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Taeyeon kicks off her shoes in their front hall.

“Jiminie? Junghee?” She dumps her keys in the bowl, pads through the darkened apartment. “Sorry, work ran late, is everything… oh, there you are.”

Jimin is leaning on the doorframe outside their bedroom.

“Yes,” she agrees serenely. “Here I am. and here you finally are.”

There's something about the set of her body that sends a little spark of excitement down Taeyeon's spine, something controlled and sly and very familiar. “What-”

“Shhh. Listen.” Jimin holds up a finger for silence. Tae catches the very edge of some soft, slick noise threading its way out from under the door, and her heart jumps in her chest. Oh. Tonight's one of those nights.

“Is that-?”

Jimin shrugs, something wicked dancing in her eyes. “If you're going to be so late, Tae, you can't expect us to wait for you. You know Junghee’s far too needy for that.”

Tae makes a little sound before she can stop herself, and Jimin snickers. She tugs meaningfully at Tae’s flowing pants and tight shirt. “Off with this.”

Tae grins and shucks them as fast as possible, until she’s standing in the half-light of the hallway in nothing but her underwear. She folds her arms behind her back and bounces just a little on her toes, excitement warring with arousal warring with the little glimmer of embarrassment that never seems to completely vanish no matter how many times she’s near-naked in front of a fully clothed Jimin.

“Eager, huh?”  Jimin crinkles her nose and laughs, scuffs at Taeyeon’s hastily discarded bra with the very tip of her toe.

Tae shivers and nods, feeling deliciously exposed under Jimin’s raking, appreciative gaze.

“Hmmm….” Jimin slinks forward and runs a nail down the soft curve of Tae’s breast approvingly, ghosting her hand teasingly over the nipple before moving further down, tracing senseless patterns over Tae’s soft lower stomach. “Gorgeous. You’ll do nicely.”

Jimin softens for a moment, cups Tae’s cheek in her hand. “We’re not doing anything too intense tonight, but remember the safewords, alright? Red, yellow, green.”

Tae turns her head and drops a kiss on Jimin’s palm. “Always, Jiminie.”

“Alright then.” She shakes her head, and suddenly the entire set of her body changes, becoming something commanding and predatory. “Open the door, Tae.”

Tae edges the door open, slips inside, gaze trained on her own bare feet. She can hear those obscenely wet noises, so loud and so close now, can barely bear to look before Jimin grabs her by the hair and turns her head forcibly. (“Don't disrespect our hard work, Tae-yah.”) A shudder runs through her - the prickling pain in her scalp, the dampness in her panties, the noises all meld and peak until she barely knows which way is up.

Junghee is sprawled on the bed, panting and moaning. She’s a study in pink and black against white, all arching back and pointed chin and perfect, creamy skin. One hand grasps desperately at the sheets, while the other…. Taeyeon’s eyes widen even further as she takes in the pale pink dildo Junghee is determinedly fucking herself with. Gorgeous, some still-coherent part of Tae’s brain registers.

“Go on.” Jimin stands on tiptoes to drop a kiss at her temple before letting her go and pushing her firmly towards the bed. “Help her out.”

Tae stumbles forward on legs weak with desire, drops to her knees. She hears Jimin moving behind her, but can’t tear her eyes away for long enough to check what Jimin’s doing. She’s distantly sure that she’ll find out soon enough, anyway.

“J…” She coughs, tries again, mouth dry. “Junghee, god…”

Junghee lifts her head a little to meet Tae’s wide gaze,  right hand still pistoning the dildo in and out, in and out, stuttering and irregular and wet . Her pupils are blown wide, wide, wide, her lips are still kiss-swollen, her dark hair is almost standing on end from her tossing and turning, and Tae is certain she’s never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

“H-hey Tae-yah.” Junghee grins, shudders, grins again. “Sorry, I - ah -couldn't wait.”

