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The light of the dark

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Masaru, Katsuki and Izuku got out from the back of the 1-A dorms, Mitsuki staying behind, stopping Mikumo from going after them. Going into the forest, the angels made their way round to the main U.A building. Nezu exited it alone to greet Flame thrower, the crouched low. Izuku frowned and shivered. Marasu wrapped his arms around his son and the young angel, blocking their aura’s from being sensed by the demon, they could see following in the hero’s shadow. Nezu spoke to the hero, before leading him towards the 1-A dorms, Nezu shot a glance at the hidden three angels. Masaru nodded in thanks. When he got Flame Thrower away, the angels ran into the main building.


Nezu had told the teachers that the angels would likely hid in the building, that Flame Thrower had likely been told by his son. They all looked up as they entered, Katsuki slamming the dorm behind them. Masaru took Izuku, as the 2-year-old shook with tears.


“It’s okay, Nezu will get him out of here. I promise.” Masaru tried to calm him. Katsuki was furious. He was an avenging angel, and he couldn’t even fight Flame Throwers’ demon, because he didn’t know how to summon his own sword. He had once, when he was really little, accidently, and he couldn’t remember the circumstances that had added in him being able to summon it.




Izuku fell asleep against Masaru’s chest, the older angel shielding him with one wing, the other was around Katsuki. The teachers were silently working, waiting for a moment where the angels would leave, and the awkward silence would end. Masaru looked at his son, taking in his expression.


“This isn’t your fault Katsuki…” He began


“How isn’t it? It’s my damned job, I am meant to fight the demons end them, save people , and… I can’t even figure out how to summon that sword!” Katsuki exclaimed. “What kind of avenging angel does that make me?”


“A young one, a child.” Masaru said “Most avenging angels can’t summon their sword until they are 20. And then it can take another 10 years to master it.” Katsuki frowned.


“I need to learn sooner…” Katsuki said, “If I have to protect Izuku in their stead… I need to be able to use this side of me… Not just my human side… Wait… does that mean Izuku could still have a quirk too?” Katsuki noticed, that caused the teachers to look up. Of course it would grab their attention. Katsuki thought with a roll of his eyes.


“I mean, it is easier with 2nd generation Earthen angels, like you. I had one Earthen angel parent, one human,  the main reason I have a quirk, but it is rare. It is possible. As Izuku is a 1st generation earthen angel too, there is a lower chance, and if he did it would be like Flame thrower.”


“Let’s hope he doesn’t get one then.” Katsuki muttered.


“Yes, if would be harder for us to protect him from Flame Thrower if he got his quirk.” Masaru sighed.




It was at least an hour late until Nezu was able to get Flame thrower of campus. Nezu sighed as he watched him go, it was time to speak to the class.


“Nezu, you lied to my father! That child obviously looks like him…” Mikumo began


“Let me explain. For there is a good reason Young Izuku must be kept from him.” Nezu said, the class gathered around him. “Have any of you heard of Earthen angels?”


“They are an Urban legend, said to be half angel, half human, with angel abilities. Why?” Todoroki asked


“Because they are real. Young Izuku is one.” Nezu said, Mitsuki folded her arms.


“My husband is one, and as it my son.” She scowled. “But if ther government found out they would be rounded up and experimented on.”


“It would be much worse then that, Mrs. Bakugo. Much, much worse.” Nezu shook his head. “I had several friend whilst being experimented one. They were all Earthen Angels varying in types and ages. Of course all trace of them was wiped before I was rescued. But the horrors they endured… many lost their abilities becoming what is none as lost angels after the government were forcing them to use their abilities. If they found young Izuku… well, he was would not survive, not at his age. They would abuse his abilities beyond what his body would cope, and it would fail… and they would just cast him aside.” Nezu frowned, everyone was silent. “That is a secret they try and keep. And it is one the League of villains were fighting for, as we know now they were fighting to make the world safe for him. And now, it is our job.”


“That doesn’t explain my father…” Mikumo began


“Flame thrower is his biological father… and he left Izuku as a new-born in a dumpster where he was found by the villains. It was obviously the day he had received Izuku from the heavens, as you had not known of him before today.” Nezu said, his usual smile gone, just leaving a dark expression. 2From what we are aware, from what the Bakugo’s and Young Izuku have told us, we believe he has made a deal with a demon. One Young Bakugo cannot fight yet and one Izuku has no power against.  So, for their safety, we can not let him know. I hope you understand, Young Midoriya. Their lives would be at stack if he found them.”


“We’ll keep it a secret sensei!” Kirishima nodded.


“Good.” Nezu nodded. “I will send You husband and son your way when I get back to the staffroom.”


“Thank you.” Mitsuki nodded.




Nezu returned to the staff room, smiling as he saw Izuku sleeping in Masaru’s arms. The older Bakugo sighed upon seeing him.


“Nezu, I need to ask… is Izuku truly safe here? Is my son safe here?” Masaru asked


“That is yet to be seen, but I have found surviving angels with nothing to do with the government. I will do all I can to protect you and your kind. At this point, I have a proposition for you. If I were to start working on a village with the U.A grounds with the best protection for angels, would you move there? Your son could live there instead of the dorms and Izuku could too. And if we found any other angels, we could provide them protection too.” Nezu said.


“If you are able to do that Nezu…” Masaru looked at his son. “That would be the best thing for us to do.”


“Then, I will prepare for work to be started as soon as possible.” Nezu nodded, the deal was set, and the future began to unravel from the Government’s grasp.