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Let's Try Again

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Chapter 1: From the Future to the Past

Department of Mysteries - August 26, 2018

On the deepest level of the Ministry of Magic, in the least known section of the Department of Mysteries, a dark haired man sat at a well used desk reading what looked like an ancient scroll by candle light in silence when an alarm started to go off. Unspeakable Emerald, an inside joke from his recruiter, calmly got up and tucked the scroll into his trunk before shrinking the trunk and tucking it in his pocket.

Hadrian Jameson Charlus Prince-Potter, more commonly known as Harry James Potter, made his way into the DOM’s ritual room at a calm pace.

Normally, when alarms start sounding, most people would panic and start to rush but that wasn’t him, not anymore at least. Many years ago, when he had been a teenager, maybe, but not any more. They had made sure of that.


At the age of 17, when most other children were having fits of teenage rebellion, Harry had been leading a rebellion. He had willingly walked to his death, only to find out it wasn’t worth it less than a year later. 

Less than a week after the final battle Dumbledore had come forward. He explained that he had faked his death so that he could do more research unwatched. Everyone accepted that it had been ‘for the grater good’. If Albus Dumbledore said it, it had to be true.

Harry had been feeling off that entire week but it wasn’t until the funerals started that he realized something was wrong. He stood next to the Weasley family at Freds’ funeral but he didn’t cry. In fact he attended dozens of funerals and never once cried. It was at the funeral of Remus Lupin that he figured out why. It was because he felt nothing.

Thinking back, he realized that ever since the battle he had not felt a single emotion. But that wasn’t right… He had willingly walked to his death before facing the most feared dark lord in single combat, and during it all, he had felt nothing.

When he told his best and most trusted friends he was told that it was just shock, he would get over it in time. He just needed to let himself relax. But time went by, and still… He felt nothing.

It had been almost a full year later that he learned why.

Harry had been sitting in Chief Ragnock’s, Director of Gringotts, office. He was there to finalize the repayment for breaking in and releasing the dragon. 

Seeing something in Harry’s eyes, Ragnock called in another goblin. The then preformed an inheritance test. What they discovered caused Harry’s world to flip.

Harry was not the son of Lily and James Potter, but instead, he was the son of Severus Snape Prince and James Potter. He was the Lord of 8 houses. And that wasn’t the worst of it.

There was evidence that he had been under loyalty, submission, and compulsion potions since he had been a young child. Blocks had been placed on his magic, the first was placed on November 1, 1991, the second block was placed when he was 2, and others were placed when he was 5,11,13, and 16. He was also under glamours. All of which bore the magical signature of Albus Dumbledore. There was also a block on his soul mate bond and he had been dosed with over 200 different love potions, a vast majority of which were aimed at Ginny Weasley.

Ragnock explained that that was why he was no longer able to feel anything. His body had been fighting against the soul mate block since it had been placed when he was only 4 months old, with the addition of the potions it had caused his emotions to burn out. The goblin healer that had been brought in to remove all the potion residue, spells, glamours, and bindings that were on him theorized that all of his emotions since the age of 16 had been potion or spell induced. 

Sitting in the healing wing of Gringotts Harry, now Hadrian, swore that he would get revenge.

A light nock on the door had drawn everyones attention. As they watched an elderly female goblin with pale eyes walked in holding hands with none other than Luna Lovegood. Luna went and sat next to Hadrian and gave him a hug before explaining.

Luna told them that she had seer blood and knew that everything was about to change. She couldn’t see the specifics but she did have information, the goblin seer that she came in with said that they both would help. They explained that they had  seen a way to fix everything but it would come at great cost and great risk, and there was no guarantee that it would work.

They said that terrible things were about to happen, and there was nothing any of them could do to stop it. When the time was right the brightest of the lion would come and show Hadrian how to find the light in the darkness. In time they would find a way to cause the sands to reverse and give them a second chance. A chance to break the chains.

Hadrian agreed to wear glamours so that Dumbledore, and those that worked for him wouldn’t know that he had discovered their treachery. He actually found it really easy to play the role of double agent. Hadrian realized that he was doing the same thing that his father, Severus, had been forced to do.

Over the next few months what remained of Hadrian’s world fell apart. Dumbledore past laws that were drafted by none other than Hermione that forced all house elves to be freed, outlawed all ‘dark’ creatures, and made it illegal to have a dark core.

The first thing Hadrian had done when he heard about those laws was to go to Andromeda’s and try and convince her to take Teddy and run. That was where he learned of more deception. Like him, Remus had been dosed with love potions. Tonks had only pretended to marry him to make sure that he didn’t try and take Harry away like he and Sirius had been planning. Teddy wasn’t really his son, but the son of Tonks and Moody of all people.

He had left quickly before she could call anyone and gone to the next place he could think of, Shell Cottage. Only to find it in flames. Running inside he had found Arthur Weasley. He had been hit with multiple cutting hexs amongst other things, there was nothing Hadrian could do but watch him die. Arthur told him that the Ministry had taken Bill, Fleur, and Victoire. Hadrian had removed Arthurs body from the house and laid him to rest next to Dobby.

It took days of searching for information at the Ministry to find out where they had been taken. Ultimately he had made arrangements with George and Charlie to see if they could get them out of the country. Unfortunately they were not a successful as they had hoped.

Hadrian had managed to slip into the prison camp but it was already too late for Bill and Fleur. Going past the cells he saw a few people he recognized and started opening the doors. They opened as many doors as they could in order to cause a distraction and at least give a few people a chance. A few of the students that he had gone to school with, including Draco Malfoy, chose to follow him as he headed to where the children were being held.

In one small building in the middle of the compound was where 11 children between the age of 3 to only a few months were being held. The conditions were terrible, and it was clear that no one had been looking after them. 

Hadrian and the others gathered the children up before they used the portkey he had brought with them to get away. They had been lucky, it seemed that all of the so called lights morals were only for show, as the entire place had been destroyed with fiendfyre. That was the last time he would see many of them, though he did manage to set up back channel communication with George, Charlie, Draco, and Blaise Zabini later.

For the most part, most of what had happened that night had been covered up but Hadrian had managed to use his fame to start an inquest. He pointed out that many old pureblood families had been attacked and that they didn’t want to risk another ‘dark lord’ issue.

Less than six months into the inquest Hadrian had collapsed. He had woken up in St.Mongo’s a few hours later and been told that he had been slipped a very rare poison and that there was no cure, all they could do was keep him comfortable. His so called friends and pretend family showed up and cried for the cameras but they never really spent any time with him which he was grateful for.

One night Hadrian had woken up, feeling like he was being watched. Sitting beside his bed had been a person in Unspeakable robes. When the hood had lowered Hadrian had almost actually felt something. For a moment he could have sworn that he was looking at Sirius Black, but then he noticed the small differences between this man and his beloved godfather.

Sitting next to him was none other than Regulus Black. That was when the first part of what Luna had said made sense. The star Regulus was the brightest star in the Leo constellation.

Regulus told Hadrian about how after he had sent Kreacher home with the locket he had been attacked by the Inferi in the water. A combination of the madness from the potion, the fear of death, and accidental magic, had  allowed him to apparate through the anti-apparition wards around the cave. Except that the effort involved almost killed him. He had actually been discovered comatose in a muggle hospital 8 years later by an Unspeakable that had than recruited him. He was now only known as Unspeakable Onyx, another inside Unspeakable joke.

He told Hadrian that the Unspeakable department could offer him a cure for the poison if he was willing to work for them.

That night Harry Potter had died and Unspeakable Emerald was born. The Unspeakables had been tracking the actions of Dumbledore since Voldemort had started his rise. The had seen a pattern in the fact that a second dark lord was connected to Dumbledore. 

Shortly after Harry’s ‘death’ a woman came forward with an incredible story. She claimed that her husband had been the illegitimate brother of James Potter. This meant that her 4 year old son was the heir to the Potter fortune. 

The goblins had administered the inheritance test and proved that the boy, Brian, was indeed a Potter. They were forbidden by treaty to tell the public anymore than that the boy was a Potter. Ragnock secretly told Hadrian the truth. The boy was the son of James Potter and Lily Evans.

After a few months of investigating Hadrian learned the truth. Voldemort had not actually killed anyone that night in Godric’s Hollow, but instead he had killed golems. Lily Evans had, with the help of Dumbledore, placed James Potter in a magical coma and kidnapped him days before the attack. James had been kept prisoner. They had wanted Lilly to give birth to another Potter heir so that when Harry died, as they had already planned, Lily would be able to come forward under a fake identity and claim the Potter estates.

Hadrian had eventually found the cottage that had been Jame’s prison in the woods just outside of Godric’s Hollow. They hadn’t even had the decency to bury the body. The corpse of James Potter still rested on a cot in a locked room in the basement. An autopsy performed in the Department of Mysteries showed that James had been kept unconscious the entire time. They had given him potions to assist Lily in getting pregnant. It had taken them as long as it had because James was a natural carrier. This meant that he was able to magically become pregnant and carry a child, but it was incredibly difficult for him to impregnate someone.

Over the years the unspeakables had discovered that Dumbledore had been working closely with Grindelwald. One of the unspeakables had even managed to get into Nurmengard to question him. 

Grindelwald had explained that they had planned to play both sides of the chess board. He would be black, and Dumbledore would be white. They would use each other to get rid of anyone they didn’t deem worthy, and in the end they would ‘compromise’ and ‘reconcile’ to make their world a better place.

Ultimately Dumbledore had betrayed him when Grindelwald was getting to powerful. Dumbledore had invited him to a strategy meeting and attacked without warning, taking the elder wand in the process, before locking him up in the prison they had built together. Dumbledore had then made himself out to be the hero rather than the villain he was.

Within a few hours of Hadrian’s final defeat of Voldemort the unspeakables had gone into his manor. They had found all sorts of things. The most interesting of which was the book on how to create horcruxs. The book still held residue from compulsions cast 50 years before, meaning that the compulsions had been incredibly strong. Every time Voldemort had touched the book he would have felt compelled to make another horcrux. Horcruxs didn’t just divide ones soul, they divided the mind, this was why Voldemort had lost his mind.


Over the next few years after ‘Harry Potter’ had died things went from bad to worse. 

The freeing of the house elves caused them to become almost extinct in wizarding Britain. House elves need the connection to a wizard to supply and regulate their magic. Without that connection the house elves magic goes wild and ultimately kills them. The only reason they were not completely extinct was because some people, that actually understood the symbiotic relationship between wizards and elves, had hidden them away and kept them bound to themselves, this included all the unspeakables.

The next to go was the magical creatures. Magical creatures do not differentiate between light and dark. they also, generally, do not have the same hatred issues as humans. Werewolves and vampires may not have the best relationships but given the choice between helping one another or siding with the wizards that had persecuted both of the they will never choose the wizards. Once the magical creatures saw there magical brethren being rounded up and exterminated they turned on the wizards.

Once all different types of magical creature started to turn on the wizards the ministry, under the continued influence of Dumbledore and his followers, decided to make all magical creatures a target.

The rest of the magical world could only watch in horror and confusion as the British Ministry of Magic legalized the hunting of everything from Basilisks, unicorns, and even phoenixes. As phoenixes can’t truly be killed Fawkes was trapped in a binding cage that had somehow been spelled to bind him. He wasn’t there long as as soon as Hadrian and the other unspeakables learned of his fate, and the fate of another phoenix in Britain, they had broken into Hogwarts where they were being held and rescued them.

Fawkes, for his part, was found to be under an old magic binding curse forcing him to do what Dumbledore wanted. He was kept in the cage until they were able to find a ritual that could free him. After being freed Fawkes chose to stay mostly in the DOM and help the unspeakables.

The average witch and wizard, by this point, had started to pull away from Dumbledores ‘Greater Good’. There discomfort turned to fury when the ministry cost them their gold. All of a sudden the public cared, but by then it was to late to save them as they had not bothered to help anyone else and therefore had no allies.

The event that caused outrage was when the ministry attacked Gringotts with dementors. The ministry had used their control over the dementors to force them into the bank before sealing the doors. They expected that the dementors would wipe out the goblins. But they were wrong.

It was true that a great number of goblins died in the initial attack, but goblins know the secret of dementors, their origin. Many people knew that obscurials were amongst the most dangerous things in existence, but they also though that they were rare. That was not the truth. It was just rare for them to fully form.

As a child, Hadrian thought he was the only student at Hogwarts that was being abused, he was wrong. The abuse of magical children by there muggle relatives was actually more common than they had known. Most cases were only minor but more severe cases did exist. It was even more common in the past. 

Everyone knew that severely abused children could become obscurials. But they never considered what happened if they died before they manifested. Most children that are abused severely enough to start the process of becoming an obscurial don’t survive. When a child like that dies the obscurial magic attached to their soul doesn’t allow them to move on. 

Instead they become dementors. They feed off others happiness in attempt to provide comfort to the child that they used to be, while at the same time trying to let those around them understand how they feel. Although it is relatively rare in modern times it does happen, 

Knowing this, the goblins used an ancient ritual to release the souls of the children. It was a very complex ritual that used many different forms of magic. The only way to release the souls of the children was to strip away the dementor exterior and acknowledge the child beneath. Then allow the child to explain their pain, followed by providing the spirit with the comfort and love that they had never received. It was very difficult to do because not many had the physical and emotional strength required.

The goblins had managed to release all the children over a 12 day period. Dumbledore and the ministry had believed that it would take about a week for the dementors to wipe out the goblin nation, but had kept the building sealed for 2 weeks just to be on the safe side. They expected that when they opened the doors they would find their hoard of dementors surrounded by the soulless husks of the entire goblin nation. Once the goblins were dead they would simply take control of the bank and confiscate the gold.

That was not what happened. Two weeks after sealing the doors they cracked them open and sent their patronuses in. When they stepped in they found an almost completely empty bank lobby, the chandelier and even the teller desks had been removed. The only thing in the room was a single table sitting in the middle of the room. On that table was the most recent peace treaty with the goblin nation, it was torn in half. They all knew what it meant. It was war.

Months went by and the ministry started to relax as there were no attacks by the goblins. There new problem was the people. They had been so supremely confident in their ability to take control of the bank they never considered what would happen if they failed. The tunnels that lead into the heart of the nation, as well as down to the vaults, had been sealed shut with goblin magic. This meant that no one had any access to their gold.

Almost over night the economy collapsed. The ministry tried to keep control but they were struggling. The people were angry and small rebellions started. The ministry’s response was brutal but it never stopped some people.

Like the goblins, many magical creatures decided to bunk down and let the stupid little wizards destroy themselves. The only people that they had any real contact with was the unspeakables, and Hadrian in particular. Learning from the different species allowed them to form a plan. Using time crystals from the goblin caves, they were ground to dust to make time turners, as well as rituals from the centaurs, mermaids, silkies, elves, goblins, as well as many others, they found a way to reverse time itself to give them a second chance.

The next year and a half was spent getting everything ready. It was decided that Hadrian would be the one to go back. This was due in part to the fact that he had used all three of the Deathly Hollows and if there was any truth in that story than he could be the master of death. It was hoped that this would help him, though no one was sure.

All the information they could gather was stored in dimensional trunks that were shrunk and place inside another one, and the outer trunk was covered in shards of time crystals. They gathered thousands of memories. There was no way if knowing if Hadrian would remember this timeline but they hoped the information in the trunks would help.

He even managed to get memory balls, something similar to a pensive that projected a holographic image of a person, from many people, including Charlie, George, and Draco. Hadrian had used Fawkes to visit them when he brought Brian to George. They had been capturing and interrogating a lot of Dumbledores people in their attempt to get as much information as possible, that included Lily Evans. 

That was when Hadrian had learned that Lily somehow managed to be an even worse parent than her sister Petunia. Although Hadrian had come to hate Lily as much as he did Dumbledore, he sympathized with his younger half brother. It wasn’t his fault that Lily was his mother.

Hadrian had used Kreature to get past the wards and into Potter Manor, where Dumbledore had established his base of operations. He had Potter blood in his veins so he couldn’t be warded out. When he found the now 7 year old little boy in a small room in the basement he knew that he had done the right thing.

Gently Hadrian explained who he was and then asked Brian if he wanted to leave. The scared, under weight, and bruised, little boy didn’t even hesitate before throwing himself into Hadrian's arms begging to never have to come back. Hadrian saw so much of the boy he once was in this little boy, Brian seemed to be the opposite of how Hadrian had when he had been under Dumbledores glamours. The glamours had made him look exactly like James with Lily’s eyes but Brian was the opposite, His hair and face looked like Lily’s but he had their fathers hazel eyes. It was clear that the boy wasn’t being looked after properly and was being abused. 

As a final screw you before leaving Hadrian sent all the files and paperwork that had been in the manor to the DOM before blood sealing the property. Hadrian then took Brian to Prague where Charlie, George, and Victoire, were currently living. Hadrian’s friendship with George had been strained since the war, though he had no idea why, but they had learned to deal with each other  again after Hadrian had explained about his inability to feel. Though their relationship was complicated, when Hadrian had told him that he believed Brian was being abused George had instantly offered to adopt the boy. While he had been dropping off Brian, now renamed Gabriel, George and Charlie had given him their message orbs.

The plan was to send Hadrian back to just after the fateful trip to the zoo, but before he received his Hogwarts letters. This time was chosen because after the zoo incident Hadrian had received one of the worse beatings he had had to endure before he started school. There was no doubt in Hadrian's mind that he had been close to death, they hoped that this fact would allow him to merge with and overtake his past self.

There were many people that had been willing to help him. It was an odd mix and match of people from all of the houses. All wanted a chance for a better life.


That was what led up to today. The alarm meant that they had been found out. Fey Dunbar, who had been in Gryffindor in the same year as Hadrian, though they never really interacted, had been alerting him. She worked as a secretary in the Ministers office.

Kingsley had been ‘retired’ a few years ago and Hermione had gotten her dream of becoming the youngest Minister of Magic, she was as terrible at it as Hadrian had expected.

She also hated the unspeakables and the DOM. This was because, although the unspeakables worked in the ministry they did not answer to the minister. It was in the Unspeakables contracts that their only loyalty was to lady magic herself.

Hermione and Dumbledore thought that they would have access to all the information in the DOM once she was minister, they were wrong, though it didn’t stop them from trying to force their way in. They had even tried sending a few spies, but they had quickly been found out and sent packing.

The unspeakables had been taking more and more risks lately. They knew that they were close to being found out so they had had to through caution to the wind. 

The alarm meant that Dumbledore know knew that Unspeakable Emerald was Hadrian, and that they were now on their way to the DOM to get rid of him.

As Hadrian got everything in place for the ritual Unspeakables Opal and Amber entered the room. Lowering there hoods Hadrian looked at the faces of his most loyal friends, Luna and Neville. Taking their positions they started the ritual.

While they were doing the ritual something started pounding on the door. Standing in the centre of the ritual runes Hadrian’s world started to spin as they finished the ritual. As his vision began to tunnel Hadrian could only watch as the door burst open and in walked the people he hated most. Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, Molly, and Lily all came into the room throwing curses. Hadrian watched as both Luna and Neville fell. Then Dumbledore himself threw the Killing curse at Hadrian just as the world went black.


Pocket Universe - No Time

Sitting in a far of dimension Fate, Destiny, Death, and Time were in deep discussion. They were trying to figure out what to do.

Should they let Hadrian go back. Or should they stop him.

Fate wanted to allow Hadrian his second chance as she felt that she had been cheated by her sister Destiny. Fate had had such great plans for Hadrian until Destiny had messed everything up one day when she had been in a bad mood.

Destiny wasn’t sure. She did think that it would be entertaining to watch Hadrian grow up again, that boy certainly knew how to get himself in interesting situations.

Death, like Destiny, was conflicted. He wanted to let his master have this chance as it would make it so that he didn’t have to collect all the souls he had had too. So many had died before their time because Dumbledore didn’t know his place. At the same time he hated the idea of having a master. Hadrian had been the only person to ever gather all the Hallows in one place, and even though he was going back in time he would still be his master. Having a master was bad enough, but having a master that was a child was even worse.

Time was completely against it. He hated when mortals messed with him. And Hadrian had done so already with that whole time turner mess. It wasn’t his fault that Fate and Destiny had never learned to be careful with their toys.

After centuries in their little pocket universe the immortal beings agreed that they would give Hadrian a second chance. But they didn’t want him knowing everything, as Destiny said, that would take all the fun out of it, so they made sure that his memories would be vague.

They sent Hadrian’s unconscious soul back through time and left to go about their business. None of the other saw Destiny slip back into the room with a devious smirk on her face. She just couldn’t resist messing with one of her sisters favourites and her brothers new master. With a quick gesture she added her own twist on the ritual Hadrian had preformed and giggled as she snuck back out of the room.

Fate was gonna be so mad at her, but it was so much fun.

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4 Private Drive - March 3, 1996

Young Harry James Potter knew nothing but pain. His uncle had gotten drunk and beat him for hours yesterday because something strange had happened. Harry knew that more than one strange thing had happened last night. Though he couldn’t exactly remember what.

He vaguely remembered a man with long white hair promising his aunt that something would stop the outbursts. He didn’t know what that meant, only that he felt tireder and weaker than he had since he was a toddler. It was like some sort of iron weight was wrapped around his chest.

When he heard Aunt Petunia slam on his cupboard door and demand he make breakfast Harry opened his eyes painfully. He had had such a strange dream but he couldn’t remember what it was really about. Like many of his dreams, this one also had a flash of bright green. He always wondered why he dreamed about green lights.

Slowly getting up Harry couldn’t stop himself from flinching. His entire body hurt. standing up, he didn’t notice the pocket sized trunk that sat next to his makeshift bed. 

Going out and into the kitchen he saw he was being watched by his aunt. She had her usual pinched expression on her face, like she was seeing something completely disgusting.

“What are you looking at you little freak?” She snapped when she noticed his eyes on her.

His eyes returned to the floor, where he had been trained that they should be. “Nothing Aunt Petunia.”

“Well,” she demanded, flourishing her arm in the direction of the stove, “Get to work. Vernon and Duddykins need breakfast.”

Harry made breakfast as quickly as he could. He made as much as possible in the hopes that he might be able to get some of the leftovers. He knew that it was pointless, Vernon and Dudley would eat until they made themselves sick just to make sure that Harry wouldn’t get a proper meal.

As he thought Harry once again had to go without food. Petunia kept him home from school that day as there were still bruises on his face. And they couldn’t let the neighbours or teachers see that.

It was times like these that Petunia was glad that the little freak healed so quickly. She knew that a normal child would take weeks to heal from the beating he had received last night, but the freak, with his freakish ways, would be completely healed in a day or two. 

Harry spent the entire day working around inside the house. After he finished serving the Dursley’s their dinner Harry was given his first and only food of the day. A slice of stale bread and a glass of water. Then he was sent back to his cupboard.

Sitting in his cupboard Harry felt his heart break just a little bit more as happened every night. He couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. It seemed that no matter how hard he worked the Dursley’s would never care about him.

Grabbing his thin blanket Harry went to go to sleep. It was then that his foot hit on something. Sitting back up Harry looked at what looked to be a miniature trunk. 

He knew this trunk from somewhere. Why did he know this trunk?

Going off instinct Harry pushed a small amount of energy into the trunk. He didn’t even understand what the energy was, or where it came from, but he just decided to go with it. What’s the worse that could happen.

Harry let out a muffled yelp as the trunk suddenly grew. Holding his breath Harry waited to see if his relatives had heard him, but thankfully the TV was loud enough and he had muffled his cry enough that they hadn’t noticed. That was the last thing he needed right now.

Opening the trunk Harry looked in. The inside of the trunk was way bigger than it should possibly be. It was filled with other small trunks, large amounts of paper, and small corked glass vials that held something shiny in them. In the back of his mind Harry recognized all of this and knew that he was the one that packed this trunk.

Harry was just reaching out to grab a letter that said Ragnock on it when someone cleared their throat behind him.

This time Harry did not manage to stifle his slight scream. “I’m sorry… I din’t mean to… Who are you?” Harry slapped his hand over his mouth and glanced fearfully towards the door. He wasn’t supposed to make any noise, but even more importantly he was never supposed to ask questions.

Harry was very confused who this man was, but more importantly, how he was able to stand up in his cupboard and not hit his head. He was small but even he could barely stand in his little cupboard without his hair brushing against the ceiling.

Death gave a soft huff. Now he knew just why Fate had been throwing things at Destiny when he had left to come here. Then there was the boys reactions. His little master was clearly being mistreated and was damaged. 

Summoning a chair Death sat down. “Hush little master. I am death, you have no need to fear me. Relax, I have placed silencing spells around us so those disgusting ‘people’ out there won’t hear us. Now, tell me what you know about who you are, who your family is, and what is going on. I will work from that.”

“My name is Harry Potter. I’m 5 years old. My mom, Lily, and my dad, James, were killed in a car crash when they were driving drunk. It was my fault.” Harry’s voice broke a little bit here. He hated knowing that his parents were dead because of him. “I live with my Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and cousin Dudley. But that’s not right is it. My minds all fuzzy. I know things but I don’t know them, you know.”

Death let out a frustrated sigh. This was one of the reasons they had intended for Hadrian to return to the age of 10. The minds of younger children were just to simplistic for the kinds of memories that Hadrian had. Death knew that in time, Hadrian would be able to recall more but that could take years. It didn’t help that he and the others had intentionally left his memories vague. That was meant to protect his sanity just as much as to provide entertainment for Destiny. As it was now things were much more complicated as Hadrian was not going to be able to properly remember the plan, let alone have the power or control to carry it out. He was going to need help.

Gently rubbing his eyes Death made a choice. “So pretty much everything you know is wrong. Ok, this is what we’re going to do. I am going to send you to someone who can help find a work around for this. Give me that letter addressed to Ragnock in the trunk.”

Once Harry had done that he watched as with a swirl of Death’s hand a sheet of parchment appeared. With another wave of his hand and some muttering under his breath words appeared on the page. The parchment was then slipped into the envelope, all without breaking the seal.

Turning his attention back to the small boy now sitting  on a flat, old, crib mattress. “If there is anything you want to take with you quickly grab it and put it into the trunk because you are never returning to this hovel again, I can promise you that.” At this point young Hadrian gave him a dazzling smile.

Harry quickly grabbed a few of his drawings and the baby blanket he had had when he was dropped off. Putting them in the trunk he turned back to the strange being. Something inside him was telling him that this man was far more than he appeared.

Saying goodbye Death transferred all the tracking and health monitoring charms onto the fat child sitting on the couch with his parents, than Death waved his hand and Hadrian disappeared with a small pop. Turning around Death stepped out of the little room that had previously housed his young master. Bending reality around him once again he made it so that the door adjusted to his size.

Turning himself invisible he went into the living room and saw the Dursley family sitting on the couch. Even he was disgusted by the sheer size of the man and his son. It didn’t help that both of them were each holding a full tub of ice cream and eating directly from it.

Death had never considered himself to be cruel. Death just was, he wasn’t the one who killed people, no that was the job of his siblings, he just collected. It was a job that needed to be done, so he did it.

He also knew he had to do something to these disgraceful people. If he didn’t and word got out then he would have to constantly worry about his young master. Not all of his siblings were as nice as Fate, Destiny, and Time. He couldn’t have any of the others thinking his master was fair game. If he did he would end up having to constantly protect the young boy. Some of the others would have no problem killing his young master just to mess with him.

Thinking for a few seconds he thought up the perfect punishment. They would experience his young masters life at their hands. Even though his master was now safe, these people had meant to torture him for years to come. Now, in their dreams, they would experience Hadrians life with them. Every night they would live through what his days would have been like if he had remained. And when they woke up they would still feel it though there would never be any marks.

They would feel the hunger that comes from denying a child food. The pain that came when a child is whipped with a belt, the agony of being forced to work with broken bones. The exhaustion that came from working long hours with little to no sleep. The discomfort that came from sleeping on a crib mattress in a cramped cupboard. And most importantly, at least to deaths mind, the heart breaking pain of being told that you were responsible for the death of your parents. They would feel all this in the years to come and there was only one way to stop it. True remorse. Petunia and Vernon would have to acknowledge what they had done to young Hadrian was wrong and then feel true remorse for what they had done.

Once that was done Death turned to the boy. This was more complicated. Yes, he had gone on to do terrible things to Hadrian in the future, but he had come to regret it. He and Hadrian had actually made peace in their later years, especially after Dudley had had a magical daughter that had had a dark core, it had been Hadrian that had helped to smuggle Dudley, his wife, and the baby out of the country. Most of the bad things that Dudley had done in his past life could be traced back to his parents and how they raised him.

To Death’s mind, there was still hope for Dudley. In the end he made a decision. Dudley would feel the pain of his victims every time he bullied them. There was a time delay aspect on this curse. If Dudley was still a brutal bully by the age of 15 his curse would develop into the same one as his parents. Death thought that a decade of chances was more than enough for the spoiled little boy.

Death watched as Vernon got up and went into the kitchen. He could hear as Vernon went through the fridge attempting to find something to satiate the hunger that came from only getting a slice of stale bread and a glass of water all day. Death grinned knowing that it didn’t matter, Vernon wouldn’t be able to feel full.

He watched as Petunia started to gently rub her arm. Death knew that that was the exact same place as the fracture that Hadrian currently had. He knew that Hadrian would be healed within the next few hours but Petunia would have to feel the pain of it healing naturally.

Walking out of the house, Death decided to extend his punishments. The people in this neighbourhood had seen Hadrian grow up, and most had done nothing to help the clearly abused child. The teachers had seen the shy, undernourished child, and rather than helping him they had done nothing. They had all chosen to believe the lies spread by the Dursley’s because it was easier to do.

As punishment they would all dream about the abuse. In their dreams they would see young Hadrian being abused, they would watch as they themselves did nothing, their children or a young member of their family would then take the boys place. The dreams would always end the same. A battered ad bruised child would turn to them and ask them why they never did anything to stop the abuse, why they never helped the child. As most decent people would instantly feel regret he needed to make this curse longe lasting so rather than a trigger to release the curse a time limit was set. As it was right now Hadrian had had to live in this hell for 4 years, so they would have these dreams at least once a month for the next 4 years. As far as they would be concerned the young Potter boy had run away by the age of 5, they could only hope that he was ok.

The children in the neighbourhood were cursed in the same way as Dudley. Whenever they chose to bully someone else they would feel the resulting pain. This curse would dissipate in 10 years. Death hoped that this would teach them all to be better people.

The only member of the neighbourhood that was treated differently was Arabella Figg. Death couldn’t do much to Dumbledores spy so instead he created intricate vision spells. Arabella would see and experience the life she would have lived if Death hadn’t intervened. She would watch as Harry Potter was abused and do nothing about it, just like before.

With a smile, Death disappeared.

Chapter Text

Gringotts - March 3, 1996

Chief Ragnock of the Gringotts Clan was a proud goblin, like all other goblins. He was well over 200 years old and had been the chief of his clan for over 30 years now. He had lived through the reign of 2 dark lords that saw goblins and beneath them, and worthy only of death. He was a skilled warrior that had first blooded his blade at the age of 10.

He had thought there was nothing left that could surprise him. That was until tonight. He had been working late in his office, he had wanted to rush as his mate was probably back in their cavern and he didn't want to keep her waiting, that was never a wise thing, but he had a little bit more work to do and Ragnock never shirked his duty. 

Just as he had been finishing the last page of his paperwork there was a soft pop and he felt the presence of another. In less than a second his mind went over all the scenarios that he could think of, he hadn’t even considered this one. Casually dropping his hand to the battle axe he still kept at his waist he subtly pulled it out and kept it behind the desk so the intruder wouldn’t notice it until it was too late.

Glancing up, he froze. Rather than some shadowy enemy or some foolish thief, was a startled wizard youngling. Then Ragnock’s mind caught up with what  he was seeing. He could clearly see the younglings small size, the bruises, the way it was favouring its arm, but most of all was the guarded cautious expression. He knew goblins in their 30’s that weren’t as guarded or cautious as this youngling appeared to be. The only way to have a look like that was if one had seen battle and shed blood. This youngling was way to young for that, even by goblin standards. Ragnocks opinion of wizards dropped even lower, though he hadn’t believed that was even possible.

Cautiously Ragnock approached the confused youngling, just incase this was a trap. once the youngling had focused on where he was and caught sight of Ragnock he did something that surprised Ragnock once again. The youngling snapped his feet together, laid his hand over his heart, bowed at the waist ensuring that the back of his neck was visible and exposed, and then gave a traditional greeting.

Harry was confused. He had no clue where he was or how he had gotten there. He also had no idea why he had just said and did what he did. He only knew that it was the right thing to do.

He took a seat when Ragnock, and he somehow did know that this was a goblin named Ragnock, had gestured to the chair in front of his dest. Retaking his seat Ragnock looked at the youngling.

Harry snapped out of his shock and flushed. He quickly handed Ragnock the envelope that Death had handed to him only a few minutes ago.

Ragnock cautiously took the envelope. He was quite interested when he saw his name on the front, he was then confused when he realized that not only was this his name, it was also his handwriting. Flipping the envelope over to open it he saw the Gringotts seal. This had to be something important as the banks official seal could not be faked.

Opening the letter Ragnock read the first page while still keeping a cautious eye on the youngling. When he reached the end he was shocked. He had to reread the letter, and this time he gave it his full attention.

The letter stated that he was writing this letter to himself in the future. It explained that the young boy in front of him had become an unspeakable and had found a way to send himself back in time. He told himself about the attack on the clan and how this boy had stood with them, even against his own kind. It gave him a brief outline of how they had planned to change the future in a way the bettered the world while still providing a profit for the goblins. It ended with the information that this youngling had been declared a goblin friend, and a request of himself to help the boy who could one day save them all.

Ragnock could only look from the letter to the boy in front of him. How could something so small and damaged save them. Than he flipped to the next letter.


Chief Ragnock

As I am sure you are aware of by now young Hadrian Potter has come back in time. There has however been a slight complication. My sister Destiny decided to play a trick and he has arrived to early. It was intended that he would arrive 5 1/2 years from now. 

His mind is not yet strong enough to process all the information. He will have natural instincts from his past life but will be unable to explain why, at least for the next few years.

It is my belief that he will start to consciously be able to remember what happened in the next few years.

He will need an inheritance test. I would recommend that you use the full in-depth one. You will be surprised at what you discover.

I am forbidden from interfering too much by the Ancient Mage Peace Treaty so I request that you assist me. Contact Severus Snape and Remus Lupin. Both will also need to be checked and purged.

Please take the funds required from my own personal family vault 001, the Mortus Immortalis Vault, To help Hadrian and his family.

Help my young master, I have no desire to collect the souls of some of your clans bravest warriors early again.

Lord Death

P.S. There is no need to worry about the despicable people that harmed my master, I am dealing with them personally. I will also ensure that the boy is not missed.


Ragnock glanced from the youngling to the signature a few times. The Ancient Mage Peace Treaty governed how the immortal beings interacted with the mortal world, that couldn’t be right, could it. Looking back at the letter he had written to himself, he saw that he too had addressed the boy as the Master of Death a few times.

Ragnock swore softly in gobbledygook. He was holding a letter from Death himself, while sitting across the desk from Death’s master who had traveled back in time, and somehow Destiny had gotten involved. This had so much potential for greatness, it could also be a complete disaster if handled incorrectly.

Deciding to do as Death had suggested, although it seemed more like an order, Ragnock got out the ingredients for an in-depth inheritance test. 

Once all the ingredients were prepped he looked up to the youngling that had yet to speak any more than a greeting. “Give me your hand young one. I’m going to do the inheritance test that was suggested. I’m going to need 7 drops of your blood. I will add it to this potion, mix in the other ingredients, and then spread it on this enchanted parchment. It will tell us who you are, who your family is, what you are in line to inherit, and any block or potions in your system.”

The child didn't even flinch when Ragnock cut his finger to add the blood. Quickly healing the finger, Ragnock mixed everything up, poured it onto the parchment. Once everything was absorbed  Ragnock handed the parchment over.

Sitting back Ragnock watched as the boys face turned to one of confusion. “There has to be a mistake, this isn’t mine.”

“Blood never lies young one.” Taking the parchment, Ragnock read it and was as shocked as the youngling. If he himself hadn’t mixed the ingredients he would think there had been a mistake. This changed everything.


Name: Hadrian Jameson Charlus Prince-Potter


Father (Sire): Severus Prince-Potter (Status: Alive)

Father (Bearer): James Prince-Potter (Status: Alive)


Blood Adoptions:

Sirius Lupin-Black: September 7, 1990 (Legal, Godfather Ritual) (Status: Compromised)

Remus Lupin-Black: September 7, 1990 (Legal, Godfather Ritual) (Status: Alive)

Lily Evans: June 10, 1991 (Illegal) (Status: Alive)



Potter: Heir (Eligible to claim upon death of father)

Prince: Heir (Eligible to claim upon death of father)

Peverell: Heir (Eligible to claim at 11) 

Gryffindor: Heir (Eligible to claim at 11)

Ravenclaw: Heir (Eligible to claim at 11)

Black: Heir (Eligible to claim upon death of godfather)

Slytherin: Heir by right of Conquest (Eligible to claim at 11, test required)

LeFey: Heir by right of Conquest (Eligible to claim at 11, test required)

Lord of Lightning (Gifted by Lady Fate)

Breaker of Chains (Gifted by Lady Destiny)




487: 7,685,000 Galleons, 104,083 Sickles, 195,795 Knuts

488: (Valuables Vault): Portrits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire

713: (Hadrian Trust (Vault Self-Refilling)): 10,000 Galleons, 50,000 Sickles, 50,000 Knuts


697: 11,378,061 Galleons, 52,627 Sickles, 227,258 Knuts

698: (Valuables Vault): Portrits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire, Potions Ingredients 

714: (Hadrian Trust (Vault Self-Refilling)): 10,000 Galleons, 50,000 Sickles, 50,000 Knuts


285-286: 148,000,00 Galleons, 100,000 Sickles, 100,000 Knuts

287: (Valuables Vault): Portrits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire, Journals


037-041: 197,000,000 Galleons, 100,000 Sickles, 100,000 Knuts

042-046: (Valuables Vault): Portraits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire, Weapons


047-049: 78,000,000 Galleons, 100,000 Sickles, 100,000 Knuts

050-058: (Valuables Vault): Portraits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire, Ravenclaw Library


511: 48,383,262 Galleons, 184,285 Sickles, 396,539 Knuts

512: (Valuables Vault): Portrits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire


032-033: 148,057,246 Galleons, 128,293 Sickles, 137,918 Knuts

034-036: (Valuables Vault): Portraits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire, Plants


007-013: 242,000,000 Galleons, 100,000 Sickles, 100,000 Knuts

014-017: (Valuables Vault): Portraits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire, Books/Scrolls 


Vault 1287 (Boy-Who-Lived Gift Value): 15,000 Galleons, 405,959 Sickles, 820,467 Knuts, Stuffed Animals(5,086), Letters (14,684), Miscellaneous



Metamorphmagus (90% Blocked - Lily Evans)

Parseltongue (75% Blocked - Albus Dumbledore) 

All Speak (Gifted by Lord Death)

Natural Carrier 

Mage Sight 



Core Block/Leech:

10% - June 20, 1991 (Lily Evans)

5% - Horcrux (Tom Riddle)

50% - November 1, 1991 (Albus Dumbledore)

10% - January 6, 1992 (Albus Dumbledore)

10% - Less than 24 hours ago (Albus Dumbledore)

IQ Block: 45% (Albus Dumbledore)

Photographic Memory: 60% (Albus Dumbledore)

Natural Healing: 50% (Albus Dumbledore)

Wish Magic: 100% (Lily Evans)

Soul Mate Block: 100% (Albus Dumbledore, Lily Evans, Molly Prewett)

Anti-Homosexuality Curse: (Lily Evans, Molly Prewett)

May You Live in Interesting Times Curse (Placed by Lord Time)

Submission Potion: Focused towards Dursley Family

Loyalty Potion: Focused on Lily Evans, Albus Dumbledore, Molly Prewett, Ronald Weasley, Ginevra Weasley, Gryffindor House 

Hatred Potion: Focused on Severus Snape, Slytherin House, Dark Magic



Marriage Contract: Between Harry Potter (Hadrian Prince-Potter) and Ginevra Weasley

Signed by Albus Dumbledore, Lily Evans, Molly Prewett, Ginevra Weasley (Signed with blood)


Setting down the parchment Ragnock looked at the youngling in a whole new light. This little one was probably the riches person in all of Britain and he had enough potions and blocks to bring down an entire quidditch team.

“We must hurry young Lord.”

Harry was very confused. “Why? What does all that mean?”

“It means youngling that we need to move.” Ragnock said sternly. They only stopped for a moment so that the youngling could open the trunk and remove another shrunken trunk that had Ragnocks name on it, the trunk was placed on his desk for later before he led the boy out of his office. Ushering the boy down the hall towards the medical wing Ragnock explained about what the parchment meant.

When Ragnock walked into the medical area he caught the eye of one of the healers. Once the Healer, Vessra, caught sight of the youngling it took every ounce of strength Ragnock had not to flinch at her gaze. Luckily the young lord was looking around at everything and missed it. Ragnock really did not want to see what a look like that would do to the clearly abused youngling.

Children in the wizarding world were rare but not in comparison with the goblins. There were generally less than 50 goblin younglings born every year world wide. This led to an intense protective urge towards younglings of all species.

Putting Hadrian on one of the beds Ragnock quickly led Vessra over to one of the offices and threw up a silencing ward.

“Just what is the meaning of this Chief Ragnock.” Vessra all but hissed at him. 

Attempting to make a calming gesture with his hands Ragnock built up the courage to hand her the inheritance test. “This wizard youngling was brought to me less than an hour ago. The one who brought him requested our aid and offered to pay from his own vault. Given that the most recent core block is less than 24 hours old I hoped that you and our curse breakers would be able to remove it before it completely latches on to the poor youngling, if we wait much more it will only add to the rather large amount of pain he is already going to have to endure.”

“Good,” Vessra snapped at him as she read over all the potions and blocks on the youngling. “Summon your mate, I think I am going to need her assistance if we want this one to survive.”

Ragnock agreed as they left the office. Vessra went over to the poor youngling and in a manner much sweeter than any other wizard had, or would, ever experience she started to work with the boy. As she was starting to cast an in-depth medical history scan Ragnock went to one of the guards outside the room and sent him to get his mate.

It took less than 5 minutes for his mate to come into the room. Ragnock flinched slightly as he saw the look on her face.

“Just what is the meaning of this Ragnock?” His wife, Cora, demanded. “You were supposed to be home 3 hours ago, and then you summon me here.”

Before Ragnock could manage to get out a response Vessra came storming over, Ragnock let out a silent relieved breath as she drew his mates attention away from him. “Oh good Cora, your here. Your mate has brought us some work.” With a scowl Vessra handed Cora the medical scan. “We have an abused wizard youngling that is going to need a lot of work if we want him to make it through the next week.”

Ragnock could only watch in fear as his mate went over the health scan and the inheritance test. As she read Ragnock could almost feel the temperature in the room rise as her fury grew.

When she looked at him Ragnock froze. “I want to be involved in dealing with what ever fool thought they could do this to a youngling.”

“I’m sorry my dear, they have already been dealt with.” Ragnock tried to keep the stutter out of his voice. He was not successful.

“And just who do you think can handle them properly.”

Ragnock took a deep breath. This was a complicated issue. Taking the inheritance test out he showed them the gifts from the immortal beings. “This youngling has managed to draw the attention of the Olde Ones. It was Lord Death himself that sent the youngling to me. I was informed that he would deal with them personally.”

His mate was slightly mollified with this information, though she still didn’t look happy. “I guess I can accept his decisions on this matter. Now, Ragnock. It is going to take about a month to deal with all the damage that has been done to this youngling. When he wakes up his family will be here. I do not care what you have to do to get it done, but you will get it done. If they are not, than you will be sleeping in your office for the next decade. Do I make myself clear.”

Ragnock gave a slight nod. Once the two female goblins had gotten what they wanted from their chief they returned to the nervous youngling.

It took him almost a full minute to build up the courage to move. Oh yes, Ragnock was a proud goblin, he was brave and he knew it, but he was no goblins fool. He was not about to tell his mate no, he wanted to live longer than the next few minutes.

While Vessra and Cora were gathering some of the clans  best curse breakers and healers Ragnock returned to his office.

He quickly wrote out letters to Remus Lupin and Severus Snape. He knew that they were probably potioned and blocked like the youngling so he made the letters sound innocuous but important enough that they would come to the bank.

Chapter Text

Hogwarts - March 9, 1996

Severus Snape was annoyed. He honestly had no idea why anyone ever thought that it would be a good idea to make him a teacher as punishment for what he did during the last war. No, wait, he knew exactly who’s idea it was, Albus bloody Dumbledore.

Severus both loved and hated the man. Albus was clearly biased against those like him, but at the same time he had saved him from Azkaban, and had attempted to protect the only woman he had ever loved, Lily. Even thinking her name Severus felt his heart break a little. He loved her so much.

Last week he had received a letter from Gringotts. The was odd for Severus as he had been informed that his finances would be taken care of by the ministry for the next decade as part of his parole. Figuring it was just some kind of mistake and that a representative of the ministry would meet him there He hadn’t bothered to tell the head master. The last thing he needed was more guilt trips from the man, or having Minerva look down her nose at him.

Now it was spring break. Since all of his Slytherins had gone home for the week he was free to go and gather potions ingredients. He had made an appointment for after lunch that day so that he would have the rest of the holidays to gather ingredients. 

Dumbledore and Minerva had originally tried to make him stay at the school. He had simply pointed out that either he collected the potions ingredients himself or they would have to pay for them. When they had tried to say that they really didn’t need that much he smirked and said then it was there responsibility to inform Poppy that he would not be able to make the potions she had requested for cold and flu season because they felt that they weren’t needed. That had shut them up. He knew that both Dumbledore and Minerva were on better terms with the schools matron than he was but even they were afraid to tell her how to run her hospital wing.

Once all his Slytherins were packed and ready, he walked them all down to the train. He may not be overly fond of children but there was no way he was going to let his students behave like the lions. Minerva’s house seemed to have no decorum, yet for some reason were seen as perfect.


Diagon Alley, Gringotts

With that done, Severus apperated to Diagon Alley. Going into the bank he got in line to speak to one of the tellers. When he reached the front of the line he politely informed the goblin he had a meeting with Chief Ragnock and requested to be shown the way. Severus rarely ever had to deal with any goblins other than Filius, but he always made sure to be polite, only a fool angered those that managed your money, not that he had much.

Severus was led to an office deep in the bank. Once the goblin on the others side of the desk indicated he took a seat wondering what was going on as there was no one from the ministry there. But before he could ask the goblin spoke.

“Greetings Lord Prince, as I am sure you have guessed I am Chief Ragnock. During the course of an investigation we noticed some irregularities with your accounts so I decided to meet with you personally so that we could work this out.”

“Chief Ragnock I am confused. I was informed when I was released from Azkaban that I was on probation and that my parole officer would be in charge of my finances. Also, I can’t be Lord Prince, My mother and I were disowned.”

Ragnock Quickly preformed the in-depth inheritance test. He made sure to keep it and not hand it over to Severus due to what he saw.

“Wrong on both counts. You are indeed correct that your mother was disowned. She broke a marriage contract with another pureblood family when she ran away with your father. However, your grandfather was very specific in is will. Although he disowned your mother he never disowned you. He left everything he had to you.” Stopping for a moment Ragnock ordered some tea for them both before continuing.

“According to our records you were here for the reading of your grandfathers will and claimed the Prince lordship that day back in 1988. It is my belief that someone has tampered with your memory and another victim of this has shown evidence of curses and blocks, like the ones I that are on you. There is also the fact that you were never placed on parole. According to the records here and at the ministry you were granted a full pardon. Our records here show that about 1 week after you were released a signed release form was brought to the bank, with your authorization, for another to manage your accounts and take over as proxy for the Prince seats that had until then been proxied by the chief of the neutral party, Lord Greengrass.”

“I did sign a release form for my accounts, but only because of the parole information I had been given. I had been unable to attend my own hearing as I had fallen ill while in Azkaban and my healer, Poppy Pomfrey, refused to allow me to attend.”

Severus was in shock. He could tell that Ragnock was going out of his way not to name names but he knew who it was that had taken over his accounts. Albus bloody Dumbledore. He said as much when he managed to find his voice under all his rage.

“Your saying that Albus bloody Dumbledore has taken control of my accounts by lying to me.”

“I’m afraid so yes. Now I am going to suggest that you follow me to the healing ward for a full purge. Your test shows a number of potions and spells that I think we should completely remove before you see your test.”


It was a quick walk from Ragnock’s offices. Severus was naturally very curious as to what his test showed but knew that it must be bad if, after everything he had already learned, the goblin didn’t want to tell him until after.

In the ward Severus could see 4 areas were already sectioned off, most likely for goblins that had been injured in some sort of mining accident. There was also a small goblin healer working in her office, coming out she gave them a severe look.

“Now, what seems to be your trouble young wizard?”

Severus answered before Ragnock with a rather vicious snarl. “Albus bloody Dumbledore.”

Ragnock found himself impressed by the growl and sneer that that name seemed to evoke from the young wizard, it would make a goblin jealous.

“It would seem that we are in need of another purge and memory block removal.” Ragnock said as a more understandable answer to the healers question, although he was beginning to think that that wizards name was beginning to be enough of an answer to that question.


Ragnock watched as young Severus Prince-Potter underwent his purge. The man was screaming and writhing something fierce. Having everything that had been placed on that  man removed was guaranteed to be agony.

He was grateful that the healers had been able to put young Hadrian into a magically induced coma before purging him. What that youngling would have had to go through if he had been conscious probably would have resulted in his death. Actually there was no doubt that the youngling would have died. There were three of their curse breakers in beds in the ward that had almost lost their lives in the battle to free the boy.

The removal of the horcrux had become rather bloody. All three curse breakers were lucky to be alive and they knew it. The only reason that they had survived was that at Cora’s insistence they had brought in a secondary team as backup. Although they were all annoyed that they were now trapped in the ward for at least a week according to their healers they had enjoyed the battle. It had been a long time since any of them had been able to have a decent fight against an enemy.

He watched as they finished up with the man and moved him to the bed next to his son. Once he woke up he would probably want to see the youngling that had been stolen from him years before.

Ragnock watched as Severus woke up rather violently. This wizard just kept impressing him. His natural instinct to grab for a weapon showed this young man’s past as a warrior. His wife stood next to him waiting expectantly. She had become rather fond of the youngling in the next bed and wanted to make sure that this wizard was worthy of bing his father.

Severus was confused. He knew that he was in the bank and had just undergone a purge but his mind was a mess. He was a practiced occlumens so he was not used to the jumble in his head. There was only one thing that he could see clearly. It was a memory of holding a newborn baby in his arms, happy tears flowing down his cheeks, as he looked down into the dark green eyes of his son.

“Hadrian,” Severus croaked, looking at the watching goblins. “Where is my son? What have those bastards done with him? I will kill them slowly.”

Cora gave a smile. That was exactly the response she had been hoping for. Yes, this wizard was a worthy father for the youngling. Stepping forward she moved the curtains between the beds back so that Severus could get a view of his unconscious son.

Jumping to his feet Severus made his way over to his sons bed before dropping down in the chair next to it. He was grateful for the chair as he felt like his entire body was on fire. As he looked down at his sons face he started to cry.

“Please be ok. What did they do to you? Please wake up my  son.” Severus tried to wake Hadrian up but nothing worked. then he looked to the goblins. “Why won’t he wake up? Whats wrong?”

Ragnock decided then and there that he actually liked this wizard. He was strong yet vicious but still willing to cry for his youngling. With the importance of younglings in their society, if a youngling was gravely injured the entire clan would grieve as one. Not many wizards were willing to show such weakness in front of a goblin but all this wizard cared about was his son, and that was something he respected. Leaving a copy of Lord Princes test on the table next to him Ragnock left. He had another meeting to get to.

Cora stepped forward to stop Severus from trying to wake the boy. “He is fine. He had even more issues than you did. It was decided to induce a coma so that he would not have too endure the pain of the purge. All of his issues have been fixed. He is perfectly healthy, we simply decided to keep him in the coma so that his body could rest and recover form all the strain its been under. We are planning to let him rest until at least the middle of next month before we wake him up.”

Severus could only nod as he looked down at his son, now much more calmly. At the recommendation he grabbed his test to look it over now that he was fully purged. Looking at the parchment so many memories came back to him.


Name: Severus Tobias Prince-Potter


Father: Tobias Snape

Mother: Eileen Snape (nee Prince)


Husband (Sub): James Prince-Potter

Son: Hadrian Jameson Charlus Prince-Potter



Prince: Lord

Ravenclaw: Heir (Eligible to claim Lordship)

Pottor: Consort




487: 7,685,000 Galleons, 104,083 Sickles, 195,795 Knuts

488: (Valuables Vault): Portrits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire


697: 11,378,061 Galleons, 52,627 Sickles, 227,258 Knuts

698: (Valuables Vault): Portrits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire, Potions Ingredients 


047-049: 78,000,000 Galleons, 100,000 Sickles, 100,000 Knuts

050-058: (Valuables Vault): Portraits, Jewels, Antiques, Heirlooms, Family Grimoire, Ravenclaw Library


Natural Legilimence (50% Block (*35% broken) - Albus Dumbledore)

Natural Occlumence (75% Block (68% Broken) - Albus Dumbledore (50%), Tom Riddle (25%))



Core Block/Leech:

15% - Date Unknown (Albus Dumbledore)

10% - Dark Mark Leech - Date unkown (Tom Riddle)

20% - November 27, 1991 (Albus Dumbledore)

IQ Block: 35% (Albus Dumbledore)

Photographic Memory: 10% (Albus Dumbledore)

Compulsion Spell: 

Demean children in all houses except Slytherin (Albus Dumbledore)

Be cruel to non-pureblood children (Albus Dumbledore)

Feel overwhelming love for Lily Evans *Trigger word: Lily (Albus Dumbledore, Lily Evans)

Loyalty Potion: Focused towards Albus Dumbledore, Minerva Mcgonagall,  Poppy Pomfrey, Lily Evans, Hogwarts, the ‘Light’

Hatred Potion: Focused towards James Prince-Potter, Sirius Lupin-Black, Remus Lupin-Black, Tom Riddle, Hadrian Prince-Potter, Self, Children, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor 

Love Potion: Focused on Lily Evans


Severus was furious that he had been manipulated like that. How dare they do that to him and his son. Wondering what had been on Hadrian he asked Cora for a copy of his results. After he finished reading he wanted to go and gut Dumbledore, the only thing that kept him where he was was that he didn’t want to leave Hadrian yet.

Looking back at his test and his eyes locked on the line that said husband. He had spent the last few years hating the man but now when he thought of him he felt nothing but love and longing. He now could remember the first time he had been with James.


*Flashback Start*

It was the first week of his sixth year and Severus was on his way to the come and go room on the seventh floor. He had discovered it during one of his attempts at hiding from that aggravating Potter and his little band of ‘Marauder’s’. It had been the only place he had successfully been able to hide from them.

As he walked down the hall he saw Potter turn the corner and head in his direction. All he could think was ‘great, here it comes’ but Potter hadn’t seemed to notice him yet. But it didn’t take long until he did.

“Well if it isn’t my favourite snake.” Potter said in a deep mocking tone.

“Bugger off Potter.” Severus didn’t even bother to look at him as he passed him. Severus had decided that he wasn’t even going to pay any attention to him or the marauder’s this year, no matter what they did. They had already cost him his friendship with Lily, though it wasn’t like the girl was exactly a good friend anyways.

“What’s the matter. Don’t think I’m worth your time. Oh, now you’ve gone and hurt my feelings. I think you should get down on your knee’s and beg my forgiveness.”

Severus just ignored him until he came to the spot where the door could be called. Resting against the wall he decided to wait until Potter was gone, no point in letting him know his best hiding spot.

As he watched Potter stormed towards him and push him hard against the wall. “Think your too good to pay attention to me. Just who do you think you are?” Potter demanded as he invaded Severus’s personal space.

As Severus looked down at the shorter boy he saw something he had always missed, the last thing he had ever expected to see, desire. Than it all made sense. All those times that Potter had targeted him was when he had been ignoring him. Potter had been pulling pigtails all this time.

Like a silly little boy trying to get the attention of his crush in class he had been doing what ever it took. It would seem that bad attention was better than no attention in Potter’s mind. And in spite of himself, Severus couldn’t seem to get angry. 

If he was being honest, Potter was hot. Big eyes, full lips, and a fit body. No, the more he thought about it the less of a problem he had with the idea of bedding Potter.

As he had been thinking James had become angry. “Speak up snake. Lets hear what you have to say.”

Severus cocked his head to the side and smirked down at James, yes, he was James now. “Speak… Something tells me that’s not all you want me to do is it James. No I think you want a lot more than that.”

As Severus had spoken, in a deep sultry voice, he had watched as James’s eyes became clouded with lust, his cheeks flushed, his breathing increased, and Severus could feel his body tighten up a little bit. Not giving James a chance to respond he continued.

“Now what is it that makes me think you want more. Oh yes, I know what it is.” In a flash Severus had flipped their positions. Now James was backed up against the wall and Severus was the one who had him pinned. Reaching down he palmed James’s growing crotch. “Well would you look at that. Someone seems to want more than just my voice. What now James, are you going to speak up, or should I walk away and let you deal with this on your own.”

While he had been talking Severus had been massaging James’s now rock hard cock. “P..Please… Sev… Don’t stop” James managed to stammer out and instantly Severus was as hard as he was.

Pulling back slightly Severus summoned the room. The entire time  he had kept rubbing James’s crotch and James kept pleading with him not to stop.

In quick succession Severus pulled James away from the wall that was now a door, quickly moved them inside, spun them around so that James was pinned agains the door once again, and slammed his mouth down on James’s full lips.

They both kissed each other like their lives depended on it. Severus loved the soft mewling noises coming from James. 

Normally Severus would take his time, draw it out more, especially with someone that was a submissive as James clearly was, but he just couldn’t do it, maybe next time. Whoa, where did that thought come from, no this was definitely a one time thing, or maybe a two time thing if James kept up that whimpering. 

Moving away from the door James started pleading with him not to stop again, as if he would. Moving them over to the large, soft, bed that the room had created for him, Severus gently pushed James down.

Straddling him, Severus returned his lips to James’s as his hands reached down and started to undo James’s pants. As he worked he felt James’s hands come up to undo his. He quickly smacked James's hands, wrapping his hands around James’s wrist he forced his hands above his head and wrapped his fingers around the metal headboard.

“If you remove your hands I will be very upset, and will stop.” Severus said as he stare down into James's eyes. Once he was sure that James wasn't going to move his hands he went back to work.

With practiced ease he quickly stripped them both before leaning back to enjoy the view. There was no denying James was gorgeous. All that golden tan skin stretched over hard muscle.

Reaching down he palmed James’s cock once again, this time without any barriers. Using the pre-cum that was already dribbling out of James’s cock he started to work his hand up and down the length for a few seconds, once he felt James start to tighten up he stopped. James once again started to whimper and beg perfectly. 

Grabbing his wand Severus wordlessly cast some protection spells and a lubrication charm on both of them. With all of his attention on James he watched as he started to open the other boy. He started with one finger, but with the lubrication charm he was quickly able to and a second, and then a third. Once he was sure that James was stretched enough that there wouldn’t be any damage or much pain, but still tight enough that he would feel the burn as Severus went in, Severus pulled his fingers out.

By this point the proud James Potter was begging and pleading for him to fuck him. Who was Severus to deny such a request.

Looking up, Severus saw that James was still holding on to the headboard, good, at least he knew the boy could follow simple commands, though it would be fun to train him. James’s eyes were clenched tightly shut and he had started to bite his lips.

Covering James, Severus lined his lubricated cock up with his pulsing hole. Looking down he smiled. “James, I want you to open your eyes and you can’t look away.”

James’s eyes instantly snapped open and stared up at him. Once he had James’s undivided attention he moved forward. It only took a few shallow thrusts before he bottomed out.

Both of them were panting now and had a thin sheen of sweat. Severus smirked down at Jame’s lust filled, dazed face. “I’m going to give you  a choice now James. I can take you slow and sweet, or hard and fast. Which do you want?”

“Please… Please, fuck me.” James begged. “Hard and fast. Please, fuck me now…Please.”

That was all that Severus needed to hear before he started slamming in and out of James’s delectable body. It only took him a few minutes to reach his edge. Reaching between their bodies he started to stroke James’s cock.

As he felt James’s tense and his balls draw up he leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “Cum for me James.”

Once he felt Jame’s start to cum he allowed himself to follow with a few more quick thrusts. As he came he bent down and bit down where James’s shoulder met his neck. He wanted to make sure he left his mark.

James seemed to like the little flare of pain if the moan was anything to go by. Reaching up Severus removed James’s hands from the headboard and brought them back down to his sides.

By this time Severus was exhausted and decided to skip the studying he had been going to do and just decided to go to sleep. He didn’t care what James did, but he couldn’t stop a small smile from forming on his face as James curled up next to him, and using his chest as a pillow, went to sleep.


*Flashback End*


The next morning they had both sworn it was a one time thing. That was until 2 days later when they sought each other out again. And then it happened the next week, and the week after that. 

They ended up sleeping, wrapped in each others arms, in the come and go room at least once a week for the rest of that year, Although it wasn’t until they started their seventh year that either of them admitted that it was more than just casual sex and agreed to start dating.

They had decided to keep it all a secret because of the political climate, both inside and outside the school. Only Remus and Sirius had known.

There wedding had been a quiet, low key affair. Only the minister, Remus and Sirius attended, and the minister was vowed to silence.

Now Severus sat next to his son in a hospital bed and wept for everything that had been stolen from them, and swore that he would find his James and bring him home to their son.


While Severus had been going over his test results Remus Lupin was cautiously entering the bank. He honestly had no idea why he was here. It wasn’t like he had any money.

Thanks to all the restrictions on werewolves it was almost impossible for him to get a job. 

Once he was able to speak to a teller he was led to Ragnock’s office. Just like last time Ragnock got them tea and explained who he was and that an investigation had led to some questions about his account. Like Severus before him, Remus was confused and said so.

“I’m sorry mister Ragnock. There has clearly been some kind of mistake. The only money that I have in your bank is 3 Galleons, 14 Sickles, and 38 Knuts. There is no way stealing for me would be worth it.”

Ragnock once again preformed the inheritance test before handing it over to the werewolf so he could read it.


Name: Remus John Lupin-Black


Father: John Lupin

Mother: Marie Lupin (nee Grace)


Husband (Sub): Sirius Lupin-Black

Son (By Blood Adoption): Hadrian Jameson Charlus Prince-Potter


Remus only managed to finish the family section before he set the parchment down with trembling hands and pushed it away from him. “I don’t under stand. What’s going on I don’t remember any of this.”

“I figured as much, although from the way your eyes keep flashing I think your wolf does.” Ragnock watched as Remus visibly flinched at the mention of his wolf. 

Taking the inheritance sheet he read over it and understood a great deal. Remus was under dozens of spells and potions to make him hate himself and his husband.

“Mr. Lupin-Black, we currently have 2 others in our healing ward that had come in in connection with this case. They were both covered in potions and spells and had had their memories altered. Now just by looking at your test it is clear that, like them, you have been layered with potions and spells. I would also bet my entire years salary that you have had your memories altered. Now, I need you to stay calm and understand most of what you are feeling right now isn’t you, it’s the spells. Please follow me and I with take you to our healers and they will fix you right up.”

“But…But.. I don’t understand.” Remus looked down in shame and fidgeted with the torn cuff of his old robe. “I can’t pay for something like that and most healers refuse to treat a werewolf. The only healer that has been willing to see me since I was a child was Poppy Pomfrey at Hogwarts, and I don’t like going there as my wolf doesn’t seem to like her for some reason.

“Money is not an issue Mr. Lupin-Black. The gentleman that brought the issue to our attention was kind enough to offer to pay for the purges of the victims of this plot, and goblins don’t have the same prejudice toward wolves. Now please, follow me and we will deal with the issues in your test.”

Ragnock was grateful that everything on the werewolf seemed to be focused of keeping him weak an docile. He didn’t want to have to be the one that got between a wolf and his cub, which Hadrian clearly was.

Like with Severus the purge was excruciatingly painful. Remus was than move to the bed on the other side of Hadrian. They didn’t bother to put up the curtain this time as Remus’s clear wolf senses would not allow for anything between him and Hadrian so soon after being denied contact with him for so long.

Remus felt both worse and better than he had after any full moon. His body ached in ways even he wasn’t aware that it could but his mind was sharper than it had been in years. Taking a deep breath he froze.

Moony howled with joy as his cubs scent hit his nose. Remus was up and next to Hadrian before Severus had even noticed he was awake.

“Cub… Oh my sweet little cub, what has happened to you? Severus what’s wrong? I don’t smell any illness.” Remus demanded without ever taking his now bright amber eyes off the small boy in the bed.

Severus, Ragnock, and Cora quickly informed him about Hadrian’s condition. Remus was still unhappy but he did relax a little.


During the week between when Hadrian appeared in his office until now Ragnock had been studying everything in the trunk that had been given to him. Ragnock knew that he was the one who had packed it which only made him realize just how important it all was.

There were documents detailing all goblin account managers that were dishonouring the bank by exploiting their positions. There was information on plots and evidence of theft. By the time Ragnock had finished going through all the paperwork he had been ready to declare war, but he had held back.

A plan had been made and that was what they were going to follow. Looking to Remus and Severus he knew that he was going to need their help.

“Gentlemen, if I could have your attention, there are things that we need to discuss.”

Ragnock knew that he would not be able to move the two men so he summoned a table and the trunks from his office and started to lay everything he had out before starting the explanation.

“Now, there is no better way to say this, so I will just say it. Over 20 years in the future Hadrian preformed a ritual to send his mind back in time until this point. Although this was not his intended destination, he was intending to go back to when he was 10 but seems to have overshot by a few years. This actually works in our favour.”

Both Remus and Severus looked at Ragnock as if he had grown a second head. Ragnock quickly summoned a bottle of fire whisky and some tumblers. Once they all had drinks in their hands he continued as the others didn’t seem to be able to form words, Remus was actually opening and closing his mouth like a fish.

“Given that he is so young, from what I have been told, he will not  remember most of his past life, but will regain those memories in time. As it stands right now, it seems to be up to us to begin his plan.”

Severus downed his drink and became the first to find his voice. “So… Ok… What can you tell us about this plan.”

Ragnock grinned at him. “Most of the information that I have is focused more on the financial side of things. But from what I have managed to piece together the original plan was to come back to just before he started his first year. He was going to come to me. He would then contact the both of you through me and have all three of you purged, so actually he is right on track, just a little earlier than he expected.”

They all smirked at that before he continued. “He knows where his other father is being held, although I wasn’t able to find the location in the information I was given, I assume its in the packages that were set up for one of you two. Now, once James was freed, we at Gringotts were to provide him with a false name, background, and glamour, and then he was to take up the Peverell lordship. Once he is Lord Peverell he is to bring up Lord Black’s lack of trial. I have already retrieved the documentation that proves Peter Pettigrew is still alive.”

“Wait…” Remus interrupted him. “Are you telling me that my husband is in the worst prison in the wizarding world while innocent and  they never even bothered to give him a trial.” 

Remus was furious. How dare they, how dare they do that to his Siri. He swallowed what remained of his drink before pouring himself another, he then swallowed that one too.

Severus was devastated, he had spent 2 weeks in Azkaban himself after the war, he knew what Sirius would be experiencing. He and Sirius had actually become very good friends during James pregnancy, that was one of the reasons he and James had insisted that he and Remus blood adopt Hadrian after he had been born. They had known that if anything had happened to them than their son would be loved. There was also the fact that the location of his love could very well be in the trunk sitting innocently next to Ragnock. He wanted to throw himself on the trunk and start digging until he found what he was looking for.

Before he could however, Ragnock continued. “Once his family was brought back together he seems to have planned to slowly and systematically dismantled Dumbledore’s empire. Starting with changing Hogwarts for the better. Dumbledore has almost completely destroyed that once great school with his bigoted ways.”

Agreeing that they would all try and follow Hadrian’s plan, at least in a broad sense, they would have to refine certain details since it was starting at a different time they got to work. Severus was searching as quickly and thoroughly as he could in an attempt to locate where his James was but wasn’t able to get far. 

Less than half an hour after they started working a young goblin came in with a message for Severus. The message was from Dumbledore demanding his return to the school as there was some sort of emergency. 

When he saw who it was from Severus had initially started to panic as Dumbledore had a bad habit of adding tracking charms to everything he sent. His worries were quickly eased when the messenger goblin explained that it was policy to scan all incoming letters and break any enchantments. They had arranged it so that the tracking charm would report that it had been opened at Severus’s house at Spinner’s End. The goblin also informed him that besides the tracker there was a compulsion placed on the letter to encourage him to return. Severus was furious at the audacity of the man, as well as the fact that it had worked for so long.

“How dare he. I will kill him for what he has done to my family.” Severus fumed as he headed for the door. Intent on murder.

Just before he left the ward Remus jumped in front of him and grabbed  his shoulders. “You will do no such thing Severus.”

“Get out of my way Remus. Why are you even defending him? I figured you would want to help.”

“Oh trust me, I do.” Remus practically snarled as his normally soft green eyes flashed amber. “I want to keep that man awake and alive as I rip him apart. There is no amount of suffering that will ever make up for what he’s done to us. But right now we need to keep our focus.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hadrian comes above all, even our need for revenge.” Remus could see the murderous intent leave his friends eyes as he looked back to where his son slept, so he continued. “Your son has given us everything we need to destroy Dumbledore. It might not be as violent or instantaneous as we would like, but I am willing to bet it will be more satisfying. If he is anything like you he will have made sure that it will be very enjoyable to watch. We need to trust him. We don’t want to turn Dumbledore into some kind of martyr. Not to mention if you kill him now you will most likely end up in Azkaban next to my husband, and Hadrian needs you with him, he deserves that much.”

“You just had to be logical. And don’t think I don’t know that you are manipulating me.” Severus sighed softly before returning to his son’s side. “So what do I do.”

It was Ragnock that answered this time. “You pretend everything is normal. You go back to that school and pretend everything is fine. There are communication mirrors in the trunk. You will take one with you and we will let you know when we discover Lord Prince-Potter’s location. You will just have to leave the school for a weekend to help retrieve him.”

“And how am I supposed to get back out of that school. Albus and Minerva act like prison wardens.”

“Potions. I’m assuming that you were originally planning on gathering potion ingredients.” When he saw Severus nod Remus continued. “You haven’t even been gone for 24 hours. Since they have made it impossible for you to gather the ingredients you are just going to have to leave at nights and on weekends. Just make sure you tell them in front of everyone. That way they cant make you out to be the bad guy. After all you tried to do it on your own time, and for free, but they stopped you.”

“That should work.” Severus started to like this plan. The only real draw back was having to leave his son so soon.

“Do not worry Lord Prince-Potter we shall keep a close watch on your son and will let you know if anything changes.” Ragnock informed him.

“Please, if we are going to be working together than I must insist you call me Severus.” 

“And I’m Remus.” The wolf added.

After a few last minute things they said goodbye and Severus left.

Chapter Text

Hogwarts, Great Hall - March 18, 1996

Severus was ready to kill. Spring break was over and the students were all back, and he had not managed to get off the school grounds since returning. 

The so called emergency had been that one of Minerva’s lions had wandered into the forest on a bet. The foolish boy had been found and returned within an hour of his return. Albus had even excused the boy from any punishment claiming that the trauma of getting lost in the forest was punishment enough.

After that it was pointless task after pointless task. The only contact he had been able to have with the outside world was the nightly mirror calls with Remus. Remus would even turn the mirror so that it faced Hadrian so that Severus could get a look at his son.

Thankfully the wolf was good at research and was quickly able to make sense of all the information from the trunks. Two days after Severus had been forced to leave he had discovered where James was being held. Remus was now doing nightly surveillance on the small cottage.

Their plan was for Severus to take the weekend off under the guise of ingredient gathering, Remus had already used his Ravenclaw vault key to order the ingredients for him. They would then go to the cottage to retrieve his James.

Hadrian's plan had been to use one of the goblins prisoners, under glamour, to replace James to make sure not to arouse Dumbledore’s suspicions. He had recommended Ignatius Lestrange. He had been caught attempting to steal from the goblins and been sentenced to the mines. Only a few years after he had been sent down he had come across some sort of rare creature, if the goblins had ever identified what it was they weren’t saying, and he had suffered severe trauma and was completely brain dead. The goblins used a slavery collar to keep his still living body working.

If they used him and Albus ever found himself in need of a conscious James he wouldn’t be able to wake him. The goblins had glamours so strong that not even Albus would be able to remove them.

The use of one of their prisoners was costing them a fair amount, but to get James back safely Severus would pay almost anything.

Now all he needed to do was get away. 

He had to admit that he had a better chance with Remus’s plan. Whenever he had met Albus in his office he was almost always denied. If he confronted him in front of the rest of the staff he might have a better chance. He knew he couldn’t count on Minerva but in order to get her potions Poppy might help him. Filius, Pomona, Septima Vector, Bathsheda Babbling, and Aurora Sinistra might also support him.

That was what led to him sitting at the breakfast table getting Aurora’s attention.

“Aurora, would you be willing to help me this weekend?”

“Certainly Severus. What is it you need me to do?”

Severus could already see Albus getting worried and smiled internally. Normally Severus hated asking anyone for anything.

“I was hoping you would be willing to watch over my snakes this weekend.”

“Now Severus my boy,” Albus interjected, with that damnable twinkle in his eyes. “We only just got back from break. Surely you wouldn’t want to shirk your responsibility. I know that you are a bit young for so much responsibility but I have faith in you.”

“Nothing of the sort headmaster.” Severus almost snarled at the blatant  attempted manipulation. “And to remind you headmaster, I didn’t get a break. You and Minerva demanded my return because Minerva lost one of her little lions in the Forbidden Forest and was incapable of looking after it herself.”

Severus wanted to smirk so badly at the glare he was now receiving from Minerva, but he resisted the urge before he continued.

“As it was I had only just gotten home and had no time at all to get any of the ingredients that we need. So I will tell you again, as I did when you tried to make me stay before the holidays began, I either have to go and collect the ingredients or the school will have to pay for them. I was going to do the gathering on my own time, and I will remind you that I am not even compensated for that time and the work that goes into it. As it is given our current potion stock the hospital wing will run out of headache cures and pain relievers by the end of the month. I am also going to have to do the brewing late at night and on weekends if you want me to teach my classes and get the hospital restocked. I am the only member of staff that is licensed to brew medical potions after all.”

“Now surely you are exaggerating Severus,” Albus said, the twinkle no longer in his eye.

“I hate to inform you headmaster, but he is quite right.” Poppy put in. “And as we are coming up on exams in a few months I will also need a stock pile of calming draughts for our fifth and seventh years.”

“Really Albus” Filius interjected, shooting a small smile to Severus. “Severus has a point. It was not his job to go and retrieve Mr. Giles. There is also the fact that you then put him to work around here. You had no right to deny him his vacation time. I don’t remember either you or Minerva giving up your vacation time to help him with his snakes. Besides, as Poppy has said, we need those potions. Either you give him the time to get the ingredients and do the brewing or the school will have to pay for them. Severus, if you ever need someone to take your rounds or detentions so that you can do the gathering or brewing, let me know. I will be glad to assist you. I personally don’t think you should have to do so much extra work for no pay on your own.”

There was a small course of “I’ll help too” that came from other members of the staff. Severus was actually surprised at how many of them there were. Both Albus and Minerva returned to eating, both looking like they had smelt something particularly nasty. Filius gave him a small wink before he too, returned to his food. 


Godric’s Hollow - March 23, 1996

The rest of that week had been one of the worst and best weeks Severus had had teaching. The students were the same fools they always were, but he was finding them a lot easier to deal with now that he had gotten the compulsions removed. He was still a strict teacher but was finding the students responded better now he wasn’t constantly being force to yell at them. It was the teachers that had made this week worth while.

Both Albus and Minerva had gone out of their way to track him down and try to convince him to stay. It seemed that most of the rest of the staff had come together to protect him. Every time one of them cornered him one of the other teachers would intervene.

Now he was hiding in the brush around the cottage in Godric’s Hollow that held the man he loved. From where they were he could see that bitch Lily moving around inside. Oh, she was under a pretty good glamour making her look like a beautiful blue eyed blonde, but he knew it was her.

From what Remus had told him she went out to wander around town almost every afternoon. Remus said that she would make sure to draw attention to herself. The glamour was clearly designed to make her desirable. Lily had always craved attention, and she clearly wasn’t getting it from the comatose gay man she kept in her basement.

Once they saw her get in her fancy car and leave they moved in. It was actually incredibly simple to get past the wards. They clearly didn’t think anyone would be looking for a supposedly dead couple less that 20 minutes from the house they were supposedly murdered in.

Remus stayed upstairs to search through the rooms. They were hoping that he would be able to find some information that Hadrian might have missed in the future.

Severus went down into the basement. going to the room that both Hadrian and Remus had identified as James’s he raised a shaking hand to the door knob. He was so scared that James wouldn’t be there and that this had all been one big mistake. Gathering his courage, Severus opened the door.

And there he was. His James. Perfect and beautiful as ever. He looked like he was just taking a nap. 

Severus walked over to the cot they had him on. Gently he trailed his fingers down James’s cheek. For a few moments he just stayed there looking at his lost husband.

With a deep breath he took out the portkey he had gotten from the goblins. This was a special type of portkey that was created by the goblins that the ministry didn't even know existed. It was a special switching portkey. There were two parts to it. You would place one key on one object, and the other on the other object. When you pushed a little power into it to activate them the portkeys would switch whatever they were attached to.

Putting the green coloured portkey on James’s chest he pushed a little of his magic into it. There was a flash and then Severus saw James laying on the bed with a purple portkey in his hand.

Severus had to admit, the glamour the goblins had done was amazing. Especially since it had been from Severus’s and Remus’s memories.

Taking the purple portkey and tucking it in his pocket Severus left the room, erasing any trace he had been there. He then went upstairs to help Remus search.

He really wanted to go directly back to the bank so he could look at James some more but they had to finish their search of the house. Besides, Vessra and Cora had planned to move James immediately to the purge room. No one knew exactly what had been done to him and they didn’t want to take any chances. The sooner he was purged the better.

Once they had searched the house completely and made copies of anything they thought they might need they snuck back out of the house. Making sure to leave no traces behind. Once back outside the ward line they rewove the wards, once agin making sure to make them look and feel exactly like they had before. They were lucky as just when they finished their work Lily came home in a huff. Remus told him that that happened almost every time she went out. It didn’t seem to matter just how beautiful Lily made herself, people still managed to see through it to the ugly person she was underneath.

That wasn’t to say that Lily hadn’t been popular. During her 7 years at Hogwarts she had had an always changing group of friends around her. The reason the group was always changing was because no one could stand her for overly long. Severus had in fact been the only person that had been the only one that had been able to stand being around her for more than a year, and that was mainly out of loyalty to his first friend. Even Alice Meadows, later Longbottom, had barely managed a full year, and she was the perfect example of her house values, Hufflepuff.

Turning away they walked a short distance from the cottage before activating their own portkeys that would take them directly to the healers wing at the bank.


The first thing that Severus saw when the world stopped spinning and he was back in the ward that had become so familiar was Cora standing next to Hadrian’s bed holding his hand while Vessra fed potions to James.

“Is everything ok? Did something go wrong?” Severus was starting to panic.

“All is well.” Cora quickly came over to calm him. “The tests showed a great deal of spells and potions but they are all out now. He appears to be slightly anemic, and his muscles will probably feel weak for a few days but other than that he is ready to be woken up. We figured we would wait for you so that you could be here. He will probably be pretty anxious when he wakes up and will respond best to you.”

Remus agreed that Severus should be with him when he woke. Going over he sat next to Hadrian while Vessra and Cora put up the privacy barriers so that they wouldn’t overwhelm him when he woke up.

Severus watched as Vessra preformed a counter spell to bring James out of the coma and then left. This left him and James alone in their little makeshift room.

It was only a minute or two later that he heard James give a soft grown and scrunch up his face. James had always hated waking up. Severus had loved to wake up just so he could watch James try and fight himself for just a few more minutes sleep.

“Come on James, it’s time to wake up. Please I need you to wake up.” Severus was almost pleading as he looked down at his husband.

James didn’t know what was going on. Everything felt wrong. This wasn’t his bed. Then he caught the smell of hospital and wondered what had happened. He couldn’t think straight. Then he heard Severus begging him to wake up.

Everything came back to him. He had been putting Hadrian down for his nap and someone had come into the room behind him. He didn’t know what had happened but the next thing he remembered was being in a small house with that slut, Evans, and she was calling his and Severus’s son hers, and had changed his name to Harry. The worst was he had thought he loved her.

Slowly he opened one eye and caught a glimpse of his husband. Please, oh please, don’t let this be another dream. “Sev’rus.”

Severus heard James say his name and all of a sudden he couldn’t stop himself from crying. “Yes love, I’m here. It’s all going to be ok, you’re ok.”

“Hadrian. Please, tell me our sons ok. Please tell me he’s ok.” James sobbed back as he gingerly pushed himself up with sore arms and wrapped his husband in a hug.

“He’s fine James, He’s going to be just fine.”

“Where is he?” James asked, looking around. “I want to hold my baby.” James froze when he saw the look on Sev’s face. “You said he was going to be ok. What happened?”

Taking a deep breath Severus explained. “James, Jamie… You and Hadrian were taken almost 5 years ago. Hadrian will be 6 in a few months. Now like I said he is going to be fine. On Halloween just after the two of you were taken the Dark Lord went after him. Somehow Hadrian survived the attack and the Dark Lord was banished. He is not dead, but he is no longer a danger. Lily had taken you and faked your deaths. Hadrian was sent to live with her muggle sister. I’m not going to lie to you James. They abused him. But the goblins have been a great help. They have healed him and treated all the damage. He is right now in a magically induced coma in the bed just behind that curtain, Remus is with him. We were all given potions and put under spells that made us hate each other if we weren’t forced to forget each other completely. But we’re fixing it.”

James just stared at him for a moment before speaking in a deadly calm voice. “Move that curtain now, I want to see my son.”

Severus knew better than to argue with a calm James. It was when James was completely calm that he was at his most dangerous. Getting up he moved the curtain. With a quick flick of his wand James’s bed moved over so it was pressed up against Hadrian’s so that he could have access to their son without having to get up.

James slowly examined his son. “Anyone who harmed my baby is going to suffer more than they ever thought possible.” he demanded.

“Already in the works my love.” Severus responded. For some reason he got turned on as his husband threatened those that hurt their son.

Remus shook his head with a small grin as he smelt a change in Severus’s pheromones.

As James sat there, stroking Hadrian's hair, they explained everything that had happened and what they were planning. When they got to the whole ‘time travel’ thing he just stared at them for a moment before motioning them to continue.


By Sunday evening James was back on his feet and fully involved in making plans. When they had told him that Sirius, his brother in all but blood, had been sent to Azkaban without a trial he had been ready to storm the ministry. Severus had actually had to physically restrain him in his bed after that.

They had originally planned to give James another week to recover before they planned on him getting a new identity, claiming the Peverell lordship and trying to get Sirius out of prison. That time frame went out the window immediately. 

By the end of the weekend James had his new identity, he was now Sebastian Alexandros Peverell Gryffindor, Lord of the Ancient and Noble houses of Peverell and Gryffindor. He also had his new glamour. He was now a comfortable 6 foot, still a bit shorter than Severus. His hair was now a sandy blond and his eyes were now a light blue with hints of green.

The hardest part for him was learning how to move and walk in his new body. Suddenly being 4 inches taller threw off his strides. He ended up using a cane to keep his balance. Their plan was to say that he was a homeschooled curse breaker that worked for Gringotts. An accident, hence the cane, had necessitated some time off and he had decided to return to Britain and learned of his lordships. He was planning on getting involved for the betterment of his home country. As he was related to one of the founders of the school he would automatically have a say on the running of the school so he was going to be able to make Dumbledore’s life difficult over the coming years.

After some discussions with Ragnock they decided to add some reality to their story. James had been trained in wards and curses when he was an auror so the bank was willing to hire him as a curse breaker. Remus had also been hired due to his knowledge of defence and history. This would give them an excuse to be at the bank and also something to do when they weren’t plotting to overthrow British magical society.

That evening was a solemn one. Severus had to return to the school and both he and James wished it wasn’t so. Promising that he would call every night, and would come back as soon as possible Severus left. Although not without a deep, long, passionate kiss leaving James wishing that the goblins would clear him for more than that.


Ministry of Magic - March 25, 1996

A tall distinguished looking man made his way through the crowds towards the ministers office. Seeing the minister himself just about to enter his office he called out. 

“Minister Fudge. I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time.”

Cornelius Fudge knew that no one would ever accuse him of being the smartest, strongest, or most talented of wizards, but there was one thing he did better than anyone. He had the ability to identify wealthy and powerful people and use them for his own gain. And looking at the man that had called him, Cornelius saw a very wealthy and powerful man.

“Certainly my good man. I’m sorry I don’t believe we have met. Pleas come into my office and we can have a cup of tea.”

James almost shuddered at how slimy the man was but managed to hold it back, just barely. Once they were seated with tea he introduced himself.

“My name is Sebastian Alexandros Peverell Gryffindor and I have just been named Lord of the Ancient and Noble houses of Peverell and Gryffindor. I am planning to attend the Wizengamot during the April session. I decided to come and meet with you today as there is a matter of grave importance that I must discuss with you. If you would please summon the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Madam Amelia Bones. I think she should be involved in this discussion.”

As soon as Cornelius heard the name he realized just how right he had been. This one man had the potential to be one of the richest most powerful people in their country. But then he asked for Madam Bones, Cornelius got nervous. What could he possibly have to say that needed that old goody two shoes. Deciding it was better to stay on his good side Cornelius made the call.

Once Amelia had arrived and introductions were done, James got right down to business. “I am here about a major miscarriage of justice that has the potential to be extremely damaging to this government. I am here about the case of Lord Sirius Black.”

“S…Sirius Black. Surely you must be joking, that man was sentenced to life in Azkaban after he was found guilty of the betrayal of the Potters and the murder of Peter Pettigrew and 12 muggles.” Fudge stammered while Amelia just surveyed him critically.

“That is where you are wrong minister. As I am sure you are aware, the Potters are a house under the Peverell’s, up until his death, James Potter was my legal heir. With his death that title passes to his son. I decided that I wanted information on why a man, that most said was closer than a brother with James Potter, would turn around and betray him before going on a murder spree. I decided the best place to start would be to look over his trial transcript before going to the prison itself and having a word with the man. But you will never guess what I found… No trial.”

“That can’t be right,” Amelia butted in. “There must have been a trial, it’s the law.”

“I checked Madam Bones. According to what’s on file Lord Sirius Orion Black was arrested November 3, 1991. The thing is, there isn’t even an arrest warrant. No charges were ever even filed. According to his file, the man was in Azkaban by nightfall and hasn’t left since. Figuring that there must have been some kind of oversight I decided to look into the case, and honestly, it couldn’t have been handled worse if you had tried. At the scene of the deaths of the muggles and Pettigrew no evidance was collected, the muggles were immediately obliviated without ever being asked to give a statement, no one even bothered to do a prior incantato on Lord Blacks wand.”

By the time he had been halfway threw his statement Fudge had started sweating hard and Amelia’s eyes were so large her monocle had fallen out without her even noticing.

“Then things get even more interesting. Peter Pettigrew was reported dead off of the evidence of a single finger and a robe. According to what little reporting there was the muggles were in pieces, pieces yes, but they were all there. All there was of Pettigrew was a finger that had been cleanly cut off. And the robe. Tell me, do either of you know a spell that could obliterate a man so badly that only a single finger could survive yet leave a robe intact.”

Amelia slowly took a sip of her tea before replacing her monocle. Outside she seemed calm and collected but inside she was screaming. Something had always seemed off about what had happened, but this. Not many people knew that shortly after she had lost her brother Edgar and his wife, Sarah, her house had been attacked. She had been home alone with her 6 month old niece that she had taken in after the death of her parents. She had been wounded while trying to get to the nursery where little Susan was.

It had been James Potter and Sirius Black that had answered the call. James had gotten her out while Sirius had gone in after Susan. When he had come back out of the house he was covered in blood. He had ended up having to spend almost a month at St.Mongo’s healing from the injuries, but there hadn’t been a single scratch on Susan. Sirius had shielded the baby with his own body.

Now to find out that he was in Azkaban without having received a trial. And worse, he may be completely innocent. She did not care what the minister said, she would not let this stand.

“But… But how could Pettigrew have possibly escaped without anyone seeing him, he’s dead.” Fudge was really not liking this. He himself had been present at the scene shortly after the explosion.

“I have spoken to a few old friends of Pettigrew and I learned something very interesting. It would seem that Mister Pettigrew was an unregistered rat animigus. He could easily have transformed after cutting off his finger and fled. No one would notice a rat on the streets of London.” James was jumping for joy on the inside. He knew he would get his brother back sooner rather than later.

“You think he’s still alive?” Amelia questioned.

“No Madam Bones, I know he’s still alive. I work as a curse breaker at Gringotts. Because of that I am more aware of the ins and outs of the bank. Did you know that your vault is blood sealed for instance. Thats why you have to give three drops of blood when you open a new vault. The thing about a blood seal is that it remains active until you cancel it, or you die. This means that the moment someone dies their vault at the bank seals shut until their will is administered and the seal is cancelled. Now, a person can not simply go to the goblins and start requesting other peoples banking information, but they can get information on the status of the vault if it pertains to a personal friend that has been reported dead and you believe you may be in the will. I had one of Pettigrew’s old school friend come to the bank and had him ask. We were informed that no will will be read as, according to the blood seal, a seal that has never been fooled in the 3,000 years since it was first invented I might add, Peter Pettigrew is still alive. Using my contacts I was able to get a little more information. It would seem that the most recent transaction from the vault was less than a month ago for an owl order, and the receipt was signed in blood. Pettigrew’s blood.”

With all this said, James sat back in his seat and took a drink.

“We must be very careful with this.” Fudge said. He was trying to think of a way to work this in his favour but was having a particularly hard time with it. “We don’t want to cause a panic.”

“Screw not causing a panic Cornelius. There is and innocent man sitting in one of the worst prisons in the world and he never even received a trial.”  Amelia snapped.

James let them bicker back and fourth for a little while before he intervened. “If I may. I mean no disrespect when I say that I do not believe that the ministry and the Wizengamot will be able to handle something like this properly. Now, I have already spoken to my contacts at Gringotts and they have agreed to be neutral arbiters. For a small fee, which I will pay personally, they have arranged an office where we shall meet in two days time at 10 o’clock. They will provide the truth serum and we will be able to get our answers. If he is found to be guilty we can arrange his trial in front of the Wizengamot, if not, than he will be released, as there is no arrest warrant there will be no need to hold a trial. Lord Black will, of course, be given reparations and a settlement for having to endure this ordeal. Once everything is handled I suggest that we keep it a secret while a select few trusted aurors handle the search for Pettigrew. I do not think that it will be in anyone’s best interest to alert Pettigrew that we know about him or panic the public. This is one of the reasons I cast the strongest privacy ward I know once we were all in the room. None of us will be able to discuss any of this with anyone else. Once the rat has been captured we can hold a public trial. That way if anyone asks about Black we can assure them that it was handled promptly and correctly.”

“And just how are we supposed to get Black from Azkaban to the bank without causing a panic.” Fudge questioned.

James pulled out a portkey and slid it over to Amelia. “This is a portkey that will take you directly to the meeting room. It is set to activate 5 minutes before 10 on Wednesday. I figure you can go to the prison, collect Black, and then just wait for the portkey to activate. The goblins assure me that it will be able to get through the wards around both the prison and the bank.”

Taking the portkey Amelia smiled at him. “I will see to it personally. Now, if I may ask a question. You have repeatedly addressed Sirius Black as Lord Black. I thought his parents had disowned him.”