Tae’s eyes are still roaming over the gorgeously debauched picture in front of her, but she manages to scrape enough brain together to breathe an almost worshipful sigh in response.

Jimin’s voice comes from behind them, out of sight, but closer than Tae had anticipated. “Is that all you have to say?”

Tae smiles. She knows this game.

“So needy, Junghee, such a beautiful little slut, already so wet-”

Junghee throws her head back, bites her lip, speeds up the dildo just a fraction at the words. Her already-pink cheeks flush just a fraction darker. It might be the most beautiful thing Tae's ever seen.

“Kiss her,” comes Jimin's next command, and Tae is only too happy to comply. She leans forward and licks her way into that sweet little mouth, and it’s hot and messy and so, so good. Junghee still tastes faintly of the caramel popcorn she likes so much, and the sound of their mouths moving together, along with Junghee’s little breaths and whimpers, blends so beautifully with the slow, filthy sound of Junghee still fucking herself open that Tae feels it like music.

Junghee moans into her mouth as Tae nips gently at the girl’s lower lip, and Tae swallows the sound greedily. She can’t quite get the angle right from the floor though, so she clambers up onto the bed proper, straddling Junghee’s hips and resting her hands in the younger girl’s hair.

Junghee whines, opens her mouth a little wider, rolls her hips against Tae’s a little desperately as her arm keeps moving between them. the feeling of her bush against the thin material of Tae’s panties is obscene, and Tae’s suddenly very conscious of Jimin’s burning gaze on them. She shoots a glance sideways and sees Jimin, still fully dressed, slouched gracefully in a chair she must have drawn up beside the bed while Tae was otherwise occupied. Jimin's eyes are dark and hungry, and the heel of one hand is pressing at her own crotch through her skirt. Tae dares to wink at her, rolls her hips down a little harder, moans a little louder. putting on a show. (She nearly glows when she hears Jimin’s breath hitch, sees from the corner of her eye how Jimin's hand stutters before pressing even harder.)

There’s a sigh from Jimin. “Lovely… her neck now, Tae. Mark her up - she likes that, don’t you?” A flush spreads down Junghee’s neck, and she nods, somehow managing to look shy while sprawled naked on a bed fucking herself open in front of her girlfriends. Tae would almost laugh if it didn't make Junghee look so exactly like a wet dream come true.

Obediently, Tae presses a line of bitey kisses across Junghee’s jawline and down her neck, following the pretty little blush, darting her tongue out every so often to feel her thrumming pulse. Junghee makes wordless little sounds, like they’re being pulled out of her unwillingly, as Tae finds her collarbone and sucks bruises into the skin there.

Oh…” Her hand comes up to the nape of Tae’s neck, pressing her closer. Tae grins into the crook of Junghee’s neck and laves her tongue over a particularly nasty-looking bruise.

She draws back a moment to take in her handiwork, admiring the patches of red and black swirling to the surface, feeling something hot and possessive stir in her gut. Ours, she thinks, and looks proudly at Jimin, eyes locked unwaveringly on them from her position just out of arm's reach, who looks very much like she agrees.

Tae bends again, nips her way back up Junghee's neck, drops an affectionate little kiss on the very tip of her nose, and grins. The possessiveness stirs again, shifts into something a little softer and sweeter. “Good bunny.” She darts another glance at Jimin, unsure if this is somewhere she will let the scene go tonight, but when she sees the slight, affectionate softening of Jimin's predatory expression, she decides it probably is, even if it throws the tone off a little.

When Tae leans back down to kiss Junghee thoroughly, Junghee sighs a little with something wordless and wanting, shaking and affectionate, and Tae is overcome with a sudden wave of love for her. “Such a good bunny,” she murmurs again between kisses, feeling both of Junghee’s hands carding shakily through her hair. She hears an affectionate little huff from behind them that she thinks maybe she wasn't supposed to hear. “Good little bun, so beautiful when you're like this-” she bites at Junghee’s lip, a little harder than she would usually- “-wanna mark you up, show everyone you're ours, show them what you let us do-”

“Junghee!” There’s a sudden sharp smack, and Junghee yelps into Tae’s mouth (although Tae would be lying if she said she didn't jump too). “Did I tell you to stop fucking yourself?”

