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“I’m not but he is.” They laughed, twirling their hair and cloying for his attention. Anasui felt stiff, Weather had never so blatantly called Anasui a murder before. He knew he was one, but… it hurt. It hurt a lot worse than he had ever thought it would. Emporio had called him that before, and while it was a bit annoying it didn’t give him this feeling of despair like he had now.

Maybe it was because Weather had just pressed him for the details of his murder. Just today he had spilled his heart out to the older and… and now Weather agreed with him. He wasn’t justified, he was a horrible killer who ended two innocent lives. He felt sick… like he didn’t even want to exist anymore.

It wasn’t a feeling Anasui was used to. Noticing Weather look back at him with a smirk he bristled.

He didn’t like Weather like this. Not at all. He had been upset enough with the other man for going with Jolyne… but this was a whole new level. Seeing him with his arms around two women he almost growled in annoyance. He knew this wasn’t Weather, it was whoever Weather was before they met but…

But that guy was borrowing Weather’s body and Weather was his .

“Ah you’re fuming over there aren’t you?” Blinking he drew back in hesitation. He wasn’t sure he wanted to divulge this subject with Wes. Wasn’t he busy anyway? The bitter question Anasui asked in his head brought up an odd observation though. The girls were gone… where did they go? Looking around he didn’t notice Wes get closer until he had backed him against the wall.

“You’re Weather’s pretty kitty aren’t you? I share his memories you know.” What was up with that way of talking? What era was he from?

“So that means you’re mine too now doesn’t it?” Drawing back Anasui’s lip curled back with disgust. It was like the start of a growl, like he was getting ready to warn the older man he’d attack if need be.

Everything about this guy was dangerous, as hestiant as Anasui was to attack someone who shared the body and possibly the mind of Weather he knew if he didn’t he could very well end up dead. After all within seconds of Wes appearing he’d killed a man- making him swell up with water and becoming disgustingly bloated.

“Ahah no need to look so disgusted in me, I was surprised to you know… I didn’t expect the new me to be gay.” Anasui paused at that- completely losing his hostile behavior in pure confusion. Gay… they were gay? He had honestly never really thought about it before. Weather himself probably didn’t even know the word, it wasn’t like it came up often around the prison. People were more often than not too scared of Weather and Anasui to even try teasing them about it.

“Although… you’re a special case aren’t you?” Something swelled up and snapped in his throat as he heard that. He didn’t even think before he swung- aiming to punch Wes as hard as he could across the jaw. Unfortunately the older man, unlike Anasui himself, had been expecting the violent reaction and caught the younger’s fist easily, clutching it hard enough that Anasui grit his teeth in pain.

“Oh touchy?” This guy… he was more of a pain in the ass then Anasui was willing to deal with right now. They came out here to find Emporio and whoever Weather had been feeling oddly drawn to. They didn’t have time for him to start acting like a dick head.

“Shut up.” Trying to tug his hand out of Wes’ grasp he bared his teeth when the older refused to let go. Glaring up with all the intensity he could muster he felt his rage flare even hotter when he noticed Wes was smiling mockingly.

He’d kill him. This wasn’t right, this man didn’t deserve life over Weather. It didn’t matter that he had this body first. This man deserved to rot in prison like Anasui. It finally made sense how someone as kind as Weather ended up there… he was paying for Wes’s crimes.

“Don’t worry I still share Weather’s emotions and ideas… Even if I don’t want to i’m stuck loving you with the ferocity he had.” Gasping slightly as Wes backed him further against a wall he tried to tug his hand away again. He was barely listening to the older anymore, he didn’t care what the man had to say- he didn’t want to hear how this man was related to Weather.

Weather was beautiful, soft and loving. Strong but not cruel… nothing like the person in front of Anasui right now. Wes honestly was egocentric enough to remind Anasui of a spoiled child. How old was Weather when he originally lost his memories anyway?

“That’s the one thing I can’t push down from him.” He was trying not to listen, to not be lead astray by what was surely sweet lies but he couldn’t deny how his heart soared at that. Swallowing thickly he tried to ignore the hope that swelled in his heart, squeaking out a reaffirmation to keep himself in reality.

“You- You’re not Weather…” He practically gasped it out, desperate to remind himself that this wasn’t Weather. That despite these two having the same body and voice they weren’t the same man. This wasn’t who loved Anasui, this wasn’t who Anasui loved.

“No… I’m not, But he’s still inside me.” He could feel his body shake with microtremors, buzzing under the influence of those words. Weather… he wanted Weather back. Now that Wes was taking a break from pissing Anasui off the younger’s loneliness was becoming unbearable.

Emporio’s disappearance had taken a toll enough on Anasui, now that Weather was gone too he felt horribly abandoned. He knew neither of them had left him on purpose but… the result was still the same. Sulking he stared at the floor between his and Wes’ feet aimlessly.

“By the way… Weather’s memories are telling me you’re the jealous type, excessively so.” Feeling his blood run cold all the depression that had been swirling in his mind suddenly drained out and was replaced with a petrifying fear. Wes’ smile was dangerous, like he had something planned based off of Anasui’s inability to control his affections.

