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An Old Flame (Junkrat x Reader)

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"Dammit Jamison! What did you do this time?" you yelled from inside your shack as you saw him and his large companion coming from twenty feet away. Junkrat picked up his pace as you saw his arm was locked into a right angle. You let out a huge sigh as you grabbed your tools and met them on your porch.

"Sheila! You would not believe what had happened!" Junkrat began with his left hand pointing up.

"Zip it. You pissed off Queen Bitch didn't cha?" you remarked as you began to examine his arm. Tar. That was the offending substance that was sticking his arm into it's current position. "The hell were you doing near tar?"

"She had them dump it over the side! Trying to fry ol' Roadie and I but I got away quick!" Junkrat proclaimed proudly with his usual manic smile across his face. Yanking his arm as you held it up to him.

"Not quick enough. Gonna have to scrap it for parts. Looks like you're down one arm Fawkes." you spoke as you examined the damage. Junkrat stuttered nervously as he looked in your eyes. That playful twinkle sparkled there as you grinned at the junker. "Calm down Jamison! I can fix anything remember?" you carefully removed the arm and motioned them inside. "Come on in. Got a special swill brewing in the kitchen sink if you're interested." Junkrat ran inside and straight to the sink with a gasp at what he saw.

"Sheila! What's the occasion?" Junkrat asked he scooped it into his hand only to receive a metal cup to the head.

"USE A CUP RAT! And no real occasion. Just felt like getting rather pissed!" you began taking the arm apart cleaning and scrubbing the clumps of hardened tar from the inner mechanisms. Sighing as you looked over at Junkrat and Roadhog with a smile. The two most wanted junkers...drinking your concoction of various boozes. Junkrat's eyes caught yours as he raised his metal cup to you with a smile. That toothy maniacal smile. Perfection.

Although you knew your feelings were growing more and more for him. You knew you just couldn't be by his side in the end. What with them not staying in one place and the jobs. Good god the damage those entailed. You pushed them down further and further. Hoping to crush them in the end.  

Yet, he always came back to you for the damages to be fixed. They stay a couple of days then left. In those times he was on your couch, sprawled out like a cat in a ray of sun,  you would watch him sleep. His relaxed face without that crazy smile of his was so serene. 

You were just an old friend. Didn't do too much for him besides helping with his prosthetic when it squeaked or got all gunked up and stuck. __________.

If that was true, then why was Junkrat being overcome with all these twisting emotions when he saw your face among the newer recruits? He huffed and tried to walk it off as just a coincidence. Not the actual you, just a look alike among the many faces of Overwatch.


-End Flashback-


'Yeah, just a coinky dink. 'S all it is!' he thought as he went back to his little workshop in the basement. Deeper down means less collateral damage to the base if something goes wrong or an explosion goes awry. Roadhog immediately saw the process of thoughts turning in the smaller Junker's mind. His arms crossed as he sat on his workbench with an almost angry look. The larger man got up and walked over to Rat and nudged him with a wordless look waiting for him to vent or go on a rant. Junkrat couldn't really keep much to himself. Which, is one of the reasons no one tells him any secrets. Ever.

"No way Roadie! Not gonna get me to open my gob!" Junk huffed as he began to tinker with a couple of pieces that didn't really go together. Just to busy himself as he thought of her face. "It couldn’t be her!" he yelled as he slammed the pieces down in a fit.

"Her?" Hog's deep voice rumbled. Junkrat became rigid as he turned away from his counterpart.  His body slumped as he lifted his head and spun to face Roadie.

"You remember that sheila back home? The one who helped me with me arm."

"_______" Hog replied without skipping a  beat.

"Good memory mate. Well! Just saw a gal with her face Don’t know if it IS her but..." he trailed off as he pushed little bits of metal on his work table around.

"That's the cause of your fit?" Brutal and to the point. One of Roadhog's few qualities Junkrat liked.

"If that’s her and I ain’t saying she is," Junkrat leaned against his table and looked at his friend, “Why is my heart racin’? Why am I getting worked up over a familiar face?” His eyes closed as he ran his hands over his face with a deep groan. 

"You like her."

"Scuse me?!" Rat yelled as he flung himself up off his seat to face Hog. 

"You. Like. Her." Junkrat paused as he was about to go off, taking in a deep breath…

"She didn’t loot with us! No jobs. Nothing! She just fixed my arm is all. So why is she in my head Hog?" Rat asked confused as all hell. Roadhog simply shrugged and turned back around to do maintenance on his gun. Leaving the Rat to stew. Stew upon why the feelings were coming up, why you were the object of those feelings and were you actually here with Overwatch?

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“Agent ____” Soldier 76 called out as he went down the list of new recruits. You stepped forward with a salute while you stood tall and proud. Overwatch. The big underground organization that was protecting innocents without all the showy media bullshit since its rebirth. “You will be assigned to a group consisting of a few of our veteran agents for training. I want to see what that shield does in simulated combat. So Tracer will take you to the East combat arena and there the others will be waiting.” he spoke as Tracer came to your side in a flash of light.
Right she’s the tricky time jumper.

“Hiya! Name’s Tracer but you can call me Lena!” she introduced herself with a shake of your hand.

“_____” you replied with a slight smile at the Brit.


"_____" Jack called from almost right behind you, giving your heart a slight start.

"Yes Commander?" you spun on heel and saluted him quickly. Your reaction caused him to let
out a small chuckle.

"Welcome to Overwatch." he replied with a small salute back to you. Your heart raced as the face you were part of all of this just now hit you.

“Sooo what exactly IS your weapon?” she asked as she eyeballed you, searching for a weapon. You laughed and turned to the side showing two large round discs attached to your belt. Both a metallic red with black around the outer edges.

“Trust me. It’s a lot more impressive when it breaks.” you replied then gave a laugh as her confused face was her reaction. “You’ll see.”

“Where ya from?” Len asked with a tilt of her head. "I hear an accent in there!"

“Australia." you saw her face falter slightly at your answer. "Not a lot of kindness towards Omnics I know. I however think they're interesting. The others back home though...." you shook your head and sighed." Now don't go thinking I’ll just dissect and tear them apart for parts.” you declared as you gave her a nod.

“Nothin’ to worry about love! You’re not the only one!” Tracer replied as she asked Athena to open the doors. “Can’t wait to see those diskies in action!” she cheered with a cheeky smile. Your eyes looked into the room and your heart felt like it was about drop out of your ass.

‘Is fucking way.’ Roadhog and Junkrat. Standing talking to a taller woman armor? A very tall gray haired man that was about the same height as Hog. Maybe even taller!

“Hey guys! Our new recruit!” Lena announced and all eyes fell upon you. Including the two junkers. “Now the blue bird there is Pharah. She’s Captain Amari’s daughter so stay on her good side. Tall and grey is Reinhardt! Our German Crusader! Those two are Roadhog and Junkrat. The others I was telling you about!”

Roadhog gave you a wave as Junkrat looked directly at the ground trying not to meet the glare he knew you administering to him. Rightfully so. You walked and shook Pharah then Rein’s mighty paw of a hand and looked at Roadhog before giving him a hug.

“Roadie.” she whispered as the behemoth actually hugged you back then gave your head a soft pat. The group was in pure shock at the affections given to the man and his acceptance to it!

“You know each other?” Lena asked then palmed her forehead. “”Australia. Junkertown. Right.”

You looked at Junkrat with a lifted brow and a mighty killer scorn. “Jamison.”

“Sheila.” he spoke softly then looked at his counterpart. Lena’s head was reeling through the looks and Jamison’s reaction to her.

“Something go down between you two?” she inquired turning to you.

“Oh something went down alright. I did. Straight into the laps of Overwatch. So I too am banned from Junkertown thanks to that one. Right there.” your voice cut through the Junker with ease.

“Oh come on now ____! It wasn’t that bad!” Junkrat tried to play it off as if it were one of his little quickies, as he called them. You stood face to face with the man and your left eye twitched like mad.

“Sheila that isn’t what hap-” Your eyes locked onto his as you shook your head. Roadhog pulled Junkrat away from you with a pat.
Lena gently gave your back a rub as you had actually begun to shake.

“I’m sorry. Let’s get on with the demonstration.” you replied with a sigh as you unclipped your discs. Pharah gave you a quick few words of encouragement along with Reinhardt who almost knocked you over with a back pat. Bringing a smile back to your beautiful face that Junkrat couldn’t stop staring at.

“So what do these do?!” the Brit motioned the discs in a frenzy and you threw one on the left wall and one to the right. A large blue shield materialized from the discs and covered the wall from one side to the other in front of Reinhardt and Pharah.

“Roadhog if you and your associate would go to the other side please.” The junkers walked through with ease and you looked at Reinhardt as he put his helmet on. You checked the gauge on your watch and gave a nod. “Reinhardt. Please charge the shield.” The German was taken back by your request.

“Charge it?” he asked a little concerned with how it would affect you and Lena if he did so.

“Full throttle Rein. I promise we will be perfectly safe.” you replied as your eyes read the meter just to double check.

The man took a few large steps back as he was preparing for launch from a good bit away. He yelled as he bolted straight towards the shield! As soon as he hit it, it created a loud hum from the other side and Reinhardt crumpled to the floor in a heap of metal and German man. Everyone gasped as the saw their tank hit the ground. Your eyes moved to the gauge and nodded. 73% remaining.

“Are you okay?” Lena asked as she popped her head through the shield to check the mess of man. Rein’s thumb lifted up and began to rise with a hearty laugh.

“Mein Gott!” He said as his hand easily passed through the barrier. Pharah drew closer and waved her hand through it as if it didn’t exist.

You held up your wrist to show the gauge. “This tells me when the shield will be destroyed and when the kinetic energy will be sent back a shockwave. Pharah, go ahead and shoot a few missiles!” you welcomed the onslaught of the missiles only to feed the shield.
Pharah gave a nod and flew up and began to assault the shield with rockets over and over. Stopping only to reload her ammunition and look down at you for a thumbs up.
“Reinhardt I would put up your shield and line up just below Pharah. The rest of you get behind him. Not you Lena, you’re safe.” you said with a grin.
As the meter reached 20% you held a hand up to stop the Egyptian dame.

“Okay hit me with a rocket barrage and drop behind Rein’s shield!” you yelled with a manic grin across your face. Lena looked at you and compared your grin to Junkrat’s in her mind then shrugged.

‘Must be an Australian thing.’ she thought with a quick tilt of her head.

“Rocket Barrage!” the missiles fed the shield more and more of that sweet kinetic energy it needed. You motioned for her drop as the barrier ate the last of it. Crackling filled the air as if like a rubberband, it snapped all that it kinetically absorbed into shock wave that made Rein and the rest behind knocked right into the wall.
Both you and Tracer gasped and ran to everyone, who were knocked about 30 feet back.

“You all alright?” Lena asked as she got there first. Reinhardt was a little dizzy as Pharah was out cold. Roadhog caught Junkrat, knocking the larger man unconscious.

“Oh hell!” you ran and began to gently shake Pharah. “Hey, hey! Wakey wakey?” Pharah soon came to as she grabbed her head with a groan and a smile.

“Ugh...That is AMAZING!” her excitement as she laughed at Reinhardt who was looking at her in a daze. “That blast is strong! You will be an amazing asset in battle!” she jumped up and moved towards the door. You looked at Lena confused and she gave a quick wave of her hand.

“Battles are her thing love. Gets her adrenaline pumping!”
“Where ya goin’?” you asked, greatly concerned for her health after that blast.

“Going to tell mother! This needs to be seen by her!” Pharah replied as she opened the
door and ran out.


“She essentially means Ana. Betta’ prepare your shields for a show!” Lena helped Reinhardt up and led him out. Pausing to giggle as he groaned he was too old for this
You gasped as you soon remembered Roadhog was knocked out cold too! Pausing your run, you saw Junkrat had already begun the process of waking him up.

“Oi! Hog! Wake up!” he yelled as he began to shake the rather jiggly man’s belly. You had to stifle a giggle as you walked over and began to gently pat Roadie’s head. You knew it helped a little in order to bring him back to consciousness. A hand whacked yours away and your head turned to meet Junkrat’s face.

“Bugger off! I got this. You’re wot knocked him silly anywho!” he insulted you as his face read back off.