There’s a wordless mumble from Junghee as she tries to answer without breaking away from Tae, and then another ringing slap from Jimin. Tae can almost hear her smirk, and laughs internally. She should have known Jimin wouldn't let them devolve into simple makeouts so easily.


“No…” Junghee sounds breathy and bashful, a little whiny. “But Jiminah, I just-”

“Nope, no excuses. If you can’t do it, Tae will just have to help you out.” Jimin tugs at Tae’s hair, and Tae whines as she's forced to break away from Junghee. “And no complaints from you! No kisses for bad girls who distract people from what I told them to do. You’re not here for that.” She pauses for just a second, Tae's hair still fisted in her hand. “Colour?”

“Green!” Tae and Junghee chorus.

Tae, her hair released, shuffles down Junghee’s body, a little reluctant to be leaving her sweet mouth, and settles between her spread knees instead. There are little red slap-marks blooming on Junghee’s ass.

Jimin dangles the dildo in front of Tae’s face, almost dismissively, and Tae can almost feel her pupils widen as she takes it. “You know what to do.”

Tae lines up the dildo, traces the tip around Junghee’s slick pussy once or twice, and tentatively pushes it in and up. Junghee gasps. It shoots straight to Tae’s groin, swirling at her core, so she does it again, and again, sliding slicksmooth and beautiful, building up to a steady rhythm while a musk of sweat and sex and Junghee rises around her. When she leans in and dots teasing little kitten-licks around Junghee's clit, Junghee wriggles desperately, her toes curling, and her gorgeous little ah, ah, ah's get higher and faster.

Junghee tosses her head to one side, big eyes glazed and wild, blush high, and reaches her hand towards Jimin, still standing at the edge of the bed and watching hungrily.

“Please, Chim-” she rolls her hips down to meet one of Tae's thrusts- “please come here, please, I need you-”

Tae marvels at Jimin's self-control as she steps forward and runs her fingers gently down Junghee’s reaching palm, from wrist to fingertips. “Only if you undress me, bun.”

“W-what?” Junghee is almost too fucked out to know what to do, and Tae can feel Jimin's delight in it - can feel it herself, the odd smugness in knowing she helped take her girlfriend apart so thoroughly.

“Come on, Junghee.” Jimin spreads her arms imperiously, smirks just a little. “Up you get.”

Junghee drags herself shakily to her hands and knees, and Tae scoots a little awkwardly until she's behind Junghee, clutching the dildo. She feels like her eyes are glued to her girlfriends, helplessly, almost invisibly. Like a ghost or a servant or a toy, here but not quite, allowed to touch but not take.

Jimin nods at her over Junghee’s shoulder, and Taeyeon lines up the toy, starts fucking her again, just as Junghee reaches out to undress Jimin.

“Oh- oh- oh-” Tae isn't playing gentle, and Junghee almost loses her balance with every thrust, her shaky limbs threatening to collapse as she fumbles at the buttons of Jimin’s shirt and tugs desperately at her velvet skirt. Little whines spill from her pink mouth, unashamedly needy, and Tae feels Junghee's hips beginning to sway down to meet the dildo, breathless and slick-

“That's enough.” Jimin doesn't even look at Tae as she speaks this time, just points to the floor by her feet. Junghee's little whine of displeasure when Tae immediately withdraws the toy and scrambles to the floor turns into a breathless sigh when Jimin cards her fingers through Junghee’s hair.


“Green,” Tae mumbles, wriggling a little in impatience.

“Green!” Junghee's answer comes a touch too quick, and Jimin huffs a little laugh.

