walking forwards in a pathetic imitation of dignity, but after All Might’s bullshit at playing polite, Enji really has no time for the boy’s impudence.

“You’re disgracing me,” says Enji. His cheek twitches, causing the flames around his jaw to flicker more harshly than before. “Had you used my power, you would have had a crushing victory in both of the last events.”

Shouto keeps staring straight ahead without stopping his pace. Enji does not reach out to stop him.

“I’m tired of this childish insolence. It’s time for you to accept your duty and surpass All Might’s… successor.” Enji raises his voice. “Don’t you understand? You were born greater than your siblings! You are my masterpiece!”

For a second, Shouto pauses. Has it finally gotten through his numb brain?

He turns his head, and he says, “Midoriya Izuku was born Quirkless. He will climb to greatness with All Might’s power. But me?”

He begins to walk away again.

“I’ll only need my mother’s.”

And he leaves through the gate, ready to face his first opponent.

Were Enji a lesser man, with less control, he would have burst into flames at that point. He would have bellowed and roared in an indignant rage, letting everything turn to ashes, and ignore the world as it burns.

Quirkless? The boy that All Might spoke of as if he were already impressive enough to quit being the strongest hero was Quirkless? Had years of being famous finally broken All Might to the point of insanity?

It’s the green-haired boy. The one who caused Shouto, even if only for a moment, to ignite his right side. The one who came first in the race.

Was this a fix? The one kid who got through one of UA’s events without using any kind of Quirk was already a standout. And the arrogance of trying to steal a headband from Shouto in the cavalry race would obviously be passed down from All Might alongside One For All. Getting through to the final round without the one million points he was given at the beginning, and instead with the bare minimum of points to scrape fourth place, was far too contrived.

He can’t be the only one to think so, right?


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#UASportsFest did Endeavor’s kid just bow and walk out the arena or is this a wild hallucination
sweaty scarecrow disco snake   @sdb66s
#UASportsFest DID HE FLIP OFF ENDEAVOR TOO???????????????



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Izuku!! Are you okay?

Yeah mom! Recovery Girl patched me up really well, so I’ll be good for the medal ceremony

Oh, Izuku! I’m so proud of you!

I know. I love you so much, Mom. It’s because you and All Might and my friends all support me so much. I’d say that I don’t deserve you, but I know you’d disagree

You’re darn right I will! You’ve always deserved better. I’ve failed you so often as a parent. I should have gone to a better doctor, who would have looked more closely to see if you had a Quirk, and got a second medical opinion. I should have supported you, no matter what, instead of crying and apologising and hurting you. You were so young, Izuku, and I blamed myself, and now that I can see you shining so wonderfully, I’m in awe that you’ve come so far. I love you so much, Izuku.

thank you so much mom. i’m going to argue with you about the whole “failing me” though




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[Image description: A strawberry-blonde individual wearing a green hoodie stands next to Midoriya Izuku, who wears a tracksuit. She is smiling and poking her cheek, while he grins shakily and gives a peace sign to the camera.]
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“Because if you don’t pick right, it’s going to be painful as hell to change it!”

Nemuri kicks open the door and sashays in. Aizawa was damn right to pick her to help his class choose hero names, because if Yamada’s sixteenth drunk storytelling of the event is true, then the very name Eraserhead was a half-joking suggestion from this point in high school.

“You might get plunged into the spotlight in your first internship,” she says, punctuating the point with a swing of her hip. “And changing your name after that will cause you to lose recognisability!”

“So, yeah. Knock yourselves out,” says Aizawa, crawling into his sleeping bag and curling up, as Nemuri begins to prepare the kids for fifteen minutes of brainstorming.

Nemuri watches the kids as they scribble on whiteboards, then rub out the kanji and katakana to begin again. Still, she won’t give them any help until their time is up, so she has to find some way to entertain herself that doesn’t involve listening to twenty squeaking pens and trying to read her students’ handwriting upside-down.

Aizawa is surprisingly patient as she balances the cheap light novels that Yamada keeps behind the podium on his head. That, or he’s already asleep.

When the fifteen minutes are up, Nemuri abandons her task and leans next to the podium.

With a smirk, she says, “So, who’s brave enough to present their hero name first?”

The atmosphere palpably changes from vaguely abashed determination to complete mortification and fear. All the better. This is where Nemuri thrives.

“We’re presenting these?” Hagakure gasps.

Nemuri gifts the room with one of her patented laughs. “Well, of course! These are the names that the world will know you by. You can’t get by without bearing them with pride.”

Unsurprisingly, it’s Aoyama who goes first. He presents his name like a gameshow prize, with pride and poise the entire time. It’s nothing that Nemuri wouldn’t have expected from the bow, who grasps the spotlight in the same way she does: by acting like it was theirs the entire time.

She would have expected a French name, though. Still, Yamada will probably be pleased by Aoyama’s grasp of English. I Cannot Stop Twinkling is definitely, well, a complex name. It definitely works better as Can’t Stop Twinkling, though, and Aoyama is a wonderfully good sport about the constructive criticism.

Unlike Ashido, who bares her teeth at being told that Alien Queen has terrible connotations of movie villains and acidic blood. She stomps back to her seat with anger that is definitely not wholly real. It’s like watching a kid throw a tantrum.

Thank the lord for Asui – no, Tsuyu – and her sweet, approachable name of Froppy, which completely releases the tension from the room. Everyone begins chanting for her, and a faint blush rises on her cheeks as she ribbits.

The books on Aizawa’s head fall off with multiple quiet thuds.

Red Riot is, well… Kirishima’s name feels important, somehow. Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki are the only legacy heroes in the class, but Kirishima has gone forwards, with scarlet hair that sticks up with more finesse with each day that passes, and announced himself as wanting to pay homage to the old hero Crimson Riot; manly spirit and all. As Nemuri praises him for his forwardness, and warns him of the difficulties of trying to live up to a hero that has already been, she wonders about Midoriya.

Who will he be? Will he be All Might II? Will he show his sense of bashful humour and become Small Might? Or maybe he might choose to go by the name of his Quirk, like Jirou did, but with far more impact, as One For All?

Todoroki goes by his first name. At first, Nemuri wants to chide him for it, but she remembers that forfeit. The fierce eye contact that the boy made from the arena to the stands, as burning and cold as the Quirk that surrounded him; it still makes Nemuri’s heart still when she remembers it.

She does not object to Shouto.

She does, however, object to King Explosion Murder, and the subsequent Lord Explodokills.

Iida presents his name as Tenya, even though Nemuri knows that she caught a glimpse of unfinished katakana that read Ing- earlier. Were it not for the boy’s hunched shoulders, she would have brought it up. Still, she knows about Tensei, despite her rare wish to live in blissful ignorance.

Finally, Midoriya steps forwards, hugging his whiteboard to his chest. His wrists are angled so that the ink doesn’t smear on his blazer before he presents the shaky katakana to the class.



Nemuri barely has time to consider her words, given that the entire class has been left speechless. Eventually, her mouth comes out with, “Are you… Sure?”

Midoriya nods shakily. “It’s my childhood nickname, because I was Quirkless, and useless, and even after All Might gave me his Quirk, I still felt useless. But someone changed the meaning of it. Deku sounds like someone with a can-do attitude, and I want to always do my best, even if it doesn’t look like it.” He turns his head, so Nemuri can’t fully see his face. “And I’m not All Might. I’ll never be as good as All Might. So it’s best to not get anyone’s hopes up, right?”

Midoriya laughs a little, but it quickly fades when nobody joins him. The atmosphere from the start of class has returned with a vengeance of awkwardness.

Uraraka stands up behind her desk, her face drawn into a mild pout. “You’re right that you won’t be as good as All Might. You’ll be better, because you’re Deku!”

Aizawa seems to wake up when Midoriya starts crying, though Nemuri can’t really decide if it was coincidence or because he is now attuned to any of his students being distressed.

It’s probably the latter.


Midoriya   @deku
i’m officially deku!!!!!!!!!



Midoriya Izuku: Raised in Hell?
Article by Nikubou Nikkei

Last week, Midoriya Izuku skyrocketed to fame as he was revealed to be All Might’s chosen successor for his Quirk, One For All. His incredible showing in the annual UA Sports Festival has sparked a desire in the public to learn more about this boy who will become our next Symbol of Peace.


However, when I dropped by his childhood home for a polite interview, his mother answered the door, and I glimpsed what home life must have been like for All Might’s chosen boy.

His mother, Inko Midoriya, is a woman almost as fierce as she is fat. On the surface, she seemed polite and calm, but when I mentioned wanting to interview her son, her expression turned rancid.

“He’s not here,” she told me.

Her eyes had narrowed, and I wondered if her son, the holder of One For All, had been raised with this kind of cold fury.

Ms. Midoriya continued with, “Even if he was here, I wouldn’t let you anywhere near him. Leave us alone, and tell all your reporter friends to do the same! I’ve had enough of your lot.”

She then proceeded to slam the door in my face, just as I was about to walk away.

Is this really the sort of behaviour that a future hero should be raised with? Has Ms. Midoriya turned that fury on her own son before, or does she merely isolate him from conversation? Is All Might aware of how his successor was raised?

Who knows?


Midoriya   @deku
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Midoriya   @deku
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Shigaraki had been tiresome. All his talk about killing All Might like it’s a logical step, as if logic is something that his decaying mind can comprehend, makes Chizome sick to his stomach. Oh, what he would do to Shigaraki if it wasn’t the duty of those with the gall to brand themselves as heroes.

Still, Shigaraki has the beginnings of some kind of creed within him, just starting to grow. Maybe it will wither and die, or maybe it will flourish. It doesn’t matter. That creed wants for the destruction of this rotten society, and with the combined power of Stain’s finesse and the League of Villains’ noumu creatures, that world will begin to come into being.

The legacy students in Class 1-A, Endeavor’s son and Ingenium’s kid brother, are both currently stationed in Hosu for work experience, according to Kurogiri’s intel. They’re both probably hunting for the Hero Killer. Fools.

Also, Kurogiri had told both Chizome and Shigaraki, All Might’s successor would be taking a train to Shibuya, now that his teacher thinks he’s decent enough. Their timing will have to be impeccable, but if one of their flying noumu causes the train to stop, then it can take One For All, or Midoriya, or whatever his name is, and take him to an alleyway that Manual passes by with the Iida boy every day. There, well…

Chizome has planned well. If Midoriya is lacking, he will die. If he is the model of a hero, then Stain will have to respect All Might’s heroic wisdom, and kill the Todoroki boy instead.

Either way, society will crumble.

So Chizome crouches on a rooftop and lets himself observe the night, before his plan slides into perfect place.

Oh, little Ingenium. Won’t you look up?



hey, Iida!! I’m passing through hosu rn and thought of you.
Iida are you okay?
where are yuop



Tamara Mara   @sjtm4mb
hey just a quick heads up to stay out of #hosu. there’s a bunch of villain bullshit going down rn



“Midoriya!” screams the Iida child.

The winged noumu had refused to let the kid with One For All go before Chizome had cut its throat in a botched decapitation. Either way, the monster was dead, and Chizome would be having words with Shigaraki’s lying guts the next time they meet.

It’s like Midoriya had never noticed that he was being held by a mass murderer by the time they land. He runs over to the teenaged Ingenium, leaving Chizome with a rather terrible static shock.

“Iida!” he cries, the words gushing from him like a major artery cut. “Are you okay? Can you run?”