“Oh fuck off Jamie! You think you have right to stand up on your damn soap box? You’re the one who ditched me. I should sock you in face right now. But! Unlike you I’m a decent human being.” you spun and walked off in a huff of anger and hurt. How dare that little weasel try to make you look like the one in the wrong. Fuck him.


Making your way to your room, you internally bitched and yelled all kinds of curses at the Rat in frustrated hurt. HE left you alone there with all that contraband that he knew, would you get you all busted. Whether it be by Overwatch or the local feds.

“Agent ___.” a gravelly voice called and pulled you from your angry rant with yourself. It was Reyes. The man who helped raise Overwatch from the ground and led the new undercover unit, Blackwatch. He was a scruffy looking man who seemed to have brown with soft gray undertones to his skin. Scars were fading from his face as you examined his facial features. Realizing you were looking at THE Gabriel Reyes, you stood straight and gave a salute. He merely laughed and shook his head. “Oh cut that rookie crap. It’s fine. I’m not as uptight as Jack. Anyways, heard about your performance from Pharah and wanted to let you know we want an exhibition of your shield. I haven’t seen it for myself but Pharah’s expressed excitement was quite clear. So I’m looking forward to seeing those at work.” he motioned her discs and gave a friendly nod. “Welcome to Overwatch kid.” he gave you a pat on the back as he walked away. Your heart beating a thousand miles as you watched him and your eyes immediately went to his butt. Holy sh-

“He’s got a great butt doesn’t he?” an older voice asked with a slight chuckle. Your head snapped to looked behind you. Captain Ana Amari! Did she just compliment Reyes’ butt?

“C-Captain Amari! I didn’t see you!” How long had the Egyptian woman been following you?! She merely laughed and waved her hand dismissively at you.

“I’m a sneaky little woman. I heard about your shield and wanted to know more. Walk with me.” she motioned as she began walking towards the staircase. “I wanted to know of any restrictions on them. Just to make sure I get a proper set up for you to fully show the power of your weapon but we will be showcasing the cons as well.”

“Oh well the range on it is a little picky. The range for full power is about ten feet. The more it’s stretched the less it can stop. It’s about 2 feet thick in width to stop any kind of projectile that may be launched or shot at it. The shield itself, eats kinetic energy. So anything that has a weight and moving at a high speed will be stopped by it.”

“Is that why Reinhardt showed up in the medical bay with a minor concussion?” Ana interrupted with a smirk.

“Y-Yeah. That was my fault. I apologize! Completely my fault.” her hand gently rested on your shoulder with smile.

“Don’t worry. I thought it was actually funny that someone knocked him on his ass.” she continued up the stairs as you followed behind. “Continue.”

“Well, the direction the shield is facing is the way the wave of pure energy will be released. It spreads a bit to around twenty five feet last I measured, but I have tinkered with it a bit. It can’t really be physically adjusted once it has been set up.” you continued as you pulled out a small little notebook from your side pocket. It had helpful tips on it about the shield and any improvements you may need to make.

“So you can’t take it down and move it elsewhere? Does it keep the energy once taken down?” Ana asked as she took a pause and opened a door on level J. You walked through and shook your head in response.

“Any energy stored would be released in a small wave of whatever was saved up. I can easily set it off with the trigger on my console.” you replied as you showed her your control that had a meter and a small button. “If anyone tries to forcefully pull it from the wall, it will activate the wave. Knocked myself out for a good bit when I tried that. Wait. Where are we?” you asked looking around the floor. It was clear aside from a few chairs, a small cot with a rather beautiful design and pillow, that a tea brewer? Ana pointed to the chairs as if to say take a seat.

“It’s my own little oasis from the hectic energy below. I enjoy being a mother but not to so many.” she started the brewer with a sigh. “Ana this. Ana that. Captain yadda yadda.” she mimicked a mouth with her hand and clamped it shut with her other hand. “Can’t always handle it. But go on dear.” taking a seat next to you and rested her head against her hand.

“Right! So immobile. What else? Oh it can’t stop lasers since they’re more of a heating element rather than a physical force.” you smiled and handed her the small notebook with notes.

“I almost forgot! Explosions and bombs. The shield cannot block or stop a bomb’s force either. The wave will go right through since it’s less of projectile and more of an energy. My shield only eats kinetic energy from the force of how hard whatever from the weapon hit it. With waves not so much since it’s just force with no weight.” you finished as you passed her your little journal with a smile. “Just in case I forgot anything!”

Ana nodded and held out her hand with a smile. You took it and got a rather strong handshake from a rather soft hand. “Welcome to Overwatch.”

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It had been almost a week since you'd spoken to Ana about the exhibition for your weapons and you had gotten an alert from Athena as you were showering.

"Agent _____. You have a meeting with Captain Amari in the arena locker room at 1400 for exhibition preparation."

"Oh Hell. Th-Thank you Athena!" Your eyes met in the mirror and you saw the anxiety digging its way through to the surface. But you had to talk to Torbjorn! The secret project was to be released at the exhibition and hopefully it was done.

Your heart was beating a thousand miles an hour as you sat on the bench in the locker room, just below the arena.
'You'll be alright. They will push your shield to its limits. They are going to give all they have at you.' While on the other hand, your inner thoughts were trying to soothe the anxiety within you. 'It's just them. Not the entire base!' nervously chuckling before you lean against the lockers behind you. What if it WAS the whole base?! What if they send you to prison because they don't like it!? Your mind was throwing all it had to give you, the best look into Hell it had to offer.

"Love, you alright?" Lena pulled your mind from the deep hole it was currently digging itself into, giving you a slight startle as well.

"Y-Yeah, I'm just a little nervous is all. It's either do good or go to prison!" your laughing soon turned into panicked noises.

"Hey hey now. You aren't going to prison. If they had wanted to do that, they would have tossed ya in by now. They're not trying to scare you! They're trying to help you become the hero they see in you." Lena gently poked your chest with a wink.

"If I'm a hero, what are the Junkers?" you smirked and nudged your new best friend.

"They are...exceptions." she said nudging you back with a laugh. "Now, puff up that chest and get out there and do it!"

"I can do this!” A burst of confidence ran through you as your hands grabbed your hips and you nodded at Lena with a grin!

"I see the enthusiasm is contagious down here." Ana said as she peeked around the lockers with a soft laugh.

"Ana! Hiya!" Lena waved and swung her legs over the bench.

"Lena." she gave a slight nod, "I came to discuss the events of today's exhibition with ______. Just so you know what's going to go down today. No surprises. Just what to prepare for." Ana stood next to you and gave your journal back with a smile. "You take very detailed notes. This helped us set up a perfect place and a not so perfect place for your shields." she gently tapped the journal, "I put in the members working against you today and their abilities and weapons in there. So I will give you an additional fifteen minutes."

"Fifteen?" you asked as your hands tightened around the notebook in fear. Learning their names, trying to figure out which was who, what was what!

"Calm down. There are only five of them. You have plenty of time." Ana gently pat your back in reassurance before walking away. Leaving you and Lena to study the members for the next fifteen. Ana came walking back in and motioned for you to follow her with a smile.

"You ready for this _____?" Lena asked grabbing your hands with a wide smile.

Holding up one finger, you checked over your accessories and made sure your disks were ready to go and re-calibrated your meter and gave Lena a tight hug.

"I am ready!" You followed Ana down a narrow hallway for a bit before coming to a stop in front of what looked to be an door. It slid open and you were face to face with the other two of your commanding officers. Your nerves jumped back into your throat as your hand clenched tightly into a fist. If you didn't, god knows you'd be shaking like a leaf. Stepping in with Ana, she entered a code into the panel on the right and the elevator began moving.

"Agent _____, are you ready for the test on that shield of yours?" Jack asked with a soft smile on his not badly aged face. The ride had been quiet at first but now they wanted to ask you more questions in detail for themselves. Even with the notebook that Ana had sent to both of them, they still wanted more information from you.

"So from the notes, it's immobile?" Reyes asked with an eyebrow lifted in curiosity.

"U-Uh yes sir. It releases the shock wave prematurely if the device is forced to break its connection to the surface it's attached to." you replied with a nod.

"I am guessing it doesn't know the difference between friend or foe?" Ana asked as she began prodding the cons of your shield.

"No unfortunately. I was thinking about adding a sensor to check for other agents' comm devices nearby to make sure they were in a safe area or just out of the blast zone's reach." you realized just how many imperfections you had on your weapon.

"How about retrieving the disks? How would you be able to get them from a severe danger area?" Ana asked eyeing the disks up, not really seeing any attachments or such on them.

"I didn't really think of that...the force I thought would be enough to knock the enemies back momentarily. I-I wouldn't set it up anywhere I couldn't get them."

"What if you didn't have a choice? What if the shield was saving everyone at an extraction point? What if you had to leave them behind? Do you have enough notes of how you built them and how to rebuild them?" Reyes asked as his arms crossed over his broad chest. You were stunned by the question! Did you actually have the notes of its assembly in your journal? Did you even write down what materials you used!? The bombardment of questions made your head spin and your mind do loops looking within itself for the answers.

"Could you be able to seperate the wave into specific rays of the wave?" Jack asked as he had witnessed the aftermath of the force of the shield. He didn't want to risk their lives unless the situation was dire for him and his family.

"I-I don't think I would be able to calibrate that kind of control over the wave." you began to doubt your own weapon even more now! What if it hurt someone and they couldn't recover or worse? You didn't realize just how much you were shaking until Ana gently grabbed your shoulders in a way only a mother could.

"We aren't trying to make you doubt yourself, we just want to know more and see what could go wrong and how to handle it. As of right now, we KNOW to put Reinhardt on your team. His shield can take and withstand some powerful blasts and be able to help you. So we aren't trying to bring you down with our questions. We just want to see what can be done to improve it and you." Ana's voice was so soft and caring and you knew you could trust this woman with your life if you had to.

"Chin up. It's just us and them." Jack said as the door opened to show a huge arena with a few of the well known heroes sprawled out in the arena. Symmetra, Pharah, Reinhardt, Roadhog and...Junkrat. Fantastic.

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"Don't worry, if anyone gets injured I will be on healing duty for you all." Ana announced as she grabbed her rifle with a smile.

"This is Agent ______," Jack waved his arm towards you as you slowly stepped out the elevator and gave a small wave. "She was given a dossier of all of your abilities and such. So she can prepare for what you all have to offer. But, they were given a copy of your notes and what your shield can do _____."


"I am excited for this glorious show of power!" Reinhardt yelled lifting his arm straight up and giving a loud laugh.

"Another trip to the med bay?" Symmetra smirked before giving a rather posh laugh at the German giant.

"You'll see Symmetra, that shield is amazing." Pharah remarked before putting her falcon helmet on.

"We will start her on the left side. You opponents will be Symmetra and Roadhog. It was NOT easy to get her to work with him." Gabe laughed as he pointed to his left, "Choose a spot and we will unleash them on you when you're ready."

You looked at the walls and their distance apart, if there were any hall like areas, anything that would give you a leg up. The area was similar to a rocky terrain rather than buildings. A problem.
'So they chose to do the cons only.' you summarized to yourself. Eyes scanning you found a small concave just to the left of two large boulders and you gave a nod. "Perfect." You dove into the small area and set up your disks, giving them a thumbs up.

"Ana ready?" Gabe asked lifting a hold motion to your opponents turning his head to Ana.

Loading her rifle and aiming it at you with a smile, "Affirmative."

"GO!" Gabe yelled bringing his hand down and took a few steps back.

Symmetra began setting up her turrets around the outer surface of the concave and Roadhog ran up just to the right and threw his hook at you. It bounced off and came back at him quicker than it left. Hitting him in the gut, knocking him down to the ground with an oof.

"The resistance sends any melee back at about forty percent higher than it was sent! It was in the file!" Jack yelled to Roadhog. The Hog got up and gave a thumbs up to Jack before firing into the shield as Symmetra began to fire her beam into the shield. Due to its lack of weight, it came through the shield and hit your left arm.

"_____! Do you need health?" Ana asked as she aimed for the concave.

"I-I'm good!" your bodysuit underneath began to vibrate against your chest. Good. It's working! Your lungs heaved a great sigh as you looked at Roadhog then glanced at the shield's meter. 57%! Perfect. 'Just enough to get them away.' A simple push of the button and the crack of the shield and humming as it was about to burst!

"Watch out." Roadhog grumbled to Symmetra as she stood too close to the erupting kinectic wall of energy. Symmetra turned to the wall as it threw it her right into Roadhog with you chasing close behind the wave.

