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Even the Hulk had not been much of a match for the Titan. Thor watched in despair as Thanos stepped closer to Heimdall whom had used the last dark magic within his reach to send Hulk to Midgard. Thanos picked up the Gatekeeper's sword and Thor screamed as he moved to stab him with it.

"If I may be so bold," Loki spoke up as he left Thor's side and carefully walked closer to the Titan, interrupting him from slaying Heimdall. "There are two Infinity Stones on Midgard. Send me there to retrieve them for you."

"And have you fail me like you did the last time?" Thanos sneered. "You may have just now handed me the Space Stone, years after I sent you to get it, but you lost the Mind Stone in the process."

"Trust me, I will not make the same mistakes again," Loki said, carefully keeping his eyes strictly on Thanos' despite his urge to glance down at Heimdall to see the condition of the older god. "I know their defenders, I know all of Hulk's weaknesses. Their resistance won't come as a surprise this time."

"Proxima, Maw, my Children," Thanos turned to the two, "the Asgardian seems to think that such grave mistakes are easily overlooked."

"He's weak," Proxima stated. "And a liar, who convinced you to believe in his abilities. You should have sent us to retrieve the Stone instead of him."

"Thanos, I--"

"Silence, Asgardian." Thanos stroked a finger down Loki's cheek. "Even with a Stone that I lent you, you failed me. You lost it and kept the Tesseract for yourself."

'And sent away the Reality Stone to the Collector to keep it hidden from you', Loki thought to himself. The only reason he had finally given up the Tesseract had been to save Thor, whom had been too close to the breaking point while they had waited for Hulk to arrive. But handing over one Stone had been far preferable to three.

"I should slay your brother for your failure", Thanos continued. "Right after your friend here, that is."

Thanos lifted the sword again to strike it down into Heimdall.

"Your offer!" Loki blurted out at the very last second, making the sword bury itself into the floor instead of Heimdall's heart.

Thanos turned to him with a raised eyebrow, silently demanding him to continue. The words were difficult to get out, but he managed to force them out.

"When we first met, you made me an offer," he started, trying to sound braver and more secure in his decision than he felt. "You knew from that very first day that I'd be able to give you an heir. A true child, unlike these stray orphans you've picked up along the way." He gave a scathing look at Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. "You offered me a seat by your side if I birthed your child."

"An offer that you've already declined once," Thanos reminded him. "Why the sudden change of heart?"

Loki's throat tightened and he couldn't help but to look to Thor. So much had changed since the last time he'd been in the Titan's presence. He'd been so full of rage and hate and pain, finding out his whole existence had been built on a lie, that the reason he'd never be as good as his brother was because he was a Jötun. He had hated the men whom had dared to call themselves his father and brother, had hated all of Asgard and most of all had hated himself for being a monstruous frost giant, a creature that Odin had knowingly let Loki grow to hate and fear like everyone else in their realm. The love he felt for his brother when he looked at him now was stronger than ever, and though their bond was still somewhat fragile after the events of recent years, Thor was all he had, all that mattered, the only person he'd ever truly love.

"Because I am a Prince of Asgard, and an Odinson."

He took a steadying breath and returned his gaze to Thanos.

"I will give you an heir, and in return you will spare all remaining Asgardians."

Thor would need Heimdall in the upcoming battle, and Valkyrie and Korg should be a safe distance away from the Statesman and Sanctuary II in the escape pods, filled with as many Asgardian refugees as that they had managed to bring along before the Black Order had boarded them. He hated the very thought of willingly put himself through what was to come, but their people needed to live.

Their people. Loki would always see himself as one of them, despite being something else entirely. Something which ironcially enough could save Thor and Heimdall's lives.

Thanos mulled over Loki's request for a moment. His intention had never been to wipe out the entire race, as easy as it should be considering they no longer had a home world of their own, but he supposed the few that still remained could be given the chance to settle somewhere. He'd just wipe out even more of whatever race they had to share resources with. An heir of his own was defintiely worth that, with his own race of Titans being almost extinct. A child combined of his own strength and Loki's sorcery would undoubtedly become a worthy successor.

Thanos grinned, wide and dangerously.

"It seems we've finally reached an understanding," he said and reached out his large hand to stroke Loki's body, anticipating how it would grow with his seed inside it.

"Loki?!" Thor yelled from where he was being held by the heavy metal shackles Maw had telekinetically put on him. "Don't do this...!"

Loki looked back at him.

"I assure you brother, the sun will shine on us again," he said with a weak smile before turning back to Thanos. "Shall we depart for your ship, then?"

"I'd find it more interesting to consummate our union here," Thanos said, making Loki's heart grow cold. "To have my Children see their brother or sister being concieved. And after all, should your noble sacrifice not be witnessed by the people you're trying so desperately to save?"

"I'd much rather not," Loki bit out through clenched teeth but Thanos had already made up his mind.

The Titan sat down on the steps leading up to the platform where Thor's throne had once stood. He motioned for Loki to come over and he forced himself to obey. He could hear Heimdall's rattling breaths as he passed his body, fearing that his end would come before Thor could get him the help needed.


Loki slowly removed his clothes, dropping them in a heap on the floor. He could hear Thor's sob as he watched the large wounds on Loki's back and chest where he'd been stabbed by Kurse, something which even Loki himself at the time had believed had been enough to kill him. Thanos stroked the wound on his chest, knowing the fatality of such things on any lesser beings.

"You weren't much of a fighter or conquerer but you're strong and resiliant in your own way. Our child will be a force to be reckoned with. Prepare yourself, sorcerer."

Loki kept his eyes steady on Thanos as he shifted into a female form. He could only grow slightly bigger to aid himself with taking Thanos' length, anything more would only be an illusion and wouldn't make a difference for himself at all.

Thanos tutted as he shook his head.

"Even as beautiful as you look in this form, I want you."

Loki blinked.

"I, I'm not--"

"We both know you don't have to be in a female form to get pregnant. It'll bring me more pleasure to see you as I know you Loki, not this new form of yours."

It'd be easier for Thanos to be rough on him with the form he was already familiar with than with an unknown woman.

Loki hesitated before he changed back into his male form. He contemplated changing into his Jötun skin but this would be difficult enough for himself without having Thor witness it for the first time in these conditions.

Thanos patted his knee and Loki moved to sit astride the large thigh, accepting Thanos touches and kisses and trying to ignore the sounds of Thor struggling to get free to save him, his shouts for them to stop.

A thick finger prodded his entrance and Loki murmured a spell to slicken himself up and loosen his muscles even more as the finger kept jabbing into him. It was large and uncomfortable inside of him and he broke away from Thanos kiss.

"Open up for me, little one," Thanos growled as he tried to insert another finger.

Loki panted harshly from the pain already and started doubting himself. He knew he could take someone of a large size, to get pregnant. And during his years posing as Odin he'd studied more about Jötnar and their biology as his head had still brimmed with the thoughts of Thanos' first offer to him, to have Loki carry his offspring in exchange for a seat by his side, and learned that even runts like Loki could get mated by giants far larger than themselves. He should be able to take Thanos. He needed to. Once it had happened, Thor and Heimdall and the others would be saved.

He used all the spells he could think of to make it easier for himself, and soon three fingers slid into him without resistance, preparing him for something much bigger.

Thanos used his other hand to open up his trousers and take his erect dick out. Loki took one look at the dark purple head and turned away with a shudder.

"Go ahead and touch it. Get yourself acquainted with it."

Loki took a deep breath before he reached out a hand to feel the soft skin, wet already from the pre-cum. Thanos was incredibly large. Loki didn't think even both his hands would be enough to completely wrap around the girth of it.

Thanos hummed appreciatevly at Loki's weak attempts at stroking him and he shoved the three fingers harder inside of him, which almost made Loki fall down from where he sat astride Thanos' thigh and he had to reach out to grab a hold on Thanos to keep his balance.

"Are you ready for me, Asgardian?"


Definitely not.

He never would be.

Despite his own rising panic, he nodded his head.

Thanos removed his fingers.

"Turn around."

Loki shifted in his seat, to sit astride Thanos' leg with his back against the Titan's chest. He kept his eyes closed to not look at the carnage around them. Having to listen to Thor call for him was hard enough.

Thanos suddenly grabbed him by the neck and Loki's eyes opened wide as he gasped for air. His hands came up to try and pry Thanos' large hand away from him but he was no match for the Titan. Thanos lifted him by the neck and positioned him over his cock. The other hand, still inside the fearsome Gauntlet, grabbed a hold of Loki's thigh to lift it and spread it to help open him up.

And then he pushed Loki down, down, until the head of his cock was forced inside. Loki would've cried out in pain if he had enough air to do so. Thanos kept choking him, making the blood that was unable to go up to his head fill out his dick instead, making it harden.

Once it was erect, Thanos eased up on his hold with a laugh.

"I though it would be a shame if you weren't enjoying our union as well," he chuckled as he remained still inside of Loki, who was too busy coughing and gasping for air to do anything else.

Once Loki had regained his breath, Thanos gently pushed up into him with small thrusts until half of him was inside.

"You're extraordinary, little godling. I knew you would be."

He lifted Loki's leg higher to make sure their audience would get a good look of where they connected.

"Touch yourself, Loki. Take as much pleasure from this as I'm taking from you." He nuzzled the back of Loki's head and huffed out a breath. "It'll be good for the concieving."

Loki wrapped a hand around himself, but his stroking only kept himself hard as he didn't recieve any pleasure that could overtake the pain of being penetrated by something so incredibly big that even made his belly bulge slightly.

Thanos used his grip on Loki's leg and neck to move him up and down. Loki placed his free foot on Thanos' thigh to aid himself in the movement and to not have all of his considerate weight dangling from his neck.

Thanos leaned down over him and Loki turned his head as much as he was able to, to accept his kisses. He still kept stroking himself, made a few tricks of adding vibrations to his touches, anything to make it easier on himself, to not break apart in front of Thor. Eventually the pleasure started to reach through to him and he moaned into Thanos' mouth as he forced himself closer to a climax to please Thanos.

The Titan increased the speed and ferocity of his thrusts and Loki broke the kiss to gasp for air as Thanos kept fucking him harder and harder.

"Wait, stop..."

The hold around his neck tightened and he once again found himself trying grab onto Thanos' hand to get it off and be able to breathe. Thanos held him tighter than before and Loki was almost certain his neck would snap at any moment. He looked over at Thor and Heimdall with fear of what would happen to them if he died here like this.

A sudden spasm ran through him and before he even realised what had happened, his body forced out an ejaculation. Thanos chuckled lightly as he slowly eased his hold on Loki's neck, letting him suck in a breath of air.

"So you did find it pleasurable," he groaned as he fucked into the hole that had tightened with Loki's climax. "Keep squeezing me like that, I'm almost there myself."

Loki's body already did so on its own accord without him being aware of it, his Jötun instincts wanting to milk every last drop greedily into himself as he'd reached his peak. Thanos suddenly changed his hold, the hand around his neck had now moved down to encircle Loki's entire waist, making Loki flop back against Thanos like a ragdoll as Thanos used his new hold to move Loki up and down in sync with his almost brutal thrusts.

Thanos came with a guttural groan, holding Loki steadfast as he pushed in as far as he could go as he filled him up. Loki bit his lip to try and stop a whine escape from him as he felt his body repeatedly squeeze around the Titan, trying to take all it could get from him into himself.

He was held in place for the longest time as Thanos recovered. He was hurting and so immensely full. His belly was bulging from more than the cock shoved inside of him and he wanted out of his hold, out out out. He started writhing which caused some of the semen to seep out of him and Thanos leaned down to mouth at his bruised neck.

"Ease your struggling, godling, or are you trying to go for another round so soon?"

That made Loki go still and Thanos huffed out an amused breath. He stayed inside for a moment longer before slowly lifting Loki up, making the seed gush out of him when there was nothing to hold it in, and placed him on the floor by his feet.

Loki wanted to lay down and curl in on himself but his pride made him remain standing, back straight, chin up even as his gaze was cast to the side to stare out of the large windows into space than on the Titan or on the Black Order, Thor, Heimdall, or the corpses around them.

Thanos stood up and adjusted his clothing which were covered in his own mess.

"My Children," he directed to the Black Order. "Go to Earth and retrieve the Stones. Loki, come with me."

He started to move towards his own ship Sanctuary II with Loki limping by his side but they stopped by Thor, whom had worn himself out trying to get free and was hanging limply in his holds. Tears were running down his left cheek and he lifted his arm to try and reach out for Loki.

"When I get a living heir you and your people are free to settle down wherever you wish and live in peace. If Loki can't fulfill his end of our deal, know that I'll destroy all of you, like you already should have perished with your world. I suppose I shouldn't have to remind you that it's in your people's best interest to not seek out a fight."

Loki had kept his eyes down as to not have to look at Thor, but as Thanos forced him to start moving again he couldn't help himself. He had to look at his brother one last time in case he never got the chance again.