The Ingenium kid wore glasses, but they seem to be a distance away now. Honestly, Chizome doesn’t notice until Midoriya reaches out and grabs them, wiping them with the loose hood of his costume, and puts them onto the kid’s face.

Chizome doesn’t attack.

Ingenium kid’s sobs are hopelessly pathetic. Just the kind of thing you’d expect from a fake hero, out of their depth and frightened. “I can’t move my body. I can talk, and breathe, but I can’t move. He… He ate my blood, Midoriya. He ate my blood, and I can’t move my body!”

“If you end up being able to move, I need you to run,” murmurs the only possible hero in this alleyway. “Run, and help people evacuate, and find help. You can find help. You’re good at finding help.”

“I’m good at finding help,” repeats Ingenium, “but I can’t move.”

Midoriya shushes him. “I know. But you will. And then, I need you to run. I trust you, okay?”

And, finally, All Might’s golden, praised, and mysterious successor stands, and turns to face Chizome with a quivering frown on his lips.

Chizome grins.



Location sent.




“Why did you attack Iida, but not me?” is the first thing that Midoriya says to him.

Chizome exhales through what’s left of his nose. He hasn’t been able to snort in derision for a while. “Haven’t you heard of a hostage before?”

Midoriya visibly starts at that. Chizome can clearly hear how his voice heightens in pitch as he asks, “What? Why?”

“Oh, don’t worry. If I couldn’t get a hold of him, I’d have chosen Endeavor’s son,” he replies, licking the blood crusted to the corner of his lips. “It doesn’t really matter. Either will work for your choice.”

The boy’s wide eyes narrow, with an almost comical difference to their size and shape.

“What choice?” he growls.

“Prove yourself.” Chizome feels his face split into a grin. “Fight against me. If you impress me, you go free. If you don’t, you die.”

Midoriya shakes his head. “That doesn’t explain why you need Iida, though. Let him go, and then I’ll accept your challenge.”

“Oh, One For All,” Chizome sighs mawkishly, reaching for one of his throwing knives. “Don’t you know that heroes can’t save everyone?”

In less than half a second, Midoriya ducks, and the knife embeds itself in the wall.

“Tonight, a UA student will die,” states Chizome. “And you’d better hope it won’t be you.”

Midoriya dodges another knife, but Chizome takes the opportunity to aim for the paralyzed Ingenium, who still groans with a weak voice. That knife is intercepted by Midoriya’s hand, which slaps it away in a burst of red.

The first sacrifice that the boy has made is a cut on the hand, and a bloodied knife left on the floor.

With a burst of power, Midoriya draws in closer to Chizome, and he brings out one of his swords. Midoriya’s eyes widen the moment he spots it, but he doesn’t change course. He wraps one arm around Chizome and takes a flying leap to the street just outside of the alleyway.

“If we fight, we fight here,” he growls. “And if you hurt a single civilian, then the challenge is over, and you leave without hurting anyone.”

Chizome laughs. “And how will you make sure of that?”

Midoriya launches himself forwards again, shouting, “However I have to!”



[Video description:

A film taken from ground-level, on a vertically-held phone, but angled up to capture two people jumping around from the narrow windowsills of three-storey buildings. A man wearing rags and wielding a rather unreasonable amount of blades appears to be fighting a teenaged boy dressed in green, black, and red. The boy’s cheeks are flushed red, and blood drips from his hairline.

The camera moves downwards to show a scarred boy with white and red hair carrying an armoured boy covered in blood towards the person filming.

Scarred Boy: “Run! We’ll help you get to safety!”
Cameraperson: “But, the fight-”
Scarred boy: “It doesn’t matter! Deku is going to protect everyone. The pros will be here soon, so just run!”

The scarred boy reaches out a hand, and the world on-screen appears to shake. The figures of the two people fighting become a little more distant, before a corner is turned and the fighters are out of sight.

Video end.]





Noumu-Stain Incident – Legal Review – Hosu Police Force
Report Author: Chief Tsuragamae Kenji
Location: District 2, Block 5-2

  • Akaguro Chizume
  • Iida Tenya – Under supervision of Manual
  • Midoriya Izuku – Under supervision of Gran Torino
  • Todoroki Shouto – Under supervision of Endeavor

UA student Iida Tenya was kidnapped by Akaguro Chizume [‘Hero Killer’ Stain; Stendhal] as a hostage as a ploy to lure fellow UA student Midoriya Izuku to fight him. Upon questioning, Midoriya stated that it was intended as a challenge, and that Akaguro was going to kill Midoriya, if Midoriya did not impress Akaguro, or Iida, if the opposite occurred. Cross-questioning with Iida and Akaguro confirmed this. Midoriya removed Akaguro from the alleyway and onto the street and held him in combat, while allowing others to escape

A mutated creature was found dead at the main scene of the incident by mutilation of the throat. DNA results have linked it to the case of the missing child [T-sa-11] and [UA-USJ-NOUMU].

All UA students were permitted to use their Quirks.
Akaguro is in police custody and will be sentenced on 2___-5-28.




midori. u ok
hurry up and say something
if you’re dead i’m taking your place in the hero course

i’m okay shinsou!!!! it was a bit scary, but he had iida. i couldn’t not fight back 
and he was going easy on me 
it wasn’t that impressive 



r/Heroes – Posted by u/WillStronghold 1 hour ago
[Fights And Villains] One For All vs. Hero Killer Question?
I don’t know if there’s an official statement about it yet, but was One For All(/Deku, not sure as to his name?) legally allowed to fight Stain? Or is this one of the things that we don’t talk about? Sorry if someone’s already asked, but I’m confused.
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Don’t worry, Will, we all are. From what I can gather, the students involved in the Hosu Incident were given permission to use their Quirks under observation of a supervisor, since they were doing work experience. Heroes generally have authority to instruct civilians to use their Quirks during fights, if necessary, but it generally takes a lot of paperwork afterwards so it isn’t often done. Student work experience without a provisional license is a bit of a gray area, though.
Thing is, none of the students were with their supervisors at the time, so they weren’t legally allowed to use their Quirks. But since they didn’t actively seek out Stain, and some reports are saying that one of them was held hostage to force Deku into fighting Stain, the law’s being a bit lenient. At least, that’s my two cents.
   Okay, thanks for explaining!!



one time i said fuck in church and now god hates me   @skylargay
does anyone else think that all might’s successor @deku is kind of a dick?
one time i said fuck in church and now god hates me   @skylargay
@skylargay i mean, he keeps flat-out ignoring people who try and talk to him, but everyone in his class acts like he’s a smol uwu angel
here comes the Tea   @urarara
@skylargay Maybe if people stopped harassing him then he would be more polite :) but what do I know :) I’m just his best friend :)
one time i said fuck in church and now god hates me   @skylargay
@urarara so you’re biased because you get attention from him. you’ve got a free ride through heroics, unlike some people who actually have to work. thanks sweetie but your opinion is irrelevant :)



Monoma really needs to learn to stop letting his voice carry so far. Or, then again, maybe that’s the point. Maybe he wants everyone to hear what he says to 1-A.

“Wow, I’m sorry! Your head was so big that I couldn’t get out of the way in time!” he taunts.

Itsuka pushes herself up on her tiptoes to look over the crowd, only to catch a glimpse of green hair.

Oh, fuck no. That’s All Might’s kid.

She makes her way between the bodies, shuffling awkwardly and constantly apologising, but there are too many people, and she can’t spill her lunch tray. They sell blackcurrant juice in wine glasses. Wine glasses!

“I bet you’ve been enjoying the spotlight, huh, One For All? I mean, even the Hero Killer loves you. And he sought you out personally!” Monoma stops to laugh, and when Itsuka bobs up over the crowd again, she can see All Might’s successor, Midoriya, she thinks, duck his head. “Well, I hope you don’t get 1-B into any trouble, unless you’re planning on passing on your Quirk to one of us already. God knows what All Might saw in a Quirkless kid.”

Just as Itsuka breaks through the crowd of people, a boy with lavender hair taps Monoma’s shoulder, balancing his empty lunch tray on one hand.

“Do you even think about the drivel that you’re spewing?” he asks.

Monoma turns around, sneering. “And why would you care, Gen Ed?”

The boy from Gen Ed smirks, and Monoma’s face drops into a blank expression. Huh? Is this-?

“Shinsou!” Midoriya exclaims. “Please don’t use your Quirk; it’s okay!”

Shinsou – ah, Itsuka remembers; he’s the brainwasher from the Sports Festival – rolls his eyes. “It’s obviously not okay. You were about to start crying.”

“I’m always about to start crying,” states Midoriya matter-of-factly, wiping his eyes.

“It’s true,” the frog-girl adds, ribbiting.

“Then I guess that I just don’t want people talking shit about you,” Shinsou shrugs. “You get enough of that anyway, and I could always use the practise. We don’t get nearly enough Quirk training in Gen Ed.”

“And you won’t be able to join the Hero Course if you break the rules!”

For a moment, Midoriya’s gestures perfectly match the ones of the boy sitting opposite from him, who has been chiding Shinsou for his flagrant breaking of the rules this entire time.

Shinsou sighs. “Fine, but you’ll owe me.”

Monoma blinks, sways, then drops his tray. “What the fuc-”

Itsuka finally steps forwards and grabs Monoma by the collar.

“I am so sorry,” she says, the words gushing out of her. “We try and all keep Monoma in check, but it seems like he’s gotten away from us again, and you know what he’s like. I mean, of course you do. He’s right here. Monoma, pick up your tray.”

That one boy hasn’t stopped ranting.

The cute anti-gravity girl, Uraraka, giggles, and says, “It’s okay! We have someone like him, too.”

A girl who Itsuka hadn’t noticed before – probably because she is invisible – says, “Hopefully, we can all put together a case for his expulsion soon enough! We’re trying to wait until Shinsou’s up to scratch, though, and he’s just set himself a few months back.”

Oh, Shinsou. Itsuka finds herself glancing around, but he’s nowhere to be seen.

At least, not until lunch finishes, and Itsuka passes him in the halls talking to some other unfamiliar students.

“Don’t you think that you’re cosying up a bit too much to One For All?”

“Or maybe you’re trying to get his Quirk. Are you gonna steal it or something?”

Monoma moves forwards to interrupt, so Itsuka pulls him past and down the corridor.

The blackcurrant juice sloshes around uncomfortably in her stomach.


rinringsing   @kaga-p
What pokemon type is ofa though



One upon a fucking time, Bakugou Katsuki had a plan for his life.

Become the best person in everything he does; become the first kid from his shitty middle school to get into UA; become the best hero that UA has ever produced; knock All Might off of his top spot as Number One Hero.

Deku was supposed to be a Quirkless nobody. A background player in Explodokills’s origin story. Someone who would, in a decade or so, pride himself on the fact that he went to school with the world’s greatest hero.

But then All Might arrived in Musutafu, and Deku ran in like a suicidal idiot against the villain that almost killed Katsuki, and it would have been fine, if All Might hadn’t announced his retirement ten months later, having found a successor for a transferrable power.

And, on his first day of high school, all of the side characters were gossiping about One For All, and it’s someone in this class, and then-

And then-

Deku walks in.

Katsuki had realised, not at that moment, but before. Maybe it was when All Might told the world, “I have already given One For All to a child who I believe will become a great hero,” or when he spoke of “the stockpiling of power, and the ability to pass that power to another.”