"What is she doing?!" Pharah yelled as she watched from the stands. "Symmetra put her turrets up along the edge!" The others watched in horror as Junkrat jolted up as he searched for you behind the flash of blue. Ana was about to yell at Jack to cancel it but Gabe held his arm out to stop her.

"What is she wearing?" he asked as he saw a soft blue jumpsuit wrapped around you with a long cable connected to a... "She has a gun." he said with a laugh.
Jack let out a chuckle and shook his head.

"I was wondering why Torbjorn asked for baby blue kevlar fabric."

You turned and began shooting the four turrets down and hid behind a new shield popped up towards Roadhog and Symmetra.
"Finished!" Jack announced and began to talk quietly to Ana and Gabe while they all looked at you, giving slight nods and shrugs.

"_____! Get over here!" Gabe hollered in what sounded like anger. Oh no. Was it the suit? Did you get in trouble?! You slowly made your way passed Symmetra who was glaring daggers at you before looking down at her dirtied outfit.

"What is that?" Gabe inquired with a cross of his arms and leaning back.

"It's a suit that Torbjorn and I worked on for the last week." you replied as you looked down.

"Why?" Ana asked as she looked at the gun and the cable that connected it to your suit.

"I realized that I didn't have anyway to fight my way out of a dangerous situation and I hoped to remedy that by using the same technology in my shield and putting it into the suit."

"And the gun with a cable?" Jack asked as he walked behind you to see what the wire was hooked up to.

"There is a small plate in the back piece connected to many wires and plates throughout the suit. The plates can feel heat and force, causing the suit to vibrate. The vibrations shake the plates and store the force three times what it puts in, just so I don't have to repeatedly get hit by blunt forces and risk internal damages. Although it stores three times the force it gets as input, it doesn't give the shots fired any added percentages to the power."

The commanding officers were silent due to the brilliance of the suit and how fast you had constructed it.

"You _____, are a genius woman my dear. The potential you have in that mind will be nurtured and blossom into something much more than you realize. You belong here. With us." Ana gave you a hug before whispering, "You will be a true hero." You had the biggest grin as you gave a soft giggle and wrapped your arms tightly around Ana. You had found a real home here.

Chapter Text

Junkrat's POV


Hog and me both knew it was the day for was for _____'s big show off to the main bosses. Of course we knew. We got her damn file here! I tapped my finger against the folder as I read through what her shield did. Sheila did rather alright for herself. A shield that eats kinetic energy?


"She ain't as dumb as I thought." I sighed and leaned back against my workbench and continued reading. Roadhog gave a muffled laugh that he cut short as I looked over at him. "Oi! What's got you tickled?" He said nothing and just pointed at me with his big old meat finger.


"Me? What for?"


"You're an idiot." Gasping as I stood in offense and slight confusion at Hoggie. "You like her yet won't admit to it." he added as he lifted his mask and set it on the coffee table in front of him.

'Oh Hell. Here comes a lecture.' I immediately sat back down and crossed my arms as I awaited the wise words of the Hog himself.


"You don't know nothin'!"

Roadhog rubbed the bridge of his nose and stared at me with a look that read, 'YOU know nothing.'


"You threw a fit when you thought it was her among the new agents. Then when you did find out it was her, you did your habit of sitting and mumbling to yourself for about four hours straight."


"I do that a lot anyway!" I snapped and mumbled how he doesn't know me all that great it seems.


"Not specifically saying her name and wanting to, and I quote, 'Show her that it didn't go down the way she thinks.' Roadhog paused and looked at me as if waiting for a reply. Did I actually say her name aloud?

'Come on Fawkes. Get yourself together!'


"Plus that night before the bust." My head snapped up then tilted at his statement.


"What do you mean? When we got pissed into the Tuesday after the next? What of it?"


"You don't remember." He gave a snort before exhaling and running his hands over his face. "Jamie you really are an idiot."




After Junkrat had drank himself into an oblivion, that swill was some strong stuff, he was talking all about how the government was putting chemicals in the water there was, to convince them omnics were the good guys! Roadhog had gotten rather intoxicated and was chuckling at the wide eyed drunk conspiracist flailing around the room. _____ watched with a wide smile as she sighed and leaned back.


"I  honestly th-think, we shouldn't have drankened-ed the swill!" she hollered as she stood up and wobbled back and forth with drunk laughter. Roadhog gently held her upright as she poked Junkrat's head.


"Wot!? So that the uppers and suits can control our br-brains!?" he yelled and grabbed _____'s waist and swung her around. They fell to the ground in a pile of laughter and screams as they kicked around the floor.


"Wait! We gotta get some shut eye! We have that big job tomorrow night." _____ slowly stood and swayed before holding onto the wall for support. Oh maybe that booze wasn't such a great idea after all. The room was spinning even more as she shook her head and fell back into Jamison's lap.


"OOF! Sheila if ya wanted to do something, ya should've waited for Hoggie to bugger off!" Junkrat purred before _____"s face turned bright red as she pushed his face away.


"You tease Jamison!" she growled and sighed at his taunts. If only he actually knew.


"I do like ya sheila! Ya fix my arm when I get it too dinged up, when Hog and me need a place to hide plus! You're one of the only ones around here that don't try to get the reward from Queenie! I truly appreciate ya _____." a quick peck to her cheek and she was goo in the junker's arms. His arms pulled her tightly against him as he sighed and rested his chin atop her head with a smile. "Thank you..." soon enough he had pulled them both back against the couch where Roadhog was witnessing the sweetness from the rambunctious junker with a slight smile. _____ slowly moved from under his arms and looked at Roadhog who laughed quietly and gave her a pat on her head.


"You think he meant it Hog?" she asked as she looked down at the sleeping Rat. Hog gave a soft nod then motioned the bedroom after she let a wild yawn loose.


"R-Right. I should probably get to bed...Night." she gave him a quick hug before swaying back and forth slightly into her room and plopping onto the bed. Thoughts of what Jamison had said stayed with her as she closed her eyes. Sleep giving her dreams of what they could be when they finally escape the desert land of Australia.


-End Flashback-


"I said WHAT?!" I screamed as I stared at Hog in disbelief. I ran my mouth when I drank and look what happened. Dammit! I began pacing back and forth as I thought of how to even talk to _____! "No wonder she's pissed as all Hell! Roadie I have to try and think of how to tell her what ACTUALLY happened!" I spun and faced my good friend with my arms out in hysterics.


"Considering the current situation and how she told you to fuck off, I really don't think it's going to be that easy. I mean every time we go to the cafeteria, she takes off." Mako replied as he leaned back and looked at Jamison. Tapping my chin I gasped and nodded with a manic smile.


"I'VE GOT IT ROADIE!" I immediately threw myself onto the stool next to my workbench and began to draw up Operation: Talk to _____.


~Three Hours Later~


"Come on Rat. It's time for the exhibition." Roadhog called as he strapped his hook to his belt and loaded up his gun. Junkrat held up a finger as he completed the final sketch with a grin.


"Perfection! Okay let's go!"


As the two Junkers arrived to the arena, the bosses were giving the groups when Roadhog got paired up with Symmetra.


"P-Pardon me?" Symmetra asked in shock. "I would much rather prefer to work with Jamison."


"Well we need your turrets for the cons of her shield. We need Roadhog's hook to see if it can deflect it back." Gabe replied as he looked over the shield's file.


"But-" Symmetra was cut off by Reyes' look that chilled her blood. The anger behind it was enough for her to clap her trap shut.


"It's final." Her silence was the acceptance that he wanted. Symmetra, internally, was cursing the man for not grouping her up with the other Junker. The one she had longed for a couple months after they first arrived at the Gibraltar base. Her eyes immediately fell in love with his golden ones as his bombs began to rain down in the exhibition arena. His soot covered appearance, his prosthetics, his laugh even! All were not of her usual quiet and planned out ways. His bombs of pure destruction and the concussion grenade were all things that pulled her closer and closer to him as she wanted more of what he had to offer.


After the three commanders left, Symmetra made her way to Jamison with a smile.


"Jamison, how are you today?" Junkrat didn't look up from his launcher as he gave a wave of dismissal.


"Kinda busy." he said as he took a screwdriver and began tightening a few screws here and there.


"Oh he's just getting ready to face _____ again." Pharah said with a laugh and nudge to Reinhardt who joined her.


"Oh? How so?" Symmetra asked turning to face the Egyptian woman.


"They have a history together~." Reinhardt teased with an eyebrow wiggle. "Perhaps a romantic one?" he added looking at Junkrat who had paused his adjustments. The anger burned in Symmetra's chest towards the newcomer. Junkrat had left all the crap in Australia and certainly didn't need it getting dragged back into his life now. Jamison was hers and hers alone.

They brought _____ in and Junkrat's body immediately tensed up. His hand open and closing as he was nervously fidgeting, more so than usual. Symmetra wondered what kind of history they had as they called her and Roadhog up to the starting point.


"GO!" Gabe shouted.


Symmetra began lining her turrets up along the outside edges with a smirk. "Let's see her get by these without getting a burn or two.' Roadhog's hook flew by her side as she jumped to her right and turned to scowl at the beast of a man. Seeing as his hook flew back and hit him, she was sufficed. She charged up her gun fired a beam into the shield and grazed _____'s left arm and soon her rage was being satisifed by hurting this woman. Roadhog began firing into the shield as Symmetra was charging up a ball of energy when there was a cracking sound from the shield.


"Look out." Roadhog growled as she was in the wide vicinity of the blast zone. She turned to face the wall when the force threw her into the larger man's gut.


"Damn her." Symmetra growled as she tried to sit up to get out of the dirt. Her pristine clean dress ruined by the filth of the mud and the filth of _____.


"What is she doing?!" Pharah yelled from the stands. "Symmetra has her turrets on the edge!" The others watched in horror as Junkrat jumped up as he searched for you behind the flash of blue. His face read panicked as Symmetra looked at him in the stands.


'So he does still like her.' her smile widened as she looked at her four turrets above the concave area. 'She'll be burned like a chicken if she tries to run through that.' her twisted thoughts reeled over how bad the damage to _____ would be. Only to have them shot down just like her turrets. 'How dare she! Make a mockery of my technology as if it were a simplistic play thing she could shoot!' Symmetra's hands were balled up fists of anger she wanted to swing as _____ walked by her. If her glare were a beam that girl's head would be gone!

"You _____, are a genius woman my dear. The potential you have in that mind will be nurtured and blossom into something much more than you realize. You belong here. With us." Symmetra overheard and inwardly laughed at the sentence.


'As if she ever could be. I'll prove that little dirt speck doesn't belong here. Perhaps we shall see what that shield can do...if redirected towards the user.' Symmetra merely sauntered out of the arena with the rest of the group after the exhibition had been cut short. The intentions to bring _____ down still fresh in her mind and the plan was slowly coming together.

'Now all I need is her friendship.'


Chapter Text

After the exhibition, you were given a warning rather than a lecture of how if you wished to showcase something, to bring it to one of them first for approval. You agreed and apologized as you made your way out of Commander Morrison's office when Lena came jumping through the hallway at you.

"_____! Hey! Did you get in trouble?" Lena asked with a worried look.

"Oh no no! I'm not in trouble. They just wanted me to tell them that I need their approval for things I create and want to release!"

"Oh that's not bad! Shall we go get something to eat?" Lena asked leading you towards the cafeteria.

"After all the nervousness and exhibition I'm starving!" you replied with a sigh.

"So what is that suit you made?" she asked pinching the fabric between her fingers and gently pulling. As you explained the suit, Symmetra was following a bit behind as she listened to the mechanisms of how the suit functioned and how it pushed power to the gun.

The cafeteria was slightly crowded as you and Lena looked around, both spotting the Junkers.
"I'm not that hungry Lena." you turned to leave when you ran into Symmetra. "O-Oh sorry!"

The Indian woman smiled and shook her head. "No. It was my fault. I should have warned you I was here. Would you like to sit with me?" she asked motioning a table...right next to Junkrat's.

"W-Well I was actually goi-" Symmetra gently lead you towards the table, grabbing a couple of plates as she passed the salad bar. Lena following with a rather skeptical look going on.

"Nonsense. You need nutrition and I will get us something. Please sit!" she said gently pushing you into the seat and walking towards the buffet like setup. Your back was right behind Jamison's and you felt absolutely panicked. You wanted to get up and leave but a gentle tap on your shoulder drew you away. Turning, you saw Roadhog with a small letter in his hand, holding it out to you.

