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The light of the dark

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Hawks had not expected him to be asked to contact the league so soon. It was the first day of the internships and he had wanted to be there to great Katsuki, but no. they had to send him off instead. But there was a bonus. With a picture of him, Izuku and Katsuki, Hawks was ready to start his job as a so-called spy but was more of a messenger.


Hawks flew over the area he had been told to check out for them, and with a little hint from Izuku, he knew he was in the right area. It was just a matter of locating their exact hiding place. As he soared up to circle around again, he stopped as a single, emerald green feather fluttered down in front of him. He quickly turned to see a female angel, long green hair flowing around her as he wings beat the air. She looked so much like Izuku. He thought, it was impossible to miss the heavenly aura she had. This had to be Izuku’s mother. She smiled, and quickly flew away. Hawks quickly followed after her, she was so fast! Hawks huffed, it was hard to keep up. But somehow he managed to keep up. She landed softly in a darken alley, the only light from herself. Hawks landed near her, she smiled.


“Sora, an avenging angel.” She said softly, “You are the bridge between the heroes and villains, I will thank you now for your help, and care of my child.”


“You know the whole plan?” He asked, she nodded.


“I am a fate angel, I see all that goes on.” She said.


“What’s your name?” Hawks asked


“Call me Inko. Now…” Inko stepped to the side as a door in the alley burst opened, and Shigaraki from the league came bursting into the alley with Dabi at his side. The two villains got into a fighting stance. “He is here on a mission.” Inko told them, Dabi and Shigaraki stopped. “This Earthen Angel knows Izuku.” The villains looked at him.


“Well the government want me to spy on you, but honestly the moment they asked me I realised I could pass messages between you guys.”


“You’re an angel too?” Shigaraki asked


“Yes, I am an Avenging Angel.” Hawks smiled. “I am actually teaching Bakugo how to use his avenging powers to be able to protect Izuku better. That and the Angel village is going to need some protectors.”


 “Angel village?” Dabi asked


“You have a lot to discuss. But trust me, you can trust each other.” Inko said, smiling. “I am counting your different sides to take care of my baby and help my kind who have been trapped.” She faded, as if carried away by the breeze.


“Wow… I can see where Izuku got his looks from.” Hawks muttered.


“They do look alike… so… you are here as a messenger?” Shigaraki asked


“Yeah, but the sake of the government, call me a spy.” Hawks grinned


“They have an angel hero… and using them as a spy?” Dabi looked at him oddly.


“Hey, never said they knew what I was.” Hawk smirked. “To those who know what I am call me the angel in plain sight, because I have a quirk that affects my wings, I am able to make out that I have wings as my quirk.” He explained.


“Getting involved with Izuku…” Shigaraki began


“The biggest and best risk of my life!” Hawks beamed. “Nezu is building a village in U.A for angels all across Japan, so they are safe….” Dabi covered his mouth.


“Ssh, not safe to talk about it out here. Come with us.” He said, Hawks nodded. He followed after them both silently.




Hawks shifted his wings nervously as everyone from the league stared at him.


“Don’t be so nervous… unless you hurt lil Izuku.” Crystal said.


“Ah, Izuku is fine, right as rain!” Hawks said. “Though I heard from Nezu there had been a close call, but luckily Izuku had been with Katsuki and his father at the time and they were able to get to a safe place.” Hawks told them.


“What do you mean?” Shigaraki frowned.


“I don’t know the full story, by Nezu told me about Flame throwers connection to Izuku, and mentioned that his half brother had mentioned to his father there was a kid that looked like him. The demon-dealer went to the school, but Katsuki’s father, a guardian angel was able to take Izuku and his son to the staff room to keep them from him. If the three of them had been found by him, they would have all been killed.” Hawks frowned. “And Katsuki mentioned something strange that happened too… that Flame thrower’s oldest son was able to feel they were humans… and that in itself is worrying, as it might imply he too has a demon deal or is half demon.”


“That is bad….” Dabi muttered.


“Nezu is keeping a closer eye on what is going on. And I know he has threatened the teachers too. If they say anything about them being there, their lives will be ruined. He even admitted to me… and I can’t blame him, that if things went pear shaped, he would more likely side with you instead of the government. And… so will I. Every Angel will.” Hawks looked at them all. “There are a lot of us hiding in plain sight, those of us who can make our wings look like quirks or hide them. You will be surprised how many of us are ready to turn out backs on everything in this society to join you if it ever came to a fight between our freedom.”


“How many are you talking about?” Shigaraki asked


“Let’s say a rough estimate of….” Hawks smiled a glint in his eye “10% of Japan’s population.”


“Holy fuck…” Deimos gasped


“You will be surprised how well we learnt to hide from the government after they began practically killing us off.” Hawks grinned. He held out a photo. Shigaraki took it. It was a picture of Izuku, Hawks, Katsuki and Masaru, all four of them fluffing up their wings for the photo. Izuku was beaming widely. Shigaraki looked up at him. “And you will never understand how far we will go to protect a soul angel.”


“Then I guess I should welcome you as honorary member of the league of villains.” Shigaraki held out a gloved hand, Hawks grasped it.


“I will be happy to make this world a better place for Izuku.” Hawks said


“Then we will get along fine.” Shigaraki smiled.


“Great!” Hawks grinned. He did it!