Or maybe it was when he saw muscles take form and definition during gym classes; or the beach that Mom complained about slowly becoming cleaner, until the horizon shone in the sunrise.

Maybe it was suffocating in slime, all over and slipping inside his body, and seeing a screaming face and a yellow backpack through blurry eyes.

Or maybe it was even earlier; when they were twelve; when they were ten; when they were four years old, and tenacious, stupid, useless Deku held up tiny fists, and said “I won’t let you hurt them!”

Yeah, maybe it was then. Maybe that’s when Katsuki realised that Deku was never a pebble on the side of the road, and was instead the entire goddamn landmass.

So, Deku is going to be the greatest hero, hand-picked by All Might and already smiling like the world was the lightest burden to carry.

At least, that’s what they all thought.

Katsuki can’t give up. Deku’s dumb smile is now some kind of symbol for 1-A, that they all rally behind with a Plus Ultra attitude. Deku’s been hyped up and taken down by the media a hundred times already, or at least that’s what it feels like, and Katsuki is fucking sick of it.

Deku isn’t special. The only advantage he has is getting a Quirk ten years late, and it’s not even his own. So why is everyone acting like he’s so strong?

It’s All Might. It’s obviously All Might; it’s always All Might; and Katsuki doesn’t have it in his heart to hate the hero, because All Might is why Katsuki is going to be a hero, too. All Might is unbreakable, unbeatable, and unable to read the atmosphere. Maybe Deku is willing to play shiritori, but Katsuki refuses, even if it is with the world’s greatest hero.

“Is there anything I’m not allowed to do?” Deku had asked, after beating All Might again. Apparently, spending a bunch of time writing notebooks and communicating solely through the internet made you more verbose, or some shit.

All Might had patted Deku’s head – a familiar gesture that Katsuki doesn’t smart at, so fuck off – and replied, “Nothing is off-limits. Don’t forget, in this exam, I will be the villain. And, against a real villain, you would use every advantage that you could find. Right?”

“Right,” nodded Deku, before a conspicuous glance at All Might’s left side. “Even if it’s a secret?”

With a booming laugh that shook the entire bus, All Might had replied, “If you can manage that, young Midoriya, then I would be impressed.”

So, what? All Might has some kind of an injury there, and the noumu at the USJ reopened it. Just because nobody talks about it doesn’t mean they didn’t see the blood on All Might’s shirt. There’s no way that the noumu caused it, though, so it must be from a previous fight. It’s not as if Katsuki’s going to stay up at night to try and figure out what Deku already got told, though.

Still, All Might’s left side is his weak spot. At least Katsuki’s been reminded of that, now.

So when the exam begins, he fires himself up and tries to start looking for All Might.

Tries, because shitty Deku grabs his arm and says, “Kacchan, shouldn’t we plan something first?”

Katsuki wrenches his arm back, sparks flying from his fingertips. “Maybe I’ve got a fucking plan, and you’re delaying it.”

“But we need to work together!” Deku protests. “I know more about All Might than you do, and I know his weak points!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Katsuki rolls his eyes. “His left side.”

Deku reaches out for Katsuki again, saying, “But do you know why?”

“Do I need to?” snaps Katsuki, dodging the hand.

“He only has one lung!” Deku shouts. “One lung, no stomach, and he’s still stronger than both of us combined!”

Katsuki laughs at that. “Well, you’re the one that got his power, and I’m stronger than you are. The sports festival can fuck off and die. We both know I was going easy on you.”

Deku’s face flushes, and he stutters in an uncontrollable mess. Shitty nerd.

He opens his mouth to speak, probably some kind of pathetic retaliation, but a blast of air knocks him to the ground. Katsuki only stays upright by reflexively setting off a few explosions, to be honest. He keeps those explosions up to fly away from Deku and towards All Might.

All Might meets him a block away in the fake city, with a smile that is both different and familiar in its viciousness.

“So, hero,” sneers All Might, cracking his knuckles. “You came here all by yourself, correct?”

Katsuki won’t fall for that. A sneak attack is doomed to fail since he’s face-to-face with All Might, so the best Katsuki can hope for is a feint, so All Might won’t realise he’s going for the left side.

It’s blocked, without All Might even looking away from Katsuki; without even moving, he slaps away the punches like they’re nothing.

Huh. It looks like Katsuki’s gonna have to whittle this fucker down until they’re both exhausted.

Katsuki keeps throwing punches and kicks, and All Might blocks them with minimal effort.

“You know, if I wanted to, I could kill you right here,” says All Might. It’s so offhanded that Katsuki has to pause to process what exactly he said.

That was a mistake.

All Might flicks a finger, and the next thing Katsuki knows, he’s lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, and unable to stifle his initial scream of pain.

Wait. Ceiling?

The fucker launched him into a building! And that fucking move-!

“Kacchan! Are you okay?”

“I didn’t let you win,” Katsuki hisses through gritted teeth.

Deku swims into his vision in a concerned green blur. “Huh? Kacchan, I can’t hear you. Can you repeat that?”

Katsuki’s next mistake is forcing himself into a sitting position. It was humiliating enough having Deku look down on him lying on the floor, but now the nerd is practically hugging him and supporting his body. The worst bit is that Katsuki can’t complain, since every part of his body is in such agony that Katsuki can’t tell where it’s coming from.

“I said I didn’t let you fucking win!” Katsuki enunciates every syllable, biting down on his tongue when he can’t move it fast enough. “You beat me. I can’t beat All Might.”

Deku hums. “Me neither.”

Katsuki tries to wrench himself back to glare at Deku, but his body decides to give up and collapse again. And, also again, Deku catches him like he’s some kind of fucking damsel in distress.

“Are you shitting me?” he settles on yelling.

“No, I’m not. At least he’s going easy on us, right?” replies Deku.

Frankly, Katsuki can’t really find relief in that, and uses those words to inform Deku of that fact. He then adds, “I don’t even know what’s broken.”

Deku hums again. “We should ask for field medical training after this. Anyway, what I meant was, he’s giving us time to plan, so we should take advantage of that. Right, Kacchan?”

Katsuki groans. “Fine.”

“First, we should figure out what parts of your body you can move without it being too painful,” says Deku, but Katsuki’s already tensing and loosening his muscles to figure that out.

“Lower back’s the worst,” he groans. “My arms are functional, but my legs probably aren’t. ‘S not a problem.”

“Do you need me to carry you?” asks Deku.

In response, Katsuki begins to create enough explosions to make him airborne. “I’ve been sweating enough to do this for the rest of the exam,” he says. “I can be a distraction in the sky. You get through the gate.”

“Sure,” All Might says. “That’s a pretty decent idea.”

Deku yelps and punches All Might in the abdomen, since apparently there’s no stomach there. All Might grunts quietly, before grabbing Deku’s wrist and flipping him over his back in an almost unnatural movement and onto the ground.



He’s using Deku’s fucking moves! He’s been using Deku’s moves this whole time! Granted, the whole enduring punches without even blinking thing was probably more for intimidation than anything, but these are Deku’s shitty moves!

Deku cries out in pain, and, watching closely, he can see All Might’s face twitch. Everyone and their goddamn cat knows about All Might’s favouritism for Deku, so if he loves the nerd so much as to show physical distress when hurting him, then there’s only one thing for it, really.

“Deku, you good to move?” calls Katsuki, softening his blasts enough to barely keep him above the ground.

“I think it’s just that my arm’s broken,” he replies, stumbling around behind All Might. Out of All Might’s field of vision, the fingers of his broken arm gently brush against the handcuffs attached to his belt. When All Might’s head turns, though, that hand has started running through his hair, wrapping the curls around his fingers and tugging gently.

Katsuki’s eyes narrow. That isn’t one of Deku’s usual nervous habits. And Katsuki should know, since he was around for the development of all of them.

“I could knock you both out, here and now, with one move,” says All Might, his baritone voice holding a hint of soft menace. Is this what villains hear?

“I know you can, All Might,” says Deku, looking him in the eyes for one second.

The hands, the hair; what’s the fucker doing?

Deku turns his gaze away, until he’s looking at Kacchan’s feet out of the corner of his eyes. His fingers begin to isolate a strand of hair. “You can beat us both without any effort, and I’ll never be able to live up to that.”

All Might’s smile, with all of its danger and comfort, falters.

“Young Midoriya,” he stutters. “What- What are you saying?”

Deku’s lips pull into a trembling smile, the kind that began to evolve after the first time Katsuki had burnt him, and he says, “Kacchan, One For All is passed on by transferral of DNA. Neither of us can beat All Might, even if we work together, so take it. Please. Because I can’t.”

He plucks the hair from his head, and, with the eye that All Might can’t see, he winks.

For the thousandth time since this exam began, Katsuki would like to repeat; what the actual fuck?

Still, he angles his wrists to approach Deku, feeling the blasts shake through his palms. His wrists can’t keep up with this. Recovery Girl is going to fucking murder his ass.

All Might seems to be shaking. His muscles are visibly tensed, and his darkened eyes are wide enough that the blue in them seems to glow. “Young Bakugou, you mustn’t-”

Katsuki snatches the hair out of Deku’s pinched fingertips. He’s balancing on one wrist, now, and trying not to topple over with the imbalance while not looking too stupid. As soon as it’s passed on, Deku drops his arm with a hiss.

“The fuck do I do with this?” he growls.

“Eat it,” says Deku.

That’s fucking disgusting. Katsuki’s face must show it, because Deku lets out a wet laugh.

Deku’d better have some kind of plan up his sleeve, because this is one of the grossest things that Katsuki has ever had to do.

When he was a kid, after he got his Quirk, Katsuki had wondered things. During those moments when someone took his action figure, or some other childish misdemeanour, Katsuki would blink, and find himself already about to hurt that person. At some point, he had made the unconscious decision to retaliate. And, when Katsuki was a kid, he wondered if All Might was ever like that. He wondered if All Might ever found himself so blinded by rage, that he would fight without even realising.

It’s not like this was really a question for Katsuki anymore. All Might didn’t mean jack shit when you had an explosion Quirk, after all. So, finding this out was a mystery that didn’t really need solving, but damn if it didn’t just get solved.

All Might’s eyes look empty, and Katsuki starts to see the world in slow motion, as his brain desperately tries to find a way to escape. The sky is a vibrant blue, but there are still a fair amount of clouds, and the street is covered in wrecked rubble. The world seems to grow foggy. Katsuki’s wrist gives out, and he begins to fall to the ground with buckling knees. Deku’s hair flies behind his head as he leaps forwards, holding the handcuffs like a switchblade, and-



Later, after Recovery Girl runs way more physical tests than usual, Deku says that Katsuki doesn’t actually have One For All, since it requires the current holder to want to give away their Quirk.

Katsuki had snorted, telling Deku that it’s not like he needs that shitty power to be the best, as if he hadn’t been pretending to sleep through that whole teary conversation with All Might.