"Thank you..." you took it rather confused and put it in your pocket as Roadhog motioned Junkrat to follow him. You heard his familiar wobble as he left and you exhaled a breath you didn't know you held onto.

"Love, you're going to have to talk to him eventually." Lena whispered then took a bite of her peaches and cottage cheese. You put your head into your hands and nodded in defeat.

"I don't want to Lena. Not after what he did." the painful memory played over and over as you spent the last year figuring out what you did wrong.

"If ya don't mind me asking, what happened?" she asked gently grabbing your hand tight in hers.

"I would rather discuss it in private."

"LEEEEEENAAAAAA!" a high pitched female voice rang from behind _____.

"Hana! Hey! Sorry I missed our gaming session. I was at ____'s exhibition." Lena motioned you as the Hana girl came running towards Lena.

"Oh? Her?" Hana pointed at you and waved wildly, "Hi! I'm Hana or D.Va! Whichever you like you can call me! Nice to meet you ____!"

"Nice to meet you too Hana." you smiled and shook her hand before scooting over. "Care to join us?" Hana plopped down with a nod as she looked at Lena's snack.

"Oh god. How can you eat that healthy crap!"

"I find it rather delicious little miss Dorito and Dew smoothie." Lena replied before gagging at the thought of the monstrosity.

"Hey that was an experiment thank you!" Hana's head turned towards you and she grinned. "So where's your snack?" she noticed there was nothing in front of you.

"Oh, Symmetra went to get us something."



"Symmetra, Symmetra right?" she asked bewildered at your reply.

"I uh believe so."

"That is not normal. That woman doesn't like anyone who isn'"

"The definition of perfection and tidiness." Lena finished before taking another bite.


"I thought it was weird she invited us over. It's not like her. She isn't really all social or buddy buddy. That's why I came over." Lena said eyeballing the returning subject of conversation. Symmetra noticed the Junkers were gone and her face faltered slightly.

"I must go. I forgot I have training with someone today." she sat the plates down before taking off out of the cafeteria. 'It won't work if they aren't there.' she thought as she began tracking the two down.

"Well Lucio is waiting for me back in my room, I came to get some snacks but Lena! You better show up tonight or I'm coming for you!" Hana warned hopping up from the table and making a motion across her throat.

"I gotcha! Don't worry! ____ and I will be there!" Lena winked and tapped your hand softly.

"Y-Yeah! Sure!"

"Alright! See you guys later tonight!" Hana waved goodbye before running into the kitchen and running back out with an armful of fatty snacks and treats.

"Let's go to your room and you can break it all down on the feud between you and Junkrat." Lena said grabbing the plate for Symmetra and leaving yours. "But first, eat. I can't have you fainting on me!" she giggled and blinked away into the kitchen. You nodded and began to eat the fruit as you felt the weight of the letter grow heavy in your pocket and wondered what it was about. Did Roadhog want to tell you something? Or was it Junkrat? Part of you wanted to rip it to shreds but the other half said if it's from Roadhog it will be like a slap to his face. You couldn't hurt him like that. So, you left it in there and finished off your fruit.
As you both sat down on your bed in your quarters, you took a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Lena was about to know exactly what went down that night. The night you lost all trust in Jamison Fawkes.

Chapter Text

The port, if it could be called that, your little group traveled to was about twenty miles from the nearest public port and in a dark and shallow area of the coast.

"We have to get all this in the cover of night so no one sees a thing. It's going to take a few trips but we can get it back to Junkertown with no issues. IF everything goes according to plan." Junkrat spoke softly as he gave a nod to both Roadhog and you. They all moved towards the incoming ship with hesitance as it had gone blackout to be undetected by anyone.

"Don't worry about a thing sheila. I got ya covered if anything goes down." Those words carried such weight to your heart and you gave a nod with a smile as you trusted him with your life.
The boat docked and dropped anchor before a slab of wood plopped down into the sand, as a tall man in what looked to be a captain's outfit walked down and gave a slight wave to the three of you. The people these Junkers worked with. The captain looked to be a rather clean cut man with pressed pants and looked much cleaner than you all.

"Junkrat I assume. It's all here for you. Intel and the crates of special toys for the Queen as requested." the captain spoke with a smile as he motioned the crates that covered the ship's deck. These crates and intel were the things that would get Junkrat back into Junkertown. Hopefully! If he didn't get trigger happy and demolish those chances with flames and explosions.

"Good. Now we have to be quick on this transit job. Gotta get all of this, back to Junkertown." Junkrat said with a manic smile while pointing his thumb over his shoulder. "If you have the trailers I requested, we shouldn't have any problems."

"Right. But first, our payment." The captain held his hand out and smirked at the slouched junker.

"Mmm." Junkrat motioned Roadhog as his companion carried a large sack to the captain. The man's eyes filled with greed as he knew exactly what was in that sack. Over thousands of dollars worth of the Queen's treasure that Junkrat had actually planned to steal from them and blow up their ship and get in the good graces of Queenie once more by getting both the crates AND the treasure back to her.

"Alright boys! Help them out!" the captain laughed and carried the bag back onto the ship as the crewmates lifted up what looked to be guns and shot big red flares into the sky. A total of six of the bright fuckers. They were alerting someone! Roadhog pushed you behind him as ran up to Junkrat's side. He was his bodyguard after all.

"Fuck!" Junkrat yelled as he jumped aboard the boat and Roadhog followed closely behind. That son of a bitch wasn't about to make off with that much treasure and rat them out! You, however were left behind as huge humvees with blinding headlights came driving over the sandy dunes with their beams locked on you. You looked left then ran right, only to be surrounded by the vehicles as you watched Junkrat sail away with his freedom. The weight that Junkrat's words weighed, were suddenly ripped from your heart as you felt the cuffs lock tightly around your wrists and the men throw you into the back of the vehicle.

"You won't see the light of day." the man spoke as the doors slammed shut and darkness enveloped you as all hope died inside.

-End Flashback-


"My god..._____" Lena hugged you tightly as she wiped her eyes and the stray tears that ran down her face. "I am so sorry love. I can't believe they had the nerve to do that to you." she pulled back and gently wiped the tears you didn't know had freed themselves away from your eyes.

"Do you see why? Why I can't be in the same room with him? And if I am, why I snap and yell at him over the smallest things. No one knows what that fucker did to my life!" you threw your fists down onto your thighs with pure anger.

"So you didn't have a choice when it came to Overwatch."

"It was either go through the training and become a member...or rot in prison. They padded my file with crimes Junkrat had committed just to get a more severe sentencing for me. I am in this because of him." you took a deep breath and continued, "So after they threw me into the training I used my engineering skills to create those guys." You motioned the disks with a soft smile as the process of making them was an adventure all its own. The two of you sat in silence as you had finally gotten that all off your chest. You had to tell someone and Lena was the one you could tell anything to with no judgement. With telling her, you felt that you two had grown closer and that the weight of the pain was finally off your heart.

"Feel better _____?" she asked once more hugging you tightly with a soft smile.

"Maybe one more hug would do it." you laughed as she hugged you tightly and shook you side to side.

"One mondo sized loving hug coming up!" she announced and squeezed even harder with a laugh as you quickly tapped her arm.

"Air." you wheezed and she released you with a sorry.


The two of you made your ways to Hana's room after bringing the puffiness of both of your eyes down. Couldn't show up looking like your heart was just thrown on the wall!
"Lena, I want to thank you for being an ear to listen and a shoulder for me to sob on. It was hard growing up in 'Straya. Having to look after yourself almost immediately. Having no one to depend on as you made your way through the desert wasteland in hope of finding something that you could make money off of. We were alone from the start with no such thing as friends. I'm glad I have you Lena Oxton." your hand grabbed hers as she whimpered and wiped her eyes of the fresh tears.

"Awwww dang it! We just got done with our cry fest!" she sniffed and knocked on Hana's door. "Now I'm gonna look like a sad sack."

The door slid open and Lucio greeted the two!
"Lena! You must be _____! Come on in! Hana's halfway through a stream so hope you aren't camera shy!" he winked as you cautiously moved in, searching for the camera and hoping to stay out of it's range. Lena sensed you apprehensive movements and gently nudged you towards the huge pink bunny couch with a smile.

"If ya wanna stay out of the camera's lens, sit there. It's one of the few places she doesn't have a camera pointed at." Lena winked and whispered to Hana about your issue with the camera.

"Oh? Sorry guys! Gotta cut this short! A friend of mine is a little camera shy so I'll see you guys tomorrow at 8 pm my time! Bye!" the camera cut off as Hana spun around in her bunny chair to face you. "If you're uncomfortable with the camera, I'll stream another time! Friends come first!" she proclaimed before Lucio interjected.

"What about that one time with Genji and the energy drinks with Lena."

"Hey! They knew what they were getting into! Anyway! What game do you wanna play _____?" her arm motioned the walls of games that lined her room with a smile. Your eyes scanned the rows upon rows as you were overcome with an excitement. "Honestly it's easier to name the ones I don't than to count the ones I do."

"Let's do Mario Party Kart?" you asked pulling one of the white cases and holding it up. They all gave a gasp and Hana fell back into her chair.

"If you hated me you should have just said so!" she yelled as her arm fell over her eyes. Lena rolled her eyes at the dramatic Korean

"That game is a family and friendship destroyer. But I am ready if you are!" Lena said wrapping her arm around your shoulder as if you were going to be stolen, "Dibs on ____ as my teammate!"
Hana jumped up and sighed, "Guess that means Lucio is my partner. Boo."

"Hey! I am NOT that bad!" Lucio sighed as he grabbed the controller.


"First, that's the wrong controller, and secondly, you drove the wrong way for ten minutes in one of the easiest racing games." Hana grabbed the controller and shook her head.

"R-Really Lucio?" you asked with a tilt of your head with a wide grin.

"It was...a tough game."

"IT WAS UNDERGROUND TOKYO! THEY ONLY GO ONE WAY!" Hana flailed at Lucio then proceeded to mercilessly beat him with the couch pillow.

That night, spent with your newfound friends, helped you work through both your anger and your sadness that came from actually having to remember and recall the pain from that night. Now maybe if you could work past having to be around Junkrat. That would make things much better.

Chapter Text

"Did ya give the letter to _____?" Junkrat bombarded Roadhog with huh's and didja's as soon as he had entered their room.

"I did. Now wait." he grumbled before sitting down on the couch to drink a tea he had brewed before they left.

"Wait? Ugh! Roadie! You didn't tell her to read it!?" the bean pole griped as he went back to his workbench. "Ya had one job Hog!" he continued on his rant as he threw his tools around the table with grunts of anger. A squeeze of his head by two large hands silenced his jabbering with a wide smile. "Awwww ya do some much for me Hoggie!" Trying to save his head from being crushed like a grape in the behemoth's hands. "Thank ya." he said as Roadhog released his head with a shake of his head.

"Wait for her Junkrat. She just needs some time."


"So why do ya want me to shoot ya love?" Lena yelled from across the practice range with her pistols drawn. You were adjusting a couple of dials and checking the additional gauge you had added to the wristband.

"I need to check to see if this suit has an overload side effect and what happens to both me and the suit."

"But what if you get hurt?" The door opened behind Lena as Angela walked in with a smile and a little wave.
"That's why she's here. To make sure I don't die or like...blow up." you replied with a shrug.

"Wait?! Explode!" Lena hollered as she holstered her weapons.

"It's a very, very, very, slim, tiny, miniscule chance of that happening. But hey! Again that's why Angela is here!" you flailed your arms at Angela who was walking over and giving Lena a pat on the back to ensure her it was going to be alright.

"Alright Lena, Torbjorn and I have calibrated a small shield of sorts so that when I get shot, it doesn't deal bodily injury to me. As per, Captain Amari's request." you replied as you pressed a small neon blue button on your chest and nodded at Lena as the go ahead. "Just try to keep the shots in my torso area!" you added quickly with a nervous laugh. Your left hand held your gun in tense anticipation as your gazed at the gauge on the same hand.

Lena fired as she had to stop herself from closing her eyes as she began squinting and Angela took notice.

"If you close your eyes Lena, you could risk hitting something you didn't intend too." Angela spoke as she moved a bit closer to you. Your eyes watched the digital bars slowly rise as the blasts hit your chest repeatedly. Your suit vibrated more rapidly against your chest as you watched the gauge quickly picking up on speed.

