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The Man, the Mecha, and the Woman Who Loves Them

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     Who knew working such a late night would prove to be so interesting? Al mused to himself as he finished tucking in his shirt and straightening his tie. Leona had already left, singing a happy little tune as she went. He took a deep, relaxing breath and decided to once again mentally go over the details of the evening, smiling all the while.

     It all started after the last case of the day was done. Despite the crime rate being so high, the day was rather slow. Bonaparte, the mini-tank belonging to him and Leona had not suffered any damage this time and was more than ready for tomorrow’s shift. Al thought about leaving as early as possible but at the last minute decided to stay late and give Bonaparte some extra maintenance, a tune-up, and maybe even an upgrade or two. Leaving on time would be nice but he did love to tinker when the opportunity presented itself, which is not anywhere near as often as he’d like.

Everyone had long since gone home by the time he finished up working in the tank bay. He was in the process of getting cleaned up when he thought he heard a noise nearby. Worried it might be a criminal breaking in to possibly steal a tank, Al moved slowly and quietly in the darkness to assess the situation. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that it was Leona coming to pay her favourite tank a visit. This was not an unusual situation. She would often visit Bonaparte in the tank bay after hours to assess any damage, repair work, or just to give it a comforting hug.  Watching Leona hug Bonaparte so warmly and lovingly always made Al’s heart sink a little. He knew very well Leona’s penchant for all things mecha, especially her little tank. He remembered hearing rumours that during her time in the motorcycle squadron, she seemed to get a little too comfortable around the bikes.

Whether that led to her sudden transfer to the tank squadron, he didn’t know. All he knew was that Leona cared about him a great deal, but he always fell second place to her beloved Bonaparte. He cared a lot about her and seeing her come to harm would drive him mad. He had a crush on her from day one, despite her displaying a vicious temper and a give-‘em-hell attitude. Maybe that’s part of what I love about her so much, he pondered. She could be vicious and a real pain in the ass sometimes, but she also had a softer side that was warm, caring, loving, and maybe even a little vulnerable. He loved her, all of her. Both the good and the bad. Oh, why did he always feel like he was in competition with Bonaparte for her affections? Couldn’t he just accept the fact that her mech fetish will also always be a part of her?

He figured he’d go over and announce his presence to her so as not to startle her. On any other night, this would be business as usual, but on this night, something was different. As Leona hugged Bonaparte and sweet-talked it, the actions started to become more intimate. Hugs turned into caresses and fondling. She began to moan a bit as she straddled one of the edges of the tank and began grinding her crotch into it. Al was shocked… sort of. He knew her obsession bordered on erotic but he had never seen her take things this far before. As much as he wanted to say something, he found that he just couldn’t. All he was compelled to do was shove his hand into his pants and start stroking himself. He watched as she pleasured herself against Bonaparte’s hard metal body. Oh god! Why can’t that be me?! he lamented to himself. At once, he jerked his hand out of his pants and decided it was time to confront Leona and tell her the truth.

“Leona!” he yelled out into the darkness. Leona froze mid-thrust, her eyes wide with horror and embarrassment. Without hesitation, Al flicked on the light above Bonaparte’s parking spot. There, frozen in place was Leona straddled against the side of the tank. “Leona” he said once more, but in his usual calm voice as he approached her. “Al! Wha-wha-what are you doing here?!” she stammered, her cheeks turning a bright shade of crimson. He stood before her. “I was just going to ask you the same thing.” When she realized the unintended double entendre, she felt her cheeks getting even redder. “I-I-I was j-j-just saying goodnight to Bonaparte.” Al glanced at her up and down before replying “I can see that. But this isn’t your usual tucking-in routine now, is it?” Feeling deflated, she pulled herself away from her tank and turned to face Al, her head hanging low in shame.  Al bit his lip and his expression turned to one of sadness and concern. He didn’t mean to make her feel bad but it was obvious that he had embarrassed her. He moved in to stand directly in front of her. “I’m very sorry, Leona. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I was just surprised to see you doing… that with Bonaparte.”

A long moment went by before she spoke again. “I thought everybody had gone home. I thought I was alone, and I just wanted the chance to… do something I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because there was always somebody around. It was the same with the motorcycle squad.” She looked up at him. He wasn’t sure but it seemed like there a tear forming at the very edge of her eyes. This pained him deeply. “There wasn’t supposed to be anybody around today! It was quiet!” she said with a definite tone of frustration in her quavering voice. She balled up her fists and started shaking.

Holding back emotions was not one of Leona’s strong suits and she struggled to keep herself from shattering to pieces. Not being able to hold back any longer, Al reached out and grabbed both of Leona’s arms with a firm but gentle grip. “Why not me?!” he blurted out. She blinked, then shook her head to try and clear her mind. “What? Al, what do you mean ‘Why not me?’” He sighed deeply, then slid his hands down her arms to hold hers. No turning back now. The truth was coming out, whether he was ready for it or not. “Why won’t you do what you were doing with Bonaparte with me? I-I love you, Leona. I always have.”