“Look at you, all fucked-out and desperate. You'd do anything for me now, wouldn't you? Anything to keep Tae fucking your little pussy?” Jimin curls her hand under Junghee’s chin, brushes a thumb through the thin line of drool trickling from the corner of her mouth. (Tae is transfixed, squirming restlessly on her knees, can hardly believe this is something she's even allowed to see.)

Junghee flushes again, pretty and pink, squeezes her eyes shut with embarrassment and moans something quiet and incoherent.

“What's that?”

“Yes!” She gasps, dropping her forehead to the mattress in a futile attempt to hide her blush.

“Ah… such a little slut. Don't try to pretend you're ashamed, bun-” Jimin grabs Junghee by the hair and drags her head back up, forces her to make eye contact- “-it's what you were made for, after all.”

Smug satisfaction spreads across Jimin’s face as Junghee blushes even darker. “Let me ride your face.” She trails a nail down Junghee’s cheekbone, worries at her lips with a thumb.

“Y-yes,” Junghee breathes.

Jimin runs a hand through Junghee’s hair. “On your back, then.” There's another slightly awkward moment of rearrangement, then Jimin is hovering above Junghee’s face, arms braced on the headboard behind her, her dancer’s thighs keeping her firmly in place.

Jimin glances at Tae, pats the bed (the way you would for a dog, Tae thinks, unbidden). Tae clambers onto the bed and settles back between Junghee's legs. She slides the toy home in Junghee again, shudders with satisfaction at the sound of it.

“Are you ready, baby?”

Junghee’s choked-out yes is almost immediately muffled by Jimin, who runs her folds over Junghee's lips in a slow, teasing roll of her hips before pushing down in earnest, riding Junghee's face, chasing her own pleasure as Junghee mouths sloppily at her.

Tae reaches down to touch herself, but Jimin sees and whips her hand out to grab her wrist before she can get anywhere.

“No no no, you don’t get to do that. You’re just here to fuck Junghee until she screams.”

Taeyeon can't bring herself to directly disobey, but she can't hide her desperation either, and Jimin clearly sees it in her face, laughs a little. Tae feels a prickling, delicious wave of embarrassment sweep through her.

“If you want something to do so badly…” Jimin leans forward - Junghee moans messily at the change of angle - and straightens one of Junghee’s legs. “Ride that.” It's not enough, it's not nearly enough, but Tae will take what she can get, and she grinds down as hard as she can.

As Tae works the dildo to the rhythm of her own thrusts, wet and filthy and oh so good, she hears Junghee’s muffled moans change timbre, get higher and breathier and more and more desperate. Jimin grinds down harder, head thrown back, bracing herself on her hands, but Junghee is still audible around her. Tae makes out their names, slurred and messy- “Jimin- Tae- oh, I'm- it’s-” - she’s almost sobbing - “-please Jimin, please let me- oh, oh, oh- ” She’s wordless now, babbling muffled half-decipherable obscenities into Jimin’s pussy, rocking into the dildo’s thrusts like she would die if she didn’t.

Jimin fumbles down, grabs one of Junghee’s nipples, and twists. “Come for me,” she pants as Junghee writhes and wails beneath her. “Go on, you can do it, over the edge, come on now you little slut-”

Junghee’s babbling trails off into a wordless cry as she comes and Tae sees her cunt twitch and shudder, sees her back arch and her hands clench and feels the extra gush of wetness on her hand as she fucks Junghee through her orgasm, keeps rutting against her leg in time, and it’s almost enough for her to follow too but not quite and she could sob with the unfairness of it.

Junghee is mewling with overstimulation, little aftershocks rippling through her, but Jimin hasn’t said for Tae to stop yet so she grits her teeth and keeps on going, while Jimin keeps grinding down, her movements growing more urgent, rhythm jerkily speeding up until-

“Oh- ah- ” Jimin shudders and stiffens, eyes squeezing shut, plump mouth falling open. She's pink from forehead to chest, composure juddering apart at last in a moment that seems to last forever.