Loki regretted so many things. He should have sent the Tesseract away just as he had done with the Aether, he should have let it remain on Asgard to explode, he should have stayed on Sakaar. He should have done the right thing a long time ago instead of always cause chaos.

He looked deep into Thor's eye, wanting to tell him everything, how incredibly sorry he was that things had turned out this way, he had never meant for any of this to happen on that day so very long ago when he had planned to simply ruin Thor's coronation, but instead kept silent and let himself be led away by Thanos.

He had to keep his faith in Thor. If anyone could overcome this situation and help the remaining few of their people, it would be him. Hulk would have arrived on Midgard and alerted his team mates by now, and hopefully they would have learned something from Loki's invasion and have spent the last few years getting ready for another attack.

Loki heard Thor shout his name in the distance as he and Thanos left him and Heimdall as the sole survivors onboard the Statesman. Thor was alive, that was all that mattered.

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Thanos had escorted Loki to a room little better than a prison cell. For someone wanting to be the most powerful being in the universe, Thanos had no sense of luxury. The entire Sanctuary II, as Loki had seen when he'd passed through, was dark and devoid of anything which would make life more comfortable, much like the barren realm where he'd first encountered the Titan. Loki was actually surprised to find that his bed held a thin mattress, sheets and a pillow; the flat and frustrating kind instead of fluffy like he was used to but a pillow none the less. He'd expected his room to be much more Spartan.

The bed was the only piece of furniture in there, a somewhat narrow thing that just about fit Loki lying across it but tall enough to reach Thanos' thighs when he were to stand by its side, so by the foot of it were a few small steps for Loki to climb up into it. One of the walls held a floor-to-ceiling window from where he could see the wrecked Statesman as they left it. A tiny bathroom with only a toilet and a small shower stall was located behind a door by the bed. Even when inprisoned in Asgard's dungeons he'd had been given books to read by his mother, plenty enough clothes and some furniture to make his life easier, but this dark room – cell – only consisted of the bed and the view. Similar to the Asgardian dungeons this cell too prohibited most uses of his magic. He could do simpler ones like the ones needed to aid himself in having sex with such a large creature, but he couldn't access any pocket dimensions. That meant no clothes, no weapons, no books. Nothing at all to cover him up, to help him escape or to entertain his mind. He'd probably drive himself mad with boredom before the first month was over.

What was the most concerning was how this room had been perfectly suited to hold him, as though Thanos had seemed to know beforehand that Loki would cave in and agree to go through with this.




Thanos visited him frequently. He'd stand by the side of the bed and hold Loki by his neck and push him down into the mattress as he fucked him, "as many times as it would take" the Titan would tell him inbetween his kisses. He'd plug Loki up afterwards with an absolutely horried thing, made from the same dark metal as the whole ship but felt almost sentient with the way it would twist inside of him. Loki had made the mistake of removing the plug as soon as Thanos had left his room only once; as the seed had gushed out of him and soaked into the mattress he'd instantly regretted it and from that point on had enough patience to get into the shower before he'd pulled it out, always with some resistance as though the plug was determined to stay inside.

Of course it didn't take long until Thanos had found out.

He'd tutted disappointedly at Loki as he held the damned thing in his hands.

"It was meant to keep bringing you pleasure after I've left you, to make sure you'd take all my seed," he said and Loki scoffed.

"It didn't feel pleasurable. I don't want it."

"You're still not pregnant?"

"It's not as if I can tell," Loki said through gritted teeth.

His eyes went to the Gauntlet which by now was adorned not only the Space Stone he'd sent to the Collector, but also the Mind Stone he knew so intimately from once wielding it himself. Thanos had gotten a Stone from Earth despite Hulk and the Avengers resistance and he tried not to think of what this would mean for Thor.

"Perhaps if your subordinates had brought back a pregnancy test kit from Midgard instead of a Stone, we'd know by now."

Thanos watched him in silence for a long moment before demanding Loki to get up on the bed. Loki rolled his eyes, too used to the procedure by now. He climbed up on the bed and spread his legs over the edge of it as he murmured the usual spells to slick himself up.

Thanos was choking him tightly as he entered him, and everything about their rutting was rough and primal as the Titan's patience was running out. A few kisses was the only sign Loki could go by to tell Thanos knew he was breeding another being instead of destroying them as Thanos practically rearranged his guts.

Loki was constantly kept on the very brink of passing out, but Thanos wouldn't let him have that mercy. And while Loki had unwillingly gotten erect like usual, for the first time Thanos didn't force Loki to come before he did.

Loki felt himself get filled up by the warm seed as Thanos huffed and grunted above him. He felt his own body wanting to reach its peak as well to easier accept it into his womb but he couldn't be bothered to bring himself off, too busy holding onto Thanos' large hand as some sort of reminder to not choke him to death.

Thanos stayed inside for a long time as he observed the god beneath him.

"I have you figured out, Loki," he murmured. "You've always been drawn to power, always wanted to wield it. That is how you were brought to me when you survived the Void, why you declined my offer to be my side and instead wanted to rule Earth as your own. Being fucked by the most powerful man in the universe would not be enough for you. But perhaps, the most powerful creation would do the trick."

Loki frowned, not quite understanding what he was getting at. Still currently being choked might have something to do with it.

Thanos raised his other hand and then Loki knew. His eyes grew wide and he looked back at Thanos as if he'd grown another head.

When Thanos slowly pulled his cock out, he quickly inserted a finger of his Gauntlet and Loki clenched up tight around it. The Infinity Gauntlet was cold and rough and went so deep inside of him until the rest of it cupped his ass. Thanos eased his hold on Loki's neck so he could breathe and he let out a needy keen as the most dangerous weapon in all of existence was used on him as a sex toy. Damn him, but Loki couldn't help but to react on it.

As Thanos moved the finger in and out, careful not to tear him up on some of the sharp edges, Loki felt his hips move in sync with it, wanting more. One of Loki's hands went down to take a hold of himself and started to stroke, feeling nothing but pleasure.

"My powerhungry little slut," Thanos chuckled and kissed Loki deeply.

Loki moaned wantonly into his mouth as another finger was inserted. Thanos twisted his hand so that his thumb would stroke along Loki's cock and the god bucked wildly. Loki's mind was reeling. He didn't even care to know if he was reacting to the Infinity Gauntlet by his own twisted nature or if Thanos was somehow using the Mind Stone on him, but for the first time in all of their coupling Loki experienced genuine pleasure.

"Yes, yes..." he couldn't help but to let out in needy moans as Thanos fingered him to completion.

He clenched hard around the Gauntlet as he came, his mind exploding in a bright light from the sheer force of it. Thanos fucked him through it, he didn't stop or slow down and when Loki came back to himself he made some attempts to shove Thanos away from him but the Titan only grinned.

"Again, Loki. Take what you can from my genorousity when I offer it to you."

He kissed him deeply as Loki stroked himself hurriedly, not able to resist the feeling of another orgasm approaching. Part of his mind wanted to battle against it, not feeling like he deserved this immense pleasure, but it was like his body wasn't his own. He let out something like a howl as he came for the second time.

Thanos halted his movement and let his lover come down from his heights properly before he adressed him.

"This is your last chance, Loki. If we don't get results after this, your brother's neck is the next thing the Gauntlet will touch."

He let a finger remain inside Loki for a while longer, until he was sure Loki's body had taken all it could of the seed he'd deposited inside, then let it slip out to replace it with the hated plug, which instantly began to move inside of Loki who let out a shaky breath at the feel of it. Thanos studied the fingers of his Gauntlet for a moment, covered with slick and seed.

"Maybe I should let him see it like this before I snap his neck," Thanos suggested.

Loki would have given him the cosmically known sign of a raised middle finger if he had any strength left. Thanos gave him a final kiss before he left the room, leaving his lover in a fucked out boneless heap.




Thanos hadn't visited him since then. He was probably too busy with finding the other Stones. Loki had no idea how many days or weeks had gone by as his view of the space outside seemed to stand still. There were no planets or stars anywhere nearby for him to help him keep track of anything remotely similar to the passing of time.

Thanos' subordinates gave him food and water, but their brief visits felt inconsistent and he couldn't be sure if the food was given to him once or thrice per day. None of them stayed long enough to talk, not that any of them would've been any wanted company but he was bored and restless and to his dismay he found he'd begun to almost miss Thanos. As much as he hated and feared the Titan, atleast he had been doing something with him.

The time spent in the room eventually showed some signs of passing as Loki's stomach started to grow. At first he'd thought he'd imagined it, but then he'd started to feel a small life force take shape inside of him.

Upon the next delivery of food, he'd turned to the creature, back straight and regal, and said;

"Tell your master that I am expecting."

The creature had nodded and not too long after that, Loki's room got refurbished. The nasty mattress and sheets had been replaced with new ones of higher standard, and the flat old pillow replaced with an abundance of big soft ones of different colours. The food was better and more plentiful, and he'd even been given a small tome to read. It consisted of Thanos' propaganda, but Loki easily changed the text to that of his favourite books.

Thanos had even visited him again. He'd kissed Loki gingerly as he'd stroked the god's body with something that almost felt like respect. He sat on the edge of the bed with Loki in his lap as he told Loki to touch himself.

"It's good for our baby," his deep voice had rumbled through Loki, whom stroked himself to a climax with the Titan touching and kissing every part of him within his reach.

Loki had throughout their meeting kept glancing at the Gauntlet, telling himself it was to make sure that no more Stones had been added to it rather than missing the feel of it.




Everything was going to plan; his belly grew larger which in turn meant that Thor would be safe, but he supposed he shouldn't have been surprised when the Norns decided to throw in another obstruction in his life, as they were wont to do.

He'd been bored, and he always made the most dire mistakes whenever that happened. There was only so much he could take of sitting in bed and read or stare out at space, his body was screaming with the pent-up energy of wanting to move, to wander, to train, to do anything. Thanos hadn't visited him in so long and his restlessness had grown far beyond Loki's control.

He'd walked over to the door, as he'd done so many times before, but as always there was no chance of opening it from the inside. Even when Thanos was with him, there had to be someone outside to open it for him.

He felt around the edges like he always did, hoping that maybe today had been the day they had forgotten to shut it completely. He needed to get out, he was suffocating in here and if only they would let him out to atleast take a walk around the deck it'd get better.

Loki called out for the subordinates, but none came. They never did. His hopelessness had finally reached the end station it seemed because for the first time, Loki called upon all the magic within his limited reach. He directed it towards the door, hoping to blast it open but instead it triggered a defense mechanism.

A large shockwave was directed at him and he was thrown across the room and slammed into the steps leading up to his bed where he got knocked out.

He'd awoken with severe pains to find his lower body covered in blood. He desperately searched for the life force within him that he'd grown used to but it was nowhere to be found.

"No, no, no," he kept repeating to himself in panic as he clutched his stomach, tears running down his cheeks.

His body was in severe pain but none of it really registered in his mind, too frantic about losing the only thing that would save Thor because Loki had been too stupid and selfish and always caused trouble even when he hadn't intended to.

Someone must've heard the blast because the door opened and Loki found himself staring wide-eyed at Proxima, who looked at him in silence as she took in the scene. Loki's eyes were overflowing with tears as he made to get up, to get to her.

"Proxima, I beg of you, don't tell him..."

She backed away and the door shut closed. Loki ran towards it to slam his fists against it until they bled and cracked as he screamed desperately after her until his voice broke.

"Don't tell him!!! Proxima!!"

His legs gave out and he slid onto the floor as he wept. Thor would die and it was all because Loki had been too damned stupid. He should have known better, he should have had more self-control, he never should have left Sakaar, he never should have urged Thor to go to Jötunheim. If only Odin had let him die as a baby as the Norns had intended, none of this would have happened.

He was still sitting by the door what seemed like hours later, silently shedding tears as he no longer had the energy to even sob, his body trembling with shock, when the door pushed open and made him slide on the harsh floor.

Corvus Glaive stepped around the door to find him in a broken mess and he snarled. This was a creature worthy enough to breed with Thanos himself? As much as Corvus was devoted to his master, Thanos must've made a mistake. Loki was weak, had always been weak, and Corvus and the others never understood what Thanos had found so intriguing about him.

Corvus grabbed Loki by the neck and heaved him up but the so-called god didn't even have the energy to stand on his own blood-soaked legs.

"Pathetic," he spat at him and called for Obsidian Cull.

Obsidian grunted at the state of Loki and the room but grabbed a hold of the Asgardian, half-lifting half-dragging Loki behind him as they left for Thanos' throne room. Once they'd arrived, Obsidian threw Loki down to the ground at the foot of the steps leading up the the throne.

Thanos stared down at him in silence for a long moment with a cold rage in his eyes and Loki looked away.

"You keep disappointing me, Asgardian," he said atlast. "I send you to retrieve the Tesseract, you fail me. I give you an entire world to rule, you fail me. I let you get with my child, and even then you fail me. It seems that I really have no use for you."

Loki's body was a shaking mess and he couldn't argue with Thanos because he was absolutely right, but he had to try and save this situation somehow.