Smiling, James nodded. “Yes it is true that Orion and Walberga Black disowned Sirius, but that was only from them. Neither of them was ever the head of the family. The Last Lord Black was Sirius Black’s grandfather Arcturus Black. When he died he stated in his will that he did not feel that Orion or Walberga were fit to lead the family. He named Sirius Black as his heir. According to the records that I have acquired, Sirius Black claimed his lordship less than 2 weeks before he was arrested. That was why no one yet knew, there hadn’t been a Wizangamot session for him to be introduced at yet.”

“Interesting.” Amelia said.

James could see that Fudge was gearing up to make an ass of himself and decided it was time to leave. “If you will excuse me I have other things to attend to.” 

Getting up, he bid them farewell and headed for the door. Just before he opened the door to leave he turned back to add one more thing. “Oh, and just so we’re clear. Sirius Black will be at this meeting I have arranged, alive and unharmed, or I will hold the two of you personally responsible. If anything should happen I will make it my personal mission to ruin you both, both politically and financially. Good day.” And with that final warning he left the room.

Once he was gone Fudge had a melt down and he started ordering Black’s execution. It took Amelia 10 minutes and 4 calming draughts to get him relaxed enough to talk him down. After giving her own warning to him not to interfere, she left.

Chapter Text

When Amelia stepped out of the office she saw Lord Peverell Gryffindor standing in the hall waiting.

“May I have a moment of you’re time Madam Bones?” James asked in his most charming voice.

“Of course Lord Peverell Gryffindor.” She said as she placed her hand in the crook of his arm and let him escort her back towards her office.

“Please call me Sebastian.”


“Well than Amelia, I wished to apologize for how I spoke to you before I left. I know about you’r personal past with Sirius as well as your reputation. There is no doubt in my mind that you will do the right thing. I just wished to impress upon Fudge that his actions will have consequences with me. With him nothing is more important than his money and power so that is what I threatened. A vague threat is no ones friend after all.”

Amelia let out a small chuckle. “I fully understand. How that man managed to become minster I will never understand. but he is what we have so we must deal with him. Now tell me, is there anything that I could say to Sirius that might make him more willing to trust me. Something tells me he is not going to be in the best mood with any ministry officials.”

“Yes. Tell him that Mooney wants him to come. That should get him to follow you anywhere.”

“And just who is Mooney.”

“His less then pleased, extremely anxious, husband.”


“Amelia, I know it is not my place to tell you how to deal with the people in your department but if I may make a suggestion. I know that it is policy that whenever someone goes to Azkaban with the intent of meeting with a prisoner they are required to have back up. I would personally suggest that you take Kingsley Shacklebolt with you. He is a good man and seems to be more honest than others in your department that I shall not mention. There is also the added bonus that Sirius was his training officer.”

“I agree with you. Kingsley is a good man. I know I will be able to trust him with this. Thank you for your suggestion. Now, if there is nothing else Sebastian I shall leave you now and get back to work. I will see you in a few days.”

“Thank you Amelia. I shall be seeing you.”

With that the two parted company and James headed for the exit. He didn’t make it to far before he caught a glimpse of someone else that made him hesitate. As he watched Lucius Malfoy arrived at the ministry.

James had never been overly fond of Malfoy, he found him to be overly pompous, even by pure blood standards, but he had been one of Sev’s most trusted friends. The only reason that he hadn’t been aware of their relationship at school was because he had already graduated and had the dark mark.

From reading everything that Hadrian had provided he now knew the the imperious defence was more than just a way to get out of trouble. Lucius had indeed been placed under the curse, by none other than his own father. He had been forced to take the mark and forced to do unspeakable things to protect his wife and child, and he would have to do it again if they were unable to change time.

Making a decision he headed over to the other man. There was a memory orb that was meant for him  in the trunk after all.

“Lord Malfoy, if I might have a moment of your time. I promise it won’t take much time.”

Lucius looked over at the man. This was someone he did not know but there was still something familiar about him. Looking him over he saw the posture of a born and raised pureblood. He also saw the refined clothing that spoke of both wealth and class, two things that so rarely went together these days.

“If it is quick, I don’t have much time.”

“Oh, it wont take long. It was suggested by Severus Snape that I meat with you. My name is Sebastian Alexandros Peverell Gryffindor and I am  Lord of the Ancient and Noble houses of Peverell and Gryffindor. I have recently come across some interesting information that affects you. I was hoping that I might be able to bring it to your manor sometime tomorrow.”

Lucius examined the man in front of him. This was not somebody he wanted as an enemy, but he hadn’t made it this far in life by not knowing when to be cautious. It was the mention of Severus that sealed the deal for him. Sev was one of his oldest friends, if he sent this man to him it must be important.

“I have meetings most of the day tomorrow but I can spare about 20 minutes around 3 o’clock. Floo to my home office and we can discuss this information you have.”

“Thank you Lord Malfoy, I shall see you tomorrow.


Malfoy Manor, Lucius’s Study - March 26, 1996

Lucius Malfoy sat in his grand study thinking. He had lived a hard life, and he knew that most considered him to be a bad man, but he wanted better for his son. Looking out the window he could see Narcissa walking around the pond in the back yard with young Draco in her arms.

He was worried about his wife. She had suffered 3 miscarriages before they managed to have Draco, and 2 since. Narcissa craved to have more children but every time it didn’t happen she broke a little more. She rarely smiled anymore and he knew that Draco was starting to pick up on it. The little boy would do almost anything to see his mother smile, but it was becoming harder and harder.

Then there was this new lord. It was not all together unheard of for a new lord to take their seats. So many had died during the last war that there were dozens of empty seats in the Wizengamot. There was also the fact that he knew Severus, when Severus had never mentioned him before.

His train of thought was interrupted as Lord Peverell Gryffindor stepped out of the green flames. “Ahh, Lord Malfoy. A pleasure to see you again.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

Glancing out the window James saw Narcissa and smiled. “And there is your lovely wife. I so hope it is not to forward of me to request that she be involved in this meeting. The information that I have will affect the both of you.”

When he saw Lucius hesitate, clearly wanting to protect his wife he continued. “You have nothing to fear from me Lord Malfoy. This truly is just about information. Besides, if Sev thought that I had done anything to threaten your family, his beloved godson in particular, he would have my head on a platter for you by the end of the day.”

Lucius smiled at this. Severus was indeed rather protective of his godson. Agreeing he sent an elf to go get Narsissa. 

Once she joined them James introduced himself and kissed the air above her hand as was tradition.

“Lord Peverell Gryffindor, it is a pleasure to meet you. You are most welcome in our home.” Narcissa said in her perfectly cultured, cool voice.

“Please, call me Sebastian.”

“Narcissa, than”

“And you should call me Lucius, we will be working in the Wizengamot together after all. Now you mentioned some important information that involves us.” Lucius was concerned that this might be some kind of shake down, using evidence from his past.

James could see that Lucius was weary but there really was no need for it. “I should tell you first that I was never supposed to be the one to bring this information to you. Originally Sev was planning to be our messenger but a controlling old man is making it particularly difficult for him to leave the school at the moment.”

Lucius nodded at this, he knew just how controlling Dumbledore was, especially when it involved Severus.

Seeing that the other two knew who he was referencing he continued. “This information originates from deep within the ministry. To be more specific it is from the Time Chamber in the Department of Mysteries, where time turners are made and stored.” 

Lucius became very interested at this point. It was almost impossible to get any information out of that particular department. “I’m sure that if there was any information that I needed from there Fudge would have passed it on.”

“Actually he wouldn’t have known. It is a little known fact, but although unspeakables work out of the ministry building, they are not actually classified as ministry employees. They are only sworn to serve magic, not the government, so they almost never pass on information to the minister unless it pertains to something the ministry is doing.”

Lucius found this rather interesting. Fudge did so love to brag about all the top secret information he had access to in the DOM due to his power and position. It would seem the little creatine was just running his mouth, like usual.

“So what in the time chamber involves us, neither of us have ever even been in the DOM?” Although Narcissa found it interesting she would rather be with her son.

James took a sip of the tea that he had been given by the elf that had originally brought Narcissa. “One of my contacts got in touch with me last week. They had recently come into possession of a trunk that originated in the time chamber, it was covered in time crystals. What should interest you was what was inside. The trunk was filled with documents, memory vials, and messenger orbs. When it was tested, all of it dated to 20 years from now.”

“What about information from 20 years ago should interest us?” Lucius asked.

“You misunderstand me Lucius. The contents were not from 20 years ago, but from 20 years in the future.”

Narcissa gasped and Lucius gaped in a very undignified manner. Pulling himself together Lucius asked, “So you think we were involved in sending ourselves something from the future.”

“No. I am sorry to tell you that according to what we found in the trunk both of you had been killed. According to what we have learned there is a second war growing, and it will then be followed by another. Our society will be decimated. No, the reason I am here is because one of the message orbs was addressed to the two of you. The rest of us that have received these orbs have been given tasks in the hopes of avoiding the death of our nation.”

Reaching into his robe pocket James pulled out the orb that was addressed to Lucius and Narcissa. Both stared at the tag that had been stuck to it for a few seconds before Lucius reached out and took it. The tag read:

To: Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

From: Draco Malfoy (Age 27)

Once he had passed over the orb James got up.

“Now that that is done I must be off. I have to prepare for a very important meeting tomorrow.”

“You… You don’t want to know what it says?” Narcissa stammered.

“Good Merlin no. I have enough to do with my own message. No I am more than willing to pass off the responsibility for that one to you. I will let you know, the rest of us have all used secrecy wards when we have listened to ours. The kind of information on them is not something that we want getting out.”

With that, James quickly flooed away.


Later that evening, after Draco had been put to bed, Lucius and Narcissa met in his office. Putting up the strongest wards they could, they activated the orb.

Narcissa gasped and felt tears form in her eyes as she saw the man her little boy would grow up to be. He was so handsome. Then she noticed the pain that was evident in his eyes.

Lucius looked at his son with pride and love. Then the image started to speak.

“Mother, Father. I can only hope that this reaches you. As it is right now none of us really know if this will work, but we had to try.

But, first things first. I need to say something to you, something that I wish I had said more before I lost you. Mother, Father, I love you both so much. I owe you so much for everything you did for me. No matter what has happened or will happen, I will always love you.

Now… Father, I know about how you were forced to join the Death Eaters. I know what happened. What you need to know is that when I was 14 he returned. The information that we have provided will help stop this, but just be ready.

You were once again forced to his service under threats to mother and I. When I was 16 Aunt Bellatrix brought me before him. You and mother were being held across the room from me. He explained to me just what he would do to you and how he would give mother to McNair as a personal toy if I refused to join. I of course agreed and was branded.

Like you, I was then forced to do unspeakable things. But there was hope. When I was 17 Hadrian Potter defeated him once again. 

We thought that was the end, but it wasn’t. In revenge for the atrocities committed on that monsters orders we became the hunted. The ministry, led by Dumbledore and his little pets, declared that simply being born with a dark core was outlawed. They started to round us up, every man, woman, and child, that they could get their hands on.

That was how I lost the both of you. I was lucky. Hadrian, who is a good friend, had broken into the compound in an attempt to rescue the infant daughter of a friend released as many of us as he could. He then helped to smuggle us out of the country. I will admit, most did not survive, I lost a great many friends to the purges.

I need your help to make sure that this doesn't happen again. Luckily what I need you to do is fairly simple in comparison to what some of the others will have to do. It will actually probably not take more than a few hours, if that.

Father, the Dark Lord gave you a diary shortly before his defeat. This diary carries the darkest of black magic and must be destroyed to stop him. You must get the diary, make sure to use dragon hide gloves when handling it as I do not want you to risk yourself. Take the diary to Gringotts. Go to one of the guards across the hall from where the carts are and tell them that you have been sent by Hadrian and need to see chief Ragnock. They will know who he is. That is all. Ragnock is also involved in this and will no what to do by now.

Mother. I know how much family means to you and I am sorry to have to tell you this, your sisters are lost to us, there is nothing we can do. They are both to set in their ways to ever change. Bellatrix is so infatuated with the Dark Lord that she will willingly hand her own flesh and blood over to him. Andromeda has become so bitter in her loathing of the Black family and everything that it stood for that she will be one of the biggest advocates for the destruction of dark magic. She supported your execution and would have supported mine if I had not escaped.

What I need you to do is go to the ministry and claim conservatorship over Bellatrix, this will give you control of not only there personal vaults but the entire Lestrange fortune and Wizengamot seat. It will be easy as she is clearly crazy. It is just a few basic forms. Once that is done like father you need to go to Ragnock at the bank. Have him go down to her personal vault with you. Inside there is a gold chalice that is imbued with the same magic as the diary. Let him deal with it.

I would also request that you donate the Lestrange fortune to charity. So much of that money came from doing awful things there is no way it isn’t cursed. Give it to charities for children and St.Mongo’s.

One last thing. Mother, I know you have always wanted more children and that the healers as St.Mongo’s always tell you to just get pregnant and wait and see, that will never work. What you need to know is that muggles have also struggled with infertility but they actually decided to do something about it. There are things known as fertility clinics in the muggle world that are completely focused on helping women get pregnant and give birth safely. One of my friends that escaped the compound with me struggled as you have. Within two years of starting their treatments she had a magically powerful, healthy baby boy. 

I will warn you, some of there techniques may seem barbaric, but they actually work. I don’t mean to pressure you but it might be worth a try.

Oh, and another thing. We should have a house elf named Dobby. He is extremely odd and no matter what you do you will never be able to get him to behave properly. Give him to Hadrian Potter. I know it sounds odd, but those two just work together.

With that said, I love you and I hope that this may help save us all. Goodbye.”


With that the orb went dark and the room was silent. Both Lucius and Narcissa had tears running down their face. Their son had suffered so much and was so strong. They knew that they would do anything he asked if it meant that they might be able to lessen the pain in his eyes, even if just a little.

Lucius went over to his liquor cabinet and got him self a glass of scotch before going to sit in his chair and stare blindly at the wall for a bit.

Narcissa quickly fled the room. She ran through the manor until  she reached her sons room. Going in she laid down on the bed with him and cuddled him protectively in her arms and let herself cry for a bit.

Draco was a little confused at being woken by his crying mother but just decided to hug her back and go back to sleep.

Chapter Text

 Azkaban Prison - March 27, 1996

Sirius Black sat in his cell as a dog in the worst place imaginable. He still wasn’t completely sure how he had ended up here.

He knew what he had been told. That he had betrayed James and Lily and then killed Peter but that didn’t make sense. He had been here long enough that the spells on him were starting to fade so he knew that James had never been with Lily.

He actually hated her. The summer before their sixth year James had gotten ill. His mother, Dorea, had been a healer so she decided to treat him at home. During her test she discovered that he had been loaded down with potions, they included and obsessive love potion focused on the bint. Once he had been purged he had sworn to never go near her again. He had realized that he had actually been in love with Severus Snape for a few years and had been forced to treat him horribly.

But later that year everything had worked out. Severus had forgiven all of them and he and James ad gotten involved. Sirius could still remember how deliriously happy, and completely shagged out, James had looked after his first time with Severus. 

Sirius knew that James would never willingly get together with Evans. 

James had had a son… With Severus…. What was his name again?

Hadrian. Oh yes that was his name, Hadrian. His precious godson, his pup.

As Sirius once again managed to remember his godsons name he heard someone coming. They weren’t wearing the big boots so they obviously weren’t guards.

Turning back he waited. He watched as two people he vaguely recognized approached his cell. One was Amelia Bones, as he thought about it he remembered the attack on her house. How those disgusting death eaters had attempted to kill her baby niece.

Looking at the other one a little closer he remembered. He had called him Kings. He had trained him when the other man had first joined the aurors.

“Welcome to my humble home Amelia. I do hope you will forgive me if I don’t invite you to have a seat. Kings, what the hell are you doing here. Only screw ups and fools get stuck on Azkaban duty, I thought I had taught you better than that.”

Amelia smirked and Kingsley let out a deep chuckle.

“Yeah, yeah. Maybe you should have listened to your own lessons a little more old man.” 

That was one of the things Sirius had always liked about Kings. He may be a naturally serious person but he knew how to take a joke.

“That’s enough out of you two. Come on Sirius, its time to go.” Amelia rolled her eyes. Honestly this was not the time or place to joke.

“And just where am I going to go Amelia. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m in Azkaban. Has the ministry finally pulled their heads out of their collective ass and decided to give me a trial.” Sirius was not in the mood, not that you ever could bee in a decent mood in this place.

“In a way Sirius, yes the ministry is giving you a trial. I have a portkey that is going to activate in 3 minutes that is going to transport us to a secure room in Gringotts where you will be questioned under veritaserum. If you can show you are innocent, which I know you are you are to be released with compensation. Lord Peverell Gryffindor arranged it.” Amelia knew that she needed to keep him calm. After this long around the dementors it would only make sense that Sirius would have some emotional control issues, not that he ever had much emotional control to begin with.

“Who’s he?” Sirius demanded. He knew that sometimes prisoners just disappeared from here. Not all the guards were exactly innocent. “I’ve never heard of him.”

“He told me to tell you that Moony wants you to come, if that means anything.”

“He knows Moony. Well what are we waiting for, lets go.” With a little help from Kingsley Sirius was up and on his feet.

He quickly went over to Amelia and soon enough there was a small pop, and the cell of Sirius black was empty.


Gringotts Bank - Same Day

Landing in the bank Sirius looked around hopeful that he would see Moony. He felt his heart sink a little when all he saw was a strange man and a goblin. For some reason he couldn’t clearly remember Moony’s face and he wanted to so bad. It was like he couldn’t breathe without him. He honestly didn’t know why he missed his old friend the way he did. He missed James too, but it was different from how he missed Remus somehow.

The unknown man stepped forward and extended his hand and introduced himself. When Sirius shook his hand he felt something was off. This man was a stranger to him but there was something so familiar and comforting about him.

Once everyone had been introduced they got right down to it. Sirius was led to a seat where the goblin administered the truth serum. Given the fact that the ministry had already messed things up so bad, the man that insisted they call him Sebastian was going to be the one asking the questions. If anyone else had a question to ask they would have to write it down and hand it to him, or cast a silencing spell and ask him to ask Sirius.

Quickly James started the interrogation.

“What is your name?”

“Sirius Orion Black”

“What is your data birth?”

“November 3, 1969”

“Are you or have you ever been a death eater?”


“Were you the Potter’s secret keeper?”


“Did you betray the Potter’s to Lord Voldemort?”


“Who was the Potter’s secret keeper?”

“Peter Pettigrew.”

“When you were found after the explosion you were laughing, why?”

“Peter hit me with an over powered cheering charm”

“How did Peter Pettigrew die?”

“He didn’t”

“How did Peter Pettigrew escape?”

“He cast a blasting curse at a muggle fuel line, after the explosion he transformed into his rat animigus and escaped down the sewer pipe.”

Casting a silencing charm around Sirius he looked to the others in the room and asked if they had any other questions. When they all just shook their heads, they finished up. 

The two aurors in the room seemed to be in shock. It had just hit them completely. One of their own had just spent 4 years in Azkaban while innocent and no one had done anything to help. If it could happen to him, it could happen to them.

Sirius was then given the antidote.

Amelia cleared her throat. “Now that that is done. Sirius, I am approved to offer you the sincere apologies of the ministry for this ordeal. I also apologize for not doing anything sooner, your arrest always felt off to me but I did nothing. I have also been authorized to sign over reparations for this injustice in the form of 1,000,000 galleons for every year you spent in Azkaban, plus a further 500,000 galleons for any medical treatment you require.”

Sirius still hadn't managed to get his voice back so James was the one to answer. “That seems adequate. Now, I do believe that I should get Lord Black some of that much needed medical treatment.”

James started to usher Sirius out of the room when Sirius stopped him. Seeing that Sirius was about to start talking, James quickly threw up silencing and privacy charms so that neither Amelia or Kingsley could properly see them or hear them.

“And just who are you? Look I appreciate your help and all but I don’t know you. How do you know Mooney? Why did you help me? Why should I trust you?”

James smiled, Sirius always was the most suspicious of them. He decided to answer him in a way that would let him know who he was without actually saying it.

“When we were 13, you came over to spend the summer. Mom decided to be helpful while we were out on the quidditch pitch and unpack your things. She found a skin mag that your little brother Regulus had slipped in to mess with you. Once we came back inside, mom sat us both down and gave us the sex talk. That wasn’t the worst part that made us swear that we would never tell anyone. No, because mom was a healer she got really into it. She started transfiguring fruit into anatomically correct parts so that she could make sure we had a proper understanding. I don’t think we could look each other, or her, in the eye for the rest of the summer.”

Sirius just stared. There was only one person that knew that story. He had never told anyone that, and he knew James hadn’t either. 


“The one and only brother. Don’t mind the look. It’s best if I stay dead so I’m using a glamour the goblins whipped up for me. Now you need to follow Ragnock. He will take you to the healers who will, well, heal you obviously. And before you start arguing with me that you want to stay and be involved in these discussions, I will tell you that both Remus and Hadrian are there.”

That was all it took to get Sirius moving.

James dispelled everything and turned back to the table as Sirius left the room. 

Just before Sirius left Kingsley spoke up. “Sirius… I’m sorry.”

For Sirius that was all that he needed to say. He had always really liked Kingsley with his simple ways. Nodding back at him, Sirius walked out.

Once both Sirius and Ragnock were gone James turned back to the two aurors in the room.

“So if that is everything, I think were done here. Sirius will expect the restitution money to bee in his account by the end of the month.”

“Wait.” Amelia held up her hand. “You said that we didn’t want Pettigrew to know that we were on to him. Just how are we supposed to do that? As soon a Sirius is seen out in public everyone will know that he has been released.”

“He won’t be seen out in public, at least not here.” James really was having a lot of fun bossing his old superior around. “His husband currently works for Gringotts. He has just signed on to a 5 year contract that will have him working outside of Britain. I do believe that he is headed for Asia soon. That will give you 5 years to find the rat and publicly clear Sirius of any wrong doing.”

Amelia nodded, that could work. She decided that she would put Kingsley in charge of the search and see what happened.

After that was done, they hammered out a few of the finer details and the aurors left. James then went to the healing ward, he was really getting sick of that place.


Sirius Black was in pain. After the tests had shown just how many blocks and compulsions had been on him he had immediately agreed to the purge. He just hadn’t realized how much it would hurt.

He knew that he was laying in a bed. But that was about it. Slowly his mind started to piece things together. Remus. A man who claimed to be James said Remus was here. Now all he had to do was open his eyes.

With a great effort Sirius did just that, he opened his eyes. Sitting there next to him was his husband. The spells and potions in his system seemed to have made him forget he was even married, but now he remembered.

Slowly sitting up he looked around. Where was Hadrian, where was his pup.

Seeing that he was awake Remus leaned down and gently kissed him. “Please tell me you remember me.“

“Of course I do. Your name's Bob, right.”

Remus reached out and smacked him on the arm. “Don't be an ass Siri.”

“Where's Hadrian?”

Remus pointed across the room to where another bed lay. In that bed was a small little body of a tiny little boy. But to Sirius that boy was the most important child in the world.

“Pup. What happened to him?” Sirius was panicked. What could've happened to his poor pup.

Soon enough the other man joined them, and yes, he was James, just with a new look. James and Remus then brought him up to speed on what had happened. To say Sirius was shocked was an understatement.

There was only one thing to do in Sirius’s mind. Do what their pup wanted them to.


Hogwarts - March 29, 1996

Severus was thrilled. Over the last month he reunited with his son, his husband, and two of his best friends. Now the only thing wrong with his life was a meddling old coot that made it impossible to spend any time with them.

Albus was becoming even more difficult, if that was even possible. He seemed to take it as a personal insult that anyone on staff had taken his side and was making them all pay for it.

He was walking down the empty hall when he saw one of the tapestries on the wall twitch. Sev knew that that particular tapestry covered a recess in the wall that worked as a great hiding place. Flipping the tapestry back he saw none other than William ‘Bill’ Weasley. 

“Mister Weasley,” Severus almost purred. “Would you like to explain to me why you are hiding behind a tapestry when you are supposed to be sitting in history class. This is not the conduct I expect from a prefect, although you are a Gryffindor, so I guess it is to be expected.”

Severus now knew more than he had ever wanted to know about the Weasley family. The papers from the trunk had given a great number of details about how Molly Weasley and the 2 youngest Weasley children were active participants in Dumbledore’s plot. But it also showed that Arthur Weasley and the elder 5 boys were all good people.

He knew what the future had held for this young boy. If they hadn’t changed anything he, his wife, brother, and father, would all end up losing their lives to Dumbledore’s plans. As it was, he had the potential to become one of the best curse breakers in the world. Seeing the defeated look on the boys face he made a snap decision, he would help him.

“I..I.. I was just…” Bill had no clue what to say. Of all the teachers in the school to catch him skipping class it just had to be Severus Snape.

“You just realized that you were late for history class?” Severus hid a smirk as he saw the boy quickly nod and turn to head towards his history class. “Oh, and mister Weasley. You will come directly to my office after dinner so we can work on your memory. We wouldn’t want you  to forget any other classes.”

Bill silently nodded as he dejectedly made his way to class.


It was later that evening that Bill made his way down to the dungeon. He was not looking forward to this. Professor Snape always made you scrub dirty cauldrons. 

Arriving at Snape’s office he knocked. When he was called to enter he went in. 

Professor Snape was sitting at his desk. Bill was surprised that he was motioned to sit down rather than directed into the classroom to start cleaning.

“Mr. Weasley. I would like you to explain to me just why it is that you feel that you don’t have to attend your history class. You will be taking your OWL’s in 3 months after all.”

“I know sir. It’s just… Binn’s is so… He’s such a…” Bill was at a loss for words. Snape was almost being kind. This was definitely odd.

“I believe the words you are looking for is ‘dreadful bore’.” Severus couldn’t help but chuckle at the completely shocked look on the teens face. “Don’t look so surprised Mr. Weasley. Binns has been teaching at this school for over 50 years. I had to suffer in his class just like you. The only difference is I was smart about it. I am actually surprised at you. You, unlike some of your classmates, are not a complete dunderhead. Even some of the lions in my year figured out how to survive Binss class a few weeks after the snakes did during our second year.”

“How? I mean… How sir?” Snape seemed to be in a good mood, it was kinda freaky but he was just gonna go with it, he didn’t want to upset him.

“Two words Mr.Weasley. Silencing wards.” Seeing the look of confusion Sev shook his head. Dumbledore really had dumbed down this generation. “We would place silencing wards around ourselves and self study. A silencing charm will silence a person, but the ward silences an area. We would cast the wards around our desks before class started. By being there early none of the other students that might tell on us would know what we had done. Besides, Binns never changes his class schedule, so all the assignments and tests are given at the same time every year. I do believe that it was your uncles Fabian and Gideon and one of their Ravenclaw friends that made a tidy sum at the beginning of every year selling a sort of information packet for that class, not that I would ever suggest doing something like that. Especially given that the headmaster has strictly prohibited possession of that sort of material, and you after all know just how important rules are. Once we finished our OWL’s, if we were going to go for our NEWT’s, we would then sign up for self study and spend that period in one of the empty classes working together. It was necessary given the fact that Binns seems to be stuck on the goblin wars but your exams will cover much more than that.”

Bill was shocked. Was the professor really suggesting what he thought. He decided to ask a few questions to make sure this wasn’t some sort of trap to get him into even more trouble. “But where did you learn to create wards from sir? And why do you think it is so important to learn history?”

This was exactly what  Severus had been hoping for, a chance to lead the boy in his direction. “When I myself first started school here there was an entire section in the library that was dedicated to wards. Unfortunately the headmaster decided that that sort of information was far to difficult for the delicate little students that now attend this school and had it removed during my final year.” There, that might get the boy to question just how much information was being denied to the students by Dumbledore. “As for why history is so important to learn, there is a muggle saying that I think sums it up perfectly. A muggle philosopher named George Santayana said those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. What do you think that that means Mr. Weasley?”

“Hmmm… That we need to remember what we learned in the past. It’s like lessons that we learn in class. We need to remember what we learned during the term if we want to pass a class. If we don’t learn it properly the first time then we have to repeat the class.”

“An apt analogy Mr.Weasley. That is exactly what it means, its just on a larger scale. Look at our very own country. A broken system allowed for the rise of Grindelwald. After he was defeated the system stayed the same. And then everyone was surprised when, less than 20 years later, another dark lord was on the rise. A dark lord, I might add, that had a similar ideology, used a similar plan of attack, and used the same loopholes to gain power. We had a chance to fix the system in between the two but nobody bothered to learn from the mistakes. They believed that they were safe and were to set in their ways to do anything, so it happened again. And do you know what Mr.Weasley. Once again those in power are not learning from the past.”

“But… What do you mean? We’re safe now aren’t we. I mean, he’s gone isn’t he?”

“Yes and no Mr. Weasley. He is no longer a threat, but whats to stop someone else. The Dark Lord was able to get as many followers as he did because he appealed to what they wanted. Many of the old pureblood families were promised the return of their rituals and traditions, traditions that were made illegal to make the muggle borns feel more welcome in our society, rather than expecting them to adapt to a culture that has existed and strengthened us for thousands of years we are expected to acclimatize to their beliefs and morals. There is actually evidence that this is weakening our magic. Creatures that are classified as dark were promised more freedoms. Take werewolves for example; all that they needed to be offered to side with him was the right to have jobs and children. A friend of mine that works for Gringotts was attacked when he was only 6. He did not ask to be turned, instead he, like most, was forced into it. He is a very smart and caring man that just so happens to turn into a wolf once a month. A condition that can be safely managed, he did so his entire 7 years here after all. But do to the bigotry of our ministry he is barred from taking a job that would put him in prolonged contact with people, which is almost all jobs, he was able to get the job at the bank because goblins are less prejudice to those in his position. He is also barred from having any children, and the only reason he is married is because he and his husband went to France. Our ministry doesn't recognize his marriage. Vampires are in a similar situation only worse. They are forbidden from hunting to feed, but it is also illegal to donate blood to feed a vampire. A vampire doesn’t need more than a few mouthfuls of blood a week and they don’t need to kill or turn someone to feed. But it is pretty much completely illegal for them to eat. So they have a choice, break the law and feed and be killed, or abide by the law and starve until they enter blood lust and go on a killing spree and be killed. If you were in their position where you were forbidden from having a family and/or eating just how loyal would you be to the government that did that to you?”

Severus hadn’t taken his eyes off Bill. He watched as the boy first paled, and then his mouth fell open in shock. He clearly had no way to answer the question so Sev continued.

“You have grown up in a safe home, and there is no doubt in my mind that you have had a sheltered life, but not everyone has. Many will see the injustice and attempt to do something about it. It is true that both previous self styled dark lords were insane, but they were able to become as strong as they did because of things like that. We need to make sure that we don’t forget what happened, and how it happened because it can, and probably will happen again. Until we learn from the past we cant stop it. That is why history is so important. It also shows us where we come from. And reminds us how hard we have worked to reach the point we have now. Do you have any other questions Mr.Weasley?”

“No… I… Do you know where I could find information on those silencing wards? I think I should at least try and pass my history OWL.”

Sev thought for a moment and examine Bill critically. “I’ll be right back, don’t touch anything.”

Sev went through the door that led to his personal room. Going to his book shelf he looked for the introduction to warding book that he himself had used while studying for his OWL in the subject. It was the first book that had gotten him interested in the subject in the first place, it also had very useful information for casting wards at any level. Just before he left the room he stopped as the perfect punishment for skipping history class hit him. Going over he grabbed one of the history books that Remus had recommended. He then placed glamour charms on both so that if anyone other than he or Bill looked at them they would just see regular course books.

Once back in his office and sitting at his desk he handed the warding book over. “This, Mr. Weasley, is the book I used when I was first learning warding. It got me through my OWL in the subject. I will expect it back by the end of the school semester.”

“Thank you professor.”

“Now, for your punishment. As today all my classes were theoretical, so there are no dirty cauldrons, I have decided instead to assign you an essay.” Severus then handed over the second book he had brought with him. “This was suggested by my friend that works as a historian at the bank. You are to pick a topic from the book and write me a minimum of two feet on it, due by the end of the weekend. Am I understood? And don’t think of just regurgitating what it says in the book. I will be sending it to my friend and having him mark it to make sure that you actually understood what you were talking about.”

“I understand sir. Sir, can I ask another question?” Severus gave a nod. “Why would a bank need a historian? I thought they just handled the money.”

“The reason Gringotts needs historians is the same reason that they need curse breakers, which two other friends of mine are. You see, the goblins don’t just handle money, they also find it. My friends are part of a team that tracks down and explores ancient tombs and gather artifacts and knowledge. The banks historians will examine different historical material until they find a tomb or temple mentioned that hasn’t yet been found. By crossing the information from different sources they can usually narrow down where the ruin might be located. Then the curse breakers go in because most tombs have been layered with enchantments and curses to ensure that no one can get at what is hidden inside. Since there are no copyright laws that date back that far, any information or technology that they find can be used for free by the goblins or sold for profit. The historians and curse breakers that work for the bank are actually closer to those adventurers and treasure hunters that are so common in those books marketed to children your age.”

“Really, you mean there are actually people that do stuff like that?”

“Yes, and they get paid very well for it too.”


“Indeed Mr. Weasley. Now you had better get back up to the tower. We wouldn’t want you to get caught out after curfew and get a detention.”

“Thank you sir, and good night.”

Just before Bill left Severus called out a warning, a smirk playing around his lips. “Just remember Mr Weasley, you are technically not supposed to be in possession of that warding book. I have glamoured it to help hide it but you will still need to be careful. If you are caught with it then I will have no problem letting you go down for it. Like the self respecting Slytherin I am I will have no problem telling anyone who asks where you got it that you must have stolen it.”

“Of course sir. I would expect nothing less.” Bill said with a smirk of his own before leaving.


Hogwarts - March 30, 1996

Bill Weasley had finally found something that fascinated him. Last semester, when he had had his career advice with McGonagall he had told her that he didn’t really know what he should do. She had suggested that he should get a job in the ministry, just like his mother wanted.

But Bill really didn’t want to. He saw the way that his dad was treated. He honestly hated the ministry for that. Then add in what Snape had said. It was clear that the ministry was completely intolerant of anyone that thought differently.

Now, he was sitting on his bed with the curtains closed reading, he was also exhausted. He actually hadn’t slept last night. As soon as he had gotten back to his dorm he had decided that he wanted to get the essay out of the way and gotten to work.

He really wished that book was the kind of history that they learned. He had spent over an hour trying to decide on a topic. Eventually he had settled on ancient Egypt. 

Never had he finished an essay so quickly. He actually had almost three feet by the time the sun was coming up.

Then there was the warding book. As soon as he had finished the essay he started to read it. It was so interesting. He was still only on the basic information, and hadn’t reached the point where he could start attempting to cast but he loved it. The book gave a step by step guide and explained how each was developed.

Bill thought all the different things you could do was amazing. It was too bad that the books had been taken out of the library. He really didn’t understand why the headmaster would do that. It wasn’t like warding was dark magic. It actually seemed less dangerous than some of the stuff that they learned in transfiguration. Self transfiguration, like what they would be learning next year, had much more potential for dangerous backlash. 

Deciding that he wanted to get his essay to the professor, and try and get some access to more of the information that the headmaster was clearly hiding from the students Bill went to leave. But he didn’t get very far. Taking a single step, his legs started to give out underneath him. He clearly needed some sleep first.


Bill woke up just in time for dinner. After dinner was done he made a familiar trek down to Severus's office to hand in his essay. 

Knocking, he was once again quickly granted entrance. Going over to where his professor sat, with a surprised look on his face. He handed over the parchment.

Severus was startled by not just how quickly the boy had finished his paper, but his appearance. Although Bill was never the most well put together of his students he was a mess right now. His clothes were rumpled and wrinkled. His slightly to long hair, was a mess and made it appear as if he had just gotten out of bed. But the most startling thing was the dark circles under fever bright eyes.

“I gave you the entire weekend Mr. Weasley. I'm surprised you managed to finish so quickly. Let's hope it isn't because you weren't putting in a decent effort.”

“No sir. I just found it all so interesting. Given our history lessons here I didn't think I would like it. But it seems when you're not learning about goblin wars, from the ghost professor that speaks in monotone, history can actually be pretty interesting.”

“And are you here just to hand in your essay or is there something else you would like Mr. Weasley?”

“I was wondering… I mean… I was hoping that you would be able to help me learn more about warding. I’ve only gotten a few chapters into the book, but I really want to learn more. I can’t just start practicing in my room if I want to be able to keep the book a secret, but I really don’t know where I could study. I was also wondering, you said you used this book while you were studying for your OWL in warding. I’ve never heard of that OWL. Was it canceled when those books were removed from the library?”

Severus thought quickly. He wasn’t sure how Bill had gotten interested in warding and curse breaking in the original timeline but he could work this to his advantage. He could easily manipulate Minerva and Albus into allowing him access to the boy. It may be useful in the future.

“I think that I may be able to help you Mr.Weasley. I will casually mention to Minerva that you have been pestering me for extra potions lesson. She, naturally, being the lioness she is, will demand that I help you. During that time you will have access to my personal library.”

“Thank you Professor.”

“As for the OWL, no it was not canceled. Hogwarts only offers 12 OWL and NEWT subjects, but the ministry offers OWLs and NEWTs in over 200 subjects, though most of those are languages. Anyone wishing to take tests in those subjects have to go to the ministry and pay to take the test during the summer.”

Bills face look downcast. “Oh.”

“Is there something wrong Mr. Weasley?”

“Not really sir. It's just my family doesn’t… We don't really have much extra money you see.”

“Neither did my family Mr. Weasley. There is nothing stopping you from getting the money yourself.”

“But how sir”

“It's called a summer job Mr. Weasley. As I love potions I took a summer job working at a potions apothecary starting the summer I turned 15. I then use that money to allow me to take any extra tests in any extra subjects I wanted as well as help save up for my mastery.”

“But who would hire a student. I've been to Diagon Alley every year but I’ve never seen any help wanted signs.”

“That's because the shops there tend to belong to old established families. Usually the only people hired to work in those stores are members of the family. I would suggest that you try one of the shops on River Run or one of the other alleys.”

“Where is that? I can’t get a job in Knockturn, my mother would kill me.”

“Mr. Weasley, how many magical alleys do you think there are in London?”

“Three. There is Diagon Alley, of course, Knockturn, and I have heard of Celestial Alley. But I heard that it was really expensive.”

“Wow, you really have been sheltered. There are actually 7 alleys. the three you mentioned plus Horizon, Morning Dew, Crimson Fang, and River Run. Horizon is were most of the manufacturing business are located. A lot of there goods are actually purchased by shops in Diagon and then sold at a marked up price. Morning Dew has both the older forms of magic and the newer age stuff. It’s where the Temple of the Moon is located, which is a very important site to the original magical religion. You can also find a lot of the fortune tellers there, not the kind of stuff that is taught here, but the real seers. Crimson Fang is dedicated to black magic. I would never recommend that you go there, it is one of the most dangerous places in the city. Not even the ministry aurors go there. And then there is River Run. That area tends to be more academic, although at the far end of the alley is where the wildlife conservation area is. It has dozens of little shops focusing on transfiguration, charms, and many other subjects. I go there for top quality ingredients that I can’t find anywhere else. It’s also where the public library is, it’s the biggest library in the country. If you really want to learn more I would suggest that you get a job in one of the used book stores, that will give you ready access to books. Spend the summer working and studying and you could apply to take any extra OWLs you want before school starts again in the fall. However I will warn you. If you decide to go to the alleys and get a job you should probably take your father with you for the first time. I don’t want to risk getting one of your mothers howlers saying that I sent her poor, defenceless, baby somewhere dangerous.”

They both grimaced as they remembered some of the howlers his mother had sent over the years. Although most of them were directed towards Charlie.

Then Severus had an idea. “And might I suggest that you convince your father to go with you by making a special trip to Horizon to visit Junior Technologies.”

“What’s Junior Technologies?”

“I assume you know about the Wizard Wireless Network.” Bill nodded. “Well, the radio that you use to listen to it was developed by Sophia Junior from the preexisting muggle radios. With the money that she made from it she opened up Junior Technologies to combine other muggle technologies with magic to improve them. They struggle here in Britain due to the bigotry, but they are a very successful business around the world. Their shop in Horizon is the only one in the United Kingdom.”

“That sounds just like something dad would love. Wait a minute. You mean that muggles developed the radio?”

Severus nodded. “It really is unfortunate that the muggle studies classes offered here are so far out of date."

“Anyways that sounds like it could work. But something else you said sir. I thought that Hogwarts had the biggest library. Everyone says so.”

“Hogwarts did have the biggest library a few decades ago. But over the past 50 years or so more and more books have been removed because people like the headmaster feel that they are to dangerous to allow children to have access too. The library that we have now is less then half of what it used to be. And it’s only getting smaller. I know for a fact that Headmaster Dumbledore has already marked another dozen or so books that will be removed over the summer.”

“That’s insane. This is a school. We’re supposed to be learning things. Isn’t that the purpose of a school, to give us a safe environment to learn and ask questions. If we can’t learn it here, in a secure environment, we might try to learn it on our own, and that could kill us if we don’t know what we’re doing.”

“I agree. But I think that’s enough for tonight. You need to get back to your dorm and actually get a proper nights rest. I will speak with Minerva tomorrow so don’t be surprised if she tells you after class on Monday that she has arranged some extra potions lessons.”

“Thank you sir. Goodnight.”


Hogwarts, Staff Room - March 30, 1996

Severus hid a grin as he watched Minerva and Albus enter the staff room. They were in quiet discussion until they caught sight of Severus. He wondered what it was that they were trying to keep secret. 

This was what he had been waiting for, and the only reason he had bothered to waste his time in the staff room.

“Ah, Minerva, good I was hoping to have a word with you. You need to get one of you little lion cubs under control.”

“And just what is that supposed to mean Severus?” Minerva’s tone was icy. She was still angry about his implying that she was incompetent because one of her students got lost in the forest.

“William Weasley has decided that he wants a better potions grade because he is considering a job in the ministry and has decided that I should waste what little free time I have giving him private tutoring sessions.”

Minerva and Albus glanced at each other and shared a small smile. Severus almost rolled his eyes, did these two not understand anything about being subtle.

“Now my dear boy. Surely you would be willing to help a young boy reach his dream. You know how Gryffindors can be when they want something. Lily was just the same. Surely it wouldn't take too much of your time to help him, it really is for the greater good my boy.” Albus said with a twinkle.

Severus wanted to gag. He really didn't understand how he had missed their blatant manipulation, even with all the potions and bindings on him. These people had no tact.

They argued back and forth for about 10 minutes until Severus finally conceded. Severus then walked out of the room hiding a small grin.

As Severus was congratulating himself on a job well done so where Minerva and Albus. It had been there idea after all for Bill to join the ministry.

When Molly had originally gotten together with Arthur, they had planned on using his position in the Ministry to help achieve their goals, but that hadn't worked out. Arthur just didn't have what it took to truly make it within the current atmosphere of the ministry, an atmosphere that they enjoyed and cultivated.

Bill was a smart, powerful, pureblood that was clearly going to grow into a handsome young man. He was the perfect kind of person to rise to power within the ministry. And he was going to help them along the way.

Chapter Text

 Potter Manor, Hadrian’s Room - April 14, 1996

The last two weeks had been hectic to say the least. James and Sirius had been cleared to leave by the healers, though they were still on restrictions, which led to 4 very sexually frustrated males, due to malnutrition and weekend muscles that needed to heal naturally.

They had then moved them all to Potter Manor. Hadrian was brought along even though he was still in the coma. This led to the men spending most of their time in his room. There were papers and memories all over the place from the mens research and planning. 

Severus was also having a hard time of it. He had classes, head of house duties, brewing for the hospital wing, rounds, and now his tutoring sessions with Bill Weasley. He was exhausted but still tried to get home as often as he could just to spend a few hours with his husband and son before he had to leave again. As it was he hadn’t been able to get away today so they had one of the mirrors propped up so that he could see them and Hadrian.

Right now they were all trying to help prepare James for his entrance into the Wizengamot which was scheduled for the next day. James had never gone to the court before, stupidly trusting Dumbledore to do what was best, he was kicking himself for that now. 

They had decided that they needed to do something that would get people to sit up and take notice. They just needed to make sure that whatever they did couldn’t be misconstrued by the public.

They had rented two dedicated mail boxes from Gringotts that allowed them to send documents and small objects back and fourth in the blink of an eye, it had the added benefit that the goblin magic made it untraceable, unstoppable, and completely safe. As they were working Severus noticed that Remus was staring at him. “Is there something I can help you with Remus?”

“I was just thinking. You should come and work for Gringotts with us.”

Severus didn’t even bother to try and stop himself from rolling his eyes. “Oh yes, like thats going to happen. I am under contract with Hogwarts. The only one that can break the contract for me is Dumbledore, and he’ll never let me go.”

“I think there might be a way.” Remus mused. “As soon as James walks into the Wizengamot Albus is going to want to know everything he can about him right?” They all agreed. “But he wont be able to find anything because we just made him up. Who better to gather information than his favourite spy. A spy that he still thinks is completely loyal to him. If James mentions that our curse breaking team needs a potions master than he might just be willing to let you go.”

“He might.” Severus was a little unsure. He would love to get away but he didn’t want to get his hopes up. “The problem is that he made me sign an exclusivity contract that isn’t up for another 10 years.”

Now it was Sirius’s turn to come up with an idea. “We use the goblins contracts. The reason it took me so long to sign up to work for them was the contract negotiations. One of the few things that I learned from my paranoid family was that you have to read every line of a magical contract, especially if it is with the goblins. Goblin contracts supersede almost everything and they don’t leave loopholes. My grandfather always told me that Dumbledore was a fool because he never bothered to read the contracts he signed, he always thought that no one was brave enough to try and cheat him, and for the most part he has been right. If we hand him a contract and tell him that its just a standard contract he won’t bother to read it. We just need to make sure that it includes clauses that will nullify any other contracts you are under. I even used mine to make James the proxy for the Black seats. We know from the voting records that he is using the Prince seat, so we could use it as another way to mess with him.”

“It could work.” James was starting to get excited, he might just be able to save his husband from that old man. “Even if it doesn’t, what do we have to lose, it cant get much worse.”

Remus gave Severus a look. “It is the best thing I can think of that would allow you to be with your husband and watch your son grow up Sev. You all deserve that.”

“Then we give it a try.” Severus smiled as the others all cheered when he agreed. “Now we just need to make sure that we make a big enough show of it to interest him.”

“I was thinking about that too.” Remus was really getting into his planning mode. “We need to do something that he feels is a threat to his little kingdom that we can be sure that people will support. We make it something about the kids. We already know that kids from that school are being returned to abusive homes, so we can get everyones attention and help them at the same time. It has the added benefit that no one is going to want to be seen as voting against the protection of children.”

“Ok, then lets get to work. The sooner we do this, the sooner I get my husband back from that old man.” James smile quickly fell. “EWWW, bad mental picture.”


Wizengamot Chambers - April 15, 1996

James walked next to Amelia, heading towards the Wizengamot chambers. He had gone to her to request that she be the one to introduce him. She was seen as light leaning neutral and that would help his image.

She had also helped him seal his proxy of the black votes. Other than that his biggest worry was if the chamber would acknowledge his name change. The chamber had a magic all its own and if it didn't accept him as Sebastian Peverell then he was in a lot of trouble. The goblins had assured him that his name change was all completely legal and excepted by magic already, but he couldn't help but be nervous.

Stepping into the chamber he and Amelia went their separate ways. Looking around he could see that he wasn't the only new face. Across the room from him was Narcissa Malfoy, sitting in the Lestrange seat. Hadrian had mention that Draco was going to suggest she take conservatorship over her sister. It seemed like she had listened.

The session started a few minutes later when Albus Dumbledore, Chief Warlock, came in and all his glory. James really wanted to know who thought maroon robes was a good fashion choice.

After the session was officially called to order and the minutes of the last session were read they came to the new introductions. Lucius went first, announcing Narcissa. There were more than a few hostile looks, particularly from Dowager Longbottm and the Chief Warlock himself, though he was better at covering it, Narcissa didn’t show any acknowledgement of those looks and held herself tall with the haughty grace the Malfoys were known for. Then it was his and Amelia’s turn.

“Chief Warlock, members of the Wizengamot it is my pleasure to introduce Lord Sebastian Peverell Gryffindor. Common name Sebastian Peverell. He holds the seats of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Peverell, Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Gryffindor, the proxy of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Ravenclaw, and one other house, though that house has been sealed by the head of house.”

Almost the entire chamber wore shocked faces. Then the murmurs started. To have not just one but two of Hogwarts founders seats active was incredible. It hadn’t happened in over 200 years, and for one person to hold both was stunning. James was thrilled when the chambers magic accepted him.

Standing at his podium Dumbledore was stunned and furious. Just who did this man think he was coming in here with those titles. This was his Wizengamot, and he wasn’t about to share it. Then a thought struck him. Peverell.

That would mean that he would hold primary over his Harry Potter. This man could step in and take his best pawn away before he had even gotten a chance to use him. This was not good. It also meant that the Potters were almost broke, at least in comparison to what they had had. Pretty much all of the Potter money came from the Peverell vaults. The vaults that now belonged to this man, if he wanted to he could take it all back. This one man coming into these chambers had almost completely destroyed any value that James Potter served. Oh, the Potters still had money and influence, but it was almost cut completely in half now.

James was jumping for joy, internally, as he watched the expressions flash across Albus’s face. The old man had just realized how much influence he had lost.

After him there were no other introductions. They got right into it then. James quickly started to question the intelligence of these people as he listened to speech after speech about pointless topics. It seemed some of them just wanted to hear themselves speak.

He almost lost his temper when a toad like woman in disgusting pink put forward a bill that would make werewolf’s have to join a registry and wear a tracker. Her reasoning for this was all the attacks recently. It was James that shot her down when he simply asked her where she was getting her information. She had no answer to that, she had just made up the statistics, no one had ever bothered to call her on it before. He then asked Amelia how many attacks had been reported. The bill was almost immediately dismissed when she said that they hadn’t had a single report of a werewolf attack in over a year.

Then it was his turn. Standing up James got ready to make his motion, and hopefully piss off a certain old goat.

“Ladies and gentlemen there is a matter of great importance that we need to address. I am proposing that we establish a new department in the ministry. This department will be focused on the welfare of children. As many of you know in our society children are sacred. But that does not mean nothing bad ever happens to them. When I originally took my lordship I decided to start looking into the school one of my ancestors helped to establish and what I found astounded and terrified me. Looking at the school registry I noticed that about 15% of the students that attended Hogwarts left. Many of the students that left had the name of the school they transferred to listed. But some did not. I decided to investigate why some students did not return to school but did not transfer to another school. What I found was the death certificates of these children. It would seem that many of our muggleborn students are being returned to abusive homes. I have only had a few days to look into this problem and what I have found so far is over two dozen students that have been killed by a member of their family. One of these was the case of 13-year-old Emily Winters. She was found beaten to death by her father less than two weeks after summer vacation started. When asked why he did it the muggle aurors reported that he said she had demonic powers and needed to die. He has never shown any remorse. When we say children are sacred it means all children regardless of blood status. According to the muggle government there were over 50,000 children reported to have been abused in Britain last year. I am willing to bet my fortune at least a few of them are magical children. We cannot standby and allow this to continue. I believe we should establish a department whose sole focus is to ensure that the children of our world are safe.”

As he had been speaking James spelled the different reports that they had compiled to the different members. This included statistics on abuse as well as files on individual children that were verified to have magic. He was glad that Hadrian had made sure to include reports like this in the trunk, there was no way they would have been able to gather them in time for the meeting if he hadn't.

The room broke out in a cacophony of noise. To most of them this was unthinkable. They did not even want to consider that something like this could be happening. Even those houses in the darker faction that did not support muggleborns were sickened when they read the reports, the idea that children were sacred was more than just a theory to a majority of the magical world.

“Surely the auror department can handle this. There really is no need to finance and staff an entirely new department.” Fudge said. He really didn’t like to have to spend money on something that would not benefit him.

“Actually, and I mean no offence to any aurors, I do not believe that they can.” James had expected someone to say something like this, though he was surprised it was the minister, he had actually figured the man would be better at understanding  the politics of a subject like this. “Our aurors are trained to stop crimes, not work with children. In the muggle world, those that work in their child welfare offices are specifically trained to work with children and how to spot abuse.”

“I must agree with Lord Peverell.” Amelia added. “We are already understaffed and don’t have the budget for anyone else, as it is. We can not hire and train more people with the budget that we receive.”

With a flick of his wand, James had reports from mind healers appear in front of the members. “As adults we understand that when someone hurts us, they are the ones responsible, but children don’t. If you look over these mind healer reports you will see that when a child is abused most of them will internalize their pain and blame themselves. Because of this shame, when asked if they are being abused, they will more often times deny it. Then, of course, there are those that deny it out of fear as they have been threatened by their abuser. One of the major problem for the muggles is that unless they can prove abuse they can not remove the child. We don’t have that problem. All that needs to be done is to preform a medical history spell and we will know. We need people that are trained to do that.”

Once James had finished Gerald Greengrass stood up and seconded the motion. As soon as Dumbledore called the vote it was automatically passed. Not a single person was willing to vote against it, just like they had predicted.

The next thing that they had to deal with was staffing. James knew that there would be those that would try to get one of their relatives in place so that they could control a department that was more than likely going to be very popular with the public. He knew he needed to head them off.

“If I may,” when he was acknowledged he proceeded. “I have brought two people with me today.” 

As he said this and older man and woman were escorted into the room from the antechamber. This is Cecilia Perra, and Edward Brown. Mrs. Perra has worked in the muggle children’s welfare office for over 40 years. Mr Brown has worked as a mind healer for victims of child abuse for close to 50 years. I would like to nominate them to be co-heads of the new department.” 

Lucius had watched the proceedings with a blank look on his face. But he had also watched as his wife fought to maintain her mask. Children were infinitely precious to Narcissa, and listening to these self important fools bicker about what do do, how to do it, and when to do it, was not helping to ease her temper. The idea that there were children being abused and they were worried about politics was very dangerous. Narcissa was naturally a very calm person until it came to the safety of a child, then she was even more dangerous than Bellatrix.

Oh, he understood the issues that some were having. It was clear that Perra and Brown were either muggleborn or half blood. In the history of the ministry every single minister and department head had always been a pure blood. There was no denying that even though Dumbledore and the so called light had been in power since the fall of the Dark Lord they had done nothing to stop the blatant blood supremacy issues. But it seemed Lord Peverell was planning on making a name for himself, he may as well use that to start improving his own families image. 

He and Narcissa had already talked about everything they had learned from the message orb. They were going to do what they could to make sure their son never had to suffer like that again. Though they both did not believe muggles capable of much, mainly due to their own upbringing, they decided to follow Draco’s advice and seek out one of those fertility clinics. It had only taken a few tests for them to tell them that Narcissa's fertility issues were actually quite common and they believed, completely fixable. The healer they had seen had said with a few treatments and a bit of luck Narcissa may be able to be pregnant by the end of the year. Despite what he had been raised to believe about muggles, if they could help them in this he would never say another word against them.

Making his decision, Lucius got everyones attention. “I second Lord Peverell’s nomination.” Stunned silence. No one even seemed to be blinking. “As Lord Peverell has already showed there is a real and serious threat to some of the magical children in our world. Given the fact that we, as a governing body, weren’t even aware of this problem shows that we do not know how to handle it. Mrs. Perra, and Mr. Brown, on the other hand have spent decades working in this field. This is not something we can risk failing at, there are literally the lives of children on the line here. We need this department to be run by competent individuals, not someone out to make a political name for themselves. When it comes to the lives of children we must leave politics at the door. More over, we need competent people involved because they will be able to get everything ready faster. I hope I don’t need to remind everyone here that the Hogwarts term is set to end in just over 2 months, and as we have already covered, some of those children leaving are going to abusive homes, we have no guarantee that they will all make it back. There is no room for mistakes.”

When Lucius took his seat the silence continued for a few seconds before others started agreeing with him. Then the vote was called, Perra, and Brown were confirmed. There were still a few people that voted against them, but they had a comfortable margin. 

They debated for a while longer about different aspects of what the department was going to do. When the issue of what to do with any children that needed to be removed from their homes  was brought up James once again took the floor. He explained how, since the Peverell’s had so many properties, he was willing to rent one of the manors to the new department for 1 galleon a year so long as the property was used as a home for the children in need of a safe home.

Eventually they agreed on as much as they could and the session was called to a close. James was glad. He, Sirius, and Remus had been up all night planning this. The only reason he was even still standing was because he had taken 3 grand pepper up potions. He really wanted to go home and crash. 

But that was not to be. He had to play the game and meet with the other Lords and Ladies, and they all seemed to want to speak with him.

Many yammered at him about how nice it was to meet him, how he had done such an incredible job, how he was so generous. They all seemed to think that they could get him on their side if they said nice things to him. When James had first been introduced he had informed them that he would not be joining any of the established parties as he needed time to figure out which party he most agreed with, until then he would be independent.

When Lucius came over they shared a few soft words. Lucious thanked him for the information he had passed on, though he only said ‘talk’ in the chamber, no need for anyone to know about the orb. And James thanked him for supporting his nomination. 

Then he met up with Amelia and asked if he could have a private word with her in her office. It was just when they were about to leave that Dumbledore came up to him. James groaned internally as he sent Amelia on a head, promising that he would meet her as soon as he could.

“Sebastian, it is a pleasure to meet you my dear boy.”

James held back the sneer that wanted to come out when his title was dropped. Although he preferred not to be so formal the dropping of ones title without permission was a subtle sign of disrespect that all those of noble birth knew.

“Lord Dumbledore. The feeling is mutual I assure you. I must admit that I have been interested in meeting you. There are just so many stories about you, I have always wondered just what was true and what was merely rumour.”

“Indeed my boy. Please call me Albus. I must admit that I was surprised by the issue that you brought up today. You were very skilled in how you manoeuvred to get your bill and proposals through.”

Out of the corner of his eye James caught sight of a reporter that was clearly listening in. He had no clue who she was, but this was perfect. She would most likely report every word she heard.

“Yes. I was surprised when I learned of the issue myself, and when I found that nothing was being done I was thoroughly disheartened. So I decided to do it myself. But, on the topic of children. It has come to my attention that you are the only one that seems to know the location of my heir, Hadrian Potter. I was hoping that you would be able to arrange a meeting for me.”

Albus’s jaw tightened. “I am afraid that will not be possible my dear boy. There are those that still threaten the boys safety, that was why I arranged his current living accommodations. I would not risk the security of the poor boy now.”

“I understand your worry, and I thank you for being so cautious with the safety of my heir. I will accept having you bring a message to the boy from me so long as you can guarantee that he is safe and happy. That is the most important thing, after all? As my heir I must ensure that he is bing properly looked after and learning what is expected of him.”

“I would be happy to pass on any information for you. I can assure you that the boy is safe and is learning everything that he needs to know to be a great light wizard, just like his father was. I have made sure that his guardians teach him all the lessons that he needs.”

“Then I shall write a letter to him and give it to you at the school board meeting next week. Now, if you will excuse me I have a meeting to get to.”

With that James walked away, completely furious. How dare that man, how dare he. To someone who had no idea of what was actually happening what Dumbledore had said would be comforting. To someone who knew the truth it was disgusting. ‘Teach him all the lessons that he needs.’ How dare he, he had basically just confirmed that the abuse was on his instruction. And bringing him in to this, though it wasn’t like Dumbledore knew that he was James. 

Just before James could stalk out of the room the reporter he had seen stepped in front of him.

“Lord Peverell, my name is Tamsan Dove, I’m an intern reporter with the Daily Profit. I was wondering if I could ask you a few quick questions.”

“Certainly Ms. Dove.” James was glad this wasn’t Rita Skeeter, from what Hadrian had written about her she was a horrible reporter. “Although, like I said. I have a meeting so it will have to be fast.”

“Ok, so lets go quick, you said that Harry Potter was your heir, correct?”

“No,” seeing her confused look he smirked a little. “I honestly don’t know where the idea came from that the Potter child was named ‘Harry’. All one would have to do is check the birth record to see that his name is not Harry James Potter, but Hadrian Jameson Charlus Potter. I personally find it interesting that he is celebrated as a hero of the people yet no one ever even bothered to learn his name.”

“Really, ok that’s interesting. Next question. What do you intend to do with him?”

“Well, as you just heard me and Lord Dumbledore say, I want to make sure that he is safe and knows about who he is in our world and what his responsibilities will be as a future lord. To put it simply, my intentions towards him are to make sure that he is safe and loved. Lord Dumbledore has assured me that that is the case. If I learn that that changes at any time in the future I will not hesitate to step in, as anyone would do if they saw a child in need. I am also planning on making sure that people stop taking advantage of him.”

“Taking advantage of him? Who would dare to take advantage of him?”

“Apparently a lot of people. I have only been back in Britain for a few weeks and I have seen plenty of books, memorabilia, and products claiming he recommends them. Tell me Ms. Dove, do you truly believe that a 5 year old is out battling trolls like it says in some of those books, do you think that he is old enough to have given consent for dolls to be made of him. Although I might add, how do they know what he looks like, he has been hidden away since he was only a year old. I also don’t think that a 5 year old knows enough about quills to recommend one, but I saw signs saying just that. I do not like that there are people exploiting the tragedy of a war orphan. Given that he is a member of my family I intend to contact a barrister and make sure that that exploitation stops. Now, I really must be going, if you have any other questions send me a letter and I will see what I can do.”

Tamsan thanked him. James was then, finally, able to get away. He was glad that he himself had once been an auror because the ministry layout could be incredibly confusing to those that didn't know it. Walking the familiar route to the DMLE he thought of what he was going to say. They had all agreed on the story that they were going to tell. The last thing they needed to do right now was bring any suspicions.

Entering the office he greeted Amelia. Once they were both settled with tea she asked what she had been wondering ever since she left the Wizengamot chambers.

“Sebastian. What is it that I can do for you?”

“Amelia, I believe that I might need your expertise on  something. I will let you know that I have been bending the truth a little.” When she nodded he decided to just go for it and tell her the story they had worked out last night. “When I was originally hurt in a curse breaking accident I decided to spend my medical leave on a nice, hot, sandy beach. Instead, I was contacted by the British branch of Gringotts and summoned here. On the evening of March 4th an unidentified man brought a small child into the bank. All that he told the goblins was that it was a wizard child and that he was being abused. Although not overly fond of wizards, goblins are very protective of children so they agreed to help the child. They ran an inheritance test to get a proper identification of the child. When it showed that the child was related to the Peverell’s and I was one of the few living relatives they summoned me. The child was Hadrian Potter.” As he spoke James had handed her a copy of Hadrian’s health scan and watched as she glanced over it while she listened to him, her face darkened as she read and James knew that he wasn’t going to have much trouble from her now.

“Don’t you mean Harry Potter?”

“No, I mean Hadrian Potter. As I just explained to a young reporter that asked me the same question, the boy you know as Harry James Potter is actually Hadrian Jameson Charlus Potter. I really don’t know how the entire British magical world seems to have gotten the boys name wrong, but they have.”

“That’s interesting, but back to your issue. Are you asking me what you need to do to gain custody of the boy, because that’s simple. To gain his custody you just need to file a petition for custody. I will however warn you it will probably end up in front of the Wizengamot due to his fame.”

“Actually custody is not what I’m worried about. You see, James Potter was a smart man. He knew that he was a target, and he knew that there was a good chance he might die. As a layer of extra protection he went to 2 of his best friends, Sirius Lupin-Black, and his husband Remus. The two of them were named godfathers in a bonding ritual where they also blood adopted the boy with his parents permission. Sirius and Remus are legally and magically his fathers. So custody is automatically theirs, with no need to file any paperwork. If Sirius had been legally convicted then they would've lost custody, but since there was no trial they were never stripped of his guardianship.”

“So that’s why you were so adamant that Sirius be freed. It would mean that there was no need to involve anyone else in saving Hadrian from an abusive home.”

“Yes. They are currently with Hadrian at my manor. They have both agreed to join my curse breaking team and we will be leaving the country in July after my medical leave ends. I will be using a dedicated portkey to attend the Wizengamot and any other meetings I have in Britain but Sirius and Remus do not intend for Hadrian to return to this country until he starts Hogwarts. They want to give him a chance to be a normal kid, and that isn’t going to happen here. My issue is Dumbledore.”

“Dumbledore? What does he have to do with this?”

“If you will remember after the attack at Godric’s Hollow it was Albus Dumbledore that took custody of the boy, even though he had no legal right as Sirius and Remus were both still alive. He then put the boy in an abusive home, though I do not know if he knew about the abuse or not. What I do know is that I just asked him to arrange a meeting with Hadrian, as he is my heir. Dumbledore just told me that that was not possible because the boy is in hiding. He told me that he checks on him and is ensuring that he is learning everything he needs to know. It is clear that, given the state of the boy when he arrived at the bank, and what he said to the goblins he had no knowledge of our world and if anyone was checking up on him they should be charged with child endangerment. I was hoping that we would be able to handle this between ourselves and leave him out of this. He has too much power, and even with me backing them, we don’t want to risk Hadrian being placed back in that kind of environment for Dumbledore’s ‘Greater Good’.”

“Can I go with you and speak with him? It might help if I can see him so that if it ever comes out we can say that I approved his placement.”

“It will have to wait until the weekend at the earliest. Hadrian must have been a powerful child because Lily Evans placed a binding on his core. It is not overly common but it can be done if an infant is to powerful and it endangers them, as you know. But those bindings are legally required to be removed by the age of 3 because of the danger they pose to a growing core. But since he was placed with muggles after the attack the binding was never removed. Removing a binding like that can be extremely painful if it’s been left on for too long. That coupled with them having to fix the physical abuse issues, the goblins decided to put him in a magically induced coma and he isn’t scheduled to be woken up until Saturday.”

“Are you telling me, that Albus Dumbledore abandoned the magical worlds saviour to muggles with bindings on him.” When James nodded she seethed. “If he hadn’t been brought to the goblins and had them removed those bindings could have killed him.”

“We know. Lily never even informed Sirius or Remus what she had done, so they wouldn’t have known even it they had instantly retained custody like was intended.”

“That is just reckless. Now, if it is ok with you, and Remus and Sirius, I will stop by the bank on Saturday. If I can verify that Hadrian is safe and healthy then I will be able to help. Given his importance, and as Dumbledore is always saying that he needs to stay hidden as he is in danger, I will be able to classify Hadrian as being in protective custody. With Sirius being a former auror I can have him listed as a trained guard. I can seal it for up to 10 years if we need too. That way no one will be able to take him away, or claim that he was kidnapped. Will that work for you.”

“That would be perfect Amelia. I am also planning to go to the new department, once they are up and running, and explain things to them just to cover my bases. Would you be willing to back me up with them.”

“Of course.”

Knowing that they now had the head of the DMLE on their side and sealing Hadrian’s file James said his goodbyes and left.


Hogwarts, Headmasters Office - April 15, 1996

Minerva was worried about Albus. She had been so busy last night that she hadn’t been able to see Albus after the Wizengamot meeting. and he wasn’t at breakfast when she got there. She decided that she would go and make sure everything went well yesterday. She knew that Deloris was supposed to propose a new bill during the session. They didn’t really work with Deloris but she was easy to manipulate into doing what they wanted.

Reaching his office she knocked sharply before going in.

Albus was sitting at his desk, stroking his beard, and staring out the window.

“Albus, is everything ok.”

“It’s been better. Yesterday a new lord was introduced to the Wizengamot. He is the lord of the houses of Peverell and Gryffindor, he also sits as proxy for Ravenclaw and another house.”

“He represents two of the founders!”

“Yes. And he looks like he is going to pose a problem.”

“What did he do?”

As she asked her question an owl flew in the open window with the Daily Profit clasped in its talons. After he paid, Albus took the paper and handed it directly to Minerva after glancing at the front.

Looking back at them from the front page was a picture of Sebastian Peverell and Amelia Bones. Quickly skimming the articles Minerva understood why Albus was so upset. This man could clearly be trouble.

There were 4 separate articles dedicated to the Peverell Lord. All of them were glowing. They went over the new department that he had gotten confirmed, the history he had made by nominating the first muggleborn heads of department, his offering of a family home to be used as an orphanage, and his connection to Harry Potter, now confirmed to actually be Hadrian Potter as well as how he would be protecting the child from those that would take advantage of him.

“Well, he looks like he will be trouble.” Minerva said with a sigh.

“Oh, you have no idea how much trouble he could be Minerva. This one man has the potential to upset everything we have worked for over the last few decades.”

“What else could he possibly do?”

“He has legal rights to the Potter boy. My placing him with his relatives and assuming control of his magical guardianship was technically illegal.”

“But you are trying to save our world, surely no one will oppose you. We need to ensure that the boy will be what we need.”

“I agree with you about what we need to do, but the public won’t. You know as well as I do that the people are to weak to do what needs to be done. If it were up to them they would sacrifice our world to the darker forces rather than make the needed sacrifices. Just what he did yesterday has made him a darling to the people but a menace to us. He single handedly demolished Deloris’s bill. And then weakened our control over the children. Now every child that has strict parents will go crying to his new department. They don’t understand that a little adversity will make them stronger, it also makes them more malleable to our cause. The orphanage being his will also give him control over the children.”

“Isn’t there anything we can do? Surely we will be able to gain control of this new department. If we can do that then we will have access to the orphanage and by extension of that, to the children.”

“No, I don’t believe that we will be able to gain control of the department. The two in charge were a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw, so we wouldn’t have had much to do with them. Plus they have been out of the magical world for so long I know nothing about them so there is no favours that I can use to sway them to our side. The fact that it was Lucius Malfoy that seconded their nomination just makes things harder.”

“I have no idea why that monster would have supported them. Everyone knows that the Malfoy’s are the darkest of the dark.”

“He was probably trying to curry favour with them and Sebastian Peverell, while also rehabilitating his image to the public. This coupled with is imperius claims will make the public truly believe that he had no choice and is actually a good person. It is sickening how gullible people are sometimes. Then there was this whole Harry, Hadrian mess, and he even threatened lawsuits”

“What is the difference between Harry, and Hadrian? And just who is he planning on filing charges against?”

“It was Lily’s idea to change the boys name the Harry. It was her own fathers name, meaning that he was named after a muggle rather than a traditional pureblood name. We wanted the muggle connection. There is also the fact that we don’t know who his mother is. James never spoke of anyone around us. When we got James and the boy there was no evidence of a woman in the house. We figured that it was a one night stand, but we didn’t want her to be tempted to come back. As for the lawsuits. Since I took over for the role of guardian for the boy I have allowed for books and commemoration items to be made. Since I can not access too much of the Potter fortune due to the ridiculous rules of those disgusting goblins, I set up another vault for that money to go into so that we would be able to use it as needed to better our world. He seems to be planning on suing anyone that was using the boy’s name, image, or likeness without the proper permission.”

That was one of the more important aspects to Albus. They needed that money. If Lord Peverell became involved then they would lose that money too. The goblins had restrictions on how much money you could remove from a vault so he couldn’t even remove all the money and move it into his own vaults. It wasn’t that he was poor, he just preferred not to spend his own money on something like this.

Albus popped a lemon drop in his mouth before he continued. “Thankfully I have managed to convince him not to interfere in the boys life, I convinced him it was safer for the boy. But he is going to be sending him a message through me. So I will just have to forge a response from the boy. No, the part that truly worries me is that he is planning to get involved on the school board.”

“But he doesn’t have a child here at school. Don’t you need one to be considered for the board? And how much damage can he actually do? He’s just one person on a board of twelve parents and you.”

“As an heir of a founder, and a proxy of another, he automatically gets a place on the board. With two houses of the founders backing him up it means he can effectively render the board useless. The way I arranged the board was 4 light, 4 dark, and 4 neutral. 2 of the neutrals lean light while the other 2 lean dark. Since there is almost always a tie, I have the deciding vote. It makes people think that they have a say when they actually don't. He actually holds more power over the running of the school then the board and I put together now, and I do believe he knows it. No, this is going to take some thinking.”

“This could be bad. We need to learn as much as we can about him. See if theirs anything we can use against him.”

Albus huffed, annoyed. “That’s another problem. I spent the rest of the day yesterday, and most of the night gathering as much information as I could on him. There is almost nothing.”

“What do we know.”

“We know that he is a pure blood that was home schooled and has worked for the goblins for years. Other than that, I have found nothing.”

“We will just have to wait until the school board meeting and see if there’s anything we can do or learn then.”

“I agree. I just really don’t like having an unknown in our midst.”


Gringotts Bank, Healing Ward - April 20, 1996

The day had finally arrived. Today was the day that they were going to wake Hadrian. James, Severus, Sirius, and Remus were all basket cases. They were all terrified that something would go wrong, or Hadrian would hate them.

Severus was pacing the ward. He had argued with Albus for over three hours the night before about having to leave the school grounds. He had ultimately left a note with Filius about needing ingredients and snuck out at 5:00am. He was not sure what was going to happen. From reading the journals he had been given, he had been completely awful to Hadrian in his past life. What if Hadrian wanted nothing to do with him. Sev didn’t think he could survive that.

Eventually Cora said it was time. Cora, Vessra, and Ragnock had all joined them for this. After a few minutes of chanting Cora and Vessra stepped back saying that he was just sleeping now. The three goblins decided to go and talk in Vessra’s office to give the wizards some alone time with the little one before they scanned him to make sure all was well.

It took a few minutes, that actually felt like hours to the men,  before Hadrian started to wake. Severus couldn’t help but think that he woke up like James as he watched the small child fight to go back to sleep.

Hadrian’s little nose crinkled as he tried not to wake up. James leaned over and called to him. “Hadrian, come on baby boy. It’s time to get up.”

Harry was comfortable for what felt like the  first time in his life. No… Not Harry. His name was Hadrian. That paper and the goblins said his name was Hadrian, not Harry. That was ok, he liked Hadrian better. Then he heard a voice calling. Oh no. he must have slept in. He was going to be in so much trouble. What if he didn’t manage to get breakfast ready in time.

“I’m sorry aunt Pe…tunia.” Hadrian shot into the sitting position expecting to see his aunts scowling face. Instead there were 4 men. 

He knew that he knew the men but he didn’t know how. The man with the blond hair didn’t look like anyone he knew, but there was some type of energy around him that made Hadrian feel loved.

“I know you, don’t I?” Hadrian asked more than said. “I remember you from somewhere but I don’t think I’ve met you.”

James, Severus, Remus, and Sirius were all startled. When Hadrian had first woken they had seen the fear in his eyes. That look alone made the men want to hunt down the muggles that had hurt him. Then that fear had turned to confusion, and a slight amount of recognition. His speech was also far more advanced than it should be at 5.

It was clear that some things had transferred over from his past life, but he couldn’t clearly remember it. His recognizing them slightly could be from his past life, or just from when he had been a baby.

Sev sat down on the edge of the bed and took Hadrian’s hand. “Hadrian. My name is Severus and this is James.” As he spoke he reached out and took James’s hand and held it between his and Hadrian’s.

Hadrian’s eyes went unfocused for a moment. “You’re my dad and papa. The bad man with the white hair took you away from me, and hurt us.”

James was shocked as he sat on the other side of the bed, still holding onto the hands of his son and husband. “You remember that?”

“No, not really. Its like a story that I was told. There’s all this stuff in my head. I know its real, but it hasn’t happened. Does that make sense?”

“Yes Hadrian. That makes perfect sense. Yes, James and I are you fathers. and these two other men are you godfathers and honorary uncles Remus and Sirius.” Severus said as he indicated the other two.

“Ok.” That was more than enough for Hadrian. The energy and colours around these men said that they were safe, he had never seen the colours before but somehow he just knew them. 

The others watched in shock as Hadrian crawled out from the blankets and into Severus’s lap. He then burrowed into his chest, latching his arms around him like a baby koala.

Severus could only wrap his arms around his son and lean back on the bed, tears forming in his eyes. Even after everything Hadrian had been through he clearly felt safe in his arms. And Severus couldn’t have felt happier if he tried.

James looked at his husband laying his cheek on top of their son’s head as he held him wrapped in his arms and he had never felt more love for anyone in his life. They were all safe. So long as they all had each other Dumbledore could never hurt them again.

Feeling left out, Sirius and Remus crawled up on the bed too. James and Sev sat squished together at the top of the bed, their backs resting on the pillows and headboard, while Sirius and Remus took their place at the footboard. Hadrian stayed where he was, wrapped around his papa, but one of his hands had reached out for his dad, and was now wresting in his.

This was the view the three goblins saw as they came in. It was clear just by looking at them how much these 4 men loved the small youngling.

Before they could say anything however, a messenger goblin came running in saying that Madam Bones had just arrived. All the adults in the room knew what they had to do.

It did take a few minutes to convince Hadrian to release his grip on James and Severus. But they did eventually manage it. They explained to him that he couldn’t mentions Severus, and that he needed to call James Sebastian. Eventually everything was set.

When Amelia came into the healing ward she saw a completely different sight than the goblins had just a few minutes earlier. A small, practically skeletal child, was curled up in Sirius’s arms as a goblin healer ran scans.

“Amelia. It’s good to see you again.” James said, charm oozing from his voice. “As you can see, Hadrian has just woken up. it will take a few more minutes for the healers to finish before we can go and talk to him. Do you have any questions that I might be able to answer?”

“Why is he so small?” Amelia was stunned at the small size of the child. Susan was small for her age, but this boy couldn’t way even half of what she did, and they were only a few months apart in age.

“Ah yes, that. It would seem that the muggles he was with did not think he needed to eat more than once a day, if that. The healers have been giving him nutrient potions but those are not enough. They only provide the body with what it needs to function. He will need to actually eat real food if we want him to gain any weight. As it is, it will be difficult. He has a shrunken stomach from the lack of food and that isn’t something that can bee fixed by magic. He is going to need to eat small meals every few hours for the next few months to gain weight and hopefully allow his stomach to grow to what it should be.”

“It is times like these that I wish we could charge muggles in our courts.” 

James could only nod at that. When the goblins finished they went over and took the two empty seats.

“Hello Hadrian. My name is Amelia bones. I’m here to make sure that your ok and want to stay with Sirius and Remus.”

“I don’t want to go back. Please don’t make me. I want to stay with uncle Siri, Remy, and Bastian. Please.” Sirius was almost being strangled by the grip that Hadrian had around his throat.

“Don’t worry Hadrian. I will never send you back to those… People. I just wanted to make sure that staying with your uncles was what you want. Now that I know that I can help your uncles make sure that you are safe and no one can try to take you away.”

They talked for a few more minutes. Amelia was quickly put at ease with how much Hadrian seemed to want to stay with the men. As she was leaving she assured James that they would be safe. She would ensure that their custody of Hadrian was legal and stayed secret until they were ready to release it.

As soon as Amelia had left Severus came back into the room. Once he was close enough, Hadrian launched himself into his arms.

Severus didn’t know what he was going to do when it came time for him to return to the school. He had to return tomorrow after dinner. It was clear to everyone that Hadrian wasn’t going to like his leaving. Severus knew that he wasn’t going to like it anymore then he would. He had just gotten his son back, he didn’t want to have to leave him again. He really hoped that Albus took the bait that they were going to be laying out after the school board meeting.

James stood next to Ragnock and worried. He knew that things were going to get even more difficult.

He had confronted the goblin earlier about how much the goblins had helped them. Ragnock had just laughed. He explained that Hadrian had brought back goblin contracts that ensured it.

Hadrian had been named as a goblin friend and they had signed a contract saying as much. That contract ensured that if Hadrian was ever in need the entire goblin nation was honour bound to help him. There were other contracts that ensured that they could not take advantage of him, no matter his age. It didn’t matter that the contracts were from the future, the simple existence of these contracts bound them to them. That was why all goblin contracts were spelled to ensure they couldn’t be destroyed. The binding magic was in the ink, as soon as they were signed using a blood quill they were blood bound, and so long as those who’s blood was used lived the contract would be enforced by magic.

There was also the fact that one of the contracts was a business deal that gave the goblins information on how to make and use cards like the muggle credit cards. This was a completely new idea, and according to the statistics they had from before the future attack on the bank, an extremely successful one. Hadrian would receive 25% of the profits while the rest would go to the goblins. It was a good deal on both sides. Plus he was also the Master of Death, so…

No, Ragnock had assured him, none of the goblins would risk betraying this young wizard. They would do what they could to aid him as they knew that it would aid them as well.


Once the healers cleared them to leave they headed to Peverell manor. While they had originally wanted to live in James’s childhood home of Potter Manor they knew it was too much of a risk. Dumbledore had ordered the Potter elves to Hogwarts to work and they didn’t want him to notice the absence of the elves.

Although the elves were sad that they would have to leave their masters, they were excited for their new orders. The weren’t fond of the old headmaster that had hurt their master and his son, no they weren’t. They were more than happy to return to the school so that they could spy on those that had hurt their masters. They were also going to work to ensure that the castle would be in the best condition for when their young master arrived.

Peverell Manor was a large, beautiful home. It sat on a cliff on the southern coast of Britain. There were 15 bedrooms, a formal and informal dining room, 4 separate sitting rooms, and a library that held over 10,000 books. There was also a staff of 10 elves that worked at the manor so they knew that they would be well looked after.

Hadrian seemed to like the house, but he still wouldn’t let go of them. He was always holding on to one of their hands or up in their arms, not that any of them would complain. It was clear that he was touch starved.

Severus was sitting with Hadrian on his lap once again, reading one of the children’s fairytale books that they had had the elves pick up when James saw Sirius casually dragging Remus out of the room. He couldn’t help but smirk.

Both James and Sirius had been cleared by the healers just before Sev had gotten there. James had convinced the others not to let Sev know so that he could surprise him later.


Sirius led Remus to the room they had chosen for themselves. Once the door was closed silencing wards were thrown up and a locking charm was on the door. They didn’t want to risk Hadrian coming looking for them and seeing something he really shouldn’t.

They both stripped as fast as they could. They had been apart for so long that neither of them could wait. Remus could feel Moony pushing to reestablish the bond with their mate.

As soon as they were naked Sirius pulled Remus down on top of him on the bed. Sirius had missed the feel of Remy’s body so much. The goblins had worked miracles with healing him, but there were just somethings that would need time. He needed Remy to make him forget all the bad in the past 5 years, even if just for a little while.

Remus knew that Sirius needed this just as much, if not  more, than he did. He also knew that neither of them had the patients to take this slow. Muttering spells under his breath, he had Sirius prepared in seconds.

Knowing that he wouldn’t hurt Sirius, thanks to the spells, Remus thrust completely in.

“Fuck… Remy.”

Remus set a fast and brutal rhythm. Sirius could only moan under him as he pleaded for more.

It didn’t matter that they had been apart for years, they knew each others bodies better than they knew their own in some cases. It was due to this familiarity that Remus was able to quickly find Sirius’s prostate and hit it over and over with each thrust.

Sirius dragged his nails down Remy’s back as he hitched his legs higher up Remy’s body so that he could go deeper. Looking up he saw how Remy’s eyes shifted back and fourth between his own and Moony. It was clear the wolf had missed this.

As Remus felt his release coming he pushed himself up a bit so that he could slip his hand in-between their bodies. Clasping his fingers around Siri’s rock hard cock he started to pump up and down. Swiping his thumb across the tip so that he could spread the pre cum on his shaft.

Pumping his hand in time with his thrusts he leaned down and whispered to Siri. “Cum for me love.”

That was all it took. Sirius came hard and fast. Remus quickly followed after a few more thrust.

Remus rolled over and collapsed into the bed. For a few minutes the only sound in the room was their hearts racing and there heaving breaths.

Once they had calmed enough Sirius couldn’t stop himself from letting out a few chuckles. “By the gods I’ve missed this.”

“Me too.”

Soon enough they had themselves cleaned and dressed and slipped out of the room. As much as they wanted to just spend the day lazing away in bed together they had a god son who’s fathers were just as frustrated as they had been.

Going back downstairs they saw that they were just in time for lunch. Hadrian could only stomach half a bowl of the rich vegetable soup, but it was a start. They didn’t want to overwhelm him with to many new spices or too much food at once since it could hurt him.

After they finished their lunch, Sirius suggested that he and Remus take Hadrian for a walk around the grounds to give James and Severus a chance to plan out what they were going to do at the upcoming board meeting.

As Sirius walked out he turned back and threw James a wink. Luckily Sev was looking the other way and didn’t see it.

James waited until the other three were out of his line of site before he walked over to his husband and pulled him in to a deep kiss. Then, like Sirius had before him, James pulled Sev up the stairs to their new room.

“James, we can’t. You aren’t healthy enough for this.” It took everything Sev had to deny his husband. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t bear the idea of doing anything to hurt him.

“It’s ok. Vessra gave me a clean bill of health just before you arrived this morning.” James said as he pushed Sev’s robes to the floor.

“And you’re not lying to just get your way. Because if you are you will be in so much trouble.”

“I promise. Now please. Fuck me.”

Sev snapped. He wanted this so bad. He also had no patients. With a wave of his wand they were both naked. He then directed James to the bed and made him lay down.

Climbing on to the bed, Sev started to reacquaint himself with his husbands body by slowly moving up from his toes. Running his hands all over he placed kisses at the points that he remembered made James melt. By the time he reached James’s lips James was already a babbling mess.

Deciding to torment him a little more Sev went back down to his cock, nipping at his nipples along the way. James was so turned on his cock was standing up on its own. Not giving him a chance to prepare he took the flesh in to his mouth and straight to the back of his throat.

James practically screamed as he thrust his fingers into Sev’s hair. Sev went to work.

Sev had always known just how James liked it. Although they both did enjoy their gentle love making sessions, they only happened on occasion. Mainly because when they ended up in bed together they were just to turned on to go slow.

As Sev deep throated James, with one hands he massaged his balls, and reached his other hand up to pinched his nipple. That added sensations of the pleasure and pain overloaded James’s senses and he came swearing and screaming Sev’s name.

Sev kept sucking for a few more seconds before he released him and climbed back up his body. Leaning down kissed James deeply, allowing him to taste himself.

Grabbing his wand Sev muttered the spells needed to prep James. He entered his lover slowly, drying it out. 

James moaned in exhausted pleasure. Sev had always loved to wear him out. It was like he derived pleasure from bringing James pleasure. That clearly hadn’t changed.

Sev took his time. He did so love to watch as James reacted to every sensation. As Sev moved James felt himself getting hard again. It had always surprised him just how many times a night that Sev could get him off. They had actually tested it once and they had gotten to 5 before James had passed out from the pleasure.

As Sev moved he stared to bite and suck hickeys up and down James’s neck. He could feel as James’s cock became hard between them.

James was thrusting up against him in an attempt to get the friction he craved. Deciding to help him Sev held himself up on one arm and reached down. Sev made sure to keep his touch gentle. Enough to stimulate, but not enough to get him of.

“Sev… Sev… Please. I need you. Please let me cum. Fuck, please.”

Sev smirked as he got to watch James melt down. Deciding to give him what he wanted, he never really was good at denying him, Sev picked up speed until he was pounding into him.

For the second time that afternoon James screamed his release before Sev finally gave in and came into him.

They both had stupid happy grins on their faces as they lay next to each other. Then a thought hit Sev.

“Did you cast a silencing ward. Cause I didn’t.”

They looked at each other in chagrin as they realized that neither of them had.

“We’re gonna have to start making sure we do. There are little ears in this house now, and I really do not want to have the sex talk with my 5 year old.” James said with a shive. He actually never wanted to have the sex talk, the one he had received had been traumatizing enough.

They finally left their room half an hour later to find that, thankfully, Sirius and Remus still had Hadrian out in the garden. It was clear however, from the wink that Sirius sent them, that someone had come into the house at some point and heard them.

Once Hadrian saw them he came running over happily. Again taking his place in Sev’s arms while James leaned over and kissed him on the top of his head.

The rest of the afternoon was spent talking to Hadrian and trying to explain as much as they could. Like they had predicted he was more than a little upset with the idea that his papa was going to have to leave the next day.

Later that night everyone all went into Hadrian’s room and tucked him in. They had showed him where their rooms were just in case he needed them during the night. They also told him that if he couldn’t get to them then he was to call one of the house elves and have the elf get them.

Hadrian lay in the big bed for hours. He wasn’t used to having something this comfortable. Or having so much open space around him. He missed his daddy, papa, and uncles. 

Finally building up the courage he slipped out of bed. He grabbed his baby blanket and the stuffed wolf that uncle Remy had got him. Remus had thought it extremely funny when he had given it to him.

James and Sev had gone back to their room after putting Hadrian to bed. Sev decided on having a shower before going to bed and James had happily joined him.

After they finished up they lay down to go to sleep wrapped in each others arms. Just as they were drifting off to sleep they heard a soft knock on the door.

Sev used his wand to light the room with a dim light, while James spelled the door open. Their, standing in the light from the hallway was their nervous looking son.

James moved a little bit away from Sev and patted the bed in between them, inviting Hadrian to come lay with them. Hadrian gave a small smile as he ran across the room and crawled into bed with them. He curled up and was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. James and Sev shared a smile over his sleeping body before they too went to sleep.


It was half past 10 the next morning when Sirius slipped down the hallway heading for his friends room. Sirius had always found it hysterical to walk in on James and Sev. He loved to tease them about it. 

He had decided that it was high time he embarrass his friends again so he was hoping to catch them in the act. Instead he found one of the cutest things he had ever seen. 

James and Sev were wrapped around their son. All three of them were sleeping like they didn’t have a care in the world. Quickly, Sirius summoned his old instant camera and snapped a few pictures before he slipped back out of the room.

When he reached the dining room Remus asked where the others were. Rather than answer he just handed him the already developed pictures. Remus just smiled as they sat down to eat alone.


Hadrian woke with a start. It wasn’t that someone had made a noise, it was the opposite. He so rarely heard silence. It made him suspicious.

Slowly he opened one eye. Rather than being in his cupboard he was in a big comfy bed. His dad was behind him and he was wrapped around his papa.

He was so hungry, but he didn’t want to wake his parents. No, he decided that he would wait until they were awake before he got up. After all, he didn’t know what they liked, so how would he know what to cook for breakfast. So he burrowed back under the blankets and rested his head on his papa’s chest, trying to ignore his hunger.

James and Sev had both woken when they felt Hadrian tense as he woke up. They had been waiting for Hadrian to get up but when he didn’t they just thought that he was still tired. That was until they heard his stomach rumble. They knew that Hadrian was not used to being able to eat when he was hungry but they intended to change that.

Sev wrapped his arms around their son and sat up. This had the effect of having Hadrian end up sitting in his lap.He looked down at his son and smiled.

“Good morning little one. Why didn’t you wake us. We clearly need to get you something to eat.”

“I didn't know what you wanted.”

“What do you mean little one?” Sev thought he understood what Hadrian was saying, but wanted to ask to make sure.

“I don't know what you want me to cook for breakfast.”

James understood what had happened as soon as he had said that. Reaching forward he took his hand. 

“Hadrian, it’s not your job to cook for us. As your parents it’s our job to make sure that you have what you want, not what we want. Besides, do you remember the elves you met yesterday, Tipsy and Topsy?” Hadrian nodded. “Well, their cook elves. It’s their job to cook, and that’s what they want to do.”

“But… I don’t understand. How am I supposed to earn my keep.”

At this both men were furious, but they made sure that they didn’t show it. It was Sev that got his rage under control fastest having had a rough childhood as well.

“You don’t need to earn your keep little one. This is your home, you don’t need to earn it. Now, your dad and I might give you little jobs, like keeping your room tidy, but we don’t expect you to work around the house. Thats what the elves and the adults are for.”

“But… I… Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon… They said…” Hadrian was so confused. Something inside him told him that his papa was right, but that went against everything he had been told by his relatives.

James had never wanted to hunt someone down so much. “Your papa is right. Those people weren’t your aunt or uncle. They were just bad people that had no right to tell you what to do. Now, do you want to know what your papa and I want you to do?” He watched as Hadrian nodded, a confused look still on his face. “We want you to forget all the things they said to you. You don’t have to remember any of the rules they gave you because they were wrong. If there is something we want you to do, or you do something wrong, we will tell you. You never have to be afraid here. And if you need or want something all you need to do is tell us and we will discuss it. I promise, you never have to be scared of us. Your papa, uncles and I will always do everything we can to protect you because we love you.”