Finally, she pulls herself bonelessly to one side, and if Tae wasn't so distracted by her own arousal she'd be almost impressed Jimin is still upright.

Junghee’s face is shiny and slick from nose to chin, but it doesn't stop Jimin from leaning down and kissing her hard. Junghee hums brokenly but happily into her mouth, chest heaving, hips still twitching from Tae’s ministrations.

Almost as though she's read her mind - “that's enough, Tae,” Jimin throws over her shoulder, still caressing Junghee’s messy face.

Tae drops the dildo and shuffles backwards, giving herself a little room to dramatically throw herself down on the bed face-first. She fights the urge to rut against the sheets like a teenager, frustrated and abandoned and so unbearably turned-on.

“Ah, Taetae…”

Tae hears rather than sees Jimin shuffling over on her knees, a little undignified. She runs a hand soothingly down the curve of Tae’s back, then pauses for a second. “Colour?”

“Green,” Tae grumbles breathlessly into the covers.

“Turn over, baby, let me see you.”

Tae complies, eyes still screwed shut in frustration.

“Oh, beautiful...” Jimin scratches the crown of Tae’s head, and Tae whines and presses needily into the unexpected little shock of contact, craving something, anything. her hips jerk up into empty air, and it would be embarrassing if Taeyeon wasn't way beyond caring. “Do you want a reward? You've worked so hard, sweetheart. Do you deserve it?” Her voice is soft and warm and proud and has just a tiny edge of condescension that makes Tae breathe that little bit harder.

“Please…” She’s not too proud to beg, and she cracks open an eye just in time to see Jimin pick up the dildo from where Tae abandoned it, holding it up to the light to inspect it consideringly.

Tae nearly stops breathing. “Please,” she sighs, spreading her legs a little wider. “Please, I've done what you said, Jimin, I've been so good, fuck me, please-”

“Alright, baby, alright.”

Jimin hooks her fingers into the waistband of Tae’s by-now-thoroughly-soaked panties and works them down her legs, dotting kisses on Tae's inner thighs and knees and ankles as she goes.

The wet plush heat of her lips on Tae's clit is a soft shock, and Tae's back arches involuntarily. She scrabbles at the sheets, trying to stay grounded, but then Jimin fucks her with the dildo that was just in Junghee, and it's still body-heat warm and slick and the carefully aimed thrusts and the delicious fullness and the idea that this was just inside the gorgeous girl in a messy post-orgasmic haze beside her are more than enough to send Tae over the edge at last, yelling in shock and joy.


Jimin is the first to rouse, as always. Groaning theatrically, she drags herself off the bed and off to the ensuite. Tae hears her rummaging in the cupboards, the short sssss of a running tap, and then she's back with a warm damp cloth, dropping kisses on her girlfriends’ foreheads.

“Hey Taetae, hey bun,” she says softly, “How are you feeling?”

Tae groans, and throws an arm over her eyes. “I'll tell you when my soul re-enters my body-” she peeks out just a little, enough to let Jimin see her wink- “-but on the whole, never better.”

Junghee hums in agreement, still a little wordless, and Jimin laughs. She sets to work cleaning up the aftermath, keeping up a constant, quiet little litany of “I love you both so much, you were so good, I love you, thank you-”

Taeyeon and Junghee go all limp and floppy and pleased under the praise, allow themselves to be maneuvered gently by Jimin's careful little hands until they're all cleaner and tangled together under the sheets, strategically ignoring the wet spots.

Jimin and Tae bracket Junghee with their bodies, and their breathing slows and synchronises. Jimin and Tae’s hands are joined and resting in the dip of Junghee's waist, and Junghee snuffles occasionally, just little half-asleep murmurs, and Tae feels her heart swell and glow. She presses worshipful kisses to Junghee’s shoulder and Jimin's wrist, the closest parts of them she can reach, and she knows she doesn't need to say it but it bubbles out of her anyway, breathy and awed.

“I love you so much.”