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@AllMight i know you said that it was okay but sorry for making you worried during the exams!!!!!! i still feel really bad TT.TT
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@deku why not give all for one to someone with a decent quirk


r/Heroes – Posted by u/aim2baheromaster 2 days ago
[One For All] All Might’s Quirk – Theory
First, I’m not talking about One For All. We know about that. But we don’t know about All Might’s Quirk before One For All. He seems to have really dark sclera, so I’m thinking he only got a cosmetic Quirk, or maybe mild night vision.
But, on the other hand, Deku was Quirkless before One For All. The Sludge Incident (his accidental debut) proved that, and I think that he got All Might’s attention like that. What if All Might related to a Quirkless kid trying to be a hero, and trained Deku, because that’s what the person who gave him One For All did?
What if All Might is Quirkless, and One For All is like a Quirk for the Quirkless?
Does anyone else have any thoughts?
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[Image description 1: Deku wearing green shorts and a white t-shirt that reads poncho across the front. He’s smiling shakily in a picture next to an individual with blue hair, wearing a yellow jacket.]
[Image description 2: Deku looking through the window to a hero merchandise shop, with wide eyes. UA student Uraraka Ochako stands next to him, glaring at a group of people walking past and staring at him.]
[Image description 3: Deku carrying fifteen shopping bags, surrounded by UA students Hagakure Tooru, Uraraka Ochako, Kirishima Eijirou, Yaoyorozu Momo, and Tokoyami Fumikage. He grins, motioning as if he is about to bench press the bags.]
[Image description 4: Deku standing next to a girl, a look of shock painted across his face as she kisses his cheek while taking the picture.]
[Image description 5: Deku glancing around while surrounded by UA students Tokoyami Fumikage, Hagakure Tooru, and Uraraka Ochako. The image is candid.]
[Image description 6: Deku, as seen from behind browsing the shorts and leggings in a sports shop. UA student Iida Tenya stands behind him, arms folded and glasses shining in the shop lights.]
Deku at Kiyashi Ward
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[Transcription: Phone call, 16:23, 2___-7-8

Yagi: “Young Izuku?”
Midoriya: “Hi, All Might!”
Yagi: “Hello! How was your trip to the mall?”
Midoriya: [A sigh.] “That’s what I wanted to talk about, kind of.”
Yagi: “What is it, my boy? Did something bad happen?”
Midoriya: “People keep stopping me to talk, and I just… I’m not dealing with it, I guess.”
Yagi: “In what way?”
Midoriya: “I don’t know. I just panic and say something and try to walk away. My friends helped me out today, and they didn’t let me go anywhere by myself, and even though I avoided people who wanted to interview me, if someone asked for a selfie I kind of agreed? Because that’s what I’m meant to do, right?”
Yagi: “Young Midoriya, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”
Midoriya: “But that’s a lie, isn’t it?”
Yagi: “Wha-what do you mean?”
Midoriya: “I can’t do whatever I want to. I’m your successor. Everything I do reflects on you as a mentor. If I’m rude, then I’m full of myself, and that means that you have poor judgement, or if I say something wrong, people will use that to say that you’re a bad teacher. You’re not infallible to the public anymore, since you admitted you were Quirkless. They’re going to treat you like they treat the rest of us. They keep saying things about you, and it makes me sick, because you’d never do that kind of thing! And I hate it!”
Yagi: “What – I – young Midoriya? I don’t quite understand.”
Midoriya: “People were asking me…”
Yagi: “My boy, what did they say to you?”
Midoriya: “They implied that you’d – that, I – that. That you’d hurt me.”
Five seconds of silence.
Yagi: “Young Midoriya-”
Midoriya: “I know.”
Yagi: “Please-”
Midoriya: “I know.”
Yagi: “Listen-”
Midoriya: “I know! You’d never do that sort of thing! The people who say you would are looking for attention, and stirring up trouble. Everyone with a bit of logic knows you wouldn’t. But there’re still people who think that. And I just-”

A thud.

Yagi: “Young Midoriya?”


The distant sounds of scuffling and shouts.

Yagi: “Young Midoriya?”

A scream.

Yagi: “Izuku?”

Dial tone.]


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i’m okay! the leader of the league of villains just ambushed me. all might managed to call the police and arrive, but he got away. you should all be careful!!! they’re really dangerous!!


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[Image description: Hagakure Tooru sitting on a bed, a holdall bag open beside her. While she has a lot of casual, practical clothes in the bag, she is wearing a pink tulle skirt, yellow, blue, and pink drip-patterned socks, and a shirring sleeve cutsew in yellow, printed with a design of some manga character. Her head can be located by the cloth alice band she wears, covered in brooches and hair clips.]
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@chaaaajblt Kaminari, I have some good news about the school trip that the whole class is going on.



Tomoko knows a lot of things! In fact, she is very good at knowing a lot of things!

She knows that Yawara’s ribs still hurt sometimes from where he wore his binder during an intense rescue mission, and she knows when he needs the painkillers for them. She knows that Kouta has a secret place that he goes to, but she’s never told the others. She knows that Aizawa, at some point during all these years of being distant, developed chronic pain and an almost constant exhaustion. She doesn’t know how old the tree she is sitting on is, or how long the branch has been growing for, but that’s not as important or intriguing.

Midoriya Izuku, though… Oh, is she interested in Midoriya Izuku.

And why wouldn’t she be? The whole of Japan is interested in the Quirkless kid who got given a Quirk by All Might. It’s such a mysterious thing to happen, verging on the contrived, that it almost seems like a comic book! Though, well, obviously it isn’t, because he’s alive and very sweaty and one of his arms doesn’t work quite properly. That’s probably from the UA Sports Festival, and the fight against the Bakugou Katsuki boy.

Oh, it seems that Shiozaki Ibara is having some trouble with getting her vines tangled. That really can’t be pleasant to deal with! Welp, it’s not like Tomoko has anything helpful to say about that!

Bakugou is interesting too, she guesses. He’s strong, and his skin is surprisingly nice for a teenager, but he’s sweaty, crude, and has the attitude of a cartoon piranha. Speaking of him, his sweat glands are working overtime in the vat of cold water that Aizawa is making him hold his forearms in. He’s going to need a break in five minutes, and Aizawa might be the best person to get him to do that. Bakugou definitely seems like the kind of person who won’t listen to someone else, like Shino, telling him to rest.

Manga Fukidashi is getting a headache, which is kind of confusing. Like, how does his head even work? It loks like he can change the shape of the bubble, and if he makes it spiky, like he’s yelling, then it can be used as a bludgeon, which kind of explains why it hurts but doesn’t explain anything else. Still, he needs a break, because his neck is really thin and in danger of breaking if he works any harder.

Aizawa’s been thinking this whole thing through, and it’s almost amazing to Tomoko that he’s gone so far. He knows each student so well that he’s planned specific exercises for each kid that wears them down the perfect amount to build more strength. It’s the kind of thing that Yawara does for the team, with his preoccupation with bodies working at optimal potential and all, but Aizawa is doing it for twenty growing teenagers. But Tomoko can’t get too sidetracked.

Oh, and Midoriya is doing something interesting! He’s been pitted in a fight against Satou Rikidou, instead of the laps he was running around the treetops before, and-! Wow, he’s smart, isn’t he? And gross. That’s going to be a mess to clean up. All the sugary food Aizawa brought with him, gone to waste with a well-aimed punch.

Speaking of food, Yaoyorozu Momo is eating quite a lot of it. She feels a little bit of pain when she creates things out of her body fat, huh. But it doesn’t seem to bother her. What does seem to bother her, though, is the noise coming from Jirou Kyouka’s training, and Tomoko can’t blame her. That’s a lot of noise to be dealing with, and Jirou’s ears have started bleeding. Before Ragdoll can say, though, Yaoyorozu has abandoned her own task to look after Jirou. That’s pretty cute, actually.

“You should probably rest your voice,” says Shino. “I’ll tell the teachers that you need to take a break.”

Tomoko blinks. “Huh? I don’t need a break.”

Her voice, though, decides to crack around her throat, and, wow, she is parched.

Shino laughs at that, and it’s not like Ryuuko’s affected giggle or cackling laughs, or like Yawara’s booming belly laugh that still cracks like a teenager’s sometimes. It’s soft, and gentle, and feels like home.

Shino says, “I’ll get you some water, as well, hm?”

Tomoko smiles, swinging her legs as Shino jumps off of the branch and lands on the ground, crouched on all fours, before she stands up and walks over to Aizawa like a normal person.

It’s these moments that make Tomoko remember how lucky she is to love and be loved by her team so very much.



“You don’t need to kill anyone, but feel free. It’s just a retrieval mission. Sensei wants the teal-haired one, but in the end, all I really want is the angry kid, and him.”

Dabi laughs, and the sound is somehow warm. Tomura shrugs it away. There’s no time for sentimentality.

“So, should we avoid boss battles?”

There’s no time for sentimentality. Sensei doesn’t like sentimentality.

“If you even try, we’ll leave you to rot in prison.”



This can’t be happening.

Kouta sees the mouth move, but the words aren’t fitting together in his head to make proper sentences. He just sees the monster, the man, the-

And suddenly his parents are lying on separate hospital beds, with their faces covered by white sheets. When he touches their hands, holding them so they fit together like puzzle pieces, the hands are cold and don’t grip back. All he wanted, all he wants, is that he wants to climb under the blankets between them and be cuddled and comfortable until he isn’t hurting anymore, like after nightmares.

He wants to wake up from this nightmare. This is his safe place, where nobody can hurt him or find him. But the man from his nightmares, the monster under the bed, is right here, and Kouta has nowhere to run to. Nothing but the hard stones behind his back, and the soft breathing and heat from the villain in front of him.

The monster activates his Quirk, more than he had already, and the red strands of muscle wobble and grow like worms that live under logs. Kouta can barely rip his eyes away, and when he does, he looks at the man’s face.

There is a large scar, and a fake eye.

Kouta’s going to die here. He’s going to die, and he’s going to hurt, and he doesn’t want to die. He’ll be with his parents, but he doesn’t want to die. Is that weird? Is it weird, to have been through hell, and still want to live?

The monster is saying something, closing in, and Kouta can’t face death. He can’t face death, so he closes his eyes and looks away.

But death doesn’t arrive, and the wind blows in a cold, sudden breeze. Kouta can hear a voice, vaguely familiar, and when he opens his eyes he sees All Might’s stupid sequel, throwing punches and kicks and being entirely useless.

Kouta is frozen, until he makes out a single word.


And what is he meant to do? Mom died, Dad died, and now this guy’s going to die as well? Why is the monster killing so many people? Why can’t the villains die, instead, for once?

“But you’re still here!” Kouta cries.

For a moment, the teen looks over his shoulder, dodging a blow with a grimace. Kouta can already feel what he’s saying before he says it. It’s what Mom and Dad would say. It’s what a hero would say.

“So I can protect you, and everyone else!”

Auntie Shino had said that killing people is wrong, and heroes don’t do things that are wrong, and that’s why they don’t kill villains. Auntie Shino had said that, if a hero killed a villain, then that hero would also be a villain.

Kouta wishes his parents were villains, if that were the case.

A blow shakes the mountain. It was Kouta’s secret hiding place, where he stayed away from the world and let himself breathe easily, without people constantly breathing down his neck.

Now, it feels like home, because home was Mom and Dad and an apartment in Tokyo. Someone else lives there, now, and Mom and Dad don’t, so Kouta can’t go home.

“Run, until you find your aunt, or one of my friends, or Mr. Aizawa, and stay safe!”

Is Midoriya going to die, too?

Mom and Dad weren’t killers; they weren’t villains, so the monster stands over the dark-haired boy, now, staring with that artificial eye, and Kouta runs.