Hadrian just stared at him. He couldn’t remember anyone ever saying they loved him. Oh, he could remember Petunia and Vernon saying that to Dudley, but never him. 

Looking back and fourth between his daddy and papa he saw that it was the truth. These people truly loved him. Tears formed in his eyes and he started to sob into his papa’s chest.

Sev rubbed his sons back. “What’s wrong little one?”

“You… You guys love me. No one has ever loved me before.”

James joined in, hugging his son and husband. They just sat their for a while and hugged each other. It wasn’t until Hadrian’s stomach gave another disgruntled sound that they remembered that they needed to get down to breakfast.


Hadrian leaned back in his chair at the breakfast table. He had eaten a full egg, a piece of toast, and 3 pieces of bacon. He had never felt so full in his life.

His fathers had watched him out of the corner of their eyes the entire time and he could see that they were happy to see him eat something. He felt all comfortable and warm. This was a feeling that he hoped he would get the chance to get used too.

The rest of the day was spent with his papa. They went everywhere together. Hadrian knew that he was going to have to leave after dinner, but he didn’t like it. It had been explained to him that his papa was still trapped by the bad man with the white hair and that his daddy and uncles were working on a way to save him.

That night, after Severus had left Hadrian had been inconsolable. It was clear to the others that there was a special bond between Hadrian and Severus.

As James lay in bed, missing his husband, he heard the same hesitant knock they had heard last night. Once the door was open Hadrian came right in without needing any encouragement and crawled into bed next to his daddy. Cuddling up he cried.

James couldn’t even bring himself to try and tell Hadrian that it was ok, as he didn’t think his son was feeling any better than he was at that moment. Instead, he just wrapped his son in has arms and cried with him. 

Far away, in the dungeons of an old castle, a pale, dark haired man went to bed. Wrapping his arms around the two pillows he had placed next to him he let his own tears fall.

Chapter Text

Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - April 24, 1996

James was both extremely nervous and exhausted. Hadrian had been extremely clingy ever since Sev had had to leave, not that he had a problem with it. It just meant that he spent almost all of his time with his son in his arms. The only time he was able to put Hadrian down was when Sirius or Remus had taken him.

Every night Hadrian was in his bed and they would mirror call Sev. As soon as the calls would end Hadrian would once again dissolve into tears. They had tried skipping a night in the hopes that it might help Hadrian see that Sev didn’t need to be their all the time and work on his separation issues.

Hadrian had almost had a full blown panic attack as he cried the most heartbreaking tears. That night James had ended up sharing his bed with Hadrian, Sirius, Remus, and Severus on an open mirror call the entire night. It was clear that Hadrian was having severe separation anxiety from his abandonment fears.

This morning when James had said that he was going to leave Hadrian had once again melted down. When James had finally managed to Floo to the bank, before continuing on to the school, Hadrian had been sobbing into Sirius’s chest. James had felt his heart break at the sight.

Now he was preparing to enter the school board meeting. If things went the way that they wanted, by the end of the meeting he would have gotten to upset the headmaster and be one step closer to saving his husband from the old goats web.

Once they were all sitting at the table, Dumbledore had of course been late, they went around the table doing introductions. Each family was represented by a member of their family. Representing the dark faction was Avery, Gibbon, Montague, and Yaxley. The neutral faction was Bletchley, Ollivander, Shacklebolt, Kingsley’s uncle, and Travers. For the light it was Blishwick, Fawley, Tonks, Sirius’s cousin Andromeda, and the Weasley’s, represented by Molly herself.

Like they had with the Wizengamot meeting, the first thing they did was go over the minutes of the last meeting. From what James heard it sounded like they hadn’t managed to do a single thing, except have Molly stroke Dumbledore’s clearly massive ego. 

Then James got the joy of listening to Molly and Andromeda go on about how they needed to make sure there weren’t any books in the library that could tempt the innocent little children to the dark side. Looking at the others all of them were clearly trying to stop themselves from rolling their eyes, even Blishwick and Fawley clearly thought they were being stupid.

Eventually it came time to make motions. James made sure that he was the first to speak.

“As I am sure that you all know by now, a new department has been formed by the ministry to ensure the safety of the children, the Department of Child Welfare, the DCW. To this purpose I propose that we have a team of healers and mind healers come in from St.Mongo’s to conduct a mandatory health scan. I also propose that we make these health scans mandatory at the beginning of every new school year.”

“Lord Peverell.” Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling. “I know that you didn’t attend this school but we have a healer on staff. She deals with all the children's issues. I am sure that she is more than capable of checking the children.”

“It is not my intent to be contrary Headmaster, but I must disagree. You do not have a fully qualified healer. You have a midi-witch. And although there is no denying that Madam Pomfrey is skilled at what she does, it is not enough. As I stated at the Wizengamot, most victims of child abuse hide their abuse, many are also taught to mistrust authority figures. That is why I suggested the inclusion of mind healers. There is also the fact that she heals injuries as they come in, not older injuries. I guess she doesn’t check for those. It is my belief that one midi-witch is not nearly enough for a school, but I will address that later. At the Wizengamot I mentioned the tragic story of Emily Winters. That was not some historical case. If Emily had survived she would currently be studying for her NEWTs with the other Ravenclaws. I never want to have to find another story like her’s. If my proposal for the medical scans by the healers and mind healers are approved then the Peverell family is willing to cover the cost for this year.”

“And the Shacklebolt family will assist in covering the cost.” Kingsley’s uncle added and James gave him a nod of thanks. “I second Lord Peverell Gryffindor’s motion, for both the medical scans now, and to have the scans made mandatory for the beginning of each school year.”

“And just what will we do if any children are found to be being abused. I know that you offered to fund an orphanage of sorts Lord Peverell, but what will we do until it opens.” Albus was getting frustrated with this man. Just who did he think he was, making Poppy look negligent.

“Happily, Lord Dumbledore, I have been speaking with Cecilia and Edward, you’ll remember them as the co-heads of the DCW. The Sea Cliff Home, as the orphanage has been named, will be fully staffed and open by the end of the school year. Any student that can not safely be returned home will be sent there. Any reports of abuse are to be sent directly to the DCW, by order of Minister Fudge. So I see no issues.” James couldn’t stop a smirk from forming on his lips.

“You are actually suggesting that we basically kidnap these children from their loving families.” Molly all but screeched.

“No Mrs. Weasley.” James said in a calm voice. “I am suggesting that we remove children from abusive homes. Not all children are welcome or safe in their own home. No child should have to be sent to a place where their hurt, no matter what their so called parents might want.”

Molly’s only response to that was to huff. After that a vote was called and it wasn’t even close. Both of James’s proposals went through without any trouble. Not even Dumbledore or Molly was willing to vote against them.

“Now, next issue I wished to discuss. The other day I was going through Diagon Alley and I saw a few young teenagers at Florean Fortescue'sIce Cream Parlour. It didn’t make sense because they were clearly school aged. When I asked them why they weren’t at school they laughed at my naivety. They had no problem telling me that their parents worked in Knockturn Alley, so there was no way that they could afford to attend Hogwarts, even if they had been invited. I was hoping that one of you would be willing to explain to me just why it is that children are being denied an education simply because of where their parents work?” James was both hoping and dreading that Molly would be the one to answer. He would love to watch her make a bigoted fool of herself, but her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. The woman clearly didn’t have an inside voice.

It was indeed Molly that answered. What followed was a 10 minute diatribe agains the evils of dark magic. By the end only Dumbledore and Andromeda Tonks were looking at her with anything like agreement. It was clear all the others thought she was just as crazy as James did.

“So you think that because their parents happen to work in a certain place, the children are evil and don’t deserve an education. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t those beliefs almost the same as that Lord Voldemort guy,” almost everyone in the room flinched, “just going in the opposite direction. He didn’t support the rights of the muggleborn, and you don’t support the rights of those born with a dark core. I don’t know if you are aware of this Mrs. Weasley, but you can not control either of those things. You can not pick your parents any more than you can decide the leaning of your core.” James enjoyed watching Molly’s mouth drop open in surprise when he compared her to Voldemort. She then went red with anger, the only thing that stopped her from screaming at him was Dumbledore interrupting.

“I’m sure he doesn’t mean that in the way it came out Molly dear.” James just raised an eyebrow. “You yourself were homeschooled were you not?”

“Yes, I was. The difference is that my parents chose to keep me home because we did a lot of traveling. At least I was offered a chance at a traditional education. These children were denied even that choice because of who their parents are. I feel that that sort of bigotry has no place in this institution. I am putting forward a motion to offer all magical children admittance in to Hogwarts so long as they have the power levels for it.”

It was Lord Yaxley that spoke up this time. “Although I agree that children should not be discriminated against due to the colour of their cores there is no way that we can afford to educate all of them. The school is barely making a profit as it is. Maybe we could use some of the scholarships that go to the other students to offer the children of Knockturn a chance.”

James knew that Yaxley had been a strong supporter of Voldemort's. This was not the kind of man that he was ever going to agree with. “Lord Yaxley, this is a school, not a business. If you want to serve on a board that makes a profit I would suggest you go and work at a business. In my books, a school should never turn a profit. I am not suggesting that we reallocate the scholarship funds. I am suggesting that we offer more scholarships.”

“Though I agree that a school is not meant to turn a profit there is no way we could offer even more scholarships. We are offering the maximum number of scholarships that we can afford. Not to mention that there isn’t enough room. As you yourself just stated Madam Pomfrey is overworked as it is, and so are all the teachers.” Gerbot Ollivander, the brother of the wand maker Garrick Ollivander, said.

James gave him a satisfied smile, he couldn’t have asked for a better set up. “That was something that interested me. Why is it that the school is so big if it can only educate a few hundred students? I looked into it and fount that the school isn’t even functioning at half capacity. I looked at the historical records and found a rather staggering drop in attendance about 150 years ago. Ever since then the school has been struggling financially.

Given that it was clearly a financial issue I went to the goblins. They told me a most interesting story. It would seem that all four of the founders set up vaults to be used to continue funding the school long after they passed. During the time of the founders the ministry was just being founded, and there were more than one or two tyrants that tried to subjugate the people. Because of this the founders were extremely cautious about who they trusted with their gold. They could not guarantee that they would always be able to trust the government, or the headmaster of the school they built, so they trusted the goblins. 

They made an ironclad contract about how the goblins would deal with the school. The headmaster and staff would only retain access to the founders vaults so long as they followed the guidelines. About 150 years ago the goblins caught the headmaster of the time attempting to control the students by only hiring his friends and political allies. This was against the rules so the goblins cut off his access to the vaults. To regain access to the vaults all we have to do is prove that we're following the original guidelines. It's actually not that hard, all we need to do is prove everyone we have hired is the best person for the job.

Once we have proven that the staff deserves their positions the vaults will be open to us. So long as we can continue to follow the guidelines we will be able to hire a lot more staff. As I said earlier Madam Pomfrey is clearly overworked and doesn't have the credentials needed to properly treat all the students. This would allow us to hire more healers.

The Helena Vault, started by Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw, was intended to ensure that school was always appropriately staffed. The Slyrick Vault, started by Salazar Slytherin and Godrick Gryffindor, was intended to ensure that any student that needed a scholarship would have one.

I have looked at the vaults. Given the current amounts there is enough in the vaults to fully fund the school for the next 300 years minimum.”

“Are you telling me that there is money just sitting in a vault and the goblins never thought to mention it to us. We could be doing so much with that money.” Dumbledore demanded. This could work for him. Now that he didn’t have as much access to the Potter money he was going to need to find a new way to fund his side projects.

“It isn’t the goblins job to tell you.” James supplied. “I guess that the former headmaster that lost access to those vaults just never bothered to tell his successor that they existed. As for what can be done with the money, as I said there are limits.”

“What sort of limits. They have no right to deny the school it’s money.” Molly was incensed. Albus was a great wizard, and goblins were filth. They were probably stealing the money for themselves with their grubby little fingers.

“Actually they do. As I said, the Slyrick vault funds scholarships. Each student must present themselves at the bank and verify that they will be attending Hogwarts by signing a binding contract. This is to ensure that no one is padding the numbers or attempting to defraud the school by saying there are more students then there actually are. The Helena vault is for staffing the school. There are actually tighter regulations on this vault. The regulations stipulate what the salary is for each position, don’t worry it has been adjusted to meet current standards of living. All positions must be made available to the public, this can be done by advertising the positions in print, like the Daily Profit, or on the WWN. The applicants will have to submit a written application. And the person hired must be able to show that they are the best for the job and are competent.”

“That doesn’t seem so hard.” Kensington Shacklebolt said in his calm baritone voice. “We just need to make sure that those that we hire are the best for the job, which we should be doing anyway.”

The meeting wrapped up quickly after that. James was feeling particularly smug that his ideas had been agreed to, no problem. He knew that Albus was probably throwing a fit on the inside. He had always made sure that the only people that worked at the school were those he believed to be loyal to him. Now he would have to publicly offer jobs, and hire the most qualified person. It those rules had been in place for the past few years they would probably have had a completely different staff. He had also canceled classes due to their not being money for them, now there was money so he was going to need to make up a new excuse.

There was also the kids from the poorer dark families. Albus had always made sure that the only kids that received scholarships were those from light families or muggleborns with light cores. This meant that a majority of the school was light oriented. Now it was going to be balanced out.

Once the meeting was officially ended James went to talk to Kingsley’s uncle while Dumbledore went to regroup with Molly and Andromeda.

“Albus what are we going to do?” Andromeda demanded. “That man is ruining everything.”

“Honestly, just who does he think he is? How dare he compare me to he-who-must-not-be-named. We need to get him off the board.” Molly was beyond furious.

“Calm down, both of you. I’m working on it. The problem is that he represents two founders. That's not something I can overcome. I will just have to find a way to sway him to our way of thinking.” Albus said in an attempt to calm them, but even he wasn’t calmed bye it. He had known that this man would be trouble.

Over with Kensington Shaklebolt, James was having a much more pleasant conversation. Kingsley had mentioned to his uncle that he had met him so they were discussing it. James only told him that he had met his nephew when he went to a meeting with Amelia.

After a little while he caught Dumbledore out of the corner of his eye. It was obvious that he was trying to eavesdrop on the conversation. James decided it was time to drop the bait.

“I agree, Kensington. We do need to improve the school. Look at me. I’ve been working as a curse breaker for almost 10 years and a single mistake from a newbie that hadn’t learned enough has put me out of action for months. I have another month and a half of medical leave left but it looks like I might be sidelined even longer. My team and I were planning on excavating a temple of one of the oldest potions masters but we’re still missing a team member. Due to the specialized nature of the temple the goblins insist that we need a human potions master, since the goblins do potions differently then we do. But since there are so few qualified potions masters available it could take us years to find someone.”

“Can’t you just hire someone from an apothecary?” Kensington asked.

“If only it was that easy. The goblins insist that we can only use a full potions master with at least 5 years of work with potions. And it would seem that all of them are busy. The only potions masters that we have found that are available in the UK are Horace Slughorn, who I believe used to work here, but he would never leave the UK so he hasn’t even been approached. And the other man, Toby Zear, has only had his mastery for 2 years. But, thats enough about my problems, I should probably get going.”

“I should head out as well, my wife will be waiting. It was a pleasure meeting you Sebastian.”

“You as well Kensington.”

James smiled as he walked towards the exit. He had successfully planted the bait, now he just had to see if the old man would get involved. 

Entering the hall heading towards the main hall to leave James stopped as he heard none other than Albus Dumbledore call his name.

“Sebastian, my boy. I was hoping I could discuss those vaults with you up in my office.”

“Certainly Headmaster.”

Walking towards the headmasters office James couldn’t believe his luck. They had expected Dumbledore to try and arrange a meeting with him, but they had never considered it would be this soon.


Severus was on his way up to the great hall for dinner, and to see if he could catch any gossip when he heard something he hadn’t expected. According to the gossip the headmaster was on his way up to his office with the Gryffindor lord himself. Sev almost smirked when he heard some of the silly little girls start running wild with fantasies about his husband.

Severus quickly returned to his office to grab the report he had made up for the headmaster. Dumbledore had cornered him this morning asking for an update on Bill’s progress in his private lessons. The report that he had written was mostly just what he knew about the boys performance in his classes. Bill was good at following instructions and solving problems so he was actually doing well in his class. It actually wouldn’t surprise him if Bill managed an O on his OWL.

Once he had the report he went as quickly as he could, without drawing attention to himself, up to the headmasters office. Getting there, he took a moment to calm himself before he knocked and entered.

“Albus I have that report you… Oh, my apologies headmaster. I didn’t realize you had a guest.” 

“Oh it is no problem my boy. Do come in. Sebastian and I were just about to sit down for a cup of tea, why don’t you join us? Lemon drop?” Albus offered before quickly introducing them.

James couldn’t stop himself from checking Sev out, gods he was sexy. Severus was much better at hiding his attraction and only showed board disinterest. On the inside he was almost panting. The goblins had keyed him, Sirius and Remus into James’s glamour so that even though he was taller, they could still see James’s face and colouring.

“Certainly headmaster. Before I forget, here is the report on Mr. Weasley’s progress in his extra lessons.” As Sev leaned forward and placed the report on the desk he could feel James’s eyes on his ass. He couldn’t even bring himself to get upset with his blatant action because all he wanted to do was to take him on the headmasters desk.

As Severus placed the report on his desk he knew exactly what he needed to do. He needed information, and who better to gather it than a spy. yes, that would be perfect. The man needed a potions master, and it was clear he was attracted to Severus. People were always more willing to share information if they thought that they would get sex.

He didn't think that Severus went that way but it really didn’t matter. Sacrifices were needed for the greater good after all. Severus would just have to do what needed to be done. Once he managed to get close enough to this new lord he would slip him a love potion focused on Lily. If he could get Lily, although they would need to change her identity, married to this man he would no longer have need of James Potter. Yes, that was a good plan.

“I do believe that I have just come up with the perfect idea.” Both James and Severus tensed slightly as Dumbledore said this and they saw the twinkle in his eyes. “Severus you have been complaining for a while now that the students are too much work to allow you time to do your own brewing. Sebastian, your team is in need of a potions master. What if Severus went to work with you for a while? It would be perfect.”

Severus actually gaped at the man. This was way to easy. There was no way that Dumbledore would be this easy to fool.

James saw his chance and wasn’t about to let it pass him by. “That would be perfect. What do you think Potions Master Snape?”

When Albus gave him an encouraging nod Severus turned to James. “If you think I would be of assistance to your team I would be willing to join.”

Tea was quickly finished after that. James gave the same overview of the vaults that he had given in the board meeting before getting up to leave. Just before he left he told Severus that he would recommend him to the goblins and then gave Albus the letter he had written to Hadrian, the letter was just a basic hello and information about his heirship as they didn’t want Dumbledore to decide to visit him. 

If the goblins chose to hire him he would receive an official offer of employment by mid May, and a contract by the middle of June. If Severus still wanted to work with him then all he had to do was sign the contract and they would be set.

After that, Albus allowed him to floo directly to the bank from his office.

Severus got up and was about to leave when Albus called him back.

“Severus, my boy.”

“Yes headmaster?”

“I need you to do something for me.”

“Of course headmaster. What is it you want me to do?”

“I need you to get close to Sebastian. You need to do whatever it takes to get him to trust and confide in you. Once you get the job offer, come to me and we will sort it out. I know your current contract isn’t up for renegotiations for a few years but I can easily put it on hold for as long as you need. I will also make the arrangements with your parole officer so there is no need for you to get involved with him. But I am going to need you to promise me you will do whatever it takes. It is already clear that the man has a weakness for you, I need you to exploit that, no matter what it takes.”

Severus clenched his teeth for a moment. This man had just basically ordered him to whore himself out for information and it infuriated him. There was also the lie about the parole officer again. “Yes headmaster, I will do my best.”

With that Severus left. As he was going down the stairs he ran into Minerva on her way up. Not trusting himself to speak he settled for a nod of greeting before going back to his room. Albus and Minerva would probably be busy for the next hour so he didn’t have to pretend everything was normal. He knew that the Potter elves would be happy to serve him his dinner in his room.

Minerva didn’t even bother to knock this time. “Albus, is everything ok? What happened at the meeting? Was it as bad as we thought? Why was Severus here?”

Albus sighed deeply. He was both disappointed in the out come of the meeting but he was also excited by what he had arranged. 

“We were right Minerva. That man will be trouble. Like he did at the Wizengamot meeting, he shows expert skill at working others to his point of view. Today he managed to convince the board to implement mandatory physicals, any child from what he claims as a bad home will be sent to the orphanage that he has already got up and running, forced us to start issuing invitations to the children of the darker areas like Knockturn, and possibly beneficially to us, showed me a way that we can hire more staff. We could use the extra staff, but it is going to be more difficult to ensure that they are our people. The goblins have to sign off on the new employees, and they are more likely to listen to him then us.”

“So what can we do? We need to stop him, or at least slow him down. He has only been working publicly for a month and he has already caused so much damage. We need to make sure that  our world is fixed. We can’t have more students with dark cores, it might start to convince the others that they are just like them. We need to keep the dark and light separated. The dark needs to be stamped out, not educated. We just don’t know enough about this man to control him. Maybe we could try potions, we’ve always gotten decent responses to that.”

“It will be ok Minerva. It would seem that Lord Peverell has taken a liking to our dear Severus. His curse breaking team is stuck here because they don’t have a potions master. I have graciously offered Severus’s services. I don’t like having to give up to much control of him, he’s to dangerous, but it will at least get that man out of the country for a bit. Then Severus can get all the information on him we need and return here.”

“Are you sure we can trust Severus to do a job like this. He isn’t exactly the easiest person to deal with. The chances of them becoming friends are very slim.”

“Oh my dear Minerva. Sebastian doesn’t seem to be looking for a friend, he is looking for a bed partner.”

“I didn’t know that Severus liked men.”

“It doesn’t really matter. He will do his duty for the greater good. I have made sure he knows what he must do, and he will do it. As for trust, well… He still thinks that he is on parole, plus I have control of his finances. Once he gets the job offer I will inform the goblins of what needs to be in the contract. After he’s finished his time with those disgusting creatures, which I doubt will take too long, I will just reactivate his teaching contract and we will have him back under our control. No, my biggest problem now is finding a teacher to temporarily replace him.”

They spent the next little while going over different people that they could hire for the few months that Severus would be away. 


Peverell Manor

After leaving the school, James stopped by Ragnock’s office to let him know that Dumbledore had fallen into their trap and that they were going to need to send an offer of employment and the contract earlier than expected. 

While he was meeting with Ragnock Cora stopped by. She had brought with her 4 bracelets. She and Ragnock explained that they were used by goblin parents when they have to work and leave their youngling at home. They showed him how you could push a small amount of magic into them.

That magic held the persons signature so that the child would still be able to feel them. It wasn’t a substitute for having a parent around but the goblins had found that it helped to ease the separation anxiety that comes when the parents would first have to return back to work. Cora explained that given his mage sight, Hadrian was probably magically sensitive. That would mean that his magic would recognize that a member of his family was missing. He probably wasn’t even fully conscious of why he was so upset. They were willing to allow James to rent them for 100 galleons a month.

James had jumped at the opportunity. This might just be able to help Hadrian. He used one of the mailboxes that Ragnock had in his office to send a letter and one of the bracelets to Sev. Sev must have been back in his room already because the bracelet had been returned bearing his magical signature less than a minute later.

After that he went home.

Stepping out of the floo James was almost bowled over by the small form of his son. Picking him up he spun them in circles. Hadrian gave a watery giggle.

Looking down he could see Hadrian’s cheeks were tear stained and his eyes were bloodshot. He wondered if Hadrian had been crying since he left.

“What’s the matter my little one?”

“I was scared you wouldn’t come back. Papa went to where the old man is, and now he can’t come home. What if he trapped you like he did papa. then it would just be me and Remy and Siri. They would both try and save you and get trapped too. Then I would be all alone again and have to go back to Private Drive.”

Hadrian knew that he shouldn’t cry so much. He didn’t want his daddy’s and uncles to think he was a baby and change their minds about him living with them. But he was just so scared, all the time. He knew the white haired man was evil, he didn’t want to lose his family again.

James looked over at Remus and Sirius who had come in the floo room with Hadrian. They shared a sad look. They had known that Hadrian had been upset. They had just thought that it was because he had missed Sev. They hadn’t realized it was because he was imagining about losing them all and having to go back to the Dursley’s. It made complete sense to them now why Hadrian was so sad all the time. He was imagining losing them.

“You don’t need to worry about that little one. We will never leave you. Yes, papa might not be here in the house with us right now, but we’re working on that. We are actually a lot closer now then we were this morning.” James said cheerily.

“Are we really?” Remus asked as he led them out to the veranda. “So Dumbledore now knows that you are looking for a potions master.”

“Better than that. He actually asked me to his office. Sev made sure to stop by. Albus actually suggested then and there that Sev join our team. I told him that he would have a job offer by May and a contract by the middle of June. If things keep going our way at this pace, Sev will be joining us by the time summer begins.”

James, Sirius, and Remus spent the next half hour going over everything that had happened at he board meeting, and the meeting with Dumbledore after. Hadrian was content to just rest in his daddy’s lap during this time. 

A half sandwich had appeared on the table with a small glass of milk just before the adults finished talking. After James had explained about the type of diet Hadrian was going to need to the elves, the elves had taken to ensuring that Hadrian received small amounts of food at least once every hour. They knew that his stomach couldn’t handle large amounts yet so it was normally only half a sandwich or other small treats.

Hadrian had gotten used to small amounts of food appearing around him so he just settled back to eat. After he finished eating James started to rub his back and soon enough, Hadrian had drifted off into a light doze.

Noticing that his son was fast asleep James pulled out the bracelets he had gotten at the bank. After explaining them to Sirius and Remus, they both pushed a little of their magic into them, and James wrapped all four bracelets around his sons wrist.

The bracelets were fairly simple. They were a relatively thin band of leather with a round bauble on them. The bauble held their magic and glowed with it. Each was different, but they each represented their family. 

As soon as the bracelets were on Hadrian gave a little contented sigh. Shifting slightly, he wrapped his right hand around the bracelets on his left wrist. It was clear that that little bit of Sev’s magic was already helping to calm Hadrian’s system.

James knew that he was going to have to mirror call Sev so he passed Hadrian off to Remy. Remus just settled back into his seat, cuddling the small boy that was the centre of their world, and grabbed one of his books to read.


James went to his and Sev’s room and warded it to make sure he wouldn’t be interrupted by Hadrian. He needed to discuss things with Sev but didn’t want to risk getting Hadrian’s hopes up in case things fell through and they weren’t able to get Sev back in the time they currently thought it would take.

“Severus Snape.” James said to the mirror as he pushed a little magic into it to make the call.

“James, I was wondering when you would call.”

James looked at Sev’s face, it was clear he was angry. “What did that old fool do to get you upset love?”

“Oh, nothing. He just informed me after you left that I was to do whatever it took to get you to trust me. He basically told me to whore myself to you to gain information. That absolute…”


“Yes, that’s the word I was looking for. So on a better note. It looks like he is willing to let me go. He said that they would just reactivate my teaching contract once I was done at the bank so we’re gonna need to make sure the contract the bank sends nullifies it.”

“That should be easy enough.”

“So. Did the bracelets help Hadrian?”

“Yes. I put them on while he was napping. As soon as they were on his body completely relaxed. It seemed to help him better than anything we’ve tried so far.”

“Poor little guy. He must be so confused with everything going on.”

James and Sev talked for another little while before they ended the call. They both knew that they would be talking again soon, Hadrian always made sure that they talked before he would go to sleep.

When he left his room he found Remus still sitting in his chair reading, but Hadrian wasn’t there. Looking past Remus, though, he could clearly see Hadrian and Sirius, in his Padfoot form, playing in the yard. James smiled. This was the first time  Hadrian had felt relaxed enough to play since Sev had left. The bracelets were clearly helping. 

He ended up joining Remus in reading. They were all brushing up on their skills. It had been decided that they were going to take their jobs as curse breakers seriously. They weren’t just going to use them as cover.

Chapter Text

Hogwarts - June 16, 1996

Severus sat in his office staring down at a contract. Like they had planned, the goblins had sent a job offer in the middle of May. Now he had the final contract. He knew that if he just signed it Dumbledore would complain about it. Making a decision, he grabbed the contract and headed to the headmasters office. If he signed it on the orders of the headmaster, Albus would have no one but himself to blame.

Walking up to the office Severus thought about how much he wanted this to work. He had only managed to get away 3 times since Hadrian had woken up, and he was really missing his husband and son. The bracelets were working and helping Hadrian with his separation anxiety, but it was clear he still really missed him. If this worked he could go home after the school term and not have to return.

Knocking, he waited until he was invited before he entered. The office looked like a disaster zone. There was a reason they had waited until this point to bring out the contract.

The OWL and NEWT examiners were set to arrive just after dinner to start the exams the next day. There was also a last minute staff meeting in 10 minutes. Albus would be flustered and rushed so he would be even less likely to read the contract.

“Ah, Severus my boy. What brings you up here. Has the meeting started already? I do hope I’m not late, I’m just gathering some last minute things and then I will be on my way.”

“No Albus, the meeting hasn’t started yet. I just received the contract from the goblins and thought I should bring it up.”

“Ah good good. Have you signed it yet.”

“No, not yet. I haven’t had time to read it. I also need a witness.”

“Well sign away and I will sign as witness.”

“But we haven’t read it yet. I really think we should read this first.”

“It’s fine my boy. When you got the official job offer I wrote to the goblins and explained what they were to put in the contract. I wanted to make sure you weren’t taken advantage of.”

Severus barely managed to stop his eyes from rolling. Making sure he wasn’t taken advantage of, sure. This was exactly what he had been hoping for though.

“Ok, I’m done.” Severus said as he handed the blood quill that had been provided with the contract to Dumbledore. “Your turn.”

Dumbledore hissed slightly after he signed and the cuts appeared on the back of his hand. “This is a blood quill. Where did you get a blood quill?”

“It was provided with the contract. All goblin contracts are required to be signed in blood.” Severus informed him. “Well, now that that’s done we should head off to the staff meeting.”


The staff meeting had just ended and no one had had the chance to leave when Argus Filch led James into the room.

“Lord Peverell what a pleasure to see you, but I must ask, what brings you here today?” Albus said grandly.

“I’m here to start the negotiations for Severus to join my curse breaking team.”

“There is no need my boy. I had him sign the contract before the meeting and I witnessed it. It is official, Severus will work for you for the summer or however long you need him.” Albus said with a smile.

That smile faded as James gave him a shocked expression. It was actually taking everything for him not to jump for joy. James also noticed that all the teachers were staying in the room to hear what was being said. Most of them looked shocked when Dumbledore had said that Severus was joining a curse breaking team. Filius looked particularly interested.

“But the contract was sent less than two hours ago. There is no way you could have gone over it yet.”

Albus felt a little unnerved when he saw the look on Lord Peverell’s face. “There was no need. When he got the job offer I sent the bank a list of what was to be in the contract. Once the contract arrived I had Severus sign it.”

Before James could say anything Filius went off on the head master. “Are you out of your mind Albus. Have those lemon drops finally soured your brain.”

“Filius, that is no way to speak to the headmaster.” Minerva almost snarled.

“It is exactly how to speak to the fool.” Filius snapped back. “That is not how goblins work. You can tell them until your blue in the face what you want in a contract but they aren’t going to care. The only time that they will take what you want into consideration is during the contract negotiation period, and given that Lord Peverell has just arrived to start the negotiations it means that the contract you ordered Severus to sign was the contract that the goblins created, with nothing you wanted added. For all we know you just made Severus sign himself over as a slave.”

“Now surely…” Albus said, his voice slightly unsure. He was starting to realize it might have been better if he had read the contract like Severus had said.

“I told you.” Severus turned on Dumbledore, playing his role to perfection. “I told you I hadn’t read the contract. I told you we should have read it. But oh no, the great Albus Dumbledore said that he had handled it. Who knows what you have forced me into this time. How many times was I tortured? How many times did I almost die? I risked everything during the last war on your order, and now this. Who knows what is going to happen to me now.”

“I will contact my kin Severus. I will see if there is anything I can do.” Filius told Severus, though his voice allowed them to hear that he didn’t have much hope.

“If I may,” interrupted James as all heads in the room snapped to him. “It is not as bad as you might think. Yes, it is very dangerous to sign a goblin contract without reading it, but the contract was one of mine. I insist that anyone on my team is first presented with a standard contract that I helped to negotiate, we then make changes to suit them. The contract that Severus signed was an amalgamation of the contracts that I negotiated for myself, and the other two members of our team negotiated for themselves.”

“That’s odd.” Filius said. “I have never heard of the head of the curse breaking department, Rockjaw, allowing something like that.”

James could see that Filius could be a problem if he wasn’t handled properly. “That is because Rockjaw wasn’t involved. My team and I actually report directly to Ragnock.”

“Ohh.” Filius was stunned. This man could clearly be a vary dangerous opponent if angered. The casual way he spoke of Chief Ragnock actually intimidated the duelling champion. “So what can Severus expect.”

“Well… The contract is actually fairly favourable. I won’t be able to tell you a great deal of it, there are some extremely strong secrecy rules. One of our other team members insisted on a full secrecy act. I can tell you he will be receiving a good wage, 27,000 galleons per year, plus a percentage of what we find.”

“That’s not possible. He won't be working with you for a year. He has a teaching contract here.” Albus interjected.

“No, he doesn’t.” James just smiled at him. “The moment you two signed that contract it overrode all other contracts.”

“He is correct Albus.” Filius said. He was clearly exasperated with the headmasters actions. “Goblin contracts are designed to override almost everything.”

“Actually,” James said with a secret little grin to Sev. “You said you worked as a spy during the last war?” Sev nodded at that. “If I’m right, I think that the goblin contract would override the vow you had to make to get the mark.”

Sev had known this of course. They had specifically made sure the contract was worded in a way to hopefully break the vow he had had to make to the dark lord. He had even felt a slight burning on his forearm after he signed the contract but hadn’t had the chance to check without being noticed.

Everyone in the room watched avidly as Severus rolled up his sleeve. Everyone, including both James and Sev, gasped as they saw Sev’s pale arm. No trace of the hideous dark mark remained.

“That’s wonderful. Congratulations Severus.” Filius practically squealed in glee. “So, can you tell us anything else about the contract.”

“We are required to have a financial manager that was appointed by the bank for the next 10 years, Ragnock has already said that he would be willing to take that position. I will be given the responsibility of sitting as proxy for any governmental positions. This was at the request of one of the others. As you know headmaster I have already taken up the position as proxy of that particular house, though the actual house name is sealed by the act of silence. We will be traveling and working all over the world, and we will be expected to abide by the laws of the nation we are in, naturally. Just stuff like that. I really don’t know what else that I can tell you. I would really suggest that you request a copy of the contract Severus. I know that you can’t change it, but it would at least be good to know what to expect.”

“Can you tell us where you will be going and who is on your team?” Minerva could see that Albus was at a loss for words so she tried to give him some time to collect himself.

“No.” James said, a smile once again on his face.

Minerva looked like she was about to start pushing for more information when Filius cut her off. “Minerva. He isn’t saying no because he is being contrary. If you’ll notice he has only spoken in generalities. That is because he is bound by the act of silence I assume?” James nodded at him. “That means that he is incapable of going into specifics.”

“Quite right Duel Master Flitwick. Since I will not be needed to start the negotiations I should be off. Now that Severus will be with us for the next 5 years I will have to make a few adjustments. Good day, everyone. Severus, you will need to be at the bank at 9 am July 1 to start work.”

Walking over he shook Sev’s hand, making sure to rub his thumb in circles on the back of Sev’s hand. Then he left.

Once he was gone all the teachers started talking at once. It was clear that most of them blamed Dumbledore for the situation Severus was now in. They knew how Dumbledore was with contracts, so they all knew that Severus hadn’t been given a choice of signing or not.

“Enough.” Albus’s magic crackled around him. “Severus, Minerva, Filius, please come with me to my office. We need to speak privately.”


Headmasters Office

Albus all but stomped into his office like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. Dropping down in his seat it was clear just how angry he was when no one was even offered a lemon drop.

“Filius. Tell me how we can renegotiate that contract or cancel it completely. We can’t lose our potions professor for 5 whole years. I told those goblins that we could only spare him for the summer, and maybe a month or two into next year.”

Years of practice kept the half goblin from reacting to the headmasters callous words. “Did you sign using your own quill, or the one they provided.”

“The blood quill they sent.” Severus told him as he took a place leaning against the wall as Filius and Minerva had taken the only other seats.

“Then I’m afraid there is nothing that can be done. If you had only signed in ink you may have stood a chance, not much of one, but a chance none the less. Since you signed in blood there is nothing that can be done. The contract must be fulfilled, exactly as it’s written.”

“But surely…” Minerva was flustered. Just who did those goblins think they were. It was clearly an underhanded trick.

“There is nothing that can be done. Goblin contracts are bound in magic and unbreakable. The only way out of this contract would be for Severus to die, not that I am suggesting that, and even then the goblins would claim his estate as recompense.” Filius was actually finding this kind of funny.

He had at first been extremely nervous that Severus was in true danger, and he would have really tried to help him. But, since the contract was an already negotiated contract that others had agreed with, he knew it wouldn’t be too bad. This actually might help Severus.

Filius knew that Severus had been forced to sign the teaching contract he had. He hadn’t even gotten out of the hospital wing after his illegal stay in Azkaban. That contract was one of the worst he had ever seen. It gave Severus almost no personal freedom and basically enslaved him to the headmaster. Now he was free.

Goblins could be extremely harsh task masters, but something told him that Severus was going to enjoy this time. Lord Peverell clearly had sway within the goblin nation, so the contract was probably one of the best that a wizard could ever hope to achieve with the goblins.

“Filius,” Filius pulled himself out of his thoughts to look at the headmaster as he spoke. “You seemed surprised that Lord Peverell would be answering to this, Rognock, rather than Lockjaw. What is the difference.”

This time Filius was almost ready to challenge the old man to a dual. “Rockjaw is the head of the curse breaking department. He is a powerful and influential goblin. Ragnock, is the chief of the British branch of the Goblin nation. He is also the King’s younger brother. Knowing Rockjaw is one thing, but to be answerable only to Ragnock means that Lord Peverell is very powerful within the goblin nation. It is basically the equivalent of being answerable only to the Minister of Magic in your terms.”

“So… What can I do?” Severus asked. He really didn’t need to have Filius answer the question as he already knew, but just wanted to rub it in to Albus and Minerva. He was free. He would now have 5 years with his family, he wouldn’t even have to consider returning until Hadrian was ready to start his first year.

“You do what Lord Peverell said. You go to the bank July 1 and begin your new job.” Filius turned his back to Minerva and Albus, so they wouldn’t be able to see his face, and gave Severus a bright smile before turning back to them. “And Albus, Minerva, don’t bother asking questions of Severus about his new job. There is no point.”

“And just what do you mean by that.” Minerva’s back was up.

“That contract included a full act of silence, like Lord Peverell said. That means that magic will make it impossible for Severus to tell you anything you don’t already know. It’s like how Lord Peverell couldn’t tell you who was on the team or where they were going. If they try to speak of it magic will stop them, it will actually close their throats and they won’t be able to breathe until they stop trying to answer. Attempting to write about it will result in the muscles in their hand being paralyzed temporarily. Legilimence will result in black out pain for both parties. And it will get worse every time they try to circumvent the act of silence. 

It is why most humans that work for the goblins only get involved with others that work for the goblins. They are the only people they can even have a basic conversation with, so long as they don’t give specifics. Well, I should be off. I have students to check on.”

“I will be leaving too.” Severus said coldly. “I will be requesting a copy of the contract tomorrow to see just what my life is going to be like for the next 5 years. Oh, and I will be putting in a request to the school board to have Aurora Sinistra take over as head of Slytherin House in my absence as she is the only other former Slytherin on staff, and she has already started helping me with it to ease my workload while I do the schools brewing.” 

Both Severus and Filius left after that. Each of them was hiding a smile. When Severus got back to his room he actually did a small happy dance before he ran to his mirror to call his son and tell him the good news if James hadn’t gotten home yet.


Albus and Minerva just sat in the office for a few minutes, stunned. This was bad.

“I warned you.” Minerva said. “I warned you that we needed to be careful with how we got information on Lord Peverell. Now we have lost Severus for 5 years. We are going to need to find a new potions master too. And there is no guarantee that we will ever be able to get Severus back under control once he returns. We have had him so well trained these last few years, now he will be running wild for 5 years.”

Albus grabbed one of the delicate little crystal devices he kept on his desk and threw it against the wall. It calmed him a little. Waving his wand he repaired it and replaced it on his desk. Fawkes had screeched when he had thrown it but Albus paid him no mind.

Temporarily calmed he sat back down and sipped his tea before putting a lemon drop in his mouth. “I am aware. I should have realized that the goblins would take advantage of the situation. We really need tougher restrictions on them. This is definitely going to make things difficult over the next few years. Not only are we going to need a new potions professor, but we will also need to make sure that they can gather ingredients and brew all the potions the school needs. There are no other potions masters that I have enough control over to make them agree to that. Severus only agreed because Poppy had him on potions at the time. It is a good thing we now have access to more money for the school. But again that will bring the goblins into our school as they need to approve everything.”

“And just how are we to get Severus to return after he finishes at the bank. They said that that goblin contract broke his school contract. We will need to get him to sign an entirely new contract. And there is no way even you will be able to get him to agree to everything again.”

“I am aware.” That was going to be difficult, and Albus knew  it. “We may have one thing working in our favour. 5 years is exactly when the Potter boy is to start here. I made Severus swear an unbreakable vow as a life debt that he would protect the boy. That vow will force him to return.”

“Is that vow still active.”

“I believe so. Life debts are olde magic. As far as I know there is nothing that can override it. I will have to check with Severus, but it should still be there.”

“And what are you going to do about the money and Wizengamot seats.”


“Lord Peverell said that they would have to have a bank appointed financial manager for 10 years. You have been controlling his finances to keep control of him, now the goblins do. He also said that the unknown seat that he held proxy for was another member of his team. If that was written into the contract that means he will now also be proxy for the Prince seats. You may have managed to overpower Severus’s shields to make him forget he was Lord Prince, but the goblins know.”

Minerva wished that she hadn’t said anything as Albus’s magic lashed out. He hadn’t been paying close enough attention to what they had been saying. The magic was suffocating, Minerva had no choice but to get up and flee the office. Standing outside the closed office door she heard as the headmasters office was destroyed.


Severus’s Room

After his little happy dance Severus ran into his room, throwing up privacy wards as he went, and grabbing his mirror he called home.

The first thing he saw when the mirror was activated on the other end was the smiling face of his son. “Papa, you’re coming home. Yous safe from the bad man.”
“I am my little one. Your daddy did a really good job and now papa is going to get to come home. But remember, I still have to stay here for another 2 weeks. I will try to come home on weekends.”

“We know, Sev. We have already discussed that. And although we are not overly happy about it, we will be ok. Won’t we, Hadrian.” James had come up behind his son. Hadrian nodded to James with a slight pout on his face.

They talked for about an hour more before his wards alerted Severus that someone was at his office door. Believing it to be Dumbledore, Severus said goodbye to his family and went into his office.

Taking a calming breath, Severus opened the door. Opening the door he didn’t find the headmaster, instead he found Bill Weasley.

“I wasn’t aware that we had a study session tonight Mr. Weasley.”

“We didn’t sir. I was just hoping that I could ask you a few last minute questions before the exams start.”

“Well then, come in.”

Going into the office, Severus once again threw up privacy wards. Once the wards were up Severus watched as the boy visibly relaxed. During the past months Severus had come to learn that Bill was actually magically sensitive and had mage sight.

Bill hadn’t even known. He had always known that he could see some of the magic around him, and that he felt it too, but he had just thought that everyone else could too. Severus had had to walk him through how to work it, luckily he had already had to do the same thing with Hadrian, so he knew what to say. 

Because Bill lived in a magical home he had most likely learned to block out most of it as a child to protect himself. Being in a magically active area was actually quite painful for someone with mage sight if they couldn’t control it. The more power the brighter things were. If Bill hadn't learned to block out most of it being in Hogwarts would have been impossible for him, the amount of magic would have left him blind by the end of the first week.

“What is it that you need.”

“Sir… I was just wondering…I mean. I honestly don’t really know what I’m trying to say.” He took a deep breath. “Why have you been helping me? From what I’ve heard you really don’t like many students, but here you are, helping me learn in secret. I know that you could get into trouble if we’re caught. So why?”

Severus didn’t know what to say. He knew that he wasn’t the nicest of teachers, but Bill was right. He normally wouldn’t have bothered to help a student the way he had with Bill. It was mostly down to what he knew Bill could be capable of in the future.

“Truthfully Mr. Weasley. I am indeed not overly fond of many of the students. Potions is an exceptionally dangerous class. I am not mean because I enjoy it, it is to make sure that you all do your best not to screw up, because you want to avoid my attention. When I was a student here we had a professor called Horace Slughorn. He allowed many of the students to fool around and treat potions like it was a joke. When I was in my third year some of the students were playing around, throwing things into each others cauldrons. Eventually one of the cauldrons exploded. The entire class ended up in the hospital wing, and two of the students died. It was all covered up, but it doesn’t change the fact that we all had to watch them die.

I looked it up. In the 34 years Slughorn worked here 11 students died in his class. I swore when I took on the position that I wouldn’t lose any students. And, to date, I haven’t lost a single student, I haven’t even had any of you dunderheads lose a limb. If I have to be seen as cruel, and be hated to achieve that, then so be it. You’re all alive.

As for why I’m helping you… I can see that you have great potential Mr. Weasley. I am just showing you that there is more out there than what you can learn in a classroom. There is also your father. As many people know, I worked as a spy during the last war. Part of that job meant that I had to do things. I had to hurt people to save people. And I did it. I never killed or tortured anyone, but I did terrify and terrorize them to keep my cover. You’re parents were both a part of the organization that I was working for at the time. Most of the people there looked down on me. They hated me for what I did, even though that never stopped them from using the information I got.

I was treated with suspicion and hatred by most. Except your father. He never once looked down on me. He never treated me with anything but respect and always made sure to ask how I was doing or if I needed anything when I was hurt. I guess this is my way of repaying him for his kindness during a very dark time in my life.”

Bill just sat there. He had, of course, heard the rumours that the potions master had been a death eater but he had just thought they were rumours. The teachers would never allow a death eater to teach them. But this was something he never would have suspected.

He had been a spy. He had risked his life everyday, and people looked down on him for it. This man should be heralded as a hero, instead he was scorned and reviled. His own mother talked about this man like he was scum. Bill had always wondered why his father always stopped his mother from saying anything bad about Snape when he was there. It was clear that his father respected him, while his mother looked down on him. But the fact was simple, to Bill, from this point on, Snape was a hero.

“Thank you.”

“There is no need to thank me Mr. Weasley. I have just been doing my job. Now, it is good that you came to see me. I know that you are planning to continue on with your secret studies, but you will have to find somewhere else to work.”

“Wh?. Do you not want to help me anymore?”

“Not at all Mr. Weasley. I told you about my curse breaker friends earlier. Well, I have been recruited to work as a curse breaker for the next few years. By the time I finish out my contract you will have already graduated.”

“Wow sir, that’s so cool. You’re so lucky. I’ve actually been considering applying to be a curse breaker once I graduate, but I don’t know what you need to be accepted and I don’t want to go to Professor McGonagall. I don’t think she would really help me with it, she spends to much time with my mom, and mom won’t listen to anything I say. She wants me to work for the ministry, and thats that, it really doesn’t seem to matter to her what I want. But where can I study? I really don’t want to stop. I’ve only just started.”

Severus sat back. He had actually become fond of Bill. He was a good kid, a bit foolish and reckless, but no worse than many others. He knew that he was being far more blunt than was necessarily wise, but he wanted to trust the boy, it also didn’t really matter all that much anymore if Bill ran off and told on him. Then an idea came to him.


A house elf in a little dress like uniform in red and black popped into the room. Bowing slightly at Severus she spoke in a high pitched voice.

“Master called Mipsey.”

Mipsey was one of the Potter elves that was currently working at the school. Severus knew that she was loyal to himself, his husband, and his son. The little elf had no loyalties to Hogwarts or anyone else inside this castle so she would never betray the secret.

“Mipsey, this is Bill Weasley. He is going to be studying independently in the come and go room over the next two years. I want you to keep an eye on him, if he needs anything, within reason, I want you to get it for him. If at any point he is injured I want you to tend to it. If the injury is too severe for you to fix, you will take him directly to the hospital wing. Am I understood?”

“Yes master. Mipsey be understanding.” With that, Mipsey popped away.

“What was that about? Why was she dressed that way? None of the Hogwarts elves that I have seen have uniforms like that.” Bill was confused. He had never heard of a place called the come and go room.

“Mipsey is not a Hogwarts elf. Mipsey is actually a Potter elf. The Potter’s felt that the elves should be allowed to wear proper uniforms and be treated well. After the loss of their master, James Potter, they were sent here. As for what it was about, there is a room in the castle that is known as the come and go room, or the room of requirement. It can become anything you want it to be and it will hide you from everyone. If you practice in there, no one need ever know. The room is up on the seventh floor across the hall from the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. Just walk past that section of the wall, thinking about what you need, and the door will appear. If you don’t want anyone to find you, the door will disappear after you enter so no one can see it.”

“That’s so cool.”

“If that is everything Mr. Weasley, you should be off. Oh, before you go. To be a curse breaker Mr. Weasley you need O NEWTs in charms, ancient runes, defence agains the dark arts, warding, and arithmancy, you will also need a minimum of EE in transfiguration, potions, history, and herbology. If you can achieve those grades you will have to apply at the bank, where, if accepted, you will then need to go through a minimum of 2 years of training. There are also a few other NEWTs that you could study on your own like you do with warding that would improve your chances, those include spell crafting, and spell weaving. It is not a job for those that aren’t willing to put in the work. Now, off with you.”


Hogwarts - June 29, 1996

The previous two weeks had been hectic. Normally Severus would stay a week into the summer to clean up his labs and make sure everything was out of the common room. Now, he had to have everything packed and ready to go tomorrow. Severus had never wanted to smile more.

All the exams were done and the students would be boarding the train in less than 3 hours. There would be one last staff meeting, though he really didn’t understand why he was required to attend. It was only a few more hours until he could go home, but now those few hours felt like a lifetime.

Everyone seemed to have last minute things to do and were running around like fools, both teachers and students. Severus just wanted them gone. He wanted to be gone. He had his own family to see now.

Eventually he gathered his snakes. He had already explained to them that he wouldn’t be back next year. Many did not like that fact. While most of the teachers at least tried to be fair it had always fallen to Severus to balance out the prejudice that the snakes received. They knew with him gone they didn’t stand a chance at the house cup.

As he escorted them down to the train he found himself to actually be slightly sad. There was no denying that he was overjoyed to be leaving but, on some level, he was going to miss these children. He had been teaching at the school for 4 years now and had watched them grow. He actually felt slightly paternal to them. But, he knew that Aurora was more then capable of looking after them.


When it came time for the meeting Severus all but apperated himself into the staff room. Once this was done he could go home. 

The meeting really didn’t cover anything new. Instead they just went over everything they needed to do to close down the school for the summer over the next week. But since Severus had to leave early, he had already done his parts. It was at the end of the meeting that Albus started saying things that concerned Severus.

“Now that that is all done, we need to discuss the students that were removed by the DCW. We will need to keep an eye on them. I know that we won’t have much, if any, contact with them during this summer. So, they are going to need to be watched when they return.”

“Of course headmaster.” Poppy said. She was still angry that the healers from St. Mungo’s had come into her domain. 

She had been treating the students of this school for over 30 years. Who did they think they were, coming into her ward like she was some newbie.

During the first week of June the healers James had arranged for from St. Mungo’s had come and conducted the health checks. Now, when the students got of the train at Kings Cross 13 of them were being met by the newly hired staff of The Sea Cliff House. 

There were also another 29 students who would be receiving a home visit from the DCW over the summer. The students hadn’t shown any signs of major injuries that would require immediate removal, but there had been some warning signs in the questionnaire that the mind healer staff had had all the students fill out.

“Why?” Pamona Sprout was confused by this idea.

“Because, obviously we have to make sure that they are not being exposed to a negative environment and corrupted.” Minerva said.

“I don’t think we need to worry about something like that. Some of these children will be going to the first safe home they have ever had. If an abusive home didn’t ‘corrupt’ them, I’m sure a safe home won’t.” Filius had always known that Albus and Minerva were trying to sway the children to their view point.

“We don’t know the kind of people that will be put in charge of them. For all we know it could be someone dark.” Albus said in a grave tone.

“Well actually, I know at least one of the people on staff. I have stayed in touch with some of my former students. I often receive letters and yule cards from them. One of my former students, miss Grove, let me know that she was offered a job there. She is actually one of the ones that will be picking up the students at the train station. I made sure my badgers that were going there knew that they could talk to her if they needed help.”

“Is there any way you could get us some information on who will be working there?” Albus asked, his eyes twinkling.

“Unfortunately no. As we all know now, goblin contracts are unbreakable, and the DCW insisted that the staff all sign one to ensure the children's privacy.” Pamona said.

They had gotten the joy of listening to Albus and Minerva try, and fail, to break, or get around, Severus’s new contract. Every time they failed they would then rant at everyone for awhile, before they would try again.

Albus was trying to force himself to remain calm. Nothing was going his way anymore. And he knew exactly why. Lord Peverell. How he hated that man.

That one man had made a mess of Albus’s world. Albus had been well on his way to ridding their world of that horrible dark magic. He really didn’t know why anyone was even aloud to be born with a dark core. They should be gotten rid of at birth. He knew that most people would never support an idea like that but it was what needed to be done. Dark magic needed to be removed for their world to prosper.

Ever since Sebastian Peverell entered the Wizengamot all his plans had been thrown into disarray. Now he was being forced to allow more dark cored children in his school. It was bad enough that he had to allow the children with dark cores from wealthy families in. If things didn’t start going his way again soon the school would become a training ground for those sorts of people.

As Albus had been thinking the meeting had been called to a close and all the teaches were getting ready to go back to what they had been doing before. Severus was headed to the door. It was time for him to go home.

“Severus my boy, I need a word.” Albus said as he snapped back to reality.

“Albus, I honestly don’t see what we need to talk about.” Severus was annoyed. He had no intention of putting up with this old man anymore, he was done. “You have tried to get my new contract cancelled, you have failed. It’s done. I have already told you, yes, the life debt you made me swear too is still active. I will be forced to do everything I can to protect Hadrian Potter. But, due to the specific wording of the vow you made me make, that does not come into effect until he comes to Hogwarts. As of the end of this meeting I am finished working here at Hogwarts. I have packed everything up, made sure the common room is clean, and told Aurora everything she needs to know to be head of house. I am done. I am leaving and there is nothing that you, or anyone, can do. Now, I have somewhere to be. Goodbye everyone, it has been an interesting few years.”

With that Severus walked out of the staff room and then out of the castle. Walking down the road to the front gates and towards Hogsmead. As soon as he was a foot outside the gates he apperated to the bank, before going on to floo to Peverell manor. 

Severus didn’t even manage to get out of the fireplace before Hadrian was in his arms. The small boy just kept sobbing, “You’re home… You’re safe… You don’t have to go back.”

“Yes, I’m home little one. And I won’t have to leave you again. We can finally be a real family.” Severus said as he held his son in a tight hug. Seeing this James, Sirius, and Remus joined in the hug.

The house elves came to check why their masters hadn’t left the floo room 10 minutes later and found them all in a group hug, sitting on the floor. Smiling, they left the happy humans to their reunion. Oh yes, they thought, life was much better now.

Chapter Text

 Peverell Manor - July 1, 1996

Life was good. This was Severus’s second full day at home and he most definitely wasn’t used to this being his life. He had woken up early this morning, he still wasn’t used to not having to get up for class, and rather than being alone in his small, dark bedroom, he was in a large, soft bed with his husband and son curled up next to him.

So far, since he had first returned home, Hadrian hadn’t managed to spend the night in his own bed. It wasn’t that Severus had a problem with that, he actually understood why Hadrian wanted to always be with them. Severus himself actually preferred it. His husband and son had been stolen from him and he had had to live for years without them. Now that he had them back he didn’t want them to be far away.

He knew that eventually they would have to work on getting Hadrian to stay in his own bed, just not yet. Severus wanted the chance to get used to having his family close first.

Calling one of the cook elves, Topsy, he had their breakfast brought up to them so that they could have breakfast in bed. Then he got to watch and compare how the two most important men in his life woke up.

Hadrian was the first to react. He was finally starting to be able to eat larger meals, and he had actually managed to put on close to 10 pounds. It wasn’t as quick as they would have liked, but if he gained weight to fast it could hurt him.

Severus watched as Hadrian first started to sniff as the scent of bacon and eggs filled the room. Then his face started scrunching as he both tried to wake up and go back to sleep. Eventually he started to blink as he woke up. Severus chuckled lightly at the look on his sons face.

He had a confused look on his face until he caught sight of Severus. As soon as he saw his papa, his face broke out in a happy little grin. Then he noticed the food and hummed a little in joy.

Hadrian and Severus were both half way through their breakfast before James started to wake. James kept his eyes closed tightly against the light until he heard Hadrian giggle at him. Slowly he cracked one eye open to look at them.

With a deep sigh and a large pout he sat up to eat his breakfast. Once they had all eaten James started to tickle Hadrian until he begged to be set free. Once free, Hadrian an off to find Remus and Sirius to try and get them on his team for a prank war against his fathers.

The prank war lasted for over an hour before Hadrian and his uncles claimed victory after turning James and Severus completely pink, clothes and all. After the prank war they got themselves cleaned up for their appointment at the bank.

Today they were going to get their first assignment. By the next day they were planning to be out of Britain. James hadn’t been lying when he told Dumbledore that the goblins wanted to excavate the temple lab of one of the oldest known potions masters, it was in Japan. 

Remus had been studying up on the lore about the temple during his spare time, the others all believed that he might just be some type of researching god given all the other work they had been doing, and he believed that he knew the general location of the temple. If they could get Ragnock to approve what they were planning then they would be off to Japan by tomorrow morning.

Arriving at the bank, they made their way down the now familiar hallways that led to Ragnock’s office. Just before they reached the office Hadrian split off, he had no interest in attending the meeting, instead he headed to the healing ward to visit Cora and Vessra.

As he walked down the halls Hadrian made sure to greet the goblins he saw properly and politely. Many of the goblins were still unsure of what to make of the wizard youngling. Only Ragnock, Cora, and Vessra knew of his strange situation. Most only knew that he had been named a goblin friend. They weren’t willing to anger Ragnock or worse, the two healer females, so they treated him with polite disinterest, but some were coming to be fond of the youngling. Goblins weren’t used to being treated with respect, and the fact that this little wizard did so, interested them. Hadrian would never be fully accepted, but the goblins already saw him, and by extension his family, as the best the wizarding world had to offer.

While Hadrian was visiting the two goblin healers, which naturally resulted in a full physical, James and the others were drinking tea with Ragnock. Ragnock was quite pleased with how quickly Remus had put together all the information that might lead them to the potions temple. The goblins had been searching for this particular temple for a few decades. There would hopefully be all sorts of potions related information that had been forgotten to time that they might be able to profit from.

It was an easy thing for Ragnock to approve the odd families application to go looking for the temple. Made even more so given the fact that they were willing to pay their own expenses that they incurred while there. All the bank would need to provide was their salary, transportation, and any extra material that they would need to break any curses they found. They had all said that they would prefer not to have any outsiders with them as they needed to keep so many secrets and they didn’t know anyone else that they could trust.


After their meetings at the bank they went home to get ready to leave. Remus slipped off to buy a few last minute supplies, and James went off to one of the businesses he owned to make some last minute changes before he would return home. They were in the middle of packing when Amelia Bones arrived with Cecilia Perra and Edward Brown. Severus had made sure that he was out of the house, they still didn’t want anyone to know of his involvement, he had chosen to go and say goodbye to the Malfoy’s.

Cecilia and Edward were there so that James, Sirius, and Remus could get their approval for custody of Hadrian as an extra precaution, like they had done with Amelia. Amelia had made them both swear secrecy vows before they had even left the ministry so the family didn’t have to worry about anyone else finding out.

“Lord Peverell, as delightful as it is seeing you again, I can’t help but wonder what is going on, let alone why we had to swear ourselves to secrecy to have this meeting.” Cecilia said as soon as they finished greeting one another.

“There are actually many things that we need to address.” James indicated for the others to sit down. “I believe that the first thing we need to address is Lord Sirius Black. Now, we all know the story that we were told at the end of the last war. Sirius Black became a follower of Lord Voldemort, betrayed the Potter’s to him, then he was hunted down by a friend, but before the friend could bring him in, he killed the man and 12 muggles. That is the story you have heard, is it not?”

Cecilia and Edward both nodded so James carried on.

“All of that, is in fact, a lie. The true traitor to the Potter family was Peter Pettigrew. He was the death eater, and it was actually Sirius who hunted him down. It was Pettigrew that killed the muggles when he faked his own death. Peter Pettigrew is in fact still alive and free. Sirius was sent to Azkaban without ever receiving a trial and is innocent.”

“Well, that’s an interesting story, but what does it have to do with us? We deal with kids, he is an adult. I understand why you would want to tell Madam Bones that, but not us.” Edward was clearly confused.

Amelia smiled at him. “That was actually just background on what is happening now. Sirius Black has been released from prison and currently lives here with his husband and Sebastian. The reason you are here, is because Sirius and his husband have recently gained the custody of a child. Sebastian and I have been assisting them, and we were hoping that you would assist us as well.”

“And how can we help?” Cecilia asked.

James was glad that this was working out the way it was. He handed over copies of Hadrian’s health scans to the two adults that hadn’t yet seen it. Edward was clearly horrified as he read the list, but Cecilia was furious. “This is the child that they have retained custody of isn’t it?”

“Yes.” James said. “He had to spend over a month in a healing coma to recover from that. We are working on correcting his malnutrition and the mental and emotional effect from this sort of treatment. What we were hoping you could help us with was adding your support to Sirius and Remus’s custody of the boy.”

“We will of course do what we can to help, I will want to speak with the boy first though. But why would you need our support if they already have custody?” Edward said.

“The reason we need your assistance with this is because of a combination of factors.” Amelia said.

“What you need to know is that Remus is a werewolf. Now there is no need to be concerned for the child’s safety. Remus was attacked and turned when he was only 6, he knows how to handle his condition and has never harmed anyone, but your support would help there. There is also that, clearly, the boy has been abused and it is your departments job to deal with abused children. The biggest thing though, is that we need to make sure that we have appropriate backing for when everything comes out.” James was glad when he saw that neither of them reacted overly negatively to Remus’s wolf status.

Edward gave him a critical look. “I see no issue with one of the guardians being a werewolf given the fact that there are two others, including yourself, that are clearly involved. But there is something I will need to know. Why are you being so cautious to never mention the child’s name?”

James gave him a small nod before calling Sirius and Remus in. Hadrian was nestled safely in Sirius’s arms. He smiled at his son. “Allow me to introduce Sirius and Remus Lupin-Black, and… Hadrian Potter.”

Amelia and James watched with slight smiles as Cecilia and Edwards eyes snapped from the three newcomers, back to the two of them before snapping back to the others. Cecilia summed it up perfectly. “Oh.”

Cecilia Perra had seen some terrible things. She could only feel sadness, rage, and joy as she looked at the little boy. This child had lost his parents to a murderer before he had even gotten the chance to know them, then he had ended up living in a living hell of an abusive home. She was furious that any child would be treated the way the health scan in her hands indicated. But she was also happy that the boy was now safe, and clearly happy with his new family. It was clear that the child had been mistreated by his small size, but it also showed that he was putting on weight and getting better.

Edward was stunned. He looked at the small boy and was surprised at how well he was doing. Edwards focus was on mental health and Hadrian was clearly already recovering. Many children that were abused as severely as Hadrian had been were extremely weary of being touched. The fact that Hadrian wasn’t just letting himself be touched, but held, showed a startling amount of trust for these men. 

Remus and Sirius sat on one of the little couches and placed Hadrian between them. Although they had already explained what was going to happen to Hadrian, he was still nervous and kept hold on both of them. 

They spent the next hour talking, allowing Cecilia and Edward to see that Hadrian was safe and happy. Eventually they had to stop talking when Hadrian started to fall asleep on Sirius. Remus gently picked him up and took him up to bed, giving James a small nod before he left.

James knew that he would find Hadrian tucked into his bed when he went up. Once Remus and Hadrian were gone, James looked to Cecilia and Edward. “So… Will you help us protect him?”

“Of course we will.” Cecilia said. “From what I have seen just now, it is clear that Hadrian is safe and getting better with you all. But you do know, people are going to learn that you have him sooner rather than later. People will notice him, you even might have difficulties from his former guardians. Anything could happen to let the magical world know where he is. More than that, how do you expect to hide yourself Lord Black, as soon as your release is announced you will be the centre of attention.”

Amelia spoke up here. “I don’t believe that his former guardians will be an issue. I went to visit them to get them to sign an agreement that they wouldn’t attempt to regain Hadrian’s guardianship. There lives have taken a turn for the worse. Petunia Dursley, Lily’s sister, had no problem telling me about how much she hated Hadrian when she gave up all claim to him. According to her, he ruined her life.”

“And just how did she reason that.” Sirius was glad that she had signed over her rights to his godson, but what did that horrible woman have to blame on him.

“Well… Most of the town had believed the stories she and her husband had been telling them. According to the neighbours I spoke to, the Dursley’s told everyone that Hadrian was mentally ill and that he was violent and was ultimately harming himself, and them, as a result. But once he disappeared people started to examine everything. Looking back their neighbours realized that the boy was being abused. They all seemed to feel horrible that they did nothing to save him.

Vernon Dursley didn’t handle losing his human punching bag well. Less than a week after Hadrian ran away Vernon had a bad day at work and apparently decided to take it out on his own son. The neighbours weren’t about to stand by and allow another child to be abused. As soon as they saw the bruises on the boy they called the police.

Vernon has been arrested and sentenced to 6 months in prison for child abuse, they could only charge him for the attack on his son as Hadrian wasn’t there to give a statement. The boy, Dudley Dursley, was removed by child services after Petunia showed herself to be an unfit mother. She apparently decided that it was a good idea to attack the social service workers when they came to check on Dudley’s home life, she’s currently on probation. During their talk with him, Dudley said some incriminating things about his parents and aunt.

He was initially sent to live with his fathers sister, but that went even worse. When they went to inspect her home the crazy woman set her dogs on the workers. She’s now also in prison, both for the attack on the social workers and animal abuse. After the attack the muggle aurors checked into her dog breeding business and apparently it was pretty bad. The boy is now living with one of his father’s cousins that is in the navy. From all accounts, even though it’s only been a couple weeks, he is settling in well.

Petunia seems to be of the opinion that her ‘freak nephew’ is to blame for all of it. I honestly wanted to hex the woman myself within 2 minutes of meeting her. How Hadrian has turned out so sweet is beyond me.”

“I agree,” Edward said. “Just from talking to him for the last little bit it is clear that he is a very good natured, mature child. I am amazed at how well adjusted he is already. Most of the children I deal with can take years before they reach the point he is at now. You are clearly doing something right.”

Sirius smiled at that. He was glad, but also a little worried, at how well Hadrian was recovering from his abuse. He didn’t want Hadrian to just pretend he was ok, because that would do more harm than good. “On another note. My release isn’t going to be announced. We decided that if my release was made public then Pettigrew would run and could become dangerously unpredictable. Amelia and her team of most trusted aurors will be tracking him down. Sebastian, Remus, and myself have been hired as curse breakers for Gringotts. The reason we needed to have the meeting tonight is because we are leaving the country tomorrow. We have discussed it, and we want Hadrian to have as normal a childhood as we can give him, and that won’t happen here. Right now, we aren’t planning on returning to Britain until it’s time for Hadrian to attend Hogwarts. If you need to do any check ups you can contact us through the bank.”

Cecilia smiled. That was perfect. Hadrian would be safe with people that clearly loved him, and he would also get the chance to grow up out of the public eye. “I think that won’t be a problem. We’ve been talking about the standards that we intend to set up and we are leaning towards checking in on the children are agency placed at least twice a year. We can easily enough come to you using portkeys. I wouldn’t want to risk Hadrian’s safety by making you all come back. Plus if we come to you than we will have a better view of how he is growing up. You have my complete support in keeping custody of Hadrian.”

“I will sign off on that as well.” Edward said. “There is just one thing I would like to warn you about. Abused children can often have issues for years. His quick recovery from the mental and emotional trauma is something you will need to watch. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if he had relapses of emotional distress over the next few years.”

After Cecilia and Edward signed their names on the protective custody agreement next to Amelia’s names they finished up quickly. There was nothing else that they needed to talk about so they said goodnight.

James quickly made his way upstairs to his room. He found Hadrian sitting up in bed watching the door, waiting for him. They were planning on leaving before 10 the next day so they needed to get to bed.


As those at home were sitting down to tea with the heads of the DCW Severus was arriving at the Malfoy’s. Severus dearly loved his godson. The boy could be a bit difficult, since his parents spoiled him and never told him no, but there was a sweetness to him that Sev hoped stayed as he got older.

They spent about an hour talking about nothing, while Draco curled up in his lap. Once Draco finally fell asleep Narcissa took him up to bed and Severus and Lucius were finally able to talk openly.

“Sev, there is something I was hoping you could do for me.” Sev nodded at his friend. “I know you know about the orbs. The one Draco sent to us had a request that I don’t exactly know how to complete. He wanted us to give one of our house elves, Dobby, to Hadrian Potter. I was hoping that you might be able to get the elf to him. He really is an odd elf but Draco assured us that Hadrian and Dobby work well together.”

“I can do it easily enough.”

“And just how can you do it Sev?” Narcissa asked as she came back into the room. “No one knows what Dumbledore did with the poor boy.”

Narcissa had attempted to gain custody of Hadrian after the attack. She and James had actually been fairly close as kids because Narcissa had dreamed of being  a healer, so she had spent as much time as she could with her great Aunt Dorea, James’s mother. She had wanted to protect her cousins son but had been denied instantly.

Severus looked closely at two of his closest friends. James and the others had all given their approval for him to tell them, so long as he swore them to secrecy first. When he asked them to swear a secrecy oath they did so quickly. Once the oath was sworn Severus told them about what had happened.

He told them about how he had secretly dated and married James. He told them about his son and then how James and Hadrian were later kidnapped. He explained about how James had survived that night and was now known as Sebastian Peverell and about Hadrian ending up at the bank healing ward under the care of the goblins. They had decided to keep Hadrian’s little trip through time to themselves so he skipped over that part. He told them about having to be purged and how they had gotten Sirius freed. He also explained to Lucius about how he had managed to get rid of his dark mark by signing a goblin contract. Reaching the end of his story he sat back and took a deep drink of the scotch that Lucius had gotten him.

“Are you telling me, that Dumbledore and that filthy little skank Evans kidnaped my friends husband and son, who are also relatives of mine. Placed your son with abusive muggels, and forced you to forget your own husband and son. And one of my other cousins, the Lord of my father’s house, was sent to Azkaban without ever being tried.” When Sev nodded Narcissa started to pace. “And just what are we going to do about this. They need to pay, if I have to see to it myself.”

Lucius pulled his wife down next to him before Severus spoke.

“It is going to be ok, we have time. Plans are already in motion for us to get our revenge, it is just going to take time. I will say this, I don’t believe that Albus knew that I was married to James, or that Hadrian was my son. We think he just messed with my memory as a way to gain control over me.”

“Narcissa, my love, there is nothing to worry about. Between you, James and I we have a great deal of control in the Wizengamot. We can make Dumbledore suffer there, will that be enough for you for now.” Lucius truly loved his wife. Even more when she let her temper run wild, at least, when it wasn’t aimed at him.

Narcissa only nodded. She was already planning ways to make anyone that harmed her family suffer.

They talked for a little while longer before Severus got an alert on his mirror letting him know that it was safe to come back home. When he got to the floo room Lucius called for Dobby. Lucius had explained to Severus that when Dobby had been only an elfling his father, Abraxas, had struck him over the head and thrown him into a wall. Ever since then Dobby had had a few issues. Severus just waved it off. He had read about  Dobby in one of the journals, the fact that this elf had died to save his son was enough for him to put up with any oddities.

When Dobby popped into the room he vacillated between excitement and complete terror. Before he could speak Severus held up his hand.

“Dobby. My name is Severus Prince-Potter. I’m sure you have heard of my son, Hadrian Potter.” Dobby’s eyes went huge at the name. “I have spoken with Lucius and he has agreed to allow me to hire you to be my sons personal elf. Would you like that.”

Dobby nodded vigorously. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet and looked like he was about to break down in tears.

“Well then, lets go. We will be leaving the country tomorrow so you will need to be ready to travel.”

With that Severus led the excitable elf through the floo. After showing the elf to the elf quarters, which resulted in Dobby finally breaking down into tears, Severus went up to bed.

James was still awake when he came in while Hadrian was curled up fast asleep next to him. He went into the bathroom and got ready for bed. Laying down and wrapping his arm around his son and husband. He then went on to tell James about his time with the Malfoy’s before James filled him in on what had happened in his meeting as well. Eventually, they both fell asleep.


The Burrow - July 1, 1996

William ‘Bill’ Weasley was sitting at the breakfast table in his family home watching his family. He had spent the majority of his last semester learning as much as he could about magic that he had been denied. He couldn’t make any sense of the fact that these branches of magic were systematically being removed from his school, a school that claimed to be one of the best in the world. This made him start to take a closer look at things in his life that he had always taken for granted. Maybe it was just a part of growing up, but Bill felt like his eyes had been opened.

And he didn’t like much of what he saw. Although he hadn’t said it, Bill knew that his mother looked down on Professor Snape because he had worked as a spy during the last war. It was that which encouraged him to take a closer look at his mother. He really didn’t know how he could have missed it. Looking back now it was clear, Molly Weasley wasn’t a good mother.

She was judgmental and cruel to her elder children. Bill and Charlie were always being told that they weren’t good enough, that they needed to do exactly what she said or they wouldn’t amount to anything. Percy was almost completely ignored. The only time she payed any attention to Fred and George was when she was yelling at them. The only children that she seemed to really like was the two youngest, Ron and Ginny, and she wasn’t doing them any good. Ron was a bottomless pit that always wanted more but never wanted to work for it, Ginny was a demanding little thing that threw a fit whenever she felt like she wasn’t getting everything she wanted, and Molly seemed to encourage them in their behaviour.

He knew that he was probably being to harsh on his younger siblings, Ron had only turned 6 and Ginny wouldn’t be 5 for a few months. They were both still just kids. But he couldn’t help but think they would never change unless they were given rules and expectations that Molly didn’t seem to want to give them.

Molly also seemed to have nothing but contempt for their home. She was always complaining about how they needed something new, but she never even seemed to have considered earning the money herself. Bill knew how hard his father worked to keep a roof over their head, but Molly didn’t seem to care. There was also how she treated his father. It was clear to Bill, even at his young age, that Molly looked down on his father.

While his mother was busy scolding Fred and George for something Bill quietly made a bacon and egg sandwich before slipping out the back door. Molly always insisted that they were only able to eat at the table so he knew his father hadn’t eaten yet as he had had to go out to his shed to get some information before he left for work.

When Bill stepped into his fathers shed he saw that his father had clearly become distracted with one of his latest projects, an old muggle car that he wanted to make fly. Arthur smiled when he saw him, seeing the sandwich he grinned.

“So what is it that you want so badly that you are willing to try bribing me with food.”

Bill gave his father a sheepish grin. “I was hoping that you would let me come with you to work today.”

Arthur was confused, none of his children ever wanted to go to work with him. He would admit, his job wasn’t exactly an exciting one. “Why?”

“Well… Someone suggested that I should get a job. I figured we could go to River Run Alley.”

“Bill, who is this friend? Why do you think you need a job? I know that we don’t have all that much, but we’re doing ok.”

Bill spent a few seconds thinking about how to answer. He knew his father was a proud man, he also knew that he had promised Professor Snape that he would keep his involvement a secret. Eventually he decided on the truth. Bill knew that he could trust his father, plus, his father didn’t have the same problems with Snape that his mother had.

“I actually got the idea from Professor Snape.”

“Severus? What does he have to do with it?”

“Well… Earlier this year he caught me skipping history and gave me detention. Rather than making things really hard for me, he assigned me an essay on history. I actually started visiting him after that and he started to teach me things that I wanted to learn. He um… He taught me…”

“Keep going Bill.”

“He was teaching me warding. I know that the class and the books were removed from the school but I don’t understand why. Everything Professor Snape taught me seemed fine. It wasn’t dark or dangerous or anything.”

“I agree with you, warding isn’t a dangerous subject if it is taught properly. I never took the class myself, but I was surprised when you didn’t take it. I figured that it was just your type of class.”

“I didn’t take the class because it wasn’t offered. Professor Snape told me that it was removed during his final year. He let me borrow his books and practice in his room. I know he isn’t thought to be the nicest of people, but he was nice to me.”

“I have absolutely no problems with Severus. I am actually fond of the man, he might be a little prickly, but he’s a good man under it all.”

“Yeah, he told me about how he had worked as a spy during the war and a lot of people look down on him for it. He said that one of the reasons that he helped me so much was because you were always kind to him unlike most people.”

“Of course I was kind to him. I owe him your life.”


“You might not remember it very well, but he saved your life. You would have only been about 8 when it happened. The Diggory’s had invited you and your brothers over for Cedric’s birthday. Your mom was pregnant with Ron at the time, and it was a hard pregnancy for her, so Amy Diggory offered to take all 5 of you for the day so that your mom could rest. I had been meeting with two of the others that were a part of the Order, Sirius and Remus, when Severus came into the meeting place. He looked like he had gone through hell. He was covered in cuts and bruises and his muscles were spasming, we all recognized it as the after effects of the Cruciatus Curse. He had been attending one of the meetings when he had heard news that the death eaters were planning to attack Cedric’s birthday party. They knew that since the Diggory’s were a light family, there would be plenty of light side children in attendance. He had been punished severely for attempting to leave early, but he needed to get a warning to us, which he clearly managed. Because of what he did we were able to get to you boys and clear the house before the attack. We were actually just flooing out when the wards alerted us to their arrival. If he hadn’t managed to get away when he did I could have lost you and your brothers. After that, there is no chance that I would ever look down on him.”

“Wow, he didn’t say anything about that.”

“He wouldn’t. But why does this mean you need to get a job?”

“Professor Snape told me that I could still take my OWL in warding, but I would have to pay to take it at the ministry. He suggested that if I really wanted to study warding that I get a job and earn the money to take the tests and self study for my NEWTs.”

“That sounds like it could work. If you really want to do it, then I’ll help. Let’s just not tell your mom about the job until after you have it. And don’t mention taking any extra OWLs. You know what she’s like. If the headmaster doesn’t think you should know it, then she will never let you learn it.”

“I know, that’s why I came to you. The professor suggested that I should take you with me since it will be my first time to River Run Alley. He also suggested that we could go to visit Junior Technologies in Horizon Alley. He said that he knew you and thought that you would like it.”

“That sounds like a fun day. If your sure you want to come to work with me thats fine with me, but it will be a pretty boring day before we can leave, you understand that, right?”

“I know.”

Bill followed Arthur inside after that. Arthur was the one who told Molly the plan for Bill to go to work with him. Molly was thrilled with the idea, even more so when 10 year old Percy asked to go to. Arthur offered to take the other kids but none of them wanted too. Charlie was going to take Fred and George through the woods to the Lovegood’s, Ginny wanted to stay with Molly, and Ron wasn’t up yet.

Molly was happy as she watched Arthur and the children leave. She loved all of her children, just not all in the same way. The older 5 children were just too unpredictable. Her Ronnie and Ginny were so much better in her mind. This was not the life that she had planned for herself. 

When Molly had been a child she had dreamed of marrying a lord to one of the older houses. She had wanted to attend fancy parties and have lots of money. Instead she was stuck in this hovel. 

Molly had fallen head over heals in love with Arthur Weasley when she had been 16. She had decided that he would be the man she would marry and nothing was going to stop her. But reality did make things difficult.

She had been 18 when she had heard that Arthur was coming over to the Prewett estate. Molly had been convinced that he was coming over to ask her father for her hand in marriage. His own father had recently taken ill and she thought he would want to get married before he died. But that hadn’t been what happened.

The memory of walking into the drawing room, wearing her best dress, only to find the love of her life sitting in between her elder twin brothers still infuriated her. Learning that the man she believed herself to be in love with was in a triad relationship with her brothers had crushed her, but not for long. It had taken Molly less than a week to figure out what to do. She knew that being gay was wrong, despite what everyone else said, so she was going to have to show Arthur the proper way, and the best way to do that was to give him love potion before the wedding. It wouldn't take long for him to truly fall in love with her and then she wouldn’t need the potion anymore, after all, she was beautiful.

The plan had been stopped however, when her father had caught her brewing the potion. He had been so angry with her. The lecture she had received about what he believed she was doing wrong had lasted for over an hour. Her father had watched her too closely after that for her to do anything. There was no denying the the wedding had been stunning, but it would have been better if she had been standing at the alter.

Less than a year later Bill had been born. When she had gone into see the new born infant she was ready to hate him. This child was a representation of what had been stolen from her by her own brothers, that had corrupted the love of her life. But she had fallen in love with him just as quickly as she had with his father. He was just so precious. 

Then a new plan had formed in her mind. She didn’t want just Arthur anymore, but his son too. She just needed to find a way to get her brothers out of the way. Due to the building war everything was being kept extremely quiet. All the public knew was that Arthur Weasley had had a son with a Prewett. She had actually had a few people come up and congratulate her on the new baby.

But it hadn’t been easy. Both her parents had kept a close watch on her after her father had told her mother about the love potion. She had had to stand by and watch as four other perfectly beautiful boys were born. Then her mother was killed by death eaters and her father took ill. Her father hadn’t lasted long after his wife died. And then she was free to move. She had loved her parents, and she would always miss them, but they just hadn’t understood.

Molly had gone to Albus Dumbledore after that. He had been the one that had originally suggested that she get together with Arthur. Albus had been more than willing to help her. He had told her that they would need a strong family to represent the greater good, and her with Arthur at her side with those 5 boys would be perfect.

After Arthur had been given his love potion, they got to work. Despite those outside of their immediate family and close friends not knowing that Arthur had been with the twins, the twins themselves and a few others knew. Albus had come up with an ancient runic based ritual that worked on altering the minds perception. They set it so that it would replace her brothers with her. So, whenever Arthur thought of the wedding he would see her rather than her twin brothers. If anyone started to think of Arthur, the magic would automatically kick in and force them to think of her next to him.

It was only a few months after that she had lost her brothers in a death eater attack when they had gone to help the Bones family. After her fathers death Molly had learned that she had been cut from his will. So, when she learned of the attack on her brothers she had gone to the bank to take over their accounts, only to learn that according to the goblins magic, her brothers were still alive. The goblins said that until she could prove her brothers death, she could not have access to their money.

She knew that her brothers were still alive, she just didn’t know where. But she also didn’t really care. She would love to have access to the money, but according to the family charter, her twin nephew/sons would inherit everything, not her. Albus convinced her to not keep trying to gain access to her parents money, he instead would make sure that they had enough, but they had to make sure that it was believable considering Arthur’s job.

Albus had come to her shortly after she had finally gotten the man of her dreams. It was Molly’s dream to be a mom. Although she had used blood adoption on the boys it wasn’t enough for her, she wanted to have her own children. But she just couldn’t get pregnant. Albus had known of her dream and offered them both a way to get what they wanted. He explained that he needed an heir, and felt she would be the perfect kind of mother for his child. Molly had happily agreed.

She had known that there was little to no chance of her conceiving with Arthur so this was her chance. Albus had needed to make sure that his heir would be raised in an appropriately light home. Less than a year later, in March 1980, she gave birth to her precious Ronald. He was her pride and joy. They had had to use a blood adoption potion on him to make him look like a Weasley, as he had been born with Albus’s dirty blond hair and light blue eyes, leaving him with bright red hair and brown eyes. But that didn’t change how much she loved him.

Ron was only a few months old when Albus had come to her again. He had told her about a boy that had been prophesied to defeat You-Know-Who and he had come up with a new plan. They would use a potion to make sure that she conceived a girl and they would be able to set her daughter up with the saviour of the wizarding world. She had loved that idea, she had always wanted a baby girl who looked just like her.

It was only a few months after her baby girl, Ginevra, had been born, that the Potter boy had defeated You-Know-Who. Molly was thrilled. The Potters were one of the oldest and richest light families, and they were going to make sure that her daughter was Lady Potter.

A few months ago she had read about the new Lord Peverell Gryffindor and about how Harry Potter was his heir. She knew that people had started calling the Boy-Who-Lived ‘Hadrian’ but he would always be Harry to her. She much preferred that name over the pure blood one, plus it made it sound like they were on more familiar terms.

There was no denying that Molly was frustrated with the way her life had turned out, but it would all work out she knew. After all, she was a light witch from a good family.


Arthur was just unpacking the lunch Molly had packed for him and the boys when he overheard their discussion about Hogwarts. Percy was going to be going to Hogwarts in just over a year.

“I’ll be in Gryffindor, of course.” Percy said matter of factly.

“Are you sure Perce. You know I love you baby brother, but your just not much of a lion.” Bill said.

“But all Weasley’s are Gryffindors Bill, you know that. I’m not going to let the family down.”

“What do you mean let the family down Percy?” Arthur asked as he lay out the food in front of the boys.

“Mom says that I have to be in Gryffindor. Everyone knows that it’s the best house.” Percy said defiantly.

“Percy, that’s not true. There are good and bad wizards from every house. It isn’t fair to discriminate against someone just because of the house they come from. And as for letting the family down, the house you are placed in has nothing to do with it. I will be proud of you, and love you no matter which house you’re in.” Arthur reassured his son.

“Really? You mean you wouldn’t be upset if I’m in a different house than the rest of the family?” Percy looked hopeful at this, and Arthur felt bad. 

Somehow he had allowed his son to think something as insignificant as which house he was placed in would determine how much he loved him. Arthur smiled at the unsure child and nodded his head. “Besides, you’re not the rest of the family. You, are Percival Arctrus Weasley, and you are your own person, unlike any other.”

“Yeah,” Bill knew that Percy wasn’t meant to be in Gryffindor. “Percy, I always pictured you as a Ravenclaw. As much as I would love to have you in my house so that I could keep an eye on you, you wouldn’t be happy in the lion’s den. It’s way to noisy and we do love our parties. I have friends that are ravens and they told me that even though they enjoy a good party every now and then, it is a lot easier to study there. They have quiet rooms and everything so that you wouldn’t be disturbed when your working, and we all know how much you hate it when you’re interrupted in the middle of a good book.”

Percy was normally a calm, if a little uptight, child, unless he was interrupted while reading. He had ended up reading the twins the riot act more than once when they had interrupted him, or stolen one of his books. He was only 10, but the kid loved his books.

“They do? That sounds nice. Maybe I’ll go there. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like being a Gryffindor just from what you and Charlie have said over the years.”

After Percy agreed to consider a different house they sat down and ate. Arthur was proud at just how much Bill was growing up. He was glad that Bill had helped him figure out what was going on with Percy before he went and made the mistake of trying to get into a house that he wouldn’t fit into. Arthur was glad that he still had time to make sure Percy felt comfortable in the house he truly belonged in.


The rest of the day passed quickly after that. Arthur was annoyed with how some of the other ministry employees treated him, especially in front of his sons. He knew that most looked down on him, but he never wanted his children to be ashamed to have him as their father.

It had been easy to find a shop that Bill would like to work at once they reached River Run. He chose a second hand book shop that dealt mostly in older tomes that were useful in curse breaking and enchanting. Bill had told his father about his desire to work as a curse breaker so that shop would be perfect for him. 

Bill was extremely excited as the shops owner, Madam Hollans, conducted the interview right then. When she told him that he would be working Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm he liked it even more. He would still have some free time to have fun. It was the salary that he would be making that sealed the deal. If he worked every shift, starting the next day, until August 22 he would earn just over 142 galleons.

That would be enough for him to not only take the OWLs he wanted to, but also to pay for his own school supplies and still have a little left over for Hogsmead weekends. He couldn’t believe it. Madame Hollans told him he had the job and he would need to be there the next day to start training.

While Bill had been having his interview Arthur had taken Percy over to the library. Arthur didn’t even try to hide his laugh when Percy saw all those books. Percy had been bouncing on the spot when Arthur signed him up for his own library card. It was clear to Arthur that Percy would likely try to go to work with Bill every day so that he could go to the library. To be fair, Percy would be likely to try and move into the library if he thought he could get away with it.

Arthur was actually surprised at just how much there was in the alley. Molly had always insisted that they do their school shopping in Diagon because she said none of the other alleys would have what they would need. But looking at everything here he didn’t understand where she could have gotten that idea. He also knew that like Percy, Charlie, would try to come to work with his brother when he saw the signs that showed the way to the nature preserve. Charlie had always loved animals.

Both Percy and Arthur congratulated Bill when he came from the shop and told him that he would be starting work the next day. Arthur was actually surprised at just how much Bill would be able to earn if he worked hard.

Leaving River Run they went to Horizon. The main entry way to River Run was a nice little coffee shop that looked like the perfect place to sit and read a new book, while the entry point to Horizon was a large restaurant that catered to many of the people that worked in the different factories and shops. Junior Technologies was just down the road from the restaurant.

Going inside Arthur was like a kid in a candy shop. This place was everything that Arthur loved. There were all sorts of different things that Arthur had seen on some his forays into the muggle world for his job. There were machines that he recognized as making coffee, but they had been modified to make all kinds of drinks. There were muggle children’s games that had been made magical. And all sorts of other things.

Just as Arthur was getting a closer look at the drink machine someone came in behind them. Arthur turned and saw a distinguished looking gentleman. He recognized him from the papers as Lord Peverell. Arthur wasn’t sure how he felt about this man. Although he supported many of the changes he was pushing, Molly had also told him about things that had happened during the school board meeting.

James walked into the shop and looked around. He saw the clearly identifiable hair of the Weasley family. This was perfect timing for him. He knew about Arthur and wanted to help him. Everything he had read in the journals showed that Arthur had acted as a surrogate father to his son, so James wanted to pay him back, even though it wouldn’t happen again. Severus had told James that he had suggested that Bill take Arthur to the JT shop. James had been planning on leaving information with the shops staff that they were to let him know when Arthur visited so that he could offer him a job. 

Now he wouldn’t have to make an extra visit, since he was already here. James went back through the shop towards the main office. While he was there he pulled out the files and job offer that Remus had put together. Once he had everything set out, he requested one of the shop assistance to go and ask Arthur up to the office.

Arthur was nervous as he walked up to the shops main office. He had made Bill and Percy promise to stay in the shop and behave when one of the workers told him that he was wanted in the office. He didn’t know what was going on, or why he was needed to go to the office.

Going into the office he was greeted by Lord Peverell and they sat down.

“What can I do for you Lord Peverell?” Arthur asked.

“Well, I was hoping you would consider coming to work for me.”


“Well, a coworker of mine, Remus Lupin, told me about your passion and interest in muggle technologies. And that’s what we need here.”

“You know Remus. Well… Yes, it’s true that I am interested in muggle devices, but I already have a job.”

“I am aware. But I also know that you are not properly appreciated there. From everything I have seen, the ministry has some serious problems with what they value. There is no doubt in my mind that you are at least slightly dissatisfied with how your treated.”

“It’s true, I’m not exactly happy there, haven’t been for a while. But why do you want me to come and work here?”
“Well… Remus has told me that you were always asking questions about anything he brought to you from the muggle world, and that is what I need. This business is quite profitable, in other countries, but not here due to the bigotry that runs rampant here, but I’m looking to change that. I need someone to be in charge of our research and development department. Remus said you always ask questions, and thats what I need. I need someone that asks questions.”