"Okay stop!" the firing ceased as you motioned them both closer. "I need you to do small bursts just till it hits the top." you didn't realize how much your suit was vibrating until you heard your voice warped.

"_____, please be careful." Angela held her Caduceus up ready to blast her healing stream. Lena held up her pistol and quickly shot until you motioned her to stop. The suits vibration stopped and the gauge went black with the words, ‘Emergency Shutdown’ scrawling over and over across the screen.

"You alright love?!" Lena asked moving a bit closer.

"IT WORKED!" you yelled as your hand wiped your brow with a nervous laugh. "Whoo! Thank god that worked."

"Vait, vhat vorked?" Angela asked a little confused to what you were speaking of.

"Torbjorn and I had installed a fail safe in case I couldn't fire but was in a heavy danger zone. So it shuts the suit down for a good ten minutes before restarting at zero!" you replied with a smile as Lena bonked you with her fist as she huffed.

"You KNEW you'd be okay!? I thought I was going to hurt you!" Lena tackled you with a yell as Angela quietly snickered. Little did they know, their superiors were watching the scene in the tinted skybox of sorts.

"So you requested the shield?" Gabriel asked Ana as she sipped her tea.

"I did. Think of the damage that could hinder her should she get hit with something stronger than bullets." she replied before taking a sip with a solemn look on her face. Gabe gave her a nod before turning back to watch the two girls now walking towards the locker rooms.

"She's a genius I'll give her that much. Let's put her on this next mission since it's just going to be scouting the new gang that's popped up in three countries. One of their 'hangouts' is on West coast. Washington state I believe. Causing a lot of fires and landslides because they're pretty fond of traps and explosives."

"Much like Junkrat." she added in with a smile.

"Mhm. So he is most definitely not going on this one but the next one. We need speed and quiet not wonton action." Gabriel nodded before patting her shoulder. "See you later Captain." he left the viewing deck to find Jack so they could put the file together for the agents tomorrow morning.


You and Lena were in the locker room as you were undressing behind the shower curtain. You needed a shower after that nervous endeavor.

"So I think I should maybe adjust the vibrations on the suit. Just so I don't sound like a phone on high vibration setting." Lena laughed as she changed into her sweatpants and tank top with the Overwatch symbol emblazoned across the chest. You however chose your pajamas and opened the curtain as you picked up your suit. Your heart dropped as you laid your suit across one of the benches flattening it out as if looking for something.

"What's wrong love?" Len asked as her eyes ran across the suit trying to piece together the issue.

"I think my gun was dislodged when we were wrestling!" you panicked when you realized the arena was locked up until the next agent's use. No way were you getting it back to calibrate it tonight.

"I do believe I have found your gun _____." Symmetra announced her arrival before she walked in and you spun with a gasp.

"Oh thank you Symmetra!" you took it from her open palms. "How did you get it?" you asked before reattaching the gun to it's wire. As you spun the attaching spout, a small beep alerted you of an issue when it made connection.

"I found it on the ground in a mess of dirt. I was the next one to use the arena and asked Athena who was in there prior to myself. I found out it was you and figured you wouldn't be gone yet." her mouth curved up at the corners with what could be a smile. You checked the digital gauge and it didn't read 'Internal Error' or 'Malfunction' which meant it and the pack weren't damaged.

"Connection error. Hmm...Maybe it was damaged when we wrestled. I'll see if I can maybe override the message." you toyed with the wire and adjusted the connector. Nothing. You shrugged and merely pushed the gun into the holster with a sigh. "Thank you again Symmetra. I would have been screwed had I lost it." you rested a hand on your creation as you remembered all the sleepless nights and time spent in Torbjorn's workshop.

"It was no issue. I must be on my way. Goodbye." she stiffly bid them a farewell as Lena watched her with suspicion. You put your suit into your bag all folded and nice before hoisting over your shoulder.

“That was really nice of her!” your naivety was truly blind to it all.

"Mhmm." Lena grabbed her bag and you began the tiring journey to the cafeteria where the smells of delicious meat wafted through the halls.

"As delicious as that smells, I'm going to go drop my bag off. This pack is NOT light. You go ahead and save me a seat!" you hollered as you turned down a hall towards your dorm area. Maybe a tiny power nap. Nah. If you sleep now you'll miss dinner and it smells divine!


When Lena blinked into the cafeteria, she almost ran into Ana!

"Oh! Lena! You can't sneak up on a woman my age. My heart can't take many more surprises." she held her chest with a smile as she laughed softly.

"Sorry Cap! I really should slow down huh?" Lena joined her laughter with a nervous one.

"Oh! By the way, did Symmetra bring _____'s gun back to her?"

"She did. Kinda weird though. I left one of my pistols in there once and she didn't bring it to me!" Lena pouted. "I had to wait till the next morning and got my rear chewed by the commander!"

"Maybe you should slow down Lena. Before I forget, could you have _____ meet me in my sanctuary after dinner?" she began walking away before giving Lena a gentle squeeze to the shoulder.

"Gotcha Cap!" Lena saluted before blinking away to get you and herself a play of tonight's meal. Mashed potatoes, a medley of corn and peas and a whole mess of steak bits. Lena opted out of the steak and just got a little more potatoes. She planted herself at a table with two open seats next to Genji, Hanzo, Lucio and Hana.

"Heya guys! Mind if we sit here?" Lena asked after she began setting up the plates and juice cups.
Hana shook her head with a playful smile. "Only people who don't cream me at Mario Kart can!" her smile turned to a pout as she crossed her arms and pushed her face into Lucio's chest, who gave her a gentle pat to the head.

"I was you teammate and I sucked. I'm sorry."

"But you're a dj Lucio! Sliders and knobs with your spinny discs and stuff. It's essentially the same!" Lucio gasped and put his hand on his chest. Leaning back as he stared at Hana in pure offense.

"Oh no they ARE NOT!"

Genji laughed at the squabbling two as his brother shook his head.


"Oh come on Hanzo, we were like that once and you have to admit. Ours were much worse." Genji recalled as Hanzo had laid a beating on him all because he took the last cookie. "To be fair it was in your stash." he added with a laugh as you walked in, looking for Lena.

"Who is that?" Hanzo asked in a hushed tone. The Shimada brothers had been gone for the last month to Hanamura for security detail and hadn't been here when you had arrived.

"That's _____. _____! Over here!" she flailed as you laughed at your excitable friend's display.

"Oh! You got me a plate, thank you Lena!" you sat down and looked up to see the brothers looking back at you. "Well you two are new." you motioned the Shimadas with a fork before stabbing it into your meat.

"That's Hanzo with the tattoo and his brother, Genji, is the cyborg ninja dude." Lena said as she pointed to each respectively.Genji bowed as did Hanzo before you stuck your hand out and smiled.

"I'm _____. It's nice to meet you." Genji gently shook your hand before Hanzo gripped it nervously. His chest felt heavy and he felt sort of dizzy in an odd way. What was he feeling and why now? The younger Shimada grabbed his brother's wrist and moved it up and down to simulate a handshake. You giggled as Hanzo's face grew flushed with red as he stood up quickly, bowed and essentially, ran away.

"Do not judge my brother so quick. It's been a while since he has spoken to a beautiful woman such as yourself." he complimented you in a soft voice before he too followed his brother's actions but in a calmer and smoother fashion.

"Beautiful?" your face blushed at the compliment as Lena and Hana were stunned. The usual stoic man, reduced to a nervous mess only after a sentence.

"You got that silver fox on your tail!" Hana teased while nudging you with a laugh.

"He is a mysterious bag of mysteries. I wouldn't know what to do with him." Lena shrugged before she took a bite of potatoes in thought.

"That's because you have Emily. Duh." Hana retorted with a roll of her eyes.

"True." Lena nodded. "Oh, _____ how is your gun?"she added before Hana jumped up and grabbed your hands, making you drop your potatoes.

"Aww..." you looked at the mashed mess on the floor with sadness.

"Wait. What does your gun look like?" she asked with a panicked tone.

"Uh, a light blue one similar in shape to Lena's. It has a black metal ring on the bottom of the grip that connects to the wire...why?" you asked confused at the young girl's concern. Hana looked at Lucio who gave her a nod.

"That was it then." Lucio shook his head as his usual happy demeanor took a more serious turn. "Hana and I are pretty sure we saw Symmetra...with your gun."

"I know. She brought it back to me. I had dropped it in the arena and she next in there when she had discovered it. Don't worry, I got it back." you smiled and leaned to take a sip of juice as Hana held your hands tight with little to no escape.

"Yeah but, if she was next in the arena, why was she in the dorm halls with it?" Hana asked with a somber face as well.

"I'll talk to Torb later tonight. He can see if has been tampered with. Thank you, both of you." you pulled your hands from Hana and gave her a big hug. "I am really glad I have you guys looking out for me." Lena abruptly stood up and blinked away in an instant! The only sign of which way she went, was the swinging cafeteria doors. "Lena!" you called out before realizing you'd never catch up. "Where did she go?"


Blue blurs of light were all over the base as Lena was searching for the fugitive responsible. She found her sitting at a table in one of their tv rooms with Mei. Drinking tea as if she hadn't just tried to sabotage _____.

"Symmetra!" Lena yelled as she walked over to the pair.

Hello Lena. How may I as-" Lena's hands slammed onto the table as she leaned forward in Symmetra's face.

"Zip it. If you did ANYTHING to try and hurt _____, you are going to rue this day." The piercing anger in Lena's eyes read there was truth to her words.

"I don't know what you're talking about. If you're done with your wild allegations, Miss Zhou and I were having tea." She held her teacup to her lips to hide a smile that had formed as she thought of what the gun could do to _____.

"Watch it Vaswani." The blur trailed behind Lena as she blinked away. Hana had heard the noise as she caught Lena by stopping in front of her.

"_____ went to talk to Ana. I overheard you and told her since you vanished. Where did you go?" Hana asked pausing her handheld and looked up at the flustered Brit.

"Had to find Symmetra and give her a piece of my mind!" Lena growled before taking nice slow, deep breaths and nodding. "Thank you Hana. I had to confront Symmetra. I can't believe she would stoop this low."

"Hey. _____ is a smart girl. We know this. She is going to be alright. She said she'd talk to to Torbjorn and she will." Hana gave Lena a hug before unpausing her game and walking away. "Night Lena!" she called behind her as she turned the corner.

"Night." Lena walked her way back to her room to calm down and take a breather. '_____ will be alright!' she mentally reassured herself over and over as she arrived at her room. Her bag on her bed with a smiley face sticker on top. _____. Lena laughed at the sticker before moving the bag and laying down. "_____ will be alright." she said aloud before closing her eyes and slowly began to drift off to sleep.


You made your way to Level J to meet Ana in the sanctuary and you knew you were close. The sweet smell of Lavender tea filled the stair well and soft music was playing as you got further up the staircase.

'I wonder what Captain wants to talk to me about.' you opened the door and was met by Captain her pajamas? Her silver hair, usual in a braid was now flowing down her back which was covered in a beautiful Egyptian mural of a falcon. She turned holding two cups of tea with soft smile.

"Sorry to keep you awake this late. I wanted to personally inform you, rather than Athena, that you've been assigned to a mission." Ana sipped her tea as you gasped and fell onto the couch. Handing over the tea after the initial shock had worn off a bit. "It has been over seven weeks since you first started as an official agent of Overwatch. So I watched your demonstration of your suit's newest addition and deemed it and you, ready for this mission."

"Wait. Like a mission, mission right? Not a 'run to the store, we're out of something' mission?" your head shook in shame as you remembered getting so excited only to have Lena tell you that it was because we were out of peanut butter. Oh the embarrassment of showing up full suit.

"No no. Nothing like that. It will be a recon mission. You'll have a briefing mission tomorrow morning at 0800. That is all I can tell you." she dismissed you with a smile as you sat your hardly touched tea down.

"Thank you Captain Amari! G-Goodnight!" you had so much excited energy, you damn near tripped down the stairs! Finally! A real mission! Your mind wandered about where you would be going, when you'll be going, how long you'll be gone! You flopped onto your bed when you heard a paper crunch.