He runs down the hill, and holds his breath when he smells smoke, and gasps for breath when he gets to miraculously untouched patches of air. He trips over tree roots and twigs, and, on one occasion, a dirty flip flop. His lungs burn, desperate to inhale the toxic air, and he can’t. He can’t, he can’t he can’t-


Someone grabs him, and something is fixed over Kouta’s face, despite his best efforts to escape. When he takes a breath to scream, for his aunts or uncle or Midoriya or anyone, his head no longer spins as much.

In that moment of silence, the person holding him begins to speak.

“I’m sorry for grabbing you like that,” they say. They sound feminine, and really posh. It’s vaguely familiar. “I’m Yaomomo, one of the students in 1-A. Your guardians have been looking everywhere for you! Are you okay?”

Kouta feels himself nod. If they’ve been looking, then why didn’t Auntie Tomoko find him? Is she going to find Midoriya?

“Midoriya,” Kouta finds himself croaking out. His throat hurts, as if he ever really screamed. “Midoriya, he’s on the mountain. Killed my parents. Help.”

The girl holds him against her side, and it feels like she’s running. Kouta feels his head loll against her shoulder, and the heat of fire licking against his cheeks as something wraps around him.

Yaomomo says things, and other voices respond, and the flames become more distant. He feels himself being passed into someone else’s arms, and he-

And he-

He wants to cry. He wants to scream, and make a fuss, and throw a tantrum, because he doesn’t know, doesn’t understand, doesn’t understand! He was supposed to be angry at heroes, and hang around his hideout; because at least that means that he doesn’t have to look a bunch of so-called heroes in the face every day. The monster under the bed is supposed to stay there, under the bed, and in jail, where it can’t hurt anyone ever again. But today, it looked Kouta in the eye and was ready to kill.

Kouta doesn’t want to die. He didn’t want Mom or Dad to die. He doesn’t want Midoriya to die. He’s not so sure about the monster, but he doesn’t want Midoriya to kill the monster, because Midoriya is a hero. He wants the monster to die, and not hurt anyone, and Kouta can’t breathe properly anymore. There’s a hand in his hair, removing his gas mask, so he clutches it in his hands instead. There’s a voice in his ear, telling him things, but he can’t hear, so he cries out instead. There’s a finger on his lips, and Kouta breathes in ragged breaths.

Midoriya can’t die.



One For All Outfits: Decoded
What is up with Midoriya’s fashion choices? How many slogan t-shirts does he own? Are those sneakers really on-brand Nike, or does All Might’s golden boy wear substandard shoes to save the city? And, finally, what are in those cargo short pockets? Our reporter Baka Dayo tracked down Midoriya Inko to

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Tooru-chan~*:・゚✧   @invisigal
Please don’t contact me and my classmates about the news. We know. We’re scared.
Tooru-chan~*:・゚✧   @invisigal
For that matter, don’t attack our teachers. They put their lives on the line repeatedly for us.
Iida Tenya   @IIngenium
@invisigal I agree! The blame lies solely with the villains.





Oh, fucking boy.

This is the jackpot. An ultra-rare drop. It’s just what Tomura was promised.

Dabi looks really fucking proud of himself, like he just beat a high score, even though Mr. Compress and Kurogiri did all the hard work. What does Dabi do, really? There isn’t really much use for people who do nothing but talk shit whenever they want, and who come home in the middle of the night smelling of burnt flesh or, like now, mud and dirt.

This whole raid on the UA summer camp, this is all stuff that Tomura planned. All of these achievements are because Tomura delegated. He chose his best fighters for the field. Even if Muscular and Mustard are gone, it doesn’t really matter, because he’s got two new player characters to join him, if they will. One’s a grenade with limbs, and he’s probably a glass cannon, but the other will be left as one of the hint fairies when Tomura’s done with him.

Honestly, Tomura’s pretty damn pleased. They got a muzzle for the exploding one – Bakugou; Tomura knows his name, because Sensei told him that it would be rude to recruit someone without knowing their name – but they only needed to tie One For All to a chair. It’s amazing, what telling a dweeb with a hero complex about various ways of cutting off hands.

Anyway. Sensei told him about One For All – the Quirk, not the kid. He said how he blessed his younger brother with a Quirk, many years ago, but that brother was weak and cruel and gave that Quirk away, until it ended up as All Might’s. He told him about how the Quirk was transferrable, but that he’d never learnt how.

Apparently, Sensei’s Quirk is not entirely like One For All. While Sensei can bestow Quirks on others, and remove them when they are ill-used, One For All perpetuates itself like a virus, from one person to the next. Sensei said that Tomura would be able to take that strength, and redeem it. As All For One’s chosen successor, Tomura has the right to One For All.

Unfortunately, the kid with the Quirk isn’t saying jack shit about it, and Sensei’s Quirk won’t work on him.

“You know,” Toga had wheedled, leaning in way too close to Tomura, “you could always let me try and convince Izuku. I bet he’d look really pretty covered in blood, right?”

A bit of her hair crumbles to dust as Tomura shoves her away. “No. If he dies, the Quirk dies with him. And One For All is my right.”

Dabi might have snorted with laughter, but when Tomura turns to glare at him, he looks just as disinterested as always.

Tomura huffs through his nose and continues. “We need to know how One For All gets passed on before getting rid of him. For all we know, it might not transfer if he’s hurt. I don’t want to lock myself out of the golden route.”

“So, we can’t hurt him? That’s the only problem with getting the information out?” asks Compress.

“Yeah,” says Tomura. He sniffs with disdain. “Bastard won’t respond if we ask nicely. I already tried.”

Yeah, Dabi definitely laughs at that. Asshole.

Mr. Compress smiles. It’s even and patient and really fucking smug. “Then hurt the other one.”

Tomura scowls. The other one is Bakugou. Fierce and angry and definitely not hero material, if his showing in the festival was anything to go by. Not hero material, but definitely the kind of person Tomura would want for his right-hand man.

Who cares? Angry kids are a dime a dozen. The Quirk is powerful, yes, but there are ways of working around that.

“Sensei?” he asks the room.

The speakers crackle to life next to the blank television screen. Twice knocks over a table and five glasses, and they smash on the ground with an even louder clatter.

“Yes, Tomura?” Sensei’s voice responds.

“When I’m done with him, can we turn Bakugou into a noumu?”

There’s a moment when nobody talks, but One For All definitely lets out a gasp of horror.

After another second, Sensei begins to laugh.

“You do have very good ideas,” he says, his voice as steady as usual. “Yes. If he is not too damaged to use his Quirk, we will turn him into a noumu.”

Tomura smiles. “Thank you, Sensei.”

When he turns around to look at the two kids, they try and look brave, with defiance and determination and fury.

It’s too late for them to hide their true feelings, though.

Tomura has already seen those twin expressions of pure, unadulterated fear.


Breaking: All Might’s Successor Kidnapped
Deku, also known as Midoriya Izuku, was kidnapped during a UA trip along with fellow student Bakugou Katsuki (2nd place Sports Festival) and No. 32 Hero Ragdoll, also known as Shiretoko Tomoko (Wild Wild Pussycats). UA and the Pussycats refused to release more information at this time, though an investigation is still ongoing.
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They won’t break.

Little Izuku is kept warm and fed and comfortable. While the other guy is kept tied up, and has to pee in a bottle held up for him, Izuku gets proper bathroom breaks where he’s mostly untied, except Bakugou has a knife against his throat the entire time. Himiko’s even broken out the nice rope for Izuku. He gets nylon rope, and it’s pretty soft, too, so she’s being a lot gentler on him than she wants to be! Shigaraki was really mean about that. He threatened to decay her Hello Kitty knife, which really isn’t fair.

She has, however, been left with a selection of her knives. It’s mostly the small ones – her scalpel, a multitool she borrowed from Kurogiri, and a little black hunting knife – so she doesn’t accidentally cut too deep and kill the boy she’s allowed to play with.

And, yeah, that boy is really cute! She’s found that being him is fun, and being him while torturing him is the most fun ever! It makes Izuku cry, and Izuku looks so amazingly adorable when he cries. She wants to make him cry more often, because he says the funniest things. One time, Izuku even called her Kacchan. Kacchan! Such a cute name!

So, Himiko calls her playmate Kacchan, and watches him recoil with visceral disgust when she goes in to slice up his collarbone again. It always takes Kacchan a while to make a noise past uneven breaths. His sounds build up so wonderfully; from a little hiss through gritted teeth, to grunts interspersed with keening noises, before slowly rising in volume, with swear words and screams and – this is Himiko’s personal favourite – he yells, “Stop! Don’t do it! Don’t you dare! I’ll kill you!” and other such variants.

It makes little Izuku beg for mercy to Kacchan, and makes him offer himself up for playtime. And, oh, Himiko so wants to take him up on that, and make him bleed until she’s covered in him, but she’s not allowed to. She settles for the next best thing, at those points, and wipes Kacchan’s blood onto Izuku’s face. He looks so gorgeous like that; it makes Himiko want to die.

It’s so sweet, that he thinks she’ll stop. She laps at his collarbone and feels her body shift with the metallic taste, into something broad-shouldered and strong, so unlike her soft curves. Her transformation retains the scars and the aches, and Himiko sighs with pleasure as she feels everything that she has wrought over the past two days.

“Kacchan,” she sighs, “this is so nice!”

She feels his muscles tense and push back, as if he can get away from her. How can he escape, when she’s so, so close to him, to being in him, to being him?

And the door opens, just as Himiko starts to get to the first fun part, where she draws spirals and hearts into Kacchan’s tummy, and Magne says, “The boss wants those two. You can come along, too. It’s just a press conference from UA’s happening soon.”

Himiko groans, slouching against Kacchan’s chest. Blood smears on her cardigan, but it’s okay! She has plenty of ammonia. Kurogiri keeps them all well-stocked.

For a moment, she thinks about shutting the door in Magne’s face, but she can’t do that to her big sis. And it’s not like the one time that Shigaraki’s Sensei had wanted to borrow Izuku, and he came back all pale and crying, and Himiko didn’t even get to be the person who did that to him. So she agrees, and helps Magne to carry Kacchan’s chair into the main room, where the TV is playing a bit of the news.

This had better be worth it.