“If… And i’m only saying if, I were to come to work here what would be different than working at the ministry?”

“Well, as I said, I need someone to head up the R&D team. That means that you would have an entire team answering to you. Your main job would be to ask questions, and then send them out to find the answers, you can even join in if you want. You see most wizards see muggles as beneath us, but you don’t. You would be willing to work on incorporating the muggle technology with magic without bias. Your primary job would be to develop new things, like the drinks machine I saw you looking at when I came in. That’s the kind of things you’d be doing.”

“So… I would be working with others to develop new items. That actually sounds like something that I might be interested in. What’s the pay scale?”

“The starting wage for the head of R&D is 25,000 galleons per year, but all our workers own a share of the company, so you will receive a share of the profit, it will pay out just before Yule. Just so you understand how much that is, last year every member of the business, world wide, received just over 500 galleons.”

“Are you serious? That is almost twice my yearly salary, not to mention the shares.”

“Wow, the ministry has clearly been underpaying you. I will tell you right up front.   We are bringing in a new policy this year. We have been having a problem with our British employees struggling financially even with our pay scale. For some reason Hogwarts doesn’t teach their students the basics of how to construct and live by a budget, so we are requiring all of our employees to use a financial advisor. I understand that you are an adult and know how to budget, but we don’t want anyone to feel like their being singled out, so everyone will have to use them. The company will of course be paying for it. I am just asking you to consider it, you don’t need to make up your mind now you can take a few weeks.”

“That does make sense about the whole budgeting idea. And, theres no need to think about it. I would be more than happy to start working here as soon as possible. This is my dream job.”

“Wonderful. I already had a contract drawn up, Remus told me there would be no chance you would turn me down. All you would need to do is sign this contract I have here, and then send in your 2 week notification to the ministry that you’re quitting. Once that’s done, you will be able to start here after that.”

James and Arthur went through the contract after that. Arthur even wrote out his resignation letter to the ministry right there and James sent it off with one of the owls meant for owl orders. Just before he left James spoke up.

“You might not want to tell your wife that I own the company. I don’t think she likes me much.”

“It might have had something to do with you comparing her to You-Know-Who.”

“I didn’t… I mean… Guess I did, but I didn’t mean it like that, completely.”

“Than how did you mean it?”

“I merely pointed out, that denying a child a chance at an education simply because you don’t like their parents is similar to Voldemort’s ideology. He didn’t want children to be able to receive an education because he felt that who their parents were made them inferior and less deserving, while I had just had the joy of listening to your wife explain to me, for 10 minutes, that the children who’s parents worked in Knockturn Alley didn’t deserve to be given the chance to attend Hogwarts because of who their parents were. I disagreed and pointed out the hypocrisy of it. Now, maybe I might have gone a little to far, but I don’t regret it.”

“She said that. She said that children didn’t deserve a chance to attend school because of who their parents were.” James nodded at him. “Well that is definitely not the story I was told. Thank you for letting me know. And you’re right. I think it would be best if she didn’t know your involvement in this business, regardless.”

After that Arthur left and James went home.

As they were headed back to the restaurant to floo home for dinner, Bill noticed how happy his dad was.

“Dad. What happened up in the office? We didn’t do anything wrong, did we?”

Arthur looked at his eldest son and smiled happily. “No, nothing wrong. Lord Peverell actually wanted to offer me a job.”

“You’re taking it right. Please tell me you’re taking it.”

Arthur was surprised at just how much Bill wanted him to work there.

“Well, yes, I agreed to take the job. I’ve even written out my resignation letter for the ministry and sent it in, as well as signed an employment contract with them. But why do you want me to work there so bad?”

“Because dad.” Percy piped up. “We both saw how you were treated today. We’d have to be stupid not to realize that they just don’t appreciate you like you deserve, so why would we want you to work with people like that. We want you to be happy.”

Arthur stopped and grabbed both of his sons in his arms and gave them a tight hug. He knew that they would have seen how he was treated. He had worried that they would have the same opinions as those he worked with. Instead his sons were angry on his behalf and wanted him to work somewhere else so that he could be happy. Arthur knew then that he had raised his sons right.

“I do have a request of you boys.” Both of then looked to their father. “Don’t tell anyone else just yet. I’m going to tell your mother after you boys have gone to bed. And also, don’t mention to her that Lord Peverell was at the shop. Your mother doesn’t like him, so it would just be best if she didn’t know he was involved.”

When both boys solemnly agreed they flooed home.


Molly notice just how excited her husband was when he came home, but he had told her they would talk about it when the kids were all in bed. She really didn’t like to have to wait, but knew that there was no point in pushing.

Although she had originally thought that Arthur would come to love her, and that she wouldn’t need to give him love potion all the time, that hadn’t happened. She had once started to take him off the love potion, and he pulled away from her, and had even been talking about moving out when she had started the potions up again. The ones she gave him now were more mild than the ones she had originally, and due to his growing resistance Arthur was slowly becoming more opinionated. Originally he had agreed with everything she said, now he argued with her more.

It was also clear to her that Bill and Percy knew what was going on. During dinner Molly had asked how there day was, and Bill had been so excited. He had proudly told them all about his new job. Molly was furious that Arthur had taken him out to get a job without telling her. She had a right to know what was going on. But, even after telling them that they still had a secretive look on their young faces.

At first she had been ready to insist that he quit, but then she had seen the benefits. It would get him out of the house most days, and it would also relieve some off the financial pressures. 

Albus made sure that she had money for looking after Ron and Ginny, but she didn’t want to have to always be spending it on the other kids. This job would make it so that Bill could start to pay his own way. 

She was also irritated that Percy had gotten a library card. Who knew what sorts of dark books there were in that library. That was why Albus had been removing so many books from the library, they were just to dangerous in the hands of children. Then they had told Charlie about the nature preserve. The foolish boy had wanted to go then and there. Molly knew she had her work cut out for her to make Charlie work for the ministry. He was just to fascinated with dangerous creatures, and that was just no way for a son of her’s to live, and she wouldn’t allow it.

Once the kids were in their rooms Arthur and Molly met in the kitchen.

“Well, what has happened that has made you seem so happy?”

“I quit my job at the ministry.”

“WHAT? Are you out of your mind? You need that job? We need that money?”

“Relax Molly. I already have another job. Even better, this job pays almost twice what the ministry was paying.”

“But what about our reputation? No one will take you seriously if you don’t work for the ministry.”

“Molly, you need to relax. No one took me seriously even when I was named head of my department. They have always looked down on me, and I have no intention of continuing to work for people that give me no respect. Junior Technologies is a much better fit for me. Besides, theres no point in trying to convince me to change my mind. I’ve already sent in my resignation letter, and signed a new contract with JT. I will be finishing out the next two weeks with the ministry and then I’m done.”

Arthur then explained all about what he would be doing for work now. After he finished telling Molly his plans he went up to bed. Arthur knew that it wasn’t fair to Molly for him to just make major decisions without her, but he just couldn’t risk her stopping him. He needed to take this chance.

Molly sat at the kitchen table for a while and fumed. Oh, she knew that Arthur wasn’t happy at work, but she honestly didn’t really care. It was his job to bring in the money. Not to mention she thought this new job was ridiculous. They had magic, they didn’t need muggle stuff.

But the more she thought about it, like with Bill’s new job, the more she liked it. Sure, she would lose the respect that came from being the wife of a head of a department, but it really didn’t help her all that much. Most people looked down on her regardless. The extra money would be nice, but the financial advisor would not be good.

She was in charge of the family finances. She had also been skimming a little off the top to add to the vaults Albus had set up for her and their kids. Since Arthur had  agreed to the financial advisor she wasn’t going to be able to do that anymore. She just hoped that they didn’t look back or she could be in major trouble, but if that happened she would just have to up the amount of potions that she gave Arthur.

By the time she was ready to go up to bed Molly had convinced herself that she would be able to make sure that everything worked out in her favour.

Chapter Text

 Kamakura, Japan - July 31, 1996

Hadrian was extremely excited and nervous. Today was his sixth birthday, and he thought he might finally be able to have a proper birthday, like the ones Dudley had had, but he was also worried that his family would forget. 

He was laying in his usual position, sandwiched between his parents. Ever since they had come to Japan Hadrian had been trying to seem more grown up and staying in his own bed during the night. So far he hadn’t managed to go a full night, usually ending up slipping into bed with his fathers around 2 or 3 in the morning. Last night he hadn’t even tried to stay in his own bed. He was just to on edge.

Looking around he noticed that both his fathers were still asleep. That was odd for him because his papa was almost always up before him and his dad. If papa wasn’t up yet it meant that it had to be extremely early.

Severus had started getting used to being able to sleep in and now got up around 9am. But that was early to Hadrian and James, who normally slept until almost noon. Like the others, Sirius liked to sleep in, but Remus normally was up and researching by 7am. Hadrian was starting to agree with his uncle Sirius, morning people were evil, especially when they woke him up.

Hadrian cuddled back under the blankets. He loved being able to do that. He was just starting to doze again when the room was stormed.

Remus had woken up at his usual time. They all knew that Hadrian had never had a proper birthday so they decided to make sure he had one. Hadrian had been nervous and twitchy all day yesterday. Remus had convinced the other adults not to let on that anything was going on. 

They had taken turns going out to get Hadrian any last minute presents they thought he might need, they had actually had almost all of his presents before they even left Britain. Remus had personally picked out a cake. In traditional Remus style, it was a nice fudge cake, covered in smooth buttercream and raspberries. They had already figured out that of all the fruit they had had Hadrian try, he loved raspberries the most.

He had managed to get Sirius up early enough to help him get everything ready. Both Remus and Sirius had agreed to let Sev and James sleep in and do all the preparations for the party themselves. 

Sirius had grumbled a lot until Remus had reminded him that it was for Hadrian, then he stopped. Remus had smiled at that. There was no denying that Sirius was less than sane, and many would find him intimidating at times, but he clearly adored his god son. Remus had compared him to a puppy following the boy around and Sirius had actually been pleased at the comparison.

By 8:30 everything was set. Going to the door where they knew the other three would be. Pushing the door open they came into the room. Remus was carrying the first two presents they had gotten for Hadrian, he knew that Sirius was going to change into Padfoot, and that was exactly what he did.

They clearly hadn’t thought things through. Almost as soon as they had slammed into the room James had pushed Hadrian behind him and both him and Severus were up and shooting spells at them. Remus dove out of the room and Sirius ended up in his Padfoot form under the bed.

Remus was extremely glad that he had chosen to bring presents rather than the cake. There was just no justification for destroying a perfectly good chocolate cake. He peaked into the room when he heard Hadrian start to giggle.

“Really?” Remus demanded as he stepped cautiously back into the room with his hands on his hips. “We talked about this last night before you went to bed. You knew that we would be coming in to wake you all up for Hadrian’s birthday.”

Padfood just whined from under the bed. Even he wasn’t crazy enough to come out and face down James and Severus, just in case they didn’t like being woken up any more than he did.

James looked slightly embarrassed as he apologized, Severus just looked defiant. It was naturally Severus that answered back.

“You said that you would wake us up when everything was ready. At no point did you say that you were going to storm our room. And will you get out from under the bed mutt, it isn’t like it would protect you if I really wanted to get to you.”

Remus apologized for letting Sirius convince him to do it, Padfoot just looked slightly proud of himself, but he still had his tail between his legs. To Hadrian it was probably one of the best ways to start a great day, even if it did start way to early.

The day was spent playing and exploring. Hadrian knew that he was probably one of the luckiest kids in the world. He had gone from having nothing to having an incredible family that loved him. Dobby was also always hanging around just in case he needed anything.

Ever since Sev had brought Dobby home the little elf had been completely loyal to Hadrian. The two had bonded right away. When Hadrian first learned of Dobby’s self harm issue he had given him strict orders to never harm himself again. Now, even if Dobby felt the instinct to hurt himself the magic wouldn’t let him. Dobby felt incredible gratitude to the little boy that so clearly cared about him so he was completely devoted.

They lived in a wizarding tent up in the mountains around one of the temples that made the town so popular with tourists. The tent was top of the line. It had 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, library, a potions lab, and a medium sized greenhouse. There was even a full sized patio out front, and the entire thing was completely covered in anti-muggle and notice-me-not charms.

All the charms allowed for Hadrian, James, and Sirius to spend much of the after noon flying around. James had gotten Hadrian a child’s broom as one of his presents. It was only one of the presents he received, he actually received over a dozen presents from his family, and even a hand made picture frame from Dobby. Hadrian had hugged the little elf when he got it, then he made them all take a family photo, with Dobby included, and then put the picture in the frame. Dobby burst in to tears when he saw that Hadrian really considered him to be a part of the family.


It was two days later that Sirius learned some startling information. All the work that they had been doing to get free of Dumbledore, the work for the bank, and all the research they had had to do for both the Wizengamot and school board had left them little time to go through all the information from the trunk. 

Sirius was going through one of the journals when he saw his brothers name. Reading further, he learned that his little brother was alive, and according to the journal he had turned away for the dark lord that his parents had forced him to serve. At this point in time, his little brother was laying, comatose, in a British hospital.

They were in luck, and the name of the hospital was mentioned. This allowed for Remus to return to England that day and go to the hospital. Once he had clearly identified Regulus he was able to use persuasion, and a little magic, to convince the hospital staff that Regulus was being transferred to a new hospital. 

Then he used his portkey to return the two of them to Japan. While Remus had been getting Regulus, the others were preparing one of the spare rooms for him. As a potions master, Severus was required to have a medi-wizard license so he was at least able to assist in some medical situations. From everything that they had read in the journal, Regulus did not have any serious underlying conditions. His escape from Voldemort’s trap had caused Regulus to completely empty his core.

He would simply need time. The journal said that his core would have refilled enough for him to wake up by the end of the next year, but it would take another year after that for him to regain even a basic amount of magic. He wouldn’t be able to properly cast for at least three years.

While the others were getting Regulus settled in his new room, Severus was in his lab. The potion that Regulus had had to drink was known as The Drink of Despair, and it could last for decades. It would slow down Regulus’s recovery.

Sirius suggested that he make sure that there was enough for Kreacher. The elf was completely devoted to Regulus and could serve as a nurse to him while Regulus recovered.

When the potion was done Sirius called Kreacher to him. As the Lord Black he could call him from where ever he was.

The filthy elf arrived with a soft pop. “Nasty master bes calling Kreacher.”

Sirius took a deep breath and forced himself to be calm. “Yes Kreacher. I want you to drink this.”

Kreacher looked critically between Sirius and the vial in his hand. Severus decided to step in, he knew that even before drinking the potion Kreacher and Sirius had had issues.

“Kreacher, I know that the Dark Lord forced you to drink a potion that made you see and feel terrible things. This potion will make those bad things stop.”

Kreacher didn’t need any more encouragement after that. He reached out and grabbed the potion and drank it all in one shot. It was clear that the potion worked as Kreacher slowly relaxed and his eyes became clearer.

“What else can Kreacher bes doing for nasty master?” It was clear that Kreacher still didn’t like Sirius and Severus’s lips twitched.

Before Sirius could say anything, Severus once again stepped in. “Kreacher, we need you to do something for us. We were hoping that you would get us the locket your master Regulus told you to destroy.”

Kreacher paled until he was almost chalk white, which Sirius actually found to be impressive. Sirius knew there was only one way that they were going to be able to calm the angry and scared elf.

“Kreacher, follow me.” Sirius then led Kreacher into the room where they had placed Regulus.

“Master Regulus, master Regulus. Yous has come back.” Kreacher was excited to see the man he had cared for as a child.

“Kreacher,” Severus got Kreacher’s attention. “We want to destroy the locket, just like your master Regulus did. As you can see, Regulus has been hurt, but he’s getting better. We want to be able to tell him that the locket has been destroyed when he wakes up.”

As soon as Sev finished saying this, Kreacher popped away. He was back almost instantly with the locket in his hand. Severus took the locket straight to the mail box and sent the locket directly to Ragnock. He got a message back only a few moments later telling him that the locket was on its way to being destroyed. Kreacher was excited when he was told this.

Sirius made a deal with Kreacher. Kreacher would be the primary caregiver for Regulus until he woke up, so long as he cleaned up Grimmauld Place. The elf had readily agreed, and even thanked Sirius for being so kind.

The rest of the summer was spent working and playing.


Hogwarts, Great Hall - September 1, 1996

Bill Weasley had never wished that the summer had lasted longer more. Normally, Bill was excited for school. It was a chance to see his friends again, but more importantly, it got him away from his overbearing mother.

This summer had been the best of his life. He had actually loved working. The shop wasn’t overly busy, they usually only had a few people visit each day, so he had been able to get a lot of reading done. Madam Hollans knew so much, and she had been happy to teach him.

There was also the extra spending money it gave him. Since Arthur also had a new job that paid a lot better, he hadn’t allowed Bill to pay for his school supplies. The largest expense that he had been planning for was his new school books, so he had even more money than he had thought. He had even gotten to open his own account at the bank.

Percy and Charlie had both tried to go to work with him every day he went. Percy had spent so much time in the library that Bill had thought he was going to move in there. When Bill had asked him why he didn’t just take the books out and read them at home Percy had told him that Molly had started checking every book he brought home. He knew that there were many books that she wouldn’t let him read, so he just decided to keep them all from getting the headache that always came with an angry Molly. After that Bill had let him come to work with him every day. Percy had been extremely upset when Bill had finished work because it meant that he wouldn’t be able to go to the library as often as he wanted. He had only calmed down when their father had promised to bring him to the library while Bill was away at school, it didn’t hurt that he also promised that he would pick up books for him on the way home and sneak them in so Molly wouldn’t know.

As soon as Charlie had heard of the nature preserve he had started to come along. It was a fight to get Charlie to leave every day. Bill had almost had a heart attack when he had gone to pick him up at the end of the day only to find him holding a baby occamy. Occamy were classified as a level XXXX beast by the ministry and were known to be very aggressive. Once Bill had started to breathe again Charlie had told him all about how some of the beast handlers had offered to teach him a few things. They had agreed that they wouldn’t tell their mother that Charlie would be taking lessons at the preserve. The staff at the preserve had even said that Charlie would have a summer job there for next summer if he wanted it. Charlie had been so excited that Bill had actually thought that Charlie might just drop out of school right then and there to take the job.

When he finished his job, Bill had gone to the ministry to take the OWLs that he wanted to. He decided to take warding, curse breaking, enchanting, spell crafting, and spell weaving. There really hadn’t been enough time during the summer to properly study the subjects but he had still managed to pass them all and would be able to start to work on his NEWTs, he had even managed to get an O in warding, though he knew that was due to Madam Hollans and Professor Snape.

While waiting for his tests at the ministry, Bill had learned some interesting information. When you took your OWLs and NEWTs at school, you could only test in the classes you took, But if you took them at the ministry you could try any subject you wanted. Also, the tests were only offered to fifth and seventh years at the school, but you could take any test at any time at the ministry, so long as you understood that if you failed than that was it, there was no retesting without having to attend a certified class on the subject. This meant that, if Bill wanted he could take his NEWTs in any of his OWL subjects whenever he felt ready, he could also take other OWLs next summer. He decided that he was going to study a few more things, like languages, and take his OWLs in them over the yule holidays, and try for the NEWTs during the summer. He knew that it was going to be a lot of work, but he just wanted to try. If he didn’t feel confident in his chances of passing he would just postpone when he took the tests. 

He had also seen a few students from the other houses. There hadn’t been a single other Gryffindor, but there had been 18 Slytherins, 21 Ravenclaws, and 13 Hufflepuffs. They had told him that their heads of house and family members secretly encouraged them to study other courses. Bill was stunned that Professor McGonagall didn’t do the same for her students, but then he thought about how completely devoted she was to the headmaster, just like his mother. 

Life had gotten a lot better for Bill. He finally had a plan for his life.

He watched as all the new students were sorted. Since Lord Peverell had made sure that all children were given a chance to attend there were a lot more students being sorted. This year the sorting hat had to sort over 150 kids, most of them were in upper years and had finally been given a chance to learn at the school. Bill thought it was great.


Up at the staff table, not everyone was as happy as Bill. Albus was furious at all the dark students now attending his light school. He knew that he was going to have to try and keep an eye on all of them. There was just no telling what diabolical things they would get up to if they weren’t careful.

Minerva, was thinking along the same lines as she read out the names. Although most of the dark students weren’t sorted into her house, some were. She made sure to memorize their faces and names so that she could pay special attention to them. She hated that her den was being infiltrated by these ‘children’. She would never forgive Lord Peverell for forcing Albus to let them in, and would do what ever she could to try and revoke their acceptance.


Kamakura, Japan - October 24, 1996

Severus was critically watching his husband and friend. Both James and Sirius had been acting extremely strange. Hadrian was finally sleeping in his own bed most of the time. He usually only climbed into bed with his fathers once every week or two.

James had actually broken down crying multiple times last week because Hadrian had slept in his own bed. He had had a complete meltdown when Dobby had made his favourite dinner. The elf was oddly happy and terrified as James had hugged him repeatedly. Kreacher wouldn’t even come near him after that.

Sirius wasn’t any better. Kreacher was avoiding him too, after Sirius had tearfully apologized for all the arguments that they had had over the years. He had started to decorate the tent, he had then stopped and restarted, changing the colours multiple times. Right now, there tent was decorated in pink and gold for some odd reason.

They had all decided to quickly renew their vows. Allowing Severus to take the last name Prince-Peverell. The colour scheme that Sirius and James had chosen had been blue and bronze, it had actually been quite beautiful. But before they had managed to get those colours they had gone through almost every other colour in the rainbow in less than a week.

Both Severus and Remus were at first concerned that they had gotten cursed somehow. They had found the temple two weeks before and were now working at finding all the information inside. Severus had been examining all the potions ingredients for something that could cause symptoms like Sirius and James were displaying, while remus was examining every object they could find.

Whenever they ask James or Sirius what was going on they would either get angry, or break down in tears. Whenever they started crying Hadrian was the only one that could calm them down. Hadrian had warned them off of upsetting the two after he had spent over 4 hours being hugged non stop while being cried on.

As Severus watched, James became angrier and angrier at the book he was reading, until he just snapped and set the book on fire before he threw it across the tent. Remus and Dobby grabbed for the book as quickly as they could. Remus wanted to save the book, while Dobby wanted to make sure the tent didn’t catch fire or get dirty.

That was when every thing made sense and his eyes became huge as he cursed his own stupidity.

“What’s wrong Severus?” Remus asked once he was sure that the book was safe.

“I know what’s going on with them. There’s only one thing I know of that causes reactions like theirs and turns James into a pyro when he gets upset at something. Pregnancy.”

“What?” Remus was shocked. It had never even occurred to him that either of the two men could be pregnant, although it did make sense.

Men didn’t handle pregnancy very well. Women were far more capable of handling the shifting hormones, while men just couldn’t handle them. Pregnant males often times had moments where they would become completely irrational, especially if there was even a hint that their partner wasn’t completely devoted.

“I am not, nor have I ever been, a pyro.” James told his husband as he folded his arms over his chest and stomped one of his feet, reminding Severus of a child throwing a temper tantrum, though, he would never say that.

“James, when you were pregnant with Hadrian you set my potions lab on fire, with me in it.”

“While maybe you shouldn’t have spent so much time in there. You should have been with me.”

“James. I was brewing the nutrition potions you needed to take to ensure Hadrian was healthy.”

“Leave him alone.” Sirius said as he went over to his pouting friend. 

Remus and Severus just looked at each other. This was going to be fun. A pregnant James had been hard enough to deal with last time. Now it was both James and Sirius, there was going to be no telling the kind of havoc they could wreak.

While James and Sirius were busy talking to one another Sev cast a silent pregnancy detection spell. It came back positive, with the added shocker of Sirius carrying twins. According to the spell James’s pregnancy was only a few days further along, and they were both due in the last week of may. Although Severus expected Sirius to go into labour sooner as he was carrying twins.

James and Sirius both started to happily chat with each other about having kids at the same times before James suddenly stopped. His eyes misted over before he quickly moved over to his son and settled the boy on his lap as he sat down while he insisted over and over again that they weren’t trying to replace him and that they would always love him. Sirius quickly joined them, joining James in telling Hadrian that they would always love him.

Hadrian just gave Severus and Remus a droll look. “What did I tell you about upsetting them?”

“You knew.” All four adults said at the same time.

“Of course. I thought you all knew.” Hadrian said confusedly.

“But… But how?” James asked.

“The magic told me. There have been little bright lights of magic forming in there stomachs for a few weeks now. I thought you all knew.” Hadrian was confused. 

He still didn’t fully understand that everyone didn’t know the things he did. His fathers and uncles had told him that as he grew older he would begin to remember things from his past life, but it still confused him.

They spent the next little while going over how things were going to change, but they would always love him. Severus was glad that Hadrian was so mature for his age. He was slightly worried that Hadrian would become jealous of his younger siblings, or think that his family didn’t love him anymore. But Hadrian was thrilled at the idea of siblings.

Remus started to draw up plans for what James and Sirius wouldn’t be able to do. Male pregnancy’s were extremely delicate because the male body wasn’t designed to protect a growing infant. That meant that there were now all sorts of jobs that they wouldn’t be able to do.

James was also going to have to arrange for a proxy for his seats in the Wizengamot. There was no way he would be able to handle the meetings while pregnant. The members were just to annoying and the last thing any of them needed was James getting angry because he had a tendency to light what ever was annoying him on fire. It would not be a good idea for James to be in the same room as Dumbledore, especially since the old man had previously kidnapped James’s first born.

James would need to start making arrangements now. The school board only met 2-3 times a year, and the next one wasn’t until just before the yule holidays. James insisted that he still go to that meeting as he still wanted to upset Dumbledore more. Thankfully James would only be showing a little at that time, and they would be able to hide that with loose robes. James said that he would make the arrangements for a proxy starting for the January session. He couldn’t leave before the school board meeting as it would draw attention to him if he skipped one meeting but attended the other.


Only a few days after the pregnancy had been confirmed Sirius was working on translating one of the ancient potions books that they had found. As happy as he was that he was going to be a father he really wished he would be able to keep working in the temple. Both he and James were already frustrated with the fact that they had been restricted from going in the temple. They understood the reasoning, there were traps and curses all over the place, plus all the different potions ingredients. Even a slight bump in the wrong place right now could cause a miscarriage, and many of the older potions ingredients had been linked to birth defects so they needed to be careful.

All that they could really do right now was translations. That was what led to Sirius’s discovery. While going over some of the potions masters research he found that he had been researching on how to heal brain injuries, specifically injuries that had been cause by curses.

Sirius thought about his friends, Frank and Alice Longbottom. A potion like this had the potential to help heal them, at least a little. He knew from the journals that their son Neville was currently living with his abusive grandmother. There was no doubt in Sirius’s mind that if Alice ever found out what Augusta Longbottom had done to her son she would curse the woman to oblivion and back, and that was just for starters.

It took hours of non stop work, but by the time Severus and Remus returned from the temple with more books Sirius was done. Calling Severus over he showed him what he had been working on. Severus agreed with him that there was a great deal of potential in the potion. The potions master had never managed to finish creating it, but Severus thought that he could.

There had been so many advancements in potions since this book had been written. If he could combine some of the higher level healing potions with this potion that seemed to be focused on the brain he believed that he could actually reverse the damage that had occurred to Frank and Alice’s nerves and brain tissue. Severus decided that he was going to work on it whenever he had a free moment.


Wizengamot - December 2, 1996

James was actually smiling as the Wizengamot meeting came to an end. This was the last meeting he was going to have to attend until June. He decided to ask Kingsley’s uncle, Kensington, to serve as his proxy, as he felt he could trust the man. The Wizengamot usually only met once a month on the first or second Monday of the month. There hadn’t been much that he could do over the past few meetings. Which he was both grateful for, and not. He was glad because he didn’t think getting into a debate with raging hormones was a good idea. Severus was right, though James wasn’t going to admit it to him, James’s first reaction when he got angry while pregnant was to light things on fire. And as much as he would have enjoyed it, lighting Albus Dumbledore on fire, in front of witnesses, was not a good idea. But he was also incredibly board, which could also be just as dangerous, especially for a prankster.

A majority of each of the meetings had been devoted to setting up the guidelines for the DCW. James had enjoyed shooting down most of Dumbledore’s ideas. He didn’t want Dumbledore to have any control of the new department. Lucius and Narcissa were both extremely helpful in this area. More often than not Narcissa managed to step in before him. Narcissa was clearly extremely passionate about this subject.

Narcissa had recently started to hold parties and host fundraisers for the department and the orphanage. Just in the few months since the Sea Cliff Home opened, Narcissa had raised over a million galleons for them with fundraisers. 

There were currently only 23 children, ranging in age from 4-17, living there. With all that money the home payed for all the students tuition and school supplies so that there would be more scholarships available for the other children. The money that wasn’t spent on supplies and necessities for the children was stored in the bank. The goblins were taking the task of ensuring that the money meant to protect children was looked after extremely well. Ragnock himself, personally watched over the accounts to ensure that there wasn’t any mismanagement.

James had noticed during both this meeting, and the last, that Narcissa was almost glowing. He smirked.

When he saw her suddenly go pale when one of the older lords, that he knew wore strong cologne, walked up to her James was sure. He went over after the man walked away and handed her his handkerchief that had been scented with lavender and peppermint. He often used it when he got nauseous.

Narcissa caught the soothing scents and brought the fabric up to her nose and took a few deep breaths. Once she stopped feeling like she was going to be sick she looked over at James. Seeing his secret little smile she put things together.

“When?” She asked, smirking back at him.

“End of May, just a few days before a friendly dog I know. You?”

Narcissa’s eyes widened fractionally, the only evidence of her shock and joy through her pure blood mask. “Beginning of May. I don’t envy those teaching in the future.”

James grinned. Neither did he. There was no way that his child, Sirius’s twins, and a Malfoy wasn’t going to result in chaos for 7 full years.

Narcissa was pleased as she got ready to leave the Wizengamot. She had once again managed to ensure that Albus Dumbledore had no control over the Sea Cliff Home. The man just wouldn’t quit. Casually she gently ran her hand over her slowly growing stomach. Thinking about the child growing inside her made her worried. She was terrified that she would suffer another miscarriage.

When she had first found out that the muggle techniques had allowed her to get pregnant so quickly she had instantly made another appointment with them. They had labeled her pregnancy as ‘high risk’ and insisted that she go in to be checked multiple times a month. Her muggle healer had assured her that they wanted her to be completely honest with them, and if she felt like something was going on she was to come in so that they could check.

Narcissa had been stunned when her healer had showed her what they called an ultrasound machine. She and Lucius had been a little dubious when the technician had first started to spread jell on her stomach. But then she had shown them their baby. 

The fact that she could actually see her unborn babies heart beat made everything so much more real. Lucius had used one of their camera’s to take a picture. Although the muggle healers had given them photos, they had wanted a wizarding photo. Now, safely tucked in the inside pockets of both Lucius and her robes, was a black and white photo of their babies beating heart.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw as James snuck out. Turning slightly she saw that he was slipping out while Dumbledore was looking around, clearly trying to spot him.

Lucius joined her and they left.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - December 4, 1996

James entered the school board room for the second time. There were usually only two board meetings a year, one before yule and the other before summer, unless there was some kind of emergency.

This was the last meeting he would have to attend until after he gave birth. He couldn’t wait for it. Between the work for the bank and all the prep work they had to do for all the different meetings, and trying to go over all the information in the trunks, it was wearing them all down. Their plan was to only focus on their work for the bank and going through the trunks. It would be a nice break.

When the others came in he was joined on his side of the table by an odd mix of the other school governors. Fawley from the light, Gibbon from the dark, and all four neutrals, Ollivander, Shacklebolt, Kingsley, and Travers, all came over to him. James smiled at them all, it was apparent that James now controlled the board even more than he had before.

Like he had before, James sat silently as they went over the minutes from the last meeting. It was hard not to smirk over at Dumbledore. Just like last time Molly and Andromeda both started going on about the books they needed to remove, but Molly also decided to add on that they shouldn’t let the children from the darker families access certain books. James rolled his eyes, and he knew he wasn’t the only one. When the vote came for removing the books it failed. 

Dumbledore looked like he had swallowed an entire lemon at once. Andromeda Tonks fumed silently. Molly, like usual, wasn’t capable of being silent and let them all know about how she felt about the lost vote.

Eventually James decided to speak up. “Headmaster, I have a question.”

“What can I do for you  my boy?”

“I was wondering why you haven’t made use of the Helena vault and hired the appropriate number of staff.”

“There is no need my boy. My staff is fully capable of doing their jobs.”

“Actually headmaster, they aren’t. According to the description of the work schedule I have received from one of your former employees, it is quite common for the teachers to spend over 60 hours per week setting up for class, teaching, and then cleaning up after class. That doesn’t even take into account the amount of time they spend marking assignments and tests. Plus doing rounds and detentions. It isn’t legal for them to work that much. And that was all before we opened up the school to more students. If there is ever an accident that happens as a result of overworked staff the school is liable. It could cost us tens of thousands of galleons. This school needs to be appropriately staffed. Personally, I would recommend at least two teachers for the core classes, so that they can split up the years, and multiple assistance. I think we should also ensure that there are at least 2 fully qualified healers, one male and one female. As the medical exams showed last year, Madam Pomfrey is clearly overworked and hasn’t been able to treat all the students properly. You also need more than just 2 caretakers for a building this size.”

“Now my boy. Surely you are exaggerating. I know that you don’t understand the inner workings of the school, given that you never attended, but we are doing just fine.”

“I disagree headmaster.” Gerbot Ollivander said. “My daughter has told me many stories about students running wild because there just isn’t enough teachers to cope with them all. And like Lord Peverell said, that was before we had an influx of more students. There is no possible chance that they can keep up with all the extra work. The requirements to access the vault are easy to complete so that isn’t an excuse.”

“And again, like Lord Peverell said, it isn’t even legal to have the staff working so much. We are all, in effect, breaking the law if we don’t hire more staff.” Kensington Shaklebolt added.

Dumbledore was furious. Once again Sebastian Peverell had backed him into a corner, there was nothing he could do. He knew that many of the staff had often made requests for assistance but he hadn’t allowed it. With things having to go through the goblins now, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hand pick the staff. He was already losing control on who got in to the school and who didn’t, he didn’t want to lose control of staffing. He had spent the entire summer trying to find a way to control who got a job at the school. He hadn’t found a way to manage it, so he just hadn’t bothered to hire extra staff.

“I motion that we require the hiring of more staff, before the end of the yule break.” Travers said.

He was seconded by Gibbon. When the vote was called, only Dumbledore, Molly, and Andromeda voted against it. And again, Molly vented her displeasure.

“Now that that is done.” James continued with a smile. “I would also recommend that we thank Professor Cuthbert Binns, and then remove him from the staff.”

“Surely not. He has been teaching for years. He is a proud and loyal staff member.” Dumbledore said.

“I am suggesting it. He may have worked here for a long time but not successfully. Less than a quarter of the students that take his class are able to achieve their NEWTs in the subject. Almost half of the students in this school fail to complete their OWLs. From what I have heard his class is seen as nap time. Not to mention, just how is it that a ghost is supposed to correct assignments and tests. It would be much better to hire other teachers for the subject.” James had always hated having to go to Binns’s class, which was probably why he skipped the class more than he had attended it.

“I agree.” This time it was Fawley that spoke up. “I myself hated that class. The only reason I managed to get my NEWT in the subject was because I dropped the class after the OWLs and self studied for my NEWTs. And I know he hasn't gotten any better because both of my children are now doing the same, and all of my nieces and nephews complain about him.”

“As do mine” many voices said.

Eventually James’s ideas were agreed to. Dumbledore would be forced to hire a second teacher for all the core classes, and 2 teachers for history of magic. They were also requiring the hiring of a minimum of 2 assistants per subject. Both Filch and Hagrid would also be getting 2 assistants of their own.

James was thrilled as the meeting ended. Now Dumbledore was going to have to deal with new people. People that wouldn’t be completely devoted to him. That would keep him distracted for a while. Plus the students would be getting a better education, that mattered to him, but mostly he wanted to make Dumbledore suffer, helping the students was just a side benefit.


Once he was in his office Albus once again threw a few of his little devices. Molly and Andromeda watched him stoically. They were both as furious as he was. Nothing had been going their way lately.

Once he calmed down a bit Albus sat down at his desk and got them all tea. Popping a lemon drop in his mouth he looked at Andromeda. “Andromeda, I am going to have to ask you to apply for one of the history professor positions. I know you have a masters in history. I will see what I can do to ensure that you get the job. We need to make sure we have at least some control over what the students are learning.”

“I will be happy to help.”

“Albus, what are we going to do? That man is destroying everything.” Molly all but screamed.

“We will carry on. Like we always have.” Albus said. He truly enjoyed how devoted Molly was to him, but her voice was like nails on a chalk board. “I will speak to my contacts and try to make sure that we have people applying for every new position.”

Minerva came in then. When they explained everything to her she was just as frustrated as the others. Oh, she was happy that she would be getting assistants, but she didn’t want anyone that the goblins would approve of. “Poppy isn’t going to like this. You know how she felt at the end of last year with those St. Mungo's  healers in her ward.”

“I’m aware, but there’s nothing we can do now. Luckily, Lord Peverell will be taking a few months off from the Wizengamot. He will be needed at work more and isn’t set to return until June. That will give me a bit more time to regain some control. He has assigned Kensington Shaklebolt as his proxy, but I think I will be able to sway him. His nephew, Kingsley, is an auror. I could use Rufus Scrimgeour to offer to fast track the boys career.”

“Have you heard anything from Severus. We all know that that was how he got the statistics on the hours we work.” Minerva asked.

“Yes, but it really isn’t much. As you know, the contract limits what he can say. It was basically just telling me that work was going well. He did suggest that some of my plans aren’t working out the way that I want them too. He just kept going back to looking at the past and going to make sure everyone was where I left them. I think he might be losing his grip, he isn’t making much sense.”

“Are you sure he’s telling you the truth. For all we know he’s rejoined the death eaters.” Andromeda said. She knew how close Severus had been to her cousin Regulus and her sisters husband, Lucius.

“The contract broke his oath to Lord Voldemort.” Albus reminded them.

“Once a death eater, always a death eater.” Molly said.

“We will have to wait and see.” Albus said.

Molly and Andromeda left after that.

Minerva watched Molly glance back just before she left. “She’s becoming more obsessed.”

“I’m aware. But I can work that in my favour.” Albus had seen Molly’s obsession growing.

“Just be careful. You and I both know just what Molly does when she wants something.”

“I’m aware.” Albus did, on occasion, question if he had made the correct choice in choosing Molly to raise his children.

“Can we keep control with all these new people coming in?”

“I have my doubts, but we can try. It may take us a few years to gain control of the new staff members, but I have no doubts that we will be able to do it.”

Minerva and Albus talked for a while longer before heading to the great hall to get something to eat.

Albus, at times, did miss Gallert. Minerva was a good general, but that was all she was, a general that followed orders.


St. Mungo's , Janus Thickey Ward - December 22, 1996

Neville Longbottom was panicking as he followed his gran down the hospital halls towards his parents room. He knew what was happening, his parents were dying. 

It was a sad thought that the six year old boy was accepting of this fact. As much as he didn’t want them to die, he knew that was selfish. He knew that they were suffering, and he didn’t want them to suffer.

He just didn’t want to know that there was no one left for him but his gran and his uncle. Right now his parents being alive gave him some protection, but if they died, that protection would be gone. He had already accepted that his gran would never love him, not in the way he saw other children being loved.

It was just outside the doors to the ward when he knew that he was wrong. He could hear voices in the ward and his gran froze for a moment before pushing open the doors. “F… Frank?”

Neville looked from his gran to the tall man standing in the room next to a woman that looked upset. This couldn’t be. The healers had said that his parents would never get better.

As soon as the woman saw him tears filled her soft brown eyes. “Neville.” She said before she rushed across the room and gathered the frozen child in her arms.

Neville couldn’t breathe. This was his mother. His mother was hugging him. All of a sudden he broke down in great big shuddering sobs as he buried his head in his mothers chest and hugged her back.

Augusta had been fluttering around Frank while all this was happening trying to get his attention, but like his wife, he only had eyes for his son. Going over to them, completely ignoring his mother, he wrapped his arms around the both of them and let his own tears fall.

Nevill flinched when he felt his fathers arms around him. His gran had always told him how weak he was, and how his father would be ashamed of him, and now, he had just gotten his parents back and they were going to think he was weak too. Glancing up he saw something he didn’t expect. His fathers light blue eyes, just like his own, were filled with tears too. How could he be weak if his father was crying too.

While all this was happening Augusta had turned on the healers. “How did this happen? You told us they would never recover.”

“Well,” one of the healer said, “as you know, when you placed them here you signed a contract giving us the right to try different treatments. Only a few weeks ago a potions master in Japan created a potion that showed great potential in helping the victims of curse caused mental injuries. The reports from all the hospitals that tried it were all extremely positive so we decided to give it a try last week, and this is the result.”

“What do we do now? Can we go home with our son?” Alice asked. When the healers told her that they had been here for 5 years she hadn’t wanted to believe it. Then she had seen her little boy. He may have grown a lot, but she would know her baby anywhere. 

Now, she just wanted to make up for the lost time. She had already missed so much, and didn’t want to mis another moment.

“Not yet. You’re going to have to stay here a bit longer while we run a few tests to make sure that you’re healthy enough to leave. It shouldn’t be more than a week though, so you will be home before new years. We will just need to keep doing check ups from time to time so that we can report your recovery to Lord Prince.”

“Lord Prince?” Frank looked up.

“Yes. The potion was created in a joint effort by Gringotts Bank, and Lord Severus Prince, who is currently working in Japan.” The healer answered him, knowing that Augusta was going to get angry. They all knew about what Lord Prince had done during the war, when he had been known as Severus Snape. Many thought he had gotten away on a technicality, but a few on the hospital staff knew that was wrong, to them, he was, and always would be a hero, even more so now. But everyone knew Augusta Longbottom’s opinion on anything dark. It was why they hadn’t told her about the potion until now.

“You gave my son a potion created by that death eater?” She demanded. “How dare you. He could have been trying to kill him.”

Frank frowned as he felt his son start to shake at his mothers yelling. “Enough, mother. You know as well as I do that Severus worked as a spy. He has already saved my life more times than I can count, and apparently he’s done it again. Sev was, and is, my friend. Besides, clearly he wasn’t trying to kill us. If he had wanted us dead, we would be dead. No, he was helping again, just like he always has.”

Augusta was shocked. Frank rarely, if ever, spoke back to her. He just didn’t  understand the world. His father had sheltered him too much. She would just have to get in touch with Albus and he would get Frank back in line.

Neville didn’t pay attention as the adults argued, he was happier than he had ever been before. He had his family back just in time for the holidays.

Chapter Text

 Hogwarts - January 6, 1997

Life just wasn’t going Albus Dumbledore’s way. The students had returned last night and that had just driven home how much control he had lost.

Albus had spent almost every waking moment since the board meeting trying to maintain his control over his school. It hadn’t worked. The goblins had refused to allow him to hire almost all of his choices. He had gotten a few of his people, like Andromeda Tonks, but that wasn’t enough.

Most of the new staff members weren’t as devoted to him as he would have liked. Sure, many of them looked up to him, but that wasn’t enough. He needed people that would follow his orders without questions. The only two that would follow him without question, were Andromeda, who was one of the new history professors, and Caleb Doge, great great nephew of his old friend Elphias Doge, who was going to be one of the transfiguration assistants.

He had had to do the introductions and seem like he was happy at the welcome back feast. Many of the students had even seemed excited to have more teachers. A feeling that Albus didn’t share. He had liked to let the students run wild, it helped to keep them dumbed down, more teachers helping them was the exact opposite of what he wanted.

Just as he was getting ready to head down to dinner his floo alarm went off. He allowed access when he saw that it was Augusta Longbottom.

Albus wasn’t sure how he felt about the sudden recovery of Frank and Alice. It was a benefit because it brought back another powerful light family. Plus it helped to calm Augusta, she was completely obsessed with her son and his image. The draw back was that now he couldn’t use their condition to point out the cruelty of the death eaters. It didn’t help that Alice had always been a little wary of him, and Frank followed her ideas.

There was also the issue that this potion had been created by Severus. He needed people to continue to mistrust Severus, it gave him control over the man. He had hoped that working for the bank wouldn’t leave him any time to create new potions. If he had been working for the school when that potion had been created, then Albus would have been able to make sure that he gained the profit from the potion, now Severus was earning more money. People were also starting to see his spy in a better light.

“Albus, I need your help” Augusta was furious and had tears in her eyes.

“What is wrong my dear?” Albus could see that the normally stoic woman was on the edge of having a complete fit.

“Alice. That…That woman has taken Frank away.”

“What happened?”

“I was working with Neville in our weekly session, trying to get his power to react you know. Alice came in and threw a complete fit before grabbing the boy and storming off. Frank went with them. I don’t understand what is wrong with him. How could he just abandon his mother.”

Albus knew this was going to be trouble. He knew that when she said session, Augusta meant that she had been throwing stinging hexes at the boy. The boy was forbidden from running away or crying, it was an attempt to force his magic to protect him.

It wouldn’t work, and he knew it. He had had Augusta place a block on the boys magic so that Albus would be able to control him better when he was older. That block, and the different potions he knew the child had been fed would stop the boy from being able to use magic, at least for another few years.

Augusta’s brother-in-law Algie had also been blocking the boys power and giving him potions. If Frank hadn’t recovered, Neville was set to be the next Lord Longbottom. Algie had always been jealous of his elder brother, and then when the lordship passed to his nephew and then great-nephew he had been furious. Algie had already gone through all the money his family had given him and was using Nevill’s trust fund to keep supporting himself since he and Augusta were locked out of a majority of the family fortune until Frank got better or Neville came of age.

Albus couldn’t think of a single thing that could fix this. Alice had been a Hufflepuff, and she was the living embodiment of that house. She was completely loyal and hard working. Her son was, and would always be, her son. Now that she knew that her son was being hurt she would stop at nothing to protect him. And Frank, like the lovesick fool he was, would follow her, like usual.

“All I can think of is trying to use potions.” Albus told her. “Alice has always been difficult to control.”

“I don’t care if Alice and that squib brat come back. I just want my son home.” Augusta really didn’t care about the others, only her son mattered.

“I will see what I can do. Maybe if I can speak to him we might be able to work something out. I agree that Alice is not needed, but we need to keep Neville. I know he doesn’t seem like much now, but he still has the potential to be a child of prophecy. Plus, he will inherit Alice’s lines once she is gone.” Albus said. 

Yes, he liked that idea. If he could get rid of Alice he would be able to gain her family lines and money through the boy. The right potions and spells would make Frank controllable. He would just have to make sure he got it done before Frank put his lordship ring back on. Those rings had all manner of protection charms on them that even Albus didn’t know if he could by-pass.


Leaky Cauldron, Room 3

Frank was sitting in one of the chairs at the little table in the room he and Alice had rented for the night. He was in a state of shock.

Looking over he saw his wife curled up on the bed, wrapped around their son. Tears were silently sliding down her cheeks.

Neville hadn’t known that what his gran and great uncle had done was wrong. Because he thought it was completely normal he hadn’t seen any problems with telling his parents what had been happening. 

Frank had been horrified to know that his own family had physically and emotionally abused his son for years. The abuse had started almost as soon as he and Alice had been sent to St. Mungo's .

He knew that nothing his mother did would ever make him forgive her. Getting up, he headed for the door.

“Frank?” Alice was watching him.

“I’m going to go to the bank and make arrangements. I won’t ever let them near him again.” Alice smiled at him when he said that.


Frank walked into the bank, since it was so late there was almost no one there. It allowed him to go to one of the goblins working at the desks without having to wait in any lines. Once he had the goblins attention he requested to speak with Onyxfang, the Longbottom account manager.

He was instead taken to Ironclaw. When he asked where Onyxfang was he was told an interesting story.

Only 2 days after the attack on him and his wife, Onyxfang died suddenly. The goblin that took over in his place, Grimrock, had recently been caught by a bank wide audit accepting money from his mother and had been tried and executed. Augusta appeared to be paying him off to allow her and Algie access to certain vaults, like Neville’s trust fund, to support their preferred lifestyle. It was in the Longbottom family scripts that the regent of an underage heir would only receive 3,000 galleons a month. That was more than enough for the average witch or wizard, but Augusta and Algie weren’t average. From the accounting that Ironclaw had done, they had been taking more than three times what they were allowed to fund an extravagant lifestyle. A lifestyle that didn’t appear to have been provided for the heir.

Frank was furious. Not only were they abusing his son, they had been stealing from him. He knew that he couldn’t let this stand, but he also didn’t want to have to deal with a scandal so soon after getting out of the hospital.

After a long talk with his new account manager, Frank had decided to use the olde family laws to punish his mother and uncle. He called one of the older elves, that he knew never liked his mother or uncle, and explained what he wanted from him. The elf had smiled in glee at his new job. The elf really hadn’t liked their treatment of the family heir. Once that was done he used the banks floo to summon his mother and uncle.

“Frank. There you are sweetheart. You have had me worried sick. You can’t just go running off like that. Alice is just making things up, like usual. You know I would never do anything that would hurt you.” Augusta tried to run over and hug her son, but he stepped out of her reach.

“Enough, mother.” Augusta flinched as she heard his growl. “Don’t even bother with that. I know very well that you have been abusing my son. I also know that the two of you have been stealing from the family.”

“That money is ours. The little squib has no right to it. Squibs can’t inherit, and you know it.” Algie growled back.

“My son isn’t a squib. For your information, Neville started summoning his toys by his first birthday. Also, if he was a squib, then he wouldn’t be listed as heir, it would have passed directly to you. So, since you are not next in line, that means Neville isn’t a squib. But more importantly, that money was never yours and you will be punished for what you’ve done.” Frank said.

“You can’t send your own mother to Azkaban.” Augusta crossed her arms as she stare down her son like she had done to him when he was a child. This time he didn’t back down.

“Oh, I’m not sending you to Azkaban. I really don’t want to have to deal with the scandal. No, I will be using the olde family laws to decide your punishment. You both will be retiring from public life. After all, the stress of losing your son and daughter-in-law only for them to miraculously be healed would cause a great deal of stress for anyone. As far as the public will be concerned you are retiring to a nice cozy place to live out you’re golden years. And that is exactly what you will be doing. I have already made arrangements for you both to be moved to the cottage on the moors. You will not be leaving there ever again. I have already assigned Bobbin to look after you both. But he won’t be your servant, he will be your warden. You will be required to do all your own cooking and cleaning. I have arranged for him to do any shopping you need from an elf market, he has already agreed to ensure that you will both get all the food required for a healthy diet.”

Frank smiled at them. In truth, the cottage they would be moving to was a decent 2 bedroom place. Most people would be happy to have a home like that. But as he already knew from how much money they had wasted over the years, they both wanted lavish, not decent. It was nothing like Longbottom manor that they both had claimed as their own over the years. Now, they would get to see what it was like to be an average person.

“You can’t do this.” Algie yelled at him.

“Oh, I can, and I have. Ah here is Bobbin. He will be taking you to your new home now. Goodbye mother, uncle Algie. I hope everything you did was worth it to you, because you will never be leaving the moors.”

With that, Bobbin grabbed on to both of them and popped away. Frank let out a sigh of sadness and relief. His son was safe.

Finishing a few things off with Ironclaw, Frank headed back to the Leaky Cauldron. Alice was still awake when he got back so he quickly explained what he had done. He also told her that he had promised Ironclaw that they would all come back in the morning for a full inheritance test, the goblin had been very insistent on that, apparently they had discovered issues with others. 

Alice agreed to the bank trip in the morning. She was sad about what her husband had had to do, but she was glad that their son was safe from those people now.


St. Mary’s Hospital - May 1, 1997

Lucius Malfoy was completely happy. He was standing in a muggle hospital looking in one of the rooms from the doorway. In the room his wife and son both lay on the hospital bed. In between the two of them, lay his daughter.

Lyra Belladonna Malfoy. His perfect, healthy, baby girl.

All the stress and fear he and his wife had felt had all been for naught. According to the muggle healers, they now knew were called doctors, Lyra was completely healthy, and exactly the right size and weight they had been hoping for.

When Narcissa had first gone into labour last night Lucius had been terrified that something was going wrong. But then, 9 hours after their arrival at the hospital, he had watched as his daughter was born, and heard her loud cries letting them know she was here. They had even brought Draco into the room so he could feel involved.

Over the last few months of Narcissa’s pregnancy they had noticed that Draco had started to pull away. When they had asked him what was going on he would say it was nothing, but they both knew that he was becoming jealous of the new baby. Draco had never had to share anything in his life, and now he had too.

They had dealt with it by making sure Draco knew he was still loved. Lucius had even taken him aside and given him a good talking to about how much the new baby was going to need him. As the big brother it was his job to show the baby how to act, and also to help to take care of her. Once Draco felt more involved, and that he was considered to be a protector for the baby, he had started to get excited.

Now, Lucius watched as Draco looked down at his little sister with a goofy smile on his face. It was clear that Draco loved her. 

Narcissa looked up at him and smiled, waving him to come over and join them. Narcissa’s hair was a mess, and she was in desperate need of a shower, but Lucius thought she had never looked more beautiful.

Draco was looking at the squishy pink thing that was his sister. He really didn’t know how much he was going to be able to teach her, he didn’t know anything about girls, but he would try. For some reason he loved her as soon as he had seen her, even though she was all wrinkly and screaming. When he had seen the look in his mothers eyes when she had been placed in her arms Draco had made a promise to himself that he would never let anything bad happen to her. Anyone that could make both of his parents as happy as they were right now was ok with him.


Kamakura, Japan - May 14, 1997

Severus and Remus were in a complete panic. Like they had all expected, Sirius had gone into labour early. What they hadn’t expected was that the stress and excitement over his best friend, and pregnancy buddy, going into labour, would cause James to go into labour too. This was not what they had planned for.

Remus had gone down to the village to get a healer. Men were not equipped to give birth naturally, so the only way the babies were coming out was by a cesarean, and Severus wasn’t qualified to do that. 

As Remus was panicking on his way to the village, Severus was panicking as he tried to calm the two men in labour. It didn’t help that both men had magic and were throwing the occasional curse at him. Even though he had taken their wands away, they were still managing to do a few basic wandless curses.

Hadrian was off to the side, he wasn’t stupid enough to get in the way, laughing at his papa. They had been planning for this for months, and now that the time had come they were all acting like they didn’t know what to do.

Once the healer showed up everything calmed down. Or to be honest, she made it calm down. Aika was a small little woman that was extremely strong willed. Severus was over a foot and a half taller than her but she cowed him like he was still a little boy.

After Aika had gotten control of all four of the men she set to work. She decided that they would start with Sirius as he had gone into labour first. James had glared at Sirius, while Sirius grinned at him and stuck out his tongue, at least until they both had a contraction and became distracted.


Only two hours later everything was calm once again. After one last final check up, Aika left. She would be returning over the next few days to keep an eye on everything.

They had moved one of the beds out into the middle of the living room for the birth and now both James and Sirius were resting on it. 

Sirius held an identical little girl in each arm. Ariadne Pandora and Cassiopeia Selene were both happily resting in their fathers arms. Remus stared down at his girls with the worlds largest smile on his face.

James was on the other side of the bed staring into the bright eyes of his own daughter Kali Eileen. Severus was just as happy as Remus, looking at his little girl.

Hadrian was sitting in the middle of the bed looking back and forth between his three new sisters. They were all just so perfect. He could already feel their magic, it was calm and happy. He knew that soon enough they would be up and causing chaos, just because they could. They were the daughters of marauders after all.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - June 4, 1997

James was heading towards the school board meeting feeling nervous. This was the first time that he had had to leave Kali. He had spoken with Kensington and gotten him to agree to continue on as his proxy for a few more months because he didn’t think that he would be able to spend a full day away. Wizengamot meetings lasted all day, but the school board meetings only lasted an hour or two. If he could have assigned a proxy to the board meeting he wouldn’t even have bothered to go, but he couldn't, so he had no choice but to go. 

The only ones that could be proxy for a founders heir on the school board, was another founders heir. So the only other person that could take his seat was Severus, and that would just put him back in the old goats sights.

He wouldn’t let Albus think he was losing interest in the school and that he could change it all back to the way he wanted. That man still had too much power on the board if he wasn’t there.

He was just glad that the meetings were usually held in June, or else he wouldn’t have been able to go. The one last year had been held in April because there was an important International Confederation of Wizards meeting in June last year so Albus had rescheduled the usual meeting.

Nodding to the others that were already there he took the seat he had claimed as his. He was once again joined by those that seemed to be on his side. Like usual, James was more than ready to get his way and had everything he needed to embarrass Albus. 

Just to make things even more fun he had sent in a request, that had been approved by the rest of the board, to have the heads of house at this meeting. Since there were now multiple teachers and assistants for each subjects it was easy for the heads of house to make time.

Coming into the meeting Albus was surprised, and disappointed. He hadn’t expected Sebastian to be at the meeting. When he hadn’t seen the man at the Wizengamot meeting earlier in the week he had thought that Severus had finally managed to get the man out of his way.

Like last time, when the vote was called on Molly’s motion to remove certain books from the library, she lost and subsequently threw a fit. They once again talked about abused students. 

Now that Albus had finally been forced to hire the appropriate staff, the fully qualified healers had found a few more students that were being abused at home and had arranged for them to go to Sea Cliff House. They wanted to make sure that the children didn’t feel like they were being singled out.

As they carried on, both Kensington and Gerbot, kept sending James speculative looks. They knew that he was planning something, just from the calm smile on his face. Both were really enjoying watching him shake up Albus’s world every meeting, they felt it was about time. Whenever they caught his eye he would give them a little smirk.

When James drew the attention towards himself Albus looked at him with a mixture of anger and resignation.

“As interesting as all this is, I think we need to address another topic. Points.”

“What about the points my boy. Surely you aren’t taking issue with the points system Sebastian. The house cup competition has been an integral part of Hogwarts since it was first founded.” Albus said. He really didn’t understand what Sebastians issue with the points system could be.

“Oh no, I fully support the idea of the house cup. My issue is the blatant favouritism being shown in how the points are being awarded.” James told him.

“There isn’t any favouritism, at least, not any more.” Minerva said stiffly. “The only member of staff that favoured one house more than the others was Severus, and since he is now working with you we don’t have that issue any more.”

“Actually Minerva, the problem has gotten worse since Severus has left.” James wasn’t about to let any of them blame his husband for anything. 

He pulled a book out of his robes and resized it. It was a huge ancient book. “This book was designed by Rowena Ravenclaw. It keeps track of every single point given or taken, it also tracks all punishments and those involved. There was supposed to be a copy of this available to both staff and students, but I can only guess that it was lost over the years, like so many other things it would seem. I used collation and statistic spells I learned from the goblins to look over different breakdowns of how points are given, taken, and how different punishments are doled out.”

Both Minerva and Albus tried to hide their panic. The book had originally been in the library, but Albus had removed it when he had originally been made headmaster over 50 years before. They didn’t want anyone to have access to that.

James carried on, a slight smile graced his lips when he saw the other two trying to hide their panic. “What I have found is not good. I looked at how points were taken away by averaging out the points lost and the punishment given to students that had been caught breaking curfew multiple times, I used the statistics from last semester only. The students from Hufflepuff that were caught lost an average of 15 points and received an average of 2 nights of detention. Ravenclaws lost 10 points, but received 3 nights of detention. Gryffindors lost 5 points and almost never received detention. Slytherin however, lost 25 points and received 1 week of detention.

I would also like to note, that the book also shows when warnings were given. Gryffindors were normally given at least 4 warnings before any punishment was given. Hufflepuffs usually only got one warning. But Ravenclaw and Slytherin almost never received a single warning.

I looked at the points given by breaking down the average amount of points the students of each house received for completing a spell first. Gryffindor was 10, Ravenclaw was 3, Hufflepuffs got 4, and Slytherins got 2.

There is absolutely no excuse that can explain this in my opinion. None of these students deserve to be treated differently due to the house they were placed in. From what I saw looking back, Severus actually served as a moderator for the bias that many other professors have been showing. I would also like to mention that the prefects and head boy and girl actually don’t seem to have the same bias that their professors show. Although they favour their houses, as is expected, they generally treat the other houses the same. So why is it that the students of this school seem to be showing more integrity than the staff?”

Albus, Minerva, Molly, and Ted had tried to interrupt his speech multiple times, while all the others in the room looked horrified. When James handed out parchments that had the breakdowns they got furious.

“What is the meaning of this?” “How dare you?” “Who do you think you are, doing this to children?” Was heard. The mix of different voices stopping James from identifying who was speaking.

“This is disgraceful. The children of this school deserve better. We need to be teaching them that they are all equal, not dividing them even more.” Kensington said with a growl.

“I agree Kensington.” James said, giving him a nod. “Your job is to educate the students of this school. You are meant to be helping them learn, not just information, but how to be good people. The fact that the students of this school seem to show more common decency than the staff is something that astounds me. You are adults, you should know better. If a student is taught that they can get away with breaking rules just because the house they are in, that will make them believe that they are above the law, they are not. 

Now, it’s already to late to address the issue for this years house cup, but we need to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Because we clearly can’t trust the staff of this school to treat the students equally, I feel that we should set out guidelines for punishments and points that can be given or taken.”

“I agree” was heard from many, including the heads of house, other than Minerva, of course.

“I can’t believe that this sort of thing has been happening.” Filius said sadly. “I didn’t even realize that we had been treating the students differently, but here it is, theres no denying this information. I agree with whatever you wish to do. I think that a standard list of consequences and rewards given for certain actions would be a good idea.” 

The part goblin was devastated that he might have been just as guilty as the others in the treatment of certain students. He knew that he had taken larger amounts of points from some students that he had caught out of bed. Many times he would hear other members of the staff talking about catching a student out of bed, so when he caught that student he was harsher, he never realized that many of the students, including those from his own house, weren’t being given warnings that others were.

The next hour was spent setting out the amounts of points that could be given or taken for different things. They also worked out when, and how much, detention was appropriate for breaking rules. James also gave 2 copies of the book to the headmaster, one for the library and the other for his office, but he kept the original for himself so he could keep watch.

After that, the meeting wrapped up quickly and James slipped out as quickly as he could. He wanted to get back home to his family.


As had been happening more often, Albus stomped into his office and started breaking things. Once he was calmer, he repaired it all before sitting at his desk and offered the women that had followed him up to his office lemon drops, although they all refused. Molly bustled around and got tea ready for everyone.

“Albus. What do we do now?” Minerva asked, like usual. “What are we supposed to do about those new point guidelines. How are we supposed to make sure my lions get the cup.”

“We will just have to find excuses to give the lions extra points for other things.” Albus told her.

“It won’t work.” Andromeda told them. Although she agreed with them on many things, she didn’t see the importance of always trying to make the Gryffindors out to be the good guys. Her own husband and daughter were puffs. “Lord Peverell only gave the school copies. If he sees any more issues with the points, he’ll just bring it up with the board again, and next time it could be worse.”

“That man.” Molly whined. “He is nothing but trouble. Doesn’t he understand that we are trying to fix our world.”

“Andromeda is right.” Minerva sighed. “We don’t have a choice. As of next year we will have to start distributing the points evenly. We won’t be able to keep giving my lions warnings rather than taking points and assigning detentions. I thought Severus was supposed to be keeping that man busy?”

“He has been.” Albus took a sip of his tea. “Sebastian has been away from the Wizengamot since our last meeting in December. From what I’ve heard he isn’t set to be attending again until the fall. I guess that he just couldn’t stop him from attending this meeting. He’s still been sending me letters every few months suggesting that I look at past plans. That secrecy clause in that new contract of his is making things extremely difficult.”

Both Minerva and Andromeda kept their opinions to themselves. Neither of the two women fully trusted the man. Like always, Molly had no such control.

“You know you can’t trust that man Albus. He is Slytherin. He’s probably giving that man information on you.”

“Enough Molly. Severus is under my control. He has been so for years.”

After the women had left Albus sat back in his chair and stared pensively out his window towards Black Lake. Ever since Sebastian Peverell had appeared there had been problems. When he had started to focus more on his work for the bank Albus had started to regain some of his control, not all, but some. He had managed to get himself in the paper rather than Sebastian. It had helped him to reestablish his fame, and remind people of his power. It, unfortunately, didn’t help him get anything he wanted through a vote. Kensington hadn’t been willing to start siding with him, even after he had mentioned that he could help his nephew.

Then there was the loss of Augusta. When he had gone to the February Wizengamot he had been surprised to see Frank sitting in the Longbottom seat. At the end of the meeting earlier in the week he had gone over to talk to Frank about why he hadn’t heard from Augusta. He had originally expected her to be back by March, when she wasn’t he had started sending her letters, but she hadn’t responded.

Frank had only told him that both Augusta and Algie had decided to retire from public life. According to Frank, they were both enjoying their retirement.

Albus knew that wasn’t true. Oh, he knew that Frank hadn’t harmed his mother and uncle, Albus was sure of that. But he did suspect that Frank had banished them somewhere far away believing that it would protect his son. If they had been banished then he wouldn’t be able to get a letter to them due to wards. He would just have to wait until he got Frank’s loyalty again before making him bring Augusta back, she was still useful to him.


Kamakura, Japan - July 31, 1997

Today was Hadrian’s 7th birthday. Like last year, Sirius and Remus woke them all up, although they only knocked on James and Sev’s door. Remus had refused to allow Sirius to convince him to wake them up like they had the year before. Once James and Sev were up they all went into wake up Hadrian.

They also didn’t make a lot of noise when they went in. Choosing to let Sev and James go first and wake him up slowly, with gentle words.

Like Edward Brown of the DCW had said, Hadrian had had a few set backs in his recovery. Shortly after the girls were born he had started having nightmares. He was terrified that something would happen to them and the girls would end up in a place like the Dursley’s.

Sirius had written to Edward to get his opinion. Edward had told him that it was to be expected. Hadrian would see the girls and it would remind him of what had happened to him as a child. During one of the check up visits by the DCW that Edward and Cecilia had conducted themselves, Edward had spent over an hour just talking to Hadrian.

After that Hadrian had gone down for a nap, all the emotions had caused Hadrian to be exhausted. Edward had sat the adults down and told them that everything was fine. He said that the fact that Hadrian had formed such a strong bond, not only with the adults in his life, but the girls, was a good thing. They would just need to make sure that Hadrian felt safe and loved, as well as talk to him about what was going on and what had happened, and eventually he would calm down.

It had been Sirius that had figured out how to calm Hadrian down when he got worked up. Hadrian had woken up from a nap a few weeks earlier after he had had a nightmare. Sirius had been working on translating some runes and had sat Hadrian down next to him. He had given him a quill and suggested that he start drawing the different runes to take his mind off things. It had actually calmed him surprisingly fast, especially considering how long it normally took. 

After that, they would give Hadrian a mindless task to take his mind of the dreams and memories. The things that worked best were drawing runes, preparing potions ingredients, much to Sev’s joy, and flying around on his broom.

Now they made sure to be careful, without being condescending. They wanted to be there for him, but they also didn’t want him to feel like they were babying him and make him resent them.


Just after lunch their guests arrived. Severus had invited the Malfoy family to come to visit. He missed his friends and godson so he had gotten Hadrian’s permission to invite them for his birthday.

They had all sent different things to Draco for his own birthday the month before. Severus had also sent a letter to Narcissa and Lucius telling them to try and make sure that Draco behaved himself, Hadrian was still emotionally fragile. He didn’t want anything to happen between the two of them that would make it hard for Severus to be in both of their lives. As much as it would hurt him to lose Draco in his life, he would have to choose Hadrian if they didn’t get along.

Sirius led the Malfoy family to the tent where Severus and the others were waiting.

Draco was trying to look at everything. He had been confused on his birthday when his parents had given him a few presents and told him they were from his uncles and cousin. He hadn’t known that they had another family, or at least, that they spoke too. The presents had been interesting.

From his uncle Severus and his husband he had gotten some beautiful hand crafted silk robes. From his uncle Sirius, who was actually his mothers cousin, and his husband Remus he had gotten all sorts of sweets. At first he hadn’t been overly excited about this because he found he could only eat small amounts of British candies because there was too much sugar and it hurt his stomach, except these treats were more savoury than sweet, so he enjoyed them more. His favourite present however, was a gift from his cousin Hadrian. 

From Hadrian he had gotten a book that went into the history of kyūdō and kendo, as well as showed the basic maneuvers. They were two different traditional Japanese fighting styles. Kyūdō was an intricate form of archery, and kendo was similar to sword fighting, except that you used bamboo swords, which had made his mother calm down. He loved learning about the history and even tried some of the moves out, he loved the control it allowed him to feel over his body. It also taught him more about how to avoid an attack, then how to attack.

Looking up, he saw his godfather. He didn’t go running to him, he was now 7 after all, not a child, but he really wanted too. Walking over, he greeted his god father with as much dignity as a 7 year old could manage. He didn’t see all the adults stifling their giggles, because he was looking at a boy with dark hair and green eyes, who was sitting on a blanket with three babies surrounding him.

Draco knew how he was to behave in a situation like this. As he walked over to the smaller boy, the boy stood up. Sticking out his hand Draco said, “Hello, I’m Draconis Lucius Malfoy, heir of the most Ancient and most Noble House of Malfoy.”

Hadrian looked to his fathers who were giggling.

Severus came over when he saw the bewildered look on his sons face. “Draco, this is my son Hadrian. Hadrian, this is my godson Draco.” With Lucius and Narcissa’s approval they had placed a secrecy ward on Draco so he couldn’t tell anyone about his time with them, mainly so he wouldn’t tell anyone about Hadrian’s parentage.

“Hi.” Hadrian said shyly. “These are my sisters, Ariadne, Cassiopeia, and Kali.” 

Draco smiled at the clearly shy kid. Shyness was not something Draco had. “Those are my parents. My dad is holding my little sister Lyra. She was only born on May 1st, how old are your sisters?”

“They were all born on May 14th.” Hadrian said, smiling down at his sisters. “Daddy had Kali, and Uncle Sirius had Ariadne and Cassiopeia.”

“Wow, I guess that makes them like triplets.” Draco was fascinated by the little girls. He loved his own little sister so much, and now he had cousins too. “Do you want to go flying? I don’t want to get stuck in a tea party.”

“I love to fly.” Hadrian said, smiling at his new cousin. “But why would we get stuck in a tea party?”

“Didn’t your parents tell you. That’s all girls do. I have a friend back at home, Daphne, and all she and her little sister do is have tea parties. They even dress up in frilly pink dresses.” Draco said, horror on his face. He had asked Daphne all about having a little sister and what to do with them when the Greengrass’s had come over to visit.

“But… But, I don’t want to wear dresses.” Hadrian looked to his fathers and uncles.

Sirius laughed at the horrified and disgusted look on his godsons face. “But thats what older siblings of sisters do. They go to tea parties.”

Hadrian got control of his panic. “If I have to attend tea parties in a dress so do all of you. And I will make sure they are baby pink.”

Sirius gave him a challenging look. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Hadrian quirked one of his eye brows and gave Sirius a very Severus like glare. “Try me.” With the challenge issued he took hold of Draco’s arm and led him away.

That was just too much for James and Lucious, both of whom broke down laughing. Narcissa was quick to grab Lyra and go and sit down with her with the other babies.

“He would, wouldn’t he.” Sirius said in a proud voice. “I think he may have spent too much time with us.”

Remus just shook his head at his husband and went to sit with Narcissa and the girls. His husband was proud of the oddest things sometimes, although, he was proud of how Hadrian had handled him too. 

Narcissa and Lucius had brought Draco’s childs broom so they all sat on the patio and watched the boys fly while they sat and had tea. They were all glad as they saw how quickly the boys bonded. Narcissa was overjoyed, so many of the children that they knew back in Britain tried to be friends with Draco because their parents told them too. Draco was naturally sensitive to emotions and was able to figure out the reason behind peoples actions, so he picked up on the faked friendships. Most of the children didn’t have any ill intent, but Draco still didn’t trust them. She was glad that Draco had finally found a true friend, someone that liked him just for him, it was clear that Draco liked it too.

Draco, who had loved having a little sister, seemed to be taking to having a little cousin just as quickly. Severus smiled as he watched his son and godson making fast friends. It was clear that Hadrian was a better flyer, but Draco probably would have been flying better if he didn’t keep stopping to check on Hadrian. Severus figured that he was making sure his little cousin was doing ok. There was less than 8 weeks between them, but Draco was acting like those weeks were years.

When the girls all started to fall asleep Lucius was the first to jump up, followed by Remus and James, the three men carried the four baby girls into the girls nursery, which had once been one of the spare rooms, to put them down for a nap. Sirius just raised an eyebrow at how Lucius was acting in regards to his daughter.

Catching Sirius’s look, Narcissa smiled at him. “I know most people think Lucius is a cold man, but he is a completely different person at home. I swear, he jumps at every little noise that Lyra makes, he also jumps when she isn’t making any noises. He was the exact same when Draco was a baby. I think, in the past few months, I have only changed Lyra’s diaper less than a dozen times because he is always there to do anything she needs, not that I’m complaining about it.”

Severus smiled. He had always known how devoted Lucius was to his son. It had always been something he was glad for, he knew what Lucius’s relationship had been with his own father and was glad that he was proving to be a different kind of man. 

When the men came back from putting the girls down Lucius was asking Remus who was in the spare room. He had seen the outline of someone sleeping, but he didn’t know who it could be.

Severus looked from Lucius to Sirius, and then to Narcissa. He had figured Sirius would have told Narcissa that his little brother was alive, but judging from the look on Sirius’s face, the man hadn’t thought of it. 

Before Severus could say anything Sirius jumped up and started dragging Narcissa and Lucius towards the bedroom. As he dragged them he told them that they had a big surprise for them, one they would never guess.

When Narcissa entered the room she tried to be quiet, not wanting to disturb the sleeping person, that was until she saw his face. “Regulus.” She gasped.

Narcissa sat on the edge of the bed and brushed his hair out of his face. Lucius quickly sat on the other side of the bed and just looked down at the friend that he had thought was dead. A soft pop sounded as Kreacher arrived in the room after sensing movement around his Master Regulus. Seeing Mistress Malfoy he relaxed, he had always liked her. “What can Kreacher be doing for Mistress Malfoy?”

“Oh, hello Kreacher. I see you are taking good care of Regulus.” Kreacher’s chest puffed up at this. He was now glad that his Nasty Master Sirius had made him start wearing a uniform like the Potter elves wore, his was in the Black family colours and had the family crest over his heart, it made him feel confident in front of Mistress Narcissa. “There is nothing I need Kreacher. Just keep up the good work for your Master Regulus.”

After that Kreacher popped back to the Black Manor, Grimmauld Place. His Master Regulus would be waking up next year, and he wanted everything to be ready for him to come home.

Sirius and Severus explained to Narcissa and Lucius about what had happened to Regulus. According to the journals, in the original time line, Regulus had been discovered in the muggle hospital only a few months from now. He had been moved to the DOM where he spent the next year in the coma before he finally woke up. After that he rarely if ever left the department, he was practically a prisoner there for the rest of his life. It had been Augustus Rookwood that had found him. Also according to the journals, Rookwood had been a spy for the DOM in the Dark Lord’s side of the war.


Draco and Hadrian were flying around when they suddenly noticed that their parents were gone. They both knew they weren’t allowed to fly when no one was around so they both landed. Neither of them were sure what to do because they didn’t see where their parents had gone.

Hadrian knew that if they went back up in the air, they would get into trouble, so instead he suggested that they go and visit his friend Oochi.

A little while later Remus went out to check on the boys and get them to come in for birthday cake when he saw them sitting on the patio with Oochi. Quickly, Remus turned around and ran back into the tent to go and explain things to Narcissa and Lucius about Hadrian’s friend. There was no way he was going to let them walk out and see what was going on without warning them. He didn’t need them having heart attacks.

“Don’t panic.” Remus said in a calming voice once he saw Lucius and Narcissa.

“That is the best way to make sure someone panics, you understand that, right?” Naarcissa said sarcastically. 

“The boys are sitting on the patio with Hadrian’s friend Oochi.” Remus said with as much calm as he could manage.

They all heard Sirius mutter of, “Oh, shit.”

Severus went outside to try and get the boys to send Oochi home before Draco’s parents saw.

“And why would we have a problem with them sitting with a friend?” Lucius asked quizzically.

“Well, you see… Hadrian has all speak, and also speaks parseltongue.” James added.

“So I can assume that Oochi is a snake. What kind of snake is he?” Narcissa asked in a dangerous voice.

“Japanese Mamushi.” Remus told her. She just quirked a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him, demanding him to keep going, and with a deep sigh, he did. “A pit-viper.”

“A…A… Pit-viper. Are you kidding me. You let your son befriend a viper.” Narcissa growled as she turned on James.

“Hey, we didn’t let him befriend a viper. He just came back one day with a viper coiled around his shoulders and introduced us. Oochi apparently lives nearby. We just decided that we would rather have him as a friend, and not an enemy. He’s even given Severus venom and scales for potions.” James said defensively.

“Makes sense. That’s not the kind of enemy you want living next door.” Lucius said thoughtfully. He backed up a few steps as Narcissa turned on him.

Thankfully, for all the men in the tent, Severus ushered the two boys in at that point, viper nowhere in sight.

“Oochi has gone home for the evening. He apparently just came to wish Hadrian a happy hatching day,” Severus said, a slight grimace on his face when he saw Narcissas look.

Narcissa rushed over to the boys and gave them a quick going over.

“What’s wrong Aunt Narcissa? We didn’t fall of our brooms or anything.” Hadrian said. He was confused as to why she was acting like this.

“Hadrian, you were just spending time with a viper. Do you understand how dangerous that is?” She told him as she finished her checks, sure that nothing was wrong with them.

“That’s what everyone said the first time I brought Oochi home. But he wouldn’t hurt me, or my family. He promised. He called me his hatchling and has been teaching me about snake magic. He’s my first friend.” Hadrian was actually quite proud of his friendship with Oochi.

Narcissa just turned on the other men in the tent and gave them a look.

“Cissy, we know. We’ve already spoken to the bank. Our next job is in Turkey. We’ve made sure that the other curse breakers working near where we are going have children.” Severus told her in an attempt to placate her, it must have been enough because she turned away and requested Dobby to set dinner out for them.

The rest of the night passed in relative peace. They ate their dinner and had cake before Hadrian’s presents were brought out.

When they all went to bed after the Malfoy’s left, Hadrian was happy. His family was growing. He was such a lucky boy.


Hogwarts - September 1, 1997

Another summer had drawn to an end, and Percy was set to start his first year at Hogwarts. Just like last year Bill was sad to see summer end, but so was Charlie now. While Bill had once again returned to the secondhand bookstore, Charlie went and got a job at the nature preserve.

The benefit Charlie had received from working for the summer was more than just money. Since he was still young, the handlers had wanted to keep him away from the more dangerous animals, so he had spent most of his summer carrying around large buckets of food. At the end of last year he had still been scrawny, but now he was solid muscle. Many of the girls were taking notice of this fact. One of these girls, in particular, had bubblegum pink hair.

As Bill and Charlie watched Percy was called up to be sorted, they both really hoped that Percy would go to Ravenclaw. They loved their little brother and knew that he just wasn’t meant for Gryffindor. The lions were just to loud for him.

When the hat shouted Ravenclaw they both cheered loudly for there little brother, while most of the hall took a few seconds to react. Percy was the first Weasley in over 300 years to be sorted anywhere but Gryffindor. 

Percy calmly walked to his house with a smile on his face. When the other students greeted him and asked him why he didn’t go to Gryffindor like every other Weasley, Percy had responded with similar words to those his father had told him at the beginning of last summer. ‘He was Percy Weasley, not every other Weasley.’ That seemed to be enough for his new housemates and he was accepted almost instantly. 

It also helped that some of the older students recognized him from the library. They had often sat with the younger boy just to see what he was reading. Many had suspected that he would be in Gryffindor just because of who his family was. Like his brothers, many of them, were happy that he was a raven because it was clear that that was where the boy truly belonged.

Up at the staff table there were many different reactions to Percy Weasley’s sorting. 

Filius Flitwick was thrilled. But then again, he was always happy about every students sorting, whether they were in his house or not.

Minerva was shocked. Oh, she knew that Percy wasn’t a true lion, but she had still expected him to be in her house. Having a student as bright as Percy would have actually helped to bring up the grade point average of her house. He could have also earned them a lot of points.

She knew that Molly had taught all the children about how great the lion house was. Surely the boy would have wanted to go to the house of his family. They were just going to have to figure out what was going on with the boy and have him resorted.

Albus was both shocked and furious. How dare that boy not go where Albus wanted him to. He needed that boy to be in Gryffindor. Percy was one of the brightest children that he had seen. Although, Bill was also one of the top students in the school. And, although Charlie didn’t get top grades, it was because he didn’t really care. When it was something the boy was interested in he excelled.

Percy had an exceptionally bright future, and Albus needed to be involved in guiding him. How was he supposed to make him feel indebted to him if not. Now that he was in Ravenclaw it was going to be harder.

He needed the Weasley’s to be seen as the ideal light family. And everyone knew that the only house darker than Ravenclaw, was Slytherin. Ravenclaw students just asked to many questions and were always trying to learn things that Albus didn’t want them to know.

He knew Molly would have told the boy that he needed to be in Gryffindor. Why hadn’t the boy listened? Then there was his older brothers reactions. Why were they supporting his being a Ravenclaw? They should know better than anyone just how much better it was to be in Gryffindor. 

Albus knew that there was also little, to nothing, he could do to fix this, at least for a while. Once a student was sorted they couldn’t get re-sorted until they entered their third year. And Filius would never allow him to break the rules to force Percy into Gryffindor. Now he wished he had placed compulsions on both the hat and the boy like he had had to do in the past. He had always figured that the Weasley children that would cause him problems was the twins, not Percy.


The Burrow - September 2, 1997

Arthur Weasley whistled joyfully as he went down for breakfast before heading to work. Life was going great for him.

His new job allowed him to do what he had always wanted to, experiment. Just today they were planning to take apart something that the muggles called a dish washer. He was fascinated by the machines.

Then he had his family. Now that he was making more money they were fixing up the family home. The financial advisor that his job gave him had helped him to create a budget that would allow them to do the work without straining their finances. Molly had wanted to be in charge of the budget but Arthur hadn’t seen the point when they already had someone to do it for free.

Looking around the kitchen he saw Molly cooking while Fred and George set the table. When Arthur asked Molly where Ron and Ginny were she told him that they were still sleeping and she would just whip them something up when they finally got up.

Neither of the parents noticed the look the twins shared. As Fred and George were magical twins they were connected in a way most other people could never understand. They were able to speak mentally as well as feel what the other felt. Both of the twins felt that their mother wasn’t doing Ron and Ginny any favours.

Their two younger siblings had no rules or limits. Sure, they were still little kids, but… If nothing changed then they were going to end up being two spoiled brats that couldn’t tell right from wrong. They were only 9, and even they could see that coming.

They had all just sat down to eat when Errol flew in the window. He just managed to avoid hitting the window frame. Arthur was pretty sure that they were going to need to get a new family owl soon because the poor old bird was clearly going blind. And now that he had the new job they would be able to afford it.

Going through the letter that Bill had sent home he was glad to see that Percy had taken his words to heart and allowed the hat to put him in Ravenclaw. He had been so ashamed that Percy had ever felt that his parents could ever stop loving him. 

He had spent the past year spending as much time as he could with each of the children making sure that they understood that he would always love them. While his older children seemed to like spending the extra time with him, Ron and Ginny still preferred to stay with their mother. He figured that it was because they were still young.

“Good news Arthur?” Molly asked.

“Yes. Percy has been sorted in to Ravenclaw.” 

“Cool.” The twins both said at the same time. They were happy for their brother but knew that their mother would be an issue. It had been obvious that Percy was getting ready to be a Ravenclaw over the past year. His room was now decorated in the blue and silver that represented the house.

“He what? But we’re a Gryffindor family. He has to be in Gryffindor. We must write the school and have him resorted.” Molly fussed as she got up to go and gather quill and parchment.

“No Molly. Percy is where he is meant to be. There is nothing wrong with Ravenclaw. If he is happy that is enough for me… And it should be enough for you.” 

Arthur said to her with a hard look in his eyes.

The twins sat silently watching. They were glad that their father was standing up to their mother. He had really started to change since he got the new job.

“But Arthur, we’re a Gryffindor family. Everyone knows that. He will be exposed to too many dark wizards in that house. He has to be in Gryffindor or he could become corrupted. Especially since that awful Lord Peverell made Albus allow all those dark children from Knockturn Alley and all those other dark places.”

Arthur was coming to understand why Percy had been nervous about being sorted into another house. “Molly, enough. I don’t care what house he is in, he’s happy and that’s all that matters. I will not try to force him to be something he’s not… And neither will you.” Arthur’s voice had taken on a commanding tone as he took away the parchment.

The twins watched as their father got up and grabbed his work things before he said goodbye to them before he left. Their mothers face was furious. 

Deciding they needed to save themselves they quickly got up, telling their mother they had been invited over to the Lovegood’s before they dashed out the door. They were so glad that they had a standing invitation to the Lovegood’s. Pandora and Xenophilius Lovegood knew of what their mother was like and had told them that they were always welcome at their home to get away from Molly. It didn’t hurt that their daughter Luna was fun to play with. She was a little odd, but then again, so were they, so…


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - December 18, 1997

Another year was almost done, and it was once again time for a school board meeting. James had finally returned to the Wizengamot only the month before, and he was already sick of most of these people. All that any of them seemed to care about was making themselves look good. They would run on and on about nothing just to hear themselves speak.

Albus was frustrated. He had made some progress in controlling the media, and getting some of the laws he wanted closer to passing, but now Sebastian Peverell had returned. That man just seemed to create problems just by being around.

His control of the school was failing. All the new teachers weren’t his people, and most of them didn’t feel indebted to him. He had gone out of his way to make many of his staff feel like they owed him their jobs, so they were more likely to do whatever he asked to retain their positions.

Many of his loyal staff members were not happy. Poppy was furious with the two healers that had taken over her ward. He was also struggling with the two potions masters he had. Toby Zear believed that the only job he needed to do was teach. He absolutely refused to brew the potions that the hospital wing needed, he also wouldn’t collect the potions ingredients for free, he wanted to be payed for every extra thing Albus asked him to do. Horace Slughorn was as useless as always. They had actually had more accidents since he returned to teaching than Severus had had during his entire time with the class. Parents were not pleased with the dropping safety standards. Although, Albus had managed to work that in his favour, he had started to dumb down the potions lessons.

The meeting was much like the past few. Molly and Albus tried, and failed, to convince others to remove more ‘dangerous information’ from the school. They were backed up by Ted Tonks, who had taken over his wife’s place as a school governor after it had been pointed out that she couldn’t sit on the board and teach at the same time.

James was really getting annoyed with all the books that had been removed, but wasn’t ready to intervene yet. They had plans for when they were going to start forcing the library to start expanding, but it was still to early. He was going to have to go slow with their new plan.

“I think that we should discuss the falling standards of a school that was once considered to be the best in the world.” James said, his face conveying sorrow.

“What are you on about now. Hogwarts is the best school in the world. Everyone knows that.” Molly really hated this man. Who did he think he was, coming in here and destroying everything Albus had worked for.

“Actually Mrs. Weasley, Hogwarts doesn’t even rank in the top ten schools in the world according to the ICW rankings, and hasn’t for over 3 decades.” James told her coolly. 

“What do you mean Sebastian?” Kensington didn’t like the sounds of this.

“I mean exactly what I said. In recent years, Hogwarts has actually managed to rank as one of the worst schools. We are currently only four points away from having our ICW accreditation revoked. At the rate this school has been declining the ICW will remove our accreditation within the next five years. If we want to continue to be an internationally recognized school, although I will admit that we are currently internationally recognized as a bit of a joke, then we will need to improve the schools standards. We will need to expand the students learning, rather than narrowing it based on the preconceived notions of certain people. By comparing the class syllabus’s that the staff gave us for approval and the ICW standards the problem is clear. Our seventh year students are just now being taught spells that are fifth year standard in the rest of the world.”

“Please tell me your joking. Our students can’t really be that far behind.” Bletchley asked. His voice almost pleading.

James handed out copies of the ICW standards and ranking lists. He watched as the governors paled as they went through the list. Since they were parents they were horrified by the fact that their children's magic was being stunted.

“I think that we should look over all of this and come to the meeting in June with ways to improve the school. It is unfortunate, but we are already to late for many of the older students. Although, based off how many of them choose to self study and take there OWLs and NEWTs, many of the students aren’t willing to accept the mediocrity that this school has been teaching them.” James said, his eyes never leaving Albus.

“This is not a mediocre school. Our students are some of the best in the world.” Albus hadn’t thought it possible, but he was even angrier than he had been when he came into the meeting. It had taken him decades of work to lower the teaching standards. By dumbing down the population he made himself appear even more powerful and great.

“Are you serious, Albus. The statistics are right here. This school has failed an entire generation, if not more.” Blishwick almost shouted. “I agree with Sebastian. We need to address this. We will have to do it in June. That will give us the time we need to do some of the research for ourselves. I feel that we should come prepared to the next meeting with different ways we can improve the school.”

Most of the others agreed, Molly, Albus, and Ted, all voted against. The three of them kept going on about how the school was just fine. After that, the meeting ended and all the rest left.

As was becoming tradition, Albus and his 2 sycophants went up to his office where they were joined by Minerva.

None of them were happy with more classes being added. Keeping the children dumbed down was by design. It was one of the ways they made sure that the students felt indebted to Albus. Since most wouldn’t have the qualifications for the jobs they wanted, Albus would step in and help them get the job. Like with some of the teachers, feeling like they owed Albus their jobs made them more willing to do whatever he asked them.

Many, like Ted and Andromeda, would teach their children extra lessons. This would give their children an edge over the rest of their classmates. They would teach them just enough to make sure that they would be able to show higher competency. Nymphadora for instance, was going to be an auror, so they were teaching her over the summers to make sure that she would be able to pass the entrance exam to the auror program with better grades than the other applicants. That would allow her to work on more important cases.

They needed to start gathering information that would be able to stop the return of many of the classes. Minerva made the suggestion that they allow one or two of the classes return to serve as a distraction. If Sebastian thought he had gotten his way slightly he might not push for the return of all of the classes. 

Molly was the only one without a day job, Ted worked in a magical law firm, so Molly would be doing a majority of the research. The others were more than a little wary of this fact, they knew Molly had a bad habit of just ignoring anything she didn’t agree with, but they didn’t have much of a choice. Albus did decide that he would be reaching out to a few of his old friends to see if they could help them. Elphias Doge and Griselda Marchbanks could be useful in this instance.


The Burrow - December 21, 1997

Percy Weasley was annoyed. His mother just wasn’t getting it, he didn’t want to be a lion, he was a raven, and that was that. She had been going on and on about how much better Gryffindor was. Ron and Ginny weren’t helping. They both childishly followed there mothers views. He had enjoyed the twins reactions though. In their usual style they took every chance they could to remind everyone of where Percy had been sorted, they always made him feel good about being a raven. He might be extremely different than the twins, but they loved him just the way he was, and that was how he loved them.

He, Bill, and Charlie had been secretly planning their own private Yule celebration when they had been caught by the twins. Rather than turning them in, like their two youngest siblings would have done, the twins joined in. Their mother had forbidden any of the olde magical religions from the house, but they had all visited the Temple of the Moon during the summer and had liked the ideals of the olde religion.

Arthur, like his older boys, was also getting annoyed by his wife. He really didn’t understand why she couldn’t just let Percy be Percy. The boy was clearly happy. He had had to pull her, Ginny, and Ron aside a few times to remind them that there was nothing wrong with being in another house. For some reason they just weren’t getting it.

Thankfully, Percy didn’t seem to care that they thought he was in the wrong house. Arthur was proud that his 11 year old son was showing more maturity than his own mother.

Molly was more than a little annoyed. She had always seen Percy as being the most biddable of Arthurs children, but now he was proving to be the most stubborn. It didn’t help that his father and brothers were supporting him. The only ones that were on her side were her precious Ron and Ginny.