“And talking to those bitches confirmed it.” Feeling tears build up in his eyes Anasui whimpered. He didn’t want to be used, to be played with like a puppet. He had known since he was a kid that he’d do anything for affection, that he couldn’t help but tear himself (or others) apart if he felt it was necessary to stay loved… If someone like Wes figured that out what would he do?

“The two of you are pathetic. Raising a kid, sleeping in the same bed, kissing and doting on each other. But neither of you have ever made your relationship official.” Wes was far too close… Anasui shrunk against the wall he had been pressed up against, trying desperately to create room between them. He didn’t want to know what Wes was getting at with this… what he was setting up to say.

“Weather was a bit slow in the head wasn’t he? I suppose I can’t blame him, he did have to relearn literally everything while I was gone.” Anasui held his breath as Wes leaned in close enough that there breath would’ve mingled. Anasui wasn’t used to being scared, he wasn’t a person who put himself in dangerous situations enough to get scared.

Lately he had being accustomed to the emotion though. Since she had shown up there had been more life or death decisions than Anasui had thought he’d ever have to make. It was annoying but not something that actively made him angry.

Not until now.

Now he was fed up. What had she been thinking? The only reason they were here right now is because she it was a good idea to bring Anasui and Weather’s son out of the prison while she was being hunted like meat. Anasui didn’t trust her even a bit to protect Emporio but she had taken him without so much of a word…

That had been bad enough. But now she had done something to Weather. There was no way this wasn’t her doing, it was far too random and sudden to have just happened.

“But don’t worry baby I know what you were waiting for.” The air was getting more and more volatile with each word that came out of Wes’ mouth. A second passed in silence as Anasui processed Wes’ words, making sure he had heard the other correctly. As soon as he processed it he tried to kick the older way, desperate to get away or somehow deescalate this situation by distracting him.

“Wha-What on earth are you talking about? Let go!” Trying to yank his hand away again and break their contact he paled when the force Wes was exerting grew, keeping him firmly in place. Wes wasn’t losing focus, he wasn’t getting distracted.

“You’re the type of lover that needs to be owned aren’t you? You were waiting for Weather to claim you as his. He was too stupid to see what was obviously there.” Everything stopped around them, time froze and Anasui swallowed the frog in his throat. Anything he’d want to say  back to that got lost and forgotten by the time it made it to his tongue. Forgetting the wall behind him he jumped out of his skin when it's cool surface pressed against his back when he tried to get away.

“You know… As a kid I was a pretty good lover, or at least was until I accidently let her kill herself.” What did Wes mean by that? Looking up with dread at the older’s thin smirk he realized there was no more time to spare playing around like this. Going to rip Wes’s fingers off his wrist with his other hand he panicked at how his fingers kept slipping and he was unable to even get a grasp on Wes.

“You may be my other selves but I’m still not going to let another get away.” Anasui had put too much trust in Wes, he had thought despite everything he had seen Wes still carried some of Weather’s morals and personality. But it was becoming far too clear that that wasn’t the case.

“I’m going to keep you, I’ll take care of you.” Anasui’s pupils couldn’t get much smaller, trying to shrink away from Wes despite his body’s inability to go anywhere. He didn’t want to know what Wes meant by all of this. He wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

“Diver Down!” Phasing Diver Down into the wall he grabbed onto it's arm and tugged himself up, trying to move over Wes to get around him. The older man’s grasp on his hand didn’t waver though, instead growing tighter as he pulled Anasui back down to the floor, laughing at how the younger cried out in pain.

“Where do you think you’re going? I told you you’re mine now.” Looking around them he felt his heart shrivel at the knowledge they were alone. He knew that even with others around Wes would probably still do whatever he was thinking but… Anasui was grasping at straws here, trying to come up with anyway to avoid all of this.

“Let go!” Fear clutched his heart… he couldn’t phase himself through Wes without damaging Weather’s body could he? And even if he did did he really think he could outrun Wes? He may have been faster but Weather Report was a horrifyingly strong stand, it’d stop him in seconds.

“If I did… Where would you even go?” Anasui froze at that. Where would he go? He had come all this way following Weather. The older man had been far too easy to follow with their history and his promise to help find Emporio.

Weather hadn’t been drawing Anasui into a corner on purpose but… now there was nowhere for him to go. He wouldn’t be able to find Emporio on his own, nor would he be able to get back to the prison safely. What would he even say if he found his way back?

Tears quietly dropped off his face onto the dry dirt below, soaking in almost instantly. For a second he thought his tears had started to fall faster, but as the downpour around them sped up he blinked tiredly looking up to the cloud cover above them.

“Shit!” Looking back at Wes he felt himself dragged under an overhang as the rain picked up even more. Where was it all coming from? Staring back at the man behind him he was surprised at how upset the older was over some rain.

“Is that you Weather?” Wes looked down at him with a glare. Anasui wasn’t exactly sure why he felt like the sudden rain was the older man’s doing, maybe he was just desperate, looking for any sign his lover hadn’t disappeared.

Wes seemed to be overcome with a silent anger, grabbing Anasui’s hand hard enough that the younger could feel his pulse and dragging him along.

“Weather?” tripping along trying to match Wes’s horribly awkward pace Anasui swallowed looking up at the man walking in front of him. Where were they going? Had Weather really taken some control back?

Feeling his heart soar with hope he sped up to walk side by side with the older, praying it wasn’t just his heart playing tricks on him.