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Rarely Simple and Never Straightforward (Art)

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The main cover, and graph I made first. Jason and Pythagoras and the temple ruins. I'm very pleased with the light effect here.

Once I got chapter titles, it was clear that headers/banners needed to be made. Each with some hints of the plot/content... Peacock is one of the symbols for Hera, so the feathers behind her statue on the second banner are most assuredly deliberate :D

This is actually the piece I made last (and by 'last' I mean 'yesterday' erm) but chronologically it's the opening scene of the story, with Jason and Pythagoras walking through the woods, early morning light dappled through the trees... I went for the over-saturated painting look.

This one is the graph I'm most pleased about. The foggy walkway and Hera's presence, looming in the mist...

I loved this scene in the fic, with Pythagoras being clever and suspicious and Jason's little '...oh shit' face. :D