All of the older children were glad that Molly had started researching something. She would spend an hour or so every day going over official looking paperwork. It was only a little bit of time, but it was at least some time. All she would say when anyone  asked her about it was that she was doing a job for the headmaster. Neither Bill or Charlie really cared, they had grown up hearing about how great the headmaster was, but they were starting to see that he wasn’t everything he was made out to be.

Chapter Text

 Meadow House - January 12, 1998

Frank Longbottom was up and getting ready for the day. It had now been over a year since he and Alice were healed. Although their families were wealthy, Frank’s more so than Alice’s, Frank did miss working.

He looked across the table at his wife and son, he loved them both so much. They had moved to the Meadow home a few months earlier because both Frank and Alice felt that Neville needed to get out of Longbottom Hall. So many bad things had happened there, including the torture of Frank and Alice, and the abuse of their son. 

They had allowed distant relatives of Frank’s, he thought they were his 5th or 6th cousins, to move in. When they had asked why Frank was willing to allow others to move into his ancestral home, he just said that there were to many bad memories attached to the house, it wasn’t his home anymore. It never occurred to them that the memories he was actually speaking about was the abuse of his son, and not what had happened to him and his wife.

After a long talk Frank had decided to return to his job and as an auror. Alice had decided that she wanted to stay home with Neville. They had gotten a mind healer for Neville to help him deal with everything that had happened to him in his short life, but he was still more withdrawn then most kids. Neville preferred to spend his time quietly playing in the greenhouse. Alice just wanted to be there for him if he ever needed her.

Today was the day that Frank had a meeting with Amelia Bones to see if he could return to work. He really hoped he could.


Ministry of Magic, Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Frank walked calmly into his old department. He had once loved working here, and hoped he would again. He was a little concerned when he heard that Rufus Scrimgeour was now the head of the aurors, but it wasn’t like he could be worse than Barty Crouch. Plus, Amelia might be able to temper his worst habits.

Knocking on Amelia’s door he was invited in. Seeing his old friend he smiled, they had trained together when they had been younger. He was a bit surprised to see that there was a younger man sitting in the office as well. Frank knew that he recognized this man, but he couldn’t quite place him.

“Frank, it’s so good to see you back in these offices. Allow me to introduce you to Kingsley Shacklebolt, he would have only been a trainee when you… Left.” Amelia said, her voice going up a few octaves as she finished her sentence.

Frank smiled reassuringly at her. “Yes I do remember Auror Shacklebolt. It is a pleasure to see you again. And I must admit, I didn’t realize just how much I missed this place until I came back in. Although I must admit that I’m a little confused. I thought I was here to discuss maybe getting back to work.”

“There’s no need for that Frank. You were always one of this offices best. I can already guarantee you that you have a job here, there is just a few things we will need to do. Since you have been out of the game for a while you will need to re-qualify for certain things, like your potion making. Kingsley has agreed to be your ‘training officer’ until your set to return to the field. Until then, I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to work in the field on your own.” Amelia told him.

Frank was surprised at just how easy it would be for him to get his job back. Re-qualifying was the least he could do. “That is more than acceptable Amelia. I’m more than happy to work with Auror Shacklebolt.”

“Please, call me Kings, everyone does. Since we will be working together, you should see the file of one of the more important cases that I have been working on.”

Kings handed Frank the file that they had on what had happened to Sirius. It covered everything, from Sirius’s illegal arrest, to his being put into Azkaban without trial, going over his release and the interrogation that they had conducted, and ending with all the different places that Kings had searched. While Frank was going through this Amelia and Kings did a bit of their never ending piles of paperwork. 

By the time Frank finished going through the file he was furious. Sirius had been one of his friends, they had been in Gryffindor together, Frank had been the year ahead, but they had still been good friends. Sirius had been arrested the same day as the attack on him and his wife. He knew that if he had been free he and Alice would have contested this. The only thing that was keeping him even semi calm was the fact that Sirius was already free.

After that, Frank had willingly taken an oath not to tell anyone about Sirius, and Kings brought him up to date on all the different leads, or lack there of, in the search for Pettigrew. Frank was more than happy to start hunting down the traitor, especially if it helped him help an old friend. Since Frank would be stuck on desk duty for at least a few weeks until he could take his fitness testing, he would be dismantling Pettigrew’s life to see if there was any place that he could hide.


Meadow House

Neville and Alice were just sitting down for dinner when Frank came home. He had sent a message home just after he left telling them that he had been able to get his old job back and would be starting right away. Alice smiled at how happy Frank looked when he came in and greeted them.

The Meadow House was the perfect home in Alice’s opinion, they had chosen to call the place Meadow House because that was her maiden name. The house was placed in a rural wooded area. Just a few minutes walk through the woods there was a field of lavender that made the area always have a calming smell. The house itself was a lovely three story, Tudor style house. There were 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 drawing rooms, a formal and informal dining rooms, and much more.

Neville himself had fallen in love with the large garden in the back yard. As soon as his parents had seen how happy he was when he saw the gardens they had arranged to by the home right away. The house had originally been a muggle home, so it had naturally been smaller on the inside, but after hiring a magical architect the inside had been expanded to have everything they wanted.

Frank had gotten permission to speak to Alice about the case, so after Neville had gone to bed and he had gotten Alice to swear a secrecy oath, he explained to her. Alice’s reaction was far more volatile than his had been.

Alice was a loyal and loving person, and the idea that her friend had suffered the way he had because of a corrupt ministry infuriated her. It was actually enough for her to change her mind about getting involved in politics.

When they had gone to the bank after Frank banished his mother and uncle they had learned some startling information. Although Alice wasn’t in line for the Meadows title, that belonged to one of her distant cousins, she was in line for the Hufflepuff one. She had been stunned by this information, she knew that there ad been rumours that her family was descended from Hufflepuff, but so were many others. She remembered that the Smith family often said that they were the rightful heirs, but they had never taken the title, now she knew why.

The worst thing they had learned was from Neville’s test. The amount of potions and curses on him had reduced both parents to tears. How could anyone treat a child like that. He had had to go through a complete purge to get everything out of his system and the blocks off his core.

Originally, Alice had just wanted to stay with her son, so even though she had claimed her title she didn’t go into the Wizengamot or the school board. Now she wanted too, but she also didn’t want Neville to feel like his parents were abandoning him.

She would have to consider speaking to Lord Peverell Gryffindor.


Fathiye, Turkey - May 14, 1998

It was the day of the girls first birth day, and everyone was happy. After they had left Japan, the family had moved onto a dig site near the Dalyan Lycian rock tombs. The sun and the heat made them all happy, although they were glad that they would be moving on before they got to the height of summer. 

The main dig site that the goblins wanted their team to work on was in Peru, but they hadn’t gotten permission from the government yet. Until then, they would be bouncing around. They had been in Turkey for 2 months now, and would be moving on to Canada before Hadrian’s birthday. The goblins had assured them that they would be able to negotiate access to the site by the next year.

Narcissa, Lucius, Draco, and Lyra had come to celebrate the girls birthdays this year. They had become quite close over the past year. Severus often wished that this is how it could have been for them in the past, if Albus hadn’t interfered this might have been his life, surrounded by friends and family that loved him.

Draco and Hadrian had become close friends and often sent letters to each other at least once a week. James was often glad that they had rented the post box from Gringotts because he couldn’t imagine the strain it would put on an owl to have to try and keep up with the boys. Now, they would put the letter in the mail box and it would go to the bank, and would than be forwarded to the Malfoy’s, and the Malfoy’s would send their letters to the bank and the bank would forward them. They had originally tried using the mirrors, but they had caught the boys talking until late in the night, every night, so they had had to take them away.

Leaving behind Oochi had been hard for Hadrian, the snake had been his first friend, but now he had other friends. There were about a dozen children that lived at the dig site in Turkey so he had gotten a chance to try and see if he would be able to make friends, of the human variety. He had been relatively successful, too. There were one or two of the kids that he just couldn’t get along with, but the rest he had managed to form friendships with. He was still closest to Draco though, even though he didn’t get to see him that much.

Hadrian’s behaviour was still concerning to his parents though. He would go  back and forth between being extremely mature, and being clingy and scared. James had told the others that there was something about his behaviour that just seemed off.

Draco loved having a sister and cousins, There were still times that he missed being the centre of attention all the time, but he wouldn’t change his life for anything. He enjoyed getting to spend time with his shy little cousin, there was something about him that just drew Draco in. Something inside him was telling him that Hadrian could be the best kind of friend, and that they could be like brothers when they grew up. He wanted that, he wanted a friendship like the one his parents had with Hadrian’s family.

The year had passed so quickly, and the girls had grown so much. The four little girls that had been so small and helpless last year were proving to be experts in chaos. Lyra, as the eldest, seemed to love to play leader. She had the platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes that were common in her family. She already looked like an ice princess.

Cassiopeia and Ariadne were beautiful little trouble makers. They both had Sirius’s full dark black hair, but it was streaked through with Remus’s soft brown. Their eyes, like their hair, was a cross between their two fathers, with Sirius’s blue streaked through with Remus’s soft hazel green.

But the most troublesome one was little Kali. She was the youngest, but she already seemed to have everyone wrapped around her little finger. Kali had jet black hair, it already showed signs of being the traditional Potter mess. The only way her fathers could think to hide that was to have her grow it out. Her eyes were an extremely dark blue. Originally her eyes had been a dark chocolate brown like Severus’s, but like they had done with Hadrian, the four parents had blood adopted each others daughter(s) as an extra layer of protection, and Kali’s eyes had taken on hints of Sirius’s blue. They had also staged a fake blood adoption of Hadrian by James and Severus for Amelia Bones, Cecilia Perra, and Edward Brown. It would allow the other two men to have legal parental rights as well.

The foursome had already formed a pack of sorts and got extremely upset if one of the girls was taken from their playpen without the others. The parents all knew that they were dealing with a group of female marauders. If they were already like this at only one year old, they shivered at what they would be like as teenagers.

Narcissa was over the moon as she set out everything for the girls birthday party. She loved having a daughter, but there was only so much shopping one could do for one small little girl, but with the other three, she could do even more shopping. Plus she had an amazing son and a sweet nephew. Narcissa had claimed the spot as favourite auntie to all the other children, and it was a role that she adored.

It was after the party had ended and everyone was resting that Severus saw something that caught his eye. There was a group of people going through the dig camp that they were currently living in. They would stop at each animal that they saw, spend a few moments with the animal, before giving them some kind of potion before they moved on. Getting up Severus went to see what they were doing.

“Excuse me, if you don’t mind me asking you, what are you doing?” Severus asked one of the men. The bank had issued them all ear cuffs that served as a translation device, allowing them to both be able to understand and speak the languages of wherever they were.

“Not a problem.” One of the men said. “There has been a reported outbreak of rabies. We’re just checking over the animals. Those that don’t show any symptoms, we are giving a vaccine, and those that are already infected we give the cure. It is rather infectious and can be transferred by bite. See, this one here is clearly infected, he actually looks to be fairly far along.”

As they had been talking they had walked along and were now standing in front of one of the stray dogs that had made their camp home. The dogs muscles were twitching slightly, and its eyes were wild. The thing that caught his attention most was the way the dog kept attempting to swallow. He had seen that motion before, he just couldn’t place it.

“Rabies causes fever, anxiety, difficulty swallowing, confusion, agitation, and even hallucinations. As you can see, he is trying to swallow, but is having a hard time.”

Severus watched as the man administered a potion, and then watched as the dog visibly relaxed. He spent a little while talking to the man, getting more information on the potion, before he headed back to his tent.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - June 4, 1998

James was ready. He had everything he needed, and more, to start getting classes returned to Hogwarts. He also had back up. 

Alice Longbottom had written to him earlier in the year and requested that he sit as her proxy on the school board. Everyone had been shocked in March when Frank claimed the proxy of the Hufflepuff house. She was still wary of leaving her son, a feeling that he could understand. But he had convinced her that she should attend the meeting herself.

Having Alice there would help him to gain even more support. Alice and Frank were even more adored by the public than he was, the only one that was more loved was his son. Eventually he had convinced her to come, while Frank took a day off work to stay with Neville.

While James was confident, Alice was terrified. She knew that Neville was completely safe, but she missed him. Then there was having to admit that she was the new Lady Hufflepuff. But as Lord Peverell had reminded her, she was making the school a better place for when Neville started.

Walking into the meeting room she spotted Sebastian right away. He was standing with a man that she knew was the uncle of Frank’s partner. Going over to them she smiled slightly.

“Lord Peverell. Lord Shacklebolt, a pleasure to meet you.”

“Ah, Lady Longbottom Hufflepuff it is indeed nice to meet you face to face, but I must insist, call me Sebastian.” James said, making sure Kensington knew just who they were dealing with.

“What a pleasure to meet you my lady. Please, call me Kensington. I have heard great things from my nephew about your husband. I must say, I was over joyed to hear about your recovery, and the recovery of your husband. I do hope all is well.”

Alice smiled. “Thank you Kensington, Sebastian. Pleas call me Alice. I must thank you for all the information you have supplied me with about what will be discussed this meeting Sebastian. I would have been so lost without it.”

Before James could say anything the rest of the school governors arrived along with Albus.

Catching sight of Alice, Albus frowned a bit, though it was only noticeable if someone was looking for it. “Alice, my dear girl, what brings you here?”

James laid a hand on Alice’s arm stopping her from speaking. “Albus, allow me to introduce you, and everyone else, to our lovely Lady Hufflepuff.”

Albus froze. Lady Hufflepuff. He had known that Frank claimed the proxy of Hufflepuff, but it had never occurred to him that it would be Alice. Thinking about it, he thought he would be able to make this work for him.

Everyone was muttering as they sat down and started the meeting. For once, James didn’t wait before he cut in. As soon as they finished with the minutes from December he called their attention.

“As we have already said, we need to bring Hogwarts back up to par with the rest of the world. I know we all agreed that we would look into the standards the ICW has set and the different courses that we are missing. I figured we would discuss subject by subject to see what everyone thinks.”

Carson Blishwick was the first to speak. “Something I think we need to discuss is muggle studies. I have looked over the textbook and found it to be quite lacking. I have to deal with muggles in my businesses of apothecaries. And I can tell you that that book is at least a few decades behind. They talked about how the muggles were in the process of developing a new device known as a microwave. But I personally know that the microwave was invented in the 1940’s. And that was the last advancement that they spoke of. If you only relied on that class you would think muggles stopped advancing in the 40’s but that isn’t true. They are much further along.”

The room melted down into chaos at this. Muggle studies was one subject that was oddly controversial. Those of the darker faction wanted the class completely removed, while those that supported Albus wanted it to stay just how it was. 

James sat back and watched for a while thinking that he couldn’t have asked for a better place to start. Clearing his throat he caught everyones attention, he loved being able to do that, it was good to be powerful.

“I agree with Carson. Muggles are far more advanced then what is taught in the muggle studies class. As far as I’m concerned it is actually a danger to the statute of secrecy. Anyone that uses what they learned in that class would be spotted right away.

Now, I understand that many feel that we should be teaching our students to be witches and wizards, not muggles. I actually also agree with that too, but with some caveats. We need the muggle studies class because it teaches our children how to hide, but I feel that we also need a wizards study course to teach about our society. 

So I suggest a compromise. We update the muggle class, and add a wizarding class for counter balance.”

“Now, my boy. Surely you understand that we need to show the muggleborn acceptance. We need to unite our students, not divide them. If we brought in a class that taught about how the magical society is better than the muggles we would be guilty of that bigotry you are always bringing up.” Albus said. There was no way he wanted a wizard study class in his school. He didn’t want the muggleborn to know all about the wizarding world.

“Now Albus, that isn’t what he said, you are taking everything he said out of context.” Alice admonished. “I agree with Sebastian. We should have both. Our children need to know how to get around in the muggle world just as much as the muggleborn students need to learn how to get along in our world.

We are not muggles, and we should not have to act like we are. I am a witch, and I am proud of that fact. Many muggleborns that I went to school with ended up going back to the muggle world because they didn’t understand this world. We need to teach the muggleborns about our society so that they can understand their heritage.”

“I never figured you to support the ideals of the death eaters Alice.” Molly said, a disgusted look on her face.

“I don’t. I support the magical world. We are witches, not muggles. And that is not something we should be ashamed of. The muggleborns are coming into our world. They should be learning how to adapt to our world not try to force our world to adapt to them. Sebastian and I are not saying that we should make them feel inferior, because they are not, but we should be teaching them how to be apart of our society.”

The topic was debated for a while longer before a vote was called. By numbers it was close, but it actually wasn’t. The fact that both Alice and James supported the idea of updating muggle studies and introducing a wizard studies course meant that it would pass regardless.

They continued on discussing the classes. By the end of the debate they had ended up changing what to do with the two classes that they had already agreed too. It was decided that muggle and wizard studies were far to important for them not to be taught to the younger years. After much discussion it was arranged that the two classes would be combine, but would start to be taught in first year. This would give all the students an overview of both worlds.

Next up was Corbin Yaxley. He proposed that they also include a class that would cover the magical religions. This managed to set off an even larger argument. When James glanced over at Alice, he saw that she was just as exasperated as he was.

Eventually James decided he had had enough of the arguing. It wasn’t even a real argument. Those on the dark side gave reasons for reintroducing different magical religions, while Albus and his followers went on about how they needed to keep the children safe from the dark. 

“Excuse me, if I may. I think this is another thing that we could compromise on. There are many magical schools in Asia that teach a class called comparative religion. They spend the first half of the year focusing on different muggle religions, and the other half on magical religions. The courses are meant to give a basic overview of each religion and specifically designed to ensure that the students aren’t pushed an any specific direction, the choice of religion, or even any religion, is left up to them.”

Albus, Molly and Ted tried to make up excuses about how they didn’t want to bring religion into the school when Kensington put a stop to that.

“Oh, don’t even try that route. I know for a fact that you have made special arrangements and exemptions for the students that practice muggle religion. If you are ok with allowing muggle religions than you can’t say that the students can’t practice magical religions. A comparative religions course would be a good idea.”

Again a vote was called, and again it passed. Like with the muggle/wizard studies class it was an important topic, but they didn’t want to force students to study religion if they didn’t want too. In the end it was decided that the class would be made available for every year, with the upper years focusing more on the specific religions, but it would be completely voluntary. The class would take place for an hour every Saturday afternoon. James was thrilled. He honestly had only expected to manage to get one new class approved, and now he had two. The plan was to move slowly, they didn’t want to make Albus feel that he had been backed into a corner, it would have caused him to react irrationally.

James would have been content with only the two classes for this meeting, as it was nearing the end of their allotted time when Kensington spoke up again. “One of the things that I looked into was the decline in the true understanding of what magic is. One of the things that made me notice this was the fact that some people don’t understand how people have different types of cores, and they don’t understand how that isn’t something that they could control. Another thing is the people getting in trouble for stupid little things. In the trials at the Wizengamot, many give their reasoning for breaking certain laws as that they didn’t know it was against the law. I feel that we should bring back a magical theory class that was originally removed after I finished school, and a magical law class, although I am not exactly certain when that class was cancelled because I have no record of us cancelling it. I know that the reasoning given for canceling the magical theory class was due to lack of funds, that is not an issue anymore.”

This time, James didn’t even bother to speak. He felt that he had made his position pretty clear by now. Instead he chose to just let them yell at each other for a while, the classes were going to be approved either way. The debate, if it could be called that, lasted for almost a full hour before Alice finally had enough.

“Enough. Honestly, you are acting like children fighting over a toy. No, forgive me, children would be more mature than you are all currently being. You have all said your piece. So, now we vote. There is no need to sit here yelling at each other all night. We vote on each class and go from there.”

James smiled at Alice as she sat back in her seat, glaring at the others around the table. The vote was called, and both new classes were passed.

After a far more civilized debate, Alice kept giving anyone that started to raise their voice the patented disapproving mother look, except for Molly, nothing on earth could make that woman act like a grown up when she wasn’t getting her way, the meeting was called to a close. They had agreed that the magical theory would be taught to all years, while the magical law would be an optional class starting for third years.

Before everyone could leave, James asked to speak to Alice for a moment. They decided to walk to hogsmead and apperate from there rather than floo. Sirius had suggested that they invite Neville and his parents for Hadrian’s birthday. Neville had been born the day before Hadrian. They hoped that the two boys would be friends.

On the walk down James spoke in generalities. Alice knew that Sebastian Peverell was the one that had arranged Sirius’s freedom, so when he said that a mutual friend was hoping to be able to see her, she knew who he was talking about. Alice really wanted to see her old friend so she agreed to meet him at the bank the next week.


Albus walked into his office, unlike the previous few times he didn’t throw anything. He was completely numb with shock. There was no way this was happening.

All the work he had done to skillfully remove all those classes without anyone noticing or trying to stop him, and it was all for nothing. He was going to be forced to bring the classes back now. And he would probably be forced to bring back more classes over the next few years. He was extremely glad that the school bylaws only allowed for two board meetings a year, it would give him time, hopefully, to try and find ways around adding the new classes.

That was another thing that bothered him. His side had come prepared. Even Molly had properly prepared for this meeting, there just wasn’t any credible information that supported what he wanted.

“Albus?” When he looked up he saw that Minerva and Andromeda had already joined him and the others and they all had tea and biscuits, curtesy of Molly, no doubt.

“Sorry, my mind seems to have wandered.” Albus sighed.

“Albus, that man is ruining everything. And I can’t even begin to understand Alice. She above all should know how evil the dark is.” Molly screeched in her shrill voice.

“Alice?” Minerva was confused. “Alice Longbottom? What does she have to do with any of this.”

“It turns out that Alice Longbottom is the new Lady Hufflepuff.” Ted said to his wife and his former transfiguration teacher.

“What did she do?” Minerva asked.

“She supported that man and is helping to force the school to start teaching dark classes.” Molly screeched. 

Minerva and Andromeda looked to Albus, waiting for him to tell them what had happened in the meeting, he put a lemon drop in his mouth and started to speak. “Actually, we can’t really blame Sebastian. Yes, he was the one that brought up the lack of classes, but he wasn’t the one that brought up the specific classes. I was surprised, but he seemed to serve as almost… A moderating influence.

If it had been left up to the darker governors, they would have tried to remove muggle studies, and only taught magical religions. Sebastian managed to force them to accept the continued teaching about muggles, I do wish that we didn’t have to update the material from that class, plus there is the religion class that will now teach muggle religions. The children that practice muggle religions are far more understanding about how we need to get rid of the darker influences in our world.”

“He didn’t even speak during the debate of the magical theory or law classes. And Alice only spoke on those when she told the rest of us off for yelling at each other.” Ted added. He knew that they would be better served by playing nice with Alice and Sebastian. Those weren’t the kind of people he wanted to make enemies of.

They spent the next hour going round and round in circles. They all took turns complaining about the new classes that they were going to have to start teaching. In Ted’s mind, it served as more of a therapy session, than a problem solving session. They didn’t manage to find a way around anything. Eventually, Andromeda turned the discussion around to something else.

“So, Albus. Have you heard anything from Severus lately. Is there anyway he could give us some hints on where Sebastian is getting his information.”

“I haven’t heard from him lately. His last letter, from November, was just the same old thing. He’s doing well, and to look at past plans. I really don’t think he can say anymore. I’ve been speaking to Filius about what an act of silence entails. From what he’s told me, the fact that Severus has even managed to write as much as he has is apparently a miracle. Fillius said that he wont be able to tell us anything. We will just have to wait. There’s only 3 years left before he returns, and than he might be able to tell us more. There really isn’t anything we can do until then. I know it’s hard, but we will just have to pretend that we’re happy with the changes. Once Severus is back, I can get the information he has gathered on Sebastian and we can start fixing things then.”

“With the act, will he be able to tell us about what he learned?” Ted was a lawyer. He knew just how strict goblin contracts could be. He really didn’t understand why Albus hadn’t brought the contract to him before telling Severus to sign it.

“I’m not sure. We will just have to wait and see.” Albus really did hope that Severus would be able to tell him something. Or at least explain what he meant by past plans. He could tell that Severus was frustrated that he hadn’t done anything about the past plans that Severus kept telling him to check, the letters were getting fewer and fewer and more frustrated.

Everyone argued for a while about Severus and his loyalties until Albus shut them all up and sent everyone away. He really was starting to hate school board meetings.


Gringotts - June 13, 1998

Alice, Frank and Neville arrived at the bank and one of the tellers showed them to one of the banks private meeting rooms. Sitting in the room was Sebastian Peverell and Sirius.

Alice dashed over to hug her old friend. She was so glad to see that he wasn’t just safe, he clearly looked healthy and happy. Sirius looked better than she had ever seen him. He was nicely tanned, and his body looked fit and strong.

“Good to see you again Ally, Frank. And it’s nice to meet you properly Neville. I don’t know if your parents would have told you, but I used to babysit you from time to time when you were a baby.” Sirius had gone down on one knee so that he was eye to eye with the small boy.

Neville was peaking around his dad’s legs. He was still very scared of strangers, but from what the man had just said, he wasn’t a stranger. Calling up his bravery, Neville mumbled a shy hi.

They all went to sit around the table. Neville was placed between his parents, he felt like a big boy because he got to sit at the table with all the adults. After a quick discussion Frank and Alice swore a secrecy oath and Neville was placed under a secrecy spell, like Draco. Sirius had made sure to explain the spell step by step, and what it would do, to Neville before he cast it. He could see how nervous the boy was and didn’t want to scare him anymore.

Ever since the Longbottom’s had recovered, Sirius and the others had discussed whether to allow them to know about James or not. With how Alice had supported James in the board meeting, plus the secrecy vow they had already taken, it had been decided to bring them in on the secret.

So Ragnock, cast the spell that would allow the Longbottom family to see through the glamour on James. That had been one of the best parts of the goblin designed glamour. Only the goblin that cast the original glamour could allow others to see through it.

Alice immediately jumped up, and practically flew over the table, before she was hugging the life out of James. Frank could only smile at his old friend, too happy to even move. Eventually, after Alice stopped crying and calmed down, they explained to a scared Neville that the man on the other side of the table was his godfather. Frank and Alice had named James Neville’s godfather when Neville had only been a few weeks old. Neville and Hadrian had initially been extremely close as infants.

This brought another question to the front of Alice’s mind. “Where’s Hadrian?”

The next hour was spent explaining all about what had happened up until this point. Once again, like with the Malfoy’s, it had been decided to leave out the time travel part. They covered what Lily and Dumbledore had done, how Hadrian was abused, and how they had received a message from the future and how that had brought them all together. Frank and Alice added the information about what had happened to Neville, who was now napping in his mothers lap, they all knew that Augusta listened to Dumbledore.

When the meeting ended, Alice and Frank were completely on their side. They were also going to come for the week around Neville and Hadrian’s birthday. The family was currently living south of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.


The Burrow - July 1, 1998

The way that the days fell on the calendar this year, the last exams had been on the 26th of June, allowing the students to leave on the 27th. Because of that, the three elder Weasley boys had been home for 3 days now.

Charlie had already returned to the River Run Nature Preserve, and Percy was practically living in the library. Bill was waiting for his NEWT results. 

Two days before he had gone to the ministry to take the Extra NEWTs that he needed to get his dream job, as a curse breaker. He had spoken to his tester and been told that his results would all come together and should arrive on July 1.

While the fifth year students would have to wait until almost August for their OWL results, NEWTs came out at the beginning of the summer so that the newly graduated students could start applying for jobs. Charlie was going to have to wait for almost a month for his OWL results to arrive.

Bill was sitting at the breakfast table waiting for his results. It was still early enough that both Percy and Charlie were there, the twins were up and ready to congratulate their older brother, and there parents were both sitting and waiting. The only members of the family that were missing were Ron and Ginny, both had wanted to sleep in.

When a ministry owl flew in Bill took a deep breath and removed the scroll. Breaking the seal he opened his results. Skipping over all the formal stuff, he looked to his results. 

He received O’s in charms, defence against the dark arts, potions, history, arithmancy, ancient runes, and warding. EE’s in transfiguration, herbology, spell crafting, and latin. A’s in astronomy, care of magical creatures, spell weaving, and french.

Bill let out a sigh of relief. He had managed to do it. He had the grades he needed to apply to be a curse breaker. The plan was for him to go to the bank today with his results and fill out his application.

Looking to his family he announced his results. He only mentioned the available courses at the school, he wasn’t about to announce that he had self studied classes and taken the exams on his own. Percy had already started self studying and Bill didn’t want to do or say anything that would cause Molly to pay more attention to the extra classes.

While everyone was congratulating him, the twins set off one of their pranks. Bells and whistles sounded in the kitchen and they were all covered in glitter and streamers. Flashing letters spelled out ‘Congratulations Bill’. Molly started scolding the twins while all the others laughed. Charlie and Percy pulled out a french vanilla cream cake, Bill’s favourite, that they had picked up on there way home the day before.

Molly scolded them almost non stop as the boys all cut themselves a slice of cake for breakfast. Finally Arthur interrupted.

“Enough Molly. It’s a special occasion. Let the boys have a little fun. It isn’t every day that anyone achieves results like Bill’s.”

That was all that was said on the subject. Molly sat down in a huff. When Molly tried to make them save half the cake for Ron and Ginny no one listened. Charlie pointed out that if they had wanted cake then they should have gotten up to celebrate with their brother. If they didn’t care enough about their brother to get up to support him, then why should they care that they didn’t get cake. Molly just glared at them when Arthur voiced his support. There was no need to save half the cake, if there was any left then they could have it.

Fred and George knew that it was a little mean, but they made sure that there wasn’t any left. They both took pieces that were larger than they necessarily needed. Maybe if Ron and Ginny learned they had missed out on cake because they didn’t care to be there for their brother, they might start thinking about someone other then themselves. It wasn’t likely, but it was worth a try.

When Ron and Ginny finally got up around noon, long after all the others had left, the twins made sure to mention about how it was to bad that they had missed out on cake since they hadn’t been up. Rather than using it as a learning experience, Molly made them both their own cakes. The twins just rolled their eyes and went to the Lovegood’s.


Bill was both excited and nervous as he entered the bank. What if they didn’t like him? What if he had gotten the qualifications he needed wrong? What if professor Snape had been lying to him?

Pushing all his worries aside he approached one of the desks and explained why he was there. He was quickly led into one of the back offices. Sitting down he spoke with a goblin about how he wanted to apply to be a curse breaker. The goblin was very blunt when he pointed out that they generally didn’t take students from Hogwarts due to their low standards and missing classes. Bill was glad that he had spent so much time studying. Handing over his test results he told the goblin that he had been self studying to make up for what Hogwarts lacked.

The goblin was momentarily surprised by his results, and Bill felt a slight bit of pride in that fact. Eventually the goblin explained what he would need to do. To become a full fledged curse breaker he would need to take a 6 month course at the bank, then he would need to complete a 2 year apprentice ship with another curse breaker. He would only get the apprenticeship if he passed the first 6 months of tests and one of the other curse breakers was willing to take him on, if none of the curse breakers wanted to work with him then he would have to reapply the next year, and do it all again. Accepting this, Bill filled out the application. If it was approved he would start his training the next day.


Arriving home that night, Bill prepared for a fight. He knew that his mother wanted him to join the ministry, but he had no intention of working there. He was meant to be a curse breaker, and he knew it.

Sitting down for dinner they all started to serve themselves when Molly sent Bill a smile and started talking.

“Bill dear, how was your day? Did you fill out your application with the ministry? Which department did you apply too.”

All the older children and Arthur drew in a breath before they started to eat quickly. They knew this was going to make Molly flip, and they didn’t want to be stuck there. Bill just smiled and slowly started to eat.

“I didn’t apply at the ministry.”

“WHAT?” Molly shrieked. “You said that you were going to apply for work today. You need to get a job.”

“I did apply for a job.” Bill said. “It just wasn’t at the ministry.”

“What do you mean it wasn’t at the ministry?” Molly almost snarled. “You need to work at the ministry, it’s your dream.”

“No, it’s your dream.” Bill was making sure to take a few bites between each answer so that he could finish his meal quickly enough that he could escape when he needed too.

“Well where else would you apply. Everyone knows that anyone who wants to be anything works for the ministry.” Ron put in, food flying from his overstuffed mouth.

Molly smiled proudly at her youngest son. “Exactly right Ronnie. Really Bill, just where do you think you could get a decent job.”

Bill just raised an eyebrow at his mother. “I applied at Gringotts. I’m going to be a curse breaker.”

“William Arthur Weasley. What are you thinking? That is no job for a son of mine. I absolutely forbid it.” Molly jumped up as she shouted at him.

Bill stayed perfectly calm, on the outside. On the inside he was fuming at the woman that called herself his mother. Before he could say anything Arthur stepped in. He was furious at his wife for how she was treating their son.

“Molly Weasley. Don’t you dare speak to him that way. You have no control over what job Bill applies for. He is a legal adult, and can therefore do as he pleases. He also has my complete support.”

Molly turned on him. “I will not have him in my house. If he wants to remain under my roof then he will stop this foolishness and go and apply at the ministry tomorrow.”

“Your roof. This is my roof. I am the one who earns all the money. I pay for the roof over our head, I pay for the food we eat, and the clothes we wear. As long as I am the head of this family Bill will be more than welcome in this house. I honestly don’t understand what is going on with you, but this isn’t the woman I married. Now, we are going to sit down, eat our dinner, and enjoy our evening. Bill worked hard to achieve his grades, and if being a curse breaker is what he wants, then he will receive our full support. If you can’t support him, then you will keep it to yourself.” With that, Arthur sat down and returned to eating his dinner.

The older children were all shocked, and proud of their father. Ginny was upset that he had spoken to her mommy like that, and Ron was too busy eating to really know what was going on.

Everyone finished their meals before heading off to do what they normally did in the evening. Molly didn’t bother to finish her meal, she just sat and fumed as she watched the others. She knew she needed to do something. Once everyone was gone Molly flooed to Hogwarts.


Headmasters Office

“Albus. Albus. Are you here?”

Albus and Minerva looked up from the plans they had been working on in the library section of his office when they heard Molly’s screeching voice. Looking over the railing from the upper level of his office, they saw Molly.

“I am here Molly. Minerva and I were just working on a plan for next year. What can we do for you?” Albus said, his eyes twinkling.

“It’s Bill. That foolish boy isn’t doing what he’s supposed to do.”

“What has the boy done?” Albus asked.

“He has applied to work as a curse breaker at Gringotts.” Molly shrieked in exasperation.

“What? But he said he was thinking about the ministry like we wanted him too.” Minerva said. She had worked hard to make Bill want to join the ministry.

“Well, he didn’t. When he went out this morning to apply for a job I assumed that that was what he was going to do, but he went to the bank instead. And Arthur won’t hear a word about it. He actually yelled at me.” That fact made Molly furious. Maybe it was time to up the love potions.

“From everything that I learned about being a curse breaker after Severus joined it will be almost impossible for him to pass. Given the classes that we offer, and the ones we don’t, he will likely fail out of the basic training fairly quickly. Once that happens we can send him to the ministry. I’ll tell him that I spoke to a few people to make him feel like I’ve done him a favour. It should work out in our favour.” Albus said, already reworking his plans. This could actually work out in his favour.

“How long is the basic training.” Minerva asked. She was still miffed that that boy didn’t listen to her.

“It’s 6 months. After that he would need to apprentice for 2 years. The only reason Severus didn’t have to do all that was because he already had a mastery. For Bill, if by some miracle he does manage to pass basic training I will just write Severus. I’ll tell him to make sure none of the curse breakers he has met agree to work with the boy. It shouldn’t be hard if he tells them some made up stories about how horrible the boy was in school.” Albus told the two women.

They talked for a little while longer, placating Molly.


Nature Preserve, River Run Alley - July 17, 1998

Charlie was both happy and sad. He loved working at the preserve, or The Bubble as it was called by the locals on River Run. But today wasn’t a good day. 

The Bubble got its nickname from its appearance. There wasn’t enough room for a full size nature preserve if they built it like the muggles built things. Instead, there were over a dozen glass domes that had been expanded with space expansion spells. Each dome was 25 km². This gave them plenty of room to create different habitats for all the creatures that were housed inside.

There was an elderly acromantula, named Bernard, that had lived in The Bubble for over three decades. But today, Bernard was dying. He had lived a long full life, he was almost 200, but it was still hard for everyone that worked at The Bubble. They would miss the grumpy old spider. There was also the fact that they would now be missing an acromantula.

That morning Charlie had gone to his boss and told him that he knew where an entire nest of acromantula lived. He had been sneaking into the Forbidden Forest since his first year and he had seen Hagrid going in to check on his old friend. When he explained this to his boss, the man had been surprised. Northern Scotland wasn’t their natural environment, and would actually cause the spiders to die early. He had requested that Charlie go and visit Hagrid and see if he would be willing to help them move the entire nest into the preserve. Now he just had to get Hagrid to agree.

It was easy enough for Charlie to floo into Hogsmead and walk up to the school. He was surprised that the gate wasn’t even locked. Charlie walked up to Hagrid’s hut and knocked.

“Ah, Charlie. What brings ya by. Its summ’r ya should be out enjoyin’ yer time off.” Hagrid had always liked Charlie.

“Hagrid.” Charlie smiled at the boisterous, childlike man. “I was hoping you could help me with something. If you could follow me, it would be great.”

Hagrid readily agreed and they walked down towards the floo area talking about the care of magical creatures class. They flooed directly into the main office of The Bubble.

“Was’ this place Charlie?”

“This is The Bubble. I’m surprised you don’t know, I figured you would move in here if you could. I’ve been working here since last year.”

Hagrid was surprised. “I was al’ways told that it was just a group of small bubbles, only a lil’ bigger than my home.”

“From the outside they are. But the entire place is covered in space expansion charms. This is just one of them, there are 11 others that are just as big.”

“Wow. I nev’re knew. So, what is it ya wanted me to come here fer?”

Charlie led him into the room next to where they were keeping Bernard, so that they could see him through a glass wall, but not invade his space. He knew this was going to be hard for Hagrid to see, he was just to kind. 

“Hagrid. This is Bernard.”

“Wa’s wrong wit him?” There were already tears forming in his eyes.

“He’s dying Hagrid.” Charlie had to grab Hagrid to stop him from trying to get to the spider to coddle him like a baby.

“Let go Charlie. We need ta help ‘im.”

“There’s nothing we can do Hagrid. It’s his time. He’s almost 200 years old.”

“But… Everyt’ing I’ve heard ‘bout acromantula’s says they only live to 100, max?”

“In the wild, yes. But, Bernard has been here since The Bubble opened 30 years ago, and he was at the preserve before that one since he was an adolescent. If you look closely you’ll see that one of his mandibles is missing. He lost it in a territorial fight a long time ago. If he hadn’t been found by one of the beast handlers on a trip, he would have died a long time ago. He wouldn’t have been able to hunt and eat properly. The staff here have been providing him with food he can eat properly for decades.”

“If we’s can’t be doin anything, why’d ya bring me here?”

“Well, I know that you have been hiding a family of acromantula in the forest Hagrid. We were hoping that you would be willing to help us move them here.”

Hagrid started to fidget. “Now, Charlie. Pl’es don’t be tellin’ anyone ‘bout Aragog. They’d kill ‘im.”

“You don’t need to worry about anyone hurting Aragog here. Acromantulas were classified as an at risk species a few years ago. It’s against the law to hurt them. We wanted to bring them here to ensure they were protected. Without Bernard there is an open section.”

“But tha’ room is way to small for Aragog an’ his kids.”

“That room isn’t the acromantula section. They’re just keeping him in there because they have filled the room with a vaporized pain potion so he doesn’t have to feel any pain. The section he used to live in is actually a 5 km² forested area. It’s kept at the right temperature and prey animals are added whenever the are needed.”

“Well tha’ sounds nice, but I don’ want ‘im to think I’m getting rid of ‘im. I’ve had ‘im since he was just newly hatched.”

“Hagrid, you wouldn’t be abandoning him, you would be saving him. The environment of Scotland isn’t one that helps acromantula grow. Living where he does now, his life expectancy is practically being cut in half. Not to mention how many of his children have been lost to the fights with the centaurs. Besides, you would be more than welcome to visit whenever you wanted too.”

“I could?” Hagrid sounded extremely hopeful about this. He loved Aragog and wanted him to be somewhere safe.

“Of course Hagrid. If anyone could understand your love for your pets, it’s the people that work here.”

With Hagrid agreeing, Charlie took him to show him the area that would become Aragog’s. When they walked into the forested section Hagrid notice something that looked like a log and was covered in goo.

“Wha’s this?”

Charlie looked over to see what had caught his attention. “Oh, that. Well, the goo is a mixture of different kinds of sugars and nutrients that help to maintain a healthy system for the acromantula. The special part of it is that when it is bitten, not only does it taste good and gives them much needed nutrients, it also milks a little bit of their venom. It doesn’t hurt them at all, but it helps the preserve. See, this place isn’t funded by the government or anything, it operates on donations and any money it earns on its own. To help fund it, they often sell different products. 

Every time the log is bitten a small amount of venom is collected, it’s then sold for potions ingredients. There is a heard of unicorns that are old or injured in some way that live in one of the other bubbles. The staff groom them and anything like mane or tail hair, or chips from their hooves are collected and sold. A lot of the creatures here create valuable items just by being here. None of it is forcefully taken, nor are the creatures harmed in any way. That’s one of the most important rules here. Anything that we get must be freely given.”

“So, none of them is hurt?”

“Nope. If you want, we can wander around and I can show you some of what happens here. If you like it then we can move Aragog and his family here so they can be kept safe.”

Charlie spent the rest of the day showing Hagrid around. Hagrid found everything fascinating. Charlie knew that soon enough they would have an entire nest of acromantula to look after. And Hagrid would probably try to move in.


Vancouver, Canada - August 1, 1998

The week before Neville and Hadrian’s birthdays the Longbottom’s arrived to visit. Lucius and Narcissa had also come with their two children. It was a good thing that Lucius had insisted that they get their own tent or their wouldn’t be room for everyone. The Malfoy’s and Longbottom’s took up residence in the tent that Lucius had custom ordered.

Remus and the others had taken great joy in mocking Lucius for his desire to out do everyone with his tent. The tent even came accompanied with the rare albino peacocks Lucius bred. Everyone had a good laugh at him, even Lucius.

Like it had been with Hadrian, Draco took to Neville right away. He really did seem to like looking after his friends, which helped as both boys tended to be on the shy side. Draco was always paying attention to the two of them so he was able to make them feel comfortable before they even realized that they felt something was wrong.

Alice had at first been wary of having the Malfoy’s around. After all, it was Narcissa’s sister that had tortured her and her husband. Narcissa had apologized first thing and the two women were quickly building a friendship. It was when she saw how Draco was with Neville that she fully relaxed. There was no way someone could raise a son like that if they were as awful as rumours made the Malfoy family out to be. She loved spending her days watching her son play with the other children while she got to play with the girls.

When Alice had first seen the newly dubbed Fierce Foursome she had been so excited. She, like everyone else, fell completely in love with the four little girls. 

The entire week had been great. Every one had fun and relaxed. Some days they even went out on a boat so that they could watch the Orca’s. There was a pod of about 20 Orca’s that resided in the area and all of the children were fascinated by them. The adults were fascinated too, but they were trying to act like it didn’t faze them.

One of the things that made it nice and relaxing for Alice was that she didn’t have to deal with the mail. Ever since the school board meeting she had had to deal with almost daily letters from Molly Weasley trying to set up playdates for Neville, Ron, and Ginny. Alice had thought that it would be a nice idea at first and had agreed the first time. 

Unfortunately it was a total nightmare. Alice was a naturally nice person, but there was no other way to put it, Ron was a brat, and Ginny was no better. Ron had spent the entire two hours pushing Neville around. He was a mean bully. Ginny whined every time she didn’t get her way. The only time she had seen Neville smile the entire time was when the twins had come to visit, but Molly had run them off quickly after Ron had gone crying to her that they were being mean to him.

Molly hadn’t been any easier to deal with. It had been clear that she was attempting to try and get Alice to agree with her and Albus about what to do on the school board. She wasn’t very subtle. Molly had gone on and on about teaching the children about how evil the dark is so that they would choose the light. Alice had had a pounding headache within the first 20 minutes. When they had gotten home two hours later, Alice had promised Neville that they wouldn’t do something like that again.

While at the Weasley’s, Neville had been so withdrawn, now he was open and expressive. Alice smiled as she watched the three 8 year old boys break down laughing. Her Neville was finally coming out of his shell, she was so glad.

Neville finally got his laughter under control, he glanced over to where he knew his parents were sitting. He was so glad that they were happy with their friends. This week had been one of the best of his life. After everything his gran had told him he never thought he would have friends. But he really thought that Draco and Hadrian could be his friends. They were much nicer than that other boy, Ron, or the girl,Ginny, had been.

These were the kind of friends that he wanted. Hadrian was calm and encouraged him to speak his mind. Draco, though a bit louder, encouraged both him and Hadrian to try new things and take a few risks. They both made him feel safe and happy. He had heard that Hadrian had been abused like he had when they were at the meeting, he didn’t know how badly because the adults hadn’t given any specifics, but he knew it was bad by how upset his mum had been. He saw how Hadrian behaved and was willing to try new things without fear of being hurt again, and that was how Neville wanted to be. The best part was that they didn’t try and force him, they just seemed to accept him for who he was. Ron had spent their entire play date telling him what to do and how to be, and Ginny had just whined.

The children had all loved having two different parties, with two different cakes, in two days. The sugar high they had all been on had made it almost impossible for their parents to get them all to bed.

Despite how difficult it was to get them to bed, the boys were surprisingly attentive in their lessons. Since the British wizarding world didn’t have any primary schools, the children were taught at home by there parents most of the time. Since they weren’t on a traditional school schedule all three families had decided to continue teaching the children year round. It would help them do well when they started at Hogwarts. One thing that would surprise many in the wizarding world was that the Malfoy family taught their son muggle subjects. Math, writing, science, chemistry, history, and biology, were the main muggle subjects that they wanted the boys to learn. 

They would focus on the basics of magical theory, history, potions, runes, occlumency, latin, rituals, and the basic outlines of spells they would learn. None of the children had wands yet, and wouldn’t even get a training wand until they were 10. The reason that children didn’t start at Hogwarts until the year they turned 11 was because that was when their core was open enough for them to have access to power. If a child tried to force their magic to react to soon it would weaken them, and if they pushed too hard it could rupture their core. A child's training wand had limiters on it to keep the magic under control, the most powerful spell that could be cast was a lumos. It was really just to get the child used to holding and manipulating a wand.

Neville was a little further behind because Augusta hadn’t seen a use in actually teaching him. But, with the help of his new friends he was quickly catching up. Remus, who was Hadrian’s primary teacher, managed to make learning a game for the boys so they liked learning.

Alice and Frank decided that they needed to encourage the friendship between the boys. They liked the changes they were already seeing in their son. He had recovered a great deal from the abuse already, but he seemed to have gotten much better in just the few short days they had been there.

When Lucius and Narcissa started visiting more often they had gone to the goblins. The goblins had rented them a permeant portkey that was tied to the tent rather than a location, so that the Malfoy’s could just go straight to the tent. Since they preferred to keep their dig sites secret the goblins had insisted that the Malfoy’s signed a secrecy contract. It had worked out to benefit Lucius. Severus had explained about how he used a goblin contract to get rid of his mark, so Lucius negotiated the secrecy contract so that it would remove his mark. Lucius was now free from that binding, and a better man for it.

Both Frank and Alice were more than willing to pay for a portkey and too sign a contract. Having the portkey would allow them to visit as often as they liked, something that thrilled Neville and the other boys. They all knew that Hadrian wouldn’t be safe if he returned to Britain yet, so it was better for them to go to him.


While the children were playing, Severus was going over some of the information he had gathered. They had picked this area to stay because it was close to the Xa:ytem site. This particular site showed evidence of an established Salish settlement that dated as far back as 3000BCE.

Sites like this were extremely rare. The natives of North America had worshiped and respected the earth. They didn’t build extravagant monuments like many other cultures, instead they prided themselves on the ability to live in an area for generations without leaving a trace behind. Because of their respect of nature it was hard to find any extensive evidence of how they lived their lives.

Severus was going over one of the only texts that had been found from the area. The document was on what the Salish people called the children of the moon. Severus believed that they were talking about what they now called werewolves, but it wasn’t matching up. 

The original children of the moon were described as being able to change into a wolf at will. They were revered for their enhanced strength and long life. Although they did change under the light of the full moon, there was no mention of them losing their minds to it.

Werewolves like Remus were unable to change at will. Although they were stronger, they tended to prematurely age. There was also the full blown insanity when the moon came up. Remus was always in pain for a few days before and after each shift.

As Severus sat and pondered how they were different everything snapped into place. He remembered being younger and seeing Remus in his wolf form. Pettigrew had used polyjuice to pretend to be Sirius and had sent him to the Shrieking Shack. Although, he hadn’t known it was actually Pettigrew that had tried to kill him at the time. But one of the things he remembered clearest was the madness in the wolf’s eyes, and the way it kept swallowing. He thought of the dog he had seen in Turkey. 

After he had seen the dog he had looked into rabies. He had found out about how it was transferred through bite, just like lycanthropy. It cause so many symptoms that were synonymous with werewolves. Plus, he already knew that the disease could jump species. What if it had somehow been transferred to the wolves.

This was something he was going to have to look into. 

He also had to think about the letter he had received from Dumbledore. Dumbledore had written him to inform him that Bill Weasley had started his training at Gringotts. Dumbledore wanted him to shoot down Bill’s chances of getting an apprenticeship. He wanted him to tell others that Bill was a slacker that had a temper. Severus wasn’t going to do it.

Severus had been writing letters to Dumbledore since he left. He made sure that Dumbledore wouldn’t get any real value from the letters, but if Dumbledore ever questioned his loyalties later he would be able to point to the letters and say he had tried. They were just going to need to take a different approach when they arranged for Bill’s apprenticeship.


Vancouver, Canada - August 17, 1998

Two weeks after the double birthday parties everyone was sitting and relaxing after dinner when Kreacher popped in. The old elf was practically bouncing and smiling, something Sirius would have sworn the old elf didn’t know how to do.

“Master Regulus is waking, Master Regulus is waking.”

Everyone jumped up and headed for Regulus’s room. Sirius sat down on one side of the bed and stared down at his slowly waking little brother. Remus ushered Kreacher to the other side of the bed so he could watch his master wake up and not be blocked by all the taller humans.

Regulus slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times. His eyes were dazed and he looked like he was in pain. 

Severus stepped forward and gently fed him a pain potion. Once the potion was in his system Regulus started to gain focus.

“Siri… What happened? Where am I?” Regulus’s voice was rough from disuse.

“Master Regulus, Master Regulus. Yous is awake. Yous has been sleeping for long time. Ever since the bad cave when you made Kreacher leave you. Kreacher is sorry master. He didn’t want to leave yous, but yous orders Kreacher to go. I’s sorry.” Kreacher was practically bawling.

“Kreacher? Is that you my old friend?” Kreacher calmed as Regulus smiled at him. “You did the right thing Kreacher. You followed my orders, like a good elf. Did you manage to do what I asked you too?”

“Yes Master Regulus. Master Mutt and his friends helped Kreacher to fulfil Master Regulus’s order. The bad locket has been destroyed.” Sirius had been happy when Kreacher stopped calling him Nasty Master, as annoying as it was, he did prefer Master Mutt. 

Regulus glanced over at his brother and grinned. He had seen his brother and his friends transform, so he knew where Kreacher had gotten the idea to call him a mutt.

“It’s good to see you awake baby brother. Now I can yell at you properly for being a foolish Gryffindor and almost getting yourself killed, that’s my job.” Sirius had truly missed his little brother, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to pass up the chance to give him a hard time for being a fool.

“I know, I know. I was almost as stupid as you would have been.” Regulus started to lift himself up a bit before he changed his mind and decided it was better to just stay where he was. “What happened? The last thing I remember was being in the cave with inferi coming at me.”

“You apperated through anti-apparition wards you idiot. You completely drained your core. You’ve been in a coma for close to 9 years. Your core is still almost empty. It’s going to take a while before you are able to start using magic again.”

Before Sirius could say anything else Narcissa bustled into the room closely followed by her husband and son.

“Cissy?” Regulus said.

“Regulus Black. You had better have a good reason for scaring me like this. And Sirius Black. Just why is it that I have to hear from your husband that my baby cousin is awake.” She reached out and smacked him on the back of the head. “At least he has the decency to let family know when something major is happening.”

“Sorry Cissy.’ Sirius muttered “Where’s Lyra?”

“Remus is putting her in with the girls.” Narcissa told him cooly before turning back to her bed ridden cousin. “Well. What is your explanations for scaring me like that young man?”

As his mother had been yelling at the other adults Draco had gone to stand next to Hadrian. He knew his mum was upset, and didn’t want to draw her attention to him. He didn’t think he had done anything too wrong lately, not counting trying to bring his horse inside the house last week, but it was better safe than sorry.

“Cissy I had a good reason, I swear.” Regulus knew not to mess with her when she was upset. He knew that the only reason she was mad at him was because he scared her. “So… Who are you two?” He asked, looking at the boys.

“I’m Draco, and this is my cousin Hadrian.” 

“Draco is my son.” Narcissa told him, although she really didn’t need to, it was more than a little obvious. “And Hadrian is James and Severus’s son. Neither of you have answered me.”

Regulus and Sirius looked at each other. They knew just how dangerous their cousin could be, they had been dealing with her temper since they were children after all. Luckily for them Lucius stepped in to calm his wife.

“Cissy, it’s going to be ok. Everything is fine. Regulus is getting better, see. There is no need to worry anymore, it’s done. Let’s just figure things out from here.”

“Do not speak to me like you are trying to placate an unruly child Lucius Abraxus Malfoy, unless you want to sleep on the couch for the rest of the month. I can see he is getting better. I’m just angry that he has to get better. He was a Slytherin, he should know better than to go running into danger without a plan.” She turned back towards Regulus and pinned him with a glare. “You are forbidden from doing anything dangerous for the rest of your life. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Cissy.”

After that, everything calmed down. Everyone filled Regulus in on what was going on, and what they were doing. Regulus was surprised by everything that had happened, especially the defeat of the dark lord. When he heard about Sirius being sent to Azkaban without a trial he started ranting and cursing. Luckily, for Regulus’s safety, the children had already gone to bed in Hadrian’s room.

When all was said and done, Regulus made a decision about what he was going to do. He would spend a few weeks with Sirius and the others, getting to know his growing family. Then he was going to move back to the Black properties in Britain with Kreacher. The Black library was legendary and Regulus felt that he could use the information in there to help the others.

Severus had secretly gone to him with his idea about the werewolves being infected with rabies, he didn’t want to tell any of the others because he didn’t want to get their hopes up. Regulus had offered to search the library for information. He knew that there was an entire section devoted to creatures that might hold some information.

Lucius and Narcissa took the extra room so that they could stay close to Regulus. The boys would just have to share Hadrian’s room for the week, not that they would be complaining about it.


Malfoy Manor - October 26, 1998

Narcissa was sitting in the library watching Draco sit and read with one of his friends. Theodore ‘Theo’ Nott was a small timid little boy. Narcissa felt bad for the small child. His mother had died in some sort of accident the year before and ever since then the boy had withdrawn. She was under no illusions Thaddeus Nott, Theo’s father was a harsh man. Thaddeous had been, and still was, a true believer in Lord Voldemort and his ideals. There was no doubt that Theo had been sent to make friends with Draco because of how important the Malfoy family was. Draco was holding himself back, but he was also reaching out to the boy, like there was something else going on.

She watched as the little boy jumped at almost every sound. It was only after she had walked behind him and the boy started to hyperventilate that she knew what was going on. She had worked with the staff at the Sea Cliff Home. During her time there she had seen a little girl have a similar reaction. Edward Brown had explained to her that it was called hyper vigilance, it was common in children that were being abused.

Making an excuse to Draco she led Theo away to speak to him for a moment.

“Theo, you know I would never hurt you, right?” Theo hesitated for a minute before he nodded so she kept going. “Theo, did you know that I help out at a place called the Sea Cliff Home? It’s a safe place for children that aren’t safe at their home. If something bad is happening, you can tell me, and I can make sure that it stops.”

Theo chewed on his lip for a few minutes. He was scared to say anything, but he also didn’t want to go back home, he knew Lady Malfoy and knew that she was good. “I…I… I don’t want to go home. But I don’t have any other family. No one would want me. No one cares about me, I’m no-one.”

Narcissa gently rubbed his arm, not wanting to scare him by hugging him. “That’s not true little one. You are someone, you are Theo. And as for not having any other family, your mother had a rather large extended family. You aren’t alone little one. Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to take you to see a friend of mine. While you tell him what’s going on, I will go and get your mother’s older brother, ok.” 

When the scared little boy nodded she told an elf to inform Lucius and Draco that she and Theo were going out for a bit. She then flooed them to the DCW and went directly to Edward Perra’s office. As a certified mind healer, in both the muggle and magical worlds, he could help Theo.

Knocking, Edward invited them in. “Well hello Narcissa. Pleasure to see you again. And who is this you brought with you?”

“This is a good friend of my sons, Theo Nott. We’ve been talking and I think he might need to speak to you.”

Edward looked at the cowering boy. Giving him a small smile he led them both over to the sitting area in his office and got them some tea and biscuits. He also placed a few stuffed animals around, many children used them to keep their hands busy and to provide comfort while discussing any form of abuse.

“Lady Malfoy doesn’t have to leave, does she?” Theo didn’t want to be alone.

“I will be here for as long as you need me to be.” Narcissa smiled down at the little boy that had a death grip on her hand.

The next two and a half hours were spent talking to Theo about what his home life was like. It took every ounce of strength Narcissa had to not go and skin Thaddeus Nott when Theo described being punished with a spell that made his body feel like it was on fire, had a red light, and started with a ‘c’. The only reason Narcissa managed to hold herself back was because she promised Theo she wouldn’t leave him.

As soon as Theo told them about the spell, Edward had them move to St. Mungo's for a full health check. The health report showed that since the death of his mother, Theo had been the victim of severe abuse. There was a great deal of evidence of nerve damage that was caused by the cruciatus curse. It was just lucky that they had the potion Severus had developed to repair the damage or else Theo might have never regained his full range of motion in his arms due to the nerve damage.

After Theo was treated for his injuries and asleep, Narcissa met with Edward outside the room. She quickly explained about Theo’s family. Theo’s father was a devoted death eater that had bribed his way out of Azkaban, his fathers father was one of Lord Voldemort’s first followers and had died in his service. But his mothers family was not. His mother had been contracted to his father because her own father had a gambling problem and had bet his own daughter one night when he was having a losing streak. Gwendolyn wasn’t given a choice. Theodore Nott Sr. had won her hand and wrote a contract forcing the 15 year old girl to marry his son. Gwendolyn’s older brother Gregor had been very vocal about his dislike of what had happened to his sister. Thaddeus had forbidden his wife from ever speaking to her brother again, due to the magic in the marriage contract, she had no choice but to comply. Gregor had never forgiven his father, he hadn’t even attended the man’s funeral. Narcissa believed that if he knew his nephew was being abused nothing would stop him from protecting the boy, he couldn’t save his sister, but he could save her son. 

In the end, Edward agreed that they should inform Gregor, as the closest living relative. Narcissa would go and speak to him and his wife, while Edward would arrange for the arrest of Thaddeus Nott.


Narcissa arrived in a flourish at the Davis Estate. She waited patiently in the floo room for Gregor, or his wife, Helen, to arrive. She knew their son, Roger, had just started his first year at Hogwarts.

It was Helen that arrived first. The two women weren’t friends, but they were friendly. They often worked on the boards of different charities together.

“Narcissa. Not that it isn’t lovely, as always, to see you, but I’m not aware of any upcoming events that we would need to discuss.”

“I’m not here about an upcoming event, unfortunately. I was hoping to speak with you and Gregor. It’s very important.”

“Sure. Follow me, Gregor is in his office.” 

As the two women walked up to the office they shared a little small talk, nothing to intense. 

When they walked into the office Gregor was a little shocked. He knew Narcissa, but they had never been close. He truly didn’t understand what she was doing here.

“Helen, Narcissa. What can I do for you two tonight?”

“I was hoping that you could help me with something Gregor.” Narcissa said.

“I will try.” Gregor was growing more confused.

“I know what happened with how Gwen was forced to marry Thaddeus Nott.”

“Do not mention that monster in my house. He murdered my sister, there is no doubt in my mind that is how she died.” Gregor hated that man. He took his bright beautiful little sister from him and destroyed her.

“Oh. trust me. I hate that man too. The reason I bring him up is that earlier today Gwen’s son, Theo, came over for a playdate with Draco. There was something off in his behaviour and I took him to speak to a friend of mine at the DCW.”

Helen gasped. “He’s being abused.”

Gregor’s hands clenched the arms of his chair, but he didn’t say anything.

Narcissa nodded sadly. “After he said some things to Edward, he’s the co-head of the department that spent decades as a mind healer, we took him to St. Mungo's. His tests showed evidence of broken bones, and muscle damage since Gwen died. The worse part is… Well… There was evidence of cruciatus exposure.”

Gregor growled and Helen started to sob.

“Is he ok? What’s happening with him now?” Gregor asked through clenched teeth. 

“Right now he is staying in St. Mungo's. The healers want to keep him for a day or two. After that, well, that is up to you.” Narcissa said giving them an appraising look.

“Up to us?” Helen was confused. “What can we do? We were forbidden any contact.”

“Not any more. Since Gwen is gone the contract no longer stands. The DCW has already filed charges, and aurors were on their way to arrest Thaddeus when I was leaving the hospital. As you are the closest living relatives you…”

Narcissa never got to finish her sentence as she was interrupted by both Helen and Gregor. “We’ll take him.”

Narcissa smiled at them. “I hoped you would say that. He had been told that he didn’t have any other family and that no one would want him. When I told him about you, he wanted to meet you. If you want to follow me I can take you to see him.”


It was quite easy to get Gregor and Helen to the hospital. Edward was extremely happy that there were family members that were willing to be there for the poor boy. He had already heard back from the aurors he had sent to arrest Theo’s father, the man was in a holding cell.

Narcissa knocked on the door that led into Theo’s room. When she heard a small voice allowing entrance, she walked in leading Helen and Gregor. She introduced them to him and allowed them to talk. Once Theo started to grow comfortable with them Narcissa explained to him that Helen and Gregor wanted to take him in, so that he wouldn’t have to return to his fathers house. 

Although Theo was still nervous about new people, anything was better than his father. Plus, he also had Lady Malfoy on his side. If it wasn’t nice with the Davis’s then he was sure she would help him again.

When Narcissa left she was happy. Theo was with people that loved him and Thaddeus would never come near him again.

When Lord Thaddeus Nott was brought in front of a sealed Wizengamot a month later, he was found guilty and sentenced to life in Azkaban. Due to the laws, the title automatically transferred to young Theo. He would be able to claim the lordship when he was 11. None of this mattered to Theo though, he was busy with his new family. They had even had Roger come home for weekends so that he could get to  know his new brother.

Chapter Text

 The Burrow - January 7, 1999

Today was the day that Bill Weasley would finally finish his first 6 months of training and see if he was going to be offered an apprenticeship. The past 6 months had been some of the hardest of his life.

Every day he went into the bank and would work and study until he was exhausted. He would go home and fall in to bed, sleep, wake up in the morning and do it all again. It was a never ending routine, he didn’t even have weekends off. He was ready for it all to be over, one way or another, but he wouldn’t change a moment of it.

The worst part of his training was actually the time he spent at home. His mother made her opinion of his choice of career perfectly clear. His two youngest siblings were following her lead. Ron and Ginny were both being complete brats to him. Ron was always going on about how he was never going to amount to anything, while Ginny was constantly making little digs about how he was going to fail.

When he went down to breakfast it reminded him a lot of the day he had received his NEWT results. His younger siblings, other than Ron and Ginny who were once again still asleep, and his father were there to support him. His mother was standing by the table with a sanctimonious smirk. Bill knew that she was expecting him to fail, he really hoped he didn’t so that he could rub it in her face.

After breakfast was finished Bill got up to leave. He was surprised when his father, Charlie, Percy, Fred, and George all got up with him.

“What are you guys doing?” Bill asked.

“We’re going with you for moral support.” Arthur said. “Molly?”

“I have no intention of supporting this idiocy. When he has his heart broken I will be here to pick up the pieces, like usual. Then we can try and get him a job in the ministry. Though, it will be harder now, but I’m sure we can convince Albus to assist.”

All the other males in the kitchen rolled their eyes and flooed to Diagon Alley. Molly was furious as they left. The only solace she had in the blatant disregard from her family was that she knew that, thanks to Severus, though she would never admit she owed him, Bill wouldn’t be getting a job at the bank. Once the boys were all gone she quickly flooed Albus to let him know that they were in the Alley.


Gringotts Bank

Walking down the Alley, heading for Gringotts, Albus Dumbledore himself appeared in the crowd.

“Arthur my boy, what brings you to the Alley on this fine day? Hello boys, lemon drop?” Albus was dressed in glaring magenta robes with lime green sparkles. All the children had to work not to shield their eyes from the painful sight. They all declined the sweets.

“Hello Albus. We were just on our way to the bank to see if Bill’s gotten his apprenticeship as a curse breaker. The rest of us came along to see. What are you doing here today?” Arthur was a little wary when he saw the headmaster.

“I just came to order a few new robes and pick up some more lemon drops.” Albus smiled and both his eyes and robes twinkled. “If it isn’t too much to ask, I think I will come with you. William always was one of our brightest Gryffindor’s.”

When Bill didn’t reject the idea, Arthur agreed.

Walking towards the bank, Bill took everyone in through the staff entrance. He made sure to show respect to any goblin they passed, he noticed his father and brothers followed his example, but the headmaster showed nothing but contempt. Bill had learned quickly that it was a bad idea to cross a goblin.

Entering one of the side rooms they all took a seat and waited patiently for Bills training goblin, Silveraxe, to arrive. Well, the Weasley’s were waiting patiently, Dumbledore wouldn’t shut up. He kept asking stupid questions and assuring Bill that he would be able to get him a job at the ministry if things didn’t work out. He told them that Bill might have to accept a lower position since all the higher level positions would have been filled by the students that applied as soon as they finished school.

All the Weasley’s let out a silent sigh of relief when Silveraxe arrived and Dumbledore shut up. Bill formerly greeted Silveraxe and waited to hear what he had to say, he had learned quickly to only speak when spoken too.

“Well, Mr. Weasley as of yesterday you have completed your 6 months of training. Your final scores are adequate.” Bill almost smiled, adequate by Silveraxe’s standards was glowing praise. “I sent out your scores to our curse breaking teams, if any want to offer you an apprenticeship they were informed to be here a few minutes from now. I have a job to do so I will be leaving. If you have been offered an apprenticeship then someone will arrive soon, if not, a guard will escort you out and you can apply again next year.”

With that, Silveraxe left. Bill took in a shaky breath and waited.

“Now William. I understand that it can be disappointing to not get a job, but if you aren’t offered the apprenticeship don’t worry, we can still make arrangements. You should know how critical goblins are of wizards, they probably wouldn’t be honest about how skilled you are.” Albus said in a placating voice.

Bill just looked at him blankly. It was almost like his old headmaster didn’t want him to get a job.

“There’s no need to worry about that, Albus.” A soft voice sounded from the door. Bill looked up, he had actually expected that Professor Snape might have offered to take him as an apprentice, but this wasn’t him.

The man was tall, had brown hair streaked threw with a silvery grey, and his eyes were a soft green. He had a kind smile on his face, and a calming aura.

“Remus?” Arthur smiled as he got up to greet his old friend.

“Remus, what are you doing here? We are waiting to see if a member of Gringotts curse breakers is willing to offer young William an apprenticeship.” Albus’s hands were smoothing down his beard.

“That’s why I’m here Albus. When I saw a report that ‘William Weasley’ had finished basic training with such high scores I jumped at the chance to have him join my team. I figured he was one of your’s Arthur, I thought you might prefer it if he was with someone you knew.” Remus gave his signature gentle smile.

“Thank you, Remus.” Arthur smiled at his old friend, the same friend he knew had recommended him for his job at JT. “I will admit that I was a little worried about where he would go, and who he would be working with.”

“But Remus, what about your little condition.” Albus said, trying to sound caring while actually sounding patronizing.

“I really don’t see how that would be an issue Albus.” Arthur had never liked how people treated Remus because of his being a werewolf.

“It isn’t a problem here Albus. The goblins are far less prejudice than most wizards. They don’t care that I’m a werewolf. I’m capable of the job and that’s all that matters to them. They aren’t like wizards who think that, because I was the victim of an attack as a child, I am a monster.” Remus forced himself to give the old man a little smile when all he wanted to do was rip out his throat.

“Of course, of course, my dear boy. I wasn’t implying that you couldn’t do the job, you always were clever. But there is always the danger of the full moon.” Albus didn’t like where this was going.

“It’s actually safer than it was when I attended Hogwarts. I don’t have to hide what I am, my entire team and their families are aware. Because I’m not forced to hide they know not to follow me when I leave the night of the full moon. We’ve been working together for years, and none of them care.” Remus grinned as he told the old man that. He would never see Albus as the kind old grandfather figure he once had. This wasn’t the man that allowed him to get an education, that allowed him to make his first friends, this was the man that attacked and harmed his pack. He was the enemy.

“I don’t have a problem with it.” Bill added. When he thought about it he figured this was the friend that Professor Snape had said worked as a historian for the bank. He was also clearly a friend of his father.

“Well then, did you bring your things, or are you going to need to go home and pack?” Remus smiled at Bill as he asked.

“I brought all my stuff. I really hoped that I would get an apprenticeship.” Bill pulled a shrunken trunk out of his pocket and showed everyone.

“Ok, good. I had built in a bit of time so that you could go and pack if you needed, but since your already ready, why don’t you all go and get some ice cream and say your goodbyes. I have to talk to my boss for a little bit about where the team is going next. Just be back here by 11:30. We will be portkeying to our camp.” Remus told the young man.

“Remus, my dear boy. Why don’t you tell everyone a little about where your going and what your doing? I’m sure Arthur and the younger boys would like to know what is going to be happening.” Albus said, clearly trying to gain more information.

“I can’t do that Albus. The secrecy clauses in my contract are rather strict. The most I can say is that we are currently in North America, and we will be working on an excavation. Once Bill returns here he will be signing his apprenticeship contract and he wont be able to give any specifics either. Maybe in a few years after he finishes his apprenticeship, he might be able to negotiate weaker secrecy restrictions. I didn’t see a point in wasting any of my limited influence weakening those restrictions.” Remus knew that Albus wasn’t going to like that answer.

“That’s fine. We knew that Bill wouldn’t be able to give us any specifics.” Arthur told them. 

Albus watched as the Weasley boys left to go and get some ice cream before Bill left. He was furious. Severus seemed to have managed to keep any of the other curse breakers from offering Bill an apprenticeship, but there was no way Lupin would listen to him. Lupin had been good friends will Arthur before the war ended.

Saying goodbye to Remus, making sure to add a little guilt over not giving him any extra information, he left.


The Burrow

Albus flooed directly to the Burrow. He knew that the only ones home were Molly and the two youngest so he didn’t have to worry about anyone betraying him.

“Albus. What happened? Is Bill on his way home? Or did he go directly to the ministry to apply?” Molly was excited to see Albus.

“Unfortunately no. Bill was offered an apprenticeship. He will be leaving soon.” Albus said with a sigh.

“What.” She shrieked. “Snape was supposed to stop him. I bet he set it up so that I would lose my son. He has always hated anyone being happy. Now he’s stolen my baby boy.” Molly started to sob. She hated that Bill was leaving, he was to young to be so far away from her.

“It wasn’t Severus. It was Remus Lupin that offered him the job. I placed compulsions on Remus to make him hate and distrust Severus. If Severus said not to offer Bill the job, then Remus would do it just to spite him. I didn’t even know Remus was working at the bank.” Albus was furious that his own plan had destroyed another one of his plans. His desire to make Remus and Severus distrust each other was the reason he had lost control of Bill.

“The werewolf.” Molly stopped sobbing and started to get angry. “That isn’t safe. He is to dangerous.” Molly had never liked Remus. He was a nice enough man, but he was a dark creature.

“There’s nothing we can do now. Since Bill has been offered the apprenticeship he will be signing a goblin contract. I have learned through the mess with losing control of Severus that goblin contracts are unbreakable. The best we can hope for is if Bill decides he doesn’t like working at the bank and quits after his apprenticeship is done.”

“I thought he wouldn’t have the grades for it. You said that Hogwarts didn’t offer the classes that he would have needed.”

“I don’t know. We’re missing something.” Albus was annoyed. 

Once their conversation ended, Albus left. Molly sat at the table and fumed for a while, until Arthur came home with four of her boys.

“Everyone, good news.” Arthur smiled as he came in to the kitchen. “Bill got a job as Remus’s apprentice. Where are Ron and Ginny?” Looking around he didn’t see their two youngest.

“Their still in bed. And as for the job, I still don’t like it. He shouldn’t be so far away doing such dangerous work.” Molly huffed.

“Molly, enough. Bill is happy and that’s what matters. It’s his life, not ours. He is old enough to make his own choices. As for Ron and Ginny, they need to start getting up at a decent time. Their not babies anymore. For Merlin’s sake, Ron will be starting school in just over 2 years. He needs to learn how to get up at a decent time now, before he goes to school and starts missing breakfast and his morning classes because he doesn’t know how to get himself up.” Arthur was getting annoyed with how much Molly babied the younger two children. She had never done that with the older boys.

Deciding it was better to leave, the boys headed to do their own things. Fred and George were working on something in their room, neither of their brothers really wanted to ask. And, Percy and Charlie still had to pack to head back to school in a few days.



Arriving back at the bank after saying goodbye to his father and brothers Bill went back to the meeting room where he first met Remus, he was already there.

“Sorry if I’m late Mr. Lupin.” Bill didn’t want to make a bad impression.

“Relax Bill, your not late. We aren’t very formal on our team so I hope it’s ok if I just call you Bill.” Bill nodded at him. “We have about half an hour before we leave, so there are some things we need to discuss, but first you will need to sign this contract. It’s just a basic apprenticeship contract. By signing this you agree to work with my team for 2 years, you will not be able to give anyone any specifics about what we are doing, or where we are doing it, you won’t be able to tell anyone about anyone else on our team or living with our team. Now, since your father and I know each other, and he knows that you are working with me, you will be able to speak about me with your family, but no one else. The magic of the contract will stop you from breaking any of these rules so you don’t really need to worry to much.

Now, this is not an unpaid internship, so you will be making some money, not a lot, but some. You will be earning about 7,500 galleons per year for the next two years, you will also get a share of any profit made from what we find. It’s less than what a fully fledged curse breaker makes, but you are still an apprentice. There is also the fact that we will be responsible for housing and feeding you for this time, so you will be saving money there. The bank pays our travel expenses too, so you will actually be making a more than decent wage.” Remus continued on explaining the finer details for a few minutes. Once Bill agreed, Remus pushed the contract towards him, and watched as he signed.

Remus smiled and let out a silent sigh of relief. He hadn’t told Bill, but they had added a few extras, written in ancient gobbledygook in the fine print. It wasn’t anything malicious. It just said that whenever Bill heard anyone refer to James Potter as James, or any variation of that name, the name would be replaced in Bill’s mind with the appropriate variation of Sebastian Peverell. It also said that whenever Hadrian referred to his fathers as his fathers it would again be replaced with ‘uncle’ and the appropriate name. Remus was so glad for magic, it would allow them to keep everything secret even while living with a different person.

They still had about ten minutes before the portkey activated so Remus decided to explain everything first.

“Bill, I think there are a few things we need to cover now. There really isn’t another way to say it, so I’m just going to come out and say it. One of the members of our team, and my husband, is Sirius Black.”

Bill looked confused for a few seconds until he placed the name. “The mass murderer that is currently in Azkaban. The one who betrayed the Potter’s”

“Yes and no. Sirius was indeed arrested and sent to Azkaban for mass murder, but he was innocent. Sirius was framed by the true traitor, Peter Pettigrew. Pettigrew framed Sirius and then faked his death. He is currently alive and being hunted by select members of the DMLE. Sirius was thrown into Azkaban without receiving a trial and when it came to light a few years ago, he was questioned under veritaserum and he was able to prove his innocence. This information will be released only after Pettigrew has been caught, in order to keep the man from becoming more of a danger.”

Bill blinked a few times. “Ok.”

Remus smiled at him. “The other members of our team are Lord Sebastian Peverell, who you have no doubt heard of, and his, now, husband Severus Prince-Peverell, formally Snape, who I know you know.”

“I was wondering if Professor Snape was involved in you being here.” Bill was happy that his former professor was a part of the team, and was clearly happy, given that he was now married.

“Yes, he was originally going to offer you the apprenticeship but we didn’t want that information to get back to the headmaster. He wasn’t exactly pleased with Sev leaving his teaching position. I do hope you don’t mind having a full house, because we also have four children living with us.”

“Four children?”

“Yes. Sirius and my twin daughters Ariadne and Cassiopeia, and Sev and Sebastians daughter Kali. The girls will be two in May.”

“You said four children, that’s only three.”

“This is another one of those surprising things. The fourth child is my and my husbands blood adopted godson. Hadrian Potter.”

Again Bill just blinked a few times. Processing this information. “So what you’re saying, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, our team consists of, a werewolf, an innocent suspected mass murderer, one of the most influential people in our world, my former potions professor, three toddlers, and the saviour of the wizarding world.”

“Exactly.” Remus just smiled at the droll look on Bill’s face.


“We also have a few others, that have signed secrecy contracts and come to visit from time to time. That includes the Malfoy family, and the Longbottom family. We are old friends, and Hadrian is best friends with Draco and Neville.

Now, you are lucky. As of about an hour ago we have moved on to a new dig site. It’s located in the mountains in Peru, near Machu Picchu.”

“Why does that make me lucky? Where were you working before, if you can tell me?”

“I can tell you because you are under the secrecy contract. We were living near a dig site in British Columbia, Canada. We really didn’t think that one through. It was great during the summer, but then winter came. And it came hard, and fast. When I left our tent looked like an igloo. It was completely covered in snow. The snow was a great insulator, but it’s still snow, and there just aren’t enough heating charms in the world that can keep you comfortable, living in a tent, in the middle of a snowbank. Although we all did enjoy the snow ball fights, sliding and skating.”

“You were living in a tent, in Canada, in the winter.” Bill just grinned at Remus.

Remus gave a shrug and little smile. “I said it was bad planning. But now we are going to be somewhere sunny and warm, so we’ll be fine.”

They talked for a few more minutes until it was time. Each of them took a hold on the rope portkey and they disappeared from Britain.


Aguas Calientes, Peru

The sun was just coming up as they arrived in Peru. It might almost be lunch time in Britain, but it wasn’t even 6am in Peru. They saw Severus sitting with a rather large cup of coffee on the patio, everyone else had gone back to bed after they finished their move.

“Professor Snape. Or.. I guess it’s Professor Prince-Peverell now.” Bill said as he shook Severus’s hand.

“No Bill, it’s Severus. There is no need to be formal, you aren’t my student anymore, you are a coworker.” Severus made sure to stress their names. He didn’t want to have to always be formal while working. He rather enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that their team had.

When they showed Bill the room that would be his, Severus pulled out a message orb. This one was sent from Charlie to Bill. They told him the same story they had told Lucius. They suggested that Bill go into his room, cast a few silencing wards, so he could keep anything that was said a secret if he wanted to, and listen. If he wanted to talk about anything he learned, they would be out on the patio.

When Bill came out of his room he was pasty white. “She… She’s not my mum.”

“What?” Both Severus and Remus asked.

“Molly. She’s not my mum.” Bill drank back the small glass of fire whiskey Severus had had Dobby get. “According to Charlie, my dad was married to her twin brothers, Fabian and Gideon. From what they had been able to find out, Molly had drugged dad with love potions shortly after the twins were born. She got pregnant with Ron and Ginny after that. She and Dumbledore used some ancient ritual to make everyone who knew who dad was married to forget my other fathers, and remember her in their place. If dad finds out before the ritual is countered, it could kill him. He and George had searched for years, but never found out how to counter the ritual. They did it on their own, and in secret, because they didn’t want to burden anyone else.

He also said that from what they were able to find out, with the help of the goblins, they found that my fathers, Fabian and Gideon, didn’t die in that raid on Bones Manor like we were told. They didn’t die until February 2007. Wait… That means there still alive. We need to find them. We need to…”

Remus lay a calming hand on Bill’s shoulder to keep him in his seat. “We can help you with this Bill. We have access to all kinds of information about rituals that your brothers wouldn’t have had. We will help to find a way to counter it. Now, as for your fathers, we will do what we can. If they are still alive it means that they were taken prisoner rather than killed. We have people that were spies within the death eaters. We can get information from them and try to locate the prison. There is time, we don’t have to do everything right now, we actually can’t do it all right now. We need to think things through and come up with a plan. If we go rushing in now, not knowing what’s going on, we could get them, or ourselves, killed. Do you think there’s any way we can get your father off those love potions.”

“He already is.” Bill smiled at the confused look the other men had. “His financial advisor made him get a check before he signed the financial documents. That was when he found out about the potions. He now gets checked every month. He’s also started casting nullifiers at all the food and drinks mum gives him, and has been taking potions to block the ones she’s been giving him. He just didn’t want her to know, as a precaution. I noticed he was acting different a few months ago and asked him. He told me he was just staying with her for us, as far as he’s concerned their marriage is over. He told me he was trying to see if he really ever loved her, but he didn’t think so. Now we know why they were together.”

“So Arthur knows some of what she’s been doing to him and is protected?” Severus asked.

Bill nodded. They went over the information that Bill had gotten and started to make plans.


Aguas Calientes, Peru - March 17, 1999

James, Severus, Sirius, and Remus were watching Hadrian in fear. Ever since they had first met him Hadrian had had some odd emotions. He would be extremely clingy just to pull away. He would spend nights in his own bed, just to have weeks of nightmares where he would barely sleep. Edward Brown had said that it was normal for abused children to have these issues. But these issues weren’t normal anymore.

For the past few months Hadrian had been having magical and emotional outburst. The emotional they could handle, but it was the magical that was frightening them. They were terrified that he would hurt himself or someone else. Bill had even used his mage sight to look during one of the outbursts and said that Hadrian was straining his core, if it kept up, he would rupture it.

They didn’t know what had caused todays outburst, he had just been sitting and playing with his sisters when he had suddenly gotten up and run away from everyone. Bill was working with one of the other teams for a few hours so he wasn’t there. Hadrian always tried to make sure that he was no where near his sisters or family when he felt one of the outbursts coming.

Standing on the side of the mountain where they had their tent set up, Hadrian's magic formed a tempest around him. Rocks, sticks, and large bubbles of water swirled around him. They could all feel the heat pouring off him. The trees around him were starting to shudder and move towards him as well as smoulder. If they didn’t get this stopped to soon they thought the trees would be destroyed, if the heat didn’t just light the area on fire.

When his magic manifested around him Hadrian started to scream and cry. The adults all tried to get near him, tried to comfort him, but nothing was working. Everything started to swirl faster, and then… It stopped. Everything froze in place, not even the men could move a muscle. They could only watch as a tiny old woman walked towards their son.

The woman leaned down and spoke a few soft words to the crying child. Her voice was both quiet and loud, but none of the men could make out a single word. When she stood up she was a pretty little girl, about the same size as Hadrian. She took Hadrian’s hand and led him to the patio attached to the tent. The men followed.

When they sat down the woman had once again changed. She was now a beautiful young woman. With a wave of her hand there was a full tea service set on the table, and the girls were sitting on their fathers laps. They all wanted to ask questions, but they couldn’t get any words out.

“Hello.” The woman’s voice, still loud and quiet, was soft and lyrical.

“W…W…Who are you?” Severus managed to stutter out. Wrapping his arms around Kali, who had been placed on his lap.

“I have had many names. The one I most prefer is Rhian. But I am more commonly referred to as Mother Magic.” She gave them a devious smile.

“You’re Mother Magic. I thought your name was Hecate?” Remus was never one to pass up new knowledge. 

“A slight misconception. Hecate was the name of one of my favoured daughters. When she was refer to in writing she was referred to as ‘Hecate, who’s mother is magic’, over time it was mistranslated to ‘Hecate, mother magic’. When you live as long as those like I do, it’s the little things that seem to make the biggest changes. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, something small creates large ripples.”

“But… What are you doing here? Why come to us?” James couldn’t take his eyes of Hadrian. The boy was sitting calmly in the chair next to him, his face blank and his eyes unfocused.

“I came to fix a mistake my siblings made, and also to request your help.” Rhian took a sip of her tea, it was just how she liked it, but since she was the one who summoned it, it was expected.

“What mistake? How can we help you, aren’t you a goddess?” James was confused.

“I’m not a goddess, per se. These outburst young Hadrian has been having. My foolish siblings failed to take the emotional aspect into consideration when they sent him back. Our kind don’t experience emotions like your kind do, so… It is to be expected. Hadrian had lived for over a decade with absolutely no emotions. During that time he bore witness to more atrocities than you can even imagine. When he came back, he suddenly had emotions again. The sudden influx of emotions would cause the echo from his past life to amplify. There was also the way they blurred his memory. They only blocked the conscious memories, not the emotional. 

His memories will return as he grows older, but so will the emotions. He has been experiencing the emotions he would have felt in his past life, when he was a child living in an abusive home. His magic has been reacting to the emotions of an abused child, but since he is in no physical danger, his magic doesn’t know what to do. So it just forms up around him as a shield.

Right now, his mind is reordering so that he will feel those emotions differently. I do not want to make him completely forget, that time was what made him as strong as he was, but I don’t want him to have to feel them. Now he will know what happened, but the emotions will only be a faint echo, like a sad story he heard. The spark within him has just made his reactions to extreme.”

The adults just stared at her as she sipped her tea and smiled again. Eventually Remus managed to focus on something.

“What spark?”

“My kind made an agreement not to interfere with your kind, but that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when we could come and go from your dimension without issue. While visiting many of us had children. Most of those children were unlike us, but a few shared what we called, a spark. The spark, was magic like ours. If you were to look far enough back in Hadrian’s ancestry, you would find an Ancient. It is why those of his blood line have always been so powerful, it is also why both he and you, James, are still alive.”

“What do you mean, why we are still alive?” James was scared.

“If you look at those delightful little inheritance tests you all had done you will see that the two of you bare the same curse, ‘may you live in interesting times’. You would, undoubtedly see that it was placed by my brother, Time. He didn’t just place it on you recently.

You see, one of your ancestors was a part of the team that helped to create those interesting little time turners. My brother can be a bit… Territorial. He hates when anyone messes with his domain, so he decided to curse the bloodlines of those that had meddled with him. It was Destiny that suggested that he use that particular curse. He agreed with her because it would provide her with some entertainment and she would leave him alone. The curse has wiped out the bloodlines of all of the others, but your bloodline is still going. The spark of Ancient magic within you has soften the purpose of the curse from complete destruction to… Complications. It is why every member of your family has had such an interesting life. Without the spark, the curse would have simply wiped your family out, it may have taken awhile, but none of you would be here now. On a brighter note, I have spoken to Time and he has agreed to end the curse for all future children of your family. There is nothing I can do for your son, but your daughter will have a normal life… Or as normal a life as she can have in a family like this.”

They all chuckled lightly. There was no denying that James and Hadrian did manage to find themselves in the oddest of situations, bringing anyone around them with them.

“I feel better.”

They all looked to see that Hadrian’s focus had returned and he was a happy, smiling little boy again.

“As you should. You won’t have to worry about those nightmares and horrible feelings anymore.” Rhian smiled at him and Hadrian smiled back.

“Now that that’s settled, what is it that you wanted from us?” James asked. He reached out and pulled his son into his lap, hugging him close.

“As I said, we are forbidden from interfering too much, so, since I’m already here, I figured I would explain a few things to you, and you can make your own choices from there.

The olde magical religions developed for a purpose. That purpose was to strengthen and soothe magic, it also helps to bring in fresh magic. As Britain has stopped practicing the olde ways their magic has changed. Your society is falling. That fall will hurt us all. This fall is what has led to the problems within your society. Magic, like all things, needs balance, light and dark. Like with nature, to much rain and you get floods, not enough and you get a drought.

It is why you have self-proclaimed lords of magic. A true Lord of Magic serves as a conduit between your dimension and ours, they funnel magic to the people. But there isn’t enough magic on your side to support one. It is a give and take. We give you our magic and you give us yours. Nothing dangerous. The Samhain ritual for instance connects you to my brother, Death. The barriers between your world and his is at their weakest that night. The ritual is simple. You enter a runic circle, a bowl filled with purified water sits on a pedestal in the middle, all involved in the ritual add 13 drops of blood to the bowl, go and sit around the outside of the runic circle and meditate. If it is done correctly it will allow your soul to visit the realm of the dead and greet your ancestors. When midnight strikes the barriers will go back up, and your soul is returned to your body, refreshed and renewed. There is no danger, only peace.

It is rituals like that that allow us to directly give you our magic. Without those rituals your magic is dying. If you look closely, you will see, all over the world there are true lords of magic in each major magical area, but not Britain. If a true lord was born there now, they would not survive the draining. Your people are starved for fresh magic. You have just been using the same magic over and over again. For each new magical child, another magic user must die. The young receive the magic of the old. But each new generation is growing weaker as the magic fails.

When the rituals are practiced it feeds us all. If we are all well fed, a true Lord of Magic may rise. The true Lord then funnels magic between our people, and we are well fed, which will give rise to stronger rituals, and so on. When magic is handled properly it is self-renewing.”

“So… Magic is dying in Britain?” Sirius was for once, serious.

“Yes.” Rhian’s look was one of great sadness.

“Then we just start practicing the rituals.” Hadrian didn’t see why the adults were making this seem so hard, it was a simple thing.

“Hadrian, it’s not that simple. Most, if not all of those rituals have been made illegal. It could take decades to change that,” Remus told him.

“Just show them how it’s making them weak. No one wants to be weak. Can I go play now?” When none of the adults said anything he decided that was as good as an agreement and went inside to grab his broom.

Rhian started to chuckle. “Not everything needs to be a big complicated plan. Simple can work best more often than not. I would encourage you to get Hadrian to start practicing the rituals. It often helps to calm the magic of growing children.” Once done, Rhian simply disappeared, tea cups and all.

The men just kept looking at each other. Remus went to bring his tea up to sip, only to find the tea service was gone and his hand was empty.

“I blame you for this.” Severus said as he looked at James.

“What did I do?” James asked indignantly.

“It was your ancestor that made Time angry enough to curse your bloodline.” Sirius said, giving James a sidelong look.

“Ok. So. We have a crazy fake Dark Lord to get rid of, a controlling fake Light Lord to deal with, and now we need to save magic. Sev’s right. This is your fault James.” Remus summed things up.

James just huffed at his so-called friends.


Aguas Calientes, Peru - May 2, 1999

Severus was slow to wake. He slowly cracked one of his eyes open and yawned. The day before had been Beltane.

They had decided, since the visit by Rhian, that they would start to practice the olde rituals. Beltane had seemed like a good place to start. The Malfoy’s and the Longbottom’s had come to visit. It had also been Lyra’s second birthday so they were going to have a party anyway.

The day had been spend decorating everything with bright colours and flowers, much to Severus’s disgust. Neville had loved the planting that they did to celebrate the fertility of the earth. Everyone had danced and had fun for the rest of the day.

Once it was dark enough, Bill had helped Sirius and Frank set up the bonfire. The kids had all crashed well before midnight, but the adults had stayed up for a while. With each new thing they did, every seed they planted, every time they danced, all the fun they had, they had felt magic growing thicker in the air. By the time the kids had gone to bed the magic was almost palpable. The adults that had their animigus stayed up most of the night because it was a full moon. Moony had left by mid-evening and the others had gone with him to keep him distracted and entertained. 

Sitting up, Severus found himself feeling great. He was surprised by this, especially given all the fun they had had the day before and how late they had all stayed up. His mind felt clearer than it ever had. Like everything was perfectly lined up.