"Please, let me try again," he begged. "I'm gonna be more careful this time, I swear to you!"

"You just lost my child and you already beg me to get you with another?" Thanos growled and Loki shuddered.

Loki tried to keep begging Thanos for it but the Titan demanded him to be silent.

"You were perfectly aware that your people have to pay for the consequences of your actions. The Asgardians were once such a mighty force to be reckoned with, what a shame they all will be extinct now. I should take you there for you to watch it happen before you join them, but you're no longer worth the effort. Know deep inside your heart that you were the sole cause for their demise."

Thanos raised his hand to snap his fingers and Loki looked up at him. The Gauntlet had all six stones...! It took but a second for the information to get through the haze Loki was in, but before Thanos could snap his fingers he shouted out.

"The Time Stone! You have the Time Stone, you can make this undone! Please!" All of Loki's pride had long since shattered and the only thing he had left was to desperately beg like a dog, but that was the last hope Thor and the Asgardians had left. "Just go back a few hours and this won't happen and your child will be safe, please, I promise, please..."

"Reset this event and have you learn nothing from your mistakes?" Thanos leaned forward in his throne. "To have you repeat them again and again because I would use the Time Stone to excuse your actions every time?"

Loki sobbed and looked frantically around him for any support, but all of Thanos' subordinates looked at him with disgust or indifference. He knew the price to pay, and it hurt him to propose it, but it wasn't as if he had a choice.

"A few lives for this one," he spoke quietly.

Thanos leaned back in his seat and stroked his chin as he contemplated Loki's offer.

"You're willing to let innocent Asgardians die to reset your actions?"

Loki kept his gaze firmly on Thanos and nodded. Rather a few than all of them. Thor would understand. Hopefully. He had to.

"Half of the remaining Asgardians."

Loki shook his head as he did a quick calculation of how many had been saved before Thnos had boarded the Statesman, he reckoned the number didn't exceed two hundred and even that felt farfetched.

"Ten of them, and my brother is not to be included."

"Far too few for the price of my child," Thanos scoffed. "A third; 50 Asgardians."

"A tenth," Loki kept bargaining as his heart sank at the realisation of the low number of the remaining people. "You will have 15 souls and your child will live."

"You have guts to keep arguing with me over this matter when I could just kill them all, I'll give you that. Forty."

"Twenty, not including my brother."

"Your devotion to him is admirable, that you'd rather spare him than an innocent civilian. Thirty, and he will be left alive. That is my last call, take it or leave it."

Loki bit his lip until it bled. His heart ached when he finally nodded his head, damning thirty Asgardians to death after having survived both Ragnarök and Thanos.

"So be it," Thanos said and looked down at Loki for a moment before he asked, "Why did you do it?"

Loki looked away, ashamed of himself.

"I was bored," he admitted, his voice breaking. "I was restless and I needed to get out. I didn't think..."

His vision was blurry from tears and he didn't see the shift in reality as time was trifled with. All he knew was that he was standing by the door in his room, calling out for anybody, desperately trying to get out.

He paused and frowned as he felt around the edges, feeling a sense of deja-vu. The hair on the back of his neck was rising and he backed off. Something had happened, something big, something unnatural.

The door suddenly opened and Loki found himself staring wide-eyed at Thanos. The Titan stared oddly coldly at him for a moment before reaching out, stroking Loki's belly, feeling the shape of his child inside of it.

They were standing like that for an awkward amount of time before Loki eventually broke the silence.


The Titan looked at him but didn't remove his hand.

"You did something. Something unforgivable. Know this, Loki, that thirty Asgardians will die today for the consequences of your actions."

Loki's breath got knocked out of him in bafflement as he tried to understand the Titan's words. What by the Norns was he talking about? Loki hadn't done a single thing! His eyes went down to the Gauntlet, and upon seeing the green stone any objection he'd try to make died on his lips. He knew. He had felt it. Something had happened, and Thanos had reset time to undo it. But what? What could Loki have possibly have done inside this prison to warrant the death of thirty innocents?!

"Your selfish needs to get out of this room killed my child," Thanos growled with hate and Loki had never felt more scared of him.

He kept his eyes strictly on the Gauntlet to avoid looking up at Thanos.

"You were bored, you said in your defense. I did not bring you here to be a cherished and pampered queen, you've already declined that chance so long ago. You're here to give me a child. And you better remember that, for any time I need to undo your mistakes, your people will pay the price and I will not barter with you next time."

Loki was shaking, he breathing quick and harsh.

"You wished to step outside your room to cure your boredom? Then come," Thanos grunted as he stepped out of the room to open a portal. "I want you to witness it for yourself, so you'll have something to think about the next time you are bored."

Loki looked up at him, wanted to shake his head no and beg for him to not do it, to not force Loki to watch it, but from Thanos' words Loki had bargained for it to happen. He should be the Prince he'd been raised as and take responsibility for it.

Stepping out of the portal Loki was instantly met with the fresh ocean breeze and the sun shining warmly on his naked skin. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, allowing himself this luxury for the briefest second before reality caught back up with him, why he was there for.

He opened his eyes to look upon the Asgardian settlement on the coast of Norway, not far from where Loki and Thor had been with Odin in his last moment. Thanos had a grip around his neck to ensure that he wouldn't do anything foolish but not even the trickster would try anything now. Thirty was more than enough.

The Asgardians looked up at them in horror. Children ran towards their parents and families and friends sought each other out. Loki didn't see Thor anywhere which was a small relief.

"Asgardians," Thanos called out. "Some of you are to die today for your Prince's mistakes."

They started pleading with him, some of them begged for their lives while others held up their weapons towards Thanos, ready to fight to the death for their people. Thanos leaned in close to Loki.

"Watch them. They deserve it."

With that, he snapped his fingers and thirty men and women turned into dust. Loki could only watch in stunned silence.

Valkyrie rushed out of a make-shift dwelling but one look at Loki and his belly had her stop in her tracks. When she had returned to the Statesman to look for survivors, Thor had told her of Loki's chocie to save the Asgardians but she hadn't believed him. But seeing him now, naked, bruised and pregnant with Thanos holding him by the neck, she knew there was nothing she could do without risking the lives of her people; even she wouldn't be strong enough to kill Thanos by herself.

She looked Loki in the eyes and he hoped he could convey how sorry he was to her. These people would have still been alive if only he'd had more self-control.

"You best pray to your ancestors that your Prince will not make the same mistake twice," Thanos stated as he and Loki stepped back to the portal to return to his ship.

He pulled Loki into his room again and placed him on top of the bed. Loki shed a few tears but tried to remain proud and stoic, to not fight against Thanos or say things that would make Thanos even more angry.

Thanos touched his belly almost obsessively.

"My child," he said inbetween kissing the stomach. "Alive and well."

Thanos undid his trousers and Loki hurriedly cast the spells needed, not to spare himself from pain but to make sure his body wouldn't get damaged when Thanos took him. He deserved all the pain he would get, but Thanos was oddly gentle with him, as to not accidentally hurt the child.

He held Loki by his shoulder as he fucked him, but didn't penetrate deep, only enough for the head and first inch or two of the wide shaft. Thanos lasted an unbearably long time until he finally came inside Loki.

"There's no need for you to enjoy our activities anymore, but I want you to have this, one more time, to fully cement it into your brain."

He raised the Gauntlet so Loki could see it and Loki's facade finally broke as he shook his head and sobbed. Two fingers of the weapon that had just killed the Asgardians moments ago was inserted into him, but the power he'd been drawn to and gotten him off the last time was only fueling his guilt now.

"Touch yourself. Make yourself come, Asgardian. And remember all of them when you do."

Loki forced himself into becoming erect, stroked himself desperately but his body didn't play along this time. This was simply torture. This was what he deserved but Thanos required something more of him which he wouldn't be able to give with his mind being a chaotic mess. Thanos' tongue was suddenly licking the tip of his dick and he couldn't hold back a moan.

Thanos kept licking him as the fingers moved gently inside of him, pressing up against his prostate and when he was finally, finally!, getting near, Thanos leaned over him and kissed him.

"Come for me, my Loki."

Loki clenched around the Gauntlet as he came, he moaned into Thanos mouth as he kept kissing him and his free hand reached up to hold onto the side of Thanos' face.

Thanos stayed with him for a long while, leaning over him in silence as he stroked Loki's belly.

"I didn't want to punish you," he said eventually. "But you need to start thinking about the consequences of your actions instead of being so impulsive. Your attention needs to be solely on our child."

Loki blinked slowly as he kept staring unseeingly up at the ceiling.

'Our child.' Yes, this was Loki's child, too. He really should be having it be his one and only priority, his own restlessness could wait for a few more months. He should have known this from the start, then those thirty Asgardians would still be alive.

Thanos gave him a last kiss before he leaned down to kiss his belly, then left. Loki didn't know if he was relieved that he was gone, or if he wanted him to come back and stay, to not leave him alone with his demons.




Thanos made an effort to visit him more often. Not quite as much as in the beginning when he was intent on breeding Loki, but enough to make sure the god wouldn't grow too bored. He noted with interest how Loki was getting more and more appreciative of his visits, how he tried to make an effort of finishing himself off without Thanos telling him to when he fucked him. It seemed it had finally gotten through to Loki that this was all he had to break his isolation and boredom and he had learned to make the most of it.

Thanos was sitting on the bed with Loki squatting with his feet on Thanos' thighs as he sank himself down on the massive cock. Thanos held a hand around his chest to support him but let Loki set the pace. Loki sank down as much as he dared to and leaned back against the Titan's chest with a moan. He gyrated his hips as he turned his head, begging Thanos for a kiss which the Titan granted him.

"My beautiful Loki," Thanos found himself murmuring as he caressed him wherever he could reach. Not wanting himself to sound so sentimental, he nipped Loki's neck and growled in his ear, "my beautiful slut, always so eager for my cock."

Loki nodded as he rode it, "Yes, always."

"To think I wanted you beside me as my queen. You'd probably just jump over into my lap and ride my cock in front of everyone whenever you got the chance, wouldn't you? Show them all where you belong."

"Yes," Loki moaned as he clenched around him hard before moving again and stroking himself rapidly. "I'd show everyone that I'm the only one worthy enough to carry your children."

"Children," Thanos repeated as he bit softly into Loki's shoulder. "Bet you would be ready to take me right after you've given birth, let me fill you up again immediately."

"Fill me up, I need it," Loki gasped.

Thanos kept growling crude comments into the god's ear and it didn't take long before Loki came. He let out a shout of pleasure and his hole tightened around Thanos, making the Titan join him.

Long after they'd calmed down, Loki remained seated on him, unwilling to dislodge himself from him. Such a stark difference to how it used to be, when he couldn't get away from him quick enough. Thanos held him gently in his hands and he nuzzled his neck and kissed him gingerly.

"Get up, little one."

Loki took a deep breath, as if not really believing he'd actually ever say the words that spilled out of his mouth.

"I don't want you to go."

Thanos paused briefly before he continued kissing Loki's neck.

"Oh? How so?"

'I don't want to be alone,' Loki thought to himself, 'alone with all my guilt. I can't stand it. I don't know what I'll do.'

"I miss you. You're away from me far too much, and every time I feel our child kick I want you to be here with me."

"Is this your hormones talking?"

Loki let out a light laugh.

"Maybe. But I'd still like for you to visit me more often."

"You crave my cock so much?"

"I do," Loki squeezed around him. "But I also crave you."

"Mmm, I'll see what I can do. Now ease up on me, Loki. You're not going to get it twice no matter how long you want me to stay inside of your greedy hole."

Loki raised himself up and leaned forward to place his hands on Thanos' knees so that Thanos could plug him as soon as he had slipped out. Instead of letting Loki down to the bed or the floor, Thanos made him sit in his lap and gently rocked him back and forth to make the plug shift inside of him. Loki groaned, he still hated the thing but if it meant Thanos stayed with him, then he had to endure.

Thanos chuckled at him.

"If you learned to like it, Loki, you could keep yourself highly entertained even when I'm not here."

"What's the point of me playing with it when you're not here to watch me?" Loki pouted and oh, he could feel the effect those words had on Thanos.

The Titan's breath quickened and he growled with lust.

"Keep talking like that, Asgardian, and I'll have you on the floor of the throne room, getting fucked by all sorts of devices for everyones viewing pleasure."

"Only yours that matters," Loki gasped as the plug rolled and writhed inside of him, pressing in all the right places, making him hard again.

Thanos carefully lifted him to place him on the bed.

"Let me watch you now, then."

Loki smiled and gave him the performance of a lifetime, enough to make Thanos take him again and leave him blacked out from pleasure.




Taking Thanos was easy. The time Loki spent alone however, was most definitely not. He was constantly plagued by guilt, he could hear the Asgardians scream when their loved ones turned into dust, he saw their betrayed faces every time he closed his eyes whether he was awake or asleep.

And he could do nothing to atone for his mistakes, he could only sit on his bed and stare out the window. He'd ripped apart the tome he'd been given when the words he'd made appear on it only were Thanos' words to him on that day; 'thirty Asgardians will die today for the consequences of your actions.'