"Huh?" you pulled you sweater from under your butt and gulped. " O-Oh right. The letter." you hand pulled the letter from inside the pocket. Your finger began to lift the flap when you stopped.
'What could it say? Is it from Roadhog or Junkrat?' you thought as you pulled the letter out and read it with a sigh.



You're right. You are right to be pissed to all Hell at me. But listen, you've got it wrong sheila. It didn't go down like ya think it did. Lemme tell what went down that night. My side. I want to talk to ya without worryin about ya blowing me head off! Throw me a bone here.



His iconic smiley face was drawn next to his signature as you thought of yours being similar but with the tongue sticking out. You still remember when he sketched it up for you to put up so they know which hovel of a house was yours.

'Should you do this _____? After all that happened? After tomorrow's briefing. Don't let this distract you. Bed. Now." You forced yourself to push all the distracting thoughts from your mind as you laid down. "Athena could you set an alarm for 0700 please?" you asked aloud, pulling the blanket up to your chin.

"Of course Agent _____. Alarm set."

"Thank you Athena."

"Goodnight Agent _____."

"Goodnight Athena."

Chapter Text

The alarm and Athena's voice woke you from your dream of talking pickles and space wars.

"Good Morning Agent _____. You have a mission briefing at 0800. Breakfast is being served earlier to accommodate the agents on the same mission."

"Thank you Athena." You rolled out of bed with a groan and grabbed your outfit for the day and decided that brushing your hair was adequate for the day.


As you made your way to the cafeteria, you saw Hana coming out of the weight room with a towel around her neck.

"Oh hey Hana! What are you doing up this early? Or did you not go to bed yet?" you joked with a soft laugh as she jabbed your side.

"I did go to sleep early thank you. I'm going on a mission next week and I'll be gone for about two weeks. Going as a security detail back home, so I have to be ready for anything!" she flexed her arms and made a weird grunt.

"That long? Whoa. Well I got a mission finally! A real mission."

"Not an emergency store run?" Hana laughed then sighed. "Yeah they're fun and pretty easy at first. Then they get harder and harder then you're out there for longer. That's the life of an Overwatch agent!" her little wink made you smile and gave you a bit more courage in yourself as an agent.

"Wanna join me for some breakfast? I think it's eggs or something because this whole hallway smells of it."

"That sounds delicious right now. That and I want to see who else is on the mission with you." she followed with a nod and then went into discussion on how Protoss isn't the same and Zerg is where it's at.


When you both walked in, you immediately saw the Shimada brothers at the omelette bar. When you got closer you heard, they were bickering about what does and doesn't go on an omelette.

"Hey Hanzo! Genji! Good morning to you both." you greeted as the archer tensed up when you got closer.

"Hey _____, you're on this mission too?" Genji asked passing you a plate with an open omelette on it.

"Yep! My first real mission." You began to put veggies and cheese on yours. Hana piled hers with berries and Genji had meats and cheese stuffed into his. Hanzo however just had a plain omelette.

"No additions for you Hanzo?"

"He says eggs are fine by themselves." Genji verbally prodded his brother with a smile.

"I enjoy the simpler things Genji." Hanzo grumbled.

"And there is nothing wrong with that." You gently nudged him before sitting down with Hana, who had now whipped out her handheld. Her score was quickly multiplying!

"Whoa Hana, you're amazing!"

"I know." she bragged but then a boop and a bones fell from the top of the screen. "Wha-wha?!"


"_____! I almost beat my last score!" she bonked you on the head then angrily began to eat her omelette.

"Sorry." you gave her a couple of head pats to appease her anger.

"Do you guys know what kind of mission this is?"

"If it's Hanzo and I, it's possibly a recon mission. Since you're going, it's probably going to be in a hot area. So you, Hanzo and I it's go-"

"And me! Don't y’all forget me now!" that deep Southern drawl.

"Jesse!" You turned and waved at the incoming cowboy.

"Well there goes the stealth theory." Hanzo sighed as Jesse sat in between you and Hanzo.

"I'm plenty sneaky Han!" Jesse hollered as Genji laughed and shook his head.

"Those spurs and red cape? Oh yeah. The definition of incognito." he added with another laugh.

"_____! Tell them how sneaky I am!" He pleaded with puppy eyes.

"Sneaking alcohol onto base? Pretty damn well. Sneaking in at 3 a.m. only to have Reyes catch because you were talking about how they shouldn't switch the keyboards around. Nah." you shook your head as Hanzo quickly smiled before eating the rest of his omelette. McCree slumped as you gave him gentle back pats.

"You wound me sugar." he held your hand with sad puppy eyes.

"You will be alright." you looked around the table as you asked, "Do you know anything else regarding our mission?"

"Nah. They don't really tell us more than what kind of mission it's going to be. All the rest comes at the briefing." Mccree replied with a shrug. "It's how it's always been." You merely nodded and finished up your omelette before the cafeteria door swung open.

"Genji. Hanzo. McCree. _____. Briefing in ten minutes. Conference room." Reyes yelled then left.

"That's our cue!" McCree hopped up and motioned for you to follow. You leaned over and quickly hugged Hana before getting up.

"Wish me luck!"

"행운을 빕니다!" she waved then continued eating and gobbling her omelette down.

"Sometimes I wonder if that thing controls her mind." Hanzo whispered as he walked next to you. You covered your mouth to smother your laughter and gave a soft elbow nudge.

"So you are funny too."

"When I want to be." he said with a small smile as McCree turned and shook his head.

"Hey Han, there is plenty of time to pitch whoopie. We got a mission briefing!" McCree grinned wide as Hanzo blushed and swung at the cowboy.

"Zip it McCree!" Hanzo chased Jesse into the conference room as Genji lost control of his laughter.

"Whoopie?" you tilted your head, confused.

"Essentially trying to bed you." Genji said as he shook his head.

"J-Jesse! You dick!" you hollered running into the conference room as well.


After dealing McCree a few blows, you took a seat next to Hanzo and sighed.

"That dummy."

"Agreed." Hanzo glared at the smiling cowboy at the end of the table. Reyes walked in and began passing manilla folders out to each of you before pulling up a map of Washington state.

"Alright we've got a terrorist group popping up in the US. They're growing and spreading towards the West coast. Their most recent attack was on the coast of Washington state. They sent a letter to the local government of where their next attacks may be. We've been in contact with the state's government and located an area in the northern forests where a lot of power is being pulled to. So that's where we come in. We'll be dropped off about twenty miles East of them in the most nearby town. We'll 4x4 our way up until we got about ten minutes from them. Then we'll walk up and keep high ground on them." The map zoomed in into a mountain range and the long red line split into three different colors. "Genji and McCree. You'll be going right. I'll be going left. Hanzo and _____, you two will be keep straight and be where we'll go back after seeing what we need to or if things go wrong. _____, we'll have you set up your shield, hidden behind some trees. Hanzo you'll be high up on a stationary watch point for us. Genji same for you but you'll be following McCree." Reyes pointed to the various colored lines that circled around their target area. "In the folder, you'll find the terrorist leader photo, what their bombs look like, what their goons look like and a couple of trip wires they discovered without tripping them. I want you guys to memorize the map and trip wires. I don't want any accidents and one of you losing a limb. Questions?" McCree's hand shot up. "Jesse."

"We gonna have a healer or...?" he asked with a shrug. "I'm just concerned is all. I'm just saying."

"Well if nothing goes wrong we'll be fine. If something goes wrong, we have a few of Morrison's canisters. You'll be fine." Reyes replied with a roll of his eyes.

"What if I get shot?!" McCree threw his hands up, appalled.

"Try to hold it in then." Reyes smirked as you covered your mouth to stifle the laugh. McCree gasped and whipped his to head to look at you.

"Oh _____! That hurts!"

"You drama king. You'll be fine." You leaned over and flipped his hat off his head with a smile.

"Yeah Jesse. You'll be fine." Reyes laughed and patted his back roughly. "We leave tomorrow at 0700. You're dismissed." Reyes added leaving the room with a wave to the group.
You opened the folder, gazing over the map locations and the drop off point. Your fingers pulled the photo of the head honcho from under the other photos.

"Oh holy hell!" you slammed the photo face down and put your head down with a quiet laugh. Hanzo looked over and nudged you.

"Are you alright?" you flipped the photo over.

"His hair gel could protect him from a headshot!" you leaned over and showed Hanzo the photo even closer.

"You could see yourself." Hanzo agreed as he looked at it with a sigh.

"Oh ew. Look at 'em Genji!. That could be oil. I can't look at 'im!" McCree flipped it over and slid it away.

"Okay okay. Time to focus on map and positioning and move our thoughts from the gross helmet hair man." Genji joked as he looked at the virtual map and then the paper map.


After memorizing the information, you and Hanzo made your way to the training area.

"So why did you want to watch my practice?" Hanzo asked pulling an arrow back and aiming.

"Kinda odd how you use such an old weapon in this day and age."

"Old. I believe you mean traditional. It's how I was raised along with Genji." He began to quickly fire off and headshot each target. You quietly watched as he continued then saw some blue fur on Hanzo's...back? Moving closer, you peeked behind him and saw...a furry snake?

"What's that?" you gently prodded the furry snake.

"Wh-Somen?" he turns and sees his dragon looking up at him with a soft purring. Another chirp and there was another furry snake around his waist. "Udon!"

"Are those...dragons?" you asked gently patting Somen, who then jumped onto your shoulder. "A-Aaah!" you jolted then stilled. "This is..."

"Somen! Get over here now. You are so rude." Hanzo reached out and tried to grab his dragon who began to skitter around your body.

"AMAZING!" you laughed and gently picked up Somen. "Aren't you just the cutest thing. Hanzo, you have dragons? Where did they come from?"

"Th-They're magical...they come from my," he cleared his throat, realizing how crazy it sounded to someone who didn't know. "My tattoo."

"That's...absolutely amazing. These little cuties out of your pretty cool tattoo. Damn." you cuddled Somen and Udon began chirping loudly at you, pawing at you. "Aww did you want up too?"

"Oh you are the biggest babies. You two act like I ignore you." he scolded them harshly as they hid on and behind your head.

"Aw, Hanzo. They just want female attention." you giggled as you scratched their chins and pet their fur. Hanzo watched you as the two scampered around you like cats on catnip.

"I...I have a question for you _____."

"Shoot." you said looking at Somen who tackled Udon.

"What is going on and Jamison?" your face dropped as you didn't really want to discuss this with him. "I mean I don't mean to pry but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here for you." He added gently squeezing your shoulder with a smile.

"Thank you Hanzo. That issue however is a whole other can of shit on it's own." you sighed as you remembered the letter that now sat in your dresser drawer. Somen and Udon nuzzled your face and chirped at you. "Thank you little furry snakes." You continued to watch Hanzo shoot and played with the dragons.


After training, you ate a small dinner due to have an upset stomach and that was mostly due to nervousness. Lena and Hana came by to wish you luck with an adorable baby blue bunny clock and that was your new alarm clock. You set it for six a.m. and laid down only to have your mind race at a million miles with a million thoughts of what could go wrong. Then you remember the sedative pill Angela had given you.

'To calm your nerves before going to sleep. We've all had our first mission jitters. You'll get a full cycle of sleep and be well rested!' You took the pill and quickly swallowed the water you kept on your bedside table. You waited a bit before your eyes began to droop and you slid under the covers with a smile.


Alarming blaring and you jumped up, turning it off. You grabbed your pack and got dressed in pre mission clothes. They had a changing room on the jet so you were good.

"Agents Hanzo, McCree, Genji and _____. Report to Helipad." Athena announced in your room. Your hands were suddenly vice grips around the bag straps.

"You're alright. You've got your whole team. You'll be safe and keep them safe. Man up! think back to home!" you amped yourself up and got the courage to make your way to the Helipad where you saw McCree loading his bag on the jet.

"Mornin' _____!" he greeted holding his hand out for your bag. You passed it when you smelled your favorite coffee and you spun around to see Lena.

"Lena! Coffee!"

"I came to bring you your go go juice!" she hugged you tightly and passed your mug to you. "Also to wish you luck!"

"I am terrified." you whispered and squeezed tighter.

"I understand love. But you're going to do amazing. I guarantee it." she reassured you by rubbing your back.

"Where are the Shimadas?" Reyes groaned as he saw neither of the two.

"Over here!" Genji waved as he and Hanzo strolled up behind Lena.

"Alright let's load up and head out!" Gabriel motioned for them to gather.

"Without us seeing you off? Oh that's cold Gabe." Jack yelled as he, Ana and Angela came into view.