[Video description:


Two suited men and a small mammal, who is also wearing a suit, stand behind a table (the mammal boosted by several square cushions) and bow to a crowd of reporters. There are a row of cards, each displaying an individual’s name. From right to left, they read: Class 1-B Homeroom Teacher Blood King, Class 1-A Homeroom Teacher Eraserhead, and Principal Nedzu. The man in the middle, with slicked-back hair, speaks.
Eraserhead: “I regret to announce that our lack of preparation led to twenty-seven of UA’s first-year students to be harmed. Despite the fact that our school is one for heroes in training, we were nonetheless negligent in regards to our defences, and we understand that this makes the public uneasy. For this, we offer our deepest and most sincere apologies. There is no excuse in regards to what occurred.”
A reporter raises his hand and a microphone to command the crowd’s and the camera’s attention, and begins to speak.
Reporter A: “A question from the NHA, here. Since the start of the year, this makes it the fourth time that UA students have been targeted by villains, and, to be specific, the attacks are focused on the class that includes All Might’s successor. Now that students unaffiliated with him have been injured, what measures have you taken, or intend to take, so that something like this never happens again?”
Nedzu: “We have revamped the school’s security system, and more surveillance is to be instated around the school and off-campus locations. We take a strong stance against villainy, and this will help ensure our students’ safety.”
Another reporter steps forth.
Reporter B: “I am from the Yomiuri Shimbun. You claim that it was for the students’ safety, but during the attack, it has been reported that you ordered the students to fight. What did you intend to do at that point?”
Eraserhead: “At that point, all of my efforts were focused on avoiding a worst-case scenario. I had no way of knowing the full extent of the attack, so I authorised the students to defend themselves.”
Reporter B: “A worst-case scenario? What is worse than All Might’s chosen successor being kidnapped? Not to mention the other student, and all those who were injured.”
Eraserhead: “The worst thing that could have happened was the death of one of the students.”
Nedzu: “It was determined that the cause of most injuries was a villain with a soporific gas Quirk. The quick thinking of Ms. Kendou and Mr. Tetsutetsu minimised the damage done to the students, who have all been evaluated and deemed to have no lasting psychological trauma.”
Reporter B: “And is that supposed to make up for all of their injuries?”
Nedzu: “None of the injuries are long-lasting. The worst has been avoided, as the students still have their futures.”
Another reporter stands.
Reporter C: “Can the same be said for Bakugou Katsuki? The boy has an impressive record of strength, having come first in the entrance exams, and having only lost the Sports Festival to One For All. Still, he proved himself to be volatile and violent, as well as mentally unstable. Can he be trusted to not turn to the villains, and can he be trusted to not kill All Might’s successor?”
Eraserhead stands up, visibly suppressing his fury, but bows and speaks into his microphone. A static popping noise occurs whenever he pronounces certain phonetics.
Eraserhead: “His lapses in behaviour are my fault. However, let it be known that Bakugou has great strength of character, and the violence that you have seen results from his convictions and ideals in pursuit of becoming a great hero. If any villain sees their likeness in his volatility, then they are sorely mistaken. Both he and Midoriya Izuku have the true makings of heroes in them.”
Reporter B: “That is merely an emotional response. Where is the evidence, or a concrete counterstrategy to the villains?”
Nedzu: “Currently, I am working with the police to locate our missing students. Rest assured, we will find them.”




Fuck that.

Tomura looks at Bakugou, and at One For All. Bakugou looks like a wreck, having lost his shirt and parts of his jeans. His chest is sliced up, alternating between cutesy doodles that still ooze blood and wild lashings of split skin. Meanwhile, One For All is paler than before, with dark circles under his eyes and a bit of dried blood on his cheeks, but is otherwise unharmed.

Why isn’t he fighting back? Why hasn’t he spoken?

“Compress, knock them out,” says Tomura.

Why won’t he give up? Why won’t he protect his childhood friend?

“Sensei, please, lend me your power.”




Fire burns at his limbs, but only for a second. The old-timer, Gran Torino, kicks the villain in the head, knocking him out. All of the villains are encased in wood. It’s almost too easy.

“We are here!” says All Might, his voice booming. His yellow cape flutters behind him, leaving Shinji wondering why he chose to wear one of his older costumes.

A knife clatters to the floor, and Shinji sees the blond kid, Bakugou, rub his wrists as All Might’s successor starts to cry and apologise.

All Might goes over to draw his successor into a hug, and gingerly pat Bakugou’s shoulder. It takes a moment to register that… Well, it’s a lot of blood.

Shinji sends out another branch just in time to catch Bakugou as he faints. Someone takes him away, to go to the hospital, abut All Might and his successor don’t let go of each other. In fact, they seem to be hanging on tighter than ever. There’s a whispered conversation that Shinji doesn’t listen in on. He respects his elders’ privacy, and, by extent, that must include those that his elders hold dear.

Kurogiri slumps in his branches. Shigaraki begins to scream behind the hand that covers his face, and Shinji holds on tighter.

Then black liquid pools, and floats, and noumu drip into being. All Might’s successor begins to choke, and, despite everything, he fades away.

One by one, the others dissolve into black liquid. Gran Torino says something about a warp Quirk. It doesn’t matter. All Might is screaming in uncontrolled despair, and all of the villains are gone. He had them; they’d won, and they’re gone.

Shinji has failed.



Tomoko is limp in his arms. Yawara grasps at her as he pleads for a response, but her eyes are open and unseeing.

“I’m sorry, Tiger, but I just had to have her Quirk. You see, I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while. Not literally, of course. I haven't had eyes for quite a few years, now.”

A figure moves from the shadows, and Yawara holds his partner closer to his chest, as if he could protect her from harm.

“I haven’t had the chance to obtain many Quirks, since All Might reduced me to this,” says the figure, stepping into the light.

Every inch of his body screams at him to run, but Yawara is frozen.



“Tomura has only learnt how to think independently, and to move forwards by himself,” says the figure, inching onwards to a concrete field of debris. It doesn’t walk, but it seems to float, as if it is hanging from an invisible noose. “If possible, I would like to prevent anyone from interfering with his development.”

For a moment, all that Eijirou can see is Yaomomo and Todoroki, bleeding and broken and dead.

“So, let us begin,” it says.

It smiles through the machines that make up its mouth, staring through eyes that don’t exist, and something happens.

The next thing he knows, Eijirou is fully hardened, unfeeling, and covering his friends with his nerveless body. All that remains between them and the figure is the short remnants of a wall. His skin softens, and the sharp edges of stone cut into his hands.

The smell of tar fills the air, and he feels the snack he had on the train make a reappearance in his mouth.

But he can peer over the edge of the wall, and while he recoils at the sight of that thing, Eijirou’s heart bursts with a flush of optimism.

Midoriya is here.

But so are the League of Villains, and Bakugou is quiet and far, far too still. The figure speaks to Shigaraki like how All Might speaks to Midoriya, but the words are all bitterness mixed with a little nicety.

“So, try again,” says the figure.

Or maybe not.

“It’s all for you, Tomura.”

All Might falls from the sky like a comet, and the figure – All For One; All Might just called it All For One – says that All Might tried to kill him. All Might doesn’t kill people, though. That’s illegal. Killing. Dying. Bakugou.

Bakugou is lying in Midoriya’s arms. Midoriya looks over, makes eye contact with Kirishima, then Todoroki, then Yaomomo.

In a single bound, he is next to them, passing Bakugou into Kirishima’s arms and hissing the word, “Bike,” before jumping back to stand by All Might’s side, like a pawn next to the queen.

Yaomomo turns away and lifts her dress, with a faint glow that tells Kirishima that she’s making something, but Bakugou’s breathing is far too soft, and the bleeding is…

“Todoroki,” Kirishima whispers. “Please. Do something.”


I should be there helping
Why did you stop me

It’s not our place to fight. We can’t break the law, and we’d just be getting underfoot as the heroes work to save Midoriya and Bakugou.

Then why did you let them go


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She stands above the chaos, grabbing civilians from the slowly collapsing buildings and setting them down, away from the main fight.

On the ground, people more powerful than her fight a battle that is older than she really knows. They scramble around like ants, throwing attacks that she can’t even properly see, because her focus is almost entirely on the people who need her help. This job; this rescuing thing is what she has been made for.

Yuu is a giantess. When she is like this, she is a monument. And, on this day, holding people in her hands and reassuring them with a determined smile, she remembers why she became a hero.



Long ago, Shouto promised himself that he would never use his fire, and never intentionally burn someone’s skin, and never feel joy at their screams.

Now, in the sidecar of the newly-made motorbike, Yaoyorozu weakly teaching Kirishima how to drive, Shouto breaks those vows.

The first was broken what feels like months ago. Midoriya had grasped his hands in the middle of the arena; he had dismantled every hateful thought that Shouto had had about his Quirk, and Shouto finally accepted his body as his own. He’d looked at his father in the eye and walked out of the arena, hoping that Midoriya would understand the gesture of gratitude and defiance for what it was, to both people. After all, it was his own power, and Shouto’s, too.

Instead of muttering from the crowd, and Present Mic’s overly loud commentary, the rumbling sounds in Todoroki’s ears are from the speeding motorbike, and of buildings being dismantled as citizens flee. The scream is not his father’s indignant anger, but the breaking of his second and third vows.

Because his hands are steady over Bakugou’s vulnerable body, cauterising each wound with as much precision as he can manage. The screams mean that Bakugou is still alive; he’s still conscious.

“Don’t give it up!” he shouts.

Kirishima looks over, braking the car as they make it to the part of the Ward that field doctors have set up as a makeshift hospital.

“We’re not giving up on you,” he whispers, sliding off of the bike and lifting Bakugou in his arms. “We’re never going to give up on you.”

Doctors swarm. Someone gives Yaoyorozu a granola bar, and Todoroki feels the warmth of a blanket being settled over his shoulders.

Midoriya needs to be okay.



Spinner sees the boss tap Magne, and activate her Quirk unwillingly. It’s a moment when he – Shigaraki’s master, that is – is on the defensive, shielding against the punches and kicks. Spinner feels his shoulder being tapped, and he’s flung into Toga, along with Twice and Magne and Shigaraki.

Then there’s blankness, and Kurogiri.



It’s almost haunting, how Midoriya and Toshinori move as one.

They duck and dive in separate directions, and Midoriya favours using kicks to punches, even if it is subconscious, but there’s still a sense of unity in their actions. There’s no questioning; just movement.

It almost feels like he’s invading, but he’s valuable support. Nobody knows these fighters to the extent that he does. Gran Torino could just as well be another aspect of One For All, with how much he understands the Quirk and those who have it.

It should have been Nana, here, fighting alongside these two, but Nana is dead. She entrusted Toshinori to him, and Toshinori did the same with Midoriya. It’s his duty to protect them.

Toshinori doesn’t hold back, and he barely checks to see where his successor is. He doesn’t need to. Deku weaves around him like how the moon orbits the earth; never too far or too close, and always slipping around without being harmed.

“You are aware that I only came here to protect Tomura, correct?” says All For One. His voice, though muffled, is just as calm and modulated as he remembers. “So, remember, I am merely responding to your desire to fight.”

He winds up for a kick. Jet hasn’t failed him in this whole fight. But All For One uses his warping Quirk, and it’s like he’s sinking into mud and All Might’s punch is too fast for him to stop. Toshinori apologises, still fighting, and the old man rubs his head as he prepares to jump up again.

Jet hasn’t failed him, until now.

All For One throws a punch, with an arm augmented with stolen Quirks.

“After all,” he says, “I loathe you more than anything else in the world. Those hands of yours have brought down countless comrades I once had, and yet, they laud you as the Symbol of Peace. Tell me, is the view from your high horse impeded by those bodies you stepped over?”

He feels Toshinori’s hand wrap around him as he pulls him back and fires up a Detroit Smash. When did that scrappy boy get so big that Midoriya could perch on his shoulder? When did he become the one who protects his teacher?

Why is that teacher so useless?

All For One doesn’t move, even in the wave of destruction that All Might’s fist wreaks. The smirk in his voice is visceral, and it brings to mind Nana’s unseeing eyes.

“There really are a lot of people, All Might. A lot of heroes, and civilians, too.”

Toshinori’s body tenses. Every muscle looks like it could explode at any given moment.

All For One laughs darkly.

“That’s a lot of people for you to protect.”

“Shut up.”

There’s a cracking noise as All Might grips All For One’s arm with white knuckles.

“You destroy, you steal, and you manipulate! You exploit everything for your own gain!”

What does Midoriya Izuku see, from his perch on Toshinori’s shoulder? He hasn’t been flung away, not like Torino has, but Toshinori doesn’t even seem to be aware of anything. He grabs a piece of thick rebar with his newly freed hand, heavy enough to crush a mere mortal, and begins to lift it like it is nothing as he continues to shout.