He'd tried to talk with the baby, telling it of all his thoughts and regrets and hopes for the future as he stroked his belly. It gave the occasional kick but nothing more. The isolation was driving him insane but he refused to move from the bed. He didn't even know what exactly he had done to cause the miscarriage but he figured if he stayed in bed and did nothing, it wouldn't repeat itself.

Whenever Thanos came to him for sex he'd felt almost overjoyed. He let Thanos completely take over his mind with his mere presence, became the perfect little sex slave for him only to have those few precious moments of reprieve from his demons. The guilt could kill him later, after the child was born, when his people were safe, but as of now he gladly let his world consist of only Thanos.




As Loki grew bigger, sex became more impractical. He feared Thanos would become more absent again, but the Titan had genuinely surprised him when he'd brought along a game of Hnefatafl to play.

It was their first encounter on board this ship that didn't consist solely of sex and Loki felt a little taken aback, so used to his role that it took him a moment to remember being a person.

It turned out that Thanos was almost as good of a Hnefatafl player as Loki, which had resulted in many hours of gameplay over the course of the following weeks. Every now and then Loki would give him oral sex while he jacked himself off, but Thanos seemed very respectful of Loki's current state and wouldn't demand more of him than he could handle.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, Thanos had even brought in dinner. A festive meal worthy of the Asgardian banquets along with a good conversation about simple things that wouldn't hurt to think about and Loki had enjoyed every minute.




The delivery had been difficult, the baby was so large. Loki had shaped his lower half into a female's to give birth and made himself as big and wide as he could get and it still took a considerable effort to push it out, almost to the point where he didn't think he'd make it. Thanos and the Black Order were with him, but only the Titan gave him the encouragement he needed to make a final effort, screaming himself hoarse as he managed to birth it.

He could hear the baby scream, knew that Thanos had lifted it into his arms as someone cut the cord, but he was too busy panting for breath to bother with anything else. Thanos had announced his son to be named Thane, and he'd even asked Loki if he wanted to hold him but Loki chose that moment to take after Odin and blissfully passed out.

Loki was alone when he woke up. He felt empty. He stumbled out of bed and into the shower stall where he remained for Norns knows how long. The water had turned ice cold long ago but it didn't bother him, being a frost giant and all. He wished it would bother him. He wished to sit there and freeze to death.

He heard the outer door open and made an effort to get out of the shower to see whom it was that would visit him. Thanos stood in the room, watching the blood-soaked mattress get changed for a new one.

Loki hated how his heart soared at the sight of Thanos, so used to him being his only company that he'd become so desperately dependent on him for it. He instead shifted his focus onto the baby in his arms. Loki looked at it with some curiousity. Just because he hated the father, didn't mean he could ever hate his own child.

"Loki," Thanos greeted him with a smile. "You're looking better. Well enough to meet Thane?"

Loki stepped towards them and Thanos let him take a hold of the baby, who was sleeping peacefully. Thane had the same colour as Thanos, but even now Loki could tell he would be of a smaller build. His heart warmed up and a smile slowly spread across his face.

"Thane," he greeted his son. "Look at you."

Loki let Thanos lift him up onto the freshly made bed and he relaxed back against the fluffy pillows, too exhausted to do anything else. He held his son in his arms, cooing softly at him, and Thanos stood next to them with a small smile of his own as he watched them.

"He is perfect," Thanos said after a moment.

"He is," Loki agreed as he stroked his fingers down the baby's cheek.

"You've fulfilled your end of the deal and your people are safe," Thanos said then and Loki discreetly held his breath, knowing that more was to come but Thanos remained silent.

"And now I'm free to go to them?" Loki asked then, to prompt him into continuing.

"Thane will need his mother."

Loki's heart froze.

"And he will also need brothers and sisters to accompany him. I want to keep breeding you."

Loki looked up at Thanos with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Thanos had killed half the universe to keep the population at bay, and now he wanted to go against his own preaching and get even more children of his own? Plenty of them too, by the sound of it.

"What?" was all that Loki the clever Silver-Tongue managed to say.

Thanos reached out a hand to stroke his cheek just like Loki had done to Thane, then moved his hand down Loki's suddenly too naked body until he could caress his empty belly.

"I want you to give me more children."

Loki bit his tongue, it would do him no good now to speak loudly of his thoughts. Any feelings he might have developed for Thanos during the last part of his pregnancy went straight out the window.

"I don't want to," he said instead, tone short and guarded. "I gave you one, that was the deal. I don't want to be kept in this room any longer."

"You'd have the freedom to move around the ship. You'd be my consort, perhaps one day even my queen. And you'd get to rule the universe with me." At Loki's continued disbelieving look, Thanos' face hardened. "What can your brother offer you that would equal the power you'd have with me?"

'Freedom,' Loki thought but didn't say.

"I... I'll have to think about it," he said instead with a small smile to calm Thanos down. "It's so sudden, you caught me offguard."

His hold on Thane tightened and he looked down at the baby again. He shouldn't get attached to him, but it was getting harder not to by the minute.

"If you leave, you won't see Thane again," Thanos threatened.

"I know," Loki whispered and leaned down to give the baby a kiss.

This shouldn't be so hard. There shouldn't even be a choice to be made.

"I'll give you a day to decide," Thanos said.

He leaned in to kiss Loki before he left, with Thane still in Loki's arms. Loki could only stare after him in stunned silence before he looked back down at the baby, cuddled up in soft blankets. How was this fair?! How could he make the only right decision to leave after he'd bonded with his son?!




Thane was the sweetest little baby and Loki loved him so much. Some subordinates had entered the room to change the diapers and to give Loki a bottle to feed his son, as he didn't breastfeed. Thane was happy and gurgling and laughing and Loki couldn't stand the thought of never seeing him again.

"Hey, baby," he cooed when they were alone again. "My little baby. I love you with all my heart. I want you to always remember that."

Thane gurgled some nonsense in reply, which Loki chose to believe meant that he loved him too. They lied side by side in the bed and Loki entertained him with a few simple magic tricks to go along with his stories of Asgard when he was awake and held him when he was asleep. The subordinates visited regularly to change diapers and give Loki food and bottles for Thane.

And maybe, just maybe, it could be possible for Loki to stay like this forever? To watch Thane grow up, to teach him magic, to watch him become a man of his own. But at the cost of all those deaths? With half the universe killed and then to give the Mad Titan more children of his own at their expense? Even a selfish trickster like Loki couldn't have that on his conscience, there was plenty enough on it already without adding more.

He buried his nose into Thane's neck and breathed in his scent to keep it in his memory before he let himself cry. He was exhausted but refused to fall asleep, determined to make the most of every minute he had with his son.

Thanos entered his room hours later and walked up to them. He ran his fingers through Loki's messy hair and kissed him.

"My beautiful lover and our beautiful son," he spoke softly and Loki tried not to shudder. "Are you certain you won't stay with me and Thane?"

Loki held his son as tightly as he could, not wanting to ever let go.

"He needs you," Thanos prompted. "You're his mother, he needs you with him. Who else would teach him magic but you?"

Loki tried to tune him out but he found his decision swaying. He kissed Thane and breathed him in, letting his ears fill with the baby's soft laughs.

"Well?" Thanos asked after Loki's continued silence.

"I want to go," Loki whispered into Thane's neck.

Thanos looked at him with disappointment. He stood there for some time as if Loki would suddenly change his mind, but then sighed.

"Fine. Come here."

Loki sat up to let Thanos lift him down from the bed, still clutching Thane tightly to himself. He followed Thanos out of the room where Ebony Maw was waiting for them.

"Hand Thane over when you're ready to go," Thanos instructed Loki and the god almost couldn't breathe.

This was it. His obligation to Thanos was done with and he could go back to his brother if Thor still wanted him, or he could leave for any other part of the universe if the guilt of the Asgardians' deaths got too strong. He could try and find his way back to Sakaar, to the Grandmaster. Drink away his memories like Valkyrie had tried to do.

Thane gurgled and drooled on him and Loki sobbed as he hugged him tightly. This wasn't supposed to happen. He would just give birth to some child and then leave or die, he hadn't intended to have to look at it or bond with it. He hated Thanos with a burning passion for making him suffer through this.

"Hey baby," he said again, his voice breaking as he tried his hardest not to cry. "I love you."

He gave Thane one last kiss before he held him out for Maw to take. He didn't want to let go but forced himself to step back. Thanos opened a portal and led him through it. They arrived by the Asgardian settlement once more, and the warriors were more quick about arming themselves this time, as if they would have any chance against the Gauntlet.

Loki didn't even care to look at them, his heart breaking for selfishly missing his son. Thanos held his face in his hand and made Loki look up at him.

"If you ever change your mind, my beautiful Loki of Asgard and Jötunheim, Thane and I will be glad to see you return to us," he said and kissed him deeply.

Then he stepped back, leaving Loki feeling lost and alone as the portal closed.

"Loki?" he heard a familiar voice in the distance. "Loki!!"

Strong arms threw themselves around Loki in a fierce hug and Loki finally let himself cry. He buried his face in Thor's neck as he wailed loudly, not caring who heard or saw him.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" he repeated over and over until Thor would believe him.

Thor tried to shush him as he pulled them down until they were sitting on the ground. He removed his cape to cover Loki's nude body with it before he hugged him again and covered his face with kisses.

"Everything will be fine," he promised.

"I miss my son!" Loki cried and hugged Thor tightly. "I miss him so much! And I'm so sorry for everything, for everyone who died! I really didn't mean for them to!"

He knew Thor was crying as well but his beautiful perfect brother kept promising that everything would sort itself out but Thor had never been much of a liar. Heimdall placed a hand on his shoulder.

"The Asgardians here are safe now. That's all that matters," he said gently.

And Loki really wished he could believe them, but the guilt was eating him up from the inside. All he wanted was to go back to his son and pretend the rest of the universe didn't exist.

Chapter Text

It felt strange to wear clothes again. Even his usual casual attire itched on his skin and he'd caught himself scratching his arms several times already. Atleast his heavier ceremonial uniform kept him from scratching his skin, and made him feel somewhat regal again, and so he preferred to wear it at all times. Not to mention as constricting at it was, it felt good to be covered from neck to toe instead of constantly naked.

Walking around in New Asgard didn't help matters. The Asgardians he passed always glanced down at his belly as if he wouldn't notice. It frustrated him to no ends, especially when Thor would try to excuse them as simply being curious how his biology worked, as if it was any of their business.

While being angry at them for their insolence, he still felt an immense amount of guilt over having brought about the death of thirty Asgardians. The times when the guilt was at its worst he found himself sitting in Valkyrie's house, drinking himself into a stupor.

She seemed to have changed her mind about him somewhere along the way, possibly when she'd seen him heavy with child when Thanos had brought him here to-- Either way, she was a good companion as she never brought up any of it, knowing all too well herself why one would want to drink the agony away.

It didn't take many days until Thor's team members arrived, sent out by the authorities to apprehend Loki. Thor was not accommodating though and Loki crossed his arms and leaned back against a dwelling with seemingly no care in the world as he watched them with a smug face. He didn't feel particularly smug but it was more important to hide behind a mask, to show them he was still the same Loki whom had tried to conquer their world. It was an added bonus that it seemed to rile them up even farther.

"We can't let Loki wander around on Earth how he pleases!" the Captain tried to reason with Thor.

"He's changed, he's helped to save our people more than once. Loki has redeemed himself in my eyes and is pardoned."

"He's saved your own people but he brought a war to ours," the Widow reminded him. "Thousands of people were injured or killed in New York."

"The thing that frustrates me the most," Stark said as he walked around Thor to step closer to Loki, "is that when Thanos snapped his fingers, fifty percent of everyone died. Good people died. Good kids--" His voice broke as he thought about Peter Parker and he took a moment to collect himself before he scoffed at Loki, "Yet you lived. Imagine that."

Loki stared at him in silence for a long time with a blank face. The tension between them was thick enough to carve with a knife. None of the others dared to say a word as if afraid that Tony or Loki would attack the other.

"Yes," Loki said through gritted teeth at last, "funny how that happened."

"And why is that? You had some sort of deal, one super-villain to another?"

"Stark, that is enough!" Thor tried to interrupt but neither of the two would stop their staring contest.

"Yes. We have our own secret club. Meetings every friday. Would you care to join it, Merchant of Death?"

Tony raised his arm as a weapon evolved from the armour but Thor was quick to grab him.

"Stark, enough!"

Loki gave Tony a smirk as if he was untouchable as long as Thor protected him. Tony longed to wipe it off of his face. He broke the eye contact with Loki to turn to Thor.

"We were all out there fighting Thanos, risking our own lives to save everyone. And we lost. And your brother wasn't there. Maybe, just maybe, he could have made a difference, or maybe not, but we'll never know. I think that says a lot."

"Loki made a huge sacrifice, Stark," Thor said despite Loki's warning glare. "Heimdall and I wouldn't have been here to fight if it weren't for him. Loki is pardoned and that's final."