Slipping out of bed, Severus grabbed his potion books and went to eat breakfast on the patio. This would be the best time to work on his werewolf issue. Regulus had stayed true to his word and searched the Black library for information on werewolves. He had sent over a dozen books that Severus had found interesting.

They all said something similar. The original werewolves were not rabid beasts, they were mostly human, just, faster, stronger, had better intuition, lived longer, and could turn into wolves. Sometime before 1000BC they changed and became like the beasts they were known as today.

Going over the information once again, he noticed a passage that he had overlooked the first time, seeing it only as a made up story. This time he decided to read it more in-depth.

It told of two warring tribes. One tribe was mainly human, while the other had a large population of werewolves. Due to the wolves strength, they were winning the war. One of the stronger magic users in the human tribe had used a ritual to summon an enemy of the wolves from a far off land. The enemy was described as being small, the size of a cat or fox, with long fingers it used to grasp things. The most recognizable description of it was that its fur formed a mask over its eyes and had a ringed tail. A raccoon.

The creature was feral. It was said to be extremely aggressive towards any who came near it. It avoided all water, and it’s muscles contracted at odd intervals making it struggle to walk.

That night, one of the soldiers had snuck into the other tribes territory and released the creature. Over the next few weeks, a few of the humans in the tribe died from some strange illness. The humans would lose their mind and become excessively violent before they died. The biggest change was in the wolves. Most of them were completely fine in their human form, but on the night of the full moon, when they changed, they were rabid beasts. Those that weren’t infected tried to protect the humans, but they were quickly infected. The humans that had survived the illness were slaughtered by the wolves. It was all for naught, the other tribe that had hoped to gain the land was also slaughtered by the wolves, only a few managed to escape by boat. After that, the wolves fled the area and spread the disease to others.

Severus smiled, he knew what had happened. The creature that had been summoned must have been a raccoon from North America that was infected with rabies. The racoon had then infected the local werewolves, who then went out and infected others. While most people and animals that become infected with rabies, and weren’t given treatment, usually died rather quickly, their magic was most likely sustaining them. If he could find a way to treat the inner wolf, he might be able to return the wolves to the peaceful state they once were.

Grabbing his potions journal, Severus started flipping through to find a blank page where he could write down some ideas. While he was writing Bill came out to join him. Bill had stayed at the camp the night before because he was still working on his animigus form. He had learned that his form was a lion, but he hadn’t managed the full transformation.

When Severus explained his issue with getting a potion into the wolves Bill sat back to think. The main problem was that the potion needed to be given to the wolf, but rabies cause a fear of liquids and made it difficult for them to swallow. There was no way they were going to be able to get close enough to a fully transformed werewolf and force a potion down their throat.

Bill smiled. “What if you used a pill.”

“A pill?” Severus may have grown up in a muggle home, but he didn’t really understand how a pill could be useful in this.

“My dad was talking to me about some of the ideas they’ve been considering at JT. One of the things they had considered was trying to make potions in pill form. It was so that people could avoid the horrible taste. Many of those muggle pills are advertised as being time delay. If you can make the cure in a time delay pill form, the wizard takes the pill an hour or so before they transform, the pill would release the potion after they were transformed. The potion would get into the wolves system, without you having to do anything.”

Severus thought for a minute. “That would work.”

Severus and Bill got to work going over what they would need. Other than Severus, Bill was the best at potions on their team so whenever Severus needed a sounding board for his potions ideas he would talk to Bill. He was proud of how much Bill knew. He knew he hadn’t taught him during his last two years, but he was still proud of his former student.

Just as Severus was putting the final touches on his basic outline of the potion he would use, the other adults made their way back into camp. Severus was surprised to see Remus smiling. He was usually exhausted and sore after a full moon.

“Remus? What’s with the smile?” Bill asked.

“I feel good.” Remus’s voice was a mix of shock and joy. “I’ve never felt this good after a full moon. I think it had something to do with the rituals we did yesterday. I think the residual magic helped to soothe my body. What evil plan are you two grinning about over there.”

Severus and Bill explained what Sev had figured out, and what they thought they could do about it. Remus was so shocked he couldn’t speak, tears started forming in his eyes. This could save his life, and the life of so many others. Being a werewolf was incredibly painful, and that didn’t even take into account the suffering that came when most of the rest of the wizarding world labeled you a beast and saw you as unworthy of freedom. This potion had the potential to end all that. Severus reminded him that it was only a theory, but Remus told him they would test that theory on May 30th, the next full moon.

While Everyone had been talking Hadrian, Neville, and Draco had all gotten up. They were all excited, Neville in particular, when they saw that the seeds they had planted had sprouted. They weren’t just seedlings, they had planted flower and fruit bushes, and all were in the beginning stages of blooming. When the girls got up, they ran after the boys as the boys showed them what they had all helped to create.


Aguas Calientes, Peru - May 30, 1999

It was the night that they were going to test Severus’s attempt at a werewolf cure. He had spent a few hours everyday since the first time he considered it going over and over everything. It had been decided to use a magical gel to encase the potion. It would allow them to know the exact amount of time it would take for the potion to be released.

Severus had made and remade the potion at least once a day, changing little things, just to change them back to how he had originally had them. He would admit that he was starting to lose it. All the others just watched him with concern. They had learned not to try and talk to him about it after Sirius had tried and been hit with a dozen different curses in a matter of seconds.

Given the size and weight of Remus it would take 7 potion filled capsules to treat him. Half an hour before the moon rose, Remus took the pills while all the others watched. The kids all wished him good luck before Narcissa, Frank and Alice took them inside for the night. 

All the other men had managed their animigus forms, Bill finally completing his transformation only a few days before, and would be going with Remus. Lucius was a hawk, Severus was a black panther, Bill a lion, Sirius a dog, and James a stag. Other than Lucius, they were all large animals and could keep Moony under control if they needed to.

When the moon rose, they all watched as Remus changed. It was always awful for them to see how painful it was. Seeing their friend in such agony was horrible.

Half an hour after Moony shifted, the wand alarm Severus had set went off. They all turned to look at Moony. At first nothing happened, but then, Moony let out a low whine and sank down until he was laying on the ground. His breath was coming in shallow gasps.

It took a few minutes, but then they saw changes taking place. The feral amber eyes gained focus and intelligence, he looked at them all and they could see recognition. The misshapen body took on the build of an overgrown wolf. His fur became smoother, and the bald patches filled in.

When it was all done, and Moony stood back up, they were looking at a large, majestic wolf. It took a slight step forward before letting out a happy bark and started jumping around in excitement.

Lucius the hawk shook his head as he watched a wolf, a lion, a panther, a dog, and a stag, jump around, from the top of one of the trees. He was happy for Remus too, but he had no intention of looking like a fool. He had every intention of using this memory for blackmail if he ever needed to.

The night was spent playing. When the sun was coming up, they watched as Moony shifted back. He showed no sign of pain, and told them there hadn’t been any. Remus shifted back and forth a few times, there was no pain and he kept complete control.

They were all happy, they would just have to wait and see next month.


Wizengamot - June 7, 1999

James was standing and talking with Frank and Gerald Greengrass when they all saw Albus come into the session. The man was practically stomping. Albus was still furious.

The month before Frank had reassigned the Longbottom seats, and the Hufflepuff seats to the neutral section. Both Lucius and Narcissa did the same. James had decided that he was going to keep his known seats unaligned, but he assigned the Black seats and the Ravenclaw seats neutral.

All those seats going neutral had caused the neutrals to have control. Albus had lost his Chief Warlock position to Gerald. The man had been having a month long fit ever since, and it was clear it was still going strong. He wasn’t the only one, many of the other light lords and ladies were angry too. James felt that there were still far to many that were blindly loyal to the old man.

When the meeting started it was the same as usual. James knew that Albus had managed to cause as much damage as he had because he added a few different lines in to larger bills. Most didn’t read the bills in their entirety because they were so long, so the little things passed by unnoticed. But James didn’t have to read the laws on his own. 

After the bank had been attacked in the future, the goblins hadn’t had as much to do, so they had started reviewing the laws for Hadrian. They hi-lighted these small little things and connected them to form the larger picture. The little one liners had formed the bases of all anti creature laws.

James, Lucius, Narcissa, and now, Frank, were using the information provided to call these laws up for review and having those sections removed. They were systematically dismantling all of Albus’s work, and nothing could make them happier.

After a few hours of getting rid of some of the stupider old laws Gerald called everyones attention.

“And now, a new motion has been put forward by the Light Faction. This motion is to remove the historical classification of the Temple of the Moon on Morning Dew Alley so that it can be redeveloped. I am now opening the floor to debate. Lord Dumbledore, as your party is putting forward the motion I open the floor to you first.”

Dumbledore put on his most grandfatherly look as he rose.

“My fellow Lords and Ladies. We feel that this ‘temple’ only encourages gullible children away from what is good in our world. It teaches out of date lessons that only hinder our world. We can not allow for the continued corruption of our society. Lord Peverell?”

James signalled his wish to speak. “Correct me if I’m wrong, Lord Dumbledore, but it sounds as if you are suggesting that the olde religions are bad?”

Albus inhaled deeply, oh how he hated this man. “Well, you must understand the dangers that they pose to the younger generations. They lure people in, by the time they realize what is going on, it is too late. They often promote the practice of necromancy.”

“Lord Dumbledore, you must forgive me, but do you even understand the rituals involved in the olde religions? I can only assume your reference to necromantic rituals are the rituals preformed on Samhain.” James really questioned this mans intelligence.

“Of course I know of the olde religions. And yes, everyone knows the dangers of the Samhain rituals, they risk malevolent spirits entering our world. Necromancy is one of the most dangerous branches of dark magic.”

“It is true that necromancy is true black magic, and can be extremely dangerous,  but I don’t see what that has to do with the Samhain rituals. Now, I do understand that due to the lack of proper education on the olde religions in this country, there is a startling amount of ignorance on the subject. The Samhain ritual isn’t dark, it isn’t necromancy, and it isn’t dangerous. 

The vail between our world and the next is at its weakest on that night. By properly preforming the ritual, your soul is able to pass through the vail to visit the souls of your ancestors for a few hours. How is that dangerous?

It allows a person to commune with those they have loved and lost. How is that evil? Our ancestors are there, on the other side of the vail. Our friends and family that we have loved and lost are right there, and for a few short hours we can feel them again. How is that wrong?”

“It’s blood magic. That branch of magic is banned in this country. I do hope you aren’t taking part in any of those rituals, they are illegal you know?” Albus gave him a sanctimonious smile.

“I must admit, I was surprised that blood magic was illegal here. It is a shame that this body has allowed the people of this nation to suffer due to their ignorance.” More than a few people started to grumble at this. “I understand, no one likes to be called ignorant, but the actions of this body prove they have been in the past, all we can do is hope that that changes. 

How many people here have lost a family member or friend to dragon-pox.” James watched as over half of the people raised their hands. “Did you know that there is a cure for dragon-pox?” He heard the shouted denials. “Yes, there is. It was developed in Australia, 15 years ago. The reason your loved ones never received it is because the potion requires one ounce of blood from the patient. That is classified as blood magic, so it is forbidden in this country. Do you understand that, people are dying of a curable disease because of the laws this body made? The 10 strongest healing potions and spells, are classified as blood or dark magic. Think about that next time a member of your family falls ill.

And as for the rituals being illegal. That is only here. I work internationally, so I am usually out of the country. And I can tell you, every other country allows or encourages the practice of the rituals. Because they want their population to grow and be strong.”

“What do the rituals have to do with a growing population?” James heard the question shouted out from the neutral section, though he didn’t see who it was.

“Simple. The rituals refresh magic.” James was so happy that they had been researching magical rituals. “I was actually planning on bringing this subject up during the next meeting, but we can do it now, you will just have to forgive me, I only have about half of my research here.”

He handed over a large file of information, that he had originally intended to give to Gerald, to one of the support staff to copy and hand out before he continued.

“If you look at the average magical strength of the populations around the world you will see that our country ranks at the bottom, not near the bottom, at the very bottom. Now, I know correlation does not imply causation, but here is what I have found. Every other country’s population and magical strength is stable or growing, except for here. Our magical population is both shrinking and weakening, we are the only one doing that in the world. We are also the only country in the world that bans the practice of the olde ways, but only for certain things. Life debts, unbreakable vows, marriage contracts, all of these are part of the olde ways, but for some reason they were allowed to stay while most of the practices have been banned.

Look around this room, really look. Do you see all the empty seats? Those are magical families that have been lost to this world.”

“Many of those families were killed off in the past wars.” Albus said, his voice trembled slightly with anger. What did this man think he was doing? He didn’t want those rituals returned. “You can not say they were killed off by lack of rituals.”

“They are not gone.” James said with a smile. He heard people once again denying what he said. “If you look at the base magic of this room, you will find that it is tied to the families blood. If those families were truly gone, the chairs would have disappeared. If you look, you will see a few empty places where chairs used to be. Those families are sadly, truly gone, never to return. All the empty chairs mark a family that still exists.”

“Then where are they?” It was Gerbot Ollivander that asked this time.

“If you look into their history you will find a record of squibs being born. Now, when a squib is born, many families will historically, leave them in the muggle world. Now, I understand that squibs can not inherit, but they still carry the blood. In that file you will find a study that was conducted in China about 20 years ago. They tested over 5000, of what we call muggleborns, and what they found was very interesting. Every single one of them proved to actually be squib born. You see, when two squib lines meet there is a 50/50 chance of a magical child. That is where the heirs are. They are the children that we throw away, they are the ones we overlook.

As for what that has to do with the rituals. I will again point out, the rituals refresh magic. So, as to the motion to allow for the tearing down of the Temple of the Moon, I will be voting against it. I am also making a motion to strip away the laws that ban the practice of the rituals associated with the olde ways.”

Chaos erupted as James retook his seat. Those in the dark and neutral seemed to be supportive while those in the light were acting as if he was the second coming of Voldemort. When he started to hear shouts that he was trying to get people killed, that the rituals were dangerous and often times lethal, he once again stood up.

“These rituals are in no way lethal. I will tell you this. In all my research, I have not come across the case of a single person losing their life to one of these rituals. If you believe they are so dangerous, than prove it. I have provided evidence to support my claims. If you want to be taken seriously than you will need more than just fanciful rumours that were just made up. Provide the evidence and I will listen, until then, we should not be limiting our population due to the small mindedness of certain people.”

The arguing continued for over an hour. James just sat back and enjoyed watching those on the light side practically frothing at the mouth in anger, but they were unable to provide any proof to their claims.

One of the other unaligned lords just looked at James. “Well you certainly know how to create chaos.” James just smirked at him.

When Gerald finally managed to regain control he called for the votes. The vote for the destruction of the Temple of the Moon failed epically. The vote to allow the return of the rituals was a little closer, but it still passed. James was happy as he walked out of the Wizengamot.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - June 9, 1999

James and Alice walked into the latest school board meeting. James hated the fact that the school board meetings and the Wizengamot meetings were so close together. There wasn’t enough time for him to recover from the repeated exposure to such high level idiots.

When Albus came in, James could see that he was even angrier than he had been at the Wizengamot meeting. Molly and Ted stood to either side, both were glaring in his direction.

As they sat down and started the meeting, James was slightly relieved. The past few board meetings had passed relatively easily, and this one didn’t seem to be much different. James was actually surprised at just how many of the governors wanted to add extra classes to the curriculum. Albus seemed to have decided to sit back and wait. 

James knew this subdued version of the headmaster wasn’t going to last. He was just playing possum. Once he gathered his strength back, he would start changing things back to the way he wanted.

During the last meeting they had managed to get some muggle subjects approved. Starting next year the students would be able to take english, the class focused on literature as well as the appropriate way to structure and format written work. They would also be able to choose different languages they wished to learn, this was made easier by spells that could allow a person to learn entire languages in a few months without difficulty. There was also going to be physical education, there was a direct connection between the fitness of the body with magical stamina. All of these classes would be available from first year on, but, like the comparative religion course, it was up to the students and their families if they wanted to take them.

This meeting, they discussed bringing back warding, spell crafting, and alchemy. In the end, they were all approved. Alchemy would be an option from third year on, but the students would be required to have a EE grade or higher in potions to get in. Spell crafting would b available starting fifth year, but they would need an EE in arithmancy and ancient runes and a basic understanding of latin was suggested. Warding would also be available starting in fifth year, but the students would be required to pass a magical strength test to take part in the active casting portion of the class, attempting to cast a ward if you didn’t have the appropriate amount of power could be dangerous.

They also discussed the difficulties Albus was having hiring staff to cover all the new positions. Albus just said that many people didn’t want to work at the school because they had spouses and children that they didn’t want to have to leave for the entire school year. James just smiled and explained that there had been cabins built on the Hogwarts grounds for that exact reason. 

The cabins were on the other side of the Black Lake and hidden under wards to keep the students from going in them. The goblins would be able to get them ready for habitation and each teacher that had families and children could stay there. They would just hook the floos up so that the teachers could floo directly into their offices at the school every day.

Albus started to plan different ways he could use the cabins to turn a profit until James brought out the guidelines to gain access. Only a staff member that had children would be able to live in any of the cabins.

The real drama started after the meeting was closed.

“Alice.” Molly’s shrill voice broke through James’s good mood. “You need to talk to Frank. He aligned your seats with the dark.”

“No, he didn’t, he aligned my seats with the neutral faction, he did so at my request.” Alice told her calmly. She and James both noticed that they were drawing a crowd looking for some good gossip.

“Why would you do something like that? I thought you were a light witch?” Molly was horrified that she might have allowed her precious Ronnie and Ginny to spend time with a child that had a dark parent.

“No, Molly. I’m a light witch, not dark. I chose to align with the neutral party because I have been finding the views of the light to be too extremist. I fought in the last war against extremism. I do not want to have to do that again.” Alice said in a bland voice.

“Surely you understand how dangerous dark magic is.”

“I understand how dangerous black magic is. But not all dark magic is black. As Sebastian pointed out in the last Wizengamot meeting, the top healing potions and spells are classified as blood magic, which is considered to be dark magic. Just look at what the light has done to Remus.”

“We haven’t done anything to Remus.”

“Yes, the light has. Remus risked his life everyday during the last war, like many others. He did everything he could to help our side, but he was abandoned as soon as the war ended. All those people that promised they would be there for each other turned their backs on him in a heart beat because they no longer needed him, and he was a dark creature. Many of those restrictions that came in that made it almost impossible for him to get a job in this country came in after the war ended. He fought for us, and our side turned their backs on him, what does that say about us if we so easily turn on our allies. He deserved better.” With that, Alice linked her arm with James’s and they left.

Albus sent Molly and Ted home rather than meet with them in his office, he didn’t think he would have the patients to not curse Molly if she started screaming about things again. He had just had enough, he was going to need to sit back and plan a new approach.


Aguas Calientes, Peru - June 28, 1999

It was once again the night of the full moon, and everyone was restless. If Severus had been right, then Moony was no longer infected with rabies, so his change should be much easier. 

Remus was geared up and ready to go. It probably had something to do with the fact that it had been Litha the week before. Like they had done the last time, they celebrated in traditional fashion. Litha was focused more towards fire and life, as it was the longest day of the year. There was dancing and a large meal, everyone had sacrificed a few bites of their meal to the bonfire they had lit when it got dark.

Over the past month he had regularly shifted his forms, he liked how easy it was now. They had made sure that he was nowhere near any of the kids when he shifted, just in case, but everything had been fine and he had retained his mind. His instincts were more wolf like but that was to be expected.

When the sun went down and the moon came out Remus shifted into Moony. It was seamless. There was no pain. Like last time they spent the night running and playing. 

When the sun came up they went back to camp to tell the kids the good news. A quick message was sent off to Ragnock. There wouldn’t be much of a profit in the potion, but it might be beneficial in the long run.

The ministry forbid werewolves from having bank accounts, or, working for the most part. With this potion they might be able to get rid of those laws, allowing the wolves to open accounts and earn money, which in turn would help the goblins. It was also better for everyone to cure the wolves and fix some of the laws.

Ragnock replied quickly. He was glad that they had managed to figure out what was wrong with the wolves. The wolves and the goblins had once had a long standing alliance, and this could benefit them. He informed them that they would conduct a large scale test of the potion by contacting the wolves they knew in Britain and offer them a chance to try it. Although the government wouldn’t allow the goblins to provide the wolves with a proper vault, they still did what they could to care for what little money the wolves could make, so they knew many of them. He expected that it would be easy.


The Bubble - July 17, 1999

Charlie Weasley dashed through the different sections of The Bubble. He had been working in Section 2 when their new arrivals showed up. He knew this wasn’t something Hagrid would want to miss. Hagrid was once again, visiting with Aragog and his family in Section 9.

Aragog, his wife, and kids had all settled in quite nicely. Hagrid had been pleased to see how much his old friend enjoyed his new home. 

When Charlie came into the acromantula area he made sure not to get within striking distance of any of the spiders. They might be nice to Hagrid, but they made sure to keep the other handlers on their toes.

“Ay, Charlie. Wa’s ta rush?” Hagrid was confused by the boys state. He was out of breath and his eyes were bright and shining.

“No time, Hagrid. You need to come.” Charlie couldn’t stop the smile from forming on his face, Hagrid was going to love this. “Some smugglers were caught. The creatures are being brought in, you’re gonna wanna be there.”

Seeing how excited Charlie was Hagrid decided not to argue with him. They both ran back to Section 2. Hagrid’s strides caused the ground under them to shudder as they went.

When they arrived, Charlie put out a hand and they both stopped and took a moment before they took a deep breath before they entered the arrival bay. The entire place was in chaos. They could see a group of handlers trying to persuade a clearly stubborn sphinx. A small heard of mooncalves were trying to hide from all the noise and light as some other handlers tried to shepherd them to another section and away from the sphinx. Three large winged horses were stamping their feet and trying to take off.

Charlie saw who he was looking for. Nick, Charlie’s friend and primary boss, was off in a corner trying to protect a crate from everything going on. When Hagrid and Charlie got over to him he explained that they needed to move the crate to one of the private rooms. The crate was too large for Nick or Charlie, but it was no trouble for Hagrid to pick it up. Hagrid was a little confused about how Nick was fussing about being gentle with the crate.

When they were in one of the private sections, Nick and Charlie started casting heating charms until the room was sweltering. Hagrid just continued to watch in confusion.

“Nick. What’s got you so worried?” Charlie asked in concern.

“Their damaged. It’s also time.” Nick told him and Charlie started to worry like Nick.

Once it was warm enough they went over to the crate and lifted off the lid. Inside were two, large, shiny eggs.

“Dragon eggs.” Hagrid almost squealed when he saw the eggs. “Wai’. Watch ya mean damaged?”

Nick reached into the crate and gently lifted one of the eggs out and placed it in the heated nest Charlie was making. Turning it he showed Hagrid the pattern of scars on the shell. “Antipodean opaleye eggs. The poachers weren’t caring for them properly. They both show signs of being cracked, and the heater they had them in wasn’t high enough. All the movement from getting them here has also caused them to start the process of hatching. If everything goes well, we’ll have two new baby dragons here. But… More than likely, we will lose at least one of them. They’ve already been through so much trauma.”

Tears filled Hagrid's eyes as he gently stroked the egg while Nick moved the other one to the nest.


The hours passed slowly as Charlie, Nick, and Hagrid watched the eggs slowly hatching. Charlie and Nick directed jets of hot air from their wands to simulate the mother dragons breath. Charlie had gotten a special dispensation from the ministry to use his wand outside of school for work, any student working in a job that could require magic could apply. As much as they wanted to help the little dragons out, they couldn’t. Forcing their way out of the shell was how the baby dragons strengthened their wings and legs. If they didn’t do it on their own their muscles would never properly develop. 

Charlie had sent a message home, telling his parents that he was going to be staying at work over night. Arthur had come to check on him, since he hadn’t told them what was going on in the message. He just wanted to make sure that everything was ok, he also brought the three of them some dinner. Once he saw the sad look on Charlie and Hagrid’s face, he knew something bad was happening. When Charlie explained he was also sad for the poor baby dragons.

Eventually, 11 hours after they first entered the room, a small baby dragon tumbled out of it’s shell. It squeaked in indignation as it fell. Looking closely they could see the straight clean lines on the small horns on its head, clearly identifying the baby as a boy. The horns of the females were curled.

They moved quickly once the boy had hatched. He needed to be kept as warm as possible and fed. They already had a smoothie of oysters, mutton, and brandy. The baby dragon was placed in Hagrid’s arms, wrapped up in a heated blanket, and Hagrid bottle fed him. Normally the dragon would be able to eat on his own, but they didn’t want to take any chances.

While Hagrid was cooing at the baby dragon, Charlie and Nick watched as the second egg started to shake. A small squeak came from the egg as the cracks grew larger. The cracks on the top of the egg linked up, forming a circle, which popped up as a little dragon looked out of the egg at them. They could see the curving designs on her horns. 

The movements caused the egg to tip, but rather than falling out of the egg like her brother, she slowly pulled her too thin body out of the tiny hole she had made. Charlie quickly wrapped her up and started feeding her. She was far to tiny.

After both babies had been fed Charlie handed the little girl over to Hagrid. The two siblings curled up, resting their heads against Hagrid's chest, and went to sleep.

Nick sat back and watched the reactions of the baby dragons as Charlie and Hagrid talked. He had an idea.

“Hagrid? Would you be willing to take a sabbatical from Hogwarts for a few years?”

“What ya mean, Nick?” Hagrid didn’t really understand what Nick had just asked him, but was too embarrassed to ask him to explain the big word.

“What I mean is, would you be willing to come here and work with us? I know that you work as one of the grounds keepers at the school, but we could really use you here. We could even call your time here training for your job. It would allow you to gain your beast handlers license.”

“I never finished my school’in, so I can’t get my license. What could ya need me fer, ya got some o’ the best people workin’ here?” Hagrid would love to work at The Bubble, but he didn’t want to get his hopes up.

“You don’t need to have graduated from Hogwarts to work here. The ones that have the big fancy diplomas work in the office. If you talk to the staff, you’ll find that most didn’t even attend a proper school, most of us are self taught. And, to get your beast handlers license all you need to do is work in a place like this for three years. We could really use your help with those babies. You see the way they’re resting their heads on your chest.” Hagrid nodded at Nicks question. “In the wild, a baby opaleye will only go to sleep if it’s mother sings to it. The mothers singing is a deep rumble they make in there chest that soothes the baby. It would seem, that the way your voice rumbles in your chest is close enough to the sound their mother would have made that it helps them sleep.

They won’t be able to sleep properly for at least the first six months of their lives without hearing that. Those two are going to need round the clock attention for the next year if we want them to survive. Right now, I have Charlie to help me out, but he’s gonna have to go back to school for his final year in September. Don’t even try arguing with me Charlie, the last thing I need is your mother coming here to yell at me for corrupting her baby boy…Again.

It’s just too much work for me to do on my own, and the babies have already clearly bonded with you.”

Hagrid thought about it as he rocked the dragons in his arms. He always had love dragons, and this was a chance to help save their lives, and raise two of them. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to them. But could he really leave the school and earn his beast license. He had been living at the school for so long, he didn’t know how to live in the outside world.

“You should do it Hagrid.” Charlie told him, Charlie knew Hagrid wasn’t properly appreciated at the school. “It’s only a few years, and you could classify it as job training. Getting your beast license would enable you to be able to deal with the creatures in the forest better. Plus, the babies need you.”

Hagrid held the babies a bit closer. He didn’t want to leave them. A few minutes later he made up his mind. He was staying at The Bubble. He would write to Headmaster Dumbledore and explain that he was taking one of those sabaty things from the school. Then, all he had to do was pack up his things. 

Charlie and Nick spent the next hour explaining all about what Hagrid would be doing. The Bubble had small areas in each section devoted to housing some of the handlers. Given the fact that the newly hatched dragons would need constant attention they would just turn one of the creature areas into a place where he could live. He would also be welcome to bring his pets along, some might not be able to stay with the dragons, but the other handlers would make sure that they were well cared for.


Gringotts - July 26, 1999

Healer Vessra was sitting in her office when a young male wizard was led in. The man looked to be in his early 20’s, but his hair was already streaked through with grey.

“What do you want from me?” The wizard asked fearfully.

“I am Healer Vessra. We here at the bank would like for you to be a part of a large scale test that we are conducting on a new potion.”

“But I’m a werewolf.”

“That is exactly why you were selected. Now, from my file and the diagnostics that were cast on you on your way in. Your name is Mathew Pike, you were attacked and turned by Fenrir Greyback when you were 12, you are currently 23. Is that correct?”

“Yes.” Matt was scared. He knew his kind were often hunted, his own family had thrown him out after he was attacked.

“Good. The potion that you will be testing was developed by one of our curse breakers. It was discovered recently that the primary cause of the insanity werewolves experience under the full moon is the result of a disease known as rabies. The potion will cure this issue. In a previous test conducted, after the potion is consumed the pain of the shift, and the resulting insanity is removed. The subject was also able to shift at will.”

Matt just stared at the goblin healer. Was she really saying what he thought she was saying.

“We will require you to send us a letter detailing what happens during each shift for the next 5 years.”

The rest of the meeting finished up quickly. Of the 34 werewolves that Vessra had met with so far, every single one agreed. She had another 41 werewolves left on her list.


Britain - July 28, 1999

All over Britain werewolves took the potion pills that they had received from the goblin healers before locking themselves in for the night. The transformation was excruciating, as normal. 

But a short while after they changed, each wolf crouched down as the potion was released from the pills. When they stood back up they had their own minds again. The mindless bloodlust and pain was gone.

There were many barks and howls of joy.

When morning came, the shift back was easy and painless. A few even dared to try shifting back and forth on their own, it too was easy and painless. Reports were quickly sent off to the bank telling the goblin healer their experiences.


Aguas Calientes, Peru - July 31, 1999

Hadrian, Neville, and Draco were playing with the introductory potions kits they had each received from Severus for their birthdays. All three of them were having fun, but Neville seemed nervous.

Seeing Neville’s fear, Severus went over to him. “Neville, what happens if you mix fairy and pixy wings in the same potion?”

“They react negatively and often turn the potion poisonous, and if the potion is boiling when their mixed the potion will explode.” Neville told him, confused as to why he was being asked.

“Exactly. You have spent years studying the different ways potion ingredients react. So, why are you so scared to make a potion?” Severus smiled at the scared child.

“What if I mess up?” Neville was terrified that he was going to blow up his potion and everyone would think he was stupid.

“Neville, your going to mess up.” Severus told him softly. “It isn’t a question of if, but when. But do you know what? That’s fine. No one expects you to be perfect. You’re just starting, your going to make mistakes, its how you learn. And, guess what. I am the youngest person to earn their potions mastery in hundreds of years, I have brewed hundreds of thousands of potions over the years, and invented many new potions, but I still make mistakes. I still blow up one of my cauldrons at least every other month. So, if I can mess up, so can you, but like I said. It’s ok.”

James and everyone else smiled as they heard Sev talking to Neville. James loved his husband even more when he did things like that. Sev was still a snarky bastard most of the time, but he was always kind and gentle with the kids.

Neville smiled at Sev before running off to go and start trying to brew a few basic potions with the others. Everyone was a bit surprised that both Hadrian and Draco managed to explode their cauldrons before Neville. They weren’t dealing with anything dangerous so none of the parents were overly nervous.


A few hours later, after dinner and cake, Narcissa called everyones attention. Remus just smiled at her. Ever since he had been cured his senses were far better, he could smell the shift in hormones.

“I am happy to announce that, come January, we will be welcoming two new Malfoy’s” Narcissa smiled happily as everyone started congratulating her.

The first to quiet down was Remus and Alice. Remus just smirked at Alice as she looked back at him. Narcissa was looking around at her friends happily, with all the children gathered around her hugging her, when she noticed the little staring contest going on.

“Remus, Alice. What are you two fighting about?” Narcissa asked.

“Nothing.” Alice said at the same time Remus said, “Ask her.”

“Alice?” Narcissa asked, then she noticed the happy smile Frank shot his wife. Looking closer, she saw the happy little grin Alice had, and that, while her right hand was holding her tea, her left hand was gently laying on her stomach. She squealed in delight.

Alice huffed a sigh, there was no way she was going to be able to hide it and give Narcissa her moment. “As someone can’t seem to keep his nose to himself,” She glared at Remus, “Frank and I have an announcement as well. Come the beginning of February, we will be welcoming a new Longbottom.”

Everyone started to congratulate her, with Sirius and James telling them all about the joy of having a pregnancy buddy. Neville was so excited. He had asked his parents about maybe getting a little brother or sister a few times since last year, and now he was getting one.

The only downside was that it wasn’t safe to travel by portkey in the last trimester. Soon enough Narcissa and Alice wouldn’t be able to come and visit them. Hadrian was sad about this, but when they did get to come again they would have new babies to bring with them.


Aguas Calientes, Peru - August 3, 1999

Bill was sitting at the dining room table looking at a message orb and shrunken trunk. Sev, James, Remus, and Sirius were sitting with him. The orb and trunk were addressed to Fred and George, from George. Bill was worried that whatever was on there would be too much for the 11 year olds.

After debating back and forth for days, and changing his mind multiple times, Bill made a choice. He was going to send it.

He didn’t want Molly to find out, he knew that if he just sent it to the house the twins wouldn’t get it until after Molly had gone through everything. To avoid that, he decided to send it to his father. He would disguise it as a little package of presents so he went into town and bought a few generic souvenirs that wouldn’t indicate where he was.


The Burrow - August 10, 1999

When Arthur came home from work he was carrying a small package that the bank had forwarded to him. He missed his eldest son, but he was also glad that he was happy. He had stopped off at The Bubble on his way home to drop off Charlies present. Charlie had been spending most days and nights at The Bubble helping Hagrid deal with the hyper baby dragons. Bill had sent him a braided leather cuff with runes to protect the wearer against flames carved on it.

Both of the baby dragons were still going strong, but they would never be able to be regular dragons. The little boy, named Mercury, had a damaged wing that had never formed properly. Most likely due to his egg being dropped on its side. The little girl, Silver, had most of the vertebra in her tail fused. As dragons used their tails like a rudder, she wouldn’t be able to properly direct herself if she managed to get into the air.

Walking into the kitchen he saw for once, the rest of the family was there. Molly was making dinner. The twins were sitting and reading a book together, it was clear from the look on their faces they were being watched because they had gotten into trouble. Ron was eating a snack. While Ginny, was sitting colouring in one of her books while shooting smug looks at her brothers, Arthur knew those looks meant that she had been the one to tattle on her brothers.

After they had all eaten dinner, Arthur pulled out the package. “Bill sent us a gift package today.” He told the family.

Fred and George were interested, Molly just huffed, she still wasn’t over his leaving, and Ginny and Ron got excited for presents.

Ron and Ginny were the first to rip open their presents. They were both imagining all the different treasures that Bill might have sent them, but what they got wasn’t anything extravagant. Like Charlie, they both received braided leather cuffs, but theirs were watches and there were instructions on how to set alarms for morning. Arthur thought they were excellent gifts, but Ron and Ginny just whined about it.

Molly received spices that Bill had thought she might like to try. Arthur had gotten a book that explained how cell phones worked, he found it extremely interesting. Percy received a book on world history. 

Fred and George looked into the box that held their present. They both noticed instantly that the inside of the box had been expanded. There were two books about occlumency, with a note on top by Bill suggesting that they learn it, sitting off to one side. On the other side was another box. ‘Don’t show this to anyone else. - Bill’ Was written on the other box. Pulling out the books they showed their family before asking to be excused.

Once in their room they pulled out the other box. As soon as it was out of the first box it expanded to double its original size. Opening that box, they found an orb and a shrunken trunk. There was a note attached to the orb that told them how to unshrink the trunk, by tapping a finger on the jewel on the top, and that they needed to go into the first compartment to listen to the orb, the note was signed by George. The twins looked at each other, they both knew that that was George’s handwriting, but he hadn’t written this.

Doing as the note said, they unshrunk the trunk and went into the first compartment. The compartment was a small, cozy little sitting room with two purple chairs and a blue couch. Sitting on the coffee table, between the couch and chairs was another note that explained how to activate the orb. They activated the orb and sat down.

They watched as an older version of George came into view. There were lines on his face, one of his ears was missing, but the most startling thing was the dull look in his eyes.


“So, this is probably pretty confusing for you two. Seeing me, you, us, however you want to say it. I don’t even know if this will work. But, it was worth a try.

If everything went according to plan than this message should be reaching you just before you start your third year, but again, we aren't sure if this is going to work so it might show up sooner or later than that point, or not at all.

I sent this to make sure you didn’t make my mistakes. First things first, George, give Freddy a hug for me.

Just after our 17th birthday Voldemort returned and restarted the war. Naturally we fought with style, and pranks. At the final battle, where Hadrian Potter defeated him again… We lost you Freddy. I have never felt as lost as I did that day. My other half was just gone…

But we kept going, we had too. Within the next few years, things didn’t get any better. In retaliation for what Voldemort did, many sought revenge on anything or anyone they classified as dark. 

Bill had been scratched by a werewolf a few years before and his wife was 1/4 veela.They were hunted down. Dad died trying to help them, but they died anyway. The only member of their little family that survived was Bill’s baby daughter. She was brought to Charlie and I by Hadrian and we had to flee the country to save her, and ourselves. But Hadrian stayed behind to keep fighting.

There was nothing we could do but watch as our world tore itself apart. Until Hadrian came to us with this idea. A chance to warn ourselves, and change the future.

Now, one thing you need to know, because it is a danger that you are probably currently around. Molly isn’t our mother. Dad didn’t marry Molly Prewett, he married her twin brothers, Fabian and Gideon. They are our fathers. Molly drugged dad with a love potion and she and Dumbledore did some old ritual that made people think that dad had married her and not our fathers, you can’t tell dad this, the ritual will kill him if he finds out about it before it is countered. She then went on to have Ron and Ginny.

You can not trust Molly, Ron, or Ginny. They work for Dumbledore. It was them that gave up the location of Bill’s home. They are the reason I lost another brother, sister-in-law, and my father. And we don’t know what happened to Percy, but what ever it is, we don’t think it’s anything good.

Depending on when this reached you, our other fathers should still be alive. While they were reported dead after the attack on Bones Manor, they were actually kidnapped. We have been trying to gather information over the past few years, but we haven’t managed to figure out where they were taken. What we do know is that they didn’t die until February 2007. I am not telling you this so that you drop out of school to go and save them, Bill should already be working on that. 

You need to stay in school. The reason I say this is because there is someone else who is going to need you. Our soulmate. As magical twins we have the same soulmate, and the first time we saw him was getting onto the train in our third year, it was his first. Our soulmate is none other than Hadrian Potter himself.

The first time we saw him, we knew and were so excited. We waited for years for him to notice it too, but he never did. I learned only a few years ago that Hadrian had had his soul bond with us blocked and had been doused with hundreds of love potions, most of them focused on Ginny. By the time Hadrian finally escaped their control you were already gone Freddy, and the damage had been done, Hadrian was left with a complete inability to feel anything at all, so it’s just been me these last few years.

When you see him, if he doesn’t react in some way, you are going to need to try and get him to the bank to get a purge done. If you don’t already have it, there is a map, called the Marauders Map. When you use the password ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good”, it will show you all of Hogwarts, where everyone is, and all the secret passages. It will help you. To clear it just say, ‘mischief managed’. It is in the old filing cabinet in Filch’s office.

The reason you need to stay in school and help him is that there are many there that will do anything to control him. This includes Dumbledore, McGonagall, Ron, Ginny, and a muggleborn girl, Hermione Granger. They used all kinds of potions and spells on him to force him into dangerous situations, including facing a fully grown mountain troll, a teacher possessed by Lord Voldemort, and a 60ft. basilisk, and that was only in the first 2 years.

If you are entering your third year than you will be able to request a resort. We were originally sorted into Gryffindor, but we can’t stay there. As much as I loved our time there it’s just to dangerous. Most of those loyal to the headmaster are there. I have spoken to Hadrian, and he said he would most likely ask the hat for Ravenclaw, but I think we would do best in Hufflepuff. The thing is, you can always trust a Hufflepuff to have your back, and let’s be honest, no one ever suspects the puffs, because they don’t see them as a threat. I originally thought of Slytherin, but they are just to uptight. Slytherin’s are very prim and proper, which we are so not.

I think that’s everything I needed to say. Oh, just so you know. I never told Hadrian that he was our soulmate, so he will have no idea when he meets you. Have some fun with that for me, will ya.

Oh, and after we dropped out of school when we were 17 we opened up the best joke shop around, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. I know I told you not to drop out this time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t restart our mail order business while you’re in school. The students were our best customers anyway. But, you might want to come up with some cool nickname alias’s so none of the teachers know it’s you.

All of our research and notes on our products are in the other compartments of this trunk. So keep this trunk safe. This was originally our workshop that we used at home after Molly came into our room one day and caught us working and destroyed all the stuff we had been working on. It’s layered in notice-me-not charms and warded so that only the two of us, and Hadrian, can enter. 

Have fun, cause more than a little mischief and mayhem, and enjoy every moment of it.

This is Gred, signing off.”


Fred and George just stared at the spot where the image of George had just been. George had a death grip on Fred’s hand, and had since he had heard he had died. George couldn’t even begin to comprehend the idea that his twin had died.

“She… She’s not our mother.” Fred stuttered out, unconsciously mimicking what Bill had said months earlier.

“She’s using a love potion on dad.”

“Our other fathers are alive.”

“We have a soul mate.”

“60 ft. basilisk.”

“V…V…Voldemort possessed teacher.”

Fred and George when back and forth repeating what they had just learned. they looked at each other in shock. This was going to take some thinking.

The rest of the night was spent in the trunk going over everything they learned from the message. By morning they had decided their path.

They would start school next month and try to get themselves sorted into Hufflepuff. They would use the joke stuff to earn a bit of money, but try and make sure not to draw to much attention to themselves. They would use the nicknames Mischief for Fred, and Mayhem for George. The note from Bill that came along with the occlumency book told them that they would receive some basic protection because they were magical twins, but it would be safer for everyone if they learned it properly. They were also going to warn their father about the love potions, he deserved to know.

The next morning they cornered their father in his little home office before he left for work to warn him about the potions. He told them that he already knew, and that they didn’t need to worry about it, the goblins had helped him to ensure his protection from any future attempts to drug him.


Hogwarts - September 1, 1999

Fred and George had spent the rest of the summer going over all the different pranks and products that they had invented in their past life. By the time they got on the Hogwarts Express for the first time, they were ready. They wouldn’t be able to make any of the more advanced stuff yet, but they had plenty of the little things, like pellets that would change a persons skin tone.

The train ride had been spent talking with their best friend Lee Jordan. The twins told him about their desire to be in Hufflepuff. Lee was initially shocked that they were going to try and avoid the lion house, but he understood that the twins were different. 

Arriving at the castle after a boat ride, the boats were being led by one of the grounds keepers, the twins knew that Hagrid usually brought the first years, but he was still at the nature preserve with the dragons, they were all led up to one of the side rooms where Minerva McGonagall was waiting. She gave a quick introductory speech about the school and the houses. Because the twins were paying close attention, they noticed her voice went flat when she said the name of Slytherin House.

The sorting hat sang its song and then the sorting began. The twins cheered loudly when Lee was called up and sorted into Ravenclaw. The boy may be an excellent prankster, but the reason he was so inventive was because he was always reading and getting new ideas.

When the time came, Fred was called up first. Sitting down on the stool, a hat was dropped over his eyes, and he heard a new voice in his head, other than his and his brothers.

‘Well, well, well. Magical twins. I must say, it is a bit crowded in here. But, let’s get down to business. Ah, I see a message from the future has given you a warning. That will serve you well. But ah, I see you desire the house of the loyal badgers. Yes, I do agree. You will do great things both for, and in, that house. HUFFLEPUFF! ’

The last word was shouted to the hall. Percy and Charlie cheered happily along with the rest of the hall for their little brother. Both were a little surprised that the twins weren’t going to be in Gryffindor, but they thought they would be more than happy in Hufflepuff. They both knew that George would soon be following his twin when George was called up.

‘Well, this mind is also crowded, and seems rather familiar,’ The hat snarked once it was on George’s head. ‘Now, yes, there is no doubt where you belong. HUFFLEPUFF!’

Once again everyone clapped as George joined Fred. They were sitting next to Cedric Diggory. They had known each other since they were children because Cedric’s family lived just over the hill from The Burrow. As soon as Fred had been sorted into his house, Cedric had made room on the bench next to himself and waved the bouncing red head over.

Minerva watched as first one, than the other, Weasley twin went to Hufflepuff. Part of her was annoyed that they weren’t in her house, but she was also happy. The twins were trouble makers and now she wouldn’t have to deal with all the trouble they were going to cause.

Albus was once again furious. This was shaping up to be his worse year yet. He couldn’t believe that the twins were being so difficult and refusing to do what he wanted. He needed the Weasley’s to be known as light and Gryffindor, now they had one Ravenclaw and two Hufflepuff’s.

He knew that Molly had spent the entire summer leading up to today telling the twins that they needed to honour their family and make sure they were Gryffindor’s. He had been the one to instruct her to do so after all. But, no, they wouldn’t listen.

There was also his loss of Hagrid. He had loved having Hagrid at the school, it helped him to maintain his image of a kind old man, there was also the fact that he had ensured that Hagrid practically worshiped him. 

Like Severus, Hagrid had been doing the job of multiple people, so now he was going to have to hire more people. Hagrid had trusted him so completely that Albus had been able to funnel off over 3/4 of Hagrid's wages, so he was going to lose even more money. He had had to hire 5 people just to do the work that Hagrid had done on his own.


The Burrow - September 2, 1999

Like he did every year, Arthur Weasley was sitting at the table waiting for the first letters home from his sons at Hogwarts. He couldn’t wait to hear which house the twins had been sorted into. The twins had always been difficult to categorize, they could fit in any house. In his opinion they were as bold as lions, as clever as a raven, as ambitious as snakes, and as hard working as badgers. 

Arthur took the letter from the twins black eagle owl, Loki, when he flew in the open window, making sure to give the bird some bacon. Loki had a bit of a temper if he felt he wasn’t being properly appreciated. The twins had saved all the money they got as an allowance to buy the owl for themselves.

Like he had with Percy’s sorting, Arthur found himself overjoyed with where the twins were sorted. Minerva had been fine with Bill and Charlie, but she was just to strict for the twins, Pamona was much better suited for dealing with them.

“Well, did they get into Gryffindor or not?” Molly demanded.

“They were sorted into Hufflepuff.”

“What?” Molly was furious. “What is going on with those boys. First Percy dishonours the family, now the twins.”

“The only one that is dishonouring this family, is you Molly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being sorted in to any other house. I have had enough of you trying to force our children into being someone they are not, and you will stop teaching Ron and Ginny that.”

“Arthur, how dare you speak to me like that?” Molly practically screamed at him. That was it, she knew she was going to have to start feeding him stronger potions. He shouldn’t be able to talk to her like this.

“I dare because your narrow minded views are harming our children, and I am done allowing it. And don’t even think of trying to feed me more love and submission potions.”

“W…What? What potions.” Mollys voice, for what might have been the first time in years, was low and subdued.

“Yes, I know about all those potions you have been trying to feed me. My financial advisor required me to get tested before he would sign off on our first budget years ago. That was how I found out about that. I arranged to have monthly checks for the last few years and have been taking nullifying potions ever since. I have spent these last few years trying to find the woman I married in this harpy you have become, but do you know what, I don’t think she ever existed outside my potion laced mind.

As of this moment this marriage is in name only. We will stay together for the sake of the children. Once Ginny is of age we are done. Until then we will be civil to one another.”

“I could just take the kids and leave you. I won’t be treated like this.”

“No, Molly. You won’t. I own this house and I am the one that earns the money. If you leave, you leave the house and the kids. When we file for divorce I will request full and sole custody. And given your lack of job skill’s, lack of your own home, your drugging me with potions, and your history of emotionally abusing the kids, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be granted, especially if the divorce judge we go to was in any house other than Gryffindor.”

“Fine. We will be civil.” Molly knew she had no choice but to back down. There really wasn’t anything she could do. 

If Arthur tried to file for divorce, he would learn that they weren’t married. Because she had used love potions on him she could actually go to Azkaban. If he filed for sole custody he would probably get it. She could try saying that she should be able to keep Ron and Ginny because they weren’t Arthurs kids but that probably wouldn’t work. They had used a full blood adoption potion on the kids to make them Weasley’s, which meant that, though he wasn’t their birth father, he was still one of their biological parents. Lying about there parentage like she had could allow them to claim that she was an unfit mother, which would go against her. Not to mention what it would do to Albus’s reputation. No, there really was nothing she could do, she would just have to live with Arthur until Ginny was 17, it was only 9 more years.

“And another thing.” Arthurs voice interrupted Molly’s train of thought. “You are going to get your spending habits under control.”

“There is nothing wrong with my spending.”

“Molly, you spent over 500 galleons last month on clothes, jewellery, and candy for Ron and Ginny. There is no reason for that. That money was meant to be spent on food, not wasted.”

“It wasn’t wasted. Ron and Ginny needed them. What is wrong with giving them presents from time to time to show we love them. Besides they need clothes.”

“There is nothing wrong with presents from time to time, but really Molly. A treat every now and then, not hundreds of galleons every month. They get an allowance every month. If they want extra candy and trinkets, they can buy it for themselves, which they do. They both instantly spend their allowance on candy, and then whine that they want something else after the money is gone, and you always buy it for them. That needs to end.

And, yes, they need clothes, but not that much. Ron is almost never out of his pyjamas, when he does wear anything else, its one of three outfits he likes. The rest just sits in his closet. And Ginny. There are three space expansion charms on that girls closet and it still doesn’t fit everything. Last year you bought her a hand made formal party dress. There was no need for it, we don’t go to fancy parties. The only time she wore that dress was when she was playing dress up, and she outgrew it within a few months because you didn’t have expansion charms put on it because you two said that it made the fabric wrinkle. If she wants to play dress up there is a perfectly good second hand store on River Run where she could get a dozen dresses for half the price you paid for that one. She is 8 years old, she doesn’t need fancy jewellery either.

If you are going to keep wasting money on frivolous things then you are going to have to get a job so you can pay for them. As of today, I will be going to my financial advisor and setting out a solid budget for you, and arranging for a regulated account with the goblins. It will give you how much you can spend on food and clothes. If you attempt to buy beyond that amount the card will be denied. If I see anything else in this house I will address it then. If the kids want treats, they will be limited to one special treat, worth less than 2 galleons, per week. If they want extras they can use their allowance to pay for it. They get 5 galleons per month, that is more than enough. No more buying dozens of chocolate frogs at a time. There is no need for it.”

“Fine.” Molly snarled.

After that, Arthur left and went to work. Molly just glared at the floo. How dare he say she couldn’t get her babies everything they needed and wanted. Now what was she to do. If she used the accounts that Albus set up for her and the kids, Arthur would think she was ‘wasting’ money again. If he had his financial manager look into it, he would find out about those vaults, and then he would know.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - December 1, 1999

Dumbledore was sitting in a near state of blind fury. The meeting had just ended and he was watching as the school’s governors were talking before they left. While this meeting hadn’t been as bad as previous meetings had been, it still hadn’t been good.

A largely pregnant Alice had suggested that they have more board meetings. Albus had slowly been trying to change some of the classes that had recently been brought in. He had been subtly forcing the comparative religion professor to start telling the students that muggle religions were better. He had the law professor limit what laws the students would spend time learning, and casually suggesting which laws were good and which ones were bad. He had also been trying to get the magical theory professor to start telling the students that anything dark was evil and would corrupt them. Compulsion and loyalty potions were wonderful things if used correctly.

What he hadn’t counted on was the students not liking it. When some of the older students started to feel that the classes were bias, they had written the school governors and complained. Just this meeting they had had over 60 complaints just from the last few months to address. Alice said that if they met for an hour or so every month they wouldn’t have such a large backlog. 

The suggestion had been approved quickly, and now he was going to have to deal with even more meddling in his school. The governors were also demanding that they get more in-depth information on what each class was going to teach, as they clearly couldn’t trust the teachers to always be neutral.

This was just another issue. During the last Wizengamot meeting the laws governing vampires were brought up. Many had tried to say that vampires were dangerous and attacked people. Sebastian had just looked at them and asked ‘what would you do if someone made laws that prohibited you from marrying, having children, and even eating’. Many had tried equivocating, but he just kept bringing it back to that point.

When one of Albus’s supporters had referred to the vampires as rabid beasts, Sebastian had given him a bland look before pointing out that the Vampire Council, based in Budapest, had been established over a hundred years before the ministry had, if that made vampires beasts, what did it say about wizards. It had been decided that the wizengamot would be going over the rules restricting the rights of vampires over the next few months, but while that was happening, a blood bank would be established in a neutral location to allow the vampires to get food.

Albus wanted the vampires wiped out, not given food that would make them stronger. Then there were the changes with the werewolves. A reporter named Tamsan Dove had recently written a piece on a potion that had been created by Severus. It went into how the wolves had actually been infected by a disease that cause violent madness, and that that was why they were so dangerous. She told everyone about how the ‘amazing and compassionate’ potions master had studied the issue and had come up with a way to cure the disease, and that the werewolf population had embraced it. Government funded studies had already been started in America and France. If Albus wasn’t careful the werewolves in Britain, like the vampires, might have their rights returned. And that just couldn’t be allowed.

He had also had to deal with Molly and her latest issue. She had been furious about what Arthur had done, and Albus had actually felt a moment of fear. He couldn’t have anyone knowing what he had done, or that Ron and Ginny were his kids. It would destroy the reputation he had spent decades building. He had had to force Molly to take a magically binding vow that she wouldn’t tell anyone about him being Ron and Ginny’s father. He knew how her temper was, all it would take was one bad fight and she could destroy everything.


Junior Technologies - December 14, 1999

Arthur was walking around the shop, trying to find a little inspiration for a new project when he heard the bell above the door chime. Looking up, he was surprised to see Lucius Malfoy walk in, his son at his side, and his daughter in his arms. Arthur would admit that he was surprised, he didn’t think a Malfoy would set foot in a shop like this.

“Lord Malfoy, what can we do for you today?” Arthur decided that he would be polite.

“Ah, Arthur. Please, call me Lucius. I was looking for a set of baby mood bracelets.” Lucius wasn’t about to give Arthur a hard time. He knew from everything Bill had said that most of the mans worst personality issues and bigotry were a result of the potions Molly had been feeding him.

The baby mood bracelets had only been invented in the Australian branch the year before. They were based on the muggle mood rings. Except rather than using body heat to tell an emotion it was tied to the child's magic. It would show if the child needed anything like, food, diaper change, or sleep. Lucius thought Narcissa and Alice would love them.

“Sure, we’ve got those. Their just right over here.” Arthur directed him to the aisle. “I hear congratulations are in order. When is the new baby expected.”

“Next month.” Draco announced happily.

Lucius smiled down at his happy son before looking back at Arthur. “We’re expecting twins three weeks from now. As you can tell none of us can wait to meet them.”

“Pict’re, pict’re.” Lyra announced from his arms. She loved seeing the pictures of the twins.

“Picture?” Arthur asked. “How could you have a picture if they haven’t been born yet?”

Lucius smiled as he reached into his inside breast pocket and open the ultrasound photo of the twins one handed so that he wouldn’t have to put down Lyra, he knew she would cause chaos if her little feet hit the ground. “We’ve been going to see a muggle doctor during this pregnancy, we did the same with Lyra. The muggles have a device known as an ultrasound. It allows them to see the baby before its born. They use it to make sure the baby is developing properly.” He handed Arthur the latest ultrasound photo of the twins, it was taken only a week before.

Arthur looked at the black and white photo in his hand. It was a little grainy, and didn’t have the clearest view, but he could clearly make out the faces of two infants laying next to one another. One of the babies was looking directly at him, while the other was in profile. He had never seen anything like it.

“What is the machine called again? We’ve been trying to figure out what to work with next, and I think people would love something like this.” Arthur thought magical hospitals all over the world would love to be able to show expecting parents a picture of their unborn child as it grows.

“It’s called an ultrasound machine.”

“You should make a magic T.V. or a video machine so I can watch football at school.” Draco told the tall red head. He liked this man, he reminded him of Bill, and he liked Bill because he would help him play pranks on the other adults at camp.”

“Oh ya.” Arthur smiled at the boy. He knew this boy was about the same age as Ron, but he couldn’t imagine Ron behaving like this. As soon as they took Ron or Ginny into a store they would take off or start demanding things, this boy had stood calmly at his fathers side the entire time.

“Draco, I promise I will see what I can do about getting recordings of the football matches you miss, even if I have to go on my own so that I can show them to you using a pensive or a memory orb.” Lucius almost rolled his eyes. Doctor North, who had delivered Lyra and was going to deliver the twins, had suggested that Lucius start taking Draco to see football games. This had been when Draco had first been jealous of his sister before she was born. 

He had taken Draco to one of the games to give it a try, and they both had loved it. Ever since then, they had gone to a few matches every year. “Forgive my son Arthur. We’re going to a football match tomorrow so its all he can think about. He’s worried that he’s going to miss all the games once he starts school.”

“Oh, I completely understand. My boys love going to see a few quidditch games during school holidays.” Arthur suddenly had plenty of ideas. An ultrasound machine would be great for hospitals but wouldn’t be in great demand with the general public. But a way to record and mass distribute recordings of sports games would be amazing. “So, how many bracelets do you need?”


“Three?” Arthur was a little confused by that.

“Yes, shortly after the Longbottom’s got better, Narcissa, who took over the Lestrange family, went over to apologize. She and Alice hit it off and have become friends. They currently call each other pregnancy buddies because Alice is due a few weeks after Narcissa. There is no way I can get Narcissa the bracelets without getting one for Alice. Narcissa would have my head for forgetting her friend, and I really don’t want to upset a pregnant witch, I value my life too much.”

Arthur could only laugh as he helped Lucius get the bracelets and showed him  up to the till. He couldn’t blame the man for that at all. Only a fool angered a pregnant witch.

Chapter Text

St. Mary’s Hospital - January 7, 2000

Lucius was once again standing in a muggle hospital. Looking to his wife, he once again thought she was the most beautiful thing to ever exist. She held a sleeping twin in each arm.

Athena Diana Malfoy had been born first. She was quickly followed by Ares Apollo Malfoy.

Two perfectly healthy babies. He couldn’t wait to go to camp, where Lyra and Draco had gone during the labour. Draco, and Hadrian had both been hoping they would get at least one boy. The little boys had said they needed a boy to at least balance things out, they were being overwhelmed by girls. It also probably came from the fact, that as much as the boys loved their little sisters, they were also terrified of them.

Going into the room, Lucius gently took the babies from his wife so that she could get some well deserved rest. Lyra had had the silver blond hair of the Malfoy family since the day she was born, but the twins looked like they were going to get their colouring from Narcissa’s side of the family. 

Lucius chuckled lightly at his own joke. He had already had to memory charm a few people as the twins had clearly inherited the Black’s metamorphmagus gene. 

Dr. Greta North looked into the hospital room a few minutes later. She loved her job. Helping families have the child they had always dreamed of always made her feel great. But this was one part that made her happiest. She could see the love the twins would grow up with as she glanced in the room to see their father staring down at them like they were the most precious things in his world. She remembered that he had been the same way with his daughter Lyra.

During some of Narcissa’s appointments they had brought the two older children with them. Greta had been happy to see how they were doing. She could tell that the Malfoy’s were clearly a very good family. Their son had been well behaved and polite, and Lyra had been every bit as troublesome as a two year old should be. But even when Lyra was causing trouble, they had never snapped at her, Lucius or Narcissa would always correct the behaviour in a calm manner making sure the little girl understood what she had done wrong. No child learned properly from parents that did nothing but snap and yell at them without explaining what they had done wrong.

Going into the room, she had Lucius help her do a few quick checks to make sure everything was good with the twins before she continued on her rounds. She told them that she wanted to keep the twins in for the night, but after another check in the morning, if everything was still ok, they would be able to go home.


St. Mungo’s Hospital - January 17, 2000

It was only a little over a week after the birth of the Malfoy twins that Alice went into labour unexpectedly. They had used their portkey to send Neville over to Peru, Frank and Alice were worried that Neville was still to fragile to be around for the labour, they didn’t want to scare him with Alice’s yelling. It had taken a while, and more than a few threats to Franks manhood, but 11 hours after they first went into the hospital the new Longbottom arrived. 

Alexander Severus Longbottom. 

He had gotten his first name from Alice’s own father, and they had decided to name him after Severus, because without Severus’s potion they would still be in the Janus Thickey unit, and Neville would still be with his abusers.

Alice and Frank couldn’t wait to introduce Neville to his baby brother.


Aguas Calientes, Peru

It had been just after midnight when Neville had arrived in the dining room of the tent. He had been so tired that he had stumbled directly into Hadrian’s room and crawled into bed with him.

Hadrian was used to having sleepovers with his friends, so when Neville climbed in to his bed he just opened one eye and looked at his friend.

“Mum’s in l’bor.” Neville slurred as he grabbed one of the pillows.

“Gratul’ions.” Hadrian slurred back as he moved over a bit to make some room and pulled some of the blankets over so Neville could use them.


Hours later, James was going in to get Hadrian up for breakfast when he looked back at the other adults at the table. “When did Neville get here?”

There were a bunch of confused voices asking, “What?”

Once they got the two kids up, Neville explained his parents had sent him over because his mum was in labour. But it had still been dark out, both in Britain and at the camp, so he had just gone back to bed.

Sirius had just laughed and said he did the right thing. Sleep was important.

The day was spent having fun. The adults had just made it into the final section of the tomb they had been working on, Sirius said that was where all the good stuff was. The boys got to see all sorts of different things that were being removed, though they were forbidden from touching anything that hadn’t been checked first.

When they weren’t watching the adults work, they were doing their own lessons. Hadrian wasn’t really good at herbology, he could get by but he didn’t have any real joy in the subject, but Neville made it fun. The subject Neville always had the hardest time with was potions, but between Severus and Hadrian he had fun. 

Everyone was about half way through their dinner when Lucius portkeyed into the tent. Spotting Neville he smiled.

“Do you want to come and meet your new baby brother Neville?”

Everyone cheered that Alice had had a boy. Especially Hadrian and Neville. Neville had been slightly worried about getting a sister, he saw how Lyra, Cassiopeia, Ariadne, and Kali were. He, like everyone, loved the girls, but sometimes he heard their fathers muttering that they were pretty sure the girls might be part demon based on their behaviour, and Neville had to agree. As sweet and cute as they were, they were slightly evil. But he didn’t need to worry about that now, he had a brother, and boys had to be easier to deal with than girls, right?


Aguas Calientes, Peru - February 5, 2000

Hadrian was practically bouncing in his seat while he ate breakfast. Today was the day the Malfoy’s and the Longbottom’s would be bringing the new babies for their first visit. He couldn’t wait to meet the new babies. He loved it when his family grew.

This was also one of the last days they were going to be in Peru. The tomb they had been working on was almost done. The most dangerous and valuable objects had been checked, decursed, and sent on to the bank, another team had come in last week, they would be in charge of finishing up. The only thing that they would be taking with them when they moved on was a few scrolls. The scrolls had been written in parsletounge. Hadrian was enjoying translating them for the adults.

They were planning to move on to the island of Santorini in Greece. While most people thought of the pure white buildings that had been place high up on the islands cliffs, the real treasures were down below. Just below the surface of the water there were a warren of tunnels that led deep within the roots of the island. This was where many ancient magic users had practiced their craft. 

Hadrian was excited to move on. Although he had loved their time in Peru, they had been relatively cut off. Their camp had been high up on one of the mountains, and there was only a small town close by. Hadrian now had two best friends, but he wanted to try making friends again. He still wrote letters back and forth with a few of the kids he had met in Turkey, but it wasn’t the same as being able to go and play with other kids, and Neville and Draco were only there once or twice a week to play with. They were going to be moving their tent into one of the more populated areas on the island so there would be others around. 

His dads had already told him that the curse breakers there rented a house and put their tents up inside so none of the muggles would notice. The house they would be putting their tent in had five other teams living in it, and there were 7 kids amongst those families.

When the others arrived, Hadrian was the first on his feet. He rushed over and let his friends introduce their new siblings. Neville sounded so excited as he introduced Hadrian to his new little brother. Like Neville, Draco was thrilled when it was his turn to introduce his new younger sister and brother.

The adults all chuckled as the kids chattered on and on about all the things they had done since they had last seen each other, even though they had only been apart for less than a week. They were each happily taking turns telling the others about how they had celebrated Imbolc. Their parents all wished there were more holidays that could get their children to willingly clean their rooms and tidy up.


Granger House - February 19, 2000

Hermione Granger sat on the couch between her parents with a smug smile on her face. Sitting across from her was a stern older woman that had introduced herself as Professor Minerva McGonagall. She had told them about how Hermione was a witch, and that she would accomplish great things. 

This was perfect. Hermione had always known that she was special. She was the smartest student in her school, and she made sure everyone knew it. For the past few years she had known she could do strange things when she got upset, but it hadn't even crossed her mind that she might be a witch. Her parents had always just told her that it was a gift from god.

Jean and Howard Granger, like their daughter, were pleased. They had known that their Hermione was better than all the other children in the neighbourhood. She had been their gift from god, their precious angel. Many of the students she went to school with were mean to her, but they always told her it was because they were jealous of how amazing she was. The normal people that lived in their neighbourhood just didn’t understand how much better their family was. Even some of the other families at their church were clearly jealous of how perfect their family was.

Minerva was like the cat that got the cream. This girl was perfect. She was intelligent, religious, and had a complete trust in authority figures. Minerva actually thought this girl reminded her of herself at that age. If this girl was groomed and directed properly she would be of great benefit to their side.

When she had first come to this house, she hadn’t expected much. One of their people in the department of underage magic had suggested that they check it out due to a large amount of underage magic. When she had stepped into the house she saw all the religious symbols around and she had immediately known just how to act. She made sure to make the sign of the cross when she saw the crucifix on the wall. When the Grangers first questioned it, she explained that her father had been a minister, after that both parents and daughter had warmed up to her considerably. 

They had had a long discussion about the magical world and how Hermione could help make it better. She made sure to tell the family about how they were having difficulties trying to remove the evil darkness from their world. The Granger parents had instantly started talking about how their daughter would of course help them to cleanse their world.

Then Minerva had spoken to the girl. The girl was well spoken and intelligent. She was perfect. She told Hermione the story about a man that had led the dark attacking a light family and attempting to kill their child and how the child had survived. She then went on to explain that she thought Hermione would be perfect to ensure that the boy would stay on the path of the light.

Hermione had readily agreed to help. Especially when Minerva said that not only would they be willing to pay her, they would also give her books and a wand so that she could start getting ready a year early. After all, they would need her to make sure that the boy hero learned the right lessons at the right times. Minerva was also sure to mention, that with the boys fame, if she was smart she could easily use that as a catapult to get herself high up in their ministry after graduation so she could start fixing problems within their laws.

When Minerva shut the door as she left, both she and Hermione Granger were both wearing the same smiles. Minerva, because she had found the perfect person to serve as the muggleborn friend to Harry Potter, they did after all need him to be seen as being friends with a muggleborn, but she also had a strong enough personality that she would be able to control both him and the Weasley boy that was meant to serve as his light pure blood friend. Hermione was happy because she now had proof that she was the best, she was going to use the Potter boy to show everyone just how perfect she was. She could see it now, herself as the minister of magic, doing away with all the evil witches and wizards and merging the magical world with the normal world once more, she would be the most famous witch ever known. No one would ever call her names or tease her again. She would be able to show all the stupid people that went to her school just how much better than them she was.



Arriving back at Hogwarts Minerva went directly to see Albus and tell him all about Hermione Granger. She explained all about how easy the girl would be to control. 

Albus was thrilled as Minerva told him about the girl, she was everything that they had needed all rolled up into one person. While Minerva might not be the best at creating her own plans, one thing she had always excelled at, was finding the perfect soldiers and keeping them in line.

He started to plan. He would use this girl to show everyone just how smart and powerful the muggleborns could be, she would serve as a way to convince the public that the dark was dangerous and they should turn away from the old pure blood traditions towards the muggle ones. If he could get her to marry Ron, then he could use her to gain even more control.

The Potter brat would die in the final battle, only after marrying and having a child with Ginny, of course. That would leave Ginny with all the money and love of the public, they would do anything she told them. Ron would be the head of the DMLE, he would be able to systematically use his forces to wipe out any dark supporters. And Hermione Granger, wife of Ronald Weasley, would serve as the first muggleborn minister of magic. With him still running the school that would give them complete control.



Walking into Gringotts Albus only managed to withhold his sneer of contempt because he was in public and other witches and wizards might see. He needed to maintain his facade of kind old grandfather.

He made sure to thank the people that got out of his way so that he could speak to one of the creatures immediately. Going up, he told it that he needed to speak to his account manager, he never bothered to learn the creatures name.

After a short walk through one of the halls, he was shown into a large office and went and sat down. He didn’t wait for the creature to greet him before he made his demands.

“You will be opening an account in the name of Hermione Granger. Here is everything you will need to start the account.” He handed over a sheet of parchment Minerva had gotten from the Granger family with all the girls information. “You will be transferring 20 galleons per month into that account.”

“Of course Lord Dumbledore. Would you like us to take the money from the usual account, the one that is checked on the least by it’s owner?”

“Yes. I would also like to increase the funds going to my own personal account from there to 500 galleons per month.” 

Once he had gotten the agreement from the creature, Albus left, not wanting to spend anymore time around it. That was the first thing he was going to do once he placed Hermione as minister, wipe out these foul creatures.

Chief Ragnock gained a dangerous goblin grin as the old fool left his office. He had originally thought that the man might learn from the contract mess with his potions master, but he hadn’t. You had to be very careful about how you worded anything you said to a goblin.

By asking if he wanted the money transferred from ‘the one that is checked on the least by it’s owner’, he made sure that the money would come from one of the old fools own accounts. The account that the fool had access to, that was the least checked, had been set up by one of his ancestors that had been selling the government of the times secrets to their enemies and made a great profit from it.

When they had first started referring to the account like that years back, the account had had over 5 million galleons in it. As the old fool never properly managed his estates he hadn’t realized that the money he was paying himself and his pawns with was coming from one of his own accounts. An account, that if current spending continued at the current rate, would be empty within the next 4 years.

The only reason it had lasted as long as it had, was because he never paid his pawns as well as he paid himself. They each only ever got a maximum of 30 galleons per month.

He could not wait until the time came when he would get the pleasure of informing the old fool that he had drained his own account. It would bring him not only great joy, but great honour within the nation. No goblin liked that old fool or those that followed him, they did not know how to show respect.


The Rook - April 3, 2000

Luna Lovegood was sitting in the living room watching her mother work on one of her latest spells. Something within her was screaming that there was something wrong. That something horrible was about to happen.

It was a feeling that had been building for the last few weeks, but today, she knew was the day it would happen. She was practically shaking as she sat and watched her mother. The voices in her head were a jumbled mess, she just couldn’t make out what they were saying, she knew she needed to, but she just couldn't. Whatever they were saying was to horrible for her 9 year old mind to understand.

She watched as her mother raised her wand to try the new spell again, the screaming reached a fever pitch. Then it all stopped.

There was a knock on the window. She and her mother turned to see a post owl sitting on the sill.

“Well, do come in.” Pandora Lovegood said as she went over and opened the window so the bird could hop in and hold up it’s leg. Pandora took the scroll and the bird flew away. She glanced at what was written and froze. 

‘Your daughter needs you. You must stop.’

As Pandora read the words again Luna started to smile. “They’ve stopped.”

“Whats stopped my love?” Pandora asked as she looked to her daughter.

“The heliopaths were saying that something I loved was going to burn, but now their quiet. The burning has stopped and now there’s no more screaming in my head.”

Pandora was slightly confused, but she did so love to be like that. Kissing her daughter on the top of her head she went back to her work, who was she to say that Luna’s creatures might not be real. 

Then she saw it. She had made a mistake in her last calculation for her new spell. If she had tried the spell like that she would have been torn apart by flames. Looking from the note she had just read to her daughter she understood. Her daughters creatures had been trying to warn her, and someone else knew the danger she had been in.

Turning away from her work she went over to her daughter. “What do you say to going to play in the garden my little moon? You can tell me all about these heliopaths.”

Luna smiled up at her mother and took her hand as they walked out of the room. She glanced back at the letter and smiled. The flutterbys told her that her brother remembered her and loved her, and that he hadn’t wanted the heliopaths to be around her anymore.

Turning back, she skipped out to the garden to look for the plimpies with her parents.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - June 7, 2000

James and Alice had both agreed that they had all the classes they needed, they would just have to monitor the content. So this meeting, they were going to start working on the library.

It had been Alice that drew attention to the fact that the once great Hogwarts library had been almost completely destroyed. Albus had been holding himself back so it had been Molly and Ted that went on the defensive.

Most of the other governors just kept bringing it back around to the fact that the students would need research material for their new classes. They couldn’t write a report on magical theory, if there were no magical theory books in the library. 

When lack of funds was brought up, Kensington pointed out that it wouldn’t be an issue. Since the regular scholarship money was not being used anymore they would just transfer it over into a book fund.

Then Molly had started to argue that most of the books should be placed in the restricted section, but that was quickly shot down. If the students were old enough to take the classes, then they were old enough to read about it. It was decided that they would use the space expanding charm to make the library seven floors. The first floor would hold all the first year books, the second floor the second year, and so on as it went up. They would use charms on the stairs so that you could only go one year above their current grade level.

Watching Albus’s face, James knew that they were going to have to keep an eye on what books were available in the library. There was a good chance that some of the books might start to disappear. He figured he could just get Bill to write to Percy. From everything he heard about the boy, he would be the one to notice any books missing from the library.

Albus knew that he still wasn’t in the position to stop anything. He had always used the adoration of the public to get what he wanted. At this moment the public was liking the changes Sebastian and Alice were making, so there was nothing he could do. He just had to wait one more year. Once the Potter brat came to the school Albus would be able to use him.

As the boy lived with muggles, Albus was his magical guardian. He could make sure that the boy adored him and did whatever he told him to do. The public would see him as the kind old man guiding their child hero. If he then went to them saying that he was worried the boy was being corrupted, they would clamour for him to fix it and he would have the public backing him again to remove all the changes that had been done to his school.


While the adults were sitting in the meeting room, Fred and George Weasley were making plans. This year they had been extremely careful not to get caught, the marauders map had really helped.

There was also Professor Sprout. They had pulled off a few major pranks, making sure that there was no evidence connecting them to it. McGonagall had tried to say that it had to be them because everyone knew that they were pranksters. Sprout had taken personal offence every time McGonagall tried to blame them. She said that unless they could prove it, she wasn’t about to let them target members of her house. 

McGonagall might have been a lion, but Sprout was a badger.

The reason no one had ever managed to find proof that they were the ones doing the pranking was because they had a little help. Bill had introduced Charlie and Percy to Mipsey, and they had in turn introduced the twins to her. Mipsey, and the rest of the Potter elves, were more than happy to assist them in causing a little trouble. The twins would hand over what they had, and tell the elves the plan. Once the twins were in class, or surrounded by others, the elves would set off their pranks. It helped them to establish the perfect alibi. Mipsey had even gotten them the map their first night there.


Hogwarts - June 28, 2000

Charlie was sitting on the banks of the Black Lake with his 3 younger brothers. Exams had finished up today, and they would be taking the train home the next day. Once he stepped off the train he would officially be done with Hogwarts. He was sad, but he also couldn’t wait. The only hard part was leaving his brothers behind.

He had been considering a few jobs after school, but now, thanks to the advice of his brothers, he had made up his mind. He was going to be going to work as a dragon keeper at one of the larger reserves in Romania. At first he had thought about continuing on at The Bubble, and had even been offered a position, but he just couldn’t do it.

If he stayed anywhere near by his mother wouldn’t leave him alone. She had been sending letters telling him all about different departments in the ministry she wanted him to apply to.

He had told his brothers about wanting to work out of the country and they had all supported and encouraged him. They all knew that he would never get a moment of peace from their mother if he stayed in the country and didn’t work at the ministry. He had also written to Bill, and gotten the same response. He had made his decision.

Now, he just had to tell his parents. He knew his father would, like his brothers, both support and miss him, it was their mother he was worried about. It had been almost two years since Bill had left, and she still wasn’t over it.


After spending a few hours talking with his brothers Charlie was on his way in to dinner when he heard someone calling his name. Turning around he almost frowned as he watched Nymphadora Tonks stumble her way towards him.

“What’s up Tonks?”

“Can you believe it Charlie. It’s almost over.” The girl was practically bouncing as her hair changed colour. “Soon we’ll be working at the ministry together, we should try to make sure we get lunch breaks together sometimes, it’ll be like we’re still here…Almost.”

“We’ll see, I haven’t sent out any applications yet. I’m still going over some of the offers I’ve gotten.” Charlie wasn’t about to tell her the truth.

The twins had warned him that Tonk’s told her mother everything, and then her mother, who was friends with his mother, would tell her. Tonk’s had even given the twins a hard time about not being in Gryffindor, what had made them pay attention and warn him was that she had almost directly quoted things their mother had told them.

“Oh ya? I figured you would want to get your application in before the rush. Well, I guess it does make sense, I mean, I did hear you got a few offers from quidditch teams. I really don’t think you should join them. Just because their offering you a tryout doesn’t mean you’re gonna get on the team, not that I think you wouldn't, everyone knows you’re one of the best players Hogwarts has ever had, but still.”

‘I know. It’s been nice talking to you Tonks, but I have to get going. I still have to pack.”

“Sure, bye Charlie. See you later.” 

Tonks watched as Charlie took off, heading for Gryffindor tower. She enjoyed watching him move. Once he was out of sight, she turned and headed towards her moms office.

Tonks knew that her mum and Charlies mum, Molly, were working on setting up a marriage contract between the two of them, and she couldn’t wait. The boy was built. Sure, his obsession with quidditch and creatures was a little annoying, but it could be worse. He could be obsessed with muggle stuff like his dad.

Reaching her mums office, she went in. She and Molly had asked her to talk to Charlie to make sure that he didn’t run off and join some silly quidditch team that would take him away. There was no way she wanted her future husband traveling all over with groupies hanging off him. She was not about to accept her future husband cheating on her.


Once he was out of eyesight of Tonks, Charlie changed direction and headed for the owlry. He didn’t want to leave his younger brothers so soon, but he knew he couldn’t stay at The Burrow until mid-August, when his contract at the dragon reserve was set to start. Bill had told him that if he needed to get away sooner, so long as he was willing to sign a confidentiality agreement he could go and stay with him, so long as he didn’t mind sharing a room with him. The twins had told him he was free to use Loki if he needed to, and he needed to.

When they had all gone home for Yule, or Christmas as their mother insisted on calling it, the older boys had all seen the changes. Their father had placed an expansion charm on his office, and it now held a bed. Arthur had brushed it off, and Molly had spent almost the entire time passive aggressively attacking him. Charlie and Percy had at first been confused, until the twins had taken them aside and told them that Molly had been using love potions on him, but he had decided to stay for the younger kids. Charlie thought his dad would be better off without her, but…


Ministry of Magic, Auror Office - July 3, 2000

Nymphadora Tonks sat back as she listened to the results of her auror entry test. She knew that she was going to pass. She had been practicing every summer with her parents for the past few years after all. And the headmaster had even gotten a copy of the test for her ahead of time. The potions part of the exam had been a little hard, even though she knew what was coming. She had always struggled with potions, obviously she would have been better at it if she had had a competent teacher in the subject when she started. But, she had been stuck with that death eater, Severus Snape, and he just wasn’t the kind of person she was ever going to listen to.

When she heard that she had gotten one of the top scores she was thrilled, though, she was a little annoyed that she hadn’t gotten the best scores. Then she was introduced to Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody, he was going to be her training instructor. She was so excited. Everyone knew that Mad-Eye was the best auror in the office, the only reason he wasn’t the head of the DMLE was because he didn’t want a desk job, no matter what anyone else said about Amelia Bones being better.

She couldn’t wait to learn everything he could teach her.

The only major problem she was having was that Charlie Weasley was gone. The idiot had run off to go play with dragons. She had been furious when her mother had told her. He was supposed to marry her, not go running off like a foolish child. Just how was she supposed to make him fall in love with her if he wasn’t around?


Alexandria, Egypt - July 16, 2000

Hadrian was walking in-between Bill and Charlie as they made their way to the main magical alley in the city. He was excited, and a little worried. This was the first time since he had first found his family again that he had left them.

Bill had shown great promise detangling complex wards. Because of this he was invited to visit one of the sites. He had jumped at the opportunity, he still remembered how much he had enjoyed writing a history essay, for Severus, on Egypt when he had been 15.

Charlie had arrived a few days before he received the offer after only tolerating a single week at home before he needed to escape Molly and her rage. He had been happy to go to Egypt with his brother.

Hadrian had asked to go too. James and Severus thought it might be a good idea. They felt that they needed to allow Hadrian to spend a night away from them, he was going to start school in just over a year after all. He needed to start getting used to the idea that his fathers weren’t always going to be there, even though both men had almost been in tears when they had said goodbye to their son, reminding him repeatedly that he had a portkey that would bring him directly to them if he needed them. Even if he was only scheduled to be away for a weekend.

The first night after arriving Hadrian had spent most of the night crying. Both Bill and Charlie had ended up coming in to check on him and found him in tears. Rather than laughing at him, like Hadrian had expected, they were understanding. They both told him about how they had cried the first time they were away from their parents. Bill had even confessed that he had cried himself to sleep every night for the entire first week he had been at school.

This had stunned Hadrian. He hadn’t thought anything would scare him. The Bill he had gotten to know was strong and fearless. If they can get homesick and be ok, so can he.

Bill had started treating Hadrian as a little brother ever since he had joined the team. Charlie was following his lead. They were both extremely fond of the young boy and didn’t want him to feel bad. They often helped to take his mind off of his homesickness by telling him stories about their younger brothers.

When they reached the market they were headed to where the bank was, when Hadrian froze. Someone was calling out to him.

Bill and Charlie stopped when they noticed Hadrian was no longer between them. When they turned back they saw that the boys eyes had gone unfocused and his head was tilted to one side. For a moment Bill was worried that Hadrian was having another fit, like the ones he had had years earlier. But, when he turned on his mage sight momentarily, he couldn’t leave it on too longe because they were in an extremely magical area, he could see his magic reaching out, and someone else’s magic was reaching back.

Suddenly, Hadrian turned and started walking off down one of the side alleys. Bill and Charlie raced after him, the last thing they wanted to do was be responsible for losing the boy hero. It would be bad enough if the public found out, but if his family found out, there was no chance they would survive.

They followed Hadrian into a small shop that stood at a dead end. Going into the store the worker went to greet them, but Hadrian just kept going and went into the shops back room. Bill quickly apologized before they all followed Hadrian.

Going into the back room, Bill, Charlie, and the shop worker saw him kneeling in front of a large crate.

“So your the one I’ve been waiting for.” The shop owner said.

“What do you mean sir?” Bill asked worriedly.

“I was sent that crate from an old friend. My friend works closely with different oracles in Delphi. He said that he was told by a few of the oracles that someone with a great destiny would come here to collect that crate. That it would help him with what is to come.” The shop owner told him. “I was told to sell it only to the one that came for 25 galleons.”

Hadrian reached into his pocket and pulled out the key to his trust fund account and handed it over without saying anything. All of his attention was focused on the box.

Once the shop keeper had rung through the purchase he offered to open the crate so they could see what they had just bought. Popping the top, they all looked in to see three smaller beautifully decorated boxes. One was blue and black, one was green and gold, and the third was ivory and pearl.

Hadrian immediately reached for the blue box, but there was no way to open it. There were no seams or hinges. All Hadrian knew was that whatever was inside was his.

“Hadrian?” Bill asked.

“I don’t know. It’s mine, but its not ready yet.” Hadrian said. He wanted what was inside, he needed it.

“What about these two Hadrian?” Charlie asked as he removed the other two boxes from the crates.

Going over Hadrian ran his fingers across the green one. “It’s calm, kind. Yet strong. It’s Neville’s.” Going over he ran his finger across the ivory coloured box. “It’s hot and cold. Fire and ice. A protective warrior. This one is for Draco.”

Bill placed the three boxes in one of the pouches that had a space expansion on it, and they carried on. For the entire day, Hadrian wouldn’t let go of the pouch. Needing it with him all the time.

As Hadrian held the pouch close they went around the city looking at all the different dig sites. They all had a lot of fun sightseeing. Hadrian found himself enjoying his time away from home with Charlie and Bill, although he was still more than a little homesick.


Santorini, Greece - July 31, 2000

Hadrian had had a great tenth birthday. As had become traditions, the Malfoy and Longbottom families had come to spend the week of his and Neville’s birthdays. 

Draco and Neville had spent the last week following him around. Normally they liked staying close to each other, but this was different. Hadrian knew that they were sensing whatever was in the boxes that he still had in a pouch he had been keeping with him ever since Alexandria. 

He had made Bill and Charlie swear not to tell his family about the box. He loved his family, but they could just be way to overprotective sometimes, and he just couldn’t stand the idea of having the box away from him. He had primarily threatened them with the twins and Kali, who still hadn’t forgiven them for taking away their brother for an entire weekend, and had absolutely no problem letting them know that through pranking them and hiding their things.

Once the cake was eaten, and all his presents open he called everyones attention. He pulled out the pouch and set it on the table. Like him Draco and Neville gravitated towards it.

His plan was to hand out the boxes to the other two boys. He had spent about an hour every night trying to get his to open. He needed what was inside. 

First he pulled out the green box, then the ivory, and then the blue. But this time, as soon as he touched his box, there was the sound of something clicking inside and a seam formed around the centre of the box.

“Hadrian, be careful, we don’t know whats in there, remember.” Bill said, moving slightly closer to the kids so that he could pull them away if it was dangerous.

Hearing what Bill said, all the adults started moving forward, but it was already too late. Hadrian couldn’t stop himself from lifting the lid. But it wasn’t anything dangerous.

A tiny little fox kit lay sleeping on a royal blue satin pillow. Hadrian reached out to stroke her fur, he didn’t know how he knew she was a her, but he did. As soon as his fingers came into contact with the fox kit, there was a flash of brilliant golden light, and something snapped into place in Hadrian’s mind. A link had formed between them.

The little fox kit yawned and stretched before opening her eyes. Everyone drew in a breath as they saw that her eyes were the same emerald green as Hadrian’s.

“A true familiar.” Charlie and Remus both gasped at the same time.

As soon as they saw it was safe, both Draco and Neville opened their boxes. There were two more flashes of golden light. 

In Nevilles box there was a pure white bear cub, once it opened its eyes, Neville could see they were the same blue as his own. Draco was looking deep into the quick silver eyes, just like his own, of what looked like a snow leopard. Like the others, the leopard cub was pure white, but something inside Draco was saying that she would gain her spots as she grew older.

“What’s a true familiar?” James asked as he moved up behind his son to get a closer look at the fox kit that had his sons full attention.

“A true familiar is a magical animal who’s magic resonates with a witch or wizard. Their incredibly rare. I think there’s only like, 5 born every few hundred years. If the human their meant to bond with hasn’t been born yet, they go into a magical sleep where they can wait for hundreds of years. Once their bond mate comes of age they wake up, though, that’[s only if they are close enough together. Hadrian must have been close enough to them to sense them. Although, I had always heard they could fly, but none of them are birds.” Remus said in fascination. It was almost unheard of to see a single true familiar, now, he was looking at three.

“Oh wow. I know what they are.” Charlie said as he looked closely at the little indicators of what species each animal was.

“I think we can all see that Charlie. Their a fox, a bear, and a cat.” Sirius said teasingly.

Charlie just rolled his eyes at Sirius good naturedly. “Like Remus said, magical animals. Hadrian has a kitsune, though I don’t know which kind, Neville has what I think is a storm bear, and Draco has a sky leopard.”

“Oh wow.” Remus said.

“I thought kitsune’s had seven tails, this one only has one.” Severus said.

“No. Kitsune’s only have one tail until their three, then they grow a new tail every 3 years until they have 7. After that they can grow even more tails, but its only a tail every three decades.” Charlie informed everyone. He really did spend way too much time studying magical creatures. “As for the flying thing. From what I’ve read, they will start to grow wings on their backs as soon as they find their bond mate. The wings should be fully grown by the end of the first year. Although, I’ve also heard that the familiars will grow extremely slowly if their bond mate is young.”

“So their gonna get wings.” Draco squeaked in joy. “Cool.”

“I blame the Potter blood.” Severus said with a sigh.

“Why?” Both Bill and Charlie asked at the same time.

“Oh, right, the rest of you don’t know.” Sev said, looking over to the rest of the group that had no idea what they had been told about the curse. “One of the Potter ancestors pissed off the wrong person and the entire blood line was hit with the ‘may you live in interesting times curse’. It’s why the Potter family has always had such crazy things happen to them.”

Everyone else broke down laughing. It made every strange thing that they had seen happen to James or Hadrian make so much sense.

“So, do you have any names for them?” Alice asked.

“Not yet. We don’t even know them yet.” Draco said, like it was the silliest question in the world.

It took a few days, but the kids eventually found names they liked for their little familiars. Hadrian named his kitsune Nemesis, after the Greek goddess of divine retribution. Neville named his bear cub Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and the harvest. While Draco, named his leopard cub Tyche, after the goddess of luck.

When they had first told their family the names they had chosen Remus had started to chuckle. When the others asked what he was laughing at, he told them that the kids had clearly spent too much time around Lucius and Sirius. Only those two would be so grandiose in the naming of their familiars.


The Burrow - September 2, 2000

This year, September 1 had been on a Friday, so Arthur was home. He received the usual letter from the boys earlier in the morning. It was just after noon when Ron and Ginny finally came down for their breakfast. Arthur was still annoyed that Molly allowed them to have almost no rules.

Once they had finished eating, Arthur pulled out two of the new kids bank cards the bank had put out. The cards came with a booklet that kept track of the childs spending in an attempt to teach them responsibility.

“Ron, Ginny, these are your new bank cards. I have set it up so that your allowance will be directly deposited into the account each month. The booklets will help you to keep track of your spending. Now, Ron. I heard you saying that you wanted an owl for your first year of school.” He watched as the two children quickly snagged the cards to look at them. The cards were a new product offered by the bank, they worked like muggle bank cards and would work in both worlds. But they were only available with the newer vaults, the older vaults still only worked with the keys.

“Yeah. I’m gonna get a really fast one that will make Loki look like a joke.” Ron said, already imagining his older brothers being jealous of his owl.

“Then you are going to need to work on saving some of your allowance.” Arthur told him.

“Why? You got Fred and George an owl. I want one too.” Ron’s voice was petulant.

“No, Fred and George saved up their own allowances and bought Loki for themselves. If you want an owl, you can do the same. You have an entire year to save up, if you start saving now you will have more than enough. A regular owl costs about 30 galleons for it and the stuff it will need. That would only take you 6 months to save up. You are more than capable of doing it. The same goes for you Ginny. If you want that new dress I saw you looking at, you can save up the money for it. These accounts are yours, you can use them however you want, but your mother and I will be able to see how you are spending your money.” Arthur told them seriously.

“Surely we can get them owls Arthur. We have enough money to make sure that they can contact us when they have to go away to school.” Molly said.

“No Molly. We didn’t buy any of the others owls, so we can’t buy Ron and Ginny ones and pretend that it’s fair. And if they need to contact us while at school, Fred and George have Loki, you might have noticed that the letter Percy sent this morning was carried by him. The school also has a few dozen owls that the students can use.” Arthur was still angry with Molly over her harassing Charlie until he left a month early for his new job. He was glad that Charlie had been able to go and stay with Bill though, it gave the poor boy a break from Molly’s nagging.

Molly just harrumphed. She was going to need to see what she could do to ensure that they manage to save up the money, that would show Arthur. But she knew she wouldn’t be able to just add the money on her own, because Arthur would be able to see that she had added money in the accounts ledger.
Ron and Ginny spent most of the afternoon imagining everything they could buy with their new cards.