Now it was Al’s turn to begin shaking, more out of sheer nervousness than anything. The tears he had seen previously seem to have dried up. The only expression she now wore was one of disbelief. “Oh, wow. Well, um…” she started. “I mean, I figured as much but to actually hear it out loud… Wow.” She cast her gaze downward. “Since we’re in the process of spilling our guts here, I love you too, Al. I really do want to do all those things with you, but…” she turned to look at her tank, then turned to look at him again. “To me, it would feel like I’m cheating on Bonaparte. I love him too.”

And there it was, the truth behind it all. She really did have feelings for that tank. What chance did he have? After mentally going through a myriad of thoughts, a very important one struck him. Bonaparte was built by both of them, working together as a team. In fact, they both man that tank when out on missions and he’s the one who does all the repairs and upgrades. Bonaparte was part of the team from the very beginning, so why should she have to choose? It was a longshot but worth a try.

“Leona” he gulped. “What if you could have us both?” Her eyes instantly widened. “Do you mean… at the same time?!” Al grinned just a little. “Yeah. It’s not cheating on Bonaparte if he’s part of it, right?” She felt as though her mind just exploded. She couldn’t think now even if she wanted to. All she knew is that moisture was starting to build up between her legs. A tingle of excitement shot through her. Her man and her mecha at the same time.  This is not the first time she’s fantasized about this situation but she never would have guessed in a million years that it would ever become a reality. Her mouth went dry and her heart started pounding. She wanted this. His grin morphed into a more salacious one. “Well?” he teased.

She released his hands, threw her own hands around the back of his head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist, lifted her up, walked her over to Bonaparte, and pressed her into the front of it. She moaned audibly into his mouth the moment she felt the comforting cool metal of Bonaparte’s body. Al was amazed at how Leona appeared to simply melt into the tank itself. This fetish of hers was very powerful and could be a lot of fun if properly handled. One of her hands released its grip from his hair and reached around to stroke the tank’s body. Leona moaned again while snaking her other hand down from Al’s head to the large bulge in his pants. Now it was his turn to moan. She stroked him shamelessly and he wondered if she might be able to make him finish before he even gets his pants off. No. I’m not going to finish yet. I’m just getting started. He thought to himself.

Releasing one hand from her waist, he reached up and gently started massaging her breast. She broke their kiss for only a moment to get some air, then claimed his mouth again. She was so soft and warm. He mused that he had held her around the waist before, but it was always to physically restrain her from killing or maiming somebody who crossed her. This felt so different. It was hard to believe that this was the same person he was holding in his arms. He released her breast and reached down further to stroke her crotch. She gasped at the sensation and thrust her hips forward to meet his hand. He rubbed her for a while, enjoying the feeling of her squirming beneath his hand. Her body tensed and her breathing came in short gasps. She suddenly let go of his throbbing bulge and grasped the front of his shirt. She ripped her mouth from his, threw her head back and cried out as her muscles released their tension and he could feel her pulsing against the skin of his hand. She then slumped back into Bonaparte, breathing heavily, her hand losing its tight grip on Al’s shirt.

Meeting his gaze, Leona lifted her leg, planted her boot firmly on his chest and kicked him away from her. He flew back but managed to stay on his feet. What was all THAT about?! He wondered, confused. Without missing a beat, she pushed herself up, locked her eyes with his and, still breathing heavily, ripped off her tie, her shirt, and her bra. Casting them off to the side, she was mentally challenging him to do the same. The message she was sending was very clear. She was very aroused and aggressive. She wanted it rough. He nodded slightly and removed his own tie and shirt in the same fashion as she had.

Charging headlong into her, he pinned her against Bonaparte and himself, his arms wrapped around her. He pressed his hot mouth against the soft skin of her neck. She groaned loudly while running her short fingernails along the musculature of his back. Dragging his mouth down from her neck, down between her breasts, he paused briefly at her belt, unfastening the buckle with his hands and pulling down her pants and underwear in one smooth, swift motion. He did notice her underwear was soaked through with her secretions, rather copious amounts.

Without a second thought or giving Leona any time to prepare herself, he pressed his hungry mouth against her dripping, heated core. She screamed, running one hand through his hair, the other trying to brace herself against her mini-tank for support. His tongue worked its magic on her clitoris, making her squirm and fight to regain her balance while lapping up the seemingly endless juices that flowed from her in this very excited state. She didn’t know how he had done it but Al had somehow managed to get her completely out of her pants and combat boots. He was now working on getting himself out of his, all without interrupting her pleasure.

Chucking his gear off to the side and out of the way, he proceeded to sneakily slide two of his fingers inside of her up to the knuckles. The suddenness of it made her yelp in surprise then moan in ecstasy as he started thrusting. “Oh god!” she shouted between gasps, “Are you trying to kill me?” His lips curled in a mischievous grin. Pulling his face away from her wet core, he allowed her a moment to rest a little while still fingering her and stroking his own length with his free hand. “I haven’t gotten to the best part yet.” This was all very pleasurable for her and she was loving every minute of it, but she wanted a turn being in control.