"If it was such a huge sacrifice you would boast about it instead of trying to keep it hush-hush."

Thor looked pained, as if he was thinking hard about what to say to not give the truth away. Loki rolled his eyes.

"What I did or didn't do no longer matters. Like you said, Thanos won. Maybe you should focus more on what he's still capable of doing instead of trying to be all righteous with me."

Tony glared at him and opened his mouth to keep talking but Clint quickly went over to lay a handon his shoulder and turn him around and lead him away to take a breath. Natasha looked after them for a moment before turning to Thor with an apologetic smile.

"Please excuse him, his behaviour has been a bit more... erratic since his return from Titan. He was stuck in space for almost a month, after all."

This made Loki perk up.

"You have a space ship?" he asked.

"What's it to you?" Stark sneered, making Clint try to calm him down again.

Thor saw the look in Loki's eyes and didn't like it one bit.

"Loki, no. I won't allow--"

"I'll trade you some information for the ship."

"Information of what kind?" Natasha inquired over Thor's protests.

"Where Thanos is located and the current state of the Gauntlet."

"What's the use of that information anyway?" Stark scoffed. "Without the ship we can't get up there to fight him again. And how do we know it's trustworthy, where did you get that intel?"

"Our secret super-villains club," Loki deadpanned. "He brings it everytime, likes to flaunt it in our faces."

"We're not interested," Natasha said. "Heimdall could provide us with the intel we need and like Tony said, we can't get to Thanos again without the ship."

"And it's currently broken anyway so don't think about stealing it," Tony gruffed.

"He wouldn't," Thor automatically defended only to wince at himself. "I mean, he would, but he's not going to." He turned to his brother, "Because you're going to stay here."

"Stuck on this miserable planet forever?" Loki grimaced. "Hardly sounds like a thrilling idea."

"Better than being--" Thor cut himself off in time and looked at Loki sadly before he spoke softly. "I need you to help me with New Asgard, you were always more suitable for the logistical aspects of ruling than I."

"It's a fishing village, not an entire realm. Even you would manage."

He took a breath and then turned to the Avengers.

"Thanos has the Infinity Stones, he's won the war, yet you still want to keep fighting him? What ever would you hope for?"

"If we get the Infinity Stones we can undo it," Steve explained. "Bring everyone back."

"You make it sound as if you actually would stand a chance."

"We won't know if we don't try."

Loki laughed.

"Oh trust me, you don't."

"And why would that be?"

Loki grinned widely. "I'm not sharing that for free."

"Loki's right," Thor said. "He's not going to let anyone of us get close enough this time."

Thanos would protect his own far too fiercly to make such a mistake.

The Avengers looked at Thor as if he'd grown another head.

"You know what Loki knows and you won't share it with us?" Tony accused.

"As we've said, it won't matter. Thanos will snap his fingers the moment he realises we're coming for him. We won't even get to look him in the eye."

There was only one person who could get near the Mad Titan and Thor would rather lock Loki up in the safety of New Asgard than let him go back there, to submit to Thanos again.

The Avengers weren't pleased with him, in his choices to keep silent about Thanos nor him protecting Loki. New Asgard had been given the status of its own independent state by Norway and taking Loki away by force would have political consequences in addition of being attacked by the thunder god himself.




Months passed by. Loki would leave New Asgard from time to time to wander around Midgard, in disguise of course to keep from being apprehended. He'd always come back home, to see how things had progressed for the small state but mainly to drink with Valkyrie.

Mortals just couldn't create alcohol that was strong enough, but Valkyrie and her team of brewers knew how to do it properly. Thor would be disappointed in him whenever he'd leave again but then again when wasn't he?

Of course Loki thought about creating a little chaos. Interfere with Midgard's politicians or giving the Avengers a few surprises to keep them on their feet. However it didn't have the same attraction as it once used to.

He was just waiting.

Tony Stark would get the space ship back together, he had no doubt. Many of the things needed to run it didn't exist on Midgard but the mortal genius would create it, with the help of the rabbit and Nebula. She had been one of the main reasons why he'd kept a low profile; he did not want to encounter Thanos' adopted daughter again. To be reminded of what he had done to her and what he might do to Thane.

He shook his head to stop thinking about it and downed the rest of his drink. He needed to focus on other things. He had managed to hack the Avengers compound, and as brilliantly secure as Stark's system had been the man had not taken the aid of magic into account.

He sat the empty bottle aside. The ship was ready. It was time to go. He got up from his seat and made his way to Thor's house. It was late but the thunderer should still be awake.

Thor sat by the TV and watched as his friends from Sakaar played a video game. He didn't even turn his head, he knew there could only be one person that would visit him so late without knocking.

"Leaving again, are you?" Thor asked as he took a swallow of his beer.

"Yes. I'm going to be away a bit longer this time, I'm afraid. Possibly not coming back at all."

Thor turned to stare wide-eyed at him. Korg and Miek looked at each other before they paused the game and left the room to give them privacy. Thor slowly stood up.

"You're not going back to him, are you?" he asked in a whisper as if afraid of saying it out loud would make it come true.

"Heavens, no. I just need to get off this planet. Be myself for a while in places where I'm not a wanted war criminal."

But maybe, just maybe, he would return to Thanos after all.

Thor seemed to have caught on to it too. He slowly stepped closer to Loki as if he'd teleport away if he hurried. He grabbed him, pleased that Loki was here in person instead of an illusion, and pulled him in for a hug. Loki allowed him. He even put his own arms around Thor after a while.

"I can't stop you, can I?"

"I don't think you'd like the outcome if you tried."

"You're right." Thor burrowed his face into Loki's neck and breathed him in, taking full advantage of what Loki was giving him. "It's better to say goodbye like this. And you know we'll always welcome you back. I love you, brother."

"Such sentiments," Loki muttered, but without any spite.

Thor didn't pull back to look at him but he was pretty sure Loki was crying. He always cried when he got too emotional. It gave him comfort in knowing that saying goodbye was as important for Loki as to him and he held him tighter.

"Thank you."

Loki patted his back.

Once Thor was ready to let go, he took a step back to gaze at his brother, knowing he might not ever do so again. He took a grip on the nape of Loki's neck like he'd always done and brought his face close so he could kiss his tear-stained cheek.

Loki gave him a sad smile then turned and left the house. He took one last look at New Asgard before teleporting away.

The Avengers compound was awfully easy to get into. Really, anyone could've gotten in to steal the ship. He was even disappointed that no one noticed him.

Okay, so he wore the disguise of the Captain but still. This was too easy.

The ship stood outside in the backyard as if ready to go – the fools had really intended to go to fight him again. The Avengers should be thankful that he was saving them from a certain death. He looked the ship over to see if it really was up to space travel when he heard someone approaching.

"Allright, hands in the air or I'll blast ya into next week!"

Loki pointedly kept his hands down as he turned around to face the rabbit who was pointing a ridiculously oversized laser gun at him.

"What are you talking about? It's me."

"I know Steve's a good runner and all but I just left him inside in the kitchen and ya ain't even breaking a sweat. Hands up and lemme see your face!"

Loki lifted his hands slowly as he let his face change into his own.

"Ha! Thor's brother, the wanted one! I should get a real nice bonus for ya, I--"

Rocket stopped talking when Loki grabbed the laser gun from his paws and kicked him away. Not too hard as he didn't want to kill the critter, but enough to subdue him. He quickly put the gun away into a pocket dimension and with the adrenaline running through his blood he got inside the Milano and started her up.

She lifted from the ground and he let out a joyful laugh as she soared up through the sky and into space.


Five years passed by in the blink of an eye. Loki had gone everywhere that was interesting enough and had caused plenty of mischief to make him feel like himself again. It was just like in his youth when he and Thor had gone on quests and nothing had been expected of them but to have a good time and not cause any irrepairable damage. Loki loved every moment of his freedom.

Yet there was always that nagging feeling at the back of his head, making him think about Thane, making him long to return to him. He had successfully ignored it all these years but it was growing stronger every day. He missed his son.

He watched over the chaos he had created in the shoddy bar he was in, one large orange man fighting with two furry creatures over a game of pool that Loki had tampered with. He didn't feel the excitement like he usually did. He looked down into his drink as he swirled it around before downing the content. He left the bar and headed towards the Milano, his steps slow and heavy as if his body protested against what he was going to do.

And with all right. He himself couldn't believe what he was willingly going to let himself go through again. He took a deep breath as he settled into the ship and with shaky fingers punched in some coordinates, which he had recieved three years prior when he had happened upon one of Thanos' henchmen not entirely by chance he was sure.

The Milano lifted and went on her way.

'There's still time to abort,' he kept telling himself while he gripped the armrests harder to keep his hands from pressing the buttons.

He didn't quite know what he had expected, but the green planet hadn't been it. He'd always associated Thanos with darkness, and this planet was bright and alive. When the Milano touched ground he remained seated for a while and just breathed as he gathered his nerves. No one had shown up to make him show himself, making him wonder if he had reached the correct destination.

He cautiously stepped out. A gentle wind breezed through his hair, the scent of grass and flowers hit his nose. It felt so wrong. The Sanctuary had been a dead rock, and the ship named after it had had a similar atmosphere.

"So you decided to join us," he heard a deep voice speak and looked up towards the large estate ahead.

Thanos walked closer to him, dressed in a casual outfit but still wearing the Gauntlet. Loki swallowed.

"I came for my son."

"And does that mean you accept my terms?"

Loki took a long moment to answer while Thanos kept coming closer. He was standing right in front of Loki by the time he nodded.

"I accept."

Thanos grinned widely, "I'm very pleased. And it means you won't be needing that anymore." He reached up with his left hand and snapped his fingers, making the Milano disappear from existence.

Loki tried not to show how it unnerved him to be trapped on this planet.

"It's a nice place you've picked out," he said. "A bit different from before. Less doomful."

"I could hardly raise our child on the Sanctuary. Thane should be able to run around and enjoy himself however he pleases."

Atleast that they could agree on.

"I want to see him."

"I think we should seal the deal first," Thanos insisted as he stroked Loki's face with his finger tips.

Loki didn't flinch away. He stood stiff as a statue as he held a steady eye contact.

"I want to see him first," he demanded.

Thanos huffed out an annoyed breath as he took a step back and turned towards the house.

"Thane! Come on out here!"

It took a while before the door opened and a child stepped out. Loki's heart clenched and he couldn't breathe. The boy was of a light purple colour with a mess of black hair. He ran towards his father and when he arrived he wrapped his arms around the Titan's leg as he gazed curiously upon the newcomer.

"Thane," Thanos spoke softly as he ran his fingers through his hair. "This is your mother, Loki."

Loki felt his eyes tear up and he smiled widely at Thane. He wanted nothing more than to wrap him up in a hug but had to constrain himself, let the boy take the initiative. He was so big. He wasn't a baby anymore. Loki's heart almost shattered when he thought about having missed out on all of these years with Thane.

He went down on his knees to be eye-level with him.

"Hi, Thane," he managed to get out once his voice started working.

"Hi, Loki," Thane shyly answered as he still clung to Thanos' leg.

"Now now, this is your mother and you should refer to him as such," Thanos prompted.

Thane blushed a little at his mistake but smiled and said, "Mother."

Loki couldn't help the tears that fell.

"Go on. Give your mother a hug," Thanos suggested.

Thane let go of his father and stepped towards Loki. There was perhaps some confusion in the situation for the child but no hesitation as he wrapped his arms around Loki. Loki closed his eyes and hugged him back. He finally held his son again and it was like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fitted together. He was where he was supposed to be. He never should have left. He breathed in Thane's scent and listened as the child hummed a happy tune, and as long as he kept his eyes closed it was just the two of them in the universe.

Eventually he had to face reality. He opened his eyes and loosened his hold. Thane kept hugging him for awhile longer before he let go.

"I drew a dragon battling a cyrvoy," Thane told him excitedly. "Do you wanna see it?"

Thanos answered before Loki had the chance to.

"We will in a short while. Your mother and I have some things we need to take care of first."


Thane smiled at them before running back into the house to continue his drawing. Loki remained where he was as he watched after him. Thanos waited until the child was back inside before he spoke.

"I will put a magic dampener on you. As a precaution until I know you'll stay with us properly this time."

Loki could feel how the energies surrounding him changed. He still had access to most of his magic and parts of his pocket dimension, but he wouldn't be able to teleport or fight using magic.


"Out here? What if he--"

"Don't make me have to repeat myself."

Loki stood up to do as told, leaving item after item in a pile until he was completely naked.

"Just as beautiful as I remember you," Thanos murmured as he went down to his knees to be on Loki's level, to touch him more easily.

"Kiss me."

Loki wished Thanos would just take what he wanted and make it easier for Loki to get back into the rope of things again, but Thanos always did love his mind games. He reached up to take a hold of Thanos' face with his hands before his lips connected with Thanos and gave him a few soft kisses. His tongue licked Thanos' lips and the Titan opened his mouth, his own tongue seeking Loki's before entering Loki's mouth. He deepened the kiss and Loki let out a choked sound before he caught himself. Thanos kept kissing him for a few minutes before he moved back.