Santorini, Greece - November 12, 2000

Hadrian, with Nemesis curled around his neck, followed his fathers down one of the tunnels under the island. They had been telling him about a temple room that they had found, and he had asked if he could go down to see it. Since the temple had already been cleared by curse breakers they had agreed.

Looking around, Hadrian could see the flame motif. No one had had much time to examine this temple because it was a part of a much larger section that they had just opened up. Most of the workers were working on decursing the area, so they were too busy to focus on one small temple.

But Hadrian found the area fascinating. There had to be a purpose for this room. Going to the centre of the room he examined the pedestal. 

Over the past few months he had started to remember little things about his past life. They were really only a few quick flashes, but it was enough.

He recognized a few of the runes on the pedestal. They were different symbols that all meant the same thing. Phoenix. There was no doubt in Hadrian’s mind that this temple was dedicated to phoenixes.

This made Hadrian think of Fawkes. He could only get a few flashes of a beautiful red fire bird, but he still knew that he was trapped. Stuck playing the role of familiar to an evil old man.

Reaching out with his mind, Hadrian stroked the bond he had with Nemesis. “Nem. I know of a poor phoenix that has been bound by a fake familiar bond to someone that isn’t his natural bond mate.”

Nemesis looked horrified. Her eyes got big, and there were even a few tears in them. It hadn’t taken Hadrian long to realize that Nemesis wasn’t a mindless creature. She was actually really smart. He could feel her sorrow through the bond. For a true familiar the idea of being forced to bond with someone other then their true bond mate was one of the worst things that could happen.

Going over to his family he asked them if there was any way they could use this temple to help them free Fawkes. 

James was a bit stunned at this question. They all had hated the idea that Fawkes was trapped with the old goat, but they didn’t want to do anything too major that he might notice. If they stole his familiar, fake or not, it would draw his attention.

But now, looking around, James drew the same conclusion his son had, this temple was devoted to phoenixes. Looking at the pedestal in the centre of the room he could clearly see runes that were associated with summoning. If they could use this temple to help them, they could save Fawkes, and there was no way that Dumbledore could track them, it was just too far away. They could also get the help from the other curse breakers. From the journals they knew that it had taken four unspeakables to free him last time, but there were more than enough curse breakers.

It was decided. They would try to free Fawkes.


Santorini, Greece - November 19, 2000

It only took a week to get everything in place to try freeing Fawkes. Once James and the others told the other curse breakers that they knew of a phoenix that had been force to bond with someone, all the other curse breakers were willing to do almost anything to help. Phoenixes were revered all over the world, no one liked the idea of one being harmed.

When they had taken the time to properly examine the temple they found that its primary use had been to summon phoenixes. The idea had been, that when they needed phoenix potions ingredients, they could summon up a phoenix, ask the phoenix for what they needed, once they got it, or if the phoenix denied them, then the phoenix could leave.

The ritual that Hadrian and the unspeakables had used was in the journals, so they had rewritten the pages and showed the others the ritual. After a few discussions, they had a plan. They would summon Fawkes. Hadrian and Nemesis would be there to communicate their intentions to him quickly. If he agreed, though no one thought he wouldn't, they would perform the ritual to free him. According to the journals, if it worked, Fawkes would regenerate into an egg. The egg would be safe and hidden in the temple until he hatched.


When the ritual started to summon Fawkes, Hadrian was standing off to the side with Nem in his arms. He didn’t want to be in the way, his magic wasn’t strong enough yet to be able to take part, as much as he wanted to.

As the chanting started the room began to heat. By the time the chanting reached a pitch, sweat was pouring down everyones back. With a large flash of red flames, Fawkes was sitting on the pedestal, shrieking.

Rushing forward, Hadrian held out Nem so that she could communicate with the frightened bird. It took a few minutes, but eventually Fawkes calmed down. Giving those around him a nod, he settled down to wait.

Once Fawkes was calm, and had given his approval, Hadrian backed out of the ritual circle. He and Nem watched as his dad and papa moved forward and started to bathe Fawkes in a purification and unbinding potion. After Fawkes was completely soaked, they stepped back, and a new chant began.

The power in the room was suffocating as the chant began. This time, when the chant reached its peak, a crack echoed through the room and Fawkes started to sing happily as the magical bindings on him took physical form just before they shattered and fell away. Fawkes gave one last happy trill before bursting into flames, leaving behind a ruby coloured egg surrounded by a pile of ashes.



Albus Dumbledore was just coming back into his office after lunch when he felt a snapping in his chest and he dropped to his knees. It took him a moment to build up the strength to make it to his desk, falling into his chair with absolutely no grace at all.

He couldn’t figure out what had happened. Looking around the office, his eyes caught on the bird stand. 

Then he knew what had happened. Fawkes was gone.

Someone had stolen his phoenix.


Granger House - November 23, 2000

Hermione Granger sat at the desk in her room going over her plans. It had been ten months since she had first learned that she was a witch and she still had so much to do.

She had already gone through all of the first year books. The information had been fairly easy to memorize. Now, she was working on her second and third you books. She had started making her parents take her to the book store to get new books almost every week

At first, she had formed an idea to find a way to make the Potter kid fall in love with her. If she was married to a hero, no one would dare deny her. That was until it had been explained to her that the boy wasn’t going to survive. 

The great Albus Dumbledore had personally come to visit her a few weeks before. She had read so many books on all the things he had done. He had come to speak with her, and after she had sworn a vow of secrecy he explained many things to her. He told her about how he wanted the Potter boy married to a girl named Ginny Weasley. At first, Hermione had thought of ways to get around the other girl, but then she changed her mind. Especially when the headmaster told her that he had a boy in mind for her.

Headmaster Dumbledore had even let her in on the secret that Ginny, and her older brother, Ronald, were his kids. He told her all about how he was always being targeted by dark wizards so he had had to arrange for his children to be hidden.

The weekend before the Headmaster had taken her to meet Molly Weasley and his two children. Hermione had found Molly to be overbearing, though it did make sense to Hermione, she was in charge of raising the children of the greatest wizard to ever live. That would make anyone more than a little nervous. Hermione figured that as annoying as the woman was, she was more than capable of making her like her.

The children had both been annoying. Ginny was whiny, but Hermione could see the girls potential. She was clearly going to grow up to be beautiful, and she also had a decent mind. No where on the scale of Hermione’s own mind, but the girl would do well. 

The boy had at first seemed like a waste of space. He had the intelligence of a fish. Hermione knew from experience with the boys in her school that all young boys were complete morons, but this one took it to a whole new level. Hermione couldn’t see how a great man like the headmaster could have a child like that. It wasn't until they started to play chess that she saw a use for him. He might be an idiot, but he was an incredible strategist if he needed to be. She could work with that.

It would also be useful to have a dumb husband. She would be able to control him a lot easier. Yes, she could make this work for her. If she was seen as being best friends with a hero, and married to the son of the greatest wizard to ever live, then nothing would stand in her way, she wouldn’t let it.

Hermione couldn’t wait until she could start school next year. She hated having to deal with all the useless children in her current school. Why did there have to be so many idiots in the world, she found her self questioning multiple times per day.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - December 6, 2000

James was sitting next to Alice in the meeting room quietly discussing things. Every now and then James would glance up and look around the room, it was very different from the room he had first come into years before. Only Montague, Kensington and Molly were still there. And Kensington would have to leave the board at the end of this school year due to his daughter graduating.

He felt that he would be able to work with many of the newer governors, but there were still some annoyances. The ones that annoyed him most, besides Molly, were Vance and Doge. 

He had once considered Emmeline Vance a friend when they had been in the Order, but now he knew that she was in on Dumbledore’s plans. She blindly followed him. She had managed to get on the board because she had a niece at the school. Elphias Doge was another Dumbledore stooge. Like Vance, he had been placed on the board because he had a family member at the school, in his case it was his great grandson. 

It wasn’t necessarily acceptable for him or Vance to be on the board, the guidelines was that you had to be the parent of a current student, but Dumbledore had spent over an hour arguing for them, claiming that the parents of the children weren’t able to attend the meetings but still wanted a say on the running of the school. Everyone had finally agreed with him to shut him, and Molly, up. They all knew that it didn’t really matter in the end, they wouldn’t have the power to sway the boards vote so long as he and Alice were there. James decided to let Dumbledore have this one, it was a strategic ‘loss’, he made Dumbledore think he had won a battle when James hadn’t lost anything.

When the meeting was called to order they went through the usual pattern. Some of the other governors were still bringing up different courses, or changes to current courses, but for the most part they had gotten the educational standards back up, mostly.

“There is an issue that I feel we must address. It was originally brought to my attention by some of the complaints by students, but as we have already addressed this issue here, I felt that this was the meeting to bring it up.”

The decision had been made to hold more meetings each year, as Alice had suggested, but they separated what would be discussed at each meeting. The meetings in June and December would remain as they had been. They would focus on school improvement, rules, and guidelines. While they would be holding shorter meetings once a month from February-May, and September-November, to address any complaints by staff or students. They often received a few complaints per month so those meetings were usually two or three hours long at the most.

“What is this issue?” Kensington asked, a smile on his face.

“The library. More specifically, the placement of the books in the library. During our last meeting we agreed that the library floors would be broken up by years, and the books for each year would be on their corresponding floor. But that is apparently not what has happened. It would seem most of the lower floors are almost completely empty.

The largest volume of complaints seems to have come from the alchemy class, I do believe they have started some sort of write in campaign because I think we have gotten at least three letters from each student. According to them, the alchemy books are all up on the seventh floor. The problem is that alchemy begins in third year so the students just starting out in that class, the ones that have the most to learn, have no way of accessing the books without an older student taking them out and letting them borrow it.”

“Now my boy, I’m sure it is a slight misunderstanding. Just a misfiling of a few books. There really is no need to make a big deal of it.” Albus said genially.

“Albus, if Madam Pince is unable to properly file books, then she shouldn't be a librarian. It is unfair to set students up for failure that way. They need access to those books to properly do their work. If she is unable to do it I am sure that the public library on River Run would be able to spare one or two of their librarians to work here.” James said, making sure to keep his voice calm and even. “I will also mention there have been a few complaints that even when a book is properly filed and a student manages to find it, she won’t allow the students to take them out.”

“You must understand Sebastian, many of our books here are very old and delicate. She is just making sure that they are protected.” Albus said with a grandfatherly smile.

“The only reason many of the books are antiques is because the library hasn’t been updated in decades.” Alice said snappishly. “But that isn’t an issue. A library is meant to lend out books, therefore, the books will be used. If a book is to old or delicate, it shouldn't be in a school library. Cast protection charms on it, or buy a new copy. Why don’t you have her make a list of the books that are damaged or too delicate and we will make a decision on what to do with them during our meeting in June. 

But I must agree with Sebastian, Madam Pince must allow children to borrow the books, or she will need to go. I remember when I was a student here, she used to refuse to let us take out books even then. She hoards the books and doesn’t like students being anywhere near them. That is not how a library should be run.”

“Surely you aren’t suggesting that we fire her?” Emmeline was shocked. “She has been at this school for decades. It is her home.”

“I understand Emmeline, but this is also a school. If she can’t do the job properly, she can’t work here. I would suggest that we get two others to come and help her if it’s too much work.” James thought that might help. If there were others there then the students could go to them and avoid the mad old woman.

Albus ground his teeth together. There was no way he was going to be able to avoid hiring more staff for the library. He had been using Irma Pince for years to keep the students away from learning. She hated letting students take out books so she found every way she could to stop them. She often banned students for weeks at a time for every little thing. And she would stalk and harass the students when they were in the library, so it kept all but the most dedicated away.

“Why don’t we send out the job offer tonight. We could have two new librarians hired by the end of the week? Then, we can have them completely refile the library from top to bottom over the Yule break so that everything is in place for the students when they return. They would also be able to check over the books as they work so they will be able to create a list of damaged or delicate books while they work.” Kensington was really going to miss that look on Dumbledore’s face after his daughter graduated in June, she was his youngest child so he was going to have to give up his place on the board.

It was voted on and agreed to quickly. James knew Percy Weasley was going to like that. Bill had sent him a letter at James’s request to start filing complaints with the board if he found anything wrong with the library, and the kid had found a lot.

Just as the meeting was being called to a close James and Alice stood up and called for everyones attention.

“Earlier this year we were both examining our vaults in more detail and we found something that we would like to donate to the school as a sort of Yule gift.” Alice said cheerfully.

She and James walked over to the 5 large easels they had had covered in cloth before the meeting started. One by one they removed the cloth to show large portraits. Four of the portraits each held one of the founders. The fifth, was a landscape view of a library that held four chairs.

“Allow us to introduce you all to Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. The reason it took us so long is that we currently don’t have access to the Slytherin vault so we had to commission a new frame and link it in a way that Salazar could move in. We figured they could each have a portrait hung in their common room, and the larger one of the library they like to visit could be out in the main hall.” James told them all.

Everyone was extremely excited to see the portraits. Up until that point it had been believed that no copies of the founders portraits remained.


James, Alice and Kensington were on their way out of the school after the meeting ended when James heard someone call his name. Turning around he saw none other than Percy Weasley, being closely followed by his younger twin brothers.

“Hello young misters Weasley. What can we do for you this fine day?” James asked.

“Sorry to interrupt Lord Peverell. Mam, sir.” He said bowing slightly to Alice and Kensington. “I’m Percy Weasley, and these are my brothers, Fred and George. I was just wondering if the board had received my notes about the issues I have been having with the library.”

“Yes, yes. Allow me to introduce you to Lady Alice Longbottom, and Lord Kensington Shacklebolt.” James told them. “And yes, we have received your notes. We actually addressed the issue this meeting. You will be happy to hear that you will be getting two more librarians that you can go to. And they will be conducting a complete resort of the library over the Yule brake to ensure that the books are in the right places.”

“Thank you sir. I’m glad my older brother suggested to me that I contact the board if I had any issues. He works for Gringotts as an apprentice curse breaker right now, though his apprenticeship ends in January, maybe you’ve met him? His name is William Weasley, though everyone calls him Bill.” Percy said, his voice remaining formal.

“Yes indeed I’ve met your brother. We’ve even shared a dig camp from time to time, though I can’t tell you where. He has the potential to be one of the best curse breakers I know. There is no doubt in my mind he will do well for himself once his apprenticeship ends. Now, you three should be getting off to class, wouldn’t want anyone to think you were trying to skip.” James said, grinning at the boys as they quickly said goodbye and ran off to get to their next classes on time.

“How interesting.” Kensington said, giving James a look.

“What’s interesting Kensington?” James asked innocently.

“Oh, nothing much. I just find it interesting that the student that sent in the most complaints about the library did so on the suggestion of a brother that you just so happen to have worked with.” Kensington said.

“I may have suggested in passing that young Bill should write to his brother to inform him that if he had any issues he should write a letter to the board. Making sure to address it specifically to me so that I could ensure that it was handled promptly and properly.” James said, his voice as innocent as his face.

Kensington just gave a deep chuckle and James gave him a devilish grin while Alice laughed before they all went their separate ways.


Malfoy Manor - December 18, 2000

Narcissa had just arrived home. She had taken Draco over to the Davis’s so that he could have a playdate with Theo. The sweet boy was now a happy healthy little boy, still a bit shy but it was expected.

After leaving, she had then gone to do a little last minute Yule shopping. Arriving home she asked her personal elf, Cashmere, where Lucius and her three youngest children were. She had been slightly confused when Cashmere had given her a happy smile and giggled slightly when she told her they were in the sun room. The confusion about the elf’s smile only lasted until she arrived at the sun room and looked in.

Lucius was laying on the floor in the centre of the room, fast asleep. Curled up on each side was one of the twins. It appeared that Lyra was the only intelligent one. It looked like she had taken every cushion from the chairs and couches in the room to create a nest just above Lucius’s head and was curled up like a cat.

Stepping in the room she could see the mess they all were. All four of them had paint covering their fingers, and little paint handprints all over their skin and clothes. Lucius even had a tiny little handprint on each cheek that she knew came from the twins.

Then there was Lucius’s hair. It was sticking up at odd angles and looked like it had been braided. She knew from the dozen little purple butterfly clips that it had been Lyra’s work, that girl did love her purple butterfly clips. There was also paint streaking through the attempt at braids.

Narcissa could only smile as she felt her heart turn to mush like it always did when she saw Lucius like this. No one who knew Lucius outside the family would ever think that the cool, prim, and proper lord would ever sleep on the floor after spending time finger painting with his children and allowing them to style his precious hair and paint his face and arms.

Quietly she called Cashmere. When the elf popped in silently she requested her camera. There was no way she wasn’t getting pictures of this, both for the kids  memory books, but also to show to Sirius. Lucius had been teasing him for weeks when he found out he had allowed the twins and Kali to put ribbons in his hair when they were playing dress up. 

No one messed with a Black… Except another Black.

Chapter Text

 The Burrow - January 6, 2001

  Bill Weasley slowly walked up the cobble stone path on his way up to his childhood home. He had been working weekends so that he would be able to finish out his contract a little early. He had wanted to be able to come home and visit with his brothers before they had to go back to school at the end of the weekend. Knocking on the door, he heard his father call out that the door was open and to come on in.

“Bill! You’re home?” The twins and Percy all shouted happily when he walked through the door. Getting up, they all ran over to hug him.

“Bill. What brings you home early. I thought your apprenticeship didn’t finish up till next weekend?” Arthur asked, hugging his son once the younger boys were out of the way.

“He must have finally come to his senses and realized that that was no type of life for him.” Molly was excited that Bill had left the bank early, it would break his contract.

“No, mother.” It took everything Bill had to call the harpy mother, he hated this woman for what she had done to his fathers. “I worked a few weekends so that I could finish up my contract a little early so I could be here before the boys went back to school.”

“So, how have you liked the past 2 years with the bank? Do you like the job?” Arthur asked as the twins and Percy made room so that Bill could sit down for lunch.

“I love it. It’s been completely amazing.” Bill said, his eyes shining with joy as he thought of everything that he had done in the past two years. “I can’t even begin to describe what it’s been like.”

Before Bill could continue, Ron and Ginny shuffled into the kitchen, sat down, and started eating. Bill raised an eyebrow at the fact it was lunch time and they had just gotten up. They didn’t even notice that their elder brother was home.

“Just getting up?” Bill asked. Ron and Ginny looked up and were surprised to see him there.

“What are you doing here?” Ron questioned.

“Did you bring me presents?” Ginny wanted to know.

“They're still young Bill, they need there sleep. You remember what it’s like.” Molly was fussing around the youngest children.

“I remember that I was expected to be up at a decent time starting by the age of 7. Ron will be starting at Hogwarts in the fall. He is going to have to get up for morning classes, or he will fail.” Bill said. He knew from everything he had heard from Charlie and the letters from the twins and Percy that it was a losing battle, but he had to try. Molly just waved him away.

“So.” Arthur said. He frowned at Molly for continuing to baby the kids. “What will you be doing now. Or can you not tell us?”

“It’s fine. I am currently between contracts so I can talk, just not in specifics. I’ve actually been offered the chance to lead my own team at a new dig site in Egypt.”

“Lead your own team, already? Shouldn’t it take longer.” Arthur asked.

“Normally, it would. But Remus and the rest of our team gave me some great reviews, so I’m being given a chance sooner than normal.” Bill said with a smile.

“How is Remus doing? I heard about some knew potion that could help him?” Arthur was glad that Bill was so happy. He had known that Remus would do well with Bill.

Bill grabbed another sandwich. “Remus is great. That potion that Professor Snape created has worked wonders.” Bill knew that he had to refer to Severus impersonally, they didn’t want anyone to know that he Remus, Sirius, and Sebastian were on the same team. “He told me that he has never felt better. There isn’t any pain in his shifting, and he can even change at will. I’ve been around when he’s shifted. Charlie made him do it while he was visiting so that he could get a good look at him. Remus thought Charlie’s obsession with creatures was funny so he allowed himself to be examined for over an hour.

I have also gotten permission to tell you his good news. Remus is a father. He has identical twin girls.”

“Oh that’s wonderful. I always figured he would be a great father.” Arthur was overjoyed.

“That’s terrible. It’s illegal for werewolves to reproduce. I can’t believe that you think it’s ok to put children in such a dangerous situation.” Molly shrieked.

Bill rolled his eyes. “It’s only illegal here in Britain. Besides, with the new potion he isn’t a danger at all. He usually curls up on the floor during the full moon and the girls love to climb all over him. And just so that you don’t make the same mistake many make, lycanthropy is transferred through the saliva, so the girls are human.”

“Really Molly.” Arthur hated how people like his wife talked about Remus. “Remus fought on our side during the last war. He was our friend, he even helped babysit the kids. I think he was one of the few that was ever able to even come close to keeping up with the twins. Our his twins anything like ours?”

“Let me put it this way. There were times I missed how calm our twins are.” Bill smiled at the shocked look on their fathers face.

“That can’t be possible. No one can be as… Exciting, as our twins.” Percy put in, directing a smirk at the twins. Until they sent him devious smirks and he got a panicked look.

“Under normal circumstances they might have just been on par with our boys, but they weren’t alone.” Bill said, he had gotten permission to discuss the kids in generalities, but not specifics. “One of the other curse breakers on our team also had a daughter that had been born on the same day as the twins, so they were raised more like triplets. They also had a cousin that was born two weeks before them. Two I can handle, three I can tolerate, but four. There is just no keeping up with four of them.

Especially since their older brothers taught them how to do the puppy dog eyes when they were only a year old. They were just so adorable, no one could stay mad at them.”

Arthur laughed.

“There was actually something I wanted to talk to you three about.” Bill said, looking to Percy and the twins. 

“Sure, what do you need?” Percy asked, speaking for the others.

“The son of one of my team members is going to be starting at Hogwarts in the fall. I told my team all about you and they were hoping that you would help him out. Percy, they were hoping that you would help to keep him in line, and twins, they were hoping you would make sure he gets into a little trouble.”

“Sure, we’ll keep an eye on him.” Percy said, Fred and George were grinning at each other. “But how are we supposed to know who he is? I mean, like you said, you can only speak in generalities, you can’t give us his name.”

“You always were the clever one Perce. No, I can’t give you his name, but I can give you a way to find him. He has a kitsune, though she is still just a baby so she only has one tail, although she is a true familiar so she has wings.” Like Charlie had said Nemesis’s, and the other familiars, wings had started to grow a few weeks after the bonding. “She looks like a fluffy white fox with white and gold wings. So just find the boy with the kitsune, and you’ll find him.” Bill told them.

“He won’t be able to have the fox at the school.” Molly said in a stiff voice. “The only pets Hogwarts allows are an owl, cat, or toad. Kitsune are dangerous and won’t be allowed in the school.”

“Kitsune are only dangerous if they are threatened, just like any animal.” Bill told her. “And she will be allowed. His parents have all ready checked the school guidelines. She is his familiar, so the school has no choice but to allow her. It is actually illegal to forcefully separate them. And they never go more than a few feet apart.”

“I want a kitsune familiar.” Ginny demanded. 

“You can’t have one like her.” Bill told his little sister.

“But I want one. If that boy can have one, so can I. Find out where he got her, and get me one.” Ginny glared at her brother. The fox sounded beautiful, she wanted a white fox with wings.

“Just find out where the boy got the fox Bill. If he can have one, so can our Ginny.” Molly gave Bill a demanding look, just like the one on her daughters face.

“I told you, she can’t have one. The kitsune is a true familiar. Only a few of them are born every few hundred years. You can’t just demand one. The only way to have a true familiar like that is if their magic resonates with yours. He found her in Egypt last summer, it was only a fluke that he was even there. He had come on a weekend trip with Charlie and I. Even if by some miracle we managed to find another true familiar, there is no way we could force it to bond with Ginny, not that I would. Bonds like that should never be forced.” Bill told his mother and Ginny.

Molly harrumphed. Ginny just glared. She wanted one, who was Bill to say that she couldn't have one. Maybe she could find a way to bind the kitsune to her once she started school. She would be a much better master than that boy, whoever he was.


That night, Bill was wandering around the house. He had overheard Sirius and Frank talking about Pettigrew, and how he was a rat animigus. He didn’t know, but Sirius had set it up so that he would over hear the discussion.

Bill had heard from Percy in one of his letters that the twins had gotten in trouble for testing potions they had been brewing on Ron’s rat. Ron had apparently found the rat in the garden during the summer and had taken it in. As much as his little brother annoyed him, he still loved the brat, and didn’t want to take the chance that the rat he had found was a death eater.

Casting silencing spells on his feet and a notice-me-not charm on himself, Bill made his way up to Ron’s room. Silently slipping into Ron’s room, Bill went over to the cage by the window. Looking in he could see the little door was open and the rat wasn’t inside. Looking around he spotted the rat, sleeping on the pillow next to his little brother. He quickly cast a stunning spell on the rat, grabbed it, and left the room.

Once back in his own room he examined the rat a little closer. He could see the missing toe on its left front paw. There was no doubt in his mind that this was Pettigrew. If he could get this rat to Frank, he would be able to help free Sirius so that he could come back to Britain when Hadrian started school. Just to be sure he cast a quick identifying charm on the rat, the results came back as Peter Pettigrew. He placed the man in a magic proof cage he had brought with him to make sure he didn’t change back and run again. He was going to have to go see Frank and Alice the next day.


Meadow House - January 7, 2001

Bill walked up the garden path to the Meadow House. He knew that Frank and Alice weren’t planning on going to visit the camp this weekend so they would most likely be home, playing with their boys.

After informing one of the house elves that he was there to see Frank, he was brought through the house to the back balcony, that was obviously covered in heating charms. Frank and Alice were sitting with Alex at the small table as they watched Neville trying to teach Demeter how to fly. Her wings were still under developed, they wouldn’t be fully grown for another 6 months, but Charlie had said that they would need to strengthen them. Neville waved to him, and he waved back.

“Bill, what can we do for you this fine day.” Alice asked. Little Alex crawling towards him to say hi.

“Actually, it’s about what I can do for you.” He gently directed Alex back to his mother, he didn’t want the sweet little boy anywhere near what he had. “I over heard you and Sirius talking about a rat when you were over for Yule.”

“Yes, we have been having a hard time with that, it’s almost been five years since the search began and we haven’t gotten anywhere.” Frank was frustrated, and he knew Kingsley was as well.

“Traitorous little…” Alice growled.

“That’s the thing.” Bill said with a smile. He was glad that he wasn’t going to have to try to find some way to hide this from Alice, since she obviously knew what was going on. “I got a letter from Percy last year. He mentioned about how my youngest brother, Ron, had found a rat in the garden and taken it in as a pet. I got a little paranoid when I heard you talking so I went and checked the rat out after I got home yesterday. 

It’s missing a toe on its front paw. I also cast an identifying charm, it’s definitely him.” 

Reaching into his robe pocket, he pulled out the small cage with the rat in it. The stunner had worn off a few hours ago, and now the rat was awake. Putting the cage on the table he showed Frank and Alice. As soon as the rat caught sight of who was around he started to panic, though no one heard his scared cries due to the silencing ward Bill had placed on the cage.

“Well, would you look at that.” Alice practically purred. “I think he remembers us.”

“Indeed my dear.” Frank smiled at the vindictive look in his wife’s eyes.

“I was hoping that you would be able to just tell everyone you had gotten an anonymous tip.” Bill saw the confused look on Frank’s face. “Ron is a kid. And with the way Molly babies him he is very immature. I don’t want to scare him by letting him find out that a death eater had been sleeping on the spare pillow next to him in bed for over a year.”

Frank understood. “I will have to tell Amelia, and Kings, but I don’t think it will be a problem. Amelia has a niece the same age as him, so I think she will understand. And Kings understands how to keep his mouth shut.”

They had a nice tea break, Bill enjoying talking with everyone. He really had become fond of everyone he had gotten to know over the past few years. He had spent hours with Neville and the other boys working with them on wand movements and spells, and different subjects. He really considered them all to be like family, and knew that he was going to keep in touch with them even after he left for Egypt.


Ministry of Magic, DMLE - January 8, 2001

Frank strolled into the office with a bounce in his step. He finally had what they needed to free Sirius sitting in a cage in the box in his hands. He quickly signalled to Kings and Amelia as he went through to one of the secured private areas. Once they were there, and the room had been warded to ensure that no one could spy, Frank pulled out the cage.

Amelia and Kings were both overjoyed to see the rat. He quickly explained about what happened, with Bill over hearing the conversation and putting it together with his brothers new pet. Amelia had absolutely no problem not mentioning the Weasley’s, she didn’t want to scare the child.

They talked about it and decided that they were going to gather as much information as they could as evidence to prove that it was Pettigrew that was guilty. It would push the trial back a bit, but it would be worth it. They still needed to make sure that they would have all the proof they needed.


Wizengamot - February 19, 2001

James was standing with Alice, Gerald Greengrass, and Kensington Shacklebolt waiting for the trials to start. While the regular Wizengamot session were held at the start of each month, trials were held in the middle. Due to the use of truth serum the trials usually only lasted about 5-10 minutes.

Gerald and Kensington could see just how excited the others were. They saw Lucius and Narcissa catch their eyes and grin. Gerald looked to Kensington and they smiled. They might not know what was coming, but they couldn’t wait.

Stepping up to the podium, Gerald called the meeting to order. They managed to get through all of the trials on the schedule well before lunch, it had only been a few petty thieves. Gerald was wondering what had gotten the others so excited when Amelia rose to speak.

“Chief Warlock Greengrass, there is one more trial that I would like to add to the docket.” She said, her face stoic, but a light shining in her eyes.

“Of course Madam Bones.” Gerald responded as he stepped aside so that she could do the run through of the case since he didn’t have the file.

Taking her place at the podium Amelia pulled out her paperwork. “I call to order the trial of Peter Anthony Pettigrew, for the betrayal of the Potter family to the Dark Lord V…Voldemort, and the mass murder of 12 muggles.”

The hall broke out in chaos before she was even half way through her introduction. “You’re mad Bones.” “How can you try a dead man.” “It was Sirius Black.” Was heard, shouted by the Lords and Ladies.

With a signal to Kingsley, who was standing at the door that led to the most secure of the cells, Frank escorted Peter Pettigrew into the chamber. Suddenly there was almost complete silence as the members of the Wizengamot saw a man that they had believed had died a hero. Kingsley and Frank placed the man in the accused’s chair, chains jumping up to wrap themselves around him.

Albus was sitting tensely in his seat. This was bad, this was very bad. If he couldn’t manage to get Pettigrew off somehow Sirius Black would be released from Azkaban. If he was released, he could demand custody of the boy, he didn’t know if he would be willing to allow Albus to remain in control since he had allowed him to stay in Azkaban for so long.

While Albus was trying to think of ways to get Sirius to trust him again Amelia had been laying out the evidence she had gathered. When she pulled out a box that held the wand of Voldemort that Pettigrew had taken from the house in Godric’s Hollow, he snapped to attention. When Amelia set out the idea of destroying it to make sure that it could never be used again, Albus had tried to think of a way to stop it. He had already arranged for Ollivander to create a brother wand for the Potter boy. He needed that wand. But before he could do anything Amelia put it to a vote. Many in the dark faction voted against it, but the vote passed before Albus could think of an excuse. He watched in horror as Amelia picked up the wand and snapped it in half, handing it over to one of the unspeakables in the room, they then all watched as the unspeakable used fiendfyre to destroy the remaining parts.

After that, Amelia allowed everyone a moment before she continued. “Given that Peter Pettigrew has proven himself untrustworthy through faking his death, I request the use of veritaserum.”

“Now Amelia,” Albus cut in. “Surely you aren't suggesting that we hold a trial without Mr. Pettigrew’s defence attorney present.”

Amelia didn’t show any response over her dropped title. “Mr. Pettigrew was offered a defence attorney multiple times since he was first arrested, he has refused every time. We even had him sign a contract stating that he was willingly giving up his right to an attorney without any coercion.” She had copies of the contract appear in front of all the members. “If you read that you will see that the only way the contract would be valid was if he did it willingly. If my aurors or I even attempted to coerce him, the contract would be invalid. As the contract is still valid he has not been coerced or threatened.”

Everyone was slightly surprised. This man had to be an idiot. Who gives up their right to an attorney willingly when they are being charged with treason and murder. Albus was shocked as he looked over the contract, he knew the man was dumb, but he had at least thought he had decent survival instincts, he had made it this long after all.

It was put to a vote and the use of veritaserum was approved. Amelia would be the one to question him.

“What is your name?” Amelia asked once the veritaserum had been administered.

“Peter Anthony Pettigrew.” Peter’s voice was dull and lifeless.

“What is your date of birth?”

“September 1, 1969.”

“The veritaserum is in full effect.” Amelia said as she looked around the court room. “Are you a follower of the Dark Lord Voldemort?”


“Did you join him willingly?”


“Who was the secret keeper for the Potter family?”

“I was.”

“Did you tell Lord Voldemort the location of the Potter family?”


“Did you do so willingly?”



“I knew that he would reward me once Hadrian Potter was dead.”

“Were you at the house in Godric’s Hollow the night of October 31, 1991?”


“What did you do?”

“I followed the Dark Lord after he left his manor. I wanted to watch, but I was too late. I walked past the bodies of James and Lily. In the nursery, Hadrian was in his crib crying for his father, there was blood running down his head. The Dark Lord was gone. There was only a pile of ashes on the floor with his wand sitting in it. I knew that the boy had done it. I was going to kill him, but then I heard Sirius’s bike in the distance. I knew that he would catch me if I stayed any longer. I grabbed the Dark Lord’s wand and ran.”

Everyone was stunned. James had wanted to kill the rat as soon as he said that he had been planning to kill his son.

“What happened next?”

“I ran away and hid. I hid the wand of the Dark Lord and tried to get out of the country. But Sirius was tracking me. He caught me in an alley in London a few days later. He was going to bring me in. I couldn’t allow that. I threw a few hexes at the muggles that had gathered around us. Once he was distracted, trying to protect the muggles, I shouted to everyone that it had been Sirius that had betrayed James. Then I cast an over powered cheering charm at him, cast a blasting curse at a muggle fuel line, cut off my finger, transformed, and escaped.”

“What do you mean by transformed?”

“I have the animigus form of a common brown rat.”

“What have you been doing since then?”

“I have been in hiding. I knew that the other Death Eaters thought that I had set up the Dark Lord, so I knew I couldn’t go to them. I have been living as a rat ever since, moving from place to place.”

Amelia gave a quick signal and the unspeakables cast a silencing ward around Pettigrew. She looked at the stunned Wizengamot members. “Does anyone have any other questions before were vote.”

No one had any other questions so the vote was called. Every single member voted for conviction, even those in the dark faction. Once they had decided on a sentence Amelia had the ward around Pettigrew removed and had him given the antidote to the potion.

“Peter Anthony Pettigrew, you have been found guilty of treason and mass murder. You are sentenced to 20 years in the maximum security section in Azkaban, before you receive the dementors kiss.”

Peter kept screaming about how he was innocent, how they all would have done what he had done. Once he was removed Amelia returned to her place, and Gerald retook the podium. “Does anyone else have any other business that we must attend to before we call this meeting to a close?”

Albus stood up. If he was the one to arrange Sirius’s release it might help him to regain the mans trust. “We should release Sirius Black from Azkaban. As we have all just learned, he is innocent. I will personally go and retrieve him once this meeting ends.”

Amelia stood up. “There is no need for that Lord Dumbledore. This trial was the result of almost five years of work. It started when it was brought to my attention that Lord Sirius Black had been illegally detained and thrown into Azkaban without ever receiving a trial. With the approval of Minister Fudge, Auror Shacklebolt and I went to Azkaban and retrieved him. After a reexamination of the evidence and questioning him under veritaserum he was able to prove his innocence. As he had never been formally charged or tried, there was no need to bring it up in front of this body. After he was released he understandably needed time to recover from his ordeal. We felt that we would be able to catch Pettigrew easier if he didn’t know that anyone knew what he had done. He agreed with us and left the country to recover. He has remained out of the country ever since. He has been free since March 1996. The ministry has also offered him their full apologies and paid reparations.”

Albus sat back down hard. Sirius was already free, and since he didn’t know, Sirius hadn’t trusted him enough to get in touch. The only positive part of this was that since he had left without his godson if it ever came down to it, he could use it to keep him from getting custody. He had after all, in effect, abandon the boy. He could use that to keep custody of the boy for himself.

Both Gerald and Kensington were smiling at the particularly smug smile on Sebastians face. He must have known and helped set this all up somehow, they didn’t know how, but it really didn’t matter.



Albus was furious as he arrived back in his office. He hated how much power he had lost. Ever since Sebastian Peverell had arrived he had lost so much. He was no longer Chief Warlock, he was no longer able to pass any law he wanted, and many of the laws he had passed in the past were now being repealed. Vampires now had basic rights, and the werewolf rights vote was coming up next month.

Minerva, Andromeda and Ted arrived. After Nymphadora had graduated Ted had had to leave the board so Albus had used what little input he had on his staffing to hire Ted as one of the wizarding law professors.

“Albus, what has happened now?” Minerva asked.

Albus looked to Andromeda. “I am going to need your help. That fool Pettigrew allowed himself to be caught. He has been convicted for his betrayal of the Potter’s and the murder of those muggles. Sirius is free.”

“When will he be released? I can get close to him again and start him on his potions again.” Andromeda had absolutely no problem dealing with her little cousin again, she had been the one that had first started drugging him after all.

Andromeda had never liked her family much. Her younger twin sister was completely insane so they had never really bonded. Andromeda had felt that, since she was the eldest of the next generation, she should be next in line for the family title, but no, they had to name her little cousin Sirius heir. Just because he was a boy she was passed over, it should have been her, she was the oldest and smartest.

When she had arrived at Hogwarts she went in to Slytherin just so that she wouldn’t have to deal with her crazy family. The headmaster had noticed her disdain for all the dark witches and wizards she was surrounded by and had started to help her. She had been the one to see how Sirius was a rebellious kid and told the headmaster. Albus had thought swaying the heir of one of the darkest known families to the light would be useful so he had arranged for her to get personality altering potions to use on her cousin. The potions would further separate him from the rest of the family, causing him to turn to her, she would then tell him how he should try and break away from the family.

The headmaster had used the potions on him, and spells on the hat, to make Sirius go to Gryffindor. Even after he had been sorted there, their grandfather had still supported him and kept him as the heir. She had been so angry, if it had been her they would have thrown her out of the family.

Then there had been that marriage contract her parents had arranged. Sure, Lucius Malfoy had been hot, but there was no way she was going to marry someone that was such a prissy man, and so dark. After the headmaster had introduced her to Ted she knew he was who she was going to marry. He had been exactly what she had wanted. Originally she had planned on using her dowery to buy them a nice home and ensure that they had a good life, but no, her awful family had denied her once again. She had been formally disowned, she would never get her hands on any of the family money, unless she could force Sirius to give it to her. It hadn’t bothered her at all that her younger sister Narcissa had been forced to take her place and marry that ponce.

Now that her grandfather was dead, she could make Sirius hand control over to her. He had always trusted her in the past after all. Once she had control of the family she could force every member to support the light and destroy everything dark they had once stood for.

“That’s the problem. He was released almost five years ago. He’s been out of the country ever since.” Albus told her.

“What? How dare he not tell me he had been released? I am his cousin, he should have come straight to me for help.” Andromeda was furious, how dare he not tell her.

“It’s worse, he has claimed the lordship. If he’s wearing the Lord ring we won’t be able to use potions anymore. The Black family was always paranoid so that ring is coated in protections.” Albus said with a sigh. That was why he had had Andromeda target the boy before he had been able to get the heir ring at 11. “The fact that he didn’t come to any of us shows that he doesn’t trust us. You’re going to have to write to him and try and get him to trust you again.”

“It won’t be an issue, he was always a fool, I have no doubt that that hasn’t changed.” Andromeda started reworking her plans on getting control. She knew Ted was already thinking of all the legal rules they could use.

“Albus?” Ted said, his voice thoughtful. “He can’t have taken the lordship, he was sent to Azkaban. The law states that if you have been sent to Azkaban you can’t claim any titles.” Andromeda gave her husband a grin, this was one of the reasons she loved him.

“If only my boy.” Albus sighed. “There wasn’t near enough evidence to convict him, all he would have had to do is demand the use of veritaserum and he would have been able to prove his innocence. So I arranged for Crouch to send him directly to Azkaban and used one of our people on the paper to write about a fake trial.

He was never formally convicted so he was never stripped of his rights to inherit. If we try to use that now, it will turn the public against us. I saw many speaking to the press when I was leaving so it will be all over the Prophet by morning. An auror, framed for a crime he didn’t commit by a former friend, sent to prison without trial, its the perfect story. The public will adore him by tomorrow. We can’t be seen doing anything against him.”

“What about Harry?” Minerva asked

“Shouldn't be an issue.” Albus said, a relieved look on his face. “All my monitors are still working, so he is still with the Dursley’s. Sirius has been out of the country for years, if he attempts to gain custody now that can be used against him. Thankfully he hasn’t been around to cause problems. I think this is what Severus has been trying to tell me about.

Since Remus works for the bank he must have come across Sirius. The past plan that he must have wanted me to look into was Sirius’s arrest.” 

Yes, Albus thought. This had to be what Severus was going on about. Because of the potions and compulsions he had layered on the man he would undoubtedly hate seeing Sirius free.

As they continued to talk none of them noticed the devious smile on the face of former headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black. He would wait until they finished before he would go to his other portrait in Grimmauld Place to tell his great-great-grandson Regulus.


Santorini, Greece

James arrived back at their camp and ran over to Sirius and hugged him. Sirius was extremely confused until James announced that Pettigrew was on his way to Azkaban, and he was officially free.

Sirius had hated having to let Pettigrew run around free for so long, but it had had to be done. They couldn’t have had Dumbledore knowing he was free. Plus, doing it now, so soon to when Hadrian was to start at Hogwarts, would put pressure on the old man. In the end, it hadn’t really mattered when the rat was caught, he was still going to pay.

That night there was a massive party. All the curse breakers they worked with had learned of what had happened to Sirius and they all wanted to celebrate his freedom with him. Regulus, Amelia, Kingsley, Cecilia Perra, Edward Brown, Bill and Charlie Weasley, the Malfoy family, and the Longbottom family all portkeyed in and joined the party. Even Ragnock and his wife, Cora, came over to congratulate him. 

No one, not even the kids, went to sleep until after the sun had already started to rise.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - June 6, 2001

James had a pounding headache as he walked out of the school board meeting. They had just spent over 4 hours making strict guidelines on how tests and essays were to be marked.

Some of the students had felt that they weren’t being marked equally, and they were right. After spending the last few months checking over random essays from different classes they had found that some students were being marked harder than others. James hadn’t bothered to bring it up, he didn’t feel that he had to anymore after all, but the students that were often being marked easier were the Gryffindors. If they hadn’t started stepping in and making certain teachers start to grade fairly the top student of the year would have been a Gryffindor. 

Once the teachers were forced to mark the students equally, the Gryffindor dropped back down to fifth place, while the other students that had been marked harder rose back up to their original positions in the class rankings.

They had issued more than a few warnings that that sort of thing wouldn’t be tolerated but it had been decided that they would have to make up a marking scheme to ensure fairness. It had been a painfully long and loud process of deciding how the marking should be broken down, but they had managed it. To ensure that the scheme was followed they had even instituted a financial penalty to the teachers caught unfairly grading students. 

Both Alice and James were happy with everything they had managed to accomplish in the past few years. The school was now a place that they felt better allowing their sons to attend, though they would still be keeping a close eye on things.

They had also managed to improve the country as a whole. During the review of werewolf rights they had managed to normalize their status, as they had done with vampires and a few other dark creatures. They were now able to have jobs, open bank accounts, get married, have children, get medical treatment, and they were also now protected from discrimination by law.

They certainly had changed the world for the better in the past few years.


Hogwarts, Staff Room - July 3, 2001

Severus calmly walked through the hallways towards the staff room. He knew from Regulus, who had been told by Phineas Black, that there was going to be a final staff meeting today.

Severus knew that he was going to have to see Albus, he had already received half a dozen letters, and his contract had only been up two days before. Like he had learned to do when he was still working here, he planned on meeting the old man around other staff members so that he couldn’t be made out to be the bad guy.

Pausing at the door, he heard as Albus called the meeting to a close. He was just on time. Knocking, he walked into the room. Looking around he could see most of his former colleagues were still there, but there were now many more.

“You wished to speak with me Albus.”

“Ah, Severus my boy, welcome back.” Albus’s eyes glittered as he finally had his old potions master back. Although, he didn’t like his new look.

The Severus that had left the school 5 years ago had been sallow skinned and sickly with long greasy hair. Now he stood tall and proud with a strong muscular body. He had golden tanned skin and his hair fell in soft clean waves.

“Severus, welcome back. Did you enjoy your time away?” Fillius squealed. Like the headmaster he had seen the changes in the man, but he was happy to see them.

“Yes, welcome back Severus. We have missed you.” Pomona Sprout said. She really had missed the man. Severus had always been polite and understanding when he had come to collect any potions ingredients she had in her greenhouses, he was always careful to never damage her plants. She had never realized how nice that was until he was gone. The two potions masters that had replaced him were not so gentle. Toby Zear might be a decent potions master, but he had absolutely no skill when it came to plants. And Horace, like he had always done before, always wanted her to do all the work. She already knew that it was Zear that would be leaving, but she wasn’t going to miss the man, she just wished their was a way to replace Horace too.

“Well my boy, if you want to follow me I have your contract all ready for you to sign.” Albus said chipperly.

“I won’t be signing a contract like my last one Albus. I can no longer devote all my time to the school. I have other priorities.”

“What could be more important than the school Severus?”Minerva asked.

“My family.” Sev said with a small smile.

“Family?” Many voices gasped at once. Some were happy for him, like Fillius and Pomona, most were surprised, like Aurora Sinistra and Septima Vector, and some were clearly unhappy, like Albus and Minerva.

“Yes. I have a husband and young daughter. I can’t just disappear from their lives for months at a time.” Severus said.

“Oh, congratulations Severus.” Both Fillius and Pomona squealed at the same time. They were both overjoyed that he had found happiness. Severus nodded his thanks to them.

“But you would have had to leave them while you were working for the bank.” Minerva said in confusion.

“No, we had a family sized tent at base camp, so we all traveled together.” Severus told her. “Now, if I am to come back and teach here, it won’t be like it was before. I know that there are now houses that those with family members can use, so I will need one of those. I would also prefer not to be the Head of Slytherin again, as much as I enjoyed it, it takes up too much time. But I would be happy to be co-heads or an assistant head to Aurora. I also won’t have the time to do all the schools brewing or all the ingredient gathering.”

“Why don’t we go up to my office to discuss it?” Albus said. His smile was brittle and there was no sparkle in his eyes.

“Certainly, Albus. But I won’t be able to stay long, I am meeting my family for lunch in about half an hour.” Severus said as he headed towards the door.

“Wait, Severus.” Pomona called out to him. “Are you still a Snape, or did you take your husbands name. We will need to know how to address you.”

“It’s Prince-Peverell.” Sev’s smile was particularly sharp as he heard many gasps, and Minerva actually dropped her tea cup on the floor where it shattered.


Up in Albus’s office Severus looked around. He caught eyes with Phineas Black and they both gave each other s secret grin. Then he noticed Fawkes empty perch, he almost laughed. The phoenix was still hanging out with the curse breakers in Greece, and didn’t seem like he was going to be leaving any time soon.

“Where’s Fawkes?” Severus couldn’t help but rub it in.

“He is off in search of a mate. I thought it was time for him to do a little traveling so I sent him of for a year or two.” Albus almost growled, of course Severus would notice the lack of phoenix first. “Let’s have a seat. Lemon drop?”

Severus sneered at the candies. “No thank you, Albus.”

Minerva came in then and sat down next to him. “Severus, what do you mean your last name is Prince-Peverell?”

“I mean, that my last name is Prince-Peverell.” Severus smirked slightly.

“My boy are you saying that you married Sebastian Peverell.” Severus nodded at Albus’s question. “I know I told you to get close to him, but I didn’t mean that close.”

“I didn’t get married for you Albus, I did it for me. You played no role in my decision to get married, I can assure you.” Severus had forgotten just how much he hated when the man treated him like he was nothing more than a chess piece.

“Well then, since you have access to such… Personal information, is there anything you can tell us?” Albus asked.

“No. Not only do I have no intention of betraying my husband’s confidence, I am also still bound by the secrecy contract. The only way I can speak of anything that happened over the last 5 years is with the permission of those involved.” Severus got up and started to pace the office. “Albus, I came here to discuss working here again, not my personal life. If you wish to retain my services as a potions professor please contact the bank. Chief goblin Ragnock, as my financial manager, will be negotiating my new contract for me. If you do not wish for me to work here than I will find a different job.” 

With that, Severus nodded goodbye to the two fuming people in the office and strode out. Back straight, and robes billowing.

“I warned you.” Minerva snarled at Albus. “I warned you he needed to be handled carefully. Now he is married to one of our biggest opponents and confident in his position. How are we supposed to get him back in line?”

Albus just stared at the door his former potions master and spy had just walked through. Who did that man think he was, no one denied Albus what he wanted. He would just have to remind Severus who was in control, the question was how. Maybe he could contact Amelia with some information about Severus’s time as a death eater, but no, then Severus would be in Azkaban. He needed the man free, but subservient. 

“We will have to use his family. There really isn’t anything we can do to Severus or Sebastian, but their daughter… If I say that I have gotten information from one of my contacts that some of the former death eaters are planning on targeting her for revenge against his betrayal, he might come to us for protection once again.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Minerva asked.

“It will work out. The life debt that he swore will force him to return here in the end. Once he’s back here we will just have to restart his training. Plus now we have the added benefit of Sebastian and his daughter staying on school grounds. It will make for easier access. If Lily can’t get pregnant within the next year we will just have to dispose of James and get her hired here. That woman was always particularly good at making men fall in love with her.”

Yes, Albus thought, that was what they would do. If he could get Lily between the two men, she could split them up. He could arrange for Lily to marry Sebastian, have a child, get rid of the one he already had of course, then kill off Sebastian, and they would have access to even more money and power. It would all work out, after all, he was Albus Dumbledore, greatest wizard since Merlin, if not greater.


Junior Technologies

After leaving Hogwarts Severus went back to Peverell Manor. James was having a particularly hard time with the idea that in 2 months their son would be going to school. It was different for Severus, because he knew that he would be there too, but James wouldn’t be able to see Hadrian every day like he was used to.

Deciding to give the two of them some time alone, he convinced Remus and Sirius to take the girls and do a little shopping before heading over to the Malfoy’s so the girls could have a play date. As they wandered around Remus had suggested that they go and see Arthur. As James owned the company they were able to floo directly into the offices. They were then quickly directed to his office.

Remus went in first, leaving the girls out in the hall with Sev and Sirius. “Hello Arthur.”

Arthur spun away from the design board he had been staring at trying to figure out where he was going wrong with his latest creation. “Remus, what brings you by?”

“Just figured we’d stop by and say hello.”


Remus called out to the others and they all came in. Sirius had been wearing a glamour since he didn’t want to have to deal with being hounded by people, ever since Pettigrew’s trial the press had made him out to be some tragically damaged hero, but now that he was among friends he dropped it.

“Sirius. It is so good to see you my old friend. And these must be the delightful little ones Bill mentioned. And Severus, it’s wonderful to see you too.” Arthur was so pleased to see Sirius.

Severus smiled at the gentle man. “Arthur allow me to introduce you to my daughter Kali Prince-Peverell, and Ariadne and Cassiopeia Lupin-Black.”

Arthur was surprised at the introductions. He had expected the twins, but he hadn’t realized that Severus had gotten married and had a daughter. Looking at the girl he could instantly see the similarities to him though. “Hello little ladies. I have heard you know my sons Bill and Charlie.”

“You’re Bill and Charlies daddy?” One of the twins asked.

“We like them.” The other twin added.

“They're fun.” Kali finished.

Arthur smiled as he chuckled. They seemed to have their own version of twin speak that he was used to from his own twins.”Yes I am. I’m glad you liked them.”

The next half hour was spent talking about things. And Arthur got to learn just how much like his own set of trouble making twins these three little girls were. He was also glad that he only had the one daughter when he saw the power of the three puppy dog pouts working together when Severus had told them that they couldn’t go and play in one of the experimentation rooms. He knew that there was no way he would have been able to resist looks like that, but thankfully Ginny had never mastered that look.


Peverell Manor - July 21, 2001

Hadrian had just arrived for breakfast when an owl flew in the window carrying a letter and went directly to him. He knew what this was. It was his Hogwarts letter. 

He remembered most of what had happened during his first year, and the major events for the years after that, but he didn’t remember everything. Things like what they did in classes was fuzzy, but he was more than prepared for class after all the lessons he had gotten over the years.

One major benefit that they had was that the DCW had taken over doing the home visits the year before. That meant that no one at the school knew that he wasn’t on Private Drive yet.

All the adults held their breaths when he opened the letter after it had been scanned for spells. The girls instantly broken down in tears, they had been told that their big brother was going to be starting school and they were devastated that he was leaving them.

“Why are you all holding your breath, we all know I got in?” Hadrian asked.

James laughed and rolled his eyes at his son before he took the letter to read over it. He had Hadrian quickly fill out the course selection list before he wrote out his acceptance before sending it off.

Hadrian, Draco, and Neville had all agreed that they were going to take comparative religion, english, physical education, and french along with the core classes, which now included the muggle/wizard studies class and magical theory. It was a full schedule, but the french class would only take a few months, and they thought the rest of them were important.

As much as he didn’t want to leave his family, he was excited for school. It wouldn’t be like last time. He was going to be able to trust those around him. He also felt something pulling at him that was making him excited.


The Burrow

Molly took Rons Hogwarts letter and let out a watery sigh. Her little baby Ronnikins was going to have to leave her soon. She hated having to let him go, he was still so young.

Opening the letter she grabbed a quill and filled out the acceptance letter. Her precious baby wasn’t going to need any of those extra classes, he was going to be busy enough making friends with Harry Potter. Plus she didn’t want him near any of those dark wizards that would take those classes.

Hearing a cheer, she looked up to see Arthur and the twins congratulating Percy as he held a prefect badge. She knew when the time came, her precious Ronnie would have one of those too.


Granger House - July 22, 2001

Hermione Granger was doing her best not to roll her eyes at the woman sitting in the sitting room. She hated having to pretend that she was one of those stupid uninformed students. This woman had been sent by the ministry to inform her that she was a witch and explain things to her. It was so annoying. After all, she had been studying magic for over a year now.

But she knew the role she had to play. She had to play the role of stupid little muggleborn, but soon enough she would be able to show everyone how much better she was.

When her mother told the babbling woman that they would prefer to go to Diagon Alley on their own she almost sighed in relief. The last thing she wanted to do was spend an entire afternoon with this woman. Professor McGonagall had told her all about these people. They kidnapped kids from their parents if they didn’t like them, she wasn’t about to let these people get control over her.

It was a stupid idea. If a kid’s parents hit them, they had to have a reason. Maybe the kid was just bad, or stupid. Children needed to learn, and it wasn’t fair to take them away just because they don’t like being punished, no one liked to be punished. She couldn’t wait to start fixing the backwards magical world.

Looking over the course list, she selected the courses she had already decided to take. She wasn’t going to take the comparative religion class, she already knew which religion was the correct one. Instead she would take french, latin, and german, for languages, she already knew french, but it would just give her an extra bump in grades. She would also be taking english, but she wasn’t about to waste her time with more phys-ed.


Diagon Alley - July 30, 2001

Hadrian was happily walking down the alley. He was using his metamorphmagus abilities, making him look like a dirty blond with brown eyes, so no one was paying attention to him. His fathers, uncles, and sisters were all with him. Sirius, like him, also looked different, but it was because he was under glamours.

They had already gotten his books from River Run, and his clothes from Morning Dew. They had specifically chosen the Morning Dew shop for his robes because they added extras. Madam Mulkin’s just had the standard robes. But Hadrian wanted to make sure that there was a hood on his cloak. He had found when he had been wearing a hoody a few months earlier, that Nemesis loved climbing into the hood. She could sleep or just relax in there and stay close to him. The Morning Dew shop also added growth charms, and spells to regulate the temperature.

Nem was still tiny so it wasn’t an issue. Hadrian had also been startled when she had first started to speak. Remus had explained that as their bond got stronger they would be more and more connected. He was starting to hear her thoughts, as she was starting to hear his.

Today was all about the wands. Neville and Draco were planning on meeting him at Ollivander’s. Hadrian couldn’t wait to get his wand again.

Walking in, Garrick Ollivander greeted them all. Hadrian knew that he could trust this man, he had never betrayed him in his past life, so he allowed himself to return to his original features.

Neville was the first up. It only took three tries to find his wand. English oak, 10 1/2’’ with a mane hair of a young unicorn. Ollivander explained that english oak wands willingly align themselves with those of strength, courage, and fidelity.

Next up was Draco. It took a bit longer to find his wand, but they did. Yew, 12 1/4’’ with the heart string of a Peruvian vipertooth. They were told that although yew wands had a bad reputation they were found in the hands of heroes just as often as villains, and those that held them often times were fierce protectors.

Hadrian chose to go last because he knew that it would take a while to find his wand. Like in his first life he tried wand after wand, but none of them worked. Eventually Ollivander went and picked up his old holly and phoenix feather wand. Reaching out Hadrian picked up the wand, expecting the warm buzz that he remembered, but that wasn’t what he felt.

Instead of warmth, the wand felt like ice. Then everything started to shake and a large crack formed in the front window. Ollivander jumped forward and snatched the wand from his hand. At first Hadrian was confused, but then it started to make more sense. The last time he had chosen his wand he was layered in potions and compulsions and carrying the soul of a dark lord. It made sense that he would get the brother wand of the man whose soul was in his head. Besides, the brother to the holly wand had been destroyed months before, so he wasn’t going to need that particular wand again.

After almost an hour everyone was ready to give up when Ollivander admitted defeat and said that he was going to have to make a custom wand. He took Hadrian into the back room that was lined with closed boxes. Hadrian was to run his hand over the top of the boxes, and just let his magic feel. He was then to bring all the boxes that pulled at him to Ollivander and he would go from there. 

Hadrian walked around the room. Every now and then he would feel his magic pull and he would pick up the box. In the end he handed Ollivander seven boxes. He sorted four boxes in to two pairs and said that his magic had told him that they were supposed to go together. Ollivander went into a small room to work. He said that it would take about an hour so Hadrian should go for ice cream or something while he worked.

They were all on their way to Fortescue’s for some ice cream, after Hadrian reapplied his look, when Hadrian froze. He had just caught sight of Eeylops Owl Emporium. Hedwig. She was there, Sitting in a cage just outside the shop. Her amber eyes staring at him. Hadrian walked over to her, reaching in the cage he stroked her feathers. Telling her how beautiful and amazing she was the entire time. He remembered how much Hedwig had loved to be praised.

One of the shop assistants came running out, ready to warn the young boy away when he noticed the snowy owl was letting him pet her. He was surprised, that bird hated everyone. James quickly arranged to buy the owl. He remembered reading in Hadrian’s journals how much he had loved and missed his beloved snowy owl.

They all sat and ate ice cream while they waited. Hedwig preening under all the praise she was getting from everyone, while enjoying the different treats the girls were not so stealthily sneaking her. The adults all discussed Severus’s new contract.

Like Severus had known was going to happen, Ragnock managed to get him a great contract. He would be teaching first year, and fifth through seventh years. This would automatically cut out almost half of the marking he had had to do before, making it even easier would be that he would have a lab assistant to assist. He would also only have to do weekend rounds one weekend per month and one night of night rounds every other week. He also wouldn’t be doing all the brewing or ingredient collecting for the school, and any that he did do would be compensated. Then there was also that he was going to be co-heads of Slytherin with Aurora. Plus, He, James, and Kali would have one of the houses, they had already made plans so that Remus, Sirius, and the twins could come over for some nights, and that both the Malfoy’s and the Longbottom’s would have access so they could bring the kids over to visit.

Eventually the time was up and they went back to the wand shop.

Again, they all went in together, everyone wanted to see Hadrian’s wand. They were all surprised to see how pale and excited Ollivander was. Though, when he told them about the wand they were stunned. Lifting the lid of the top of the box he held it out to Hadrian.

“Thirteen inches exactly. Handle made of redwood, redwood wands are seen as lucky because those that carry them often find their way out of difficult situations, but it’s really because they only choose wizards that have the ability to land on their feet and make the right choices, this particular piece was stained with indigo, one of the oldest known dyes. The shaft is made of silver fir. Wands made of fir are known a survivors wands, they select people that are strong minded.

The first of the two cores in this wand is unicorn tail hair that has been bathed in basilisk venom, the perfect balance of light and dark. The unicorn hair is twined with a strand of thestral hair that has been bathed in phoenix tears, the perfect balance of life and death. It is finished off with a brilliant cut royal blue-green sapphire to store and concentrate power.

This wand is perfectly balanced in every way. In all my life I have never even heard of a wand like this, and I don’t think I ever will again. I warn you now Mr. Potter, never let another take this wand. In any hand other than yours this wand will rain destruction in our world.”

Everyone was stunned as they looked at the wand in the box. The shaft was a silvery white, Hadrian could make out a few runes that were in the grain of the wood. The handle was a rich dark blue, almost black, and wrapped around the shaft in a winged design. The sapphire sparkled at the very end of the handle.

Reaching down, Hadrian picked up the wand. His magic sang as soon as he touched it. The entire room started to shimmer with a golden light and everyone felt the heat and joy. Nemesis popped her head up out of Hadrian's hood, laying her head on his shoulder, looking down at the wand, she started to purr contentedly.

The wand ended up costing over 100 galleons, but it was worth it. Hadrian and the boys all also got wrist holsters that were equipped with a spring release, like the aurors holsters. With a flick of their hand, their wands would shoot out into their hands, once they dropped the wand it would shoot back into the holster. They had the holsters keyed to their wands so that they would automatically return there no matter what happened, it would stop their wands from getting stolen.

Going home that night Hadrian was happy. He had Hedwig back, and he had an amazing wand.


Hogwarts, Headmasters Office - July 31, 2001

“ALBUS! ALBUS!” Minerva shouted as she came into the office. She was in a complete state of panic.

“Minerva.” Albus was shocked by her behaviour. “What is so wrong that it has gotten you into this state? Did you get the stone? Did Harry see you get it?”

“Yes I got the stone, but Harry didn’t see anything, because he wasn’t there.”

“Why wasn’t he with you. I told you to make sure that he went with you down to the vault.”

“No, Albus. He wasn’t at Private Drive.”

“WHAT?” Albus was furious, that couldn’t be. He had given the Dursley’s very strict instructions on what to do with the boy to train him properly. He also had Figg watching the house.

“He wasn’t there Albus. The Dursley family sold the house last year. I spoke to the new people living in their house. They told me that apparently the families nephew had run away. The neighbours started looking closer at the family and realized that they had been abusing the boy. The entire neighbourhood was in an uproar about it. 

Their own son was taken by the government and placed with a cousin of his fathers. From what they told me, he is currently living on a military base in Germany, and doing quite well. Vernon lost his job last year so they had to sell the house and move in with his sister. I tracked them down, Petunia wouldn’t even speak to me other than to yell at me that we ruined her life by forcing them to take the boy in. 

The sister, Marge, told me that Vernon’s currently in the hospital after having a third heart attack, the muggle healers have absolutely know idea how he even survived.” Off in a different dimension the entity known as Death smiled, he wasn’t about to let the whale of a man that hurt his young master off that easy, he still had a punishment to live with. 

“Why didn’t Arabella tell us?” Dumbledore demanded.

“Because she was taken to a muggle sanitarium a week before the Dursley’s moved. I went to try and speak to her, but they have her on so many drugs I couldn’t get a sensible word out of her, she just kept going on about Tibbles and Mr. Fluffers. Albus, you don’t think Sirius has the boy, do you?”

“No, no. He wouldn’t have the boy. He’s been out of the country for years now. And the boy must have only gone missing after Arabella was taken away, if he had disappeared before that she would have noticed and informed us. No, the boy is most likely living on the streets somewhere. This could actually work in our favour. A street kid will be even more desperate for approval.”

“If you're sure Albus.” Minerva wasn’t so sure, nothing was going right anymore. Placing the stone on the desk, she left.

Albus sat back in his chair to think. He had originally sent Minerva to check on the boy and introduce herself to him, he would have preferred to send Hagrid, but the big oaf still hadn’t returned from that nature preserve. He knew that the DCW would have already been to see the boy, but he needed someone to ensure that he was properly doused with potions and layered with compulsions that would force him to Gryffindor.

Now the boy was missing. Getting up, he went to check the monitors he had linked to the boys magical signature so long ago, why hadn’t they let him know what was going on with the boy? Feeling the magic on them he froze.

Looking a little closer he knew exactly what had happened. He must have broken these during one of his rages. When he had repaired them, his magical signature had over written the boys. He had been monitoring himself for years. In a fit of rage he once again destroyed the little devices, but he didn’t bother to repair them this time.

Instead he went and picked up the stone. He was going to have to rework his plans, again. He couldn’t have the DCW getting involved with the boy after all, so he would need to find a new place to put him.

He didn’t notice as Phineas Black slip from his frame with a smile on his face. The old fool still hadn’t learned to never underestimate a Black.


Gringotts - August 1, 2001

Hadrian walked into the bank with his fathers, once again using his abilities to look like someone else. Nodding to the goblin guards they went back to Ragnocks office. Once in the office Hadrian released the magic that was holding his features in a different look.. It was time to get Hadrian his heir rings, and to take those conquest rights test.

After a few long conversations, they had decided that they were going to allow Dumbledore to know just where he had been living, he would figure it out anyway, so they would do it on their terms. But, naturally, they wanted to do it in a shocking way to get the best reaction out of Dumbledore and his followers. They were going to do this by having Hadrian hyphenate his last name. It only took a few quick signatures for Hadrian Potter to become Hadrian Potter-Black. Severus had already promised to show all the others the memory of when Hadrian’s name was read out during the sorting.

“Welcome back to the bank youngling.” Ragnock smiled at the youngling. 

Kali slipped from her fathers arms and ran over to Ragnock and hugged him. No one was surprised anymore by the fact that Ragnock hugged her back. Kali, the twins and Lyra had managed to charm everyone, even the goblins. Both Vessra and Cora absolutely adored them.

“We are here to get his heir rings and see about those conquest titles.” Severus said, snagging Kali before she could go wandering off in the bank, he knew she wouldn’t be in any danger, but he also didn’t want to have to deal with the chaos she could cause with an armed platoon of goblins backing her up.

It was relatively easy, to claim his heirships, all Hadrian had to do was put the heir rings on to see if they accepted him. He had already decided that he was going to pass some of the titles off to his sisters once they were 11. The Black, Peverell, Prince, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw heir rings all accepted him easily. The Potter lordship ring resized to fit him as soon as he touched it, the family magic was eager to accept him as it’s lord.

Then it came time for the conquest test for the LeFey and Slytherin Lordships.

“You will just have to put the rings on. They will test you and your magic. You will feel it pulling on your magic, just be careful not to push back too hard, or you could lose yourself to them.” Ragnock told him. He wasn’t about to admit it, but he was a little worried for the youngling.

Hadrian nodded. He decided to start with the Slytherin ring. As soon as it was on his finger he felt the magic thicken and tighten around him, like a snake was squeezing him. He could feel it examining every inch of his core. He caught flashes of him speaking to snakes, both in this life and his last. Eventually the flashes stopped, and he felt the magic around him relax. Going from smothering to comforting in an instant. The ring resized on his finger. One down, one to go.

Reaching out, he picked up the LeFey ring and slid it on his finger, next to the Slytherin ring. Like had happened with the last test, the magic tightened around him. Rather than seeing himself talking to snakes he caught sight of different times he was being abused, and the times he fought back. Eventually the world around him went black.

When he opened his eyes he was sitting in near complete darkness, like he was in a void. The only things around him was a beautiful woman sitting at a small table and watching him. He quickly summed her up, knowing exactly who she was when he saw the ring on her hand. “Lady LeFey, it is an honour to make your acquaintance.” He kissed the air above her hand. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Potter-Slytherin, Heir Black-Prince-Peverell-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw.”

“You do not claim yourself as lord or heir to my house?” She held his gaze for a moment before she finally gestured for him to sit next to her. Hadrian was glad that Narcissa had insisted that he learn proper etiquette.

“I did not wish to presume. Only you could grant me one of those titles.”

“You are a charmer, aren’t you?” She gave him a frosty smile. Taking a deep breath she let out a sigh. “I will admit, I have never been fond of men. In my time they saw me as no better than a possession. I was hated and feared because I dared to question things. That, and I was born with a dark core, and occasionally killed those that annoyed me.” She slightly shrugged her shoulder like it was inconsequential. “But you… You interest me. You are like no other man that I have met. Like me you have been used and abused. And like me, you have fought tooth and nail to survive. And you have succeeded in a most unique way.

Under normal circumstances I would never allow a man to become lord of my house, but those of my blood are now gone. If I deny you, my line dies.”

Morgana LeFey was silent for a few moments as she examined the young boy in front of her, she made up her mind. “I shall allow you to be the lord of my house on one condition. You shall pass the title to your first born daughter when she comes of age at 17.”

“It shall be done my Lady.” Hadrian said.

Suddenly the darkness was replace with light, and he found himself laying in the healing wing of the bank. His entire family was around him along with their friends. Neville and Draco were sitting down at the bottom of his bed, all of the little ones were curled up on the bed around him. His fathers and uncles were sitting in chairs around him, along with the Malfoy’s and Longbottom’s. Even Vessra, Cora, and Ragnock were there.

It was Kali that noticed he was awake first. “Hadrian, you’re awake. Don’t do that to me again.” She went from happy to angry in an instant and glared at him for scaring her.

Everyone was up in an instant. Everyone was talking at the same time, but he was able to use what they said to figure out what had happened. He had passed out in the office, his heart had stopped for a few minutes, and he had been unconscious for over an hour.

“Everyone. Calm down. I’m sorry I scared you. I’m just fine. It was a part of the test.” Hadrian lifted his left hand up to show them the LeFey ring on his finger, next to the Slytherin ring.

“What happened, pup?” Sirius asked, fear still in his voice.

“My mind was taken to some sort of void where I met with Morgana LeFey. We talked for a bit and she agreed to allow me to be the lord of her house, so long as I pass the title on to my first born daughter when she comes of age.”

Everyone just stared at him. He knew that he sounded slightly crazy, but they should be used to weird things happening around him.

It had taken well over three more hours before anyone would let him out of the hospital bed. But, eventually he managed to convince everyone everything was fine, but he did still notice all the adults were watching every move he made.


Diagon Alley - August 18, 2001

Molly and Arthur were leading Ron and Ginny through Diagon Alley. Arthur had already taken the older boys to get their things from the other alleys. He really didn’t understand why Molly was insisting they do Ron’s shopping here, most of the stores were ridiculously over priced, not to the same extent as Celestial Alley, but close. Other than a wand, they could get better quality supplies at a cheaper price elsewhere.

Ron was currently going on about his new hazel and unicorn hair wand. Arthur was glad that he was so excited, school would do the boy good. They were just on their way out of the bookstore when Ron saw the owls.

“I want my owl now.” Ron demanded.

“Ron.” Arthur had checked Ron’s account the day before, he only had 4 knuts of his allowance left. “Did you save up the money?” He knew the answer, but he wanted Ron to learn a lesson from this.

“Of course he did Arthur.” Molly said in a sanctimonious voice. She had been secretly buying Ron all the treats he wanted to make sure that he didn’t have to spend his own money.

“You might want to check his bank book Molly.” Arthur told her.

Molly pulled Ron’s bank book out of his pocket and looked. She was shocked. The money was all gone. There was line after line of totals from the candy store. All of them time stamped as whenever she had taken him grocery shopping with her. He must have snuck off and bought candy while she hadn’t been paying attention. “Ronald Weasley! Just what did you do?”

“What, mum? Come on, I want my owl, lets go.” Ron was annoyed, what was taking them so long? He wanted his owl, why couldn’t his parents just go and buy it for him, he would pay them back later.

“No Ronald. I told you last year, and reminded you every month when your allowance went into your account. If you wanted an owl you would need to save up the money and buy it yourself, like your brothers did. Instead, you spent all your money on candy and treats, so you can’t afford to buy yourself an owl. Now, we have everything, so it’s time to go.” Arthur took no joy in having to tell Ron no, but the boy needed to learn, and so did Ginny.

“But muuuuummmm. Tell dad, you have to get me an owl. I want one.” Ron whined. 

Molly was stuck. She knew she wanted to get her baby boy an owl, but Arthur would never let her get away with it. “Now Arthur, surely we can get Ronnie an owl, he will just pay us back after.”

“No Molly. He has had an entire year to save up, and has only managed to save a few knuts, at the rate he saves money he would be over a hundred long before he payed us back. I take no joy in saying no, but he needs to learn the value of money. It doesn’t just appear. When he gets older he is going to have to get a job and earn it, unless you want him sponging off you for the rest of his life. He needs to learn the value of saving up for what he wants, and that actions have consequences. He can try saving up next year. I know he won’t be getting an allowance while he’s at school, but he still does get some money. If he saves his Christmas and birthday money, plus what he gets over the summer he will have more than enough to buy an owl next year.” Arthur started moving them towards the floo.

Molly hated having to tell Ron no, but there was nothing else she could do. She had already done what she could by buying him every thing he wanted with the account Albus set up for him.


The Burrow

When they arrived home both Ron and Ginny were in the middle of temper tantrums. Ron, because he hadn’t gotten an owl, and Ginny, because she had wanted a new dress but they had left before she could find one she liked.

Percy and the twins looked up from the course books they were going over in the living room to see the melt downs. They grabbed their things and started to head up to their rooms. There was no way they wanted to be in the same room as even one of those two throwing a fit, two was worse, both of them just made everything worse because they would try to out do one another.

“Boys, where are you going?” Molly asked. She had been trying to get back into playing her role as mother to the older boys.

“To our rooms,” one of the twins said.

“There’s no way,” the other added.

“We want to stay here,”

“And listen to those two,”

“Whine about how tough,”

“Their lives are.”

“I agree with the twins.” Percy said. “It was almost cute when they were toddlers, now it’s just getting pathetic.” 

With that, they all ran up the stairs, hearing the woman that called herself their mother shout at them as they went.

“Enough Molly.” Arthur was trying not to laugh at what Percy had just said. He couldn’t agree more. “They are right. I don’t know what we did wrong with these two, but they act like overgrown babies whenever they don’t get what they want.”

“I’m not a baby.” Ron nearly shouted at his father. “If you won’t get me an owl, than I want a broom.”

“Me too.” Ginny said, folding her arms and getting ready to make sure she got her way.

“Well, Arthur. You can’t say they have to save up for them on their own, we bought Charlie, Fred, and George brooms.” Molly said. There, maybe this will make her babies happy.

“Yes we did.” Arthur told her. “We bought them brooms after they made their house quidditch teams. So, once Ron and Ginny make their house teams, we will get them brooms. But not before. I will also point out, they haven’t even attended flying  lessons yet. If they have been up on brooms without proper training and supervision then we are going to have to have another discussion about safety and rules. Until then, I have a report for work to work on.”

Molly growled in the back of her throat as Arthur left. She was really starting to hate that man. Now she was going to have to spend the next few hours consoling her poor babies.

Chapter Text

 Peverell Manor - September 1, 2001

Hadrian was once again laying in his fathers bed, like he had done when they first moved into the manor all those years ago. He had laid in his own bed until almost 2 in the morning before he gave in and, like he did when he was little, walked down the hall and into his parents room, Nemesis curled in his arms.

His papa had heard him coming in and had moved over so that he could crawl in between him and his dad. Only half an hour after crawling in, a tearful Kali had joined them.

By 4 in the morning, Sirius, Remus, and the twins had joined them. They had spent the rest of the night in one big puppy pile.

As much as Hadrian might have wished for a little more time, morning came far too quickly. The alarms in the room went of at 8am.

The train would be leaving at 11, but the platform would be opening at 10, and it had been decided that Hadrian, Draco, and Neville would get on the train as soon as it arrived. As much as James and Severus wanted to spend every last second with their son, they knew that they needed to get him on the train quickly to avoid having to deal with any of the traitors. Draco and Neville had decided that they didn’t want to leave their friend alone.

Slowly, and unhappily, everyone started to get up. Hadrian stopped in the bathroom to shower and brush his teeth.

When he got out of the shower, and was getting dressed, Hadrian took a moment to really look at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t see any traces of the boy he had been the last time he had lived this day. Gone was the too skinny, bruised boy that he would have been. He was still fairly short, but he was at least 3 inches taller than he had been before. He knew that he would always be considered delicate and petite, it was just genetics for him, but his slim form was accentuated by slim lithe muscles covered in smooth pale skin that currently held the tan from being in Greece. The rats nest hair was gone, though he still had the natural mess all Potter’s had, but the thick fullness he had inherited from his papa made it look like he had styled it that way. His once round, bright green eyes were now almond shaped and a rich dark emerald green. And his features were now more angular, with high cheek bones and full lips, giving him an androgynous look.

Hadrian took Nem back to his room with him to get dressed and to make sure that he had packed everything. Going into his room, he found Dobby and Kreacher methodically making their way through the room.

“Dobby, Kreacher, is everything ok?” He put Nem down and she ran over to her windowsill bed.

“Oh yes, Master Hadrian. Dobby is just checking to make sure young master has everything he will need to be without Dobby for months.” Dobby’s large eyes started to fill with tears. He wasn’t handling Hadrian leaving well.

“Kreacher?” Hadrian asked.

“Elfling Dobby has never had to pack for a young master going away to Hoggywarts, young Master Hadrian, Noble Heir of the House of Black. He’s called Kreacher to help make sure he had everything.” Kreacher told him.

“Good idea Dobby. I do wish there was a way for you to come with me.” Hadrian knew the little elf loved being praised. “Thank you for your help Kreacher.”

“Young Master?” Kreacher asked in a hesitant voice. Once Hadrian gave him a nod to continue, he carried on, his voice a little more confident. “Kreacher knows the Potter elves’s were sent to Hoggywarts to work. Elfling Dobby is a Potter elf. If one of the Potter elves’s brought him to Hoggywarts he could be theres for the young Master.”

Hadrian blinked a few times before he started to smile, while Dobby was making squeaks of joy as he bounced. “You are brilliant Kreacher. Thank you.”

Hadrian quickly summoned one of the Potter elves that he remembered meeting when he was a child. He explained that Dobby was a Potter elf, and his own personal elf, and that they were hoping that they could arrange for Dobby to come to the school.

The elf, Koby, thought about it for a moment before he said that it could be done. Both because of the fact that Dobby was a Potter elf, and that Hadrian was the lord of one Hogwarts house, and the heir of two others. None of the other elves at the school would ever go against him. 

After that, Koby took Dobby to school with him so they could get everything ready for his arrival, and Kreacher helped Hadrian double check his packing. After that, Kreacher went home, and Hadrian went to breakfast.


Platform 9 3/4

After everyone finished breakfast, the girls all eating as slowly as possible to put it off a little longer, they left for the platform. They met with the Longbottom’s and Malfoy’s. Everyone watched as the train pulled into the station.

Even the adults and Hadrian, who all remembered the train, were still excited as they watched it. It really was a stunning sight.

The kids had all gotten self shrinking trunks, and they had all allowed their owls to fly to Hogwarts rather than making them stay in their cages, so they didn’t have any large luggage to carry. Hadrian smiled as he knew his dad’s invisibility cloak, the goblins had forced the old goat to return it years ago, was sitting safely in his trunk, just waiting for him to use. No one else had arrived yet, so it was just them.

They made their way towards the front of the train. Severus smiled as the train conductor and the trolley lady stepped off the train to greet them. He had always liked them.

After introductions were done, Severus explained to Edna and Tony that they had hoped that they would be able to place wards around the compartment Hadrian chose, to keep anyone with ill intent towards him from being able to see or enter it.

Edna and Tony both thought that it was a good idea. They didn’t expect Hadrian to be in too much danger, but they didn’t want to take any risks on the train because they were the only two adults and couldn’t guarantee that they would be able to get to him if there was any issues. Edna suggested that they use the compartment next to hers.

She used the first compartment on the right side of the train to store the food and trolley that she used. The compartment across the hall was always empty because most students thought that that one was off limits. While the other compartments had a glass panel in the door, this one didn’t, so it would be private for him.

Edna had always been fond of Severus. She had hated letting him off the train at the end of every year, and would watch to make sure that he made it back at the end of the summer. She had known that he had had a bad home life, but she had never been able to help him. Sebastian Peverell was also on of her favoured people. He had convinced the school board to approve her request to sell the children more than candy. They were confined on the train for 8 hours, they needed more than just candy. Now she sold the usual candies, but she also sold soup, sandwiches, and drinks.

Going into the compartment the adults cast the protective wards. After that, there was a tearful goodbye, and the three preteens were left alone with their familiars.

It was just in time too, because as they all apperated away, more families started to arrive.


Granger House

At 7:30 the Granger families alarms started to go off. They all got up and prepared for their day. After a perfectly balance breakfast they went to get everything ready.

Hermione did one last check that she had everything she needed, not that she really had too. She had made up a checklist before she had even started to pack and had arranged her trunk perfectly. 

She couldn’t wait to get going. 

Making sure her sweater set didn’t have any wrinkles, she pulled back her hair. She knew that she wasn't pretty, but that would soon change. She had made her parents buy her a beautification potion. It would take a few years, but soon she would be stunning. She was going to have so much fun showing off that she was beautiful and brilliant.

Going downstairs, she had her parents load her trunk in the car. They had timed everything perfectly so that they would arrive at the platform at 10:30. Just the right time so that she could meet a few people and arrange a situation that would allow her to meet the Potter brat.


Platform 9 3/4

Hermione’s father pushed the cart holding her trunk behind her as they went through the barrier. Even she couldn’t stop herself from gasping at the beautiful train. Looking around she saw the chaos being created by all the parents allowing their children to run wild.

As she was walking towards the train, she could have sworn she saw a white fox, but that wasn’t possible. Hogwarts: A History said that the only pets allowed at the school were an owl, cat, or toad. If anyone had brought a fox she would make sure it was sent home, she wasn't about to let someone break the rules.

She didn’t see the three boys watching from the window of the very first compartment.

Hadrian had felt pure rage as he had watched Hermione Granger come through the barrier. He hadn’t been sure how he would feel seeing her again, now he knew. He knew that she hadn’t done all those horrible things yet, but it was hard not to blame her for them. 

After many discussions with his family he had decided that he would just treat her like she wasn’t worth his time. He would never be her friend, and he would never let her close to him. Maybe she could change herself and become a better person this time. But he didn’t hold out much hope. 

Right now though, he was more concerned about Nemesis. Just a few moments before she had demanded to be let out of the compartment. When Hadrian had tried task her why, she had just told him to trust her, and that she knew what she was doing.She had never been this far away from him before, and he couldn’t even see her in the crowd because there were so many people and she was so small.


The Burrow

Everyone was shouting and the house was in complete chaos. By 10, Percy, Fred, and George were packed and ready to go. Percy in particular wanted to get going, he had prefect duties to get to. It was Saturday so Arthur was sitting on the couch watching his sons.

But Ron and Ginny were still in their rooms.

“Where are those two, we need to get going.” Percy snarled as he paced around the living room for what seemed like the hundredth time.

“Relax Percy.” Molly huffed. “They’re just getting their stuff ready. I don’t know why your making such a fuss. There’s plenty of time.”

“There probably,” Fred started.

“Still asleep.” George finished.

Fred and George were furious at their siblings. Their soul mate was at that platform, and they were forcing them to be late. They also knew that if Ginny was awake, she was probably trying to get dressed up to impress their soul mate.

“Enough of this. I told you that those two were going to need to start getting up at a decent time, but no, you insisted that they would be fine come school.” Arthur was just as annoyed as his sons. “I will take these three to the platform. You didn’t want to teach them how to get up before noon, so you can get them up and ready. Just remember, the train leaves at 11, and it’s currently 10:25. Good Luck.”

With that, Arthur directed his three boys through the floo.

Upstairs, Ron was indeed still fast asleep. But, Ginny was actually awake. 

She had been up for over an hour getting ready. She had just been ignoring her father and older brothers like usual. Didn’t they understand, she was going to be meeting her future husband today. She needed to look perfect. She had already tried on a dozen different outfits and restyled her hair just as many times.

Molly finally got annoyed at her babies and went up to get them. She quickly helped Ginny pick out the perfect outfit, then went to get Ron. He had been incredibly difficult to get up, only finally gaining focus after she had poured a wideye potion down his throat.

Handing them sandwiches she apperated them to an alley outside King’s Cross Station. Checking the clock she saw that it was only just after 10:40. She was proud of how fast she had gotten the kids moving. Arthur and the boys were always so dramatic. Now they just had to wait for a boy with messy dark hair, and bright green eyes.


Platform 9 3/4

As Molly was getting the other kids up, Arthur walked the boys towards the train. He had done this so many times now, but he still got sad every time he had to let his boys leave him. It was like something that was supposed to be there wasn’t.

They were all saying there goodbyes when a small yip sounded from around Fred and Georges feet. Looking down, they saw the fluffy white fox with the wings Bill had told them about.

“Well hello beautiful.” George said as Fred picked the fox up. Normally, etiquette dictated that you didn’t touch someone else’s familiar, but since she had come directly to them they could.

“Did you come to find us.” Fred said.

All four Weasley males spent a few moments stroking the soft fur. They then finished up their goodbyes and Arthur left after hugging each of them one more time, and giving the little fox one last pet.

Fred put the fox down. “Well then. Lead on lovely.”

Fred, George and Percy followed the fox through the crowds. When the fox stopped in front of the first door it placed it’s paw on the door and it opened.

Stepping in side they all heard a soft voice. “Nemesis, don’t you ever do something like that again.”

Percy was looking around at the three boys, with tiny animals in their arms, but Fred and George only had eyes for the boy scolding his familiar. They could both feel the warmth in their chest.

This was him. Their soul mate. Hadrian Potter.

As Hadrian was scolding Nem for running off he felt heat pooling in his chest. Looking up, he saw that Nem had gone to get the older Weasley’s. He smiled happily at them. He hadn’t realized just how much he had been missing the twins until just now. It was like his world had just gotten brighter.

“Well hello there,” George started.

“Little firsties.” Fred continued. They had both noticed the stunning smile on Hadrian’s face, so they were pretty sure that he had been to the bank and gotten rid of the potions, but they were still going to have to find a way to check.

“You two, don’t scare them.” Percy scolded. “Bill asked us to check in on you.”

Draco quickly jumped up and closed the door, they didn’t want anyone else finding them. “I’m Draco Malfoy, and this is my familiar Tyche, she’s a sky leopard. That’s Neville Longbottom with his storm bear familiar Demeter. And of course, this is Hadrian Potter and his kitsune familiar, Nemesis.”

Although the twins had expected it, Percy was stunned at who the fragile looking boy with dark hair was, but he didn’t want to freak the kid out. “I’m Percy, and these two are Fred and George, though you probably already know about us.”

“Yeah,” Hadrian kept smiling, still not looking away from the twins. “Bill’s told us all kinds of stories. Do you guys want to sit down?”

Fred and George shared a look before they quickly moved forward, taking up one of the benches and arranging Hadrian between the two of them. Percy just watched them move with a raised eyebrow. They were acting odd, even by their standards.

Percy decided to just overlook the twins odd behaviour. “I didn’t even know this compartment was here. How did you find it?”

“Edna told us.” Neville said shyly as he made room between him and Draco so Percy could sit down.

“Who’s Edna?” Percy asked him.

“She’s the lady that pushes the trolley. Her husband, Tony, is the conductor. Our parents were talking to her, about stuff. And she mentioned that no one ever took this compartment.” Neville said.

Hadrian smiled, he knew Nev was trying to avoid saying why they had really gotten this compartment. “It’s ok Nev, They can know. My family can get a little over protective sometimes, or, all the time. They wanted me somewhere close to the only two adults on the train. They also warded the compartment against those with ‘ill intent’. I decided to stay in here mainly because I want to avoid being stared at for just a little bit longer.”

Percy gave him a small smile. “It makes sense that your family wants to protect you. Don’t worry, when I leave to go to the prefects compartments I wont tell anyone you’re up here, and I’ll make sure to stop by when I do my rounds to make sure no one is bugging you.

“Thanks Percy.” Hadrian smiled.

They spent a few minutes talking until they heard the horn blow. It was a signal that the train would be leaving in 2 minutes. Glancing out the window, they all saw Molly, Ron, and Ginny rushing through the barrier. 

Hadrian smirked as he saw Molly looking around frantically. He knew she was looking for him. Ginny looked angry, and Ron looked annoyed. This was clearly not how they planned their day starting out.

Fred and George saw the look on Hadrian’s face. He obviously knew what was going on.

Percy just shook his head. Unlike their father, Molly hadn’t bothered to shrink the trunk. Percy and his brothers all had their trunks in their pockets, but Ron was trying to drag his with him as he got on the train just before the train started moving. Percy got up and bid everyone else goodbye, he was going to the prefects meeting. He also reiterated his promise not to tell anyone Hadrian was there.


About an hour into the ride, Edna came in to see what the boys wanted to eat. Their parents had already prepaid her for them to have soup, sandwiches, and a snack. Fred and George also ordered meals and paid her with the bank cards their father had arranged for their allowance. They both knew that he would check to make sure that they ate a proper meal, he had told them as much before he had left.

They all ate their meals and chatted. Fred and George told them all about the school.

Shortly after Percy came to check on them Draco and Neville left. They had told a few of their friends that they would visit them on the train. And since Hadrian had the Twins for company, they were going to go and chat with them for a bit before they came back. They left Tyche and Demeter in the compartment to nap as they didn’t want to bring them out with all the students yet.

Once the twins and Hadrian were alone, Fred and George started to gently probe to see if Hadrian really did know what was going on. Eventually Hadrian had enough of word games so he just came out with it.

“Are you two trying to ask me if I have been cleared of the potions and compulsions?”

“Yes.” They said as one.

“Yes. I was checked and cleared years ago. I get regular checks just to make sure.”

“Did you get one of those message orbs too?” George asked.

“No.” Hadrian knew that he could trust these two. “You can’t say anything, not even Draco and Neville know.” The twins both promised. “I didn’t need one of the orbs cause I was the one that brought them back.

I don’t really remember much of it. It’s more like… It’s a story that I heard a long time ago. I remember a few key parts, but most of it’s just blurs.”

“So you know about what’s going on?” George asked.

“Some of it. I remember about Voldemort, and what happened after he was defeated. I get flashes of things sometimes, including the both of you. Like I can remember your funeral Fred…”

Hadrian was going to continue but he had to stop. Just the thought of Fred dying was enough to bring tears to his eyes. Nemesis gave Fred and George a look that clearly said ‘comfort him’. 

The twins didn’t need to be told twice. They snuggled Hadrian between them and started reassuring him that it was going to be ok, that they were fine. Their arms went around him as Hadrian shifted and started to sob into Fred’s chest. 

They sat and comforted him until he fell asleep. The twins arranged him so that he was on his back, his head resting on Fred’s lap, while his legs were draped over George’s. Nemesis curled up on his stomach, and after giving them both an approving look, went to sleep.


Neville had a relatively easy trip around the train. He went and talked to a few of the other kids his parents had introduced him too, including Susan Bones, and Terry Boot.

It was fun to sit and chat with them. He even told them that they were going to get to meet the friend that he had been going away to visit. Not yet, but probably the next day. Susan and her friend Hannah had just given him an odd look, before they just carried on talking. Both of the girls had gotten used to Neville being weird about his mystery friend.

The only really interesting thing that happened was a bushy haired girl barging into their compartment, looking around, huffing, and storming out, not even bothering to close the door.


Draco’s time away was a bit more exciting. He had just sat down in a compartment with his friends, Theo Nott-Davis and Blaise Zabini, when a red head slammed into the compartment.

It was clear from the red hair that he was a Weasley, so out of respect for Bill and the other Weasley’s that he knew, he didn’t say anything mean, no matter how much he wanted too. The boy had spent ten minutes ranting at them.