As soon as she came for the second time, she pushed his fingers out of her and with lightning-quick reflexes, spun him around and slammed him up against Bonaparte. She quickly dropped to her knees and took all of him into her mouth before he even realized what had happened. With one hand stroking her beloved Bonaparte, she used the other to hold Al firmly in place while she ravaged him with her mouth and tongue. “Holy shit! Where did you learn that move?” he said, squeezing his eyes shut and running his fingers through her beautiful auburn hair. She giggled a bit and tickled his head with her tongue, tracing around the tip with very gentle pressure. He pushed his head back into the tank’s solid armour, futilely trying to resist getting too excited too soon. “Jesus Christ! I’m starting to think YOU’RE the one trying to kill ME!”

Al was doing everything in his power to keep it together but Leona was just as skilled with her tongue as she was with firearms. “Oh goddddd!!” he cried out, worried that he might be done for. At the last minute, she stopped and released him completely from her mouth to let him calm down and regain his composure. He breathed heavily, leaning on Bonaparte for support. Grinning from ear to ear, she rose to her feet, pressed herself against him and kissed him passionately. Their hands were everywhere, exploring each other as fully as they could. He could feel her hard nipples against his chest, her clitoris rubbing and teasing his cock. She’s really amazing. I didn’t know she could be this incredible. She moved to his neck, nibbling and licking the skin there.

“Leona” he moaned, “I want to take you, now!” She drew back to his ear and whispered, “Then do it.” With a growl in his throat, he spun her around and pressed her chest first into Bonaparte, pressing himself against her back. He grabbed her hips and whispered “Go ahead and grind your Bonaparte. I’ll watch.” She almost came with those words alone. Having the entire front of her naked body splayed against Bonaparte’s cold metal armour gave her a thrill she hadn’t yet experienced; but combined with Al’s erection pressing against her ass made it almost too much to take. She found a suitable edge and began grinding her clitoris against it.

“Oh, Bonaparte! Oh fuck!” she cried out as she continued to ride. He groaned loudly as he continued to grind against her. “Bonaparte, oh Bonaparte. I’m.. going to…” Her intense orgasm rocked her so entirely that she was unable to finish her sentence. Sweating profusely and shaking uncontrollably, Al brought his arms up to hug her and hold her close as she worked through the aftershocks. “That was beautiful, Leona. Just like you.” She turned her head and kissed him. “Take me now, Al. Please!” she begged. “I would be honoured” he replied. Her juices flowed down her legs almost to her knees. I’ve never seen a woman this excited before. I’m so glad to have her, even if I do have to share her with Bonaparte.

He placed one hand on his cock, tickled and teased her soft folds with the tip, then buried himself completely inside her. “Oh Al!! Oh god!” she cried out as he penetrated her. He held her around her waist and put a secretion-covered hand on Bonaparte to support himself. He drew back and thrust himself into Leona again, and again, and again. Both of them were breathing heavily and calling out each other’s name in ecstasy. He could feel her starting to tighten again. She was close, and so was he. If she started squeezing him, there’s no way he would be able to contain himself any longer. He moved his hands upward to cover hers on the tank’s metal armour. “Together?” he asked her. “Together” she panted. She started grunting and he could feel her squeezing him. He growled and thrust harder, faster, and deeper. She gave one final cry and came hard, triggering his orgasm at the same time. He cried out as his hot fluids left him and entered her.

Completely spent, they both collapsed on the ground. After a few minutes, they sat up. Looking at each other, they started laughing for a bit. “That was really wild, wasn’t it?” Leona said. “Sure was. It was really fun too.” Al replied. He got up first and helped her to her feet. “I think this experience is helping me to understand your love for Bonaparte. I’m just glad you’re into me too.” She smiled warmly at him. “This experience” she said as she put her hand on the mini-tank “has been incredible for me. I’ve never done anything like this before other than fantasize about it.” “Well, I hope we can do it again sometime” he said with a sly grin. She winked at him. “How about tomorrow night then?” He raised one eyebrow and, patting Bonaparte, said “Bonaparte and I would be more than happy to tag-team you anytime you like.” Grinning, she kissed him again. A warm, passionate kiss that let him know that they were now truly a team, in every sense of the word.

She looked around. “I guess we’d better get dressed and get Bonaparte cleaned up too” remarking on the gooey hand-prints and drip marks on the otherwise spotless finish. “Don’t worry about Bonaparte, I’ll clean him up. You should go home and get some sleep. It’s pretty late.” “Sounds like a good idea” she yawned. She walked over to her pile of clothes on the floor and started getting dressed. Noticing that her underwear was far too gooey to wear comfortably, she opted instead to ball them up in her hand and put on her pants without them. Oh, she’s going commando. That’s really hot he thought to himself.

Now fully clothed again, Leona called out to Al “Are you sure you don’t need any help?” “Nah” he said “I’m good.” “Ok then. Goodnight.” As she walked away, he could hear her singing some kind of happy little song. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her sing before. Knowing that he was the one responsible for putting her in such a good mood, he couldn’t have been more pleased with himself.

After getting himself dressed again and replaying the events of this evening again in his mind, he had one last thing to do. He grabbed a nearby cloth and said to Bonaparte “Well buddy, let’s get you cleaned up. Looks like we have a big day and night ahead of us tomorrow.”