"Prepare yourself and lay down on your back," he murmured as he pulled down his trousers and stroked his erection.

Loki did as told, keeping his eyes on Thanos' to keep from watching the huge thing between his legs. He spread his legs widely and Thanos reached down to insert a finger. It hurt, it had been too long since he last had allowed this to be done to him and he forced himself to relax, even feeling a bit grateful that Thanos would take time in opening him up instead of shoving right in. After all, he could break Loki apart and then simply get him back together with just a thought.

A second finger joined in and Loki couldn't help a wince. He took a hold of his knees to lift his legs up and spread them farther to allow more easier access as he kept repeating the spells that slickened him up. When the third finger pushed in, Loki let out a pained gasp. Thanos stilled his ministrations to lean down and kiss Loki's neck and chest as if that would somehow make him more relaxed.

He kept kissing and licking Loki's body and Loki had to force himself to open up and take the third finger so that they could continue and get it over with.

"Continue," he ground out and Thanos did.

He fingered him for a good while, pushing in and stretching him and eventually the pain numbed down.

"I'm ready," Loki whispered and held his breath.

Thanos pulled out his fingers and stroked himself, getting Loki's conjured slick onto himself before he lined up. The head was so thick and Loki shut his eyes. How could he have taken this thing with ease?! Thanos kept pushing and eventually it breached him.

"You're so tight, my love. I could come here and now."

Loki could only let out a choked sound.

When Thanos had gotten over the inital reaction, he pushed in, and kept pushing in despite the resistance, until all of him was inside. Only then did he still again as he looked down to marvel at how someone small like Loki could take all of him. Loki's belly was bulging wonderfully and Thanos couldn't help but to start thrusting to watch how he filled up with every move.

"You were meant for me," he growled as his thrusts started to get rougher. "We're going to have so many beautiful children together, I'm going to keep you filled up with them until you won't know anything else."

Loki bit his lip and tried to stop listening. Thanos fucked him harder as he got closer.

"Touch yourself. I want you to come before I do."

Loki panted hard as he brought a hand down and wrapped it around himself, surprised that he was hard at all. Maybe his body had gotten so used to having that reaction during his time with Thanos that it reacted like it used to automatically.

"Say my name."


Thanos groaned and the pace increased further. Loki matched the speed and caught himself by surprise when he ejaculated over himself. Thanos gave a few more thrusts before he came deep inside of him, filling him up.

He stayed inside for so long that Loki almost feared they'd get stuck. He showered him with kisses and licks and affection but Loki just wanted to get cleaned up. He let out a gasp when Thanos finally pulled out and he let his legs down.

A wet towel was held out in front of him and he turned his gaze to the tall and creepy man holding it out to him. He hadn't noticed when he'd arrived and was a bit unnerved at having been watched, but he accepted the towel to clean himself up without a word. Thanos did the same before handing his towel back to the man, but Loki kept his to cover himself.

"No need for modesty now, sweetheart," Thanos chuckled as he tucked himself back in. "This is Onyx. He will watch over you."

"Instead of keeping me locked up you're giving me a warden?"

"Don't take it personally." Thanos helped him up to his feet and gave him a kiss. "Put your trousers back on, not the rest."

Atleast he didn't have to be completely naked this time. He side-eyed Onyx before handing the towel over to him so he could get dressed. The soft grass felt lovely against his bare feet and he couldn't help but to dig his toes into the soil to keep his mind off of other things. He put his other clothes away in the pocket dimension, then followed Thanos to the house with Onyx right behind them.

"Welcome home," Thanos said as he opened the door and let Loki inside.

It was simpler than Loki had imagined the King of the Universe would have but still a massive improvement from the ship. Thanos led him to Thane's playroom where the boy sat on a thick carpet and painted.

"Mother!" he greeted with an excited smile and Loki's heart jumped with joy. "Look what I drawed!"

"Drew," Ebony Maw corrected from the corner of the room. "Welcome back, Asgardian."

Loki ignored him and went to Thane to sit down beside him. He looked at all the papers with pride swelling up in his chest. For being made by a small child they were rather detailed, not just a scrambled nonsense mess like he and Thor did at that age.

"They're beautiful. You're really talented."

Thane grinned proudly at him.

"Watch this," Loki said and used his magic to make a few of the creatures on the papers he held rise up into holographic images.

They moved around as if alive and Thane watched wide-eyed in fascination as his creations moved, made sounds, and interacted with each other.

"That's amazing!!" he exclaimed and reached out to touch them.

Even though he couldn't feel them or hold them, they wrapped around his hand and made delighted noises. He laughed with joy and turned to Thanos.

"Father, look!"

Thanos smiled widely as he watched Thane and Loki interact. Things were as they were supposed to. He and Maw eventually left the two alone with Onyx watching over them.

"Can you teach me how to do this?" Thane asked as he watched his dragon battle the cyrvoy for real and not just on paper.

"Of course I will," Loki promised, longing to pass on the knowledge Frigga had taught him. "I'll teach you everything about magic. It's going to take a lot of time and effort in the beginning so you have to be very patient with it, okay?"

Thane nodded.

"Hold out your hand, palm up like this."

Thane copied his actions. Loki placed his hand over Thane's and sent out a small burst of energy.

"Did you feel that?"

"I did!" Thane nodded excitedly.

"I want you to try and feel that same thing inside yourself. It can be very hard to find at first, but you know what it is once you do find it. Take your time."

They sat in silence for a few hours as Thane searched deep inside himself. Loki marvelled at his patience, he himself had grown frustrated when it had taken too long, but Frigga had had an endless amount of patience with him.

"I-- I think... there!"

Loki's smile was almost wide enough to break his face.

"Concentrate on it, and try to drag it out to the palm of your hand."

Thane frowned hard as he tried to do as instructed. It went slowly as he had to work it out himself how to manipulate the energy, but finally it got where he wanted it to. Loki could feel bursts of it in his own palm. New and unbridled energy that gave off a purple light where Loki's was green.

"That's excellent, Thane. I'm so proud of you! Now, draw the energy back into yourself, very carefully, until it's back where you found it."

It took as long as needed and when it was done Thane looked up at him.

"That is your seidr," Loki explained. "Your ability to use magic stems from it. You managed to find it so fast so it's going to become very powerful some day. Do you feel sleepy?"

Thane nodded and yawned. Learning how to use magic was very draining but he hadn't complained once.

"Time for a nap, then. Show me where your bedroom is."

He gathered Thane in his arms and carried him to where he directed him. Thane's room was large but cosy, filled with everything he could wish for. Loki placed him down on the bed and helped remove his clothes until he was just in his underwear. He pulled up the covers over him and sat by his side until Thane had fallen asleep.

"Thanos would like your company," Onyx said.

"He'll have to wait," Loki muttered as he kept stroking Thane's cheek.

"It was not a suggestion."

Loki glared at him but followed him out to the dining room where Thanos was seated. Thanos held out his hand to him and Loki walked over and let himself be seated on the Titan's knee. Thanos nussled his neck and stroked his chest as they were being served dinner, while Maw and Onyx sat in the corner of the room to keep watch.

"You taught him magic?"

"Yes. He seems to have a natural talent for it."

"He got that from you."

He reached out a hand to grab a piece of meat and started eating. Loki did the same even though he wasn't feeling hungry. He just wanted to go back to Thane. They kept a light conversation while they ate. Loki could feel Thanos harden against him and knew what was coming once they were done eating. He tried to drag it out but when Thanos was ready there was nothing to stop him. He pulled back Loki to sit right over his crotch as he rubbed up against him as they waited for the table to clear.

Once done, Thanos lifted Loki onto the table, on his back, and pulled his trousers off. He grabbed Loki's thighs and pulled them aside and Loki barely got to draw in a breath before Thanos pushed inside. Loki let out a choked shout and dug his nails into Thanos' arms as he got thoroughly fucked.

"Need to get you pregnant again," Thanos grunted. "Thane should have had brothers and sisters already if you hadn't left us, we have to give them to him as soon as we can."

Loki could do nothing but to hold on as Thanos used him. Thanos didn't last as long this time and soon filled him up. He pulled out to place his still hard cock on top of Loki, rubbing it over Loki's own cock and abdomen. The friction felt good and Loki couldn't help but to thrust up against it, rubbing his cock against Thanos' slick one.

"Rub my cock," Thanos growled and Loki reached out to grab it.

He stroked it while humping it, certain he looked nothing more than a wanton whore at that moment but he didn't care, he was so close to the edge. He let the orgasm wash over him and moaned loudly in pleasure, uncaring of their audience.

"That's it," Thanos praised him. "Come for me, my darling."

Thanos kept rubbing against him and when he felt the need he pushed inside Loki again to release another load. He stayed inside as they'd both calmed down before looking up at the men waiting in the corner.

"Maw. The plug, if you will."

Loki watched with dread as Maw walked up to them and handed Thanos the type of buttplug that Loki hated so much.

"Thanos, no."

"Yes," Thanos insisted as he pulled out to insert the plug.

Loki groaned as the metallic plug, sentient as it seemed to be, started writhing inside of him as if it tried to get deeper. He couldn't help but to thrust his hips upwards as the plug rotated and shifted and pressed right up against his prostate.

"I'm going to fuck you whenever, however I want, as often as I want, and when my cock's not in you you'll be plugged to make sure that my seed is in you at all times, so that your body has no choice but to accept it. It took a long time to get you pregnant with Thane, I wish to try to make it happen sooner this time. Is that clear?"

"Not when I'm with him," Loki shook his head. "I can't have this thing inside me when I-- ahh!"

The plug had forced an orgasm out of him and he grabbed his hair in frustration as it kept moving.

"The more pleasure you have, the sooner you should be pregnant."

"And that's why I refuse to have it when I spend time with my son," Loki gritted his teeth in annoyance over how Thanos seemed to refuse to listen. "I can't act like this in front of him!"

Thanos tilted his head as if the thought hadn't occured to him.

"A few hours reprieve, then."

He lifted Loki into his arms and carried him from the dining table towards the bedroom, where he placed him on the bed.

"You just lay here and enjoy yourself. I'll come back for you later." He gave him a deep kiss and then turned to Onyx. "Make sure he keeps it in until the morning."

Loki glared at the creature as he pulled the cover over himself to hide from view.

"You're just going to stand there and stare? Not even show the courtesy of turning around?"

"It's what I'm here to do."

"That's just excellent," Loki muttered.

He was hard again, as this plug was a lot more aggressive than the one on the ship. He ignored Onyx and brought a hand down to stroke himself. When he got off it hurt as he was empty, but the thing still required more of him. He dry-orgasmed twice more before he finally passed out.


If Thanos had come back for him, he must've used him in his sleep. It was an uncomfortable thought that Loki wouldn't allow himself to mull over for long. He was so sore and getting out of bed was a hassle as the plug was still writhing around. He eventually managed to get to his feet and stumbled into the bathroom where he took a much needed shower and finally got to pull the damned plug out. He watched the horried thing as he felt the seed gush out of him, and though it wasn't technically alive it still twisted and searched for the heat it craved. He threw it aside in disgust and cleaned himself thoroughly.

He dried himself off and went back to the bedroom to get dressed. A pair of loose trousers lay ready for him. He didn't acknowledge Onyx's presence until he'd put them on.

"So you've just been standing there all night?"

"Yes. I don't require sleep."

Loki narrowed his eyes. Was he some sort of experiment like Nebula; more machine than biological? Did he record everything Loki did so Thanos could keep an eye on him? Onyx creeped him out, not as much as Maw but enough to not want him following him around. He needed to make sure Thanos trusted him, that he truly was here for Thane and willing to give himself to Thanos for him.

He ventured through the house until he found Thane in the kitchen, eating a breakfast consisting of eggs and vegetables grown in the garden just outside. He grinned widely at Loki when he saw him before running up to give him a hug.


Loki hugged him back.

"Are you okay? Father said you had to stay in bed so you couldn't eat dinner with me after I napped."

"Yes, I'm fine. I was just a bit tired after the travelling," Loki lied.

Thane led him to the breakfast table where the servants had put forth a dish for Loki as well. Thane munched away on his food while Loki mostly picked at his.

"Are you gonna teach me more magic today?"

"I'd be delighted to if you want."

Thane made a happy noise as he had his mouth full. Loki smiled as he watched him eat, taking in every detail of his looks, movements and sounds. This was his son.

When Thane was finished they stepped outside. Onyx followed behind them but was easy to ignore. Birds sang and the wind gently swept across the open field. In the near distance were large green mountains with several beautiful waterfalls.

"Would you like to show me around the mountains?" Loki asked, longing to get away from the house – and if he earned another few hours to be with Thane then even better.

Thane nodded eagerly and grabbed his hand. The boy led him on a path all the way through the forest until they reached one of the platforms. It had a smaller waterfall nearby that provided a calming atmosphere, and overlooked a great deal of the area below. Except for Thanos' estate it was all untouched green scenery. It was breath-taking.