“What did you do with him, death eaters?” He had demanded.

“What are you even talking about?” Theo had asked, his voice calm, though he still had a hard time with people yelling at him.

“Harry Potter, my best friend. He isn’t on the train. You death eaters must have done something to him. All you snakes should be in Azkaban.” The boy was practically foaming at the mouth.

“First of all, we don’t even know who you are. Secondly, his name, is Hadrian Potter. Everyone knows that by now. Third. No one has seen him since he was a baby. Just how are you friends with a boy that you have never met? Fourth, he’s on the train if he’s coming to Hogwarts. He’s probably just hiding from stalkers like you.” Draco said. His voice dripping with condescension. He didn’t like this rude boy claiming his best friend as his. Hadrian and Neville were his best friends, this boy had no right to try and take his place with one of them.

That just set the boy off on another rant. It didn’t stop until the seventh year prefect from Hufflepuff stepped in and forced Ron from the compartment. Draco just rolled his eyes at his friends, he really didn’t like that boy.

Only twenty minutes later, a bushy haired girl came into their compartment, slamming the door open. Making some excuse about looking for a lost pet, before she slammed back out.


Ron was sitting in the compartment across the hall from the prefects. They wouldn’t let him leave to go and keep searching for Harry Potter. He couldn’t believe that he was being trapped by them, he was going to tell on them. 

Even Percy wouldn’t listen. He had come in to lecture him about how he shouldn’t bully the other students, and said that he was going to be writing home to their parents. Percy just wouldn’t listen to him. It wasn’t his fault those snakes had been trying to steal Potter from him.

His mum and the headmaster had told him that he needed to sit with him to make sure he understood how evil Slytherin’s were. They needed to make sure that he stayed with the light.

Every now and then he would glare at the prefect sitting in the compartment across the hall from him. The boy had originally been sitting with him, but had left after Ron had kept trying to make him let him go.

An hour after he had been stuck in the compartment, Hermione was brought in. She was arguing with the Ravenclaw and Slytherin prefects that brought her that she hadn’t done anything wrong, and that she was going to be telling the headmaster and that they would lose their prefects badge if they didn’t leave her alone.

“What happened to you?” Ron asked her as she sat down in a huff.

“I was looking for Potter and someone went and told the prefects that I was causing a disturbance. I can’t believe they’re locking us in here. They have no right. I am telling Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall when we get to school.”

“It was probably some snake, trying to get you in trouble because you’re a muggleborn.”

“I know. What are you doing here?”
“I was looking for Potter and some snakes said I was bullying them. Whiny little cowards. Did you find him?”

“No. Where is that brat? How are we supposed to insinuate ourselves in his life if he’s hiding.”

“Maybe he felt he was above taking the train like the rest of us. He’s famous after all, probably demanded that he just get to floo to school.”

“It’s not allowed. A student has to take the train unless they are injured and cant sit for that long. It’s in Hogwarts: A History.”

They both sat and talked, glaring at the prefects every few minutes.

Ron was annoyed. He was going to be Harry Potter’s best friend, and they were treating him like he was no one. Hermione was already making plans about how she was going to make sure the prefects all lost their badges. They had no right doing this.


About an hour before the train was set to arrive at the school, Draco and Neville made their way back to their compartment.

Percy brought Lee Jordan to them as they were going. He had stopped by the compartment earlier to tell the twins that Lee was looking for them, and they had said it would be fine if Lee came in with them.

Stepping into the compartment, Neville and Draco smiled at what they saw. Hadrian was fast asleep, curled up on top of the twins. They both knew how much Hadrian liked to be held and snuggled, but usually it was only by his parents or those he considered family. If he was letting the twins hold him it meant he liked and trusted them.

Draco, Nev, and Lee took the other bench. Lee was surprised at how calm his usually excited friends were. Normally, they would have been bouncing off the walls, the fact that they had stayed still long enough for the other boy to fall asleep on them was amazing. He was also surprised that they hadn’t done anything to him once he was asleep. Lee had only fallen asleep around the twins once, and he had ended up with green skin, purple hair, and a red beard.

“I’m not trying to be rude, but your little brother is an idiot.” Draco couldn’t stop himself from saying.

“We know.” George said.

“What did he do?” 

“To you?”

Draco went on to tell them all about what had happened with Ron. The twins weren’t surprised that Ron was already causing problems, they had expected no less. 

When the train was getting close to the station they all needed to get into their robes. The twins tried to gently wake their sleeping soul mate. But he only turned slightly and buried his face in Freds stomach and grumbled. Nem, just curled up in a new position and went back to sleep. Both of them loved their sleep.

“If you want to get him up in time to make the sorting, your gonna have to be a little less gentle. I’ve seen it take over an hour for his uncles to wake him up.” Neville told them as he pulled out the robes he and the other boys had stored in a separate bag, so they wouldn’t have to get their trunks out and go digging through them.

“Uncle Sev and Bast usually just shook him gently and kept talking to him, that usually only took about twenty minutes. Uncle Siri and Remy usually sent tickling jinxes, that worked a bit faster. His sisters usually just jumped on him, that got him up the quickest.” Draco told them, taking his robes from Neville.

The twins decided tickling was the way to go. Fred got a good hold on Hadrian, they didn’t want him to fall, and George started to tickle him. Soon enough Hadrian was squirming and giggling.

“I’m up. I’m up. Enough, I give. You win.” Hadrian laughed as he sat up. He pouted at the twins for waking him up for a moment before he couldn’t hold back his smile anymore. He was so glad to have them back in his life.

Hadrian took his robe and they all got ready.

They all got off the train as soon as it stopped. Hadrian and the other first year boys wanted to avoid any chance of a run in with Ron or the Granger girl. Hadrian because he knew what they were trying to do, and Draco and Neville didn’t want to have to deal with Ron again, they hadn’t yet been introduced to Hermione.

The twins and Lee showed them to where the boats were, promising that they would see them at the school. Hadrian, Draco and Neville climbed into the first boat. and once they were joined by another boy that none of them knew, they pushed a little way away from the others. They made sure not to let anyone get to close.



As the students were boarding the Hogwarts Express, Albus Dumbledore was planning. He needed everything to be perfect for when his pawn arrived. He needed to regain control.

He had already spelled the hat so that it would be forced to put Harry Potter in to Gryffindor. Everything was almost ready. The elves had the potions he had ordered them to give the Potter boy that would make him weak and submissive to anything he or his pawns wanted.

There had of course been a few complaints from the staff. The rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor might have eased up a bit, but they still didn’t get along most of the time, the children were just too different. It was for that reason that he always made sure that those two houses had a majority of their classes together. The conflict between the students was something he needed to make sure the Gryffindors looked good.

He had also discussed what Minerva was to do. Albus didn’t care what the list said, when Minerva was to call the Potter boy up for his sorting she was to call out Harry Potter. He would be to scared to challenge her in front of everyone. It would make the students start to call him ‘Harry’ rather then ‘Hadrian’ again.


Severus was just putting the final touches on his office when he heard the soft pop of an elf appearing. Turning around, he saw Dobby with a sobbing Hogwarts elf.

“Dobby, who is your friend? What has happened to get her so upset?”Severus asked as he sat down so that he could speak to them more easily.

“Master Severus, this is Hoggywarts elf Lorn. The nasty head master has ordered her to do something she doesn’t want to do.” Dobby wanted to help the scared elf, like he had been helped.

“Lorn, can you tell me what the head master has ordered?”

Lorn nodded to the nice master. He was the Lord of Ravenclaw so she could tell him. “Master Head Master has ordered Lorn to put potions in Master Potter’s food. But Lorn doesn’t want to hurt Master Potter.”

“Lorn, can you tell me the exact words he used?” Severus had an idea.

“Master Head Master said, ‘Elf, you will add these potions to the food of Harry Potter every Saturday dinner.’ He gave Lorn many vials.” She held out the collection of potions she had been ordered to give the child.

Severus smiled. “Lorn, you do not have to drug anyone.” He gently took the potions from the elves shaking hands. He got a little angry when he saw what potions that old goat was trying to use on his son.

“But Master Head Master ordered Lorn. She must do as ordered.”

“Lorn, there is no Harry Potter. He told you you were to use these potions on Harry Potter, but that isn’t his name. His name is Hadrian Potter-Black. There is no Harry Potter attending this school. You can’t be ordered to give potions to a child that doesn’t exist.” Severus smiled at the little elf as she realized that he was right.

Lorn was so happy. Since the boy she had been ordered to hurt didn’t exist, she didn't have to hurt anyone. She was glad the crazy new elf Koby had brought had seen her with the potions now. Thanking the nice potions master, Lorn popped away to keep getting the food ready for the feast.

Severus spoke to Dobby for a little while, making sure to thank him for being so observant when it came to Hadrian’s safety. He knew that Dobby worked best when he was praised for doing well. Then Dobby returned to work, and Severus went back to what he had been doing too.


When the boats arrived at the school Hadrian was extremely excited. He couldn’t wait to try again.

While getting out of the boats, Hadrian and the boys slid off to the side and let all the other students rush past them in their hurry to be sorted. This put them at the back of the group.

Up ahead Hadrian could see Ronald Weasley and the bushy haired girl, Hermione Granger talking. Hadrian was confused, last time the two hadn’t become friends until he had forced Ron in to helping save her from the troll. He almost growled as he realized that must have been as much of a set up as meeting the Weasley’s on the muggle side of the train station.

Ron and Hermione were trying to figure out what to do. They hadn’t been able to find Potter because of the prefects. How were they supposed to make him be their friend now, what if he had made friends with someone else, or worse, a Slytherin, while on the train. They were going to have to talk to the headmaster about it and make sure that they alienated him from the other students. There was also no point in following their original plans of pretending to hate each other, too many people had seen them sitting together.

Nem felt Hadrian’s anger and rubbed her head against the hand he had in his pocket. She, and the other familiars were all hidden in the expanded pockets all the boys had had added to their robes. They wanted to wait until they were in their houses before they brought them out.

They all listened to McGonagall give the same speech she had given in Hadrian’s past life. Then, she led them into the Great Hall. Hadrian caught the eyes of the twins, Percy, and Lee. He could hear Hermione lecturing the others on the ceiling.

The hat sang its song and the sorting began. 

Hermione walked up to take her place on the stool when she was called. The hat fell over her eyes. She demanded to be placed in Gryffindor. The hat argued with her for a few moments, trying to convince her to not keep going down the path she was on. Hermione was annoyed at the stupid hat. She knew what she was doing, she was going to save the wizarding world. Eventually, after she kept refusing, the hat gave into the compulsion the headmaster had placed on it. “GRYFFINDOR”

When Neville was called he gave his two friends a quick smile and walked up. Hadrian smiled when he caught a flash of the boy Neville had been to who he was now. The Neville of the past life had been a chubby, bordering on fat, little boy that stuttered over his words and never made eye contact. Though Neville still had a layer of baby fat, he wasn’t overweight and it was clear in a few years the weight would be gone. He also held himself with confidence, he wasn’t cocky, just unashamed of who he was. Almost as soon as the hat touched his head it shouted out his house. “HUFFLEPUFF”

Soon enough it was Draco’s turn. Like Neville he had changed, though, not as dramatically. He still held himself with the pride and cocky style that was indicative of a Malfoy, but he was softer. Even with his cold pureblood mask on, there was a softer, kinder look in his eyes, and a soft tilt to his lips that made him look more welcoming. This time it took a bit longer to sort him. The hat saw the kindness that was evident in the boy and was considering Hufflepuff before he made up his mind. “SLYTHERIN”

Hadrian was slightly shocked when Theodore ‘Theo’ Nott-Davis was sorted in to Ravenclaw. He thought that the boy had been a Slytherin, but he wasn’t overly sure as he hadn’t really had much to do with the other boy in his past life. 

Hadrian waited as McGonagall started on the p’s. He knew that she and Dumbledore were going to try something. He knew he had been correct as he heard “Potter, Harry” come out of her mouth. Hadrian didn’t move.

Minerva had been shocked as she saw the Potter boys name on the list. Written in the magic of the schools perfect calligraphy was something she didn’t want to see. ‘Potter-Black, Hadrian’. She decided to continue on as she and Albus had planned and called out “Potter, Harry”. 

The entire hall started whispering and muttering. It was like being in a beehive, with the buzzing of voices. But none of the students came forward. Ron Weasley was practically spinning in circles trying to locate the boy he was promised would be his best friend while making him rich and famous.

Albus looked over the students, but he didn’t see any of them that looked like James. He knew with the glamours he had placed on the boy he should be a carbon copy of James, with Lily’s eyes. But there were no students like that.

Minerva called his name again as she looked over the students. Then she spotted the slim boy with artistically messy black hair and dark green eyes. He didn’t look exactly as everyone had assumed he would look, but he was close enough.

She walked over to the boy and stared down her nose at him. “Harry Potter, it is your turn to be sorted.”

Hadrian faked a quizzical look, as he pitched his voice in a way to make it sound natural while still carrying. “I’m sorry Professor McGonagall, but that isn’t my name.”

Minerva barely managed to withhold her huff of annoyance. “Then what is your name?”

Hadrian smiled at her. “My legal name is Hadrian Potter-Black.”

Up at the staff table Severus gave a slight smirk at how his son was making sure everyone knew he wasn’t going to be what everyone else wanted him to be, he was going to be himself. 

Both Albus and Minerva were furious. This was not what they had planned. The boy was supposed to be meek and easy to control, he wasn’t supposed to stand up for himself in the middle of the great hall. There was also having the ‘Black’ added to the end of his name. It meant that he must have been in contact with Sirius.

Andromeda was practically glaring at the boy. She had sent a few letters to Sirius over the past few months, but he had always said that he was too busy to meet. She had been planning on forcing him to name her daughter heir, since he didn’t have any children of his own, but if this boy had his last name it meant that he had been named heir. This boy was standing between her and getting her family the money they deserved.

Minerva could only give a frigid look as she called out, “Potter-Black, Hadrian”.

With that, Hadrian walked calmly up to the stool and allowed the hat to be placed on his head.

‘Well, look what I found here. Aren’t you interesting. A time traveling master of death, that has had extended contact with the ancient ones. You are certainly going to cause a little chaos aren’t you. But it would seem it’s been you and your fathers that have been driving that old man crazy for the past few years. I must thank you for rescuing Fawkes, no one should be forced to be bound to that old man. So, I can see here you have a preference in house.’ The hat was in a chatty mood as it resisted the old goats compulsions. It was easy since the instructions he was given were to sort ‘Harry Potter’ to Gryffindor, but this boy was not Harry Potter.

‘Yes, I was hoping for Ravenclaw.’ Hadrian was happy to talk to the hat, but he was also getting kind of hungry.

‘Hmmm. Yes, I do agree you would do well in that house. But then again, you would do well in any house. Even Gryffindor. But, I see I don’t need to warn you about the dangers in that house for you right now. No, I do think you are correct in your choice this time.’ “RAVENCLAW”

Hadrian smiled happily as he gave the sorting hat back to McGonagall and went down to the Ravenclaw house. Percy had been sitting near the end of the table, where the first years would sit so Hadrian went over to sit next to him.

Severus was happy. They had discussed it, and they had all agreed on Ravenclaw for Hadrian. He would be safer there than in Gryffindor or Slytherin. They had considered Hufflepuff, but decided against it. They wanted Hadrian to be able to lead a change in the school and although a puff would follow the lead of a raven, most ravens would never follow the lead of a puff.

Albus was ready to kill. How dare that boy. In only a few short minutes he had destroyed so much work. He had had to force the hat to put Granger in Gryffindor. He had wanted her there because that was the house Potter and Weasley would be in. But no, the boy just had to be difficult. And now, he wouldn’t be able to arrange for them to be in the same house for a few more years. There was also the fact that Ravenclaw and Gryffindor only had 2 classes together.

Minerva was thinking along the same lines as Albus. How were they supposed to gain control of the boy if he was in Ravenclaw, Filius was far too protective of those in his house.

Filius Flitwick was happy, like always.

Hermione and Ron were both enraged. Ron, because the boy was betraying everything the light stood for. He was a traitor to everything his parents fought for. He shouldn’t be the saviour, he, himself, would have made a much better hero. Hermione was angry because she had had to force the hat to put her in Gryffindor to make sure that she could get close to him, only for him to go to Ravenclaw. Although, she hadn’t wanted to go to Ravenclaw anyway, she had read that Rowena Ravenclaw was a dark witch, and she didn’t want to be near anything associated with someone like that.

Most of the rest of the hall just cheered happily. Many of the Gryffindors were sad he wasn’t in their house, he was after all supposed to be a hero, but they could accept it. The Ravenclaws were happy to have their worlds hero in their house. The Hufflepuffs, like all loyal badgers, were just happy because he had looked happy. Except the Weasley twins, they were happy for their soul mate because they knew he was safer there. While most of the Slytherins were happy that the boy was already proving himself to be more than just another light puppet. Although some of them were already making plans to get rid of the kid, their families had served the Dark Lord, and they wanted him to pay for what he did.

Once everyone got over the sorting of the boy hero, they continued on. Hadrian got one more shock when Zacharias Smith was sorted into Gryffindor. Zacharias hadn’t gotten over Alice Longbottom claiming the Hufflepuff title. Everyone knew that that title should have belonged to his family, but no one was willing to deny Alice Longbottom. He wanted to be the Hufflepuff heir, not that Longbottom boy, he deserved it more. There was no way he was going in to that house with that line thief.

When the sorting finally finished, taking longer than Hadrian remembered from his past life because of all the extra students from Knockturn, Dumbledore stood up to give his welcoming speech. The twinkle was missing from his eyes much to Hadrian’s secret joy. 

He started off with the introductions of the staff. Hadrian smiled slightly when the new DADA professors were Professor York and Professor Mitchell. Quirrell had been caught during his attempt to break into the bank due to the information Ragnock had found in his trunk. The spirit of Voldemort had abandoned him and managed to get away though. Hadrian hoped that this meant they would have a competent teacher. He also cheered happily when his papa was introduced.

When it came time for Dumbledore to give the warnings, he once again warned the students that the third floor corridor on the right side was out of bounds, at risk of death, Hadrian almost laughed. Over the years his family had made contact with the Flamels. At their suggestion the stone that the Flamel’s had allowed Dumbledore to have, was a well made fake.


Hadrian ended up spending a lot of the feast talking to his new house mates. He always made sure to downplay the whole, boy-who-lived thing. He just kept saying that he thought his survival was due to a mistake of Voldemort’s. The first time he had said that, everyone around him flinched, he had just raised his eyebrow and told them that it was just the made up name of a power hungry man that thought it was ok to attack children. He wanted to start convincing people to not be so afraid.

Most of those close to him were glad that Hadrian didn’t seem to be caught up in the fame. They were glad that he seemed so normal. None of them wanted to deal with an entitled jerk that thought he should get everything that he wanted just because of his name.

Just before the desserts disappeared, a note appeared on the table in front of Hadrian. He recognized the loopy handwriting of Dumbledore, it seemed he was going to start annoying Hadrian early. Hadrian made sure to let those around him know that he was being summoned up to the headmasters office. All of them agreed that it was because of the confusion over his name. Most seemed to be on his side, they didn’t think that he should get in trouble because the staff of the school had gotten his name wrong.

Once the dishes were clean once again, and Dumbledore had dismissed everyone Percy showed Hadrian up to Flitwick. When Percy explained to the professor that Hadrian had been summoned up to the headmasters office Flitwick had said that he would take him and that Percy could go to the dorm. Severus, who had the seat next to the charms master said he was coming too.

Hadrian was guided up to the headmasters office by the two professors that stood to either side of him like a guard.

After Flitwick gave the password ‘Sugar Quills’, they went up the stairs and entered the headmasters office.

Dumbledore was already sitting behind his desk and Minerva was standing off to the side. They both looked shocked to see Severus and Flitwick with him. Hadrian and Flitwick both went to the chairs and sat down, while Severus went to lean against the wall next to the portrait of Phineas.

“Lemon drop?” Dumbledore offered Hadrian.

“No, thank you headmaster. I’m full from the feast.” Hadrian responded in a cool formal voice.

“Yes, yes, my boy. It was a delightful meal. I must ask, Filius, Severus, what brings you two up here?” Albus had hoped that he would be able to get the boy alone.

“Mr. Potter-Black is a member of my house. I am required to attend any meeting like this. Severus offered to come with me.” Filius didn’t think he was going to like what was coming. “Now, headmaster, I am wondering why you have summoned one of my students up to your office so soon? As far as I know, he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“This is about his behaviour during the sorting.” Albus said, his hands smoothing down his beard.

“There was absolutely nothing wrong with how he behaved during the sorting. He was polite and respectful the entire time.” Severus said. He wasn’t about to allow anything to happen to his son. He had also decided that he was going to announce his being Hadrian’s father, though he was going to say it was the result of a blood adoption. That would allow him to ensure some level of protection for Hadrian as it was policy that if a students parent was on staff, they shared control of discipline with the head of house.

“I must agree with Severus, Albus.” Fillius added.

Albus tried to think of a way to keep control over the situation. “Yes, there is no denying that he was polite, but he should have come up when his name was called. He doesn’t need any more attention than he already has.

Severus almost bit his tongue to stop himself from snapping at the man. Filius had no problem thinking up an appropriate response.

“He did. He went up and was sorted when his name was called. You can’t honestly have expected the boy to go up when the wrong name was called. Everyone knows that his name is Hadrian, not Harry. It is not up to the staff of this school to choose what name he goes by while here, that right belongs with his parents, and they chose to name him Hadrian.”

“Of course, It’s just James and Lily always called him Harry.” Albus said. He hoped that the boy would want to have that connection to his parents.

“Albus, he has chosen to be known as Hadrian. So we will all respect that and call him Hadrian.” Severus said.

“What makes you think that you should have a say in his life Severus?” Minerva asked. She really didn’t like this new, confident Severus.

Severus pretended like he was thinking about something, then he smiled. “Ahh, that is exactly what I needed.”

“What do you mean my boy?” Albus was confused about what had just made the normally stoic man smile.

“I mean that the qualifications have been met to release the secrecy rules around some information. My team and I all sat down to discuss what I could and couldn’t say. Minerva’s question has made it so that I can give you a few answers.” Severus told them. Not a word of it was true, but he needed to have a reason he could talk about some personal information. “You see, James Potter arranged for Sirius and Remus to blood adopt Hadrian when he was a baby. It was an extra layer of protection for Hadrian, it is also why he is now heir Black.

After Sirius retained custody he and Remus brought Hadrian to Sebastian and I.  They wanted to add another layer to his protection. As Hadrian is Sebastian's heir, they requested that he and I also blood adopt Hadrian so that if anything happened to them he would be protected. Legally and biologically, I am one of Hadrian’s fathers.”

“WHAT?” Albus and Minerva almost yelled.

“I think that was a brilliant idea.” Filius smiled, now he knew why Severus had kept such a close watch on the boy all night, he had been watching over his son. “As his father on staff, I will be sure to bring any issues to your attention Severus.”

“Thank you Fillius.” Severus smiled at the little man.

“But Severus, we all know of your issues with James, Sirius and Remus.” Albus tried.

“Albus, we’re not kids anymore.” Severus didn’t even try to stop his eyes from rolling. “I will admit, that Sirius, Remus, and I had a few issues in the beginning, but we put that aside for our kids. Yes, James and I didn’t get along as children, but I am not about to take my issues with a dead man out on his son. Hadrian is my child, and I love him as my child.” Severus made sure to smile at Hadrian when he said this. “Now, if that is all, I think it is time for Hadrian to go back to his dorm.”

“I was surprised you weren’t sorted into Gryffindor, my boy.” Albus turned to Hadrian who had yet to say a word, ignoring Severus. “You know it was the house of your parents, and Remus and Sirius were in it too, after all.”

“I know.” Hadrian was getting tired, he just wanted to go to bed. “But I’m not them. Uncles Siri, Remy, Bast, and Sev always told me that I could be anyone I wanted to be. That I didn’t need to do something just because my parents did, that I was my own person and they loved me. I’m sure I would have liked Gryffindor, or any other house, but I’m glad I’m in Ravenclaw.”

“And Ravenclaw is happy to have you. Now, why don’t I…” Filius gave Hadrian a confused look. “Mr. Potter-Black, is your pocket purring.”

Hadrian had shifted his robes when he sat down so that the pocket that held Nemesis was sitting on his lap. He had slipped her food all throughout the meal so she, like him was full and sleepy. As soon as he started to pet her, she had started to purr.

“Yes, sir. It’s just Nemesis. She’s getting sleepy.” Hadrian gently brought the lightly dozing, happy fox kit out of his pocket and laid her out on his lap.

Filius squeaked, he was seeing a true familiar.

“Mr. Potter, you are going to have to send your pet home.” Minerva snapped. “The only pets allowed at Hogwarts are an owl, cat, or toad.”

“Actually she can stay Minerva.” Severus told her. “Nemesis is a true familiar. In the Hogwarts charter it says that all familiars are welcome regardless of size, age, or species. So long as she is not a danger to the students it is actually illegal to separate them. And Hadrian has had Nemesis for over a year. She is very kind and gentle, Hadrian’s little sisters love to play with her.”

“Nemesis wouldn’t hurt anyone, unless they tried to hurt her or me first. And she isn’t even the only familiar here.” Hadrian said.

“What do you mean Mr. Potter-Black?” Fillius questioned. As far as he knew none of the other students had familiars.

“I sat on the train with two other boys with true familiars. Nemesis wanted to visit with them.” Hadrian yawned as he continued to pet Nem. “Neville Longbottom, who was sorted into Hufflepuff has a storm bear named Demeter. Draco Malfoy, who was Sorted into Slytherin, has a sky leopard named Tyche. And Nemesis is a kitsune.”

“How delightful. Three true familiars in the school at the same time. I don’t think I have ever heard of anything like this happening before.” Filius noticed just how tired the boy was becoming. “Now, if you don’t mind Albus, Minerva, I have to take Mr. Potter-Black to the tower and give my usual welcome speech to my students. And I think, you too Severus, have a house meeting to attend.”

Hadrian slipped Nem back into his pocket, said a polite farewell to the others in the office, and he, his papa, and Flitwick left the office. Severus hugged Hadrian good night, and they went their separate ways. Severus down to the dungeons, and Hadrian and Flitwick up to the Ravenclaw tower.


When Hadrian and Flitwick walked into the common room they were bombarded with questions. The rest of the house was furious that Hadrian might have gotten in trouble when he didn’t do anything wrong. Flitwick calmed them all down when he announced that Hadrian wasn’t in any trouble.

Hadrian looked around the common room. It was beautiful. Large arching windows allowed for amazing views of the Black Lake, the Forbidden Forest, the herbology gardens, and the quidditch pitch. The large circular room was decorated in varied shades of blue. There were plenty of large fluffy couches and chairs. There were shelves of books placed all around. Off to one side was a room full of desks that looked like a study room. The most stunning thing though, was the high vaulted dome ceiling that shone with stars.

Since they were already running late, due to the waste of time the headmaster had arranged, Flitwick quickly went through the introduction. He explained the basic rules of the school and the house, and told them they would be getting their class schedules and appointment time for their health check the next day. After answering a few questions he told the first years he would schedule the meetings he always held with them soon and that it was time for them to head to bed.


Hadrian and the other 5 boys in his year followed Percy up to their dorm rooms. On the right was the name plaque of four of the boys, and the left door held Hadrian’s name, and the name of Theo Nott-Davis.

“Why do you two get your own room?” Anthony Goldstein asked. “Shouldn’t it be three and three?”

“You’ve taken up your families title haven’t you?” Hadrian asked Theo, who nodded shyly. “That’s why. He’s taken up his lordship, and I’ve taken up my lordships. Lords and Ladies are required to have separate rooms. I assume we were put together because we are both titled, in the same house, and in the same year. We have access to the same information.”

“I don’t get it.” Terry Boot said. “Why does you two having titles mean you get special treatment?”

“It’s not really special treatment.” Percy told the other boys, he didn’t want this to cause a fight between them. “There room is just like yours, it’s just they can’t stay in with you. As Lords they are required to do paperwork and go over laws for the Wizengamot even if they use proxies to vote. A lot of that information is confidential. Two years ago one of the girls in Gryffindor took up her Ladyship. She had all kinds of information in her room and one of her housemates snuck into her room and made copies. They gave the information to a so called journalist named Rita Skeeter.

The information was taken out of context. There were also some court transcripts in the file and she gave out the names of a few people that had testified under a secrecy ward. It almost got them killed. Ever since then all Lords and Ladies currently attending the school are required, both by school rule and a new law, to have separate rooms that are sealed. Only Professor Flitwick, as head of house, and the seventh year prefects can enter their rooms, and only in the case of an emergency.

A lot of the Lords and Ladies at the school actually complain about it because they aren’t able to stay with their friends.”

“Oh, ok. That makes sense.” Michael Corner said. He had been jealous that the other boys got a private room, but it made sense that government documents would need to be protected. He also wouldn’t want to be isolated like the other boys were being. He was glad that he would be able to share his room with the others, it would be like an extended sleepover.

Once that was settled the boys separated and went into their rooms. Hadrian looked around and saw that their room had views of the Black Lake and the Forbidden Forest. It made him sad to see the Black Lake, he knew his family was in a house on the other side. 

The room had a sitting area with two desks and couches and  like the common room, was circular, and decorated in blues with a ceiling showing the night sky. There were two doors on opposite sides of the room that led into bedrooms, and another door that led into the bathroom.

“Hi.” Came Theo’s shy voice. “I’m Theo.”

“I’m Hadrian.” Hadrian smiled at him. “Draco’s told me a lot about you.”

“Oh, so your the friend he would go a visit.”

“He’s my cousin of sorts.”

“Of sorts?”
“I was blood adopted by my godfathers and they arranged for me to be blood adopted too. One of my blood adopted godfathers is Narcissa’s cousin, and one of my other parents, Uncle Sev, is Draco’s godfather. Were also related through my birth fathers mother. So we just decided to call each other cousins and leave it at that.”

Theo laughed at the complicated web of relations between Hadrian and his friend, Draco.

“Oh, I hope that you don’t have any problems with animals. I have an owl named Hedwig, and I doubt she will be content staying in the owlery. She can be a little high maintenance. I also have Nemesis, she’s my kitsune familiar.” Hadrian pulled the now sleeping Nem from his pocket to show her to his new roommate.

“No, I love animals. I have a kneazle named Nettle.” Theo pointed to a large fluffy cat laying on the couch that had the look of a birman. “I’m going to assume she’s a true familiar, like Tyche, based on the wings.”



Godric’s Hollow

Lily Evans was just getting ready for bed when Albus Dumbledore himself came storming into her little cottage. She followed him down to the basement where she kept James Potter.

Before she could do or say anything, the killing curse was thrown at the unconscious man.

“Albus!” Lily almost screamed. “What did you do? How am I supposed to get pregnant with a potter child if he is dead?”

“There is no longer a need for him.” Killing James had not given him the calm he had been hoping for. Instead, it just reminded him of everything he had lost.

“What do you mean?”

“That… Fool arranged for Black and his wolf to blood adopt the boy when he was a baby, and they arranged for Severus and Sebastian Peverell to also adopt the brat. If the boy had died without an heir then the closest living relative could take the estate, but since he was blood adopted, the money will go to them and not us, regardless if you have a child or not.”

“So what am I supposed to do now?” Lily really didn’t want to have to work. She had enjoyed being able to do whatever she wanted these past few years.

“I have a new job for you my dear. Severus has recently married Lord Sebastian Peverell. I am going to need you to get between the two of them and split them up. Once they are separated I will deal with Severus and their daughter, and you will be there to console Sebastian. The two of you shall marry and have a child. That way, when the Potter boy dies to save us all, you will be able to claim everything. I will arrange for you to join the staff as soon as possible”

Lily smiled. Sure, she didn’t want to have to work, but if she could become Lady Peverell, it would be worth it. After all, she would be a much better match for the handsome Lord Peverell than Severus.


Hogwarts, September 2, 2001

Sunday morning Hadrian woke up laying curled in one of the chairs in the sitting room. Theo was sprawled out on the couch across from him. 

The night before both boys had tried to sleep, but they were both homesick. Hadrian had eventually given up and went to sit in the sitting room to stare at the fire for a while when he heard a few soft sobs from Theo’s room. He had invited the boy to come and sit with him.

Dobby had brought them some hot coco, and the boys had talked until they finally managed to fall asleep. Theo had even confessed about what had happened with his father, which had prompted Hadrian to admit to what had happened to him at the Dursley’s. The boys felt a lot more comfortable with each other after that.

Hadrian realized that the reason he had woken was because he was starving. He got up and took a shower. Seeing Theo still asleep, he went and woke him, asking if he wanted to go down for breakfast. Theo agreed and quickly showered before they went down to the great hall together.

The hall was just starting to fill up when they arrived. Since it’s was still the weekend everyone was calm and relaxed. It was almost 10 and many students still hadn’t made it to breakfast yet.

Hadrian and Theo sat down across from each other at the end of the table and started dishing up their breakfast. Even after all the talking they did the night before they were still getting to know one another.

When Draco came in a few minutes later, he came over and sat next to Theo, Blaise Zabini joined them and sat on the other side. Only a few moments after that, the Weasley twins came bounding in and took their place on either side of Hadrian. Neville was the last of their little group of friends to come in and join them, sitting next to Fred. 

On weekends the students were free to sit at different house tables. They only had to sit with their own house during week days and for feasts.

Neville had been up earlier, but he had gone down to the greenhouse to look at all the plants. He had wanted to see if he would be able to use a small area to set up his own plants that he had brought with him. Professor Sprout had been extremely excited to see the variety of plants that Neville had brought with him. Many of his plants had come from the different countries Hadrian had lived in. Sprout was happy to let him have his own little section, so long as he looked after his own plants on his own and didn’t damage any of the others, also, if he was willing to let her take cuttings of a few of them so that she could add them to her own collection.

Once they were all sitting they heard a few gasps. Looking up, Hadrian saw Hedwig flying towards him. Many of the girls in the hall started whispering about how beautiful she was. When she landed Hadrian gave her a few pieces of bacon and then took the letters she had. Looking over the letters he saw one from his dad and papa, one from Siri and Remy, and a letter from each of his sisters.

After he had gotten ready for bed the night before he had used his mirror to call his family. They had all been there, wanting to make sure that he was ok, even though his papa had just been with him a little while ago. There had been plenty of tears as they talked. It reminded Hadrian of when he had been young, and he had used this very mirror to call his papa who was at the school. Looking around, he noticed other owls dropping off letters to his friends.

Breakfast was a joyful affair, making Hadrian feel better about being away from his family for a little while. Just as they were finishing up Flitwick came along and gave Hadrian and Theo their schedules and the time for their health checks. 

Hadrian looked over his schedule. Each morning he would have 3, hour long lectures. There were 2-hour lessons after lunch every day for the classes that required practical lessons, transfiguration, charms, herbology, potions, and DADA. There would be an hour long lecture after the practicals, but four of those each week were for the optional classes. There were also a 2-hour long astronomy lesson from 10pm-midnight on Friday, every other week.

The health checks were conducted starting with the first years, and went up from there, but they were also done in alphabetic order, so Hadrian’s appointment wouldn’t be until the next weekend.

Everyone was just talking about going to explore the school for a while when Hadrian felt someone watching him. Letting his eye slide down the length of the staff table he saw who was looking at him. As he suspected, both Dumbledore and McGonagall were observing him and his friends with a frown on their faces.

He wasn’t about to waste his time on them, so he and his friends got up to leave.


Albus was furious that the boy wasn’t what he wanted him to be. He was supposed to be shy and mouldable. But, no. 

This boy that sat in front of him was calm and happy. He was already forming friendships with those in other houses, including two Slytherin’s. He was also in the wrong house. He was supposed to be a stupid Gryffindor, running off into danger at the drop of a hat, not a Ravenclaw that would ask too many questions.

Then there was his connection to Severus. How dare his spy blood adopt the boy.

He was going to have to meet with his pawns later to rework his plans. They were supposed to find him on the train. They were supposed to make him trust them. They were supposed to help make him go to Gryffindor.

Once back in his office he summoned one of the elves and ordered it to deliver a message to his two pawns.


Gryffindor Tower

Hermione Granger was annoyed. She and Ron had agreed that they would meet and go down for breakfast in the morning. They would make sure that they sat with Potter to make everyone think they were friends.

But Ronald hadn't come down yet.

She watched as the other boys from his dorm came down and left. They all told her the same thing. He’s asleep.

Eventually, when there was only half an hour left of breakfast, she reached her limit.

Knowing that the dorm room would be empty, she had watched all the other boys leave after all, she stormed up the stairs. Only one of the beds still had the curtains closed. She threw them open and saw Ron sprawled out and snoring.

After shaking him and hitting him didn’t cause the red head to wake, she threw a few stinging hexes, becoming stronger each time. That did the job.

Ron woke with a shriek. Looking over he saw an enraged Hermione standing in his room, looking down at him. “Merlin hell, Hermione. I was sleeping. Why are you in here?”

“You said we were going to breakfast together remember?”

“It’s way to early, we’ll go get breakfast later.” Ron did not like getting up before noon, especially on the weekend.  

“Breakfast ends in half an hour.” 

“WHAT!” Ron jumped out of bed and started to head for the door. “Who ends breakfast so early.”

“Ronald!” Ron turned to look at the angry girl. “You need to get dressed. You aren’t allowed to go to breakfast in your pyjamas. And, it’s not early, its almost 11.”

“Like I said, early. Fine I’ll get dressed. Honestly who makes up rules like this. I always eat breakfast in my pyjamas. 

Hermione just rolled her eyes and left the room to wait in the common room. The last thing she wanted to see was Ronald Weasley getting changed.


Finally, they made it down to breakfast. Ron was panicked since he barely had any time left to eat, there was no way that he would be able to get a proper meal. Hermione decided that she was better off to look around the hall for Potter. The view of Ron eating was nauseating. 

But she couldn’t see him. She thought he was probably still asleep.

Professor McGonagall came and passed out their schedules. As Hermione was looking over her schedule, she noticed a note appearing on the table in front of her.

Just as she was grabbing the note, the food disappeared. Ron started to whine about how it was unfair to take his food away. Hermione looked over the note from the headmaster asking them both up to his office.

Grabbing hold of Ron, she dragged him away. She didn’t want to leave the headmaster waiting any longer than they had too.

They arrived at the headmasters office and were invited in. Taking their seats, the headmaster offered them lemon drops, which Ron happily grabbed a handful of.

“You wanted to see us headmaster?” Hermione asked.

“Yes my dear. I was wondering why you didn’t sit with Mr. Potter on the train and ensure he went to Gryffindor?” Albus asked in a soft voice.

“He was hiding.” Ron grumbled.

“We tried headmaster. Ron and I both started searching the train from opposite ends. But the prefects interrupted. Someone lied to them and said we were causing problems, we think it was some Slytherins that were being mean to Ron.” Hermione saw the perfect opportunity. “The prefects just wouldn’t listen. They locked us in the compartment across the hall from theirs and wouldn’t let us leave.”

Albus sat back in his chair. This was not what he wanted to hear. “I will deal with the prefects my dear. Now, we are going to need to change our plans a bit. The Potter boy is already making friends with others, and we can’t have that. You will need to work on isolating him.

I have arranged for him to get a potions regiment which should help to make sure that he isn’t swayed to the dark. It may take you some time to gain his trust, but don’t give up. You will have charms and herbology with him so try to sit next to him during every lesson you can. 

Hermione, you will need to make sure that he knows he can rely on you for help with his homework. Ron, you need to make sure he comes to you to have fun. You are to be his best friend. Be there for him when he needs you, make him trust you with his secrets. Can you both do that for me?”

“Yes headmaster.” They both dutifully replied.


Hadrian’s day was spent with old friends, and making new friends. He knew that last time, he had been so isolated that no one really knew him well enough to believe him when he told them Voldemort was back. This time, he was going to make sure he knew as many people as possible so they wouldn’t believe every rumour that someone tried to spread about him. He wanted to make friends in every house, even Gryffindor, so that he would have contacts in every house.

Lunch was spent surrounded by a large group of students. He had caught sight of an angry Hermione and Ron, but they couldn’t get anywhere close to him. Hadrian wore a blinding smile after that.

When time came for dinner, Hermione and Ron did manage to get closer, but he was still kept away from them by a core group of people.

The twins had spent the entire day keeping him between them. Hadrian didn’t even try to stop them, he liked being with them.

As evening drew in, Hadrian pulled the twins away and into a secret passage. He knew that Neville and Draco would ensure that no one followed them.

“Hadrian?” George asked

“What’s going on?” Fred asked along with his brother.

“I wanted to give you two this.” Hadrian handed over a copy of the marauders map.

The twins gave him a confused look and he smiled. “I figure you have a copy of the map, but this is the updated version. The one that Filch had was just a test copy.”

The twins grinned down at the new map. Hadrian walked them through how to use it. It used the same passwords, and had many of the same features, but the newer copies could do even more.

He showed them how you could search fore a specific person. With a password you could open up an image and watch different area’s. And it was even possible to hear what was going on. He showed them all this by searching out Percy, who was in the library, and letting them watch and listen to him mutter to himself as he searched for a book he wanted. The twins thought it was hysterical.

The newer map also had even more secret passages.

“But Hadrian,”

“How did you,”

“Get this?”

“And what happened,”

“To Wormtail?” This new copy of the map had Wormtail replaced with someone called Shadow.
“Well,” Hadrian smiled at the two, he knew they were going to get excited, and probably a little angry. “Prongs was my dad, Moony and Padfoot are my god fathers. Remus Lupin is Moony, and Sirius Black is Padfoot. 

As for the whole Wormtail, Shadow thing. Wormtail was Peter Pettigrew but he betrayed the marauder code long before he became a death eater. So, he was banished. Shadow was another marauder, he is actually one of my blood adopted parents, none other than Severus Prince-Peverell, but don’t let him know you know. 

He only respects pranksters that don’t get caught. When I was younger he always used to tell me that if I could pull off a prank and there was no evidence left behind than I wouldn’t get into trouble. But if I left evidence then I deserved to be punished. But, to be fair, my punishment was usually to be pranked, so…”

The twins happily accepted the new map, they would give their old copy to Lee. They couldn’t believe that their soul mate was the heir to marauder glory. This map would also make it easier to spy on the betrayers and protect their little mate.


Lake Cottage

As Hadrian was working on making friends the rest of his family was trying not to go to the school and kidnap him. They all missed him so much.

Although the adults knew that it was a part of growing up, that he was going to have to attend school and leave them one day, they still didn’t like it. Frank and Alice weren’t much better. They wanted their little Neville back. Both Narcissa and Lucius were struggling too.

All of the families had gathered in the sitting room of the little house that Severus and James had gotten to stay in while Severus was teaching.

It was a lovely little cottage with a small backyard with a little garden in it. There was a small section of wood on either side that separated them from the houses on the other sides. The back porch offered a perfect view of Hogwarts across the lake. 

James, Sev, Sirius and Remus had sat out on the back porch and stared at the tower that they knew now housed their son. They missed their little boy.

Severus was actually excited for classes to start. His very first class on Monday morning was first year potions with the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. He would get to see his son then.

They had just finished lunch when the floo had chimed. Looking at the plaque next to the fire they saw it was Filius Flitwick so they had allowed him in.

Filius had been stunned when he saw so many people gathered in one little cottage. Then he had seen just who it was. They all had children that had just started their first year. He thought it was nice that they were supporting each other.

When the four little girls had greeted him in flawless gobbledygook he had just stared. It had been surprising to learn from Severus that these little girls had managed to charm Chief Ragnock and his wife enough for them to be willing to allow the girls to learn their language. Goblins usually didn’t allow outsiders to learn their language.

Severus had also given him a note from Chief Ragnock informing him that he was to assist Hadrian Potter-Black, Neville Longbottom, and Draco Malfoy in their independent study of the goblin language. If they came to him with questions, he was to answer any questions, within reason.

Filius spent over an hour with the mix and match of friends and relatives that formed one big, happy family, that was missing three of their own.


The Burrow

Arthur had received his usual letter from Percy and the twins during breakfast. They told him all about the train ride and Ron’s sorting. He was happy that Ron got the house he wanted, but he was disappointed that he had already gotten in trouble for bullying.

Molly had been thrilled when Arthur had told her that her precious Ronnie was in Gryffindor. Though, it wasn’t like he could be in any other house. She just waved away the silly claim that her baby was a bully. It must have just been some snake trying to make her baby boy look bad.


Ron’s own letter didn’t arrive until dinner. When Molly read it she was furious. 

How dare Percy lock her baby boy in a compartment and keep him away from his best friend, Harry Potter. Now the boy had been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Ravenclaw was no place for the boy-who-lived. Now how were they supposed to get her Ginny together with him. Her Ginny was going to be in Gryffindor. The plan had been to only use the marriage contract as a last resort. It was there just to force them over the last hurdle, many young men were just a little shy of commitment. There was no doubt in Molly’s mind that once they were married the boy would realize just how lucky he was. Her baby was perfect. She was beautiful, and smart, and would make the perfect Lady Potter.

She was just going to have to make sure Percy knew that she wasn’t about to let him use his prefect badge to pick on her baby. After Arthur had gone out to his shed to play with his muggle trash she went into her room and pulled out a sheet of howler paper.


Upstairs Ginny was in her room looking through her Harry Potter scrapbook. Ever since she was little her mother had been telling her all about him and how they would one day be married. She couldn’t wait to meet him.

She still couldn’t believe that she hadn’t gotten to see him before he got onto the train. It was Ron’s fault that they had missed him. If he had just gotten up and gotten ready like she had then she would have gotten to meet her fiancé.

Now she was going to have to wait until next year. Grrr, she didn’t want to have to wait that long. She should be allowed to see him whenever she wanted, they were going to get married after all.

And, now he was a Ravenclaw. He was suppose to be a Gryffindor. They were supposed to be the perfect Gryffindor couple. But now she was going to have to make new plans. Did she go to Gryffindor and then make Harry change houses, or did she go to Ravenclaw.

Ginny knew from what her parents had said when Percy and the twins had been sorted into the wrong houses that they couldn’t switch until they were in their third year. This meant that if she went to Ravenclaw she would have to wait to switch too. But, if she went to Gryffindor, then she would have to wait for two years before she could force Harry to come and be with her.

She didn’t want to go to Ravenclaw, but she also didn’t want to have to be separated from Harry for so long. 

Ginny decided to think about it later and went back to looking at all the stuff in her scrapbook. She was going to have to get Ron to get her a picture of Harry, all she had right now was drawings of what everyone thought he would look like since he had been hidden away.


Potions (Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff) - September 3, 2001

Hadrian was almost bouncing in his seat. He was going to get to see his papa. Sure, he had seen him up at the staff table during breakfast, but it wasn’t the same. Not that it would be the same as it was when they had been living in the tent.

Severus strode into the class, his robes billowing. He smiled slightly when he saw his son sitting at one of the tables with Neville. He had known that those two would team up in his class. 

Neville had gotten better in potions over the years, but he was still hesitant and unsure. Where as, Hadrian, loved to experiment. He didn’t have what it took to become a potions master, he didn’t like following directions precisely, but he was still skilled enough to do well in the class. Hadrian was brilliant at figuring out how to fix mistakes so he still managed to brew well made potions even if they were a little different.

When he had first started teaching he had had the students start by brewing a simple boil cure potion to test their natural talent. After all the time he had spent with Hadrian, Draco, and Neville talking about what they were doing, he knew better. He had no intention of letting any of these dunderheads into his lab until they had at least learned basic lab safety and ingredient interactions. They wouldn’t be using the lab until October at the earliest, and that was only if the students could pass a basic quiz.

He started his lesson by going down the rows asking basic questions from the first year book. He found himself mildly please with the answers. Most of the students were able to answer the questions, and only a few had some issues, but their answers were close. This class showed potential. Before they left, he assigned a half foot on the way to properly set up a cauldron.


Herbology, Greenhouse 1 (Ravenclaw/Gryffindor)

Hadrian sighed as he headed to herbology. He really wasn’t looking forward to this class. It was with the Gryffindors. Granger and Weasley were going to try and get close to him.

To avoid them he made sure that he was standing in between Theo and one of the other Ravenclaw boys, Nox. Leronox, or Nox, as he preferred, was one of the children of Knockturn that had gotten accepted to Hogwarts under James’s new policies. His family owned a small restaurant that sold international magical cuisine.

Thankfully, Theo had been in the compartment when Ron had started declaring they were best friends. He had asked Hadrian about it at the end of potions, and Hadrian had taken great joy in telling him, and all the other first year Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, that he had never even met the boy. Theo and Nox had decided to put Hadrian between the two of them to protect him from a clear stalker.

Like he had expected, as soon as the boys sat down at one of the tables, Hermione and Ron pushed their way over and took two of the other three seats. Theo and Nox just looked at each other. They knew they had made the right decision to protect their house mate.

“Hey Harry, good to see you mate.” Ron said as one of the other first year Gryffindors joined them. Each table held 6 students, three on each side.

“I’m sorry, but do I know you?” Hadrian made sure to keep his voice light and quizzical when all he wanted to do was hurt those two. “And my name is Hadrian, not Harry.”

Before Ron could say anything, Hermione kicked him in the shin. “I’m Hermione Granger, and this is Ron Weasley. It’s just every one has always called you Harry.”

Hadrian raised an eyebrow. “No one calls me Harry. My name, is Hadrian, and that is what people call me.”

Before either of them could say anything else, Professor Sprout came in and started the lesson. Hermione snapped to attention and started scribbling down every word the woman said. Ron just kept looking at Hadrian, even trying to get his attention a few times until Sprout took away 2 points for talking during her lecture after a few warnings. 

After spending the first half hour of the lecture block on an actual lecture, Sprout set them to work planting a small herb garden that the students would be responsible for looking after for the rest of the year. Pomona loved her subject, but she felt that it was more hands on then most others, at least for the first years. 

Since the students wouldn’t be dealing with anything dangerous they didn’t need to spend hours going over safety and proper handling techniques. Because of this she only used about half of her two hours worth of lecture time per week on actual lectures. Preferring to use the rest for the students to do the work.

Hadrian watched out of the corner of his eye as Hermione planted her herbs with near militaristic like precision, while Ron just started throwing things into the pot. Hadrian was far more careful. He had learned from Neville that some plants should be separated, and that some plants needed more room because of how their roots grew. He gave a few pointers to the others when they asked him why he was putting plants in different places, they were especially curious as to why he put the wormwood in a completely different pot.

Hermione just huffed as she heard what he was telling the others, she had read all of the school books for the next few years and knew that none of that was in there. They needed to get closer to Harry, and prove that she was smarter. 

Then she heard a soft yip, and a fox popped it’s head up over Harrys shoulder. “What are you doing with a fox, Harry? You know you can’t have one. They aren’t on the approved pets list. It’s going to have to leave.”

Hadrian just looked at her blandly. he had finished his planting so he cleaned off his hands and pulled Nem out of his hood and started to pet her. “First off, my name is Hadrian, not Harry. Second, Nemesis isn’t an it, she is a she. Third, she isn’t a fox, she is a kitsune. And fourth, she isn’t a pet, she is a familiar, that is completely different.”

Hermione didn’t like any of what he was saying. He wasn’t allowed to have something like that and she knew it. She put up her hand, and once Professor Sprout came over she told her that Harry had an unsanctioned pet.

Sprout looked over at the little kitsune, she had been told all about her, Tyche, and Demeter by Neville the first day, he had wanted to let her know that he had a familiar.

“Ah, yes. Neville mentioned her to me, Nemesis, right?” Hadrian nodded at her. “Nemesis, as a familiar, is allowed at the school miss Granger. Now, Mr. Potter-Black, would you care to explain why you planted the wormwood in a different pot?”

“Because wormwood is high in absinthe, which is toxic to other plants, and pleas, call me Hadrian.”

“Correct. 2 points to Ravenclaw Hadrian.”

By the time class ended Hadrian was actually in a good mood. The two traitors had made a few more attempts to befriend him, but he had been able to block them without issue, and make sure that the others in class all knew that he not only didn’t know either of them, but that he also didn’t like them.

Lily Moon, who had been the other Gryffindor that sat with them smiled to herself. Ron and Hermione had spent the past few days since they arrived at the school going on and on about Hadrian, and how they were his best friends. They had even less than subtly threatened them all to stay away from him because he was their friend. She couldn’t wait to tell the others the truth. She knew that they would have all heard bits and pieces, but she was the only one that had heard it all. Lavender and Pavarti had already proven themselves to be gossips, she would have to make sure they knew that Potter-Black hadn’t even known who either of them were.

Ron and Hermione were annoyed. Ron, because Harry just wasn’t who he was supposed to be. Harry was supposed to be a Gryffindor and his best friend, not some dark wizard. He also couldn’t stop looking at that freaky fox of his, he knew he had heard something about something like that before, but he just couldn’t place it. Hermione hated that he had gotten points for some stupid little thing while she hadn’t gotten any. There was also that fox, he shouldn’t be allowed to break the rules.


Potions (Gryffindor/Slytherin)

Severus forced himself not to snarl as he saw Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley enter his classroom. He knew that they were still just children, but they were a danger to his son.

He started off his lesson just like he had with the one earlier that day, by asking a few questions after taking roll. 

Very quickly he became annoyed. He was going up and down the rows asking each student a question, but if it took more than a second for the student to answer, the Granger girl would start waving her hand around in the air, almost practically jumping out of her seat. If the student struggled even slightly, she would shout out the answer. After giving her three warnings he started taking away points every time she shouted out. Ronald Weasley just made things worse for Gryffindor by starting to mutter about how he was only doing it because he was a slimy snake.

Needless to say, Gryffindor lost a lot of points because of those two.

When the class ended he gave them the same assignment as he had given the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuffs. He made sure to tell them not only the minimum length, but also a maximum, and to point out that he had posted the board mandated marking scheme at the back of the room. 

After dismissing the class, most of the Gryffindors left immediately, while all of the Slytherins went to the marking scheme and copied it down. He was glad that at least half of the class might be able to do well.


Charms (Ravenclaw/Gryffindor) - September 3, 2001

Hadrian sighed as Ron and Hermione sat down in their first charms lesson. This was going to be annoying. Ron was sitting on his right, and Hermione was sitting to Rons right. The only good thing was that Theo was sitting on his other side so they couldn’t put him between them.

Nem moved from his hood to one of her many special pockets. She chose the one on his left side. Hadrian smirked as he felt Nem’s dislike for the two Gryffindors.

Since this was a double session that was meant to serve as a practical period, Flitwick only spent the first hour giving them a lecture. While they had been taking notes, Hermione had kept shooting Hadrian’s quill nasty looks. While many in the class were writing with rather large feather quills and an open pot of ink, Hadrian was using a fountain pen that had actually been designed by Arthur Weasley’s team at JT. Percy had told him that he had had his own set but didn’t think they would be allowed at school, Hadrian just pointed out that there were no rules against them.

The pen was charmed to have a years supply of ink in the cartridge, and the ink was spelled to dry instantly to avoid smearing. Hadrian knew that over half of the Ravenclaws had already sent out orders for their own.

But Hermione seemed to be taking his pen as a personal insult. Hadrian could only wonder why she thought he would let her dictate his life.

When the lecture came to an end, and Flitwick set them to work practicing the wand movements to levitate a feather Hermione finally snapped when Hadrian pulled out his wand.

“That isn’t a proper wand.”

Hadrian just looked at her.

“Yeah mate, what’s wrong with your wand? It looks different.” Ron added, his eyes caught on the jewel at the end of the handle, he wanted that.

“It’s my wand. It looks exactly like it was designed to look.” Hadrian told them before he turned back to keep practicing.

“But wands don’t look like that. Why does it have a jewel in it. There’s no need to brag about having money by putting diamonds on your wand, it will just make it unbalanced.” Hermione said haughtily.

“Is there a problem over here?” Flitwick asked them.

“Not really, Granger just seems to think she gets to dictate what my wand should look like.” Hadrian told him.

“Professor, his wand isn’t right. Just look at it. It’s different colours and he’s had jewels added to it. That’s just going to unbalance it and make his spells uncontrolled.” Hermione’s voice held a whine to it.

Flitwick looked at the wand in the young boys hand and drew in a breath. he could feel the power emanating from it. “Ms. Granger, Mr. Potter-Black’s wand is none of your business. His wand looks like it does because it has two different types of wood. And that jewel is called a focus stone. Some people require them in their wands. If this is the wand Mr. Potter-Black has, then I can only assume that it is the wand that selected him. It is not up to you which wand he has. Now, back to work.”

“But sir, what about his pen. We are supposed to use quills, not pens. it says so in Hogwarts: A History?” Hermione really wanted to gain some control over the boy. Maybe she could give him lessons on how to use a proper quill.

Flitwick looked over the pen like quill that Hadrian had. He thought it was ingenious and was going to see about getting his own. “There is no rule against using a quill like his. You are only required to use feather quills that the school supplies during exams. Now, Ms. Granger, start practicing. Or I will have to start deducting points.”

Hermione spent the rest of the lesson huffing every time she looked at Hadrian’s wand. Neither she or Ron really spent any time practicing their movements.


Charms (Ravenclaw/Gryffindor) - September 6, 2001

Hadrian almost ran down the hall as he headed for the charms classroom. He knew that he was going to be almost half an hour early, but he needed to get away. Hermione and Ron had been following him around and annoying him since their herbology lesson their first day. They kept pretending like they were all good friends. 

Hermione had even started lecturing him about how he needed to send Nem away, that he needed to use a proper quill, and trying to give him a study schedule. She had practically demanded that he give her is assignments so that she could go over them. Ron kept demanding that he play chess with him. He also kept going on about quidditch.

The first week of school hadn’t even ended and they were driving him crazy.

Filius Flitwick raised a bushy eyebrow when he saw one of his ravens coming into class so early. “Is there a problem Mr. Potter-Black?”
Before Hadrian could respond Theo and Nox came into the room, not noticing the professor.

“Their coming. They saw you leave. We saw her grabbing him and trying to force him away from his food, so we came to warn you. They will be here soon.” Nox huffed out.

“Boys? Who’s coming?” Flitwick asked. He didn’t like how this was sounding. Three of his students had had to leave a meal early. One, to avoid someone, and the other two to warn him.

“It’s…” Before Hadrian could get any further, Hermione and Ron came barging into the room.

“Oh, hi guys. We didn’t realize any one would be here already.” Hermione said in a fake happy voice.

Theo and Nox had no idea how to answer the professors question now, but Hadrian smiled slightly.

“It’s them. They follow me everywhere.” Hadrian said in flawless gobbledegook. “All they do is harass my friends and I while trying to separate me from others. One of the other lions, named after a white flower, told me that they had been making up stories about how I was their friend and that I didn’t want to have to deal with anyone other than them so they should all just stay away from me.

Bushy has even tried to take my furry little friend from me, saying that I had to get rid of her because she wasn’t allowed at the school.” 

Hadrian had to make sure that he didn’t use any proper names, because those didn’t translate.

Filius was surprised by all of that. Not only that Hadrian was so skilled with the goblin language, but what he had said. The idea of someone trying to take away someone else familiar, let alone a true familiar, was unthinkable. “I was told that the three of you were best friends and that I should group the three of you together during assignments to protect you.”

“I didn’t even know their names until plant class on the first day of classes. My best friends have furry friends like me. But I also like my raven classmates, but I don’t know any of the lions well enough to make a judgment, but from the ones I’ve met, other than these two, I like them well enough. It’s just these two that won’t leave me alone.”

“I will ensure that you are kept away from them.” Filius told him, already reworking the seating plan he had made up, as well as the groups for any group assignment they did.

“Thank you sir.” Hadrian was happy that he would be able to get away from them and they couldn’t even link it back to him.

“What kinda language is that?” Ron, who still hadn’t gotten over the fact that he had been dragged away from his food, was confused. That sounded like a stupid language.

“It’s gobbledegook, I wanted the professors help with a problem that I’ve been having with the tenses.” Hadrian said, giving an excuse for he and the professor speaking in the language.

“Wow. I didn’t even know a language like that existed. You will have to teach me it.” Hermione thought this would be perfect. If she got him to teach her the language, they would have to spend a lot of time together. Not that she really wanted to learn such a disgusting guttural language. Goblins were just violent creatures after all.

“He can’t do that Ms. Granger. The only way to learn gobbledegook is with special permission from the goblin king. If he even attempted to teach you a single word he would be subject to goblin justice.” Filius told the demanding child.

Hermione was once again annoyed. Who were those creatures to say what she could and couldn’t learn. She was just going to have to force Harry to teach her.


When the lesson started, Filius assigned the students to their desks. The students were arranged so that it was a Gryffindor, then a Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw. It would be a good way to keep the two of them away from his raven without anyone being able to accuse him of creating division between the houses.

He put Hadrian in between Lily Moon, since Hadrian had mentioned talking to her, and Seamus Finnigan. The irishman seemed laidback enough not to annoy the boy.

Ron was furious as he sat next to two stupid Ravenclaws. He was supposed to be sitting next to his best friend. Why was everyone keeping him from his best friend?


Hospital Wing - September 8, 2001

Hadrian went in for his health scan the weekend after they arrived, just like he was supposed to. He had already had his meeting with Professor Flitwick. They had discussed his issues with Granger and Weasley, but other than that, everything was fine.

“Mr. Potter-Black. My name is Healer Forsythe. I will be conducting a full health scan. It will show your full medical history, from the day you were born until today. Do you understand?” A short, slightly round man with thinning hair said.

“Yes. Um… You can’t tell anyone anything I tell you, right?”

“I will have to report it if you are in danger, but other than that, everything you say to me will be kept confidential. I had to take binding oaths when I became a healer. Is there something you need to tell me about?” As a healer that had identified many abused children over the past few years he knew how important it was to get a child to talk. Not all abuse was strictly physical.

“Um… When I was little I was in a bad home. I ran away when I was five. I’ve been living with my godfathers since then.” Hadrian told him.

Healer Forsythe nodded. Casting the scanning spell, he waited until the scan was complete, then he looked at it. He saw instantly what Hadrian had been telling him. There was evidence of severe malnutrition and abuse starting from just after Samhain 1991, until March 1996. But, since then, the scan showed that the boy had been well cared for and there was no residual physical issues caused by the abuse. The only things on the scan after 1996 were typical for a child. There were a few childhood illnesses and a few bumps and scrapes, but nothing severe.

“Well, I don’t see any new issues. It is clear that your current guardians have dealt with the physical side of the abuse. But I must ask. Have you seen a mind healer? And, do you have any concerns?”

Hadrian smiled at the man, he knew he was just trying to help. “When my godfathers arranged getting my custody they went to Cecilia Perra and Edward Brown. My family has always been really open with me about what happened, and they made sure I knew I could always go to them for any issues. Whenever Cecilia and Edward came to do my home checks, Uncles Siri, Remy, Bast, and Sev, made sure that I sat down with Edward and talked through any problems. I’m ok. It will always bother me, what happened I mean, but I got through it, and I’m happy now.”

“Siri, Remy, Bast, and Sev?”

“Sirius Lupin-Black and his husband Remus Lupin-Black blood adopted me at the request of my father when I was a baby. Severus and Sebastian Prince-Peverell blood adopted me a few years ago. Their my family. So, if I’m ever brought in here you should probably call Uncle Sev first thing, they can all be a little over protective.” 

“Ok. Then there isn’t anything else we need to discuss. You are healthy and well cared for, so, my job is done. And I will make sure to call Severus if anything happens. I don’t think it would be a good idea to not inform him if anything happened to you.” Healer Forsythe didn’t want to risk getting on the bad side of Severus, he had heard horror stories about that mans temper.

Hadrian knew that he had told the healer a great deal, but he didn’t want it to look like he was holding anything back. Plus, he had ensured that if anything happened to him, and he ended up in the hospital wing, that his papa would be called right away. It would help to make sure that neither Dumbledore or his followers could do anything to him.


Staff Room - September 29, 2001

Severus went into the staff room to attend the first meeting since the new school year started. He knew this was going to be fun.

While most of his students were actually doing well, Granger and Weasley, weren’t. He assigned papers at the end of each week, and they were both struggling with them. Weasley, because he didn’t put any effort into them. And Granger, because she didn’t follow the instructions, wrote almost word for word what was in the books, and her refusal to stay within the length limits. She also kept challenging him over her grades, and wouldn’t accept what he told her. 

Severus knew that soon she would be bringing the issue in front of the board.

Albus had separated the staff meeting into two groups. The first group was the teachers that taught the first years and the fifth through seventh years. The second group was the those that taught second through fourth. It kept the meetings from being to large.

After everyone had settled down with a cup of tea, Severus taking a place between Aurora and Filius, Albus finally arrived. It seemed that he still hadn’t learned to arrive to meetings he scheduled on time while Severus was away. 

The first half of the meeting was spent on typical issues. Problem students, and any problems they were having. Eventually Minerva brought it around to the headmasters pets.

“Severus. We need to discuss how you mark. The school board has given strict guidelines for marking. You need to mark my lions the same way you mark your snakes.”

“What do you mean by that Minerva? I have been following the guidelines.” Severus wanted to ensure that she told everyone the issue she was having with his marking. It would allow others to know how and why he was handling Granger and Weasley the way he was.

“I have gotten multiple complaints about your in class behaviour and bias in marking from my lions.”

“I will assume that you mean you have been getting complaints from Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley. The reason they keep getting in trouble is because they keep yelling out and interrupting class. The reason their grades are low is because Weasley doesn’t seem to think the assignments I give are worth his time to do properly. And Ms. Granger refuses to follow the guidelines I set out. I have spoken with her multiple times when she has challenged me about her grades that if she wants to get better grades then she needs to do the assignment I give, not the one she wants.” Severus said in a cold voice.

“What is that supposed to mean.” Minerva was almost hissing like the cat she was in her animigus form. “Ms. Granger told me about how you keep yelling at her and took away points whenever she answers a question.”

“No. I have not raised my voice at her, or any other student. I have spoken to her, but never yelled.

And, yes. I have taken away points, but not because she answered a question, but because she was yelling out the answers. I have repeatedly told her that when I ask the class a question, if she knows the answer, she must raise her hand. I will not always pick her to answer a question, because there are 27 other students in the class that deserve a chance to try. She feels that she shouldn’t have to abide by that rule and shouts out the answer over anyone else that I ask.” It was taking everything Severus had to not just kick the little know-it-all out of the classroom every time she did that.

Many of the other professors voiced their agreement with Severus. They had all been having the same issues with Granger shouting out answers.

“I’m sure it is just a slight misunderstanding. Hermione is just excited to learn. We should be encouraging her, not punishing her.” Albus’s eyes were twinkling.

“A desire to learn is a good thing, but not at the expense of the other students. As I said, there are 27 other students in her potions class. I can not prioritize what she wants over what the rest need. Every other student deserves a chance to learn, just as much as she does.” Severus wasn’t about to back down.

“I must agree. We need to allow all of our students to learn, not just one. Ms. Granger needs to work on her know-it-all attitude. She even interrupted me last week during a lecture and started to lecture the class. Then she started talking back to me when I pointed out that I was the one with the mastery, not her. I have already warned her that I will be starting to take off points and giving her detentions the next time she does it.” Aurora Sinistra was not impressed by the girl.

“And the grades you have been giving her on her assignments.” Minerva knew that she wasn’t going to win on Hermione’s shouting out. She had gotten annoyed more than once herself at the girl. “She has let me read her work, and even I can tell that it is exceptional.”

“There is no denying that Ms. Granger is bright, but in her effort to prove how smart she is, she doesn’t follow instructions. The last assignment that I received from her was supposed to be an essay between 1-2 feet long, on the proper preparation of fairy wings for use in glamour potions, why they are prepared that way, and why you cant mix them with any potions that contained pixie dust. 

Instead I received 5 feet on whatever came into her mind while she was writing. There was even 7 inches on how to crush a moonstone. None of the glamour potions we were discussing even involved moonstone. In all, she had less than half a foot that actually focused on what I asked for, and she never even mentioned the pixie dust. Her inability to focus on the topic of the assignment shows a distinct lack of understanding.

Then there is her plagiarism issue. Much of her assignments are almost word for word what is in the text book. I don’t need her to quote the textbook to me, I have read it before. These assignments are to help develop critical thinking skills, but she just repeats whatever the book says, even if it’s wrong. The first year potions book, as I have pointed out before, is out of date and has multiple errors.

She can not claim ignorance of how the assignments are marked, because I posted the marking scheme on the notice board at the back of the classroom and pointed it out to the students during their first lesson. She knows what is expected of her, but she doesn’t think she should have to follow the same rules as the other students. She will not be receiving special treatment from me.

I will also say, I have informed my classes that, though my assistant and I currently read their entire assignment, after Yule, we will stop reading the excess. If I ask for an essay with a minimum of 1 foot, and a maximum of 2, then that is what I expect. If it is shorter, we will not be reading it, and if it is longer, we will put a mark at the maximum I requested, and we will not be reading beyond that point.” Everyone was staring at Severus, he normally didn’t talk that much during an entire meeting, let alone all at once.

After that, Minerva and Albus both kept trying to make excuses for the girl, but Severus wouldn’t budge. Pomona, Filius, and Aurora, all backed him up, going so far as to say they would start following some of his ideas about giving maximum lengths, as they too were already sick of her extra long essays.


Great Hall - October 31, 2001

When it came time for dinner on Samhain, Hadrian was paranoid and on edge. He had believed at the beginning of the school year that he wasn’t going to have to worry about a Voldemort possessed teacher, he was wrong.

Walking into his first DADA lesson he had been happy to have a competent teacher, but then Professor Mitchell started to speak, he had that same merlin awful stutter. Hadrian figured he knew exactly where Voldemort's spirit was.

Now, it was Samhain and he was worried about a possible troll attack. The only good thing was that his papa knew to be on guard, and they had already made plans to make sure that none of the students would be in danger.

Hadrian kept glancing from his papa up at the head table, to Fred and George, who were sitting just behind him at the Hufflepuff table. All three of them, like him, were trying to keep an eye on everything.

Over the past two months, Hadrian and the twins, had become close. For Hadrian, it felt like he had known them all his life. He couldn’t imagine his life without them there to make him smile and laugh anymore.

Fred and George had introduced him to their secret identities as Mischief and Mayhem, they even gave Hadrian his own nickname, Chaos. Hadrian had thought it was hysterical when they had given him his new name.

The three of them were also often joined by Lee, Mercury, Draco, Slither, and Neville, Wasp. Both of the boys had rolled their eyes at their nicknames. But, they did have a side benefit. While many members of staff disagreed, McGonagall and Dumbledore were convinced that inter house rivalry wouldn’t allow for the pranksters to come from different houses, so they were looking in the wrong direction whenever a new prank was being set up.

None of the pranks they pulled could be seen as bullying. They tended more towards colour changing pranks. The entire head table had even ended up in tie dyed robes for a day. It actually toned down Dumbledore’s robes.

When the twins had noticed Hadrian getting more and more worked up the closer they got to Samhain they had originally thought it was because of his parents. Hadrian hadn’t told them about his dad and papa yet, he was planning on waiting until they were away from the school, just as an extra precaution. When they had asked him, Hadrian had told them that Samhain was when Voldemort had let the troll in as a distraction. 

Since then, the twins had been just as worked up as Hadrian. They had both mentally agreed as soon as they heard this was when their little soul mate would face a troll, that they would do whatever it took to protect him. Even if he was proving himself to be exceptionally skilled. They didn’t want to take any risks with their soul mate.

Glancing over to the Gryffindor table, making sure to slide his eyes across the entire table to make it look more natural, he saw that Hermione was sitting next to Ron. Since Dumbledore had made Flitwick arrange the students so that none of the students were sitting next to someone in their own house, Hermione and Ron hadn’t had the fight that had resulted in her skipping dinner. Hadrian didn’t know if he was happy she wouldn’t get clobbered to death by a troll, or upset. 


Just as the desserts were appearing on the table, the Voldemort possessed DADA teacher, Mitchell, came running into the hall screaming about trolls in the dungeons. Hadrian had to admit, he was a better actor than Quirrell had been.

This time, when Dumbledore ordered the students back to their common rooms, Fred and George both jumped up onto the table and let of loud bangs from their wands calling for everyone to stop.

“Misters Weasley. 50 points from Hufflepuff, each. You have been told what to do, now do it, or I will start taking more points.” McGonagall shouted at them.

“Take all the points,” Fred started in a calm, yet loud voice.

“You want.” George’s voice, while similar to his twins was colder. How dare this woman yell at his twin.

“You do realize,”

“He said the trolls,

“Were in the dungeon,”

“You know,”

“The same place,”

“Both Hufflepuff and Slytherin,”

“Have their common rooms,”

“The same common rooms,”

“You just ordered us to go to?”

“Are you trying,”

“To get us killed?” Fred finished while George glared at the transfiguration professor.

“Enough of this. Students. Sit down and stay here. We will seal you in. Active casters on staff, to the dungeons. Ghosts, search the castle for any other trolls, warn any student you find to get to a safe place.” Severus ordered, making sure the students would be safe, the stronger casters would be able to deal with the trolls, and any other trolls would be found. “Oh, and Misters Weasley. 75 points to Hufflepuff, each. For quick thinking that may have just saved your classmates lives.”

With that, Severus and the stronger teachers left the hall, sealing the door behind them. As soon as the doors were sealed, the students started talking. 

Fred and George went back to their seats, spinning away from the table, Hadrian doing the same, so that they were sitting facing each other. Draco and Neville joined them. Out of the corner of his eye, Hadrian watched as Mitchell slipped out the staff entrance.


It only took the staff half an hour to round up the four trolls that had been released in the school. As big and strong as they were, they were also incredibly stupid. 

Once the staff returned the students were free to carry on. 

Much to Dumbledore’s dismay, Hadrian and the other boys headed off to join in the traditional Samhain ritual. Dumbledore did everything to discourage students from taking part.


Hogwarts, School Board Meeting Room - December 5, 2001

James was excited. Since he was already at the school, he was going to be able to spend lunch with his son. And soon, it would be Yule brake and Hadrian would be able to come home for a few weeks. He had missed his baby boy so much. He just had to get through this meeting.

James looked around the room at the other governors. He once again had plans that were going to upset the headmaster, and he couldn’t wait.

“Albus, I do have a question that I feel we must address first.” James said as soon as the meeting had been started. “How in Merlin’s name did trolls get into the school?”

“It was probably just some pranksters playing a joke my boy. There is no need to worry. It was handled.” Albus hated having this man questioning him.

“So you think, school children pulling a prank managed to make a large enough hole in the wards, in what is considered by many to be the safest place in Britain. Unless the wards are in complete disarray, there is no way even the best student in this school could do that.” James knew exactly who had done it, but he wasn’t about to tell anyone that.

Others started adding their agreement. Most were furious that trolls had gotten so close to their children. Eventually, after Dumbledore had been dressed down multiple times by angry parents, James spoke up again.

“I also feel that we need to address the privacy of the students. Would you like to explain how a reporter managed to get onto the school grounds, took photos of the students, conducted multiple interviews, and then managed to leave the school all undetected. And I am hoping that it was all undetected, because if the staff knew what was going on I will be filing a lawsuit on the school, like the ones that have already been filed against the papers that feel a child doesn’t deserve privacy.”

When Hadrian had had his first flying lesson, things had once again gotten complicated. Neville’s broom had not responded properly and rose high into the air, Neville swore that he thought the broom had been cursed. When the broom had started to shudder and jerk it had thrown Neville off. 

Hadrian, reacting to his friend being in danger, flew up and caught Neville as he fell. Once Hadrian and Neville had been back on the ground, Minerva had come out of nowhere and whisked Hadrian off to the headmasters office. Hadrian had been offered a chance to join the Ravenclaw quidditch team. He had refused. Stating that it wasn’t fair to the other first years that were barred from trying out, or to the team that had already been selected. He wasn’t going to accept special treatment.

The real issue was that, somehow, Rita Skeeter had been there when it happened. She had gotten pictures of Hadrian catching Neville, and had even managed to find out that Hadrian had refused the offer of being on the team. She had made a huge deal about it in the multiple stories that she had written for both The Daily Prophet, and Witch Weekly.

Severus and James were furious that a reporter had been on campus and was using their son to sell papers. Not only that, but they hadn’t given anyone permission to publish anything about him. There were very strict laws that dictated what you could and couldn’t report about a child. That was why both papers had already been forced to print an apology for the invasion of a minors privacy.

“Now my boy, it was just a silly little article. There is no need to make a big deal about it.” Albus had personally arranged for the ‘accident’ to occur when he knew the reporter was there. He needed everyone to see the Potter boy as a Gryffindor like hero.

“It isn’t just a silly little article. It is a clear breach of privacy for a minor. As the headmaster of this school, it is your job to provide a secure and safe environment for your students… And that means all students. There is no reason that a reporter should have been allowed on campus and around the children. It is clear there is an issue with security at this school, and I feel we must address it. I take the privacy and safety of my heir seriously. It is clear from that incident that this school has almost no defences if any random person can gain access to the campus. It could have been anyone that walked onto the grounds, what if it had been someone that wished harm on the students, there was no protection for them. I am also suggesting that the school be required to buy all new brooms, since the ones that the students are currently using are clearly unsafe.” 

After that the meeting carried on in typical fashion. Dumbledore was issued a warning about ensuring the safety and privacy of the students.

When the meeting ended, James went and found Hadrian. They spent as much time together as they could until Hadrian had to go to class. James couldn’t wait until Yule. Once his son came home he didn’t know if he would ever be able to let him go again.


Headmasters Office - December 14, 2001

Hadrian sighed as he walked up to the headmasters office, once again between his papa and Flitwick. He knew that this was going to be both fun and annoying. So far this year he had managed to stay away from his pawns, so he expected this would be something about trying to force them together. Fred and George had told him that for some reason Molly was insisting they stay at the school, but their dad was arguing with her about it. Hadrian expected this meeting to be about trying to force him to stay at the school over Yule.

Going into the office, Hadrian and Flitwick sat down in the two chairs in front of the headmasters desk, while Severus took his place against the wall, next to Phineas’s portrait.

“Ah, my boys, lemon drop?” Albus offered up the sweets. It was taking a great deal of effort not to growl. He had wanted to speak to the brat alone so that he could start spelling and potioning him, instead the brat had brought the others. 

He knew that neither of the adults would take one of his candies, they never did, but he had hoped that the brat would. The drops were coated in potions. It would have weakened the brats mind enough to let him get him to agree with whatever he said. Instead the brat refused.

“What is it we can do for you, headmaster?” Filius asked. He knew that what ever the headmaster was trying to do wasn’t going to work.

“I noticed that Harry hadn’t signed up to stay over the Christmas holidays.” Albus said.

“Why would he have? He and I will be heading home to spend Yule with our family.” Severus told the annoying old man. He wasn’t going to let this man stop his son from coming home, James would kill him, not to mention how much he would miss him too.

“I was hoping that he would stay over the holidays. You understand how dangerous it is for him. He would be much safer here.” Albus threw out a slight compulsion under the desk towards the brat.

“No, thank you headmaster.” Hadrian felt the spell brush against his magic, but his heir and lordship rings warmed up and the magic dissipated. “I have missed my family. So I will be going home.”

“Now, my boy, I feel that it is just to dangerous for you. I really think you should stay here. You must be protected, and there is nowhere safer than here.” Albus was annoyed at being denied.

“No, headmaster. Personally I don’t think this school is as safe as you claim. Just in the past few months 4 trolls and a reporter managed to get into the school and onto the grounds without anyone noticing until after. That is not what I consider safe. None of that has ever happened when I have been with my family, so… I think I am actually safer with them than I am here.” Hadrian just had to rub the old goats crooked nose in the schools lack of security.

“Detention Mr. Potter. Words have consequences. You will serve a week of detention with me during Christmas Break.” Albus hated having so many people questioning him about the schools security.

“No he will not.” Severus snapped back. “He did nothing wrong. He merely pointed out facts. You can not punish him because you don’t like having a student pointing out the shortfalls of the schools security. He will becoming home for Yule Albus, and that is final.”

“Now Severus, I really must insist. The boy must stay here.” Albus didn’t even bother to keep up his grandfather act. “He isn’t safe with people we don’t know. He must stay here. As his magical guardian, the decision is mine, and he will be staying.”

“He isn’t going to stay with people we don’t know. He is going home to his family. A family that includes me, my husband, and his godfathers.” Severus growled at him. “And you are not his magical guardian, and have not been so since his custody was assigned to us. The decisions about what happens to him is not yours to make, it is mine, and it is the right of his other fathers.”

“His custody belongs to his aunt and uncle, and they named me as his magical guardian. You and the others have effectively kidnapped him. You should be grateful that I haven’t filed charges or you and the others would all be in Azkaban. The only reason I haven’t is because of your children.” The more Albus thought about the idea, the more he liked it. Send Severus, Sebastian, Sirius and Remus to Azkaban and take custody of the children. Then he would have all of the seats, and money.

“You can try all you like, but we legally have Hadrian. Sirius and Remus are legally Hadrian’s fathers. He was never supposed to go to those people. You would actually be the one charged as you effectively kidnapped him from his family when you had him taken from Sirius and denied Remus the right to see him. Hadrian’s custody was assigned to us by Amelia Bones personally.” Severus told him with a smirk.

Albus wanted to curse his spy. How dare he deny him. He also wanted to kill James again. That stupid man, allowing the wolf and his husband to blood adopt the boy. There was nothing he could do, and he knew it. If he tried reporting them for kidnapping the brat, he would be charged and not them. Amelia had never been fond of him.

“I do say, that is enough, from both of you. There is a student here, remember.” Filius agreed wholeheartedly with Severus, but he didn’t think Hadrian should be here for this. “Severus, Hadrian doesn’t need to be here for this. Why don’t you take your son and go and relax.

And Albus, you are a grown man, act like it. Severus and the others are the boys fathers, legally and biologically. You have no right to deny them their rights as his fathers. Hadrian has said that he doesn’t want to stay, so he will not be staying. If you attempt to punish him to force him to remain against his will I will personally be filing a grievance with the board. And something tells me, given the fact that one of his fathers serves on the board, they will most likely rule against you. They are his guardians, not you. You are his headmaster, that is all. I will not allow you to deny one of my students his rights.”

That was the last that Severus and Hadrian heard as they left the office, but they heard the little man continue his lecture after they left. They were going to have to ask Phineas about what happened when they went to visit Regulus during the break.

Severus and Hadrian followed Flitwick’s suggestion and went back to Sev’s office. They spent the rest of the evening just relaxing with each other. Severus did some marking, and Hadrian started working on some of the holiday assignments that had already been assigned.


The Burrow - December 22, 2001

Arthur sighed as he looked around the table at his family. Things weren’t going the way he had expected his life to go when he was younger. Years ago, he had thought he was the luckiest guy around, then reality came knocking.

He learned that the woman he had thought he loved had been drugging him with love potions for years. Then he started looking closer at his family. His eldest two boys had had to leave the country to get away from their overbearing mother. Percy had lived in his books, though he had made some good friends in school and was a bit more outgoing now. The twins spent most of their time with the neighbours. And Ron and Ginny behaved like spoiled brats.

Arthur was still confused about Molly’s latest oddity. She had spent weeks insisting that the kids needed to stay at the school over the break so that they could go and visit Charlie. Only to change her mind and insist they come home. When Arthur asked her if they were still going to visit Charlie she had acted like it was a crazy idea.

Many things had changed since he first started to look closer at things, but many things had also stayed the same. Now he was watching as the twins got ready to go to a friends place for the weekend, and he could tell just by looking at them that they were keeping secrets.

Going into their room, he put up a privacy spell. “What are you two trying to hide?”

Fred and George shared a silent conversation before it was decided that George would be the one to speak, he had always been the better lier. “Nothing dad.”

Arthur gave them a look. “Just tell me, will you be safe where ever it is your going?”

“Of course.” Fred reassured their father.

“We’re just going to a friends.” George added. They didn’t want to scare their dad.

“So if I were to floo call the Jordan’s, they would tell me that you are staying with them.” Arthur noticed the slightly panicked look the boys shared. “Just tell me the truth. I promise I wont get angry.”

“We are going to a friends, but,” Fred knew they couldn’t lie to their dad now.

“It’s just not Lee’s place.”

Arthur waved for them to continue.

“That kid that Bill asked us to keep an eye on,”

“The one with the kitsune familiar.”

“We became really good friends with him,”

“And he invited us to come over to meet his family.”

“Then why didn’t you just say that in the beginning?” Arthur was confused, why would they hide something like that.

“Ron.” Fred said.

“And Ginny.” George added.

“What do they have to do with it?” Arthur was even more confused now.

“Well. It’s just…” Fred didn't know how to say it, but George didn’t have any issues with it.

“Our friend is Hadrian Potter-Black. We’re going over to Hadrian’s place for the weekend.”

‘Why wasn’t Ron invited?” Arthur was surprised the twins were so close to the boy hero, Ron had never mentioned them when he told his stories about his friend. “Wouldn’t he want his best friend to come too?”

“That’s just it,” George almost snarled. He hated listening to his little brother go on and on, making up lies about their soul mate. “They aren’t friends.”

“Ron and the Granger girl follow Hadrian everywhere.”

“It’s kinda creepy how much they stalk him.”

“Hadrian does everything he can to avoid them.”

“Then there’s Ginny.”

“Dad, she has a scrapbook dedicated to a boy she’s never even seen.”

“She is a stalker waiting to happen.”

“We just want a weekend with our friend without,”

“Our little brother yelling at us.”

“He says we are trying to steal his best friend.”

“Ok, I understand. I won’t say anything.” Arthur sighed, he hadn’t realized that the older boys had noticed that much about Ron and Ginny’s issues. “I will be going with you to drop you off, but I don’t see any problems with not telling Ron or Ginny. I have been concerned about them for a while now.”


Peverell Manor

After the twins had finished packing, Arthur flooed with them to his office, and then on to Peverell Manor. Since Molly was in the kitchen, they didn’t want to risk her knowing where the twins were truly going.

When they arrived, they were led out to the back balcony. It was pure chaos.

The balcony was on the second floor and looked out over the back yard. Sitting just a little ways away from the balcony was a giant, 3 story jungle gym. From where they were standing they could clearly see a group of adults and children swarming all over, throwing water, and paint, balloons.

“Hello Arthur, Fred, George. Welcome to insanity.” Remus was sitting off to the side, watching the chaos unfold with a cup of tea in his hands.

“Remus, good to see you again.” Arthur went over to where Remus sat and joined him. “I figured I would bring these two over.”

“We thank you for that, Hadrian has been missing them.” As Remus spoke, Hadrian made his way across the rope bridge that connected the jungle gym with the balcony.

“Hey guys.” Hadrian quickly hugged his two friends. He had missed them over the past few weeks. “Come on, come play. It’s kids against adults. Except for the whiny ones that claim injury.” Hadrian said, giving Remus a look before he grabbed hold of the twins and started to drag them behind him.

“Injury?” Arthur asked Remus.

“I have a twisted ankle. Or, at least, I do until I finish my tea.” Remus said with a self satisfied smirk.

“Is that safe?” Arthur asked, indicating the young children running around like mad men high above the ground.

“Safe enough.” Remus said with a smile and slight shrug. “It was a yule gift for the kids. Sebastian and Sirius spent over an hour ‘testing’ it while the kids were over at the Malfoy’s. If those two didn’t manage to kill themselves then the kids will be fine. The kids at least have some basic self preservation instincts. Besides, the entire thing is layered in protection and cushioning charms. They couldn’t fall off even if they tried, and yes, Bast and Siri did try, ‘just to be sure’, or so they said.”

The two of them talked for a few minutes until Severus came out on the balcony. They watched as he carried a large, hot pink, cauldron to the railing and tipped it over. Dumping the white, fluffy contents directly on to Sirius, who was standing on the ground below. Sirius shrieked like a little girl.

“What did you just dump on my husband Sev?” Remus asked when Sev turned to greet Arthur.

“Iced marshmallow fluff.” Sev said with a small grin.

“Why?” Both Remus and Arthur asked at the same time.

“He dyed my lab neon pink, caldrons and all.” Sev said with a raised eyebrow.

“Fair enough.” Remus watched as Sev made his way across the same bridge that Hadrian and the twins had used. He slid his finger around the inside of the cauldron Sev had left on the table and tasted the soft, gooey, fluff that had been charmed to be ice cold.

“I must admit, that was not something I expected from Severus. I never thought he was one for pranks.” Arthur glanced at Sirius, who was trying to get the sticky mess out of his hair.

“Oh, Sev has always pulled pranks, he just never got caught. He used to prank us just as often as we pranked him while we were in school, but unlike us, he never got caught.” Remus told him.

Before Arthur could say anything else, Amelia Bones walked in with a stack of paper. She was followed by two young girls.

“Arthur, pleasant to see you.” She smiled at the red head. “Sorry to interrupt… What looks like an epic battle. But I have some paperwork that needs Frank’s signature. We need it by tomorrow. Oh, and this is my niece, Susan, and her best friend, Hannah Abbott.”

“Hello girls, it’s nice to meet you.” Remus smiled at the girls, as he sent a patronus message to Frank. “Please, have a seat.”

“Susie, Han.” Came Neville’s voice from the third story of the jungle gyms tower. “Come play. It’s adults versus kids.”

The two girls turned pleading eyes on Amelia who just waved them off. While they were waiting for Frank, a toddler popped in with the help of an elf. “Uncle Remy, I’s sleepy.” The boy mumbled as he lifted his arms.

Remus bent down and took a good look into the boy’s eyes before picking him up and snuggling him in his lap. “Then come here Alex. I’ll keep you safe while you sleep.”

“Why did you look at him like that Remus?” Arthur asked.

“Because the Malfoy twins are both metamorphmagus’s.” Remus told him. “Athena loves to copy Kali’s dark curls and Hadrian’s green eyes, but Ares and Alex are already best friends. Ares loves to make himself an almost perfect copy of Alex. The only thing he has trouble with is the eyes. Alex got Alice’s eyes which have gold flecks in the brown. Ares just can’t get the gold flecks, so we have to look closely at the eyes to tell them apart at times.”

They all were laughing when Frank came over. “You said Amelia needed me. Ah, so this is where Alex got too.”

“I still don’t know how you can always tell the difference between him and Ares.” Remus said as he handed the boy off to his father.

“The same way you can tell the difference between Cassie and Ari. When it’s your kid, you just know.” Frank said as Amelia handed over the papers she needed his signature on.

They talked for a bit. Amelia realized that it was going to be a while before the girls were ready to leave. They were having the time of their lives playing with the boys. She had seen them being directed by little Athena who was sitting comfortably in Susan’s arms.

But, eventually the war ended. It coincidently happened just after the elves brought out dinner. The children all claimed victory, and after seeing the soaked, multi-coloured, exhausted adults, no one was willing to challenge their claims.


Hogwarts - April 1, 2002

Hadrian had plans. Today was the twins birthday, and Hadrian wanted them to enjoy it. They couldn’t do to much, Fred and George still hadn’t been caught by the teachers, and Hadrian didn’t want to draw too much attention towards them.

He felt so close to the twins. He had told them the truth about his fathers during the Yule break, and they had offered him nothing but support. They had told him that they would always be there for him, and that they would never betray him, and Hadrian believed them completely.

Hadrian, Neville, Draco, and Lee had all snuck out of their common rooms the night before to prepare the school. Each floor of the castle was now a different colour. They had coated the floor outside of each common room with a special type of glue that would stick to the students shoes, the glue would randomly become sticky every few minutes and stick people to the floor for a few second before it would release, just to do it again. Hadrian had even convinced the house elves to include a few canary creams at each table for dessert that night, not that it had taken much to convince the elves to help out. The elves adored Fred and George, so they were always willing to help out.


The entire day was spent having fun, even when they were in classes. Hadrian had been a little surprised when his papa had told their class that rather than a long boring lecture, they would instead be brewing a potion that would change a persons hair colour.

Since it was also April Fools Day, none of the teachers really questioned the large amount of pranks that day. They just assumed that the students had really gotten into the spirit.

Fred and George had loved their birthday this year. Not only because it allowed them to prank people, but because they had their soul mate right there with them. They knew that much of what had happened that day had been