"Okay yeah yeah. _____'s first mission but she's ready to go!" he grabbed your shoulder and shook you gently. You rolled your eyes and laughed as you shook Morrison's hand and received a hug from Ana and Angela.

"See you soon and be safe!" Ana yelled as the ramp began to fold up and secured shut. A few more agents came to wave goodbye and wish them luck. Torb came running and let out a Swedish swear.

"They left. Dammit." Lena turned a bit confused.

"Didn't _____ get her suit checked by you?" she asked as her heart began to speed up.

"No! That's why I came to clear her suit to go!" he replied shaking his head.

"Oh god no."

Chapter Text

The jet came to a hover and the door opened as McCree and Genji began attaching ropes to anchor points for scaling down. Hanzo threw the excess off the ramp as you came from the changing room to watch.

"Alright guys. Let's go." Reyes said as he clipped himself onto the line. The rest followed as you gripped your bag tightly. Oh no. They want you to scale down and it's so high up. You dropped your bag off and crawled to the ramp to peek over the edge.

"Come on _____!" McCree yelled up after seeing you crawl back in. Gabe was confused as he clicked his communication device on.

"_____. What are you doing?" he asked pulling one of the lines for your attention.

"T-Too high. Too high!" you replied gripping one of the seats in fear. The guys looked to Gabe as he shook his head.

"She's got acrophobia."

"Hold on." Hanzo began to climb back up. "I'll bring her down." He arrived at the top and crouched down next to you. "How about you climb onto my back and we can repel down together? You can even keep your eyes closed." he offered with a soft smile that calmed your racing heart.

"Sounds better than them having to land this somewhere." you nodded as Hanzo turned around. You climbed up and held onto him as if you were to float away if you were to let go. As he repelled down, your eyes were closed and it looked as if Hanzo was getting choked out.

"Probably should have told you of my fear of heights beforehand." you said looking up at your lead officer.

"We could have landed ya know. Just speak up next time alright? If something bothers you let me know." Gabe said giving you a quick head pat. "Alright our three ATVs are in the safehouse behind me. There's only three so pair up."

"I'll ride with you boss!" Jesse joked as Gabe handed out the keys. He paused as he shifted the key from Jesse to Genji.

"You are now assigned to ride with Genji." He opened the garage as Genji gave Jesse the key with a snicker.

"I'll let you drive." Genji said sitting on the back facing outward. The cowboy grumbled as he started the ATV with a smile.

"This baby's got power!" he laughed and revved it with a smile. You and Hanzo climbed aboard yours as your partner looked a little confused.

"You know how to start it?" you asked while peeking over his shoulder.

"Of course I do." with a push of a button, the headlights came on. You leaned further with a lifted eyebrow as you pushed the ignition start.

"A simple miscalculation." he sat up straight as Genji said something about an old goat.

"Follow me and I'll motion when we turn and whoever is behind me pass it to whoever is behind you." Reyes pulled out followed by Jesse then you.


The 'road', if it could be called that, was rock filled and quite a bit unstable but the ATVs handled it pretty well. Looking over Hanzo's shoulder you saw Genji sitting with his legs crossed making motions at Hanzo. One being a part of The Robot dance, with his arm dangling side to side.

"What's he doing?" you asked laughing softly in Hanzo's ear. The closeness and breath on his ear caused his cheeks to burn a bright red. Genji saw and put his hands to face with shock.

"B-Being an idiot." Hanzo replied as his brother held a thumbs up and nodded. Hanzo's eyes rolled as his shook in disappointment. You gripped Hanzo's shoulders and stood up a bit to see how far ahead Reyes was. McCree made a motion they were turning left as Genji was goofing around. Hanzo smirked as they turned and Genji quickly gripped the seat bars looking rather stiff and startled. Reyes' voice sounded off on your comms as he started to slow down.

"Pull off to the left here. We're gonna hide these things in the ditch there." The group proceeded to park and make their ways up the hillside.

'A hill?! More like a damn mountain!' you thought as you had never gone up such a steep incline.

You all had to remain vigilant as you all watched for cameras and tripwires. Getting closer to the compound, you slowed to scan even harder.

"Alright, this is where we split off. ______. Set up your shield about ten feet ahead." Reyes said softly into the comm. You nodded and pulled the disks from your belt and powered them on. Genji and Jesse broke right as Reyes broke left. You moved a bit more forward and set up you shield's position as a safe point. Nodding to Hanzo, he climbed up the tree with speed and set up his watch.

"How many do you got Hanzo?"

"They have ten armed upfront." he replied looking over the area once more.


"We have twelve on our side with ten armed."

"Reyes, if I may speak?" you asked with a confused tone.

"Go ahead."

"Isn't it a tad strange?"


"If they chose this area, wouldn't it be better to surround themselves with tripwires and bombs rather than arming their unders? Did anyone see any tripwires on your way up?" The total consensus was no. "See, that's weird."

"Maybe they're saving their stock." Jesse whispered.

"Maybe, I see what you mean though. Everyone be extra cautious as you approach. Genji, you feeling up to go in?"

"Of course." Genji replied coming down the tree next to Jesse.

"Alright. Hanzo, take my position and I'll move in."

"Copy that." Hanzo jumped through the trees and took the spot above Reyes.

"We're moving in." Reyes said as he misted and moved along the ground. Genji moved swiftly to the wall of the nearest buildings. He stopped and looked down before leaping up over a tripwire.

"The building has tripwires around it." Genji alerted Reyes who stopped as he got to the far left building.

"I see them. They're about two and a half up from the ground. Theory proven _____." Reyes gave you kudos as he moved against the building. Genji was watching left and right to check for incoming unders. Two came from the right and Genji dashed taking them out. Reyes cleared his way into the warehouse by going under the door. The inside was filled with huge shipping containers that boxed something he couldn't see. He fixed that by teleporting to the top of one of the containers and peeked over to see a huge piece of machinery. It was getting worked on by at least a dozen people. It looked like pure tech so Reyes began to take photos to look over later.
Genji scaled the warehouse and crouched on the roof, scanning to see if there was any inlet for him. A small window allowed him a look inside. It too had a tech machine so he took a few pictures as well.

"I see some sort of machine." Genji whispered as he moved away from the window.

"Same. Let's pull out and move out."


You stood watching and waiting for everyone to regroup when you saw a man walking towards you.

"Reyes. Someone is moving in towards my position." you backed up behind your shield when you saw he was armed.

"Does he see you?" Reyes asked as he disappeared and appeared under Hanzo.

"No I don't think so but he's getting closer." you quickly maneuvered around a tree and steadied your breathing. You knew this man could kill you should he move past your shield. Your heart was banging in your chest as you gripped your gun in its holster.

"Stay hidden. We're coming back."

"What the fuck." you heard the man had found your shield. You were a mere ten feet away from it. He was putting his hand through it before he talked softly and you couldn't hear. Suddenly alarms were blaring and a group of men were moving onto your location.

"New plan. Attack." Arrows shot into the man as you moved from behind the tree and started firing your gun. You had six pre loaded charges before you had to take fire. You moved from behind your shield and took a few bullets as Genji's sword dashed through two men and McCree's stun was the first sign he was closing in. Your suit began to vibrate as you were charging up while also firing to even it out.

Another group moved in and your suit was taking more bullets when you locked up. Your body was vibrating violently causing your muscles pure pain as you tried to fight against it. Your eyes moved to your gauge on the gun that wasn't releasing the proper amount of energy that a regular charge is. It soon read malfunction and the suit was panicking as the fail safe wasn't triggering.

"I-I can't move!" Someone had seen you as a down target and launched an RPG at your shield. The blast had knocked your immovable body senseless. Your head was spinning as you tried to regain your bearings but felt your suit had shutdown. Hanzo came running and you saw blood on his hands after he lifted your head slowly.

"______? Ar-...alri-..." Hanzo's voice was fading in and out as you realized you had a concussion.

"We gotta get her outta here!" Jesse yelled as he and Genji ran behind your shield. Reyes put one of Morrison's canisters in your hand and activated it.

"We can't move from behind the shield without getting fucked full of holes." he replied as he sent an S.O.S and request for Angela to be on the jet. You held up your wrist to Reyes and the charge percentage read 98%. He smirked and pushed the button that sent the men flying into trees and each other.

"Move!" he yelled after putting you on Hanzo's back who ran down the hill with quick maneuvering. Your disks came flying back and clicked to your belt.

"How long until the jet arrives?" Hanzo asked as he gently set you on the ATV and climbed aboard, leaning you against his chest.

"ETA is about twenty minutes. Angela will be on board so she'll be alright."

"I don't know boss. Her head is bleeding pretty bad. I also think she has a concussion." Jesse said starting up his ATV. Hanzo held you close to his chest as the yellow light surrounded your body and his.

"We've got Morrison's cans and Angela on the way. Not much we can do but keep her awake." Reyes snapped back.


They rode off as you tried to talk to Hanzo the best you could. Of course, you wanted to sleep but Hanzo's soft slaps kept you awake.

"Is-Is it bad?" you asked as you felt the breeze on your head and realized just much blood was coming out.

"It's not good but you're alive and conscious." Hanzo replied as he turned the vehicle into the garage. "Angela is on her way so, stay awake until then." he added as he picked you up and saw the blood on his chest and his heart picked up speed.

"Reyes she's losing too much blood." he said as he carried you into the safehouse and the light showed just how pale you were becoming.

"I'm so tired Hanzo." you whispered as you pulled his sleeve.

"Jesus." Reyes saw the actual extent of your injury and Jesse had to look away for a minute.

"Angela is about six minutes out. I guess the cans can only stop so much. Jesse grab some towels. Dampen them with warm water. Gotta stop or in this case slow her bleeding." Jesse moved quickly as Genji walked outside to await the jet and Angela. "Hanzo. Keep her awake. I'm gonna join Genji outside." Hanzo nodded as Gabe walked out the front door and put a hand on Genji's back.

"_____. Look at me and stay awake." Hanzo spoke as his hand gently rested on your cheek.

"But I'm so sleepy. Can't I just...nap. For a second?" you asked as your eyes closed. Hanzo's hand lifted and met your cheek with a soft crack. "OW!" your eyes opened wide. "The fuck Hanzo?!" you yelled and it zapped your energy at the force you exerted.

"Stay. Awake." Jesse came in and held the towel out to Hanzo who carefully put it against your head with pressure.

"O-Ow!" you whimpered as the cut was sore. "Stop hurting me!" your eyes watered and Hanzo's heart felt a sharp pang. He didn't want to hurt you but the pressure and smacks were necessary to save your life.

"If we don't stop the bleeding, you're not going to make it by the time Angela gets here." your eyes drooped after the can had run out. It fell from your grip and hit the floor with a clang. You were fading in and out of consciousness as Jesse yelled for Reyes. Your eyes drifted to Hanzo's face and saw...tears? Your hearing became fuzzy as the tunnel vision kicked in and the last thing you remembered was bright yellow light and you felt so light.

Chapter Text

So unfortunately due to a misplaced journal, I have lost chapters 11 and 12 before they could get typed out. I write them down before I type them out as it helps me find my mistakes. So I have rewritten chapter 11 and will be uploading it later today. I'm sorry for the long wait guys but I promise its gonna get better for reader! Thank you for understanding.


Chapter Text

Beeping. Over and over as your fuzzy mind tried to come to some sort of conciousness and force your eyes open. A white ceiling? The smell of starched sheets that wrapped around you like a warm cocoon of healing. Your eyes wandered over to your right and you saw a machine with five lines moving across the screen. That's where the beeping was sounding from. To your left you saw Angela's wonderous staff streaming glowing yellow streams to you. Your body felt heavy and tired as you forced it to lift your hand and slam against the call nurse button on your railing.

'Fuck! I shouldn't have used the IV hand.' you winced and groaned as your hand fell and your other hand flopped to cradle it. Another bad idea as your finger sensor detached and sounded the Patient Is Dying alarm. Angela came rushing in with a kit of some sort and sighed in relief as she saw your eyes opened and looking towards her.

"Well a good afternoon to you _____! It's good to see you awake my dear. You were in and out and we thought...." her voice paused as she closed her eyes and shook her head. "We thought the worst. Your lungs were not taking in the oxygen it needed, the swelling of your brain..." Angela paused as she quickly rubbed her eyes and smiled. "But, you're awake and well! How do you feel?" she smiled as her eyes moved to the machine and began to take down your vitals on her clipboard.