Loki sat down on the grass, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Thane sat down next to him and leaned into him. Loki put his arm around him and kissed his head. They remained like that until Thane grew restless and wanted to learn magic.

"Alright, so the next step to getting to know your seidr is to move its energy to where you want it with ease. Remember how you pulled it out to your hand and then back again? Try to do so atleast twice with each hand."

They sat practicing for hours until Thane was too worn out. He lied back on the ground and closed his eyes.

"Tell me a story."

Loki lied down next to him, head propped up in his hand.

"Here is one I told you when you were just a baby. The story how the great city of Asgard got completely covered in foam. One day, your uncle Thor and I..."

He told the story with a sad smile on his lips as he thought of his and Thor's childhood. They'd been so carefree and of course the Realm Eternal would exist for all eternity for how could it not? He chuckled as he spoke of how his earliest magic tricks had gone completly wrong and how endless streams of foam had spread throughout the city and how Thor made everything worse by calling forth the rain.

Thane giggled.

"I like uncle Thor. Will I get to meet him too?"

Thanos would probably kill Thor rather than have him anywhere near Thane, but Loki smiled and said, "If the Norns wills it so."

Thane didn't seem to understand what he meant with the Norns and Loki decided that would be the next story he'd tell. He finished the one about the disastrous foam and Thane listened to the very end, too intrigued to fall asleep no matter how tired he was. Even when Loki had offered to continue telling it once he had woken up Thane had insisted that he'd get to hear it all right there and then. Only when Loki had said "the end" did Thane allow himself to drift off.

Shortly after Loki felt a disturbance in the energy around him. A portal opened up and Thanos stepped out. Loki decided to greet him with a loving smile.

"So this is where you are," Thanos spoke softly as to not disturb Thane as he looked at them.

"Join us?" Loki asked as he patted the ground beside him.

Thanos smiled at Loki's request and lied down next to him. Loki took the initiative to reach out and trail his hand over Thanos' before bringing it to his mouth to kiss it.

"What's this?" Thanos wondered, touched by Loki's actions but not entirely convinced.

"I'm happy," Loki smiled brightly. "I'm at this beautiful place, with my son, with you..." He kissed Thanos' hand again. "This is where I should have been all along, I just needed some time to come to that realisation. And I really do mean when I say that I want to start a family with you."

"That pleases me so much to hear, my love," Thanos smiled and leaned down to kiss him.

They kissed and touched each other softly, as if they truly were lovers. After a few minutes it grew more intense, but only when Thanos tried to drag Loki's trousers down did the other pull away.

"Not now, he's right there."

"So? He's asleep."

"Seriously? Let me put him to bed, then you can have me." At Thanos' hesitance he added, "I want you make me come so hard that I scream."

"Wouldn't want him to wake to that lovely sound," Thanos sniggered and Loki huffed.

"Lovely for you perhaps, not for him."


Loki lifted Thane into his arms and Thanos opened up a portal which they and Onyx stepped through. They arrived immediately into Thane's bedroom and Loki took his time to put him to bed, excusing himself with that he wouldn't want to accidentally awaken him.

But then there was no more putting it off. He took a discreet breath and turned to Thanos with a flirty smirk.

"Now where were we?"

Thanos grinned and quickly opened a portal to their own bedroom at the other end of the house. Once there, Thanos lifted Loki onto the bed and dragged his trousers off before discarding his own outfit sans the ever-present Gauntlet. They lied side by side and made out for a few minutes before Thanos prompted Loki to lift his leg, and then pushed one of the fingers of the Gauntlet inside him.

It really was a feeling unlike any other, to have all that immense power fucking him. He did his best to shut out all the feelings of guilt and disgust with himself and let himself get lost in the power trip. Thanos added another finger and carefully fucked him until Loki was taken over the edge.

The Titan chuckled at his eagerness and kissed his face as he came down.

"You really do love the Gauntlet, don't you? If only I could use it to plug you with my seed, have you sit on my hand wherever I go, have everyone watch my Queen lose himself on it."

Loki looked at him.

"Your Queen?"

"Yes. Mother of my children, and holder of my heart. Or do you not wish to have that title?"

Loki watched him in silence for a while before reaching out to touch Thanos' face and bring it closer so he could kiss him.

Loki, Queen of the Universe. Who in their right mind would have ever imagined?

Thanos withdrew his fingers and rolled Loki over so he was on his front with lifted hips and arms held behind his back in Thanos' hand. He got up behind him and pushed inside, fucking him eagerly.

"As soon as you get with child I'll grant you the title," he grunted. "You'll have all of the universe at your feet."

"Yes, yes, yes...!" Loki moaned and pushed back to meet each thrust.

Thanos fucked him really good and when he screamed it wasn't entirely an act. The Titan followed soon after and when he pulled out Onyx handed him the plug.

"No, not that again," Loki groaned into his pillow but Thanos kept pushing it in until it was locked in place.

He bit his lip hard to keep from calling Thanos all sorts of unflattering things as Thanos wiped them off. At Thanos' command he got off the bed and put his trousers back on and followed him out to the dining room.

Loki stared at his plate, not feeling the urge to eat anything. Especially not after how he had behaved the previous evening. Atleast he was sitting on his own chair now instead of on Thanos' lap.

"Did you put something in the food?" he asked after debating with himself whether not to.

"Yes. There's an herb that works as an aphrodisiac."

"Good that you were up front about it," Loki muttered and picked at his dinner.

Thanos sighed.

"It's only until you get pregnant," he repeated himself and Loki couldn't wait until he was if it meant for all these idiotic things would stop. "Now eat up everything, I've heard that you didn't eat your breakfast."

Loki gave a sideways glare at Onyx, "Nobody likes a tattle-tale."

Thanos chuckled but didn't disagree. They made some light conversation while they ate and Loki forced himself to swallow every bite until eventually the plate was clear. He was more aware of the changes in him this time as the aphrodisiac went into effect. Thanos watched him with intense desire and Loki knew what was going to happen next.

"Atleast let us make it back to bed," he suggested but Thanos had other ideas.

"Hands and knees on the floor," he demanded and Loki took off his trousers before he complied.

Thanos didn't waste any time. He pulled out the plug and got inside him as if he was dying if he stayed outside a second longer, and fucked Loki hard.

Loki tried to ignore the subordinates that cleared the table or Maw and Onyx that were always present in the corner, but it was kind of hard to not feel shame at them all seeing how he was treated. One would have thought he'd been used to it after the weeks in the Grandmaster's company.


Loki's heart froze for a moment before he quickly pulled up an illusion of them being dressed. Thanos had the decency to still his movements.

"What's going on?" Thane asked sleepily as he rubbed his eyes. "Mother?"

"We're just wrestling," Loki hurriedly said. "Go to your playroom and Maw will be right behind you."

Thane did as told and Loki gritted his teeth as he dropped the illusion.

"All these people and none of them have even the slightest capability to keep him away from here?!" he shouted.

Thanos chuckled as he began pumping into him again.

"Speaking like a Queen already. He was bound to catch sight of us sooner or later. We'll be doing this for thousands of years after all."

"Then I insist we'll do this in our locked room where our children won't be able to catch sight of us!"

Maybe Titans had a more casual approach to sex and exhibition but Loki wouldn't allow any of his children to see this ever again.

"Our children," Thanos repeated as if that was the only part he'd picked out from what Loki'd said. "So many children. Hundreds and hundreds of them."

He fucked Loki harder before he came. He plugged him up and turned him over so he lied on his back.

"My precious lover," he murmured as he kissed and licked every bit of Loki within his reach. "Let me watch you enjoy yourself."

Loki put on a show because that's what he did best.


The following week passed by with the same routines. Loki and Thane would journey somewhere far off before their training and Loki told him all the stories he wanted to hear, telling him about the wicked Norns, the brave Valkyries, his and Thor's quests, and of course about the beautiful and wise Queen Frigga.

Endless amounts of sex with Thanos followed for the rest of the day, mostly until he passed out from it. He made sure to seek out Thanos' company and show him as much affection as he could, whether it was kisses or giving him a backrub. He actively fucked himself on his cock and moaned in pleasure all the while thinking about pulling forth the laser gun from the dimensional pocket and blast Thanos' head off.

The Titan still fucked him anywhere he pleased but Loki made sure to order to subordinates to keep Thane away if there was even the slightest risk of him finding them again, and none of them dared disobey him. Only then did he cater to Thanos' every whim.

Thanos seemed to have taken some piece of advice to heart after the previous time; Loki had access to pregnancy test kits. He got more annoyed at himself each day when the tests showed negative, but then, exactly eight days after his arrival, it showed differently. He took another just to be sure.

Life with Thanos improved significantly after that. He made sure that Loki had all the comfort he wanted and while they still had plenty of sex, Thanos was more careful with him to not risk anything. It also had the bonus of Loki getting to spend even more time with Thane, who sometimes insisted on magic lessons twice a day now when Loki was more available to him.

His title as Queen became official when Thanos ordered the news to spread. Loki sometimes caught himself wondering if the news had reached Midgard, and what Thor, Heimdall and Valkyrie – and Hel, even the blasted Avengers – thought of it. Then he remembered it didn't matter because he wasn't going to meet any of them again.


Months passed and Loki started to grow bigger. Thane would sometimes hold his hand on Loki's belly and stare up at him in awe whenever he felt something move.

"I can't wait to meet him! Or her! We gonna go on adventures just like you and uncle Thor!" he would say and Loki wondered if Frigga had ever felt any worries whenever they had gone away in their youth.

Thane spent his days learning magic and training to be a warrior, but up until Loki got too heavy they also found the time to go exploring the nearby forests and mountains together. Thanos showered him with romantic gestures and Loki made sure to do the same. As the family sat out on a picknick he almost burst out laughing at how surreal the entire thing was. Thanos the Mad Titan, always surrounded by death and darkness, and the drastic change this domestic life of theirs was now. Sometimes Loki wondered if he had really gone insane and this was just all in his head.

When it was time to give birth, Thanos and Onyx were by his side, helping him through it. It was almost as difficult as with Thane, but finally after hours upon hours he heard the baby cry. He lied back in exhaustion as he watched with hooded eyelids how Thanos lifted the child in his arms as Onyx cut the cord.

"It's a girl," Thanos announced and held her out for Loki to take. "I want to name her Gamora, after my favourite daughter."

The one he had murdered to get the Soul Stone.

"I want to name her Frigga, after my mother," Loki countered.

They were both stubborn and argued back and forth, until they decided on the neutral name Alandra. Thanos watched Loki and Alandra for a while before he stated his intentions.

"I want to take you right now. I don't want to waste any time in getting you filled up again."

Loki groaned.

"I've just given birth, I'm sore."

"We'll do it quickly then."

Onyx took Alandra away despite Loki's objections and soon Thanos was upon him. Loki changed his body to his usual one and Thanos barely took time to work him open before he fucked him.

Thanos was intent on having him as much as possible for the next couple of weeks, but atleast this time Loki didn't have to suffer through being plugged. He dealt with Thanos' needs and when it was done he cleaned himself up and went back to enjoy his time with his children, until Thanos would demand to have him again.

Loki gave in to everything Thanos desired from him, and even though he hated to leave his children he sometimes made the effort to be the one to go to Thanos, too. He rode his cock fiercly in front of everyone, knowing how it thrilled Thanos to show him off like that.

Eventually his efforts to please Thanos started to pay off. Onyx was ordered to give Loki a few moments alone with the children without constant surveillance, and as time passed Loki was pleased to notice his absence more and more. And as much as Thanos seemed to love an audience as he bred Loki, when they were in the bedroom it was just the two of them, with Onyx standing outside in the hallway with the door shut. Thanos was letting down his guard more and more with each day, especially when Loki got pregnant for the third time.


Loki lied on his front on the bed, legs spread wide and Thanos behind him, fingers spreading his cheeks wide as Thanos leaned in. A swift flicker of his tongue over Loki's hole had him jump and clench in anticipation before Thanos let his tongue out again. Another teasing flick and Loki moaned as he tried to push his ass back into Thanos' face.

Thanos chuckled and let his tongue properly lick Loki, a slow steady stroke from his perineum, over his hole and up his crack, coating him in saliva.

"More," Loki begged and Thanos granted his wish.

The tip of his tongue started to play around the hole, almost dipping in before moving away, teasing him endlessly as Loki writhed and whined, completely at Thanos' mercy. And then it entered, deeper and deeper and Loki let out a shout as Thanos started twirling it around inside of him. The thick wet tongue felt heavenly and Loki wanted to reach down and stroke himself but kept his hands obediently in front of him.

Thanos pulled out his tongue to spit at the hole, covering it with the wet substance before he dived back in again and set a forceful pace, eating Loki out as if his life depended on it. Loki felt as if he'd died and gone to Valhalla. He humped the bed cover beneath him wildly as he thoroughly enjoyed the best rimming he'd ever experienced. He repeated Thanos' name as a mantra as he got lost in the pleasure. Thanos reached in so incredibly deep with his tongue, his breath upon Loki's skin, the sound of his chuckles reverberating through him... Loki came hard with a loud shout, clenching forcefully around the soft tongue. Even then Thanos wouldn't let up, he continued just as ruthlessly as before, only pulling back to coat him with more spit before diving back in, and kept going.

