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a grin worth breaking

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You keep on throwing punches at Oso, and the harder the punches become, the louder his moans become - and it just pisses you off even more, that despite all the pain, he still manages to smile that stupid fucking smile like it’s nothing , like your blows are nothing but a light touch. So you land another punch, this time right square on his shit-eating grin. He groans loudly, but it slowly dissipates into another bout of roaring laughter.


Your first is clenched so tightly, you feel you are about to draw blood with your nails. “Why are you still laughing?” you growl. “How do you manage to smile through this?!”

Oso's cock twitches, already painfully hard, and he grins even wider, bucking his hips teasingly towards you. “I think you know the answer to that already, babe.”


You’re just left standing in front of his naked self in silent anger, and without a word you sit on his lap and start riding him - and it’s ROUGH. You’re loudly grunting and Oso is in HEAVEN,  moaning so shamelessly as he enjoys the tight feeling of your pussy clamped around his cock. What's worse, he’s still fucking laughing and you’re not saying a thing - you just continue to ride him harder and harder until the two of you cum together.


Oso throws his head back in rapture, even after you’ve finished moments ago. You rest your head on his shoulder, slick with sweat and blood, and your ears are ringing. With anger? With pleasure? You don’t even know anymore. Oso finally catches his breath, but he notices that there is a new wet sensation on his shoulder. He lifts his head to look at you and you’re sobbing into his shoulder.


“I’m sorry,” you mumbled, your body racking with sobs. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry-” All the while you messily untie Oso’s hands from his back and you’re still crying, and you’re so full of shame and guilt you can’t even find it in yourself to look into Oso’s eyes.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you continue apologizing. You just feel ashamed and angry that Oso could take a beating that almost left him for dead - and even worse, get turned on by that - and even though that knowledge is nothing new to you it just makes you feel so ashamed that you comply to Oso’s wishes and do the beatings yourself. And, yes, though you love him very much, you know that you would only prove your love for him more if you beat him senseless.


You’re still sobbing but Oso has wrapped his arms around you trying to comfort you, calm you down, stop your tears - just trying to quell the gnawing feeling of guilt and shame within you. His intentions are shown in the way he softly touches you, whispers promise of love in your ear, kisses you ever so chastely all over you.


It feels like hours later until eventually your sobs die down and you’re just breathing against Oso’s bruised body. Oso is about to pull you in for a deep kiss but you interrupt him with a finger pressed to his lips. “Don’t move,” and you quickly get off of him and leave the room, coming back minutes later with a bunch of medical supplies and a bucket of warm water and fresh towels. You spend the rest of the day just cleaning up and patching up Oso, all while he’s still comforting you. He whispers loving words to you, but you’re still silent, but it’s a less tense silence this time and more of an acknowledging one.


Halfway through your patching up, you murmur, “What will your brothers say about this?”


And Oso just answers, “Ehh, I’ll just say that I got into a pretty rough fight involving money or some shit. I’ll just make it up as I go along.” You almost roll your eyes if you weren’t trying to stitch up a deep gash above Oso’s eyebrow and you remember the situation you’re in right now and you just give him a slow nod.


Oso can’t take your silence so he finally says your name in a serious tone and you stop abruptly. He looks straight into your eyes and you feel it in yourself to not look away one bit. “I understand if you don’t want to do this again," he says. "If it really hurts you to do this, we don’t have to do this anymore, even if you think this is trying to prove your love for me. The truth is…”


He gently lowers your hands so he can look at your beautiful face. “I love it even more when you’re being gentle, like right now. The bruises, the cuts, all that - they are nothing compared to what you give to me every day.”


And he gives you the softest kiss on your lip, and the tears are flowing again from you.



The next, the two of you are just chilling - it’s both a lazy day and a healing day for Oso. He’s lying down on the couch, an ice pack pressed on his temple and gauze in his mouth and you’re just sitting on the other end.


“You want to watch some TV?” you ask.


“Nah, I’m good,” Oso replies casually, and you just nod in agreement.


The two of you are sitting in silence, and then Oso reaches for your hand and takes it gently. You don’t look at him, but you let out a long sigh and grip his hand a little tighter.