"Fuzzy and rather heavy. I feel as though I am made of concrete." your eyes drooped as you lazily tilted your head to look at her. "Kinda floaty too."

"That would be the drugs. Your body took quite the blow. A few broken ribs along with a concussion with massive bleeding. Unfortunately you've only been asleep about nine days, meaning," she pulled a syringe from her coat and connected it to your IV before you held a hand up.

"Wait. How is everyone?" you asked as you remembered Hanzo's sorrowful eyes right before the beaming light.

"If you mean Hanzo and the others, they did mental evaluations and they were relieved to hear you had stabilized. Also, Jamison has tried to visit but I had stopped him due to Lena relaying the history between you two." Angela's face showed an uncomfortable look as she felt awful having heard it from Lena and not you.

"Don't worry about it. You can let him in. I don't mind." your eyes closed as you softly sighed. "Alright go ahead. I'm ready." Angela nodded as she pushed the plunger and your body felt like it was spinning around the room and your head felt so floaty.

"I'll wake you up when you're all healed up." Angela's voice faded as your thoughts swirled along with your consciousness. Junk did care. He wanted to patch up what he'd done. Maybe, just maybe...then sleep overcame you.


Lena came zooming in with a bright bouquet of (f/c) flowers for you and a get well soon card.

"I got your message! She woke up?" she asked as she put the flowers in a bright yellow vase and fluffed them lightly.

"She did. She was worried more for you all then herself. Her injuries were still in bad shape but the morphine kept her from feeling how severe they actually were. I, of course, had to induce her. I would give her a few more days before she is fully healed up." Angela gave a nod as she sat down at the end of your bed.

"She was touch and go for a bit and that was what worried me." Lena began to softly brush your hair before she frowned, "Did you ask about Junkrat?"

"She said to let him in. I'll try to schedule him in when you aren't here." her pen scribbling down the days when Lena came in
"Angela....I need to," her voice caught as she stopped brushing and set it aside. "I need to tell you something."

"Go ahead. I'm listening." Angela smiled and held the clipboard close to her chest.

"I believe this was caused by...Symmetra." The doctor's head tilted when she heard Lena.

"Symmetra wasn't assigned to this mission."

"Sabotage. She altered _____'s gun." Lena's hand found yours and squeezed, hoping you would feel her there with you. Angela quickly stood and grabbed Lena's shoulder in response.

"Lena, that is a very serious accusation. Do you want to take this further? Take it to the Commanders?"Angela asked as she locked eyes with the girl before her.

"I do Ang. With two witnesses. They say they saw Symmetra with the gun while wandering through the dorms." Lena replied. "Lucio and Hana." Angela's eyes widened as she quickly wrote down Lena's claim and that it had witnesses to testify they saw the event.

"So we have evidence." her voice trailed off and she thought of what else they could do.

"Torbjorn was the one who helped her with her gun correct?" Lena gave a confirming nod. "Then he can have a look at it and tell us exactly what happened to her suit and gun. See what went wrong." Angela quickly moved to her office and came swiftly with a pack. Your suit and gun with the disks were inside as she passed it to Lena. "See if you can get Hana and Lucio to come meet with me. I'll take down their statements and get them to Jack and the others." Angela nodded as Lena rushed off to Torbjorn's workshop.

"TORB!" Lena yelled as she pulled his door open and startled the poor Swedish man.

"GAH!" Torbjorn fell from his chair with a thump. "LENA! You can't do that to a man my age!" he gripped his chest as his breathing began to even out and he let out a sigh. Noticing your pack he lifted an eyebrow. "Are they trying to say it's my fault because that's a-" Lena shook her head and began to empty the pack on the table.

"No no no no! We need you to look it over and see if there was any alterations not done by either of you. Sabotage if you will." Lena replied as she spread out the suit and lined the gun up next to it.

"Sabotage eh?" he glanced over the suit and held the gun in his hand, turning it over and gave a nod. "I'll see what I can find and get back to you."

"Thank you. I gotta go but just have Athena message me if you do." Lena gave a small salute before she bursted away to find Lucio and Hana.


She found the couple relaxing, sprawled across the couch in one of the rec rooms and motioned them to come to her.

"Lena, I just got comfy. I'm not moving." Hana pouted and pulled the Doritos to her chest.

"It's about ______." she whispered and watched as the two hopped up in a flash.

"Is she alright?!" Hana's panicked expression and grip on Lena's arm alarmed her. She fired off rapid questions and was silenced by Lucio's hand.

"What's going on?" Lucio asked calmly.

"I told Angela about ______'s gun and Vaswani. She wants to meet up with you guys and get the story from both of you." Lena replied as she gave Hana a hug to ensure her it was going to be alright.

"We'll do what we can." Lucio said as he gave her a soft smile.

"For ______." Hana spoke as she followed Lena with Lucio to the Medical Bay.


Angela heard the door open as she grabbed a pen and notepad before meeting the trio in your room.

"She's looking much better than when she first was stabilized." Lucio remembered just how swollen and bloody you were when they put you into a coma.

"I'm sorry to bring you here under these circumstances but I need the story from each of you. Since the claims made are as serious as they are, are you all sure you're willing to take these up to the higher ups?" Angela's voice was stern instead of usual lilting tones. They all nodded as Angela wrote down Lucio's name first. "I'll listen to Lucio first then Hana. Separately. Would you two mind stepping out for a bit." The two nodded as the door shut and Angela cleared her throat. "Tell me what happened and what you saw. Do not leave out anything as this is going to help _____." she held her pen at the ready as Lucio began.

"Hana and I were leaving her room after a long stream and needed food. We were walking down the hall when we saw Symmetra twiddling with something. Being kind, I said hello and she turned so fast! She hid whatever she had and said she had to leave. She walked away quick and that's when Hana pointed out that she saw _____'s gun. We then followed her and saw her go into the locker room and heard _____. So we kinda just assumed she knew Symmetra had her gun." he paused and looked over at your unconscious body and shook his head. "I feel like we should have made sure she got her suit checked! Made sure she had full inspection done..." Lucio felt awful inside that this had happened. That his friend was lying there, hurt and broken. Knowing he could have done more to prevent it.

"Lucio." Angela spoke softly as her hand rested atop his. "You didn't know she had done any harm to _____'s gear." she smiled and gently squeezed his hand. "Is that all?"

"We then met up with Lena, Hanzo, Genji and _____." he added remembering their dinner.

"Thank you Lucio. From both _____ and I." she flipped the page and signed Hana's full name at the top. "Will you send Hana in?" Lucio opened the door and motioned his counterpart in.


As Angela spoke with Hana, Athena alerted Lena in the hall.

"Agent Oxton, Agent Lindholm demands your immediate presence in his workshop. Shall I confirm?"

"Yes! Tell him I'm on my way!" She blinked away and made her way towards Torb's workshop when she crashed into Ana. Knocking the poor woman down!

"اللعنة على الجحيم! Lena?" Ana asked as Lena quickly helped her up.

"I'm so sorry Captain but I got to go!" the Brit was gone in an instant leaving a rather confused Amari.

"What do you got Torb?" Lena asked running into his room and looking at the table. Torbjorn had disassembled your gun and strewn the pieces out except the main board that was in front of him.

"It WAS sabotage." he pointed to the wires. "The polarities and power were fiddled with. The import and export wires have been switched. So instead of exporting the damage to her gun, it was imported back back into her suit. The power of the imported energy was amped up well past the acceptable range." Torbjorn continued to look over the suit as well.

"Keep this just how it is. Angela will want to see it." Lena was urged more than ever to tell the higher ups herself!

'No. Stay calm. Angela has this all under control.' Two loud knocks brought Lena back to the situation as the door opened and in walked Symmetra. Lena quickly moved in front of the table and blocked your gun from her eyes.

"Can you leave please. We're working on something private." Lena more than less commanded.

"I have an appointment with Torbjorn." Symmetra moved to the side and saw the work spread out. "Oh. _____'s gun? I see. Since the incident, you should probably find out what she did wrong." the smug words left her lips and Lena was upon her like a rapid monkey! Her fist connected with Symmetra's cheek while she hollered.

"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!" Lena's right fist connected to Symmetra's cheek once more as her other hand gripped Satya's arm.

"Get OFF of me!" the woman yelled trying to throw the Brit over, only to elbow her in the mouth.

"Alerting Commander Morrison and other Agents to assist." Athena announced and a few moments later, Winston and McCree came running into seperate the two.

"She could have died!" Lena's voice cracked as her tears clouded her vision and judgement. Winston held her tightly as she whimpered and shook. Whether the shaking be from anger or sadness, he didn't know.

"What in the Hell is going on in here?!" Jack yelled as he came running in to the scene.

"Lena attacked Symmetra I believe." McCree replied as Jack looked at Lena who was a sobbing mess then to Satya who was nursing a swollen cheek.

"Conference room now." Jack ordered as Satya followed behind him and Winston slowly released Lena, who in a blur, once again darted and slammed Symmetra into the ground.
"SEPERATE THEM!" Jack commanded Winston who pulled the kicking Lena off. Her limbs flying wildly as her rage had finally come to the surface. All the times she saw you unconscious, all the times she held your hand hoping you would come out of it and how much she felt like it was all on her shoulders. All the pain you went through just because she forgot to tell you to go to Torbjorn.

"Lena! What is wrong?" Winston asked as he held her closely.

"That two faced snake is the reason why _____ is in a coma!" Jack's face twisted into confusion as his eyes snapped to Symmetra.

"Care to explain?"

"Lena accused me of sabotaging _____ ten days ago. I denied it and she then threatened me before leaving." Symmetra replied wincing as her cheek had become even more swollen.

"Well? Do you deny what she claims?" Jack asked as Lena scoffed.

"Try to! We've got evidence and statements!" Lena pointed to Torb's workshop and shook her head. "Try Symmetra."

"Her gun's wires were soldered to the wrong polarities and functions, causing her suit to internally combust." Torb showed Jack the tampering of the agent's gun.

"McCree. Take Symmetra into custody until we get the stateme-" he stopped when he saw the woman take off down the hallway. "She's running for the exit!" he charged towards her and Winston let Lena go and she sprinted into action. Before they even made it around the corner to catch up, they saw the Indian woman hit the floor, unconscious. Ana stood above her and shook her head. Her attention now on Jack with a somber expression.

"We can't just brush this into the paperwork Jack. Not like the other incidents."

"I know. Lena. Who has the statements and who are the witnesses?" Jack asked turning to face Lena.

"Angela has them and it's Hana and Lucio who saw Symmetra and warned _____." Lena replied as she flexed her hands open and closed. Ana looked at Symmetra then back to Lena, trying to comprehend how one Overwatch agent could turn on another.

"We'll put her in a holding cell and have _____ woken up. We're getting to the bottom of this insanity." Ana said as she led Lena towards the Medbay.

"I see why you were in such a rush." Ana smiled as Lena remembered mowing the older woman down. Before she could apologize, Ana held her hand up. "You did it for your friend. That shows just how much you care for her. All of you. Also I saw that scuffle between you two. Let's get our girl up and see if everything matches what she says to the statements made." she punched into the keypad and met Angela with a smile.

"Ana. Lena!" Angela saw the younger girl's bleeding lip.

"We'll explain later. Is it true?" Ana asked and Angela nodded as she gave Ana the notepad.

"From my point of view and what I've heard, it seems to be true. Did Torbjorn find anything?"

"Her wires were mixed up and backwards. They took Symmetra into a holding cell and said we needed to get _____ woken up and ready." LEna said she walked into your room with heart heavy and mind full of 'I should have's.

"Don't worry Lena. I'll get her up and somewhat mentally there." Angela said as she walked into the supply room. "Tell Jack to give me about fifteen minutes. I'll have her down there." she added pulling a couple of syringes and bottles from the shelves.


After the two left and Angela woke you up, you were excited and pumped up.

"Angela? Why do I feel like I could run a ten mile race while painting fifty houses at the same time?" you quickly asked before you looked down at your shaking hands.

"Well I gave you a sort of boost, you could say." she laughed nervously, passing you some pajamas. You got dressed quickly and sighed as you were fully dressed and not in a backless gown.

"So they want me to recall everything that happened that night? I can totally do that!" you grinned as you pulled your slippers on. "Okay. I'm ready."