Loki came again before he reluctantly begged Thanos to stop. Thanos licked him a few times more before he pulled back to kiss Loki's entire backside as the god calmed down.

"That..." Loki panted harshly and lost his train of thought so he started over. "Why haven't you done that to me before? I'd been yours from the moment I met you."

Thanos laughed and gave his hole another lick.

"If only I had known that was all it took," he murmured and gave another lick before leaning back.

Loki waited until his legs didn't feel like jelly anymore and then moved to stand on the floor. Standing in front of Thanos, his head leveled with the Titan's crotch, he reached out to stroke the thick cock in front of him as he placed kisses onto the fat head. It was far too big to put inside his mouth so he couldn't give his lover the full extent of his talented tongue, but Thanos seemed satisfied enough with this.

He kissed, licked and mouthed the cock, tracing every vein as his hands stroked the length, and Thanos put in an effort to remain standing completely still. Loki's tongue narrowed to enter the slit and he licked inside the urethra, then pulled away with a thick string of pre-come attached to him.

He looked up into Thanos eyes and made a show with twirling it around his tongue and put it into his mouth and swallowed it with a delighted purr. Thanos groaned and put his hand on Loki's head to guide him back to his cock and hold him in place. Loki sucked and licked at the slit, working Thanos up until he could barely control himself, the sloppy noises Loki made as he feasted on his pre-come almost too much for him to take.

"Fuck...! Hands and knees, now!"

Loki got in position and Thanos pushed inside and fucked him wildly. He showed no restraints despite Loki's pregnancy, it was all about getting off. When he'd pumped Loki full of seed he pulled out and flopped onto the floor, lying on his back.

Loki crawled over until he reached Thanos's still hard cock and started to lick it clean, while watching Thanos' face with hooded eyes. The Titan groaned and thrust up.

"You'll be the death of me," he muttered and reached down to insert a finger of his Gauntlet into Loki to fuck him with it while Loki licked up every drop of come and slick from his hard cock.

Loki seemed to worship his cock as he made sure it was entirely clean from the previous engagement, from the shaft down to the large wrinkly balls. He stroked it eagerly as he fucked himself on the Gauntlet.

"Ready for round two?" he asked after a few moments and Thanos nodded as he removed his finger.

Loki got up and inserted the cock into himself as he sank down on it, all the way down until he was seated on Thanos' crotch.

"Sitting like a Queen on her throne," Thanos growled with lust.

"Yes, your cock is my throne," Loki agreed as he started to ride it. "Only mine."

"Only yours," Thanos promised.

He let Loki ride his cock in his own pace for a few minutes, then grabbed a hold of his waist and moved him up and down as he started thrusting, fucking him hard. Loki let out a few yelps as he was moved around like a fucktoy.

When Thanos came again he pushed Loki down so all of him was inside the god. He threw his head back and groaned as he blissed out, wanting to stay inside the tight warm heat forever.

The was a slight change in the air around them, barely noticible even if one was paying attention. Thanos had lost his focus and was as unguarded as he'd ever be. It was now or never.

There was no time for hesitation.

Loki quickly pulled out the laser gun from the dimensional pocket and shot him in the head. He stared at the bloody mess in wonder, as if wondering if that had really happened and wasn't just a fantasy as the door opened and Onyx entered in a rush. Loki shot him too.

His heart was beating wildly in his chest and he held his breath as he listened intently if anyone else was coming, but when only silence remained he put the laser gun aside and worked on getting free of Thanos' hold on him so he could get off of the cock still lodged inside.

He used his magic to erase all the seed from him as he put in all his strength to pull the Gauntlet off Thanos' hand. Even with the aid of his limited magic it was hard work and he kept glancing towards the door, worrying that his subordinates would rush in and kill him, now when he was so close...

The Gauntlet was pulled free and Loki put his hand inside of it. He concentrated on the Reality Stone, making it lift the dampener put on him so he got his full use of magic back.

Then he knew what he had to do. The guilt had been eating him up on the inside for far too long.

He took a deep breath and willed the Gauntlet to shrink down fit his hand. It attached itself to him and lit up and he choked out a pained shout as it tried to devour him. He used his magic to fight back, to force it under his control, and then he snapped his fingers.

He didn't know if he'd succeeded, but he'd have to. He couldn't have failed. No even the Norns would have been so cruel as to let him fail. He had the Infinity Stones, he was the most powerful being in the entire universe, there was no way he would have...

His magic kept struggling with the Infinity Stones to keep control over them as he thought of what else needed to be done. He snapped his fingers again as he wished for Thanos' henchmen and his entire armies to get wiped away.

He panted hard. His arm burned. He was more exhausted than he'd ever been but he needed to get to his children.

Loki got up onto shaky legs and conjured himself into some clothing as he stumbled out the door. Thane and Alandra were in their bedrooms where he'd left them earlier. Thane was awake in his bed, possibly startled awake by the shockwaves that had emitted from the snaps, and watched with confusion as his mother wielded the Gauntlet.


"Get dressed and put the clothes and things you love the most in a pile on the floor for me to collect," Loki panted. "We're going on an adventure."

Thane's face lit up and he immediately got out of bed to collect his favourite toys.

"Stay in this room, okay? I'll just go and get Alandra."

Loki sneaked his way to the nursery, uncertain if he'd succeeded with his snap or if Maw or any of the others were still out there. The house seemed too quiet but he couldn't trust himself to have succeeded. He got into Alandra's room and packed away all her things that she needed before he lifted her up, wrapped carefully in blankets, and held her close to his chest.

He then went back to Thane who had managed to create a huge pile of clothes and toys. The boy looked up at him with expectation and Loki put it all away in his dimensional pocket. He wondered for a moment where they'd go; as the children were Thanos' they'd probably never be safe anywhere, but he couldn't stay on this planet.

He thought of Thor, knowing that he would protect them to the death. He gave Thane a forced smile.

"Remember how you wanted to meet uncle Thor?"

The boy jumped up and down in excitement. Loki concentrated on New Asgard and opened a portal. He took a hold of Thane's hand and they walked through it.


The Asgardians hadn't suspected that anything out of the ordinary would happen on that day. They went about their day as they always did, building new dwellings, tending the crops and animals, fished, continued to try and build a new life.

When the thirty Asgardians that Thanos had snapped for Loki's mistake suddenly came back to life, standing in the town square as if they'd never left, everything was put on hold. The Asgardians just stopped and stared at them as if they were seeing ghosts, then suddenly a loud cheer could be heard. Everyone rushed forth to hug them, welcome them back, ask them how they succeeded to return.

Thor ran out of his home at the sound of the commotion, staring in disbelief at something which should have been impossible.


He turned back to Korg and Miek who were watching television.

"They say they're back! Everyone who vanished are back!"

Thor went back into the house to watch for himself. The reporter on the live broadcast seemed as surprised as he was, standing with a huge grin on her face and tears running down her eyes as people reunited on the streets behind her.

Heimdall entered the room in search of Thor and nodded with a grin, "It happens in all the realms that I can see!"

"He did it," Thor whispered. Korg and Miek looked up at him in confusion and he let out a thrilled shout, grabbed Heimdall's hands and jumped with joy. "Loki fucking did it!!"

The four of them went out to greet the returned Asgardians and dance around in joy, knowing that all over the universe others were doing the same with their returned ones.

A portal opened on the hill up ahead. Some of the Asgardians moved to stand on guard, not trusting whatever was going to come through to be friendly, not after their experiences. Thor, Heimdall and Valkyrie made their way through the crowd to stand in front of the portal as they told their people to put their weapons down.

Thor held his breath, waiting. Knowing in his heart who was going to come through at any moment. Any moment now... Come on...

Finally a tall figure walked through, with a child by his side, and another held in the arm adorned with the Infinity Gauntlet. Thor could only stand and stare at them for a moment before his brain kickstarted back into action. He took a few steps forward as the portal closed behind them.

"Loki," he tried to say, but his throat was too tight with emotion.

He took the last few steps between them and pulled his brother in for a hug, mindful of the baby in his arms.

"Welcome home," he told him.

Loki let go of Thane's hand to return his embrace.

"I'm so fucking proud of you," Thor sobbed as he let himself cry, too happy to have his brother back; to have had Loki bring back trillions of people from the dead. "How does it feel to be a hero?"

Loki burst out laughing.

"I hope I won't get too used to the feeling," he said and pulled back to look at the baby he was holding. "This is Alandra. And this little guy is Thane, he's been longing to meet you."

Thor went down to his knees and smiled widely at the child who clung to Loki's legs.

"Hi," he greeted. "I'm Thor."

"Uncle Thor!" Thane burst out and let go of Loki to throw himself at Thor who held him in a tight embrace. "I've heard so much about you!"

"All good things, I hope?"

"Not always," Thane giggled and Thor laughed.

He stood up and carried Thane in his arms as the proud uncle he was and he and Loki made their way down. Heimdall and Valkyrie smiled at them as they welcomed Loki and his children home. The Asgardians spotted the Gauntlet on Loki's arm and reached the same conclusion at once. They all cheered for him and chanted his name.

Thor led them to the house Loki had abandoned all those years prior. He'd made sure it was kept up, hoping that his brother some day would come back. Thor put Thane down to let him run around and explore the house. Valkyrie took Alandra from Loki and put her down on the bed, and Loki stroked his stomach as he watched.

Thor didn't miss the action.

"Is there one more?" he asked carefully.

Loki and Valkyrie looked at him with confusion before Loki realised what he was doing. He looked down at his slightly bulging stomach and gave a wry smile.

"There is," he confessed. "About four months by now, I think."

Thor watched the belly in silence for a moment, his heart breaking for who the father was and what Loki had to endure for it to happen, then he looked up at him with a huge smile and tears running down his cheeks.

"Another little person added to our family!" he almost squeaked out.

He pulled Loki in for another hug, even tighter now when he wasn't holding Alandra.

"I'll tell them all it was you. You did what none of us could do, and I'll fight anyone who dares to say otherwise."

"Not to break your moment, but what about the Gauntlet?" Valkyrie inquired.

"What about the Gauntlet?" Loki asked her, suddenly feeling defensive.

"Do you intend to keep it?"

"Should I toss it away?"

"You know what I mean."

Loki looked down at it. He felt the infinite amount of power surge through him. He was all-powerful and he could do anything. He could change the world.

"I was thinking about bringing mother back," he confessed silently as he raised his hand to study the Stones.

It was possible. He should do it. It was just a thought away.

"Loki," Thor cautioned. "It's not the same to bring her back as to undo the vanishing. You don't know what it'll do to her, or to you."

"Isn't it worth a try?" Loki looked up at him, wondering why he wasn't supportive.

Thor should want Frigga back as much as he did.

"You have children to think about. What if something happens to you because it doesn't work like intended?"

"When was the mighty Thor ever afraid of taking risks?" Loki scoffed.

"When I lost everything."

They stared at each other in silence for some time before Thor lowered his gaze.

"You do as you want, but I beg of you to let her rest in peace."

Loki watched him as he thought things over. Valkyrie studied him, probably wondering if he'd ever turn into a threat. He looked down at the Gauntlet again, and slowly began to pry it off. He cast an illusion over his injured arm to hide what it had done to him.

He hid it away in his dimensional pocket, unreachable for anyone but himself. Valkyrie wasn't completely satisfied as she wanted the Stones destroyed, but it was better than to have it on him, luring him into temptation, or having it within reach for others.

Thane came rushing into the room and blabbered excitedly about everything which eased the mood.

"Mother told me when you and he went on quests! I wanna go on quests too!"

"Yeah?" Thor laughed and ruffled his hair. "Then that's what we'll do. We'll go on as many quests as you like, just the three of us! And four, when Alandra is older."

"Thor, Valkyrie, why don't you take Thane outside and show him around," Loki suggested as he took out a few of Thane's toys out of seemingly nowhere. "I need to rest for awhile."

"Can we get you anything?" Thor asked worriedly. "Treats, tea? Oh I know, that lemon tart you really liked at that coffee shop in the next town over!"

"Thor, I'm pregnant not crippled," Loki scoffed out of habit before he looked back at him. "But yes, that lemon tart does sound nice."

"Our first quest!" Thor told Thane. "We're off to find a really special treat for your mother!"

The three of them left and Loki lied down on the bed next to Alandra. He watched her as he pondered Thor's words. The Gauntlet had burned like acid on his arm despite his magic shielding him as best as it could, but what if he tried to do more? To actually bring someone back instead of just undoing the snap? Would it put him at risk? He stroked his belly as he watched Alandra sleep peacefully.

It could wait a few years. The Gauntlet was safe where it was. He needed to take care of his children first and foremost.

And maybe someday he would bring Frigga back.


The End