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The light of the dark

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Izuku sat with the principle, petting his fur with a bright smiled, his wings fluffing up happily. Bakugo smiled but paced back and forth, waiting for his father to arrive. He stopped and looked at Izuku.


“Hey Zu, what is the chance of your mother getting involved now?” He asked, the staff looked at the child.


“Maybe, I never seen her. Nii-chan says she watches me as I sleep.” Izuku smiled “But Mama here says that even though I don’t see her, Heaven-Mama loves me very much. She wants demon man to pay!” Bakugo smiled.


“She sounds very nice.” Bakugo said, Izuku nodded.


“Mua-Nii says that she had green hair and eyes like me! And big white wings, and she glows!” Izuku continued excitedly.


“That sounds like a Fate Angel, everyone looked as Bakugo Masaru and his wife Mitsuki walked into the room. As soon as the door closed, seeing his son with his wings out, Masaru did the same, his large, golden brown wings rested against his back. Izuku gasped scrambling to his feet and running right into the adult angels wings giggling happily. Masaru watched him. “And I might just know who your mother is…” He added, Izuku looked at him.


“You know my heaven mama?” He asked


“You look like an old friend of mine, her name is Inko, a Fate Angel, the highest-ranking Fate angel. It would make sense she would be blessed with an angel like you as a child.” Masaru knelt down, holding his hand out to Izuku. Izuku took it smiling brightly.


“What am I?” Izuku asked excitedly.


“You can grant wishes, you can see the true intentions of people. You are known as a soul angel.” Masaru smiled. “And if I recall, you are the first one born since the days before quirks, meaning you are very special indeed.”


“Why is it important that he is the first born since before quirks?” Nezu asked, Masaru sighed.

“Because once, Soul Angels were all on earth. Until those with quirks founds them, abused them, too many wishes can kill a Soul angel. They left ruins, but no one can really understand them.” Masaru explained. “If they find out what he is… he will be killed within months.” Izuku  moved and cuddled back into Masaru’s wings.


“They won’t, Uncle Stainy will come and bet them all up!” Izuku said, “And-and Nii-chan will get me out of there…” Izuku frowned. “I miss Nii-chan…”


“It would be safer to have you with your family…” Masaru sighed. “They have been able to protect you this long… “


“Mua-nii kept me safe!” Izuku said happily.


“And I will now until we can get you back together.” Katsuki promised. Izuku ran to him, taking his place, shielded by Katsuki’s wings.


“Wait, so you are going to hand over an angel who can grant wishes to villains?” Vlad King demanded. Izuku flinched and  cuddled into Katsuki’s side.


“Only good wishes…” Izuku mumbled, peeking at the hero nervously.


“The villains did a better job of protecting him, and not to mention it was a villain that made a wish to get rid of those who were corrupt. If they handed, heroes like Endeavor would be abusing their place.” Katsuki glared.


“They may be villains, but they are fighting to make the world a better place for Izuku, for angels. That extends to myself and my son. And that has been more then any hero has done.” Masaru added, Katsuki look at his father, who stared at Vlad King. “At this moment in time, the villains have proven that angels can trust them… but can we trust you?” Vlad King look disgusted at the implications of his words.


“It is alright, after all, I can related to what the angels are experiencing, the human race has not been the kindest to us. So, from this moment on, Izuku will be protected by us. If anyone tells anyone else outside this room, who and what he is, you can say good bye to your job and any hope of getting close to U.A. And we would be able to file a case against you for endangering a minor to the world. Understand?” Nezu looked at the staff. They all nodded. “Good, Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo can you step into my office. I would like to talk to you about a few things, you may visit Izuku and Young Bakugo in the dorms after.”


“Very well.” Masaru nodded.


“Come On Izuku, you’ll be sharing my room.” Katsuki picked him up. Izuku beamed.


“Like a sleep over!” He said, Katsuki chuckled.


“Just like a sleep over.” He agreed as he left the room. Nezu and Katsuki’s parents vanished into his office, leaving the teachers to process what had just happened.



Izuku sat on the sofa, as Katsuki sat on the floor, holding up his wings as Izuku preened them. Katsuki smiled lightly, glancing back at the younger angel.


“Having fun there?” Katsuki asked, Izuku had his little tongue peeking out between his lips as he worked, Izuku nodded. “Would you like me to preen yours after?”


“Please!” Izuku smiled, pulling a lose feather rout. “I want big wings like you Kacchan.”


“I’m sure your wings will be bigger Izuku, the rarer the angel the larger the wings. I  don’t think it works with the Life angel though, if I remember right their wing size depends on their age.” Katsuki explained.


“Oh!” Izuku giggled. “I wanna know all angels!”


“Me too… my dad probably tell us about them all if we ask him.” Katsuki said. “He’ll probably be by after Nezu has finished talking to him, we can ask him then, okay?”


“Okay!” Izuku nodded.


“Bakubro?” A voice asked, Izuku jumped in fright. Katsuki jumped to his feet, he could feel his angelic powers powering through him. In a single instance, Izuku was wrapped up in his wings, the amber feathers creating a soft shield. Katsuki looked at his class, his eyes lingered on his childhood friend, and who his father was. He had to protect Izuku.  The other members of 1-A stared in shocked, more due to the fact that Katsuki had a pair of wings.