“You see the world, and the people who work so hard to live their simple lives, and you laugh! You scorn them for their existence! You play with the lives of people like they are nothing more than toys!”

For a second, all he knows of is Shimura Nana. Nana’s mouth shaping those words; Nana’s voice screaming with all of that suppressed rage and passion and that undeniable love for humanity; Nana’s blood smeared across her costume.

“And that is something I cannot forgive!”

He brings down the rebar, shattering through All For One’s machinery, but the monster who was once a man merely laughs. He looks at Toshinori’s face, half-melted back to how he truly looks, and pulls his hand from the bony grip before Midoriya jumps down and shatters the bones further. All For One chides them; manipulates them for feeling; tells them of Nana’s shameful death, as if her death could ever be something other than a tragedy.



[Video description:

A view from a helicopter. The camera is angled partially towards the ground, but follows the form of All Might being flung into the air. For a moment, the left-hand side of his face is visible; battered and unsmiling, but still recognisable as All Might. His successor, Deku, jumps up after him, dressed in a creased polo shirt and cargo shorts and covered in minor scrapes and cuts, and shoots the camera a panicked look with shadowed eyes.

They return to the ground in a cloud of smoke and debris, but appear unharmed. A small man rushes towards them, but he is too distant to determine the expression of.]


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[Video description:


The film is from a camera at roughly eye-level, close to the battleground of Kamino ward, but distant enough to not be in too much danger. In the field of debris, All Might, Deku, an elderly hero known as Gran Torino, and a villain stand, at the points of a vague imaginary trapezoid. Words are picked up from the villain, who wears a suit and a battered machine around his neck, but the microphone set up near the camera picks up too many sounds to fully decipher them.
Villain: “The trust placed in…” [Inaudible] “…dismantle…” [Inaudible] “…you, even more than you hate…” [Inaudible] “…took from me…” [Inaudible] “…Die as gruesomely as possible…”
The villain launches an enhanced punch that bulges at his suit sleeves, tearing the seams.
Gran Torino: [Inaudible] “…Dodge!”
Gran Torino leaps towards some of the rubble behind All Might. Deku dodges the punch and gets caught in the immense wind pressure, while All Might doesn’t move. When the cloud of dust and the sound of the wind dies down, a skeletal man is revealed, standing in All Might’s costume. It fits him very loosely. His hair is a dull blond, and he generally looks unkempt. Deku scrambles to his side, holding his arm as he struggles to stand.
Deku: “All Might!”
The villain raises his voice.
Villain: “Look at those hollow cheeks! Those darkened eyes! Here, look at the walking corpse that you call the Symbol of Peace! It’s truly pathetic, but don’t be ashamed. This is what you really look like, after all!”
All Might: “So, that’s what you think. Then take my pride! Let my body rot away, and let the world see me like this! I am the Symbol of Peace, and my spirit will not break!”
Villain: [Inaudible] “…I’d forgotten how stubborn a child you could be. You’re really just like your successor, aren’t you? You took that boy under your wing, and taught him about heroes and lies, but it seems that you forgot to save another child…” [Inaudible]

Deku moves to stand in front of All Might; his hair and clothes ripple with the energy of his own power as he takes a fighting stance. All Might stands, frozen.]



And, just like that, Toshinori’s world falls apart.

Nana’s family. Her own flesh and blood. All For One is right. He really did pummel them all into submission, like a raging bull. He’d been so concerned over young Izuku that he’d paid no attention to anything but keeping his students safe. He had no interest in protecting the boy who spoke as if his main understanding of interpersonal interaction came from videogames.

“You’re lying,” he chokes out through the thick blood that coats his throat.

“It’s the truth,” replies All For One. “This is exactly the kind of thing that I would do, just to make you hurt a little bit more.”

And, mockingly, he presses his fingers to his cheeks, pulling at them, just like Nana did. Dust catches between Toshinori’s eyelashes and lids, and he lets his vision blur, with that as an excuse.

Fuck it. Who is he kidding? He’s fucking shattered. All that talk about not breaking, and here he is, already in pieces. Fuck it! He can’t stop himself from crying. Not anymore. Let him cry for a life that should have been happy, growing up with Grandma Nana and Grandpa Gran and Uncle Toshi, and eventually a little brother in Izuku. It’s nothing that could ever be regained.

“Where is your smile, All Might?” he asks.

Izuku’s voice rises, and the air suddenly feels a lot colder than before.

Right here!” the boy shouts, and though he cannot see it, Toshinori knows that expression.

He knows that the lips curl into a wobbling grin and push out freckled cheeks, and the head of bushy green hair tilts downwards, which further accentuates the determined stare of sparking green eyes. That is the smile that young Izuku fights with; against trash heaps and robots and villains alike.

All For One laughs, but Izuku keeps talking.

“All Might never laid a finger on Shigaraki! All he did was protect us, and you’re trying to spin the blame onto him? When All Might arrives on the scene, he saves everybody. You took Shigaraki away before All Might had the chance to know he existed!”

Young Izuku’s voice cracks, and he steps forwards, his head high and posture perfect. It’s a clear challenge. Toshinori reaches out a hand, but he cannot take a step or make the slightest of sounds.

Izuku doesn’t stand a chance.

“You’re full of shit, All For One,” says Izuku, as clear as daylight. With his hands on his hips, Deku stands, unmoving.

A civilian is screaming nearby. Calling for All Might to help her. Begging for him to not lose.

And that’s what Toshinori has to protect. That is why All Might exists. He is here, and even in this twisted, dying, form, people believe in him just as much as he believes in them.

He’s reached his limits, but if he reaches a little farther, he may find a memory. That memory is of a Quirkless boy, barely fourteen, who stands in front of a hero, and asks if he can be like them, and make people smile with just his presence.

It doesn’t matter who the boy is, or who the hero is. It’s the same story, really. After all, they both end with a boy in UA, doing everything that he can to save people’s hearts, even as his own heart wants to give up.

This is where All Might is meant to die. This is the gruesome death that Sir Nighteye predicted, and begged him to avoid. But avoiding the end of one life might be a toll that is paid with uncountable others being cut short. Toshinori could never be selfish like that. He could never live for himself, or for the wellbeing of those who knew his name.

Isn’t it funny, then, how he wants to live for Izuku?

Izuku is the strength that lets his arm swell up to its former might, even as his body screams for him to just throw in the towel. Not One For All; not anymore.

Not One For All, but Midoriya; Deku; Izuku.

More heroes show up as All For One approaches both Izuku and All Might. They collect the fallen; they save any remaining civilians.

Thus, when all others are certainly gone, in a blast of force from All For One, it is only All For One, Izuku, And Toshinori left standing. All Might can finally release his full strength. Gran Torino has enough power to dodge anything that may come his way, but he most likely won’t be any help. Still, he has earnt the right to be here as it all ends.

All For One lists Quirks, adding them to his arm as they tear away the fabric of his suit in a grotesque array of bone and muscle and metallic grey.

“With this, I can kill you both,” he says. “I can end the life that has gone on for far too long, and the one which has barely begun. One For All seems too volatile, now, to be of any use to Tomura.”

All Might has been built on wishes for his entire life, and now he’s running on fumes. This is his grand finale, starring Midoriya Izuku.

Izuku launches forwards, with more than his full percentage of Full Cowl but not enough to leave him more visibly damaged than he is already. Toshinori adds a punch in the same place, even if it does only meet All For One’s waiting hand, and he keeps his fist in place for the split-second longer it takes for young Izuku to grab on and perch there.

All For One, faceless as she is, nonetheless looks slightly perturbed. “Is that meant to be your full power? I must say, I’m rather disappointed.”

Toshinori can’t help it. He lets out a laugh, grinning with all the pride he has left in his body.

“That was really nothing,” he says, and throws another punch.

While his right arm looks lopsided and overly muscular, it really holds no power. Like young Izuku did, in all those months that feel like years ago, Toshinori focuses all of his strength into his weak left arm, and strikes forth.

This is the final piece of One For All that he has left in this body. After this, he will be weak and defenceless, but it doesn’t matter.

Because, Toshinori knows, Izuku is here.

Izuku’s fist moves with his, in a blur of yellow and red and blue, in both fabric and bruises. There is a dual cry, filled with every inch of determination that Izuku blessed Toshinori with from his own endless vat of enthusiasm – “United States of Smash!” – and a simultaneous impact, and-

They wait.

He staggers, leaning on Izuku for balance. The polo shirt was probably soft, once. Now, it's charred and torn under Toshinori's hands, and blood oozes between his fingers.

All For One does not move.

In the future, Yagi Toshinori will not be able to name the emotions that overcome him. He assumes that there is relief, for such a dangerous threat being neutralised, and fear for what the future holds. There is pride in Izuku, and pride in himself, and guilt for everything that has happened.

But, in that moment, Yagi Toshinori barely exists. All Might swells to life, holding the world like Atlas, and with a single glance, he passes that weight to Deku.

Izuku’s gaze is full of emotions that Toshinori can’t read. Had he known the boy a little less, he would say that Izuku looks hollow.

No. This is a boy who has suffered far too much, at the hands of far too many people. Izuku is not empty, but warring with a thousand warring emotions.

“Can you-?”

Izuku’s voice stutters out, like a candle with a burnt-out wick. It’s okay. Toshinori understands.

He wishes he didn’t have to answer.

Toshinori’s hands, bruised and broken and bloody, reach around his heavy shoulders and detach his cape.

“You’re next,” he says, before All Might vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Toshinori collapses to his knees, feeling his arms wrap around Izuku’s body and wrapping the cape over his shoulders like a shock blanket. In the moment that he is about to pull away, Izuku’s arms reach out and hug Toshinori with all of the strength in his body. He treasures the feeling; a moment that might have been lost, along with all the breaths that Toshinori now steals from the unknowable future. He treasures Izuku, more than heroes, and peace, and Quirks.

But now, it’s time for Izuku to take up that mantle.

Vulnerable, softly, he repeats himself.

“You’re next.”


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It ends with a celebrity, his protégé, and an interview.

Yoshiyama Kichi, to be polite, is practically pissing herself. It’s been five months since her interview with All Might, and while she has definitely found herself with a larger income than before, it is still nothing compared to the moments of intimacy that are shared between her, her interviewees, and the world.

While All Might has wrangled legalities that tangled between his bones, this will be his true test. This is the moment when he shows the common people who he really is, alongside Midoriya Izuku. Oh golly, this is going to be such an amazing tell-all interview!

The studio layout changed a few months ago, and interviews now take place in a lower platform than the desk where she usually begins the show, on two curved couches that fit around a low glass table. Today, the table is decorated with All Might figurines from the staff’s combined collections, along with a few new figmas of Deku. It’s decorated rather nicely, since this is the main stage for the hour-long special event.

When Deku and All Might arrive, wearing suits so new that their crispness is visible, Deku glances around hesitantly, before running over to look at the figurines. The studio audience is being guided in by chaperones, and they watch the small hero look entranced by a selection of plastic figures. They all whisper to each other, watching Deku’s mouth flicker like animated frames, muttering this and that about everything in his view.

“I know that we’ve been over this many times, but we will be taking questions from the audience,” says Kichi, miraculously without a stutter. “Are you sure that you’re okay with this?”

All Might’s smile, even in this form, soothes her heart. His voice may not have the booming timbre it used to, but it’s still recognisably calming. “Of course! Young Izuku needs to practise being interviewed, and he’s always been one to thrive under pressure.”

“All Might!” Deku calls, kneeling on the sofa. “There’s a Tenth Anniversary Limited Edition All Might here, with the translucent hair-V!”

All Might nods at Kichi, smiling, and walks over to sit next to Deku, leaving the boy in full view of the audience.

“It’s an ultra-rare figure! I’ve never been able to get a close look at one before. They’re sometimes on display at conventions, I mean, there’s one every year at HeroCon, but I’ve not been able to get close for too long before, and there’s always the glass cabinet that blocks the details!”

It was expensive to get a hold of, but being a spoilt brat of a rich family has its perks, Kichi guesses.

Deku sighs wistfully. “I’ve never been able to get one for my collection, though.”

All Might pats Deku’s fluffy hair, and the envy from the audience is palpable, even if they can’t hear what’s being said. Deku’s hair looks amazingly soft. His stylist for the evening had cried in happiness.

“You can have mine, if you want,” says All Might. “But, my boy, I’d rather know where they got these figures of you from.”

The overhead speakers announce that there is one minute until the show begins to air.


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We are 0 minutes into @deku ’s first TV interview and he is already crying. According to the Class 1-A bet, I am ¥5000 richer #dekudebut
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@uravity Uraraka! this is not how we should be presenting ourselves to the world! We are representing UA, and Midoriya, as well!
Coffee-ko   @uravity
@IIngenium This is an important public service. We’re reassuring the people that Deku crying is normal, and that it doesn’t stop him from being a really cool hero! Or something.
Iida Tenya   @IIngenium
@uravity >:/



“Seriously, I’m okay! I cry a lot!” laughs Deku, wiping away his tears. “And, oh my gosh, I’m such a nerd for hero stuff, and I’m a figure now! That’s my hero costume!”

All Might nods, patting his successor’s shoulder. “Izu – er, Deku is very in touch with his emotions. It enables him to empathise with everyone he meets to an incredible level. When he meets someone, he tries to understand them, and, as he feels their pain, he tries to help them.”


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we all thought the 1-a kids online were lying bc deku seemed so dickish, but he’s????? a literal child?????? i’d die for him



“We should really start at the beginning, for your first interview,” says Kichi. Her posture is impeccable, and she can see Midoriya do his best to look as poised as her. She asks, “When did you first want to become a hero?”

Midoriya’s smile is blinding, even as he blushes and wrings his hands together. “Ah, I must have been younger than four, because my first memory is watching a video of All Might’s debut, and my mom telling me that I must have added a thousand views all by myself.”

There’s no mistaking it. All Might is also blushing, with a little bashful grin pulling at his cheeks.

Oh, golly, he makes chronic pain and sickness look adorable.

Deku looks forwards, with a gaze that sees only memories, or something. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be just like All Might. No matter what happened, I wanted to be a hero, and I wanted to protect people. I wanted to be strong, so that when people saw me, they would feel relieved, because I was there, and it was all going to be okay.” Deku blinks and shakes his head, bringing himself back to reality. “And I still do, kind of. Whoops. I got a bit off-topic there, sorry. Into why, instead of when, and I’ll just… I’ll shut up now.”

Kichi giggles. “Don’t! This is an interview; you’re supposed to talk! I was going to ask why you wanted to be a hero, afterwards. I just didn’t know if it would be a sensitive topic.”

“Well, you’ve seen me cry over a limited edition figurine. I think that everything is a sensitive topic, for me.” He nods, and says simply, “And All Might said I had to learn to dodge questions I don’t want to answer.”

All Might covers his face with both of his hands, and his shoulders begin to shake. Slowly, the familiar sound of All Might’s laugh fills the studio, and the audience joins in.

“My boy, you’re not supposed to talk about avoiding questions!” All Might says, forcing the words out between breaths.

When the laughter dies down, Kichi turns back around to face Deku. “When you were talking about how you want to be just like All Might, you augmented it with ‘kind of’. Is there any particular reason why?”

Pressing his fingers together, Deku replies, “Because I’m not All Might. I’ll never be All Might.” He glances sheepishly at the aforementioned hero, before continuing. “All Might is amazing, and inspiring, but I know you as a lot more than the best hero ever, now. I’ve seen you make mistakes, and I’ve heard you tell some of the worst jokes in the world. And I…”

Deku flops forwards and buries his face in his knees. The only sounds that he makes are vague groans.

“Young Izuku? Are you alright?” asks All Might, touching his student’s back gently.

“I said that you made mistakes, and I’m being really rude about you, and we’re on live television!” There’s not really a charitable way to say this. Deku’s voice is practically a whine. “Mom’s watching this.”

“Your mom will be proud of you,” All Might says, “and I am, too. Go on, my boy. i want to hear what you were going to say.”

Golly, Kichi hopes that they’re using the camera closest to her to broadcast, because the studio lights practically seem to halo Deku as he turns in his seat to face All Might, and says, “I want to surpass you.”

All Might’s proud smile is almost as strong as the one that he used to constantly wear as a hero, as he replies, “You will.”



Alien Queen   @Pinkiiiii
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@deku fight me right now


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I was gonna say that Deku’s acting really childish in #dekudebut but i looked it up and he’s 15-16?? God UA first years are so young.
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@kaga-p You are eighteen.
rinringsing   @kaga-p
@bakanishiteyanyo you mouth your shut



“Why did you choose Deku to be your successor?” asks Kichi, after a commercial break where the audience was allowed to queue up for autographs.

All Might’s exhausted smile fades, to be replaced by what seems to be guilt. “Because I lost myself. I wronged Deku greatly. When he proved himself to be a hero, at fourteen, this boy was already greater than me. He rushed into danger unthinkingly, because someone needed help, and he analysed the situation to come up with a plan. That day, I pushed myself beyond my limits for the first time in years, because of Deku guiding me.”

Deku makes a strange keening noise, and curls up onto the floor.

“As you can see, his greatest weakness is that he cannot take a compliment,” All Might says, gesturing to the huddled ball of very small hero.

Kichi finds herself only interviewing All Might for a while, as they wait for Deku to stop blushing. At the end of the segment, she turns to the camera with a winnign grin.

“Stay tuned to hear the questions from our studio audience, and to see if Deku is too embarrassed to continue the interview.” She draws a little box with her fingers, and adds, “Don’t forget, you can ask your own questions on Twitter at hashtag Tell Me One For All!”


10/10   @tonaritenten
#TellMeOneForAll Who was the villain at Kamino Ward? Was he All Might’s arch nemesis or something?
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what are your favourite pokémon? #tellmeoneforall
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#TellMeOneForAll will you ever stop being such a problem child
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Do you do anything special to pass on one for all #TellMeOneForAll
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Did you ever struggle with being Quirkless? Did you ever feel like life wasn’t worth living? How do you make it through? #TellMeOneForAll



Kuchi looks at the lined-up studio audience, ready to ask questions. This is going to go by in a blur. There’s a time limit on answers. Ten seconds at the most. Screw blurry; this is going to be fun.

Where did you get your shoes from?

“My mom bought them for me. I think I've said before, but I've forgotten, so I’ll ask her tonight!”

How do you cope with being disabled?

“I take life more slowly than I used to, and do my best to take better care of myself. It helps that I have people who support me.”

What are you to each other?

“Young Izuku is my favourite student,” says All Might, but something rings false to Kichi.

Deku fixes it with, “We’re not related, but he’s my dad.”

All Might splutters, and visibly swallows. Then, he breaks out into a huge grin, that doesn’t fall as he answers every other question thrown his way.


help me bowl o’ rice @shiyoto
#dekudebut fuckin called it



And that’s how it ends.

Of course, it doesn’t really end like that. After all, the world continues turning, and Izuku continues to learn and grow. His friends continue to laugh, and support him, and work towards reaching their own goals.

Dorm life suits them all, Izuku thinks. Mom agrees, especially since she gets her own room and the general role of 1-A Caretaker. It keeps her away from the media, at any rate, and that’s beneficial for everyone.

There’s so many things that Izuku loves about living with all of his friends. It’s always more fun to do chores when you have company, and homework is ten times easier when everyone works on it together. Nightmares go away faster when you can knock on your friend’s door to see them breathing and drowsy, but completely ready to hold you as you cry.

There’s also something to be said about the weekly Smash Bros. tournament. Izuku isn’t sure what it is, but there is definitely something.

The best part, though, is all of that gets combined, and Izuku knows that he never has to be alone. There’s always someone who will welcome company in the dorms, and there’s always something interesting happening.

Living with Kacchan is easier than Izuku thought. Kirishima is a calming influence, with a general air of ease. Kacchan tends to stay close to him, too, and Izuku refuses to read into it. He refuses to think about those days spent ignoring the ache in his soul that screamed to save Kacchan. Kirishima is exactly what Kacchan needs, not Izuku. He won’t look a gift horse in the very pointy mouth.

All Might seems to relish living amongst overexcited teenagers. Maybe it’s something to do with the times he wanted to die, that he confessed to Izuku after long training sessions together, but the vivacity of nineteen kids gives All Might the energy to hit the ground running and laughing and living. They both know that if All Might can’t keep up, though, then Izuku is strong enough to carry him the rest of the way.

Izuku gets to wake up, and enjoy the haze of sunrise with Uraraka and Iida and Todoroki, and All Might finds a life in between the past and the ever-changing future, and Mom gets to wander around UA, helping students with her deep knowledge of heroes that she absorbed through Izuku’s obsessiveness. The teachers treat her as one of their own. Izuku is trying to forget that Midnight asked him if she was Inko’s type.

This is not Izuku’s happy end, but he is happy.

He is happy to be leant against All Might’s side, watching the news and enthusing about hero marketing and Quirks. He doesn’t think about how he will market himself, as All Might’s successor and not his own person.

He is happier when Mom sits on his other side and joins the conversation, with little tidbits of information that she learnt from the Support and Management courses that neither All Might nor Izuku had considered.

Mom has more time on her hands nowadays, with 1-A taking on extra chores and housework with the Plus Ultra attitude, so she is allowed to wander around UA, assisting in classes and learning things that she couldn’t have done if she was still stuck at home every day.

True happiness, Izuku has learnt, is when he is surrounded by his friends and family, and when Mr. Aizawa is curled up on the floor in his sleeping bag until it’s time for him to start patrolling the streets, and they all watch silly movies or documentaries through the evenings. There’s a general air of contentment enveloping everyone like the warm blankets that Mom hoards and shares, one that was once only found in a now-empty apartment and a family of two. It’s the smell of Satou’s cakes, and the soft fur of Kouda’s rabbit hopping around to be petted by everyone, before finally nestling in Yaoyorozu’s lap.

Happiness is when Hagakure takes a selfie, and when Izuku checks Twitter, he sees a family portrait that tells the world something that he can’t put into words. Something like safety, or the calm in the midst of the storm.

Happiness is knowing that the world has its eyes on him, and that he’s almost sixteen and already under the burden of the future’s history books, but also, it’s knowing that he has All Might, and Mom, and Mr. Aizawa, and all of his friends. It’s the knowledge that they would scoff if he tried to be Atlas for the world, and that they would drop everything to help him carry the weight.


The thing that makes Izuku the happiest of all, though, is that he doesn’t have a single secret that his friends don’t know.

It might not be complete. It might not be a happily-ever-after. It might not be the only secret that Midoriya Izuku will ever have, but, at least for now, he’s free.